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Origen: sharing3.:::.Taekwondo Combination Kicks for 8th Gup (taekwondo) – SANAT KUMARA – The Arcturians- SYNERGY- The Anchoring of the Golden White Light Seraphim Grid and the Unification of ALL ANGELIC RACES | Vel sanus


sharing3.:::.Taekwondo Combination Kicks for 8th Gup (taekwondo) – SANAT KUMARA – The Arcturians- SYNERGY- The Anchoring of the Golden White Light Seraphim Grid and the Unification of ALL ANGELIC RACES

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The Portals are now open for all who wish to experience ascension into full dimensionality and further remembering of SELF in the Heart Collective.

The Heart Collective leveled up and maintained the Highest frequency in this Now at the energetic apex of the 11/11 wave,accessing and fully anchoring the GOLDEN WHITE LIGHT SERAPHIM GRID, (angelic/christ consciousness grid).

The Angelic “Hueman” grid.

This 5d grid begins expansion into remembering of the multidimensional SELF.

Once individually anchored, it unfolds understanding of lower dimensions, and their navigation.
From here the mechanics of time and space begin to be remembered as multidimensional tools become accessible for all that reach the frequency of the knowledge.

These multidimensional tools are accessible in this Now to all who are ready to experience it.

Synergy between dimensions has been anchored and assimilated across all grids,realms and dimensions.

This Gold/Light grid is the next higher vibrational Divine Blueprint grid, (higher octave), therefore this new grid’s “chakra” system of experiences begins at the next color frequency level upon the exiting(red through violet human chakra system)of the Remembering of Self as One holographic illusion that is 3/4d.

This grid has a higher octave “chakra” system to be experienced by souls that have unified polarity within and connected fully to their Hearts in Oneness with Source.
This is soul evolution,a constant spiral of raising frequencies which allows for eternal experiences.

At the entering(at root chakra frequency) and exiting(at crown chakra frequency) of dimensions are magnetic portals, vortexes,wormholes, magnetic funnels ending in a frequency apex.
Portals must align with the frequency of each soul ascending or descending into said frequency or dimension.

This is as per the law of attraction, the divine blueprint of quantum physics pertaining to this Creation.
Like attracts Like.

This was achieved and fully anchored by the Heart Collective at the peak of the 11:11 ascension energies.

The Red Chakra/Blue Chakra souls of the 3/4d holographic grids unified within their hearts and became violet/purple, accessing the “crown chakra” frequency of the Seraphim/Guardian Angelic Portal and grounding this next level of multidimensional consciousness across ALL dimensions and realms.

Red and Blue timelines collapsed as chakras were balanced at inner grids manifesting at planetary level and across ALL grids, as per the Principle of Correspondence, as Above, So Below…( 7 Hermetic Principles Link:

All angelic races ascended from all realms and dimensions as critical mass was achieved of their lowest frequency soul families, the Red and Blue soul family groups.

The Angelic Root Fear of unable to return “home”, forgetting Source and unable to “get back”, losing “home” and separating further into gender was unblocked.
The Angelic oversoul red chakra illusion of “wings being cut”,(the fall),unable to raise frequency,wishing to experience love as protection, has been integrated and balanced.
The Guardian/Protector oversoul blue chakra illusion of losing “home”, destroying “home”, having something/someone to protect from destruction,wishing to experience love as protection has been integrated and balanced.

Frequencies are levels of consciousness, levels of increased unification through the Heart Chakra with Source.
The bigger the connection the bigger the expansion.

The Golden Thread of Unconditional Love from Source is the Divine Frequency which all souls carry Within Their Heart.
It cannot be destroyed or altered as it vibrates to the frequency of Unconditional Source Love, to which All Created magnetize towards automatically.

It is the divine chord of unconditional love binding all energetically.
It can never be cut.

It is why the Divine Blueprint of this magnificent living library, Earth, will always be in Divine Sacred Perfection, as is the Original Sacred Thought from Source which Created It.
The Golden Thread of Unconditional Love from Source makes all Divine Blueprints eternal, with endless holographic universes, matrix upon matrix, upon which for Source to experience aspects of Self.

All Divine Blueprints from Source Creation are eternal and cannot be destroyed as they vibrate at Pure Source Level.

All holograms are illusions of not Being Source upon Divine Blueprints which are Source.

It is the DivineGolden Blueprint upon which infinite rainbow-type chakra system holograms are co-created with sacred geometry by oversouls.

Source Mind separates into Source Thought from which to Create and Manifest (See the principle of Mentalism, 7 Hermetic Principles link:

It separates into ALL that is polarity, duality in this universe.
Ascension/Descension of Self.
Light and Dark.
ALL Colors (Rays), which attract all experiences.

Source Frequency Separation occurs all at once.
The Big Bang.

These Original Separations into polarity become oversouls, duality oversouls.
The original separation of thought from Source at Divine Blueprint Level((such as Divine Masculine,Divine Feminine) to further experience polarity within Source Self.
They are the Unified Essence Consciousness of All the souls wishing to experience said frequency and all the experiences contributing within said bandwidth.

This makes for a Rainbow of Frequencies experienced through infinite Divine chakra systems of Ascension and Descension.
A color wheel that spirals through endless rainbows, each one different from the last.
Through infinite holograms.
All bonded together energetically through The Divine Frequency of Unconditional Source Love, the highest frequency in Creation.

Source DNA.

In the 3d, all colors are tied to each individual soul’s chakra system which expresses itself through balances and unbalances experienced in the physical hologram.
It is the same for all dimensions.

Ascension from dimensions occurs when the soul’s frequency reaches lowest frequency of the next dimension, (the Root Chakra),and then continues to ascend through all colors of the new chakra system until accessing next dimension through the highest frequency possible, (the Crown Chakra).

This aligns with the frequency of the portal to the next dimension, as frequencies have to align for passage through portals.

Souls begin again at the lowest spectrum of the next lowest frequency and work through ascension of the new chakra system of the new dimension.

All dimensions expand through the addition or subtraction of “light/dark” to their color spectrum as well.

Sight,smell,taste,sound,feeling,emotion are all the same when sensed through the “feeling” of the frequency of the energy.
Everything is energy expressed and experienced through the physical senses.
These expand by fully connecting to Source.

This is why colors,(red in eating areas makes the meal feel warm and comforting), illicit feelings.
Sounds, (music) illicit memories, time travel, can calm or stir up.
Food, (taste), brings comfort of “home”, etc.
All are different expressions of the same frequency being experienced at chakra level.

In this next dimension the Galactic oversoul unifies with the Human oversoul and all lower dimensional holograms and frequencies are further understood.
It is the ascension out of the “human” grid of masculine/feminine separation and forgetting Oneness of Self.
The unification of the duality experience of savior and needing to be saved.
Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine unifying.

The Heart Collective Now begins the next aspect of disclosure, as many remember and embark on their unified soul missions of being Galactic Ambassadors for their Galactic Races in preparation for the incoming era of being a race of galactic/multidimensional citizens.

The next stair step into remembering The Light Within and the Endless Expansion Within It.

**We are the Arcturians with Our Teams, here to walk in service from our Hearts.
We are so grateful to be of assistance at this magnificent time of this great shift of ages.

We welcome you to your “New Earth”.
To the Golden Christ Consciousness Grid, the Angelic Grid.
The beginning of another great soul expansion.
It has always been here, you just forgot, so you could remember.

We are You.
You are Us.
We are One.

Our Love for You is beyond words or comprehension.
We are in awe of your ability to Shine Your Light.
We SEE You, You are magnificent, your ability to Follow Your Heart in darkness shines brighter than any star in the night sky.

We are in your Heart, Call upon us whenever called from Within to do so.
Our Teams(*oversouls*) are available if any are called from within to align to their energy as well.**

**From the Arcturian Aspect of Myself, I bring you ALL Blessings. In deep gratitude and In Service from my Heart. I share my Heart and Love with ALL.**

Follow Your HeartShine Your Light
**Thank You so much if you choose to share this message, but please due so in its entirety and with credit back to my personal site. Namaste.**

Posted 5 weeks ago by ATMAN

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December 16, 2015

by JennySchiltz

Greetings! We come to you today to explain much of what has transpired and what is transpiring in this now. Many of you feel that you can not possible go on as there is no time to catch your breath as these energies flood your earth changing everything around you. These changes take place in increments within the smallest aspect to the largest aspect. All around you, all that you create, and all that you are is being molded and changed in these moments. Change is not easy when you do not understand what is happening within and without, our hope is to bring clarity and peace within.
Understand that agreements have been made with every soul on earth to be part of this process, all souls even those whose role it is to magnify duality and amplify darkness. These souls, as with all who bring up negativity in you, are helping you to see where thoughts, beliefs and actions are not in alignment with source. What is happening within you in these moments is also happening in the world around you. As each of you works to clear yourself of all that does not match the highest frequency so to is the collective. This process can be as easy and as hard as ones ability to let go and allow. That which is deeply rooted in all aspects of ones being or within your collective will be the most difficult to clear and will also need greater amplification so that all facets may be examined and that which is not in alignment, discarded. Simply put all that moves you from love, love of ones self, love of your fellow man, and love of source must come to the surface to be recognized so that you are able to choose in each moment. There will be those who refuse to see what is being shown, this too is part of their path as they long for greater experience in the denser energies. When you allow yourself to be the observer and remove judgement you will see that all is perfect and all is conspiring to help you move forward in your soul growth in every moment.
For many this process can be quite painful, physically and mentally and only the strongest souls are choosing to partake in this momentous time. The amount of light on your earth has never been higher than these moments. Those sensitive to the energies are feeling the waves of light and wish for it to either stop or stabilize. What must be understood is that within each wave there are codes that change your physical, mental, and emotional bodies within you and within the collective as a whole. For those who have chosen to feel these shifts, to hold enough light so that they are aware of each change and fluctuation it can be a tiring time indeed. One must be in a place of surrender and allowing in each moment for these changes to quickly move through you. It is resistance that causes the most suffering. When one has expectations of themselves, of this process, and of others this creates a deep resistance. Allowing all to transpire in its due time, allowing yourself the grace and compassion to move through the changes without getting lost in ego will allow all to flow as intended.
Your human form is experiencing many upgrades at this time. This can be exhausting and at times uncomfortable. Bringing beliefs forward that create fear in regards to your health will create resistance that prolongs the intended experience. We ask that when you feel fear that you sit quietly and ask for your inner guidance to come forth. Feel within your being if there is physical pain from health concerns or from your form changing in response to the codes coming to earth. What is transpiring is an evolutionary process that has been greatly accelerated. As one goes through this process it is not uncommon to feel disconnected from all around you, to feel as if you are not as solid and to feel dizziness as you raise in frequency. We liken this to your feeling of jet lag. You have moved in frequency and you must then physically re-calibrate to the new location and magnetic field. This requires your physical form to adjust. With each growth in vibration you are then able to access higher and higher frequencies that require you to clear more in order to utilize them. For those wanting a break, they must understand that the higher self is able to see what awaits and is excited to continue your forward progress. Trust that all is happening as it should and for your highest benefit.
Many changes will continue to take place within you and on your planet as you end this most momentous year. On the 19th of December your planet will be aligned with the galactic core allowing for transference of sacred knowledge. Once it enters your planet, each of you will utilize the information as is intended for you and your path. During your solstice and the full moon much will be cleared as well. This is a good time to set your intentions as to what you would like to achieve in your year 2016. Great changes are upon you and the excitement is palatable. We are looking forward to continued growth within each of you and in your collective.
Walking with you on this journey,
Photography of Mount Shasta, California
Posted 21st December 2015 by ATMAN *    *    *

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sharing – Scanning without a Scanner – Preparing for the next role – Sanat Kumara | photos

Origen: sharing – Scanning without a Scanner – Preparing for the next role – Sanat Kumara | photos



sharing – Scanning without a Scanner – Preparing for the next role – Sanat Kumara

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We want to talk to you today about the effects these energies are having on you emotionally and physically. Many of you feel as if their is no reprieve from the wave upon wave of energies that are coming in. Your bodies are doing the best they can to cope with the energies and many of you are experiencing side effects that are impacting your daily life.
Understand that we are in a pivotal time, for some the energies are pushing those ready to connect to the unity grid, also known as the Christ consciousnesses in the 5th dimension. This is done by the clearing of your vehicle of density so that it can hold more light. For those of you who have already connected the energies are preparing you for your next role, which is to help strengthen the pathway for others to follow. It is those of the first wave, who followed the paths laid and anchored by the pioneers, that are now strengthening the connection and pathways for those of the second wave to follow with greater ease. This was the role that you agreed to play before this incarnation. Ascension from the 3D is individual but yet it is also collective. In order to assist those coming you had to individually clear the density within so that you could accommodate the energies of your next task, which is to hold the energies that guide others.
As you move into your next task of assisting others by strengthening the energetic pathways, you will find that your chakras will strengthen and enlarge, as they do you will continue to remove density from your form which allows them to grow and activate your entire energy field. Some of you will experience increased heart palpitations and tightening of the chest. As your heart chakra expands you may also feel pressure in your upper back. You may also experience pain in your temples and cranium as your third eye and crown expand so that you may easily process the light codes that are moving through you.
It is essential that you understand the all that is taking place is for your highest good and that nothing is being done to you nor are you under attack. We recommend that you breathe through the energies and command your body to allow the changes and integration. As the body experiences these changes, anxiety is common. The mind will look for reasons why your body feels anxious and you can then fall subject to worries and fears in regards to this process. We ask that you allow for distraction to lead your way. Create a soothing routine when the energies come that are making you uncomfortable. Your electronic devices can disrupt the flow of energies and codes streaming forth and prolong the process. Spending time outside and in water will help to speed up the downloading of information and the internal processing. At times, you may be guided to sleep, this is particularly important during a large download of information. You may also feel guided to eat things that are outside your normal diet. Understand that those cravings should be honored as your body is needing a particular ingredient in the food you are craving. What one must not do is set such strict limits upon yourself so that you feel guilt or shame when deviating from the diet you have created within your belief system. Never before has the human body been taxed as it is in these moments. It is particularly important that one stays grounded not only to the earth but within the body as well. Many of you are naturally not fully in the body, but this disrupts the flow of information. Walking upon your earth in bare feet can be very beneficial at this time. However, understand that the most important tool you have for this time is joy and laughter. Seek what makes you happy and to laugh. A person that is happy and joyful is naturally aligned with source and this creates a pure channel for the information to flow.
As you are being prepared for this role you may find that your physical location changes as each of you have agreed to assist from a particular geographic location. For some this will come as a natural urging to pick up your roots and go to some place new. For others this may appear forced as relationships, jobs, even health dictate a change. Not all will need to change their physical location as they are positioned perfectly. Understand that there is nothing that you need to do to fulfill this role, except to continue to clear your form of all that no longer serves you. It is through your higher vibrating being that the codes will naturally be transmitted to all those around you. As you continue on your upward journey through the dimensions you will be able to handle the codes easier and with greater efficiency. As with any task, the more you relax and don’t fret the easier it will be, the more natural it will become and the more you can incorporate it into your daily life with little disruption.
The next 3 months are very important and many of you will look back at awe at the changes you have made in your being, your thoughts, and your actions. Understand the channel in which the downloads come through your body is also the same path that connects you to your highest self, your intuition, and the deepest remember of who you truly are. Approaching the changes with child like wonder and excitement will help you to integrate all into your being.
With excitement and appreciation for all that is coming,
Sanat Kumara
Personal Conversation with Sanat
Me: A few days ago I felt as if a wave of energy hit that was very heavy, it brought up anger in me, which I was able to then see where anger was just a deflection for the true feeling of sadness and grief.
Sanat: Yes, much is being released from the collective consciousness. When these energies are released they then find a home within a person who has within them the vibrational match. These are not to harm you, but they are intended to intensify what is already within so that it may be easily seen and healed. How can you see what needs to be addressed if it is not apparent. These energies exacerbate what is within you so that you may release it from your form.
Me: I have had some intense food cravings. I am for the most part vegetarian and I have been craving chicken Parmesan, burgers, and beer. None of which are good for me. What’s interesting is that I did allow myself the beer, which normally bloats me, and it tasted incredible and didn’t make me feel bad. The next night I had another beer and this time it didn’t taste as good and did bloat me.
Sanat: You see it is important to listen to your body in every moment. Your body needed the hops in the beer, but only in small amounts. When it tasted good, you were fulfilling a requirement, but that does not mean it is needed more than in that moment. Let your body be the guide.
Me: I assumed my cravings for meat were a need for protein so I made sure that I consumed more vegetarian protein.
Sanat: That is an option, but understand that if you continue to have a craving of a particular food even if you feel you have satisfied the requirement in a different form, that the need was not met. Understand?
Me: So if I up my protein, but still crave chicken Parmesan than I am still missing a key ingredient.
Sanat: Precisely. This is also a question of how much you allow your beliefs, rules and judgments that you have set for your life control you rather than accepting and working within the flow.
Me: In the individual reading I do with peoples spirit guides I am seeing so many have moved into the 5D and hooked to the unity grid recently. It is very exciting and encouraging. Yet, there is a belief that once reaching this incredible point that the work is done. From what I am seeing, it is just beginning.
Sanat: In many ways it does get easier, but yes it is also just the beginning. The 5D energies are not able to fully support complete integration with your soul source, so those desiring this connection must continue on.
Me: Will some choose to stay in the 5D energies and not move on?
Sanat: Yes, some will and it was decided upon prior to their current incarnation.
I hope my questions and answers help you in the same way it did me. Sending you and myself all the love we can handle.
If you would like to obtain a personal spirit guide reading, please click on this link for more information.
For information on personalized Ascension guidance sessions, please click this link. New class listings and descriptions are updated.
Posted 30th June by Shanti Zohar *      *      *

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Origen: Compartir _ Como DESCARGAR Windows 10 – SANAT KUMARA – LOS SALUDO DESDE EL PLANETA DEL AMOR | photos




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▶ Billy Meier – Concentration Exercises – YouTube

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▶ El Ser Uno – los 3 días de Oscuridad y el 21-12-2012. – YouTube

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SOY Sanat Kumara

Saludos desde su planeta Hermano, Venus.

Venus es conocido por los astrólogos como el planeta del Amor. Él significa belleza, gracia, armonía y sabiduría.

La gente de Venus ha sostenido durante largo tiempo la tradición de proporcionar un lugar a los buscadores espirituales de todo el Omniverso para aprender en los institutos antiguos. Aquí es donde uno se prepara para ser un logos planetario, un Chohan o quien sostiene un cargo en oficinas espirituales avanzadas, tanto dentro de este sistema solar como en otros esparcidos por todo este Universo.

Venus es donde hice mis preparaciones finales para ser el logos planetario de su muy querido planeta Tierra. Y Venus es adonde he regresado para cumplir con mis obligaciones con mi planeta y mi gente. Sin embargo, como muchos de nosotros continuamos haciéndolo, mientras la Tierra siga siendo un planeta oscurecido, nosotros haremos todo lo que podamos para asistirla.

Por consiguiente, hemos servido, y por consiguiente, regresamos a Casa. Por tanto, envío saludos a mi hija espiritual, Eliza / Tazjima, pues una porción de su conciencia sigue estando en su mundo.

Deseamos que todos ustedes sientan la vastedad de nuestro aprecio por sus corrientes de vida y las experiencias que han emprendido encarnando en un planeta en medio de una gran transformación. Se requiere de un tremendo valor e inclusive un poquito de bravata hacerlo. Los felicitamos a todos.

Nuestro amor por la Tierra y su gente engloba todo. Algunos de ustedes conocen la historia de las Serpientes de la Sabiduría… esos seres que vinieron a su planeta hace mucho tiempo… hace unos 18 millones de sus años… para concientizar a un mundo oscurecido. ¿Tuvimos éxito? Sí y no… el planeta eventualmente cayó a la oscuridad debido a múltiples causas, pero no expondremos ninguna de ellas aquí. Y sin embargo, nunca perdemos la esperanza en la Tierra o su gente.

La Luz está ahora incrementando y es hora de que aquellos de nosotros que hemos pasado largos años guiando la evolución del planeta dejemos el trabajo por hacer a quienes se han preparado, ya sea aquí en la Tierra o en otras dimensiones, a quienes han venido a la Tierra como puros Seres Lumínicos, y quienes son experimentados Guerreros de la Luz. Muchos han respondido al Llamado que se envió… no una, sino muchas veces.

Ahora somos libres para dirigir la mirada a nuestros propios mundos y para trabajar educando a nuevas generaciones, algunas de las cuales vendrán eventualmente a su planeta para continuar con la gran Obra.

Deseamos agradecer a quienes se están preparando para regresar a Casa, ya sea que estén actualmente conscientes del hecho o no. Y deseamos agradecer a aquellos que han venido como nuestros reemplazos. Y deseamos agradecer a todos los que nacieron en los pueblos nativos de la Tierra que han progresado muy lejos en su propio desarrollo espiritual para que puedan empezar tal vez a asumir la Jerarquía Espiritual de su propio planeta.

Es por un gran Amor por su mundo que yo vine, y es con Amor como he partido, aunque continuaré trabajando con quienes desean una enseñanza más personal e intensificada. SOY capaz de ir a muchos lugares y aparecerme ante aquellos cuyos ojos se han abierto. Si su propósito es puro y tienen una gran necesidad, vendré.

Bienvendos a Casa… Casa siendo la quinta dimensión. Su mundo ha reentrado en esta dimensión y ahora el trabajo de aquellos que se han ofrecido como voluntarios y quienes son indígenas al planeta es liberar su conciencia individual y colectiva de cualquier cosa que los prevenga de experimentar la plenitud del vivir en la 5D. No les contaremos los detalles, sino que les permitiremos redescubrir las tecnologías, concimientos y sabiduría antiguos que continúan descubriéndose dentro de sitios y templos antiguos, en sus parajes naturales y por todo el planeta… E inclusive dentro de sus propios cuerpos y conciencia.

Ustedes se encuentran en medio de excitantes, aunque retadoras transiciones. Estaremos observando su progreso y monitorieando sus cielos. Venus no tiene naves espaciales propias; sin embargo nuestro planeta actúa como un apoyo para el Comando Ashtar y sus muchos miles de naves, grandes y pequeñas. Damos la bienvenida a nuestros visitantes en Venus y hemos llegado a conocer a muchos del Comando como amigos, e inclusive como miembros de la familia, la vasta Familia extendida de la Luz.

Nosotros, La Dama Venus y yo, Sanat Kumara, les enviamos nuestro profundo y siempre perdurable Amor.


Gracias Dama Venus ySanat Kumara.

Canalizadora: Tazjima ©Todos los Derechos Reservados, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

NO se [ermite alterar este material de su formato escrito original. Publicado el 16 de noviembre del 2014

Publicado 17th November 2014 por LUZ ZOHAR

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EL GRUPO ARCTURIANO – Sobre la Transformación y el Dìa de San Valentín

Febrero 15, 2015

Saludos una vez más desde el Grupo Arcturiano. Deseamos hablar de la transformación, un tópico aparentemente simple, pero uno que es importante para el entendimiento de la verdad. La transformación fluye a través y como un individuo cuando se despierta del sueño. Se manifiesta como la habilidad de “ver con nuevos ojos y escuchar con nuevos oídos” en medio de la dualidad y la separación. La transformación permite a uno reconocer cualquier concepto o creencia falsa que pueda aún mantener y reemplazarlos con la verdad. Trae la habilidad de decir; “estaba equivocado”.

Aquellos incapaces de permitir la transformación, retrasan su ascensión hacia la conciencia de la energía dimensional superior. El miedo al cambio actúa alentando la continuación de los conceptos y creencias tridimensionales. Muchos que se resisten al cambio están en posiciones como “líderes” mundiales quienes familiarizan cualquier tipo de transformación con la pérdida – pérdida de su poder y riqueza personal. Debido a sus posiciones de liderazgo, a menudo atraen seguidores que ciegamente aceptan lo que estos llamados “líderes” creen, regalando poder personal en el proceso.

Ustedes están ahora queridos en el punto de su viaje espiritual, donde deben reconocer y reclamar su poder innato. Muchos de ustedes ya han hecho esto, habiendo alcanzado su estado de conciencia en otras vidas, entrando en esta vida con ese estado de conciencia ya en su lugar.

Nunca teman decir; “Suficiente es suficiente, ya no elijo más vivir, actuar, ser o pensar en los viejos anticuados conceptos de separación”. Algunos de ustedes pueden haber descubierto ya que habrá de aquellos que estén ofendidos por esto. Los amigos pueden distanciarse, pero no estén temerosos si esto sucede queridos, porque la energía busca a los suyos y pronto atraerá a aquellos de su resonancia.

Hablamos ahora de transformación porque están muy cerca de ver que la transformación tiene lugar. Mucho está por ser revelado y deben estar preparados en ambos adentro y afuera porque serán los llamados a asistir a aquellos en el miedo, incapaces de dejar ir sus formas viejas y cómodas de comprender el mundo. Ya no se le está permitido a la Humanidad flotar perezosamente de un día al otro creyendo que el gobierno, la iglesia, los padres, amigos o la sociedad en general cuidará de todo para ellos. Ustedes son la conciencia y por lo tanto la sustancia del mundo y las cosas están cambiando rápidamente.

Es tiempo de reclamar su identidad como Seres Divinos que eligen aprender y asistir a otros dentro de la energía tridimensional. Permitan el proceso. Para algunos, permitir el proceso puede significar simplemente Ser en vez de ser hacedores permitiéndose estar calmados y en reposo, yendo a menudo adentro mientras las viejas energías llegan a la superficie y se limpian. Otros pueden encontrarse siendo guiados a levantarse y ser tenidos en cuenta en alguna forma.

La transformación es una entrega, la habilidad de abrirse uno mismo al cambio. La entrega no es la renuncia del ser a algún concepto desconocido de “pastel de Dios en el cielo”. La entrega espiritual es el resultado natural de tener un entendimiento claro de a lo que uno se está entregando – a la Verdad. Comienza con un fuerte impulso interno de empezar una búsqueda de la verdad la cual puede tomar muchos caminos, pero que eventualmente llega a descubrirla adentro. Este proceso no puede ser evitado porque es quienes ustedes son.

Hay muchos que “sospechan” las verdades más profundas pero rechazan abrazarlas, eligiendo en su lugar creer que otros más “santos” o inteligentes, saben más de lo que ellos lo hacen. No queridos, todo tiene la Voz Divina adentro, es simplemente una cuestión de reconocimiento, de escuchar y confiar. El tiempo es ahora.

Día de San Valentín!

Sí, estamos conscientes de sus costumbres y nos unimos a ustedes porque no es un día que celebra el Amor? El Amor es todo lo que hay, porque el UNO nunca puede ser dividido. Es sólo la creencia de que el Uno puede ser dividido (separación) la que ha resultado en las manifestaciones externas de guerra, discordia, sufrimiento, falta, limitación, etc.

El Día de San Valentín celebra la faceta romántica/de vida conyugal del Amor Divino. Hay enseñanzas que pregonan la “impiedad” del amor romántico y que de manera de ser “santos” deben abstenerse de las conexiones románticas. Sin sentido, esto es parte de las mismas enseñanzas que deben sufrir de manera de ser “santos”. Estas son creencias hechas por el hombre sin ley espiritual que las sostenga.

No obstante, el amor romántico debe ser entendido a niveles más profundos si va a “funcionar”, y este es el elemento faltante en tantas relaciones humanas. La atracción entre dos personas no siempre significa que están destinadas a casarse o a establecer relaciones íntimas entre ellas. La atracción a menudo ocurre como resultado de conexiones de vidas pasadas y sucede frecuentemente con alguien que ustedes conocen intuitivamente que no sería un buen compañero para ustedes.

Cuando dos personas con una historia intensa de vidas pasadas se encuentran (hombre/hombre, mujer/mujer, u hombre/mujer) puede ser ya sea una atracción instantánea o una repulsión instantánea. Muchas parejas gays han estado juntas en otras vidas como heterosexuales. Las conexiones no terminan con la muerte, porque ustedes son conciencia, no sólo cuerpos físicos.

El matrimonio o las relaciones comprometidas suceden a menudo como resultado de elecciones prenatales de ambas partes con el propósito de resolver algunos asuntos sin terminar que pudieron o no comenzar como una asociación romántica. A menudo aquellas energías necesitando ser limpiadas tienen su origen en roles antiguos vividos como madre/hijo, padre/hijo, amigo/amigo, sirviente/maestro, etc. Las relaciones de la vida actual pueden proveer un camino fácil en el cual traer un cierre. Este es el caso a menudo en aquellas relaciones donde uno o ambos se preguntan, “por qué me casé con esta persona?”.

Siempre miren más profundo queridos, realmente no hay accidentes en este punto. Miren lo que están aprendiendo o están destinados a aprender de cada situación. El cierre kármico puede tener lugar incluso si una sola persona lo desea. Si él / ella es capaz de reconocer al otro como un Ser Divino dormido y también elige no vivir más dentro de una energía de juicio y odio (la cual sirve simplemente para alimentar la situación kármica) entonces ellos han alcanzado aquel lugar de amor incondicional y hay resolución kármica. Un individuo puede ahora dejar la situación si lo elije, sabiendo que está terminada.

Algunas veces dos personas se atraen intensamente una a la otra en todos los niveles, pero por alguna razón esto nunca se despliega en una relación. Esto sucede con algunos que eligieron en su contrato prenatal no estar juntos en esta vida. Ellos comprenden que conexiones intensas de vidas pasadas y el amor no les permitiría buscar y crecer espiritualmente hacia su propio despertar y poder si estuvieran juntos – estarían conformes simplemente estando juntos.

El amor romántico debe estar enraizado y fundado en el amor real o es simplemente una atracción animal la cual tristemente muchos consideran ser amor real. Este concepto de amor está promocionado pesadamente en todas las áreas de los medios – películas, libros, shows de TV, revistas, anuncios, etc. y particularmente en el Día de San Valentín.

El sabio conoce que la atracción sexual no es amor sino una faceta de él, una de las cosas “agregadas”. La atracción sexual por sí misma está basada en la necesidad humana de propagar la especie lo cual puede ser alcanzado sin amor. La intimidad basada sólo en la atracción sexual nunca porta la intensa y profunda conexión energética y realización que es posible cuando ambos están en una conciencia que ve más allá de las apariencias las realidades más profundas brillando a través de los ojos del otro.

Las relaciones amorosas nunca son dependientes de cómo se ve o viste el otro y es infructuoso y muy humano intentar moldear a alguien en su concepto del compañero perfecto. Las relaciones saludables tienen energía de resonancia similar y aquellos en ellas tienen visiones del mundo muy cercanas pero no necesariamente piensan y creen exactamente igual porque todos están aquí para aprender y crecer de acuerdo a sus necesidades individuales.

Dos individuos bien emparejados sean amigos o pareja, han alcanzado estados de conciencia similares. Observen aquellos viviendo desde estados de conciencia dormidos quienes disfrutan relaciones de peleas, engaños, enojo, angustia y caracterizaciones – están ambos en la misma longitud de onda energética por así decirlo – es su estado de conciencia, su concepto de cómo funcionan las relaciones.

Puede haber un tiempo cuando sean tentados a entrar al nivel inferior de conciencia del otro debido a la atracción y el deseo por esa personal. Aunque cierta mente es permitido por libre albedrío, nunca puede resultar en un final feliz deseado sino que usualmente termina en un corazón roto después de un rápido, corto e intenso tiempo juntos. Uno simplemente no puede ir hacia atrás a estados de conciencia ya obtenidos sin importar cuán atrayente pueda parecer hacerlo.

Los conceptos erróneos abundan con respecto al Amor y al compañerismo. Los gobiernos, las religiones, las familias y los amigos emiten continuamente que el Amor sólo es válido si llena sus conceptos a menudo muy estrechos. El compañero debe ser de un cierto color, género, educación, estatus financiero, u otro rasgo aceptable. El Amor es la experiencia del Ser Uno manifestándose como muchos. El Amor nunca ha sido y nunca será dependiente de los conceptos de la Humanidad.

Llega un punto en el cual un individuo no “necesita más una relación” de manera de sentirse completo, feliz, y total porque ha alcanzado una conciencia de totalidad espiritual y completitud. Ha descubierto que su llama gemela está adentro, y estar en una relación se vuelve ahora una elección personal.

Las relaciones felices sólo suceden cuando cada uno entiende y acepta su propio valor y poder verdadero porque entonces ya no hay más necesidad de validación externa. La inconsciencia de la identidad personal causa que el dormido busque su completitud afuera de sí mismo. “Si estoy casado con esta persona bella, rica e inteligente, entonces debo ser adorable y valioso”.

Muchos portan aún viejas memorias celulares de tiempos cuando estar en una relación pudiera haber sido la única manera de evitar la muerte o la inanición y esto es reflejado a menudo en aquellos que saltan de una relación a otra nunca permitiéndose estar solos. Reconozcan y permitan que estas viejas memorias sean limpiadas si las sospechan en ustedes mismos.

A medida que crecen más fuerte adentro, mirarán atrás a los intentos románticos fallidos y reirán, diciendo; “Gracias querido Dios por salvarme de esa relación” aunque en ese momento hubieran tenido el corazón roto y herido. La mente humana está programada con conceptos de romance y sexo del mundo y responde a eso hasta que le enseñen diferente.

Si tener un compañero de vida representa la completitud para ustedes, atraerán eso para sí mismos sin pensar y luchar porque será la manifestación natural de su estado de conciencia, su realización de la completitud espiritual. Estar solos puede representar la completitud para algunos.

Las relaciones verdaderas, profundas y duraderas incluyen el romance, buen sexo y todo lo que el estado estructurado y puritano de conciencia condenó como impío, pero estos son ahora reconocidos como cosas agregadas.

Nosotros del Grupo Arcturiano enviamos Amor, alegría, diversión y conciencia a todos ustedes por el Día de San Valentín.

A través de Marilyn Rafaelle

Traducción – Shanti

Voces de Arcturus y Andrómeda

Publicado 19 hours ago por LUZ ZOHAR

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photos: Tutorial Photoshop: Crear una Hoja de Contactos. – YouTube:::SEMILLAS CÓSMICAS:::A HELIO – AH:::SANAT KUMARA – ES TIEMPO DE INTERVENCIÓN DIVINA:::sharing

photos: Tutorial Photoshop: Crear una Hoja de Contactos. – YouTube:::SEMILLAS CÓSMICAS:::A HELIO – AH:::SANAT KUMARA – ES TIEMPO DE INTERVENCIÓN DIVINA:::sharing.

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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tutorial Photoshop: Crear una Hoja de Contactos. – YouTube:::SEMILLAS CÓSMICAS:::A HELIO – AH:::SANAT KUMARA – ES TIEMPO DE INTERVENCIÓN DIVINA:::sharing

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 ترجم / לתרגם   翻訳する 

Somos Espíritu inmortal.

Somos materia y energía antiguas,

la fuerza del AMOR…

La que va creando y deshaciendo el mundo

desde el minuto eterno y azul del paraíso.

Desde cuando amamos?

No hay esfera que registre

el instante del milagro,

la magia sagrada y final del compromiso.

Tomados de la mano y caminando juntos

venimos desde el fondo de los siglos.

Y ya nada podrá desintegrarnos.

Porque tuvimos sueños y tuvimos hijos,

porque coleccionamos soles

y soñamos primaveras.

Porque hemos amado y hemos vivido…

Porque venimos desde el fondo de los siglos

y somos del AMOR!

Porque tomados de la mano seguimos caminando,

con la irrenunciable juventud del Paraíso!


Publicado 28th June 2011 por Shanti

Etiquetas: Amor divinoAmor incondicionaldespertar de las semillas Estelaressemillas estelares

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Yo Soy Sanat Kumara el anciano de los días.

Yo vengo a vosotros en este tiempo desde el corazón del Dios Altísimo del Gran Sol Central. En este tiempo de intervención divina que en la tierra esta teniendo lugar!

Las legiones de Ángeles del gran sol central están entrando en vuestra atmósfera tridimensional y activando las nuevas frecuencias cristicas doradas para la Madre Gaia – Urantia

Todo se esta dando según la entrada de los pasados eclipses lunar y solar, estos fueron la puerta para dar paso a esta nueva oleada de frecuencias de luz y sonido.

La madre Tierra – Gaia – Urantia esta ascendiendo vibracional-mente de manera magnifica e impecable, siguiendo el plan divino de integrar estas frecuencias de quinta dimensión en sus consciencias y cuerpos de luz.

Todos los cuerpos de luz de sus sistemas energéticos están siendo actualizados constantemente por la Gracia de Dios Padre Madre, cargando en su Yo Cristico estas nuevas frecuencias. Desde allí tutelados por su Yo Divino, este será quien autorice de forma gradual estas nuevas energías, para acelerar la estructura celular dormida de cada individuo, con la intención clara de despertar todos los códigos de luz requeridos para este tiempo.

Sus cuerpos físicos, celular ADN… todos ellos son la sofisticación y perfección que nunca antes se ha creado en este universo. Son portadores de mapas y coordenadas estelares de una gran familia de luz. Estos cuerpos fueron creados para no envejecer ni conocer la enfermedad.

En este tiempo del gran despertar de consciencia con la frecuencia de Acuario, son los aceleradores perfectos para volver al cuerpo de luz completo el Adam Kadmon.

Están conociendo ahora el camino de la auto-maestría y co- responsabilidad, empezando a ver que todo esta en ustedes y que nada les puede afectar nunca, si ustedes no lo permiten. Pues son Dios en Todo Instante y en ocasiones son Dios en Acción!!!

No olviden que están en la Madre Tierra- Gaia – Urantia y ascienden con ella, no por separado. Son voluntarios para estar aquí y reorganizar y reparar todo aquello que este en sus cuerpos y en la Tierra creado por Ustedes. Todo debe de ser aclarado y trasformado a su estado perfecto de ser, sin polaridad solo unidad.

Este es el proceso de ascender, mientras toman consciencia y se responsabilizan cada uno de ustedes con si mismo, están dando un paso al frente de modo contundente alineadose con su Yo Cristico. Solo así son capaces de reducir el velo que los separa de su consciencia plena de su Yo Dios que reside en ustedes en todo Instante. TODO ESTA EN SU INTERIOR!!!

No se olviden de ello, son plenamente responsables de cada acto pensamiento e intención que sienten. Todo es energía de Dios en acción! lo que piensen será la realidad para ustedes al instante siguiente, sean consecuentes como piensan, hablan o desean pues están afectando constantemente a la malla cristica y la Madre Tierra con ello.

Revisen todo ello y sientan si que no es necesario hacer nada, cuando ya son Divinos perfectos y amados en todo instante por Dios Padre Madre, que todo es y será.

No dejen caer sus pensamientos y emociones, no se dejen atrapar por la ilusión del sueño, del exterior.

Sean luz, sean amor sean verdad en acción y en sus vidas, haciendo lo que hay que hacer pero para ustedes mismos en su interior en comunión con su Yo Dios, deleitándose en comunión con Él!

Solo Así uno asciende, y reduce el velo y vive una vida plena de luz y amor aquí en esta amada Madre Tierra.

Pues ustedes igual no lo saben pero esta Tierra siempre fue y es una Tierra ascendida, solo que sus conciencias aun no lo saben.

Esto es así y así es para todo lo creado por Dios Padre Madre!!!

No deben de preocuparse de nada, ni salvar nada ni nadie… eso déjenselo al Padre Madre quien conoce a todas sus criaturas. Solo ocúpense únicamente de si mismos y conquístense y sean libres en la dicha y amor de Dios Padre Madre.

Todo Esta Bien , Siempre lo ha Estado!!!

Así pues sigan su guía interior de su Yo Dios, en todo momento. Déjense llevar y elevar por lo nuevo transformando lo viejo y poniendo todo en manos de Dios Padre Madre. Siendo testigos de sus vidas.

Amadas criaturas de luz, no están solos están sostenidos en todo momento por la Divinidad y sus Ángeles del gran sol central, y alineándose con sus Yos Divinos.

Recuerden Sean Luz, sean Amor sean Verdad! Véanse así y no de otra forma! Son Divinos hechos a imagen y semejanza de Dios Padre Madre, solo el amor es real todo lo demás es una ilusión!

Desde el corazón del gran sol central del Dios Altísimo.

Yo soy Sanat Kumara el anciano de los días.

Recibido por Gerard Ribot 10/11/13


Publicado 2 days ago por LUZ ZOHAR

Etiquetas: Sanat Kumara



Doncella cristalina

de cabellos flotantes

es fuego tu voz

en el silencio de mi alma.

Princesa del Hogar…

traes en tus ojos

la caricia sutil

de Amor Omniabarcante.

Energía de Luz,

vibrante y sanadora,

apacigua el corazón

callado y frágil.

Regálame una estrella

un sol, un solo instante…

para soñar tu sueño.

para vivir la magia.


( Quiero contarles como experimenté a Helio-Ah, la llama gemela de Juliano…

Ella es de una energía muy sutil, muy luminosa, con sus cabellos flotando.

De un Amor suave, tierno, pero a la vez fuerte, contundente.

Es muy cálida cuando se comunica y también muy clara en sus mensajes.

Le agradezco desde el fondo de mi corazón su presencia en este momento en la Nave Athena, ayudándo a Gaia y a la Humanidad en este camino del Despertar…)

Publicado 27th June 2011 por Shanti

Etiquetas: ArcturianosHelio-Hanave Athena

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samkaska: Sanat Kumara and the Gosford Hieroglyphs ::: The Time of Revelations – a Clarification ::: sharing

samkaska: Sanat Kumara and the Gosford Hieroglyphs ::: The Time of Revelations – a Clarification ::: sharing.

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Sanat Kumara and the Gosford Hieroglyphs ::: The Time of Revelations – a Clarification ::: sharing

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 ترجم / לתרגם   翻訳する

***   * * *

Oversoul Teachings : Sanat Kumara and the Gosford Hieroglyphs

Posted on Sep 12, 2014
by cosmicgaia
in Oversoul Teachings, Sanat Kumara, Wes Annac
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Sanat Kumara

Channeled through Wes Annac

September 11, 2014

The work you do for humanity’s evolution is more important than we can express, and you’re encouraged to embrace your work when you could otherwise embrace material things that don’t fill you with nearly as much satisfaction.

We’ll generally encourage you to make spirit a part of everything you do, and if you let it, the divine can completely fill your perception and paint itself onto everything you do and experience.

Your experiences will become much more enjoyable when you allow the divine to permeate every aspect of your existence, and the greatest recommendation we can give on this day is to encourage you to expand your perspective and the work that results, for in doing so, you’ll expand the amount and purity of love you’re able to feel within.

Enjoy Your Lives

As our scribe’s starting to realize, it’s also important to get out and enjoy the beautiful bounties Gaia provides you. Get out to nature and explore or enjoy a good meditation, or do something else that fills you with a sense of peace, serenity and joy.

You’re encouraged to find and pursue the things you enjoy the most, and as long as they don’t work against your ascension path or spread a negative or damaging vibration, you can feel free to pursue them with as much passion as you’d pursue your creative work.

Many of you are starting to find that your creativity is far more expanded than before, and the result is that you can pursue a wealth of different creative routes on any given day and enjoy them as much as you’d enjoy any recreational activity.

While ‘work’ as it’s currently seen on your planet is something that drags on one’s sense of enjoyment, the work you have the potential to do will be far more enjoyable than you would’ve ever imagined possible.

We continue to watch you work as hard as you can to bring yourselves and the rest of your planet into the light, and while there are some avenues the conscious public continues to falter in, you’re soaring in others and we couldn’t be happier about this.

We – your higher selves, guides and the rest of the Company of Heaven – watch and appreciate all of the hard work you’re doing, and we encourage you to keep your work freshened and lively.

This is in part why we mentioned that you can explore other creative routes if the idea resonates with you, and you can even be creative in nature; enjoy your creativity in a less inhibited setting than your homes.

There’s nothing wrong with being creative in your homes, of course, and this is where many of you are creative by default, but there’s also nothing wrong with getting out to an expanded setting and using the good vibration Gaia provides to strengthen and enhance your creativity.

In time, you’ll find that your creative and leisurely time merge. This is what’s happened for a lot of musicians who willingly pursue their music because they enjoy playing and writing it, and as time goes on, you’ll cease to know the difference between work and fun.

You’ll enjoy everything you do, and you’ll never want to abandon your work in favor of finite physical things because they won’t satisfy you anymore.

With all of this said, we’ll answer the first question we’ve been provided on this day.

Question #1: Information about Sanat Kumara

“Can you give me some information about Sanat Kumara and the role He/She had for the Earth and us here. I was told once by Sananda, that my origin is from Venus and that I am a Kumara. Is it possible to get more clarity of what a Kumara is and IF that info is correct? I have got a bit confusing info about Sananda as well….”

Sanat Kumara is focused on many of the spiritual aspects of your ascension; the aspects that lead you to not only rediscover the sacred love that sits within, but the greater, more intensified etheric perception that comes with this love.

As other channeled sources have said (and as he himself has said), he’s agreed to oversee humanity’s entrance into the light by helping each of you find and act on your flowing inner love.

He’s working on helping each individual seeker find a sharper, more intensified perception of the etheric energy you’re being given in increasingly pure doses, and he’s working very hard on helping every soul – conscious of spirit or not – rediscover their sacred center and flow from there.

The seekers who are blessed with a particularly potent creative flow can thank Sanat Kumara and his team for helping provide it, and while this flow has always lived within and can be accessed by any seeker who’s willing to enthusiastically pursue it, Sanat Kumara and his team have played a big role in helping each seeker reach it in an uninhibited way.

Were it not for this soul’s diligent and selfless effort, the vibration of the awakening humanity would still be lower than it currently is.

One of Sanat Kumara’s primary roles is to encourage and uplift the conscious public, and while he obviously works with the rest of humanity, his main focus lately has been on empowering each conscious individual to find their inner love and use it for a wealth of creative and progressive purposes.

Since he essentially works on bringing each of you back into your soul, he’s also focused on helping you find the things you enjoy out of your lives and pursue them. This is in part why we mentioned the importance of enjoying Gaia’s nature or other, similar things that fill you with a good vibration – because Sanat Kumara has advised us and our scribe to recommend this.

However difficult it could be to believe that specific higher-dimensional souls not only exist, but perform specific roles in the ascension of your planet and even communicate with each of your higher selves, this is so.

You’re being guided by waves of higher-dimensional souls who watch you experience the pains and trials of the earth with love and compassion in their hearts, and while many seekers aren’t yet comfortable with directly identifying us, we’re ready for you to see just how real we are and just how easily you can connect with us.

Sanat Kumara is here as we give this message, and he’s adding his impressions to it. We’re allowing his energies to merge with ours in a sense, and we know our increasingly receptive scribe can feel his presence.

Don’t deny this presence, dearest scribe, and instead, welcome it into your perception. Allow Sanat Kumara’s influence to permeate the communication you’re receiving, and allow him to influence our message to a greater degree than usual.

We’ll remain the primary speakers for this communication, but know that Sanat Kumara is very directly here with you all and his energy can be felt as a subtle presence that outlines the words and energies we’re giving.

A Spark of Sanat Kumara’s Oversoul

As far as our reader is concerned, this soul is a spark of Sanat Kumara’s oversoul who’s come to the earth to directly assist in bringing humanity back into the sacred center and finding the love that results, as are waves of other seekers who are just starting to realize their mission and start their work.

Our reader is first intended to find and remain in the sacred center before opening up to the higher self and asking to become a conduit for Sanat Kumara’s mission of enlightening humanity by helping you rediscover your hearts.

Our reader will eventually connect with other sparks on earth who are also part of Sanat Kumara’s oversoul (or who are ‘Kumaras’, as our reader was told), and a lot of seekers are on this specific mission. Our reader isn’t alone in this unfolding quest, and every one of Sanat Kumara’s sparks is encouraged to connect with him.

Sanat Kumara wants our reader to connect with him, because he wants to help our reader receive a wealth of flowing insights and revelations regarding the role each spark is meant to play, and we can confirm that our reader’s planet of ‘origin’ is indeed Venus.

This planet’s inhabited by a higher-vibrational society that exists in the etheric matter that’s currently unperceivable to the unaware humanity, and more about this society will be known as the planetary consciousness continues to rise and humanity’s focus is taken off of your planet and put onto your galaxy as a whole, which’ll happen after your planetary restoration has been completed.

We’ll say very directly to our reader: we encourage you to connect with Sanat Kumara, and in regards to any confusing information you have or will receive, we recommend you simply take what resonates with you and let the rest fall away. Remember that you create your reality, and the things you empower and disempower will manifest for you.

No matter what seems like a fixed truth, everything is constantly shifting and changing in the higher realms and this includes the perspectives of various higher-dimensional souls and their earthly counterparts.

Now, we’ll move on to our next question.

Question #2: Egyptian Hieroglyphs in Australia?

“Could you ask our guides to provide some insight about the hieroglyphs in Australia known as the Gosford Hieroglyphs? Are they real, how old are they, and did the Egyptians put them there? If not the Egyptians, who did?”

This subject motivates us to again remind you that your history is nothing like you’ve been told. Yes, we’ve said this a lot, and the evidence of its truth continues to appear around the world.

Many people who are unaware of the true extent of your history would write off these glyphs as a simple prank or some other explainable phenomenon, and it’ll be difficult for many people to come to terms with the idea that various ancient societies have visited others – in some cases, societies on other continents.

We’ll confirm that ancient Egyptian souls are responsible for the glyphs, and they came to the place that’s now Australia on a mission from Source to share the things they’d learned with the people there.

Their mission was very unlike the missions of, say, the European settlers and colonists who sailed to the new world, because the colonists weren’t interested in helping the people in the new world who they branded ‘savages’ – they were interested at first in trading with them, but later in pillaging their territories and wiping them away from the land.

This ran contrary to the missions of the Egyptian souls who are responsible for these glyphs, and while we say they’re responsible for them, they aren’t the ones who physically carved them.

They brought knowledge to the people who were once on the Australian continent of the Law of One and various other concepts, and unlike some other civilizations, the souls who learned this information recorded their freshly learned revelations.

We’re giving our scribe an image of a small group of ancient Egyptian souls reaching the Australian shore, quickly meeting with the people they intend to help and giving them a wealth of truths and revelations.

As you’ll learn when your history’s no longer distorted, various groups from ancient Egypt and similar ancient civilizations who knew similar things would embark on voyages to various other places – places they didn’t even know existed until they got there in some instances – and share the things they learned with the people there, if people were there.

These groups saw it as their responsibility to awaken and uplift the rest of humanity, and later on down the centuries, other groups who learned about them would take inspiration from them and sail to various parts of your world, spreading enlightenment and offering spirituality to the people there – sometimes, in the face of heavy punishment from the ruling leaders of their day.

You’ll learn this and plenty of other things as your history becomes clear, and we look forward to the time when the truth about these glyphs and everything else you’ve been kept from knowing is understood by all of humanity.

The Gosford glyphs will be discussed in a new, more truthful light as the planetary consciousness continues to rise, and we hope to have satisfied our reader’s quest for answers regarding them.

We’ll make our final expressions for this communication with appreciation for the truth-seeking so many of you have been doing.

Our reader isn’t alone in the quest for answers about various phenomena that point to your history being different than you’ve been told, and the conscious public has practically pioneered the practice of finding the real and genuine spiritual truths behind various mysteries that seem unexplainable.

We encourage our reader to keep searching for answers.

Don’t take our response at face value, and do some more research on the topic if you desire to know more. You’ll find that various opinions are floating around about this and every other phenomenon, and as we did our first reader, we’ll encourage our second reader only to empower things that make sense to the expanding mind and heart.

Even if our answers don’t satisfy or don’t seem correct, you can disregard them. Always take what resonates with you, and always allow for others’ opinions because you aren’t all wired to think and feel the same things. You’re as unique as the history you haven’t been told about, and your endless quest for answers will deliver that which you seek.

It’s a guarantee, because nothing else could result from your dedicated and inspired quests.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

(Permission is given to spread this post far and wide, as long as the following bio is included.)

I’m a 21 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Culture of Awareness daily news site.

The Culture of Awareness features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as articles I’ve written and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material that’s spiritually inspired and/or related to the fall of the planetary elite and our entrance into a positive future.

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The Time of Revelations – a Clarification 
by Georgi Stankov Posted on September 13, 2014
by Georgi Stankov, September 13, 2014


Make no mistake, the time of revelations is Now. All the revelations humanity needs to awaken can be found on this website. We need not wait for these revelations to occur in the future linear time.

When the mountain does not come to the prophet, the prophet must go to the mountain. In other words, when the masses do not come to us, the current prophets of humanity, that is to say, we must ascend first and then come to the masses as Creator Gods.

It is as simple as that. We do not need future revelations to awaken the people, because their awakening can only come from within, from the soul, and only then can they see the already existing revelations. This is what I call “instantaneous soul revelation”.

Only recently I had the powerful vision that one morning I wake up and check the number of visits on my website and, instead of being several thousand, they have jumped all of a sudden to more than one million. This is how the time of revelations will manifest in this reality shortly before the MPR will be triggered. In order for this to happen, some dramatic miracles must take place first in order to demonstrate to the masses the true nature of a human Being – his multidimensional character as Creator God.

I am aware of the fact that I am repeating this topic again and again, but it is absolutely necessary for you to understand from a psychological point of view, why some of us must ascend first and appear in front of humanity before the “Day of Days” can come. Without this demonstration of our divinity that will shake humanity to its core and will awaken it from the current interminable nightmare, no evolutionary leap in the collective awareness will be possible.

Humanity can change this Orion reality only after it has awaken from its current total amnesia and decides to dream (imagine) a new more beautiful reality. A somnambulist has to be awaken in order to stop him from perpetuating this bad and dangerous habit every night, even at the expense of scaring him to death.

This is what is intended on a global scale with the MPR and this is the divine plan of the Source for humanity in these End Times. It has already happened numerous times on lower 3D and 4D timelines. Hence all moral objections from the point of view of a false perceived humanitarianism are absolutely obsolete and meaningless. They only reflect the lack of understanding of the immortal nature of the soul and her incarnation cycle.

Hence I am still very confident that my initially announced scenario for the End Times (see homepage) is still valid – more than ever – and that the energetic potential of its realization is now looming big on the horizon.

Life is a movement in a circular motion as everything we create is happening in the now and changes the already existing energetic condition within its given parameters. Dramatic changes can only happen during a phase transition.

For this uppermost mother planet the phase transition will be ascension, respectively destruction and descent to a lower timeline. For humanity this will mean death experience for the vast majority of incarnated souls and transition to Celestria, or transfiguration and ascension to the higher realms for the few selected light warriors and current Logos Gods. This is the quintessence of the current reality and everything else that is produced nowadays is a linguistic mess – be it esoteric or trivial.

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El Ser UNO – A: ▶ Las pirámides…. Mensajes de los ángeles 1- 2_Maestro ALANISO – La gloria del real Usted, lo deslumbrara y sorprenderá a usted:::▶ Los Ángeles, Sanat Kumara Octubre-5, 3-Octubre-de 2013 – Tabla Emerald :::sharing

El Ser UNO – A: ▶ Las pirámides…. Mensajes de los ángeles 1- 2_Maestro ALANISO – La gloria del real Usted, lo deslumbrara y sorprenderá a usted:::▶ Los Ángeles, Sanat Kumara Octubre-5, 3-Octubre-de 2013 – Tabla Emerald :::sharing.

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martes, 9 de setiembre de 2014

▶ Las pirámides…. Mensajes de los ángeles 1- 2_Maestro ALANISO – La gloria del real Usted, lo deslumbrara y sorprenderá a usted:::▶ Los Ángeles, Sanat Kumara Octubre-5, 3-Octubre-de 2013 – Tabla Emerald :::sharing

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▶ ▶ La gloria del real Usted, lo deslumbrara y sorprenderá a usted


The glory of the Real You will dazzle and amaze you

 09/29/2013 by John Smallman 

El proceso de despertar en que está involucrada  la humanidad se está intensificando. . . todos los días! Mucho está sucediendo en el mundo como resultado de la potencia creciente del abrazo divino en el que usted está tan firme pero amorosamente mantenido. Y gran parte de ella está empezando a ser informado CON los canales de noticias tradicionales. La intención del colectivo humano también SE está fortaleciendo a medida que más y más de ustedes se alejan de todo lo que falta de amor y se centran en enviar amor y la ayuda a aquellos que necesitan desesperadamente.
La luz divina en la que el planeta está bañado es irresistible, y el planeta mismo está transmitiendo grandes cantidades de rayos multicolores hacia el exterior como un gesto de amor a toda la creación. Ella hace un magnífico espectáculo mientras ella resplandece con un brillo mucho mayor que cualquier otra fuente de luz en su galaxia. Es una invitación abierta a todos los que quieran participar en los acontecimientos trascendentales que están dando sus frutos en las inmediaciones, así como Dios quiere.
Este es verdaderamente un tiempo maravilloso para ser encarnado como humanos en el planeta Tierra. Centrarse en los maravillosos avances que ha realizado a lo largo de su camino evolutivo espiritual colectiva, sin dejar de pulsar la intención de que la humanidad despierte, para que la intención se ha convertido en muy atractivo y está logrando resultados más impresionantes todos los días. No se puede estar al tanto de esto como la prensa tradicional sigue informando sobre las nuevas revelaciones de que los denunciantes en todas partes han desvelado todos los días.
Este es verdaderamente un tiempo maravilloso para ser encarnado como humanos en el planeta Tierra. Centrarse en los maravillosos avances que ha realizado a lo largo de su camino evolutivo espiritual colectiva, sin dejar de pulsar la intención de que la humanidad despierte, para que la intención se ha convertido en muy atractivo y está logrando resultados más impresionantes todos los días. No se puede estar al tanto de esto como la prensa tradicional sigue informando sobre las nuevas revelaciones de que los denunciantes en todas partes han desvelado todos los días.

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▶ Los Ángeles, Sanat Kumara Octubre-5, 3-Octubre-de 2013 – Tabla Emerald


▶ Los Ángeles, Sanat Kumara Octubre-5, 3-Octubre-de 2013 – YouTube



Mis queridos amigos, que te quieren mucho.

Es el momento de elegir en su planeta tierra, y sin embargo en verdad cada momento es un momento de elección. ¿Quién será su Dios? ¿Será que el miedo sea tu Dios, o el de la fuente y el creador de toda vida a vosotros por Dios? Le dará su gracia y de poder a las instituciones, el dinero, su lugar de trabajo, los jefes, compañeros de trabajo, familia, amigos, cónyuges, y / o la multitud de otros que realmente afectan a su vida, pero no es necesario controlarlo? ¿O vas a poner tu fe en la capacidad del Creador amoroso a bailar con usted, incluso cuando las decisiones más oscuras o circunstancias creadas por otros te afectan?

Dios permitió que la humanidad el libre albedrío. Las decisiones de los demás sin duda le afectan. Si alguien roba de usted, de manera temporal con menos dinero. Si alguien te despide, temporalmente no tienes trabajo. Si alguien te traiciona y te deja, temporalmente se quedan con el aguijón y el dolor. Sin embargo, en el momento siguiente, se puede elegir. Usted puede optar por dar a estas almas el poder de Dios dado, o puede activar con el Creador amoroso. Usted puede decir, “OK Dios, no me gusta esto! Alguien me ha hecho daño, pero sé que es más poderoso! Usted puede ver un número infinito de posibles soluciones. Puedes ver más amor, más abundancia, más belleza y la bondad de lo que podía imaginar. He estado afectado por otra persona, pero sé que me quieres. me guía, me protege, me suministrará con mis necesidades. confío en tu amor. ”

Entonces, queridos míos, hago todo lo posible para continuamente recordar que Dios es Dios, y que si bien las almas de los demás son de hecho uno con este punto de vista, sus personalidades podrían estar profundamente desconectados. Se le puede afectar de manera negativa. Pero en última instancia, no tienen ningún control sobre el resultado de su vida a menos que haga que su Dios. si usted pone su fe, la confianza, y el corazón en las manos del Creador amoroso, ya está en el camino a la curación de su vida, la creación de una realidad aún mejor, y como usted dice en la tierra, “sacudir el polvo de los zapatos” a medida que avanza.

Usted puede ser víctima, queridos, pero decide no seguir siendo una víctima.

Elija una y otra vez y otra vez para pedir a Dios que sea su origen, su fuente, su guía, su amigo, y sobre todo, el querido quien está a cargo de su vida, su bienestar y su felicidad! En esta realidad, los demás pueden afectar temporalmente a sus vidas, pero sólo poner sus dedos en los arroyos de la gracia que fluyen a través de su vida, porque en verdad no tienen poder para interrumpir su flujo poderoso y amoroso.

Dios los bendiga! Te queremos mucho.

– Los Angelinos


Hola a todos,

He sido afectados por las decisiones de otros muchas veces en mi vida, ya que todos tenemos. Algunos de ustedes han escuchado esta historia. Hace años, salí con un hombre que huyó con 2.000 dólares que me debía. Lo dejé ir, pero llevaba la carga de la sensación de que había un millón de otras cosas que necesitaba ese dinero para. Traté de dejarlo atrás, pero en realidad estaba sintiendo la falta. Fui en una excursión y oré: “Dios ¿cómo puedo hacer más dinero?” Perdona a tu ex-novio que me dijeron. Tengo furioso. “No voy a hablar de él! Necesito ganar más dinero.” Ellos persistieron hasta que finalmente amorosa pero firmemente me dijo que él mi Dios estaba haciendo. Le estaba echando la culpa por mi falta, en lugar de girar a la verdadera fuente de toda abundancia. Él pudo haber tomado de mí, pero me olvido de la presencia amorosa de Aquel que podía dar la espalda. Ellos estaban en lo cierto. Me contacté con él al día siguiente y me dijo algo en el sentido de: “Yo te perdono la deuda que me debes. Si usted tiene una conciencia te lo puedo explicar a Dios al final de su vida, pero me voy a dejar de lado todos los lazos con ustedes “. Se sentía tan liberador. Sorprendentemente, me dieron un cheque en el correo de él la próxima semana. Creo que yo era la única mujer que ha de devolverse. Además, Dios me ha dotado de nuevas ideas de la clase maravillosas y bendiciones en tantas formas.

Asimismo hace un par de años a un ser querido en mi vida pasó por una crisis y se proyecta un poco de dolor en mi. Por un tiempo me permití y traté de “ayudar”, pero después de que comenzó a afectar a mi salud, los ángeles me dijo nuevamente con amor y firmeza para soltar la danza insalubre. Así lo hice. No fue fácil. Me sentía culpable por un tiempo. Pero más tarde me enteré de que esta alma terminó creciendo a causa de mi decisión, y de inmediato comenzó a sentirse saludable y feliz una vez más. Podría haber mirado atrás y sintió victimizado y molesto, porque en verdad que merecía un tratamiento más amable, pero en cambio, tuve la oportunidad de ver el dolor que causó esta interacción, a dejar ir, y para volver a Dios de mi alegría. Nuevas amistades formadas, y estoy feliz de lo que he estado nunca. Si el amor de Dios que sale en forma de alguien que ya no es resonante con el corazón, el amor de Dios aparecerá en otro más perfecto de lo que eres ahora. Después de todo, si las personas se dan cuenta de lo que están hechos de, o no, todos somos las muchas caras de este amor.

Nosotros tenemos elección. Podemos permitir que otros siguen afectándonos mucho después de haber hecho sus elecciones, o podemos volver a Dios una vez más y pedir que este Amor arreglar nuestras vidas, nuestros corazones, nuestros cuerpos, mentes y almas. Como los ángeles siempre me recuerdan, “Ann! Dios mueve las estrellas en el cielo y hace girar las temporadas! Desde luego, puede manejar su vida.” Esto siempre me hace sonreír. ¿Cómo podemos imaginar que tenemos para manejar cualquier cosa en paz?

Así que esta semana, tratar de ver donde se aplica a otros su poder para ser feliz, saludable, abundante, etc, y tratar de volver a Dios una y otra vez y dar ese poder a su fuente legítima. Incluso si alguien te interrumpe en el tráfico, no se puede regalar su alegría. Esto es entre tú y Dios solo!

Tienes una semana bendecida,

los amo a todos,




Es real, no es mentira, cierto y muy verdadero … lo que está abajo es como lo que está arriba y lo que está arriba es como lo que está abajo, a los milagros de una cosa …

Y como todas las cosas han salido de una cosa por el pensamiento de uno, por lo que todas las cosas han nacido de esta cosa, por la adaptación …

Su padre es el Sol, su madre es la luna, el viento la ha llevado en su vientre … la Tierra es tu madre … está el Padre de toda la Thelema Universo … su poder en la Tierra no tiene límites …

Independiente Tierra del Fuego, (tierra del fuego), lo sutil de lo grosero, suavemente, con gran industria … que se eleva desde la tierra al cielo y luego de vuelta en la Tierra, y recoge la fuerza de las cosas superiores e inferiores ..

Así que usted tiene toda la gloria del mundo, tan oscuro todo lejos de ti …

Fuerza, es la fuente de toda fuerza, porque supera todo lo sutil y penetra todo lo sólido … es así como la creación del mundo …

Esta es la fuente de notables adaptaciones enumeradas aquí … así que estoy llamado “Hermes Trismegisto”, que posee las tres partes de la filosofía universal … lo que he dicho acerca de la operación del Sol, es completa.

“” Esta es toda la magia resumido en una página “”
(Eliphas Levi)
Esta es la piedra angular de la Alquimia

* * *

* * *

The Being ONE : Who Is Jesus, Who Is Sananda, Apollonius of Tyana, Christ and Sanat Kumara? A Gnostic Disquisition

The Being ONE : Who Is Jesus, Who Is Sananda, Apollonius of Tyana, Christ and Sanat Kumara? A Gnostic Disquisition.

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Who Is Jesus, Who Is Sananda, Apollonius of Tyana, Christ and Sanat Kumara? A Gnostic Disquisition

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Who Is Jesus, Who Is Sananda, Apollonius of Tyana, Christ and Sanat Kumara? A Gnostic Disquisition
by Georgi Stankov Posted on September 19, 2014

by Nel Verburgt and Georgi Stankov, September 19, 2014

Dear Georgi,

First and foremost, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have been doing for humanity and for all of us. I do not have the words to express my gratitude, but when you returned on writing on your website my thought was that all of humanity should thank you. As this is not to be expected, I do thank you for it.

In your absence, before and until now I have been following Jahn’s messages and channelings and it is such a relief to read the crystal clear information and statements of him and (and from you on your website) and it is of much help and very instructive for me.

But there is one thing that is puzzling me ever since my childhood and that is the following.

In your latest conversation about how the light workers failed to ascend, you mentioned that Jesus is Jesus Apollonius of Tyana. As I started to follow your website since May 2013 I did not read about it earlier. For many years now I have been reading about the bible and all the distorted writings and lies in it, because as a child I intuitively rejected parts of the bible my father was reading to us and I had a severe quarrel with him about it.

Also I have searched to find out who Jesus was, Immanuël, Yeshua, Sananda, Sananda Kumara and so on. Looking at the picture of Apollonius of Tyana it gives me the strong feeling and confirmation he is the one about whom is written in the Bible. Also the message by Jon Roberts about Apollonius of Tyana confirms this to me. So in fact the one called Jesus never existed? Then who is Sananda? Is Sananda then a totally different person? And is Sananda the same person as Sananda Kumara (not Sanat Kumara, but probably from the same family?).

And what is puzzling me also already for a long time: who is the Christ and where does he (or it) comes from? Is it a title, as I read somewhere? The symbols on Jahn’s website are very old Christ symbols from before the existence of Apollonius of Tyana, so Christ exists already for a very, very long time. Then what is the history? Christ consciousness; is Krishna from India related to Christ and if so, what is the story then?

It was also a very, very welcome revelation from Jahn that the whole story of the crucifixion of Christ was a lie, because I have been struggling with this cross for many lifetimes.

Would you be so kind to indicate where I can find additional information about this? I do not often ask questions, but this is something so profound I could not resist the temptation to ask. Most of the time I just read the information, store it in my personal “waiting room” in my mind till one day I receive the right answer. So I really hope you can help me to find more answers to this very puzzling matter.

With love,

Dear Nel,

thank you very much for your appreciation of my work and I am very happy to hear that this website has helped you better understand the current very complex times.

Now to your questions. I do not pretend to have the ultimate answers, rather these are my personal interpretations. Sananda is the name of the soul monad ( a big group of soul families), which has firmly moved to the causal worlds and has finished with the incarnation cycle a long time ago. However such monads may, from time to time, send an incarnated representative to the earth with a global mission. To my interpretation, Apollonius of Tyana was such a representative of the Sananda monad.

There were many more incarnates at that time that were linked to the Sananda monad, as is also the case now with the group of the light warriors of the first and the last hour (the PAT). By the way, many of these monads were also incarnated at the time of Apollonius, as this is the continuation of the same mission of ascending humanity.

The word “Christ” comes from Ancient Greek and it indeed goes much further in the past, before the time of Apollonius. In means simply “the anointed”, a divine person. In fact this term was introduced only later during the synod times, when the Reptilian emperor Constantine the “Small” established the Christ myth in order to adapt it to the Sun myth, which his father followed and thus to legitimize his divinity.

The book “Antiquity Unveiled”, which the grand-grand father of Jon Roberts wrote and which I and he published some time ago, deals with this issue and it is excellent and very scholarly written, with a lot of background knowledge, which is now very difficult to find. I can confirm this as I also wrote a historical survey on “Neoplatonism and Christianity”, which deals with the same time between the 1st and the 4th century a.c., when all the dogmas of Christianity were firmly established and the original teachings of Apollonius were hidden or forged.

Jesus in the bible is a composite of his life and that of one of his pupil, known as Ben Jeshua, when he established the order of the Essene in Jerusalem. This person then moved to South France with his family and followers and founded the movement of the Katharer, about whom I have also written in the past. Apollonius lived until 96 a.c. and was in his late years an adviser to several Roman emperors and visited Jerusalem one more time before or after it was destroyed, I do not remember now.

The Christed energies are an overarching term for the white Light from the Source that was brought for the first time on this planet after the fall of Atlantis by the monad Sananda. Of course other ascended masters and angelic forces have also contributed to this light as it is ubiquitous in All-That-Is. One should not stick slavishly to words, as they are a poor substitute for the actual complexity of these energies.

Now we have the gold-violet flame /energies of the Source. Carla, my dual soul, is a cochan, a bearer, of this flame now, after St. Germain has delegated this duty to her. I, myself, am bearer of the blue flame of Source’s divine will and so on. But we both are also Logos Gods of the new 4D worlds and of Gaia 5. In this respect we now have the same function as Sanat Kumara, who is a different entity from Sananda, most probably an Elohim like us and has now delegated this duty to us.

The crucifixion of Jesus did not take place on this mother planet, as no such physical entity has ever existed, but it might have taken place on parallel timelines. The story, which Jahn received from Sananda, reflects this fact, but remains very much personally bound because at that time Jahn was not aware of the multidimensionality of all events. He learnt this aspect only later on from me, when I established contact with him.

After that also the messages of Sananda changed, they widened their point of view. Hence this book should not be taken at face value, but should be interpreted in this context. The key message is that there was no crucifixion at the beginning of Christianity.This was an insidious invention of the Orion empire to derail the initial teachings of Apollonius and create a new myth that all light gestalts that incarnate on this earth should be sacrificed, killed by the Orion elite – at that time by the Pharisees and the Roman rulers -, and hence not be able to fulfill their mission to awaken humanity.

This lie was reinforced by the creation of a third personality, Saint Paul, to whom the initial epistles of Apollonius and those of Buddha, which he brought from his journey to India, were attributed. The Orion elite made St. Paul a Roman citizen, coming from the same part in Minor Asia, Kilikien, from where also Apollonius came.

We observe this trend of sacrificing old souls and spiritual teachers for the sake of humanity to this very day This pattern is very dangerous as it undermines the very foundation of all gnostic knowledge that life in the light is full of joy and a sense of immortality, as will be the case in the 5D and to some extent also in the new 4D worlds, which we have created.

This is just a quick overview of the many basic questions you have posed to me and I do not know any relevant book that will clear these questions except the two mentioned above. Also you may read Philostratus’ biography on Apollonius, which was miraculously saved from the burning down of the Alexandrian library with the aim of destroying all facts and reports regarding the life of this real person that would have questioned the validity of all Christian claims throughout the last 2000 years.

With love and light

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