Sharing.:::.▶ The Lucifer Rebellion – Planetary Rebellion (Earth) – ▶ Urantia Book – Paper 110 – JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP – part XII- MYTRE AND KEPIER 4 | URANTHEA2094

Sharing.:::.▶ The Lucifer Rebellion – Planetary Rebellion (Earth) – ▶ Urantia Book – Paper 110 – JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP – part XII- MYTRE AND KEPIER 4 | URANTHEA2094.

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Sharing.:::.▶ The Lucifer Rebellion – Planetary Rebellion (Earth) – ▶ Urantia Book – Paper 110 – JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP – part XII- MYTRE AND KEPIER 4

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Continuation of the Meeting of the Galactic Federation

The Galactics decided that they could no longer hold back from the needs of the brave
for the sake of those who were still afraid.


Kepier and I were so intently paying attention to every word that was said that we did not notice that the rows of seats behind us were silently being filled. It was not until my Arcturian Friend went to the podium and said, “Welcome Beings from Earth,” that we turned to see how much the room had filled.

There were not just humans in this group. There were also beings who appeared to be whale and dolphin beings, fourth dimensional Elemental Beings and majestic Devic Beings who supervised the Elementals. All the difference races, and even timelines were included.

There was an ancient Mayan Leader next to a leader from the 21 Century. There were Lemurians sitting next to Atlantians and representatives of the animal kingdom in bi-pedal forms of their usual four-legged appearance. There were world leaders, scientists, religious leaders, and citizens from every culture and area of Earth.

Since this room was multidimensional like the rest of the ship, it expanded in size, as more room was needed for the incoming guests. It appeared that the humans were only ushered in after the opening meditations were complete. Likely because of the humans, the Arcturian spoke in sequential human language when it introduced the members of the Federation. When the Arcturian presented a regal looking Draconian who stood up to reveal well over 10 feet of height, the humans fell into a hushed silence.

“Dear humans of Earth, we gather here today to release old conflicts that have arisen from the separation consciousness that has invaded your planet. Within this separation consciousness, your society devolved into the polarities of “Power-Over Others” and “Power-Within SELF.” The Power-Over model creates a reality based on victim and victimizer, conqueror and conquered. On the other hand, the Power-Within mode creates a reality of unconditional love and Unity Consciousness.

“We have much to tell you about the nature of humanity and how it is interrelated with us, the Galactic Federation of your the Milky Way Galaxy. Your planet Earth has asked to become a member of our Galactic Community. Gaia, the Soul of Earth, has served many fledgling species from many planets and solar systems in our Milky Way Galaxy.

“Now Earth is ready to ascend into Her fifth dimensional expression. She wishes to take Her inhabitants with Her, and all is ready except for some of humanity. Your present day human is a genetic mix of all the members of the Galactic Federation whom you see seated before you. This genetic mix includes the DNA of those you have considered your enemy, namely the Zetas and the Draconians.

“In this meeting we will speak about your long relationship with the many different species of the Draconian Race. For millions of years many members of your world have battled for the right to have either Power-Over Others OR Power-Within SELF. These two battles raged for millennia. However, once a being found their Power-Within, they were no longer interested in gaining Power-Over Others.

“Power-Over Others stems from a powerless, loveless childhood where survival was constantly a challenge as some one or some thing was a constant threat of suffering, injury or inhalation. The Draconian Society, which is a Reptilian world was, and is, based on the challenge of the strong surviving and the weak dying. There was a constant culling of their society so that only the very strong would live to adulthood.

“They were hatched from an egg that is external to their mother’s womb and left in the sand to hatch. The first ones to hatch fed on the later ones that hatched. Hence, they became strong enough to dominate others. As soon as they had enough strength from feeding on their siblings, they left the danger of their hatching area. Then they sought a safer place to hide and feed until they were big enough to survive outside of their hiding place.

“Because of this beginning they cared only for themselves and lived their lives in domination of others with no sympathy or concern for the weak. Some of Dracs prospered and continued living via the means of dominating others. However, something very usual began to happen as they spent more time on Earth. There were also resourceful ones, who were usually the last eggs to hatch. The stronger ones had left, and the animals that fed on the eggs had had their fill.

“These last ones to hatch were born to a scene of carnage and destruction. Some were so weakened by this vision that they died. However, others were filled with a kind of compassion for their dead hatch mates. The eggs of this group of Dracs had remained buried in the earth longer and had more time to mature within the shell. In other words, they were the first ones laid and the last ones hatched. They had more time inside the egg and inside the earth to mature. Hence, they had less fear when they hatched, as they were stronger when they left their shell.

“These Draconians eventually banded together and established a secret society in which they could explore their great scientific, metaphysical mind and sense of humor. When this sub-species of Draconians took to the skies in their Starships, they did not do so with the intention of conquering, but with the intention of learning. However, because of their looks they created fear wherever they went.

“Their plight caught the attention of us, the Arcturians. We could easily see into the thoughts and feelings of these Dracs and knew that they were the key to curing fear and conquest in this Galaxy. The Galactic War had raged on and off for many millennia with the Power-Over Dracs seeking conquest of all they explored. On the other hand, we Arcturians had been mentoring the Gentle Dracs and providing them with a safe environment in which they could come into their full Power-Within.

“Because these Dracs looked like the conquering Dracs, they could infiltrate the warrior ranks to send us information and assist us to end the Galactic War. They were not happy spying on their own kind, but they did not like to see this devolution of the great intelligence and wisdom of their species.

“Eventually, these Draconians ascended. They have returned to their multidimensional nature and serve within the Galactic Federation. However, they must constantly face the pressure of prejudice because of the violence of their species. We tell you this story now because they are the key to reaching the many humans who are still influenced and/or ruled by the instinct of their own Draconian DNA located in their lowest ‘lizard brain.’

“These humans live in terror of survival. Hence, they give themselves permission to harm others for the sake of their own safety. Some of these Drac/Humans are the victims of more dominant Drac/Humans. They have become subservient because they have not sufficiently connected with their higher cortical functions which can create a solution to their problems. Furthermore, they have become entrenched in the third dimensional illusions and dogma that have been disseminated to control the masses.

“This segment of the population of Earth is not ready for ascension, as they have been unable to move beyond the basic instincts of survival of their own self. The ascended Draconians, who have become members of our Galactic Federation, have learned to care for others in the same manner they care for themselves. In other words, they have learned to embrace love. All humans who can embrace love can accept ascension.

“Unfortunately, some humans have been so trapped in fear that they cannot recognize love, much less embrace it. When fear becomes the master, the source of power becomes external rather than internal. When the source of power is external, humans listen to those who wish to dominate. These humans cannot love themselves enough to allow their Higher Expressions of SELF to speak into their Heart/Mind.

“The ascended Dracs can work within the ranks of the remaining Power-Over Others group, as well as within their enslaved population. Since these Dracs have ascended, they can create any form that is necessary to infiltrate the remaining segments of Earth’s conquer-or-be-conquered societies. These conquerors and the conquered have been locked in mortal combat for millennia and have traded places in many incarnations.

“Once they have been the conqueror, they must take on a lifetime as the conquered to experience the return of their energy field. If the conquered are unable to find power within, they become fearful again. If they die in fear, they return to the loop of conquered or conqueror. In other words, they must find their Power-Within while they are incarnated in an earth body. This is where the ascended Dracs can be a powerful influence on Gaia’s humans who are trapped in the old story of survival.

“As you know, just as many of you are direct descendants of the Pleiadians, Sirians and/or Arcturians, many of the dark ones who remain in power are direct descendants of the Draconians. Many of Draconian descendants are ready to seek the light, but they do not know how. Who can better assist them than fellow Draconians who have found their Power-Within? Furthermore, who can better heal the victims of the Draconian Rule than the Dracs themselves?

“No one knows that these Dracs are different from the ones who have dominated them. Hence they think that since the victimizers can change, then they the victims, can change too. Also, if the ascended Dracs can convince their human counterparts controlling the media to tell the truth, the masses will have an opportunity for education. Many people have been indoctrinated to believe that the mainstream news is the truth and do not want to confront the fact that it is mostly propaganda.

“There are many Dracs in human disguise, just as there are many Pleiadians, Sirians, and Arcturians wearing a human form. However, we wish all humans to be free to reveal their ancestry as a spark of their Multidimensional SELF with whom they have merged. The Draconians were once mighty beings before they descended into the third dimension and got the scent of conquest that devolved them to their animal nature.

“Dear members of Gaia’s Earth, before we close our message, we ask that you FEEL our presence within your earth vessel. Feel our presence move deeply into your Heart/Mind. Can you notice how our information feels a bit different when it is centered within this hub of communication?

“Sense how our connection with you is flowing up from your Heart/Mind and into your Brain/Mind to activate your Third Eye. Now, allow your Third Eye to perceive us within yourself as the unconditional love of pure Unity Consciousness. As the Dracs clear the way by assisting the victims and victimizers, we your Galactic Counterparts will be able to appear to you in this manner, which is more vivid than you have ever experienced.

“Of course, we could have always communed with you in this manner, but it would have put our ascending ones into an energy pattern that would have made it too difficult to remain within your earth vessel. Your physical form is your deepest connection to Gaia, and thus, to the process of Planetary Ascension.

“The calibration of the ascending ones with the body of Gaia is vital in order to create the entity of New Earth. Of course, all possible realities are already created within your fifth dimensional NOW. However you need to open a portal, a corridor, into that reality which already exists. This Corridor is best created with your consciousness, as your consciousness is the component of your earth vessel that can best transmute your reality as you move through your ascension process.

“What we mean by that comment is that only your Multidimensional Consciousness has the ability to create a higher frequency of reality as it simultaneously pulls your form into that higher reality. Furthermore, you will not be alone during your journey for you have the great mass of Gaia’s body and the Unity Consciousness of the other ascending humans.

“You, the Portal Openers, are creating passageways from your physical reality into our Arcturian Corridor. All of you are fully dedicated to your Mission of Personal and Planetary Ascension. Hence, you are able to release your physical form to “die” to your physical world and instantly be “reborn” on the already existing New Earth.

“Those that shed their earth vessel in this manner will go ahead to prepare New Earth for further inhabitants. Some of you will move into the higher planes because your Mission has been completed. These members of our ascension team took forms to serve as “booster rockets” to open the first Portals. When they will have completed their Mission they will move into whichever reality fulfills their Heart/Mind.

“On the other hand, there are those of you who have come to deeply love your Mother Gaia. You have volunteered to stay with Her throughout the entire Planetary Ascension, as well as during the process in which New Earth is created. However, simultaneously to your creation of New Earth, New Earth has always existed. Just as you have forgotten and lost contact with your Multidimensional SELF, so has Gaia.

“In the same manner that your human form has myriad expressions of your Multidimensional SELF, Gaia has uncountable expressions of Her Planetary SELF. Hence, as you connect to your Higher Expressions of SELF, you assist Gaia to connect to Her higher Planetary Expression. Furthermore, as you assist Gaia, Gaia is assisting you. As you are re-connecting your individuated consciousness with your multidimensional of Galactics, Celestials, Ascended Masters and Elohim, Gaia is connecting Herself with Her myriad expressions of her Star, Solar System, Galaxy and Universe.

“You are not creating these higher personal and planetary expressions, as they infinitely exist within the NOW of the ONE. You are re-connecting your consciousness within the great vastness of your pure multidimensional nature. As you know, every birth must be preceded by a death, such as the death of the amniotic sac, which preceded your first breath outside of the womb.

“The death that you must accept is the loss of whatever unfulfilled needs you believe you must fulfill before you can focus on your ascension. Your personal unfulfilled needs are extremely minute in comparison to the Universal Shift into higher expressions of Being. Also, these unfulfilled needs distract you from your Mission of being your Multidimensional SELF and tie you to a reality that is ending. Hence, you are denying yourself entrance into a reality that is beginning.

“Of course, you can create these needs when you move into the higher realms. However, your choice to attend to your wounded ego rather than to transmuting your planet will lower your resonance to a frequency that cannot perceive the portals into New Earth. In order to release these old “needs,” you will have to realize that YOU are VERY important! As we have just stated, there are many who are still unable to participate in Planetary Ascension in any manner.

“Worse yet, there are still those humans on your planet who are working against Planetary Ascension. These lost ones have become lost in their small minds and smaller hearts. Hence, they can only think that the desire to control a reality that is of a very low resonance is more important than returning to a reality based on unconditional love. These lost ones are totally unaware that in order to hold on to their sense of control and power over others; they are denying their ability to experience unconditional love, bliss and joy.

“In the same manner, those who limit their powerful Heart/Mind to the desires for third dimensional possession, fame and wealth are restricting their reality to a mere spec of the very SELF who can instantly fulfill their every need within a flash of the NOW. The multidimensional power of your higher expressions of SELF can easily replicate that which you have bound to your consciousness with your unconditional love.

“However, all that resonates to a frequency below that of unconditional love is best released so that you can set free your attachments to your physical reality. Once you are free of the illusions of the third/fourth dimensional world, you can attach your consciousness to the ongoing process of Planetary Ascension. In other words, we ask that the needs of your personal self take the back seat to the needs of your Planetary SELF.

“Your Planetary SELF lives in Unity Consciousness with all those who have chosen this commitment and who are focusing their attention on the unconditional love and joy of creating New Earth. We, the members of the Galactic Federation salute you for your great courage and sacrifice. We are infinitely with you whether you are in the most mundane physical task or visiting us here on the Mothership.”

Blessings to each and every ONE of you,

The Arcturians and the members of the Galactic Federation

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD

Posted 19th November 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
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sharing.::Speed Art::. – ▶ GoPro Studio 2.0 For Beginners – How To Use GoPro Studio 2.0 – TRIP TO THE MOTHERSHIP PART XII | photos

sharing.::Speed Art::. – ▶ GoPro Studio 2.0 For Beginners – How To Use GoPro Studio 2.0 – TRIP TO THE MOTHERSHIP PART XII | photos.

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sharing.::Speed Art::. – ▶ GoPro Studio 2.0 For Beginners – How To Use GoPro Studio 2.0 – TRIP TO THE MOTHERSHIP PART XII

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6D Viewing Screen


As we were pulled into the 6D Viewing Screen, our bodies merged into one being. We could also feel other versions of our SELF who were gathered around us in a state of pure consciousness. As one being, we wondered how many versions of consciousness were within our Multidimensional SELF.

The answer to our question came in a flash of sixth dimensional light. We, Kepier and I, saw our Multidimensional SELF before us with more Expressions of Being that we could count. I say “Beings,” as all of our expressions of SELF were not humanoid. However, before I could interact with any of our versions of SELF, the picture quickly changed.

Now we were within a Void of nothingness that felt much like a womb. This Void was quite pleasant and felt very safe. Gradually, the Void began to take on the vague form of a Portal, or a Corridor. Instantly, the Arcturian story of ascension returned to my mind, and I thought of the Arcturian Corridor.

I remembered that this Corridor, which appeared to be external, was actually within the High Heart. Unfortunately, I had not given much consideration to anything spiritual lately. I had been so involved in learning how to adapt to my new multidimensional world, that thoughts of my High Heart were forgotten.

In fact, since leaving Mytria and Alycia, I had closed my heart and lived primarily in my mind. I had learned mastery of my mind far beyond what I had ever thought was possible. However, love had been pushed from my reality as something that I have given up.

No wonder, Mytria and Alycia had become so involved with their own lives. I had cut off my emotions so that I would not be overcome by my longing and grief. However that action hurt the ones who had loved me, much more than I was willing to admit.

As I pondered these thoughts, I felt the presence of Kepier within me trying to give me comfort and compassion. I also felt how I was trying to push her comfort away. Therefore I decided to stop pushing away that which felt like love, and to embrace it with my long forgotten High Heart.

Within that exact moment I felt and observed how the vague form of a portal encompassed the joint consciousness of Kepier and me. Instantly, we were within a huge Corridor that appeared to be infinite. To our surprise, we began to return to our individual forms, but our bodies were translucent and transparent. In fact our bodies were of comprised of light.

We smiled at each other, which was not the usual physical smile, but a smile that was an emotional experience. In fact my emotions had returned and were completely overwhelming. Fortunately, the experience of being in a warm womb allowed me the safety to feel and release the emotions that I had pent up for longer than I could recall.

I could see that Kepier was having the same experience, except that her emotions appeared to be quite blissful. On the other hand, my emotions felt like sorrow. Interestingly enough, as I released the sorrow I began to feel the bliss, as well. This sensation of bliss was stronger than my former body could hold. However, my Lightbody could fully embrace the bliss and absorb it into its essence.

As the bliss absorbed into my Lightbody, I began to remember. It is too difficult to put into words what I remembered, as I did not remember it in words. Instead, my consciousness began to open files in my Heart/Mind, which were of a language that was not based on thoughts, but based on love.

This new language was multidimensional in that I could collect and understand myriad levels of information that were intertwined into a light network of data. Somehow I had opened my Heart/Mind, which was a heart-centered plexus that gathered multidimensional thoughts and emotions and interconnected them into a tapestry of Knowing.

This Knowing did not need to be expressed, or even understood. It simply was. Just as I never needed to understand or modulate the beating of my heart, I did not need to interact with my Heart/Mind in a purposeful manner. It simply was there and filled with ALL that I could every wish to know, feel, use and/or share.

I looked to Kepier’s Lightbody and understood that she was undergoing the same transformation. In fact, as I looked around me, I could see that there were many Lightbodies in the Corridor who all had a similar expression of knowing, bliss and full enlightenment. So, is this what happens within the Arcturian Corridor?

My unasked question was answered by the instant appearance of the Arcturian. The smile I felt emanating from it was all the answer I needed. The Arcturian looked at both Kepier and myself and telepathically said, “We are happy that you have both been able to open your Heart/Mind. You will need it for what you are being called to do. Please, we must leave here now, as you are needed in our meeting.”

In a flash, we were in the Main Meeting Room where the Galactic Federation had their meetings. Was I about to be allowed the immense honor of observing one of these meetings? Again, the Arcturian telepathically answered my unasked question.

“You will not just be observing the meeting. You, meaning yourself and Kepier, will be taking part it in.”

The Arcturian directed us to chairs directly in front of the semi-circular Meeting Table. We were in the first row. Kepier and I looked at each other with nervous and simultaneously calm expressions.

We both felt our Heart/Mind fully operational, which calmed our thoughts and filled them with love. Together, we watched in awe as the most powerful Galactic Leaders of the Federation entered the room and took their seats.

First there were the usual rituals and meditations that initiated these meetings so that everyone in the room could calibrate their consciousness to the same frequency. In this manner, both spoken and unspoken messages could be relayed within the NOW of our connection to the ONE.

I found that for the first time I was able to follow these multidimensional conversations through my newly opened Heart/Mind. I was now understanding why the Arcturian always told me to listen with my heart, which is what I was doing while the members of the Galactic Federation each spoke.

I heard what each member said, at the same time that I heard the mental and emotional reactions and interactions of the other members. If we had not been calibrated to the same mental frequency, I would not have been able to receive these multiple messages within the NOW.

I will attempt to put what was said into linear words so that our friends on Earth can understand what was discussed. First, however, I would like to address the reason why so many of you cannot remember what you experience on the Ship during your nightly visits.

First off, there are certain security issues that must be protected. We know that your governments and secret societies have many of our human representatives under surveillance and have retro-engineered some of our Mental Communication Devices. We use these devices so that we can communicate with new species or groups when mental calibration is not feasible.

However, the dark ones of your physical world have used these devises to “read the minds” of some of our grounded ones. They do so without the permission or the knowledge of the one whom they are reading. Therefore, it is best that many of our visitors do no remember their time on the Ship, especially if they are attending certain meetings.

Do not be concerned though, as these tactics of the dark ones are greatly diminished and will soon be completely eradicated. Every day, more dark ones are either returning to the light or being taken to another frequency or timeline of reality. As your timeline progresses, those who wish to thwart the process of Planetary Ascension will not be allowed to stay on Earth.

Now, to return to my story, Kepier and I sat in rapt attention taking in everything that was said. Some of this information was classified, but the overall message was one of immanent change on the ascending planet of Earth. The Galactics have over lit that planet for the last 12,000 years since its near demise, which was caused because the darkness had become stronger than the light.

The pre-ordained time of Planetary Ascension was near and many alterations needed to be made within the consciousness of the masses of that planet. This consciousness shift was vital so that the Beings of Earth could calibrate their consciousness with the ascending frequency of their Planet.

Fortunately there were Beings, not all of whom were human, who had been assisting the Planetary Soul, Gaia, to expand and maintain a higher frequency of manifestation. Once this higher frequency of manifestation was stabilized, Earth would move out of being a Planetary Society and into being a Galactic Society.

Personal contact had already been made with many of the Earth Beings. This contact was quite simple with the Cetacean Beings, but much more complicated with the Human Beings. The Humans who had calibrated their consciousness and, hence their attention and perceptions, to the higher frequencies were more than ready for Earth to become a Galactic Civilization.

However there were still many who feared change because they enjoyed the power-over others they had attained and did not want that to change. It was this spilt in the realities of the populace that was the primary concern of the Galactic Federation.

The Federation was totally prepared to begin their landings. However, they were concerned that the dark ones of Earth who still maintained a high degree of power, would harm those who were ready to ascend their consciousness into the frequency in which they could perceive our landings.

Of course the dark ones were unable to calibrate their consciousness to a higher frequency because of their need to dominate others. Therefore polarities, and the resulting separation, still existed among Gaia’s human residents. This polarity/separation was hindering Gaia’s ability to fully expand her resonance into the fifth dimensional frequency of reality.

Furthermore there were many humans who were still fully asleep or undecided; hence, their ability to embrace the concepts that were necessary to expand their consciousness into the fifth dimension was greatly limited. Because of the humans who remained in a limited state of consciousness, the landings of the Galactics could create more harm than good.

This meeting was called to determine the best course of action. Gaia, the Planetary Being, was already in the process of ascension and would soon need to shed those who could not follow Her acceleration of frequency. These dark and undecided ones where creating a “drag” on her escalation of matter.

The fourth dimensional Elementals were working diligently to transmute planetary matter, as well as the matter of willing humans. However, humans still had free will. Hence, without their permission, the Elementals could not assist those who refused change.

Fortunately, certain changes had been taking place within the governments of the planet that could facilitate the process of Planetary Ascension. Also, many of the dark ones had been contained. Consequently, the humans who could not change were the primary population of concern.

If the Galactics were to reveal their presence to this population, they would likely cause great fear. Then this frequency of fear would greatly hinder Gaia’s ascension process. They had to find a way to reveal themselves to those who were ready without frightening those who were unable to accept a new reality.

They had been increasingly revealing their Ships, which gave hope to the ones that were ready. However, those who were not ready were stubbornly finding excuses for these “fantasy aberrations.” Also, many of them simple refused to participate in any information or visual experience that was different from what they already knew.

It was time for the landings to begin. They had been revealing themselves, and even meeting with more and more humans who were ready. However, now it was important to step up the landing process. Those who had awakened needed to be considered. They had been calling for the Landings and had bravely spoken up about their experiences to a society that largely scorned them.

The Galactics decided that they could no longer hold back the needs of the brave leaders for the sake of those who were still afraid.

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD

Posted 17th November 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
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Sharing.:::. ▶ Butt & Legs Workout -JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP- Part XII- MYTRE MEETS KEPIER 1 | Equipoise

Sharing.:::. ▶ Butt & Legs Workout -JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP- Part XII- MYTRE MEETS KEPIER 1 | Equipoise.

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Sharing.:::. ▶ Butt & Legs Workout -JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP- Part XII- MYTRE MEETS KEPIER 1

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Trip to the Mothership Part XII

Mytre Meets Kepier 1

Where we left off:

I followed the Arcturian to the main Entry Area and saw a lovely Being of unknown gender and planetary origin. The Arcturian responded to my unspoken question by telepathically saying, “She/It is a hybrid of Human and Arcturian whose name is Kepier.”


As soon as my eyes met Kepier’s I felt as though we knew each other in a very deep way. However, as I quickly searched my memory, I found no memory to match my feelings. I decided to let my first impressions go, as I was concerned I was not giving her enough of my attention. I say “her” as Kepier seemed to be more her than him or it, as I referred to the Arcturian.

Kepier looked at me with a similar look of recognition, but also said nothing. The Arcturian introduced us, and then quickly left to attend to other business. After a moment of discomfort, I finally admitted to Kepier that she seemed to be very familiar and asked if we had ever met. She smiled in a knowing way and said, “Not recently.”

Kepier changed the subject before I could question her response and said that she was quite anxious to see the Ship. As I led the way to the Main Corridor, she told me about her service on the Arcturian Starship Athena. When I took her to the Visitors Section she said, “I think the Arcturian wanted me to have a Multidimensional Tour of the Ship.”

I was surprised that Kepier knew about the multidimensional component of the Mothership. I was also honored that the Arcturian had chosen me to be the Guide for this obviously well informed visitor.

“I am not just a visitor. I will be serving here,” I heard in my heart. When I looked at her with a questioning expression on my face she smiled. “Yes, we are telepathically linked,” she said with her voice.

I could see that this guided tour would be much more than I expected. I have to admit that I did not respond to her comment about our telepathic link, as I needed a few moments to pull my thoughts together.

Finally, I said, in a too formal voice, “Would you prefer to speak with voice or telepathy. I know it would be beneficial for me to practice my telepathic communication. I have only communicated in that manner with my Arcturian friend.”

“Yes, the Arcturians are grand friends, aren’t they,” she spoke telepathically, “I would enjoy the practice of telepathic communication myself. I am a counselor on the Starship Athena and find telepathy quite useful.

Actually, I was a counselor. I am not sure yet what my duties will be here. However, I believe that we, that is you and I, are meant to be part of the Landing Party to assist a planet on the verge of Ascension.”

With such joy that I forgot the telepathy I said, “Oh, do you mean my planet in the Pleiades System?”

“Oh, no,” Kepier also spoke with her voice, “that occurred long, long ago.”

“I don’t understand. Allow me to take you to one of my favorite places on the Ship where we can talk. It appears that you are to be my Guide, as well.”

Of course, I took her to my special holosuite and set it for my Nature Program. We sat down on small wooden chairs next to the waterfall and looked out over the nearby cliff. Before us was the landscape of a world that I had never seen, but that had been haunting my imagination.

As soon as we sat down, Kepier said with a reverence in her voice, “Oh my, this is Earth.”

“Earth!” I said, “Where is that? Also, when is that? It appears that you and I have been living on different time streams. It also appears that I am to adjust to your time stream.”

“Yes,” Kepier responded. “The many streams of time can be quite confusing. However, I am noticing that all of the time lines seem to merge here in the Mothership. Is that because it is fifth dimensional?”

“I think it is the total multidimensional quality of this Ship that creates the convergence of ALL timelines. The Arcturian told me about this time convergence, but I did not put it together with my life until just now. Of course, the Arcturian would, once again, offer me a lesson in the form of an experience,” I answered.

“But, before we continue Kepier, could you tell me about the ascension of my home world?”

“Yes Mytre, it ascended long ago. In fact, you were there with Mytria and your lovely daughter. The ascension of your planet was known around the Galaxy. You have not yet opened that file in your multidimensional consciousness as it would interrupt your current flow of reality.”

“But, I have been haunted with guilt that I did not help my people. How could I forget that?”

“You did not forget it. It has not happened yet within your Knowing. Even though the ascension of your Pleiadian reality occurred long before the ascension of Earth, you were brought here to assist with the ascension of Earth because of what you leaned on your home world.”

“How can I use what I learned on my Homeworld when I don’t remember it?”

“Because for you, you must complete this Mission in order to remember how to ascend your own world.” Kepier continued in response to my look of puzzlement, “Yes, I too have difficulty understanding the nature of timeless time.”

“However, it is much easier to see the matrix of timelines within another than it is to see it within yourself. I think that is part of the reason why we have been put together. That and because we are both part of the Landing Party.”

I had no response to her second mention of being on a Landing Party. First, I had to digest the information about the ascension of my home world. Also, the mention of Mytria and Alycia sent me into a wave of reverie. I had not realized how much I had pushed my longing for my beloved family away from my heart.

As we each became involved in our own lives, my nightly astral meetings with Alycia had become less and less. Also, I had not contacted Mytria since she entered the Core of the Mother. Realizing that I was on a totally different time stream than my beloved ones made me miss them even more.

On the other hand, was another version of my self also with them in that timeline? That thought brought me such comfort that I did not want to explore it further in case it was incorrect. Therefore, I allowed the concept of our living together to settle into my High Heart.

The Arcturian had told me that anything that we stored in our High Hearts would be infinitely accessible to our multidimensional consciousness. Therefore, I relaxed into my small wooden chair and felt the time stream of our togetherness take root in my High Heart. As I did so, I felt a warm presence in my heart where they had once been longing and regret.

As the setting of the Sun shot rays of red/gold light into my being, this healing slowly spread through my body. Simultaneously, I felt a peace and calm move into Kepier, which seemed to be healing some wound of which I was unaware.

With a feeling of deep camaraderie, we simultaneously took deep breaths and focused on the simple pleasure of watching a sunset. As our environment grew darker, we relaxed more and more into the Knowing of the Unknown. Within the same moment we both thought,

“As I live in the NOW, I Flow with the ONE.”


On the distant planet of Earth, millions went about their daily life with NO concept of the immense change that was occurring in a frequency of reality just beyond their perception. Paying bills, getting the kids to school, caring for an elderly parent, going to work, having fun and finding love filled their reality. They were free of the immense burden of Planetary Ascension.

They wanted it that way; they did not want to know. They wanted to DO life. Nothing in their reality guided them to even imagine that the Planet was a living being. Nothing in their reality led them to even consider that their life was multidimensional or that they had higher frequency versions of their SELF. Some went to Church and others did not. Either way, Spirit and Religion were the same thing to them and God lived far off in Heaven.

They felt safe living within a familiar reality that had existed for many millennia. They were too busy to ponder something that was different from all that they had known. Some of these people were loving and kind. Others were fearful and mean. These two groups were locked in the Game of Polarity, totally oblivious to even a possibility that their lives could undergo a quantum change.

Therefore, in some time stream, their lives would continue the same as always. The possible reality of ascension would move into their world like a low cloud or a vivid dream, and they would never notice it. The skies would fill with unidentified objects, and they would never notice. They were NOT complete with the 3D Game of Polarity and Separation.

They did not want to know, change or alter their perception of reality. For them, the Game would continue. They do not know that they are the creators of their reality. Since they were unwilling to allow a new concept into their awareness, they would continue to live life in the same manner as they had always lived it.

On the other hand, there were some who wanted to live life in a new fashion. In fact, some had prepared for this shift in reality for many incarnations. They somehow found a way to connect with their Multidimensional SELF and were ready and willing to return to their Higher Expression of SELF. However, would they be willing to release the illusion of TIME?

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD

Posted 11th November 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
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Compartir.:::. _ ▶ Bo Staff Spinning FASTEST EVER & Staff Kata – JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP – Part 10 – MYTRE`S EXPERIENCE WITH THE OVERSOUL | Vel sanus

Compartir.:::. _ ▶ Bo Staff Spinning FASTEST EVER & Staff Kata – JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP – Part 10 – MYTRE`S EXPERIENCE WITH THE OVERSOUL | Vel sanus.

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Trip to the Mothership Part X

Mytre and The Arcturians

Mytre’s First Experience of Mothership’s Oversoul


I had not been on the Ship very long when I had my first experience of the Mothership’s Oversoul. I had been there long enough to understand that the Ship was a living, multidimensional being. I had a vague understanding of the sixth dimensional areas of the ship. However, the seventh dimensional portion of the Ship is not an “area.” It is a formless Soul that overlooked all the Souls who resided on the Ship.

The Super-subconscious frequency of the Ship automatically observes, repairs and updates the basic structure, which is always changing. Therefore it holds the basic form of every component of the Ship. On the other hand, the Oversoul Consciousness is a formless, yet tangible, energy that feels like an electrical field filled with love and cohesiveness.

These feelings usually are most predominant on the upper areas of the Ship, such as the Bridge and all command centers. However when necessary, the Oversoul over-lights meetings, individuals, and devices on the Ship that are called upon to function at an exceptionally high state of consciousness.

I was taken to the Mothership, shortly after I have left “time” during my meditation. Once I could leave time, a vast array of new abilities where just beyond my reach. Hence, I was taken to the Mothership for more advanced studies. The Arcturian and I entered a Scout Ship and headed for the Mothership. There was just the two of us in the Ship.

I discovered later that the Arcturian could have simply bi-located us to the Mother Ship, but it wanted us to advance our relations beyond teacher/student into friends. It was then that I began to realize what a wonderful sense of humor that Arcturians have. The Arcturian and I had a chance to chat about whatever came into our minds, and the Arcturian actually made jokes about our experiences together.

I had the chance to see my self through the perception of a higher dimensional Being. This was a bit rough on my ego, which was the point. When I could laugh at my prior fears and misconceptions, I felt many ego-attachments begin to fade from my mind. By the time we arrived at the Mothership, I had released most of my insecurities about being “good enough,” as well as my fears of going to the Mothership.

It was not that I was afraid to go to the Mothership. In fact, I was very excited and honored to be able to visit that Ship. However, I started our trip to the Mothership with great apprehension about what I would be called upon to do. Fortunately, because of the Arcturians humorous bantering, I was totally relaxed by the time the planetary sized Mothership came into our view.

I must say that the first sight of the Mothership was completely overwhelming. At the same time, it was a mystical experience. I had been training to perceive reality multidimensionally. Hence, I could clearly see the third/fourth dimensional holographic projection, which the Ship sometimes wore, as well as the fifth dimensional over-glow of that hologram, the sixth dimensional light matrix and the seventh dimensional emanation of Pure Spirit and All Knowing.

I also felt the eighth through tenth dimensional energy patterns of the Mothership, as well as patterns of the Arcturians and other Beings of that resonance. I KNEW that there were energy patterns beyond the tenth dimensions, but could not perceive them with any clarity at that time. The Arcturian touched my High Heart, and I received a brief experience of those higher dimensions.

Unfortunately, the resonant frequency of my mental processing was too low to retain any details of that experience. Nonetheless, I stored that FEELING in my High Heart, exactly where the Arcturian touched me. I vowed to believe that, soon I would be able to fully experience this cherished moment.

I will skip now to the point at which I had been studying in the Mothership for a while. I cannot give an exact amount of time, as time does not really exist at this level of consciousness. Conversely, those of us who were new to the Inter-Galactic Training Program were given quarters in which a period of day would be followed by a period of night.

We were to remain in these quarters until we were able to focus our primary consciousness on our fifth dimensional SELF. Our fifth dimensional expression of SELF no longer needed the illusion of the passage of time, the fatigue that that illusion created or the sleep that was necessary to release the illusion of fatigue.

I quickly made friends with my roommates, but found myself constantly missing the Arcturian. One day, I caught myself being impatient with my roommates. This upset me greatly, as I knew it was a sign that my consciousness was slipping into the lower frequencies rather than expanding into the higher frequency. I excused myself and went to the Nature Area.

There is a huge section of the Mothership that is dedicated to Nature Areas. These areas were holographic, but you absolutely could not tell from being there. Once, when I asked the Arcturian why the 3/4D Nature Area was holographic, and it said,

“All reality in the third and fourth dimension are holographic projections from the higher dimensions of reality.”

I started to ask it, my Arcturian friend, to explain that concept to me but it disappeared in front of my eyes. Then, where the Arcturian had just been standing/floating, was a huge tree with birds, squirrels and other animals living off of the bio-system of that one tree. I moved forward to touch the tree, but there was a flash of light and the Arcturian stood where there was once a tree.

“Do you see how I projected the hologram of Nature?”

The Arcturians are very good at “one picture is worth a thousand words.” At the same time, I realized that my consciousness had become so low in frequency that I had forgotten basic premises that I had been taught.

“I have to leave the Rookie’s Quarters,” I blurted out. “My consciousness is dropping because I am entraining with the new-comers, rather than with you or the Ship.”

“We are happy that you realize that,” the Arcturian said, as it vanished.

OK, I knew the drill now; I had to figure it out for myself. If I wanted to move beyond my present quarters I would have to prove—to myself—that I was ready. I had become so overcome by the mere vision of the Mothership that I had allowed my consciousness to drop back down to a familiar resonance.

I discovered that the Rookie Quarters, as we had named it, was no longer comfortable because I had grown beyond it. I had needed more of the illusion of time to figure that out. Since I was on my own, I had to figure out how to convince myself that I WAS ready to release all the familiar markers of reality and fully embrace my new life.

Since leaving time got me to the Mothership, and being placed in a time-bound area for new students was so frustrating, the solution was for me to release time again. However, I had to remember how I released time in the first place. What I had unconsciously done, I now had to do consciously and intentionally. What if I went back in time to when I first saw the Mothership from the Scout Ship? What if I could go back in time and perceive the Mothership with love and acceptance rather than the fear of being overwhelmed?

That sounded like a good idea, but I had no idea how to do it. Then, I thought of the glowing energy around the Mothership that the Arcturian had called the Oversoul. The Arcturian had said that the Oversoul holds the codes and patterns of all the Soul Records of everyone who was living or visiting the Ship. These Soul Records contain all the multidimensional experiences that each Soul had ever experienced.

Within my present body, I was clearly Pleiadian. However, I had suspected for quite a while that there was a large element of Arcturian Nature within my Being. I even had a dim memory of being Arcturian, but I could not recover any details of that expression of my Multidimensional SELF.

Yes, my Multidimensional SELF could pull my resonance into the higher expressions of my being; that is if I could trust my experience. I had just experienced how easily I could lose trust in my self, and I was not going to do so again. I would ask my Multidimensional SELF how to leave time, as I had done before, by reading my Soul Records in the Oversoul of the Mothership.

I was alone in the Holosuite, so I sat down to mediate and, quickly moved into a deep trance. The first thing that I realized was that I had prepared all my life, in fact for many of my lives, for this opportunity to assist with the ascension of our chosen planet in the Pleiades. With that realization I began to consciously feel all that I would need to release in order to move into the expression of my SELF that could fulfill the task of conscious ascension.

The Arcturians had seen this ability, but I still could not. I had remembered and visited many of my multidimensional realities while studying with the Arcturian on the other Starship. Then the Arcturian had chosen me for this special training, but all I could feel was what I would have to release. In order to continue my training I would have to release my ties to my old world and move into the unknown.

With this realization, myriad doubts were uncovered from their hiding places. How could I assist my planet to go into the unknown of the fifth dimension when I could not even go the unknown of my own mind? I would have to confront the part of myself that was afraid to move into the unknown and was quietly holding me back. I had learned to control my life.

However, would I be able to continually surrender to the higher worlds as the Arcturian was teaching me? Or would I tenaciously hold on to what remained of the life I had previously lived? There it was, the life I HAD lived. What life had I lived that needed my attention before I could go forward and release the need for TIME, once and for all?

With that question, I felt the Pure Spirit and All Knowing of the Mothership’s Oversoul wrap around me like a warm cloud. Within this safety and comfort I could release my hidden fears of what I would have to release, what I would have to do and who I would have to become in order to be good enough to fulfill the honored task for which the Arcturians had chosen me.

With the Oversoul around me, I could hear my higher expressions of SELF cheering me on, but I could not move forward yet. I had to release the burden of my hidden insecurities, fears and confusions. I could feel that I was leaving time, so I could not release them later, nor could I release them in my future. There was only NOW. Therefore, I allowed them to come to the surface of my awareness so that I could love them free, once and for all.

I found that my heaviest burden was the need to do it right, the need to be good enough in the eyes of others. But who were these others? Where were they now? Why was I still carrying them in my consciousness? In response to these questions the Oversoul embraced me more tightly andtime was gone. I could feel the difference in my thinking, my emotions and within whatever connection I still had to my body.

Free of time, I began to float through memory bands of myriad incarnations. Brief pictures and emotions floated through my mind as I passed by each reality, as my journey continued. I knew that the Oversoul was taking me to a certain reality, the reality that still held a sense of failure. I could feel that sense of failure growing stronger, but I was strangely detached from it.

I was out of time, so I had no idea how long I traveled through the files of the Oversoul, but as I continued I became calmer and more detached from the passing realties. Then suddenly, a reality moved towards me like a beaming Sun. I could not float past it, even though I wanted to. There was unfinished business in the life that I had to complete in order to free my consciousness from some invisible burden.

Suddenly the “Sun” was before me and pulled me in with such force that I almost passed out. However, I reminded myself that I AM the Master of my MIND. This sentence opened a portal into a planet in chaos and I heard, “The Ascension of Arcturus.”

I will return,


Through Suzanne Lie, PhD

Posted 15th October 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
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sharing.:::.2▶ Phlearn Photoshoot Behind the Scenes: Liquid Portrait – INTRODUCTION TO SIXTH DIMENSIONAL BEINGS_Trip to the Mothership Part IV b | photos

sharing.:::.2▶ Phlearn Photoshoot Behind the Scenes: Liquid Portrait – INTRODUCTION TO SIXTH DIMENSIONAL BEINGS_Trip to the Mothership Part IV b | photos.

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sharing.:::.2▶ Phlearn Photoshoot Behind the Scenes: Liquid Portrait – INTRODUCTION TO SIXTH DIMENSIONAL BEINGS_Trip to the Mothership Part IV b

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Sep 27


Trip to the Mothership Part IV b


Before Mytre speaks with you, we wanted this opportunity to share a special message with our ascending ones who have been visiting our Mothership. We are so happy to visit with many of you in your Night-bodies. Do not be concerned if you do not remember us, for WE remember you. In fact, we remember when you, too, were Sixth Dimensional Beings.

Your Sixth Dimensional Self is a wisp of light seeking a new form to wear. Once you create your form, you take on the persona and milieu of that form. This shopping for a new form is great fun. But, most important, it is how your great Essence can check out and interact with the myriad realities to see if your infinite services are required.

If you find that you are needed, if you just want to have some fun, a unique experience, or a visit with friends, you insert your SELF into the 6D Matrix of that reality as simply as a third dimensional might slip on a glove. The reality of the formless ones is much vaster than the realities of form. In reality, within your NOW of the ONE, you are simultaneously relishing many visitations to many realities.

On the contrary, your insertion into your present matrix/life was not for fun or a visit. You came to Gaia because YOU were needed. Just as Gaia had called you at the fall of Atlantis, She has been calling you for the last two generations. She called you because she needed your great sixth dimensional light to counteract her impending darkness.

And so you answered Her call…

In your sixth dimensional SELF, you inserted your Light into the era that would commence the final days of ascending Earth. However, our dear, brave ones, you did not stay at the higher frequencies of this reality. No, you purposefully delved down through the fifth dimension, through the fourth to capture your Aura, you pulled in all your protection as you bravely traveled through the dark and murky Lower Astral Plane and inserted your Essence into the tiny, helpless form of a third dimensional infant.

Please recognize how much courage and dedication to the Light that it took for you to diminish your great Multidimensional SELF into such a dependent state. If that were not enough, in a very short “time” you forgot your true SELF and only knew of your small, weak physical form. You ALL chose a very difficult matrix upon which you chose to adhere your multidimensional creativity.

Many, more than our hearts could bear to count, were lost in the great darkness of the closing cycle of Gaia’s plight. However, upon your release from your illusionary form even those who have become completely embedded in the darkness will, eventually, return HOME to your true SELF.

This harvest has begun NOW.

It is VITAL that you remember who you are.
Release the illusion of physicality that you have wrapped around your memory.
Release the fear that you had to learn in order to survive this challenge
Release the guilt that you were taught.
Release to doubt that clouds your mind.
Release ALL you memories of darkness, pain, fear and sorrow.

These burdens are the heavy pack that makes your ascent to the mountain peak too difficult, too exhausting and too dangerous. With the release of all that over, you will more able to find your Way into that which is new. Always, remember that you are totally protected.

Whatever happens to you within this final leg of your life-long return Home is of no consequence. The dense body you are wearing will soon be transmuted into its true body of LIGHT. However, your Path is not ending. In fact, this Path is just beginning, but it is moving into a frequency of reality in which the density is not so heavy.

Your return is moving into a dimension in which you are free of the darkness that has haunted you for myriad incarnation. We, the members of your Higher Expressions of SELF, are leading you into the Light that you have always sought. Yes, even in the darkest of nights, you have sought this light.

Our dear ascending ones, we salute your wondrous courage and tenacity. You have continued on and on through the darkest of times when hope seemed to be your greatest illusion. However, you didcontinue. You did not give up! Somehow you found more light, more courage and more tenacity to continue your Return, no matter what!

The peak of the mountain is very near, but you are more exhausted than ever. Fortunately, the hope that was once an illusion has become your talisman. Hold on to your hope, our dear ascending ones. Hold on to your faith—in your SELF—as you climb the final hills and journey through the final valleys of your discontent.

Polarities are closing and you are CREATING you New Life!

We, the Arcturians, and ALL your Galactic and Celestial Family, are holding our arms open wide to shine our Heart Light on the final steps of your long journey. You are coming to the Threshold now. All you have to do is step across!

The Arcturians*


Through Suzanne Lie, PhD

Posted 27th September 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
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sharing.:::.Childhood bullying: Worse long-term mental health than maltreatment by adult .:::.Trip to the Mothership Part VIII Mytre and The Arcturians | psycho

sharing.:::.Childhood bullying: Worse long-term mental health than maltreatment by adult .:::.Trip to the Mothership Part VIII Mytre and The Arcturians | psycho.

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sharing.:::.Childhood bullying: Worse long-term mental health than maltreatment by adult .:::.Trip to the Mothership Part VIII Mytre and The Arcturians


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Trip to the Mothership Part VIII
Mytre and The Arcturians 




Our dear ascending ones,

We will give you a brief introduction into the Loop of Consciousness that travels between the Seventh Dimensional Oversoul and your Super-subconscious mind. Your Oversoul contains information and pattern codes for every expression of form that you have carried in all your incarnations within the Milky Way Galaxy. This means, every incarnation you have ever had on any planets or dimensions within your current galaxy.

On the other hand, your Super-subconscious contains information and pattern codes for every incarnation you have had on the planet Earth, in whatever form that was. Therefore, your Super-subconscious also tells you of your human and non-humanoid forms. In fact, both your Oversoul and your Super-subconscious contain information about all the types of form you have chosen to experience.

You Super-subconscious is limited to all your incarnations on Earth, but your Oversoul has no restrictions at all as it resonates far beyond the frequencies of any concept of limitation. The loop that we speak of is the connection between these two frequencies of consciousness as related to your personal choices of form, your Super-subconscious, and your galactic choices of form, your seventh dimensional Oversoul.

We have found that the most effective introduction any given state of consciousness is to have Mytre share his first conscious experience. We say “conscious” for these states of consciousness exist always, whether or not you are aware of them. Also, your Multidimensional SELF is infinitely aware of you all your expression of SELF from your Super-subconscious to your Oversoul. As you continue you continue your ascension process, you will be ready and able to access information within your own Multidimensional SELF that you never knew existed.

It is this level of awakening and awareness that is necessary to fully assist with planetary ascension. Remember, you are the planet and the planet is you. You represent a creature of Her world. Whenever you clear yourself, you clear Gaia. As you ascend, you will become aware of the many forms within the NOW of the Gaia’s ONE.


Greetings again. It is wonderful to connect with all of you within our Unity and Collective Consciousness. As a Pleiadian, I was aware of alternate and parallel realities. However, before our ascension, I never considered that there were so many different expressions of my life force in so many different forms. I will explain this statement by sharing my first experience of the Super-subconscious.

During my initiation in the wilderness of our new, Pleiadian home, which I shared with Mytria, I had my first experience with the Super-subconscious. It was then that I learned to communicate directly with the planet. In fact, personal communication with your planet is one of the primary ways in which you, our Earth Friends, can assist your planet and your self.

When I began to study with the Arcturian aboard the Starship, I was called upon to move deeply into my subconscious in order to gain full mastery of my thoughts. It was then that I first became aware of the myriad talents hidden in my physical brain, in my Super-subconscious. As a pilot of Starships, I thought of the Super-subconscious as the “engine room” of my brain. If I wanted to boost the functioning of my daily life, I would need to go into the engine room of my brain and start up any unused power supplies.

These power supplies where the vast reservoirs of forgotten information from my past/alternate/parallel realities as a Pleiadian. It took extensive training in what you call meditation for me to access this area of my brain. I am not talking about my mind, as our brains live in our bodies and our bodies resonate within our “mind-field.”

At the culmination of each life, all the information gained within that life is stored in your Super-subconscious. This information is limited to your Homeworld, or actually the body type of our Homeworld, as different forms on different world have different types of realities.

Once we move beyond the confines of our planet, we keep this information stored in our deep subconscious to be brought to the surface when we are ready to transmute into Lightbody. The Super-subconscious is the “computer file” that collects all the necessary information that you have gained on all of your incarnations on your planet, so that you can assist that planet with its ascension into the higher expression of being a become a Galactic Being.

Being a Galactic Society does not necessarily mean planetary ascension, as it does in your current society. Actually, what is occurring on Earth is a very unique situation. However, the transition of the humanity’s collective consciousness from a planetary reality to a galactic reality represents a huge paradigm shift.

Fortunately, all the information that has ever been gained in any planetary incarnation is stored in the Sub-superconscious. The Super-subconscious, as it very primal, yet exceedingly advanced. In other words, this consciousness carries all the information regarding your evolutionary process from your most primal self and into the state of consciousness in which you are ready to expand beyond the physical world and into the fifth dimension and beyond.

However, I remind you that you are a Multidimensional Being. Therefore, there are many versions of YOU running within myriad dimensions, galaxies and planets. Your Super-subconscious is the holder for each particular world, whereas your Oversoul carries the information regarding ALL the realities of your Galactic Self.

I will begin with sharing the opening of my personal, Pleiadian file.


When the Arcturian came to me and told me that I was ready to view my Super-subconscious, I had no idea what it was talking about. Since, I trusted the Arcturian completely, I followed it into our well-used Holosuite. I was led into the dimly lit room and was asked to close my eyes and go into a deep state of meditation. Do to my training I was able to easily move into that state of consciousness.

I then felt the Arcturian touch the back of my head, just above the top of my neck area. Instantly, myriad pictures, thoughts, emotions and memories coursed through my thoughts in a swirling pattern of disorderly order. I wanted to attach my attention to one sensation, but I was becoming exceedingly dizzy.

My bodily sensations became confused, as did my orientation in space. I did not know if I was standing, siting, being still or moving around the room. It seemed that I was doing all of the above simultaneously. Besides that, I began to see, hear, smell and feel images, memories and sensation.

I was wondering how all this information could be of any use when it was presented in such a confusing fashion. Thus, I tried to push to information away, which only seemed to amplify it. That is when I heard the Arcturian say, “Move into your animal self.” I had not idea what it meant, but understood completely after it touched me again in that same area.

Suddenly, the stimuli were understandable. On the other hand, “understandable” is an incorrect term, as it is a humanoid term. When I was “in my animal,” I did not need to understand because I could accept. I did not accept it because I knew it. I accepted it because it WAS.

Inside my mind, I was calmly viewing a vast collage of differing experiences, sensations and memories. “Open your Eyes,” I heard the Arcturian say, but it was said without words. It was a telepathic message that seemed familiar and comfortable. When I opened my eyes, I saw around me what I had seen inside of my head, imagination, Super-subconscious.

I was experiencing the same images inside me, as we as around me. They all overlapped, flowed and joined into a Oneness, while each image also stood alone. As I looked through my eyes, I began to become overwhelmed and totally confused. The dizziness was returning and I was beginning to feel nauseated again.

“Return to your animal,” I telepathically heard the Arcturian. It took great effort to disengage my humanoid brain, but the Arcturian was not going to assist me this time. I was on my own and had to figure out how to BE the animal who did not question instead of the human who lived in doubt. The dizziness was becoming intolerable and my nausea was mounting.

I was on the verge of passing out when I realized that I was holding my breath. Why was I so afraid? I was a warrior. As I focused my thoughts on my self, I began to breathe. However, I was also losing touch with my animal self, as well as all that information. The word arrogance came into my mind. Of course, I was so much better than an animal, which was a way of ignoring that I was living inside an animal body.

When I realized what I was doing, I began to identify, not with my human self, but with my animal self that provided my consciousness a form. Somewhere in my series of incarnations I had developed a sense of superiority over the very form that allowed me to visit the third/fourth dimension.

No wonder I was dizzy. I was disconnected to the portion of my being that created a form through which I could experience this reality. I “heard” a smile from the Arcturian. Is it possible to hear a smile? Well, if I could perceive every animal form I had every inhabited, and there were many, I guess anything is possible.

As I settled into my animal nature, I began to understand the images around me in the Holosuite and inside my mind. I could not begin to translate my understanding into a human language. Nonetheless, certain locks seemed to open in my brain.

The key to open these locks was to release my attachment to the arrogance and sense of superiority of my humanoid nature and BE my animal.


Through Suzanne Lie, PhD
Posted 10th October 2012 by Juan Pablo
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sharing.:::.▶ Who And What Are The Rosicrucians #5 (the religious question) – MYTRE AND THE ARCTURIANS- JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP – Part 6 | fantascienza

sharing.:::.▶ Who And What Are The Rosicrucians #5 (the religious question) – MYTRE AND THE ARCTURIANS- JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP – Part 6 | fantascienza.

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sharing.:::.▶ Who And What Are The Rosicrucians #5 (the religious question) – MYTRE AND THE ARCTURIANS- JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP – Part 6

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Mytre and The Arcturian

Trip to the Mothership Part VI



Now that you have downloaded and integrated Part II of a three-part process of integrating your Multidimensional Operating System into your third dimensional brain, we would like to talk to you about the consciousness of our Mothership.

Just as your third/fourth dimensional representation of your SELF is only a small fraction of your Multidimensional SELF, the fifth dimensional representation of our Mothership is only a minute component of our multidimensional Ship. In fact, most of our Mothership exists as pure consciousness, which may or may not choose to take on a form.

Therefore, as we speak about the seventh through twelfth dimensions of the Ship, we must first inform you about the states of consciousness of each of those dimensions. Of course, all of these states of consciousness exist as ONE within the NOW and intertwine in a beautiful, cosmic tapestry of frequency, density, multidimensional light and unconditional love.

However, since we are still speaking to the small component of your SELF who is known as your physical earth vessel, we will discuss each of these states of consciousness in a sequential manner. First we will explain more about the term “state of consciousness.”

As you know, you are ALL multidimensional beings who have a huge range of expressions of your complete SELF. These expressions of SELF resonate to myriad, different yet intermingled, realities, planets, galaxies and dimensions. There is NO limit to your wondrous SELF as you move through innumerable involvements with the actuality of your conscious, as well as unconscious, Beingness.

In each dimension you seek to perfect different states of consciousness. We search your human language for a definition of consciousness and find that the best definition for our present purposes would be:Consciousness is the state of being awake and aware of your surroundings, while also being able to perceive and interact with each given reality.

For our purposes, we must add that this definition includes both inner and outer realities, as from the perceptions of your 3rd/4th dimensional self there is a separation between these experiences. In fact, the concept of separation is one of the primary theses for the third/fourth dimensional “Individual Consciousness.”

We, the Arcturians, place third and fourth dimension within the same reality for they are both ruled by the illusion of time and polarities. We consider the fourth dimensional reality to be the aura and “dream world” of the third dimension.

In every dimension of reality a certain type of consciousness is the primary experience, and it is the mastery of that type of consciousness that allows the ones who have chosen that reality to feel the full benefit of the dimension that they chosen to visit.

Please see the types of consciousness that are the trademark of each dimension of reality:

In the third/fourth dimension, we perfect Individual Consciousness.
In the fifth dimension, we perfect Unity Consciousness.
In the sixth dimension, we perfect Collective Consciousness.
In the seventh dimension, we perfect Oversoul Consciousness.

“The dimensions beyond the seventh merge into each other, so there is a range of dimensions. Hence, in the:
Eighth through tenth dimensions,
We perfect Ascended Master and Elohim Consciousness
Eleventh through twelfth dimensions,
We perfect Angelic and Source Consciousness.”

We will begin our instruction by reviewing some of the pros and cons of Individual Consciousness. You may look at your world now and state that there could be no pros to Individual Consciousness. However, you make that statement from within the confines of that world.

From our perspective in the eighth through tenth dimensions your experiment of Individual Consciousness has been a rousing success. Yes, it is a harsh world in which you either “make it” or die trying. And, many, many humans have died trying to master the very challenging state of consciousness in which you are totally separated, not only from other, but from the very God that you have been told to worship.

Individual Consciousness without the Wisdom, Love and Power of your Three Fold Flame, is exceedingly dangerous because it is so easy to detach yourself from the power that you have over others. Your Individual Consciousness can also become so self-absorbed that you forget that the energy you put out will come back to you. Hence, many evil deeds have flourished in your world.

On the other hand, of those of you who were able to reach inside your “individual” self and decide you felt better if you loved rather than feared, some of you, in fact, more than you may realize, learned that if you made others feel better, it made you feel better too. And then there are the many lost ones.

Some of these lost ones have lived so many lives in the pursuit of selfish gain that they have totally forgotten the Law of Return, as they never given. They have only taken from others—again and again. Since they were separate from the ones from whom they took, they did not realize how the constant taking without any balance of giving was murdering their heart.

The heart is a very special organ. We are speaking now of the physical heart. It appears to be a simple pump that moves the blood throughout your system. However, the heart is also attached to the Thymus Glands of your immune system. All your ductless/endocrine glands, such as the Thymus, are the portions of your physical body connected to and driven by Spirit.

A heart that is simply a pump and not a portal for Spirit, is a heart that will run low on fuel and need to take fuel from others. It is this concept that the most lost of the “individual ones” have used to their own selfish gains. We choose not to go into the details of this action except to say that the darkness of Individual Consciousness is the reason why we have to shut down this 3D Game.

Also, cosmically, the 3D Game is cosmically due to advance into the higher frequencies at this current time of your earthly calendar. It is largely because of the above-alluded intensions of the lost ones that we, your Higher Family, have been allowed to intercede. We, your Cosmic Family, have decided that Individual Consciousness cannot be allowed to run unchecked.

The ceiling can be very high, and many humans have achieved grand feats and ascended into the higher realms of life. However, the underbelly of this state of consciousness cannot be allowed to continue. It was first introduced into your DNA by the Lizzies and Dracs, who ran their world in an “eat or be eaten” predatory manner.

However, the Adam Kadmon body was too delicate to support this type of DNA without considerable damage to certain neural pathways that allowed for advance into higher states of consciousness within that prototype of human.

Furthermore, the Kundalini Energy, which was allowed this body type to assist in evolution turn immensely vicious and cruel if that energy found itself going down the spinal cord instead of up the spinal cord. We, the creators of your Adam Kadmon prototype, apologize for this defect.

There is no excuse for that mistake, and our only regret is that we did not first research more effectively the possibility that such a deep corruption could enter that frequency of reality. The overall effect has been that the extreme polarities of an angelic body format intermingled with Drac DNA, did create world saviors with more courage and fortitude than imaginable to the members of a world that had not know polarity for millions of your years.

Unfortunately, the negative result was just as extreme. Those who were lost to the darkness passed into the Lower Astral Realm to haunt and torment those who wished to advance their consciousness beyond the limits of strict, third dimensional thinking.

The few who achieved Mastery set up Mystery Schools just past the dark world of the Lower Astral to rescue the brave ones who could find their way through that abyss of darkness. They then began forming the structure of a Mystery Schools at the Threshold of each of the sub-planes of the fourth dimension. In this manner, We could better assist the ones who were attempting to move beyond the strict confines of the Individual Consciousness.

The problem with Beings of Light is that they sometimes underestimate predatory Beings who wish to harm and control. We have learned much from the third dimensionals and dedicate ourselves to assisting our immensely brave Adam Kadmon Family.

In the midst of your third dimensional limitations and separations, despite the predatory nature that lurked within your DNA, and faced with the constant threat of disaster, defeat, disease and death, YOU have taken your form into the realm of Personal and Planetary Ascension.

We stand in awe of your accomplishments, we salute your courage beyond measure and embrace the unconditional love that we feel streaming from your opened High Hearts.

It has been a long, dark road for your human adventure, but you have crossed the finish line victorious!

Your Family of Light

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD

Posted 4th October 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
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Greetings, I am Taugth, a celestial aboard Athabantian, speaking for the many. We wish to speak with you this day about the creation of Abiquor.

The manifestation of Abiquor is an event that has never before been accomplished. Let us explain as follows. The density of Earth is unusual – much more dense that that which occurs in Andromeda. While the Andromedans have manifested all manner of structures and starships before, this undertaking is beyond anything they have attempted.

When we celestials look at things from your perspective we can well imagine that you see this project as audacious, outrageous, or impossible. How can anyone manifest something so large as multi-story buildings? How can anyone manifest a whole community, a community with surrounding farmlands?

When viewed with 3rd Dimension eyes, such a manifestation event is clearly impossible. However when see from the perspective of Creator, nothing is impossible, after all Creator manifested this entire universe. So we are simply involving the energies of the Godhead, of prime Creator, and why not, since we are one with the Godhead?

A collective effort such as we celestials, along with the Andromedans, are undertaking – you notice we did not say the word, “attempting” – requires the participation of many creators. Some are the same beings who create individual worlds; others are the humans aboard Athabantian On the one hand we are tapping into the creative energies of great beings of light. On the other hand we are utilizing the focus of your brothers and sisters from the worlds of Andromeda. We are employing the power and intelligence of those who are masters of this type of endeavor.

Yes, we have previously manifested great structures. Yes, we have manifested great starships. These have been done with the collective energies of many beings focused on a particular effort. There is no question about the ability of great beings to manifest such a grand project in physical form, because many things have been manifested in physical form. In fact all in physical form has been manifested from the non-physical.

Though your work with Archangels, Mark, you have acquired the ability to know. You now “know,” without question, without words, that the manifestation of Abiquor can happen. You know that it NOT just within the realm of possibilities, rather it is truly doable. We are sure this changes your perspective.

The physical form of Earth is changing. Earth is slowly moving herself to a higher, lighter density. The evidence for this is coming to the consciousness of all who are aware. It will accelerate over the next months. By the end of your year 2014, Earth will be in a lighter density.

As this is achieved, as far as Earth’s physical form is concerned, there will be a point when Abiquor can be manifested. We look upon this as preparing the soil for a new crop. By this juncture, the appropriate physical location for Abiquor will be finalized.

The next step in this process is to move from “knowing Abiquor can be done” to “knowing that Abiquor will be done.” This entails the continued focus of all aboard Athabantian plus those of you who are anchoring Abiquor. By anchoring we mean that you, humans of Earth, intend that Abiquor will be manifested, AND that you are focusing your attention on such a manifestation on a regular basis. Manifesting is always a joint co-creation; it occurs between individual beings and the Godhead, for the Godhead is involved in all creation.

In the case of Abiquor, this co-creation process will take place with myriad celestials, those aboard Athabantian and elsewhere, Andromedans in physical form and non-physical aboard Athabantian, and the humans of Earth who are focused, plus, of course, the Godhead.

Make no mistake manifesting Abiquor and its surrounding support facilities is a monumental project. The structures of Abiquor are quite large, a building to train up to 1,000 students at any one time, residential facilities to house students, teachers, and support staff. Then there are surrounding buildings to provide food and other facilities.

Abiquor will radiate its energy of transformation, training, reorganization, cleansing, and oneness throughout the universe. In addition to training Caretakers to reorganize everything, it will train those who will go out to the other planets of the universe to show them what has been accomplished.

In the larger perspective, the transformation of Earth from a very dense 3rdDimension to a 5th Dimension is an exciting and important adventure. All within the universe are aware and watching. Never before has the 5thDimension been bought into such a dense level of existence. Yes, the density of your planet and it residents is being raised to accommodate 5thDimension energy, like meeting it part way. However, it still remains that the 5th Dimension is being brought into dense physical form; Abiquor is an important part of this.

One key to all of this is to understand that you are a great being of light. Yes, Mark, it is true, when you hold the 5th Dimension, you are a great being of light. So are those who offer their energies to the manifestation of Abiquor. Each is a great being of light. I, Taugth, am a great being of light, as are all aboard Athabantian, as is the vast majority of the universe.

None are better than you, for the 5th Dimension is a collective of vast numbers of beings of light. To have individual humans of earth accept that they are great beings of light is essential to the manifestation of Abiquor. More than any other, that is the process that will occur over the next months, achieving that knowing is what will uplift the humans of Earth to the lighter densities.

Now that you “know” it can happen, all that remains is to intend it and allow it to happen. Do not attempt to force it to happen or become anxious. We invite all who read these words to join with us in co-creating Abiquor.

On behalf of all aboard Athabantian, we love you more than you know. We support your transformation, and await your joining us. Blessings.

Through Mark Kimmel
Posted 30th September 2012 by Juan Pablo
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▶ Healing Sounds From Arcturus Video – YouTube

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Puedes expandir los hilos de la Matrix para salirte de ésta con tu consciente. Esto te abre una nueva perspectiva y un nuevo punto de vista. Este Código de Activación establece una expansión de la Matrix para que puedas viajar a través de esta con tu consciente.

Transmitido el 07.06.1995 en Cissbury Rings

Publicado 25th July 2011 por Shanti



Hay algunas eras y ciertas pasajes del tiempo astrológico, hay ciertos sistemas planetarios dentro del sistema solar que están medidos en la distancia que el sistema solar esta viajando alrededor de la galaxia. Hay algunos pasajes en el continuo espacio-tiempo donde la energía de la Gracia se vuelve más accesible y poderosa. En este punto de energía de Gracia, si el alma está encarnada en ese lugar tiene la oportunidad de hacer enormes avances y tiene la oportunidad de superar o limpiar y resolver problemas kármicos muy grandes. Ahora es ese momento, en el 2011 y 2012 la experiencia de la Gracia es posible. Esta Gracia desde la Ascensión es un antídoto para el karma y permite grandes beneficios para el alma. Este tiempo es excelente para la evolución del alma aquí en la Tierra.

Su alma sabía esto cuando vino a la Tierra. Su alma sabía que había grandes oportunidades y que había 2 poderosas vías. La primera vía era la vía de la conciencia porque iba a haber una apertura de energía espiritual en el planeta. Igualmente y quizás más importante, su alma sabía iba a haber una oportunidad para experimentar una increíble energía de Gracia que llevaría a la Ascensión.

Permitámonos ser claros, la Ascensión significa que ustedes han limpiado su karma terrestre. En algunas circunstancias, las personas tienen 5 u 8 vidas de experiencias en vidas cortas aquí en la Tierra a causa de la aceleración del continuo espacio-tiempo. Desde la Mente Superior esta es una oportunidad fantástica.

Quiero volver a la idea de evolución del alma porque es difícil hablar de la evolución del alma con terminología de tercera dimensión ya que ustedes ven, correctamente, el alma como un ser perfecto. El alma es eterna. ¿Por qué el alma tiene que evolucionar? En la perspectiva de quinta dimensión no hay evolución como la de tercera dimensión porque de alguna forma implica falta de perfección. Nosotros no podemos hablar de esto de una forma lógica, sólo puedo intentar hablar de ello o alrededor de ello para que tengan una idea.

La idea es que el alma necesita un cierto tipo de experiencia. El alma ha estado en muchos diversos planos y en diversos planetas. Algunas almas sólo han estado en un planeta, la Tierra. Muchos de ustedes que están en este grupo han estado en muchos planetas distintos. Yo he hablado con muchos de ustedes mediante este canal y sé que han tenido diversas vidas en otros planetas. Cuando ustedes se abran a la Mente Superior estarán satisfechos de saber que han tenido muchas experiencias distintas. Algunos de ustedes han tenido experiencias en otros planetas de tercera dimensión.

Yo he trabajado con algunos de ustedes que han estado en otros planetas que fueron destruidos. He trabajado con algunos de ustedes que han tenido experiencias en la Atlántida donde vieron una destrucción total de una civilización.

Algunos de ustedes realmente han visto destruirse un planeta entero exactamente en el mismo nivel de energía al que la Tierra está llegando. Desde su perspectiva, todas las cosas que están pasando les son familiares, inquietantemente familiares, añadiría. Me doy cuenta de que lo que ahora está pasando en la Tierra es traumático y está generando una gran cantidad de trauma emocional para todos ustedes. No sólo está causando trauma por lo que están viendo, también está reactivando sus memorias pasadas de cómo ustedes vieron esto.


A través de David MIller

Julio 2011

Publicado 26th July 2011 por Shanti

Etiquetas: despertar espiritual evolución del alma y la mente superior evolución individual karma


“Te amo, incondicionalmente, y enciendo el Fuego Violeta en la emanación que estás enviando a mí. Bendigo que tú también, encuentres la paz que estoy ganando dentro de la nueva y expandida versión de mi Ser”.


“ Queridos Arcturianos, estoy listo/a para integrar mi Sistema Operativo Multidimensional de manera de que pueda retornar completamente a mi SER Multidimensional . Desde esa perspectiva de mi SER puedo percibir mi físico, mi cuerpo ascendente como un ancla que Yo, mi gran SER Multidimensional, he sumergido en el cuerpo de la amada Gaia.”




Eres un Ser Poderoso.

Este Código de Activación canaliza tu energía y las guía en situaciones que quieres cambiar. Con tu poder puedes dar un nuevo rumbo a tu vida. Se consciente de tu poder, entonces empezará a deshacerse la estructura en la que te mueves y la Matrix se volverá más radiante.

Reconoce tu poder y aplica tus capacidades.

Transmitido el 24.07.2002 en Barbury Castle

Publicado 24th July 2011 por Shanti

Etiquetas: despertar de la conciencia Poder interior





Cree en ti haz silencio interno , habla cuando sea necesario hablar , siente en ti la dicha y el gozo del noble silencio , irradia la plenitud y la paz que el silencio significa , expande vibra irradia la paz pero sobre todo SÉ la paz …


Consejo Zenatae


Publicado Yesterday por LUZ ZOHAR

Etiquetas: Andrómeda Consejo Zenatae de Morean el silencio interior

* * *

“Te amo, incondicionalmente, y enciendo el Fuego Violeta en la emanación que estás enviando a mí. Bendigo que tú también, encuentres la paz que estoy ganando dentro de la nueva y expandida versión de mi Ser”.

* * *

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sharing.:::.▶ Two variations of Kukishinden kata, September lessons,.:::.JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP | Vel sanus

sharing.:::.▶ Two variations of Kukishinden kata, September lessons,.:::.JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP | Vel sanus.

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sharing.:::.▶ Two variations of Kukishinden kata, September lessons,.:::.JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP


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***   ***   * * *
***+ + +* * *







We are so pleased to see how many of our wonderful Ascending Ones are enjoying our journey to the Mothership. Before Mytre continues his tour of our multidimensional components, we wish to speak with you about how you can best see us in your skies. Of course, you will not see our Mothership, but we, meaning ALL the Galactics, are making ourselves more and more visible to you each day.

You have already been instructed how to communicate with your Pineal Gland to allow “novel perception” into your conscious mind. However, there is more we wish to explain to you. Many of you have been awakening in the night with the feeling that we are very close.

These awakenings are often because we have been communicating with you while you are in your fourth dimensional night body. We communicate in this manner because you are very receptive at that frequency of your consciousness. We also encourage you to awaken while these messages are fresh within your mind.

Furthermore, many of you are visiting us in your night body, but you may or may not be remembering that adventure. A way to remember your visit with us is to “imagine” that you are on one of our Solar Ships. We call these Star Ships our Solar Ships, as they are small enough to enter a Solar System without damaging the gravitation of the planets. However, they are still very large by earthly standards.

We also have Scout Ships that are small enough to land on your planet. Even our Solar Ships are too large to land on a planet. Therefore, all our inter-planetary visitations are done via our Scout Ships. These Ships are the ones that are most commonly seen. We often travel in groups of three to distinguish ourselves from stars. Also, we will blink in and outof your vision to catch your attention. We, also, do this to differentiate our lights from that of your stars.

Many times we feel you, our ascending Ones, looking up into the night sky asking, “When will they come?” Yes, we can register your thoughts, especially the thoughts of those who think about us. When you think about us, the Arcturians or other members of your Galactic Family, you send out a resonance similar to what you have known as an S.O.S. call.

Indeed, many of you are so deeply longing for our arrival that it feels like an emergency to you. In fact, our landing is bit of an emergency. Gaia needs Her people to Wake Up and assist with Planetary Ascension NOW. Those of you who are actively assisting Gaia are more deeply appreciated than you can imagine. However, She needs more humans to participate in releasing old, lower frequency thoughts, emotions and attachments, so that She can more easily lift off, so to speak.

By “lift off” we mean that Gaia must lift the great mass of Her body beyond the third dimension of polarity. She cannot just ascend Her loving polarity and leave behind her fearful polarity without causing great damage to Her planet. She does not want to harm her beautiful form in any manner. She sees that your plants, animals, cetaceans and many humans have released much of your dross vibrations. Therefore, Gaia knows that Her full ascension is near.

Unfortunately, even though we Galactics have been working to constrain and contain the Dark Ones both on the planet and in the Lower Astral Field, there are still too many humans “on the fence.” You have a lovely child’s book, Horton Hears the Who, which is about an elephant that found a small fluff and is about to damage it. Horton is a very kind Being, as all elephants are, and does not know that an entire world exists within that fluff.

Therefore, everyone in Whoville must make a noise so that Horton hears their voices. In the end, it is one small voice from one small boy sitting alone in a tower that saves their world. Therefore, dear Ascending Ones, not one of you is too insignificant to make a difference. We need every voice from every ONE of you, from every corner, every valley and every high mountain, to call, “We are READY for you NOW.”

Your personal state of readiness is more significant than you can imagine. You are all very accustomed to individual consciousness in which you alone are often insignificant to the masses of the many. However, whether or not you are aware of it, Gaia is now within the frequency of Unity Consciousness. The animals know that, the plants know that, the Cetaceans know that and the Elementals know that.

Fortunately, more and more humans know that each day. However, there are many humans who are only followers. They have become too beaten down by their polarized reality to take any form of initiative. Therefore, those of you who have found the strength within to remember your SELF, must call loud enough to assist those who have lost their voice.

Of course, we are not speaking of “calling” in the same manner that the members of Whoville called. We are speaking in terms of calling with your magnificent force of unconditional love that our dear Ascending Ones have embraced. If each of you can remember to send your force of unconditional love into the hearts of EVERY member of humanity and visualize them turning to our light and choosing ascension, you will make a HUGE contribution to Planetary Ascension.

At the same time, you can visualize that you are releasing ALL that does not resonate to the frequency of the fifth dimension and beyond. In this manner, you will assist to lighten Gaia’s load. Just as the wagon trains that traveled across the great wilderness of North America to seek a new home left of trail of abandoned possessions behind, you too will leave behind all that cannot resonate to the fifth dimension.

However, you need not fear for any loss, for you shall be able to easily re-create those items with your thoughts and emotions once you have reached your “promise land.” Immigrants throughout your entire earthy history started off their journey wanting to take with them that which was comforting and familiar. However, many of the possessions actually possessed them and pulled them from their purist intention.

Hence, we remind you to be willing to enter into your new world in the same manner that you entered your current body, alone and naked. Release ALL attachments to your physical reality to free your heart and mind from the burden of possession and ownership. Each of your loved ones, no matter how old or young, is a pure multidimensional Being who is totally capable of making their own decisions about ascension.

Furthermore, if you have young children, it is you the parents who must open the portal for your family. Therefore, you must take care of YOUR ascension, so that you can offer that opportunity to your loved ones. Find what is left of “time” in what is left of your busy days to remember that YOU are ascending. YOU are vital to Gaia’s ascension. Your young children are still pure of heart and mind and are likely leading you into ascension. Look into these young ones and see their ancient Souls.

The best thing that you can give your family is the opportunity to live on New Earth. Therefore, do not get distracted by the illusions of the remnants of 3D life. Focus on the fifth dimensional reality into which you are leading and following your children. Include them in your process, as they are still clear Souls and have more to offer than you may think.

Our beloved Ascending Ones, we see your light and feel your unconditional love. We are as anxious to meet you, as you are to meet us; except, that we do remember your nightly visits—can you?

The Arcturians

We now return you to Mytre, who will continue your guided tour of our multidimensional Mothership.

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD

Posted 21st September 2012 by YHVH@
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sharing.:::.▶ The BIG BOOTY Workout! Part 3!! – FROM STARSHIP ATHABANTIAN – ABIQUOR AND CARETAKERS | Equipoise

sharing.:::.▶ The BIG BOOTY Workout! Part 3!! – FROM STARSHIP ATHABANTIAN – ABIQUOR AND CARETAKERS | Equipoise.

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Abiquor & Caretakers

The following paragraphs are from postings prior to August and September 2012 at this site. They will give you most of the information that I’ve received and published about Abiquor. I will post additional communications as I receive them. (Note the differences in spelling of Abiquor – it’s all the same exquisitely beautiful “Center of Light.”)
Also please refer to the “Abiquor” page at this site:
Note: Abiquor is a 5th Dimensional construct – love based, accessible to humans in their higher minds and hearts. Plus it is much grander and encompassing than most of us can imagine. As such it is most difficult to find words for what such a construct will be like when it is present in physical form. As I now understand it, the principal function of Abiquor is the training of Caretakers for the New Earth.
In Truth, Love & Joy,
Mark Kimmel

April 24, 2012

Greetings, I am Taugth a celestial of this universe currently residing aboard the starship Athabantian. Today I wish to speak with you about the Institute of Light, the activities that it is sponsoring, and how they impact the larger picture.
I am the leader of a group who initially communicated to Mark the idea of constructing what he calls an “institute.” Mark took several tangents before he was in position to commence this undertaking. however it is now well underway. The institute’s location in Pagosa Springs, Colorado is important for its remoteness from the busyness of major cities, their electromagnetic interference, and environmental pollution. In this relatively pristine surrounding, we have initiated the Andromedan project.
Mark has named this start-up, the Institute of Light, and has undertaken the necessary steps to create an organization according to your civil laws. This is as we wish, for the current situation – quite temporary I assure you – requires conformity to the laws of your society.
The larger purpose for the institute, that we have named Abicor Center, is to provide a place where we of Athabantian, and other star civilizations of this sector of the universe, might come to interact with you, the humans of Earth. As we have stated before, many of your star sisters and brothers already walk among you; those of us of the celestial realm have been with you since the beginning.
Abicor Center will be conducive to our comings and goings, to allowing the humans of Earth to interact with us, to enabling us to teach and train humans so that they might be full-fledged citizens of the universe, and most importantly to raise the vibrations of all so that we might more easily interact with each other.
Abicor already exists at the higher vibrations of Athabantian. Abicor does not exist at the physical vibrations in which you reside, as the time is not yet right to do so. Ultimately Abicor will be a center in which many will reside, both you, the indigenous peoples of Earth, we of the celestial realm, and your brothers and sisters from the stars. We see that it will “materialize” sometime within the coming months.
Turning now to the activities of the Institute of Light, we are most pleased by the activities that are currently being carried out under that name. They are bringing together people from the surrounding community and introducing them to new ideas and training then to look upward rather than focus on the events swirling about their day-to-day lives, as portrayed in your media and Internet. This is a most important beginning.
At our instigation Mark, and others associated with the Institute of Light, will conduct a conference during your month of August. This is a most important undertaking and one that we wholeheartedly support. Along with Mark, we plan to be a part of it, as do others from Andromeda and elsewhere in this universe, and to interact with those who attend this conference.
In addition, we have selected (by a process of instigating the idea within the minds of those involved) certain individuals of Earth who will help you understand the need to raise your vibrations, train you to do so, and teach you to hold higher vibrations as you walk among those of the lower vibrations. This is a most important undertaking, and one in which we encourage you to participate.
The timing for this conference is most auspicious. There will be events preceding it that will garner the attention of all who are the least bit awakened. There are events following it that will challenge all on the planet to remain centered and to follow the high road. By the conclusion of your year 2012, much in your bodies and lives will be undergoing dramatic changes. Similarly much on your planet will be changing, and much of the physical universe will be undergoing a transformation.
Events on Earth are leading the way to a glorious transformation of all. You have the opportunity to participate in that transformation in a very special ways. Please, for the sake of all of us who are involved, become a part of this process. You are the ones — in physical form — that are requested to raise your vibrations to integrate with the higher realms and to lead all to a wondrous new civilization. In doing so you will initiate a wonderful new way of being for all.
I leave you now with these thoughts. All aboard Athabantian – physical beings, ascended ones, and celestials – send their blessings.
May 28, 2012
Greetings, I am Taugth, celestial aboard Athabantian. I wish to convey a message this day that you may not have heard before, or may not have understood. The Andromedans aboard Athabantian have the technology to restore your planet to its pristine self, to rid Earth of the environmental damages that you have inflicted upon it.
However, and this is a big however, they await your participation. You, who are the current residents of Earth, must come forward to be a part of rejuvenating your planet, as you rejuvenate yourselves. You must play an active role in this cleansing. We who observe from afar are saddened by your continued environmental destruction, but we cannot move forward until you, the human residents, become active participants in this process – and until you decide to stop your polluting activities. Ignoring the situation solves nothing; your environment will only get worse without benevolent action.
Thus we continue to campaign to create Caretakers for your planet: Those who will remain with Earth after the time of the great transformation to care for her, to work with us to rejuvenate her. The role of Caretaker will not be an easy one. It will not be easy to remain on the planet while the cleaning takes place. All of your current lifestyles will be interrupted. All of your manmade institution will be replaced with new ways of behaving that are compatible with a New Earth. The ascendancy of Earth is assured, how long that will take will be determined by the numbers and participation of Caretakers.
Those of you who understand who you really are and are raising your vibrations to cope with the forthcoming transformation are to be congratulated. You are the wayshowers who will light a path to the New Earth through this time of the great transformation. Those who do not follow this light, who do not raise their vibrations, will not accompany the New Earth.
So yes there is a joining of efforts to accomplish the great transformation. On the one hand we have those who concentrate on raising vibrations of the awakened ones. On the other hand we have those who are working to restore the planet to her pristine self. These two objectives are quite compatible, and mesh beautifully. All aboard Athabantian are of the higher frequencies; we can only carry out our work with those humans of the higher frequencies.
There are no fear-based 3rd Dimension solutions to the environmental problems of Earth. The situation is too far advanced for them to undo the damage. And do not expect us to show up to save you from that which you had a hand in creating – we will not.
What I am saying to you that may be new is that you must be involved in the reconstruction of Earth (or you can choose to go elsewhere while the process takes place). Those of us from the stars can not and will not do it by ourselves, for it is your planet. You must be intimately involved in reconstructing your planet for you had a hand in its degeneration. Were you totally responsible? No, but you allowed it to continue for purposes of your own physical comfort.
So we seek Caretakers, those who are raising their vibrations to levels wherein they see ways of being compatible with the New Earth. This totally new way of being means to be one with the planet. It means minimizing the impact on the planet. It means loving the planet with her diverse plants and animals. It means bringing love to the planet so that she can become the shining orb for all in the universe to admire.
As I said in a recent communication*, we are establishing Abiquor (our preferred spelling – still pronounced by us as “abicor”) as a focus for our activities. The meaning of Abiquor in the common language of Andromeda is “Center of Light.” Mark, you have envisioned the completion of Abiquor; now let us go about making it a reality. For this you and other volunteers will remain on Earth for many years in healthy, balanced human form with 5thDimensional functioning. The result of these efforts will be a new human civilization for the New Earth
I, Taugth, am most pleased to be communicating with you this day. I look forward to other opportunities to do so.
July 6, 2012
Greetings: I am Adrial, celestial of this universe, and I am Bren-Ton of Andromeda. We are most pleased to be communicating with you today.
For several years now we have been saying to you that the time of choosing would come. Now is that time. We have been telling you that Earth would be transforming herself to a lighter density. We have been saying that all that would remain with Earth are required to raise their vibrations to match hers.
At this moment there are three choices before you. First, you may raise your vibration to the point that you ascend to a higher/lighter density thereby removing yourself from the Earth plane. Second, you may choose to remain in the 3rd Density that currently holds the majority of Earth humans in a fear-based paradigm. Or third, you may choose to remain with Earth as she transitions herself to a higher/lighter density.
A fundamental law of the universe is that you can only exist in those vibrations with which you are compatible. If you are surrounded by vibrations that are dissimilar to your own, you will find yourself in a situation that you cannot tolerate. That is happening to many at this moment. They are feeling incompatible with the prevailing density of fear, violence, separation, and self-focus. They are removing themselves from those situations that are incompatible with their higher vibration. This leads some to physically relocate to a situation more to their liking, more compatible with their higher vibration. Others find retreats at their existing locations.
We wish to remind you that it is not enough to merely wish that you reside in a certain vibration, you must attune yourself to it at every moment. If you are now vibrating in the 3rd Dimension, you are constantly reinforcing your existence in that vibration by giving your consent to hold that energy. If you are in a fear-based environment you are telling yourself that this is where I wish to be. Oh, you may have moments of desiring something different, but in the end you settle for what you have, and accept it as your lot in life.
On the other hand, if you are living in a love-based vibration, you are constantly reinforcing your existence in that environment. So you have a choice of two vibrations, a higher love-based one and a lower fear-based one. How do you choose?
If you are settled in a fear-based existence, know that you will not continue with Earth, nor will you ascend to a lighter way of being. Both paths are incompatible with your lower vibration. Those of a lower vibration will either choose death and reincarnation, or they will be transported to another location where they may continue their fear-based existence until they eventually awaken to the light. We make no judgment of them; they are merely making a choice.
Those who are vibrating at a higher/lighter density – notice we did not say those who “choose” to vibrate at a higher/lighter density. Those who are actually vibrating in the light have two choices before them: They may choose to ascend to an existence without form, what you might call a spirit form where they will be embraced by those of a similar resonance. There they will choose their next step on their upward journey toward uniting with Source.
An alternative to this path is what we have been calling the path of the Caretakers. The Caretakers of the new Earth will be a special breed of humans never before seen in this universe. The Caretakers will enjoy physical form but with bodies infused with lighter densities. These new humans of Earth, endowed with crystalline bodies that are youthful, healthy and vibrant, will exist for hundreds of years. These new humans of Earth will enjoy telepathy and manifestation, and will resonate as citizens of the cosmos. They will create a new civilization on Earth, a glorious civilization that will become the destination for many star system visitors to admire and to interact with.
So we reiterate that you are now in that moment of choice. How are you living your life? Are there things holding you from becoming all that you can be? Now is the moment to discard them, for you cannot exist in a higher/lighter density if you are stuck with the baggage of the lower density. Do you have habits, addictions, beliefs, attachments, or residual emotions and thoughts that do not serve you? Rid yourself of them. Do you have fears of taking the next step of your progress? Move beyond those fears, for they serve you not. Do you have distractions in your current existence, detach from them.
Now is the time of your choosing. Do not worry about what surrounds you, the news of the day, the actions of others, or your established beliefs. Rise above them. Look to the glorious future that awaits you. Your new life is just beyond your next decision. You do not have the luxury of delaying further. Your personal transformation is at hand. “Business as usual” is there to lure you to continue without change. Act for what serves your long-term interests, not what is a retreat into established patterns.
If you believe that you will be able to cling to the higher/lighter vibrations when the chaos of the transformation is about you, you are sadly mistaken. You will be able to maintain the higher vibrations only by looking forward to what is before you, not by running away from your old life out of fear.
It will require practice to maintain these higher vibrations. Practice until the higher vibrations become a second nature, practice until you can easily maintain the higher vibrations in the face of what you now encounter as 3rdDimension, and practice so that your conventional life, whatever it might be, is left behind. Begin this very moment to engage yourself in the higher vibrations. Practice this day.
It has been our pleasure to share our understandings with you.
Adrial and Bren-Ton

Through Mark Kimmel

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