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sharing.:::> _Healing with Braco’s Gazing – A study Case_ My Poetic Experience of Multi-dimensional Lifetimes, Deaths and Re-births

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My Poetic Experience of Multi-dimensional Lifetimes, Deaths and Re-births

By Jodie Cowan, February 1, 2015

Hello Dr. Stankov,

I finished reading one of your older posts about mushrooms, LSD etc. When I was much younger I used to experiments with these but had long ago lost the urge. Well a few years back I ate some Christmas candy that was in the fridge. Was working on the computer and felt I was possibly getting a cold, my shoulders were aching. I look up to find the walls alive. Ran down stairs to ask if there was something in that candy, “Oh he didn’t tell you?”

Now I’m in the bathroom with my fingers down my throat trying to throw up. Anyway, what I ended up doing is writing. I always said I wished I could write some of the things we’d come up with as kids doing these mushrooms.

I didn’t read it for some time and when I did, I was amazed. It’s like that depth-poetry when I read it aloud, the way it flows. I can send you the un-edited cut if you like.  It is multidimensional lifetimes, deaths and re-births. Nothing I’ve ever done would bring this information to light, in this life anyhow.

I did slight editing, because I wrote ‘whatever’ came to mind, and submitted it to a writing group on-line. I was top 10 that day.  Allow me to present the mushroom manifesto. 2005.
  (a Manifesto)

Things from in between, on the edges, on the side spreading out and jumping in. Sounds, colors, feelings, touch is all the same blurring in and out. Amber light hues with red, like some days in the summer when I notice a different light, breathing blue then amber reds.

I have no distractions from before, so this must be my little wish come true. Something to do before I die. To be able to lay a few words down and read them in the past, future, present. I had put this away now it presents itself once again. I planned in the past for this to happen now. So here we are where everything breathes. I stop to breathe and see everything again, then I come back here to the planned thing. Blue then amber reds.
Everything wants to be looked at I don’t want to see, don’t want to give it my attention. Not now, here in this place planned from the past. I create a dreamscape from inside my mind, a current one I suppose, but they all connect.  I have been feeling this need to somehow direct or sort out things, package them, don’t know why it doesn’t matter really, because it all comes to an end, here. The fantastic reality of it all is anything at all, just a bunch of feelings to get in the way of trying to live. The whole plan designed to corrupt us all.
I can see them trying to hide as I write. They fly off the page I’m placing my words onto. I watch them scurry off to the right, yes it is right, had to pause for a moment to be sure. More of them jump at me recognizing them, scheming little pranksters, all around me now, annoying, jumping, wanting my attention, wanting me to stop and pay them all my attention.  Away with you, go whence you need to be, go where you are wanted. Not here.
Okay so which dreamscape, the one with the shiny water reflecting like mercury, what’s under the water? The beautiful sparking water, sinister, sinking buckled in. Then following people who don’t know where they are going and its alleys and behind old brick homes and skinny pathways with chain link fences scraping me, binding me in, with horizons of bleak white sky, parched. Once out of the hindered spot, on top of brick, piles of rubbish, land fills, over hills in the dump to the stark buildings. I can see my stuff on the seat like I left it. The little girl, wake up. Dreams, sometimes they aren’t my dreams they’re just in my head.  The blue, amber reds.
The smells, feelings, the light energy of days I lived in the past. Feeling as if I were there right now. I love it, it’s all real right now. Always our memories are what we live for, cherish and take with us on our entire journey. We can expand each picture and go inside to feel and experience as deeply as we wish, or not. Sometimes other lifetimes, millions of lifetimes, they seem unreal. I can feel them, just as I feel it here and now.
The catacombs, the passages, the secrets, the being lost and the mud. The songs, crying, sorrow, the life of people. Blood into sand into mud. The bones buried in the mud, the writing on the walls, I scribe. I go until I don’t anymore. I can see this lifetime in the catacombs. Jesus is a common face, someone I know, I touch. I write his word messages because they move me. I want them to exist after I am gone. I scribe them into stone, I put them in passages, hidden meanings in songs, poems, they must bring about new life, understanding, they grow in the fiber of human Christ, human being, human god and life is the energy of that word, having to hide it to keep it alive.
I was killed, tortured, slayed, died so many deaths, hideous death. Scavenged by rats, birds, crabs in the sea. Tied to the pillars, the sea comes in and out. I rot slowly ebbing decay, but I scrape my truth into the sand, my mark into the rock to find it again in another life. I don’t know what draws me to the things with no meaning, what I listen to, that no one hears is me calling me so I remember where I was, who I was, who I am, in order to know where I am and where I am going. It’s all a game I play to amuse myself because it’s so un-amusing at times but when I can find myself, then the horrible deaths mean something because it worked, here I am and I remember.
The old wooden buildings no insulation, stilts. It’s a wonder we lived in passages like these. Holes in all the walls, cracks to feed our imagination, to gather messages of truth and lies to use somehow to further our progress in the miserable life we live. Dust, mildew, hungry, fighting dogs for food, and sleeping with them for warmth, being bitten by them and fleas, and being sick, smelling burning bodies, piles of them, burning. Scared, hiding, starving, lost I’m a child, alone and hungry but I hide or they kill me. I live with the dogs and the rats. I eat dead rats, the stench and smoke, but I live through this only to die, hung in the gallows. I was hungry is all, but this was a better ending to be born out of that, and I remember.
The beach again, the waves, being tied, crabs, scratching, sandy sounds, scratching trying to move to scare them away, but at night they move in, so many the sound is deafening. The moon, cold, the water warmer, covering me safe. Now its stark, I’m open, bleak, crabs, mites, fleas, wind, sand, air cold. The water comes and the sound, the deafening sound is quieter. The water is cool but safe. After currents and bubbles, the sand sucks me under, the sound becomes ebbing, like in the womb of another life, I die into the sand.
I remember the killing, beheading, wet sticky rock, head in a basket, scratchy, rolling, eyes open. Feeling it, my body flops twitches, my head rolls in the basket. Or my head is held by my hair, scalp pulling back, skin pulls from the chin and bone underneath, planted onto spikes, thrown into piles, smashed by children with wooden bats. Smashing the skulls in, this is mindless for them, they are gone. I remember.
Then there is the Nazis. I died and I killed. I suffered, was shaven, starved with my child. I see them suffer, my daughter, shaven, skinny, I watch her die. I am killed in the showers with pellets not water, gas, smells, throwing up, guts and shitting, everyone shitting, lying in it, rolling in it, on my face, then pushed by machines into piles, into holes, buried, some buried alive. In the dirt it was clean, no gas smell, dirt was clean. The sound of marching, guns, boots and dogs, gone with the dirt in my ears, in my eyes yellow and sticky. Hiding with Jews in homes with hidden spots in the walls, can’t move or breathe, the boots right there, I can’t breathe or I die. I don’t die, I live.
I remember again in the mud, in the jungle starving again because I’m held captive. Rice rotting, molding rice and piss to live on for years. My bones are bamboo. I grow out of the pit and into the trees and air with my mind, until I am a bird and I fly away free into the sky, away from the pit of slime. They forgot I was there. I was shit on, pissed on, then even the moldy rice was gone. I had to become the bamboo and grow out. It took time but it was real, I lived it, it became my reality and I died into that reality.
My bones nourish the bamboo I watched grow from a sprout and my union with that plant goes on even to this day. I still rot, bones left un found. There are clues to who I was and it’s close, not Vietnam this was Japans. The clues are still touching the living of now. The bamboo flourishes. The mud and the cage are gone, the passages gone, this is a wasteland except for the bamboo that holds me, my memories and dreams grow there still today, now.
Power grows constant food for the soul, simple, egoless magnificence. I remember in the North, by the sea, Vikings, old, huge buildings, beer, killing, animals, fur, smoke. I’m small, picked on, cast out, cold I die.  Again cast out, this time I live because of the dogs, again with the dogs, but this isn’t such depravity because I know no other way. There is no proof of other ways of living like in the plague ridden lifetimes.
This is older, more powerful, animals are gods with power and knowledge to be given. I become a messenger, feared, but I don’t know this. I just move and with me my story unfolds. People I meet tell of me after I’m gone and build who I am in this life. I have no idea the icon I was. I am just me, living amongst the animals free. Others seek me not to kill, but to know me. I don’t know this though I’m oblivious.
They look for me for years even after I die, I am alive still in their mind. Yet I lie deep in the ice, happy, asleep still. I’m by my fire, with my dogs and a hawk and I have tools and fur and smoke and I have bundles with medicine and foraged things from afar that amuse me, all kept neat in a cache. I have several caches along my way that I gather into four before I sleep. I wander to each of them still and look at my treasures of bark and seeds from places the seed grow into plants but will freeze and die where I too die.
Old sand again, back to Egypt. So much wonder and chaos, playing, I am a mischievous boy running and causing trouble. Everyone is high, everyone sleeps their life away in dreams. The river slow life, everything goes into it and down. Up away from the depths are great creatures delving into things better left alone, but they can’t help themselves. So much fun to make them wonder, so much fun to amuse themselves and practice here where everything is new.  They can’t come back and things pass on, before they know it time takes its course and the majestic-ness is left for others to wonder and figure out.
The ones who played were taken from their game and never again would return. So then it plays out, the pyramids they live in them, stumbling into holes trapped, and passages that mean nothing, everything is a circle and a game. There must be a reason, no, no reason, just a big question mark. Well, guess what, here we are again and everything must come back. They know not of their past, but I do. I remember.
I wrote it, scribed it along with the words of Jesus. I scribed so I would be able to prove the wonders I’ve seen, I scribed to believe it myself, I scribed so I wasn’t crazy, so I could later ponder, so I could reason and find ways to believe the un-believable, the magic we create. The whole thing is a big joke, amusing joke. The worry, the fear, the money kills us. The life is all because of the fear, the money or is it the killing because of the knowledge. They tried to silence the truth, the words of Jesus, the words of truth and the fear killed it, over and over warping the truth into lies and it becomes something else.
Did I create this scribing, make it possible by scribing? Without the words, there would be nothing to hide, nothing to fear, nothing to warp into something to control. Was it a good idea to do this, so I could remember, see myself again after I die? The evidence left to the hands of others who play and make it what they want, not what it is and what I want to remember. Warped reality into something entirely different, something not real.
Scribe in the catacombs, living in the mud starving with a purpose full of love because my life was scribed on the walls of mud forever, this death for what. This time unplanned but planned all the same. Running from today’s worries too horrible to allow the weakness of my mind to have, so I go into the dreams only to come up with the lives and deaths of just a few of me[s].
The need to sort and circle and see defining edges is such as it seems a way for me to touch what I love, touch what holds my energy, my power. Touch it and burn it and let it go so I can hold my power truly for the first time in this eternity. Since the lifetime with Jesus I have wandered and suffered and now I am coming back again, sealing up the wounds, patching up the past time space and gaps in the dimensions I cannot see from here, but they exist all the same. Some of them hollow and haunting others new and curious, dangerous, but here and now, I am coming back to me finally.
This is beautiful to be able to know this and witness it myself, something else. All this really doesn’t matter anymore. Soon I’ll be where I come from, the bird created from the life in the bottom of a pit. A spark lighting up a moment in this dimension harbored by time. I walk no more, suffer no more, breathe for the first time in eternity and resonate once again with my being, with out agenda calling, more work to be done, keeping me from having this, the wholeness and the peace and completeness of a job done to perfection, everything in it’s place, everything perfect, this is the lifetime for that, this is the death of that, this time I die I am truly dead and alive again truly alive. I am complete.
This death will be a glorious death. How ever it may be, it will be. Those who still toil, though I leave no energy I give them a memory. This they might build upon with their own power to give them self permission to have a good death also, and mayhap they will be silenced from calling agendas too, and join me where I am.
Pacific Northwest

Note: Dear Jodie, your email does not work. I tried eight times to send you my response to no avail and the delivery of my email was denied each time. I managed to sent you an email on an old email address. Check it. – George

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Healing with Braco’s Gazing – A study Case 


by Georgi Stankov Posted on January 30, 2015

by Eldbjørg Havåg and Georgi Stankov, January 30, 2015

January 28, 2015

Dear George.

I have to ask your advise even though it seems pitifully small in the midst of all the exciting topics you publish these days. It is most definitely connected to the Seven Sacred Flames though. And I am pretty close to my rope´s end.

Do you know anything about eczema? And eczema connected to spirituality? I really thought I was well done with personal transmuting, but I suppose I am deeper than I think. I have never had eczema before, and then suddenly like a smack in the face I got a terrible case of it right before Christmas. My face blew up like a balloon and after trying to brave the storm for 10 days I ended up in the emergency room on new years eve getting a cortisone shot and cream and sleeping pills. After two weeks the skin got better so I stopped using the cream.

Since I had been so physically ill, I could´t concentrate to get deeply involved in the Sacred Flames, but you wrote an energy report some time around the 10th of January which somehow woke me up from a slumber I have been in for too long. Probably almost a year. Looking back I realized I had become totally spiritual lethargic the last year, since I felt I was done with this world and only wanted out. I have been neglecting my Own deepest wishes and responsibilities and I think that is the cause for my current misery. I actually felt lost at sea until that energy report, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wisdom and diligence.

I felt reborn. I started reading about the Flames in Aurelia L. Jones PDF book, (which is amazing) and to invoke them and use them. And I thought I´d give my newly discovered Body Elemental a break and did a shankaprakshalana (yoga intestinal cleansing and following diet). Which can cause old illness to blossom for a short while due to the candida die-off.

It did come back, in a small amount. Accompanied with such an intense anxiety that I have never felt before. I saw you replied to someone in a PAT report who also got anxiety from invoking the gold-violet flame, that it was due to open chakras and collective fears.

I thought the itching would fade away on it´s own, applied God’s first will and affirmed to myself that this too shall pass. Then today, while I was waiting for the printer to give me Aurelia´s book on paper the anxiety was out of control, it felt like my arms even had angst. The printer said it was out of magenta even though I just changed it, so I took it as a sign and sat down and read the prayer for Third Ray Healing. I read it out louder and louder for 20 minutes while I cried and sobbed in desperation. My face started buzzing and vibrating all the way to my throat. I got the notion the anxiety has to do with repressing something for too long. Not allowing my Higher Self and my faith to show. I thought I had made a breakthrough and that I would be able to report a miracle healing.

The anxiety lifted, the face felt decent and I got a big headache. But after a meditation on the bed, I only felt dreadfully sad, sobbed some more, and when I looked in the mirror the eczema had all of a sudden come back for full instead of going away, and I had to use the cortisone cream again.?!

Do you think I have dug up some deep, deep old stuff that´s needing to surface? I have recently been reminded the skin is our biggest disposal organ. Is it even mine or is it collective? Or have I planted negativity into my prayer instead of healing power? Can one not be sad when one invoke flames?

I don´t know what to think anymore. I feel like my HS is desperately trying to tell me something, but I can´t grasp what. And you shall not have to solve this for me, but any thought you might have would be appreciated, since you are the wisest man on Earth and the only one worth asking.

With love, light and truth
Eldbjørg Havåg

Dear Eldbjorg,

let me begin with your experience today. It has nothing to do with you. We had a huge leap to higher frequency levels yesterday (Jan 27th) and today was the subsequent massive cleansing of the chaotic sluggish energies we had released yesterday. It was a wave with skin burning, anxiety, triggered by technical problems on PC etc . and I had the same episode this morning. Hence I am not surprised that you have had a relapse of your eczema.

Now to your eczema. It must definitely be related to your LBP but I will strongly urge you not to use any corticosteroids whatsoever as this will only aggravate the clinical situation on the long run.

What I would recommend you is to go immediately to Braco’s gazing and participate in it and I am hopeful that this will heal you. He has a gazing session today.

Then tell me please how you have responded.

With love and light

Thank you for your good reply, doctor.

It is always reassuring to hear about frequency level leaps when they correspond with how I feel, and it´s strange that I still question whether it´s me or something collective. I just get unsure when the symptoms are so massive and somewhat different from the usual. I am a big fan of your energy reports even though you feel they are repetitive.

I don´t like using cortisone or any other drug, but right now I don´t dare not to. It´s too close to my traumatic episode at Christmas to see if it pans out on it´s own. I cringe writing that for there´s a battle lost just there. I feel, because for two days I have told myself it will heal when I am ready to heal. I will attach a picture of the wretched transmuter and one for comparison, not for sympathy but because I find it utterly fascinating myself.

I gazed with Braco twice today, one directly after my Pink Flame episode, and one later in the evening. I had high hopes but I can´t say whether it helped or not. When I think about it I am not so anxious as I have been the last days. I can breathe again. And it may well be his gaze that did that. Difficult to say really. I liked the eye-contact. I find that people are reluctant to gaze into each others eyes. I might try again tomorrow. I might be even better tomorrow. It might be the correspondence with you that did the trick. To not be invisible.

One of these days I might write to you about how I use the Seven Sacred Flames.

Thank you again for all you do.

Peace and Love

January 29, 2015

To wrap up the story: I washed away the cortisone before bed and studied the Resurrection Flame for several hours with great beaming joy. Today I have almost smooth skin and the anxiety is checked. I´ll give this one to Braco´s gaze because that´s the only factor that´s different from any other of these days. Besides, when looking into my own eyes I seem to see deeper.

I hope you have a wonderful day.

With love and light



and after Braco’s gazing on the next day


This is a great story and I am very happy to hear about this healing success.


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On Braco’s Gazing and Other Spiritual Matters

by Sarah Smucker and Georgi Stankov, January 27, 2015

Herewith, I am responding to some PAT members who questioned the meaningfulness of Braco’s gazing and asked for clarification as to why I have published on this event today. Please do not forget that this website is an open forum for all kinds of discussions without limit and it is only “verboten” for idiotic comments of CIA paid Internet trolls. They are not even read but immediately deleted.
Dear Georgi,
I am a little bit behind in my reading of your website but I’m catching up. Thank you so much for the gift of the 7 sacred flames which I’ve now had a chance to print out and will read and am already trying to use in my own way every day.
I wanted to tell you belatedly that on the night of the 21st I had a very distinct and powerful dream that I was meeting with Putin and he was called “Putinkov” in the dream. Anyway, it was very intimate in that it was just he and I and it seemed he was telling me very specifically how to explain to the American people that he is not who they think he is. It was very realistic even though I don’t remember specifically what was said.  Everytime I see him on TV I feel warmth and light from him.
A couple nights later I had another dream in which we were all sitting in a circle, with people unknown to me, and we were presenting and discussing and electing a new leader of sorts to represent ourselves. That was a very beautiful feeling.
Lastly I wanted to say how glad I am that you’ve published about Braco’s healing gaze. I feel so stupid that I have never discussed him with you. I have known about him since 2009 and we’ve gone to see him in person many times in Opatija and a few in Zagreb. It was stupid of me in the past not to mention him to you. I think in the past several years ago I was somehow hesitant to tell you based on how fierce you were about most people mentioned at the time. But that was really budala, glupost of me. I have learned since then of course to be open to all your critiques and you’ve truly freed me and us of this stupid now global idea of controlling your emotions.
In recent months I’ve forgotten to talk to you about Braco. Now I wonder what you think. I personally have not had extraordinary experiences with him though I always feel a powerful positive love from him and several times when he was in Opatija Leo and I ran into him in person in a cafe or restaurant and one time while walking along the sea. Our timing was almost always unbelievable.
I did have one time a lump on my left shoulder that I had checked. It was not malignant but I happened to be in Zagreb at that time and I went to see him the next day and the lump disappeared immediately. I have friends who have had pretty amazing healings after or while gazing with him. I feel he is certainly a light being. I also feel somehow connected to his teacher Ivica whom I never met.
I don’t know if you knew this but during the last 6 months of Lugansk and Donetsk violence Braco traveled at least twice and maybe 3 times to the border of Russia and Ukraine to do gazings there. This seems significant to me.
I don’t know if you are ready to share this with us yet but I would like to know if you are, what the Elohim see in him and how his mission is related to the PAT.
I have just finished gazing with him and now will go again at 9pm.
Much love from Croatia to Vancouver to you and Carla.
Dear Sarah,
I am happy to hear from you again. Well Putin is in the most difficult position a politician on this earth can be. Only a few days ago I dreamed that I was in Kremlin and there was a cabinet crisis and Putin had to dismiss the whole government due to incompetence. I was appointed the new PM and had to build a new cabinet to help him. As I could not find any competent politicians, I appointed some young guys and only left Lavrov and the current defence minister in the new cabinet. It was a dramatic operation and since then I am closely following the news to hear if something has happened in this respect.
Well, I have no great affiliation to Braco, although I decided to follow his gazing meditation today, but could not feel much. Carla thinks that he is also an Elohim from the Source and has the only function to let the source energies flow through his body and field and do the healing work on other people. As said, the Elohim urged Carla to support him and in the past when she did this, there were some amazing results, such as spontaneous healings and blissful states that were experienced by many people for the first time and then reported on Braco’s website.
I think that such gatherings are helpful as the people are concentrated on higher energies and transcend their human existence for a short period of time. I  do not think that this is much helpful for the PAT as they do it all the time, but working with the new seven sacred flames and watching Braco’s gazing may increase the creationary results.
The best of Braco is that he has no own ideas and school and simply lets the source energies flow through him and into the people in an uncensored manner. Other gurus screw up all the time by trying to be manipulative with their ideas and thoughts and by telling the people what they should do to evolve. The only proper advice they omit to give to the people is to improve their intelligence as not to need such gurus. I am the only one who openly advocates this approach but I am barely successful as only a few follow my advice. Which leads us to the well known conclusion that homo sapiens is a very lazy species.
With love and light
Hi Georgi,
I could not agree more. I had to come to this conclusion the hard way, by attempting to search and find a guru and a teacher and then realizing, shortly before I discovered your website and the Unviersal Law, that this search was futile and that we truly need only ourselves.
You are the only one I’ve encountered who advocates not only our own sovereignty but intellectual and emotional intelligence, which is so sorely missing in the new age movement.
I heard of Braco from an American, believe it or not. We’d never heard of him while living in Croatia at that time. As I said I also do not feel the amazing things many people report, but I enjoy the flow of energy from him.
I think you’ve changed a little bit your view since a few years ago when you expressed that group gatherings were not that much useful, but then again Braco’s gaze is not really a meditation but rather just a group of people joining together and sharing a very receptive and open-ended experience.
I remember your report on Putin and the cabinet changing you experienced. I certainly don’t cherish myself as having a connection with him as you do. This is the first dream I had with him in it but it was certainly powerful and it seems I was supposed to be explaining at some future point to the “very lazy species” that they should begin to open their numb skulls and view him with an open mind.
I truly appreciate so much your integrity and continuous crystal clear honesty Georgi. It’s like a damned hurricane of fresh air blowing through this dark planet. It’s more precious than any special energy from any guru or any other source.
Anyway, I will certainly report on any creationary results I experience these few days of gazing. Lately I’m envisioning a city of light emerging from the sea in the bay of Kvarner and dissolving completely all old Yugoslav and industrial infrastructure.
Too bad that Croatia’s election didn’t turn out more like Greece. They rather went the other way and elected this lutkica (doll) looking woman named Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic who has to be certainly a tool of the US. Everything about her breathes that. She spent the last several years as a NATO rep in Brussels and spent part of her teenage years going to Los Alamos high school.  I tried to explain to the Croatian people we know that this is a city where the first Atom bomb was exploded and it is not a place any ordinary citizen can go to and is probably one of the darkest locales in the states.  But yet they elected her, which shows the level of intelligence in these parts.  Still at least the young guy I told you about, Sincic, who is fighting for people’s homes who have been confiscated by the bankers, is still active and won almost 20% of the vote.  People here are suffering a lot know b/c they were tricked by the bankers to take loans in Swiss Francs and now they are totally in 15% more debt than before.
But I try not to pay too much attention to this anymore but rather just try to read between the lines and wait for the big events.
Much love and light to you and Carla,
Dear Sarah,
I have not changed my mind with respect to physical gatherings of people, but attuning mentally and emotionally at the same time to a common goal as is the case with participating in Braco’s gazing from home is a powerful tool of superimposing coherent thought waves patterns and creating a standing wave function that is very conducive for any form of creation.
I just read the Raiffeisenbank in Austria is also in great trouble with Swiss franc loans and may ask for help by the ECB. It is incredible how the people are ripped off by the banks, especially by the Central banks which are supposed to function for the common good and how they are impoverished by the banks’ speculations and machinations.
With love and light

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Compartir.:::.▶ ¿Por qué y para qué se crearon la dimensiones? – PTAAH HABLA SOBRE LA MULTIDIMENSIONALIDAD | El Ser UNO – A

Compartir.:::.▶ ¿Por qué y para qué se crearon la dimensiones? – PTAAH HABLA SOBRE LA MULTIDIMENSIONALIDAD | El Ser UNO – A.

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Compartir.:::.▶ ¿Por qué y para qué se crearon la dimensiones? – PTAAH HABLA SOBRE LA MULTIDIMENSIONALIDAD

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Oct 5


Yo Soy Ptaah de las Pléyades. Sé de muchas vidas que han tenido conmigo en mi planeta. Yo sé de su amor por nuestra estimada música, por nuestros templos, por nuestros cristales, y por la armonía en nuestro planeta.

La armonía en nuestro planeta se debe a nuestro gran proceso evolutivo. No vino fácilmente, así como la armonía en la Tierra no se está manifestando fácilmente. Yo, Ptaah, digo a ustedes que nosotros hemos tenido en las Pléyades un grupo de corazón duro. A las Semillas Estelares les gustaba mantener la energía azul y su compromiso con los multi-yoes. Nosotros creamos poderosas fórmulas de pensamiento en la séptima dimensión. Estas fórmulas de pensamiento en la séptima dimensión se dieron a través de técnicas especiales que ustedes han aprendido hoy. Estas fórmulas de pensamiento fueron trasmitidas y se manifestaron en nuestro sistema planetario. Nosotros hemos aprendido los secretos del espacio tiempo acelerando el viaje a través del corredor. Nosotros hemos manifestado la tecnología para limpiar nuestro medioambiente. Nostros hemos manifestado la tecnología nuclear para llevarnos lejos de la pérdida. Nosotros hemos manifestado el conocimiento crítico para establecer las diferencias. Nosotros hemos manifestado las habilidades para rectificar los conceptos erróneos religiosos trayendo un verdadero entendimiento de la naturaleza de la Deidad en una manera respetuosa. Nuestro conocimiento permite la singularidad de cada alma para seguir su comprensión y su predilección hacia un camino de unión mística con la energía de la Deidad.

Desde su perspectiva, nosotros los Pleyadianos, somos personas místicas. Nos pasamos mucho tiempo en esfuerzos místicos. Estos esfuerzos místicos están permitiéndonos continuar nuestro trabajo interplanetario. Nuestro trabajo se conecta con su planeta y con los Arcturianos. Nosotros tenemos muchas almas que son multi-salvadoras hacia la Tierra. Muchos de ustedes se están comunicando continuamente con nosotros. Ustedes estarán recibiendo la información de su multi-yo en las Pléyades. Están yendo continuamente a recibir información sobre cómo proceder. Les pido que recuerden por favor que la entrada en las fórmulas de pensamientos será muy poderosa. Por favor entiendan que ustedes pueden dirigir sus pensamientos a otras personas en el planeta como sus líderes políticos o mundiales , o amigos que estén necesitando. Algunos han preguntado : ” Cómo es que pueden enviar energía curativa a otros?” No es verdad que deben tener el permiso de otra persona. Es posible enviar energía curativa a otros cuando están trabajando para un propósito bueno y superior.

Nosotros somos concientes que cada Ser en la Tierra ( no importa mucho el mal que ellos han manifestado) están abiertos a estas fórmulas de pensamiento superior cuando les envían amor, comprensión y luz azul.

Ellos pueden recibir.

Tienen una posición poderosa en la Tierra, mis amigos.Muchos de nosotros admiramos su habilidad de estar manifestando una fórmula en la Tierra, hacia problemas físicos, emocionales, psicológicos y espirituales. Nosotros sabemos qué especial es para ustedes comunicarse multi-concientemente con estos yoes en la Tierra. Acepten su misión de Semillas Estelares.

Los Arcturianos les han hablado antes sobre la energía del delfín y sobre la energía del Triángulo Sagrado. Integren esto en la energía de la fórmula del pensamiento y reconozcan su poder para recibir las fórmulas del pensamiento superior de otros seres. Ustedes conciben el pensamiento a través de las palabras. Por consiguiente pueden pensar que un pensamiento es sólo palabras. Nosotros somos especialistas en la telepatía y nos comunicamos pensando sin necesidad de palabras. Sepan que el origen de sus pensamientos está más allá de lo verbal y que ustedes realmente están llevando hacia abajo la energía del pensamiento poniéndolo en palabras.Pueden decir que tiene el pensamiento de amor. El amor es un sentimiento, un pensamiento y una emoción. En la Tierra aprenden el pensamiento separado del sentimiento. Yo no quiero criticar esto. Estoy explicando simplemente la perspectiva de los Pleyadianos. Pensar y sentir va junto.

Telepáticamente, nosotros comunicamos el pensamiento usando emociones. En las Pléyades no hay la desarmonía en las relaciones que ustedes encuentran en la Tierra. Todos somos concientes de qué está pasando. Envío mis saludos a todos mis hermanos de las Pléyades y hermanas en la Tierra. Sepan que estoy enviando pensamientos en una forma hermosa para ustedes. Soy Ptaah.

A través de David Miller

Publicado 5th October 2011 por Shanti
Etiquetas: ayuda al despertarPleyadianosPtaah

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▶ Federación Galáctica de Luz HILARION 2014 16 a 23 marzo, 2014 – YouTube

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March 16-23, 2014

Beloved Ones,

The times you are living in now contains all the elements that could possibly be found in a world of duality. For those of you who have been focused on rising above the fray and fall out of the dying paradigm, it may seem that the world has gone mad and only chaos rules the day. Please keep in mind that these are the end times spoken of before and that those who have been wielding power over the masses are desperately trying to continue to instill fear within the hearts of humanity so that they can be controlled. The good news is that the majority of the world’s people are not buying into those old programs of belief. They are simply going on with their lives and working toward their own goals and not giving any credence to the happenings that are seemingly about to overwhelm the world. They are seeing that it is only the world as seen through the lens of the entertainment news industry.

The people themselves are hungry for change and wish to thrive in their experience of incarnation in a human body. They want to reconnect to the natural elements in the foods they eat, the environment they live in and the other inhabitants who share this world with them. Because of the easy access to the technology and information that is readily available, each person can simply go online and do searches to discover the information that helps them move forward in their understanding of a given subject. It takes but a few moments to see that what is being touted on the entertainment news channels is nothing new or different. It is simply another version of the formula of create a problem, create the reaction and then provide the solution that they wanted to implement in the first place. When people understand what is at play, they simply move on and do not give their energy and attention to it and this is what is happening now.

The majority of the people in the world are peaceful and simply want to live a peaceful life. In many parts of the world, people are standing together to make their statements to those who are supposed to be serving them and it is in these situations that the powers that be bring in their own elements to make it seem that the protesters are out of control and must be subjugated in order for order to be restored. This scenario plays out in most public gatherings of people throughout the planet who are peacefully standing for change and it is part of the repertoire of those who are in power. It requires a dedication from those who stand for change, to desire to stand in peace while making a statement and it has become important for these people to not be in reaction to those elements who try to make the whole gathering look violent. It requires awareness and discernment on the part of the peaceful protesters. It requires huge self control of every member of the peaceful gathering.

As the energies from the cosmos continue to flood the planet, humanity as a whole is being awakened into remembrance of their right to live their lives in peace and sovereignty. By integrating the greater light in the higher frequencies that surrounds them, they are opened to new perspectives that were not seen nor recognized before. The Light is the revolutionary catalyst that is bringing the changes that all have desired to see in their world. It is not easy for humanity when the changes within them first begin to take place and this is now happening with regular occurrence. The Light brings an ending to the comfortable illusions that were woven into everyday living here on this planet. The Light requires a readjustment in one’s perceptions. The Light begins to open up avenues of conduct that brings greater light to all.

This is the task before humanity now. To awaken and realize that they, individually and collectively, carry more power than they realized they held within them and then to begin to make conscious choices to move into a more refined way of living that honors all inhabitants on this world as the sovereign beings that they truly are. To honor the light that is an inherent spark within that is their connection with the Divine. To create a world where there is true equality for all its inhabitants and where their home planet is recognized as a conscious sentient Divine being who is part of a greater network of worlds beyond and to work diligently to restore Her to her former glory in every thought, word and action so that their world can rejoin the rest of the universe as an honored member of a vast system of worlds who work together in peace and harmony.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace
Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credits, copyright and websites are included.
Thank you for including the above website link when posting this message.

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Oct 3 


Los saludo, Semillas Estelares Acturianas, Yo Soy Helio-Ah, somos los Arcturianos.

Es importante continuar explorando las multidimensiones y la existencia multidimensional que ustedes están esforzándose por integrar. Consideren la necesidad de encuadrarse a la manifestación multinivel, la existencia multinivel, y a las comunicaciones multinivel. Por esto quiero decirles que están reforzándose en esta fórmula, manifestando con todos los niveles que han venido a experimentar. Deben darse cuenta que ustedes viven en un mundo multidimensional.

Deben buscar integrar estos conceptos de algún modo.

Lo que están haciendo beneficia su concilia multidimensional. Si no pueden encuadrarse en los diferentes aspectos, encontrarán algunas aberraciones en su energía manifestada en la Tierra. Quizás se encontrarán, como alguien ha dicho, “ vertiginosos y confundidos”. La multi-energía puede encontrar la expresión en este cuerpo de laTierra. Preguntarán entonces: Cómo es que yo podría manifestarme en este multi-conocimiento en el cuerpo de la Tierra? Todo lo que ustedes hacen y piensan, está entrando a su “pequeño” mundo, está relacionado a los reinos superiores, sobre todo cuando se han conectado con su misión de Semillas Estelares, los corredores Arcturianos y otros reinos. Tienen la responsabilidad de hacer claras las canalizaciones y también encuadrarlas con los campos de energía apropiados. Los campos de energía son complejos.

Ustedes tiene las multi-capas sutiles en su aura del cuerpo. Estas capas pueden describirse en forma de “multi-huevos”. Estos multi-huevos son los huevos áuricos que existen en niveles diferentes. Ustedes tienen la forma de la Tierra, que yo llamaré el aura de la Tierra. Ustedes también tiene un aura en otro reino. Esta aura en el otro reino está en la quinta dimensión. También ustedes han tenido remanentes de auras, o huevos áuricos en otros sistemas planetarios. Cuando han seguido su viaje galáctico a través de las encarnaciones, recogen sus huevos áuricos. Cuando dejan un planeta, hay una cáscara o un rastro de estos huevos áuricos.

Ustedes tienen conexiones con los Pleyadianos, con los Sirianos, con los Andromedanos, y con diferentes sistemas extra-planetarios en los sistemas extra-soles. Las diferentes cáscaras áuricas son parte del sistema hológrafo del ser multi-nivelado. Vamos a llamar a todas sus cáscaras áuricas, que están en esta galaxia y en la galaxia de Andrómeda, para unirlas. Yo, Helio-Ah, traeré una energía especial hacia una alineación con todos los Seres de estas cáscaras. Con esa alineación, experimentarán una novedad en su campo de energía de la Tierra. Esta novedad los hará concientes de aproximadamente veinte capas de cáscaras del huevo áurico.
Visualicen y conciban esto por un breve momento. Ustedes tienen en la Tierra un aura básica que es ovoide. Este es un campo de energía total construído a través de esta cáscara. Está compuesto de sus experiencias, ideas, emociones, mental , espiritual y el cuerpo físico de esta vida. Imaginen que también tienen otra cáscara del aura multidimensional compleja, rica, en otro reino. Vamos a traer esa alineación. Las nuevas trasmisiones de energía, las nuevas comunicaciones, y las nuevas avenidas se abrirán ahora a ustedes en otros reinos. Yo traeré esto con sus permisos…. Abran su chakra corona y concéntrense en los campos áuricos llamando a su Ser que está en la Galaxia. Llamen y entren en el lugar donde ustedes tienen acceso a ellos en esta dimensión.
Yo, Helio-Ah, llamo a tres de las capas del huevo áurico para que puedan comprender. Algunos de ustedes están dándose cuenta que pueden manejar esos cuerpos en el espacio tiempo de las interdimensiones. Algunos de ustedes son doctores en otros reinos. Algunos de ustedes se harán grandes maestros espirituales. Permitan a esos otros yoes entrar en el reino etérico de la Tierra! El sonido alrededor de ustedes está abriendo el corredor…


A través de David K. Miller
Publicado 3rd October 2011 por Shanti
Etiquetas: apertura multidimensional de la concienciahuevo áuricoser multidimensional

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Lady Nada: Cultivating Your Christ Seed Within

Posted on Mar 13, 2014
by cosmicgaia
in Julie Miller, Lady Nada

Lady Nada

Ascended Master, Lady Nada’s Weekly Message ~ March 13 – 20, 2014
Received by Julie Miller
March 13, 2014

Inside your minds Beautiful Bright Hearts are great divine spiritual currents of energy that enter your flow of thought. Each flow of energy that enters your thoughts carries essential information from God that is important to each of you. Remember, it is God and His divine presence that is the foundation of ALL that is true, Beautiful, and Good and these are shared and encouraged by each dear soul that is able to take a breath to help you reach higher levels of consciousness that will also enhance the quality of your life.
Spiritual grown is reached when you are able to align the spiritual flow that enters your thought form from your personality and of your mind that is richly connected to God by knowledgeable agreement and committed devotion to following His word of Love wherever you roam. Christ Consciousness is able to grow inside each and every dear soul when there is recognition and merging of your ego mind with the Divine mind and of the Divine character that is the ultimate foundation of your happiness and of your ability to reach fulfillment. Yes, this level of awareness does take time to grow and develop within your consciousness. But in time Beautiful Bright Hearts your thinking and your intentions behind your actions, your focus and openness demonstrates that you know your heart and soul is shining from the Christed state which is a greater height of mindedness of spiritual enlightenment.
As your awareness grows and deepens, your mind strengthens and you discover life has taken a new turn, it is providing you with more freedom to enjoy the simple things, the things that give you the most joy and peace…where love dominates everything that you are. Any fear that was there prior of taking on this new direction of Divine thought and action begins to dissolve. You find yourself living freer to live the kind of life you were meant to, as a child of God in a love-filled and love-supported world.
To reach the state of Christ Consciousness, understand this reflects the ultimate state of your mental and intellectual development and growth, and it also indicates a great development in your emotional maturity. This level of consciousness and awareness is divinely sacred as it illustrates the purity of who you are at the level of your heart and soul. This path is offered to anyone of any faith, there is no discrimination given or offered to those of different religious backgrounds – all is welcomed to walk the path of love and truth.
Every path that is practiced is honoured and accepted, especially if that path leads you into becoming more loving, more compassionate, more forgiving, more patient…more Christ-like. Every path that is of love will lead you to the foundation and source of that love. Each of you already share the same God as the Source of your Creation through your individual living expressions and in time and with conscious effort you are bringing yourself back home to reunite with God and His Love that is Eternally given.
Your true nature Beautiful Bright Hearts is found within the state of Christ Consciousness. It is here where you discover your higher, divine self and understand at a profound level that yes you are a Child of God and this was always your birthright. As you reach the humble and divine state of Christ Consciousness, comprehend that you are expressing through your thoughts, your words, your actions and in your choices that you are alive and you have invested time, love and care into being a living inspiration for others to search and reach this level of awareness and consciousness for themselves in order for your earthly home to move towards the divine plan of unity built on love, faith and trust.
It has always been the divine goal, for each dear soul to evolve and move back towards the Spirit of God. Understanding that the journey of this path unfolds over time, its details are never given all at once – it is an adventure of a lifetime and it will take a lifetime to reach all its delights and challenges, through many twists and valleys. Remember Beautiful Bright Hearts, the spirit of God is always with you, and He is always encouraging you to rise and to expand your level of consciousness and to align your heart and mind with His and this is reached as you climb higher rungs of the ascension ladder. As you reach higher depths and reaches of consciousness and awareness, you become an encouragement for others to discover this way of life that delivers them along the path of Spirit, of God and of His Eternal Loving heart. When God sees the purity of your intention through your actions, words and thoughts, He will illuminate your way back to Him, and He will greet you as in you, you have been fulfilling your divine role as Jesus, His beautiful Golden Son.
Remember who Jesus was and what he represented: His teachings mainly centered around helping others, showing them the way back to God – He was a living example of what He was teaching. He was in each cell of His being a personification of pure love and goodness, peace, acceptance and understanding. It was through His God-centeredness that He was able to achieve what many of you call miracles, only because Had an innate understanding of what the laws of nature were and how to make use of their power with love in order to bring healing to the people that truly needed Him. It was prayer and meditation that gave the Lord Jesus renewed strength and vitality that allowed Him to greet the challenges His life presented him. Remember as well, it was Jesus that reminded the people that God’s Kingdom of heaven isn’t in the clouds, but inside each of you. His life was a demonstration meant to show you the way to find the Spirit of God from within you and what it looks like when someone has become centered in the Spirit of God.
The true significance of Jesus’s life is able to help evolve your thoughts and beliefs…the relationship you can have with Jesus will provide you with more satisfying experiences than life without Him and His presence. Invite Him in Beautiful Bright Hearts into your heart and mind, don’t fear Him; He will not bite, but He will love you and offer guidance through answers to the most important questions you are concerned about. Allow Jesus to show you who He is and how He can help you along your path and to help transform you into more of who you authentically are.
All questions when asking Jesus are allowed, He will answer only the truth. If you have complaints about your life, He is opened to these as well. He will amaze you with His gentle manner and satisfy you with His ability to interpret the real meaning behind your questions. Remember He loves you. He is more approachable than what many dear souls believe. Working with Jesus for the enhancement of your awareness, consciousness and of a better happier life will help open new doors of opportunity that will direct you towards a path of fulfillment and joy and He will accompany you through each struggle encouraging you to learn from any mistakes or errors and to continue trying. He is always here for you, and we urge each of you to allow Him into your heart and mind.
Inside of every Child of God is a small seed of light. Within this precious seed of light is the developing part of your character which also holds your divine self. Do you know what nourishes this seed of light? It is God Beautiful Bright Hearts, God through His divine and Infinite Love that is bright with colour, vibration, sound, light and texture that adds to the brilliant and incredible foundation of your creation. This tender little seed of light responds like a seed in the garden with love and light – to everything good and beautiful and true. This little seed begins to grow and spark into greater strength that breathes in life and love. The growth of your self begins to emerge as the divine sacred nature of your consciousness and awareness in order to cultivate a most breathtaking flower of light that is beautiful, unique, and essential to the universe.
The goal of your existence truly is to develop your body to house a loving heart and soul. The divine plan is for all Children of God to strive to be their best self-expressing selves, demonstrating their many talents, and God-gifted abilities to be realized and utilized in daily life. Within the very core of your being are these gifts that were bestowed upon you from God, divine endowments of God’s Love and Spirit that will help you achieve enlightenment and to unite with God. God seeks to unite with all His children. He will help open the doors of your sincere nature, which also means you will need to address issues of the past that have hindered your path. God’s Presence in your life will show you who you truly are, His Presence will unmask your illusions and bring you back upon the divine path where you can truly awaken and grow. Beautiful Bright Hearts, we ask you to allow yourself to feel how much God adores you and to allow Him to open the door that will bring you into unity with Him and all that is.
God’s Presence into your life will bring healing into your soul and help mend any discordance found within your spiritual heart. When your soul is healed, the barriers of discomfort and disharmony fall to the wayside, revealing your true, soul self as you gently absorb the Spirit of God that is pure of love, goodness, beauty and truth. In order to find your true self Beautiful Bright Hearts, all you need to do is tap into your soul—and this means you will move beyond your normal resistance and discomfort that will try to distract you; you will have the confidence to ask God, who is the foundational source of love to help expand all strongly embedded obstacles of your soul to be transformed into light. With the purity of your request and from the purity of your intentions you will feel the gentleness of God’s reply as the crusty layers of your false ego self begins to dissolve to God’s Presence as new brilliant divine light begins to rebuild inside of you strands of energy and light that will bridge an infinite connection between you, God and with His Golden Son. This change in you Beautiful Bright Hearts will be the beginning to all changes that will bring in a new way to live and be from the level of Christ Consciousness that is present in your body, mind, heart and spirit.
When you are living from the state of Chris Consciousness, your soul will be healed and you will be able to be a positive inspiration for others. Your journey will always be guided and through your soul, your true self will always shine demonstrating your Christed being and of the Presence of God that has become a predominant form in your life. Even when life seems to throw you unexpected challenges that test your reserves, remember you are not alone…lean into God and know He will always catch you. Your journey of self-exploration that will bring into understanding your true self you will find joy from the faith you have knowing God and His Beloved Golden Son is with you each step of the way.
And so it is…

I AM Ascended Master, Lady Nada

through Julie Miller

^ ^ ^

* * *

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Compartir.:::. ▶ La Intuición 1 Presencia y Armonía en Español AMORC – RETORNANDO A NUESTRO SER MULTIDIMENSIONAL | KRULIANs.

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Compartir.:::. ▶ La Intuición 1 Presencia y Armonía en Español AMORC – RETORNANDO A NUESTRO SER MULTIDIMENSIONAL

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YO SOY Mytria, Guardián de la llama Violeta en Alcyone, Pléyades, y YO SOY Mytra, Comandante en el Comando Ashtar.

Somos Complementos Divinos y somos una expresión más elevada de esta escriba. Venimos a ustedes como UN Ser para hablar de la unión de muchos Complementos Divinos a medida que nuestros amados en la Tierra vienen a Su expresión pentadimensional. Como todos saben, Gaia y todos Sus habitantes, están expandiendo su frecuencia de vuelta en la quinta dimensión y más allá. Por lo tanto, ustedes, los ascendentes en la Tierra, serán re-conectados con la completud de sus expresiones masculinas y femeninas por reunión con sus Complementos Divinos.

Cuando recién entraron en la tercera dimensión, tuvieron que elegir un género, porque la Tierra era una realidad polarizada. Por lo tanto, fue necesario para su expresión innata andrógina elegir una forma de género. Entonces, al continuar sus muchas encarnaciones físicas, se expresaron ya sea como hombre o mujer. Su Complemento Divino ha ido por el mismo proceso. Además, ambos han tenido miríadas de encarnaciones en envases tanto masculinos como femeninos. Sin embargo, al ascender en la quinta dimensión, su polaridad de forma no será más necesaria. Por lo tanto, pueden , si lo eligen, unirse con la completud de su andrógino, SER Multidimensional.

De manera de entender completamente lo que estamos por decir les pedimos que lo lean con su pensamiento multidimensional. Introducimos nuestro SER como nuestros dos extremos de expresión masculina y femenina. Es verdad que han percibido seres elevados en formas masculinas o femeninas, como algunos de nosotros, especialmente Pleyadianos, todavía disfrutamos mantener una forma masculina o femenina. Sin embargo, estamos siempre íntimamente conectados con nuestro Complemento Divino. Ya que el tiempo y el espacio no existen en la quinta dimensión de la misma manera que en el mundo físico, uno de nosotros puede estar en nuestro Hogar y el otro en una Nave Estelar viajando por el Universo sin experimentar ningún sentido de separación.

Podemos hacer esto porque nosotros volvimos a nuestra naturaleza verdadera, multidimensional cuando ascendimos de regreso a la quinta dimensión. Por lo tanto, podemos experimentar dos o más realidades en el mismo momento del AHORA. En otras palabras, experimentamos nuestra vida como UN Ser que está experimentando dos, de hecho muchas más que dos, realidades a la vez. Es por esto que les pedimos que pensaran multidimensionalmente. De hecho, venimos a ustedes en este momento para asistirlos en su pensamiento multidimensional de manera de que puedan entender más fácilmente y completamente participen en su siempre ascendente realidad.

ESTAREMOS diciéndoles algunas de nuestras experiencias de ascensión cuando nosotros Pleyadianos retornamos a nuestras expresiones pentadimensionales. A diferencia de nuestros queridos amigos, los Arcturianos, somos una civilización que disfruta mucho las expresiones de la forma. Los Arcturianos ascendieron mucho antes que nosotros, pero nosotros permanecimos en contacto contínuo , ya que nuestras civilizaciones han estado interconectadas por mucho más del tiempo que puedan contar. De hecho, muchos de nuestros ascendentes en la Tierra tienen expresiones superiores y vidas/experiencias, en ambos mundos Pleyadiano y Arcturiano.

Los conceptos de vida y expresión tienen el mismo significado para un ser multidimensional, ya que no necesitamos “nacer” y “morir”, como ustedes hacen en su realidad física. En vez de ello, elegimos comprometernos con una cierta forma / realidad hasta que nos sentimos completos con esa experiencia. Entonces, simplemente dejamos esa realidad, pero recordamos cada experiencia de cada realidad en la cual hemos participado. Sabemos que esta extensión de la memoria parece imposible en su pensamiento tridimensional, pero les aseguramos que es consistente con todas las formas de vida de la quinta dimensión y más allá.

Aquellos de ustedes que están despertando a sus expresiones superiores, las cuales son sólo “superiores” a la percepción de su envase terrestre, entienden lo que estamos diciendo. Para los que aún no han tenido la experiencia, lo que estamos diciendo parece imposible. Sin embargo, queremos alentarlos a liberar el concepto de “imposible” de sus patrones de pensamiento, ya que están por entrar en una nueva vida en la cual imposible es probable. Por ejemplo, muchos de ustedes están conociendo a un en Tierra, o un ser dimensional superior, el cual creen que es su Complemento Divino o Llama Gemela.

En algunos casos, se están dando cuenta de que su Complemento Divino es alguien que ha estado cerca de ustedes por muchos años. En otros casos, podrían tener la oportunidad de conocerse con alguien que saben en su corazón que es su Complemento Divino. Algunas veces son capaces de entrar en una íntima y duradera relación con esa persona, pero algunas veces esa persona debe dejar su vida por una razón que es difícil de aceptar para ustedes. Si el segundo ejemplo es el caso, es a menudo porque es importante para ambos que continúen con la Razón por la que encarnaron solos.

En este caso, ambos están creando una pirámide de ascensión manteniendo su conexión física vía su conciencia mientras ambos se enfocan en su ya Unido SER en la quinta dimensión. Si éste es el caso, es porque ambos hicieron esa elección antes de tomar su forma presente. Desde su estado sin tiempo en la quinta dimensión, una vida de separación sería insignificante en comparación a la contribución que le darían a Gaia anclando su conciencia unida y con sus expresiones pentadimensionales unificadas.

De hecho, la mayoría de los sacrificios que ustedes nuestros ascendentes han hecho fueron elegidos antes de nacer ya sea despertando a su SER y/o asistiendo con la Ascensión Planetaria. Al continuar con su retorno a su pensamiento multidimensional, atemporal, las dificultades de su vida serán erradicadas de su memoria. Solo lo que han aprendido de esas dificultades es de importancia para su proceso de ascensión. Por lo tanto, como un beneficio de haber participado en la ascensión de Gaia, encontrarán que las experiencias basadas en el miedo comenzarán a desaparecer de su memoria.

Estas experiencias basadas en el miedo se volverán similares a una medicina de mal sabor que han tomado. No disfrutaron de la medicina, pero están contentos que les hizo bien. De la misma manera, sus dificultades pasadas fueron elegidas por su SER Multidimensional para asegurar que cosas no terminadas que han bajado su conciencia por innumerables vidas, sean resueltas y liberadas. Ahora que se han vuelto vencedores de muchas de sus experiencias pasadas de victimización, pueden entender lo que estamos diciendo.

Quedarse atrapados en el pasado es quedarse atrapados en el tiempo. Y , quedarse atrapados en el tiempo es quedarse atrapados en la tercera/cuarta dimensión. Por lo tanto, han elegido escribir algunas experiencias desagradables en su contrato para forzarse a ustedes mismos a olvidar el dolor y el sufrimiento y moverse en la creación de una nueva y mejor vida. Verán, queridos ascendentes, lo que están haciendo con su liberación personal del tiempo y todos sus problemas, es vital para asistir a Gaia en su liberación de muchísimas experiencias basadas en el miedo de la humanidad “despertando”.

De todos Sus hijos, la Humanidad fue la más desafiante. Sus plantas y animales nunca olvidaron que eran un componente de Su forma. Sin embargo, la Humanidad estuvo tan intencionada en ganar poder sobre otros que hasta eligieron conquistar la forma que les permitió experimentar encarnación. Deseamos decirles que Gaia está tan feliz que tantos de Sus humanos han encontrado su poder dentro y no necesitan más experimentar el poder sobre. De hecho, a media que la oscuridad/miedo está siendo liberada por la Humanidad, Su frecuencia se está elevando más allá de la resonancia de la realidad basada en el miedo.

Nosotros, con Gaia, les recordamos nuevamente que la más importante contribución que pueden hacer por la Ascensión Planetaria es NEGARSE a participar en cualquier forma de miedo. Esto incluye todas las formas de enojo y tristeza. Este pedido es uno que no pediríamos a nuestros ascendentes hasta el momento del AHORA. Con el Eclipse, el retorno de nuestra querida Venus a nuestras Pléyades, el viaje de Venus entre el Sol y la Tierra y los innumerables otros patrones de energía Solares y Universales, nuestros ascendentes DEBEN liberar lo que ha terminado para ellos de manera de abrazar lo que está comenzando.

Nosotros, los miembros de su Familia Galáctica, estamos AQUÍ para asistirlos en su AHORA!

Bendiciones de Mytria/Mytra de Pléyades.

A través de Suzanne Lie, PhD
Traducción para este blog – Shanti

Respete estos créditos, muchas gracias!

Publicado 21st May 2012 por Shanti
Etiquetas: Complementos Divinoseclipse mayo 2012Mytria de PléyadesMytria/Mytratránsito de Venus

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Compartir.:::. ▶ Si no sucede lo que hemos prometido, como va a sobrevivir el ser humano- RECUPERACIÓN DE LA COMUNICACIÓN MULTIDIMENSIONAL | El Ser UNO – A.

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Compartir.:::. ▶ Si no sucede lo que hemos prometido, como va a sobrevivir el ser humano- RECUPERACIÓN DE LA COMUNICACIÓN MULTIDIMENSIONAL

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…La recuperación de su propio poder de la comunicación multidimensional se abrirá a través de esta dominación mental.

Sin embargo, en primer lugar, el malestar emocional debe ser liberado, ya que es una gran distracción y disminuye tu conciencia.

El lavado de cerebro y toda forma de dominación mental sólo puede funcionar si hay miedo.

El amor crea un sentido de igualdad y autoestima que no permite el miedo y la duda por lo que es vital para que el dominio mental sea eficaz. Además, el amor activa tu conciencia multidimensional, que al instante se puede conectar a tus expresiones más altas del sí mismo. A partir de ese punto de vista superior, tienes mucha más sabiduría, poder y amor que cualquier persona que tenga el deseo de baja frecuencia de dominar a otro ser de cualquier manera.

Ahora, con nuestro preámbulo terminado, te pedimos de nuevo que permitas el lenguaje de la luz penetre a través del abierto terjer ojo. Sentir la luz y la iluminación de este mensaje, así como el amor, ya que este mensaje se desplaza hacia abajo hacia tu Corazón Superior. Ahora es vital que confíes en tu yo multidimensional y confiar en que ésta experiencia es real. De hecho, ésta experiencia de comunión con las dimensiones superiores es más real que cualquiera de todos los componentes de la realidad tridimensional.

Siempre han tenido la capacidad de comunicarse con nosotros, pero vuestras numerosas encarnaciones de adoctrinamiento y lavado de cerebro de la tercera dimensión les han hecho olvidar éste hecho. Afortunadamente, la resonancia de la Tierra está aumentando, los seres humanos cada vez podrán recordar más esta capacidad latente. La gente se involucra en la comunicación inter-dimensional y comparte sus experiencias con los demás, y eso será normal. Por supuesto, el término normal cambia todos los días porque todos lo que alguna vez fue normal, se está volviendo obsoleto, y todo lo que fue calificado como una locura se está convirtiendo en normal.

Ahora vamos a repetir este proceso paso a paso sin explicación alguna para que pueda recibir un ejercicio para ayudarle en su práctica personal.

* Recuerda, a fin de recibir un mensaje de una expresión dimensional de tú Yo Superior, necesitas entrar un momento en meditación y de expandir tu conciencia para abrazar la quinta dimensión y más allá.

* Al entrar en esta conciencia superior, permite que tu propia experiencia a la luz y el amor de las expresiones de tu ser multidimensional que te da la bienvenida. Siente el poder del amor incondicional y la creación de un vínculo entre tú expresión más elevada de tí mismo.

* Toma un momento y permítanse recordar otros momentos de su vida en la que has experimentado este amor interior profundo. Cuando revises estos momentos, recuerda validar estas experiencias y conocimientos que eran reales.

* Cuando te sientas lo suficientemente cómodo para estar en comunión con las dimensiones superiores, debes relajarte y permitir que tú mente quede en blanco. Corrige a tu mente para que se libere de los pensamientos del mundo físico, de modo que puedas aceptar mejor que puedes abarcar la experiencia de estar en una realidad dimensional más elevada con un miembro de tú ser multidimensional.

* A medida que te entregas a ésta experiencia, puedes sentir calor, una sensación de amor, y una radiación de luz a medida que las transferencias de energía multidimensional de tú Ser Superior pasan al cuerpo físico.

* Es posible que aún así perciban formas del lenguaje de la luz que iluminan y flotan en su conciencia. Permitan que éste flujo de información pueda viajar a través de su corona y a su abierto tercer ojo y flote a su Corazón Superior, que está entre el Chacra del Corazón y el Chakra de la Garganta.

* Toma un buen rato para sentir la unión de tú ser de la tercera dimensión con su ser superior Galáctico o Celeste. Inicialmente, puede que desees mantener los ojos cerrados y quizás escribir en una computadora o escribir con los ojos entreabiertos. Permítase confiar en el mensaje que viene a la mente. Si tus pensamientos son diferentes de lo que tus manos están escribiendo, sigue la información proveniente de las manos. Tú mente está acostumbrada a mentir, pero tus manos expresan la energía que viene de tu corazón.

Les hemos dado esta información a nuestras semillas estelares de la tierra, para que puedan comunicarse mejor con sus expresiones superiores dimensionales de sí mismo. Estas expresiones más altas de tí mismo más allá de la tercera dimensión son miembros de tu familia galáctica y Celestial. Siempre hemos sido capaces de comunicarnos con las expresiones de tierra de nuestro ser multidimensional. Sin embargo, al entrar en el juego en 3D, la mayor parte de nuestras expresiones de tierra se olvidan de sus habilidades naturales.

Cuando recibas la información, no te preocupes por la ortografía, gramática o formato. Inicialmente, sólo permite recibir la información. Lo mejor es que sigas el flujo de la información y puedes volver más tarde para modificarlo.

Es probable recordar para algunos su capacidad innata, cuando eras un niño, pero los “adultos” te dijeron que tus experiencias no eran reales y que debías crecer y ser “normal.” Queremos que se den cuenta de que su capacidad de comunicarse con todas las expresiones de su ser multidimensional, es completamente normal. De hecho, es una señal de que han “crecido” lo suficiente como para recordar tu Ser Superior.

Para terminar, queremos decir que ustedes están entrando en un momento trascendental de la transformación en el que todos los de su realidad multidimensional estarán fácilmente disponibles para que ustedes experimenten. Así como puedes llamar a un amigo que vive en un área (o país) que te gustaría visitar, puedes llamarnos a nosotros, a tu familia galáctica, antes de tomar unas vacaciones inter-dimensionales. Les diremos a todos los mejores lugares para visitar y las cosas más maravillosas que hacer. Nosotros mantenemos una línea abierta siempre. Nunca estamos “demasiado ocupados” para responder. Nosotros somos multidimensionales y estamos disponibles para infinitas experiencias dentro del ahora y del UNO.

Los Arcturianos su familia galáctica.

A través de Suzan Carrol

Traducido por Tony de Pablo

Publicado 10th September 2011 por Shanti

Etiquetas: apertura multidimensional de la concienciacomunicación interdimensionaldespertar de la memoria cósmica

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Cada experiencia y cada conocimiento que en algún momento se produjo en los planos energéticos y ciclos de tiempo en el Universo, están documentados.

A través del Código de Activación “Conexión con los Campos de Conocimiento” tienes acceso a esta infinita memoria de conocimiento.

A través de esta conexión se te transmite el conocimiento necesario para tu siguiente paso de desarrollo.
Integra este conocimiento en tu vida.
Transmitido el 26.07.1998 en Milk Hill,Wiltshire
Publicado 9th September 2011 por Shanti
Etiquetas: ayuda al despertarcampos de conocimiento

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A tí que esperas
en la avenida del tiempo…

Crece en tu corazón
 en su apertura,
y en su sabiduría.

A tí que miras el cielo
por las noches,
buscando una razón
o esa respuesta…

Acerca los abismos,
integra quién Eres
y observa….

Todo se despliega
todo vibra,
y continúa…

En la incesante sinfonía
de la Vida,
de la Luz y la Conciencia.

Abre tus alas,
y sobre todo AMA!

Ama desde el Amor,
Sé tú mismo el Amor,
descubre el cristal
precioso que es tu esencia.

Y expande al infinito
el esplendor de quién tú ERES!

Publicado 1st July 2011 por Shanti


Por Talessian Namor, portavoz de las Naciones Estelares
19 de Julio 2006
Algunos de ustedes nos conocen, otros no; algunos nos temen y otros nos dan la bienvenida. Bueno, cualquiera que sean vuestros pensamientos todavía ofrecemos nuestro amor y nuestro corazón lleno de compasión a todos y a cada uno de ustedes.

Somos una Alianza de Culturas Estelares benevolentes, los Estelares. Y hemos estado aquí desde el amanecer de la Humanidad. Las naves estelares en vuestros cielos no solo prueban nuestra antigua e histórica relación con la humanidad primitiva, sino que también son un símbolo de la verdad para la humanidad moderna.

La declaración y el mensaje que estamos comunicando ahora es que nosotros deseamos que toda la gente de todas las culturas, todas las naciones humanas, comprendan que las Naciones Estelares les aman a todos ustedes y esperan que pronto sea el día en que nos den la bienvenida como amigos en vuestras comunidades. En última instancia no les forzaremos a ustedes a tomar ninguna decisión, porque va contra de nuestras leyes espirituales y universales el interferir con el libre albedrío humano y su desarrollo espiritual. Solo les pedimos que miren dentro de vuestros corazones para conocer la verdad y que nos den la bienvenida como amigos. Tengan cuidado con cualquier exhibición falsa de naves como las estelares, especialmente si son de naturaleza amenazante, violenta o espantosas, porque será un intento de los elitistas/cábala para dañar nuestra amistad colectiva. Ha habido operaciones paramilitares que han robado algunas de nuestras naves estelares, generalmente derribándolas y llamándolo “accidentes”, y luego han copiado la tecnología con sus mejores esfuerzos, mediante ingeniería reversa.

Estos grupos han capturado a los sobrevivientes de las naves estelares y los han mantenido detenidos forzándoles a ayudar a científicos y a técnicos corruptos. Muchas de vuestras abducciones fueron realmente hechas por seres humanos usando esta tecnología, para dañar psicológicamente a nuestros contactados y crear miedo y desconfianza. Asimismo, también están pagándole a grupos paramilitares para difundir al público desinformación sobre el pueblo Estelar para mantenerlo confundido, enojado y asustado. Nuestra meta futura, para cuando ustedes estén preparados y ya no estén bajo la influencia de los líderes egotistas y de mentalidad militar, es ser amigos de todos ustedes y darles la bienvenida a la Federación de Estrellas de las Naciones Estelares.

Los registros sobre vuestra historia antigua están llenos de muchas falsedades respecto de vuestra verdadera historia, la que ha sido distorsionada y reescrita por razones religiosas, políticas y militares. Durante muchos años hemos intentado cooperar con vuestros gobiernos, líderes, militares y gentes de influencia económica (designados colectivamente como “la cábala”). No hemos restringido nuestros esfuerzos a ninguna nación en particular. Y a pesar de nuestros esfuerzos, hemos fracasado en alcanzar una forma de cooperación mutuamente beneficiosa.

Nuestro mayor esfuerzo fue con un acuerdo hecho en Abril de 1964 con cuatro de vuestros gobiernos: los Estados Unidos, la Republica Popular China, la URSS y Europa. Ese acuerdo fue lamentablemente descuidado y engañosamente manipulado hasta septiembre del 2005 por los operativos de la cábala, hombres de poder e influencias e inclinados por el dominio del mundo. En ese momento, después de un esfuerzo exhaustivo para reparar los intentos solapados de robar nuestra tecnología e interferir permanentemente con nuestros intentos de contacto con la humanidad, procedimos a invalidar el Acuerdo que ya tenía 41 años.

Muchas de las tecnologías que ustedes ven hoy en día fueron regalos de las Naciones Estelares dados para garantizar vuestra evolución colectiva hacia una civilización desarrollada y capaz de unirse a las culturas interestelares de vuestra Galaxia. Todo esto fue negociado en el acuerdo de 1964. Las organizaciones militares, incluyendo las de naturaleza pública o secreta, en cada oportunidad han atacado a nuestra gente. Asimismo nos lo han hecho difícil para servir al planeta Tierra con el mantenimiento espiritual requerido.

Hoy día, volvamos a la cooperación pacífica y al diálogo abierto. Hoy día les pedimos a vuestros gobiernos y a los que deciden, públicos y secretos, honestos y deshonestos, que comiencen el proceso de una divulgación pública completa sobre las culturas, las visitas y la tecnología Estelar. Sentimos ahora que los seres humanos están listos para la verdad.

Nuestra interacción con los seres humanos han sido infructuosas en el pasado debido a individuos egocéntricos y corruptos. Ejemplo: la cábala, las elites, brujos, sacerdotes, ciertos industriales y militaristas, todos trabajando concertadamente para impedir que los seres humanos comunes y de buena voluntad conozcan la verdad sobre los Estelares. Esto nuevamente ha sido basado en el miedo. La sociedad global está nadando en el miedo, y esto ha sido orquestado por esos mismos grupos de élites que nos han etiquetado como ‘malos’. Ellos han auspiciado muchas películas en Hollywood que nos muestran como monstruos que matamos multitudes, sedientos de sangre.

Tradicionalmente hablando, nos han etiquetado inadecuadamente como OVNIS, Objetos Voladores No Identificados, Extraterrestres, ETs, entidades biológicas extraterrestres, EBEs y lamentablemente, como ‘alienígenas’. Todas estas etiquetas se basan en tácticas de miedo para distanciarnos de los seres humanos de buena fe y bien intencionados. Somos gente, igual que ustedes son gente. Ustedes son gente humana, nosotros somos gente de las estrellas. Somos gentes Estelares. Pensando de esta forma, preferimos los términos: Estelares, personas de las estrellas o visitantes de las estrellas. A ustedes no les gustaría ser llamados ‘primitivos’ o ‘primates mutados’. Y nosotros no disfrutamos los términos ‘alienígenas’ y ‘extraterrestres’. El uso continuo de estos términos demuestra una mente estancada e ignorante.

Del mismo modo nuestras naves y naves estelares no son OVNIS. Son naves y naves estelares. Se puede considerar que las naves estelares son más grandes que las naves. Todas ellas son máquinas avanzadas de vuelo que incorporan un conocimiento científico y espiritual intrincado necesario para manejar campos sutiles y nativos de energía dentro del contexto del mundo compuesto. Nuestras naves son una prueba científica y visual de sistemas funcionando con energía libre y antigravedad, demostrando que son ciencias y tecnologías disponibles.

Vuestros imperios energéticos no van a estar contentos con nuestra presencia ni nuestra llegada. La energía libre ha estado disponible ya por un tiempo pero se les ha ocultado en aras de una mayor riqueza y poder para la cábala. Esperamos compartir con ustedes estas tecnologías y más, dentro de muy pronto. Una vez que hayan equipos basados en la energía libre, o energía del punto cero, ya no se seguirá contaminando el planeta Tierra.

La especie humana, el Homo Sapiens, fue creada mediante la mutación genética de los primates disponibles y complementando esta base genética con su propio material genético. Desde que se creó la versión original del ser humano, hemos proporcionado mejoras periódicas para que no solamente se desarrollen características científicas como la razón, la belleza y la resistencia, sino que también importantes características espirituales como el amor, la compasión y la moralidad.

Se debe decir que todas vuestras religiones y fes se originaron de una fuente singular que compartimos con ustedes, y que se ha perdido a lo largo de los milenios debido a la desconexión con la Fuente Verdadera. Lo que muchos de ustedes llaman “Conciencia Divina”, el Catolicismo, el Hinduismo, el Judaísmo, el Protestantismo, el Budismo, el Islamismo y las muchas otras religiones hoy en el mundo, han permanecido inmaduras y estancadas a pesar de las mejoras tecnológicas, psicológicas, espirituales y genéticas en la sociedad.

Vuestra mente consciente, limitada por el pensamiento lineal y obstaculizada por la lógica establecida, intentará no creer lo que estamos compartiendo ahora. Es por esto que recomendamos mirar en vuestros corazones para encontrar la verdad y no ser dominados por los que están en negación, que predecimos serán muchos de ustedes. Es una reacción normal y es mejor permitir que esta reacción salga de vuestro sistema en lugar de suprimirla con remedios de cualquier tipo.

Algunos de ustedes pueden encontrarse muy diferentes, incluso considerándose a ustedes mismos como parias e incapaces de adaptarse a una sociedad estructurada y no espiritualizada. Pueden encontrarse muy sensibles, especialmente afectados por la gente sin moral, de conducta agresiva y habitualmente ignorantes. Pueden verse teniendo una intuición fuerte, ayudando a la gente desinteresadamente, o incluso pueden encontrar que tienen habilidades telepáticas y sanadoras. Vuestra clase de gente, colectivamente niños de las Estrellas, han sido mejorados con genética Estelar y ahora son una parte significativa de la población de vuestro planeta. Muchos de ustedes que han sido Estelarmente mejorados no están conscientes de vuestra originalidad. Entonces no siempre eso se nota. Incluso pudieran ustedes estar escondiéndolo. Quédense tranquilos que el tiempo está aquí ahora para despertarse a vuestros reales talentos y darles buen uso. Salgan de vuestros ambientes restringidos y abracen vuestra verdadera naturaleza.

El capitalismo, el comunismo y el socialismo han fracasado todos en ocuparse del desarrollo a largo plazo de una población global agobiada, cercada por una ineludible pobreza, y sujeta al continuo crecimiento del militarismo proveniente de acciones erradas basadas en una agenda torcida e incorrecta. Todas vuestras guerras modernas han sido planeadas y ejecutadas por estos mismos individuos corruptos, cábala y otros, para fomentar sus propias agendas destinadas a confinar todo el planeta en una especie de prisión en la que ellos son los alcaides.

Cada guerra les ha permitido pelear contra enemigos imaginarios y, al mismo tiempo, les ha permitido desarrollar y probar nuevas tecnologías militares, con sus crecientes presupuestos militares. Estas mismas tecnologías militares se utilizan luego contra la gente. Su meta final es armar el perímetro del planeta para controlar así el planeta. Muchos de vuestros expertos ya despiertos han aludido a esto como la “militarización del espacio”.

Claramente vuestros autoelegidos industriales de la cábala y los líderes mundiales han ocultado nuestra existencia y han continuado el curso peligroso de la militarización del espacio, para poder atacar a las Naciones Estelares con una mejor base. La iniciativa de “la guerra de las galaxias” bajo la presidencia de EE.UU. de Ronald Reagan fue parte de esa agenda. La cábala posee actualmente algún armamento militar avanzado y se propone claramente utilizarlo contra nosotros en su primera oportunidad. Afortunadamente, esa oportunidad no ha llegado todavía. La cábala jugará con certeza la carta de que la gente Estelar es enemiga, los “alienígenas malos”, y nos harán la guerra, para dar el próximo salto tecnológico al espacio. Ellos podrían incluso referirse a nosotros como un asteroide o una luna. Una misión hacia Marte tiene primera prioridad para conseguir la aprobación de fondos de la NASA y otras agencias de Defensa Espacial.

Nos oponemos a esta visión cargada de miedo y solamente deseamos un contacto pacífico. Ustedes pueden ver el problema a que nos enfrentamos y nos hemos enfrentado por muchos años. La cábala está inclinada a la guerra y al control, como lo pueden ver en las naciones a su alrededor, y al contar la cantidad diaria creciente de bolsos con cuerpos. Mientras la cábala siga dominando la toma de decisiones mundiales a través de diversos consejos, cuerpos, administraciones, sociedades y grupos paramilitares, aunque parezcan legítimos u obviamente auto impuestos, la guerra continuará y los seres humanos sufrirán. La cábala no comprende las ideas de amor y compasión. Desgraciadamente muchos de ellos nunca lo comprenderán hasta su próxima vida.

Hay algunos grupos internacionales situados en vuestras comunidades globales que desean promover relaciones pacíficas y diplomáticas con la gente de las Naciones Estelares. Cada individuo o grupo de individuos tiene el derecho a interactuar con nosotros, y ésta es nuestra meta final. Seguramente la diplomacia ciudadana es un lugar muy bueno para comenzar.

La verdad final es que una parte de todos ustedes son una parte de nosotros, y nosotros somos parte de ustedes. Por lo tanto somos iguales en varios niveles, y distintos en varios niveles. Ya es tiempo de aumentar nuestra igualdad y disminuir nuestras diferencias. Esto va a requerir de una aceptación y compasión profunda en vuestros corazones. No hay prisa en que ustedes completen vuestra transformación. Sí hay prisa para comenzar esta transformación, porque la sociedad humana, si mantiene su curso actual, fracasará de un modo autodestructivo.

Se espera que cada individuo tenga una respuesta diferente ante nuestra presencia y nuestra llegada. Así pues, es normal entonces que algunos individuos serán incapaces de manejar la presencia de los Estelares. Estos individuos deberían buscar el consuelo en los que comprenden a los Estelares, o buscar por ejemplo profesionales en los campos de la orientación, la psicología y el trabajo social clínico.

Se espera que algunas mentes, por algún tiempo no puedan hacer frente y puedan necesitar atención médica. Esto es normal. Ustedes comprenden las necesidades de vuestro cuerpo, y, con moderación, deberían asegurarse que se sienten seguros, cómodos, y que mantienen su salud mental. Para la mayoría de ustedes, estos síntomas pasarán rápidamente o con el tiempo.

Es posible que nuestra presencia en los cielos pueda ser vista como amenazante, gracias a las muchas razones que las personas en el poder podrían esgrimir. Dejamos ahora en claro que somos razas pacíficas de seres de otros sistemas planetarios y dimensiones. Y que cualquier violencia o desaprobación se originan de una fuente humana de malentendido, información falsa o simplemente ignorancia. Esperamos que individuos iluminados puedan intervenir y aclarar la situación, impidiendo de ese modo errores a gran escala. Los seres humanos de buena conciencia deben levantarse ahora y emprender iniciativas hacia un futuro de coexistencia pacífica.

Además deseamos informarles que el mundo que ustedes ven hoy, incluyendo todas las cosas modernas, son de hecho cosas inferiores y arcaicas porque se basan en una ausencia de espiritualidad, que la base central de la vida y de este universo. Así pues, dicho esto, la vida mejorará. Ya muchos de ustedes están estudiando cosas tales como el yoga, la meditación y la filosofía para encontrar un significado y un propósito a vuestras vidas, vidas que se han vuelto banales. Muchos de ustedes están buscando en forma natural una existencia más espiritual en un mundo lleno de egoísmo, corrupción, codicia y miedo.

También quisiéramos reafirmar que no se debe confiar en los humanos de la Tierra con autoridad egocéntrica, el gobierno en la sombra, la cábala, los Illuminati, ellos han sido la razón detrás de nuestra separación de ustedes. Ellos son un grupo minoritario. Les han ocultado la verdad de nuestra presencia y existencia y han ignorado y rechazado nuestras peticiones para que se haga pública esta información. Es decir una divulgación pública completa. La gente se dará cuenta de que sus gobiernos privados y públicos han conocido desde hace mucho tiempo y han tenido un amplio contacto con las Naciones Estelares. Por muchas razones todo este conocimiento se les ha ocultado a ustedes, por ejemplo el encubrimiento de los ovnis. Es correcto y apropiado entonces exigir a su debido tiempo una divulgación gradual de este conocimiento, junto con una disculpa pública. También es correcto que la gente del mundo perdone esta traición y utilice el amor y la compasión como forma de avanzar.

Los líderes y la gente en posiciones de poder responsables de este encubrimiento deberían ser sacados automáticamente de su posición y negárseles cualquier posición influyente. Si ellos han roto leyes locales o internacionales, deberían enfrentarse a un tribunal de acuerdo a la región o el país en que residan. Todas estas cosas se deben manejar con responsabilidad, modales e inteligencia en lugar de rapidez, cólera y violencia. No les forzaremos a ustedes para que actúen de ningún modo en particular, y siempre les ofreceremos nuestro amor cualquiera sea el camino que elijan.

Ustedes deben comprender que este planeta es vuestro planeta, y que deben aprender a gobernarse a si mismos. La razón por la cual estamos aquí hoy es porque es hora de que todos ustedes basen vuestras decisiones en la verdad en lugar de las mentiras con las que han sido alimentados durante tantos años. Esperamos que nuestra presencia como un símbolo de verdad inyecte esperanza al corazón humano. Esperamos que vean nuestras sinceras intenciones de conectarnos con ustedes, los ciudadanos del planeta Tierra.

Respetuosamente les recordamos que esta es una misión pacífica. Somos sociedades pacíficas de muy lejos. No somos hostiles. Si presenciaran ustedes cualquier ataque militar u otros actos de agresión, ellos serían originados de partidos, grupos o individuos de la Tierra. Recuerden que ellos poseen algo de nuestra tecnología, incluyendo tecnología para modificar el clima. El mensaje es sencillo: las Naciones Estelares son parte de la historia pasada, presente y futura de la Tierra.

Quisiéramos reconectarnos con la humanidad de una manera productiva y consistente con altos estándares morales. Ese es nuestro mensaje e intención. Estas cosas no deben torcerse o distorsionarse para adaptarlas a ideologías deshonestas o a tendencias militaristas. Estas cosas deben permanecer claras. Dejen que se levanten los líderes espirituales y los individuos iluminados y que se expresen sus corazones. Dejen que el coraje gobierne vuestros corazones y mentes, y se desvanecerá la idea del miedo. Muchos de ustedes llaman a esto el “contacto formal”. Así pues ésta es la meta final y deseamos que ello suceda en un futuro muy cercano, cuando ustedes estén preparados. Si hubiera actos de agresión del lado humano, ustedes causarán sus propias muertes. No deseamos esto. Nuestra misión a este planeta es pacífica.

Los Estelares están muy enfocados en la Tierra y consideran a este planeta como un planeta vivo que necesita cuidado y atención, al igual que algunos de ustedes. Especialmente ahora. Algunos de los cambios de la Tierra serán estructurales y se podrán sentir como terremotos, cambios de clima y cosas de ese tipo. Es lo que se espera después de tanto abuso y abandono, ustedes deben estar preparados ya que estas cosas han estado ocurriendo por muchos años. No habrá fin de mundo porque eso está basado en el miedo; en lugar de ello habrá un despertar y en ese proceso el mundo que conocieron será diferente. Se percibirá diferente y también ustedes vivirán de un modo diferente. La Tierra también, como ser vivo, se ajustará y esto ocasionará algunas pequeñas catástrofes, pero esto es normal y se debe esperar. Es una oportunidad para trabajar colectivamente como seres espirituales.

Un grupo minoritario de la cábala y sus aliados militares alrededor del mundo están guardando y utilizando seres de las Estrellas como prisioneros para impulsar sus actos de dominio mundial. Pediríamos que se liberen sin daño estos seres de las Estrellas, estos Estelares. Ellos a su vez no harán daño y no les guardarán rencor.

Naves estelares reales, de variados diseños, pasarán por vuestra ubicación o ciudad, y les alentamos a que saquen fotos y videos, como quieran. Las naves son para recordarle a toda la humanidad que los Estelares somos una parte integral de vuestra historia y vuestro futuro. Compartan este conocimiento y estén orgullosos de saber que lo que han visto es real. No se dejen engañar por imitaciones o por los intentos de la cábala para negar u ocultar esta verdad. Estén preparados para sus intentos de distracción, ya sea una nueva gripe, una amenaza de un ataque biológico, un nuevo enfrentamiento militar o algo realmente sorprendente. Ellos son muy buenos para las distracciones. Y son muy hábiles en acciones basadas en el miedo o invocando a enemigos imaginarios.

Las Naciones Estelares aprobarán cualquier forma de contacto pacífico, compasivo y profundo con la humanidad de cualquier raza, cultura o religión. Es hora de abrazar vuestra verdadera herencia en este momento crucial de vuestra corta historia. Esto es solamente el principio.

Además, esperamos sinceramente que en los meses que vienen podamos presentarnos en persona a los seres humanos del mundo. Mientras tanto, comencemos este periodo de relaciones pacíficas renovadas y de trabajar juntos hasta que alcancemos el punto del contacto formal. Entonces la existencia humana con certeza trascenderá todos sus adelantos anteriores e ingresará a un nuevo paradigma, una nueva era y a una aceptación de ella en un círculo interestelar de culturas Estelares. Estén bien y sepan que les amamos a todos ustedes, por siempre y para siempre.

Talessian Namor, también conocido por su nombre en la Tierra Mario Sasso, portavoz de las Naciones Estelares, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canadá.

Traducción: Roberto

Publicado 2nd July 2011 por Shanti
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terram novam: Important..!..Multidimensional Consciousness by IlliaEm::Sunday, September 7, 2014 ::: Jul 11 THE BIRTH OF NEW EARTH

terram novam: Important..!..Multidimensional Consciousness by IlliaEm::Sunday, September 7, 2014 ::: Jul 11 THE BIRTH OF NEW EARTH.

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domingo, 7 de setiembre de 2014

Important..!..Multidimensional Consciousness by IlliaEm::Sunday, September 7, 2014 ::: Jul 11 THE BIRTH OF NEW EARTH

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Sunday, September 7, 2014
Multidimensional Consciousness by IlliaEm


Multidimensional Consciousness

By IlliaEm, Elohim of Arcturus
Dearest Ones,
Please, take a moment of meditation before you receive my message. It is important to expand your awareness to your highest potential before receiving my communication so that your ego does not interfere with my transmission. I will assist you by leading you in a meditation to calibrate your consciousness to the higher dimensions.
Focus your attention inward into the core of your brain, the area below your crown and behind your brow. Feel the Light of Spirit flowing through your Pineal Gland and into your crown like the sunlight coming through the sunroof of your home. In front of you is the Mind Screen for your Third Eye. Settle into this area of your physical form.
Now send a root through your brain, down your spine and out your feet directly into the central core of Lady Gaia. This root will allow you to stay grounded as you assist as well as accept the assistance of Mother Earth. Now that your “launching pad” is activated, journey to your Soul Home in the fifth dimension. Feel your Divine Complement embracing you, as two merges into ONE. Together as ONE, you return your attention to me, IlliaEm.
Imagine a vortex before you.
See how the spin of vortex increases as you approach it.
Recognize your Arcturian guide as IT invites you into the vortex.
Visualize the archway to the vortex.
Raise your hands to imprint your vibrational signature upon this archway.
Feel the rush of euphoria as you make this connection.
NOW you are the vortex.
Feel how your form has become formless.
You are pure Light. Observe as you morph into an Arcturian Star being.
You are returning to the Home that you have never left.
However, you have forgotten that you are also there.
Long, long ago, in the distant past, you bi-located your great multidimensional consciousness to Gaia’s beloved sister Venus. You inter-dimensionally traveled to Venus to prepare for your mission to rescue Gaia’s planetary body Earth.
Once you had prepared your great multidimensional consciousness for the constraints of existence within a third dimensional vessel, you kept your promise to answer Gaia’s call to rescue Her from destruction. Atlantis could not be saved, but Gaia was safe. However, Her frequency was not much lower then ever intended.
Now you are returning to your Multidimensional SELF, the ONE you have always been. See your Arcturian pod before you. The other star beings in your pod are also arriving and there is a beautiful reunion. You meet again in a giant star burst of light.
Now feel your physical form that is receiving this message. Extend your consciousness to that YOU. There are many changes going on in your physical body, emotions and thoughts. It may even seem that you can’t keep up with all the new information and genetic encoding that is being activated in your earth vessel.
If you think, “I am alone on the third dimension, and I may not survive,” these changes can be frightening. You are correct. Your third dimensional self is being transmuted into a higher vibration. Therefore, all your bodily defense mechanisms are being alerted to great change, which is often perceived as danger.
Therefore, please reassure your earth vessel that these feelings are NOT dangerous. Tell your body that you are being returned to your natural state. Remind your 3D self that YOU took on an assignment in which you needed to wear a vessel made of the same elements of the planet that you were rescuing.
This vessel is much like a coat that has now become too small, and the brain of this vessel has forgotten your true SELF. Therefore, your 3D expression is having confusing thoughts, fearful feelings and unusual physical sensations. Assure your earth vessel self that YOU are on an important mission from your galactic homeworld.
Thank your earth vessel for its service to you and for its willingness to undergo such a great transformation. Tell your third dimensional thoughts and emotions that they must be still to allow the changes to take place within the physical form you are wearing.
Do not judge or condemn your self for “not doing enough” for the transition. You are in training now. When you have fully remembered your Multidimensional SELF and have incorporated this expanded SELF into the awareness of your earth vessel, you will be called upon to be of service.
For now, continue with what you are doing. You are touching people more than your give yourself credit for. Release all competition and comparison and love yourself for exactly the way you are NOW. To assist you in remembering your innate multidimensional consciousness, I NOW take your mind on a journey back to Arcturus:
Imagine that your Arcturian family is around you once again. Feel the deep sense of Unity. Is there any competition or comparison here? No, my dear, we are all ONE. We are like individual emanation from the same star.
We have all emerged from the same light, and we all live within it together as ONE. Experience the light now as it weaves each member of your pod together into a beautiful tapestry of light. Sense the pattern that is formed by your collective selves, and see how you are the whole, as well as the individual.
This Unity Consciousness is also possible on dear Earth, but many low vibrational beings also live on the Dear Lady. Sometimes you can feel them, but Gaia must always carry them on Her body. Do you realize now how Gaia needs you? Do you understand how you can assist Her by simply remembering who you are?
When you remember who you are and ground your Multidimensional SELF in Gaia’s core, you share you multidimensional consciousness with Her core. As more and more of you share your multidimensional consciousness with Gaia, you create a stairway of light leading from the heart of Gaia to the higher dimensions. With so much darkness and fear impinging on Her body, the light of your multidimensional consciousness serves to refresh, rejuvenate and heal her planetary body from the center out.
Also, as you will see, all inter-dimensional journeys must begin with a deep grounding so that you can find you way back to your third dimensional vessel. Once in the higher worlds, you may not wish to return to Earth, but your connection to Gaia’s core reminds you of the Mission you have chosen.
Also, when you travel into Earth’s core, you can merge with all the beings of light there in the same manner as you have united with the members of your pod on Arcturus. Some of the beings in Gaia’s core are human, but many are not. Since you have released the 3D illusion of separation, you can instantly join them in the unity of Multidimensional Consciousness.
Feel how this union creates a giant merkaba with the top half above Mother Earth and the bottom half embedded in Her core. See that there are many of these merkabas joined together all around the planet. Within each merkaba is a pod of like-minded multidimensional leaders who have released all competition and comparison to serve the Mother in Her hour of need.
It is for this reason that all of you have volunteered, yes volunteered, to be incarnated on Earth at this NOW. This is the cosmic opportunity for which you have prepared for millennia. ALL of you are ready NOW. Any one who can receive messages from their higher selves (or from the higher self of others) are able to actively and consciously participate in the process of planetary transformation.
There are still many beautiful light beings that choose to allow their multidimensional consciousness to slumber while they do the work in their night bodies. Some of these dear souls may even appear to be of the darkness. However, do not judge their third dimensional self, as each one has their own assignment.
Those who have chosen to display dissonance so that it can be healed are indeed brave. In their higher vibrational selves, they too are aware of their process of transformation. Send unconditional love to these beings. They have chosen a very difficult path. They have chosen to embody darkness so that it can be healed.
Remember my beloveds, there is no job too small to be of service. Embrace ALL life within your multidimensional consciousness. Feel the Unity of Purpose to the Divine Plan of planetary ascension. Be that Unity of Purpose. Know that with this knowledge comes great responsibility.
Embrace your responsibility. Remember who you are!!!!
(The next day)
I AM Illia Em, returned to complete my message,
Everyone on the third dimension has a challenge, which is the same theme for everyone. This challenge is facing FEAR! The “faces of fear” change with each person, but the lesson is the same: “Keep your consciousness above fear and in the frequency of love.”
When you remember to live within your multidimensional consciousness, I IlliaEm can constantly share your/our Oneness. Your multidimensional consciousness can be re-discovered by merging with your Mother Earth. Gaia serves as a multidimensional computer that stores every thought, emotion and action of every life form on Her planet. These “files” can be “read” by merging with Gaia.
To merge with the Mother,
Experience Her pulse as it rises up from her heart to enter your heart.
See Her Nature around you.
Listen to Her creatures, the wind through the trees and the rain on the ground.
Smell the fresh grass and feel it beneath your feet.
Feel the warm Sun and cool breeze as it caresses your face.
Hear the ocean as its waves break upon the shore.
In this manner, you commune with and become grounded in Mother Earth. Allow myriad memories to enter your multidimensional consciousness. Stay grounded in Gaia’s core while I assist your memory by surrounding you with my multidimensional consciousness.
I am with you. I am You. WE ARE ONE! Through our Oneness I can merge my multidimensional consciousness of your Multidimensional SELF so that you can consciously experience:
The cells of your first dimensional consciousness
The organs of your second dimensional consciousness
The physical body of your third dimensional consciousness
The astral body of your fourth dimensional consciousness
The Lightbody of your fifth dimensional consciousness
The Soul Fire of your sixth dimensional consciousness
The Oversoul of your seventh dimensional consciousness
The Galactics, Celestials, and Devas of eighth – tenth dimensional consciousness
The Archangels, Elohim and Ascended Masters of eleventh, twelfth and beyond dimensional consciousness
As you expand your consciousness into the higher and higher dimensions, the dimensions merge. Hence, eighth through tenth dimensions blur into ONE as does the dimensions of eleventh, twelfth and beyond. As you fully remember your multidimensional consciousness, all dimensions swim together like drops of water in a cosmic ocean.
Within this comic sea your multidimensional consciousness simultaneously experiences your myriad forms of Human, Cetacean, Galactic, Ascended Master, Angel, Archangel, Deva, Elohim, Planetary Logos, Solar Logos, Galactic Logos, and mighty Logos of Universes and Multiverses. All of these realities exist simultaneously within the NOW of the ONE.
The illusion of separation and polarity only exists in the third and fourth dimensions. Once you remember how to return to your innate fifth dimensional consciousness, all illusions shatter and you live only within the TRUTH!
The first truth that you will remember is that you are the creator of your reality. Therefore, you must take absolute responsibility for your life. Anything and anyone that is in your life is there because you have created it!
In the fifth dimension, every thought and emotion instantly creates itself in your reality. You are now learning how to be a resident of that dimension. The first thing you must learn is to be the master of every thought and emotion that you allow to linger in your consciousness.
When you experience fear, it is a natural safety mechanism to lower your consciousness back down into the fourth or third dimension where manifestation takes “longer.” Do not judge your fear. It is your friend. Fear is the brakes on your earth vessel.
Whenever you begin to go too fast and begin to feel “out of control/” you experience fear. Then the vibrational brakes go on, and your rate of progress slows or stops. Your lesson at that time is to learn to push the fear pedal slowly so that you do not slam on the brakes and go into a tailspin.
Do not be worried about the challenges ahead of you, as they are an indication that your consciousness is expanding into the higher dimensions. Therefore, you are ready to progress into a higher frequency of your service to the light.

In Love and Full Support, I AM IlliaEm.

This message came to me on 4-10-1996, but it totally applies to our life on 9-7-2014. So many of us become impatient that we have not ascended yet, but how long has dear Gaia waited for her humans to consciously participate in Her ascension?

Posted by Sue at 9:09 AM

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Greetings dear ascending ones,
We the Arcturians are here to assist you during your ascension. As we look into your aura, we see that your ego is diminishing more each day. Whereas once your ego was a dominating component of your ability to survive physical embodiment, now it is becoming a manner of functioning in a reality that is coming into completion.
Feel how your once dominant ego, with its many wounds and protective devices, has become an “old fashioned way to deal with daily life”…
Now, feel how your mind has expanded into its innate multidimensional thinking and your heart has transmuted its energy into unconditional love…
Feel how this force of unconditional love expands your consciousness beyond your third dimensional earth vessel, through your fourth dimensional aura, and into the fifth dimensional reality of your choice… Which reality do you choose to experience?
Do you wish to experience a reality of flowing, unconditional love and expanding light? Or, do you wish to experience a reality of frightening possibilities?
Can you remember that you DO have the choice?
Remembering that YOU are the creator of your reality is the means by which you can release the last remnants of your addiction to third dimensional illusion. A primary illusion of the third dimension is the illusion of polarity. The frequency of the third dimension is so slow that only the edges of an energy spectrum can be perceived. For example, your third dimensional perceptions often experience the spectrum of unconditional love as “fear” on one extreme and “conditional love” on the other.
As you know, conditional love is one of the main causes of fear because some one separate from you sets conditions under which you are “good enough” to receive their love. Trying to be good enough to receive love diminishes you to third dimensional consciousness and limits your perceptions to that of your earth vessel. Furthermore, conditional love can make you can feel as though you are a victim who can no longer find peace.
It is often true that third dimensional consciousness does not offer much peace. Fortunately, the belief in a Higher Power has offered some relief. However, this Higher Power was too often limited to a dominating and demanding force who had power-over you. Hence, this Higher Power did not provide much peace, as peace must come from within.
NOW, you have expanded your consciousness enough to perceive the fourth dimensional reality in which more of the energy in-between is perceivable around the polarized edges. From this new information, you realize that the extreme edges of any given polarity are very similar. Thus, you are realizing that conditional love and fear are very similar. When one is afraid, their love will be conditional, and when one only receives unconditional love, they are afraid.
With this realization, you become curious about what else is in-between these polarities. There must be something in-between these edges that is the Core of that polarity. Upon your deeper inspection you discover that fear and conditional love are the extreme edges of unconditional love. Unconditional love holds no fear and no conditional love. However, the edges of this spectrum become distorted in the third dimension to become fear and conditional love.
Conversely, the Core of this spectrum, unconditional love, is eternally anchored in the ONE of the fifth dimension and beyond. In fact, the Core of every Divine Quality is anchored in the ONE. However, as the frequency of these Qualities, such as unconditional love, lower into the of third/fourth dimensional frequencies of expression they become distorted by the lower resonance of the reality. This distortion of infinite Divine Qualities creates the illusion of separation between extremes.

Hence, the polarity of love/fear is actually the spectrum of:

conditional love ——–UNCONDITIONAL LOVE———-FEAR

Unconditional Love being the Core of this polarity
As we have said many times, reality has octaves of resonance, and everything on every octave resonates to that frequency. Hence, love on the fourth dimension, with the exception of the Lower Astral Plane, is not as conditional as it is in the physical plane, and fourth dimensional fear is less toxic than in the physical plane. fourth dimensional Sub-planes

As you move your consciousness beyond the Lower Astral Plane, which is even a lower frequency than the third dimension, and through the fourth dimensional realities, each fourth dimensional sub-plane has less and less polarity. The polarity diminishes because the faster spin of the molecules of the higher dimensions creates less separation and more unity.
Furthermore, the state of consciousness that allows you to visit that higher reality is infused with more spirit and less matter. It is the matter of the third dimension that creates the slower frequency of rotation, which creates the illusion of separation.
In truth, everything is connected with higher frequency molecules that cannot be perceived by your third dimensional senses. When your consciousness is resonating to higher frequencies, your multidimensional perceptions come online to reveal more and more of that which is in-between the edges of every spectrum.
The fourth dimensional sub-plane of the Lower Astral Plane, which resonates to even a lower frequency than the physical plane, reveals only the lowest frequencies of unconditional love, which are extreme fear and love that is bound by dominating conditions and rules. Then, as your consciousness rises into the next fourth dimensional sub-plane, the Emotional Plane, there is less fear and love is less conditional.
In the fourth dimensional Mental Plane, you can perceive frequencies of love that are more unconditional and fear that is more manageable. The Causal Plane exposes how fear and conditional love interact and create each other, and the Spiritual Plane guides you to your I AM Presence, who awaits you at Threshold of the fifth dimension.
This Threshold is the Rainbow Bridge, which gradually collapses all polarities of third/fourth dimensional light and earth-bound consciousness into the ONE of the fifth dimension and beyond. It is within this ONE that the Core, the higher frequency source/ Divine Quality, of all polarities exists. Crossing the Rainbow Bridge allows you to collapse all polarities into the Oneness of multidimensional light and unconditional love.
Once your consciousness even briefly visits this frequency of reality and experiences the FEEL of unconditional love, you will never again experience fear or conditional love in the same way. You will remember that the Core of every extreme lies not in any external source or earth-bound leader, but within your own multidimensional consciousness, which guided your inner journey into the higher frequencies of reality.
At this point you begin to realize that you can only change your physical reality in the same manner in which you changed your self, which is by infusing it with unconditional love. Unconditional love is the Core of the polarity of conditional love and fear. It was the conditional love and fear that lowered your consciousness and separated you from your own Divine Quality of unconditional love. Therefore, it is unconditional love that will heal your wounded ego and unite you with the higher expressions of you Multidimensional SELF.
You also realize that playing the Polarity Game focuses your attention on the very conditional love and fear that you wish to release from your reality. This realization is an important moment in your ascension process, for you remember that you have the power to choose to ignore whatever lowers your consciousness. Then you can decide to direct your attention onto that which you love unconditionally. In this manner, you are able to perceive and participate in higher and higher frequencies of reality.
Once you remember that you can choose your version of reality by calibrating your consciousness to the frequency of that world, you know that the only way to change any given reality is to lower or raise its resonance. This is a fact that the lost ones discovered long ago. They discovered that if love was conditional and fear was an ever-present force, that the frequency of reality would lower to the extend that the majority of those within that reality would loose connection with the their own inner Source of unconditional love.
Those who found a way to raise their resonance to the higher frequencies of reality would disappear from the 3D Game because they were no longer limited to such a low frequency expression of life. However, many former residents of third dimensional Earth chose to return again and again so that they could assist others by grounding and integrating unconditional love into that lower expression of reality.
This grounding of unconditional love is much like putting more helium in the balloon that once rose to the ceiling and has slowly fallen to the floor. With each new infusion of helium, the balloon can rise higher towards the ceiling and maintain that position for a longer period of “time.” However, the very time that allows the balloon to stay at the ceiling longer is the very reason why the balloon will, eventually, fall to the floor.
The only solution for this dilemma is to leave time and return to the NOW of the ONE in which the Core of unconditional love infinitely exists. “But what about the ones who caused us fear with their constant conditions on love,” you may ask. Our answer is, “Do you want to stay in the lower dimensions of reality so that you can hurt those who have hurt you? Or, do you want to raise the resonance of that reality into the Core of the ONE where there is NO conditions on love and NO fear?”
What is YOUR answer to that question? Some of you may say, “NO, I just want to get out of this reality NOW.” To this response we say, “Blessings on your ascension. You can assist from the higher frequencies.” Others may say, “I DO feel complete with this experience, but I know I have a responsibility to those who cannot find their inner light, as well as to Gaia who has offered me this home.”
To this second answer we say, “We are joyous that your are experiencing Unity Consciousness. Therefore, can you allow us to Unite with YOU so that, together, we can create a chain of unconditional love from the Core of the ONE into the Core of your ascending Earth? In this manner, we can supply a constant transfusion of unconditional love into your world to assist you in raising it into the fifth dimension and beyond.”
What is YOUR answer to this question? Many of your may answer, “But what about the ones who harmed us and created great fear in our world?” To this we are saying, “We are here to assist you by containing these ones so that they can no longer contribute fear to your reality.” We use the word contain, rather than imprison or arrest, because containment is not a punishment.
Containment means that these negative energies are isolated, much as a virus is isolated in a containment field. A virus, the cause of disease, is contained so that it cannot infect another. Within isolation, a virus has no “food” upon which it can feed and no way to release its “disease” out to others or to the planet. Hence, the carriers of that disease must deal with their own darkness, as they can no longer project it out to others or the planet.
As you all know, darkness can be very contagious. You may be in a very good mood, but when you enter a room in which several others are in a bad mood your good mood is quickly challenged. However, we are not interested in punishing anyone, as we see the big picture of the 3D Game of Polarities. On the other hand, we have seen that the polarities of fear and conditional love have become very extreme at the close of this cycle.
This extreme darkness is partially because there are many outside sources that are not members of the human kingdom who have taken over key positions within your reality. Hence, the disease of fear has infected many of your trusted leaders. The “carries of this disease of fear” invaded your reality without following the “rules” of the third dimension by incarnating into your world. Therefore, since they invaded your world, we can assist you and Gaia by containing them long enough for the wounded ones to regain their equilibrium and return to their true, Multidimensional SELF.
Many humans have been so down trodden that they have lost all hope for a better future. With the dark ones contained and isolated from society, those who are basically honest and loving people have a greater chance to awaken. However, once they have regained their hope and begun their ascension they will have to take full responsibility for the life that THEY have created, just as the ascending ones have done.
Becoming fifth dimensional is step one. Step two is remaining fifth dimensional. If you are unable to take full responsibility for the reality that you have created, you will not be able to maintain Mastery over your energy. In the higher frequency realities, your every thought and emotion becomes manifest. Therefore, if you have fearful thoughts that someone “else” will harm you, you will manifest the reality in which that will happen.
But, harm against another is not possible in a higher dimensional reality that is based on unity consciousness and unconditional love. Therefore, your fearful thought will lower your consciousness out of the ONE and back into the third/fourth dimension. The best protection from this fearful thinking is to remember that YOU chose your reality before you were born into your present life. That fact will give you a greater sense that you are the creator of your destiny, which is the Truth.
With the knowledge of and connection to your true, Multidimensional SELF, you will regain the higher perspective of your myriad incarnations on Earth. Then, you will likely find that you, too, have lives in which you were lost to the darkness. Therefore, heal that version of YOU before you try to heal another. In other words, “Before you try to take the twig out of another’s eye, take the log out of your own.”
Thus, before you fear (which empowers) an external foe, find the enemy within who is projecting-out the picture of external enemies. Then, you can open heartedly give detached compassion and unconditional love to those you have perceived as your enemy.

It is through inner healing of your own wounded ego and
The unity with your higher expressions of SELF
That YOU can best contribute to
The Birth of New Earth!

We the Arcturians, are with you ALWAYS

Through Suzanne Lie,PhD
Posted 11th July 2012 by Juan Pablo
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The ONE BEING: ▶ Pa Taal ~ You Think This Is A Game? – YouTube ::: Sharing

The ONE BEING: ▶ Pa Taal ~ You Think This Is A Game? – YouTube ::: Sharing.

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

▶ Pa Taal ~ You Think This Is A Game? – YouTube ::: Sharing

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Uploaded on May 14, 2011
Children of Adam, cosmic gardeners of eden. Song of Lyra. You will be here, always & all ways. Voyagers to ride out all storms, to rejoin your celestial brethren, dance around the galaxies at the speed of thought & create life in your own image.

You are playing the ultimate game. There are levels above which await the worthy. The highest came from the lowest.

Even as you evolve to transcend physical form you will return to access all time at your leisure in any form you wish. However you desire to show up… so it shall be.

Play to Live. Play to Love. Play to Matter.

Pandemonium 7.2

From here come the strongest of players. You are not the Lyra. You are the song.

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Dec  4


When your primary consciousness is in your Multidimensional SELF, you can consciously experience both of your merging realties. Since your inner Divine Child has never lost the awareness of your Multidimensional SELF, he/she is the gateway to the merging of your imagination and logic. Within the heart and mind of your Divine Child, everything is always possible and alive in your inner worlds. When you can awaken this Child and allow him/her play with the wondrous fifth dimensional perceptions, there is no limit to the reality you can create.

You can walk through the woods and see Nature Spirits fly above you.You can have a tea party in the middle of a stream and swim through a water cave with a gently manatee. You can pull down the Light and see the Portal between water and sky. The colors of your expanding reality will open your heart and heal old wounds of loneliness and sorrow. You will float through these colors in your body of light and fully merge with each moment of your experience.

Remember the innocence of your childhood, no matter how fleeting it may have been, so that you can recapture you ability to KNOW that what you imagine IS real. Imagination is fifth dimensional thought. In order to fully embrace the fifth dimension in which you already exist, believe your imagination. Believe your SELF. Trust your expanding perceptions and allow your inner voice to be louder than fear and selfdoubt.

In fact, we Arcturians ask you to take a moment now to put on your “imagination glasses” as you look around the room in which you are sitting. Just as you would put on your 3D glasses to allow the action on the movie screen to enter the theater, put on your imagination filter to allow the fifth dimension to enter your room.

Look to your right… What aspect of your fifth dimensional reality does your imagination perceive? FEEL the freedom and joy of this perception. Allow your inner child to fully explore this new adventure.

Look to your left… Allow a fifth dimensional thought, which was formerly beyond your conception to fly into your awareness. Accept this thought into your heart and place it forefront in your mind.

Turn around and see all the aspects of your third dimensional reality that you are ready to release… Give thanksgiving for the lessons you have learned as you bless these aspects goodbye. Now, focus your primary attention on the fifth dimensional reality that you are NOW beginning to live.

Turn forward to see your Path laid out before you… What does your Path look like? Where is it leading? See yourself bravely walking this Path filled with peace, calm, confidence and unconditional love.

Now, allow your room to gradually shift into its fifth dimensional resonance. As you look around, what has changed and what has remained the same? How have you changed, and how have you remained the same?

As you go about your day, place your attention on the parts of your self and your life that are already fifth dimensional. For as long as you can remember, see all of your life through the perceptions of your Multidimensional SELF. In this manner, you can consciously experience the merging of the third and fifth dimensional realities.

To BE fifth dimension, remember that, first your raise your consciousness—to open you up to new beliefs—that set your expectations—and dictate your perceptions. Then, the reality that you perceive is the reality that you live. You must “perceive the change” to “BE the change you wish to create.

We, the Arcturians, bless you for your wonderful contribution to the ascension of Earth, the Solar System and the entire Milky Way. YOU are the Light of the world. You are the multidimensional Light of all reality.

The Arcturians

From Journey through the Arcturian Corridor II
Posted 4th December 2011 by Shanti
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