Symbyosis: sharing.:::._ AMORC – Affirmations FRC Eduardo R Lecea Elizondo – ABOUT NEW EARTH – THE HATHORS – SINGULARITY OF ACTION

Origen: Symbyosis: sharing.:::._ AMORC – Affirmations FRC Eduardo R Lecea Elizondo – ABOUT NEW EARTH – THE HATHORS – SINGULARITY OF ACTION


sábado, 22 de agosto de 2015

sharing.:::._ AMORC – Affirmations FRC Eduardo R Lecea Elizondo – ABOUT NEW EARTH – THE HATHORS – SINGULARITY OF ACTION

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Eduardo R Lecea Elizondo



Make statements like: 

“My toothache goes away, I do not feel pain” are completely ineffective.
 There exists a cause for toothache; this cause is likely originated between factors such as poor oral hygiene, as well as a decrease of vibration protection of our self, due to different causes, which allows the free action of pathogens that cause, for example, dental caries.
 In these cases, we must eliminate the underlying cause of pain for healing to be effective.
 Hide the pain with painkillers or making statements like the example will result only worsen the disease every minute that passes without attacking the cause that caused it.

However, there are other situations whose causes are not germs or bacteria, but they were originated in affirmations, in wrong thoughts, negatives.
 It is in these situations where the affirmations, positive thoughts, can be very effective. 


Affirming repeatedly the statement: “I have no fear of flying in a plane, I feel confident because I know my transition will occur in the exactly moment determined by the Cosmic, not before neither after” rather than “I am very afraid of flying by plane” or this one: “Now I leave all my worries and allow to peace profound invade my being, because I know the Cosmic will show me the best solution to this problem” instead of: “I do not know what to do, this problem is killing me” can influence or “hypnotize” for the transmutation of vibrations caused by negative thoughts into more positive vibrations.

 This type of positive affirmations, if we allow ourselves to “convince”, they will attack directly the causes that led to such undesirable situations in life, including certain phobias, ulcers, stress, etc., and they will attract or create more favorable situations for our lives.
 The positive affirmations have power only when they manage to change the negative thinking by positive thinking, doing the change between the disharmony by harmony, when the cause of the problem is the negativity caused by the repetition of destructive thoughts or phrases.
 This mental alchemy transmutes the slow vibration of pessimism in high vibrations that directly help our mental and physical body


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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Tuesday, August 25, 2015
About New Earth–El Morya and Theta Waved MeditationVideo




Dear Readers, 

I found this message from El Morya that must have been written years ago. The information makes much more sense in today’s world than it did then. The “truth” is that which does not change. However, truth is more easily understood by a reality on the cusp of return to a higher dimensional expression.

Message From Ascended Master El Morya

Many of our earth masters are feeling the pull of New Earth for you are, indeed, moving into a frequency of reality that is not adhesive to such low frequency patterns as the third dimension. The higher levels of the fifth dimension create continuous, circular, and infinite energy patterns that expand and transmute.

On the other hand, the lower frequencies of the third and fourth dimensions create energy patterns with progressive interruptions as the energy field travels down the frequency range into the third dimension.

These interruptions occur because humanity’s thought-forms of “time” create the illusion of “space” between the manifestations of light. In reality, time and space are ONE and are only perceived as two different dimensions through your third/fourth dimensional consciousness.

It is only via the perceptions of your Multidimensional SELF that you can perceive these “interruptions” as portals. The reason for this discrepancy is that your third dimensional consciousness searches outside of your SELF and into the 3D Matrix to find “reality.”

On the other hand, your awakened, multidimensional consciousness seeks to find “reality” within your SELF who is within the ONE. These inner portals are inter-dimensional pathways through which your expanded consciousness can travel free of all the energetic barriers of the third dimensional Matrix.

You can, and often do, explore these portals with your consciousness while your physical earth vessel is sleeping, meditating, or involved in a calming, creative act. In this manner, your higher consciousness can experience lifetimes of inter-dimensional travel, in what appears to your third dimensional earth vessel as an eye-blink.

Once you are aware that you are having the experience of inter-dimensional realities, you reach a threshold in your ascension process. This threshold represents your dedication to the process of ascension, for you will need to continue the process of opening these inner portals while in the midst of your daily life.

In other words, you must learn (which is actually remember) how to live in two, or more, realities at once. The experience of multiple realities starts with the “main reality,” being on third dimensional Earth.

Then, gradually, you become confused as to which reality is your “main reality” and which reality you are “just visiting.” Of course, if you don’t know which life you are in, you are functioning within your third dimensional consciousness. When you are flowing within your multidimensional consciousness, your answer to that question is always: ALL OF THEM.

Once you can imagine that you are actually IN all of the inter-dimensional realities that you are visiting, the concept of your “main life” begins to fade from your awareness. It is then that you fully remember that YOU are a multidimensional consciousness exploring many realities within the NOW of the ONE.

The lower worlds of the third and fourth dimensions are especially difficult to visit. For one thing, these realities may or may not be enjoyable. Furthermore, while in the lower worlds of the third and fourth dimension, you can forget that you are pure consciousness.

If you forget that YOU are pure consciousness, you can become trapped within the 3D Matrix. Fortunately, the higher frequencies of multidimensional light and unconditional love through which Earth is now traveling are entering your Third Eye and High Heart.

Hence, every day, more and more of you are awakening to your true, Multidimensional SELF. As this higher energy opens your Third Eye and High Heart, your multidimensional consciousness and unconditional love greatly expand your powers of perception and manifestation.

The multidimensional light assists you in holding a form in your thoughts, which you will fill with unconditional love to bind the molecules of life to the structure of that form/matrix. You needn’t worry about your negative, low frequency thoughts moving into the higher worlds for they only resonate to the third and fourth dimensions.

However, the higher dimensional energies will highlight thoughts, emotions and behaviors that will need to be released in order for you to flash your old carbon vessel into your true Lightbody.

Fortunately, you are working in tandem with Gaia who is also transmuting Her energies to that of the fifth dimension and beyond. Therefore, when you ground your consciousness in Her planetary body, it calibrates your vibration to that of the ascending planet.

Furthermore, when you merge with Gaia, you tune into the growing mass of multidimensional thoughts and emotions of all the other Ascended Masters within a clay form. Therefore, through your physical being, you are remembering to perceive daily life through the higher perspective of your Multidimensional SELF.

The more you allow your “imagination” to see that which is beyond the perception of your clay form, the more you will activate your multidimensional abilities. Trust what you are experiencing and release the old programing of a frightened and controlled 3D world that told you it was crazy, wrong, unscientific or blasphemy to perceive the higher realities.

You are moving into the fifth dimension now, and all the rules under which you lived while in your 3D life are extinct. If you focus now on exploring and practicing your expanded abilities, as well as staying in constant contact with your higher dimensional guides and expressions of SELF, your ascension process will become a normal part of your daily life.

In closing, I ask you to listen to the voice within above all others and run everything through your High Heart. If the energy does not feel right, do not proceed. If it feels like unconditional love, move into and embrace that energy.

Remember that YOU can talk to any of us in the higher frequencies of reality. Just call on our assistance, and we will joyfully assist and/or instruct you. After all, you are our family members who are visiting a lower frequency of reality.

We await your return with open hearts. Of course, we know you are returning here for, in our reality, you have never left.

Blessings on your return Home, El Morya

Theta Wave Consciousness–The Doorway to New Earth

Theta Wave Meditation

Stay Connected and Sign Up for Our Newsletter Posted by Suzanne Lie at 1:24 AM

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Before I begin this channeling I would like to add a personal note.
I know that I have not been in touch with you for what seems like eons to me. And many of you have been wondering where I disappeared to. The reason that I vanished so suddenly is due to a family emergency that has arrived at my shores without any warning. A close family member has had a stroke and everything changed in a split of a second for the entire family. The last three weeks I have spent day and night in intensive care unit at a hospital assisting him in fighting through the density surrounding him, helping him find a link to himself, grab on to that link and pull himself out of the karmic wheel of life. What an experience it was and still is, an experience of the most incredible growth of consciousness yet!

Whilst it was the family emergency that has rapidly brought me to NY on moment’s notice, as I was spending every waking and not waking hour at the hospital I realized that I was called there to assist many. I found myself working on many souls who were in the hospital at the time, seeing every single intricate occurrence that went on in every room of the hospital simultaneously! I saw new souls entering this planet and those who have finished their journey here on earth departing. I saw angels and various guides working around the clock to assist all who are interconnected in this amazing web of life. Each second of every day was filled with tremendous energy flow which kept me awake for days. Surging energies pulsating through my body dispersing this life force not only throughout the hospital but many miles into the city.

Arch Angel Metatron Disc a Powerful KEY that unites the WHOLE of parts, protects, assists, connects, heals, wards off negativity and opens the heart to the experience of unconditional love. To learn more about Metatron’s Key please visit
And whilst there, I kept thinking of the latest channeling that I have shared with all of you before my sudden departure. A channeling which spoke about grand changes coming our way, changes and wrapping up of loose ends as one phase is coming to an end and another is about to flung its doors wide open to all of us. It is there that I have realized that we are moving in the right direction for all of us. The right direction for earth herself and for the universe enlarge. No matter the experiences that I have gone through in the last month, the lessons learnt and the expansion of consciousness experienced not only by myself but everyone around me touched me to the core!
Things certainly are changing rapidly now, and can go any way that we desire them to go, unexpectedly, urgently, swiftly. I know all of us are feeling the changes, and are being pushed one way or another to accept the inevitable expansion of degree of consciousness. And so, It is from the bottom of my heart that I send all of you the strength, vitally, perseverance, light, patience, understanding and tremendous illumination of pure cosmic power of love to carry you through these amazing, and yet turbulent times.
Once again we’re getting there and the support from the angelic realms and all our benevolent co-creators is felt, acknowledged and welcomed!
I also wanted to inform all of you that I am once again available for healing sessions. To learn more about what I do please see my blog at
Now having said this, here is the channeling that I have received from the Hathors.

“Singularity of action stems from the results of benevolent benign encounters of the unconditional understanding of BEing. Singularity of action, stems from misconduct and misunderstanding of the reality structure of the matrix at hand.
For through the matrix at hand much has indeed been gleaned of the universal codices. For the codices of the universe which have unfolded to create a maze which you are experiencing, have made amazing strides into the direction of full awakening, of full accord of being, have allowed the universal consciousness to expand the mass of the degree of benevolence.
The universal consciousness has indeed been influenced by that which is happening presently on your planet. Why is it then so important for your consciousness to expand, what is then such importance of said experiment? The importance of said experiment is to compare the zero degree of consciousness, to the tenth of the billions percent of antiquity, to examine the core structure of society, to examine the cognition of said realities and to finally arrive at the final understanding of said equation.
The new reconstructive cognition and the debris of yesteryear are transforming into a new reality structure, a structure from which a new species and new Beings and order of things shall emerge, leaving behind the matrix of the beholders and arriving at the new cognitive understanding of that which is.
What we are trying to say to you dearly beloveds, is that the phase two of full awakening is rapidly spreading its influence throughout your world perfectly so, in alignment with all that you are. And so and thus, the informational decree which has been bestowed upon you is taking route and shape in the form of oneness, collective cognition of realities of the past interlinking with cognitive understanding of that which truly is.
The reconstructive abilities of human beings, their understanding of karmic realities, their understanding of changes occurring within, their knowledge of self, their desire to transform.

Goddess Vortex Disc by Natalya Ankh
The benevolent cognition of the principle of being, has ignited the core of your earthly structures. The core of the earthly structures have indeed been ignited by the considerable amount of transformation that has indeed taken place on your planet. The transformation within the core structures of earthly ways of life, through the chaos that you see unfolding rapidly before you, the human consciousness of those who indeed are causing set unrest is showcasing to all that the release and purification of said objectives is well under way. The release of said energies, which the beholders are indeed experiencing and releasing is transmuted into the light by those stationed on Gaia who have indeed been prepared for said initiatives. Who have indeed taken shape and form on your planet in order to attend to said goals and bring them to fruition.
What we are trying to say to you dearly beloveds is that as the unrest and deliberate exposure the chaos that is being created, is nothing more than an act of kindness by that which you deem to be “dark” for indeed the release of said energies within the human psyche is akin to a volcano erupting on the mount, for through the eruption of said energies the “lava” can flow freely transforming the landscape and forming a new platform on which to grow, experience, and be.
And so, and thus, as foliations erupt tidily within your emotional cognition of being, the earth and human beings are both clearing the way for a new platform to emerge. A new platform which already is underway and should emerge within your realities in the months to come. The new platform of cognition, action, activity. For each and every moment of your experience, the souls who are set to release all that is standing in their ways shall release and unleash said energies.
And so, the energy for the coming months shall find you riding a phenomenal wave of powerful vibrations, phenomenal wave of powerful vibrations uplifting you and carrying you faster and faster and higher and higher to the culmination point of ignition.
And once said culmination point occurs, once all is in alignment with that which indeed is to be, once all are in place a phenomenal spectacle of light shall be seen before your very eyes, a light vibration that has not been seen on your planet for hundreds of thousands of years, for eons. For indeed your planet and all who dwell therein are traversing time and space on their way back to whence they have come from.
For all are traveling home, home to themselves, home to the new reality of being. And so, the experiment is coming to an end, and your roles of way showers, leaders, gateway keepers, key holders, guides, benevolent co-creators and originators of all that is, is commencing, swiftly lifting you and carrying you to the locations around your globe where you are meant to be for the moment at hand. Throwing you rapidly into the swirling energies which you are meant to uphold. Assisting you in all that you are here to BE.
Stay in the light dearly beloveds. Stay in balance, in perfect alignment with that which indeed you are. In perfect alignment with the source of all that is. Remember your power and keep the ignition key ready for the moment of absolute action is nearing. Remember your divinity and walk with dignity in your stride. Know that we are walking with you hand in hand and foot in foot. Know that you are supported by all that is! Know that it is so. For it is!
That is all that we have for you now. We love you. We are with you. Goodbye for now.”
Posted 25th June by Juan Pablo

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Sharing.:::. – ▶ Girl’s BIG Round BUTT Lift Exercises! -TWIN FLAME REUNION – FUCHSIA FUSION – THE HATHORS – By annamerkaba | Equipoise

Origen: Sharing.:::. – ▶ Girl’s BIG Round BUTT Lift Exercises! -TWIN FLAME REUNION – FUCHSIA FUSION – THE HATHORS – By annamerkaba | Equipoise



Sharing.:::. – ▶ Girl’s BIG Round BUTT Lift Exercises! -TWIN FLAME REUNION – FUCHSIA FUSION – THE HATHORS – By annamerkaba

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▶ Muscles of the Leg – Part 1 – Posterior Compartment – Anatomy Tutorial – YouTube 

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HomeThe Hathors › 

By annamerkaba on April 29, 2015

Greetings Everyone, before I begin this channeling I would like to add a short personal note with a much longer one after you read the channeling as I am guided to do so. What I am being told is that at this moment in time all of you who are presently in twin flame unions are about to completely release all the blockages standing in your way before the final merger.

For those of you who have been in a relationship for a while and have been trying to conceive a child and were unable to do so, this may be your year! 

Those of you who are in business together as partners and are in a twin flame union, this is the year for incredible success! 

Bottom line is this: everything that you wish to conceive of as a union should happen for you this year. Everything that you both wish to occur, as your energies will be deeply magnified and as long as you both remain on the same wavelength, and utilize these creative manifesting energies in line with a mutual goal and take action it should come to path. 

For those of you who are still searching for that special someone, whom you feel in your heart is out there, rest assured that your time will come! And to help you attract your twin flame or soulmate into your life I have put together a special kit, with the assistance of my guides. I invite you to visit my new site at to learn more about this kit and how it can help you.

I will stop here and let you read to the message from the Hathors and continue with the insights I have received after the actual channeling…


The invocation of life principles and of the goddess principles have begun. The invocation of eternal flame of fuchsia, has indeed began to unfold rapidly throughout Gaia.

The goddess principle of feminine energies, and transcendence has indeed increased its energetic sphere of influence. The goddess energy of pure potential, unconditional love and benevolent creation, has been delivered onto the earthly shored.

The permeation of light principles and the recovery of the lost forces and vials and vital influences of the goddess have begun to activate in the hearts of those stationed on Gaia, and so, the unification of the masculine and feminine decrees are in effect. The unification principle of love unconditional and ever abundant, has activated the core structures of BEing, the core and universal understanding of that which is.

The union of masculine and feminine understanding of your spherical existence, have joined forces and are ready for phase three of the experiment in conjunction with phase two of the clearance and pure potential of being.

The goddess energies have indeed found their way into the masculine principles of BEing, and so and thus, those of you who have attained the other part of your soul, who have indeed participated in said rituals of reconnecting with that which is, known in your earthly planes of existence as the twin flame union, are ready to merge their energy fields and release the last bits of debris which has been lying dormant therein, in order to fully activate all gateways and assume your positions for the incoming of unified energy fields of light and love, which shall be release onto your plane in the months to come.

Use this time wisely, for much rests on the union of your souls, for much rests on the connectedness of said unions, for through the spark of your unions, shall you bring forth the balance and infinite potential for ALL of humanity.

Those of you who have embarked on said turbulent and brilliant experience of unifying your energy fields with the other part of your soul, are finding that your unions are intensifying, the energies are swirling before you, within you, around you, pulling you ever so closer to each other and yet further apart, allowing you to do a dance of perfection, a dance of unification, a dance of benevolence and peace through the duality and into unity.

For your unions have been preordained by the beholder, for you have agreed to united in said momentum of time and space, in order to bring the necessary energies of change, necessary energies of change, benevolence, unconditional understanding, and unconditional love for all.

And so, and thus you are indeed staging a seeding of energies magnitude of which this earth has not seen prior to the emergence of said polarities in the times of Lemuria. And so all who are presently occupying the human vessels of time and space, all who have come onto this planet at this very moment of time, all who have indeed met their other half of the soul are those who have been here at the times of Lemuria, you have seen the birth of said polarities and you are about to see the merging and rebirth of the whole unified energetic convergence of universal light, harmony, peace and abundance for all.

The violet flame works by changing “vibrations”. In physics, vibration is the speed of oscillation – the speed at which something moves back and forth. On the atomic level, vibration can be understood to be the speed at which electrons orbit around the nucleus of the atom. The violet flame works by changing vibrations on this level.

And so, the time has come to step confidently in the direction of your unified partner, and embrace them fully and completely, shedding all that you believe you are, and welcoming all that indeed you are! For the time has come to bring forth pieces of the puzzle and position said pairs across the globe in radiance, peace, harmony and love. And so, and thus, shall you feel said resonance within your heart of hearts, you are then to follow the guidance therein and embark on said journey and assume said positions by the coming of your final blood moon.

That is all that we have for you now. We Love you. We are with you. Goodbye for now.”

Once again this is what I am being told, follow your own guidance and your own heart, if you resonate with this message then this is for you, if you do not then it is not for you.

For those of you who are already in relationships the last bits of blocks shall fall away, it may be a truly intense time, but is necessary for you to merge. You should be merging ethereally. For those of you who have been pushed apart, you may find yourselves being pulled back together. However, if they are not truly your twin, you may be pulled further away from them, desiring to end the union for good and be prompted to seek out a new relationship which may manifest itself in a rather peculiar and uncanny miraculous way.

So once again, for those of you who are already in a successful twin flame union, where you were able to work through all of your issues together, and finally achieve balance, you may feel an urge to do something together that will assist humanity. You will feel supported and will have a lot of leverage to proceed with your chosen vocation, project, anything and everything that you have come here to achieve as a unit.

By doing so, by merging your energies you will be assisting earth’s energies of masculine and feminine principles to merge as well. As the feminine energies are merging with the masculine energies as we speak in preparation for the portal that is coming our way in September.

I truly hope that this information has been useful to you, and once again for those who have not yet found your twin flame but are feeling it in your heart that they are out there, I have put together a kit to help you attract this person into your life, so please click here to learn more about how this kit can help you.

I also wanted to take a moment and bring your attention to the fuchsia fusion, when I heard this as I was channeling, I could not convey the beauty of what I was experiencing as this information was transmitted through me, the energy that flowed through my consciousness could not translate in my mind into words to convey this to you. Until I looked up the meaning of fuchsia color, and that is what I wish to share with you. I also have noticed in the last few weeks that the sunset has a lot of fuchsia colors in it, at lease where I reside. So here is the meaning of fuchsia

According to

The color magenta is one of universal harmony and emotional balance. It is spiritual yet practical, encouraging common sense and a balanced outlook on life.

This is a color that helps to create harmony and balance in every aspect of life; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

A combination of red and violet, magenta contains the passion, power and energy of red, restrained by the introspection and quiet energy of violet.

Magenta influences our whole personal and spiritual development. It strengthens our intuition and psychic ability while assisting us to rise above the everyday dramas of our daily life to experience a greater level of awareness and knowledge.

This color is an instrument of change and transformation; it helps to release old emotional patterns that prevent personal and spiritual development and aids us in moving forward.

Magenta is uplifting to our spirits during times of unhappiness, anger or frustration.

In the meaning of colors, magenta represents universal love at its highest level. It promotes compassion, kindness and cooperation and encourages a sense of self respect and contentment in those who use it. Gentle and caring in its approach, it generates acceptance, tolerance, support and patience.

The color magenta is a color of cheerfulness, happiness, contentment and appreciation for what you have acquired and achieved. Most people feel more optimistic when in the company of magenta.

Magenta is the color of the non-conformist, the free spirit. It pushes you to take responsibility for creating your own path in life and increases dream activity while assisting you in turning your ambitions and desires into reality.

A strong and inspiring color, magenta can appear outrageous and shocking on one hand or innovative and imaginative on the other. It is creativity inspired by beauty.

Magenta is spontaneous and impulsive, yet resourceful and organized. It is invaluable in negotiating peace and calm in those who are at odds with one another.

As always I love you all! Thank you so much for BEing! ❤ data-blogger-escaped-br=””>
P.S. To help you on your journey I have written and published a book. It is now available for all of you in both hard copy and digital form. It is called “Mission To Earth – A Light workers guide to self mastery”. In it I explore topics such as: Why you are here and what you are doing on earth. How Starseeds get to earth to begin with. Why you feel the way you do. How to communicate with your guides. How to discover your life purpose. How to release everything and let it go. How to reprogram yourself in order to fully connect with your true essence. How to release old thinking patterns and institute a new reality into your life. How to change your life and make it what you want it to be, and most importantly how to find a link back HOME! There’s a lot more that I discuss in this book. I invite you to join me on this journey of self discovery as we explore together the “HOW”, the “WHY” and the “WHEN”. For more information please visit :

~Anna Merkaba – Distant Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing Session with Anna and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL

Please note: The author of this website and its assigns are not responsible in any way shape or form for any actions taken by individuals reading these posts. The information provided herein is for information purposes only and does not constitute as any medical advice, whatsoever. Therefore the author and publisher of this site assume NO responsibility for any individuals’ interpretation or use of the information provided herein

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sharing.:::.How to Become a Beacon of Truth – Masters of Parallel Universes ~The Hathors | samkaska

Origen: sharing.:::.How to Become a Beacon of Truth – Masters of Parallel Universes ~The Hathors | samkaska



sharing.:::.How to Become a Beacon of Truth – Masters of Parallel Universes ~The Hathors

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How to Become a Beacon of Truth

by Georgi Stankov Posted on February 16, 2015

by Georgi Stankov, February 15, 2015

In my previous article this morning I highlighted the pivotal role of the PAT and this website in shaping the new transcendental weltanschauung of humanity and the selection of topics for all other critical thinkers that pertain to the second wave of ascension and follow in our footsteps in the process of their rapid awakening.

We achieve this at the conscioius ego-mind level and much more effectively at the level of our higher selves through inter-counselling of these souls. And what is most remarkable, this all happens in such an easy and harmonious manner as if there is no longer any resistance that has hampered any meaningful evolution of humanity in the past.

After I published my article “Alternative and Probable Worlds in the End Time“, I visited Dmitry Orlov’s website and read his latest article “Masters of Parallel Universes“. I was flabbergasted to find out that he has chosen a very similar topic to mine today, albeit from a more conventional, but still very inspiring point of view.

The background to this is that on January 27th I wrote to Dmitry Orlov the following letter:

“Dear Dmitry Orlov,

I admire your vivid and educated essayist style and have published recently some of your articles on my website or have quoted you, for instance in:

I would like to invite you to have a look on my website, where you can find 15 ebooks (pdf) for free and several thousand articles, which I have written on topics that are related to yours and in some cases even overlap, for instance, why the Russians and Eastern Europeans are better prepared than the Americans to survive the inevitable impending collapse of the system.

This may, hopefully, help you also expand your awareness even beyond your unconventional point of view when American standards are applied. And by this I mean the transcendental dimension of human existence, which I guess you have yet to discover.

As a native Russian speaker I would like to recommend you to read first the congenial Russian translation of my small popular book, which I first wrote in Bulgarian language in 1997 at the height of the economic crisis in Eastern Europe and Russia.

Universalnii (Vseobshchii) zakon. Kratkoe vvedenie v obshchniu teoriiu nauki i vliijanie eio na obshtestvo

The Universal Law. A Short Introduction Into the General Theory of Sciences and its Consequences for the Society

As an engineer with a technical education, I am sure that you will be comfortable with the more abstract scientific ideas I introduce in this book, before I discuss their practical ramifications for science, society and human life as a whole.

Wish you all the best.

With love and light

Dr. Georgi Stankov, Munich, Vancouver”

Dmitry Orlov did not respond to my email, but I know that he has visited our website and read some of its articles, as I did an inter-counselling on him in the dream state. He is still too overwhelmed by the scope of our discussion and is afraid to believe everything we consider already an integral part of our existence as Logos Gods as this acknowledgement will smash his entire world view.

The result of his new orientation in thinking can be seen in his latest article that represents a remarkable departure from his past topics and point of view. I am observing this same trend also with the Saker and some other critical thinkers.

We no longer need to be in a physical contact with these human beings in order to shape their world view and open them for the transcendental dimension. It is even warrant not to engage too much in such contacts as they only hamper our full detachment from this reality and our smooth ascension. There is nothing from this reality that will survive the ID split and shift, and the final ascension to the new 4D worlds in the Golden Galaxy or to the higher dimensions. All ballast must be dropped now, except for a few pivotal ideas that will carry us through our inner portals of ascension.

Please observe that Orlov discusses some key events that have been without exception widely discussed on this website when they occurred in real time or retrospectively as is the case with 9/11. Beyond that, his novel multidimensional approach is borrowed from us, even when it is camouflaged under the “Schrödinger’s cat” paradigm that was repeated ad nauseam in the 80s and early 90s by all rogue pseudo-scientists of the Orion matrix when there was a huge surge in popular scientific books that had only one purpose: To mire the people with such weird pseudo-scientific concepts and to prevent the introduction of the new theory of the Universal Law, which the Ober-archons from the astral plane feared like the devil the incense, as they knew that this will be the end of their wet dream to establish the NWO. This is a long story that I have touched upon only at the periphery, as it does not matter any more.

Most of these pseudo-scientific books are now in total oblivion, but this trend was powerful enough to mire many brilliant minds such as Orlov’s. I know this very well, as at that time I discovered the New Theory of the Universal Law and read frantically numerous books with this silly stuff in order to be up-to-date, only to realize very soon that this is the same bullshit in the field science as the Anglo-Saxon New Age movement or the Indian gurus produced in the field of esoterics. It is very important to know this intellectual background as to evaluate the shift in perception of Dmitry Orlov as an outstanding representative of the second wave of ascension candidates, whom we now coach very closely for the final shift.


Masters of Parallel Universes

Dmitry Orlov as a Study Case

Much as we may dislike the fact, the results from quantum physics are unequivocal: parallel universes do exist. Schrödinger’s cat is both alive and dead, at the same time, while it exists as a probability distribution, which is resolved into either a live cat or a dead one by the act of opening the box and observing it. But until the observation is made, both parallel universes can be said to exist, and there is no way for us to know which one of them we inhabit.

Quantum effects dominate in the micro realm of subatomic particles. For instance, the laptop on which I am typing this contains millions of transistors which are created by implanting ions into silicon substrates to create patches with built-in electric fields and interconnecting these patches with etched aluminum wiring. Each transistor relies on the phenomenon of quantum tunneling: while in normal physics it is impossible for an electron to find itself on the wrong side of a built-in electric field, in quantum physics the electron is a probability distribution, not a particle, and quantum tunneling works reliably enough to support the entire electronics industry. But if you scale your circuit up, the chance of a pickup truck successfully “tunneling” through a brick wall becomes too minuscule to be of practical interest. It is still possible, but it would take anywhere between right now and several lifetimes of the universe hence to observe that result.

Oddly enough, such quantum effects are quite normal to observe within the political space. Here the physical objects involved are far too large to give rise to the parallel universes of quantum physics, but the narratives they give rise to are not. This is because the narratives are a matter of perception, and there can be historical periods, such as the present one, when the peephole through which the political establishment and the mainstream media allow us to see the world becomes so tiny that it becomes a toss-up as to whether or not any given photon will manage to find its way through it.

Here, reality becomes fractured into parallel universes as soon as we make the realization that we are being lied to. Were there weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?

No, and the vial of white powder which Colin Powell menacingly held up at the UN was fake.

The Iraqi mobile biological weapons factories did not exist.

Was Al Qaeda active in Iraq prior to the US invasion?

No, we know that it wasn’t. These lies are now known to be factual—uncontested, commonplace knowledge. Next: do we make the arbitrary leap of judgment and declare that that’s all the lies we will have ever been told, or do we admit the possibility that this is only the tip of an iceberg of lies, that lying is a modus operandi for the operatives behind them? If we do, then, to be conservative, for every official narrative we must construct one or more unofficial but also plausible (and perhaps much more plausible) narratives. Each of them constitutes a parallel universe, and we can’t know which of them we inhabit until some happy accident—a leak, an investigation, a damning bit of physical evidence, or an outright admission of complicity or guilt—collapses the probability waveform, destroying all the parallel universes but the real one.

Many people have been conditioned to think that this is the realm of “conspiracy theory.” Unfortunately, the term doesn’t apply. First, the existence of a conspiracy has to be accepted as a given: nobody ever perpetrates a heinous act of murder, mayhem and destruction by telegraphing their intentions ahead of time. If they do, the event usually doesn’t go off as planned, and in such cases it is usually announced that a conspiracy has been uncovered and a plot thwarted. Thus, the use of the term “conspiracy” is gratuitous; it goes without saying that there always is one.

Secondly, the term “theory” is gratuitous as well: a theory is a mental construct designed to account for a given set of observations. But what if all you do is point out the observations (which are in the public domain, there for all to see) and make no effort whatsoever to account for them?

However, there is one theory that accounts for a very large class of such observations, and it is so simple that it is often overlooked. It is this: that the government and the official sources of information are normally lying. We already know that they have lied in the past (Iraqi WMD and al Qaeda in Iraq are two particularly well-known examples, but there are many others). The question then becomes, When did they stop lying (if in fact they did)? Was there a conspiracy to stop lying? There would have to have been one, because we certainly haven’t heard any statements made by public officials to the effect that “We will now stop lying.” Or did they spontaneously all stop lying at the same time? The probability of that happening is pretty low; it could, of course happen—any time between right now and several lifetimes of the universe hence. So if you believe that they have indeed stopped lying, then I suppose that makes you a conspiracy theorist par excellence. The conservative assumption is that they are still lying.

There are lots of people who have been working to keep these parallel universes alive in one form or another, by collecting and collating bits of information, by offering partial explanations, by evaluating the official explanations as to their logical consistency. They have been doing this in spite of being ostracized as “conspiracy theorists.” To be fair, they have sometimes been glorified as “truth-seekers” or “truth-tellers” and that must provide an ego boost for some people. But really what they have been doing is generating, and sustaining, alternative narratives and keeping parallel universes alive, so that at some time in the future we will find out which one we have been inhabiting all along.

Some people make the mistake of refusing to listen and to explore these parallel universes, because it makes them ill at ease not to know which one they happen to inhabit. But if you accept the extreme likelihood that the official narrative is a bunch of lies concocted to hide the truth, then there is some comfort to be gained in at least knowing something that might not be a lie. Once the initial hesitation is past, it becomes a fun, if somewhat macabre, hobby, because puzzling evidence jumps out at you just about everywhere you care to look.

An important precondition of being able to interpret the result of Schrödinger’s thought experiment is being able to figure out what a cat looks like. Here is a specific example. Currently, there are two parallel universes. In one, Russian troops have invaded Ukraine. In the other, Russian troops did not invade Ukraine. What makes this difficult is understanding what is meant by Russian troops. There are Russians in eastern Ukraine. There are troops in eastern Ukraine. A lot of the troops in eastern Ukraine are in fact Russian. But there are no Russian troops in eastern Ukraine. Get it? To qualify as actual Russian troops, they would have to have enlisted in the Russian military, and would have to take their orders through the Russian chain of command. And these ones obviously don’t. There is a strong political connection with Russia, but the military one is tenuous.

The latest “proof” of Russian invasion, offered by the Ukraine’s president Poroshenko in Munich, consists of some Russian internal passports and military service certificates found in eastern Ukraine. Funny thing is, when you are inducted into the Russian military, you have to surrender those civilian documents.

Sometimes a perfectly viable, though quite short-lived parallel universe can be concocted by twisting things in small ways.

But most of the time a parallel universe pops into existence when things get twisted in impressively brazen and shameless ways. A lot of people start with 9/11. The twin towers collapsed because they were hit by jet airliners because, you see, kerosene melts steel. Was it special, magic kerosene, and were the buildings were made of special, magic steel? Maybe that’s why since then skyscrapers can’t be insured against fire any more. Previously it was thought that skyscrapers can’t collapse due to fire because they are made of steel, and a hydrocarbon-based fire isn’t hot enough to melt it. What fools those civil engineers must have been! Turns out, all you need is some kerosene!

Then the two skyscrapers spontaneously collapsed into their own footprints—all on their own—and so the entire industry of demolition experts (whose job is to mine tall buildings with explosive charges and detonate them under computer control to keep the buildings from toppling over) has since been retired.

Skyscrapers are now known to pose a huge fire hazard due to the melty steel of which they are made, and they must all be demolished right away. But don’t hire any demolition experts, since we now know that their entire industry was a hoax, because skyscrapers collapse into their own footprints all by themselves.

Just take some retired old jets from American Airlines (they have plenty of them) and fly them into the skyscrapers unmanned using remote fly by wire technology.

Another “plane” hit the Pentagon. That plane had no engines, since none were found (but in spite of this it not only flew, but executed a pirouette worthy of a jet fighter). Also, it had no seats (the passengers must have mimed sitting down and buckling up) and no luggage (they must have traveled really light). The perpetrators’ identity was found out thanks to a passport found at the World Trade Center site.

It was a magic passport; unlike the steel girders of the twin towers, a kerosene fireball could not even singe it.

Fast-forward to the latest staged atrocity: the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris. The perpetrators were clearly well-trained, disciplined commandos, who executed a flawless mission, making it likely that they were special service people of some country or other.

But then one of them magically forgot his ID in the getaway car—just like that passport magically found in the wreckage of 9/11. (Do commandos take their civilian IDs with them when they go on a secret mission?) And then the alleged driver of the getaway car surrendered to the police, saying that he has an ironclad alibi. The fact that he surrendered was reported in the media; the reason why he surrendered was not. And then the person charged with conducting the investigation killed himself while working on his report. Did his report agree with the official narrative?

Reminds me of another staged atrocity: the Boston Marathon bombing. The very large number of special ops people milling about the scene before the firecrackers went off has been noted, but clearly they had nothing to do with it—they were just enjoying their day off, all dressed the same. The two patsies who were blamed for it—the Tsarnaev brothers—were well-known to the FBI. After the firecrackers went off, a crew of specialists immediately descended on the scene, with actors posing as victims and fake blood being tossed about. Video evidence shows them taking a long time to stage photo-ops of the supposed atrocity.

The ensuing media campaign with “Boston Strong” stickers was identical to the “Je suis Carlie” campaign following the Charlie Hebdo event. And as with the Charlie Hebdo event, there was a concerted effort to kill the alleged perpetrators before they could answer any questions in ways that might contradict the official story. In the case of the Tsarnaev brothers, the attempt to kill the younger one failed. The boat in which he was hiding, scared and unarmed, was riddled with bullets, and after he surrendered an unexplained emergency tracheotomy was performed on him, but he is still alive, and defiant of the efforts to frame him.

But the most interesting part came after the event, when Boston was placed under military occupation, with residents forced to stay inside their houses for fear of being machine-gunned down by troops rumbling down the streets in APCs, supposedly in pursuit of a couple of kids. The real rationale for the event was to impose martial law on Boston (the cradle of the American Revolution) on Patriot’s Day (which commemorates a signal event that started it). If you read into these events just a little bit, you just might come to the conclusion that the US is no longer a constitutional democracy but a military dictatorship and a police state ruled by an oligarchy that likes to stage gruesome special events to show just how far above the law it really is.

Or take the Malaysian Airlines MH-17 shoot-down over Eastern Ukraine last year. Again, the media campaign was clearly set up before the event. The clairvoyant western observers know who to blame: it was the “Russian-backed rebels” and they used a weapons system provided by Russia. This was repeated endlessly, using a technique used in advertising: “proof by repetition.” Never mind that the rebels had no ability to shoot down that airliner. But the truth has been slowly dribbling out. Flight MH-17 was shot down by a Ukrainian jet fighter from Dnepropetrovsk using an air-to-air missile. (The rebels had no aircraft; why was it armed with one?) The name of the pilot is now known. The person who identified him is in Russia, in witness protection. Russian investigators are pursuing leads, and there is a good chance that we will eventually find out who issued the criminal orders.

I could keep going in this vein for a really long time, piling bits of puzzling evidence upon other bits of puzzling evidence. But the whole point of this exercise is to try to get across to you of one very simple, basic point: if you insist on ignoring all the obvious lies you’ve been told for years and years and dismiss everything but the official narrative as a “conspiracy theory,” then that makes you something of a mind control victim. And I don’t want you to be a victim.

One last thing: if you find yourself living in a Schrödinger box, do what you can to avoid ending up dead. I’ll leave it up to you to work out out the details of that, but the hint is simple: your likelihood of ending up dead is higher if you believe in lies. Don’t be a dead cat.

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HomeThe Hathors › ~The Hathors – Remember Who You Are~
~The Hathors – Remember Who You Are~

By annamerkaba on February 16, 2015

Ascension of the body and the vehicle of choice has indeed proved challenging for many of you. And yet it is of your own accord and of your own might and glory that you have descended into the abyss of planet which you have found in desolate state upon entrance years ago.

For it is of your own accords that you have decided to partake of the mission at hand, and of your own accord you have set out to explore, experience and bring home all those who were lost eons past. All who have lost their way to the creator within and to the link of that which they.

All of you who have bravely descended into the abyss of planet earth in order to partake of the experience of ascension, and all of you have tremendously influenced the potential of all who dwell on GAIA.

All of you have indeed brought with you the wisdom of the ages past. And all have indeed began to implement such wisdom with the accords of the interplanetary commission. And so, what we wish to remind all of you of is that indeed you are gods! Indeed you are mighty powerful beings of light, know that you are to trust your inner knowing, you are to trust your divinity for truly you are divine. For truly you hold the sacred keys to the labyrinth of planet earth.


For truly you all have been prepared well for the coming of times. Those who are dwelling on GAIA, those who do not consciously know of your existence, those who have indeed lost their way, are grateful for your presence on a subconscious level. For indeed they have awaited your return, and return you have! To walk in the shoes of whose whom you have assisted in experiencing the three dimensional existence, to walk in the shoes of human beings, human beings who can and shall proceed with dignity into the next phase of co creation. Human beings who shall indeed be assisted by all of you. And indeed you shall walk through all the obstacles with might and glory, through all the obstacles with dignity and benevolence of your creator selves. Shall indeed turn the key and open the gateways for all of humanity.

Understanding the glorious obstacles that you shall face, understanding the impending changes of psyche that you are to witness unfolding rapidly before you. Prepared well you have been, prepared well you have been eons past, to arrive at the prefect momentum of clashing energies to unfurl a new path for humanity , to unfurl a new path for all who dwell on Gaia.

For through your knowledge and through you wisdom all children of god, all children of the creator, all children who are the creators of Gaia shall remember their divinity, shall remember their power and shall walk through the gateway of no return, reuniting with their very own selves, reuniting with all that is, reuniting with the benevolence of that which indeed they are.

All of you who indeed are standing ground on planet Earth are here to enlighten, to lead the way, to showcase that indeed the human vehicles are equipped to showcase the magic of the cosmic proportions. For indeed the cosmic energies are open and to all who wish to partake of said knowledge.

You who are standing ground, you who indeed are the benevolent creators of your very own selves, are writing history, are writing a new chapter not only in your present reality, but realities past, present and future. For all of you are mighty creators, for all of you , creator of a new pathway, a new way of light, a new way of life and, love and understanding, unconditional understanding and unconditional love for all of creation, unconditional understand and light of benevolence on planet earth. Know that it is so. For it is!

With gratitude WE applaud you for all that you are! We applaud you for all that continue to be! We applaud you for all that you are yet to become!

We stand with you, we walk with you, we are you!

P.S. To help you on your journey I have written and published a book. It is now available for all of you in both hard copy and digital form. It is called “Mission To Earth – A Light workers guide to self mastery”. In it I explore topics such as: Why you are here and what you are doing on earth. How Starseeds get to earth to begin with. Why you feel the way you do. How to communicate with your guides. How to discover your life purpose. How to release everything and let it go. How to reprogram yourself in order to fully connect with your true essence. How to release old thinking patterns and institute a new reality into your life. How to change your life and make it what you want it to be, and most importantly how to find a link back HOME! There’s a lot more that I discuss in this book. I invite you to join me on this journey of self discovery as we explore together the “HOW”, the “WHY” and the “WHEN”. For more information please visit :

~Anna Merkaba – Distant Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing Session with Anna and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL

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Second Major Victory of the Russian People

by Georgi Stankov Posted on February 18, 2015

by Georgi Stankov and Dennis Dingemanse, February 18, 2015

The Ukraine War Simply Explained

Dear Georgi,

This is what I was thinking this morning:

“There is reliable information that several hundred US soldiers and mercenaries of the former private US army Blackwater, together with their NATO tanks and weapons are also encircled in Debalsevo. When they are captured and shown to the rest of the world by the Novorussian patriots in the coming days, it will become evident that the USA is an active party of this war.”

It would be splendid when the mercenaries and NATO militairy servants would be captured and shown in every news outlet they were invading Ukraine.

Dennis, The Netherlands


Dear Dennis,

this is one possible outcome of this battle. But it is also very likely that there are secret negotiations now ongoing between the Russians and the Americans to prevent this. The price will be that the USA will not send any lethal weapons to Kiev and practically withdraw from this conflict as a looser.

The Russians are not keen on spectacular political revelations, contrary to the Americans – they prefer the quiet diplomacy, which is much more effective. What counts at the end is not to expose or vilify the enemy as the West does excessively, even at the expense of blatant lies, but the final outcome.

In this particular case the Russians want to have a full control over Ukraine after this rogue regime in Kiev inevitably collapses in the coming days. They now have the best trumps in their hands to achieve this goal as the insurgent army of now almost 100 000 Novorussian soldiers will be the only law and order power in Ukraine when the current nazi regime in Kiev collapses and the regular Ukrainian army has been practically destroyed and dissolved in this war by the victorious newly created Novorussian army with highly sophisticated Russian weapons. This is already the end of the NATO expansion eastwards. One must understand the magnitude of the current victory of the Russian people over the dark Western cabal.

This was a very important insight I got yesterday from my HS, while writing this article. This also explains why the Russians now achieved another major victory by passing a UN resolution at the security council last night, where the second Minsk agreement is fully supported and accepted as an international law.

If you read this agreement carefully (see below), it allows the insurgents to keep their army and weapons and it does not say anything about saving and restoring the defeated Kiev army. It deliberately does not mention Debalsevo and this was the greatest blunder of Poroshenko during these negotiations, as he stubbornly denied any encirclement of his troops so that no agreement was made on this issue. Hence there will be also no official defeat of the Ukrainian army, but only a factual dissolution.

You get it? The Russians are masters in writing down clever diplomatic agreements with a long-term perspective by omitting the most important facts which play into their hands and solidify all their gains so far.

Now the USA was compelled to ratify this Russian sponsored UN resolution after blocking similar attempts of Russia on more than 30 occasions in the past by using its veto power. With this the USA has practically agreed not to send any weapons to the Nazi Kiev junta, as stated in the Minsk agreement.

This concession of the USA might have been bought – and I am sure that exactly this has happened as my HS tells me – by the readiness of the Russians and the Novorussian insurgents to let these American mercenaries leave Debalsevo unnoticed to avoid a political scandal, but leaving their weapons and tanks there, which is already a humiliation similar to the one when the Vietnamese army entered Saigon and the US embassy personal had to be frantically evacuated in dramatic scenes by helicopters and many were left behind and became prisoners of the Vietnamese liberation army.

As I told you, at the end counts only the final resolution of this crisis on the Russian border and for the clever Russians this means – Ukraine must remain in their sphere of influence. This has already happened with the UN resolution last night The rest will unfold in a very beautiful manner in the coming days. That is why I showed the photo with Putin laughing in a very relaxed manner as he knew that he has won while Merkel and Hollande were “tristesse pure”.

With love and light



Full Text of the Second Minsk Agreement

Russian draft resolution on Ukraine passed by UN Security Council

Video: The Ukrainian Army Surrenders at Debalsevo on February 17, 2015

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Vel sanus: ▶ Jesse Tsao Chen Tai Chi Cannon Fist – High Pat on Horse – The Hathors: You Had to Be Here

Vel sanus: ▶ Jesse Tsao Chen Tai Chi Cannon Fist – High Pat on Horse – The Hathors: You Had to Be Here.

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

▶ Jesse Tsao Chen Tai Chi Cannon Fist – High Pat on Horse – The Hathors: You Had to Be Here

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The Hathors: You Had to Be Here
Channeled by Daniel Scranton
Published March 16, 2014

“Someday you will realize that you were all here because you had to be here. Now we understand how that must sound to you. It may sound like you were forced to be here or that it was not a decision that you made willingly. But what we mean by ‘had to be here’ was that you could not have possibly gotten what you needed anywhere else. For you, this experience, this lifetime, this human, physical time on earth was the only way for you to have a particular experience of yourselves.
That is the experience that was necessary and is necessary for you to obtain the type of enlightenment that you are seeking. There are many other games out there, many other ways that you can experience yourselves physically, and many other times that you could have incarnated. But this was the one that had the most opportunity for you to become the beings that you want to experience yourselves as becoming.
You find yourselves now at a pivotal point in this evolutionary process. You find yourselves at the point of no return. Now that you have made it this far, you have but one remaining task on your agenda. That is to fully become fifth dimensional. What is the point of incarnating at this time if you are not going to do that? So there is but one thing left for all of you to do, and that is to just let it happen.
There is no way to become fifth dimensional. It is simply happening. You are discovering how you want to experience it. That is your only ‘job’ at this point. How do you want to experience ascension? Do you want to go kicking and screaming? Do you want to lead the way? Do you want to be asleep, awake? Do you want to have fun along this journey or do you want to follow all the rules, and do all the yoga postures correctly, and recite all the prayers, and place all the sacred geometrical shapes in the right order? Do you want to turn this into some sort of job?
Or do you want to feel the frequency of the fifth dimension as it moves through you? Do you want to let go of any need to know anything and instead to embrace who you are fully by being at peace with who you are and how you are in the world right now, at this moment, before the shift is complete? Do you want to laugh? Do you want to cry? Do you want to run? Do you want to skip? Do you want to crawl? How do you want to pass through the dimensional barrier? That is up to you. But you are doing it. Your time has come. You wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

We are The Hathors. We thank you, and we wish you a fond good day.”

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