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Thursday, January 30, 2020

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Why the “Big Bang” Is a Science Fiction

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, January 22, 2020

“The theory of the Big Bang is just marketing”
Prof. Dr. Robert B. Laughlin, Nobel Prize winner for physics in an interview 
with the leading German journal DER SPIEGEL

In the previous article I have proved in a comprehensive manner why modern cosmology is an entirely false categorical system of human scientific knowledge. It is the most recent physical discipline in the history of human science and emerged as an independent discipline less than a century ago. Since it initially evolved from physics, precisely from the general theory of relativity, while dealing with the rapidly accumulating experimental data coming from astronomy, it includes all the theoretical and epistemological blunders which these sciences had adopted in the past.
Most of the theoretical blunders that vitiate present-day cosmology stem from physics as astronomy has failed up to the present day to establish a rigid theoretical system with which to structure its most heterogeneous data and thus accepts uncritically and without any reflection the mathematical models that cosmology has  imposed on it. The reason for that is that most astronomers are poor mathematicians and do not understand the enormous complexity of the current established cosmological models, such as the inflation theory. At the same time most cosmologists are mere mathematicians and have a very poor knowledge on physics, so that they have no idea on what real physical phenomena they apply their pure mathematical models.
There is such a profound disconnect between the unyielding mathematical efforts of present-day cosmologists and what is considered acceptable in physics nowadays that it is impossible for me to understand how it was possible that such weird hypotheses as the inflation hypothesis could gain such a popularity and acceptance among scientists even when their sciences can be rightly defined as “fake science“. I have already discussed this troublesome theoretical deficiency of modern cosmology with respect to the recently published doctor thesis of David Hawking

which created an immense hype in the mass media, however, without any critical assessment of his actual scientific achievements, which are none.

It is very important to discuss this topic at the beginning of this article as most people and even scientists cannot discern between astronomy and astrophysics as explorative, applied sciences and cosmology, which is an entirely theoretical mathematical discipline and has actually little to do with these disciplines except to consider some of their findings as black holes, neutron stars, various forms of radiation, such as the cosmic background radiation, etc. That is why when I discard cosmology as science in toto in this and previous articles, I do not consider astronomy, although it also brings very little knowledge on the true reality of All-That-Is.

In fact, this entirely optical discipline significantly contributes to the profound gnostic confusion of mankind with regard to our true origin as cosmic multidimensional beings of enormous creativity. The reason for that is the basic gnostic truth that human senses are the chief source of all human illusion in this 3D holographic model and that humans are essentially “eye-animals”, as I call them: They acquire almost 90% of their external information as optical perceptions. In this sense astronomy is an “eye discipline”, even, or rather especially, when one uses most sophisticated telescopes, and contributes immensely to human illusion as a cosmological worldview.
The central piece of present-day cosmology is the “big bang” hypothesis, also known as hot expanding hypothesis as laid out in the standard model of cosmology. It assumes that the universe, as observed today, has evolved from a state of homogeneous energy with a negligible space and incredible density which exploded in a small fraction of a second. This initial state of the universe is described as the “big bang“. Since then, the visible universe – please, recall that cosmologists can only perceive the visible universe as I have proved in my previous article – is believed to have been expanding incessantly. For further information on the “big bang” hypothesis and how this bogus idea was introduced historically in science read also this article:
The “Big Bang” Is Yet to Come in the Empty Brain Cavities of the Cosmologists – Two PAT Opinions
In the context of this cosmological outlook, Hubble’s law is interpreted as a “law of expansion“. As this law is an application of the universal equation, we must reject this cosmological interpretation on axiomatic grounds. I have shown that Hubble’s law assesses the constant space-time of the visible universe. The two natural constants that are derived from this law, the radius of the visible universe RU and Hubble time assessing the age of the expanding universe 1/ H= AU =  1/fvis, give the constant space and time of the visible universe and confirm this conclusion. In this way I eliminate the first basic pillar of the standard model – the interpretation of Hubble’s law as a law of universal expansion.
We shall now present additional proofs for this irrefutable conclusion. The idea of the expanding universe is a consequence of the faulty idea of homogeneous space-time in the theory of relativity. I have shown in the new physical and mathematical theory of the Universal Law (volume I and volume II) that Einstein had not completely corrected the empty Euclidean space of classical mechanics, but had only introduced the reciprocity of space and time for the systems of matter.
Einstein regarded the gravitational objects as embedded in empty and “massless” photon space-time defined as vacuum, which is an absolutely wrong idea.
Read also: The Space-Time Concept of the Special and General Theory of Relativity
The End of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity – It Is Applied Statistics For the Space-Time of the Physical World
 I have proved that photons have mass and thus eliminated another epic blunder of present-day cosmology – the existence of “dark matter“– that alone makes it to fake science.
With respect to the reciprocity of space and time, Einstein assumed in the general theory of relativity that vacuum could be curved or bent by local gravitation. The current interpretation is that the path of light is attracted by local gravitational potentials and for this reason cannot be a straight line in space.
When this space-time concept is applied to cosmology, it inevitably leads to the neglect of the finite lifetimes of stars, as they have been described by Chandrasekhar and have been only later verified in modern astrophysics. The finite lifetime of any gravitational system is a consequence of the energy exchange between matter and photon space-time (see previous article).
The new Axiomatics clearly states that all systems, being superimposed rotations, have a finite lifetime which is only determined by the conditions of constructive and destructive interference. During this vertical energy exchange, the space-time of the material levels, such as atomic level, electron level, thermodynamic level etc., is transformed into the space-time of the photon level and vice versa.
Photons have a much greater space than that of the particles of material levels, as can be demonstrated by the [1d-space]-quantities of their elementary action potentials: the Compton wavelengths of the electron, λc,e=2.4×10-12 m, the proton, λc,pr=1.32×10-15  m, and the neutron, λc,n=1.32 ×10-15 m are much smaller than the wavelength of the elementary action potential h of the photon level, λ= 3×10m, or more precisely, in the order of their intrinsic time – the specific Compton frequencies as Table 1 demonstrates:

The [1d-space]-quantity of the elementary action potential is a specific constant of the corresponding level. It assesses the specific space of the level. During vertical energy exchange between two levels, the expansion of space-time changes discretely in specific constant quantitative leaps. These leaps can be assessed by building space and time relationships between the levels (the universal equation as a rule of three). Such constants are dimensionless numbers. In the new Axiomatics, I call them “absolute constants of vertical energy exchange“ (see Volume II, chapter 9.9).
When we observe vertical energy exchange only in one direction, for instance, from matter to photon space-time, this process is perceived as an explosive expansion of space-time. This is precisely the current cosmological view.
The thermonuclear explosion is a typical, albeit more trivial, example of an energy exchange from the nuclear level towards the photon level also defined as radiation. This process is associated with an extreme space expansion described as “nuclear explosion“. The reason for this is the extremely small space of the hadrons compared to the expansion of the emitted photons during nuclear explosion, as has been demonstrated by the corresponding time magnitudes of these systems of space-time – the Compton frequencies or alternative by their intrinsic space constants – the Compton wavelengths (see Table 1 above).
When this vertical energy exchange is observed in the direction from photon space-time to matter, it manifests itself as a contraction of space. Black holes are a typical example of extreme space contraction and for that reason they are circumscribed as “space singularities“. Initially, black holes were believed to only “devour“ space and matter. However, this would be a violation of the law of energy conservation (1st law of thermodynamics).
Later on, it has been proven (only within mathematics because black holes cannot be directly observed) that black holes emit gamma radiation at their event horizon and thus obey the axiom of conservation of action potentials (see Axiomatics), just like all other systems of space-time. This has eliminated the spectacular character of these celestial bodies. For this reason the Russian term for black holes “frozen stars” is more appropriate.
The mean frequency of gamma radiation of black holes fH can be presented as a function of the intrinsic time f of the elementary particles of matter:

mp  fH = m( fc,e + fpr,e + fn,e ) /3

The high temperature of black holes is another quantity of material time – the time of the thermodynamic level of matter. In Volume II, chapter 5.5, I have derived the new fundamental CBR-constant  KCBR  and have shown that the frequency of the maximal emitted radiation depends only on the temperature of the material body:

 fmax = KCBR × T ( see Vol II, equation (82)).

In the previous publication I have used this constant to reject the second pillar of the standard model – the traditional interpretation of the 3K-cosmic background radiation (CBR).
The 3K-CBR is believed to be a remnant of the hot radiation of the big bang, which has resulted from the subsequent adiabatic expansion of the universe. This view is presented in the standard model of cosmology and is closely associated with the erroneous interpretation of redshifts by Hubble’s law as discussed in the previous publication.
From this elaboration, we conclude:

When the vertical energy exchange is observed only one way, that is, from matter to photon space-time, it gives the impression of space expansion. When the energy exchange is considered unilaterally from photon space-time to matter, it gives the impression of space contraction. When both directions are taken into consideration, the total change of space-time measured as ΔV (Vstands for the volume of the universe) is zero:
ΔVU  = 0, or VU = constant.
Space-time remains constant.

This is an axiomatic statement of the new theory. It could have been easily deduced from the conventional law of conservation of energy because energy can only be perceived as space-time by humans and scientists alike (see the principle of equivalence of the Primary Term in the new Axiomatics), as this illusory perception of human senses is independent of the sophistication of the applied instruments. Indeed, humanity should have been spared this intellectual insanity that fraudulent, stupid or unethical scientists have offered us as fake cosmology.
In present-day cosmology, photon space-time is regarded as a homogeneous empty void. For that reason this discipline considers the vertical energy exchange between matter and photon space-time only one way: from matter, which can be observed, to empty space, which allegedly has no structure because it cannot be directly perceived by human senses, although it is obvious in physics today that all elementary particles are spontaneously created from the “energy-rich” vacuum (void), which is a classical oxymoron and the greatest idio(cy) of all. This one-sided anthropocentric view – human beings are part of matter – which is a product of their limited senses and linearly thinking carbon-based brain, automatically evokes the misleading impression that the universe expands in the void.
As the finite lifetimes of stars are not considered in this outlook, modern cosmology has no adequate idea of the discrete, ubiquitous energy exchange between matter and photon space-time, unlike in the new Axiomatics. In Volume II, chapter 3.7, I have proved that when the axiom of reciprocal LRC is applied to the visible universe, this system of space-time can be described as a function of the LRC of the photon level and the gravitational level.
The space of the visible universe given as SU , which is the circumference [1d-space] of the event horizon KS as the spherical surface [2d-space] of the visible universe (see equation (241) in Volume II) is proportional to the LRC (universal photon gradient) of the photon level LRCp = UU = c2, which stands for space expansion, and is inversely proportional to the LRC of gravitation as expressed by the gravitational constant G (which is field or acceleration per definition) that stands for the contraction of space as gravitation is a force of attraction (see equation (37a), Volume II):

SU = c2 /G
This beautiful, simple equation is an application of the Universal Equation as a rule of three. It embodies the entire space-time behaviour of the visible universe according to the axiom of reducibility and exposes current cosmology as absolutely “fake science”. It proves that its circumference SU which describes the event horizon of the visible universe is a constant [1d-space]-quantity because it is a quotient of two natural constants, c and G, assessing the two levels of vertical energy exchange – photon space-time and gravitation for matter.

It is indeed amazing how it is possible that so much information which encompasses the entire theory of modern cosmology can be condensed into such a simple equation, which is a rule of three and thus the simplest equation in human mathematics. This is the virtue of the new theory of the Universal Law. It shows us that:

  • Simplicity is beautiful.
  • Simplicity is pure knowledge.
  • Simplicity is the utmost form of aesthetics.
  • Simplicity is freedom of Spirit from the shackles of matter.

For obvious reasons, cosmology, actually astronomy, can only assess the space-time of the visible universe and is not in a position to obtain any experimental evidence beyond its event horizon (see previous article). This is the privilege of the new Axiomatics of the Universal Law – it assesses the primary term of All-That-Is epistemologically and not empirically (priority of axiomatization over empiricism).
As we see, the new Axiomatics affects an incredible simplification in our cosmological worldview and rejects the idea of an expanding universe as a false unilateral perception of the energy exchange between matter and photon space-time. This idea has given birth to many paradoxes, which are closely associated with the interpretation of the Doppler effect in the context of Hubble’s law (see previous article).
Read also: Doppler Effect Is the Universal Proof for the Reciprocity of Space and Time
But first and foremost the rejection of photon space-time as a real level of All-That-Is and its substitution with empty space (vacuum) has prevented so far the development of new technologies based on free photon energy which will very soon bring unlimited abundance to the entire humanity. Therefore, all false (fake) scientific ideas have a huge negative impact on the evolution of humanity and cause a lot of suffering and pain to all the people. Science is not an ivory tower fully detached from human existence. It determines through its ideas human life in a profound manner. First comes the idea, then its materialisation, this is a fundamental gnostic truth that everybody should deeply internalize. For this reason, all false ideas in science should be abolished once and for all, at best in the course of this year of 2020, so that humanity can begin to enjoy freedom, abundance, creativity, and unlimited intellectual expansion. The Universal Law and its Theory of Science is the only vehicle to achieve this noble goal.
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Origen: TiAmAt: Sharing, archive,The Reclamation of Ancient Civilisations Leads to the Final Resolution Through Revelation » Stankov’s Universal Law Press

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Sharing, archive,The Reclamation of Ancient Civilisations Leads to the Final Resolution Through Revelation » Stankov’s Universal Law Press

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The Reclamation of Ancient Civilisations Leads to the Final Resolution Through Revelation


A Message From the Source
Carla Thompson, May 4, 2018
Georgi Stankov
Everything we do in these last days to ascend Gaia is infinitely bigger than our wildest imagination. After we prepared from Italy the energetic foundation for the ground-breaking arrival of the new Red Giant sun on April 13th and made a major ascension leap on that day, the energetic events on all multidimensional levels have significantly accelerated.  As we were told by the Elohim, we began immediately thereafter with the cleansing of all timelines of the Roman empire that served as a template for the modern western world, including the most insidious failing empire of our time – the USA, dubbed by myself as the “Empire of Evil”. At the same time we reclaimed and retrieved all our lost soul fragments to the Source in preparation for the final ascension shift.
It is not a well-known fact in the West, especially in all Anglo-Saxon countries that have deliberately distorted the official knowledge and understanding of Western history, that the Roman empire did not collapse and disappear after the big migrations of the peoples (Völkerwanderung), also known as the Barbarian invasions, in the 4th and 5th century, but continued to exist as two powerful political entities:
1. the Byzantine Empire, which was the longest existing country on the Old Continent for more than 1000 years, from where all past and current royal dynasties in Europe acquired their legitimacy by being first coronated in Constantinople, in Hagia Sophia. This biggest church in Europe was built in the early 6th century and was the centre of Christianity for almost a millennium. Only long after Constantinople and Byzantine were conquered by the Turks,  St. Peter’s Basilica was built in Rome (the Vatican) in late Renaissance (16th to 17th century) and thrived upon the schism from Orthodox Christianity which the Catholic church introduced for purely political reasons between the 11th and the 14th century.
Hagia Sophia and Constantinople were cleansed from their extreme darkness in June 2013 by Carla and myself as reported on this website. Carla visited Istanbul, while I was doing the energetic back-up from Germany and suffered from an acute broncho-pneumonitis due to the massive downloads of source energies. We also extended the Infinity Portal in Freising/Munich to Turkey and the Middle East as to mitigate on all ascending timelines the worst-case scenario of a devastating global war starting from this part of the world as it was planned by the dark forces controlling this planet in the past and as it was executed on numerous lower timelines in the last seven years since we, the PAT, opened the stargate 11.11.11. and secured the planetary ascension. This Infinity Portal is the energetic foundation for the creation of the city of light New Raetia over the Alps in Central Europe, which we are now completing directly from Northern Italy.
2. the Holy Roman Empire (Heiliges Römisches Reich) which began in the 9th century and was dissolved in the early 19th century. It was a multi-ethnic complex of territories in central Europe that developed during the Early Middle Ages and continued until its dissolution in 1806. The largest territory of the empire after 962 was the Kingdom of Germany, though it also came to include the Kingdom of Bohemia, the Kingdom of Burgundy, the Kingdom of Italy, and numerous other territories. The abolition of the Holy Roman Empire was followed by the appearance of the first Anti-Christ in modern time as prophesied by Nostradamus – Napoleon who fought numerous wars to revive the Holy Roman Empire and devastated the whole of Europe. The second Anti-Christ was Hitler whose aim was to establish the Tausendjähriges Reich (Third Reich or Great German Reich). A third Anti-Christ was supposed to be born in Jerusalem in our time who would throw humanity into a devastating WW3 but we, the PAT, prevented this worst-case scenario on the ascending Gaia.
My predominant light work as Elohim soul and Logos God was to cleanse this second very dark Holy Roman Empire during the first two decades of my LBP (1993 -2013), which began with the discovery of the Universal Law and ended up with my migration to Vancouver, Canada, where I helped Carla and Julia to build the second Infinity Portal, first in White Rock and then to expand it along the West Coast to the USA and to the northeast in the crystalline grid of the Rocky Mountains. It is the foundation for the second biggest city of light New Lemuria which we first created in 2015. 
I am reflecting here upon the historical background of our light work as it gives you a clue to what we have been doing in the last three weeks since the arrival of the new Red Giant sun on April 13th in the new Golden Galaxy which we and the PAT created in 2014. As I announced in February, we were urged by the Elohim and our HS to go to Italy and Rome to cleanse the Vatican, and the Colosseum as it later transpired. But as it always happens with such divine orders, the actual scope of our light work is infinitely bigger than what we are initially told by our HS and the Elohim as not to get overwhelmed.
We arrived first in Northern Italy where we are since then busy finalizing the city of light New Raetia, which will manifest, most probably, first as a world healing and spiritual centre and were waiting for further instructions as to when we should visit Rome. Carla got very early the information that this should happen before the full moon portal on April 29/30 as it was an important ascension portal. Ultimately we got the green light that Carla should travel alone to Rome as she did in 2013 when she visited Istanbul and I, together with two other members of the PAT, should do the energetic back-up from Northern Italy and anchor the unity field throughout the entire territory of Italy.
Carla stayed in Rome for five days, from April 26th to April 30th, and did a tremendous light work, cleansing the Vatican and the Colosseum. Or so she believed at that time. These days were accompanied by massive downloads of source energies, cc-waves, headaches and the like for all of us. As we went through the full moon portal on April 30th, we made another huge ascension leap which was even registered by other, otherwise insensitive, New Age writers on the Internet.
Carla returned  from Rome completely depleted from her exhausting and overwhelming light work and had to ascend to the Source the next day to recharge her fields and reaffirm her mission during a very powerful meditation. I anchored our joint Merkabah in this reality and also felt the heat and power of these source waves. Only after that Carla was able to receive the following message from the Source that was transmitted with such a high intensity of the vibrations that we almost fainted during the transmission. Simultaneously we made another huge ascension leap when the purest source energies began to download in our fields and bodies. This continues today while I am writing this report.
The most sensational news of the message, which Carla received from the Source, is that we not only cleansed and reclaimed all lost soul fragments from all timelines of the Roman Empire as we initially surmised, but that we have actually cleansed and reclaimed all incarnated souls from all incarnation experiments and ancient civilisations on the earth, of which we had no idea. These civilisations encompass a very large period of time – Carla saw 200,000 years back in history – but I personally received the information that these civilisations cannot be measured in linear time as all of them disappeared with a catastrophe and the earth was rebuilt anew. In the interim periods there was no time. Furthermore, as linear time is an illusion it is irrelevant to give any time frame for these civilisations, apart from the knowledge that they all failed due to the manifestation of dark energies of deceit and destruction and evolved very much along the same historical pathway as this current western civilisation.
The leitmotif of our light work since we came to Italy is the reclaiming and integration of all soul fragments that have not ascended to the Source and have not grasped the immortality of the soul to the full extent. This is what the concept of Revelation is all about. It is also used in the Bible and comes from the Greek word “Apokalypse” – where Καλυψω (Kalypso), which probably meant “she that conceals”, was derived from καλυπτω (kalypto) “to cover, to conceal”. The Ancient Greek prefix  ἀπό-  (apó-) comes from the preposition ἀπό (apó), and means away from”. Thus the correct translation of Apocalypse is “revealing the concealed“.
The English word for “Apocalypse” is “Revelation” and has nothing to do with the current exposure of all the crimes of the ruling cabal in the media, which are sensational “nothing burgers” that do not change at all the mentality of the people but only reinforce the maze of the old 3D matrix. This can be clearly observed nowadays in the media, in particular in the alt-media, which were supposed to be the flagship of spiritual revival but got completely lost in their agnostic ignorance as to what is happening on this planet. This prevents them from grasping the inner logic behind the superficial political events they discuss. Alex Jones is paradigmatic for the present-day confusion, the Saker is another example, and these are the best men and minds the alt-media can offer.
For me Apocalypse = Revelation has always meant the full acknowledgment of the true nature of humans as immortal multidimensional creator beings. The only way how this truth can reach the closed human ego-minds is when a human being with a documented earthly biography ascends and appears in front of humanity in its full glory and power as cosmic creator being. Of course this entity will have to offer something tangible to the world that will trigger a paradigm shift in their world view.
Nostradamus knew that very well and he gave Dolores Cannon important information about the arrival of the “Great Genius” at the end of time when the third Anti-Christ will fail, as did the two previous ones; this person will usher the new era of abundance, peace and prosperity for all humanity. Dolores Cannon has written three books about Nostradamus’ prophecies which she received during quantum hypnosis sessions in the 80’s and 90’s and there are also quite a few videos available on the Internet on this topic.
An American colleague (MD) Jason Nealon has written a very good introduction of Nostradamus’ prophecies for the end time: http://www.firesnakeprophecy.com/who-is-the-great-genius/, which I would recommend you to read. I must admit that I was unaware of this prophecy of Nostradamus until a few days ago when our HS made us aware of it and thus reaffirmed my scenario of ascension which I have been propagating since 2000 when I wrote my first book on Human Gnosis.
The most auspicious aspect of this prophecy by Nostradamus about my ascension and appearance as the discoverer of the Universal Law and the author of the new Science and Gnosis is not the anticipation of this fact: “the Great Genius will unify physics and metaphysics and will make many inventions based on new cellular biotechnology (nanotechnology)”, as I have explained in Volume III. It is the simple fact that the “Great Genius” will live on the earth on the 50th north parallel. This fits exactly into my biography as both Munich/Freising and Vancouver lie very closely to this parallel. Until 2013 I had no clue of my impending migration to Canada to help building the second Infinity portal there.
Both Infinity portals of this planet are on the 50th parallel north and this is such an auspicious and precise prediction of Nostradamus as relayed to us by this beautiful soul Dolores Cannon in the 80’s and 90’s that I was really deeply struck and somewhat ashamed that I have missed it. Dolores has received this information at a time when I was about to begin with the discovery of the Universal law, so that these synchronicities are in retrospect mind-boggling and show how precise and overarching the coordination from the higher realms truly is.
All my scientific and gnostic books have been dedicated to this final goal – my ascension and appearance as an ascended master and Logos God and as the human discoverer of the Universal Law that will usher the new era of coherent holistic thinking and enlightenment (e.g. read here). I have also written on many occasions that the new city of light New Raetia will be the new hub for advanced 5D and higher dimensional technologies that will profoundly transform life on the new earth and will bring infinite abundance, peace and joy.
Therefore when the Source gave us the key information that the latest total cleansing of all ancient incarnation experiments and the retrieval of all lost souls from these infinite timelines into the unity field was the actual Revelation/Apocalypse for these souls, we knew beyond any doubt that this is the key information we have been waiting for – namely that we are on the cusp of our final transfiguration into crystalline light beings. Now that our Herculean light work of resurrection of all those lost souls from all ancient and past incarnation civilisations on the earth has been accomplished, the currently incarnated human souls must make the same experience very soon.
It is important to tell you that we had this same discussion with Carla the previous day before she received the message from the Source. We were listening to the May predictions of Sri and Kira where they used exactly the same term – resolution through revelation – to describe what will happen in May. I must admit that I have always been very skeptical about their predictions as most of them were meaningless to me in the past because they were focusing on newcomers, but their last prediction for April 2018 was spot on. Sri and Kira predicted exactly April 13th as the key date for that month, not knowing that it was the day when the new Red Giant sun of the new Golden Galaxy arrived and became the game changer in the ascension process.
We could not have cleansed all these ancient civilisations and reclaimed all the lost souls from past human incarnation experiments, unless we had the powerful and healing energies of this new magnetic sun, bringing the new energies of superconductivity. I hope that you begin to connect the dots and follow the red thread of this intricate ascension process that brings so many surprises and unlimited possibilities which the human mind cannot envision. But also clarifies our energetic experiences as important mosaic pieces in the bigger picture which we begin to perceive clearer each day supported by the constant expansion of our awareness.
And now enjoy the message from the Source:
The Reclamation of Ancient Civilizations – A Message from the Source
“The recent cleansing of the area you know to be the Roman Empire has gone deeper than you were aware and could even foresee. This information comes to you now to share with you the depth of your service to the All. This one civilization is only representative of myriads of civilizations that rose and fell with the heaviness of deceit and premature death.   
There are numerous civilizations from the past [I am shown 200,000 years]…in the area now known as the European Continent, Eurasia and Asia Minor.  Following the cleansing a new period begins of re-balancing and reclamation of the life of perfect balance – the life intended by most souls who chose to incarnate in this expression: the delight of a warm sunny day, playing in a field of yellow daisies, no worries, a full belly and good wine, storytelling around the fire. These are the pleasures that one was meant to enjoy when incarnating upon this earth. However, this was not a place of peace, this place became a place of fear. The old has now been cleansed energetically and replaced to make way for the higher dimensional expression that is to come to this area.
The souls who died over that long period of time…. and who died from great suffering… are now released from their great soul pain following entrapment within the great plain of mortal agony.  They have now been released into the pure light of creation by your dedicated light work. As their souls have now reconciled their death experience, they each now understand that death is not the end but only the beginning (This is the famous Resurrection of the souls announced in biblical and other scriptures for the End Time. Note, George). 
No longer are there any regrets or anger or grief to be carried forward into other expressions, as all is resolved.  These souls now are returned to the Source of Creation to experience their full completion, restitution and reclamation. 
This is Resolution through Revelation!“

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Thursday, November 10, 2016

sharing2, archive,_Gnostic Clarification » Stankov’s Universal Law Press

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Gnostic Clarification 
by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 9, 2016

Georgi Stankov, November 9, 2016


In the meantime you must have registered the invariant gnostic pattern of all my forecasts. As soon as I predict a new astral alternative that is unfavourable for the ascension scenario in terms of lowering the vibrations of the collective consciousness and highlight it from a higher perspective based on deep analysis of the actual situation, this alternative shifts to a lower timeline where it manifests. At the same time we move to a higher ascending timeline where the opposite favourable astral alternative occurs. This does not mean that my forecast was wrong – quite on the contrary. It only bears testimony what powerful creators we have become in the meantime and how easily we can avert any negative scenario that hinders the ascension process. This is how we create in the Now as Logos Gods.

My greatest worry regarding the US elections was that the cabal and the deep government in Washington might rig the election results as to prevent the expected landslide victory of Trump which I predicted with a 100% certainty in my latest publications. That is why I envisioned a scenario where Trump wins overwhelmingly but the results are rigged and he loses; he then refuses to accept it and the civil war begins in the USA. This latter astral probability is still possible, but its energetic potential has significantly diminished after the sweeping victory of Trump tonight which no president-elect has ever achieved in the history of this country. Tomorrow we shall read that he has won with, most probably, 314 votes and has crashed the democrats in states which the republicans have never won in their entire party history. By the way the GOP has ceased to exist – it has become a grass-root movement of the ascension candidates.

When I awoke early this morning, I was aware that Trump will win and will tell you why below. But I refrained from publishing this outcome as not to trigger the tradition of reversal of my forecasts by manifesting the alternative hypothesis and rejecting the announced null hypothesis as is done in statistics. That is why after a short inner battle with myself I decided not to publish about my remarkable experiences in the dream state, where I and the PAT had lengthy and very serious discussions with the US cabal souls in the higher realms and prevented the planned rigging of the election result with vehemence.

But I could not fully resist the silence I ordered upon myself and responded to our PAT member Akram early in the morning of November 8th to his email where he described his Trump dream the previous night. As his dream is also very significant I will publish our correspondence below as a proof. Akram then hurried to publish our correspondence on the PAT Facebook resort page early in the day before the poll stations were closed and the first predictions were published. Hence you can check the PAT Facebook as a proof that I knew the outcome of the US elections with a certainty in advance and that we have prevented the rigging of the results by the dark ones precisely because we were aware of this possibility and excluded it from the ascension scenario on this ascending uppermost mother planet during our light work in the dream state.

This is how we create the new reality in a dialectical manner according to the reversed Mephisto’s motto in Goethe’s Faust: “I am the good force that always predicts the evil outcome as to prevent it.” Which of course reduces any eventual questioning of the reliability of my forecasts, to which newly awakened entities always succumb, to an ongoing perpetuation of the very 3D illusion they want to escape by discovering the PAT website, as the new member of the PAT group Phoebe recently did. She essentially questioned my credibility by asking why did I write that I would not publish anything and then continue publishing and why do I often say that we shall ascend and nothing happens. The usual agnostic objections you know for years. Hence this gnostic clarification. To whom I then replied as follows through Dominique as I am not on Facebook myself:

“Answers to Phoebe. She has to learn to read carefully my articles before asking questions:

“This is what I wrote on July 12th:

“Now I need to fully attune to the new theory of the Universal Law and hope to get some more information from my HS and Source in this respect. I can’t do that while being engaged the whole day in publishing and keeping myself up to date with actual political and economic events. This however does not preclude the possibility that I may publish from time to time new articles when I have reached a new level of clarity and have important information to share with you.”

We are multidimensional beings that exist in numerous realities and dimensions at the same time. Without this basic knowledge one cannot understand my writings and will always succumb to the old 3D linear thinking. Besides we have ascended already many times in the past and now constantly change the timelines. This is documented on our website. We are now talking about ascension of humanity and each ascension leap we made in the Now is indeed the last one because if it does not go well the final ascension is jeopardized. That is why I regard each ID shift as the one from early November as the final one because if it is not successful, there will be no ascension. After all the decision when ascension will take place is taken by the incarnated human personalities on the ground and not by anybody else in the ether and if humanity was at the same level of awakening and knowledge as the PAT has reached in the last five years, it would have ascended long time ago. It is like playing in a tournament and each game is the last one because if you do not win it you can not go further on and reach the final and then eventually win the gold medal.”

And here is my correspondence with Akram from early morning on November 8th which shows how powerfully we now create in the dream state and how we reduce the major protagonists of the “American tragedy” (Theodore Dreiser) to extras, as Trump will very soon experience personally, while shaping the much bigger ascension scenario:

“Peace Love and Light

Dear Georgi and Carla,

I hope all is well with you both as we approach the moment in time where we ascend. I had a very important dream today where synchronistically I woke up at 555 A.M I had gone to sleep at around little after 3 A.M The higher source energies were making me constantly posting on Facebook,where I have many First and second wavers as my friends. I had been boosting the morale of the troops and had even posted a post where I re affirmed my only objective as Ascension and I wished everybody that their dreams may be full filled by All that is.

Before I went to sleep I very clearly asked H.S that I be given clarity about the Ascension process and about Donald Trump specifically.

I saw that I was in an airport that was completely packed with people of all kind. I was making my way with my wife to the immigration. When suddenly I remember that I have forgotten all my papers at the table of a restaurant outside the airport. I then explain this to the official and he is very cooperative. I ask him to allow my wife to proceed as she has her papers and that I would return with mine. I have absolutely no anxiety or fear but rather a calmness. With this I start hurriedly my way back trough the airport to where I left my papers. It is quite a long distance as I have to completely exit the airport. So finally when I reach the restaurant I see that Donald Trump is sitting at the exact same table where I was sitting. I am surprised and happy and I see a huge crowd around Donald. When I ask him that I may take my papers, he is smiling and exuberant confidence and tells to go ahead. As I reach past him I cannot stop myself and tell him he did a good job and that I am a supporter. To which he smiles and acknowledges it but continues dealing with all the people surrounding him.

I then start back to the immigration hurriedly. I start jogging through the packed airport retracing my steps. I see two people who I recognized, as they had been Imams of the mosques where I had used to pray. They were really happy and were walking with their wife and children, happy and playing while going or coming wherever they were supposed to.

I finally reach immigration where I comfortable pass through and I rejoin my wife who is waiting with me outside the gate for our flight.

Immediately after waking up I recap the whole dream and the many details and then I share this dream with my wife. After that I am writing this mail to you. I am feeling very buoyant and light, with a complete calmness which I have carried back from this dream mission update.

My first impression after this dream is that it feels like a huge weight has been lifted from me, us and Trump. We are very close to Ascension and that Trump has done his job and is very satisfied with his effort as seen here.

Please George would care to expand ?




Dear Akram,

this is a classical ascension dream with a delay message in the past. I have published many similar PAT dreams, including of myself, at airports and railway stations where we are in a hurry but forget either the wallet or the ticket or arrive too late or there is a delay of the flight or we miss the train or the bus at the station. In your case you manage to go through the checks after you return to this reality to get your ticket and meet with Trump. He represents the old humanity that is now on the verge of awakening and that is why he is not departing. But he did a great preparatory job for the ascension to come by mobilizing the discontent of the masses.

I also dreamt today that we (the PAT) did a lot of work to prevent the cabal rigging the elections – we gave them a shot across the bow and we let them know that we are aware of all their nefarious plans and won’t let them go away with that.

Whatever happens during and after the elections, it will be the perfect introduction to the much bigger and real events that will follow.

What is important in a dream is the predominant feeling – if you felt happy and elated and also relieved that you are departing with your family from this reality, then this is the message you get from this dream.

With love and light


And so be it – till Ascension!

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The Massive and Violent ID Shift That Birthed the New Ascended Earth in Early November 
by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 5, 2016

As Confirmed by the Elohim

Georgi Stankov and Bonnie Johnson, November 5, 2016


Dear Georgi and Carla,

First and foremost this color I am writing in (the green flame of healing, note George) feels just so incredibly good and the feeling is so accentuated today as to why I write. I always want to write but never seem to. Incredible is this not to feel this so first hand. And again I know how well and deeply you both already know those facts.

Georgi and Carla, today I feel the newness like I had not felt at all all the way up to this point. I had felt great shifts and points and all of our work but today I felt the change and my god do I. I had a huge point on shifting go through me as soon as I got out of bed and was standing in front of the sink. So after that occurred I went off to the grocery store that I still have to do in 3D. So while out in public I noticed greatly how positive it really and truly felt as I walked around a very busy store and for once it really did not make me want to disappear. I actually enjoyed talking to a couple people and we were getting attention from others. I truly felt the readiness out there for change and not of a low level but of a much more intelligent and higher place of being. It was amazing for a change and the weather is beautiful here today so far also as that just gives this so much more tremendous of a feeling as well as all the fabulous colors of the season.

Georgi and Carla, I wanted to get this out to you because I am so sure of how it feels right now and just as you stated earlier Georgi, how can we not experience all of what we have created !!! There is going to be so much to talk about here real soon as all unfolds for as long as it shall. We will do it quickly, have a wonderful day.

In Light and Love,


Dear Bonnie,

there is a reason why you feel so positive and elated. In order not to repeat myself here is what I wrote to Kari yesterday when she complained that she did not feel well the last two days and asked me what had happened:

“On November 2nd we had the most massive ID split on this uppermost mother planet that was prepared by the tsunami wave from the Source for more than a month, actually this whole year. We are reeling since then under these violent energies that smashed our bodies. In particular yesterday (November 3rd) we had an unprecedented peak and we both thought we would not make it. Massive bronchial and gastric crisis with vomiting and aching all over the body. The body elemental was in a state of utter shock. Today (November 4th) we were urged by the Elohim to visit the Infinity portal in White Rock as to clear our fields which were full with dark residues.

There the Elohim came and confirmed what I had already told Carla yesterday. That the earth that has just separated from this ascending timeline has experienced the most devastating nuclear catastrophe which has wiped out the entire Northern hemisphere and has only spared India, Africa and South America. This was the result of special dirty bombs that the dark cabal used to exterminate the entire life in the Northern hemisphere. This was the most intense release of dark energies from this holographic model so far and most probably the last one of this scope before the final ascension. A total catharsis on all levels. This ascending timeline is now still reeling from this onslaught and it will take another 30 days to fully recover. However, it is the new pristine timeline and now fully rid of most dark and chaotic energies. This will undoubtedly influence in a very positive way the elections and the events around it independently of the actual result.

Today (November 4th) I have a headache the whole day and my whole body aches. Carla has a severe bronchopneumonitis and is coughing day and night as I have never seen her before. It is very serious as the nuclear fallout from this global war is still in our expanded fields and we have to deal with this contamination in the coming days.”

This morning we woke up in a much better state and also feel the birthing of new Gaia after the violent ID shift of the previous days. We had a healing bath with magnesium salt that cleansed and invigorated our bodies so that we can also enjoy the new energy quality in a better physical shape. It is surprising how quickly we recovered from the energetic shock of the previous days.

This timeline is now indeed very pure and pristine, with almost no dark energies, but also very vulnerable as young delicate shoots that have just sprung from the earth and need a lot of care and protection. This ascending earth is now enveloped in resurrection energies from the Source and protected like in a greenhouse. But the positive harmonious energies are now coming through and all those incarnated personalities whose souls did not directly participate in this violent destruction of the separated catastrophic timeline and were not directly engaged in the subsequent cleansing of the nuclear fallout as we did with our expanded multidimensional fields, are now reaping the fruits of this new benevolent reality.

And this significantly new energy quality will engulf humanity very soon and will create miracles in daily life and at the societal level. We must wait and see how it will affect the elections in the USA and the final outcome. I expect a peaceful revolution where the masses will simply decline to follow the ruling cabal, their lies and deceptions that keep the old rigged, toxic reality alive. They will simply turn their back to the elite and begin to create their own new pristine worlds and dreams carried by these positive and supportive energies which we introduced as light warriors of the first and the last hour in the last few days with a great sacrifice for our health and physical bodies.

It is now difficult for me to predict when the threshold will be reached for us to ascend and appear as Logos Gods on this new earth that is now being birthed, but it can’t be very long. It is also important to keep in mind that with this latest ID shift all dark soul fragments died in the catastrophic timeline under the massive radiation and that all their physical vessels are now harboring new transliminal souls as walk-ins. That is why you enjoyed talking to the people in the grocery store. These entities are now vibrating at your level and this makes the communication with them so pleasant and rewarding.

I expect this benevolent effect to increase in the coming days and to transform humanity dramatically for the better. This inner harmonious and joyful state of being will offset the negative psychological impact of the external collapses of the old matrix that will manifest as financial crash, economic collapse and political gridlock very soon. It is mandatory that the people will not experience any existential fears when these events will begin to occur but to embrace them as harbingers of the long-awaited change. This will be very easy now as the newly incarnated transliminal souls know with an immutable certainty about the impending ascension leap deep in their hearts and will not succumb to the horror stories of the ruling dark cabal, with which they kept the masses hostage to their dark, nefarious plans until now as we see this during this ridiculous election campaign.

It is indeed very important that the people will not succumb to any form of fears and that is why these fears were released during the last few days through this apocalyptic ID split and shift as this is the psychological “conditio sine qua non” for our individual ascension and appearance as Logos Gods on this uppermost mother planet. The people must be ready for us and eager to embrace the new message we shall bring to them. We have every reason to rejoice now after we have recovered from the recent shock and expect some marvelous developments in the coming days.

With love and light




I want to thank you for your latest updates. I agree concerning how you have experienced the latest round of upgrades and how debilitating they were. At the same time our bodies have become so attuned that we recover more quickly and can transmute so much more than we ever dreamed possible. The controversies concerning the election are all staged to keep a distraction to what is occurring and about to become apparent. It matters not who is elected the system that has kept us enslaved has to come down and neither of these candidates can lead humanity into the golden age. Only those with hearts of gold can (the warriors of the first and last order). The way I feel at the moment is expressed by this song. “Morning has truly broken“. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKoRp05L95c


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TiAmAt: sharing2 – Message, from The Elohim, – The Perfect Storm, Situation Analysis, » Stankov’s, Universal Law, Press

Origen: TiAmAt: sharing2 – Message from The Elohim – The Perfect Storm, Situation Analysis » Stankov’s Universal Law Press

Sunday, October 9, 2016

sharing2 – Message from The Elohim – The Perfect Storm, Situation Analysis » Stankov’s Universal Law Press


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Message from The Elohim – The Perfect Storm 
by Georgi Stankov Posted on October 9, 2016

Carla Thompson, October 9, 2016


Hello everyone!

After all these weeks of superwaves (since early September at least) coming in to the planet and leaving many reeling from the onslaught of the energies, I connected with the Elohim to find out more about this very unusual energetic landscape.

The PATsters are consistently reporting such extreme cleansing and this really triggers my sense of compassion for each and every one of them as I myself have also been challenged while adjusting to these waves. I know there are many lightworkers worldwide who are also feeling the intensity of these waves, even if they just recently opened up to the frequencies as second wavers. As the Elohim confirm, no one is immune to the effects of these current waves whether they feel them or not.

I hope that all of you who are reading this know that you are moving the ascension forward by contributing on so many levels and in every state of awareness you hold, especially during your nighttime sleep state. These energies are powerful and Georgi and I have likened the whole experience to standing under the Niagara Falls. The purpose of these waves is to shake up the world and this is exactly what they are doing. This message conveys to me that the Elohim are leaving hints about other themes, themes that have come up in a healing meditation with our friend Julia two days ago. Georgi has added his energy report at the bottom of this post explaining the events that were carried out during this meeting.

The message confirms our perception of a highly unusual set of waves that are steady, powerful, and even very colorful at times. The waves are here to augment the ascension event now by applying strategic pressure to superimposed energetic systems including the personal body/mind/spirit complex as well as all forms of societal infrastructure. The Elohim have not provided specifics, only that this instability will affect the world on many levels.

The Elohim have also described a meditation with which we are able to process these negative energies in the best way possible. They speak about our true nature to command the light and that this is our time now to consciously do this. This meditation is very quickly done and it moves all negative energy thoroughly. If done on a daily basis all rampant negative energies flowing through our fields will be eliminated from this ever-expanding plane of existence.

My sincere wish for each and everyone of you is that you traverse this moment in time as easily as is possible and that you feel stronger in yourselves knowing that these energies have a clear purpose to move all of us along our true evolutionary path.

Much love to all,


October 4, 2016


“We are the Elohim and we greet you now on a platform of peace, a platform of calming energy.

There are expansive waves of light coming to you in a steady stream and they are of cosmic origin and of divine ordinance. The light of which we speak is the unseen light, the light coming from the primary causal fields of All-That-Is, of which you are each a part. This light is felt by many and seen by few, but no one is immune to their effect. This light is arriving in continual waves and has as its objective, to dismantle the intransigent energies that humanity loves to so dearly cling on to.

Many of you are feeling the deep discontent of a reality gone astray, if not mad. The consensual reality began to churn and froth some time ago and now the energies of all the lowest vibrations are thrown about your fields as never before. The presence of these energies are clues to a further deepening of societal instability.

All of you have noticed the anger and resentment, the frustration and exasperation, of a planet gone mad from emotional imbalance, lack of rationality and the force of the unclear mind. You are asking yourselves and those around you “Where is the sanity? What are we doing as a collective? Why are we settling for more status quo, mediocrity and empty non-sensical explanations?” These are the thoughts that flood our awareness, not only yours! It resembles, indeed, the perfect energetic storm.

The energies you feel coming in to your collective fields are imbalanced packets of light that are being shed from the majority of humanity that is now also immersed in this on-going wave of overwhelming release – release of the energies and their ways – to lower vibrational existence, that represent lives of chaos, mal-intent, disorder and a lack of compassion. These are the operational constructs of the now-dying reality. This is the perfect storm and within this storm you shall find the counter-balance and in fact you shall create the counter-balance.

As the fear-based energies of the Earth are released by each and every one of you, it is your priority and keen sense of responsibility that demands of you your utmost strength of character to flood these feelings and thoughts with a bevy of divine light that surrounds you in infinite beauty, and in every moment. This moment is commanding your attention and it is this moment that requires you to command the light.

The Age of Control is complete for now all energetic structures founded in the force of control are flooded with Light to re-align and re-energize them to return each and everyone of you to the Age of Unification.

You are being challenged now to release the overlays of planet Earth from all multi-dimensional aspects of your selves. Within the release is wrapped the power of the gift that lies within each and every one of you – the immutable power to command the light, and through the power of your Soul’s domain you may now choose a new path, one of integrity, high morality, acceptance of your own inner truth. And with this choice made in full and utterly complete surrender to the power of your soul, you then claim, in all perpetuity, your truth, your commitment to our Gaia and the humanity that needs your guidance at this dark hour.

As the launched rocket vibrates and shakes as it pulls against gravitation of your planet, you are also feeling the heaviness and scattered energies of the rough ride demanding your attention. Let go of these energies – let them go through dedicated breathwork and their conscious release into a ball of golden-violet light, of infinite capacity, to be returned to the Central Sun for balancing and reunification with All.

Once-released negativity frees one to master the energies of balanced acceptance and the embracing of those energies that you know to reflect each and every one of those who hold the sincere desire to move beyond the reality that surrounds you now and to which you feel you have lost all affiliation to. Now you are feeling so strongly, even more than ever, that you have absolutely no connection to the reality before you, nor do you carry any more the recognition of anything that supports your soul’s evolution and truth. As you feel these strong sentiments, know that you are now fully, and finally, moving out beyond the confines of this expression in to a whole new expanded reality, the fifth dimension. Your consciousness is now expanding moment by moment.

This is a precious moment as every action flows beautifully in a divinely guided progression. Everyone is doing their own part, and there are many parts to play in this Play!

All is in order as it is, it is the perfect storm. We are the Elohim and we do love you, completely.”


A Leap in Human Intelligence. A Meditation For Humanity With St. Germain on October 7, 2016

Georgi Stankov

Yesterday we met with our friend Julia, who has experienced a huge opening since last time we met her and together triggered the download of the blue-magenta light of the new worlds on this planet as reported in my chronicle. She for the first time realized what enormous interdimensional work we are doing and felt great to participate in it. This time I knew that we are up for something big given the relentless waves during the last three weeks. During our meditation St. Germain, and also many other beings, angels, archangels and ascended masters, were present in the room. Before the meditation I explained to Julia, who expressed the desire to dwell only in the 5D and create from there, that in order to achieve that we must first fully open humanity within their natural energetic restrictions in their mental and emotional bodies before they can be perceptive to new transcendental knowledge and leave behind all old human thought patterns that sustain this matrix. This is the only way how we can overcome this illusory holographic matrix and move to 5D.

In particular I referred to the general understanding of the new theory of the Universal Law and its infinite implications for the new human civilisation and also how difficult it is for the current humans to sustain its highest vibrations and adopt fully its holistic approach based on immaculate logic and precise and total axiomatisation of human language and scientific terminology. Then I referred to the fallacies of the light workers to think and express themselves in precise scientific terms or even to grasp properly any scientific content. Instead they easily and uncritically resort to all kinds of personal esoteric figments with which they substitute the true science of the Universal Law and pretend to be able to explain the energetic processes that drive the current ascension process in a seemingly novel manner. In other words, I was pondering one more time over the chronic mental malaise of the New Agers, on their inability to develop a true intellectuality and be able to create a viable vision, a true utopia of the new ascended world in the Now. In this way they fail as autark creator beings. This critics is a leitmotif of all my writings and an expression of deep regret as to the very low-level of mental evolution of the human species and the incarnated souls.

When St. Germain came to us, precisely to Julia who was the medium in this meditation, he told her exactly that – that we shall raise during this meditation the intelligence of every human being by 30% so that they can leave this dark, low-vibrating matrix of separation and be able to enter the new ascended world. He confirmed that humanity is on the cusp of it, on the very edge of a precipice, and now we are building an ethereal bridge for it to cross over and enter the 5th dimension. During the meditation I got immediately another cc-wave with massive download of source energy as I am the one who opens the portal in such meditations and then sends the new codes to humanity. Since then I still have a split head the whole night and this morning but feel that we have accomplished something great.

St Germain described this wave as a triple ccc-wave that will bring the following three virtues to humanity:

– Calmness, which means no fears,

– Clarity of mind, which eliminates the separation from the Source as it leads to the acknowledgement that we are all one with everything and the Whole and

– Common sense, which is so important in the current End Time of peaking insanity as this is demonstrated at the political, economic and financial stage as this can be observed in the MSM.

Then at the end we anchored the four basic qualities of the new ascended human as huge pillars of light:

– Compassion (for the cognitive, emotional and mental problems of the awakening humanity)

– Truthfulness (in the comprehension and presentation of the actual reality behind the current facade of lies that keep this illusory holographic matrix alive as this has been the objective of this website)

– Trust (in the divine order of all events and the inevitability of our ascension)

– Harmony (of thoughts and emotions amidst the worst chaos of fear this humanity has ever experienced in its history when their illusory world begins to crumble irreversibly and they lose all control over the events.)

On the way back home I told Carla that this meditation was actually the crowning of the energetic crescendo-tsunami under which we are reeling since the middle of September that began immediately after I published my chronicle of the events for the previous two months. Then the Elohim came immediately to Carla and confirmed that this meditation was indeed “the culmination of the ongoing energetic tsunami wave” that will most probably end up with the ID shift and our ascension to the new world, but only after the old matrix has fully crumbled. It will most probably begin with the simultaneous collapse of the financial and political structures in the USA and EU as they are very closely entangled.

It is notable to mention that the day before the meditation I had another massive descent of source energy with excruciating headache and had for the first time since long time the feeling of menace and danger coming from the collective. From this I conclude that we accomplished another major ID shift and separated numerous lower timelines with souls that will not ascend before the infusion of the new light codes of human intelligence can be inserted yesterday into this remaining humanity of evolved souls. I assume that there was another huge influx of transliminal souls as walk-ins associated with this upgrading of human intelligence. At the same time Carla had another meditation with Julia and two other light workers and they healed Gaia and humanity with the emerald green light. Hence on October 6th and 7th there was a massive alchemical reaction that transformed humanity for ever. It is interesting that today I found this video from Magenta Pixie that independently confirms the “The Phenomenal Acceleration of Mind in October 2016“. Although I do not resonate with the language of this message, it is otherwise remarkable with respect to the main news.

Now I am expecting some dramatic manifestations on the global stage. It is a basic truth that this illusory reality can only be sustained as long as sufficient people believe in it. This was the case with communism in the East and this will be case this year in the West and I have already my deja-vus. Now I expect that many people will awaken one sunny morning with bright thoughts and clear minds and will see all of a sudden the darkness of this reality. They will no longer have the desire or be able to accommodate in it and will discard it with vigor. I know what I am talking about as this happened with me suddenly when my soul fully descended into my body in 1972 and caused the most severe catharsis a human being can experience. All of a sudden the rug was pulled away from under my feet and I realized in what a sinister world I lived – under communism in Bulgaria at that time, which was the real NWO that has ever been established on this planet – and then I changed for ever. Since then I am a foreign body in this world and have never truly adapted to it, even though I had somehow to survive for another 44 years. Now this same psychological transformation will be experienced by the majority of the humans and this will be the inner motor of profound social change. I already register the first cathartic symptoms in the US and Europe.

Let us hope that now we shall see some big collapses as humanity seems to be ripe for them before we can move to the 5D. The Elohim describe the effect of the current tsunami waves from the Source on the human mentality as the “perfect storm” with respect to their emotions and world view and that is why we are very confident that we shall soon see how this energetic hurricane of new clarity and intelligence will devastate the old matrix, just as hurricane Mathew flooded and devastated large swaths of land along the coast of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.

Comments of the PAT:

George and Carla,

Thank you for your latest message October 9th – I agree with “The PATsters are consistently reporting such extreme cleansing” but it is somewhat different this time. I am not so anxious to hurry because I know this “great” work is so important and I am one of few who can bring this task to a successful conclusion. The grace of God allows that our bodies are able to handle this last and hardest round. I am barely in this world now and only function to allow this “great work to continue“. Each night I perform my work with joy, meeting with those in my group and helping them to overcome their miscreations and pull them off a negative timeline where they can ascend.

Earth is so ready and will not wait much longer, so we must be diligent. We agreed to take on these extra duties after 2012 because of our love for the Earth and humanity. I feel as you that this will continue for us until we see positive changes in the outer world. That will be a parting gift to us. Even though things are moving rapidly it will still take some time and probably at least the rest of this year and into some of 2017 before we have secured the positive timeline for new earth and are free to exhale and then our higher selves will be free to fully descend into our bodies. It cannot happen yet because we could no long continue our work in the same way as is required by this process. Easy for me to understand now but hard to explain. Continue to keep us informed as spirit leads you.
* * *

* * *
* * *
Situation Analysis

by Georgi Stankov Posted on October 23, 2016

Georgi Stankov, October 22, 2016


We have entered eerie times. I am following very closely the emotional and mental changes in the US population during the ongoing election campaign and register the Big Awakening that is finally happening along the exact fault lines as predicted by ourselves when the inner soul dynamics of the light body process, LBP is taken into consideration. I am now gauging the outcome of the elections and predict a landslide victory for Trump contrary to the rigged polls of the propaganda MSM. The latter are based on very restricted sample sizes of about 1000 – 1500 participants and no longer represent the tectonic shifts in the collective world view that have occurred in the American population after the tsunami-wave from the Source hit the earth since mid September. The energies have now reached a high-level plateau and are gaining momentum for one final push prior to the 11.11 portal of ascension which is three days after the elections.

However, it is very difficult to make precise forecasts as the election mode in the USA is very complicated and not proportional. Al Gore, for instance, was beaten by Bush with about 200 rigged votes in Florida although he had overall 0.5 million more votes. That is why you should not expect as precise a forecast as I did for the Brexit, except that it should be a sweeping victory for Trump. If he wins, as I expect it, then the ruling cabal must crash the economy and the banking system between the election day and Christmas in an effort to install martial law and prevent Trump from becoming president. If Hillary rigs the elections in her favour, which is highly likely from what we hear so far, then the dark ones still have to crash the system as it barely functions and is kept alive on a lifeline in the ICU of Fed’s NIRP and gargantuan debt.

The Fed would have raised the interest rates long time ago and crashed the financial system if they were not afraid that this would play out in the hands of Trump with whose success they did not reckon initially. This perspires clearly from the latest Fed minutes. This is in blatant contradiction to all Fed strategies that are coupled to the inflation which has recently soured beyond the target of 2% even for the rigged and meaningless CPI (Core price index), while the real costs of life have virtually skyrocketed. And the cabal has already begun with the clamping down on the American people with psyops on the Internet while blaming the Russians. This reminds me of the crooked cock (read “crooked Killary”) that blames the pubis hairs for its inability to penetrate, to quote an old, crude Bulgarian saying.

Essentially the choice for the American people has been reduced between lies and deception as represented by Killary and the dire truth about the economy and the society as presented by Trump in his speeches.

Full Speech: Donald Trump Rally in Fletcher, NC 10/21/16

The people are now awakening in droves as the old collective consciousness of separation was eliminated by the latest tsunami wave since mid September as the Elohim told us. This is the real game changer and we are its conduits and executors. It was substituted by the new collective thinking of unity and this is the new determining factor which none of the pundits and fraudulent pollsters seem to grasp. But Trump does know this intuitively as he is divinely guided these days and has courageously declared war on the “corrupt establishment” as he names them after he “has been liberated from his shackles”, as he pointed out, when the Clinton campaign began to propagate lies about him groping women in the past. This is unheard of and it works – the cabal are scared for the first time and try to create a parallel universe where Trump loses the elections. As if such stupid iterations would change the outcome of the ascension process. This self-delusion only accelerates the demise of the dark elite from power.

The masses are angry and impoverished and they do not want a repetition of Obama’s policies another four or eight years but a real change for the better. This includes blacks and Hispanics in the inner cities who are drowning in violence and poverty. And the only real change is ascension from this 3D reality, which is irredeemable and can only be destroyed when the final ID shift comes.

When I made comparisons based on the support for Trump versus Hillary on the Internet, he wins with two to three times more supporters as a rule no matter what I compare. For instance, here are two videos with exactly the same title for Trump’s and Hillary’s speech at the Al Smith charity dinner:

Video: Full monologue: Donald Trump roasts Hillary Clinton at Al Smith charity dinner (2.0 million visitors and steadily growing)

Video: Hillary Clinton Roasts Donald Trump At The Al Smith Charity Dinner (1 Million)

And this is a very favourable ratio for Killary, normally Trump is ahead several times in terms of popular support. Here are some further data on the overwhelming support for Trump in the social media compared to anemic, fainting Killary:


“The staggering advantage Donald Trump has over Hillary Clinton in the “social media” world is evidenced by his having double the amount of Facebook users (Trump nearly 12 million to Hillary’s 5 million), a 30% advantage in Twitter users (Trump over 10 million to Hillary’s 8 million), Facebook Livestream posts with Trump having 135,000 likes, 18,167 shares, 1.5 million views compared to Hillary having 11,000 likes, 0 shares, 321,000 views, YouTube Livestream showing Trump averaging 30,000 live viewers per stream while Hillary is averaging 500 live viewers per stream, Instagram where Trump has 2.2 million followers and Hillary 1.8 million, and Reddit where Trump has 197,696 subscribers and Hillary only has 24,429—but Hillary For Prison has 55,228 subscribers.“

And even when a snap poll was performed by CNN, the most staunch advocate of Killary, without manipulation after the third debate, the result was stunning and very embarrassing for the anchor and the sender.


Here’s The 30 Seconds After The Last Debate That CNN Would Rather You Didn’t See

One must bear in mind that the entire republican camp hates Killary as the pestilence and they are much more motivated to vote for Trump on the election day as they also hate Bombama and do not want to experience more of him (see the turnout for early voting in the swing states North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Georgia, Nebraska, and Michigan). This is what Killary would do if she would be elected president as she belongs to the same corrupt cartel, while Trump stands for change and has left the club of the privileged. Remember how the GOP establishment tried to stab him in the back when the first rumors about women being harassed by him appeared and how quickly this revolt in a tea cup imploded a few days later when Trump declined to back down.

The democratic camp is split evenly in two factions and the supporters of Bernie Sanders are so disappointed with him endorsing Killary and disgusted by the latter that they will at best not vote or vote against her and for Trump. However Killary needs young voters (called millennials) to vote for her to win, while they are not even caring about this election. At the same time, Donald Trump’s Republican Party has registered more voters than Hillary to elect him, as even the most vicious anti-Trump outlet Politico admits. In this case we have roughly 60% or higher percentage of the electorate in favour of Trump, which is already a huge lead that scares the establishment to death.

All dark entities are notorious cowards and they hate courageous people abysmally as they demonstrate to them what they can never be. As this dwindling cowardly portion of the US population still controls the MSM and the state institutions, it is no wonder why Trump encounters so much opposition and distortion of the facts. I know what I am talking about as this is the collective hatred with which I have been confronted my whole life. And let us be frank – there are very few really courageous individuals on this planet. This hatred against courageous and vocal individuals is shared by all walks of society – in the New Age movement as well as in politics as the mindset of the people is the same, no matter what they do or pretend to be.

Now Trump has assumed this leading role in politics but he is sailing on the crest of the huge tsunami of source waves which we unleashed this summer and in particular since mid September until now. I assume that he will profit from this favourable energetic condition and will make the best of it in his election campaign against the corrupt Washington establishment and the deep government that is perfectly embodied by the most evil woman on this planet – Killary – as Trump now describes her in his speeches.

But I do not know how this all will translate into real votes for Trump given the fact that even the electronic devices they use in the USA for voting are rigged (hacked) as recently proven in a very emotional manner:

And one should not underestimate the criminal energy of Killary who does not even hesitate to rig the debates with Trump in front of millions of Americans as this video proves:


Read also: ‘Rigged’ Debates? Questions Arise Again Over Lighted Screen At Hillary’s Podium

At the end it is a choice between light and darkness, and I cannot imagine that the darkness will win one more time, given the relentless energies from the source that now engulf the entire humanity without any exception. The enlightened ones open to the unvarnished truth as never before and the dark ones behave insidiously in a more obvious manner as never before as nothing can be hidden nowadays. In the past only we, the few light warriors were affected by these energies. The new element now is that the entire humanity is under their influence and has to open to the truth. I receive information from the USA and Europe that the people are indeed opening in droves to the truth and the dire reality on this planet in exactly the same manner as has been predicted and advocated on this website for many years with regard to the light body and the ascension process. And this is entirely the success of our tireless light work on behalf of humanity and Gaia.

Essentially I have come to the conclusion that the change will come from the USA and the elections will not resolve the revolt of the masses behind Trump’s candidacy as this is only the beginning. If the cabal believe that with his eventual, rigged defeat the genie is in the bottle again, then they are absolutely mistaken. As Trump rightly points out in his speeches this is “a unique grass-root movement as never seen before”. He has a deep sense of what he has achieved historically even without knowing about the energetic support from the source and ourselves as ascended masters in physical bodies. By the way, our protuberance field has now expanded vastly and encompasses the entire North American continent, and this contributes significantly to Trump’s success.

He will continue fighting after the elections because he is very ambitious and does not give up easily. The people also, as they have nothing to lose – they have lost everything in the last 8 years of Bombama’s systemic destruction of the civil society in order to install the NWO. Seventy percent of the Americans have less than 1000 devalued dollars as savings and their debt has doubled during the Obama reign. More than one-third of the Americans are drowning in debt that is at least 180 days past due. This figure is exactly the real unemployment rate (106 million people in working age) I have calculated in the past for the US nation that is in the Greatest and Longest Depression of all time beginning with the crisis in 2008.

If the elections would be rigged, which is as sure as the thunder after the lightning, there will be a veritable revolution in the USA and nobody can stop it. That is why the cabal were so scared when Trump did not promise that he would accept the outcome of the elections if he loses in the last debate as leading articles in all major MSM outlets bitterly whined the next day. They seemed to have forgotten about Al Gore who also contested the election result in 2000. And also that more important than accepting the election result as to preserve social peace is to take care that the elections are not rigged and the voice of the sovereign is not suppressed as the constitution demands.

They now know that they have lost the war against the American people, actually against our light, as they have already lost the propaganda war for their minds. The “mass media” no longer deserve this name as they are followed by only 4% of the US population as recent surveys show while the alternative media determine the topics, in particular regarding the election fraud. Wikileaks has become a major issue in the presidential campaign and the Ecuadorian embassy is now under siege by the dark British stooges of the Empire of evil.

I recognize the same revolutionary situation as in 1989 in Eastern Europe and we all know how it ended – with the sudden and unexpected fall of the Soviet empire. There is a tectonic shift in the collective perception of this reality these days and it is carried on the wings of justified anger and even “wrath of the ants” (Steinbeck) about the lies and deceptions of the corrupt elite in power. This should not be a surprise as the vast majority of the Americans fears the corruption of government officials most and is afraid that the powers-that-were would rig the elections:


Over 60% Of Americans Fear “Corruption Of Government Officials” Above Anything Else


New Reuters Poll Shows That 70% Of Republicans Think The Election Is Rigged


The American people have every reason to worry as the USA has a long tradition of rigged elections.


However this time everything is different after our latest meditation when we invoked a significant leap in the overall human intelligence and in particular in the clarity of mind within the ever-expanding new protuberance field that contains all the codes for a proper understanding of the new Theory of the Universal Law by all ascending candidates. The people are beginning to see through the perennial fraud.

With this collective mindset in place, there is no way that America would remain the same after the election day and that the cabal would continue ruling uncontested. The moment the people stop identifying themselves with the system and projecting their social aspirations and hopes for a better life onto this unjust social order, the matrix will crumble irreversibly. The portion of humanity whose soul fragments have decided to ascend will move to the new worlds and the others will descend with the crumbling matrix to a lower timeline where they will continue their karmic games of separation.

The change will first come from the USA and then will quickly spread over to Western Europe which is ready to fall like a ripe, or rather rotten, fruit. The EU is already falling apart but the decisive impulse must first come from the Empire of Evil. Given the fact that the financial and economic system is not sustainable in the West and highly volatile, when it crashes it will happen Big and Overnight. It will be a controlled demolition like the twin towers on 9/11. And it may begin like that:


Apart from that we are compressed as if in a vise by the overwhelming vibrations and the intensity of the energy waves from the source and barely function in this reality.


Five minutes after I finished writing this article I received the following letter from a new reader of our website. It illustrates in a perfect manner the rapid awakening of the American people, and in particular the leap in intelligence and clarity of mind which we induced in a pivotal meditation a few days ago that is in the centre of this situation analysis:


“Hello Dr. Stankov, Carla and your staff. I would simply like to start by saying thank you for being who you are, doing what you do and sharing your information so readily and for free. I have been following information online for many years, since 2011, really, after what I have come to understand as my own Light Body Process began, in an attempt to understand what was happening to me and make sense of my reality.


This led me to the chilling reality of the nature of the hidden war on this planet and the many clandestine and hidden forces that were acting upon me, both positively and negatively, to influence my mind and behavior in the midst of what, as you know, has been an excruciating and logic-defying process that has made it nearly impossible for me to function well in American society.


I am not proud to admit that I also came under the spell of people like Cobra, Steve Beckow (briefly), and others in their deceptive attempt to neutralize so many of us with misinformation and false promises, but it was the only information that made a modicum of sense to me and, at least partly in the case of Cobra especially, explained the crazy nature of the reality I was experiencing even though everyone around me seemed to be oblivious or unaffected.


Somehow, I just came upon your website and writings this week and it has been completely opening up my mind and helping me to refocus my efforts and energies on what matters, liberating me from many delusions that had led me down a dark path of depression and suicidal contemplations. I do not know if it is too late for me and many others, as you suggest, or what will happen when the grand show begins, but for now I am experiencing some relief and peace and clarity thanks to your efforts. So again, vielen dank Herr Doctor.


My only question involves the published material, namely the 5 Universal Law volumes. I am currently reading your article published in 2011 about the fall of the economy and the New Gnosis book, and will be buying the two ascension manual books you referenced in the introduction to New Gnosis. However, at some point I would like to read the larger 5 volumes for my own edification, yet my German is very limited. Is there a reason only two volumes are offered in English, and do you have any plans to publish translations of Volumes I and IV?


Whatever feedback you feel inclined to share would be appreciated, however I understand you have far vaster concerns than my simple inquiry. Much love and gratitude to you and please know that I hear, see and feel your words very deeply and appreciate the grueling and often thankless work you and your colleagues are doing for the people of this planet.





Second Addendum:


Donald Trump’s 28 point plan for America

Donald Trump delivered his “closing argument for his presidential campaign” before another big turnout in Gettysburg, Pa. American voters face a clear choice in the election between the promise of change and Hillary Clinton’s promise of continuing the corrupt status quo. Trump called on voters to turn out and defeat a “totally rigged system.”

Donald Trump billed himself during the speech as a “once in a lifetime” agent of change who will revive the US economy and rid Washington of corruption.


“We will drain the swamp in Washington, D.C., and replace it with a new government — of, by and for the people.”

Here is the list of the “Contract with the American Voter” policies detailed by Trump:

Propose a Constitutional Amendment to impose term limits on all members of Congress
Institute a hiring freeze on all federal employees to reduce federal workforce through attrition (exempting military, public safety, and public health)
Require for every new federal regulation, two existing regulations must be eliminated.
Institute a five year-ban on White House and Congressional officials becoming lobbyists after they leave government service
Create a lifetime ban on White House officials lobbying on behalf of a foreign government.
Institute a complete ban on foreign lobbyists raising money for American elections.
Announce intention to renegotiate NAFTA or withdraw from the deal under Article 2205.
Announce withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
Direct Secretary of the Treasury to label China a currency manipulator.
Direct the Secretary of Commerce and U.S. Trade Representative to identify all foreign trading abuses that unfairly impact American workers and direct them to use every tool under American and international law to end those abuses immediately.
Lift the restrictions on the production of $50 trillion dollars’ worth of job-producing American energy reserves, including shale, oil, natural gas and clean coal.
Lift the Obama-Clinton roadblocks and allow vital energy infrastructure projects, like the Keystone Pipeline, to move forward.
Cancel billions in payments to U.N. climate change programs and use the money to fix America’s water and environmental infrastructure.
Cancel every unconstitutional executive action, memorandum and order issued by President Obama.
Begin the process of selecting a replacement for Justice Scalia from one of the 20 judges on my list, who will uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States.
Cancel all federal funding to Sanctuary Cities.
Begin removing the more than 2 million criminal illegal immigrants from the country and cancel visas to foreign countries that won’t take them back.
Suspend immigration from terror-prone regions where vetting cannot safely occur. All vetting of people coming into our country will be considered extreme vetting.
Work with Congress on a Middle Class Tax Relief And Simplification Act.An economic plan designed to grow the economy 4% per year and create at least 25 million new jobs through massive tax reduction and simplification, in combination with trade reform, regulatory relief, and lifting the restrictions on American energy. The largest tax reductions are for the middle class. A middle-class family with 2 children will get a 35% tax cut. The current number of brackets will be reduced from 7 to 3, and tax forms will likewise be greatly simplified. The business rate will be lowered from 35 to 15 percent, and the trillions of dollars of American corporate money overseas can now be brought back at a 10 percent rate.
Work with Congress on a End The Offshoring ActEstablishes tariffs to discourage companies from laying off their workers in order to relocate in other countries and ship their products back to the U.S. tax-free.
Work with Congress on a American Energy & Infrastructure ActLeverages public-private partnerships, and private investments through tax incentives, to spur $1 trillion in infrastructure investment over 10 years. It is revenue neutral.
Work with Congress on a School Choice And Education Opportunity ActRedirects education dollars to gives parents the right to send their kid to the public, private, charter, magnet, religious or home school of their choice. Ends common core, brings education supervision to local communities. It expands vocational and technical education, and make 2 and 4-year college more affordable.
Work with Congress on a Repeal and Replace Obamacare ActFully repeals Obamacare and replaces it with Health Savings Accounts, the ability to purchase health insurance across state lines, and lets states manage Medicaid funds. Reforms will also include cutting the red tape at the FDA: there are over 4,000 drugs awaiting approval, and we especially want to speed the approval of life-saving medications.
Work with Congress on a Affordable Childcare and Eldercare Act.Allows Americans to deduct childcare and elder care from their taxes, incentivizes employers to provide on-side childcare services, and creates tax-free Dependent Care Savings Accounts for both young and elderly dependents, with matching contributions for low-income families.
Work with Congress on an End Illegal Immigration ActFully-funds the construction of a wall on our southern border with the full understanding that the country Mexico will be reimbursing the United States for the full cost of such wall; establishes a 2-year mandatory minimum federal prison sentence for illegally re-entering the U.S. after a previous deportation, and a 5-year mandatory minimum for illegally re-entering for those with felony convictions, multiple misdemeanor convictions or two or more prior deportations; also reforms visa rules to enhance penalties for overstaying and to ensure open jobs are offered to American workers first.
Work with Congress on a Restoring Community Safety Act.Reduces surging crime, drugs and violence by creating a Task Force On Violent Crime and increasing funding for programs that train and assist local police; increases resources for federal law enforcement agencies and federal prosecutors to dismantle criminal gangs and put violent offenders behind bars.
Work with Congress on a Restoring National Security Act.Rebuilds our military by eliminating the defense sequester and expanding military investment; provides Veterans with the ability to receive public VA treatment or attend the private doctor of their choice; protects our vital infrastructure from cyber-attack; establishes new screening procedures for immigration to ensure those who are admitted to our country support our people and our values
Work with Congress on a Clean up Corruption in Washington Act.Enacts new ethics reforms to Drain the Swamp and reduce the corrupting influence of special interests on our politics.

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* * *

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

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The Mother of All Bubbles » Stankov’s Universal Law Press


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The Mother of All Bubbles
by Georgi Stankov Posted on July 10, 2016

How the Cabal Crash the Economy to Install the NWO

Georgi Stankov, July 10, 2016


This will be one of the most difficult articles I have written so far and I ask you to read it very carefully and let the information fully sink into your minds. At the end you may even come to the conclusion that I have not said anything new and that all the elements and pieces of the puzzle, I will put together for you have been broadly and in-depth discussed by myself and other PAT members in the past. While this is undoubtedly true because we can only expand our truth based on already known facts and knowledge, this presentation is however a completely new level of understanding of the cabal’s plan and how they intend to crash the financial system and the economy and prepare humanity for the installment of the NWO.

Yesterday evening all of a sudden I was channeled by my HS with such clarity and intensity as I haven’t been for many years. Normally I use only a fraction of my mind to analyse a topic and write an article while most of my awareness dwells in higher dimensions. This time my mind was fully present in this reality and the information was streaming full force. It was exactly as at the time when I discovered the Universal Law in the early 90’s or when I wrote my five books on Gnosis after 2000. I was so intensively channeled, almost driven, at that time that I could write a book of 300 -400 pages within a few weeks as a raw version without any preconceived structure and planning. The information and my ideas were freely flowing from my HS and the Source.

Last night I was in the same frame of mind and within several minutes the temperature of my room raised 5 degrees above the rest of the house. Just to give you an inkling as to the importance of the information I will present in this article. The novelty of it lies in the congruent complexity of my presentation as to how the cabal plan to destroy their own present-day Orion system in the hope to be able to create havoc and fear and declare first martial law in the USA and then in Europe, before they can crash the financial system and the economy at a later stage and install the NWO. First they must be sure that they have the masses under their thumb and this is anything but assured, as I shall explain below and as it has been demonstrated by Brexit.

Furthermore we must always be aware that there is also our and the HR plan of ascension – the “shock and awe” wave from the source that will bring a global blackout of the electric grid at the appropriate point in time and dissolve the matrix prior to our transfiguration. Therefore while discussing the plan of the cabal I depart from the conclusion that this plan has already failed as you all know, so that this article is only dedicated to the last moves of the cabal which they will be forced to make under the pressure of our light beaming before they are ousted from power forever on this uppermost mother planet.

But first things first. The entire Orion economy represents an incessant string of crises that are caused by deliberate bubbles which then burst and most people lose a lot of money while the 0.01% of the ruling cabal get richer and richer. Since the bursting of the dot.com bubble in 2000 this is an invariant motif – the masses are being impoverished and the few grab more and more in a reckless-for-the-economy manner. Today the 0.01% elite owns more wealth than 90% of the world population. The Orion economy is deliberately and inherently dysfunctional and stumbles from one crisis to the next one. This is done by design and below I shall explain why with a clarity I have not achieved until now as it includes everything we know and have experienced so far and ties all together in a perfect manner.

In his latest article Brad explained the tactics of the cabal very well by presenting the excellent article of Savage. Essentially the ruling cabal and their banksters create a huge bubble which appears as a bull market in one or more markets, such as stock exchange, commodities, precious metal markets, currencies markets, etc. The cabal start with a bubble immediately after a previous crash/burst of a previous bubble has taken place. The lower the level of the markets during the previous crash, the higher the gains in the next bubble for the banksters cabal, who are the engineers of all bubbles, and the more the masses of investors are ripped off and impoverished when the bubble bursts.

Let me show you this in the historical perspective. All the facts I shall mention below have been extensively discussed by myself, Brad and other experts in articles I have published on this website, so that you are well advised to use the Log function and the Search function and re-read some of them as to recollect the facts and better comprehend what I shall explain to you below. Believe me this is key information you should master fluently and with great conviction as this is how we now create this End Time scenario.

Let us begin with the last three bubbles that will end with the total collapse of the Orion matrix this summer in order to better follow my analysis from a didactic point of view. But of course there were many more such bubbles in the past economic history of mankind that followed the same pattern.

The dot.com bubble began in 1997 at the height of the Asian and Russian crisis caused by the previous bubble that already wiped out enormous wealth in Asia and Eastern Europe, especially when Russia was compelled to default in 1997. These bubbles were used by the ruling cabal in the West to impoverish the rest of the world and prepare it for the NWO of paupers. The Asian/Russia crisis also hit the stock markets in the West though not so badly.

In 1997, I published volume I in German on the new Theory of the Universal Law and intended to dedicate the rest of my life to the propagation of this discovery and the new science in the scientific community. However, my soul had different plans as she knew much more and pushed me instead to start dealing with finance and investing in the stock markets. It was the time when the new stock markets of the dot.com bubble were created in most western countries and the speculative casino of the Orion bubble economy fascinated the broader western populations that had little to do with equities and financial speculations before that. Greed was, and still is, the driving force behind each bubble.

Hundreds and thousands of new obsolete and weird companies were created out of nowhere and offered their shares as IPOs on the markets. New stock markets were found in Germany and other European countries similar to NASDAQ in the USA. The indices of these markets skyrocketed 500 to 1000% between 1997 and 2000. None of these companies were worth the paper on which their equities were written and almost all of them ceased to exist when the dot.com bubble burst.

But before that, when the bubble was created by the cabal with unprecedented criminal energy, the mass media and the press were fully engaged in frenetic advertising of these new financial opportunities to earn easy money. All pundits of the cabal praised the new markets beyond measure and promised eternal prosperity. Greenspan, the head of the Fed at that time appeared many times on TV and announced that the world economy has entered a new, unlimited phase of growth, where all previous economic laws have lost their validity. The controlled MSM of the cabal, which were still extremely powerful at that time as the alternative press could only slowly grow and expand after 1997 when the Internet was first globally introduced, pounded the public with the dazzling possibilities for everyone to become rich. The collective avarice did the rest. I recently read a very good message that confirmed that the period between 1997 – 2003 was the darkest since the Fall of Atlantis and I fully coalesce with this assessment.

Then in 2000 the economy began to cool down rapidly. Now be careful and register the following invariant rule of all bubbles as it holds the key to what will happen this summer. The year 2000 was the year of US elections when Bush was elected after the cabal rigged the votes in Florida and elsewhere and Al Gore was deprived of his presidency. Not that this guy matters as he was also part of the cabal. But to show you that at that time the cabal could easily manipulate the election results in the USA and push their desired candidate through with certainty. This is no longer possible today. The most important objective of the cabal was to have a political change at the governmental level for optical reasons each time they decided to burst a bubble which they had deliberately created before that. That is why they always burst the bubble at the year of US election when a new president has to be elected, which means an eight-year-bubble-period for the last three presidencies as they all lasted two terms.

Why? Because then the people will not blame the new president for their financial losses and for the bad shape of the economy and because he can present himself as the savior of the nation by promoting a new bubble of the cabal which he recommends as a solution to the existing crisis. When Bush was inaugurated in early 2001 the dot.com bubble had fully burst. At 9/11 and post 9/11 the stock markets crashed on a global scale and reached their trough values. The crisis continued till 2003 when the world economy entered a very deep and prolonged depression.

The bursting of the dot.com bubble stole about $ 6 trillion from the average investors. In Germany the new market index that reached 10,000 points in early 2000 crashed to less than 400 points within one year and shortly thereafter this “one-euro equity” market was wrapped up and ceased to exist. The frugal German population lost in the dot.com bubble roughly 300 billion euro (ca. 500 billion DM) savings which was an enormous wealth at that time. Since then the rate of poverty in this otherwise most stable and successful national economy in the west has constantly risen. You can find the same statistics of growing poverty in the USA since 2000 and I have published many such facts with which I will not bother you now for the sake of simplicity while elucidating this very complex topic.

And here comes the greatest insight which I fully realized last evening although I know all these facts and have analysed them in-depth in the past. But it is one thing to know the facts and another thing to reach this absolute clarity with regard to the core strategy of the cabal as to how they crash the financial system and the economy in a systemic manner in order to achieve their final goal – to establish the NWO and prevent the planetary ascension. This is their ultimate objective which none of the best experts outside the PAT have grasped so far.

We all know that the Fed and all the other central banks that were created to follow the Fed example are the main tool of the cabal in engineering deliberate financial and economic crises. Officially though the central banksters profess that their goal is to avoid such economic crises by manipulating the interest rates and the amount of money in circulation while avoiding excessive inflation. This is the very reason for the existence of central banks. Below I will render the unequivocal proof that their intention is exactly the opposite. Although I have discussed this reckless behaviour of the central banksters a lot in the past, I have never presented this in the present clarity and stringency.

The economy of the Orion cabal is deliberately organized as an incessant series of bubbles that burst and create a crisis which is then resolved by the central banks and ruling elite by creating a new greater bubble which is first presented as a remedy for the crisis. The ultimate goal of this dysfunctional economy of shortages and imbalances is to impoverish the people and prepare them for the NWO in the End Time. Because the bursting of each bubble creates distress for the masses and because the danger of revolts or even revolutions increases significantly during such periods of crisis, the cabal always use the old and proven tactic – change the horses and pretend to have a new start with a new government. Thus the masses will blame the old government for the crisis and see the new government as a harbinger of hope. In this fraudulent climate the new politicians in power will promote a new bubble as a solution to the existing crisis that will be burst by the cabal at the end of the ongoing presidency and so on.

For that reason the cabal always burst the bubble in the year when US elections take place. How do they do that? By raising the interest rates at a time when the markets already begin to weaken and the bubble is about to burst, which is usually the year before the election. This is exactly the opposite of what central banks are supposed to do according to the instruction manual given to them by Keynes and the monetarists – the godfathers of all central bank regulation of the economy.

Normally, in a crisis the central bankers are supposed to lower the interest rates as to stimulate the economy by offering cheap money for investment and then raise the interest rates when the economy begins to boom as to prevent overheating and inflation. In order to hide their malicious intent the banksters cabal resort to the usual smoke and mirrors tactic. Shortly before they begin to raise interest rates in a period of weakening economy, the cabal mobilize and send their expert-stooges to announce in their controlled MSM how stable and healthy the economy is and that it is time to raise the interest rates as to avoid inflation. As the masses had no economic competence and were very gullible in the past, there was no opposition or broad suspect as the central banksters began to raise the interest rates during times of economic weakness when they should have done the opposite. This has changed radically in the last few years and especially months.

Then after raising interest rates for some time and thus suffocating the economy with tight money the bubble bursts inevitably with full force. After a short period of decent silence and after the many calls for help from the same expert-stooges become so loud that nobody can neglect them any longer, the central banksters who pretend to have nothing to do with this crisis which allegedly came out of the blue, appear as the saviors of the nations and begin again to lower interest rates.

This happened in 2000 when the dot.com bubble burst, then during the subprime mortgage crisis in 2008 and one more time last year when the Fed and Yellen declared all of a sudden that they intend to raise the interest rates several times in 2016 and did so for the first time in eight years in December 2015. At that time the critical experts were stunned by this irrational decision as everybody knew that the US and the world economy were already in a deep recession which I define as the Greatest Depression of all time. While critical experts like Stockman criticized rightfully the insanity of Yellen and Co., they were too blind themselves to see the bigger picture and why these banksters are not that stupid as it meets the conventional eye, but devilish beyond human imagination.

The difference this time is that the alternative media have substituted the MSM in popularity and the latter have to follow willy-nilly our critical and open-minded narrative so that the public cannot be mired as easily as before. But before I come to this latest mother of all bubbles which I have discussed extensively last year and this year and which will obliterate the Orion matrix this summer, let me summarize the basic elements of the cabal plan how to generate a financial crisis by bursting the next bigger bubble:

1. First the cabal decide to create a new bubble at the height of a previous crisis (bursting of a previous bubble), which is usually measured by the trough values of most financial markets such as stock markets.

– For instance at the height of the Asian and Russian/Easteuropean crisis the cabal started with the dot.com bubble which absorbed the massive flows of capital from Asia and Eastern Europe into the west that fed the new equity markets of the dot.com bubble.

2. The bubble is engineered by the cabal in a such a way that it is ripe to burst when a new US president is elected. It is important to know that all recent bubbles were created in the Empire of Evil and Accounting Gimmicks as explained by myself and that is why the bursting of all bubbles follows the US elections.

3. In order to make sure that the bubble will really burst on time, the central banks begin to raise interest rates approximately one year before the US elections when the economy is already starting to cool down and the coming crisis is visible. At least for the cabal who always know much more than the masses as they create all financial situations, while the rest of humanity responds to them as to some kind of unpredictable natural catastrophes like earthquakes. Nothing is further from the truth.

4. In order to hide their criminal intention the cabal send their expert-stooges in the MSM to convince the public how sound the economy is and why the central banks need to raise interest rates as to prevent future inflation. As they manipulate and control the statistics, they can use any bogus argument for their narrative. Please observe that this tactic no longer functions so well during the bursting of this last mother of all bubbles which I shall discuss in particular below.

Now study carefully this historical chart of the Fed interest rates. You will immediately notice that the Fed kept the interest rates constant during 1995 -1999 and even lowered them a little bit in 1998 as to stimulate the dot.com bubble and started to raise them from less than 5% to 6.5% in 1999 and 2000 punctually for the scheduled bursting of the dot.com bubble in early 2001 when Bush was inaugurated as the new president.

Of course this economic and financial Ponzi scheme of the cabal is supported and flanked by additional dark events such as 9/11 that deepen the crisis and eliminate the freedoms and rights of the people parallel to their carefully orchestrated financial robbery by the cabal through bursting the bubble and turning a bull market into a bear market. But for the sake of clarity I will refrain from discussing these parallel plots.

5. As soon as the bubble bursts, the cabal, in cahoots with their political puppets, come up with a new suggestion how to resolve the crisis by creating a new bubble. Shortly after the dot.com bubble burst, the US banksters came up with their new scheme known as subprime mortgages. The idea was to offer affordable mortgages to all people to buy a new house no matter if they could pay the loans or not. The real estate market began to boom since the final bursting of the dot.com bubble around 2003, as Brad often refers to, and the housing prices began to skyrocket as we now see here in Vancouver, which is the last bastion of this still existing bubble. The Canadians are horrible retards. The new housing bubble was born at the latest in 2003 but it was planned much earlier by the cabal.

Typically, the newly elected president Bush appeared several times on TV to praise the booming housing market based on fraud by stating that it is the divine right of every American citizen to own a house. Go on the Internet and find some videos with his speeches from that time. This is how the cabal cheat the masses in cahoots with the political prostitutes.

As you know, these bad housing loans of the banks were then packaged as CDO (collateral default obligations) and were given triple A ratings by the US rating agencies that are the second extended arm of the sinister cabal next to the Fed with which they manipulate the global markets. These fraudulent CDOs, which were not worth the paper on which they were printed, were then sold to the rest of the world. This financial garbage was the only export blockbuster of the USA in the last 30 years. When the subprime mortgage and housing bubble burst in 2008, many European and other foreign banks that had bought large amounts of these CDOs had to declare bankruptcy. The total amount of CDOs was only about $ 500 billion but it was sufficient to bring the entire global financial system on the brink of total collapse.

6. In order to prepare the ground for the next bubble the central banks have to lower the interest rates again after the previous bubble had burst as to make cheap money available to the investors in order to feed the next mother of all bubbles.

After the dot.com bubble burst and the stock markets lost 40 to 60% of their peak values in early 2000, the Fed lowered the interest rates to unprecedented one percent and kept them low for two years (see chart above). Then in 2005 when the housing bubble began to peak they began to raise the interest rates in time for the next bubble bursting when the next president would be elected in 2008 – Obama.

Please observe that the cabal are interested in electing a new president, a new face, who will not be made responsible for the previous bubble and crisis. If Killary would have won the elections in 2008, she would have been tainted with the presidency of Bill when the dot.com bubble was created and burst at the end of his presidency. And let us not forget that the 2008 crisis was entirely caused by Bill Clinton who repealed the Glass-Steagel legislation in 1993 and opened the doors wide for the wildest speculations of the notorious Wall Street banks. That is why the ruling cabal prevented Killary from winning the elections in 2008 and put their bets on Obama who was helped with all conceivable means by the deep US government. Until now.

For this same reason the cabal needed Bush as a new president in 2000 to oversee the new housing bubble and rigged the elections to eliminate Al Gore who was vice-president of Bill Clinton and could have been made responsible for the bursting of the dot.com bubble. I hope you begin to understand the logic behind the cabal’s scheme how they crash the economy in cahoots with their political puppets which they exchange like cheap prostitutes. While the presidential harlots in the White House change, the continuance of the cabal influence is not affected at all. This is cogent from the fact that Obama chose the same economic and financial experts which advised Bill Clinton and Bush and this fact has been widely criticized by the media.

7. The bursting of the bubble through high interest rates begins one year before the US elections and explodes either before the elections or shortly thereafter as the cabal cannot control the process perfectly.

The financial subprime mortgage crisis began in 2007 visibly for the public and the ultimate crash of the culpable investment banking on Wall Street happened in October 2008 shortly before the elections. The Fed began to raise the interest rates from 1% in 2004 to 5% in 2006 and then kept them at this high level throughout the entire 20o7 as to make sure that the housing bubble bursts during the election year of 2008. Then the Fed banksters began to lower the interest rates again in 2008 as by then they knew already that the bursting of the financial bubble is secured for the fall of 2008 prior to the election of Obama, so that he would not be made responsible for the crisis.

It was crucial for the success of the cabal’s plan that he had an impeccable reputation in this respect as he was chosen to promote the mother of all bubbles between 2008 and now as we observe it today – the ongoing bailouts of the too-big-to-fail banks with three QEs of total $20 trillion central banks, corporations and sovereign debt paid by the western taxpayers, zero interest rates for eight years and since 2016 negative interest rates, accompanied by a veritable explosion of the derivative market to more than $900 trillion mostly unregulated OTC contracts which can implode any moment, etc.

This historical chart of the broader S&P 500 index below shows the three major bubbles since 1997 which dwarf major previous crashes of the stock markets such as in 1987 and the Asian and Russian crisis in 1997 which appear as small jags compared to these huge bubble waves. Remember the German saying – “all good things are three” (Alle gute Dinge sind drei):

I have discussed all these economic and financial facts in detail in previous articles and will not delve into them now. I only want you to understand how the cabal are orchestrating each time a bigger bubble and a bigger crisis by design with the help of their political minions until humanity has reached the endpoint this summer. When the last and biggest derivative bubble of $900 trillion bursts this year the entire financial system will cease to exist. This bubble was created at the time of the Obama regime when the state deficit was more than doubled t0 $19 trillion while this monkey presented himself as the savior of the nation from the deep financial crisis of his predecessor Bush.

And here comes the wild card Trump into play which the cabal did not reckon with at the beginning of the primary elections last year. Which makes the ascension plot so thrilling. Before I discuss the details, let me explain how we, the ascended masters, and the HR coordinate the ascension scenario in a perfect manner. All the steps the cabal intend to make are known to us at the soul level and we have all probable outcomes under full control. In order to keep the illusion alive we, however, do not interfere directly but allow the cabal to make their steps first and then modulate the outcome to our advantage.

For instance, the Brexit was planned by the British and the international cabal to reinforce the EU idea as a precursor to the NWO. They were sure that they would win the referendum and then will increase the pace of integration and dismantling of the sovereignty of the member states. As the UK was the Trojan horse in the union, they wanted to clamp down on its citizens as a warning example for all the other continental nations that had already begun to oppose the centralist, bureaucratic, unelected regime in Brussels. However, the cabal utterly miscalculated the rebellious mood of the masses and failed in their plan and are now in a panic and under huge stress. They have to make the next move as soon as possible as Trump is the second unguided missile that they can no longer control as he can single-handedly jeopardize their elaborate NWO plan for the End Time.

Now if you go on the Internet and read or listen to videos from some idiotic conspiracy fans who always depart from the notion that the cabal are omnipotent and that they have full control of the events on the ground, then you will learn from them that the cabal planned the Brexit as to install the NWO although all the facts speak against such lunacy. These people have no clue what is happening behind the veil and that the cabal have actually lost their war on humanity since we opened successfully the 11.11.11 stargate and started with the ascension process full force.

Anyway, the cabal are now cornered and must act very quickly and radically in the coming days. And that is why all this information was given to me yesterday as to highlight their entire plan how to install the NWO and why they have no other choice but to do what they will do this summer, beginning next week.

First of all it is beyond any doubt that the cabal is planning to crash the financial system this year which is also election year for the USA as they have always done it in the past. Hence we have no surprises in this respect and do not need to assess the odds. The only question which remains to be answered is in which month this will happen. Under ideal conditions the best date for the cabal would be shortly before the election on November 8. But the cabal do not have that time anymore as they no longer control the political and economic events.

Trump, being an insider and part of the elite, is fully aware of the plan of the cabal to regularly burst the bubble at the election year as his early statements from January this year confirm when it was not yet clear that he would win the primaries. After that he stopped talking about the current mother of all bubbles as he knows how dangerous it is.

Trump says U.S. economy in a ‘bubble’ he doesn’t want to inherit

“Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, casting doubt on the nation’s economic health, said on Tuesday the U.S. economy is in a bubble he fears will burst and he does not want to deal with a financial collapse if he is elected to the White House.

The billionaire real estate mogul cited the economy as one of the toughest assignments he would face as president if he wins the Nov. 8 presidential election, along with the Iran nuclear deal.

“It’s a very daunting task, and we’re in deep trouble. The country’s a mess,” Trump told ABC’s “Good Morning America” program.

“We’re in a bubble,” added Trump, the front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination. “And, frankly, if there’s going to be a bubble popping, I hope they pop before I become president because I don’t want to inherit all this stuff. I’d rather it be the day before rather than the day after, I will tell you that.”

Then in early May it became clear that Trump will win the GOP primaries and the cabal had to forge emergency plans. And they acted very quickly. In a clandestine move that remained fully unnoticed by the MSM, and even by the alternative media, Obama signed a new executive order (EO) for total martial law as never seen before. Luckily the Fox news noticed this move and discussed it at length here:


Your can read the text of this executive order and its analysis here:

Will Newly Signed Obama Executive Order Pave Way For ‘Final False Flag’ Leading To Global Dictatorship And A ‘New World Order’?

Let me sum it up:

– The financial crash this year is inevitable as this is a central piece of the plan of the cabal to install the NWO this year which is also election year in the USA. They cannot wait any longer as the financial collapse is more than ripe and the house of cards is already in a free fall.

– The Fed began with the crashing of the mother of all bubbles in the fall of last year when Yellen and her lapdogs in the presstitutes media began to suggest possible rate hikes in 2016. Then the Fed raised modestly the interest rates for the first time in 8 years in December 2015. This caused an immediate plunge and bear market in all stock markets worldwide as extensively reported on this website. Go back and read all the relevant articles.

– The cabal then realized in January that the crash will come much earlier than planned as the system is fully broke and very volatile and decided to modify their tactics drastically. As Yellen and the other Fed banksters could not introduce a new fourth QE to prop up the stock markets after they themselves claimed against all evidence that the economy was stable and thriving and that is why they raised the interest rates in December 2015 and planned further hikes in 2016, they forced their minion Kuroda and the BoJ to introduce negative interest rates at the Davos meeting. ECB had already started with this reckless policy and many European countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and Denmark had already introduced negative interest rates.

– Essentially, NIRP was the prolongation of the ongoing QE of the central banks (ZIRP) since 2008. The announced rate hikes by Yellen for 2016 were buried for a while. The cabal intended to raise the interest rates again after the Brexit referendum which they expected to win and the UK would remain in the EU. Thus they could burst the mother of all bubbles in the fall just in time for the elections. This was the initial plan of the cabal and as we know it has already failed.

– The cabal know that this last part of the plan how to crash the economy and the financial system is the most dangerous for them as it may go awry, especially after the Brexit. That is why they intend to declare martial law before they burst the bubble and shutdown the banks in order to have full control of the masses and prevent riots, revolts or even revolutions. For this reason they began early with their staged terrorist attacks, first in France, Paris, which is well known for its revolutionary tradition and contagious effect on other countries, then in neighbouring Belgium, in Brussels, in the centre of the EU. After that the cabal continued with their bloody plots in the USA in many different places. The fatal shootings of cops by snipers in Dallas are from the same CIA plot manual which the cabal already used in Kiev to oust Yanukovich from power through an illegal coup d’etat of their Nazi minions. The NWO plan of the cabal is becoming so transparent and predictable these days of truth energies that all people can see it now even with their spiritual blinders still on. With this latest kind of shooting the cabal has resorted to the racial card as there are always extremists on both sides and the social conflict is pre-programmed. The elite will use the current riots to declare martial law according to the new EO of Obama.

– And here comes the latest and most important specification and forecast on my part as to what the cabal will do next. They must prevent at any price that Trump is nominated as a presidential candidate by the GOP convention on July 18 -21. After that they will lose the momentum of the events and the leverage as was the case with Brexit and they want to avoid that at any price. This is the reason why they have staged all the shootings in Florida and elsewhere that heat up the political and social atmosphere and prepare the Americans for the declaration of martial law by Obama most probably next week. He will visit Dallas, where J.F. Kennedy was killed, after his visit in Warsaw at the NATO summit and after his short stay in Spain and may use this occasion to announce the martial law. This will prevent the nomination of Donald Trump at the GOP convention as the party will postpone this event indefinitely under martial law. The party bosses will argue that this is not their fault. Killary will be also not nominated at the national convention of the democratic party on July 25 -28 but this does not bother the cabal anymore as she is so much compromised with her email scandal that she no longer serves their NWO plan.

– Hence everything points that Obama will use the Dallas shootings and some new riots and psyops that should be expected to come this weekend to declare martial law before the two national conventions open. With that the US elections will be postponed or even cancelled as predicted by myself long time ago when I said that Obama will be the last US president. This is also the opinion of my countrywoman and great seer Vanga shortly before she died more than ten years ago.

– The cabal will decide to burst the mother of all bubbles and shut down the banking system only after they have full military control over their western empire. That is why NATO has been so busy to deploy new troops in Eastern Europe on the border to Russia as to prevent unrest and revolutions in these countries which have much more experience with dictatorships and will not tolerate the NWO. These troops are not there to begin a war with Russia, as some agnostic and blind “experts” like the Saker and the like claim. The western cabal know they will lose the war with Russia and that is why their troops are there only as occupational force to clamp down on the population in Eastern Europe and also in Western Europe when the NWO is proclaimed. But they cannot admit that. France is already more or less under martial law and this does not sit well with the French people who will continue with their revolution after they have won the EU soccer championship tomorrow.

– As you see, the events are stipulating now and the cabal has to act next week, otherwise they are losing their grip on the masses.

– And here comes our ascension scenario in play which we have discussed so much in the last days and weeks. The cabal will not have it their way and first declare martial law and then burst the bubble, shut down the banks, and crash the economy at a point in time that will serve them best, which would be most probably in late fall, shortly before winter, after the US elections have been cancelled.

– Before that we will have the “shock and awe” wave from the source that will cause a global blackout of all electric networks and systems in the western capitals and centres of power and will prevent successfully the practical, military establishment of the NWO. It will also make obsolete the planned crash of the Orion fiat monetary system at the end of this year and its reset with a new digital currency controlled by one world bank, which will be the Fed for the time being.

This is the divine logic behind the current ascension scenario and it is not a coincidence that my HS channeled me so massively yesterday evening as to grasp the whole plot and the plan of the cabal in its entire complexity, so that I can make this fateful prediction and you can prepare for what will come next.

Only two days ago I dreamt that I was recruited in the US army and had to drill other young recruits. I dream regularly that I repeat my military service in Bulgaria, which is a dream associated with past delays of the ascension scenario but I have never dreamt that I am recruited in the US army. I discussed this dream with Carla and told her that I had no clue what this dream meant …. until yesterday evening when my HS told me that the US army and FEMA are now preparing hastily for the impending martial law. And if you go on the Internet you will find plenty of videos and information that confirm these hectic preparations.

But the most convincing proof is the executive order of Obama from early May which allows him to declare total martial law without asking the congress for permission as it has already voted for another law recently that allows Obama to declare war without asking the legislature. As you see, everything points to this culmination of events next week and the two party conventions are the time-limiting factor. The cabal must make their fateful move and this is how they will be ousted from power so that we can appear as ascended masters and custodians of this planet and become the new leaders of humanity – for ever.


After I wrote this article I found this video from Alex Jones who confirms my forecast:


Obama To Cancel Elections With Martial Law Over Incited Race War

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Sailing to New Shores » Stankov’s Universal Law Press 

Phenom Westall ’66: A Suburban UFO Mystery – YouTube


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Sailing to New Shores
by Georgi Stankov Posted on July 12, 2016

Georgi Stankov, July 12, 2016


The latest publication was the crowning and the final accord of my editorial activities associated with this reality. I have finished with my mission in this world and have to move on. From now on I will focus my entire mental forces on the preparation for my new mission. Two days ago the Elohim came to us and told us that we have accomplished with great success all our duties in this 3D reality and that it is time to move on and begin with our true mission for which we have been prepared in this life.

Very soon we shall establish a spiritual world centre in Central Europe, most probably in Germany in association with Raetia. This new spiritual centre will be at the same time the global hub for the development and introduction of new technologies associated with the New Theory of the Universal Law. Parallel to these activities the new Astral currency will be introduced before it can become the foundation of the new humanity. From what we gather so far, this is an imminent project and demands our entire and dedicated attention.

This should not come as a surprise to you as I have referred to this project from various angles since many years. Now is the time to manifest this vision. For this reason I will step back from editing this website on a daily basis and scrutinizing closely the world news in order to be up to date. This activity is sucking all my energies and only perpetuates this hologram. As all reality emerges from our thoughts, we must actively change this reality by changing first the direction of our thoughts – our mental energies and activities – into what we want truly to experience. Writing all the time about events pertaining to this crumbling reality, even when we share our aspirations and longing for the new worlds, is clinging to this old hologram and only sustains its existence.

This is what the rest of humanity does and that is why it takes so long. It is a bad habit that prevents our ID shift now. And it is in contradiction with our prophesied desire to ascend. Hence we must first change all our old habits and, as old habits die hard, it affords quite a discipline and resolution at the individual level to make this fateful U-turn. This is the kind of resolution I have to show now, in the full confidence that all will be well and I recommend you to follow my example. Ask your HS where your future mission will lead you and then change the course.

This reality is already crumbling, with or without our attention, whereas the less we care about it, the quicker it will crumble. This has been my invariant experience throughout my entire life and this is the “spiritual principle of detachment” I always follow, especially in times of radical change as is the case now. Evolution is the ability to be flexible and change the course at the right moment.

I remember to have read somewhere that the U-turns in our lives are the most important and auspicious moments along the learning curve of our incarnational experience. After all what is ascension? – It is an U-turn away from this 3D holographic reality. Yesterday I came across the latest message from John Smallman given to him by Jesus and it struck me with its actuality: Your whole way of human life is based on a very powerful belief in limitation!

As long as we do not begin to fully believe that we can single-handedly change our reality and ascend through a conscious decision and action, we will not experience it. Remember the holy triad of creation? – Idea, DEcision, Action = IDEA. Period. And it makes no sense to wait for the “shock and awe wave” that will come and crash the global electric networks and systems before we ascend. This wave is inevitable but why should we wait to experience it before we ascend? Why not make the decision to ascend now? There are no limits to our creationary potential and we are about to prove it now and not waiting for the HR to prove the correctness of our ideas in the indefinite future while we are still being stuck to this unyielding, unrewarding and already visibly crumbling reality. Make the jump before the house of cards collapses.

As I wrote in the last few days to several PAT members, we have just left the consensual reality of this matrix. From now on everybody will experience the world he has created for himself with his thoughts. Therefore no further predictions of general character are possible or desirable from a higher vantage point of view.

Now I need to fully attune to the new theory of the Universal Law and hope to get some more information from my HS and Source in this respect. I can’t do that while being engaged the whole day in publishing and keeping myself up to date with actual political and economic events. This however does not preclude the possibility that I may publish from time to time new articles when I have reached a new level of clarity and have important information to share with you. But in principle this website has served its purpose and we all must now sail to new shores. This is the end of the old world as we know it and a new glorious beginning.

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Origen: TiAmAt: sharing2 – archive, Open Letter to President-Elect Donald Trump » PostScript » Stankov’s Universal Law Press – 12.12 portal

Thursday, December 15, 2016

sharing2 – archive, Open Letter to President-Elect Donald Trump » PostScript » Stankov’s Universal Law Press – 12.12 portal

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Open Letter to President-Elect Donald Trump
by Georgi Stankov Posted on December 14, 2016
How to Make America Great Again and Bring Peace and Abundance to the Entire Humanity

Georgi Stankov, December 14, 2016


Dear President-Elect Donald Trump,

I have arduously supported your election campaign through articles on my website and to a much greater extent behind the veil, even though this may not be visible at first sight. But one should not underestimate our power as nothing happens on this earth against our will, which is the will of All-That-Is.

Regarding your goal to “make America great again”, I can help you more than any other human being on this planet. Ultimately it will not be the American Greatness you envision in the context of the national state as this is not the divine plan for this planet. But America and this planet will indeed become very soon a much better place to live in where wars, poverty, injustice and the hazards of criminal undemocratic regimes will no longer exist.

In order to achieve all that one needs a much bigger reform of human thinking and doing than just improving a little bit the existing governmental and national structures and institutions. I assume that this fact is well comprehended by you and your team of advisers and future governmental experts.

I can render you the ultimate trump (pun intended) in the hand how to unleash the greatest revolution in the history of humankind and win an immortal place in the Pantheon of human leaders.

I have discovered the Universal Law of Nature and have revolutionized physics and science by showing that all known current physical laws are mere mathematical derivations of one single law of nature – the Universal Law. This was suspected for many years by all leading German and European physicists before WW1 and between the two world wars. This basic idea was buried after WW2 by the American cabal scientists who began to dominate modern empirical science and distorted the leading ideas of its founders by fractionalizing the holistic world view of the great thinkers in the past. Deliberately, of course, as to hide the truth from the people who we really are and much to the detriment of humanity as we witness today and you have lamented rightly so in many of your speeches at the rallies during your election campaign.

The new General Theory of Science of the Universal Law is the greatest gift to humanity of all time and it comes from the highest levels of Human and Divine Providence. When properly understood and implemented as an educational program in schools and universities, it will revolutionize human civilisation and will offer unlimited technological resources and possibilities for progress and abundance. Based on it we can very easily begin to use free photon energy and eliminate all fossil resources and thus save the environment without hampering the economy.

We can also very easily develop a vast array of advanced technologies based on superconductivity that will bring about unseen prosperity to all people.

But first and foremost this new theory will set the people free from the dark ruling cabal against whom you have won only the first battle but may easily lose the war if you decide to use only their established governmental means and institutions to curtail them and would not be ready to think and act out of the box. This should be cogent to you and all your advisers.

The recent, hopefully failed coup d’etat of the neo-liberals and the dark, deep, globalist US government blaming you to be a Manchurian candidate of the Russians should make you very thoughtful what a precarious balancing act on a tight rope high above the political circus tent you have been engaged in without any real safety net. Forget the army and all the generals you have surrounded yourself with. I can render you this absolute safety net from an unexpected direction you have not even dreamt of. It only depends on how “smart you really are”, as you say yourself, in order to appreciate this unique chance and an unconditional offer on my part.

In order to give you a glimpse into what you can achieve for humanity if you decide to support the introduction of the new General Scientific Theory of the Universal Law, first in the USA and from there worldwide, and thus make your country great again and a leading nation in spiritual and intellectual sense, I am printing below an official announcement I have made to major scientific universities and institutions worldwide.

You only need to embrace this opportunity and urge the scientific community in your function as president-elect to take an honest, competent and unprejudiced look at this new theory that may, and has indeed, scared them in the past as it offsets all their false scientific ideas on nature and the world we live in. Such is the fearful nature of human beings, but it is time for humans to overcome their fears and march forward and you are the best person to do it.

With best regards

Dr. Georgi Stankov


Announcement on the New Theory of the Universal Law

by Georgi Stankov, July 02, 2014


Herewith I announce the donation of

ONE MILLION EURO (€ 1 000 000,-)

to the first scientific institution that recognizes the eternal validity of the New Theory of the Universal Law and complies with the following rules as set below.

This donation is linked to the readiness of the scientists to analyse and verify in an impeccable scientific manner the validity of the new Theory of Physics and Cosmology of the Universal Law as discovered by myself in the 90s and extensively elaborated and presented in three of my scientific books, two of which can be found as free ebooks on this website

Stankov’s Universal Law Pres www.stankovuniversallaw.com

Volume II: The Universal Law. The General Theory of Physics and Cosmology (Full Version)

http://www.stankovuniversallaw.com/volume-ii-the-universal-law-the-general-theory-of-physics-and-cosmology-full-version/ (the pdf file download is at the bottom of the introduction)


Volume III: The General Theory of Biological Regulation. The Universal Law in Bio-Science and Medicine


The German Volume I on Physics and Mathematics (1997) is available as a book:


The new Theory of the Universal Law has been officially presented by myself at the annual conference of DGB (German Physical Society) in Regensburg, Germany in 1998 and is documented in its annals.

Since then no scientist has been able to refute this theory, although I announced an official prize of 100 000 DM at that time for the first scientist who would be able to achieve this in an impeccable scientific manner, e.g as a publication in an international journal on physics.

The Objective of this prize competition was fairly simple:

“Does Nature need more than 100 distinct physical laws to operate as a harmonious Whole, as present-day conventional physics erroneously claims (see all textbooks on physics) or does Nature obey one single Law of Nature as discovered by Dr. Georgi Stankov in 1994 and anticipated as a possibility – “Weltformel (World Equation)” – by Einstein, Weil, Kaluga and other famous physicists and theoreticians between the two World Wars?”

This prize announcement is still valid.

To qualify for my donation, the scientific institution should summon a panel of top-scientists (physicists and theoreticians) in order to check theoretically and experimentally, as shown below, the revolutionary character of the new General Theory of the Universal Law and confirm the impeccability of all scientific proofs presented in my comprehensive textbook (Vol. II) on the new physics. These experts must be fully aware of the deficiencies of current physical theory (e.g. of the standard model) and cherish the sincere quest for scientific truth beyond petty human vices, such as greed, fame or simple excessive scientist’s ego.

As soon as the scientific institution confirms officially the beginning of the scientific exploration of my new theory by a panel of worldwide renowned scientists, I will transfer one third of the donation to this institution. When the panel announces its official verdict, e.g. through a scientific publication in an international journal proving the validity of the new theory of the Universal Law, the second third of the donation will be transferred.

Let me underline at this place the fact that the new Theory of the Universal Law confirms all mathematical results obtained in physics so far and only rejects most of the non-mathematical, descriptive explanations of these results. This fact alone elucidates why it is impossible to reject the new Theory of the Universal Law, as it will be tantamount to rejecting all empirically verified results in physics and why I do not consider this possibility in this offer.

The last third of the donation will be transferred when the institution makes an official nationwide announcement to all mainstream mass media about the existence and validity of the new

Physical and Mathematical Theory of the Universal Law

and its major application as

General Theory of Biological Regulation.

Thus the first scientific institution to qualify for my donation will also officially acknowledge the beginning of the “New Age of Science” as embodied by the new Theory.

I recommend all scientists interested in the New Theory of the Universal Law to begin with the following Table


which shows for the first time in the history of physics and science the integration of all fundamental physical constants at one glance.

As it should be well known, until now gravitation cannot be integrated with the other three fundamental forces in the standard model. This is the greatest fallacy of modern conventional physics that discredits it as a valid theory of nature. This table shows how all gravitational constants and fundamental quantum masses are united with all fundamental constants of electromagnetism and thus with the other two fundamental forces, weak and nuclear. The full derivation of these constants is elucidated in Volume II.

For an introduction into the theoretical background of the new theory of the Universal Law the scientists should read my essay

The Universal Law of Nature


I wish all scientists in search of the scientific truth about Nature a full success in comprehending and implementing the new Theory of the Universal Law.

Dr. Georgi Stankov

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by Georgi Stankov Posted on December 12, 2016

by Georgi Stankov, December 12, 2016


Punctually to the auspicious 12.12 portal that will open humanity for the final ID shift, I have decided to publish this PostScript. Two events yesterday triggered this decision. First Dominique Lagae, the moderator of the PAT resource page on Facebook, asked me as follows:

“List of recommended articles + request

Dear George,

We have quite a few members now that are totally unfamiliar with your website. I wrote this in the group:

“I want to compile a list of recommended and essential reading on Dr. Stankov’s website which I would post as a note that can be found in the Files section, e.g. as gateway articles for new members who are unfamiliar with the material and for all to brush up our understanding. I welcome any recommendations.

Much Love,
Dominique “

Members are submitting their favorite or recommended articles. Apart from your own, I would like to ask if you would be willing to write an introduction, as this will be published as a note that is always available in our Files section. This will, imho, greatly encourage both new and long time readers to focus on your material. While I have allowed for a variety of sources that can further the understanding of the Ascension in progress and embolden the candidates, I sense that the focus is shifting and getting blurred, I can vouch for that myself (!) . The members that are well-versed seem to prefer to do this inner work in silence, which is their prerogative. Like I said before: just trying to keep the noses pointed in the same direction.

This is obviously a request and I hope you will be willing to meet it.

Love and Light to Carla and You,

To which I replied:

“Dear Dominique,

I agree with this observation which I have also made on a broader scale regarding the entire light worker community (and humanity as a whole). It is a very discouraging trend indeed and I do not know what to suggest. Obviously stupidity and disinformation is spreading vastly these days and the people do not want to learn anything meaningful.

What else can we do but to advise them to read more. If they do not sense this necessity from within, there is little we can do about it and all additional instructions will not achieve anything. They have the log function on my website and can scroll down to any article they are interested in or they can even read the ten volumes which Erik Westhoven has compiled and I have published on the home page. I have tried to keep my website didactic and easy to overview so that everybody can navigate there without much effort or confusion that many other websites display which I have studied and tried to avoid.

With love and light


Then today I read a very insightful article by Ghassan Kadi on the Saker’s website which tackled one of my favourite topics:

Where have all the flowers (and the Peace Movement) gone?

This prompted me to write the following comment to the author:

“Dear Ghassan,

you have spoken from the bottom of my heart and I have written myself a few articles dedicated to the lost ideas of the flower power and hippie movement, to which I belonged as a young man, in the murky waters of recent human history. We need more such historical retrospections in order to understand what happened with humanity thereafter and why it ended up where it is now. Here is one article I wrote on the same topic in 2012 which very well coalesces with your historical survey for the sake of keeping the historical tradition alive:

When Did the Seduction of Humanity Begin?

By the way the Saker’s man of the year – the American people who voted for Trump – did not come from nowhere and there is little from recent history that explains this sudden revolution. They are the product of our light work as light warriors of the first and last hour that transmit the light of the Source onto Gaia and humanity and cleanse the dark energies of humanity for many years so that they can open their limited agnostic minds and eventually progress on the spiritual ladder in the current End Time.

I have discussed this issue many times with the Saker in the past , e.g. here


and would like to recommend the readers of his website to begin to open their minds to the transcendental dimension of all human existence which was so inherent to the flower power and the hippie movement and got completely lost in the years after that. Without this higher vantage point of view, one would not truly understand any political event on the ground (as discussed on Saker’s website) and would succumb to such naive explanations as this one recently published in the Russian website Katehon:


The key mental deficit of humans is their complete lack of gnostic knowledge and understanding that has nothing to do with any of the current organized religions but the more so with Neoplatonism which was the original source of Renaissance (beginning with the Neoplatonic academy in Florence) and the driving force of any true progress of western civilisation in the last 2000 years since Plotinus wrote his Enneads. For further literature see here:



Dr. Georgi Stankov

This response then prompted me to re-read one more time my answer to Saker’s question:

Who Is Really in Charge of This Planet?

While doing so, I realized that a re-publication of this article from December 2015, one year ago, will serve for all the new members on the PAT Facebook website as an introduction to the basic tenets of our world view as ascended masters and Logos Gods of Gaia regarding what is happening on this planet in the current End Time.

And here is this publication one more time to which our dear PAT member Jerry commented as follows:

“Response to Saker’s article

All I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW. What a great summary article and what a dumb as expected response from Saker. To be fair to him however I know it was a bit much for him to swallow so because I am seeing the number 11-11 a lot again I have summarized the major ideas in 11 steps below:

1. This earth has been ruled for at least 26,000 years by the dark off world and other dimensional entities through their hybrids and human recruits.

2. The dark over the centuries have used every institution including the church, education, medical and financial to further their agenda.

3. They have used every trick and power at their disposal to hijack the very purpose for us incarnating which was not to clear karma or to win salvation but to activate the light body.

4. Especially effective have been their dumb down tactics, which has increased exponentially in the last twenty years through television, social media, and pop culture to foster the belief of the human as a helpless, dumb and ineffective sack of shit with no hope of ever changing this condition through his own power.

5. The off world forces of light support energetically the ascension of the earth and mankind but can not directly interfere with this process. The work has to be done with boots on the ground and that’s us (PAT)

6. Prophets including Jesus helped create the energetic environment for ascension that us as warriors of the first and last hour are completing.

7. The prophecies of the Bible and other religious text are being fulfilled through the work of the Planetary Ascension Team

8. The dark, including their human stooges, have been defeated as of December 21, 2012 but have continued to perform as if programmed on autopilot because they are.

9. Nothing can stop the eventual outcome which will be ascension of earth and a portion of humanity to the 4D and the Warriors of the first and last order to 5D and beyond.

10. All of this has already occurred. Time is irrelevant and non-existent outside this false but shattering matrix.

11. What task still keep us here. It is the economy stupid. And when it crashes, all lingering doubts concerning business as usual will be gone and this phase of our mission will be completed”



Who Is Really in Charge of This Planet?

Georgi Stankov and the Saker, December 9, 2015


Dear Saker,

I do not understand why all Westeuropean powers, such as France, GB and Germany, the latter in a cogent breach with its constitution that forbids this country to participate in any war, unless directly attacked, and defines it as a capital crime, are in such a hurry to participate in a dirty proxy war in Syria where there is nothing to win and everything to lose? This question considers the fact that the ruling cabal in these countries know exactly how bad the situation in the Middle East is.

Do they know more than we do and what is it?

My working hypothesis is:

1) The western cabal know that there will be an imminent financial and economic crash of the western banking system. They can survive this fiasco only if they have started a new war before that, so that they can use the two circumstances to dismantle present-day restricted democracy by establishing, first, martial law and then the dictatorship of the NWO. If there is only a financial crash without an external excuse (danger) and distraction for the masses, the blame will fall entirely on the ruling cabal and they will be ousted from power. All ruling governments in France, GB and Germany are now minority governments and will lose power in the next elections, and they know that, as Marine Le Pen has just showed in France.

2) France and Germany use the Syrian proxy war to emancipate from the American hegemony by waging it to the same goals as advocated by Russia – eliminating ISIL – which are contrary to that of the USA, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Israel is already cooperating with Russia in this direction. If Russia is successful in closing the Turkish border and cutting all the supply lines for ISIL and thus allowing the Syrian army of Assad to take control over most of the country, the terrorist “causa bella” will no longer exist and there will be no excuse for the Anglo-Saxon Empire to bomb and destroy Syria any further. If this happens, the Westeuropean continental countries will be on the winning side and this will allow them to distance from the losers USA and GB, which has de facto already left the EU. This is probably the main reason why Italy is not participating in this dirty proxy war as the Renzi government wisely anticipates this outcome.

3) There is always the big danger that the Syrian conflict can explode to a nuclear world war. Why then fueling this conflict by engaging in a war that cannot be conventionally won? Do the European cabal such as Merkel, Cameron, Hollande and Co. know that there must be a new world war at any price and only want to occupy the best position for the Day after Armageddon in a catastrophic mad Max world? I am reading the discussions in Germany, France, GB and Italy and they do not make any sense to me at all, even from the bellicose western NATO alliance point of view. Instead utter insanity. And the masses are in a deep slumber and no opposition is in sight, it is even worse than in the USA and I thought it can’t get worse than that. Canada is in the same cesspool.

4) This leads to my final conclusion that the western ruling cabal have succumbed to the idea of the inevitability of WW3 which they know they could not win and are now driven by the naked fear to be let out in a postwar apocalyptic scenario of naked survival. That is why they must participate in this senseless war in the Middle East at any price, where Turkey, the heir of the former crumbled Ottoman empire, is the wild card, as its invasion in Iraq proves beyond any doubt after they shot down a Russian fighter jet over Syria in retaliation for destroying the Erdogan clan’s oil business. How much crazier can it get?

My take is that any explanation of what is happening now on the world stage must consider the impending financial crash of the Western financial system which is the 500 pound gorilla in the room. You can find a large sample of actual articles on the economic and financial collapse here:


What is your take? I would highly appreciate if you can write an article on this key issue upon which the future of mankind depends in the coming days from your unique perspective. We are all seekers of the truth which is always multifaceted.

With best regards



Dear George,

Thank you for your very interesting email. Believe it or not, we often have this conversation (about the true goals of the EU and US elites) between the various Saker Blog Team Leaders. I personally do not have any answer to offer that I would be comfortable with. For me the big question is: are the leaders of Europe (or the USA) truly rational actors or do they act simply on a “where I sit is where I stand” basis – could it be that there is no more truly rational basis to their actions?

The same goes for the issue of war: some of us in the Saker community feel that the West actually *wants* a war, while others feel that this is all a pretense and that the west most definitely will not commit the folly of forcing Russia to go to war.

I am not at all sure that I understand this issue and I don’t feel that I am qualified to voice an opinion.

Let me ask you a deceptively simple question:

Who do you think is *really* in charge in the West? Where is, in your opinion, the real center of power? Who is in command?

Kind regards,

The Saker


Dear Saker,

this is the key question to a proper understanding who is in charge of this world and who is writing the script. Actually, as you do in the Saker’s community, we have also discussed this issue at length in our PAT group and have achieved a remarkable unanimity.

For many eons of time, since the fall of Atlantis, the destiny of humanity was in the hands of very dark entities from the astral plane that have severed their connection to the source long time ago, even before they came to this planet. The details are unimportant now. These non-human entities can incarnate upon wish in human bodies. Altogether we speak of the “Unholy six” which includes the Reptilian shape-shifters, the Greys, their mercenaries, the Zeta reticuli and three minor species such as the underground Deros that are also known as the “Men in Black” who are responsible for the dirty jobs such as the distribution of plagues in the past.

The Greys are the actual masterminds of all dark plans to enslave humanity and establish the NWO, but are in smaller numbers than the Reptilians who are military experts and also control the banking system through the infamous thirteen ruling families, such as the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Schroeders, etc., but first and foremost through the insidious British Royal family that ruled the British Empire and the latter ruled the waves for a very long time.

The Zeta reticuli are an insectoid species that is doomed to extinction as its DNA is degenerated and that is why they need human DNA to improve their genetic basis. The massive unexplained culling of cattle in the USA and the abduction of many humans in the 60s and 70s was part of the big genetic program of the Zeta reticuli to improve their dying species. They had signed some treaties with the US deep government after WW2 to give them some minor new 4D technologies but did not comply to their promise not to abduct humans.

Here we are talking about biological incarnations of alien races on this earth. Above them are the excarnated archons from the astral plane (4D) who control the whole scenario of enslaving humanity in the End Time from these planes. From there, they have restricted access to parallel timelines and manipulate them as good as they can to achieve the best possible outcome from their perspective, which is the worst outcome for humanity.

While the Reptilians are excellent shape-shifters and can disguise as humans to acquire leading positions in finance, politics and even entertainment, the Greys very rarely incarnate as humans but exist in biological form in underground bases. This also holds true for most Reptilians who are not shape-shifters. The Greys have also a program for human clones and they can reproduce any politicians if he does not play to their plans and kill him and exchange him with a clone. The so-called Nordic type clones which one can find in politics and finance are for the most part Grey clones. This happened for instance three times with Bill Clinton, one time, to my knowledge with Hillary Clinton, who were exchanged with clones. Hillary has in addition several doubles (check all her pictures to find out for yourself).

Berlusconi was also killed and exchanged with a clone when he was attacked by somebody who injured him in the face several years ago, while his bodyguards were sitting there idle and allowed this to happen (find the video and watch it.). After that he disappeared in a hospital and came out as a different person. Later on he was indicted as a punishment by the ruling western cabal who despise traitors. The reason – he became a friend with Putin and had big plans with oil pipelines from Russia to Italy and West Europe. And so on. I can talk for hours about these facts and many of them are discussed on our website which is a seamless chronicle of the ascension scenario in the End Time that underlines all aforementioned facts.

I know some of the major bases of the Greys and Reptilians on this planet as I have been attacked many times by them. But the most insidious attacks come from the archons from the astral plane which have the power to derail any human psyche if it is not strong enough. I know that as I have led a constant battle with them every day and night for the last 15 years and can smell them many light years away against the cosmic radiation.

And here we come to the major factor in this whole drama – the forces of light that actually determine what is happening on this earth and all parallel earths, as there are infinite parallel timelines which we constantly change and visit. But they do it in an invisible manner for the most part of the agnostic humanity which at best describes this exact coordination of human life as destiny, fate or simple coincidences. Only for us, the light warriors of the first and last hour (see below) are all these relationships and interactions visible and comprehensible.

From this you can see that your question is inherently limited as it advocates the linear anthropomorphic 3D perspective that excludes any realities beyond the very limited five human senses. This is the key hindrance for any adequate discussion between agnostics and light gestalts who have an unlimited contact to their higher selves and know from this higher vantage point of view what is happening on this earth and who is responsible for that.

Usually we are defined as “crazy” by these agnostic people, but this is a cheap survival strategy based on fear that must exclude any transcendental knowledge beyond the limited angst-reality of such agnostic people. This psychological aspect of limited human cognition is widely discussed by myself and the PAT on our website and it is the chief hindrance to spiritual evolution and eventually ascension.

Now back to the major protagonists in this final drama. On the side of the light are the Agarthans from the Inner Earth, who are 5D light beings and cannot materialize in this low vibrating 3D reality. They have underground cities of light such as Telos under Mt. Shasta etc. (There is also the Galactic Federation but we will leave them for now aside).

It is notable to mention that when my dual soul Carla transfigured her carbon-based body into crystalline light body on August 13, 2013, shortly after we met for the first time in Munich, she consciously visited Telos and met with the Agarthans. Carla is the first incarnated human being who achieved that. I backed her up in this first ascension of a human being of this kind and then transfigured a week later, although I first ascended in 2000.


There are further highly advanced human civilisations such as the Hyperboreans who extent to 7D and 8D. We are in telepathic contact with both civilisations and if you make the effort, you will find quite a few messages which we have received personally from them and I have published on my website such as this one:


The Agarthans are the heirs of Lemuria which existed before Atlantis and was also destroyed while part of these souls have ascended in the meantime. On June 4th this year we created New Lemuria which will be the new 5D earth (see link above).

This humanity is now on the verge of ascension to 4D and 5D.

The details are presented in great length and almost seamlessly on my website. We have personally participated in all these events and report them in full consciousness. None of this is known to the rest of the agnostic humanity. By “us” I mean the group of highly evolved souls, the captain of which I happened to be. They are called the “Planetary Ascension Team” (PAT). This was not planned initially that way but it had to happen as there was nobody else to do this dirty and tedious work of cleansing Gaia and humanity from dark human and archon dross. My website is the PAT website.

All the true PAT members have already ascended and are now present here only as avatars in physical bodies as they are the actual directors of the current End Time drama, which the other people cannot understand from a conventional anthropocentric point of view.

Please bear with me that I cannot explain all the facts to you in this limited email. You have to read my website which contains in the meantime almost 3000 articles on the End Time scenario in all its facets and 15 comprehensive books of more than 6000 pages. It is the biggest real time ascension archive of humanity and every single word is true, even though many events have not happened on this timeline but on parallel earths.

I am personally an incarnated Elohim and the same holds true for my dual soul Carla Thompson who channels the Elohim, our monad, which is the source of creation of this multiverse. I am also channelled by the source and this is how I discovered the Universal Law and established a complete theory of physics, bio-science and philosophy which is the greatest intellectual achievement in the history of this humanity. You can find all the books on my website for free.

In past human civilisations this knowledge was common to many people. I have had many important incarnations in Lemuria and Atlantis, which I partially remember and there are many advanced souls now who know me from these past lives and have reported similar memories to me.

Now back to ascension – this is the cosmic process that actually determines the history of mankind and the current End Times.

Ascension is a very common phenomenon that happens each time an incarnated soul population on a 3D or 4D planet reaches a certain level of spiritual growth. On the earth, planetary ascension happens every 26 000 years which is known as Kali Yoga. We have left the old Kali Yoga in 2012 and are now in the last phase before final ascension. This ascension is carried by the PAT, the captain of which I am as an Elohim. The PAT members are the conduits of the source energies which increase the frequencies of Gaia and humanity, so that they can ascend. The group, also known as the light warriors of the first and the last hour, is unique in the whole multi-verse as we have accomplished ascension of many planets time and time again and are the experts of ascension.

However never before has such a dark planet as the earth ascended from this current low-frequency density into 5D together with its population. In most cases the population is extinguished by a magnetic pole reversal first. This is a unique experiment and that is why there were many challenges and delays. Initially it was supposed that we should ascend in 2012, but this date was postponed because humanity did not awaken to the necessary threshold of ascension. As I said, it is all documented on my website. Check all the volumes below.

Now to your initial question in an expanded form: While it seems superficially that the Powers That Were (PTW and not Be, PTB) such as the invisible archons from the Orion (Greys) / Reptilian empire and their human stooges as dark entities or clones rule this world physically as politicians and banksters, the actual power lies entirely within the forces of light, which is essentially the source (the Elohim), also known as “God” in religions, through their incarnated emissaries of light – the PAT.

As I said, all the members of this group ascended last year and since then are the creator gods (Logos Gods) of this earth on the way to final transfiguration into light. However they are needed on the ground to the very last moment as bearers of the light and as creators and directors of the ascension scenario.

Carla, my dual soul, with whom I now live in Canada, and myself are Elohim of the first and the third cause and together we create whole new galaxies and worlds, such as the new Golden galaxy, to which this earth is now rapidly ascending. We created Gaia 5 (5D) two years ago and if you go to this link you can find all the details:


Everything that happens now on this earth has already happened and the dark ruling cabal cannot change anything. There are infinite outcomes on infinite parallel timelines after Carla and I single-handed (from the fulcrum of our Elohim souls) created the first seven earths in May 2013. Use the log function on my website – go there and read all the messages and information on this creation.

Since then, numerous 3D and lower 4D worlds have been created and destroyed by magnetic pole reversals and /or nuclear wars of the ruling cabal on these timelines and then, either the NWO was established, or these timelines were depopulated. I and Carla have consciously experienced at least 7 such MPR and ID splits in the last three years, which means with direct visual experiences as reported on this website, and numerous others as energetic waves as also reported by myself and many PAT members who make the same experiences as ourselves.

While lower timelines are severed, this uppermost mother planet ascends like a multiple-stage propulsion rocket to higher dimensions, while shedding off catastrophic dark energies. Now we are in the last throes when this interdimensional shift will happen on this last timeline. Before that the Orion matrix must collapse however. But make no mistake, only in November we had several huge nuclear wars on near-by timelines that were separated. They must happen, so that this mother planet is saved and continues to ascend. If there is no WW3 yet here, this has nothing to do with human responsibility as this is the most irresponsible species in the whole universe.

This uppermost mother planet consists of infinite timelines that are constantly separated and destroyed and descend to lower dimensions as we speak (I write) now. Many soul fragments make dreadful experiences on such timelines while leaving their empty human shells here, which are incarnated by new old souls as walk-ins. This topic is also widely discussed on this website based on personal experiences of the PAT.

So who is in charge of the events on this planet?

Superficially, the dark ruling cabal, the human minions of the Orion / Reptilian empire of the archons as Reptilian shape-shifters, clones or dark human incarnated souls that have vowed to serve the dark archons between incarnations. They are ruled more or less by the thirteen Reptilian families who control the financial system. The elected politicians are their stooges who can be exchanged any time if they do not follow. The masses have no say, and everything we see in politics and you discuss on your website is a camouflage for the masses and an indirect indication for us how advanced the ascension process is.

However the situation has radically changed in the last several months. In particular on October 28th all dark criminal soul fragments were ejected by the PAT from this timeline after we eliminated and severed all archons from the astral planes of this uppermost mother planet in a series of astral battles since 2012 and even earlier.


Which means, we do no have any dark energies on this uppermost mother planet any more, but only empty holographic magnetic images of them as sluggish human energies before they are eliminated in the final phase of the ascension to 4D and 5D. All dark western politicians on power are soulless human bodies now and this explains their current insanity. That is why since then Russia has been so victorious in its battle against the dark western cabal. It is because the light has won on this planet, and by the light I mean in the first place the PAT. Difficult to chew, but this is the whole and only truth.

Read here, there is also a personal comment on you in this article:


Based on this elaboration I see now the final throes of the dark western cabal as demonstrated by their lemming behaviour to insist in participating in a war they can never win and where they will lose everything. This is the final act of the ascension scenario when the dark ruling cabal will eject themselves from power, so that we can finally ascend. It may happen before Christmas or shortly thereafter – linear time does not matter as it is an illusion of the human mind. Everything happens in the Now and there is only the Now.

The key factor for the collapse of the matrix is the financial crisis and the impending collapse of the Orion monetary system that dominates all the other efforts of the desperate ruling cabal in the west to survive. They know that they have lost the battle with the light, of which Putin and Russia are simple human images, and that their demise is inevitable. Hence no matter what they do, they have already lost.

To them I have a very practical advise which we attributed to Mao as youngsters: “If you feel a cock in your asshole do not move as not to make pleasure to the enemy“. Unfortunately the dark ruling cabal has not heard of this Mao’s saying and do everything in hectic now as to please us as spectators with their final futile attempts to avoid their inevitable death like in a classical Hitchcock suspense thriller.

I hope this is sufficient as an introduction to our multidimensional approach which explains holistically what is happening on this planet before it finally ascends.

With love and light



The Journey of the Planetary Ascension Team – Books

compiled by Erik Westhovens

Every post of Georgi Stankov with the PAT (Planetary Ascension Team) that are shared on stankovuniversallaw.com are documented in separate volumes (ebooks). Every ebook can be downloaded for free.

The latest volume is regularly updated with the latest posts.

Part I
January 15, 2011
February 16, 2012
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February 10, 2016
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Dear Georgi,

Thank you for your email. You describe a reality which is so far from the one I know that I don’t really know what to do with it. More relevantly, what you describe directly contradicts the dogmatic anthropology of the Church and the consensus patrum on the nature of the human condition. This is a major problem for me as I do most definitely believe that God has always communicated with mankind, by means of His prophets and the revelations they pass on to us, and that His message has always been unchanging and consistent.

Thus, when I see the teachings of the Orthodox Church today, they are what I call “upward compatible” not only with the 2000 year-long history of the Church, but also with all the Scriptures. In contrast, the model you describe is in direct contradiction with what the Fathers taught and, therefore, not one I can adopt.

Please forgive me my candor.

Kind regards and many thanks,

The Saker


Dear Saker,

I can find a grain of truth even in your dogmatic orthodox point of view. Who are the prophets through which God communicates with humanity? – We are these prophets in the current End Time? Do you expect that God himself will communicate with humanity? Humanity is not ready yet as it is entirely agnostic, or rather closed to the higher realms. We are not.

And even this orthodox expectation is based on a profound illusion. If you are open to your higher self, which is the divine origin or even God, then you do not need any prophets through which God should communicate with you.

Most believers in organized religions are closed to the divine source – that is why they need organized religions to tell them what to do. And when they open to their higher selves, they usually leave the religions and seek their own spiritual pathway. Religions have significantly contributed to the dumbing down of humanity as we see it nowadays and especially Christianity works in cahoots with the dark ruling cabal to achieve this goal. Why? I will explain below.

Who do you believe Jesus was? – He is a mythological composite of the historical personality Apollonius of Tyana, about whom I and other PAT members have written a lot of articles (go to search function). And most of the PAT members, including myself, were incarnated at that time and were part of the Apollonius movement of spiritual awakening of humanity that was so powerful in the Antiquity that it had to be hijacked by the Orion forces and the Reptilian Constantine, the Little, during the Synods Time.

I have written a comprehensive philosophical work on “Neoplatonism and Christianity” that elucidates this time of religious fraud which you can find on my website written in German. I know your Orthodox beliefs as I have studied them in detail as they are the same in Bulgaria, which is the cradle of Eastern (Russian) Orthodoxy as you may know and all your liturgies are using old Bulgarian language (church Slavonic language) which I can use myself very well.

Besides, I know the academic studies of Russian scholars on early Christianity very well and most of them are very poor or there are none. I did a four years research it the theological library in Freising where 250 000 books since the 8th century are collected and where the former pope Ratzinger became a priest when there was still a seminary there. The Freising library is the oldest and one of the most renowned library north of the Alps (there are older in Italy).

I have studied the history of early Christianity from the 1st to the 6th century, and also later, at a time when Russia was heathen. It was actually pagan until much later and only became truly christianized when Bulgaria was conquered by the Turks in the 15th century and most Bulgarian theologians came to Russia (mainly Kiev) and began to truly propagate the Christian Orthodoxy. The two apostles of Slavonic Orthodox Christianity Kiril and Methodius were Bulgarians (Macedonians) from the region of Thessalonike, where my family also comes from, and propagated Christianity on behalf of the Byzantine Empire to civilize the heathen Slavonic Barbarians in the 9th century. This is elementary history of Orthodox Christianity, which at that time was not even called Orthodox as there was nothing else. Catholicism emerged only after the final schism in the 13th century and even until the 15th century there were significant attempts to bridge the gap (e.g. the Councils of Constance and Florence)

Hence I do not know where you get your information about the Christian teachings from, which were entirely developed in Egypt, Alexandria by the great gnostic and Neoplatonist Origenes and later on by his disciples in Minor Asia (current Turkey) during the early Byzantine time. None or very little of this history is known in Russia or to Russian scholars and the same holds true even more so for the Anglo-Saxon world. The only relevant theological and historic studies can be found in Central Europe for historical reasons which I will not discuss now as they are very complex. Therefore I wonder really where do you get your Orthodox teachings and beliefs from and please do not tell me that you read only the Bible, which is the same for Orthodox and Catholics.

While reading this morning my response to you from yesterday evening, I realized that I have forgotten to explain a key question which I will do here for the sake of completion, although I do not expect that you will understand it or believe me:

Why do the dark archons and the “Unholy Six” from the Orion /Reptilian empire want to dumb down humanity, establish the NWO, and enslave it?

Very simple! Because these dark entities have severed their connection to their souls and thus receive very little vital energies through their higher and lower chakras that keep them alive in the 4D and as incarnates on 3D. No sentient being can exist without the life-spending force of the soul which is a spark from the source. This should be cogent even to Christian believers.

The incarnated human souls have instead still more or less an intact connection to the source and receive much more divine energies to exist and thrive as incarnated human personalities. That is why all dark entities are energetic vampires that sponge at the astral planes on the energies coming from the human souls to their incarnates in 3D. More than 90% of this vital energy is taken away by the dark archons and the rest by their human stooges on the ground with all kinds of heinous means.

All developments in the last years aim at steeling the vital and creative energies of the humans, through Hollywood trash entertainment that harnesses the emotional energies of the masses, through wars that harness their fears, through HAARP and chemtrails that destroy their brains and poison their bodies, through electronic gadgets such as iphones that distract them from their inner higher selves, etc., etc.

The objective of all dark measures and psyops of the dark ruling cabal and their astral masters, the archons, is to dumb down all humans and to lower their frequencies as to make them believe they are weak vulnerable biological species that are an easy prey to dark influences – dark magic and rituals – which have become the core of most current organized religions, including Orthodox Christianity. You as an Orthodox believer do not even perceive it. This is how the Church exerts its power over you.

The dark forces from the astral plane know that humans are very powerful creator beings, real gods, who have a direct connection to the source and can be redeemed, while they live in a rebellion against heaven. They must stay in the astral 4D planes as long as they do not consent to enter the karmic cycle and go through the same calamities, as most human souls since the Fall of Atlantis, before they can be redeemed and eventually ascend in 26,000 years from now on. That is why they hate humans so much and would love to destroy them as they also have no respect for the sanctity of life. They are trying to lower their frequencies with all possible means as to make them their permanent slaves and a source of vital energy for them.

As they knew that ascension will take place in the current End Time, which is essentially liberation of the incarnated human personalities from the energetic vampirism of dark forces through raising their frequencies and making them sovereign enlightened beings, they try to prevent our ascension with all possible means and have intensified their genocide war on humanity. Here is where we stand now. What you superficially observe at the political stage is only the proverbial tip of the iceberg as you do not consider the energetic and eschatological depth of the observed events on the ground.

Finally, let me make one important last observation. In your response to me you have completely ignored the key information I gave you.

We believe only in the new theory of the Universal Law which is pure science, pure new modern physics, bio-science, ethics, philosophy and social sciences and can be experimentally proven contrary to any religious beliefs, including yours.

You can read my scientific books to gain a glimpse into the complexity and depth of this theory, but I do not expect you to understand it. However, I have written also five books on Gnosis that amalgamate all basic theological concepts in the New Gnosis of the Universal Law.

What I wrote to you regarding the explanation as to what is happening on this planet in the End Times and who is in charge of it, has nothing or very little to do with this pure theory of the Universal Law, in which we all believe as it comes directly from the Source and is valid throughout the multiverse, while in my response to you I am talking only about the derailed history of a small planet. I am flabbergasted again and again how my discussion partners always fail to register the basic information I gave them, which only indicates the myopic exclusiveness of their Weltanschauung, which in your case has been caused by false Orthodox dogmas that shut down any critical mind. Sorry, for being so blunt, but this is the bitter truth.

With best regards


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TiAmAt: sharing3 – Immediate Creation in the End Time – The 12th Hour » Stankov’s Universal Law Press – Not only Are All Balance Sheets Rigged in the Empire of Evil – Its Presidential Race is Also Rigged

Origen: TiAmAt: sharing3 – Immediate Creation in the End Time – The 12th Hour » Stankov’s Universal Law Press – Not only Are All Balance Sheets Rigged in the Empire of Evil – Its Presidential Race is Also Rigged

Saturday, April 16, 2016


sharing3 – Immediate Creation in the End Time – The 12th Hour » Stankov’s Universal Law Press – Not only Are All Balance Sheets Rigged in the Empire of Evil – Its Presidential Race is Also Rigged

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The 12th Hour 
  by Georgi Stankov Posted on April 13, 2016

Georgi Stankov, April 13, 2016

We have entered the most turbulent phase in the End Time scenario when all signs indicate that the banking system is in a pre-infarct condition and the sudden infarct and death – the financial Apoptosis – can be expected any moment. I will try to present the picture as simple as possible as there are so many factors to consider and put in relation that even the best experts seem to be overwhelmed these days. At the same time I will, as always, give you the transcendental dimension that links all these catastrophic financial events to the ascension scenario. Because this is the only true explanation as to what is happening on this planet so that the Orion matrix can be collapsed once and for all and the new 4D worlds established.

In January and February we witnessed a big crash of all major equity markets. This triggered panic among the ruling cabal and their central banksters and they decided to introduce negative interest rates for the first time in the history of Orion capitalism and in full contradiction to its Draconian (Reptilian) predatory principles during their final Davos meeting. This was the last munition of the elite to prolong its demise. All companies in the equity indexes received unlimited amount of worthless money as bank loans to buyback their own equities. This propped up the charts in March and April and established the illusion that all is well in the US of Accounting Gimmicks and in the EU of Draghi’s helicopter money.

However, what really happened was that the banksters were hoisted by their own petard. The fiat toilet paper money lost any value for everyone to see and this eliminated the cognitive dissonance of the masses that has kept the financial system afloat in the past. Most of the sovereign (government) bonds became negative which means the banks and all other investors had to pay money to the state, or rather to the central banks, to buy them. Here is a chart that illustrates the dramatic increase of negative sovereign bonds in the west in the last two months since the Davos decision to introduce negative interest rates by the central banks.

Chart Of The Day: Map Of $7 Trillion Of Negative Yield Government Bonds

As governmental bonds was the only secure revenue of the banks, their financial situation deteriorated dramatically in March and April as discussed by Reggie Middleton in his interview in my latest article. All big banks started to lose a lot of money and this deepened their de facto bankruptcy since the 2008 crisis. Contrary to the other sectors and companies in the major stock markets that used this worthless money to buyback their own equities and prop up the indexes, the banks charts went south again in March and April. This crash of the banks’ stocks was parallel to the decrease of bonds interest rates as this chart clearly illustrates:

Currently all EU and US banks are on the verge of financial collapse and this triggered a flurry of hectic activities of the central banksters this week. I will publish a good overview below that highlights the panic of the Fed and the Bombama’s deep government who are now paralysed by the impending financial catastrophe like rabbits in front of a cobra. The events are unfolding now with the speed of light and quicker than I can write. While this article below appeared only yesterday evening, it is already history.

Today we read in the MSM:

‘Living Wills’ For Five Big Banks Fail U.S. Regulators’ Test. None of the eight systemically important banks, which the U.S. government considers “too big to fail,” fared well in the evaluations.

“Five out of eight of the biggest U.S. banks do not have credible plans for winding down operations during a crisis without the help of public money, federal regulators said on Wednesday, saying the institutions could face stricter oversight if they do not fix their plans.

The “living wills” that the Federal Reserve and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation jointly agreed were not credible came from Bank of America <BAC.N>, Bank of New York Mellon <BK.N>, J.P. Morgan Chase <JPM.N>, State Street <STT.N>, Wells Fargo <WFC.N>.

The requirement for a living will was part of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform legislation passed in the wake of the 2007-2009 financial crisis, when the U.S. government spent billions of dollars on bailouts to keep big banks from failing and wrecking the U.S. economy.”

Why do we learn this today when these stress tests for the banks were ordered and performed immediately after the Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform legislation passed in 2009 and since then stress tests for the banks were repeated every several years. Only until recently we were told by the MSM that only the EU banks, such as the Italian banks are in financial troubles and that the US banking system is the rock in the breakers.

Did I say that the US of Accounting Gimmicks is also a country of numerous debt gaps on all levels – governmental ($300 trillion fiscal gap, $3.6 trillion pension gap, student loans debt gap which Obama has just acknowledged today (It Begins: Obama Forgives Student Debt Of 400,000 Americans), etc), corporate (massive bad loans used for buybacks and unproductive investments, such as in the oil and energy industry (Peabody, World’s Largest Coal Producer Files Bankruptcy; 8,300 Jobs In Jeopardy), etc)? And now the too-big-to-fail banks in the USA are also broke.

While everybody is expecting the abysmal Q1 reports of the banks beginning this week, we had already a double whammy this Wednesday: Business inventories slide and sales tumble.

Business inventory-to-sales ratio pushes to new deeply recessionary cycle highs at 1.41x…

while retail sales tumbled 0.4%.

mainly driven by auto sale plunge.

These latest data must have driven the Fed banksters into total panic so that they have lost their minds as ZeroHedge reports today (see also article below):

“Following today’s triple whammy of economic misses, in which first retail sales both declined and missed expectations, and then both business inventories and sales declined and missed from downward revised numbers, AtlantaFed watchers were certain that the keeper of the GDP Nowcast would cut its GDP estimate from 0.1% to zero or even negative. However, this did not happen. Perhaps due to another tap on the shoulder as a negative GDP print would be just too much to justify the relentless market rally, or as a result of the NY Fed’s own competing service now trying to steal the limelight with its own 1.1% GDP forecast, moments ago the Atlanta Fed stunned everyone when it announced that instead of revising its concurrent GDP tracker lower, it actually pushed it up from 0.1% to 0.3%.”

These are the terminal clinical and behavioristic signs of the cabal banksters that herald the imminent financial apoptosis of the Orion banking system.

This night I had a very vivid dream that we, the PAT, were performing the dress rehearsal for the final unfolding (final act) of all sweeping events as predicted in our End Time scenario of ascension. We came to the conclusions that the scene is well set for these events to commence when nobody can any longer control them. The beginning of these final events leading to the destruction of the Orion matrix was scheduled by us unanimously for May.

As we all know, there is no guarantee for the manifestation of this dream in this timeline as it might have been a reflection of another parallel timeline. But it is significant that I received this dream as a confirmation from my HS immediately after I decided yesterday evening to write this article today. Besides, all fearful activities of the ruling cabal this week indicate that something major is in the making as this article below elucidates:


What in the World’s Going on with Banks this Week? Emergency Meetings, Summits, Crashing EU Banks…

By David Haggith, April 12, 2015

The Great Recession Blog

Just about every major banker and finance minister in the world is meeting in Washington, D.C., this week, following two rushed, secretive meetings of the Federal Reserve and another instantaneous and rare meeting between the Fed Chair and the president of the United States. These and other emergency bank meetings around the world cause one to wonder what is going down. Let’s start with a bullet list of the week’s big-bank events:
The Federal Reserve Board of Governors just held an “expedited special meeting” on Monday in closed-door session.
The White House made an immediate announcement that the president was going to meet with Fed Chair Janet Yellen right after Monday’s special meeting and that Vice President Biden would be joining them.
The Federal Reserve very shortly posted an announcement of another expedited closed-door meeting for Tuesday for the specific purpose of “bank supervision.”
A G-20 meeting of finance ministers and central-bank heads starts in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday, too, and continues through Wednesday.
Then on Thursday the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund meet in Washington.
The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta just revised US GDP growth for the first quarter to the precipice of recession at 0.1%.
US banks are expected this coming week to report their worst quarter financially since the start of the Great Recession.
The press stated that the German government will sue the European Central Bank if it launches a more aggressive and populist form of quantitative easing, often called “helicopter money.”
The European Union’s new “bail-in” procedures for failing banks were employed for the first time with Austrian bank Heta Asset Resolution AG.
Italy’s minister of finance called an emergency meeting of Italian bankers to engage “last resort” measures for dealing with 360-billion euros of bad loans in banks that have only 50 billion in capital.
President Obama’s meeting with Fed Chair Yellen

It is rare for presidents to meet with the chair of the Federal Reserve. The last time President Obama met with Janet Yellen was in November of 2014, a year and a half ago. It is even more rare for the vice president of the United States to join them. In fact, I’ve heard but haven’t verified that it has never happened in a suddenly called meeting with the Fed before.

For security reasons, the president and vice president don’t regularly attend the same events. There are, of course, many planning sessions or emergency meetings where they do get together, but not with the head of the Federal Reserve. Emergency meetings where the VP is included in the planning session would include situations related to dire national security in case the VP winds up having to take over.

(George Bush and Dick Cheney were exceptional to the point that everyone commented on how often the VP was included in meetings with the president, but I always figured that was because George Bush couldn’t think and speak without Cheney acting as the ventriloquist.)

In fact the meeting with the prez and vice prez is so rare that the White House is bending over backwards to assure the entire nation that the president is not meeting with Yellen to try to influence the Fed, which is required to act independently of politics (so they say).

According to the White House, President Obama is meeting with the Fed chair and Biden to discuss the nation’s “longer-term economic outlook,” even though Yellen just told the entire nation that the economy was strong and had arrived nearly back at “full health.” The president says they will be “comparing notes.” Do their notes about the nation’s outlook disagree?

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said both Obama and Yellen are focused on ways to expand economic opportunities for the U.S. middle class. He called the meeting an opportunity for the two to “trade notes” while emphasizing that Yellen makes decisions about monetary policy independently. (SFGate)

Either such meetings are, indeed, extremely rare, or the White House doth protest to much because they spent more time emphasize what the president was not going to do than what he was going to do in assuring us he will not try to influence Yellen.

“The president has been pleased with the way that she has fulfilled what is a critically important job,” Earnest said. He added that Obama has “the utmost respect for the independent nature of her role.”

Earnest also said that, “even in a confidential setting” Obama would not “have a conversation that would undermine” the Fed’s ability to make “critical financial decisions independently.”

If such meetings with the Fed are so rare they require careful explanation, why the sudden call of the meeting, oddly timed between two specially called, emergency meetings of the Fed — or, at least, “expedited” meetings of the Fed. It can’t just be that the president wants to plan what he will be saying at this week’s G-20 conference, if he’s to speak there. That kind of planning would happen in advance because one knows the conference is coming. One striking peculiarity of the presidents meeting with the Fed is that it appeared to have been called immediately after the Fed announced Monday’s “expedited” meeting of the Board of Governors.

We are in an election cycle, and I already speculated in my last article that, with the anti-establishment, Fed-hating candidates, Sanders and Trump doing so well in their bids for the presidency we could be sure the Administration would be doing all it can along with the Fed to put some accelerant on this economy and forestall the recession that I believe we have already begun.

A recession would prove Trump and Sander right in their statements about a coming recession or the failed actions of the Fed and Wall Street to bring true recovery. So, the Fed and the President have every reason to work together to make sure such an announcement never happens. That could be what “comparing notes” on the economy’s future means — how do we assure the economy doesn’t fall apart in the next few months before the election since we have that common interest?

That would explanation why the White House is saying, in advance of any accusations, that the president isn’t trying to influence the Fed. They want to get ahead of the story. Of course, it could just be that they recognize such rare meetings will lead to the kind of speculation I’m now doing.
Tuesday’s specially called meeting of the Board of Governors under “expedited procedures”

Here is the announcement the Fed posted at the end of last week for Monday’s meeting (italics mine):

Advanced Notice of a Meeting under Expedited Procedures

It is anticipated that the closed meeting of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System at 11:30 AM on Monday, April 11, 2016, will be held under expedited procedures, as set forth in section 26lb.7 of the Board’s Rules Regarding Public Observation of Meetings, at the Board’s offices at 20th Street and C Streets, N.W., Washington, D.C. The following items of official Board business are tentatively scheduled to be considered at that meeting.

Meeting Date: Monday, April 11, 2016

Matter(s) Considered
1. Review and determination by the Board of Governors of the advance and discount rates to be charged by the Federal Reserve Banks.

A final announcement of matters considered under expedited procedures will be available in the Board’s Freedom of Information and Public Affairs Offices and on the Board’s Web site following the closed meeting.

…Dated: April 7, 2016

The promised update after the meeting merely added,

Effective April 11, 2016, the meeting was closed to public observation by Order of the Board of Governors 1 because the matters fall under exemption(s) 9(A)(i) of the Government in the Sunshine Act (5 U.S.C. Section 552b(c)), and it was determined that the public interest did not require opening the meeting.

One day later, the Fed put out an announcement of another special meeting to be held on Tuesday, after the suddenly scheduled meeting with the president:

Advanced Notice of a Meeting under Expedited Procedures

It is anticipated that the closed meeting of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System at 2:00 PM on Tuesday, April 12, 2016, will be held under expedited procedures, as set forth in section 26lb.7 of the Board’s Rules Regarding Public Observation of Meetings, at the Board’s offices at 20th Street and C Streets, N.W., Washington, D.C. The following items of official Board business are tentatively scheduled to be considered at that meeting.

Meeting Date: Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Matter(s) Considered
1. Bank Supervisory Matter

A final announcement of matters considered under expedited procedures will be available in the Board’s Freedom of Information and Public Affairs Offices and on the Board’s Web site following the closed meeting.

…Dated: April 8, 2016

O.K. Two expedited, closed meetings in a row with a meeting with the president and vice president in between that is so rare it required special White House defense as to what would not be happening in the meeting.

The first meeting was to talk about setting interest rates, which the FOMC will be meeting to consider again later this month, having just postponed their scheduled increase in March. The second meeting is more interesting. If you have served on board or worked with boards that go into closed session, you know they always use the most generic terminology possible when announcing the meeting for sharing in minutes what happened in the meeting.

The fact that it is a bank supervisory matter makes it sound like a particular concern, not a discussion about supervisory policy. Something is the mattersomewhere that requires an immediate meeting right after another immediate meeting … behind closed doors. That something regards bank supervision. Board hold closed meetings when they have to talk about specific institutions or individuals with details that they don’t want to go public. This all comes very close to sounding like some bank somewhere is in trouble, and the trouble is big enough to call a special meeting of the very august board of governors right after they just had a special meeting, and if you know these kinds of guys, they don’t like wasting their time in excessive meetings.

Naturally, I am as curious as you probably are about why so many last-minute meetings behind closed doors and with the president and vice president at a time when all central bank heads will be meeting with finance ministers in Washington, D.C. So, I cast about for some possible related stories as to what could be the matter, and I found several very hot ones going on this same week.
Atlanta Fed revises US GDP down AGAIN!

The president’s meeting with the Fed and the Fed’s meetings with the Fed were all called right after the Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank revised the revisions of its previous revisements to say the US economy now looks like it will report in for the first quarter at 0.1% growth.

It seems I cannot write fast enough to keep up with the Federal Reserve’s downward revisions of anticipated GDP growth for the first quarter of 2016. No sooner did I click “publish” on my last article where I noted they have just revised their estimates of GDP down to a 0.4% annualized growth rate than I read an article stating they had revised it again down to 0.1%!

Isn’t this where I said this quarter was going? That is within a rounding error of going negative and is less their margin of error for their data. It was only back in February that the Fed anticipated a cruising speed of 2% growth for GDP in the first quarter. They have revised that number down every week.

Of course, the fact that the Fed and the President called an unscheduled, closed-door meetings to include the VP does not mean there is any connection between the events, and I certainly am not concluding even for myself that there is something dire happening here … but stay with me. There is more to perk the ears.
US banks to report worst quarter since Great Recession

That’s no small potatoes for a coincidence in timing. What if the numbers to be reported are even worse than has been anticipated, and the Fed is seeing bank trouble in some of those numbers and the President has received advanced information about some of those numbers. All speculation on my part, of course. What isn’t speculation on my part is that Wall Street is already predicting that this week’s quarterly bank reports are going to look something like the start of the Great Recession.

Analysts say it has been the worst start to the year since the financial crisis in 2007-2008 and expect poor first-quarter results when reporting begins this week…. Analysts forecast a 20 percent decline on average in earnings from the six biggest U.S. banks, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S data. Some banks, including Goldman Sachs Group Inc (GS.N), are expected to report the worst results in over ten years. (Reuters)

Whoa! That means, for Goldman, even worse than any time just prior to orduring the Great Recession. When you consider how bad the last decade has been, being worse than that is pretty bad. Moreover, the timing is considered unusually nasty:

This spells trouble for the financial sector more broadly, since banks typically generate at least a third of their annual revenue during the first three months of the year…. Bank executives have already warned investors to expect major declines…. Citigroup Inc (C.N) CFO John Gerspach said to expect trading revenue more broadly to drop 15 percent versus the first quarter of last year. JPMorgan Chase & Co’s (JPM.N) Daniel Pinto said to expect a 25 percent decline in investment banking. Several bank executives have warned about declining quality of energy sector loans.

“The first quarter is going to be ugly and we don’t think that necessarily gets recovered in the back half of the year,” said Jerry Braakman, chief investment officer of First American Trust, which owns shares of Citigroup, JPMorgan, Wells Fargo and Goldman. “There are a lot of challenges ahead.”

Yes, one of the biggest areas of bank troubles comes from defaults in the energy sector that I have been saying will play a major role in birthing this banking crisis. (Translate that primarily oil and gas.)

BofA’s Michael Contopoulos warned last week, it may be the worst default cycle in history with “cumulative losses over the length of the entire cycle could be worse than we’ve ever seen before.”

Over the weekend, the FT got the memo with a report that … said that “the global bond default rate by companies is running at its highest since 2009 with the US accounting for the vast majority, according to rating agency Standard & Poor’s. A further four defaults this week, with three coming from the troubled oil and gas sector, pushed the overall tally to 40 with a little over a quarter of 2016 done.” (Zero Hedge)

According to the Wall Street Journal, these defaults are from “massive energy loans that most investors didn’t even know about until recently.” Recovery of these bad debts is falling extremely fast.

The growth of the high-yield bond market allowed drillers to take on far more debt than in past booms, leaving them more vulnerable to default. The emergence of shale technology allowed companies to expand reserves and the loans backed by those properties. Some of those loans may now be underwater. (Bloomberg)

You can thank the Fed’s zero-interest policy for that easy credit bubble.

Is anyone starting to feel a little financial crisis deja vù? Last time it was declining housing-sector loans. This time, as I’ve been saying for the last few months we would soon see, it’s declining energy-sector loans. Looks like that is ready to materialize.

In code words, Wells Fargo tells us that their trench-worthy report has not even begun to fully write down the bad debts or move into foreclosures that would cause write-downs: (That is, at least, what I read in public bankerspeak.)

John Shrewsberry, Wells Fargo’s chief financial officer, said on a January call with analysts. “We were working with each customer to help them work through this. It doesn’t do us any good to accelerate an issue, or to end up as the holder of a number of oil leases as a bank.”

This week and next is the big-bank reporting season. So, we should know right away if this is the next leg down in the Epocalypse, but you will probably have some coded language to look through. Something as big as this would certainly merit a flash meeting with the president and vice president, multiple meetings of the board of directors, and a G-20 financial summit in Washington along with meetings with the IMF and World Bank.

Not saying that’s what it is. Just sniffing out the kinds of stories that could be related to all these meetings, some planned earlier, others suddenly and somewhat secretively called.
Austrian bank failure echoes Great Depression

Five and a half years ago, I wrote an article here that mentioned how the Great Depression took its second and deepest plunge in 1931 because of the failure of a private Austrian bank named Credit Anstalt.

In May 1931, a Viennese bank named Credit-Anstalt failed. Founded by the famous Rothschild banking family in 1855, Credit-Anstalt was one of the most important financial institutions of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and its failure came as a shock because it was considered impregnable…. The fall of Credit-Anstalt—and the dominoes it helped topple across Continental Europe and the confidence it shredded as far away as the U.S.—wasn’t just the failure of a bank: It was a failure of civilization.

Now, as I’ve been writing about the start of what I believe will be the the second and worst dip of the Great Recession, another Austrian bank is crumbling.

Austria created Heta Asset Resolution AG when it nationalized all the bad loans of Hypo Alpe-Adria-Bank International five years ago to rescue the bank and depositors by creating a “bad bank” to contain the problems. It went down something like this:

Hypo Alpe-Adria bank, when it was still owned by the small Austrian state of Carinthia, was a cesspool of corruption. It involved bankers, politicians, and powerbrokers in Austria and the Balkans. It was the perfect union of money and power. Investigators found 160 instances of suspected fraud….

Six of the bank’s former executives have been convicted of crimes.

“I’m not aware of a criminal case bigger than this one,” explained Christian Böhler, whose forensics team started investigating the bank in 2011. “It was a mix of greed, criminal energy, and utter chaos.” (Wolf Street)

Hypo’s troubles began, much as Credit Anstalt’s had before it, when it was required to adjust its books to reflect the true value of its collateral assets after the value of real estate in southeastern Europe collapsed. Everything fell apart upon the realization of how little it was actually worth.

Austria’s central bank governor Ewald Nowotny and his task force recommended that Hypo’s toxic assets of €17.8 billion should be put into a “bad bank.” But to stop the drag on public finances, the federal government should not guarantee Hypo’s bonds. At the time, Austrian taxpayers had already plowed €4.8 billion into Hypo to bail out these bondholders.

He then explained on TV to incredulous Austrians that this deal would nudge the budget deficit over the 3% limit set by the Maastricht Treaty and push the government’s debt from 74.4% of GDP to 80% of GDP. This one rotten, state-owned bank in Carinthia was causing this much damage to the country’s finances!

The government, at that point, set a one-year moratorium on all payments to the “bad bank’s” bondholders.

After burning through 5.5 billion euros of taxpayer money to no avail and discovering a 7.6-billion-euro hole in its balance sheet still remained to be filled, Finance Minister Hans Joerg Schelling ended support in March 2015. Surprise, surprise, the bad bank created by the government to put a fence around all the bad debts of the original bad bank became nothing but a black hole of debt, swallowing all money poured into it with nothing to show for the effort. That didn’t stop Schelling from claiming the nationalized bank was in good health in order to put a good face on things as leaders are inclined to do when dealing with really bad stuff in order to protect the public from a scare.

Yesterday, under the first application of Europe’s new forced “bail in” procedures, Austria ordered a haircut to the banks bondholders. Sighs. This is apparently what happens if your money is still locked up in a bank with “good health.”

It does, indeed, sound a tad bit like Credit Anstalt. Now the moratorium is up, and it’s time to start dishing out the bad news to the bondholders under Europe’s new rules:

Austria officially became the first European country to use a new law under the framework imposed by Bank the European Recovery and Resolution Directive to share losses of a failed bank with senior creditors as it slashed the value of debt owed by Heta Asset Resolution AG.

The highlights from the announcement…
a 100% bail-in for all subordinated liabilities,
a 53.98% bail-in, resulting in a 46.02% quota, for all eligible preferential liabilities,
the cancellation of all interest payments from 01.03.2015, when HETA was placed into resolution pursuant to BaSAG,
as well as a harmonisation of the maturities of all eligible liabilities to 31.12.2023. ((SuperStation95)

This is some much-needed relief from how things used to work:

Throughout the Financial Crisis, and since, there has been one rule: bank bondholders will always be bailed out at the expense of everyone else. The sanctity of bank bonds reigned supreme, no matter what government and central banks had to do to keep it that way. Bank bonds weren’t allowed to be judged by the capital markets. They were simply untouchable. Underpaid and overtaxed workers would have to bail out bank bondholders when these recklessly managed banks collapsed.

That was the rule in the US when the Fed, and to a lesser extent the federal government, bailed out the banks. And that was the rule during the debt crisis in Europe. (Wolf Street cont.)

Europe’s new rules were intended to make sure that depositors did not take all the loss and that tax payers don’t absorb all the loss. Heta, because it was a government created “bad bank,” apparently does not have depositors, as it was the creditors who were pooled into the “bad bank” who take the hit. The preferred creditors at the Austrian bank have been told they will have to take a 54% haircut, meaning the bonds they have purchased will recover forty-six cents on the euro.

The big-money (preferred) creditors of the bank, however, don’t like the new rules. They complained and are still holding out for ninety-two cents on the euro. That doesn’t bode well for anything being left for the smaller guys, whose money will, in the very least, be kept in a lockbox for seven years because payouts to the non-Majors don’t wind up until 2023. Major bond-holders demanding a smaller hit include Pimco, Commerzbank and the already deeply troubled Deutsche Bank. (Anybody see how things can quickly move down the line like dominoes when you consider the size of some of the worried creditors who are complaining that the hit will be too hard for them?)

The “subordinated liabilities,” as I understand the complex breakdown (for which I have been unable to find any clear definitions) appears to include bondholders who took a second position to the “preferred liabilities” in getting their money back and third-party investors in the bank. It also appears to include the partners in the bank. If so, then this is exactly how bank failures should happen. The investors are slated to lose 100% of their money first, allowing for the smaller loss by the bond holders.

It is the investors who elect the board that governs the bank and who fill the board positions and who make the decisions of who will be CEO; so, of course, they should lose all of their money before anyone else does. Creditors (bond holders) should be next, as they are often large institutions like PIMCO that have more than enough capacity to investigate risk before investing. Depositors should always be last, as most of them have no capacity whatsoever to investigate the real risk of banks and nowhere near enough money to put into a bank to make it worth a real investigation of risk. They are acting in trust … and particularly in trust that government regulators are doing their job.

Too bad the United States doesn’t operate this way!

What kind of spinoff can the settlement of Heta have to other institutions? Well, last month, the Association of German Banks had to bail out a small bank called Duesseldorfer Hypothekenbank AG because its hit as a creditor of Heta would have killed it. Though Duesseldorfer is a small bank, it was apparently deemed too big to fail because, once again, government bailouts went to the rescue.

Given that such an agreement happened on Sunday afternoon, and that central banks and regulatory bodies usually talk with other national bodies that may be affected, I have to wonder if the thought of how Europe might react on Monday had anything to do with Monday’s sudden meetings of the Fed.
Italian banks on final crash-landing approach

As if all that were not bad enough for the start of a week in banking news, Italy’s minister of finance called an emergency meeting over the past weekend of Italian bankers to engage “last resort” measures for dealing with 360-billion euros of bad loans in banks that have only 50 billion in capital.

Finance minister Pier Carlo Padoan has called a meeting in Rome on Monday with executives from Italy’s largest financial institutions to agree final details of a “last resort” bailout plan.

Yet on the eve of that gathering, concerns remain as to whether the plan will be sufficient to ringfence the weakest of Italy’s large banks….

Italian bank shares have lost almost half their value so far this year amid investor worries over a €360bn pile of non-performing loans — equivalent to about a fifth of GDP. (Contra Corner)

Could that have had anything to do with the flurry of bank meetings in the US. I have no idea, but I do have to wonder, with so much smoke everywhere in the banking industry, is there a fire we need to know about? You can be sure, we’ll be the last to know, and any announcement of what’s really going down will hit like Bear Sterns or Lehman Brothers. One day, all the central bankers are talking like things are fine. The next day a major vertebrae is knocked out of the nation’s financial spine.

Or maybe presidents and central bankers are just making sure things generally hold together through the election cycle. Such a bad-news week for banks around the world certainly doesn’t sound like all is well as our smiling central bankers, president and V.P, say it is. I don’t know any top secrets to reveal, but the smoke is killing me. By David Haggith, The Great Recession Blog

And now suddenly, this is leaving ugly skid marks on the economy, banks, and investors. Read… US Commercial Bankruptcies Suddenly Soar

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by Georgi Stankov Posted on April 14, 2016

Georgi Stankov, April 15, 2016


Since the opening of this website and especially during the last week I have been busy exposing the total fraud in the USA from various angles. At the end I concluded: “everywhere is fraud as far as the eye can see.” That this ubiquitous fraud exists is entirely the consequence of the cognitive dissonance of the people that prevents them, consciously or subconsciously, from seeing the fraud. Essentially they do not see the fraud because it makes all things so much more complicated that humans get lost in this maze of fraud, while eagerly participating in it and running after the carrot that the cabal is dangling in front of them in the form of illusory social success. That this kind of social success is simply a clandestine form of human enslavement has been very well explained by the renowned thinker Nassim Taleb in his recent article “How To Legally Own Another Person“.

I am already two-thirds of a century on this planet and have experienced this collective cognitive dissonance and the eagerness of the masses to participate in this fraud of creeping enslavement that manifests first and foremost as a total loss of common sense twice in my lifetime and these are the most painful periods in my life:

1) During the time of communism in the post-war era in Eastern Europe when the people were indoctrinated to such an extent that they even thanked their oppressors for the scarcity they were forced to live in and feared individual freedom like the devil the incense.

2) And since 9/11 in Western Europe and now in North America when the mission creep of the ruling cabal to install the NWO entered its last most obvious and socially devastating phase.

Anybody who was born in the West has no clue how the communist dictatorship based on utter fear and full economic control transformed the human species into utter zombies. The West is now slowly awakening to this same reality which the East has left behind. Unfortunately I had to make this ghastly experience in my youth and now again in old age. Then what is currently happening in North America and Western Europe is the repetition of the same dreadful experience the peoples in Eastern Europe and Asia had under the communist yoke for more than half a century.

The peoples in the West did not make this kind of NWO experience at that time for one single reason: during the Cold war there were powerful communist and left parties in the West that compelled the ruling cabal to obey some of the general rules of democracy and decency as not to trigger a revolution and be swallowed by the red pestilence.

With the fall of the Iron curtain, this external pressure upon the western ruling cabal to behave somewhat properly and decently disappeared and their berserk character flourished in a most despicable manner. That is why all the people who were raised in the West such as the Saker and write about Eastern Europe and the Anglo-Zionist Empire have such difficulties to understand the current final battle between light and darkness as they are missing the personal experience with this human evil – the former failed red NWO – in its worst existing form on this timeline.

By the way, this also holds true for all light workers who are not light warriors of the first and the last hour as the PAT and are not constantly confronted with the darkness of this world. They do not need to cleanse this dark goo at the expense of their personal health and well-being and as a famous Bulgarian saying says with respect to our past experience with the Turkish yoke: “two hundred whips on other person’s back are nothing compared to one whip on one’s own back”. It is the same difference as I observed as a dissident between me and the indoctrinated indolent masses in the East… and now in the West.

From that point of view, it is understandable why I have such a big head start compared to all the critical writers in the West and why even the most advanced light warriors in the West have no clue how the NWO really feels when it has taken full control of humanity. But they are coming closer and closer to this awful sensation.

One major aspect of their current awakening is that they, for the first time, begin to realize the inherent tendency of most incarnated humans to perpetuate the same disappointing and unyielding experiences again and again. But as Brian, the Dragon, correctly observes in his latest message, the driving force behind planetary and individual ascension is precisely the recognition at the soul level that the current repetition of the same dull and degrading experiences with this human society and dense 3D holographic model based on ubiquitous fraud is a dead-end. In the current End Time the incarnated souls begin to feel the urgent inner desire to change these experiences for the better:

“You are right when you all say things are complicated. You are not victims of the complication but instead all contribute to it either passively or actively. It makes the game more interesting. And that’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with the game you are playing. Except when you are tired of playing it, and the majority of you on Earth are tired of playing it (Who knows this better than the PAT? Note, George). You’re not tired to the point that you will stop incarnating on Earth, but instead want to do something more constructive and exciting: you want to make a transformation. In the grand scheme of things, all that matters is that you will enjoy the transformation in whatever way you choose to enjoy it. God-all-that-is loves you, and your experience regardless of what you choose. However, with a bias towards love, there is a bias in the universe towards enjoying creation (whatever that means for you), even when it doesn’t seem that way sometimes experiencing a world of balance of polarity vs harmonic balance.”

The transpersonal, transcendental, unconditional love of all Logos Gods and Ascended Masters in human gestalt in the End Time of Ascension is the energetic bias that allows for immediate creation and transforms this world of polarity into a world of harmonious balance. This presupposes uncompromised frankness with oneself and the rest of the world which opens the eyes of the people for the fraud they have created and live in. Then one fact should be clearly stated at this place – the gargantuan fraud in the Empire of Evil was not created only by the cabal but also by the spontaneous support of the entire population as their accomplices.

Now that some of the US citizens begin to drop from this scam, there are good chances that their eyes wide shut in the past will begin to open to the dreadful reality they have created for themselves. They will embrace our ideas of a new world based on harmony, sovereignty of the individual, and the ability to love oneself in the first place before to claim loving the rest of humanity and All-That-Is as many insincere light workers pretend nowadays. And in order to be able to love oneself, one must get rid of all dark remnants of this Orion indoctrination that still shape the fraudulent personalities of most incarnated human beings.

This is the next step that such critical thinkers as the author below should make as to be able to ascend with us. But our educational efforts are already bearing, almost immediately, a rich harvest.


The Entire Status Quo Is a Fraud

Charles Hugh Smith, April 13, 2016


Fraud as a way of life caters an extravagant banquet of consequences. This can’t be said politely: the entire status quo in America is a fraud.

– The financial system is a fraud.
– The political system is a fraud.
– National Defense is a fraud.
– The healthcare system is a fraud.
– Higher education is a fraud.
– The mainstream corporate media is a fraud.
– Culture–from high to pop–is a fraud.

(All these areas of fraud have been extensively and in great depth discussed on our website, especially the healthcare fraud, so that this is nothing new to us. But the important information from this article is that other people follow our footsteps and begin to see the things with the same eyes. From here to ascension is then a short journey. Note, George)

Need I go on? We have come to accept fraud as standard operating practice in America, to the detriment of everything that was once worthy. Why is this so?

One reason, which I outline in my book A Radically Beneficial World: Automation, Technology and Creating Jobs for All, is that centralized hierarchies select for fraud and incompetence. Now that virtually every system in America is centralized or regulated by centralized hierarchies, every system in America is fraudulent and incompetent. Nassim Taleb explains this further in his recent article How To Legally Own Another Person (via Lew G.)

The three ingredients of fraud are abundant: pressure (to get an A, to please your boss, to make your sales numbers, etc.), rationalization (everybody’s doing it) and opportunity.

Taleb explains why failure and fraud become the status quo: admitting error and changing course are risky, and everyone who accepts the servitude of working in a centralized hierarchy–by definition, obedience to authority is the #1 requirement– is averse to risk.

As I explain in my book, these systems select for risk aversion and the appearance of obedience to rules and authority while maximizing personal gain: in other words, fraud as a daily way of life.

Truth is a dangerous poison in centralized hierarchies: anyone caught telling the truth risks a tenner in bureaucratic Siberia. (In the Soviet Gulag ,a tenner meant a ten-year sentence to a labor camp in Siberia.)

And so the truth is buried, sent to a backwater for further study, obfuscated by jargon, imprisoned by a Top Secret stamp, or simply taken out and executed. Everyone in the system maximizes his/her personal gain by going along with the current trajectory, even if that trajectory is taking the nation off the cliff.

Consider the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, a $1+ trillion failure. The aircraft is underpowered, under-armed, insanely overpriced, insanely over-budget and still riddled with bugs after seven years of fixes, making it an unaffordable maintenance nightmare that puts our service people and nation at risk.

But no one in a position of power will speak the truth about the F-35, because it is no longer a weapons system–it’s a jobs program. Defense contractors are careful to spread the work of assembling parts of the F-35 to 40+ states, so 80+ senators will support the program, no matter how much a failure it is as a weapons system, or how costly the failure is becoming.

A rational person in charge would immediately cancel it and start from scratch, with a program run outside the Pentagon and outside congressional meddling. But this is impossible in America: instead, we build failed, under-armored, under-powered, under-armed and unreliable ships (LCS) and failed under-powered, under-armed and unreliable fighters as the most expensive make-work programs in history.

As for our failed healthcare system, one anecdote will do. (You undoubtedly have dozens from your own experience.) A friend from Uruguay with a high-tech job in the U.S. recently flew home to Montevideo for a medical exam because 1) the cost of the flight was cheaper than the cost of the care in the U.S. and 2) she was seen the next day in Montevideo while it would have taken two months to get the same care in the U.S.

I’ve listed dozens of examples here over the years: $120,000 for a couple days in a hospital, no procedures performed; $20,000+ for a single emergency room visit, no procedures performed; several thousand dollars charged to Medicare for a few minutes in an “observation room” that was occupied by patients, no staff present–the list is endless.

We’ve habituated to fraud as a way of life because every system is fraudulent. Consider the costly scam known as higher education. The two essentials higher education should teach are: 1) how to learn anything you need to learn or want to learn on your own, and 2) how to think, behave, plan and function entrepreneurially (i.e. as an autonomous problem-solver and lifelong learner who cooperates and collaborates productively with others) as a way of life.

That higher education fails to do so is self-evident. We could create a highly effective system of higher education that costs 10% of the current corrupt system. I’ve described such a system (in essence, a directed apprenticeship as opposed to sitting in a chair for four years) in The Nearly Free University and the Emerging Economy: The Revolution in Higher Education.

As for what passes as culture in the U.S.: the majority of what’s being sold as culture, both high and low, is derivative and forgettable. We suffer the dual frauds of absurd refinement (so only the elites can “appreciate” the art, music, food, wine, etc.) and base coarsening: instead of Tender (romantic love and sex) we have Tinder (flammable trash).

Fraud as a way of life caters an extravagant banquet of consequences. While everyone maximizes their personal gain in whatever system of skim, scam and fraud they inhabit, the nation rots from within. We’ve lost our way, and lost the ability to tell the truth, face problems directly, abandon what has failed and what is unaffordable, and accept personal risk as the essential element of successful adaptation.

Here’s a good place to start: require every politician to wear the logos of their top 10 contributors–just like NASCAR drivers and vehicles display the logos of their sponsors. The California Initiative to make this a reality is seeking signatures of registered California voters. Since politicians are owned, let’s make the ownership transparent.

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Not only Are All Balance Sheets Rigged in the Empire of Evil – Its Presidential Race is Also Rigged » Stankov’s Universal Law Press 

Not only Are All Balance Sheets Rigged in the Empire of Evil – Its Presidential Race is Also Rigged 

by Georgi Stankov Posted on April 13, 2016

Georgi Stankov, April 13, 2016


Is there anything that is not fraud in the US of Accounting Gimmicks? The answer is an unequivocal No. I hope that the memory of the American people is not that much short as not to remember how Bush stole the presidency from Al Gore in Florida with 537 votes out of six million cast (and many more thousands of votes declared invalid, see Florida election recount fraud) with the help of his Mafia brother Jeb, who was governor of this state at that time. The same scoundrel who quit this presidential race as a hapless candidate beaten by Donald Trump. How can one talk of true representative democracy in this country of infinite debt gaps, the biggest and most important of all being the democracy gap, if Al Gore lost the elections although he had 2 million votes more than Bush?

This is the simple truth of this Evil Empire of Smoke and Mirrors which is now finding its way to the MSM in a dramatic reset of the collective mindset away from its cognitive dissonance. Even the bullhorn of the British-Reptilian propaganda cannot neglect this truth which strips away the last vestige of respectability of this dying empire of accounting gimmicks in finance, government, corporations and at the ballot stations. No truth – no democracy, no financial transparency – utter collapse, these are the facts on the ground in the End Time of Ascension which we now create as Logos Gods with astounding precision.

In its latest article the mouthpiece of the AAA-Axis (Anglo-American-Assholes-Axis), also known as the Anglo-Zionist Empire of the former Orion-Reptilian PTB, BBC has been forced to address the electoral fraud in the USA which proves that this country is in fact an oligarchic, plutocratic kleptocracy – in other words a failed Mafia state – the worst form of social and national order that always ends up with decay and destruction.


Is the US presidential race ‘rigged’?

Anthony Zurcher, North American reporter, April 13, 2016


The United States “MAY” be a democracy, but the party presidential nomination process – upon closer inspection – is hardly a shining beacon of democratic light.

For most of US history, party nominees have been decided by political power brokers and deal-makers behind closed doors. Parties operate like private clubs – they make their own rules and are suspicious of outsiders.

Only in recent history has a more open system of primaries and caucuses been grafted onto the process to give the average American a say in who appears on the general election ballot.

In a close, contentious primary season, however, the veneer of accountability can rub off, exposing the sometimes unsightly gears that still power the US political system.

This has prompted objection from the supporters of two candidates in particular – Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders – who feel that the party establishments are arrayed against their presidential quests.

But are their concerns valid? Here are answers to four pertinent questions as the nomination battles approach its final months.
Is Trump being cheated?
34 – Number of delegates Ted Cruz received in Colorado, which held conventions to pick delegates
743 Trump total delegate count
545 Cruz total delegate count

Mr Trump is leading the race for the Republican nomination, but it’s starting to feel like he’s not winning.

While he’s comfortably ahead, with 743 delegates to 545 for second-place Ted Cruz, there’s mounting evidence that he’s being outmanoeuvred in the behind-the-scenes political process that could come into play if he doesn’t reach the magic 1,237 delegate number necessary to secure the nomination outright.

In Colorado – which selected its delegates at party gatherings last week and not through primaries or caucuses – Mr Cruz walked away with all 34 delegates. Even in states that have held contests won by Mr Trump, Mr Cruz’s team has been working doggedly to ensure that their people become delegates.

While Mr Trump swept South Carolina’s 50 delegates, for instance, the state’s convention delegation will be riddled with Cruz supporters who, while bound to Mr Trump on the first few ballots, can switch to the Texas senator if there is a protracted convention battle.

It has Mr Trump and his people crying foul.

“This is happening all over our country – great people being disenfranchised by politicians,” Mr Trump tweeted on Monday. “Repub party is in trouble!”

Paul Manafort, Mr Trump’s new aide in charge of managing the delegate-selection process, accused the Cruz campaign of using “Gestapo tactics, scorched-earth tactics” in Colorado.

If, as Mr Trump asserted on Monday, the system is “rigged” and “crooked”, however, it isn’t always tilted in favour of Mr Trump’s opponents. Thanks to the Republican Party’s delegate-apportioning system, including Florida’s winner-take-all primary, Mr Trump has secured a larger share of the delegates so far (45%) than he has of the raw primary vote (37%).

If Mr Cruz manages to win the nomination at the Republican convention despite trailing Mr Trump in total delegates and share of the popular vote, Mr Trump may have reason to feel aggrieved.

But before he complains too loudly, he might want to heed some sage advice attributed (incorrectly) to Albert Einstein: “You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.”

Mr Trump should be familiar with the quote, since he tweeted it in October 2014.
Why isn’t Sanders catching up?

States Bernie Sanders has won


States Hillary Clinton has won

Mr Sanders has won five state contests in a row and seven of the last eight. If he were an American football team he’d be poised for the playoffs. If he were prize fighter, he’d be tuning up for a title bout.

Instead his pledged-delegate deficit to Mrs Clinton has gone from daunting to only fractionally less daunting. Over the course of his recent run, the Vermont Senator has picked up a net of just 91 delegates, despite winning Wisconsin 56% to 43%, Utah 79% to 20% and Washington 72% to 27%.

According to a New York Times calculation, the former secretary of state currently has 1,305 pledged delegates, while Sanders stands at 1,086. Add in the non-binding support of “super-delegates” – Democratic officeholders and party functionaries who also cast ballots for the nominee at the convention – and Mrs Clinton’s lead balloons to 1,774 to 1,117.

To secure the Democratic nomination without drama at the convention a candidate needs the backing of 2,383 delegates

The problem for Mr Sanders is that while he’s been posting sizeable wins over the past month, they’ve largely been in delegate-poor states, like Wyoming (14 delegates), Idaho (23) and Alaska (16). His successes pale when compared to Mrs Clinton’s massive earlier wins in populous southern states like Texas, Florida and Georgia, which alone netted her 184 delegates over Mr Sanders.

If Mrs Clinton performs as expected in the coming contests in New York (291 delegates), Maryland (118) and Pennsylvania (210), she’ll largely erase all the modest ground Mr Sanders made up over the past three weeks.
Does the popular vote even matter?

Votes for Hillary Clinton during primary season so far


Votes for Bernie Sanders during primary season so far

If delegate maths and selection rules make your head hurt, at least we can rely on the raw vote totals to get a feel for how popular the remaining candidates are, right?


According to current tabulations Hillary Clinton has received 9,412,426 votes during the primary season so far. Bernie Sanders has received 7,034,997. That 2.4m vote lead has been relentlessly touted by the former secretary of state and her supporters to counter the claims of Sanders faithful that their man is more popular than the delegate tallies indicate.

Some states that hold caucuses – like Iowa and Washington – aren’t included in that number, however, because they don’t report vote totals.

The Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler tried to extrapolate numbers for the remaining states based on their total voter turnout and concluded that Hillary Clinton leads Bernie Sanders by 2.3m votes – still a significant margin.

Among the Republicans, who are better about providing full vote totals, Mr Trump leads with 8,256,309 votes. Mr Cruz is second (6,319,244), former candidate Marco Rubio is third (3,482,129), followed by Mr Kasich (2,979,379).

In the end the popular vote may give the leading candidates a claim of legitimacy as the people’s choice – but appearances can be deceiving.

“The media have created the perception that the voters choose the nomination. That’s the conflict here,” North Dakota delegate Curly Haugland told a television interviewer. “The rules are still designed to have a political party choose its nominee at a convention. That’s just the way it is.”
Can Republican convention delegates be bribed?
If, as appears to be increasingly likely, the Republican primary season ends without Donald Trump securing the 1,237 delegates needed to secure the nomination, the Republican National Convention could turn into a political free-for-all unrivalled in modern US political history.

After several rounds of deadlocked balloting, most convention delegates would be free to vote their conscience. But could that conscience be nudged by, say, a free weekend at a Donald Trump golf resort, a nice dinner with the Cruz family or even a choice spot in a John Kasich administration?

Maybe! While there are detailed anti-corruption laws governing the behaviour of public officeholders, convention delegates are private citizens. While government regulations prohibit them from taking money from corporations, labour unions, government contractors or foreign nationals, the law beyond that is much murkier.

Campaigns and their wealth donors could likely cover delegate travel expenses, no matter how lavish. Gold watches? Bags of small, unmarked bills? Who knows? State anti-bribery laws may apply, but there’s scant legal precedent.

Perhaps the greatest deterrent to untoward action by campaigns is the negative publicity such naked attempts at influence could have if they’re documented. But public perceptions and attitudes this political season has been difficult to predict, to say the least.

Although the national convention is still months away, accusations of dirty tricks have already started flying. On Sunday Mr Trump took to Twitter to accuse the Cruz campaign of misdeeds during the South Carolina state party convention – a charge Mr Cruz vehemently denied.

“I win a state in votes and then get non-representative delegates because they are offered all sorts of goodies by Cruz campaign,” Mr Trump wrote. “Bad system!”

During a television interview that same morning, however, Trump adviser Paul Manafort appeared to acknowledge that his campaign won’t be shy in wooing delegates at the national convention, however.

“Well, there’s the law, and then there’s ethics, and then there’s getting votes,” he said. “I’m not going to get into what tactics are used. I happen to think the best way we’re going to get delegates is to have Donald Trump be exposed to delegates, let the delegates hear what he says.”

Another Trump adviser, Barry Bennett, said they wouldn’t be offering “seats on the Trump airplane or anything like that”.

“There’s obviously a big line – we’re not going to do anything immoral, illegal or unethical,” he said.

But when a presidential nomination is at stake, and it comes down to just a handful of delegates, that “big line” may end up looking awfully fuzzy.

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Saturday, April 9, 2016

sharing3- Archive- Limits to Studying “History” – nueva moneda “Astral” – The United States of Accounting Gimmicks » Stankov’s Universal Law Press

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The United States of Accounting Gimmicks » Stankov’s Universal Law Press

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The United States of Accounting Gimmicks

by Georgi Stankov Posted on April 9, 2016

Georgi Stankov, April 9, 2016


The Empire of Evil or the “US of Accounting Gimmicks” is broke long time ago. It was definitely broke in 2008 and it was even more broke in 2013 as the renowned economist Laurence Kotlikoff, a Professor of Economics at Boston University and co-author of the book “The Clash of Generations”, wrote at that time:

“As our politicians engage in their food fight over extending the debt ceiling, we the public should bear in mind the huge problem this obsessive focus on official debt is concealing. Our country is flat broke – and not because of its official debts, i.e., what’s been put on the books — but because of its unofficial debts, i.e., what’s been kept off the books.

Moreover, our country’s not broke in 50 years or 30 years or 15 years. It’s broke today.“

Based on his analysis of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO)‘s released long-term fiscal forecast for 2013 in form of Extended Baseline Forecast (EBF) and Alternative Fiscal Scenario (AFS), Professor Kotlikoff came to the following conclusion with respect to the real fiscal debt (fiscal gap) of the USA:

“Based on the EBF, the fiscal gap is $47 trillion. But based on the AFS, the fiscal gap is — $205 trillion! …The $205 trillion fiscal gap is enormous. It’s 10 percent of the present value of all future GDP. Equivalently, it corresponds to 10 percent of GDP year in and year out for as far as the eye can see. To raise 10 percent of GDP each year we could (a) raise all federal taxes, immediately and permanently, by 57 percent, (b) cut all federal spending, apart from interest on the debt, by 37 percent, immediately and permanently, or (c) do some combination of (a) and (b). You been hearing the President or the Speaker of the House discussing our true fiscal gap let alone fiscal adjustments of this kind? Not a word. Thanks to the CBO and their handlers, they probably haven’t even learned the true size of our fiscal gap.”

In 2013 Senator Kaine (Democrat from Virginia) and Senator Thune (Republican from South Dakota) introduced a bill mandating the disclosure of the true fiscal gap of the US of Accounting Gimmicks. It’s called The Inform Act and it requires the CBO, GAO, and OMB to do long-term fiscal gap and generational accounting on an annual basis and in advance of Congressional voting on all major tax and spending bills.

To date, 17 Nobel Laureates in Economics and more than 1,000 other renowned economists as well as thousands upon thousands of other American citizens have endorsed the bill at www.theinformact.org. And what has happened since then?

The Government Accountability Office (GAO), which is the official non-partisan auditor and investigator for Congress has just provided a report to Congress (April 6th) stating that the U.S. government’s records are so poorly kept that it can’t really audit them. If this is done by a private company with respect to IRS, the CEO will immediately go to jail:

“The federal government was unable to demonstrate the reliability of significant portions of its accrual-based financial statements as of and for the fiscal years ended September 30, 2015, and 2014, principally resulting from limitations related to certain material weaknesses in internal control over financial reporting and other limitations affecting the reliability of these financial statements. For example, about 34 percent of the federal government’s reported total assets as of September 30, 2015, and approximately 19 percent of the federal government’s reported net cost for fiscal year 2015, relate to three CFO Act agencies—the Department of Defense (DOD), the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture—that received disclaimers of opinion on their fiscal year 2015 financial statements. As a result, we were prevented from providing an opinion on the accrual-based financial statements.

The federal government did not maintain adequate systems or have sufficient appropriate evidence to support certain material information reported in its accrual-based financial statements. The underlying material weaknesses in internal control, which have existed for years, contributed to our disclaimer of opinion on the accrual-based financial statements as of and for the fiscal years ended September 30, 2015, and 2014…. By 2089 … debt held by the public as a share of GDP reaches 314 percent in our baseline extended simulation or 568 percent in our alternative simulation.“

And this is what “The Hill” website reported in November last year with respect to the 2015 fiscal gap of the US of Accounting Gimmicks quoting Dave Walker, who headed the Government Accountability Office (GAO) under Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush:

“The former U.S. comptroller general says the real U.S. debt is closer to about $65 trillion than the oft-cited figure of $18 trillion… when you add up all of the nation’s unfunded liabilities, the national debt is more than three times the number generally advertised.“

In 2013 the fiscal gap was $47 trillion based on EBF and the fiscal gap was $205 trillion based on AFS (see above). If we calculate the true fiscal gap for 2015 based on AFS from these baseline figures the fiscal debt has currently widened to at least $300 trillion, or the total national debt of the Empire of Evil has grown $100 trillion in the last two years.

How is this possible and why hasn’t the Empire of Evil, and with it the entire Orion matrix, collapsed yet? What keeps these dark systems still afloat against any financial logic and common sense? The answer is very simple – this reality is a holographic illusion and within it the most monstrous and weird forms of social life can be created as long as sufficiently enough people believe in this collective insanity and support it. This is how the Orion matrix of beehive mentality has worked so far, but this collective mindset is changing very rapidly now.

Since 2011, when we opened the stargate 11.11.11, this planet is in a constant time warp of inner evolution. The old Orion matrix actually collapsed in that year and since then we experience “Groundhog day” each year as Brad and I illustrated to you with the identical behaviour of the major equity chart indexes for 2011 and 2015. Besides, since June 2013 most worst-case scenarios associated with the collapse of the financial Ponzi scheme of the Orion banksters were manifested on numerous lower 4D timelines which we separated from this ascending uppermost mother planet. This is also part of the time warp in which this timeline is trapped until the final ID shift happens.

There is no logical explanation as to why the Empire of Evil still exists and had not collapsed and disappeared from the map much earlier, except this one – we had to postpone the final ascension of Gaia and humanity numerous times as most of the incarnated souls were so deeply entrenched in the Orion illusion that it took that much linear time to awaken them sufficiently as to reach the necessary threshold of ascension these days. Hence the alleged delay of our ascension is divinely orchestrated and is unfolding in perfect order, though seemingly against any economic and financial logic. And this makes this process so difficult to understand, especially for logical, intelligent people who have no access to their HS and higher realms.

This also eliminates all questions as to why our predictions have not come true as all our predictions have already happened many times on lower timelines. Now is the time for our predictions to also materialize on this timeline. “It is all about the economy, stupid!”

Therefore, I do not believe that this timeline will experience major catastrophes as some channelers publish these days. There is no pedagogical merit for the ascending humanity in losing hope in nature and perceiving it as a hostile external entity when huge natural catastrophes will decimate millions of people and destroy the material structure of the society as this has happened numerous times on descending timelines which are meant to experience an even greater separation from the Source than on the old earth. It will only reinforce the existential fears of the people and will increase their level of separation, which is exactly the opposite of what this uppermost timeline is intended to experience (Unity consciousness with nature and All-That-Is) before it ascends to the new 4D worlds and we – to 5D and higher.

Collapses affecting the social and economic foundation of human society will, on the other hand, illustrate how inadequate all collective human creations have been so far and how much they infringe upon the Universal Law. As the dialectical aspect of each creation is destruction, it is unavoidable that in the End Time the entire human matrix must be destroyed first before humanity can move to the new pristine 4D worlds based on the law of constructive interference. The old Orion matrix is entirely based on destructive interference and its dissipation is therefore unavoidable. And as the numbers above show – also imminent.

Below are some more facts that tell you why the Empire of Accounting Gimmicks cannot be saved; they are in full coalescence with what I have written in the last 4-5 years with respect to its ailing economy. All the links given below confirm the economic data and conclusions published on this website, in particular that humanity now lives in the Greatest Depression of all time and that the crash of this Orion planet of lies is inevitable and imminent:

– the Pentagon has never attempted to comply with government audits so that “$8.5 trillion in taxpayer money doled out by Congress to the Pentagon since 1996 has never been accounted for.” The military wastes and “loses” trillions of dollars. What for, is the big question? This was the major reason for the dark cabal to conduct the 9/11 attack on the WTC as I recently wrote:

How US Absurdistan Became US Bankruptistan

– Nobel prize-winning economist Joe Stiglitz says the World Bank would view any country which had a banking structure like the Fed as being corrupt and untrustworthy. Bye, Bye, Empire of Evil as an exceptional nation and a champion of morality and democracy.

– The former vice president at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas said he worried that the failure of the government to provide more information about its rescue spending could signal corruption. “Non-transparency in government programs is always associated with corruption in other countries, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t be here,” he said.

– We’ve known for a long time that the Bureau of Labor Statistics fudges the numbers to make unemployment look lower than it really is. BLS itself has admitted that its “adjustments” skew unemployment data during recessions. Indeed, the former head of the BLS, and not only Donald Trump (>25% real unemployment) and myself (> 33%), recently said that BLS statistics are B.S. … and that unemployment is much higher than the government is letting on.

– The government has long ignored energy and food prices when reporting on inflation as repeatedly stressed and shown by myself on this website.

– The Bureau of Economic Analysis is revising 84 years of economic history which will make the economy magically look better. The Empire of Evil is trapped in a historical warp of fraud.

– The U.S. (and British) governments encouraged interest rate manipulation leading to the current negative interest rates. And central banks have been directly manipulating interest rates for hundreds of years.

Paulson and Bernanke falsely stated that the big banks receiving TARP money were healthy when they were not. The Treasury Secretary also lied to Congress that the bailouts would be used to dispose of toxic assets but then used the money for something else entirely.

– The Commodity Futures Trading Commission has conspired with big banks to manipulate commodities prices for decades.

– The government-sponsored rating agencies committed massive fraud (and see this).

– The Treasury department allowed banks to “cook their books”

– Regulators knew of and allowed the use of debt-hiding accounting tricks by the big banks.

– The SEC has been shredding Wall Street documents for decades to help the big banks cover up their fraud.

– The Secretary of Treasury (Tim Geithner) was complicit in Lehman’s accounting fraud, (and see this).

– The government knew about mortgage fraud a long time ago. For example, the FBI warned of an “epidemic” of mortgage fraud in 2004. However, the FBI, DOJ and other government agencies then stood down and did nothing. See this and this. For example, the Federal Reserve turned its cheek and allowed massive fraud, and the SEC has repeatedly ignored accounting fraud (a whistleblower also “gift-wrapped and delivered” the Madoff scandal to the SEC, but they refused to take action). Indeed, Alan Greenspan took the position that fraud could never happen.

The regulators pretend that they are being tough on the big banks. But – instead of doing the right thing – they’ve done everything they can to help COVER UP THEIR SINS.

The non-partisan Government Accountability Office calls the Fed corrupt and riddled with conflicts of interest.

Congress recently told the courts that Congress can’t be investigated for insider trading

And now the west is outraged by the Panama papers leak and is accusing the only statesman that is not mentioned in this documentation – Putin. What a cosmic joke this primitive species – Homo sapiens – really is! Or probably not…! As it seems, this CIA psyop backfired immediately as anything the desperate dark cabal is trying to manifest these days in order to “save their fur”. In vain! The time when the cabal’s accounting gimmicks could be hidden and/or believed by the masses is over once and for all.

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by Georgi Stankov Posted on April 10, 2016

El reinicio global del sistema monetario de Orión Después de su colapso total este año
Georgi Stankov 1 de marzo del 2016

translated into Spanish by Eva Staroselsky and Ariel Mansur

Estimado George, básicamente has escrito la Declaración de Independencia, con directrices incluidas, para el verdadero estado de existencia necesaria de un ser humano multidimensional, para operar en el estado del Ahora y puede ser el documento más importante que se ha producido nunca. Felicitaciones. – Brad Barber


Este es un proyecto clave que estoy promoviendo desde los años 90 cuando entiendí completamente la naturaleza del dinero como una imagen espejada de las propiedades de la energía. De acuerdo con la nueva Axiomática física y matemática de la Ley Universal, sólo hay energía, es decir, Todo- Lo-Que-Es es energía. De ahí que cualquier nueva forma monetaria que sustituya el actual sistema financiero Orión-Esquema Ponzi tendrá que expresar las propiedades de la energía de una manera ideal. He dedicado una gran cantidad de artículos sobre cómo debe funcionar este nuevo sistema digital y numérico de pagos y transacciones. En esencia, el nuevo sistema monetario funcionará como el sistema SI en la física y no tendrá ningún valor en sí mismo.

Por cierto, he demostrado que todas las dimensiones físicas y las unidades en el sistema SI se pueden reducir a dos dimensiones – de espacio y tiempo absoluto (= frecuencia), que es el espacio-tiempo. El espacio-tiempo es cómo los seres humanos perciben la energía con sus limitados sentidos en un mundo 3D. He demostrado cómo el dinero refleja las propiedades del espacio-tiempo, precisamente el hecho de que el espacio y el tiempo son constituyentes canónicamente conjugados que se comportan recíprocamente el uno al otro de una manera dialéctica. Cuando el espacio se expande, la frecuencia (tiempo) disminuye y viceversa. El espacio es inversamente proporcional a la energía s ~ 1 / E, mientras que la frecuencia es proporcional a la cantidad de energía en un sistema de f ~ E. También es importante hacer hincapié en que el tiempo lineal (convencional) es idéntico al espacio t = s, el tiempo lineal es un sinónimo del espacio.

La discriminación de estas dos cantidades físicas idénticas por la mente humana es la fuente de toda ilusión cognitiva de esta especie en un estado encarnado (en la Tierra).

En las finanzas, la inflación de dinero ocurre porque la cantidad de papel moneda impreso es equivalente al espacio y esta moneda inflada es inversamente proporcional a la energía que transporta, en otras palabras, su valor disminuye. Todos los fenómenos observados monetarios, tales como la inflación, deflación, devaluación, etc. se pueden explicar fácilmente en la naturaleza del espacio-tiempo como energía percibida por los seres humanos – con el carácter recíproco de sus componentes, el espacio y el tiempo. Esta elaboración teórica es indispensable para una correcta comprensión del nuevo proyecto de moneda a continuación.

Aquí voy a presentar la nueva moneda “Astral” que será introducida en todos los nuevos mundos 4D inmediatamente después de que colapse el actual sistema monetario de Orión y se disuelva toda la vieja matrix. No hay duda de que en el ínterin este acontecimiento fundamental va a pasar este año y el mes de marzo parece ser un período de tiempo lineal con una alta probabilidad para la ocurrencia de este evento. De ahí la urgencia de este proyecto clave en el escenario de la ascensión de este planeta madre superior.

Desde el comienzo de este año, he entrado en una discusión muy intensa con Brad para explorar todos los aspectos de este nuevo proyecto, y encontrar el momento óptimo de introducir la nueva moneda “Astral”, por primera vez en los EE.UU. y luego inmediatamente a partir de entonces en todo el mundo. Hemos llegado a la conclusión unánime de que estamos en la cúspide de un colapso total del sistema financiero y que es muy importante estar preparados mentalmente e intelectualmente para este proyecto cuando la caída económica global ocurra. Por otra parte, somos conscientes del hecho de que creamos con nuestros pensamientos este proyecto que ya es una realidad en los nuevos mundos 4D.

Como hemos visto estos últimos días y semanas, no es tanto que vayamos a ascender y desaparecer de esta realidad, sino que vamos a traer el cielo 5D aquí en este planeta madre superior. Esto sucederá inicialmente para ciertas áreas en todo el mundo donde las ciudades de luz ya existen y donde las vibraciones de este modelo holográfico han alcanzado el umbral del nivel 12 de la 4D superior y prepararlo para su transición de fase hacia la nueva realidad 5D. Sedona y Jerry son los mostradores del camino en este intrincado proceso de ascensión individual y colectiva como ya hemos visto.

La transición de fase a las ciudades de luz se llevará a cabo por primera vez por el PAT y la primera ola de candidatos para la ascensión y luego muchos otros de la llamada segunda ola y las almas transliminales encarnadas como walk-ins nos seguirán. Su número está aumentando exponencialmente una vez más después del cambio de Identificación-fase global importante en enero, cuando muchos de ellos experimentaron la muerte física en líneas de tiempo inferiores.

En lo que sigue, voy a esbozar los fundamentos de la nueva moneda “Astral” que presentaremos como maestros ascendidos inmediatamente después del colapso total del sistema monetario de Orión y del cierre de todos los bancos en el mundo occidental. Este nuevo proyecto, que Brad y yo estamos elaborando desde el comienzo de 2016 muy intensamente en correspondencia diaria, que incluye también un análisis a fondo del drama financiero en curso en todo el mundo, se entiende sólo como una solución intermedia en el período de transición antes de que la naturaleza del dinero se entienda por todas las personas de manera que pueda ser totalmente abolido.

Este período de transición describe el tiempo inmediatamente después del colapso total del sistema financiero, lo que puede suceder tal vez en marzo, pero sin duda este año, y tendrá una duración tan larga mientras la conciencia colectiva alcance el umbral del despertar completo. Con el fin de comprender la urgencia de este proyecto, se debe tener en cuenta que la cábala gobernante y sus banqueros ya tienen un plan B y un plan C cuando su plan A de esclavizar a la humanidad a través del yugo económico del sistema monetario existente de Orión falle.

Por ejemplo, ahora hay un montón de discusión sobre el reinicio global del sistema financiero mediante la introducción del patrón oro nuevamente. Los argumentos no son nuevos y todos terminan en el intento fallido de salvar el actual sistema financiero y las antiguas monedas, ante todo, el dólar sin valor como el epítome de dinero de papel higiénico. Por lo tanto, ninguno de estos planes presenta una solución viable, una verdadera reforma del sistema monetario de acuerdo con los nuevos principios espirituales que, el PAT, aboga, sólo son insignificantes esfuerzos para reparar el viejo sistema y preservar el status quo. Este, como todos sabemos, no va a suceder y por eso hemos desarrollado la nueva moneda “Astral” que sustituirá al dólar, euro, yen y todas las demás monedas fiduciarias.

Este es el plan A del PAT y todos los de la primera ola, que serán los nuevos maestros ascendidos y los logotipos de los dioses de los nuevos mundos 4D. Ellos representan la verdadera jerarquía espiritual de la nueva humanidad, y esto incluye la introducción de un nuevo sistema de pagos y transacciones en la fase intermedia de la transfiguración de esta humanidad a una civilización transgaláctica.

Todos los expertos críticos en las finanzas, actualmente vierten agua en los molinos de la cábala gobernante con sus propuestas financieras inadecuadas e ideas que se derivan de un pensamiento muy compartimentalizado y un desentendimiento total de los principios espirituales detrás de toda existencia humana, evolución y creación.

Estos pensadores alternativos, que Brad y yo citamos de vez en cuando para mantenerlos informados acerca de la discusión actual del sector financiero, no son muy diferentes de los numerosos trabajadores de la luz ignorantes que defienden la idea de los servicios secretos oscuros sobre la existencia de “fondos ocultos de St. Germain” que se abrirán milagrosamente a las masas por algunas sociedades secretas “iluminadas” y que dispersarían la bonanza entre todos los seres humanos. La ingenuidad siempre ha sido la mayor trampa para todos los seres humanos, y los hace presa fácil de manipulaciones y mentiras oscuras.

Explicaré debajo lo que los fondos secretos de St. Germain realmente son. Ahora él está constantemente en nuestros campos energéticos y se comunica tanto con Carla y conmigo sobre diversos temas. Como ya he informado, él vino a nosotros con aplomo durante la apertura del Portal de Navidad el 25 de diciembre y prometió que nos guiaría en esta fase de la ascensión final. Ha mantenido su promesa y está a nuestro alrededor todo el tiempo desde entonces. Él alienta a Carla a utilizar la llama violeta-dorada, el nuevo chohan de la que es representante, para transmutar esta realidad y ahora la está utilizando de una manera muy poderosa para transformar este sistema monetario injusto y engañoso, en un sistema justo de pagos y transacciones que traerán prosperidad y paz a toda la humanidad. La esencia de este nuevo sistema será el tema de este ensayo.

St. Germain me está inspirando a elaborar y transmitir este proyecto a toda la humanidad como la única alternativa posible cuando la vieja matrix colapse totalmente y las masas estén en completa desesperación. Se abre la perspectiva más brillante para la rápida transformación de la humanidad actual en una sociedad transgaláctica evolucionada e iluminada. Aunque la mayoría de los elementos del nuevo sistema de pagos y transacciones han sido desarrollados por mí hace unos veinte años, St. Germain me dio los eslabones que faltan en febrero 2016, y estos me ayudaron a completar la nueva idea.

Como explicaré más adelante, la nueva moneda “Astral” será un reseteo total no sólo del viejo sistema financiero Orión-Esquema Ponzi, sino también un restablecimiento total de la sociedad humana actual. Que dará lugar a la rápida abolición del Estado nacional con todas sus instituciones represivas, como los sistemas de impuestos, los bancos centrales, los bancos públicos y privados junto con todo el sistema judicial tratando estos temas, incluyendo todas las profesiones robóticas: contadores, corredores financieros e inmobiliarios, etc., asociados a estas actividades no productivas. Por lo tanto, el alcance de este proyecto es de proporciones gigantescas – será la fuerza motriz real detrás de todos los cambios sociales y económicos que muy pronto transformarán esta humanidad.

Los Principios espirituales y organizacionales de la nueva moneda “Astral”

Historia reciente del Proyecto

La elaboración de los principios espirituales y de organización de la moneda Nueva “Astral” fueron inspirados por mi yo superior y muy probablemente por St. Germain el 27 de enero por primera vez cuando hizo la siguiente pregunta teórica a mí y a Brad en una carta dirigida a él:

“Estimado Brad,

nuestro último intercambio de ideas condujo inevitablemente a la pregunta simple y fundamental:

“¿Por qué necesitamos todos estos inversionistas-chicos con su dinero divertido para venir a nosotros y patrocinar nuestro proyecto cuando se sabe que su dinero no sirve para nada y por qué esperar a que sus mentes cambien para mejor? ¿Es como si nada vaya a salir de estas personas?

Por lo tanto, de repente todas las piezas del nuevo proyecto se reunieron en relación con:

1) Lo que usted ha dicho sobre Bitcoin, el oro y otras nuevas monedas alternativas.

2) Lo que he escrito hasta ahora sobre un nuevo sistema numérico digital de pagos y transacciones que operarán como un sistema SI en la física y servirán como una medida de los logros y las necesidades humanas sin ningún valor en sí mismo.

3) Su experiencia personal con Bitcoin.

4) Nuestra evaluación de la situación actual sobre el terreno – la intransigencia de los chicos financieros y de la humanidad en su conjunto y la irrelevancia de su dinero sin valor. Es como si tratara de hacer un buen vino de vinagre.

Además, viene un concepto que he desarrollado hace más de 10 años para un CEO de un gran banco alemán con sede en Múnich, a quien yo conocía, pero, por supuesto, él no respondió a ella porque estaba asustado por la audacia de mis ideas. Sin embargo, en ese momento mi yo superior me instó a presentar este concepto, ya que era parte de la estrategia de recursos humanos para un cambio en este planeta y yo era el Mostrador del Camino. Ahora me gustaría fusionar todos estos puntos “.

Antes de que hablemos de la posibilidad de establecer un nuevo fondo en los EE.UU. para promover las nuevas patentes y tecnologías basadas en la nueva teoría de la ley universal. He calculado que sólo las innovaciones y registro de nuevos medicamentos eficaces, estimulantes de las células, en la industria farmacéutica ahorrarán hasta $ 500 mil millones en gastos de investigación y desarrollo y generarán nuevas ventas en por lo menos la misma cantidad cada año. Teniendo en cuenta la muerte masiva de todos los “unicornios” (nuevas empresas que supuestamente desarrollan tecnologías innovadoras en 3D) en los EE.UU. en la crisis actual después de que han perdido cientos de miles de millones de dólares de capital invertido sin ningún tipo de retorno, propuse a Brad que es el momento de establecer un nuevo fondo para la promoción de las nuevas tecnologías de la Ley universal, incluyendo nuevas formas de tratamiento en el sistema de salud y nuevas tecnologías en la industria sobre la base de la superconductividad.

Discutimos las diferentes posibilidades de atraer nuevos inversores después de que han perdido una gran cantidad de dinero en la crisis financiera actual que ha aniquilado desde el comienzo de este año más de 15 mil millones de dólares de riqueza. Sin embargo, ambos tuvimos la incómoda sensación de que nuestro nuevo proyecto no funcionaría de la forma en que conceptualizamos inicialmente. Como es el caso de todos los proyectos de este tipo que están inspirados divinamente, hay que pensar en grande y partir de las premisas básicas de la nueva teoría de la ley universal.

Llegamos a la conclusión de que no necesitamos la corriente de dinero de papel higiénico y sus propietarios frustrados en honor a nuestro trabajo y las futuras contribuciones a la humanidad como maestros ascendidos.

En su lugar vamos a crear nosotros mismos una nueva moneda y establecer los principios espirituales y de organización para la fundación de un nuevo tipo de emision y el banco de inversión, que será, sin embargo, no llamado “banco” ya que esta palabra tiene muy mala reputación. En su lugar lo llamaremos:

Cooperativa de Emisión e Inversión (CEI)

La nueva moneda funcionará exactamente como el sistema SI numérico digital de pagos y transacciones que he presentado en el pasado, pero tendrá el nombre:


Por lo tanto, vamos a crear un CEI con una nueva moneda: “Astral”

Esta nueva moneda estará arraigada en la aplicación de todas las nuevas tecnologías 4D y 5D. Sus activos serán las nuevas tecnologías procedentes de la Luz. En última instancia, esta moneda será la representación del proceso de ascensión de la humanidad y Gaia (nuestro planeta) a dimensiones más altas, antes de que todo el dinero pueda ser abolido. De esta manera vamos a lograr nuestro objetivo de manera muy eficaz y vamos a eliminar los viejos podridos y su dinero de papel sin valor, ya que ya no nos sirven y no representan a la nueva realidad ascendente. Además, las antiguas monedas tienen que ser eliminadas de todas formas en el próximo crash global, como ha sido postulado y discutido por el PAT (Prepare for ascencion team, equipo de preparación para la ascensión) en el pasado.

El nombre “Astral” fue elegido deliberadamente para la nueva moneda. Además del inglés, que es un lenguaje muy reducido en términos de gramática, todos los demás idiomas tienen género, alemán, francés, italiano, español y todos los idiomas eslavos, por ejemplo. En este caso “astral” es una moneda masculina (“astro” sería neutral y “astra” femenino). Es más poderoso decir, este artículo cuesta dos astrales que decir que cuesta dos astros, que es débil como un sustantivo neutro. Suena muy parecido a “el real español” en el pináculo de poder real español cuando este imperio conquisto América. Necesitamos energía masculina detrás de la nueva moneda para hacer la necesaria transformación de las monedas fiduciarias sin valor, basadas en la deuda actuales.

La nueva moneda “Astral” y el CEI siguen principios precisos, simples, evidentes por sí mismos, espirituales y lógicos basados en la naturaleza de la energía, porque el dinero es una imagen espejada de las propiedades de la energía:

1) El “Astral” estará disponible para todo el mundo que lo acepte de forma independiente del trabajo físico, pero dependiente de sus necesidades reales. Es un inviolable derecho divino de toda la humanidad para poseer y usar esta moneda de acuerdo con los principios espirituales que excluyen la codicia, la avaricia, la manipulación y la especulación, etc. En otras palabras, todos los vicios humanos que surgen de la idea de la separación de la Fuente y el rechazo de la Unidad no pertenecen a esta moneda. Las personas que demuestran estos vicios no tendrán acceso a astrales y el CEI. Ellos tendrán que soportar las antiguas monedas, en caso de que todavía existan o de permutar hasta que evolucionen lo suficiente como para aceptar la nueva moneda que traerá inmensa abundancia y prosperidad a toda la humanidad, como lo demostraré a continuación.

Esta exclusión se llevará a cabo muy fácilmente por los siguientes principios y criterios:

2) No habrá tasas de interés o cualquier otro derivado virtual, ni tampoco medios que creen inflación artificial de esta moneda.

3) No habrá especulación hacia otras monedas que aún existan. Estos principios se aplican para la etapa provisional, posteriormente van a ser evidentes cuando todas las demás monedas dejen de existir.

4) El nuevo Astral tiene sus activos en el cielo, es decir, en todas las nuevas tecnologías que vendrán a través de esta moneda de los reinos superiores y a través de nosotros como maestros ascendidos y serán difundidos en la nueva tierra, en el período intermedio de transición antes de que todo el dinero incluyendo el “astral” pueda ser eliminado. Hay otra razón clave por la cual la nueva moneda Astral tiene sus raíces en el cielo, en las dimensiones superiores o la fuente, la cual me referiré en profundidad más adelante.

5) Al comienzo, el Astral será vinculado al oro (y la plata), digamos 100 astrales para una onza de oro. Esto se hará de una manera ideal y todos los propietarios de oro aceptarán tal vinculación. No necesitamos poseer una sola onza de oro extraído físicamente para vincular el astral al oro. Estas son algunas consideraciones de por qué:

– De acuerdo con el punto 4), el nuevo Astral tiene sus activos en el cielo, es decir, en todas las nuevas tecnologías que vendrán a través de esta moneda y serán difundidas en la nueva tierra, en el período intermedio de transición antes de que todo el dinero, incluyendo el astral, pueda ser eliminado.

– El oro no es ningún bien en absoluto desde una perspectiva superior, pero ha adquirido una importancia histórica como un medio universal de la acumulación de riqueza material en la vieja realidad 3D.

– Sin embargo, no puede funcionar como un sistema flexible de pagos e inversiones debido a su carácter físico y su escasez. El almacenamiento y transporte de oro plantea enormes problemas logísticos a cualquier moneda de oro en una sociedad y una economía dinámica y de rápida evolución donde el dinero en circulación debe ser muy fácil, flexible para todas las condiciones y con fluido.

– Es por eso que la cábala fue capaz de eliminar fácilmente el oro como moneda cuando el ultimo reseteo moderno del sistema financiero de Orión hacia el Nuevo Orden Mundial, fue hecho por Nixon en 1971. Se abolió el patrón oro del dólar como moneda mundial con una sola mano y por lo tanto creando las actuales monedas fiduciarias sin valor.

– Por otro lado, si todas las monedas viejas pierden su valor en el próximo crash, esto no ayuda al oro a adquirir su importancia pasada porque la élite puede introducir otra forma de papel moneda, que excluiría al oro y hay una gran cantidad de temor entre propietarios de oro hoy en día, de que el estado va a confiscar todo el oro y la plata en el próximo crash global, como los gobiernos hicieron durante la Gran Depresión.

Si la cábala implementa el Plan B y crea nuevas monedas en base a cantidades mínimas de oro, este nuevo estándar de oro será sólo de carácter simbólico debido al hecho de que la cantidad real de oro disponible en este planeta es infinitamente pequeña en comparación con la cantidad de dinero en circulación necesaria para mantener a flote la economía mundial, incluso si todas las burbujas financieras especulativas y de deuda, tales como los derivados estén siendo eliminadas por un jubileo mundial. La dilución de este nuevo estándar de oro pronto dará lugar a la misma situación, ya que este año el crash es inevitable y ya ha comenzado.

El oro alquímico Versus el oro minado

La idea de vincular la nueva moneda de oro Astral es tanto de carácter teórico como práctico. En esencia, la nueva moneda no necesita oro para reformar la moneda fiduciaria y funcionar de una manera perfecta, como hemos comentado anteriormente. Sin embargo, en el período intermedio de transición, tenemos que considerar la mentalidad colectiva de la humanidad, que se agrupa en su totalidad en el concepto de dinero como algo de gran valor. Todas las actividades humanas se miden en dinero y hay una noción general de que cualquier cosa que no atrae el dinero, como es el caso de nuestras actividades espirituales, incluyendo la redacción de este ensayo sobre el reseteo monetario, no tiene ningún valor. Este es el modo de pensar clásico de la humanidad degradada actual en el tiempo final y tenemos que tener en cuenta esta condición humana deplorable en nuestro nuevo proyecto para reformar este sistema financiero cuando ocurra el crash en los próximos días y semanas.

Cuando las monedas fiduciarias actuales pierdan todo su valor en la venida hiperinflación como resultado de la anulación de todas las deudas en forma de malos préstamos, derivados virtuales y las burbujas de activos causadas por QE infinito y la impresión de dinero de la nada, la gente va a exigir en su desesperación una nueva moneda que se base en el valor real. El argumento de que las nuevas tecnologías 4D y 5D astrales sean activos valiosos y suficientes de la nueva moneda Astral puede no convencer a mucha gente, quienes no estén despiertos por completo cuando el crash ocurra y sea necesario un nuevo reinicio del sistema monetario. En su agnosticismo imperante, tenderán a aceptar el plan B o C de la cábala gobernante en lugar de nuestra propuesta de una nueva moneda Astral. Especialmente porque tomará algún tiempo para nosotros como maestros ascendidos, el introducir las nuevas tecnologías astrales en los nuevos mundos 4D.

Como se habrán dado cuenta, todas mis ofertas de argumentación con la transición del modelo holográfico 3D actual a estos nuevos mundos 4D como en 5D, en Nueva Lemuria, donde hemos de ascender, no habrá dinero desde el principio. Seremos capaces de crear de inmediato cualquier cosa que necesitemos y deseemos. Estas tecnologías del alma de la creación inmediata no necesitarán ningún tipo de dinero como un sistema intercambiable de pago y transacciones de nuestras creaciones energéticas inmediatas. Esto debe ser convincente para todos mis lectores ilustrados que han seguido nuestras discusiones en este sitio Web desde el principio.

Cuando digo que tenemos que aceptar oro físico por el momento como un estándar de oro para nuestra nueva moneda Astral, esto solo se hace en vista de las muchas personas que han hecho sus ahorros en oro y con respeto a la tradición humana, donde el oro cumple un papel clave como una garantía de la riqueza. Sólo es un compromiso necesario para superar este período intermedio que se caracteriza en primer lugar por una diferencia enorme entre la realidad ascendiente y las deficiencias gnósticas existentes entre las masas, que les impiden comprender todo el alcance de este cambio cósmico, en el comienzo de estos cambios. De hecho, al vincular la moneda Astral al oro físico ganado en las minas simplemente eliminaremos todas las especulaciones no saludables en los mercados de cambio de divisas y oro. Por la vinculación del astral al oro vamos a de facto eliminar el oro como moneda de garantía sin que los propietarios de oro sean capaces de darse cuenta de esto al principio. Voy a explicar a continuación por qué.

Mi explicación tiene que ver con la alquimia del oro y con nosotros como los maestros de la reacción alquímica, tanto en cuerpos físicos, como se muestra en este sitio web y especialmente como maestros ascendidos en cuerpos de luz cristalinos. Es bien sabido que el concepto de la alquimia se ha desarrollado en torno a la idea atractiva de que los seres humanos puedan crear oro de otros metales y compuestos inferiores y baratos en reacciones alquímicas secretas. Aunque nadie ha demostrado nunca esto a la humanidad, tiene que haber algo de verdad detrás de esta tradición alquímica que fascina a todas las mentes humanas. Por supuesto que no es posible producir oro del plomo, por ejemplo, pero como he aprendido recientemente, es posible producir oro del mercurio.

Y aquí viene el detalle. Este oro alquímico es puro y no tiene isótopos. Mientras que todo el oro natural, incluso cuando es 99,99999 …% puro, contiene varios isótopos que se pueden utilizar para determinar de dónde vino ese oro ya que cada mina de oro tiene su “huella digital” isotópica específica, esto es sabido por los organismos del estado encargados de su control. Si usted está en condiciones de producir oro puramente alquímico del mercurio, libre de isótopos, en una reacción alquímica, y trata de venderlo en el mercado, usted será arrestado inmediatamente porque la cábala no quiere que la humanidad pueda crear oro. No sabía de este hecho hasta hace poco, pero luego disparó algunas reflexiones adicionales en mi mente acerca de nuestro nuevo proyecto de moneda.

Es obvio que podemos introducir la nueva moneda Astral sólo después de nuestra ascensión. Antes la vieja matrix debe colapsar en su totalidad. La rápida disipación del modelo holográfico 3D actual se puede comparar a dos trenes que viajan a toda velocidad en direcciones opuestas – el viejo tren de la matrix hacia el abismo y el tren de ascensión hacia el cielo. En este caso, si aparecemos como maestros ascendidos y presentamos la nueva moneda, siempre podemos decir a la gente – con respecto a su antiguo punto de vista – que podemos crear alquímicamente todo el oro que necesitemos para fundar la nueva moneda Astral en el estándar de oro.

Debemos demostrar que podemos crear oro alquímico puro, que debería ser algo muy simple para cualquier maestro ascendido. Esto no quiere decir que vayamos a crear oro en grandes cantidades, al igual que hoy en día ya no hay nada de oro en las bóvedas de la reserva federal de los EE.UU. o los otros bancos centrales, ya que fue robado por la cábala. Pero la noción de que exista tal oro alquímico en los planos astrales – de ahí el nombre de la nueva moneda – y pueda manifestarse por nosotros en cualquier momento si es necesario, será suficiente para establecer firmemente el nuevo Astral como moneda mundial basada en el verdadero patrón oro cuando el dólar se derrumbe. En la actualidad hay una gran cantidad de rumores de que este tipo de reinicio puede estar fabricándose con respecto a las antiguas monedas, pero será demasiado tarde porque llegaremos con nuestra moneda. Es por ello que debemos ascender antes de que el colapso financiero final suceda y la cábala oscura pueda hacer su propio restablecimiento insidioso de las antiguas monedas.

Será suficiente que la gente sepa que es posible crear oro alquímico en cualquier momento y que no hay necesidad de extraer oro de la manera engorrosa antigua como en la época de los neandertales que fueron genéticamente diseñados para trabajar en las minas de oro. La nueva moneda Astral no sólo se arraiga en las nuevas tecnologías de 4D y 5D, sino también en el nuevo estándar de oro a base de oro puro alquímico, creado por nosotros como maestros ascendidos. Este barrerá los argumentos críticos con respecto al valor de la nueva moneda desde un punto de vista convencional, ya que habrá muchas pequeñas cooperativas de emisión y de inversión (CEI) que crearán astrales en un nivel basado en la comunidad local, como explicaré a continuación.

De esta manera vamos a eliminar prácticamente el oro minado físicamente, que representa el modelo holográfico 3D denso de la encarnación y lo sustituirá con el nuevo estándar de oro alquímico arraigado en los reinos superiores. Esta es también la forma más eficaz para eliminar todo tipo de fraude y manipulación en la nueva moneda como mostraré a continuación.

Por el momento, podemos utilizar dos estándares de oro:

– El estándar de oro físico, que será de menos valor, y

– El nuevo estándar de oro alquímico, a la que sólo nosotros, como los nuevos maestros ascendidos tendremos acceso y control. Esto será parte de nuestra jerarquía espiritual, por así decirlo, el símbolo material de nuestra posición de liderazgo en los nuevos mundos 4D.

Por supuesto, soy consciente de que estoy hablando acerca de un artefacto ya que ¿quién necesita oro en una sociedad evolucionada que sólo puede prosperar sin dinero ya que se basa en la creación individual y colectiva directa? Estoy proponiendo este aspecto para el período intermedio antes de que las personas aprendan a vivir sin dinero y estén listos para descartar nuestra nueva moneda Astral después de que hayan comprendido la verdadera naturaleza del dinero. Pero, entretanto, esto debería ser un argumento poderoso que compensará cualquier intento de comprometer la nueva moneda Astral.

¿Puede usted imaginar lo que sería si usted es capaz de crear oro en cualquier lugar en el planeta o transportarlo de un lugar a otro a través de teletransporte en caso de que sea necesario? En este caso no necesitamos resolver ningún problema logístico en cuanto al almacenamiento y distribución de oro, de una manera engorrosa 3D como por ejemplo, el Banco Central de Holanda tiene con su oro en estos días. Aquí es donde la mayoría de las monedas basadas en oro de la manera antigua fallan. Ahora se puede vincular la nueva moneda astral de oro alquímico en un precio fijo y todo el mundo va a aceptarlo ya que deben creer que podemos crear una cantidad infinita de oro. Y la creencia lo es todo en las finanzas y en toda la existencia humana.

Esto es precisamente lo que los Fondos secretos de St. Germain representan en verdad, de la que las personas del movimiento New Age están discutiendo tanto y en el que están invirtiendo grandes expectativas para salvarlos de su vida difícil en la 3D. No es coincidencia que hayamos sentido la poderosa presencia de St. Germain el 2 de febrero de 2016 y nos haya revelado esta información.

Hemos levantado ahora nuestras frecuencias de manera tan alta que tales contactos son muy fáciles. Como saben, Carla es la nueva chohan de la llama violeta-dorada y por lo tanto la heredera de St. Germain en esta tierra. Ella está bajo su guía desde hace más de dos años como informo en este sitio web. Yo también lo siento muy intensamente, pero trabajamos juntos en un nivel diferente.

Me inspira para crear activamente nuevos conceptos para los nuevos mundos 4D que serán poblados en su mayor parte por las nuevas almas maduras que terminarán con su ciclo de alma joven durante el próximo cambio de fase entrante como he explicado en mi modelo de edad del alma. La gran ola de almas jóvenes que está en la cúspide de entrar en el ciclo de alma madura viven actualmente en América del Norte y es por eso que estoy aquí para guiarlos y para establecer las condiciones sociales para la nueva humanidad 4D. Como se ha hecho evidente en estos días, estas almas no pueden generar las ideas necesarias para reformar la humanidad degradada actual en una nueva civilización iluminada por su cuenta y necesitan desesperadamente de mi ayuda.

Esta es también la razón por la que Brad y yo decidimos impulsar este proyecto por primera vez en los EE.UU. y Canadá, antes de que podamos ponerlo en práctica en todo el mundo. También se consideró el hecho de que el dólar es la moneda del mundo, con más de 65% de la cantidad total de dinero en circulación y que esta moneda fiduciaria es el principal culpable de la mayor parte del fraude financiero en el sistema.

Antes de que podamos establecer la nueva moneda “Astral”, el dólar sin ningún fundamento debe ser abolido como moneda fiduciaria del mundo. Esto está sucediendo ahora, durante el colapso financiero inminente que es un drama mundial con muchos actos paralelos y simultáneos. Hemos contribuido significativamente a este crash, trayendo claridad sobre las causas reales de este evento de suma importancia en el escenario de la ascensión. En cierto modo, podemos afirmar que hemos escrito la trama de este drama – en mi caso desde 1997 – y luego nos queda la cábala y sus banqueros que actúan siguiendo el guion que escribimos sobre la manera de expulsarse a sí mismos del poder en el tiempo final.

Este es esencialmente el propósito de este nuevo proyecto – cómo restablecer el antiguo sistema financiero y la economía de una manera inteligente bajo la consideración de todos los principios espirituales y organizativos que se derivan de la nueva teoría de la ley universal.

Estoy compartiendo esto con ustedes ahora, como para tener una visión más completa y preparar sus argumentos en consecuencia cuando asciendan o cuando tengan que apoyar esta nueva moneda Astral mientras estén todavía en un vehículo físico. Porque, aunque el éxito de este proyecto está garantizado y sea ya una realidad cuando ascendamos, no debemos pasar por alto la posibilidad de que muy pronto los dineros en monedas antiguas pueden comenzar a fluir hacia este proyecto cuando el sistema financiero inicie de forma visible el crash. Los viejos inversores decepcionados con nuevas almas transliminales como walk-ins pueden muy bien decidir venir a nosotros y rogarnos para que le demos valor a su dinero a través de nuestra reacción alquímica y convertirlo en astrales a base de oro. Todo esto será de carácter altamente simbólico, ya que no habrá ganancias de capital en el nuevo sistema de moneda como explicaré a continuación. El sistema monetario actual funciona solo con falsos símbolos, el nuestro será verdadero en su lugar.

Por último, quisiera mencionar que el oro alquímico puro, libre de isótopos, es también el mejor medio para lograr la longevidad. Ya este fue utilizado por las civilizaciones del pasado y es por eso que tenemos el estándar de oro hoy en día. Simbolizaba la inmortalidad y la ascensión. El oro alquímico puro jugará un papel muy importante en el futuro, en la curación de los cuerpos humanos de los nuevos mundos 4D, de manera que las personas puedan vivir 200-300 años o incluso más tiempo. La abundancia y la longevidad (buena salud) siempre van de la mano. Cuando caiga el estándar de oro alquímico, seguirá siendo un símbolo de la longevidad humana y el esfuerzo interno del alma encarnada de trascender esta realidad material, ascender y volver a la fuente.

Otros Principios organizativos y éticos de la CEI y el uso de la nueva moneda “Astral”

La cooperativa de emisión e inversión, CEI será la nueva forma de organización humana de la nueva moneda Astral. También seguirá varios principios espirituales y gnósticos muy simples, evidentes por sí mismos, que reflejen la esencia de la energía:

1) No habrá banca fraccionaria y es por eso que no usamos la palabra banco, sino CEI.

2) La emisión de nuevos astrales. Por ejemplo, cuando un gran proyecto para la fabricación de las nuevas tecnologías esté a punto de comenzar, habrá un plan económico que resuma todas las inversiones, como la compra de materias primas, mano de obra humana, etc. Entonces la cantidad de dinero necesario, será inmediatamente creado por el CEI para este proyecto. Este no es un préstamo ya que la nueva moneda astral no tendrá préstamos, sino sólo dinero en circulación que reflejará con exactitud la cantidad de trabajo creacionario realizado por la humanidad.

3) Lo mismo es cierto para cualquier ingreso personal. Cualquier persona que acepte el astral, recibirá de forma automática un ingreso en astrales que se calcularán fácilmente como un ingreso promedio para una vida digna en la nueva sociedad iluminada.

4) De esta manera, la nueva moneda Astral prohibirá la aparición de la inflación, que es la fuente de todos los males económicos en la actualidad. Siempre habrá una correlación uno a uno (equilibrio dinámico) entre el dinero creado y en circulación, por un lado, y las necesidades de las personas y los bienes de la economía real por el otro.

5) La moneda Astral impedirá automáticamente la existencia de la propiedad privada y la acumulación de riqueza material. Por ejemplo, cuando una nueva pareja de jóvenes quiera adquirir una casa, que será el más alto bien en la sociedad, entonces la cantidad necesaria de dinero para comprarla, se generara automáticamente. Más tarde, esto no será necesario, ya que habrá suficientes casas para vivir.

6) El ingreso universal estará garantizado para todos los que acepten el Astral. No habrá ahorro y acumulación de riqueza. Si alguien es conservador y no gasta todo su ingreso universal, puede gastar el resto en servicios comunales en nombre de otras personas o hacer una donación para otros trabajos creacionarios del colectivo. Por eso utilizo la palabra “cooperativa” en lugar de banco.

Aquí hay algunas reglas organizativas adicionales en cuanto a cómo será fundado y dirigido el nuevo CEI:

7) Nosotros, los nuevos maestros ascendidos, estableceremos el primer CEI central de acuerdo con nuestras reglas espirituales. Será una entidad importante para la introducción de todas las nuevas tecnologías 4D y 5D.

8) Pero esencialmente cada comunidad puede establecer CEI locales, siempre que cumplan con nuestras normas y tengan permiso nuestro. Como vamos a tener el control sobre el patrón oro alquímico, nadie estará autorizado a emitir la moneda Astral sin nuestra aprobación.

9) La sociedad del futuro será organizada en torno a las comunidades locales ya que el estado nacional con todas sus instituciones represivas se suprimirá para siempre y nosotros, los maestros ascendidos y los representantes de la nueva jerarquía espiritual en las nuevas tierras 4D seremos la fuerza impulsora detrás de su abolición con la nueva moneda Astral. En primer lugar, esto significará que no habrá impuestos ni control financiero, etc., pero tampoco ejércitos y otras actividades delictivas como el narcotráfico que están patrocinados por el estado en nombre de la cábala gobernante. Este es un aspecto social muy importante de la nueva moneda que es más que un simple reinicio del viejo sistema económico fracasado. Se va a transformar toda la sociedad humana.

Las comunidades se organizarán de acuerdo con el principio de 12, 12 x 12 que hace la unidad más pequeña de 144 miembros, donde 12 es el número ideal para una gran familia de tres generaciones que comenzarán a vivir juntos de nuevo como era el caso antes del inicio del siglo 20, es decir, antes de que la cábala hubiera destruido la familia tradicional con su emancipación descarada de las mujeres. Es importante que los niños sean cuidados y educados por sus abuelos ya que los padres jóvenes son demasiado inexpertos en la vida. Los padres cuidaran de sus nietos cuando sean más maduros. La sociedad actual con su sistema económico de explotación ha dividido la familia y la dinámica fundamental de la unidad familiar será reestablecida.

Este es un tema enorme en cuanto a cómo se organizará la nueva sociedad de una manera práctica, pero tiene mucho que ver con la nueva moneda Astral. 12 x 12 x 12 = 1.728 miembros hacen una comunidad más grande, una especie de pueblo hoy en día. Tal comunidad puede solicitar y adquirir el derecho a fundar una CEI local para sus necesidades. Se ejecuta como una cooperativa y se harán todas las decisiones para nuevas inversiones y emisión de nuevas cuentas astrales democráticamente de acuerdo con la mejor intención, para el beneficio de esta comunidad y con el debido respeto a otras comunidades vecinas, que también se basarán en los principios espirituales.

10) Todas estas entidades (como CEI locales) estarán obligadas a una total transparencia en Internet o en una nueva red similar para que todo el mundo puede comprobar la veracidad y la fiabilidad de estas organizaciones de emisión y de inversión. Antes de que se funden, necesitarán un certificado astral nuestro y serán obligados a seguir el principio espiritual de transparencia total como se indicara en las directrices dadas a ellos por nosotros como maestros ascendidos.

11) Este certificado puede ser retirado inmediatamente por nosotros si un CEI infringe las nuevas reglas espirituales. Debemos tener en cuenta que al principio con la naturaleza fraudulenta de los seres humanos habrá un buen número de ovejas negras. De hecho, vamos a saber de antemano si hay tales defraudadores potenciales cuando se funde un CEI. Pero, no obstante, les podremos dar un certificado para abrirlo ya que sigue siendo un planeta de libre albedrío. Como vamos a tener conocimiento inmediato de todo lo que esté sucediendo en todo el mundo, podremos intervenir rápidamente cuando haya fraude y cerrar un CEI local. Las personas involucradas tendrán que utilizar un CEI vecino y después de que hayan lidiado con los culpables, pueden solicitar abrirlo de nuevo.

12) Lo más importante es enseñar a la gente que no vale la pena intentar hacer fraude, ya que se llega más lejos con honestidad.

13) Todas estas decisiones para retirar un certificado CEI se publicarán inmediatamente en un registro disponible para todo el mundo, incluyendo una descripción precisa del tipo de fraude. Todo se basa en la plena transparencia y la acción inmediata.

14) Nadie que haya cometido fraude será castigado, sino que serán excluidos del sistema Astral sólo por un tiempo hasta que él o ella aprenda a comportarse con honestidad. Estoy seguro de que este será algo muy fácil para nosotros. Y este tipo de justicia inmaculada se entenderá y será honrado por todo el mundo, ya que no hará daño a nadie porque sólo expondrá con mayor eficacia cualquier injusticia o mentira. Este será el karma inmediato en acción.

15) Es muy importante que este tipo de CEI sea establecido de forma simultánea en todo el mundo ya que esta es la manera más fácil y efectiva para eliminar el estado nacional como la fuente de todos los males – del fraude financiero y político, las guerras y el genocidio. De ahí que las ramificaciones reales de la nueva moneda Astral serán mucho más grandes que sólo la reforma del sistema financiero y económico. Será el paso previo para la nueva humanidad iluminada. De ahí la importancia de su elaboración teórica ahora, para que pueda ser implementada en un pestañeo, cuando se alcance el punto crítico en el tiempo. Y puede ser posiblemente en marzo, pero definitivamente no mucho más tarde, de la forma en que los eventos están empezando a desarrollarse en febrero.

Ahora estamos creando la realidad que experimentaremos cuando la matrix antigua muera y luego descienda de forma visiblemente de este planeta madre superior. La nueva realidad será sólo para las almas más iluminadas primero, pero se interceptará con la anterior descendente por un tiempo para servir como puente para muchas almas listas para seguir avanzando. Así es como lo veo ahora. Esta enérgica coexistencia será a corto plazo, pero será la fase más crítica de todo el proceso de transformación cuando las decisiones rápidas y óptimas sean obligatorias para reducir los aspectos negativos de la caída de la vieja matrix de Orión.

Por lo tanto, debemos tener ideas cristalinas sobre cómo el nuevo sistema de moneda funcionará principalmente como para establecerlo en una escala global, cuando el cambio de identidad-fase definitivo ocurra. Si nosotros no lo hacemos, nadie más lo hará. Tenemos que empezar a pensar en grande, lo que significa incluir a toda la humanidad y no dejar a nadie en la lluvia. Entonces depende de ellos decidir si quieren “bailar bajo la lluvia” o utilizan nuestro paraguas. Pero no en la vieja manera en que los bancos ofrecen un paraguas para los días soleados y se lo llevan cuando comienza la lluvia. Debemos hacerlo mejor.

Como ya he dicho, nuestra CEI será una central de cooperativas importante, ya que será responsable de la introducción de todas las nuevas tecnologías a escala global. El poder y la aceptación de la nueva moneda Astral estará en el reconocimiento general de la gente, de que es un sistema monetario justo, de pago y transacciones, para el período intermedio hasta que se elimine todo el dinero y que es, entre otras muchas cosas, un poderoso vehículo para la promoción de nuevas tecnologías avanzadas que mejoraran de inmediato la vida de la gente en todo el mundo.

Además, el hecho de que cada comunidad tendrá el derecho divino de emitir astrales si cumplen con los principios espirituales ideales como estará propuesto por nosotros a través del CEI central, la naturaleza misma de esta moneda estará enraizada en los reinos superiores y convencerá a la gente de que este es el único sistema de dinero que es justo y no sólo para el beneficio de toda la humanidad (siempre que habite en los nuevos mundos 4D) sino que también encarna el proceso de ascensión de una manera muy concreta.

He leído en un famoso libro de texto sobre economía escrito por un ganador del Premio Nobel hace años lo que es la cuestión clave de la economía: “¿Qué es el dinero? ¿Por qué existe el dinero?” La respuesta fue: “El dinero existe sólo porque es aceptado por el pueblo” Como vemos, ya la vieja teoría de la economía implica que no necesitamos ningún dinero específico para organizar nuestra economía y vida social. Mientras una forma digital en particular de pagos y transacciones sea universalmente aceptada como un sistema de medición de las actividades Creacionarias humanas, que cumpla con las necesidades de la humanidad y funcione de una manera perfecta como una imagen espejada de la energía = Todo-Lo-Que-Es. En el conocimiento de esta función, la nueva moneda Astral será universalmente aceptada por toda la humanidad nueva. Porque va a ser un garante de una verdadera democracia y el mayor obstáculo para una nueva esclavización de la humanidad que la cábala gobernante intentará instalar con un restablecimiento falso de su sistema económico que está colapsando, antes de que sean expulsados del poder este año por nuestra aparición como maestros ascendidos.

La nueva moneda Astral tendrá todo el poder espiritual porque estará arraigada en el cielo, y es parte del proceso de ascensión de la humanidad, de ahí el nombre, y será el vehículo para la introducción de nuevas tecnologías, que transformarán la humanidad en una especie transgaláctica.

El oro no tiene tales activos. Sin embargo, podemos utilizar el oro como intercambio con el mundo material por un tiempo como para tomar distancia de las antiguas monedas fiduciarias que se derrumbarán muy pronto. De ahí la urgencia de nuestro proyecto.

Aquellos que poseen el oro físico, pueden intercambiarlo con astrales si así lo desean, ya que seguramente no lo intercambiaran por dólares cuando pierda su valor en la próxima hiperinflación cuando una onza valdrá por lo menos 20.000 dólares o más. ¿Ya que, que harían estas personas con este dinero de papel higiénico? Será lo mismo que durante la inflación en Alemania en los años 20 y en Yugoslavia en los años 80, que he experimentado personalmente. Nadie utilizaba papel moneda en estos países cuando la hiperinflación les golpeó. Estas monedas simplemente desaparecerán de circulación y la nueva astral las sustituirá rápidamente.

En el corto período intermedio, todas las transacciones, por ejemplo, en las tiendas, etc. se pueden hacer en astrales y otras monedas locales antes de que se supriman mediante el uso de los mismos dispositivos electrónicos. En Europa, dos años antes de que se introdujera el euro, teníamos nuestras cuentas en dos monedas, en euros y en DM en Alemania. Mientras que nuestra moneda será fijada en el oro físico y en el oro alquímico puro y no será objeto de devaluación, el dólar y todas las demás monedas nacionales serán enormemente devaluados hacia el oro y el Astral. Esto será factorizado en los precios de los bienes y todos los otros proyectos de ley. Por lo tanto, habrá algunas personas que seguirán utilizando las antiguas monedas, antes de decidirse a venir a nosotros y aceptar el astral en este período de transición.

Esto es, a grosso modo, los elementos esenciales de nuestro nuevo proyecto de moneda que será la herramienta más poderosa del PAT como maestros ascendidos para transformar esta sociedad. Esto explica la urgencia de este proyecto, de modo que estemos preparados para cuando la crisis financiera y el cambio de identidad-fase ocurra. Este será el momento de nuestra ascensión y la aplicación inmediata de la nueva moneda Astral. Pero para que esto suceda, debemos desarrollar este concepto ahora. Primero viene la idea y sólo entonces su materialización como una realidad externa.

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by Georgi Stankov Posted on April 12, 2016

Brian, The Dragon, April 12, 2016


History is malleable as linear time is an illusion. We can change the past anytime from the moment of the Now. This is a recurrent motif of all our discussions. History has only the merit of teaching us certain universal lessons regarding human behaviour as the results of this behaviour are more clear in the historical perspective. But that is about everything we can learn from history. Which is quite a bit given that fact that the vast majority of incarnated baby, child and young souls have no historical understanding at all due to very insufficient memory and cannot even draw comparisons and lessons from events that have happened a few weeks or months ago. This historical amnesia has reached an epidemic character in the west in the last two decades of systemic brainwashing by the ruling cabal. However, I am optimistic, together with Brian, the Dragon, that humanity will eventually learn its lessons from past or parallel histories at some point in non-linear time.



This is The Dragon,

As you get more advanced, you start to learn that there is often no “right or wrong” when it comes to your perception of reality. We have talked in passing in the past about how malleable history is. We are going to dedicate this short channeling to the topic.

Overall, there is only the eternal Now, which represents every thing, All-That-Is. The only “truth” is when you take everything together. However, within that greater “truth” there are a lot of contradictory half-truths. Most of these half-truths are taken as truths by various beings and cultures. If there is any truth that is exclusive in nature, meaning to be true it has to make something untrue, then it is not True. Period. That is one of the absolute things we can guarantee.


So to highlight: if so-and-so famous historical character existed 3,000 years ago, then that truth contradicts a version of the past where that character didn’t exist. This is just an example. Don’t worry about what character this is either. We let the partner choose an arbitrary big number. We’re not picking a specific person. Those two examples cover All-That-Is: Infinite All-That-Is where the historical character did exist and infinite All-That-Is where the historical character didn’t. Sure, we can qualify it a bit further to say “lived where?” and “did what?” But we’re talking very basic. Either he did, or didn’t exist. Two possibilities, that can be used to divide every possible universe into the haves and have-nots. If you refer to our last channeling, you’ll understand this probably isn’t a clean break-up from a vibrational stand-point. But we’re not worrying about that right now. Polarity is generally a problem but for examples it is handy. Is there anything beyond existing and not existing? No.

So if in history, he existed, does that mean that it’s the Truth? No, clearly the Truth needs to be where he both existed and didn’t. Then you cover All-That-Is. For a sufficiently wise being, you realize there may be an alternate version of Earth somewhere that didn’t have him in the history. That would be accurate.

So, we’ve covered that base for probably a dozen times. Now, let’s get to the crux of the message.

You live in the perception of a linear timeline, but time even as you experience it is NOT linear. Let us say that again. Even within your own experience, time is NOT linear. History is rewritten quite often, and when you do so, you are moving to another timeline. And have experienced non-linear time (This is exactly what we experience now in accelerated fashion, that is why any time frames given in channelled messages merely reflect the impurity of the channeller and his lack of understanding of multidimensionality. Note, George). And you are all completely oblivious to it since your life spans are so short. Were they, well, 3,000 years – that same number – you may see weird oddities caused by the experience of non-linear time. Time is real in so much as it can be experienced as the soil under your feet can be experienced, but it is not absolute. In fact, it is more like a movie with frames that has the illusion of flow. Non-linear time means that the as the frames of the movie pass, the previous frames can be switched out. So when you look back, you see something different from what actually appeared momentarily on the screen.

That seems crazy, doesn’t it? Imagine a movie that you watched where you saw something happened and then you were told that it never in fact happened in the movie. However, that is actually common if you watch humanity play out. You do something, forget it, then change it then have mass amnesia about it because you are living within the illusion of linear time in non-linear time.

Then you dig up evidence of something that your ancestors from one hundred generations before never actually experienced!

History is very malleable. Malleable by mass perception and the human mind is malleable. There is a feedback within social existence. You can’t even be sure of something that happened a decade ago is how people remember it, much less 3,000 years.

To make matters more complicated, many of you incarnated in alternate versions of history that never happened according to people living in your present time. But those alternate versions were very real, and they are still in the akash.

So, we say, it is important as you all start to uncover more and more of what you call “history”, don’t be biased towards one version of events. It limits growth. We’d love to say “just toss it all out” but then you’d forget the lessons. So sometimes it’s easiest to take the lessons and throw out the rest. But it’s up to you to figure out what to use it for.

You’ll figure it out.

With Love,
The Dragon

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TiAmAt: Galilei’s Famous Experiment of Gravitation Assesses the Universal Law with the Pythagorean Theorem » Stankov’s Universal Law Press

Origen: TiAmAt: Galilei’s Famous Experiment of Gravitation Assesses the Universal Law with the Pythagorean Theorem » Stankov’s Universal Law Press

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Galilei’s Famous Experiment of Gravitation Assesses the Universal Law with the Pythagorean Theorem » Stankov’s Universal Law Press


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Carl Jung:

“Mistakes are, after all, the foundations of truth, and if a man does not know what a thing is, it is at least an increase in knowledge if he knows what it is not.”

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Galilei’s Famous Experiment of Gravitation Assesses the Universal Law with the Pythagorean Theorem » Stankov’s Universal Law Press

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Galilei’s Famous Experiment of Gravitation Assesses the Universal Law with the Pythagorean Theorem
by Georgi Stankov Posted on March 4, 2017

A Fictitious but Scientifically Very Truthful Report Beyond Time and Space

Georgi Stankov, March 4, 2017



My idea to write this playful essay was to show that knowledge is eternal and exists beyond time and space. It is an excerpt from Volume II on Physics and Mathematics (page 381 – 386). Galileo Galilei’s experiment I am referring to in this essay has really happened and marked the beginning of modern experimental physics. I saw the presentation of this experiment in 1997 in a special exhibition in the world famous “Deutsches Museum” in Munich that is dedicated to science, engineering and technology throughout the ages.

I am talking about the famous Galileo’s inclined plane experiment of gravitation of which there are numerous variations. The one I saw used a geometric presentation of a series of rectangular (right) triangles with the same perpendicular hypotenuse and varying sides (cathetus) placed in a circle so that the hypotenuse was the diameter of the circle.

I searched on the Internet for a visual presentation of this specific experiment I saw in the museum but could not find one. There are many other versions of this experiment which are rather confusing. Therefore I made a drawing of this experiment as I remember it and have added it to the text below.

When I wrote this essay I was fully channelled by the Source and I could hear the giggle of the angels that were thrilled by the simplicity and incredible clarity of my humorous scientific argumentation that spanned a bridge from the major scientific ideas in Antiquity to Modern Times when science first emerged as applied physics in this famous experiment of Galileo Galilei on gravitation, who since then is considered to be the father of modern physics.


“ All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.“ Galileo Galilei

Before Galilei starts with his experiment, he argues as follows: “The theorem of Pythagoras which I have used for the construction of this experiment says that: c² = a² + b². According to this equation, it does not make any difference if the ball is falling to the earth in a free fall along the perpendicular hypotenuse c or along the inclined path consisting of the sides (a+b). If I define the work which my assistant does to carry the ball to the top of the triangle as “energy“ with respect to my favourite philosopher, Heraclitus, this would say that the energy of the falling ball will be the same, no matter which way it falls down to the same point on the earth. From the geometry of the triangle, I can assert that the energy (work) remains unchanged, independently of how the ball moves from one point to another.

To prove this hypothesis, I must measure the falling times in a, b and c and compare them. To ensure that I do not commit any mistake, I shall change each time the length of the inclined tubes as the sides of the right triangle and measure the falling times of the ball for various side lengths of a and b of any right triangle in the circle.

After the experiment, Galilei analyses the results ad alta voce: “My experiment on gravitation shows that the falling time, tempo t, of the ball, which I have chosen as a representative object of matter, materia m, is independent of the slope of the inclined tubes: the falling time for the perpendicular hypotenuse c is equal to the falling times for any length of the inclined tubes a and b as the sides of the right triangle. Therefore I can write this practical result as follows:

tc = ta = tb = t = constant

In this case, I can use the famous Pythagorean theorem, which I have already employed for the construction of my experiment, to present the results in a simple mathematical equation. This method has recently become quite popular, after that French youngster Descartes and his followers, the Cartesians, are keen in explaining the world from the mind by employing the geometric method – they call it boisterously the “Cartesian method“. Why not! This may be a good idea.

As far as I remember, it was Descartes who wrote about the conservation of movement in the universe? This is exactly what I have observed in my experiment on gravitation. Indeed, it would be “una buona idea“ to test if the theorem of the old grand master also holds for earth’s gravitation. If I am lucky to prove it, I will at the same time present evidence that the Aristotelian system of forms, which is based on the Pythagorean school, also holds in gravitation. This will be an excellent confirmation of the validity of ancient Greek science in the spirit of Italian Rinascimento (Renaissance).

On the one hand, the system of Aristotle has not been challenged since antiquity; it is generally accepted among scholars and does not need any additional confirmation. On the other hand, I have read that most Greeks were contemptuous to experiments and did not bother much about scientific experience – for them Geometry was the ultimate Truth. If I could now prove that Geometry holds for earth’s gravitation – this divine force of matter – I will be the first scholar to show convincingly that Nature operates according to Geometry.

Pythagoras teaches us that “everything is number“. Could it be that his theorem is also valid for the new system of Copernicus, as my intuition whispers me when I reflect on my recent astronomic observations of the planets’ movement? In this case I have to refute the Ptolemaic system, to which this god-damned church sticks without any grounds. Take care, old chap! The spies of the inquisition have flooded even the free town of Florence. You better solve this problem for yourself and keep it secret during your lifetime. Let future scientists re-discover the mechanism of gravitation and the motion of planets when life will be less dangerous than in our turbulent times.

Let us now order the results of the experiment in a logical manner. If the time t of the falling ball m is constant in any of the tubes a, b and c, I can introduce the falling time t and the ball m as mathematical symbols in the Pythagorean theorem. For this purpose, I have to multiply the hypotenuse c and the sides of the right triangle a and b with the term m/t² :

c² = a² + b² ∖ × m/t² .

This artificial mathematical operation will not alter the initial validity of the famous theorem. On the contrary, it will bring a real physical meaning to this abstract theorem of Geometry – from now on, it will also hold in gravitation:

m(c²/t²) = m(a²/t²) + m(b²/t²) (259)

This is a pretty good result, but my intuition tells me that I have to present this mathematical equation in a more adequate form. Let us try it now! The hypotenuse and the sides of the right triangle are straight lines. According to Euclid, they have only one dimension, which I can present as “1d “. I can express these straight paths with the symbol [1d-spazio] for one-dimensional space. The time t measures how “quick“ the movement of the falling ball is. As the ball needs the same time to fall in c as in each of the sides, a and b, of the right triangle, the movement of the ball is the “quickest“ during the free fall in the hypotenuse because c is longer than any of the sides, a or b.

If I now build a quotient of space (spazio) and time (tempo) I will have an adequate measure to compare how “quick“ the movement of the ball is. This is, indeed, a brilliant idea! As far as I know, nobody has come to this idea before. I will call this new mathematical quantity “velocita“ (velocity) and express it mathematically with the first letter of the word “v“. I can now write the following equation:

v = velocita = [1d-spazio] / [tempo] = [1d-space] / t

(Nota bene: Before Galilei the concept of velocity (speed) did not exist and humans were unable to measure how quick a movement was but only used verbal descriptions such as “quick” and “slow”. This physical quantity v = s/t was first introduced by Galilei in this experiment and since then it is the backbone of classical mechanics and physics as a whole. I have proved that velocity is a universal geometric presentation of one-dimensional space-time as energy which all physicists use in an unconscious manner without understanding the epistemology of this quantity as they have not grasped the essence of energy as consisting of only two dimensions/constituents – space and time – as proven beyond any doubt in the new Theory of the Universal Law.).

Not bad, but I am not satisfied with this presentation. Building quotients like this one takes a lot of space and paper is expensive nowadays. I can solve this practical problem by defining the reciprocal time 1/t as tempo fisico (physical time) and use the first letter of the word “fisico“ as a mathematical symbol for this quotient:

f = 1 /[tempo] = 1/t.

Thus, physical time f can be easily distinguished from (t)empo ordinario t (conventional time). Now, I can write for the velocity: v = [1d-spazio] f , or simply:

v = [1d-spazio-tempo] = [1d-space-time].

I think this is a simple expression, which any educated man with a modest knowledge of mathematics will immediately understand. I shall now express the Pythagorean theorem with the new symbols, so that everybody can learn this equation of gravitation by heart without realizing that I have borrowed it from Pythagoras. This is a good method to hide my initial source of inspiration:

m(c ²/t ²) = m (a ²/t ²) + m(b ²/t ²) = mvc²= mva² + mvb² =

m[2d-spazio-tempo]c = m[2d-spazio-tempo]a + m[2d-spazio-tempo]b = cons. (260)

Galilei contemplates for a long time before he speaks again: “If I am honest, it is unfair to hide the name of the greatest scholar of antiquity, to whom I owe my entire scientific knowledge. I must find an elegant solution of paying reverence to Pythagoras without going into troubles with the inquisition, which looks with a bad eye upon his Geometry.“ He thinks intensively: „Now, I got it! I will substitute the symbol for the ball m with a new symbol of abbreviation: “SP(A)“ for “il Supremo Pythagoras di (A)ntiquita“. I like this very much! (In the new Theory of the Universal Law I use this symbol for the “statistical probability of the event A – SP(A)” in order to show that statistics is another adequate mathematical method of assessing the physical events of space-time = energy in addition to Geometry. Note, George)

Similarly, I will express the constant (e)nergy of the ball in a free fall mc² /t² with the first letter “E“ of the name of its first discoverer – “il grande filosofo di Efeso – Eracliteo.“ In this way, I will pay tribute to the two greatest philosophers of ancient Greece in my General equation of gravitation:

E = SP(A)[2d-spazio-tempo] = SP(A)[2d-space-time] = cons. (261)

Strange! I have an awkward feeling that I have met this equation before. I am sure that it can’t stem from another contemporaneous physicist. As there are only few physicists like me in Italy and North Europe, I am well acquainted with their works. Could it be that I have met this equation in the works of that wizard – an excellent mathematician and astrologist with an incredible virtue of prophecy – who had died in Salon-de-Provence only two years after I was born. What was his name?

Ah, yes, I got it, they called him Nostradamus! I must have hidden his apocryphal books somewhere in my private library. I remember that I bought them from a beggar who knocked on my door some years ago. He was selling beautiful books written partly in Latin and partly in French. I had never seen such books before. I must find them and check their content again.“

He is searching in his library: “Ah, here they are! Let me see (he reads). What an ambiguous and secret language! Poor guy! His life must have been as insecure as mine. Yes, I have found what I am looking for. Nostradamus foretells the arrival of an unknown scholar of Byzantine origin who will come to the West and will (re)discover the Universal Law of nature at the end of the second Millennium“

(Nota bene: Bulgaria was the first Slavonic and Christian state on the Old Continent since the 7th century and was a cultural mirror image of Byzantine with which it fought numerous wars, in many of which the Byzantine army was crucially defeated. My birthplace Plovdiv was the capital of the rich Roman province Thracia for many centuries and then an important city in the Byzantine empire after the Reptilian Emperor and founder of the state church of Christianity as Caesaropapism (for more information read my recent comments here) Constantine “the Little” moved the capital of Rome to Constantinople on the Bosphorus. Plovdiv is the oldest city in the world with an uninterrupted history that goes back to the 5th Millennium B.C. based on excavations and material facts.).

Galileo reads from Nostradamus’ book:

“After much “trial and error“ in science, lasting for more than four centuries from now on, this man will unify science and will trigger a new renaissance of Greek Logic, similar to that we observe in arts and literature in Western Europe after the fall of Constantinople.“

Galilei murmurs: “What a coincidence! This man uses the same equation for Heraclitus’ primordial energy (flux) as myself. Excellent! It was a very good idea to think of Nostradamus. One never knows where one’s inspiration will come from.“ Galilei is excited. He turns the pages of Nostradamus’ book forth and back: “Ah, what do I see? This Byzantine scholar must have had some predecessors during Novecento (20th century). Their names are Lorentz, Einstein and some more, especially Einstein is often mentioned by Nostradamus. But this is incredible! How is it possible that so many physicists are working on the same problem? This will never happen in Italy today. All these scholars are using geometric formulae to solve physical problems. Here, Nostradamus gives us an example.“

Galilei reads further with an expression of incredulity on his face: “Mamma mia! They also use the Pythagorean theorem, but what a complicated mathematical expression have they chosen! Vergogna! Now wait! How do they call this equation? – the right triangle theorem of the total relativistic energy in relation to momentum and rest energy:

E² = (pc)² + (moc²)² (262)

Dio mio, this is my geometric theorem of gravitation – only written with other symbols! I must scrutinize it.“ He reads further: “Now, I see. These scholars depart from the equation of the relativistic energy (231) and the equation of the relativistic momentum p, which is obviously a mathematical iteration of the above equation.

What does the future Byzantine scholar say about this result? Yes, he is in accordance with me. He proves that the equation of the relativistic energy is an application of the universal equation of Heraclitus’s primordial fire as obtained by myself for gravitation. The same is also true for the relativistic momentum, which is a mathematical quantity of the primordial energy and has no real existence. That’s good! It seems that I am on the right track.

This scholar shows that the above equations are mathematical abstractions that merely assess the “continuum of numbers or probabilities“. This expression is new to me. I only know of the continuum of geometry – Plato and Aristotle tell us about the ideal forms of the geometric continuum that assimilate real forms, but why not use the continuum of numbers for the same purpose. Most probably, both terms are identical. Anyway, it is a well-known fact that we can express any geometric solution in numbers and vice versa.

Take for example the irrational number √2 , which follows from the Pythagorean theorem. Plato says that this number symbolizes the incommensurability of the geometric continuum. Therefore the continuum of numbers expresses the continuum of Geometry with different symbols – we can replace any geometric symbol with a mathematical one and vice versa. This is exactly what I have done in my equation on gravitation.“

Galilei turns the pages hastily and reads at random. He is bewildered: “This is, indeed, a pure nonsense! Lorentz and Einstein, or whatever their names will be, assert that the aforementioned relativistic equations of the Pythagorean theorem prove that the velocities of the particles cannot be greater than the speed of light because otherwise their solutions “will give imaginary numbers“. What a stupid argument! Aren’t they aware of the fact that all numbers are imaginary signs? They are symbols of the mind – the Platonic shadows of the real world. Why don’t these guys study Greek philosophy! This will help them avoid such stupid conclusions.

As I see, the Byzantine scholar also disproves their conclusion. Good! He proves that the aggregated velocity of the particles is greater than the speed of light (equation (189c)). If velocity is a mathematical quantity of energy, as I have defined it for gravitation, it follows that the particles of matter must have a greater energy than light. This physical fact was predicted by the famous Thracian atomist – Democritus. He teaches us that atoms have emerged from light – they are condensed light and must have more energy than light. In this case, their velocity is greater than that of light. Democritus is, indeed, a good student of great Heraclitus who says: „Da tutte le cose ne sorge una sola, e da una sola possono sorge tutte (217)“

This is an exciting idea. I will have to work it out, after I have finished with this experiment and, if I may hope, the inquisition will no longer bother me. Heraclitus idea that all objects emerge from light (flux) and disappear into light seems to be a key idea of this Byzantine scholar who also comes from Thracia. Indeed, to believe that the speed of light is the maximal possible speed, only because a mathematical solution of an artificial equation will render imaginary numbers is not at all convincing to me. I wonder how many physicists will earnestly believe this nonsense in the future. I suppose that such erroneous conclusions stem from a misapprehension of the fact that physics is applied mathematics.

Only when this fact is well understood, can we perceive why most non-mathematical interpretations of physical results are not true. I recommend all future scholars to consider my advice seriously, not only because I am the founder of modern physics, but because I am in the first place an excellent mathematician.“

Galilei scrutinizes Nostradamus’ books silently for a while, then exclaims: „There it is! Lorentz, Einstein & Co. seem to realize this truth too. They argue that if E is much greater than the mass at rest moc² in equation (262), that is, if moc² → 0, then E = pc; this would say that if the side of the right triangle b approaches zero b →0, then a will approach c: a → c. Evidenza! In this case, the energy in a is equal to the energy in c. Questo lo chiamo “instinto di conservazione“ (218). Ecco la! Energy cannot be destroyed. How right was Heraclitus to say:

“Il mondo che abbiamo intorno, e che è lo stesso per tutti, non lo creò nessuno degli Dei o degli uomini, ma fu, è, e sempre sarà, Fuoco vivente. Un bel Fuoco che divampa e si spegne secondo misura (219).“


217. One thing emerges from all things, and all things can emerge from one thing.

218. “I call it the “conservation of momentum“. This is it!“

219. “The world which surrounds us is the same for everybody, no God or humans have created it, but it was, is, and will always be a living fire. A wonderful fire that extinguishes and ignites to a precise measure.“

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sharing.:::.3 – The Crisis of Philosophy Before the Discovery of the Universal Law | samkaska

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sharing.:::.3 – The Crisis of Philosophy Before the Discovery of the Universal Law

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The Crisis of Philosophy Before the Discovery of the Universal Law

by Georgi Stankov Posted on May 30, 2015

From the book “Gnostic Tradition of Western Philosophy

– Part 1 –

Georgi Stankov


Translation in English by Georgi Stankov

What we know as human history represents a continuous chain of mental aberrations. This applies equally to philosophical as well as to trivial ideas; certainly not to mention the aberrations in science (see Tetralogy). Their realization in the form of educational programs, legal norms, social and governmental structures, ethical recommendations and so on penetrate the material history and create facts whose permanent or temporary influence has shaped the thinking and personality structure of countless generations and has largely determined our presence.

Their very existence is considered to be a sufficient evidence for the validity of such ideas, regardless of their apparent transience or their failure in the present. While the current views and beliefs of everyday life persevere since ancient times in a remarkably constant shape and determine sustainable the character and behavior of the people, the abstract philosophical ideas, which also display at their core a persistent continuity, have forfeited much influence in the last hundred to two hundred years.

When Nicolai Hartmann, the last prominent German thinker, held his seminal lecture on “Knowledge in the Light of Ontology” (1) before the Munich Kant Society in 1949, he revealed in his condensed synopsis of the Kantian inheritance the epistemological impasse in which the German philosophical school was since Kant. The prospect of finding any knowledge of philosophical-transcendental or scientific nature, this promise of all the thinkers at all times, was postponed by Hartmann indefinitely.

His lecture was the bankruptcy of philosophy. Is it any wonder that this lecture rang the beginning of a historical period absent of any philosophy that is unparalleled in the history of mankind?

The empirically oriented man of the early 20th century longed for quick results and achievements – industry and technology seemed to fulfill these expectations completely – and could not do much with the unwieldiness of Western philosophy. Its inability to incorporate the advance of modern science in its structure and to fertilize it with practically verifiable principles of general application, sealed the current decline of philosophy.

This development could not be avoided even by various intersections of philosophy with modern logic (neo-positivism), with scientific empiricism (methodology of science) and with linguistics (many obscure theories such as structuralism). It is an elementary and obvious fact that modern scientific theory – whether in the field of physics, chemistry, biology or economics – entirely operates without any philosophy. Suffice it to have a look at the countless textbooks and scientific journals to be convinced of this fact. The philosophers have become onlookers of science, who know only to maintain their wounds and inferiority complexes. From that effort some remarkable propaedeutics may have emerged, but nothing else of importance. This situation is unique in the history of mankind.

Up into the 19th century, philosophy was the flagship of any scientific knowledge. Galileo, the founder of modern physics, underscored its experimental results on gravity with Aristotelian and Pythagorean arguments (2). Kepler’s guiding idea of his “mysterium cosmographicum” (1595), which matured in his “astronomia nova” (1609, 1st and 2nd law) and “harmonices mundi” (1619, 3. law), was platonic through and through, even if he had to reject the divine form of the spherical shell in favor of the elliptical orbit of the planets. As “God’s priest of the Book of Nature“, Kepler represented zealously the Pythagorean Neoplatonic conceptions of the Byzantine Proclus (412-485), whose emanation and hypostasis teaching forms the basis of Christian Gnosticism (3).

Newton rejected the idea of gravity as a remote force that should occur without mediation by quoting Epicurus (4).

The philosophical tradition of Antiquity and Hellenism was, since the dawn of modern science in the Renaissance, the relentlessly driving intellectual force behind the search for scientific knowledge, until the empirical dogma in modern times gained dominance and systematically suppressed this Gnostic tradition. Scientific knowledge was therefore for a long time Gnostic knowledge, even if this empirically obtained knowledge has inevitably led to the modification of some of the ideas of the classical ancient thinkers. This, however, did not challenge the faith of the scientists of earlier times in the existence of a transcendental, a priori knowledge.

This faith reached a final culmination in Kant, only to be subsequently discussed into insignificance by the Neokantianers. Since the rise of the empirical dogma in modern times the existence and the original source of any transcendental knowledge has been vehemently denied – all knowledge should now exclusively be derived from experience (English empiricists).

This narrowing of the range of human experience to the sensual-experimental observations led to the disenfranchisement of philosophy as a Gnostic teaching. Thus human consciousness also vanished from the exploratory field of view of science as the source of all scientific ideas.

Were such phenomena as intuition and inspiration that led to transcendental knowledge still a major concern of the thinkers and researchers before the Enlightenment, now they were rigidly rejected by the “priests of pure empiricism” – the established scientists of the empirical dogma – as “cheaper esoteric stuff ” and banished from science.

This attitude exerted a strong pressure of conformation in the philosophy of the late 19th and early 20th century. Philosophy was forced to deny its Gnostic tradition and to replace it under the cloak of science by positivist considerations from the narrow area of human experience (Comte, Mach, Avenarius, Russell, Whitehead, Wittgenstein, the Vienna Circle, etc.).

They spoke at length of the pseudo-problems and the futility of metaphysics, such as W. Dilthey in “The Essence of Philosophy” or N. Hartmann in “Fundamentals of a Metaphysics of Knowledge“, and sought in anxious trepidation in front of these gnostic abysses feverishly for a solid ground in mathematics and logic (Poincaré, Boole, Riemann, Hilbert, Russell, etc.), until Goedel finally withdrew this illusion from the neo-positivists on the eve of the 2nd World War.

He proved with logical arguments that it is impossible to justify the raison d’être and the validity of mathematics, this hermeneutic discipline of correct human thinking, by means of mathematics. Mathematics cannot furnish its existence proof – its validity in the real world – with its own means. Mathematics is pure thought and Thinking is Metaphysics, hence Mathematics is also Metaphysics.

One was hurled full circle back at the beginning.

The “foundation crisis” of mathematics exploded like a bomb in the ordered world of the neo-positivists who believed already to have left behind the inscrutability of metaphysics. Those who would have expected that the foundation crisis of mathematics would make the neo-positivists aware that they were henceforth in a deeper cognitive abyss than that of metaphysics, were very much disappointed. Like small children, they preferred to close their eyes to the danger and to disguise their anxiety-based agnosticism behind kaleidoscopic neo-positivisms and other intellectual games.

The “Unity Mirror” of philosophy broke into a thousand pieces – the neo-positivists mutated to logicians, linguists, methodologists, structuralists. Thereby roamed the neo-positivists on their futile search for the Holy Grail narrowly the root of all knowledge – the primary term of mathematics and physics, from which I departed in the 90’s in order to liberate mathematics from its foundation crisis and, with the help of Hilbert’s formalism, to achieve the Unification of Physics.

The new Physical and Mathematical Axiomatics of the Universal Law that departs from the primary term is the “Holy Grail” of philosophy and science and at the same time the limit of any Gnostic insight – be it metaphysical or positivist. It is the “inner horizon” about which the German philosopher Husserl already had an intuitive premonition.

Reviving the Gnostic Tradition by the Discovery of the Universal Law

Why was nobody previously able to find it? Was the solution too simple or too radical? It was both, and that scared the philosophers. They had given up on exploring the limits of human thought – they had ceased to be Gnostics, metaphysicists and transcendental thinkers, not because they lacked the mental powers to, but because they had adapted to the materialistic-empirical world of the 20th century and did not want to be ridiculed. The courage to think had simply abandoned them and Thinking left the temple of modern philosophy.

With this we close the circle, we have opened with Hartmann’s lecture only to proceed with the neo-transcendence of the Universal Law, which is in reality the same old Gnosis that has been known since antiquity and to explore its epistemological limits with the help of the new Axiomatics of the Universal Law. In this way I continue with the standardization of human thinking, as I have already done it in the Tetralogy of Science and Mathematics.

The General Theory of the Universal Law is a synthesis of all the sciences, including Philosophy and Gnosis: It preserves and discards at the same time. It preserves all the ideas that are U-sets and are suitable for the establishment of an Axiomatics of thinking, and rejects all the ideas that are N-sets and exclude themselves as an element. Everything else is a practical application of this approach, with which I structured, sifted and sorted the confusing plethora of contradictory findings of humanity to a comprehensive, empirically-verifiable, logical-axiomatic, non-contradictory thought system of Being (5). This assumes of course that you are very well versed in these sciences, and above all know of their weaknesses.

To avoid misunderstandings, I have to hold on at this point clearly and without false modesty, that the human history being known to us does not know such an intellectual achievement so far. All known philosophical, scientific and trivial categorical systems since Antiquity to the present day carry logical contradictions and inherent weaknesses and are unable to develop a congruent worldview of Being, which can explain all known facts consistently and predict all future facts as does the new theory of the Universal Law for the first time.

The Tetralogy of Science and Philosophy, which I wrote, as well as my additional books on economic theory and Gnosis prove in a clear and comprehensive manner that it is possible to derive the entire human thinking and knowledge from a single principle and structure them in an uniform manner. Intimate knowledge of the New Theory of the Universal Law is therefore a prerequisite for an understanding of this book. Everything is connected with each other. Only readers who have understood and internalized my works will benefit from this book. In my subsequent discussion, I will assume that this knowledge is available to the reader and will not dwell any longer in providing further evidence in science, but will only introduce the proofs.

While dealing in this book with questions of human Gnosis, a faint feeling creeps into my mind that I am actually doing a redundant work and that I have already presented the essentials on the subject. Anyone who knows my theory will certainly agree with me. On the other hand, human thinking thrives on variations of the ultimate truth. Thinking and perception are not a linear process, but a spiral motion along different viewing angles around the inner core of truth, which is intrinsic to the Whole as well as to every part of the Whole (U-sets).

Truth is always a function of the individual consciousness: to the extent it expands, so does Truth, hence the concept of Metaphysics in philosophy. Nevertheless, there are some fundamental insights as the Primary Axiom of the new Axiomatics of the Universal Law that can withstand any extension of the truth. They form the innermost core of Truth, which remains invariable for all eternity.

Was my approach to science axiomatic, with the aim of unifying the foundation of physics, mathematics, bio-sciences and economics on the basis of the Universal Law, so was I confronted in philosophy with the task to show that all the basic Gnostic ideas of Western philosophy are derived from the intuitive perception of the Primary Term but have led, in the absence of any Axiomatics, to the construction of contradictory and unproductive categorical systems.

To that there is a simple explanation: With few exceptions, all important philosophers of the West were either poor mathematicians or lived before the actual development of mathematical axiomatics, as it was completed at the beginning of the 20th century in several individual steps. The last great European philosopher, who had knowledge of mathematics and with his seminal work “Principles of Mathematics” pushed forward the axiomatization of mathematics, was Bertrand Russell. He brought about all the prerequisites that could have enabled him to achieve the full success, which I accomplished with the Axiomatization of Science. Unfortunately, he failed like many other thinkers before and after him, because of his positivist, empirically-materialistic approach that excluded metaphysical digressions to expand the human Gnosis and thus deprived himself of the access to deeper truths.


1. N. Hartmann “Die Erkenntnis im Lichte der Ontologie (The knowledge in the Light of Ontology),” Felix Meiner Verlag, Hamburg., 1982

2. See essay on Galileo in Volume 2, chap. 9.9.

3. See Kepler’s laws in the Volume 1 & 2.

4. See discussion on gravity in the Volume 1 & 2.

5. See Tetralogy of Sciences, and my books on the economy and Gnosis.

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***Massive Escalation Towards Global War Heralds the Coming ID Shift
by Georgi Stankov Posted on June 1, 2015

by Georgi Stankov, June 1, 2015


Unbeknownst from the general attention the escalation efforts of the Western ruling cabal towards a global nuclear war have reached another unprecedented peak this last week. Initially I intended to write an article on this new trend but ultimately decided not to pour oil in the fire. There are already enough arsonists in the MSM and also in the alternative media that sing this martial song. In fact it is our duty as Logos Gods to prevent such an outcome and it has already been prevented in the eternal Now of All-That-Is where all future probability alternatives co-exist.

It is though important to note that the western cabal have firmly decided to start a new war against Russia and China and the recent US provocations in the Black Sea and the South Sea prove this conclusion. While this scenario will unfold on a lower timeline that will be interdimensionally split from this uppermost mother planet and will affect the large part of humanity, we together with this uppermost mother planet will move to a higher frequency level or will most probably merge with the new 4D worlds. In this way the new humanity will be fully separated from the ruling dark cabal that will go under during this shift.

Thus an imminent global war will be most probably prevented for us by massive natural catastrophes that will offset the belligerent plans of the dark ones as we see this already happening in Texas. But for those human beings who will remain on the lower timeline these catastrophes will not protect them from such a war that will come on top of the natural catastrophes and will destroy most of their planet.

In other words, it is impossible to stop the war-mongering escalation of the western cabal and prevent this war. This is all part and parcel of the resolution through escalation and confrontation during the End Time. The western cabal know already that they have lost and that they have no chance to establish the NWO on this uppermost mother planet, so that their last ditch attempts to escape this dire destiny are purely suicidal. Practically, they know that they are bankrupt, while the BRICS countries were able to push their agenda of de-dollarisation, exit from the Western SWIFT system and even to achieve a military superiority over NATO and the USA.

This new confidence has been recently demonstrated by Putin for the first time in a conspicuous manner and in great contrast to past very diplomatic and cautious statements on his part. This is the most reliable sign that both Russia and China are ready to respond to the US aggression even if this may mean an inevitable war. Many of the recent statements coming from these two countries support this new growing confidence, even it may come out of desperation after the elite there have put up with the fact that a war is inevitable, as the USA cannot allow to crumble as a world power without taking the rest of the world in the abyss it has created for itself.

In order to give you a glimpse into this newly acquired desperado-confidence of the Russians and the Chinese, I have decided, instead of giving you references on the inevitability of the upcoming war on the lower timeline of this uppermost mother planet, to publish here the interview with Putin on the US attack on FIFA and Sepp Blatter and also an article in the German newspaper “Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten” on the open accusations of Putin against the West. Such examples give you a much better impression how far advanced the animosities between the big powers are and why a reconciliation is no longer possible.

Diplomacy has failed and this world no longer needs diplomats – probably that is why Kerry “broke his leg” and is out of the game for some time. To this latest event I will publish more revealing information that also confirms how heated and chaotic the current political situation worldwide is and how easily a single spark can ignite a devastating global nuclear war.


Video: Vladimir Putin on FIFA scandal

Transcript of Putin’s Interview:

“It doesn’t affect us… But of course I have my own opinion on this topic. As we’re all aware, the election of the President of FIFA was supposed to take place on Friday. And Mr Blatter had every chance of being elected. And we’re aware of the pressure placed on him to replace Russia as the host nation for the 2018 world cup.

We know his position on this – which has got nothing to do with any special relationship between FIFA and Russia. It is his general, principal position – that sport and politics ought to be kept separate. And furthermore, he considers that sport should have a positive impact on politics… and be a platform for dialogue, reconciliation and decision-making.

I believe he is absolutely right. With regard to the series of arrests – at the very least it looks very strange… As the arrests took place at the request of the Americans.

And the accusation of corruption… Who? International civil servants. One could suggest that one of them in fact broke some law.. But the US doesn’t actually have any right to be involved in this… These civil servants are not US citizens.

And if indeed there was some wrongdoing… It didn’t take place on US territory… And it’s got nothing to do with the US. It is once again an example of the US trying to enforce its jurisdiction on other sovereign states.

And I am absolutely certain that it is a concerted attempt to prevent Mr Blatter from becoming the FIFA President. Which is a very serious attack on the operations of an international organization. Furthermore, the US prosecutor – as our media reports – has announced… That these FIFA officials have indeed committed crimes.

As if he doesn’t know that an individual is assumed innocent until proven guilty. It must be proved in court – and only after that can things be said. Even if we were to say that the US had some right to the extradition of these individuals… Whatever these crimes were, they were carried out on the territory of a third party.

We know the US position on the former NSA agent, Mr Snowden. Who uncovered the illegal actions of the US on a global scale, including the listening into the conversations of foreign leaders. Everyone has condemned this, including in Europe. But nobody wants to guarantee his safety or give him asylum. Nobody wants to fall out with their partners, especially their senior partners.

I mean, can you believe it? Snowden is a former NSA agent…A US citizen.

And then there’s Assange… Who was forced to hide away in another country’s foreign embassy for several years… He has also been denied his freedom. What are they detaining him for – sex crimes? Nobody believes that any more. They are after him because he released information obtained from US soldiers regarding the US army’s actions in the Middle East, particularly Iraq.

Why did I remember this just now – because unfortunately our American partners use such methods to achieve their goals. And they do it illegally…. They spy on people.

I won’t rule out that the very same happened here with FIFA. Of course I don’t know how it will end… But the fact it’s all happening before the election of the FIFA makes me think of it in this way.


Putin: US Foreign Policy Boosted Expansion of Terrorism. BRICS countries must prepare for an efficient defense against Western masters of war

Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten

Russia’s president Putin uses unusually harsh words when it comes to the US foreign policy. He wants an alliance with China and the BRICS countries in order to close the security gap left by the US foreign policy: The illegal interventions of the West in the Middle East led to a strong Islamic State. BRICS should jointly defend themselves against such developments.

Russia’s president Putin shows a harsher attitude towards West’s foreign policy: Putin accuses the West, quite bluntly, to be responsible for the emergence of the Islamic State. At a meeting with the BRICS security chiefs he said on Monday, according to TASS:

”We know what is going on in the Middle East and North Africa now. We see problems caused by a terrorist organization, which calls itself ‚The Islamic State’. However, there was no terrorism in those states before the unacceptable interference from the outside took place without an approval of the UN Security Council. It is obvious that the consequences are tough. Everything that has happened in the international arena over the last couple of years needs to be re-adjusted”.

Putin sees other states threatened by the aggressive policy pursued by the West:”It is obvious that our nations are threatened and this is due to the fact that the international law has been violated in combination with violation of sovereignty of different states and their spheres of influence”.

At his meeting with China’s representatives, Putin discussed with his guests the existing threat of ‚color revolutions’: One took place in the Ukraine, and Moscow believes that the US was behind the ousting of president Yanukovich as a result of the Maidan unrests. It is also a known fact among western observers that the US was pulling the strings in the background.

Only recently a classified Pentagon report revealed that the US government had knowledge of a possible creation of IS. But the government did nothing to prevent it, since a conflict among Muslims suits the geostrategic direction of the US government.

The fact that Putin links the US foreign policy in the Middle East with the geographical expansion of the Islamic State is remarkable. Putin has never before used such harsh words when explaining the possible causes for the crisis in the Middle East.

It seems that Putin is putting more pressure on the West: The alliance is not making progress against the fragmented fighting groups in Syria. Recently David Cameron asked Putin to help find a joint solution for the Syria crisis. Putin, who supports Assad, may increase the price of his cooperation. The harsh words used by Putin against the West in connection with the rise of the Islamic State may indicate the direction in the Middle East game. And it won’t be a position of weakness.

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Another Massive ID Shift on May 31, 2015

by Georgi Stankov Posted on June 1, 2015

by Boyd Kraigher and Georgi Stankov


Dear George,

Last Friday May 29 I went with my family to many places around the island (of Phuket, Thailand) to do many 3D Orion activities. Like passport, land tax, western union and so on. At first I felt like fazed out, dizzy and generally not to belong there. Almost everything went wrong and we accomplished almost nothing. I got a strong underlying feeling of fear, chaos and being left alone. It felt like my soul has left me or has descended to much lower 4D timelines.

Later on in the evening my right side (where the elbow touches the rib cage) began to hurt. Hurt a lot. Like something big got stuck under my ribs. It is a bit better today Jun 1, but not much.

Nothing got better over the weekend. Got engaged mostly in 3D activities. I even watched a brainwashing machine. It is TV series: house of cards, that offers unique look into the inside of the White House, where morality, decency and honour do NOT exist. It is a world where dog eats dog.

Sunday night before went to sleep I suddenly felt strong pain in my chest, near the heart. All I could do is breathe deeply and be quiet, not to scare my wife, because she would send me to a doctor. I never felt this kind of pain before. I was thinking: if this is a heart attack and I am going to die, I do not care. I called my HS and let life in my soul’s hands. After half an hour the terrible pain was gone. Today I feel a bit better but I walking like on eggs.

After the saving of Lemuria timeline, we are definitely not out the woods yet. Preventing WW3 is one of the tasks we are performing right now and there is much more of what I have no idea yet.

I think it is a real miracle, that the long overdue total financial collapse did not unwind yet. We all know that Russia-China alliance wants to destroy the western financial WMD, but I think they are in fact helping to keep the western sinking boat afloat for now and are waiting the “go ahead” from the HR and the GF.

When this will happen, the boat will sink with no warning at all and hopefully the ID shift and our ascension will happen at the same time.

When you find out more, please let me know, that I will know for what I nearly died yesterday evening.

With love and light,

Boyd, Phuket, Thailand


Dear Boyd,

I confirm that in the night of May 30th/31st a powerful cc-wave hit me with massive descent of source energy as this happens only when there are significant ID shifts and MPR on lower timelines. Then this cc-wave with excruciating pain continued the whole day yesterday till late in the evening. This long period shows that this time something huge happened and we have separated again many lower timelines. Hence your experiences are normal under such chaotic conditions.

It is indeed remarkable that you point at the growing escalation towards WW3. I noticed this three days ago and my HS gave me some insights. I started yesterday a publication on this issue and will publish it today. It seems that both China and Russia have succumbed to the idea that war with the USA is inevitable and indeed only want to postpone it as long as possible. They have become also more aggressive towards the USA and speak plain language now.

This trend is irreversible and the only thing that can prevent the war is a divine intervention in form of big natural catastrophes as the HR have started with the flooding in Texas and volcanoes in Japan now, but much bigger, and of course an ID shift of our timeline and full separation from this crumbling matrix.

This is personal and I am not sure how to interpret it. After many years I got again a repeated information in the dream state that in 100 days we will be free to leave this prison. This is around September 9th, which was the day of liberation, better enslavement of Bulgaria by the Soviet Army in 1944 and the worst day for me as a person. My HS referred to my military service of being two years in the Bulgarian army, which I perceive as a unjust enslavement and told me to start cutting a line for each day on my leather belt as we used to do in the army to count the remaining days till being discharged. Carla believes that this was a message from a dark entity, but this is not what I felt.

As both world wars started in the summer – July and August – and really unfolded in the fall, this information may fit into this schedule. Also the fall of the Iron curtain began in July, August and unfolded in the fall rapidly. Given the relentlessness of the energies these days and how the people begin to decompensate, we must see something big happening this summer and then at the latest by September we may leave this reality. But it may as well happen much earlier.

The other thing that I get is that the Agarthans will no longer be part of this ascension scenario as they have already ascended to 6D and have left the Inner Earth, such as Telos in Mt. Shasta. The reason for this is that we were very successful with cleansing Lemuria of which Telos was a side branch. While Lemuria is now part of Gaia 5, Agartha no longer needs to help the surface earth in its ascension and can go their own way. This is what this deviation in the ascension scenario is all about, which St.Germain announced to us.

Hence all this may contribute to the actual manifestation of the last phase of the Ascension scenario at the global political level, which follows the principle of resolution through culmination and confrontation. This is what we observe now very strongly in the relationship between the USA and Russia and China on the other hand.

You are picking the right developments now.

I hope you feel much better today. I am also better than yesterday.

Enjoy your holiday.

With love and light


Dear George,

You will love this one:

http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index1874.htm (see full article below)

An example how dark forces are turning against each other.

With love and light,


Dear Boyd,

this is the kind of escalation I am talking about and yesterday when I read the announcement that Kerry has broken his leg and had to be transported from France back to Geneva and then to the USA, I knew that this is a fraudulent news. I even intended to mention it in my article but then stopped short of it as I did not want to elaborate on personal tragedies as the one that hit Biden, when “his son died two days ago from cancer” all of a sudden.

This son was involved in the dark mafia-like cabal ring of the Bidens that brought him as vice-president in the White House to coach Obama as Cheney did with George Bush. Nobody knows exactly why his son died so young all of a sudden without any preliminary news as to his cancer and being suffering from a serious illness. This happened only one day after Biden officially announced that the USA will not tolerate any spheres of influence by Russia and China, which in plain words means – global war.

It could very well be that the dark cabal are now killing each other in their utter desperation and this again confirms our assessment that we are in the thickest preparation for a global war and the temperature is rising higher and higher with each passing day

With love and light


US Secretary Of State Kerry Reported “Gravely Wounded” After French Gun Battle

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers, June 1, 2015

A new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today says that US Secretary of John Kerry was “gravely wounded” yesterday (31 May) after a secret meeting he was holding with a top Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS/ISIL) commander erupted in gunfire in what Federation intelligence analysts are calling an “obvious assassination attempt”.

According to this report, Secretary Kerry was in Geneva, Switzerland, this past weekend for meetings with his Iranian counterpart, Mohammad Javad Zarif, trying to overcome obstacles to a final nuclear agreement, a month ahead of a deadline for a deal between Tehran and six world powers.

Yesterday morning, however, this report continues, Secretary Kerry and his security entourage left Geneva with “certain military officials” of France’s 1er Régiment d’Hélicoptères de Combat (1e RHC) and traveled to the former Phalsbourg-Bourscheid US Air Base located in the Moselle department, which is now a French military base.

The purpose of Secretary Kerry’s secret travel to this French military air base, this report explains, was to meet with a top ISIS commander for a “strategy session” prior to tomorrow’s (2 June) international conference in Paris where over 60 nations will begin meeting in an attempt to find a “final solution” to this terrorist group that is currently destabilizing the entire Middle East, and whichKerry was scheduled to attend.

Most astounding in this SVR report is its confirming that the top ISIS commander Secretary Kerry was meeting yesterday was Colonel Gulmurod Khalimov, who up until this past April when he “defected to ISIS”, commanded Tajikistan’s OMON special forces which were trained and funded by the American military.

Even worse this report notes, Colonel Khalimov was not only supported by the American military, he was directly trained and funded by Secretary Kerry’s own US State Department, and which his spokesman, Pooja Jhunjhunwala, was forced to confirm last week and who stated: “From 2003-2014 Colonel Khalimov participated in five counterterrorism training courses in the United States and in Tajikistan, through the Department of State’s Diplomatic Security/Anti-Terrorism Assistance program.”

SVR experts writing in this report further confirm the findings of the American nonpartisan government watchdog group Judicial Watch who this past week released US intelligence documentsconfirming the suspicions that the United States and some of its so-called coalition partners had actually facilitated the rise of ISIS as an effective adversary against the government of the Syrian leader President Bashar al-Assad. In addition, these US intelligence documents show, ISIS members were initially trained by members and contractors of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) at facilities in Jordan in 2012.

As to the gun battle that “gravely wounded” Secretary Kerry yesterday, this report continues, other leaked US cables to Wikileaks confirm that Colonel Khalimov was well aware of US State Department security procedures due to his being allowed to run a security drill in 2009 at the US embassy in Tajikistan, which allowed one or more of his entourage to enter this secret meeting with Kerry armed and with the intention of assassinating him.

Though no specifics currently exist within the SVR to exactly detail this gun battle, this report states, Federation electronic intercepts of French, Swiss and American communications show that besides Secretary Kerry, at least 2 other participants in this secret meeting were shot, one fatally.

As to Secretary Kerry’s wounds, this report says, these electronic intercepts further show a “panicked response” to a “top level gravely wounded US official” who needed to be “immediately evacuated” to Geneva for “emergency surgery” after which the US military was ordered to dispatch a medical evacuation flight for the “immediate evacuation after surgery” of this “gravely wounded top level US official” back to the United States.

The American “cover story” for Secretary Kerry’s grave injuries suffered at the hands of an ISIS fanatic, this report notes, states that he was seriously injured in a bicycle accident in the French town of Scionzier (40 kilometers southeast of Geneva), which was needed to explain away why Kerry was transported to the Geneva hospital in a French military medical helicopter.

As to the complicity of Colonel Khalimov in the attempted assassination of Secretary Kerry yesterday, this report concludes, SVR experts remain “highly doubtful” attributing this action, instead, to one or more of his entourage brought to this secret meeting. After all, why would Colonel Khalimov kill his “master” anyway?

Then again, and though not mentioned in this SVR report, last week prior to his meeting yesterday with Secretary Kerry, the US State Department trained Colonel Gulmurod Khalimov did release a video to the Obama regime wherein he stated about his new “masters”:

Listen, you dogs, the president and ministers, if only you knew how many boys, our brothers are here, waiting and yearning to return to reestablish sharia law there. Listen, you American pigs, I’ve been three times to America, and I saw how you train fighters to kill Muslims. God willing, I will come with this weapon to your cities, your homes, and we will kill you.”


Further confirmation that Kerry is not suffering from a simple femur fracture:

It Cost US Taxpayers At Least $250,000 To Repatriate A Bicycle-Challenged John Kerry

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 06/

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