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ULY 19, 2015 Greetings from the Arcturian Group. 

 Know that everything is proceeding according to plan, and be not afraid dear ones, for the many changes and upheavals happening on earth at this time are all proof of the shifting energy of evolution.
 Remember as you observe chaos taking place in the world, that what has become old, more often than not, only leaves after a great deal of resistance.

We wish to speak today of change, a topic we have spoken of before. There are many who as of yet do not associate needed change with personal change. These dear ones see and work toward change in politics, religion, and government, but do not realize that they themselves are the politics, religion, and government. Outer change can only manifest from the substance from which it is formed–consciousness. 


You as creators, have over time created many different three dimensional worlds, each manifesting the belief system and consensus consciousness of the times.

 When enough people awaken, the enlightened world consciousness will once again shift the dynamic of the whole, for consciousness and its manifestation are one and the same.
 Notice that as concepts and beliefs change (states of consciousness) laws and acceptable ways of living also change.

Change is extremely difficult for those who find security and comfort in sameness.


 It is very easy to rest back in ways that up to now have worked to bring a level of harmony and peace regardless of how it was accomplished. These dear ones struggle and resist, and often without thought automatically bring judgement and criticism to any suggestions of change in their personal world or the world in general. This is an expression of fear.

Those accustomed to believe without question what authority figures tell them, respond with; “We have always done it this way and it has worked. The government, priest, expert has said…”. However this mind set is no longer working because the energy manifesting and supporting it is dissolving. These ways were perfect and necessary for their time, but it is a NEW TIME, and if you look closely, you will discover cracks beginning to appear in the foundation of long held world concepts.

Many commonplace ideas, beliefs, and world solutions no longer resonate with an awakening mankind and because they no longer hold the belief energy necessary to keep them in place, are crumbling. This appears as chaos and brings about all varieties of fear for those of a superstitious and un-awakened states of consciousness.

In your personal lives many of you are discovering that long standing relationships with certain friends or members of your family seem to be weakening–you are no longer on the same page so to speak. This is because resonance attracts like resonance. If you have made a shift in consciousness, you no longer resonate with those who remain in the previous energy. This can be very confusing and even hurtful for those who do not understand and interpret the situation on a three dimensional level.

It is not that you are better than them, it is simply a matter of being in a new place energetically–like energy attracts like energy. Often there comes a point in the spiritual journey at which the student finds they have no friends at all. This is the point at which you must trust this part of the journey, not trying to fix or make things work again according to popular thinking. Very quickly the student will find that those of a similar resonance are attracted into their sphere, and become the new friends. Know that you are being guided every step of the way and cannot be other than on your chosen path.

Fear governs the actions of many large corporations and individuals as they observe their business models no longer resonating with the majority. This is happening in the medical/pharmaceutical fields as well as with organized religions and world governments. Frequently no holds are barred financially or dishonestly in the effort to bring customers back.

Without evolving change in the consciousness of a business and individuals involved, heavy promotion tactics simply will not work because as with individuals, the energy no longer resonates–they are not speaking to the new consciousness and people are not so easily fooled as they once were. You will begin to observe this frantic struggle to make the old work as it once did, more and more in all sorts of situations.

Change is often difficult for spiritual leaders and light workers if their focus and teachings have been locked into specific practices and teachings. They will find that what once worked , no longer works. This is because any spiritual practice or beliefs rigidly not allowed to evolve, will not resonate with the evolving consciousness of serious seekers. As students move on and fewer are attracted, many a sincere spiritual teacher is left to wonder why and this question will become the teachers lesson.

Dogma, rigidity, and righteousness have no place in true spirituality for they represent stagnation–impossible within an omnipresent and infinitely unfolding Divine Consciousness. Duality and separation beliefs cannot be carried into the new energy.

Work, play, beliefs, practices, and every spark of daily living is moving into new and higher expression. Your job is stand back and allow, letting go of any attempts to figure it all out with the mind according outdated and often incorrect world beliefs. A mind conditioned through many lifetimes with third dimensional beliefs needs time to reprogram. This means allowing new awareness’s to integrate and become one’s state of consciousness while at the same time releasing everything recognized as old and finished.

The minute there is resistance to anything, an energy block is created. We are not saying you must embrace every new idea of truth that presents itself, for always there must be discernment ( a facet of personal power). Be alert to ideas and beliefs being hyped as “new” that are simply repackaged “old”. It is imperative that without pre-judgment, you honestly examine in the light of your unfolding evolution, every concept and belief you hold as true or become newly aware of even if just to say; “Interesting”.

Non resistance is much easier than fighting every idea that may be different from what you have always believed. It is ego (the sense of separation from the whole), that does not want to admit it may of been incorrect about something. Let that false sense of self dissolve into the nothingness that it is dear ones, for it is simply the belief you are a human being who must struggle for every bit of recognition or value.

Never become spiritual door mats, living in fear of expressing personal choices because of rigidly binding man made rules that define spirituality.

It is time for all choosing to proceed on a spiritual evolutionary journey to trust that there is a bigger picture unfolding and that you need not know everything about it. Be open, allow, and let go without fear for you can only expand more and more–life is unending.

Trust that if you have chosen to evolve, you are doing it. The “train leaves the station” with your intent. You will be on your chosen path and always guided even when it seems as if nothing is happening. The do-ing part is complete for many of you. It is time now for the Be-ing part which may seem right now to be a doing nothing.

Throughout time, you have been programmed to believe that spiritual progress could only happen with spiritual “do-ing–reading, writing, healing, studying, taking classes, having energy sessions. This has always been the way for spiritual growth and learning and you did all these things sincerely and well.

We do not say you will never again be guided to some teacher, book or class. However, know that it is now a NEW TIME–a time for greater selectivity, trust, and allowing. A time now to listen, rest in, live, and practice the truths you learned allowing yourselves to birth a new state of consciousness.

There is nothing to become, you already are.

We are the Arcturian Group 7/19/15

©2015 |

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sharing:::▶ Yoga Over Splits with Kino -Arcturian Greeting — Welcome Home | Equipoise.

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sharing:::▶ Yoga Over Splits with Kino -Arcturian Greeting — Welcome Home

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Sunday, October 19, 2014
Arcturian Greeting — Welcome Home


Arcturian Greeting

Welcome Home 
Beloved Ones, 

We can come into the NOW of your awareness to speak about your third-dimensional, sequential time. Sequential time is constructed from the collective physical requirements of a third dimensional reality so that the members of that reality can create a timeline on which they can fulfill their divine plane, also known as their “Mission.”

Within this time-bound reality the collective consciousness of that world has thoughts, emotions and behaviors which impinge upon the 3D matrix to program and re-program the ever-changing experience of time. “Time” is quite novel to us higher dimensionals, as we often call ourselves.

When we take a form in the third/fourth dimensional hologram, we think of “going into time” like you make think of “going into an amusement park.” An amusement part has many exciting experiences, which are usually based on some form of fear. Will this upside down cart drop me on the ground far below? Will I win the huge bear to impress my girlfriend or will I make a fool of my self?

When you are at an amusement park you eat many foods that you know are of a very low frequency and are likely very bad for your body. However, you are “having fun,” so it is OK to indulge your lower urges. You can scream in the roller coaster and act like a child and no one will notice.

Since we of the higher frequencies have not “been on the 3D” for many eras of what you would call “time,” we think that a bit of fear and self-indulgence will be just fine. We only think that because we have forgotten how addictive fear and self-indulgence can be. You see, we even forgot about how it feels to be a “third dimensional.”

Hence, we forgot how fear, separation, loneliness, hunger, work and many other earth-bound experiences impact on our state of consciousness. When we higher dimensionals so “bravely” volunteered to take on a physical earth vessel, we have usually forgotten the density and extremely fragility of the third dimension. We have also forgotten the sensation of illness, pain, fatigue, anxiety and depression, as well.

Unfortunately, by the time we remember how very difficult it is on the third dimension, we are already merged with our new life and duty bound to fulfill our very idealistic mission statement that we created while wearing our fifth dimensional, and beyond, lightbody. The problem is that by the time many of us are old enough in human age to fulfill the mission we designed while living in the higher worlds, we have forgotten that there ever was a mission.

By that “time” we have likely even forgotten that we are higher dimensional beings who volunteered to merge our consciousness with a third dimensional who volunteered to accept our energy field. What started, literally, as a match created in heaven, soon began to feel to both parties as a bad idea or a big mistake.

“How can I possibly fulfill that mission?” asks the human. Meanwhile the inner galactic and/or celestial counterpart says, “How could I have forgotten it was so difficult on this frequency of reality?”

Eventually, the human often forgets the mission and the galactic forgets their true, multidimensional nature. Also, both of them forget they are actually different dimensional expressions of the SAME person.

Are you beginning to understand our/your plight now? This process is much like making Italian dressing. If both of you don’t continually “shake the bottle” the oil and vinegar separate. Of course, no one is actually shaking our human vessel, but we realize that sometimes it does feel like that.

Sometime the human cannot remember anything about their true nature, and the galactic can’t remember why they would volunteer for such an impossible assignment. Even though Earth is a hologram, it is a VERY convincing hologram that all the inhabitants think of as a “real world.”

This is where “time” comes into the picture. The third-dimensional human, who is really a fifth-dimensional galactic being, and the-fifth dimensional galactic being, who thinks he/she is a third-dimensional human, get lost in each other. Then, they too often forget that they are both expressions of their shared Multidimensional SELF.

This leaves us, the members of the Galactic Command Center, in a very difficult position of how do we wake these people up without breaking Gaia’s laws of a “free will planet?”
What we try to do is we find humans, somewhere, who are close to awakening to their Multidimensional SELF and continuously over light them.

We go into their dreams, their meditations and influence their creativity as much as possible. Please remember that these people are our dear friends and family member who volunteered for a VERY difficult mission. We cannot abandon them, but we also cannot break the laws of free will.

We tell you our story because we can see how difficult it is for you to try to be a higher consciousness being while living in a reality filled with fear and lies. We, also, ask you to think about this situation from our perspective. How would you feel if one of your children, best friends and/or family members “went on a journey” and did not contact you to tell you they were safe?

In fact, what if you knew that they were not safe, maybe their life was in danger, and there was nothing you could do to help them? Meanwhile, you knew there were very dark beings who were damaging your loved one’s life, threatening their health by destroying their environment, putting poisonous “medicine” into their food and bodies, AND there was nothing you could do because of an old law of free will!

However, we have a great advantage that you on the third dimension do not experience. We live in the NOW and have no passage of time. Because of our intimate relationship with our friends and family “On Mission” to 3D Earth, we can now remember how very difficult it is to live in a time-bound world.

We see that many of you, our volunteers, have found a way to expand your consciousness beyond the frequency of the 3D drama and live in the relative peace of comfort of your fifth dimensional perceptions. Yes, there are many fifth dimensional perceptions on Gaia. In fact, there are more and more each day.

YOU, our so beloved Away Team, are finally beginning to really make a change. You see, as soon as your multidimensional memory begins to return, you remember the joys of unity with us, you higher expressions of SELF. Then, you begin to remember that you volunteered to spread that unity consciousness through out your third-dimensional world.

Yes, thanks to the Zetas and their Draconian friends, you have Internet. Through your Internet you can communicate with fellow volunteers all over the face of Gaia. Every time you communicate with another of your beloved crewmembers and family members, you find deep joy, unconditional love and immense courage to unite with those who still slumber in illusion.

We know that many of you remember the story of Sleeping Beauty in which the handsome prince had to fight the wicked witch and hack his way through the torn bushes to rescue his beloved who would remained asleep until he awakened her with his loving kiss. That is exactly what we are doing.

We are confronting the wicked witch of greed and power over others, hacking through the dark illusions that have trapped our loved ones and awakening them with the power of our love and the tenderness of our kiss.

We speak with you today to let you ALL know that you WILL be awakened. Your kingdom of peace and love WILL be returned to you, and much, much more. You ARE deeply loved, and we will never give up on you.

We all resonate to unity consciousness. Hence, you are us, and we are you. We will NEVER give up on you! How could we, as we ARE YOU resonating to a higher frequency of reality? We are all ONE being in the NOW. Hence, as soon as you awaken, we ask for your assistance.

We ask that as soon as you awaken to your Multidimensional SELF that you go out and awaken as many others as you can to their Multidimensional SELF. Just one of you can awaken hundreds or thousands of others.

In fact, you may not need to awaken them, as many are already fully awake to the fact that “it is the NOW to change.” They do not know what “the NOW” means, or what changes they need to make, but they are ready and willing to learn.

You are our beloved friends are our family. You do not need to tell the ones whom you awaken about themselves, as that is for them to discover. But, you can tell them about yourself. Tell them the truth what they unconsciously hunger to hear and, most of all, send them unconditional love.

Unconditional love is a new concept for far too may humans. Therefore, be sure to also send them unconditional forgiveness and unconditional acceptance. All unconditional gifts resonate to the fifth dimension and beyond. Therefore, these emotional gifts resonate beyond the time and limitations of the third-dimensional world.

As the newly awakened ones begin to release the 3D concepts of time and limitation, our beloved volunteers to Earth will begin to awaken to the truth of their Multidimensional SELF. Then, the first thing they will do is to awaken other volunteers of their away mission.

Just as fear can, and definitely does, spread through the 3D hologram, unconditional love can also spread throughout your world. Most important, the fifth dimensional quality of unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness and unconditional acceptance will sink deep into the core of Gaia and float up into the atmosphere to heal the harm and attract the love.

Oh, what a glorious site we will see as this love and light brings our volunteers back to their true SELF and awakens to the HERE and NOW of the higher worlds. Within the NOW there is no time, and within the HERE we, the Arcturians as well as your higher dimensional SELF, will welcome you Home!
Blessing from we the Arcturians


Note from Sue,
Just to remind US how easy it was for us to forget our SELF, I have attached this video of:
How Toddlers Respond to Angry Behavior:
Posted by Sue at 12:54 PM

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Equipoise: ▶ Deep Straddle Splits in Yoga with Kino MacGregor – The High Council Of Orion: Awareness Of Energetic Essence.:::.sharing

Equipoise: ▶ Deep Straddle Splits in Yoga with Kino MacGregor – The High Council Of Orion: Awareness Of Energetic Essence.:::.sharing.

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Sunday, June 8, 2014


▶ Deep Straddle Splits in Yoga with Kino MacGregor – The High Council Of Orion: Awareness Of Energetic Essence.:::.sharing



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The High Council Of Orion: Awareness Of Energetic Essence
Holly Hawkins Marwood
Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood
6th March 2014

“Greetings Dear Ones.

We are the High Council of Orion.

Once again it gives us great joy to connect with each and every one of you to share the messages from where we are to assist you and guide you on your pathway to a new reality, a new time, a new experience of your incarnation.
Today’s message is about connecting to your energetic essence. More simply put it really is about connecting to your essence. As many of you know, and as your scientists have been proving in many, many ways, the essence of All That Is is that same energetic signature. You can reduce down everything within your experience of the world to the same energy. Your experience of your world is about vibrational differences that gives you the contrast to experience yourself as a physical being, the trees, the plants, the other humans, the planet itself, the weather systems, whatever it might be. It’s all vibrational resonance showing up in different ways to give you a variety of experiences, but underneath all of it, or deeper than all of it, wider than all of it, is this same energy of Essence.
We invite you today to begin to open your mind to the idea and live into the reality that the energy is the same throughout all of creation. All of it! There is no difference. As you have your quiet times, as you meditate, as you move into greater places of connection and looking for that Source Energy within you, we ask you to, at this moment in time, feel and open yourself to the idea and the experience that the energy is all the same at its core. As you entertain this idea in your meditations, as you entertain this idea in your explorations, in your questioning of your life and the universe, it opens up your field to be able to begin to experience that essence energy. As you do the vibratory rate at which you are experiencing your life begins to shift. What does this mean? The denser vibrations begin to be more impacted by your conscious awareness of your essence energy.
We have more to teach and share about this later on, but for now we want you to understand and begin to consciously connect with your essence energy. There doesn’t need to be a “way” to do it. There doesn’t need to be at “teaching” around this. Just the idea that you open your mind and your energetic field to begin to live into an awareness first, and then, over time, an increased connection with the reality that essence energy is the same regardless of where you are and regardless of what’s happening.
With that you can begin to live into the future energetic truth of living into Oneness, living into working with energies through a flow, through the Oneness where you’ve transcended a lot of thought, a lot of action; you transcended the need to effort through things. For instead of seeing the density as an energetic reality you have connected with the essence energy that is everything, which is free flowing. You begin to live outside of the constructs of the denser reality in which you live, in which you exist, and in which your Soul chose you to have there and be there.
At the same time you can begin to learn to transcend and work with this essence energy as you acknowledge it, as you feel it, as you experience it, as you begin to see the veil of the different levels of density begin to fall away.
We will leave you with this idea for now to explore the concept of your awareness around essence energy that is everything. It is that different vibrational rate within the essence energy that allows you to experience your world the way you do on this plane, however, as you begin to connect with it in more of its purer form, in the form that it naturally moves with freedom, you can begin to experience that within your life and in your reality.

Be Blessed.-

We are the High Council of Orion.”
* * *

© 2014 Copyright Holly Hawkins Marwood
This channeled message may be reproduced in it’s entirety provided it is kept in it’s original form and not altered or changed in any way, with the Author and a link to clearly displayed as shown below.
Author: Holly Hawkins Marwood

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samkaska: Reading:::File:::ISON:::▶ 106 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA Nibiru and Events – The Journey of Your Soul – Your Soul Splits into 16 parts… not 2!

samkaska: Reading:::File:::ISON:::▶ 106 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA Nibiru and Events – The Journey of Your Soul – Your Soul Splits into 16 parts… not 2!.

* * *

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Reading:::File:::ISON:::▶ 106 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA Nibiru and Events – The Journey of Your Soul – Your Soul Splits into 16 parts… not 2!

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překládat / ترجم / לתרגם   /   翻訳する / 翻译
+ + +
Video 106
Answers of an alien from Andromeda – video hundred and six – November 13, 2013.
Friends, as I said before, ISON event will realign the orbit of all planets in the solar system. All its motion and influence will be balanced to cause the effects that the system need to finalize the passage into the level one. The time of the final adjustments of frequencies and orbits of the planets of the solar system is coming fast now. The new frequencies that enable your society to maintain a planet level one in this new phase will be harmonics of the frequency of vibration of your Sun, which is fitting to end this tuning. The high activity of thy sun should make a cleanup of frequencies harmful to the development of the new phase of consciousness, even if it has to stop many current activities of your society. Be assured that all that will be necessary for these final adjustments, is not any kind of punishment, on the contrary, it is a blessing. All of you who are going through this new tune has important roles in this process, so you are here right now. In the development processes of the universe there are no coincidences, a cup to overflow needs all the drops, is one that is missing it does not overflow.
Be prepared for this new phase, the only situations that may affect the conditions of life of your people during this period are the acts of exception caused by unhealthy dome government that governs your planet. But in the end, whether they want it or not, everything will be set by the laws of universal development. Your dome of elitist governments, are simply convulsing before death.
Some answers to questions of many:
– You need not worry about how many levels one or zero level will remain on the planet. This will be a process of natural selection. Even if your governments eliminate entire populations in their sickening process of upheaval, it will not change the formation of the new society, with the revival of “levels one” on the planet.
– Answering some questions about Mars, the passage of ISON caused no structural damage to the planet, cities and bases of operation survived because they had turned their force fields.
– On Venus, or on your planet, the Sun will be largely responsible for changes, and ISON, will be radio-controlled to adjust the vibration frequency end of the Sun and all the planets of the system, for this upgrade. It may not follow the expected route by your scientists after passing by the Sun.
– As I mentioned earlier, Taus will be detected in a new fixed orbit, and the cloud of cosmic energy that surrounds the entire solar system will be responsible for thousands of stray meteors that will be supervised by Pleiadeans.
– The solar system Nibiru will pass by the system to complete its cycle, but its influence will not generate widespread cataclysms, the Krulians will be monitoring and directing this passage as been doing for over a year.
– Comets with multiple tails are relatively common, its composition with rare materials make them to react to the forces vectorial links crossing on your journey. The tails represent reactions to related vectorial links to gravitational fields of other heavenly bodies trying to interfere with its trajectory. The angle between the tails will vary according to the distances of the objects that are influencing its path.
– In case you run out communication via satellites, or without energy, you should have communication devices as previously mentioned, that can run on batteries, but keep these devices off during any news of EMP’s issued by your Sun or caused by your governments. Keep this equipment insulated and disconnected until be sure they can be connected. Keep a cell phone or any electronic device connected to verify that it will not be burned before connecting your main communication equipment. The radios are the only common form of communication that remains to keep communities knowing what’s going on. We will be operating at various frequencies from VHF, UHF and shortwave, and we can communicate with those who are able to scan the channels to listen.
– The case of Japan radiation spread is severe. Thy elites really want that to happen so offered no aid to Japanese government to assist in the case. It’s impressive, even for us observers, the neglect of all your major nations with the fact. This is already a predominant factor for you to realize the planning of a whole scenario of reducing resources and destruction of the ecosystem. Understand that we can only intervene when your governments are not more governments. When the planet is no government, what will happen when your elites to retract to escape from the rest of the population, then yes we can assume our role in helping “extraterrestrial.
– The colonies in the “planet one” that is getting earthlings for development situation prior to your “middle age”, is already with several colonies rapidly developing. Eighty percent of the disembodied here is reborn in these new colonies. In a few hundred years we will have another planet to go to level one, and possibly volunteers from the new society level 1 of the Earth that is starting, may participate in helping this new planet in its passage also to the “level one”. As for the other twenty percent of the disembodied, are reborn in the second planet and integrating into tribes “post Neanderthal.” These will take a few thousand years to pass to the level one.
These two planets are very similar to the Earth, and are in another solar system in the same quadrant are you in your galaxy. Very convenient. What I can say is that this system has nineteen planets and a sun of magnitude 4 on the scale you use.
– Even these disasters caused by atmospheric manipulation, are being scheduled by your governments by way of simple scientific experiments. The vast majority of disembodied of these regions, as recently occurred in the
Philippines, will be reborn in the “planet 1″ as children of its current inhabitants. They will be in a very good location and will be happy with the new development opportunity.
– I shall communicate again so is necessary to inform you of the next steps. Be well every one.
Captain Bill – November, 2013
I am placing this information out of curiosity. A spacecraft type used by Mythi few years ago was photographed in several pictures by Google Maps in Mount Shasta, California, U.S.. According Mythi reported, this type of spacecraft was very popular a few decades ago, and is still in use by various cultures from Andromeda visiting planet Earth. According to him, this ship photographed belongs to a race, good friends of his, who belong to a colony on Rigel Centaurs. Are scientific units, working here for many decades, as it also makes scientists from Epsilon Boötis.
If they have not taken these pictures out, below are the links for you to browse through the site and see for yourselves the spacecraft for several angles using Google Street View in greater resolution. Cheers! CB LINK 1 LINK 2
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překládat / ترجم / לתרגם   /   翻訳する / 翻译
The Journey of Your Soul – Your Soul Splits into 16 parts… not 2!

Many misunderstand the idea of twin flames, and are searching for that one special soul, usually of the opposite sex, to spend their lives with. In truth there is not just one other half of you out there somewhere walking around, but many more pieces of your soul. And yet it is with only ONE such other piece of your soul that you are to unite into one magnificent WHOLE.

So how does this happen? When your soul, your OVERSOUL is born at the source, it is born into a soul family of other such souls who are all closely related. These OVERSOULS will continue to interact with each other over and over again in various physical lives, and etheric ones. A soul family is different than an OVERSOUL.

An oversoul is one giant soul that has been split into 16 parts. That is what I am being told, that there are usually 16 parts of the soul that separate into “mini souls”. These mini souls go on to have various experiences. Since the cosmos is huge, and there are a myriad of universes, parallel realities, dimensions, etc., These 16 parts are quickly multiplied into what is called “Aspects of self”. To help you understand this better. It’s very similar to this, when you are home alone, you are one way, when you go to work you present a completely different “you” to the world. Being with your parents creates yet another persona. Being with a significant other, another. Etc., etc., Each time we adjust our behavior in order to present ourselves in a different light we create an aspect of our own selves.

I have not formally spoken to St. Germain prior to receiving this tool, and found myself flabbergasted when he came to me early in the morning as I was awakening from sleep. I saw him clearly and he pointed to this tool and explained to me in detail how to use it! And as soon as I took it into my hands and closed my eyes, I felt my crown chakra vibrating surprisingly much and felt myself surrounded by so much Violet that I felt myself actually becoming it! Then complete, peace and serenity filled my body and uncontrollable joy! Click here to learn more about it :

In fact many people with “split personality disorders” as they have been labeled by our modern medicine, have an issue with the fact that their auric field has cracked opened and the various aspects of themselves become disconnected. Sometimes this is actually quite easy to fix by simply sealing the auric field with “etheric surgery”.

So as you can see everything starts at the Oversoul level, then splits into 16 parts, and tapers down to a myriad of aspects of self.

These 16 parts the most important ones of course, since each of the 16 parts are currently living out their beautiful journeys all over the universe. And there is an INFINITE number universes. So these 16 parts of your soul separate and move about the vast cosmic platform.

Once each of these parts has had enough experience and desires to merge back to its true self it must find it’s appropriate part and see if that part of the soul is actually ready to merge with it.

16 parts create 8 pairs. Once these 8 pairs merge, they create 4 pairs. Once these 4 pairs merge they create 2 pairs. Once these 2 pairs merge, it is then that TWIN FLAMES that we all know of and keep on talking about emerge. These TWIN FLAMES are the most important ones for the oversoul. Keep in mind though that this OVERSOUL is a sort of energy hub which keeps tabs on all its parts and aspects, connecting these parts with each other, and instigating various events for these mini souls to keep constantly meeting throughout their journeys in the universe.

Therefore, it is quite possible to meet a part of your soul throughout your mini souls life. In fact its mandatory. Surprising to me was that these mini souls of your oversoul do not necessarily need to be in a romantic relationship! Since each mini soul is developing at its own speed, many times a more advanced part of your soul will meet with a less advanced one, less experienced one, in order to help it to move forward, to teach it various things about the universe and life. Therefore it’s quite possible to have children and parents who seem to be so identical to each other and have an incredibly close relationship with one another, understanding each other on some level that is mind boggling. When asked whether they were romantically involved in previous lives the answer is always no.

It was after many channelings and encounters that this information was finally revealed to me. So in one lifetime you can have a child who is part of your actual soul. A piece of you. Whom you are helping to maneuver through this life!

Also each pair that forms will never be romantically involved with another. However the respective parts will always meet to exchange information be it in actual physical or etheric, or otherwise. They will always bump into each other to exchange information learned on a frequency level which we are simply not aware of.

So for example Part 1A and Part 9A will be romantically involved with each other, in fact they will meet many times over and have various romantic relationships which doesn’t mean that they will merge with each other, as they may simply not be ready to do so. However, Part 1A and 2A will never be romantically involved, they may play out various roles as parent/child relationship etc. These types of relationship are usually incredibly close. Many times you see parent and child that can’t seem to live without each other. Understanding each other without having to speak a word. In our world it may seem abnormal to have such a close bond with a parent/child, but it doesn’t mean that their relationship is not balanced, not at all they are simply the best of friends who seem to clearly understand and respect each other, support each other etc. Most of the time, when such a relationship does occur usually one of them will be a much more evolved part of the soul. This is not a soul group, this is an actual part of your soul.


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Sometimes it will occur between friends. If you think about it, there may have been or still is a friend in your life that you have an incredibly complicated relationship with, they do everything wrong from your point of view, they drive you crazy, but at the same time you keep on being there for them guiding them and helping them. No matter what they do, you seem to have unconditional love for them, that you simply cannot explain. This is usually the reason, they are simply part of your OVERSOUL and you are part of theirs. You both met in order to help your OVERSOUL grow faster, correct each others “mistakes” learn and expand your mutual consciousness, which really is ONE.

So once again, Part 1A + Part 9A will be romantically involved. Part 4A and 13A never will be. Each OVERSOUL separates into 16 parts, once these 16 parts meet they will form 8 pairs. Once the 8 pairs merge, which could take eons to happen, they will form 4 pairs which will once again go off and have their own adventures and their own lives. Finally to merge into unison and form 2 “minisouls. Again each part will continue its own journey until they are finally ready to merge with each other. And that is what we understand to be TWIN FLAMES. In essence though, it is not the case as here on earth right now you could simply be merging with one of the earlier pairs, say Part 8A + Part 16A. However, the last pairs to merge are usually the most powerful unions of all.

They usually merge at the most important historical moments of the universe, and that is precisely what is happening on planet earth at the moment. These last 2 “minisouls” are finally merging into ONE, meeting and CREATING phenomenal experiences not only for humanity but for all of the universe enlarge. As we are in the midst of great changes that are influencing this entire universe which comprises of a myriad of galaxies, stars, planets, dimensions, various realities the impact of such mergers is usually extremely profound and breathtaking to behold.

And then, there are those here on earth that have fully and completely merged with ALL parts of their soul. They do not feel that urge, loneliness, nor desire to meet that “Special” someone, they are content, complete, and here to assist humanity with infinite knowledge of the creator. These are the most profound spiritual leaders, scientists, healers, teachers, world leaders, etc., whose sole purpose in life seems to be assisting humanity without much interest in seeking out romantic relationships as that is not their primary goal nor do they need to meet another part of their soul to carry out their divine missions as all parts are with them assisting them from WITHIN.

And then there are soul families, soul groups, etc, that eventually all merge into ONE being called the SOURCE/GOD as we understand it to be. In essence we are ALL interconnected and intertwined, regardless if a particular being is part of your actual soul or not, as we simply are part of ONE GIANT WHOLE from which we all originate and to which we all belong, and of which we all are.

It’s the same as your fingers, organs, cells, all carrying out different functions, working together, being part of ONE whole, the human body. The same is with the universe, we are all parts of the universe, parts of GOD, parts of creator and that is why we truly ARE The creators of our own realities, as we go about our day we CREATE with MAGIC of our thought patterns. Hence it’s so incredibly important to remember that what WE think, truly DOES affect EVERYONE around us, even those that presently do not reside on planet earth. So choose your thoughts wisely and enjoy every step of your journey to ONENESS to the understanding of SELF to just BEING and CREATING this phenomenal experience we call LIFE!

~Anna Merkaba – Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing or Pychic Session with Anna and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL

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By annamerkaba on June 5, 2014

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