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Méline Portia Lafont ~ Reminder and Reflection of the Moment from Merlin December 11, 2014


…aah, let us speak of this grand awakening of yours for it is a grand one indeed you know. Yet your mind seems to not perceive it as such because you are still inclined to look for some validation. Now there is nothing wrong with that my good friend(s), although I tell you that there is no need for proof outside of yourself as all is already within you. You can feel it, yes! You know this by heart and I understand that but I see that your human self is sometimes calling for something to occur outside of you as it wants to be served with an approval or an idea of creation into a physical proof.

Now let us not prolong that what is yours to come, by waiting for these signs and proof of how good you are on your way, hmm?! It is shown to you through this expansion in awareness where you feel you are becoming the world and the world is becoming you. It is this overall sense of being one giant world of consciousness and through the experience of more trust, growth and understanding of things. It is a sudden insight and flash of a moment where clarity rules and where you feel at peace with yourself as well as within.

Now, THAT, my friend(s) IS how you know you are on your delightful path of awakening yourself. When you would not be on a path of, let us say ‘God-speed ahead’, you would feel stuck all the time wouldn’t you?! In truth you are always venturing forth on your own God-speed vibration and frequency yet there are some points where some may find themselves stuck and have no means to move forward for a certain amount of time.

But even then and even that is a moment of truth where you have no other choice but to stand still and to look at what is going on here and where this comes from. It literally is a moment of truth where there is no way around the problem anymore and where the problem is the solution itself. You understand that concept?! Hmm, yes indeed as it is always in the problem itself that your solution lies because the problem has been created and has been built on itself.

Fixating on things for example will only lead to a vaster amount of energy called density, so your attitude of going with the flow is providing you a most secure and free flowing journey.


Thank you to Dave S. For presenting me and allow me to share this excerpt of his Merlin Reading ❤ data-blogger-escaped-all=”” data-blogger-escaped-an=”” data-blogger-escaped-br=”” data-blogger-escaped-excellent=”” data-blogger-escaped-in=”” data-blogger-escaped-reminder=”” data-blogger-escaped-service.=”” data-blogger-escaped-to=””>

Love, Méline ❤ data-blogger-escaped-br=””>

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Posted 12th December 2014 by Juan Pablo

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MARCH 15, 2015 

Dear ones, we greet you in this time of new beginnings–springtime. Many of you are exhausted, having been inundated with the issues of winter weather and sigh with relief as you see more of the warming sun which is bringing with it powerful new energies. Be prepared to experience some shifting within as well as to observe it in the general awareness of the world which will be accompanied by some weather related issues.
A new and powerful consciousness is being born and as with all births is accompanied by some pain and difficulty, much of which is dependent upon a willingness or non-willingness to embrace change. Many are discovering themselves no longer able to blindly accept the political nonsense with its accompanying rules and regulations. The self serving and adolescent behavior of many so called “leaders” is helping to open the eyes of many. It is a time of awakening and the accumulated blinders so many have lived with and taken for granted, are coming off.

We wish to speak of truth, and its energy in the world. Concepts and beliefs about truth flow from and manifest through individual consciousness as well as being held in the impersonal universal consensus consciousness. Certain ideas held to be truth within the majority consciousness are more and more being rejected in personal consciousness. Every bit of Light you embrace then becomes a part of the general world consciousness and this diluting and enlightenment of world consciousness is what allows the uninterested and un-awakened masses to awaken.

Concepts and beliefs about truth reflect the belief system (state of consciousness) of the individual and easily change. TRUTH in its highest sense can never be be changed or limited and is infinitely governed and held in place by Divine law. We speak of course of spiritual truth, the only truth there is, which reflects One omnipresent , omnipotent, omniscient Consciousness and all that is embodied within it. This is the absolute and the only reality.

It is time to examine everything you hold to be truth, dear ones for much that passes as truth is simply some concept handed down from generation to generation. Most third dimensional ideas along with their particular rules and regulations, were learned at the feet of parents, religious leaders, governments, scientists, and experts, who simply parrot what they were taught. Many teachings hold no real truth at all, but simply represent current third dimensional thinking unless the teacher is somewhat spiritually evolved and even then, whatever is presented can rise no higher than the teacher’s attained state of consciousness.

This is why you must learn to be taught from within. You are ready, and many of you are doing it, but question it and are confused because the world does not yet support this way of learning and living.

A good example of an intrenched concept that has passed from generation to generation and held as truth is prejudice–the belief that another is inferior because of skin color, eye shape, language, etc. Children are taught through the words, actions, and attitudes of adults that particular traits make some inferior.

Many of these beliefs have been carried forward in cellular memory from past lives and are now presenting and will continue to present in various forms until released and cleared. Some unable to move beyond intensely held beliefs will make a pre-birth choice for some necessary experience in order to spiritually grow, and so the pre-birth choice of a former slave owner may be to experience this lifetime as a black person. Someone who killed and tortured Native Americans in a quest for land in the settling of the US may find himself now living as a Native American, experiencing all the accompanying prejudice. The same is true for the gay community.

Not all choices to be born into a group that is prejudiced against are based in Karma. There are many evolved souls of great light who specifically choose situations in which they will experience prejudice in order to change the energy, to enlighten the world, and help those of the particular “group” to understand, love, and honor themselves. You know many of these Lightworkers as the leaders and healers within certain groups.

Karma is NOT PUNISHMENT but is the balancing of energy required when an individual is unable to move beyond some old outgrown state of consciousness held fast lifetime after lifetime. Karma often represents some past life action or interaction ready to be resolved and cleared . Karmic experiences represent a way of resolution for the un-awakened who are unable or unwilling to clear in higher ways. Many still need to learn this way, but karmic experiences are no longer necessary once an individual opens to truth for he is then able to being taught and learn through higher and much easier ways.

If you discover prejudice or even hatred toward certain groups or individuals surfacing within you, do not react and condemn yourselves, but rejoice for this means you are now evolved enough and ready to honestly examine and clear your belief system of this particular issue. Ask yourself; “In the light of One, what am I believing? Yes, I see discord and disharmony, but what is the truth?” This is how you identify any false beliefs you may still be unaware that you hold about anything, dear ones.

All serious students of truth are getting scrubbed clean at this powerful time, every seemingly small issue of the false is presenting itself to be examined and let go of–the spiritual leash is getting very, very short and many of you find that are not having much fun. Allow the process dear ones, for once cleared of all that is false, you will be able to move, live, and be in the higher frequencies of unconditional love and Light–Truth. Life will become what it was meant to be, and you will be free, never to fall back asleep.

Try not to question and argue the issues you intuitively know need to be let go, but simply accept that change is the process of evolution. You cannot carry with you into the higher frequencies of Light the dense and un-illumined energies you have grown used to no matter how fun, comfortable, or lucrative they might be. As always, there is free will choice which allows every soul to live the dream as long as desired.

Truth is, always has been, and always will be. Truth never changes, it is only un-illumined concepts of truth that change which is what is happening to universal awareness at this time. Begin to recognize the TRUTH behind “truth” and understand that your embracing and living out from TRUTH is the only way to enlightenment at which point you can then turn around and assist others to move into their enlightenment–you become Light Workers.

The energy of TRUTH is LOVE and within that Love is oneness, peace, joy, wholeness, and abundance in infinite form and variety. This is the reality. This is what you seek and this is what you are.

We are the Arcturian Group 3/15/15

©2015 | Cedar, MI 49621

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sharing.:::.▶ pressure points of the arms 3 – A.C.E.A. Part 3 – Your Life is in YOUR Hands | Vel sanus

Origen: sharing.:::.▶ pressure points of the arms 3 – A.C.E.A. Part 3 – Your Life is in YOUR Hands | Vel sanus



sharing.:::.▶ pressure points of the arms 3 – A.C.E.A. Part 3 – Your Life is in YOUR Hands

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Saturday, February 21, 2015
A.C.E.A. Part 3 – Your Life is in YOUR Hands


ACEA Part 3

Your Life is in YOUR Hands

Dear Ascending Ones, 

We are ACEA, returned to speak with you again. In our last meeting we talked about managing fear. We wish to continue with that important message. You have been doing well at managing your fears. Remember that you can slow down your process of transmutation into Lightbody whenever it becomes too difficult.

Rather than putting yourself into crisis it is best to set a slow, steady pace that you can maintain. If you move too fast, you will bring up more fear than you can manage and you may even chose to terminate your process of ascension. Do not forget that “time” is an illusion. Hence, there is no hurry.

Relax and set a pace that is comfortable yet challenging. Then you will remain strong enough to allow your deep, primal fears to come into your conscious mind. Since these fears are being revealed so that they can be released, there may appear to be no “reason” for their expression.

You must feel self-confident in order to allow your primal fears to rise to the surface with no apparent reason. Do not fall into the third dimensional trap of feeling as though you are “going crazy.” It is important that you remember that you made an agreement with your SELF to allow the process of releasing your ancient, accumulated fears to continue without any external catalyst. Otherwise, your ego self would not need to create a situation in which your fears could be released.

Please remember that you are a multidimensional being, and all these experiences, emotions, thoughts, and feelings that are entering your consciousness from other dimensions of yourself. For example, you are all currently releasing fears from your fourth dimensional selves. If you can maintain an understanding of this process, you can allow your old fears to come the surface of your knowing.

Observe these fears as they surface and do not become attached to them. Listen to the voices of fear as calmly as you listen to us, your fellow members of the fifth dimension. You may wonder how you can stay functional on the third dimension with all of these voices going on in your head? Yes, that is the challenge.

The messages that are most important and need to be quickly acted on will be at the front of your awareness. Whereas, the messages that are least important and can be confronted later will be placed further back in your consciousness. However, do not leave these “less important” issues unaddressed or they will interfere with your daily life.

You unconsciously made the agreement with your self to make sure that you do not allow these portions of your awareness to become “unconscious.” Also, by acknowledging the many voices of your unconscious self you begin to hear the voices of your superconscious self. In this manner, you begin to understand the workings of your multidimensional consciousness.

The secret of multidimensional consciousness is to know which message comes from which dimension. If you are in a room filled with people and cannot tell which person is speaking, you will become very confused. With everyone talking at once, you can only hear the “noise” of all these mixed voices.

You may even stop the communications because it is too frustrating. Then you can focus on one particular person to understand what their voice was saying. The key to multidimensional consciousness is that you must learn to recognize where each communication is coming from. Then you can primarily focus your attention on that voice to better understand that message.

Some of your messages will be in words, others in feelings, and others in pictures. Eventually, you will be able to focus and understand your communication with more than one expression of your SELF at a time. You will learn to split your focus into more than one communication without diminishing your ability to understand each message.

Remember that this multidimensional process begins by learning to identify the source of each communication so that you can decide if you wish to focus your attention on that message or “save” it for later processing. Take a moment in your NOW to listen to multiple messages. Try this exercise again and again until your mind is trained to listen to more than one voice at a time, just as you will do on the fifth dimension.

Learning to be fifth dimensional is not escaping the third dimension. It is learning to be completely conscious and responsible at all times for what you hold in you awareness. If there are any emotions or thoughts that threaten to lower your vibration, you need to be instantly aware of them so that you can balance them with unconditional love.

Third dimensional, conditional love is not powerful enough because conditional love is laced with fear. Only unconditional love is free of all fear. Therefore, unconditional love can be totally accepting and forgiving. You can use your unconditional love to neutralize the fear of any voices that threaten to lower your vibration.

We know that sending unconditional love to whatever disturbs you feels like a huge task. However, with practice this process becomes an unconscious act, like driving. When you drive the car, you are not thinking about the constant vigil that you keep until there is a danger. Then, if there is danger, you instinctively react by turning, braking, etc. Eventually, your mental monitoring system will be as natural as driving a car.

It may take practice for you to consciously register when something or someone, external or internal, is lowering your consciousness. But, gradually, it will take less and less effort to monitor the negative influences. It is then that you will be able to expand you resonant consciousness to encompass higher and higher dimensions.
That is all for today. We will return upon your request.

Blessings for ACEA, We call to you because we see that you are losing faith—both in yourself and in your process. Therefore we remind you that the only way to face your fear is to have it. Try to remember that you are a multidimensional being who is in the process of awakening to your true mission.

It may feel as though there are powerful forces that do not want you to succeed. However, these forces only have power over you when you are lost in your forgetfulness. When you are fully connected to your fifth dimensional reality, these forces will have little influence on you because you will have access to the greater power of unconditional love.

The term unconditional in your 3D language means, “love beyond condition.” Unconditional love means that no matter what—the love circuit is fully connected. That would mean that you love your life, even when you are frightened by it. In order for you to become a fifth dimensional being, anything with a vibration lower than unconditional love must leave your life.

Is it more important to live a comfortable life, or is it more important to purge your fear? By releasing your fear and following the path of unconditional love to flow through you, you create a vibrational avenue from the third dimension and into the fifth dimension.

A third dimensional reality that is based on unconditional love will have enough power and integrity to move through the huge transmutation process from a third dimensional reality, into a fourth dimensional reality and, finally, into a fifth dimensional reality and remain in tact.

Please remember that unconditional love must first be for your self before you can have unconditional love of others. How can you give away something that you do not possess?
Allow us to explain this concept more. There are many possible realities that you may live according to your beliefs and according to where you place your love force.

Your challenge is to create a life that resonates, as much as possible, to the fifth dimension. As you continue to release the fears that you consciousness collected in your third and fourth dimensional realities, it will become easier and easier to create such a reality.

As you create a reality based on this higher resonance, you will learn to protect your life like a mother lion. If a situation and/or person threaten to lower your vibration because they cannot accept the shifts of your personal consciousness, go inside your self and say, “NOTHING WILL DESTROY MY HARMONY.”

Then, from a stance of calm, peace and determination you will be able to accept the responsibility for creating that reality and learn the lesson that it brings to you.
We shall return,

Greetings, we of ACEA have returned,
We are here to tell you more about the forces that oppose you. These forces are the ones who strive to make you feel as though you are “bad” if you are unable to keep your commitment to them and/or to the old structures of mundane, physical life.

Do not forget that there is another commitment that you have sworn to keep. That commitment was made to your higher expressions of SELF before you entered your physical form. You made the pledge that you would not forget whom you truly are. You promised that you would remember your true multidimensional self while in your third dimensional body.

This was indeed a large commitment because many of the responsibilities created by your third dimensional life can, and often will, stand in the way of fulfilling your prior promise. In order to keep your pre-birth promise to remember your true SELF, you will likely have to re-organize and change many areas of your 3D life.

It may feel as though there are forces beyond your control stopping you from maintaining the clarity to move forward with your pre-birth promise. Fortunately, once you keep your commitment to remember that you are a multidimensional being who has come to the third dimension to learn and serve, you will automatically take a greater responsibility for the life you are creating.

From your third dimensional consciousness, it is difficult to take responsibility for ALL of the life that you have created because there is little validation in your external world that you really are multidimensional. It is much easier to believe that you are “just third dimensional.” Therefore, you must learn to totally trust your own inner guidance when it reminds you that you ARE multidimensional.

This inner trust can be a difficult task in a world where the inhabitants are trained to follow others. Fortunately, when you begin your process by believing that you ARE a multidimensional being, and that you ARE creating your life, it makes it easier to release your fear as you feel like YOU are in the “driver seat” of your life.

If you believe that someone or something else has created your life, you will feel as if you are a VICTIM. If you fall into the belief that you are a victim to others and are not in control of your own life, you will likely feel helpless and frightened. Then you will NOT feel important to your self or to others.

The secret is to release judgment. Release judgment of others and release judgment of yourself. If you think that the problem is your “fault,” you will feel guilty and ashamed. However, if instead you take responsibility for allowing and/or creating that situation, you will feel empowered.

If you no longer judge yourself, you will no longer need to judge others. Once you believe that you are creating your life, you ARE creating your own life! Then you will understand that you, and your higher expressions, are choosing your problems to create situations that will allow your hidden fears to be brought to the surface and be released.

When you remember that you are a multidimensional being who is visiting the third dimension to complete your destiny, you can face each situation without falling into the grip of fear. You will then feel strong enough to release each “problem” and move on to the next phase of your process of ascension. Yes, there are many phases, and each phase has its own challenges, but you will learn to face each step within your own ever-present NOW.

You constitute the initial groups who have introduced the concept of multidimensional awareness. This concept will free the masses greatly from the shackles of their forgetfulness. You have established a conscious connection with your higher dimensional selves and with other beings that inhabit the higher dimensions.

Once the majority of humanity can do that, humans will rule/create their live via the connection with their own higher dimensional SELF. Then the forces that are now in power will have NO influence over the masses, as the masses will have remembered to rule their self from your SELF.
Unconditional Love

ACEA Posted by Sue at 3:54 PM

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Vel sanus: sharing:::▶ Pressure points of the Neck the Ultimate (Kyusho) video – ▶ Omote Gyaku dori Just for you -▶ The Hathors: Friends in Disguise – February 20, 2014 – YouTube

Vel sanus: sharing:::▶ Pressure points of the Neck the Ultimate (Kyusho) video – ▶ Omote Gyaku dori Just for you -▶ The Hathors: Friends in Disguise – February 20, 2014 – YouTube.

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Saturday, January 10, 2015

sharing:::▶ Pressure points of the Neck the Ultimate (Kyusho) video – ▶ Omote Gyaku dori Just for you -▶ The Hathors: Friends in Disguise – February 20, 2014 – YouTube

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Channeled by Daniel Scranton
Published February 20, 2014
“There will be times when you will be faced with another being who appears to be your enemy, your nemesis, your worst nightmare. Those times are the best opportunities for you to feel better than you have ever felt before, you see. You will have the opportunity to see something that is inside of you that you can then process, let go of, release judgment of, and have a new and different perspective on.
These other beings are there to poke at you with a stick so that you may see something that otherwise would have remained beneath the surface, simmering. That is why it is such a good idea for you to love and appreciate these so-called enemies, because they are always there as your guides, your assistants, your best friends in disguise.
When you focus on the other and what they are doing and saying and what is wrong with them and all of their issues, you are missing the point of the experience. You would not draw someone into your life just to aggravate you, just to show you what a big, bad bully and villain they are. You would only do so because of the gifts that they have to give you. But you must look for those gifts, because they will not be readily and immediately apparent to you when you have your conflicts.
You will need to go to your separate corners so that you can dig a little and see what was there beneath the surface all along. And once you do this, you will have the opportunity to do some very good work, to leave yourself in a better-feeling place than you were before this nemesis of yours came along.
Now that does not mean that you will become best friends in this incarnation with these beings. Sometimes you will, sometimes you won’t, but that is not the point. The point is for you to have a realization about yourself to show yourself what has been hiding, because you want to be your own best friend. And in order to do that, you must be willing to ferret out some of the inner conflicts that you experience.
They may not look like conflicts to you. They may look like very justified opinions and beliefs. But they do not serve you if they do not lead you to love and compassion. That is what you truly are. That is what all these experiences in your life are guiding you to realize, to know, to feel, so that you can be that version of yourself and live in a world with there are no enemies.

We are The Hathors. We thank you. And we bid you a fond good day.”
he Hathors: Friends in Disguise
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Vel sanus: ▶ How to Attack Pressure Points Using Kicking Techniques – OPENING PORTALS::: sharing

Vel sanus: ▶ How to Attack Pressure Points Using Kicking Techniques – OPENING PORTALS::: sharing.

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Sunday, May 4, 2014

▶ How to Attack Pressure Points Using Kicking Techniques – OPENING PORTALS::: sharing

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překládat ترجم / לתרגם    /   翻訳する/ 翻译

Jan 5


Dear Ones, We are the Arcturians. We ended our last communication with you in the “in-between.” How did you enjoy it? * You are, indeed, very brave pioneers forging your Path into a new reality. In fact, YOU are creating this Path while also living your daily life. This act of being in two realities/frequencies at the same time is giving your unconscious mind permission to fully allow the download, integration and operation of your new Multidimensional Operating System.


Since, your Multidimensional Operating System is turning on new codes of DNA in your biological computer/brain, you are likely experiencing many “symptoms of transformation” in your Third Eye. Some of these symptoms are dizziness, eye and nasal problems, lucid dreaming, difficulties with remembering, an inability to focus on mundane tasks and generalized confusion. Your brain is regaining its former capacitance, and you are now being re-programmed so that you can have usable access to a larger percentage of your innate, expanded perceptions and multidimensional skills. However, as you are opening new files, you may not have full access to the old ones.

Furthermore, your corpus callosum (neural network between the right and left hemispheres) is reversing its function. Before, it separated the masculine and feminine areas of the brain so that your reasoning and intuition remained in different camps. Now the corpus callosum is being reprogrammed so that it functions as a bridge, which connects the right/feminine and left/masculine hemispheres to such a degree that you are actually creating a new brain.

Whereas the old brain functioned from the “Separation Principle” of either-or, your brain now functions from the “Unity Principle” of both-always.

In fact, not only are the hemispheres now unified in function, their joining amplifies the speed of your thinking and creativity, because the neurons can now transverse back and forth across the corpus callosum at the speed of thought.

Masculine/feminine, thought/emotions, logical/creative, and sequential/holistic aspects of thought now function form the center point of your corpus callosum.

Therefore, masculine and feminine attributes becomes androgynous, thoughts and emotions becomes consciousness, logical/creative becomes communication and sequential and holistic processing becomes perception.

Within the Unity Principle, you no longer have to expend the cognitive effort of comparing and contrasting the third dimensional polarities, as you perceive all reality from the Center Point of the “in-between.” It is from this Center Point of consciousness that you can most easily accept the torsion waves that are constantly being emitted from the Galactic Center.


These torsion waves enter your earth vessel through the center flow in your opened Third Eye/thinking and are understood through your High Heart/feeling.

Within this center flow of torsion waves is a tunnel of protection, much like our Arcturian Corridor. This protective center flow is felt as unconditional love in your
High Heart and perceived as multidimensional light to your Third Eye. As your Third Eye and High Heart unite in function, these messages of love and light combine to greatly amplify your innate creative force. It is the combination of multidimensional light, which is transmuted into thoughts and carefully directed by your intention and attention, in unison with unconditional love, which is transmuted into the understanding and compassion, that initiates your transmutation into Lightbody.

As you ground into Gaia’s Earth, the torsion waves that you have integrated into your body, the energy assists Her in Her planetary ascension. The Humans, who are the Keepers of the Land, have volunteered to ground this expanding, transmuting force into the earth, whereas the Cetaceans, Keepers of the Water, have volunteered to ground it in the water. Gaia then amplifies that energy and returns it to Her surface to expand its radiance. In this manner, the torsion waves grounded into one small patch of land, or one small area of water, gradually expand until all of Gaia’s planetary body is basking in multidimensional light and unconditional love.

The Flow from the higher dimensions is grounded into the physical plane by the power of your in-breath, and then shared with all of life with your out-breath. As the higher dimensional spirit/energy is integrated into the lower dimensional matter/form, the form begins to transmute into a higher frequency. There are areas of your personal consciousness, life and body that will need to be released, for they are too dense to transmute. In the same manner, areas of Gaia’s body are too dense to transmute and will have to be released.

This process of transmutation/ascension of matter back into its higher frequency of expression is the same for all holders of form, whether it is plant, animal, person or planet.

The bud that holds the flower dies so that the flower blooms.

The flower that holds the seed dies so that the seed can become fruit.

The fruit falls to the ground to release its inner seeds into the earth.

The seed dies so that a new tree can be born.

Death is just another word for transmutation.

Hence, the earth vessel that you have worn is to be replaced with a light vessel.

The Tree (Tree of Life) represents your consciousness, which is forever repeating itself on different planets, times, places, parallel realities, solar systems, galaxies and dimensions. The Tree never dies, as it has created so
many versions of its SELF that at least one version is in form somewhere or sometime in some format of manifestation. When a version of the Tree, such as a human, decides that it wants to observe its many manifestations within the perspective of the ONE, it returns to the overview (higher dimensions) so that it can view all of its creations from the Unity Consciousness of the ONE.

In preparation for this return, the human brain is preparing to leave duality and enter the realm of unity. To do so, the Mystical Marriage of masculine and feminine must be sealed in Light so that their child of love, Lightbody, can gradually expand beyond its cocoon of the physical earth vessel. As the genderbased version of the brain begins to merge, “whole brain thinking” comes online to expedite the activation of the DNA codes for both-always cognition. At that point, the DNA on/off system of ones and zeros begins to turn OFF the lower frequency of physical form and turns ON the higher frequency of light form, which is your Lightbody.

As the multidimensional torsion waves enter the Crown Chakra, which will only happen if the being has already opened that portal (Earth is a free will planet, and each being must choose ascension), the earth vessel accepts the incoming higher frequencies through the High Heart. (We say earth vessel, as there are other Beings besides humans who are ascending.) This torsion energy then needs to be grounded into the earth to avoid “short circuiting” of the neurological system (electricity). Once sufficiently accepted and grounded, this multidimensional light and unconditional love can be fully integrated into the earth vessel. The Keepers of the Land (humans) and Keepers of the Water (cetaceans) will then join forces to begin the transmutation and ascension of themselves and Gaia into the fifth dimension.

From Journey through the Arcturian Corridor iii
Posted 5th January 2012 by Juan Pablo
Labels: cosmic portalsspiritual awakening

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