Equipoise: ▶ Spinal Twist in Lotus – ▶ Ascended Master, Lady Portia: Focus on the Good – January 29, 2014 – sharing

Equipoise: ▶ Spinal Twist in Lotus – ▶ Ascended Master, Lady Portia: Focus on the Good – January 29, 2014 – sharing.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

▶ Spinal Twist in Lotus – ▶ Ascended Master, Lady Portia: Focus on the Good – January 29, 2014 – sharing

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Ascended Master, Lady Portia: Focus on the Good

Lady Portia
Lady Portia

Message from Ascended Master, Lady Portia

Received by Julie Miller

January 29, 2014

Let us be honest dear ones, how much of your time is spent judging

and criticizing other dear souls? Possibly remarking on their choice of
clothing, cleanliness, shoes, actions, or any other thing that catches
your attention in order to judge, assume and to give unwarranted
opinions. For the most part dear ones, the truth is casting judgement is
done quite often. Just because you don’t say what you are thinking
doesn’t mean your thoughts don’t have weight or consequences. If you are
completely happy and at peace with all that you are, then you are most
likely to not feel the need to judge others.
Have you ever wondered why you judge or criticize your fellow
brothers or sisters? The root to this unnecessary development is
insecurity – it is the main reason you judge and criticize others and
every time you speak unkindly or perform an unkind act you are not
allowing love to enter the picture and love is the healer of all wounds,
especially the internal ones. Whenever you are unhappy or feeling out
of sorts with your total self, we have witnessed how easy it is for you
to turn your blue mood onto someone else. You may insult them, put them
down, or make them feel guilty just so you yourself can feel good. But
in truth it doesn’t feel good, or at least not for long when your
judgmental actions have caused hurt to the ones who have received your
judgment or criticism. So many dear souls put up a tough front, but
their heart and their soul knows making other dear souls feel bad is not
the way to happiness and peace.
We understand your journey can be frightening, more often than not
you find yourself facing the unknown and can easily be intimidated by
others, or feel outdone if someone seems to have gone ahead and
succeeded in something you feel should have been yours. When fear enters
the picture dear ones, your ability to reason and see clearly seems to
vanish. Putting down others just to feel better causes more harm than
good, and each feeling, thought, emotion, word and action all carries
weight and you are accountable for all that you do towards your fellow
brothers and sisters. Remember, they too are on their own journey,
trying to figure out which way to go and what to do next. Instead of
casting out unnecessary and inappropriate judgements and criticisms, how
about lending a helping hand, offer yourself as someone to turn to,
share that you too are going through some tough challenges and that you
are able sympathize with their discomforts. Just because each of you are
on different missions, does not mean you cannot be kind and respectful
towards each other. Through your ability to share your pain and your
achievements, you are able to grow and nurture not just yourself but
those you communicate and associate with.
A good step forward is knowing you must make some changes and you
begin creating an action plan that will implement those changes that
will positively affect the way you respond and interact with others,
even if you are having a bad day, you have a choice to react in a kind
and compassionate manner. Being judgmental hurts, it doesn’t bring
healing, it doesn’t bring love or compassion – and it leaves the other
person wondering what they have done to deserve your criticism and
judgement of them. Even if you never say the words you wish you could,
they still have the potential of coming out in an unexpected and often
explosive manner. It is essential dear ones to become more thoughtful of
what you are about to say. How would you feel if someone treated you
poorly the same way, or assumed something incorrectly or judged with a
biased based opinion? Many may say they wouldn’t care, but deep down we
know the truth and we know there is not a dear soul out there that
enjoys being hurt by the actions or words of another and the person who
owns the hurtful words or actions is also hurting – no love, no
compassion, no acceptance and no respect is gained by being unkind. And
every time a dear soul chooses to demonstrate unkindness towards another
they are not moving closer to God’s Heart, but further away.
Unfortunately the more dear souls choose to judge and criticize their
fellow brothers and sisters, the more stereotypes are being formed,
then the dear souls who fall into these categories or stereotypes try to
live up to expectations not decided by them, but decided by the ones
who created the category or label. It makes no difference what race,
gender, choice of spiritual practice, ethnicity, appearance or any other
attribute that creates a stereotype, God loves each dear soul equally
and we encourage His demonstration of pure and genuine love to be what
you are also sharing each and every day through your actions, words,
feelings, emotions, thoughts and choices. Each dear soul has something
wonderful and meaningful to contribute. If you would only stop rushing
and listen, you will learn that their story is vital and is an essential
part of your global backyard. The dear souls that feel forced to live
up to certain standards, governed by those that judge and criticize them
doesn’t promote them to living a life of liberation and happiness, they
end up trying to live up to expectations decided by judgements and
assumptions that have little truth. This is not the way dear ones to
bring unconditional love, peace and compassion into the world. End the
need to judge others, and choose to love, to be compassionate, to be at
peace with yourself and with the world around you, choose to be kind,
accepting and respectful – you will be amazed how positively those
around you will respond.
Judgements, criticism, biased opinions and untruthful assumptions are
negative and they don’t attract anything but more negative. It makes
little difference how cleverly you try to rationalize your judgmental
behaviour, by being judgmental of others, you are not bringing anything
good and positive into the world, what you are doing is creating a flow
of negative energy that doesn’t raise the vibrations but makes the
vibrations chaotic and heavy. Your negative energy can bring down other
dear soul’s energy. Each of you are here to contribute, to help bring
change into the world for all to experience, to grow and to aid in the
evolution of everyone that lives upon this planet. Instead of bringing
more unhappiness into the world, choose to interact with other dear
souls in a positive and encouraging way. Try to be more understanding of
others and remember each dear soul, is special and important. Learn to
work together, become a team of unconditional love, kindness, respect,
acceptance and genuineness. You want positive changes to happen around
the world, then we suggest making those positive changes with yourself
We also have witnessed and know that the ones who seem drawn to judge
others are also judging themselves. Sometimes dear ones, you are your
worst critic. It is only natural to have expectations of yourself and of
your goals, but give yourself some room for mistakes, room to grow and
to improve. Give yourself room to share love and compassion with
It is always possible to change a part of yourself that you know is
negative and harmful. If you want to improve how you treat others and
how you treat yourself, then we suggest you start becoming more
thoughtful and monitor your thoughts and emotions. Instead of always
targeting on the negatives; look for the positives. If you can find
something negative in another dear soul or thing, even yourself, then
you can also find something positive. Where you put your focus is a
matter of choice. You choose to focus on the negative side of life and
of other dear souls, or you choose to focus on the positive. Your
thoughts are not meant to control you. You do have the power to push
away negative thoughts in favour for more positive and kind thoughts,
which will be reflected by the words and actions you choose to express.
We spoke briefly about the negative aspect of stereotyping – avoid
it. Joining in the creation of stereotypes or putting someone into one
is never a good thing dear ones. Just because an option to be
stereotypical arises doesn’t mean you have to join in. While you are
working at becoming less judgmental of others, become less judgmental of
yourself. The more you give yourself the love you deserve, the more you
will share that love with others.
Instead of worrying about what others are doing dear ones, put your
focus on your own life, on your own goals and plans for achievement.
Does it make a difference what a person’s hairstyle is, or how they are
dressed or their spiritual practice? Will their personal choices affect
your health, personal growth or spiritual development in any way? Let
them live their life dear ones, and you live yours. There will be times
when your paths will cross and when they do, we trust you will be mature
enough to be respectful and compassionate – you will not give in to the
ego’s need to judge or criticize…focus on the good and more good you
will attract.
Try to remember a time when you were harshly judged, criticized or
treated in an unkindly manner. Did it feel good, did it make you angry
or hurt? Those feelings you felt, are the same ones, other dear souls
feel when they are being treated unkindly and unjustly. No good comes
from treating others poorly. Treating others with decency and kindness
can be a challenge in the beginning, but one that we know you can
accomplish one day at a time.
Comprehend dear ones, the value of mercy is not meant to be
stressful, but to felt as gentle and comforting as it is something that
comes from the heart and is meant to given and received by all dear
souls. When you are at one with your True Self, the part of you that is
aligned with Christ you will be able to recognize your own truth and not
force your truth onto others that have different opinions or ways of
living and being. Fairness and mercy becomes a living part of your
existence that will form each part of your life and be a part of every
decision, and where the need to cast judgment and criticism becomes a
thing of the past.
Remember dear ones God sees all. He is always aware of what is in
each of His children’s hearts and minds and when you are aligned with
your Christ Self He trusts that you always choose kindness and love over
judgments and harshness. God does not cast down judgment; instead He
offers new directions and possibilities that will help bring new shape
to your journey – to incorporate compassion, wisdom and mercy as part of
your entourage of attributes. It is from His gift onto you that you
learn to balance what you teach to others from what you have learned and
from any repayment of any karmic debts you may have been acquired by
yourself or by others through joint involvement. God will not give you
concrete instructions, but He will guide you towards directions that are
best suited for you, He will love you and support you along your
journey; letting you know you are not alone on this incredible journey
that is constantly bringing in new opportunities to help bring in
positive changes and growth making experiences.
Allow Mercy’s comforting Light fill your heart to the point of
overflowing so you may share this wonderful nurturing and comforting
light with all others that you interact with even if they are merely in
passing or someone you know well. Recognize dear ones the truth of
living a life encouraged by love and compassion and rest in its arms
knowing you are also resting in the loving arms of God.
And so it is…
I AM Ascended Master, Lady Portia through Julie Miller
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