samkaska: sharing.:::.Energy Update – October 30, 2014 .:::. Ten Reasons Why the New Age Movement Has Declared Intellectual and Moral Bankruptcy – Part 8

samkaska: sharing.:::.Energy Update – October 30, 2014 .:::. Ten Reasons Why the New Age Movement Has Declared Intellectual and Moral Bankruptcy – Part 8.

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

samkaska: sharing:::Ebola is a Big Lie :::.Ten Reasons Why the New Age Movement Has Declared Intellectual and Moral Bankruptcy – Part 7

samkaska: sharing:::Ebola is a Big Lie :::.Ten Reasons Why the New Age Movement Has Declared Intellectual and Moral Bankruptcy – Part 7.

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samkaska: sharing.:::.The Christian Fraud; Message from Apollonius of Tyana .:::.Ten Reasons Why the New Age Movement Has Declared Intellectual and Moral Bankruptcy – Part 6

samkaska: sharing.:::.The Christian Fraud; Message from Apollonius of Tyana .:::.Ten Reasons Why the New Age Movement Has Declared Intellectual and Moral Bankruptcy – Part 6.

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Monday, October 27, 2014

sharing.:::.The Christian Fraud; Message from Apollonius of Tyana .:::.Ten Reasons Why the New Age Movement Has Declared Intellectual and Moral Bankruptcy – Part 6

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The Christian Fraud; Message from Apollonius of Tyana
by Georgi Stankov Posted on April 7, 2012

Channeled on May 2oth, 1881, and recorded by Mr. Jonathan Roberts, grand grand father of Jon Roberts, a member of the PAT
Apollonius of Tyana, the Jesus of Nazareth,
St. Paul and John the Revelator,
of the Christian Scriptures, Returns to Earth
as a Spirit, and Explains the Mysteries
that have Concealed the
Theological Deception
of the Christian
Apollonius of Tyana, from Tyana in Cappadocia,
Asia Minor– Tyana still exists today in Turkey-
-East of the Taurus Mountains & North of Syria, Sect of Essenes

Before entering upon this all absorbing subject, it is simply proper by way of explanation to inform the reader that previous to the date given below, Mr. Roberts had been having regular weekly sittings with the medium through whom these communications were received, but in reference to the sitting on May 2oth, 1881, Mr. Roberts records in his notes the following:

Having been informed who would next manifest through the medium, the time having arrived, I felt a thrill of astonishment and delight of the greatest intensity, and the very air of the humble apartment in which we sat seemed filled with a mighty spiritual power, as the name of Apollonius of Tyana was announced, and we were greeted for the first time by the great Cappadocian sage and philosopher, as well as the greatest teacher and benefactor that ever drew to himself the love, admiration and reverence of the civilized world,- Apollonius, the Spirit Anointed Christ of the Orient.” His communication was as follows:

” Let our salutation be, the survival of truth and its conquest of Superstition. I was born, according to the Christian calendar, on the 16th day of February, A. D. 2, of wealthy parents; was educated, until my 26th year, in general philosophy and literature, when I served for six years under Euxenes, of Heracleia, learning the Pythagorean philosophy. After acquiring all I could learn from the teachings of that philosopher, I went to Antioch, and from there to Jerusalem.

On account of some wonderful physical manifestations of spirit power taking place through my then young mediumship, which persons living in Jerusalem had heard of, my entrance to that city was hailed, as it has been alleged the entrance of Jesus of Nazareth was hailed, with hosannas and songs of praise to one who came in the name of the Lord.

And now, mark particularly what I say; this took place when I was thirty-three years of age. I want you to pay the closest attention to what I shall here set forth. You will, by examining Josephus’s work, “War of the Jews“, see, that concerning the siege of Jerusalem a certain prophecy was given, or words were spoken, as is alleged, by Jesus of Nazareth, which were fulfilled. You will find what I refer to, in Matthew, 23d chapter and 3oth verse, where the so-called Jesus is made to have asserted that that generation were guilty of all the blood that had been shed from Abel to Zachariias, the son of Baroch, slain between the temple and the altar exactly thirty-four years after the alleged death of Jesus. And you will find this prophecy then fulfilled, while Jesus is made to have said that it was fulfilled in his time; and here you have an example of the inauthenticity of the Christian Gospels.

All this I learned at the very time at which Flavius Josephus wrote the history of the “War of the Jews“, for I was employed and used by the Emperor Vespasian as his oracle, when in the same state as this medium is, who now sits before you.

” Never, during my mortal life, did I desire to be worshipped after death – never did I, as a mortal man, teach such a doctrine. But I was deified after my death. Nine epistles were made a present to me by Phraotes of Taxila, India, or rather between Babylon and India, who was a satrap, in those days.

Those epistles contained all that is embraced in the present epistles claimed to have been written by St. Paul. And from what I have learned, as a spirit, I conclude that I am both the Jesus and St. Paul of the Christian scriptures. Flattering enough to my vanity, but the ruin of my happiness. It is my duty, here, to confess all I can bring to recollection, in order that spiritual darkness may disperse and the light of truth shine in.

There is one thing that I desire particularly to speak of, and that is the ultimate of spirit power on earth. All Materialists claim that it is impossible to restore that which is dead to life. Upon this point, upon my own knowledge, I assert that if you have developed your mortal body to that extent, not into what is called moral purity, but into a holy, trusting love, with a heart that beats for humanity, if such a person can come in contact with a fresh, young body from which the spirit has been driven out before it could accomplish its mission, take that body by the hand, and with mighty will arrest that spirit, he can force it back to the body it once inhabited and make it fulfill its mission.

Three things are necessary to do this – first, a perfectly healthy organism. That does not imply a strong, powerful one – it means an organism in which the spirit is greater than the body, the excess of spirit producing this result. [Here the controlling spirit caused the form of the medium to rise, and extending his arms at full length to the right and left said :] The spirit addressing you is not confined to the limits of the form you see before you. It not only fills the physical organism you see, but extends far around it as well.

In the time when I lived in the mortal form the old was dying out and the new being born. By this I mean that superstition, gods and all such ideas were on the wane, and man was seeking, as he is today, for something more practical and beneficial. It was not through any qualities that I possessed different from, or superior to, those of any other man, that I accomplished what I did, but through the spiritual power within and with me. This fact I want to have especially marked.

The highest sensitive mortals living in any age or generation, and who are living the nearest in accord with nature’s divine law of truth, will bring forth a child who may be the so-called Saviour of that generation. Those men and women who utter the highest and most beneficial truths to their fellow-mortals are the Saviour of their time.

Further, I have this to say, I retired voluntarily, for I was neither ostracised nor banished for anything I had done, said or written, to the same island to which, as is alleged, the St. John of Revelations went, in the years 69 and 70 A. D. I there wrote what occurred through me in a trance state, not knowing what I wrote, an almost identical story with that attributed to the so-called St. John the Revelator. That story was nothing more than an attempt of the spirit world to give the truth of the spirit life, through a mortal organism, in a day and generation that was not ripe to receive it. That is, the medium chosen for the expression of the teachings of spirits was too much imbued with the mysticism of Judea and neighboring countries to be well suited for that purpose.

What is known to you moderns as the anti-Nicene Library, contained documents, some of which are still existent, that fully warrant you in challenging the translators of today as to the correctness of their production. Let them examine, if they dare, the manuscripts referred to and they will find what is now being published erroneous in many particulars. They have followed too much what their ancestors translated, without having translated for themselves.

Now and here, I declare that the Christian Gospels were all preached by me – preached at Jerusalem – preached at Ephesus – preached at Athens – preached at Philippi—preached at Home – preached at Antioch – preached at Alexandria – preached at Babylon. In all those countries I preached, and by manipulations, and certain qualities developed in me, I healed the sick, restored the sight of the blind, and, in the way herein set forth, even raised the dead.

I will try to make this raising of the dead plainer. If a child, a youth, or a maiden, whose body is fresh, full of vigor and perfection, and whose spirit has become detached from it, in that case I hold that one whose power is great and whose will is indomitable, while that body is yet warm, can cause the spirit to return and continue to inhabit that organism. In this way I know the dead can be restored to life. When I lived on earth all the philosophers who taught men to expect redemption, according to more ancient authorities, taught that such redemption was to happen at that time.

From what I have been able to learn as a spirit, I was the person who was designed by spirits to fulfil that mission. I claim no pre-eminence over any one. I only say that my mortal body contained more spirit than the average of men, or even the most highly developed among them, at the time I existed in mortal flesh.

My history, as it has come down to you moderns, written by one Damis (Timotheus, the devote companion of St. Paul in the New Testament), and by others afterwards, in regard to the main incidents of my life, is correct, but in regard to the glamour, romance and mystery of the narrative, it has no relation to me whatever. The latter was the work of my disciples and followers after my death, and was promulgated by them.

One thing more and I am through with my communication. It is this. Almost every picture that in modern times is recognized as the likeness of Jesus, is the identical portrait of Apollonius of Tyana, painted in the reign of Vespasian. That emperor consulted me. I was the oracle in his camp. I was the means of saving the life of Flavius .losephus.”

We here asked him how it came that .losephus had made no mention of that fact in his “Jewish War”? He replied:

“The Jewish hierarchy of that day had a horror and dislike of even their best friends who were not of their faith, and .Josephus being a Pharisee of the straightest sect was even more than usually prejudiced against a Gentile like myself. By this I do not mean that the Pharisees were bad people, but that they were so devoted to their religion as to lie bitterly bigoted and prejudiced against those who differed from them.

It is my opinion, from all I can learn as a spirit, that all the Christian Gospels are borrowed from, and in fact that their origin was, the Books that I brought from India, obtained in part from Phraotes, wlio was King of Taxila. I think those books were used by tlie Platonists, Eclectics and Gnostics of Alexandria (such as Ammonius Sacca, Origenes and Plotinus) about one hundred and fifty years after.

I died in the year A. D. 99, at Ephesus, and was 97 or 98 years of age, although some have enlarged the period of my earthly life to 150 years. The originals of the four gospels I obtained through one Hiram Emiandi, of Taxila, who took me forward into Farther India. They were written in characters not unlike those used by the Chinese, on thin, tough paper.

They treated of the four stages of the life of Buddha. The first to his incarnation and birth, the second to his childhood and youth, the third to his mature life, and the fourth to his old age and death. These books I obtained at Singapore, at the extreme point of India, on the strait between India and Sumatra.”

We here mentioned to him the fact that one week before we had received a communication from a spirit purporting to be Ulphilas, the Christian bishop of the Goths (who lived at that time in Bulgaria), who said he had translated from Samaritan manuscripts the epistles and gospels to which he, Apollonius, had referred into the Gothic tongue; and that the manuscripts that he translated were the writings of himself, after the originals he obtained at Singapore, India. To which he replied:

” One Hegesippus made copies from my translations and modified versions of the originals in the Samaritan tongue and Ulphilas copied from the manuscripts of Hegesippus. I wrote in the Hebraic-Samaritan tongue, which was the language of my country.”

Here the control of the medium became wholly exhausted. Bidding us a hasty and most benign adieu, he left the medium more exhausted than we had ever seen him at any previous sitting. No other control of the medium was possible, and thus ended a spirit interview, which is destined to mark an era in human progress never transcended, if ever equalled, in importance and interest to all classes of the human race.

Comments by Jonathan Roberts on the Historical Personality of Apollonius of Tyana

We publish such facts, as are conceded by ample authority, to be historically established concerning Apollonius. There is much that it would be desirable to add as the result of our own researches, but we will confine ourself mainly to the current history of his life and labors. As the best condensed sketch of the life of Apollonius that we have been able to find, we have chosen that of the ” Penny Cyclopedia,” London, 1834:

“We feel that we may safely assume as true and proven, the following historical statements concerning Apollonius. He was born of wealthy parents at Tyana in Cappadocia, at the very period when it is alleged the Christian’s Jesus was born at Bethlehem. At the age of twelve years he was sent to Tarsus in Cilicia, the alleged birthplace and home of St. Paul. Not liking the frivolous habits of the people of that city, with his father’s consent, he retired to Aegea, a town a short distance from Tarsus, where he remained until after attaining to man’s estate.

There he studied every system of philosophy, and perfected himself in rhetoric and general literature. There he took up his residence in the temple of Aesculapius, so famed for its miraculous cures, was initiated by the priests of that temple in their mysteries, and performed cures that astonished not only the people, but even those masters of the art of healing. He there finally decided to adopt the philosophy of Pythagoras, and vigorously observed the trying discipline instituted by the Samian sage. He performed the terrible task of five years silence, which he endured cheerfully and without a murmur of complaint. He abstained from animal food, wine and women – lived upon fruits and herbs – dressed only in linen garments of the plainest construction – went barefooted and with uncovered head – and wore his hair and beard uncut.

He was especially distinguished for his beauty, his genial bearing, his uniform love and kindness, and his imperturbable equanimity of temper. In these respects he was the personal embodiment of the imaginary traits of the Christian Jesus, and was no doubt the original of the pictures of the so-called Nazarene, now so venerated by uninformed professors of the Christian religion.

Determined to devote himself to the pursuit of knowledge and the teaching of philosophy, he gave away his large patrimony to his poor relatives and went to Antioch, then a centre of learning, but little less noted than Athens or Alexandria. There he began his great mission by teaching philosophy to a number of disciples and to the people. He entered the temple of Apollo Daphne, at Antioch, and learned the mysteries of its priesthood. Philostratus, his autobiographer, describes the style of speaking adopted by Apollonius, thus:

“Apollonius used a stile of speaking not elevated, nor swollen in the language of poetry, nor yet one too refined, nor too Attic; for whatever exceeded the Attic mediocrity was considered by him dissonant and unpleasant. He made use of no fastidious nicety in the division of his discourses, nor any fine spun sentences; nor was he known to adopt an ironical manner, nor any kind of apostrophising with his hearers. He spoke as it were from a tripod, to wit: “I know”, and “It seems to me,” and “To what purpose is this? ” and, ‘”You must know”. His sentences were short and adamant – his words authoritative and adapted to the sense, and the bare utterance of them conveyed a sound as if they were sanctioned by the sceptre of royalty.

Being asked once by a subtle disputant why he did not propose what side of a question lie should take in argument? he replied: “When I was a young man, I used to follow that practice, but that is no longer necessary as it is now become my duty not to investigate, but to teach the result of my investigations.” When he was asked, by the same logician, how a wise man should speak, he said as a legislator, for it was the part of a legislator to command the multitude to do, wliat he himself was convinced ought to be done. In this way he conducted himself at Antioch, and converted many who were strangers to his knowledge.”

Now, when it is remembered that this description of the style in which Apollonius spoke, was written by Damis, the friend, pupil and companion of the Cappadocian sage (He later appears as Timotheus in the forged St. Paul’s epistles), long before Jesus Christ or the Christian scriptures were heard or thought of; is it not remarkably evident that the original author of those scriptures was Apollonius himself. If identity of style and sentiment is possible, then was the learned Apollonius the original author of the teachings attributed to Jesus Christ; an identity that all the altering, eliminating and interpolating by the Christian hierarchy have not been able to destroy nor even imperfectly conceal. Quoting Cudworth, Dr. Lardner, in ” The Credibility of the Gospel History,” says :

“Cudworth, in his “Intellectual System,” says: It is a thing highly probable, if not unquestionable, that Apollonius Tyanaeus, shortly after the publication of the gospel to the world, was a person made choice of by the policy and assisted by the powers of the kingdom of darkness, for doing some things extraordinary, merely out of design to derogate from tlie miracles of our Saviour Jesus Christ, and to enable paganism the better to bear up against the attacks of Christianity.”

So Cudworth, and I suppose that many learned men of late times, may have expressed themselves in a like manner; but I cannot assent to them. He further cites Huet, as follows:

“He [Philostratus] aimed,” says Huet, “and thinks it to have been his principal design” to obstruct the progress of the Christian religion, by drawing the character of a man of great knowledge, sanctity and miraculous power. Therefore he formed Apollonius after the example of Christ, and accommodated many things in the history of our Lord to Apollonius.”

Thus we see that the very learned and pious Christian, Huet, was forced to admit the common identity of Apollonius and Jesus – the first described by Philostratus according to the memoirs of Damis, made in the first century; and the latter described by no one knows whom or when, but certainly not earlier than the beginning of the third century of the so-called Christian era, as now contained in what is called the “New Testament”. As Christian writers have been forced to admit the identity of the respective narratives, concerning Apollonius and Jesus, the only question that remains to be settled is, which was the original author of the so-called Christian teachings?

If this has not already been fully done, there remains very little yet to be done to complete the demonstration that Apollonius of Tyana was that author, and not Jesus of Nazareth, nor Paul of Tarsus, as is wrongly claimed by Christian writers. After stating many reasons for his conclusions. Dr. Lardner, than whom there is no higher Christian authority, says:

” It is manifest, therefore, that Philostratus compared Apollonius and Pythagoras; that I do not see that he endeavored to make him a rival with Jesus Christ. Philostratus has never once mentioned our Saviour, or the Christians his followers, neither in this long work, nor in the ” Lives of the Sophists”, if it be his, as some learned men of the best judgment suppose; nor is there any hint that Apollonius anywhere in his wide travels met with any followers of Jesus. There is not so much as an obscure or general description of any men met with by him, whom any can suspect to be Christians of any denomination, either Catholics or heretics. Whereas I think, if Philostratus had written with a mind adverse to Jesus, he would have laid hold of some occasion to describe and disparage his followers, as enemies to the gods, and condemners of the mysteries and solemnities, and different from all other men.”

Let it be remembered that Philostratus lived and wrote his life of Apollonius in the reign of Septimus Severus, about the beginning of the third century A. D. At that time there could not possibility have been in existence any of the .scripture narratives of the life of Jesus Christ, so nearly analogous to the incidents and events which he related concerning Apollonius. Had there been such persons living, as Jesus Christ and his apostles, and their Christian followers, during the time that Apollonius lived and labored throughout the then civilized world, Damis (Timotheus), who accompanied him during much of that time, and who recorded every thing worthy of especial note, would have made some mention of such people, either favorably or unfavorably.

That he did not do so, is of itself sufficient proof that neither Jesus Christ, his apostles nor the Christian religion, had an existence either before or during that period, which was the only time in which they could have had a real existence. At all events, nothing can be more certain than the conclusion of Dr. Lardner, that Philostratus did not write the life of Apollonius to disparage the Christian religion.

But Dr. Lardner is not content to make that fatal acknowledgment of the Christian plagiarism of the life and labors of Apollonius; but makes an equally fatal acknowledgment in another direction. In disagreeing with Cudworth, Huet and others, as to the life of Apollonius, by Philostratus, having been written to oppose Christianity, Dr. Lardner says :

“With due submission I do not think that Apollonius was a man of so great importance, as is here supposed; for it does not appear, that any adversaries of the Christians, either Celsus or Porphyry (both of them are mentioned in my book “Neoplatonism and Christianty), or any other before Hierocles, at the beginning of the fourth century, under Diocletian’s persecution, ever took any notice of him in any of their arguments. Nor do I know that he has been once mentioned by any Christian writers of the first two centuries. When I first met with the observation of Cudworth [herein before given] I was very much surprised, considering the silence of all early antiquity.

If this observation were right, I should have expected to find frequent mention of Apollonius in the history of St. John, and the other apostles of Christ; but there is none. We had in that space of time diverse learned men, some of them as eminent for extensive literature as any men that ever lived; as Justin, Tatian, Bardesanes the Syrian, Clement of Alexandria, Irenaeus, Julius Africanus, Tertullian, Minucius Felix; not to insist on Clement of Rome, Ignatius, or Polycarp, or the histories of them. Of all these we have some remains; they lived in the first two centuries or the beginning of the third; but of Apollonius they have not taken the least notice.”

Very true. Dr. Lardner, and why did they not do so? That total silence on the part of those authors of the first and second centuries regarding so eminent a philosopher and teacher as was Apollonius of Tyana, can be accounted for upon but one theory, and that will show that it was a necessity to utterly ignore Apollonius and his philosophical and religious teachings, in order that the Christian religion could gain a foothold to usurp the field he had so grandly occupied. Of all the authors named by Dr. Larduer, the complete works of none of them have come down to us.

Besides, the fragmentary remains of the works of the first three centuries that have reached us, have had to pass through the hands of Eusebius, Pope Sylvester I., and their coadjutors and successors, who, from the beginning of the fourth century downward to the time when the art of printing ended it, were so assiduously engaged in interpolating, mutilating and destroying every trace of evidence, within their reach, that showed the real origin and nature of the Christian religion.

It should have struck the attention of Dr. Lardner, with vastly greater force, that no where in the books of the New Testament is there a single mention made of Apollonius, if we except in a few verses of 1st Corinthians, where it says. “For while one saith, I am of Paul; and another, I am of Apollos ; are ye not carnal? Who, then, is Paul, and who Apollos, but ministers by whom ye believed, even as the Lord gave to every man? I have planted, Apollos watered ; but God gave the increase.”

In a very ancient manuscript of this Epistle found in a monastery of France by a Huguenot soldier, called the Codex Beza, the name is not Apollos, but Apollonius. But even this positive clue to the identity of Apollonius with the St. Paul of the Christians was attempted to be obliterated by substituting Apollos for Apollonius, as it originally stood.

This studied avoidance of all mention of Apollonius in the Christian Scriptures, is positive proof that his recognition, in any way whatever, by the authors of Christianity would be fatal to their scheme of deception and fraud. We wonder they had not had the cunning to elaborate that one reference to the preaching and teaching of Apollonius, and the admission that his teaching was in perfect accord with the teachings attributed to St. Paul.

It is an old saying that liars should have good memories. This was never more apparent than in the oversight of not eliminating that tell-tale confession from the 1st Epistle to the Corinthians. There it stands, and there it will stand, thanks to the art of printing, to confound these Christian enemies of truth, and make clear the fraud they are upholding. Dr. Larduer farther says:

” The first Christian writer who has mentioned him” (Apollonius), so far as I can recollect, is Origen (I have dedicated half of my book “Neoplatonism and Christianity” to this great neoplatonic scholar from Alexandria, 3rd century), considered to be the founder of Christian theology, but excommunicated by them and murdered by wild Christians) in his books against Celsus, written not long before the middle of the third century (also discussed by myself), When he says:

“He who would know whether magic has any power over philosophers, may read the memoirs of Moeragenes, concerning Apollonius of Tyana, both a magician and a philosopher. In which Moeragenes, who was not a Christian, but a philosopher, says, that some, and no inconsiderable philosophers were taken by the magical art of Apollonius and came to him as a magician. Among them I suppose he means Euphrates, and a certain Epicurean. But we can affirm upon the ground of our own experience, that they who worship the God over all through Jesus Christ, and live according to the Gospel, and pray as they ought to do day and night, have no reason to fear anything from magic”.

So Origen is led to speak in answer to some things in Celsus; but it does not appear that Celsus had at all mentioned either Apollonius, or his historian. Apollonius is mentioned by Lucian, but what he says of him is far from being to his advantage. He is also mentioned by Apuleius who was contemporary with Lucian; nor is there any other older author now existent where he is mentioned; which must be reckoned an argument of his great obscurity, till he was set up by Philostratus. After that time Apollonius is taken notice of by many; as Arnobius and Lactantius, and Eusebius, who were led to observe upon Hierocles, whose whole book against the Christians was founded on the memoirs of Philostratus.

He is afterwards mentioned by Augustin and other Christian writers; and he is mentioned several times by the writers of the Augustin History, who flourished in the time of Diocletian, or soon afterwards, and by Dion Cassius, and by Eunapius, who commends the history of Philostratus, but says, that instead of entitling it the “Life of Apollonius”, he might have called it the “Peregrination of a God among Men “.

Now it must not be forgotten that the writings of Celsus were lost or destroyed long since; nothing being known of what they were, except as Origen has reported them. Whether Celsus did, or did not, mention Apollonius, is a matter of no consequence. Celsus did not write until nearly a century after the death of Apollonius, and may never have met with the memoirs of Damis or Moeragenes concerning Apollonius. That Lucian and Apuleius, who wrote while Apollonius still lived or soon after his death, should have mentioned him is sufficient to establish his historical existence. Philostratus had not then come into possession of the memoirs of Damis, Moeragenes and Maximus of Aegis, and the history of the life and labors of Apollonius, had been suppressed, no doubt by the influence of the priesthoods of Greece and Rome.

The desire of the cultured empress Julia Domina, to learn the history of Apollonius, shows that he was not unknown to fame as a distinguished philosopher, as late as the beginning of the third century, when Philostratus wrote his Life of Apollonius. As admitted by Dr. Lardncr, all through the third century, there was frequent mention of his name and teachings.

But it was not until Hierocles in the beginning of the fourth century boldly charged upon the Christian priesthood their plagiarism of the teachings and works of Apollonius, that the latter found it necessary to set every means at work that could in any way help to conceal the great truth that Hierocles proclaimed with such portentous force. It is true that no one now knows exactly what it was that Hierocles wrote, for Eusebius, who took upon himself the task of destroying the testimony of Hierocles, took precious good care to destroy the work of his formidable opponent, and to give his own version of the matter instead. The reply of Eusebius to Hierocles has come down to us. Why has not Hierocles’ arraignment of the Christian priesthood also come down to us? Let that priesthood answer.

We can in no way more effectually show the effect which the Life of Apollonius of Tyana, by Philostratus, had upon the Christian priesthood and clergy, than to cite the observations of Dr. S. Parker, D. D., Archdeacon of Canterbury, published 1681. We copy it from Dr. Lardner’s works. Tliey are as follows:

“But the man of wonders is Apollonius Tyanicus, of whom they boast and insult as the true heathen Messiah; in that he wrought not, as Vespasian did, one or two chance miracles; but his whole life was all prodigy, and equal to our Saviour’s both for the number and the wonder of his works. But here first we have in part shown what undoubted records we have of the life of Jesus; whereas, all the credit of Apollonius, his history, depends on the authority of one single man, who besides that he lived a hundred years after him, ventured nothing, as the apostles did, in confirmation of the truth, but only composed it in his study: thereby, as appears from his frequent digressions, to take occasion of communicating to the world all the learning he had raked together.

Nay, so far was he from incurring any loss by the work, that he was set upon it by a great empress, whose religious zeal in the cause would be sure to see him well rewarded. And though he made use of the commentaries of Damis, the inseparable companion of Apollonius, yet he confesses that Damis himself never published his commentaries, but that a friend of Damis communicated them to the Empress, which himself probably might have forged (as is common in courts) to pick her pocket.

However, as for Damis himself, it is evident from Philostratus, his whole story, that he was a very simple man, and that Apollonius only picked him up as a fit Sancho Panza to exercise his wit upon; so that upon all occasions we find him not only baffling the esquire in disputes, but breaking jests upon him, which he always takes with much thankfulness, and more humility, still admiring his master’s wisdom, but much more his wit. But after all, what the story of Damis was, or whether there was ever any such story, we have no account, unless from Philostratus himself; and therefore we must resolve it all into his own authority alone.

And there it is evident, that Apollonius was neither a god nor a divine man, as his friends boasted; nor a magician or conjurer, as his enemies imagined, but a more fanatic and pedantic Pythagorean; who for the honor of his sect travelled, as many others have done, into all parts of the world; and when he returned home told his countrymen, that all men renowned for wisdom all the world over were of the sect of the Pythagoreans; and then for advancement of their authority told strange and prodigious tales of their wonder-working power. Though here either he, or his historian, has acquitted himself so awkwardly, as utterly to spoil the tale and defeat the design. This Eusebius has shown at large in his book against Hierocles, by taking to pieces all parts of the story, and discovering all its flaws and incoherences.

But I shall content myself with proving the vanity of the whole from the notorious falsehood of one particular narration, upon which depends all that extraordinary power which he pretends to; and that is his conversation with the Indian Brahmans, from whom, if we may believe his account of himself, he learned all that he could do, more than the common philosophers of Greece. And if this prove a romance, all the rest of his history must avoidably follow its fortune.”

Here some of the most trivial things related by Damis are cited to show that the Brahmans of India imparted nothing worth knowing to Apollonius. And then he continues: “And that is the most I can make of the story ; though I know that Huetius is of opinion, that all the substantial miracles are stolen out of the gospels and the Acts of the Apostles, and that for the most part, in the words and phrases of St. Luke. And this he has endeavored to make good by a great variety of parallel instances; and thinks it a manifest discovery both of the vanity of Philostratus, and the imposture of Apollonius, where he is only adorned with borrowed feathers, but a great accession to the credit of our Saviour, that when his enemies would frame the idea of a divine man, they were forced to steal their best feathers from his picture.

So that, he says, it was no wonder that Hierocles should so confidently compare the miracles of Apollonius to those of Jesus, when those of Jesus were with so little disguise clapped upon Apollonius. “This were a pretty discovery if it stood upon good grounds; but alas! most of the parallelisms are so forced, or so slender, or so far fetched, that it were easy to make as many, and as probable, between any other histories whatever. And indeed, in such a design as this of Philostratus, viz, to make up a story as full of strange things as he could contrive, it is scarcely possible not to have hit upon some things like some of those miracles which are recorded in the gospels; so that in some few of them there may be some resemblance, as particularly there seems to be in that of the Gadarene demoniac, and the Coreyrean youth; yet it is very obvious to apprehend, that this might happen, not by design, but by chance.

And whereas Huetius will needs have it, that Philostratus has stolen not only the stories, but the very words of St. Luke, I find no instance of it, only in this one relation, where they both, it seems, use the word “basanichein” (?); and this they might easily do without theft or imitation, it being the common Greek word that signifies “torment”; so that they could no more avoid that in Greek, than we could this in rendering it into English.

Nay, setting aside this one story, I find no resemblance between the history of Philostratus and that of the gospels, that I scarce know any two stories more unlike; for it is obvious to any man that reads Philostratus, that his whole design was to follow the train of the old heathen mythology; and that is the bottom of his folly, by his story to gain historical credit to the fables of the poets. So that it is a very true and Just censures which Ludovicus Vives has given of him, that as he had endeavored to imitate Homer, so he had abundantly out-lied him…

But the great miracle of all was his (Apollonius) vanishing away at his trial before Domitian in the presence of all the great men of Rome. But then, though our historian be very desirous we would believe it, yet he falters afterwards, like a guilty liar, in his confidence. For whereas at first he positively affirms, that he quite vanished away; at last he only says, that he went away. And this, though he would seem to affirm that it was after a wonderful manner, and nobody knows how, is a pitiful abatement to the bigness of his former expression, ‘vanishing away.’ Though the truth is, if he stood to it, it must have unavoidably proved itself a lie; for it is utterly incredible, that so strange a thing as that should have been done in so great a presence, and yet never any notice taken of it.

But in the last place, the historian would fain bid at something of his hero’s appearing after death; yet he does it so faintly, that in the conclusion of all it comes to nothing especially when he tells us, that the time of his death was altogether unknown, and that the uncertainty of it took in no less than the compass of thirty years. And then they that were so utterly at a loss as to the time of his decease, and that for so long a space, were very likely to give a very wise account of the certain time of anything that he did after it.

But how, or to whom did he appear? Why, to a young man, one of his followers, that doubted of the immortality of the soul, for ten months together after his death. But how, or where? Why, the young man being tired with watching, and praying to Apollonius, that he would appear to him in this point, one day fell asleep in the school, where the young men were forming their several exercises; and on the sudden he starts up in a great fright, and a great sweat, crying out: “I believe thee O ! Tyaneas”. And being asked by his companions the meaning of his transport: Why, says he, do you not see Apollonius? They answer him, No; but they would be glad to give all the world if they could. It is true, says he; for he only appears to me, for my satisfaction, and he is invisible to all others. And then he tells them what he had said to him in his sleep concerning the state of souls. This poor account of the dream and vision of an over-watched boy, is all that this great story affords, to vie with our Saviour’s resurrection.

And now upon the review of this whole story, it seems evident to me, that this man was so far from being endowed with any extraordinary divine power, that he does not deserve the reputation of an ordinary conjurer; for though Huetius has taken some pains to prove him so, yet he gives no evidence of it beside the opinion of the common people; and if that were enough to make a conjurer, there is no man of an odd and singular humor (as Apollonius accepted to be) who is not so thought of by the common people. And, therefore, when he was accused for it before Domitian, the emperor, upon coming to hear the cause, slighted both him and his accusers and dismissed him from the court for an idle and fantastic fellow.

And it is manifest from the whole series of his history, that he was a very vain man, and affected to be thought something extraordinary, and so wandered all the world over in an odd garb to be gazed at and admired, and made himself considerable, in that age by wit, impudence and flattery; of all which he had a competent share. And for his wonder-working faculty which he needs pretend to, he fetched that as far off as the East Indies, that is, the farthest off, as he thought, from confutation; and yet the account which he has given of those parts is so grossly fabulous, that that alone convicts his whole life’ of imposture and impudence.”

Such was the consternation produced by the translation of Philostratus’ “Life of Apollonius of Tyana,” into the modern tongues of Europe, that Christians both Catholic and Protestant, seem to have cast discretion to the winds and to have floundered into the bog from which it was their chief aim to escape. It will be seen that neither Dr. Parker, Huet, nor Dr. Lardner so much as deigned to notice the real and undeniable facts connected with the life and labors of Apollonius, but spent all their ingenuity in making the most of the fictitious or exaggerated recitals which were so common an accompaniment of ancient historical narratives, not one of which does not mingle the marvelous with the well authenticated events, which constitute the ground work and object of all ancient historical records. This avoidance of all notice of the philosophical and religious teachings of Apollouius, by those learned theologians, shows, as nothing else could, their consciousness, that Apollonius was really the Jesus, Paul and John of the “New Testament Scriptures,”

We have shown that Apollonius for several years taught and preached at Antioch, and converted many, who were strangers to his knowledge, to a belief in his doctrines. It was owing to his great renown as a spiritual medium and teacher, acquired at Antioch, that certain Jews who had become acquainted with his gifts as a medium, and the remarkable manifestations of spirit power occurring through him, prevailed upon him to go to Jerusalem. This visit, he tells us, he made to Jerusalem when he was just thirty-three years of age, the very age at which it has been alleged that Jesus began his heaven appointed mission.

He tells us he was then hailed upon his entrance into that city, by the people, as it has been alleged the entrance of Jesus of Nazareth was hailed, with hosannas and songs of praise to one who came in the name of the Lord. He refers no doubt to the following portion of the (xxi Matthew 9), “And the multitude that went before, and that followed, cried Hosanna to the son of David; blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord; Hosanna in the highest. And when he came into Jerusalem, all the city was moved, saying. Who is this? and the multitude said, This is Jesus, the Prophet of Nazareth of Galilee.”

It is true that Apollonius says nothing of his experience at the hands of the Jewish priesthood, and we are left to infer that their treatment of him was less agreeable to him than his reception by the multitude. It is true that there is no historical mention extant of this visit of Apollonius to Jerusalem, and therefore we may justly conclude that the writer of “The Gospel According to Matthew,” after making use of such a historical manuscript to serve his purpose of robbing Apollonius of his duly acquired fame, by substituting the mythical Jesus in his stead, took special care to destroy the historical original.

That Apollonius never returned to Jerusalem, until he did so thirty-two years afterward as the oracle in Vespasian’s camp at the overthrow of Jerusalem, would indicate that the usage he had received at the hands of the Jewish priesthood, on his first visit, was such as to detour him from again placing himself in their power. As strong evidence of the correctness of this conjecture, it is well to note, that Judea was the only civilized country that Apollonius did not visit, and throughout which he did not preach, and in which he did not receive the fraternal reception of every order of priesthood.

That Damis made no record of this visit of Apollonius to Jerusalem, may be reasonably accounted for by the facts that it was made before Damis began his memoirs, and in all probability Apollonius was too much disgusted with the narrow bigotry of the Jewish hierarchy to inform Damis about it. Apollonius has not told us what followed his joyous reception by the people of Jerusalem. The writers who have made use of that event to exalt their mythical man-god, say, regarding the latter:

“And the blind and the lame came to him in the temple and he healed them. And when the chief priests and scribes saw the wonderful things that he did, and the children crying in the temple, and saying, Hosanna to the Son of David ; they were sore displeased, and said unto him, Hearest thou what these say? And Jesus saith unto them, Yea; have ye never read, ‘Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings thou hast perfected praise?’ And he left them, and went out of the city into Bethany; and he lodged there.”

How much of that is taken from the historical memoirs of Apollonius, we may not certainly know; but nothing is more thoroughly authenticated than the fact that Apollonius was a wonderful healing medium – that he restored sight to the blind, strength to the lame, health to the sick, life to those apparently dead, and prophesied with an accuracy that astonished the then civilized world. That he did all these things at Jerusalem, is most probable, if not certain. And thus, through the return of the spirit of Apollonius, we have a chapter of history revived that the writers of the Christian scriptures supposed they had entirely obliterated from its records.


NEW: See also the latest video of the grand-grand son of Jonatahn Roberts, the PAT-member Jon Roberts on Apollonius of Tyana and the scientific activities of his grand-grand father:

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Ten Reasons Why the New Age Movement Has Declared Intellectual and Moral Bankruptcy – Part 6
by Georgi Stankov Posted on October 27, 2014

By Georgi Stankov, October 27, 2014

8. Lack of Self-Reflection: The New Agers did not explore and truly understand the inherent cognitive and perceptual limitations of the human mind, especially as a spiritual ego, and consider them in their esoteric concepts.

True intellectuality is first and foremost the ability of self-reflection. Unfortunately this is the most deficient feature of all humans in the current End Time and an outstanding characteristics of the New Age Movement, notwithstanding the fact that they channel a plethora of messages, where precisely the urging to develop this ability is a constant topic of the higher sources.

This inability of self-reflection among the New Agers gave birth to various forms of a hypertrophied ego and at the same time caused an enhanced, almost pathological rejection of any true intellectual, who made these people aware of this deficiency. I am talking now from a personal experience, but the ground for this kind of behaviour is much deeper buried.

Unprocessed high self-esteem is the most common basic angst, with which all these star seeds incarnated on this planet and were supposed to overcome by true spiritual self-reflection. They failed in this respect and this failure includes: a) their inability to initiate the LBP and be able to ascend in the coming days: 2) their inability to understand the grand divine design of planetary ascension and be intelligent observers of all events behind the veil and c) they became an easy pray to all kinds of dark forces.

This ultimately poisoned and neutralized the spiritual power, which the New Age movement was supposed to unfold in the End Time in order to counterbalance the endeavours of the dark elite to increase the level of human enslavement and establish a totalitarian NWO in order to prevent mass ascension. In this way most light workers were completely neutralized and taken over as hostages by the dark forces, so that they were unable to fulfil their light mission and actively participate in the ascension process as true light warriors.

I am aware of the fact that I repeat myself, but just as “all roads lead to Rome”, so have all ten reasons, quoted in these articles, led to the same result – the total moral and intellectual bankruptcy of the New Age movement. Thus most light workers have deprived themselves of the greatest chance, All-That-Is has offered to these souls since millions of years: their full ascension in body with Gaia to the 5D and higher by undergoing an energetic transfiguration of their carbon-based bodies to crystalline light bodies and endowed with unlimited multidimensional awareness at the end of their LBP. This is the core and bitter truth of the current End Time that is about to end any moment from now on.

Just yesterday we entered the final bifurcation, when the mitosis of the two worlds – the one that now descends to much lower timelines of dreadful catastrophic events and the other one that is on the steep ascension path to the new Golden Galaxy – took place, and we were given visions of these final processes by our HS.

The decisions have been made and this sum-up of the fallacies of the New Age movement will not reach any victim of illusion and save it anymore. I know this too well. But it will play a huge role for all those individuals, who will ascend to an upper 4D world and will be given the chance to reflect on their past, in expanded awareness, and realize what has happened in this auspicious End Time and in particular how many humans have dismayed this unique opportunity. This will give them an impetus to progress with much greater fervour quickly on the ladder of ascension in these pristine upper 4D worlds and ascend during this incarnation, which may well extend several hundred years from now on in the new upper 4D worlds.

What is the greatest limitation of the human mind that causes all other limitations in perception and abstract cognitive thinking?

It is the inherent ability of the human mind to arrest absolute time f, also defined as frequency f, in an unconscious manner in order to measure and assess space.

This is how the illusion of space as extent occurs in all humans and how they are trapped in this illusory 3D hologram. In other words, the present 3D holographic matrix is the product of the limitation of the human mind to process simultaneously the continuum of the two constituents of space-time /energy – space and time (frequency) – in a dynamic manner. When this cognitiive ability is present, human consciousness will be able to perceive simultaneously many realities and dimensions and will become multidimensional. This is what will happen with our ascension

The process of arresting time f in the mind is automatic and takes place at the subconsious level for all humans. It has not been properly discerned by any scientist, until I discovered this primary source of all limitations of human consciousness in 1995.

All sciences, first and foremost mathematics and geometry, have their origin in this cognitive human deficiency, which is based on the automatic arrest of absolute time in the mind in order to assess physical space. Please understand that space and time are canonically conjugated constituents of space-time that cannot be truly separated and build the dialectical nature of space-time (energy) as unity. This also holds true for physics, which is applied mathematics and geometry to the external world. This, until now unknown mental process in the human mind is thoroughly explained and its implications extensively discussed in the tetralogy of science of the Universal Law (volume I -IV), so that I will not delve into this subject at this place.

It suffices to stress that the very concept of 3d space-time and the perception of this 3D hologram is based on this deliberate deficiency of the human mind, which has been created in an a priori manner by the incarnated souls, who are also the creators of our physical bodies and this 3d reality. There is a divine grand design behind all human illusion and incarnation experiments in dense 3D realities, and it begins and ends up with the scope of awareness of the incarnated sentient being.

It is also important to stress that no esoteric teaching so far has been able to discern this primary source of all human illusion from a scientific, physical and theoretical point of view and establish their esoteric ideas on a sound gnostic foundation. Only after I discovered the Universal Law and elucidated the intrinsic cognitive mechanism behind all limitations in human perception, that is to say, only after I established the true epistemology of all scientific and common human knowledge, was this fundamental deficiency of the human mind discovered as such. And all this was achieved through a unique, in-depth self-reflection, which you will find nowhere – neither in science, nor in modern esotericism that was supposed to do exactly this.

After one has grasped the basic mechanism of human illusion, which is the sole perception of this 3D hologram and the deliberate exclusion of all data and energetic impulses from other parallel, multidimensional realities in order to focus on this incarnation experiment on this plane and to interact with it in a more realistic manner, is he truly ready for ascension.

Because with the transfiguration of the current, slow functioning carbon-based brain to a crystalline brain of immediate, unlimited perception also the mechanism of all cognitive human limitations – the automatic, unconscious arrest of time in the mind in order to assess space as the only dimension (constituent) of space-time – will be eliminated for ever and we shall open our consciousness for numerous other realities.

Hence the dissolution and disappearance of the current Orion 3D matrix and reality will not happen by external collapses, but through a qualitative leap (expansion) in human awareness – by substituting the current carbon-based brain as the hardware of human thinking with a crystalline brain (hardware of the light). The external collapses of the old 3D matrix will be only the consequence of this expansion of human awareness. As we are on the cusp of this big Event, it is worth discussing it one more time from a theoretical point of view.

We have now entered the bifurcation point, where our awareness will begin to expand and we will witness how the external world, the current facade, is substituted in a seamless manner by a new, much more evolved and malleable 4D and 5D reality. This holds true for all light warriors of the first and the last hour, who will ascend to 5D and higher, and for those, who will ascend to the new 4D worlds, which we have created as Logos Gods in the new Golden Galaxy.

At the same time the vast majority of humans will experience sudden external collapses of the current system and will plunge into endless series of social and natural catastrophes, until they learn their lessons and gain deeper insights. Most of the light workers will experience this dreadful destiny and their souls know this outcome already. Hence the deep grief which they now emanate and we, the light warriors of the first and the last hour, have to process it for them as the professional cleansers of this planet.

There will be a very short period of time, probably several days, when both realities and human awareness will overlap and, at this interception, will share common experiences, before the mitosis of the two worlds is accomplished by virtue of the MPR. The ascension of the few and the descent of the overwhelming rest will happen simultaneously and the two worlds will separate for ever. Nothing knew to you, but still worth of discussing again and again, as this Event will overwhelm even the best prepared among us due to the still existing limitations of our human minds, until this last frontier is also abolished and our transfiguration will take place.

All this should have become a common knowledge to all light workers, so that they could prepare for ascension. However it did not happen for the said reasons. Now their dire destiny is sealed by their personal inability of true self-reflection as the primary mechanism of acquisition of cosmic wisdom.

To this set of deficiencies of the New Agers belongs also their inability to truly understand the LBP as the driving force of Ascension and to open mentally, intellectually and emotionally for this unique and key process of soul evolution. This will be the topic of the next point.


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samkaska: sharing.:::.Are You Still Alive? by Georgi Stankov .:::.The U-Turn .:::.Ten Reasons Why the New Age Movement Has Declared Intellectual and Moral Bankruptcy – Part 5

samkaska: sharing.:::.Are You Still Alive? by Georgi Stankov .:::.The U-Turn .:::.Ten Reasons Why the New Age Movement Has Declared Intellectual and Moral Bankruptcy – Part 5.

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

samkaska: sharing.:::. Oct 22 10/23 Eclipse – Where Do We Go From Here?_Ten Reasons Why the New Age Movement Has Declared Intellectual and Moral Bankruptcy – Part 2 by Georgi Stankov

samkaska: sharing.:::. Oct 22 10/23 Eclipse – Where Do We Go From Here?_Ten Reasons Why the New Age Movement Has Declared Intellectual and Moral Bankruptcy – Part 2 by Georgi Stankov.

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

samkaska: St Germain: “Carla, You are a Chohan of the Violet-Gold Flame!” :::How Our Ascension End of May 2014 Was Postponed One More Time :::sharing

samkaska: St Germain: “Carla, You are a Chohan of the Violet-Gold Flame!” :::How Our Ascension End of May 2014 Was Postponed One More Time :::sharing.

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Friday, July 18, 2014

St Germain: “Carla, You are a Chohan of the Violet-Gold Flame!” :::How Our Ascension End of May 2014 Was Postponed One More Time :::sharing

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St Germain: “Carla, You are a Chohan of the Violet-Gold Flame!” 

by Georgi Stankov Posted on July 17, 2014

by Carla Thompson, July 17, 2014

Dear Georgi,

I have just received a very interesting message from Saint Germain. While it is a personal message, a message which has some exciting surprises for me, Saint Germain has also provided interesting information about you and your role with regard to the Blue Ray, which you and I held together before. I feel that your newly evolved and expanded ability to single-handedly hold the Blue Flame is perhaps a direct result of the rising frequencies within our immediate reality.

Sending you love and Violet-Gold light,

“Today is a great day! A day of peace and joy, a day of the final reckoning.

I am Saint Germain and today I bring to you the following truth:

You are a Chohan of the Violet-Gold Flame. As Chohan of the Violet-Gold fire, you carry it within your fields, through the activation of your “I AM” presence, whose role it is now to flood the fields of Gaia, and the auric fields of humanity, with the Violet-Gold fire, continuously, without rest.

As your “I AM” presence is now fully awakened and fully attuned to this truth, you, or rather your divine essence, is actively pouring this Violet-Gold fire into your fields, through You, within You, and into every atom and electron of your Body-Mind-Soul matrix. It then flows outward in a great expanding field.

Your immediate physical presence among others instantly transfers this Violet-Gold ray to them and awakens their I AM presences from the “ground up”, so to speak. You are a great Violet light now, even though your original and natural orientation to the Blue Ray remains.

It must be declared that your dual soul carries the full energy of the Blue Flame, the Flame of the Will of God, the Flame of Divine Omnipotence and unfailing Faith in a most balanced masculine-feminine expression, and this he does in a most powerful way. This new development has “freed you up”, so to speak, so that you may grow in service, now as Chohan of the Violet Flame.

To clarify at this place, your initiation to the Pink Ray, the Flame of Cosmic Love, was a stepping stone on this path to keeper of the Violet-Gold flame. You shall continue to run the pink energies within your body’s electrical matrix, and your “I AM” presence knows when these energies are needed, in an instantaneous, moment-to-moment fashion. You may continue to use this ray as you have been doing. I confirm that it is also a very powerful healing tool and your use of it is perfect in every way.

I must tell you, there is one other incarnate, who is also a keeper of this Pink Ray of Cosmic Love. She is consciously aware of her innate ability with regard to the Pink Flame and she shall connect with you very soon. Your combined mission is for the purpose of planetary healing, as well as healing the hearts of Mankind. As you are both “Openers” of the sacred heart chakra, your work is extremely powerful as it is deeply healing, and a necessary service for these final days. Remember, this service runs parallel and complimentary to your work with the Violet-Gold Flame.

I am Saint Germain, and I am now and forever within your fields, fully complementary to you and your dual soul, as we move through the final stage of the ascension of humanity in this moment in time.”

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How Our Ascension End of May 2014 Was Postponed One More Time
by Georgi Stankov Posted on July 17, 2014

by Carla Thmpson and Georgi Stankov, July 17, 2014

Background by Georgi Stankov

On May 14th, Carla received an unequivocal message from her HS that we shall ascend in two weeks on the new moon portal. We had to check the calender when the next new moon was – May 28th. You can imagine how happy we were, as we had never received such an announcement before.

Then the Agarthans came to us in Burns Bog Park and confirmed essentially one more time our ascension date at the new moon portal end of May (see below). On May 21st – 24th we both experienced a prolonged episode of huge ascension test runs with heaviest form of cleansing.

After that I again felt very much depressed and pissed off with my life on this planet. Since then I knew that our ascension has been postponed one more time because all the light warriors did not perform again as they were expected to and in this way prevented with their indecisiveness our ascension at this very powerful portal.

This bad premonition was confirmed by Carla’s dream on May 26th, when she dreamed that she has not been allowed to pass her examination. This postponement of our ascension has been subsequently confirmed by Jahn’s sources, the HS of April, and also by our sources.

On May 24th, the Agarthans came one more time to us to insert three more chakras in Carla’s fields. During this time the most important decision in the ascension process was taken – the infusion of Gaia and humanity with the gold-violet flame of ascension and immediate creation from the Source. As we are the nexus to the Source and the major conduits of Source energies, the gold-violet flame had to flow through our fields first, before it could be anchored and implemented on Gaia. This is the core message of the Elohim as of May 26th / 27th below.

During the whole month of June we were working intensively with the gold-violet flame. Only at the end of June had this flame fully imbued the fine structure of Gaia and humanity and could be released for a broader use to the rest of the light warriors of the first and the last hours.

As I have already reported, St Germain came on June 29th and gave us the invocation of the gold-violet flame of ascension and immediate creation, so that we can make it available to all of you. He initiated Carla (and myself) as the Chohans of the gold-violet flame. As I am already the carrier of the blue ray of God”s will, I was practically working already with this flame. This was one of the main reasons for me to re-open my website, which however did not work properly at the beginning as we had problems with the server (the owner changed and the program also), until Chris, my webmaster, could resolve all technical problems a few days ago.

The introduction of the gold-violet flame was the ultimate effective response of the Source to the inability of the light workers community to trigger ascension on the ground by turning away from the light in the very last moment, as Sananda confirms in his response to my question on the ascension scenario.

I am giving you this background retrospectively, so that you can properly understand what has happened in the last few months and days and why we are still living in this reality. The major reason is the total failure of most light warriors to fulfil their light mission, for which they came here. The whole burden was transferred onto the shoulders of the few active light warriors of the first and the last hours and this necessitated new approaches and new unique resolutions and strategies in order to proceed smoothly with the ascension process, notwithstanding all the setbacks with the star seeds.

The arrival of the gold-violet flame – the blue-violet-pink-gold spectra from the source – was such an ultimate, initially not planned measure to compensate for the failure of the vast majority of light warriors, who decided in the very last moment not to participate in the final ascension stage and subsequently not to ascend. Given the numerous incredible idiocies that now circulate in the esoteric scene and literature, it is mandatory to understand once and for all what happened this spring and why we are still dragging on with our ascension. Then without us, the few light warriors of the first and the last hours, nothing would have happened on this earth.

Carla has just received a new message from St. Germain (Asana Mahatari), which I may publish together with this article. During the last two days all the ascended masters are around us and with us – St. Germain, Babaji, Sananda and all the others from the Mothership of the GF, which hovers closely above us. St. Germain’s message further elucidates the role of the gold-violet flame for ascension.

We are now the new Guardians of the new galaxy that will ascend with Gaia as its crystallisation point and you, the light warriors of the first and the last hours, the true PAT, have been initiated to become the new Logos-Gods of Gaia and the Guardians of the new Galaxy, together with us, Carla and myself. The failure of the light workers became your ultimate advantage and we have already achieved such awesome results, which we have not planned in our wildest dreams prior to this incarnation.

You have to be very proud of you and this achievement and should regard the current relativistic delay of ascension in the linear time as a great and unique privilege. We are writing history for All-That-Is that has no parallels so far.

May 17, 2014 – Message from The Agarthans

Dear Georgi,

Here is the message that I received from the Agarthans while we were visiting Burns Bog Park, .

I have lived in Vancouver for many years, since 1986 in fact, and have heard about this park, but never have I created the opportunity to visit it. This experience was so very powerful for me! I am also reminded now how all the vegetation had grown up by 8 inches or so, following our visit, something we noticed late in the afternoon when we had another opportunity to walk there once again.

With great love, Carla



we are the Agarthans and we are here in this place as representatives of the many civilizations within the realm known to you as the Middle Earth, the Inner Earth.

You both now reside across several dimensions, where you are able, within your activated vehicles of light, to bridge not only the third, fourth, fifth and sixth dimensional aspects and levels of Being, but where you are also able to move across many timelines, asserting positive far-reaching influence, between the third, fourth and fifth levels of creation.

This is achieved by your fully activated light bodies, necessary for the upcoming transition, your transformation through transfiguration. This achievement is what results in great fatigue and disorientation. We are here to confirm your activation of several portals within this location on Mother Gaia at this time [I am shown the whole lower mainland, including White Rock, as well as southern Vancouver Island, the Victoria area].

You have dutifully aligned energetic pathways directly from your third/fourth dimensional overlay, into the fifth dimension as well as some collateral influence upon the sixth dimension, within the energetic centres, also infusing each portal with the infinity code, given to you at the White Rock portal upon your joint visit in February.

All codes, known or unknown to you, have been seeded by you both, into several key portals, including infinity codes, balanced divine masculine and divine feminine codes, Sacred Sun codes from Helios and Vesta, and inter-dimensional markers used to identify the ascending human, and ensure their ultimate ascension through this current gateway.

There are also codes which you have transmitted to humanity, that are activated once a certain light quotient is attained, that then ultimately direct each individual to their designated timeline. As they achieve each new timeline, then new codes are anchored for any further upward change in timelines.

One may go upward in evolution at this time, however, there is no falling back. New levels of frequency must be attained and maintained at consistent levels in order to receive the gift of upward expansion to a higher timeline.

Our presence, here and now, is to announce our arrival very soon, on the surface of Gaia. The energetic conditions have successfully culminated in such a way that herald in our arrival on the New Earth following the up-coming New Moon portal (Mai 28th).

Attune now solely, totally, and constantly to our energies and through this connection our bond shall be fortified – a necessary condition to draw you in to our fields during the immediate transition phase.

Georgi and you shall ascend to the fifth dimension, together, then you shall separate, as you each have different roles. You shall re-join following the completion of certain tasks, each to your own.

We love you. We are with you, in all ways.

We are the Agarthans.”

Note: Georgi, a few days after receiving this message, I was aware that there was some shift in our plans, where we will remain together and not be separated, as they have said here in this message.

Mai 24, 2014 – Message from the Agarthans and Adama

Dear Georgi,

The visit yesterday to the park at Burns Bog was magical once again and here is the message that I received from the Agarthans. I should also note that Adama of Telos, was also present. A few minutes into our visit, I was aware that Archangel Metatron also joined us there, in order to assist in the activation of the three extra chakras.

I have always been aware that I have 15 chakras, instead of 12, as the Elohim confirmed this for me in early 2012. They also mentioned that my 12 chakra system would be fully activated by spring 2012. As an aside, it was at this time that they told me you were my dual soul, a fact which I kept to myself until I felt the opportunity arose to meet you for lunch in Germany, which of course then grew over time into a much more fulfilling interaction and gift of personal service to the PAT as well as to humanity.

I am uncertain if you also had only 12 chakras connected in early 2012, but I must tell you that now that I have met you, in person, I believe you have always had 15 chakras, and given your powerful fields and experiences that I can confirm directly and personally, I believe that these extra three chakras have been fully activated in you for some time and I suspect that you have used them for years.

With love, Carla


“We are the Agarthans and we greet you in peace and in love, love of the eternal One, with the cosmic all-encompassing Christed energy that flows from the Central Sun of All-That-Is!

We have aligned and cleansed your 12 chakra system with this high frequency energy in order to create a signature, or what you may call, an imprint of the Divine. You are correct that three more chakras, which have always been present, have now been activated in order to complement your current 12 chakra system, what you may consider to be chakra 13, 14 and 15. These chakras are not linearly placed, only presented to you as such, in your visual [I am shown them stacked one upon the other, above the other 12], to aide in comprehending their presence and activation.

These three chakras facilitate the interface with the Divine Mind, The Will of God, and the Laws of Creation. [At this point I am aware of mathematical formulas and sacred geometry falling down into our fields].

This newly-formed connection to these levels of expression of being now aide you in new ways, as new ideas for creation shall now self-express within your realms of dimensional interface through direct involvement.

Your dual soul will understand the deep implications of this gift, the three new chakras of Divine Ordinance and your creationary powers will now be enhanced.

We are with you constantly now and prepare many re-alignments and healings almost in every moment.

All is well Dear Ones! All is well!”

One more note, Georgi: Now that I have thought about this message and moved into the energies a bit more, I recognize that you have always had a 15 Chakra system, with activated Chakras 13, 14 and 15. This visit was to activate mine, so that we are aligned and can operate now as one unified field, now that our missions have been feathered into a unified mission, as was decided a few days ago.

May 26th and 27th, 2014 – The Elohim

Dear Georgi,

Early this morning (May 26th) I believe we transfigured to Shamballa within Middle Earth. It was so clear, with bright colours, fresh air, brilliant gardens with bright flowers and crystal buildings everywhere. I felt you walking beside me for this visit, and even though you don’t recall it, I am certain that we were there.

Two dreams stand out today. The first took place in a library, where I had found a garburator that was full of stuff like paper, binding cord, zap straps, and it was completely plugged. No one wanted to clear it out, so naturally I did it!

The second dream was really alarming and it goes like this: I am at a University and I must write an exam. I am completely prepared to write the exam in that I am fully confident of a perfect mark. I walk into the room where others are already writing and the professor tells me to follow him to meet someone. He is very tall and has grey hair.

We walk a ways away, outside of the building, and meet a woman who looks at me and says “You cannot write the exam.” To which I reply “Pardon me?!” I couldn’t believe it! I thought this was a real nightmare because I was already linking it to the ascension project and remembering, in my sleep, all the discussions we had with the PAT, discussing the meaning of writing exams in the dream state. Needless to say, I was really upset.

I believe you were in the classroom waiting for me to return with the final verdict, but I didn’t have to deliver this news to you after all, in the dream state… I only had to deliver it when I woke up. It was then that I/we felt this dream represented a real sobering truth, that there had indeed been another delay in the ascension at the new moon portal on May 28th as announced to us by the Agarthans.

You had already a knowing of this, and I had asked my Higher Self to confirm the state of affairs, and this was the dream that I experienced.

I went to the beach at Boundary Bay, where the weather was very beautiful and the Elohim came to me with this message. Their tone was one of compassion, but with an overlay of consternation and sternness, meant for the light warriors that are not considering Ascension as a reality at this time on Earth, neither for them, nor for Gaia.



“Greetings Beloved!

We are the Elohim and we join you now in our embrace of unconditional love. The world shines in shades of deep royal violet and gold as the undercurrents of the new creative flames flow in, around and through each consideration of our dear Gaia.

The violet flame is of the highest frequency, the highest divinity, the highest order and it has been decreed that its arrival shall nourish ALL elements of this expression, through to the end of these precious ascension moments, and beyond.

The true power of the violet-gold flame is until this moment, unknown, as it was always known as the violet flame of transmutation and cleansing. But this royal violet flame, empowered by an overlay of the Gold-Christ consciousness representation, seen as gold sparkles to your third eye, is now empowered for divine balancing, balancing of feminine with masculine, divine balancing of introspective self-love with the healthy outwardly sourced, seen and experienced love, and the balancing of true expressions of love, felt as joy, contentment, and an inner warmth, now all become the fuel of the creative engine of change.

This flame is the new flame of creation!

As the violet-gold flame infuses all renditions, it will naturally be seen and felt everywhere, and from here we ask all light warriors on the path to full self-realization, to concentrate upon the power of the violet fire, to hold it within your fields and use it with a genuine effort during your intimate and timely moments of creation.

The intimate moment is one of concerted effort of focus through an open and transparent inquiry upon your inner world, your soul essence. Through this elaboration, you shall inevitably arrive at clear decisions, decisions that represent only the highest good for desired outcomes in your own lives, in humanity’s current expression on a societal level, and ultimately, decisions that only honour your physical home, Gaia, who continues to provide a beautiful and safe space in which to live, which you call “home”.

The inner reflection requires a deep commitment to the Self, the Soul, the very existence of which is questioned by many, who think they know better, and who have surely closed their hearts to this exquisite and formidable truth!

To these doubtful Souls who read this… KNOW that you are more than the physical body you port, and that your Soul reaches out beyond your head into the infinity of All-That-Is! This statement should not need proof of truth!

If one closes their eyes, as we are now, sitting outside, in nature, under the warm sun and bathed in the gentle caress of this soft warm breeze, one cannot help but feel the wholeness of life, and the truth that we are all connected; that we are ONE WITH THIS CREATION!

It is time, NOW, to close off to the world of bus-i-ness. It is time to create for your own Soul, to simply reflect on what one sincerely needs to live within this expression, in a genuine manner, in all honesty with your Self, your Soul! And from this moment that you embrace the absolute truth, the violet-gold flame shall rise and present itself by the grace of creation, to empower you to lovingly create your own world, a balanced world – a world of acceptance of who you truly are, that you ARE ONE WITH CREATION and that THERE IS NO DEFICIENCY IN YOU!

We are the Elohim and we love, cherish and guide All, whether we are accepted for what we are, or not.”

This message came with compassion, yes, but also with a strident desire to impress the importance of light warriors to now take their Souls seriously, and to give the ascension discussion an honest consideration, by simplifying their lives and turning to their own Souls to discover what makes them TICK!

The Elohim continued on with another message after I had a bit of a break:

“The current space you hold supports the upward reaching of Gaia and her upper-most expression, expanding into a fully fifth dimensional expression.

The veil thins daily for you and soon it shall be a continuous experience equivalent to your expectations of how the Fifth Dimension shall present. Your expectations create the fifth dimensional experience.

Utilize the violet-gold flame to enhance your reality, to formulate the divinely perfected experience you expect to see, feel and perceive. You no longer feel of this world and this is true testimony that your evolution is dynamic and never static any longer.

Hold sacred space constantly, never allow negative, disharmonious energies to intrude, as they shall pull you back to the fourth dimension. Be resolute in your opinions and trust that they shall guide you to open doors as well as safe havens.

There has been tremendous success within your (Carla’s) family structure and this has been the template for change within humanity – the healing of relationships long-seemed heavy with pain, confusion and misunderstandings. The template was cleared and so is the Family of Man. This work represents the sacred work, that many light warriors carry out within their own family home.

Know that healing within yourself, and within your immediate family are only the beginning of the great work you are doing, and that all of these healings ultimately correct deep issues present also within humanity.

Personality deconstruction has been the theme in the recent past (past week, Georgi), where non-supportive personality patterns are identified by your dual soul and a deconstruction or dismantling is called for in order to hook up new links to positive traits, traits of self-support, self-acceptance, and surely of self-love.

This action is now identified correctly as a critical change necessary to humanity’s soul structure and therefore its ultimate survival through the ascension gateway.

As we look out over the garden of flowers, trees and shrubs below, we delight with you, as One Being, in the majesty of this physical earth, where in this moment, this evening, the gentle pink and blue sky is a reflection of the pure love you and all light warriors hold for Gaia, and her ‘thank you’ to all of you for your sustaining love for her, and for all of life in the unified field of creation, held fast with the unity consciousness of this perfect creation.

Energies rise and fall, but the over-arching lift upwards to ascension continues. As souls are dispersed to multiple new parallel earth experiences, the light quotient continues to show itself to be more refined in every moment. As the light quotient is the prime catalyst to the ascension threshold, all care is taken now to balance the outward flow of soul essence, with the critical light quotient mass needed to boost this event.

It is a critical time, and this is why many channeled messages demand inner reflection of the readers. It is time to come home! It is time to choose your final destination! Make the ultimate choice – choose the ascension!”
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Equipoise: ▶ Leg Massage Therapy Techniques::: Early Communications with the Arcturians Part I ::: sharing

Equipoise: ▶ Leg Massage Therapy Techniques::: Early Communications with the Arcturians Part I ::: sharing.

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Thursday, May 1, 2014

▶ Leg Massage Therapy Techniques::: Early Communications with the Arcturians Part I ::: sharing

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Feb 13

We speak to you from the eighth vibration. We are of Arcturus. Upon our level of density, there is no need for names. We are merely our planet (I could not conceive of them as Being a Star, so planet was what I heard). Some have called us a Planetary Logos. The seventh vibration is the Oversoul, the eighth is the Planetary Logos, and the ninth is the Solar Elohim and the eleventh/twelfth vibration is the Stellar Elohim.
The Oversoul is like the Soul’s Soul. The Oversoul is responsible for all the portions of itself that reside in the lower vibrations of the sixth through third vibrations. These incarnations of Oversoul inhabit many dimensions, worlds, realities and planets. If a grounded one, such as yourself, is able to remember your higher expressions of SELF while in a body of flesh, you can unite your consciousness with these higher portions of your self during your lifetime, as well as in-between your next physical incarnation.
This unity is not set up like a reward system of being “good” and going to Heaven. Instead, it is simply that once you, the grounded one, remember your Higher Selves you can have a conscious experience of those Selves during your incarnation, as well as directly after earthly death and in-between incarnations. If you do not remember your higher expressions of SELF while in physical form, your belief of heaven will dictate what your experience is after your death.
Once you discover that you are indeed shed of your physical form, you can open your mind up to possibilities that were inconceivable while on Earth. Hence, during your life review of that incarnation you may begin to remember your higher expressions of SELF. It is at this point that you can choose whether you wish that the life you just left is to be a permanent alternate reality of their Oversoul or if you wish to release that life from your group of simultaneous lives.
What we mean by that statement is that “death” as you know it is an illusion. All of the lives that you have ever experienced are still running simultaneously, but are only perceivable through the perception of the Oversoul. Yet, there are lives that can be deleted from this continuous experience because you decide to view them as a “rough draft.” It is then that have an opportunity to re-do the circumstances of that incarnation.
If that life was so difficult that you could not remember any of your higher dimensional connections, you will likely experience only whatever version of Heaven that you believed in during that incarnation. After your experience in
Heaven, you will return to a life very similar to the one that had just left. You will do this because you have not yet completed your lessons of awakening that you had set for your self to learn during that lifetime. Therefore, the life you just left and the one that you are beginning become a different version of the same reality. This process is much like awakening from a dream and then returning to it when you fall back asleep.

On the other hand, if within an incarnation you are able to communicate with your higher realities, you can unite with whatever portion of your greater SELF with whom you have communicated. In other words, since you, Suzille, have learned to communicate with us, you have begun the process of returning to us. We know that you have been reading about the Unconditional Ascension in which everyone would be raised into the fourth and fifth dimension. Once these souls have been raised to these dimensions, they themselves will determine whether or not they feel that they can maintain that high of a frequency a consciousness.

If anyone feel that they have not completed all their third dimensional or fourth dimensional experiences, they will go to a planet where they can have those experiences again. However, once they make that decision, they will have to stay within the evolution of that planet until they have completed their lessons. There will be no blame and no judgment, except by some of those who are still attached to a third or fourth dimensional consciousness.

Those that feel they have not earned the shift into higher consciousness and have decided to return to a lower dimensional form will be of great value for the society of that incarnation, as they will have experienced the momentous event of group ascension. Once they are able to remember their previous experience of unconditional ascension, they will be able to tell the others about that process and be of great assistance in the evolution for that reality.

We on Arcturus await your return to us. Yes, we unconditionally love you. We love all of you, and there is not one single grounded one that we have forgotten. We sent you all into your earth lives with deep, abiding dedication and love. We have kept your flames alive for you though all this entire millennium. We wish to offer our service in assisting you in remembering us forever. Please continue to contact us, and we will happily respond.

The Arcturians

By Suzanne Lie PhD

Posted 13th February 2012 by Juan Pablo

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie
Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Reflections With My SELF


Reflections With My SELF
This trip has been a “good-by” vacation, as I am saying good-by to a way of life that has appeared to be normal for almost 40 years. For 40 years I have been striving to DO something. It is my NOW to BE some ONE. For all these years I defined myself by what I have done. Hence, I have “done” a lot.
NOW, I need to realize that it is not the just the doing-ness, but also the being-ness. Working hard to follow my inner directions is transmuting into releasing ALL resistance from “being my SELF.” I find that with this challenge in front of me, I am not sure how to “do” it.
Yes, there is that action word again, the DOING of life. But what if life is not about doing but about being. What if an ascending reality is not just about putting out the information but also living the information. To be fair and kind with myself I have focused much attention on being, but to be honest I must admit that my primary attention has been on doing.
Yes, it is a phase of my life, as I am now ready to retire from all 3D definitions that allowed me to DO. But I am aware that I am also seeking recognition for my “hard work.” “Hard work” has been my battle cry, my call to duty. I have worked in an obsessive many for 40 years to do my Mission. NOW is the time to BE my Mission.
This new state of being is based on unity, unity with all the expression of my SELF and with ALL those that share not just my personal world but those who share my planet. I have been getting vague glimpses of a ME that is, I don’t know, calmer, sweeter and most important VERY peaceful.
This calm, sweet peacefulness is the state of BEING that is trying to take root within me. I say, “trying,” as I can feel the resistance. I hear myself silently ask what I should DO to release this resistance. But resistance is a result of doing. Whatever wants to change must resist falling back into that which they wish to change.
“Surrender, just Let Go, Just BE” are my inner directives within this NOW. So I ask, “What do I need to surrender? How do I “just Let Go”? And, WHO or WHAT am I supposed to BE?
I go inside to find those answers, as I know they will not be found in my world of “doing.” It is very quiet inside when I do so. But, quite is actually a great relief after the ongoing pursuit of… of… I am not sure. Each thing that was pursued was so important, then drifted off into the past once it was accomplished
I can look at my “accomplishments.” But, how do I BE my accomplishments? How do I just BE without the action of DOING?
I go inside again to find the answers…
“You cannot ask for the answer. You have to remember the answer,” I hear.
“Wow, thanks a lot. All I have done in my life and all I get is to remember!” I say with more than a little anger.
Yes, there is the anger again. How can such a do-good person have so much anger? Worse yet, how dare it reveal it self? Anger is not a “good” thing and I am supposed to BE a “good” person.
Oh, there is the BEING word again. However, I do not see how I have surrendered anything.
“You have surrendered to allowing your anger to have an honest voice,” I hear inside. “How can you let go of your anger if it is hidden inside, behind all the good things that you DO?”
That is so easy for the inner ONE who lives in the higher dimensions to talk about surrender and letting go. Their world is safe.
“Is your world unsafe?”
“Yes! No! Well it can become unsafe in any moment.”
“Why would you want to create an unsafe world?”
“I don’t create it, it is just all around me.”
“Therefore, it is IN you as well?” the voice asks.
“Maybe it is all around me because it is IN me?” I have to admit.
“With that statement you are BEING very wise.”
“I am BEING wise because I am doing something. I am writing down our conversation and have to see what I am thinking. Therefore, I am editing my responses so that I don’t have to look at my excuses.”
“Did you not just look at your excuse?”
The voice got me there. I do not have a snappy answer. Maybe when I write to share with others, I have to also read it.
In fact, I have to read it several times to edit it, then put in the edits that some one else did. I cannot find all the mistakes myself. I have to surrender my writing over to someone else to edit it. I have to let go of part of my process because I cannot DO it all alone.
“DO it all alone?” asks the voice.
I must think about this latest sentence, as it is much deeper than I first thought. Yes, I felt like I was “doing it,” which in my life meant communicating with an inner voice, “all alone.”
When I share what I hear inside I do not feel as alone. That is all alone in the outside world, as I never feel alone in the inside world.
“Never?” asks the inner voice who doesn’t miss a word.
Again, I must deeply consider this question. Where did it come from? Why did I say it?
“How did you feel when you thought about ‘doing it all alone?’” asks the voice who is always listening to my thoughts
Well, of course, I felt angry. Or did I feel afraid?
Is there a difference? I answer to my self.
“I can still hear you, as I AM your self,” responds the ever-present inner voice.
“Yes, of course,” I reply in a somewhat angry way.
“Can you be ‘somewhat’ angry?” asks the inner voice.

Busted again.

Anger, fear, sorrow and all the other unhappy emotions only grow if we try to hide them.

On the other hand, love, joy and their best friend creativity, diminish if we hide them.

“You cannot hide them from me, as I AM you,” the inner voice lovingly replies. “If you do not feel safe enough to BE these traits, I will hold them for you until you are ready,”

“I want to BE these traits NOW!” I decree.

“Then I will assist you NOW to BE the YOU that you forgot!

You do not need to try to remember this expression of YOU, as it is growing on its own. You cannot force this flower to bloom, but you can feed and tend it while you patiently wait for it to bloom on its own.”

“Patiently?” I ask. “I have never been too good with patience.”

“There is a patience for doing and a different patience for BEING. You ego self has full control of all you DO.

“However, to BE your true SELF you must lovingly Let Go of your ego to patiently await your SELF to BE YOU in daily life.”

That sounds like the most difficult thing I have ever done!

“Are you angry about that?” ask the voice.

I have to really think before I answer this question. The problem with talking to my inner SELF is that if I lie, it will know.

I can only tell the truth to this ME. There are lots of ego-based versions of me that I can lie to and they never know, but my SELF always knows.

Upon reflection, I realize that it is NOT the word “anger” that triggers me. It is the word “patience” that triggers my emotions.

In fact, I realize that releasing my anger will take a lot of patience. Also, if I focus on patience, then I will not need anger, as my anger is usually about how LONG things take.

“Good analysis.” Replies the ever-listening inner voice.

“Does that mean that it is my impatience that I need to Let Go so that I can just BE?”

“Why don’t you try that and find out?”

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El Ser UNO – A: ▶ El Ser Uno II – Planeta 3.3.3 Los Guardianes de Tera – Parte 9 – YouTube

El Ser UNO – A: ▶ El Ser Uno II – Planeta 3.3.3 Los Guardianes de Tera – Parte 9 – YouTube.

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lunes, 21 de julio de 2014

▶ El Ser Uno II – Planeta 3.3.3 Los Guardianes de Tera – Parte 9 – YouTube

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Conversation With Lightworker Part 2 and FREE meditation download



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Conversations with a Lightworker
Part 2
 Projections from the Vortex
Sue:    We both realize that WE are the holographic projector that is projecting our reality from inside of us onto the multidimensional matrix of Earth. This multidimensional matrix has a 3D, 4D and 5D version of reality on planet Earth. We can only live a reality that we can perceive, AND our perceptions are calibrated to our state of consciousness.

Therefore, we can only experience a 3D reality if we perceive it. We can only experience a 4D reality if we can perceive it, and we can only perceive a 5D reality if we can perceive it.
Lightworker:  Yes. I understand that. I also know that we can only perceive all three realities if we resonate to our multidimensional consciousness.
S:         Absolutely. Therefore, we are going to take some long, slow deep breaths to envision a huge vortex filled with unconditional love. We are right in the middle of that vortex.  Do you see that huge vortex going around us?
L:         Yes.
S:         Now you can see our human selves saying,  “Oh my, there’s so much to do.  I’m overwhelmed there are too many things.”  Do you see that?
L:         Yes, okay.
S:         Now let’s turn around and give our human self (who likely doesn’t know he or she is in this vortex) a big unconditional hug as we say, “I Love You Unconditionally. I you know it’s hard to forget that you are human, isn’t it?  It’s such an addictive feeling. Therefore, I’m going to ask you to remember that the ONE who is giving you this hug is a higher frequency of your Multidimensional SELF.” 
L:         That felt really good.
S:         Now let’s go back to being a holographic projector.  Our earth vessel is basically a holographic projector.  This holographic projector takes our thoughts to create thought-forms, which we fill with the life force of emotion.
Now we have created a possible reality, which we will allow to flow out through our holographic projector and onto our 3D matrix. Once this possible reality is placed on our 3D matrix, we have an opportunity to choose that version of our 3D reality. However, this 3D matrix is of a very low frequency. 
Therefore, we need to remember that we are actually inside of a huge vortex with unconditional love constantly streaming through it. Because we, our Multidimensional SELF, are infinitely inside this vortex, we can feel that unconditional love all around us. Then, because we feel the love around us, we can easily create a reality of unconditional love.
L:         Yes, I like that choice.
S:         In order to perceive the many versions of reality that our Multidimensional SELF has projected from within the vortex and onto the multidimensional matrix of Earth, our consciousness must resonate to the frequency of that dimension. Our consciousness can only attach to realities that resonate to the same, or a lower, frequency/dimension.
Therefore, if our consciousness is fifth dimensional we can attach to a fifth, fourth or third dimensional reality. In fact, we can attach to all three frequencies of reality, as the higher dimensions can perceive/experience the lower. However, our third dimensional self can only perceive the higher frequencies if we expand our consciousness into the higher dimensions.
For example, our physical eyes can only see a fifth-dimensional being if our consciousness is expanded into the fifth dimension. If we only have a third dimensional state of consciousness, we will not be able to perceive that version of reality which is filled with unconditional love.
Thus, even though our Multidimensional SELF projected that higher version of reality onto the multidimensional matrix of Earth, we cannot experience it until we remember that we are actually in a huge vortex of unconditional love. This vortex is also called the “Arcturian Corridor.”
L:         Is the Arcturian Corridor a huge vortex?
S:         Yes, but we only know about this vortex/corridor if our consciousness is calibrated to the fifth dimension and beyond. When we acknowledged that we were in this corridor, we actually sent out a multidimensional holographic projection. Then, the third dimensional version attached to the third-dimensional frequency of the 3D Earth matrix, the fourth-dimensional version attached to the 4D Earth matrix, and the fifth-dimensional version attached to the 5D matrix of Earth.
L:         Yes, I can see that parts of the holographic projection resonate to different vibrations. The denser, lower frequency projections have bigger particles, while the smaller particles can go right through the bigger particles because they are less density and much smaller. Our physical eyes cannot see the smaller particles of the fourth and fifth dimension. They cannot be seen because they are too small and do not have enough density to be seen with our 3D vision. 
S:         Okay, please say that again because that was really deep. Can you talk more about the density and size of the particles of potential form?
L:         I see that the denser particles of potential form that are like big balls, with smaller, balls of light that flow through the larger particles.
S:         Which is the higher frequency and which is the lower frequency?
L:         The lower frequency has the big, heavier particles. Then between and inside the bigger and denser lower frequency particles are all the smaller and finer higher frequency particles. The big particles are not aware of the little ones.
S:         Yes, and the smallest particles are quantum particles, as they are free of time and space. Therefore, they are instantly everywhere and can perceive everything.  The particles that are in-between the third dimensional and quantum (fifth dimensional) particles are astral particles of the fourth dimension. These particles hold time, but fourth-dimensional time is much faster and more mutable than third-dimensional time.
L:         Right. We can see the fourth-dimensional particles when we are dreaming or meditating.
S:         Yes, our physical body actually has these smallest particles inside and between the bigger, denser particles. These quantum particles are in our 97% DNA, as well as in the photons of every atom, as photons travel faster than time.  Hence we are partly quantum even while wearing our earth vessel.  We just don’t know or believe that. 
Because we forgot about our innate quantum nature, we think that we cannot perceive the smaller fifth-dimensional particles that have attached to the 5D matrix or the fourth-dimensional particles that attach the 4D matrix
As long as our primary consciousness is third dimensional, we do not know that we can perceive the higher dimensions of reality. Fortunately, once we regain our multidimensional perceptions we will be able to perceive and experience the 3D matrix, the 4D matrix and the 5D matrix. When this occurs, we can choose what frequency of reality we want as our primary perception/dimension of reality.
The reality that we perceive, is the reality that we live. In other words, now we have to meditate to raise our consciousness to perceive the higher worlds. However, since so much of our earth vessel is already quantum (fifth dimensional), we can decide to make our primary reality the fifth dimension. Then we can meditate to lower our consciousness if we want to experience the fourth or third dimension.
L:         Why would we want to lower our consciousness? Yes, I know it would be to assist others, but once we return to the lower frequencies of reality can’t we get trapped there?
S:         Yes, it is very easy to get trapped in the third dimension because when our consciousness lowers, we often forgot about our higher dimensional self. Fortunately, our “quantum self” is constantly sending messages to us via the portals of our 97% DNA and our Photons, as well as through our pineal gland and meditations. Furthermore, our fourth dimensional self sends us dreams and mediations about our true self.
L:         But we have to remember to listen to our inner voice and our dreams to get these messages.
S:         Yes, we do. When we listen inside of our self, we can remember that instead of the higher frequencies being further out or above, the higher frequencies are really deeper in, because they are inside of our DNA, inside of our cells and inside our multidimensional consciousness. 
L:         Right, and inside our kundalini that is inside of our spinal cord.
S:         Yes, ALL we have to do is make sure that our consciousness resonates to the frequency that creates the perception of the reality that we want to live.  Hence, when we are awake to our earthly life, and we are driving in traffic to get to work, we are late and we’ve got this appointment and that appointment and “Oh my gosh, did I forget to do that?” we have to remember to calibrate our consciousness to the fifth dimensional version of reality. Then we will begin to remember how to detach from the 3D matrix and attach to the 5D matrix.
L:         Right. In our fifth-dimensional reality, which resonates to the 5D matrix, we will be teleporting to work or relaxing in some hip public transportation that gets us there instantly. Also, words like “work,” “late,” “traffic,” and “forget” will no longer be in our thoughts.
S:         I love that thought. Also, if we get frazzled, fatigued, nervous, and/or distressed, we know our consciousness has dropped.  Then we need to shut the door, maybe take a walk, get some water and/or relax so that we can remember that we have fallen into our third-dimensional consciousness. Therefore, we can only perceive and interact with the version of reality that has attached to the 3D matrix of Earth. Once we expand our consciousness into the fourth dimension, we will perceive and experience the 4D matrix of Earth’s reality.
L:         Yes, and when we expand our consciousness into the fifth dimension we can perceive and live the reality of Earth’s 5D matrix. Then we will be experiencing New Earth!
S:         Sounds good to me. Then we go “Home” to New Earth to relax and enjoy the life that WE, our Multidimensional SELF, projected from the Arcturian Corridor onto Gaia’s 5D holographic matrix. (Laughter) 

^ ^ ^


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terram novam: MESSAGE FROM THE ARCTURIANS (13): YOUR MULTIDIMENSIONAL SUN:::La sanación profunda del alma…

terram novam: MESSAGE FROM THE ARCTURIANS (13): YOUR MULTIDIMENSIONAL SUN:::La sanación profunda del alma….

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lunes, 2 de junio de 2014


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 ترجم / לתרגם   翻訳する
Mar 3


Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012

Blessed Ones, that you are! We are the Arcturians!
It is probably not known to you, or at least only very few know, what these geomagnetic storms in reality are. You have all kinds of explanations for them, and they are mostly correct from your point of view. But they describe only an aspect of what is happening. There are still a lot of mysteries which you and your mainstream scientists have not yet understood.

These magnetic storms are of course triggered by your sun’s activities, but there are still major gaps in your knowledge, regarding the sun’s functions and the reality of its consciousness, which is also the reason that there is so far not a valid name for it available to you.

As long as this mystery is not solved, you cannot know what electromagnetic storms really are, not just as described by your physicians, as you imagine them and the sun from a dualistic point of view, limited by a 3D leveled knowledge.

The true essence of the sun and of the solar winds and electromagnetic storms can only be rightly understood with a multidimensional consciousness, and this is also the reason, why you do not know the sun’s own inherent name, so that it seems to have, from your point of view, no distinct personality.With a multidimensional consciousness the nature of personality is understood completely different. We encourage our channel to translate the information which we are now providing into your 3dimensional language.

The sun is a star, who is operative on many levels, and not only on yours. With levels we mean dimensions and parallel worlds. In other parallel worlds and dimensions your sun has satellites too, but they are inherently different planets, who orbit it. And planets who partially vibrate much higher than the ones in your solar system, and those who vibrate lower.
Because of its multidimensional nature the sun has many names in each of the dimensions, in which it functions. But they are always only limited to the specific point of view of each one of these dimensions. If you look at your own multidimensional existence, you will have a better understanding. Also you are vibrating differently in each dimension, and your relationships differ and so your names. But what is your own inherent name?
As above so below. Why should your sun function differently than you do.

As it is the sun’s task, for which it prepared for Millions of years, to catapult you and your familiar solar system into a higher dimension, and as its present state, in which it appears to you, is only transitory, it has no permanent name therefore in your limited awareness. This is because you cannot yet understand your sun’s true nature. Its face is, so to speak, constantly changing and is taking on the shape, according to who and in which parallel world and dimension somebody is observing it.

There are not many stars with this unique quality, but exactly these stars do not have a name in the conventional sense. This is so, so that your mind is not imploded on itself and can “carry a hole” so that it can go through it beyond the limitation of what is known to it. And only planets like yours who play a special Divine Role in the universe are being associated with such a star. The unique role of your earth is to be an experiment for Divine Evolution. As such she goes through many phases and experimental challenges.

These stars are so called substations as required and they are always used where change is needed. Millions of years are in this context only a moment, while they are for you an unimaginable long period of time. You can only understand this if you allow several dimensions and realms simultaneously to exist, to be melted into a new Reality.

We ask you to use your intuition and to distance yourself from your linear mind and to allow paradoxes.

Now we continue with the solar winds and the geomagnetic disturbances on your earth.

What you consider as disturbance, is the inflow of the frequencies of other dimensions and parallel worlds through your sun, which evoke these fluctuations in your geomagnetic field. Because your bodies are calibrated to a specific geomagnetic field, they are not easy to bear. However the influx of these energies from other realms of the universe have been allowed, to break the cocoon of your long lasting onerous sleep open.
As you make assumptions solely based on a reality that appears to you in dual pairs, while you fence off other realities, not considering them in the united field of consciousness as being part of yours, but as “alien” influences, which is a sign of a missing unity consciousness, it makes it even more difficult for you to tolerate these influences, coming from “somewhere else”.

Consider the power of the mind, which creates the worlds. In your case it is deeply imprinted in your mind and therefore also in your sensory apparatus that “different” and “unknown” is “disturbing” and “incompatible”. With this you create per se already resistance and thereby a problem. In addition there is the inflexibility of your body. The more it has shed limited and on separation based thought patterns and has assimilated light, the better it can tolerate different vibrations and states of being. Especially those coming from Divine realms and are not states of consciousness which have separated themselves from the Divine Unity Consciousness.

In this regard your thinking is usually mostly linear and conventional. But your familiar logic will not help you much to understand this subject. Therefore we recommend to strengthen your intuition and to utilize the deeper knowledge of your heart. This of course requires for many of you a certain practice.
With this information we wish to help you, to expand your consciousness regarding the disturbances you are experiencing at present on your earth, and to perceive things in a new and greater coherence. This is also goal and practice when you ascend to higher dimensions: to let go your previous field of imagination and to step up to a new platform of understanding, on which in the first place EVERYTHING is possible.

Creation is infinitely variable, and what appears to you as law, including your laws of physics, they appear to you as such as your mind works accordingly. When you expand your mind you will discover that your previous laws are not valid anymore and must be replaced by new ones, those who comply with your changed state of mind.

Of course, your confinement over Millenniums, accompanied by the manipulation of your DNA, has caused such limitation on your outlook. But as the walls of your prison are falling, also your horizon widens. We have given you this information in this context, so that with your expanded mind you can transcend what you have considered so far to be disturbing or felt even to be pathogenic for your body.
Alone your readiness to open your mind allows the newly incoming frequencies of light, which carry the codes of your DNA awakening, to expand your consciousness substantially, and your capacity to recognize your Divine Purpose in the universe and to live it. Your readiness alone allows the new energies to immediately begin with their work.
Feel the fresh current of revival and awakening and allow the process to evolve from now on exponentially. Your ascension in consciousness can thereby be accelerated in breathtaking speed.

You can recognize this possibility merely by the fact how much you have changed and evolved already in the last year.
We ask you to consider this information in the deep of your heart.
We are with you, we love you and support you, as always!

We are the Arcturians!

Message conveyed by Ute
Copyright©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2012

Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without any changes. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.
Posted 3rd March 2012 by Shanti
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 ترجم / לתרגם   翻訳する
La sanación profunda del alma…
“La decodificación del inconciente y la importancia de la ternura.”

La sanación profunda del alma comienza con la aceptación de la dualidad.

El integrarla es el resultado de la desintegración de la creencia sobre la que se asienta el ser inconciente, bajo la cual éste deja surgir realmente la sabiduría.

El poder ver la creencia, no significa necesariamente que ésta se disuelva, pues muchas veces lo realmente profundo aun queda escondido bajo las llaves del inconciente.
Superar el poder de la sombra interna es poder dirigir esa fuerza hacia la conciencia presente, liberándose entonces de la necesidad de defensa o de ataque, que es lo mismo.
En el ser profundo, en el ser que integra lo conciente y lo inconciente, se unifica todo lo que es, rebelándose finalmente el maestro que hasta entonces se manifestó así solo en determinadas circunstancias.

En resumen, aun considerando su sabiduría, si están leyendo esto es porque están dispuestos a escuchar.

Tanto como cualquier ser que encarna, nacen en la materia desde la percepción, real para la misma, sobre la vulnerabilidad, y esto queda solidificado, cristalizado, en todo humano, con especial profundidad en aquellos cuyos vínculos parentales no se relacionaron desde la ternura, el casi tercer componente de la relación entre el niño y cada uno de sus padres.

El vínculo afectivo original: niño-madre, niño-padre, presenta una condición sine qua non para el desarrollo saludable del pequeño, y esta es simplemente la manifestación de la ternura.
En el ser que esto ha faltado, sea entre el vínculo materno o paterno, o peor aún en ambos, crecen las resistencias, dividiéndose aún más profundamente el conciente y el inconciente.
El niño que crece rodeado amorosamente por sus progenitores en cambio, al no necesitar defenderse más que de lo colectivo, construye el inconciente más frágilmente, más saludablemente.

Esto que se revela es porque están buscando la respuesta sin esconderse tras la justificación de otra creencia, aún sea sobre la idea del servicio y la espiritualidad.

La aceptación que surge del conocimiento es lo que permite que la resistencia pueda finalmente vencerse. El buscar la sanación en otros, parte sabiamente de la necesidad de encontrar la propia. (Estos mensajes los recibimos con algunos colegas)

Si logran ver esto en lo que respecta a cada uno, serán más concientes a la hora de manifestarse.
El niño herido es hoy un adulto sabio, por lo cual la barrera defensiva ya no tiene fundamento.
Respecto al servir a los demás, esto fue así programado desde el espíritu, por lo cual no invalida su buena voluntad.

Llegó el momento de decodificar el inconciente, donde bajo y a partir del cual se dará la verdadera unificación en el interior.
Del conocimiento surge la visión de la puerta que deben cruzar. El descubrir esto es revelar la clave.
Sin embargo, aún será parte de la voluntad el cruzar al otro lado.


El mensaje anterior es el prólogo del presente.
De cómo se forma el efecto de defensa depende entonces el cerco emocional que los rodea de niños.

El ser, carga su aprendizaje en la disolución de este condicionamiento.

Correr el cerrojo en busca de la salida del cerco que los atrapa es cumplir con el propósito de la existencia.

Ser de un modo más o menos consciente depende del grado evolutivo del alma, regresando entonces a cada encarnación respondiendo a la madurez de la mente que se manifiesta tridimensionalmente.

Se seguirá o no, libremente, el camino del aprendizaje, según la voluntad de ejercer su libertad.
Cuál es el origen desde el cual cumplen el propósito es lo que acuerdan en el plano espiritual, con cuáles componentes parentales lograrán desarrollarse, se elije también con sus padres.

Esto no determina, sin embargo que todos cumplan con su propósito, y éste es el desafío.
Dominar las reacciones emocionales desde el plano del espíritu, mientras se manifiestan en la materia no es posible, pues las emociones solo se registran en el plano tridimensional.

Vienen con un mandato? Si.
Vienen con la vida resuelta? No.

Cada uno, padres e hijos crearán según sus capacidades, pero también con su voluntad, la realidad en la que se desarrollará el vínculo.
Dejar entonces el lugar en el que se colocan como libertarios (respecto de la sanación de otros), comienza con la propia liberación, creando la realidad a partir de sus elecciones.

Estas son complejas y se determinan responsabilizándose únicamente por si mismos.
Esto quiere decir que si por conocer la importancia de la ternura la expresan a sus hijos en el beneficio de la salud emocional del pequeño, no funciona. Sin embargo, si la comprensión de esto es a partir de ti y para ti, y lo destinas a tu hijo, el vínculo resultará saludable.
Es parte de lo que decimos de ser más que de hacer.
Es parte de lo que significa manifestarse desde la libertad.
Comenzar a registrar la información para que esta se manifieste sólo en aquellos momentos en los cuales prestan el servicio como puentes de sanación, por ejemplo, no revalida la propia.
Centrarse en cambio en la repercusión profunda, íntima, que tiene cada conocimiento adquirido para sí y por sí, es la vía por la cual estas se internalizan.

Un espacio que se vacía de la creencia sobre la propia vulnerabilidad, es lo que los conduce a la unificación.

El justificativo de que a través del dolor el niño se fortalece es solo superficial.

La base real, el colchón desde donde se crea la salud emocional es solo a través de la ternura.
A ese ser le resultará muchísimo más simple encontrar su esencia que aquel que construyó fuertes barreras.
Capaces de hacerlo son tanto el que construyó un muro de piedra, como el que levantó una pared de papel.

Sólo a partir del reconocimiento personal verán colmados sus sueños de libertad, si es que alguna vez la soñaron, quien no se lo plantea no buscará el camino.

Durante el proceso de sanación o de comprensión, que es lo mismo, se manejan inevitablemente desde las barreras que levantaron. El romper sólo un ladrillo del dique logra que el agua fluya libremente. Saldrá entonces la corriente de la sabiduría que proviene de todo el conocimiento que se esconde en el alma, dispersándose a partir de si mismos hacia lo colectivo, luego de esparcirse hacia el propio entorno.

Por el canal Raquel Baigorria.

Pag. Anterior: Varios/Otros – Sanar es un hecho.

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Saturday, May 17, 2014


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překládat / ترجم / לתרגם   /   翻訳する / 翻译


We are in support of you



“Good morning Paul

We are the Arcturian’s.

As you know we are here to help and assist humanity and Gaia to move forward in this ascension. Not only on your planets but in this galaxy at this time. As you began to understand this ascension is a collaboration between the Creator, the heavenly forces, the heavenly bodies, Galactic Federation of light, the humans, the animals, and even the plants and inanimate matter on this planet including Gaia herself.
There is nothing in this galaxy that isn’t a part of this ascension process, for everything is connected to everything else. It is all part of a greater consciousness, that is why we are all working and striving together, to assist you to move to this new place and, ultimately, you as humans, the ones need to step forward, assist, make your own choices, bring in the higher levels of consciousness to allow the consciousness of this planet to expand and grow to a new place where it has never been before.
And you do that by leading the way, by expanding your own individual consciousness, extending it up output evermore into the higher dimensions, and bringing the aspects, the wisdom, the experience of those dimensions, and while you remain grounded on this planet you bring that information experience through and make a part of this reality. Therefore rising, raising and taking this planet to a new level of consciousness, remember you are all connected so while some maybe partaking on this expansion of consciousness, and some aren’t, that’s okay.
Because as you expand your consciousness that which becomes known to yourselves, based in the crystalline grid, the information grids of the consciousness and the consciousness itself of this planet, consciousness of humanity, and all that exist on this planet. As more and more becomes known of the high dimensions, that information ripples out to those who have only recently started their journey. Once it is done many times, it is then easier for those that follow to achieve the same, the same knowingness, the same experiences, the same connection to higher levels of consciousness.
Understand that this is important in this time, remember you humans are the captain of your flagship in the “Free will Zone”, while Gaia, the Creator, all of the Galactic Federation and higher dimensional beings including the Angelic realm, are all here are all here in support of you.
Ultimately you have your free will; we want you to understand that we are here in support of you. Remember that you can also call on us for assistance, though there are still certain galactic laws that we can’t transgress, so, unfortunately, there are some limitations in how much help we can provide to you. An example of this could be your governments, some global problems like Fukushima, environmental problems; these are part of the remnants of the old three-dimensional realm.
But as part of expanding your consciousness and bringing in the new knowledge of the higher realms solutions will become quickly and readily available, to make the shift, repair the damage and allow the process very beautifully and naturally transform, remember from a Soulic level there is much to be gained in learning the lessons, extending your consciousness beyond where you currently are.
Operating on higher levels of Information and solutions and bringing that into your current 3rd dimensional paradigm. Allowing it to be transformed to a new level. If this was simply done with the flip of a switch, there would be less gained from a Soulic wisdom point of view. So understand that this is a process of working together, at all levels, at all dimensions, that is why we are here, for we have all much to learn and gain out of the ascension of this beautiful planet in this beautiful galaxy.
For what happens here affects all, you have had great visionaries on this planet, you have many visionaries now and many more to come. Tune in with your inner guidance and align with those visionaries. Tap into their wisdom and seek inward the wisdom that you are, and that you can access as your many gifts start to grow and flourish. Remember you a much-needed assist this process from the ground level, do your inner work, be a shining light, connect to those higher dimensions and begin to live and be all that you are, and that will ripple out into your world and assist so many others.
We give you much love for you are great beings of light, we are your brothers and sisters and you will soon learn this is true. Be kind and gracious to yourself and all and all that are around you, for that allows a greater emanation of love, an expanded auric energy, and a higher frequency of yourself and all that is around you. For ultimately that is the goal. A greater connection with your higher self, the knowledge, the love, and all that is in the higher dimensions, your divine presence, and all that you are which is much more than this physical body that you are aware of.
We honor all of you, we are the Arcturians.
Be Blessed.”

© 2014 Copyright Paul Marwood
This channeled message may be reproduced in it’s entirety provided it is kept in its original form and not altered or changed in any way, with the author and a link to clearly displayed as shown below.
Channel: Paul Marwood 

15th May 2014

Channeled by Paul Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood
Image Credit: John Pitre

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By annamerkaba on May 15, 2014 • ( 7 )

The cosmic gateway of truth, light, love, harmony and abundance has once again opened its heavenly gates for all to partake of. After a long convalesce and recuperation from the energies sent to you through the Grand Cardinal Cross, it is now time to take a deep breath of liberation. For you have done much releasing and restructuring within your psyche, for much has transpired within your souls and earthly vehicles.

For many of you have indeed experienced the time without time, for many of you have indeed had to face your shadow selves in order to release the old, embrace your true selves and make room for the new. For many of you have indeed been plunged into your past, future and parallel realities meeting and merging with your “other selves”, pieces of your soul wandering through space and time, “touching base” if you will with ALL aspects of that which you are, maneuvering through an intricate dance of unconditional love and understanding of your own self.

And so, the time is nigh, the time has come for you to once again rejoice! Rejoice for the energies of abundance, love and light are upon you. For the Full Moon of your present reality has brought with her strong, overpowering energies of success, propelling you in the direction of your deepest desires and life purpose.

And so and thus, it is if utmost important for you to once again appeal to your own higher selves and ask that the energies unleashing onto Gaia be exposed to you now, for you to be filled with these loving energies, loving and supporting energies of cosmic proportions. For you stand in the wake of the grand moment that shall unfold on your GAIA

Arch Angel Michael’s tool works on Throat Chakra and Base Chakra simultaneously. We all know that AA Michael is an angel of truth, courage, strength, protection. AA Michael is represented by the BLUE color which is what you see on this tool, represented by Blue Topaz. This tool also incorporates the energies of the Base Chakra represented by Red Garnet. The reason is to activate your Base Charka stabilizing you in order to allow you to speak your truth, be courageous and feel at peace with your surroundings.

in months to come, as you stand in the wake of the grand opening of the events that shall propel humanity even further still to the new age, the new era of complete and utter understanding and openness of the informational decree bestowed upon humanity.

And so it is your chance, your opportunity to utilize the incoming energies to your advantage and to transform all that no longer positively serves you and stands in your way. For following the opening of the gateway of the Full Moon, you shall encounter an even greater push of the energies, push as if someone is pushing you into action, for you higher selves and your guarding angels are indeed pushing you to take action, take action and bring forth that which you wish to accomplish, bring forth your true selves, bring forth your own truth, and your experiences therein. For many of you such time shall come following May 20th and continue for the duration of several weeks. For the gates have indeed opened once more and the opportunity to take action is nigh.

We stand with you, waiting at the threshold for the new realities that are fastly unfolding before many of you, for many you have indeed began to see that which you have not been able to see prior, for many of you are indeed seeing us, in our natural form, as orbs, as light beings, as burst of energies, as angels, for we are here with you, for we always have been and we shall forever remain your loving companions.

We the angels and arch angels of the 33rd parallel of the 33rd Dimension, bow to you in gratitude and eternal unconditional love. We stand by you ready to assist you in all that you are. We love you. We are with you. Goodbye For now.

~Anna Merkaba – Distant Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing or Pychic Session with Anna and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL–

* * *