terram novam: ▶ 12/30/2014 — Iceland’s Bardarbunga volcanic eruption covers 35sq miles in lava – YouTube

terram novam: ▶ 12/30/2014 — Iceland’s Bardarbunga volcanic eruption covers 35sq miles in lava – YouTube.

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martes, 30 de diciembre de 2014

▶ 12/30/2014 — Iceland’s Bardarbunga volcanic eruption covers 35sq miles in lava – YouTube


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terram novam: Leave the imprint of Oneness and unity consciousness on your path – the Arcturians:::How to get through Ascension symptoms without going mad:::sharing

terram novam: Leave the imprint of Oneness and unity consciousness on your path – the Arcturians:::How to get through Ascension symptoms without going mad:::sharing.

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lunes, 8 de setiembre de 2014

Leave the imprint of Oneness and unity consciousness on your path – the Arcturians:::How to get through Ascension symptoms without going mad:::sharing

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Jul 16

Leave the imprint of Oneness and unity consciousness on your path – the Arcturians

Greetings we are the Arcturians merged with you in your higher dimensional soul. Remember this dear one for we are all One you are not separate from us, from all parts of your multi-dimensional self or from each other.

The dark ones are throwing everything they have towards the beings of Earth in a final attempt to stop the arising of consciousness and mass spiritual awakening. This will not succeed for the wave is now a tsunami and it is time to surf the crest not fall to the trough and become overwhelmed. We observe that many lightworkers, starseeds and galactics spend much of their time in one aspect of separation consciousness or the other. This can either be in the exhaustive analysis of the record of darkness still manifesting through the media or in uncritical acceptance of the many interpretations of the light passing through the channels some of whom may themselves not be fully clear and resolved.

What is required is to remain in your still point and spread this message in as many ways that you can in your daily life. Carry in your hearts and thus in your energy fields the beautiful thoughts of oneness and unity and this will leave an imprint along your path for others to pick up unconsciously. Maintain a calm inner balance allowing the waves of separation to pass by and observe them. For it is important to monitor what is happening on Gaia but as the observer not the emotional or mental participant. Each of you has a unique and perfect energy signature containing your essential contribution to the divine plan now manifesting in the great shift. You have been preparing for many lifetimes all over the multiverse for this moment. The only part you underestimated was the effect of the density of separation consciousness and its power to entrap even the pure and higher dimensional souls who are flooding to the Earth for service.

Hold the frequency and clear note of unity consciousness that you remember so well from Home, reinforce it through meditation in whatever style suits you such as contemplation, walking, listening to music, dancing or just being in the natural worlds.

Always remember that we, your star families are with you now and always as the tipping point approaches into the eternal moment in higher consciousness when we will rejoice with you all in celebration of love and unity.

We are the Arcturians



Posted 16th July 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
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How to get through Ascension symptoms without going mad – A short guide to various remedies that you can use to re balance yourself instantly.

By annamerkaba on September 6, 2014 • ( 11 )

I have written this article in regard to the time period of Amygdala Clearance of September Gateway, however, this guide and the remedies mentioned here can be used at any given moment in time, as we move through the various portals that await us.

As has been explained in my recent channeling, the reason that we are going through so many portals and so many transitions over and over again is because a lot of the old energies have been ingrained into human DNA, pscyche and way of life. Much of the old belief systems need to be released, preconditioned ideas erased from our sub consciousness so that a new set of universal laws can be instituted. As you understand human bodies, or what our galactic family likes to call “human vehicles of time and space” have been infused with so much information for thousands of years. That is why a complete transformation cannot take overnight. As we must work towards releasing everything from the past. For example, your present reality has been influenced by a set belief system of your parents, grandparents, and the list goes on. All of this information has been transferred to you. A simple example would be a word association from your childhood. If you think of the a certain word it will bring up a certain set of emotions within you, association with negative emotions needs to be readjusted. It is important to understand the reasons for this occurrence and release the triggers of the past.

Of course you can assist yourself by consciously working with your thought processes. Releasing and letting go of everything from the past that is currently influencing your life. As we all know that the words we choose to express ourselves are the words that will form our experiences. If you wake up in the morning and you set your intentions that you will have a difficult day, you will have a difficult day. If you set your intention on positivity, even if your day won’t go as you planned and you encounter a “problem” you will look to see the reason for this occurrence, instead of getting frustrated you will begin to understand various synchronistic events that are designed to assist you in your journey. Even if you do not understand why such and such “negative” (as you believe it to be) event has occurred, by changing your attitude towards that which is happening with you, you will shift your consciousness into positivity and invite a positive flow of energies into your life, thereby aligning yourself with various opportunities and truly enjoy your journey.

But going back to the ascension symptoms that we are all experiencing. It I can get tough at times, as your body is changing, and yet your mind is holding onto the past. The friction of what your mind knows and that which is coming its way is causing a lot of tension to occur. The pushing out of the old and the welcoming of the new is not always a pleasant experience, especially as we are put through a vacuum where all the old energies are literally being pushed out of us.

During this quite turbulent and yet incredibly beautiful time of ascension most of us will be, and are experiencing issues with our heart chakra and Sacral Chakra. Coupled with the energies coming from the Fertility/Abundance Portal our sun continues to release tremendous amount of codes which are affecting all on earth, what is known to be solar flares. I’m sure that many of you have noticed that the flares are becoming a bit overwhelming. Many are reporting and I myself personally have experienced heart fluctuations, where my heart began to hurt incredibly much and I was floored with the incoming energies unable to move for a few minutes. Many are reporting heart pains, seizures, muscle cramps, vertigo, nausea and heat flashes as your sacral chakra begins to activate sending tremendous amount of Kundalini energy through your body. And although all of these are perfectly normal “side effects” or what is called a healing crisis of Ascension, there is help to get you through this.

So what can we do to remain calm and keep our sanity intact?

#1 The number one thing that I recommend to all of you is to stay CALM, I have outlined various breathing and energy techniques in many of my previous articles. Here I would like to mention the quickest way that I’ve found to re balance your energy. If you cannot stand up, sit up straight with your feet touching the ground, your back as straight as possible. Now put your palms together into a “prayer” position and stick your arms right between your thighs, this will calm you down within seconds. Otherwise stand up straight with your feet touching and your hands in a prayer position in front of your chest. Concentrate on your crown chakra and your base chakra asking your higher self to align you with the source of all that is through your crown chakra and the core of the earth through your root chakra. Allow these energies to circulate through you, breathing slowly in and out.

Sometimes though, the breathing method fails as your mind is not allowing you to relax in which case I like to use homeopathic remedies called Bach Flower Essences, Schuessler Cell Salts and actual Homeopathy created by the father of homeopathy Dr. Hahnemann. Of course before taking any new remedies please consult your physician and read all the labels of these products carefully. Please note that all of these remedies are completely safe and do not have any known side effects, nonetheless do your own research first don’t just take my word for it, always follow your own intuition and listen to your heart.

#2 Rescue Remedy. I suggest that you carry with you flower essence combination which is called “Rescue Remedy” thankfully this remedy is available in most health food stores around the world. This mix was created by Dr Bach (BAH) to deal with emergencies and crises – the moments when there is no time to make a proper individual selection of remedies. It can be used to help us get through any stressful situations, from last-minute exam or interview nerves, to the aftermath of an accident or bad news. Rescue Remedy helps us relax, get focused and get the needed calmness. So please get yourself a spray bottle and carry it with you at all times. Be sure not to store it next to your computer as the computer frequency will interfere with the energy imprint in the bottle. Once again Flower Essences are completely safe , however most have alcohol base, so if that presents a problem for you, and most often alcohol does affect our livers, or you are thinking of administering this to children please look for non alcohol base solutions.

#3 CELL SALTS one of my most favorite remedies which if properly selected and used can heal a tremendous number of ailments, along with homeopathy this is a miracle healing modality. I will only mention one Cell Salt here for you which is called Kali Phos #6. Depending on the country in which you reside the number will vary, so look for the name Kali Phos. What you are looking for is 6X potency which is a standard potency that is used for Cell Salts. You can purchase this once again at any health food store or online. Kali Phos is a phenomenal remedy! Not only will it calm you down instantly, but it will also provide much needed “brain food” for your brain! This remedy alleviates depression, confusion, memory loss, nervous tension, anxiety, etc., This is not only a frequency remedy, as it actually contains the salt that your body uses on daily basis, however since it is prepared homeopathically it tells your body what to do with this salt. It enters your blood stream extremely fast and will start acting immediately. Once again cell salts are incredibly safe and do not have any known side effects, however, they are based on lactose sugar, and if you are lactose intolerant and/or diabetic look for liquid solutions of this product or simply dissolve the daily recommended doze in a bottle of water and sip it throughout the day.

#4. Essential Oils. We are all familiar with essential oils. What I have found that rebalances me very quickly are three oils. Bergamont Essential oil. Lavender and my favorite Menthol. Menthol not only uplifts my spirits but also helps with the sinus issues that I experience from time to time. It’s fast acting and a wonderful addition to any home. However, if you are going to incorporate Rescue Remedy and/or Cell Salts stay away from Mint as it will break the homeopathic frequency and the remedies will stop working.

#5. Crystals and Energy tools of your choice. As many of you know crystals hold healing energy frequencies and information, furthermore crystals and quartz glass can be imprinted with various information by using your own intentions and the energy of a variety of beings who wish to imprint their energy onto crystals. My favorite tools are of course by Natalya Ankh as many of you know I have spoken tirelessly of these tools which are created by Natalya with assistance of various Arch Angels such as Metatron, Michael, Isis, Saint Germain etc., Since I am an energy healer and work daily on removing and adjusting energy frequencies of all who come to me, as well as removing dark entities, implants, etc., I use these tools daily. I have come to observe that the tool that calms me down the most is the Saint Germaine disc. Saint Germain is inflused with Saint Germains Energies and the Violet flame. Violet flame is one of the most powerful vibrational frequencies which enters our field of vision as ultra violet and violet. This frequency operates on opening up our 8th chakra and crown chakra, the chakras of divinity and connects us with the divine. In doing so, it purifies our whole body, removes blockages, releases the past and transmutes all that stands in the way of total recognition and understanding of self.

The tool that gives me the most power and protection is of course Arch Angel Metatron’s Key, of which I have spoken

tirelessly and endlessly. I will mention it briefly here for those of you who are not yet familiar with this tool. Metatron’s Clearing & Protection Device – As told to me by AA Metatron – Activates automatically at 11:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. everyday drawing source energy into itself and then dispersing this energy to you evenly throughout the day. It protects up to 13 feet of space in every direction, remember that your own sphere of influence is 18 miles in each direction and coupled with this tool you will amplify this energy creating a vacuum of clearance which will expand exponentially. No matter what method you use in 15 minutes after you clear space, unless you have something in that space to keep the POSITIVE energy flowing to neutralize the negative, everything will come back. That is why its always great to have something near you that will neutralize this type of energy and bathe you in love and light. To learn more about these tools please visit. http://www.metaphysicalascensionpowertools.com/default.asp

I hope that this guide was helpful to you. Sending you a tsunami of love, light, abundance, health and joy! ~Anna Merkaba

P.S. To help you on your journey I have written and published a book. It is now available for all of you in both hard copy and digital form. It is called “Mission To Earth – A Light workers guide to self mastery”. In it I explore topics such as: Why you are here and what you are doing on earth. How Starseeds get to earth to begin with. Why you feel the way you do. How to communicate with your guides. How to discover your life purpose. How to release everything and let it go. How to reprogram yourself in order to fully connect with your true essence. How to release old thinking patterns and institute a new reality into your life. How to change your life and make it what you want it to be, and most importantly how to find a link back HOME! There’s a lot more that I discuss in this book. I invite you to join me on this journey of self discovery as we explore together the “HOW”, the “WHY” and the “WHEN”. For more information please visit : http://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/books/

~Anna Merkaba – Distant Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing or Pychic Session with Anna and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL –http://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/

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terram novam: ▶ Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis -The Rosicrucians – FROM ATHABANTIAN – Higher/lighter Vibrations::: THE ACTIVATION_sharing

terram novam: ▶ Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis -The Rosicrucians – FROM ATHABANTIAN – Higher/lighter Vibrations::: THE ACTIVATION_sharing.

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domingo, 31 de agosto de 2014

▶ Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis -The Rosicrucians – FROM ATHABANTIAN – Higher/lighter Vibrations::: THE ACTIVATION_sharing



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When you are ready, imagine a huge scroll unfolding before you and the Language of Light bursts forward, symbol-by-symbol.
Each symbol holds lifetimes of information.
Do not attempt to understand them. It will be enoughfor you to accept them into your consciousness.
Surrender again to your Soul/SELF and remember that ALL is ONE.

Therefore, the scroll before you is merely a projection of your consciousness.

Take a long moment to imagine that each symbol moves from the page, into your consciousness. FEEL how your Soul resonates to each Light Symbol. Breathe each symbol into our earth vessel and integrate it into your daily consciousness.

However, your grounded self does not need to understand these symbols for they are the “code breakers” that will allow you to translate multidimensional messages into your third dimensional language system.

Later, when you are ready, you will see them, draw them, and hear their tone.

Gradually, as you come to KNOW their meaning, you will use them for manifestation and experience. These symbols are your tickets to the multiverse.

Take a deep breath to inhale every symbol and accept it into your SELF.

Actually, all the symbols have come into you in ONE flash of the NOW. The inhaling of “every symbol” is your third dimensional brain calibrating to all the symbols by separating them into “each symbol.” The concept of “each symbol” is no longer necessary from our perspective, as each and all are the same term in a resonance without separation.

Surrender now to your Multidimensional SELF and allow the rest of the process to be unconscious to your daily self, as you could easily become overloaded.

Carry this sacred information within you until the time that you are called upon to use it. Remember that messages from Beings such as we will enter your awareness in a flash of light. There is no time or space in our reality, and we live in the Flow of the ONE.

When we call you, or you call us, feel the call in your Third Eye or High Heart.

Then relax into the familiar “feel” of unconditional love and allow the message to enter your earth vessel. You can then translate it into third dimensional language through the power of your creative force. 
Some of you will write, others will draw, and some may dance, sing, play an instrument and/or run like the wind. In all cases, your surrender to the flow of your divine creativity will translate our message into your daily language.
* * *
From Journey through the Arcturian Corridor II



Posted 5th November 2011 by Shanti 

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Greetings: I am Adrial, celestial of this universe, and I am Bren-Ton of Andromeda. We are most pleased to be communicating with you today.
For several years now we have been saying to you that the time of choosing would come. Now is that time. We have been telling you that Earth would be transforming herself to a lighter density. We have been saying that all that would remain with Earth are required to raise their vibrations to match hers.
At this moment there are three choices before you. First, you may raise your vibration to the point that you ascend to a higher/lighter density thereby removing yourself from the Earth plane. Second, you may choose to remain in the 3rd Density that currently holds the majority of Earth humans in a fear-based paradigm. Or third, you may choose to remain with Earth as she transitions herself to a higher/lighter density.
A fundamental law of the universe is that you can only exist in those vibrations with which you are compatible. If you are surrounded by vibrations that are dissimilar to your own, you will find yourself in a situation that you cannot tolerate. That is happening to many at this moment. They are feeling incompatible with the prevailing density of fear, violence, separation, and self-focus. They are removing themselves from those situations that are incompatible with their higher vibration. This leads some to physically relocate to a situation more to their liking, more compatible with their higher vibration. Others find retreats at their existing locations.
We wish to remind you that it is not enough to merely wish that you reside in a certain vibration, you must attune yourself to it at every moment. If you are now vibrating in the 3rd Dimension, you are constantly reinforcing your existence in that vibration by giving your consent to hold that energy. If you are in a fear-based environment you are telling yourself that this is where I wish to be. Oh, you may have moments of desiring something different, but in the end you settle for what you have, and accept it as your lot in life.
On the other hand, if you are living in a love-based vibration, you are constantly reinforcing your existence in that environment. So you have a choice of two vibrations, a higher love-based one and a lower fear-based one. How do you choose?
If you are settled in a fear-based existence, know that you will not continue with Earth, nor will you ascend to a lighter way of being. Both paths are incompatible with your lower vibration. Those of a lower vibration will either choose death and reincarnation, or they will be transported to another location where they may continue their fear-based existence until they eventually awaken to the light. We make no judgment of them; they are merely making a choice.
Those who are vibrating at a higher/lighter density – notice we did not say those who “choose” to vibrate at a higher/lighter density. Those who are actually vibrating in the light have two choices before them: They may choose to ascend to an existence without form, what you might call a spirit form where they will be embraced by those of a similar resonance. There they will choose their next step on their upward journey toward uniting with Source.
An alternative to this path is what we have been calling the path of the Caretakers. The Caretakers of the new Earth will be a special breed of humans never before seen in this universe. The Caretakers will enjoy physical form but with bodies infused with lighter densities. These new humans of Earth, endowed with crystalline bodies that are youthful, healthy and vibrant, will exist for hundreds of years. These new humans of Earth will enjoy telepathy and manifestation, and will resonate as citizens of the cosmos. They will create a new civilization on Earth, a glorious civilization that will become the destination for many star system visitors to admire and to interact with.
So we reiterate that you are now in that moment of choice. How are you living your life? Are there things holding you from becoming all that you can be? Now is the moment to discard them, for you cannot exist in a higher/lighter density if you are stuck with the baggage of the lower density. Do you have habits, addictions, beliefs, attachments, or residual emotions and thoughts that do not serve you? Rid yourself of them. Do you have fears of taking the next step of your progress? Move beyond those fears, for they serve you not. Do you have distractions in your current existence, detach from them.
Now is the time of your choosing. Do not worry about what surrounds you, the news of the day, the actions of others, or your established beliefs. Rise above them. Look to the glorious future that awaits you. Your new life is just beyond your next decision. You do not have the luxury of delaying further. Your personal transformation is at hand. “Business as usual” is there to lure you to continue without change. Act for what serves your long-term interests, not what is a retreat into established patterns.
If you believe that you will be able to cling to the higher/lighter vibrations when the chaos of the transformation is about you, you are sadly mistaken. You will be able to maintain the higher vibrations only by looking forward to what is before you, not by running away from your old life out of fear.
It will require practice to maintain these higher vibrations. Practice until the higher vibrations become a second nature, practice until you can easily maintain the higher vibrations in the face of what you now encounter as 3rdDimension, and practice so that your conventional life, whatever it might be, is left behind. Begin this very moment to engage yourself in the higher vibrations. Practice this day.
It has been our pleasure to share our understandings with you.
Adrial and Bren-Ton

Through Mark Kimmel
Posted 6th July 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
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terram novam: 4_ _▶ What happened to missing AirAsia Flight QZ8501? – YouTube

terram novam: 4_ _▶ What happened to missing AirAsia Flight QZ8501? – YouTube.

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domingo, 28 de diciembre de 2014

4_ _▶ What happened to missing AirAsia Flight QZ8501? – YouTube

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terram novam: Quake: M6.1 – 112km SSE of Cagayancillo, Philippines 2014-12-29 09:29:41 UTC

terram novam: Quake: M6.1 – 112km SSE of Cagayancillo, Philippines 2014-12-29 09:29:41 UTC.

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lunes, 29 de diciembre de 2014

Quake: M6.1 – 112km SSE of Cagayancillo, Philippines 2014-12-29 09:29:41 UTC

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terram novam: List:::recap:::▶ Billy Meier – 45th contact – The meaning of 666 – YouTube:::14

terram novam: List:::recap:::▶ Billy Meier – 45th contact – The meaning of 666 – YouTube:::14.

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lunes, 11 de agosto de 2014

List:::recap:::▶ Billy Meier – 45th contact – The meaning of 666 – YouTube:::14

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 AIA 304, COR2-A (2014-07-28 20:30:19 – 2014-08-04 18:53:55 UTC) – YouTube

* * * 
▶ AIA 94 (2014-07-21 08:51:25 – 2014-07-21 20:24:49 UTC) – YouTube

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The new lines were revealed following gales and sandstorms in the region and researchers believe this geoglyph shows a camelid (outlined left) above an unidentified bird (outlined right). Some 700 geoglyphs are thought to have been drawn by the ancient Nazca people between the first and sixth centuries 
* * *
Esa is preparing for Rosetta's arrival at its target on Wednesday, and it has released images showing the comet's surface in unprecedented detail. The images confirm 'rubber duck' shape of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko
This one, taken a few days ago, shows the comet at a distance of just 620 miles (1,000 km) away 

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Comets: Siding Spring (C/2013 A1) – Mars Exploration Program




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This image has caused excitement among space enthusiasts who believe they can see the outline of a human face on the edge of the comet. The German Aerospace Centre's youth portal, DLR_next, first spotted the face 
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The Pacific Ocean hosts a quartet of tropical cyclones - from left to right - Typhoon Halong, Hurricane Genevieve (which kept travelling west to become Typhoon Genevieve), Hurricane Iselle, and Hurricane Julio 
* * *
A cleaning expert has revealed which food items can be used as substitutes to expensive cleaning products, and also the science behind why they are so effective. For example, potatoes are effective at removing rust because the oxalic acid reacts with baking soda to dissolve the hydrated iron oxides 
* * *

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terram novam: M5.5 – 178km SSE of Punta de Burica, Panama 2014-12-26 23:52:14 UTC

terram novam: M5.5 – 178km SSE of Punta de Burica, Panama 2014-12-26 23:52:14 UTC.

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viernes, 26 de diciembre de 2014

M5.5 – 178km SSE of Punta de Burica, Panama 2014-12-26 23:52:14 UTC

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Jul 16


Ask yourselves ‘Are these the thoughts I wish to empower today.’ from the Arcturians

We are the Arcturians and we observe the distress many of you feel at the level of dissent and confusion in the lightworker community. This is very clear to us in the case of the Starseeds who are impatiently waiting for events such as disclosure and the disabling of the so called cabal. We see the harsh words and negative sentiments spoken in your blogs and newsletters and must draw your attention to the effect this is having on the whole Ascension mission.

What we see is the lack of clarity about the power of thought arising from minds steeped in separation consciousness. It is a basic spiritual lesson that as you think so shall you create and we see the manifestation of disordered thought and unmanaged ‘shadow’ selves is seriously affecting the light agenda on Earth. We wonder if you all realise that when you do not look within and heal your own discordant thoughts and emotions you become unwitting agents of the very darkness you want to overcome.

As the energies increase in power and the planet is infused with higher and more powerful forms of light from the Great Central Sun everything will be revealed, nothing will be hidden. You see that in all the revelations coming forth in your societies every day and thus it is meant to be. What we point out to you from our perspective of love and Oneness as members of your Galactic families is that it is time to look into your hearts. When you feel the surging of anger, judgment, impatience at the perceived lack of action from the Star Beings or feel other manifestation of 3rd dimensional consciousness separated from the light of the Creator within, then look into the mirror. Gaze into the windows of your own blessed soul and ask yourself: ‘Are these the thoughts I wish to empower in our beloved Earth today’.

Each of you needs to take responsibility, hold the light, meditate to find peace and love within your heart. Focus on bringing in the energies of the Great Central Sun from when we all came as pristine sparks of light and where we will all return when our soul’s journey is complete.

Remember who you are, act from the grace and integrity of your higher selves not the confusion of the negative ego. When you return to the stillness within and come from there, we are with you for that where to find us, in the peace and light of Oneness and Unity Consciousness.

We are the Arcturians your Star family and we love you.


Channelled by My-Ya 12th July 2012
Posted 16th July 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
Labels: awakening processOnenessthought fieldsUnity of Consciousness

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Pleiadian Perspectives on Ascension



I, Mytria, have come back into your awareness since you said, “If we want to know why they are not helping us enough, or when they will help us, all we need do is raise our consciousness enough to ask them.” Therefore, I have returned to your heart and mind to continue our story of ascension.
(If you are new to this Pleiadian Ascension of Mytria and Mytre, please find our story so far at: 

It is fitting that we continue our story while you are on your own Nature Quest. There has been a passage of “time” since we last communed with you. You needed to integrate what we had told you about our ascension to best allow it to activate your own. Furthermore, just as you have been “away” from us, we continue our story after I had been away from Mytre for what you would count as over ten years.

First, I will address the question of “helping us.” We too sought the help of those who had already ascended, just as you are now. In fact, our story left off with Mytre seeking help from the Arcturians. It was in the process of him seeking help from others, that he gained help within himself.

The scenario, arranged by higher frequencies of reality, was that he had to fight his way to get help from the Arcturians. Then he had to go deep inside himself to save that Mission, as well as the lives of his remaining crewmates. In this process, Mytre was able to recover his innate ability of mind over matter.

Mytre did not know he had that ability, but he was able to recover this skill when it was vital for the completion of his Mission. You, our dear members of Gaia, will also be called upon to reach inside your SELF to call upon your unknown, innate abilities. But, Mytre will tell you more about his process when I complete my tale of SELF- discovery.

When I was separated from Mytre in the chaotic moment of our return to our Village, I was temporally brave. I had to release him to his Higher Mission, give birth to our daughter and accept the process of being a new Mother—alone—all in the same fateful day. I also had to accept the fact that I would have to live each day without Mytre, my Divine Complement.

Fortunately, the three of us, myself, Mytre and our daughter, Alycia, met every night in our Astral Bodies. However, an “astral hug” is not the same as a physical embrace. At first the nightly visit were enough, but eventually they only added to the pain of missing Mytre. These nightly meetings were the only contact that Alycia had ever had with her father, so it was normal to her. On the other hand, sometimes it made me miss Mytre more.

After many years of these meetings, I began to let Alycia go alone, using the excuse that I had to get a deep sleep that night. Gradually, I joined Mytre and Alycia less and less. I had to create my own life. I could no longer hold on to something that was not a part of my physical reality.

I don’t know when it was that I decided that I would see him one more time, and then I would have to end our nightly meetings. Eventually, that night came. Of course, Alycia knew that it was a good night for her to NOT join us, as she always knew what was in my mind. In fact, she could read the mind, heart and aura of everyone, all the time.

When I showed up to meet Mytre without Alycia, he instantly knew why. “I can no longer pretend that this is enough for me.” I said before I lost my nerve. “I will wait for you forever, but I have to find my SELF again. When I bonded with you so deeply, then gave birth to our child, I seemed to have lost a part of myself. My meditations have been about how to wait for you. Everything I do has been with you in mind. I deny myself deep friendships, as I can only think of you…”

For a very brief moment, I felt his physical arms around me, but all I could do was sob. I wanted more! This was not enough! I had to find something inside of my SELF that was as important as being with him.

The feeling of his arms around me disappeared. He looked into my eyes and said in a disappointed way, “I have been working for years to manifest my form with you, but I have waited too long. I have lost you.”

“No, no,” I cried. “You have not lost me. You will never lose me. The problem is that I have lost my SELF.”

“I understand,” is all that he said, as his astral body disappeared from my vision. I knew that he did not want to show me how much I had hurt him. I knew that he understood, but I was still angry and hurt. “Good” I thought. “I can use this anger to release him.”

Alycia still met with Mytre every night, but told me nothing about their meetings. I was very happy about their meetings. She deserved to have personal time with her father, and he deserved to watch her change and grow. In fact, Alycia was growing much quicker than was normal. It had been only about ten years, but she was almost an adult. I knew that that was because she was also the manifest form of the Elohim of Alcyone.

I was sad that Alycia did not need me in the same way, but I also knew that it was time for me to stop hiding from my own power. I remembered how, long ago, I had been able to connect with the Mother in a deep and intimate manner. However, I seemed to have lost that power when I became a mother myself. What was I to do? Who was I to be?

I was thinking about that fated day of our returned to our Village when I lost Mytre, Alycia was born and I lost my SELF. Could I somehow retrace that day? Where and when did I loose my deep connection the Mother? It was then that I heard the Inner Voice for the first time since that day.

“You will find your answer within my womb,” I heard the Mother say. But then Her voice was silent. My first message was to find the Mother’s Womb.

For days I went through all my duties repeating, “The Womb of the Mother. Where is the womb of the Mother?” Then, one morning I awoke with the answer. The Womb of the Mother was the Sacred Rock that I had somehow entered the day I met Her in Her form of Elohim Alycone. I had to return there. I had to return, right now.

Again, I packed a light pack and snuck out into the early dawn. Only this time, I first informed Alycia, who completely understood why I had to go. It had been many years since Mytre and I had left our cave by the Sacred Rock. There had been many changes to our Village and our way of life since then. We all knew that the Arcturians had given us temporary protection from our enemies. However, we also knew that we would have to actively participate in the ascension of which they had spoken.

Living all these years in the Violet Temple had protected me from the fear and confusion that was far too common in the Village. However, my people needed some answers, and these answers could only come from the Mother. I walked for two and a half days before I found the Sacred Rock. Changes had been made to the nearby landscape, but the unseen energy shield, which could only be entered by the “invited one,” protected the Sacred Rock and its surrounding area.

I felt a floating sensation when I moved through the shield. Then, I had to move through many bushes before I could find the exact location on the rock that had once taken me into the Mother’s Womb. Once I found the Rock, I surveyed the area. It had a disserted and unkempt. Therefore, I spent the greater part of what was left of the day cleaning out my nearby cave and setting up my temporary home. This time I knew just what I needed to bring, so the work went quickly.

When the cave was fully repaired and made into a cozy home, I stood back to observe the cave. It was then that I fell to the floor sobbing. Every memory of my time here with Mytre overtook me, and I was overwhelmed with sorrow. I had not allowed myself to feel this sorrow since I had sent him away, and it felt good to finally release it. When I could cry no more, I crawled over to what had been our sleeping place, pulled myself into a fetal position and slept like an infant.

I awoke a new person, clear headed and determined to fulfill my destiny. I went out to the small pond, that was still there, but a bit overgrown. Then, without thought, I spend most of the morning pulling out plants that had invaded the pond and clearing out the moss that settled between these plants.

Then, I re-created my rock fire pit, moved some limbs and rocks to make seating around the fire and cleared the area of unwanted rocks and plants. I even dug up the area that had once been my small garden, and planted the seeds I had brought with me. Now it was time to clear a pathway to the Sacred Rock and pull away unwanted plants from Portal into the Mother’s Womb.

I had come to realize that the Sacred Rock was a powerful Portal, but I had told no one about it, even my best friends in the Temple. My first initiation had been when I was guided to this area. My second initiation, which was NOW, was to protect this Sacred Space. With that thought in mind, I suddenly remembered what the Arcturian had whispered into my Soul that first night in the Mother’s Womb. “You are a Keeper of the Violet Fire.”

I had forgotten that message because I not know what the Violet Fire was. However, most of my lessons in the Temple had been about the power of transmutation that was contained within the Violet Fire. We often spoke of the “myth” of this Fire, but no one knew what or where it was, even myself. I had been so distracted by missing Mytre that much of what I had learned went into my unconscious mind.

Now that I was back on the Land of the Mother, all the pieces of the puzzle were falling together. However, I only knew what I was supposed to do in the NOW. Once done, I again knew what to do in that NOW. I was similar to one of the many rocks that I had moved. I was only right NOW and right HERE. I found that experience to be wonderful.

I could not remember the past and the future was NOW. I had forgotten what had happened before, except for Mytre, Alycia and my dearest friends, and had no sense of the future. Only love could guide my thoughts and my only emotion was clarity. I had never thought of clarity as an emotion, but I discovered that it was the only emotion left when I was completely focused on the HERE and NOW.

Through Suzanne Lie,PhD
Posted 16th July 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
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terram novam: M5.1 – 119km SW of La Reforma, Mexico 2014-12-25 06:45:42 UTC

terram novam: M5.1 – 119km SW of La Reforma, Mexico 2014-12-25 06:45:42 UTC.

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M5.1 – 119km SW of La Reforma, Mexico 2014-12-25 06:45:42 UTC

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terram novam: Important..!..Multidimensional Consciousness by IlliaEm::Sunday, September 7, 2014 ::: Jul 11 THE BIRTH OF NEW EARTH

terram novam: Important..!..Multidimensional Consciousness by IlliaEm::Sunday, September 7, 2014 ::: Jul 11 THE BIRTH OF NEW EARTH.

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Important..!..Multidimensional Consciousness by IlliaEm::Sunday, September 7, 2014 ::: Jul 11 THE BIRTH OF NEW EARTH

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Sunday, September 7, 2014
Multidimensional Consciousness by IlliaEm


Multidimensional Consciousness

By IlliaEm, Elohim of Arcturus
Dearest Ones,
Please, take a moment of meditation before you receive my message. It is important to expand your awareness to your highest potential before receiving my communication so that your ego does not interfere with my transmission. I will assist you by leading you in a meditation to calibrate your consciousness to the higher dimensions.
Focus your attention inward into the core of your brain, the area below your crown and behind your brow. Feel the Light of Spirit flowing through your Pineal Gland and into your crown like the sunlight coming through the sunroof of your home. In front of you is the Mind Screen for your Third Eye. Settle into this area of your physical form.
Now send a root through your brain, down your spine and out your feet directly into the central core of Lady Gaia. This root will allow you to stay grounded as you assist as well as accept the assistance of Mother Earth. Now that your “launching pad” is activated, journey to your Soul Home in the fifth dimension. Feel your Divine Complement embracing you, as two merges into ONE. Together as ONE, you return your attention to me, IlliaEm.
Imagine a vortex before you.
See how the spin of vortex increases as you approach it.
Recognize your Arcturian guide as IT invites you into the vortex.
Visualize the archway to the vortex.
Raise your hands to imprint your vibrational signature upon this archway.
Feel the rush of euphoria as you make this connection.
NOW you are the vortex.
Feel how your form has become formless.
You are pure Light. Observe as you morph into an Arcturian Star being.
You are returning to the Home that you have never left.
However, you have forgotten that you are also there.
Long, long ago, in the distant past, you bi-located your great multidimensional consciousness to Gaia’s beloved sister Venus. You inter-dimensionally traveled to Venus to prepare for your mission to rescue Gaia’s planetary body Earth.
Once you had prepared your great multidimensional consciousness for the constraints of existence within a third dimensional vessel, you kept your promise to answer Gaia’s call to rescue Her from destruction. Atlantis could not be saved, but Gaia was safe. However, Her frequency was not much lower then ever intended.
Now you are returning to your Multidimensional SELF, the ONE you have always been. See your Arcturian pod before you. The other star beings in your pod are also arriving and there is a beautiful reunion. You meet again in a giant star burst of light.
Now feel your physical form that is receiving this message. Extend your consciousness to that YOU. There are many changes going on in your physical body, emotions and thoughts. It may even seem that you can’t keep up with all the new information and genetic encoding that is being activated in your earth vessel.
If you think, “I am alone on the third dimension, and I may not survive,” these changes can be frightening. You are correct. Your third dimensional self is being transmuted into a higher vibration. Therefore, all your bodily defense mechanisms are being alerted to great change, which is often perceived as danger.
Therefore, please reassure your earth vessel that these feelings are NOT dangerous. Tell your body that you are being returned to your natural state. Remind your 3D self that YOU took on an assignment in which you needed to wear a vessel made of the same elements of the planet that you were rescuing.
This vessel is much like a coat that has now become too small, and the brain of this vessel has forgotten your true SELF. Therefore, your 3D expression is having confusing thoughts, fearful feelings and unusual physical sensations. Assure your earth vessel self that YOU are on an important mission from your galactic homeworld.
Thank your earth vessel for its service to you and for its willingness to undergo such a great transformation. Tell your third dimensional thoughts and emotions that they must be still to allow the changes to take place within the physical form you are wearing.
Do not judge or condemn your self for “not doing enough” for the transition. You are in training now. When you have fully remembered your Multidimensional SELF and have incorporated this expanded SELF into the awareness of your earth vessel, you will be called upon to be of service.
For now, continue with what you are doing. You are touching people more than your give yourself credit for. Release all competition and comparison and love yourself for exactly the way you are NOW. To assist you in remembering your innate multidimensional consciousness, I NOW take your mind on a journey back to Arcturus:
Imagine that your Arcturian family is around you once again. Feel the deep sense of Unity. Is there any competition or comparison here? No, my dear, we are all ONE. We are like individual emanation from the same star.
We have all emerged from the same light, and we all live within it together as ONE. Experience the light now as it weaves each member of your pod together into a beautiful tapestry of light. Sense the pattern that is formed by your collective selves, and see how you are the whole, as well as the individual.
This Unity Consciousness is also possible on dear Earth, but many low vibrational beings also live on the Dear Lady. Sometimes you can feel them, but Gaia must always carry them on Her body. Do you realize now how Gaia needs you? Do you understand how you can assist Her by simply remembering who you are?
When you remember who you are and ground your Multidimensional SELF in Gaia’s core, you share you multidimensional consciousness with Her core. As more and more of you share your multidimensional consciousness with Gaia, you create a stairway of light leading from the heart of Gaia to the higher dimensions. With so much darkness and fear impinging on Her body, the light of your multidimensional consciousness serves to refresh, rejuvenate and heal her planetary body from the center out.
Also, as you will see, all inter-dimensional journeys must begin with a deep grounding so that you can find you way back to your third dimensional vessel. Once in the higher worlds, you may not wish to return to Earth, but your connection to Gaia’s core reminds you of the Mission you have chosen.
Also, when you travel into Earth’s core, you can merge with all the beings of light there in the same manner as you have united with the members of your pod on Arcturus. Some of the beings in Gaia’s core are human, but many are not. Since you have released the 3D illusion of separation, you can instantly join them in the unity of Multidimensional Consciousness.
Feel how this union creates a giant merkaba with the top half above Mother Earth and the bottom half embedded in Her core. See that there are many of these merkabas joined together all around the planet. Within each merkaba is a pod of like-minded multidimensional leaders who have released all competition and comparison to serve the Mother in Her hour of need.
It is for this reason that all of you have volunteered, yes volunteered, to be incarnated on Earth at this NOW. This is the cosmic opportunity for which you have prepared for millennia. ALL of you are ready NOW. Any one who can receive messages from their higher selves (or from the higher self of others) are able to actively and consciously participate in the process of planetary transformation.
There are still many beautiful light beings that choose to allow their multidimensional consciousness to slumber while they do the work in their night bodies. Some of these dear souls may even appear to be of the darkness. However, do not judge their third dimensional self, as each one has their own assignment.
Those who have chosen to display dissonance so that it can be healed are indeed brave. In their higher vibrational selves, they too are aware of their process of transformation. Send unconditional love to these beings. They have chosen a very difficult path. They have chosen to embody darkness so that it can be healed.
Remember my beloveds, there is no job too small to be of service. Embrace ALL life within your multidimensional consciousness. Feel the Unity of Purpose to the Divine Plan of planetary ascension. Be that Unity of Purpose. Know that with this knowledge comes great responsibility.
Embrace your responsibility. Remember who you are!!!!
(The next day)
I AM Illia Em, returned to complete my message,
Everyone on the third dimension has a challenge, which is the same theme for everyone. This challenge is facing FEAR! The “faces of fear” change with each person, but the lesson is the same: “Keep your consciousness above fear and in the frequency of love.”
When you remember to live within your multidimensional consciousness, I IlliaEm can constantly share your/our Oneness. Your multidimensional consciousness can be re-discovered by merging with your Mother Earth. Gaia serves as a multidimensional computer that stores every thought, emotion and action of every life form on Her planet. These “files” can be “read” by merging with Gaia.
To merge with the Mother,
Experience Her pulse as it rises up from her heart to enter your heart.
See Her Nature around you.
Listen to Her creatures, the wind through the trees and the rain on the ground.
Smell the fresh grass and feel it beneath your feet.
Feel the warm Sun and cool breeze as it caresses your face.
Hear the ocean as its waves break upon the shore.
In this manner, you commune with and become grounded in Mother Earth. Allow myriad memories to enter your multidimensional consciousness. Stay grounded in Gaia’s core while I assist your memory by surrounding you with my multidimensional consciousness.
I am with you. I am You. WE ARE ONE! Through our Oneness I can merge my multidimensional consciousness of your Multidimensional SELF so that you can consciously experience:
The cells of your first dimensional consciousness
The organs of your second dimensional consciousness
The physical body of your third dimensional consciousness
The astral body of your fourth dimensional consciousness
The Lightbody of your fifth dimensional consciousness
The Soul Fire of your sixth dimensional consciousness
The Oversoul of your seventh dimensional consciousness
The Galactics, Celestials, and Devas of eighth – tenth dimensional consciousness
The Archangels, Elohim and Ascended Masters of eleventh, twelfth and beyond dimensional consciousness
As you expand your consciousness into the higher and higher dimensions, the dimensions merge. Hence, eighth through tenth dimensions blur into ONE as does the dimensions of eleventh, twelfth and beyond. As you fully remember your multidimensional consciousness, all dimensions swim together like drops of water in a cosmic ocean.
Within this comic sea your multidimensional consciousness simultaneously experiences your myriad forms of Human, Cetacean, Galactic, Ascended Master, Angel, Archangel, Deva, Elohim, Planetary Logos, Solar Logos, Galactic Logos, and mighty Logos of Universes and Multiverses. All of these realities exist simultaneously within the NOW of the ONE.
The illusion of separation and polarity only exists in the third and fourth dimensions. Once you remember how to return to your innate fifth dimensional consciousness, all illusions shatter and you live only within the TRUTH!
The first truth that you will remember is that you are the creator of your reality. Therefore, you must take absolute responsibility for your life. Anything and anyone that is in your life is there because you have created it!
In the fifth dimension, every thought and emotion instantly creates itself in your reality. You are now learning how to be a resident of that dimension. The first thing you must learn is to be the master of every thought and emotion that you allow to linger in your consciousness.
When you experience fear, it is a natural safety mechanism to lower your consciousness back down into the fourth or third dimension where manifestation takes “longer.” Do not judge your fear. It is your friend. Fear is the brakes on your earth vessel.
Whenever you begin to go too fast and begin to feel “out of control/” you experience fear. Then the vibrational brakes go on, and your rate of progress slows or stops. Your lesson at that time is to learn to push the fear pedal slowly so that you do not slam on the brakes and go into a tailspin.
Do not be worried about the challenges ahead of you, as they are an indication that your consciousness is expanding into the higher dimensions. Therefore, you are ready to progress into a higher frequency of your service to the light.

In Love and Full Support, I AM IlliaEm.

This message came to me on 4-10-1996, but it totally applies to our life on 9-7-2014. So many of us become impatient that we have not ascended yet, but how long has dear Gaia waited for her humans to consciously participate in Her ascension?

Posted by Sue at 9:09 AM

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* * *




Greetings dear ascending ones,
We the Arcturians are here to assist you during your ascension. As we look into your aura, we see that your ego is diminishing more each day. Whereas once your ego was a dominating component of your ability to survive physical embodiment, now it is becoming a manner of functioning in a reality that is coming into completion.
Feel how your once dominant ego, with its many wounds and protective devices, has become an “old fashioned way to deal with daily life”…
Now, feel how your mind has expanded into its innate multidimensional thinking and your heart has transmuted its energy into unconditional love…
Feel how this force of unconditional love expands your consciousness beyond your third dimensional earth vessel, through your fourth dimensional aura, and into the fifth dimensional reality of your choice… Which reality do you choose to experience?
Do you wish to experience a reality of flowing, unconditional love and expanding light? Or, do you wish to experience a reality of frightening possibilities?
Can you remember that you DO have the choice?
Remembering that YOU are the creator of your reality is the means by which you can release the last remnants of your addiction to third dimensional illusion. A primary illusion of the third dimension is the illusion of polarity. The frequency of the third dimension is so slow that only the edges of an energy spectrum can be perceived. For example, your third dimensional perceptions often experience the spectrum of unconditional love as “fear” on one extreme and “conditional love” on the other.
As you know, conditional love is one of the main causes of fear because some one separate from you sets conditions under which you are “good enough” to receive their love. Trying to be good enough to receive love diminishes you to third dimensional consciousness and limits your perceptions to that of your earth vessel. Furthermore, conditional love can make you can feel as though you are a victim who can no longer find peace.
It is often true that third dimensional consciousness does not offer much peace. Fortunately, the belief in a Higher Power has offered some relief. However, this Higher Power was too often limited to a dominating and demanding force who had power-over you. Hence, this Higher Power did not provide much peace, as peace must come from within.
NOW, you have expanded your consciousness enough to perceive the fourth dimensional reality in which more of the energy in-between is perceivable around the polarized edges. From this new information, you realize that the extreme edges of any given polarity are very similar. Thus, you are realizing that conditional love and fear are very similar. When one is afraid, their love will be conditional, and when one only receives unconditional love, they are afraid.
With this realization, you become curious about what else is in-between these polarities. There must be something in-between these edges that is the Core of that polarity. Upon your deeper inspection you discover that fear and conditional love are the extreme edges of unconditional love. Unconditional love holds no fear and no conditional love. However, the edges of this spectrum become distorted in the third dimension to become fear and conditional love.
Conversely, the Core of this spectrum, unconditional love, is eternally anchored in the ONE of the fifth dimension and beyond. In fact, the Core of every Divine Quality is anchored in the ONE. However, as the frequency of these Qualities, such as unconditional love, lower into the of third/fourth dimensional frequencies of expression they become distorted by the lower resonance of the reality. This distortion of infinite Divine Qualities creates the illusion of separation between extremes.

Hence, the polarity of love/fear is actually the spectrum of:

conditional love ——–UNCONDITIONAL LOVE———-FEAR

Unconditional Love being the Core of this polarity
As we have said many times, reality has octaves of resonance, and everything on every octave resonates to that frequency. Hence, love on the fourth dimension, with the exception of the Lower Astral Plane, is not as conditional as it is in the physical plane, and fourth dimensional fear is less toxic than in the physical plane.

http://www.multidimensions.com/Unconscious/uncon_dreams_travel.html fourth dimensional Sub-planes

As you move your consciousness beyond the Lower Astral Plane, which is even a lower frequency than the third dimension, and through the fourth dimensional realities, each fourth dimensional sub-plane has less and less polarity. The polarity diminishes because the faster spin of the molecules of the higher dimensions creates less separation and more unity.
Furthermore, the state of consciousness that allows you to visit that higher reality is infused with more spirit and less matter. It is the matter of the third dimension that creates the slower frequency of rotation, which creates the illusion of separation.
In truth, everything is connected with higher frequency molecules that cannot be perceived by your third dimensional senses. When your consciousness is resonating to higher frequencies, your multidimensional perceptions come online to reveal more and more of that which is in-between the edges of every spectrum.
The fourth dimensional sub-plane of the Lower Astral Plane, which resonates to even a lower frequency than the physical plane, reveals only the lowest frequencies of unconditional love, which are extreme fear and love that is bound by dominating conditions and rules. Then, as your consciousness rises into the next fourth dimensional sub-plane, the Emotional Plane, there is less fear and love is less conditional.
In the fourth dimensional Mental Plane, you can perceive frequencies of love that are more unconditional and fear that is more manageable. The Causal Plane exposes how fear and conditional love interact and create each other, and the Spiritual Plane guides you to your I AM Presence, who awaits you at Threshold of the fifth dimension.
This Threshold is the Rainbow Bridge, which gradually collapses all polarities of third/fourth dimensional light and earth-bound consciousness into the ONE of the fifth dimension and beyond. It is within this ONE that the Core, the higher frequency source/ Divine Quality, of all polarities exists. Crossing the Rainbow Bridge allows you to collapse all polarities into the Oneness of multidimensional light and unconditional love.
Once your consciousness even briefly visits this frequency of reality and experiences the FEEL of unconditional love, you will never again experience fear or conditional love in the same way. You will remember that the Core of every extreme lies not in any external source or earth-bound leader, but within your own multidimensional consciousness, which guided your inner journey into the higher frequencies of reality.
At this point you begin to realize that you can only change your physical reality in the same manner in which you changed your self, which is by infusing it with unconditional love. Unconditional love is the Core of the polarity of conditional love and fear. It was the conditional love and fear that lowered your consciousness and separated you from your own Divine Quality of unconditional love. Therefore, it is unconditional love that will heal your wounded ego and unite you with the higher expressions of you Multidimensional SELF.
You also realize that playing the Polarity Game focuses your attention on the very conditional love and fear that you wish to release from your reality. This realization is an important moment in your ascension process, for you remember that you have the power to choose to ignore whatever lowers your consciousness. Then you can decide to direct your attention onto that which you love unconditionally. In this manner, you are able to perceive and participate in higher and higher frequencies of reality.
Once you remember that you can choose your version of reality by calibrating your consciousness to the frequency of that world, you know that the only way to change any given reality is to lower or raise its resonance. This is a fact that the lost ones discovered long ago. They discovered that if love was conditional and fear was an ever-present force, that the frequency of reality would lower to the extend that the majority of those within that reality would loose connection with the their own inner Source of unconditional love.
Those who found a way to raise their resonance to the higher frequencies of reality would disappear from the 3D Game because they were no longer limited to such a low frequency expression of life. However, many former residents of third dimensional Earth chose to return again and again so that they could assist others by grounding and integrating unconditional love into that lower expression of reality.
This grounding of unconditional love is much like putting more helium in the balloon that once rose to the ceiling and has slowly fallen to the floor. With each new infusion of helium, the balloon can rise higher towards the ceiling and maintain that position for a longer period of “time.” However, the very time that allows the balloon to stay at the ceiling longer is the very reason why the balloon will, eventually, fall to the floor.
The only solution for this dilemma is to leave time and return to the NOW of the ONE in which the Core of unconditional love infinitely exists. “But what about the ones who caused us fear with their constant conditions on love,” you may ask. Our answer is, “Do you want to stay in the lower dimensions of reality so that you can hurt those who have hurt you? Or, do you want to raise the resonance of that reality into the Core of the ONE where there is NO conditions on love and NO fear?”
What is YOUR answer to that question? Some of you may say, “NO, I just want to get out of this reality NOW.” To this response we say, “Blessings on your ascension. You can assist from the higher frequencies.” Others may say, “I DO feel complete with this experience, but I know I have a responsibility to those who cannot find their inner light, as well as to Gaia who has offered me this home.”
To this second answer we say, “We are joyous that your are experiencing Unity Consciousness. Therefore, can you allow us to Unite with YOU so that, together, we can create a chain of unconditional love from the Core of the ONE into the Core of your ascending Earth? In this manner, we can supply a constant transfusion of unconditional love into your world to assist you in raising it into the fifth dimension and beyond.”
What is YOUR answer to this question? Many of your may answer, “But what about the ones who harmed us and created great fear in our world?” To this we are saying, “We are here to assist you by containing these ones so that they can no longer contribute fear to your reality.” We use the word contain, rather than imprison or arrest, because containment is not a punishment.
Containment means that these negative energies are isolated, much as a virus is isolated in a containment field. A virus, the cause of disease, is contained so that it cannot infect another. Within isolation, a virus has no “food” upon which it can feed and no way to release its “disease” out to others or to the planet. Hence, the carriers of that disease must deal with their own darkness, as they can no longer project it out to others or the planet.
As you all know, darkness can be very contagious. You may be in a very good mood, but when you enter a room in which several others are in a bad mood your good mood is quickly challenged. However, we are not interested in punishing anyone, as we see the big picture of the 3D Game of Polarities. On the other hand, we have seen that the polarities of fear and conditional love have become very extreme at the close of this cycle.
This extreme darkness is partially because there are many outside sources that are not members of the human kingdom who have taken over key positions within your reality. Hence, the disease of fear has infected many of your trusted leaders. The “carries of this disease of fear” invaded your reality without following the “rules” of the third dimension by incarnating into your world. Therefore, since they invaded your world, we can assist you and Gaia by containing them long enough for the wounded ones to regain their equilibrium and return to their true, Multidimensional SELF.
Many humans have been so down trodden that they have lost all hope for a better future. With the dark ones contained and isolated from society, those who are basically honest and loving people have a greater chance to awaken. However, once they have regained their hope and begun their ascension they will have to take full responsibility for the life that THEY have created, just as the ascending ones have done.
Becoming fifth dimensional is step one. Step two is remaining fifth dimensional. If you are unable to take full responsibility for the reality that you have created, you will not be able to maintain Mastery over your energy. In the higher frequency realities, your every thought and emotion becomes manifest. Therefore, if you have fearful thoughts that someone “else” will harm you, you will manifest the reality in which that will happen.
But, harm against another is not possible in a higher dimensional reality that is based on unity consciousness and unconditional love. Therefore, your fearful thought will lower your consciousness out of the ONE and back into the third/fourth dimension. The best protection from this fearful thinking is to remember that YOU chose your reality before you were born into your present life. That fact will give you a greater sense that you are the creator of your destiny, which is the Truth.
With the knowledge of and connection to your true, Multidimensional SELF, you will regain the higher perspective of your myriad incarnations on Earth. Then, you will likely find that you, too, have lives in which you were lost to the darkness. Therefore, heal that version of YOU before you try to heal another. In other words, “Before you try to take the twig out of another’s eye, take the log out of your own.”
Thus, before you fear (which empowers) an external foe, find the enemy within who is projecting-out the picture of external enemies. Then, you can open heartedly give detached compassion and unconditional love to those you have perceived as your enemy.

It is through inner healing of your own wounded ego and
The unity with your higher expressions of SELF
That YOU can best contribute to
The Birth of New Earth!

We the Arcturians, are with you ALWAYS

Through Suzanne Lie,PhD
Posted 11th July 2012 by Juan Pablo
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