fantascienza: 5 _sharing _ sharing.:::.M7.3 – 18km SE of Kodari, Nepal

fantascienza: 5 _sharing _ sharing.:::.M7.3 – 18km SE of Kodari, Nepal.

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fantascienza: sharing.:::.▶ Who & What Are The Rosicrucians #3 ( The layman & the teachings) -Arcturian Message to the Lemurians

fantascienza: sharing.:::.▶ Who & What Are The Rosicrucians #3 ( The layman & the teachings) -Arcturian Message to the Lemurians.

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lunes, 3 de noviembre de 2014

sharing.:::.▶ Who & What Are The Rosicrucians #3 ( The layman & the teachings) -Arcturian Message to the Lemurians

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▶ Who & What Are The Rosicrucians #3 ( The layman & the teachings) – YouTube

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Thursday, November 20, 2014
Arcturian Message to the Lemurians


Arcturians Message To The Lemurians

From the Arcturians 

Dear Members of Lemuria,
“We will speak to you in the same manner as we will speak to the topsider humans. As many of you know, when the Galactics land on Gaia’s surface, you, the members of Inner Earth, will send your emissaries topside to assist and educate the many humans who will be dazed and confused.

“With that said, we will continue speaking to you, our dear Lemurian friends, as if you were the very humans that you will be going topside to support.

“Dear Human Representatives for Gaia, we come to you within this NOW to tell about Earth’s earliest history. The seeding of a planet is much like the seeding of the ground. Seeds are planted in the hope that they will grow and prosper.

“In the same fashion, beings from different planets, galaxies and dimensions planted their “seeds” in the hope that they could live, grow and prosper on a young (in planetary terms) world. However, rather than physical seeds, we Galactics planted seeds of consciousness.

“We, the Arcturians, were among the first Galactics to send our seeds of consciousness into the life forms of planet Earth. Hence, it is we who have come to you to deliver this message. We encourage all if you to remember your Galactic Family.

“Those of you who have taken incarnations on surface Earth will need to dust off the cobwebs of forgetfulness from your incarnations during the Piscean Age. During that age of the Kali Yuga, which is referred to as the Dark Age, humanity was as far away from the ONE as possible.

“In fact, humans believed that the Sun revolved around the Earth, and that the Earth was the most evolved planet in all of the Galaxy, or even the Universe. It takes a strong person to recognize they were mistaken in their perception of reality.

“It takes an even stronger person to recognize the many lies that have limited their expansion into SELF. Most important, it is your NOW to release your fear of other civilizations. We come to remind you that you have many expressions of your Multidimensional SELF who are currently holding forms on Starships, in different planets and in different galaxies.

“Most of these galactic beings live in fifth dimensional light bodies that exist within the NOW of unconditional love. However, there are still some members of the Power Over Others galactic worlds that exist on the third/fourth dimension of our Galaxy, as well as on Earth.

“Most of these beings have changed their ways once they finally lost The Galactic War. However, many Draconians came to Earth after they lost the war. The Draconians are the descendants of the great dinosaurs of Earth’s ancient history. Therefore, they believe that Earth is their planet.

“These beings are primarily responsible for the fall of Lemuria and Atlantis, as well as many of the wars your planet has suffered. However, their reign has come to an end. Because of their resistance to unconditional love, their resonance is unable to expand into the fifth-dimensional lightbodies that will inhabit Gaia’s new fifth dimensional Earth.

“Fortunately, just as some members of these civilizations remained lost to the darkness of ‘power-over-others,’ there were others who became fifth-dimensional. Some of them took refuge in the earth, such as your selves, to await their opportunity to ascend themselves and planet Earth. Therefore, do not judge another by their species or the habits of their greater family. All life has an opportunity to join Gaia, and all life will be welcomed.

“Many, such as this gathering of Lemurians, live just one half octave above the physical world on Earth’s surface. You, our dear Lemurian friend, entered Earth before She plummeted into Her lowest frequency.

“Because of the completion of the great cycle of the Procession of the Equinox, Earth is now in alignment with the Galactic Center. Thus, the planet’s frequency of resonance is slowly and surely rising.

“In fact, Earth entered Her Golden Age in late 2012 and She will remain in this era for 2,000 years. During these 2,000 years, multidimensional light and unconditional love will flow directly form the Galactic Center and into the heart of Gaia. Hence, it is the NOW for transmutation of Gaia and ALL Her inhabitants.

“Gaia is ready NOW, as is her plant and animal kingdom. It is humanity that is still attached to the 3D Matrix and cannot look beyond it. Fortunately, there are simultaneously many humans who are fully prepared to transmute into the higher frequencies of reality. Dear members of Inner Earth, when you go topside, your first assignment is to find these fully awakened ones.

“Then, just as we talk to them when we bring them on our Ships, you can talk to them as they walk the body of beloved Gaia. You may wonder when all this will occur, so allow us to answer this question. All that we have spoken of will occur not at a given time, but in a given frequency.

“The number of humans who can perceive this frequency, which is of course the resonance of the fifth dimension, is expanding exponentially. Therefore, we ask once again, be patient within your NOW. Cherish every moment of the life you NOW live.

In this moment you will live in unconditional love, which is the key to your transmutation into your fifth dimensional Lightbody.

“Blessings dear humanity. When we say we are WITH you, we mean we are IN you, just as you are IN unity with us.” 

The Arcturians

Flying Into Lemuria

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fantascienza: sharing_recap_ _▶ Science,ufos,ovnis, more…

fantascienza: sharing_recap_ _▶ Science,ufos,ovnis, more….

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sábado, 18 de octubre de 2014

sharing_recap_ _▶ Science,ufos,ovnis, more…



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JPL | News | NASA Mission Provides Its First Look at Martian Upper Atmosphere 

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Volcanic deposits on the Moon 

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fantascienza: sharing.:::._ Aug 19 THE ARCTURIANS (21): ASPIRE WHAT YOU NEVER DARED TO DREAM OF.:::.Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 8/18/12 ‘The First Ascenders of Humanity’

fantascienza: sharing.:::._ Aug 19 THE ARCTURIANS (21): ASPIRE WHAT YOU NEVER DARED TO DREAM OF.:::.Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 8/18/12 ‘The First Ascenders of Humanity’.

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miércoles, 8 de octubre de 2014

sharing.:::._ Aug 19 THE ARCTURIANS (21): ASPIRE WHAT YOU NEVER DARED TO DREAM OF.:::.Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 8/18/12 ‘The First Ascenders of Humanity’

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Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012

We are the Arcturians!

Dear Ones!

Times are accelerating and your growth with them! But be aware where you turn your attention to and in which direction you want to evolve and grow!

It is clear that you must practice discrimination! Although the incoming energies are strong and the light is coming from high, you still must determine for yourself in which direction you want to go!

Light carries information, but it is you who decides how to benefit from it. There are people who do not take advantage yet from what is pouring down on your planet. And there are people who evolve rapidly while they use their higher intelligence and devotion to the process to allow the incoming information to bless them to the maximum possible degree. In between there are countless variations of how you can make use of what is given to all.

This is so because each one of you is here with different stages of intention, in development of consciousness and the ability of distinctiveness and wise choice.

Your prayers and aspirations, meaning, to be clear yourself about what exactly you want from this ascension process, spiritually and otherwise, is very important!

There are very few who have already truly profound knowledge about the depth of human spirituality, because most of you who have started to participate in the ascension process, have themselves merely educated with information, available in the so called New Age community and similar sources, to learn about and understand the spiritual process. But this understanding often only touches the surface and sometimes even contains misinformation.

Remember also, while you always attract energies and levels of consciousness similar to yourselves, from which you take your next information, that this could mean that you do not develop to a higher state of consciousness because you might merely repeat what you have already accomplished in other incarnations, perhaps even in higher dimensions.

Therefore we recommend that you ask yourself what your heart in this special life isspiritually truly yearning for, and not just to follow the information which is easily everywhere available to you!

We propose that you take your time and listen to your heart, in order to actively and intentionally discover your most genuine desire.

Everything is possible! Do not forget, that you are perhaps one of the beings who have been manipulated since Millenniums not to use the original freedom or your heart to reach out for the seeming impossible!

We would like to inspire you, to allow yourself to remove all thoughts which are spiritually limiting and which are detaining you in a status quo. Aspire what you never dared to dream of! Thereby – to begin with – it is not so much important the degree to which you dream your new world, but the degree to which you open your heart up for higher spiritual realization.

The intent and quality of creation will follow from this realization by itself.

To envision and to create a new world from the status quo you are now living in, without taking into account the degree of spiritual realization your heart truly is desiring, deprives you from authentic growth and the opportunity to use these times of planetary and universal changes to the maximum degree.

Unfortunately most of you had not the chance to enter their deep space of heart to synchronize with their very root to know their most profound purpose. This is so because you have been kept busy with superficial knowledge and distractions to prevent you from being attuned to your own personal source field.

Therefore many of you do not dare to enter their own depth of being to know themselves.

And so we recommend that you use the power of the incoming light to help you at first in your process of entering your own depth of being and not to allow yourselves being led astray by your thinking process, even if it is about structural elements of your evolving body or higher dimensions.

And even in your heart there might be layers upon layers by which you might be driven away and which distract you from going deeper. But this is about penetrating all of them until you reach the bottom to be in contact with your very soul motivation.

It will show you naturally your true spiritual aspiration and will guide you into the right direction to achieve it!

There is no external means, other than the incoming energies which are able to expand your awareness, which can help you to touch your own core. This core is not reached by any external means, which pleases the senses, such as music, smell, candle light and so on, although they can be relaxing. It is only reached in silence, in forgetting your total environment, surrender and letting go of everything your social persona is otherwise identified with.

It is only reached in that moment where you dare to detach yourselves from all concerns, all desires of the body-mind, all events, all people, even your most loved ones. It is a process only you can do and alone, therefore it is like dying of the world. You must be willing to release all identifications with what you think you are or what you consider to define you, you must release all wishful thinking.

This is what we recommend to you, if you wish to be completely true to yourself and your own path. Otherwise you just run with the flow everybody is following. But also this is valuable, if you prefer to do this, because this would be then what you have chosen in this life-time.

But when your heart is still at unrest about your own process in the midst of all the everywhere easily available information, we advise you to follow what we have explained here.

You must know that you can achieve any spiritual goal, any spiritual realization, once you have identified it, nothing is too high, if you are determined and willing to do what it takes. And then you will attract the right means for the realization of that goal.

All of you have now been given an unprecedented chance to accomplish what has not been possible before in a relatively short time.

Ascension into higher dimensions or even spiritual realization of a certain degree does require more than just to be in the company of high energy and higher light.

Realizing the Divine Consciousness that you are, requires you work to do. Although it might be helpful, to exist in a higher density, Spiritual Realization has nothing to do with the level of dimension in which you live, because Divine Consciousness can be realized in any dimension.

Furthermore, distractions from this Realization are everywhere and in any dimension present, but the low density of your dimension provides even an excellent environment to realize the most Supreme.

We bless you so that you may find your true heart’s desire which is ALWAYS about your most individual path towards the Unity of All-That-Is.

We are the Arcturians!

Message conveyed by Ute


Copyright© 2012. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel,
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without any changes. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.
Posted 19th August 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
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Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 8/18/12 ‘The First Ascenders of Humanity’

Turning another page in your history book we come to a very exciting and well worth waiting for chapter in your story. We have come to the point where it is now the time in your story to meet your friends, your family, your guides and your higher selves, those who have been sharing with you their wisdom, their light and their love for many long eons of time. It is time now for the curtain to rise for some of you, not for all of you, as it is not yet your time, but it will be in many cases your time very soon. You will not have too much longer to wait than the others who will get a ‘head start’, if you will, who will be the pioneers of this grand endeavor to bring together in reunion those from the higher dimensional worlds and you of your lower dimensional world.

The time is now upon us where these two worlds will merge, where these two worlds converge into one another. This is the crossroads. This is the next stop on your journey, and it is the stop where some of you will be getting off this ride and will begin a new journey donning a new suit of armor to ride forth into a new day with new challenges, adventures, excitement, fun and learning tools. This is where it has all been heading for many of you, and you have brothers and sisters who will now lead the way by testing the waters of what we have created to allow this merging of yourselves and of your world with those of the higher realms and the worlds that exist here beyond your limits of your site, your sound and your touch, but not beyond the limits of your imagination, and this is the key.

This has been the key to unlock this dimensional door for you, for it is in your minds and in your hearts where theses secret passageways have been hidden. You could not find them by sending out an exploration team with dog sleds or climbing mountains or digging deep beneath the grounds of your Earth into its mysterious corridors. There is only one way, there has always been only one way for you to find the secret passageway to us and that is through love and it is only through love. Love is the key. Love is the frequency that will set you free, that will take you to new places and elevate you to new heights within this universe. It is love that is the secret passageway, the hidden door that has concealed everything you have ever wanted, longed for and dreamed about.

There are many of you who have discovered this key hidden deep within themselves and they are now to use this key and turn the lock on the door that will open up into wonderment, into miracle, into gorgeous splendor and beauty, into magic, into love and light and us, for we are here, for we have also discovered this key hidden deep within ourselves. For some of us it was many eons ago and for others quite recently, as there are those that you may have even known personally in this very lifetime who have, through their experiences and hard lessons, learned just as you have learned and discovered this key inside themselves and used it to unlock the door that has taken them to the other side, this side where we call home.

When you take that big step through this doorway you will be reuniting with some of those that you may have known even from this very lifetime who have gone on ahead of you through what you know as the death experience, but as many of you have already learned, there is no such thing as death. There are only new beginnings, and those that have departed your world merely began a new start, a new life, just as many of you will do, only you will not have to experience this leap through this experience you know as death. We wish to be clear about this, as there are those of you who feel that it is through the death experience that you will break free from the binds of your current reality and this is not necessarily the case, though in some cases there have been and there are those of you who will through the death experience begin your journey anew beyond the cycle of reincarnation. You will begin your journey anew here within the higher realms of this universe and no longer will you have to reincarnate through the physical vessel to learn more lessons in the lower dimensional realms, for you have learned all that you can from these lower worlds and it is time for you to begin new lessons and challenges here within the higher reaches of this multilayered and multidimensional universe.

As we have said, we are you. We, the Galactic Federation of Light, are your families, we are your friends, and many of you are about to find out just what we have meant by this, for as we have hinted to you we are not strangers to you at all. You know us very well, you just do not remember this or have not figured out just who it is we are, but we feel that many of you are starting to imagine a much clearer picture now that you are so close to experiencing a true family reunion.

We would like to say today that for all of you who will be making this journey shortly in the days ahead before many of your brothers and sisters who will also be making this journey, that you will be the ambassadors of your people. You will be the pioneers, the explorers, the first ascenders of humanity in this way, in body, in mind and in spirit. There has been none other of your people who have experienced ascension in this way without first shedding their physical vessel through the death experience. This we wish to make clear, that there will be those of you experiencing ascension in the very near days ahead who will be stepping through the door in body, in whole, not just in spirit. This is one of the grander areas of this entire endeavor, for this type of ascension is extremely rare within the confines of this universe. This type of ascension is not normally achieved or experienced. This is a rare occurrence indeed, and great effort, study, research, planning and creative powers of manifestation have gone into this experience for you and we wish to see you make the best of it.

Enjoy it to its fullest, learn all you can about it, and then we hope for you to share your experience with us and with your fellow brothers and sisters, for it is you and only you who will know just how it feels to experience what you are to experience. It is you and only you who will be able to put into words your experience to describe for others. It is you that will write this book. It is you that will paint this portrait. You are the artisans. You are the writers of this gospel. Your names will go down in history as some of the greatest pioneers of your world and your entire history as a people. You can be proud, for you deserve this moment, your moment, for you have come so far and have led your brothers and sisters into greater forms of consciousness and higher idea and vision. You have led your brothers and sisters to this doorway as well, and you will have the honor of stepping through first and holding the door open for the rest of your human family who will be making this journey as well just steps behind you.

We can barely contain our excitement and anticipation for this glorious and miraculous moment and we say to you to prepare, to ground yourselves, to open up your minds and your hearts, for these are the doorways into our home. We will see you very soon. We are here preparing our home for your arrival.

We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

As channeled through Greg Giles English
Posted 18th August 2012 by Juan Pablo
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terram novam: FROM ATHABANTIAN – Higher/lighter Vibrations_ _.THE ARCTURIAN GROUP – July 14, 2012::: sharing

terram novam: FROM ATHABANTIAN – Higher/lighter Vibrations_ _.THE ARCTURIAN GROUP – July 14, 2012::: sharing.

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domingo, 7 de setiembre de 2014

FROM ATHABANTIAN – Higher/lighter Vibrations_ _.THE ARCTURIAN GROUP – July 14, 2012::: sharing

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Arcturian Group
JULY 14, 2012 

Dear ones, again we come to wish you a very happy time in your journey toward the new and higher consciousness of Light that is so profoundly becoming apparent now. We see many changes taking place within the light of each person. Even those who up to this point have refused to consider any truths other than what they were taught even as children, are beginning to question the ways of the world and see the irony of continuous war. You are beginning to see how the peoples money has been and is used to finance the activities of those who would have the money and power for themselves and not for the good of mankind in spite of declarations given you that everything you see is necessary for your safety. It is a huge step dear ones, from believing everything you are told to questioning and making choices for yourselves. This is the taking back of your innate power and is a vital stage in your journey of enlightenment.
All is proceeding according to plan, never doubt that many changes are indeed taking place each day even though you continue to ask yourselves where is this or that I was expecting to see by now. All is proceeding according to plan. Never forget that it is you, the people, who are creating the light of transformation and not those of us who watch and offer assistance where needed. Because you are free will beings, every individual wishing to evolve must personally choose to move into deeper awareness and enlightenment, but know that this choice is not always done on a conscious level.
There is much we would tell you but cannot at this time for this must be your journey, your choices, and your actions otherwise your time on earth would be wasted. All are on earth by choice in order to evolve and we would be harming you as well as ourselves should we ever interfere with your free will.
Mankind in ignorance of his true identity as spiritual being has throughout the ages looked for a savior; someone who will save him from the trials the tribulations of life in third dimensional energy. The enlightened being Jesus, came to tell the world that the “kingdom of God is within you” but they did not hear and continue to this day to worship the messenger instead of the message. In enlightenment you come to understand that because you are the manifestation of the One Divine Consciousness, you are in charge of you and you are the power you seek. You can then begin to take back that which you in ignorance gave away to the many who convinced you that they had all the right answers and information about everything.
There is a new wave of light coming to earth, a light of information and understanding in which you will begin to understand the oneness of all life within the ONE life. With this new enlightenment will come the understanding that all you see, hear, taste, touch, and smell is a material concept of the spiritual reality. This is why nothing real can ever be lost. There are many who feel that the shift and individual enlightenment will remove all that they love and this brings them great sadness . Know that nothing real can ever be lost for all that is real is governed and held in place by Divine Law. These things will simply manifest in higher and better forms–health, relationships, entertainments, joys etc.
Mind is the the substance of matter. Ask yourselves what you entertain within your mind. That is why we say to be careful of your words and thoughts for they carry creative energy. Because you have not realized who you were, you did not realize that you were creating with every thought and word. Everything is energy, and the energy you imbue your words with represents your state of consciousness. Your state of consciousness, interpreted by your mind, then manifests as your experience.
This realization is a step in the taking back of your power. In ignorance and over many lifetimes, you allowed current popular beliefs to become your truth. You are now physically, emotionally, and mentally, releasing those beliefs first accepted in these life times of many different belief systems. Mankind, through blindly allowing their state of consciousness to represent only the concepts and teachings of others, has forgotten their own ability to hear, understand, and know what is real. Always examine every message, book, sermon, or channel within your heart as to whether or not it resonates as truth for you and do not be afraid to disregard that which no longer speaks as your truth. Evolution is a process that changes as you grow and unfold deeper. Information that was true for you at one stage will become obsolete as you are able to grasp the deeper levels of these truths. You must be willing to graduate at some point regardless of the fun and games you knew and loved in the old schools.
As you grow deeper in spiritual awareness, your Higher Self will continue to give you more as you are ready. Trust your intuition, knowing that you are being guided each moment of every day in this sacred journey of enlightenment for you can do nothing else. Even those choosing at this time to deny the truth, will at some point in some other lifetime awaken, because it is who and what all are, always have been, and always will be and none can ever be separate from it, no matter how hard they may try.
We are the Arcturian Group

Channeled by Marilyn Rafaelle
Posted 15th July 2012 by Juan Pablo
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***+ + +* * *

Greetings: I am Adrial, celestial of this universe, and I am Bren-Ton of Andromeda. We are most pleased to be communicating with you today.
For several years now we have been saying to you that the time of choosing would come. Now is that time. We have been telling you that Earth would be transforming herself to a lighter density. We have been saying that all that would remain with Earth are required to raise their vibrations to match hers.
At this moment there are three choices before you. First, you may raise your vibration to the point that you ascend to a higher/lighter density thereby removing yourself from the Earth plane. Second, you may choose to remain in the 3rd Density that currently holds the majority of Earth humans in a fear-based paradigm. Or third, you may choose to remain with Earth as she transitions herself to a higher/lighter density.
A fundamental law of the universe is that you can only exist in those vibrations with which you are compatible. If you are surrounded by vibrations that are dissimilar to your own, you will find yourself in a situation that you cannot tolerate. That is happening to many at this moment. They are feeling incompatible with the prevailing density of fear, violence, separation, and self-focus. They are removing themselves from those situations that are incompatible with their higher vibration. This leads some to physically relocate to a situation more to their liking, more compatible with their higher vibration. Others find retreats at their existing locations.
We wish to remind you that it is not enough to merely wish that you reside in a certain vibration, you must attune yourself to it at every moment. If you are now vibrating in the 3rd Dimension, you are constantly reinforcing your existence in that vibration by giving your consent to hold that energy. If you are in a fear-based environment you are telling yourself that this is where I wish to be. Oh, you may have moments of desiring something different, but in the end you settle for what you have, and accept it as your lot in life.
On the other hand, if you are living in a love-based vibration, you are constantly reinforcing your existence in that environment. So you have a choice of two vibrations, a higher love-based one and a lower fear-based one. How do you choose?
If you are settled in a fear-based existence, know that you will not continue with Earth, nor will you ascend to a lighter way of being. Both paths are incompatible with your lower vibration. Those of a lower vibration will either choose death and reincarnation, or they will be transported to another location where they may continue their fear-based existence until they eventually awaken to the light. We make no judgment of them; they are merely making a choice.
Those who are vibrating at a higher/lighter density – notice we did not say those who “choose” to vibrate at a higher/lighter density. Those who are actually vibrating in the light have two choices before them: They may choose to ascend to an existence without form, what you might call a spirit form where they will be embraced by those of a similar resonance. There they will choose their next step on their upward journey toward uniting with Source.
An alternative to this path is what we have been calling the path of the Caretakers. The Caretakers of the new Earth will be a special breed of humans never before seen in this universe. The Caretakers will enjoy physical form but with bodies infused with lighter densities. These new humans of Earth, endowed with crystalline bodies that are youthful, healthy and vibrant, will exist for hundreds of years. These new humans of Earth will enjoy telepathy and manifestation, and will resonate as citizens of the cosmos. They will create a new civilization on Earth, a glorious civilization that will become the destination for many star system visitors to admire and to interact with.
So we reiterate that you are now in that moment of choice. How are you living your life? Are there things holding you from becoming all that you can be? Now is the moment to discard them, for you cannot exist in a higher/lighter density if you are stuck with the baggage of the lower density. Do you have habits, addictions, beliefs, attachments, or residual emotions and thoughts that do not serve you? Rid yourself of them. Do you have fears of taking the next step of your progress? Move beyond those fears, for they serve you not. Do you have distractions in your current existence, detach from them.
Now is the time of your choosing. Do not worry about what surrounds you, the news of the day, the actions of others, or your established beliefs. Rise above them. Look to the glorious future that awaits you. Your new life is just beyond your next decision. You do not have the luxury of delaying further. Your personal transformation is at hand. “Business as usual” is there to lure you to continue without change. Act for what serves your long-term interests, not what is a retreat into established patterns.
If you believe that you will be able to cling to the higher/lighter vibrations when the chaos of the transformation is about you, you are sadly mistaken. You will be able to maintain the higher vibrations only by looking forward to what is before you, not by running away from your old life out of fear.
It will require practice to maintain these higher vibrations. Practice until the higher vibrations become a second nature, practice until you can easily maintain the higher vibrations in the face of what you now encounter as 3rdDimension, and practice so that your conventional life, whatever it might be, is left behind. Begin this very moment to engage yourself in the higher vibrations. Practice this day.
It has been our pleasure to share our understandings with you.
Adrial and Bren-Ton

Through Mark Kimmel
Posted 6th July 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
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Jul 2




Our Dear Ascending Ones,

We have heard your call, but many of you were too tired to hear our response. When you become fatigued it is difficult to maintain a level of consciousness that is high enough to perceive and translate our Light Language into your Earth language. However, we want you to know that we respond to every call from our ascending ones, even if they cannot perceive our return communication. We will now tell you what we have been experiencing within your essence, as many of you have are having difficulty understanding how you have been feeling.
You, our third dimensional expressions, are feeling that something is changing on a very basic level. By “basic” we mean that life, as you know it is on the cusp of infinite change. This infinite change begins at a cellular level and expands to encompass all that you are and everything that makes up your reality. This basic change, that appears to arise from a cellular level, is actually arising from the very matrix of the your third dimensional reality.
The “time” is neigh; and those who are awakened can feel it. You are feeling a strange mix of sorrow and joy, love and of fear as well as excitement and foreboding. You see, our dear ones, you are ascending NOW. Hence, all polarities are blurring towards the “in-between.” We have spoken much of the “in-between” in which the extremes of your polarized reality merge towards the center. This merging occurs within the center for this “Center” is the NOW.


As past and future merge into NOW, the sorrows, joy, loves and fears begin to demagnetize from the matrix of your third dimensional earth vessel. Hence, as each old memory rises to the surface of your consciousness to be released into the ONE, you are experiencing a sense of nostalgia and reminiscence. Everything that you have ever experienced will be shared with the ONE as you ascend.
Therefore, not one precious experience of life on 3D Earth will be lost. However, it will be removed from the matrix of your earth vessel, as these memories tie you to that which is ending and hinder your return to that whom you have always been. What has your life been if not a long sequence of memories? Since your physical life is often lived more in the past than in the present, these myriad memories must be released as you return to living in the NOW.
Therefore, the good and the bad, the pleasant and the unpleasant are gathering in the in-between to rise beyond your human brain to contribute their experience to the Cosmic Mind. You see, dear beloveds, your life have been shared by all of us who have over-looked your reality since the beginning of time. We know that far too often you have felt alone and abandoned on a hostile planet. We want you to know now that we have wept with you, laughed with you and shared your every victory and every defeat.
Your life on third dimensional Earth has been a great lesson, not just for you, but for all of us in the higher dimensions that have over-lite your long journey from darkness into light. The light is here now, and it has integrated deep into the body of Mother Earth and into the form of ALL of Her inhabitants. This multidimensional light has patiently been re-writing all the codes of your third/fourth dimensional personal and planetary body. All that is left to do is to re-boot the system. Yet, there is a bit more to do for our humans, as many have been lost in the darkness of fear and domination.
Gaia and the members of Her plant and animal kingdoms are ready to metamorphosis into the fifth dimension. These two kingdoms of life-on-Earth have never left the Oneness of “being a planet.” Therefore, they could easily absorb the light and begin their transmutation. Humans, on the other hand, have lost control of their thoughts and emotions. Some have fallen into being the dominator and others have fallen into being the victim. It is the polarity of victim/victimizer that is the final polarity that must find its Center.


Those who have been victimized must release the emotional polarity of fear, anger, grief and sorrow to find their Center of unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness and unconditional acceptance of a game well played. On the other hand, those who have been the victimizers must find their own wounding that pulled them from their core and into the depths of de-evolution of a being who needs power-over others in order to experience their power within.
These deeply wounded ones must go inside their core to find the original wounding in which their own inner power was stolen. They then must forgive themselves for being too afraid to steal their power back from that thief, and instead turning their attention towards those whom they could dominate. The light has made them realize that none of their ill-gotten gains have given them any joy, love, or even power-within, as they are still under the domination of those who stole their inner self and programed them into the dark being they have become.
We remind all of you, our ascending ones, to KNOW that these broken ones have no power-over you, for they are leaving the system. As information is released as to just how much power-over others these lost ones have taken, and just how much suffering of others they caused, it will be a great temptation for the ascending ones to want revenge or punishment. However, these desires will only serve to lower the ascending ones consciousness. Furthermore, punishment does not alter behavior. It only makes the behavior go underground where is can actually cause damage.
Behaviors can only be altered by detached compassion and unconditional love. Punishment of another is a third dimensional concept. Hence, it lowers the consciousness of those who seek it and activates emotions of anger, sorrow and fear. The containment of these lost ones is currently being untaken. Therefore, they will be unable to have power-over any of you again. Consequently, we ask that you do NOT become distracted from your true Mission of being Openers of the Portals and the Trailblazers of the Light.


The reality is that, as your reality ascends into the higher frequencies of expression, those who cannot heal will not be able to join you. Do you wish to stay behind so that you can punish, or do you wish to allow the Law of Return to bring to them what they have given to others? Can you trust the Cosmic Laws or do you need to remain within your physical laws. The choice is yours. However, as with every choice, your consciousness will rise or fall.
Do you so need to punish another that you punish yourself? The Law of Return, also, binds you. If you fall into physical law of crime and punishment, you will bind your essence to the frequency of that law. Ascension means releasing that which is complete so that you may rise above the frequency of reality in which that experience occurred. Just as the Ascended Master Sananda’s, then known as Jesus, final words were, “Forgive them, for they knew not what they do,” you, too, will release your consciousness from its constrictive 3D form by sending unconditional love and forgiveness to those you did you harm.
Some of you will not like this message because you will think that it is unfair that “they” get away with what they have done. Many of you will want to see them punished for their misdeeds. However, the dark ones will not be rising into the higher dimensions. Therefore, are you willing to stay behind in the reality that caused you suffering just so you can see that others suffer their consequences?
That answer is that some will make that choice. They will not trust the Cosmic Laws enough to know that ALL energy out is energy back. Hence, ALL the energy patterns that are put out into your reality will adhere you to frequency of that reality. If you use your energy field, which is comprised of the sum/total of your thoughts and emotions, to punish another you will adhere to the energy frequency of the one whom you believe you are punishing.


On the other hand, if you allow the Cosmic Law of Return to silently work, you will be able to release all fear, sorrow, suffering and anger to fall away as your expand your consciousness beyond those third dimensional limitations. Then, as you release that which has tied you to a reality that is closing, you will easily fall into the Flow of the ONE as it basks you in its unconditional love, peace and joy.
Feel now that unconditional love that is entering your High Heart and caressing your expanding mind…
Allow this unconditional love to course through-out your consciousness to release it from the bonds of your small clay shell and into your body of light…
From your higher, multidimensional perspective observe how, that it is NOT your physical form that is holding your consciousness. It is your consciousness that holds your physical form…
Allow third/fourth dimensional essence to flow into and intermingle with your multidimensional beingness…
Freed from the illusions of the physical world, observe how your Ascending SELF perceives and reacts to the information being dispersed…
Beloved Returning ONES, we welcome you back into your true frequency of expression. You do not need to wait for the right “time” to ascend, for time is only a third-dimensional illusion. You can always come Home within the NOW of the ONE. Furthermore, you can “visit” Home, and then return to experience the Great Adventure of Creating New Earth.

Your Arcturian Ancestors

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD
Posted 2nd July 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
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Jul 1


Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012

Dear friends, 

many of us are holding their breath now: will the arrests of the cabal commence shortly – or will they not? Will there be first more signs of the old world crumbling and falling apart, before we can begin to see the light of the Golden Age truly and irrevocably dawning?
As we know, we all have been warned that in these endtimes a lot of misinformation is being spread. This is not to say that those who make public announcements about these arrests, have bad intentions, but they themselves could be used by those who have them.
Therefore, less and less we can now rely on these messengers, especially as their information appears to be contradictory. And how to find out about the real truth? Perhaps there is not just one ‘truth’, but many and it is a sign that we are slowly moving out of a merely black and white world of duality.
Being used now through centuries to twisted mindsets and lies, also this must now come into our open awareness , to be fully recognized and acknowledged, before the collective consciousness of humanity is choosing to say good by forever to those mental tactics and techniques to deceive and create doubt.
We cannot solve this confusion and uncertainty however directly, only in our mind by trying to find out more details. This would only add to our bewilderment, insecurity and doubtful expectancy of what will be going to happen in our world.

The real challenge here is, to be centered in our heart and to stick to our vision of a new and Divine world, regardless of misinformation or not – or of even many aspects of “truth”. We need to stand firm in our higher will and discriminative intelligence, which is firmly grounded in the purity of Divine Truth, – and which does not allow us to be subdued to lower emotions, such as fear or doubt or any kind of negativity. This would only lower our own vibration.
And this is it what it is really about in these times: to take very good care about our energy and vibrational level, to make sure that we vibrate at the highest level possible at all times.
In these times we must be torches of light, and hearts of infinite love, to help this planet to enter as smooth as possible into the next higher dimension. It does not matter what the messengers convey. But it does matter what each one of us is radiating and sending out into the collective morphogenetic field.
Even if “out there” the foundations of our world are shaking with uncertainty, we must remain grounded with the inner certainty of what WE ARE and of what WE WANT to achieve. We must not be influenced and allow to become weak by what the powers that were, still try to accomplish.
Dear friends, they are trying to play their last cards, and what has been successful for Millenniums, by pushing us emotionally and generating fear, to lower the vibration of this world, will not be successful anymore, because we now understand the game. Don’t we.
But what they actually do, is to push us into our true creative powers, as we have now arrived at the point from where there is no return: we MUST decide and declare NOW what WE really want. We can no longer stare at the world and circumstances we don’t want – If we do not want to give power to the old world.
And we must clearly and strongly stand to this vision, this heart-desire, born from love, emerging from our heart and reaching out and joining all those who share our vision of unity and a Divine World.
Together, joining the unlimited depth and width of our heart, we create a united field of New Earth, unshakable by the forces of illusion.
It is our firm will what we want to achieve, followed by appropriate actions, which gets us to the other side, regardless of what others say and tell us. It is us, the will of the people, who create together the new world. We together can build an impenetrable and indestructible force of love and wisdom, to manifest our heart’s desire.
Each grain of doubt, each little trembling with fear weakens this force, and so we need now to let go what we have been doing for so long to please our dark teachers and submit to them.
We together are victorious now, because we KNOW what we desire and because we do not allow ourselves to make the smallest gesture to step out of our magic and enlightened circle of success!
But even if we do, we return to that circle as soon as we can and this return even adds power, the power of resurrection.
As we rely on ourselves, as emanations of The-All-That-Is, and not on separate outside forces, we have transgressed already into the promised land.
Oh, and I see the joy, and so much light and incredible warmth of love already embracing our world, all possibilities included, and all the Divine Abundances flowing unlimited!
Much love,
Copyright©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2012
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without any changes. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.Posted 1st July 2012 by Juan Pablo
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terram novam: Personal Update: After the Venus Transit ::: Jaqual’s Story Part 3 – Becoming a Spiritual Warrior:::sharing

terram novam: Personal Update: After the Venus Transit ::: Jaqual’s Story Part 3 – Becoming a Spiritual Warrior:::sharing.

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lunes, 11 de agosto de 2014

Personal Update: After the Venus Transit ::: Jaqual’s Story Part 3 – Becoming a Spiritual Warrior:::sharing

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Jun 8

Personal Update: After the Venus Transit

Image Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2012

Dear friends,

the Venus transit sent ahead it’s signs already 2 days before it happened. What appeared to me was rather a re-apparence of what has been already familiar to me.

How can I describe the overwhelming, resurfacing Love in its purest form, for the Ultimate. A re-union, if at all possible at this stage, with the Source-Love, the Source-Light, I had to put a bit aside for a while, to fulfill the original mission of this birth: to serve Gaia’s and humanity’s ascension process.

Many say, there is no difference between that process and the Source. But I experience that the energies indeed are different. There is no Light, no Consciousness, that radiates in this utter purity and beauty than that of the Source. Compared with it, all rays of light and dimensions feel gross and imperfect, almost painful, although they might appear to the perceiver as perfect and the ultimate goal of desire.

But it is just true, that the unbroken light is immediately and inherently One with our Deepest Being, while cosmic and universal lights and dimensions still exist in separation, even if extremely subtle. But with what we are truly One at the Root of our Being, – not One because we imagine and think it, but because we literally experience it, without difference, – reveals Itself immediately and without any doubt as our True Home, the Place of Origin, where every search ends.

It is the Unchanging Reality, the very Substance of our existence. And Love is inherent in It. It is not different and it does not act but merely Is, it is a form of Consciousness.

But even though,- as I have a body, – this body is overwhelmed by this totality of the Root Existence of Love.

This all came up before the Transit as a fundamental remembrance of something my heart knows in this life and really and always yearns for, because it fulfills all the heart’s desires, because from there on, there is no path to go any further.

It is origin and terminal. And I am speaking from my own experience and direct observation. This is not a philosophical consideration. This Reality is greater than “I” Am as an individual.

Now relative to the limited body-mind which is still arising as an ‘other’ in this Source, I noticed after the Venus transit a greater opening of this vehicle than ever before, as if a chapter has been closed and a new one is opening. As if there are now new and deeply inspiring possibilities given within our familiar body-mind, as if new codes have been activated and old, unnecessary configurations and designs have been dissolved. It is as if a new humanity is rising, a new door in the heart has been opened for us through which we have access to other and deeper realities in a way we have not been able to perceive until now. It is a wonderful relieve and liberation, in the realms and dimensions of conditional reality, but while the Ultimate Reality still remains the same, undivided and forever unchanging.

Still it is amazing to observe, how these new openings in the conditional world are raising conditional inspiration and a greater freedom in the midst of this conditionality. Which allows us to be more and more open and allow our soul-presence to shine through, to govern finally our life from North to South and from East to West. With this a new wind is blowing through our heart, a new heaven widens us into an unmeasurable depth of existence, heralding the Ultimate.

This could happen because we have been released from ancient-old baggage. Something really unnecessary when we look back. But this is gone now, and it will be gone for all of us, who are willing to let it consciously go, let go what hinders our way to freedom.

These are the times of deep Blessings, and they will come even more inspiring by the day.

Much love

Message conveyed by UTE

Copyright©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2012
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without any changes. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.

Posted 8th June 2012 by Shanti
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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Sunday, August 10, 2014
Jaqual’s Story Part 3 – Becoming a Spiritual Warrior

Jaqual’s Story Part 3

Becoming A Spiritual Warrior 


Dear Jaqual, I have needed some “time” before I could hear the next part of our story, as I remember that it was not pleasant. Perhaps that is why I “lost” that section of my writing. I am calling you now because you actually contacted me. I was meditating, but having difficulty releasing my thoughts and emotions.

When I finally relaxed into the NOW of a calm center I heard your name. Therefore, I have returned to ask you to continue sharing your story. Perhaps the passage of “time” since I first received, and lost, your message in the mid 1990’s has made me brave enough to keep this communication and even share it with others.
I am Jaqual. Yes, I came into your meditation because I knew it was the NOW to continue my story. Suzille, I agree that you have you been avoiding the story of my going into battle? I can see that you tire of ALL third dimensional battles. You have remembered and continue to remember myriad lives in which you battled to the death. In some of these lives you fought to conquer, and in others, such with my story, you fought to rescue.

Since fear is the worst enemy when we face a confrontation, before going into any form of battle forces we need to confront all your fears. The physical world in which you now live has many battles. Some of them are hidden and some of them are well known. Therefore, it is, indeed, the NOW to continue my story.

I am still within the Temple of Remembering. As I stand at the threshold to the Third, Yellow doorway, I know am ready to remember how I became a Spiritual Warrior. I will first recount becoming a Spiritual Warrior. In later visits I will share how becoming a Spiritual Warrior is quite different than “living” as a Spiritual Warrior who is free of ALL fear.

“Free of ALL fear?” I ask my self. How can that be possible? I know that I must walk the yellow hallway to find my answer. When I step across the yellow threshold, I find myself in the ship my Father invented….

I have set the ship on autopilot while I move toward my rendezvous with Commander Malteese and his companions. I must go deep inside my fifth dimensional SELF the guidance I seek. I was just preparing for my warrior training when the Dracs invaded our world. Therefore, I have not received any outer training. Thus, I must find that that training within my Higher SELF.

I find that meditation is coming to me slowing, as my mind is filled with the doubt and confusion. Fortunately, my Father taught me to meditate by merging with my consciousness to guide me. Hence, I decide I re-live that NOW…

“My son, turn around inside your mind to look into your higher frequencies of self. Imagine that you see a long tunnel of light. Good, now calmly walk into it. At first you may see only the darkness, as it an area of your SELF that you have not yet explored. Therefore, be still within the darkness and make it your friend. The dark is just a component of your consciousness to which you have not yet awakened.
“As you bravely feel the darkness all around you, look inside to find your own speck of light. You will find it within you heart nestled in the love that you have for your people and the love that they have for you. Feel the warm comfort of this love and allow it to slowly illuminate the darkness with its ever-expanding light.

“Remain detached as you observe as the light emanates from within your core to fill your tunnel with light. The tunnel has changed from black to bright yellow, and your body has shifted from it dense physical form to your Lightbody. As you stand within your tunnel find the peace within your heart, which maintains the frequency of your Lightbody.

“When you go into battle, your best tactical advantage is to remain in constant connection with your Lightbody Self who over-lights you. You are NOT your physical form. You are wearing your physical form. You ARE your Lightbody. Do you feel this truth within your heart?”

I am so deeply within my experience that I hear the voice of my younger self say, “Yes Father. I do feel that experience. In fact, I also feel my Lightbody over-lighting me.”

“My son, when you feel your Lightbody over-lighting you, you slowly release ‘time’ and return to the NOW of the fifth dimension. With practice you can learn to shift your consciousness from your physical shell into your Lightbody SELF. Then you will have the experience of “being” a Lightbody over-lighting your physical self. Can you do that now?”

I remember how I tried and tried to move my consciousness into my Lightbody but could not do so. Then, I felt my Father gently touch the area between my heart and throat, which I later learned was my High Heart. At first, I barely felt his touch, but his hand increasing grew warmer and warmer until it actually became hot. I was about to pull away from the heat when I suddenly felt what I would now call an orgasmic feeling.
Suddenly, I was inside my Lightbody. OH what a glorious feeling. I have no idea how long I had this feeling, as I was clearly resonating to the NOW of which my Father had often spoken. I gradually became aware of a dense form that was under my care and protection.

The form was very small as I was still a child. As I looked at the child I could see a few health issues, which I instantly repaired. I remember wondering what it would be like to wear such a small dense form when suddenly I WAS the small dense form. “NO,” I said out loud, as my eyes flew open to see the smiling face of my Father.

“Very good Son,” he said. “With practice you will remember how to experience both your Lightbody and your physical form within the same NOW. Go home and practice this skill. When you return next month I will teach you more.”

But, I did not return to learn more. My Father became increasingly distracted and almost fearful. Then a month later we were invaded. I know now that he had seen that possible reality. That was the last time I say my father alive to his physical form. Somehow, I also knew that had spent almost all his remaining physical time on finishing the ship I was now flying.

My brain wanted to come out of the meditation, but I felt my Lightbody over-lighting me and telling me that I must complete that lesson NOW. It took great concentration for me to keep my eyes closed, trust the ship, trust my instincts and release the attachment to my physical form. I felt fear wanting to invade my experience, so I surrounded the fear with yellow light to transmute it into power.

I was wondering how I knew how to transmute fear in that manner when I heard/felt my Lightbody say, “I just told you how to transmute energy, but you must be connected to me in order to be free of time. Transmutation takes too long while your are surrounded by time.”

I was enthralled by the concept of being “surrounded by time” that did not quite register that I was actually communicating with my own Lightbody. I had heard of that type of communication, but it only occurred after decades of study in the Temple. “We do not have the liberty of time,” spoke my Lightbody.

In a flash, I was surrounded not by time, but by my Lightbody. Oh the feeling of being Lightbody was almost more than my physical form could contain. I felt myself begin to leave my physical body when, instead, my Lightbody left me.

“No,” I heard it say from above me. “It is not your NOW to leave your physical form. You are needed to complete your mission. Feel me, your own Lightbody, hovering above you in a higher resonance. You can do so by imaging that I am above your head.”

I obeyed my instructions and imagined that my own body of light, my Lightbody, over-lighting me while I remained fully connected to my physical form. It was a great sacrifice to belay my experience of being that Lightbody, but I knew that my people needed me. Little did I know how many long years it would be until I could return to being my Lightbody. However, from then on I could feel it over-lighting me


Suddenly, my focus returned to the ship as it was informing me that we were approaching our destination. I send out my telepathic call to Commander Malteese, and he instantly replied. “We have arrived at the determined location. We did not want to use our technology to determine your location.”

“Yes,” I telepathically replied. “I am just landing now.” From that moment on I was a Spiritual Warrior. I landed my ship and invited the twelve members of Commander Malteese’s crew to join me in our conference room. When they arrived they listened as I gave the details of what had occurred on our world. They all controlled their emotional reaction to harness all their energy for battle.

Shortly we had a plan. Do to our telepathic communication with one of our captured people we knew the Dracs were sending our people to their different colonies. We had to help them before they were sent out. We were about to close our meeting when I felt/heard/saw a message from my Lightbody.

I briefly told the warriors of my experience, which they all had heard of and understood. They listened closely as I allow my Lightbody use my physical vehicle to say,

“You unity consciousness is your greatest tool to defeat the Draconians.” There are many of them and few of you, but your power is united, and NOW you can think as ONE mind. They must operate as individuals and can only do what they have been ordered to do. On the other hand, if you can all remain joined in unity consciousness, you can act as ONE being with many expressions.

“Your plan is effective, but impossible unless you remained joined into ONE being. Therefore, we require that all of your connect with your Lightbody in the same manner as Jaqual.”

My Lightbody led us through the process I had just experienced. Because we were all willing to face our death, our limited thinking was released and we were able to experience our Lightbody over-lighting us. Since our Lightbody resonated to the ONE of the fifth dimension, we were all joined in unity consciousness via our ONE Lightbody.

None of us knew how long we remained in this group meditation, as our Lightbodies took us beyond time. However, we all returned to our physical forms to find that only a few minutes had passed. “How can that be,” we wondered with our group mind. Smiles from each of us relayed the knowing that we had left time.

It was then that we realized that all Spiritual Warriors are united within the NOW of the ONE. This bonding was the manner in which we could be successful. As we returned to our individual ships, we all knew that some of us would lose our physical forms. Thus, we promised that if we left our physical body, our Lightbody over-light our group until our mission was accomplished.

While I spoke through my Lightbody, I experienced complete freedom from all fear. I had become a Spiritual Warrior and instantly knew that death only meant a return to Lightbody. Unfortunately, I was later to learn that there were things worse than death.

* * *

* * *

* * *

terram novam: Science,ufos, more…▶▶ ALCYON PLEIADES – 32nd NEWS REPORT – sharing

terram novam: Science,ufos, more…▶▶ ALCYON PLEIADES – 32nd NEWS REPORT – sharing.

* * *

jueves, 7 de agosto de 2014

Science,ufos, more…▶▶ ALCYON PLEIADES – 32nd NEWS REPORT – sharing

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▶ 2013 A1:::ScieNce at NASA___MARS: comet in its way:::— – YouTube

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'Hello, Comet!': Esa today released the latest image of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko on Twitter.  The tiny probe is now in orbit within 62 miles (100km) of the comet after a decade-long chase through the solar system 
* * *
Close up detail focusing on a smooth region on the 'base' of the 'body' section of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. The image was taken by Rosetta's OSIRIS narrow-angle camera and downloaded today 
A timeline of Rosetta's journey to comet 67P. The probe was launched in March 2004 from Kourou in French Guinana. In January this year, after 3 years, Rosetta woke up from hibernation to chase down its comet 
* * *
Images reveal close-up details of the comet, which scientists hope to better explain in the coming months. Comet's 'head' is at the left of the frame, which is casting shadow onto the 'neck' and 'body' to the right 
Montana-based scientist has revealed how astronauts 'boldly go' on the ISS. In a video Hank Green explains how pumps are used to collect waste. When doing a number two astronauts have to sit on a small toilet seat (shown), which has a small opening. They 'potty train' by using a camera to see where to sit 
* * *
The shark lurks in the darkness before springing its attack upon the robotic vehicle 
* **


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Ahi tuna heads on display at the market 

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In Rotating Rays (pictured) the central ring of squares rotates anticlockwise as the outer circles of squares move slowly clockwise. Having originally studied animal psychology, Professor Kitaoka, 52, decided to focus on optical illusions after looking into their effect on monkeys, while working at a neuroscience institute 
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terram novam: May 30 VISION QUEST ::: Jaqual’s Story Part 1 ::: sharing

terram novam: May 30 VISION QUEST ::: Jaqual’s Story Part 1 ::: sharing.

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lunes, 4 de agosto de 2014

May 30 VISION QUEST ::: Jaqual’s Story Part 1 ::: sharing

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May 30




When Mytria turned away without even answering my question and walked into the cave I was enraged. Who did she think I was, some toy that she could play with and discard when I became boring? Without another thought I turn and walked away as fast as I could. In fact, walking was not fast enough, so I began to run. I had not realized what good condition I was in after my time on the land, but I ran until it was almost sunset before I became fatigued.

The running had felt good; it felt real. Also, I was proud of myself that I didn’t stay there and humble myself even further. I had been following her around like a child long enough. I was a MAN, a Protector who had a bright future in the Military. How could I have become so lost, so ensnared in the trap of a woman’s arms? I guess it was time to go back to being myself. This time had been a fun fantasy, but I was now for reality, for duty.

I continued to walk at a very pace as the sun continued to move below the horizon. I was so engaged in my anger, self pity and, I hate to admit it, fear, that I was not paying any attention to the land. In my effort to forget about Mytria, I was trying to forget everything she had shown me. Then it happened…

I did not even notice how close I was standing to a huge precipice, nor did I notice the loose rocks under my feet. Then, before I could come out of my self-pity, I began to fall. Fortunately, the rocks tumbled beneath me so I did not drop straight down, but I could see a steep ledge coming up below me. If I went over that ledge I would be gravely injured or die. I grabbed desperately at the surrounding roots and plants, but they all broke off with my grasp.

Finally, I got ahold of a large enough root to bear my weight, but not for long. I had to find a way to land on that ledge, but it was over to my right. The surrounding cliff was all loose rocks, so I would have to create a controlled fall—like I had learned in the military. Perhaps I could swing from the root so that I would fall on the ledge, but I had to avoid the loose rocks. I had to decide NOW, as the root was giving way.

I focused my attention and intention on the destination of my “fall,” swung the root a bit to the right and jumped/fell. I did land on the ledge, but with such force that I felt my right leg break beneath me. I almost lost my balance, but somehow leaned against the wall of the ledge until I felt secure. I carefully sat down to assess the condition of my leg.

I was only wearing the short robe, tied at the waist with a sash, which Mytria had made me from her plant material. The very thought of her name brought not anger, but overwhelming grief. What had I done? Why had I become so angry? No, the proper question was, why had I become so afraid? However, this was not the time to ponder my erratic behavior. This was the time to think about my survival. I had only the clothes on my back. Some military man to run off into the wilderness with no supplies, not even a knife.

I pulled my self over to some long sticks, put them on either side of my leg and wrapped my sash around them to somewhat steady my leg. I would have to find a way to set it myself, if I lived that long. There was only a dim light and it was becoming cold already. I had to protect my body from going into shock. There was only a small ledge and loose dirt around me. Therefore, I dug myself into the surrounding dirt, leaving out my leg to avoid infection. I had no food, no water, no supplies and no tools. Furthermore, I had totally lost all touch with Nature and had no idea where I was.

All I could do not was sleep so that my body could begin to heal itself. I would have to control my mind and calm my breathing. I felt the adrenaline coursing through my body, which would keep me alert, when I needed to remain calm. My wound was not fatal, unless it got infected, which was a huge possibility in these circumstances. I would have to ask the Mother for help. Did I actually have that thought?

It was in that exact moment that I had the first experience of my “higher self.” I knew that my brain had that thought, but it was not the same brain that hysterically ran off like a frightened dog.

“Do not judge yourself,” came an unbidden thought.

And then, I had the most amazing experience of unconditional love, at least it seemed that way. Perhaps it was Mytria, for she was the only one in my life that made me feel that way.

“NO, it is I,” continued the inner voice.

I had heard about the inner voice before. Some people totally changed their lives and became very spiritual, whereas others became sick, confused, angry and frightened. I realized then that I had been in the later group. I had been unable to perceive any form of inner world. Even during my time with Mytria, I was communicating with the Mother Planet, who was underneath and around me.

Never before had I imagined a reality within my form other than the makings of a physical form. With these last words I started to drift off into sleep. At least, I thought it was sleep. Maybe it was a hallucination or maybe I was dying. However, now I know that it was the Truth.

Truth, that was a word that was just as dubious as the word Trust. I had trusted Mytria, totally and without question. Why had the mere suggestion of a Vision Quest set me into such an emotional state? That question was the last thought I had before I passed out, went to sleep, or had a Vision!

In my vision, I was alone on the land. It was the same land that I had shared with Mytria, but it was filled with light. Everything had a soft aura around it and seemed to whisper to me as I passed by. I, too, had a glow around me, and my body seemed to be made of light and it was almost transparent. I looked down to see if my leg was healed and found that, yes, it was totally fine, but my feet were not totally touching the ground. I was moving in a walking, floating motion, almost like treading water in our wonderful lake.

Again a pang of overwhelming grief overtook me, and I bolted into consciousness. What have I done? How could I have ruined the only good thing in my life? Why was I so afraid that she was tired of me?

“Because you were tired of your self,” came that damned voice.

Then, I realized that I had damned my own inner voice, my own self. Suddenly, I began to realize all the ways that I had damned myself through out my entire life. Finally, I realized that I do NOT like killing.

I do not like killing other people, I do not like destroying their homes or disrupting their property. I do not like destroying anything or any one. I don’t want to be a destroyer. I thought I would grow up to be a protector, but instead I became an enemy of people and beings that were “different” from me—but where they really different?

They all had a heart, or maybe two, they all had brains, many had much larger brains than mine, and they ALL had families. AND, I had destroyed them, as well as their families. How could I ever forgive myself? How could I ever be the person that I saw in my Vision? Yes, it was a Vision. At least I could own that.

“It is not a Vision, it is the Truth,” I heard inside.

“What Truth, the truth that I was a destroyer or the truth that I was having a vision?” Now, I was arguing with my inner voice.

“The Truth is that you ARE the person that you saw in your Vision,” whispered the voice within.
After that I think I passed out. However, I did awaken with those final words of “You ARE the person that you saw in your Vision in my heart.” Yes, amazingly enough, these words, this Truth, was still in my heart, right next to my love for Mytria. That thought jarred me fully awake to a mid-day sun. I pulled myself out of the dirt and started to take a military assessment of my situation, when I felt Mytria’s love.

Even though, I had fallen off a cliff to avoid her love, it was right where it had ALWAYS been. It was the love she had for me that had forced me to find the love I had for myself. Therefore, I pushed aside my old way of being. After all, it was that combative attitude that had gotten me into this fix. Then, my Protector self came into play. I had to protect Mytria, but I had to stay alive to do so.

“What about the planet? Do you have to protect Her too?”

It appeared that even when I was totally conscious and in broad daylight, the inner voice was still active. Did I have the courage to listen to it?

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD
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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Sunday, August 3, 2014 

Jaqual’s Story Part 1 — The Temple of Remembering

Jaqual’s Story Part 1

The Temple of Remembering
Jaqual Speaks:

I feel a pull on my body as I stand before the first threshold to the Temple of Remembering. I have been instructed that as I cross each threshold and stand in the hallway before the next doorway, I will experiences different lessons and challenges. These lessons and challenges need to be cleared and balanced before I can proceed to the next threshold. I will continue with my story in our next meeting. Remember to call me into your daily life.

(Sue’s Note: I doubt that I remembered to call him everyday, except when I was writing his story, which I cannot find.)

Jaqual Speaks:
The first doorway is very close to your color red. As I cross the threshold I am flooded with the memory of my parents. I have not thought of them in many years. I see the brilliant violet eyes of my mother and the deep green of my father’s. I feel their dedication to me and know that they have studied for many years in order to give me a body.

I am just awakening to my third dimensional form. Everything is very red and orange and I am hearing the singing of my mother and the laughter of my father. I feel safe and totally surrounded by love. I can still remember the formless world from which I have just emerged. I miss the feeling of being ONE with everyone and everything, but I still feel safe because I am ONE with my parents.

Now my memory moves forward to the time when I am about four. I have been in a hard- shelled body (the word we use for our third dimensional form because our other forms are far more fluid) and have reached about six feet of height. On Antares we are independent of our parents at three years of age and gain our full adult bodies by the time we are seven years old.
I now live in one of the communal homes with the other children. There are certain adults who run these homes, but we are free to go anywhere in our community and spend time with anyone that we please. My mother is an artist and spends much of her time on the fourth and fifth dimension but visits me often. My father comes to see me about once a year. He is a Priest in one of our temples assisting others to enter the Temple of Remembering.

Suddenly, I feel my first experience of fear because I am remembering the attack of the Draconians on our small community. I was in the garden of my parents’ home visiting with my Mother. She loved to visit with me there and was constantly educating me about the many beautiful flowers that grow on our planet. Mother’s dear friend, Alicia, had just left the garden to bring us some aboromium tea when we heard a horrible scream coming from the house.

Mother and I raced in to see what was wrong and found Alicia on the floor in a pool of blood. Two huge Draconian reptilian men stood over her. Mother ran to her friend’s side and one of the Draconians grabbed her by her hair and pulled her up to meet his eyes. I could not think or plan. I reflexively ran to my mother’s aid. I was much smaller than the Draconian warrior, and he laughed as I beat upon him to release my mother.
I will never forget the laughter as the two men observed a small boy trying to rescue his mother. Finally, the warrior became tired of his game and used my mother’s body to bat me away from him like a small insect. The other warrior then picked me up and threw me out of the window and into the garden. I will never understand why they did not come out to finish me off. Perhaps, they thought I was dead.

I’m sure that I must have looked dead. Both my both legs and one of my arms was broken. The left side of my face was bashed in and I was covered with blood. I still have the scars over my left eye. When I regained consciousness, I do not how much later, everything was quiet and still.

I drug my body into the house with my one good arm and found my mother dead beside her friend. I can’t bear to think what they did to her. It was then that I swore I would be a warrior for as long as it took to seek revenge and find peace. I know that I cannot cross this first threshold of blood red before I release my need for revenge. Only then will I find my inner peace. Perhaps, Suzille, you and I can seek that together.

Sue’s note: I could not continue with this journey until the summer of 2002, which I managed to misplace. I will need to seek Jaqual’s guidance before I continue with this story.

Sue Speaks:
Dear Jaqual, I am calling to you within my NOW of August 3, 2014, which is 17 years year after your 7-24-97 message. I understand that we also connected in the summer of 2002, but I do not remember and cannot find my writings of that message. I remember taking dictation for what you were telling me while I was on a camping trip. Therefore, I wrote it by hand.

I have the beginnings and the ending, now I need the middle of your story, but I cannot find the middle. I imagine that I will find what I received in one of my many written journals. However, I believe that there are no mistakes or accidents, so I call on you in this NOW to tell the middle of your journey.
Perhaps there is an alternate reality that has occurred during the “time” we did not communicate. I know that when I found the ending of your story I did not remember writing any of it. Maybe it is just that I am in an alternate reality in which I can now hear your story from a higher frequency perspective.

I am quite adept at typing higher dimensional channels now, so my fingers are on the keyboard awaiting your reply. I will go into mediation now to best calibrate my consciousness to you, my higher dimensional spiritual warrior…

Jaqual Speaks:
Greetings Suzille,
I rejoice that you are prepared to return to my story. And, yes, you definitely resonate to a higher frequency perspective than you did before. In fact, I have put out a homing beam for you, which you could not perceive before this era of your incarnation. Before, you enjoyed my story but found it quite disturbing.

I wish you to know while we were not communicating I did move through all the thresholds and doorways. Hence, I too resonate to a higher perspective. I will tell you my story as it was revealed to me as I crossed each threshold. In this manner I can reveal what occurred and how I was able to transmute each “problem” into a “lesson” and each “failure” into a “victory.”
Before I continue, I wish to tell you about our Temple of Remembering. As I have said, before we can enter the Temple we must go through a series of seven doorways with each one resonating to a higher frequency. Before we can enter the doorway, we must cross the threshold and walk the hallway before that door. What we did not know until we entered the seventh doorway was that a long stairway awaited us.

Each series of threshold, hallway and door is of a higher frequency, which emanates the next highest frequency color, vibration and tone. In this manner, each doorway represents a different era of our incarnation. In order to pass through each frequency of doorway we are called upon to transmute every lower dimensional experience of that era of our incarnation.

In this manner, we live an intimate life review through which we can transmute our fearful third-dimensional memories, thoughts, emotions and actions of each successive era of our life into fifth-dimensional unconditional love. Via the power of your unconditional love, we can transmute back to our true form of Lightbody.

The first doorway is red and represents our early childhood.
The second doorway is orange and represents our “coming of age.”
The third doorway is yellow and represents our duty as a Spiritual Warrior.
The fourth doorway is green and represents our time mating and parenting.
The fifth doorway is blue and represents our transition from parent to leader.
The sixth doorway is indigo and represents the awakening of our higher perceptions.
The seventh doorway is violet and represents our transmutations back into Lightbody.
I will now tell you of my journey through The Temple of Remembering.

As I crossed the first threshold and stood in the hallway before the red door, I felt revenge fill my being. This frequency of revenge gave me the courage to face the most frightening thing warriors could ever confront—their own unconscious fears!

I was a small child again, and all that I had known had been lost. I was ready to release my life and visit my loved ones in the higher dimensions. As I allowed my weak spirit to flow from my mortally wounded form, I saw my father, who had died protecting the Temple, and mother there to greet me.

“Our dearest son,” they said in one voice, as they were now merged into the ONE form of their Divine Complements. “You will not find our people here because they have been taken away to be used as slaves. Only you and those of us who were off planet are left. You must contact the others so that they can follow the Dracs before it is to late to follow the trail to where they have taken our people.”
“But how can I do that?” I asked. “My body is mortally wounded, I cannot walk and only have one good arm.”

“Come into our Essence,” spoke my father. “Our joint love will heal your wounds.”

I then experienced myself floating between my parents who held my wounded form in an upright position as they embraced me from the front and back. It was then that I realized that I was in the fifth dimension with my ascended parents. Since I was the only one left alive in our community, I was the only hope for our people. Therefore, my parents had been granted a decree to heal my physical form with their united, fifth dimensional Lightbody.

I then realized that I, too, was in a state of Lightbody. Gradually, my physical body returned to its pre-wounded state, but my spirit was filled with revenge. This method of using ones Lightbody to heal their physical body was one of the main things my father had been working on in his Temple. He could sense my revenge, but knew that I might need it if I were to succeed.
The Draconians had destroyed all of our communication systems and available ships. However, my father told me of a prototype ship that was hidden underground by the Temple. Using that ship I could call our warriors who were off planet to join me as I followed the trail of the Draconians.

I hate to admit it, but it was so wonderful in the fifth dimension that I almost wanted to stay there with my family and friends. With that thought, all those who had “died” to the physical appeared around me to engulf me in their multidimensional light. Slowly, my wounded spirit was healed, and I found myself returned to my healed physical form.

To my surprise, my form had been progressed to my adult size, but my mind and emotions were still that of a child. I knew that I should have gone directly to the hidden ship, but as I walked from my parent’s house to the Temple I knew I had to tend to the dead. Therefore, I rushed back to the house to get my father’s lazar gun, which he hid there for my Mother’s safety.

Then, as I walked through our settlement toward the Temple, I blessed and vaporized each body. I knew that they had all returned to the fifth dimension, so I held no sorrow for them, but I could not allow their physical forms to slowly deteriorate in the Antarian sun.
The ship was exactly where my father had said. We were trained from early childhood how to operate even the most sophisticated starship, so I thought I would know exactly how to operate it. First I removed the holographic camouflage from the entrance of the cavern. Then I raised the ship to the surface and sent out a message to all of our warriors telling them what had occurred.

I understood why my parents had restored me to an adult form because my smaller body would have had difficulty reaching all the controls while seated in the pilot’s chair. Since this ship was a prototype with different controls, my father merged his fifth dimensional consciousness with my physical form so that he could kinesthetically instruct me.

“I can only stay with you for a few moments of your time, as my body is returning to the higher dimensions. Therefore, pay close attention to what I am doing and telling you. No one else knows how to fly this ship and I will only be able to show you once.
“You must put aside all grief and revenge, as these emotions will lower your consciousness and you will not be able to remain in connection with me. Do you understand me son?”

“Father, I understand, but how can I release this pain inside of me?”

“You must be a true Spiritual Warrior and think only of the greater good,” he replied.

I realized then that I could not allow my emotions to affect my thoughts. This knowing gave me the strength to focus only on my Father’s voice, which I heard inside my heart. I then felt my Mother, who was ONE with my Father now, and realized that death is only a third dimensional illusion. My duty and honor was to rescue the living members of our settlement.

With the alignment of my heart and mind, my consciousness shifted into the fifth dimension, and my Father was able to actually enter my form within his NOW to instruct me kinetically on all the operations of the ship. Soon, I knew everything about the ship, thanked my parents and took off on my mission to save our people.

With my childhood over, I move toward the Orange Threshold.


* * *

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terram novam: UNITY ::: Return to SELF #1 ::: sharing

terram novam: UNITY ::: Return to SELF #1 ::: sharing.

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domingo, 3 de agosto de 2014

UNITY ::: Return to SELF #1 ::: sharing

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We slept together in the small alcove with her worn bedding. However, she had put something underneath it, and it was incredible warm and soft. She slept as sounding and sweetly as a baby. I, of course, slept very little at all. First, my mind would not stop. Everything that I had ever believed in, all the structure, lessons, discipline and obedience that I had grown up with had been revealed as the old paradigm for my past life.

As l lay there with her warm body next to mine, in fact, VERY close to mine, I knew that I was changed forever. I had no idea what I had changed into, but I was positive that the “me” I used to be had died a sudden death. As I lay in the warm, darkness with the sent of her body filling my heart, I reviewed my life. I was born to a military family. There was no choice as to what I would do. Of course, I would be a military person. It was our family’s legacy to protect our world, our way of life.

However, since we came to this planet, our reality had vastly changed. For the first time in my life, which was about 90 of your years, making me a young adult, I did not KNOW what my life would be. Before our people were able to “let our guard down” and feel safe in our new home, I had an important contribution. However, as I saw others settling down and totally changing their perspective on life, I held strongly to the indoctrination that I had had since birth.

Maybe I was a unique person, and maybe I could find a unique experience of life that was different from all the generations of our proud and brave heritage? That kind of thinking had been hidden in my brain since I was a small child. Since then, I had never allowed those thoughts to come to the surface. Then, I literally ran into a woman, experienced her entirely unique experience of life. It was than that those hidden, childhood thoughts began prying their way to the surface.

How could I possibly push aside all that I had stood for, all that I thought defined me a powerful man, and all that I thought I had loved? Now, in one very long night, I had become a totally different person. However, I did not know this new person, so I had no idea of who I was or what I would do. I only knew that I could not go back to our village in this state of confusion.

As if she had heard my thoughts, Mytria rolled over to face me with opened eyes and smiled. Now there was no question. Not only could I not return to a life that had become barren of meaning, I could not leave that smile.

Mytria quietly got up and started her small fire. I watched as she put water in her small pan to make OUR tea, then went outside, likely to wash. Without her next to me, I felt lonely. How could that be? I had just met her, but felt like we had always been together.

While she was gone, I went to my pack and got my communication device. However, it did not work here. Perhaps it is the cave, I thought as I rose to go outside to use it. Before she even turned around, she said, “Your device won’t work here. There is an etheric shield around this area, and no technology works here. Believe me, I tried.” When she turned toward me to continue speaking I experienced that same feeling of recognition and any doubts I had about staying vanished.

“You have decided to stay?”

“Do you always read my thought,” I said with a smile in my voice.

“Only when you are thinking about me,” she smiled in return. “Are you avoiding my question?”

“Yes,” I said. “I was thinking that I should ask you first.”


“Yes, I should ask you or yes I should stay?”

“Yes, I would love to get to know you and show you my world.”

“I will have to tell them that you are safe and I am not returning—yet.”

“Then you will destroy that device?”

I had not thought of making my decision so permanent, so unalterable, but I realized that the kind of change I was facing would take my total commitment.


“Would you like to help me find some eggs? I will ask the birds if they can surrender one for us.”

After we had eaten the surrendered eggs and more delicious plants, which she had seasoned with her unknown herbs, she showed me the portal out of the energy field and turned to go back to her home.

“Aren’t you going with me to make sure that I destroy the device?” I teasingly said.

“I trust you.” She said as she turned away.


Her trust was the most amazing part of my experience. Not only did she totally trust me, which she said was because she knew me, she also totally trusted Nature. She lived her every moment in unity with the planet and the flora and fauna which whom she shared her life. There was no differentiation between what was alive and what was thing. Everything, even a rock, was alive in her world.

I wanted to share her world, but my scientific mind rebelled at such novel thinking. I had never realized how indoctrinated I was until I tried to change my mind. On the other hand, my body showed no resistance to change. I quickly forgot about my uniform and only wore what I normally slept in. The weather was usually very warm in the day and cold at night, but our bed was always warm.

When it was not too cold, we would sleep outside and she would show me all the Star System she had found. I was able to fill in many of the official names, but I usually preferred her names for them. In the day, we took long walks so that she could show me all the territory she had mapped. I assisted her with that. There was a plant that grew by a nearby river, which she had learned to “beat” into a kind of paper and she would write on it with “ink” that was sap from a certain tree.

Other plants could be dried and woven into a cloth, of which she made me an amazingly comfortable garment. She also showed me where all the eatable plants where, as well as the source of her honey. She showed me how to be so still that a bird would land on my shoulder and so quiet that I could hear the beating of my heart.

Fortunately, I was not useless. I had the strength that she lacked and a few tools, which allowed us to make our home even more comfortable. Yes, it was OUR home. We lived in it as one person, sharing all chores without any conflict or duty. If something needed to be done, we did it. However, we had our specialties. If we needed something built or moved, I was called in. On the other hand, if we needed to consult the Mother, she was called in.

Then one day she told me that it was time for me become ONE with the Mother Planet. I told her that I had no idea how to do that, and quite frankly, I did not think the Mother wanted to become ONE with me.

“How can you say that?” she said in a shocked voice.

“I am not pure, like you. I have killed many beings and destroyed much land. I have been a warrior where the love that you speak of is a weakness and the trust that you hold is mere foolishness.”

“Do YOU feel that way?”

I had to think before I answered her. She deserved a true response, and I did not know my truth yet. Hence, all I could say was, “I did feel that way once, but that me is no-more. I don’t know this new me enough to answer your question. I do believe you, and I see the great strength that you have gained not by domination, but through surrender. However, I don’t think it is possible for me to connect with something as vague as the Great Mother.”

“You do not need to surrender to Her, for I am Her representative. Therefore, you can surrender to me. It is often that way with men. Their minds are filled with protection and duty. Only deep love with a woman can allow them to release their protections and totally surrender.”

“How did you know that I deeply love you? I don’t even think I knew it myself until you said the words.”

Without a word spoken, she took me into our cave to give me the “proof” I needed.

As we merged through our love making, our consciousness intermingled so deeply that I could feel how she communed with all life. With this feeling shared between us, she showed me how to touch the land to find water, to smell a plant and put it to my heart to determine if it was safe to eat, how to ask a bird to surrender an egg, how to read the weather long before it changed and how to look into my SELF.

“Your relationship with the Mother depends on your relationship with your SELF.” She told me again and again. At first, the relationship with my SELF could only come as a by-product of my relationship with her. I had never been taught to have a relationship with my SELF. I was taught to follow orders, fulfill my duty and obey my commanding officers. I had spent my life being the “effect” of an external “cause.” If I was successful in my endeavor, I was happy and proud of myself. If I failed in my duty, I was ashamed and angry with my self.

I had not heard of the “greater” or “higher” version of my SELF that Mytria spoke of. The only greater part of me would be my fellow warriors, and my higher self was my commanding officers. I lived on the outside of me. Inside of me were bones and blood and organs that somehow survived their myriad wounds. I had no concept of a spirit me, or the etheric me that Mytria said she merged within the Core. In fact, I had no concept of that experience other than it being a “sexy” dream.

However, I had finally trusted some one. I trusted Mytria absolutely and completely. I trusted that she could make my energies rise up from my spine into my heart, or even into my mind. However, I had no concept that I could accomplish this without her help. It was this concept that disturbed me greatly. Was I becoming hypnotized by someone who was showing me a vision of reality that could never be mine?

Again, she read my thoughts. “I think you have had enough for now. It is time for you to go on a vision quest.”

“A vision quest? What is that,” I said in an angry fashion. She has tired of being my teacher, as I had become weak in her eyes, I thought. This entire experience was a fantasy, an excuse to ignore my duties. What had I been thinking? How could I dare to be different than all the men in as many generations as I could count? A vision quest, HA, get out of my home is more like it.”

Mytria did not engage in my inner battle. She merely turned and went into the cave.

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD
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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Friday, August 1, 2014

Return to SELF – Part One


Return to SELF

Part One

Return to SELF #1

Dr. Suzanne Lie and Mary Perricone
July 30, 2014

Hello everyone and welcome back. I’m Mary Perricone and I’m here with Dr. Suzanne Lie to continue our ongoing conversations that we began several months ago under the topic – The Arcturian/Pleiadian Alliance. And those conversations expanded into a series – Creating Your Reality. Today we’re going expand further and begin a conversation with the Arcturian’s on Return to Self. Sue had a wonderful article on her blog on Sunday, July 27th called Returning to Your Multi-dimensional Self. If you haven’t had a change to read that article you might want to because today’s conversation is going to be based on that article. And we are also going to have a Q&A with the Arcturians.

Hi Sue how you today.

SL: I’m good today.

MP: Good – would you like to comment about the blog article? It really was very comprehensive and spoke at a new level about levels of multi-dimensional reality.

SL: Yes, I would like to talk about it because that was one of those experiences where I was getting the message in my sleep. I was in this twilight place where I wasn’t asleep and I wasn’t awake and I was trying to really pay attention so that I could bring it forward and bring at least the first part forward so that when I began writing I could get the rest of the message. So it’s one of those things that when it came in I had to rush to the computer and put my fingers on the keyboard and ask: okay what did you just say?
So then I just went to the closest room and sat there trying to get everything down that I had gotten in that other frequency of my consciousness. I love when that happens. And I wanted to mention that I am going to be running some Ascension classes in the fall and so therefore I am waiting for whenever there is more Arcturian guidance. Whenever it comes in like it did that morning I know that my ego is well out of the picture. So it hasn’t come back again but usually there is a digestion period in between.

MP: So when you’re ready it will come through.
SL: Yes.

MP: Thank you for jumping out of bed because this really is a wonderful article on the blog. You and I had a couple of conversations about it and so much of it really resonates with me. And I couldn’t help thinking that the Arcturians were really commenting on the previous conversations that we have had and really pulling those conversations forward, or deeper or back into the center of the spiral at a whole new level.

One of the things that the Arcturians said in the article that really touched my heart was that they were thanking the Light worker community. They said: “we wish to thank you All for your great courage and endurance, we are coming to you today to tell you that it is the Now for those of you who have united with your multi-dimensional self to unite with each other, to unite with one another in one consciousness.”

Isn’t that beautiful?

SL: Yes and they also said to unite with all human and non-human beings who are ready to release all the illusions of separation and limitation from their vessel.

MP: Yes, the third-dimensional vessel.

SL: Yes, and that is similar to being in a hot air balloon and you want to go higher and you have a bunch of stuff in the hot air balloon – you just have to surrender it because the basket’s too heavy. The balloon is like us and the basket is our 3D self. And if we want to go higher and higher with the balloon self – our multi-dimensional self – we have to start clearing out a lot of old waste material from the basket.

MP: Yes exactly. I heard an example/analogy of that many years ago and that is: as we release we clear out and create a void and that void is filled light and an expanded perception. I have personally found that when I look back I realize that I really didn’t give anything up. I’m still the same person, I live in the same place, I still have the same friends and family, but my perception has changed.

That seems to be a key with fear. If I let go of this belief will I lose my life? I think the answer is yes you will lose your life but it may not be quite in the way you think.

SL: Yes we will definitely lose those higher perceptions of our life and then we will be trapped again. I don’t know about those who will be listening to this conversation but I was very trapped. I was one of those people who was never totally asleep. I was always awake and I always saw beings around and I always had messages coming in. Likely I was crazy. So I had to get a PhD in Clinical Psychology to prove to myself that I wasn’t crazy.

I remember that in one of my classes a Psychiatrist came in and named all the symptoms of schizophrenia — and I had every symptom. So okay, all right – I even believed I was God. And I have had schizophrenic clients and I have been able to see that some of those “delusions” – it’s not so much that the delusions are wrong – it’s how they get to those delusions – how they get to that place within themselves. These are usually people who have had intense trauma in their lives.

What is important for me and for others that have come through this long dark night is that I came in in 1946 after WWII and there was an immense amount of darkness in our world. I could always tell when the news was a made-up story and the news was covering something and they tried to put a happy face on it. I always knew. So, I had to fight not being bitter and not being judgmental. I would wonder how people could believe the story.

Back then there were not that many of us. We were few and far in between. Now there are so many people who have awakened and some are people like us who were awakened when we were very young and had to go through that dark, dark night knowing that we had better protect our Light. But we have that protection innately now. Now we are able to connect and that true protection really comes through having that connection with your multi-dimensional self.

When you are connected to this higher component of yourself it is almost like it can pull you up when you are in need. They are not going to pull up your physical self but it will pull up your consciousness. When your consciousness goes into a higher frequency your perceptions go into a higher frequency and then you find solutions and reasons that are not fear based and are part of the bigger picture about how certain things had to occur in certain ways for certain reasons. That really is of great assistance to keep us out of judgment and fear and releasing fear and releasing that doubt that – maybe I’m crazy, maybe I made it all up.

I know a lot of people still suffer with this because we are the new beings. We’re the first ones through.

MP: Yes, and doesn’t the doubt come from the programming and the patterning. So within this change, yes there is the doubt but does it become less, does it become diluted? But it is like walking through mud to open that portal to transmute the doubt and go deeper, deeper, in to a state of knowing as we’ve known in many lives, as that portal opens.

So how about if we ask the Arcturians about this? Obviously we started talking about this and I feel like they will have something to say to expand our understanding of this topic of perception and reality.

SL: So let me call them into a more conscious connection. I know now that the connection is always present because that is a component of my higher self. And let me repeat what I’ve said many times in case someone has not heard it before – when people channel through beings, they’re channeling through a higher expression of their multi-dimensional self.

Even if it is a being like Archangel Michael or St. Germain or the Arcturians – that shows how vast our multi-dimensional self is. Beings of a very high resonance have sent out and down in frequency many, many expressions of themselves especially within this Now of planetary and personal Ascension.

So we can remember that we are connected with this being and as the Antarians have said there is a vibratory thread that goes from that higher expression of our self all the way down to our grounding point. Our physical bodies are that which connects us to Gaia so we can help with the Planetary Ascension.

So, I’m going to bring in the Arcturians now.


Blessings to all of you, we are so joyous that you are able to join us in this conversation. Mary, did you wish to ask us some questions about our last message to Suzelle?

MP: Yes and thank you. I read this message several times and the key part of it has to do with perception and reality and as we release, our perception expands. Suzelle just mentioned that when we channel and we receive messages we are receiving them from within ourselves. I wonder if the word aspect would be the correct word to use? Or perhaps the term: we are over lighted by the multi-dimensionality of ourselves. Can you comment on that?


All of you are indeed over lighted which means that wherever you are we, your higher expressions, or higher aspects are always with you. For example: if you are taking a walk you bring your arms. Now you only need your legs and feet to walk but you still bring your arms because you’re connected to your arms. Now maybe you don’t need to have a connection with us, your higher expressions in certain situations, however we are attached. So therefore we are always with you.

MP: How do we function on a multi-dimensional level? If I am a multi-dimensional being are there other aspects of myself in other dimensions, in other realities right now – functioning and living a life? How does that work? Can that be explained?


Yes there are other aspects of your higher dimensional self as you said. We are saying, yes of course with everyone these higher expressions are outside of the third-dimensional time space. Therefore they are not subject to any rules of separation or illusion or time. Therefore they can be simultaneously attached to four hundred different expressions of themselves in four hundred totally different frequencies and dimensions of reality without any concern whatsoever. Just as your body can walk and talk and scratch your head and take a drink and look out at the world and hear other noises coming into your head – all these different components of your physical nature that simultaneously go on. You’re digesting, you’re breathing, your blood is circulating, and you’re adjusting to the heat.

Now if you had to consciously make all of these decisions of all the things that you have to do to operate your body it would be unthinkable and impossible. Now it’s very much the same way for all of your higher frequencies of self. They attend to everyone and everything in the same manner as your physical body does. Because if it is a higher expression of what you have in the physical form would it not be similar to the physical form? It would be much more advanced and much more complicated.

We remember when Suzelle first began to get messages from the higher realms she was so confused. Whenever or wherever she would ask that being for information and advice it was always there. She wondered if people were standing in line and if they had to take a ticket. What does this mean? This was very confusing for her for quite a while. Eventually she began to understand that limitation is only in the third-dimension. Even in your fourth-dimensional dream world there is not that limitation. You can be in one area as one person and then instantly you’re in another area as a different person.

Now in reality all of those different people and realities are happening simultaneously but when it comes through your consciousness and into your third-dimensional waking self to remember the dream it is too difficult to have these overlays. So therefore you choose whichever one was predominant within your awareness in that time.

So, just as you take a walk through the woods, there are myriad stimuli that you can attune to. But the third-dimensional brain is quite limited. So you may decide to look at the trees right now or look at the trail right now or see if there are any birds right now. But the third dimensional self has to make a choice – an either/or choice. However once you move into the higher fourth and fifth dimension and beyond, those either/or choices become all that is. And your filter of perception is limitless.

MP: And, when you were speaking the words came to me: “you are all that is” and of course you just finished your last sentence by saying that you experience “all that is” because you are in fact “all that is”.

So I don’t know how much of a leap I’m taking with this next question, but what also comes to me is the concept and understanding of non-duality. We’ve heard many times that in the fifth-dimension there is no language, we communicate telepathically, there is no judgment, there’s a unity consciousness. Would that be akin to what we have read and studied called non-duality?


Non-duality is a third-dimensional concept because it has the word “non” in it. Within our higher frequencies we do not conceive of “non”. So we would not conceive of non-duality – however we would resonate to the “oneness of all”. So in response to your statement, this oneness of all, oneness with all, oneness for all – this beingness that there is awareness that I am encapsulating a small component of my beingness within the one of the now – to have a focal point through which I can connect with other beings who will only be able to attend to what I am sharing if I take on an appearance that is familiar and comfortable to them.

Now if we were to come to someone that said they really wanted to talk to their higher self and if we were to suddenly come to them in a blaze of light, which is what we are – they would likely fall to the ground and feel like they needed to worship us. Therefore we do not do that. We do not want anyone worshipping us because that is us. We are them and we would not want to have that component of themselves/of ourselves be lost in themselves and think that they have to worship this being within myself. That would put them back deeply, deeply into third-dimensional thinking.

For worshipping is a third-dimensional concept as well. There is something bigger than, more sacred than, outside of me, high above me – and in every religion that person had to go through horrible initiations and terrible lifetimes and martyr themselves. This is not what we wish to share, for this is not what is necessary. Now that the Kali Yuga is complete, that type of evolutionary cycle is also complete.

MP: Thank you for that wonderful explanation. The new paradigm then would include the awareness of the self, the return to the self through the expansion of perception that I am all that is. And, if I am all that is then you are also all that is. So there is a connection in the heart of the one of every entity, every being, every human being both plant and animal and human and mineral and elemental within this planet.


Yes and we would like to remind Suzelle who may have spoken initially about returning to the multi-dimensional self that this is very much a third-dimensional concept. For us to perceive of a returning there would have to be a leaving and we have never perceived any form of leaving. All of our brave ones have chosen to bilocate our energy fields into an Earth vessel so that they can better assist the Earth vessel, the planetary vessel, within Gaia’s Ascension process of making that constant connection.

For if there is a constant connection that can never, will never, has never been severed from that lowest frequency of third-dimensional physicality and even what you have called second or first-dimensional physicality – for we also see no difference between the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom or the human kingdom.

All of you are us, are us in higher frequencies who have chosen to express different dimensional expressions of Gaia so that the entire planet – every rock, every grain of sand, every mountain, every tree, the atmosphere, every being – earth, air, fire, water, all elementals – every component of beautiful sister Gaia will be filled in a constant unwavering, unbroken flow with the higher expressions of her planetary self and all that inhabit her planetary self.

MP: Thank you, thank you for that beautiful explanation.

Well it’s amazing that the time has gone by so quickly in the “no-time” and I’d like to thank all of you for listening. And let’s ask Sue to come back with us for any closing comments.

SL: Well, I have one closing comment – Thank you Arcturians that was great information. Blessings be to everyone and we’ll see you next time.

* * * 

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May 27





“Where have your been?” I spoke gruffly, perhaps to cover up the intensity of emotion that I felt at her very touch. “Your friends are concerned for you and sent me to find you.” I said in a softer voice.
“How do you know that I am the one you seek?” she replied with a resonance in her voice that instantly calmed my demeanor.
“I am sorry I was so gruff with you. It is just that I have been searching for you such a very long time. How did you get lost way out here?”

“I am not lost. I live close by.”

“Live?” I said trying to control my intense emotions. “There is no where to live out here.”
“Follow me,” she said. “I will show you my home.”
She walked away, and I followed her without question. We walked through almost total darkness, but never hesitated. As I followed her strangely familiar form, I became more and more enchanted by her. Who was she? Why did I feel like I knew her? I had never had these feeling for anyone in my life, and I had barely seen her face.
We walked for quite a while in total silence, while I tried to contain my emotions and see in the darkness. The moons had not come up yet and the sky was hazy, yet her every step was sure as if she had made this journey many times. Meanwhile, I was trying to maintain my dignity and not trip or fall. I, who took such pride in being a leader, followed her every footstep.
As if timed by some unseen source, the moons came up just as we came around a huge rock and entered a small area filled with flowers, plants, a small pond and even flat rocks that were arranged like chairs. How did she move those rocks? However, I said nothing. I did not want to embarrass myself again by speaking rashly. However, obviously, she was NOT lost, and I had greatly misjudged her.
“It is getting cold now. Would you like to come inside?” she said as if she totally trusted me.
“Ahh, yes,” I stammered in a very undignified manner.
“Let me start a fire, so you can see inside,” she said as she moved to a collection of rocks that created a small fire pit just outside the cave in a small, sheltered area. She collected some kindling and what looked like moss, struck two stones together, and instantly a small flame ignited the kindling. She had obviously lit this fire many times. Then she took, what looked like a grid and placed it onto the rocks.
“I will make some tea to warm us.” She easily said.
“You have tea?” I said in a rudely, surprised manner.
“Oh yes,” she said as she guided me into the cave where I saw many herbs hanging upside down to dry.
“Where did you find these?” I asked, again in a voice that was too surprised.
She ignored my rude behavior and turned towards me to reply. However, when our eyes met in the flickering light, neither one of us could speak for what seemed to be forever. It was she who spoke first.
“I know you,” she said without any shyness.
“Yes.” was all I could say. I did know her, but I also knew I had never met her.
She turned again and chose some herbs, broke them up, put them into a small metal pan. She filled the pan with water from the clear creak the trickled through the cave and placed the pan on the grid.
“Would you like honey?” she said.
“You have honey?”
She smiled in response to my question.
“Ahh, sure.” I stammered again.
Rather than embarrass myself further, I looked around the small cave to get my bearings and to calm down. I could not believe my eyes. She had, indeed, created a home here, and she appeared to be alone.

“Do you live alone here?”

“Oh no! I am not alone. I live with Nature.”
I glanced around her home again. Off to the right I saw what was likely her begging. It looked old and well used.
“Yes, I see that you do. I am sorry for my rudeness. I have greatly underestimated you. I expected to find you, wounded, or worse, and in great danger. Instead, I see that you have created a lovely home. How did you do all this?”
“I asked the Great Mother for help.” She said, as if I would know what that meant.

“The Great Mother?”

“Yes, you know the Elohim Alcyone whom we met in the Core.”
“But, that was just a dream. How could you know about my dream?”
In fact, I was quite surprised that the “dream” instantly returned to my memory.
She chose to completely ignore my question and turned to create a small meal comprised of food that I had never seen. She took two half-gourds, which she used for plates and guided me to a small ledge. In front of the ledge with a small table made of intertwined twigs that served as a table.
In complete amazement, I sat where she indicated and silently watched while she put the plates on the “table” and went to gather the tea.
“I am afraid I only have one cup. Do you mind if we share?”
I silently nodded my head in amazement, as she handed me the tea.
“Oh,” she said as she walked over to another ledge where she had a small metal container. She brought it back and offered it to me saying,

“Would you like some of this honey?”

Again I silently nodded, as she poured a small amount of the sweet liquid into the steaming tea.

“Please eat,” she said and offered me my plate.

“I don’t want to be rude,” I said—to late—as I had already been incredibly rude, “but how did you know that these plants are not poisonous?”

“They told me.” She simply replied.

“Uh, how did they tell you?” I questioned.

“I merely smelled them and placed them on my heart. If they were poisonous, I felt fear, and if they were nutritious, I felt love.”

“But wasn’t that dangerous? What if you were wrong?”

“I trusted my self, and I trusted Nature.”

I said nothing more. I shared the delicious tea and ate the tasty plants. I guess if she could trust me enough to bring me into her home, I could trust her enough to eat her food. Trust? I pondered that concept, as I tried to think of the last time that I had trusted anyone.

Mytria’s awakening happened before we met, whereas my awakening started that evening. Everything that had been important in my life seemed unimportant compared to the simple peace that she shared with me that first night. I had been driven by ambition and trusted no one in my struggle to become a leader and Protector in our new world.

Interestingly, so many people trusted me, but I trusted no one. However, I did trust her. I ate her possibly poisonous food and drank her tea of an unknown “herb” without hesitation. In fact, as I sat on that small ledge, I knew that my life had changed forever. I would never be the same person again, which was a good thing. I had not been too fond of myself lately.
As if reading my mind, she looked into my eyes and said, “I was nearly dead when I came here. The Mother has healed me and has given me a wonderful life.”
She then took the plates and our one-cup and went outside to wash them. I said nothing, and didn’t even offer to help her. I had come here to save her, but it was apparent that it was she who would save me.

I, Mytre, will return to continue my story…

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD
Posted 27th May 2012 by Shanti
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