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Origen: TiAmAt: sharing3 – Archive- “world is upside down”- Bottom of the Barrel- How to Create the Optimal Financial System in Your Reality – MPR and Nuclear Wars on Lower Separating Timelines

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

sharing3 – Archive- “world is upside down”- Bottom of the Barrel- How to Create the Optimal Financial System in Your Reality – MPR and Nuclear Wars on Lower Separating Timelines

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How to Create the Optimal Financial System in Your Reality
by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 25, 2015

by Jeff Nielson and Georgi Stankov, November 25, 2015

This discussion is so important as it anticipates the plethora of similar discussions that will very soon flood the public arena when the Orion monetary system will collapse in the coming days and one basic truth will emerge on the surface for everyone to see – humanity is not ready for true sweeping reforms of the Matrix as it has not done its intellectual homework in due time. Hence the people must follow the advanced ideas of their new Guardians – the Logos Gods of Gaia and the new Ascended Masters of humanity from the PAT. There is no way how they will bridge this intellectual gap in such a short period of time – between the impending collapse of the old financial system and the creation of new enlightened social relationships on the new 4D worlds.



21st Century Banking: A World Run By Parasites

Jeff Nielson, November 20, 2015

Sprott Money

Banks are parasites. Big Banks are very large parasites. It is the fundamental equation of human commerce in the 21 st century.

Bankers are the quintessential middle-men: contributing nothing to our economies, while blood-sucking us for assorted “fees”, and (most importantly) interest payments. Many readers will object to this characterization. They will argue that banks and bankers “facilitate” commerce, and thus (somehow) “earn” the vast sums of capital which relentlessly flow into their vaults.

Wrong. Bankers facilitate debt, and the parasitic interest payments which flow from that debt. Commerce facilitates itself. If someone wants to start a new business, that person simply invests his/her savings into that enterprise, and the business is started. If a corporation wants to expand its operations, it uses its profits to pay for that expansion. It’s called “capitalism.”

There is absolutely no role for banks or bankers in facilitating business unless the firm or individual in question chooses to finance that project with debt. More specifically, banks are only necessary when businesses/individuals need large quantities of debt.

If a profitable corporation seeks to expand its business, and has already accumulated enough profits to finance 80% of that expansion, that corporation will have no trouble at all raising additional capital without any banks/bankers. It can either simply issue some more shares to finance the expansion, or conduct a “private placement” where it directly approaches investors for financing, with no need for bankers to be involved, at all, in those transactions.

With little debt required for the business expansion, this translates into little or no risk to the project, thus there is no need to have supposedly expert bankers “assess the viability” of the project, and thus claim a significant piece of the pie for themselves. A (largely) cash-based economy translates into a banker-free economy.

Again, many readers will scoff at such analysis. An economy which finances itself on a cash basis? It’s so impractical. It’s so naïve. It’s so “19 th century”.

Everyone knows that our 21 st century economy needs “credit” in order to function, endless mountains of credit, with parasitic interest payments attached to every unit of currency of that debt. How do we know this? The bankers tell us this, every day of our lives. Without more and more and more debt, they tell us, our economies will fail.


What does one inevitably produce from “more and more and more debt”? Bankruptcy. We need this? In fact, in any sane universe, it is understood (even by reasonably bright children) that what we “need” is to avoid debt – and the parasitic interest payments attached to it – as much as possible.

But the bankers (and their Apologists) are not yet finished with their brainwashing/ programming. We need to accumulate mountains of debt in order to fuel a “healthy rate of growth” in our economies.

This is one of the most-absurd and most-perverse aspects of banking mythology. As a matter of the simplest arithmetic; economic growth derived from accumulating debt is totally unsustainable – the opposite of “healthy”. The bankers have conned us into embracing a permanent paradigm of (unhealthy) unsustainable growth.

The cost? Again, the math is elementary. Attempting to “have more” for ourselves, today, by borrowing our way to a higher rate of growth guarantees that our children will “have less” tomorrow – and even less for our grandchildren and great-grandchildren. When we mortgage the present (with debt), it is our children whom we force to pay-off that mortgage.

Once upon a time; we lived in cultures which universally pursued an unstated goal: to try to ensure that our children had better lives than ourselves. Then we started listening to the bankers. In the “me-first” societies which the bankers have programmed into us to fuel our addiction to debt, the mantra is “live for today” and “to Hell with the future” (i.e. the lives of our children).

It is only with economies based upon a sustainable growth model (i.e. a cash-based economy) that it becomes possible to return to healthy economies , and healthy societies, where the lives of each new generation of children are better rather than worse. Once upon a time, we understood this.

Officially, we are supposed to be living in capitalist economies, economies which are supposedly based upon and run on capital. What is “capital”? It is savings. It is profits. Not “credit”. Not debt. Cash based.

We no longer have anything even resembling capitalist economies. Instead, we have creditist economies , where everything is financed off of “credit” (debt), and thus the parasitic bankers blood-suck their interest payments from any-and-every business transactions. Worse, as this debt accumulates, an ever-increasing percentage of the “fruits of our labours” is consumed (uselessly) paying interest on debt.

The inevitable result? A relentless, downward spiral in our standard of living. In the 40+ years since the bankers assassinated the last vestige of our gold standard; the standard of living across the Western world has fallen by more than half .

Why is this date/event of such significance? The gold standard was nicknamed “the Golden Handcuffs” by legendary gold-hater, and economic charlatan, John Maynard Keynes. Why? Because a gold standard dramatically reduces the ability of our governments to issue more debt. With a gold standard ; our governments are forced to operate our economies (more or less) on a pay-as-you-go basis.

When we had a gold standard, our standard of living steadily rose. The lives of each, new generation of children got better – not worse. We still practiced “capitalism” rather than the (suicidal) creditism of today: relentlessly burying ourselves in debts, all of which are owed to the banking crime syndicate .

What do the bankers (and their media sycophants) call this creditist Hell which they have created? They call it “the New Normal” . They tell us that our lives are (now) supposed to get worse and worse. Our children’s lives are supposed to get worse and worse. Why? So we can continue making our ever-growing interest payments to the Parasites.

What is the New Normal, really? It is debt-slavery: all of the productive members of our society working harder and harder, just to be able to make their interest payments to the Parasites – with less and less left over for the productive people to live on. What sort of society would be insane enough to place the Parasites at the top of the (economic) food-chain? Obviously only a society which is run by the Parasites .

When does the insanity end? Another simple question, one that has already been answered by History, on numerous occasions. It’s called Debt Jubilee: freeing the “slaves” from their debt-slavery. It is a concept (and event) which traces back literally to Biblical times, because for more than 2,000 years, these Parasites have been enslaving humanity with their cancerous/destructive debt.

We don’t need Parasites. This is an obvious tautology. By definition, parasites sicken everything they infect. Only one tiny niche of our society could ever (sanely) believe that we “need” parasites: the Parasites themselves.



Jeff is absolutely right -“Big Banks are very large parasites” that sponge on the vital energies of the people. This should be the point of departure of any meaningful discussion on finance in the beginning of the third millennium. Unfortunately this is not the case, even among the most critical thinkers and financial experts outside the matrix and I have neither an explanation nor understanding for this intellectual failure. That is why I find great pleasure and consolation in reading Jeff’s articles where these basic truths are hammered again and again. This would not have been necessary if we had to do with an enlightened public in North American and the Western world, but this is obviously not the case at present.

In support of Jeff basic statements in this powerful article I would like to refer to two articles that I published on my blog a few days ago that also deal with the fraud of big banks by expanding the object of Jeff’s just accusations. Not only are all banks parasites and the banksters – criminals, but they can only behave in such a reckless manner because they are in cahoots with the even more criminal western governments that cover all their crimes with the veil of impunity. Until now not a single bankster has been really sentenced for his crimes, although all big banks in the USA and EU have been caught in massive fraud and had to pay huge fines in the last years since the financial crisis began in 2008.

The first article (Nov 16th) is written by myself and deals with the inversion of swap spreads, a recent financial anomaly of colossal proportions which reveals that most investors consider the western governments to be less creditworthy (and more criminal) than the very financial institutions – the criminal big banks – they bailed out since the financial crisis in 2008 with more than 3 QEs and trillions of borrowed dollars from the taxpayers:


The second article (Nov 18th) is a response of a contributor to my website, an US investor, that highlights the massive fraud of the US banks at the expense of the American people. An excellent article by an insider that I recommend everyone to read:


While Jeff is absolutely correct that a jubilee is the only solution to the debt fraud of the big criminal banks, this is only the first step to a new enlightened economy that must, in a second step, eliminate all banks as intermediary institutions in the real economy as they are, and will remain, the source of all evil in this debased society.

The penultimate solution is very simple and has been developed by myself 20 years ago. It is based on the full understanding of the true nature of money as a mirror image of energy, which is the only entity in All-That-Is. All economic activities in the society are energy interactions. There is no exception to this definition.

In this case it is very easy to envision a new, highly efficient society with a new economy that eliminates all banks as parasitic and debt creating institutions – which they will always become, no matter how big or small, as long as they are based on fractional banking, interest rates and creating paper money out of thin air – and substitute them with a universal digital system of payments and transactions that is accessible to all citizens and business units where money in form of personal free income for everybody and interest-free loans for current and future investments of companies will be generated automatically by the people themselves.

In this way money will simply function as the SI system in physics and other daily measurements where the units such as (cubic) meter or joule have no value in themselves but are simple measurements of the consumed amount of commodity, e.g. one cubic meter coal or gas or one million joule of electric power cost so much digital units…. In this way a perfect equilibrium will be established between the real economy and the amount of digital units of payments and transactions in circulation and such phenomena as inflation, deflation, recession or depression will belong to the past.

From a technical point of view, the introduction of this rational and fair digital system of payments and transactions instead of money, which will also eliminate all criminal banks as intermediary institutions of financial fraud and debt, can be implemented now within 24 hours. The only prerequisite is that humanity reaches this consensus point of collective enlightenment based on correct understanding of the true nature of money – it is a mirror image and a SI system of measurement of the properties of energy (and matter in terms of commodities which is also energy according to Einstein’s equation E =mc^2). All human activities, including education, health and children care, arts and production, are utilized energy on behalf of society and can be valued accordingly. Simplicity is the utmost form of perfection. This is how All-That-Is function.

I hope that this succinct contribution will promote Jeff’s important discussion on the banks as criminal generators of fraud and debt to a higher level and will render a brighter and more optimistic perspective of this key issue for the future of mankind. This is what even the most cynical, because sincere thinkers, such as Jeff (and myself) nowadays need.

At present, the solution through a global jubilee implies the bankruptcy of all criminal banks and their shutdown which will affect in the first place all savers who will be robbed of their money through the new bail-in laws that have been adopted in most Western countries:


This can be easily evaded by implementing a new digital system of payments and transactions from scratch when the collective will is there.

Dr. Georgi Stankov


Thanks for the support, George!

Despite the strident nature of my commentary, I would not personally go so far as to call for the abolition of the entities which we call “banks”. There are many dangerous and/or undesirable entities in our world. But seeking to eliminate or exterminate them all is not necessary.

Rather, such entities must be CONTROLLED. The level of such control is commensurate with the level of danger or undesirable attributes possessed by the entity. Once upon a time; banking was the most-tightly regulated sector of our economy — as it should be.

Then through a combination of bribery and deceit; the Big Bank crime syndicate conned our governments (particularly those of the U.S. and UK) to DEREGULATE this inherently parasitic business — thus turning loose all these parasites, and letting them run amok.

We see where that has gotten us. We took the bankers’ chains and muzzles off, and they destroyed our societies and economies, as a result. They must be re-muzzled, re-chained, and (of course) our ANTI-TRUST laws must be enforced, in order to smash these gigantic fraud-factories back down within legal limits.

The pendulum has swung to an extreme, in terms of the lawless criminality in our markets (and “finance”, in general), along with the endemic corruption of our governments. History tells us that the pendulum will soon begin to swing back. Unfortunately, this transition will almost certainly be punctuated by a cataclysmic event (or series of them). I wish I could offer a more optimistic prognosis, but we’re too far down the present road for other endings to be plausible.

Jeff Nielson


Dear Jeff,

thank you very much for presenting your vision of reforming the criminal entities defined as “Big banks”. Humanity has always oscillated between the quest for moderate reforms of the status quo and sweeping revolutions that destroy the old order, notwithstanding the fact that all revolutions on this planet have failed so far to bring about a true and significant change to a more enlightened humanity. This is however not a proof that this is not possible, but I admit that it has only rarely been observed in the known, very short history of this humanity and in all these cases it has happened in an involuntary manner through inherent collapse of the system and not through a bloody revolution.

Essentially your vision contains the proposition to turn back to the good old times when the banks were regulated and behaved properly. Already this suggestion implies that the banks are recidivists and must be kept at bay all the time by an enlightened legislative. This is currently impossible for the simple reason that the legislative powers in the Western countries are now even more criminal than the banks they should regulate and that is why I referred in my previous comment to the key role which the irresponsible western governments play as accomplices in the obvious crimes of the banks at the expense of impoverishing the masses.

I have studied closely the history of modern banks since they were first established in Europe, in Italy and Germany, before they moved to the Anglo-Saxon world and have not found a single piece of evidence that these entities have not behaved in a criminal way from the very beginning. This holds true for the Medici in Florence as well as for the Fugger in Augsburg, Bavaria where I live, and this criminal tradition has only been set forward and expanded by the Rothschilds, who as you know came from Germany to England and created what you call the “One World Bank”. I have tackled this issue in a comprehensive survey here:


Therefore, I think that it is rather naive, even from a conventional historic point of view, to expect and hope that such reprobate entities as the banks would all of a sudden improve their behaviour and resort to good old habits, while history teaches us that these have never truly existed. It is only an idealization of the past which is another key trap of humanity on its way to perdition. Believe me, there is nothing worth in the past that humanity should preserve or return to if it wants to evolve in a true spiritual manner.

Hence the abolition of the banks is inevitable even from a point of view of common sense. But in addition to that I do not see how humanity would even have the time to accomplish this Tantalus act of reformation, even if I assume that all of a sudden the whole political elite in the West is exchanged with ethically and far-sighted thinking individuals to support such a gargantuan reform of the banks. One cannot even find enough people with these moral and ethical qualities in the West and even if one does, most of these enlightened persons would not consent to become politicians knowing what a cesspool the western capitals of power are. Therefore, the pathway of reforming the banks is even a greater illusion than the bold utopia of abolishing them which I suggested in my first comment.

At this point, however, our discussion becomes meaningless as I argue from a multidimensional point of view and know beyond any doubt of the existence of infinite parallel, alternative timelines of this earth we now discuss. Therefore, I do not reject your vision as it will be surely realized on the timeline you will end up very soon. What I am telling here is that the attempt to reform the banks as to re-establish their old, non-existent virtues will badly fail because of the arguments forwarded above and you will end up in a very debased society dominated by a reckless NWO.

Other people who envision a society based on a rational and just numerical system of payment and transactions, in the full knowledge that any such system has no value in itself but is only a reliable and just SI system of measurement of humans’ contribution to society, will experience this more evolved form of social life.

And finally, there are a few advanced human beings who are able to envision a highly evolved human civilisation where there will be no need for money at all and they will experience this blissful reality very soon.

The basic truth behind all existence is that any sentient being creates its own reality with its thoughts and visions in full responsibility for the consequences of this creation as a sovereign creator being. This is the invariant truth of All-That-Is and the current situation on this earth with all accompanying discussions are blind aberrations of this truth.

Georgi Stankov



“Essentially your vision contains the proposition to turn back to the good old times when the banks were regulated and behaved properly. Already this suggestion implies that the banks are recidivists and must be kept at bay all the time by an enlightened legislative. This is currently impossible for the simple reason that the legislative powers in the Western countries are now even more criminal than the banks they should regulate…”

Indeed, George, we are in a horrific chicken-and-egg scenario. The Big Banks have gotten so overly large that they can buy-off our (corrupt) governments with their petty cash. We can’t chop-down and restrain the banks without Honest Government, and we can’t get honest government until the Big Bank crime syndicate is chopped down. Sadly, this leaves nothing but Armageddon: simply WAITING for these Psychopaths to complete their self-destruction of our nations (and their empire), and then look to rebuild something better from the rubble.

Jeff Nielson

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Breaking News: Massive ID Splits, Numerous MPR and Nuclear Wars on Lower Separating Timelines

by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 27, 2015

Gargantuan Cleansing of Human Dross

by Georgi Stankov, November 26, 2015


If you feel like shit, and the “world is upside down”, as someone wrote to us today, your pain is unbearable and not a single body part is spared from this torture, know that we are in the middle of the thickest cleansing and healing of humanity ever.

Numerous MPR accompanied by nuclear wars are simultaneously happening on many lower catastrophic timelines that are now being separated through massive ID splits and shifts and go under.

All soul fragments of deceased human beings are in turmoil. Many deceased family members and parents are now visiting the light warriors of the PAT for final resolution of their karma in the follow-up of the healing meditation through the 3rd eye at 11.21 portal. The repercussions of the green, violet and golden flames are of gargantuan proportions and have engulfed all timelines of Gaia. When such members appear in front of you as ghosts or simply as energetic imprint, talk to them calmly, explain the limbo in which they stick and send them lovingly to the light with the help of all angels and archangels as I did with my mother yesterday evening when she suddenly appeared in the kitchen.

We have now reached the highest 4D levels and are merging with the lower 5D, where many deceased and confused soul fragments are trapped between the dimensions and cannot detach from this reality and go to the light. Some of them are establishing now contact with us for final resolution of their karma in the process of the massive healing we accomplished with the Elohim meditation before they can merge with their monad and begin with the evaluation of this past incarnation in expanded awareness under fear-free energetic conditions.

The full moon portal on November 25 has also contributed to this huge energetic surge. We are now heading to two further portals on December 1 and the 12.12 portal. It will be a hell of a roller coaster for all of us, but this is how we now ascend with a maximal speed. The process cannot be accelerated any further, unless we burn out our physical vessels. The pace and depth of human transformation is incredible and not a single skeleton in the closets will remain untouched. The speed of the End Time events surpasses the perception potential of most humans and even that of us as experienced light warriors. Stay therefore centered as never before as this is the only way to survive this energetic onslaught.

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▶ Billy Meier – Concentration Meditation Sleep 2/3 – YouTube

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Bottom of the Barrel

by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 27, 2015

Brad Barber, November 27, 2015


Dear George,

After having the male/female rape discussion (amazing how I’d wanted to write and talk about that for so long but waited until all the events of the last week), there’s only one major thing left on my checklist and it’s already been written:


Just ran across this interesting little experiment. They don’t know what it means, but I sure do. Interesting title.


Let this be done.

With love and light,



Dear Brad,

this is indeed a very revealing experiment that shows in the first place how little scientists know about superconductivity and magnetism. Is there any better prove how precise and well founded the messages of Astraea and Amora are from a scientific point of view compared to the cognitive mess of the scientists in this and many other publications?

I will not delve now into explaining this little experiment as the authors and researchers are still missing key elements of these physical phenomena and do not report them. In particular, the current definition of magnetism is entirely wrong and this leads to such awkward explanations of observed facts such as a superconductor that may not have a magnetic field within its structure is capable of transmitting such a field onto a metal that is not magnetized initially.

In fact there is a very simple explanation for such observation and it lies in the fact that photon space-time has the same magnetic properties as matter and as the former surrounds all material objects, these properties are transmitted without energy waste by a superconductor. The scientists cannot measure magnetism in a superconductor for the simple reason that it transmits the energetic fields of a magnetized metal without any waste of energy which always occurs when a magnetic field is induced in a metal conductor that leads to energy waste in terms of thermal heat. This is actually the definition of a superconductor – it has a magnetic field with zero waste energy that can be transmitted to another non-magnetized metal conductor as gold for instance and magnetize it.

In fact this is a basic mechanism of superconductivity showing how free photon energy will be used in daily life in electronic devices without any loss of energy. It is a conundrum to me why the scientists are so surprised by their observations as presented in this cute little experiment.

Now to the second topic. Since several days I wanted to make you aware of this article that shows that major banks have no physical gold in their vaults according to their own statistics and to ask you how significant this finding is with respect to the termination of the gold contracts for this year in December, which you mention as a critical date:


And also this one:


How high are the chances that we shall observe a full-fledged crash of Comex and the silver markets?

With love and light



Dear George,

I am going to answer this question as completely as possible so that, just as you did so well with your conversation with Jeff Nielson, any person can have the proper information to be in the Now to help them balance their thinking and make the best decisions possible for themselves. As people have not done their “intellectual homework,” here it will all be.

Since we are witnessing such wonderful instantaneous manifestation now, let’s put this baby to bed.

First, it’s important to know exactly what you discussed here:


Second is a quick read to somewhat understand that the debt market, which ultimately represents the dismantling of karmic energy generation and karmic debt, is already in a state of complete dysfunction:


Third is the engagement of understanding male/female energetic balancing taking place both individually and systemically as the supply and movement of gold represents the same thing:


Which should lead ultimately to this:


The links in every one of these articles can answer every applicable question possible that truly matters. Anyone can go back and argue historical occurrences that can’t be proven or pin blame on people or issues that have injured our beings, but when you understand they were all for karmic energy generation that is no longer necessary, it doesn’t matter. Being some image is being part of some energetic event whether it be a man, woman, white, black, red, green, or Little Richard. In fact, anyone that doesn’t understand Universal Law has been raped in at least a major psychological manner so my math says that’s a pretty big list and almost everyone I know is still in that boat.

It appears that the only thing left holding up the financial and operating systems of the planet is the West’s ability to deliver real physical gold to the rest of the world. As discussed in the articles on the debt markets, the intent of China and Eastern countries as well as the amount of infiltration of their financial systems by the same transmission system criminal banks and corporations is tough to ascertain. The West currently still controls the gold price, but it has become the tail wagging the dog as the physical markets have moved to China.

Here is a chart showing the deliveries now out of the Comex vaults in the West as compared to what is happening in the East through the Shanghai Gold Exchange:

The Western system is trading 100’s of times the world’s mined gold supply each day, but it is all paper receipts. In fact, the whole western system is one giant promise that can’t be delivered, but the ability to control the gold price is all that holds it together. Artificial interest rates are all that keeps unpayable debts being paid and the unlimited supply of paper gold being illegally dumped into the system is all that keeps this ponzi scheme going.

The dates of fraud in the gold market follows the exact same patterns as the dismantling of the karmic system, the balancing of male/female energies, the bond market failure, and basically everything that affects everything on a macro basis. I go further back in my article “Death of Paper Gold Triggers Ascension“, but there was a gold pool in the 60’s that attempted to harness the spiritual energies at work on the planet just as there is now. If you don’t feel these energies, one should surely be able to begin to see them at work.


This revelation article on the Titanic, freemasons, and history of Britain is even better when you understand everything discussed here as the failure of the Comex and the LBMA (London Bullion) now goes way back to the development of these vaults in the 1600’s and eventual transfers of global reserve currency domination. The fraud moved from Britain to the US and hid behind the Dollar with the development of the Federal Reserve and the disappearance of all major political detractors on board the Titanic was rather convenient.


You can see the energetic design of the planet so well here again as France was the one to break ranks in this fraud that lost control of the monetary harnessing of mankind for a while once again. This was how one would be able to know that Paris would be the perfect spot for the European terror attacks as that same energy is present in the dissolution of the current European political union as the fundamental design of the Euro cannot be sustained. It was all designed to funnel cash to the top. The further ECB infiltration without public vote shows the effort to sustain the unsustainable. France was already beginning to break ranks with sanction issues and delivering Mistral warships to Russia, but now it’s full game on with ISIS and the world split that is taking place.

The flow of gold truly began in 1999 after the Russian and Asian currency crises. The end of any actual economy based on 3-D logic ended at that time as there was no further fuel based on supply demand resource principles. This is when terrorism had to be introduced as the eventual karmic energy generator of the planned NWO. Gordon Brown bailed out all eventual global world dom investment banks again in 1999 as he sold England’s gold into the market at the infamous “Brown’s bottom” and the paper gold ETF’s and funds were invented to harness the massive flow into metals that was about to take place.

The Y2K fear was perpetuated to justify the initial rounds of stuffing bankrupt institutions with cash and then the financial markets were truly turned on the people. The West and the criminals behind the future plans harnessed a huge amount of supply of gold by giving people paper receipts through the bull market from 2001 to 2011 and using the funds to vault supply. The West had been trusted to hold gold ever since most of the European countries moved their gold to protect from Nazi invasion during World War 2.

The biggest default in history was Nixon’s move in ’71, but then the stealth defaults erupted in 1999. This is when the moves discussed in the bond article truly began where global corporations would be engaged to form the new order and eventually leave the people high and dry with bankrupt, dysfunctional governance as seen today with terrorism being the combustion to harness the linear reaction.

Here is a chart of the flow of gold from West to East from 2000:

This is great current article discussing this phenomenon that includes much more than just Russia and China accumulating massive stockpiles of gold and discussing the 450% increase since 2008.


The US has violated its role as fiduciary for the world in maintaining the Dollar as a reserve currency and those that don’t want to raise too much attention are jumping ship and have been for a while by moving savings into gold. Here is a chart of the monetary base in US$. There’s a nice bump in 2000 for Y2K, but that’s sure an interesting spike since 2008:

The computers have been used the same in the gold market as they have in other markets, but since the whole system can actually be traced back to the rehypothecation of gold bars from the vaults, those in the metals markets have been able to see the splendor of the manipulation first if they so chose to accept it. From 2000 on they snuck in and really manipulated gold producer prices. From 2011, spoofing algorithms front ran everything and began to shape people’s reactions as prices were sent opposite directions from corresponding news. Since 2011, all the involved governments and related agencies can now be implicated as they were given chances to uphold laws that were in place to protect the public as well as market participants. The level of infiltration of the fraud is nearly beyond comprehension as it can be tracked into the CEO’s of many of the mining companies as well as supposed organizations of gold support such as the World Gold Council which is surprisingly doing it’s best to suppress interest in the West by providing false statistics. Divide and conquer is always how dark energy works.

In April 11, 2013, all the main culprits met at the White House and the paper gold bombs started flying days after. I’m assuming that’s the moment that any and everything would be done in the name of “national security.” The ensuing raid on the gold market was used to convince the entire West that selling gold was a good idea even though every Western central bank was printing money into oblivion. After the $1500 level was breached which broke all the major technical charts, gold was dumped en masse and the move to raid all of the stores of gold in paper ETF’s and funds took place. The West may have responded like the dark energy is used to, but the East, which has always been traditionally longer term minded, took advantage of the sale and that is why large spikes in purchasing has taken place since 2013. It appears now that the ability to drain these stores of gold to supply the fraud as well as Eastern demand has reached an end.

Current research shows global production at 260 tonnes a month and current global demand at 360 tonnes a month and the deficit is only increasing. The hole could only have been made up by supply in the Western vaulting system and this can easily be tracked by checking the refiners and their 24 hour a day effort to recast Western gold bars into Eastern style kilobars.

As can be pointed out in the Western system by even their most doubtful numbers, the number of ounces deliverable at these prices has run out. There is a lot of registered gold still in the system (supposedly) being held, but that is supply that someone would have to give permission to sell and any sane gold owner would only sell at much higher prices. Supposedly 75% of JP Morgans deliverable gold disappeared last week. There is less gold in the Western system left to deliver than gets moved weekly out of the SGE. These are also numbers that don’t take into account gold leasing.

The financial system hates items that don’t generate yield. Gold just sits around and its too tempting to put to work. It sits in the vault and doesn’t move while it gets loaned out on paper to multiple different entities to accomplish their goal and they pay interest to borrow it. Meanwhile, this gold that conveniently gets loaned out and sold on paper hundreds of different times is actually owned by the people in the respective countries. Mexico thinks it owns a certain amount of gold on paper but it’s held in the vault. Same with Austria, Germany, etc. Good luck. This is why you see the major uprising in public movements to repatriate their gold counteracted by continual political movements to suppress this interest by stooge governments of the fraud.

Gold is the bottom of this pyramid and we are definitely not taught this in the West. Our schooling mentions nothing of it. The only reason banks needed to exist in the first place was to keep your gold safe. The financial jedi of the 60’s and 70’s have tried to educate, but the well documented fraud on the people since the acceleration of the 1980’s debt bubble has consumed us all. The financial system has perpetuated this false education and enforcement by maintaining gold as a Tier 3 asset and only giving institutions partial credit for it as an asset reserve when calculating their ratios upon which they base their ability to hypothecate assets and leverage investments. In 2009, the US even changed the accounting standards on mark to market accounting which is basically a crap effort at turning debt into an asset. Western systems don’t understand that they are being left high and dry as gold needs to be used to put out the balance sheet fires that exist. This is why bonds are being continually made to make the price go up and yields go down to give the image of balance sheet health as price of bonds has been substituted for the need for yield. This is also why we are entering the netherworld of negative interest rates as this is the easy path of confiscation for these systems that won’t admit the truth and would like to default on their obligations.


“Whoever holds the gold makes the rules.”

China, as one of the largest holders of US debt, has obviously been given some time here to accumulate gold as their reserves were nowhere near in line with the rest of the developed world in relation to the size of their GDP. It’s very hard here to differentiate what is taking place as China has every ability, as does any other large sovereign entity or global fund, to put in a very large order at the Comex and demand delivery of an amount that the West doesn’t have. The Comex and LBMA would have to default, fold up shop, and paper settle the outstanding contracts and the bill would most likely be passed on to the American citizen yet again. It also appears that the East is draining the West and the bounty hunters are leaving the American sheeple holding a giant pile of worthless paper, but if no one buys what the East manufactures (as the all time low in the Baltic Dry index and other freight measurements and prices of commodities shows is happening) they’re going to blow too. The corporate bond market in China is a bigger disaster than the US and the debt service payments aren’t even able to cover the interest in many areas, let alone pay back principal.

The split of France towards working with Russia on the ISIS issue is very interesting as the obvious ties of the IMF and France on the global governance stage show. Russia has been signing many major agreements with China the past few years. The East, along with other key South American and African countries, have been setting up infrastructure to replace the SWIFT systems of the West, and are ready for operation. After several rejections, it appears the IMF is about to finally approve the renminbi for inclusion into its basket of reserve currencies as part of the SDR. This means the traditional gold pool effort of the West is now becoming global with the physical markets operating in Asia. The unsuspecting Western populations are the ones being leveled in this process and their bank accounts and retirement accounts will be used to pay the unpayable debts coming due.


The delay in giving time for China to accumulate gold coupled with no one blowing the doors off the Western vaults the past two years as well as time being given to secretly empty the vaults, paper ETF’s, and funds points to a major central collusive effort by all to be involved in a big boys club of currency control through the SDR as the current system of the Dollar as reserve and petrocurrency implodes. The bond market says the exact same thing as yields show the distrust in government solvency. A major reflation of gold into the stratosphere making it unavailable to the common man would be a wonderful way to introduce this global currency as the next financial catastrophe is allowed to manifest finally. Several decisions by Obama and the current visible administration don’t line up with what’s happening financially so there are obviously different factions at work.

It does appear that there are a few that are paying attention now in the West as the Mint runs into supply problems yet again, but as was pointed out in the bond article, it all truly ended in 2011 and there should have been an epic rush to disengage this system and never come back until some at least some sort of effort of reform was undertaken.


Here is another chart displaying the epic divergence that took place since 2011 between the paper assets markup and reality in the high yield bond market. This is a picture of the two drunks of finance and governance propping each other up:

The gold market has been controlled by synthetic supply since 2013 and basically operated like an ATM to help fund the fraud. That same rigging and daily theft has now pervaded all the rest of the world’s markets and the number of people participating is being reduced rapidly as nothing has been done to arrest anyone or make even the slightest effort at changing this trajectory. That would lead me to the conclusion that whatever decision that takes place in regards to the obvious, impending default of the Western gold market will be made in favor of whatever power structure decision is attempting to be scripted. Whatever rules exist have been or will be changed in order to accommodate whatever script is being implemented in their minds. December is a delivery month so decisions may need to be exposed immediately!

With the exact same parameters as the bond markets, the metals markets are already broken. Here is a chart of the divergence between the gold price and it’s true function of extinguishing debt:

All of the dates of the gold market line up very interesting with the dates of the ascension process. The spiritual surges really began back in the early 1800’s, but show themselves well in the 1930’s, 1970’s and from 2000 on. After Dec. 21, 2012 which was the true crossing of the point of no return, we have witnessed an all out attack from dark energy that is being evicted and there is no finer example than the war that has taken place in the monetary markets. Every single effort to stop any sign of compassion from entering the system has been made.

A very fine example of the intensity of what we are dealing with would be the silver market. It is the best form of a common thread that man could use to store its energy in this realm most efficiently, and of course, it’s the most manipulated market ever seen. Jeff and George had a nice discussion on how the bankers are obvious parasites, but that may be too nice of a word. There is a reason silver has been used in cinema and story to kill vampires and werewolves and is the ultimate cleanser.


The US government infamously used up all of its silver hoard making and testing weapons. No wonder Kennedy had to be taken out. In the 60’s and 70’s, several people were told that they would be fought to the death over silver. The cornering and unwinding of the Hunt Bros. silver trade as well as Warren Buffet’s involvement are quite interesting. There are too many store to dig into at this point but here’s a small sample:


The fraud had harnessed silver and controlled it effectively until 2008. Bear Stearns blew up and JP Morgan took over stewardship of its illegal silver short position. Then in 2011 the government got in bed with JP and it’s been national security ever since.

Here’s a chart of the silver price from 1970 to 2014. It’s been forced even lower since.

The surge in 2011 was allowed to fly to the old technical point of near $50.00 in 2011, but it’s the date and the meaning behind it before the selloff that are so interesting. The market peaked on May 1st, 2011 on the exact moment that Obama announced on TV that they killed Osama Bin Laden. None of the facts add up there, but they sure do in the silver market. Most people in other countries are more aware of the significance of MayDay and its representation and celebration of the common man. The dark energy at work goes to this much trouble to portray this much disdain and hatred for a celebration of the connection of man in any manner as a common energetic being whatsoever. It has been all out war in the silver market ever since.

The gold market is now levered over 300-1 in paper to actual ounces, and the silver market is only 20-1 but the energy that is contained by this fraud in the silver market is as metaphorically dark as anything ever seen and the efforts to harness this worldwide since the Civil War are quite impressive.

The silver market may well represent the advancement of a collective consciousness, but gold well represents the balance of male and female energies and individual and collective sovereignty and it’s time this containment breaks. Just as Rick reported on the energy report, there are many beings that work on the global balance of energies as work is performed on grids and major energetic sites around the globe. I find it very interesting that the flow of gold has shifted from West to East as some major energetic players speak of the shifting of the main energy of the planet from being anchored in the Tibet region down to South America in the Lake Titicaca region and how this is part of introducing a divine balance. The current confrontation between the world’s power over Syria so perfectly captures every aspect of this process so well and show the male/female balancing bridge attempting to be crossed.

I would argue with some of Drunvalo Melchizedek’s work in relation to a lot of lack of logical explanation, but I experienced the most amazing balance while reading his book, Serpent of Light, that spoke of healing the rape of all the generations of mankind as ceremony was performed at sacred sites all around South America assisting the planet in this process. I was also very open to it and my third eye had already been forced open in advance of my heart chakra with a hyperactive pituitary gland. Most men aren’t looking quite looking for that kind of experience. Now I feel like an IT that enjoys being a man.

The only other aspect of the gold market worth discussing involves the experiment with superconductivity and magnetism. There has obviously been a major effort by many different parties to create artificial energetic fields such as supposedly undertaken in the Philadelphia Experiment.


There are many rumors that a big reason the US no longer has the gold hoard is that a major portion has been used in trying to create zero gravity merkabic fields to put around people and or weapons or crafts to create the ultimate weapon of dominance by mimicking Tesla’s methods. Watching what goes on around here it’s pretty tough to argue that this may not be a major reason as to why the US is avoiding reflating gold as a method to bring balance to this currency process. Even if it’s all leased out and owned by other parties, it could still be engaged.

Seeing the success of that small experiment in “magnetizing” gold leads a lot of credence to some of these theories. In fact, it appears that the last two hundred years is just one giant effort to own the LBP and ascension process in any manner possible besides the true ascension and benefit of mankind as this shift finally approached. The financial markets all say that’s the case in a magnificently directly, indirect manner. The centuries before were just young soul systems that harnessed the people amongst these concepts.

The only other area of interest I can think of is why so few people have responded and why so few see the enemy and it leads to some sort of use of a variation of toxoplasma gondii in poisoning humans. Mice don’t even know the cat wants to eat them and basically offer themselves up as food. Sounds like just about everyone I know. It was discovered just before the Federal Reserve was implemented and affects men and women in different ways. Hmmmmmm…..


That’s it. I think that’s all I have.

May it all now be so as it needs to be because that ain’t the way it is. May coherence now reign on this planet.

With love and light,

Brad Barber

Dear Brad,

Brilliant article. You have outdone yourself. I love your multidimensional approach parallel to the wealth of factual evidence. I read it twice yesterday and then one third time very slowly while editing it and adding some additional links to important references but I had such a terrible headache the whole day that I could not enjoy the reading to the fullest extent as I would have liked to. Hence I waited till this morning to read it one more time with a fresh mind and without a headache before writing to you.
This is a foundational review on finance fraud in the End Time of humanity that anyone with a modicum of understanding of the ascension process in all its multidimensional aspects should keep it as a curriculum reading (in German we call it “bed reading” like the bible). Thank you very much for this incredible achievement – you have been truly channelled /inspired by your HS.

With love and light


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