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Origen: Symbyosis: sharing. ;;;.Undines_ Water Elementals –The Elementals speak – Rosicrucians – Barbados 1999 – Le Martinisme : au cœur de l’ésotérisme occidental –


jueves, 8 de octubre de 2015

sharing. ;;;.Undines_ Water Elementals –The Elementals speak – Rosicrucians – Barbados 1999 – Le Martinisme : au cœur de l’ésotérisme occidental –

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Water Elementals –The Elementals speak


THE UNDINES, Water Elementals, SPEAK: 

Good Nowness Dear Humans,

We Undines, the Water Elementals, are joyous to speak with our humans. We say “our” humans because our element of water fills so much of your earth vessel. We know that our work is very important, as water is the greatest resource on Gaia’s body. However, many humans do not realize that, for if they did, they would surely make sure that it remained clear and fresh.

Once, our great oceans and waterways were clear and pristine. There was enough life within our waters to feed humanity and other animals and still have more than enough water creatures left to procreate.

Now many of our waters are polluted and void of life. We needn’t lecture you about our plight, as we know you are aware. It is just that we have a great sadness that tends to hinder our work of transmutation. Humans use water to clean their bodies, their houses, their cars, their clothing and FOR many other parts of their life.

Why don’t they keep their water clean? It seems as though we work as hard as we can, only to have another human cause another disaster, which spoils our waters again. Therefore, we wish to ask our humans to join us in clearing our waterways and protecting our marine life.

We are aware of those dear hearts that have chosen to assist us, and we know also that it is “the few” that are harming this great resource for “the many.”

Water Elementals also flow through your physical bodies. Furthermore, you regularly drink our sacred fluid. If you could send love to the water that you drink, you would greatly increase your health.

Water is a template for life, which is receptive to thought and emotion. Therefore, if you drink water when you are angry, afraid or sad, you taint the water that you drink. On the other hand, when you take a moment to send love into the water before you drink it, you are actually sending your body love via the water. Furthermore, if you send both multidimensional light and unconditional love into the water that you drink, you will greatly accelerate your ascension process.

Also, since there is even more water on the body of Gaia than in your own form, you would greatly assist planetary ascension if you blessed all forms of water with light and love. That blessing alone would do much to clear our waterways and raise the frequency of our water molecules.

Elementals do not perceive your world or your behavior in the same manner that you do. We Undines perceive water as the force of all life. We see how our rain keeps the Plant Kingdom healthy and fertile. We see how our water clears the smog from the sky and the dirt from the ground, cars and houses.

Our waters have been great liquid highways that you have traveled for millennia. We see that water is serving humanity in many ways, but we don’t see how humanity is creating a balance and serving water.

On the other hand, we understand that many humans are expanding their consciousness to perceive life forces that were once perceived as “things.” They are beginning to remember that Earth is a sentient, living being. As the consciousness of each human expands, humanity increasingly understands reality.

Just as our perception of reality changes when we resonate to the slow frequency of ice or the fast frequency of a running stream, your perceptions change when you are no longer “frozen” in the time-bound structure of third dimensional Earth.

As your mind expands, new ideas begin to flow into your consciousness. These new ideas can flow faster and faster until they reach “critical mass.” Then, these ideas burst into manifestation.

In the same manner, humans are expanding their consciousness from being “frozen in forgetfulness,” to following the flow of change, and to transmuting their form into a frequency that is no longer bound by shape or form.

Your consciousness, which is often symbolized as water in your dreams, is expanding beyond its physical encasement and is ready to burst forth to freely intermingle with all life. As you flow beyond your former limitations, you free yourselves from the many illusions that have haunted you for myriad incarnations.

Free again, your consciousness can remember your Essence, which is as formless as our stream. You will also remember that you have taken a vow to protect life in ALL its forms. As you return to your higher expression of your SELF, your immense creative power will return, and you will actively participate in creating New Earth.

Dear humans, your form is created by the same elements and Elementals as Earth. In fact, our Elementals flow through you, just as we flow through Gaia. Hence, you are the Deva that pulls all our myriad elements into ONE body.

With this awareness of your innate powers, your higher purpose is realized, and you remember that you are here to be the stewards of Gaia’s inhabitants. YOU are CREATION in action. GAIA is creation in action. The Elohim, Devas and Elementals are creation in action. When you honor, love and respect your creations, you will complete this cycle of creation and be ready to begin your next cycle.

You will see the LIFE in All That Is, and become aware of the imprint that you make upon that life. While in your higher consciousness, you will see higher frequency reality that flow into and through all life to unify you with the ONE life and our ONE planet.


Embedded in your earth vessel are all the components of me, the planet, as well as all the components of OUR Oversoul members who chose to be first, second and fourth dimensional Beings. Your first and second dimensional selves live in unity with the planet, as these elements of your body, and mine, are not “evolved” enough to understand the separation of the third dimension. It is from their unity that they commune in oneness with the fourth dimensional creatures, my Elementals of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

Just as some of our Oversoul chose to be First and Second Dimensionals, some chose to be Fourth Dimensionals. Unlike the First and Second Dimensionals, the Fourth Dimensionals have some sense of individuality, but they also have a strong Unity Consciousness, which keeps them in constant communication with each other, as well as with all the lower dimensional beings.

The Fourth Dimensionals that most directly interface with your everyday life are the Elementals. The first and second dimensional “elements” of earth, air, fire, and water are given “life” by the spirit/prana of the fourth dimensional Elementals. The Elementals share their life-giving Spirit Essence with these elements, just as your Soul shares its Spirit Essence with your third dimensional earth vessel.

You, the human expression of our Oversoul, have Elementals within your physical body, just as my planetary body does. You are the microcosm of me, Gaia. In your carbon-based matter, “earth element,” you have the Earth Elementals, the Gnomes. In your bodily fluid, “water element,” you have the Water Elementals, the Undines. In the “space” and oxygen within your body, your “air element,” you have the Air Elementals, the Sylphs. Finally, in your neural activity and Kundalini force, “fire element,” you have the Fire Elementals, the Salamanders.

Since Elementals are fourth dimensional beings, they do not abide by the rules of third dimensional separation. Every experience that any Elemental has is instantly shared with all the Elementals. In fact, all four groups of Elementals, inside and outside your earth vessel, work in concert with each other. Within the INNER reality of your “personal” earth vessel, your thoughts and emotions stimulate all the Elementals, who in turn, stimulate all the Elementals in your OUTER reality. In this manner, the Elementals within your physical body and aura live in constant unity with the Elementals in my planetary body and atmosphere.


Water has been associated with emotions just as air has been associated with thoughts. Your Water Elementals, the Undines, rule you’re your bodily fluid, blood, and the circulation of your blood, which is the domain of your heart. If your heart does not function, you die. Hence, if your heart is not functioning well you experience the emotion of fear, Fear of Death.

Conversely, the emotion of love is also associated with your heart. This is likely because your heart is also the Home of your Soul/SELF from whence Unconditional Love can be felt. Since all emotions are some octave of the 3D polarization of “good/loving” emotions and “bad/fearful” emotions, your Heart, and hence the Undines, Water Elements, serve as the distributors of your emotions.

Your emotions are the basis of your consciousness for they represent your ability to FEEL, be aware of, your Self. When you were first born, your “self” was your Soul/SELF. Then, as a process of “growing up,” you became more and more aware of your physical body and your ego who ruled it. Eventually, your “self” became your ego/self.

Fortunately, as you expanded your consciousness, you could FEEL, be aware of, your inner Guides, Holy Spirit, Angels, and other members of your inner world. Eventually, as you continued on your Path, you began to be “conscious” of your own Higher Self, whom you have downloaded and are now integrating into your physical earth vessel.

Your cerebral spinal fluid is also a water element, and hence, under the domain of your Water Elementals, the Undines. Cerebral Spinal Fluid flows between your brain and your skull, through the ventricles of your brain, and up and down your spine between the nerves and the spinal cord to cushion your nerves and facilitate your primary neural synapses.


It is through your Elementals that you, my people, impact the planet, the weather, and all the people, plants and animals that you contact. For example, your thoughts are the end result of the neural activity that your inner Fire Elementals, the Salamanders, initiated and completed. Since your inner Fire Elementals work in concert with all the Fire Elementals of my planet, your “individual” thoughts become “planetary” thoughts via the unity in which all the Elementals live. Therefore, your thoughts influence all the Fire Elements of my planet and all my creatures.

Hence, when your thoughts are clear and kind, your inner Elementals attract other Elementals who are also clear and kind. When you choose positive thinking, you influence your Fire Elementals in a positive manner, which, in turn, positively influence the Fire Elementals of others and of my planet. The photons of the sun, which unify with my Fire Elementals, can more easily integrate into my planet by your passage, and the thoughts of others will be calmed as your inner Elementals share a serene blessing with their inner Elementals.

On the other hand, if your inner thoughts are sad, angry or fearful, you dispense your own angst and discomfort throughout your environment. You then magnetize others who are suffering, or create a “bad feeling” in others. Plants won’t grow for you, animals will run away or attack, and you will contribute to my weather in a destructive manner. My weather is a response to my occupants, as I am the sum/total of ALL my creatures.


Your thoughts are actually a cooperative event between your Earth Elementals that work with the matter of the neurotransmitters, enzymes and other chemicals to create the change in polarity that initiates the electrical signal, and the Fire Elementals that “fire” the neuron. Hence, your thoughts also have a great influence on the Earth Elementals of your internal and external world. When your thoughts are chaotic, obsessive and/or confused, your Earth Elementals find it difficult to stabilize themselves. This “personal” instability then influences the Planetary Earth Elementals to perpetuate geological instability.

As you walk my planetary body, Earth, your every step influences the Earth Elementals of my planetary body. The planetary Earth Elementals hold the message that your step has sent and relay it on to the next person or animal that walks in your footsteps. Have you ever wondered why it is so glorious to walk in the wilderness, on a deserted beach or in virgin snow? It is because it is psychically “quiet,” and your Elementals are not resonating to others. Hence, it is easier for them to resonate to your SELF.

This experience is also the origin of the saying, “Walk in the footsteps of the Masters.” The “Masters” are beings, human and non-human, who have gained a mastery over their thoughts and feelings, and, hence, a mastery of their inner elements and Elementals. These Masters consciously work with their personal and planetary Elementals, as well as the inner elements of others to convey the deep, inner peace of living in Constant Communication with your Multidimensional SELF.


The Air Elementals assist the flow of life-giving oxygen, which gives you consciousness. The first thing that happens when you suffer from oxygen deprivation is that your thinking becomes increasingly confused until you become “unconscious.” Hence, an adequate flow of oxygen throughout your system is vital for clear thinking. This is why the element of air is also associated with your thoughts. The Air Elementals, the Sylphs, assist you in breathing.

The Sylphs, Air Elementals, also blend your thoughts with the thoughts of others through the Unity Consciousness that all Elementals share. With every inhalation you are receiving the thoughts of others, and with every exhalation, you are distributing your thoughts throughout your world via your Air Elementals. Your thoughts then feed into the Collective Consciousness and the Planetary Consciousness to influence your daily experiences, as well as the experiences of others.

Allow me to take a moment to differentiate Collective and Planetary Consciousness for you. Collective Consciousness is the combined consciousness of all my humans, whereas Planetary Consciousness is the combined consciousness of ALL my inhabitants in ALL my dimensions. Hence, Planetary Consciousness is more expansive than humanity’ Collective Consciousness.

The Sylphs live in your aura and constantly contribute to my aura, the atmosphere, and the quality of my planet’s air and sky. When you have “cloudy thoughts,” you relay that message to the atmosphere. On the other hand, when you have “clear thinking,” you contribute to a clear day. You are all aware of how my weather is changing. This is because we, our planet, are now largely fourth dimensional. Therefore, reality is more mutable and more easily influenced by the thoughts and feelings of my inhabitants.

Please do not be frightened by this statement, for it also offers great hope. As each of you, my Keepers of the Land, gain mastery of your own inner elements, your inner Elementals will assist you in holding that resonance of mastery. The Elementals also serve to contribute that “resonance of mastery” to the inner Elementals of others and to the Elementals of my planet. In this manner, the Elementals serve to raise the vibration of “their person,” while they also raise the vibration of my planet and all my inhabitants.

The mastery you gain over the physical elements of your earth vessel allows you to move into an active partnership with your inner Elementals, as well as the Elementals of my planet. You have the innate power to can call upon your inner Elementals to assist you with your personal health and transformation, as well as the health and transformation of my planet. Do you realize now what a truly powerful Being you are?

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Monday, October 5, 2015

Consciousness, Lightbody and Merkaba by The Arcturians


Consciousness, Lightbody and Merkaba

The Arcturians

Our dear emissaries to Earth,

We are here with you. Take a long moment to feel our presence in your room. Do you see how Mytre is with us again? It is because he is a Commander of the landing party. We are actually landed now, but only in the higher frequencies of what you would call your fourth dimension. In order to perceive us, you must look with your Third Eye and interpret our message with your High Heart.

You are now in the process of this interpretation. Be sure to put unconditional love onto any situation that troubles you, and be sure to send the Violet Fire. We ask that every time that situation comes into your awareness, you remember to do that.

There are many challenges being presented to our volunteers to Earth to assist you to “prime the pump” as they said in the olden days. You can talk and teach forever, but the teacher must keep learning by doing what you teach. In this manner the teachings will progress into the higher and higher octaves of reality.

We ask now that all our teachers fully recognize that it is no accident that they find themselves in whatever challenges that are confronting them. It is the NOW to act like the Galactic Member that you have always been.

In order to BE your true galactic and/or celestial SELF, you must go deep within to the core fears of your human self and heal them. One of your core fears is that you will not be acknowledged for who you truly are. That “fear” is a third dimensional ego fear.

Therefore, you are called upon within this NOW to go deep inside and acknowledge your own SELF. This acknowledgment of SELF will greatly expand your consciousness higher and deeper into the fifth dimension.

It is vital that you “own your power” because as you become increasingly fifth dimensional, your power of creation is greatly amplified. Part of “priming the pump” for your creative force is realizing that YOU ARE the creator of your life. As long as your consciousness remains locked in the third dimension, you can live under the illusion that “it is not my fault.”

However, as your consciousness resonates to the fifth dimension for longer and longer periods of your “time,” you enter into the “ascension initiation” of “EVERYTHING that occurs within my third dimensional reality was CREATED with your own thoughts and emotions.”

Who is creating your reality NOW?

What are you learning from your creations?

Why did you choose these creations?

When will you take FULL responsibility for the creation of your life?

Where are you sending Unconditional Love and Violet Fire?

We stress, DO NOT JUDGE YOUR SELF! Whether or not you are conscious of it, you are ALL going through a deep process of recalibrating your consciousness to this higher frequency of energy that is constantly and consistently entering Gaia’s atmosphere.

Because this energy field is fifth dimensional, it carries the frequencies of Unconditional Love and Violet Fire. When these fifth dimensional frequencies are recognized and used for the good of Gaia and all Her inhabitants, you can more easily adapt to the higher frequencies of light.

If you do not “use” these energy fields, you will “lose” connection with them. Every time you acknowledge and bless others with unconditional love and violet fire is similar to dripping red paint into clear water.

Every time you drop red paint into clear water, the water becomes a more and more red. What we are saying by this analogy is that YOU are the “glass of water,” literally as the human form is comprised of a large percentage of water.

On the other hand, the “paint” is the light. This analogy is saying that it is you that must adapt to the light, rather than the light adapting to you. Therefore, just as the water in the glass takes on the color of the “paint,” you are gradually taking on the frequency of the light.

We stated “red paint/light” as red is the lowest frequency of light. As you adapt to the frequency of red, you then move up the frequency scale of colors until you can adapt to the color purple, which is the higher frequency of light in your 3D world.

Actually, the lowest is inferred light and the highest is ultraviolet light. After that you move into the next spectrum of light, and the next dimension of reality. Many of you have asked for this NOW of great transition, but were hoping for a “free ride” into the higher worlds.

Unfortunately, you have all accumulated a great deal of limitations and fears within your thoughts and emotions. This low frequency, thought forms act as an anchor to keep you bound to the third dimensional reality that you wish to release. Therefore, we remind you in this NOW, that you are the creator of your realty.

To “graduate” your consciousness into the fifth dimension,” you must fully complete your 3D lessons of mastery over your thoughts and emotions. This mastery is not a “grade” that you receive in a school.

This mastery is the re-connection with your Multidimensional Consciousness, which will connect you with your Lightbody. Your thoughts and emotions bind you to the reality that resonates to the same frequency of your thoughts and emotions.

Do you see that circle?

Thoughts and emotions create your frequency of reality…

To remain in that frequency of reality you must maintain that frequency of those thoughts and emotions…

Each frequency of thought and emotions bound together into thought-forms moves out into your reality to influence your outer world by calibrating your consciousness to:

· Your third dimensional consciousness and thus reality

· Your multidimensional consciousness and thus reality

· Your lightbody and thus the fifth dimension and beyond

· Your merkaba, which is your inter-dimensional inner starship

All of the above options are created by your state of consciousness. You can only remain in any of these versions of reality while your consciousness is calibrated to that frequency. Just as your radio show changes when you change the channel (frequency), your reality shifts when ever you change your state of consciousness.

We know that all of you wish to return to the fifth dimension. That is wonderful, as Gaia is on that return route Herself. But if you are to be at the helm of your life you must remember that:

When the collective frequency of your thoughts and emotions

Fall below the resonance of the fifth dimension,

You “fall out” of the fifth dimension…

Do you see NOW how YOU are the creator of your reality?

Your Multidimensional Consciousness, your Lightbody, and your Merkaba are all components of your SELF that are patiently waiting for YOU to bring them online with your 3D consciousness. Of course, these higher versions of your self are already within the external hardrive of your Multidimensional Mind.

You will need to connect with your Multidimensional Mind to have a conscious experience of these highest components of your SELF. Then, you can download the information regarding your merkaba, Lightbody and multidimensional consciousness into your third dimensional awareness.

However, first you must link your third dimensional brain into your multidimensional mind. Then, you will then be able to have a more conscious experience of your own higher expressions of your self. Fortunately, because higher and higher frequencies of light are entering Gaia’s atmosphere, many of you are experiencing brief moments of full connections with these components of your fifth dimensional SELF.

We recommend that you are cautious regarding these downloads because your clay vessel will not easily adapt to the higher frequencies of your Merkaba, Lightbody. It is for this reason that many of you are experiencing “symptoms of transmutation.” To state it simply, these symptoms are occurring because your actual cell bodies are beginning to accelerate their spin.

We Galactics know that you must go about this transmutation slowly and carefully. We are willing to assist you in any way that we can. However, remember that Earth is a free-will planet. Therefore, you must ask us. We look forward to these requests.

Once you to be able to maintain a conscious connection with your Multidimensional Consciousness, Merkaba and your Lightbody you will need to know that there are several ways in which your Lightbody and your Merkaba are different.

We will speak more on this issue later, but for beginning adventures with these higher expressions of your SELF we will tell you that your Lightbody is the very same humanoid body you are wearing, but it resonates to the fifth dimension.

On the other hand, your Merkaba is your own Sacred Geometry, Flower of Life and Violet Flame. When you have released all that is limiting the full rise and expansion of your Kundalini, you will flash into Lightbody. That Lightbody is similar to your physical body but resonates to a higher frequency. Therefore, it is the higher frequency of you that travels inter-dimensionally.

On the other hand, your Merkaba is much like your very own spacecraft. Your Merkaba is usually condensed into “pure potential.” Your lightbody is stored in your Kundalini in the base of your spine, whereas your Merkaba is stored in your High Hearth.

The inter-dimensional spaceship of your Merkaba requires total unconditional love for your self and for ALL life before it can be activated. When a Merkaba is activated, it is often thought of as Ascension.

However, if you “fall out” of powerful energy fields and thought forms of your Merkarba, or if the slightest selfish intention brushes against your consciousness, you will “fall out” of your Merkaba SELF.


We are the Arcturians

I hope you enjoy the sample preview of this insightful booklet of Gaia Speaks



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under my picture.

Once I receive your PayPal receipt in my email, I will send you the full booklet via We Transfer.

Thank you in advance.

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sharing.:::.▶ Who & What Are The Rosicrucians #13 ( Fraternal Movement) – ▶ MULTILEVEL HEALING – On the Edge of Ascension | Superesse

sharing.:::.▶ Who & What Are The Rosicrucians #13 ( Fraternal Movement) – ▶ MULTILEVEL HEALING – On the Edge of Ascension | Superesse.

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sharing.:::.▶ Who & What Are The Rosicrucians #13 ( Fraternal Movement) – ▶ MULTILEVEL HEALING – On the Edge of Ascension

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Oct 25

October 6, 2012 GOF Lecture – On the Edge of Ascension

View this document as a PDF

Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. We are entering this period which can be considered the last quarter of 2012. We are entering a period of acceleration, and we are coming closer to the 12-21 alignment with the Central Sun. There are many guidelines and there are many pointers that shall be made regarding this time.

I want to first look at this as a much-accelerated time and a period in which you are closer to the fifth dimension. The actual possibilities of the intersection of the fifth dimension and the third dimension are increasing in probability. This means that there are certain preparations and that there are certain ideas that need to be reviewed with you. I will be reviewing these in much detail during this lecture and in the days and weeks to come.

The first point that I would like to make has to do with the 12-21 alignment with the Central Sun. We have compared this concept and this phenomenon with the idea of an eclipse. When an eclipse happens, then there are direct alignments with stellar bodies. These alignments have significance. The first significance is that they represent metaphorically or figuratively an energy that is coming or is being manifested onto the Earth.

Astrologically this means that a huge influx of light and energy is coming to the Earth, but these energies have the potential for creating upheavals, disruptions, but the energy also has the ability to create new paradigms. That is to say that the paradigm or the modus operandi for the operation of global systems can and will change. In fact, from even a technological standpoint, you will see some huge shifts that are coming. These shifts are comparable to the microchip revolution that has fostered and fueled the computer revolution in your society. Your third dimension has created an electronic or digital paradigm that has permeated so many aspects of third-dimensional operations. A higher form of technology is coming to this planet. This technology is going to be creating many shifts on this planet.

Let me say again that an eclipse is a powerful alignment, but an eclipse also creates a period of darkness. You probably have seen pictures of eclipses, and some of you have even directly experienced an eclipse. When the alignment of 2012 comes, and I describe this as an eclipse, then there are two aspects of the phenomena. The first aspect is that the planet will experience a heightened energy and an excitement energy from the electrification of the aura of the Earth. An electromagnetic charge, an electromagnetic shift in frequencies accompanies an eclipse.

Certainly there is going to be an electromagnetic shift of frequencies on the planet. In fact, there is going to be an electromagnetic shift in this sector of the galaxy. This electromagnetic shift has great meaning. It means that the shift electromagnetically is going to open certain portals in hyperspace. These portals sometimes are called rips in the fabric of the space-time continuum. They are going to be made visible and are going to be made accessible.

So you see, the alignment with the Central Sun and the Earth affects the Earth, but it also will be affecting this entire sector or section of the solar system. Now, the sector or section you are in within the galaxy is comprised of the outer arm of the spiral arm of your galaxy known as the Milky Way. Your section of the galaxy includes the stars you see at night. This includes the perhaps 6,000 stars that are available to be seen in the night sky. These nighttime stars include nearby planetary and stellar systems such as the Pleiades, Arcturus, Sirius, and the star systems known as Antares. Many of these star systems are up to 5,000 light years away from the Earth and are all considered part of this sector of the galaxy.

There still is not total agreement about this galactic alignment on December 21, 2012. It will be a powerful shift, but it is still not known exactly how wide a shift this electromagnetic activation will be experienced. The effects may be even longer or larger than the 5,000 light years that I am referring to.

What is clear in our perception is that the electromagnetic energy known as the alignment of the Central Sun is going to create a new wave of electromagnetic field waves. These new electromagnetic field waves will be experienced in this sector of the galaxy. These new electromagnetic field waves will include thought particle systems and new strands of light field energy. These new strands will be activating and stimulating the space-time portals or the space-time rips in the fabric of the galaxy in this section. These can be called space-time rips; however, we prefer to call them openings rather than rips, because when you use the word rips, it sounds like there is an error or that there is something bad that is happening. Actually, a “rip” is more of an opening. These space-time openings in the fabric are going to allow more visitations from other parts of the galaxy to the Earth. It is going to allow a greater influx of light and energies from other sections of the galaxy. This means that a huge energetic influx is going to occur. This influx will not just come from the Central Sun. The activation energies from the wave of electromagnetic light are going to open up new corridors of the space-time continuum that will directly result in more Earth sightings of higher dimensional beings. There will be more sightings of UFOs, more visitations, more direct interactions with these higher beings. This galactic alignment could be a turning point in the dimensional history and experiences of the Earth.

An eclipse creates a period of darkness where no light comes to a space where the eclipse is directly experienced. The galactic eclipse is directly experienced for a period of time in your solar system and particularly on the Earth. This period of darkness can be characterized by increased difficulty in connecting with spiritual energy and spiritual light. It could also mean that the fabric of your dimension can become more precarious.

Remember, your third dimension now is based on a model or paradigm that is digital. It is based on the microchip. It is based on computer technology and the Internet. The Internet is based on the use of certain electromagnetic energies and is also based on and integrated by satellites. It is well known that this whole Internet system is fragile. It is well known that it would take only a disruptive major solar event to knock out the satellites which could knock out the Internet and could knock out the electromagnetic systems that have become the foundation of this reality.

The way to counteract a potential electromagnetic disruption is to explore and to work with this new paradigm. We, the Arcturians, have been preparing you for the new paradigm. I will explain some more about the new paradigm. I also want to say to you that there is a new discovery, there is a new invention, there is a new tool for this planet that is going to surpass the microchip, which is going to revolutionize the way the planet interacts energetically. I am not permitted to give you the name or the details of this discovery. I do want to say though that this discovery is an innovation that is going to revolutionize this planet. Part of the reason why this new invention, an invention which surpasses the microchip, is able to come to this planet is because of the vibrational openings that are created from the Central Sun alignment. The vibrational openings create the space-time corridor openings. These space-time corridor openings will allow many different forms of energy to be downloaded into the Earth. These forms of energy include the higher dimensional beings appearing. The openings will also allow new thought patterns, through new thought field energies, that will be received because of the new openings coming.

Some of these openings are already being directed to expand. Some of these openings are already allowing the sending of new information to those starseeds like you. This means that there is a great opening for prophetic visioning during the next three months in particular. To increase your receptivity, there is a great need to do the special spiritual exercises that we have talked about, including the shimmering. The shimmering will be more powerful, more direct and will take you immediately into the fifth dimension.

The openings in the space-time continuum, the opening of the corridors, the rip in the fabric are indications that the intersection of the dimensions is closer and more powerful. Imagine that the dimensions are each spheres. You have the third-dimensional sphere and you have a fifth-dimensional sphere. Imagine that these spheres intersect. In order for them to intersect, they put a tremendous strain on the fabric of the dimension. In particular, the strain on the fabric of the third dimension creates bulges and also more rips in the third-dimensional energy field.

The third-dimensional energy field then has to expand, and it has to repair itself in order to deal with this expansion. This expansion of the third-dimensional energy field on the Earth is coming right at the time of the 12-12-12 and the 12-21 alignment. It is coming right at the time when there is a huge contraction occurring on this planet. This contraction is being experienced on a multisystem level. That is to say that this huge contraction is affecting the economic climate, the political climate, the religious climate, the social climate and, of course, the ecological climate. This contraction includes the discussions we’ve had about mass extinctions and possible collapses in the biosphere. It also includes an interesting observation that we would like to make regarding the multiple systems and the leaders of this world.

Amazingly, you are going to see that the leaders themselves will not know what to do. The leaders of this planet, including many of the heads of state and many of the heads of countries, will be confused. They will reach a point of saying, “Well, I don’t really know what the answer is.” This type of answer will also come from the religious leaders because of the upheaval. The 12-21-12 alignment will also create an upheaval. That is what the Mayans had in mind when they looked into the future. The predictions that have come down to this society from the Mayans have been interpreted in several different ways. The major interpretation has included the End Times. But, it is not really the End Times, but it is the end of an era. It is the end of using the old paradigm. That means that those people who stick to the old paradigm will not know what the answer is.

You know how hard it is to step out of a paradigm. A paradigm is a system of beliefs, but a paradigm is also a thought energy field. A paradigm then creates and works with your belief structure and gives you the model and gives you the tools to make decisions about how to proceed. The paradigm that is operational on this planet now is that the Earth has an infinite amount of resources, and people can continue to use these resources based on who has control of everything. Those people who have control will then be able to continue to master and dominate the planet.

That is the old paradigm. The new paradigm is based on a whole other system of thinking. The domination and exploitation of the Earth’s resources is not going to work. In fact, it is going to create more catastrophes. Some of these catastrophes are closer than you and I would like to admit.

I will mention again the nuclear catastrophes that are close because this consumption of energy using nuclear power is creating a major energetic imbalance on the planet. It continues at a very fast pace. I know that, for example, people have in some countries in particular made decisions to stop their nuclear productions. But, as I had previously said, these intentions, as good as they are, have not resulted in any major shift. It has resulted in some plans, but it hasn’t resulted in major shifts.

The reason why we, the Arcturians, are so concerned about this is because the nuclear energy and the release of radiation directly damage the space-time corridors and the space-time continuum around the planet. It damages the Earth’s energy field. It damages the Earth’s aura, and it also creates the holes that lead to draining of the life force energy sometimes known as the chi.

The good news is that this paradigm is going to be resolved, and there is going to be a new energetic formula, a revolutionary formula, for the integration of energy and power that will revolutionize how the Earth functions. The new paradigm has many aspects. The first aspect that we always speak of is the Sacred Triangle. The Sacred Triangle is the integration of the concepts known as Galactic Spirituality and Native Peoples’ Spirituality and the Mystical Spirituality that is the source and driving energy behind all of the major world religions.

This paradigm now is going to be focusing on bringing forth a particularly strong energy for the Galactic Spirituality. The Galactic Spirituality is bringing new concepts including new concepts in relationships, new concepts in religion, new concepts in how we see our incarnations and how we see this star family. The star family is the brothers and sisters from the space brotherhood and sisterhood that is directly connected to you. You have a relationship bond with the galactic brotherhood and sisterhood. This bond is part of the new spiritual technology. This bond allows you to experience prophetic visions that are far beyond what you can do by yourself. This bond allows you to regain a greater understanding of the concepts of Cosmic Justice and Cosmic Karma. This bond will help you to understand that you, like many of the souls on this planet, have been on other planets, and have incarnated on other planets. Most importantly, your true nature is multidimensional.

The paradigm of the existence of multi-dimensions and multi-realms is revolutionary. The idea that you can experience these multidimensional realms in a way that will help you to function on this planet is remarkable.

All this leads me to the discussion of the Ascension. Everybody senses that the Ascension is closer. Everybody senses that when I am speaking of the openings in the space-time fabric and when I am speaking about this alignment and this new energy, that this naturally leads to the correct conclusion that the Ascension is close. Many of you want to leave the planet. Many of you are ready to leave. Many of you have reached what I call “the end of your rope”! This means that you have no further desires to deal with this craziness on this dimension because the craziness on this dimension is accelerating. The confusion is accelerating. The older ways of doing things are becoming so much more illogical.

There are two points that I want to say about you and your ascension. The first point is that preparation is paramount. The Ascension is a magical moment. The Ascension is an immediate experience that is like lightning. It strikes dramatically, emphatically and immediately. That means that it happens in a nanosecond, but the nanosecond that you experience is based on the Earth time continuum. The actual ascension experience and process in the dimensional worlds really has a whole other time frame that is difficult to describe.

You have come to the Earth to participate in the Ascension. You understand that part of the reality of the Ascension is the preparation, and part of the reality of the Ascension is that a core group of starseeds need to work with the Earth and work with the energy field of the Earth. The idea is that the Earth has to be prepared for the Ascension. There needs to be a foundation and a structural integrity or a structural thought field form that can support the interaction of the dimensions. This interaction of the dimensions is part of the ascension experience.

The intersection of the dimensions will be dramatic. Some people have compared it to the interaction of matter with antimatter. That is a good comparison because when the matter and antimatter interact, then there is an immediate explosion. The interaction of the dimensions and the moment of ascension is like an explosion. It is like a huge downloading of energy. The point is that this huge downloading of energy has to have a structural basis on this planet. It has to have a receptacle to hold the energy.

If there is not a receptacle, if there is not a structure or basis, then the ascension energy cannot be integrated. Part of the idea of the Ascension is that a certain high level of light and energy is going to come into the Earth. That level of energy is going to stay. Even though you will depart, even though you will ascend, the major input of light and energy that is going to come to this planet because of the Ascension will be integrated into the Earth’s energy field.

That is good news. Your soul mission includes being here at this special time. Your soul mission includes experiencing being right on the edge of ascension. That’s where we are right now. We are on right on the edge of ascension. Therefore, when you are on the edge of ascension as we now are, you have the unique ability to bring down and interact with this special light and energy that is part of the opening of the space-time fabric. You have the special ability and heightened ability to work with the fifth-dimensional energy.

This is actually a big paradox. The contradiction is that you are tired, and you don’t want to be on the Earth anymore, and you want to leave. Some of you at least have this experience. The other side is that this moment before the Ascension is the exact experience that gives you the greatest ability to do the most work. It gives you the greatest opportunity to connect with the fifth dimension and to complete a lot of your soul mission.

This is an interesting contradiction that you can appreciate that this is a time of great spiritual activity. This is a time of great commitment and great ability to fulfill the reason why you came here. The reasons why you came here are several. One is to experience the Ascension, but the second reason is to be part of the downloading of the ascension energy on the planet. Now you are right at the moment where you can be the most effective lightworkers. Please, keep this in mind.

I do want to explain that the power of shimmering is going to be more valuable than ever. Shimmering is a spiritual exercise in which you accelerate through thought. The vibrational field or the vibrational pulse of your aura increases. By increasing the vibrational pulse of your aura, you are able to send your astral body, or your etheric body, directly into a corridor, and through that corridor you can then send yourself to a fifth-dimensional place.

The idea of accelerating your energy field is important because the Ascension is going to create an acceleration of your energy field just like you do in shimmering. The ascension energy creates a mechanism whereby your energy field accelerates and begins to vibrate at speeds that are far beyond what you are normally used to.

To prepare for the Ascension, you want to get used to accelerating your energy field. You want to get used to increasing the pulse of your energy field. The Ascension will cause such an increase. If you have never experienced an increase, then you might have difficulty. Some of you might say, “Well, Juliano, I cannot do these exercises. I try, but all I have is just the thought. I don’t feel the acceleration.” My recommendation is that you do the exercises just in thought. Thought exercise is useful and will prepare you.

Just think now of your energy field, and see your aura and place your aura into the Cosmic Egg shape. Just think of that. That is an important step. Visualize around the outer edge of your aura a line. Visualize that line is pulsing. The line pulses faster. The outer edge of your aura goes into a higher vibrational energy that you can experience. As you experience higher vibrational energy, then you become more aware of your chakras. You open yourself up to more of your psychic abilities. Some of your psychic abilities include telepathy and receiving. If you want to channel, or if you want to receive messages and work with prophetic vision, then doing this shimmering exercise is helpful for that.

When I have talked to you about shimmering, I always said you are going to project yourself to another dimension. I want you to also understand that you can shimmer in place and just stay in the third dimension. But, because you are accelerating your energy field, this begins to open up many of the pathways towards the fifth dimension. Shimmering will open up many of the chakras, and it will also activate some exciting healing and psychic experiences which include teleportation, bilocation and psychic healing.

In this moment, I am just going to lead you in a brief exercise for accelerating your aura as the foundational work for shimmering. Just think that you are shimmering. Your energy field shimmers because it is vibrating quickly. When it is vibrating, then it begins to flicker. Again, command your energy field to go into the shape of the Cosmic Egg. The Cosmic Egg shape is a beautiful egg. See the outer line; see the pulse of the line. Then, with my tones, allow your aura to pulse with the rate of the tone I make. Taa, taa, taaaa, taaaaa. Ta, ta, ta, ta, taaa. Tatatatatatatata……tatataa…tatataaa.

We will go into silence as you experience the natural shimmering and acceleration of your aura.

There is a concept in energy work known as the explosion of light, the explosion of high-level energy. That means that in the spiritual terminology, you can accelerate your energy field from a very slow pace to a very high pace immediately. Immediately! That is what the Ascension is. It is an instantaneous, immediate acceleration of your energy field. Therefore, practice the shimmering in preparation so that you are used to what it is like to go to a higher place instantaneously.

Now, there are many other guides that want to work with you today. I am going to turn the next part of the lecture over to Archangel Michael. This is Juliano. We are the Arcturians.

Kadosh, kadosh, kadosh, Adonai tzevaoth. Let the words of this great mantra, these sacred tones and sounds, open up the Codes of Ascension within you. The Codes of Ascension are based on the concept that you have in place locks on your spiritual abilities. You have a lock on how fast your aura can vibrate. The collective cultural energies dictate and train you to vibrate within a certain range. That range is part of what you know as the collective reality on the third dimension.

Unlocking the Codes of Ascension means that you are breaking through that lock and thereby allowing yourself the ability to vibrate at much higher levels. The words,kadosh, kadosh, kadosh, Adonai tzevaoth, are special code words that affect the DNA in your neural transmitter system. It affects the pineal gland. It affects the reticular activating system. It affects, neurologically, the ability of your neurons to transmit a higher frequency of light, a higher frequency of energy.

Remember that the basic idea is that you only use 20% to 25% of your brain in your lifetime and the abilities of your brain. That means that part of the abilities of your brain are locked. Part of the abilities of your brain are multidimensional. Your mind can transcend this third-dimensional reality. Your mind is far beyond what you would even conceive. So, unlocking the Codes of Ascension is like giving instructions to your DNA to open.

Kadoooooooosh, kadoooooosh, kadoooooosh, Adonaiiiiiiii, tzevaaaaaooooth. (tones) Let the Keys of Ascension be unlocked in each of you.

Now I want to speak briefly about the prophetic vision. I want to speak briefly about this time period that Juliano mentioned because when the fabric of the space-time continuum becomes open, as it is during this period of alignment, then the opportunity for you to receive prophetic vision is increased. That means that you will receive a new influx of ideas. You can receive new energies on how to be more effective as a healer, as a person and as a carrier of light and as a star family member on this planet.

I call on each of you to receive this activation because increasing the ability to shimmer will also increase your prophetic vision. You will need your prophetic vision in these coming weeks. You will need to have the most heightened psychic abilities.

Let the light of the prophet Eliyahu ha Navi, Eliyahu ha Naviiiiiiiii, let the light of Elijah reach each of your auras now so that you can access your own prophetic abilities, so you can access your prophetic vision, so that you can access connections with the newer dimensional openings. By opening up your prophetic vision, remember that Eliyahu, Elijah, did ascend. He unlocked the Codes of Ascension, and also he was able to be focused on connecting with his prophetic vision.

Connecting with your prophetic vision means also that you can connect with your higher self, and you can connect with your multidimensional self. It also means that you will be able to shimmer more effectively and bring yourself into the fifth dimension.

The Ascension is two parts. One part is the energy that is coming to you. The other part is what you are doing with the energy.

The Ascension is an interaction with the light that is coming down to you and how you can interact with it and what you do with it. Eliyahu did great preparation. He did great service. He did great soul work on this planet. He did great prayers, great meditations, and then he ascended. Remember this when you are thinking about your ascension. Remember Elijah. May the light of Elijah be with each of you. I am Archangel Michael. Good day. 

Copyright © 2012 David K. Miller
P.O. Box 4074 Prescott, AZ 86302 USA

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Sharing.:::.▶ Who & What Are The Rosicrucians #12( the role of Grand Lodge Officers) – MYTRE AND THE ARCTURIANS- JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP – ▶ Galactic Federation | Superesse

Sharing.:::.▶ Who & What Are The Rosicrucians #12( the role of Grand Lodge Officers) – MYTRE AND THE ARCTURIANS- JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP – ▶ Galactic Federation | Superesse.

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Sharing.:::.▶ Who & What Are The Rosicrucians #12( the role of Grand Lodge Officers) – MYTRE AND THE ARCTURIANS- JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP – ▶ Galactic Federation

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Trip to the Mothership Part IX

Mytre and The Arcturians

The Seventh Dimension of the Mothership



Mytre has shared his experience of his Super-subconscious being. We will now tell you about the Super-subconscious of our Mothership. Of course, all states of consciousness intermingle within the Being of our Mothership, but just as your brain has certain areas that are more inclined to generate certain states of consciousness, our Ship has certain areas that generate certain frequencies of emanation that encourage correlate states of consciousness.

The Super-subconscious, which represents your animal container, represents the container of our Ship. In other words, the Super-subconscious of the Mothership is responsible for all the maintenance of the ever-changing form of the Ship. Just as your animal body grows and changes in reaction to different energy fields, our Mothership’s living structure constantly changes according to different situations.

All information of all interactions and alterations of the Mothership since her multidimensional manifestation are stored in the Ship’s Super-subconscious. The Mothership that we have been discussing is actually a prototype, an archetypical example of most of our Motherships. Because this Ship has the most extensive Log of interactions with ascending realities, we have chosen Her to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension.

We, the Arcturians, have no aging process, as we do not exist within time. Furthermore, we prefer to visit or use form rather than wear it. We think of form as you might think of a coat. You would not wear a coat unless it was necessary. Furthermore, while you are in the privacy of your home, you wear clothing that is comfortable. However, if guests come to visit, you may put on a special outfit.

In the same manner, while we are relaxing on the Ship, we are usually formless. However, we put on the appropriate form when we have visitors. The appropriate form is the version of our vaguely humanoid form that is most pleasing and comfortable to our guests. Hence, we usually wear a form with a head, body, two arms and two legs. On the other hand, when we have non-humanoid visitors, we often adapt our form to be similar to theirs.

Our Mothership can change shapes, and any the shape to which the Mothership has ever adapted is stored in Her Super-subconscious, which is generally located, but not limited to, the bottom areas of the Ship. We are aware that you are accustomed to thinking in terms of top and bottom. Hence, we will use them.

However, there are many occasions in which our Mothership takes on the form of an orb, and there is no bottom or top. In this case, your human thinking would conceive that the Super-subconscious is on the outside of the Ship. These assumptions are also incorrect, as outside and inside are human terms that do not apply to our reality.

We are happy to speak in terms in which you can create a mental picture. On the other hand, please realize that your sequential manner of thinking will greatly limit your ability to understand the fifth dimension and beyond. We are pleased to see that many of you are attempting to adapt to your innate, multidimensional thinking.

Just as our Super-subconscious carries the patterns of every form the Ship has ever taken, our Seventh Dimensional consciousness holds the patterns of every Oversoul of every reality with whom we have interfaced. Allow us to define Oversoul for you. The seventh dimension is the last dimension that engages form as a means of expression.

Beings of the eighth dimension and beyond, such as the Arcturians, lower their resonance into their seventh dimensional Oversoul and go through that closet to find every form they have ever worn in any reality. Of course, this is a metaphoric definition, but if we were to speak in our timeless, formless Light Language, you would not understand us.

Therefore, we must search the information in the brain of our embodied representative to translate our message. Our language is imagistic and is best translated in a metaphoric manner. However, these metaphors would not be technologically correct. Also, know that technology and creativity are the same term in our reality. With that explanation, we will say that the Oversoul is the Soul of the Soul.

From the “bottom” of the pyramid of incarnation into the physical, individuals merge into increasingly expanded perceptions of their SELF as their consciousness expands. For example, the base of the pyramid would be the Individual/Personal experience of SELF. Over 3D time, this experience of SELF expands into a Familial/Culturalexperience of SELF, then into a National expression, than to a Planetaryexpression of SELF.

You, our ascending ones, have full embraced your Planetary SELF and are preparing to perceive yourselves as your Galactic SELF. You have completed your cycle of polarized individuality and are ready to enter the fifth dimensional expression of your Galactic SELF.

There are Galactic Beings who are not yet fifth dimensional, and you can enjoy that experience, as well. Your Galactic expression of SELF will eventually expand into your Universal expression of SELF.

Please remember that your Multidimensional SELF is infinitely alive and aware. Therefore, when we speak of your progression, we actually mean the progression of the primary focus of the consciousness of expression of your SELF to whom we are speaking. However, ALL of your expressions are simultaneously expanding into higher frequencies of reality or diminishing into lower frequency expressions of SELF, such as taking a new physical form.

Hence, as your individual focus of SELF expands into your Planetary SELF, your Planetary focus of consciousness expands into your Galactic SELF and your Galactic focus expands into your Universal SELF. Your higher dimensional expanded SELF can easily perceive and interact with your lower dimensional versions of SELF.

Therefore, you will not necessarily lose contact with your Personal expression of SELF when Gaia ascends. However, just as you can see a rock, but the rock does not see you, your lower dimensional expressions of SELF can only communicate with their higher expressions by expanding their consciousness to encompass that frequency of reality.

The lower dimensional components of your SELF are still your Multidimensional SELF, but YOU have raised your primary focus into the higher dimensions of reality. Please remember, that these expressions are NOT lined up in a third dimensional manner. They are all interwoven and intermingled within the NOW of the ONE.

You will find that as your consciousness expands into the higher frequencies of expression, your third dimensional thinking will become increasingly cumbersome and somewhat obsolete. Hence, you will begin to forget how to think in that old-fashioned manner and unconsciously think from your Multidimensional SELF.

The side effect of this experience might make you think that you are getting dementia or some other earth condition. The truth is, that you are expanding beyond ALL 3D earthly conditions and are discovering that your old way of thinking is exceedingly cumbersome.

Why would you need a buggy whip when you are driving an automobile? Therefore, why would you need a sequential language of separate words when you think within the limitless, timeless NOW?

There are about two of your years left for this cycle of focusing your consciousness into higher and higher frequencies of expression. However, once your focus is firmly planted in your Planetary Expression of SELF, you will be aligned with Gaia’s time.

Gaia is expanding her Focus into Her fifth dimensional SELF. Hence, Her polarities of past and future are collapsing into the NOW, and 3D time is closing. Once you are fully aligned with Gaia’s NOW, there will not be time as you know it. You will know time, but not as passing moments in which you must do something or be somewhere. You will begin to adjust your thinking into the limitless, timeless NOW.

Your Super-subconscious animal self, who is very comfortable with the NOW, will begin to fulfill the “ideals” that are passed into it via your Oversoul. An ideal differs from an idea in that an ideal is a Divine Concept that your consciousness has been able to embrace. You have been able to embrace these concepts because you have expanded your focus from your deepest, Super-subconscious animal self into your seventh dimensional Oversoul SELF.

Your Super-conscious holds the codes and patterns of all your earthly incarnations. This component of your being steadily opens once you have focused your attention on the HERE and NOW Beingness of your animal self. Your Oversoul holds the codes and patterns of all the incarnations you have experienced in your current Galaxy.

This component of your being steadily opens once you have expanded your focus into your Galactic SELF. With this expansion of consciousness, you will have completed the Alpha/Omega of your Planetary SELF, and be totally prepared to release all components of your denser, human form.

All these processes of ascension overlap so that our ascending ones will always have a solid, familiar format, as well as a perceivable potential locked in to your consciousness. Hence, the ascension process is much like crossing a rushing stream by walking from one stone to the next.

You start on the shore, and then place one foot on a steppingstone. You do not place your second foot on the next stone until you are certain that it will hold your weight. Then, you will keep your foot on that stone while you test the next stone with your other foot.

All of our ascending ones have expanded their consciousness beyond their Individual/Personal SELF. However, some of them are still attached to their Familial/Cultural SELF, which will keep them from releasing their perceived family, cultural and national obligations and/or attachments.

There is nothing wrong with maintaining this attachment, but when you allow your family, culture and nation to hold you back from your process of ascension, you are not able to assist with Planetary Ascension. Not participating in Planetary Ascension greatly limits your process of Personal Ascension, as Gaia is offering a free ride into the fifth dimensional expression of reality.

However, those who remain attached to the third/fourth dimensional concepts of family, culture and nations will not be able to adhere their consciousness to the Unity Consciousness of Planetary Ascension. Within Unity Consciousness, every being is of the same ability and power.

In fact, many children, and even infants, are more aligned with ascension then their parents who have had a lifetime of brainwashing. Cultures and Nations divide Gaia’s planet and restrict Unity Consciousness to Family, Cultural or national Consciousness. To catch the wave of Planetary Ascension you need to blend your consciousness into the immense Flow of Planetary ascension.

Those who maintain the 3D hooks of family, culture and nation (which include the religious and scientific 3D thinking) will remain in the illusion of third dimensional Earth for as long as that hologram is running. Therefore, they will have time to expand their consciousness if they choose.

Also, once the final remnants of darkness are expelled from the body of Gaia, the cycles of fear that hold the third dimensional attachments in place will be completed. This fear is very close to being vanquished largely because of you, the ascending ones, who have become Masters of your Emotions and expelled fear from your consciousness.

Fear is not alive like love. Love, especially unconditional love, is a living creative force seeking a being through which it can be expressed. Fear, on the other hand, is the “Grim Reaper,” who cuts back the old and dying so that the new can be created and nurtured by love. Hence, fear is a necessary component of a third/fourth dimensional reality that is bound to a planetary existence.

Since people, families and nations cannot leave the planet in search of a new home in the ever-expanding Galaxy, members of the planet mustdie so that there is room for expansion into a new way of being. Unfortunately, fear became embedded so deeply in the consciousness of many incarnated ones that they killed others to assure that they wouldhave enough.

Predation for possession and power is the result of the Earthling’s Draconian DNA. This DNA is very strong and powerful, as well as highly intelligent and decisive. However, if the human carries too much fear, they can easily move into the kill or be-killed mindset of that DNA. On the other hand, through Mastering your thoughts and emotions, you can use that DNA to assist you—rather than to control you, or others.

Becoming the Master of your Energy allows you conscious transit into your seventh dimensional Oversoul, which is the storehouse of ALL your Galactic knowledge, gifts, experiences and incarnations. Just as the Super-subconscious holds the codes and patterns for your Planetary SELF, the Oversoul holds the codes and patterns for your Galactic Self.

It is through the activating of these codes that you can consciously connect with us, your Galactic Family. When you meet, commune and intertwine with one of your Galactic expressions of SELF, you will regain your Galactic perception of reality. Many of you will enter into intimate relationship with the YOU that is holding a higher dimensional expression of your SELF.

Of course, you have many expressions of your Galactic SELF, just as you have many expressions of your human self. When you can fall into the Flow and surrender into the FEEL of your Galactic SELF you can remember how to live two, simultaneous realities. With practice, you will be able to experience more and more simultaneous realities within the NOW of the ONE.

In this manner, you will regain connection with your Galactic Expression of SELF. Your Galactic expressions are aligned with you in the NOW and offering you a hand up into the fifth dimension. Every experience that you can remember having with your SELF in the fifth dimension and beyond is a gift that we ask you to share with the members of your ascending reality.

We will allow you time to ponder what we have shared so far, and return shortly so that Mytre can share his first experience of the Seventh Dimensional Consciousness of our Mothership.

The Arcturians

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD
Posted 14th October 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
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10 Batz, 9 Yaxk’in, 11 Ik

Selamat Balik! We come before you with more to say. Those who are pushing the dark minions from their powerful pulpit of power are now ready to finish this process. We are informed that a series of important moves are under way, to lead to the arrest of key personnel and the transformation of a number of major governments. At present, the US de facto regime is blocking the release of the new Treasury note. This gold-backed note spells the end of the Federal Reserve note and consequently, the fall of this most illicit government. Those dark minions who control this regime are to be arrested and grandly separated from the public. All of this is ready to happen. The individuals who are to be chosen for the interim governance are in a safe place and fully ready to exercise power. A vast number of special recommendations are to be given to the new congress when it is sworn in, after the four months duration of this governance has expired. These recommendations are to turn congress and its other two branches into true servants of the people.

The end of a government secretly run by special interests is only the beginning. The U.S. Constitution needs to be restored to its original intent. This means that the now absent original 13th amendment is to be restored, and the illegally ratified 16th amendment stricken. These adjustments are to be further modified by a return to common law. Justice is no longer to be at the whim of a bunch of scalawags who dearly wish to up the number forced to attend their private prisons. Crime is to be apportioned to care for the needs of every community. The key is to create a true rehabilitation process that prepares all for a great and permanent prosperity. Society needs to ready itself for the coming of its mentors. Communities that are torn asunder now require means to heal. Prejudice needs to be confronted, and understanding of each other’s importance brought to the fore. Where necessary, residences need to be provided that bring internal and external peace (inner joy) to all.

Public projects need to be undertaken to bring roads, transportation systems, sewers and water supplies to a new, higher standard. Technology exists in your various societies to do this quickly. Monies are not to be the cause for delays. Once the monies start flowing, all sorts of humanitarian projects are to get underway. Once we are officially announced, we want to help. We can practically, in the twinkling of an eye, complete these various projects to end the immense disparities that currently exist around your globe. There is either an absence of sufficient water for living, or a great lack of proper sanitation. Transportation is scattered, and there is a lack of proper roads. Housing also requires a vast upgrading. To live in the coming consciousness upgrade requires a standard level of living equal to our own. We fully intend to make sure that this happens quite quickly. Heaven has a timetable we intend to meet.

As you upgrade your global living standard, you need to do so in a way that does not degrade nature. Human societies have the ability to use technology that can actually assist nature and improve the life of your surrounding ecosystems. Our cities operate in such way that the ecosystems are not disturbed. We are, after all, planetary guardians. We constantly work with the elementals to assure that each ecosystem is provided for, and thrives. Our rituals to enhance our home world and support our planetary Spiritual Hierarchy emphasize this interaction. We are joyous that we possess a technology which keeps us from farming, mining or using any of the resources needed by our world’s diverse ecosystems. Our purpose is to aid, and not in any way to harm the life, which teems both on the surface of and in the inner realms of our home world. We constantly exchange blessings and seek guidance on our stewardship from the planetary Spiritual Hierarchy.

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We are here to inform you about a number of important events. First, you are blessedly close to the end of a process which is to bring you great prosperity. These blessings are to permit you to fulfill your dearest dreams and allow you to be free and sovereign Beings. It is our collective wish that each of you be joyous and in good health. This realm is finishing a long era in which the dark’s minions ruthlessly ran your lives. Each of these unholy scalawags was raised to see you as a lesser Being, whose sole task was in essence to serve them. This unequal reality was how each of us was raised to our adulthood. We know intimately both the joys and sorrows which you encountered in this life. We come to work with our advisors and associates to transform this and give you much better conditions by which you can easily return to full consciousness.

What is to happen is really quite simple. The forces of darkness left on the surface of this world are to surrender and accede to Heaven’s demands. It is difficult at this time to believe in what seems to be an immense “pipe dream.” Everywhere there are signs of the truth of this event, yet it is hard to imagine its fulfillment. Here, beloveds, it is important to carry this in your heart and openly support this cause. We have, with your love and vision, worked miracles. The end of your woes is truly at hand. Consider this a pep talk. Frustration runs rampant among you. It is indeed difficult to hold a vision while your savings and your health decline. It is plain to all that some form of immediate relief is required. Numerous elements are about to merge, which make such relief possible. Take heart in this. Know sincerely that you are not alone.

Our many associates understand that this holiday season is one of desperation for most of you. A good deed is truly needed to help you. We are collectively determined to create such a most wanted event. Winter is a time when darkness increases as the length of daylight lessens. It is a most perfect time for something that gives you cheer, and gladly points the way to the wonders to come at the start of the New Year. You have watched with anticipation, hope turning to sadness, as nothing of import seemed to happen. Let this year’s ending be different. Let some degree of joy come to you. So look closely and see something wonderful happen! Keep your eyes open and be ready to know from this that miracles can indeed occur. Heaven is readying a surprise for you. It is indeed to bring you the joy which you need! Today, we continued our set of weekly messages. These very brief reports are about levels of action which are to give much joy, and above all, first contact and full consciousness. We come to bring you a grand reunion with your various spiritual and space families. We come to return truth to your histories, and detail your origins long ago on a water planet in the Vega star system. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

* * *

* * *

sharing.:::.▶ Who & What Are The Rosicrucians #8 (the experiments question) – Archangel Michael: Silence _JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP | fantascienza

sharing.:::.▶ Who & What Are The Rosicrucians #8 (the experiments question) – Archangel Michael: Silence _JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP | fantascienza.

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sharing.:::.▶ Who & What Are The Rosicrucians #8 (the experiments question) – Archangel Michael: Silence _JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP

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Archangel Michael: Silence

Posted on Nov 6, 2014
by cosmicgaia
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Archangel Michael
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

November 5, 2014

“Silence is a rare and not often sought commodity in your world. You have your hustle and bustle, your fast-paced lives, your instant access to information, products and services. And many of you are like kids in a candy store, because there is so much that is available to you and much of it is free. But what is also free and of much greater value to you now is the absence of all that is available. You have fast-moving energy, and you all attempt to keep up with it physically.

But what if you didn’t? What if instead you stopped, slowed down, got silent, and appreciated the movement of energy? We notice that many of you force yourselves to get sick or injured so that you will have a reason to slow down, to take it easy, and to get silent. Sometimes you go on vacations, and when you do you notice that there is less to do, there are less thoughts floating around, and you have more freedom to explore your consciousness. And some of you very much appreciate that time, and others of you cannot stand it.

Silence is a tool for you. It is not the absence of anything. Silence is not the absence of sound. Silence is a state of being, quite similar to peace. If you can enjoy silence, and solitude, and a lack of activity, then you can access greater and greater powers and abilities, because they are already there. They are already waiting for you to see them, to reach for them, to touch them, to envelope yourselves in more of that which you are and to be comfortable in silence.

And when you do accomplish this, you will notice that everything around you has slowed down to meet your newfound state of being. And the thing about everything slowing down is you actually have time to savor it, to integrate it, and to appreciate it. And isn’t that what you really want to do?

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

* * *








Dear Earth ones, thank you for joining me on the Arcturian Mothership. Later in my story I will share with you the joy of our Pleiadian Ascension, which was long ago in your Earth time. However, since I now resonate beyond the limitations of time, I can calibrate my multidimensional consciousness to any time zone or frequency of reality. In fact, I first learned this skill of calibrating my consciousness onboard this very Mothership.

Fifth Dimensional Beings on the Mothership

Before I begin our tour of the sixth dimensional sections of the Mothership, I would like to talk about the fifth dimensional Beings onboard the Ship. Actually, when someone resonates to their fifth dimensional expression, they are also connected with their Multidimensional SELF. Therefore, it is more correct to say when beings choose to resonate to their fifth dimensional expression.

A fifth dimensional being’s form is very mutable, which can easily be altered by their thoughts and emotions. Therefore, those in fifth dimensional forms may appear to be solid on one occasion, but then suddenly appear in a translucent Lightbody.

Lightbody is a very comfortable form as there is very little mass. Lightbodies do not experience bodily sensations such as hunger, thirst, hot or cold. Furthermore, the high frequency of a Lightbody is a wonderful receptacle for unconditional love. Also, just as your earth body “eats” the physical elements found on Earth, a Lightbody “eats” only light.

The Lightbody can, also, instantly receive, maintain, understand and dispense huge amounts of information. Hence, when a Lightbody is resonating to its highest frequencies, it is a living expression multidimensional light, as well as that light’s highest expression of unconditional love. It is this unconditional love that makes our Unity Consciousness such a powerful fuel for our Mothership.

There are areas of the Ship that are just for visitors. In these areas, we choose to wear humanoid, dense appearing forms to create an easier adjustment for our ascending friends. Then, when we return to other quarters of the Ship, we can feel free to take on whatever form we wish. This process is much like coming home from work and changing into comfortable clothes. However, we change into comfortable bodies.

Within our “comfortable bodies” we can more easily merge with others in the same manner that any lights might merge. When we merge our Lightbodies, we instantly experience everything in the same manner as they do. In fact, there are certain occasions when the Mothership and the entire crew merge into the ONE of the NOW.

We find these times to be similar to what you have called Heaven. We only create this merging when the visitors are known to be able to accept this intensity of light. As many of you have experienced during your ascension process, taking on a frequency of light that is too far beyond your base frequency can cause many issues with your earth vessel.

We, also, experienced this sensation once the frequency of our Pleiadian world began to expand into the fifth dimension. Hence, we gathered together all the healers and leaders who had already experienced this process and created a network through which the ascending ones could always find help. Establishing this Network was no small task, as most people were already overwhelmed with their own process of ascension.

On the other hand, our Network found that when they used the higher frequencies they were downloading that they actually felt better. Light, especially expanding Light, can more easily integrate into any system when it is given a path of movement. Light that is motionless becomes agitated and can create fear and anxiety in the one who have newly downloaded it.

Sixth Dimensional Sections of the Mothership

I would now like to take you on a tour of the sixth dimensional sections of the Mothership. As I have said before, when I first came to the Mothership, I had expanded my consciousness into my Multidimensional SELF. However, expanding your consciousness into this frequency and actually entering a sixth dimensional reality are not the same experience at all.

Therefore, I will take you back to the door I spoke of before that seemed to open to nowhere. This time I will tell you what happened when I entered the opened the door. I had explored much of the fifth dimensional sections of the Mothership and was ready to see more. With what almost looked like a smirk, my Arcturian Guide said, “Let’s go back to the door to nowhere.”

In a flash of the NOW our fifth dimensional forms were standing in front of that door. I telepathically heard the Arcturians advice to open it, and so I did. This time was totally different. As soon as the door opened, I was pulled through it and into a world I had never known. I was accustomed to the mutable and sometimes formless fifth dimension, but I was unprepared for the sensations of a six dimensional reality.

I felt as though I was being pulled apart, as if my Lightbody was disarticulating. I could feel a fear wanting to rise within me, so I centered my consciousness into the NOW and allowed the unique sensations to take hold of my consciousness. I say “consciousness,” for as soon as I went through the door I was completely formless.

I don’t know how to say this in a sequential manner, but even my consciousness seemed to be disassociated from any familiar sensations, thoughts, emotions or movements. While in my fifth dimensional Lightbody, I had experienced freedom from my Lightbody by allowing my consciousness to flow beyond what appeared to be the loose form of light that I had called my body.

However, in the sixth dimension my consciousness was dispersed into the totality of this world. I felt as though my consciousness had been blown up. Again, I had to deeply connect with the NOW and not allow my energy field to seek my former safety of structure.

I remained focused on NOW, NOW, NOW in order to cling to some center within this field of extremely high energy. Eventually, I became aware of what appeared to be patterns within that which had once been perceived as nothingness. These patterns were not static, as they fluxed and flowed like a buoy on a stormy ocean.

With that picture in my consciousness, I could see how there was a format, such as the ocean and the air, but they were totally intertwined. However, that which was similar to the air was what created the pattern on that which was similar to the water. Everything was in constant flow.
Eventually, as I became accustomed it these sensations, I felt a deep sense of beginnings. What these beginnings were was far beyond my ability to perceive. However, they seemed important and felt comforting.

At that moment, the Arcturian entered the door and touched me on what might have been my Third Eye. Instantly, the room took on a structure. The structure was much like the Viewing Room I have talked about in the fifth dimension. However, NOW I was viewing, and simultaneously being, the sixth dimension.

“This dimension is a potential reality, which is infinitely in the process of being formed,” I heard the Arcturian tell me. It spoke telepathically to force me to abandon my addiction to words, as it had said.

“Was I inside the screen when I entered,” I had to ask.

In response, I was instantly within that same experience of…? I guess I will have to call it Creative Potential. I knew that this time I would have to get myself into some degree of form. I had learned that when the Arcturian seemed to abandon me, it was because it knew that I was ready to find the answer inside myself.

I had also learned that if I doubted myself I would never find the answer. Therefore, I relaxed into the experience and searched within for the knowing. The problem was, where was within. I was in a new world now, and all the rules of this reality were unknown to me. Except, it was a known that I was a Multidimensional Being.

Consequently, I needed to connect with a sixth dimensional expression of my SELF. I remembered that surrender was the key to all higher dimensional worlds. Thus, I surrendered into the experience of floating and flowing in a reality, which I could not see or hear.

On the other hand, somehow I could feel it. Also, I was able to still connect with some sense of my SELF. From within the SELF with whom I was loosely connected, I surrendered completely to that which I could not understand.

As I released the need to understand, a whisper of knowing began to flicker within whatever consciousness I still possessed. The whisper was not in any language, but I felt it as a sensation of willingness to begin. I did not know what I was willing to begin, but I chose to surrender to that willingness, as it was the only touchstone I could find.

I allowed the willingness to grow stronger and stronger until it was predominant over the unknown of my experience. Gradually, this willingness became a vague memory that was so dim I could hardly grasp it. Thus, I fell into the memory and embraced it until it took hold of my dispersed consciousness.

Somehow, this distant memory was able to pull me into a very lose form. Suddenly, I was OUT of the potential and in front of the Viewing Screen standing/flowing next to the mutable form of the Arcturian.

Can a lose form of Arcturian Light smile? Or, maybe that smile was mine?

Please, sleep upon my introduction into the sixth dimension. I will return to continue our journey through the sixth dimensional section of the Mothership…

Mytre and the Arcturian, for now we are ONE!

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD

Posted 23rd September 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
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sharing.:::.What is God? .:::.▶ Who & What Are The Rosicrucians # 6 (the grand chaplain question) – YouTube | fantascienza

sharing.:::.What is God? .:::.▶ Who & What Are The Rosicrucians # 6 (the grand chaplain question) – YouTube | fantascienza.

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sharing.:::.What is God? .:::.▶ Who & What Are The Rosicrucians # 6 (the grand chaplain question) – YouTube

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What is God? 

by Georgi Stankov Posted on September 14, 2014

by Daniël Akkerman, September 14, 2014

To answer this question, first I must bring the awareness to a fundamental problem in the collective way of thinking. A fundamental problem that causes an a priori confusion. This confusion then inhibits one from answering this question correctly and puts one on the path to all kinds of traps and fallacies.

It is the problem that can be described as an “unholy trinity”, between these three concepts: theism, atheism, and agnosticism.

Now, I will offer a metaphor to provide some clarity on what God is, although it is definitely not the whole story, and a more proper explanation will follow.

“God is the biggest number.”

This seems paradoxical; is there a biggest number? One could take any big number, no matter how big, and add one to it. Then, one has created a bigger number. So, obviously God cannot be found here by adding numbers and numbers, bigger and bigger. After all any number can be made bigger. But instead, God, through you, recognizes this: that God cannot be found by performing a finite amount of arbitrary operations. And here then some truths are realized. That God is infinite, unending, that there is a certain ultimate and transcending character, that everything is part of God, and so on.

Now, here follows the explanation of the fallacy.

Those who in this world identify with the thought of theism, often have the image of a false God in mind. We see this occurs throughout various religions that claim they are the ultimate truth and that nothing else is this truth, but only them. Note that in order to establish a false god image, one has to impose a certain limitation. In essence, theism is the recognition that there is such a thing as “God”, but then, these false paths claim that God is not God, but that they and only they are God. They seek to hijack from God this “ultimateness” and move it to somewhere else; generally to themselves because they seek exclusivity. This pattern occurs everywhere throughout society and not only in religion, but also in governments, which believe that they are the ultimate source of society and justice, or parents who believe they are the ultimate authority and can make decisions for their children, or an alcoholic, who seeks answers in alcohol, and so on, and so on.

Then we have the familiar patterns of these people or constructs, believing everything must bow to them and serve them, while they seek to grow infinitely, in an attempt to overpower true God. As a larger whole, we can regard the current human society, partially, as such a construct. For example, think about the economy that must always grow and grow, more and more, and the money that must always be made, always more and more, as if it is never enough. This is in essence the fallacy that one may find in “the biggest number” by adding smaller numbers to get this biggest number. With this line of thought, God is lost, and we see it in the devastating consequences these false ideas have in the current reality. Although any number is a part of God, none are God in totality, nor is some collection of numbers God.

Then there are the atheists. These people recognize that there is such a thing as a “false god”. In fact, they believe there are many false gods, and they recognize that there is something wrong in worshiping the false god. But you may now believe “atheism” is only a topic that plays out in the whole “science versus religion” debate.

However this is far from the truth. I see that there are many human beings, who believe for example that there is no such thing as Truth, no such thing as Morality, no such thing as Love. The core idea being “there is no such thing as (God)”. All these concepts, such as Love, Morality, Truth seem to carry a certain conclusiveness (finality) and this may ultimately only be found through God. These concepts are synonyms for or pointers towards God.

These atheists recognize partially that there are many false god images and that one should not believe in such false gods. But then they create a huge fallacy, namely, they take the images of false gods as an example to say “These ideas are obviously wrong, so there is no such thing as God” (e.g. see Richard Dawkins, “The God’s Delusion” as a prominent representative of the New Atheists movement of the 21st century). This then causes an enormous confusion because God is where all Logic and Consciousness originates from (for further reading see Stankov’s Axiomatics of the New Theory of the Universal Law that is based exclusively on true logic and derives all scientific terms consistently from the primary term of human consciousness, which is equivalent (synonym) to the human concept of God as infinite, closed energy exchange).

Nothing can exist without God. So they must then create a replacement for God, and there is no such thing as a replacement for God – for the primary term of human consciousness (see also Descartes’ first principle of God “cogito ergo sum” (I think, hence I AM); this is only another false God image. Because here the idea, the concept that there is no God is wrapped and then presented as a false God. With these ideas, one starts to believe dogmatically that there is no God – to believe in the idea that God is found in the idea that there is no God!

These kinds of people then must find a way to deal with all the logical fallacies that they create, because their thoughts are not originating from God (for further readings see G. Stankov “Gnostische Tradition der abendländischen Philosophie” and “Neoplatonismus und Christentum“). They will always insist that they are “merely being objective”. We see this a lot in the sciences, where the desire for God is somehow expressed: for example in the idea that God will be found in some technological advancement. Enormous machines are built to collide small particles with other small particles at enormous velocity to find the “God-particle“, as if there is an ultimate velocity one could achieve with such devices, where the need to find some kind of answer will be satisfied.

Then there are many foolish theories that deal with the supposed origins of human beings or even of God himself, these theories then are often referred to as the “theory of everything (TOE)” (see also Stankov’s volume I on TOE). What is not recognized here, is the ridiculousness of denying God, but looking for God at the same time by using such words and thoughts as “everything”, “origin”, concepts which originate in God. Big bang? No, because what happened before it? These ideas only serve to try to make the “location” of God more and more vague, hoping that people forget that there is even such a thing and then the theory is assumed as ultimate truth and God.

Then there is the belief in “randomness” or “fate” which is nothing else but a referral to God, while trying to deny God at the same time. These human beings believe that they are subject to cruel tortures by a random and illogical world that surrounds them, while in fact they do this to themselves by first believing in this fallacy, and therefore not understanding the fundamental Logic that flows through all life. In other words, they are not able to arrange their lives in harmony with God and thus find their happiness. They cherish the idea that the origin of human beings or God and existence in itself is purely a random coincidence – as if there exists such things as coincidences (see the theoretical foundation of all applied statistics).

However the concept of coincidence merely means “we do not understand the reason for something to happen and thus we decide that there must be no reason”. There is the well-known metaphor that if one shuffles a deck of cards, it is extremely likely that one ends up with a sequence never before shuffled by anyone in the world. This is then given too much significance, and the fact is ignored, that no matter how much one shuffles the deck of cards, they will always be the same cards and there will always be an outcome.

In the end, all this is foolish and all these wrong paths can be summed up as follows: in our undeniable search for God, the ultimate nature always manifests in manifold manner, but the seekers are not able to direct this search towards the correct end; and the direction they choose is often deliberately the wrong one. Anything else, but admit that there is such a thing as God.

Then, there are the agnostics, whom I consider intellectually one of the laziest of all. The biggest fallacy here is that one claims to be unsure about God. But how can one be unsure about God? Certainly for one to be unsure, there must be something to be unsure about. This already proves that there is a “something” to think about – God (This same fallacious idea has also led to the wrong concept of vacuum = the lack of energy /God, which corrupts the whole edifice of present-day physics and hinders it in grasping the Universal Law of Energy Exchange = God, note George). This group then applies various mechanisms of escapism.

For example, the uncertainty of mind is presented as a false god and these people then conclude: “It is impossible to know God”. Or “it is impossible to know whether God is real or not”. Or one looks at the religions and their false gods, and then at science, which in present-day society is really nothing more than a common shared credence that theorizes it is the ultimate truth and nothing else. Religion and science are then falsely seen as a kind of polarity like a female-masculine system, and it is assumed that Truth lies somewhere between these two fallacious systems (In fact, both categorical systems of human knowledge have been discarded and replaced by the New Theory of Science of the Universal Law in 1997, note George).

There are many more fallacies here, like the one, who feels God within, but tries to suppress this inner truth, partially due to a lack of courage to express it and to challenge the views of the theists or the atheists. Yet, any compromise with, or neglect of a fallacy is ultimately a fallacy (see also this publication on the lukewarm people, note George).

This group also claims, although not explicitly, to represent the silence, one can find in God, whereas the silence they refer to is not a deeper understanding of God, as is the case with true Gnostics, but simply a shallow excuse for not dealing with this topic at all. They convey a sense of superiority, as if being “above” these issues – which is a mere display of ego, a self-aggrandizement to a false god. What these individuals eagerly overlook, is the loud and annoying noise they constantly produce, while proclaiming in an exhibitionistic manner their uncertainty and ignorance.

There is another popular paradigm, where one is reluctant to make one’s own decisions and thoughts and instead seeks actively for an image of a false god one can imitate. This trend has established the repulsive worshiping of celebrities, where millions of humans are concerned about what dress and shoes this one person wears, while these celebrities cannot exist without being chased by cameras.

Now that I have kind of explained these three separate forms of confusion, that are not so separate at all, one can see how they mix together to create fallacy upon fallacy. Even thinking about God is made difficult here. Because the problems explained above have led to a fundamental misunderstanding of the word “God”. Now, any time someone uses the word “God”, he attracts spooky looks. Not only from the theists, who judge your idea of God based on whether it fits their false images of god, but also from the atheists who view you with contempt for even using such a word, and decide at the very moment you utter this word, that nothing you say can ever hold any logic or truth. But also from the agnostics, who would rather go home and watch TV to avoid discussing such important questions.

In a way this is a confusion based on words, where all the three groups ultimately express the need for God in some way, however they all do this in a fallacious manner and through the mechanism of corrupting human language by twisting the original meaning of the words. They all implicitly speak of God, but with different connotations and in different structures, so that they evoke the impression that they all speak of something different.

God is everything and everything is God. There are many names for God, like Source, All-That-Is, Energy, Nature, Cosmos, Universe, Love and more. God is not a man in the sky as portrayed in shallow religions, or some kind of magical particle as claimed by shallow sciences. And deep within we can feel God and find answers to all questions. Deep within we can feel and know what is right and what is wrong, deep within we can find Love and Truth and all these things; deep within we can find God.

You will find that all false god images lure victims towards them. This is either done by partially reflecting God or by boasting. For example, some countries recognize in their constitution that everyone is equal and has the same rights. The people look at this and consider it a good idea. And then they assume that their governments have the right to determine what these rights are and what the term “equal” really means. And they do not see that not everyone is treated equally by the government, or in fact, that everyone is treated equally unequally – everyone except the elite who reap the benefits.

And they start to believe that it is also an infallible rule of God that you must pay your taxes to the government, while ignoring the nefarious aspects of this state paternalism, such as obsolete rules that determine how high your fence should be, which substances and plant products are illegal to consume and that anyone who infringes upon these arbitrary rules must be robbed of his freedom and put to prison, and so on, and so on.

The point here is that seeking safety and harmony can only be accomplished in God, but human beings seek these things in governments or corporations or other constructs that result in the exact opposite of what they were looking for.

Or another classic belief – do the ends justify the means? If one’s ends are in God, then this will never be a dilemma. If the ends are somewhere else, then one may believe war is a solution to war, or that there is an ultimate solution in violence or in sacrificing the “parts” for the good of the whole. But hurting a part only hurts the whole, especially when one conveniently or erroneously regards the whole as something that does not include the said parts.

And there is yet another fallacy, where minions of the dark commit violent acts and then when the people defend themselves against this, the dark ones label them violent, e.g. as terrorists and a menace to their country and society, and point the finger at them in their usual blame game (see US foreign policy of world hegemony, note George).

This bigotry may stipulate in the unleashing of many massive wars by the dark ruling cabal that commit crimes on humanity under the false pretext of self-defense (as is always the case with the USA, note George). Such acts of violence are cleverly hidden in the paperwork of political and diplomatic resolutions, and pretend to be peaceful and desirable actions at first (e.g. the bombing of Libya and now of Syria and Iraq by the USA and NATO, note George). Also, there are many acts of violence that seem nonviolent on the surface. For example, how big box stores like Costco, and chain restaurants, destroy perfectly edible food, instead of giving it to those in need. Yet, in the end, people die and suffer because of this.

Very often the ruling system decides what violence is, and what it is not, and uses fallacious definitions to justify the imprisonment of people, or commits any other form of violence (see Guantanamo Bay prison and the US rendition program of alleged terrorists, note George). Finally, the people even believe in the idea of punishment, instead of the idea that all human behavior must provide the ideal environment for their growth, although of course this idea must not be used to allow anyone to harm others (which is the negation that all humans are God’s sparks).

Then there is the proverbial high esteem of especially that part of the atheists who declare boisterously “Look at these other false god images, we are not like them, so join our cause!” This has caused immense separation of humanity, where the people in one country or the people of one race, sex or any group believe that other people’s ideas are always wrong and only theirs are true (see the US doctrine of exceptionalism, note George). Thus, people are victims of the divide and conquer tactic of the elite, where one group, say “the red team” (e.g. West) is told that “the blue team” (e.g. Russia) is the source of all problems and vice versa, until the people begin to actually believe that there are intrinsically such different groups and that not all humans are one in God, because all day long the TV and the press promote these ideas. Meanwhile, the elite use such people as slaves or cannon fodder for their purely self-serving goals.

Then another layer of fallacy exists and I notice it being especially popular today. The fallacy where an inequality, usually in race and gender is recognized and such people claim to have been treated unequally and then certain things happen and the fallacies show up. For example, some of these underprivileged people believe that because some white people used black people as slaves in the past that every white person is inherently a racist and guilty by virtue of the colour of his skin. Some white people then start to believe this racist myth of collective sin and they consider themselves to be oppressors, even if they have personally done nothing wrong.

This pattern harbors the wrong idea of “undoing” damage caused by an unfair treatment, by creating another opposite injustice, a new polarity. The idea that one negative inequality must be compensated for with another positive inequality as a new privilege, for example, that such allegedly underprivileged minorities should enjoy a special quota of employment or access to governmental and educational institutions, is absolutely foolish, because the side effects of this kind of social treatment outweigh by far the symptoms of the initial disease. Besides, the fact that governments and schools are ungodly constructs that do not serve our planet and God as a whole, eliminates the very basis of any argumentation with respect to negative or positive inequality.

Because in God’s logic, where something is taken away, something else is gained as all is one (energy cannot be lost, 1st law of thermodynamics, which is also the basis of the current Law of instant Karma, note George). The substitution of one injustice with another is not a practical solution to any problem as proven by the current racism, which is still widespread, notwithstanding all anti-racial laws and measures that camouflage the true scope of the problem as we see it in the USA and now increasingly in Europe, due to growing emigration and xenophobia.

Furthermore, there is another fallacy that I consider especially devious, as it is related to the detection and solving of such fallacies. In these cases it is not the primary fallacy, but the secondary fallacies that are targeted as something that needs to be resolved. For example, one tries to find solutions for wars or sexism or racism within the system. It is claimed that some governmental actions must be taken in order to fix such terrible conditions.

What is not understood thereby, is that these are symptoms of a much bigger problem and that the entire societal structure of humanity is rotten. How can one solve these problems without changing the entire society? Obviously one cannot, but the people tend to hold on to their old false ideas of life and seek solutions to problems within problematic structures, instead of pointing to the initial problem (e.g. the Orion/Reptilian system of human enslavement, note George) that is ultimately responsible for all other secondary problems.

Therefore, things like sexism and racism or some economic inequality are seen as “the” ultimate problem, where in fact one tries to solve a problem of secondary importance and a false god image is created through this, while it is not seen that these problems are merely symptoms originating from much larger problems. Perhaps because then the people have to admit that there are other bigger, fundamental problems, coming from within their narrow point of view, than just the few external problems they have been so worried about and try in vain to resolve. If one does not find the primary origin of a problem, one will never be able to solve it and the only result will be unlimited frustration. This practice of solving secondary problems, while neglecting the primary problem has caused a plethora of useless writings, thoughts, ideologies and an incredible amount of confusion (This critical argument also fully applies to present-day science that seeks knowledge on Nature in dealing and experimenting with secondary phenomena, while the nature of energy = God and its epistemological perception by the limited human mind (Gnosis) is completely disregarded in their entirely empirical studies; scientific empiricism as the utmost form of fallacious atheism, note George).

The elite capitalize deviously on this kind of human confusion. For example, there was a time when the idea ruled that the man goes to work and the woman takes care of the kids. People started to perceive this as something wrong and limiting women in social life, but they easily overlooked the deprivation of the father in participating more actively in the education of his children (Please observe that at the time (19th century) when this idea first came into being, men worked 10-12 or even 14 hours a day in the factories of the Manchester type of exploitation capitalism, note George).

Then the elite cleverly came with a false solution to this problem. They planted the false idea of emancipation of women and that they should also have a career and a job and suggested that there should be more to women than just being housewives, taking care of kids (This started first with the Suffragettes in England and the USA in the 19th century. Please observe that all wrong social movements, ultimately leading to the enslavement of humanity in the Orion matrix, were deliberately created by the dark elite of the AngloSaxon-Zionist Empire, the 13 ruling families, first in Great Britain and then in the USA, note George).

Now suddenly, everyone is working in the (Orion) system, predominantly low-paid jobs that only cause more harm and help no one, and the children were robbed not only of their fathers, but also of their mothers, and then exposed even more to the evil of the school system of mass brainwashing. Here we encounter yet another false god image, namely that the state, school, teachers or any external ‘authority’ knows best what the child should do and learn, and not that God, respectively the individual soul, knows best and that this should be expressed in a natural manner through the child, himself.

With this new clever form of enslavement, the people became even more confused, because they notice increasingly, that the schools and jobs are not the places where their heart belongs. But then there emerged the doctrine of “life is hard”, which basically tells the people to ignore the natural feelings and inclinations of the soul, that tell them correctly that they are not in the right place. Or even that the wrong place is the right place and that where there is fun and joy, is the wrong place for them, that social boredom is good, while of course the exact opposite is true. This “bad is good” attitude blocks very effectively any joy and fulfillment in all those humans (the vast majority), who believe in such false ideas of social behavior and thus neglect the natural impulses of their souls as God’s sparks.

Of course, the truth is that the vast majority of all these jobs are no positive contribution at all. What ultimate use do we have for call centers, for banks, for most office jobs? And what use for soldiers or for so many other jobs? These things are only useful for the rotten Orion system itself, they exist only to sustain the status quo, the matrix. This is so for most jobs in our society. So why do the people still go to work and even go to great lengths finding one?

Humans collectively live in fear for not being able to pay the bills, there is fear of not having food, and many even do not have food, while there is easily more than enough for everyone. The whole human society is based on survival fears – fear of not having access to basic necessities. The elite use this fear in order to keep humans enslaved, to perform their jobs, tricking humanity into the idea of “earning” money.

As if money is more than just a number on a computer, or a piece of paper or metal. Do food and shelter, and all these important things, originate from money? No. They originate ultimately from God. The food grows on the fields, and the houses are built by the people. There are even more empty houses than there are homeless people!

Money is only an intermediary. And most people, who have experience in this society, know that an intermediary is usually a parasite that contributes little, but ends up taking away most of the profit. The elite then take this money and invest it in war, and in producing useless products, but apparently feeding everyone and housing everyone is not important, although this can be done with even a fraction of the current war budget.

Then there is another disgusting tendency, where many other species are bred, trapped and killed in order to be eaten, also under horrible conditions. Definitely not the worst part of it, but all this costs hundreds of times more food and water than it actually produces.

The only reason that people do not have what they need for practically free is because then they would no longer be chained to the system, where money is the ultimate false deity. Money is the intermediary that can be manipulated extremely easily by the elite. And by manipulating money, for example through banks and stock markets and taxes, the elite assert control over humanity and steal their energy.

Most of the money goes around in big stock markets and banks and there are many shady things going on there. Nothing is based on reality and everything is based on artificial numbers, and he, who manipulates the numbers, wins most. So that almost everything, 99% of the world wealth is owned by a group of no more than a few thousand. But of course everyone cheats and there is no such thing as not cheating in this game, because the system itself is inherently a gamble.

The idea of a loan is so insidious – where bank institutions create artificial, virtual money with a click on the computer, then call it a loan and lend it to the people with high interest rates. In fact, the banks do not even possess any money as their safe deposits are less than 1% nowadays, so that even the idea of raising interest to cover eventual risks is ludicrous. It is all digital numbers on a computer screen, so that there is nothing valuable to give in the first place (look at “fractional reserve banking”).

Further, the human being who takes a bank loan, must give back much more than the amount of money lent in the first place. Always much more, and the only way to get this money is to work hard in the Orion labor camps, which the elite have set up and call a “job”. And if one does not take a loan or work as a slave, one can never purchase a house or have an “education” or do anything else, because the entire society is shaped to revolve around this system. If one does not comply to it, then even violence is used with the help of the fiscal and judicial system.

Central to the current economic doctrine is the idea of selfishness – the AngloZionist idea of the dark elite that the “fittest survives” (social Darwinism of Herbert Spencer). That everyone is infinitely selfish, and that competition will bring the best. This comes from Darwin’s false idea of “survival of the fittest”, which was first put forward in biology (see “On The Origin of Species“), before it gained a broad acceptance in economics and social life. The elite believe in this because they are very young, vicious souls and carry a lot of darkness. Yet there are so many real examples in this world, where we all care for each other and every time this has very positive effects for all, contrary to the survival of the fittest attitude, which brings only death and destruction (This idea was indeed first put forward by Spencer to promote the necessity of human genocide as to counter-balance the “over-population” of humanity – a basic idea of the AngloSaxon-Zionist Empire to this very day, note George).

Another central part of this economic doctrine is the false concept of scarcity. The natural condition in God, is that all is energy and energy is abundance. Energy is available in abundance everywhere, which may be transmuted freely to any other form of energy without any loss (1st law of thermodynamics of conservation of energy). So there is no scarcity at all, if one understands this physical concept correctly.

This fallacy of scarcity also expresses itself in the sciences where there is such an idea of “entropy” or “heat death of the universe” (This is the 2nd law of thermodynamics, which is in breach with the first law (see above) and builds an antinomy, a basic paradox with it. I have eliminated the second law of thermodynamics as an insidious Orion idea, with the only aim to promote at the theoretical level of science the enslavement of humanity by stating that there is no such thing as free photon energy or perpetuum mobile of the second kind, see my two volumes on physics, in particular, volume II, note George.). Which is also related to the fallacy, where one believes death is the end of life, and some believe in this falsehood so much that even after they have died, they still believe that they no longer exist. And this idea of death then spawns yet another darkness in our society that one sees especially in the sciences and areas of politics.

Dark power hungry elites believe they must “eternalize” themselves and transcend death by inventing or discovering some fictional system or disease, or enacting some kind of policy or conquering the world that will then be named after them and they will be eternally remembered for this “glorious act”. Obviously they have not understood God, or they would know that they are at core eternal already and that there is nothing that can ever change this.

Another fallacy worthwhile to discuss is that of the Ego. There is a huge confusion in the New Age and the esoteric scene about what an ego actually is. In one way, there is a neutral definition. It speaks of how the one relates to the Whole, how a part of God relates to All-That-Is. But there is also another definition, where the ego self appoints itself as the false god and here the connotation is obviously a negative one.

People confuse these two so diligently; many even believe that an ego is a wrong thing to have. And while it is true that the negative ego of a false god is detrimental, many then think they must suppress the ego in the neutral sense of the self; That they can find God by suppressing the self, so that there is no self left. However, if one manages to suppress the self completely, which is impossible, as then there is nothing to perform the final suppression, obviously there would be nothing left at all as the self and God are one, and we are both individual and collective at the same time.

In the end, everyone recognizes that God must be found and that something has gone astray: we recognize the terrible conditions of war, disease, famine, just to name a few. There is the idea that something is profoundly wrong and that all needs to change. All this talk of “saving the Earth” and ending this war and that condition and solving this and that problem….

But it seems like such a huge mountain to climb for any of us, how could any of us ever make a difference? But this is where this assumption is wrong, because we all have unlimited potential in God. And in order to change everything, what must be done is to strive for the ultimate truth of God and no other truth, as there is no other truth.

Then some might say these ideas are dangerous and I seek to create cults, but it is nothing like that. Actually I seek the opposite, that we all recognize the Unity of all life in God and understand this truth firmly without allowing any fallacies or darkness to interfere. This and only this will bring all of us to the “utopia” that we feel internally is right, and that indeed, must be sought, both on the individual and the collective level simultaneously.

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sharing.:::.▶ Who & What Are The Rosicrucians #1(Is it a secret organization?) – THE ARCTURIANS SPEAK ON THE STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION OF TIME.:::.2:00 AM Message | fantascienza

sharing.:::.▶ Who & What Are The Rosicrucians #1(Is it a secret organization?) – THE ARCTURIANS SPEAK ON THE STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION OF TIME.:::.2:00 AM Message | fantascienza.

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sharing.:::.▶ Who & What Are The Rosicrucians #1(Is it a secret organization?) – THE ARCTURIANS SPEAK ON THE STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION OF TIME.:::.2:00 AM Message

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Our Dear Ascending Ones,
We the Arcturians, come to you in this NOW to inform you about the structure and function of time. As you are well aware, time is an illusion of the third and fourth dimension.



The structure of time is that photons align with and travel along separate matrix lines of third or fourth dimensional worlds. These Matrix lines are straight and interact with other straight, matrix lines at 90, 120 or 180-degree angles.

The separate matrix represents the form and structure upon which the formless photons can contribute the light of consciousness. (Photon—A quantum of electromagnetic radiation, regarded as a particle with zero rest mass and charge, unit spin, and energy equal to the product of the frequency of the radiation.)

Hence, the matrix represents the form of a reality and the photons are the electromagnetic energy, life, that adheres to and travel along the matrix lines. Different frequencies of photons adhere to different forms of matrix. (Frequency—The number of complete cycles of a periodic process occurring per unit time.)

The combination of the form of the matrix and frequency of the photons that adhere to that matrix, create the resonance of that reality. For example, the 3D Matrix has many 90-degree intersections, which are difficult to maneuver. This form attracts slower spinning photons that resonate to the frequency of the third dimension. On the other hand, a 4D Matrix has more 120-degree intersections, which create less resistance and attracts the faster spinning fourth dimensional photon.

The transitional Matrix between the fourth and fifth dimensions, often known as “The Great Void,” has many 180-degree intersections. When there is a colliding of photons coming from opposite directions, the resulting energy field can transmute the fourth dimensional photons into fifth dimensional photons by closing the polarity of “separation vs. unity.”

The fifth dimension and beyond are not limited by time. Fifth dimensional reality is based on Unity with the NOW of the ONE. Hence, every person, place, situation and thing is perceived as an expression of your SELF. Therefore, all interactions are experienced directly at a 180-degrees direction.

If you are resonating to a fifth dimensional reality, you know that YOU are the creator of your reality. Hence, whatever confronts you is YOUR creation. Furthermore, being a fifth dimensional expression of life, you consciously experience your reality 360-degrees around you. Therefore, you do not need to turn your head to see oncoming energy fields, as your omnidirectional Third Eye is opened.

Creation of Time

Time is created by the separate, sequential lines meeting in angles. Because they are separate matrix lines, the photons are attuned to remain as separate as the energy lines on which they travel.

Separate lines encourage individuality and competition, as opposed to unity and cooperation of the higher worlds. Activity in this structure of reality is slowed down enough to create the countable “time” of the third/fourth dimensions. Furthermore, the juxtaposition of intersecting lines further slows the frequency rate of photons that travel these Matrixes.

Those who know Astrology are aware that the gradually intermingling 120-degree approach of intersection holds less delay than the 90-degree intersections. Due to the force of resistance, the 90-degree angle of connection is somewhat forceful because of the direct insertion of different flows of electro-magnetic energy fields.

120-Degree Intersection

When the joining of matrix lines are gradual, such as with the 120-degree angle, the photons of energy can prepare for new incoming energy patterns, which creates less of a sensation of time passing, as there is less, friction. All friction, such as stress, resistance and competition, creates a slowing of activity, much like brakes slows down a car.

We wish to communicate with you now in our imagistic language, as “one picture is worth a thousand words.” You are driving on the freeway, and there is a great deal of traffic. However, a sign with blinking lights says, “Lane closed, merge to your left.” You can gradually merge to your left and little “time” will be lost.

90-Degree Intersection

When there is a 90-degree angle, the stream of the flow becomes temporality confused. This is similar to interfering with ant’s long line of travel by moving a stick through their ranks. The ants become temporally disoriented and move around in a random fashion. It then, takes “time” for them to rejoin into a cohesive unit.

A sense of disorientation is common when an energy patterns enters you reality at 90-degree direction, as many will feel “blind sighted.” Energy coming in at 90-degree may be very close to you before your realize it is entering your flow. The perplexity that occurs causes a stoppage of forward movement.

In this case, you are traveling along a road and, with NO warning at all, a car quickly approaching you at a 90-degree angle. You slam on your brakes to avoid a collision, or you may try to outrun it, which would create a rush of adrenalin into your body. In either case, you consciousness will drop into fight/flight mode of the lower third dimension.

180-Degree Intersection

The 180-degree intersection of energy fields constitutes two lines bombarding each other from opposite directions. This head-on interfacing of opposing energy patterns creates a force of transmutation from the third/fourth dimension and into the fifth. At first this interaction can be quite disastrous as both patterns of flow become greatly disturbed and sometimes destroyed.

On the other hand, that which survives this interaction experiences the stoppage of time. It is the energy patterns traveling in two different directions and allowing the opposite directions of energy to intertwine that stops time. The Intertwining of forms represents cooperation and unity consciousness. Then, the power of this co-operative effort boosts the frequency of movement of the electromagnetic energy fields into the fifth dimension of no-time.

An imagistic representation of this interaction is the co-operation that often occurs when there is collision of many cars. Some people may get very wounded, but everyone that can, gets out of their cars to assist those who need help. Some participants in this picture will learn to trust that others care for them, and those who assisting are learning to interact with others in need, even if you not know them.

Opposites and Polarities

If opposites, such as sunrise and sunset, were somehow able to merge, how would you determine the time? Opposites, the edges of polarities, are vital to maintain the illusion of third dimensional time. The Sun, masculine concept, rules the daytime and the Moon, feminine concept, rules the night.

Even though the Moon can often been seen in the day, little notice is taken for a third dimensional reality is ruled by opposites. In some countries, even 3D time is based on opposites, as the same number system of 1 through 12 applies for both day and night, but the am and pm times are used for opposite endeavors.

The Moon once determined the movement of time. However, when Patriarchal Society took over, time has been counted by the movement of the Sun. Hence, the cycle of a day is measured from 12:00 am moving forward into the “future” of 12:00 pm.

If time were to simultaneously move backward into the past, then 12:00 am and 12:00 pm would collide. What “time” would it be then? In this case, night and day would be the same time.

You third dimensional thinking could not compute such a dilemma. Thus, you would have to change your manner of thinking and of perceiving your reality. How can opposites meet? Time has worked so hard to keep them separate.

The only one way to release your lives-long addiction to 3D separation, which creates 3D time, is to change you way of thinking. You have been trained through all your third/fourth dimensional realities to think in terms of opposite extremes with little attention paid to the in-between.

However, what if the two extremes, were to converge? What would happen with what was in-between the two extremes of a polarity? If there is no polarity, there is no 12am and 12pm, and the in-between of 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and 11 would be condensed into the NOW.

At this point your third dimensional thinking, which is based on separate words lined up in separate lines of thought, would converge into each other as many thoughts interacting within the NOW. In other words, the time of the third and fourth dimension would be transmuted into the NOW of the fifth dimension.

Do you see how the existence of time is vital to create a polarized reality? Hence, one of the main functions of time is to create the lower frequency resonance of the physical reality.



Allow us to take you through the function of time on the third, fourth and fifth dimensions. First off, we remind you that dimensions of one, two, three and four are within the paradigm of TIME and individual, separate consciousness in separate forms.

On the other hand, the dimension of five, six, and seven are within the paradigm of the NOW and Individuated, Unity Consciousness in mutable forms.

On the dimensions beyond the seventh dimensions, all consciousness exists as ONE within the infinite NOW. No form is necessary and is only worn while traveling in the lower dimensional worlds.

Third Dimensional Time

The primary function of time in the third dimensions is to create the illusion of separation. If it takes a long time for you to travel to visit a person, then you are separate from that person. You know that you and that person are separate because something “else” that is not you is in between you and this other person.

You walk, drive, ride a bike or take a bus to get that other person. The more time it takes to get to that person, the further away they appear to be. For example, if it takes an hour on a plane to get to this person, they are not too far away, and you hold less different perceptions while your travel, such as the airport, inside of the plane and the sky.

On the other hand, if you drive to that person, it may take 6 or 7 hours, and you will have many different perceptions on the way to meeting that person. Therefore, that person appears to be much farther away if you drive than if you fly. But they are both the same distance. The only difference is the time it takes to travel that distance.

Another option is to phone this person or even see them on Skype. Then, they are not far away at all. They are right there with you on your computer. This other person could be in another time zone on the other side of the planet. Yet, you can experience an instant sense of unity with that person because it does not take “time” to travel across “space” to interact with each other.

Your Internet, which was designed by your Galactic Family, is primarily responsible for your increasing Unity Consciousness because you can experience unity without taking time to get together. Therefore, unity with all life is becoming more imaginable for your consciousness.

In fact, you Consciousness has expanded enough to embrace not just your Personal Consciousness, but your National Consciousness, your Planetary Consciousness and even your Galactic Consciousness. When your consciousness expands, time becomes less important in your life, as you are experiencing interactions with Beings outside of your 3D concept of time or space.

Fourth Dimensional Time

Your most common means of experiencing the fourth dimension is through your dreams or meditations. As you are all aware, forth dimensions time is much different that third dimensional time. For example, you could have a long dream in which a certain song was playing on your 3D radio throughout the entire dream. Then, you wake up to find the song only half over. The song was only 3 minutes long, whereas your dream may have encompassed many years of experiences.

Furthermore, in the fourth dimension it does not take “time” to travel from one place to another. You may find your self in one place, than instantly switch to another place. Also, you can change your shape within a fourth dimensional dream or vision. You could be a person, then instantly shift into a wolf, then back into a human.

Therefore, the function of time in the fourth dimensions is to confuse your third dimensional thinking enough for you to begin to release your attachment to time. Your dream and meditation life also allows you to release your attachment to your current third dimensional form. In your fourth dimensional realities you can change forms many times throughout one dream and/or meditation.

Furthermore, your consciousness if very different in the fourth dimension than it is in the third dimension. In the physical world, you consciousness is something that keeps you awake to the physical world. Conversely, in your dreams and meditations your consciousness is the component of yourself that can travel free of all physical limitation.

Also, your state of consciousness greatly influences how you perceive the passage of time. For example, when you are engaged in a creative venture and/or doing something that you love, there is little sense of the passage of time. What may seem like 15 minutes could be 2 hours when you look up at a clock.

On the other hand, you have all noticed how the clock ticks VERY slowly when you are doing something that you perceive as boring, difficult or “work.” On the other hand, someone who enjoys that activity may perceive the passage of time to be only minutes to your hours.

When you are engaged in an activity that you love or that is a creative expression of your true SELF, time seems to stop—that is until you see a clock. However, do you want to believe the physical counting machine or your SELF?

Do you see how time is not real? Time is created to organize your thinking to match the matrix of third dimensional Earth. Once you shift your thinking into a fourth dimensional matrix, your sensation of time is greatly altered. Then, when you experience the fifth dimension you are able to move beyond time completely and experience the NOW.

Fifth Dimensional Time

The only time in the fifth dimension is the NOW. Time is NOT the NOW, as the NOW is NOT a frozen moment of time. The Now of the fifth dimension is that which creates time by reminding you that you can align your higher dimensional thought with a third or fourth dimensional matrix if you wish to experience time.

The NOW can, also, be used to align you consciousness with higher frequencies of reality by focusing your full intention and attention onto higher frequencies of reality. In other words, the NOW is the medium for your Energy Field (your thoughts, feelings, actions and behaviors) to choose ANY state of consciousness and ANY dimension you wish to experience.

However, if you are involved in the fifth dimensional NOW, but your focus falls into time by thinking about something that you need to do tomorrow, or you forgot to do yesterday, your consciousness will fall out of the experience of NOW.

Once you fall out of the experience of NOW, your consciousness goes back into the time-bound realities of the lower worlds. Therefore, the final function of time is to remind yourself that you can transcend time by aligning your Energy Field with the NOW.

Aligning with the NOW

If you can remember that time tells you that you are in the lower worlds, you can use the experience of counting time to determine your current state of consciousness. It may seem that defining your state of consciousness is an easy task. But what if you are trapped in a “boring” project that you “dislike,” but you NEED to do it in order to feed your family.

What will you do? You will put on the happy face and “act as-if” it is enjoyable. However, if you take the “time” to check in with your SELF, you will NOT be able to lie to yourself any longer. That means you will have to change. And what will you change? You will change your mind!

You will determine NOT to lie to yourself any longer and note that if something takes a “really long time,” you probably do NOT like doing it. Once you realize your Truth, close your eyes and use your imaginative consciousness to take you on an inner journey into doing and being what you LOVE.

Remember, when you are doing something you love, time ends. Therefore, you may only gaze off into space for a few minutes, but it can feel like a lifetime. In fact, it just may be an entire lifetime in a world beyond time. Before, you leave this place, memory, vision, state of consciousness align your Energy Field with the NOW of that experience.

Continue this exercise again and again. Once your Energy Field is permanently aligned with the NOW, you will have completed your cycle of incarnation into the lower worlds. Then, you will live within your fifth dimensional time-less reality and only interface with the lower dimensions to help and heal members of those worlds.

Breaking the Habit of Time

We hear you asking how you can align your Energy Field with the ONE. Your Energy Field is created by the thoughts that you allow to rest in your mind and the emotions that fill your body. If your thoughts and emotions are bound by the duties, limitations and fatigue from the illusion of time, you will remain primarily aligned with the third and fourth dimensions.

On the other hand, if you can use your thoughts to focus your attention on the NOW, and use your emotions to perceive your reality via imagistic, sensate pictures, you will gradually free your Energy Field from the limitations of time. Then, once you are free of time, you are in the NOW, and the NOW is in the ONE.

By thinking and speaking via images, your consciousness can travel in circular patterns that weave in and out into interacting patterns. Hence, remember to loosen your mind from the strict habit of sequential thought and reactions to your outside world. In fact, view reality not from your body, but from within your Core. Your Core is at ONE with Gaia’s Core and serves as your personal portal into the fifth dimension and beyond.

When you view reality through your Core, you are free of external illusion, as your primary perceptions will come via the emotions and interactive consciousness with your higher expressions of SELF. Your higher expressions of SELF are components of your Multidimensional SELF who has copied and pasted their/your Essence into your current earth vessel.

Speaking and thinking in an imagistic manner that is free of time markers such as distance, limitations, separation, gender and polarities will greatly assist you to break the habit of time.

Also, if you fully partake in every moment of your Present and release all thoughts of the illusions of the past and future, you will slowly calibrate your thought patterns to the fifth dimension.

In the fifth dimension and beyond, patterns of thought and emotions travel in circles of multidimensional light and unconditional love. There are NO separate lines with myriad intersections. There are only flowing energy fields, which travel in progressively, creative fractal patterns.

With await you within these patterns of the NOW,
Your higher expression of SELF,

The Arcturians and our Galactic Friends

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD
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2:00 am MESSAGE


2:00 AM Message

Dear Arcturians,

I woke up at 2:00am last night feeling the “landings” so strongly. I could feel your presence as if you were in the room. Then I began to worry whether or not I had done everything I was supposed to and if the groups were all prepared. I was awake for an hour or more. Can you please assist me in understanding what was going on with me? Maybe I was just responding to my last blog about the visit to the Mothership.

Dear Suzille,

Are you questioning your experience, for if you are then you will be quite confused as our plans progress. It is vital that you trust your instincts and listen to what you hear inside. Doubt will be your worst enemy for it is an open door to fear. Therefore, our dear ascending one, can you allow yourself to trust what you have heard inside?

In fact, you have been totally trusting your information and dispensing it for all to see. However, this message is different because it is something that can be proved wrong. This could be yet another false alarm. How many times have you heard from others that Disclosure would happen at a given date?

However, we did not say anything about Disclosure, nor did we give any date. Furthermore, have you ever gained the information about our landings inside of yourself before? No, you did not. Therefore, there are many unique elements to this situation that you have not experienced before.

Most unique of all is that you have no fear. You also have no excitement. In fact, you have not real emotion about your message. However, there is a low-grade discomfort that is intermingled with a feeling of hope and distant joy. Dare you believe that it could really happen? Dare you believe that all that you have worked on for over 40 years could finally be coming to pass?

We ask you these question, for if you doubt your perceptions, you will not be able to remain connected to the reality that were perceiving. You are perceiving a reality in which Earth truly does come into a peaceful transition. You are thinking of a reality in which the Galactics, ourselves, could land on your planet and share our gifts of Wisdom, Power and Love.

You were experiencing the reality in which you easily slipped into the fifth dimensional New Earth of which you have been dreaming, writing and experiencing. Yes, you have been experiencing patches of New Earth intermingled with your daily 3D life. There have been a few moments in which you can feel your SELF.

There have been adventures in which you KNOW that what you receive in your writings is REAL. Unfortunately, too often the journey up into the higher frequencies of your expression crash down into the abyss of the third dimension. Within that crash you find a component of yourself that is still afraid, suspicious and angry.

Will that clearing ever be complete? The answer is, “Not until you shed your earthen shell.” As long as you are limited by the illusions that run ramped in your reality, you will have to keep constant surveillance on your thoughts and emotions. This constant surveillance is vital. As you move into the fifth dimensional frequency of reality, your every thought and emotion will become alive.

Therefore, Self Mastering is your primary task at this moment of the NOW. It does not matter if you are right or wrong, for in the multidimensional reality that you are entering there is no difference between good and bad because there are no polarities in which to measure those extremes.

It is important that you believe that you are resonating to the fifth dimension more and more each day. You must also remember that ALL your preparations are complete. There is no judgment in the fifth dimension. There are no good or bad scores. There is only the unconditional that you felt this morning. The concern that you also felt was an illusion.

You ARE Lightbody and you ARE an active member of a fifth dimensional society that exists within the NOW. Hence, there was not beginning for this world and there will be no ending. Find your Core again and again, so that you may be the Master of your energy field.

If you get too tired, remember to take a nap or go to bed so that you can visit us in your fourth dimensional body. Allow your self to dream of HOME.

We will meet you in the fourth dimension.


Through Suzanne Lie, PhD

Posted 19th September 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
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