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Sunday, February 28, 2016

sharing3- A+_US Absurdistan- Heavenly Symbols _The Last Throes of the Financial Ponzi-Scheme of the Banksters Cabal

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The Last Throes of the Financial Ponzi-Scheme of the Banksters Cabal » Stankov’s Universal Law Press
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The Last Throes of the Financial Ponzi-Scheme of the Banksters Cabal

by Georgi Stankov Posted on February 25, 2016

Georgi Stankov, February 25, 2016


Since times immemorial the Orion monetary system has been based on interest rates and capital and investment gains. This also includes gains on personal savings. The entire pension and health care system, including all sovereign bonds of the national state depend on interest rates and capital gains.

In other words, modern society is entirely founded on interest rates.

This has always been the insidious game of the “money changers” who Jesus chased away from the temple, understand the new earth.

And now all of a sudden humanity and the western type of Orion economy has entered a new unprecedented era of negative interest rates (NIRP).

The NIRP is the first decisive step towards the abolition of cash, the ultimate goal of which is the total financial enslavement of humanity under the NWO.

This scenario is as old as this planet and has been executed many times by the Orion /Reptilian empire on numerous planets which they deliberately destroyed in the old galaxy.

This is what they also plan for this uppermost mother planet but this time they will only dig their own grave.

We, the new ascended masters from the PAT, will prevent this scenario by chasing the money changers away from our new temple of Gaia 5 and the new 4D worlds in the Golden Galaxy.

This will happen with the introduction of the new “Astral” currency which I shall present to you and humanity on March the 1st, in due time for the final demise of the ruling cabal and their banksters minions in the course of this spring.

The End Time scenario has undoubtedly entered its final act. The dark ruling cabal was forced to make their final moves on the global chessboard.

The ultimate decision was done in January at the Davos meeting about which I wrote in advance that it would be the most crucial and last such meeting of the dark cabal.

Several days later, the BOJ introduced negative interest rates following the example of the ECB and some other European central banks.

In an orchestrated action the manipulated western MSM began immediately after that to propagate the cashless society thus declaring the ultimate war on the possession of personal money and its substitution with the “Mark of the Beast“.

This all should be known to the PAT as we have discussed the End Time agenda of the dark ruling cabal many times in the past from various angles. The most astounding aspect is though how quickly these last steps were undertaken by these desperate ones since the beginning of this year. Below is a short chronology of the major events that highlight the last desolate efforts of the cabal to turn around the wheel and save their skin. This retrospection should give you a clear idea as to how rapidly the events are now unfolding towards their final resolution, which will most probably happen end of March and April, but definitely before the beginning of this summer.

At the annual World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland in January this year the global power elite gathered to discuss the “big issues” of the day. Some of the most important world leaders attended. As did the CEOs of the largest companies, leaders in the mainstream media and top academics. Central bankers attended, too, along with a wide assortment of celebrities. Three types of meetings happen in Davos, according to the BBC:

Public meetings, which anyone can attend.

Closed meetings, which you can only attend by invitation.

Secret meetings, which are unannounced. The public doesn’t know the agenda or who attends. (Until this agenda is being implemented as this happened very quickly this year.)

The biggest and most important deals take shape in these secret meetings. And this year, there was one secret meeting with a huge historical significance. The world leaders decided to dramatically escalate the War on Cash, by beginning to impose negative interest rates.

Negative interest rates mean the lender pays the borrower for the privilege of lending him money. As I said above it is a bizarre, upside-down concept of the original financial Ponzi scheme of the Orion “money changers”. Negative rates could not exist in a free market. They can only exist in a NWO dominated by a tiny elite where the people are reduced to financial and physical slaves of this elite.

Think of it as “punishment interest”. That is a common term in Germany for negative interest rates. This is an appropriate description of what is happening now. The people are punished for possessing money as savings or cash. In fact this punishment is ongoing for a long time since the central banks introduced their zero interest rate policy after the 2008 crisis because the actual annual inflation rate in the west is two-digit, although the rigged national statistics claim in a rogue manner that we are in a deflationary period since then.

Punishing savers is exactly what central bankers—who are really central economic planners in the classical communist tradition —intend to do before they can enslave the people. Officially though they pretend that stinging savers with negative interest rates will encourage them to spend more now. It is effectively a tax on saving money after the central banks created the Greatest Depression of all time with their infinite QE, which is unlimited debt by printing money out of thin air.

The cabal want the people to spend all the money in the End Time even if they have to increase their already gargantuan private debt as is the case with the Canadians here:

50% Of Canadians Say They Are Within $200/Month Of Being Unable To Pay Their Bills

As the entire western economy is based on debt bubbles, this is a further and final escalation of this lethal game until all bubbles burst leading to the total expropriation of the masses and their subsequent easy enslavement. As I said, this is the plan of the dark cabal to prevent ascension in the End Time and it has already failed. But they will try to implement this plan no matter what and will thus trigger their own demise this year.

Negative interest rates have already scared the people and they have stopped spending which was supposed to be the goal of NIRP. Instead there is a flight to cash as is the case in many European countries and in particular in Switzerland.

Until now producing more than you consume and saving the difference has always been the basis of prosperity. Prudent saving and thriftiness are supposed to be good things. This is the bible of Orion capitalism since time immemorial although it has been exposed as a fraud by such thinkers as Marx and Engels who became the founders of the first partially successful attempt to introduce the NWO in half of the world for half a century.

And as we all know, this experiment failed badly. Just as the current attempt of the western cabal to install their version of the NWO will fail as this financial and economic model is rigorously rejected by the former communist powers Russia and China that want to forget their terrible past.

The introduction of negative interest rates is the first most radical step to cashless centralised society of slaves based on scarcity as in the former communist system (That is why the central banksters have no intention to fight the Greatest Depression of all time but to deepen it with their reckless financial policy). However, currently this step has created the opposite effect. The people who want to avoid punishment interest have begun to withdraw their money from the banks and stash the cash under their mattresses. The sales of safes in Europe have skyrocketed in the last days and it is impossible to find any in some countries. Hence the central role of the mattresses in the new cashless society as was the case under communism.

The next logical step of the central banksters in pushing the world closer to a cashless society is to cut off the main escape route of the people from punishment interest. They have began to phase out larger denominations of currency notes, which makes large cash transactions impractical. Some are outright prohibiting cash transactions over a certain amount. France recently made cash transactions over €1,000 illegal, down from the previous limit of €3,000. State economists even advocate declaring all dollar bills with a serial number ending in “9” invalid. These are just some of their methods. They all make it inconvenient or illegal to use cash. This forces people to use electronic payment methods more and more, which, of course, is what the U.S. government wants. It is exactly as Ron Paul said: “The cashless society is the IRS’s dream: total knowledge of, and control over, the finances of every single American.”

After Davos, the war on cash went into overdrive. For weeks Haruhiko Kuroda, the head of BOJ, repeatedly denied plans to adopt negative interest rates. Then Kuroda attended at the January 20–23 summit in Davos. A few days later, on January 29, he decided to impose negative interest rates in Japan for the first time ever. Something must have changed his mind. The global cabal secretly decided in Davos to up the ante on the war on cash worldwide and ordered their Japanese stooge to introduce negative interest rates for the zombie banks in this country that is in a chronic recession for more than three decades.

Immediately after the meeting, there was a flurry of related activities. Here are some of the most noteworthy steps the dark ruling cabal made since then:

January 20: Deutsche Bank CEO John Cryan predicted cash won’t exist in 10 years.

January 22: Norway’s biggest bank, DNB, called for the country to stop using cash.

January 31: The editorial board of Bloomberg published an article titled “Bring On the Cashless Future.” It called for the elimination of physical cash.

February 4: The Financial Times ran an op-ed titled “The Benefits of Scrapping Cash.” It advocated the elimination of physical money.

February 8: Peter Sands, president emeritus of Harvard, issued a paper titled Making it Harder for the Bad Guys: The Case for Eliminating High Denomination Notes. It advocates removing large bills from circulation to help fight the various made-up wars…the war on crime, the war on drugs, the war on terror…

February 15: Mario Draghi, head of the European Central Bank (ECB), announced that he has essentially decided to phase out the €500 note. These notes represent around 30% of the physical euro notes in circulation (approx. 400 – 600 billion euro). With the use of physical cash curtailed, J.P. Morgan estimates the ECB could ultimately bring interest rates as low as negative 4.5%.

February 16: Larry Summers, a Harvard professor and former Treasury secretary, wrote an article in The Washington Post titled “It’s time to kill the $100 bill.” Summers became the latest high-profile “economist” to call for the abolition of cash. Removing the $100 bill from circulation would eliminate the value of 78% of all U.S. currency in circulation.

February 16: Hasbro, maker of the Monopoly board game, announced that, starting in the fall, the famous game will no longer feature cash. The company is replacing in-game cash with special bank cards players scan on handheld “banking units” to make purchases. The NWO is greeting you!

February 22: The editorial board of The New York Times published an article titled “Getting Rid of Big Currency Notes Could Help Fight Crime.” It called for getting rid of high denomination notes.

The writing is on the wall. The war on cash is accelerating and it is setting the table for negative interest rates in the U.S., the last western country with still zero interest rates. Janet Yellen, the chair of the Federal Reserve, recently said in a congress hearing: “Potentially anything—including negative interest rates—would be on the table.”

The war on cash and negative interest rates are obvious signs of desperation of the dark ruling cabal who have lost control over the economy and are drifting like a shipwrecked flotsam and jetsam through the oceans (bubbles) of financial carnage.

The final blow will come on March 1st, when I will publish our project on the new “Astral” currency which will substitute the current fiat toilet paper money when the ultimate financial crash will come and the shutdown of all banks will paralyse the western economies.

While the cabal hope to use this cataclysmic event to install the NWO, we, the incumbent Logos Gods of Gaia 5 and Guardians of the Golden Galaxy, will appear as ascended masters in our full glory and will oust these hapless dark entities for ever from this ascending planet. We shall introduce for the first time in the history of this civilisation the true spiritual hierarchy of the Source and will lay down the foundation for a new just social and economic order based entirely on spiritual principles. These events will be experienced at first as a total shock by the agnostic masses that still dream the current Orion illusion as the AA Gabriel’s message, which I published yesterday, announces.

We have entered the most auspicious time in the history of this planet and you should keep in mind that you are the creators of this End Time scenario. Now and always. I have been consciously working on this scenario since two decades and this has been unequivocally documented on this website. Nothing comes from nowhere. Everything we experience is the product of our thoughts and ideas. And the clearer the ideas, the more powerful their effect will be. This is essentially the objective of this website. This latest discussion on the hidden agenda of the cabal to introduce NIRP and eliminate cash in order to install the NWO is a very important clarification as to why humanity needs urgently the introduction of the new “Astral” currency in order to prevent this negative outcome. The goal of the NWO is to impede the ascension of this uppermost mother planet and a large part of humanity consisting of new transliminal souls as walk-ins.

As this will not happen, our ascension is imminent but its point in time is unpredictable due to the rapidly expanding dynamics of the incoming big events. Therefore stay vigilant, “for you know quite well that the day of the Lord’s return (our ascension) will come unexpectedly, like a thief in the night.” (1 Thessalonians 5:2).

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The Phoenix Rises From the Ashes
by Georgi Stankov Posted on February 28, 2016

Heavenly Symbols Announce the Coming Ascension and Transfiguration


This picture was shot in Iceland: Hallgrimur P. Helgason/Caters

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The Surge in Gold and Silver Mine Stocks Is a Precursor for the Success of the new “Astral” Currency Based on Alchemical Gold » Stankov’s Universal Law Press *
The Surge in Gold and Silver Mine Stocks Is a Precursor for the Success of the new “Astral” Currency Based on Alchemical Gold

by Georgi Stankov Posted on February 28, 2016

Brad Barber and Georgi Stankov, January 28, 2016


Dear Brad,

I just wanted to write an email to you when my computer finally crashed. It was in convulsions before the move began. Now I use Carla’s computer and have to purchase a new one tomorrow or the day after. I am now checking for reasonable offers. Thank you very much for your support.

The more I watch the financial charade, the more I come to the conclusion that we need not wait for the equity markets to crash as they are surreal. The collapse will most probably happen globally and will be triggered by the banksters cabal when they decide that they cannot keep this illusion any more and believe that with this desperate act they may reset the system to their gusto. However, it will be a global and uncontrollable implosion. What is your guess on this issue?

We feel that we ascend now every minute and that our life is like a dream. After the move we could establish a functional order but there is still a lot of chaos to deal with. However we are now too tired to resolve it. But the energies in the new house are much more refined and their intensity is peaking constantly. We are confident that this is now the final stage and, as linear time is meaningless, we simply wait patiently what will happen next.

I tried to prepare the PAT for the “Astral” currency project which I will publish on March 1st. Judging by the reactions of the Internet trolls that are much more active than the PAT members these days, they are really scared and fear our project like the devil the frankincense.

I hope you are well.

With love and light



Dear George,

Glad you are moved and I hope you find an adequate computer that’s troll proof. HA!

Everything you say is spot on and what Jerry had to say was perfect.

Surreal is the perfect word. The markets are now in their 39th effort in the past 700 days or so to do the same old thing. The split between paper and reality since November 2012 is beyond surreal but the state of humanity that is engaging it is the real story here obviously. None of the numbers add up and yet here we are. Jerry Springer said it best about his own disgusting television show many years back, “You shouldn’t be concerned that my show exists. You should be concerned that people watch it.” You would think actual professionals exist in all of these professions but they’re all just salesmen and it’s always a good time to do something that earns them a fee.

Intuitively, everyone is designed to know that a state of energetic perfection exists, but we choose to believe that we’ll deal with it later when it’s a more convenient time. I’ll get happy later syndrome. Watching the dark energy get everyone to fight over something not credible is just too much now. Watching it seething out of every word spoken and to be able to see it so clearly is no longer enjoyable as the lack of response in the general populace is overwhelming. Even the closest around me see that everything I talk about is coming true, yet they still respond as if it all is something to deal with later. Everything here is so infected that it’s beyond description.

The current scenario is exactly as you say and it appears that what musician Frank Zappa said years ago covered it the best:

“The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.”

The other evening, my young son hit me very hard on the head and next thing I know everyone was yelling at me. My good friend gave his girlfriend $100 to bail her out and then she got angry at him for asking for it back as she promised. My dad went to an advertised Itzhak Perlman concert and it was a Jewish money-raising event in disguise. Cost him $240 bucks to listen to the man talk instead of play his violin. Every car I know of has an oil leak because they were designed to break. We are under attack and then being attacked for being under attack. It’s why the drone strikes double tap and kill the first responders. Society is too scared to look into the mirror and see this. They are all too proud to admit that they’ve been duped and are going down with the ship no matter what now.

The one area that is interesting to watch is the flow of money and consciousness despite the interventions in propping the general markets on an hourly basis. The day we recrucified Jesus in January was the exact moment the flow of funds finally went to the silver miners. Take a look at some charts like GPL (Great Panther Silver Ltd) and AXU (Alexco Ressource Corp.) and even silver streamer SLW (Silver Wheaton). AXU almost was up 200% in five weeks the other day. Most of the decent gold miners started rallying back in August but really took off at Pale Rider time.

This is all hugely relevant to the Astral currency project as this is where the mind operates in healing these systems until you cross the multidimensional bridge. MUX (McEwen Mining Inc.) is the perfect project that South America can access to create its own currency and it’s up 200% since August. FNV (Franco-Nevada Corp) is perfect for Canada and the US and is breaking out to an all time high. AEM (Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd) the same. These are also the concepts that can pay yield as the world heads into negative interest rates.

Before I found my way to your work, I was healing the system in my mind this way for each continent to slowly abandon the dollar and use the mines basically the same as you would a utility or power generating concept. The assets behind Universal Law and the Astral currency obviously blow this all away, but I know the thought patterns all the money is going through right now.

Watching this flow is everything and it’s all headed our way. All the flow is moving through the metals as it should now, but the fraud is all out in defending silver. It is the final battle of Christ Consciousness and the money changers. Gold is wreaking havoc in the latest surge and the miners joined in, but silver barely budged and the fraud now lined up epic short positions again as is always the case. March is a delivery month in silver and the stocks in silver are now finally joining gold in declining rapidly. Anyone with a brain is starting to figure out that they might want to get out of the casino before the teller window closes. It is funny how safes are disappearing worldwide. (This is a possible time for the ID shift and our ascension as it may lead to a global financial collapse, note, George)


I look for silver to do some serious damage here in March or very soon. When it joins in, all is in full coherency. The bond markets are obviously all broken, but you have a humanity being held hostage and don’t know what else to do yet. The markets are all already collapsed in any relevance to actual facts so we have not been wrong in any manner. The article you posted about the accounting of the US is perfect and what you find in anything you research honestly. It’s all designed to break and it’s all lose-lose scenarios. Humanity will pile on board anything designed to be win-win as soon their fellow man tells them it’s ok. The flow will be like nothing ever seen on this planet. It feels great to be a part of something great and most of humanity is just part of the table scraps of shit that they are served and are too proud to admit it sucks.

I pray this moves quickly. My heart seems to be on the edge of failure every two or three days. I’ve had a headache with this hyperactive pituitary for about seven straight years. The back pain and pressure is out of control. This list is endless and to be aware of the full scope of this place and to be in this state is just plain surreal. I was told I’d see a miracle, but it kind of sucks that I have to have a miracle or I’m toast. Pretty entertaining though.

It can’t be like this for this long but yet here it is and here I am.

With love and light,


Dear Brad,

thank you so much for your, as usually, brilliant comments on the latest developments in the financial markets and in particular in the precious metal markets which herald the collapse of the Ponzi scheme. I consider all these surges in gold and silver mines stocks amidst the worst commodities slump in modern history as the most important precursors of the new Astral currency that will be an incredible success. You have summed up the current situation before the ultimate financial crash ingeniously:

“Humanity will pile on board anything designed to be win-win as soon their fellow man tells them it’s ok. The flow will be like nothing ever seen on this planet. It feels great to be a part of something great and most of humanity is just part of the table scraps of shit that they are served and are too proud to admit it sucks.”

The real and psychological success of the new Astral currency is a fait accomplis in the higher realms and will soon manifest on this rapidly ascending uppermost mother planet. The higher dimensions are now merging with this reality with an incredible speed as some PAT members experience these days and report (to be published later on).

We are back with full force and if the cc-wave and my excruciating headache stops this afternoon and I can think properly again, I will go and buy a new and more powerful computer today (otherwise tomorrow at the latest), thanks to the incredible generosity of the PAT, so that I am well equipped for the most auspicious and exciting time, not only in our lives, but also in the history of mankind. I can’t use Carla’s computer all the time as she also needs it and the old one Carla gave me and which I used all the time was really very old and did not function very well. We must now measure very closely and diligently the erratic pulse of global change and respond quickly. This demands constant screening of the ongoing events on the Internet and a more powerful computer will be of great advantage. This is our duty now as custodians of this humanity and Gaia 5. Until we finally transfigure, and I use deliberately this word, as we are now ascending constantly and rapidly.

With love and light

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