Sharing.:::. _ Second Transmission to Earth — Arcturians_ Understanding QiGong and Qi 1 – 3 – YouTube | Vel sanus

Sharing.:::. _ Second Transmission to Earth — Arcturians_ Understanding QiGong and Qi 1 – 3 – YouTube | Vel sanus.

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Sharing.:::. _ Second Transmission to Earth — Arcturians_ Understanding QiGong and Qi 1 – 3 – YouTube

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Second Transmission to Earth — Arcturians

Second Transmission to Earth

The Arcturians 

Our Dear Ones,

We the Arcturians welcome you back for the remainder of our transmission. We left off our transmission by explaining that the consciousness contained within the 3D Matrix of your physical form is intimately intertwined with the consciousness within the 3D Matrix of Earth.

Thus, your personal 3D Matrix is grounded into and melded with the planetary 3D Matrix. Thus, as you allow the inflow of higher frequencies of light into your 3D Matrix, it is instantly shared with the 3D Matrix of Gaia’s planetary body. Gaia then amplified that light and sends it back to you.

This form of mutual reception occurs as the back and forth flow of the timeless higher frequencies of light escalating to transmute both planetary and personal matrixes. In this manner, the time-bound holograms of personal and planetary form allow the outflow of their time-bound expressions into the timeless world of antimatter.

Simultaneously, antimatter projects its inflow of formless light into the matrixes of the physical Earth. In this fashion, your consciousness, and eventually your form, will phase in and out of differing dimensions. You can ‘lock’ your consciousness into the dimension of your choice by sending the bonding force of unconditional love into that dimension of reality.

While you are bonded to that dimension via your unconditional love, that particular expression of your Multidimensional SELF will be highlighted as ‘your experience.’ You unlock your consciousness by taking the ‘key’ of unconditional love out of the ‘lock.’ Your higher expressions of SELF resonate beyond time. Thus, when you re-enter your 3D life, you can do so a second before you left.

Furthermore, you do not actually leave. You are expanding your physical consciousness into the higher frequencies of your Multidimensional SELF. Thus, you are NOT leaving; you are bi-locating. This bi-location is normal to your higher dimensional expressions of SELF because resonating beyond time allows you to maintain the conscious awareness of more than one reality at the ‘same time.’

Once you completely link your multidimensional mind with your third dimensional brain, you will be able to expand your conscious awareness into multiple expressions of your SELF within the ONE of the NOW. When you first awaken to your multidimensionality you may only be able to contain one other expression of your SELF while you are also wearing your physical form.

Your physical form can ‘burn out’ like a dry leaf in a fire from the higher frequencies of your SELF. Hence, until you activate at least your inner lightbody, your kundalini, it will be difficult to hold the true ‘fire’ of your SELF in your physical form.

Conversely, your multidimensional mind is not limited to your form and has a filter so that only the frequencies that your physical form can tolerate will actually be downloaded into your 3D matrix. This one-way flow of the quantum expression of your SELF is continuously interfaced between your multidimensional mind and our third dimensional brain.

Your physical consciousness and body can only access this multidimensional information via your multidimensional consciousness. Many of you are experiencing immense changes in your body as it adapts to its higher dimensional expression of Lightbody.

Your Lightbody is continuously housed within the kundalini force within your core, and within your multidimensional mind. From these locations, your multidimensional lightbody is slowly seeping into your earth vessel to gradually and safely transmute your 3D matrix into higher frequencies of resonance.

Remember that transmutation does not add or subtract any elements of your form. That process is known as transformation in which new elements are added to create the shift. Within the process of transmutation nothing is added or subtracted. Instead, every cell and atom is transmuted into a higher frequency of expression.

Therefore, you are much like the caterpillar who transmutes into the butterfly. The DNA for the butterfly and the caterpillar are exactly the same. However, the form of the caterpillar is limited to the branch on which it is crawls to find new leaves to eat.

Conversely, the butterfly takes off into the air to perceive a much greater vista and a higher perspective of life. These small, delicate creatures travel thousands of miles on delicate wings to complete their cycle of life. You are butterflies that are NOW traveling in your consciousness, but your caterpillar still remains on the ‘branch.’

Consequently, you are both the grounded element of the caterpillar, as well as the transmuted element of the butterfly. As your consciousness continues to expand, your third dimensional earth vessel is completing its life cycle to transmute into your Multidimensional SELF.

Many of you are living this experience right now. Therefore, your consciousness is phasing from caterpillar to butterfly, then back again into caterpillar. Part of this phasing is because many of you have volunteered to maintain BOTH ‘butterfly’ and ‘caterpillar’ forms for as long as Gaia needs your assistance.

However, eventually, you will increasingly identify with the freedom of your butterfly SELF and be ready to release the limitations of crawling to your next leaf for food. You will then begin to phase out of your earth vessel and into your multidimensional lightbody.

Once you fully accept the gift of the higher dimensions of light into your transmuting form, you serve as a living portal that shares that light with the body of Gaia. The higher frequencies of light that you bring into your pineal gland circulates down through all your chakras to share the light with Gaia.

In this manner, you are facilitating the transmutation of the great mass of Gaia’s planetary body. Gaia then combines the gift of light that she is receiving from all her awakened ones into one quantum soup which is, in turn, shared with all Her humans, animals, plants and physical locations.

You are in the timeline in which you have chosen to have a simultaneous planetary and personal transmutation into the fifth dimension and beyond. Therefore, if your environment shifts along with the form you are wearing, you will NOT separate from your earthly life.

Instead, you will transmute WITH your earthly life. Hence, do not be concerned that things are NOT different. From our perspective things are vastly different. However, since you reflect the same ‘difference’ as your reality, your life appears to be the same.

Thus, we ask that you take a moment of your remaining ‘time’ to reflect on your personal and planetary life ten years ago. In other words, go into your past to experience how your present has shifted into a future of constant change. As you continue to reflect on your past, present and future in this way, time will begin to blur into the NOW.

We wish to remind you that in life after life this seed of knowing that we have shared with you has been implanted in your earth vessel. Sometimes that seed landed on rocks in which the seed could not take root and the knowing was baked away from the hot sun. Sometimes the seed landed in pools of water in which the seed could not survive and it drowned at the bottom of the murky silt.

Fortunately, sometimes the seed landed on fertile soil and the seed took root. It was within those lives that you remembered your SELF. It was in those realities that you realized that you were a great being of light that came into a small earthen vessel to remember the truth and pass it on the others.

However, in many of your sojourns to Gaia’s body, remembering was difficult and lonely because the times were too harsh for you to dare speak the truth. In fact, many of those who did share their inner knowing were chastised and even tortured or killed.

When this occurred, a scar was left on your Soul that warned you to be careful before you spoke the truth again. This scar caused you to forget the truth even if it was a lifetime in which it was safe to share it. Sometimes it took many incarnations on Gaia’s Wheel of Life and Death before you could remember and/or dare to share what you the truth that you remembered.

We tell you now, our beloved members of transmuting Earth, that this is the Clarion Call. This message in your NOW is the call to remember and to share. Share that which you remember in whatever manner your present body finds most creative.

If you share in a manner that feels creative, your consciousness will expand further, which will give you greater endurance. Also, then you can just ‘tell a story in a book,’ ‘write a great song,’ ‘create a lovely dance,’ or ‘paint a wonderful picture.’ If your message is cloaked in your creativity, you create a safety net for yourself.

Plus, you will greatly enjoy your sharing because expressing your creativity pulls you back into your Multidimensional SELF where all your TRUTH is stored. Therefore, dearest ones, we end this transmission by thanking you in advance for the wonderful contributions that we know you will share with your ascending planet.

Your present form may not last until the glory of New Earth is a normal, everyday experience. However, you will end your present life by stepping into your mastery. As an Ascended Master you will be able to create a form wherever and whenever you please.

Remember, since New Earth is timeless, there is no hurry to get there. You cannot be late if there is NO time. As we complete this transmission, we remind whatever version of your SELF that is attending this message to go into meditation to join with your highest expression of SELF.

From that frequency of your being, send forth a call to ALL of your parallel, alternate, higher and lower dimensional expressions of SELF that the time is NOW! With these final words, we send you a burst of Violet Light, in which you could bask for as long as you need.

The Arcturians

Posted by Sue at 5:21 PM

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Sharing.:::. ▶ Understanding QiGong and Qi 1/3 – Cellular anger and the root of all illusion | Vel sanus

Sharing.:::. ▶ Understanding QiGong and Qi 1/3 – Cellular anger and the root of all illusion | Vel sanus.

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Sharing.:::. ▶ Understanding QiGong and Qi 1/3 – Cellular anger and the root of all illusion

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Cellular anger and the root of all illusion

Posted on Dec 23, 2014
by cosmicgaia
in Karen Dover
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Karen Dover

by Karen Dover

December 19, 2014

Many of us over the last linear 24 plus hours may have been shown the cellular imprint which is referenced as “anger” This anger is anchored at the cellular level throughout the human race via the human male but is transferred and distorted through the human female. We need only go back to the garden of Eden and the cellular distortion that occurred between the humans that are referenced to us “Adam” and “Eve” and the interference of the Neburians which claim title to the Nephilim. The Nephilim walked the planet earth and are a much later EVOLVED offshoot of the Neburians. This is to say that they genetically separated from Planet X and are no longer within their universe, dimensionally separate and highly evolved.

It is to be remembered that the “original sin” was more than just eating an apple, it paved the way for the distortion that is SEPARATION between the human male and the human female. With two separate and very distinct languages being formed for each, that is the human male interprets the world and language in a DIFFERENT way to the human female. This cellular anger has been handed down and distorted through eternity, human males angry and human females angry, the human male anger is usually displayed physically and the human female usually passively but BOTH ARE DESTRUCTIVE. The levels of cellular anger within the human race have peaked and it is this cellular anomaly that is now being released.

Anger is the anchoring point of the old 3d earth created construct and is used to dis-assemble the human vehicle in various ways, disease patterns can be linked to patterns of anger, passive anger will start to dissolve the DNA and the tissues of the human vehicle. Anger is taught as something to be ashamed of and this furthers the teaching that anger must never be displayed. So many family structures and disease patterns are built on this distortion.

The New Earth seeks to anchor TRUTH and the LOVE that IS at the core of creation, in a universe that is built on the LOVE that IS there is no anchoring point for anything that is not of a high frequency. At this time we are being asked to look at our own anger and to acknowledge that we are taught anger as a form of separation. Anger is held between humans at various levels, when we feel that we have been “wronged”, when we feel that we have been “attacked” and this colors the way in which we can look out onto our outer waking reality. Many of us are surrounded by people who are displaying various forms of anger and we are taught to step away from it. How challenging is it to sit for example with a child who is angry and really acknowledge AND LISTEN to their anger without being triggered ourselves?

This is how the old 3d earth created construct survived, by triggering the cellular anger that sits at a level that many cannot acknowledge, it runs hidden below the human conscious waking mind always coloring and always distorting. At this time we are asked to let go of this cellular imprint for it is not TRUTH, it was created by a species that ignored galactic law and sought to experiment with a race that has been held in limbo for eternity.

As the corridor between worlds now comes to a close ALL cellular distortion will be removed from those who have at a SOURCE level incarnated in order to walk in the New Earth. This allows them to walk the planet with NO triggers from the old 3D earth created construct, instead they walk the planet radiating the higher frequencies and building a NEW EARTH from the ashes of the old 3d earth created construct. It is not possible to walk physically in the New Earth whilst holding on to the cellular distortions that created the old 3d earth REALITY. It was a created reality that now can no longer exist in this higher vibrational space which is the universe of 3.

At this time we are being asked to have compassion for ALL, to hand back that which we were GIVEN in the form of illusion so that we may CHOOSE to walk in PEACE and the LOVE that IS. TRUTH JUST IS, perception of TRUTH is what has hidden it from us for eternity. For those who are now aligning fully with SOURCE this will be confirmed through you, around you and within you as you now stand on the edge of a NEW REALITY, a new way of interacting and of BEing in this your human form upon the planet that is called Earth.

Not all will move at the one time for there is no servitude in this, ALL who have incarnated onto this planet at this time are here for their own personal reasons but ALL are held in the LOVE that IS from SOURCE. The human logical mind now gives way to KNOWLEDGE from SOURCE that pours through the human race at this time. FOR WE ARE IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH, NOTHING can stop this creation for it has been eternity in its unfolding and this will also be confirmed at personal and unique reality levels.

Never again shall the human race walk in darkness for the LIGHT is born anew upon a planet that was created in LOVE and shrouded in darkness.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.


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Sharing.:::. ▶ Understanding QiGong and Qi 2/3 – MESSAGE FROM THE ANDROMEDA GALAXY (14 ): FORGET, WHO YOU ARE NOT! | Vel sanus

Sharing.:::. ▶ Understanding QiGong and Qi 2/3 – MESSAGE FROM THE ANDROMEDA GALAXY (14 ): FORGET, WHO YOU ARE NOT! | Vel sanus.

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Sharing.:::. ▶ Understanding QiGong and Qi 2/3 – MESSAGE FROM THE ANDROMEDA GALAXY (14 ): FORGET, WHO YOU ARE NOT!

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By Ute Posegga-Rudel

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 201


We Are from the Domain of Fire and Light, of Unity of all Souls and Sacred Divine Core Essence
in the Andromeda Galaxy.
With Joy we are observing the splendid progress on your earth. Gaia is in our heart and attention and we are bathing Her with our Love and the Divine Light of Highest Source!
Dear humanity, we embrace you and shower our deepest and widest Blessings on you as you are growing beyond your state and condition of unconscious sleep into the clear radiance of a new day!
In Reality your ascension is already accomplished in the Higher Realms, it is only that the lower fields of density must follow their liberation into the light.
We would like to remind you that this is being done by each and every one of you withyour pure heart. But if you still need purification to let it shine, all your lower vibrating emotions must find their way out of your system, you must release them into the utter radiance of love!
This requires you to perform a very simple, but perhaps for some of you, difficult action!
It is about releasing your victim consciousness! All your lower emotions, such as anger, fear, guilt, sorrow, are born from victim consciousness only! It is based on the false presumption that any outer circumstance could have a restricting influence on your Divinity, as you forgot the Divine Essence that you Are, or on the illusion that thisEssence could even be diminished!
Beloved Ones, the great transformation is this: acknowledge Who You Are! Remember Yourself, remember Your Divine heritage and wake up from that illusionary dream of being an organism merely, that is subject to outer circumstances.
When you subdue yourself to a lower creation, you give your Highest Truth away! You give Divine Reality away, convinced by a lie that has been pervading your human consciousness for a while now, imagining separateness, as if you were separate from Divine Consciousness.
You forget Who You Are, instead to forget who you are NOT!
Therefore we remind you: forget who you are NOT! This is how you transcend victim consciousness!
You Are not a separate body-mind that could be victimized! You Are that Forever Untouched, One Divine Consciousness, that Radiance, that Love Only. The body-mind is merely the tool to experience what you desire to experience.

How could Love feel guilty, and how could Light be inflicted by conditional circumstances! How could lower density have an impact on the Freedom of Divine Radiance.
It is the fabrication of your mind, so that you seem to be lost in the profound error of this illusion!

Merely your BELIEF creates the dark dream of defeat and unhappiness, the companions of victim consciousness.

Therefore, if you put your Belief right, Everything else becomes Rightful!

And it is not about becoming ‘better’, to ‘improve’ your limited personality, but it is about right understanding of Who You Are! Who You Are, is not afflicted in any way by that personality! To wake up to your true identity – this is the quantum leap to the other side, to your Own True Reality. We can see this Truth shining undiminished in everyone of you, but some of you are still looking into the wrong direction!

So when you purify your heart from all theses errors of what you are NOT, it starts to radiate. There is indeed nothing to achieve, but only to release! Then Happiness pervades you. And the golden warmness of Love pours out of your heart and fills your whole being, so that you ARE It.
Beloved Ones, only understand your errors and do not feel guilty! There is None in the heavens that ever is condemning you, but you yourself are condemning yourself. And this holds you tight to your errors! Therefore, forgive yourself the error of ignorance and stand up to what you truly Are. Disregard, but do not suppress or deny, what stands against it, the suffering, the separateness, the re-action to a lower world and your mistaken identification with it.
The purity of your heart which is nothing else but allowing your own Truth to shine, is the miracle that shifts you into the Higher Reality, unifies you with It, makes you One with It. And that is how you will experience your ascension, recognizing that Everything is Already Divine, no matter where you are in Space and Time.
We are admiring you who are the heroes of this grandiose shift! You are working on the Glorification and Deification of this universe, and thereby of all universes. This illumination of yours is spreading like bright flames through the galaxy, igniting the sparks of Divine Creation everywhere, so that they become fires of Adoration, Worship and Realization of Divinity!
We thank you! We love you! Our Love merges with your Love, and in It we are One.
Be Blessed!
We are the Light Beings from the Andromeda Galaxy! 

Message conveyed by Ute
Copyright© 2012. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel,
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without changes. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.
Posted 28th October 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
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