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Origen: TiAmAt: share, A+, Reread, Remorse, Arcturian Group Message 10/06/19

Thursday, November 7, 2019

share, A+, Reread, Remorse, Arcturian Group Message 10/06/19

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Arcturian Group Message 
Onenessofall.com <Marilyn@onenessofall.com>

Sun 10/6/2019 8:54 AM

OCTOBER 6, 2019

Welcome dear readers.

You the awakened ones, are rapidly shifting into new levels of awareness while others previously unaware or uninterested in truth become more receptive to examining universal beliefs that effect everyone’s life.

You who already know who and what you are, are leading the way. You are the light for those ready for more, but who remain unaware of exactly what it is they seek. You need not actively protest or engage in outer actions unless guided. Your work as way showers is to hold the Light of truth within at all times carrying it with you into whatever situations you may experience or become aware of.

The Light of an awakened consciousness automatically flows without conscious thought in and as forms of love accompanying every word and action. It may simply be the act of petting a dog, or offering words of comfort to another, but is often simply bearing silent witness to truth when in the midst of or observing discord.

You no longer need to be actively involved in third dimensional discord. 
Avoid intense watching and listening to the news or gossip. 
Be aware of what is going on, but do not immerse yourself in it. 
When you feed consciousness with negativity and problems you align with the energy of them which then begin to manifest as judgement, criticism, and other creations in and of the three dimensional belief system–all the things that you have been working to clear.

Everything is energy and because there is only ONE energy, whatever you energetically align with you automatically draw to you because everything is always seeking Oneness–law of attraction. 
Those who attain a high level of spiritual consciousness discover that their lives become increasingly harmonious on all levels because their consciousness of Oneness begins to automatically express the harmony, balance, safety, abundance, and completeness etc. embodied within it.

However, it often happens that an individual will choose to accept and attain a consciousness of Oneness, but exclude one or more Divine qualities from that Oneness. 
Example; “I am whole and complete in every way, but I never have enough money.” 
Remember, consciousness is always expressing itself and as long as any false belief is a part of one’s consciousness, it will continue to manifest.

An attained consciousness of Divine harmony and wholeness will manifest outwardly in ordinary and practical ways. 
Being drawn to a particular ad in the phone book or notice on a board for a needed service or a friend recommending a business or a product that is perfect for a project you want to do. 
If you allow your intuition to guide you, your consciousness of wholeness and harmony will draw to you the right attorney, doctor, plumber, etc., those in alignment with you.

Mind interprets an evolved state of consciousness in practical every day forms a person can relate to. Spiritual living is very practical, much more so than living from the creations of duality and separation which will always manifest in forms of both good and bad.

We wish to speak of remorse. Remorse,
 is the act of passing negative judgement on self with regard to past action, or actions, from the perspective of a different, often higher awareness than that which was in place at the time of the action, or actions. Remorse, is an illusion created from energies of separation belief and never has or ever can reflect the reality of any individual.

Many of you are experiencing remorse, and guilt, as you re-examine your lives in the light of higher awareness. 
All actions and decisions reflect the attained level of consciousness present at the time of the action. 
Know that anything you did in the past, now causing remorse, was simply reflective of an earlier state of consciousness. 
If you hadn’t evolved beyond it, you wouldn’t even be questioning the past action, you would simply consider it to be right.

Evolution involves the clearing of no longer relevant energies of a lower resonance. Higher frequencies of Light expose old energies still active in cellular memory causing them to surface on one or more levels (physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual). This allows you to become aware of the particular belief underlying some negative past action. Use this insight to examine, replace the belief with truth, release it, and move on without further indulgence in guilt and remorse. This is how the clearing process works.

A person is only capable of living from their attained level of consciousness. 
Many pretend to have a evolved state of consciousness, but sooner or later the reality will express and expose itself. An example of this is the rampant psychological, sexual, and physical abuse of women and children that has taken place in organizations through individuals that promote themselves as being in spiritual and loving service.

Remorse reflects the belief that one has failed, done something unforgivable, and is thus not worthy of love. Consciously or unconsciously believing self to be unlovable is the driving force behind the actions of those who act out in violent ways. The energetic resonance of this belief is unknowingly carried from lifetime to lifetime in the cellular memory of an individual until cleared.

Remorse can lock an individual into the belief that they are not worthy of happiness or love, and because everyone is a creator, they continue to create situations that reinforce this false belief. They welcome hardship and emotional suffering, even seeking it because they believe that they deserve it.

Many project their hatred of self on to others as a means of relief– 
“I will show them I am strong. I will make them respect (fear) me.” 
Others use drugs or alcohol to ease the inner pain of feeling intense separation. 
The soul is always seeking oneness but most as of yet do not understand this.

This state of consciousness creates a vicious circle of three dimensional experiences that will continue as long as energetically fed. 
Programs that foster self esteem both in or out of prisons serve to begin healing the broken hearts of many who commit violent crimes. 
An excellent example is prison programs that pair homeless dogs needing love and training with prisoners. The resulting partnership is often the very first time a prisoner has ever expressed or felt love.

If, or when, 
guilt surfaces, 
remember, that every person has guides, teachers, and incarnates with a contract, that they themselves wrote, about what they were choosing to experience, and learn. Your actions may very well have been a part of some karmic or learning process needed by both. 
Negative past actions never hurt or effect the reality of the other, but do effect you.

On a practical level, you can apologize, whether the person is on this side of the veil, or the other. Send Light, and see their Light through consciously acknowledging the Divinity of the person or persons involved including self. 
Be intuitively guided as to what if any, actions are needed. 
You may be guided to simply do nothing, on an outer level, but to do much, on the inner.

Learning to love self comes through knowing that self is SELF. 
A consciousness of Oneness can never be attained if self is left out of the ONE. 
It is easy to hate self when one’s belief system is based in three dimensional concepts of how one must look, be, or act in order to be acceptable or loveable. 
This is simply old programing that you have long ago moved beyond. Allow all remaining remnants of it to dissolve into the nothingness that it is.

Choosing to spiritually evolve on earth in three dimensional energy allows for a difficult but intensely valuable evolutionary process. 
Begin to understand that in reality there are no accidents, mistakes, or victims, especially during these powerful times of energetic ascension. 
Recognize and acknowledge the spiritual ideas that underlay everything you see, hear, taste, touch, or smell.

This is how you learn to see beyond appearances, and, is why you chose and were allowed to be on earth, at this time.

With love, respect, and recognition…

We are the Arcturian Group 10/

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TiAmAt, A+, Reread, Reading, Light Language, The Shift ,is NOW, Whales,

Origen: TiAmAt: A+, Reread, Reading Light Language. The Shift is NOW, Whales

Friday, October 18, 2019

A+, Reread, Reading Light Language. The Shift is NOW, Whales

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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Reading Light Language. The Shift is NOW


Reading Light Language
The Shift is NOW

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie
Dear Arcturians,

Can you comment on the vision I had of a huge whale with wings who was deep inside the ocean?

Dearest Suzille,

We are happy to answer these questions for you and for your readers. Our message begins with, “The shift is NOW, but you can only perceive it when your consciousness resonates to the fifth dimension and beyond.”

We do wish to remind you that when we say 
We are NOT speaking of the 3D NOW, in which it is the 
“time to do something.” 
When we say 
we mean it is the NOW in which you can leave the illusion of time.” It is within that NOW that you can experience the Shift because your consciousness is calibrated to the fifth dimension.

The forces of darkness that have worked against Gaia’s ascension since the fall of Atlantis have lost their battle to control Earth. 
However, the 
“cleaning up” 
process, will take more 3D “time”, to be completed.

Fortunately, many of our volunteers are opening portals to the fifth dimension, and holding these portals open. 
Then, the higher frequency light streaming through these opened portals can greatly assists those who are cleaning up the lies and dominations that have invaded Gaia’s planetary since the later days of Atlantis.

These higher frequency light-streams are entering Gaia in order to clear some of the many illusions that are hiding in the darkness. 
It is the NOW to focus on clearing illusions, as well as the NOW to focus on the frequencies “in-between” your higher states of consciousness and you third and fourth dimensional consciousness.

In this manner,

(1) your third dimensional conscious self

(2) your fourth dimensional dream state and creative self

(3) and your fifth dimensional superconscious expression of SELF

These different frequencies of awareness/consciousness can be fully connected to each other, as well as connected to your own third-dimensional self. This connection is the reason why theses different expressions of your Multidimensional SELF are beginning to awaken within your consciousness.

Once these frequencies of SELF are connected within your consciousness, even if you are NOT aware of that connection, you will begin to merge your third, fourth and fifth dimensional states of your consciousness into your third dimensional earth body.

In other words, you will consciously, or unconsciously, begin to become aware of:

Your innate Multidimensional Consciousness,

Your higher expressions of SELF,

Your mundane consciousness of daily life,

Your states of consciousness “in-between” your daily life and your fourth and fifth dimensional SELF.

It is when this connection is made that you will begin to increasingly interact with all the higher realms. 
The whale being at the top of this writing is representative of your deepest unconscious self.

The challenge of this deep self is that this magnificent being can only communicate with you when you totally surrender to this experience? 
Also, if and/or when you lose contact with the whale being, you will need to relax into, and then enter a circular light that preceed another message from the “whale.”

We hear you ask us to remind you what your unconscious “whale being” in the deepest ocean of your unconscious, has told you. We will assist you to remember. Look now at the whale being’s huge wings. Of course, the wings were not of feathers, but of the same skin as the rest of his body.

These wings are similar to the whale’s flippers, which are similar to human arms. The whale’s flippers transmutation into huge wings is much like humanity’s arms transmuting into wings. You are ALL receiving Light Language messages, but these messages often wait in your higher states of consciousness until it is the NOW to be revealed to all.

Light Language originates in the fifth dimension and beyond. Your third dimensional brain is not calibrated to download that frequency of information, but it can capture the pictures and feelings.

Light Language is much like dream language. Therefore, if you, the grounded ones, document your dreams when you awaken, it will create a strong foundation for understanding the Light Language that accompanies all of our crop circles and “channeled” transmissions.

We will now go into detail about the images that accompany your light language messages, which are actually messages that come through you rather than just to you:

A whale is a kind and loving being who never hurts anyone.

Whales are dedicated to their pod and their children.

They are huge creations that leave NO negative “footprints” on the body of Gaia.

Water is a symbol of emotion. The deep ocean is a symbol of the emotions that are deep within your unconscious mind. As you connect with the whale, allow yourself to see the higher dimensional circle of light in the midst of your deep own unconscious mind.

You will then need to totally surrender to that light and free your self of ALL expectations. Listen as you hear the huge whale reminding you to “Let GO.” Once you fully connect with the light, it will become very clear that the whale has huge wings where once it had relatively small flippers.

The deep love streaming from the whales is now surrounding you and is sending you the love of the truth. Whales live within the truth and send it into the dark waters that surround them. Many humans on Earth, have experienced being a whale on Sirius B. 
Thus, many of you can idenity the Whale as YOU.

The message to you and through the whale is, “If you can find the light hidden within your deepest unconscious, you will be able to connect with deep wisdom within that you have likely ignored.”

“For many years humanity has thought of the unconscious as a place where negative secrets are stored. Your interfacing with the Whale assists you to remembered your unconscious, consciousness of Wisdom Power, and Love. This Unconscious Consciousness sweep deep inside your inner “Ocean of Emotion.”

It is within this ancient Ocean of Emotion where your greatest Wisdom, Power, and Love reside. Wisdom, Power and Love have transmuted you into a majestic whale with flippers that create, maintain and share the messages that they have received as they soared into the higher dimensions of outer space. This Wisdom, Power and Love will assist you to transmute into the higher dimensional expression of your Multidimensional SELF.

We the Arcturians have sent out the above message many times. However, it is more personal, and has greater meaning when you see it, feel it, surrender to it and deeply experience tis message through your own inner light.

Unfortunately, too often your innate Inner Light is hidden in the deepest oceans of your unconscious mind. You have been indoctrinated to believe that if you share these sacred secrets, that people would think that something is “wrong with you.”

You have been told again and again that you need to get better, that you should be mortified if you do something “wrong,” or if your body or looks are “not good enough” if your body is not like a movie star’s body.

Television commercials have been a VERY successful tool of the cabal to diminish the self-esteem of those who watch it. Fortunately, TV commercials will soon, and are increasingly ending.

People are choosing to enjoy their entertainment via a medium that is not based on commercials. In fact, commercials have a great deal of “subliminal” information that is unconsciously perceived by the viewer.

This subliminal information riddles your third-dimensional media by creating invisible, negative thought forms. Because these negative/controlling messages are subliminal, they are often stored in your unconscious mind.

You are then “unconsciously” guided to do what the subliminal message tells you to do “or else” you will lose your friends, get fat, be unhappy, lose your job…The list goes on and on.

It is for this reason that we, your Galactic Family, are reminding you how to read Light Language. Light Language is beyond your third-dimensional mind’s ability to perceive. Therefore, it is often stored in your unconscious along with that which you have repressed.

Yes, it is true that you have repressed past negative memories. However, you have also repressed memories of very positive events that you know you could not share with others, such as your meeting with Higher Beings or visits to our Starships.

Fortunately, a very “wise whale” is developing within your conscious and unconscious mind. Once you have remembered how your unconscious mind/body reads Light Language and other higher dimensional communications, you have an instant antidote for the negative subliminal messages that litter your third-dimensional reality

To read Light Language, you must first recognize the “feel” of it, as well as how to discern it from negative symbolic, nonverbal language—such as within commercials. Many commercials make you feel “not good enough” and that “you need to improve.”

On the other hand, Light Language makes you feel loved, honored and vastly important just the way you are NOW. Light Language is filled with:

Unconditional Love,

Unconditional Forgiveness,

Unconditional Acceptance and Violet Fire.

Therefore, when you receive Light Language you feel happy, honored, euphoric, or you sob from happiness and joy. This sobbing is a form of deep release from your daily negative indoctrination. This release of, “I didn’t know how upset, confused and lonely I was until I felt wonderful!”

This release of fearful emotions stored in your unconscious is one of the primary gifts of Light Language. Even though your 3D brain may not understand it, your unconscious mind and physical body FEEL the unconditional love and multidimensional light stored in ALL Light Language messages.

In fact, this Love and Light is the marker that proves that it really is Light Language that is steaming into you from the higher dimensions. We, your Galactic Family, are continually sending you Light Language messages.

However, the flow of our message through your body can bring on an initiation. An “initiation” usually arises when you are ready to shift into a higher resonance, but your unconscious mind must be cleared before you can fully accept your well deserved Multidimensional Gift.

Our channel has not been able to verbally transmit our message because she “lost her voice.” In reality, she did not lose all her voice. She just lost the tones “in between” the higher and lower frequency. For example, Suzille’s throat could express the high and low frequencies of sound, but not he frequencies “in-between.”

After her Morning Meditations of the Whale, her voice slowly began to recover and she began to be able to experience brief moments when the “in-between” sounds could be expressed. It is then that her “voice would come back.”

In other words, her body received the Light Language message of:

Remember, in order to be Fully Connected with the higher frequencies of reality, you will need to join your conscious self with your super-conscious self, and then add your unconsciousness self to ground your energy field in Gaia.

It is the joining of your unconscious self, your conscious self, and your super-conscious self with the consciousness of “Inner Wale” that your unconscious self can “dive deep down in the waters of emotion” and then “soar up towards the sky as breach into the “in-between.”

Since Light Language arises from your highest expressions of SELF and penetrates deep into your unconscious self, it is best perceived as if you have fully connected your super-conscious self with your unconscious self.

In this mannar you can also remember how to “read” Light Language messages via the events of your daily life. When you are consciously connected to ALL the full range of your life, you can be fully connected to the full range of life on Earth.

As you consciousness expands into higher frequencies of light, you will consciously perceive any darkness (which is actually fear) that you tucked away in you unconsciousness mind.

Perhaps you hid that darkness, fear, negative behaviors, and old wounding in your unconscious mind because you did not believe that you could face them.

But, fortunately, as your inner light grows brighter, you will have more and more courage to consciously perceive and heal the dark secrets you have hidden in your unconscious self.

Then, once this illusion of darkness is healed,

your innate Wisdom, Power, and Love are revealed.

This Wisdom, Power and Love liberate your innate “loving whale being of wisdom, power, love, and light.” This YOU was always within you, but you to hide it in your unconscious in order to protect it from a world that could NOT believe in your inner whale or in your inner self.

As you heal and honor your past, you will have enough faith in your self to live in the NOW of the ONE that your inner whale has revealed.

Within the NOW of the ONEyou are fulfilling your reason for incarnation.

Within the NOW of the ONEyou are free of past disappointments and future fears.

Within the NOW of the ONEyou are the best and highest version of your SELF!

Within the NOW of the ONE, you no longer need to compare yourself to who once were, or who you should be in the future.

Within the NOW of the ONEyou can remember to Unconditionally Love, Unconditionally Forgive and Unconditionally Accept yourself.

Within the NOW OF the ONE you are free of the polarities and illusions of the third dimensional world and are able to perceive the Multidimensional Light of the ONE that is flowing into your life.

Within the NOW of the ONE you are HOME and HOME is where you have always been.

Please join us in that NOW, for you are ONE of US, your Galactic Family!

The Arcturians

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 11:19 PM

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TiAmAt, share, reread, A+, New Gnosis: The Evolutionary Leap, of Mankind, The Species “Man”, as an Energetic System, Chapter II

Origen: TiAmAt: share, reread, A+, New Gnosis: The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind, The Species “Man” as an Energetic System – Chapter II

Thursday, August 29, 2019

share, reread, A+, New Gnosis: The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind, The Species “Man” as an Energetic System – Chapter II

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New Gnosis: The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind » Stankov’s Universal Law Press

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New Gnosis: The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind

by Georgi Stankov Posted on July 20, 2019

The Species “Man” as an Energetic System – Chapter II

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, July 20, 2019


Translated from the German book “Neue Gnosis: Evolutionssprung der Menschheit“, 2001 into English by the author

II. The Species “Man” as an Energetic System

1. Basic Biophysical Knowledge

That man is an open energetic system which interacts with the environment should be cogent to all and sundry: without food man cannot exist. 
The energetic conversion of the cellular body is referred to as Metabolism. 
Currently, it is only considered under a (bio)chemical point of view (biochemistry, genetics, pharmacology, pharmaceutics, etc.). 
Applied chemistry is, however, quantum mechanics, so that the correct approach must depart from physics. However, there is still no viable biophysics.

First the new theory of the Universal Law allows for the development of a proper biophysics. In Volume III on biological regulation I prove that:

The metabolic turnover of the body follows the Universal Law;
The cells and the cell bodies are electromagnetic systems, which build action potentials EA and transform them with a specific time (frequency) f according to the Universal Law as metabolism: E = EA f;
The chemical structures of the cells, such as the genetic code result from this energy transformation;
The primary energetic phenomena of the physical-material bio-regulation are standing quantum waves (solitons). From this it follows that the biological organism is an energetic wave system. Currently, we cannot penetrate deeper into the body.

2. The Central Dogma of Science

Man is not only a functioning cell body, but also a thinking species. At present it is assumed that human consciousness has originated in a secondary manner from the human cell body by self-organization. This assumption underpins the doctrine of evolution (hypothesis), according to which man evolved from unicellular organisms and with its consciousness represents the crowning of biological evolution.

The doctrine of evolution – I speak explicitly not of a theory because it is not a proven theory but an unfounded hypothesis – is a product of materialism and empiricism as the currently prevailing, erroneous Weltanschauung. In summary it says: the body, considered as matter, creates mind (consciousness) and the mind recognizes matter as a subject, i.e. the external objects and himself as a thinking entity (phenomenology of Being). In science, this perception takes the form of discoveries (empiricism as research).

Due to the prevailing role of science, the modern capitalist world (approx. 150 years) which we are currently experiencing in its last phase is materialistically and empirically tainted. The materialistic dogma, which is presented in its narrow version as Darwinian dogma of evolution, has pushed to the edge the idealistic notion that mind creates matter (materialism versus idealism).

For this reason, all religions and esoteric schools have abandoned science and feel themselves like an outsider, who must constantly justify and excuse himself for his views, or needs to keep his ideas secret. Here we encounter a phenomenon of collective fear structure, of which I shall often speak in this book.

The idea that the mind creates matter, is very old and underpins all religions and para-religious categorical systems such as all esoteric teachings. In philosophy, it was the prevailing view of the world until Kant. Idealism lost the battle against scientific materialism for one single reason: It was not able to give a clear definition of the mind (Spirit). Spirit was conceived as opposite to matter, although Spinoza and Leibniz challenged this view.

The preliminary “final” defeat of idealism occurred in modern times when it could not provide the empirical evidence for the primary existence of Spirit. In fact, it was precisely the development of empirical sciences, especially physics, which revealed that it is not possible to provide a proof for the primary existence of Spirit with conventional means. A dogma was only cemented, and all dissenters were socially marginalized and oppressed in their spiritual evolution. The psychological background of this phenomenon will be discussed in detail in this book.

We will now define for the first time in the history of science and Human Gnosis clearly and unambiguously what is mind (Spirit) and explain why mind cannot be assessed with the empirical means of scientific materialism.

In the broadest sense, mind/Spirit is organized energy – it is All-That-Is. In this sense mind is a subset of the cosmic Spirit (divine mind). Matter, perceived as 3D-space-time, is also a U-subset of Spirit and a relatively insignificant one. Since matter is created by Spirit, it contains it as an element. This applies to all material systems, including humans (pantheism). For the purpose of our discussion, we will summarize under the term “Spirit” all energetic levels that exist beyond the electromagnetic spectrum and cannot be detected with conventional physical devices.

In esotericism, one also speaks of the “light beyond the (electromagnetic) light”. I speak of the 7F-creationary levels because these levels are the causal realms in terms of 3D space-time, i.e. the 3D space-time is created in a secondary manner from Spirit of the 7F-creationary realms according to rigorous mathematical rules (see above). “F” stands for frequency = time. Each creationary level is characterized by a specific frequency range, similar to the electromagnetic spectrum. Obviously, there are seven such energetic ranges/bandwidths, which are also referred to in channeled messages as “rays” or “flames”.

Before I begin to present evidence that Spirit, as defined above, is the causal entity, I must explain why present-day science is not able to assess spirit as an energetic phenomenon with external physical instruments. It can only be perceived through human consciousness, which is a U-subset of Spirit. This finding does not exclude the possibility of developing new technologies, based on spiritual principles, with the help of which we will be able to make use of this causal mental energy (taken literally) in the 3D space-time.

3. Planck’s Constant

The whole matter (particles, materials) arises from the electromagnetic waves, which I describe as photon space-time, and vice versa. The 3D space-time can be seen as an energy exchange between matter and photon space-time. The entire structure of matter and photon space-time (considered as an electromagnetic spectrum) is determined by an elementary action potential EA – the Planck’s constant h. It is the smallest amount of energy (energy package, quant), which we are currently able to assess and discriminate with physical devices. It represents the fundamental limit of the physical sensitivity (differentiation, discrimination, detectability) with such devices.

This fact is known in physics – as Heisenberg uncertainty principle or Copenhagen interpretation of the refraction of the wave function – but has been grossly misinterpreted so far. For the first time in the history of science, I could prove that all the particles and thus all matter consists of h – they are multiples f of this elementary action potential h (see Volume I and Volume II and the Table below). Matter is thus temporarily bound light, or energy, according to the Universal Law:

Matter = temporarily bound Energy =

E = EA f = h f

For this reason I speak of h-space-time. It is important to emphasize at this place that matter, referred to as “substance”, is only temporarily bound electromagnetic light, it is bound photon space-time. Matter is constantly changing into light and vice versa, light – to matter, as the known laws of radiation, which are applications of the Universal Law, confirm: It is known that atoms emit and absorb photons from the electromagnetic spectrum. In this sense, the term “h-space-time” encompasses matter and photons space-time (the light).

In fact, the h-space-time is only one energetic level of All-This-Is, of Spirit. There are much more levels, each one with its own elementary action potential and specific frequency spectrum, which we currently cannot measure and therefore we cannot make any statements about their true magnitude. These levels do exist within the three-dimensional h-space-time (please recall the idea of U-sets), because, as previously said, space is a human hallucination, so that these higher frequency levels are energetically – we can also say “relativistically” – separated through their specific elementary action potentials. The separation is thus determined by a frequency leap, it is therefore a time difference. The existence of these energetic levels is currently being denied vehemently by the earthly, matter-oriented science. The reasons for this rejection are only psychological in nature and will be discussed in detail below.

It is important to note at this place that these energetic fields do not only have their own elementary action potential, but also have their own frequency ranges that have inconceivably higher frequencies and larger bandwidths than the maximum frequency of the electromagnetic waves (1022-24 in the Hawking radiation of black holes). These levels of Spirit are defined by their frequency ranges and their specific elementary action potential. For this reason, I speak of causal or leading 7F-creationary levels. The number “7” is irrelevant for our understanding: There is evidence, however, for the existence of seven primary levels with a specific action potential EA. In the new age literature one speaks of seven basic energies (rays or flames).

Frequency is time, and time is reciprocal to space. Figuratively speaking: higher frequencies can transverse space instantly. This explains why Spirit is simultaneous, i.e. why human ideas, which are energetic phenomena of the divine mind/Spirit can transverse space instantly. Since we live in 3D space-time, we perceive the energetic phenomena sequentially in a selective (limited) way, i.e. one after the other. That is why the idea of the simultaneity of the mind/Spirit is inconceivable to the human brain, which operates sequentially. This simultaneity is a precondition for the creation and coordination of the 3D space-time, including human activity on earth (see karma below).

4. Energetic Structure of Man

Based on this approach, we can now analyse the species “man” as an energetic system and consider its structure in detail. First of all, I should point out that each division of the system “man” that I will make in the following, will obey to the new Axiomatics of the Universal Law, that is to say, I will only build conceptual U-subsets that contain themselves as element – and the element is Spirit.

I will, for the first time in the history of human Gnosis and science, avoid the mistake of building closed, mutually exclusive conceptual subsets (N-sets). It is precisely this error that has prevented an understanding of what Spirit (and thus humans) really is. This type of consideration requires a very high degree of discipline in thinking.

I will therefore discuss a scientific-gnostic categorical system of the species “man”, in full awareness that it will not be the system itself, but only the method used that can claim a universal validity. The categorical system, which I have given the preference is historical in nature and rather familiar, and is thus adequate for our consideration. This system does not preclude the building of other systems according to the principles of the new Axiomatics of the Universal Law. It only serves as a model and an incentive for the reader to consider developing his own categorical systems that will better meet his individual needs.

Body Spirit/Mind Psyche Soul

Multi-cellular mind, intellect, feelings, emotions, (?)

system from an ratio, mental body emotional body

omnipotent cell; (ego as a negative (fear, love)

somatic perception expression)

(pain, well-being)


Awareness, human = Spirit/mind + psyche + body perception

Awareness, cosmic = Spirit/mind + psyche + body + shares of the soul perception

Spirit = All-that-is

Spirit = human mind as a U-subset of spirit

Ego = Mind without a soul, dominated mainly by negative emotions, negative connotation

Ego = I-AM-Presence, neutral connotation

The above list shows how difficult it is to capture the clear meaning (connotation) of every word in a clear-cut manner as their meanings overlap. For didactic purposes I am going to use for instance the term “Spirit” for All-That-Is, especially for the worlds of the soul, as well as for the human mind, when it considers the soul dimensions. The reason for this is that I want to clearly point out that the mind is not sitting in the brain, but is a non-physical organ that is composed of energies of the 7F-creationary levels, while the brain is simply a bio-electromagnetic transducer which converts the astral energetic pulses of Spirit, mind and soul in the human body and the other way around: Every energy exchange goes in both directions.

In our graphics I have provided the soul with a question mark because I want to point out that neither religion nor philosophy have so far managed to give a binding and valid definition of the soul. I will now propose for the first time a valid definition of the soul:

5. What is soul?

The soul is an energetic system of the 7F-creationary levels.

It contains portions of all levels. In this sense, the soul is a fragmentation (individuation, function) of All-That-Is, of Spirit. She is therefore an integral part of All-That-Is (U-subset). Within its function, the soul can be more or less separated from All-That-Is, whereby the separation should be always understood energetically and not spatially.

An almost complete separation of the soul is reached in the state of incarnation, where various graduations are possible (see below). The maximal separation, which a soul can experience, is during an incarnation on earth and, in particular, at the present time (the year of 2000).

It is important to point out that this separation is only an illusory separation, similar to a blocked program on the PC, which is still part of the entire software program. Each separation requires an enormous amount of energy. The natural state of all systems is their openness – open exchange of energy – as part of the Whole. This knowledge must be internalized properly by all my readers, otherwise they will not understand the present Gnosis and the dynamics of the End Time.

From this perspective, the currently ongoing Evolutionary Leap of mankind can be defined as a reversal of the separation, of the human blocking program.

The soul obviously contains a blueprint for the formation and regulation of the cellular body. This blueprint can be thought of as a kind of software program. The astral (ethereal) body would then be a part of this program.

It is quite possible that the blueprints for the human body and other species on this planet are stored separately as automated programs – many of the channeled messages point to this possibility – and can be accessed by the soul at any time, if needed. Such programs for new species are created continuously by the souls in the astral worlds and stored there as blueprints.

For example, when a biological species disappears from the earth, because it has completed its cycle, its original blueprint will continue to exist in the astral worlds and can always be re-materialized. In addition, there are the genetic characteristics of each individual (any incarnation), which the soul can gestalt on its own. In this way, the diversity of nature, e.g. the diversity of human individuality, is created simultaneously. The soul is a creative force to the highest possible degree.

This finding debunks the Darwinian doctrine of evolution as a blatantly wrong approach, and therefore all natural sciences based on it. The lowest protozoa or virus and the human body are created by the 7F-creationary levels simultaneously and are continuously kept alive. Therefore, evolution solely within organic matter cannot exist. This erroneous idea is merely a consequence of the prevailing materialistic view in science at present. The wrong idea of ​​evolution has produced a plethora of additional erroneous ideas in natural sciences, which significantly shape the collective human behavior.

In epidemiology, for example, the assumption is that the organisms harbor viruses and can transfer them to other organisms. This could lead to pandemics, causing the death of many people. To prevent the spread of infections, the current belief is that infected people should be isolated and infected animals slaughtered.

Hereby, the bio-sciences have failed to clearly show to date how such a pathogenic virus can occur in an organism in the first place, or to explain how such viruses appear simultaneously in many organisms in different parts of the world, without the occurrence of a direct transfer. Medicine can not explain why certain individuals become ill in an epidemic area and die, while others neither become ill nor die, after they have been infected. The grounds that such individuals have a more robust immune system can be applied equally well to the regulation program of the soul, with which she creates the cellular organism and keeps it alive.

In reality, such epidemics are a reflection of the spiritual condition of humanity. Just as the control program of the soul renews billions of cells in the human organism daily, it can also easily create new viruses in the human or animal body, which then, depending on the psychological needs, can lead to diseases. It is well known that all multi-cellular organisms, whether animal or human, host thousands of viruses and bacteria, without being ill.

Rather, the bio-sciences have produced abundant evidence that such “primitive organisms” are indispensable for the regulation of any multi-cellular organism and only under certain conditions, namely, when this is provided in the soul plan, act against this regulation by creating the energetic conditions of destructive interference in the body cells and thus cause a disease.

Deep-seated, collective fears in the human population, which otherwise have no way of being expressed, can be now discharged in the face of a real or perceived epidemic in a mass panic or hysteria and lead to countless meaningless and destructive activities. For this reason, it is conceivable that with the progress of the Evolutionary Leap of mankind, the number of such hysteria-laden epidemics will increase dramatically in the coming years (which actually happened as the dark ruling cabal wanted to create massive collective fears and prevent the ascension).

The AIDS epidemic of the 80s, which expands unabated and threatens to depopulate large tracts of land in Africa, meets such a task. On the one hand, it emphasizes the botched sexual and religious views of many people, who are imbued by the rigid notion of crime and atonement; on the other hand, the AIDS pandemic in Africa illustrates the disastrous living conditions of the people there, who are still under the effects of colonialism and suffer under the unfair distribution of the world resources.

6. Astral-energetic regulation of the biological body

And now back to the astral-energetic regulation of the biological body. The blueprint of the cellular body includes automated programs for the growth and aging of the body, such as puberty and menopause, its renewal in about every seven years (some cell aggregates are renewed much faster) and so on. If necessary, the soul can insert dysfunctions in the regulation of the blueprint which manifest as karmic experiences or ongoing disharmony between psyche, mind and soul and can appear as diseases in the body.

The blueprint consists of ultra-high frequency components of the 7F-creationary levels that manifest as sub-atomic electromagnetic units (SE-units). The SE-units exist outside the h-limit of 3D space-time, which they actually create as matter and therefore cannot be detected by physical devices. While these units significantly reduce their frequencies (one can also speak metaphorically of “speed”), they increase their amplitude (wave length) due to the reciprocity of space and time. In this way, the SE-units build the particles of matter and then the organic matter of the cellular body.

The following information is aimed primarily at experts in physics: The formation of elementary particles from the initial energy of the 7F-creationary levels basically occurs as follows. The speed of this energy that is unimaginably higher than the speed of light (vx>>c) is slowed down as SE-units deliberately to the point when they begin to form tiny eddies. While in the interior of such an eddy, the speed is still as high as initially, it decreases rapidly in the periphery, which now builds the outer boundary of the particle.

In this manner, the SE-units build camouflage structures that are currently perceived as the outer boundary of the known elementary particles and measured as physical quantities, as constants, e.g., as the famous Compton wavelength of the particles (see Table above). This 1d-space quantity corresponds approximately to the diameter of the particle. The larger the diameter of the particle, the smaller the peripheral velocity of the rotating energy of the particle. In this way, the illusion of space is created. This is the principal mechanism how the higher realms create 3D space-time as an illusory holographic picture.

Note that there are only two dimensions, space and time, so that in physics one can measure only time (frequency) and space, respectively the energy (space-time) of a particle. The elementary particles are fully characterized by these three parameters. This is the only job of theoretical quantum physics.

In quantum physics, the electrons are presented for example as an electron cloud, strictly speaking, as circular waves of the Planck’s constant h, which is the elementary wave of photon space-time (see atomic model of Bohr in Volume I and volume II). The outer boundary of such circular wave, which rotates inside with an incredible speed (vx>>> c), gives the particles the appearance of a solid structure, which humans perceive through their five senses as solid matter. In this way the idea of the three-dimensionality of matter comes into being.

As an example we can take a ventilator that rotates very fast: we can perceive it as a rotating disc, while we cannot perceive its internal structure, for example, we can no longer identify the individual propellers. The reason for this is the selective, deficient perception of human senses.

For example, the eye perceives only photons that are emitted from the outer boundary (surface) of such camouflage structures and not from the inside of the particle, since these photons have a much higher rotational frequency that lies beyond the narrow spectrum of visible light. In reality, we experience the objects as spatial structures because the retinal cones and rods of the human eye receive only photons from the electron shells of the surface atoms and transmit them further to the brain. If the human eye were able to receive X-rays, which are high-frequency photons, we could have also perceived the interior structure of the objects, as this is currently achieved with special X-ray devices such as CT (computer tomography) in medicine.

One can now imagine a consciousness that perceives all energetic phenomena simultaneously, that is to say, it is not restricted by a limiting frequency as is the case with human consciousness which depends to a large extent on the outer sensations. We will then be able to perceive different realities that exist seemingly invisible to current limited human consciousness.

Conversely, one can imagine that human consciousness evolves and begins to receive higher frequencies. The person will then be able to take advantage of new realities, which he has so far not known and has subsequently denied their existence. It is exactly this phenomenon that takes place during the Light Body Process.

As is evident from this, the creation and maintenance of space-time matter from the energy of the 7F-creationary realms proves to be a constant exchange of energy, which only follows the Universal Law. This also applies to the regulation of all biological organisms.

This process is so complex that human mind cannot perceive it. Our mind is still barely able to grasp the regulation of a single cell. This fact alone should be enough to discard the idea of the radiant consciousness of man, who has crawled out of a paramecium, the regulation of which he still does not understand, as ridiculous and preposterous.

Although I have penetrated, guided by my soul, deeper into the regulation mechanisms of the cell than any mortal before me, as presented in Volume III of the General Theory of biological regulation, I had to capitulate in front of this frustrating complexity. The current presumption of human genetics should be interpreted in this sense.

I will only point out to the results of the human genome project, which were published in the spring of 2001. It was found that the number of human genes is not much larger than the number of genes in a primitive plant.

If one departs from today’s materialistic view of genetics, one should expect that the genes of the DNA-code store all the information on the construction and regulation of the human body. In this case it is however hard to explain how the few additional genes in humans have brought forth the evolution of its “superior” consciousness that has not succeeded to date even to identify a single gene which is responsible for the emergence of human consciousness.

This obvious fact alone should be sufficient to discard the doctrine of evolution with the help of genetics, without considering further Gnostic insights. It is significant how quickly the results of the human genome project were shelved without the slightest discussion after billions of tax dollars were spent and the public was fed for some time with auspicious promises of this breakthrough instead of thinking further and postulating new scientific explanations.

In fact, I was able to demonstrate concretely that the DNA-code is only the hardware of biological regulation. The actual regulation, which is much more complex than we currently suspect, runs at the quantum level in the form of standing waves (solitons in the DNA-strands and in the protein structures), which in turn are produced from the blueprint of the 7F-creationary levels and regulated by the software program of the soul for the cell. This analysis of the biological regulation of the human body is sufficient to reject the materialistic doctrine of evolution and to initiate a paradigm shift.

The standing quantum waves, called solitons, are formed by repetitive DNA and amino acid sequences, which I discovered for the first time in the history of science and described in a precise and unambiguous manner. Their validity has been proven by the latest experimental data in bio-science as confirmed by myself without any exception, based on the results of 10,000 scientific peer articles, published since 1975 in international journals. These quantum solitons form a super level to the already known biochemical DNA-code of the double helix and allow an unimaginable number of high-energy combinations that go far beyond the known number of human genes.

At this level the actual regulation of the biological organism takes place, which is controlled by the astral program of the soul. One can say with complete justification, that this level represents the electromagnetic software program of the cell and the organism, whereas the known DNA-code provides the hardware of the rigid cell.

Nevertheless, the biochemical building blocks of these solitons are very limited: there are only a few of them, which I have described in detail. They allow an unimaginably precise prognostic information about upcoming diseases (quantum pathology). This quantum level has not been so far appreciated by the biological sciences, although some statements and results are already available in this regard, because scientists have not managed to integrate the operation of this quantum supra-molecular level into the existing biochemical and genetic knowledge.

This feat was accomplished for the first time by myself in Volume III on the biological regulation. I supplied the “missing link” between the DNA-code, that is to say, between the genes and their products – the proteins – that build the cell structure. This new knowledge allows for the first time to explain the regulation of the cell and the organism in a dynamic and energetic way (kinematics) and makes it possible for all hitherto known biochemical facts to be included without contradiction in the new theory.

This performance goes beyond the wildest expectations of present-day bio-sciences. In fact, such expectations are not even entertained as scientists have currently given up hope of developing a coherent theory of biological regulation in the foreseeable future.

The idea that the structure and regulation of biological organisms is an incredibly complex technology of the astral realms and not a random product of evolution is not even considered. Hence the impending shock of the scientists I expect, when they will be compelled to witness concretely the first ascension of a human being. I am particularly fond of the idea about this upcoming psychological event.

From this point of consideration, I have dispelled a very old, fundamentally wrong esoteric, philosophical and religious view. The soul is not part of the body that comes and goes, as was previously believed, but it creates the body and contains it as an element:

The body is a U-subset of the soul.

It is merely an instrument of the soul to gain valuable experience in a state of separation. She can discard this physical vessel at any time and the body obviously decays. This is currently the standard procedure to terminate an incarnation. Man may call it “death”; many, especially young souls believe that after death there is nothing left.

Others, mostly adult and old souls believe in turn in the immortality of the soul but not in its energetic potential. For just as the soul can form and discard the body, she can also take it with her in the higher realms. In fact, the soul takes the blueprint of the astral body, also called light body or astral body, after death in the 7F-creationary realms and may reproduce it at any time at her discretion.

In this sense, the body is only an energetic symbol of the soul – a symbol of her incarnation experience. The soul, however, requires no body in order to exist: she is pure highly organized energy.

7. Energetic basis of the Light Body Process

Based on this knowledge, it seems logical and almost self-evident to assume that the soul has the “technological means” to transform the material body into the energies of the 7F-creationary levels. In this case a phase transition takes place as we know it from physics. This process is known in esotericism as “Light Body Process” (LBP).

During this process there is a gradual increase in the lower frequencies of organic matter of the human body to the frequencies of the 7F-creationary levels, so that such a phase transition is made ​​possible, just as the water needs to be heated before it is converted into steam. Throughout the LBP the body remains unchanged externally but exudes a much more intensive energy (light, aura, emanation, vibrations).

Although we still know very little at present about the energetic details of this process, we are nonetheless in a position to deliver a well-founded quantum physical description of the Light Body Process based on the Universal Law.

As mentioned before, the body is a quantum-mechanical wave system. Compared to the psyche and Spirit (mind), the body has the lowest frequencies (see below). The light body process represents an increase in body frequencies to the lowest level of the 7F-creationary levels. Ultimately, the body frequencies are raised to the frequencies of the crystalline light body that exists in the 5th dimension.

In a phase transition, the material body is now converted into a body of light, that is to say, into the astral body that every human already possesses. In this process, the body frequencies are increased by many power digits in the exponent (How much exactly, we do not know yet.). This process proceeds in waves and is controlled by the soul. Depending on the age and the individual soul, it can take several years or several incarnations.

At the quantum level, the light body process is accomplished basically as follows: The angular frequencies of the elementary particles, i.e., the aforementioned Compton frequencies are gradually raised to the frequencies of the astral body, without changing the spatial configuration of the particles, their camouflage structure.

For this reason, the Light Body Process occurs without any external change of the body, until the phase transition to the higher astral planes, the visible ascension of the incarnated personality, occurs in a flash.

How this frequency increase is technologically accomplished, remains a mystery currently, considering the fact that time (frequency) and space behave reciprocally. At least this is true for the 3D space-time we know as the Universal Law demonstrates. One would expect that space would shrink with the increase of the angular frequencies of the elementary particles in the biological body. Such a decrease in space would inevitably be noticed at the macroscopic level. Since this is not the case, one must assume that the material, visible space remains constant despite the increase in frequency of the particles.

Since the mass of the body during the Light Body Process also does not change, one must assume that the fourth known fundamental force, gravitation, remains unaffected by this change during the process. At the phase transition, gravitation is completely abolished and the light body can now move freely through space and time.

The increase in frequency on the quantum level is however not an isolated process. Rather, it is accompanied by a complete conversion of the cellular metabolism. Some aspects of this transformation are dealt in the book “What is Lightbody” by Tashira Tachi-ren. This presentation is in agreement with the new theory of the Universal Law. This metabolic transformation during the LBP cannot be discussed here.

Another change that takes place in the electromagnetic field is the following: Any person who is in the Light Body Process emits high frequency electromagnetic waves. At the beginning, these waves interact with the heat radiation emitted by the light bulbs and burn them much faster. In this phase, one has to change the bulbs frequently.

For example, I had to replace in a period of about six months more light bulbs than in the past ten years previously. In ignorance of this fact, I even filed a complaint for lack of quality to the manufacturer. Such interference can also occur with any other electrical devices – short-circuits are then the agenda of the day. In the later stages of the process, the frequency of the emitted photons increases considerably, so that no further interference with electric appliances and light bulbs is observed.

In addition, the body radiates very intensive astral light, which is perceived by other people mentally and emotionally as a subliminal feeling, but can not be consciously interpreted by them. This astral aura is beyond the h-limit of detectability and can not be measured with conventional instruments. Its intensity increases exponentially in the last stages of the Light Body Process.

In particular, incarnated young souls who have lower frequencies and have built up many fear-based patterns and blockages in the emotional and mental body, perceive the aura of people, who are in the advanced stage of the LBP, as extremely unpleasant and irritating because their inner disharmony and phobias in the presence of such people are reinforced and break out.

These phenomena cannot be directly measured by scientists and are therefore denied. Indirect evidence, e.g.. of high cure rates by bio-therapy (laying on of hands) can be very well rendered, given the good will. However, most scientists are still afraid to enter such areas of research.

The light body process is very complex, insofar as it incorporates the intricate interplay between mind, psyche and soul. In order to properly understand this process, we have to deal with these aspects of the energetic system “human being” specifically. This is the topic of the next chapt

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TiAmAt, share, A+, reread, manual, Consciousness, and Brainwaves, Part 1,–FROM A HIGHER PERSPECTIVE,

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Thursday, May 16, 2019

share, A+, reread, manual, Consciousness and Brainwaves Part 1–FROM A HIGHER PERSPECTIVE

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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Consciousness and Brainwaves Part 1–FROM A HIGHER PERSPECTIVE



Dear Readers,

I wanted to share this manual with you. I put up a few pages at a time.

Sue Lie and the Arcturians

PART ONE – A compilation of messages and teachings from the Arcturians regarding the expansion of consciousness, perceptions and higher dimensional perspectives on reality.


The Arcturians advised me to present some information about brainwaves and consciousness in preparation for exploring Gamma Wave Consciousness. Gamma wave consciousness allows us to consciously perceive the higher dimensional realities. However, it is best to first present some basic information about consciousness and brainwaves.

Traveling in Consciousness

Traveling in our consciousness is like changing channels on a radio or television. Our MULTIDIMENSIONAL SELF is the broadcast tower, which broadcasts messages to us across many different frequencies.

Our CONSCIOUSNESS is the broadband radio or TV, which receives messages from many different frequencies, and allows us to choose a channel.

Our BRAINWAVES are the channels that calibrate the radio or TV to the frequency of the desired station.

When we calibrate our consciousness (radio or TV) to the different brainwaves (channels), we set our expectation to filter in the perceptions within the frequency range of that filter/expectation. We then experience the reality that vibrates at that wavelength/brainwave.

When we dial the Beta Brainwave Channel, we calibrate our consciousness to filter out the perceptions that do not pertain to our external third-dimensional world. On this channel, our Multidimensional SELF gives us information regarding our conscious ego self in our physical world. Our “beta reality,” which is our individual consciousness, is filled with myriad stimuli. It is directed towards survival, thoughts, decisions, and actions. Our individual consciousness directs our attention, and hence our perceptions, toward our individual assessment of reality.

When we dial the Alpha Brainwave Channel, we calibrate our consciousness to filter- out any extraneous, third-dimensional perceptions that do not pertain to creative activity. On this channel, our Multidimensional SELF gives us information about our physical world from the perspective of our superconscious fourth-dimensional self, as well as forgotten memories and stimuli regarding our true potential, which we have formerly filtered out. Our “alpha reality,” which is our collective consciousness, is one of creativity, artistic focus, relaxation, and imagination. Our collective consciousness directs our attention, and hence our perceptions, to an assessment of reality based on the consciousness of all humanity.

When we dial the Theta Brainwave Channel, we calibrate our consciousness to filter- out all third-dimensional frequencies except maintenance of our physical body. On this channel, our Multidimensional SELF relays information from our superconscious self- regarding our fifth-dimensional world, our fourth- and fifth-dimensional extra-sensory perceptions, moments of illumination from the past, and new ideas regarding attaining our present goals. We can also experience euphoric feelings and moments of illumination on this channel. Our “theta reality,” which is our planetary consciousness, is deeply spiritual and introspective. Our planetary consciousness directs our attention, and hence our perceptions, to an assessment of reality based on the multidimensional consciousness of all planetary life forms.

When we dial the Delta Brainwave Channel, we calibrate our consciousness to filter-out all external, third-dimensional frequencies. On this channel, our Multidimensional SELF gives us information from our superconscious mind regarding our fifth-dimensional self and beyond, as well as information from our unconscious mind regarding our first- and second-dimensional earth vessel. Our “delta reality,” which is our galactic consciousness, is focused on our cellular and subatomic reality and our inter-dimensional self. Our galactic consciousness directs our attention, and hence our perceptions, to an assessment of reality based on the multidimensional consciousness of our planet, our solar system, and our galaxy.

When we dial the Gamma Brainwave Channel, we calibrate our consciousness to filter- out individual stimuli and move beyond all time, space, and dimension to integrate the information we have received on the other channels so that we may be conscious of our process. Our “gamma reality” is truly multidimensional, as it is ALL in ALL. This cosmic consciousness directs our attention, and hence our perceptions, to an assessment of reality based on multidimensional consciousness of our universe.


Brainwaves, which are measured by an electroencephalograph (or EEG), represent the language of the brain. An EEG measures brainwaves of different frequencies within the brain by placing electrodes on specific sites on the scalp to detect and record the electrical impulses of the brain.

Brainwaves, like all waves, are measured in two ways. The first is frequency or the number of times a wave repeats itself within a second. Thus, a frequency is measured in cycles per second (cps, sometimes also called HZ), ranging from .5 cps to 38 cps.

The second measurement is amplitude, which represents the power of electrical impulses generated by the brain. The main categories of brainwaves are Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta. When we are accessing our Multidimensional SELF we are able to use a combination of all four brainwaves.

BETA BRAINWAVES 13 to 39 cps

Beta waves, in which our brainwaves pulsate at between 13 and 39 cps, are associated with day-to-day wakefulness. These waves are the highest in frequency and lowest in amplitude and are also more de – synchronous than other waves. That is, the waves are not consistent in their pattern. This desynchrony is due to the daily mental activity of our many cognitive, sensory, and motor activities and experiences. Also, it is during Beta Consciousness that our focus is de – synchronous, as our daily life has many inner and outer distractions.

Beta waves are seen on both sides of the brain and are most evident in the frontal lobe, where decisions and expressions of our persona are initiated. Beta brainwaves stimulate rational, analytical thinking and the consequent action. In this state, our attention is focused on our external activities, and our brain is primarily accessing the logical, sequential thoughts to process, organize, and act upon the myriad stimuli that arrive through our five physical senses.

If all this information is not put into some kind of order, we will become confused and overwhelmed. The voice of our inner self can still be dimly heard, but as in talking to someone in a loud and busy airport, we can hear it, but we can’t always understand what it is saying. Beta waves are the predominant brainwaves in our everyday life. Without Beta Brainwaves, it would be difficult to function effectively in our daily world.


Alpha waves, which are between 8 and 12 cps, are slower in frequency, higher in amplitude, and more synchronized than Beta waves. When we take time out of our busy day to have a power nap, reflect, listen to music, read a poem, or meditate, we go into Alpha Consciousness. When we concentrate intently on one thought, emotion, or activity, we have fewer stimuli to process and our brain can move into the intense focus of Alpha waves.

Alpha waves will peak around 10 cps. Alpha wave thinking promotes mental resourcefulness and aids in our ability to mentally coordinate stimuli so that we can quickly and efficiently accomplish whatever task is at hand. When Alpha predominates, most people feel calm and at ease, which serves to manage stress and benefit our health. The vivid imagery and relaxed, detached awareness serve to create conscious links to both our conscious and unconscious minds.

Alpha is the major rhythm seen in normal, relaxed adults, and it is present during most of life, especially beyond age 13. Alpha waves are predominant in the white matter of the brain, which is the part of the brain that connects all other parts with each other. Alpha is a common state for the brain and arises when a person is alert, but not actively processing information. Alpha waves, strongest in the occipital lobe (at the back of the head), cortex and also frontal cortex (the forehead), have been linked to extroversion, active listening and improved problem solving, and creative mental activity.

Whereas Beta brainwaves are predominantly logical, sequential thinking, Alpha brainwaves incorporate holistic, creative functioning. Hence, when in Alpha Consciousness we lose track of time and space. An hour feels like a minute and a mile feels like a few blocks. With the concentrated focus on a creative task in Alpha Consciousness, we experience fewer distractions, and we hear our own inner voice more easily. It is in this state of consciousness that we have our moments of “A-ha.” Many performers, artists, scientists, and athletes consciously or unconsciously put themselves into an Alpha state to gain inspiration and to achieve their best performance.


Theta waves allow us to access our innate creativity, inspiration, and spiritual connection. Theta waves, 4 to 7 cps, are even slower than Beta or Alpha waves and are typical of even greater amplitude. When we narrow our focus primarily on our inner self, we can go into Theta waves, which are usually associated with deep meditation or sleep. In this state, it is difficult to maintain conscious contact with the outside world. Our bodies need to be in a safe place when we access Theta Consciousness, in order to maintain this state, our bodies must be still and our eyes closed.

Even then, the mere act of opening our eyes or listening to the exterior world could bring in too many stimuli and shift our consciousness back to the faster brainwaves, and our Theta wave experiences are lost. In order to bring our Theta state experiences into our conscious mind, we must be able to communicate these experiences to our language centers so that we can “save” them to our cerebral cortex.

Taking time to relax, write, and/or draw after sleep or deep meditation will help us in translating our Theta wave experiences into our Alpha and Beta wave thoughts. Even then, our Theta experiences are usually retrieved by our right brain’s symbolic, imagistic language and not by the sequential language area of the left-brain. Relaxing into an Alpha state can translate these images onto our language area where we can think about them or write them down.

Theta waves are abnormal in adults who are awake but are perfectly normal in children up to 13 years old. They are normal for all ages during sleep. The Theta state is believed to reflect activity from the limbic system and hippocampus regions deep inside the temporal lobe, which are related to emotions, converting short-term memory to more permanent memory, and recalling spatial relationships. Theta Consciousness promotes adaptive, complex behaviors such as learning and memory.

Theta brainwaves are conducive to profound inner peace, “knowing,” feelings of oneness, mystical truths, the transformation of unconsciously held limiting beliefs, creating a better quality of life, physical and emotional healing, and finding our purpose. Theta Consciousness provides the “peak” in the peak experience.


Delta waves, usually ranging from .5 to 4 cps, are involved with our empathy as well as with our interaction and connection to our full multidimensional perception. These brainwaves are involved with our ability to integrate and let go. Delta waves are of the greatest amplitude and the slowest frequency and are the dominant rhythm in infants up to one year of age. Delta waves never go down to zero because that would mean that we would be dead. In fact, Delta waves are often associated with being in a coma.

In this state of consciousness, our bodies are in hibernation mode. Practiced yogis can consciously achieve this state. While in Delta Consciousness, they are able to regulate their body temperature and heart rate. They may even appear to be dead, but they are able to revive themselves. Delta waves are the deepest level of dreamless sleep in which our bodies shut down to completely focus on healing and growing.

Peak performers decrease Delta waves when high focus and peak performance are required. However, most individuals diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) naturally increase rather than decrease Delta activity when trying to focus. The inappropriate Delta response often severely restricts their ability to focus and maintain attention. It is as if the brain is locked into a perpetual drowsy state. Going into Delta Consciousness is like driving a car and shifting into first gear.

We can’t go very fast in first gear (Delta); we but have maximum control of the car. Delta brainwaves are conducive to miracle healing, divine knowledge, inner being, and personal growth, rebirth, trauma recovery, oneness with the universe, Samadhi, and near death experiences. Delta brainwaves provide profound intuition, empathic attunement, and instinctual insight.

Changing Brainwaves

When we fall asleep, our brain shifts gears and our brainwaves begin slowing down. We start at Beta then go to Alpha, Theta, and then Delta. When we move towards waking up, our brainwaves move in the reverse order of Delta, Theta, Alpha, and finally Beta. Just as we unconsciously change our brainwaves in sleep, we can learn to consciously change our brainwaves while we are awake.

• To keep our brain in an effective Beta brainwave pattern, we can determine to narrow our focus to a few things at a time and choose not to allow ourselves to indulge in obsessive or fearful thinking. 

• We can take time out to relax, contemplate our lives, and enjoy our creativity to induce Alpha brainwaves. 

• We can meditate and/or pray and place our total focus upon our inner Self on a regular rhythmic basis to induce Theta brainwaves. 
• It is helpful to get plenty of sleep, let go, and surrender to our Soul in order to induce Delta brainwaves.

It is important to set aside a time at least three to five days a week to spend inside our SELF.

If we can set aside that special time, we can learn to gain conscious mastery over our consciousness and realize that we choose our consciousness by choosing the thoughts we allow to take residence in our mind and the emotions we allow to linger in our heart. 

End of Part ONE

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 5:45 PM

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