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Monday, December 31, 2018

sharing, The Great Unification – Watch the World Bloom!,Astraea et Amora Into the Light – Messages From the Source

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Astraea et Amora
Into the Light – Messages From the Source

The Great Unification – Watch the World Bloom!
Posted on December 30, 2018 by Astraea et Amora

Credit: Abby

A Message from Astraea and Amora for All Lightbearers

Carla Thompson, December 30th, 2018


By the grace of God – You are a chosen one! By the grace of God – You are deemed perfection in human form!

This alignment of deep cosmic forces creates a gateway to the field of Unity Consciousness that is in-flowing, a gateway to the source of infinite light, a light-frequency that moves aside all energy founded in separation, where thought has created judgement and emotional separation. The gift of this alignment comes in the form of great beauty, love, and harmony for All in this expression of Creation.

Primarily, this gateway brings with it infinite balance. What is required of you is primarily the balance of the feminine to the masculine expression. We have not spoken of this directly before, but it is now time to do so, as there is an opportunity to embrace one’s movement into the unity field through a recalibration of ones inner thought and emotion surrounding the concepts of feminine and masculine.

This means that one should no longer qualify the friend, the neighbor, the teacher, whomever, as man or woman, as they are both! For this here, now, is the moment of Unification. Separation in thought, emotion, existence, physical expression, is no longer supported!

Separation consciousness ends now with a new directive and this new directive is Inclusion through infinite and unconditional love. Inclusion through adopting principles of harmonious balance of every dualistic expression. On a personal level bring forth acceptance of the others path, the others role, the others journey, the others Being! There is no need to think about these ideas any more! Move now to support everyone in your life with whom you interact: Support them with your unconditional acceptance! Support them with your unconditional love! Support them with unconditional kindness!

As you each move to include those around you through love and unconditional acceptance you will bear the fruit of an inspired humanity to live cooperatively once again, to create a clear vision of a new world in which you all wish to live, a new world that is full of compassion for each other and that spills over into societal structures that reflect, for All: the vision of health, harmony, abundance and freedom that each of you yearn for at your core.

This is a moment of grand expansion of consciousness that is activated through the infinite grace of patience and acceptance for each and every lightbearer taking part in this ascension, as well as those who are not aware of the event, nor their role. As you accept responsibility for these actions you will see the power of your choices reflected back to you in others who will admire your position and eventually adopt it, since courage is contagious. The energy of inclusion will take your world by storm. Do it now and Watch The World Bloom!

Into the Light, Messages From the Source

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Equipoise: ▶ Stress Fractures Of The Foot – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim – Communications from 1995 — Messages From Sirius :::sharing

Equipoise: ▶ Stress Fractures Of The Foot – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim – Communications from 1995 — Messages From Sirius :::sharing.

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

▶ Stress Fractures Of The Foot – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim – Communications from 1995 — Messages From Sirius :::sharing

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Friday, May 9, 2014

Communications from 1995 — Messages From Sirius

Dear Readers,

I am on retreat, but wanted to post a blog while I had Internet. I recently discovered fills from 1995, when I was first awakening to my Multidimensional SELF. I dared not post them till now. I am starting with this one from Sirius.


We know you in your spirit and speak to you from our group energy. You had visited us in your consciousness, as we have visited you. We were once biological space ships sent from Sirius, just like your Star Trek movie. We appear much like your whales. When we lowered our vibration in order to enter your atmosphere, we lost our inter-galactic powers.

We found then that the ocean was much like outer space and our watery world. Therefore, we could quickly adapt to navigate your waters. Those of us who landed on land did not survive. To this day, we mourn them. Sometimes our genetic memories will drive us in that direction and we, too, perish.

It was long ago that we too had bipedal form. Bipeds lived within us, what you would perceive as the whale beings, but they did not survive the descent into the third dimension very well. They devolved due to the harsh conditions and few of them survived. However, the ones who did survive lived on land, whereas the biological ships who survived lived in the ocean.

We used our database of our once human occupants to create our own inner organs. We had to do so to take care of the task that had once been done by our inner humans. Some of you on this planet were once these inner humans. You lived inside of us like living in a huge submarine. Most of the crew mates perished in the descent.

The few that survived moved on to land to join the other bipeds. We have a fiction tale to tell you about your long ago history and your Sirians roots. This history will help you to heal your Sirians vibration, which has felt dissonant to you. You were a member of the Viper Warriors and created much pain and suffering wherever you traveled.

You were a great conqueror and feared by many. When at last you ended that life you stayed away from Sirius for many incarnations. Later when the call came to assist the planet that you had worked towards destroying, you incarnated again on Sirius.

Your story will begin with that birth, with flashbacks into the Viper life. It was not only your love of the sea that forged your decision to stay in the ocean, it was also your fear of the land and the blood that was spread upon it. Now that you have healed your earth human lives, you can begin to heal your extra-terrestrial lives and your inter-planetary galactic lives. Our memory is infinite.

We remember everything. As you become one with us again, we will awaken your whale memory. Some of this memory will come to you in dreams such as the one that we are about to help you to remember. You had a dream, or was it a memory about your original genetic engineering. It was like in Stargate SG-1 and a serpent was implanted into the people.

Actually, the serpent was planted into the woman and then the woman was mated with the man. There was a large cat like a mountain lion that was somehow part of this process. It seemed that if the serpent was in the woman, the cat allowed a mating. But if the serpent was not in the woman, the cat would attack any man who tried to mate with her.

You were a supervisor of the project and there was also a child that you were working with. It was a girl of about ten years. You were teaching her the rules of a certain game, or maybe it was a test. We shall now assist you by giving you our interpretation of this dream. This dream is a response to your call that you wish to remember more.

It is also a continuation of your communications with Sirius through your whale consciousness. Yes, you/we were one of the early genetic engineers from Sirius. We were serpentine and/or dragon in form. This form served us well in our home world. In Sirius B, the atmosphere is very thick like liquid air.

We move throughout our atmosphere by swimming like a snake would swim in water. We were very large, six to ten feet of your earth measure. The males were usually nine to ten feet and the females were six to eight feet. The elders who had moved beyond the polarization of gender and were androgynous were often eleven to twelve feet. It was often these that took the form of what you would call a dragon.

Once in an androgynous form, our inner polarities were resolved and we could therefore raise our carrier frequency into the fifth dimension and above. It was our elders who began to sprout arms and legs when they chose to. The elders were the ones who developed space travel. This was not difficult for them because they lived in hyper-space, which is somewhat like you would think of as the fourth dimension.

Within hyper-space, one could easily travel to anywhere in the galaxy by curving space. These Sirians are related to the Dracs in that they are both reptilian. They are also related to the dinosaurs. The dinosaurs were the first to inhabit physical earth. Both the Dracs and the Sirians arrived upon earth at about the same time. The hot, gaseous environment suited their reptilian natures. The two of them fought for hundreds of years. However, the harsh environment forced them to eventually align with each other and they finally ceased their fighting.

Also Orion and Sirius both became involved in wars upon their own home worlds and abandoned their earth project to their inhabitants. The longer that the reptiles lived on earth, the more their vibration dropped and the more their third dimensional forms developed. It was this dropping of consciousness to inhabit more and more physical forms that was what humans called evolution.

Whenever the Terrans, our world for earth settlers, who were both Draconians from Orion and Sirians from Sirius, lowered their vibration, they had to find another kind of vehicle to hold their consciousness. The sensations of the physical world were a unique experience for the Terrans and they constantly, albeit slowly chose to lower their frequency so that they could become more and more physical. They would lower their frequency by finding an already existing physical form and inhabiting it by the use of their genetic engineering.

This was like a hermit crab looking for a new home, except the hermit crab does so as it is getting bigger and bigger. The Terrans looked for a new home because they were growing denser and denser. Their increasing density allowed them more “sensations” but it also made them more vulnerable. Fortunately, their higher vibrational selves were still in existence in the higher dimensions of Terra/Earth. These higher selves were like the puppeteers of their physical counterparts in the lower dimensions. Because the environments were so harsh, the Terrans chose to make themselves very big. However, when they were big, they had to eat a lot.

They didn’t know that when they chose their size because eating was not something they had experienced before they became physical. The story of creation and the snake telling Eve to eat the apple was a portion of the lowering of vibration enough to mate with the earth creatures. This is why people fast in a spiritual process in order to raise their frequency.

Eventually food became so scarce that some dinosaurs had to eat other dinosaurs in order for the species to survive. This is where the Terrans split in consciousness between those who would rather die than kill and those who would rather kill than die. This split into two groups became the format for all third dimensional existence.

Killing had not been known before the consciousness was lowered into a third dimensional form because there had never been death. Remember, death is an illusion of third dimension. It does not exist in the higher worlds. Even when the early Dracs and Sirians fought over Terra, it was tactical, like playing chess.

There was no killing because nothing really died. Even if their increasingly lowering vibration became ill or wounded, their higher self would pull the form back into the higher dimensions to be repaired. Then the form would be sent back down into the lower worlds to continue the “game of life” in the third dimension.

However, the dinosaur form had such a small amount of the higher self’s consciousness that their consciousness became more and more distorted as their frequency dropped. The dinosaurs then could not remember that it was attached to the higher self or puppeteer and could not remember that it could not die. Once it believed it could die, it began to create realities in which there was death.

They created the reality where they were the killer or the prey. Does this sound like the third dimension that you now experience? In your dream you are remembering how the Sirians dropped their frequencies. They implanted their consciousness, their snake, into the Terran native form that was female.

Then the female would mate with the males that also had the snake consciousness implanted in them. The cat was the watcher. It was vital that there was no mating with Terran creatures that were not implanted with the Sirian consciousness. That would make the drop in vibration so swift that the female would die from holding the vibration of a Siriun in their form.

At first many implanted male forms would mate with non-implanted female forms. This was workable for recreation, but they discovered that soon after the female became impregnated, she would die. Now the Sirians had not yet had an experience of death and they found that the lifeless females were a threat to their existence. If anything could die then maybe they could die as well. Then the mating was ceased unless both of them were implanted with the Sirius consciousness.

The cats constantly viewed the new reality to monitor it and make sure that no mating would take place with un-implanted beings. These beings were called cats in your dream because they had the senses of earth cats. They were specially trained hybrids, Sirians who had mated with felines. These creatures were very psychic in that they could see whether or not anyone was implanted while in a denser form.

The ones who were hybrids with other creatures lost this ability and had to ask the cats whether or not they could mate. However, as the Terrans became denser and denser, they forgot more about the higher self, their puppeteer and only wanted experience, and sex was an experience. Therefore, the watcher cats became the guardians.

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terram novam: A MESSAGE FROM MY ANDROMEDAN FAMILY ::: Transmutation of Life Part 3

terram novam: A MESSAGE FROM MY ANDROMEDAN FAMILY ::: Transmutation of Life Part 3.

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domingo, 29 de junio de 2014

A MESSAGE FROM MY ANDROMEDAN FAMILY ::: Transmutation of Life Part 3

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Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright © 2012

Dear One,

yes, we are speaking now through you and it is us, the Light Beings from the Andromeda Galaxy, your original family!

We know that you are on your journey to fully access your true identity, because this is your deepest desire, and you were asking yourself whether your Galactic Family would support the deepest search for that identity and support humanity in finding out the truth.

We, your family from the Andromeda Galaxy, can only say, that this is exactly what we have been trying to do through our messages to you, of which we knew you would publish them for everybody to study.

So far we have been encouraging everybody to go back to the Source from where all of you came, and Which is your ultimate identity.

Yes, your remembrance of the “time” before you started to explore more individuated states of experience, is still alive, a time where your existence has been together with us, very close to Source.

Speaking to all of you, dear ones, at this point we wish to go more into humanity’s origin. And this origin did not begin with a distinct, separate body, equipped with a subtle nervous system, able to emanate a subtle light body, to begin with, at a time before you took on a more dense body in a 3dimensional existence. And of course, this light body never really disappeared as a possibility to evolve and to develop even while having a dense body on Earth.

But these evolvements of your association with subtle light bodies and more dense and darker, material bodies, have been occurring only more lately in your total history, yet extending for Thousands of years in your experience of history.

Nevertheless, all these bodies, lighter or denser, you have been associating with in dimensions of different densities, are but tools to experience different worlds via subtle or gross senses, instruments of the body you have chosen to experiment with.

However all humanity should always remember that your true origin IS indeed Source, the undifferentiated Field of Radiant Consciousness. That is where you are coming from and the remembrance of this Source-Field is deeply rooted in each of you. It exists prior to the creation of your soul which most of you consider to be your highest and deepest identity. Yes, it is your identity, as long as you prefer to experience a state of distinction and separation to one or another degree.

But when a human being has journeyed long enough through the experience of these bodies and came to know what there is to know, the fascination with these experiences start to fade away and you begin to remember the Source-Field where you originally came from.

And this is happening in the case of this scribe who has discovered that never diminishing happiness, full completion and contentment is nowhere to experience in totality in any of the limiting creations of distinct “personalities” , not even if you are living in the higher or highest dimensions. Indeed experience itself requires always a state of non-completion. There is still the remembrance of the Undivided Reality rooted deep in your Being which is the Home of humanity and which you all share.

But most have forgotten this paradise of undifferentiated Light, before it divided Itself into many for the sake of experience. But experiences always required a gradual separation and forgetting of the Source Condition.

Although many worlds can be called “Divine”, they are rather reflections of the Pure Source, even if the veils are very thin. It is only the Source which is not a reflection of something but which reflects everything that is arising in It back to itself.

You have been seeking for the Truth all your life and we know as your family, that you have never forgotten your existence with us. And we describe ourselves to those who do not know us, as a group consciousness of extreme subtlety after our first division from that Radiant Source Condition.

That is the state you are desiring to return to, as it is familiar to you. It is a state yet still separated from your Source, as you can touch it. But it seems that your experiences in the conditional worlds have strengthened enough your desire to go even beyond that subtle separation, tired from experiences which have lost their attractiveness to you.

So all you want is to return Home, but which is not the subtle realm many of your human family call “home”.

Human beings are much more than divided subtle bodies, even existing in higher realms. They have been only very few of you who found this out and brought this knowledge to you. But again, only very few of you felt attracted to this truth.

In the human body, even in the dense body on 3dimensional earth, are hidden all the secrets to access Divine Knowledge and the Ultimate Divine Source-Field, to enable everybody to return to their Home of Divine Origin. It is available to everyone who wants to go Home and shed all separation from the Source.

Dear one, we are aware that there are not many who are attracted to what we are pointing out and to which you are so much drawn by heart. You know very well what you know, not objectively, but inherently.

The world is not at this moment going into this direction, as the general fascination is busy with ascension themes. But this is desirable as it is the first step back to the origin all humans have been coming from. But from there, there is for many of you still a long journey back to Source. And so this might be the time where pathways are separating.

We are with you, know this. You are one with us, more than ever before!
We Are your family from the Andromeda Galaxy!

Message conveyed by Ute


Copyright©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2012 http://radiantlyhappy.blogspot.com
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without any changes. If you have questions, please contact me via transformation33@gmail.com. Thank you.

Posted 15th April 2012 by Shanti
Labels: Andromedan Galaxy Family

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Sunday, June 29, 2014
Transmutation of Life Part 3 — Adapting To The Shift


Communicate With Your Higher SELF Meditation, soon to be on YouTube
(Just click below link, it takes a while to download)


Transmutation of Life Part 3

Adapting To The Shift


The day after our Kundalini experience we primarily slept, relaxed and played in the nearby pond. It was too cold to stay in the water for very long, but we would lay in the sun, naked, until we were too hot. Then, we would jump in the pond, naked, to cool off. The combination of the very hot and very cold helped us to acclimate to the higher frequency of our body.

Being without any clothing was not an issue, as there was no one else around except Lantern, who also took his clothes off. We felt as though we were playing in the Garden of Eden as we acclimated to wearing a form. We, of course, were used to “wearing a form,” but our body was rapidly being transmuted into a form that was completely unique.

One of the reasons why we jumped into the cold stream-fed pond was because the heat of this marvelous sunny day stimulated the Kundalini to flash beyond our body. We could tolerate that feeling for a few minutes, but it quickly became overwhelming. We were not yet accustomed to having our bodies resonate to that frequency.

Lantern explained to us that all the prior experiences of our Higher Self and Lightbody had been through our bi-location. However, now we were not bi-locating. Our actual 3D physical form was gradually being transmuted into Lightbody. Jason and I decided that we would not worry about how that transition would change our entire life.

The process of transmutation of our physical form demanded that we remain in the frequency of the NOW. Hence, we drank the clear water from the creek, meditated, lay in the Sun, meditated, walked into the meadow, meditated, and fell asleep to flow into a very deep meditation. Lantern continually reminded us how fortunate we were to be able to dedicate our full attention to this process of transmutation.

We agreed. How could we have worked or driven to the store in this condition? We were very grateful that we could “just” commune with the elementals while we walked, dipped in the water, basked in the sun and looked into the sky. When we sat down by the pond, we meditated on the water elementals, the Undines, until we could clearly perceive them with our Third Eye. We could also commune with them via our High Heart. It was an amazing experience to see their wavering forms flow through the water.

We could feel what the Undines were saying to us. Of course, the elementals did not speak human language. They spoke to us via tones, images and bodily sensations. They also communicated via the sound of water dripping off and traveling over rocks, the slight waves of a strong breeze, the glistening of the sun sparkling off the water’s surface and the different aromas of water interacting with our environment.

While we were in the pond, we stayed underwater for as long as we could tolerate the cold in order to feel the water all over our body. It was then that we really began to communicate with the Undines. While water was the only stimuli on every part of our form, we received images, ideas, sensations and something like a voice that we heard inside our heart.

We later learned that this inner voice was how we translated what the elementals said to us. At first, we had to totally engulf our full attention in an elemental to establish a deep relationship with its essence. Hence, we went underwater to connect with the Undines, the water elementals, rolled on the grass, sat on rocks or on the earth to communicate with the Gnomes, earth elementals, and looked up into the sky and focused on the wind or breeze to communicate with the Sylphs, the air elementals.

The most challenging experience was with the fire elementals, the Salamanders, because they communicated through our own Kundalini. Of course, all the elementals of our body and our environment exist as ONE interacting and flowing energy field. However, just as we had to learn the alphabet before we could read, we had to specialize in each elemental separately before we could deeply experience their unity consciousness.

Lantern said that no one had the cabin after us, so we could stay there as long as we needed. Since we were primarily living “out of time,” it was good to know that we were free to “dock our earth vessels” here while we re-calibrated them. I must say, that this experience of total freedom and intimate connection with Mother Nature was divine beyond expression. Jason totally agreed.

In fact, we were both so enormously happy and eternally grateful that it was quite easy for us to maintain a higher state of consciousness. If we were tired, we slept. If we wanted to move we walked or did yoga. If we were hot we got in the water, and sat in the Sun when we got cold.

If we were thirsty, which was often due to the rising heat within, we drank clear mountain water. The one thing that we forgot about was eating food. Strangely enough though, we began to hear certain plants tell us that they were healthy for our bodies, whereas other said, “Stay away.” We also knew that certain roots in the ground would be delicious and different flowers or seeds would be tasty and nutritious.

Lantern encouraged us to pick the plants that called to us and to hold them close to our High Heart to ask our bodies how to prepare them. Sometimes our bodies said, “Eat it now.” Sometimes we heard, “Put me in the sun” or “Put me in the shade.” Some said, “I need to be boiled in water” and other plants wanted to be wrapped up and put into the fire. Because Lantern was there to guide us, we could follow our instincts without the concern that we might be wrong and harm ourselves.

Just as plants and foliage from the trees told us what to eat and how to prepare it, the very atmosphere seemed to be whispering sacred information into our hearts. Since this mountaintop had NO noise from humanity, we only heard the myriad voices of Nature. When we lay back on the big, warm rocks, we could see the Sylphs calling to us from their place in the sky.

“Come with us,” they called again and again. Finally we took the invitation and, closing our eyes, we drifted off into a reality in which every being flew, darted, dashed, walked or danced in the ethers of the sky. Jason and I experienced total joy as we floated on a huge cloud. The cloud was soft and transparent, while it firmly held us in our high, soft platform.

As we looked at our world from this perspective, we felt like Angels floating high above the density of our physical world. While floating on our cloud, we suddenly understood everything about clouds, fog, wind, rain and snow. We don’t remember how we learned this information, as it seemed to peacefully enter our consciousness.

From our cloudy viewpoint we could see how all life had a breath which pulled in new elementals with each inhale. These many elementals intermingled with the bodily elementals to get new information, and often remained within the body while the body elementals rushed out into the environment via the exhale.

In this manner, all life interacted with each body, and every body interacted with all life. From our position in the clouds, we could see the many elementals moving into and out of all forms of life. As we looked up into the sky, we saw the Sun shinning its multidimensional light down into Gaia and all Her inhabitants.

We returned our full attention to our physical forms and felt the light of the Sun amplify our expanding Kundalini. We decided to share our fire with the fire of the Sun by expanding our consciousness from inside the core of our Kundalini and then out into the core of the Sun. Instantly, we were overwhelmed by unfamiliar stimuli, which were hot as a noonday sun, but cool as a soft breeze.

As these opposites merged into ONE, we felt our Kundalini flash beyond our body in all directions. We were free of our physical form and floating into an unknown, but somehow expected, new world. In fact, it was a New Earth. This “new earth” was exactly like our old one, except that we could see many frequencies of expression intertwining like a golden thread in the elaborate tapestry of life.

If was then that we knew that we did not have to create New Earth, go to New Earth or even deserve New Earth. The “golden thread” was New Earth, and it was already intermingled with ALL life in ALL dimensions. We were wondering how we could BE the golden thread of New Earth when we realized that we already WERE New Earth.

We had transmuted our own energy fields to resonance of the fifth dimension and beyond. We were wondering how to proceed, when Lantern joined us to say, “You are ready NOW.”

“Has it already been a year?” I asked.

Just before we flashed down into the core of Gaia, we heard Lantern reminding us, “Time is a third dimensional illusion.”


* * *

* * *