Sharing.:::.3 – May, a Month of Miracles – My Bilocation to the New 4D Worlds.:::.The Era of Conscious Bilocation Has Commenced !.:::.SaLuSa and guides: Earth, Human Consciousness and a different force | samkaska

Origen: Sharing.:::.3 – May, a Month of Miracles – My Bilocation to the New 4D Worlds.:::.The Era of Conscious Bilocation Has Commenced !.:::.SaLuSa and guides: Earth, Human Consciousness and a different force | samkaska

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SaLuSa and guides: Earth, Human Consciousness and a different force 


Posted on Apr 30, 2015
by cosmicgaia
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Channeled by Laura Multi-dimensional Ocean

April 19, 2015

Hi everybody

At the moment my channeling is taking a different form. This is evolving into me receiving images and I type the description of the images. I can then zoom in some parts of the image or even of the scene evolving in front of my eyes.

Sometimes, a written message comes as well.

This is very efficient for personal readings, when someone has a question that they wish to ask. I contact the person’s guides or SaLuSa and I get a message for the person for the present situation and indications of the possible evolution.

I am trying to do this for general messages for the blog and for the planet. So I will focus on a question and relate the images that come.

Here is today’s question to SaLuSa and my personal guides. I wish to share the message with everybody.

Laura: What is the current situation with the planet on a psychic level. Where is the human consciousness heading to and are there any dangers right now for us and for the planet?

SaLuSa: We are glad that you are moving your channeling towards a different type of procedure and we are glad to help and to convey images, and words to explain further if necessary.


The Earth from space, it is surrounded by vortexes of clouds here and there. Some parts of the ocean are also taking on this spiral shape as a vortex. The planet is enveloped in this golden aura of light and love. There is a sense of a gentle movement and rotation that keeps everything alive. It is as if the Earth is rocking a child’s bed to calm the child down. She is very caring and loving, just like a loving mother. Her consciousness is in the field around the planet. She is almost looking upon herself as a detached and conscious being, independent from the physical Earth.

Her energy field is mixing with humanity’s consciousness and with every single human being’s energy field. There is this common golden of the same vibration that we all share as the human consciousness and this field is soaking into our Mother’s energetic field. Our consciousness and higher self are linked to our planet’s consciousness and higher being bodies.

The colours of our energies are rooted into the colour of our mother, we carry her vibrational frequencies, as well as her higher being energetic make up. We are all being connected to her on a much higher level than science could ever see or admit. The connection is so strong, that until one’s consciousness has reached a certain level, that person can not leave the planet for an extended period of time. Just as it is with a mother and a toddler. The toddler needs his mother’s love, and sustenance to survive. The mother and the baby are one and the same person for some time, they even shared the same body.

In the same way, humanity is linked with its’ mother Earth. Breaking the link would simply be impossible for now.

Mother Earth’s spirit and essence are an integral part of our human make up, of who we are.

We also receive the love and energy of stars, particularly of our own star. This has more to do with subtle energies and the existence of your own individuality and soul.

Those matters that science knows the existence of, but have no mass and cannot be seen are feeding our higher being bodies literally. It does the same for our Mother Earth. Energies go through her and through our human bodies, but they leave something inside of us and inside our Mother Earth.

There is also the presence of not well intended beings on the planet, but this presence is entirely separate to our energetic field and that of mother. It feels like a ruthless hunger and greed for materialism and for exploitation, no matter what cost. This consciousness has no morals, nor remorse. It is a greedy energy, selfish, and very different from the vibrations of the common human energy and of our Mother Earth.

It wishes to literally such the life and energy dry out of us and out of mother.

It is willing to and about to open vortexes into other dimensions in order to suck the planet dry even more. It feeds off human energy and feelings of fear and despair. It has been present on this level of realm for eternity; it acts like a blind force, entirely immune to the energies of love and kindness. It has been built without those attributes and it wishes to survive at all cost.

Mother has been understanding to that force also, and has attempted to nurture it and accept it as one of her own. That energetic vibration is spreading upon the planet into the human consciousness, as it sucks out love and joy from human lives. Its aim is to “convert” our human energies into becoming lifeless, obedient machine like creatures.

The battle between those two wills and consciousness is raging on, but the only way it can be won, is by using kindness and love. It is the only way. It has never been by joining it by becoming cruel and heartless.

It is now part of us, and we have to transform it and blend it with our own energies in order for ascension to take place.

Much love to the Ground Crewe teams all over the world.

SaLuSa, Laura, guides and protectors of the planet.

Channel : Multidimensional Ocean


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Breaking News: The Era of Conscious Bilocation Has Commenced !




The Elohim Confirm the Completion of the Energetic Infrastructure for Massive Conscious Bilocations and Interdimensional Travels on Gaia 5
Georgi Stankov, May 3, 2015
The Elohim have interrupted their prolonged radio silence and announced in elated mood and with great joy yesterday evening that we have completed the energetic infrastructure of etheric corridors and portals, which will allow massive conscious bilocations and ID travels within the confines of multidimensional Gaia 5 and later on intergalactically.
The conscious bilocation of young Jennifer on May 1st was a pivotal test run to evaluate the final coupling of this uppermost mother planet to the new 4D worlds and numerous 5D timelines through this network for bilocation and ID travels. The ID trip about which Jenny reported yesterday is of great significance and the HR are in great joy about this enormous breakthrough. From now on the number of such conscious bilocations will increase exponentially and we all shall participate in them.
The energetic coupling of this timeline with the new 4D and 5D worlds of Gaia 5 has been successfully completed. We have been working arduously on this project for months and this also explains why in the last several weeks the Elohim were silent. They were holding their breath during the final most vulnerable phase of this major project, in which we all participated.
Jennifer represents the evolved portion of humanity that will ascend to the new 4D worlds and to numerous 5D timelines and her conscious bilocation on May 1st to the new 4D worlds was a most important test for the energetic capability of all these advanced human beings to move to higher dimensions when the final ID shift will occur very soon.
The energetic infrastructure for bilocation and ID travels encompasses a complex network of etheric corridors, connections and junctions and much of this structure runs through the astral planes, where also the dark ones dwell. That is why they had to be flashed out from their dark recesses and are now swirling around in total chaos as they cannot bear the source light as already reported by myself today. This final step was accomplished with the opening of the full moon portal yesterday, May 2nd, which actually began much earlier.
You may remember that I mentioned about two weeks ago that we observed how huge blocks of higher-dimensional light were descending upon this reality. These were the building blocks for the bilocation infrastructure, which is now completed and ready to function.
We have been bilocating ourselves from one timeline to another more or less consciously since many months, but now we shall do it in full daily consciousness. The Elohim also confirm that all PAT dreams as reported on this website are true and valid as they reflect the tremendous work we are doing simultaneously on many timelines, some of them lower and many more belonging to the new 4D and 5D worlds.
According to the Elohim, this latest achievement is a quantum leap on our way to final Ascension, which will now occur in a very individual manner, in form of conscious bilocations and ID travels until this new way of life becomes fully embedded into the collective structure and consciousness of humanity. How this will unfold in detail is impossible to predict now, but I urge all of you to rejoice at this good news as Carla and I did yesterday evening when we learned what we have achieved from the Elohim. I will publish their message tomorrow.
And send your heartfelt congratulations to young Jennifer. She was able to perform this important  bilocation test run in order to confirm the full functionality of the system and the coupling of this uppermost mother planet to the higher expressions of Gaia only because she has established a full harmony between her body, mind and emotions without being fully involved in the LBP with its for the physical body devastating cleansing functions. She represents that portion of humanity who will very soon move in an ID shift to the new already existing 4D worlds and from there to 5D and higher. You remember how she complained at the beginning of her travel about stomach pains and how she mitigated these pains through meditation. They came from the maximal activation of her 3rd chakra which is responsible for bilocation and ID travels. There are no coincidences in these events.
The small group of ascended masters and Logos Gods, the light warriors of the first and the last hour, are not only the architects of the new infrastructure for bilocation and ID travels, but are already masters in such travels and bilocation. But from now on we shall begin to bilocate in a conscious manner at the mind level. Exciting times are ahead of us, brethren.

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May, a Month of Miracles – My Bilocation to the New 4D Worlds



by Jennifer Rott, May 2, 2015

Translated by Georgi Stankov

Dear Georgi,

For about 4 days I have abdominal pain associated with immense convulsions. But despite this pain, I decided to go on Wednesday to Frankfurt. Since I have neither a car nor a driver’s license, I have to rely on public transport. Since I love to travel by train, this does not bother me. Very often remarkable things happen when I am traveling. I see angels and other enlightened beings. Through many decrees and invocations the number of dark beings that I meet on the road has dropped significantly.
When I left our apartment, I already felt that something will happen. On the way to the train station I walk through a road that passes close to a gravel pit. In front of a bar, called “Württemberger Hof”, often frolicking shady characters. Most of them are possessed, one can see it clearly. Also prostitutes stood sometimes in front of this said bar and invite the passing-by men to their rooms. And often there is a police car in front of it.
But that night, it was about 19.00 pm, everything was peaceful and the emanation of the bar had changed. It was no longer repulsive and dark. Still not a place of light, of course. But very much nicer. Whereas a cold shiver ran down my spine, each time I passed by this bar, there was nothing this time.
When I was on the track, waiting for my train, I noticed that other people than usual were also here. Often I feel an aversion towards Offenbach and the inhabitants of this town. Quite different that night, I felt comfortable in my own skin and was hooked into my higher consciousness.
Then came my train. It was an entirely new one, as they have been since a few months ago. It is very pleasant to sit in them as they travel very quietly and silently. But you have a huge problem: the loudspeaker’s announcements. It is blabbing endlessly. An example: I get on the train at “Offenbach Market place”. The doors close with a loud beep and red warning lights on the doors. Then the first announcement comes “S1 to “Wiesbaden Central Station” next stop “Leather Museum”. Less than half a minute later you hear the announcement again: “Next stop Ledermuseum”, exit on the left in the direction of travel.” In the old suburban trains a man mumbled the name of the next stop in his microphone and that was it. Back then you had to listen carefully indeed, or know the order of stops, but at least one was not bitten in the ear by a greasy-kind voice.
Part of me was not at all pleased to travel in a new train. As I intended to close my eyes during the ride and meditate. When I got on the train, all scoreboards were switched off. There was no beeping! And no loudspeaker’s announcement! Deep satisfaction filled me at this moment. I looked briefly out of the window and then I was for the next 8 minutes in a deep meditation. I cleaned my body and treated my stomach ache.
When my train stopped in Frankfurt and I got out, I already felt a lot better. I felt huge (not great), to put it more precisely. Now I had to take a subway. But the stairway to the train tracks, where the subway leaves, was closed. Short uncertainty made its way into my head. “What do I do now? I am not particularly familiar with this place! Shit!”, it rattled in my head.
Of course, I transmuted these non-constructive thought fields immediately and simply went off without knowing where to. It was as if I was not walking myself, but as if someone else was steering me. In deep trust that my guidance knows what it does, I just let it happen. I cannot remember that I was aware of having moved my legs. Rather, I had the feeling of floating a few millimeters above the ground.
After a few minutes I came to a different entrance to the track, from which my subway departed. Just when I had climbed the last step, my train drove past me into the black tunnel and the lights disappeared. So I stood there. In five minutes, the next train would come. Then a strange thing happened. I looked at one of the large, digital billboards, hanging in front of the platform. I wanted to check the soccer results.
Then I was gone for a moment. I blacked out, but I continued standing calm. When I opened my eyes and began to see, I was standing in front of me and looked deep into my eyes. They shone jade green. In between a few golden speckles were distributed. Also, I was huge and so not human at all when compared to the other people on the platform. A huge golden aura surrounded me and I shone like I never did before.
Then I was back in my physical body and looked back at the billboards. I felt glances. Countless glances. When the dizziness subsided and I looked around, I saw that a lot of these people were staring at me rather confused, some even very impressed. Then came my train. While I sat there and looked out of the window, surrounded by green-blue light, I saw myself flying at the same time next to the railway. I could even feel the wind in my hairs! I noticed that the trees and bushes were much greener and more cheerful than last year. They radiated so much life and were happy to exist. (a typical feature of the new 4D worlds; note, George)
After my experience on the platform, I was very refreshed and even more conscious than before. Also my stomach ache had disappeared for the rest of the trip. Then nothing significant happened anymore, but this experience put me for the rest of the night in a feeling of elation.
What struck me later was that I forgot this experience until I was back home. Once there, Merlin asked me what I had experienced. “Not much,” was my answer. Even in front of the bar were again the usual dodgy people and from afar police sirens could be heard. It was as if I had dreamed it and then forgotten it.
It was only this morning (May 2, 2015) that my memory came back, as I sat in front of the laptop and read your new article. And since then I wonder how I could so easily forget such a dramatic experience ?! It was like a vision as the memories just came up again and it was like a movie in my head. I was wondering if this has really happened here, or on a different timeline. My Higher Self confirmed to me that it happened exactly so.
Now that I can remember it again, this high feeling comes back again and puts each of my cells under high voltage. All the cells move upward. They want to ascend! And they know that it’s almost time.
It is not the first time that something similar happens to me and I then immediately forget it and it comes back only after a few days. However, I do not understand quite why I was able to forget about it so quickly and it felt as if nothing had ever happened. When I arrived home that night, it felt as if nothing happened. As if I had just been sitting on the train and were there.
I send you a lot of light and love.
Dear Jenny,
this is a mirac(le)-ulous and unique experience, which heralds the arrival of the age of miracles. You have visited one of the new 4D worlds and could freely bilocate, as I have described it in my discussion with Kathleen. It was necessary that you had temporarily forgotten this experience, so that you could adjust yourself back to the old reality without great difficulty after this ID excursion, a kind of defense mechanism.
It’s a pity though that you did not ask the people at the platform what they had actually seen, when you had seen yourself to be very big and they had stared at you in awe.
I’ll publish your story today and then translate it. It is awesome and just at the onset of this month, which promises so much. I thank you that you have shared this story with us.
Hello again,
Thank you very much for your answer, and I absolutely agree with you. I have deplored myself in retrospect, not to have asked the people around what they saw. But I was very busy at this moment with me. For a few minutes I was extremely disoriented and no longer knew exactly why I was actually travelling. I had the feeling that my body was assembled differently after this OBE (out-of-body-experience). At first I was a little confused, but then I noticed that my body felt much better than before this ID-trip.
Nevertheless, I have not completely missed what the people around me started to think and feel. Many sent a wave of respect and benevolence. Some seemed to be very pleased with the spectacle. They even smiled at me! That does not happen very often to me. Only for a very few persons this was –  obviously – too much and they disappeared in all directions. They have literally fled away. A wonderful sign that now the last dark entities will disappear from this uppermost mother planet.
I am happy to be able to share this event with you!
In Love

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Symbyosis: Sharing.:::.Seventh Chakra and Conclusion of Blog-a-Thon – SaLuSa – Energy Fluctuations – Mood Swings on Planet Earth

Origen: Symbyosis: Sharing.:::.Seventh Chakra and Conclusion of Blog-a-Thon – SaLuSa – Energy Fluctuations – Mood Swings on Planet Earth

sábado, 20 de junio de 2015

Sharing.:::.Seventh Chakra and Conclusion of Blog-a-Thon – SaLuSa – Energy Fluctuations – Mood Swings on Planet Earth

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Friday, June 19, 2015

Seventh Chakra and Conclusion of Blog-a-Thon


Welcome to our Becoming ONE-People and Planet “Blog-a-thon!”

Today, we will present the information about our Seventh Chakra
and tomorrow we will hear from Gaia and Her Seventh Chakra



LOCATION: The location of the seventh chakra, also known as the crown chakra, is at the crown of the head, the location of our “soft spot” as an infant.

PETALS: The crown chakra is known as the Thousand Petal Lotus. When it is clear and open, it is our own personal Stargate, or vortex, into the higher dimensions.

NOTES AND MANTRA: The musical note for this chakra is B and the Mantra is “aum” or “ee” as in bee.

COLOR: The color for the seventh chakra is violet. Red, which is the lowest color on our physical perceptual light spectrum, and just above infrared light, rules the root chakra. Conversely, violet, the highest color on our physical perceptual light spectrum, and just below ultra-violet light, rules the Crown Chakra.

RULES: The crown chakra rules the cerebrum, top of head, entire brain, and nervous system. It is also said to rule the right eye. In Egyptian mythology, the opened Third Eye is called the Eye of Horus. The physical left eye rules the Moon and the feminine, manifest physical world, and the right eye rules the masculine, un-manifest spiritual world. Therefore, the Right Eye of Horus brings the Spirit down into matter and then feeds that Spirit into the Left Eye of Horus. In this manner, the Third Eye remains open, grounded in the physical world, and fully perceptive.

The more we “download” our higher dimensional powers into our physical body, the more it is essential that we are centered and grounded. If we plug in a small fan we do not need a third prong. However, if we are plugging in a powerful air conditioner we must have that third, grounding, prong or we can burn out the electrical system of our house. It is the same with our Soul’s house—our physical earth vessels—we must remain grounded or we can burn out the electrical system (the nervous system) of our physical body.

The crown chakra rules, not only our brain’s control of our entire nervous system, but also our Higher Self’s control of our entire physical incarnation. Once our crown chakra is open, we can become aware of our true “brain” (control mechanism) that exists beyond the limitations of the third and fourth dimensions. Our ability to perceive our physical life from that higher perspective allows us to gain access to our multidimensional consciousness. While in that multidimensional state, we have the ability to see the myriad forms of our existence in the many different planes and realities.

The crown chakra governs Cosmic Consciousness that is our connection to spiritual wisdom, aspirations, and knowledge of the Truth. From this perspective, we see ourselves as a spark of consciousness creating all and, paradoxically, “Being” ALL. From our Cosmic Consciousness, we are the dreamer dreaming a dream and realizing that all that is perceived is an extension of our SELF.

Just as the root chakra represents our connection to Divine Mother or Mother Earth, the crown chakra represents our relations with our Divine Father or Father Sky. Father Sky and Mother Earth join together, Spirit into Matter, to create their Child of Love—consciousness in a physical form. Mother Earth in our first chakra grounds our power and sends it up from the earth to join Father Sky in our seventh chakra. This rising Kundalini connects us with the energy that comes from the higher dimensions while it gives us the power, and responsibility, to, in turn, ground that energy in the physical plane.

Our relationship with our mothers is associated with our first chakra. If our bonding with our mother was not sufficient for our needs, we often feel cut off from our roots, and from our very physical life, and our attitudes toward home, security, and money are negatively influenced. Conversely, our relationship with our human fathers is associated with our seventh chakra. Since the crown chakra represents our unity with all life, we feel a sense of isolation from “God” and humanity if our bonding with our father is insufficient.

SENSE: Our multidimensional and extrasensory senses are ruled by the seventh chakra. Once this chakra is opened, our sense of empathy and unity expands. When we raise our consciousness, we experience another person, place or object as if we are inside of them or as if we are “being” them.

It is important, then, that we remember that with this power comes responsibility. We should activate these senses only to provide help or healing—NEVER for mere curiosity or with any malicious intent. Compassion is the main sense that develops as our crown chakra opens. We have two kinds of compassion: Crown Compassion, which is more about perception and communication, and Heart Compassion, which is more about emotions and empathy.

ASTROLOGICAL SIGN: The signs of Capricorn and Pisces rule this chakra; Capricorn rules inner viewing, concentration and the essential perception of matter by Divine Light, and Pisces rules dissolution of limits, devotion, and Oneness with ALL THAT IS.

ELEMENT: The element of this chakra is the Cosmic Energy, which is often experienced as an inner light emanating from the deepest part of our being. This Cosmic Energy, which rules the higher kingdoms and stems from the Source, feels like an ultimate intelligence and a sense of all knowing. When our crown chakra opens we can also experience the complete isolation and blackness of the Great Void.

This Void, which resonates just below the fifth dimension, represents the raw potential for all that can, or will be. The total darkness is representative of the center of a seed before it opens into the light of manifestation. when we can perceive from our crown chakra, we can identify both extremes of all polarities.

The opening of the crown chakra expands our perception into the fifth dimension where there are NO polarities. Therefore, there are many paradoxes associated with this chakra as it represents the “end of all paradox”. As we travel through the higher dimensions, it is important that we release all judgments associated with the polarities of light and dark. We must instead consult our own inner knowing and higher consciousness to navigate us through our inner worlds. Eventually, we will all be aware of our fifth dimensional selves; they know no judgment and hold no fear. For what is judgment, if not a form of fear?

CONSCIOUSNESS: Since our crown chakra represents our multidimensional consciousness, as we open this chakra our reality will no longer be limited to the third and fourth dimension. When our brow chakra, the sixth chakra, opens we begin to travel into the higher sub planes of the fourth dimension. With the opening of our seventh chakra, and the subsequent activation of our Third Eye, our consciousness can now enter the fifth dimension. It is then that the many realities around and within us gradually become consciously apparent to us.

The process of our awakening begins with expanding the consciousness of our physical selves and working to clear our etheric bodies. Then the astral, the mental, the causal and the spiritual I AM consciousness can align themselves in preparation to ascend into the fifth dimension. Until we reach the fifth dimension we can “work” towards enlightenment, but from the fifth dimension on, we must simply “BE”. “Doing” is not important then; consciousness alone is important. And finally, in the sixth and seventh dimensions even consciousness is not important as there is only the “Isness”, the “Nowness” and the “Hereness.”

To experience the worlds beyond the lower fifth dimension, we must release ALL desire, even for “good” or “right,” for there is no polarity. Therefore, there is no good or bad, right or wrong. To travel the higher dimensions, an empty mind is needed, a mind that is not longing for anything, not waiting for anything, even Truth or enlightenment. This “empty mind” just IS. It is without longing, without desire, and without wish. Then, suddenly, you are there, and even the cosmos is gone.

PERSONAL TIME LINE: The crown chakra represents the stage in our life when we are SELF-realized. We no longer need the polarities of male or female, human or divine. We understand that this physical reality is but one small segment of our total SELF, and we realize that we chose to incarnate during this space and time to fulfill our Mission, our reason for embodiment.

Riches and adulation from others is no longer a driving force because we know that completion of our mission may or may not be recognized on the physical plane. We also know that when we stay attuned to our inner guidance, our ego’s needs and fears will be balanced with love, and all will be revealed to us within the proper Time.

This detachment does not mean that we are disassociated from our human self. So long as we wear a physical form, there is a portion of us that remains limited to the rules of the third dimension and separated from our total SELF. However, when the crown chakra is open and our Third Eye is functioning, we can view our reality from the perspective of our Higher Self. Then we can give our often struggling human self the unconditional love, acceptance and forgiveness that is ALWAYS needed and deserved.

In this stage of our life, we realize that the third dimension is a hologram of our own illusions set forth so that we can learn and grow. We are aware that the third dimension is now collapsing into the fourth and then the fifth dimension and we are active in the facilitation of this process. In fact, it is likely that we are now in the fourth dimension.

How this changes our experience of “life” is for each of us to discover and, hopefully, share with others. As we each awaken, it is our responsibility to assist in awakening others in the manner that our Soul directs. In this way, the planetary ascension can proceed. We are all One, and every time we help another we help ourselves. Paradoxically, every time we help ourselves, we help others.

SOCIAL TIME LINE: When enough of our Earth’s population opens their crown chakra and activates their Third Eye, Earth’s collective consciousness will reach the fifth dimension. We then will become a Galactic Civilization with full awareness of the life forms on other dimensions, planets, and worlds. We will no longer need to wage war against each other, as we will realize that we are the United Peoples of Earth. We are one family, not only on our planet, but also in our solar system, our galaxy, and beyond.

From this state of consciousness, we no longer need to worship any beings that we consider “higher” than us, because we understand that we, too, have a “higher” portion of our own being that we can constantly, consciously access. Therefore instead of worship we commune and communicate.

ENDOCRINE GLAND: The crown chakra is ruled by the pineal gland. The pineal gland has photoreceptor cells, which regulate the secretion of the hormone melatonin. Melatonin regulates our circadian body rhythms, which are our rhythms of waking and sleeping, or consciousness in our outside world and consciousness in our inside world. The pineal gland is also the primary link between our Soul and our brain. It is, therefore, our gateway to multidimensional awareness.

Science and metaphysics agree that the pineal gland functions as a regulator of light and that it also plays a role in our reproductive cycle. Scientific research suggests that the pineal gland may function in converting neural information about light conditions into hormonal output. In other words, when there is less light, the pineal gland produces more melatonin, and when there is more light, it produces less melatonin.

This keeps us awake and functioning in the daylight and facilitates our sleep at night. The pineal gland also plays a significant role in sexual maturation as there is an abundance of melatonin in young children, which is believed to inhibit sexual development. The pineal gland shrinks as we enter our early teens and puberty begins.

Metaphysics teaches us that the pineal gland transduces Cosmic Light down from our fourth dimensional bodies into our physical vessel so that we can “download” it into our third dimensional consciousness. The pineal gland rules our biorhythms of feeling high/light and feeling low/dark.

Because we live in the “land of polarities, the crown chakra and its pineal gland is needed to blend the darkness of the Great Void with the Cosmic Light in order to integrate the entire spectrum of the constantly streaming, higher dimensions into our physical reality. Once the pineal gland has “downloaded” this energy, our pituitary gland can instruct the other endocrine glands to assist us in raising the vibrational patterns of our physical form.

NERVE PLEXUS: The crown chakra connects us to our Unity Consciousness. Therefore, this chakra rules our brain and entire nervous system.

CLEAR: When this chakra is clear we can receive cosmic energy to initiate the development of our Galactic Consciousness. In this state of consciousness we can perceive the Cosmic Love and the All-Knowing of our fifth dimensional SELF. This re-awakens our ability to perceive the patterns of cause and effect, as well, and the light matrixes that create the illusions of our holographic physical reality. This skill, however, is usually not remembered until we are able to release at least 51% of our programmed core beliefs in limitation and separation. The Path to Illumination is paved with patience, so we must be patient with ourselves regarding this issue.

Most of us have worn physical bodies thousands of times over millennia of time. Fortunately, with an opened crown chakra we can again access a sense of well-being, unity with all life, open mindedness and faith in ourselves and in our higher directives. We then can gain enough peace of mind to listen to our Higher Self more and more frequently. It is our own Higher Self that will assist us in re-programming our minds to the daily acceptance and integration of our own divinity. When we change our selves, our relationships with others change as well.

When two people with clear crown chakras mix their energies, a soft golden light fills their auras as both people experience a deep sense of unity and communion. The three upper chakras of both people join in the communion/communication as the transference of wisdom is carried from third eye to third eye. This mutual communication is understood via the throat chakras and their heart chakras. This mutual language of love communicates in an empathic, telepathic manner.

UNCLEAR: Depression, a feeling of confinement, closed-mindedness, intense worry, and anxiety, cerebral tumors, cranial pressure, headaches and migraines, mental disorders, scalp problems, and sleep disorders can result from an unclear seventh chakra. There can also be a fear of religion or spirituality, frustration and unrealized power, little joy in life, fearfulness of things that cannot be understood with the physical senses, and even schizophrenia.

When someone’s crown chakra is blocked, a very unpleasant muddy, dark curry color taints their crown chakra and their entire aura. When communicating with them, we may experience a tingling and prickling sensation in our crown, and we may feel a warning that psychic protection is needed. When two people communicate whose crown chakras are unclear, many misconceptions and misunderstandings are common. Their exchange may become adversarial with no evident means of understanding or effective communication.

EARTH CHAKRA: The seventh chakra of earth is said to be Mt. Fuji in Japan. Just as the crown chakra rules both the sense of isolation and unity, Japan was isolated for many years while the society was unified within itself. Mt. Fuji, or Fujiyama (yama means “mountain” in Japanese) has provided a spiritual basis for Japan since ancient times and pious people endured hardships for days in their quests to climb this sacred mountain. This mountain is a 12,380 foot high dormant volcano which is world-renown for its symmetry and serenity.

Mt. Fuji, as does the crown chakra, welcomes each new season in a beautiful and dramatic way. In spring, cherry blossoms burst into bloom at the foot of the mountain, followed by the flowering vermilion azaleas, which announce the coming of summer, and by July, the Alpine Roses start to bloom. By late August, summer is over and the Fire Festivals of Fujiyoshida celebrate the coming of winter and the end of all treks to Mt. Fuji’s peak.

DIMENSION: All Dimensions are ruled by this chakra, as it represents our full multidimensional consciousness.

SUMMARY: Just as many have climbed our personal Fujiyama to reach the peak, the opening of the crown chakra represents the culmination of Kundalini’s journey from our Root to the thousand-petal lotus in our Crown. This journey represents the completion of one world and the commencement of a new one. That world, of course, was always there, but we have forgotten it. We forgot where we came from, and we forgot the great glory and complexity of our true SELF.

The opening of the crown chakra represents the termination of our ability to live as a victim to the illusions of our physical life. Yes, we are still human. We still live within our corporeal body and are, therefore, subject to fall into the dramas of our separate, limited self. However, we are no longer live in it.

We have kissed the ONE and we are left with our Divine Discontent fully activated. This “discontent” is like a homing beam that pulls us in the direction of our core energy frequencies. Now our Homes in the stars, in other galaxies, and in other dimensions, call us continuously and implore us to return. That is, to return and yet stay; return Home in our awareness and in our consciousness, yet stay in the third dimension where we are actively living our Mission.

Now that we remember who we are, we are beginning to remember why we came here. There is one Mission that we all have in common, that is the mission to ground the vibrations of our Homes in the higher dimensions into our daily lives. Each dimension has a different resonant frequency. Resonant frequency is the base line frequency or center frequency. Within each dimension or personal consciousness there is a resonant or primary frequency, or vibratory rate. This frequency is higher on days when we are filled with love and lower on days when we are filled with fear. In other words, our third dimensional self will fluctuate in frequency from “survival” to “peak experience”.

Our personal resonant frequency, or frequency signature, is often determined and/or measured by our brainwaves. (Brainwaves are covered in length in the Physical Body Door of the Conscious Section under “States of Consciousness.”) Opening the crown chakra allows us to access our Delta waves while we are still somewhat aware of our physical body. These brainwaves are the “homing beam” that allows us to access our SELVES existing on other stars, galaxies and dimensions.

Once we access these portions of our total SELF, we can develop a relationship with them. These higher SELVES permit us to see our world from their perspective. To perceive the separation and limitation of the physical world from a portion of our SELF that lives beyond just illusion is the beginning of our Galactic Consciousness.

As we communicate more with these higher dimensional portions of our SELF, the veil between the words begins to thin, and our perspective of all life is raised above the third dimension. That is how we become aware of the causes of our problems that have stemmed not from this life’s childhood but from other third and fourth dimensional lives (often known as “past lives”), as well as other parallel realities. Fortunately, by this time we can also access our SELF to assist us in understanding and integrating this multidimensional information.

Our connection to our greater SELF, our Soul, gives us the support and courage to consciously remember the root life in which we first experienced the fear that has echoes through many other lifetimes. This “first time” that we had an extreme negative experience often creates an engram, which is like scar tissue in our Soul. This engram programs our Soul to recreate that experience over and over until it is resolved. Once we have journeyed in our consciousness into the realities in which these patterns first began, we can call upon our Higher Self to balance that pain and fear with Unconditional Love.

Our Soul has recreated these situations in life after life so that we can gain mastery over these emotions and situations. Once love has balanced fear our resonant frequency can rise through out ALL our lives in all dimensions, times, and locations. We receive our connection to this Unconditional Love, on a daily basis, once our High Heart is opened. Our physical heart resonates to the color green.

This portion of our heart chakra rules our human love. Human love can be courageous and selfless, or fearful and selfish. On the other hand, our High Heart resonates to unconditional love and compassion. Our High Heart is located just above and in front of our physical heart in our fourth dimensional etheric body. Our High Heart resonates to the color pink.

Unconditional love is based on compassion. With this compassion, we can unconditionally love, unconditionally accept and unconditionally forgive all life. All of us, no matter how spiritual or self-realized, have difficult times in our physical lives. It is in these times that we are challenged to accept the unconditional love and compassion of our Higher Selves into our physical awareness so that we may receive its love and comfort. We have been trained that it is divine to suffer. Now we must rewrite that limitation to the truth, which is that we no longer need to suffer because we ARE divine.

It is our open crown chakra that initiates this process of “releasing suffering.” The crown chakra is the center of paradox—light and dark, known and unknown. The great love of the Cosmic Light brings us Unconditional Love and the great darkness of the unknown can bring Enormous Fear. From standing in the absolute center between light and dark, known and unknown, in the center of the open thousand-petal lotus, we can see that they all are merely different extremes in the illusion of physical life.

From the perspective of our opened crown chakra, we are in constant contact with the assistance and understanding of our fifth dimensional selves. Therefore, they can give us understanding, love and compassion to assist us when we become fearful or confused. With their assistance we are able to see the big picture that allows us to remember that we chose to enter our physical life to fulfill a Mission. We will still feel the emotions of fear, anger and sorrow because we are wearing our earth vessel. However, even if no one in our physical reality can help, we can ALWAYS receive what we need to complete our initiation from our own inner guidance.

Multidimensional healing is the process of finding the original cause of all our “life issues”. We have been reliving these issues over and over, in this life and in other lives. These core beliefs in separation and limitation have keep us asleep and battling the worlds around us as well as within in. When we can heal these issues at the core, that is the first life in which they were experienced, we can change many of our realities at the same time.

Once the first experience is healed, then the patterns that have resonated through out many other lives can easily been seen. When we can consciously perceive the patterns of our behavior, then we can begin to “catch our selves in the act” so that we can change. However, even though these patterns will diminish, they will not completely leave because it is these issues that are tied to our Mission. The issues that we have worked on life after life are the core of our service to others, to the planet and to our Higher Self.

It is through healing ourselves that we can learn to heal others. Once we have faced our Dark Side, our fear greatly diminishes. After all, is it not the “enemy within” that causes the greatest threat? This release from fear gives us greater courage to continue our own personal healing and to assist in the healing of others and our planet. We all chose to come here from the higher dimensions to assist in this great time of transformation. Just as we have had lives where we “fell into the darkness”, we have also had lives in which we were Spiritual Initiations. Upon the completion of these spiritual lives we consciously returned Home to a higher dimension.

Through connection, communication, and deep understanding of these “Initiate lives” we can access and remember the innate power that we were born with. These powerful lives will also introduce us to our higher-dimensional, intergalactic selves. Every time that we interact with these higher portions of ourselves we download a bit of their frequency rate. For example, if we have a bowl of ice (our densest physical self) and we subject it to steam (our highest, formless self), the ice will turn to water, which is the pure essence of both the ice and the steam and the midpoint between the two.

In other words, the two polarities working against each other will move us into the center point, the fulcrum point, and the point of balance. This center point is the point of power because it is the point from which we can see both sides. Being able to see both sides, both extremes, allows the detachment that creates compassion. Compassion opens us up to our higher worlds because it frees us from the dramas of our physical self. Compassion lifts us out of the third dimensional matrix and into our multidimensional perspective. Then we can view the third and fourth dimensional polarities around us without getting stuck in them. We are then “in the world, but not of it”.

From this center point, we are free to experience the worlds below us (the ice) and the worlds above us (the steam) while we remain in the center (the water). The center point is the flow, the point of surrender—surrender to our Soul. This is the place without emotional charge, negative or positive, that loosens us from the constraints of our old beliefs in separation and limitation. From this place we can fall into the flow, surrender to the NOW, unite with the Oneness, and allow our Soul to become the Captain of our Earth Vessel.

The more individuals who are able to hold this center point, the more we all will experience the paradigm shift out of materialism into spirituality, out of limitation and separation, and into the Oness, Hereness, and Nowness of our true nature. Each time any one of us communes with our Higher Self and downloads our higher dimensional resonance into our physical bodies, we contribute not only to our personal ascension but to the planetary ascension as well.

TOGETHER we will each discover our own personal puzzle piece, and then connect it to the whole. Then, as a planet, and as a species, we can create Heaven on Earth.




I am Gaia, returned to be your guide as you merge the spiritual essence of your personal Seventh Chakra with the spiritual essence of my planetary Seventh Chakra. When we united our Sixth Chakras, we united your Personal Consciousness with my Planetary and Galactic Consciousness.

Now, as we blend our Seventh Chakras, we will expand into Galactic and Cosmic Consciousness. Hence, you will not only be united with the consciousness of your Planet, but with the consciousness of your Galaxy and the consciousness of the Cosmic Universe, as well. Your physical body, which was once imagined to be the earth vessel of your self, is now revealed as the 3D grounding point of your Multidimensional SELF.

The Seventh Chakra is a masculine/outflow chakra that functions in an androgynous fashion. It is from your opened Crown Chakra that you extend your antenna up, into the higher dimensions, for the reception of the Light Messages from your Multidimensional SELF in other planets, galaxies and dimensions.

Mt. Fuji, Japan is my Crown Chakra, and the area of my body from which I extend my antenna. Mt. Fuji is my “time keeper,” but instead of the passage of hours, it measures the passing of seasons, cycles and eras. The era of our separation into polarized, third dimensional forms is ending.

Our “return to SELF” is initiated with the Mystical Marriage, which occurs as our Kundalini completes her journey into our Crown. Masculine and feminine are then united into our true, androgynous Lightbody.

I, Gaia, shall then become a Star, and you my people, shall become the Planet. When the polarities are removed, the illusions of separation and limitation, such as male/female, spirit/matter, light/dark, and love/hate, blend into “LIFE expressed as form.” It is then that my form will change greatly, as will the forms of all my inhabitants.

However, some of you may wish to continue with the 3D Game, which is your prerogative, and you will be re-located to another 3D environment. I firmly believed that most of you who receive this message will happily and willingly release the personal strife of the third dimension, and choose to return to the experiences of your multidimensional SELF in the fifth dimension and far, far, beyond. Our Crown Chakra is the area of our body that has always been detached from third dimensional strife. This chakra is the Light Bringer, just as my dear Mt. Fuji has always has been a spiritual center and beacon of Light.

The Seventh Chakra is the “spaceport” for my Planetary Merkaba and your Personal Merkaba, which are soon to be merged into an Interdimensional Chariot. Our “Chariot” is preparing for take-off. However, before we can “take-off,” we must “take-in” the fifth dimension and beyond. For, in actuality, there is no leaving or coming; there is only “rising” in frequency of vibration.


The opening of the Crown Chakra represents the termination of your desire to live as a victim to the illusions of your physical life. Yes, you still look human, but you are no longer limited by it. Your Crown Chakra is ruled by your pineal gland, which allows you to take in higher dimensional Light. Through downloading this Light, you have expanded your consciousness beyond the confines of being human, or even of being a planet.

Your Home is now in the stars, galaxies and higher dimensions. Now that you have remembered who you are, you are beginning to remember the Mission you chose before you came here for this lifetime. There is one Mission that you all have in common, which is the mission to ground the vibrations of your higher dimensional Homes into your daily lives.

You each have many fragments of your total SELF that resonate to the frequencies of the fifth dimension and beyond. Each of these fragments has a different base frequency and a corresponding higher dimensional Home. Now that you have integrated your Soul/SELF, more and more of your higher dimensional aspects of SELF will communicate with you, and even “download” their Essence into your “present human experience.”

The veils between the worlds will then become increasingly thin, and your perspective of reality will change greatly. Fortunately, your Detached Compassion will then be more accessible, as you will more deeply understand that each one must find his or her own Path and follow it from inside their SELF. You will no longer need to heal or save “others,” as you realize that there are no “others.” You are all One. Within the Oneness is only Compassion, for you are not only ONE with each other, you are also ONE with Spirit.

Your expansion into SELF also allows you direct access to the holographic control center in the sixth dimension. This sixth dimensional perspective further amplifies your Detached Compassion, as you can see the Big Picture for 3D “problems” and realize that each person’s Soul/SELF has chosen problems that best serve to awaken their Grounded One.

You will then realize that it is not your job to interfere with other people’s choices. If someone desires you to assist or heal them, you do so as naturally as you would say hello, but you give your services without the NEED for appreciation, or gratitude. You DO what you do because you ARE who you are; and you are—your SELF.

The third dimension has always been based on “learning through conflict.” However, with an opened Crown, that premise becomes obsolete, as you no longer need to learn; you need only to remember what your SELF has always “KNOWN.” Learning is then replaced by Being the Unconditional Love and Detached Compassion. This “Beingness” assists you in remaining detached from the dramas of the 3D Game.

As you have learned from your many Earthly incarnations, 3D dramas have a strong addictive quality. As you totally blend your Essence with mine, you will more easily be able to remain detached from these dramas. I, Gaia, have had to remain detached so that I could keep my balance and remain in my orbit. There was a time when I almost lost my planetary balance. In order to “stay the course” for the remainder of our planetary experience, I had to call for more Light from my Solar and Galactic family.

Many of you are the Light Beings who answered that call. I wish to thank you again, and let you know that your “tour of duty” is coming to an end. Soon you will be able to return to your Homeworld, but first I need you to complete your final mission, as I know you will! Join with me now, dear Beings of Light, as we merge our personal and planetary chakras.


One last time, journey into my core, in fact, OUR core. Feel your consciousness expanding beyond the limitations of your physical form, and even beyond the limits of our planet, to embrace the entire Galaxy. You have now expanded your mind to embrace, not only Planetary Consciousness, but Galactic Consciousness as well. Feel yourself in the center of our Galaxy. YOU are our Great Central Sun, Alcyone, of the Pleiades. Feel your “Seven Sisters” in your constellation. Yes, a Sun can also feel feminine!

Off to the edges of your Galaxy is a small Solar System. Take a long moment to extend your mind into this Solar System. You find the third planet from the sun, Earth, and project your Essence into it. You are that planet now. You are Earth. Feel our body pull you HOME, Home to Earth, the planet of your Soul, as you repeat with me:

“I AM the planet EARTH, from the depths of my core to the top of my atmosphere.

My mountains lay heavily on my body, and my wind rushes across my vast planes.

I feel my long grass being trodden upon and eaten by my hoofed ones and sense the disturbance of air as my various winged inhabitants fly through my skies.

My waters pitch and roll as the life within them searches for food, adventure and procreation.

My cities are vast centers of differing polarities, whereas my wilderness lives in the Unity of Nature.

I KNOW each creature walking, swimming, and flying through my countries and cities alike.
All around and within me, my many creatures and life forms are born, live, procreate, and die.

Time has no meaning to me as I AM only NOW.
My many plants decorate and nourish my surface and my crystal world forms the foundation of my land.
From the smallest pebble, to the largest mountain
From the first drop of rain, to the raging ocean
From a tiny sprout, to my largest forest
From a candle’s flame, to an erupting volcano

I AM there, and I AM here, for I AM NOW.
I AM Gaia,
I AM Earth.”

Now, dear Beings of my SELF, FEEL OUR Crown at Mt. Fuji, Japan.

Feel OUR mountain heavy upon the earth as WE unite OUR minds and thoughts with the Father-God and OUR hearts and emotions with the Mother-Goddess.

WE are NOW a conduit, a step-down transformer, of Spirit into Matter.

We are a great mountain with the Power of Father Sky, the Wisdom of Mother Earth, and the Love that united them in Mystical Marriage to create their Divine Child—humanity.

We are opened to receive our Highest Expressions of SELF.

WE Feel OUR Third Eye in the Himalayan Mountain Range, Tibet.
With our opened Third Eye we see ALL life through the Eyes of Soul.

WE Feel OUR Throat at Mt. Shasta, California.
We speak only the TRUTH and create only from our Highest SELF.

WE Feel OUR Heart in the Haleakala Crater, Maui.
We Love ourselves, so that we can Love ALL life.

WE Feel OUR Solar Plexus at Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa.
We feel our Power Within and project it into our transforming world.

WE Feel OUR Navel in the Amazon Jungle, Brazil.
We carry our New Earth in our hearts and minds.

so that we can give birth to it TOGETHER.
WE Feel OUR Root at Mt. Sinai, Middle East.

We ground our highest vibration into the core of OUR planet
to create a firm foundation for our expanding reality.
WE are the planet!

Thank you, dear people.
Thank you from the core of OUR body
to the tip of OUR tallest peak.

I AM Gaia. And, thanks to you,
I AM/WE ARE ascending.


As a result of our process, many multidimensional memories and stories may be flooding our consciousness. Are these really stories from beings on different planets, galaxies and dimensions, or are they just our imagination? Most important, is there a difference between memory and imagination?

If we really are creating our own reality, then a reality that is limited to third-dimensional Earth is merely our choice of creation. What if we, the creators of our reality, were able to imagine a reality in which we were NOT limited to the third dimension?

What if WE, the creators of our realty, were able to go into the memory of our fully integrated Multidimensional SELF? Could we then recover long forgotten memories of other realities that are beyond the confines of this particular dimension, time, and space?

Could we trust our “imagination” enough to let go of the restraints of limiting our consciousness to only one reality, one expression of our total SELF?

When our consciousness is restricted to the third dimension, we cannot heal Gaia’s planet, because it is that 3D state of consciousness that created the situation that OUR planet, and ALL her creatures, are now experiencing.

The industrial world is the result of humanity’s deepest journey into our left-brain’s analytical, sequential abilities. These abilities have taught us absolute separation into the individual consciousness of our “modern” world.

Our expanded perceptions of telepathy, precognition, telekinesis, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, which result from the whole brain thinking of merging our right and left hemispheres, has been filtered out of our individual, third-dimensional consciousness.

Furthermore, with our accentuation on only half our brain’s innate capacity, we have fallen into black and white thinking. The absolutes of black and white thinking are based on the very polarity that created the third-dimensional world.

It is no longer our quest to find the total individuation from other humans, nature, our planet, and even from our true multidimensional SELF. We have experienced an adventure in separation from our innate multidimensional abilities.

However, much like an entertainer who may wish to focus only dancing until that skill feels perfected, then only singing until that skill feels perfected, we have disallowed ourselves the use our full abilities.

Much worse, we have hidden our expanded abilities under our “shame of being different.” However, the dress rehearsal for our life’s performance is over, and the final act has begun.

In order to face the ensuing challenges that loom directly ahead, we must throw off the illusion of shame to fully embrace our SELF and pull together ALL that our Soul/SELF has ever experienced on any dimension, planet, or galaxy.

We must allow our imagination to embrace and project the illumination of our journey into the ONE.

We have learned to expand our consciousness to cosmic consciousness by opening our Third Eye and moving through its multidimensional portal. Can we trust the adventures we have had on these journeys?

The multidimensional light of the ONE basks our Crown Chakra and radiates out into our physical reality via our opened Third Eye. Simultaneously, Gaia constantly shares Her emanations up from the core of her planetary heart, through the highway created by our rising Kundalini and into our personal heart.

Through allowing the rise of the Kundalini to assist in the integration of our Soul/SELF into each of our chakras, we have also opened our High Heart and merged it with our Heart Chakra to complete the awakening of our planetary consciousness.

With our planetary consciousness, we have initiated our innate ability to be at ONE with all creatures and matter that contribute to our group experience of being ONE with our planet.

As the unconditional love of our expanded Heart Chakra combines with our opened Third Eye, the immense creativity of our Throat Chakra bursts forth into our reality—the reality that we are NOW creating.

Our blossoming creativity chafes at the many rules of limitation that feel like tethers which bind our hands, feet, heart and mind. If we are to BE our SELF, we must break free of our limiting cocoon like the beautiful butterfly that we are.

WE are commencing our process of transformation from small, limited caterpillars that only know the leaf on which they crawl to regal monarch butterflies that can travel great distances on wings as fragile as lace.

It is now time to break through the confines of our self-made cocoon. We made our cocoons in an effort to “fit in” to a reality based on forgetfulness of our true SELF. But, NOW, we have remembered, and none too soon.

The pivotal moment is commencing for the planet that we have turned into a thing with the individuality that we have so cherished. Those of us who have awakened to our full SELF are ready to take our place in this drama of planetary transformation so that we can fulfill our Soul’s Purpose.

Because we have integrated our Soul/SELF into our earth vessel, we can hear the voice of our Multidimensional SELF constantly encouraging and guiding us. All we need do is surrender to our SELF, for it is through living in surrender that we can totally free our self from the illusions of mundane life.

What if we found the courage to “come out” as our Multidimensional SELF?
What if we balanced our intellect with our instincts?
What if we were openly
and clairsentient?

What if we stopped hiding our light and allowed our illuminated essence to proudly and honestly emanate through our fully integrated Multidimensional SELF?

As we continually ground our Multidimensional SELF into Gaia’s Earth we become
“The Collective Consciousness of Earth.”

THEN we are ONE with Gaia and Gaia is ONE with us.

When we expand our consciousness to embrace Earth:
Our individual consciousness becomes Planetary Consciousness.

When we expand our consciousness to embrace our Solar System:
Our Planetary Consciousness becomes Solar Consciousness.

When we expand our consciousness to embrace our Galaxy:
Our Solar Consciousness becomes Galactic Consciousness.

Then when we expand our consciousness to embrace our Universe:
Our Galactic Consciousness becomes our Universal Consciousness.

Within our extended consciousness, our whole brain thinking, and our expanded perceptions lies the ability to fulfill our Divine Ideal and to contribute to the transforming planetary reality.

Together as ONE, people and planet, we can create a planet of peace and love!

What is our personal Mission? How will we fulfill it?
To find that answer, we must go inside our SELF…

Blessings to you ALL

Saturday, June 20, 2015, at 11 AM Pacific (Local Time)

How will YOU celebrate the energies of the upcoming summer solstice?
Join us as we fully merge with GAIA and flow along the River of Unity.

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Solara An-Ra ~ Energy Fluctuations & Mood Swings on Planet Earth: 2015






Let us explain.

 At the time of the collapse of Atlantis intense sound experiments by the dark forces caused energy smog in the lower atmosphere of the planet, which compromised the people’s ability to connect with Source and their Higher Selves.
 This was achieved through the seeding of negative thought forms into the ethers; thought forms based on separation consciousness; thought forms based on FEAR. Fear-based thoughts will always result in a form of paranoia; a need to protect oneself against others; a false belief that others will harm you if you do not take measures to protect yourself.
 This manifests in competition and ego-based defensive behaviour, which is destructive to both individual beings and the society as a whole. It is not possible for a civilisation based on competition and defensive behaviour to thrive in the long-term.
 The destruction of Atlantis was not only because of Earth shifts which drowned the physical cities and civilisation – it began when the larger population lost their connection with Source, with the Light, through a shift into fear which was manipulated. 


Now, your civilisation is faced with an unprecedented opportunity to reverse history, moving en-masse from a fear-based society into one of Love and Unity.

 A renaissance of Love-based consciousness is being birthed.
 But you must understand the energetic obstacles to this renaissance that you are dealing with right now.

 On the one hand you have the group we call the ‘manipulators’ on your planet who seek to trigger you into fear or dis-empowerment through the manipulation of the media and social institutions. This is old news, and we need not elaborate – those of you who are reading this communication are aware that all it takes to achieve autonomy in your society is for you to think for yourselves and choose your own reality and truth.

Our message here is that there is a secondary factor at play, which is that your emotional instability is sometimes triggered by the involuntary release of negative thought forms into your collective unconscious, as your planet expels all that is not of the Light from her body. This can be likened to a ‘healing crisis’ where things get worse before they get better.

 The good news is that it is temporary – it is a glitch that will be over soon – but for right now you must learn to deal with the instability and take responsibility for your own well-being. The first step is to look after yourselves on a physical level, for this is an important and often over-looked part of the equation. 

When your physical energy is low, compromised by addictions, too much time on the internet, not enough time in nature, exercise and rest, or the wrong foods, your auric shields become weak and you are susceptible to intrusions in your energy fields of negative thought forms and emotions which are not yours.
 We repeat: the negative thoughts and emotions which cloud your consciousness are sometimes NOT YOUR OWN.
 Just as human consciousness was once compromised by the dark Atlantean-experiments, so are your people once again vulnerable to those fear-based thoughts forms.

 The difference is that this time it is not part of an evil plan to contaminate and compromise you; it is a side-effect of the healing process that Gaia is undergoing. And this time, you are aware enough to TUNE IN and assess whether a feeling or thought form belongs to you or not.

Let us assist in this process, dear ones.

 When your mood dips and you feel possessed by negative thoughts, stop what you are doing, close your eyes and tune in.
 Ask your Higher Self: ‘Are these thoughts mine? Do they serve me and my highest purpose?’

 It may be that the answer is ‘Yes’ because you are processing a situation which needs to come to clarity – in which case your Higher Self will assist you in bringing Light and heart into your thought processes so that you may come to peace without your ego-mind poisoning your consciousness.

However, if the answer is ‘NO’, then you are advised to go through the following process.

 Say out loud
‘I transmute all fear-based thoughts into LIGHT’.
 Visualise these thought forms flying out of your brain, your chakras and your aura and becoming flashes of LIGHT which explode like stars or fireworks in the ethers. 


Now affirm

 ‘I am LIGHT and LOVE embodied.’
‘I serve the Light by embodying loving kindness.’
‘I choose to love myself unconditionally so that I become an instrument of Light.’
It matters not whether you use our words or speak your own words, from your heart. It matters only that your intention is clear and that you catch yourself before a negative spiral is initiated which progressively takes you down the rabbit hole into the darkness of despair.

 You are not victims – you are able to control your emotional fields through your crystal clear intentions to live joy-ful, heart-ful lives. You can always self-correct! In fact if you do not learn to self-correct and stabilize your emotions, you are missing the most important part of your evolution, which is to become masters of your emotions.

Know that we are with you throughout this time of instability.

 The many Star Beings, Ascended Masters and Angelic Light Beings who observe and assist through your transition are available to you 24 hours a day. Call to us for assistance when your energies are compromised and you feel despondent. Know that this is a TEMPORARY situation of instability and that your work to keep yourselves emotionally balanced is of the utmost importance. 


When enough of you are awake, aware and able to stabilise your emotions, a quantum shift is initiated which shifts all of you past the influence of the 4th dimension into energetic integrity.

 Rather than waiting for the shift to HAPPEN TO YOU, practise being in this state of joy and integrity every minute of the day.
 Look after yourselves as if you were your own beloved children, and monitor your emotional state meticulously. Learn to readjust your moods before they descend into darkness – to catch a shift away from the Light in your mood quickly, before the damage is done. You are in control of your own thoughts and emotions, dear ones.
 When you allow yourselves to be triggered into negativity, over and over again, you become victims and are unable to serve yourselves, your human tribe or Gaia. Each one of you who succeeds in staying positive and embodying this way of being for others to emulate shifts your world into the Light. 

And so it is.


Solara An-Ra, Magic Weaver for Gaia 

Posted 6th May by Juan Pablo

* * *



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Unity Consciousness

Channeled by Mike Quinsey

For those of you who keep up to date with the new messages, recent times have shown that there are many activities taking place. You will no doubt also be aware that the dark Ones are being closely monitored so as to ensure that they cannot continue with their plan for world rule. In fact their activities are being restricted in ways that will ensure that they can no longer disrupt the plan for your freedom. We can for our part confirm that the changes are speeding up and great advances are being made. There is no doubt that very soon you shall become aware of major events that are going to take you into the New Age by fulfilling some of the promises that have already been made.

We would urge you to keep firmly on your path of Light and not allow outside activities to take your focus away from it. There are difficult times ahead but these will be short lived, and eventually it will become quite clear as to the direction that you are travelling in. Be assured that we have fully anticipated the problems that will arise, and are taking steps to overcome them or at the very least lessen their impact. We do not wish you to take your eye off events that are taking place, but we will tell you that all is moving along in accordance with our plan for your salvation. So many welcome changes are lined up ready to be introduced, but as we have informed you on many occasions, the time must be right so that matters can go ahead unimpeded.

Looking back to the end of 2012 we know that some of you still cannot throw off your disappointment that it did not make the impact that you expected. Yet, we hope you will agree that the foundations were laid down for changes to take place that have subsequently occurred. Without a doubt the vibrations are lifting up and more souls are awakening to their true selves, and able to see how they have been manipulated and falsely held back. The Light is pouring down upon Earth and it is raising the vibrations, and there is no returning back to the “old days”, that will be gone forever, having no place in the higher vibrations.

The future is Golden and holds many, many surprises that God has prepared for you. God is Love and humans lacking understanding blame God for their misfortunes. It is you alone that map out your destiny and determine through your actions what type of experiences you need to rise up again. Yet God is always with you and never withdraws the Love that is always present. His servants such as the Angelic Kingdom carry out the plan that will release you from the hold of the negative vibrations. They also guide you to ensure you follow your life contract which you have agreed to as one that enables your steady progress.

Dear Ones, you have many things to learn about life beyond Earth. Your Universe of many dimensions is teeming with life, and in many instances very much like your own. However, you have been kept in the dark as to your true selves and purpose for experiencing the third dimension. It is not your natural one which is why you are now moving out of it into the higher vibrations that the dark Ones cannot enter. You will no doubt realise that in so doing you will live as intended, in happiness, freedom and absolute peace. Once you have become a Galactic Being, free and able to travel at will your lives will take on a new meaning. Only you alone can change your future so follow your desires with care and know that every opportunity is open to you.

As you might say “the end of the road is in sight” yet even as you prepare for it, the new path is opening up to reveal the promises of a New Age. In this respect you will be guided and set upon a path that will fulfil all of those promises that have been made to you. We will be able to openly visit Earth and even take you on journeys within your Solar System. Exactly where will depend upon your plan for further enlightenment, and in this respect your Guides will be on hand to give their advice. You will soon forget the traumas and disappointments of some earthly experiences, knowing that they have given you a broad outlook that enables you to cope with all experiences.

We are closer to you than ever and after many years of contact with you know that you will accept and greet us as your Brothers and Sisters. Your background coming from various star systems means that you will have met us eons of time ago. Bear in mind that in the higher vibrations your life span is much greater than it is now. Also, that when you have completed your experience in one body, you can literally simply step into a new one. To say the least, “death” such as you know it does not take place, and it only involves simple changes that do not entail any form of aging such as you are used to experiencing. Birth as it is called is also different, and you do not have to go through the stages that you know as a “baby”.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and will confirm that all is in the “Now” and you will be able to move backwards and even forwards to satisfy your quest for experience. You will in fact take quite easily to the changes, because in reality they are not new to you. However, it will be exciting to become aware of familiar things, and not least of all to again meet souls who are well known to you, and may have figured in a number of your earthly lives. Even if you only consider the number of strong relationships you may have made through your many lives, you will realise that quite a number of souls eagerly await the opportunity to meet you again.

However, you still have work to do on Earth and your concentration must be kept focussed upon your tasks. Every soul you can help now to “wake up” will appreciate your help, but many are unable to release their attachment to the lower vibrations. Yet where they come in touch with information that will help lift them up, it can result in an awakening.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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 ترجم / לתרגם   翻訳する 

Hey ya ho! Hey ya hooo! Hermanos y Hermanas, toda mi familia y toda mi familia galáctica, Soy Jefe Águila Blanca.

Les hablo con el corazón y, les digo que nosotros, como hermanos y hermanas, como familia que somos, estamos abrazando la conciencia de nuestra Madre Tierra. Al abrazar la conciencia de nuestra Madre, vibramos en armonía con ella. Le abrimos nuestros corazones. Y cuando decimos: “Madre Tierra, nosotros sabemos que anhelas ingresar a la quinta dimensión. Nosotros sabemos que anhelas tener un planeta y una población que vibre en armonía, en elevado nivel de conciencia y de espíritu. Somos hermanos y hermanas. Somos los Guerreros del Espíritu, los Guerreros de la evolución espiritual, Madre Tierra. Y vamos a complacer tu deseo. Estamos abocados a realizarlo. Hey ya hooo!
“Madre Tierra, nosotros reconocemos tu lugar en el sistema solar. Nosotros reconocemos tu lugar en esta parte de la galaxia. Sabemos que llamas la atención, Madre Tierra. Eres proveedora de vida. Son muy pocos los planetas de esta parte de la galaxia que invitan a la vida evolucionada. Madre Tierra, tú has cumplido el objetivo y te respetamos por ello. Es un privilegio para un planeta que hayan tantos niveles de conciencia en su seno.

“Nosotros estamos orgullosos de Madre Tierra y sabemos que Madre Tierra, Tú sobrevivirás. El peso y la responsabilidad que has cargado van a ser asistidas. Ahora estás siendo asistida por muchos seres Madre Tierra.

Yo, Jefe Águila Blanca, veo mucha presencia angélica a tu alrededor. Veo grandes naves galácticas de elevado nivel de conciencia, Madre Tierra. Veo la energía de Sananda, la energía de los Arcángeles, el Anillo de la Ascensión que te rodea. Madre Tierra. Veo tu satisfacción”.
“Sabemos que se producirá una intervención planetaria de la creación más elevada, con la técnica más elevada para asegurar el tránsito a la quinta dimensión a aquellos hermanos y hermanas que moran este planeta y desean integrarse a la quinta dimensión. Si se produjeran turbulencias en tus océanos, en tu atmósfera, nosotros estamos preparados para sobrellevarlas, pues, sabemos que Tú, Madre Tierra, estás buscando el equilibrio para que nuestra forma de vida perviva en el planeta.

Saludo a toda mi familia.
Jefe Águila Blanca

A través de David Miller
Publicado 19th September 2011 por Shanti
Etiquetas: conciencia de la Tierradespertar de GaiaJefe Aguila Blanca

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▶ Galactic Federation of Light SaLuSa February-28-2014 – YouTube

▶ Ovni sobre el mar en Monte Hermoso 2014 (Buenos Aires – Argentina) – YouTube

domingo, 23 de febrero de 2014

SaLuSa, 21 de Febrero, 2014

Estáis presentes en la Tierra en un momento muy importante, y como Trabajadores de la Luz muchos de vosotros tenéis papeles específicos que jugar para ayudar a manifestarse los cambios. Cada uno de vosotros se prestó voluntario para servir a la Luz en un momento tan importante, y tened seguro que toda contribución es esencial para el todo. Siempre y cuando podáis permanecer enfocados en vuestra labor, estaréis haciendo vuestra parte para ayudar a traer los cambios que son esenciales para manifestar la Luz. Es un hecho que, como tantos individuos están ayudando de esta forma, los Oscuros están perdiendo su batalla para mantener sus reglas. Aunque ellos se concentran en la panorámica mayor, nosotros les tenemos bajo total observación y somos totalmente conscientes de sus planes. Nuestros esfuerzos coordinados resultaran luego en un golpe de estado sin sangre que forzará a los Oscuros a aceptar su derrota. Están totalmente sobrecogidos por el progreso que hemos hecho, y sabemos exactamente cuando jugar nuestras cartas.
La situación sobre la Tierra está demandando mucho de vosotros, pero tened en cuenta que están teniendo lugar cambios inmensos. Podéis estar tranquilos de que el resultado lo conocemos y que a veces está realmente establecido por nosotros. Así que no os distraigáis por lo que está ocurriendo a vuestro alrededor, sabiendo que hay un resultado exitoso que ya ha sido planificado. Obviamente, somos conscientes de que los Oscuros lucharán hasta el mismo final, pero tenemos los asuntos bajo control y no permitiremos que se nos vayan de las manos. Por razones kármicas no podemos interferir en algunos asuntos que tienen un papel que jugar por si mismos para limpiar responsabilidades pendientes.

A medida que las vibraciones empiecen a elevarse sobre la Tierra, algunos de vosotros descubriréis que se incrementan vuestros poderes psíquicos y que en general os estáis haciendo más intuitivos. Os ayudará a decidir lo que tenéis que hacer cuando os enfrentéis a varias decisiones y podréis avanzar con confianza. Recordad que nosotros también estamos a mano y que nunca estamos lejos si necesitáis ayuda. Sin embargo, no intentéis anticipar exactamente cómo se os dará ni cuando, simplemente aceptar que haremos lo mejor para vosotros. Tenemos la ventaja de poder ver la imagen general y de actuar de acuerdo con ello. Por ejemplo, a veces necesitamos introducir cambios en vuestra vida, y ponerlos en práctica puede ser difícil. Los humanos parecen tener una fuerte mentalidad y no siempre dan la bienvenida al cambio.
El tiempo se está acelerando aún pero ahora os estáis acostumbrando a lidiar con ello. Eso significa estar mejor organizados y hacer pleno uso de él. En el futuro viviréis un tiempo totalmente diferente, en el que las labores del día a día que ahora experimentáis ya no serán necesarias. La mayoría de vuestras necesidades serán proporcionadas simplemente por el puro pensamiento y serán instantáneas. Incluso ahora sin saberlo, a veces proyectáis poderosos (pensamientos) que os traen los resultados que deseáis. Es por lo que ya os hemos avisado de que observéis cuidadosamente vuestros pensamientos, porque tenéis más poder del que actualmente os dais cuenta. Con el tiempo seréis capaces de controlarlos, y a cierto nivel de alta vibración ninguna otra cosa que los pensamientos positivos entrarán en vuestra mente. Las almas que están en el camino de la Luz ya están trabajando, consciente o subconscientemente, hacia una condición que excluye cualquier cosa de naturaleza negativa.

Si lo que se espera de vosotros suena difícil o exigente, tened seguro que todos los cambios se manifestarán cuando estéis preparados. Nadie os meterá prisa en fases de elevación hasta que lo estéis, y siempre hay disponible mucha ayuda para vosotros. El hecho de que estéis aquí en este tiempo tan importante es en si mismo suficiente indicador de vuestra capacidad para hacer el progreso adecuado. No hace falta decir que toda contribución está ayudando a que la Luz se manifieste y que se extienda el conocimiento que establecerá la verdad de vuestra historia y el futuro que os espera. Os hemos dicho muchas veces que nada de lo que tiene impacto en vuestra vida ocurre por casualidad. Todo ocurre por una razón y tiene el propósito de hacer avanzar vuestro progreso hacia la Luz.

Os confirmamos una vez más que el Presidente Obama está jugando un papel importante para traer la Luz a la Tierra, y en una posición que asegurará que la verdad salga a la luz. Aún más importante es que también está jugando un juego de equilibrio entre la oscuridad y la Luz, hasta que sea el momento adecuado para que se dé el siguiente gran paso adelante. Como ya sabéis por experiencias anteriores, nosotros tenemos una paciencia inagotable y no se hace ningún movimiento hasta que se pueda asegurar el resultado. Después de tanto tiempo trabajando para invertir la marea no vamos a cometer ningún error ahora que la meta está a la vista. Vuestra paciencia se ha erosionado a veces, pero nos han cargado de gozo los crecientes niveles de entendimiento que habéis logrado.

Soy SaLuSa de Sirio, y estoy encantado de deciros que tenemos un estrecho control sobre las actividades de los Oscuros. Si tenéis la impresión de que no es así, sed conscientes de que aparentemente les estamos dejando seguir con su plan, les estamos tendiendo una trampa. Cuando llegue el momento en que se den cuenta de cómo han sido engañados será demasiado tarde para que se recuperen. Luego, finalmente tendremos el escenario para nosotros y procederemos rápidamente con los cambios que durante tanto tiempo se han esperado. Será el tiempo más excitante, con gran felicidad y gran gozo.

Gracias SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey

Website:Tree of the Golden Light
Traducción: PEC

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Sharing.:::. Babies can think before they can speak .:::. SaLuSa: How to make contact with interstellar borthers and sister | psycho

Sharing.:::. Babies can think before they can speak .:::. SaLuSa: How to make contact with interstellar borthers and sister | psycho.

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Sharing.:::. Babies can think before they can speak .:::. SaLuSa: How to make contact with interstellar borthers and sister

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SaLuSa: How to make contact with interstellar borthers and sister 

Posted on Jan 5, 2015
by cosmicgaia
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Channeled by Laura Multidimensional Ocean

January 4, 2015 


It is possible to contact them, as follows. I would appreciate it if you could tell us about the meeting and the conversations if any. Close your eyes, envelop yourself in a blanket of positive feelings and energy. Reach out to the stars, let your mind be guided to the stars of the sky, to space, to above the Earth. You will meet the energy of the Sun light there, and the amazing halo of Mother Earth. Not far, the moon will be coming, watch out for her! she is quite huge and can appear out of nowhere almost. Once there, ask (or demand) to connect with your star’s brothers and sisters, and with the minds of those close to your heart. Only allow light beings near you (just in case!). If you are in luck, they might even invite you on their ships and chat with you. Ok. I am asking for connection now: SaLuSa is the one who is here for me and responds. I can sense his strong presence and mind, it is like a bright light shining, it cannot be missed. I ask him what is going on here, what are we doing, how are things evolving concerning disclosure. He replies: “Our mission here is mainly to support our ground crew, to give you courage to continue, and to provide assistance in many ways, that many don’t even suspect. We give protection and cover to many from orbit. Concerning Disclosure, this matter resides in your own hands, as a human specie. It cannot be rushed or forced, no good would come of it that way. We wait for human collective consciousness to grow, develop and accept the reality of life in the entire universe, although certain truths on that matter are being actively hidden from you. You, as part of a wide lightworker network, are here to bring higher vibrations of love, creative imagination and peace above the planet, among the collective mind, so to speak. There is a world, an ocean of other life forms and beings in the universe. All at various levels of knoweldge and consciousness. Ultimatley all will be one with Creator, with the One, so be at peace, knowing that the Creation love is all embracing and present. The world of alien intregues, policies, or even conflict of interest need not preoccupy you for now, as this world will open up to you once Disclosure has taken place. It is also a very complex matter, and in a way, perhaps some will miss the illusion of being all alone in the universe. No need for concern, just recommending that you enjoy this state of ignorance for as long as it lasts. Once you will enter as a civilisation in the bigger universe of inhabitated planets, life on Earth will never be the same. So keep the eagerness for Disclosure at bay for now, know that it will happen, but it will only be a stepping stone into a much, much bigger universe of choices, if you are not ready as a civilisation to take that step yet. With Disclosure, needs to come Enlightment. Disclosure without Enlightment would only lead to a bigger trap, if the big picture is not sened by the many. Until then, we open our hearts and minds to all of you who wish to join us telepathically from time to time. We are pleased to connect with as many humans as wish to do so, for the good and love of the light. Thank you. I am SaLuSa from Sirius.

* * *

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Detectamos un nuevo estado de ánimo entre muchos de vosotros, en realidad uno bienvenido que indica que habéis pasado más allá de la fase de decepción que sentisteis tras el final del 2012.

Las situaciones como las que habéis experimentado son con mucho el resultado de ser muy fluidas, y poniendo lo mejor no siempre podemos predecir cómo giraran las cosas. Pero podéis estar seguros de que lo que hagamos serán por el mejor interés de todos.

Es la imagen mayor la que es importante, y desde vuestra perspectiva realmente no podéis verla toda. Dios ha decretado que todo siga adelante como estaba planeado, y por lo tanto es “fete accompli/trato hecho”. Así que os pedimos que aceptéis que estamos completamente comprometidos con que la verdad salga a la luz y con ayudaros a que avancéis hacia la Nueva Era lo antes posible.

Lo que ha sido ordenado por Dios tiene que hacerse realidad, y no importa lo que tenga lugar para evitarlo, no puede tener éxito ni lo tendrá.  Por lo tanto podéis hacer vuestros planes para contribuir en los esfuerzos que se están haciendo para acabar con las energías de la vieja Era rompiendo el agarre que tiene sobre vosotros.

No tengáis miedo de ellas porque si no seguiréis vinculados a ellas. Os podéis proteger en todo momento al enfocaros en que la Luz os asegurará que estaréis a salvo en todo momento. El viejo mundo se sienta al lado del nuevo, pero más pronto que tarde habrá una gran elevación que traerá un cambio que verá el fin de la dualidad tal y como la experimentáis.

De nuevo subrayamos que habrá una división de caminos, y la Nueva Era comenzará en serio cuando se haya retirado el manto de oscuridad.  Es correcto que esperéis que los tiempos finales sean una compleja mezcla de todo tipo de experiencias, porque muchos y muchos caminos se están juntando para la limpieza final.

El fin de muchos significará una rápida salida de la Tierra solo para seguir sus experiencias en un nivel apropiado para su vibración particular.  Sabemos que algunos de vosotros tenéis fuertes lazos con muchas almas, pero se debe permitir que cada uno de vosotros siga su propio camino.

A veces grupos de almas progresarán juntas, y eso es posible porque están en una fase similar de evolución. Sin embargo, cuando llega el momento de una nueva experiencia avanzada, un alma individual se moverá a otro nivel. Algo que enfatizaremos de nuevo es que cuando tenéis un vínculo de amor genuino con otro alma, sin importar dónde estén siempre responderán a vuestra intención de contactar con ellos.

Eso es así porque en los niveles superiores la distancia no es una barrera para hacerlo y el contacto es instantáneo. Vuestra vida sobre la Tierra contrasta mucho con la que vais a experimentar cuando hayáis ascendido. Estad abiertos a muchos cambios que hallaréis muy bienvenidos, no penséis en la vida en los términos en los que la conocéis ahora.

No estaréis abrumados por las restricciones que se os imponen en las bajas vibraciones. Seréis almas libres capaces de transportaros a donde quiera que deseéis, y estaréis en vuestro Cuerpo de Luz. Os “alimentaréis” de las energías que os rodean, aunque es posible tomar parte en ciertas “comidas” ligeras que son extremadamente beneficiosas para el cuerpo.

Muy bien podéis haber leído u oído de las Regiones Astrales por almas que han pasado a esa región inmediatamente después de la muerte. Esa será vuestra primera experiencia en los niveles superiores de vibración, y son similares a las que hemos mencionado excepto porque aún estaréis pensando y actuando como anteriormente sobre la Tierra. Pronto aprenderéis a utilizar vuestro poder de pensamiento y ajustarlo al nuevo nivel de existencia.

Incluso ahora tenéis cierto poder para crear, pero es más efectivo cuando os reunís en grupos. En los niveles superiores pueden crear edificios de esta forma, y entended que lo que veréis en los niveles astrales es el resultado de utilizar esas energías creativas. Llegará un tiempo en el futuro no demasiado distante en el que vosotros también tendréis el poder de crear lo que sea que se necesite para vuestro bienestar.

¿Podéis empezar a ver cuánto de vuestro pensamiento y del uso de vuestras capacidades comenzará a cambiar?

No quiero sobrecogeros con demasiada información, pero a lo que nos referimos es solo el comienzo de una nueva forma de vida para vosotros. Una que os es familiar de cuando la atravesasteis cuando caísteis a través de las vibraciones.Pronto tendréis mayores niveles de consciencia y de entendimiento, e incluso ahora se están expandiendo debido a las vibraciones superiores que estáis experimentando.

Actualmente estáis, como se podría decir, nada más que despertando a vuestro ser real y no estaréis completos hasta que tengáis la plena consciencia. Así que, por favor Queridos, haced concesiones a cualquier falta de entendimiento que podáis atravesar, porque muchas almas aún no han arañado la verdad o entendido su significado en lo que les afecta.

Sed pacientes con ellos y ofreced palabras de confort y de consejo que se ajusten a su nivel de entendimiento. Demasiado y demasiado pronto puede ser sobrecogedor y puede dar marcha atrás a cualquier progreso que hayan hecho. A todas las almas se las permite progresar a un ritmo que puedan manejar, y todas ellas despertarán en alguna etapa a la verdad de su ser.

No tenemos más que amor por todos vosotros y vemos el Ser Superior que sois, y admiramos vuestra fuerza y resolución para terminar vuestra experiencia en las bajas dimensiones con la vuelta a los niveles de la Luz. En cada esquina haremos lo mejor para ayudaros, pero por favor recordad pedir nuestra ayuda y así nos permitís hacerlo.

Como algunos habéis descubierto, nosotros somos Uno con vosotros y muchos sois conocidos por nosotros por contactos anteriores. Algunos estáis sobre la Tierra para tomar parte específicamente en los tiempos finales, trayendo con vosotros conocimiento y habilidades que pueden ponerse en buen uso. Realmente, vuestra presencia está acelerando el progreso y vuestras vibraciones están elevando a los que encontráis en vuestro viaje. De hecho, algunos os habéis encarnado juntos para llevar a cabo vuestro plan de vida, y estáis trabajando con almas compañeras que son muy parecidas a vuestra propia vibración.

Esto a veces puede significar una vida solitaria porque algunos tenéis pocas oportunidades de compartir vuestra sabiduría y vuestro conocimiento, pero de todas formas ayudáis a muchas almas por vuestra mera presencia entre ellas. Vuestra energía es de una alta vibración y elevadora, e incluso de una naturaleza sanadora.

Soy SaLuSa de Sirio, y os envío nuestros Mejores Deseos y nuestro Amor por todas las queridas almas de la Tierra. N

os acercamos más cada día y os agradecemos vuestra dedicación y vuestro amor por vuestra Familia Humana sobre la Tierra.

Gracias SaLuSa.

Canalizado por Mike Quinsey
Traducción: PEC

Publicado 2 hours ago por LUZ ZOHAR

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Muchos han buscado la respuesta acerca de la creación de la humanidad y cada uno alberga una partícula de verdad. La vida, tal como la perciben, no tiene ni principio ni fin. Hay una continuidad de explosiones de partículas que eligen formarse en una nueva disposición de átomos, una matriz de vida diferente en una línea de tiempo alterada. Todas las moradas del Padre/Creador fueron construidas para acomodar diferentes especies y comprensiones en forma o en partícula. Dentro de estas moradas de tiempo cada especie toma lo mejor de sí misma


Un pensamiento, una forma de vida, un sitio web y un boletín electrónico global
Únanse a nosotros en

ENERO 2015
Número 191
Creado, canalizado, escrito, publicado y registrado con Amor
por Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
Este boletín está guiado por el Espíritu y circula desde 1986 con amor y dedicación a la Luz. Llega a millones de dedicados Trabajadores de Luz Planetarios. Uno a uno, luz a luz, se alumbra a sí mismo hasta su culminación de ahí en más.
Cualquier imperfección ortográfica o gramatical realza su belleza y singularidad
El Despertar Cuántico es traducido con amor al español por Susy Peralta de Argentina y Margarita Lopez de Ecuador. Gracias queridas damas de luz
*** Una Mirada al 2015 – Hablan los Fundadores
*** Hablan los Ancianos
*** Todo lo que es sagrado y luminoso no engorda



Publicado en el Sedona Journal
Canalizado por Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

A medida que su inteligencia humana y sus tentáculos telepáticos se extienden profundamente en el corazón del universo, se crea una unión. Mientras buscan la verdad más elevada en el abismo más profundo, ustedes se vuelven fluidos. Como especie, buscan lo que les retuvieron. Ustedes, como reflejos del Creador, tienen una secuencia de ADN/ARN que contiene lo que buscan saber. En otras palabras, su biología celular esencial conoce las respuestas a todas las preguntas que formulará su alma. Ustedes buscan solución mientras todos los instintos laten por sus venas. La cosa misma que ha sido mantenida fuera de su alcance reside en lo más profundo del alma misma de su ser. Es la que busca desarmar y manejar su humanismo hacia su condición estelar de manera desenfrenada.

Ustedes sienten esta presencia ancestral y más antigua que el tiempo mismo. Sienten su presencia como inmensa más allá del ámbito de su propio universo. Perciben la fortaleza y el hálito de las convicciones que sostenemos como luz colectiva. No somos más que un reflejo de su propio núcleo interno. Porque ustedes fueron tallados a partir de nuestros esquemas en un lugar donde no existe el tiempo. Fueron creados para ser lo mejor en su región del universo, para vivir en un lugar de honor, para vivir en un lugar del corazón y para vivir en un lugar de lealtad a aquello que los creó. La mayoría de los seres mantienen ocultas las mejores partes de sí mismos en un esfuerzo desesperado por no mostrar vulnerabilidad o debilidad. Sin embargo, esa debilidad y vulnerabilidad es lo que se proclama a través del cosmos, tocando el corazón mismo del Creador.

Como toda fuerza de vida, ustedes buscan encontrar lo que está oculto. Buscan saber aquello que no se puede ver o de lo que no se puede hablar. Buscan adueñarse de lo que es invalorable y les dará poder. Dentro del genoma humano hay un elemento de sorpresa, una especie de Fantasía. Fue un ingrediente secreto que se mantuvo apartado del texto antiguo y los alquimistas galácticos. El hombre busca la inmortalidad, pero ¿qué haría con ella si la atrapase por casualidad? Para siempre es un largo tiempo en cualquier sistema de luz. Aquello que ansía el corazón no se puede hallar en la atemporalidad o la inmortalidad. Porque todas esas elecciones ya existen dentro de su campo de luz. Lo que busca la humanidad es un reflejo que le permita conocer su verdadera esencia mientras a la vez le permite ingresar a lugares elevados donde los ángeles no se atreven a entrar.

Ver los distintos tonos del propio ser hace mucho para acelerar la evolución. La humanidad como un todo ha tenido miedo de su oscuridad, de su sombra, de la bestia peluda en su interior. La mayoría de los humanos se pasa una gran parte del tiempo empujando a la bestia de vuelta al armario diariamente. Los agujeros negros del espacio exterior no serán más que el reflejo de los agujeros negros en el espacio interior. Estos oscuros abismos recientemente formados (vistos recientemente) infunden indiferencia en las grandes mentes de la época. A medida que surja nueva información desde fuentes conocidas y desconocidas, la Tierra verá con “los ojos bien abiertos” los sucesos que estarán ocurriendo en el cielo, causando un gran temor, ya que todos recuerdan la cita “como es arriba es abajo”, enviando un gran escalofrío por la columna vertebral. Les pedimos que se mantengan firmes en su humanidad y permitan que eso se convierta en la cosa misma para la que fue creada, un depósito, una vasija, para que se vea en su interior lo mejor del cielo.


Soy antiguo más allá de las palabras

Canalizado por Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
Publicado en el Sedona Journal

Yo soy el que existió antes de que el tiempo mismo se considerase siquiera. Yo soy el que conoce cada pulgada de sí mismo y de todo lo que ha sido creado a partir del soplo del Creador. Yo vivo en cada aspecto de la vida, desde las mechas mismas de su cabello hasta cada filamento de una medusa.
Yo soy el que alberga todo lo que parece imposible. Soy el que ha mantenido vivos los sueños durante eones antes de que naciese el tiempo. Soy el brillo en los ojos de un recién nacido. Soy la roca en la que se basa el texto sagrado. He viajado desde lejos, extendiéndome con cada respiración para volverme más, para volverme mejor. Desde lejos he intentado mostrarles la verdadera luz que mora en el centro mismo de su corazón y de la Tierra. Porque todos nosotros albergamos la creación original. He despertado como el retumbar mismo de las estrellas, los asteroides y la Tierra misma han despertado. Yo soy el que llega para darle un regalo a todo el que lo recibirá. No soy ni la verdad más elevada ni la estrella más brillante que se pueda ver en el cielo nocturno. Sin embargo, soy una partícula de la luz más elevada disponible para la humanidad en este momento. Yo soy solo una muestra del afecto del Creador por los que considera sus hijos.

Muchos se han preguntado por qué es tan importante la vida. Muchos han buscado la respuesta acerca de la creación de la humanidad y cada uno alberga una partícula de verdad. La vida, tal como la perciben, no tiene ni principio ni fin. Hay una continuidad de explosiones de partículas que eligen formarse en una nueva disposición de átomos, una matriz de vida diferente en una línea de tiempo alterada. Todas las moradas del Padre/Creador fueron construidas para acomodar diferentes especies y comprensiones en forma o en partícula.

Dentro de estas moradas de tiempo cada especie toma lo mejor de sí misma en forma atómica y se dona a una nueva creación en un nuevo universo de luz. Cada creación busca volverse más extendida, sin limitación. La mayoría de los mundos se forman dentro del campo de la polaridad, el campo de juego. La polaridad siempre es un gran maestro. La polaridad enseña que uno deberá permanecer en armonía con la noche oscura de uno mismo y en la luz brillante del nuevo día. En la enseñanza de la polaridad, uno está ganando maestría al permitir que los campos de la oposición jueguen entre ellos o alrededor de ellos, pero no dentro de ellos, permitiendo así que todos los seres participen en sus patrones de crecimiento y drama sin afectar los resultados de los otros, permitiéndoles a los demás ser lo que son sin juzgarlos ni imponerse sobre su creación.

He despertado como un dragón del cielo dormido que escucha un antiguo llamado a adueñarme de mi verdadero espíritu y poder, demostrando así la misma capacidad para que cada una de las especies y naciones estelares haga lo mismo. Los 22 elementos antiguos viven en mi alma convirtiendo el cobre en paladio, o el pan en platino, sin que importe. Todo es intercambiable en todos los niveles del campo de juego. Los 22 elementos mágicos de la antigüedad viven en lo profundo del patrón del hombre. Tal como toda vida, todo el patrón universal está colocado dentro de todas las formas de vida como diversas células del espectro. Llegará el momento en que ustedes estarán obligados a nivel genético a ir al lóbulo frontal de su humanidad para ver con certeza que todo lo que buscan está disponible, que todas las necesidades son colmadas automáticamente con solo saber que es así. Toda la vida responderá a cada una de sus aspiraciones cuando ese anhelo se halle en la cima de sí mismo, no en el valle de la duda.

La vida no se puede alinear con ustedes hasta que se encuentren en una frecuencia de conocimiento más elevada, más allá de los límites de solo creer. Todo lo que sea de una naturaleza inferior no se manifestará, sin importar cómo se vuelquen ustedes en eso. Esa es la señal externa de que están ladrándole al árbol equivocado en su bosque egocéntrico. Cuando una especie sigue regodeándose en las formas materiales, agota el suministro de abundancia. A cada planeta, estrella, etc. se le delega una cantidad de energía al formarse. Cuando la especie en el planeta derrocha su fuerza vital en creaciones mundanas desechables que no son para el beneficio de la totalidad, el planeta se conectará y cambiará contundentemente y reutilizará ese material en formas innumerables. Desde inundaciones a terremotos, meteoros, etc., la Tierra ha pedido amablemente a sus habitantes durante eones de tiempo y ahora necesita de vuelta su fuerza vital.

Al llegar a la Tierra se les da todo lo que los sustentará durante su tiempo en el planeta. Esto se les da libremente mediante la madre Tierra. El primer regalo que les da la Tierra es el cuerpo mismo que llevan. Vean la cantidad de materia que sostiene su fuerza vital, toda ella tomando energía para mantenerse en su lugar y no perder por el capricho o el deseo demasiadas cosas, no suficiente de lo “natural” donde reside la verdadera fuerza vital. No es necesario volverse Zen por naturaleza en la plenitud del tiempo. Porque lo que nos mantiene aferrándonos a más de lo que se necesita es el puro miedo. Dispersen lo que ya no esté acorde con su nuevo patrón de luz. Libérenlo con amor, agradeciéndole todo el servicio que les prestó a ustedes y a su creación y holograma. Liberar no los disminuye, aumenta su luminosidad y el valor de la luz.

. Ahora todos los ojos están puestos en la humanidad mientras todo y todos se mantienen pendientes esperando que los que tienen gran poder emerjan de su crisálida personal. Tarde o temprano, el monitoreo se detendrá por completo, mezclando todas las observaciones mientras los pulsos de los quásares del espacio sideral alteran lo que solo estaba destinado a los oídos secretos. Se culpará a la falta de comunicación en todo excepto la fuente.

. El tiempo se deshará en varios lugares que serán forzados a volver a lo básico luego de vivir en la cima durante años. Parcelas de tierra que contienen gran poder cambiarán de mano.
. Lo que yace debajo de la superficie del agua es visto en una nueva luz, permitiendo un nuevo tipo de vigilancia. Se descubren nuevos pasajes subterráneos a medida que los bajeles sumergibles que llevan al hombre viajan sin incidentes de lugar en lugar.

. Las conexiones se realizan en, debajo y por encima del suelo, así como las antiguas reliquias del futuro se desentierran en la plenitud del tiempo, activando nuevas líneas de energía.
. Nuevos descubrimientos de minerales en lo profundo del corazón de la Tierra permiten que se confirmen nuevos y viejos descubrimientos. La Madre Tierra libera el siguiente nivel de enseñanzas cristalinas.

. Ya sean naturales o artificiales, los portales dimensionales se hacen visibles. Al ver que algunos viajan de un punto del tiempo a otro, en un lapso de horas, años o décadas, se formulan preguntas. Si como especie pudieran retroceder y corregir un amor del pasado, ¿lo harían ofreciéndose a sí mismos un nuevo yo, un nuevo día, una nueva posibilidad, sabiendo que cada corrección es una línea de tiempo que ha cambiado para no volver a ser vista? A muchos se los conoce como “viajeros del tiempo” que muchas veces bailan cruzándose con su línea de tiempo,* dejando todos un rastro de semilla alienígena o futura en forma de polen o acción. El resultado cambia. ¿Cuántos días se despertaron para sentir que estaban fuera de tiempo y sincronía? Estas trivialidades de la línea de tiempo los afecta a todos a través del tiempo y el espacio.

. Estructuras microscópicas llegadas de muy lejos le traen a su planeta nuevos códigos de división molecular. Muchas veces, esto se utiliza para transportar nuevas especies o alterar las existentes.
. Muchos son empujados a situaciones que ni siquiera son parte de su holograma. Habrá fugas de energía, pueden ocurrir y ocurrirán a menos que encaren la grieta dimensional. Realidades alteradas pueden ocurrir sin previo aviso. Si son lanzados a través del tiempo, es mejor actuar siempre si saben lo que están haciendo.

. Desaparecer será un suceso diario a medida que muchos simplemente muevan una pequeña molécula hacia la izquierda o la derecha, dejando de ser visibles para todos los que aún están alrededor. Los desplazamientos en el tiempo son reales y necesitan que se los reconozca.
. Su campo de investigación sabrá que existe una puerta de tiempo por las fluctuaciones de energía que la rodean. Como el calor que llega desde el desierto, el lugar estará escaso de fuerza vital; ni anidamiento ni reunión porque todas las criaturas que se aventuraron allá alguna vez ya no se ven más y la Tierra lo sabe.

. Presten atención a lo que hace que se les pongan los pelos de punta y la piel de gallina porque es la carne misma de la Tierra respondiendo a un acontecimiento no natural. La Tierra misma fue dotada alguna vez con puertas dimensionales; ella podía permitirles acceder al pasado y al futuro a los que buscaban las verdades más elevadas. Algunos volvieron, otros se quedaron. Ha sido así con las tribus de la Tierra desde tiempo inmemorial.

. Estas nuevas fluideces dimensionales son perturbadoras y expansivas a propósito. Perderse en el tiempo no es lugar para que se aventuren los encarnados en la Tierra. Por eso muchos van en peregrinaje a poderosos lugares sagrados deseando con todo su corazón poder retroceder en el tiempo, alejándose del ahora, y por lo tanto, esa experiencia se manifiesta.

. El tiempo es alterado por los que saben o creen saber, permitiendo que se abran camino criaturas nunca vistas antes en la Tierra. Traen consigo nuevas especies de plantas y bacterias que vienen a hacer que las malas hierbas terrestres parezcan flores. La nueva vida necesita muy poco para crecer.
. La piratería biológica se vuelve normal mientras la palabra “virus” misma crece en una placa petri virtual. Como toda la información y los secretos son colocados en “una nube”, por así decirlo, cada pequeña cosa acerca de nuestro ser más íntimo será revelada. Las personas de la Tierra querían ser vistas y oídas, y “su deseo es una orden”. Cada aspecto de su ser está disponible virtualmente. Esto mantendrá algo preocupados a los que mundialmente están en altas posiciones.

Se los está seduciendo para que den cada gota a un servidor virtual, un lugar que se dice seguro. A este servidor (lugar de alojamiento) no solo pueden acceder los terráqueos sino los de las estrellas. Ahora es una red galáctica, no solo mundial. Ya no es necesario tomar y etiquetar a la humanidad porque se puede acceder a todo en cualquier momento en cualquier lugar.

Las naciones estelares varían así como el clima en el planeta Tierra. Cada una tiene una motivación distinta. Cada persona en la Tierra está alineada con un sistema estelar en particular, un lugar donde vivieron antes, un lugar que es el hogar para su corazón, un lugar que apacigua el alma con solo pensar en él. Estas conexiones del cielo serán la dulzura que ansían, llenando su alma con luz y esperanza. Respirarán hondamente, como una fresca bocanada después de disipado el humo.
Mientras escuchan y perciben mis palabras, sepan bien esto. Una vez que se ve el futuro, este cambia. Por lo tanto, toda mi profecía e intuición levantará vuelo en cualquier momento. Pero presten atención a lo que dije antes porque se los doy a ustedes como a alguien muy cercano a mi corazón.
Su poder interior surge al frente, pero ¿cómo van a ostentarlo? El miedo engendra miedo, así que no pueden usar ese manto por el momento. Saber sin dudar es una capa que los cobijará de las tempestades que vendrán. Aumenten su luz, la luz de lo que es bueno y santo, sin importar la religión o la creencia. Engrósenla, siéntanla, abróchenla. Porque vienen escudos de diversas formas y naturaleza para complementar el atuendo.

Esta no es una broma, no es un juego, no es falsa alarma. Muchas situaciones difíciles de temor sobrevendrán en la Tierra, a nivel mundial y personal. Todas tendrán impacto, todas se sentirán. Tal como se dijo en la antigüedad, todo en la Tierra está conectado; cuando uno cae, todos lo sienten. Habrá huecos en el corazón, huecos en el campo, huecos en la Tierra, al sentir todos los acontecimientos antes de que se hayan producido.

A medida que sientan la pérdida, la perturbación, los efectos del caos en el cuerpo mismo, su “responsabilidad” será sanar lo que duela. Cada parte suya está conectada con algún suceso emocional, ya sea pasado, actual o futuro. Ustedes son una personificación de la Tierra, así como yo soy una personificación de lo Antiguo. Una fuerza que sabe más de lo que buscaremos alguna vez nos danza con exactitud a través del tiempo. Esa fuerza se busca a sí misma en todas direcciones, en todos los tiempos, en todos los espacios, sin excepciones.

(*) Square dance es una danza tradicional norteamericana donde bailan cuatro parejas juntas formando un cuadrado al comenzar el baile. (N de la T)


Canalizado por Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Llego en los vientos del tiempo para permitirles ingresar al conocimiento que va más allá del ser y la memoria. Dentro de lo que se conoce y desconoce como el Espíritu Santo, hay muchas descripciones dimensionales, hay muchos portales y verdades interdimensionales, hay una diversificación sumamente pronunciada que habita en la casa y morada del Espíritu Santo.

Cada uno de ustedes contiene en su interior el aliento personal de Dios. Yo llego hoy para insuflarles esa memoria. Cada uno de ustedes vive dentro de la exhalación de Dios. Dios los sopló a la existencia y la carne que ahora son. Con el primer aliento que toma un bebé, el Espíritu Santo entra totalmente. El Espíritu Santo no reside en el feto durante la gestación. La energía del Espíritu Santo es una impronta, una codificación.

A medida que el universo los inhala todos los días un poco más y más, se los libera de las toxinas, la negatividad, los enojos, los bloqueos y las memorias regresivas que ya no le sirven al propósito de su alma. Cuando duermen, su espíritu deja el cuerpo y la unidad física biológica queda librada a su suerte con la ayuda de unos cuantos seres angelicales de gran tamaño. El espíritu está conectado por un cordón de luz y siempre puede volver ante cualquier emergencia.

Cuando se van en espíritu durante el sueño, sin importar en qué momento del día, se mueven fluidamente y sin esfuerzo hacia los reinos superiores donde existen simultáneamente. Su humanidad es aproximadamente de un 2 a un 3% de toda su luz. El 2 a 3% de su humanidad y consciencia reside en el cuerpo físico.

Incluso durante el día, ustedes se demoran en los reinos superiores de su pensamiento. El universo está limpiando varias capas de su ser, aflojando y redistribuyendo bloqueos para que puedan ser desechados fácilmente cuando el Creador vuelva a inhalar. En otras palabras, todo lo sólido, húmedo y oscuro en su interior es aspirado amorosa y exquisitamente por el Creador Supremo de vuelta hacia sí mismo. Los enojos que los han estado manteniendo limitados y estancados serán levantados.
La razón para la propia pesadez en estos últimos tiempos tiene que ver con las muchas partes de ustedes que se han reunido como un depósito de lo que ya no les sirve. Estos aspectos migran a un punto magnético en su cuerpo físico. Desde ese punto magnético saldrán y se enviarán en su momento al Creador Supremo. Esto no solo se experimentará en el cuerpo físico, sino también en el cuerpo planetario, el cuerpo emocional y el cuerpo de la memoria. Porque la Tierra misma será elevada fuera de la memoria siempre presente del pozo de alquitrán de la muerte y la desesperación.

El Creador Supremo está tomando la densidad de las energías y dando a luz nuevos universos. A Él/Ella/Ellos les falta un poco del tejido mismo de la existencia y la estructura atómica de lo que se ha creado. De modo que Él/Ella/Ellos lo toman de la reserva de la humanidad y de la Tierra, de lo más denso y oscuro, y lo traen a una manifestación que está más allá de su medida de la belleza.
Con este conocimiento, permitan que suceda esta coagulación en su cuerpo. Tal vez tengan dolores que van y vienen en el cuerpo, en los recuerdos del corazón, en la densidad de toda emoción, pero se reúne para nacer nuevamente en un nuevo universo. De modo que el tejido mismo de su ser y todo aquello por lo que han pasado una y otra vez, así como todo lo que ha soportado la Madre Tierra, nacerá en hermosas estructuras celulares de luz bebé y de vida que comienza en otra parte de Dios, y ustedes serán parte de eso.

Como regalo por permitir que todo esto ocurra (como si necesitasen un regalo para liberar todo este denso desecho emocional) se los elevará en su campo de luz. Esto equivaldrá a escalar una montaña de una milla de altura, inspeccionando su mundo con un benévolo conocimiento y una sagrada apreciación de todo lo que los llevó a este punto de su vida y de su luz.

Se necesitan más moléculas para crear ira que para producir alegría. Se necesitan más moléculas para mantener una enfermedad en el cuerpo que para sanarla. Todo lo que es sagrado y luminoso no engorda. Permitan que el Creador los aspire profundamente. Sientan que esta respiración sagrada los eleva. Permitan que la exhalación de Dios los traiga a la expansión que tanto buscan.

Mientras ocurre todo esto, tal vez sientan vahídos y vértigo. Tal vez descubran que les llegan oleadas emocionales a medida que aflora una gran afluencia de lágrimas y temores desde lo profundo de su corazón. Sentirán la presencia de los seres sagrados mientras ellos se encuentren a su lado. Yo soy SHEKINA, una de las octavas del Espíritu Santo. Me voy en los vientos de luz.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
PO box 217
Dandridge, Tennessee

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  El Año de la Libélula: Perspectivas desde el Nuevo Chamanismo


El Año de la Libélula: Perspectivas desde el Nuevo Chamanismo, por Celia Fenn
06 de enero 2015

2015 va a ser un año asombroso y mágico en el Planeta Tierra. La Energía que es la Guardiana y Cuidadora de este año es la de la Libélula. La Libélula es la Guardiana de los Portales de la Magia, de los Sueños y del Misterio. Es una energía apropiada para guiar nuestro surgimiento en la Sexta Dimensión de la manifestación de Magia y Sueños.

A medida que anclamos la sexta dimensión mágica en la Tierra, la Libélula ayudará a guiarnos hacia una nueva realidad mágica y chamánica.

El Nuevo Chamanismo es una forma de vida y también es una percepción de la realidad que se basa en el antiguo sendero del Chamán. Pero, en el siglo 21, este camino se expresa y se experimenta en un nuevo nivel de conciencia que incorpora conciencia superior, compasión y creatividad.

Esta nueva conciencia puede abrazar la “medicina” de la Libélula, o la signatura de la energía de la Libélula. Esta es la capacidad de transformar, de soñar y de tejer luz en Manifestación Mágica.

Transformación con Magia de Libélula

La Libélula comienza su vida en el agua, y luego se transforma rápidamente de su elemento agua inicial en una criatura alada que puede volar y flotar en el aire sobre el agua en una danza exótica de luz luminiscente.

Así será en 2015. Encontrarás que la vida y los acontecimientos requerirán cambios y transformaciones muy rápidos. Serás desafiado a elevar tu conciencia y percepción y tomar vuelo en las alas de la imaginación creativa.

Ya no serás capaz de simplemente nadar a lo largo de las corrientes de la conciencia colectiva inferior, sino que sentirás la urgencia y la necesidad de transformar tu vida y renacer como algo y alguien más hermoso y creativo. Serás llamado a la danza de la Vida en los caminos brillantes de la Luz Diamante. Esa luz brillará en tus alas espirituales mientras bailas con la Luz!

Esta urgencia por transformar y por “vuelo” creativo se hará sentir también en el plano colectivo, y habrá eventos en la Tierra que requerirán de transformación colectiva y de una respuesta imaginativa. Estas serán oportunidades para elevarse por encima de las viejas formas de pensamiento y percepción basadas en el miedo y en la carencia, y para elevarse hasta un nuevo nivel de cooperación y creación como una familia Planetaria.

A medida que eres despertado a esta realidad, encontrarás que es más fácil simplemente permitirse a uno mismo transformarse, elevarse y responder de formas mágicas. Tú eres el Tejedor de Sueños, el Bailarín Mágico, creando la danza luminiscente de la vida.

Guardianes de la Magia

A medida que trabajes con la magia de la Libélula, te convertirás también en un Custodio de la Magia Divina.

La Libélula nos enseña cómo moverse entre mundos y dimensiones, y cómo tejer sueños que crean nuevas realidades.

Los sueños mágicos que tejerás serán la creación de tu realidad y de tus líneas de tiempo. Tu vida se volverá tan fluida y agraciada como la danza de una Libélula, creando magia y luz en tu estela.

Has aprendido a ser consciente de que la vida es una ilusión, ahora vas a aprender a tejer esta ilusión en un campo de luz mágica que reflejará la signatura de tu energía y tu amor y compasión.

La Meditación y Activación de la Libélula para el 2015

Esta meditación te ayudará a conectar con la energía de la Libélula. Activará esa energía en el Campo de tu Cuerpo de Luz.

Para comenzar la meditación, asegúrate de que estés o bien acostado, o sentado en una posición cómoda con los pies en el suelo y la columna recta.

Comienza centrándote en tu respiración, enfócate en la inhalación y luego en la exhalación, permitiéndote relajarte. Si eres un practicante de chamanisno, puedes abrir un Círculo Sagrado para este trabajo.

Cuando sientas que estás relajado, enfoca tu atención e intención en tu Centro Corazón, y permítete conectar con la Luz Divina y la Llama que vive dentro de tu corazón. Siéntete expandiendo esa luz y llenando tu cuerpo y tu cuerpo de luz con esta luz Divina Dorada.

Permítete respirar esta luz, con cada célula de tu cuerpo! Quizás comiences a ver muchos colores mágicos – primero un azul brillante, luego un blanco-plateado radiante, luego oro, rosa, verde, turquesa y muchos otros colores. Permite que estos colores fluyan sobre ti y bailen a tu alrededor.

Ahora estás listo para convocar a la energía de la Libélula, así que llama a la Libélula hacia ti.

Verás en tu visión interior una hermosa Libélula que vendrá a ti, bailando en la luz y volando y revoloteando. Permítete fundirte en la

Libélula, y ahora estás volando y bailando y tejiendo luz con energía de Libélula. Permítete fluir en las vías luminiscentes de luz.

Puedes volar hacia el cielo, puedes revolotear sobre el agua, o puedes sentarte tranquilamente en una caña para secar tus alas. Y soñarás. Vas a soñar con la creación y nuevos proyectos y deseos que buscan manifestación en tu realidad. Y sentirás la energía de la Libélula ayudándote a tejer esos sueños en la realidad.

Siente cuan antigua es esta energía mientras teje la luz. Siente la antigua energía mágica de los dragones que aún se mantiene en la Libélula (N. de T.: en inglés “libélula” es “dragonfly”, cuya traducción literal sería “mosca dragón”). Siente cómo las ilusiones están escurriéndose hasta que veas la belleza y la verdad puras y brillantes en el corazón de toda la creación. Y esto es Amor. Puro Amor y Compasión manifestándose como Creatividad, Dicha y Abundancia.

Siente cómo estás recibiendo en tu corazón, tu alma, espíritu y cuerpo de luz, la antigua bendición de la Libélula.

Esta energía estará contigo y te apoyará en el 2015. Te ayudará a danzar con luz, belleza, magia, alegría, abundancia y amor.

Permítete estar abierto a cualquier mensaje que pueda venir de la Libélula.

Cuando estés completo, puedes regresar tu foco al centro del corazón y respirar profundamente. Si has abierto un círculo puedes cerrarlo ahora, y volver a la conciencia cotidiana. Respira profundamente varias veces y mueve los brazos y las piernas. También puede ayudar ponerse de pie y estampar tus pies para anclarte de nuevo en la Tierra.

© 2014-15 Celia Fenn and Starchild Global This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Se permite copiar, distribuir, mostrar y realizar el trabajo bajo las siguientes condiciones: Deben acreditar la autora, no pueden utilizar esto con fines comerciales y no pueden alterar, transformar o modificar este trabajo. Para cualquier re-uso o distribución deben aclararle a los demás los términos de licencia de este trabajo. Cualquiera de estas condiciones puede dispensarse si obtienen permiso del titular del derecho de autor. Para cualquier otro fin se debe obtener autorización de la autora.

Traducción: Marcela Borean
Difusión: El Manantial del Caduceo

Editado por Tony de Pablo ©

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Sharing.:::.SaLuSa.:::.▶ How to Remove Red-Eye in Photoshop – ▶ Calendario Mensual Personalizado en Photoshop. – Arcturian Ancient History – Message to the Lemurians | photos

Sharing.:::.SaLuSa.:::.▶ How to Remove Red-Eye in Photoshop – ▶ Calendario Mensual Personalizado en Photoshop. – Arcturian Ancient History – Message to the Lemurians | photos.

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Sharing.:::.SaLuSa.:::.▶ How to Remove Red-Eye in Photoshop – ▶ Calendario Mensual Personalizado en Photoshop. – Arcturian Ancient History – Message to the Lemurians

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Monday, December 8, 2014 

Arcturian Ancient History – Message to the Lemurians


Arcturian Ancient History Part 1

The Arcturians Talk with the Lemurians
Dear Readers, 

I am again posting some of the Arcturian messages that I added to my fourth Pleiadian Perceptions on Ascension boos. In this section, the Arcturians are in Inner Earth speaking with the Lemurians.

Dearest August Members of Gaia’s Planet Earth, 

As many of you know, when the Galactics land on Gaia’s surface, you, the members of Inner Earth, will send your emissaries topside to assist and educate the many humans who will be dazed and confused.

With that said, we will continue speaking to you, our dear Lemurian friends, as if you were the very humans that you will be going topside to support. In this way we will guide you in the same manner that you will guide the topsider humans.

We come to you within this NOW to tell about Earth’s earliest history. The seeding of a planet is much like the seeding of the ground. Seeds are planted in the hope that they will grow and prosper.

In the same fashion, beings from different planets, galaxies and dimensions planted their “seeds” in the hope that they could live, grow and prosper on a young (in planetary terms) world. However, rather than physical seeds, we Galactics planted seeds of consciousness.

We, the Arcturians, were among the first Galactics to send our seeds of consciousness into the life forms of planet Earth. Hence, it is we who have come to you to deliver this message. We encourage all of you to remember your Galactic Family.

Those of you who have taken incarnations on surface Earth will need to dust off the cobwebs of forgetfulness from your incarnations during the Piscean Age. During that age of the Kali Yuga, which is referred to as the Dark Age, humanity was as far away from the ONE as possible.

In fact, humans believed that the Sun revolved around the Earth, and that the Earth was the most evolved planet in all of the Galaxy, or even the Universe. It takes a strong person to recognize they were mistaken in their perception of reality. It takes an even stronger person to recognize the many lies that have limited their expansion into SELF.

It is your NOW to release your fear of other civilizations. We come to remind you that you have many expressions of your Multidimensional SELF who are currently holding forms on Starships, different planets and in other galaxies.

Most of your galactic expressions live in fifth dimensional light bodies that exist within the NOW of unconditional love. However, there are still some members of the Power Over Others galactic worlds that exist on the third/fourth dimension of our Galaxy, as well as on Earth.

Most of these beings have changed their ways once they finally lost The Galactic War. However, many Draconians came to Earth after they lost the war. The Draconians are the descendants of the great dinosaurs of Earth’s ancient history. Therefore, they believe that Earth is their planet.

These beings are primarily responsible for the fall of Lemuria and Atlantis, as well as many of the wars your planet has suffered. However, their reign has come to an end. Because of their resistance to unconditional love, their resonance is unable to expand into the fifth-dimensional lightbodies that will inhabit Gaia’s new fifth dimensional Earth.

Fortunately, just as some members of these civilizations remained lost to the darkness of ‘power-over-others,’ there were others who ascended into the fifth dimension. Some of them took refuge in the earth, such as your selves, to await their opportunity to ascend themselves and planet Earth.

Therefore, do not judge another by their species or the habits of their greater family. All life has an opportunity to join Gaia on New Earth, and all life will be welcomed. Many, such as this gathering of Lemurians, live just one half octave above the physical world on Earth’s surface.

You, our dear Lemurian friend, entered Earth before She plummeted into Her lowest frequency. Because of the completion of the great cycle of the Procession of the Equinox, Earth is now in alignment with the Galactic Center. Thus, the planet’s frequency of resonance is slowly and surely rising.

In fact, Earth entered Her Golden Age in late 2012 and She will remain in this era for 2,000 years. During these 2,000 years, multidimensional light and unconditional love will flow directly form the Galactic Center and into the heart of Gaia. Hence, it is the NOW for transmutation of Gaia and ALL Her inhabitants.

Gaia is ready NOW, as is her plant and animal kingdom. It is humanity that is still attached to the 3D Matrix and cannot look beyond it. Fortunately, there are also many humans who are fully prepared to transmute into the higher frequencies of reality. Dear members of Inner Earth, when you go topside, your first assignment is to find these fully awakened ones.

Then, just as we talk to them when we bring them on our Ships, you can talk to them as they walk the body of beloved Gaia. You may wonder when all this will occur, so allow us to answer this question. All that we have spoken of will occur not at a given time, but in a given frequency.

The number of humans who can perceive this frequency, which is of course the resonance of the fifth dimension, is expanding exponentially. Therefore, we ask once again, be patient within your NOW. Cherish every moment of the life you NOW live. In this moment you live in unconditional love, which is the key to your transmutation into your fifth dimensional Lightbody.

When we say we are WITH you, we mean we are IN you, just as you are IN unity with us. When we finished our message the room was totally quite. We knew that the task of going topside to try to communicate with the third-dimensional humans was daunting to them. Therefore, we continued.

Yes, our dear friends. Humanity has been lost in the illusions of the third dimension since the fall of Atlantis. We know that you are impatient for their awakening, but remember that you have been living in the fifth-dimensional pocket of Gaia’s heart.

Do you remember when the Atlantians destroyed your world? Do you remember the great fear that you felt and the anger that filled your hearts regarding the Atlantians? The topsider humans have been experiencing this degree of fear and anger since the fall of Atlantis.

We send a wave of unconditional love into this audience again to open their hearts and minds to more information. When we felt their confusion and worry transmute to love and dedication to purpose, we continued.

Lemuria and Atlantis were meant to bring Gaia into a dualistic reality so that Gaia could serve as a school in which beings could incarnate to learn the Law of Cause and Effect. This law was to be taught to the students (inhabitants of Earth) by giving them “time” between the energy field going out into reality (cause) and when it returned back to the sender (the effect).

In a unified, fifth dimensional reality, cause and effect occur instantly. Hence Gaia chose to resonate to the frequency of the third dimension. To do so, she had to lower her resonance from the NOW of the fifth dimension and beyond into the time-bound resonance of the third dimension of duality.

Since time is created by polarities such as male/female, good/bad, day/night, Gaia would need to have males and female inhabitants. Lemuria was to be the female ‘Mother Civilization’ to represent the Flow of the electron, receptive/inflow, feminine polarity of energy, experienced as love and emotions.

Lemuria began when life planet Earth was in its infant stages, and the ‘mothers’ loved the infant planet by merging with the elements of the earth, air, fire and water. You Lemurians had no desire to become an individual or to ‘think’ about having personal power. You saw yourselves as one with all life on Earth.

Atlantis, on the other hand, was to be the ‘Father Civilization and was meant to represent the Flow of the proton, expressive/outflow, masculine polarity of energy, experienced as power and thoughts. The Atlantians enjoyed thinking and discovering how they could change and improve their world.

Whereas your Lemurian spirituality was based on love of all life and Mother Earth was your divine leader, the Atlantians looked upwards into the sky. They could understand and conquer the land and sea, but they could not, yet, understand and conquer the sky. Therefore, their spiritual guidance came from far above them.

Are you beginning to see how polarity began to take hold on Gaia’s planet?” we asked and observed as they shook their heads yes.

 Through the marriage of feminine, Love/Emotion and the masculine, Power/Thoughts, the two landed expressions of Gaia could gain the great Wisdom to combine their thoughts and emotions to create a beautiful reality in which everyone could learn by putting together what had been separated.

When the humanoids, the Keepers of the Land, could unite their thoughts and emotions (masculine and feminine) they would create their new world. Unfortunately, instead of a beautiful bonding and resulting ascension, their “marriage,” like many Earthly marriages, ended in a long “divorce” in which both of them lost everything.

Part of the reason for this divorce of power and love was that the ‘Power-over’ galactic ancestors of these great civilizations could never approve of this marriage. All they wanted was to ‘have it ALL.’ In other words, greed was the cause of destruction then, just as it is in your NOW.

Since Gaia is NOW in the energy field of galactic light and planetary unity, the marriage of ALL polarities into the ONE is the hope and means of ascension. As we tell the age-old story of love and power, peak and fall, unity and separation, we ask you to listen with your Multidimensional SELF, so that you will remember YOUR Truth.

Through remembering your own Truth, your own perception of this story, you can take that which was in your distant past and bring it into your present to create a future of ascension within the NOW of the ONE.

In this manner you can travel in consciousness via the oscillation of the sine waves of your consciousness. The higher your consciousness, the faster the oscillation of sine waves, and the more quickly you will travel inter-dimensionally via your consciousness.

The frequency of your consciousness is influenced by the rate of the spin of molecules within your form. If your form resonates to a much lower frequency than your multidimensional consciousness, your consciousness and form will not be in entrainment. Therefore, you will not be able to perceive what is occurring within your higher frequency consciousness and inter-dimensional travels.

It is the discrepancy between the frequency of your form and the frequency of your consciousness that creates the illusion of separation in which you feel separate from your Multidimensional SELF. In the world in which humanity has lived since before the fall of Atlantis, this type of “separation from SELF” was unknown.

Before the fall of Lemuria, and even until the later times of Atlantis, the humanoid form resonated to the fifth dimension and beyond. Because of these high frequencies, the bodies did not have a static form. In fact, many did not need a form at all and existed as pure consciousness.

Through the early and positive actions of the early Atlantians, Spirit can now inhabit the fourth dimension. It is the challenge of the grounded ones, who are the descendants of Atlantis, to bring Spirit into the matter of the third dimension.

The Atlantians created this splitting of their spiritual and denser forms when they began genetic engineering. Before the genetic engineering, all forms on Atlantis were ‘visited’ by androgynous Spirits of the higher dimensions. These spiritual beings visited Atlantis in the same manner that you would log in to a video game.

We share return to speak more of on early Lemuria.

Blessings, We are the Arcturians

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viernes, 31 de enero de 2014

 31 de Enero 2014

Por todo lo que está ocurriendo a vuestro alrededor, vuestra armonía y vuestra paz parecen disolverse, aunque gradualmente el caos será menor y en un espacio de tiempo relativamente corto la paz se asentará sobre la Tierra. Eso es por la llegada de la Nueva Era, que está elevando las vibraciones más rápidamente. Esos cambios siempre iban a acompañar a este periodo, con la separación última de los que están preparados para ascender de los que no lo están. Esto es inevitable, porque las vibraciones se incrementan hasta el punto en el que solo las almas que han alcanzado el mismo nivel pueden permanecer en él. Es la culminación de muchos miles de años de experiencia a través de muchas vidas en diferentes Eras. El final de un ciclo es un tiempo importante en el que todas las almas deciden lo bien que su plan de vida ha hecho avanzar su evolución, y si necesitan repetir alguna experiencia en particular.

La mayoría de vosotros estáis bien avanzados y estaréis preparados para pasar al siguiente escalón de vuestra evolución con la ayuda y el consejo de almas más evolucionadas. Muchos permaneceréis con la Evolución Humana, pero algunos elegiréis uniros a otras especies, lo que puede llevaros a otro planeta. Naturalmente, os reencarnaríais en una forma que se ajustase a esa experiencia. Los que continúen sus experiencias en la Tierra en la 4ª dimensión encontrarán que la vida toma un aspecto completamente nuevo, y que está en un tiempo armonioso y feliz. Los oscuros se irán y seguirán su propio futuro predestinado, y se les dará otra oportunidad para volver a la Luz.

Tenéis poca idea de la felicidad y la plenitud que os espera, y excederá de lejos vuestras expectativas. Será vuestra recompensa por haber atravesado el periodo más oscuro de vuestra vida y haber tenido éxito en encontrar de nuevo la Luz. Algunos de vosotros encontrarán que algunos de sus amigos o familiares no han logrado entrar en la dimensión superior. No temáis por su futuro porque estarán exactamente donde puedan continuar y progresar hacia la Luz. Desde vuestra posición podréis saber sobre su progreso y visitarles cuando estén fuera del cuerpo en su periodo de sueño. Aunque vosotros podréis mantener el recuerdo de esos encuentros, ellos volverán a su dimensión sin memoria consciente de ellos.

En la actualidad estáis despertando a vuestro potencial verdadero a medida que vuestro nivel de consciencia se expande, hasta que en el futuro cercano adquiráis la plena consciencia. Tened seguro que hay muchos ayudantes ya preparados en sus puestos para ayudaros a tomar vuestro lugar en las dimensiones superiores. La vida es una continua oportunidad para evolucionar, y en cada estadio tenéis muchos ayudantes. Los que han evolucionado siempre tienen la responsabilidad de ayudar a los que siguen tras ellos. Cuando las almas similares se unen, su consciencia se convierte en Una, pero aseguraos de que al mismo tiempo mantenéis vuestra individualidad.

Sabemos que muchos de vosotros estáis cansados de vuestras experiencias, y no es sorprendente, considerando las densas vibraciones en las que existís. Es por eso por lo que recibís tan pocas visitas de Seres de las dimensiones superiores, que la encuentran una pesada vibración muy poco placentera en la que estar. Igualmente, vosotros estaréis así de elevados cuando entréis en las dimensiones superiores, y gozaréis de todas las ventajas asociadas a ellas. No os equivoquéis, cuando elegisteis ayudar a las almas atrapadas en las bajas vibraciones sabíais la difícil tarea que sería. Sin embargo, estabais seguros de que no importaba lo bajo que cayeseis, siempre estaríamos ahí para ayudaros a volver a vuestro legítimo lugar.

Queridos, vuestra estancia en la dimensión inferior está casi totalmente acabada, y emergeréis mucho más grandes que cuando entrasteis al principio. Vuestra experiencia ayudará a almas que pueden beneficiarse de ella, y vais a ser alabados por vuestro gran sacrificio por beneficiar a otras almas en el camino hacia la Luz.

Soy SaLuSa de Sirio, y estoy lleno de admiración y gratitud por vuestros actos exentos de egoísmo para ayudar a vuestros compañeros de viaje. Sois todos Uno y estáis vinculados de formas que son interminables, y os seguiréis ayudando los unos a los otros en vuestro gran viaje a través del Cosmos. Vuestro sacrificio tiene su propia recompensa cuando veis almas que entran en la Luz y despiertan a sus seres reales.

Website:Tree of the Golden Light
Traducción: PEC
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Sharing.:::. Nov 20 BY SELACIA -.:::.SaLuSa | samkaska

Sharing.:::. Nov 20 BY SELACIA -.:::.SaLuSa | samkaska.

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Sharing.:::. Nov 20 BY SELACIA -.:::.SaLuSa

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Working with Time Distortions by Selacia

The winds of change have shifted this month, allowing more forward movement and a reprieve from October’s erratic energies. If you’re not yet feeling like it’s smooth sailing, one reason is the time distortion we’re experiencing.

Clock time can tell you one thing, yet your own inner sense of time may have you feeling either behind time or urgently wanting to be ahead. The overall effect can be a sense that you aren’t quite in tune with where you need to be. You may simply want to stop the merry-go-round of time altogether!

You really cannot stop the march of time, of course, but there is plenty that you can do to keep your equilibrium. In fact, in this last stretch of 2014, it is essential that you discover how to make friends with time and change.

Divine Changemakers and Time

Your empowerment as a divine changemaker is integrally linked to mastery of the two connected energies of time and change. Empowerment, after all, is experienced as you become practiced navigating life’s fluctuations – increasingly finding your center and an inner place of calm regardless of circumstances. Only in a state of calm can you effectively meet the next surprise or challenge and respond in the highest way. Only by being present and in your heart can you have clarity about what you face and wisdom to know how to meet what you see.

3 Reminders about Time

Here are three reminders about time. Keep these in mind during this hectic season in order to have more inner peace.

First, realize there indeed is clock time and there are many practical reasons for synchronizing clocks – like to meet your friend for dinner or arrive at the airport before your plane departs.

Second, clock time is a linear measurement. You are a quantum being, so don’t measure your potentials by clocks – think bigger. Apply a quantum perspective to the hour you have before a meeting, allowing a vast reservoir of creativity to bubble up into your consciousness – doing in one hour what could have taken you all morning.

Third, consider the cycle or season. This time each year, holidays and end-of-year deadlines can distort the sense of time. There is often a flurry of activity, everyone around you busy with something, perhaps excited, and seeming in a rush. This comes with a palpable feeling and it can be catching!

3 Tips to Master Time

Here are three ways to master time in these moments. Work with these daily between now and the end of 2014 to become more resourced creating the life of your dreams!

First, do your best to ground and center several times a day. If you aren’t sure if you are grounded, you probably aren’t. Sitting or standing, focus on your heart and a line of red energy running down your body into the sacred Earth.

Second, when you consider timed activities, decide that you will approach the clock in a quantum way – this means you are both practical and respectful of self and others and also means you refuse to let your creativity be enslaved by time. You remember that your creativity and inner wisdom sourced from spirit come in unbounded ways!

Third, you remain mindful of pack mentality and the tendency to get caught up in the season’s senseless rushing. If something is truly urgent, of course, then apply your best efforts to attend to it with high importance. Remember, however, that many things really aren’t that big a deal!

Copyright 2014 by Selacia – author of Earth’s Pivotal Years, healer, and teacher * All Rights Reserved * * Feel free to share these articles with your friends and post to your blog or website as long as you include this copyright line and the full article text.

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▶ Galactic Federation of Light SaLuSa November-21-2014 – YouTube

* * *

Friday, 21 November 2014
English — SaLuSa 21 November 2014

Galactic Channelings Facebook page

SaLuSa 21 November 2014

Time marches on and you are now able to adapt to the faster pace it is running at, and still carry out the tasks that you have set yourselves. In the future you will find that it runs even faster and that you will go along with the changes. All that is happening is a part of the process that is going to propel you into the New Age. However, your re-action is often one of confusion as so much is happening at any one time. Providing you keep focused on what you know to be the purpose of them, you will see within a pattern that will slowly emerge. It will indicate the direction in which you are going and take you along the pathway to the New Age. Nothing can now stop the progress that is being made, and it will bring success in lifting you up out of the lower vibrations.

As the changes in the seasons become more pronounced, so it will become apparent to you that the extremes you experience are diminishing. Instead, there are now more acceptable conditions as you begin to move more easily from one season to another. It will result in changes within the plant and animal kingdoms as they also adjust. Indeed, such happenings are already being reported, and will continue until eventually the difference in the seasons will become much less pronounced. The oceans of the world are also being affected, and as they warm up so certain species of life will move to different areas that are suited to them. You are for example sometimes experiencing dramatic changes in the much colder regions. Ice packs are melting at a much faster rate and it is known that over a period of time the sea levels will rise with the consequent changes. You do however have advance warning of what the changes may entail, and have every opportunity to take suitable action.

Prepare for the future well in advance and all areas of life will be able to cope with the changes. However, be prepared to accept that life cannot continue as it is, but if preparations are carried out well in advance you will so to say “ride out the storm”. You have the advantage of being well informed about the nature of the changes, and can prepare in good time. There are also many advanced inventions and technologies that are yet to generally released, and these will also make life a lot easier to cope with. Believe us Dear Ones that we do not stand idly by without assisting you where possible, and we inspire and guide people so that their knowledge and expertise can help you through the changes. There are also the challenges of a nature that call for a more heads on approach, and we can assist you to cope with them. As you may already be aware most of our work is carried out without your knowledge, but there will come a day when we can openly work with you. Those days are not so far away as you might imagine and we look forward to them.

You were placed on Earth eons of time ago and given freewill to create your own future. That you have done, and when you look back you may come to the conclusion that you have still not found complete peace and happiness. Indeed your history is littered with incidents of war or threats of war, but at great cost in human life, and you have begun to realise the need to live peacefully together. You have experienced what happens when greed and avarice take over, and it gives little comfort to you but the lessons are gradually bearing fruit. For those souls who still need more time to find the right path to peaceful co-existence, another cycle has begun, and they will have every opportunity to lift themselves up.

You have lived through the illusion of material life as it would be without the full energy of love to guide you. Yet the Light has still managed to come through to lessen the effect of the darkness created by those who only believe in self-aggrandisement. Some of your lives have been extremely hard yet others have given you glimpses of the peace and happiness that lies beyond. Once you have tasted the true life you will settle for nothing less, and the opportunity to do so is within your grasp. Already subtle changes are taking place that will open the doors to the future that awaits you. No lesser Beings will be able to spoil the happiness that it brings, as their place is in the lower vibrations that their lives are in harmony with.

Knowing what awaits you in the future should enable you to face it with calm assurance, and have no fear of the outcome. Be aware once again that the future is already known, and you will be pleasantly surprised at the speed of the changes. The dark Ones no longer “rule the roost” and they are creating their own future. Their influence is becoming less as they no longer wield the power and authority they once had. So do not be too concerned about their activities, as they are so bound up in their own little world they no longer believe they can fail. However, they are meeting resistance and by the time they realise what is happening it will be too late to recover.
So please keep to a path that will carry you into levels of Light of the higher vibrations. As you do so you will find that you are less and less distracted or affected by whatever is happening around you. You can so to say, let the world go by as you enjoy the peace within that you have created for yourselves. As much as you feel insulated from events happening around you, you can help others that are struggling with life. It will be test of how much you have gained and learnt from your times in the lower vibrations, and how you can apply yourself to the needs of the day. Sometimes all it requires to help lift up another soul, is a kind word or act that helps bring Light into their life.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and feel the growing excitement at the realisation that changes are occurring that will bring the New Age into being for you. At last you have reached the end of the cycle and it only remains for the old Age to be swept away, to make room for the new one that will bring you the most happy times and utter joy.

Thank you SaLuSa
Mike Quinsey
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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The Portal of Truth 
Obama, the Liar
by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 22, 2014

by Georgi Stankov, November 22, 2014

Walk-In, Walk-Out, Obama cannot alter his nature – that of a Liar – unless a new old soul has entered this compromised empty shell to prove the opposite. However, from my personal experience I can confirm that even the most wise old soul has great difficulties to make an U-turn from past dark habits when she enters the body of a human personality that has sold to the archons and the dark ruling cabal. This observation is given a priori as a matter of fact.

What is remarkable is that the Zionist controlled Western MSM are now, after the opening of the huge Portal of Truth, no longer willing to sweep the truth with a huge broom under the rug of forgetfulness and deliberate deceptions. Even the flagship of the US dark ruling cabal must now resort to inconvenient confessions about the lies of the darkest US president Obama.

According to the New York Times, president Barack Obama has secretly signed an order that expands the United States’ direct combat role in Afghanistan throughout 2015.

Signed over the last few weeks (most probably before the old walk-in soul entered this dark entity), the secret order permits American forces to continue to battle the Taliban and other militants that pose a threat to either the Afghan government or US personnel. US jets, bombers, and drones will be able to aid ground troops – be they Afghan or US forces – in whatever mission they undertake.

Under the order, ground troops could join Afghan troops on missions, and airstrikes could be carried out in their support.

If true, this marks a significant expansion of America’s role in Afghanistan in 2015. Previously, President Obama said US forces would not be involved in combat operations once the new year begins. He did say troops would continue training Afghan forces and track down remaining Al-Qaeda members. Whether this newly exposed lie of Obama will break his neck remains to be seen, given the fact that the two chambers of Congress are now under the control of the GOP, which is even more bellicose than the dark Obama’s imperial regime. But it is now getting more thrilling by the hour.

Read the NY Times article

In a Shift, Obama Extends U.S. Role in Afghan Combat


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Canada, USA and Ukraine Are Nazi States
by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 22, 2014

by Georgi Stankov, November 22, 2014

I am living in Canada now for more than 8 months and I am dismayed by the complacency and gullibility of the Canadian people with respect to the criminal government of the Orion clone Harper. I have so far refrained from publishing articles on this insignificant Western country with the second biggest territory, but now the “barrel is full” (Der Fass ist voll), to quote a German saying.

On Friday, Russia made another very clever move to expose the dark Western cabal of the AAA (Anglo-American-Axis). Russia proposed a resolution condemning attempts to glorify Nazism ideology and denial of German Nazi war crimes at the UN General Assembly’s Third Committee. The resolution was passed on Friday by the committee, which is tasked with tackling social and humanitarian issues and human rights abuses, by 115 votes against three, with 55 nations abstaining, The USA, Canada and Ukraine were the only countries to vote against it and thus to reveal that they are governed entirely by Nazi ideology.

We know this for sure with respect to the Nazi putsch regime in Kiev that is murdering its own people in Eastern Ukraine and committing ethnic cleansing on all Russian speaking people there. And we know that this regime came on power by the explicit support of the criminal Obama regime. Less is known however that Canada has evolved in the meantime to a classical Neo-Nazi country governed by the clandestine dictatorship of the dark cabal’s clone Harper.

Fortunately, there are a few awakened and critical Canadian citizens who vehemently disagree with this dangerous development in their country and raise their voices against the numerous crime Harper and his government are currently committing before they will be ousted from power in the End Time. Here is a sample of some notable articles that repudiate the criminal policies of the current Canadian Nazi government. There are many more, but unfortunately none of them has appeared so far in the MSM:

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Canada: Harper Government’s Subservience to Senator McCain …

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Canada’s Harper visits Kiev to Laud Coup, Threaten Russia | Global …


US, Canada & Ukraine vote against Russia’s anti-Nazism resolution at UN
Edited time: November 22, 2014 12:31

UN General Assembly’s Third Committee passed a Russia-proposed resolution condemning attempts to glorify Nazism ideology and denial of German Nazi war crimes. The US, Canada and Ukraine were the only countries to vote against it.

The resolution was passed on Friday by the committee, which is tasked with tackling social and humanitarian issues and human rights abuses, by 115 votes against three, with 55 nations abstaining, Tass news agency reported.

The document voiced concern over the rise of racism-driven crimes around the world and the influence that parties with extremist agendas are gaining.

It called for a universal adoption of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination. Many nations including the US, the UK, China and India, signed the convention but did not recognize a mechanism resolving individual complaints it establishes, which makes the convention unenforceable in their jurisdictions.

The resolution also decried attempts to whitewash Nazi collaborators by depicting them as fighters of nationalist resistance movements and honoring them as such.

It condemned any form of denial of Nazi war crimes, including the Jewish Holocaust.

Azov battalion soldiers take an oath of allegiance to Ukraine in Kiev’s Sophia Square before being sent to the Donbass region. (RIA Novosti / Alexandr Maksimenko)

Russia, which submitted the draft resolution, said it regretted that it could not be adopted anonymously.

“The fact that the US, Canada and Ukraine voted against, while delegations from EU member states abstained in the vote on this draft resolution, which was supported by an overwhelming majority of the UN member states, is extremely regrettable,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

“Ukraine’s position is particularly dispiriting and alarming. One can hardly understand how a country, the people of which suffered their full share of the horrors of Nazism and contributed significantly to our common victory against it, can vote against a resolution condemning its glorification,” the ministry said.

Moscow proposes similar documents to the UN General Assembly annually, but the US and Canada have consistently voted against them. Ukraine is a new nation among the opponents, as in previous years it has abstained.

Kiev’s representative at the session, Andrey Tsymbalyuk, said that while Ukraine did condemn Nazism and neo-Nazism, it could not endorse the Russian resolution, because it suffered not only from Nazism, but also from Stalinism in the past.

“As long as Stalinism and neo-Stalinism are not condemned as strongly as Nazism, neo-Nazism and other forms of hatred, Ukraine would not be able to back this document,” the diplomat said.

The resolution is to be formally adopted by the UN General Assembly as a body in December.

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sharing.:::.SaLuSa ::: Galactic Federation of Light | samkaska

sharing.:::.SaLuSa ::: Galactic Federation of Light | samkaska.

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sharing.:::.SaLuSa ::: Galactic Federation of Light

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SaLuSa – November 14, 2014

Posted on Nov 14, 2014
by cosmicgaia
in Mike Quinsey, SaLuSa
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Galactic Federation of Light

Channeled by Mike Quinsey 

Nothing will be allowed to stop the onward march of the Light until it embraces all aspects of your lives. By then the dark Ones will have been left behind, having determined their future by their previous actions.

All souls will find themselves exactly where they are meant to be, both by their actions and intentions. No one can avoid the consequences of them, but mistakes will not necessarily prevent you from ascending.

It is your intent that matters, and sometimes with the best of intentions you may still make mistakes. If you have made the decision to follow the Path of Light, you will be helped along the way and unless you are distracted and go astray you should reach your goal. Progress is determined by your level of vibrations which at a certain point will result in your Ascension.

We continue to follow your advances into the New Age, and are closely monitoring the activities of individuals that are the dark Ones. In some ways they are at their most dangerous when they are fighting a losing battle, but we are sufficiently in control to ensure that they cannot impeded or halt progress.

Your destiny is mapped out already, and before very long you will know without doubt where your future lies. Slowly but surely our representatives upon Earth are taking up positions that will ensure success. In doing so we have been able to ensure that events are going to favour those working for the Light, whilst stemming or preventing those in opposition from interfering. Such actions are permissible now that you have sufficiently advanced to clearly indicate your intentions to follow the path of Ascension.

To individuals that are of the Light we would ask that you keep to your paths, and do not waver or doubt the outcome. You are already on the path that leads to success and as time passes it is rapidly growing, and more souls are awakening to their tasks.

Most Lightworkers are part of what we would call the silent majority, who ceaselessly carry on with their work regardless of what goes on around them. Their strength comes from being a powerful Light force that is awakening many other souls around them.

You have suffered trials and tribulations for many centuries, but now you are to reap the rewards of your efforts. The Light is increasing exponentially and is having a worldwide effect. The changes may not yet be apparent, but in time it will be obvious that a new energy has taken hold on Earth.

The media is still very much controlled, but your Internet has become such a vast size it is a mine of information and you can learn so much from it. The dark Ones are of course aware of it and place false information upon it, but you should be able to identify those sites that are of this type. You already have many named sources and sites that you know you can trust, and that are well known. The dark Ones will attempt to confuse you with false information, but with care you will be able to identify them. In fact there is an overwhelming amount of information available, and you can note those that are of the Light.

On Earth many incidents occur that are encouraged by those that set out to mislead people. False rumours are circulated and confusion results, but by now you should be able to identify such happenings for what they are. Anything of the Light will stand strong and last the test of time, so trust your intuition where anything else is concerned. You will occasionally make a mistake but learn from them and move on.

The test as to how you are doing is to what degree you can stand oblivious to whatever is going on around you. Stand fully centred and firmly on your path, and you will not be affected by any attempts of the dark Ones to put you off. As time proceeds you will find that matters will become much easier to deal with and less likely to cause you any problems.

As you approach the year end your thoughts will turn to what you may expect from the New Year, and we can tell you that it will be notable for the progress made to bring Ascension into being. There will be revelations that explain the way that you will move into the changes that will be becoming evident. As the influence of the lower energies becomes less effective, you will progress quite quickly and without their influence. It will be a time of joy and happiness as your true history is revealed, and your future assured.

Because of our efforts and the Lightworkers, more and more people have an open mind where we are concerned, yet many are uncertain or even scared of the prospect of meeting visitors from other planets, and fear that we have ulterior motives. However, with the coming of the Space Age minds have been awakened to the existence of other life.

Some sources such as Science Fiction depict us as rather frightening beings that are only interested in taking over the Earth. Rest assured that no such threat exists and you are closely protected by us. At times other civilisations have ventured as far as your Earth, but we stop them from interfering with your future. The End Times have already been determined and exist in the “Now” ready to manifest. You do not need to worry as this cycle has a “happy ending” as decreed by God.

As the changes upon Earth continue to take place it would seem as if the end had arrived, but we assure you that you are firmly in the early stages of the New Age. Much work has to be carried out to remove vestiges of the old ways, and introduce the New Age benefits.

Many of these already exist but have been held back until the right time arrives when they can be announced. You already have a vision of what they are and they will provide you with advances on many fronts such as transportation. You will be propelled into a future that will overcome the need to use up the Earth’s resources.

I am SaLuSa and enjoy giving you glimpses of the future that are soon to become your reality. So much awaits you that will lift you up into a completely New Age.

Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey


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A Very Short Energy Update – November 15, 2014
by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 15, 2014
Georgi Stankov

I do not want to complain, but since the opening of the 11.11 portal I am in a terrible condition. I have severe pain due to a sore throat caused by a massive cleansing wave as I have never experienced before. It feel as if I have undergone a tonsillectomy and suffer from acute postoperative pain. I have a feeling of fever all the time with burning eyes, although there is no elevated temperature and my body aches all over like a severe flu.

Can barely sleep in the night and feel as if I am suffocating. Haven’t had such an episode since spring this year and thought these kinds of experiences were behind me. Barely cope with the daily life.

Today is another huge cc-wave with a severe headache, when I thought we would be spared after these three days of incessant torture. Carla suffers from the same symptoms as I do.

We were told by the Elohim that it has to do with the activation of the 5th chakra of truth in all people as to begin finally with the revelations, but Carla is also very ill and unable to finish the message. Hope to be better tomorrow, although such episodes last usually 2-3 weeks due to a prolonged broncho-pneumonitis with chest pain, coughing and expectoration. In my case, it goes on like this since 1999 and enough is enough.

I am indeed very much pissed off with this interminable cleansing and if you are going through the same ordeal, you have every right to be pissed off with your HS and the whole shebang. And do not hesitate to express this indignation – you have every right to do so. If some idiot intercepts your daily trajectory and angers you, forget all rosy, fluffy, tepid recommendations how an enlightened being should behave and do not hesitate to aggress him as a manifestation of the new energy quality of truth that we now introduce on this uppermost mother planet. I can assure you, you will feel much better after that, and this is what counts these days. Forget the empty soulless shells around you, they have no feelings whatsoever and there is no way how they can avoid their dreadful destiny anyway, which must start at some point in time. Why not with you? This, in case you need it and you can always put the blame on me. I do not mind taking the full responsibility, now, while we are saving the asses of so many slumbering light workers.

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Putin”s Interview with German National TV, ARD in Brisbane
by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 15, 2014

Putin asks: “Was something switched off in the brains of the Western ruling cabal?”

November 15, 2014, G20 summit in Brisbane, Australia

Putin: “Russian banks have currently extended a $25 billion loan to the Ukrainian economy. If our European and American partners want to help Ukraine, how can they undermine the financial base limiting our financial institutions’ access to world capital markets? Do they want to bankrupt our banks? In that case they will bankrupt Ukraine. Have they thought about what they are doing at all or not? Or has politics blinded them? As we know eyes constitute a peripheral part of brain. Was something switched off in their brains?”

I continue with the coverage of the G20 summit, which is a pivotal watershed for the beginning of the new era of truthful revelations. Here is part 1 of Putin’s interview with the first channel of the German national TV – ARD. This is a new powerful reset towards more rationality in politics in the West, which Putin offensively started with his historic speech in Sochi on October 24, 2014.

Putin’s Interview with ARD – Part 1

Though Russia has a right to demand an early repayment of its $3 billion loan to Kiev if its total debt exceeds 60 percent of GDP, Moscow has already decided against it, as it wants Ukraine to get on its feet, Vladimir Putin told German ARD channel.

Vladimir Putin answered questions from ARD’s Hubert Seipel.

Hubert Seipel: After the Crimea joined Russia, the West expelled Russia from the Group of Eight, this exclusive club of industrial states. At the same time the USA and Great Britain imposed sanctions against Russia. Now you are heading to a G20 summit of the most important industrial states on the planet. The focus there will be on economic growth and employment. Russian Finance Minister said the following about your country: “There is no more growth and unemployment is set to increase. The sanctions are starting to have an effect: both the ruble and the oil price have set anti‑records.” This is the exact opposite of what you are going to speak about in Brisbane. The forecast of attaining 2 percent growth in Russia is unfeasible. Other countries are in the same situation. This crisis has a counter‑productive character, including for the upcoming summit, wouldn’t you say?

Vladimir Putin: You mean the Ukrainian crisis?

Hubert Seipel: Yes.

Vladimir Putin: Of course, who could benefit from it? You wanted to know how the situation is evolving and what our expectations are. Of course we expect the situation to change for the better. Of course we expect the Ukrainian crisis to end. Of course we want to have normal relations with our partners, including in the United States and Europe. Of course, the situation with the so-called sanctions is damaging for the global economy (it is damaging for us and it is damaging for global economy as well) and it is damaging for the Russian EU relations most of all. In this case it contradicts international law, which governs economic relations, the WTO principles and the agreements we will try to reach during the G20summit. It comes into direct collision.

By the way, according to the European Commission data, the losses from Russia’s counter-measures aimed at protecting our economy are estimated as 5–6 billion euro. Can we estimate the losses that these sanctions have caused Russia? It is rather difficult. To some extent, these are virtual losses. Although we have really sustained losses, it is true. However, there are some advantages as well: the restrictions imposed on some Russian companies on purchasing certain goods from Western countries, from Europe and the United States, have induced us to produce these goods ourselves. The comfortable life, when all we had to do was produce more oil and gas, and to buy everything else, is a thing of the past. Now we must think about producing goods ourselves, not just oil and gas. We have solid science and technology resources, which makes us fully confident of our ability to address any technology issues independently, including in the defence sphere.

With regard to growth, we should note that this year growth was modest but it was present nevertheless at about 0.5–0.6 percent. Next year we are planning to achieve 1.2 percent growth, the year after that 2.3 percent and 3 percent in three years. Generally, these are not the figures we would like to have but nevertheless it is growth and we are confident that we will achieve these figures.

A man walks past shops damaged by recent shellings in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine, October 21, 2014.(Reuters / Shamil Zhumato)

Hubert Seipel: Another theme to be discussed in Brisbane will be financial stability. The situation in Russia may also be complicated because Russian banks can no longer obtain refinancing on world markets. Moreover, there are plans to close for Russia the international payments system. Do you think that this issue will be discussed at the summit as well? And what do you expect from this summit overall?

Vladimir Putin: I expect to have frank discussion with my colleagues and not to beat about the bush. In general, such venues, the decisions made there and the discussions at these venues are not binding and unfortunately are often not implemented, for example the decision to change the configuration of the international monetary system, to enhance the role of developing economies due to their changing position in the world economy as a whole. For example, we adopted a decision at a G20 summit to enhance the role of developing economies in the IMF. But the US Congress blocked the decision and everything came to a standstill. The Congress does not endorse the decision, and that’s it. We see what is happening but, of course, we hope to have frank and unbiased discussions.

As for the international financial architecture, the current problem is not new; it concerns the fact that developed economies have a surplus of capital that the Western economies do not know where to invest efficiently and reliably. The developing economies have commodity imbalance because they produce and sell goods using low-cost labour and some other production instruments that are cheaper than in Europe and the United States. So, there is a capital imbalance on one side and a commodity imbalance on the other side. It is difficult to agree on joint efforts in this area because the developing economies are always uncertain about the rules of the game concerning the allocation of this capital. The sanctions you have mentioned are a vivid negative example of our partners’ behaviour.

Reuters / Stringer

By the way, you have mentioned Ukraine, which is a striking example of the current situation in this sphere. Russian banks have currently extended a $25 billion loan to the Ukrainian economy. If our European and American partners want to help Ukraine, how can they undermine the financial base limiting our financial institutions’ access to world capital markets? Do they want to bankrupt our banks? In that case they will bankrupt Ukraine. Have they thought about what they are doing at all or not? Or has politics blinded them? As we know eyes constitute a peripheral part of brain. Was something switched off in their brains?

The bank that I mentioned is Gazprombank, which only this year, this calendar year, has extended a loan of $1.4 plus $1.8 billion to the Ukrainian energy sector. How much is that in total? $3.2 billion. This is the sum it has allocated. In one case, it issued a loan to Ukrainian Naftogaz, which is a public company; in the other case, it allocated $1.4 billion to a private company in order to support Ukraine’s chemical industry. In both cases, today this bank has the right to demand early repayment because the Ukrainian partners have violated their loan agreement. As for Naftogaz…

Hubert Seipel: The question is if they are paying or not?

Vladimir Putin: (In German) They are paying at the moment. (Continues in Russian) They are servicing the loan. Naftogaz is servicing one of the loans. However, there are some conditions that are being violated. Therefore, the bank has the formal right to demand early repayment.

In the second case they are doing nothing to repay the $1.4 billion. The government is holding the gas in an underground storage facility and does not give it to its industry. It is their own business that they are crippling their chemical industry. It is also not good to leave people without jobs, but it is their business. However, as the gas does not reach the consumer, as it is not paid for, our bank does not get the money back. It has the right to demand an early repayment. But if we do it, the whole Ukrainian financial system will collapse. And if we don’t do it, our bank may collapse. What should we do?

Moreover, when we extended a $3 billion loan a year ago, there was a condition that if Ukraine’s total debt exceeded 60 percent of GDP, we, the Russian Ministry of Finance, would be entitled to demand an early repayment. Again, if we do it, the whole financial system will collapse. We have already decided that we will not do it. We do not want to aggravate the situation. We want Ukraine to get on its feet at last. As for the bank, it is a financial institution, a joint-stock company whose shareholders include foreigners.

This is basically an answer to your question: any restrictions are counterproductive and in the long run cause damage to all international economic or financial actors.

Reuters / Gleb Garanich

Hubert Seipel: Not all G20 countries hold the same positions. For example, we have the BRICS states, including Russia, which have united to promote economic cooperation. Last year, you established your own BRICS Development Bank to provide an opposition to the West in the international financial sector in the future. Is this another split in this market?

Vladimir Putin: No, you should not see it like that. The issue is as follows. Indeed, the decision was made at the last BRICS summit in Brazil to create several financial instruments, to be more precise, two instruments – the BRICS Development Bank and the Contingent Reserve Arrangement. This Contingent Reserve Arrangement is being established along the same principles as the IMF and in a sense it may be considered its analogue, but it is being created for completely different purposes. It is being created to promote development in the BRICS countries only, or primarily development in the BRICS countries, and it is not going to replace such global institutions as the IMF.

What is the danger, in my opinion? It is to start separate international economic relationships. This concerns not only the monetary component but also trade.

As you know, the negotiations within the WTO, the so-called Doha Round, have come to a deadlock. Developed and developing economies cannot agree on the rules of the game in the agriculture sector and on some other issues. Today we hear some hints from our partners, first of all from the United States, concerning the creation of an Atlantic Alliance on the one side and a Pacific Alliance on the other, with those who meet certain requirements, as our partners see it. And the WTO does not seem to be such an important organisation anymore. I believe this is quite dangerous because the developing economies play an increasingly important role in the global economy as a whole and it is dangerous to ignore this.

(L-R) Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff and China’s President Xi Jinping pose for a group picture during the VI BRICS Summit in Fortaleza July 15, 2014.(Reuters / Paulo Whitaker)

Incidentally, the combined GDP of the BRICS countries calculated using purchasing power parity is already bigger than that of the so-called G7 countries. As far as I know, the BRICS countries have more than $37 trillion calculated using purchasing power parity, while the G7 has $34.5 trillion. And this upwards trend is in favour of the BRICS, not vice versa. That is why I think we should not follow the way of creating powerful but local associations but try to reach consensus within global organisations.

We spoke about what is happening in trade, how harmful what is currently happening is or isn’t. You know, if our banks are even partly cut off from international financing, they receive fewer resources. This means that our economic entities can purchase fewer goods from you. After all, our cooperation, say, between the Federal Republic of Germany and the Russian Federation, provides hundreds, thousands of jobs in Germany. Some experts believe that nearly 300,000 jobs are maintained through our commercial and economic relations, through large quantities of Russian orders, through joint ventures. If the resources of our financial institutions are cut off, they can extend fewer loans to the Russian companies that work with German partners. Sooner or later, it will begin to affect you as much as us.

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The New Energy Quality of Truth: How the Cloned Pinchers and Heel Biters of the Western Cabal behave in Front of the Russian Bear
by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 15, 2014
‘It’s called a koala, Tony’: Twitter explodes after Abbott trades ‘shirtfronting’ Putin for cuddly joint pic

November 15, 2014

Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott (L) and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin as they meet Koalas before the start of the first G20 meeting in Brisbane.(AFP Photo / Andrew Taylo).

Twitter users have had a field day with Australian PM Tony Abbott’s claim that he would “shirtfront” Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit over the MH17 crash – because the leaders’ face-to-face encounter actually resulted in a…koala cuddle.

Yes, that’s right. Social media is abuzz with photos of Abbott and Putin snuggling up to the world’s cutest marsupial, even though previous statements had almost guaranteed that a scuffle was in the works.

When the soft, furry critter sunk its claws into Putin’s suit, the Australian PM seemed to feel quite soft and fuzzy inside himself; a smackdown shoulder charge appeared to be the last thing on his mind.

Abbott’s remark came back in October, after he told journalists that he would “shirtfront” the Russian president on the sidelines of the G20 summit over the MH17 tragedy.

“I am going to shirtfront Mr. Putin – you bet I am – I am going to be saying to Mr. Putin [that] Australians were murdered, they were murdered by Russian-backed rebels,” Abbott said.

READ MORE: Aussie koalas trained for cuddles with Putin, Obama & Merkel at G20

Twitter users wondered why the promised “shirtfront” was nowhere to be found.

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sharing.:::SALUSA_ Greetings From AA Michael’s Sanctuary in the Rocky Mountains | samkaska

sharing.:::SALUSA_ Greetings From AA Michael’s Sanctuary in the Rocky Mountains | samkaska.

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sharing.:::SALUSA_ Greetings From AA Michael’s Sanctuary in the Rocky Mountains

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Greetings From AA Michael’s Sanctuary in the Rocky Mountains 

by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 8, 2014

by Georgi Stankov, November 7, 2014

Yesterday we arrived at the heart of AA Michael’s ethereal place of retreat on this planet – in Banff and the near-by Lake Louise in the Rocky Mountains. We were asked by him to make this tedious journey during the yesterday’s storm (November 6, 2014) and drive more than 840 km in rain, dense fog and poor visibility. I do not know how we made it, but we arrived on angels’ wings in time for another massive ascension peak after we cleansed this part of Canada during our trip. Each time we are on the road, we operate as huge trailblazers cleansing vast swathes of land and their population.

This time the source waves that hit us, the light warriors of the first and the last hours, cleansed the deepest cellular memories in our and all human earthly vessels meant for ascension. For me it felt like a complete mental and emotional depression coupled with physical exhaustion, where all meaning of my human life on this earth was wiped out and left me with nothing else in my hands, but pure desperation. Carla felt the same way, in addition to our severe headache due to a massive cc-wave yesterday and today.

It was obvious that this feeling came from the collective subconscious, as there were no objective reasons to feel like this, quite on the contrary. It has always been our intimate desire to visit together this famous winter resort and feel AA Michael’s energies in his retreat on this planet. Carla has visited many times Banff and the surrounding Rocky mountains since her childhood, but this was my first visit and I was eager to compare the energies of Banff with that of my sanctuary and current 5D world center of healing in Lofer, Austria.

Indeed there are many parallels, but also some outstanding differences that can only be explained if one knows both mountain resorts. Both sites emanate such huge and pure crystalline energies that it is as if one wants to climb Mount Everest without oxygen tanks. One gets really dizzy by only breathing these energies. Otherwise the historic background can’t be more different between Banff and Lofer, although both places have began their history as famous winter resorts around the same time at the beginning of the 20. century.

While I am writing this report, AA Michael has already established contact with Carla and is giving her some intuititive visions related to our visit in his sanctuary in the Rocky mountains. As soon as I know more, I will let you know. In the meantime I would like to express my profound gratitude for your overwhelming response to visit interesting Google advertisements by clicking on them and thus contributing decisively to the financial support of our website, which obviously should remain an ongoing tradition among all PAT members in order to yield the desired results. Thankyou very much for your apprehension and help in this respect. This is one effective way how the Orion economic system could be harnessed in service of higher spiritual goals. In this manner you are actively contributing to the alchemical transformation of the current pecuniary system into a new, just numerical form of payments and abundance that will dominate life on the upper 4D worlds, we have already created.

Before Carla comes up with her message, let me give you my actual assessment. We are since October 12th in a huge upward spiral of ascension that has not stopped since then. The opening of the second wave of ascension candidates for the LBP and the cleansing of the collective dross of the New Age last week set free some very chaotic energies, which you all had to process and this cleansing is still ongoing.

It makes a lot of sense that the current high frequency energies from the Source will affect in the first place the old souls – the star seeds and crystalline children – who account for roughly 5% of the human population. Until now most of them were staying idle on the sideline of the ascension process and had barely commenced with the cleansing of their personal issues and the collective human dross. Now they have been opened for the LBP, which means in the first place beginning with the massive cleansing on behalf of Gaia and humanity and this is an enormous support for the PAT. As soon as this second wave of ascension candidates fully resumes its light work duties, we shall be free to leave this uppermost mother planet.

The opening and the beginning of revelations can only start with that population of incarnated old souls, who are energetically ready for these events at the level of their HS, even though their ego-minds still betray them. But these effects will trickle down to many, less perceptive human entities and these energies are now profoundly felt by the dark cabal and their stooges such as the internet trolls. The latter have already started to respond to these massive waves of revelation and truth by resorting to some desperate and stupid actions in their last ditch effort to preserve their dwindling power. The ruling cabal will however miserably fail and only reveal their heinous nature that will lead to their demise.

This is already happening on a global scale. In his despair Obama has sent a secret letter to the Iranian supreme leader, his worst enemy together with Putin, begging for help in his hopeless war against ISIS in Iraq and Syria. He knows very well that he will never win this perfidious war, just as he lost his proxy war against Russia in Southeast Ukraine by using shamelessly the odious Nazis in Kiev.

And the USA government has already shot twice in his leg. With the help of the Saudis, with which they are now in big quarrel, they tried to crash the oil price as to harm the Russians (In fact, the oil price dropped essentially because of the world recession and diminishing demand.). What the Americans actually achieved, is to crash their own shale fracking industry, which can only operate within a very narrow profit margin when the oil price is above 100 $ a barrel. This was the only economic asset of this dying former economic giant. Now the last illusion of energy supply independence of the USA has been shattered in these days.

This is how the dialectics of the new Source energies operate in the End Time. Or as Mephisto says in Goethe’s “Faustus”: ” Ich bin die boese Kraft, die stets was Gutes schafft” (I am the evil force that always creates something good.). While the Russians can live very well with any oil price above 50 $ a barrel due to their cheap production sites and infinite natural resources, the USA has depleted all its major oil fields and expensive shale fracking was their last hope. Now they have sawn the only branch, on which they sit. These latest examples only illustrate how the ruling cabal will oust themselves from power very soon. This is the divine plan for the End Time and now the drama has visibly entered its final act.

Watch carefully for other similar processes and events at the political and economic stage that will show you how far advanced the ascension process is on this uppermost mother planet and how quickly the dark ruling cabal will lose their power by triggering the final events on the ground that will be the igniting sparks for the MPR and our ascension.

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– October 17, 2014 Posted on Oct 17, 2014
by cosmicgaia
in Mike Quinsey, SaLuSa
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Unity Consciousness

Channeled by Mike Quinsey

If ever you needed proof of the weather changes that are taking place, you only have to look back at the difference now to what it was just some 50 years ago. The changes are dramatic and do not appear to follow any particular pattern and at times seem chaotic. Yet the changes are not random happenings, but leading to a more acceptable pattern and one that ensures that the extremes you usually experience no longer occur. Around you the chaos is another sign of what is happening, although much of it is karmic as old problems between people and even nations are sorted out. Yes, it is an unsettling time but it is necessary as you might say, to clear out the rubbish that will have no place in the higher vibrations. Your individual role is to clear out your own “rubbish” to enable you to your place in the New Age, and enjoy all of the changes that will lift mankind to a higher level. If it is your desire to be part of the changes, your intent will carry you along and attract Guides who will assist you.

We have often told you that nothing happens by chance, and it is worth bearing in mind as you might otherwise feel that you are at the mercy of random events. Where your own life is concerned there is always a plan that will enable you to evolve, so no opportunity should be wasted. You proceed at a rate that is agreed with your Guides who will help you to achieve success, however you are always have freewill and the final decision is yours. Clearly if you desire to evolve you will do what is necessary to be successful, and that often means following your intuition without necessarily knowing the purpose. Of course some experiences take place to clear any karmic debts that you may have, so with this in mind it would serve you well to accept such situations with good heart. Nothing happens without good reason so make the best of such opportunities. This is a time for forgiveness for all perceived wrongs against you, and bear in mind that all experiences are of value.

Good news rarely features in your media’s reports, and we can assure you that there is a trend for more people to help others who are in need. The feeling of Oneness is spreading with the realisation that you “are your brother’s keeper” although some beliefs are so powerful that the differences are totally maintained. In such circumstances souls with such pronounced beliefs are born into countries where they can best learn their lessons and that “All Are One”. This is why wars still continue and would only normally cease when peace is seen as the only way forward. As one who is more aware, your presence can be very helpful when by example you live life as it should be, in peace and harmony with all living Beings. Indeed, by living your beliefs your are helping others simply by being amongst them. Your Light will most likely attract others to you who desire to know how you can live at peace, when often chaos is all around you.

As you have become to realise, we are keeping a close eye on those who could destroy the Earth if their activities were left unchecked. The Illuminati and their minions are carefully monitored and they cannot do anything without our knowledge. You can therefore be assured that there will be no major incidents of destruction, and certainly no wars other than small disputes. Our role is to lead you safely to a peaceful conclusion, and then circumstances will allow us to openly come to Earth. It will be a great time of rejoicing and revelations that will clear up the mysteries of your past history. You have been deliberately kept in the dark, and held back from advancements that would have immensely improved your quality of life. It is as if you have been locked in a time capsule where time has stood still. This will all change in the near future and you will be amazed at how quickly you will make up for lost time.

Think big where your future is concerned, as you will find your consciousness expanding more quickly as you enter the higher vibratory rate. You will be astonished at the extent of changes that will see you enter a New Age of peace and prosperity. The fruits of the Earth will be more than ample for your needs, and sharing will become normal and there will be sufficient for everyone’s needs. New inventions that are being held back will be released, and the drudgery and hard work to survive will become a thing of the past. The world will open up to you and travel will become quite normal, where distant places can be easily reached in next to no time. It will of course mean that new forms of travel will have been introduced, and much of your present means will have become obsolete. It is going to be an exciting time for everyone and the changes will happen quite quickly with our help.

At a time when it is difficult to comprehend where events are leading to, we hope we have lifted you up by giving you an insight into the future. Nothing can stop the plan for your future and we are as you might say, raring to go and looking forward to bringing you into the New Age. Previous cycles have ended in major changes that have put Humanity back to commence another new one. This time you have completed a Solar Cycle successfully, and those of you who have lifted up your vibrations will continue to evolve as you enter the New Age. Every soul will find itself exactly where it is best placed to continue its experiences. We know that such statements cause some concern within family groups that wish to stay together. We would like to assure you that there are usually strong ties within them, and it would be unusual if they did not progress as one unit. However, you will find that as you evolve you will be drawn to groups of a like vibration, where you will continue to evolve until you find the need for a different experience.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and I enjoy my time with you and look forwards to meeting many of you in the near future. Time itself will not have the same effect on you as now, and in a manner of speaking will no longer rule your life. There are so many welcome changes that await you, and once we are able to introduce ourselves we shall all go speeding along into the New Age that holds so much for you. Keep looking ahead and know that your life is one story that has a happy ending.
Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey

* * *

Putin’s Epic Battle Against the Dark Western Cabal to Save “Russia’s Soul”
by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 8, 2014
by Georgi Stankov and Bill Mee, November 8,

Bill sent me today the following article below, which excellently summarizes what we have discussed in the last months with regard to Russia and the role of Putin in this final epic battle between the forces of light and darkness before our ascension and the MPR can come. Putin and Russia stand for the forces of light, while the AAA (Anglo-American-Axis) and its European minions, Germany and France, stand for the dark forces that want to drag humanity and this planet into total destruction, by unleashing a new world war. Only today Kaherine Milstead sent me a link how this war can possibly commence.

My response to this article was: “Tomorrow we shall know more about this probable attack. If it may not happen, and my HS tells me that it will not happen, there is still no doubt that such dark ops are constantly prepared by the dark ruling cabal to save their skin in the very last minute and trigger a new WW3.”

And here is what Bill Mee wrote to me and my response to him concerning this excellent overview article on Putin, Russia and the Western cabal of the AAA:

“Hi Georgi,

In light of what Sananda had to say about Russia in “Mandate for This World“, this is a very revealing article about Russia and how Putin is contributing to the defeat of what remains of the Illuminati or dark cabal that currently controls the U.S. and Western Europe (UK, Germany, Italy, and France) and Australia and why we are seeing so much demonization of Vladimir Putin by corporate controlled Western mainstream media. It is a rather long article but worth the read to get an accurate understanding of history. IMO, the term Anglo-American Axis (AAA) used in the article is just another term for the remaining minions of the Illuminati or dark cabal. In other words, AAA = dark cabal. It is a great article and the subtitle is best title.

Secret History Revealed: Putin Played Critical Role In The Pre-Planned Collapse Of The USSR
Vladimir Putin’s Russia: Perfect Foil To The Anglo-American Axis And Their New World ‘Order’” …



Dear Bill,

This overview article on Russia and Putin is excellent and written with a lot of understanding of the historical processes, which I observed and experienced first hand as co-founder of the Bulgarian opposition party at that time (since 1989), where the same events which happened in Russia also took place in Bulgaria on a smaller scale, but equally devastating. I will re-publish this article today as it sums up many topics which I have discussed in previous articles…

Thank you very much for this information.

With love and light



Vladimir Putin’s Russia: Perfect Foil To The Anglo-American Axis And Their New World ‘Order’

State of the Nation

Why is the Anglo-American Axis so afraid of Putin and determined to bring him down?

No world leader has been so demonized by the West over the past decade as President Vladimir Putin of Russia has.

No other president or prime minister has been subjected to so many outrageous personal attacks and unrelenting false accusations.

Clearly, Vladimir Putin represents a genuine threat to the World Shadow Government(WSG) in a way that profoundly unnerves those who reside at the peak of the global power pyramid.

Why are they so afraid of him?

Before that question can be answered, the hidden history of the preplanned collapse of the USSR must first be understood and properly considered. Only by understanding the true historical context in which Vladimir Putin operated at that time will his actions and pronouncements of today take on great meaning. This unknown history is also quite important if one is to comprehend the reactions of his countless detractors throughout the leadership of the Anglo-American Axis (AAA). As follows:
Ultra-Secret Deal Made Prior To The Engineered Collapse Of The USSR Following The Fall Of The Berlin Wall

One of the best kept secrets which predicated the inevitable collapse of Soviet communism and the subsequent breakup of the USSR is that it actually occurred in a manner not too unlike a carefully controlled demolition. Only in this case they were bankers and politicians, investment brokers and power-brokers who actually pressed the buttons. All of the plans toward that end were fastidiously laid by these stakeholders, all of whom had the greatest interest in exploiting the vast wealth of the Russian motherland.

The fall of the Berlin Wall and collapse of the USSR was not the spontaneous series of major events that the Mainstream Media (MSM) would have us believe. Neither was it the result of President Ronald Reagan’s request: “Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down This Wall”; although his Hollywood background made for some great (and convincing) political theatre. “Perestroika” and “glasnost” were simply buzzwords bandied about to present the appearance of a fundamentally changed USSR. Yes, Russia did become liberalized especially in contrast to Soviet Communism, but only so it could be neo-liberalized by the banksters.

In fact, the entire dissolution of the USSR was the product of numerous top secret meetings which took place with very high level (as in highest level) representatives from the USSR, USA, UK and other major AAA nations and WSG controllers. By and large the most important of these meetings concerned the meticulously engineered business and commercial, banking and investment aspects necessary for an orderly breakup of the USSR republics and its eastern European satellites.

By 1989 the pendulum of power had swung from those who wished to see the USSR and her satellites controlled by communism to those who wanted to directly control her prodigious natural wealth, industrial base and other national assets by way of naked predatory capitalism. Toward that end the many notorious Russian oligarchs were each selected and appointed by the Western coalition of bankers to oversee the outright theft of all major assets and natural resources from the Russian people. This unique form of corrupt predatory capitalism was at first hidden from public view as it was implemented to strip everything of value from both the state and the citizenry.

This jointly blessed transitional process was the only way in which the Soviet Union was ‘permitted’ to be liberated from those who secretly controlled her destiny throughout nearly 75 years of nominal Soviet Communism. Leaders such as Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin were chosen to rubber stamp the entire state-coordinated theft by the oligarchs. As political leaders are usually kept in the dark, neither of them, nor their inner circles, were privy to the details of this scheme to steal Russian wealth. They were merely frontmen whose primary task was to usher the process along with the veneer of legitimacy. However, because of their positions of political power and unique vantage points, both were grimly aware that “a deal had been made with the devil” behind their backs.

Boris Yeltsin bore the greatest burden because of the timing of his term as President as he watched the oligarchs steal everything in sight. His well known drinking problem and heart condition were surely the result of having to go along with the whole charade. Nevertheless, he knew that in the future stewardship of Vladimir Putin, Russia would be “protected”. For just as the vulture capitalists from both Russia and the West executed their plans (and contracts) to strip Russia bare, so, too, had an ultra-secret group of Russian patriots and nationalists, loyal politicians and government officials made an even stronger compact to take it all back … when the right time presented itself.

The CIA, also known as The Company, was directly involved in this CON of the century.

The following headline portrays exactly what did not occur just prior to the fall of the Berlin Wall and subsequent collapse of the Soviet Union.

Director Admits C.I.A. Fell Short In Predicting the Soviet Collapse – New York Times

Can anyone believe that the CIA tried to present itself as having failed to predict this monumental and unparalleled collapse, particularly when it was The Company that was actually pulling the levers and pushing the buttons of what was essentially a controlled demolition?

The CIA even went so far as to take a lot of bad press to convince the American public (and the world-at-large) that they had ‘truly’ failed miserably in this regard. Such was their intent to hide the actual scheme perpetrated against the Russian people, as well as against all the former republics that made up the Soviet bloc, that the CIA was made the subject of various political dramas acted out all over the ‘Washington, DC theatre district’ in an effort to cover up any US involvement.

The Company does after all bear the direct responsibility of seeing to it that all Anglo-American Axis international agreements are strictly adhered to. In reality, contract enforcement of this nature has always been the CIA’s primary duty. In the instant case of Russia, however, their long range assessments and strategic analyses fell WAY short of the mark. So mistaken were they that it can now be safely stated that it was really the CIA that ultimately got conned. Perhaps there were also those well-positioned CIA ‘whistleblowers’ who played the game so as to alert their Russian counterparts of the various schemes and scams being run from Saint Petersburg to Vladivostok by the Western banksters.
It should now be clear why all the Russian oligarchs ran to London, Tel Aviv and New York City.

What better way for the oligarchs to shield themselves from Russian indictments than to seek the full protection of the CIA, MI6 and MOSSAD crime syndicate deep within theAnglo-American Axis (AAA). Even the recently freed ex-president, Mikhail Kodorkovsky[1], of the now defunct Yukos Oil has been spending more time in the good ole USA stumping for a new Russian revolution. The CIA’s other Russian political plant, former world chess champion Gary Kasparov, has also been working overtime to supplant Putin as “Protector of the Realm” as he preaches incessantly to the American political establishment about the ‘grave danger’ of Putin’s truly enlightened leadership.

It seems that neither of these Western dupes understands that this is not 1917. And that Vladimir Putin is not Czar Nicholas of Romanov fame. They also fail to realize that many of their fellow oligarchs abroad, as well as political pawns at home, have met with disastrous fates; such are the forces from on high which have aligned with Putin’s master plan for a strong and sovereign Russia. Each one of the many oligarchs, acting out of extreme self interest as they have, cannot even hope to touch Putin now that state power has been irreversibly consolidated to administer the Kremlin’s will.

The Ukraine: Another CIA-Coordinated Coup d’etat … For The USA And Israel

What is particularly surprising, in view of the very dynamic moves being played on the current global geopolitical chessboard, is that the West is so transparent in regard to both their method and motive toward undermining Russia. The recent Kiev coup and ongoing Ukraine revolution provide a perfect example of yet another nation collapse executed within the historical orbit of Russia. Here, again, Zionist oligarchs with ties to the US, UK and Israel have been appointed to all the key national leadership positions, as well as to the governorships of all the regions known as oblasts. Once again, the AAA game plan has been executed according to the same playbook as that utilized during the USSR collapse, with the billionaire oligarchs taking total control of the wealth of the Ukraine.

Most do not know, but there is a plan afoot by the Modern State of Israel to set up a return to its original homeland in the Ukraine. The Eastern Ukraine was once a part of the kingdom of Khazaria during a time when Judaism was chosen by the king to become the official state religion. Those Khazarian adherents to Judaism would go on to constitute what is now known as Ashkenazi Jewry. Over centuries of migrations throughout Russia, as well as emigrations to all parts of eastern, central and western Europe, the Ashkenazim have evolved into the richest and most politically powerful religious group in Eurasia.

In fact the Modern State of Israel (MSI) was formed by the Zionist movement which derived its power and wealth from Ashkenazi Jewry the world over. However, the MSI experiment is not going so well. Most of those Jews who emigrated from Russia and the Ukraine, as well as many who fled Europe during pre World War II persecution, post WWII chaos and right up to the present day instability now understand that they jumped right from the frying pan into the fire.

Furthermore, many Jews have now come to realize that the cultural PTSD[2] generated by both WWI and WWII was purposefully inflicted so that they would be more amenable to taking up residence in a foreign patch of desert land surrounded by Muslim and Arab nations which were forced to watch the outright theft of Palestine in broad daylight from their brethren. Not a good way at all to move into the neighborhood, especially when the neighbors can very easily lob mortars and missiles into your midst.

This is where the plot to repopulate the Ukraine comes in. Most Israelis of European descent are naturally more comfortable on “the Continent” completely out of range of such mortar and missile attacks. Hence, the Ukraine was chosen by the Zionist leadership as a new fallback position. Not only is the brazenly apartheid regime of the Modern State of Israel untenable in any civilized world, it has shown itself as the thoroughly rogue nation and criminal state that it is today. In fact, the Modern State of Israel has ignominiously distinguished itself as an unprecedented and peerless international pariah.

Particularly in light of their recent destruction of Gaza, Israel has essentially sealed its fate. Consequently, the Middle East has morphed into a HUGE powder keg ready to blow whenever Israel decides to cross one too many red lines for the umpteenth time. Any normal person living in such a volatile environment would only want to far remove themselves from such a precarious state of affairs, which is why there is now a very quiet movement of Ashkenazi Jews back to the Ukraine, their ancestral homeland.
The US-UK-EU-Ukraine coalition has telegraphed its misguided intentions from the start.

From the very beginning of the manufactured civil war in the Ukraine, the Western powers have revealed their intentions of creating a new “European Israel”. Removing the Russian language and substituting Hebrew as the second official language of the Ukraine is just one quite obvious move toward the establishment of a new Israeli enclave. All the while the Anglo-American Axis accuses Russia of having designs to create a new region –Novorossiya — known literally as New Russia. Such a red herring has accomplished the goal of not arousing suspicion as to the real plot to take over the Ukraine, just as Palestine was in the late 1940s. Furthermore, witness Israel’s extraordinary silence regarding the whole AAA misadventure in the Ukraine before and during the ongoing, fabricated civil war.

Not only would such a “European Israel” provide a highly strategic geopolitical location from which to continue their efforts to destabilize Russia, the AAA would also use the Ukraine to run interference throughout the European Union. Just as Israel has been used to disrupt the entire Middle East for decades, the new Ukraine state being constituted for Israeli resettlement will serve a similar function throughout a Eurozone that is slowly becoming hostile to Jewish populations and their interests.

When the neofascist leadership in Kiev turned the military loose on the urban and rural areas of the Eastern Ukraine, it became apparent that a much greater agenda of ethnic cleansing was at work. Many authoritative reports have indicated the wholesale slaughter of innocent civilians, as well as the wanton destruction of infrastructure/places of worship/homes/businesses of the Russian-speaking populace. Some have even insinuated that a slow motion plan of systematic genocide is at work.
Old Empires Must Die To Make Room For The REAL Global Transformation That Putin Promotes

If the Anglo-American Axis is distinguished by one pursuit above all, it is its unquenchable thirst for oil and natural gas. So addicted is the AAA to hydrocarbon fuel that the Petrodollar quickly became the world reserve currency. The strength of so much sustained worldwide demand for oil as an energy source has now reached a critical point however. Both the AAA war machine and economic juggernaut require LOTS of oil and gas to run its tyranny across the planet. Not only is the Anglo-American Axis terribly wasteful and inefficient in the utilization of these energy resources, which Russia possesses in great abundance, it expends considerable amounts of time and energy, money and capital in the process of further acquisition of the hydrocarbon fuel needed to maintain sole superpower status.

Herein lie the seeds of its own destruction, for the Anglo-American Axis can no longer bear the costs necessary to maintain its empire. The extent to which war and other forms of conflict have been relied upon to secure additional sources of oil and gas no longer makes sense. All the nations which have walked down this path of perpetual war have been exposed. Some, like Israel, are now considered anathema to an overwhelming majority of nations worldwide. Likewise, the USA is vilified all over the world as a bully bent on self-destruction, just as the UK is universally known by its City of London bankster MO.

In light of these commonly held perceptions, the fortune/fate ratios of both the BRICS Alliance and Anglo-American Axis, are soaring and plummeting respectively. While the European-American-Japanese economic model continues to go bust in real time, the BRICS Alliance is at the very least setting itself up for a future boom. Clearly the trajectories of the BRICS nations are poised to shoot toward the stars, as the Western powers are precariously plunging toward an unprecedented “crash and burn”. Ironically, it is only through the cooperation and collaboration with the BRICS allied nations, and especially Russia, that the Eurozone and American sphere of influence can be saved from almost certain economic collapse and financial breakdown.

When the smoke and mirrors that define so much of the Western economic mirage begin to fade, Eurozone countries will profoundly regret imposing such counterproductive sanctions on Russia. It is they who now suffer tremendous economic consequences, right in the middle of a resurgent recession, from Russia’s much more debilitating economic sanctions. Even the vaunted economic engine of Europe — Germany — has lost its capacity to jumpstart the rest of the EU, all because they chose to side with the real perpetrators of the Kiev coup d’état.

The battle for the Ukraine is not so much about the AAA geopolitical gambit gone wrong, as much as it is a litmus test for those who will be allowed to join an authentic global movement defined by economic justice, social equality and political stability. Furthermore, it is respect for national sovereignty — above all else — that Putin’s Russia, Jinping’s China, and Modi’s India expect from the world, as the rest of the world ought to receive from all the BRICS nations.

Enter Vladimir Putin, The Perfect Foil To The Anglo-American Axis

First, it is critical to understand that it is not just Putin the man who they’re afraid of. It is not even Russia as a nation that scares the living daylights out of the AAA. It is theFORCE behind Putin which they have not seen occupy a major political office since John F. Kennedy. Surely, the AAA must wonder how they all got so tricked into believing that Putin was one of them in the first place. He was, after all, a KGB functionary with all the right credentials to be trusted to play their game, only their way, all the time.

However, just like JFK back in the early ’60s, once Putin saw exactly how the AAA game was being played on the people — EVERYWHERE — he flipped on them and has never looked back. Because his predecessor Boris Yeltsin, who assisted the Russian oligarchs in the plundering, pillaging and raping of the Russian motherland, gave his firm blessing to Putin as political heir, no one ever thought Putin would perform such a ‘radical’ 180° turnaround. In both the formulation of state policy and administration of the federal government he set about the process of taking back Russia from those who misappropriated her wealth. So dramatic was his conversion against the rapacious oligarchy that he is now spoken of as a veritable reincarnation of Peter the Great who also saved Russia from enemies both within and without.

President Putin’s close alignment with the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church — His Holiness Patriarch Kirill – has become the cause for the deeply religious and traditional people of Russia to become enamored with him. His socially conservative agenda is much more in sync with Russian sensibilities as it is protective of a refined culture that is at odds with the permissiveness of an ever-coarsening Western society. In this particular area of divergence, Putin’s Russia has served as a countervailing force to the AAA modus operandi of sewing seeds of social chaos and political disorder wherever they set their sights.

It is significant to point out that the Russia that Yeltsin inherited was one that the thoroughly corrupt oligarchs were promised. In other words, the emancipation from Communism only came with the understanding that the Russian oligarchs would be permitted to steal the nation’s assets — natural resources, industrial plants and whatever else they could get their hands on. This little known fact is why Boris Yeltsin freely admitted at the end of his career to some historic mistakes, especially those related to the systematic transfer of Russian wealth to those now infamous oligarchs.

He knew that it was the key to Russia’s eventual freedom from those Western powers which were integral to orchestrating the fall of the Berlin Wall in a relatively orderly manner.

History has now shown us that Boris Yeltsin had great foresight in his choice of Vladimir Putin as Prime Minister. His final words to Putin in his capacity as President were: “Take care of Russia.” They have likewise been translated as “Protect Russia.” In Putin was the perfect vessel found to ensure that Boris Yeltsin’s last wish would be honored. Putin himself uttered the following words a couple of days prior to Boris Yeltsin’s funeral.

“We will do everything we can to ensure that the memory of Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin, his noble thoughts and his words ‘take care of Russia’ serve as a moral and political benchmark for us,”[3]
Of course doing so meant that the oligarchs either went to jail or into exile.

Which is exactly what Putin set about to do, regardless of Western reaction and/or threats from all the usual suspects. Putin would not, under any circumstances, allow predatory capitalists to destroy Russia. He quite deliberately — under cover of “national security” — initiated all of the necessary legal process and governmental procedure to reclaim that which had been stolen from the Russian people. This particular tact was especially effective, and foolproof, since the AAA has used the same pretext to take over nations large and small for centuries.

Nevertheless, the West could only recoil in utter shock that a President would actually protect his nation in this fashion. That Putin put the interests of Russia and its citizenry before the bankers … and the industrialists … and the powerful oligarchs was seen as the ultimate betrayal. After all, his actions ran counter to the back room deal that was cut by the real power-brokers who negotiated the “fall of the Wall”. Communism was to be eradicated ONLY if the oligarchs were granted unfettered access to Russia’s wealth. And so they were … … … for the time being.

Little did anyone know that Boris Yeltsin — and especially Vladimir Putin later on — tricked them all. Unfortunately, such a benevolent deception ultimately took a great toll on Yeltsin’s health in the form of death by heart disease. As an extremely patriotic and self-sacrificing Russian leader, Boris Yeltsin knew that he had to play nice with the Western leaders (and their oligarch agents) if the nation was to be liberated from their predatory claws. In the end he did a superlative job, particularly in ensuring a smooth transition to Putin upon whom fell the weight of the benign double-cross.

The main reason Vladimir Putin is so despised by the Western Powers is because he totally tricked them for the benefit of the Russia people.

No one understands Russian history of the 20th century better than the justifiably resentful citizens of the USSR. These folks suffered great trials and tribulations at the hands of Communist thugs who were put into power by Western bankers and the Anglo-American political class. They know exactly what happened to their motherland in the wake of the totally fraudulent Bolshevik Revolution. They also know precisely who was responsible for such a catastrophic social, economic and political cataclysm.

“It has been said that the Russian steppes has born many a philosopher. That great expanse of land runs on seemingly forever with wide open sky and unbroken winds that stir the soul … to know the truth … and nothing but the Truth.”[4]

Only by understanding the temperament of those Russian peoples who lived through the disaster of Communism, which was foisted on them by foreign agents with a surreptitious agenda, will the forces that stand behind Putin be correctly understood. In this regard, it is not Putin, the President, that the Western Powers are dealing with. It is a proud and patriotic Russian movement that sprang up with the awareness that the Anglo-American Axis was responsible for their lost century. This truth cannot be erased from history by airbrushing a few internet sites which are controlled by the CIA. Nor can the many odious and therefore inconvenient historical facts be eradicated from the Russian psyche when so much pain and suffering was caused to so many.

Truly, the forces which support Putin in his quest for genuine national sovereignty are much greater than any US President or UK Prime Minister, NATO Supreme Allied Commander or European Union Leader. In fact the power behind Vladimir Putin is Russia herself, a force quite determined not to be held prisoner by the Anglo-American Axis ever again. And no amount of saber-rattling by Washington, or economic terrorism by the European Union, or financial sabotage from the City of London will alter that determination.
Nuclear Weapons Have a Way Of Serving As The Great Equalizer

Unlike every other country that has recently fallen to naked Anglo-American aggression, Russia had substantially developed much nuclear weapon technology during the Cold War. Little did the West ever imagine that Russia would then use the prospect of not only nuclear weapon technology, but also far more advanced and destructive weaponry which has never been utilized before on Planet Earth, as as a powerful deterrent to unprovokedAnglo-American Axis acts of war.

Nor did the same Western predatory capitalists ever dream that the richest man in Russia — Mikhail Khodorkovsky[3] — would be imprisoned for 10 years. Being their point man for the further looting of Russia’s oil and gas reserves and related assets, the whole misguided AAA scheme went completely bust. However, once the oligarchs were stripped of their power, money and influence, all the West could rely upon was brute force, as they continue to exercise with extraordinary savagery in places like the Ukraine. To intimidate and threaten, coerce and extort is all the Anglo-American Axis knows how to do these days, so successful have these tactics been in subjugating completely powerless and/or defenseless nations around the world for many decades.

Nevertheless, now that the Russian Federation has reassessed their nuclear weapons capability and redeployed critical assets on their western border, their tactical response and strategic preparedness have never been better. While this particular state of affairs poses a great obstacle to the AAA’s long range plan toward a New World ‘Order’, Russia and the ever-growing BRICS Alliance present an even greater challenge to their fatally flawed implementation plan.

Russia’s Demand For Respect Of National Sovereignty Is Representative Of A Much Larger Worldwide Movement

Russia is not only joined by the BRICS Alliance in its efforts to level the global playing field, it is also supported by many other nations near and far, Hungary being one that has broken ranks with the European Union. Certainly the broke and bankrupted Anglo-American Axis has its job cut out when going up against a growing number of countries that will no longer be treated like stepchildren. When nations like China and Russia, India and Brazil, South Africa and Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador, publicly express their misgivings with American hegemony, the whole world pays close attention. Therein lies the real power behind Vladimir Putin.

History books will one day show that the world community of nations rallied around the moral high ground taken by Vladimir Putin in the second decade of the new millennium. Not only do the Russian people fully support their president, but the vast populations of China, India, and many other nations stand solidly behind their leaders against the incessant meddling by the Anglo-American Axis. The pervasiveness of the internet has simply made it too easy to share what is REALLY going on around the world, especially when the AAA is working so vigorously against the interests of common people everywhere.

Vladimir Putin, no matter what intrigues and machinations are set in motion to disrupt his best intentions, has been found out by his own people. They know that he has done his level best to protect Russia. They also know that, in his resolve to take care of the Russian people, he also considers the best interests of citizens of every nation, including those which relentlessly antagonize Russia and persecute him at every opportunity. This extraordinary posture is not only quite rare among world leaders today, it is an admirable quality in any age … which is just another reason why they so detest Vladimir Putin’s wise and enlightened leadership.
“Take care of Russia” literally became Putin’s “moral and political benchmark“

Only by divine ordination does a KGB lieutenant colonel wind up fulfilling the last wishes of his predecessor serving alternately as both President and Prime Minister of Russia. Because Vladimir Putin took that presidential directive so seriously, however, he now sits in the crosshairs of the most formidable military machine and economic juggernaut on Earth. However, in stark contrast to JFK’s short tenure which took place in the very belly of the beast, Putin has an unparalleled firewall of protection erected around him. He knew that if Boris Yeltsin’s final wish was to be carried out, he and his collaborators would have to be protected from harm. The AAA team, after all, never plays nice and always breaks the rules.

In light of Putin’s perceived reneging on a contract that was essentially agreed to by Yeltsin, there existed no moral imperative for him to abide by such an illegal and unethical agreement. On the very face of it, he could have been rightfully accused of treason of the highest order had he complied with the demands of the AAA. Only a traitor would perform on such an outrageous contract, so Putin knew that both the law and the people would be on his side once he flipped on the oligarchs and their Western sponsors. Nevertheless, doing so has brought the wrath of the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group upon himself and Russia.

Being the wise, old soul that Putin is, he knew that his terms in office would be the most consequential of the modern era … for both Russia and the world-at-large. He has not shrunk from the demands of such a difficult undertaking; in fact, he seems to be emboldened by the formidable challenge that it is. But then he has the people of Russia firmly on his side, as well as an overwhelming majority of nations on Earth. When the people power around the planet starts to coalesce around the true intentions that Vladimir Putin represents and has frequently uttered, the change many wait for will come fast and furiously. Truly, global transformation lies right around the corner; a genuine new world order marked by implicit respect for both national and personal sovereignty.
The Future Of the World Lies With Russia

“Through Russia comes the hope of the world. Not in respect to what is sometimes termed Communism or Bolshevism — no! But freedom — freedom! That each man will live for his fellow man. The principle has been born there. It will take years for it to be crystallized; yet out of Russia comes again the hope of the world.”
~ Edgar Cayce

Clearly this prophetic utterance by Edgar Cayce was both prescient and perceptive. For not only have the steppes of Central Asia forged the hearts and minds of the Russian people over centuries, the tyranny of Soviet communism proved to be a crucible like no other. Russia has always been a nation of philosophers with writers like Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky molding the national consciousness since the 19th century. Given their relatively recent release from the imposed atheism of godless Marxism, Russians young and old have re-embraced the mystical traditions of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Given this very profound and ongoing cultural transformation, a new national mindset is emerging. Undoubtedly it is one that is bending inexorably toward a more conservative and traditional society, especially one that is moving in the opposite direction of Western societies. Putin is well aware of the sensibilities which predominate throughout the Motherland. He seeks to offend no one, but at the same time will not let the crazies run the asylum as they do throughout the Anglo-American Axis. Nor will he permit the values and principles, customs and traditions of any minorities dominate Russian culture.

In light of what is at stake for both Putin’s Russia and Obama’s USA, it is now apparent that an epic battle has been raging across the land. The most recent battle in the Ukraine is only one more among those being waged throughout the entire Middle East and beyond. Both Russia and China have seen their geopolitical positions assaulted and undermined wherever they attempt to establish new markets or engage trading partners. Particularly wherever energy resources are at stake, the wars have become more apocalyptic. So much so that many wonder if an epoch-ending World War III is around the corner. However, such an engineered Armageddon can only be foisted on the community of nations with the participation of both East and West.

Fortunately, Putin’s Russia will not be goaded into a World War 3 scenario. Neither will Jinping’s China nor Modi’s India. Because of Putin’s unshakeable resolve and strong leadership within the BRICS Alliance, none of the nations being routinely assailed by the AAA will be triggered into full scale war. The whole world has Vladimir Putin to thank for his sane and sober response to so many conflicts and skirmishes, false flag attacks and proxy invasions being staged across the planet on a weekly basis by the Anglo-American Axis.

The Russian people have come to respect Putin as a leader who is fiercely protective of the Motherland. Comparisons to Peter the Great, who has been praised “as an industrializer and cultural visionary who turned his country into a European power” are quite understandable. Under the stewardship of Tsar Peter I ”Russia became feared but also respected by its neighbors, and he is the official czar-hero of Russian history.”[6] Perhaps the following picture disseminated by the AAA Mainstream Media as a putdown does reflect Putin in his current role as “Protector of Russia” and moral leader of the free world.

State of the Nation
November 5, 2014

Author’s Note

There is a massive amount of false information being spread across cyber-space regarding Vladimir Putin. One of the primary disinfo campaigns is to link him to the very oligarchs who still remain in positions of power in Russia. Putin inherited an unprecedented economic mess and financial disaster from decades of communist mismanagement. He was also forced to deal with pervasive political problems and endemic government corruption from the same era. All the while he had to steer the country through major social, philosophical and religious transformation. In view of this context, is it not clear that he had to — initially — make as many friends as possible before all the purges began?

Given these realities, Putin did what any righteous and pragmatic leader would do — usher the process along in as smooth and painless a way as possible. The vast majority of Russians had already suffered terribly … for many decades. Therefore, he has always tried to work with those who have been cooperative. Some of the oligarchs saw the writing on the wall and made the overtures necessary to convince Putin of their loyalty to rebuilding Russia first. Those that left the Motherland would not renounce their thieving ways. Those who have stayed are much more aligned with Putin’s program than their previous affiliations and behavior might indicate. When faced with either being exiled or joining the cause, it became a fairly easy decision for those oligarchs who valued their Russian roots.

Then there is the matter which concerns those who assert that Putin must be in bed with the Rothschilds, the Western elite, the NWO, the Illuminati, the World Shadow Government, the FED (banksters), etc. As the president and prime minister of a once superpower nation, how could he possibly terminate all the normal international relationships in the midst of rebuilding the nation? It was only through the vital trade and commerce with Europe, as well as satisfying the energy demands of those and other countries, that Russia had the cash flow to survive the whole ordeal. So much of the Russian economy was (and is) driven by oil and gas revenue; a reality that Russia would have to face sooner or later. For the sake of survival, deals were made whenever, wherever and with whomever necessary.

Lastly, there are those who declare that Putin is unwittingly being used as controlled opposition. Do they really think that Putin is not aware of the many games being played by the AAA’s vast network of intelligence services? He was KGB, doing a heckuva lot more than the MSM would ever acknowledge. His involvement at the highest levels of playing the now ubiquitous Great Game gave him an education that only the Committee for State Security could provide. In fact, only the invaluable experience accrued within Russia’s primary security agencies (he was also appointed head of the FSB) could adequately prepare him for his future challenges. Therefore, when many ask how an ex-KGB officer can possibly do good, we wonder how Putin could have performed the herculean task of a successful national rehabilitation since 1999 … without being purged or assassinated!
Moral of the story: Only an extremely well connected ex-KGB operative and well informed ex-FSB Director could possibly have received the necessary support and vigilant protection to have kept him out of harm’s way for the past 15 years as Russia’s premier leader and statesman.

Editor’s Note

This article is the first in a series about Vladimir Putin’s Russia. Part II is entitled:
PUTIN: The President And The Power(s) Behind Him
Just Like JFK, Putin Goes His Own Way

There should be no doubt whatsoever that Vladimir Putin is the John F. Kennedy of the New Millennium.


[1] The Real Crime of M. Khodorkovsky by F. William Engdahl

[2] The Chosen People: Israel, ‘Christian’ Zionism and the Middle East Crisis by Revisionist Historians for World Peace

[3] BBC NEWS | Europe | Russian ex-president Yeltsin dies

[4] Anonymous Russophile

[5] Khodorkovsky passed Yukos shares to Rothschild Bank

[6] Peter the Great – Wikipedia

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Special Note

For the many intuitive souls out there who can look at a photo and apprehend the spirit of the person being photographed, here’s a great teaching moment about the real Vladimir Putin.

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 ترجم / לתרגם   翻訳する
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The Great Wave

by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 10, 2014

Asana Mahatari

channelled by Jahn J Kassl

published on November 10, 2014 in

translated by Franz


by Georgi Stankov

This message refers to the “Great Wave” which we all now experience. It affects and resolves all human topics within the old 3D matrix and in particular money-related issues. Carla and I have been resolving these monetary issues for the last several months by employing the alchemical reaction of transformation.

For those who are interested in the equity markets, you should know that I made a very powerful decree last week that these markets will collapse very soon and will never recover. It is time for them to crash after they experienced a new all-time high a couple of days ago. This was the third peak in a row since this summer in a long, artificially created bull market by the few big banks and funds that has already turned into bear market in October, but was pushed one more time high by fraudulent financial interventions in the second half of October. Now the door for the long-awaited crash is wide open and nothing can save the current Orion monetary system based on printing money and assets out of thin air from its ultimate collapse.

At the same time it is not a secret that all light warriors have to suffer under financial scarcity and cannot fulfill their light worker’s obligations as they would like to. This is the tenor of the following message from Asana Mahatari with respect to the financial situation of the Lichtwelt-Publishing House of Jahn. It is very similar to my situation and that of this website. Obviously we all must experience the limitations of the Orion monetary system in their utmost form to the very last moment, before we move to higher dimensions and all our problems will be resolved with a magic wand.



Dream 11/03/2014: I am with my wife and my son Noah at the ocean beach. Noah plays in a water puddle and wants to drink the stale water. I explain to him that this is not good to do. I then look over the sea and I see that a great wave is building up, yet before neither my wife nor I can react to it, a wave captures Noah and takes him with it. It is indescribable what takes place inside of me. Shortly thereafter I see how the wave releases Noah. (End of dream)

Report: After that I lie in bed awake and confused. I grab the “Autobiography of a Yogi” and “by chance” I open the following page: „A historical healing incident concerns King Baber (1483-1530), founder of the Mogul empire in India. His son, Prince Humayun, was mortally ill. The father prayed with anguished determination that he receive the illness, and that his son be spared. After all the physicians had given up hope, Humayun recovered. Baber immediately fell sick and died of the same disease which had stricken his son. Humayun succeeded Baber as Emperor of Hindustan. Many people imagine that every spiritual master has, or should have, the health and the strength of a Sandow (a German athlete, born 1925, known as the “strongest man in the world”). The assumption is unfounded. A sickly body does not indicate that a guru is not in touch with divine powers, any more than life-long health necessarily indicates an inner illumination. The condition of the physical body, in other words, cannot rightfully be made a test of the master. His distinguishing qualifications must be sought in his own domain, the spiritual.” (from the „Autobiography of a Yogi, p.200-201)

After I read this I fell asleep again and dreamed one nightmare after another. Many of my closest companions were harmed, yet they always got up again and again and continued to walk, and finally there was still the last scene. I saw a woman known to me, whose sad and miserable sight could rarely be surpassed. “I am pregnant with my sixth child” she says to me, in order to squat down shortly thereafter and give birth. Yet instead of a child a small dead bird was born. (End of report)

Beloved Ones,

This is an extremely significant, as well as complex dream picture.


The first scene of the dream with Noah in the water shows that an unpredictable “sudden wave”, an event, will bury everything under it. Nothing and nobody can stop it and also a reaction is impossible, because things are taking their course. Yet Noah is released from the water, which means that even a great Master, as there are several among children in this time, can be captured by the suction of events, yet will not go down in the suction of the events. This is an important message, because to be untouched by the events, means to come out of them undamaged at the end of all days, yet does not necessarily mean to stay entirely away from them.

Thereby the assignments of a human being play a decisive role. Some Masters remain on-site; others on the other hand change, before the “wave” comes close, to a higher vibrational level. The citation of our eternal brother Paramhansa Yogananda shows clearly that the essence of a Master is only unveiled to the one, who understands the complexity of Life. Who knows how a Master soul is defined? There are only a few and in this example there is another key in order to remain free of false assumptions.

Superficial observation of such human beings always comes up short. In summary this means now: Many light warriors of the first and last hours, some Masters of this time, will be captured by the events, yet will not be devoured.

Here it is important to consider individual assignments. Because to remain until the end also means for some to vibrate with the waves of the final events – yet without being damaged.

Journey through the Underworld

The additional nightmares show how the different lower vibrating levels still affect this world. This journey through sluggish vibration fields shows, with what kind of discharges human Beings and this world are confronted. The birth of the dead bird from a woman shows that these messengers from Heaven can no longer live on certain 4D levels.

They no longer can anchor themselves there and remain far from these levels. The woman being experienced as miserable shows on which level Jahn was present. Why this? Because these vibration fields are now being redeemed and are being uncoupled from the earth, which uplifts. It is significant for Jahn’s work to know the intensity of the horror in order to remain vigilant and to thwart early on eventual attacks or encroachments.

What pertains to your “companions”, who are affected, this points directly to the situation in the Lichtweltverlag. Protect yourself! Actually the “crystal cube of ascension” is being prepared. The dark energies wanted and want to hinder this significant manifestation. Rocks are thrown into your path by all means, at the end without success, yet it is very demanding for your work. This means, protect yourself from the forces, which may hinder you, during any work on the “ascension cube” by the use of powerful mandates. Make it your “habit” before you work on it, to speak a mandate, because the arrows fly low, as they can. This is important to consider, then everything will be done.

The vehemence of the actual attacks is also related to the activated “Put down the Weapons!” Mandate for this World.

The light-filled and powerful energy has been set free and it reaches “the system” and the “camp of the dark ones”. Resistance, an outcry is logical and has already occurred.

Also in this case it is important to stand up by means of mandates and the transferred Light sword, and then you will be untouched. This fact that the dark forces have now been startled is yet noticeable and therefore all of you are very challenged.

Redemption of the Money Issue

Furthermore the talk between Karl (Jahn’s brother) and you, which you had yesterday, needs to be considered, because it points to very many, still unredeemed energies, which are coupled with the issue of money. Also here very many levels are actually redeemed, also in a global context.

Discussion protocol: Karl and I talked about how we can finance the publishing house on its base. The free of charge availability of messages costs money and the basic financing of 10,000 Euros per month cannot be covered by our sales. And even though the donations flow in and some human Beings give much from the little they have, every few months we face the question: „How do we go on?“ This fact makes our work more difficult and therefore we deliberate how do we get readers, for whom this is possible, to give a fixed monthly contribution by means of a bank transfer. Meaning that we, until the bank system collapses, can count on a fixed amount each month and with this can also work. If for example from the actual 1500 daily readers only 200 donate a monthly amount of 50 Euros, we would be financed and we could spend the profit from sales for new projects.

As is said, this was the issue yesterday and our deliberations regarding this. Naturally we have a deep inner trust that everything is “cared for”, yet in such a nerve-racking manner? (End of report)

Indeed “it is cared for” – you hear this repeatedly from us in the Light realms. And indeed it is cared for, and the “how” and “whereby” is the issue. Actually it deals with the fact that those human beings, who are connected with your work or are personally close or very close, provide their financial portion, as they are able to do so. The development process of the Lichtwelt publishing house still aims at providing the possibility of redemption for those human Beings, who still have not redeemed certain issues.

If today the publishing house would already dispose of unlimited financial means, many companions from the first, second and third row would not be able to redeem their money issues. Here it is still about to finance the project on this level.

As soon as all human beings, who are open for this insight, have completed this process, we go on to the next level and abundance in every respect is given. Like so often, and this is also frequently part of the discussion between Jahn and Karl, the Lichtweltverlag is a reservoir of those human Beings, who, based on the work and affect of you, can gain their own insights and thereby grow beyond themselves.

Meaning: Human beings are given the opportunity due to this message and the events of these days, to provide for an adequate energy exchange. Some human beings are still not fully aware of this, as they are barely familiar with the intensity of your work, because everything seems infinitely easy and complete. Which indeed is like that, yet what is behind it? Only a few have sufficient knowledge
about it.

This means, before Heaven empties its Cornucopia over you, it is necessary to foster the potentials on this level.

In this phase of the awareness process of mankind, for the ascension candidates, it is about to become aware of their Light and their shadows on all levels! Everything is energy and money is still a taboo issue for many, who have plenty of it.

Question: Doesn’t a dependency develop then, an inappropriate energetic binding, as human beings do their monthly fixed contributions?

ASANA MAHATARI: No, because who gives freely does not create a dependency. And who pretends the free giving can attain new insights, because Karl and you are masters in rejecting any creeping assimilation. It is about to bring into harmony the Life of human beings and money should flow to where the soul feels nurtured and where the hearts will be exalted. And this is without a doubt the case with the messages from the Light, which reach the world through the Lichtwelt project. This is also the case with other light-filled projects.

Here it is about to awaken a new sensitivity in these human Beings regarding this issue. Be again reassured: It is cared for, even if for you the ways of abundance are not always opened up.

Purification continues! In totality the following is to be recorded regarding these dream pictures: The great purification in all worlds continues. Based on your assignments you are quite often in the middle of the events, also when, as you believe, you have been liberated from it a long time ago. The day of the final and complete
liberation has not come yet; but it is ahead.

All issues of all times are redeemed from the collective energy field of the ascending world. Actually in addition the global money issues are also transformed, because the era of money politics ends. This is an immense process. Thereby actual different vibration fields overlap and it is necessary to remain in oneself and be anchored in self. Do not let yourself be discouraged by any experience, let yourself not be strayed from your path by any momentary picture, because at the end of time the wave releases you and you experience the new Life – no matter by which events you were confronted with. At the end of time the victory is yours. At the end of time we enter into Heaven.

We are an invincible unity in God! Do not let much different energy ever discourage us, which affect this our life until the day that is the fulfillment!

We are God’s invincible unity, which trace their light tracks into the earth in this world for new generations of human beings.

I am with you.
I am amongst you.

I am


Epilogue: Two hours after I wrote down this message, Noah has very severe earache – after three hours of uninterrupted crying he falls asleep exhausted at 8:30 pm and awakens repeatedly crying in pain. For me this is a definite sign how intensive these attacks are now and how the mandate and the situation described here also affect my family, which for example is severely affected before and at every Light Reading. Why at the time of the Light Readings? Because in those days, much energy is always discharged, in order to be transformed. My family is involved in these energetic processes due to our binding to the Light and the work of the Lichtweltverlag, and
therefore also the children get a great share of certain processes
and their energies. This is a factor, which I mention at this point
so that the bandwidth of this energetic work becomes visible,
because everything affects everything, which should encourage
each one of us to be fully conscious of one’s self and one’s thoughts, words and actions. Nothing exists by itself – all is one.

…11/04/2014, 7am

Noah wakes up in full health and all indications of a looming middle ear infection are gone.

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fantascienza: sharing.:::.SaLuSa.:::.MYTRE´S PORTAL TO POSSIBLE REALITIES.:::. “The emotional swings caused by the Full Blue Moon”

fantascienza: sharing.:::.SaLuSa.:::.MYTRE´S PORTAL TO POSSIBLE REALITIES.:::. “The emotional swings caused by the Full Blue Moon”.

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jueves, 9 de octubre de 2014

sharing.:::.SaLuSa.:::.MYTRE´S PORTAL TO POSSIBLE REALITIES.:::. “The emotional swings caused by the Full Blue Moon”

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You are now coming into a peak phase of your ascension process in which you will realize that all that you have become is merely an introduction to the expression of the SELF that you will soon display. All of your lives you have been building towards this moment of being a world leader.
Being a world leader does not mean that you need to be a governmental leader, for government will be very different in your new world. Instead, being a world leader means that you are among the Ones who are the leaders through the portals into the many worlds of New Earth. Hence, you will be a leader into a New World.
The portal to New Earth is not perceived by your physical senses for it is not a physical portal. It is a fifth dimensional portal and can only be perceived by your multidimensional consciousness. In Fact, this portal is within the NOW of the ONE. Therefore, it is within your High Heart.
In your third dimensional reality you are accustomed to recognizing reality on the outside of your body. However, in the fifth dimensional reality you will perceive reality from inside your SELF. As your consciousness continues to expand, you will remember how to perceive all reality from the inner perspective of your High Heart.
Many of you are beginning to FEEL the frequency of any given reality so that you may choose whether or not you wish to interact with that possible or probable reality. A possible reality is one that you may or may not choose to experience, whereas a probable reality is one you are already experiencing in some frequency of your multidimensional SELF.
If you can decide it is within your destiny to interact with any given world, you can open the Portal of your High Heart by going within your SELF to visit that reality.
On the other hand, you may choose not to interact with that reality. Hence, you will keep your portal closed. Still, you may choose to project unconditional love into that reality.
Finally, you many not be drawn to that reality. In that case, you can simply ignore that reality and move flow your consciousness beyond it.
You are already choosing which third dimensional experiences/realities you wish to experience. There are many daily experiences in which you choose to either engage or ignore. However, as you continue to flow into the higher frequencies of Multidimensional Earth, you are entering the energy field in which Earth is transmuting into Her higher frequencies of expression.
Since Gaia is entering the multidimensional world of the fifth dimension, She is “trying on” myriad different versions of Her Planetary SELF. Whereas physical Earth could have only one concrete, static and time-bound version, multidimensional New Earth is expressed in myriad frequency and sub-frequencies expressions of reality.
Because of the many possible realities of New Earth, more humans can ascend out of the third/fourth dimensional Earth and into the ever-escalating possibilities of fifth dimensional Earth. Just as you may visit many houses before you move into a new home, Gaia is visiting many expressions of Her New Earth. However, the Gaia’s homes are on different frequencies instead of in different places.
Simultaneously, New Earth has always existed within the NOW of the ONE. The concept of different types of reality existing at the same timemay seem impossible to your third dimensional thinking. However, that which is impossible to understand with linear, third dimensional thinking is quite normal within the NOW of your multidimensional thinking.
To assist you in converting your sequential, third dimensional thinking into your imagistic, multidimensional thinking, imagine that you are floating up from the bottom of the ocean. You are next to an underwater cliff on which there are many landings. You are looking for the landing that feels the most comfortable because it matches your frequency of expression.
To your third dimensional self, you may have thought of these landings as occurring in different times and places. However, since there is only HERE and NOW in the fifth dimension, these landings are on different frequencies. Just as some landings may be too high for your physical self to visit, some landings may still be too high for your ascending SELF to visit.
However, there are still many possible realities that are within your perception. Thus, you may wish to visit a certain possible or probable realities, or you may choose to move right in to the reality of your choice and get about the business of creating a new life.
The difference between a possible and probable reality is that a possible reality is one that you may or may not choose to experience. On the other hand, a probable reality is one you are already experiencing in some frequency of your multidimensional SELF. The higher your consciousness, the more choices you will have, as you will be able to perceive more multidimensional realities. In fact, the higher your consciousness, the more realities you can simultaneously visit and/or inhabit.
You have waited your entire life for this moment and are NOW ready to live what you have been experiencing in your inner world. You will do this because your inner world will be your real world. By real, I mean that your inner world, which has been a private place in which you could interact with the higher frequencies of life, will soon be your primary reality.
Up until now you have experienced reality as something that wasaround your physical form. Now, you will experience reality as something that is within your physical form. Allow me to elaborate. What you considered to be real has been based on your third dimensional perceptions of your external world. Therefore, you experienced reality through the filter of your five physical senses.
Now, that your Multidimensional Operating System is coming online and integrating with your Third Dimensional Operating System, your perceptions are slowly, and/or quickly, beginning to alter. Your vision is being expanded into clairvoyance. Your hearing is being expanded into clairvoyance, your “feelings” into clairsentience, your communication into telepathy and your emotional communications into empathy.
Also, because you are moving beyond time, you are becoming more clairvoyant and learning to differentiate between a possible and aprobable reality. To practice using some of your multidimensional perceptions, close your physical eyes to perceive your current environment through your opened Third Eye.
Before you begin this exercise, allow your consciousness to expand into the Core of Gaia. Then, pull Gaia’s energy into the Core of your earth vessel and up into the higher frequencies of reality. NOW:
Take the roof off of your perceptual world…
Imagine that you are taking the your “hat” off your head…
Now you can allow your pineal gland to fully open…
Feel the higher frequencies of light as they enter your Pineal gland…
Project the light images onto the inner, mind screen of your Third Eye…
At first this screen may be blank.
Hence, imagine you are looking through a telescope of an old submarine…
The telescope leads up beyond the submarine (your earth vessel)…
Through the water that surrounds it (your current reality)…
And up into the of air above the water (your higher expression of SELF)…
Calibrate your attention to the image seen by your Third Eye…
Pan your Third Eye Portal around in a circle to see that entire higher reality…
You are first met with the image of a higher expression of your SELF…
You may be met by several expressions of your Multidimensional SELF…
See your SELVES gathered around your telescope/Third Eye…
FEEL the unconditional love of this energetic greeting…
Open your High Heart to accept the Flow of unconditional love…
Allow the unconditional love to bond you to this higher reality of your SELF…
FEEL your High Heart bonded to your SELF…
Surrender to the unconditional love as it Flows into your High Heart…
Allow this unconditional love to guide you through your physical life…
As you become accustomed to the feeling of being led by unconditional love, you can begin to recognize that you are Flowing past myriad possible realties. You will observe these realities through the expanded perceptions that are the most developed or innately powerful. Therefore, some of you will see these realities through your clairvoyance, others will hear them through their clairaudience and others will feel them through their clairsentience.
When you perceive a possible reality with your clairsentience, you will feel it on your skin, within your aura and via your Essence. Initially, all three of these perceptions may feel as though you are sensing the frequency of a reality via your physical skin. When this occurs, expand your consciousness out to feel this sensation through your aura. Then pull your consciousness inwards to perceive this reality with your Essence within your Core.
Perceiving reality through your Core Essence is quite challenging because you have been trained to believe that reality it outside of your physical body. In the same manner, your Clairvoyance is based on seeing from within and your Clairaudience is based on hearing from within.
When you see from within, it often appears that you are thinking that you see it, but is only a vague overlay of the physical world. Hearing from within is often first experienced as a sudden thought that appear to be out of context. Every time that you trust your inner sensing, seeing and hearing your expanded perceptions get stronger.
Furthermore, if you move these inner perceptions into your physical world, you will OWN your immense creative ability. For example, when you write, draw, sing, dance or follow you inner perceptions, you are allowing your inner life to set the course for your physical reality. In this manner, you will move deeper and deeper into the art of mastery of your multidimensional perceptions.
Just if you can see, hear and feel your third dimensional reality, eventually, you will eventually be able to identify possible and probable fifth dimensional realities realities via your expanded perceptions.
If you choose to interact with any reality, open the Portal of your High Heart into that reality and bond with it via your unconditional love. Once you are bonded with that reality, you will commune with the members of that world through your telepathy and empathy.
Because of this interaction, this possible reality becomes a probable reality because you are experiencing through a given frequency of your Multidimensional SELF.
In summary, you are going into the Core of your third dimensional expression of SELF to look out to perceive reality from inside your self. You can see many multidimensional worlds by looking through the lens of your inner Third Eye.
Your Third Eye is similar to the telescope in your submarine in that it can look out of your body from the inside, then up through your current reality and directly into the higher expressions of your SELF. As you look into that higher expression of your SELF, you will feel the immense unconditional love from the higher dimensions.
If you choose to interact with that reality, you will open the Portal of your High Heart to that reality, and use your unconditional love to bond with that world. Hence, you have entered a possible reality, making it a probable reality that an expression of your Multidimensional SELF has chosen to join.

You have many exciting adventures to experience as you move into your Multidimensional SELF. Remember, time and space are third/fourth dimensional illusions. Therefore, you will not “run out of time, or get “lost,” as YOU are always HERE in the NOW.

I shall return with my dear friends the Arcturians,


Ashtar Command
Through Suzanne Lie, PhD

Posted 20th August 2012 by Juan Pablo
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SaLuSa: Testing Times

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Galactic Federation of Light 

Channeled by Multidimensional Ocean

October 4, 2014

Dear ones. We are on the verge of a new adventure once again. Humanity’s increasing need for light is manifesting with a stronger power for the past few days already. This will surprise some of you when I say that the light has to come from within at this time. You dear friends are the greatest light bekons that can ever be. You will shine your light in the darkest places of the Earth and help restore the sense of love and unity above the planet dear ones.
The outer energies and influences will continue to be challenging for most of you at this time, as we have entered the so called “trial” times that many of you have heard about. This time can also be referred to as testing times.
The only test is a test for your own abilities to love and to have faith in your own inner guidance and light.
This will be a difficult time for many, and some will give up on the light. Do not be disheartened if friends walk away from the light, but continue showing them the way of love and consciousness that we have tried to impress upon you for many years with our many messages.
This time is going to shake many people’s beliefs and the darker forces of the universe will count on this time ahead to play with your feelings of fear and with your subconscious.
We recommend you to do additional meditations during this coming months and years. Have plenty of sleep, go to bed very early and lead a balanced life. Balancing physical activities with healthy eating.
Join a group where you find the light that your soul needs, and enjoy your self regularly.
You are beckons of love and light for all humanity to see and follow. You are the ones guiding souls in the times of darkness, as you have done so for many years upon your planet and through many lifetimes on Earth and elsewhere in the universe.
Along with the need for light, there is also a need for protection of your own feelings and physical bodies. Many of you feel overworked and depressed with the winter settling upon the Northern Hemisphere. The days getting shorter and the lack of light is felt by all of you now. This will continue to be felt until the winter solstice with increasing power.
It is vital that you let your inner light shine at times such as these. It is important to connect with your true nature and the joy that resides in your heart.
These are difficult times for the planet and many of you will find their path in the coming months, as well as clarification on their life mission.
We keep monitoring the situation from above and know that we are always with you.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius and we send our regular love to you. We are aware of your strong desire for joining us openly on our ships and are please to say that once this period of darkness ends, the possibility of our working openly together will be a reality for many of our ground crews.

Thank you, SaLuSa

Channel: Multidimensional Ocean

* * *


Angelic Guides: The emotional swings caused by the Full Blue Moon

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Full Moon

The emotional swings caused by the Full Blue Moon” 

Channeled by Taryn Crimi

October 7, 2014

Today we would like to focus your attention upon the powerful full blue moon that is due to align with your planet this coming night. We would like to touch upon the dramatic effects that this powerful moon has upon each of you individually as well as collectively.

Certainly there have been a number of very powerful and transformative new and full moons this year; each serving a very necessary purpose. Full moons have a particularly significant effect upon not only each of you but on your planet as well. As each of you are majorly made of up water. Just as the ebb and flow of the worlds oceans are pulled more dramatically during the time of a full moon, so too are each of you. You will have likely noticed that your emotions are stronger, more dramatic and more sporadic than usual.

Many of you have most likely experienced a feeling of being forced to stand still and reflect upon what you have just manifested within this moons cycle. Each of you are undoubtedly being met with opportunities to reflect upon the creations you have attracted into your lives thus far. Be grateful for what you have already successfully manifested in your life as each of you have something to be grateful for. Certainly you are also able to discern what you would like to continue to manifest and what you would like to change. This is part of the beauty of your physical reality; you can see your creations manifest before your eyes and you are always granted the opportunity to make a new choice.

This Full moon brings with it the opportunity to align with your highest good before you are once again urged to move forward towards achieving the dreams and desires you wish to create. Much like a ship upon the sea requires a rudder to steer the vessel with, each of you must allow for time to reflect upon the direction you are choosing to head in to ensure it is where you would like to go. This moon brings with it not only the energy of a “blue moon” but it also is a lunar eclipse and it therefore brings the magnified energy of alignment. You are each being urged to align with your truest core beliefs. What it is it that you wish to believe?

As you each reflect upon the events and moments that have manifested in the past few days and even weeks you will notice that many of your core beliefs have been tested. Why is this you wonder? To this we reply, to ensure that the foundation in which you will now build upon is solid and in alignment. A weak foundation will eventually lead to the structures demise. The fears and doubts that have welled up are simply remnants from the “past”, granting you the opportunity to dispel them with your trust and faith. We assure you, you aren’t doing anything “wrong”, this is simply part of the process.

This moon not only offers you the opportunity to reflect upon how far you have come, but where you would like to go from here. The moments when humans are urged to rest and reflect seems to be the most challenging for so many. To this we smile, remember you are human beings, not human doings. You do not need to fill your days with busyness to feel as though you have not “wasted it”. The moments you are given to simply just “be” are the moments that serve you most.

So we encourage you to be gentle with yourselves, take some time to rest, relax and be at peace. All is exactly as it should be.

So with that, we hope that we have been of service to you and that those of you in need of this message have found it to be helpful.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

Copyright © 2012-2014 by Taryn Crimi. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.


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