URANTHEA2094: sharing2- Urantia Book – Paper 109 – Section 2 (Self-Acting Adjusters) – YouTube

Origen: URANTHEA2094: sharing2- Urantia Book – Paper 109 – Section 2 (Self-Acting Adjusters) – YouTube

Saturday, April 29, 2017

sharing2- Urantia Book – Paper 109 – Section 2 (Self-Acting Adjusters) – YouTube

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Carl Jung:
 ” One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.”
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Accessing the Universal Mind
by the Celestial White Beings

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 27th May 2016 – Sacred School of OmNa

Light flows through your being with great force and abundance, this is always the case whether you are aware of it or not. When you awaken your senses to become aware of the positive and continuous flow of the Creator’s light pulsating through your being you become consciously involved in all shifts occurring within your being instigated by the light of the Creator. Your willingness to be conscious allows you to remember aspects of your Universal Mind, thus realising insights, knowledge and wisdom which serves and guides you in your lifetime. When you allow yourself to connect into the Universal Mind, you are encouraging your natural essence to become prominent within your physical body and being such as expansion, freedom, inner knowingness, light, love and truth. The more you allow yourself to be conscious of the shifts occurring within your being and your eternal connection w ith the Universal Mind, the easier it will be to remember who you truly are. Remembrance is after all what every soul seeks, whether on the Earth or the inner planes.

A lack of memory of the divine/ Creator, in truth who you really are occurs when disconnection with the Universal Mind occurs. There is a need to be in 90 % connection and conscious connection with the Universal Mind in order to be able to access the truth of your being. This is because the knowledge, wisdom and remembrance of your soul concerning your current and other lifetimes on the Earth and the inner planes extend from the Universal Mind. Your soul and soul group are in constant communication and transference of energy and wisdom with the Universal Mind. Everything that is your soul and soul group, even your current lifetime is stored within the Universal Mind. The Universal Mind is a vast expanse of knowledge, wisdom, and information concerning every soul upon the Earth and the inner planes. It is likened to the mind of the Creator. When you receive divine wisdom or enlightenme nt, this flows from the Universal Mind through your soul group and soul into your consciousness, energy field, mind, and understanding. Your soul does hold information and wisdom; however, it is predominantly drawing the wisdom from the Universal Mind.

Every soul is connected to the Universal Mind, and every experience, perspective, and understanding of every soul is present within the Universal Mind. This means that when you are conscious of your connection to the Universal Mind, you are aware that every thought of every soul is available for you to draw upon and accept. When a thought or energy consciousness exists within the Universal Mind it is neither positive or negative; it exists as neutral. It is only when the thought or energy is absorbed by a soul that they interpret or react to it thus determining it as negative or positive.

Imagine being able to investigate and draw upon the wisdom of every soul upon the Earth and the inner planes; the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Goddess Beings, Star Beings, etc. You would hold the belief that your inner knowledge was profound, expansive and eternal. You would hold the belief that you had access to any wisdom you wished to embody such as how to channel, the wisdom of the stars, how the universe works, why people exist upon the Earth, how to heal the physical body, ancient languages, the purpose of the Creator and so forth. Even seemingly mundane wisdom concerning achieving something in your physical reality would be available to you, for example, how to boil an egg, how to tend to flowers, how to build a table. Learning would take on a new meaning; it would be more like remembering or connecting and downloading information. Another belief which you would adopt would be that there is no need to retain information and even memories because they would be constantly available to you with a simple request as if plucked from your mind when truly drawn from the Universal Mind. Information within the Universal Mind can never get jumbled as you will always have a vibration link to the wisdom, information, and knowledge from your soul and soul group. This vibration link is like a thread of light linking you, however truthfully it is your ability to recognise your own vibrational frequency and to recognise the same within the Universal Mind. In order to access other forms of wisdom from the Universal Mind, there is a need to be receptive of other vibrational frequencies. All vibrational frequencies held within the Universal Mind already exist within your being, as you are the Creator, aligned to all. Conscious remembrance is the simple key. Every meditation you achieve, every spiritual exercise or focus is encouraging and allowing you to consciously remember all vibrational frequencies within your being, thus remembering all that is the Creator. This opens your awareness to who you really are; a source of the Creator connected to everything that is the Creator, (everything is the Creator.)

We are using the label of the Universal Mind; this is because it is the expansive consciousness of the Creator of all within the universe of the Creator. We are not referring to the Universal level. We could also use the labels Cosmic Mind, Creator Mind or Mind of Infinity; all would refer to the same source. A label after all is merely a focus of intention.

One way to enhance your connection with the Universal Mind is to allow yourself to take time in your day to be conscious. It is a very simple practice and something that many spiritual teachers have encouraged throughout the ages, and yet it is an immensely powerful process and experience. It could even be called transformational because it clears away illusion and allows you to practice seeing, sensing, acknowledging and remembering the truth within you and around you. We invite you to practice three forms of being conscious.

The first is to be conscious of your inner self meaning your thoughts, feelings, insights, how your body feels and the presence of your soul/ light/ love. These can be observed simultaneously or individually. You may also allow the most appropriate aspect of your inner self to be drawn to your attention for observation or to be conscious of.

The second is to be conscious of your outer world meaning everything that is occurring around you in your current reality. Your outer world can also be observing others or situations occurring in the world.

The third is to combine your inner self and outer world, seeing beyond separation and being conscious with both inner and outer reality simultaneously.

By achieving these three forms of being conscious, you allow yourself to open up to recognise and realise your connection to the Creator and the Universal Mind. Accessing the Universal Mind then becomes easy. To be conscious can seem like a challenging process, it does not have to be this way. Here are some guidelines to support you:

Encourage yourself to observe, as if you are trying to take in or absorb all the information within you, outside of you and then both simultaneously.
Once the above has been mastered, allow yourself to observe your reactions to your outside, inside or both simultaneously. For example, you may discover you are being judgmental or become upset, are deeply loving or fearful. Observe or register the reaction and whether you perceive it as negative or positive, send love from your heart and soul to the reaction. This will reprogram some of your reactions as well as amplifying reactions which empower you.
Once you have experienced the above, connect into your soul and heart reminding yourself that you are the Creator in manifestation on the Earth. Then allow yourself to observe, to watch, feel, acknowledge your inner, outer and both realities.

Being conscious actually allows you to see, sense and acknowledge through the veils of illusion into infinity. It may seem an unimportant task which is not linked to the Universal Mind, however when you allow yourself to become harmonised with yourself, surroundings and all that is the Creator the Universal Mind appears to be present to you in a way that it was not before.

It is essential to hold an intention of existing in eternal conscious communication with the Universal Mind. You may wish to affirm: ‘I exist in eternal conscious communication with the Universal Mind.’

During meditation you can ask your guides, soul or us, the Celestial White Beings, to consciously connect you to the Universal Mind. This is a wonderful process if you have a question you wish to receive an answer for, wish to acquire a skill or ability, wish to access enlightenment or simply experience the Universal Mind in its expansion and perfection. You are always connected to the Universal Mind; it is your conscious awareness of this continuous conversation which requires to be remembered and developed.

With infinite celestial blessings,

Celestial White Beings
Posted 3 days ago by Juan Pablo
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sharing.:::.Spiritual Searching – The Ascension of Arcturus | URANTHEA2094

Origen: sharing.:::.Spiritual Searching – The Ascension of Arcturus | URANTHEA2094



sharing.:::.Spiritual Searching – The Ascension of Arcturus

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie
Suzanne Lie, Ph.D., has been a seeker since she was a child where her active “imagination” took her deep into her inner life. She continues to regularly share her experiences and Arcturian teachings on her blog, Awakening with Suzanne Lie, and she wishes to help awakening ones come out of hiding and allow the glory of their highest expression of SELF into their everyday life.

Saturday, December 26, 2015
The Ascension of Arcturus Part 3 and The Tenth Veil of Illusion


The Ascension of Arcturus – Part 3 

From Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension
Book 2



The Formless Ones in both the planetary atmosphere and the planetary core, as well as the Portal Openers, knew that the time was nigh for the completion of the planetary cycle. The plants and animals did not need to understand what was happening, as they lived in unity with the planet and accepted whatever planetary event occurred. Only the Lost Ones were left uninformed that the transmutation of every molecule of form was imminent.

However, the Lost Ones could FEEL that a great change was commencing. Since their separate God had told them that there was a beginning, there would need to be an ending. Hence, the only possible scenario they could believe was that the END was nigh. Since the Lost Ones were incapable of accepting an unknown event, they could only believe that the end of the world was near.

Concurrently, the Portal Openers were in steady communication with the Formless Ones. Therefore, they realized that since the Formless Ones could create a planet, they could assist them to safely transmute their reality back into the Oneness of multidimensional light and unconditional love.

Since the Portal Openers had expanded their consciousness enough to directly and personally experience the Formless Ones, they believed that ascension into a higher frequency was real. They could feel the transmutation of energy within the planetary core, as well as within their own personal core.

Once they fully integrated this expansive energy into their being, they began to radiate their own multidimensional energy beyond their core and into their surrounding world. In other words, the Portal Openers became the very portals that they had once had to locate and request assistance to open.

Meanwhile, the Formless Ones were busily creating their Arcturian Corridor. This corridor was much like a huge birth canal through which planets, solar systems, galaxies and universes could be protected and cared for during their intense transformation into higher frequencies of expression.

However, only the Portal Openers would know they were within a huge cosmic portal. They would know this because they were those who had had enough trust in the Formless Ones to totally surrender into a state of consciousness completely unique to all of their past, present and future experiences of reality.

Their surrender encompassed past, present and future because once they entered the corridor, they slowly lost all concept of time. Hence, memory would no longer be limited to the past, as there was only NOW. Furthermore, within the corridor, there was no illusion of inside vs. outside.

Therefore, they could no longer distinguish between internal and external events. They could directly experience their beingness only within the constant state of the HERE and NOW. At first, this direct expression of being life was unique and therefore, challenging. However, as they became accustomed to this manner of “being,” they soon forgot any other expression of reality.

While in this state of being, they could consciously experience their form transmuting without the necessity of “death.” In fact, they began to experience, and simultaneously forget, their myriad third/fourth dimensional lives in form. They retained all that they had learned, but once they began to return to that true SELF, they were in such joy that memories of their past challenges transmuted into the victories of the NOW.

When they first entered the Arcturian Corridor, they had to release every person, place, situation and thing that had not chosen to enter the corridor. Some of these releases were quite difficult, as some physical relationships were made that would not carry forth into the corridor.

The Portal Openers were sad to leave behind some of their friends who had become lost in the illusions that they believed were real. However, the Portal Openers knew that there was no time. Consequently, their friends and family would eventually join them.

Without question, the fully awakened Portal Openers entered the corridor with absolute surrender and total release of all that could not, or would not, join them. They entered the corridor knowing that they had to trust the feel within their heart and discharge anything that cluttered their mind.

But how did they enter the corridor? Was it visible and discrete, such as a physical bridge? No, that was the primary challenge of entering the corridor. It was not a Bridge, and it was not physical. In fact, it was not in front of or around them. The corridor was within them. But, how could they enter something that was within them?

The Portal Openers had to collapse into their SELF. In other words, they had to deny all attachments to that which appeared to be around them and bond fully with that which they found within their High Heart. To their surprise, when they entered their High Heart, they discovered that all they had loved unconditionally in their myriad incarnations was awaiting their reunion.

The Formless Ones had told them that unconditional love was the bonding force of the Universe. However, how could they know that unconditional love would bond all they loved within a higher frequency of reality that they could enter only by surrendering into their own High Heart?

The Portal Openers did not know that they had collected within their own High Heart every reality that they had ever experienced in all of their excursions into form. Every person, place, situation or thing that they had loved unconditionally was awaiting them within the “NOW” of this great reunion.

The Portal Openers collected ALL these past, present and future realities and merged them into the “NOW” of their ascension. In this manner, every experience of unconditional love that they had ever enjoyed was gathered into the corridor.

Since the Portal Openers so dearly and unconditionally loved their planet, they gathered everything they loved about their planet into the corridor, as well. Unfortunately, this gathering of planetary experiences into the corridor would play havoc with the Lost Ones who were still planet-bound.

The Lost Ones still held tight to the fear, victimization and/or power-over others. Thus, their quotient of love and light was quite small. They could not even find their High Heart, much less collapse into it. Furthermore, surrender felt like failure to them. They would not surrender their long-held beliefs, nor would they surrender that which they had worked so hard to acquire.

Unfortunately for the Lost Ones, the Arcturians who were the holders of planetary form were happy to join the Portal Openers and the Formless Ones in the corridor. Hence, portions of the matrix of the planet were disappearing from the perception of the Lost Ones.

Those who had believed in a disastrous ending were playing out that storyline, while others continued with their selfish or weak behaviors. On the other hand, some of the Lost Ones were finding great courage and assisting others as they sought a safe place. How surprised they were when they discovered that the safe place was actually within the corridor.

Unfortunately, other Lost Ones were holding on to their power-over others and/or their self-pity and lack of control over their own lives. These Lost Ones raged or called desperately to their separate God because they could not find their own Arcturian core. It was at this juncture where the holographic story had begun.

To my surprise, at this point in the story an immense range of emotions overtook me, and I angrily turned off the hologram. Why? Why had I been shown this? Was I shown this story to remind me that, rather than selfishly advancing my own abilities, I should be home in the Pleiades on my own planet?

I bolted from the holosuite in confusion and sorrow. What about my own people? What were they facing now? I was sworn to be a protector of my people, and I was off on my own selfish advancement when I should be home protecting and helping them. I was almost running when I bumped into the Arcturian.

The mere touch of Its body and mind calmed my emotions and centered my thinking. The Arcturian looked deeply into my eyes, and we met soul to soul. I felt answers to many unasked question flow into my consciousness. My breath slowed, my heart calmed and my mind stilled.

“We have a guest we want you to greet and take on a tour of the Mothership,” the Arcturian telepathically informed me. I started to speak, but it telepathically interrupted to say, “Speak only with your heart.” Thus, I had to fully center myself enough to ask the telepathic questions of where I should go and for who I should look.

I felt the Arcturian’s smile inside my heart as I heard, “Follow me.” I followed the Arcturian to the main entry area and saw a lovely being of unknown gender and planetary origin. The Arcturian responded to my unspoken question by telepathically saying, “She/It is a hybrid of human and Arcturian whose name is Kepier.”

“The Illusion of Death”

“Hello. Lady Astrea are you here?”
This is very unusual. She is always here as soon as I arrive. Or, perhaps, I’m not here yet? If I’m not here yet, then I have no idea how to travel in this land. It does not matter how far I walk because the world around me changes even if I stand still. This place doesn’t feel quite the same. I can’t explain it but there’s something different. It looks the same, but it doesn’t “feel” the same. I am beginning to become frightened. How did I get here and how can I leave? Where did I come from? I can hardly remember where I’m going. I must think of the Lady. She can read my thoughts and she said she would always answer when I call her with my heart. That should be easy as it is beating very hard now.
“Dear Lady, I call you. Help me. Direct me.”
Suddenly, I feel something like a wind and I see a flash of Light. Now everything still looks the same, but it feels different. It feels like the right place and before me is Lady Astrea smiling like a proud mother.
“Very good, my one, you remembered your lesson and kept your faith.”
“But what happened?” I ask.
“It was time for you to learn discrimination. As one travels in their mind they must learn that the process is very different from traveling with their bodies. Their feeling world becomes their compass and their thoughts direct their movement. You did very well for your first solo flight.”
“What do you mean ‘solo flight’?” I ask very confused.
“Before, I directed you here by the beam of my thoughts, but now you remembered where you wanted to go so you directed yourself. You are growing, my dear.
“But come now, it is soon your time. Can you remember what is happening on Earth now?”
“Well, let me see. I must concentrate. I’m afraid I got rather upset on my solo flight and, as you have said, when I’m emotional it is very difficult to concentrate.”
“Take some slow deep breaths, my dear, and center your awareness on the point behind your forehead and between your ears. Now feel your heart and see a ray of light that travels up from your heart and into that point. Allow that point to serve as a projector, to display a picture on the inside of your forehead at the point between and slightly above your eyes. Concentrate. Make sure the ray of light from your heart is unbroken. When that connection is made, the picture will be automatic.”
It is very difficult at first, but the Lady is right as always. As soon as the connection is made, I see a picture but it is very unpleasant. I see a very old woman, small and frail, lying on a hospital bed with tubes connecting her to machines. I know that she is dying, as she is ‘not in her body’ but rather floating above it. I begin to cry and this makes the picture go away.
“Who is it, my dear?” says Lady Astrea in a steady, comforting voice.
“It is my grandmother. Now I remember why I came here myself this time. I came here with a request. I wanted to release the ‘Illusion of Death’ so that I could assist my dear grandmother in her transition. It appears that I performed some kind of ceremony to help her. But I can’t remember much right now.”
“Come, my one, Lady Leto can help you.”
As I enter the circle this time, the Ladies are dressed in translucent white. They look like two beautiful Light Beings and they are smiling in loving recognition. For the first time they speak:
“At your request, my dear, we release the ‘Veil of the Illusion of Death.”‘

And, as they remove the veil, I hear Lady Leto saying:
“Dear one, you did indeed assist your grandmother while on Earth. There is a degree of fear within your personality regarding astral travel; therefore, you are unable to cross over with clear recognition of what had happened. We are glad to help you remember your Earth challenge. It is this remembering that will help you to conquer your fear.”
“Two ceremonies were actually performed. One was performed while you were awake. Then you asked for it to be continued on another level while you were asleep. The waking ceremony you will remember as soon as you cross back to the other side. However, you must remember that normal dream language arises from your animal brain and not from your higher cortex.

“In order to remember your highest sleep or astral experience you must be able to function from a high cortical level in bringing the information over to your conscious Earthly mind. To achieve this memory takes great practice and total control of your emotions because they will automatically lower the cognition down to the animal brain. Since you still harbor fear of the astral, and in this case fear of ‘death’, you were unable to bring forward your dream experiences to your Earthly life and your Earthly experiences to your dream life.

“I will now recount your astral ceremony. Master Jesus and Mother Mary assisted in the ceremony due to your grandmother’s chosen faith in this life. You stood at the threshold with Lady Astrea and Archangel Michael, while I directed your grandmother’s vision towards Jesus and Mary. Your grandmother’s personal Angel brought her two ‘dead’ husbands from the other side to her along with other family members who have crossed over. Your grandmother then became aware that ‘death’ is not the end, but instead the beginning. However, she still holds to her daughter and is afraid to make a decision. Her life has been focused around learning to live for herself. She was born in an era when a woman’s goodness was measured by her ability to live for others. This she did. And now, as she did not live for herself, she must die for herself. Be patient with her and love her through the process.

“All of her life she surrounded herself with strong people who would not give her time to do things and make decisions for herself as it was not their way to be so ‘slow.’ Accept your grandmother now in her manner of decision. She has gained the needed information and is constantly and almost consciously attended by her Angel. Love her and allow her to find her own way to learn her lessons and free herself into the light.

“After the ceremony you came here to my temple for the removal of the Tenth Veil and asked that it be the ‘Veil of the illusion of Death. ‘The ‘Veil of Death’ is thin indeed. It wavers in the wind and is translucent in the sun. One can almost see the other side, can almost hear the calls of loved ones, and can almost know the meaning of life. But even though the step is short and the veil is thin, once across, the steps are final. Once across, the veil is denser, the time is ended and the space is over. Now the heart has found its Home and the yearning can subside. The journey is complete.

“My one, the journey of life goes not from birth and into ‘death,’ but rather from ‘death’ into ‘death.’ For ‘death’ is an illusion of a quantum scale. The transition of ‘death’ is not a step, but instead, a leap. On the other side of ‘death,’ life lives in the opposite. So to come to one’s ‘death,’ one really comes to one’s Self. Once the ‘Veil of The Illusion of Death’ is lifted, one knows eternity. One knows that they are truly constant and truly one with the universe.”

Master Hilarion continues: “‘Death’ and birth are the same and differ only in semantics. When one dies to one side of the veil, they are born to the other. One reason why travel in the astral is so difficult is because it holds the fear of all those who did not know that fact and were afraid of that transition. However, as soon as they could find their guides, they were able to move into a higher vibration. They then left their fear behind. That fear was then absorbed by the primal masses of thought forms and these thought forms have become the ‘devils’ and ‘demons’ and other forces of darkness. These forces of darkness live off of fear and are repulsed by love.

“Since these beings of fear live just beyond the veil, many can feel it and interpret these feelings as fear of ‘death.’ However, they are really experiencing ‘fear of fear.’ ‘Death’ is not lack of existence, but instead another kind of separation. When on Earth, one is separated from the conscious knowledge of and interaction with their friends and guides on the other side. On the other side, once ‘dead,’ one is separated from the conscious knowledge of their friends and guides on Earth. However, even this separation is an illusion for in truth, all is one. Separation is a state of consciousness, not a state of ‘life’ or ‘death.’ If one is able to achieve a state of consciousness that allows communion with all life while in the body, this ability will be carried across the threshold. Remember that Earth is a schoolroom and that anything that is learned there shall be yours for all eternity. Consciousness is your only eternal treasure.”

Apollo now adds: “‘Death’ is life and life is ‘death.’ Beyond the illusion of death the truth prevails that life and ‘death’ are two sides of one coin. The two sides of a coin differ only in the symbols that they each represent. Life and death are different sets of symbols that represent existence within a time/space, dense, physical structure and another set of symbols that represent the higher vibration of existence beyond the physical. The transition from physical to non-physical is experienced as ‘death’ whether or not the one can return. Therefore, it is vital for one to be free of the illusion of death and the incumbent fears of ‘death’ that often accompany physical existence.
“One of man’s major evolutionary lessons is to learn that he is not the body but is only using the body as a focus of attention so that evolutionary lessons can be learned. When man was lower on the evolutionary scale, it was necessary for him to learn to own his body so that he could use it effectively. These ‘gods’ in the making looked around their schoolroom Earth to find a physical structure that seemed inhabitable for them. They found a type of ape that could raise to a standing position to better view the world and also had strong mating and tribal traditions. These beings appeared to be the most appropriate of physical structures available and the ‘gods’ knew they could quicken the evolution of the species by inhabiting it with their higher spiritual and mental capacity.
“However, many chose not to take this risk of entering such a dense structure and chose instead to weave a finer body for themselves from the etheric substance about them. For many years and eons the separation between these two groups was strictly obeyed. Each felt that the other had chosen a different path. The end goal of each, however, was the same: to raise their vibration into perfect Spirit. With the downfall of Lemuria and Atlantis, the rules of separation were relaxed. Many of the finer beings mated with those with ‘ape-man’ bodies and their offspring further quickened the evolution of the animal-man. However, the animal-man qualities were stronger and generally overpowered those of the etheric beings. After the fall of Atlantis, many of the areas of Earth were too dense for the etheric beings and they had to retreat to certain areas where the vibration could be maintained at a higher rate.
“However, as Earth continued on its devolutionary path, many of these ‘high’ places withdrew into the ethers taking with them the lighter or often called, Faerie Beings. These Faerie Beings stand at the threshold between the two worlds. They have very different values and philosophies than humans, but since both beings came from the same first cause, they are truly of the same evolution. Faerie Beings who raised their consciousness became Angels and Archangels whereas humans who raised their consciousness became Ascended Masters. Advancement into Light can be achieved from both sides of the veil. The Faerie Kingdom, not bound by time and space as it is known on the physical world, does not experience change as ‘death.’ But they do release one ‘body’ to expand into another. This treatise has been presented to you to help you understand that death is merely the passage into a new life.”

As I walk from the circle, my mind is a blur of images and feelings. Although this is more than I can understand, I will hold it in my mind until I grow into it. I am returning now … Posted by Suzanne Lie at 12:37 AM

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sharing.:::.▶ On the Horizon of Your Life – Kundalini Point of Perception by The Arcturians AND Veil Five–The Illusion of Love | URANTHEA2094

Origen: sharing.:::.▶ On the Horizon of Your Life – Kundalini Point of Perception by The Arcturians AND Veil Five–The Illusion of Love | URANTHEA2094



sharing.:::.▶ On the Horizon of Your Life – Kundalini Point of Perception by The Arcturians AND Veil Five–The Illusion of Love

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie
Suzanne Lie, Ph.D., has been a seeker since she was a child where her active “imagination” took her deep into her inner life. She continues to regularly share her experiences and Arcturian teachings on her blog, Awakening with Suzanne Lie, and she wishes to help awakening ones come out of hiding and allow the glory of their highest expression of SELF into their everyday life.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015 

Kundalini Point of Perception by The Arcturians AND Veil Five–The Illusion of Love


The Kundalini Point of Perception 

by The Arcturians

Just as your third dimensional self enjoys traveling from one location to another, your Higher SELF enjoys traveling from one frequency to another.
 It is easy and enjoyable to travel from one physical place to another because you can enjoy your favorite locations that you have visited for many years.

In the same manner, your inter-dimensional travels are fulfilling and a lot of fun because you are reuniting with your favorite higher dimensional places and beings.
 We remind you to remember to expand your multidimensional perspectives so that your physical self can consciously enjoy this “inner travels.”

Your physical expression loves visiting your favorite, physical places, and your Multidimensional SELF appreciates visiting your many lives on different dimensions. However, what is occurring within this NOW is unique.

Within this NOW, as your Multidimensional SELF travels through all the countless timelines, frequencies, and dimensions that YOU have created, you are asking all versions of your SELF to join you in your present incarnation.

Hence, as you continue with your multidimensional journey, you will connect with all the version of your SELF in all the dimensions and sub-dimensions in which you have taken a form. Therefore, all the members of all your alternate and parallel realities have their bags packed and are ready to join you as soon as you consciously perceive them.

The catch is that, just as you must “feel it to heal it,” you must “perceive it to collect it” into the sum/total of your Multidimensional SELF.

Because your consciousness is expanding into the fifth dimension, you are on the cusp of consciously perceiving the inter-dimensional event in which you consciously return to your Multidimensional SELF. What a grand reunion you will have once your multidimensional consciousness is fully restored.

As your daily consciousness expands into the fifth dimensional NOW, you will consciously perceive your journey through the Astral Plane. At first this journey will appear slow, but it picks up quickly as you enter the higher sub-planes of the fourth dimensional astral realities.

Then, as you travel closer and closer to the threshold between the fourth and fifth dimension, time—actually the concept of time—begins to waver in and out of your consciousness. As your consciousness enters this crossroad, your physical body begins to shift in strange and unfamiliar ways.

This “shift” is because your Kundalini will begin to awaken as a result of your higher states of consciousness. Your Kundalini is your innate Lightbody that has lain in waiting until the NOW of your fifth-dimensional frequency of consciousness.

While consciously experiencing the gamma brainwaves of your fifth dimensional consciousness, that which once appeared solid begins to waver in and out. Actually, it is your fifth dimensional consciousness that is wavering in and out.

Thus your fifth dimensional perceptions are wavering in and out, as well. As your 5D gamma brainwaves arise and fall, you open and close your conscious perceptions of the realities of the “NOW of the Here” and the “ONE of the multidimensional light.”

“What is that?” you ask with a tinge of fear. However, just a tinge of fear is enough to send you packing back into the familiarity of your third dimensional world.

“NO!” you cry, “Not again!” Why does this always happen just when I feel the Kundalini starting up my spine?

When you feel the Kundalini raising, you may feel as if you are not in control of your life. NOT “being in control of your life” actually means not being in control of your third dimensional life. Feeling at the helm of your physical life is empowering and often important.

However, once the Kundalini begins it’s awaking, your perceptions begin to recalibrate to include the conscious perceptions of fifth dimensional, gamma wave information. Just a quick peak of your 3D reality from a fifth dimensional point of perception is enough to remind you that the 3D Game is ending!

That “game” is ending because you have NOW reached the threshold to the reality of your fifth dimensional Lightbody.” This reality can be briefly visited by your multidimensional consciousness, but once the Kundalini rises, your third dimensional reality will never be the same again.

The reason for this shift is that instead of being a third dimensional human visiting the fifth dimension, you will become a fifth dimensional (in and out of Lightbody) visiting the third dimension.

With the awareness of your Lightbody SELF, you consciously become a fifth dimensional and beyond being who has volunteered to visit the third-dimension. In other words, your perceived roles are reversed. At first you were a physical person who has an inner (often hidden) Lightbody SELF.

With the rising of your Kundalini you enter into the identity of being a multidimensional being of Light who is wearing a physical body. Just as you can take off certain garments and store them until you wear them again, your Lightbody can “take off and store” your physical body until it wishes to wear it again.

Furthermore, in this great era that will eternally be remembered, you are not here on Earth for your self. You are here on Earth for Gaia. Your Lightbody knows that you already inhabit many forms in higher dimensions, and that you have taken an earth vessel to assist Gaia with Her planetary ascension.

Once your Kundalini begins to rise up your spine, you experience a “perceptual shift.” YOU are no longer your physical self who has an inner Kundalini that will someday rise. YOU become the Lightbody that is wearing a physical earth vessel in order to log into the third dimension.

Instead of experiencing your Kundalini rising up your physical spine—you experience your Kundalini as your Lightbody. As you can see, your reality shifts greatly according to your point of perception.

In your third dimensional reality, your point of perceptions was that all third dimensional life was outside of YOU. The transition into the higher dimensions begins by your human self gradually and continually experiencing all life as within YOU.

Your dreams, meditation, and higher states of consciousness are the Portal to your SELF. These Portals can only fully open once your earth vessel is consciously grounded in to the body of Gaia.

It was always within the Divine Plane of your Multidimensional SELF that you had to “feel it to heal it.” In the fifth dimension and beyond, you perceive your self in oneness with all life that is within the reality that you all share.

Thus, you are within the reality that is within you. This concept is very confusing to your third dimensional thinking where everything is outside of you except the many organs and components of your physical body.

In the fifth dimension, your body is made of multidimensional light. There are no inner organs, bones, or blood. YOU are Light, and your Light intermingles with all the Light that flows over, under, around, and through you.

Because the fifth dimension is so very different from the physical reality, in order to assist humans to release their shackles of imprisonment to the their physical illusions of reality, you had to actually enter a third dimensional human being.

Then YOU, the representative of your Multidimensional SELF, volunteered to:
· Remember who YOU are…

· Consciously experience the higher dimensional expressions of your SELF—while wearing your 3D earth vessel…

· Gain an ever-present conscious contact with this higher dimensional aspect of your SELF…

· Allow your Higher SELF to transport you back and forth to your higher dimensional life…

· Remember these excursions while you are still wearing your earth vessel…

· Share all that you have gained on these excursions with others…

· Open Portals for others to experience…

· Teach others how to open portals of light…

But how can you possibly remember all of this in just one lifetime. You don’t, but you remember to gather with others so that the “sum/total” of that group can share their own “puzzle pieces” to create a “group picture” of the reality that they are creating by going into the ONE individually and as a group.

There is no right or wrong way to create these groups. When it is the NOW for the creation of these groups, all the ones who resonate to a similar frequency pattern of expression and interest will come together. These “random groups” are likely friends and family in the higher planes.

When it is the NOW, they will unite to teach/remind each other why they have placed their multidimensional consciousness into their current earth vessel. As they create a safety net of love and support for each other and for themselves, they move into the next phase of their Mission.

Different groups will unite for different version of the same mission. This mission is to assist Gaia and Her myriad life forms to “Return Home” to their higher dimensional expressions of SELF.

Once through the collective portal created by the group consciousness, some of the members will remain within the group consciousness and others will travel into different versions of the same frequency of that reality.

Most important, ALL of them are creating the reality of NEW EARTH.

Within the united goal of creating fifth-dimensional New Earth, all those within all the groups begin to understand how their state of consciousness creates the frequency of their reality.

First, they will remember that All versions of reality on Earth are simultaneously occurring within the NOW of the ONE of the fifth dimension and beyond. It is only within the third and fourth dimensions that any form of separation is perceived. In fact, even the first and second dimensional realities experience unity with all.

Every drop of water IS the ocean, the rivers, the lakes, and the rain.
Every molecule of air IS the sky, the clouds, the wind, the sunrise and the sunset.
Every ray of light IS the sky, lights the ground and penetrates the water.
Every patch of earth IS the body of Gaia

All the elements that create the planetary body also create your human earth vessel. “Primitive peoples” know that they are ONE with all the life that surrounds them. Only the “civilized” humans have been taught to believe that all life is separate from them.

These “modern, civilized humans” have been trained over millennia to forget what they have always known within their Lightbody, which is safely snuggled inside of their Kundalini. They have forgotten that the Sleeping Serpent of the force of Kundalini is waiting at the base of their spine to be awakened.

But what exactly is the Kundalini? We will slowly share the answer to this question. Why do we share it slowly? Because this information was implanted in your consciousness as your escape hatch, parachute, and launching pad when you had completed ALL your Missions to Earth.

We also share this information bit-bit-bit to encourage you to REMEMBER. Whatever you remember about your SELF is much more powerful than what you are taught. It may be too difficult to understand what you are taught, and you may easily forget it.

On the other hand, that which we can assist you to remember inside your own self, can more simply and completely be expressed within your daily life. We need you, our away team to Earth, to remember your true Multidimenisonal SELF.

We need you to remember all the multidimensional traits of your SELF, not just within your meditations or while you are attending a class. We need you to remember your SELF in your DAILY LIFE.

We need you to remember within your daily life because it is within your third dimensional life that this transmutation will begin. No longer are you protected by your personal Guru, or by living in a Temple at the peak of a remote mountain.

In this important incarnation of planetary ascension, WE—your higher expressions of SELF—need for you to assist people while they live their daily lives, raise their children, work their jobs, pay their bills and pretend to be “just humans.”

WE—your higher dimensional expressions of SELF are entering your daily life, your daily routines, and daily responsibilities. As we have often said, we the Galactics and Celestials, are YOU.

It is through the awakening of your own, personal force of Kundalini that you will return to, transmute into, and daily be the YOU that you have always been—but forgot!

The Arcturians and your Galactic and Celestial Families

“The Illusion of Human Love”

Where am I? I think I am in bed. No, I am awake. No, I am asleep. I am very confused. However, I see the gold all about me. From where do I remember this gold light? Oh, yes, the circle—the circle behind the golden door and Lady Astrea. “Hello,” I hear a loving voice. “You see you are beginning to remember. Remain calm in this remembering and it shall grow. But now come, my one, it is your turn.”

As my mind clears, I see the circle plainly and see the Ladies coming towards me as I enter it. The veil falls off almost on it’s own, and as it does so I hear the familiar voice of Lady Leto, “Dear one, the veil that is lifted this evening is the ‘Illusion of Human Love.’

As this veil is lifted, many feelings and age-old yearnings will rise within you. Human love is the reason that humanity wishes to stay Earth-bound. It is the seventh initiation and the most difficult test one must face before ascension. Therefore, it is important that all Illusion be lifted from this concept so that one can see this test in the clear light. Remember, my one, as the illusions lift, all dramas associated with them seek their final act.

“Human love has been humanity’s substitute for divine love throughout the ages. It appeared easier to achieve and easier to maintain. Therefore, this illusion has been called the ‘Grand Illusion.’ As you feel this veil slip from your face, my one, realize now how you have worn it as a mask. Realize how it has served to separate and to guard your ‘self.’

While you are immersed in human love, your consciousness is centered in the human existence, needs, and yearnings. Since human love can turn on you like a tamed lion can, you must constantly be watchful. This watchfulness keeps you so busy in your mind and distracted in your heart that you separate yourself from the divine love.”

As the Brother takes the veil, Hilarion speaks: “The energy field of human love is somewhat like the mineral, mercury. It cannot be held in your hand, but slips around, escaping wherever possible. It appears to rise and fall of its own Will and is very temperamental to heat. Human love is also used as a unit of measurement. ‘Do you love me this much, or this much?’

“Human love has been used as a weapon, a badge, and a shield. But always, human love slips around of its own volition. This fact, of course, is because human love is an Illusion and an Illusion once made lives its own life. The more thought and feeling that is fed to it, the more independence it gains from its creator.

The only way to transcend the illusion of human love is to perceive it from the eyes of the divine. From this perspective, the energy can be viewed through an objective heart. However, in order to do this, you need to allow the acceptance of divine love into your life. This may be a very difficult act indeed, for human love is the lower octave of the divine. Human love is how humans learn the impact of their power on those around them.”

As the veil is passed, I hear Apollo, “I can see the anguish that arises in your field with this issue. You have suffered much with this human love and have caused much suffering in return. I hear you screaming in your heart, ‘How can I transcend to the divine, if I can’t even understand the human?’ Why, my love, the answer is that you don’t.

You don’t need to understand human love, because it is based on logic far below your ultimate goal. All you need to understand is yourself. When you understand yourself, you will see how you use human love, and how it uses you. When you are able to see this, call all that is divine in your heart to transmute this energy.

“Begin to see the energy field of human love. How does it feel in your aura and in your body as it approaches? Feel how it permeates your being and reminds you of the divine. Cling to the aspect of clarity to raise the energy into total clarity.

Feel all disillusionment and climb it like stairs to find the Light. Know, my one, that humanity is God in infancy. Just as the mother lovingly smiles at the babe who stumbles as he tries to walk, God smiles at you as you try to love. Just as the mother has utmost confidence that the child will someday walk and run, God has utmost confidence that someday you will love as He loves. Forgive yourself, my dear, and then you will be able to forgive the world.”

I am stunned and awed. I understand and I know. Please “High Self,” whoever and whatever you are, help me to remember this, at least this Illusion. Please help me to…

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 10:13 AM

* * *

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sharing.:::.▶ Urantia Book Intro 3 of 3: A Family Affair – FROM THE ANDROMEDAN GALAXY: LOVE UNITES ALL RACES AND CULTURES | URANTHEA2094

Origen: sharing.:::.▶ Urantia Book Intro 3 of 3: A Family Affair – FROM THE ANDROMEDAN GALAXY: LOVE UNITES ALL RACES AND CULTURES | URANTHEA2094



sharing.:::.▶ Urantia Book Intro 3 of 3: A Family Affair – FROM THE ANDROMEDAN GALAXY: LOVE UNITES ALL RACES AND CULTURES

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VIDEO (recommended)


Dear Humanity!


It is our joy to be with you and to observe your progress of awakening! Many of you opened their spiritual eyes recently, awakening to their infinite Divine Nature with the desire to let go of old and limiting programmings.

With this we’d like to remind you that everything in the conditional realms is frequency.


 This concept is helpful especially because it allows you to experience your programs as mere frequencies.

When you are able to understand that the vehicle of your body-mind is a mixture of frequencies, you are also capable to recognize your environment and others by their frequencies.


Physical appearance or words do not change this. You like or dislike a person by their frequency. You like or dislike a message by its frequency. That’s how you recognize who is who and what is what. Because every frequency carries information.

We suggest that you, if you haven’t done it yet, step up and train your perception on the frequency level, to be able to use discrimination in this era of disinformation and deceit.

This is an important part of the ascension process that allows you to go beyond the Matrix! Because the Matrix is frequency.

What we also would like to bring to your attention is this: it is important to understand the term “unity”. It is not an idea or goal, but a frequency which does not need to be “created”, but which already exists since the beginning of time. Mankind perceived itself as divided by apparent different races and cultures, yes, – but mainly because Love in all its Divine dimensions and glory was not yet integrated in the human consciousness. And so humanity fell, challenged by adverse forces, easily into separating difference and calculated aggressiveness.

However Love is THE uniting force of the galaxy that has been introduced to your universe to reverse a further course of decline, weakening and destruction of humanity. That is why your spiritual guides always refer to love, as it is the spiritual force that easily unites all races and cultures. Love has no structure, no dimension, no believe and no judgement. It is the foundation for Unity-Consciousness.

Now there is hardly anyone who did not experience the power of love, even if only for a moment in the case of a very unhappy life. Attraction between genders has been enriched in due course with true love that involves your higher being, as more and more of you evolved and opened their sacred heart.

However today we ask you to not overstress and confine the experience of love to your personal relationships. This is only a beginning where you are called to cultivate this energy and are able to experience bliss and unity with one another.

Humanity is now ready to step outside this merely intimate space between two or a few people, willing to expand love beyond the familiar. Beyond family bonds and the bonds with friends and even nations. Humanity must expand love to all beings and creatures, in order to overcome the challenges of a divided world-population and destructive forces, and to create as soon as possible peace on earth, refusing to kill, to intentionally hurt and abandon your human brothers and sisters, because you are perhaps being told so.

We ask you to tune into your heart when you read or listen to this. We remind you that you all are capable of the language and higher vibration of the heart, if you intend to release fear and hatred and the idea of separation from the rest of your human family.

In the past times many of you convinced themselves that survival was dependent on the idea of separation and alienation. Now you are to understand that your survival as a Divine race is dependent on the frequency of love and unity. As the light and energy on your planet is rising, so your own energy can rise when you tune into the frequency of love. It is the vehicle for you to receive what is coming now from highly evolved and Divine cosmic sources. It is the vessel that allows your own holographic structure to participate in the higher mind that is invincible by negative and deceiving forces. It is indeed the very force that allows you to ascend and to evolve as a race.

Many of you, humanity, are still lingering in pockets of darkness and spiritual inertia, which is merely due to the programs of low frequencies you are attached to. You are able to rise your frequency simply by clearing your heart space. We say “space” and not chacra, because as your scientists already found out, the space around the human heart is much larger and much more powerful than just the chacra, and refers to the truly Divine human nature and is therefore Sacred.

Clearing your heart space might be challenging though, as you encounter unpleasant emotions, that are trapped in illusions, that can hurt. Be aware that you lived with them anyway in the past – but merely suppressed the feeling of it.

To allow the full feeling-awareness of them is all there is required. It enables you to release the low frequency programs and to open up to unconditional love, while you are willing to keep your heart space open and expanded at all times to receive the new waves of enlightening information. What you once have messed up with can be healed and balanced now.

Your future is your responsibility. It is you who is creating your personal experience and the experience on your planet. To create peace and happiness you must first release the low frequency-programs in yourself that do not vibrate as truth, peace and happiness. It is that simple. To release low frequencies allows the frequency of unconditional love be present not only in your heart space but all over your human hologram and beyond, by filling your consciousness with stillness. And so you are becoming it. You can do this now. And so in every moment.

The incoming higher light and consciousness is supporting your process to transcend the Matrix. This is your moment to take advantage of this glorious opportunity. We highly recommend not to miss a jota of this Divine Gift. We want to see planet earth and this universe in peace, happiness and unity. We want to share with all of you what we are, and you to share with us what you yourself truly are, or can become again soon.

We trust this auspicious process to show greater and greater signs in your societies, as you accept the joy of it and as you progress in your process of releasing un-love and un-happiness, deeper than ever before.

We are the the Light-Beings from the Andromeda Galaxy!

Message conveyed by Ute

Posted 27th September by ATMAN

*      *      *

* * *


sharing.:::.▶ Urantia Book Intro 1 of 3: Universe Frames – AA Michael ~ The Tsunami of Luminous Light and the Return of the Divine Masculine Frequency | URANTHEA2094

Origen: sharing.:::.▶ Urantia Book Intro 1 of 3: Universe Frames – AA Michael ~ The Tsunami of Luminous Light and the Return of the Divine Masculine Frequency | URANTHEA2094



sharing.:::.▶ Urantia Book Intro 1 of 3: Universe Frames – AA Michael ~ The Tsunami of Luminous Light and the Return of the Divine Masculine Frequency

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* * *
* * *

Image by DebAura Araznu at http://www.Andromedanlightwork.com


Beloved Family of Light, so you have entered now into the month of September, and you are riding the wave of Luminious Light that was received by your earth at the 8/8/8, or the Lion’s Gate. You have felt the intensity of this new wave of Light Codes as they have assisted you to shift your own personal frequency and to adjust to the Higher Frequencies represented by these Luminous Colors and Tones. In September, you will be given further opportunities to embody and embrace these new frequencies and allow your Soul to dance to these new tones and sounds.

The purpose of this Tsunami of Luminous Light is to support you as you finally arrive at your destination of full Multi-Dimensional or Nine Dimensional embodiment on Planet Earth. The Earth has fully shifted into her 9th Dimensional Matrix, and so those who are ready are riding with the Tsunami of Light into 9th Dimensional Consciousness.

Indeed, Beloved Ones, this is why there is so much chaos and confusion on your Earth right now. This Tsunami of Light is functioning as a Tsunami always does, washing away all that is not stable and secure and creating space for new creation.

So, at this time, the Earth is anchored in the Fifth Dimension, but many are still working with a Third-Dimensional Consciousness. Then, there are many who have begun to raise consciousness and have lifted into sixth, fourth and even seventh levels and higher. And so, each person is receiving the Light Codes and frequencies according to where they have arrived in their personal journey of evolution. If they are still in lower consciousness, then this time will seem chaotic and fearful.

Beloved Ones, know that the Third Dimensional Consciousness is rooted in duality and fear, and so sees every event as something to fear and as evidence of the “end” and “collapse”. The Apocalyptic Atlantean consciousness is strongest in the Collective at this level, and so there is much fear that is being put out and experienced by those who are still in this frequency of fear.

However, as Family of Light, you will know that you have reached the Fifth Dimension on Inter-connection and you will know too that the Earth passed through the “End Time” Stargate in 2012 and is now firmly on a Timeline and Journey into a New and Miraculous future.

Those of you who have embraced and emobodied the Sixth and Seventh Dimensions of Consciousness will be feeling intense surges of Creativity and the desire to express yourself and your Soul in every way possible. You will feel a very joyous coming together of the Body and Soul in the sacred marriage of Spirit and Matter within yourself as your “Twin Flame Union” is anchored within your Heart and Soul and Spirit. It is a time of great Celebration in the Angelic realms and we are here beside you to share in your Joy and Celebrations.

So, in this month of September, your first intense date will be the 9th of September, when you will cross through the 9/9/8 Stargate. At this point, the Energy Wave of the 8/8/8 will be intensified and lifted to a Higher Frequency or Tone to match the incoming energies. This is a time when those of you who have embraced your Master Light and Codes will feel a very strong impulse in your body and soul. You may experience this as electrical pulsations of energy in your body, and you may feel very tired as your physical vehicle acclimates to this new frequency. We would suggest that at the 9/9 you allow yourself a very gentle and very “inward” meditation so that you can connect with your own inner power and your inner mastery of the Light Codes.

Then, a few days later, you will experience the New Moon in Virgo and also a partial Solar Eclipse., and so this will be an opportunity for you to connect with the Earth, with the New Earth in her new frequencies of Light and to decide what you would like to manifest in this new cycle of time that is unfolding on the Earth. It is a time to look to what physical changes you might wish to make in your life, and also to look to what changes you might make in your life to better nurture yourself and take better care of your health and wellness on the Earth. As the frequencies rise in your Light Body and your Physical Body, you may find that you will need to live in a “lighter” way, and that includes your lifestyle and your diet. Let your Heart and Soul be your Guide at this time. The Solar Eclipse will also anchor in the New Solar Frequencies of the Divine Feminine and the presence of the Goddess and the Magdalene will be felt very strongly at this time. Allow her to be a part of your Being and embrace the Inner Goddess that you are!

On the 23rd of September you will enter into the Equinox energies, and here you will have an opportunity to balance out these powerful energies that have been coming in since July and August. The Equinox represents that time when the day and night are of equal length, and when the Earth prepares to changes seasons on its Journey around the Sun. In the North the movement is into Fall and Winter, and in the South it is into Spring and Summer. These powerful Earth energies of change are also powerful forces in the Earth’s geomagnetic field, as well as in your own Light Bodies. This is a good time for Ceremony and Meditation, and to remember that you come here also to honor the Earth and to be the “voice” of the Collective Energy of the Earth as you celebrate the passage of the Equinox.

Then, on the 28th, the energies will reach a Climax as you celebrate the Full Moon in Aries/Libra and the Total Lunar Eclipse which will also be a Blood Moon and the last of a series of four intense Blood Moons that have been the bearers of the waves of intense change. A Fire Moon is always a powerful Full Moon, and so Moon in Aries as a Blood Moon is the Full Moon of the Phoenix! It is the moment when the New is born from the ashes of the Old, and the power of the new arises in your Hearts, Soul and Spirits. At this time, you can expect to feel a powerful surge of “new” energies and a connection with new opportunities and new directions in your life, and in the life of the collective. What was perhaps hidden will now be revealed and made clear!

It will be an opportunity for Humanity, as individuals and as a Collective, to stand up and move forward as Beings of Light and Love and Compassion. There will be opportunities to choose between Love or Fear, and to decide what kind of Frequency and reality you will choose to create on your timelines for 2015 and 2016.

Beloved Ones, this is a time of Celebration and Joy! Do not allow the waves of the Tsunami to sweep you away into confusion and chaos, but remain firmly grounded within your own Heart and Soul, connecting to Heaven and Earth and being a Conduit or Transmitter for the Divine Light and the new frequencies of Luminosity that are ligting the way into a New Reality!

The Return of the Divine Masculine Frequencies of Luminosity

As the Diamond light codes have integrated with the Earth in 2015, and now as these new frequencies of Luminous Light are being grounded into the Earth matrix, there is another exciting energy and event that is occurring. You have all welcomed the Divine Feminine and the return of the Goddess frequencies, and now it is time to welcome back the Luminous Frequencies of the Divine Masculine.

Your friends and colleagues from Sirius are standing by to assist you as you once again embody and integrate the Higher Frequencies of the Divine Masculine. In the Sirian stories, the Divine Masculine energy was incarnated in Shu, who was depicted as a Feather on the Wind, or as a Bird Man. Many of the powerful Sirian teachers in making themselves known to you took on the form of the “Bird Man”, such as Thoth, Horus the Elder and Ra.

The Bird represented the ability of this energy to flow with the winds of Divine Creative Intelligence and to flow energy into manifestation. It also represents the ability to travel on many dimensions and to fly through the Cosmos on the wings of light. As you become multi-dimensional you will need to embrace this energy so that you can feel confident in your ability to travel the Cosmos on your wings of light as Human Angels.

The Divine Masculine energy was also embodies by Yeshua, by Buddha, by Shiva and by others who took on the power of the Visionary Dreamer and were able to see the Bigger Picture in the life and journey of Humanity. They used their “wings of light” to transcend the lower dimensions and the hold of death, and were able to ascend into Light on their Angelic Wings of Diamond Light.

As you reconnect with the Divine Masculine at these higher levels, you will feel the balance returning between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. This will intensify in October at the 10/10/8 on the 10th of October, and then will culminate at the 11/11/8 on the 11th of November. At this time there will be a “Sacred Marriage” as these two energies combine to lift the Consciousness of Humanity and the Planet to new level of awareness and love. Thsi will be a powerful moment for the Planet and will prepare you for the final stages of the “Wave” of 2015, the 12/12/8 on the 12th of December and the Solstice on the 21st when the Earth aligns with the Galactic Center or Great Central Sun and celebrates the powerful floods of light that are received from the Great Cosmic Heart and transmitted via the Great Central Sun to the Earth and into your Hearts.

Beloved Ones, at this time we ask that you work with your Light Body and Energy Field, and that you make a daily practice of working with the Sacred Diamond Heart Activation that we have given to you. As you combine the Diamond Lights of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, you will feel that Inner Balance of Divine Light in your own Heart, Soul and Being.

Mastering the 4th Dimension and initiating Time Spirals

Beloved Family of Light, we have spoken to you before about the importance of allowing yourself to master the Fourth Dimensions of Time. Many of you have noticed how time seems to keep accelerating and going ever faster. That is because you are connected into the Collective Consciousness which is mostly still operating on 3rd Dimensional Time Calendars. As the Flow of Divine Light accelerates, it seems as though everything is moving faster, which of course it is.

The only way to work with this perceived acceleration is to life your consciousness and create the time that you need. Time is an illusion, a manufactured entity that has little reality. In the Third Dimension it was manufactured according to economic need and your lives were dominated by a working schedule. Now, in the higher dimensions, you are free to create according to your own time frames and needs and desires. This is the time to intiate your own timelines or timespirals, and to flow creative energy into the Dreams and Desires that you wish to unfold and manifest in the world.

You are the Master of Light, and you are now coming into final true alignment with your Soul and Higher Self. Allow yourself to Feel the dreams and visisons that are arising in your Soul from the HIgher Levels and express these in the world as your own Dreams, Visions and Creations.

In this way, Beloved Ones, you will determine the way in which the Diamond Light and the Frequencies of Luminosity are grounded into manifestation in your life and your creation of Reality!

Now is the time for you to decide what adventures of the Soul you wish to create, and not to allow the fears and anxieties of the lower levels of the Collective Consciousness to hinder you. Why give your creative energy and power to the creation of an apocalyptic nightmare, when there is so much more to be experienced on the path of growth and self determination. Why not rather create a pathway filled with Light, Joy, Love and Adventure, because this is what you can do as you unfold your timelines like a Celestial Flower unfolding its petals to the Cosmic Sun!

We wish you much Joy and Light in your adventure of Consciousness as you continue to ride the Waves of Luminosity into a New Reality in this month of September.
Posted 7th September by Juan Pablo *      *      *

* * *


sharing.:::.▶ Testimony about JESUS’ Divinity-Nathaniel & Thomas in Urantia Revelation – Gaia Speaks About Her Elementals | URANTHEA2094

Origen: sharing.:::.▶ Testimony about JESUS’ Divinity-Nathaniel & Thomas in Urantia Revelation – Gaia Speaks About Her Elementals | URANTHEA2094



sharing.:::.▶ Testimony about JESUS’ Divinity-Nathaniel & Thomas in Urantia Revelation – Gaia Speaks About Her Elementals

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* * *
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Awakening with Suzanne Lie 


Suzanne Lie, Ph.D., has been a seeker since she was a child where her active “imagination” took her deep into her inner life. She continues to regularly share her experiences and Arcturian teachings on her blog, Awakening with Suzanne Lie, and she wishes to help awakening ones come out of hiding and allow the glory of their highest expression of SELF into their everyday life.

Sunday, October 25, 2015
Gaia Speaks About Her Elementals



Gaia Speaks About Her Elementals

Dear People Of My Planet

I am Gaia, your sister, your friend, your partner and your planet.
I want to speak to you for a moment from my Heart Chakra in Maui, Hawaii.
 The sweet Essence of my Love flows across this verdant land with the ever- present trade winds and soaks into my earth with the misty rain.

Each of the myriad flowers speaks of my great creative force, and the warm weather allows my people the freedom to play in my waters and on my shores. Because of the beauty and harmony of my Heart, many people have sought to own my land, my oceans, and my beaches, but I AM FREE, for I am a FEMALE that NO man—or woman—can own.

I am free because I am connected to my SELF and to my Mission. With the wonderful gift of increased feminine energy sent to my heart in Maui from my sisters in the Pleiades, my Female Power is awakening after a long slumber. Consequently, I am now fully prepared to see as many of my inhabitants as possible into the fifth dimension and beyond.

Furthermore, in 2012, dear Venus rested between my planet, Earth, and our Sun to further amplify the Feminine Power of Creation and Birth. I do not expect that our journey will be completed by 2012, but I believe that dear sister Venus’s presence greatly assisted us.

I know there are those who do not want to move into the higher vibrations, but I can look into their hearts and see their Soul’s desire, which they are unable to do. Still, Earth has always been a free-will planet, and all of my people have the right to create their reality, whether it is from their Soul or from their ego. As the majority of my people choose to partake in our impending process of Planetary Transformation, these “sleeping ones” will find that they are more and more alone.

I, Gaia, the eighth Pleiadian Sister, am more rambunctious, shall we say, than my sisters. I always felt as though there was a great challenge, a mission, which my Oversoul wished me to fulfill. That Mission was to go out into the wastelands, the outer reaches of a new Galaxy, to experience the most extreme third dimensional polarity that was possible. To join me in this endeavor were most of the other members of my Oversoul. We all looked forward to choosing our own role. I, Gaia, am the expression of the entire Oversoul, while the other members of my Oversoul chose to be different expressions of me, the planet.

In this manner, each of “us” is our own interpretation of “Being a Planet,” and I, Gaia, serve as the template. Just as your hands and feet are portions of your human body, each of my elements and inhabitants, including my people, are portions of my planetary body. Some members of my Oversoul wanted to experience being first and second dimensional life forms.

They were the first to send down a portion of their Essence into my initial 3D Matrix. I say “a portion of their Essence,” as they, as well as ALL my life forms, also exist in many other places and dimensions. The ones who desired the experience of being first and second dimensional were to become my rocks, water, plants, reptiles, insects and animals.

The First and Second Dimensionals may seem less evolved to you, but they chose this expression because they knew that they would never lose touch with the Planetary Consciousness. They’ve never had the full experience of separation and limitation of third dimensional individuality, but they’ve never taken the risk of becoming lost in the polarity of their dark side. Instead, they remained in their group Soul. Because of this, they’ve never experienced death.

When they “died,” they merely returned to the Oneness, with which they had
never lost contact. Most of my humans have lost their connection with our Oversoul and with their Multidimensional SELF. Therefore, “death” feels like leaving. When the connection has not been lost, “death” feels like going Home to visit your Family.

There were others, such as yourselves, who chose to be third dimensional “people.” Some first entered during the time of Lemuria, some during the time of Atlantis, some long before and some more recently within this last 12000 year cycle. Because you, my third dimensional inhabitants, wished the experience of individuality, you joined the 3D Game, which was prepared for you by the First and Second Dimensionals.

When you entered this Game of 3D polarity, your awareness was limited to the separate package of your personal earth vessel and you were separated from your Planetary Consciousness and the awareness of your Oversoul. At first, you, my people, had more of a connection to me, the planet. However, as you have become more individuated by your “civilized” world, most of you have lost that connection.

Each dimension of reality encompasses the lower ones. Therefore, you, my Third Dimensionals, were always aware of the First and Second Dimensionals but lost connection with the Fourth Dimensionals and beyond. Fortunately, many of you are progressing to “End Game” of the 3D Game. You have made this progression because you have learned to expand your consciousness beyond the confines of your separate 3D earth vessel. Because of your expanded consciousness, you are remembering to consciously perceive realities that are below, or above, the third dimension.

When you are able to expand your consciousness to encompass the seventh dimension, you will reconnect with your Oversoul, and realize that you have returned HOME. In fact, this “Journey Home” has already begun. YOU, my dear members of the Planetary Ascension Team, are NOW in the process of returning to your true, Multidimensional Awareness. Just as I, Gaia, have many dimensional beings and realities within my planetary body, you are realizing that you have many dimensional beings and realities within you personal body.

The first, second and fourth dimensional components of your SELF connect you to your Planetary Consciousness. Your fifth and sixth dimensional components connect you to your Galactic Consciousness, and the seventh dimensional components of your SELF will connect you to your Universal, or Cosmic, Consciousness.

Embedded in your earth vessel are all the components of me, the planet, as well as all the components of OUR Oversoul members who chose to be first, second and fourth dimensional Beings. Your first and second dimensional selves live in unity with the planet, as these elements of your body, and mine, are not “evolved” enough to understand the separation of the third dimension. It is from their unity that they commune in oneness with the fourth dimensional creatures, my Elementals of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

Just as some of our Oversoul chose to be First and Second Dimensionals, some chose to be Fourth Dimensionals. Unlike the First and Second Dimensionals, the Fourth Dimensionals have some sense of individuality, but they also have a strong Unity Consciousness, which keeps them in constant communication with each other, as well as with all the lower dimensional beings.

The Fourth Dimensionals that most directly interface with your everyday life are the Elementals. The first and second dimensional “elements” of earth, air, fire, and water are given “life” by the spirit/prana of the fourth dimensional Elementals. The Elementals share their life-giving Spirit Essence with these elements, just as your Soul shares its Spirit Essence with your third dimensional earth vessel.

You, the human expression of our Oversoul, have Elementals within your physical body, just as my planetary body does. You are the microcosm of me, Gaia. In your carbon-based matter, “earth element,” you have the Earth Elementals, the Gnomes. In your bodily fluid, “water element,” you have the Water Elementals, the Undines. In the “space” and oxygen within your body, your “air element,” you have the Air Elementals, the Sylphs. Finally, in your neural activity and Kundalini force, “fire element,” you have the Fire Elementals, the Salamanders.

Since Elementals are fourth dimensional beings, they do not abide by the rules of third dimensional separation. Every experience that any Elemental has is instantly shared with all the Elementals. In fact, all four groups of Elementals, inside and outside your earth vessel, work in concert with each other. Within the INNER reality of your “personal” earth vessel, your thoughts and emotions stimulate all the Elementals, who in turn, stimulate all the Elementals in your OUTER reality. In this manner, the Elementals within your physical body and aura live in constant unity with the Elementals in my planetary body and atmosphere.

It is through your Elementals that you, my people, impact the planet, the weather, and all the people, plants and animals that you contact. For example, your thoughts are the end result of the neural activity that your inner Fire Elementals, the Salamanders, initiated and completed. Since your inner Fire Elementals work in concert with all the Fire Elementals of my planet, your “individual” thoughts become “planetary” thoughts via the unity in which all the Elementals live. Therefore, your thoughts influence all the Fire Elements of my planet and all my creatures.

Hence, when your thoughts are clear and kind, your inner Elementals attract other Elementals who are also clear and kind. When you choose positive thinking, you influence your Fire Elementals in a positive manner, which, in turn, positively influence the Fire Elementals of others and of my planet. The photons of the sun, which unify with my Fire Elementals, can more easily integrate into my planet by your passage, and the thoughts of others will be calmed as your inner Elementals share a serene blessing with their inner Elementals.

On the other hand, if your inner thoughts are sad, angry or fearful, you dispense your own angst and discomfort throughout your environment. You then magnetize others who are suffering, or create a “bad feeling” in others. Plants won’t grow for you, animals will run away or attack, and you will contribute to my weather in a destructive manner. My weather is a response to my occupants, as I am the sum/total of ALL my creatures.

Your thoughts are actually a cooperative event between your Earth Elementals that work with the matter of the neurotransmitters, enzymes and other chemicals to create the change in polarity that initiates the electrical signal, and the Fire Elementals that “fire” the neuron. Hence, your thoughts also have a great influence on the Earth Elementals of your internal and external world. When your thoughts are chaotic, obsessive and/or confused, your Earth Elementals find it difficult to stabilize themselves. This “personal” instability then influences the Planetary Earth Elementals to perpetuate geological instability.

As you walk my planetary body, Earth, your every step influences the Earth Elementals of my planetary body. The planetary Earth Elementals hold the message that your step has sent and relay it on to the next person or animal that walks in your footsteps. Have you ever wondered why it is so glorious to walk in the wilderness, on a deserted beach or in virgin snow? It is because it is psychically “quiet,” and your Elementals are not resonating to others. Hence, it is easier for them to resonate to your SELF.

This experience is also the origin of the saying, “Walk in the footsteps of the Masters.” The “Masters” are beings, human and non-human, who have gained a mastery over their thoughts and feelings, and, hence, a mastery of their inner elements and Elementals. These Masters consciously work with their personal and planetary Elementals, as well as the inner elements of others to convey the deep, inner peace of living in Constant Communication with your Multidimensional SELF.

The Air Elementals assist the flow of life-giving oxygen, which gives you consciousness. The first thing that happens when you suffer from oxygen deprivation is that your thinking becomes increasingly confused until you become “unconscious.” Hence, an adequate flow of oxygen throughout your system is vital for clear thinking. This is why the element of air is also associated with your thoughts. The Air Elementals, the Sylphs, assist you in breathing.

The Sylphs, Air Elementals, also blend your thoughts with the thoughts of others through the Unity Consciousness that all Elementals share. With every inhalation you are receiving the thoughts of others, and with every exhalation, you are distributing your thoughts throughout your world via your Air Elementals. Your thoughts then feed into the Collective Consciousness and the Planetary Consciousness to influence your daily experiences, as well as the experiences of others.

Allow me to take a moment to differentiate Collective and Planetary Consciousness for you. Collective Consciousness is the combined consciousness of all my humans, whereas Planetary Consciousness is the combined consciousness of ALL my inhabitants in ALL my dimensions. Hence, Planetary Consciousness is more expansive than humanity’ Collective Consciousness.

The Sylphs live in your aura and constantly contribute to my aura, the atmosphere, and the quality of my planet’s air and sky. When you have “cloudy thoughts,” you relay that message to the atmosphere. On the other hand, when you have “clear thinking,” you contribute to a clear day. You are all aware of how my weather is changing. This is because we, our planet, are now largely fourth dimensional. Therefore, reality is more mutable and more easily influenced by the thoughts and feelings of my inhabitants.

Please do not be frightened by this statement, for it also offers great hope. As each of you, my Keepers of the Land, gain mastery of your own inner elements, your inner Elementals will assist you in holding that resonance of mastery. The Elementals also serve to contribute that “resonance of mastery” to the inner Elementals of others and to the Elementals of my planet. In this manner, the Elementals serve to raise the vibration of “their person,” while they also raise the vibration of my planet and all my inhabitants.

The mastery you gain over the physical elements of your earth vessel allows you to move into an active partnership with your inner Elementals, as well as the Elementals of my planet. You have the innate power to can call upon your inner Elementals to assist you with your personal health and transformation, as well as the health and transformation of my planet. Do you realize now what a truly powerful Being you are?

Water has been associated with emotions just as air has been associated with thoughts. Your Water Elementals, the Undines, rule you’re your bodily fluid, blood, and the circulation of your blood, which is the domain of your heart. If your heart does not function, you die. Hence, if your heart is not functioning well you experience the emotion of fear, Fear of Death.

Conversely, the emotion of love is also associated with your heart. This is likely because your heart is also the Home of your Soul/SELF from whence Unconditional Love can be felt. Since all emotions are some octave of the 3D polarization of “good/loving” emotions or the “bad/fearful” emotions, your Heart and your Undines, Water Elements, serve as the distributors of your emotions.

Your emotions are the basis of your consciousness for they represent your ability to FEEL, be aware of, your Self. When you were first born, your “self” was your Soul/SELF. Then, as a process of “growing up,” you became more and more aware of your physical body and your ego that ruled it. Eventually, your “self” became your ego/self.

Fortunately, as you expanded your consciousness, you could FEEL, be aware of, your inner Guides, Holy Spirit, Angels, and other members of your inner world. Eventually, as you continued on your Path, you began to be “conscious” of your own Higher Self, whom you have downloaded and are now integrating into your physical earth vessel.

Your cerebral spinal fluid is also a water element, and hence, under the domain of your Water Elementals, the Undines. Cerebral Spinal Fluid flows between your brain and your skull, through the ventricles of your brain, and up and down your spine between the nerves and the spinal cord to cushion your nerves and facilitate your primary neural synapses.

As you Awaken, the Goddess Kundalini, also known as the Goddess Shakti in the Eastern World, sweeps up from your Root Chakra, chakra by chakra, to join her Divine Complement, Lord Shiva, in your Crown Chakra. This Mystical Marriage of your inner male and female not only initiates the process wherein you are freed of the polarities of the 3D Game, but also greatly amplifies the frequency rate of your cerebral spinal fluid and potential voltage of your entire nervous system.

When Goddess Kundalini rises up to your Brow, Sixth, Chakra, she leaves her “seed of transformation” in the third and fourth ventricle of your brain. Lord Shiva, who has been awaiting his Divine Mate in the Crown, Seventh, Chakra, then extends his energy into your third and fourth ventricle to fertilize the “eggs” which his mate has left for him. Their coupling opens your Third Eye, initiates the gestational period of your total transformation and activates the octave leap in the voltage of your cerebral spinal fluid.

This jolt of higher frequency travels throughout your entire brain and down your spinal cord via your cerebral spinal fluid. Your cerebral spinal fluid, now charged with a higher vibration, basks every nerve ending in your brain and spinal cord. Your spinal cord then shares the shift in frequency with the nerves that leave your spinal column to innervate your entire body. As the vibratory rate of your physical body rises, so does your ability for greater expansion of your consciousness. As the anchor is raised, the ship can begin its journey.

You, my people, have begun your journey and are lovingly assisting others to begin theirs. I wish to thank you for delaying your total transformation into Lightbody until the moment of the NOW in which my entire planet and all my inhabitants shall return Home to our true SELF. In preparation for that moment, I wish to lead you in communing with your fellow members of our Oversoul, the fourth dimensional Elementals who, in turn, will share your message with your first and second dimensional elements to heal and transform your current earth vessel. Your Elementals will then, also, communicate with the Elementals of my planet and all my inhabitants.

Communing with your inner Elementals is an important step towards becoming the Master of Energy that is your birthright. As you work in conscious partnership with the Elemental Kingdom of your human body, you shall also be working in conscious partnership with the Elemental Kingdom of my planetary body. We shall begin the process with your inner Fire Elementals.

Take a long, slow, deep breath and FEEL the Salamanders, Fire Elementals, moving like little jolts of lightning throughout your body. Experience the flash of each synapse within your system as you see the Salamanders busily at work within your body. Feel your inner Fire. Call upon your Salamanders to update your electrical circuitry to accept and integrate the higher frequencies that are entering your vessel.

Remember a time when you were “out of control” of your inner fire. In your mind’s eye, re-visit this situation by closing your eyes and calling upon your inner Fire Elementals to calm your excitation and ease your struggle. They may
be quite surprised that you even know of their great contribution to your life. Nonetheless, they quickly respond to your request.

Thank them now for their service, and through them, thank all the Fire Elementals of my planet. Determine that you will continue to seek to regain your birthright of being a Master of Energy, so that you can spread that Mastery to ALL through your inner Elementals.

Now, inhale deeply the Essence of these Fire Elementals and slowly exhale into their partners, the Earth Elementals, the Gnomes. Imagine these Gnomes doing construction and re-construction of your physical body.

Scan your body for any areas of pain or discomfort, and consciously call the Gnomes to assist you in healing this area. They, too, may be surprised at first to realize that you know of them, but they then rush to follow your request.

Thank your inner Earth Elementals for all that they do for you, and through them, thank all the Earth Elementals of my planet. As you cooperate with your inner Earth Elementals to create greater personal stability, you are also contributing to greater planetary stability.

Breathe now into the “space” of your body, the places “in-between,” that appear empty, yet are full of potential. Call upon your inner Air Elementals, the Sylphs, to cleanse these spaces, as well as all the oxygen in your body. With the clarity of body, feel how your clarity of mind increases.

Thank your Air Elementals for all that they have done for you, and through them, thank all the Sylphs of my planet. With your every exhalation, be conscious of the thoughts that you sending out before you. Also, with every inhalation be aware of the thoughts of others. You are not alone, except in your 3D illusions.
Feel how the Air Elementals spread Unity of Thought throughout my entire planet. Determine to be aware of the thoughts that you contribute to the Collective Consciousness, as you thank your inner Sylphs for their great service to you and to the planet.

Take a moment now, to emotionally connect with your inner Water Elementals, the Undines. Fell these Undines as they beat with your heart and flow with your blood. Feel how they cooperate with the Air Elementals, the Sylphs, to carry life giving oxygen throughout your system. Experience the Flow of your Water Elementals. They neither work nor toil. They simply ARE.

Call upon your Undines to teach you the art of “living in the Flow,” as you thank them for their contribution to your well-being. As you feel the Flow inside of you, you spread the steady sense of calm awareness to your outer world through the unity of all Elementals.

Sense how your inner Undines facilitate the Flow of Communication and Cooperation between your inner Elementals, who then unite your inner elements of earth, air, fire and water, within the “society” of your physical earth vessel. YOU are the Captain of this vessel, and YOU have the power and the responsibility of that position. Your inner alliance, or discord, will now be projected out into your outer world via the Unity Consciousness of all Elementals. Be aware of what you are projecting, for others surely will be!

You can only gain mastery over that which you are consciously aware. With attention and recognition, your Elementals can function in greater harmony with you and with each other. Once you have achieved conscious, multidimensional teamwork within yourself, you then initiate that spirit of co-operation with your outer world by your mere presence. The sun will shine above your head, the waters will calm with your passage, the earth will bloom with each footfall, and the skies will shine above you.

Yes, dear people of my planet, that is the grandeur that you expressed when you first walked my body, and the grandeur you will regain at the time of our Planetary Ascension. We shall CREATE that moment TOGETHER, Person, Planet, and, of course, our dear Keepers of the Water, the Cetaceans.

Arise My Ones, Our New DAY Has Begun Your Earth Mother, Gaia

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 10:32 AM

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Sharing.:::>▶ Urantia Book – Paper 113 – Section 1 (The Guardian Angels) – Alien Spaceships – Global Reality? | URANTHEA2094

Origen: Sharing.:::>▶ Urantia Book – Paper 113 – Section 1 (The Guardian Angels) – Alien Spaceships – Global Reality? | URANTHEA2094



Sharing.:::>▶ Urantia Book – Paper 113 – Section 1 (The Guardian Angels) – Alien Spaceships – Global Reality?

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Alien Spaceships – Global Reality? 

Posted on Jul 22, 2015
by cosmicgaia
in Brenda Hoffman, Creation Energies Comment: 1


Brenda Hoffman

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman

July 20, 2015 

Dear Ones, 

Many discuss soon-to-be landings of beings from outer space – that space aliens zoom around earth waiting for you of earth to allow them to become visible.

While it is true that beings from many locales are observing earth and earth entities, beings not of earth have no need of space craft. Believing space aliens will land on earth is a bit like expecting a Medieval knight on a white horse to find his way to your heart.

That is not to say those who wish to believe space aliens will arrive in spaceships are wrong – merely misguided in terms of the capabilities of those of other dimensions.

You, of earth, once thought computers, television, radios and airplanes were beyond belief.

 Today those inventions and many more are part of your daily life. Yet you continue to believe that beings from other dimensions and frequencies require elements of your current life that you understand.
 Such is not so. 

Just as you are beginning to believe it is possible for you to visit other dimensions, times and frequencies without need of a physical vehicle, so it is that those not of earth do not require a spaceship or any vehicle.

Many of earth once believed hell and the devil were part of their fearful life and death. Of course, such is not so and never has been. Merely a human creation of fear.

So it is that spaceships are no more real than hell, the devil – or heaven for that matter.

You are now able to create what you wish – just as is true for those who recently died or transitioned from earth. Many of you are familiar with the concept that those who feel they need to reside in hell, purgatory or any place they thought they would occupy upon death, do so until they realize they can recreate a so-called after life more appropriate for their being.

Even though those of you waiting for alien spaceships to be declared valid by a United States President or anyone you feel will validate your claims, that declaration will not be reality for those who do not believe. Such a scenario will be your creation – not a global event. A scenario of merely one of your facets, not the totality of your being..

That is not to make fun of your creations, but instead to inform you that such a localized creation – dedicated to what was instead of what is – is a small creation not large as beings observing you – including us – hope you will gravitate to.

Does it really matter if spaceships land? Will your life be that different if someone you have given power to declares your beliefs valid? No and more no.

You have far greater skills than you will be or have been whisked into spaceships. Many of you will declare such statements incorrect, wrong or just plain mean. But such statements are to open your beliefs and creation skills beyond needing others to validate your being – whether spaceships or other pieces of outer-directed power.

For eons, you believed in a God without physical verification that such a being exits. Yet, now that your beliefs are opening to you as an important piece of God, you demand verification.

Verification is within you. As you release beliefs that require someone or something outside of you – space aliens, God, gurus, corporate leaders, politicians or anyone other than you – you will know you can create anything with your new multi-faceted, diamond being.

You are not limited to that which others provide. You are not limited to those in power in your current life. You have no limitations. Waiting for space aliens to verify your being, your beliefs is to give away your power just as you did in your 3D world with gurus, religious leaders, corporate, sports and political figures.

No one is more powerful, more knowing than you. No one is going to rescue you, verify you, train you or care for you more competently than you.

Even if your dreams of alien space landings were reality, those spacecraft beings would not understand, know or direct you better than you direct yourself. Allow yourself to know and accept your powers without need for anyone to rescue or verify you. You are all you need for you have become a totality and are no longer a mere segment or two.

If you have the skills to create dimensions and frequencies and change your history, why would you need a spaceship for travel?

So it is for those you believe are visiting from other planets. You are you in all your glory. They are the same.Observing, sending love and perhaps visiting through the dimensions. But most certainly not circling earth in an outdated spaceship waiting for the all clear from someone you of earth have given power to. So be it. Amen.

Summary of Brenda’s July 17, 2015 channeled, 15-minute “Creation Energies” show at http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/brenda-hoffman: You’re expanding activities to unite your totality. Unlike the current psychological label of split personality, you’re becoming a multi-faceted, complete being without fears or angst of earth memories. Resulting in a brighter you as more light emanates from your being and new skills.

The title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly, channeled blog for http://www.LifeTapestryCreations.com: ”New You and Your Personal Experience Lab”

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

http://www.LifeTapestryCreations.com If you would like to receive Brenda’s blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her blog and subscribe page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

Copyright © 2009-2015, Brenda Hoffman. All rights reserved. Please feel free to share this content with others, post on your blog, add to your newsletter, etc., but maintain this article’s integrity by including the author: Brenda Hoffman & source website link: http://www.LifeTapestryCreations.com



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 – February 20-23, 2014



Channeled by Laura/Multidimensional Ocean
Posted on February 20, 2014

Aurora : we would like to welcome you back onboard for a couple of nights starting from Thursday 20th Feb. to Sunday 23d February nights. We have been in orbit in fact in orbit for a few days already, and many of you have made contact with us last weekend and during the week.

In fact there is a picture of us that Laura took on her flight home last Saturday, and she will post if again for you to see. Her return flight will take place night time, so she will not be able to take pictures of us this time, but we will be very near again, of course.
We asked Laura to take that picture of us, and she heard us, we even directed her camera towards space, and she listened and heard us guide her where to find us, and we decloaked for you to see us all.


When we are in orbit, we are always cloaked, in fact any UFO rarely decloaks when near Earth.
 We know that many of you ask what are we doing in your skies all the time, and why are there so many UFOs decloaking.

We wish to remind you that we are here to support, help and guide our starseeds, and star relatives, to bring assistance when needed, and to just make our presence known to humans.
 Many among the general public are still lead into fear when it comes to ETs and UFOs by misleading and misguiding TV programs, set to instill fear into your heart of the unknown.

The truth is that many of the so called ‘Alien abductions” are led by Earth humans, and a special budget is allocated to these kind of fear mongering operations, so that the general public would be scared of their space brothers, and so that space will be weaponized seemingly to protect the human population from invaders from space, bent on experimentation with human gene pool and bodies.

It is important to understand that while there are some negative ETs that take part in such “abductions”, these operations are led by humans on a large scale.

The vast majority of Galactic beings are benevolent, and are only interested in being in contact with their Earth families and representatives.
 The truth is that we have no need to experiment with human gene pool, as it would not benefit us in any way.

Some kind of grey beings did in the past benefit from such research, but they are not part of the Galactic Federation, and acted without our permission in order to try to save their species from the consequences of 100% cloning in their population.
 They abducted a few humans, and in most cases these were safely returned home.
 They are being watched and it is not likely that they will be able to operate again.

Human secret military does possess an amazing number of stolen technologies from other races, and have been using it to suit their own egoistic agenda.
 This compartment of the military has managed to retrofit and reverse engineer a great number of alien space craft and technologies.
 Do not underestimate that section of your military.
Aurora  2

We would like to have you come onboard during the dream-flights once again, if you wish to do so.
 There is never any obligation to do so, of course. Many of you come onboard and do not recall any part of it once they awaken. This is a normal process and should not be a cause for concern.
When you Higher Self travel to our spaceship, she or he will reconnect with her or his space family, and debrief.
 Many among us are not human and your ordinary human subconscious blocks those meetings for many reasons.
 Try to catch your thoughts and day dreams at times, and you may find images of us in your subconscious mind, seemingly for no reason.

Once you are onboard, many of you get to see events ahead, or to experience aspects of their life that they fear, or traumatizing events from the past that have scared them.
 We will work on healing those past traumatic experiences, which still protrude into your daily life on some level and this leads to blockages.
 So in the cases of some of you experiencing scary nightmares and dreams that seem odd to say the least, this is the explanation.

Once again, we ask that if you decide to join us onboard, not to have any expectations regarding what you wish to remember and experience.
 This will be decided by your Higher Self and by the Aurora crew.

A few of you may also like to do ocean surveys and water sampling.
 We are very much concerned with the state of your oceans, which regulates life on Earth on a much deeper level than human sciences would like to acknowledge.
 We can diagnose the health of a civilisation through the water quality of their oceans.

Sentient beings live in the oceans, however, human civilisation choses to ignore them also, and to give way to profit and covering up the level of pollution in the ocean waters.

Think of the oceans and rivers as Earth’s blood and you will understand the importance of water on Earth and our concern with what is happening to water.

I am Aurora, Pleiadian starship, with a rainbow of beings as a crew.
 Our crew are multicolored and mulitidimensional beings, as many of you are on Earth.


Copyright © Laura/ Multidimensional Ocean. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material freely, provided the content, including the title, is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included:http://multidimensionalocean.wordpress.com/
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Intricate portals move into activation in the next few years, as the planet is being revamped and revitalized.
 Therefore there are massive fractures in earth crust and with it the inner stirring of mass liquid mass, which will bring about volcanic activity, even in those volcanoes which have been dormant for some time and with the eruptions in the inner earth, as liquid mass explodes this will cause earth eruptions, earth quakes and in some cases the sea will start boiling.
It is therefore imperative for mankind to understand that as the earth is reinventing herself, so human beings are being reinvented as they too are being re-formed, reinvented and even their physical bodies will now be more crystalline in nature and therefore contain higher frequency bands.

Most human beings are not aware of the energy centers in their own bodies, nor are they aware that a lot of changes are happening in the way the chakras and the spinal cord energies now move into higher octaves of being.
A lot of discomfort in the body is not caused so much by what we human being term “DIS-EASE” but rather by blocked particles of energies within these centers and therefore now are being worked on galactically to prepare mankind for the massive shifts with the portals opening up.
It is known to the Intergalactic Federation of Light, that the human body will have to be readjusted immensely, as the portal energies open up, as the normal human is not consciously aware enough to know about energies and energy centers and are not consciously seeking to activate these, do not work on the daily cleansing and clearing process, the healing of the emotional body, and more than this the healing of the mental body as well.
BOTH the emotional and mental bodies need to be healed and in balance with each other, as the last 26 000 year cycle has separated the heart (emotion/feeling) from the mind (rational, dissecting, fixing, creating/inventing without love or feeling).
Most people concentrate on the balance between the masculine and feminine WITHIN, but fail to understand the importance of the balance of heart and mind. One cannot step into full co-creatorship without there being balance between the heart and mind, between the feelings and rational, for if the heart is not fully opened up and the vital energy flow of Love is not in balance with the mind, one is imbalanced and it was imbalance which caused mass trauma since the fall of Atlantis.
When the heart energies and mind energies, are in balance with each other, a state of balance reigns within and without: – One starts then creating within the Universal Laws, as one applies them in HARMONY with the balance reigning elsewhere in the cosmos.
There are higher energy centers which work on the higher 36 chakras which were shut down after the fall of Atlantis, because human beings went out of control when the mind ruled and created the chaos that sunk Atlantis. It was done as the 3rd dimensional form of the lower DENSER physical form, could not hold the immensely high vibrational frequency which the opening up of 48 chakras would entail.
In the previous civilizations before Atlantis 72 chakras were fully opened up which meant that they lived in a much higher frequency band and therefore their physical forms where of much higher light body form. In Atlantis this was shrunk to 43 (12 + 36) and after Atlantis this further shrunk to 7 only. There are 330 chakras in all, and the more one activated the higher chakras the more one evolves by octaves of Being.
It speaks for itself then how far mankind has sunk into the sea of density and forgetfulness.
However the chakras are not the only energy centers held within the body! The nadis and meridians play a huge role, and these are not just held within the physical body, but also within the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. To only treat the physical body, is the lowest form of healing there is. When one starts treating ALL the bodies, disease cannot sustain life within the bodily form.
Take this one step further, and it was known that together with the chakras, the nadis and meridians, the 33 Vortex energy centers held within the spinal column had to be fully cleansed, healed and activated. It was known that each vertebrae, held soul memory banks and only in releasing these soul memory banks could such a center be fully activated. Each vertebrae acts like a mini computer chip, and records all that is held in the emotional and mental bodies.
Unless each vertebrae is treated like living entity in its own right and higher Adam Kadmon body cannot function nor can it be fully activated. There is more to the spinal column here, than I will divulge now, but to confuse this energy with the Kundalini energy is to play down the importance of these energy centers.
The Kundalini rises yes, through center energy channels in the spinal column, however it is but one single energy force, and not the whole. It is but cog in the Universal wheel – not the be-all and end-all as some would have it be. Again, forgetfulness and the wrong interpretation of ancient scripts and the handing down orally of teachings, has left immense gaps in human knowledge and understanding of vital truths.
As mankind sunk into forgetfulness a lot of the teachers, could not understand the greater whole, and therefore started sharing only what they knew and could understand. What went beyond their own understanding they could not teach. They might have handed down certain texts, or what was recorded in such, but the earliest civilizations recorded such not in the form of writing, but in the form of ENERGY.
As the human body is this massive and very sensitive energy field, in combination with the emotional, mental, spiritual and all twelve lightbodies, so is the earth. Every single aspect of the human body reflects within the body of the earth. She is as much a living, breathing entity as we are – it is just that we tend to forget that.
To me the earth changes and the opening up of the portals brings in a higher understanding of just how linked our physical forms are to planet earth. But not only our physical forms and the rest of our bodies are linked – OUR CONSCIOUSNESS LEVELS ARE ALSO LINKED THE PLANET’S!
Consciousness and awareness levels are not only linked to the earth’s but also to that of the 12 Central SUNS and the 12 Central Galaxies.
What is exists in the macrocosm exists in the microcosm and vice versa.
The portals opening up, come from the energy beamed down from the Centrals Suns, into the consciousness energy center of the planet earth. The Central Suns are one vast energy center of highest Consciousness and the Highest Mind/Heart pulsation.
As human beings our whole energy systems are geared to PICK up the cosmic and earth’s frequency bands and the more consciously aware we become, the more we have the ability to TUNE into the cosmic and earth energy fields and systems!
If the upper transmitting energy channels are blocked, we cannot receive the cosmic energy transmissions. If the earth energy channels are blocked, we cannot receive the earth energy transmissions. BOTH have to be equally activated and opened up, before we can truly step into the 5th dimensional state, and this is even truer stepping into the 6th – 12th dimensional states.
Most people are not even aware of the earth’s energies, let alone the cosmic ones: -The walking, living, sleeping dead. They will not be able to hold the higher frequency bands as the earth moves more and more into higher activation and with it shifts into higher cosmic frequency gear.
It is not only human beings who will not be able to hold their physical forms anymore as this happens, the same applies to animal and plant life – indeed any living organism.
It is the dying of the Old Adam and Eve and the birth of the new human race.
It is the dying of the Old planet Earth and the birth of the New EARTH.
It is the dying of some parts of the Milky Way Galaxy and the birthing of a new galaxy now being born.
We are in the process of a massive COSMIC rebirthing, revamping process and therefore should not fear the changes, but rather embrace them! Whether these are earth changes or bodily changes or a total clean-up of our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies – and all the rest.
One only fears what one is not consciously aware and part of.
The more consciously aware one becomes, the more COSMICALLY aware becomes.
Our souls are intricately linked to the Central Suns and to the Divine.
Our SOULS are immortal, eternal, and therefore KNOW all of this.
There is truly nothing new under the Great Central Suns!

(Judith Kusel)
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Sharing.:::.▶ Part 1-iMovie about Jesus-Birth Aug. 21st & early years – THE HIGH COUNCIL OF ORION | URANTHEA2094

Origen: Sharing.:::.▶ Part 1-iMovie about Jesus-Birth Aug. 21st & early years – THE HIGH COUNCIL OF ORION | URANTHEA2094



Sharing.:::.▶ Part 1-iMovie about Jesus-Birth Aug. 21st & early years – THE HIGH COUNCIL OF ORION

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15th September 2015.
Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood 

“Greetings Dear Ones.

We are the High Council of Orion.

We will speak of the concept of Waiting again for we spoke about before and we would say that the teaching needs reiteration so that it can be remembered more clearly.

As you wait for situations and circumstances to be different than what they are in your life, whether they’re in your relationship, your business, your body, whatever it might be. You are taking your attention away from where you are in the moment, and in a sense you are not honoring where you are in the moment. For in the moment no matter where you are no matter what the circumstances are we would say that there’s always something to honor about it. For there you are and the reduction of where you are by being upset with it or waiting for something different, creates a greater separation between you and your Soul

For if you realize the Soul is the animating force, and that animating force of your life brought you to this moment in time for the experiences that are available in that moment. As you look beyond for something else to be different, you are not honoring your Souls bringing you to this place.

And while things may feel less than ideal wherever you’re at in the moment, how can you find the rightness of the moment, the rightness of the experiences, the rightness of the opportunities to learn and grow. Even the idea of not fully being present to where you are in the moment as a thank you to your Soul to bring you there, creates a separation from your Soul.

Everything you want to be doing right now is living more of a Soulic life, a Soul connected life a life, where the Souls voice, the volume of it is getting turned up in your life. Part of the way to live more in connection with your Soul, is being fully present to WHAT IS in your field at the moment in time, and instead of condemning yourself for it, and condemning others around you for it, we would encourage you to find a way to release judgment around it, to stop waiting for that thing that’s outside of you that in the future, for that is an absolute disconnection from your Soul as you do that.

For that thing you’re thinking about in the future that you’re waiting for maybe part of your desire system, and yet in the course of where you are in the moment, the Souls going to bring you to where it is that you need to be. The point of power, the point of change, and the point of connection to Soul, is where you are in the moment. How can you begin to appreciate what’s there, appreciate where you’re at, and the things that feel challenging for you in the moment, starting to take them less personally, starting to have in a sense a Soul level perspective on it.

Instead of the saying of “What would Jesus do?”
You could say what is the learning from my Soul here?
What is the Soul level experience intended to bring to me?

Become aware of that in this moment in time, allows a greater level of your Souls conscious infusion into your everyday life. For it is an impossibility to be able to be with your Soul and be disregarding, disliking, at odds with your current life. So how do you get at peace with where you are? Or if you’re not a piece how you gain greater understanding about what is in your field in the moment in time and be present to that?

If you can’t attend to what your Soul has brought to now, you’re not going to be able to attend to that which you think you’re going to have later on. And all the great Saints, sages, teachers and mystics have said to be present to the now, and this is part of it. For there is no power out in your future and there is no personal power in the past. For time is an illusion so waiting for something to happen, for change to happen in your life doesn’t make sense if time doesn’t even exist, and as you attend to what’s in your hear and now.

In this moment!

In this moment!

In this moment!

In this moment!

Just now, right now, here now, now, now…

That’s how the things that you feel that you’re waiting for that you’ve cast out into the future, you can start bringing them into your now.

One of the ways you can do this is start catching yourself in what you’re thinking, consciously and unconsciously, you could even have a paper or journal near you and take a few notes when you realize the background noise that’s happening in your head. Getting present to your background thoughts, your automatic responses to situations whether the’re people or experiences, things that you hear, things that you see in your space. What’s your first reaction you have to that?

You may draw that reaction back, you may use your mind and your experiences to change it but what’s that first reaction. Where are you getting caught up in that? Write it down and just begin to be aware of that pattern of those things that take you out of your present moment. For when you are triggered by things in your space in the moment, they are things that are usually taking you to some other time and place, whether it’s in the future or in the past.

Sometimes the most obvious way to look at this is, the habit of reaction to certain circumstances and feeling a certain way because something happened or somebody said something, or you anticipate somebody saying something, and you write that down and observe your first response, and see if it’s something that really is about that present moment, or is that present moment the trigger to show you that there’s something in some other time and place that’s hung up.

[HCoO] – Does this make sense?

[Paul] – yes

[HCoO] – You have a question?

[Paul] – Just to understand more clearly. If Paul and Holly have a dream. I will use a common analogy at the moment of more money. There’s a desire to have that which is in the future, but there is no power in that, but there is a desire, but there’s also living in the moment. However when we are living in the moment we are just connected to the moment. Can you please clarify the subtle difference between still having a desire but also being in the moment?

[HCoO] – The idea of more money. This whole thing it has a lot of subtlety in it, for when one has a desire for something different that’s fine and that’s good and that’s okay. But waiting to be happy waiting to be relaxed, waiting. Remember we started this off with the idea of waiting, so there’s a difference between waiting and desiring; this is a very important difference here. Because if you’re waiting to be happy, waiting to be peaceful waiting to feel successful until something else, then you are not fully present to what is in your field in the moment. And you’re not looking to the things that you can choose to feel happy about, choose to feel satisfied about, choose to be at peace with in that moment in time. So you have put blinders on by saying I’m not okay until that thing out there that I’m waiting for “is in my field,” and you’ve made it conditional so therefore what you’re also saying is I cannot be happy or satisfied or peaceful or successful here, because I’ve put that thing way out there.

[Paul] – Which is what you were talking about in the last channeling.

[HCoO] – Yes. Now from the place that you are in the moment, you could see the desire for more, and also be completely content and see the gifts of what you have around you and desire more. But the desiring, and as Abraham says “the sending out those rockets,” is different than waiting for something to bring that which it is that you wish. Very subtle but significant difference.

Waiting and desiring are two very different energies. Because desiring more doesn’t mean that you weren’t fully present to the gifts that you have now. One of the ways that you can begin to work with this, is look at what you’re waiting for.
What are you waiting for?
What’s out there that, in your mind, when these things happen my life can be different? Write them down, get really present to what you’re waiting for.
You don’t have to just shove away the waiting, but look at what it is you’re waiting for. REALLY LOOK AT IT!! And ask yourself, and we said this the last channeling about this is, “Where can you find that same energy in what you already have?”

It doesn’t have to be a one-to-one correlation, if you say I’m waiting for money to feel relaxed and peaceful and trusting about life, look at where you could feel relaxed peaceful and trusting about life, right in the space that you have right now. Because you’re not waiting for conditions to be different to connect with it. Now out in your future you may think it’s money but in your present you may find it in something unrelated to money, but your holding those energies of peace, trust etc. In this moment in time.

Now desiring is you can be happy, you can start looking at what you’re waiting for and start finding evidence for it around you, and you can start really working with that energy and see how you feel. It doesn’t mean you never desire anything but what it is, is that desire becomes an extension and an expansion of where your already at, and your peace and your happiness and your trust and your trust and your ease and your flow isn’t conditional.

Desire is not conditional, waiting is conditional.

Does this make sense?

[Paul] – Yes

[HCoO] – And that’s the distinction. This takes a lot of presence of mind to begin embodying this, but it’s a very important concept in terms of manifestation
Understanding that the more you work with your Soul and the energy that’s present in your life as a result of your Souls decision for that experience you’re having, allows your Soul to be more infused in your life. It’s very powerful.

A whole week could be done on nothing but this!

Waiting says you are not enough your Soul’s decision isn’t enough, waiting is saying that the gifts of who you are and the gifts that life has to offer to you right now are conditional and you cannot have them because you’ve put that thing out there as a conditional pathway to having what it is that you want.

When you acknowledge what you already have in your field, acknowledge the emotions, the high level feelings around anything that you have in there then your desires can flow out of that because there’s nothing conditional. It’s just more of it, more of it!
Does t make sense?

[Paul] – Yes it does thank you for sharing.

[HCoO] – Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”

© 2015 Copyright Holly Hawkins Marwood
This channeled message may be reproduced in it’s entirety provided it is kept in its original form and not altered or changed in any way, with the Author and a link to www.Soul-Genesis.com clearly displayed as shown below.
Author: Holly Hawkins Marwood www.Soul-Genesis.com

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sharing – ▶ Urantia Book – Paper 112 – Section 7 (Adjuster Fusion) – MOVING INTO A RADICAL SHIFT | URANTHEA2094

Origen: sharing – ▶ Urantia Book – Paper 112 – Section 7 (Adjuster Fusion) – MOVING INTO A RADICAL SHIFT | URANTHEA2094



sharing – ▶ Urantia Book – Paper 112 – Section 7 (Adjuster Fusion) – MOVING INTO A RADICAL SHIFT

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Summary of Brenda’s July 23, 2015 channeled, 15-minute “Creation Energies” show at http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/brenda-hoffman:
 You’re finding it more difficult to be around those who do not share love – even those entities you assumed would be in your life forever. You’re also learning new concepts that don’t always resonate for/with you. Rather than continuing duality by expressing your need to be right, know that such is your unique growth process that doesn’t require shifting the thoughts of others.
The title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly, channeled blog for www.LifeTapestryCreations.com “Alien Spaceships – Global Reality?”
Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.
Dear Ones,
The next few days may be fraught with angst and pondering. Not because such is necessary, but that you are discovering new pieces that do not align with what you expect of yourself.
Some of you will discover you do not have the energy or interest to discuss your shifts in attitude, beliefs and perceptions with others. Which is to be expected during such a dramatic change in your being.
Until now, even though you shifted here and there, you maintained your known 3D being.
Your previous shifts have largely been about discovering others who did not mesh with your being. Even so, you maintained your 3D beings’ integrity. Perhaps you preferred a few different foods, activities or interactions, but overall you remained the you that you have known since entering earth in this lifetime.
Such will not necessarily be the case after the next few days. For you are beginning to splinter off from your known 3D totality.
Such a statement likely makes your stomach turn, your blood run cold or any other phrase that indicates such a change will be for the worse. This advance notice is to allow you to glory in the new you you will create the next few days.
Splintering is little different from what was true for you during puberty. You perhaps evolved from a close or somewhat close relationship with your earth family to a need to interact with others of like age and interests. A growth stage your parents anticipated and you relished.
The difference is your shift of the next few days will happen all at once, instead of in stages for several years. Shifting from childhood to young adulthood with all the potential ramifications within your being from different foods to different friends to different reactions. You, in essence, will be flying through your new you teen years in a matter of hours. Meaning you will most likely appear petty, pouty and petulant to even yourself as you rapidly move through your processes. And then you will not.
Perhaps your concern is that such a flagrant disregard for all you have accepted and expected in 3D will create chaos and a loss of what you have created to date. Such is not true – for all who wish to be or are of the light will be moving through the same process. The difference is that those of you already of the light will now understand what is happening and those merely wishing to be of the light will be terrified that they are somehow wrong or need medication.
This is a short-lived event. For the time is now for you to become new you – requiring you and all wishing to participate to expedite your shifts. Even those of the light in past times such as Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed had greater preparation periods. For you are condensing that which once took years into days. And that which once took days into minutes.
So it is you will be a different person in days. Not a being so different you must live alone, but instead a mature young adult. Since this will be a condensed shift, the next few days will most likely surprise you as much as anyone.
Do you remember puberty when you were happy one moment and sad the next? Or childlike one moment and adult-like the next? So it will be for you the next few days. Do not place parameters around this shift or try to limit your emotional swings to “fit in” with what you expect of yourself in 3D.
You are evolving at warp speed which will be most dramatically displayed the next few days – most importantly to yourself. You are not losing your mind or your body. You are merely maturing both at a speed you are not accustomed to. Future beings will know such is happening and why. But as has been true since you started this wondrous journey to new you, you are New Earth scout masters.
Your initial reaction will most likely be of fear, even shame. Such will not be true in the future. For all will note the phase much as you now note the ‘terrible twos’ or teen years.
Allow yourself to play with this new you. And allow the same for others. It is a short-lived event that you will one day laugh about.
You are maturing and shifting more rapidly everyday. Those pieces that once took decades for you will be achieved within months for future generations. And those pieces that you achieved in months or days will be completed in minutes by future generations.
You are the first and therefore, less rapid group. Future groups will easily explore what you courageous souls completed with fear and wonderment. You are indeed New Earth scout masters fully as brave as any historical figure you can conjure up in your mind. For you are exploring your inner world and sharing the information you gather as did those who you speak of with awe from ancients who traveled the globe in wooden boats to those who created loving communities despite the hardships such required.
You are a brave lot. Know that you are completing as much for future generations as any explorer, wise person or god you now speak of in hushed tones. And you are allowing/encouraging others to know of your wisdom via the Internet, healing sessions, seminars, personal interactions and so many other means of communication that you created for this very purpose.
You are your own guru – and the scout master of the generations and beings who wish to follow. Pat yourself on your back, your leg and any other place that conveys to you how wonderful you are. So be it. Amen.
http://www.LifeTapestryCreations.com If you would like to receive Brenda’s blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her blog and subscribe page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.
Copyright © 2009-2015, Brenda Hoffman. All rights reserved. Please feel free to share this content with others, post on your blog, add to your newsletter, etc., but maintain this article’s integrity by including the author: Brenda Hoffman & source website link: http://www.LifeTapestryCreations.com

5D Spiritual Healing Team~ The First Contact Ground Crew Team ~For Personal Assistance In Clearing Your Energy Fields, raising your vibration, being the change you wish to see and the miracle or need assistance with 3rd Eye and Pineal gland clearing, opening, and strengthening, You can follow this link for details and to schedule one of these amazing services with us: http://5dspiritualhealing.com/

Posted 30th July by ATMAN

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sharing.:::.Urantia Book – Paper 113 – THE JOURNAL | URANTHEA2094

Origen: sharing.:::.Urantia Book – Paper 113 – THE JOURNAL | URANTHEA2094



sharing.:::.Urantia Book – Paper 113 – THE JOURNAL

*    *    *

* * *
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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Thursday, September 10, 2015



~We are ACEA~


After Bruce read this message, they were both strangely quiet. The discomfort that had arisen between them had become very evident and they both felt uncomfortable. They knew that they wanted to talk about their feelings, but were afraid to be the first one to bring it up.

“I guess my mother was a lot deeper than I gave her credit for,” Lisa meekly said.

Bruce responded by putting his arm around Lisa and saying, “Our relationship got way off track. I think it will take more than some hot sex to fix it.”

Lisa smiled and placed her head on his shoulder. They quietly sat on the couch for quite a while. Then Lisa said, “I would like to read the next message.” Bruce silently passed the Journal to Lisa and kissed her softly on the forehead. With a smile on her face, Lisa started reading.



We are ACEA, retuned to commune with you again.

Have you been able to see now how your third dimensional and fifth dimensional worlds are connected?

Feel the high vibration of your fifth dimensional reality and pull that consciousness into your third dimensional world. Good, now see your fifth dimensional room around you. Can your hear the waterfall and the birds chirping? Do you see the other animals that share your room with you?

They, too, do not need to eat or eliminate and, therefore, do not cause you work or effort. Some of these animals in your fifth dimensional room do not exist in your physical world. This is also true of some of the flowers and the beautiful colors that they emanate.

As you sit in your fifth dimensional reality, feel how your shoulders relax and your heart opens. Your breath is slow and easy and you can hear the music of the spheres. Feel the deep love that resonates from our world. Believe that our Love will assist you in manifesting all that you desire.

Now, take this feeling into your day and carry it with you. This expanded self is who you truly are. The portion of you that appears to be limited, separate, or even afraid, is an illusion. It does not exist.

We know that it is difficult for you to comprehend that who you presently see as your self, is only an illusion and NOT your true SELF. Therefore, allow us to explain how this is true. You see, you—all of you in the lower dimensions—are also here with us in the fifth dimension.

You went down into the physical plane and got scared. It was the fear that made you forget. Fear caused you forget to believe that you are really fifth dimensional, and fear caused you forget to love yourself and love the reason you came to third dimensional Earth.

You have all waited and prepared for many lives for this wonderful opportunity to be able to consciously raise your consciousness into the fifth dimension—with the ENTIRE PLANET. What an opportunity!

But, you all forgot. Worst of all, fear made you break the connection to your true, fifth dimensional self. We of ACEA are the “lifeguards” who are throwing life preservers to those who are drowning in their forgetfulness. Grab that line. Keep the connection.

Go now into your daily life and KEEP THE CONNECTION.

In Love



By the time Lisa finished this message, she was crying so hard she could hardly see. She turned to see that Bruce was crying too. Lisa put the journal back on the table and fell into Bruce’s now opened arms. Together they cried, then laughed because they were crying, then wiped their tears and cried again.

“Wow,” said Bruce as he reached for a tissue on the side table. “This experience is more intimate than sex.”

With that simple sentence, Lisa totally forgave Bruce, and told him so.

“Crying is better than sex?” Bruce teased.

“Hey,” she said teasingly, “You are the one who said that.”

Bruce was very quiet for a long moment then said, “I never want to lose you.”

Lisa stood and pulled Bruce back into the bedroom. Much later they returned to the couch, to see Beverly’s comment


This message was meant for me. Did ACEA read my mind?

I DID come down to this frequency to merge the third and fifth dimensions.

I DID forget why I came here.

I DID get so very lost

I DID allow my consciousness to drop.

Thank you ACEA, for reminding me of about my fifth dimensional SELF.



We are ACEA,

All that you have read about your dimension and your particular space/time quadrant is true, and much more. You see, the final curtain call is about to be made and all the malefic factions that have participated in the third dimensional experiment want to “get what they can” while the getting is still good.

Soon, they will only be able to stay on the planet unless they can hold the vibration of Unconditional Love. Nothing in their technology and society has prepared them for this energy field. Those of you who have sought to clear yourselves and raise your consciousness have seen the degree of preparation that your physical form has had to undergo.

You have all felt how difficult it is to function with an open heart. You have all experienced how challenging it is to release the armor that has been shielding your heart, and the Atma within your heart, from the dangers of the external world. The many fearful warnings are important because an enlightened person must not hide in denial. However, do not underestimate the power of Love.

This power is greater than any weapon because it allows you to raise your vibration, as well as the vibration of all that you love, above the danger of ANY malefic force. You see, the fifth dimension is not a place. The fifth dimension is a vibration. Anyone who cannot hold the fifth dimensional vibration will return to the “place” that resonates to his or her personal vibration.

Also, anyone who would do harm to another is not living in the vibration of love, and they will be unable to maintain any experience of the fifth dimension. In order to maintain s connection with your fifth dimensional reality, you must totally and completely love EVERY aspect of your self.

Any area of your self that you do not love, consciously or unconsciously, lowers your vibration. Therefore, your most important assignment is to continue to remember that YOU are a being of love. Then, test that love against fear, and gather all the information that you feel you must, without fear.

Test your ability to know the truth without becoming frightened. We shall all accomplish our Divine Mission as ONE. You see now how total individuality can cause great cruelties. However, total group, or hive mind, can do the same. As with all levels of realities, it is the “in-between” or “balance point”, that is the pathway Home.

Remember that time is an illusion. Begin to switch your thinking to the fifth dimensional “time” of NOW. In other words, begin to allow your self to transcend time and live in the NOW. In the NOW, there is no hurry because there is no future appointment. There is no fatigue because there has been no past effort.

There is only the NOW in which you are calm, peaceful and joyous. Take a moment in the NOW to feel calm, feel peace, and feel joy. Within that moment, time does not move forward and the past does not impinge upon your consciousness. While in this state you can click into fifth dimensional consciousness. See the fifth dimensional world around you and feel how it is different.

Feel your creative force as you choose to LIVE the reality that you are NOW creating.


At this point Lisa became very still. She put the opened Journal on the table in front of them and turned to Bruce. “I do not feel like I am creating any of my reality. Instead, I feel like I have been letting reality create me. I have felt so alone and lonely. Bruce, what happened to us? Didn’t we used to be happy?”

Bruce tried to look into Lisa’s eyes, but couldn’t. Instead, he looked towards the ground and said, “I know you have not been happy, but I could not figure out what to do for you. You have been so distant, like you didn’t love me anymore.”

“Oh Bruce, I do love you. It is my self I don’t love. I realize that I have blamed so much on my mother and thought she didn’t care about me. But, then I have been treating our children just like my mother treated me. She was always distracted, as if I was not enough for her. I think I have done the same thing to our children and to you. Is that why you have been with Carol?”

Bruce was very quiet for a long time. Finally he said, “I guess if we are to create our ‘fifth dimensional earth,’ whatever that means, we have to start with being honest. I swear I was only with her one time, and it was me who stopped it.”

Lisa was very quiet. She was surprised that she was not even angry. In fact, she felt almost relieved that she had at least figured out something correctly. Why wasn’t she angry or crying?

“Why aren’t you angry or crying?” asked Bruce.

Lisa smiled and said, “I was just thinking the same thing. I think maybe because I finally figured out something, that I am almost relieved. Also, if we had been as close as we have been these few days, I don’t think you would have been with Carol.”

“No,” said Bruce. “That is no excuse. My being unhappy is no reason to be unfaithful. I was being cowardly. Instead of confronting you, I took the coward’s way of thinking you didn’t still love me. Worse yet, I acted as though I did not love you. But I do love you. I DO!” he said as he grabbed Lisa and held her very close to him. They both began to cry, then that made them both laugh. Simultaneously, their eyes feel on the next sentence in the book.



Feel the power of these words and embed them in your consciousness.

Calm—See a perfectly still pond before you with the sun rising from behind it. This pond is the vision of the Calm that you can feel.

Peace—feels like a forest morning with a flower filled meadow glistening through the trees. This is the Peace that you can feel.

Joy—is the feeling of your inner child laughing at the many new discoveries of life. This child is running across a beautiful field with a small animal following and birds leading the way. This is the Joy that you can feel.

Love—feels like a warm blanket that is wrapped tightly around you while you are held in the arms of a loved one. This is the Love that you can feel.

YOU are the reality that you create!

Good-bye for now. We will return upon your call.



“Do you think we can make this work?” asked Lisa.

“If we can create a new reality, maybe we can create a happy marriage,” Bruce answered.

The next day Lisa awoke while it was still dark and quietly slipped out of bed. Something was bothering her, and she could not figure out what it was. She did know that this issue was not about Bruce. It was about her. Now that the secret about Bruce was out, apologized for and forgiven, why was she still so angry?

Now that she could see the “real mother” that she always wanted to know, why was she so angry? Then she thought about her children. Since she had forgiven her mother, she woke up realizing that she was being a very bad mother herself. She had abandoned her kids much more than her mother had ever abandoned her.

She had to see the children! She had to go home and see her children. No more handing her parenting off to her husband or her husband’s mother. She had to be the mother—right NOW—today. She had to drive home and see her children, but what about her mother? What if she came home and no one was there?

Maybe Bruce could stay here for the weekend, then she could come back when his mother could be with the kids. The fact is, she suddenly realized, was that she wanted to see the children alone. She needed to be alone with her kids. She needed to hold them, kiss them and love them in a way she had not done in far too long.

“We need to go back today, as my Mom needs to leave tomorrow,” said Bruce who was quietly walked up behind her. When he say the loo on Lisa’s face, he said, “What is wrong? Are you alright?”

Then the tears started and Lisa could not contain them. She wanted Bruce to know that it was not about him, so she stood up, walked over to him, put her arms around him and sobbed into his chest. Bruce stood totally still and held her while she cried.

“It’s about the kids, isn’t it?” whispered Bruce.

Lisa pulled back and looked into Bruce’s face, “You are a starseed. How did you know that?”

“Now that my guilt is gone, I no longer need to think that you are only upset about me. Also, I am sure it is difficult for you to blame your mother any longer after she has been so honest and vulnerable with you.”

“OK,” smiled Lisa. “I think I liked you better when you were just a human.”

“Seriously,” said Bruce, not allowing Lisa to push him away, AGAIN, “why are you crying?”

Lisa took a moment to compose her self, as she was not sure of the answer, that is, the complete answer. He had been so honest with her that he deserved the truth.

“The thing on top, it about the children, “Lisa began, “But I spent so much of my life judging my mother, and now I have completely abandoned my own children. I know that is not all that is bothering me, but I don’t think I can get to the rest until I made amends with my children. I need to go back and see them.”

“Great,” said Bruce. “Let’s go.”

“No Bruce, I need to see them alone. I also need you to stay here in case mom comes home. You can Skype me and read me the next parts of the journal when the children go to bed. I know that sounds really crazy, but I need the four hours alone driving to think. I will get them off to school on Monday, and wait till your mother arrives.”

“Did you notice that you just totally left me out—again? What I did with Carol was not OK, but I was so lonely. You were never with “with” me, but just near to me.”

“Yes, I understand that now, and I am not still angry at you about what happened. But, I need to have some time alone with the kids, and I cannot abandon my mother either. I need you to be here in case she comes back. She will be so happy I am with the kids and you are here. You know how much she always loved you.”

“Yes, I do know. I also know that that made you jealous,” mused Bruce.

“Yes, yes,” said Lisa, “It is time for me to take a long look at my self. I need your help. Your mom will be back on Monday, and I will return to you. Please, let me do this.”

“Will you go and Skype and read the journal with me. I can just read and you can listen. Then I can also say good night to the kids.”

“Yes,” said Lisa trying to suppress her jealousy. “That is a good idea. We will walk to the restaurant, like the lovers we have become, and then I will leave. OK?”

“What is if cheat and look ahead in the journal?” Bruce teased.

Lisa gave Bruce a soft, loving kiss and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

Bruce stood right where he was for what seemed like a very long time. Something was happening to him. The Journal that had so changed Lisa had also changed him. The reality was, he really wanted to alone too. Who was this new person that he felt inside of himself? When he went back to the bedroom to put on his clothes, he saw what looked like a page from the journal.

Lisa had placed that page on the bed, with a sticky not saying, “We can talk about this at the restaurant.” He saw that the page had been folded, as if Lisa had kept it from him. When he read the note he knew why. He also knew that he had gained her trust, but he was not sure that he really deserved it.

When Lisa came out from the bathroom wrapped in the robe that had held that note all along, Bruce said, “Can I quite that job I hate now?”

Lisa ran to him and threw her arms around his neck. “I am so sorry I hid that from you. Can you forgive me?”

“Always!” whispered Bruce.

Much later while walking to the restaurant Lisa said, “I did ignore you. But I was also ignoring myself.”

“Me too,” whispered Bruce shaking his head.

Lisa got up before dawn, put on her clothes, kissed Bruce on the forehead and left for their home. Bruce acted like he was half asleep, but he had been awake for hours. He felt like there was something in the Journal that he needed to read, to help get his bearings.

He couldn’t wait till tonight, and he could read again with Lisa. He put on some sweats and t-shirt, grabbed some instant coffee and grabbed the Journal. When he went to the next article it found it was another message from ASCA.



We are ACEA, here to tell you more about the forces that oppose you. These forces are the ones who make you feel like you are “bad” if you are unable to keep your commitment to the old structures of mundane physical life. Do not forget that there is another commitment that you all have sworn to keep. That is the commitment is the one that you made to your Higher Self before you entered your physical form.

You made the pledge that you would not forget who you truly are. You promised that you would remember your true multidimensional self, while you were still wearing your third dimensional body. This was, indeed, a huge commitment and all of the responsibilities of your third dimensional life often seemed to be standing in the way of fulfilling your prior promise.

Now you are keeping your first pledge to remember your true Self. However, in doing so, you are having a difficult time re-organizing your life so that your physical responsibilities can be taken care of without being in the way of your first commitment. It may feel as though there are forces beyond your control stopping you from gaining enough clarity to move forward.

However, once you keep your first commitment, which is to remember that you are a multidimensional being who has come to the third dimension to learn and serve, you will automatically take more responsibility for the life you are creating.

From your third dimensional consciousness, it is difficult to take responsibility for ALL of the life that you have created because there is little validation in your external life that you really are multidimensional. Consequently, it is much easier to believe that you are “just third dimensional.”

We say to you NOW that you must learn to totally trust your own inner guidance when it reminds you that you are multidimensional. We realize what we ask is difficult, as we realize that your world has taught to “fit in” rather than “seek the truth.” It is a hard task to go inside to find your SELF in a world where the inhabitants are trained to follow others.

However, when you begin your process by believing that you ARE a multidimensional being and that you ARE creating your life, it makes it easier to release your fear. If you believe that someone or something else has created your life and you must follow “them,” it is almost impossible to release your fear.

We know that if you believe that you are the victim to others, you will not feel in control of your own life. That is a VERY frightening situation. The secret is to release judgment. Release judgment of others and release judgment of yourself. If you think that the problem is your “fault,” you will also feel guilty and ashamed.

If, instead, you take responsibility for the situation, you will feel empowered. Furthermore, once you no longer judge yourself, you will no longer need to judge others. Once you believe that you are creating your life, then, according to the first rule of manifestation, you ARE creating your own life!

You, and your Soul, are choosing your problems to create situations, which will allow your hidden fears to be brought to the surface of your consciousness and released. Fear must be expunged from your consciousness in order for you to keep your First Commitment.

When each of you can remember that you are a multidimensional being who is visiting the third dimension to complete your destiny, you can face each situation without falling into the grip of fear. Free from fear, you will be able to release each “problem” and move on to the next phase of your initiation.

Yes, there are many phases, but you will learn to face each step of your process within the ever-present NOW. Yes, there truly are outside forces that wish to interfere with your progress. We know that most of you are not aware of your power and cannot understand how you could be a threat to anyone. But, the truth is that you are.

You are not a threat now, but your future reality can be. You constitute the initial groups who have introduced the concept of multidimensional awareness. This concept will free the masses greatly from the shackles of their forgetfulness.

You have established a conscious connection with your higher dimensional selves and with other beings that inhabit the higher dimensions. Once the majority of humanity can do that, they will see the world as you do. Then the forces that are now in power will have no influence upon the masses. What good is it to rule when there is no one to rule over?

In Unconditional Love



Bruce could not believe what he had just read. Even though the message was from 1-27-99, it was exactly what Bruce needed to hear. He had acted as though quitting his job was a joke, but the truth was that his mind-numbing job was driving him crazy.

He wondered if he should just let well enough alone, or tell Lisa that the boredom of his job was the main reason for his cheating. NO, he decided, she was OK with it for now, so it was best to just leave it alone. But he had to admit to himself that if he did not get more challenge in his career life, that he would seek it in a woman’s bed. Absolutely, he should not tell that to Lisa. But, she did say to quite the job he hated.

“Enough thinking,” said Bruce to himself. “I need to take a run. This is actually a really nice neighborhood, and this area seems that it might offer better opportunities. “I take some money to coffee and a paper after my run, to see what the job market is like here.

That night, Bruce skyped the kids good night. Lisa put them each in bed and brought to computer into their beds so Bruce could say good night to each of them. She then took to computer into the den so that she could talk to him alone.

Lisa had so much to say about her drive and her day with the kids, and Bruce told Lisa that he had got a local newspaper to check out work in that area. They laughed, talked and made plans like the best friends they were finally becoming.

After Bruce read Lisa the entry he had read alone, and they laughed at how it was spot on, they realized that they really miss sleeping together.

“It is not even about the sex, it is about the intimacy. I means, yes, the sex is wonderful, but I am surprised to realize how much I love being your friend,” admitted Bruce.

Lisa laughed, and cried, and told him how much she agreed. Finally, they threw each other kisses, shut down the computer and went to their separate beds. The next morning they both woke up alone, but with the same memory of being on a huge plane. Actually, it was too big for a plane. Was it a Starship?

Late Monday afternoon, when Lisa finally returned, they talked, laughed and went on an actual date. “How romantic is this?” said Lisa as kissed him before they entered the fancy restaurant. They ignored the Journal again that night. They were beginning to find their own life, and were less interested in Lisa’s mother.

That night they dreamed again about being on the plane/ship. Only this dream included Beverly, or was it some one that looked like Beverly. The next morning, they decided to return to the Journal in search of more answers. They opened the Journal to the next page, which began with another message from Beverly.

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