samkaska: Reading:::File:::Video 117 Answers of an alien from Andromeda – video hundred and seventeen – May 16, 2014.:::sharing

samkaska: Reading:::File:::Video 117 Answers of an alien from Andromeda – video hundred and seventeen – May 16, 2014.:::sharing.

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Reading:::File:::Video 117 Answers of an alien from Andromeda – video hundred and seventeen – May 16, 2014.:::sharing

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Video 117

Answers of an alien from Andromeda – video hundred and seventeen – May 16, 2014.
Mythi, these photos are of Russian satellites orbiting Saturn, and appears to be a spaceship or something. Can you tell us something about it?

– These motherships the size of Earth belong to a race of descendants of Arcturians living in Camelopardalis, the same race that is responsible for maintaining here some stationary registers as the Black knight satellite to the Boötis society in a joint venture between their civilizations. These ships are very, very large, and carry large mining equipment and mining. They also capture entire asteroids composed of ordered minerals by mining them in the Oort Cloud. Even in your own footage from NASA through Hubble telescope viewing, sometimes they show these ships in space intentionally or absentmindedly.
You will observe these very large ships Camelopardalis circling the solar system as they have bases spread throughout the system. In Jupiter and its moons, Saturn them maintains a large base of hexagonal mining in north pole of the planet as well as extraction stations on various moons. On mars they keep equipment and artificial moons that are operational bases. Uranus, Neptune, Venus, Mercury, even tiny Pluto have bases in mineral exploration. They left mine on Earth by the Community Galactica decision there about 11,000 years for a colony destined to be humanoid culture. But they keep on the Moon extractive bases that are operating to this day.

– If you have the ability to pay attention to your sun through satellites, will see many of these great ships of various breeds recharging their batteries of plasma, converting the energy released by the sun. The plasma energy is used throughout the ship for internal use, lighting, heating, force fields, instrumentation, etc. … For navigation the unipolar magnetic fields are generated by antimatter in most current conceptions of technology to build spaceships, to be a stable source and does not need to recharge during the lifetime of the ship. Therefore, the best place to park large ships will always be close to the sun of the system.
Mythi, we have this footage of a Russian rocket carrying a communication satellite that was “shot down” by a probe type a few days ago. Can you shed some light on it?

– The rocket was damaged by a Pleiadean probe for one reason; was not only leading communications satellite. Probes only overthrow the rocket if it were carrying nuclear warheads in the load, that is something was not revealed to you in this story. I have said and I repeat, the Pleiadeans will not allow atomic destruction weapons and will destroy all that is being released with them. The probes are hundreds of times faster than any missile you can produce so there is no escape. There will be no other chance of them even explode atomic missiles in Van Allen belt or surreptitiously send another missile against lunar bases as they did years ago. If you do not know I will also inform you that “they” tried to overthrow the Black Knight satellite with two missiles that were intercepted before reaching the target. As this failed, the crew of Columbia then tried to install explosives to disrupt the satellite and bring it down in Antarctica as I told you before, and Columbia has been deactivated by the probes in 2003 by way of final warning.
Mythi, some are insisting insinuate that the Large Hadron Collider is an attempt to open a portal, I know you’ve talked about it before but would have more to give us some detail?

– Friends, the most expensive material in the world would get anti-matter with this type of technology, the problem is you can not handle the isolation of particles at a quantum level necessary. The ancient portals could be simulated by such archaic technology but serve only for communication and not for the teleportation of matter. The guidelines for the assembly of these generators was assisted by “long craniums” working with your government. The Community Galactica will prevent any attempt to open a portal of any kind leaving the Earth
until it is recognized as an effective member of the community. The portals in technology today are virtual and can be opened from a distance without the need for large installations of this type. A portal with current technology can appear and disappear without causing any influence to the environment around, totally unnoticed.

– By way of information, the Arcturians are in a major operation delimitation of areas of the planet, you may start to hear noises and watch brands in soil and coastal boundaries. These boundaries are as geophysical sensors that generate an accurate holographic visualization of tectonic movements at any angle and thus provide initial points of movement enabling actions that may be taken during the succession of natural events. There are many variables in the natural processes so this is the best way to get a dynamic map of these manifestations.

– I know it’s hard for some of you wait for change, but time has a subjective importance depending on how involved is who is going through the timeline of a given physical period. Nothing like a day after another to pass the events on the right time for all of us.

Be with the light and peace my friends.

Thanks for watching, join our channel! Be sure that you are welcome there!

Captain Bill – April, 2014 Atlanticobr Channel

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Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2014


There is, at this critical point in time of Great Change and Liberation – as I understand it, and always did – one main responsibility we have: the responsibility to connect with the Heart of our True Being and to live from there. To live from the Depth of it, in the Beauty of It.

Because this Is What we really Are.

This, in my best understanding, is Ascension.

Now there is much misunderstanding about what the Heart is. I use a capital ‘H’, and not a small ‘h’ to make the difference clear.

The Heart I am talking about is NOT our heart chacra!

And I also do not talk about our physical heart.

The heart chacra is merely a kind of superficial addition to what we originally and truly already Are. And in fact, we do not need the heart chacra at all to realize this! This is my own experience!

All exercises based on chacra work end up to be shallow compared to exercising the natural Power of the Heart.

The Heart is our true hue-man Divine Essence, that has been always ours, the One that never changes, and always Exists beyond time and space.

It survived unscathed all manipulations, all genetic changes, by those who interfered with hue-man’s true Divine Nature.

The heart chacra is therefore of no real use! It is just a kind of toy, and superimposed on our Essence and Feeling of Being. Even more: the heart chacra can become a major obstacle for discovering and Being Who We Are.

If we are stuck in the heart chacra, we have no access to our Heart. We cannot find it, we cannot feel it. This is so because we are manipulating the heart chacra from our brain, in the same way we manipulate all our other chacras.

To be fixed in the brain does not allow us to live from the Heart.

You will notice yourself, that when you are truly in your Eternal Heart that there are no chacras, because your Eternal Heart is outshining these artificial lights.

We are being manipulated into believing that working with the chacras is what spiritual enlightenment is about. But not so. There is much disinformation around.

There is no real power in our mortal chacras, as they do not express our own True Living Heart. They only distract you from going deeper to touch and re-cognize Who You really Are.

It might be the methods of the worshiped “gods” or extraterrestrials, to hand “down” to us instructions how to develop our chacra system and to use sacred geometry to grow our consciousness, – and such to advance to a “higher” version of ourselves.

But this does not truly serve us: exercising only the chacra system, weakens and destabilizes us indeed, makes us vulnerable by generating dependency on the ever changing flux of the currents of life, whether in this dimensions or in other dimensions!

In fact this method prevents us from taking back and regaining our true Inherent Divine Power, that only can be found in and As Our Heart.

The Power of the Heart is a Power that is greater than our galaxy, that is greater than the universe. In reality the Heart contains it all.

We are not the small powerless beings, we are told to be by those who preach a developed chacra system as the non plus ultra of our spiritual achievements and ascension.

Our Heart Power is never “above”, and it is not “below”. It Is All. It cannot be categorized as “superior”, and it is not a “ladder” to climb up to reach the cosmos above and to look from there down to here. Because it is not located in duality.

In fact, we do not need to be told or taught anything, but we are encouraged to rely on what we already Are and which does not need to be developed, but only to be remembered, re-discovered, re-cognized – when we are willing to heal our heart from painful and negative memories.

And then we understand that we are more powerful than any artificial teachings and complicated, mind driven methods and exercises.

We do not need programs, we do not need beliefs when we rely on Reality. The Heart is beyond beliefs and dimensions, beyond the fragmented chacra system and it’s broken colors.

It is the Continuum of our lives in all existences, realms, galaxies and dimensions.

It is the unlimited Divine Power of the true human being, with all its humbleness, to merge with all life and all beings with great unconditional Love.

The Power of the Heart Is Us, it is Eternal and is the very core of our Existence, it is our Existence Itself. And it is closely linked and already inherently united with the Great Spirit of our Earth Mother Gaia. This we must re-discover!

United with Her in our Heart, this leaves no room for exercises and methods, but requires us to allow to merge with the Domain of Feeling.

In the centerless Depth of this Feeling to Infinity all Wisdom is revealed, all Powers of the hue-man become obvious.

It is a State of Fullness and of Knowingness, where nothing needs to be added or developed, We simply allow What We already Are!

We always have been already there and complete! And within this completeness the Universes and Galaxies are our playground!

This is also the Truth, our Real Friends that are of True Light and True Love are reminding us of. And it is up to you, my dear friends, to find out where your Inherent Divinity and actual Power resides.

In Lak’ech –

Many Blessings to us!


Copyright© 2014. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, Please post your comments on my blog so that I can be aware of them.

Please share this message only together with this information and without changes, including the title. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.

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