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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

sharing3 – Archive- Elohim Invocation – End Time Scenario- The Elohim: The Nexus Point of Creation » Stankov’s Universal Law Press

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The Elohim: The Nexus Point of Creation » Stankov’s Universal Law Press

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The Elohim: The Nexus Point of Creation 
by Georgi Stankov Posted on April 4, 2016

Carla Thompson, April 4, 2016


While I was receiving yesterday’s message from the Elohim about how it is advantageous to contract and seal our fields to decrease their permeability and permittivity to surrounding negative energies that are flying about with this latest very chaotic portal, I received a very clear visual which I will describe now. While it was a part of that message I felt that all of this information together would have made the message too long, so here it is now.

There were two cones, one pointing upwards and the other pointing downwards and where their tips were touching there was an area where they overlapped one another. Each cone was like an energetic vortex, rotating in opposite directions of the other and demonstrating the flow of energy as the process of evolution versus devolution.

The top cone was a tri-colour of blue, gold and violet-pink, and had its tip pointed downwards where it intersected with the tip of the bottom cone, a cone in a dark orange-red colour. The top cone had energy that moved in ever-expanding concentric clockwise circles so that it got ever wider the higher up it went. The energy flowed up and expanded outward representing the expanding realities of the fifth dimension and above.

The bottom cone had energy moving in a counter-clockwise direction also beginning from the top point but moving downwards and expanding outwards more and more as the energy moved to the base of the cone, symbolizing a falling frequency, or an expansion into a contracted reality, the third dimension. Initially I saw a sand-timer and this is correct in terms of its shape but as the Elohim explained, this is not an accurate representation for the purposes of this discussion because from a human perspective one would sense the gravitation of the energy as moving only in one direction, into the Hell of the Third Dimension!

There is a nexus point where these two cones meet and where there is an overlapping with one another. This is the point where there is a shared experience of the common reality around us. The Elohim explained this nexus point to be the actual point of creation. Within the shared experience we see that those of third dimensional attachment driven by deep-seated fears tend to create more experiences of perceived contraction and limitation because of their fears. Those who have released fear while experiencing the same reality actually create at a much more elevated level as they hold a higher frequency overall, usually by being more positive than those who remain in attachment to the third dimensional expression.

So while all of us meet at this intersection point, and share the same reality, we don’t all create alike. As we remain attached to past events and outcomes we drag ourselves into old memories and habits which further expand our negative experiences and therefore, our creation. This activity will always promote more negative experiences and further movement downward into attachment and pain. On the other hand, those who have chosen to be positive in every moment, no matter what, will keep their frequency elevated and create at a more refined level, a level founded in acceptance and peace. These individuals are generally happy and move up into higher expressions of reality since they experience an ease to their life.

The Elohim: “The Nexus Point is the point of creation. As individuals create their own realities they move up or downward according to their experiences and their resonant frequency. Those who remain attached to the reality of the third dimension, create more third dimensional realities. Those who are embracing systems that reflect the fifth dimension, the expanded dimension, create more expanded dimensional realities based on unity.

This juncture point is a shared reality, for now, in this important moment of the ascension. It is shared by both those of visionary power to see and create great new worlds of beauty and perfection, and by those who only hold the narrowest viewpoints conceivable, ones of scarcity and limitation.

And each shall “see” what they need to “see” for their evolution. All realities created at the Nexus Point do intercept but what is most important for you to know is that this point is an opportunity for each of you to create the highest vision for yourselves by choosing the positive over the negative, in human friendships, in thought, and in action. The more one aligns with the positive, the more positive creations will unfold.

And as each of these energies arises, they compound each other exponentially since creationary light responds instantly to this alignment with the God-Source.

Positivity is your most aligned inner power, for with it you can expand into infinite creations, creations worthy of the divine humans that you all are.”

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End Time Scenario in the Historical Perspective 
by Georgi Stankov Posted on April 7, 2016

Georgi Stankov, April 7, 2016


Below I have published a very good overview that explains the long-term plan of the European cabal, known as the Bilderbergers, to establish the NWO on the Old Continent through the EU. The main elements of this plan should be known to you as we have discussed them extensively under numerous perspectives in the past. Here I would like to make you aware of a major trend which the author highlights with great insight and which I have not seen in this explicit form elsewhere, although it has been central to all our discussions on finance and world affairs: the shift of power from the governing political elite to the international banksters cabal mafia.

This trend has hollowed from within the respectability of the national state as the recent Panama papers leak proves beyond any doubt. They were released by the deep US government as to discredit in the first place Putin, although his name is not mentioned at all in the leaked documentation but it backlashed within 24 hours in the current energetic climate of unvarnished truth and now the Western politicians are in big troubles. Especially the insidious Reptilian clone and relative of the British Queen, the British PM Cameron is under great pressure from the media to explain how much he is involved in this offshore scandal through his late father. And there are many more names of the richest banksters cabal in the USA and Europe involved in this scandal. This shows clearly that the laws of the national states do not apply to the dark elite.

I myself was puzzled for a while as to why the dark ones made this leak public as it was obvious that it will not hurt Russia and Putin, who is the only statesman that consequently banishes offshore transactions of wealth out of his country and recently even introduced amnesty for all those financial oligarchs and Russian criminals who agree to return their money to Russia. Hence the attack on Putin had definitely the role to distract the attention of the public from the more insidious core goal of the perpetrators of this leak, who have been surprisingly quickly identified by the media as the Rothschild and Rockefeller mafia and their stooges such as the bankster Soros.

This overview gave me the missing link which the author had not intended as he had obviously written it before the Panama papers were released by the Munich SZ Zeitung (SZ newspaper), which is a real disgrace to any decent journalism. If the dark cabal as true “internationalists” have moved away from supporting the national state as to establish the NWO in the form of a worldwide financial dictatorship (the Mark of the Beast), then they obviously intend to achieve this goal exclusively through crashing the entire financial Ponzi scheme, defaulting the national states in the West and impoverishing the masses by robbing all their savings through the newly introduced bail-in laws.

The scene for this global crime was set long time ago and has been closely analysed and exposed on this website. In this case this deliberate offshore scandal was not unleashed by the few cabal mafia bosses in the States to harm Putin as it seemed at first glance, but to discredit the western heads of states and other influential politicians as to destroy the legitimacy of the national state as a legislative and executive power and install the NWO based on total financial enslavement. The national state is only a hindrance for the dark cabal towards this end. But they must perform this operation very carefully as they have worked until now through the national state and with their puppet governments who were adamant to introduce draconian laws that have already limited to a large extent the basic freedoms and constitutional rights of the people. Now the cabal bosses follow the famous Friedrich Schiller’s statement: “Der Mohr hat seine Schuldigkeit getan, der Mohr kann gehen” (The Moor has done his work – the Moor may go) in his drama “Die Verschwoerung des Fiesco zu Genua“.

How to get rid of the old stooges that no longer serve the cabal without risking a palace revolt? Put the blame on Putin first and then “wash your hands in innocence” (Psalm 26,6) as Pilate did with Jesus: “When Pilate saw that he was accomplishing nothing, but rather that a riot was starting, he took water and washed his hands in front of the crowd, saying, “I am innocent of this Man’s blood; see to that yourselves.” (Matthew 27:24). This is the heinous game the dark cabal have always played with the stupid humanity. But this time this kind of treason will turn against them and will lead to their demise.

A side effect of the Panama papers leak is that the cabal hope that all hidden money in offshore companies would return back to the motherland when the pressure of further revelations increases on the culprits and just on time for the cabal to trigger the final crash and take full control of all the money in circulation. This includes the planned shutdown of all banks. The current limitation of ATM cash withdrawals by JPMorgan Chase and other major banks tells us already where the cabal are heading to.

When all these events are considered, there is no doubt that the cabal are in their final throes when they are squeezed by the powerful source energies of truth to make their final fatal moves in the illusory hope they could still install the NWO and trigger a financial apoptosis – the sudden death of all banks and other financial institutions such as stock exchanges. That this event is very near and inevitable has been confirmed yesterday by our PAT member Joon-Jong Choi from Germany (English translation below):

“Lieber Georg,

Ich habe soeben den intensivsten Traum seit langem gehabt. Ich stehe in der New Yorker Börse NYSE und sehe, wie der Aktienindex crasht auf der grossen Anzeigetafel. Ein Broker sagt noch: Es geht nichts mehr, es ist alles abgestürzt! Der gesamte Welthandel kommt zum Erliegen. Es wird sehr still, ich bin überrascht dass die Menschen keinerlei Panik zeigen und völlig ruhig sind.

Verwandte rufen mich an und sind wütend, dass Ihre Investitionen in Immobilien wertlos geworden sind, da es kein Geld mehr gibt. Im Traum sage ich meiner Familie, dass wir Richtung Land ziehen sollten. Es bleibt aber wie gesagt alles ruhig.

Liebe Grüsse



Dear George,

I have just had the most intense dream since long time. I am in the New York Stock Exchange and see how the stock index crashes on the big scoreboard. A broker says quietly: There is nothing more left, it’s all crashed! The total world trade comes to a grinding halt. It is very quiet, I am surprised that the people do not show any panic and are completely quiet.

Relatives call me and are angry that their investments in real estate have become worthless because there is no more money. In the dream I tell my family that we should move to the countryside. However, as I said, everything remains quiet.

Kind regards


When I read this email I knew that it would happen exactly that way and as anticipated by myself in previous articles when I introduced the new concept of “financial apoptosis” – of sudden financial death. I am convinced that the dark cabal have already made their decisive lethal move with the release of the Panama papers and that now there is no way for them to retreat but must proceed with this desperate plan until their total destruction and annihilation.

I am giving you this insider information as to watch very carefully what will happen in the next few days. The article below gives you a good overview over the long-term plans of the cabal to install the NWO that go back to the Westphalia Peace (Treaty) in 1648. It ended the most devastating war in the history of mankind, the Thirty Years’ War, which decimated more than half of the population in Europe.

This treaty was signed in the city of Muenster where I started studying medicine in 1976. The municipal hall (Rathaus) where this treaty was signed survived in a miraculous manner the bombings during WW2 that destroyed most of the city. (The population was vastly saved because the Gauleiter of Muenster, who was a grand-uncle of my wife, evacuated the citizens to the countryside against the order of the Fuehrer who wanted to sacrifice the entire German population when he realized that he had lost the war. This saved the uncle from going to prison or even being sentenced to death as he was a big Nazitier (Nazi animal), so that I was able to learn a lot from him about what happened during the Nazi dictatorship when I met him several times in the 70s):

Gerhard der Borch. Der Friede von Münster. 1648

When I first visited the town hall in 1976, I was struck as to how familiar this place was to me. I had a powerful vision, a deja-vu, that I have been there already. Years later I got the information from my HS that I had appeared during the negotiations as Elohim or angelic force in a very forcible manner and had influenced all the participants to put aside their animosities and sign a treaty of peace.

It is a well-established fact that this treaty led to the abolition of feudal slavery and laid the foundation for the establishment of national states in Europe. Before that the Old Continent was under feudalism and was divided in infinite small estates and municipalities based on vassals and enslaved peasants/serfs (Leibeigene). Nowadays we experience the last throes of the Westphalia order with which modern humanity began, with me as an Elohim being the driving force behind its installment as well as its terminator in the current End Time.

At that time this treaty was a great step forward in the evolution of mankind to a more civilised society. Nowadays the national state has become a straight jacket for social progress and the source of all evil, such as wars, all kinds of crimes and deliberate oppression of the masses. Hence the Westphalia order has to be removed so that humanity can make its final evolutionary leap. It is therefore logical that I am an integral part of this process as the captain of the PAT, Logos God, and a light warrior of the FIRST and the LAST hour. This is the precision of the divine plan for this planet.

Today we are about to wrap up this world order based on the national state once and for all and to establish the new transgalactic society, where there will be no states and no wars. It is an irony of history and the result of our clever, far-sighted Ascension scenario which we write as Logos Gods for the End Time that the cabal are now the stupid ones who fulfill this scenario exactly according to our plot by eliminating the national state in the hope to install the NWO of total financial enslavement. Instead they only pave, with their self-inflicted demise, the way for the new enlightened humanity to the new 4D worlds without states and borders, which we have already created as Logos Gods. This is cosmic dialectics in perfection.


BBC Bias, Brexit, the EU, Bilderberg and Global Government

Steven MacMillan, April 6, 2016

New Eastern Outlook, NEO

One of the BBC’s flagship news programmes has shown a “strong” bias towards Britain staying in the European Union (EU), a media monitoring group claimed last week. From the 13th of January to the 11th of March 2016, News-watch analysed 40 editions of the popular current affairs programme Newsnight. News-watch noted that 25 of the guests who appeared on the programme were in favour of Britain staying in the EU, compared to only 14 who advocated the UK leaving the union. The monitoring group noted that: “The former President of the EU Commission, José Manuel Barroso, and the former Swedish Prime Minister, Carl Bildt, have had the clear opportunity in main interviews to explain why leaving the EU would not be in the UK’s interest. There has been no balancing opinion from similarly weighty figures” who support Britain leaving the EU.

The BBC has always been the propaganda mouthpiece of the British establishment, yet many Britons still cling to the deluded notion that the BBC is an impartial news organisation. It is clear that the British establishment is desperate to keep Britain in the union, and this is reflected in the BBC’s reporting of the issue. A Brexit may prove to be the catalyst which encourages other countries to leave, triggering the collapse of the EU entirely. Unless the Western elite manage to roll a collapsed EU into a more globally integrated system, this would be a disaster for the globalists. If European nations regain control over their own affairs and resort back to national sovereignty, the agenda of the shadow elite in the form of destroying nation-states and building a global empire will be severely impeded.

The debate on whether Britain should leave or stay in the EU has been gathering pace in the UK for years, and the Prime Minister has finally set June 23rd as the date for the referendum. David Cameron is merely trying to appease some factions in Britain who are pro-national sovereignty and feel that too much power is concentrated in the bureaucratic, technocratic and largely undemocratic hands of the EU. One of the most pivotal speeches that Cameron has made on the EU in recent months, was not given at the House of Commons, but at the shadow British government: the Royal Institute of International Affairs (or Chatham House). The executive body of the EU – the European Commission – is a corporate partner of Chatham House. The majority of the major political figures in the West support Britain staying in the EU, including Barack Obama, Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson. This is because the EU is far more than just a union in Europe; it’s a stepping stone towards global government.

The EU and Global Government

The EU has always been a key part of the grander strategy by the global elite to destroy national sovereignty and bring in a world government, through eventually amalgamating the EU with other trading blocs. As Alan Sked, a Professor of International History at the London School of Economics and the original founder of UKIP (who has since criticised the party), notes, the EU was created by a Western elite who have been surreptitiously working to build a global government. Herman Van Rompuy, the former President of the European Council, even boldly proclaimed that 2009 was “the first year of global governance” (according to the translation). Van Rompuy added that “the climate conference in Copenhagen is another step towards the global management of our planet.”

The former President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso, gave a speech in 2014 at the Yale School of Management, titled: ‘The European Union in the New World Order.’ Barroso said that the world is largely in a state of chaos, but “out of all this chaos some kind of order will eventually materialise.” He added that a gap is emerging “within the global sphere between an increasingly interdependent and interconnected world which lacks the global governance mechanisms to manage that interdependence and interconnectedness.” In essence, Barroso deceptively argued that the world is in such a state of chaos (the majority of which is created by the Western elite) that we are in desperate need of greater “global governance mechanisms” (i.e. order) – stronger global governance is practically synonymous with global government, but at bare minimum it’s the final stepping stone towards fully certified global government.

Peter Mandelson, a former European Commissioner for Trade and British politician, said during a meeting at Chatham House in 2007 that he “sees the EU as Europe’s most promising means of engaging with and shaping globalization.” George Soros, the investor, billionaire and regime change extraordinaire, called the EU an “experiment in international governance.” Soros did state that the EU had “failed,” and that the surge in populism was threatening the union. But if the EU does completely disintegrate, the major danger is that the elite will push for further global integration as the solution.

Bilderberg and the EU

Founded in 1954, the Bilderberg group is illustrative of a shadowy network of super-elites who often make decisions in secret meetings that come to impact the lives of millions. The annual conference is attended by between 120 and 150 elites who meet to discuss global issues with a focus on North American and European challenges. It encompasses a range of individuals: from the heads of multi-national corporations to the leaders of nations; banking executives to media titans.

In 2009, WikiLeaks released a document which was reportedly the meeting report from the 1955 Bilderberg conference in West Germany (The meeting took place in Garmish-Patenkirchen in the Bavarian Alps. Another curiosity is that I visited this place very often when I started with the LBP and stayed very near to the building where this Bilderberger meeting took place. At that time it was a CIA spy centre and emanated a lot of darkness that I had to cleanse. This is another example that nothing we experience is coincidental and serves the bigger purpose of ascension. Note, George) The document shows that the idea of creating the Euro was being discussed within circles of the Western elite as far back as 1955, concealed from the general public of Europe:

“A European speaker expressed concern about the need to achieve a common currency, and indicated that in his view this necessarily implied the creation of a central political authority.”

Interestingly, one general point of agreement in the conference was the shared notion that atomic energy could be the most pivotal issue that would increase cooperation:

“Throughout the discussion there was considerable emphasis on atomic energy as forming, perhaps, the most hopeful area in which integration could proceed.”

Three years later, the European Atomic Energy Community was established in 1958. Another conclusion of the meeting was that the European project was designed to eviscerate national sovereignty and achieve the “highest degree of integration” as quickly as possible:

“It was generally recognized that it is our common responsibility to arrive in the shortest possible time at the highest degree of integration, beginning with a common European market.”

In more modern times, Étienne Davignon, a former European Commissioner and an influential architect of European integration, revealed that the Bilderberg group helped create the Euro in the 1990’s.

The Global Shift

In 2008, a book was published that is of critical importance in understanding some of the real forces that are driving the political and economic transitions in our world today. Written by David Rothkopf, a protégé of Henry Kissinger and an individual who belongs to numerous pre-eminent think tanks in the US (including the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)), it was titled, ‘Superclass: How the Rich Ruined Our World.’ Rothkopf argues that an infinitely small number of super-elites run the world, completely outside of any democratic process:

“A global elite has emerged over the past several decades that had vastly more power than any other group on the planet. Each of the members of this superclass has the ability to regularly influence the lives of millions of people in multiple countries worldwide… My researchers and I identified just over 6,000 people who qualify” (from the Preface).

Rothkopf continues, documenting the profound transition that has taken place in recent decades, from the nation-state towards a global state:

“But the center of gravity of elites has shifted. Today, the most powerful elites are global citizens tied more to international finance than national politics… If the richest and most powerful individuals in the world are now predominantly globally oriented, globally dependent, globally active, then an important shift has taken place in the world’s balance of power – away from national governments and away from national interests narrowly defined” (2009 edition: p.320).

This shift away from the nation-state and national governments towards a new global order is the defining one of our time. “We are living in a period of global change that is deeper, faster and broader than we have ever known,” was how Peter Mandelson articulated it in 2007. But this shift is not a coincidental one; it has been the objective of a cabal of international bankers who have been pushing for the creation of a “world system” for over a century. As the late Carroll Quigley – a historian and Professor at Georgetown University – wrote in his 1966 book, Tragedy and Hope:

“The powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences. The apex of the system was to be the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the world’s central banks which were themselves private corporations” (1998 printing: p.324).

The push towards a new world order is going to continue to meet resistance however, as the Westphalian model of international relations – based on the principles of national sovereignty and the non-interference in the affairs of other states – has been the central model since the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648. Furthermore, the fact that Russia is standing up for her national interests puts a significant spanner in the works of the Western elite.


Steven MacMillan is an independent writer, researcher, geopolitical analyst and editor of The Analyst Report, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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The Elohim Invocation to Retract and Seal the Personal Fields Is Extremely Powerful » Stankov’s Universal Law Press* * *

The Elohim Invocation Works » Stankov’s Universal Law Press

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The Elohim Invocation to Retract and Seal the Personal Fields Is Extremely Powerful
by Georgi Stankov Posted on April 5, 2016

Georgi Stankov, April 6, 2016


Many PAT members have reported recently about an increasing number of nightmares and bouts of collective fears that have affected your emotional and mental bodies. This is not surprising given the fact that our fields have expanded so much after we became Logos Gods of Gaia and Guardians of the new Golden Galaxy two years ago that they now encompass all the infinite timelines of this planet and surely much more. Most of these lower timelines harbor dense, dark, negative energies and the human incarnates there are subjugated into a merciless NWO. We are present with our multidimensional fields in all these dreadful realities and experience them in a direct manner.

At the same time our awareness is expanding hugely, especially in the dream state which is now more real to us than the awakened state during daytime on this timeline which we use as a kind of a holiday resort. This is not my comparison but that of the Elohim when they explained to us how much we do in the dream state compared to our negligible daily activities here. Our dream memories are now also expanding and they carry glimpses of these shadowy worlds that lurk from our subconsciousness in the form of depressing nightmares. In addition comes that we experienced a massive cleansing and separation of lower catastrophic timelines during the huge ID shift and portal on March 20 -23.

While most of the PAT light warriors were directly involved in this ascension cleansing, the rest were keeping the ID portals to the 6D and higher dimensions open and stable as to allow for the smooth transition of Gaia and humanity to higher dimensions. This part of the PAT may not have experienced all the debilitating physical symptoms and emotional quagmires that accompanied the latest ID shift.

Creation is essentially expansion and contraction. In the last months we have concentrated on expanding our fields and promoting the planetary ascension. But this Tantalus act has also exhausted our auric fields and this led to severe clinical symptoms for most of us. For this reason the Elohim gave us the recommendation to begin with the conscious retraction of our expanded multidimensional fields from all lower timelines and sealing them with the violet-gold flame of transmutation and healing.

The point in time was well-chosen. The destiny of all lower expressions in this holographic model is now firmly sealed and we can no longer help all the soul fragments that are fully entrapped in the downward spiral to lower denser realities in further separation from the Source, although we are the ultimate co-creators of these realities by simply severing them energetically from this uppermost mother planet, so that these incarnated human fragments can create their dark reality on their own and without exploiting our light anymore.

We had to begin with the conscious contraction of our fields from these dense lower timelines as to initiate the final separation of the two still superimposed conical spirals at their tips as it was given to Carla as a vision by the Elohim. While expansion of our fields leads to dilution of energy and lowering their frequencies according to the Universal Law, which is essentially a law of expansion and contraction of energy /space-time, contraction leads to an increase in the energy density per space and raises the frequencies.

One must consider that our fields are now interacting with trillions of elementary particles, photons and subatomic systems that build the energetic structure not only of Gaia with all its parallel worlds and timelines but also of the New Golden Galaxy. As some of the lowest timelines of Gaia have been removed to another galaxy, our fields are really as huge as the entire multiverse. Most of this expansion takes place at the soul monad level and encompasses dimensions higher than the 6th. The following message from Brian, the Dragon, discusses the levels of expansion of our consciousness throughout the dimensions and illustrates what we experience these days within our infinite multidimensional fields and expressions:

What Does 12 Dimensions of You Mean?

When our personal fields are maximally expanded, their permeability and permittivity is also enhanced. This leads to constant interactions with all other particles and systems, including lower vibrating systems, which automatically lower our vibrations. These kinds of interactions were necessary and welcome during the latest phase in the ascension process as this is the only and universal mechanism how the vibrations of Gaia and humanity are raised and ascension is carried out. But as we now approach the threshold of final separation of our ascending reality from the descending reality, the destiny of which is predetermined for the next 26.000 earthly years of Kali Yuga, any further interactions at the quantum level with this downward spiral are no longer desirable and may protract the final ascension process. That is why the Elohim came with this message.

The conscious contraction of our fields has a twofold purpose:

1) It decreases the permeability and permittivity of our electromagnetic fields and seals them from unwanted interactions with lower, denser systems.

2) It strengthens the power of our energy fields and raises their frequencies. In other words, we reclaim our energy back and can use it, first to heal our physical bodies that suffered from this dilution of personal energy and second to prepare them better for the final transmutation by recruiting our personal energy for this goal.

Needless to say our creationary potential is also augmented at the timeline where we exist when we retract our fields from other timelines as in this way we concentrate its power in the reality we inhabit and perceive, while in the past most of its energy was invested in creations beyond our direct human awareness.

As I said, expansion and contraction are the dialectical aspects of all Creation and always go hand in hand. The mastery lies in the proper measuring out of these two dynamic aspects of All-That-Is.

When I first read the Elohim recommendation to begin to retract and seal our fields, I had an immediate knowing that it is a very important and timely information for all of us. But as I was very busy the next two days reporting on the latest portal, I only started with this invocation 48 hours later. In the meantime I had received several reports from PAT members who confirmed the excellent results with this invocation with respect to improving their physical condition and well-being. Since then I have received some more confirmations.

That is why I want to give you below the kind of visualisation I and Carla have chosen to retract and seal our multidimensional fields. It is very simple and highly effective. When we do it, the room is filled immediately with crystalline blue and violet light with golden specks and the vibrations rise suddenly in frequency and intensity. The high-pitched tone in the left brain portal becomes deafening and the portal itself turns into a huge vortex.

And here is our visualisation how to retract and seal the personal fields:

We envision from a cosmic perspective Gaia as a small globe, at best with all its timelines superimposed upon each other and building a blurry picture of the earth, with no sharp contours. Then we envision how our fields encompass all these timelines and Gaia as a veil. We begin to strip off the earth from this veil and to retrieve from it like a fisherman who collects the net from the sea. First we envision that our fields are retrieved in the country we live in, in our case in Canada, by imagining the map of the world, then into the place we live in and at the end into the house we live in.

After we have shrunk our fields to this level, we fill them with golden light to the brim and keep this level for a while. Finally we seal our fields with the golden Christed light and subsequently with the violet flame by rotating our hands in a circular motion as if creating a ball in all three directions – left to right, back to frontal and in equatorial (horizontal) direction. Each motion is repeated three times for each direction and flame if necessary you can repeat the whole procedure three or more times as to be sure that you have fully sealed your fields within your house and room in which you are doing the meditation.

When you open your eyes, you will see that it is full of crystalline blue and violet-golden light. The blue flame is the flame of us as ascended masters and bearers of God’s will and the violet flame is the transmutation flame which we now also carry as a higher spectrum of the blue flame. It has been specially introduced on Gaia to promote its cleansing, healing and ascension. As we have discussed this flame a lot in the past I will not expand on it here.

This whole procedure of conscious retraction and sealing of our fields should be done at least twice a day, in the morning upon awakening when our consciousness still dwells in the twilight between dream state and full awakening and the access to our multidimensional fields is enhanced and in the evening shortly before falling asleep. Each time you will immediately notice a huge increase in energy flow into your body and aura and also a significant increase in the high-pitched tone. The quality of the vibrations also improves and it feels as if they are now caressing your body similar to that in a wellness spa or bubble bath.

I must say that I am somewhat puzzled as to why we did not come much earlier to this idea as it is so obvious when one knows the properties of energy. But obviously we were not supposed to retract our fields before that time as our energies were needed for the creation of all these lower timelines. Now that this process is coming to an end, we can safely retract our energetic fields and prepare them for the final transfiguration. It makes a lot of sense from a theoretical and especially from a practical point of view. The physical improvement comes immediately and with it the inner conviction how well we can now modulate and manifest this creationary energy from the Source to gestalt our reality.

I strongly recommend that all the PAT should start using this procedure in the aforementioned manner, or if you have a better suggestion as to how to visualize the retraction of our multidimensional fields, I would ask you to share it with the others and I will immediately publish any alternative proposal that makes sense and yields the aforementioned results.

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The Elohim Invocation Works
by Georgi Stankov Posted on April 6, 2016

Travis Brown, April 6, 2016


Dear George & Carla,

Thank you for bringing to the PAT this simple, powerful exercise of concentrating our energy fields into one present timeline. I did it first last night – the 5th – and instead of nightmares and screaming in my sleep, I visited in several lucid dreams some 4D – 5D timelines and resolved higher-level karma. (It was this action, instead of being harassed/assaulted/confused in lower 4D traps as was the trend, end of March, into April.)

I feel my invocation finished some items that were even keeping me anchored in semi-ascended timelines that included levitation, telepathy, other siddhis, awake people. Too much to explain, and which may cheapen it for me, so I will honor it as it is. I look forward to the next lucid sleep state because I will be of even greater clarity and intention without getting caught or distracted. I see directly that it is easier to resolve karma and ascend when consciousness anchors in perceived linearity, embodied in the physical.

In waking life, I passed a significant milestone with a lifelong person-trigger (being harassed/manipulated/cornered insulted) on the 5th. I did not go into defense at all; I responded in total Buddha-mode, using “non-violent communication” language, honoring what I knew to be an opportunity for completion for myself. And I did great. My slate was cleared by a long line of efforts over the years and a final grace. I walked away from it raw and crying, with so much dignity and self-love for ace-ing the test of asserting my sovereignty while having appropriate empathy.

In retrospect, I believe it was this other person’s last chance to sink in his talons and save himself, for he is certainly sliding down into another Yuga cycle to reap his harvest. I denied his hooks with a clear energy field – untouchable. My tears afterwards were for catharsis of pain I’d tolerated for so long, for an earned ‘merit badge’ of transcendence, and compassion for this other person’s desperation beneath the corrupted personality of negativity. Yet I shall maintain boundaries and quit the martyr archetype completely. It serves no one. We the PAT are paving new roads and each moment in alignment reveals the enlightened action.

After many delays and shifts beyond my control, it appears I am at the end of a challenging living arrangement, and the beginning of new work, a new lease on life. The efforts have been a leveling-up of mastery, deleting and starting over from scratch, scraping the bottom of the barrel and digesting all that crap through my energy fields, and an ongoing shift of what it is to be conscious in a world of mostly unconscious people. I have no new axioms to cling to, but am in this moment grateful.

I believe these actions made manifest in physical also parallel what I and the PAT do in realms beyond here. I shall be thrilled with satisfaction if what I imagine to be the creation of new external circumstances for myself is really just a cover for the creation of a much bigger transition of dimensions. It’s what I’ve been hoping for anyway. But I must take care of myself on every manifest level, and the physical has been struggling to keep up for a while.

I would like to share my vision board quotation. I pieced it together from magazine words, channeled to support my transition into new physical life conditions. Here it is:

“I am strong. I am unlimited.
Flush with freedom, I am coming in for a safe landing.
My vision is inspired by divine interventions and a river of love from the source.
Unapologetically happy and whole.“

God bless you, George and Carla, and the PAT, and all those whose souls are letting go of our coattails. May they really let go. Now. Let go. And may grace and synchronicity guide us home.


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TiAmAt: sharing3- Archive- the Collapse – The Elohim Elucidate Further the Role of Twin Flames in the Ascension Process

Origen: TiAmAt: sharing3- Archive- the Collapse – The Elohim Elucidate Further the Role of Twin Flames in the Ascension Process

Friday, December 4, 2015

sharing3- Archive- the Collapse – The Elohim Elucidate Further the Role of Twin Flames in the Ascension Process

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 The Elohim Elucidate Further the Role of Twin Flames in the Ascension Process

by Georgi Stankov Posted on December 4, 2015

Carla Thompson, December 3, 2015


After I published the information, which we received about two years ago from the Elohim that there are 12 twin flame pairs in the PAT group, some questions have been raised by you on this key issue. These questions led us to the conclusion that there is some misunderstanding as to the actual intent behind unifying with the twin flame in the process of ascension. We asked the Elohim to highlight this topic one more time from their higher vantage point of view. This is what Carla received yesterday on the role of twin flames in the PAT group.


Greetings, we are the Elohim!

We greet you in this moment with compassion for your deep desire to seek union with what has been described as the “Twin Flame”. The language of this label is extremely limiting and it has taken on a mystical role for those who find themselves lonely and seeking companionship for the journey through incarnation.

First, we must stress that this period of ascension means only one thing: It is the awakening of the individuated expressions to themselves, first and foremost; It means the awakening to your own Self; for to seek a “twin soul” before awakening to the Self is an error in discernment and demonstrates paramount disregard for one’s own expansion and the intimate understanding of one’s own Soul.

The ultimate objective of your personal incarnation at this time is to achieve fully the intimate experience of your own I AM presence; the knowing of your Self and the embracing of your Self within the context of the Wholeness of All-That-Is. This step is the foundational step that must be completed before one seeks union with another soul.

Every incarnate on this planet in this moment has come from the Lemuria~Atlantis epoch. This means that sometimes individuals may feel “connected” in some manner to another individual, but this is only a soul-mate connection. And within the meaning of this explanation there follows the karmic imperative.

As the karmic imperative no longer applies to this current reality, soul-mate alignment for karmic resolution is no longer valid.

Therefore there is only really one imperative now and that is the full achievement of one’s own soul alignment, the alignment with one’s soul essence or ones Higher Self to the physical body/mind/spirit system. This must be done prior to the encounter with ones twin flame, so that this connection may be achieved with little effort and easy integration, and this is no small task.

Let us share this thought with deep affection for all of you as incarnates: The source of much pain and suffering within your reality almost always arises from the mis-creation of the human mind. The mental body – a part of which includes the mind – can create all manner of illusion within the emotional bodies’ constructs of what the “perfect reality” may be perceived to really be.

The purpose of the re-union of the twin souls at this time is simply to magnify their own personal efforts, and their own successes, during this ascension expansion. When they are in energetic union and full harmony, each to the other, their contribution to the ascension process is magnified many times over, including on the multi-dimensional platform. (We have already evidence for this assertion but I am not yet in the position to reveal this. Note, George)

There are twelve pairs within what is considered the PAT group and while they are distributed in a wide geographical area, the recognition of each other shall come to the forefront, if that is meant to be. If they are seeking the twin-soul experience, they will recognize in each other that familiarity with their own over-souls, that indeed, there will be a knowing that they have fully integrated their I AM presences, and that they are now ready for the ultimate Sacred Union, the energetic unification each to the other AND into the ONE. There is a keen excitement in this sacred connection as they will both know that it is an opportunity to expand not only their own levels of consciousness, but also their levels of service for the higher good of all.

The power of this sacred return to wholeness as a pair of Souls holding the same essence, the same energetic frequency, opens the door for a magnificent expansion, not only within their own fields but also within the energetic fields of your Gaia. This also means that because they have come together, their power to act effectively multi-dimensionally expands exponentially.

We send you our love and we wish you to know that we are always with you.

We are the Elohim.

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▶ Billy Meier – Concentration Exercises – YouTube


▶ Billy Meier – Concentration Meditation Sleep 2/3 – YouTube

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Creating the Collapse of the Orion Matrix in Real Time

by Georgi Stankov Posted on December 3, 2015

While the Dark Cabal Distract with California Terrorism, S&P Downgrades Every Major US Bank

Georgi Stankov, December 3, 2015


After I published our overview on the impending collapse of the gold and precious metal markets and the Orion monetary system as a whole, Pale Rider Heralds Apocalypse, Brad wrote to me early this morning the following important observation concerning our expanding abilities to create the ascension scenario in real time from the fulcrum of our HS:

“Thanks for completing and making that into a complete effort. I’m not trying to put you to work for sure, but the Pale Rider was so intense yesterday and that usually means it’s effective for me to say something to benefit someone, somewhere. I think the message is more about people being responsible themselves for the apocalypse. I didn’t even know it was the Ashen horse. Thank you for that.

I did have one question for you. I just seem to be stuck “channeling” this whole process and I have no known blatant exposure to individual, defined energies or beings like others seem to. I’m not concerned about it, but just wondered what your comments may be about my personal situation. I don’t even think I exist here so dumping personal issues isn’t tough and speaking to other people’s HS is really easy if I sit and listen to them for a few minutes. I can tell what their HS wants them to hear as I listen to them…

I do feel that I was always meant to deliver the Pale Horse message and feel that for some reason I am karmic justice and that’s why I see the whole picture as I do. I definitely didn’t set out for this. What an adventure. ”

And here is my immediate reply to Brad this morning:

“Dear Brad,

when I read your latest review I felt the energies of the pale rider very strongly. As I told you previously you are channelled now directly from the Source or your highest monad, just as I am. We both have the advantage that we are open channels due to our very high frequency energies and also have a lot of knowledge and personal experience with the topics discussed and have developed our own congruent personal views with a lot of reading and analysis.

This is unique as most light workers are intellectually lazy and that is why we do not need any individual channelling. We receive all the information we need in full coalescence with our expanded human knowledge which other channellers do not have. This is how I have written all my books – I called it “conscious channelling”, which is very rare, almost non-existent form of higher inspiration among humans. And now I recognize this in you. In this way we are not only wayshowers that create clarity in most convoluted topics such as finance, but we also create the outcome at the same time. In this case our consciousness must be rooted in the higher realms from where we unfold this alchemical reaction.

And the trick is that the more you write, the more you are channelled and inspired and the better you receive this divine information and create at the same time. You feel the power of it while writing as in no other state of meditation. That is why I pushed you gently to start writing on financial issues as I knew this personal booster-effect. And you give now testimony of this rewarding activity.

In fact, yesterday when I received your email I knew immediately that another powerful creation is in the making and that I had to make my contribution to amplify its power. While writing my response to you, I knew that we are creating the perfect scenario for ascension as we are the only ones with a clear multidimensional view of the financial markets and their fraudulent dynamics, where the weak spots of the system are and where most likely the cracks will appear. If we do not do it with a clear analysis, who else? That is why I am so happy that you took the ball willingly and contributed to this collective game….

I have always seen myself as a wayshower who paves the way for others to follow. Clarity of mind and crystal-clear logic is the most deficient human quality on this planet and when one is endowed with it, one should polish it like a very precious and rare diamond.”

A key element of the ascension scenario which I am favoring since the 90s, almost for two decades, is the bankruptcy of the big Orion banks and the shutdown of all financial institutions in the West. This is the best possible alternative in a world that is on the brink of a devastating nuclear Third World War that can so easily erupt in Syria and the Middle East, where now Russia and all major NATO countries such as GB and Germany are sending their troops in a dirty proxy war. The current situation in the Middle East is now more explosive than on the eve of WW1 and WW2.

Hence my preoccupation with the financial collapse as I do not want to invest any energies in a third world war scenario which the dark cabal in the West are now promoting with incurable madness. The financial collapse of the Orion matrix harbours several invariant factors that determine completely its unfolding.

First, all too-big-to-fail banks are de facto bankrupt since the 2008 crisis and kept alive like zombies with blood transfusions by infinite debt created out of thin air and massive bailouts at the expense of the taxpayers.

The only reason why these banks have not collapsed so far is that they are receiving trillions of dollars from the FED, while the FED debt and parallel to that the US national debt have skyrocketed in the last seven years. Since Bombama came to power he more than doubled the state deficit from $8 trillion to $19 trillion. Before that it took Bush eight years to double this deficit and more than 50 years for all other postwar presidents to reach a national debt of $4 trillion in 2000 which was considered a huge and inexcusable financial failure of the US state at that time. So much about the chronicle of the financial death foretold of the Empire of Evil.

As I pointed out recently and Brad confirmed this development, the investors have lost their faith in the US government and state that is in a state of undeclared default since 2008 and can only survive by printing infinite amount of money out of thin air with the help of the Fed. When the faith of the investors in the state is eroded, it is a matter of days when the investors will also lose faith in the liquidity and ability of all big banks to survive.

This is exactly what happened today, while the dark cabal distracted the American citizens with an apparent Islamist based terrorist attack in San Bernardino, CA. Standard and Poors decided to take a peculiar rating action which will impact the American economy far worse than anything short of a biological or nuclear terrorist attack.

S&P cut ratings on 8 biggest US banks at 7:14 p.m. Eastern Time.

Here is a chart of the actions taken today from S&P:

JPMorgan Chase & Co., Bank of America Corp. and Citigroup Inc. are among eight large U.S. banks that had credit grades cut one level by Standard & Poor’s on the prospect that the U.S. government is less likely to provide aid in a crisis. Banks affected also include Wells Fargo & Co., Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Morgan Stanley, Bank of New York Mellon Corp. and State Street Corp.

“We now consider the likelihood that the U.S. government would provide extraordinary support to its banking system to be ‘uncertain’ and are removing the uplift based on government support from our ratings,” S&P said in the statement.

The move comes after the Federal Reserve proposed a rule on banks’ “total loss absorbing capacity”, or TLAC, earlier this year, that said that banks must carry capital and liabilities equal to 18 per cent of risk-weighted assets that can be written off during times of trouble, money which these bankrupt banks do not have and have no chance to generate in the current crumbling credit markets.

Wells Fargo, Bank of New York Mellon and State Street had their long-term issuer credit ratings cut to A from A+. JPMorgan’s was lowered to A- from A. Citigroup, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley were reduced to BBB+ from A-.

The downgrading of the eight biggest US banks by the rating agency S & P means in fact that the Fed has given the warning to themselves as after all these are the shareholding institutions which make up the Federal Reserve and that this central bank has no credibility at all. How long would it take from this recognition to a full-fledged financial crash and shutdown of the banking system in the West? – A week, two, four weeks or a month is of no importance for my considerations here. It has begun and the truth that the whole Orion financial matrix is broke and one gargantuan Ponzi scheme can no longer be hidden by the major players and fraudsters of the system – the rating agencies of the cabal and the deep dark government.

Both Brad and I saw the Pale Rider, the Ashen Horseman of Apocalyptic Death, riding in the wild west yesterday evening, less than 24 hours before this happened and I published our article with today’s date. And less than ten hours after I confirmed in my letter to Brad the enhanced creative abilities of ourselves as Logos Gods, the shootings in the wild west began in order to camouflage the real tragedy of the Empire of Evil. This time schedule is very important for all my readers as to keep in mind that we are creating now real time at the world stage. We only need to point out a particular crack in the Orion facade and it widens into a gaping abyss.

I am curious what Brad has to contribute to this immediate creation of the Ascension scenario that has now entered its final, highly dynamic and rather chaotic phase of total vulnerability as inherent to such highly disequilibrium systems as is the current financial Ponzi scheme of the Orion matrix.

And finally, to cheer you up, I am publishing below a video with cheerful red horsewomen on a black horse to show you that there are also other realities beyond this one, where the pale rider is harvesting lost souls. This is the team of the high vaulting club “Ampertalfreunde”, north of Munich, which my older daughter headed as CEO for several years and also worked as a coach, while studying sports and German literature at the Munich University. Now she has given up her leading position in order to prepare for the final examination. In this high vaulting presentation she is also the horsewoman that is riding most of the time backwards and is holding the other team girls:

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▶ Billy Meier – Concentration Meditation Sleep 2/3 – YouTube

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Many a Slip between a Cup and a Lip

by Georgi Stankov Posted on December 5, 2015

Brad Barber, December 4, 2015


Brad and I continue with our close observation and analysis of the impending financial crisis which will determine the pace of the ascension process and our transfiguration. By doing this we deliberately neglect the war preparations of the western cabal in the Middle East after the Ukraine conflict has been frozen for the moment. Although most of the attention of the MSM is dedicated to this war mongering, it is our deep conviction that the resolution will take place in the financial sector first. The collapse of the Orion monetary system will paralyse the western world and will prevent the outburst of WW3 which could very easily happen under the current highly chaotic conditions on the political world stage, where the ruling cabal in the West behave more and more evidently like mad dogs. I know that some of you may be bored or overwhelmed by our ongoing financial analysis, but I firmly believe that with it we now actively shape the ascension scenario in a very powerful manner and that it is not wise to leave this field entirely to agnostic critical experts, who, while proclaiming and explaining the imminent collapse, as here and here, have no clue about the transcendental energetic dynamics behind all these events. This is the unique advantage of Brad’s and my financial elaborations.



Dear George,

Nice work on catching the downgrades of the banks. I saw that on only one site before the California shooting news overwhelmed the feeds. Now today, with the ridiculous drama of what has been spoken by Draghi over future ECB policy, there hasn’t been a word about it. I could speak on this Euro/Dollar subject and verbal torture of humanity for days, but it’s not worthwhile. The game being played between trashing Europe and the Euro and pretending the Dollar is worth something while the actual US economy implodes has reached a point of such stupidity that I am losing a devastating amount of brain capacity with each moment. Fortunately, I bypassed my brain as an information storage concept a few years back.



It’s good to know Mario Draghi, Ben Bernanke, and Stanley Fischer (2nd in command at the Fed formally from the Bank of Israel), all took or taught classes together at MIT in the 1970’s (with the university of Chicago one of the two birthplaces of the fraudulent economic doctrine of monetarism that gave unlimited power to central banks and was instrumental for the current global financial crisis. Note, George).


The confirmations of the Pale Rider and immediate creation are impressive. There is no turning back. Out of nowhere yesterday, my daughter asked me what my least favorite word was. I said I had no idea. She said, “I know what mine is, It’s Death.”

The number of holes in the dam are finally too many. There is a major bankruptcy in Spain that I can’t find an article on because they delay proceedings for four months and the biggest corporate bankruptcy in Mexico in twenty years. All of these banks are sitting on bonds that can’t be repaid and won’t mark them to their true value which is near worthless. The whole thing is unpayable:




This is a wonderful article on the bond situation that is blowing up in the CCC market. Dave traded bonds in the 80’s and 90’s and is now one of the best real estate and metals guys available. He is announcing the Pale Rider with his own title today and I don’t think we need to say much more for confirmation of the energy.


As he mentions, the head of the COMEX metals group just retired conveniently yesterday as paper to actual ounces hits 329:1 today. It was 295 or so just two days ago.


The moves I’m witnessing in the currency and bond markets as I am typing this are out of control. Everyone is piled onto the same side of the ship hoping central banks can keep the prop job alive. The stampede out of the Dollar into the Euro on a smaller than expected QE extension and rate cut is showing how the whole junior high school is stuffed into the same classroom. 3 and 4% moves in currencies are not good.

I just heard a couple quotes from traders and big money guys I’ve been looking for:

“This is so stupid.” and “I’ve been trading 30 years and this is so dumb.” Yes. Yes it is. It just wasn’t stupid yet the last four years because you didn’t realize it was already

y say something.


The banks and investment firms are finally being allowed to be downgraded publicly because they are preparing to burn them down. They were kept alive long enough to pass the five year statute of limitations from all the criminal activity from the ’08 bailouts which has fully entangled all government agencies into the mess. Now it’s time to burn down the restaurants as the fraud has gone global. Over the last three years, all Western governments have changed bankruptcy laws to make deposits in any financial institution part of the assets of the institution rather than being what used to be a segregated asset. The “bail -in” concept has been fully legitimized in preparation for this and any asset being held in a Too Big to Fail bank is about to be confiscated. They already did a test run of this with MF Global and Obama’s good buddy Jon Corzine. The Cyprus confiscations are another nice template. All documentation can be found by reading FDIC and other related governmental sites.


All the news is currently attempting to confuse everyone. The Chinese numbers conflict each other every night while US and Europe pretend they aren’t the same fraud. Every talking head says everything is great as we’re getting shelled all day and night. Japan is a fifth recession in five years basket case. The computers have everything jumbled so the Dollar goes up and gold goes down just because the Euro is being annihilated by its caretakers. It’s reversing hard today because Draghi didn’t do enough to promise to annihilate more and everyone is gambling that he would do more. Can you say stupid? Now the whole world waits for Janet Yellen on the 16th to say if they’ll raise interest rates. We can’t even raise rates 1/4% without sending the world into convulsions and people still take this seriously?

Here, why don’t you teach me your Elliot Wave technique. How about value investing? Why don’t you tell me what cycle we just violated? Did the Gann cycle just trigger? No, it’s all bullshit and it is sucking the life out of every single human being on this planet. Half, if not all, of everyone’s day is going to serve this shit. The karmic cycle at least played out to the benefit of who had the fastest ship to outrun information and profit off of it, but now there is nothing left. It is scripted, planned, and profited off of before it is even known and announced. If you disagree, then I’m sure some terror comin’ yo way!!!!!!!!


Uh oh! This just came out as I was typing. You mean the Fed was cheating? NOOOO WAAAAAYYYY!!! Go fuck yourself.


Since they are aware of the Pale Rider’s presence, they are now being generous to let women die in greater numbers for the military. Every Ponzi scheme loves more and more types as the coffers run dry. Now you know why Hillary Clinton, Oprah, and Janet Yellen have been allowed to succeed. Go die people since you have equal rights. No, we’re all equal opportunity slaves at this point.


I was going to make a movie that was a modern day extension of Monty Python’s The Holy Grail. This time however, the Holy Grail was found and infinite life was attained. The comedy began after infinite life was attained because the planet was exactly like it is now. A full-blown Ponzi scheme train wreck. Can you imagine working until the age of 678 at Taco Bell and barely covering the bills? The nanobots in your bloodstream would make sure that each burrito was folded meticulously the same so that your emotions and inefficiencies as a human wouldn’t interrupt profits.

The best part of infinite life was going to be the Amazon Mike Tyson drone that billed you $49.95 a month. It would show up at your doorstep every morning and ring the doorbell. When you opened the door up, the boxing glove arm of the drone would smash you in the face just to start your day off right. Brought to you by Citibank and Coca-Cola of course.

I read a comment from a hedge fund manager that was another I was looking for. As the shooting in California took place, she tweeted, “Dear God, please make this stop.” This is exactly what the NWO is scripting. Make the Earth so damn miserable that everyone begs for it to stop. Please take charge of my life completely and make the pain go away. All the pills are designed to block the energy and prevent the pain. The karmic generating terrorism and chaos plan is fully underway. I can’t help anyone that can’t see it now.

I did notice that she didn’t mention anything when people died anywhere else in the world. Please make it stop in my own country. Interesting that everything she makes money off of is destroying the world. I know your portfolio is making some nice gains off of the ramp in banks since ’11. Did you read this article?


She is obviously not cognizant of the fact that not one brain cell is properly functioning.

The next step can only be as Dr. Stankov mentioned:

““It’s an unfortunate truth that, when people are worried about the future, they often put their faith in politicians to somehow make everything better. Politicians, of course, are famous for promising panaceas for whatever is troubling voters, and they even invent new troubles to worry about, presenting themselves as the only ones who can solve these woes.Not surprising then, that, over time, any nation may slowly deteriorate into a population of nebbishes who turn to their government to do their thinking for them and take responsibility for their futures.”

When the last hope of the masses in their criminal regimes is consumed, then comes the time of our appearance as Ascended Masters and Saviors of this debased humanity. And this point in time is very close now. The imminent collapse of the gold market is the pacemaker as you present it perfectly in your latest financial review.”

It is also as I said in my article. Darth must take the helmet off. There is no need left to think and it doesn’t want anyone to try it. I heard my father say it today and it should finally now be obvious to the masses. What we are doing sucks. That’s what I’ve been waiting for and I’ve been deprogramming him every day for seven straight years as we work together.


If he were to find that Holy Grail of a carrot that has been dangled in front of his face his whole life in relation to this Ponzi scheme that he can finally see, I’m guessing he’d spill it on the way to drinking from it and not even care.

Two years ago my father used to get angry at me as I defended Russia as well as continually called the Federal Reserve a criminal organization. Yesterday, he got tears as I read him Gaddafi’s speech about what he was facing from before he was killed by the fraud. Incredible. You can really tell a Westerner who has their heart chakra open if they can take the time to accept this into their lives and what it means, truly. It’s not common.


One of my biggest learning experiences was watching one of my favorite performers, James Brown, out of control crowd in Boston just after Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot. The crowd wanted to burn the world down and probably should have.


The interviews with the white politicians showed how the fraud staged the last phase of this debt expansion lockdown of humanity. It only takes paying off about 15 to 20 people and then getting the rest of humanity to want to be those people. Since the Harmonic Convergence, the fraud doesn’t fight the power of the light, it just concentrated on diluting it by creating dumber human beings. By judging who gets paid these days, they did a great job.


I just blotted out the sun with that one.

There isn’t a dollar amount that can buy the stairway to heaven the Pale Rider just drug into town. I told my daughter that Death isn’t such a bad word. It’s the main thing a karmic generating being is designed to do. If it gets any dumber, Death will be your best friend.

With love and light,

Brad Barber


Dear George,

I hope all is well. The latest Elohim post is absolutely perfect.

Here’s some unbelievable follow through to the latest discussions and what I sent you yesterday. Wow!!!

Mario Draghi getting busted verbally abusing markets and admitting it with an old MIT Bank of England buddy Mervyn King. He was listed specifically in the article I used from 2012. Had no idea Draghi had a speech in New York today.


Huge week for gold miners on Pale Rider follow through. People have no idea what they metaphorically represent in this situation. Some of the leaders up 9-10% today alone.


Great discussion on how the fraud is chasing the Holy Grail (with printed cash no less). Trillions of dollars trying to buy a stairway to heaven. My movie would have been so good. HS just laughing.


I had no idea Jon Corzine was showing his face last night when I wrote that article:


Jim Sinclair posted a Gann chart after I made fun of now useless investment techniques:

There’s much more but I’m off to listen to some Beethoven at the symphony. I’m outta hya!!!!

With love and light,

Brad Barber

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TiAmAt: sharing3 – Dr. Wierdlove, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Holocaust – The Elohim – All Criminal Soul Fragments

Origen: TiAmAt: sharing3 – Dr. Wierdlove, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Holocaust – The Elohim – All Criminal Soul Fragments

Monday, November 2, 2015

sharing3 – Dr. Wierdlove, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Holocaust – The Elohim – All Criminal Soul Fragments

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▶ Billy Meier – Concentration Exercises – YouTube



▶ Billy Meier – Concentration Meditation Sleep 2/3 – YouTube

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The Elohim Confirm the Final and Total Ejection of All Dark Perpetrators’ Soul Fragments From This Uppermost Mother Planet by the PAT

by Georgi Stankov Posted on October 30, 2015

Carla Thompson, October 30, 2015


We are the Elohim and we confirm the soul fragments of incarnates seeking to live within a reality of disharmony, betrayal, shared chaos through prejudice, murder, rape and overall subjugation, that is to say the perpetrators of these and many more heinous crimes representative of a world gone wrong, are no longer compatible with the holographic reality ascending and anchoring into ultimate freedom from manipulation, oppression and all-controlling behaviour, founded in principles of equality, unconditional loving kindness and equanimity for all.

These souls do not belong to this evolving uppermost hologram and have been ejected and moved to their final place of natural order, in the third dimension, where further karmic re-balancing through a new reincarnation cycle shall take place. These souls have made it known as to who they are by gross acts of indecency, cruelty and maliciousness, expedience for personal gain, and demonstrated a complete lack of interest in renunciation of their beliefs and actions. This has been the final culling.

This cleansing was triggered by an alchemical reaction to a personal insult where extreme emotion is both the trigger and the fuel. Great light flooded these out-going soul fragments to move them to their final place of reckoning, the lower third dimension. All light warriors of the first and last hour took part in this cleansing and healing mission, in some way. It is done!

This upper-most hologram has ascended to the point where all who remain with their own original soul fragments shall continue to open to the frequencies of enlightenment, of evolution. The remaining personalities, here as electro-magnetic configurations (empty soulless shells), will stay present and open to new souls of higher frequency who shall incarnate now as soul walk-ins, thus raising planetary frequency higher. These individual beings shall feel great fatigue and disorientation for some time while the integration takes place. They are safe in this process.

We are the Elohim and we send you love!

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Breaking News: All Criminal Soul Fragments Were Removed From This Earth on October 28th

by Georgi Stankov Posted on October 30, 2015

Energy Report

Georgi Stankov, October 29, 2015


On the night of October 28th I dreamed repeatedly and very clearly that I transmuted the energetic structures of all criminal souls incarnated on this earth and subsequently removed them from this uppermost mother planet. I did it the same way as when I opened the heart chakra of the PAT on November 22, 2011:

“Last night, November 22, 2011, 11 days after the opening of the stargate 11.11.11, I met with each one of you in the lucid dream state and initiated (ignited) you for your Individual Ascension. The procedure lasted throughout the whole night, while I was practically awake. At the same time my higher self urged me to immediately inform you on this significant event as soon as I get up.

As you may have experienced, since last Saturday there is a huge surge of energies which are more intensive and powerful than the ones released at 11.11.11. This is at least how I have experienced these energies in my physical body. They reached a peak on Monday when I had a severe headache the whole day, which did not hinder me however to answer all your emails, where I mentioned on several occasions this huge energetic build-up.

Last night, I was burning like a torch and my whole body emanated these extremely powerful energies all around and into the cosmos. The centre of radiation was my heart chakra. When I met with each one of you this last night, I radiated this huge energy from my heart chakra into your heart chakra. At the same time I informed each one of you that you have now reached the threshold of ascension and you can ascend anytime from now on when the appropriate moment has arrived. This will obviously depend on how quickly the events will unfold on the ground.”

After that the PAT fully entered its mission and the rest is a legend throughout the whole multiverse. I am making you aware of this event as we are now heading towards the stargate 11.11 which may indeed be the moment of our final transmutation and ascension.

Last night I was beaming all incarnated criminal human soul fragments with huge amounts of source energies from my whole body and energy fields and in particularly from my left brain portal up to the 18th chakra which is fully opened in my case. My HS was telling me repeatedly that this is the final cleansing and purging of all dark entities (criminals) on this uppermost mother planet in preparation for its final ascension.

Although the energies in my body were excruciating, I enjoyed a very pleasant feeling of completion and inner satisfaction. I was also aware in my lucid dream state of my opening of the heart chakra of the PAT members in 2011 and was told by my HS that this is as significant event in the ascension process as the one four years ago.

Immediately upon awakening I told Carla about my dream experience. She then responded that she woke up in the night due to these powerful energies that I was emanating and went in the other room to make her light invocation. Then the whole apartment was full of angels all of a sudden and she was flooded with golden Christed light from the source – huge balls of energy – which she then sent to me and which I must have used to transmute all dark entities on this planet as we always work in tandem.

My understanding in the dream state was that I transformed the dark cabal and all other criminals as their stooges at the soul level by retrieving all the incarnated dark soul fragments from this earth and by transforming energetically their archetypal personality structure so that new old souls can come in as walk-ins. This is how the final ascension will happen. This has been a leitmotif in all our discussions on the ascension process. We need much more highly vibrating soul essence on this uppermost mother planet as to raise sufficiently the light quotient and reach the threshold for the final ID shift. This was also confirmed and discussed by the Elohim in their latest message.

Please observe that this purging of criminal souls happened immediately after the opening of the last Supermoon portal with which the moon cycle that began with the most powerful ascension portal so far on September 28th was completed. This is all in preparation for possibly the last ascension portal for us, the light warriors of the first and the last hour, during the next pivotal 11.11 portal, four years after the true mission of the PAT began. Maria has just sent me her latest message channelled by the Arcturians which I shall publish tomorrow that fully confirms this scenario independently of our discussions on this website.

Yesterday was an auspicious day by all measure. First Larry Frank, a light worker and philanthropist, from Mt. Shasta whom I know for several years contacted me after he had read the energy report with the plea for invocation and help from Elaine Alcedo and offered to help her. I was very happy about this offer and thanked Larry for this beautiful and quick resolution of Elaine’s problem.

Then an hour later I received an email from a PAT member who reported about the most gruesome life-threatening experience a human being can have on this toxic planet. As I have promised full confidentiality I cannot tell you anything more. I was so shocked about this terrible news that I could not respond immediately to this person as I always do in such cases. All of a sudden I was flooded with such emotional devastation, disgust and repelling anger about the cruelty and savageness of the human race, and at the same time I had such a strong compassion for this person that I was completely overwhelmed and physically paralyzed and could not move. I felt as if I was at this person’s place and as if the criminals had killed my family and I felt at that moment as if I was dying myself.

Then around 13.00 pm I could not stay awake any more as I was feeling very week and overwhelmed by the emotions which this shocking email evoked in me. I discussed it with Carla and it was obvious that this email had to come at this particular time to trigger a most powerful alchemical reaction in me. It was the second round of cleansing of these criminal souls. I went to bed and then slept for more than two hours and the energies that were flowing through my body were incredibly powerful and transforming.

During this time Carla received an urgent call from the Elohim to go to White Rock to our Infinity portal and meet there with our friend who is a psychic and gives readings in a book store in White Rock. She was there but had no clients and was free as it was planned to be. When Carla arrived at the place and met our friend, she was also sleeping in the office and complained that her whole body was aching. She was obviously also doing some kind of light work at the same time.

Then they did a very powerful invocation and AA Michael, St. Germain and Bashar were there to support them. They anchored massive pillars of Christed light not only from the Source but also from the first cause fields of photonic light. It was a very profound wave of transformation and this happened at the same time while I was still sleeping at home and doing my part of the cleansing of all criminal souls. I did not even know that Carla had left the apartment.

After that they had a conversation with St. Germain and he mentioned that Carla was with him in France when he incarnated as a physical person in this country. This was new to her. As I have written on this website, Carla is now the bearer of the violet flame of the new Age of Pisces and thus the successor of St. Germain. It is interesting to know that Carla is very much affiliated to France and spent more than a year in Paris in 1975 and then stayed again for a long time in the 70s in this capital, at the same time when I visited Paris for the first time in 1977. We found that we were at the same time in 2007 in North Italy and that she had a very compelling urging from her HS to visit Munich at that time, not knowing that her dual soul lives there.

I am telling your these details as now we shall observe the connection and energetic merging of all twin flames, most of which have been in an excarnated state and have now come as walk-ins in the human bodies of former dark entities, criminals and cabal, in preparation for the final ascension. This topic is excellently discussed in Maria’s latest message. This may be a source of confusion in the beginning and that is why you must know what happened yesterday.

When Carla returned from White Rock, I was still very dizzy and barely present on this timeline. I only knew that something exceptional had happened. Only late in the evening when I collected my bearings was I able to reflect more clearly on what has occurred on this auspicious day of October 28th. Yesterday we have indeed removed all dark soul fragments which were defined by my HS as “criminal souls” in the dream state from this uppermost mother planet. This was expected to happen in this way and it was due for some time. Gaia cannot ascend unless we remove all these dark soul fragments from this uppermost timeline. As their empty shells remain, they must be incarnated by old souls as walk-ins. We need this huge influx of old soul essence with higher vibrations as to fuel the final ID shift.

Another serendipity: Yesterday Henry Clymer from Rochester sent me an email where he referred to the Chinese hexogram 47 which is about “confinement”. This hexogram is used for prophetic purposes. As I am completely ignorant on Chinese occult tradition I cannot comment on it. But the word “confinement” stuck in my mind and by the end of the day I realized that we have done exactly this – we have now confined all dark souls and energies on this uppermost mother planet and that this transformation leap in energy quality will have huge repercussions for the imminent political developments on the ground.

And to top the series of serendipities yesterday, Larry Frank, who is now helping Elaine, sent Carla a recording of a reading he had made yesterday with a psychic woman from Mt. Shasta. When we listened to this reading, the lady started with the message by reporting on her dream of yesterday night, the same night when I cleansed and purged all dark criminal soul fragments from this timeline. She essentially said that she had dreamed that her HS had told her that “all cabal and perpetrators have now been removed from the earth and that we, the light warriors, will now assume our mission as wayshowers for humanity.”

We were flabbergasted by so much synchronicities and by so compelling evidence and confirmation of what has happened yesterday. Obviously this energetic event was so significant for the ascension process and it was such a great success that we had to be made aware of its scope and importance.

At this very moment Carla is receiving a message from the Elohim that have confirmed so far everything I have reported on this website. They are about to explain the mechanism as to how these dark soul fragments were ejected from this timeline and what a huge leap in higher frequencies this uppermost mother planet and humanity have made yesterday. While the dark souls were blasted into lower timelines, the light warriors of the first and the last hour, the bystanders, and the victims of such crimes are now rapidly ascending. This PAT member freely agreed to participate in such a crime as a victim in order to help me perform this huge alchemical reaction of purging and transmutation of all criminal souls. They are gone now once and for all and you can feel the huge relief and even something like a joy as Erik from Holland has written to me today. It was the crowning of human karmic experience:

“On my part I can tell you that yesterday (October 28th) I was very cheerful without any clear indication. When I know more of it I let you know. What I find striking is that I have sent you a couple of mails these last days, it has rarely taken place. It’s all about sharing and connecting. “

It is also important to mention that Carla and probably some more light warriors are not directly involved in this cleansing as myself but are conduits of the primary energies from the fields of first cause from which all elementary particles and all realities emerge in a secondary manner. These energies are now imbuing all ascension candidates and all other kingdoms and Gaia itself in preparation for the ultimate shift, which may very well happen on 11.11 for us. However, there are infinite pathways to go from now on and no two destinies will be alike.

This replacement of all dark souls that were kept on this uppermost mother planet as to fuel the final resolution through confrontation of darkness and light have fulfilled their purpose within the cosmic dialectics which manifests as the “strife of polarities” and now have been retrieved to lower timelines where they will continue with their gruesome incarnation cycle.

From now on we must expect some spectacular announcements and changes in the power structure of the ruling cabal as most of those individuals who sit in the centers of power now carry old souls within an improved, more light-filled personality structure, so that they will begin to behave in a more gentle and human way very soon. This is part of their decoding and mission for the End Time.

As the power structures of the old Orion matrix are very rigid, they will not be able to make any meaningful reforms in the short period of time left, most probably until 11.11, but will only contribute with their positive decisions to the collapse of the old system as it is an irreparable Ponzi scheme in terms of finance – state debt etc. as Brad so well presented one more time in his latest article. A shutdown of the banks is the most likely next step.

This night I dreamed again very intensively that I and Carla have beamed Canada and its population with source energy in preparation for their transformation. This may be linked to the new policy of the Trudeau government that most probably will have to declare state default very soon. Some indications in this direction have already been leaked in the Canadian MSM.

The Canadians are even more indebted than the Americans, their debt to income ratio is now 150%, from 100 % in 2008 when the Greatest Depression started, while the Americans decreased their private debt ratio to 100% from 140% in 2008 because they allowed the primary mortgage crisis to unfold and the house prices slumped, while the Canadians continued to feed their real estate bubble with the result that now in most parts of Canada, as here in Vancouver, the house prices are the highest in the world – and that for cheap gyprock (cardboard) barracks that are not worth anything. And the house bubble has already burst simultaneously with the slump in commodity prices which are the backbone of this very weak one-sided economy based entirely on consumption and with no real industrial production infrastructure.

When Canada declares default, this will be straw that breaks the cabal’s back in the USA and they will have no other choice but to also declare bankruptcy as they can no longer raise the debt ceiling ad infinitum. Since 2009 when Obama came in the White House, the US debt has doubled from 9,5 trillion to almost 19 trillion now. And the USA needs at least two more trillions paper money printed out of thin air to survive till the end of his presidency. How can that work? Before Obama the USA needed almost sixty years to accumulate the same debt he created in six years during his presidency. This is the kind of exponential suicidal jump into the abyss which the lemming-cabal is now committing in North America and also in the EU.

Thus October has fulfilled all the expectations we have invested in it. All light workers’ chores have been accomplished so far and now the Orion matrix is in a free fall in the total absence of dark soul fragments. There is nothing else that holds this matrix and that is why it is doomed to crash any moment from now on. Please remember the schedule I gave you with respect to the year of 1989 when the Iron Curtain and the Berlin wall fell in the middle of November after the social fermentation prepared the ground for this event in September and October. It is still valid and we are on time.

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Dr. Wierdlove, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Holocaust
by Georgi Stankov Posted on October 28, 2015

Brad Barber, October 28, 2015
Dear George, 

I was able to go visit a great friend of mine in Nebraska for a couple of days. Unfortunately for America, that means I got 14 hours to listen to great music and come up with a heavily opinionated update of the current status of the financial system and it’s relevance to a few other topics.

By the way, if anyone out there really enjoys great progressive heavy rock and friggin’ roll, the album This Time It’s Personal by Periphery is absolutely incredible. I haven’t heard a band push the envelope like this in a long time. Just like any band that really strives for something new, it takes a few listens. For a rhythm section to sound different from anything you’ve ever heard at this stage is incredible. Here’s also a sample of their lyrics:


How solid is that?

Now that everyone in the US is beginning to learn that their economics is actually just voodoo sorcery, it’s pretty interesting to use hindsight to see that two of the best actual economists the United States has ever seen were George Carlin, the comedian, and Dave Mustaine of the band Megadeth. Bill Hicks wasn’t so bad. God bless the arts and the few jedi left.

The reason I’m writing this article is because I know everyone loves to think they wouldn’t have let Hitler come to power and they actually would have said something. I’ve been listening, and you know what, they wouldn’t have said a damn thing ’cause they ain’t now and it’s becoming obvious.

With love and light,

Brad Barber


Dr. Wierdlove, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Holocaust

The financial markets in the United States have now reached a state of operation that is, with no other way to put it but bluntly, fully fascist. As has been discussed in the recent past, this is the toilet paper phase where the only thing that can prolong the status quo is infinite more money printing. Central Banks have printed something like $14 trillion over the past 7 years and it’s failing miserably world-wide. None of the money printers were ever elected by any of the people. For anyone to even talk about voting for something in this system is such a joke. Oh, don’t worry, you’ll get legal weed if that’s your idea of progress. It’ll be designed to keep you energetically enslaved just the same.

Now desperately in the “mushhead” phase, Europe announced last week that “monetary accommodation” may have to be extended and possibly increased. China cuts rates and reserve ratios. The whole world is trying to say China is growing at 7% just to mentally make themselves feel OK that something is going to grow out of the debt Charybdis, but any true research shows it may already be below 0%:


World markets have already front run these announcements and popped a little extra as the toilet paper flies. If the Fed tries to raise rates to not look responsible for the mess, it would be the biggest mistake in known financial history, but not if your plan was actually to bankrupt everyone all along anyway. Now that the pensions are disappearing, the gloves are about to come off. Bad news people, there isn’t any retirement really there anywhere (Time to ascend).

The best part about this monstrous, failure celebrating, what we do doesn’t work at all, people are beyond brain-dead, and please save my ass because I’m scared of light, rally in the last month in world markets is it is showing the fascist state being instituted right to your face. Look at the only companies making new highs or near new highs as the fraud struggles to prop itself. We have the imperial troopers of technology fraud in Microsoft and Google. The ambassadors of designed fascist capitalist fraud in Amazon. Our death-dealing buddies at Lockheed Martin and Northrup Grumman are rockin’. Our Hollywood ambassadors of brain programming in Lion’s Gate Entertainment are rolling. McDonald’s is hitting all time highs as every other quick serve stock is tanking even though tons of information is available that it is failing miserably and serving complete chemical death. The only reason Monsanto is down is because they are too obvious now. Dark energy is always moving to where the light is creating and then it hijacks it and hides behind the spiritual evolutionary surge of whatever it is.


Do you wonder why the new Star Wars is called The Force Awakens as this ascension process takes place? That’s dark energy at work again trying to trademark everything. The fraud’s now trying to figure out how to keep this going in the realm of soul technologies and we’ve hit the wall here. It’s not profitable to spend money any more on anything unless you own it. You can’t research the cell and define its function properly as Dr. Stankov has because you have to own it. The New World Order has to take over everything at this point and tell you what your God is. There’s no other choice. The sad part here is that most everyone is so dysfunctional that they don’t even care.

I played golf with my friend in Nebraska and we played with a pretty nice couple guys. One of ’em worked selling seed and various stuff for Monsanto. Would he even care to see their effort to kill women worldwide or would he invest more into his company because it was just so darn profitable?


One of our good friends was over the other night. She’s scrambling working three different jobs and in tears half the time. She’s talking about having to go to get a prescription for antidepressants because it’s the only option and something is chemically wrong with her. No, my dear friend, you don’t need to accommodate a full-blown fascist state by trying to make yourself functional to the insanity. This place is fucked up. Here’s information on the pharmaceutical industry to make yourself well. They are trying to kill you. That’s sanity and what is. Watch your spirit blossom.


Does anyone in the US care about genocide in Palestine? Our money is paying for it so I guess not. Is your money in US Dollars? Is it collecting yield to feel safe while those funds are being used to destroy the world? The United States is just one genocide after another spreading its “exceptionalism” everywhere. We are told life has never been so great and poverty so low because everyone has a soul technology stealing cell phone. Isn’t spiritual bankruptcy the actual poverty? I listen to everyone talk about spirituality or some other garbage as they don’t even understand they are encouraging the fascist state by trying to keep the Ponzi scheme going indoctrinating the children. Our kids are debt slaves before they are born. Keep it up sonny. Have a great time as I try to collect the last of my benefits. Obamacare is a full fascist health care system to control every aspect of your life. Have fun sonny. How’s the full-time probe up your ass sonny? Man, being a parent is fun. No wonder the Japanese won’t have sex anymore. Tired of being debt slaves.


(Read also the following articles on the mass murderer Obama on this website:

Why Obama is a Mass Murderer

Former US President Jimmy Carter Accuses Obama of Mass Murder

Obama’s Secret Assassins

Finally! Obama Admits: “I Am Really Good At Killing People”)

Does anyone remember when they tested out the current Islamic terrorism techniques on the Catholics and Protestants in Ireland. Oh the good old bombings they took to the Middle East. They’ve tested just about everything first on the Irish.

By the way, as discussed, the Nobel Prize committee just admitted they don’t know shit about physics. I told everyone that for the last five years and not a single person has asked me what that means next. I also told everyone a full fascist state was about to become obvious and it now is. No one asks what that means next. It makes everyone more comfortable to think that life is random so that is takes away all responsibility.

Congratulations America. Have fun sonny. You’re $175,000 in debt before even going to school that’s not teaching you anything but how to be a full fascist asshole. That’s what it’s trying to do. The systems are pumping out Orcs and Ogres everywhere. Tolkien would be so proud how correct he was and Obama is a giant Saruman pumping out troll after troll. People think they wouldn’t have crucified Jesus either ’cause they would have seen the light. Are you kidding me? The truth is crucified every second in this hell hole. Have fun kid. Go get out there and be a god damn nazi. I can’t get real news from yesterday and you want to argue over what Jesus said. Holy shit.


By the way, all those physics “omissions” just happen to mean that everyone should have free energy and were just fully being had by one big fraud of a mess planetary resources scam that controls every aspect of our day. Well shit, I sure can’t figure out why everyone but the nazis feel like shit. Here son, take some more pills. Warren Buffet is sold as our investing hero and every company he owns is poisoning people. Nice hero. Like Bill Burr said, keep Lance Armstrong on his bike because at least that’s one less sociopath out there running a corporation. Do you want Abilify with that antidepressant to kick it up a notch? Have fun son. Go get ’em kid.

Do you even remotely understand what this information means and can you do anything about it to change your energetically enslaved ass at all? Even one word can change your energies and start to get rid of that depression. Trust me. It’s not profitable standing up to fascism, but it’s the energetic liberation that your soul is after. That’s why it keeps bashing you over the head.


Don’t you love how the fraud is trying now to hijack the feminine energy trying to balance by convincing women that being a sociopathic man is a great picture of a woman. If everyone quit giving head to the nazis and sociopaths this would be over in a minute. Too bad they control all the money printers and have all the money. That makes getting laid pretty easy these days.

Speaking of toilet paper, the fraud dumped 5 million ounces of paper gold into the market Friday to quell price action as Europe and China admit failure behind the scenes. They are in full panic mode and about 14 or 15 people in the US actually even have a small grasp on it. They only have 200,000 ounces or so available for delivery on the Comex. Do you understand even a little how stupid this is? Why is anyone even bothering to run a business as someone sits and creates money infinitely digitally? The US got two extra years here by giving away anything it had to create prosperity in the future.

The money printing scam has reached the final spot of any ability to maintain life as is as the fraud has to front run the printer before it even fires up. I love how the US has laws in effect to prevent monetizing its own debt by not allowing the Fed to buy the bonds directly from the Treasury. No that wouldn’t be dumb enough so we decided to allow banks to be the middle man in the process and pay them extra billions of dollars to do it for us. “Mushhead” doesn’t even begin to cover how dumb last week was.


Congratulations America! You have allowed to biggest fascist state in history to be assembled and functioning. That’s not an opinion. That is the truth and the “T” in truth is the cross your Jesus is hanging from. Now son, get out there and make something of yourself.

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▶ Billy Meier – Concentration Meditation Sleep 2/3 – YouTube

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What Went Wrong in the World After the Fall of the Iron Curtain

by Georgi Stankov Posted on October 27, 2015

Interview with Alexander Zinoviev, first published in 1999


Foreword, October 26, 2015

Georgi Stankov

Alexander Zinoviev was, together with Solzhenitsyn and Sakharov, the third most prominent Soviet dissident in the communist era. Alexander Zinoviev was exiled (extradited) from the Soviet Union with his wife and daughter on 6th August 1978, three years after my emigration to Germany in 1975, principally on account of his writings on the nature of Soviet communism. They spent the next twenty years in Munich.

In the 80s, he was the most prominent voice of critics of the Soviet system. He has written a number of highly philosophical and theoretical works on the social structure of the communist system that were considered at that time to be the pinnacle of Russian intellectual achievement, when Sakharov was silenced in an internal exile in the city of Gorki under tight surveillance by the KGB and Solzhenitsyn silenced himself by avoiding the public while hiding in privacy somewhere in the American pampa.

In the late 70s and early 80s, Zinoviev was one of my favourite writers and I have read most of his books on the irrationalities of the communist system. Being a dissident myself in the 70s, I could fully appreciate and follow the inner logic of his argumentation that remained largely misunderstood in the West, notwithstanding his great popularity as a thinker.

And I had the privilege to meet Zinoviev personally in Munich and to discuss with him a variety of theoretical issues. What most people do not know, is that he was a renowned mathematician and has contributed vastly to the development of modern theory of mathematical logic, of which he was very proud. Much more so than with his books that were bestsellers at that time. Our encounter happened in 1986, eight years before I discovered the Universal Law and also resolved the fundamental crisis of mathematics. But already at that time I was pregnant with these topics as my HS was coaching me very rigorously towards the discovery of the Universal Law since my youth, when I already excelled in physics and mathematics.

Zinoviev and myself found immediately a common ground for theoretical discussions and he was visibly pleased to be able to share his views with me in his native language, Russian, although he spoke excellent German, on such theoretical issues about which nobody else discussed with him in Germany. He confessed to me that he is very much homesick and that he would have never left Russia on his own. He said this after he learnt that I was a dissident myself and left my native country on my own decision as to avoid imprisonment.

It was a memorable meeting for me, with somebody I highly valued for his intellectual brilliance and indomitable honesty to speak out unpleasant truths. He was at the age of my father and a role model for me. He died in 2006 in Moscow.

Below I am publishing a pivotal interview with Alexander Zinoviev from 1999 where he makes some very insightful comments on how the world has unfolded since the fall of the Iron Curtain and the collapse of the Soviet Empire and also makes some very precise predictions as to how the political events will unfold in the coming End Time scenario of ascension, about which he had no idea, but somehow better grasped at the intellectual levels than all the “enlightened” individuals from the failed New Age I have met or read since then. In his interview he, for instance, refers to the powerful supra-national organisations and mechanisms that emerged after 1989 and eliminated the sovereignty of the national states, thus paving the way for the ruling cabal in the West to establish the NWO on many lower timelines, however not on this uppermost mother planet.

When you read this interview, consider the fact that it was made two years before 9/11 and the subsequent criminal invasion wars of the Empire of Evil against Afghanistan and Iraq and two years after the greatest crisis in Russia in 1997 when the state defaulted on its debt. I fully agree with the pessimistic assessment of Zinoviev in this interview as I myself visited Russia immediately after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1993 and before that visited several Baltic republics in 1991. And of course I had my personal experience with the post-communist crisis in my native country Bulgaria and former Yugoslavia since 1989, but also in Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Romania, which I visited many times in the 80s and the 90s and, with a bleeding heart, closely followed the misery of the people in Eastern Europe to which Zinoviev refers in this interview.

In my Bulgarian book “The Universal Law: A Short Introduction into the General Theory of Science and its Consequences for Society” from 1998, also published in Russian in the same year, I refer to this Greatest Crisis in Eastern Europe after the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989, which was deliberately instigated by the dark western ruling cabal to destroy Russia as a potential rival and an obstacle to the NWO, as this eventually happened in the last five years with our help as light warriors of the first and the last hour. This interview also gives you the proper perspective as to how much Putin has achieved in the meantime to strengthen his country since he first came to power as prime minister in 1999, in the same year when this interview was given. Regard this publication as a valuable lesson in modern history in the End Time in order to better appreciate the current ascension scenario with all its peripeteia.



Q. With what feelings are you returning home after such a long exile?A. With a feeling that I once left a strong, respected, even awe-inspiring power. Returning now, I found a defeated country in ruins. Unlike others, I would never have left the USSR if I had had a choice. Emigration was a real punishment for me.Q. Nevertheless, you were welcomed with open arms here! (in Germany – Ed. Note)A. That is true… But despite the triumphant recognition and the worldwide success of my books, I have always felt like a stranger here.Q. After the collapse of communism the Western system has become the main focus of your research. Why?

A. Because what happened was what I had predicted: the fall of communism turned into the breakup of Russia.

Q. So the fight with communism was a conspiracy to destroy Russia?

A. Precisely. I say this because once I was an unwitting accomplice of this action that I found shameful. The West wanted and programmed the Russian catastrophe. I read documents and participated in the research, which under the guise of ideological struggle worked towards the destruction of Russia. This became so unbearable for me that I could no longer stay in the camp of those who destroy my people and my country. The West is not a stranger to me, but I consider it an enemy empire.

Q: Have you become a patriot?

A: Patriotism does not concern me. I received an international upbringing and I remain loyal to it. I cannot even say whether I love Russians and Russia or not. I am part of them. Today’s suffering of my people is so horrible that I cannot stand watching them from afar. The barbarity of globalization manifests itself in many diverse, unacceptable ways.

Q: Nevertheless, many former Soviet dissidents speak about their former homeland as a country of human rights and democracy. Now that this point of view has become commonly accepted in the West, you are trying to refute it. Isn’t there a contradiction here?

A: During the Cold War, democracy was a weapon in the fight against communist totalitarianism. Today we understand that the Cold War era was the history of the West’s apogee. During that time the West had it all: unprecedented growth of wealth, true freedom, incredible social progress, colossal scientific and technological achievements. But at the same time the West was imperceptibly changing. The timid integration of developed countries launched at that time has developed into the internationalization of the economy and the globalization of power that we are witnessing now. Integration may help the growth of common good and have a positive impact if it is driven by the legitimate aspiration of fraternal people to unite, for example. But the integration in question was conceived from the beginning as a vertical structure strictly controlled by a supranational power. Without a successful Russian counter-revolution against the Soviet Union, the West could not have started the process of globalization.

Q: So, the role of Gorbachev was not positive?

A: I look at things from a slightly different angle. Contrary to common belief, Soviet communism did not collapse because of internal reasons. Its collapse is certainly the greatest victory in the history of the West. An unheard of victory which, let me say it again, can establish a unitary power monopoly on a planetary scale. The end of communism also signalized the end of democracy. The modern epoch is not only post-communist, it is also post-democratic! Today we are witnessing the establishment of democratic totalitarianism, or, if you will, totalitarian democracy.

Q: Does not it all sound a little absurd?

A: Not at all. Democracy requires pluralism and pluralism implies an existence of at least two more or less equal forces which oppose each other and at the same time influence each other. During the Cold War there was world democracy, global pluralism, with two opposing systems: capitalist and communist, plus other countries with an amorphous system which belonged to neither. Soviet totalitarianism was sensitive to Western criticism. In turn, the Soviet Union influenced the West, in particular through the latter’s own communist parties. Today we live in a world dominated by one single force, one ideology and one pro-globalization party. All of this together began to take shape during the Cold War, when superstructures gradually appeared in various forms: commercial, banking, political and media organizations. Despite their different fields of activity, what they had in common was essentially their transnational scope. With the collapse of communism they began to rule the world. Thus, Western countries ended up in the dominant position, but at the same time they are now in a subordinate position as they gradually lose their sovereignty to what I call the supra-society. The planet-wide supra-society consists of commercial and non-commercial organizations whose influence extends far beyond individual states. Like other countries, the Western countries are subordinated to these supranational structures. This is despite the fact that the sovereignty of states was also an integral part of pluralism and hence of democracy on a global scale. Today’s ruling supra-power suppresses sovereign states. The European integration unfolding in front of our very eyes is also leading to the disappearance of pluralism within this new conglomerate in favor of supranational power.

Q: But do not you think that France and Germany remain democracies?

A: Western countries got to know true democracy during the Cold War. Political parties had genuine ideological differences and different political programs. The media also differed from each other. All this had an impact on the lives of ordinary people contributing to the growth of their wealth. Now this has come to an end. A democratic and prosperous capitalism with socially oriented laws and job security was in many ways thanks to a fear of communism. After the fall of communism in Eastern Europe, a massive attack on the social rights of citizens was launched in the West. Today the socialists who are in power in most European countries are pursuing policies of dismantling the social security system, destroying everything that was socialist in the capitalist countries. There is no longer a political force in the West capable of protecting ordinary citizens. The existence of political parties is a mere formality. They will differ less and less as time goes on. The war in the Balkans was anything but democratic. Nevertheless, the war was perpetrated by the socialists who historically have been against these kinds of ventures. Environmentalists, who are in power in some countries, welcomed the environmental catastrophe caused by the NATO bombings. They even dared to claim that bombs containing depleted uranium are not dangerous for the environment, even though soldiers loading them wear special protective overalls. Thus, democracy is gradually disappearing from the social structure of the West. Totalitarianism is spreading everywhere because the supranational structure imposes its laws on individual states. This undemocratic superstructure gives orders, imposes sanctions, organizes embargos, drops bombs, causes hunger. Even Clinton obeys it. Financial totalitarianism has subjugated political power. Emotions and compassion are alien to cold financial totalitarianism. Compared with financial dictatorship, political dictatorship is humane. Resistance was possible inside the most brutal dictatorships. Rebellion against banks is impossible.

Q: What about a revolution?

A: Democratic totalitarianism and financial dictatorship rule out the possibility of social revolution.

Q: Why?

A: Because they combine omnipotent military power with a financial stranglehold. All revolutions received support from outside. From now on this is impossible because there are no sovereign states, nor will there be. Moreover, at the lowest level the working class has been replaced with the unemployed class. What do the unemployed want? Jobs. Therefore, they are in a less advantageous position than the working class of the past.

Q: All totalitarian systems had their own ideology. What is the ideology of the new society you call post-democratic?

A: The most influential Western thinkers and politicians believe that we have entered the post-ideological epoch. This is because by “ideology” they mean communism, fascism, nazism, etc. In reality, the ideology, the super-ideology of the Western world, developed over the last fifty years is much stronger than communism or national socialism. A western citizen is being brainwashed much more than a soviet citizen ever was during the era of communist propaganda. In ideology, the main thing is not the ideas, but rather the mechanisms of their distribution. The might of the Western media, for example, is incomparably greater than that of the propaganda mechanisms of the Vatican when it was at the zenith of its power. And it is not only the cinema, literature, philosophy – all the levers of influence and mechanisms used in the promulgation of culture, in its broadest sense, work in this direction. At the slightest impulse all who work in this area respond with such consistency that it is hard not to think that all orders come from a single source of power. It was enough to decide to stigmatize General Karadžić or President Milošević or someone else for the whole planetary propaganda machine to start working against them. As a result, instead of condemning politicians and NATO generals for violation of all existing laws, the vast majority of Western citizens is convinced that the war against Serbia was necessary and just. Western ideology combines and mixes ideas based on its needs. One of these ideas is that Western values and lifestyle are the best in the world! Although for most people on the planet these values have disastrous consequences. Try to convince Americans that these values will destroy Russia. You will not be able to. They will continue to assert the thesis of universalism of Western values, therefore following one of the fundamental principles of ideological dogmatism. Theorists, politicians and media of the West are absolutely sure that their system is the best. That is why they impose it around the world without a doubt and with a clear conscience. Western man as the carrier of these highest values is therefore a new superman. The term itself is a taboo, but It all comes down to this. This phenomenon should be studied scientifically. But I dare to say that it has become extremely difficult to conduct scientific research in some areas of sociology and history. The scientist who desires to research mechanisms of democratic totalitarianism will face extreme difficulties. He will be made into an outcast. On the other hand, those whose research serves the dominant ideology are flooded with grants while publishing houses and media are fighting for the right to work with such authors. I have personally experienced it when I have been teaching and working as a researcher at foreign universities.

Q: Does not this super-ideology you dislike, have ideas of tolerance and respect for others?

A: When you listen to representatives of the Western elite, everything seems so pure, generous and respectful to people. Doing so they use the classic rule of propaganda: hide the reality behind sweet talk. However it is enough to turn on the TV, go to the movies, open a bestselling book or listen to popular music to realize the opposite: the unprecedented dissemination of the cult of violence, sex and money. Noble speeches are designed to hide these three (and there are more) pillars of totalitarian democracy.

Q: What about human rights? Is it not the West who honors them the most?

A: From now on the idea of human rights is increasingly under pressure. Even the purely ideological thesis that these rights are intrinsic and inseparable today will not sustain even the first stage of a thorough analysis. I am ready to subject Western ideology to the same scientific analysis that I did with communism. But this is a long conversation, not for today’s interview.

Q: Does Western ideology have a key idea?

A: The idea of globalization! In other words, world domination! Since this idea is rather unpleasant, it is hidden under lengthy phrases about planetary unity, transformation of the world into one integrated whole… In reality, the West has now commenced work on structural changes across the whole planet. On the one hand Western society dominates the world, on the other hand it itself is being rebuilt vertically with the supranational power on the very top of the pyramid.

Q: World government?

A: Yes, if you will.

Q: To believe in it, doesn’t that mean to be a victim of delusional fantasies about global conspiracy?

A: What conspiracy? There is no conspiracy. The world government is controlled by the heads of well-known supranational economic, financial and political structures. According to my estimates, this super-society, now ruling the world, has about fifty million people. Its center is the United States. The countries of Western Europe and some former Asian “dragon” countries are its basis. Other countries are dominated under a tight financial and economic ranking. This is the reality. Regarding propaganda, it presumes that the creation of world government under control of the world parliament is desirable because the world is a big brotherhood. All these are just stories designed for the plebs.

Q: The European Parliament as well?

A: No, because the European Parliament exists. But it is naive to believe that the European Union was a result of the good will of the governments of the member states. The European Union is a weapon for the destruction of national sovereignties. It is part of the projects developed by supranational organisms.

Q: The European commonwealth changed its name after the collapse of the Soviet Union. As if to replace the Soviet Union, it was called the “European Union”. After all, it could be called differently. Like Bolsheviks, European leaders call themselves commissioners. Like Bolsheviks they head commissions. The last president was “elected” being the only candidate …

A: We must not forget that the process of social organization is subject to certain rules. To organize a million people is one thing, to organize ten million is another, to organize a hundred million is a very hard task. To organize five hundred million people is a task of colossal proportions. It is necessary to create new administrative bodies, to train people who will manage them and to ensure their smooth functioning. This is the primary task. In fact, the Soviet Union is a classic example of a multinational conglomerate led by a supranational management structure. The European Union wants to achieve better results than the Soviet Union! That is justified. Even twenty years ago I was stunned by the fact that so-called flaws of the Soviet system were even more developed in the West.

Q: Like what?

A: Planning! The Western economy is infinitely more planned than the economy of the USSR was ever planned. Bureaucracy! In the Soviet Union 10 to 12% of the active population worked in the country‘s management and administration field. In the US this number is 16 to 20%. However the USSR was criticized for its planned economy and the burden of bureaucratic apparatus. Two thousand people worked in the Central Committee of the Communist Party. The Communist Party apparatus reached 150 thousand workers. Today in the West you will find dozens, even hundreds of enterprises in industrial and banking sectors employing more people. The bureaucratic apparatus of the Soviet Communist Party was negligibly small compared with the staff of large transnational corporations of the West. In fact, we must recognize that the USSR was mismanaged because of the lack of administrative staff. It was necessary to have two to three times more administrative workers! The European Union is well aware of these problems and therefore takes them into account. Integration is impossible without an impressive administrative apparatus.

Q: What you say is contradictory to the ideas of liberalism promoted by European leaders. Do you not think that their liberalism is just a show?

A: The administration has a tendency to grow greatly which is dangerous in itself. It knows that. Like any organism it finds antidotes to continue its normal functioning. A private initiative is one of them. Another antidote is social and individual morality. Applying them, power fights self-destructive tendencies. So it invented liberalism to create a counterweight to its own gravity. Today, however, it is absurd to be a liberal. The liberal society no longer exists. The liberal doctrine does not reflect the realities of the unprecedented era of concentration of capital. The movement of huge financial resources does not take into accounts the interests of individual states and peoples consisting of individuals. Liberalism implies a personal initiative and taking of financial risks. Today any business needs money provided by banks. These banks, whose numbers are diminishing, implement a policy which is by its nature dictatorial and manipulative. Business owners are at their mercy because everything is subject to lending and therefore is under the control of financial institutions. The importance of the individual – the basis of liberalism – is reduced day by day. Today it does not matter who heads this or that company, this or that country: Bush or Clinton, Kohl or Schröder, Chirac or Jospin, what is the difference?

Q: The totalitarian regimes of the 20th century were extremely cruel, which cannot be said about Western democracy.

A: It’s not the means that are important, but the end result obtained. Would you like an example? In the struggle against Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union lost 20 million people (according to the latest figures of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation – 27 million. – Ed. Note) and suffered tremendous destruction. During the Cold War, a war without bombs and guns, there were a lot more losses any way you look at it! Over the last decade the life expectancy of Russians dropped by ten years! The death rate is much higher than the birth rate. Two million children do not sleep at home. Five million school-age children do not attend school. There are 12 million registered drug addicts. Alcoholism has become universal. 70% of young people are not suitable for military service due to various physical defects. These are the direct consequences of the defeat in the Cold War, followed by a transition to a Western lifestyle. If this continues, the population will drop rapidly at first from 150 million to 100 million, and then to 50 million. Democratic totalitarianism will surpass all previous totalitarian regimes.

Q: Through violence?

A: Drugs, poor nutrition, and AIDS are much more effective than military violence. Although after the immense force of destruction of the Cold War, the West invented a “humanitarian war”. The military campaigns in Iraq and Yugoslavia are two examples of collective punishment and retaliation on an exceedingly large-scale, while the propaganda machine shapes them as a “good cause” or a “humanitarian war”. Turning the victims of violence against themselves is another, different approach. An example of its use is the Russian counter-revolution of 1985. However, when they unleashed the war in Yugoslavia, the countries of Western Europe led war against themselves.

Q. In your opinion, the war against Serbia was also a war against Europe?

A. Absolutely right. In Europe there are forces that can compel it to act against itself. Serbia was chosen because it resisted the ever-expanding globalization. Russia could be next on the list. Before China…

Q: In spite of its nuclear arsenal?

A: Russia’s nuclear arsenal is huge, but it is outdated. Besides, the Russians are morally disarmed and ready to surrender… I believe that the monstrosity of the 21st century will surpass everything that mankind has seen to this day. Just think about the coming global war on Chinese communism. To defeat such a populous country one will need not exterminate around 500 million people, not 10 or 20 million. Today, given the level of excellence of the propaganda machine, it is quite possible. Naturally, in will be done in the name of freedom and human rights. Unless, of course, some PR organization invents a new and no less noble a cause.

Q: Don’t you think that people can have their own opinions, and that they can vote and thus express themselves?

ANSWER. First of all, even now people don’t vote that often, and they will vote even less in the future. With regard to public opinion in the West it is shaped by the media. Suffice it to recall the universal approval of the war in Kosovo. Remember the Spanish war! Volunteers from all over the world traveled to that country to fight on one side or the other. Remember the war in Vietnam. But these days, people are so well shepherded that they react only the way that the purveyors of propaganda want them to.

Q: The Soviet Union and Yugoslavia were the most multi-ethnic countries in the world, but they were destroyed nevertheless. Do you see a connection between the destruction of multiethnic countries, on the one hand, and the promotion of multi-ethnicity on the other hand?

A: Soviet totalitarianism created a genuinely multi-cultural and multi-ethnic society. It was the Western democracies that made superhuman efforts to fan the flames of various kinds of nationalism, because they considered the breakup of the Soviet Union as the best way to destroy it. The same mechanism worked in Yugoslavia. Germany had always sought the obliteration of Yugoslavia. United, Yugoslavia could strengthen its resistance. The essence of the Western system is to divide in order to make it easier for the West to impose its laws on all parties, and then act as Chief Justice. There is no reason to assume that this know-how will not be applied in relation to the dismemberment of China in the future.

Q: India and China voiced their opposition to the bombing of Yugoslavia. If needed, could they form a core of resistance? After all, 2 billion people are no joke!

A: The means of those countries cannot in any way be compared with the military might and technological superiority of the West.

Q: Were you impressed by the effectiveness of the US military arsenal in Yugoslavia?

A: Not only that. If such a decision had been made, then Serbia would have ceased to exist within a few hours. Apparently, the leaders of the new world order have chosen a strategy of permanent violence. Numerous localized conflicts will now keep igniting one after another so that the “humanitarian war” machine, which we have already seen in action, could keep extinguishing them. In fact, this is likely to become the solution to extending control over the entire planet. The West controls most of the Earth’s natural resources. Its intellectual resources are millions of times greater than the resources of the rest of the world. This is the foundation of the overwhelming hegemony of the West in technology, the arts, media, IT, and science, and this implies its superiority in all other areas. It would be too easy to just conquer the world. After all, they still need to rule! And this is the fundamental problem that the Americans are trying to address now… Remember that in the time of Christ, the population of earth was only about 100 million people. Today, Nigeria alone has that number of inhabitants! A billion “westernoids” and the people assimilated by them will rule the entire world. However, this billion, in turn, also needs to be controlled. In all probability, two hundred million people will be required to control the Western world. But they must be chosen and taught. That’s why China is doomed to failure in its struggle against the hegemony of the West. The country does not have enough control, nor economic and intellectual resources to implement an effective administrative system consisting of approximately 300 million people. Only the West is able to solve the problems of global governance. It has already started to do so. Hundreds of thousands of “westernoids” in the former communist countries, such as Russia, tend to occupy leadership positions there. Totalitarian democracy will also be a colonial democracy.

Q: According to Marx, apart from violence and cruelty, colonization also brought with it the blessings of civilization. Perhaps the history of mankind is simply repeating itself at this new stage?

A: Indeed, why not? But, alas, not for everyone. What kind of contribution to civilization has been made by American Indians? Almost none, as they were crushed, destroyed, and wiped off the face of the Earth. Now look at the contribution of the Russians! Let me make an important point here: the West did not fear Soviet military power as much as its intellectual, artistic, and athletic potential. The West saw that the Soviet Union was full of life! This is the most important thing that must be destroyed, should one wish to destroy one’s enemy. Which is precisely what was done. Today, Russian science is dependent on US funding. It is in a pitiful state because the US is not interested in financing its competition. Americans prefer to offer Russian scientists jobs in the United States. Soviet cinema, too, has been destroyed and replaced by American movies. The same thing happened to literature. World domination manifests itself primarily as an intellectual, or, if you prefer, a cultural diktat. Which is why in the last few decades, Americans have so zealously tried to bring down the cultural and intellectual common denominator of the entire world to their own level – it will allow them to impose this diktat.

Q: But might this domination turn out to be a blessing for all mankind?

A. Ten generations from now, people will, indeed, be able to say that it all happened in the name of humanity, i.e. for their greater good. But what about the Russians or the French who are alive today? Should they be happy that their people will have the same future as the American Indians? The term “humanity” is an abstraction. In reality, there are Russian, French, Serbs, etc. However, if the current trend continues, then the nations who founded modern civilization (I mean the Latin peoples), will gradually disappear. Western Europe is already bursting with foreigners. We have yet to speak about it, but this phenomenon is not accidental, and it is certainly not the consequence of the allegedly uncontrollable human migration flows. The goal for Europe is to create a situation similar to the situation in the United States. I suspect that the French will hardly be delighted to learn that mankind will come to be happy, but only without the French. After all, it might well be a rational project to only leave a limited number of people in the world, who could then live in a paradise on earth. Those remaining people would certainly believe that their happiness is the result of historical development… No. All that matters is the life that we and our loved ones are living today.

Q: The Soviet system was ineffective. Are all totalitarian societies doomed to inefficiency?

A: What is efficiency? The US spends more money on weight loss than Russia spends on its entire public budget. Still, the number of overweight people is growing. And such examples are many.

Q: Would it be correct to say that the intensifying radicalization in the West will leads to its own destruction?

A: Nazism was destroyed during total war. The Soviet system was young and strong. It would have continued to thrive, had it not been destroyed by outside forces. Social systems do not destroy themselves. They can only be destroyed by an external force. It’s like a ball rolling on a surface: only the presence of an external obstacle could break its movement. I can prove it like a theorem. Today, we are dominated by a country with enormous economic and military superiority. The new emerging world order is drawn to unipolarity. If the supranational government manages to achieve this by eliminating all external enemies, then a unified social system can survive until the end of time. Only a person can die from their illness. But a group of people, even a small group, would try to survive through reproduction. Now imagine a social system comprising billions of people! Its capacity to anticipate and prevent self-destructive phenomena will be limitless. In the foreseeable future, the process of erasing differences across the world cannot be stopped, since democratic totalitarianism is the last phase of the development of Western society, which began with the Renaissance.

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sharing3 – The Elohim: Your Magnificent Energy Work – A Historical Interview with Gorbachev | samkaska

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sharing3 – The Elohim: Your Magnificent Energy Work – A Historical Interview with Gorbachev

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The Elohim: Your Magnificent Energy Work

by Georgi Stankov Posted on August 10, 2015

by Carla Thompson, August 10, 2015


Here is a wonderful message from the Elohim that I have written down in words, but there was so much more information that came to me as clair-cognition. So even though the written message is very clear, they were imparting a much more complex message in terms of our abilities and our successes. I discuss it here first as an expansion of the written message.

The Elohim confirm the propagation of the golden template into the Golden galaxy that George and I (see Energy Report -August 2nd), and some other PAT members (see Shirley Garmon’s vision below) confirmed as taking place on the 31st of July. They lovingly refer to us as the “All-Beings”, with our unique ability to accept, hold and expand energy into our reality and the cosmos as a creationary projection of our consciousness. We are demonstrating our unwavering commitment to Source for which they are most impressed. We are engaging our powerful imaginations to envision a world of perfection at all levels, and worlds beyond the horizon that fulfill even the wildest of dreams.

My impression from them is that there is a leap in the consistent feeling of loving kindness and it is this leap that provides the energetic foundation for an expansion of unequaled power and why our activities with the sacred flames is so important to the creation of the perfect fifth dimension and beyond. They talk about our bodies as being powerful refined antennae that can receive and transmit the in-flowing source energy at very refined, high frequency levels now, a new achievement. It is the first time they speak of the fact that only humans with a soul are a part of this entire energetic restructuring through the distribution of cosmic energy.

Finally, they want us to hold firm on our highest expectations for the perfect reality in our lives, right now! I encourage everyone to continue using the Seven Sacred Flames (read the message “The Elohim: Sacred Flames of Creation Part I and Part II) at least once a day, in a daily meditation, holding the intention for the best outcome for a particular situation and the highest good for all individuals involved. With daily use in a compassionate frame of mind and heart, success will soon be the reward.

The Elohim Message on August 7th

The Garden of Eden is charged with a spectacular golden light and a lifestream of infinite beauty and perfection flows like the gentle waterfall as all expressions move together into one united field! From here on, life blossoms outward like the lotus flower that explodes in a never ending bloom. Indeed, here we speak of the golden template, a sacred dodecahedron which graces all aspects of creative design in the perpetuity of time (see Shirley Garmon’s vision below and compare it with the dodecahedron form of the new human template which we seeded on October 12, 2014 in the new Golden Galaxy; note, George ).

We are the Elohim and we know of your desire to understand your value and the nature of your involvement in the expansion in this moment. You are the All-Beings: the Beings of the Earth that move great multitudes of energy forth, from within the inner space to the outer space, and through all quantum levels of space, as your multi-dimensional vehicles serve to anchor and stabilize the nature of form within your seen and unseen reality.

Your souls operate on a multitude of levels, as you are living in multiple dimensional expressions. Some of you are aware of another time and place where great energy flows and this new golden template moves through your current physical vessels and into these new co-ordinates. (I had a dream two nights ago where my body was flooded with waves of golden energy, flowing through my back to my front as I lay on my back in bed. It was a most gentle and loving energy. Note, Carla).

From your third dimensional perspective you may be unaware that you are guiding creation in all other dimensions. These dimensions each reflect not only the constancy of unconditional loving kindness and acceptance of all, but also many other necessary qualities that you are unfamiliar with, including the constancy of energy you sustain for example. The one founding principle common to each and every one of these expressions is that of unconditional loving kindness and acceptance of everything as being part of the All. As you focus on expanding your capacity for love, either in the giving or in the receiving of love here in this reality, you are therefore necessarily flooding All of Creation with these thoughts and with these energies. Even one quantum of love ripples itself out into and throughout Creation!

To say a large flood of energy will come on a specified date (i.e. I asked about the massive wave, known as X-wave, projected to come on “September 28th” of this year) is truth, only because waves of great import are coming every day and not because it has simply been stated as being so! Energy is everywhere, indeed, everything is constituent energy. Those of you who are able to sense the flow of energy throughout the cosmos have developed finely tuned energetic vehicles, as they were meant to be. Your human vehicles are designed to be receivers as well as transmitters of energies. As your electro-magnetic fields become refined through the conscious application of principles of physical detoxification, your bodies and your fields will naturally expand in amplitude, and therefore inclusion in the activity of the ascension.

However, even those who are unaware of the ascension aide in its realization as the increased light instantly removes areas of blocked and heavy energetic back-flow.

Every individual who has an intact body-mind-soul standard is affected by the high frequency photon light bombarding your earth at this moment and this of course excludes those who have no soul at present. As receivers, you filter these energies and re-cycle them out/ transmit them to the masses after their refinement, for their integration and revision.

The revision is a natural process, whereby those whose bodies repel these energies as too much of an energetic challenge/ overload will re-calibrate naturally to accept a homeopathic dosage of energies needed to expand the level of consciousness of the individual. The expanded consciousness then automatically and naturally allows more photon light in to the body-mind-soul system, opening him up to the possibility of moving to another newly expanded reality.

This whole process feels slow to you by your standards, however in reality it happens instantly!

In every instant, there is energetic upliftment and this can be measured, as each human vehicle can hold the light in greater and greater amounts. This is the ongoing nature of the ascension and as you hold the highest love and light for your own personal experience, you immediately move to the highest expression of your reality within your grasp. Do this daily and your reality shall reflect more grace, more peace and serenity, upon which more joy shall grow. Never give up this activity – it is the ascension!

We are by your side, lovingly encouraging you in your continuing quest to find your most brilliant reality!


August 4, 2015, Very Strong Vision

Shirley Garmon, USA

Last night, I went to bed around 11:30 p.m. Instantly, after closing my eyes, I start to see a pool of Dolphins; I follow them as this is not the first time I’ve followed or lead a pool of Dolphins. This time, they are leading me and I’m flying behind. They swim for a long while, and we seem to be out in the open sea but finally they arrive at their destination with me in tow. They arrive at wall of some rocks which look very old and ancient. They proceed thru the rocks, as there are large holes, large enough to accommodate the Dolphins, and me, as well. I follow them thru, and at first, it is kind of dark and a little, foreboding, but we are swimming thru a lot of water, similar to a tributary surrounded by rocks. Finally, they bring me to a place that looks, somewhat, like ancient Atlantis. At first, I think that I see small white houses, but no, they become clearer and they look as if they are small, white, ancient Grecian temples made of the same type of bricks and pillars that comprised ancient Greece. I see people below who are playing in the water. The Dolphins are also playing in the water. I look at the beautiful foliage and its beauty is unparalleled. I fly down to ask these people where I am. I ask this person in the water if this is Agartha. He shakes his head “no” and points toward the heavens as if Agartha is now located within the heavenly realms. After he points toward the heavens, I instantly fly up toward the heavens and seem to be among the stars.

I am steadily ascending and I suddenly stop as I see directly in front of me a Dodecahedron (see picture below). It is large as an asteroid and smoky gray, in fact, it is clear, smoky, grey glass. It moves through the heavens and I know that it is headed toward Europe. As it makes it way through the heavens, it is turning consistently over and over, and moving slowly because of its large mass (compare with the dodecahedron form of the new human template here which we seeded on October 12, 2014; note, George).

I open my eyes because “nature calls.” After I come back to bed, close my eyes, the vision resumed, only this time, I am back with the Dolphins, and the other-worldly looking people. The foliage is beautiful, lush and green, unlike nature here. The colors were amazingly vivid! Again, “nature called” and I answered. When I came back to bed, closed my eyes again, the same thing happened again. I’m back in this beautiful, Atlantis-looking place with the Dolphins and the otherworldly looking people.

POINT OF FACT: This went on all night. Nature constantly called every 30 or 40 minutes, and when I came back to bed, the vision resumed. It was as if the Creator wanted me to know, totally, absolutely, unequivocally, that this was a vision and there was no way that I could question it or doubt its validity as I’ve often done before as you are aware. Dr. Stankov, this continued until around 4:30 to 5:00 a.m. Same vision and nature steadily calling. I wonder if anyone else is having issues with “Nature” calling so frequently, as I.

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A Historical Interview with Gorbachevby Georgi Stankov Posted on August 14, 2015

by Georgi Stankov, August 13, 2015


Gorbachev was the man who governed the collapse of the Soviet Union because at that time he believed the rogue promise of the greatest criminal and cabal-mafioso Bush Senior that NATO will not extend beyond its 1990 borders after the Fall of the Iron curtain. Now he is a disillusioned old statesman, who is blamed in his own country for destroying the Soviet Union. He has meandered a lot in the last years in his political opinions, but finally he has found his motherland and has fully embraced the current policy of Putin, whom he criticized only a few years ago.

This interview is in the first place a full vindication of Putin, as Gorbachev was misused in the past by the western MSM presstitutes to seed dissent in the Russian leadership. Now the Russians are more united against the USA than under communism during the Cold war. And this time the Russian people are able to build their opinion in absolute freedom and making use of the most democratic and open press worldwide, which has become the preferred alternative source of information for all critical intellectuals in the West.

This interview is very revealing and extremely important as Gorbachev knows the world political scene probably better than anybody else and is honest enough to express his opinions without considering the despicable western “political correctness”. The interview also profits from the fact that the journalist Sophie Shevardnadze is an old family friend of Gorbachev – she is the granddaughter of his close ally and longtime foreign minister, Eduard Shevardnadze, who was one of the fathers of the perestroika and later a former prime minister of Georgia before he was ousted from power by a CIA-sponsored colour putsch, very similar to the one in Kiev last year.

“SophieCo” Cold War, Warm Heart – YouTube

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A Necessary Clarification in the Jarring Cacophony of Financial Discusssions in the End Timeby Georgi Stankov Posted on August 12, 2015

The Minotaur’s Complex of the Financial Experts

by Georgi Stankov, August 12, 2015


Picasso as Minotaur, 1963, photo Mili Gjon

The last several days I spent more time reading the latest critical articles on the impending financial crash, which most of the experts now predict almost unanimously for the end of September. Likewise the major factors that have caused this crisis in the past are well presented by most authors. But at this point the unanimity ends and this is due to the limited 3D thinking and approach of these, otherwise very critical experts.

In a very human way, it is very tormenting for me to read all these publications as they expose painfully where the deficits in human thinking still lie, even for the most critical and awakened representatives of humanity – those for whom we have sacrificed ourselves and have decided to stay on this earth as light warriors and Logos Gods to the very last hour in order to help them make the transition to the new 4D worlds. And to be honest, sometimes I begin to doubt the wisdom of this decision as the recalcitrance of these alleged forerunners of humanity with respect to new transcendental insights is staggering and very much disheartening.

Let me explain. Most of the financial experts nowadays begin to open their eyes to the inevitability of the impending ultimate financial crash, but at the same time they get absolutely lost in the Minotaur’s labyrinth of fearful facts surrounding the biggest of all economic collapses that will very soon obliterate the entire Orion matrix. Because they cannot envision any new reality beyond the collapse of the current dysfunctional 3D economy as they are entirely agnostic and still identify with this reality. And here is the rub!

All critical financial experts are still very much entrenched in the jungle of their unprocessed fears because they have not yet overcome the beast in their psychological structure as symbolized by the mythical Minotaur, a being with a human torso and bull’s head, the perverted product of a copulation of a woman with a white bull given to her husband King Minos of Crete by the God Poseidon. Translated from Greek mythology into gnostic, physiological terms, the Reptilian cerebellum of these experts still holds their two cerebral hemispheres that are potentially capable of abstract, fear-free thinking under the firm control of the primitive survival instincts of the Beast (as an epitome of the Reptilian genetic heritage of the human species).

Just as the Freudian-tainted psychiatrists of our “modern” time regularly blame the Oedipus complex for most male perversions, there must also be an undetected Minotaur’s complex among all financial experts: The moment they discover the coming of a bear market, their heads turn into Minotaur’s bull’s heads (see Picasso in the picture above) through the unconditional, fear-driven Pavlov’s reflex (classical conditioning) that subconsciously substitutes any potential crisis with a bull market within the maze of wishful human thinking. This is how even the most critical experts lose their ability of clear, serene thinking in the current End Time. This is a huge and very urgent problem as it is in the core of the ultimate awakening of humanity before reaching the threshold of ascension.

Instead of going to the root of all evil – the true nature of money – the present-day critical financial experts wander in the periphery of this financial labyrinth and are incapable of presenting any viable solution to the rapid meltdown of the Orion monetary system, to which they still stick like helpless and hapless children. This holds true for such prominent critics of the current monetary and political order as the former Greek financial minister Yanis Varoufakis, who successfully challenged the insanity of the Troika, his good friend, the renowned US professor of economics James Kenneth Galbraith, son of the most famous Canadian-American economist of all times and author of numerous books, John Kenneth Galbraith, from whom I personally learnt a lot about real economics, and also for the less famous critical financial experts whom you can read on the Internet (read here, here and here).

None of these experts tells you how the inevitable total crash of the financial and economic system can be very easily resolved. Given the acute imminence of this event, this overt intellectual deficit of all experts, who are supposed to know better than the laymen, is very revealing and disturbing, to say the least. There is not a single financial expert worldwide that has a clue as to how to resolve the current economic and financial crisis as they now behave like paralysed rabbits in front of a cobra.

Why is that? Because they have not grasped the nature of money and how it can be very easily substituted. Let me recapitulate this issue one more time as I have written a lot on it in the past.

Money has no value at all.

It is a poor substitute for energy, initially introduced by the Orion/Reptilian PTW with the aim of enslaving humanity.

In All-That-Is, we have only energy and all energy is immediately creative. In 5D and higher dimensions one does not need money as substitute for energy as energy is all-encompassing and omnipresent and any wish or vision of a sentient entity is immediately manifested. Abundance is everywhere and is the natural state of Being.

In a restricted 3D holographic model as on this planet, where human beings are more or less completely severed from the Source and do not believe in their creative potential, all abundance must come from a deliberate manipulation of matter. Industry, and economy in the wider sense, is manipulation of matter by incarnated human beings for the sake of improving the conditions of physical life on such an unfriendly planet as the earth populated by even more hostile inhabitants and their Orion masters. The ideal state is the establishment of abundance or prosperity for all beings.

In the postwar time, free market capitalism seemed to fulfill this promise, while the central-planned communist economies poorly failed to bring any prosperity to the people. Now the neo-liberal American type of predatory capitalism, coupled with the Orion-Ponzi scheme of infinite debt and printing money out of thin air, has terminated this illusion for ever. Since the beginning of the third millennium humanity is facing an exponentially growing impoverishment of the masses at the expense of the 0.001% of the richest.

As we all know, this is on purpose and the ultimate aim of the dark ruling cabal is the establishment of the NWO. One can only enslave the masses after one has impoverished them to the point of becoming state slaves. This is the dire picture of the current human condition and any other pompous explanations are obsolete.

At present, the impoverishment of mankind is effected through money and there is not a single expert, except the readers of this website, who has grasped this insidious mechanism.

In an energetically separated civilisation as this human society is, all material wealth is created by the physical effort of the humans as very weak energetic systems, who are now supported by more powerful machines and more precise robots. But any form of production is still a very tedious mechanical manipulation of matter with the aim of creating more prosperity and better life.

Only one hundred years ago life was not much different from that in antiquity, and even earlier, as all work and transport was done by human and animal force (through carts, ploughs etc.). With the broad use of steam engines and engines of combustion and later on of electricity life of most humans rapidly improved since the beginning of the 20th century.

Economic prosperity, when properly understood and implemented, leads to democracy and strengthens the power of the individual over bigger oppressive institutions. The industrial revolution that brought mass production and increased prosperity in the Western world eliminated most dictatorial monarchies and slave societies (see for instance the outcome of WW1). This is basic history in the economic perspective. It also gave rise to new financial empires, which were first built around the national state, only to hollow it out in the last phase in which we now live.

As long as money was linked to precious metals, such as gold and silver (bimetalism), the PTW could not misuse the properties of money as an epitome of energy = space-time. That is why the dark US cabal (Nixon) decided to eliminate the gold standard in 1971 and introduced the fiat “toilet-paper” money. From this moment onward all doors for the machinations and manipulation of the nature of money were wide opened.

How was this possible?

Here is where all financial experts miserably fail. They do not understand the nature of money because they do not understand the nature of energy. For that reason the primary term of human consciousness = energy = space-time = All-That-Is simply does not exist in their vocabulary and weltanschauung. That is why I define these people consistently as “agnostic, ignorant human beings” who we have to awaken fully to the point of understanding my arguments below.

Energy manifests in any 3D holographic model as space-time. Space-time is not an external entity, but the way how our limited senses and mind perceive energy.

We create space-time with our senses and preconceived human thinking as established by the soul. That is why there is no such thing as universe with billions of galaxies and star systems, as this is only a very limited U-subset of Real Energy = All-That-Is = Source.

Limited senses create limited awareness. Limited awareness causes the separation of any sentient being from All-Energy. Even the most separated dark entities as the archons are still an inextricable part of All-Energy = the Source, as there is no existence outside Energy.

The creation of any 3D hologram is based on the automatic and artificial separation of the two constituents, space and time, of space-time as a manifestation of All-Energy within such a restricted model.

This separation takes place in the human mind and its subconscious mechanism was discovered for the first time in human history by myself in 1994. I called it “the arrest of time in human mind“. If you read my gnostic books, but also my textbooks on physics, you will find the full explanation of this, until now unknown cognitive process of primary importance for the existence of any 3D holographic illusion.

Why is this elaboration so important with respect to money? Because it explains for the first time how the PTW use money to deepen the 3D illusion of separation in all humans in order to deprive them of their pristine creative potential and enslave them within the matrix.

As space-time = money has only two constituents (dimensions) – space (extent) and absolute time, which is frequency – one can only manipulate these two dimensions. This is extremely important to know. Space is reflected by the surface of printed paper or numbers on this paper and frequency is reflected by the purchase power of money.

It does not help you to have billions on paper as was the case with the Yugoslavian dinar in the 90s that suffered extreme hyperinflation: massive amounts of money were printed; coins became redundant; inflation rates reached the equivalent of 8.51×1029% per year; the highest denomination banknote was 500 billion dinars; it was worthless two weeks after it was printed; this hyperinflation caused five revaluations between 1990 and 1994; in total there were eight distinct dinars. The same hyperinflation happened in Turkey in the 80s and in many other countries. I expect the same hyperinflation to occur with the dollar when the final crash will come this year.

And it is equally of no help to anybody to carry a basket of paper money to buy an egg on the market as this happened during the Great Depression and hyperinflation in Germany that catapulted the Nazis into power. It is very important to realize this fact.

Sums of money or the surface of printed paper is a constituent of space and has no value at all. Space is not energy – it is an illusion.

Let me highlight this issue with another example: the higher the energy of a system, the smaller its space. The highest amounts of energy are found in the smallest space, in the nucleus, in the protons and neutrons of matter and in the hypothetical quarks and gluons which could not be separated yet. When this energy is liberated, it increases its space in form of explosion and here you have the mechanism as to how thermonuclear WMD function. Hyperinflation of money is such a thermonuclear space explosion of the Orion monetary system based on worthless toilet paper banknotes. There is no exception to this law as it is the Universal Law in operation.

Back to money. If you can create billions of dollars with a click on the computer as Ben Bernanke, the former chairman of the FED, boasted, then it is cogent that this kind of electronic money has the same real value in terms of energy as the Yugoslavian dinar in the 90s.

Money has only value in terms of its purchasing power of material goods. Material goods are already manipulated energy in form of matter or fuel and thus have a fixed value. Money does not! Its value is measured by the amount of goods you can buy with it. If you use to buy a pound of meat for less than 2 -3 dollars before the 2008 crisis and now you have to pay 10 to 20 bucks for a pound of meat then you have a significant decrease in the purchasing power of money.

The measurement of sinking purchasing power of money is called inflation or hyperinflation when the loss of value is very rapid. That is why the inflation statistics in the West is the most manipulated variable by the ruling elite. If you know how much less value the paper notes have you receive for the same work or more you do for this Orion system with each passing year and month, you would probably stop working and revolt. At least you should do that if you have a modicum of self-esteem and do not want to be a slave.

The energy of money is measured by its frequency. For instance, the rate of circulation of money per time in an economy is a measurement of its value. In the current crisis the rate of circulation of money in the Western economies has dropped to its lowest values since the 80s and this is a reliable measurement that it has lost its frequency and value at the global level.

Here is another measurement that money has lost all its value at present. The banksters have fraudulently created $1,5 quadrillion (1500 trillion) of CDOs worldwide which is more than 20 times the world GDP – everything that the world economy produces of any value and is being used to improve prosperity of the people. And yet you cannot buy a single loaf of bread with these $1,5 quadrillion of CDOs as they are not used to purchase anything. They are only used to augment the amount of numbers, which the banksters possess on their accounts, in their illusion that these numbers are a true reflection of wealth. I hope that you now understand the insanity behind the concept of money as a poor substitute of the nature of energy.

As the two constituents, space and absolute time/frequency, are canonically conjugated (dialectically linked), they behave in a reciprocal manner all the time. When you increase the space of money as printed paper (surface) or virtual numbers on this paper (computer clicks creating billions of dollars included), you simply decrease its energy as measured by purchasing power. If you could buy a house in the Vancouver area for about 200 000 CAD twenty years ago, you can now buy such a house for a million CAD. Twenty years ago the frequency of money was thus 5 times higher, as with the same amount of money you could buy five houses compared to today.

Sounds very simple. Is not, because nobody has grasped so far the nature of money as presented here, although it is as simple as cooking bean soup, to quote a Bulgarian saying, when you know that money is an epitome of energy and that there is nothing else in All-That-Is.

In other words, you cannot cheat nature, respectively energy, but you can cheat all humans for some time as the PTW did with humanity in the last century and particularly since they abolished the gold standard in 1971. The latest scam is that the gold price sinks these days, while the actual purchasing power of all fiat currencies has reached the bottom. The dollar has gained against all other world currencies, although it has no value at all, just as the USA does not produce anything of value anymore.

Such idiosyncrasies are typical for the fraudulent manipulation of money by increasing its space and reducing its value as frequency. And all this happens in front of humanity that sees this with eyes wide shut. Because they are so much mired in the 3D illusion of space that they do not see the forest for the trees.

What is the solution?

This Orion monetary system cannot be reformed. Money must be abolished once and for ever.

This can happen within 24 hours by substituting it with a neutral numerical system of payments (NSP) through the internet. The name of this new payment unit should be irrelevant, but I would suggest the universal unit of “Astro“. This new NSP would function in the same way as the current SI system in physics. You do not change the length of the meter all the time to cheat your clients if you sell fabrics and it would not make any sense to change the standard length of the meter each year as this will create chaos in all aspects of material production, such as house construction.

All humans will receive an NSP account on the internet, with which they will buy goods for their living. The amount of money, which each one will receive, will be easily calculated by the average prices of the essential goods for survival. This should also include housing and transport. Nobody will receive much more money than he needs. The differences in income should not be more than two times. Just as an average human organism needs an average amount of calories to consume or oxygen to breath, so shall all human beings participate equally in the distribution of material goods with the help of the new numerical system of payments.

As you must have already noticed, this system does not need any banks anymore as an intermediary and obsolete generator of virtual money through debt or fractional-reserve banking, which is one and the same scam. The total amount of money in circulation should be always in equilibrium with the amount of material goods produced as there will be no artificial creation of virtual money through speculation and greed, as is the case now. Hence there will be no inflation or hyperinflation, and also no deflation and no crisis, recessions and depressions that now line along the way of this dysfunctional Orion economy to its final crash.

The only obstacle that has to be overcome now is the gnostic blindness of the masses that are still fully trapped in this 3D-space Illusion created upon the quicksand of fiat “toilet-paper” money. This is where our educational efforts should lie in the coming days as Logos Gods.

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sharing.:::.3 – Message from The Elohim: “The Reclamation of Lemuria”- Connecting to the Devas – The Riddle Is Solved | samkaska

Origen: sharing.:::.3 – Message from The Elohim: “The Reclamation of Lemuria”- Connecting to the Devas – The Riddle Is Solved | samkaska


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Message from The Elohim: “The Reclamation of Lemuria”





Carla Thompson, May 27, 2015


Here is a wonderful message from The Elohim that came during our visit to the Lemurian Portal in Victoria, B.C., known to many as Beacon Hill Park on May 24th, 2015.

  This magical city nestled in the warm southern and almost tropical Vancouver Island is an area that we are told was once part of the ancient civilization of Lemuria, also known as the Land of Mu.

The flora and fauna are both abundant in this very rich area and it really feels like it is from another era, an era of great earthly beauty where it remains untouched by the destruction of humankind.  It is quickly realized that this place is one of those spectacular destinations that one can travel to upon this globe.  

Georgi and I knew this was a special trip, a trip that we had sensed was pre-ordained in some way, and so we naturally went with the flow and watched in anticipation as everything lined up in perfect order.  We knew that we, and You, the light warriors of the first and last hour, would be quickly informed of our new level of service into which we are all evolving.

As soon as we had unpacked and went down to the ocean front, I immediately got the phrase  “This is the Reclamation!“. This was the second time I had heard this phrase on this day, as I had also received it at the Butchart’s Gardens.

I immediately shared this with Georgi, because a clue like this always puts him on high alert where he will instantly tune in to his surroundings, at the ready to pick up any and all manner of input!  

The next day we made our planned visit to the Park itself where we knew a specific message would likely be given to me from The Elohim, and we were not disappointed. This message confirms a “change” or a “re-set” many of us have felt, and reported, over the preceding week. I had a dream on May 19th, where many of us were meeting with Saint Germain, and we were discussing how we were handling a “new and unexpected” diversion in the ascension process.  It felt to me as though this diversion was neither a negative nor a positive one, it was simply unexpected.

When I received this message from the Elohim, it also came with visual pictures that I am usually given when I am shown some aspect of evolution that defies use of the written word.  These images were absolutely breathtaking, vivid in colour and form.  A lot of the information came to both Georgi and myself in a telepathic way, and so this message only covers a portion of what we will convey to you, through my report here, and through Georgi’s report which he will publish first. Just know one thing for certain:  

The Elohim hold a great space of honour and endearment for each and every one of you for your efforts in the reclamation of the land called Lemuria, for the reclamation of the sacred aspect of the divine feminine, and are thrilled to see us embrace this activity because it also represents the reclamation of our own lost soul fragments from this past expression.  

Enjoy the intense and commanding feelings of love and feel how your heart space opens upon reading their message.  I have also imbued the message with healing energies for those who are open to receiving this.

With love,



The Elohim Message


 We express our deepest joy as a spectacular refinement of light frequencies all around the Lemurian Connector Portal takes place! (I am shown a moving tornado tunnel that goes from our timeline here and now, to the timeline of the great Lemurian Past)

The refinement of frequencies is the cleansing of erratic energies just prior to the destruction of the Land of Mu at the time-frequency where chaos brought down this great civilization.

This work, the refinement of energies, is the special work needed now to mitigate and cleanse the low-frequency and chaotic energies that were attached to the astral plane here, in this your expression, for their release here means there must be an equal and balancing release and re-set also of the timeline holding the destruction frequency of ancient Lemuria.

This great work also extends to the reclamation of the energies of the divine feminine which were so graciously held by the people of the Land of Mu, and the reconciliation of the principle of the divine feminine to this, your currently held highest level of fourth dimensional Gaia.  

You are asking about the reclamation of Atlantis and we tell you that Atlantis is not included in this reclamation at this time.

 A time will come for the reclamation of the Atlantean civilization, as the masculine principle must and shall be reclaimed, however because of its increased density as compared to that of Lemuria, it requires further evolution within the process of cyclic incarnation.

(Here I am shown on my left a very solid-looking Earth, with shiny dark silver coloured land masses that I feel to represent iron ore or “density” in the heavy third dimensional sense of things, or perhaps to simply represent the heavily materialistic culture of Atlantis…. while on my right I am shown a very light pink and yellow “ethereal” city that is floating up in the air above this very dense planet on my left: 

This is our Lemuria!)

All light warriors who resonate with the concept of Lemuria, and who resonate with the activity of cleansing the frequency of Lemuria at the time of its destruction, are now actively participating in this Land’s reclamation.

All light warriors sincerely resonating within their heart space in the here and now, with this overall process are also fully committed to the ascension of the Lemurian aspect of your Gaia, through the reclamation of your own soul fragments from this incarnation.

Due to the great success of the upward expansion of Gaia here upon your timeline with respect to the lifting of these frequencies to very high fourth dimensional levels, there needs to be a concomitant raising of the frequential expression known as Lemuria, in order to reclaim its wholeness and re-unite its Being into the new higher fourth dimensional expressions. This action facilitates the re-unification of Lemuria into the further evolved expression of Gaia-5, the fifth dimensional expression of Gaia that is separate from the Inner Earth fifth dimensional Lemurian civilization.

This serves to prepare the energetic landscape for those souls who took no active role in the collapse of Lemuria. Some souls who didn’t take part in this destruction, nor did they make it to the fifth dimensional expression/ Inner Earth Lemurian settlement, have been lost to their soul family of the Inner Earth as their fragments were isolated. These fragments have now been reclaimed and rejoined with those light warriors who resonate with this explanation, with this energetic work.

You shall perhaps experience the re-unification of some of your soul fragments, by a realization that you feel more complete, more awake, more aware than previously, prior to this work during these past weeks.

Re-unification may trigger new memories, awareness of new skills, new traits, new abilities. It may present as you seeing your reality through fresh eyes, being given new understanding of why certain experiences in your life occurred, and wishing, upon reflection, you could re-write ‘past’ experience all over.

This phase has been like receiving a gift, a gift of new awareness, new acceptance of your self and your human condition.

We are the Elohim and we love you beyond measure.

 Embrace your divinity! 

You are expanding into the fullness of who you truly are. 

We are forever by your side, in love and in reverence to you All.



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The Riddle Is Solved – What Happened Since May 19th





by Georgi Stankov, May 25, 2015


We are back from our mission on Vancouver Island and have a lot to report. There are some stunning news that began earlier this past week when the PAT reported another peak in cleansing activities with massive descent of source energies in form of cc-waves, headache and clinical symptoms associated with the 3rd chakra of bilocation and ID travels. Also huge ID shifts and uplifting to higher frequency levels were registered.
I informed you about the visit of St Germain in the night of May 19th when he announced the coming of an unexpected event in the ascension process of Gaia and humanity, which the whole PAT was supposed to confront and resolve through energetic adjustments. These kinds of statements always herald more pain and suffering for us as the chief cleansers of human dross and that is why I was not happy at all when St Germain came to us with this news.
Indeed, after that we had a series of massive cleansing waves, in their intensity very much like the ones we experienced when we opened the stargate 12.21.12 and successfully laid the foundation for the final ascension of Gaia and a small portion of humanity to the new 4D worlds and for us to the higher dimensions or the Source. Somewhat prophetically, I finished my report as of May 22 with the following forecast: “Now you know what we have gone through in the last several days and my feeling is that this roller coaster has not finished yet. I expect some more surprises over the weekend.”
… And the surprises did not wait for too long to arrive.
On Saturday, we took the ferry to Victoria early in the morning and on the way to the B.C. capital visited the famous Butchart’s garden which was built in a former limestone quarry by the said family, to whom this quarry belonged, in the early 20th century. It is indeed a marvelous setting in the best Lemurian tradition how to gestalt nature and to make a paradise out of the most ugly place.
During our visitation, while we admired the beautiful, opulent flowers and the scents and commented that this must be how Lemuria should look like, Carla received all of a sudden a short message from her HS: “This is the reclamation of Lemuria“. Shortly thereafter we were hit by a very powerful transforming wave and became very tired all of a sudden, but also somehow very uplifted and entered a kind of dreamy state.
Although the energies were beautiful and harmonious beyond any verbal description, the toll on our physical bodies was immense. All of a sudden I could not breathe and felt a heavy weight on my breast and lungs accompanied by an overall feeling of severe illness, like a sudden flu with fever. Carla was also very tired and complained about joint and back pains. We could barely walk and felt very wonky and dizzy. Then I remembered that Lou from the East Coast of Canada sent me a letter early on Saturday complaining about similar symptoms:
“Just wanted to send this quick note. Not sure if you or anyone else is feeling this way, but I am so weak and dizzy today with terrible anxiety attacks.  Hard to breathe, shaky, pale, dull headache that started last night.  Some stomach upset. Barely able to type this so I’m going to go and lay down.”
To which I responded immediately after our visit to the Butchart’s garden on Carla’s PC as I left mine at home. I wanted to document this event for the PAT due to its importance:
“Dear Lou, We are today on the Vancouver island and visited the Butchart’s garden on the way from the ferry to Victoria. Here I was hit by a wave that affects the airways as explained in my articles on the LBP. It is the most transforming source wave that may end up with a severe broncho-pneumonitis. I have the feeling that this time it will not be that bad, but it is still too early to say. Carla is also very tired from this wave. As I wrote in the latest report, we are not yet out of the woods.”
And indeed the broncho-pneumonitis had just started when I wrote back to Lou and it intensified the next day. On Sunday, we visited the near-by Beacon Hill Park on the south coast of Victoria, which, as we already knew from our last visit a year ago, is part of Lemuria and has extremely high vibrations. Here is where we built our direct ID portal to Lemuria and the 6D last spring.
As soon as we sat exhausted on a bench, the Elohim arrived, as if waiting for us to settle down and told us what we are doing at this very moment. Later on, Carla received a full message from them, which I will publish as soon as Carla has typed it. I do not know the content of this message yet as we did not have any time for Carla to read it to me. But we had an extensive conversation with the Elohim in the park, when we both were channelled and received a lot of information from them. This we discussed with Carla and the Elohim participated in this discussion interactively and confirmed all our observations and conclusions. It was a very exciting fifth-dimensional, telepathic conversation as we have had it only once with the 6D fleet last summer.
And here is what I want to report to you now in advance, before I will publish the Elohim’s message, as it is of great importance and urgency to all of you in order to understand what you have done this whole last week and will most probably continue doing in the coming several days until May 27th.
The unexpected event, which St Germain announced to us on May 19th, was only unexpected for us based on our limited human brains. From the higher vantage point of view of our higher selves, it was always part of the ascension plan. What happened? Let me explain as well as I can.
Obviously we, and by this I mean the true PAT, the exclusive group of light warriors of the first and the last hour, many of them regular readers of this website as the Elohim confirmed one more time, and some of them unaware of the existence of this website but still closely linked to us at the soul level, have been extremely successful in cleansing Gaia 5 with all its timelines and mother planets in the last several months. Thus we were able to raise the frequencies of this uppermost mother planet to the highest possible 4D levels and it is already ready for its final interdimensional leap in to the new Galaxy.
All negative timelines and dark entities could be fully severed from this timeline. You all remember how we eliminated two weeks ago the astral plane, where all dark archons dwelled for eons of time and what chaos they unleashed for several days before they could be fully removed from this uppermost mother planet and were sent to their final destination on lower timelines or their soul essence was dissolved in the Tao to be healed and reprocessed in the distant future.
We reported on this website repeated attacks by dark entities and fierce battles. We wrapped up the astral plane that surrounded Gaia with all the dark archons there before May 19th and then the huge cleansing commenced (see Energy Report – May 16, 2015). This is the chronology of our recent light work activities you should bear in mind as to understand what happened thereafter.
This success was accomplished entirely by the PAT in these last days and this achievement laid the foundation for what was about to come next as St. Germain informed us in advance. He knew that this challenge will be huge and many of us will be hit hard by the coming cleansing waves.
At the soul level we all knew already that we have done a formidable job and have raised Gaia much higher than expected this month. Some of us even anticipated the coming final ID shift, sensing these high frequency 5D energies already in our fields. On May 21st, Mariusz from Poland wrote to me: “Hi Georgi, What is happening at your site? Something big is going on. I feel almost ecstatic and so connected. I bet that the Event starts?” What Mariusz felt as the beginning of the final ascension was for me the most severe cc-wave with excruciating headache, I had experienced since the opening of the stargate 12.21.12. as I reported the next day.
But there was one last stepping stone that had to be laid before we can ascend. And this was Lemuria.
Now let me explain in a little bit more detail the role of both Lemuria and Atlantis in the current ascension scenario. Both past timelines are supposed to be integrated in the new blueprint of Gaia 5, which we created in November 2013 in Lofer. Lemuria existed before Atlantis but in the last phase the two civilisations co-existed side by side and were involved in devastating wars that eventually led to their destruction.
The Lemurian civilisation embodied the feminine energies of harmonious existence that is fully embedded in nature and the higher ethereal realms. This civilisation was much less dense than the later Atlantis and transcendental, extra-terrestrial experiences were part of the life of many advanced beings in this unique civilisation.
Both Carla and I were high priests in Lemuria and played an important role in its final stage when it sunk in the ocean. Many members of the PAT also have Lemurian incarnations. As all these timelines exist simultaneously in the Now, these soul fragments of us are still living in this timeline and eventually experience its destruction which caused massive chaotic, disharmonious energies that could not be cleansed and healed until now.
Atlantis, on the contrary, was a much more dense civilisation from the very beginning as it embodied the masculine principle of expansion in the 3D space-time. The Atlanteans relied on external, for the most part crystal technologies to push forward their civilisation, while the Lemurians were cherishing their internal senses and soul energies and preferred to create from the fulcrum of their HS.
Originally, both civilisations were established as incarnation experiments on the earth in order to research the expression of the feminine and the masculine principle in a total separation from each other and eventually merge these energies into a new harmony that will open new creative horizons for expansion of the two parallel existing civilisations.
As we know, this did not happen on this earth, but only on parallel probability timelines, while both continents and societies destroyed themselves due to their inability to merge successfully, in an evolutionary manner, the feminine and masculine energies of the Source in this indeed very daring incarnation experiment. Both civilisations were so opposite in their foundational principles that as soon as Atlantis became strong enough, the antagonistic wars between Lemuria and Atlantis broke out and led to their ultimate destruction.
The Lemurians were highly sensory people and were gifted with the ability of prophecy. Many of the more advanced Lemurian souls knew in advance how their civilisation will end up. They started preparing themselves for this outcome several thousand years earlier and moved to the Inner Earth of Agartha, by establishing their capital Telos under Mt. Shasta and also building some smaller dwellings in the Inner Earth. Before that they asked for a permission from the older Agarthan citizens, in particular from the Hyperboreans in Shamballa, to be accepted to these 5D and 6D humanoid civilisations.
The larger part of the incarnated Lemurian souls decided to live to the very end on the surface earth and go under when their continent sank. Some of them continued with their incarnation cycle in Atlantis and up to the present day.
At that time the Atlantean society was already fully infested by the dark archons from the Orion/Reptilian empire as the people there were much more mind and ego-driven than the Lemurians, who were highly intuitive and more linked to their I Am Presence and thus less vulnerable to negative dark influences. This dichotomy in the incarnated personality structure is prevailing to the present day. The more intuitive and closely linked to the soul an incarnated entity is, the more difficult it is for the dark forces to influence and manipulate this person.
The feminine principle builds a huge barrier for such external manipulations and that is why we have more spiritual women nowadays in the esoteric movement than men who are, due to their extrovert orientation, much more prone to fall prey to dark influences. Of course this is not a rule but a general observation with numerous exceptions.
Ultimately, we can only overcome any dark negative influences if we are able to establish a full harmony between the feminine and the masculine energies in our own fields and bodies. This is a major aspect of the LBP nowadays.
Anyway, the Lemurian souls who incarnated in this civilisation had the following choice to make when the time of its destruction came closer: To decide to leave the surface continent and continue with their incarnation cycle in the Inner Earth of Agartha. They were capable of doing this, as they were already highly ethereal beings, vibrating between the highest 4D and lowest 5D. Those Lemurian souls, who were less evolved and more dense, decided to stay on the continent till its destruction and then continue with their incarnation cycle in Atlantis and the current post-Atlantean human civilisation.
As the carriers of feminine energies, they could mitigate somewhat the already very destructive, one-sided masculine energies and orientation of the Atlantean society and to postpone its destruction for a while, so that Atlantis existed several thousand years longer after Lemuria had already sunk for ever in the deluge of the Pacific Ocean.
However, many of these Lemurian souls were trapped in the new Atlantean karma, on top of the old Lemurian karma, that is carried forward by this human civilisation and cannot liberate themselves from this vicious incarnation cycle, although they have actually finished with their incarnation experience. Their greatest wish is to merge with their more successful soul fragments that chose to join the Inner Earth of Agartha and ascend with them. The latter have now finished with their 5D incarnation cycle and will move to 6D when we shall ascend Gaia and part of the surface souls to 5D and higher.
This is the energetic background, upon which our huge mission to save Lemuria unfolded this last week and particularly during this weekend. I will refer more to it when I come to my key point below.
Before May the 19th, we had the following energetic situation. We, the true PAT and current Logos Gods of Gaia and Guardians of the New Golden Galaxy, were extremely successful in cleansing this uppermost mother planet and its numerous parallel timelines from all dark factions and layers and were able to ascend it to the highest possible 4D levels before the final ID shift to the new galaxy can take place.
This success was documented by the total elimination of the old astral plane, where all dark archons used to dwell for eons of time. By doing this we actually raised the frequencies of this earth and part of its population higher than that of Lemuria, which was already a highly ethereal civilisation, existing between the upper 4D and lower 5D. The overall frequencies of Lemuria were already much higher than that of the crystal-dense, material Atlantis and this tells a lot as to how far we have progressed in the meantime, when we consider that Atlantis was technologically much more advanced than the current humanity.
In other words, Lemuria was left behind in our extremely successful mission to raise this earth and humanity since the beginning of this year, which is essentially a post-Atlantean product and an heir of most Atlantean karma.
In the new blueprint of Gaia 5, Lemuria will be an inherent part and much of the previous beauty of this natural civilisation will be revived and further developed, so that the new Gaia 5 will become the jewel of the new Golden Galaxy. As most of the Lemurian souls have finished with their incarnation cycle – this also includes our soul fragments – the whole civilisation will ascend and merge as a full healed timeline with the new Gaia 5 when the final ascension will take place.
This is, however, not the case with Atlantis. Most of the souls who began with their incarnation cycle in this civilisation still need to have many more experiences of separation and are not ready to ascend in the current End Time. Hence, Atlantis as a past timeline will not ascend and become part of the new template of Gaia 5 in its entirety.
This is very important to know and consider in your observations in order to understand properly what is currently happening in the ascension scenario. For instance, WW1 and WW2 are repetitions of the devastating Atlantean wars that led to the destruction of this continent long after Lemuria had sunk in the Ocean. The souls that were responsible for these wars are the same ones that now represent the dark ruling cabal. On some lower timelines that we have shed off from this mother planet, they managed to unleash another global nuclear WW3 and almost destroyed their planet. On this timeline, they will not be allowed to do this and their manipulative power will simply implode before they vanish from this reality.
But the most important fact to bear in mind is that most Atlantean souls have not finished yet with their incarnation cycle and need more experiences with the separation of their soul fragments from the Source. These are predominantly the large group of young souls who now populate the North American continent, but also Asia and Africa, where very unripe souls have incarnated these days. They will not ascend with us to the new 4D worlds, but will continue living the Atlantean heritage on 3D and lower 4D timelines until this civilisation reaches its adult and old soul age in another 26 000 years of Kali Yuga and ascend with its full Atlantean heritage in the distant future.
The bottom line is that Atlantis will not ascend as a full civilisation with Gaia 5 and us to 5D and higher dimensions, but only those aspects of it that have reached this degree of soul evolution. Hence we will not need to do another debilitating cleansing of this past timeline before our ascension. This was my greatest worry when I grasped the logic behind the current episode of cleansing Lemuria, but the Elohim were adamant to reassure us that we need not do this Tantalus act one more time before our imminent ascension. This is definitely the best news of all.
Today, we have the same situation as in Lemuria about 26 000 years ago when part of its population moved to the Inner Earth of Agartha and ascended, while the rest of the Lemurian souls merged with the Atlantean civilisation and were able to better balance the feminine and the masculine principle for a while. This equilibrium was a necessary prerequisite for the foundation of the current post-Atlantean humanity, which incorporates both the Lemurian and Atlantean heritage.
In this way, the predominant masculine energies of the more recent Atlantean civilisation were mitigated by the remnant Lemurian feminine energies. This new amalgamation of the feminine and the masculine principle provided the energetic foundation for this humanity to rapidly ascend in the current End Time, although it neither carries the intuitive and sensory abilities of the Lemurians, nor possesses the technological knowledge of the Atlanteans and actually sank deeper into much greater density than both past civilisations. In this way this humanity experienced the utmost form of separation from the Source that is ever possible in this multiverse. But as the rubber band that is maximally stretched backlashes quickest and furthest to the other side, so does this human civilisation.
This post-Lemurian, post-Atlantean humanity was meant to unite the masculine and feminine principle of creation and expansion from these two past failed civilisations under the most severe and unfavourable conditions and to create the new Gaia 5 through this unification. While Lemuria could be, thanks to our incredible achievements as a planetary ascension team, fully incorporated into the new template, only a portion of Atlantis can be taken into the new Gaia 5. The larger part of Atlantean karma and heritage has to be processed in another long incarnation cycle in the catastrophic 3D and lower 4D worlds, which we have created and severed from this uppermost mother planet as Logos Gods in the last two years since May 2013, when Carla and I were the first told about the seven 4D earths.
For this reason we had to fully cleanse the very chaotic energies of Lemuria that led to its destruction and followed it, and are still part of this past timeline that exists in the Now, so that it can catch up with the already highly refined energies of this uppermost mother planet and ascend together as united Gaia 5.
This was not possible as long we had to cleanse this human civilisation. As we were able to fully separate the still very dark Atlantean heritage before May 19th, which will remain the source of future karmic wars and calamities on all catastrophic 3D and most lower 4D timelimes, we were now in the position to cleanse the Lemurian timeline in a tour de force this weekend before we can finally ascend. This was the unexpected, surprising event from our human perspective, as we all knew how effective and victorious we were in heaving this uppermost mother planet to the highest possible 4D levels and did not reckon with another setback, which the cleansing of Lemuria would have superficially evoked in our perception.
What might have been seen as a setback in terms of physical debilitation due to the massive cleansing effort of past Lemuria was in fact a triumph of cosmic proportions as we have saved billions of souls trapped between the dimensions and have also preserved the entire heritage of this most beautiful civilisation, which we can now enjoy in the new Gaia 5.
For this purpose, we had to visit Victoria and Vancouver Island this weekend, which is indeed part of Lemuria and where the energetic structures of this timeline are visible to the third eye and almost palpable in the ethereal levels above this island in order to complete this Tantalus cleansing. No wonder, this last episode was so devastating for our health, but we had to do this last big effort before we can move upwards.
This presentation came to us as an immediate knowing in the Beacon Hill park in Victoria when Carla and I sat on the bench and discussed this issue with the Elohim. Only after we had reached a full clarity on what is going on, could Carla receive a message from them, which, I repeat one more time, I have not read yet and do not know what it contains, but I am sure that it will essentially confirm this elaboration.
As you all must remember, I informed you last year about the existence of a direct ID portal in Victoria that connects our timeline with that of Lemuria and reaches the 6th dimension. This portal, we were told last time by the Elohim, will enable us to directly enter Lemuria without going first to other timelines such as Atlantis, as our linear understanding of history would tell us. We wondered at that time what this exactly meant, but now, one year later, we are much more clever. But this episode reveals also how carefully the ascension scenario is coordinated from the higher realms and all steps meticulously followed, until the bigger picture is available to all of us and the work done.
The feeling, which the Elohim conveyed to us yesterday, Sunday, May 24th, also the national day of Bulgaria, was of great satisfaction and great appreciation for this incredible achievement of the PAT in cleansing and saving Lemuria for the new Gaia 5. On several occasions they made us aware that it was a highly coordinated action that involved all PAT members the world over and that it started for instance in the dream state for many of them in Europe, while we were on Saturday morning in the Butchart’s garden and that every one of you has made a great contribution to this collective success. If you feel tired today, know that you have every reason to feel so and that this should not diminish your satisfaction and sincere pride at what we all have achieved on behalf of Gaia and the future humanity. It is awesome and without a precedent in the whole multiverse. This is the ultimate message of the Elohim for you. The other message will follow soon.



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Connecting to the Devas and the Unity Field – My Spiritual Journey




by Donna, May 29, 2015



I submit this personal journey to you and Carla. After reviewing the information in its entirety I trust your discerning eye and keen instinct to know if it will be useful to the Planetary Ascension Team.
Blessings, Donna


Dear Donna,

I read the three parts of your remarkable spiritual journey and very much enjoyed it. I will start preparing it today for publication but it will take some time to edit it completely. I must admit that I have some difficulties to understand how you have arrived at some of your latest perceptions and conclusions as they differ from mine and that of most of the PAT. But I fully accept that each spiritual pathway is absolutely unique and that there is no such thing as an objective standard. It is very stimulating to read how you have perceived these same major energetic events, such as 12.21.12 and later on from your individual point of view and I think that the PAT will profit from this personal presentation.
With love and light

Short Background

As a child of 5 years old growing up in the 1950’s I was aware that I was here to ascend. I would have dreams of helping people ‘lighten up’. I would have recurring dreams of the end times and being able to read energy.
I really didn’t hear any people talk of ascension until the late 80’s around the time of the Harmonic Convergence.
In the early 1990’s a local shop opened up close to my home that sold crystals and began selling books and offering classes on metaphysical and ascension topics. I signed up for a class on Geomancy. After class I asked the instructor if I could tag along on the next adventure. I was given a time, date and place to show up. I ended up tagging along rain or shine a couple of days a week for over a year.
I don’t know why but I had an overwhelming feeling that I had to discover something and I had to do it on my own. I began going to any place I could find that had a few trees, a stream, waterfall, cave, rock formations, fields, pond, lake, or beach.
I would look for a spot that looked inviting in the differing areas and if I found such a place I would just sit there, quiet my thoughts, be present, and look around for a short amount of time. Often I would be naturally drawn to an object such as an interesting rock, shimmering water, a flower, an unusual tree, or a general feeling of the area. I started noticing that when I placed my attention on the subject, appreciating its beauty or uniqueness the energy shifted. It opened a space of new relationship with not only the subject but my surroundings as well.
A deeper respect for the natural world and Nature began to develop. When approaching a natural area, I began greeting the area respectfully as saying hello to a friend. I was getting a response back. For example, a hawk would fly close by, the wind would swirl around me, I would start to hear deep undertones in the stream, a ray of sunshine would burst through the clouds, or a butterfly would land right next to me.
I was present in the moment and Nature responded enthusiastically. I also had no expectations or preconceived ideas. There were times while sitting in a spot, my thoughts would sometimes wander muddling over personal issues. Amazingly I would feel compelled to look in a certain direction at something that would somehow sooth or offer example to my dilemma.
Finding My Spot
Then one day I discovered the most amazing little place in Nature close to my home. I concentrated my visits there for several months discovering and interacting with all the different spots on the small diamond-shaped island.
I particularly enjoyed the top bedrock point of the diamond-shaped part of the island where the waters parted to the right or the left. Just watching the constantly shifting part was mesmerizing, knowing the choice to the right was very fast paced while the left was meandering. There were long shale striations just south of the top point and after thunderstorms you could feel a beat up through your feet as the water would chop over the shale.
There was an area of lush dense greenery. I got a kick out of singing by the small waterfall; “doo wop” with the deep “glub-glub” under tones. There was a bridge to the island over rapidly rushing water. I learn not to sit there too long, very draining. Another spot had deeply twisted tree roots. It was very sandy at the pointed base. Once I fell asleep there and was awakened by a snake. Note to self: pay more attention to what appears to be a floating stick! But that snake was there for a reason as the light body process was beginning and kundalini energy became active.
One day I noticed a spot that I hadn’t visited. There was a pyramid-shaped boulder in the middle of an oxbow in a stream. I waded out to the boulder, sat down and closed my eyes. I have no idea how long I sat there before opening them. All I could see was light particles, folds and waves in such a chaotic fashion that I was going to be sick to my stomach. I focused my attention on the particles and they took on more order and structure allowing me to become more comfortable. Absolutely everything was composed of these light particles that seemed to be responding to me.
My vision then shifted as I looked at my hands. They were luminous. I had light beams coming out of my fingertips and palms. I lifted my arm and pointed outward at the sky. The light shot out and through the universe impacting everything.
I looked down at my body and saw my abdomen had huge bands of light fibers emanating outward connecting with each tree, rock, and plant. Everything was absolutely connected. I managed to say, “Wow” and watched a wave come from my words. Instantly everything had access to it along with the intent implied but not spoken. I saw that thought roll like a wave out of my head.
Meeting the Deva
My vision shifted again and I noticed auric fields around everything individually. Within the fields I could discern a unique liquid-ish light field closely surrounding each living thing. Along with the light there was intelligence, effervescence that interfaced with genetic instructions and DNA codes.
I heard a voice say, “That is the Life Vitality”. I looked to the sky searching for the owner of the voice and saw the most amazing looking being beaming love and compassion. It looked unlike anything I have ever seen. My brain was struggling with a context for this and just as I heard the word “Deva” and not knowing what that meant, I slipped out of the altered state and back into the reality of sitting on a rock in the middle of the stream.
Much Needed Validation
Regaining composure and so freaking excited about what had just happened, I wanted to talk it over with a trusted friend. After all I was wondering if this was teetering on the side of sane or crazy. Finding her home I relayed the events and insisted she come to the place and meet the being. She had just received a gift (a deck of Medicine Cards and the book that goes with them) from one of our friends and she scooped them up and brought them with her. On the way I was trying to describe the Deva as an angelic/human white Bat-like being that was huge with white wings out stretched above the area, just so she would know what to look for.
We greeted nature, crossed the bridge and headed to the stream. She saw a grouping of trees on a rocky precipice on the edge of the stream and wanted to explore there. She tucked her medicine cards and book into a crevice and we started toning together.
We were there for about a half an hour and it was getting late so we were getting ready to leave. I climbed down first, turned and heard her exclaiming that her new book jumped in the water and she was going after it because it was floating toward the waterfall. Then I saw her socks and shoes fly in the air and heard her jump in.
Every common sense instinct I had told me to run along the bank downstream and try to get to the book. Then clearly and calmly I saw and heard the Deva. The Deva instructed me to go upstream. This did not make sense to me. I hesitated. The Deva calmly repeated, “Go upstream”.
I trusted and went upstream to a little mossy area right on the stream bank. From that spot I could see my friend wading waist deep in water reaching for her book as it appeared to get pushed just out of her reach. Then the book stopped and started to twirl on the surface of the water. It glided along the surface upstream against the current right to where I am standing. I effortlessly reach down and pull it out of the water.
The look on our faces was priceless. She got out of the water and I retrieved her socks and shoes. I handed her the book. She noticed that not all of the pages were wet. The book opened on the page that separated the wet and dry pages. The animal on that page of the Medicine Card book was The Bat.
First Lesson: The Breathing Process of Earth and the Evolutionary Cycle
My first encounter with this Deva was during the summer. The wings were outstretched across the area. Just before the autumn equinox I was asked by the Deva to be at the spot at the exact change over time. I arrived early. While getting to the spot I noticed a deep stillness around me. On spot I sat, tuned in and waited.  I was very surprised to see the Deva change stance. Those life-vitality/information light particles began pouring toward Earth from the cosmos. The Deva was performing sweeping and gathering motions collecting and circulating the light vitality. Not a word was said. I just observed. On a side note, throughout the fall season these movements were constantly occurring.
Being asked again to be in my spot on the winter solstice was a bit challenging but I arrived about ten minutes early. I sat, tuned in and observed. Again a deep, deep stillness was all around. Again the Deva’s stance changed. The deva embraced the particular energies and plunged her wings along with the particles deep into the Earth and held the posture. This posture continued throughout the winter season.
I was excited to get to my spot just before the spring equinox. Again arriving a few minutes early the deep stillness was present. With the Deva’s wings still deep within the earth holding the vital essence they suddenly bust outward and to the surface releasing the energies to intermingle and circulate vitalizing and exchanging information. I also saw the vitality information codes streaming way beyond Earth and into the cosmic ethers. This continued throughout the spring season.
Summer solstice arrived while I was instructed to be on my spot. As in the usual manner, just prior to there was a deep stillness. The deva’s wings outstretched holding light vitality/information particles as they flourished and exchanged information with the cosmos.
At that point finally the Deva spoke to me about what I had witnessed over this year-long observation. The explanation was how the Earth breathes with relationship to the evolutionary process.
The Visual
Picture the Earth as observing it from a distance. Spring in the northern hemisphere would be releasing what was held, incubated, and infused (winter) within the Earth into the atmosphere and cosmos. It would be held, incubated and infused (summer) within the cosmos. Then the cosmos releases the life vitality/information to the Earth in the autumn.
All the while the spring season in the northern hemisphere is releasing, the autumn season in the southern hemisphere is receiving. While the winter season in the northern hemisphere is holding in, the summer season in the southern hemisphere has emptied out to the cosmos.
About 10 years after the Deva had shown me this incredible cycle I had moved to another area. I had been searching for concurring information for some time. I found a book by Rudolf Steiner in a local library. I was so excited to read his description of this process although the Deva realm’s participation was not mentioned.
The seasons and years passed. My connection with that realm became instant and I no longer was required to be in my spot. I met many different over lighting Devas in locations as I traveled. The Devas would always teach that humans were meant to be the ones who co-created with nature. They likened themselves to the middle men holding that space and providing that service until we could take on the role.
December 2012
In early December 2012 the Devas stances and behaviors changed radically. They became extremely animated and were all performing their own unique maneuvers demonstrating ‘cover, duck and roll’. As December 21, 2012 approached I observed there was celebration among them that at the last moments the energies would support the shift. The Devas stances changed to ‘duck, roll, and jump up triumphant’.
I really had no idea what that actually meant other than I had never seen this kind of change in their stances. It must be something extremely significant and they were excited about it. On the winter solstice they ducked and rolled right out of this reality along with their buffering life-support role. I felt such a huge loss of their presence.
January 2013
Constantly searching for that particular Deva realm and coming up with nothing was very unsettling for me. I hadn’t actually realized how much a part of me had enmeshed.  Knowing the support they provided, I could not understand how we as humanity and a collective could actually accommodate this monumental change. Humanity must be ready to co-create? We must be ready, the Devas were so excited about this transition and I know how they were devoted and the eons of loving service they provided.
I closed my eyes and asked to be connected to any supporting planetary energy. I saw a white plasma type of field. This put my mind somewhat at ease as well as desire to connect and investigate.
In Retrospect
A very new journey was beginning and it didn’t take long to realize this was going to be new territory with the loss of the previous ‘buffer’ to our life support system. We started experiencing increasing CMEs, upgrades – then the body adjustments and cleansing to the core. We have been integrating dimension and time anomalies, along with profound feelings of connection, awakenings, and total transparency. The intensity continues and our bodies continue to adjust. The pain has been stifling at times and the accomplishment is magnificent as we seat into our roles as co-creators.
The following is a description of the timing of the New Earth framework as I individually experienced it.
Out of habit and looking for some kind of balance of harmony of the old system, I tuned into the spring equinox. Instead I saw myself floating on a golden lotus with a golden etheric light body. I was told “We (humanity) are the ones” who are to co-create the new earth. I saw a stabilization arch implemented to correct a warble from May 19-31st (the time when the first seven 4D earths were created; note, George). I saw how humanities’ enlightened grids can join together to lift dimensional grids.
The summer solstice message was “steady Resolve”.
The fall equinox a new energy system has come online. “The mission is a ‘go’”.
November some are ready to graduate and start working with the creational fields (November 28th, 2013 Carla and I ascended to become Logos Gods within the Unity Field; note, George). A super elastic bubble filtering material is being put into place around our individual fields to act like a biofeedback/ boomerang. The Field will protect its integrity while we learn to co-create.
December 12th A HUGE Field upgrade today releasing the gates. Our individual net fields are able to now dissolve into the greater field once our frequency matches.
(On Dec 12th the Council of Twelve of the Agarthans visited us in Germany to announce the postponement of our ascension and the change in the ascension scenario. The next day the Elohim told us: “You and your dual soul currently prepare the Ascension path through stabilization and constructive reinforcement of the ascension gateways/ portals… As you are already Ascended Masters, you both carry the necessary coding within your fields to lay the groundwork for the arrival of those light warriors of the first and last hour. Without the preparatory work, the others cannot follow. Indeed, the path is complete, and it is only the reinforcement that now takes place. It is as though you are building a train track for the train to follow – the rails are down and now the ties are applied for strengthening and ensuring the successful passage of the train. You two are the only incarnates who carry these energetic encodements, and the skill to engage them. Note, George)
December 21st the testing goes live today.
(On December 17, we created Gaia 5 through the unification of surface earth with Agartha, Shamballa and all past civilisations such as Lemuria and Atlantis. The Elohim told us:
“It is the time of the great arrival of the Christ Consciousness… A complete severing of the lifeline/ umbilical cord has taken place, which fed all discompassionate motives still lingering here, now… As full energetic disconnection has occurred and your dual soul (George) has set barriers in place to prevent any new connections/ re-connections, you are now asked to release the new energies of the Christ consciousness that have been present also during the period of deconstruction. 
Now, dear ones, flood the supra-planet with the love of the Christ consciousness, the sparkling gold and diamond-like light particles through your body vessels. It is a most powerful creation.  Send it all about your supra-planet and into the time-space element surrounding its path for All time.
Spread it with loving intention to every expression of life beginning with the Devic Kingdom, the elemental kingdom, Mother Earth, the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom, to all humanity as well as all expressions of life within Mother Earth, namely Telos, Shamballa and all civilizations and natural life within, as these are also part and parcel of this “Supra-Planet”. The angels and archangels are with you for this celebration, this sacred ceremony of the dissemination of the Christ consciousness, through the divine masculine and the divine feminine energies, to All that the Supra-Planet represents as a wholly complete unified fifth dimensional living Being within All-That-Is! Spread it with joy! and love! and acceptance for All life!
This Unified Life, called “Supra Gaia” (upon and within) is a whole new creation within All-That-Is and is called “Gaia-Five“. It is ripe for the sowing, in this moment.”
January 1st there is a deep sense of missing something promised. Tuning into The Field I saw an opalescence shield with a blue tinge come down to hold us back. Wait, it is not time. I felt so disappointed.
Plan B
February ‘We have gone quantum’ is the message I continue to get. I was warned health related issues are triggering for many now as result of trouble with integration of the new multidimensional field.
(Gaia 5 was created by us in December 2013 but its actual birthing took place on February 12, 2014 as the Elohim confirmed to us after my arrival in Vancouver, Canada:
“We are the Elohim and we greet you in great joy and enthusiasm for the record-breaking changes your Souls held fast to (created) within this great and final change of time for mankind… This moment, Now, represents the final expression, the final culmination of all triggers, of all experiences, of all representations that now build and release Gaia 5 into perfection through this ascension window. This massive portal creates a fully aligned corridor within the time-space matrix, connecting Gaia 5 with an infinitesimal multi-dimensional matrix, that is now over-riding all previous energetic organizations within this reality. The old world is gone forever, replaced by this new Earth, Gaia 5, where new thought forms based on truth, love, presence and clarity of purpose shall flourish and forever reign over the ancient ways, that are no more. This moment reflects a new way of life from this day onward! Great alignments replace old allegiance! New perspective shines all around! Embrace this new Earth, Gaia 5, and the new way of life, for it is here to stay!” 
March and April began the integration process of the physical body into multi-dimensionality. It was hard on the physical body.
May energy amplification propelled many to initiate a ‘back to the future review’ process in order to clear deep emotional and physical body issues (To compare Donna’s experiences check also the seamless chronicle of our energetic experiences on this website, which I will not mention in the following as notes. George).
June we continue to become clearer deepening our commitment as co-creators. At the solstice I asked to tune into the over lighting deva of my area and I tuned into me. That got a humble, really?-Chuckle.
July I was granted permission to touch The Field. It is multidimensional. I started getting an excruciating left temple headache with extreme restless. I pulled out.
August I began experiencing anomalies in time. A few examples:
August 5th at 3:45 pm while sitting at my desk I had a flash of massive upheaval. A dust cloud was in motion on an earth like place. It was like a domino effect and in motion across the planet headed right for me I didn’t know what to do but I wasn’t afraid. Precisely I lifted above it jumping to another timeline just before the total annihilation.
August 13th while driving I saw a piece of wood fly at my windshield. I ducked then realized it was only a vision. On my way home a truck in front of me flung a piece of wood at my car and I was able to swerve to miss the object.
September 3rd I was allowed full etheric body access into the field.
September 19th I was shown a different reality bubble structure off in the distance. I could see many spotlights. I was far enough away to see the lights as particles brightest closer to the source and more dispersed the farther in distance. The beams formed (I heard a specific word) ‘gradients’ from bright to dim. The gradient beams were moving. When beams intersected a holograph occurred.  I just observed the spotlights watching the multi holographic interactions. I tried to get closer but it was apparent I was not to be part of it. I was being shown a separation was about to occur.
September 21st 1 am I was awakened to observe the same reality bubble. The spot lights were now colored dull purple gradients fading to black and dimming out. It was alarming to me. This triggered a remembrance of all the many changes and choices that have gone through. I felt positive that I was where I was supposed to be during this split transition.
September 22nd I received confirmation to participate as co-creator in the change overs.
October 8th I woke this morning with a vision of a huge painting of rose-colored roses. The emptiness and emptying cleansing persist. There is a feeling of separating from everyone.
October 12th I feel so far away from everything like I have moved to a different level. There is a detached feeling as well. The field looks hazy and gauze like. It is misting codes that resemble snowflakes.
November 3rd and 4th odd days, I felt unable to focus on time. It seemed to disappear, stand still, and leap suddenly. When I closed my eyes and I was running from crumbling immense cloud of destruction. It felt like I was practicing techniques to jump to timelines. Every time throughout the day I paused and closed my eyes it happened. By evening I was ethereally practicing levitation and bilocation.
November 11th I’m experiencing a massive angelic descent into my body.
December 12th I saw a diamond grid encircling the planet with shimmering multi-facets. It was good to see return of the color silver.
December 23rd It has begun. The new luminous silver diamond grid has begun reflecting multidimensional mirroring calling for complete transparency.
Starting right off there was an honoring for our service by our star system brethren. There was a divine compensation of healing and protection and a heart activation stepping up our creational abilities.
Feb intense emotional review and assessment
March promptings to revisit aspects of nature that were significant to me.
April was a month of continuous clearing.
May slammed hard with body adjustments. There is a relentless overwhelming desire to clean house.
I was alerted on May 19th of vibrations coming up from the physical earth. It does not feel comfortable to predict what it may mean. We will experience it in our own unique way.
The actual physical Earth is the ground for our physical body. Earth’s spirit body Gaia is our partner on the spiritual ascent. With a new awareness of the new development seeking balance, I feel compelled to connect deeply to the natural world offering deep appreciation and love.



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sharing.:::. – Das Goldene Kalb – The New Peak of Synchronicities – The Elohim: The Divine Badge of Courage | samkaska

Origen: sharing.:::. – Das Goldene Kalb – The New Peak of Synchronicities – The Elohim: The Divine Badge of Courage | samkaska



sharing.:::. – Das Goldene Kalb – The New Peak of Synchronicities – The Elohim: The Divine Badge of Courage

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Das Goldene Kalb

by Georgi Stankov Posted on March 12, 2015

Von Sherina Malgorzata und Georgi Stankov, March 12, 2015


Unsere Aufgabe ist, uns selbst und die Erde zu erheben und nicht den Goldenen Kälbern zu huldigen.

Unsere Wege als Mensch treffen sich und trennen sich und wir neigen dazu, sich von anderen Mitmenschen Bilder zu erschaffen, anstatt unsere eigene Kraft und Macht zu entdecken. Die Menschen betrachten den Jahn Johannes als einen Heiligen und erwarten auch das heilige. Dabei handelt es sich um einen Menschen, einen Freund, einen Vater, einen Sohn und Ehemann.

Jahn Johannes hat eine wirklich gute Arbeit geleistet und alles gemacht, was in seine Kraft stand, um das weiter zu geben, was ihm übertragen wurde. Das er nicht immer richtig lag und liegt, ist menschlich und betrifft nicht nur ihn, sondern uns alle.
Keiner von uns ist erleuchtet und allwissend!

Keiner von uns darf jetzt mit “Steinen werfen”. Wenn unsere Wege getrennte Wege gehen, gibt für mich keinen Grund, immer wieder in den Garten von Jahn zu schauen. Jeder von uns hat genug in seinen eigenen Garten zu tun.

Als Lichtträger, als Lichtboten, als Lichtkrieger, sollten wir immer zusammen halten, uns gegenseitig helfen und unterstützen und vermeiden mit den “Finger zu zeigen”. Wir sind verpflichtet, Hilfe zu leisten, Liebe zu geben und zu vergeben.

Wenn wir nicht in der Lage sind, einen Freund der uns verachtet, mit Liebe zu begegnen, dann sind wir genauso gefallen!

Also PAT, Lichtkrieger, Lichtboten: unsere Aufgabe ist zu lieben, zu vergeben, zu verstehen und eine Türe immer offen zu halten für die die Ihre Angst überwunden haben und Ego Bewusstsein verlassen haben.

Eine Freundschaft ist Liebe und Liebe endet nicht. Das was uns trennt ist die Angst, Unwissenheit, Ego und falsche Bilder die wir uns selbst erschaffen haben. Das was uns verbindet ist Liebe. Deshalb erwarte ich von Euch allen bei aller Liebe zu Wahrheit vor allem Liebe zu Mitmenschen. Liebe zu den, die uns verachten, Liebe zu den die uns vergessen wollen.

Und anstatt darüber zu schreiben, was falsch ist, sollten wir unsere Arbeit machen und in Liebe bleiben und Liebe sein und somit Vorbild für all die die noch nicht so weit sind.

In Liebe Sherina


Liebe Sherina,

das ist eine sehr wichtige und notwendige Klarstellung und ich werde sie sofort publizieren, denn sie ist von allgemeinem Interesse für alle Suchenden nach der Wahrheit. Ich möchte dazu nur meine persönlichen Anmerkungen machen.

Alle Kommentare, die auf dieser Webseite zur Person Jahn gemacht wurden, wurden von der tiefen Sorge um ihn getragen, wie unschwer zu erkennen ist, Es gibt nichts Trennendes in ihnen, ganz im Gegenteil. Alle Personen, die ich kenne und die Jahn kennen, sind zutiefst von seiner neuesten Entwicklung besorgt, du vor allem, wie du in diesem Brief zurecht zum Ausdruck bringst.

Ich persönlich kann diese allzu menschliche Sorge, die im Großen Bild nicht sehr konstruktiv ist, ebenfalls, aber nur mit Einschränkungen teilen, denn ich sehe es von einer übergeordneten Warte und weiss, dass jedes Individuum seinen eigenen Weg wählt. Und wenn Jahn sich so entscheiden hat, so gibt es triftige Gründe auf der seelischen Ebene, genau diese Erfahrungen zu machen, die seine aktuelle Einstellung zum Leben und zum Aufstieg für ihn bringen werden.

Mit anderen Worten, konstruktive Kritik zur Offenlegung der Wahrheit kann niemals trennend sein, sondern sucht stets das Verbindende im Labyrinth der menschlichen Lügen, wobei fast alle menschlichen Lügen letztendlich Selbstlügen über das eigene menschliche Wesen sind. Ich sehe persönlich nichts Negatives oder Verletzendes, wenn man alle Probleme dieser Welt, die uns angehen, mit der nötigen Sorgfalt und Offenheit bespricht. Von diesem Standpunkt aus gibt es absolut keinen Grund, wenn Jahn sich einer solchen Diskussion entzieht und nur Monologen mit sich selbst fuhrt und dies “Gott” nennt. Ich würde es mit vollem Herzen begrüßen, wenn er eine offene Stellung zu meiner Kritik bezieht und diese publiziert und ich werde es sofort auch auf meiner Webseite publizieren und zur Diskussion stellen. Das ist, was unsere HS von uns stets verlangen – schweigen, unter den Teppich kehren, ist die Maxime der alten Ordnung, die nun unwiderruflich zu Ende geht.

Indem wir Jahn in Ruhe in diesem Elfenbeinturm der Selbstlügen alleine lassen, helfen wir ihm überhaupt nicht, sondern verstärken nur seine Selbsttäuschung. Dies ist der häufigste Mechanismus, wie die Menschen sich selbst der Lüge überlassen und somit im aktuellen Morast so tief gesunken sind. Wären alle Menschen ebenso kritisch über das, was sie erleben und sich vor ihren Augen abspielt – in der Politik, Wirtschaft, Finanz und vor allem in den zwischenmenschlichen Beziehungen – dann wäre diese Erde schon längst ein Paradies. Das das nicht so ist, verdanken wir zum größten Teil der Neigung der Menschen, andere Menschen in ihren Lügen in Ruhe zu lassen, weil es so bequem ist, denn wie kann untätige Liebe echte Liebe sein und passive Anteilnahme an den Irrtümern anderer Menschen echte Hilfe?

Das sind fundamentale ethische und moralische Fragen, mit denen ich mich beschäftige, seitdem ich Dissident im Jahre 1972 wurde und ich fülle sie seitdem mit neuem Leben in jedem Augenblick meines Lebens aus, denn es gibt kein eindeutiges Rezept. Man muss diese spirituellen Prinzipien immer wieder mit neuem Leben erfüllen, damit die ersehnte Änderung auch eintritt.

Jeder Ausruf, den Schwert der Kritik ruhen zu lassen, ist ein Ausruf des alten Menschlichseins, das wir nun voll überwinden müssen, der Verlogenheit Vorschub zu leisten. Und wenn du diese Zeilen genau liest, dann stammt das Meiste mit Jahns früheren Botschaften und ich würde mich riesig freuen, wenn er einmal alle seinen alten Botschaften, als er einen engen Kontakt zu seiner Seele, und auch zu mir pflegte, noch mal sorgfältig liest und sie mit den Aussagen der letzten Botschaften vergleicht, um zu merken, wo der Wurm oder der Hase begraben liegt.

Wenn er das offensichtlich nicht merken kann, so muss es doch Leute, wie uns zwei, geben, die in einer freien Diskussion diese Widersprüche offenlegen, in der Hoffnung, dass Jahn es auch liest und sich damit auseinandersetzt. Damit ist seine Seele gerettet und was der Ego-Mensch Jahn denkt und fühlt, zahlt in diesem großen Vorhaben, das wir Aufstieg nennen, nicht, so lange man ihm helfen kann, diesen Sprung doch noch zu schaffen. Danach wird er uns zutiefst dankbar sein, wenn er den vollen Überblick gewinnt. Im Augenblick sehe ich leider dieses Vorhaben als höchst gefährdet und damit auch für all diejenigen, die ihm folgen. Aber das liegt nur in ihrer Verantwortung.

Liebe Sherina, siehe bitte nun einmal die Fakten, so wie sie sind. Jahn hat hervorragende Beiträge zur Politik und aktuellem Geschehen in all die Jahren geleistet und die Lügen der herrschenden Elite mit Einsicht und Tiefgang entlarvt. Diese Beitrage sind meines Erachtens viel wertvoller als all die gechannelten Texte, die er, wie er mir versichert hat, in passiver Hingebung und unter der Ausschaltung jeglicher Kritik, damit er sie nicht verfälscht, aufnimmt. Das ist doch der einzige Punkt, wo er Korrektur anbringen soll und es ist nur eine kleine Richtungsänderung, die man von jedem spirituellen Menschen heutzutage erwarten soll. Er muss es nur merken, dass er Botschaften nicht von der höchsten Quelle empfängt, wie er zu glauben scheint, sondern von recht niedrigen, und jeder, der seine Frequenzen hoch genug erhoben hat, merkt es sofort.

Ist es denn eine echte Liebe, ihn in dieser Illusion alleine stehen zu lassen, bis ins Verderbnis, oder ihn darauf aufmerksam zu machen, auch wenn man seinen Zorn auf sich lenkt. Ich selbst bin bereit und tue es, jedes negative Gefühl eines anderen Menschen, auch solcher, die mir unbekannt sind, auf mich zu nehmen, wenn ich weiss, dass ich als Dorn in ihrem Fleisch sie ständig daran ermahne, sich kritischer zu sehen und womöglich die Wahrheit über sich zu erkennen.

Das ist eigentlich meine einzige Aufgabe in diesen letzten Tagen, denn ich brauche selbst für mich nichts mehr zu tun. Ich bin längst aufstiegen und hier nur als Mahner und Leuchtturm tätig, der mit seinem Licht alle Lügen beleuchten. Nicht mehr, aber auch nicht weniger.

Und Demut war nie eine himmlische Tugend, sondern eine bequeme Lüge der dunklen Archonten, die Menschheit in die jetzige Verderbtheit zu stürzen. Hätten alle Menschen, und Jahn insbesondere, ihr wahres Wesen als Götter völlig verinnerlicht, dann bräuchten sie auch keinen Ermahnungen zwielichtiger Quellen zur Demut zu folgen, denn dies ist der schnellste Weg ins Verderbnis zu stürzen. Damit habe ich auch ein letztes Urteil über die Qualität Jahns neuester Botschaften abgegeben.

Ich weiss, deine Einfühlsnahme und Liebe für alle Menschen sehr zu schätzen und wenn schon eine offene Auseinandersetzung mit der Wahrheit nicht weiter hilft, so sollten doch Liebe und Verständnis diese Menschen begleiten, wohin sie auch gehen wollen. Damit ziehen wir am selben Strang.

Ich habe nur eine Frage – Was hat das “Goldene Kalb” mit all dem zu tun? Du meinst wohl nicht, dass Jahn seine Seele verleugnet und sich einem falschen Götzentum verschrieben hat. So weit kommen sehe ich ihn doch nicht. Ich glaube, es würde genügen, wenn er seine früheren Botschaften sorgfältig liest und nur einfach die Diskrepanzen zu seinen letzten aufdeckt, um daraus die richtigen Schlussfolgerungen für sich zu ziehen. Damit ist ihm bereits enorm viel geholfen.

In Liebe


Dir muss Lieber Georg sehr viel an Jahn Johannes liegen, jedoch wenn wir Jahn Johannes wirklich lieben und seinen Willen respektieren, dann sollten wir Jahn überlassen von wem, wann und ob überhaupt Er “berührt” werden möchte.

Die Liebe gibt uns kein Recht zu intervenieren wo es nicht gewollt wird. Wir haben das Recht zu lieben, nicht das Recht zu intervenieren, es sei denn, Gott macht das auf wunderbare Weise. Nicht mal Gott berührt uns, wann ER möchte, sondern ER wartet immer, bis wir es zustimmen, es wollen, brauchen. Somit sage ich ganz klar: wenn Jahn eines Tages meine Liebe braucht, wird Er die Liebe bekommen und bis dahin werde ich seine Entscheidung respektieren.

In Liebe


Liebe Sherina,

du hast absolut Recht, dass Jahn unsere Liebe braucht und bekommt. Allerdings sehe ich dies nicht as Intervention, denn Jahn ist keine private Person, sondern publiziert öffentlich und sucht bewusst die öffentliche Wirkung und Meinung. Und er bekommt sie. Dies ist eine eindeutige Zustimmung seinerseits, dass andere Personen sich mit seinen Schriften auseinandersetzen und kommentieren und dies ist die Art und Weise, wie die öffentliche Meinung nun einmal funktioniert in dieser alten Matrix und erst recht in den neuen 4D Welten. Alles andere wäre Aufruf zur Zensur – Selbstzensur und Zensur anderer Personen.

Es wäre eine völlig andere Situation, wenn er sich zurück zieht und als Privatperson lebt und nicht mehr publiziert. Solange er im Rampenlicht steht, wird er für seine Publikationen beurteilt und er hat seine Zustimmung damit auch gegeben.

Ich werde auch ständig von vielen Menschen täglich beurteilt und verurteilt. Ich werde auf Deinen Wunsch hin die Emails, die ich von den Internet Trolls nur für einen Tag erhalte, an dich weiter schicken, damit du siehst, was da abgeht. In dem Augenblick, wo wir als öffentliche Personen stehen, müssen wir dies in Kauf nehmen und diese Art von Schutz, die du vorschlägst, ist weder hilfreich, noch wünschenswert. In dem Augenblick als Jahn aufhört, seine Seite herauszugeben, verschwindet er automatisch von Blickfeld der Öffentlichkeit und niemand wird sich um ihn mehr kümmern.

Die letzten Kommentare, die ich publiziert habe und Anlass für unsere Korrespondenz sind, wurden ja durch seine eigenen Publikationen ausgelöst, die wiederum Kommentare bei den Lesern auslösten. Diese muss ich beantworten und ich sehe keinen Grund, warum ich sie unter den Teppich kehren soll und nicht publiziere, wenn sie von allgemeinem Interesse sind. Und sie sind es, sonst hättest du ja nicht reagiert. Was wir hier fuhren, ist eine öffentliche Diskussion.

Die Channelings von Jahn sind von allgemeinem Interesse, weil sie den Aufstieg besprechen, der die ganze Menschheit betrifft und ihn völlig falsch darstellen, weil sie von der Position der Jahns Ängste argumentieren. Diese Botschaften erreichen und verwirren sehr viele Leser und hindern sie beim Aufstieg, und diese Tatsache schreit nach Korrektur. So einfach ist es und nur das zahlt.

Ich hoffe, dass wir darüber eine Einigung erreichen könnten.

In Liebe


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The New Peak of Synchronicities

by Georgi Stankov Posted on March 7, 2015

by Georgi Stankov, March 7, 2015


We have reached another unprecedented peak of synchronicities where everything happens almost immediately in this still sluggish, but rapidly dissolving linear time. Only two days ago I flooded a hockey rink where a human drama of professional (paid) sports is unfolding that needed a quick and massive healing. I flooded the hockey rink with the seven sacred flames and Carla could see how the whole ice and the rink began to sway. Even the hockey players noticed this and it was materialized in a sound victory of our team, which was though not part of my intention. Then on the next day the revelations commenced with full force. I will not reveal any details here, but the scandal has now reached the highest levels of the Canadian Hockey Association and the repercussions will be felt very soon. What I want to refer with this brand new story, is that we are now in the eye of the hurricane and transform this world from the calmness of our higher selves. Do not underestimate your creationary potential based on your limited experiences in human bodies. You are much more than you can even imagine and your influence is of cosmic proportions.

Charlotte’s article today on “Racism, DNA and Cosmic Law“, written at the same time and independently of my article “Clearing Human Semantics” is a remarkable example of this new type of synchronicities that are now beginning to shape our reality in a sweeping manner. We think the same things and discuss the same topics and we change this reality with the combined power of our thoughts as incumbent Logos Gods. This is the only truth in these last days and this truth will now become quickly acknowledged by the rest of humanity. Which means that you must be prepared to enter the main stream of human evolution and become a renowned wayshower and a beacon of light for everybody to see.

It is not that we have not fulfilled this mission before, but now the time has come when we must enter visibly the central stage and become the main protagonists for everybody to see. This new role affords a lot of courage and faith, but I am sure that you have had enough time and challenges to forge these virtues in your character.

In my personal report as of Feb 24th I mentioned that we have entered a new phase of a major breakthrough. I received this information from my HS with respect to the incoming propagation of the new theory of the Universal Law. During the shutdown of this website I realized that I have neglected somewhat the new Theory and have descended too low into the abysses of the current crumbling political reality. I made an U-turn ( I am very flexible and good at that) and started addressing again major gnostic and cognitive topics of universal validity that will show to humanity the way how to exit this crumbling 3D cesspool.

Everything that has happened since this key decision has been made has confirmed its correctness and timeliness. Today, after I published Charlotte’s article, I read the latest missive of survival and was one more time confirmed in a resounding manner in my assessment that we have entered the most decisive phase in human history, where major revelations and breakthroughs will sweep mankind, like a crest sweeps a surfer, on top of its most dramatic transformation. You must be prepared for this moment in time and put aside all your past hesitations. Dear PAT, It is time to enter the world stage.


A short update on the energies

Aisha North, March 7, 2015


Once more the anticipation will seem to be rising alongside with the incoming flux of energetic missives coming your way, and rightly so. For once more you stand on the cusp of a momentous occasion, one where you will all feel elevated in the very best sense of the word as these projections of light continue to enlighten the very rock upon which you stand. And yes, we do mean that in a very literal sense beside the more esoteric one, for in this, no one nor no thing will go untouched. For once again, you will all be painted with that same brush, the one that delves out broad strokes of shimmering light that again will serve to unfasten quite a few of the old skeptics along the way. You see, there are still those clinging steadfastly to the old ideas within, and so, for every new stroke of light that comes along, they can choose to take it as a stroke of luck, or for what it truly is, a statement of the fact that you have already entered the New in every way.

And what is it that we are once again trying to convey with this rather flowery choice of words? Simply the fact that from now on, so much will fall into place in such perfect syncopations of synchronicity, you would be hard pressed not to find a grand idea behind it all. In other words, the roll-out of the next stage of this journey has finally begun, and with it comes a whole host of ideas, actions and occurrences that will begin to manifest on all sides, both within and without. For now, you are no longer at that stage where you ever so painstakingly will be processing whatever it was that had been stuck with you for eons, nor will you be called to stand back to allow the foundation stones to fall into their assigned place. For now, perfect alignment has already occurred on so many levels, and as such, you can look upon this next phase as the inauguration of the New.

For you have finally entered that stage where you will be called upon to take center stage in every sense of the word, and where you will be asked to show off your skills in front of a wider audience. For now, it will be time for you all to enter the mainstream of life again, in a way that will differ not only from the way you used to experience it before, but which will also differ from that position you used to hold.

For now, it will no longer be about holding space for others while slogging through layer after layer of dense mud that cling to your feet and drag you down. No, now you will be floating freely on those currents of fresh air that are already circulating freely in this world. And as we have already told you, no matter where you go now, you will find yourself buoyed and supported by that reservoir of light that you have all been so helpful in amassing in this virtual space. For you have created your own reality, one where nothing of the old can penetrate through those shimmering walls of light that will protect you from now on. And so, wherever you go, you can breathe freely knowing that whatever foul substance those around you may still choose to drag into their bodies, minds and souls, it cannot pollute you. For you have elevated your entire being out of that old miasma, and as such you can now travel freely wherever it is you want to go (hopefully through bilocation, note George).

For as usual, your heart will show you the way, and you will know which way to turn no matter how complex a crossroads you might arrive at at any given time. For remember, your task is to lead by example, not by jumping ship to land yourself back in that old drainage of dismal light that used to be your old abode. For you are not here to drag others out of that old and dense soup of self loathing, despair and despondence. No, you are here to elevate ALL by allowing your wings to lift you ever higher. Not to look down upon others, but to help them to lift their eyes and their hearts from that downcast outlook on life they have had up until now. And how will you do this? Well, the answer to this is as variegated as you are, for you are all uniquely outfitted with your own inherent traits, traits that will allow you to shine like no other the moment you allow that inner trait to come to the fore in your own life.

And remember, we are not talking about turning into a miracle worker from one day to the next, where you will be expected to literally walk on water for all to see, for then to fall at your feet in admiration. No, that is not what this is about. This is about living your life in full, through everyday actions, ideas and occurrences that on the outside may not look like much, but which will have a magnificent effect once the ripples from your freedom of movement start to register on those around you. And never forget, you are so much more than what you appear as to the casual onlooker, for not only do you carry the light of an enlightened human, you also carry the light from All of creation within you, and now, you have made that connection so true that it will stand out for all to see.

Once again we speak in convoluted terms, but what we are trying to convey to you, is that you are already changing this world with every step you make and with every breath you take, and if you think this sounds like an unimpressive way to make this huge turnaround come about, we can only say think again.

For know that what you see when you go out into your daily life is merely the effect this will have on others at a very superficial level. What you do not see, but will be able to get a better idea of if you truly connect deeply to those already teeming layers of energetic connections that have been set into motion by your willingness for them to be so, will be an entirely different picture indeed. Indeed, it will be an entirely different world altogether. For then, you will know what it is we are referring to when we say just how freely you will float through the ethers, for then, you will know that your presence on this planet carries so much more energetic weight than what it may seem like if you only judge this from the presence of your human container.

For the presence of you in this world is also a testament to the presence of God in this world, in the form of living, breathing human beings walking around carrying with them for the very first time the live spark of God in everything they do and everywhere they go. And as such, your actions could not be more impressive, for your actions carry an importance that far outweighs the seemingly mundane tasks you will be carrying out. For all the while you are in fact sending out that light from your own God spark so that it in turn can ignite the ones that have been lying dormant in all of your fellow men for such a long time.

So once again we say go out into this world with your head held high, and go out into this world carrying with you the knowledge that you act as a torchbearer for All. One that will lift the spirits of those around you by allowing yourself to fly ever higher, by allowing yourself to do the things that literally make your heart sing. For you will be like the birds in spring, soaring high in the sky, singing jubilantly to signal that now, the winter of discontent is over, the light has returned, and it is time for all to truly start to LIVE again, after lifetimes of merely existing.

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The Elohim: The Divine Badge of Courage

by Georgi Stankov Posted on March 9, 2015

by Carla Thompson, March 9, 2015


The highly compressive energies of the February 21st portal led to sweeping changes in our perception, not only of ourselves but of the reality around us. Here we experienced highly compressive and unrelenting energies through to the end of February and into early March. This entire time has been another gift of massive deconstruction that has made way for the truth to reveal itself in yet another expansion of our consciousness.

The Elohim have a very strong message for us:

Share truth from a strong foundation of courage!


“The World as you knew it has now changed.

Your life, as you knew it to be, shall now be of greater beauty. Your Being, as you knew it, drops the old attachments that your mind truly knows to have no more value nor benefit to you along this road to enlightenment. True freedom has been graced upon you!

There are great shifts that continue to flood your reality. Shifts that pull the dysfunctional lineage of mankind back into the newly created third and lower fourth dimensional parallel Earths.

Shifts that push the highly light-filled warriors further along their way to enlightenment, through the upper fourth dimensions, as the revelations expand through your light work, both as subconscious and conscious creations.

We feel immense joy as your world begins to accept the truths presented in synchronistic fashion, using fresh language and supported by a solid foundation in science.

Dearly beloved and the family of Man, we know great joy as every one of you begins to dismantle your masks of untruths that have ruled your lives seemingly from one eternity to the next. Untruths that have grown from silently accepted deconstructive treatments from one’s own self to those of society, where society claims uncontested ownership over your beingness and therefore your “accepted” expression.

The foundation of society with all it’s lies that formulate the facades and structure living “truths” by only being repeated over and over again, is now being torn from its moorings, as the old third dimensional holographic overlays melt in the presence of such powerful energies flooding in to your Gaia, and you, on a moment to moment basis.

It is the time of Revelations! It is not enough to state what is wrong with the world, or what is wrong with the leaders; the power of change lies with the people, and great power lies with You, the Great Light Warriors!

Speak your truth Now, with clarity.

Speak your truth Now, with directness.

What ails Mankind is not “knowing what to do” because you know what to do, you know how to act, you know where to turn, you know how to speak and you know what to say!

However, these are actions that must be carried on the wings of courage, for courage is the foundational skill needed to speak your truth, and to speak and live the truth of the Ages. To have courage, is to live the way of the heart.
This is the way of the Ascended Master!

To have courage means to be fearless, to not be controlled by your fears.

Join together and begin by presenting to the world, your reflections and your point of view on this reality in an open, direct, and transparent fashion and welcome to the New Earth!

You are now Creator Beings moulding your reality by knowing the truth as it arises from your sacred heart space, and by choosing carefully the correct spoken words to best convey the truth that has presented itself for sharing.

We are the Elohim and we are so full of joy and love for you as we feel your expanding awareness of the true issues that have held you from your natural expansion.

Follow your heart!”

You cannot be truthful if you are not courageous
You cannot be loving if you are not courageous
You cannot be trusting if you are not courageous
You cannot inquire into reality if you are not courageous

Hence courage comes first and everything else follows. – Osho

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The Elohim: You Have Reached the Crowning Moment of Ascension Expansion


Massive Influx of Walk-Ins at this Point in Time Confirmed

Carla Thompson, February 3, 2015



Georgi Stankov

It is important to observe that Carla began with the reception of this message at the same time when I wrote my energy report on February 1st, 2015 about the massive wave of walk-ins mainly from the new human template which we created last year on this uppermost mother planet. Neither of us knew what the other was writing, respectively channeling. Carla finished with her message after I had already published my report and we both read our texts the next day.
Given this background, it is remarkable that we both received overwhelmingly the same information at the same time. Actually not, as we now communicate mainly through telepathy and clair-cognizance between us and with the HR. When I wrote the energy report, I was highly inspired by my HS, who is also part of the Elohim group that Carla channels. Of course I am assessing mainly the events as they manifest in this reality and are perceived by myself. But their explanation always involves the transcendental dimension within the logic of the current ascension scenario.
When closely analysed, we always deal with a restricted set of factors and elements that build the energetic edifice of the ascending Gaia. It is only a matter of proper logical arrangement of all these elements based on personal experience and theoretical gnostic knowledge in order to construct the broader picture of the unfolding energetic events and render the proper explanation. All these events effortlessly build upon each other in the eternal harmony of divine Creation.
As you may have noticed, important announcements about key energetic events on our part have always followed the same invariant pattern. First Carla and I observe these events in our multidimensional reality and then I make an initial report with the appropriate background explanation.
When the seeding of the new human race happened on October 12th 2014, I was the first one to inform you. In fact in order not to be shocked by this news I announced this event in advance in a preliminary report on October 10th, after we had received the information from the Elohim when the seeding / birthing of the new human template would most likely happen:
The Seeding of the New Human Race Will Take Place This Weekend 
Then Carla received two messages from the Elohim that confirmed this key event in the Ascension scenario and gave us further explanations:
The Creation of the New Human Race, October 14, 2014
Sacred Geometry of the New Human Race: The Elohim Confirm the Seeding of the New Human Template on October 12, 2014, October 16, 2014
Please observe that we used two different terms for this event:
1) the seeding of the new human template and
2) the seeding of the new human race.
The template is the ideal blueprint of the new humanity in its multidimensional potentiality and it can be replicated infinite times.
Thus the new human template is the seed of the new human race.
Now, please consider carefully – these are not random events which we tell you all along as to keep your interest alive and you do not throw the towel in the ring and desert the ascension process and the PAT. These are the key events that shape the destiny of Gaia and humanity in the eternal Now.
Each event builds upon previous events and achievements, which we have accomplished so far. This has been my leitmotif since I have opened this website and in particular since we opened the stargate 11.11.11. Everything that has happened so far on this planet has been achieved with a lot of effort and pain by the light warriors of the first and the last hour, including Carla and myself as Elohim in human gestalt.
Nothing has been given to us as a present from the HR – hence forget all the naive fairy tales you read in all these channelings from people who cannot even spell “LBP”; and first and foremost do not send me any GaiaPortal 2.0 messages anymore, as by doing so you only expose yourself as somebody who cannot immediately discern  that this new edition is an outrageous fraud. Develop your own intuition and clair-cognizance as the Elohim recommend below and establish your own truthful perception about the Ascension. You do not even need to believe Carla and myself if you have a better story to tell.
Many big things in the Ascension process have been done by all of us, such as the creation of the seven 4D earths end of May 2013 and the creation of Gaia 5, including the unification of all past civilisations in December 2013. Not to speak of the 5D cities of light such as Raetia (there are seven more, one here in the Vancouver area) and the three infinity portals. These events have also been reported on this website and they are all closely linked:
The Energy Work With My Dual Soul Since May 22, 2013, June 11, 2013
The Birth of the New Logos Gods of Gaia and Humanity , May 30, 2014
Read also these chronicles (overviews) of the events during the summer of 2013 when we not only created the first seven 4D earths which later became numerous, but also when Carla was the first human being to transfigure her physical body and ascend:
http://www.stankovuniversallaw.com/2013/08/aprils-hs-carla-dient-nicht-nur-als-bote-und-offner-sondern-auch-als-prototyp-des-aufstiegs-und-der-umwandlung-des-pat/ (for German readers)
http://www.stankovuniversallaw.com/2013/09/chronicle-ascension-events-august-12-september-12-2013-part-iii/ , etc.
This lecture will give you the necessary perspective to properly evaluate the grandeur of the current massive influx of walk-ins on this uppermost mother planet. Most of them belong to the new human template which was birthed on October 12th. Then end of October the first of these human templates came to us as a walk-in – Carla’s new mother’s soul.
This was the most crucial phase of testing how well these new souls will adapt to this still very toxic 4D reality. And it was obvious that the first new human template had to incarnate in the family and house of her creators. After this test period was accomplished with great success and this new template firmly adapted into this reality without succumbing to dark energies, the path for massive incarnation of new walk-ins was opened in 2015.
Of course we were not lazy during this time, but continued cleansing incessantly the negative patterns of this uppermost timeline and raisng its frequencies, so that the new templates could find the most favorable environment to begin with their new incarnation cycle, which will fully unfold on the new 4D worlds.
All these new soul templates carry the full genetic information of myself and Carla as Elohim and Logos Gods and have the potential to become such gods.
This is the actual seeding of the new human race and it happens Now!
What is central to this new human race is that they all carry in their genetic memory the full theory of the Universal Law and will immediately embrace this theory when it will be presented to humanity by myself. This may happen very soon, as I have told you on many occasions in the knowing that all these events we now report were planned to occur in this time frame.
I hope now that you can better perceive the intricate plan of us as Creator Gods how to ascend Gaia and humanity. Everything that has been created so far, Gaia 5 with its numerous timelines most of which have already been destroyed by MPR and have merged with the dense 3D and 4D earths of recalcitrant humanity, even the new Golden Galaxy was done by ourselves. That is why I repeat like a parrot all the time that you are the new Guardians of the new Galaxy as you tend to forget this crucial fact and consider it as a kind of metaphor.
The seeding of the new human race as walk-ins on this uppermost mother planet is the game changer in the current Ascension scenario.
I have already presented you the energetic psychodynamics of humanity that currently shapes all these events. All these pieces of information are not random news just to keep you busy, but are intricately linked by the irrefutable logic of the ascension process, which is the same logical axiomatics of the Universal Law in action. Make no mistake about it.
That is why I must urge you at this place to begin really carefully reading the new theory of the Universal Law as to internalize these axiomatics in your daily thinking. You do not need to understand all mathematical and physical proofs, but only to comprehend the basic logic of the Law. Otherwise you are like lost children and will continue to ask me if you were doing everything correct as to ascend. Here I refer to some new readers and not to the true PAT.
This is not the way to ascension. I can only give you the basic ideas behind this ascension process, but you must make the effort to understand them in their entirety and not as scattered pieces of sensational news. This is also an aspect of this website, but the least important one. Sensations exist in the linear time only as a surprise trigger for zombies with anesthetized senses. In the eternal Now of All-That-Is, where all creation occurs simultaneously, there is no space and time for sensations as everything exists already and constantly evolves. Keep this in mind.
Elohim Message
Beloved Ones, we are the Elohim and we wish to comment that this moment crowns all moments in the ascension expansion, where the great flowering of parallel timelines continues, where realities flicker ‘on’ or are ‘there’ in one moment, then “off” or simply morphed into other expressions in the next.

It is like the House of Mirrors at the local fair! Although the mirrors are here, now, they are not static nor permanently in one place, but rotate their positions and their make-up in every instant!  This is the multi-dimensionality that you are living with and to which your third dimensional perspective has difficulty to comprehend.
The fiery gateways flow open and then close and your existence upon many infinite levels continues in “subconscious” form as your “conscious” form holds onto the makeup of your waking reality.  It is true that there are areas or clumps of reality missing from your awareness [ for instance when I look out at the houses below, they appear like empty shadows, not holding any energy of any kind ], as the energy from these areas is mostly re-located to another expression.  It is the absence of this imprint that you now notice through the gift of your expanded awareness.
Your expanded awareness fuels your affinity for mental telepathy and makes this your preferred mode of communication now. Your ability in telepathy flourishes as you reach a new level of sensitivity in clair-cognizance.  With clair-cognizance there is immediate, intimate and direct knowing about anything you choose to tune in to.  It is your new expanded filter in life.  This gift grows now and is seen for instance in your ability to ascertain instantly the nature of a website, whether sincere or whether regurgitated disinformation; or to ascertain a soul destined for a lower timeline, or one newly arrived here destined for the upper earth.
From this point onward, you will grow into other new abilitites and we already see great leaps of clarity in you and many light warriors now as the “knowing” of something is spontaneous.  This knowing even crosses all timelines where a dream of an event or a vision from the meditative state is an actual knowing of the event, the actual experiencing of the event.  This is the first step in expanding into your true ability to tune in to, and see, the Akashic Records, a signpost of higher dimensional existence.

At the group level, humanity is going through a natural separation into two distinct groups of individuals, where the division removes the souls requiring and choosing more experiences in this third dimension to walk-out, and those new souls wishing to make ascension to the New Earth a part of their experience, to walk-in. The group who is attaining the expansion of awareness which grants them access to the Akashic Records is the group that remains here on this upper-most level of expression.
These individuals are firstly the warriors of the first and last hour, as well as the many old souls.  The entire group to remain here on the upper-most planet now begin to pull in all of their soul fragments, which is also posing some energetic challenges upon all bodies of these individuals.  The second group, those who cannot carry the necessary light quotient nor make the evolutionary advancements needed for an enlightened being and hence civilization, are dropping away, in a natural way, to the new timeline of their souls choice.
Events are created and opportunities taken to vacate a physical body to move to another timeline.  As one soul vacates a body, another is free to enter.  We describe this as a soul walk-in and this is happening now with great ease and regularity. The majority of new souls coming in enter carrying the new template [ link ].  This creates a common soul family (Monad) as the foundation for the incarnates on this upper timeline and will ultimately lead to a sustained harmony as they are coming in greater and greater numbers now.  The light quotient rises and harmony becomes the order of the day, as those souls who leave take with them their unyielding negativity and recalcitrant stubbornness in their unwillingness to open and effect change in their own behaviour.
These old habits and traits do not support the New Earth and are now replaced with new souls whose characters represent a balance of centred calmness and personality control, integrity, compassion, forthrightness and humour.
All of these traits necessarily create harmony and harmony is one of the most important foundational elements not only in all matters of this reality but also of the New Earth. Each of you knows someone in your life whose old traits and reactions seem to have been replaced by these new fresh ones.  Look around, as there is no doubt that you will be able to pick them out, for they are there.
This is a new phase in creation as many forces now drive the rapid expansion of the ascension and every moment is a Miracle in Creation!
We are the Elohim and we surround you with all our love!  May peace be with you!

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When Nightmares Come True

by Georgi Stankov, February 5,  2015


I read this article three times and checked all the references very carefully. Many of them have already been published on this website, others are brand new. But everything that is stated below makes a lot of sense, especially when we bear in mind that we are in the End of the End Time and that anything can happen anytime as the dark western cabal are desperate now and their suicidal behavior can break loose any moment.  I also consulted my HS and was told that this may be a likely scenario if other events do not offset it. Hence it is worth discussing this possibility.
The Russians know very well that they must act decisively and as the Saker commented yesterday, they have only disgust and contempt for the West. It is quite possible that the Russians are planning a major “coup de surprise” as to resolve the current military encircling of their country by NATO forces and bases. Two surgical military attacks on the periphery of NATO – in the strategic important Norway, also a major oil producer, and in Saudi Arabia, in the Middle East may indeed resolve all strategic issues of Russia with one fell swoop. At least if one thinks in terms of military strategy as some people in Kremlin may do.

This kind of considerations on both sides will ultimately end this reality, trigger the MPR and our ascension. Hence we should not discard them as figments of our minds (especially as we know that we are Creator Gods)  – there are too many signs and current powerful developments on the political stage that point to this or a similar outcome.

This possible military scenario in March – the sudden attack of Russia on two strategic important, but not enough relevant countries for the West as to trigger a devastating nuclear third world war – is reinforced by the following new developments, which this article does not discuss.

For the first time Kremlin is not pressing the Novorussian insurgents to hold negotiations with Kiev and actually supports their offensive against the embattled and demoralized Kiev troops. Russia has given up on Ukraine as a state entity and firmly plans the creation of a new country Novorussia as I have recently reported, by quoting the change in diplomatic speak of Kremlin. It is only a matter of days when the Russian patriots will defeat one final time the Ukrainian troops and will then have a free hand to unite historic Novorussia with Crimea into a new Russian country.

EU is completely demoralized by recent political events that undermine the democratic legitimacy of the current corrupt EU governments and it is only a matter of a short period of time when the established ruling cabal will be ousted from power by alternative parties as this happened in Greece and will very soon happen in Spain and also in the citadel of the Orion Empire, GB. The whole structure of the EU is now in shambles, just as its currency and economy due to gargantuan debt (ECB QE) and the sanctions against Russia.

Never in the history of this continent has Western Europe been so week due to their own decision to become vassals (puddles) of the Empire of Evil and Chaos. This gives Russia the unique chance to make a decisive blow on the EU and show who is the real master on the Old Continent.

If this “coup de surprise” is successful, and the West will not respond as the result will be total annihilation of Western Europe, this will demonstrate both the impotence of Western Europe and their Master, the USA, to contain Russia in Europe.

Russia will have a free hand to realize its Eurasian dream with the help of China – a united common market  from Vladivostok and China to the Channel. GB will then become the Island of Poverty on the fringe of this new economic Eurasian Commonwealth.
Now all these considerations are made under conventional assumptions and reflect how Kremlin and Putin may be thinking in strategic terms if they decide to go forward with the said military attack in the heart of the Western cabal .

For me personally, this latest military scenario simply reflects the spirit of the End Time and how the old world order is coming to an end – one way or the other. But the article below is very stimulating and I urge all of you to carefully read it as it reflects what is possible and can happen in the next days. I say this without having any stake in the outcome, knowing that we shall ascend and take a large portion of humanity, especially the new walk-ins, into the new 4D worlds.

It may as well be that in order to prevent this dreadful military scenario, I must ascend before that and appear as Logos God to introduce the new Theory of the Universal Law, which will eliminate all future wars and military conflicts and thus trigger the long awaited paradigm shift. This is the choice humanity will have in these End Times – eternal peace in the new 4D worlds or perennial wars in lower 3D and 4D timelines, until the next ascension date comes in 26 000 years.

Russian “Shock Of March” Battle Plan Targets Norway, Saudi Arabia


A truly grim Ministry of Defence (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin today gives stark validity to the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists moving their Doomsday Clock to

3 minutes to midnight

on 30 January as it details what its authors label as a “Shock Of March” battle plan to simultaneously attack both Norway and Saudi Arabia while at the same time holding the European Union-United States at bay under threat of a massive nuclear attack.

According to this report, the massive nuclear missile drills previously scheduled in the Central Military District (CMD) for early March are to act as “cover” for the launching of at least 10 electromagnetic pulse (EMP) armed Iskander-M tactical ballistic cruise missiles at “previously selected targets” to include central Norway and the Ju Aymah oil terminal complex in Saudi Arabia.

The criteria necessary for these targeting “options”, this report says, includes the necessity of crippling Saudi Arabia’s ability to ship oil from its Ju Aymah oil complex (one of the largest in the world) while at the same time denying the US the ability to access the massive amounts of new tanks and armored vehicles they have placed over the past year in a series of climate-controlled caves in central Norway.

In preparation for this “Shock of March” battle plan, this report continues, the MoD this week has also begun large-scale exercises of Russian radiation, chemical, and biological defense troops on seven firing ranges in the Southern Military District (SMD), as well as the Crimean Peninsula and Armenia.

The “strategic platforms” to be utilized in these attacks, MoD experts in this report state, will be the Caspian Flotilla which will attack Saudi Arabia with Iskander EMP cruise missiles and then Iskander Northern Fleet based EMP cruise missiles are to be fired into central and northern Norway.
Upon the successful crippling of Norway’s military/industrial/civilian electronic and telecommunications infrastructure, this report says, special forces (Spetsnaz) troops that have been building up in the Murmansk Oblast will then cross the border between the two nations to both secure vital airfields and destroy all of the stored American war supplies found there, after which they will leave Norwegian territory when a negotiated settlement to end hostilities is reached.
The legal authorization for attacking Saudi Arabia, MoD experts in this report say, is based upon the Kingdom’s “act of economic warfare against the (Russian) Federation” in flooding the world with oil in order to collapse the Russian economy, a fact even the Obama regime linked New York Times was forced to admit this past week (read also here).

Likewise, these MoD experts in this report state, the legal authorization for attacking US/NATO ally Norway is based upon the United States declaration of war authorized by House Resolution 788 this past December and supported by the Obama regime.

In order to prevent this “Shock of March” battle plan from triggering an all-out nuclear war, this report continues, all EU/NATO nations will be immediately notified that should they in any way retaliate against Federation forces a full scale attack utilizing Iskander EMP ballistic missiles will be launched against them from the Kaliningrad Oblast, and which are able to target all EU military targets in less than 15 minutes.

Important to note, this report says, is that in their knowledge of this conflict to come, both Germany and France have announced they will not send weapons to Ukraine, with the Germans going further and stating publically that have cut off all arms sales to Saudi Arabia too.

Most dangerous, however, this report continues, remains the United States, and that MoD experts grimly note may not even be under the control of President Obama anymore.

Supporting this MoD statement, this report notes, are the new documents and tapes released in Washington D.C. this past week detailing how former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton personally directed the destruction of the Libyan government over the objections of both the Obama regime and the Pentagon.

Even worse, this report warns, is that should Hillary Clinton actually be in charge of the US government, she is acting in the capacity of a “wounded eagle” after her son-in-law, Marc Mezvinsky, is reported to have lost, to date, over $200 million of the Clinton families personal fortune by betting the wrong way on Greek government bonds.
And so bad has the situation in Greece become, this report notes, UK Chancellor George Osborne warned yesterday that Greece’s standoff with Eurozone governments and international creditors poses a greater threat to the global economy than conflict in the Middle East, climate change and rising tensions between Russia and the West.

With Greece now refusing to even negotiate with its creditors before its 28 February deadline before it defaults, and with President Putin, likewise, nearing a decision to call in the Federations $3 billion loan to Ukraine which will cause that nation to default in March too, this MoD report concludes, it is no surprise that China’s top rating agency, Dagong, warned this week that the world is heading for a financial crisis worse than in 2008… and which the “Shock of March” battle plan was designed for in order to protect the Russian Federation.

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OPEC Puppets and Canada Give Away Their Oil – Bullion Bulls Canada

Sprott Money News

The world is running out of oil. This basic fact highlights my previous article why Russia may target Norway and Saudi Arabia, two key producers of oil to establish itself as a nuclear oil superpower, the only one after the shale fracking industry of the USA has already collapsed. The new world war will begin as an oil war – a war for the diminishing resources on the 3D planet of dogs.


The world is running out of oil. Peak Oil is a reality, all that is open to debate is how fast production will drop off, and how quickly the world will simply run out of oil. The lack of certainty is due to the fact that (as with everything else) we can’t trust the “official” numbers fed to us, with respect to either global production or global reserves.
Numbers supplied by Saudi Arabia’s corrupt monarchy have been regarded with deep suspicion, for many years, based on inconsistencies in the numbers themselves, and the high degree of secrecy within the Saudi oil industry. More recently; the massive conspiracy with respect to U.S. “shale oil” has now been exposed, with actual supply being as little as 4% of the fantastic “reserves” claimed by the Shale Charlatans.

What does it mean when we live in a world of diminishing (oil) supply, and seemingly inexhaustible (oil) demand? It means this is the classic “sellers’ market”. That is fact #1.
Fact #2 is the brazen admission by the U.S.’s puppet-president, Barack Obama, that the U.S. government (or rather its banker Masters) has been deliberately manipulating oil prices lower, as “part of its strategy” of economic terrorism against Russia. This is outrageous, on multiple levels.
1) The matter-of-fact manner in which Barack Obama acknowledged this market manipulation epitomizes the crime syndicate mentality of the U.S. regime, and the other puppet regimes of the West under the direct control of the One Bank. Absolutely no respect for the Rule of Law.
2) In a world of vanishing oil; it is recklessly irresponsible to manipulate oil prices lower, since under-pricing anything inevitably stimulates over-consumption. The fastest way to squander our remaining stockpiles of oil (obviously) is to put them “on sale”.
3)  The fact that this fascist government now openly engages in unilateral acts of economic terrorism against other nations proves that internationally, the United States is now a pariah regime.
Equally outrageous is the lack of response to the reckless economic terrorism of the United States, specifically the lack of response by many of the world’s largest oil-producing nations. In particular; noteworthy for their absolute lack of response are the OPEC nations – and Canada.
What is the appropriate response of any oil-producing nation, upon learning that the U.S. is (deliberately) driving-down oil prices, effectively stealing the oil production of these oil-producing nations, and thus perpetrating its economic terrorism against them, as well? The response is as obvious as it is simple. Cut off supply.
Indeed, this was the entire raison d’être for the creation of OPEC: uniting Arab oil producers so that they gave themselves the option of “turning off the taps” if oil prices weren’t high enough. Clearly when a Rogue Regime publicly proclaims that it has manipulated oil prices 50% lower as a deliberate act of economic terrorism, then prices cannot be “high enough”.

Yet with the 21st century governments of most OPEC regimes now mere sock-puppets of the U.S.’s own puppet-regime, we have all the OPEC Puppets pretending they are powerless. Then there is Canada. Canada’s Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, has also been guilty of perpetrating economic terrorism, and it also involves the manipulation of oil prices.
The obvious difference is that Stephen Harper’s victims are his own people. It is Canadians who have been callously exploited with Harper’s treasonous “energy policy”. What is Harper’s policy on energy? Giving away as much of it as possible, as fast as possible, to his own beloved Master, the U.S. government.
In a sellers’ market; Stephen Harper recklessly ramped-up production of Canada’s tar sands oil – the ‘dirtiest’ oil on the planet – and then immediately began giving away all this oil, to the U.S., at a 1/3rddiscount versus prevailing ‘spot’ prices (as much as $40/barrel below prevailing prices). The excuse given by the Harper regime for squandering Canada’s oil reserves is as inept as Harper himself.
The “reason” Canada’s oil is being sold for less than anywhere else on the planet is because (supposedly) there is a lack of refining facilities to process this particular type of crude. We know this is a lie. How? Because Stephen Harper (fortunately) doesn’t run Canada’s government all by himself. He has advisors.
What would have happened as Harper began recklessly ramping-up tar sands production? His advisors would have posed two questions to this Traitor. To whom are you going to sell all this oil? Where will it berefined?
When the Harper regime realized it had no answers (at all) to these questions, any honest government would have immediately adopted one or all of the following policies:
1)  Lined-up all its customers for this precious commodity, in advance, with long-term contracts.
2)  Ensured that it had constructed its own refining facilities, to eliminate the current, feeble excuse given by the Harper regime.
3)  Scaled-back tar sands production until it had satisfactory answers to those two, ultra-obvious questions.
While the economic incompetence of Harper and his Conservative regime is legendary; not even the Conservatives could be so utterly clueless as to fail to ask themselves those two, obvious questions. And once realizing they had no answers to those questions; the appropriate policy responses are as obvious as the questions themselves.
Canada’s oil give-away (to the U.S.) is obvious treason, and it raises another obvious question. With the U.S.’s pariah government having knocked $50/barrel off of the price of oil, and with Canada previously selling its oil at the give-away price of roughly $60/barrel (i.e. before the U.S. economic terrorism); how much is the U.S. paying today for Canadian oil? Put another way; how much is Canada losing on every barrel of oil it gives-away to the U.S.? Is the U.S. paying anything, at all?
With tar sands oil costing between $60 – $100 per barrel to extract; Canada was already losing money on its tar sands oil before Barak Obama (and the bankers) launched their economic terrorism on the oil market. Apart from the obvious strategic reasons to cut-off Canadian oil production (until prices are once again at least quasi-legitimate); the Canadian economy cannot afford to lose this much money, giving away the world’s most-precious commodity. Harper’s treason has now descended into outright economic insanity.
Barack Obama’s brazen admission that the U.S. is perpetrating economic terrorism against (primarily) Russia, via attacking the global oil market, has revealed two things to the world. First it has shown that the U.S. has now publicly/officially adopted the philosophy of government-by-crime-syndicate (i.e. fascism).
Equally obvious; it has revealed the governments of the Puppet Producers for what they really are. These governments who are stewards of most of the world’s precious, remaining stockpiles of oil not only cannot be trusted to administer this responsibility in the best interests of humanity, these ultra-corrupt regimes cannot even be trusted to represent the interests of their own populations.
There are two (new) enormous crimes currently being committed within the global community. One of those crimes is the (latest) economic terrorism being perpetrated by the U.S. – meaning the latest economic terrorism perpetrated by its puppet-master, the One Bank.
The other, gigantic crime is the treasonous manner in which the Puppet Producers are (literally) “selling out” their own people. The economic terrorism of the U.S. is obviously the larger crime in terms of sheer magnitude. But the despicable manner in which the Puppet Producers are betraying their own people is arguably the worst of the two crimes.

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How the Psychopathology of the One Bank’s Banksters Will Destroy the Orion Matrix

Greek Election Results Worry the Banksters
Jeff Nielson, Sprott Money , Feb 5, 2014
This is another piece in the mosaic of the End Time scenario. The One bank of the Archons and their human minions wanted to enslave humanity by raising the debt indefinitely and impoverishing the people till final enslavement. Now this is backlashing as the people reject to pay the debt of their countries in toilet paper money printed out of thin air with their blood and tears. The destructive nature of the cabal’s psychopathology began with the cradle of Western civilisation, in Greece and will end up there in a full vicious circle. Greece may not succeed to sign any agreement with the One Bank, but it will be the catalyst to destroy the Orion monetary system very soon. All parameters point now south and the collapse is imminent. One must be blind not to see it.
This explains why the Western cabal are now attacking Russia so desperately – they are running out of oil, out of money, out of army and they are losing the support of their voters. This is a deadly cocktail of circumstances that will cause very soon the implosion of the Orion matrix. Everything is unfolding in a most beautiful manner and it is an aesthetic pleasure for me to watch this spectacle as its co-creator from the first row.

It becomes easier and easier to translate the propaganda of the One Bank (delivered by its messengers in the Corporate media) because the patterns of behavior of this crime syndicate continue to become more blatant/obvious.
The One Bank does not want to see any ‘defections’ amongst the member-states of the EU (i.e. any splintering of this totalitarian entity). The obvious reason for this is that the EU has morphed into a monetary straitjacket, as a single banking entity (the ECB) controls the printing presses of all EU states. To grasp the significance of this; we need merely refer back to the words of Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744 – 1812), the original patriarch of the Rothschild clan, and architect of the One Bank.
Give me control of a nation’s money supply, and I care not who makes the laws.
As has been observed previously; this mantra simply expresses the ‘logic’ of the criminal mind. Any corrupt operator of a nation’s printing press has effective access to unlimited amounts of “money”. And with all that currency; the Criminal can then buyall the makers-of-laws – as we see today with all these puppet regimes.
The One Bank does not want to see the EU begin to splinter, because it is much more efficient to rape Europe’s economies with a single central bank than to have to perpetrate its financial terrorism with multiple entities. Consequently, the One Bank had a clear “favorite” in Greece’s just-completed election: the incumbent coalition, whom it had previously bullied into submission.
That corrupt coalition lost, and lost badly. But that’s only the first of the banksters’ problems. Greece’s Syriza Party (a protest-party which rose up after it became obvious to the people that all established political parties had been corrupted/ bought-off by the One Bank) is officially described as being “anti-austerity”.
Here it is important to note that Europe’s utterly failed experiment with “Austerity” was nothing but a sham, simply a dramatic acceleration of the economic rape being inflicted upon all Western nations by the One Bank. Out of the West’s crippled economies; which ones boast the least economic carnage today? Those nations who never embarked upon this economic suicide.
Furthermore, all of the European nations which had been perpetrating hardcore Austerity on their own populations have all been forced to back-off (to “Austerity Lite”), in order to prevent the total implosion of their economies. But to officially acknowledge that (so-called) Austerity was never a legitimate policy brands most of the governments of Europe as traitor regimes. Thus Austerity is still, officially, a “good idea” in the fantasy-world created by the One Bank – which readers now know as the Wonderland Matrix.
The problem faced by this crime syndicate as “the Greek crisis” deepens is the same problem which eventually besets all psychopaths: they create a no-win scenario which threatens them with their own demise. While the One Bank (and psychopaths, in general) attempt to engage in long-range strategies, problems inevitably arise in the tactical execution of such strategies.
The principal problem is the psyche of the psychopaths, themselves. They don’t simply “want” things, they want them now. Thus inevitably psychopaths adopt the behavior pattern of the bully/criminal (or “terrorist”). Instead of employing subtlety and patience; psychopaths generally cannot resist the urge to resort to brute-force, as the quickest/easiest way to get from where they are to where they want to go.
What happens to those who go through life as the proverbial bull-in-the-china-shop? They break a lot of china – and that produces consequences. It is these “consequences” for which psychopaths inevitably fail to plan: the repercussions of their own crimes.
Greece Prepares For This Weekend's General ElectionThese consequences then inevitably lead to “crises” (of one form of another), prompting yet more brute-force tactics from the psychopaths (as a response), which then produces still more unintended consequences. Eventually, the psychopath creates the no-win scenario. At this point, with no more “solutions” available (legal or illegal); the psychopaths are relegated to simply delaying their own loss.This, in general, summarizes the current paradigm involving Greece and its status as an EU member-state. The One Bank destroyed Greece’s economy in 2010, as a warning/demonstration to other EU governments of what it could do – andwould do – should any seek to defy its tyrannical, financial hegemony.The banksters felt it necessary to conduct this (at that point) unprecedented act of economic terrorism after Iceland had broken free of its financial choke-hold, and other Western governments (including Greece) were showing similar inclinations. It’s method of destroying Greece’s economy was to manipulate interest rates on Greece’s debt to ultra-extreme levels, thus guaranteeing the bankruptcy of that economy, simply from the interest payments on its huge, national debt.
The chart below shows how Greek interest rates were manipulated higher (to destroy the economy), and then immediately manipulated back lower, once its incumbent political parties capitulated to the One Bank’s economic terrorism. We know this was all manipulation, because all during the time that Greece’s interest rates catapulted higher, and then immediately plummeted lower,nothing changed in Greece’s economy.
Since its economy was destroyed in 2010, there is still no economic growth of any kind, there is still obscene unemployment throughout the nation, and despite already defaulting on 75% of its debts, and despite the dramatic drop in interest rates, it continues to teeter on bankruptcy. The dramatic drop in Greek interest rates could only be an act of fraudulent manipulation, thus the equally extreme spike which preceded it had to be a reciprocal act of fraudulent manipulation.
The reason that Greece’s economic demise has deteriorated into this no-win scenario, which threatens the viability of the European Union itself, is that all the One Bank knows how to do is to destroy things, and the economic paradigm it has brutally imposed upon Europe is capable of doing nothing but raping-and-pillaging. Thus, after totally destroying Greece’s economy; the One Bank is now face-to-face with the children’s fable of “Humpty Dumpty”.
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall,
All the king’s horses
and all the King’s men
couldn’t put Humpty together again.
The One Bank decided it had to destroy Greece’s economy to “send a message.” The problem is that it never occurred to these psychopaths that it would be necessary to fix Greece’s economy (at least somewhat), in order for its paradigm of economic oppression to remain viable.
Now, with Greece’s economy totally/utterly destroyed; the One Bank sees that it has run out of “plans”. None of its “horses” (the central bankers), and none of its “men” (the traitor politicians) can “put Humpty together again.”
The problem is that if they do take any positive actions to even slightly repair Greece’s economy, such actions would have to be virtually totally opposite to all their current “policies” (of endless raping-and-pillaging). In turn; taking such actions would reveal that the “policies” of all Europe’s other Traitor Governments were/are entirely opposite to what they should have been doing, all along. Gluing Humpty Dumpty back together would reveal the Invisible Hammer which the One Bank is still using to smash all of Europe’s other economies.
Enter the Syriza Party. What would be the only thing “worse” (for the One Bank) than using its own traitor politicians to fix Greece’s economy? Watching as a new political party not (yet) under its thumb was successful in doing so.
What would go through the minds of the peoples of Europe (as their own economies crumble) if they see a “new political party” rise up in Greece, and actually fix things? The peoples of Europe would think to themselves “we need a new political party, too.” By the time the dominoes had finished falling; all of the One Bank’s puppet regimes would be swept out of power.
No win.
Here is where we see the repetitive patterns of behavior. What does the One Bank do each time it creates some “no-win scenario” for itself? Lie, stall, and whack precious metals. Thus we see the following (predictable) script unfold, after the victory.
Gold prices are moderately lower in early U.S. trading Monday, on a classic “sell-the-fact” scenario following the Greek election results on Sunday. Traders had “bought the rumor” last week…
For those readers who aren’t familiar with such market lingo, let’s translate this into plain english. Precious metals prices were rising as we headed toward the Greek election, for the obvious reason that the expected result (a Syriza win) instantly/obviously destabilizes the EU – causing any Smart Money that still exists to move toward the eternal, financial security of precious metals.
What we’re supposed to believe (if we listen to the Liars) is that the “reason” that gold and silver prices are lower today, after this protest party has successfully come to power, is because traders are “selling the fact”. However, the Liars themselves immediately point out that their own explanation is utter nonsense:
Important weekend news saw the Greek anti-austerity party win by a wider-than-expected margin on Sunday.  [emphasis mine]
With Syriza’s win described by the propaganda machine itself as both “important” and “wider than expected”; it is logically impossible for traders to be “selling the fact” today – because they had never previously “bought the rumor”. With the wider-than-expected victory being (by definition) a surprise; the only possible direction in which legitimate gold/silver markets could have moved today is higher.
As the dust settles; the One Bank is now left to choose between bad and worse options. If it allows Syriza to fix Greece’s shattered economy (and make the EU economically viable), it creates the political “domino effect” previously described. Conversely, if it now seeks to undermine and sabotage Greece’s new government at every opportunity (which is how it usually deals with its “enemies”), it simply accelerates the speed with which Greece’s economy folds completely, it’s forced to leave the EU, and thus the EU itself begins to splinter back into its various, sovereign entities.
With the psychopaths of the One Bank being (by definition) completely amoral, and thus inherently atheistic; it should be of no surprise that they are oblivious to the wisdom passed down via religious Scriptures:
As ye sow; so shall ye reap.
Actions have consequences. It’s a simple concept, yet one which remains eternally beyond the grasp of the psychopathic mind, even when they mouth the words with their own drones.
The One Bank created Syriza (as a consequence of its own acts). The One Bank elected Syriza. And now it has absolutely no idea as to what to do about it.
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Sharing.:::.K_ The Elohim: The Sacred Flames of Creation – Part I.:::. The Default of the Central Banks.:::.Who Are the Real Cabal Monsters We Now Eliminate? – A not so New Revelation for Slumbering Humanity_share | samkaska

Origen: Sharing.:::.K_ The Elohim: The Sacred Flames of Creation – Part I.:::. The Default of the Central Banks.:::.Who Are the Real Cabal Monsters We Now Eliminate? – A not so New Revelation for Slumbering Humanity_share | samkaska


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Sharing.:::.K_ The Elohim: The Sacred Flames of Creation – Part I.:::. The Default of the Central Banks.:::.Who Are the Real Cabal Monsters We Now Eliminate? – A not so New Revelation for Slumbering Humanity_share

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The Elohim: The Sacred Flames of Creation – Part I


by Carla Thompson, January 

18, 2015


We are now at the moment in time where the Sacred Flames of Creation are being brought to our attention! 

What are the Sacred Flames of Creation?  They are the coloured light rays that are flooding our existence daily and while they seem to be “new”, they have actually always been here, coming to us since the beginning of time, from the Source of All-That-Is.

Our awareness of these energies is the first step in recognizing how creation may occur, but of course this means that we must not only be aware of their existence, but it behooves us now to be open to and accepting of  their role in our very own creations. 

The Elohim recently said this:

“The Great Rays of the Ages, of the Creation, are flooding Gaia from the Source of All-That-Is!  They are not in any way new to this expression – perhaps only new to You, through your newly raised awareness!  As You, the Masters of this Creation, move forward along your paths of evolution, notice that the wisdom of the Rays is imparted, one Ray at a time!
It is with great love that we see Humanity opening its heart to these Divine Rays of God-Source, for it is remembered, and honoured, that these sacred teachings from the Source unfold as light transmissions!
The transmissions have come to you in an apparent haphazard fashion, but it is the case that everything comes in perfect order as All is interlinked in perfect harmony, like a beautiful symphonic piece that has each instrument and each voice as separate expressions, then when woven together in perfect harmony they create the masterpiece called the Symphony, created from trillions of tonal events, tonal frequencies, which when brought together make a statement of love, of reflection, not only on the individual elements but on those creating the whole, in Unison.

Your experience has afforded you great knowledge of many flames, many more that the seven flames to which you now apply your attention.

Notice that the teachings began initially with the Platinum Ray and have continued through the various colours of Gold, White, Violet, Royal Blue, Yellow, Violet-Gold, Rose-Pink and to the recent experience with the Emerald Green Ray. 

Why all these Rays? What is their role?

Each ray, each component, together, completes the juggernaut, the puzzle of life, the puzzle called your reality!

Through the use of these Rays you move into your expanded roles as Creators, as you hold the focus upon these flames, each in correlation to the energetic centre that holds each light frequency.

And when you look at these Flames in the same light, they each represent one side, one aspect of the fuller awareness that one must hold in order to create the stunning tapestry!  It takes many Rays to make a rainbow!

These Rays are energies of great power, of full consciousness and of the perfection of All-That-Is, and AS awakened Humans and Creator Gods, you are able to draw in the energy, the frequencies, as colours.  Your Human vessels are able to actively see colours with the physical eyes, perceive colours with the Third Eye, Imagine colour with the Mind, and Feel Colour with your heart!  It is through the engagement of all levels of your beautiful electromagnetic vessels that you are able to create instantly upon the multi-dimensional landscape!” 
The Agarthans have also come forward to stress the importance and necessity of using these flames within the context of our roles as Light Warriors, but not from the perspective of creation as the Elohim emphasize, but from the simple standpoint that the use of these flames is the Foundation to our ascension!  
Ahnahmar of Telos stated recently: 
“The Sacred Flames are the keys to your success as Masters of Light!  With these flames you shall cleanse and purify your body, your mind and your spirit system, and once complete, your manifestation through the use of these flames shall leap one million fold into a most beautiful creation of perfectly ordered moments.
There is one more thing:  Mastery of the seven sacred flames is the foundation to your ascension!  Each flame represents one area of purification not only at the Soul level but also and most importantly at the ego-mind level!  As each flame’s lesson is perfected and internalized, one moves quickly up the scale of mastery in preparation for the Ascension.”
Whether we are focused on creation, ascension, or perhaps both, the time has come to make the leap in consciousness to acknowledge these beautiful living light energies, knowing they carry their own signature, and have their own realm of influence and purpose for being. 
We must know that they were created for the purpose of creation, just as we were.
Continues with a detailed discussion of the seven flames of the Source in Part II.

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Who Are the Real Cabal Monsters We Now Eliminate? – A not so New Revelation for Slumbering Humanity


Media: the Most Shocking Interview That “Never Happened”

by Jon Rappoport, January 16, 2015


Suppose a reporter interviewed players behind the scenes re the question: who really runs the US government? Who really sets national policy?
A legit interview. Actual people. Actual quotes. Not just a circumstantial case.
And suppose these players answered the big questions directly and unmistakably?
And then…nothing happened.
No further coverage. No media hounds let loose to dig further. No government investigation.


Well, it’s true. There was an interview. The questions were asked and answered. There was no tap-dancing or beating around the bush or vague reference.
Anyone who was anyone in Washington politics or media had access to the interview. Understood its meaning.
But no one shouted from the rooftops. No one used the conversation to force a scandal. No one protested loudly.
The conversation revealed that the entire basis of the Constitution had been torpedoed, that the people who were running US national policy were agents of an elite shadow group.
And yet: official silence. Media silence. The Dept. of Justice made no moves, Congress undertook no serious inquiries, and the President, Jimmy Carter, issued no statements. Carter was himself a covert agent in the White House, a willing pawn, and despite his proclaimed religious values, was nothing more than a rank con artist, a hustler, a phony down to his fingertips.
I’ll boil down the 1978 conversation between a reporter and two Trilateral Commission members:
“The US has been taken over.”
“Yes, so?”
By the way, the infamous Trilateral Commission still exists.
Many people think the TC, created in 1973 by David Rockefeller, is a relic of an older time.
Think again.
Patrick Wood, author of Trilaterals Over Washington, points out there are only 87 members of the Trilateral Commission who live in America. Obama appointed eleven of them to posts in his administration.
For example:
* Tim Geithner, Treasury Secretary;
* James Jones, National Security Advisor;
* Paul Volker, Chairman, Economic Recovery Committee;
* Dennis Blair, Director of National Intelligence.
Several other noteworthy Trilateral members: George HW Bush; Bill Clinton; Dick Cheney; Al Gore.
Keep in mind that the original stated goal of the TC was to create “a new international economic order.”
In the run-up to his inauguration after the 2008 presidential election, Obama was tutored by the co-founder of the Trilateral Commission, Zbigniew Brzezinski.
Brzezinski wrote, four years before birthing the TC with his godfather, David Rockefeller:
“[The] nation state as a fundamental unit of man’s organized life has ceased to be the principal creative force. International banks and multinational corporations are acting and planning in terms that are far in advance of the political concepts of the nation state.”
Any doubt on the question of TC goals is answered by David Rockefeller himself, the founder of the TC, in his Memoirs (2003):
“Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure—one world, if you will. If that is the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”

Okay. Here is a close-up snap shot of a remarkable moment from out of the past. It’s through-the-looking-glass—a conversation between reporter, Jeremiah Novak, and two Trilateral Commission members, Karl Kaiser and Richard Cooper. The interview took place in 1978. It concerned the issue of exactly who was formulating US economic and political policy.
The careless and off-hand attitude of Trilateralists Kaiser and Cooper is astonishing. It’s as if they’re saying, “What we’re revealing is already out in the open, it’s too late to do anything about it, why are you so worked up, we’ve already won…”
NOVAK (the reporter): Is it true that a private [Trilateral committee] led by Henry Owen of the US and made up of [Trilateral] representatives of the US, UK, West Germany, Japan, France and the EEC is coordinating the economic and political policies of the Trilateral countries [which would include the US]?
COOPER: Yes, they have met three times.
NOVAK: Yet, in your recent paper you state that this committee should remain informal because to formalize ‘this function might well prove offensive to some of the Trilateral and other countries which do not take part.’ Who are you afraid of?
KAISER: Many countries in Europe would resent the dominant role that West Germany plays at these [Trilateral] meetings.
COOPER: Many people still live in a world of separate nations, and they would resent such coordination [of policy].
NOVAK: But this [Trilateral] committee is essential to your whole policy. How can you keep it a secret or fail to try to get popular support [for its decisions on how Trilateral member nations will conduct their economic and political policies]?
COOPER: Well, I guess it’s the press’ job to publicize it.
NOVAK: Yes, but why doesn’t President Carter come out with it and tell the American people that [US] economic and political power is being coordinated by a [Trilateral] committee made up of Henry Owen and six others? After all, if [US] policy is being made on a multinational level, the people should know.
COOPER: President Carter and Secretary of State Vance have constantly alluded to this in their speeches. [untrue]
KAISER: It just hasn’t become an issue.
Source: “Trilateralism: The Trilateral Commission and Elite Planning for World Management,” ed. by Holly Sklar, 1980. South End Press, Boston. Pages 192-3.
This interview “slipped under the mainstream media radar,” which is to say, it was ignored, buried, sat on, censored.
US economic and political policy run by a committee of the Trilateral Commission—the Commission had been created in 1973 as an “informal discussion group” by David Rockefeller and his sidekick, Zbigniew Brzezinski.

The Matrix Revealed

When Carter won the presidential election, his aide, Hamilton Jordan, said that if after the inauguration, Cy Vance and Brzezinski came on board as secretary of state and national security adviser, “We’ve lost. And I’ll quit.” Lost—because both men were powerful members of the Trilateral Commission and their appointment to key positions would signal a surrender of White House control to the Commission.
Vance and Brzezinski were appointed secretary of state and national security adviser, as Jordan feared. But he didn’t quit. He became Carter’s chief of staff.
Think about this: if the interview had gained exposure, if it had ignited a firestorm in the press, with reporters pouring gasoline on it day in and day out, for months, interviewing Trilateral players and their government allies and their banking allies and their mega-corporate allies and their shills…with rats coming out of the closet and confessing exactly how the US government had been taken over…
…with headlines like:
On and on and on…
This would have created the seeds of an alternative future, a future quite unlike the present we are living through now.
Of course, the naysayers would say it’s futile to imagine a future that didn’t happen, and we should just lay down and forget and let the takeover proceed. Yes, they always say that. They always say there is no chance for victory, because they’ve given up on their own lives, they’ve made their own internal compromises, they’ve sold themselves out over and over, they’ve bargained away their last chip of power and imagination, and they want companions in their spiritual narcosis.
But there it is. The interview that “never happened.”

* * *


The Default of the 

Central Banks


by Georgi Stankov, January 15, 



All the speculative bubbles in finance and equity markets since the still ongoing Depression that started in 2008 have been driven entirely by the Central Banks (CB) by printing paper money out of thin air and have no economic foundation whatsoever. It was believed that the CB such as the Fed, ECB, etc. would not fail to deliver.

This belief has been crashed today as the Swiss CB de facto defaulted by eliminating the Swiss Franc peg to the Euro. The repercussions of this fiasco of the CB will reverberate in the coming days and will throw into the abyss many more speculative fools, funds and even whole countries. Two Greek banks have already declared illiquidity in the wake of the political crisis in Greece and the coming elections that may see this country exit the Eurozone and default on its national debt amounting to  hundreds of billions €.

The article below explains why the today’s tectonic shift in the Swiss Frank jumping more than 30% in value compared to the Euro will soon trigger similar defaults of other CB and Western economies. While this scenario was projected onto Russia by the Western presstitutes media end of 2014, now the chickens come home to roost in the Western financial capitals.

What we already observe in the first two weeks of the New Year 2015, the most auspicious year in the history of mankind when Ascension will take place, is a massive stipulation of events and trends that prepare the collapse of the Orion matrix. It will most probably begin with a financial crash and shutdown of all Western banks as predicted by myself.

To this end the announcement of Russia to stop its gas suppleis to Europe via Ukraine is the first deadly blow. Many more will follow in the coming days. The exit of Greece from the Eurozone and its default on the national debt is the next most likely crucial event, which may very well be preceded by the default of the Kiev Nazi regime on its debt in the absence of any financial support from the EU and the USA, now that Russia has demanded the repayment of its 3 billion eurobond loan from Ukraine.

On top of this the EU is currently ravaged by false flag attacks, most probably planned and instigated by the CIA-Gladio terror units and the once much acclaimed social peace on the Old Continent belongs to the past. The “clash of civilisations” is no longer an academic concept of obscure professors, but is taking its bloody toll in the capitals of Western Europe that have now turned into battlefields between Christianity and Islam. This deadly conflagration has even reached the Central Banks, once the stable and proud citadels of neo-liberal predator capitalism.

The following article explains the consequences and the ramifications of the today’s devastating decision of the Swiss CB to eliminate the peg of the Franc to the Euro. Watch what will happen next.

End of CB Power – SNB Folds
by Bruce Krasting, January 15, 2015


I wrote about the Swiss National Bank being forced to abandon its currency peg to the Euro on 12/3/14, 12/8/14 and 1/11/15.That said, I’m blown away that this has happened today.

Thomas Jordan, the head of the SNB has repeatedly said that the Franc peg would last forever, and that he would be willing to intervene in “Unlimited Amounts” in support of the peg. Jordan has folded on his promise like a cheap suit in the rain. When push came to shove, Jordan failed to deliver.
The Swiss economy will rapidly fall into recession as a result of the SNB move. The Swiss stock market has been blasted, the currency is now nearly 20% higher than it was a day before. Someone will have to fall on the sword, the arrows are pointing at Jordan.
The dust has not settled on this development as of this morning. I will stick my neck out and say that the failure to hold the minimum rate will result in a one time loss for the SNB of close to $100B. That’s a huge amount of money. It comes to 20% of the Swiss GDP! If this type of loss were incurred by the US Fed it would result in a loss in excess of $2 Trillion!
In the coming days and weeks there will be more fallout from the SNB disaster. There will be reports of big losses and gains from today’s events. But that is a side show to the real story. We have just witnesses the collapse of a promise by a major central bank.
The Fed, Bank of Japan, ECB, SNB and other Central Banks have repeatedly made the same promises over the past half decade:
Don’t worry! We are here. We will do anything it takes to achieve the stability we desire. We are stronger than the markets. We can overwhelm all forces. We will never let go – just trust us!
I never believed in these promises, but the vast majority of those who are active in financial markets did. The entire world has signed onto the notion that Central Banks are all powerful. We now have evidence that they are not.
Anyone who continues to believes in the All Powerful CB after today is a fool. Those who believed in Jordan’s promises now have red ink on their hands – lots of it!
The next central bank that will come into the market’s cross hairs is the ECB. Mario Draghi has made promises that he would “Do anything – in any amount”. Like I said, you would be a fool to continue to believe in that promise as of this morning.
We’ve just taken a huge leap into chaos. The linchpin of the capital markets has been the trust in the CBs. The market’s anchors have now been tossed overboard.


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sharing.:::.I Am Making All Things New _The Elohim: Restitution of the Angelic Realm on Gaia | samkaska

sharing.:::.I Am Making All Things New _The Elohim: Restitution of the Angelic Realm on Gaia | samkaska.

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sharing.:::.I Am Making All Things New _The Elohim: Restitution of the Angelic Realm on Gaia

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I Am Making All Things New 

by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 12, 2014

Master Kuthumi and Asana Mahatari

channeled by Jahn J Kassl, published on November 12, 2104 in


translated by Franz

Foreword – Short Energy Update

Georgi Stankov

This latest Jahn’s message comes just on time to confirm brilliantly all the themes and topics I have discussed with you in the last days, in particular with respect to my forecasts how the dark ruling cabal will behave in the coming days when the new angelic energies from the Source flood them and they must accept the end of their power. I personally sense the peaking of their nastiness, total devastation and utter frustration skin-deep every moment, as I am very closely linked to these negative human patterns, which I am eliminating all the time with an incredible efficiency by using the turnstile mechanism of alchemical transmutation as discussed with Daniela Lupo today.

Yesterday we traveled back from Kamloops to Vancouver under a deep blue firmament and a glistening sun that were imbued with the pink-rose flame of the angelic realm. Above us hovered the 6D fleet and greeted us exuberantly amidst the pristine, gorgeous nature of the Rocky Mountains and the Columbian Mountains in BC. Notwithstanding the lightness and unconditional love emanating from these angelic energies that now engulf this uppermost mother planet and its population, I also sensed in a very palpable manner how the criminal energies of the dying cabal are now coming high and how much they all hate us – the light warriors of the first and last hours – who are now eliminating these dark entities for ever from this ascending planet.

Since yesterday I have been hit by a most powerful ascension wave from the Source that manifests in my body as severe broncho-pneumonitis, respectively alveolitis with impeded breath function (short breath). This night I was hit by a new Source wave that caused sore painful throat and flu-like symptoms such as muscle pain with felt fever (without high temperature) and a feeling of being very ill.

During the night my HS told me that this wave is now opening the 5th throat chakra of truth in all people through myself as the nexus to the Source. This latest wave is part of the opening of this huge 11.11 portal when the earth is flooded with the purest angelic energies that expose every lie and secret in an immediate manner. The consequences of this new energetic state of this uppermost mother earth will manifest at the political and societal stage in the coming days in an unmistakable manner. This is the main topic of this message below, which comes just in time to confirm what we have been now expecting for some time.



Dream: Again I dream of a great flood! This time a whole city is subject to the “great wave” and I see how enormous amounts of water flood district after district and bury them underneath, while in the districts, where it is still dry, crime spreads out. The entire viciousness of human beings seems to crawl to the surface and before the water will gulp down human beings and this city, their abysses are revealed.(End of dream)

Beloved Ones,

This dream image seamlessly ties up to the message “The Great Wave”, it deepens and strengthens it.

Everything changes

It is time to recognize that the whole world is affected by the events – nothing is spared, nothing remains untouched by the transformation. Every part of this world will be seized one after the other, like the “city districts” in the dream.

It is the dimension of the transformation, which needs to be understood, so that you can manage all processes of your daily life with appropriate behavior, profound understanding and deep trust. A typical characteristic of the end time is that the dark energies manifest and foremost in the face of death, which those, who have denied life, will meet.

In the moment when the recognition about the close end prevails among the dark forces, these human beings will climb up to a last cascade of dark and reprehensible actions; they amass “possessions” due to greed and hate, which they have to give up in the instant thereafter (Hence watch the equity markets very carefully as they will very soon experience a programmed crash; note, George.)

In these days ignorance and lack of awareness are reflected by reality.

It is a grotesque game of forces and it is revealed to you until last: What the world and human Beings want to experience, happens. So one world separates and enters into the Light together with human beings, who are ready for it, and the other world with those human beings, who have chosen this, remains behind. Oceans develop where cities stood so far or withered as well as fertile land and oceans withdraw, where so far they determined the tides.

An entirely new world develops!

Well for those, who know this truth, because on Judgment Day the ones will be called, who have served this truth and have devoted themselves to God.

In this dream image, water symbolizes three things:

1) The subconscious of a human Being.

2) The unconsciousness of many human Beings.

3) The purification of mankind.

And human beings remain unconscious, because the water will gobble them up, whereupon they awaken on a new level of All-That-Is and according to their obtained insights will be prepared for a renewed journey through time and space. Nobody can change a decision on“the other side”, which was made on “this side”, because what has been decided on a specific level remains valid as long, until it is redeemed on that level.

The purifying effect of water reveals itself in this dream image, whereby the floods bury the evil and the dark, the greed and the hate, underneath them. Thereby this planet, the living Mother Earth, will be cleaned and liberated from these forces.

The dark ones rejected another, softer possibility, in the belief that they would never have to face their own deeds in the mirror of truth. Light, shadow or darkness, has been the choice of a free will, and so it happens what must happen.

Shock Experience as a Means to Knowledge

Some human beings, who have withdrawn from darkness, yet were incapable to open to the Light, have made the decision for a “shock experience”, which will enable them to gain new knowledge. And thereby human beings will be gobbled up by the masses of water, in order to awaken far from space-time from the sleep of unconsciousness and to become aware or become even more aware.

These human beings will be slowly led to the Light and to their reality, and they receive a new life on a high 4D vibrational level, in order to continue to grow, because he, who has rejected the “beast” (stands here for everything that is dark, the diabolic part/energy of Life. Remark JJK) on a lower vibrating world, will be taken care of, even if he still remained away from a deeper recognition of God.

In summary this portrays how the dark ones, in the face of their own downfall, commit the greatest crimes and create the most reprehensible deeds. Their desperation and fight for survival washes all corruption to the surface and brings these into the light.

Truly: This is how the last days of mankind pass for those, who have given themselves to the dark magic and this is how the days pass for those, who far from the Light and also far from darkness, have lived in the twilight of unconsciousness.

Yours is the Kingdom in Heaven

This knowledge is not new for the light warriors of the first and last hours, yet the extent and the consistency, whereby the messengers of darkness buck up against the unavoidable, reaches an intensity, which never before has been experienced or lived in this world. Therefore: Do not be afraid! Yours is the Kingdom of Heaven, because the “great water” is blessings for the one and the downfall for the other.

Observe the development in this world. Be vigilant and precise, because from the clock of time you can read how close the day of truth and God’s arrival are.

No dream can reflect the reality, which now comes into this world. Entrust and welcome the Judgment Day; and see how the chaff separates from the wheat for a last time. In Eternity.

We are the way to all clarity.
We are the gates to all Love.
We are the bridge to Heaven for all human Beings.

We are


Epilogue: After reception of this message, I am at the “festival of lanterns of the children’s house”. My beloved son Noah has made a lantern for this occasion, like all other children also, with much care and under the instructions of the supervisor. And now parents, uncles and ants, grandmas and grandpas sing idyllic songs together with the children, songs, which were studied especially for this occasion.

After a tour in the church and after we have divided the bread (baked by the children themselves) at the end, the small group disperses and everybody goes home. Before I left the church, on a small side table I discovered several copies of “Praise the Lord” (it is a catholic prayer and song book with 1111 pages, which is placed there for the church visitors and is used during different festivities and worships). Following my inner voice I “by chance” open a page and I read from the revelations to John:

„1-Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth passed away, and there is no longer any sea. 2-And I saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, made ready as a bride adorned for her husband. 3-And I heard a loud voice from the throne, saying, “Behold, the tabernacle of God is among men, and He will dwell among them, and they shall be His people, and God Himself will be among them, 4-and He will wipe away every tear from their eyes; and there will no longer be any death;there will no longer be any mourning, or crying, or pain; the first things have passed away.” 5-And He who sits on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new.” (Revelations 21,1-5)

Read also:

Elija Prophecies 1-48(digital publication) – JAHN J KASSL: http://www.lichtweltverlag.com/de/grobritannien-uk/angebote/e-books/elija-prophezeiungen-1-48/index.php

Elija Prophecies 49-65 (digital publication) – JAHN J KASSL:

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The Elohim: Restitution of the Angelic Realm on Gaia 

by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 11, 2014

by Carla Thompson, November 10, 2014


Dear Georgi,

With all that has happened these past few days, and with the information coming in in batches at different times, I have had quite a job trying to put it all together, but here is a message from the Elohim that explains what has been achieved.
I should also add that I was shown the number “8” as the Elohim were explaining the return of the Angelic Realm. I believe it means that this realm originates in the 8th Dimension, and maybe you have some thoughts on this.

I am also getting tonight that the culmination of these events will take place upon the arrival of the 11.11 portal tomorrow. I am getting that everyone should hold the intention that the re-alignment of the Angelic Realm upon our ascending timelines is fully successful Now, and then visually flood this intention with the rose-pink flame.

Please add any more impressions of your own to this message!
With love,

The Elohim: The Restitution of the Angelic Realm

We are the Elohim and we announce to you that Restitution comes now to the Ascending Ones upon all ascending timelines within this expansion of All-That-Is.

The Restitution of which we speak includes two great areas of influence, first the alignment of the new templates and the insertion of new codes from Source into the upper ascending timelines of Gaia, and secondly, the full restitution of the Angelic Realm to all of your ascending timelines.

As the Angelic Realm is restituted, great Karmic Balancing results whereby the ascending ones of the First Wave, experience this as a process of cleansing, felt as physical exhaustion, a fatigue that feels as though it flows not only to your bones, but “through you” into your other “selves” as well, on other timelines. This is carried out over and over and over again as it is of a multi-dimensional task, whereby replica after replica of your Self is flooded, moment after moment, with these Source energies that are coming seemingly unabated.

The restitution of the Collective through this Karmic Balancing on all ascending timelines is a necessary adjunct to the complete reconnection of the Angelic Realm, as was present in the pre-Atlantean – Lemurian time of destruction. You both noticed the presence of the Angelic Realm since your visit to the metaphysical shop [On Saturday, November 8th] in the village (Canmore) beneath the ethereal sanctuary of Archangel Michael. The rose-pink flame of cosmic love has flooded the entire region, and continues to spread its power as you return home to your own abode. This flame is the foundation of the energies found within the Angelic Realm, and it was for this reason that you were recently introduced into this new mission. This mission shall continue and new messages will arrive at your doorstep with regard to the dissemination of this most powerful flame.

We feel great excitement with this new process in the making! Your world is returning to the pristine energetic conditions that prevailed before the catastrophic event surrounding ancient Atlantis and Lemuria.
Rejoice in these new events that unfold before you!

You are all a part of this Great Healing, and we send our infinite love your way, today and always!

We are the Elohim!”



Ascension means in the first place Reconstitution of the pristine nature of all past timelines and human civilisations such as Lemuria and Atlantis that exist simultaneously in the Now. Essentially this is the final Redemption of Karma of all soul fragments on all ascending timelines before they can make the final Shift and merge with the already existing new 4D and 5D worlds, which we have created in the new Golden Galaxy as Logos Gods and Guardians of this galaxy.

The new Rose-Pink Flame of the Angelic Realm is now fully anchored in the crystalline grid of all ascending timelines that superimpose on this uppermost mother planet. On our way back to Vancouver we could see this rose-pink flame in the firmament and as an overlay over the earth both with our third eye and with our physical eyes.

This mission to bring the infinity codes of the Source and the new human template to the Angelic Realm in the Rocky Mountains and to align them with all timelines is a continuation of the activation of the second wave of ascension candidates and the birthing of the new human template of Celest. As you see, all events that have been chronologically reported in real time on this website beautifully align and reveal the complex structure of the current ascension process. Every new step in the ascension process builds upon a previous one and can only be successful if the previous step has been accomplished in a perfect manner.

For this reason I recommend you to read my latest energy update as of November 9 and all the messages regarding the creation of the new human template of Celest and its repercussions for the new humanity.


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