Sharing.:::._ _UFOs,OVNIs,Science,science fiction,world…more… | Superesse

Sharing.:::._ _UFOs,OVNIs,Science,science fiction,world…more… | Superesse.

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Sharing.:::._ _UFOs,OVNIs,Science,science fiction,world…more…

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Sharing.:::.UFOPs,OVNIs,Science,World,…more _ | Superesse

Sharing.:::.UFOPs,OVNIs,Science,World,…more _ | Superesse.

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Sharing.:::.UFOPs,OVNIs,Science,World,…more _

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Rare Clear View of Alaska | NASA

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Eliphas Levi note: for me, Planet X is gone … but an MPR, or pole shift, is on the way how closely ? only God knows !

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 Eliphas Levi nota: para mi, planeta X se ha ido…pero,un MPR, o cambio de los polos, esta en camino, por otras razones…qué tan cercano…? solo Dios sabe…!

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Planet X, Pole Shift: Frightening Animation Discussion | Alternative 

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▶ Planet X: Frightening Animation Discussion – YouTube

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sharing.:::.World in Balance _ Energy Update | samkaska

sharing.:::.World in Balance _ Energy Update | samkaska.

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sharing.:::.World in Balance _ Energy Update

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World in Balance 
by Georgi Stankov Posted on December 5, 2014

The Ascended Masters


channeled by Jahn J Kassl, published on December 4, 214

translated by Franz 

Dream: Throughout the whole night, it seems to me, I see pictures of war, horrible unearthly war scenes (End of dream).

Beloved Ones,

In this dream it has been described what happens in those worlds, which exist far from the Light, and what happens in those worlds, wherein human beings vegetate far from the Light. Why again? So that on this level you can recognize the current discharges in its actual magnitude. These dream scenes describe worlds, whereupon the dark destructive energies of the Orion-elites discharge. The characteristic of this time is, and therefore this dream is so significant, that until last your familiar level of awareness, your world, remains untouched by these massive war scenes; and namely as long, until the transfer to the fifth dimension of all those, who have chosen this, is completed.

The intentions of the dark ones, who obviously still have this world in the grip of their claws, must manifest and this occurs extensively whereby new worlds have been created for it. This is already known. It is new that this course of action for the creation of lower vibrating worlds, is until last necessary, meaning as long as the ascending ones and the descending ones are still connected on the same level, so that the ascension in total can be completed.

Assignments to the Threshold Value

Once the threshold value for the ascension of this world has been reached, then this world will break apart and all levels will drift to their new assigned locations in All-That-Is. Meaning: As long as the ultimate threshold level for ascension of the ascending ones has not been reached, this “game” continues, until, as already announced, it abruptly ends in a moment of God’s Grace.

The wellspring of All-That-Is has given us, the Ascended Masters, the responsibility for a new assignment, to thwart any criminal or terrorist act, which the Orion-elites plan or want to carry out, and which could destroy the whole world, as long as until all ascending ones have arrived in their new homes in Heaven.

After that the light-filled reality of this world finds itself in 5D, while the light-starved realities of this world will be returned to the cycles of the 3D/4D space-time; thereupon the transformation is completed and the newly ascended Masters are welcome into our circle, until together we start our new assignments in Creation.

Therefore: New light-starved levels of creation actually must be continually manifested, so that the intentions of the dark forces cannot discharge too early on your main level of awareness. Please understand this as a wise measure of the Creator, so that on the one hand your ascension may occur and so that on the other hand the chain of awareness of transiency can again be taken on. We hold this world in balance and we will not let go of it until the last ascending one has entered into Heaven.

Until last we are with you, as an unconquerable union, in a world exposed to separation. Until last we manifest together with a few and hand selected light warriors on earth, the conditions under which the arrival of mankind in the Kingdom of God will be fulfilled. (Please do not forget this! Note, George)

We are the


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Obama – the American Hitler

Obama: War Criminal, Tyrant, Torturer, Racist, Corporate Tool, World-Class Thug
Stephen Lendman, December 3, 2014
His record speaks for itself. Ideologically over-the-top. Lawless. Reckless. Ruthless by any standard. Reflecting the worst of rogue leadership.
Mocking democratic values. Breaching rule of law principles. Riding roughshod over responsible governance. Serving monied interests exclusively. They never had it so good.
Responsible for protracted Main Street Depression conditions. Letting popular needs go begging when most needed.

A reliable corporate tool and then some. Pro-war. Pro-business. Pro-privilege. Pro-super wealth. Anti-populist.
Anti-government of, by and for everyone equitably. Presiding over a gangster state. The most ruthless in world history. Most reckless. Most dangerous.
Exceeding the worst of his predecessors. After promising hope and change, he delivered betrayal. Straightaway.
Breaking every major promise made. Selling out to Wall Street. War-profiteers. Other corporate favorites.
Handing them trillions of dollars illegally. More on request. Letting them make money the old-fashioned way.
Waging class war. Targeting middle America for elimination altogether. Stiff-arming America’s most disadvantaged. Blacks. Latinos. Muslims. Immigrants of color.
Supporting capital’s divine right to use money to make more of it. Institutionalizing inequality. Force-feeding neoliberal harshness.
When vital stimulus is needed. When growing millions are impoverished. Millions more unemployed or underemployed.
Over half the population needing dwindling amounts of federal aid. Cutting social benefits en route to eliminating them altogether.
Transferring unprecedented amounts of wealth from ordinary Americans to corporate interests and super-rich elites.
Waging war on organized labor. Calling it shared sacrifice.  Corporate interests share. Like never before. Gorging at the public trough.
Workers sacrifice. Losing good jobs. Mostly rotten ones alone left. Earning poverty-level wages. Few or no benefits. Under gutted work rules.
Poor health and safety protections. Promised pension benefits disappearing. Losing the right to bargain collectively with management on equal terms.
Other hard-won benefits gone. Blood and lives sacrificed to win them. Disappearing in plain sight.
Destroying public education. Commodifying it. Into another business profit center. Obama’s Race to the the Top continuing the worst of Bush’s No Child Left Behind.
Depriving children of real education. Promoting school closures. Mass teacher layoffs. Wage and benefit cuts for those remaining.
Consigning millions of kids to oblivion. On their own. Out of luck. Destroying a nearly four-century tradition. Replacing it with marketplace inequality.
Hardening a police state apparatus George Bush established. Militarizing America. Making it a battleground more than ever.
Arming police nationwide with combat weapons. Using them irresponsibly. Terrorizing America’s most disadvantaged. Peaceful protesters.
Waging war on freedom. Targeting it for elimination altogether. One major false flag terrorist attack away.
Followed by martial law. Constitutional suspension. Hardening police state viciousness. Making America unsafe to live in. Without fundamental civil and human rights protections.
Endangering whistleblowers exposing government wrongdoing. Journalists doing their job.
Working-class people struggling to get by. One missed paycheck away from homelessness, hunger and despair.
Rationing healthcare. Enriching insurers, drug companies and large hospital chains. A “pay or die” system, according to Ralph Nader. Instead of recognizing healthcare as a fundamental human right.
Putting bankers in charge of financial reform. Deform by any standard. A stealth system for global money control.
Gaming the system for profit. Legalizing grand theft. The world’s greatest ever money making racket. Complicit with privatized central banks. Making the world safe for monied interests.
While increasing poverty, unemployment, underemployment, homelessness, hunger and despair.
Ignoring vital people needs. Hanging millions out-to-dry on their own. Sink or swim. Live or die.
Enforcing white supremacist policies. Terrorizing and deporting more undocumented immigrants than all previous US presidents combined.
On average 1,000 a day. Called “Deporter-in-Chief” for good reason. Telling poor, desperate arrivals they aren’t welcome.
Authorizing Gestapo-like Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) warrantless raids. Targeting communities, workplaces and other locations.
Armed with shotguns and automatic weapons. Pulling immigrants from beds. Rousting them from workplaces.
Confronting them without explanation. Often targeting US citizens by mistake. Unapologetically.
Conducting lawless searches and seizures. Making arrests based on ethnicity, race, appearance and English proficiency.
Separating children from parents. Treating immigrants like common criminals. Like terrorist threats.
Pretending otherwise. Obama’s so-called immigration reform by presidential diktat is farcical. Covering less than half the undocumented population.
Offering them pathetically little in return for demanding plenty.
Subjecting others to brutalizing treatment. Deportation with no right of appeal.
Waging state terror worldwide. At home and abroad. Big Brother is real. Watching everyone. With technological ease.
Trampling on fundamental rights. Leaving no one safe anywhere. Threatening free speech. A free press. Free thought. Intellectual inquiry.
Without them, all other freedoms are endangered. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.
Candidate Obama called it “the best source of information about waste, fraud, and abuse.” Saying whistleblowing reflects “acts of courage and patriotism.”
“Often the best source of information about (government wrongdoing) is an existing employee committed to public integrity willing to speak out.”
“We need to empower federal employees as watchdogs of wrongdoing and partners in performance.”
Promising “strengthen(ed) whistleblower laws to protect federal workers who expose waste, fraud, and abuse of authority in government.”
Stressing “(g)overnment should be transparent. (Claiming he supports) accountability and…information for citizens about what their government is doing.”
He says one thing. Does another. Giving rogue governance new meaning. Wanting total control over what’s made public.
Obsessed with secrecy. Wanting dissent crushed. Wanting people denied information on what’s most important. Affecting their lives, welfare and futures.
Inventing nonexistent threats. Fear-mongering to get people to believe them. Support police state lawlessness.
War on humanity. Imperial adventurism. Naked aggression. Against one sovereign independent country after another. Posing no threat to America or its neighbors.
Ravaging and destroying them. Turning them to rubble. Killing millions. Ousting sitting governments.
Replacing them with pro-Western ones. Puppets Washington controls. Stealing their resources. Exploiting their people. Treating them like serfs.
Deciding who lives or dies. As judge, jury and executioner. Obama’s kill list chooses targets. Anywhere in the world. Including US citizens.
Others designated for indefinite detention. Uncharged. Untried. Guilty by accusation. Due process denied. Declared enemies of the state. By presidential diktat.
Obama promised to close Guantanamo. In his first year in office. It remains open. A blight on the national conscience.
The tip of the iceberg. Torture is commonplace in US prisons. Washington operates scores of secret black sites worldwide.
In dozens of countries. On ships at sea. Imprisoning innocent victims. Many sold for bounty. Denied all rights. Brutalized. Tortured. Unaccountably.
Invoking state secrets privilege. Preventing lawsuits by victims of rendition, torture, and abuse, as well as warrantless wiretapping opponents.
Proving America is the world’s leading human rights abuser. No nation in history matches its ruthlessness. Out-of-control and then some.
Partnering with Israel’s worst crimes. Horrific by any standard. Ruthless. Genocidal. Mass murdering Palestinian civilians.
One fascist regime supports another. With billions of dollars in annual aid. Mostly military. The latest weapons and technology.
Interest free loans. Unrestricted US market access. Free entry of its immigrants. Support for its illegal occupation.
Opposing Palestinian self-determination. Despite international law calling it a universal right.
What Israel wants it gets. Death, destruction and Palestinian misery follow. Both countries deplore democracy.
Obama wages wars to prevent it. Eliminate it in sovereign independent countries. In Honduras. Orchestrating President Manual Zelaya’s ouster.
Replacing him with a fascist despot. Making Honduras the hemisphere’s murder capital. Opposing government policy risks death.
Militarized Haiti after its calamitous January 2010 earthquake. Plunders it freely. Prohibited democracy from emerging.
Months later tried ousting Ecuador’s Rafael Correa. US-backed coup plotters shut down airports. Blocked highways.
Burned tires. Roughed up the president. Failed to oust him despite Obama’s best efforts.
Removed Paraguay’s President Fernando Lugo. A noted liberation theologian. Verboten in Washington. Toppled by manipulated parliamentary impeachment.
Lugo lived. Hugo Chavez died. Obama killed him. Poisoning or infecting him with cancer causing substances. Four major surgeries in 18 months couldn’t save him.
Obama wants Venezuela looking like Ukraine. Wants fascists replacing democrats.
Mindless of what most Venezuelans cherish. Chavismo lives.
Bolivarian fairness is too vital to lose. Model social justice. Real democracy.
Polar opposite America’s sham system. Neoliberal harshness. Police state viciousness. Imperial wars without end.
Risking humanity’s survival. Americans want responsible government. So do global billions.
Peace, equity and justice. What Washington wages wars to prevent.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at
Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network.
It airs three times weekly: live on Sundays at 1PM Central time plus two prerecorded archived programs.
Read also Lendman’s latest article on Resolution 578 adopted yesterday by the US congress that allows Obama to start a new world war:

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Putin: ‘Remember Lessons we Taught Hitler: Top 10 Quotes from Putin’s State of Nation Address 
by Georgi Stankov Posted on December 5, 2014

RT, December 4, 2014

Watch full speech here.

Russian President Vladimir Putin delivers the annual Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly in the Kremlin’s St. George’s Hall. (RIA Novosti/Aleksey Nikolskyi)

EU, Economy, Global economy, History,Putin, Russia, Sanctions, Trade, USA

In his yearly address to parliamentarians and dignitaries, Vladimir Putin gave a reminder of Russia’s strength as the country that Hitler failed to defeat, while also comparing Crimea’s significance to that of the Temple Mount to Jews.

In a warning to the West about further encroachment towards Russia’s borders, President Putin reminded how many previous military powers have tried, but ultimately failed, to corner Russia and then invade the largest country on Earth.

In the 1990s a weak Russia under Boris Yeltsin looked helplessly on as the US and the EU carved up Yugoslavia for their own personal gains. Almost two decades on, Putin says a repeat on Russian soil, despite the West’s desires, is unthinkable.
“They would have gladly applied the Yugoslav scenario of dismemberment and disintegration for Russia. They failed. We did not allow them to do that.”

Russia has one of the largest armies in the world; however, Putin is adamant he does not want the country to be drawn into a wider conflict. The president did admit that if forced, the Russian bear is prepared to bare its claws with devastating consequences for those opposing it.

For centuries Crimea was part of Russia. The peninsula is ethnically Russian, not just Russian-speaking. However, in 1954 it was ‘transferred’ to Ukraine by Nikita Khrushchev, who believed national boundaries were irrelevant given that they all came under the banner of the Soviet Union. However, following the collapse of the USSR, the Crimean question surfaced once again.

The US and the EU have tried to play-up the effect sanctions imposed on Russia are having a detrimental effect on the country’s economy, when in fact the low price of oil is the real reason for the ruble’s slide. Putin says Russia is looking for new partners in the east for trade and believes the West’s aim to hurt Russia’s economy will be detrimental in the long run.

A resurgent Russia is a threat to the US, with Washington unwilling to let any nation challenge it as the world’s only super power. For almost a decade, the US has been looking at ways to diminish Russia’s role in world affairs both globally and politically. Putin was adamant that Crimea was just the excuse Obama was looking for to slap Moscow on the wrist.

The Russian Finance Ministry estimates that $130 billion will leave Russia by the end of 2014 due to heightened geopolitical tensions and the mass sell-off the ruble throughout the year. However, now Putin’s going to try and keep Russian money in Russia.

Vladimir Putin is adamant Russia will not be backed into a corner following the economic sanctions introduced by the US and the EU. On many occasions the Russian president has said that Moscow wants good relations with all countries, including the ones that are set on hindering its economic growth.

Since the break-up of the Soviet Union, the US’s tentacles, often under the pretext of NATO haveencroached closer and closer to Russia’s borders and meddling in the affairs of foreign countries.
“Our US friends, whether directly or from behind the scenes always affect our relations with our neighbors. Sometimes it’s unclear whether to talk to the authorities of the country, or to their US patrons.”

Vladimir Putin said that countries are losing sight of their own national interests to suit the foreign policy of other countries. However, he said such a thing would not be happening in Russia.
“If for many European countries, sovereignty and national pride are forgotten concepts and a luxury, then for Russia, true sovereignty is an absolutely necessary condition of our existence.”

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Short Energy Update – December 5, 2014 
by Georgi Stankov Posted on December 5, 2014

by Georgi Stankov

As you may have already perceived today, we have entered another huge shift to higher dimensions, synchronistically with the full moon portal. It is the only one in this month that will flow into the coming two big portals on 12.12 and 12.21. I somehow feel that the respite at the beginning of December, if there were one, is now coming to an end and we sail again into rough waters.

What nobody can negate anymore, is that the high frequency energies of the source now engulf the whole humanity and this uppermost mother planet and affect everybody and everything at the cellular and quantum level. And the minds and psyche of many people are running amok. You can see it in your families, in your next environment and at the global political level. The provocations of the dark Western cabal against Putin are peaking now – in Chechen, Grozni, in Ukraine, but also in Washington, in the Senate and in Brussel, where the Orion clones and shape-shifters are hatching their heinous plans according to the following famous verse originally dedicated to an ant – “how can they be calm and placid when they are full of formic acid.”. The insidiousness of the dark ones is now turning into their mass grave.

But this is not what I would like to talk about today. As you all know, in these last days the experiences are becoming increasingly individual and subjective. What is true for one, may not exist for the other. The reason for this diversification of individual destinies on the road to unity of humanity – a dialectical paradox in itself – is due to the fact that our creation of new holographic, parallel worlds of Gaia has expanded exponentially in order to accommodate and disperse negative trends from this timeline. In this way each soul fragment finds its final destination and makes the exact personal and very subjective experiences according to his spiritual evolution that helps him to fully awaken or go under.

Communication between the people as spoken language is increasingly becoming meaningless and non-sensical. I can no longer communicate with anybody else except with Carla and she with me, although she is much more involved in social life as she has more obligations and daily chores to deal with regarding her family. But she also complains that she no longer belongs to this reality and any involvement in this dense materialistic world is a torture for her (as well as for all of us).

Since several days Carla has compelling visions and abstract information that she has entered the final stage of preparation for her imminent mission as a Logos God. And it will be huge, from what she gathers so far and will pulverize all petty human perceptions. This preparation encompasses entirely her inner dimension and defies any verbal explanation. For this reason Carla has stopped receiving any channelled messages from the Elohim. who approach us now at the psychic and mental level in an all-pervading manner. They want us – and this recommendation is also valid for all of you – to detach from any preconceived ideas as to what will come next and fully open to all possible miracles and unforeseen developments that will enter our lives very soon.

Carla is also attending a lot of conferences during the day and in the night at the 6D level with numerous humanoid beings, 12 -15 feet tall and emanating glistening white Christed light. The topics she discusses with them must be of great importance for the future of Gaia and humanity and, beyond this, for the whole Golden galaxy and she is now overwhelmed by the scope of her new mission. It seems as if she will transfigure, but leave a hologram of herself in this reality that will keep the normalcy of her current family life and be able to interact with her young sons, so that they will not notice her absence.

By the way the same holds true for me and must also apply for all light warriors of the first and last hour. I myself have now less than one percent of my soul essence here, in this reality, and wander all the time throughout the dimensions. For instance, I visit each minute at least once the city of light Raetia and the world centre of healing in Lofer through mental and emotional bilocation at the level of my daily consciousness and surely in full body bilocation at the level of my multidimensional self, as these travels feels very real, as if I am living on many places at the same time. Now this is what Carla and I perceive in the last few days, and I wanted to share this information with you as it clearly indicates the imminent coming of an interdimensional shift or a similar major energetic change that all of us will experience in a very palpable manner.

Personally, I do not have this feeling or urgent preparation for my new mission as Carla does, but this does not mean much as I am ready for this mission for many years and nothing has changed my firm dedication to this end since then. I also feel the new 4D worlds and the 5D cities of light very close in my fields and accordingly perceive this 3D hologram as an empty facade.

This night I met with Putin again – the second time within one week. It was a very real encounter as I wondered at the beginning how could I meet him in this reality when I do not sleep as I woke up ten minutes ago. Putin was very tired after his annual address to the nation, but also very content to have accomplished his job. He lay down on the bed and I healed him with my hands.

We discussed the political situation in Russia and abroad and the constant attacks and provocations of the dark Western cabal that have no impact on his country. We both knew that Russia has already moved firmly into the new 4D worlds and nothing can harm it anymore. Putin was very modest and he told me that throughout this incarnation he has fully accepted the burden of being a devoted and selfless servant of his people and his country and has had no other goal in life.

I commended him for his achievement as a head of state in strengthening Russia and repudiating all attempts of the West to disintegrate and destroy Russia, as they did with Yugoslavia. I told him that in my opinion he has achieved more for Russia than Catherine and Peter the Great (who by the way were not very ethical persons), although they have reigned much longer than him and had unlimited imperial powers to achieve their political goals at that time. It felt to me as if this was a final evaluation of his achievement as a politician and a head of the Russian state during this incarnation and that his political mission on this earth has come to an end.

Then his new wife or “life partner” (as the German say) joined us and she started a very enlightened conversation with Carla, who always accompanies me in my dream state, now that we have a common Merkaba and a unified field. The four of us had a very pleasant conversation about “God and the world”, to quote another German saying, and I was surprised to find out how excellent Putin was speaking English, also his female partner (He has divorced from his wife sometime ago). The whole conversation was very enjoyable and relaxed, imbued with a deep sense of completion and satisfaction after a well done job.

From this second encounter with Putin in the higher realms this week, I conclude that we have finished with our mission as ascended masters and Logos Gods in this reality and that everything is ready now for our transfiguration. As linear time is an illusion, I have no idea how long it will take, till all ascension candidates are ready and all energetic variables aligned for our final departure. But it feels very close to me in a very profound energetic manner at the soul level and at the physical, energetic level, as my body is vibrating like the spaceship in the IMAX movie “Interstellar” when it passes through a wormhole. By the way, I strongly recommend you not to watch this stupid film, which confirms one last time what kind of zombies populate this planet and in particular Hollywood and to expose yourself to this cacophony of shrill noises and incomprehensible mumbling, which is considered appropriate American language by most current cloned US actors. Since this movie, I am longing for the future when we shall communicate exclusively through telepathy and will not even need to use out mouths to eat anymore. What a great feeling of liberaton!

Finally, let me thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your overwhelming response to participate in the energetic support of this website. Let us end this auspicious year with one final accord, with a “click crescendo” on the Orion Ad-manipulation of humanity, before it ceases to exist in a dialectical manner – through a dissolution of the old matrix by an escalation of its defaults. You know what I mean (smile).

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fantascienza: 5 _sharing _ sharing.:::.M7.3 – 18km SE of Kodari, Nepal

fantascienza: 5 _sharing _ sharing.:::.M7.3 – 18km SE of Kodari, Nepal.

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samkaska: sharing.:::.Mandate for This World .:::. The Rise of the age of Atlantis – Pleiadies High Council

samkaska: sharing.:::.Mandate for This World .:::. The Rise of the age of Atlantis – Pleiadies High Council.

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

samkaska: Angelic Guides: A whole new world: A look at what’s to come ::: The Russian View of the World :::Sharing

samkaska: Angelic Guides: A whole new world: A look at what’s to come ::: The Russian View of the World :::Sharing.

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Angelic Guides: A whole new world: A look at what’s to come ::: The Russian View of the World :::Sharing

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Angelic Guides: A whole new world: A look at what’s to come

Posted on Sep 11, 2014
by cosmicgaia
in Angelic Guides, Taryn Crimi
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Photo Credit:

Channeled by Taryn Crimi

September 9, 2014

Today we have been asked to discuss what we perceive as being the most probable “future” timeline that you are manifesting at this time. More specifically, we have been asked to share our perspective on where we perceive the human collective energy to be heading and what changes and advancements we perceive as being the most probable at this time. Certainly this is a very large topic and we will do our best to share with you some key changes that we perceive in your “near future”. So with that we would be delighted to share our perspective, so let us begin.

We will begin by first sharing our perspective of the current now moment and then we will shift into your “future” time lines. As we have said many times, and it is worth repeating, we do not perceive anytime to be in your “future” or in the “past”, rather we see all time happening simultaneously. It is only the rate of vibration and frequency that seemingly divides your experiences into “different time periods”. With that being said, let us begin.

As many of you are noticing, you are in the midst of making very large transitions in your lives. For some it feels quite chaotic as if you are in the midst of a twirling tornado and haven’t the slightest idea when and where you will be placed on solid ground again. To this we say, congratulations! You see, many of you are in the midst of manifesting the many changes you have continually wished, dreamed and hoped for. Humans rarely enjoy change, it’s something that is quite perplexing for those of us in the higher realms as the universe is always changing; it is always shifting to reflect back all that you are resonating with. Though humans fear change almost more than any other fear they collectively hold. We would like to assure you once again that this year has offered you each a wonderful opportunity to really demonstrate just how far you have come, how much you have learned and how much you are currently able to trust that all will be exactly as it should. A rather difficult challenge for some of you though we can assure you that this transition will be well worth the effort. Just as each of you are going through your own transitions, so too is your collective consciousness. The things that were previously allowed to take place on your world will soon become a “thing” of the past.

We have often said that in just 20-30 years of your time you will see more rapid transformation and progress made than there has been in the last 2000 of your years. In approximately 25 years of your time, your world will no longer resemble the world you currently inhabit. The technology will drastically propel you into a world in which space is no longer a barrier. We are not just referring to “outer space” but to the space on your planet. Currently your planet is a very large place, in which not all beings have the ability to travel to any place they desire to visit. This will change. The boarders of each country are currently upheld to prevent invasions from others who wish to conquer or take over others. Though this will no longer be the intention of the collective. You are shifting into a world free of war, free of boundaries, and free of fear. Though from our perspective your world is transforming in a blink of an eye, for many of you who are still experiencing a form of linear time it will seem as though it is a rapid progression rather than an “overnight change”.

We realize that much of this seems quite impossible, how could so much change in such a short amount of time? To this we smile, as we will offer you a similar analogy. How would you describe how impactful the internet has been on your world to someone residing 30 years ago on your Earth? Many of you will have a hard time remembering just how different your world was just 30 years ago. We can assure you this is just the very beginning.

Much of the technology that you have today is handheld, you can take it with you wherever you go and most of you have come to really rely on your devices to assist you in a multitude of ways. Though in a short while many of these devices will seem like old relics as your technology will soon be able to sync with your mind; a thought that many find frightening or even dangerous at this time. Though the fears will subside and you will become quite fond of the technological advances that allow you to sync your consciousness with your technology. As the collective continues to awaken to the innate harmony, peace and balance that can be ascertained you will let go of the many fears the collective holds about power, conquering and controlling as this technology will be used for the betterment of your world.

The technological advances that are to manifest within your future timelines will completely revamp how each of you learn. Many of you are familiar with downloading an “App” on your devices in order to allow the device to perform a new function. This will be quite similar to how many of you will acquire new skills and knowledge in your future, it can simply be downloaded for lack of a better word into your mind. The explosion of progress and advancement within the human race will be quite unimaginable to many of you today. Any skill, language, information that you wish to acquire will be accessible to you much like an App is accessible to your computers.

The technology that will be released progressively over the years will actually assist you to perform many of the tasks that your mind is actually capable of doing yet your beliefs and understandings do not yet support the manifestation of it yet. So you see, your technology will act as a bridge to assist you in carrying out the tasks that are innate within all of you though you are not quite able to perform them yet.

Another large change will be in how you travel around your world. Transportation will change quite drastically. The current forms of transportation that you have are quite damaging to the environment and particularly time consuming. Many of the advancements will allow you to travel to any point on your world in a matter of an hour or two at most. As more and more of you leave your “jobs” and follow your passions you will no longer have the need to travel so regularly as you will be able to provide your services from any location. The vehicles for lack of a better word, though they would hardly be considered as such will be quite efficient and run on crystal energy.

Another large shift that we perceive in your future timeline is the dissipation of “money” and the increasing desire to trade goods and services with one another. Many new systems, ideas and beliefs must be incorporated in order for the “need” for money to be completely removed. You will begin to trade services rather than exchange “money” as a form of payment for your services. In fact there are already systems such as this that are beginning to be implemented on a much smaller scale that will act as templates for many of you to move towards to allow you to completely let go of all forms of money. Many of you are witnessing the transparency of money, as it is predominately displayed on digital screens and accounted for in plastic and paper. This will change as you continue to evolve and grow, as you will no longer require the exchange of money.

Another large shift will be in your entertainment and news outlets. Currently, your media at this time plays a very large role in shaping the collective consciousness’s thoughts, fears and beliefs at this time; so we would like to begin by sharing what we see as being the most likely shift in this area. The media and your news outlets around the world are in a sense a reflection of the collective, thoughts, fears, beliefs and interests. It is in a way a direct reflection of where your collective chooses to focus their attention. Currently, your media is highly focused upon fear-based drama though we assure you, this will change. More and more are no longer allowing their minds to be shaped by the fears of others, rather you are awakening to a new paradigm in which you create the harmonious life styles that you wish your world to reflect.

As more and more of your awaken to the divinity within you are choosing to “unplug” from the mainstream media outlets and choosing to reconnect with nature, your true interests and many various forms of finding the peace within. It has been a widespread belief of many that they must remain “up to date”, and are required to watch the gruesome acts portrayed on your television screens regardless of how unpleasant they may be. Though we are witnessing the shift amongst many of you. As each of you become more selective in what you allow your minds to focus upon, you are finding much of the fear, hate and anger displayed on your televisions to be out of alignment. We realize that much of what you are witnessing around your world can be misconstrued as pure chaos, though we are here to assure you that all that must change is coming to the surface for all to see. Only then can you consciously choose to make a change.

Though it appears that those who reside on the other side of your globe do not affect your lives, we can assure you, you are all connected in an energetic web that cannot be separated. The decisions you make in each moment directly affect each and every one of you. You will surely see the forms of entertainment change drastically in the coming years, as you will no longer be “glued” to watching shows filled with drama, fear and segregation, rather you will wish to only focus your attention on the experiences, events and happenings that make you feel at peace, in joy or in love. Your media will come to reflect that in time.

The growth and progress that will be witnessed upon your world will be nothing short of exceptional. We have only briefly touched upon a few key changes that we perceive to be most probable. We remind you that you are always shifting, changing and redirecting your future events in every given moment and we encourage you to make the changes within your own world so that you may create the world you wish to live within.

We hope that you have found this message to be enjoyable and that we have in some way served you.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

Copyright © 2012-2014 by Taryn Crimi. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.

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The Russian View of the World 
by Georgi Stankov Posted on September 12, 2014

by Georgi Stankov, September 12, 2014

The Russians win the undeclared Third World War with the Western cabal because they fight on the side of the light. Only blind people, such as some of my former readers from the Baltic republics, being completely mired in their Nazi past and current dark propaganda, may not be able to perceive this obvious fact. So much for the worse for them.

This conclusion is not a figment of my imagination, but the dominating reality on the political scene in these last days. Below, I have published an article by a Russian expert on the current foreign policy of Russia in comparison to that of the USA. It shows the moral superiority of the Russian foreign policy that has achieved some spectacular diplomatic and now military victories over the USA in the last one year and a half.

The reason for this is that the Russians, first and foremost Lavrov and Putin, observe the international law and the principle of sovereignty, the right of every country of individual development. Thus they automatically reject the self-proclaimed doctrine of US exceptionalism and the right to invade and ruthlessly destroy any country that opposes the NWO of Pax Americana.

Multipolar world versus unipolar US hegemony – this is the current conflict on this planet in its final, mortal throes and there should be no doubt as to who will win this final war – we, the new Logos Gods and Guardians of the New Galaxy because we have decreed that there will be no devastating nuclear Third World War on this mother planet. And this means a complete defeat of the dark Western cabal in their futile effort to install the NWO.

Currently Russia and Putin are the only obstacle for the dark Orion cabal to achieve this heinous goal and to enslave humanity. The forces of light, that is to say, we have decreed that Russia will not be defeated, but will be successful in its foreign policy of containment of the dark ones, until we ascend and take over the leadership of this humanity as the new Logos Gods.

There is no other scenario for this mother planet – make this truth to your inner conviction and it will be so. Because one single light warrior of the first and last hour is more powerful than all the cabal in the dark Western capitals. That is why their demise is imminent and inevitable.


Watch this sensational video with the legendary military leader of the Russian insurgents Igor Strelkov, who carries the same name as a previous communist leader in the civil war, described by Pasternak in his famous novel “Doctor Zhiwago”:


An exception to American exceptionalism

by Valeri Fadeev, Sept 6, 2014

The Ukrainian crisis has thrust Russia’s role in world politics sharply to the fore. In this risky game Putin is proving he has a good conceptual grasp of how to create a new world order to replace the tyranny of American exceptionalism.

Let us first examine the military and strategic aspects of the Ukrainian crisis from the Russian standpoint. What did Eastern Europe look like at the beginning of 2014? Russia was surrounded by a sea of American military bases. NATO expands steadily eastward, and there is now the possibility that it could incorporate Finland and perhaps Ukraine as well. When Kosovo was carved out of Serbia, the Americans immediately built there one of the largest military bases in the world. And one can’t ignore America’s weapons or its state of combat readiness and military targets. That nation is consistently at a high level of combat readiness and its primary targets are located within Russia. US missile defense systems are steadily approaching Russia’s borders, and Russia is still viewed as the enemy in NATO’s operational planning.

Twenty-five years ago the USSR’s (Russia’s) front line of defense in the West passed through East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, and Bulgaria. This line was located 500-800 kilometers from the Soviet border. The weakening of the USSR led to a loss of influence in Eastern Europe, the disintegration of the Warsaw Pact, the creeping spread of NATO, and consequently, to the serious loss of depth in the theater of military operations. Now Russia’s line of defense – running from the Kaliningrad region to the western border of Belarus to Transnistria (where a Russian peacekeeping contingent is located) to Sevastopol (the base for Russia’s Black Sea Fleet) – has been fractured. Ukraine’s metamorphosis (with America’s backing) will quite likely result in the eventual appearance of NATO troops in that country, and, of course, the elimination of the Russian military base in Sevastopol. At that point, Transnistria would be located deep within NATO’s territory and almost inaccessible to Russia. On that subject Vladimir Putin has commented, “We … could not allow our access to the waters of the Black Sea to be significantly limited, or for NATO troops to arrive … in Crimea or Sevastopol … radically changing the balance of power around the Black Sea.” The loss of Sevastopol would lead to a new and dramatic reduction in the depth of the theater of military operations. The northern border of Ukraine is less than 500 kilometers from Moscow. It is also less than 500 kilometers from the eastern border of Ukraine to a large division of silo-based missiles in the Saratov region. At such a close distance, the flight time of a medium-range missile is only a few minutes. That means there would be no time to respond.

In this context, Crimea’s reunification with Russia should be seen as an important strategic victory. Regardless of how events unfold in Ukraine, how aggressively our Western partners behave, or even the outcome of the uprising in the Donbass, a key strategic decision has already been made: Crimea will remain an important link in the Russian defense system. And although it is still possible for Ukraine to fall utterly under American control (which would entail the deployment of military systems there), by retaining Sevastopol, and all of Crimea especially, it will still be possible to maintain a strategic balance.

Edward Luttwak, the well-known American expert on strategy and geopolitics, recently offered this synopsis of the Crimean operation, “That’s how you have to look at Crimea, not as a simple land grab, but as part of a larger strategy …” And another quote from the same interview with Luttwak is also applicable, “Only two cultures in the world possess genuine strategic talent: the British and the Russians. And that’s why Russia is the biggest country on earth – the Russians have not always been strategically successful throughout their history, but they were able to hold onto their talent and replicate it with each new generation.”

Contemporary analytical journalism usually falls short by paying scant attention to strategic perspectives. The events in Yugoslavia in the 1990s offer a telling example. In very few of the many articles analyzing the civil war in that country and its subsequent collapse did the authors think to mention that strategic planners saw Yugoslavia as a key country in the European theater of military operations. Naturally the collapse of Yugoslavia was a boon to the West, in the military sense. Where once was a strong, independent country with a respectable army, now sit six weak states. When Serbia was definitively polished off, the Balkans ceased to be a headache for the West and now offer a wide-open field. The American military base already mentioned in Kosovo is a recent symbol of this strategic success.
The geopolitical status quo

Recently, the media in the US, Europe, and in some cases in Russia, have increasingly begun to advance the theory that President Putin is turning his back on the West, rejecting European values, and is even prepared to reduce the scope of Russia’s trade with Europe, disengaging his nation. Russia’s pivoting trajectory is supposedly Europe’s loss and China’s gain. But such an interpretation of Russian foreign policy seems overly simplified.

By retaining an open mind, one can see that over the course of 15 years of governing the country Vladimir Putin has never done anything to warrant accusations of any anti-European sentiment. Putin’s acclaimed speech delivered in German at the Bundestag in 2001 was a vivid symbol of Russia’s openness to the idea of cooperation with Europe on all fronts. During the “Putin” years, annual trade with Europe has expanded from $80 billion to $417 billion as of last year.

Putin has worked tirelessly to accommodate the needs of Europe and the West. Most of that interaction has been concentrated within the realm of energy, an area in which Putin has suggested that Europe make large-scale investments. As a result, as much as 25% of Russia’s energy assets are now foreign owned. Putin has proposed an exchange of assets, and some of those efforts have been successful. There is already some reason to believe that the creation of a future Russian-European joint energy industry could become a reality.

But when Russia suggested trading technology for access to Russian natural resources, tensions immediately arose. The West does not want to share its technology with us, even on what would clearly be very financially advantageous terms.

A similar discussion arose around the question of deploying elements of the American missile-defense system in Europe. All Russian admonitions and appeals to stop this process and to instead work together in this area, using the Russian radar station in Azerbaijan, for example, have fallen on deaf ears.

So it is not Russia that is turning to China, but the West whose actions are inadvertently pushing Russia to the East. Sanctions restricting the economic give-and-take between Russia and Europe are inadvertently forcing Russia to expand its partnership with China. Although trade with China is not quite $100 billion a year – only a quarter of the level with Europe – the momentum is clearly in China’s favor. One might well recall the recent mammoth deal between Russia and China to build the Power of Siberia gas pipeline, the construction of which will require an estimated $60-70 billion of investment. Today Russian-Chinese relations are proceeding more smoothly than ever before. And if that relationship will someday grow to include military cooperation, then a reorientation toward the East will be inexorable.

A new world system: the moral foundations

In addition to national interests, which are an eternal component of global politics, there is another factor with much greater impact, and this is the moral basis that underpins the players acting upon the world stage. International relations and diplomacy have always been grounded in a moral foundation. It has been hypothesized that the old, but still relevant moral foundations are no longer able to ensure the sustainability of the global system, that the old worldview is out of sync with the latest challenges, and that it is not possible to reconstruct the global system based on a vision from the past century. Another, more daring hypothesis is that Russia can offer a new frame of reference for this global system, as well as new principles to guide states’ interaction. Russians have always held a worldview that is somewhat distinct (significantly distinct during the Soviet era) from that of Westerners. Perhaps therein lies the root cause of the West’s reluctance to accept the idea of extensive cooperation with Russia. The risk to the West is that Russia’s understanding of how to arrange this world order may be too attractive for many, perhaps for the majority of the world’s population. And then the West would be stripped of its moral authority.

The foreign policy of the US has a clear and simple moral basis – the exceptionalism of the American nation.

Since the 19th century Americans have believed that they were building the most advanced society on earth, a society of freedom and opportunity, where each is free to find his own path. Democracy as a method of governance was the finest system to be devised in human history. America is held up as a model, and her values should hold sway throughout the world. But this raises the question of how to achieve the triumph of American values and of the American model of governance and society. Should one merely rely on the power of this example, remaining a beacon for all of humanity? Or should American foreign policy actively promote the dissemination of American institutions?

Prior to WWI, the US preferred not to intervene in international affairs outside of the Americas. The country adhered to the doctrines of its founding fathers, and those doctrines were fairly isolationist. But within its own sphere of influence America has never been loath to act. In just the first few years of the 20th century she intervened in the affairs of (and occasionally occupied) countries such as Haiti, Panama, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic. But the First World War was a turning point, and President Woodrow Wilson created a new foreign policy for the US.

Wilson made an intellectual and political U-turn. Building from the idea of the exceptionalism of the American nation, and seemingly without discounting the need to steer clear of European squabbles and wars, he radically changed US foreign policy: transforming it from local to truly global. Wilson’s logic was as follows (here I am expounding on ideas from Henry Kissinger’s book Diplomacy): the challenges confronting America were placed there by Providence itself (and it would be difficult to invent a more powerful moral basis for action). The security of the US is inseparable from the security of the rest of humanity. Thus it follows that it is America’s duty to resist aggression wherever that may be. The country’s exceptional nature requires that its own example be used to affirm freedom while simultaneously disseminating it. America’s providential moral foundation does not permit her to be limited in any way while pursuing her missions abroad – the country’s infallibility is foreordained. A global crusade to impose American values must be launched. Moreover, the strength of the United States will atrophy if America does not labor to spread freedom throughout the world.

I quote Woodrow Wilson, “We set this Nation up to make men free and we did not confine our conception and purpose to America, and now we will make men free. If we did not do that all the fame of America would be gone and all her power would be dissipated.”

This intellectual concept – which combines the exclusivity of America as a disseminator of freedom with her ability to intervene in the affairs of any country in the world, if such is deemed necessary in Washington DC – has been the moral foundation of America’s foreign policy for almost a hundred years. This is precisely why Vladimir Putin’s article in the New York Times last year generated such a hysterical reaction in the US. To quote Putin, “It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation. There are big countries and small countries, rich and poor, those with long democratic traditions and those still finding their way to democracy. Their policies differ, too. We are all different, but when we ask for the Lord’s blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal.” Putin “dared” to criticize the most sacred of American values – that nation’s exceptionalism. He made it clear that he did not share such a “messianic” view of how a global system of states should be organized, and that there may be other axiological bases, which he can describe, on which to ground such a system.

Even if we accept (or at least agree to tolerate) the values of Wilsonianism, we must critically assess the current practice of applying Wilson’s theory. Would not any critical analysis show that almost nothing remains of those 100-year-old messianic ideals? That humanity is no longer drawn to that “beacon of freedom,” but is instead frightened and repelled by it? That what was once an idealistic policy, and for many it truly was, is degenerating into the most cynical Realpolitik? The gross interference in the domestic affairs of other countries, resulting in the destruction of the apparatus of the state and heavy casualties, such as in Iraq, Syria, and Libya … The discourtesy toward one’s closest allies: the wiretapping of heads of state, the pressure on French banks, the refusal to return Germany’s gold, etc. The use of radical Islamic forces to achieve un-idealistic and entirely pragmatic and selfish goals. The unprecedented control over the mass media – this is clearly evident in the surging anti-Russian campaign that has accompanied the Ukrainian crisis.

The brief era of US hegemony is coming to a close, and with it – Wilsonian diplomacy.

The world’s economic and political structure is changing rapidly. “Never before has a new world order had to be assembled from so many different perceptions, or on so global a scale,” wrote Henry Kissinger [“Diplomacy”, p.26). There can no longer be any doubt that Russia is destined to play a major role in the creation of that new order.

The myth of isolation

Much of the international media claim that Russia’s conduct during the crisis in Ukraine has isolated the country, made her a pariah, and that all of the civilized world has turned from her in disdain. Is this really so?

Suffice it to recall the results of the voting on the UN General Assembly’s anti-Russian resolution immediately after Ukraine reunified with Russia. At that time the Americans were able to push through the resolution. One hundred nations voted in favor and only 11 were against it. However, it turns out that there were actually 93 countries that did not support the resolution – one of the representatives forgot to push his button, another was in the cafeteria at the time, and another did not even attend the discussion. Two-thirds of the earth’s inhabitants live in those 93 countries – and the representatives of two-thirds of humanity did not oppose Russia and did not support the United States.

Another episode occurred during the recent BRICS summit in Brazil. And although meetings between the leaders of those countries are fairly commonplace now, it is worth noting what happened after the summit. The leaders of every Latin American country – most of which are viewed as little more than American vassals – gathered in Brazil. They wanted to be part of a new international organization with a vision they can endorse, an organization with Vladimir Putin at its moral helm.

And even now, at the peak of the crisis in Ukraine, there is no solidarity in Europe supporting the sanctions against Russia. I believe that the proposal to “isolate Russia from the entire world” is in essence nothing more than a propaganda stunt.

Why are so many drawn to Russia? Two years ago, I fell into conversation with several prominent European scholars who were involved in the work of the Yaroslavl Global Policy Forum. I asked if they thought it would be possible to create a world-class debate forum in Russia. Their answer was surprising. They all claimed that a venue that could serve as an alternative to Western forums such as Davos could only be created in Russia. Russia would be the only destination that representatives from all countries would find acceptable and would be the best country in which to construct an alternate, non-Western agenda.

Pursuing a new agenda

What signals are coming from President Putin regarding a new agenda? How is he approaching the issue of modifying the world system and based upon what principles? Following is my interpretation, based on Vladimir Putin’s public statements.

First of all, it is very clear what Putin opposes, what actions he considers to be counterproductive and detrimental.

He stands against the imposition of a political regime of “democracy.” This type of imposition never seems to have been successful. Countries have different backgrounds and cultures and each moves at its own historical pace. Attempts to forcibly engineer such an institution are inherently risky. Unsystematically “ensconcing” such rights as freedom of speech usually results in the loss of other fundamental rights such as the right to life or the right to work. In this matter, countries such as China, which is led by its Communist Party, and Iran, with its Islamic regime, side with Russia.

He stands against intervention in another country’s domestic affairs unless it is clearly warranted. In recent years we have seen that intervention often destroys country’s infrastructures and leads to disaster.

He stands against the new imperialism that destroys states’ sovereignty – resulting in weakened countries that cannot defend their interests in a global world where the leading players set the rules of the game. Just as during the “old” period of imperialism, weakened countries develop slowly and cannot free themselves from their shackles of dependence, while in the end the profits go to the strong. On this issue Russia may find allies among low-income countries, as well as among many left-wing intellectuals, including from Western nations.

He stands against social racism. Try to find out how many people have died during the Iraq war. You can easily find information about the number of dead and wounded soldiers from the US and its allies. But there are only estimates of the Iraqi casualties, which vary almost 1,000%, ranging from 150,000 dead to over a million. No one is counting the number of Iraqis who have been killed, nor is anyone planning to. The West treats many nations today the same way it treated the “aboriginals” during the colonial era, although that relationship is now overlaid with a thin veneer of tolerance. But these people are not aboriginals. Iraq isMesopotamia, the cradle of civilization. Iran, which was cruelly suppressed until recently, is Persia, with a history stretching back many thousands of years. China, a country the West rightly hesitates to try to instruct, is several thousand years old.

Second, Putin supports multilateral diplomacy and the establishment of complex networks within which governments can interact. On one hand, such networks would allow for different interests to be taken into account while seeking out complex compromises and reducing the risk of confrontation. American messianism, which prevents them from admitting anyone as their equal, is inappropriate in this context. That was, incidentally, how the European Union was established. That entity can be criticized from many different angles, but no one could argue that the risk of war within the EU is not lower than it has ever been.

Third, Putin seems to think that an entity should be constructed that would make it possible to seek out a balance of interests, rather than a 19th-century-style balance of power. The simple fact is that the majority of states would be treated more justly by that type of entity.

And fourth, new international institutions like the BRICS Bank need to be created that would operate on new principles and replace the old institutions created by the West to manage the world economy primarily in its own favor.

In summary, the era of domination by the concept of American exceptionalism is at an end. And although, as the Soviet philosopher and dissident Alexandr Zinovyev once wrote, “Western theorists, politicians, and media are, as always, absolutely convinced that their system is the best,” strong new players with an alternative vision have emerged and cannot be ignored within a unified world. The global, political mission that Vladimir Putin has shouldered strongly suggests that Russia will play a leading role in the creation of a new global architecture. Valery Fadeev is the Editor-in-Chief of the Russian EXPERT magazine, member of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation.

Source in Russian: Expert

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