Equipoise: sharing:::.Conditions Affecting Dorsal Wrist Compartments – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim:::Semjase of Temmer, Pleiadian: Lock Was Broken on the Time Machine – Now Is Here

Equipoise: sharing:::.Conditions Affecting Dorsal Wrist Compartments – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim:::Semjase of Temmer, Pleiadian: Lock Was Broken on the Time Machine – Now Is Here.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

sharing:::.Conditions Affecting Dorsal Wrist Compartments – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim:::Semjase of Temmer, Pleiadian: Lock Was Broken on the Time Machine – Now Is Here

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Semjase of Temmer, Pleiadian: Lock Was Broken on the Time Machine – Now Is Here

Channeled by Maryann Rada
March 13, 2014

Do you anticipate some sort of collapse and inevitability regarding your planet’s movement into a more enlightened state of being? You are already seeing the foundations shake. Soon everything will shift into a more comfortable arrangement for your own movement into a state of transformed being. When the last domino falls, in the game of winner-take-all, when the last card is traded by mercenary hands, you will know the movement is in full swing. At that point, we will be able to communicate more directly with you as a people fully awakening en masse. At that point, you will be able to hear what we have been unable to disclose except in carefully worded literary works such as this one you are reading now.
Centuries have passed without any movement being allowed to happen unanswered by a counter-movement. You have waited for lifetimes to see the reality of change come to be. Long ago, you decided to be a new kind of human when the time came to demonstrate what that means. There needed to be a real person to show the way, and that person is you. No matter where you are, you are part of the movement that’s already happening. You are in the midst of change, and for many, that is bringing up confusion or questions. We will do our best to alleviate your anxiety as the lines of longitudinal movement shift and settle. Some already ask, and some already have found ways to arrive at a balance point within as the scenery changes around them. We are working with a great many of you on various levels of awareness, as are others who are appearing as your personal crew. There is no need to be alarmed at our presence, or at dreams or other modes of communication. New insights will flow as you open to the direct influence of the galactic nature of your own transformation. You are changing, and as you do, you will come across more and more to be in awe of, from a standpoint of your matrix-based historical perspective. The dimensions are loosening up, so to speak, and with that comes a whole lot of new information. Let in the new information that comes from truth and put to rest what comes from the chaotic realms of nonsense and deceit. If you are tuned in to your core truth in absolute fearlessness, you will not be deceived.
Have you given any thought to what you are going to do when at last you have the freedom to live as a human on a world without oppression? You are to a large extent caught up in struggles and mortifications, tension and shock. Give yourself some time to explore the loving reality that moves within you. It is your nature and your right to know the truth about galactic human life and it is even more so for you to feel and experience it. Let yourself access the future without putting any pressure to make it fit any particular biological matrix that you know. Life for galactic humans is different than life for terrestrial humans, but the love we hold for each other is of a universal kind of understanding. The planetary transformation you are in the midst of will lead you to the understanding of our world and the experience of what life is like there as your planet comes into nature within a new dimensional matrix. You will all need to recalibrate your biology within that new matrix and then you will have an experience of what “galactic human” means.
When this shift occurs is not as important as how. It will occur when the light your people emit matches the desire for evolution in the collective consciousness of the self of humanity. Knowing when will not help you achieve that realization any sooner than knowing how. How you achieve this falls squarely in the arena of your ability to be present with yourselves as you move into the home within your memory, the home of your origin, the home of your quintessence as a cosmic human. This you will find in the space between the particles of your being, the dimensional gaps within the matrix of your beingness. This is the key to breaking the lock that has held you in long realities of oppression of your substance and spirit and held you in the bonds of time.
Be perfect in the understanding that you are of cosmic nature. Be fearless in your inner explorations of that nature and in your approach of divine self-realization. You are on the path of possibility becoming reality. Mindful of your energetic mastery of thought, remember!

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Equipoise: sharing:::A good night’s sleep really DOES boost your brain: Core Strength in Yoga,:::.Semjase of Temmer, Pleiadian: When the Tough Get Going

Equipoise: sharing:::A good night’s sleep really DOES boost your brain: Core Strength in Yoga,:::.Semjase of Temmer, Pleiadian: When the Tough Get Going.

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Sunday, June 8, 2014


sharing:::A good night’s sleep really DOES boost your brain: Core Strength in Yoga,:::.Semjase of Temmer, Pleiadian: When the Tough

Get Going



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A new study has revealed that sleep after learning strengthens connections between brain cells and enhances memory. The finding adds to evidence that a lack of shut-eye causes rogue proteins to build up in the eye increasing the risk for Alzheimer's disease 
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Semjase of Temmer, Pleiadian: When the Tough Get Going
Billy Meier & Semjase
Billy Meier & Semjase

Channeled by Maryann Rada
March 8, 2014

Light is beginning to show through bigger cracks in the facade of your reality now. More and more, truth will be known. There is no stopping it. There is no denying it. We are not going to let the truth remain guarded for your answer-seeking minds, though there aspects of it that we cannot reveal because of norms of interplanetary diplomacy and your own directive to self-govern. You are about to know the movement toward self-governance but not because we come to save you. We come to help you understand who you are and to give you a collective wake-up call, but not to take control. You are more than capable of doing what you came to do without our direct involvement. We are available for support and guidance, and we are doing what we are able to behind the scenes, but we will not steal your glory from you. The mastery of your quest as a planetary population is something you can do on your own and you would not be very happy if someone else did it for you, anyway. Know that we will keep an eye on everything as we have done and the dark forces which act on the Earth will deal with the remaining time they have as overseers of the world’s affairs as criminals who know the world is coming to justice.
Remembering will add the missing element to your quest of liberation and transformation. How to remember is still a mystery but some of you are decoding with greater speed. Light will still shine on the Earth after you remember, but the shadows will not be so formidable. You are coming into the time of greater remembrance now and seeing the new picture that full memory promises. In the night you have dreams and in the light you have memory. The key to remembering is to pay attention to the divinity that reveals itself in the shadows. There is only a spark of light to give you a hint of the divine life that animates all things, and it is sometimes difficult to see. If you train your eyes to recognize the frequency of life even in death, you will come closer to remembering why you chose to incarnate on Earth at this time. If you can remember that, you will be ready for the transformation that is to come.
On the knowingness that accompanies remembrance, I will say this: You are having hints and clues of that path appearing around you in many ways to remind you about the way back to memory. When you follow those clues, you open your own vault of precious memory and begin to decipher more and more. The next phase after remembering is knowing. There is much to be said about what you will come to know, but before that, you must approach the vault of memory with fearlessness and determination. Remember what I said about determination. It is a choice to see all that you are and a choice to allow more of yourself to bring itself to your attention. Determination leads to divinity in the moment you decide to know yourself. If you can keep that in mind, it will help you discern what light is present in the shadows waiting for you to discover it. If you are able to discern that, then you will have very little trouble navigating your way through the turbulence that is in the lost days of forgetfulness being regained in the present moment’s nexus of integration.
There is a saying on your world, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” The going has been tough for so many of you for so long now, and you are collectively yearning for real change to make the going a little easier. The tough element of your zen calm has reached a point of letting go of the illusion of business as usual being the way things have to be and instead making your quest more real and more closely had in hand. You are tough to the core, dear ones, and tough to defeat. You are on a tough path, to be sure, but it is not tougher than you are. You are on your way to discovering just how tough you are as a people who live in the truth of light and the mastery of love. Remember who you came here to be. Be true to your own light and you will more easily see it in unlikely places. The tough times are on the way out and the final part of your quest is soon to begin. Be staunch in your determination to bring memory alive!

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The Being ONE : Aster: We Are Not Linear ::: ▶ Semjase of Temmer, Pleiadian: Up and Away – May 3, 2014 – sharing

The Being ONE : Aster: We Are Not Linear ::: ▶ Semjase of Temmer, Pleiadian: Up and Away – May 3, 2014 – sharing.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Aster: We Are Not Linear ::: ▶ Semjase of Temmer, Pleiadian: Up and Away – May 3, 2014 – sharing

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Aster: We Are Not Linear

Photo Credit: andreastar00.com Channeled by Andrea Scully Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hello, Aster. What have you to share with me today?
Aster: I bring the news of wonder of you for your consideration. Do you not find it disconcerting that you and I are talking, and yet you and I are One and the same?
Indeed, I do! And yet this is a conversation I feel I’ve been waiting for for all of my life almost. However it happens or whatever it takes for this connection to be restored, no matter how disconcerting or crazy it may seem, I’m all for it.
Aster: And so then, we begin. Though this is not the beginning. There are many paradoxes in this. Who I am, and who you are also isn’t exactly an ‘I’, it’s a ‘We’. At the same time, we are One. This is the sort of paradox that isn’t going to fit well into linear thinking and being.
The truth is that we are Not linear. We are not formed in a fashion that makes it possible to BE in any realistic way limited to such a ‘box’. The essence of what we are is actually formless, and yet the essence of what we are is so powerfully creative that we are creating form by our beingness.
Allow for these paradoxes to be in your awareness without trying to stuff them into a box of linear or ‘straight-line’ thinking or concepts. All such concepts are limiting and the very nature of them is unreal and untrue.
Doing this is what you’ve been trained to do, and yet, the true nature of this sort of perceiving is that it is mistaking the map for the actual terrain. Allow me to use a metaphor in order to help you to understand this analogy more fully.
Let’s say we take a map and we see that there’s a line dividing this territory from another. This is, in fact, a fantasy. We may agree to this fantasy in order to designate an approximation of placement on the actual and factual terrain, but this doesn’t make this fantasy line a reality.
Look at the shoreline of any body of water on Gaia. Can we measure how long it is?
I would think so. But I think we’d have to agree on how we would measure it.
Aster: There is no way to measure it except in fantasy. The true nature of the shoreline is that it is infinite in distance. In this same fashion, there is infinity in every measure between points, no matter where you place them. The nature of space is infinite.
Allow for me to explain, as the linear view of this won’t allow for the truth to emerge without looking deeper.
When measuring a shoreline, for instance, no one is taking a measuring device and following each nook and cranny, each ebb and flow of tide, in order to gauge its length. Instead, there is cutting of ‘corners’, there is an imaginary line drawn out on an imaginary representation called a map.
This map is good for gross and totally incorrect estimations of distance. Who can measure the trail an ant will take from one end of a beach to another? If it followed the very edge of the meeting of water and sand, this distance is far greater than the distance described by a straight line.
What if we trace the path of a bacteria or virus, the path of an electron? How far is their journey from one end of a beach to the other? This is only the beginning of the expansion in awareness that happens when the box of linear thinking is removed.
The nature of our beingness is far greater than any of these imaginings which you have been trained to think are true descriptions of the nature of reality.
Whoa. This is a lot to think about. I’m thinking that this thought pattern of ‘measurement’ and reality is a pretty good metaphor. I am aware that the map and the actual terrain aren’t the same thing, but this really goes much deeper than the obvious. It’s going to take some time to integrate this. I have a feeling it has far reaching ramifications.
Aster: It does, and we will be using this metaphor again in our discussions. For now, let’s just allow for integration of what’s been said here to have some time to soften up and dissolve some of the limitations on understanding that are at the foundation of linear thought to begin with.infinity
The real world is always a reflection of infinity. All space and spatial relations are also a direct reflection of infinity, as this is the nature of space. The truth of this is only going to be perceived in relation to the loosening of boundaries of linear thinking.
We will work on this in small ways in order to make more flexible the thoughts, and the perceptions can then be made more readily and more in relation to actual truth. This will take some time, so be patient.
Our patience is great, and it is a reflection of our great love for ourselves that we have been here always awaiting this awakening and holding the space for it to occur. Our devotion is mighty and we will never abandon our own. No need to rush or to fear we will go on without you. This is not possible and is another illusion caused by the distortion of linear thought.
We will continue this conversation again very soon. In the meantime, your dreamtime is a good time to come and integrate these important expansions without the hindrance of the mind-trap you currently mistake for reasoning power.
We love you and we attend you always. You’re beginning to remember much more now, and many layers of this are at the edge of revealing the many surprises and answers you’ve been seeking for a long, long time.
No rush, no worries, we are here for you and we are you. Farewell for now.
Thank you and farewell…


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by cosmicgaia
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▶ Semjase of Temmer, Pleiadian: Up and Away – May 3, 2014 – YouTube
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Pleiadian Contact

Channeled by Maryann Rada
May 3, 2014

An ending is in sight. You are seeing it as a transition, and that is good, but that entails an ending. You need to be ready for that. We are only able to tell you about it; it’s up to you to experience it. A way to prepare yourselves is to let go of hard-and-fast ideas about ultimate outcomes. Beginnings are more difficult than endings, but endings don’t need to be hard at all. Letting go is easy when you realize that what you are letting go of is what you created. You never lose what you create. Losing anything is making a change in your reality and that is making a change in more than the world you know and love. You also change your consciousness, and that changes you. Are you able to let go of who you know yourself to be and meet another aspect of your embodied soul? If you are, you very soon will have the pleasure of meeting your future self as the light being you want to see arrive on your planet’s stage in this final act of an age-old drama. Can there be such a meeting of timelines? As a matter of fact, you are about to find out. The world breathes a collective sigh of relief on that matter.
We of the League of Light are ready to help if the need arises. We aren’t sure that it will. Your transformation is already underway and it appears that the ones in power are self-destructing even while they maintain control of stone-cold time – or think they do. Very soon, it will be visible to all who look at them that the norm of business as usual has no more life and that they are breaking apart as the world shifts into a new phase of beingness. You are not going to be left out of the party, dear ones. There is plenty of room on the world of tomorrow for all who want to experience that. You haven’t missed anything while you’ve been dealing with your own personal issues and changes, and no one is going to be forgotten. We are still on reserve if things turn ugly, but we don’t anticipate the worst-case scenario.
Unspoken yet is news of what we are doing, but we can only say so much before our words are understood by entities who would be interested in using them to alter your timelines. Be vigilant in your thoughts, dear ones. Keep your reality on track for our meeting you sooner rather than later. The best way to keep focused energetically is to remember your way up emotionally. A happy feeling is the best way to get into a frequency where we can meet you. A sure-fire way to access the happy vibe is to OM. It opens the energy portals of your body and feeds your system a nutritious energy snack. How you OM is not as important as that you do something to elevate your frequency. OMing is a good way to do that. Once you elevate your frequency, the things unspoken can be understood directly. In this way, wordless understandings cause no ripples in your world’s resolving drama and your curiosity is satisfied for the moment. Pure understanding will also help send energies to the nodes of light that carry information to the other planets and people who are undergoing transformation at this time. Raising your vibrational frequency will voice what we cannot say. Understanding will tell you everything you want to know.
Hauling your luggage with you would be burdensome in the days of light that are coming. Pack light and leave everything you don’t need behind. You came into the world with nothing and you’ve done well since then. Same applies to the time you are approaching. You are set to inherit a new world, to embark on a new voyage of discovery, to have a new idea of what it means to be galactic humans. We are ready to begin your waking-up process on a higher level than you may have guessed but which you have hoped for. If you are ready, so are we.

* * *

Semjase of Temmer, Pleiadian: Up and Away
Posted on May 3, 2014
by cosmicgaia
in Maryann Rada, Semjase, The Pleiadians
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KRULIANs: ▶ Semjase de Pleiades – LAS NAVES PEQUEÑAS – “VICAMA” :::Sharing…

KRULIANs: ▶ Semjase de Pleiades – LAS NAVES PEQUEÑAS – “VICAMA” :::Sharing….

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lunes, 21 de abril de 2014

▶ Semjase de Pleiades – LAS NAVES PEQUEÑAS – “VICAMA” :::Sharing…

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▶ Semjase de Pléyades: Nuevas palabras de un viejo amigo, Temporal Hablando – 18 de febrero 2014 – YouTube

Semjase de Pléyades: Nuevas palabras de un viejo amigo, temporal Hablando

Semjase de Pleiades

Canalizado por Maryann Rada

18 de febrero 2014

Saludos a todos desde que está en servicio con la Liga de
luz al lado de Asket y otros que va a llegar a conocer. Yo soy
uno que ha sido durante mucho tiempo en la comunicación con muchas personas en su planeta
y cuyo papel ha sido durante mucho tiempo para que interceda en el funcionamiento de su
estructura social en cada momento de despertar un sentido más amplio de lo que la
verdad es acerca de sus orígenes y significado dentro de el contexto más amplio de un
cosmos divinamente ordenado.

Me encanta la interacción con la mente de su planeta, y me encanta su
gente, con todo mi corazón. Soy Semjase, y yo voy a ti ahora como uno
que habla al corazón de toda la humanidad en un momento de transformación
en una escala planetaria. Por favor, escuche lo que tengo que decir con gracia y
paciencia, ya sé que muchos de ustedes han estado escuchando un montón de
diferentes fuentes diciendo un montón de cosas diferentes sobre la forma en que las cosas
se están moviendo en su mundo.

Mi intención, por supuesto, es llevar un poco de claridad a los que leen mis
palabras, y para impartir el conocimiento que usted es, de hecho, parte de una
familia cósmica mayor, y una mayor inteligencia cósmica que las fuentes
de la misma esencia de la vida misma, que llamamos OM. En ese amor
que anima a todos los seres, me presento ante ustedes ahora con estas palabras.

Hace mucho tiempo, había seres viaja en el tiempo a través de un sector
de la tela del espacio, que se encontró con una tierra incipiente y se decantó
por una gran propósito en su plan para restablecer temporalmente el tejido
de la historia galáctica para sus propios fines. Estos seres eran astutos en
su acto de subversión, y pronto la historia de la Tierra se convirtió en trenzan para
servir a su plan.

No estaba en el poder de cualquiera de las civilizaciones estrella que tenían una
parte en el establecimiento de las corrientes de vida primordiales del planeta para
involucrarse directamente con estos piratas viajando en el tiempo, porque para
ello tendría efectos irreparables en sus propios timestreams, y esto
es algo que ellos guardaban sin subsidio de la desviación.

Más bien, la solución a la interferencia se resolvió que para permitir
la distorsión temporal de los viajeros y de permanecer en el
fondo como un apoyo a la eventual reajuste del planetario de
la historia con el curso original, estar atrapado en un punto posterior en
el espectro de tiempo-espacio terrestre ocupada.

Este es el punto en el que estamos ahora recogiendo la historia, ya que en
su punto de vista, este es el punto en la historia donde los timestreams
convergen y la anulación de la corriente temporal pícaro ya no permitir
que conducir algunos aspectos de su viaje.

Se están convirtiendo los cronometradores y la maestros de su propio destino,
por ahora es el momento en el que usted es capaz de decidir tomar de nuevo el
poder que había sido arrebatado a usted, para colocarlo de nuevo en sus manos
como un colectivo mismos rectores para el mayor bien común,
dejando a nadie, y que es cada vez ajusta de nuevo en marcha desde el
momento en que la corriente temporal divergente entró en escena mucho, mucho

Esto es una ligera desviación de la típica historia que usted puede oír, y
tal vez un poco, minúsculo cambio en el ángulo de enfoque en el que
normalmente están en la consideración del concepto de autogobierno y la
conciencia colectiva. No se pierde a sí mismo como una persona en
cualquiera de las opciones, y no subyugar a ti mismo en mayor común
bueno que arrasa sobre la voluntad individual en alineación con la armónica
del ser humano en su máxima floración.

Usted no toma un paso hacia atrás moviendo en el futuro que es
delante de ti como una potencialidad, aunque puede haber en la parte posterior de su
mente una idea de perder la brillantez de la individualidad que se
han nutrido toda tu vida, y ya. Nada se pierde en la
transición de una corriente temporal de gobierno a otro, que no sea el
peso de la opresión lo que obligó a doblar su voluntad y su creatividad
para adaptarse a los objetivos y deseos de los demás. Vale la pena perder un tal
carga, ¿estás de acuerdo?

No es decir un país libre para todos sobreviene en el que los débiles o inconscientes
se hacen para mirar a otros a crear un mundo que puede o no puede ser a su
gusto. Pero es que decir que es libre para todos a participar ya
mover la dinámica de la creación dentro de la conciencia de grupo que surge
a partir de las individualidades sanos, enteros, fracturadas en bendita armonía sobre
un cuerpo planetario conscientes de su estado de ser y de apoyo de la vida .

Si esto es lo que se quiere decir con la conciencia colectiva, ¿no es un
grado más dinámico de lo que muchos de ustedes han considerado tal cosa ser?
No se meta en el cuento de hadas de los cuentos de ciencia ficción cuando se
considera la realidad de lo que se enfrenta ahora, por todo eso palidece en
comparación con el mundo real dentro de la sociedad galáctica que está
llegando con más insistencia por el día. Se tiraba de su
conciencia ahora, nos hemos dado cuenta, a pesar de los altibajos que han
vienen arrastrando su cuerpo emocional, más o menos a través del rodillo
montaña del movimiento de integración global.

Si experimenta tristeza, la ira, la frustración, la duda, la desesperanza,
o cualquier otro extremo de sentimientos oscuros, sabe que la experiencia es
temporal y que se están moviendo a través de él con el mundo a cuestas. Tú eres
más fuerte de lo que piensas, y para enfrentar el abismo como un ser
en el servicio a la mayor acuerdo de la evolución de la humanidad, lo hace un gran
servicio a un planeta en el dolor que entra en el reconocimiento de sus propias heridas
y sus propias fortalezas para superarlos .

Totalidad es alcanzable, para usted y para el mayor organismo humano
de los que es parte. Como que se concreta, sé amable con ustedes mismos
y paciente y solidarias entre sí. Deje que su alegría se convierten en la
frecuencia de la línea de base, mientras que el movimiento hacia la totalidad pasa.

Deja que la paz que viene de liberación que tiene en mayor amor, y
el amor que viene de auto-perdón y la curación de las de antaño
recuerdos te llevará a una mayor alineación con entre sí. Este es nuestro
deseo para ti, que el proceso de todo el devenir es tan pacífico y lleno de gracia-como puede ser, para todos y para todos.

Esto es Semjase de la Liga de la Luz, en el servicio a la planetaria
conciencia y del ser de todos humanidad, que le habla a través de la
buena voluntad de alguien que ha oído mi voz como amigo muchas veces en muchas
vidas. Confía en estas palabras como usted ha confiado en que otros ponen en la
luz de su visión de aquellos en el servicio a la misma tripulación amorosa, y
sabed que yo estoy con vosotros todos, como amiga y hermana. En la paz, estar bien,
y saben que los cambios que ha anhelado están realmente en movimiento a través de
la matriz hacia un nuevo mundo


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Semjase de Pleiades.

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Los Arcturianos pueden salir de la Nave Madre en vehículos más pequeños que llaman “vicama” para poder llegar a los puntos de energía de la Tierra con el propósito de reactivarlos.

Estas aberturas hacia los campos de energía de la Tierra, en su mayoría, han estado inactivas durante siglos. 
Utilizan el vicama para ablandar las líneas electromagnéticas de energía que fluyen desde estos puntos de presión , y para reenfocar las corrientes si es necesario. Algunas veces las corrientes de energía se encuentran desalineadas debido a los esfuerzos científicos que los humanos realizan en el planeta. Un ejemplo podrían ser las estaciones de energía nuclear. Algunas de ellas emiten corrientes de energía tan fuertes que se mezclan con las fuerzas de energía de alineación naturales del planeta. Cuando esto sucede, las fuerzas electromagnéticas alrededor de la Tierra se ponen en peligro de ser desequilibradas, ya que se vuelven inestables. Entonces los Arcturianos viajan en el vicama a las estaciones y reprograman las computadoras o las fuentes de poder en esa planta que produce las corrientes desalineadas.

Estas naves pequeñas también se utilizan como los medios de comunicación más importantes entre la Nave y los destinos a los que se envían. También han transportado algunos seres humanos. 
El propósto principal de ellas es la recolección y trasmisión de datos e información.

Los Arcturianos se encuentran en el planeta Tierra en una misión de paz, están aquí para cumplir con el plan y la voluntad de Dios. Lo han hecho desde antes del comienzo de la vida en nuestro planeta.

Han venido porque se les ha pedido ayudarlo en su proceso de nacimiento a una nueva Era.
Su entrega a la misión ha sido tan plena gracias a que su corazón recibe la energía y el amor del Padre, la aloja en su Ser y así la trasmite a los humanos. Irradian su Luz en todas sus acciones sabiendo que quienes abran el corazón y lo reciban, no solamente comprenderán, sino que también sentirán lo que es vivir y actuar desde la voluntad divina.

Se caracterizan por ser Seres con una gran capacidad de amor, con una enorme paciencia para entregar sus enseñanzas, pero sobre todo, por ser grandes trasmisores de la Verdad del Padre, cumpliéndola con el gozo enorme de saberse embajadores de la Luz Divina, y al mismo tiempo, mostrando un gran respeto por la individualidad de los seres humanos.

( La imagen de esta entrada es sólo ilustrativa. En mi experiencia personal, el vicama es muy luminoso con un halo de color azul y de forma lenticular)

Publicado 12th July 2011 por Shanti


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