▶ Urantia Book – Paper 106 – Section 9 (Existential Infinite Unification) – ▶ Galactic Federation of Light Sheldan Nidle February 25, 2014 – YouTube | URANTiA2094

▶ Urantia Book – Paper 106 – Section 9 (Existential Infinite Unification) – ▶ Galactic Federation of Light Sheldan Nidle February 25, 2014 – YouTube | URANTiA2094.

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▶ Urantia Book – Paper 106 – Section 9 (Existential Infinite Unification) – ▶ Galactic Federation of Light Sheldan Nidle February 25, 2014 – YouTube

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3 Batz, 14 Zac, 10 Caban


 We return! 

Much is happening across your globe. The dark cabal struggles to maintain its power and sees that these efforts are in vain. The Light, now represented by ancient families and numerous sacred secret societies, has come and laid successful claims to the wealth and power of the dark. This legal assault is aided and abetted by us. We come to end this unholy debauchery of the dark and to bring in a new time, filled with prosperity and your liberation from the odious enslavements perpetrated on you by the dark. The Ascended Masters, acting under the divine decrees of Heaven, have established the means by which the dark is to surrender to the Light. This process is underway and is reaching its first major milestones. The prime instrument of your enslavement is wealth, and especially that most hideous invention of theirs, “fiat money.” This insidious invention has created unnecessary inflations and manipulated panics or “crashes” for centuries. Each time, these vile maneuvers greatly enrich the core of the dark cabal while creating events that have further cemented their rising power.
   The results of these manipulations led to war, death and division. We are in the midst of ending this odd merry-go-round and replacing it with a divine stability that permits you to clearly see what is real and what is not. As you begin to expand this process to include the wonders that are Gaia and her amazing eco-systems, you discover your true purpose for being on Earth. You are a special Being that is meant to be an ever-Loving intermediary. You have the ability to correct those things that threaten these eco-systems and provide those things that can actually help every being that resides upon this globe. Moreover, you are on the verge of rediscovering your subterranean brethren. Inner Earth is in actuality a 5-D realm. It is where you are to return and resume the special mantle of being fully conscious humans. The truth of this is now vibrating within every cell of your body. We are here to assist this process and, under Heaven’s direction, to transform your current troubled reality.
   This transformation begins with vast alterations to your physical, mental and emotional bodies, and is to end with a spiritual transformation that returns you to full consciousness. The dark comprehends this. Yet, it cannot bring itself to give up the power that it has controlled for millennia. This power is currently being pried from their hands by the dire situation that this group presently finds itself in. The dark is attempting to find new sources of wealth and somehow wiggle out of its current nightmare. A process is underway that is forcing them to walk down a road that leads to a very high cliff. Lemming-like, they are going to swiftly leap over it into a dangerous abyss. That is when we can install the freedom and prosperity that are your real destiny. That is when disclosure happens and we can freely land across your globe. It will quickly lead to a new reality and a general re-acquaintance with your spiritual and space families.
   Events are occurring even as we speak that are the beginnings of the process we have herein described. To correct this world, we need to force a resetting of the world’s currency and quickly follow it with a return to a precious metal-based system. Included in this is a restructuring of how the financial world operates internationally. These positive corrections will be the foundation for the release of the prosperity funds and technologies that will start a reversal of the criminal pollution of your environment by the dark cabal and its numerous minions. These events herald the moment when the Ascended Masters can at last freely speak in public on a number of vital points that affect most of your core perceptions. Their lessons will prepare you for our mentors and their talks with you about the path to full consciousness, and the Agarthans will appear and explain who you really are and what is to be expected of you by Heaven.
   Hosanna! We are your Ascended Masters! Our beloved Mother is in the midst of great physical changes. Gaia is preparing her surface realms for the grand redesign! The beauty that is soon to manifest blesses humanity. We are now watching as the dark ones resign themselves to the fact that a power shift is presently happening. Money has long been at the core of their ways. Our associates are taking this tool from them. Following this currency shift, there will be a return to precious metal-backed currencies. This is to eliminate the various tricks and schemes used by the dark to manipulate its many currencies. There is also a series of new bank regulations that will prevent several “tricks” used daily by the large international banks. These will precede the actual release of the prosperity funds and the rise of new governance. This new governance will set the stage for the general return of Common Law.
   While all of this is happening, you are to receive the next steps in your physical transformation to full consciousness. Your main head chakras are to be readied for the introduction of two new chakras. This can cause increased headaches, general blurring of vision and different degrees of imbalance and nausea. Another set of difficulties can involve general tiredness and greater lapses in memory. These numerous symptoms are to be temporary. Once the various parts involved are set into place, these maladies will gradually disappear. Your brain can then be “rebooted” by the medical teams so you can experience a greater ability to remember events and work on any mental problem presented to you. We say this to properly ready you for what is about to occur. We are all to give you lessons after new governance is installed!
   These new lessons are fundamentally to correct what the dark has fed you over the last few millennia. Full consciousness is to connect you to Gaia’s and humanity’s Akashic records. You require a prior knowledge of what really happened since your present amnesia. Spirit demands that the Truth be known and shared among you. This is one of our many responsibilities to you. You need to be able to assess this realm and decide what is good, relevant or just needs discarding. We need to establish our evolving collective and prepare you in every way possible for full consciousness. In addition, you need to be made aware of Agartha and the coming of your spiritual and space family. This grand reunion is to bless and alter this realm. It is to allow you to forge a true galactic society! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
   Today, we expanded on the events of the day! Much is now happening to bring down the dark and its octopus-like entanglement of minions and like-minded institutions, so that actions to bring you prosperity and permit new governance can manifest! We indeed live in a time of wondrous and Heaven-inspired events! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)
* * *
Thank you, Mahalo, Merci, Gracias, Vielen Dank, Grazie, Спасибо, Obrigado, 谢谢, Dank, 謝謝, Chokran,Děkuji
^ ^ ^ 
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photos: ▶ How to Whiten Teeth in Photoshop -▶ Galactic Federation of Light Sheldan Nidle February-11-2014 – sharing

photos: ▶ How to Whiten Teeth in Photoshop -▶ Galactic Federation of Light Sheldan Nidle February-11-2014 – sharing.+* * *++

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

▶ How to Whiten Teeth in Photoshop -▶ Galactic Federation of Light Sheldan Nidle February-11-2014 – sharing

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^ ^ ^
2 Caban, 0 Zac, 10 Caban

Dratzo! The reality that you inhabit is swiftly shifting. The dark cabal realizes that its last days of control are upon it. The vast degree of daily manipulation by its subsidized media is no longer working. The major banks that this cabal operates are in crisis and a critical point is being reached. Their numerous delays can no longer affect a firm order of transformation and it is about to run them over. These scallywags have been eating at the trough of their ill-gotten gains, and their vile acts are ready to take them down. The present currency system is no longer viable and desperately needs revision. In addition, world banking and finance needs new regulation. An international monetary collapse approaches. Measures are in effect to correct this. The time for all this is near. The outcome will start a rapid deterioration of this nest of greedy vipers. World finances are in literal chaos and the current status of most surface humans is now in great jeopardy. Our several groups of earthly associates are working diligently to remedy this most precarious position.
   The keys are based upon a global currency reset and its ties to hard currency depositories and new banking regulations. These operations need first to drain the cabal of its vast influence and to force upon its numerous banking institutions new rules of procedures that negate their many irregularities. This process will force those governments that the cabal runs to acknowledge new masters. These new masters, our earthly associates, fully intend to roust the dark from its perches and arrest them. Doing this is to allow the Light to safely give our charges the prosperity and protection they are to require. The dark cabal is fighting “tooth and claw” and sees clearly that their delays are at an end. We ask you to clearly intend that these most needed events materialize now. An imbalance favoring us is taking place. Together, let us bring this most sorry tale to a welcome conclusion! Those who serve the Light on your world have these rapscallions by the neck. The time for change is now!
   We have made concrete agreements with many on your globe who serve the justice and military elements of your governments. These brave and thoughtful individuals are ready to act and finalize what we are enabling. The Light has previously been this close and been unable to close the deal. The present task is to take former actions as a prototype to prevent any more grievous acts of unkindness by the dark’s immoral leadership. Take this moment and intend for a most positive outcome. The Light’s forces are ready to act and wish a united showing of your moral and spiritual support. Come together and show this support in your enthusiastic ways. We are moving swiftly to cut off the greed that has delayed actions that will clearly transform the nature of how your global society distributes its wealth. Many ancient societies dedicated to the mission of your Ascended Masters are ready to quash the dark by exposing its grand financial deficiencies. The time is indeed ripe for change!
   We come now to the crux of this message! Long ago, a great land turned to the dark and the ensuing greed led to its destruction. Ever since that day of chaos, you have been at the mercy of an ensemble of dark scavengers who wish to forever retain authority. The moment exists for their ill-gotten rule to cease. The result of this event is to be your formal liberation from a state of consciousness that brought your slavery, disaster and death. This ruinous environment is to be transformed. You are to meet your ancestral family and greet your spiritual relatives. The physical veil that surrounds you will lift, just as the primal amnesia will fade away. These actions will permit you to enter into agreements to forge a new star nation and introduce us to you. In this new reality, you will regain your sovereignty and truly learn how physicality and Heaven can work together to unfold the Creator’s divine plan! These events will catapult you into a new realm filled with new responsibilities!
   Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come at a most critical time in our undertakings. Those who we have instructed for centuries are working diligently to squeeze the dark ones and force them to finally open the door to your prosperity. Heaven operates by a number of very moral rules. Using these rules and certain techniques that these blessed Ones advised us on, we have reached the start of a special period that will cause them at the appropriate time to relent. Hence, we are operating at a certain level of Intent. We call upon you to support this by using your concerted and concentrated Light on our behalf. Use joint meditations and prayer to aid us in our endeavors. We are in essence All One! We gather now to press the dark and part it like the Red Sea. Let the flow of prosperity begin and let the new reality manifest!!! Together we are blessed children! Invincible!!!
   What is ready to happen is a charge toward new governance. Over two centuries ago, a document was written that was meant to fire up a revolution and set the energies for its success. This revolution in human liberties and sovereignty was temporarily waylaid by the dark. Together, we are to march in full intention to the very heart of this miasma and dismiss it from this realm. This valiant act requires your grateful participation. Many others are taking special actions that are just the prelude for what is to follow! This final event needs your full and unencumbered approval. Be ready! Participate and joyously add your most welcomed energies to this blessed mix! We solemnly act in the name of the Almighty and in the name of all Humanity. This realm is christened by the Light and taken into a land filled with joy, prosperity and a God-given sovereignty for All!
   What lies ahead is a final journey back to the immortality, not only of your Soul, but also the liberty of your land and the wisdom to understand the very nature of Divine Light! This sacred flame will purify us all as we return as a united group of Souls to the duties given us when we first landed on this most precious orb! We are to rejoin our sacred brethren and together form a new nation in the stars of this galaxy. Divine purpose is now to be known and exercised. The reign by the dark is done. We are carefully and morally transforming the dark’s rule. The time for all this is indeed upon us! Judge this not by the dark’s imposed sense of reality, but by Heaven’s. As we enter this sacred window let us know in our true Hearts that we are not alone and that a most magnificent world is manifesting. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
   Today, We brought you some more information about this time. We do this to ask your assistance. Meditate in your Love and Light. Use your wondrous Intent. Send it in Love to us and to all of Humanity. Let Gaia feel this Love and see this great Light. We leave you in Joy and in the everlasting Spirit of the Almighty! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)
^ ^ ^
* * *

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samkaska: Energy Update – September 5, 2014 ::: ▶ Galactic Federation of Light Sheldan Nidle September-02-2014 – sharing

samkaska: Energy Update – September 5, 2014 ::: ▶ Galactic Federation of Light Sheldan Nidle September-02-2014 – sharing.

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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Energy Update – September 5, 2014 ::: ▶ Galactic Federation of Light Sheldan Nidle September-02-2014 – sharing

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***   * * *
Energy Update – September 5, 2014
by Georgi Stankov Posted on September 5, 2014

Georgi Stankov


Something spectacular happened yesterday, but I must admit that I do not know exactly yet what it was and hope that the Elohim will give us some more information retrospectively after the process has finished. This is how they always communicate with us. Let me report what we experienced yesterday.

Since early morning, I was in a blissful state due to the fact that we had moved again to a higher timeline and the weather in Vancouver was beautiful again – sunny and warm -, after a week of dwelling on lower, very dense timelines with bad, almost winter-like weather and a lot of rain at the end. I had the feeling since early morning that the veils to the higher dimensions are being lifted and had a very intimate sensation of the new 4D worlds, in particular of the easiness, relaxation and joy of life on these worlds. I had also a very strong connection to the Agarthans from the Inner Earth and the 6D fleet.

I must add to this that the day before we went to the beach in the late afternoon and the 6D fleet came to us and told us that they will do some healing work on our bodies and auras. In particular, they wanted to heal and recuperate the big hole in my aura that the huge tumor operation has left. I can see this hole with my third eye as a column beginning from my left thigh and groin and ascending straight in to the sky. The healing work lasted for about an hour and then we returned home.

The weather had improved substantially that day and we knew that we had moved to a higher timeline, where we could breathe much more easily and even my surgical wound felt better ( I still have a swelling of my leg due to lymph congestion as most of the lymph nodes in the groin were resected with the tumor and the lymph circulation is now impeded. This causes me some pain in the leg, especially in the area of the neurological disorder and hinders me to walk).

Anyway, we knew that we have moved again to a new stage in the ascension process and we were eager to see what will happen the next day, i.e. yesterday.

As I said, the day began with a very promising anticipation. Then in the late afternoon the intensity of my connection to the Agarthans and the 6D fleet increased so much that we were compelled to visit one more time the national park “Burns Bog”, about ten miles away from where we live and still within the confines of our Infinity Portal in White Rock, about which I have written a lot in the past. Last time we were there, we met the Agarthans and Carla received three more chakras – 13th to 15th. This has been reported already. This encounter happened after the ascension date at the end of May, as announced by Adama two weeks before, was postponed one more time.

When we arrived at Burns Bog at sunset, we walked on the pathway into the woods. Even before that the intensity of the waves started to increase significantly for both of us. Our bodies were vibrating with full force and the high pitched tone around our heads was amplified to a deafening noise of a helicopter that was starting above our heads.

These energies were amplified several more times when we entered the woods of Burns Bog. Carla and I lost any connection to this earth and connected immediately to the 6D. There was an extreme expansion of our awareness and we almost lost contact to our physical bodies and could barely walk.

It is noteworthy to mention that before that, while driving to the park, Carla was ridden by a series of chills, which always occur when MPR are taking place on near-by timelines. Yesterday evening I received an email from Henry Clymer from Rochester, who also reported to me massive chills at the same time. I assume that other PAT members must have also felt similar chills at that time.

During our walk in the woods, we established a very clear and intensive contact to the 6D fleet and experienced a huge interdimensional shift to higher frequency levels. My third chakra, which is the chakra of bilocation and interdimensional travels, was hit very hard and I had severe gastric pain, which I could barely mitigate with deep breathing. The source energies that enter my left brain portal turned into a huge vortex. This all pointed to a rapid movement through numerous timelines in an upward direction.

At this point in time both Carla and I had a vision that we are heaving many timelines and selected populations of incarnated human souls at once to higher frequency levels, while these timelines were ravaged by MPR and were destroyed. We also established contact to Shamballa and the Hyperborears, who are the founders of the Inner Earth of Agartha and were until now responsible for the balancing of the energies on Gaia and keeping the surface earth protected from big man-made disasters such as a nuclear war. Now these highly evolved entities have retreated from this incarnation experiment and given their duties over to us as the new Logos Gods and Guardian of the New Galaxy.

But we both felt that there was more to this massive and very intensive energetic experience last evening. Our surmise is that it had also to do with the final separation of the new Galaxy from this one. I hope that the Elohim will give us some more information today or tomorrow.

The latest message of Babaji as of today already confirms that millions of parallel timelines are now being encompassed by MPR and fully destroyed, while the soul populations move to their final destinations on lower timelines. Yesterday, Jahn sent me another very powerful message from the Ascended Masters discussing the “Day of All Days” – the moment of our ascension and what it will bring to us and humanity. I hope to receive the English translation today, so that I can publish it tomorrow. But all these messages have one single function – to reassure us that we are indeed on the cusp of our ascension as the long waiting for this event has nagged on our faith and optimism.

Even the latest missive of the manuscript of survival of today mentions this event, notwithstanding its proverbial vacuous comments:

“And now, you all come together with one single purpose in mind, to boost the effects of these energies in a way that you have not done before. For make no mistake, this too will be an event of majestic proportions, and it in turn will link into a whole lineup of similar events, all taking place on both sides of the veil during the same time frame. For now, you have once more come to a fork in the road, and once more, you have chosen to take the lane of fast forward, and as such, the push you will all give during the proceedings this upcoming Sunday will result in a mighty push back, one that will indeed help to propel you all even faster forward. And not only that, it will also serve to ignite some other “booster rockets” out there as well. So hang on to your hats as they say, for we think you will all find that the speed and action of this upcoming event may take you all a little bit by surprise, even if you come well prepared.”

Please, observe that the concept of a “booster rocket” has been borrowed by this source from myself, after I first introduced the mechanism of the “propulsion multistage rocket of ascension” last year. It also mentions Sunday as the day when a series of events will begin that will culminate to the Event of ascension, MPR and ID-split of this mother planet to higher 4D worlds in the new Galaxy.

I had already predicted that the full moon portal on September 9th will be very powerful and may be a possible date for our final ascension. The culmination of aggression between the world powers on the ground also points to this final confrontation between darkness and light, which will be resolved not with a new World War on this timeline, but with the divine intervention of our Ascension and triggering of the MPR. This missive also refers to this outcome in a disguised and rather incomprehensible manner as the medium Aisha North has absolute no knowledge of the true multidimensional mechanism of ascension and how Creation operates in the Now. This deficiency is also the main topic of Babaji’s latest message as of today.

Hence we are well advised to expect some very exciting days ahead, which may surpass even our wildest imagination.

* * * 

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* * *   * * *

* * *

10 Ahau, 18 Uo, 11 Ik


Selamat Jalwa! (Be in Everlasting Joy!) We return with some wonderful news! NESARA is close to being announced. The currency reevaluation process is truly done! The global currency reset is nearly at hand. These developments are only the start of a process begun decades ago by our Earth allies. Besides the changes in government and finance, it is also the time when each of you can be set free from the grand morass that is global debt slavery. A series of important events and accompanying announcements are just the start of operations, which are to bring down the dark cabal and its numerous minions. Do not be in shock over what is to happen. Rejoice and know in your heart that an operation begins that is finally to set you free and reestablish your individual sovereignty. New government is to invite you in and ask your advice. Be prepared to accept all of this with grace and a firm belief in the Light. We are to await the time when it is appropriate for you to end the cover-up and disclose our existence and benevolence. We are ready at that moment to address you and explain in detail about first contact. Our landings are to be the start of a time to ready you for the joy of full consciousness.
   This road to full consciousness is the very crux of our mission. During the past nearly 13 millennia we have watched over you and reported back to our home worlds about what is occurring here. The dark cabal, with the assistance of its Anunnaki overlords, came very close to moving you into a permanent state of servitude. This heinous operation came to an inglorious end when the Anchara continuum agreed to peace, and asked that the ancient prophecies of Archangel Michael be fulfilled. This was done, and the Anunnaki left the dark side and became our allies. The last nearly 20 years have been about watching the dark’s minions prove unable to discover a means to alter the inevitable. We currently stand at a great precipice. A victory by the Light is at hand. Our Earth allies are ready to push the dark from power and put into effect new governmental and financial systems, which are to bring prosperity and freedom to your surface reality. These events are but a precursor to the final steps needed to finish your path to full consciousness.
   Full consciousness is a natural state of humanity. You were temporarily pulled from this state of grace in ancient Atlantis. Atlantis was a land filled with odd dichotomies. It was a land that the dark minions of your recent past tried to contact and save on numerous occasions. But this task was doomed from the outset. Despite this and other failures, the dark minions remain resolute. It is strange to see such determination wasted on these silly attempts to alter history. Rather, they need to aid their people and lead this realm toward peace and prosperity. We have asked them previously to do so. Their collective reply is that this concept is unacceptable. So now, these dark ones are to be exposed, and suffer the consequences of their actions. Our earth allies are ready to begin mass arrests and put into power governance that is to try these dark ones and create new financial instruments ­ to bring their long rule to a most timely demise! These new governments are to end the UFO cover-up and permit us to address you directly.
   Thus, the present time is one of waiting for the final steps which are to put into power governance that can announce to all that we exist. The moment that this occurs you have begun a move away from limited consciousness and toward full consciousness. You have among you many of full Spirit who deeply wished to forge a new reality. Long ago, these Beings and their associates started a campaign to bring this realm fully into the Light. The first elements were a series of ancient core families who gave themselves to divine service. The Ascended Masters and those in Agartha aid them. Hence, the dark’s earliest disclaimers are found to relate to these sacred groups. The mere thought that the Earth is hollow or that there is a divine sanctuary there is forcefully disputed. Another leg of this denial concerns us. Together, we are seen as a force with an odd agenda. This agenda is to be altered and made to appear undesirable. These manipulations are now to be seen for what they truly are: outright lies and misrepresentations. The truth is to set you free!
   Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come with great news as well! Our Agarthan supporters and our sacred secret associates are ready to start a series of events which are to lead to triumph for the Light. Heaven blesses us with supporters who have worked tirelessly to create a funding network, the basis for a new financial system, reworked global currencies and most of all, a global common law network. This has happened only because of their great dedication to the Light. We are told that these various networks are now interlocked and ready to transform this dark and distorted reality. Long ago, Heaven decreed that a special time was to come. Before this occurred, there were to be avatars to explain these prophecies to all who would listen. We came in the name of Heaven and with the divine messages given by these great Beings of Light. Our task now is to take these messages and together manifest them. Humanity is to receive these great gifts and fulfill the desires of Heaven!
   Heaven is presently rolling out a divine network of redemption for this reality. She has brought your ancestors from afar, and soon your new governance is to announce their presence. In addition, you have your cousins from Agartha among you. They have provided us sanctuary and, when needed, have come among you to aid us in blessing and clearing the way for the Light. Our duties are to care for you and set up a means for the Light to regain this reality and return you to your former selves. These tasks have taken millennia, and at this time, a grand heavenly dispensation allows for the magnificent reality that is to be created for you. Blessed be Heaven and those who have so unselfishly worked to make all this possible. A new day of glorious Light is to shine upon you and begin the time of healing and forgiveness. You are to bask in this healing Light and become free!
   For your part, this path to freedom and forgiveness requires a diligent focus and a willingness to face your greatest pains and heartaches head-on. To assist you, Heaven established the need for spiritual and physical mentors. We watch over you daily and see how you need to use your own inner abilities to conquer your inner demons. Such a positive effort is something to be deeply concerned about. In your growing joy, you are to finally vanquish those things that still deeply hurt you. Transforming this hurt is but the first gracious move toward a new and sacred life. All of us have learned, as Ascended Masters, how difficult this process really is. Yet the healing, which it brings is truly divine! This is just a preview of what the physical and spiritual masters are to give you. You are then, after certain inner work, to be primed for the wonders that come to you in your special crystal chambers! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
   Today, we carried on with our messages about what is occurring around you. Your reality is shifting and readying itself to be transformed by the Light. During this process you are to meet your spiritual and space families. You are also to be changed into fully conscious Beings of Light! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)
* * *

* * *

* * *

samkaska: ▶ 121 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA -▶ Galactic Federation of Light Sheldan Nidle August-19-2014 – sharing

samkaska: ▶ 121 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA -▶ Galactic Federation of Light Sheldan Nidle August-19-2014 – sharing.

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Monday, August 25, 2014

▶ 121 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA -▶ Galactic Federation of Light Sheldan Nidle August-19-2014 – sharing

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* * *

* * * 
Video 121
Answers of an alien from Andromeda

hundred and twenty one

August 23, 2014.
These are answers to many questions accumulated on the same subject.

Mythi, when we die and go into the fourth
dimension what happens to the bad elements that abound here? Is
there any screening to separate them from normal people?

A few years ago I quoted the fourth dimension (the Blue Beings) and explained vaguely as would the return cycle to the third dimensio
n. I will illustrate this point a little more because many have doubts about what was said.

Friends, very few of the third dimension when disembody go directly into the fourth dimension where are the
Blue Beings. There is a zone between the third and the
fourth dimension that you would call “limbus” or “border
zone” in which the vast majority of disembodied spends some time before the rescue of Blue Beings into the
fourth dimension and the consequent rescheduling to the next reincarnation. This intermediate zone is obligatory
passage as layers to be transfixed. Your mind just goes to another layer when you have the necessary density for
such. Your auric frequency is personal and not transferable. It’s the only way to set the stage that you will continue yo
ur development as being. As an example, say you passed away now, and you have outstanding issues
or “things to fix” that still disrupting your aura. If your frequency is too low you will wake up in the periphery of
this zone that is, in the shadows, away f
rom light. These suburbs are where gather all the spirits with “dark aura”,
harmful, violent, animalistic and misfits; is a place that you could call as a living hell. These remain in that
periphery until they develop their consciences enough to wake up in
a better neighborhood and so continue the
path. You see, when your quantum energy leaves the physical body of the third dimension it is in an protoplasmic
state that is very close to the physics still matter. You still keep all your senses as hunger, thirst, pain, heat, cold
and vices because you are still very close to the area you just leave. This intermediate zone is as if you were there
physically, you will have to eat, drink and shelter it will be a place like Earth, mud, insects, animals, forests and
deserts. As you guys say “like attracts like”, all who are in this “low zone” will have to fight for food and shelter
with their peers. These may take many years or many hundreds of them, wandering through this area until they can be rescued to a better a
rea in the zone. The more your auric frequency is light, you will see yourself in a more
suitable environment, with everything you need to live, eat, drink and nice places to shelter without having to
fight, having access to assistive technologies for your
development and learning. There you can participate and
help in the development of other consciences and will have your time to adjust to this new reality, rapidly
expanding your own level of knowledge and conscience. When you’re ready, you will wake up in a new day
already at the boarding station to the fourth dimension and being greeted by the Blue Beings. Only if your aura is
light enough you will see yourself directly at the boarding station for a place that could be called “paradise”, taking advantag
e of your literary terms. Each of you is solely responsible for the place where you wake up after
your disembodiment of the third dimension.
I hope
I have clarified a little more this issue for many of you.

See my friends
, when there are situations of major natural disasters or acts of war in which populations are
decimated claiming incarnations of innocent victims, the fourth dimension has a “level of first aid” to receive this
mass of disembodied. They will
be transferred to the zero level colonies, and are born without realizing what had
happened, all controlled by Blue Beings. It’s like they got there in deep sleep and would already be sent to a new
reincarnation to complement the cycle stopped. This syste
m works accurately since the universe in which we were
was created, so do not worry about the routines after death, worry yes on having the best possible level of light to
pass through these moments and be transferred into a colony level one, here on Earth
or on another planet.
Volunteers want to know what to expect and when, what can be said?

Those who are truly voluntary and not just people waiting for a possible individual rescue, these can be used by
all crews who need to interact with uninformed communities. Imagine a message of your PTB controlled medias saying that th
ere is an alien attack and we are hostile, urging the people to try to attack us, before they realize
that we are there to help? If these populations find that we have patricians of them aboard the spacecraft will be
easier to understand explanations that
can be transmitted and facilitate this interaction. If this opportunity
happen, all volunteers will receive subliminal messages that will make you wait to make contact with its crew with
which they will interact. The families of the volunteers will be supp
orted throughout the duration of their
participation in operations. Have patience and await the events.

Friends, as you are seeing, your PTB is losing control of the situation by incompetence of the machine fitted to
perform all actions planned, includi
ng the economic holocaust of the system. Pleiadeans reported that the three
nations from your region called Asia which are against the nations dominated by current elites, installed a system
for generating scalar waves (much like the HAARP system) orbitin
g the planet in several dozen points that covers
the entire planet. In the case of being used for “mass acts of depopulation” the system will be disabled and
destroyed in seconds by probes that are on duty monitoring the whole process of activation. The Pleiadeans
already for some time are monitoring not only nuclear weapons, but any aggressor system that can be used to
direct weapon against any region.

Anyway, take great care as the enemy of your enemy is not always served to be your pal … they can only occupy
the old place to go to subjugate the people the same way, exchanging the old PTB by another equal or worse . By
analyzing the current situation and by the very poor quality of hideous people who predominate in your current elites, I believe anythi
ng can be better than those who still maintain economic power on the planet. Rest assured
that this time not cowardly acts of one side or the other will be allowed, that goes for the two factions that vie for
control because here we are monitoring all move
ments in real time, and then we will have the expected order of interceding.

I am unable to give predictions about regional events but important facts may happen within the next 30 days in
the Pacific ring of fire, and on mainland North America. In the c
oming days the Arcturians will be finalizing the
dismantling of the base near the Canary Island and the base of Iceland, leaving the regions due to the nature from
now on. The planet is teetering on the nucleus given the fragility of the geomagnetic field
that is adapting to the
new position that will hold by the next millennia, and it is messing with the climate and the beat frequencies of
the planet. You will notice interference on your electronics, especially in image and sound during these adjustments.
Many of you will notice these changes of beat frequency as a ringing in your ears that can increase and decrease during the day.

Keep your attention on the planets of the solar system, several strange changes may arise in the next 30 days. I showed up t
o talk about these issues quickly because we are helping several simultaneous operations on the
system and I have actually had very little slack. I hope to spend here more often to keep the information up to
date with you.

Stay healthy and well all of you.
Thanks for watching, join our channel! Be sure that you are welcome there!
Captain Bill

August, 2014 Atlanticobr Channel

Cheers for all!

* * *

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* * *

9 Cimi, 4 Uo, 11 Ik 

Selamat Jarin! We arrive with more to tell you! Your planet has been the site of a vast final contest between the dark and the Light. The various ancient families are united in their determination to bring an end to the long rule of the dark cabal. The present segment of this rule began with fire and ice, which marked the end of the last Golden Age and the start of the present recorded era of your history. The Anunnaki were determined to at last fully control their human subjects. Thus, those who became their minions were faced with the need to cruelly control you. This need produced the odd histories that are the last six thousand years of this rule. The dark has been unable to completely fulfill their own requirements, which included the formal end to your liberties and the illicit preparations of a means to prevent your future return to full consciousness. It is this disregard for Heaven’s decrees which has sparked the present quiet revolution, now ready to confidently deliver you from darkness. Those who so fervently believe in the Light’s cause can be assured of inevitable success! The final stages of this revolution are now underway.

   The dark is now shrinking as its once insurmountable power fades. Your former rulers used to firmly believe in their omnipotence. Their confidence is at an end. Massive arrests are to sweep them from power and permit the Light to put new governance in place. This new governance is tied to a rising prosperity, which is to quickly become a permanent fixture of this transitional realm. Awash in prosperity and new governance, you are to daily encounter a plethora of new technologies. Once disclosure occurs, these new technologies are to be combined with our own. A new climate of Love and Light is to prepare the pathway for the introduction of your personal mentor. This mentor has been one who has learned your proclivities and is prepared to push you forward to the point where you are ready for full consciousness. Aiding in these matters is to be the beautiful and significant lessons of your Ascended Masters. These lessons are to set the stage for all that is to come. You are to learn about your true history and what the Atlanteans did to you.

   The plunge into limited consciousness introduced you to the horrors of fear, limitedness and even death. The Anunnaki used these things and their minions to move you into a state of complete servitude. This, they nearly accomplished. You are former physical Angels who learned much while in this state of dread. You are to use this wisdom to further the edicts of the Light. You truly know all about limited consciousness. You understand how it works and how an entire population, regardless of size, can be manipulated by those who have succumbed to the dark. We are very proud of you for what you have done. All the suffering, the diseases, the lack and even those things, which have driven you to harm your fellows under the guise of religion or even those moments of war. You have experienced the best of times and the worst of times. Because of that, you all possess a vast inner “book” filled with those circumstances and the major events that surround them.

   This wisdom is something that only nearly 13 millennia of ups and downs and repeated near extinctions by your “gods” could have given you. That part of your history is over. With your mentors, take inventory of how this has affected you. Make yourself ready for full consciousness. You have within you and your Akashic records lessons that you can use to teach many of this galaxy who dearly wish to become eligible for full consciousness. At present, this process is starting throughout this galaxy. Your histories possess vital lessons that you can teach. We are most understanding of the immensities you have had to pass through lifetime after lifetime. These horrors are markers to those who you are shortly to meet and then teach. Each of you is then to mentor entire star nations so that they can move to the threshold of full consciousness. In doing this, you are to ensure a galactic peace and permit this galaxy to move into the Light! This is to allow Heaven to then unfold the next events of physical Creation in this sector of physicality!

   Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We arise before you with much good news! The march toward prosperity quickens its pace! Much is now happening which promises you a bright future. The governance that rules this realm is ready to give up. The Americans are preparing for NESARA. The rest of this globe is readying for what can be called GESARA. In any case, we bless these developments and know that it means our lessons are that much closer to manifesting. As you prepare yourself for freedom, be ready to bless and acknowledge those unsung heroes who have made all of this possible. There are those in government, the legal system and especially in finance who have worked diligently to manifest what you are to enjoy. Show mercy and be in grace every moment of your coming days. It is only due to the sacred dispensations of Heaven that these amazing events are at hand. We are grateful and filled with blessings for each and every one of you!

   The grand blessings of freedom and prosperity are gifts meant to prepare you for full consciousness. At an appropriate moment we need to teach you many things about what is ahead for you. In denying death, you are to ascend and become one with us in divine service. Long ago, at an equally appropriate moment, each of us partook of a special ceremony, which enabled us to ascend. Then, we each had a sort of “boot camp” to go through. This taught us much about humanity and how best to guide and serve you. All of this is to be accomplished shortly by the works of our space family. In Inner Earth, you are to be given a specially prepared three-day ceremony, followed by a 10-day training in full consciousness etiquette. Then you are ready to join your Agarthan family and us in transforming this solar system. You are to meet those who are non-corporeal and who inhabit Venus and Mars.

   Think upon these times as the end to what for many of you was a period of long frustrations and unfulfilled dreams. Moments will arrive where you can at last enjoy what you have been promised. We ask that you use part of your time to bless and thank your family on Earth and in Heaven. Begin each day in this mode. You are actually here to be a divine part of what Heaven decrees daily for physicality. Be one in your freedom and wisely use your prosperity to better humanity and all life upon this wondrous orb. We Ascended Masters have long interceded on your behalf. We knew how this magnificent adventure was destined to turn out. We are ready to assist you in carrying out the grand deeds Heaven has so graciously given us. Together, we are to forge a new star nation, bring peace to this galaxy and aid in expanding the Light to even greater parts of physicality! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

   Today, we have given you great news! Numerous amazing things are coming to fruition! Be in Joy, be prepared, and most of all, be thankful for the events that are manifesting freedom, prosperity and new governance for all! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!

* * *

* * *

* * *

terram novam: NEW EARTH JOURNAL – part 2 ::: ▶ Galactic Federation of Light Sheldan Nidle August-12-2014 – sharing

terram novam: NEW EARTH JOURNAL – part 2 ::: ▶ Galactic Federation of Light Sheldan Nidle August-12-2014 – sharing.

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jueves, 14 de agosto de 2014

NEW EARTH JOURNAL – part 2 ::: ▶ Galactic Federation of Light Sheldan Nidle August-12-2014 – sharing

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My Entry Now

I am endeavoring to continue this journal thinking and writing in a fifth dimensional manner. I am writing this journal in the evening, as my day was filled with many creative projects. Having my day full of creativity reminds me “I AM creating New Earth.” Creativity expands my consciousness and awakens my connection to SELF.

I forgot about the “we” part of this writing. Therefore, we will continue with our writing. Since I am NOW “us,” I will speak as “we.” We know that this transition to multidimensional thinking can be challenging. Our habit of third dimensional thinking continues to invade our consciousness, but we are consistently remembering to correct our thought patterns to remain calibrated to the fifth dimension.

Because we are remembering to calibrate our thinking to fifth dimensional New Earth, our multidimensional perceptions are coming into our daily awareness. As we look around our office, we can see the aura at our desk to perceive the frequency rate of our day. We are remembering moments in our Nowness in which our transition is becoming difficult. However, since we are feeling unconditional love for our earth vessel, we are joyfully allowing our physical self to rest and relax when necessary.

We are also remembering that our earth vessel is preparing to eat Light rather than glucose. Hence, our eating process is a cooperative endeavor in which 3D habits are surrendering to the needs of the transmuting earth vessel that compasses our lifestream. Simultaneously, our lifestream is remembering to resonate to higher and higher frequencies of the ONE.

We are also combining our creative and mundane thinking in a manner which our life feels very different, even though it appears to be the same. Fortunately, we are remembering that third dimensional appearances are holographic projections from our higher frequencies of SELF who are enjoying the physical experiences of our constant change and transmutation. We are remembering to remind our wounded ego not to worry, as we “have its back.”
Within our multidimensional musings we are able to probe into components of our current login to the third dimension, which were once ruled by fear. We are NOW loving that fear and perceiving our journeys through the lower frequencies of reality as opportunities for learning and Self-discovery. We are also realizing that much of our musings about a life completing are assisting us in releasing old habits of attaching our attention to lower frequencies of reality. Furthermore, we are realizing that any “symptoms of transmutation” are diminishing as we are remembering to run our personal energy into the body of Gaia.

Gaia is greatly appreciating the loving attention of us sharing our transmuting energy patterns with Her. Because NOW Her humans are able to accept and love Her true expression of SELF, Gaia is increasingly releasing Her attachment to the confines of the third dimension. She is joyously releasing old limitations of being off center in Her rotation and is smiling as new areas of Her body that were once covered with ice are revealing new wonders of Her creativity.

As we are walking upon Her land, we are blessing Her body for providing us with this schoolroom. We are breathing our divine breath into Her atmosphere and sending our unconditional love to Her waterways and magnificent oceans. We are rejoicing in the beauty and wonder of our glorious planetary body and are giving daily thanks for the pleasure of living with Gaia in this Nowness of this great transformation.

On the other hand, we are also forgiving ourselves when we fall into habitual third dimensional behaviors and constrictions of time. We are allowing ourselves to gradually find our way beyond the old habits and limitation and are lovingly accepting our processes of change. Most of all, we are happy to be free of fear. As we are thinking within the Nowness of the ONE, we are realizing that fear cannot tolerate or adhere to that frequency of reality. Hence, we are remembering to consistently return to thinking and communicating from our Multidimensional SELF.

As we surrender to sleep, we are awakening to our myriad parallel realities and higher expressions of SELF. We are lovingly reminding our biological computer brain to remember our experiences, which are being stored in our High Heart awaiting full remembrance of our multidimensional life. We are patient with our selves as are NOW able to perceive our myriad incarnations. Hence, patterns of thought, emotion, behavior and choices are being perceived and released within the ONE of the NOW.

Just as we flow through our awakened day, we surrender to our sleep, meditation, creativity and all of our higher expressions of SELF. We are surrendering to the Unity Consciousness of Planetary and Galactic Consciousness. More and more, we are remembering our Galactic Families and connections to the Celestial Beings of Light. We are actively awaiting further communication from these friends and integrate their advice into our daily life.

Most of all, we are freeing our attention from fearful concerns and allowing the peace and joy of unconditional love to direct our attention towards that which fulfills our lives and satisfies our “reason for embodiment.” We are creating New Earth and New Earth is creating our New SELF.

We are living in Gratitude.

Through Suzanne Lie,PhD
Posted 13th June 2012 by Shanti
Labels: creating new earthNew Earth

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▶ Galactic Federation of Light Sheldan Nidle August-12-2014 – YouTube

* * *

2 Cauac, 17 Pop, 11 Ik

Selamat Balik! We return! Your world is now in the midst of a process which is to release those funds concerned with what is called currency re-evaluation. This process concerns a number of currencies which need to reclaim various monies that were involved in off country currency exchanges. Along with these needed exchanges are the beginnings of the actual delivery of the many “prosperity programs.” These funds are to be the forerunner of an operation to lead to the proclaiming of NESARA in the United States. The reason for this sudden movement of funds is due to the special actions of our earthly allies. They have been able to corner enough of the cabal’s “generals” to permit this action to finally start. The rise of new governance coincides with a series of actions which are defeating the various monetary strategies of the dark cabal. Over the past few months, these brave fellows have forced the defeat of the dark and allowed a new monetary policy to work its magic. Fiat money, upon which the dark built its strength, is beginning to fade and has rapidly been surpassed by new monies built upon the rising gold standard.

As noted in earlier messages, a vast sea of gold is being readied for its worldly unveiling. The world’s ancient families concealed this gold in hidden places. These families are dedicated to the Light, and wish only to aid Guan Yin and Saint Germain in bringing forth a global prosperity tied to a new age of Light and freedom. What is occurring now are the final steps in a vast, complex strategy to bring peace, prosperity and natural sovereignty to all. Eons ago, Heaven gave the dark a timetable to rule the surface of Gaia. This abomination is now to end. The transitions needed to do this are well underway. The dark cabal is to answer for its crimes by being denied power, which these monies can easily provide. Instead, they are to suffer for what they have done by watching their wealth and power disappear. The age of imaginary, easily manipulated fiat money is over. The time comes for a return to an endless supply of real money based upon the true value of gold and silver.

These changes are to bring in an age of disclosure. You are not only to see a vast series of suppressed inventions paraded before you, but also a full disclosure about us, ending a decades-long UFO cover-up. This initial cover-up came into play because we represented a threat not only to the continued power of the various dark governments, but also to their overlords, the various Anunnaki tribes. Since time immemorial the Anunnuki had sequestered a whole slew of earthly-born technologies. They considered this a means to undermine the principles given you for your carefully adjusted religion and science. The Anunnaki and their minions do not intend to produce a sliver of valid opposition to the pap given you over the millennia. Theirs was a special set of precepts to control, and when necessary, manipulate events as they so wished. This mutual admiration society began to develop rips when the Anchara continuum declared peace. This action forced the Anunnaki to abandon their dark ways and command their minions to do likewise.

Since this happened in 1995, the dark minions have carried on a silent war for global power. This war is now failing. The Light is winning. The prosperity and new governance are ready to be announced. When this starts to occur, know in your heart that a number of parallel actions are happening. The fiat monetary system is to fall and be replaced by a gold-backed one. The current supremacy of the US dollar is to end. A number of regional currencies are then to come to the fore. This is to be the start of a transition to a new true value currency. Our initial task is to announce ourselves to be here and benevolent. We are to give you technology that weans you from your need to farm and manufacture. The true sentient mind seeks a divine education, based upon the truths of existence and the way of AEON. It seeks to become fully conscious and be a true servant to all Creation! We come in this light and ask you, as commanded by the Creator, to join us and take your divine gifts to the stars! We are therefore here to heed your wishes and lead you to full consciousness! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come on this day with much good news! Our various associates are finishing off the means to issue the RV and to set up the new ways to deliver the prosperity programs. These actions are to begin to move the wealth of this world. You are to benefit from what is needed to be done to shift great wealth from the denizens of the dark to the supporters of the Light. We bless you and ask that you take these monies and use them to make this realm better for all. Let your inner wishes for healing centers, depositories for Light, and so forth come into fruition. Educate the public about what you know. Expand their awareness of the grand physical and spiritual changes happening throughout this globe! Let the Light be known in its many glories. The moment arrives! The dark has long proclaimed its so-called truths! Let you now send out your blessings and inner truths. Be in a grand Oneness and tap into what Heaven desires for you to proclaim!

As the various monies are received by you, bear in mind that your sudden gift of wealth carries with it a divine purpose. Each day, when you wake with this wealth, plan carefully how you wish to apply it. Each organization that you found or fund is to further the way of the Light. A broad strategy is to be laid out by us. A grand blessing is given to you for your endeavors. A tree of Light is manifesting, with each of you as a branch. Be ready to use your daily meditations and prayers to give you the clarity needed for this work. We intend to take our blessings to you and assist you, in our way, to direct these funds to good use. Those who are to forge new governance have been made aware of what needs to be done first. These initial orders are to set the foundation for what is to follow. This new structure is to phase into the new economic system that is nearly ready to manifest.

Long ago, the dark plunged us all into the terror that is limited consciousness. We are now able to adjust to its limits and realize that this dark time is nearly over. Heaven permitted us to gradually return to our natural state after lifetimes of trial and error. Our task is therefore to assist and guide you through what remains of this present state of humanity. Heaven sends you its sacred children to aid us all in making this glorious transition safely and swiftly. Our system of planets and sun need to be restored so that we can again occupy the four grand water planets once found here. Many of you still remember when these other worlds existed as habitable lands. We are to return to these as our base for moving out into physicality. There is still much which Heaven expects us to do! This galaxy is only our first step in carrying out the sacred edicts of Heaven! Blessings to you and to the All High Creator!

Today, we continued our messages. Many great events are now forming. These events are to allow you to transform and unify the realms of Inner and surface Earth. Our fleet awaits what is shortly to happen. The Agarthans are also prepared to reveal themselves when we start our set of lessons. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


* * *

* * *

El Ser UNO – A: ▶ Como amortiguadores de luz se crearon las dimensiones 1- Maestro ALANISO – ▶ ▶ Galactic Federation of Light Sheldan Nidle October-01-2013 – sharing

El Ser UNO – A: ▶ Como amortiguadores de luz se crearon las dimensiones 1- Maestro ALANISO – ▶ ▶ Galactic Federation of Light Sheldan Nidle October-01-2013 – sharing.

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domingo, 31 de agosto de 2014

▶ Como amortiguadores de luz se crearon las dimensiones 1- Maestro ALANISO – ▶ ▶ Galactic Federation of Light Sheldan Nidle October-01-2013 – sharing

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▶ Federación Galáctica de Luz Sheldan Nidle octubre-01-de 2013 – YouTube 


Volvemos con más noticias. Su mundo está ahora en un poco de vinagre. A medida que su nueva realidad comienza a echar raíces en medio de las viejas estructuras disfuncionales, se crea una situación que produce hasta dicotomías extrañas. Muchos elementos nuevos están en su lugar, pero aún no está en funcionamiento, y por lo tanto ni la antigua ni la nueva realidad que está en pleno funcionamiento. Naturalmente, la elite oscura está muy ocupada tratando de sacar provecho de este paréntesis para seguir adelante con sus planes para fomentar retrasos siempre que sea posible, a pesar de que sabe por experiencia que todos ellos están condenados al fracaso. Lo que se niega a tomar en cuenta es el calendario del cielo por los cambios en el planeta Tierra, que se creó para garantizar el cumplimiento del plan divino. Y, en efecto, nuestros coordinadores han pasado la última semana informar a los grupos de liderazgo cabal de este hecho. Hemos sido instruidos por la Jerarquía Espiritual local para intervenir fuertemente cuando la señal divina es finalmente dado. Hasta entonces vamos a ayudar en todo lo posible y prepararse para lo que creemos que será una intervención masiva por nuestro personal. En la actualidad quedan pocos obstáculos aquí y allá, pero estos están muy cerca de la resolución. Una vez hecho esto, todo lo que hemos estado hablando se puede completar.
   Vamos a recapitular brevemente lo que se ha logrado hasta ahora. Uno de los principios de los cambios que se avecinan es la transformación en la forma en que los sistemas bancarios y monetarios mundiales se van a operar. Nuestros aliados de la Tierra han producido una reforma total de lo que el dinero se va a utilizar para, y cómo se va a distribuir. Naturalmente, esto afecta el sistema bancario y la constitución de sus bancos. Estas nuevas políticas monetarias y bancarias son aprobados, en su lugar, y se mantienen en secreto hasta que las condiciones están listas para que puedan ser aplicados. La oscuridad sabe muy bien cómo va a socavar la eficacia de sus posiciones, tanto en las distintas bolsas de comercio de todo el mundo bancario y reconoce la ruina de sus fortunas que se producirán. También están los números cada vez mayores de detenciones que están diezmando a su personal oscuro. Todo está listo para caer fuera de su alcance, dejando a estos oscuros sin los recursos que siempre han esperado tener. Lo que les da miedo la mayoría, sin embargo, es la idea de que la mayoría de ellos se enfrentan a la detención y el tiempo de castigo en las prisiones especiales de seguridad.
   Y así nos encontramos en una encrucijada. El siguiente paso previsto por el Cielo no está todavía plenamente manifiesto, sin embargo, muchos aspectos se declaran y son legalmente vigente. Sin embargo, la oscuridad están tratando a estos elementos como si no existieran, y esto es lo que estamos hablando: una suspensión de la percepción extraña lógica que a menudo predomina antes de completar un cambio. La pactada, las nuevas regulaciones parcialmente implementadas están flotando, como si invisibles. Esta situación va a cambiar una vez que el nuevo gobierno se declara, y hasta entonces, una especie de interregno prevalecerá. Una vez que el cambio se ha completado, se promoverá la libertad y la devolución de su soberanía personal natural. La cábala oscura es verdad sobre los patines y cada vez más miedo de lo rápido que su retorcerse habitaciones está desapareciendo y la precariedad de su posición es en realidad. Nuestra atención se centra en la resolución de este punto muerto actual y permitiendo a nuestros aliados para lograr la victoria. Entonces podemos establecer oficialmente al descubierto el ‘ovni’ encubrimiento y comenzar una serie de gran utilidad de las conversaciones e interacciones entre nosotros.
   Esta transformación viene del encubrimiento OVNI será un momento en que por fin podemos y abiertamente venir al encuentro cara a cara. Queremos hablar con franqueza acerca de nuestra larga historia común, y lo mismo se aplica a los Agartianos. Estas revelaciones serán un gran impulso a, y sentarán las bases para su rápido ascenso en la conciencia, que culminó con el salto definitivo a la plena conciencia. Muchos intelectuales en el mundo se han descrito lo que la sociedad global se enfrenta como “fin de la infancia”: un tiempo para crecer y aceptar adulto, o conscientes, responsabilidades, y esto es precisamente lo que la sociedad está a punto de pasar. Tu espacio y familias espirituales están listos para ayudarle en su graduación en una sociedad madura y plenamente consciente, que está destinado a crecer rápidamente y forjar un sistema solar en toda nación estelar. Estamos muy ansiosos por inaugurar esta nueva nación-estrella en la Federación Galáctica de la Luz, y en ese momento otro aspecto de su destino será la de sellar la paz galáctica elevando la galaxia a su estado de conciencia más elevado. Usted debe ser más honrados por sus talentos y vuestras obras notables.
   Bendiciones, Queridos Corazones! Nosotros somos sus Maestros Ascendidos! Una nueva realidad está naciendo ahora mismo mientras hablamos de algunas cuestiones importantes con usted. Para empezar, el Cielo está decretando que sus ajustes físicos sean cada vez más acelerado. Para mantenerse al día con esto, el actual gobierno de facto debe ser actualizado de manera similar en el nuevo gobierno se ha discutido durante mucho tiempo con usted. Afortunadamente, se están desarrollando los acontecimientos benditos que son capaces de derrocar a los gobiernos de la cábala oscura. Nuestros asociados han completado los pasos previos que se van a terminar esta tarea en particular. Junto con este importante desarrollo es el inicio de la entrega de la primera de sus fondos de prosperidad. Una vez instalado, el nuevo gobierno tiene la intención de emitir una serie de anuncios de todas las noches que aclarar y exponer en detalle en lo que NESARA se trata. Este será el inicio de algunos eventos realmente milagroso!
   Estamos esperando el momento divino correcto para tratar con una serie de mensajes que se van a explicar en detalle lo que los Maestros, que son el punto focal de sus muchas religiones, realmente dijeron cuando entraron y se enseñan entre vosotros y recibió su iluminación . Estas enseñanzas sagradas estarán acompañados de un comentario en profundidad tanto por las Hermandades y Cofradías de la Luz. Necesita los hechos y la verdad acerca de la gran transformación que todos los días le trae nuevos cambios internos y experiencias. Dios nos ha pedido que aclarar todas las cosas y prepararse para el acontecimiento maravilloso que se avecina. Volviendo a la plena conciencia es un asunto muy serio: que va a cambiar todo radicalmente y enormemente a mejor. Todos sus sentimientos e interacciones con uno mismo, los demás y el medio ambiente maravillosamente vivos serán diferentes! Y somos muy conscientes de que esto puede ser al principio un poco confuso para usted.
   Tenemos la intención de ayudar a sus mentores galácticos y sus legiones de ángeles personales para ayudar a que se acostumbre a esta nueva realidad ya las numerosas responsabilidades que acompañan la vida en este nuevo reino. Va a descubrir y explorar sus nuevas habilidades, y aprenderá rápidamente cómo aplicarlos. La primera tarea será la de crear su propia sociedad galáctica que servirá como prototipo para las sociedades que se van a construir en Marte, Venus, y Pax. Estos formarán la nueva nación estelar. Con mucho gusto aceptamos estas instrucciones dadas a nosotros por el Cielo. Juntos vamos a hacer milagros que aumentará la naturaleza misma de los Cielos en el mundo físico. En este futuro se despliega, se revelará un gran conocimiento acerca de quién fuiste creado para ser y por qué el 13 milenios de oscuridad fueron decretadas. Esta sabiduría te preparará para lo que está destinado a lograr, tanto en esta galaxia y más allá.
   Hoy hemos puesto al día sobre lo que está pasando y lo que puede esperar en breve. Deseamos que los eventos restantes se producen con rapidez y facilidad. No es algo que tiene que seguir siendo un misterio mucho más tiempo como el momento de la victoria se acerca rápidamente! Sepan, queridos, que el suministro incontable y la prosperidad de los Cielos sin fin es suya de hecho!  
Que así sea! 
 Selamat Gajun! 


* * *

* * *

KRULIANs: ENTENDIENDO EL LENGUAJE DE LUZ ::: ▶ Federación Galáctica de Luz Sheldan nidle május 13, 2014 – sharing

KRULIANs: ENTENDIENDO EL LENGUAJE DE LUZ ::: ▶ Federación Galáctica de Luz Sheldan nidle május 13, 2014 – sharing.

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miércoles, 14 de mayo de 2014

ENTENDIENDO EL LENGUAJE DE LUZ ::: ▶ Federación Galáctica de Luz Sheldan nidle május 13, 2014 – sharing

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 ترجم / לתרגם   翻訳する
Dec 5


En orden de entender nuestra comunicación con el cerebro tridimensional, tienen que pujar la información / luz a través de su filtro 3D, de manera que pueda ordenarse a sí misma en palabras y oraciones.

Nosotros decimos “ordenarse a sí misma”, pues el Lenguaje de Luz es un compartir de su esencia verdadera, un sumergirse de su SER con su SER. Por eso, el Lenguaje de Luz porta una porción de nuestro SER y es una inteligencia viva. Por lo tanto, aunque no puedan traducir nuestro mensaje en su sistema de lenguaje, aún pueden recibir el enorme beneficio de un conocimiento interno.

Porque el Lenguaje de Luz es un lenguaje de su Ser Multidimensional, bajar este lenguaje e integrarlo en su recipiente terrestre expande grandemente su conciencia y los libera de los confines de lo lineal, y del pensamiento lógico.

A medida que su conciencia se expande en un pensamiento multidimensional, pueden recibir y entender mensajes de frecuencia de luz cada vez más altas, así como mensajes de realidades cuánticas y “materia oscura”. Es la Luz de estos mensajes multidimensionales que “enciende” su ADN “basura” y comienza el proceso de retornar a su SER, aún cuando están viviendo en una forma física.

Como el Lenguaje de Luz es multidimensional, lo percibirán en capas sobre capas de información y entendimiento. Así como su cerebro humano funciona de una forma holográfica, así lo hace el Lenguaje de Luz, cada pequeño fragmento de Lenguaje de Luz porta todo el significado de la transmisión completa. Percibirán estas diferentes capas/frecuencias del mensaje a través de su conciencia expandida emparejando cada mensaje con su correspondiente frecuencia resonante de su conciencia multidimensional.

Recuerden, no están elevando su conciencia, están expandiendo su conciencia.

Los Arcturianos

Tomado de Journey through the Arcturian Corridor II
Traducción al español – Shanti
Publicado 5th December 2011 por Shanti
Etiquetas: Lenguaje de Luz

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 ترجم / לתרגם   翻訳する
* * *
Published on May 14, 2014
Sheldan Nidle 13 de mayo 2014 2 Lamat , 11 Moan , 10 Caban

Selamat Jalwa ! ( Estar en eterna alegría!) 
Venimos a ti con más buenas noticias ! Aquellos que se han retrasado en varias ocasiones lo -inevitable están llegando al punto de no retorno .
 Su derrota se lleva a cabo debido a que un grupo dedicado de nuestros asociados terrenales se negó a permitir que esta tontería despreciable para continuar. Las medidas están en vigor para permitir que para tener su libertad y degustar las maravillas de una prosperidad que es abrir nuevas puertas del conocimiento , la sabiduría y la tecnología. Estos eventos son sólo los comienzos meros para todos. Cada uno de ustedes posee energías y talentos que han de elevarse como esta realidad manifiesta . El nuevo gobierno que viene y el nuevo sistema financiero se desarrolla están aquí para proporcionar las bases para el crecimiento cada vez más acelerado en su conciencia . Hace mucho tiempo, como la Atlántida se hundió bajo las olas , que se les dio una serie temporal de los amos. Estos fueron los Anunnaki. Ellos crearon los medios para un pequeño grupo para convertirse en una clase por encima de ti, y esto está ahora llegando a su fin .
 Una nueva realidad se está formando. Finalizando el poder de estos esbirros terrenales y le da la soberanía divina reservada para todos.     Esta transformación es algo que es rápido para requerir nuestra presencia física . La última parte de estas alteraciones hay que explicar a usted y usted quiere una relación profunda con el asignado a su mentor . Cielo ha forjado un proceso mediante el cual podemos interactuar fácilmente con usted y prepararse para la última serie de transformaciones. Anteriormente, hemos descrito brevemente los cambios que son puestos en práctica por sus guardianes celestiales cuerpo para prepararse físicamente para lo que es poco que se produzca. Como usted se da cuenta del grado de estos cambios , se necesita a alguien que pueda explicar adecuadamente lo que está pasando . 
Estas alteraciones no sólo son físicos . Implican también sus aspectos mentales , emocionales y espirituales. Cada uno de estos elementos tiene que estar plenamente integradas en un todo más grande llamada la plena conciencia. Entendemos esto como vivimos en esta totalidad diaria. No obstante , estamos utilizando un programa especial que nos ha dado el Cielo para ayudarle en esta transformación que más se necesita .     Las Cámaras de luz especiales para ser utilizados por usted son una serie milagrosa de instrumentos vivos . En tan sólo tres días de tiempo que son capaces de convertir de limitada a la plena conciencia . Este proceso se llevó a sus Maestros Ascendidos muchas vidas para lograr. El paso final para ellos fue una ceremonia muy especial que les permitía Transmogrify en su inmortalidad actual. Este don, cuando llegue el momento y bendecir el Cielo por lo que se hace para ajustar no sólo la genética , pero sus conexiones especiales a su divina Presencia Yo Soy ! Una vez que haya pasado el tiempo con la Cámara de luz , usted está listo para comenzar un entrenamiento rápido en la etiqueta divina de la plena conciencia. Sólo en ese momento, ¿estás completamente listo para unirse con sus primos de la Tierra Interna para producir los medios para crear una nueva nación estelar . En la actualidad , los planetas que son una fracción de lo que una vez que se rodean . Estos mundos se están preparando para un nuevo entorno en el que hayan de cubrirse con un ecosistema diverso que abarca tanto sus reinos internos y externos.
* * *
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samkaska: Reading:::File:::Video 115 Answers of an alien from Andromeda – ▶ Galactic Federation of Light Sheldan Nidle June-24-2014 – YouTube:::sharing

samkaska: Reading:::File:::Video 115 Answers of an alien from Andromeda – ▶ Galactic Federation of Light Sheldan Nidle June-24-2014 – YouTube:::sharing.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Reading:::File:::Video 115 Answers of an alien from Andromeda – ▶ Galactic Federation of Light Sheldan Nidle June-24-2014 – YouTube:::sharing

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překládat / ترجم / לתרגם   /   翻訳する / 翻译

Video 115

Answers of an alien from Andromeda – video hundred and fifteen – April 16, 2014.

– Friends, in these times, the CG will not interfere with the nature of the planet since, according to them, the planet is reaching the limits of time for processing that must happen for the new configuration to happen for the new phase. The Arcturians are removing the pressure containers that were installed for the process to happen at the last possible moment, allowing time for more people to be prepared to raise your personal frequencies. According to current data, plus 2 percent of the population joined the band frequency compatible to coexist with the “level one”, rising to 24 percent of the overall total. This “extra time” ensured the rise from 10 to 24 percent that is, it was very worthwhile. The planet is no longer a reformatory planet; the people who remain here will be the actual users of the planet as his true home, the race of people on planet Earth.

– The poles will migrate as soon as the balance of the system is restored to normal. As you can notice the planet Venus is growing brighter in the sky, since they initially decided to change the orbit of Venus to a more appropriate area for a future settlement, the system was kept somewhat more stable interference by the large object that is in a stationary orbit in the south quadrant of the planet Earth. As the system will react to changes, the CG takes initiatives about what is being done at the time by its scientists. We were only really know when they begin operations. We are awaiting the tectonic responses to see what happens to the poles as yet there is only one month the Arcturians started off control probes placed in the places of greatest tension, the process may happen in the natural course of events there anytime.
With respect to Venus, your scientists will not talk about the case, but your amateur astronomers, more serious and qualified may accompany these changes. With the great movement of ships on the moon, even your amateur astronomers can easily check the reality of the presence of these brothers of other races present in lunar bases. Any ship coming from a base on the moon only takes a few minutes to be here within your atmosphere, so is the same as being here in Antarctica base.

– You know that I cannot give information or regional predictions about natural phenomena, cannot influence this aspect and act like a prophet or something, but note that the facts are in front of you, use your observations to intuit about what should be prepared. You all will be well as you are consciously prepared to face any fact. Keep in
mind that the only thing that will try to destroy you ‘is yourself, and yet you will not succeed because you are indestructible.

-The intelligent races living a long time on the planet and who are still here are:

– The various ethnic groups of humanoids of our type known.

– A descendant of Atouns, group who stayed here by their own will on a trial basis. This is the race that works as “counselors” of your elites in exchange for means to survive. Very intelligent beings with an IQ of over 160 but little practical to build things manually. The only anatomical difference is that they have the elongated cranial box and without the palate.
– Two races of aquatic humanoids that are like amphibians breathe beings. They appear humanoid with a crossing of marine mammals such as dolphins, and are a very old breed, more than 50,000 years in the planet.

– Isolated groups of humanoid type that you call Sasquatch. Race that was planted here by ancient reptilians to work as slaves and “auxiliary hunts” but what did not work satisfactorily; they were left to their own fate.

– Isolated groups of ancient beings connected to your mythology called Satyr that originate from ancient DNA experiments made by ancient reptilian races that frequented the planet for over 30,000 years ago. This is one of the only old experimental races that survived until today in small isolated groups in inhospitable regions of the planet.

– Isolated groups of beings originating of insectoid race that you call Night Crawlers, which relate well with Sasquatch. They came here to study life forms in your insect fauna (which is great), and ended up on the planet, even still having their ships to return to home planet they decided to stay here and keep experiences and sending reports to the scientific community of their planet. The insectoid think differently from us, sometimes it’s hard to philosophize with them on other issues than his duties and guidelines.

– Isolated groups of reptilians, and a certain breed of grays working with them who were stranded on bases of your government laboratories and could not have left the planet for a ban on movement of ships reptilian on the planet since 2012.

– Isolated group of hybrid origin who lived and survived for thousands of years in the remote mountains of Tibet.

– Many Pleiadeans living in your communities as well as observers for at least a hundred of years, many of them considering “Earthlings” by being born here now for over two generations. They cannot influence your societies only maintains constant contact with the teams that have stepped up surveillance on the planet after the detonation of the first nuclear bomb by your military.

– The races that had to live isolated by their major differences from most humanoid races had their technological development virtually prevented by not being able to expose their groups, but this does not mean that the mental and spiritual development of them was affected by it.

– Other breeds of brothers that you will meet in a short future like Pleiadeans, Arcturians, Camelopardalis, Atounians, Aldebarans, Alkaids, Sirius breeds, Chithoks, Rigel Centaurs breeds among many other races, some will be “cute” to your concept, others will be “ugly”, but you will learn over time that physical beauty is relative to what you feel inside the chest. The anatomy depends on the adaptability developed for life on other environments therefore an Arcturian will always be “strange” to you, but if you know him with the lights off, what would your “inside” would capture is the friendship they have pleased to share with others. The larger concept of living between different races is the ability to live with differences, and understand that what brings happiness to you might be a different thing that gives the happiness of another being. Each race has its own priorities and aspirations; fits to Galactic Communities try to help each one reach their welfare without thereby affecting the welfare of his neighbor. Unfortunately, in your own planet, between the ethnic groups of the same race, these differences are not respected. For that reason, to the planet may have the right to enter into a community that strives for harmony will have to be filtered so that society is of an acceptable level of understanding.

– When you think that all is lost, be sure that we will help you to find the solutions. Be well all of you!

* * *

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▶ Galactic Federation of Light Sheldan Nidle June-24-2014 – YouTube

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5 Oc, 13 Kayab, 10 Caban

Selamat Balik! We come to you on this date with good news! The dark’s network of minions is facing defeat. The Light has come to the conclusion that it is unwise to permit these scoundrels to continue. The governments that these minions occupy are totally dedicated to preventing the dark’s nefarious financial dealings from ever failing. Hence, it is most wise to oust these drones from power. The key to this is the new financial system, which has only been partially revealed. This new monetary program is to end fiat monies and obliterate those central banks which strongly support this worthless system. In addition, the new precious metal-backed monies are to usher in the reasons for declaring NESARA in North America and GESARA throughout this globe. The new government is to be a temporary one. Its purpose is to set the stage for a globe filled with numerous de jure governments whose prime convention is serve their people and pave the way for a global prosperity. These governments are also to release technologies which are to clean your waters, air and ground of the pestilence produced by the destructive industries of the dark.

These governments are to allow the Ascended Masters to directly address you and permit the decades-long UFO cover-up to cease. We look forward to being able to address you and prepare you for first contact. This realm has for too long been lied to about its true origins and your true ancestry. You are Beings who are descended from colonists sent nearly 900,000 years ago to Gaia for one overriding reason to act as Gaia’s guardian and, along with the Cetaceans, to keep Gaia’s diverse ecosystems flourishing. This prime purpose is one which you are to take on again, and use your grand abilities to maintain this living orb and her many and unique life forms. Moreover, you are to forge a grand star nation filled with wondrous life forms and truly amazing environments. You are to discover the secrets behind how this living solar system was created, and to use this wisdom to produce wonders and miracles, to be a foundation for a permanent galactic peace and for the final transformation of the Anchara continuum to the Light.

Indeed, first contact is a great dividing point for your society. Before, you were a group of limited consciousness Beings who were led by a dark global alliance. This cabal is now to be replaced. In its stead a contact is to arrive and push you to the very edge of a transformation as to how you view yourselves, your world, and even how you spiritually conceive your origins. This grand watershed is to be the point where you confront your beliefs and begin to accept radically new ones. In this interregnum you are to meet us and discover how you came to be. All of this is merely preliminary to what is to happen when you slide into your Light Chamber. At that point, you are to meet your True Self and unlock you ability to swiftly return to full consciousness in just three days time. The task of our mentors is to arrive, meet with you and take you on an inner journey, which leads to the magic moment when you attain full consciousness. Their task is then to teach you the etiquette required to successfully navigate this new fully conscious reality.

As fully conscious Beings, you gladly take on the various points of Gaia’s divine stewardship. These responsibilities are delineated in numerous life contracts, which each of you agreed to when you originally migrated to this beautiful blue orb. These spiritual documents are to be discovered when you can freely navigate your Akashic Records. In this light, you are to dedicate your divine service to maintain and preserve each aspect of a reintegrated and fully conscious Mother Earth. In this sacred task, you are to be joyously joined by your Agarthan and Cetacean brethren. This divine union is also to join with others in this solar system to forge a new star nation. This star nation is to be a reflection of the very divine nature of Gaia. You are then to receive honoring and special tasks to complete the transformation of this galaxy to the Light. You are to be blessed by all of us and to become a grand center for various conferences. These conferences are to include Beings from across this sector of physicality. You indeed possess a most glorious destiny!!!

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! Spirit has moved upon the Earth and brought to us a most amazing gift! This sacred gift is your freedom and a divine prosperity, which enables you to begin your final quest. This quest leads to full consciousness, a sublime state that allows you to reconnect totally with your spiritual family. There is much for you to learn. Spirit has forged a moment when you are to discover how all the evidence you have amassed fits together. We are shortly to give you a foundation to better understand what Spirit is to tell you. This foundation is to renovate your conceptions about life and to ready you for what Heaven is so graciously to give you. Even now, Heaven is assembling its evidence and preparing to present many wondrous things to you. These things go beyond the blessings of the Angels. They go to the highest places in AEON. You are blessedly special and hence are to be given some magnificent decrees to smooth your path to success!

As you look at the dispensations given you, recall this one blessing: “Go my children, and be the ones to return this precious Earth to her former state of Glory.” You are here to reform the Earth and give her reason for a grand “makeover.” This is something which is profound and blessed. Take this dispensation and ready yourselves for divine service. The Creator speaks and sends you means to become whole again. Rejoice in this and know it is your fate to again become a physical Angel. Your seemingly endless years of wandering this Earth as a tool of the dark are over! Spirit desires for you to become spiritually aware and able to understand who you are and why you are here. This knowledge is the key to understand why the dark has lost its hold over you. You, Blessed children, are the reason behind a massive rebirth of this Earth, and you, one of her most blessed subjects, are ready to transition into full consciousness!

Full consciousness is something the dark disguised. Atlantean priests and priestesses stole it from you as a way to produce a willing slave race for their dark masters. That which was so surreptitiously taken from you is now to be returned. This one process is to rejoin Mother Earth into a unified whole and use this orb to alter and recolonize the four water planets of this solar system. This grand blessing by the Elohim is to allow you to become the guardians of a most splendid star nation. Our supervision is blessedly to guide you in making this come about. Your divine destiny is tied inextricably to ours. We were given this divine state of immortal joy only to act as your ardent wayshowers. In this, we are here to permit you to grow in consciousness and assist your fellows in the grand overthrow of the dark and its vile agendas. So, be wise, be strong and be prepared for what is now happening! Today is yet another example of our messages to you. Remain ready and prepared to do what is spiritually necessary for your freedom. A great prosperity and a great shift in this reality are upon you. Your spiritual and space families are here, and liberation is to be proclaimed throughout this realm. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!

* * *


* * *


* * *



JUNE 22, 2014

I AM THAT I AM. Say these words aloud and say them silently. Hold them sacredly and secretly in your heart and ponder their meaning. I AM THAT I AM, (The answer given Moses when he asked God’s name) is a mystical statement of profound truth available to each and every soul for all are in and of the only ONE. Humanhood is not I AM, for ego is but an illusory sense of who and what you are…a personhood created from a consciousness of separation. These sacred words resulted in torture and death for anyone voicing them in past times of ignorance, powerlessness, and suppression.

I AM THAT I AM has been declared by enlightened masters throughout time but has been overlooked by the un-evolved masses unable to comprehend the depth or meaning of them. It was and still is commonly accepted that this statement applies only to a male God person made in man’s image and likeness looking down from the sky.

Dear ones, you are ready to embrace the deeper truths, taking them into your consciousness and making them yours. As you sit quietly in meditation or walk alone in a quiet forest, ponder the meaning of “I AM THAT I AM”. Ask yourselves; “What do these words really mean? Could they apply to me? Who is this I? Are they true?” Note that the words do not say I will be after I meditate for a few more years, or I could be if I would just work harder–they state “I AM”. You are ready for this step dear ones, the step in which you begin to actually embrace the deeper truth about yourselves and stop dilly dallying about on the surface of metaphysics.
Arcturian Group wishes to address the upsurge of violence you have been witness to lately and remind you that this is the surfacing of very dense and heavy energies held for centuries in certain areas of the world. What may appear to be backward steps for mankind is actually the activity of ever increasing Light on the long held shadows needing to be cleared. Energies of the past must be seen as such–the past, old, finished. They must give way to the new for the only life and power theyreally have comes from the universal belief in them. This is how evolution works.
Try not to focus on violence or the people involved in it, but instead realize that everyone is a spiritual being acting out from their present state of consciousness–many of which are still fully enmeshed in duality and separation. Hold to truth regardless of appearances, not denying them or dismissing them as simply illusions, but remembering how appearances are formed. The material world represents a mind interpretation according to individual and global states of consciousness–world belief system. In the human scene you see the perfect creations and qualities of Divine Consciousness through a stained glass window–the colors and formations, your state of consciousness.
A consciousness fully aware of its oneness with the fullness of Source will appear outwardly as whatever is needed (not always what you think you need) because Divine consciousness-(your consciousness when awakened)- is complete, harmonious, and whole in every way. When you forget and allow yourselves to resonate with appearances of duality and separation, you add energy and fuel to them, the only substance they have.
This is a difficult time for all–many are suffering and everyone is feeling the intensity of the new energies while at the same time clearing that which is old and heavy. Do what you are guided to do by way of helping others in the human scene, but first and foremost hold to the truth–this is the way change will come for the outer scene simply manifests the inner. You are creators but have not realized it.
Those who would prefer that you remain in the darkness and ignorance of the past, are using every opportunity to spark fear and chaos at this time but much of that which worked before, is no longer working. Try not to buy into ploys meant to feed world fear, and be aware of what is going on. Stay in the stillness of your center when presented with the negativity and violence constantly being broadcast from the media and do not engage. Be aware, but not continually immersed in the negative stories for that simply brings your energy field down to that level.
It is not easy to break free of the hypnotism of the third dimension. There are many observing your struggles with great admiration for your strength and determination. You are powerful beings of Light and are doing a fine job within an energy that does not yet fully support that. You have experienced lifetime after lifetime in third dimensional energy and are programmed by these experiences to look for solutions and answers with the mind.

You are learning to shift yourselves away from that impersonal universal human mind filled with every belief of duality and separation and into a realization that outer pictures whether good or bad, have nothing real to sustain or maintain them–only belief. This is what is meant by the bible term “seeing through a glass darkly”…the manifestations of Divine Consciousness are always complete and perfect and embody all Its qualities (completeness, wholeness, abundance, joy etc. etc.) but when these ideas flow through the filter of duality and separation, they become something different.
The material world is a mind translation of perfect Divine Ideas. Imagine a bread pan… the dough is your state of consciousness and the bread pan is your mind. The loaf is formed from the dough you put in it.

There is only ONE MIND…another profound truth that many will at first resist. Take this truth into your hearts and ponder it. You are more than ready to receive and embrace the deeper truths, to shift out of metaphysics and into mysticism.
In the human scene, the One mind- your mind, becomes conditioned by whatever false beliefs you accept. Every belief ever believed is floating in human consciousness and is never yours personally until accepted. Because of past life experiences, each person has a propensity for particular beliefs over others. (Some may be more prone to health beliefs, others more prone to relationship beliefs etc. )
It is important not to claim old energies back during your clearing process. For example you may be clearing cellular memory from the emotional body and re-experiencing some of these emotions. Instead of declaring; “I am so depressed, I am so sad, I am so angry etc. etc.” which will fasten them back to you, recognize that these are simply old energies clearing and let them go. The world would have you believe that there is a pharmaceutical solution to any and every discord (much to the financial benefit of these companies). Seeking to “fix” clearing symptoms can give them new life and power and slow the process but this is not to say you cannot consult a doctor if you are guided to.
Obsolete third dimensional energies of the past cannot be carried with you into the new and higher resonance no matter how well they may have served in the past. The choice as always, is yours.
As you begin to live out from the One Mind which contains within it no false concepts or beliefs, the outer scene will begin to reflect that, your consciousness will be manifesting clearer interpretations of Divine Ideas. Do not make the mistake of spending your time looking for results, saying: “Oh I have practiced and failed. It doesn’t work.” Change does not happen over night, and simply having the knowledge of truth does is not the same as the consciousness of it. Eons of time and millions of experiences were necessary to develop each state of consciousness into readiness to awaken. First comes receptivity, then the intellectual knowledge, then the practice, and finally a new state of consciousness is born, one which then manifests in the outer as the higher and better forms.
Take the profound mystical truths we have given you today into you hearts dear ones, for you are ready. Examine them, ask your higher selves and Guides to help you understand and move into the consciousness of them, and practice.
We are the Arcturian Group 6/22/14

Posted 32 minutes ago by LUZ ZOHAR

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KRULIANs: ▶ Federación Galáctica de Luz Sheldan Nidle’s 06 de mayo 2014 – DESDE EL PORTAL ESTELAR ARCTURIANO – BAJANDO LENGUAJE DE LUZ

KRULIANs: ▶ Federación Galáctica de Luz Sheldan Nidle’s 06 de mayo 2014 – DESDE EL PORTAL ESTELAR ARCTURIANO – BAJANDO LENGUAJE DE LUZ.

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jueves, 8 de mayo de 2014

▶ Federación Galáctica de Luz Sheldan Nidle’s 06 de mayo 2014 – DESDE EL PORTAL ESTELAR ARCTURIANO – BAJANDO LENGUAJE DE LUZ

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▶ Despertar a su capacidades infinitas Wes Annac 04 de mayo 2014 – YouTube

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▶ Federación Galáctica de Luz Sheldan Nidle’s 06 de mayo 2014 – YouTube

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Published on May 8, 2014

Actualización Sheldan Nidle’s o 06 de mayo 2014
8 Imix , 4 Moan , 10 Caban
Dratzo ! Venimos de nuevo con más buenas noticias ! Por todas partes en su planeta , los eventos se manifiestan que son para lograr que la libertad , la prosperidad y la nueva gobernanza . Cuando se completa este ciclo maravillosa , hay que ser la divulgación . Damos la bienvenida a lo que está sucediendo en su mundo y cómo encaja tan gloriosamente en el plan divino para este sistema solar. Los cambios son omnipresentes. Mercurio está literalmente explotando con un volcán activo creando otro . Venus, Gaia y Marte están ahora en medio de un espectacular número de los cambios climáticos , que han de conducir a estos orbes que regresan a sus realidades vírgenes . Nuestra parte en esto es mentor de su gran transformación en Seres de Luz completamente conscientes . Estas tareas están en marcha como el Cielo que se está preparando para la recepción de esta nueva conciencia. Mientras tanto , la oscuridad y sus secuaces están tambaleando como un plan tras otro falla para detener esta transformación inevitable. Usted está destinado a alterar mismos en una conciencia galáctica , que es difundir rápidamente a través de este sistema solar y forjar una nueva y magnífica nación estelar . Su mundo es en realidad dos. Una de ellas es la Tierra Interna y la casa de sus primos de Agartha . Ellos son el último vestigio de los colonos que sembraron Gaia hace unos 900.000 años. Al principio, ellos ocuparon el continente que la mayoría de ustedes llaman Lemuria. Finalmente , se trasladaron parte de su colonia a la Tierra interna . Es este último grupo que se convirtió en el último vestigio de lo que estaba a punto de Lemuria . Los atlantes atacaron y reclamó el reino de la superficie por sí mismos. Esto llevó a un conflicto latente , que se desbordó hace unos 13 milenios. El ataque de la Atlántida en la antigua Jonia ( sur de Europa ) fracasó y provocó las antiguas cámaras de gas que sostenían la tierra para explotar. Atlantis se hundió bajo el mar. Lo que quedó después de una gran migración de los atlantes a otro sistema estelar fue sus antepasados ​​limitados consciente y sucesores de la Atlántida , los Anunnaki. Estos dos grupos forjaron el próximo 13 milenios de su historia. Las ” edades de oro ” eran su primera serie de experiencias con los Anunnaki como sus nuevos amos . Incluso los antiguos chinos , mesopotámicos , indios y egipcios sabían cómo hace mucho que sucedió esto. Nuestra tarea asignada era para velar por ti y sólo interviene cuando el Cielo así lo acuerda. Esta política dio lugar a una serie de misiones mesiánicas y el surgimiento de numerosas religiones, que los Anunnaki y sus secuaces alterados a lo que ellos pensaban que era totalmente aceptable para sus fines perversos . Las consecuencias de sus acciones se desarrollaron en el odio y las divisiones que siguen afectando a la humanidad hasta hoy . Esta historia es vital que usted entienda lo que está ocurriendo . Su mundo se despertó y está trabajando diligentemente para corregir los principales errores del pasado . La más importante de ellas es obedecer una autoridad que desea daño a su pueblo y al mundo. Además, la humanidad está aprendiendo cómo se puede ayudar , en lugar de seguir para dañar a la Madre Tierra. Esta acción iluminada está provocando reacciones que están conduciendo a una nueva época para la humanidad. Está también le prepara para la divulgación.

* * *
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  Bienvenidos a nuestro Portal Estelar,

Nosotros los Arcturianos estamos felices de ser capaces de comunicarnos con más y más de los nuestros en tierra. Sin embargo, en orden de discutir sobre dimensines de quinta y superiores, necesitaremos aumentar nuestros medios de comunicación.

Hemos hablado de las dificultades de comunicarnos sobre una realidad multidimensional con el sistema de lenguaje tridimensional. Entonces antes de continuar con nuestro viaje a través del Portal Estelar, les pedimos sostener su Mercaba de sexta dimensión en su Corazón, mientras los asistimos bajando Lenguaje de Luz Multidimensional.

El Lenguaje de Luz es un componente multidimensional de la Luz que fluye desde el UNO y es la forma de comunicación para todos los Seres Multidimensionales. La Luz Multidimensional es viva y porta amor incondicional, creatividad divina y conocimiento infinito. El Lenguaje de la Luz está disponible para quien ha reconquistado su conciencia multidimensional y recordado su verdad, y su SER Multidimensional.

Sin embargo, el Lenguaje de la Luz resuena más allá del tiempo y del espacio y entra en la conciencia en UN momento del AHORA. No se puede llegar a él, el Lenguaje de la Luz es como una flor que florece totalmente sólo cuando está listo.

Los Seres Multidimensionales no usan más palabras que están separadas unas de las otras y se encadenan en oraciones. Nosotros vivimos en el AQUÍ y AHORA del UNO. Por lo tanto, nuestra comunicación está infinitamente dentro de nuestra conciencia en el eterno presente de la Luz multidimensional. Cuando nos comunicamos nosotros simplemente compartimos nuestra Luz. Pueden no entender nuestro mensaje, o incluso saber que lo hemos enviado, pero instantáneamente sentirán un CONOCIMIENTO.

Su Lenguaje de Luz bajado, los asistirá en traducir nuestra comunicación en lenguaje terrestre de manera que podrán compartirlo con otros.

Una vez que han bajado Lenguaje de Luz, automáticamente sintonizan su conciencia con la frecuencia de nuestra información. Luego que han calibrado su conciencia a esa frecuencia y abierto su corazón a nosotros, hay un intercambio instantáneo de información.

Esta información entra en su conciencia de una sola vez en una explosión de Luz.

De Journey trough the Arcturian Corridor
Traducción al español – Shanti
Publicado 1st December 2011 por Shanti
Etiquetas: Lenguaje de Luz

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photos: ▶ PHAN WEEK: How to Replace a Sky in Photoshop! – YouTube:::CREATING YOUR OWN REALITY PART 1:::▶ Galactic Federation of Light Sheldan Nidle May 06 2014 – YouTube

photos: ▶ PHAN WEEK: How to Replace a Sky in Photoshop! – YouTube:::CREATING YOUR OWN REALITY PART 1:::▶ Galactic Federation of Light Sheldan Nidle May 06 2014 – YouTube.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

▶ PHAN WEEK: How to Replace a Sky in Photoshop! – YouTube:::CREATING YOUR OWN REALITY PART 1:::▶ Galactic Federation of Light Sheldan Nidle May 06 2014 – YouTube

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▶ Galactic Federation of Light Sheldan Nidle May 06 2014 – YouTube

8 Imix, 4 Moan, 10 Caban

Dratzo! We come again with more good news!

Everywhere on your planet, events are manifesting that are to bring you

freedom, prosperity and new governance. When this wondrous cycle is

completed, there is to be disclosure. We welcome what is happening on

your world and how it so gloriously fits into the divine plan for this

solar system. Changes are omnipresent. Mercury is literally exploding

with one active volcano creating another. Venus, Gaia and Mars are now

in the midst of a spectacular number of climate changes, which are to

lead to these orbs returning to their pristine realities. Our part in

this is to mentor your grand transformation into fully conscious Beings

of Light. These tasks are underway as Heaven is preparing you for the

reception of this new consciousness. Meanwhile, the dark and its minions

are reeling as one plan after another fails to stop this inevitable

transformation. You are meant to alter yourselves into a galactic

consciousness, which is to spread swiftly across this solar system and

forge a new and magnificent star nation.

Your world is actually two. One is Inner

Earth and the home of your Agarthan cousins. They are the last remnant

of the colonists that seeded Gaia some 900,000 years ago. At first, they

occupied the continent that most of you call Lemuria. Eventually, they

moved a part of their colony to inner Earth. It is this latter group

that became the last vestige of what Lemuria was about. The Atlanteans

attacked and claimed the surface realm for themselves. This eventually

led to a simmering conflict, which boiled over some 13 millennia ago.

The Atlantean attack on ancient Ionia (southern Europe) backfired and

caused the ancient gas chambers that held up the land to explode.

Atlantis sank beneath the sea. What was left after a grand migration by

the Atlanteans to another star system was your limited-conscious

ancestors and the Atlantean’s successors, the Anunnaki. These two groups

forged the next 13 millennia of your history. The “Golden Ages” were

your first set of experiences with the Anunnaki as your new masters.

Even the ancient Chinese, Mesopotamians,

Indians and Egyptians knew just how long ago this happened. Our assigned

task was to watch over you and intervene only when Heaven so agreed.

This policy led to a number of messianic missions and the rise of

numerous religions, which the Anunnaki and their minions altered to what

they thought was fully acceptable for their evil purposes. The

consequences of their actions developed into the hatred and divisions

that continue to plague humanity even to this day. This history is vital

for you to understand what is occurring. Your world woke up and is

currently working diligently to correct the major errors of the past.

The most important of these is obeying an authority that wishes harm to

its people and to the world. Further, humanity is learning how it can

assist, instead of continue to harm Mother Earth. This enlightened

action is causing reactions that are leading to a new epoch for

humanity. It is also preparing you for disclosure.

Disclosure can permit us to move quickly to

the next step, a massive global first contact with you. We have watched

previously as the dark ones dashed the beginning of new governance! We

knew, despite these early difficulties, that you were to triumph over

the dark. The past two years have seen a final holding action by the

dark’s minions to keep their ground. This last series of actions failed.

What is now happening is the final step between what was to occur and

our arrival. We have had discussions with those who desire to topple the

dark and have seen them grow. They have thrown off their hate and wish

only to push them out of power. The rest is to follow as needed. New

governance is to set the stage for our arrival. Surface humanity has

been cut off from its extraterrestrial origins for far too long. It time

to reconnect. It is time for a grand reunion that returns you to your

original state of full consciousness. It is time for you to reunite with

your Lemurian cousins and together forge a new star nation.

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We

bless and praise Heaven for all its glories and wisdom. The moment for a

grand celebration has come. Our beloved associates are finishing off a

most marvelous set of enterprises that are to terminate the power and

the lies of the dark ones and their endless minions who seem to be ready

to delay our sacred tasks. Heaven and her emissaries arrive. The dark

is now to allow all that has been given us to appear. The Light is

indeed triumphant! The path to Truth, Prosperity and Redemption is at

hand. This path is to lead you first to facts and realities that set the

table for the arrival of our space and spiritual families! Their

arrival is to signal that it is time to begin to learn and understand

the wonders inherent in full consciousness. We accept you as our

enthusiastic children. There is much to learn, do and understand in this

new and divine dimension!

We are all to live in a world filled with the

essence of Heaven and cloaked in the joy that comes from Oneness with

the Creator! You are to experience rapture and feel your Soul filled

with the celestial and cleansing music of Love and of Light! Here you

are in bliss and you use this to unfold the divine plan in the various

physical realms. This is ahead for you. We as an Ascended collective are

here to help you through the first moments of this endless glory. Long

ago, we began to pass through the spiritual veil and rediscover exactly

what full consciousness was about. We know much. Yet, we understand

that full knowledge of this realm takes more than a moment to master. It

takes lifetimes that are each literally more than a millennia in

length. Together, we are to take our joint knowledge and produce a new

star nation.

As you pass through the limitations of your

current life and reach the infinite, you change. You become one that has

moved beyond the ways of this present world and learned what Heaven

desires from us all. In this light, you can see what is needed and what

needs to be sloughed off by you. You are to learn why you are here and

what is expected of you. Your life contract becomes visible to you, as

does all the contents of your personal Akashic records. You become able

to converse easily with your spiritual guides and discover those who can

advise you in the physical. This revelation opens up a torrent of

wisdom, and gives you a guide as to how best to live your life and aid

your fellows. You are able to accept new responsibilities and learn how

to forge a true society based upon your abilities and those of others.

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Today, we further explored the
wonderful events of the day. We examined the changes taking place and
discovered where they are leading. The long awaited point of joy is
nigh! Soon, the full extent of this is to manifest! Know, dear Ones,
that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are
indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One!
and Be in Joy!)


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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Creating Your Own Reality Part 1


Creating Your Own Reality #1

Dr. Suzanne Lie and Mary Perricone
May 1, 2014

Hello everyone and welcome back. I’m Mary Perricone and I’m here with Dr. Suzanne Lie for our continuing conversations. Today we’re going to begin by talking about Creating Your Own Reality. Hello Sue, how are you?

Suzanne Lie: I’m fine. I’m just going to go into the ONE who is here more than me, the Arcturians.

The Arcturians

We are the Arcturians and we wish you all to take a moment to feel how bright the Light has become. We are asking now to begin to recalibrate your sensory perceptions to the expanding frequencies of Light that have not been able to pierce the density of Gaia’s aura since before the fall of Atlantis.

However, above the Cities of Light which are expanding more and more there is a portal through which this higher Light can enter in to the beings who are able to receive it as well as to the areas and the portals of Gaia.

MP: Well that is a message that I would never have expected this morning. Thank you Sue and thank you to the Arcturians – that more Light than in the last 10 to 50 thousand years is being infused into this planet through portals that are above the Cities of Light. And, we have access to that Light and those portals.

SL: And to the Cities of Light.

MP: Yes, and to the Cities of Light. And, those portals throughout the planet are being infused with a greater saturation and a higher infusion of Light is coming through. That’s great news.

Arcturians: It’s not just that more Light is coming in, but more Light at a higher frequency is coming in. It is through these higher frequencies of Light that those who have expanded their consciousness can perceive the holographic matrix of Earth.

Before – when that matrix was perceived – primarily it was the third/fourth dimensional matrix. I it was much like a darkened room where only one Light was on.
You could see the area in which that Light had illuminated, however around that small area of illumination there was darkness.

Now what is beginning to occur is that whereas before you could only see that area in which you held your third-dimensional form and your fourth dimensional astral dream body – now those who have been doing the work shall we say, those who have been clearing and meditating and reaching up into their higher selves and moving down into their sub-conscious to clear and clear and clear again – those ones are coming into this awareness of the next level of the third-dimensional matrix.

That level of the third-dimensional matrix is the entrance way into the fifth-dimensional New Earth. So we ask all of you who find yourself having the ability to hear or to read these words to take a long slow deep breath. Pull in that higher light into your Pineal Gland and imagine that matrix before you.

Mary would you like to share with others how you perceive that third dimensional matrix for you.

MP: I see unlimited potential in these portals and I would interpret it by saying that there is a portal on the fifth-dimension that we have access to that brings us into those higher frequencies of Light that the Arcturians are referring to right now. So that accessing those energies – those fifth-dimensional energies – allow us and call us to create reality from the higher dimensions into the fifth-dimension.

Now it’s all a spiral. It’s not 1,2,4,5 – 10,11,12 – it’s all occurring simultaneously. But, the access to those energies that are coming is available to us. One of the things that come to mind are the different types of Ascension symptoms then we were experiencing one or two years ago. There is, for me, a greater awareness of the compression of time, or no time.

I would say that most of the time I feel like I’m out of time. I can no longer keep track of time within that third-dimensional matrix. So there isn’t any other option for me than to go with this flow of energy. It gives a new meaning to the phrase: Go with the flow, or let it happen. Because when you are in it, you can only be it.

A: Yes, that is very true. The being and the doing are beginning to merge for those who have allowed themselves to let go of the third dimensional restrictions. Now this is a selective process for there are certain third-dimensional restrictions, third dimensional rungs of the third dimensional matrix that are vital for the support of the physical earth vessel. Those are components of your Earth vessel that you will need to continue. You will need to continue feeding your Earth vessel until the time in which you are able to eat pure Light.

This needs to be a long slow process for if it is too sudden you can destroy your physical vessel as you would experience from your third-dimensional mind as a starving and dying from not getting enough nutrition. Now the issue is that in order to switch over from eating from the third dimension which is the food that is grown on the planet and the animals that come from the planet.

Switching from that third-dimensional perception, moving into that imagination that fourth-dimension when you have dreams and you are at a great celebration and everyone is eating – and you might wake up hungry because you have not fed your physical body, but those dreams are beginning to teach you how to feed yourself Light.

Now, the process of feeding yourself Light needs to be a slow exchange where the food that you take into your body has higher and higher Light quotients. Basically what that means is that to your particular body, and everyone’s body is different, as everyone is supporting different galactic versions of themselves.

So it begins by the food that it is easy for you to digest. If the food is difficult for you to digest then your consciousness is lowered while you are in the process of digesting your food. However as you begin to realize the food that is easily digested then that third-dimensional process of keeping your third-dimensional earth vessel fueled is much like going to a gas station and filling up your car. And, it will be less of a distraction to the you who is wearing this third-dimensional vessel.

MP: I think many of our listeners use a process or a mantra when they are eating. Just recently I was guided to infuse the food that I eat with sheer energy. When I do this, the food tastes different. I am filled after only a few mouthfuls of the food. Indeed our food is infused with Light through our intent.

So in fact we create that integration of the infusion of Light into the planet, into food, into Gaia, into the individual because we are one, we are all integrated and it creates an expansion of our awareness and our perception and our intent – and taking responsibility for doing it.

The Arcturians framed it so beautifully and so simply in a way that hopefully every listener or reader of this program can understand and begin to apply.

Now I know that over the past few years I have changed the way I bless my food. If I take a glass of water I write Love on the outside of the glass. If take a piece of fruit to eat I hold it in my hands and write Love on that piece of fruit. So my intent is for that food to be infused with Light and for my highest good.

The Arcturians also said something that we have heard before but I think they said it a little bit differently. They said that this is an ongoing process. It doesn’t happen all at once. It’s not a flash. But as our bodies expand through our awareness, as the Light within our bodies expand – the vibrational frequency expands and then we are able to experience and integrate that infusion of Light. It’s a step by step process – not all at once.

I’ve read many comments and articles within the Light worker community where there is impatience. When is it going to happen? It hasn’t happened. But, I believe that what I hear the Arcturians saying is that it has happened, it is happening and it will continue to happen. And, that is the Ascension process – the expansion and the infusion of Light on a personal and a planetary level.

Arcturians: Yes, and it is a matter of connecting with the impatience of the third-dimensional self which is built by time. Then, as soon as one says: when will it happen – they have just decreed that it has not happened yet. So the very question of saying: when will it happen pushes it into the perceivable future because you have just pushed your consciousness into time.

Then when we say: I’m so sick of this, I want it to happen now – you have decreed that you are sick and that you are impatient and that you are unhappy, so that is exactly how you will feel. It is so important that we listen to our thoughts and emotions.

I know with myself from listening to my thoughts and emotions that I hear a lot of thoughts and emotions that shock me because they are coming from me and they are living in me. But how can I clean them out if I don’t look at them?

Now I wanted to say something about the eating Mary, because you were talking about the high road and that you were doing meditations and writing Love and putting things into Light. That’s wonderful.

I on the other hand have taken this other track where I’m just listening to my body. My body has taken over. My body says: Sue, don’t eat that or you need to eat this. My body says: no if you eat now you are not going to be happy about this. So I’ve taken this other track. Whereas you’ve gone up into your super consciousness, I’ve gone down into my sub consciousness and just let the body take over the process.

We are an example of that entire process because of course I’m still meditating and of course Mary you are still listening to your body, but it’s interesting that we are representing two different ways of doing the same thing. Sometimes we might feel in a high state of consciousness and be able to bless our Light onto whatever it is we partake of.

On the other hand, sometimes we may just be about life and we can just develop a new relationship with our Earth vessel instead of us being the boss over our body – realize that our body is the vessel that we’re wearing. Within this vessel it’s like with your car – there are certain things you need to do to your car. Your car will beep and leave messages to let you know that your tire is flat or that you need gas or need oil. You just listen to your car.

As we listen to our bodies we realize that this is our vessel – we are not this vessel, we are not our car and we have planted ourselves inside of our vessel and we can put it on automatic and the vessel will say: this is the type of fuel I need.

MP: That’s a wonderful analogy and thank you for that. We are all very conscious now. To continue the analogy of the car – we are advised to be pro-active and have the car serviced before the car tells us that it is time for service. We do that through being mindful and being aware and listening to our bodies and knowing through good sense how to feed our bodies and creating that muscle memory where we automatically know if the food is good for our body.

There is a lot of science behind this with foods that are appropriate for certain blood types. There is a whole science being developed around this as well as the science of energy medicine. We can use all of the above or some of the above. And, as you were talking Sue I remembered an exercise that I have used a number of times. It’s just a simple technique we can use in case we are not practiced in listening to our bodies.

The exercise is: hold the food that you are going to eat in your hands and place the food where the rib cage meets under the breast bone. Place it there while standing and if the food is compatible with your body, your body will rock forward in a rocking motion. If the food is not suitable for your body, your body will move or rock backwards.

You can test this by taking a piece of fruit and placing it the area under your breast bones and see whether you rock forward. Then take a food item that you know is not in your best interest to eat and place it in the same place. Invariably the food that is not suitable for my body will cause me to rock backward. This is one of the ways that you can begin to develop an intuition about what is good for your body.

Of course if you are in a restaurant you are not going to stand up and test the plate of food. You shouldn’t have to do this because we would automatically know what the best food is to put into our bodies.

A: That’s a great exercise. I will definitely try that. Now I’d like to speak about this other end of moving in to the vessel that we are wearing and realizing that the vessel that we are wearing is actually an animal. When you look at animals in nature they can tell what is good for the body to eat or this is something that is poisonous.

I am thirsty and I will have this amount of water, but I won’t have more than that because it would not be good for me. I am hungry and I will eat this amount and that’s how much I will eat and I will stop.

We respect what our body has to say to us because our consciousness has already transmuted into its multi-dimensional self. As our body has transmuted, now we can learn to unconditionally Love what our body is and what out body is telling us.

So with our higher sense of consciousness we can move into the vessel in which we are living and say: okay vessel, I live inside of you and I appreciate that you have offered me a portal through which I can experience this marvelous time of planetary Ascension. Please help direct how I need to care for you and know that the answer is there.

MP: The phrase that we use so often in our society that something “starts at home”. Ascension starts at home. It starts within our own bodies. Our bodies must be prepped, or prepared to receive the higher vibrational frequencies of Light. I don’t mean to downplay this at all because it is an upgrade in our electrical systems. Every system within our physical body has to be realigned, re-communicated with and our conscious mind helps facilitate the integration of the upgrade.

It happens first by accepting the reality that our bodies are being upgraded. We’ve heard a lot about upgrades in our DNA. We’ve also heard about the children that are being born in this timeframe coming in being fully wired to the vibrational frequency.

Now, I live in an older home and over the years we’ve have had our electrical system upgraded our plumping – upgraded all of the infrastructure. We are very aware that we need to remember and have regular maintenance on different systems just as you do to your car.

You home, your physical home is the place where you abide and reside, is a representation of your physical body. So, you take care of your home within and without in order to move forward in your life. So the upgrades are occurring and our responsibility is the awareness and the development of our intuition. So, in the instance of food, we know what the best intake is for us.

SL: Yes, and if we are living in an older home/body we have had lots of “time” to gain wisdom, however our body that we live in is not going to upgrade in the same manner as those new bodies that have just been inhabited that are already updated. So, we are like the old automobile that you have to keep taking care of over and over again because the automobile is updated. In other countries, in Cuba for example, they have cars from the 1950’s and they just keep them up and running and they are like brand new cars because they aren’t getting new cars.

So, those of us of a mature age that have been in our homes longer have to develop a continuous upgrade that goes with the cars that we are driving, our homes that we are wearing, and our bodies that are older. What I have been experiencing a lot is that because it is an older body, there are a lot of things that I have to let go of.

There are many habits that were developed over the long dark cycle. And, the United States had a long dark cycle with people believing the most ridiculous things and letting horrible things go through and never changing and pretending as if it never happened. So for those who know, that built up a lot of – what is wrong with this place. Now this has to be released along with all of the myriad experiences.

Children come in new and they don’t have to release yet because they are just pulling in. But as you are in an older vehicle you have to release. There are a lot of parts that need to be taken out and replaced. I know from having an older car that if you just replace one part the whole car gets messed up and you have to replace that whole system.

Those of us that have been wearing our bodies longer are having system upgrades on a regular basis.

MP: Yes, exactly – I love the analogy. I’m having a system upgrade. I’ll take it.

SL: Yes, it’s a system upgrade.

MP: We’re adding more Ram to our internal computer.

SL: Yes we are definitely doing that through connecting our physical brain to our fifth-dimensional multi-dimensional mind and we can often feel that like a golden cloud that mimics our brain, but is above our brain.

Now of course that above/below is in physical terms but when we are feeling it we can imagine how the aura of our physical body has moved up to the frequency in which it can overlap with the frequency of our multi-dimensional mind. And our aura’s are beginning to expand out further into our daily life and in deeper into our kundalini – which is our own Light body living within the core of our spine.

MP: Just beautiful and thank you for that. Well, I think we are out of time for today. Time flies when you have fun, doesn’t it?

SL: Time flies when you’re in the Now.

MP: Thank you everyone for listening and we’ll be back very soon with another chapter in these ongoing conversations. Have a great day everyone.

* * *

* * *