Sharng::.Urantia Book – Paper 112 – Section 3 (The Phenomenon of Death) -THE INTERSTELLAR ENNEAGRAM | URANTHEA2094

Origen: Sharng::.Urantia Book – Paper 112 – Section 3 (The Phenomenon of Death) -THE INTERSTELLAR ENNEAGRAM | URANTHEA2094



Sharng::.Urantia Book – Paper 112 – Section 3 (The Phenomenon of Death) -THE INTERSTELLAR ENNEAGRAM

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“The Interstellar Enneagram” highlights / A Bashar Planetary Message



We will now take you through on the vibrational history and give you, a more complete picture the vibrational relationships that you have ongoing on a variety of levels with these civilizations and dimensions of consciousness.

So as many of you already understand, the Anunnaki are the extra terrestrial civilization generally responsible for the alteration of your genetic structure … which was to aid and assist them in mining minerals gold in particular that would allow them to alter the weather patterns have their own planet and make adjustments in that way to their energy fields .

Now, the group of Anunnaki that actually visited your world, that was originally consigned to find those minerals and bring them back to their home world, were actually to begin with, assigned to simply do this task themselves, eventually they found that this was something that was relatively difficult for them to do on their own and so they believe they needed what you would call a workforce in order to aid in this system.

And knowing that there was a natural indigenous being upon the planet that was similar in form to them, they understood that they could genetical alter it to aid and assist them in this way by upgrading it so to speak to something more similar to their own form and thus by creating that force, to work in the mines to extract the gold and other minerals … that they require eventually also developing a long-term relationship with them in a variety of ways even to the point of companionship many many years after that.

Now, this began somewhere around 500,000 up your years ago in the general area is that you call the Middle East and the African continent and those branches of the hominid species that were not alter genetically by the Anunnaki… evolved on their own in parallel to the human beings on your planet that the Anunnaki had created and those that were not altered eventually evolved into the form you now call Sasquatch.

So the idea is that if you had not been altered at all, today you would all be Sasquatch.

But because you were altered – because you were evolved in that way – you became human beings.

Our Relationship to the Essassani and Ya’yel civilizations

We continue this transmission with the idea called the “interstellar Enneagram”, now the idea of the Ya’yel or in our ancient language the first ones will be that they were created last of the five hybrid races and in being created last in being, in a sense the newest version to be created, they are more similar to your human beings than we are, and much more similar to your human beings than the first hybrid race is, so in that sense that is why they will be the first ones you will meet so as to buffer your experience of extraterrestrial contact with the civilization that has a lot of similarity to you, so it will not be too alien for you to assimilate the idea of interacting with them.

Your world very quickly in years to come, after open contact occurs with the Ya’yel will begin to accelerate in ways that will allow you very rapidly to transform yourself and shift yourself to parallel versions of earth that are really far more representative of what you dream the earth can be because, that dream does exist, that dream is real, it exists right now and all you need to do is shift yourself that frequency in order to experience the reflection of that reality.

Our Relationship to the Sirius, Arcturus and Pleiadian civilizations

The idea of the Sirius, Arcturus and Pleiadian energy represents in a sense the future, where you are headed … beginning with Sirius that which is a non-physical consciousness and that which actually inhabits a physical planet which is represented by a race of amphibious style beings, similar in a sense to what you would recognize on your planet as a kind of salamander-ish sort of beings. There’s a lot of water on their planet, they go in and out of it… stay in it quite long duration in periods though they can exist outside of it. They have visited your earth in ancient times and one of the visitations that has been recorded in your history that is now coming to prominence, now coming to light for some time is the civilization that you know of as the Dogon and this Dogon civilization met with many of the beings from Sirius, these amphibious beings, and these meetings were recorded and the Sirius beings taught many things to the tribes of the Dogon on your planet; agriculture, mathematics, celestial phenomenology and so forth and this is now recorded in what you are discovering in the Dogon traditions.

We will now move straight to the Pleiadian energy, the idea is that you have had some encounters on your planet with these humanoid beings that are in a sense your cousins they are a direct offshoot up the idea of the original Orion-dia-spora… when they transform themselves from negative to positive and spread among the stars in a positive way… they also went to the Lyrian stars systems, and develop civilizations there , but eventually also went to some the Pleiadian stars systems and developed civilizations there… they are to some degree the best representation of what your planet will become physiologically when you develop the idea of star travel, when you develop the idea of a unified earth in a positive way – when you develop the ideas a free-energy – when you develop the ideas of true familiar sisterhood and brotherhood on your planet.

it will be very very similar of course still unique, but very similar to the idea of the way the Pleiadian societies exist now so they are in a sense a very good society to mirror vibrationally because it is really they who represent your best potential in fourth density transformational physical reality and in allowing herself to absorb this energy and to
really allow yourself to – FEEL- that you do in fact on your planet still live among the stars.

Remember even though we may seem alien to you – you are all aliens to us! so you also inhabit a planet among the stars
and two other species you are just as alien as other species may seem to you, so by mirroring and matching the vibration of the Pleiadian you start to really take your place in that Galactic Alliance in a way that is representative of your full potentials as physical beings on the planet Earth as you are becoming the sixth hybrid race.

~ Excerpts from Bashar. org

Posted 23rd May by Shanti Zohar

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sharing.:::.▶ Urantia and the era of Light and Life… – Balancing / The Power of the Soul & the Power of the Mind | URANTHEA2094

Origen: sharing.:::.▶ Urantia and the era of Light and Life… – Balancing / The Power of the Soul & the Power of the Mind | URANTHEA2094


sharing.:::.▶ Urantia and the era of Light and Life… – Balancing / The Power of the Soul & the Power of the Mind

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Never before has the Earth been through such a huge change … that is the nature of the Fifth Dimension, that you all co-create and make choices together to create another Reality. Some of you are awake and doing this in a conscious way, but many are still in the “sleep” state and are making their choices without consciousness and based on old energies and patterns. This is why there is so much chaos and confusion. Those who are still making the same unconscious choices are finding that these choices are not leading them to places that they want to be, and they are becoming angry and anxious.
The shift that needs to happen in each incarnated being is to move from the ego/mind to the Heart/Soul as the center of their being and life on Earth.
Over the recent period of your evolution the mind has become the strongest part of most humans and their world. The mind controls perception and creates continuity so that life can be experienced as a “story” that is continuous in a rational way and “makes sense” to the mind. However, as you wake up you begin to see that there are many timelines and many stories, all being told and enacted simultaneously in your reality, as souls create and co-create.
The truth is, Beloved Ones, that the mind can never find truth, for truth belongs to the Heart and the Soul.
Your mind seeks to hold on to the dominance and does not want to let go. When the mind “let’s go” and allows the Soul to step in, the there is another perspective on Time, Space and Reality that liberates each being to experience life at a higher level of consciousness and in harmony with the Heart and Soul. A New Dream and a New Reality is born. You begin to see and experience things that were not seen and felt before, because they were hidden by the filters of the mind. The veils are lifted and you truly see what is before you!
Integrating the Fourth Dimension : Adventures in Time/Space

In the old third-dimensional world and reality, it was easy for the mind to create narratives and stories that were linear, and that had satisfactory beginnings and endings on this linear continuum.

When you shift into the Fifth-dimensional grids and Higher Consciousness, you open the way for your Soul to show you the nature of a new Reality, where the Soul sees life from a Galactic or Quantum perspective. Life is not linear and it is not finite! In the realms of the Soul, life is infinite and continues on many different arcs or spirals, some simultaneous in different or parallel timelines and universes.
From this Soul perspective, which centers in the Heart, you understand that Creation comes through and out of Divine Love. And that Change and Transformation are the Nature of Life itself.
From your Soul and Heart, Beloved Ones, you will feel a deep sense of Acceptance and Peace as you allow the flow of Divine Creative Intelligence to move through you as a Creative Force, allowing you the joy of making choices and spinning creation on a new and higher level of experience.

The Multi-Dimensional Narratives of the Soul

The Soul is multi-dimensional and exists on many levels. It’s narratives are in the past and the future and in the present moment, which is the point of origin.

The Soul is the Galactic Voyager … It spins experiences and stories. … into manifestation on your Fifth-dimensional New Earth.
The month of May will give you many opportunities to loosen the hold of the Ego Mind and align with the creative impulses of the Soul and Heart, and express yourself in a new way.
As the mind releases its hold on your reality and lets go, many old patterns that cause pain are being released. These releases may be experienced as physical pain in the digestive system, where experience itself is “digested”, or as anxiety, insomnia and bad dreams. As you move closer to your Soul, you begin to experience the Brilliant Center of the Heart of All That Is, which is the Home of the Soul.

~ Excerpts from Celia Fenn – starchildglobal. com
Posted 9th May by Shanti Zohar

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Sharing.:::.▶ Urantia Book – Paper 111 – Section 7 (The Adjuster’s Problem) – Entering the 4D Emotional Plane Mystery School | URANTHEA2094

Origen: Sharing.:::.▶ Urantia Book – Paper 111 – Section 7 (The Adjuster’s Problem) – Entering the 4D Emotional Plane Mystery School | URANTHEA2094


Sharing.:::.▶ Urantia Book – Paper 111 – Section 7 (The Adjuster’s Problem) – Entering the 4D Emotional Plane Mystery School

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Wednesday, July 8, 2015
Entering the 4D Emotional Plane Mystery School

July 8, 2015

The 4D Emotional Plane Mystery School 



The Arcturians 


Now that you have completed your journey through the Lower Astral Plane Mystery School, you continue your journey by entering the Emotional Sub-plane along your journey through the fourth dimension.

As you make your journey, be sure that you leave “bread crumbs” so that you can easily recognize the pathway that you have created. This fourth dimensional pathway will expand into a road, then into a highway, then into a freeway as you repeat this passage again and again.

Remember that you are clearing out the “bottleneck” between the third and the fifth dimension. As each of you dear, inter-dimensional travelers, repeat, and repeat again, your conscious journey through the fourth dimension, you clear your own residue from your myriad incarnations and/or visitation to planet Earth.

Unfortunately, you were often leaving lives filled with fear, anger, sorrow and pain. Because that was how you felt in that incarnation, that was the residue that you left behind on Earth and in Gaia’s fourth dimensional aura.

In the journey you are taking NOW, you are prepared with unconditional love and violet fire so that you can clean up what you left behind in other incarnations. We appreciate that often you are clearing the astral remains left by others, and we deeply thank you for this service. We are pleased that you have evolved far enough beyond your human ego that you can think only of dear Gaia and not worry about what is “fair” for you to clear.

The cleaning crew at the end of a huge party is not concerned about who left what mess. They know it is their job to clear all the mess. They take pride in their work and want to return chaos to order. However, you will not be clearing chaos, as it is a necessary ingredient for great change.

Instead, you will transmute that which is the third and lower fourth dimension to create a clear passageway for the many ones who will traverse this “road” back home to their fifth dimensional starship, planet and/or reality. You see, they/you are not going Home. They/You are returning Home to your true SELF in the higher dimensions of reality.

Your “tour of duty” on third dimensional Earth is almost completed, so you are clearing the way for yourselves and the many others who are NOW remembering that their own state of consciousness is their personal Starship.
However, all the lower consciousness emotions have blocked their journey back into the reality of fifth dimensional light and unconditional love. Hence, as members of our “Galactic Cleaning Crew”, you are called upon to transmute these fearful emotions into loving emotions.

You will begin your task with your self. First you will pave your way through your own fourth dimensional aura, clearing and transmuting as you go. Then you will return to Earth and begin again. The second time, you will clear and transmute the fear-based emotions of ALL life on Earth.

Does that sound like too huge a task? Are you afraid that you may become trapped in all of the fearful emotions that are strewn through the emotional sub-plane of the fourth dimension? Yes, you are correct. If you do not personally know your own emotional discards, you will become afraid that they are all yours.

If there was a big party, and you had to find your wallet that was lost in the mess, you would need to remember what your wallet looks like. We say “wallet” because that holds your ID. Your ID is all that you are within your NOW. Hence, it is vital that you unconditionally love, unconditionally forgive and unconditionally accept your self.

While you travel through the Emotional Plane, you do so in search of any thought forms that need to be transmuted. You will begin with your own emotions and then expand to larger and larger group emotions. Will you clear up other people’s mess?

You will not “clear” the emotional messes they have left behind, but you will send unconditional love, forgiveness, acceptance and a loving blast of unconditional love to these cast-off and forgotten emotions.

You will do this, not because you love the people who left them, as you will not even know them, but you will do this service for Gaia, whom you deeply know and unconditionally love. Gaia is not responsible for the emotions of her humans.

Also, if some of those lost in darkness receive your unconditional love, then they just might be able to accept it. In fact, more and more of the lost ones are turning away from their fearful beginnings.

Most humans are not innately afraid, angry and/or destructive. They are trained to be that way by their parents or some early childhood trauma. We know that many of you, our emissaries to Earth, chose to have extremely difficult childhoods so that you could work through the pain of those experiences.

You made that choice because, when you cleared your own trauma and inner pain, you also cleared the damage done to Gaia. You see, your physical earth vessel is ONE with Gaia, via the connection of the human and planetary elementals of Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

What brave warriors you have been. We salute your victory in the Light. It is this reason that we wish to assist you as you clear the dredges for fearful thought forms and energy packages that have littered Gaia’s emotional aura for millennia.

We remind you that just as you transmute Gaia’s damage, you also transmute your own damage. When you transmute Gaia, you transmute yourself. This inter-relationship is because of Gaia’s “Law of Cause and Effect”— energy out is energy back.

This inter-relationship works slowly at first until you release ALL sense of being a victim and take FULL responsibility for choices and reaction. This responsibility is not “blame” in any manner. Instead, this responsibility is a recognition that you chose to take on these challenges to clear any “outstanding debts” from former incarnations and because you knew it would make you strong.

Furthermore, no one in the fifth dimension could even imagine, or choose to remember, just how dark it had become on Gaia’s beautiful planet. Much of that darkness still remains in the third dimensions, but as you clear the fourth dimension first, you bar the escape of that darkness.

Those who have taken an incarnation on Gaia must abide by the Law of Cause and Effect. If they are to transmute their consciousness beyond the dark indoctrinations that they have received, they must experience the return of what they have sent out. Again, this event has begun.

Because of all the light and love that our ascending ones are sending out, more and more of those lost to power over others are volunteering to abide by Gaia’s rule of Cause and Effect.

Therefore, they actually volunteered to receive that which they have put out because they know that is the only way they can ascend with the planet. How do they know this? They know this because the light is so strong that even those once trapped in the web of lies, illusion and darkness are beginning to awaken.

Hence, our dear volunteers to Gaia, as you clear your passageway through the fourth dimension, please perceive, accept and claim every fearful emotion you have left within your own fourth dimensional aura and within the fourth dimensional aura of Gaia.

Accept these hidden and frightened emotions into your ever-expanding knowing and loving states of consciousness. If you are to “forgive them, for they know not what they do,” then you must also “forgive your self, for you knew not what you did.”

Life on third dimensional Earth has created many fear-based emotions. As you collect these emotions within your heart, you see the fourth-dimensional Emotional Mystery School. Your heart becomes heavier and heavier as you collect myriad third dimensional lifetimes filled with the fear, anger, pain, sorrow, regret and judgment.

These emotions have sunk to the bottom of this fourth dimensional pond. To your surprise, as you move closer and closer to the Mystery School, you see emotions of joy, love, happiness and celebration. Gleefully, you collect these emotions, as well.

The doors to the Mystery School open, and you observe as all the versions of your self still lost to fear and judgment from YOU, run into the arms of the loving Priests and Priestesses that stand just inside the open doors.

“Do I really deserve that love and forgiveness?” you whisper into the ear of the closest Priest or Priestess. However, as that being of LIGHT turns to face you, you see your SELF.

The being of LIGHT that is YOU points down to the portal of light that you have created and says, “Do you see how very creative you are?”

As you enter the Mystery School with joy and hope, you ponder your own creativity.

As the light of the Mystery School clears your fear and fills you with love, YOU become that higher version of your SELF.

Can you remember to be that YOU when you return to the third dimension?

~~~~~ Note from Sue:

Our fourth dimensional journey to this Mystery School was guided via our second chakra, which is ruled by our Ovaries and Testicles. Therefore, our own creative energy field will be called upon to “create” the portal into the 4D Emotional Plane Mystery School.

While in this Mystery School, we will be guided to remember that our emotions are a powerful component of our every creation. If we are to come into our Power Within, in the 4D Mental Plane Mystery School, we must first recognize the power of our emotions.

Our thoughts create the matrix for our creations, but our emotions fill that matrix with life. As mentioned above, many of us took on a very difficult childhood because we wanted to clear the slate and ascend in this lifetime.

When we remember to choose love over fear, which can be a very difficult task, we discover that the first person we must love is our own self. Fortunately, that self includes our own Multidimensional SELF who can lead us from the perspective of the higher dimensions.

How do we connect with that SELF? Of course, it is through our EMOTIONS!

Dear Friends, we are coming into some great changes, so please remember to

Blessings to you all, dear multidimensional friends,

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 1:22 PM No comments:
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Sharing.:::. ▶ Urantia and the Planetary Mortal Epochs. -Entering the Lower Astral Mystery School | URANTHEA2094

Origen: Sharing.:::. ▶ Urantia and the Planetary Mortal Epochs. -Entering the Lower Astral Mystery School | URANTHEA2094


Sharing.:::. ▶ Urantia and the Planetary Mortal Epochs. -Entering the Lower Astral Mystery School

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Monday, June 29, 2015
Entering Lower Astral Mystery School


Entering the Lower Astral Mystery School




Free download of entering the Lower Astral Mystery School


It takes great courage to look at our own fears, past trauma, failures and lost dreams. However, if we can find the courage to look into the lowest frequency of our consciousness and of our aura, we will find many teachers.

We will also realize how very much we have grown and changed from our “past” expressions of our SELF.

There is still “time” on the Astral Plane, but it is much faster. I just a teenager when I discovered that time was different in different places. I did not have a word for “states of consciousness” then.

I know it was that age when I made that discovery because I remember that bedroom like it was yesterday. I was just entering puberty, and my body changes where creating huge and unwanted emotional shifts.

At the same time I was realizing that all that I had “imagined” was likely real. Hence, I needed to gain some control over what I imagined. In fact, my dreams were greatly disturbing, so disturbing that I knew I had to gain some control of them.

Now I know it was my Higher Self that was guiding me, but then I only knew that if I did not gain some control over my dreams I would go crazy.

Therefore, I started learning to put up a black velvet screen in my mind and use my will power to see an image.

The first image I used was a red Rose. It was very difficult to create a picture of a rose in my imagination, but I continued my practice until I could.

Eventually, I could even spell words, which was very difficult to not see the words in mirror vision. Finally, I had gained some control of the images that allowed to enter into my mind before I fell asleep.

Somehow, I had figured out that if I allowed negative thoughts before I went to sleep that I would have bad dreams. I figured this out because I had gone to a horror picture where “The Blob” came from outer space (teaching the young people to hate and fear “aliens”) and melted people.

I was so terrified by those images of being melted, that I saw them whenever I closed my eyes to fall asleep. After much practice, which was done on my own, as there was not one person in my life that I could share my problem with, I was able to create pleasant images in my mind.

When I took the time to create this loving, happy images I was free of nightmares. However, if I forgot, then the nightmares returned.

Gradually, sleep was not as terrifying, and I could just relax into it. I also decided to make my alarm clock have music rather that the shocking, buzzing noise. Then, one morning I had a dream that was very long and involved.

The main thing I could remember about the dream was the song that was playing through out the entire dream. It was a nice dream, a pleasant dream, and I woke up slowly.

Then, to my surprise, the song that was playing through the very long dream continued for quite a while after I had awakened.

That was when I discovered that time was different when we were asleep from how it was when we were awake. I noted that discovery then forgot about it. It was one of my first adventures into states of consciousness.

Since I was a young adult in the 70’s I learned about the new term called “ altered consciousness.” Before then, consciousness meant that we were awake as opposed to asleep.

As I look back now I can see that my state of consciousness was very low for many years, as I was very depressed.

I was depressed because I missed my SELF, and was upset that I could not BE myself with any one or I would be judged. Therefore, I have chosen to retrieve my depressed ones.

I say “ones” as depression followed my through many stages of my life. I see all my depressed ones now happily studying in the beautiful Mystery School.

I have done a version of this exercise many times, but it never gets old, and each time I feel even better.

I hope that you can retrieve your lost portions of your SELF and take them to this beautiful Mystery School.

They will learn a lot, and so will you.


Perhaps you would like to share YOUR STORY Posted by Suzanne Lie at 5:27 PM

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sharing.:::.KPT- ▶ Urantia and the arrival of the Paradise Son. – Arcturian Energetic Weather Report #1 | URANTHEA2094

Origen: sharing.:::.KPT- ▶ Urantia and the arrival of the Paradise Son. – Arcturian Energetic Weather Report #1 | URANTHEA2094



sharing.:::.KPT- ▶ Urantia and the arrival of the Paradise Son. – Arcturian Energetic Weather Report #1

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***   * * *

Beloved ones, we are the Arcturians.

We are here to begin our process of sharing with you the energetic weather reports. As you know the energy fields on Gaia have been extremely intense, and the frequencies seem to be rising every day. However, simultaneously, there are other places, situations and people where the frequencies seem to be getting lower. This is because as the frequency gets higher, there are people who are dropping out.

This doesn’t mean that these people will not be able to continue their Ascension process, but it means instead that sometimes our beloved Galactics and Celestials wearing human forms need some time to rest. Some of you need to just stop and be still, take a vacation, do only do what you want to do, be with friends, travel, be in nature, write, sing, dance – whatever brings joy in your life.

This is so important because, even when you are sitting still, it is working very hard. Your body has to adapt to higher and higher frequencies of Light. As this higher Light is moving into your pineal gland, it is going into your endocrine system and moving through all of your Chakras. As the higher frequency light moves into the endocrine system of all of your chakras, you begin to have a different bio-chemical mix, so to speak.

Another thing that is occurring is that time is becoming increasingly confusing. This confusion is because as you are moving into your fifth-dimensional consciousness you are beginning to remember how it is to live in the NOW. Hence, you get so involved in the NOW of what you are doing, thinking or being, that you lose all track of time.

Then you look back and say, “Oh look, I’ve wasted all of this time.” We want you to know that there is no wasting of time. We want you to know that it is vital that you allow yourself to surrender into your true SELF, surrender into your fifth-dimensional SELF that resonates to the One of the NOW.

Speaking of resonance we see that many of you have begun to feel the kundalini merging its way up your spine and undulating up and down. Within that kundalini your Lightbody is getting ready to flash forward. Now we will not give you a time for this because time is an illusion of the third-dimension.

You already have a Lightbody in your fifth-dimensional self. When you are serving on the Starships, you are primarily serving in your Lightbody. However, the Lightbody that you are wearing while in your fifth-dimensional state of consciousness does not look the same as a Lightbody you may perceive while you are in a third-dimensional state of consciousness.

If you perceive a Lightbody, in other worlds, but you are in third or fourth dimensional consciousness, it will be something that is almost beyond your perceptions. So therefore it will look like a flash of Light. It will be a bit blurry, and you may not see details like fingers, toes, noses or eyes. You might just see a large being of Light.

However, if you are also wearing a fifth-dimensional body of Light, you will perceive that body in much greater detail. In fact, you can see all of the details of that being. You can see their face, their arms, their body, and you can feel that they resonate to this fifth-dimensional Light just like you do.

It is very difficult to accurately perceive a reality that is beyond your state of consciousness. You might be able to perceive it with your imagination, which is really your fifth-dimensional thought, for a bit of your time. But you will quickly become tired as your third-dimensional brain is not programmed for that type of perception.

Now, more and more of you, our beloved ones wearing Earth vessels, are beginning to awaken to your higher perceptions. You are beginning to see with your clairvoyance, hear with your clairaudience, and feel with your clairsentience.

Therefore you are able to see beings of Light that you have not been able to see before. However, until you have become accustomed to perceiving that frequency, you may still have difficulties perceiving, acknowledging and recognizing the details of these perceptions.

It is much like using an old, crystal radio to try to receive a high-speed transmission from outer space. That radio would not be able to receive it and if it did it at all, it would not be very clear. That is what is occurring with you now. Just be patient and allow yourself to perceive the higher realities in whichever manner they come to you.

Remember that belief and perception are best friends. If you can believe, “I am perceiving a Starship,” then you have given yourself permission to imagine that you are actually seeing a Starship. In fact, you can’t see that Starship unless you use your fifth-dimensional imagination, or your clairvoyance, or you might hear it with your clairaudience. You may just know that the Starship there with your clairsentience.

Sometimes you will look up into the sky and see a star and say, “No that is more than just a star. I know inside me that it’s more than a star. I can feel it. I can feel it in my heart. I can see it in my Third Eye. I can even imagine myself on that ship. Oh, NOW I can remember that dream I had not too long ago.

I don’t remember many details of that dream. I just remember talking to someone who was definitely not human. Even if they were Pleiadian, they were clearly not human. They looked like human but they did not feel like human. They did not talk like human. In fact, they didn’t talk at well. We just spoke with our minds.

Then I tried so hard to bring that back to my physical self as I was awakening. I could hold it for just a few minutes, and then it was gone. All I could remember was that, “I think I might have had an experience last night, but I can’t remember any of it.”

Don’t worry, practice makes perfect. More and more, you will be able to acknowledge that you visit us on a regular basis. You will also be able to acknowledge that we visit you. Now we don’t visit you in that we would lower our high frequency bodies down to the density of your world except for short periods of time.

When we do visit your frequency, very often we wear special suits that help us to maintain our own inner frequency. If you were to go to the bottom of the ocean, you would wear a special suit because you would need that assistance to live in such a different environment.

In the same manner, we also often need assistance to be able to spend much of your time in your low frequency of reality. Also we know how to project, what they used to call it in the third and fourth dimensions, of the glimmer of magic.

Actually, we know how to create a thoughtform around us. Therefore, you see that thought form that we have created. We are not trying to fool you at all, but we don’t want to frighten you. We do want you to know that we are among you, and we walk with you much more than you can imagine.

Now again, we are going to touch down and walk with you a while, then go back up to our ships and into our innate higher frequency. But it is good for us to lower ourselves even though we have to make special preparations because then we can really understand what you, our dear grounded ones, have to go through every day. We also want you to know that we are here and we will be more and more visible.

So just relax and believe that we are real. Remember, what you can believe you can perceive and what you can perceive you can believe.

Know that we perceive every one of you, and we send you all Light. We are also sending Light to all of humanity, especially to those who are lost. Fortunately, there are many who are awakening from the members of the lost ones. We are very happy to share that information with you.

Well, see you on our Ship. We will return soon (within your illusion of time) to transmit another Energetic Weather Report.

Have a wonderful day, and we send blessings to you all,

The Arcturians

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD

Posted 13th April by Shanti Zohar

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Sharing.:::.▶ The Lucifer Rebellion – Planetary Rebellion (Earth) – ▶ Urantia Book – Paper 110 – JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP – part XII- MYTRE AND KEPIER 4 | URANTHEA2094

Sharing.:::.▶ The Lucifer Rebellion – Planetary Rebellion (Earth) – ▶ Urantia Book – Paper 110 – JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP – part XII- MYTRE AND KEPIER 4 | URANTHEA2094.

* * *


Sharing.:::.▶ The Lucifer Rebellion – Planetary Rebellion (Earth) – ▶ Urantia Book – Paper 110 – JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP – part XII- MYTRE AND KEPIER 4

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Continuation of the Meeting of the Galactic Federation

The Galactics decided that they could no longer hold back from the needs of the brave
for the sake of those who were still afraid.


Kepier and I were so intently paying attention to every word that was said that we did not notice that the rows of seats behind us were silently being filled. It was not until my Arcturian Friend went to the podium and said, “Welcome Beings from Earth,” that we turned to see how much the room had filled.

There were not just humans in this group. There were also beings who appeared to be whale and dolphin beings, fourth dimensional Elemental Beings and majestic Devic Beings who supervised the Elementals. All the difference races, and even timelines were included.

There was an ancient Mayan Leader next to a leader from the 21 Century. There were Lemurians sitting next to Atlantians and representatives of the animal kingdom in bi-pedal forms of their usual four-legged appearance. There were world leaders, scientists, religious leaders, and citizens from every culture and area of Earth.

Since this room was multidimensional like the rest of the ship, it expanded in size, as more room was needed for the incoming guests. It appeared that the humans were only ushered in after the opening meditations were complete. Likely because of the humans, the Arcturian spoke in sequential human language when it introduced the members of the Federation. When the Arcturian presented a regal looking Draconian who stood up to reveal well over 10 feet of height, the humans fell into a hushed silence.

“Dear humans of Earth, we gather here today to release old conflicts that have arisen from the separation consciousness that has invaded your planet. Within this separation consciousness, your society devolved into the polarities of “Power-Over Others” and “Power-Within SELF.” The Power-Over model creates a reality based on victim and victimizer, conqueror and conquered. On the other hand, the Power-Within mode creates a reality of unconditional love and Unity Consciousness.

“We have much to tell you about the nature of humanity and how it is interrelated with us, the Galactic Federation of your the Milky Way Galaxy. Your planet Earth has asked to become a member of our Galactic Community. Gaia, the Soul of Earth, has served many fledgling species from many planets and solar systems in our Milky Way Galaxy.

“Now Earth is ready to ascend into Her fifth dimensional expression. She wishes to take Her inhabitants with Her, and all is ready except for some of humanity. Your present day human is a genetic mix of all the members of the Galactic Federation whom you see seated before you. This genetic mix includes the DNA of those you have considered your enemy, namely the Zetas and the Draconians.

“In this meeting we will speak about your long relationship with the many different species of the Draconian Race. For millions of years many members of your world have battled for the right to have either Power-Over Others OR Power-Within SELF. These two battles raged for millennia. However, once a being found their Power-Within, they were no longer interested in gaining Power-Over Others.

“Power-Over Others stems from a powerless, loveless childhood where survival was constantly a challenge as some one or some thing was a constant threat of suffering, injury or inhalation. The Draconian Society, which is a Reptilian world was, and is, based on the challenge of the strong surviving and the weak dying. There was a constant culling of their society so that only the very strong would live to adulthood.

“They were hatched from an egg that is external to their mother’s womb and left in the sand to hatch. The first ones to hatch fed on the later ones that hatched. Hence, they became strong enough to dominate others. As soon as they had enough strength from feeding on their siblings, they left the danger of their hatching area. Then they sought a safer place to hide and feed until they were big enough to survive outside of their hiding place.

“Because of this beginning they cared only for themselves and lived their lives in domination of others with no sympathy or concern for the weak. Some of Dracs prospered and continued living via the means of dominating others. However, something very usual began to happen as they spent more time on Earth. There were also resourceful ones, who were usually the last eggs to hatch. The stronger ones had left, and the animals that fed on the eggs had had their fill.

“These last ones to hatch were born to a scene of carnage and destruction. Some were so weakened by this vision that they died. However, others were filled with a kind of compassion for their dead hatch mates. The eggs of this group of Dracs had remained buried in the earth longer and had more time to mature within the shell. In other words, they were the first ones laid and the last ones hatched. They had more time inside the egg and inside the earth to mature. Hence, they had less fear when they hatched, as they were stronger when they left their shell.

“These Draconians eventually banded together and established a secret society in which they could explore their great scientific, metaphysical mind and sense of humor. When this sub-species of Draconians took to the skies in their Starships, they did not do so with the intention of conquering, but with the intention of learning. However, because of their looks they created fear wherever they went.

“Their plight caught the attention of us, the Arcturians. We could easily see into the thoughts and feelings of these Dracs and knew that they were the key to curing fear and conquest in this Galaxy. The Galactic War had raged on and off for many millennia with the Power-Over Dracs seeking conquest of all they explored. On the other hand, we Arcturians had been mentoring the Gentle Dracs and providing them with a safe environment in which they could come into their full Power-Within.

“Because these Dracs looked like the conquering Dracs, they could infiltrate the warrior ranks to send us information and assist us to end the Galactic War. They were not happy spying on their own kind, but they did not like to see this devolution of the great intelligence and wisdom of their species.

“Eventually, these Draconians ascended. They have returned to their multidimensional nature and serve within the Galactic Federation. However, they must constantly face the pressure of prejudice because of the violence of their species. We tell you this story now because they are the key to reaching the many humans who are still influenced and/or ruled by the instinct of their own Draconian DNA located in their lowest ‘lizard brain.’

“These humans live in terror of survival. Hence, they give themselves permission to harm others for the sake of their own safety. Some of these Drac/Humans are the victims of more dominant Drac/Humans. They have become subservient because they have not sufficiently connected with their higher cortical functions which can create a solution to their problems. Furthermore, they have become entrenched in the third dimensional illusions and dogma that have been disseminated to control the masses.

“This segment of the population of Earth is not ready for ascension, as they have been unable to move beyond the basic instincts of survival of their own self. The ascended Draconians, who have become members of our Galactic Federation, have learned to care for others in the same manner they care for themselves. In other words, they have learned to embrace love. All humans who can embrace love can accept ascension.

“Unfortunately, some humans have been so trapped in fear that they cannot recognize love, much less embrace it. When fear becomes the master, the source of power becomes external rather than internal. When the source of power is external, humans listen to those who wish to dominate. These humans cannot love themselves enough to allow their Higher Expressions of SELF to speak into their Heart/Mind.

“The ascended Dracs can work within the ranks of the remaining Power-Over Others group, as well as within their enslaved population. Since these Dracs have ascended, they can create any form that is necessary to infiltrate the remaining segments of Earth’s conquer-or-be-conquered societies. These conquerors and the conquered have been locked in mortal combat for millennia and have traded places in many incarnations.

“Once they have been the conqueror, they must take on a lifetime as the conquered to experience the return of their energy field. If the conquered are unable to find power within, they become fearful again. If they die in fear, they return to the loop of conquered or conqueror. In other words, they must find their Power-Within while they are incarnated in an earth body. This is where the ascended Dracs can be a powerful influence on Gaia’s humans who are trapped in the old story of survival.

“As you know, just as many of you are direct descendants of the Pleiadians, Sirians and/or Arcturians, many of the dark ones who remain in power are direct descendants of the Draconians. Many of Draconian descendants are ready to seek the light, but they do not know how. Who can better assist them than fellow Draconians who have found their Power-Within? Furthermore, who can better heal the victims of the Draconian Rule than the Dracs themselves?

“No one knows that these Dracs are different from the ones who have dominated them. Hence they think that since the victimizers can change, then they the victims, can change too. Also, if the ascended Dracs can convince their human counterparts controlling the media to tell the truth, the masses will have an opportunity for education. Many people have been indoctrinated to believe that the mainstream news is the truth and do not want to confront the fact that it is mostly propaganda.

“There are many Dracs in human disguise, just as there are many Pleiadians, Sirians, and Arcturians wearing a human form. However, we wish all humans to be free to reveal their ancestry as a spark of their Multidimensional SELF with whom they have merged. The Draconians were once mighty beings before they descended into the third dimension and got the scent of conquest that devolved them to their animal nature.

“Dear members of Gaia’s Earth, before we close our message, we ask that you FEEL our presence within your earth vessel. Feel our presence move deeply into your Heart/Mind. Can you notice how our information feels a bit different when it is centered within this hub of communication?

“Sense how our connection with you is flowing up from your Heart/Mind and into your Brain/Mind to activate your Third Eye. Now, allow your Third Eye to perceive us within yourself as the unconditional love of pure Unity Consciousness. As the Dracs clear the way by assisting the victims and victimizers, we your Galactic Counterparts will be able to appear to you in this manner, which is more vivid than you have ever experienced.

“Of course, we could have always communed with you in this manner, but it would have put our ascending ones into an energy pattern that would have made it too difficult to remain within your earth vessel. Your physical form is your deepest connection to Gaia, and thus, to the process of Planetary Ascension.

“The calibration of the ascending ones with the body of Gaia is vital in order to create the entity of New Earth. Of course, all possible realities are already created within your fifth dimensional NOW. However you need to open a portal, a corridor, into that reality which already exists. This Corridor is best created with your consciousness, as your consciousness is the component of your earth vessel that can best transmute your reality as you move through your ascension process.

“What we mean by that comment is that only your Multidimensional Consciousness has the ability to create a higher frequency of reality as it simultaneously pulls your form into that higher reality. Furthermore, you will not be alone during your journey for you have the great mass of Gaia’s body and the Unity Consciousness of the other ascending humans.

“You, the Portal Openers, are creating passageways from your physical reality into our Arcturian Corridor. All of you are fully dedicated to your Mission of Personal and Planetary Ascension. Hence, you are able to release your physical form to “die” to your physical world and instantly be “reborn” on the already existing New Earth.

“Those that shed their earth vessel in this manner will go ahead to prepare New Earth for further inhabitants. Some of you will move into the higher planes because your Mission has been completed. These members of our ascension team took forms to serve as “booster rockets” to open the first Portals. When they will have completed their Mission they will move into whichever reality fulfills their Heart/Mind.

“On the other hand, there are those of you who have come to deeply love your Mother Gaia. You have volunteered to stay with Her throughout the entire Planetary Ascension, as well as during the process in which New Earth is created. However, simultaneously to your creation of New Earth, New Earth has always existed. Just as you have forgotten and lost contact with your Multidimensional SELF, so has Gaia.

“In the same manner that your human form has myriad expressions of your Multidimensional SELF, Gaia has uncountable expressions of Her Planetary SELF. Hence, as you connect to your Higher Expressions of SELF, you assist Gaia to connect to Her higher Planetary Expression. Furthermore, as you assist Gaia, Gaia is assisting you. As you are re-connecting your individuated consciousness with your multidimensional of Galactics, Celestials, Ascended Masters and Elohim, Gaia is connecting Herself with Her myriad expressions of her Star, Solar System, Galaxy and Universe.

“You are not creating these higher personal and planetary expressions, as they infinitely exist within the NOW of the ONE. You are re-connecting your consciousness within the great vastness of your pure multidimensional nature. As you know, every birth must be preceded by a death, such as the death of the amniotic sac, which preceded your first breath outside of the womb.

“The death that you must accept is the loss of whatever unfulfilled needs you believe you must fulfill before you can focus on your ascension. Your personal unfulfilled needs are extremely minute in comparison to the Universal Shift into higher expressions of Being. Also, these unfulfilled needs distract you from your Mission of being your Multidimensional SELF and tie you to a reality that is ending. Hence, you are denying yourself entrance into a reality that is beginning.

“Of course, you can create these needs when you move into the higher realms. However, your choice to attend to your wounded ego rather than to transmuting your planet will lower your resonance to a frequency that cannot perceive the portals into New Earth. In order to release these old “needs,” you will have to realize that YOU are VERY important! As we have just stated, there are many who are still unable to participate in Planetary Ascension in any manner.

“Worse yet, there are still those humans on your planet who are working against Planetary Ascension. These lost ones have become lost in their small minds and smaller hearts. Hence, they can only think that the desire to control a reality that is of a very low resonance is more important than returning to a reality based on unconditional love. These lost ones are totally unaware that in order to hold on to their sense of control and power over others; they are denying their ability to experience unconditional love, bliss and joy.

“In the same manner, those who limit their powerful Heart/Mind to the desires for third dimensional possession, fame and wealth are restricting their reality to a mere spec of the very SELF who can instantly fulfill their every need within a flash of the NOW. The multidimensional power of your higher expressions of SELF can easily replicate that which you have bound to your consciousness with your unconditional love.

“However, all that resonates to a frequency below that of unconditional love is best released so that you can set free your attachments to your physical reality. Once you are free of the illusions of the third/fourth dimensional world, you can attach your consciousness to the ongoing process of Planetary Ascension. In other words, we ask that the needs of your personal self take the back seat to the needs of your Planetary SELF.

“Your Planetary SELF lives in Unity Consciousness with all those who have chosen this commitment and who are focusing their attention on the unconditional love and joy of creating New Earth. We, the members of the Galactic Federation salute you for your great courage and sacrifice. We are infinitely with you whether you are in the most mundane physical task or visiting us here on the Mothership.”

Blessings to each and every ONE of you,

The Arcturians and the members of the Galactic Federation

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD

Posted 19th November 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
Labels: Earth AscensionKepier from ArcturusMytre from PleiadesThe Galactic Federation of Light

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Oct 3 


Los saludo, Semillas Estelares Acturianas, Yo Soy Helio-Ah, somos los Arcturianos.

Es importante continuar explorando las multidimensiones y la existencia multidimensional que ustedes están esforzándose por integrar. Consideren la necesidad de encuadrarse a la manifestación multinivel, la existencia multinivel, y a las comunicaciones multinivel. Por esto quiero decirles que están reforzándose en esta fórmula, manifestando con todos los niveles que han venido a experimentar. Deben darse cuenta que ustedes viven en un mundo multidimensional.

Deben buscar integrar estos conceptos de algún modo.

Lo que están haciendo beneficia su concilia multidimensional. Si no pueden encuadrarse en los diferentes aspectos, encontrarán algunas aberraciones en su energía manifestada en la Tierra. Quizás se encontrarán, como alguien ha dicho, “ vertiginosos y confundidos”. La multi-energía puede encontrar la expresión en este cuerpo de laTierra. Preguntarán entonces: Cómo es que yo podría manifestarme en este multi-conocimiento en el cuerpo de la Tierra? Todo lo que ustedes hacen y piensan, está entrando a su “pequeño” mundo, está relacionado a los reinos superiores, sobre todo cuando se han conectado con su misión de Semillas Estelares, los corredores Arcturianos y otros reinos. Tienen la responsabilidad de hacer claras las canalizaciones y también encuadrarlas con los campos de energía apropiados. Los campos de energía son complejos.

Ustedes tiene las multi-capas sutiles en su aura del cuerpo. Estas capas pueden describirse en forma de “multi-huevos”. Estos multi-huevos son los huevos áuricos que existen en niveles diferentes. Ustedes tienen la forma de la Tierra, que yo llamaré el aura de la Tierra. Ustedes también tiene un aura en otro reino. Esta aura en el otro reino está en la quinta dimensión. También ustedes han tenido remanentes de auras, o huevos áuricos en otros sistemas planetarios. Cuando han seguido su viaje galáctico a través de las encarnaciones, recogen sus huevos áuricos. Cuando dejan un planeta, hay una cáscara o un rastro de estos huevos áuricos.

Ustedes tienen conexiones con los Pleyadianos, con los Sirianos, con los Andromedanos, y con diferentes sistemas extra-planetarios en los sistemas extra-soles. Las diferentes cáscaras áuricas son parte del sistema hológrafo del ser multi-nivelado. Vamos a llamar a todas sus cáscaras áuricas, que están en esta galaxia y en la galaxia de Andrómeda, para unirlas. Yo, Helio-Ah, traeré una energía especial hacia una alineación con todos los Seres de estas cáscaras. Con esa alineación, experimentarán una novedad en su campo de energía de la Tierra. Esta novedad los hará concientes de aproximadamente veinte capas de cáscaras del huevo áurico.
Visualicen y conciban esto por un breve momento. Ustedes tienen en la Tierra un aura básica que es ovoide. Este es un campo de energía total construído a través de esta cáscara. Está compuesto de sus experiencias, ideas, emociones, mental , espiritual y el cuerpo físico de esta vida. Imaginen que también tienen otra cáscara del aura multidimensional compleja, rica, en otro reino. Vamos a traer esa alineación. Las nuevas trasmisiones de energía, las nuevas comunicaciones, y las nuevas avenidas se abrirán ahora a ustedes en otros reinos. Yo traeré esto con sus permisos…. Abran su chakra corona y concéntrense en los campos áuricos llamando a su Ser que está en la Galaxia. Llamen y entren en el lugar donde ustedes tienen acceso a ellos en esta dimensión.
Yo, Helio-Ah, llamo a tres de las capas del huevo áurico para que puedan comprender. Algunos de ustedes están dándose cuenta que pueden manejar esos cuerpos en el espacio tiempo de las interdimensiones. Algunos de ustedes son doctores en otros reinos. Algunos de ustedes se harán grandes maestros espirituales. Permitan a esos otros yoes entrar en el reino etérico de la Tierra! El sonido alrededor de ustedes está abriendo el corredor…


A través de David K. Miller
Publicado 3rd October 2011 por Shanti
Etiquetas: apertura multidimensional de la concienciahuevo áuricoser multidimensional

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Lady Nada: Cultivating Your Christ Seed Within

Posted on Mar 13, 2014
by cosmicgaia
in Julie Miller, Lady Nada

Lady Nada

Ascended Master, Lady Nada’s Weekly Message ~ March 13 – 20, 2014
Received by Julie Miller
March 13, 2014

Inside your minds Beautiful Bright Hearts are great divine spiritual currents of energy that enter your flow of thought. Each flow of energy that enters your thoughts carries essential information from God that is important to each of you. Remember, it is God and His divine presence that is the foundation of ALL that is true, Beautiful, and Good and these are shared and encouraged by each dear soul that is able to take a breath to help you reach higher levels of consciousness that will also enhance the quality of your life.
Spiritual grown is reached when you are able to align the spiritual flow that enters your thought form from your personality and of your mind that is richly connected to God by knowledgeable agreement and committed devotion to following His word of Love wherever you roam. Christ Consciousness is able to grow inside each and every dear soul when there is recognition and merging of your ego mind with the Divine mind and of the Divine character that is the ultimate foundation of your happiness and of your ability to reach fulfillment. Yes, this level of awareness does take time to grow and develop within your consciousness. But in time Beautiful Bright Hearts your thinking and your intentions behind your actions, your focus and openness demonstrates that you know your heart and soul is shining from the Christed state which is a greater height of mindedness of spiritual enlightenment.
As your awareness grows and deepens, your mind strengthens and you discover life has taken a new turn, it is providing you with more freedom to enjoy the simple things, the things that give you the most joy and peace…where love dominates everything that you are. Any fear that was there prior of taking on this new direction of Divine thought and action begins to dissolve. You find yourself living freer to live the kind of life you were meant to, as a child of God in a love-filled and love-supported world.
To reach the state of Christ Consciousness, understand this reflects the ultimate state of your mental and intellectual development and growth, and it also indicates a great development in your emotional maturity. This level of consciousness and awareness is divinely sacred as it illustrates the purity of who you are at the level of your heart and soul. This path is offered to anyone of any faith, there is no discrimination given or offered to those of different religious backgrounds – all is welcomed to walk the path of love and truth.
Every path that is practiced is honoured and accepted, especially if that path leads you into becoming more loving, more compassionate, more forgiving, more patient…more Christ-like. Every path that is of love will lead you to the foundation and source of that love. Each of you already share the same God as the Source of your Creation through your individual living expressions and in time and with conscious effort you are bringing yourself back home to reunite with God and His Love that is Eternally given.
Your true nature Beautiful Bright Hearts is found within the state of Christ Consciousness. It is here where you discover your higher, divine self and understand at a profound level that yes you are a Child of God and this was always your birthright. As you reach the humble and divine state of Christ Consciousness, comprehend that you are expressing through your thoughts, your words, your actions and in your choices that you are alive and you have invested time, love and care into being a living inspiration for others to search and reach this level of awareness and consciousness for themselves in order for your earthly home to move towards the divine plan of unity built on love, faith and trust.
It has always been the divine goal, for each dear soul to evolve and move back towards the Spirit of God. Understanding that the journey of this path unfolds over time, its details are never given all at once – it is an adventure of a lifetime and it will take a lifetime to reach all its delights and challenges, through many twists and valleys. Remember Beautiful Bright Hearts, the spirit of God is always with you, and He is always encouraging you to rise and to expand your level of consciousness and to align your heart and mind with His and this is reached as you climb higher rungs of the ascension ladder. As you reach higher depths and reaches of consciousness and awareness, you become an encouragement for others to discover this way of life that delivers them along the path of Spirit, of God and of His Eternal Loving heart. When God sees the purity of your intention through your actions, words and thoughts, He will illuminate your way back to Him, and He will greet you as in you, you have been fulfilling your divine role as Jesus, His beautiful Golden Son.
Remember who Jesus was and what he represented: His teachings mainly centered around helping others, showing them the way back to God – He was a living example of what He was teaching. He was in each cell of His being a personification of pure love and goodness, peace, acceptance and understanding. It was through His God-centeredness that He was able to achieve what many of you call miracles, only because Had an innate understanding of what the laws of nature were and how to make use of their power with love in order to bring healing to the people that truly needed Him. It was prayer and meditation that gave the Lord Jesus renewed strength and vitality that allowed Him to greet the challenges His life presented him. Remember as well, it was Jesus that reminded the people that God’s Kingdom of heaven isn’t in the clouds, but inside each of you. His life was a demonstration meant to show you the way to find the Spirit of God from within you and what it looks like when someone has become centered in the Spirit of God.
The true significance of Jesus’s life is able to help evolve your thoughts and beliefs…the relationship you can have with Jesus will provide you with more satisfying experiences than life without Him and His presence. Invite Him in Beautiful Bright Hearts into your heart and mind, don’t fear Him; He will not bite, but He will love you and offer guidance through answers to the most important questions you are concerned about. Allow Jesus to show you who He is and how He can help you along your path and to help transform you into more of who you authentically are.
All questions when asking Jesus are allowed, He will answer only the truth. If you have complaints about your life, He is opened to these as well. He will amaze you with His gentle manner and satisfy you with His ability to interpret the real meaning behind your questions. Remember He loves you. He is more approachable than what many dear souls believe. Working with Jesus for the enhancement of your awareness, consciousness and of a better happier life will help open new doors of opportunity that will direct you towards a path of fulfillment and joy and He will accompany you through each struggle encouraging you to learn from any mistakes or errors and to continue trying. He is always here for you, and we urge each of you to allow Him into your heart and mind.
Inside of every Child of God is a small seed of light. Within this precious seed of light is the developing part of your character which also holds your divine self. Do you know what nourishes this seed of light? It is God Beautiful Bright Hearts, God through His divine and Infinite Love that is bright with colour, vibration, sound, light and texture that adds to the brilliant and incredible foundation of your creation. This tender little seed of light responds like a seed in the garden with love and light – to everything good and beautiful and true. This little seed begins to grow and spark into greater strength that breathes in life and love. The growth of your self begins to emerge as the divine sacred nature of your consciousness and awareness in order to cultivate a most breathtaking flower of light that is beautiful, unique, and essential to the universe.
The goal of your existence truly is to develop your body to house a loving heart and soul. The divine plan is for all Children of God to strive to be their best self-expressing selves, demonstrating their many talents, and God-gifted abilities to be realized and utilized in daily life. Within the very core of your being are these gifts that were bestowed upon you from God, divine endowments of God’s Love and Spirit that will help you achieve enlightenment and to unite with God. God seeks to unite with all His children. He will help open the doors of your sincere nature, which also means you will need to address issues of the past that have hindered your path. God’s Presence in your life will show you who you truly are, His Presence will unmask your illusions and bring you back upon the divine path where you can truly awaken and grow. Beautiful Bright Hearts, we ask you to allow yourself to feel how much God adores you and to allow Him to open the door that will bring you into unity with Him and all that is.
God’s Presence into your life will bring healing into your soul and help mend any discordance found within your spiritual heart. When your soul is healed, the barriers of discomfort and disharmony fall to the wayside, revealing your true, soul self as you gently absorb the Spirit of God that is pure of love, goodness, beauty and truth. In order to find your true self Beautiful Bright Hearts, all you need to do is tap into your soul—and this means you will move beyond your normal resistance and discomfort that will try to distract you; you will have the confidence to ask God, who is the foundational source of love to help expand all strongly embedded obstacles of your soul to be transformed into light. With the purity of your request and from the purity of your intentions you will feel the gentleness of God’s reply as the crusty layers of your false ego self begins to dissolve to God’s Presence as new brilliant divine light begins to rebuild inside of you strands of energy and light that will bridge an infinite connection between you, God and with His Golden Son. This change in you Beautiful Bright Hearts will be the beginning to all changes that will bring in a new way to live and be from the level of Christ Consciousness that is present in your body, mind, heart and spirit.
When you are living from the state of Chris Consciousness, your soul will be healed and you will be able to be a positive inspiration for others. Your journey will always be guided and through your soul, your true self will always shine demonstrating your Christed being and of the Presence of God that has become a predominant form in your life. Even when life seems to throw you unexpected challenges that test your reserves, remember you are not alone…lean into God and know He will always catch you. Your journey of self-exploration that will bring into understanding your true self you will find joy from the faith you have knowing God and His Beloved Golden Son is with you each step of the way.
And so it is…

I AM Ascended Master, Lady Nada

through Julie Miller

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I thought about Mytre’s “story” about the Creation of the Arcturian Corridor, and wanted to outline certain points that are embedded in the message. These points were actual directions about the Ascension Process. I have outlined these points, to facilitate deep pondering and exploration of this:

Mytre Trip to the Mothership Part XII

Arcturian Corridor Cliff Notes

All excerpts from:
11-4-12 Arcturian Ascension, Part 3 What is The Arcturian Corridor?
“The Formless Ones, the Planetary Core and the Portal Openers knew that the time was nigh for the completion of the Planetary Cycle. The plants and animals did not need to understand what was happening, as they lived in unity with the planet and accepted whatever planetary event occurred. Only the Lost Ones were left uninformed that the transmutation of EVERY molecule of form was imminent.”
Believing in our process is important and often difficult. How can we believe in something that we have never experienced? How can we believe that WE are ascending into a higher frequency of our SELF? To find these answers we must go inside to realize how different we were 10 years ago, 5 years ago, even 6 months ago. Our consciousness is expanding every day, and the way that we look at our reality, our bodies and how we want to live are rapidly changing.

“On the other hand, the Portal Openers had been in steady communication with the Formless Ones. Therefore, they realized that, since the Formless Ones could create a planet, they could assist them to safely transmute their reality back into the Oneness of multidimensional light and unconditional love.”
The Formless Ones are, of course, the higher frequency expressions of our own Multidimensional SELF. As we Believe IN and Communicate WITH our own Higher Expression of SELF, our doubts are released and our beliefs are transmuted into that which we formerly thought of as impossible.


Since the Portal Openers had expanded their consciousness enough to directly and personally experience the Formless Ones, they believed that ascension into a higher frequency was REAL.
What is our REAL reality? Is paying our bills and going to our job real, or is the light and unconditional love we find inside real? Are they both real and the old version of reality is transmuting into a new higher frequency of that same reality? These are all questions that we must go within to find the answers. Also, we need to trust our SELF enough to talk with others who are also on the Path of Ascension.


“Therefore, they could feel the transmutation of energy within the Planetary Core, as well as within their own Personal Core.”
KNOWING that the transmutation of the energy within our Core is REAL releases our doubts and fears, and reminds us that we are GREAT Multidimensional Beings who are returning to our true, SELF.


“Once they fully integrated this expansive energy into their Being…”
To fully participate in the transmutation of our Core Energies, we must believe that this transmutation is REAL. In other words, we must believe in our Multidimensional SELF!


“They began to radiate their own multidimensional energy beyond their Core and into their surrounding world.”
When we fully own our true SELF, we can live within our SELF and radiate our multidimensional light and unconditional love into our daily life. We may think that is a simple task, but try it. Try to remember your SELF and radiate only your SELF while you are paying bills, driving in traffic or having an argument with your boss or loved one. What would happen to our world if we all remembered our SELF whenever we first began to feel lost in the 3D?


“In other words, the Portal Openers became the very Portals that once they had to find and ask assistance to open.”
What would happen if WE could BE our Multidimensional SELF in our daily life? For one thing, our Multidimensional SELF would Know that a certain street has traffic and to avoid that street. Our SELF would Know that paying bills is just the remnants of an illusion that is coming into its conclusion. Our SELF would Know that LOVE is louder and more easily understood than fear or worry. Hence, our SELF would no longer need to create unhappy experiences in our reality.


“Meanwhile, the Formless Ones were busily creating their Arcturian Corridor. This Corridor was much like a huge birth canal through which Planets, Solar Systems, Galaxies and Universes could be protected and cared for during their intense transformation into higher frequencies of expression. However, only the spiritually awakened ones would even know they were within a huge Cosmic Portal.”
Take the risk to BELIEVE that we ARE in the Arcturian Corridor right NOW! If we are the creators of our reality, let’s create the reality of Being in the Corridor. In fact, if WE are each an open portal, then we are Portals into this Ascension Corridor. Of course, this Corridor is not a place, and there is no hurry to enter it. The Corridor guides us beyond time and resonates to the HERE and NOW.


“They would know this because they were the ones who had enough trust in the Formless Ones to totally surrender into a state of consciousness that was completely unique to all of their past, present and future experiences of reality.”

This State of Consciousness is the KNOWING that we ARE in the process of ascension. We have to detach our consciousness from that which pulls us into the illusion of the physical hologram and focus on the TRUTH of our Inner Knowing.


“Their surrender encompassed past, present and future because, once they entered the Corridor…”

When we surrender into the unknown, our surrender encompasses all that was, is or will be. In other words, time is not discrete and is not laid out in a sequential line of events. As we fully awaken to our SELF, we remember that every decision we make within every moment of the NOW opens a Portal into a different form of reality that braches off into our past, present and/or future.


“They slowly lost all concept of time.”

As we lose our concept of time, only the NOW remains.


Hence, memory would no longer be limited to the past, but could also include the future.

With the release of the third/fourth dimensional illusion of time, our fifth dimensional SELF can remember, communicate with and/or inter-dimensionally visit our myriad realities free of the limitation of time. Hence, we can surrender our consciousness to a future reality, experience a lifetime in that reality, and return one second after we left.


“Furthermore, within the Corridor there was NO illusion of inside vs. outside.”

We are not inside our body. We are inside our reality. Simultaneously, our reality is inside of us. With the release of time and space, we return to our Multidimensional Perceptions of Being LIFE.


“Therefore, they could no longer distinguish between internal and external events.”

When we are “Being LIFE,” we are able to enjoy every possible expression of our Multidimensional Self within the NOW of the ONE.


“They could only directly experience their Beingness within the constant state of the HERE and NOW.”

Being Present with LIFE is BEING Life.


“At first, this direct expression of the Being Life was a unique, and therefore, challenging. However, as they became accustomed to this manner of “being” they soon forgot any other expression of reality. While in this state of BEING they could consciously experience their form transmuting without the necessity of ‘death or birth.’”

When we are present with who we are within each moment of the NOW, we live in acceptance of our SELF. Once we accept our SELF, we can accept ALL life. Hence, we are free of judgment, which frees us fromall fear.


“In fact, they began to experience, and simultaneously forget, their myriad third/fourth dimensional lives in form.”

Allow the simultaneous experience of that which we have known as opposites to confuse our habit of polarity and time. Within this temporary confusion of our 3D thinking, our multidimensional thinking can fully integrate with our physical brains. Once our physical brain can find its connection to our multidimensional thinking, we can begin to live in the NOW — while we also visit time.


“They retained all that they had learned, but once they began to return to that true SELF, they were in such joy that memories of their past challenges transmuted into the victories of the present.”

In other words, we will fully embrace the joy and unconditional love of the NOW. Then, just as we can live in the NOW and visit time, we can live in joy and unconditional love of our SELF in the ONE. Within the NOW we can visit the third/fourth dimension, too.


“When they first entered the Arcturian’s Corridor they had to release every person, place, situation and thing that had not chosen to enter the Corridor. Some of these releases were quite difficult, as some physical relationships were made that would not carry forth into the Corridor. The Portal Openers were sad to leave behind some of their friends who had become lost in the illusions that they believed were real. However, the Portal Openers knew that there was NO time. Consequently, their friends and family would eventually join them.”

Furthermore, as we become an open Portal, just being with our loved ones is an open invitation for them to join us in the NOW. In order to BE an open Portal in daily life, we must choose to maintain a resonance of the fifth dimension and beyond. In that manner, we keep our Portal open with the Power of our Multidimensional SELF.


“Without question the fully awakened Portal Openers entered the Corridor with absolute surrender and total release of ALL that could not, or would not, join them.”

Releasing question requires that we KNOW form our Core that we are DOING the BEING of our SELF. Within this Surrender to our SELF, we can release ALL that we once considered important, but has become obsolete in our new vision of reality.


“They entered the Corridor knowing that they had to trust the feel within their heart and discharge anything that cluttered their mind. But how did they enter the Corridor? Was it visible and discrete, such as a physical bridge? NO, that was the primary challenge of entering the Corridor. It was not a Bridge, and it was not physical. In fact, it was not in front or around them. The Corridor was within them. But, how could they enter something that was within them?”

We can only enter within our SELF by surrendering ALL control of our physical body to our SOUL!


“The Portal Openers had to collapse into their SELF.”

We can collapse into the faith that our Multidimensional SELF that has always been with us by collapsing into the higher frequency of our SELF. We will find this SELF by following the Flow of Unconditional LOVE.


“In other words, they had to deny all attachments to that which appeared to be around them and bond fully with that which they found within their High Heart.”

See your Three-Fold Flame of Wisdom, Power and Love within the ATMA of your High Heart. Stand within the Core of your High Heart and Fall into the Flame. As you Fall into the Flame, allow the Flame to Fall into you!


“To their surprise, when they entered their High Heart, they discovered that all they had loved unconditionally in their myriad incarnations was waiting for their reunion. The Formless Ones had told them that unconditional love was the bonding force of the Universe.”

We need to BELIEVE that we are entering the fifth dimensional expression of our SELF, and BELIEVE that we are re-uniting with the SELF that we have always been, but forgot.


“However, how could they know that unconditional love would bond all that they loved within a higher frequency of reality that they could only enter by surrendering into their own High Heart?”

We repeat again and again, “There is NO place like HOME.” As we allow our High Heart to pull us into New Earth and/or whatever fifth dimensional reality, or realities, that have been awaiting our return.

“The Portal Openers did not know that they had collected within their own High Heart every reality that they had ever experienced in all of their excursions into form. Every person, place, situation or thing that they had loved unconditionally was awaiting them within the NOW of this Great Reunion. The Portal Openers collected ALL these past, present and future realities and merged them into the NOW of their ascension. In this manner, every experience of unconditional love that they had ever enjoyed was gathered into the Corridor.”
From our Beingness in the fifth dimension, we can easily collapse all our myriad incarnations into the ONE of the NOW. We do not try to understand this action with our 3D brain. Instead, we allow our Multidimensional SELF to imagine that we are collapsing all life into the NOW. Then we can Let Go and Let God. We remember to be patient with our 3D self, who may need some “time” to believe that what we did was REAL.
“Since the Portal Openers so dearly and unconditionally loved their planet, they gathered everything the loved about their planetary into the Corridor, as well.”
We then gather up all our many memories and experiences on the physical form of Gaia, planet Earth, and merge them into the ONE of our SELF. Again, we do not think or question, as these are 3D habits. Instead, we KNOW and DO within the power of our own unconditional love.
“Unfortunately for the Lost Ones, the Arcturians who were the holders of planetary form were happy to join the Portal Openers and the Formless Ones in the Corridor.”
WE are ONE with Gaia, and we chant often as you can remember,

“WE are ONE with Gaia.
Gaia is ONE with US.”
Through Suzanne Lie, PhD
Posted 7th November 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
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 ترجم / לתרגם   翻訳する 

Desde el punto de vista Arcturiano, la Espiritualidad Extraterrestre incluye la concepción del recorrido del alma y la concepción de la capacidad de atravesar un portal interdimensional, que ahora se lo denomina Portal Estelar.

Reconocemos que el recorrido de su alma no se fundamenta solamente en las encarnaciones realizadas en la Tierra sino también en encarnaciones galácticas y del universo a través de esta galaxia y en muchas otras galaxias. 

La capacidad de graduarse en una encarnación planetaria confiere un campo energético especial.

 Existe una luz energética en su conciencia, que la llamaremos Ser Estelar y confiere la capacidad de manifestarse en otros sistemas planetarios. 

Esto indica una acumulación especial de energía y de evolución. 

Es importante que comprendan que Jesús / Sananda residió en otros planetas y en otros también sistemas planetarios.

El comprendió plenamente los postulados de la evolución planetaria de otros planetas.

 Este es un privilegio que también ustedes comparten.

Cada sistema planetario tiene su propia visión del Creador.

 Toda Espiritualidad Superior Extraterrestre se fundamenta en el Creador.

 De acuerdo a nuestra concepción, nosotros podemos alcanzar nuevos niveles de cercanía al Creador. Estos niveles son, en algunos casos, infinitos.

 Existe un número infinito de maneras, caminos y posibilidades de acercamiento al Creador.

 Una de ellas es a través de la evolución planetaria y la encarnación planetaria.

 Nosotros, en Arcturus, sentimos que nuestra conexión con la Luz del Creador es muy fuerte. Aunque ustedes se encuentren en una dimensión inferior, la Tierra tiene una visión única.

Cada sistema planetario presenta una perspectiva singular, la cual no compatibiliza con otros sistemas.

 La Tierra posee un patrón especial y convergente.

 Tan particular es la Tierra, que no solamente uno , sino varios Maestros Superiores vinieron a este planeta, proponiendo religiones superiores y experiencias espirituales.

 Cada uno provenía de lugares con leves variantes, lo cual nos resultó muy interesante porque, muchos planetas evolucionaron como una entidad única de energía espiritual.

La Tierra presenta muhas alternativas, la cual formó prte del gran experimento de “El Libre Albedrío”, de este planeta pero también, ha sido el motivo de conflictos.

 Los planetas que se basan en una espiritualidad única vibran en armonía.

 No crean que es una espiritualidad donde todos deben pensar lo mismo.

 A todos se les reconoce su individualidad. En los sistemas planetarios altamente evolucionados de la quinta y tercera dimensión no existe el control sobre la limitación del camino espiritual. Con respecto a los diferentes sistemas planetarios, según nuestra visión Arcturiana, no existe el : 

 “deben hacer esto o aquello”.


A través de David Miller
Publicado 13th September 2011 por Shanti
Etiquetas: apertura de la conciencia cósmicaayuda al despertarespiritualidad ArcturianaEspiritualidad extraterrestre

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De la Ley Principal que llegó a la existencia en la Dimensión de la Dualidad, ha surgido el Principio de Compensación entre Dar y Recibir.

En proporción a lo que des, volverás a recibir, y darás energía por lo que recibas. 

Todo se encuentra en un constante flujo. 

Transmitido el 22.07.2000 en Avebury Trusloe
Publicado 12th September 2011 por Shanti
Etiquetas: apertura del corazóndar y recibirdespertar

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sharing.:::. ▶ Life After Death in a Nutshell – It Has Begun — Galactic Transmission from Home | URANTHEA2094

sharing.:::. ▶ Life After Death in a Nutshell – It Has Begun — Galactic Transmission from Home | URANTHEA2094.

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sharing.:::. ▶ Life After Death in a Nutshell – It Has Begun — Galactic Transmission from Home

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Thursday, December 18, 2014
It Has Begun — Galactic Transmission from Home


It Has Begun

Galactic Transmission from Home

Hello Dear Readers, 

I have been posting some the great messages included in the Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension, Book 4—It Is The NOW. These books will be going up on Amazon very soon in their new, revised format. At the end of Book 4, which I have revised quite a bit, I wrote:


I close this book with the very first message I received on April 11, 2012, the morning that I began the series.

After a long dream of being in someone else’s house and realizing it was time for me to leave and go to my own house, I woke up at 5:55 with the words: “Transmissions from Home.”

When I heard the words, “transmissions from Home,” I saw a man sitting at a desk, like a newscaster. He was blond and had on a uniform, which looked like the uniform of a Galactic Being.

His uniform was white and gold with an insignia over his heart. There were also golden adornments on his shoulders and his collar was like straight up, like a military uniform. In fact, it was like a Dress Military Uniform, but not from our military.

I got up and went into my office to get this transmission. I turned on the computer and wrote, “I am ready for your transmission now. Would you please send me your message?” My answer was:

“Dearest Members of Earth,
We are members of the Galactic Federation speaking to you today to tell you that our landings have begun. We come first to our awakened ones within their dreams and meditations. We are here to speak to all who can receive our messages so that we can prepare you. Then, you can prepare others.

“From that first message, the Pleiadians story rushed through my fingers. Most of the time I felt as thought I was reading for the first time as I wrote it. I share the story as I received it and hope that it touches your heart and changes your life as much as it did mine.
See you in the higher dimensions.
Suzanne Lie”

I did NOT write the rest of the message that I receiving that morning of 4-11-12. Since the books will soon be released, I wanted to share with you, the readers of my blog, the rest of the message.

I feel as though I “know” you all. Also, you are accustomed to some of the far out info I have posted. As we prepare for 2015, It Is The NOW to expand our conscious awareness of the myriad possibilities of our multidimensional reality.

Below, I post the rest of that morning message that I did NOT post in the book. In fact, this message is a composite of another message that I found from the same day that I did not even remember writing.

I have combined those two messages:

Transmissions from Home Continued:
You have been hearing many messages from your Internet about the great changes that are about to commence regarding the removal of those who have created harm and chaos due to their selfish ways.

These words are true. In fact, this is why we have come to you today. We have come into the dreams and meditations of the grounded/ascending ones to validate the messages you have been receiving.

We are coming into your consciousness in such a vivid fashion that you cannot deny our message or call it “just a dream” or “your imagination.” WE know that the formal commencement of your Return Home has been a long awaited dream.

However, you dared not imagine that the time was here. You did not want to discover again that it was “just your imagination.” We tell you NOW that your imagination is your fifth dimensional consciousness and your dreams are correct.

On this day/night of April 11, 2012 we are broadcasting this message to our ascending ones to tell you to prepare for your return. We hear you say, “But we have heard these words before and prepared so many times. How can we build our expectation only be disappointed again?”

We have read your minds and it is because of these thoughts that we have come into your consciousness to speak to each of you in an individual manner. We wish to tell each dear members of our Earth Team that the process of ascension has begun in earnest.

Today, 4-11-12 the secret arrests have begun across the world, and those who have sought power over humanity for eons have lost! Yes, they have lost their power, they have lost their money and, most important, they have lost their ability to strike fear into your hearts and minds.

(Note from Sue, I hope that is true. I do know that a wounded animal is more dangerous. Perhaps that is why our news tells of disaster after disaster.)

Of course, there are still many earthlings who choose to linger in fear rather than accept that what they have always desired is NOW theirs to behold. This is why we have come to you today to tell you to prepare to accept these changes with LOVE.

Do NOT allow ANY fear to enter your being, for that is the tool of the dark ones. Hence, we are speaking personally to all of you, as doubt is the foundation for fear. We realize that many of you will not realize that you have received this message, yet, but be patient, and you will remember that you have personally received our guarantee that


We know that there are many levels of that simple statement, so we will give you more details. What has begun is the removal of those who have stood in the way of your joy of ascension since the time leading up to the fall of Atlantis.

Atlantis was to serve as an opener of Portals so that the next 13,000 years would lead up to Planetary Ascension. It was the Divine Plan that there would be myriad personal ascensions when Gaia was “at the back door” of the Galactic Center.

Unfortunately, that was not the case because Atlantis fell into great darkness. Many of you died in service during that time and carried that wounding through out the next 13,000 years of your incarnations.

Worse yet, the dark ones, the Brothers of Biel, appeared to have won the battle between light and dark and great planetary destruction reigned for many millennia. The dark ones had successfully culled the herd, by killing millions of humans. This “culling of the herd” was the dark ones intention.

However, during your current era YOU, the Forces of Light, have won!

You, our grounded warriors, have been joining us night after night in your finer bodies to assist us with our plans and arrangements. Then, you have awakened in the morning to your earth vessel and began yet another day in the third dimension.

Do you see now why you have been so very tired? Your sleep has not been restful because you have chosen to assist us in your finer bodies, while your third dimensional form regenerated.

We want you to know that you all will begin to feel better soon! There is just the “mopping up” to be done, which you are all happily joining in on while your earth vessel sleeps. Very soon, your “sleep” will NOT be spent battling the forces of darkness, but preparing New Earth for immediate occupancy.

Yes, we do mean immediate. YOU, our Earth Warriors who have tenaciously served our ranks to complete this cycle of destruction, will be spending your “sleep” time preparing New Earth.

Many of you have chosen NOT to remember your dreams, as they were about your great service to Earth in which you were working to remove all that which was trying to halt Gaia’s transmutation.

Therefore, you needed to forget your “night shift” because you had to awaken to the third dimension and go back to WORK again. Many of our grounded warriors have been experiencing illness because of their constant service.

On the other hand, your illness has also been a symptom of transformation. Your service to the ONE has initiated your return to Lightbody. Hence, your physical forms are feeling like a skin that has grown too small for you and is very restrictive.

You may even feel like a snake that wants to rest so that you can “shed your old skin.” In fact, we encourage you to rest as much as possible because you will be called upon to calm the fears of those who are un-awakened and un-aware.

We need you, the Earth-based members of our Galactic Federation and Angelic Realms, to hold the ever-accelerating Light. We need you, who represent the Earth Based members of our Galactic and Angelic Realms, to carry the ever-accelerating light so that you can better channel your unconditional love to other incarnated ones.

Those who are uninformed may suffer fear, and the best antidote for fear is multidimensional truth and unconditional love. Thus, we send each and every one of you the truth of planetary ascension and the unconditional love that flows from the heart of our Galactic Center.

We send you this light and love to you, our dear grounded expressions of SELF, and ask that you share our gift throughout your daily life. The uninformed may fear your gift, but the best antidote for fear is TRUTH and LOVE.

Therefore, we send to each and every one of you the TRUTH of planetary ascension and the unconditional love that streams from our hearts and from the Galactic Center.

Your Milky Way Galaxy is being cleared of polarity and Earth, the schoolroom for myriad inter-galactic civilizations, is a pivotal planet in this “righting of the ship.” With the release of polarity, the wobbling spin of Gaia can be corrected and Earth can “spin” into the higher frequencies of New Earth.

Our message today is to tell you that the tide has turned. Release the fear and restrictions of the old and Embrace the joy of creating New Earth. Your personal and planetary ascension is well underway!

In closing, we remind you that ‘time’ is an illusion of the third dimension. Hence, the NOW of which we speak can only be experienced through your fifth dimensional consciousness.

Remember dear “Away Team” we are always with you, for we are ONE.

Arcturian/Pleaidian message delivered via Mytre the Pleiadian

* * *

* * *