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Origen: Sharing.:::.▶ Girls Sexy Bikini Legs & Butt Lift Workout!!! – Goddesses—The Protectors of GAIA | Equipoise



Sharing.:::.▶ Girls Sexy Bikini Legs & Butt Lift Workout!!! – Goddesses—The Protectors of GAIA

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie
Suzanne Lie, Ph.D., has been a seeker since she was a child where her active “imagination” took her deep into her inner life. She continues to regularly share her experiences and Arcturian teachings on her blog, Awakening with Suzanne Lie, and she wishes to help awakening ones come out of hiding and allow the glory of their highest expression of SELF into their everyday life.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015
Goddesses, The Protectors of GAIA ~ Upcoming Webinar Series


Goddesses—The Protectors of GAIA



The Arcturians

We the Arcturians are neither male nor female.
 Rather, we are the integration of male and female.
 We are initiating the “Goddesses Ascending GAIA” event to redefine the term “Goddess” to include the term “Protectors.”

In this manner, the female “Goddesses for Gaia” can integrate their male components of protector, and the male “Protectors of Gaia” can integrate their female components of goddess.

Gaia’s humans can NOW release their third dimensional gender roles to remember their myriad incarnations in which they served Gaia either as a female or a male.
 Igniting the memory of how you served as Gaia’s Protector Goddess will greatly assist in living your daily lives on a planet that on the cusp of transmutation into the fifth dimension.

Both women and men have always served Gaia. Hence, when we say “Goddesses,” we mean the protectors of the planet who hold the goddess energy within their bodies. This “planetary goddess energy” expands your personal perceptions to include your planetary perception. Thus, you will perceive your reality from the viewpoint of being ONE with ALL of Earth.

Gaia has been identified and thought of as a female energy field because she is the Great Mother, who has the power of birth and creation.
 We are now asking that all our Goddesses/Protectors of Gaia to recognize and expand your own innate power of creation, as well as giving birth to that creation.

It is the NOW in which we ask that you merge the separation of genders because beloved Gaia is transmuting Her body into a higher frequency. Therefore, She needs YOUR help to release the polarities of the third dimension, by transmuting them into the Unity of the fifth dimension and beyond. Gaia needs your creative thinking as well as your ability to “give birth” to these creative concepts in your physical reality.

Gaia is calling on Her Protectors to assist Her in healing the darkness that weighs heavy on Her planetary body.
 Therefore, Gaia asks that you cease the prejudice and disputes between male and female Goddesses that were actually forced on Her planet by the beings of darkness.

When each of her Goddesses, not matter what gender of form they wear in this incarnation, release their own inner darkness and transmute it with the Violet Fire, they serve to assist Gaia to release and transmute the darkness that has accumulated on Her form since the closing cycles of Atlantis.

As you, the protectors of Gaia, use the power you have always had, the power of creation, the power of birth, you can assist your Great Mother to create and birth Her fifth dimensional expression of Earth. To assist you with this process, we offer the webinar series “Goddesses Ascending GAIA.”

Click Here to Sign Up or Learn More about the Course

In 4 sessions, we will:

1.) Wednesday, November 4, 2015
Recover memories of your own innate wisdom, power, and love so that you can use the all-knowing Mother Gaia to reignite your innate, inner goddess energy

Remember the qualities of the Goddess by taking you back to the Goddess Temples on Venus and the Pleiades where the Goddess is strong, confident, creative, and nurturing.

Meditations: A trip to Venus. A journey to the Pleiades

2.) Wednesday, November 18, 2015
Discussing and remembering how to display the Goddess energy in your every day life

We will assist you to reveal how the Goddess is within you because YOU are the Goddess. Once you find the Goddess within yourself, you are called upon to project that Goddess energy out into your world.

Meditations: Finding the Goddess within. Projecting out your inner Goddess.

3.) Wednesday, December 2, 2015
How to use the Goddess Power of unconditional forgiveness, unconditional acceptance, and unconditional love to disallow victimization of your life

Unconditional forgiveness, unconditional love, and unconditional acceptance are the tools used by ascending masters to rid themselves of all third dimensional illusions so that they could flash into Lightbody. However, in this NOW, you are taking Gaia with you!

Perceiving/feeling/ projecting
Unconditional forgiveness
Unconditional acceptance
Unconditional love

You can only perceive, feel or project what you can imagine inside of your SELF.

4.) Wednesday, December 16, 2015
Realigning your self-image from being one person to being ONE who is in daily service to the Great Mother – planet Earth

When your Goddess energy is no longer trapped within your 3D vessel, you will naturally move into the higher states of consciousness, which are needed to actively participate in your own ascension.

Your expanded states of consciousness will also expand your ability to “heal Gaia” by unleashing the great creativity within YOU to work as ONE to “Birth New Earth.”

All the plants, animals, insects, fish are ready to transmute. It is ONLY humanity that is delaying Gaia’s return to Her/Your, true fifth dimensional expression.

Meditations—to be determined within that NOW

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Lauren C. Gorgo ~ Excerpt 5D report ~ Golden Gates Open: the great preparation

As expected, the 8/8 (Lion’s gate) was beastly…in the best way possible.
During that supercharged window, new/higher light information roared thru heaven and earth, permeating every level and layer of our multidimensional existence, infusing each and every cell of our being with new creation codes and essential upgrades required for the next 12 months in dedication to the mastery of magic.
This year’s 888 activation is awakening within our DNA the collective memory of the lost/forgotten sacred knowledge necessary to build the next Golden Age.

This means each of us are now downloaded with the specific information we need to not only create our highest purpose in the world, but we are also imbued with the actual methodologies necessary to construct the literal, sacred systems and framework that will house heaven on earth.

As you remember your reason for BEing, you remember your purpose for BEing here-now.

Here’s what I am told: when the lion’s gate opened this year, so too did the gates of heaven. This special triple-digit access code unlocked our access to the pure, unencumbered frequency of Source that is essential for our heavenly creations on earth…the completion codes required to rebuild our selves, lives and ultimately the Eden Blueprint for all of humanity.
Before now, we were all working to bring these frequencies “down from heaven”, so to speak. We were heralding, precipitating the grounding of these energies thru our bodies and into the planet for earth’s collective ascension. Mission accomplished. Now I am hearing that for those of us here to experience a full-blown biological ascension/descension, the energies from the 888 are more personal than collective…well, not literally since what is personal IS collective…in the sense that they contain the next level christ codes needed for our further embodiment and sustained 5th dimensional consciousness.
This gateway was described to me as the opening of a sacred vault that stores the (genetic) potential to complete our transfiguration. Apparently, this vault contains within it the alchemical codes required for our full transformation AS GODs, in form.
NOTE: Keep in mind that the activation of potentials takes time-space to unfold/integrate in our physical bodies and worlds. Based on what I am receiving, my sense is that the Lion’s gate triggered those receptive with the necessary activations needed for the last blood moon-eclipse passage on 9/28, which is a finalizing event, but will continue to usher us into our new Selves thru to the end of the year and beyond. Aka, emergence, like the rest of ascension, is a complex, comprehensive and divinely timed process, one that can’t be rushed. We are definitely breaking out of our cocoons, that much is clear, but is so important that we stay riveted to our every NOW moment. At these heightened stages of ensoulment, getting too far ahead of ourselves can easily stress our already-taxed systems.
Speaking of alchemical codes, you may have intuited that leading up to the blue moon (at the end of July) that we were working heavily with the 44 numeric (also the 1144)…that these numbers where constantly in your consciousness, especially since the last (4/4) lunar eclipse/blood moon. The 44 frequency carries the vibration of transformation/metamorphosis and has been forcing aiding us to quickly heal and release what no longer serves so that we are ready and prepared to work with the 22 (also the 1122) frequential that started pulsing into the grids soon after the June Solstice.
These are powerful numerics that resonate profoundly with spiritual, physical & multidimensional mastery…more specifically, the mastery of building sacred structure from a basis of divine knowledge (illumination). Moreover, it is made clear to me that 1122 resonates strongly with the energies of our divine purpose/spiritual blueprint in that it asks us to structure & build our lives (22) according to our spiritual truth (11) where our soul’s reason for BEing lives.
If you tune in you will likely notice that in addition to the 44/1144, the 22/1122 sacred codes/frequencies are very prevalent now. (You may have also noticed…I did in retrospect…that since the March equinox my reports have serendipitously/synchronistically been published every month on the 22nd, except for the Planetary New year (26) last month which is an 8 vibration used to fortify the lion’s gate.) The focus for this whole year has been on ‘building’, but it wasn’t until the March equinox that these energies fully kicked in. From the equinox to the solstice we have been focusing full time on our metamorphosis (44)…from (June) solstice to (September) equinox we have been pivoting from transformation to emergence (we are immersed in both energies at the moment). And from the next equinox to the December Solstice we will be fully anchored in the building/applied mastery (1122) phase…structuring our physical lives (22) to match our divine truth (11).
In actuality, our new beginnings have already begun but because endings & beginnings are simultaneous, we are still heavily overlaid with tying up loose ends and contending with parts of the past where we still need to release/transmute in order to step fully into the new. No doubt these endings are everywhere we look right now, but they have a certain feeling of finality, a distance and an emptiness that is finally believable. On the flip side, there are new beginnings sprouting up that are just as obvious, but because our energy is still split between worlds it feels as though we can’t fully participate in them. This has been creating quite a conflicting experience of “hurry up and wait”…a very Dr. Doolittle push-me-pull-you month where we blast off into the stratosphere of divine creation one day, and the next we are slung back, plunk in the mud.
This is normal and to be expected right now, and we will shift out of it soon enuf…ie, by September we will be moving deeper into the MOTION of building, whereas the weeks leading up to now we have been primarily in the planning and preparation stages.
In July we excavated and poured the solid foundation for our new/true lives/homes…in August we are framing the shell of the structure that will soon house our soul’s truth…in September we will start to see the actual form our new lives are taking, along with some important details necessary to make life-changing decisions.
In many ways we are about to begin again. In some ways we will begin, as if for the the first time. In all ways we will begin anew.

[section protected: to read FULL report & comments see membership OPTIONS & PRICING or purchase single report below] ©Expect Miracles, Inc. 2015 All rights reserved.
Permission granted to copy and redistribute The 5D Report’s FREE VERSION ONLY on the condition that the content remains complete, intact, full credit is given to the author, and that it’s distributed freely.
Posted 27th August by Juan Pablo


Awakening with Suzanne Lie
Suzanne Lie, Ph.D., has been a seeker since she was a child where her active “imagination” took her deep into her inner life. She continues to regularly share her experiences and Arcturian teachings on her blog, Awakening with Suzanne Lie, and she wishes to help awakening ones come out of hiding and allow the glory of their highest expression of SELF into their everyday life.

Saturday, October 31, 2015
Golden Portal though the Fourth Dimensional Mystery Schools and Webinar Announcement




Dear Volunteers to Assist Gaia,
We are pleased that you have chosen to dedicate yourself to the process of consciously assisting Gaia, as well as ALL Her lifeforms, to expand into the fifth dimension. We recommend that you consecrate your intention towards perceiving, creating, and accepting the fifth dimension into your daily life.

Are you ready NOW to dedicate your attention and intention towards your lives in which you were an Initiate in the Mystery Schools. In those lives, you did not have to “go to work”, “pay your bills,” or “do the wash.” Those lessons of those lives still resonate within your fourth dimensional self.

In the third dimensional mystery school of your present space/time quadrant, you must take care of your mundane life while you also progress on your spiritual path. There are some, of course, who have chosen to create a life in which they do not have to “work.”

However, if your mission is to teach others to travel the golden portal that runs through and connects the fourth dimensional Mystery Schools with the fifth dimension, you must first take this journey yourself. In other words, you must learn it before you can teach it.

First you learn, then you teach, then you teach the teachers.

Furthermore, dear volunteers to assist Gaia, you will be taking and teaching this Great Initiation while you are balancing the responsibilities of a demanding job, daily responsibilities, raising families and live a third dimensional life.

In order to perform this grand balancing act you will be creating, teaching and learning in your modern day inner Mystery School. We commend you for your courage and tenacity to accept this challenging mission. Fortunately, you can, and often do, visit this fourth dimensional Mystery Schools while you sleep.

When you are asleep, you enter the alpha, and delta waves of your fourth-dimensional dream body and travel through the fourth dimension. The fourth dimension is the corridor between your third dimensional and fifth dimensional reality.

The fourth dimension has different sub-planes of existence that allow an inter-dimensional traveler to rest and learn as they journey from the third to the fifth dimension. At the peak of each fourth dimensional sub-plane is a Mystery School, which you can visit in your night body to learn more about your SELF.

We will discuss each Mystery School, starting with the one you are creating for yourself on the Physical Plane. An important key to the third-dimensional Mystery School is to perceive every third-dimensional challenge as an opportunity for growth.

Because you are on the cusp of returning to your fifth dimensional SELF, who has always been here in the higher dimensions with us, you are creating your own third-dimensional Mystery School while you meet the responsibilities of your daily physical reality.

Within your third-dimensional Mystery School, you can allow yourself the “time” to look into your core to see your daily life through your Eyes of Soul, your multidimensional perspective. From this perspective, you can see your everyday issues as opportunities for personal growth and consciousness expansion.

The lesson to be learned/remembered for all of you, no matter how differently each of you may create your Physical Mystery School, is to love yourself unconditionally. Once you can give this cosmic gift to your self, you can also shower it on others.

Furthermore, unconditional love is the key that expands your consciousness and allows you to view all life from a perspective of unity with all. With your consciousness grounded in unconditional love you can gradually become a Master of Energy and live your daily life while BEING your true, Multidimensional SELF.

Becoming a Master of Energy is the foundation for all the fourth dimensional Mystery Schools. Once you are able to perceive the energy patterns and thought forms for each fourth dimensional sub-plane, you are able to enter that Mystery School to learn mastery for that frequency of reality. These Mystery Schools are located on the:

LOWER ASTRAL SUB-PLANE where you learn a mastery over your fear. 

EMOTIONAL SUB-PLANE where you learn a mastery of your emotions.

MENTAL SUB-PLANE where you learn a mastery of your thoughts.

CAUSAL SUB-PLANE where you can learn a mastery of cause and effect.

SPIRITUAL SUB-PLANE where you learn to surrender to your SELF.

FIFTH DMENSION THRESHOLD where you merge with your “I AM Presence.” 

Temple visits teach you how LOVE of what you desire will manifest that aspiration. Then, as you gain confidence in your innate creative force, you will not need to be distracted by “fear of survival”.

The first lesson to remember about your mission of integrating the third dimension with the fourth dimension to open the golden portal to the fifth dimension is that YOU are the creator of your reality. If there is still fear embedded in your consciousness, you will create an external situation in your life to bring that fear to the surface.

Therefore, have faith that you are totally on your Path and that EVERY experience, even if it is unpleasant, is a component of that Path. As you travel the Lower Astral Plane you will love free your deepest, often unconscious, fears.

See yourself now walking down the stairs into the cave of your forgotten fears.
 Gather them all about you and bring them to the surface. If you voluntarily bring your fears to the surface of your consciousness on a consistent and regular basis, you will not need to create drama in your life to bring them forward.

See these fears and LOVE them unconditionally.

A large component of becoming fifth dimensional is being totally conscious of your higher senses. To do this, you must guard against becoming frightened and anxious in your mundane world.

When you are afraid, remember that your Soul is assisting you in becoming fifth dimensional by creating a drama that brings forward EVERY hidden fear. It is the hidden fears that lower your vibration because you are not aware enough to balance them with love.

When your vibration drops, you fall out of your fifth dimensional consciousness unconditional love and you are more likely to manifest your fearful thoughts and emotions. Even this manifestation is helpful if you remember that YOU created them so that you could remember that YOU can clear them with unconditional love and violet fire.

To assist you to set you intention on the fifth dimension, we will take you to a fifth dimensional beach. Imagine that you are walking on a fifth-dimensional beach. Do you see how the ocean and the sand glisten and sparkle with colors that slightly different than your third dimensional colors?

Do you see the ocean’s fifth dimensional aura? It radiates all the way up to the stratosphere. Now to continue your fifth dimensional walk, stoop down and feel the sand. It feels different because instead of being very small pieces of dirt, shells, and rock, the “sand” is actually small bits of crystal.

See how the sand glistens when the sun reflects through it. Now step into the water up to your ankles. See how perfectly clear it is and feel how calming and soothing its vibration is. Yes, it is actually liquid light. Listen now. As the liquid light meets with the crystal sand there is a soft melody and a rainbow of fifth dimensional colors.

Now look at your fifth dimensional hand before your face. See how its aura sparkles like the crystal sand. As you move your hand, it leaves a trail of rainbow colors behind it. Look at the trail and see how you can change the colors with your mind.

Now touch your third dimensional heart with your fifth dimensional hand. Feel how it heals your fears. As you move throughout your day, be aware of every second of fear and instantly heal it by placing your fifth dimensional hand upon your third dimensional heart.

In the webinar you will journey from your highest third-dimensional consciousness to create a portal of Golden Light, which you will ground in the core of Gaia. You will then call in your Higher Self in the fifth dimension and beyond to be your “compass,” as you create a Portal of Golden Light to connect Gaia’s Core with Her fourth-dimensional Mystery Schools.

As you connect the Golden Portal to each fourth-dimensional Mystery School, you will enter that Mystery School to gain the gift and lessons of each School. These Mystery Schools have served as the “Universities for Ascension” for myriad ascending ones. However, they have too often been forgotten in your busy, “modern” world.

It is the NOW to open wide the doors of these Mystery Schools as more and more of humanity are embracing the New Earth that they are consciously or unconsciously visiting in their dreams and meditations.

Our Journey begins at 1:00pm Pacific Standard Time, once a week on Friday:

Friday, November 13, 2015 @ 1:00pmPST

Friday, November 20, 2015 @ 1:00pmPST

Friday, November 27, 2015 @ 1:00pmPST

Friday, December 4, 2015 @ 1:00pmPST

Register Now ($122)

We the Arcturians, as well as many Galactics, Angels and Ascended Masters will assist you with your contribution to Gaia’s Ascension.Please join us, and do not forget to invite your own Higher Self and Spirit Guides.
Blessings, the Arcturians and YOUR Higher Self


Blessings to you all
We hope you can join us

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 11:42 PM*      *      *

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Equipoise: ▶ 20 Minute Sexy Bikini BUTT Workout: Part 1 – :::MESSAGE FROM TOBAARA: THE FIFTHS DIMENSION AND BEYOND

Equipoise: ▶ 20 Minute Sexy Bikini BUTT Workout: Part 1 – :::MESSAGE FROM TOBAARA: THE FIFTHS DIMENSION AND BEYOND.

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Monday, October 20, 2014


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Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012

Greetings, I AM Tobaara!

I am a 5th dimensional being from a star system far away from your solar system. My mission is to introduce you into the 5th dimension, to give you some visions and possible intuitions and remembrances about what is awaiting you in your evolutionary journey.
There are already some descriptions given to you how it would be like when you awaken from your lower vibrating reality to a 5th dimensional density. They all come from a different point of view and here is mine. It will be helpful for you if you resonate with it.
At first I will paint a clear picture for you how you will experience you environment. It will appear to you much more translucent, and the colors will be very radiant, from inside out. All objects will shine naturally and the surfaces are not very opaque like objects in your world appear to you now, because of the structure of your senses which operate in a quite stiff rather than in a fluid and transparent manner. What I mean by that is that you perceive your world still as something solid and separate from you, as if it would be an independent appearance, while in reality it is not.
In the 5th dimension you experience your environment as non separate from yourself, you know naturally that you ARE your environment, as the veil between what is inside you and what is outside you, has been removed.
With this transparency you experience the unity of all things and beings, as the transparent heart of all is also your own transparent heart which is in its essence one with all. You all share the core of this transparency with one another and therefore know inherently the unity you all share.
Therefore your own creations appear simultaneously inside your space of heart as they appear outside, and this is how you feel inherently connected to all beings and things. You will experience directly what your evolved scientist already found out: that there is only one interconnected field of consciousness.
While you enter and focus more and more on the core of your transparent heart and therefore on the core of all transparent hearts which is in reality only one heart, you slowly withdraw your interest from objects and focus on this center, and by doing so, the objective world disappears and your reality becomes a reality without objects, appearing as radiance, happiness and love. A state of pure being as you will realize. In this state you enter the higher 5th dimensional realm to transition into the 6th dimension.
It is a world of wonders and beauty. As soon as you leave your 3th dimension your body and your senses will become more subtle and the process of perceiving the unity of all things will commence. The more you leave your sense of separation behind, while living more and more in the feeling of love and oneness, the more will the 4th dimension fade away giving room for your entrance into the 5th dimension.
It is all a matter of growth in consciousness and awareness, a process that will be triggered and supported by the incoming high frequencies, partly through your sun and partly directly through emissions from your galaxy.
There are star systems and planets in your surrounding universe who are so called transmitter stations and who are receiving greater transmissions from the deep of the universe, and sending these further via your galactic center to your entire solar system, including your earth.
You see that the whole universe works together to initiate and bring about your ascension process. The information contained in these solar and galactic transmissions are all about the divinely programmed evolvement of not only your solar system but also the universe in which you exist.
The transmissions from the deep of the universe are from galaxies of greater states of consciousness which are altogether in a more exalted state than your own galaxy. There is still much to learn, there is indeed a hierarchy of galaxies in the total universe, as there is a hierarchy of star systems and planets in your galaxy and in your solar system.
The evolution of Divine Consciousness never ends and it shows you that you have still a very long and glorious way ahead of you, ever more expanding your consciousness and your capacity to learn and to understand the greatness of the Divinity that is the Source of all Universes.
I greet you with much love!

I AM Tobaara

Message conveyed by Ute©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2012

Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without any changes. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.
Posted 15th February 2012 by Juan Pablo
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▶ Fred – How’s Ascension Pt 2 – YouTube

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie
Sunday, May 18, 2014

Pleiadian Perspectives, BK 4 – Lemurian Celebration, Gaia Speaks


Lemurian Celebration Part 1

Gaia Speaks

Dear Arcturians,

As I come to the close of this amazing project of four books, I find that I cannot receive the ending. I know that a part of me does not want this process to end. Part of me will miss this experience forever, and another part is concerned about how life will change once I have completed it.

I know that this process has been a major initiation for me, as well as a major component of my Divine Plan. Will I have more initiations as the book completes, I ask knowing the answer is “always.”

Mytre and Mytria, Sandy and Jason and Mytrian, how can I leave you out of this conversation? I have grown to know and love you as elements of my higher self, which I know that you are. I miss the Ship more than ever, but know that my away mission is not yet complete. Besides, as much as I miss that life, I love and adore this life.
I guess the solution is to become truly multidimensional so that I can experience both lives within the NOW of my ONE. I realize that I have not been ready for that yet, and in fact, I am not actually ready now. I need to clear of my “work slate” first.

“Are you sure?” I hear the voice of the Arcturian.

No, I am not sure of anything, except I AM sure that I am communicating with the higher dimensions and I AM sure that I DO love this final physical life. Please Arcturians, continue speaking with me.

“We have never stopped communicating with you. We communicated with you before you were born and for your entire life. You have known us via many names, but it has always been our energy field with whom you have been communicating.

“We come to you today as we see you struggling with the end of this series. ‘Do I know enough to finish this project? Should I learn more, read more, meditate more?’ In other words, you are having difficulty letting go of this project. You have finished it in your mind many different ways, but none of them feel right.

“You are correct. It is not YOU that will finish this process. It is every one, and everyone will finish it ‘their way.’ This project is not your project. It is a planetary project, and you are one of the many who have put into words a form of this project of PLANETARY ASCENSION.

“You are not writing THE truth. You are writing YOUR truth, your version of the truth that is NOW flowing into the atmosphere and body of Gaia. Just as Gaia’s beings of nature have myriad different forms and functions, Her people have myriad different perceptions and assignments. Each of the Keepers of the Land, humanity, is in some state of remembering their SELF.

“It may not appear that way as many are still very lost within their physical vessel. However, we, the members of the higher dimensional worlds, can perceive their higher dimensional expressions and are assisting all of them.

“Some of those we are assisting are completely unaware of what is occurring within their superconscious mind. But when they are ready to awaken to that dimension of their SELF, their inner library will be full of all the information and emotions that they will need so that they can further assist Gaia and themselves.

“There are those of you who are the Light Bearers. You are amongst the first to speak of the Truth. On the other hand, there is the Clean Up Crew who will be the last ones to ‘leave the party.’ Time is among the first 3D illusions that you will need to release.

“With the surrender of this illusion there will be no hurry or deadline as there will only be the NOW of Ascension. Living within the NOW will assist you to release your third-dimensional thinking and allow you to gently flow back into your Multidimensional SELF.

“Please remember that this life, which you hold so dear, is only one of the myriad realities in which you are NOW participating. We ask you to put into multidimensional perspective your process of ascension to better realize that ascension occurs within your every breath.

All of you have been experiencing myriad ascensions, and you are NOW living ascended lives in countless ascended realities. Therefore, you do not need to release your third/fourth dimensional consciousness. What you need to release are the illusions of that state of consciousness. Your greatest challenge is not to ascend, or to even ascend with Gaia, for it has already occurred within the NOW.

“Your greatest challenge is to release the third dimensional thinking that calibrates your perceptions to the illusions of the physical plane.

“We will happily replay the calibration of Gaia’s Core Crystals, but please remember there is NO time. While bound to time you will revisit this re-calibration with your every thought and your every emotion.

“We ask you NOT to look into the future when you will finally be free. We ask that you look into the NOW in which you are ALWAYS free.

“We left off with we, the Arcturians, saying…

As we calibrate the Core and Cornerstone Crystals to the fifth-dimension and beyond, the third/fourth dimensional portions of Earth’s planetary matrix will no longer have a place to which they can attach. Then, the third/fourth dimensional timelines, along with those inhabitants, will expand into a higher frequency or move into the matrix of another third/fourth dimensional planet.

“In this manner, those who are not yet complete with the experience of resonating to third/fourth dimensional realities will simply switch into another reality as easily as one can switch into a different dream. With the recalibration of Gaia’s planetary Crystals, the portals into the fifth dimensional matrix of New Earth will gradually open.

“As the portals into multidimensional Earth steadily open, those who choose to remain on a third/fourth dimensional planet will unconsciously be re-routed to other physical planets that are experimenting with the concept of polarity and separation. There is no judgment of ‘success or failure’ in these choices.

“Much can be learned from living in the separation, limitation and the extremes of polarity. Each being will make their decisions based on their own Divine Path. In fact, there are many higher dimensional beings that have chosen to remain in the lower dimensions to assist those who still believe they are only physical.”


When the Arcturian completed It’s speech about Earth’s early history all the members of the gathering, Lemurian, Atlantian, human and Galactic, stood up and toned in the manner which was Inner Earth’s version of applause.

The toning was so powerful that the entire room and all the beings and objects within it began to glimmer with an ever-increasing golden light. Sandy and I were so overwhelmed by this energy field of light that we began to morph in and out of form.

First our form appeared human, then it became a cloud of light like the Arcturian’s formless form, then it took on the tall, thin shape of the Lemurians, the shorter but more humanoid shape of the Atlantians. We also found ourselves wearing the forms of Mytre and Mytria, as well as our composite form of Mytrian. Finally we rested into the shapes of Sandy and Jason.

“These are just a few of the myriad incarnations that you have experienced in your long excursion into form,” said Mytre and Mytria with one voice. Mytrian, who suddenly joined us, smiled in agreement.

We were about to ask for more information when everyone in the room turned toward the side entrance of the room and became totally silent. When Sandy and I witnessed the tall, regal female of golden light, we had to resist the temptation to drop to our knees. We did not know who this woman was, but she felt so very familiar as if we had always known her.

“It is Gaia. She has taken a form!” we heard in hushed whispers from those around us. Sandy and I both thought, as we dared not speak within this holy moment, “Gaia can take a human form?”

To our surprise, Gaia looked directly into our Soul and said, “Dear human warriors for the light, I AM all forms on my planet.”

We could not help ourselves and fell to our knees in front of Her.

“Rise,” spoke Gaia in a heavenly voice that echoed through the large room. “It is I that have come here to honor you. Of course, I honor not just these two humans. I honor all humans who have openly embraced every challenge and energetic transition with love and courage. I have created this form so I could join you all as we celebrate our planetary ascension.”

Sandy and I could feel the warm smiles of all the members of the room. Like them, we watched in awe as the Arcturian flowed to face Gaia with a low, respectful bow. When the Arcturian rose to an upright, glimmering shape It merged with Gaia in a burst of light that expanded far beyond the room.

This light reflected the galactic light of distant worlds as well as the earthly light of dawn and high noon. Galactic and earthly light intermingled into the birthing reality of Gaia’s return to Her higher expression of fifth-dimensional New Earth.

They then stood side-by-side as Gaia said; “Within this room members of Inner Earth, surface dwelling humans and humanity’s Galactic ancestors unite as ONE. I bask in the glory of this NOW. To see my many humanoid beings gather together in peace and love fills me with joy and unconditional love.

“I tire of my polarity now and am ready to return to my true fifth-dimensional expression of Oness with ALL life. The experiment of holding my form in the lower frequencies of third-dimensional form has been arduous and very damaging to my body. My plant and animal kingdoms have been decimated and my earth and air have been polluted beyond conception.

“Humanity, who was meant to be Keeper of the Land, was the cause of this destruction. Fortunately, they are awakening, but far too slowly. It is the NOW for my return to a frequency of life in which ALL the members of my earthly body can prosper and find peace and love. I am complete with the experiment of holding form at such a low frequency that humanity battles each other while the innocent suffer.

“I see that within this room is the joining of my first inhabitants, Draconian, Pleiadian, Sirian and many others, who have moved on to become the Galactic Federation. I feel their Starships that wait within my atmosphere to assist those who are ready to remember their full Multidimensional SELF.

“I see the topsider humans who have remembered their heritage both in their earliest societies of Lemuria and Atlantis as well as their galactic heritage. Through this remembrance you, dear humans, are able to expand your multidimensional consciousness to experience being within my Core.

“And, of course, I thank the members of my dear friends of Inner Earth who have long awaited this time of joining. These Lemurians and Atlantians have, at last, learned to live in peace within my Inner Earth. I also thank my dear sister Venus and brother Mars who have surrounded and protected me through the long dark night of the Kali Yuga.

“All of us are joined NOW within my core to welcome the New Age of Multidimensional Light and Unconditional Love.”

As Gaia spoke Her body morphed into visions of glorious forests, clear and brilliant skies, immense oceans filled with life, vast prairies and tall mountain ranges. All of these visions overlapped and included Her humanoid form. When She completed her message, she returned to Her golden form.

Gaia stretched out her left arm and said, “I now introduce Sanat Kumara, who has served for eons as my Planetary Logos. Without the protection and guardianship of this fully evolved and higher dimensional being, my planet would have perished long ago. To our surprise, Gaia knelt as Sanat Kumara entered the room.

* * *
* * *

* * *

Equipoise: ▶ SEXY Bikini Butt Lift Workout from Home!!! HOT! Part 1 – Transmutation of Life – Living In-Between ::: Sharing…

Equipoise: ▶ SEXY Bikini Butt Lift Workout from Home!!! HOT! Part 1 – Transmutation of Life – Living In-Between ::: Sharing….

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

▶ SEXY Bikini Butt Lift Workout from Home!!! HOT! Part 1 – Transmutation of Life – Living In-Between ::: Sharing…

* * *

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Friday, June 20, 2014 

Transmutation of Life – Living In-Between
Transmutation of Life

Living In-Between

The next morning we awoke to a gorgeous day. Lantern had let us sleep in, as he knew we needed it. Sandy and I had thought we were going on a year-long vacation and gradually getting to know the elementals so that we could help them. However, it turned out that we were on a crash coarse in which we were the ones asking for help.

All along we had only considered that we could get assistance from the Galactics in the higher dimensions. We have discovered that the planet itself is our best friend. For many generations we were taught that the planet was a place to plunder and do with as we pleased.

We were taught that humanity was the master of our world. However, even the smallest bird would not spoil their nest, whereas humanity has reputedly placed their entire planet to the verge of existence. Gaia needed to leave the third dimensional frequency because it was becoming increasingly difficult for Her to keep Her planet inhabitable.

Fortunately, Gaia has completed the dark age of the Kali Yuga and was now in alignment with the Galactic Center. This alignment with the higher frequencies of galactic light is expanding our consciousness and thus our perceptions. Through these higher perceptions we are able to perceive the fifth dimensional elementals.

Since our encounters with and assistance from the elementals of ether, earth, air and water Sandy and I would never look at our world in the same way. I am forever grateful to the air and water elementals, the Sylphs and Undine, for leading me to Sandy.

I am sure that Lantern could have helped me, as he did manifest a boat to rescue her. However, I did not even know Sandy was in trouble. I thought she was basking on some warm rock like Mytria and Mytre loved to do.

Then, right when I was starting to get concerned, I felt a message enter my consciousness was my own thought. I tuned into Sandy’s signature frequency and realized that she becoming increasingly frightened about something. I had the feeling that I should look up into the sky, and I saw a parting in the clouds. I instinctively knew that I should follow that path.

I was just thinking how far away the end of the cloud path was when I heard Lantern call me. I watched as he manifested a small rowboat, which I ran toward and jumped into. “Follow the trail in the sky,” I said to Lantern. Once we were in the water, the undines also created a trail in the water to follow. As soon as I saw Sandy, I jumped into lake to meet her.

When we got back to the shore by our camping site Sandy and I hugged each other and thanked the elementals, again! After a wonderful evening and night by the lake, we went back into our tent and instantly fell asleep.

The next morning I received an Arcturian message while I was semi-awake. I was in a state of consciousness in-between being awake and asleep when I received a direct communication from the Arcturian. When I almost woke up, I lost connection with the message, so I surrendered back into direct communication, and I almost fell asleep.

When I fully awoke, I quietly got my notebook and pen that I always carry and left the tent to try to receive the message by writing. I have found that if I, or Sandy, do not write or type the message while I am receiving it, I will forget most of it. I closed my eyes and focused inside to return to that “in-between” place. When I felt myself in that state of consciousness, I placed the pen on the paper so that I could take dictation.

“Our Dearest One,” began the Arcturian message, the in-between frequency of consciousness that you are experiencing is becoming your primary state of resonance. You still hold a physical form, but the connection to your Multidimensional SELF and multidimensional consciousness is becoming more and more secure. You have successfully held that frequency for all of your encounters with your higher expressions of SELF.

“We, the Arcturians, are now teaching you not to become attached to just the messages but, also, to that frequency of consciousness you are in when you receive that message. In other words, we are here to assist you to raise your baseline frequency from the third-dimensional frequency that you have known during your physical incarnations to the new baseline frequency of ascending Gaia.

“The message we sent you in the tent was about calibrating your primary attention to this new baseline frequency. While resonating to this new baseline consciousness you can more easily communicate with us on a regular basis. Now that you have returned from the realms of sleep, but before you have experienced any 3D stressors, we ask you return to that in-between frequency. In this state of consciousness it is easier for you to ‘take dictation,’ as we repeat our former message. Please adjust your consciousness NOW.”

I closed my eyes to shut out the physical world around me and took a long breath. I found that I easily slipped into that in-between state, because everyone else was still asleep. The early morning has always been my favorite time of the day as I can be in both worlds, at least while my eyes were closed.

However, once I open my eyes, my attention turns out to the 3D world rather than in to the higher worlds. For that reason, I wrote the Arcturian message with my eyes half-closed. I imagined that I was lying in the tent again to fool my consciousness into thinking that I was in that same semi-awake state.

It was then that I remembered a mediation I had a few days before in which I saw/felt an Arcturian face directly in from of my Third Eye. At first I only saw/felt a sparking light take on a vaguely human face with a swirling third eye. I was riveted and looked directly into the Arcturian face until I felt a deep connection between us.

The first time this happened, and again now, I could feel a direct download from the Arcturian’s face into my being. This feeling rushed throughout my entire body, which became very hot and tingly. The tingles felt almost as though the atoms of my body were expanding, and I was floating outside of my body while still remaining inside my form.

It then became very clear that I was no longer limited to my human form. For a brief moment I felt the Arcturian ME as my primary SELF. When I felt my consciousness begin to lower I looked back at the face to get another blast of the Arcturian energy.

As I wrote down the experience, which I had totally forgotten, I realized that I was being trained to realize that I had entered a new frequency of consciousness. I remembered that I had often visited the frequency while in meditation, but now I was being guided to always live within this next octave of resonance.

My challenge was to remain in that frequency of consciousness with my eyes open. Once my eyes opened I saw all the “habit markers” that made me fixate only on the physical world. In fact, even writing my experience was turning my attention outwards.

I took a long breath to relax into the state of consciousness that I was in when I was just waking up and beginning to receive the Arcturian’s message. But I was having difficulty remembering how that frequency of consciousness felt and opened my eyes in frustration. Instantly, my consciousness lowered into my “3D operating system.” I quickly closed my eyes again and visualized the Arcturian face before me.

Another flow of higher energy entered me, and I was able to continue with this type of ‘dictation.’ I then received that I was being trained to receive and document inter-dimensional messages while maintaining this higher frequency of baseline consciousness. While resonating to this “in-between” consciousness I could be in both worlds at once.

Therefore, I could receive information that was far beyond my physical brain’s capacity to understand. I took another long breath to recalibrate to this higher frequency of consciousness and could feel my Multidimensional Mind above my physical brain sending down streaks of light to connect with my third dimensional thinking.

I had to stop writing a moment to experience the novel experience of consciously getting information from my Multidimensional Mind. It felt as if there was a multidimensional library above my physical head to which I was becoming increasingly connected. I realized that when this connection was complete, I would experience more than one dimension of reality.

This state of consciousness accessed a higher mental operating system, which was too difficult for my physical brain to remember. While I was in-between my higher self and my physical state, I could connect with my Multidimensional Mind. Once connected with my Multidimensional Mind I could allow the higher information to flow through my physical brain and into my body.

It appeared that my earth vessel was more evolved than my human brain, as my body is an animal that is free of ego. My physical brain is connected to my ego because it is ego’s job to assist me to integrate with humanity. Thus, my ego told me to ignore anything that distracted me from my 3D work.

Suddenly, I had a vision of myself on Venus before I took my first physical incarnation during the fall of Atlantis. I took a long moment to enjoy the feeling of my beloved Venusian home. I felt Sanat Kumara around our entire group while he instructed us how to best assist Gaia.

While still on Venus, Sanat Kumara told us that it would be too difficult to be connected to our Multidimensional Mind because if Earth survived, it would enter the long dark night of the Kali Yuga. As our consciousness steadily fell to the lower resonance of Gaia’s wounded Earth, our Multidimensional Mind would remain with our fifth dimensional resonance. We would likely retain that third-dimensional human consciousness until we could no longer connect with the portal to our Multidimensional SELF.

I slipped into my 3D consciousness because the memory of the Kali Yuga diminished my resonance. Thus, I focused my attention once again on the Arcturian face before my Third Eye. I was not sure what this face would connect me to, but the feeling was wonderful and my consciousness steadily expanded.

I was wondering if I could re-connect me with my Multidimensional Mind, when I began to feel my body, not my brain, connecting to my Multidimensional Mind, as well as to my Multidimensional SELF.

Interestingly, the body that I had maligned for my entire life was leading me back to an expanded connection with my SELF. While I took long breaths to reconnect with the higher base-line frequency, I was told that I would not have the euphoria this time, so that I could allow this feeling to become “normal.”

My emotions and sensate body had been on a roller coaster lately. In this new, expanded state of consciousness I understood that as my outer world changed more and more each day, I was beginning to feel a new world within me, rather than around me. This new world was a frequency within me that I was meant to project out into my daily life.

I was to project this energy out into my daily life in the same manner as the Arcturian face projected Its energy into me. What if I could feel this way all the time? What if I could live my life in this state of consciousness? I then realized that if I directly reconnected with the starry face to align my consciousness with this new frequency that the energy of the Arcturian face could answer these questions. It was then that I realized that I had visited this energy/consciousness before.

“Yes, but when your human expression visited this frequency before, it experienced a ‘roller coaster ride,’” said the Arcturian face. “This ride was your human consciousness trying to calibrate to your inner multidimensional consciousness. We are NOW communicating directly your Multidimensional SELF who has merged with your physical expression in order to assist Gaia.

“Your higher expressions of my SELF are among those who volunteered to merge with their third-dimensional expression and slowly expand the range of the energy package that they shared with their incarnated, physical expression. Do you remember how you have felt us, your higher expression, above or before you your entire life?”

I took a moment to preview my life and quickly realized that I had always felt this energy above or around me. However, I never thought of this wonderful feeling as being within me.

“You never thought of us as within you because your world taught you that that would be ‘conceited’ or even ‘blasphemous.’ We have come to you NOW to assist you to remember that we are within you. Furthermore, just as we, your higher expression of SELF is within you; Gaia’s higher expression of New Earth is also within you.

“New Earth is not a place, it is a frequency that you will find inside of your own earth vessel. Actually, your inner connection with your own Multidimensional SELF transports your awareness to New Earth, which is also inside of you. You can only perceive your vast inner reality when YOU take charge of the ego rather than allowing your ego to take charge of you.

“You are very familiar with what we are saying, as lately you have been shifting from the frequency of your ego to the ever-expanding frequency of your Multidimensional SELF many times a day. Is that not correct?’”

“Yes, yes,” I said in agreement.

“When you feel your SELF, a calm euphoria fills you. Then, suddenly, something must be DONE in the physical world and your consciousness crashes back into the third/fourth dimension.”

“Yes,” I agreed again.

We will now guide you in a meditation to intimately experience our message:

“Our Arcturian face is not actually a face. It is a portal into the higher frequency of your SELF…
· Close your eyes now and feel your two worlds, the inner and the outer, as they connect and combine.

As your two worlds merge into ONE, allow your outer physical self to merge with your inner Multidimensional SELF.
How does that merging feel?
Stabilize that feeling.
Slowly open your eyes to see the outer, physical reality through the perception of your inner, Multidimensional SELF.

“Our Arcturian face is also the entrance of our Arcturian Corridor. While in the consciousness of your Multidimensional SELF…

Feel the energy of our face/corridor before you.
Take a deep inhale to breathe our corridor into you.
Now, exhale into our corridor to integrate your self into our corridor.
Breathe in to enter our Arcturian corridor.
Breathe out become our Arcturian corridor.

“Within the corridor, which is within you, you feel the consciousness of infinite other beings. There is no hierarchical arrangement. Thus, a mosquito is of the same importance as a human king. Every thing and every one is pure energy that has chosen a certain physical form to express their consciousness on third-dimensional Earth.

“From within the corridor you understand that third-dimensional Earth is a holographic projection that has been experienced as ‘real’ for so many eons that life has become trapped in that illusion of reality. However, the 3D illusions are now collapsing to be revealed as the lowest frequency of a vast spectrum of life on planet Earth.

Earth is not a planet where you go, it is a planet that you ARE.

“As we close this transmission within your NOW, we wish you to focus on our face, the signature frequency of our Arcturian Corridor, and remember that your life is changing because YOU are changing. The illusions of your physical reality are fading because your consciousness, as well as your perception, is becoming increasingly multidimensional.

“Your ego self is afraid because your human brain cannot compute all that you are experiencing. In other words, you are in the midst of transmuting back to your Multidimensional SELF. That SELF has always been within your personal earth vessel in the form of your sleeping Lightbody.

As you stand at the entrance of the Corridor, you ARE the Corridor and you ARE your Lightbody returning Home to your true, Multidimensional SELF.”