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sharing.:::.▶ Easy Beauty Photoshop Retouching Tutorial – YouTube

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“Something is stopping you from living the lives that you want to live. We know that you are not completely satisfied with your lives as they are, and we want you to know that we are on top of all of those desires that you hold.

So we can see that you are reaching out for more than your are currently experiencing, and we also know that you feel that there is something that is blocking you from living that life that you desire to live. And we also want to assure you that whatever the obstacle is that is between you and your desired life experience, you have placed the obstacle there because you wanted to have a certain experience.

You did not want to incarnate and then find yourselves at the finish line, so that all you had to do was lean slightly forward and you would be at your final destinations. That is not what you wanted. So of course, you put a racetrack or a route or a trail between yourselves and the finish lines. And you did so with crafty precision. So you are not only the creators of your paths, but you are also the creators of the obstacles that you find along the way. As long as you are convinced that someone else or something else outside of you has created your obstacles and has placed them very strategically in between you and the lives that you want to live, then you could not possibly gain what you wanted to gain from the experience of the obstacles.

So step one is to recognize that you are the creators of the obstacles that you see or that you perceive that are in front of you. The next step would be to appreciate what a fine job you did of creating that obstacle and of placing it where you did in the exact timing that you did. And then the next step would be to look for the gifts that the obstacle is there to give you. And sometimes you may not be able to see the gifts if you are looking at the obstacle itself. Sometimes you may have to look around at where you are to see what gifts are there.

And as you make it your primary objective to look for gifts where you are, rather than to just chisel away at the obstacle so that you can get to all of the good stuff that you placed at the other side of it, you will benefit greatly. You will have so much more fun, you will recognize that there is so much more to you life than simply getting to where you want to go. And you will see all that is within your blind spots at this time, because you will take your sights off of the obstacles and the desires, and when you do so, you will see so much more that is there to delight you and to let you know just how powerful and wonderful and enlightened you are.

So make peace with the obstacles, love the obstacles, cherish the moment where you are right now and notice that without the obstacles you would not be in the moment you are. This is meant to get you into the appreciation of the moment where you are right now. And so it is your best possible next step to simply relax, let go, lean up against the obstacle and check every nook and cranny for the gifts that lie all around it.”

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Posted 18th November 2013 by Juan Pablo

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