Vel sanus: sharing.:::. ▶ WTF Taekwondo poomsae Taegeuk 6 Jhang .:::.A Wakan Wochekiye – “A Sacred Prayer”

Vel sanus: sharing.:::. ▶ WTF Taekwondo poomsae Taegeuk 6 Jhang .:::.A Wakan Wochekiye – “A Sacred Prayer”.

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

sharing.:::. ▶ WTF Taekwondo poomsae Taegeuk 6 Jhang .:::.A Wakan Wochekiye – “A Sacred Prayer”

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A Wakan Wochekiye – “A Sacred Prayer”

from Tolec of the planet Dakote, star system  Taygeta, constellation Pleiades

A Wakan Wochekiye –

“A Sacred Prayer”

May the Creator, Great Mystery, Wakan Tanka, bless You all the days of your life.

May your spirit be awake and aware… may it soar with gladness.

May your mind be sharp, and your body good & whole.

May you have internal strength, and gain knowledge and wisdom to guide your way.

May you walk tall in truth, honor & respect others.

May your journey on this world be long and prosperous.

May you always touch another’s soul with kindness.

May you give to yourself and others freely with joy and gladness.

May you keep sacred all the Creator has made, Mother Earth,

the plants, the animals, the People… the water, wind and sky.

May you experience great love.

May you be blessed with family and true friends.

May you always evolve, transform and grow.

Posted 16th November 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
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Sharing.:::. A MESSAGE FROM THE ARCTURIAN GROUP.:::.▶ WTF Taekwondo poomsae ▶ WTF Taekwondo poomsae Taegeuk 1 Jhang (taekwonwoo) 태극 1장 – YouTube | Vel sanus

Sharing.:::. A MESSAGE FROM THE ARCTURIAN GROUP.:::.▶ WTF Taekwondo poomsae ▶ WTF Taekwondo poomsae Taegeuk 1 Jhang (taekwonwoo) 태극 1장 – YouTube | Vel sanus.


Sharing.:::. A MESSAGE FROM THE ARCTURIAN GROUP.:::.▶ WTF Taekwondo poomsae ▶ WTF Taekwondo poomsae Taegeuk 1 Jhang (taekwonwoo) 태극 1장 – YouTube

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Dear ones, we see much anticipation in all of you regarding your upcoming elections. Please remember to use the guidance of your inner awareness and intuition instead of responding to the rhetoric of paid political messages. Also, through a conscious intention to elect those who hold the most light, you will be guided to them–those candidates whose intentions are to serve the people, and not themselves. Trust your intuition dear ones, you will be guided.
Today we wish to speak to you regarding supply. Much of the world still suffers deeply from experiences of lack and limitation. These dear ones resonate with the belief that their good comes from outside of themselves and is dependant upon others, which in turn leads to fear, doubt and suffering. Lack is the manifestation of the belief in duality and separation–separation from everyone and everything including Source (God). This universal belief effects all, and still functions as power within the un-illumined consciousness. The energy supporting lack and limitation is constantly being reinforced and added to through universal beliefs of duality and separation. These beliefs are in turn strengthened through world events, news reporting, and political rhetoric. Appearances of lack are everywhere and that is why we seek today to speak of this–you are spiritually ready to look more deeply into the truth of abundance.
Because you are the manifestation of Source, you in your true essence, are Self-sustained and Self-maintained. You see, abundance (completeness, wholeness) is a law, a quality of Source and is therefore already present within the consciousness of every living Soul. The reason so many lack even the barest essentials, is because man is a creator but through an ignorance of this truth he has allowed others to claim wealth and power, while at the same time accepting lack as his lot in life.
There is NO LAW OF LACK dear ones. Lack is a belief, a concept held true by most in the world simply through un-evolved ignorance. All embody and actually ARE the Divine completeness of Source. It is time to clear these old beliefs and stop looking outside of yourselves for everything you need. This is an important facet of taking back your power. Start by consciously stating your intention to release and clear any concepts and beliefs you may still hold regarding lack and limitation, particularly those regarding money. Also state your intention to release the energy of any vows taken in other lifetimes, particularly vows of poverty, for vows taken with purity of intention hold intense energy.
Begin by releasing–getting the flow going while realizing that because of Oneness, you can only flow to yourself, from one hand to the other so to speak. You may think and say; “I have nothing to flow”. We tell you that this statement alone will assure that you manifest exactly that–nothing. Remember, you are creators and your words and thoughts carry the powerful energy of creation. Everyone has something with which they can begin to flow–clothes, time, ideas, talents, and even a few cents. It is important not to expect or look for a return, for that is the seeking of ones’ good in the outer. It is vitally important to understand that when you give, you are not giving from a personal, limited supply, but are releasing from an Infinite Source–the more that flows out, the more can flow in. Through these realizations and actions, the flow of abundance can begin.
Since what we see,hear, taste, touch, and smell is a third dimensional sense of the spiritual reality, understand that all business and interactions among people are in reality, the flow of love (service or product) and gratitude (barter or payment).
Many have ignorantly blocked their energy of abundance through holding to beliefs of how financial abundance must appear–they believe that it can only come from investments, parents, employment, sales, etc. Divine Consciousness has no limits and may unfold in ways never before thought of if allowed. What has been your usual medium of income may completely change…allow it to do so or you will block it. A new financial system is being readied for all, but this does not mean that you sit on your hands doing nothing for that is again, the looking for your good outside of yourself. All who sincerely seek spiritual awareness must awaken to the deeper truths of abundance or continue to live with the creations of lack and limitation.
Abundance and supply does not refer only to the financial. When the realization that everything necessary is embodied within the essence of the I that I AM , mind then interprets this awareness in the outer scene as… as what represents completeness for me which may not represent completeness for my neighbor. Mind manifests outer experiences both universally and individually from consciousness–general world consciousness and individual. A consciousness filled with the beliefs of duality and separation manifests as experiences of duality and separation. The realization of this is spiritual evolution.
Your true essence is complete–Self-maintained and Self-sustained. Begin the habit of flowing gratitude each and every moment for what you have in an awareness of I HAVE because I AM. Look at the world around you; to the trees, flowing gratitude to them and for them–their beauty and service. Look at your pets and feel gratitude for their companionship, love, and innocent faithfulness. Flow gratitude to friends, families, and even “enemies” for the love, experiences and even difficult lessons they present to you. Instead of saying; “I don’t have”, begin to say “thank you” for everything in your experience and mean it, for nothing is random and everything can be a step in your evolution if you choose.
As manifestations of Source, you have been creators but did not know it, and thus ignorantly created a world filled with lack and limitation. You are now ready to awaken and are beginning to realize who you really are. Every time you say; “I don’t have”, you will perfectly create it, so stand “porter at the door” of your mind to any careless words or thoughts.
The two biggest hurtles for mankind in this powerful time of change and evolution is the shifting beyond world beliefs with regard to relationships and money. This does not mean that you don’t use common sense in your choice of employment, business, or in the attainment of what you need, but simply means that you do what you need to do from a higher level of understanding; a living out from the realization that you are Self-complete.
You are ready dear ones, you are ready.
We are the Arcturian Group

Through Marylin Rafaelle

Posted 4th November 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
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sharing.:::. ▶ Martial Arts Fitness Training – 30 Min Workout – The Elohim of the Great Central Sun: Renewal of the Higher Vision! | Vel sanus

sharing.:::. ▶ Martial Arts Fitness Training – 30 Min Workout – The Elohim of the Great Central Sun: Renewal of the Higher Vision! | Vel sanus.

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sharing.:::. ▶ Martial Arts Fitness Training – 30 Min Workout – The Elohim of the Great Central Sun: Renewal of the Higher Vision!

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The Elohim of the Great Central Sun: Renewal of the Higher Vision!

Posted on Dec 24, 2014
by cosmicgaia
in The Elohim of the Great Central Sun, Ute Posegga-Rudel
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Image Credit
Channeled by Ute Posegga-Rudel
Tuesday, December 23, 2014
Video (recommended)


We are here with you, to support and inspire your courageous and dedicated work to the light! We are here with you and we encourage you to ask for our support. So we can win the battle together.

Yes, there have been – what you call delays – but they were not meant to obscure your spirit. In your disappointment about the delays you allowed yourself to be dis-encouraged and to lower your vibration. Inevitably you then limited your vision to the everyday appearances and things in the matrix. And so many of you added extra time to the delay.

We ask you to focus on your service to the light in all your endeavors, in all your actions – with all your heart! It is most important now to channel the Divine Powers of Light and to maintain them on your earth, to concentrate these Powers, to bring them forward in great clarity and intent.

This is a time not to be confused, and not to diffuse the light, but to concentrate it, to focus it, so that it can gain momentum, presence and invincibility in these end-times where the battle is on its peak.

We have a great vision of you, the Divine Human: The light of your attention is like a sword and at the same time it is a benign blanket of great brilliance and softness, like the clear and shining surface of a calm lake in the morning sun.

You do not leave. You do not leave your path and determination now, with doubt or while perhaps squinting into possibilities of defeat. You recognize the Divine Light, now so powerfully present on your earth, as a Divine Mighty Presence, as an Eternal Presence, in which all that is not of It, dies, disappears, vanishes.

We are here to support this process, as it is the wish of the Supreme Divinity for change. There is great compassion for all of you, great love, great appreciation and gratefulness for your surrendered service. This encourages you to always proceed on this path, no matter how your world might look like, no matter what is transpiring.

You do not look at the world as is or might develop, you look at the light, you become It, you Are It, you Are the Divine Consciousness which the Light reveals to you. You are steady and you do not look at what is not light.You even see only Light.

You understand that this does not mean to ignore what is showing up in your world, or not to recognize the state your world is in, or to close your eyes when you see misery. But you rather do not identify with it, you do not allow yourself to lower your energy and your light, whatever happens. And you stand in inner silence in the midst of it all. You spread your love so that it covers your planet. You are at peace even when you see war. You do not engage, you do not step down from the radiant platform of light.

And so you are able to maintain clarity, discrimination, compassion and trust, to be the carrier of these Divine qualities in these critical times. By following your intuition and listening to your heart, you will do what is right.

The unexpected might enter your life, but you never leave your seat of equanimity.

As you remember your Divine heritage, where you are coming from and what you are here for, you do not allow for a moment to be blinded by what your eyes see in this world of illusions. You maintain the clear view of a falcon, indifferent to the shadows, yet with a heart guided by love.

The battle is not about fighting with anything, but in intending to stay in your place of Divinity and to live it. You hold your heart high, you hold your spirit high. You are in joy. And you don’t allow yourself to be touched by anything that differs from your intention.

Soon your vision will manifest and your world will emerge in a new, never before experienced light and beauty. There are attempts to hold you in the matrix and forget the higher visions of ascended Gaia; to not to continue to dream a 5dimensional world.

But you know: This world as it is now can never become Divine, because it is not a Divine creation to begin with. It cannot be merely improved by changing certain parameters and contents. It is not enough.

Therefore you dare to enter a completely new and ascended world and you enter it by creating it. You do not lose your Divine vision, while it seems that in the matrix there is a cry for a change of actors and a change of furniture on the theater scene.

While you use your higher intelligence, Beloved Ones, you recognize the game but you do not fall for it. You follow the way of Divinity, of an entirely new creation. A creation that truly satisfies your deepest heart desire. This heart desire is like a clear and radiant water that is expressing Itself through you, as it is an emanation of the Divine Heart, or God or Reality.

You tear down the veil of forgetfulness, and you work with the Unconditional Light. You have Awakened! You remember your awakened state in your year of 2012 and you have returned to it now!

Some of you allowed yourself to be fooled for a while, but now, Beloved Ones, we see you standing up again. You enter the field of Light, you Become It, you Are It. Unwavering. This is what you do now, because this is, what is required. This is why you are here.

And you dive deep now into the Presence of Divine Light, and recover and renew your higher vision of a New Divine World.

All the blessings of the Supreme Divinity are with you. And the Love of the Only One Who Is, embraces you!

We Are the Elohim of the Great Central Sun!

Message conveyed by Ute

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Sharing.:::.▶ Урок безопасности. Давыдов Д.В. КБИ “Кайдэн”. – ▶ 20 Second Bo Staff Lesson – MESSAGE FROM THE ARCTURIANS (23): THE COMPLEXITY OF ASCENSION | Vel sanus

Sharing.:::.▶ Урок безопасности. Давыдов Д.В. КБИ “Кайдэн”. – ▶ 20 Second Bo Staff Lesson – MESSAGE FROM THE ARCTURIANS (23): THE COMPLEXITY OF ASCENSION | Vel sanus.

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Sharing.:::.▶ Урок безопасности. Давыдов Д.В. КБИ “Кайдэн”. – ▶ 20 Second Bo Staff Lesson – MESSAGE FROM THE ARCTURIANS (23): THE COMPLEXITY OF ASCENSION

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By Ute Posegga-Rudel

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012
Dear Ones! 

We would like to discuss some details about the criteria forascension and what will happen with your close relationships.

Take into account that humanity has many helpers, and each human being is surrounded by many beings of light, especially at the time of transition!

It depends on the soul development of the individual, to which degree they might suddenly become aware of their guides and angels at the time when the Huge Energy Portal is opening. And this opening can have for many an immediate effect on their awareness and their increased capability to become conscious about their own higher self.

So there are some surprises expected! You cannot tell who will shed unexpectedly their disguise, when at the time of the Galactic alignment their 3D karmas are dropped.

In any case you do not need to be concerned about your loved ones, because they are taken care of, according to their agreements and learning process. Each one will definitely turn to the path they have chosen, when the great moment of transformation arrives!

Many of you who are lightworkers and starseeds, are already now working from the higher astral planes with your loved ones who need help to grow spiritually. This is possible, as you have together soul contracts, and your work with these souls occurs often also at night in your sleep. And not all of you are aware of this nightly service.

When you ascend, the connection with your loved ones, for whom you already are caring now, will not end, but you will from the higher dimensions connect with their third eye and their heart and give them guidance this way. This will even be more effective than when you would remain in the 3th dimension.

So do not worry about those you leave behind when you ascend! You will continue to be connected and you will never loose contact with them, whatever their fate will be, while you are of loving service to them.

For earth to transition into Her ascended state, things as they are now, cannot remain the same! Transformation IS at hand for everybody! And everybody must participate in it in the one or other way. Who desires to ascend and follow Gaia into her new form and consciousness, is required to transcend the lower emotions and negative thoughts, so they can radiate Divine Light and Divine Love, and do not continue to create a world of suffering.

That is to say, there must be a transformation in consciousness and energy for those who are here to leave the 3th dimensional experience behind them.

They will receive every help from the beings of light to make that transition, but of course, they themselves are responsible for their capability to remain there permanently.

As the situation in your world will undergo many changes, people, until they ascend, must be prepared and equipped to deal with them! They will have the opportunity to jump on the train later, as the profound changes will serve as a major wake up call for those not yet prepared!

Also the highly increased light and energy on the planet is supportive for their awakening, not to speak of the impact of new realities on their consciousness. This all relates to those who, because of their soul contract, intend to ascend.

Who is not here to follow this process, another experience, away from earth, is being prepared, where they can continue with their present consciousness and live a life that provides more experiences similar of the present ones.

But altogether, there are many different solutions, according to each one’s needs. So everybody will “reap” their own actions, ~ the results of their intentions and desires.

These laws of karma are not suspended and continue for them as in the past. And karma does also exist in the greater cosmos. It is the necessary law which is part of theevolutionary learning process.

However, everybody will always be supported and Divinely guided, to draw them back to their true Divine Essence, and ultimately back to the Radiant Source, when their time of experiences in the lower and higher dimensions has come to an end.

So all is well, the Love of Source and of the Creator is Eternal and Embraces all! How could be neglected What Is Love’s Own. How could the Divine Self be separated from Its own dreams! Therefore nobody is forgotten. All is developing according to the Divine Plan. And this Plan is, that all souls and all creation will eventually recognize their own Divinity and Freedom from bondage and submission to Creation Itself, and achieve their freedom from it and their own inherent power of creation.

But in order to realize this, all must go first through a process of fire in the realms of great density to learn and understand on the level of the incarnated creature the laws and implications of creation.

This journey is due to their own free will, before they immerse into the Sea of Creation, reaching the bottom of that ocean, to emerge again, bringing the gifts of understanding and recognition of the Divine with them back to Source Itself.

The Mystery is unfathomable! Trust in that which cannot be controlled is the greatest gift at this time!

We remain – as always – your very friends and loving helpers.

We Are the Arcturians!

Message conveyed by Ute

Copyright© 2012. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel,
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without changes. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.
Posted 18th October 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Tuesday, December 9, 2014
An Inter-dimensional Journey — YouTube and Poem


An Inter-dimensional Journey


Our vessel of Light floats the great Cosmic Sea
With the gift of our love, abundant and free

The planet’s our SELF, the Sun our dear friend
Its message of life we accept and then send

The stars in our system are ONE with our knowing
As we all work as ONE for the way we are showing

Our message expands to the heart of the galaxy
As we accept and embrace our unending odyssey

The Home we once sought, we’ve found deep within
The reality we make has no knowledge of sin

We are ONE with our SELF and the SELF of each other
Our mind is our Father. Our heart is our Mother

We have found and returned to the Flow of all life
To be free of the fear and above all the strive

To know of our SELF as a family of light
Gives rise to vast wisdom, pure love and great might

As ONE we remember, each moment and day
There is ALWAYS a reason and FOREVER a way

To find our great light we look deep inside
Where only love lives and fear cannot hide

Our bright inner light finds life all around
Where peace, love and beauty exist and abound

We can lose our great blessing to the jaws of illusion
And fall into the depths of fear and confusion

But our family is with us to open our eyes
It is then we remember to collect our great prize

It is free for the taking, just ask and we have it
But fear’s an old friend, and worse yet, it’s a habit

So we call to our family to remember our being
To enter our feeling, our hearing and seeing

With our family of light around us once more
We can never feel empty, lonely or poor

The wealth of pure spirit lives at ONE with our Soul
As we travel the cosmos, once again, we are whole!

Posted by Sue at 1:52 PM

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sharing.:::▶ Chen Tai Chi Old Frame: Repel Monkey and Flash Arm – IlliaEm — Releasing the Grand Illusion | Vel sanus

sharing.:::▶ Chen Tai Chi Old Frame: Repel Monkey and Flash Arm – IlliaEm — Releasing the Grand Illusion | Vel sanus.

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sharing.:::▶ Chen Tai Chi Old Frame: Repel Monkey and Flash Arm – IlliaEm — Releasing the Grand Illusion

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Friday, November 28, 2014
IlliaEm — Releasing the Grand Illusion


Releasing the Grand Illusion 

IlliaEm, Elohim of Arcturus

(Dear Readers,

This information was received some time in the mid 1990’s. I could not even begin to understand what it meant back then. I was acting as the scribe and just wrote down what I was receiving. Now, I can understand it, but I also want to present it as the process I went through for those who are newly awakened.

While re-writing this channel, I used some terms that were not within my consciousness then and explained other terms that I could not begin to understand back then. I have found it quite useful to go back into my past to find that which I knew but did not understand. I recommend that you all do the same. If you are not a writer, look at old photos or drawings.

We are often the last ones to be aware of how much we have changed, so we don’t give ourselves enough credit. We are living in an amazing time for which we have prepared for in myriad physical incarnations. This truly is the NOW of the ONE. We are so fortunate to be incarnated on Gaia’s beautify body to assist Her, as well as humanity. )

Our dear friends in human vessels, we find you now in the final act of “The Grand Illusion.” Therefore, you may feel your selves on the verge of the unknown. All that you have perceived, as your self, has become extinct or “out of date.”
What you once feared is now only a shadow, yet there is newness in life that threatens to ignite your old “fear of the unknown.”

You may not experience fear in the same manner that you once did.
YET, there is a persistent feeling of awaiting a discovery which can cause a sense of anxiety.
This fear/anxiety acts as a shell to protect the new, vulnerable embryo
as it grows deep inside of your essence.

Your true expression of SELF is not quite ready for birth, 
but it is “time” NOW to prepare in earnest for the NEW that is actually the ANCIENT. As Earth reaches her ascension, we Arcturians are to be Gaia’s guardian. We have been chosen from the many who volunteered for this role because it is our Galactic Mission to surround ascending worlds with our Arcturian Corridor of Unconditional Love. In this manner, we are assisting Gaia in the manifestation of Her Divine Plan, which is to be a planet of pure, Unconditional Love.

Of course, other worlds will also be active in assisting Gaia. Among these are the Pleiades, Sirius, Andromeda and Antares. Antares and Andromeda are working as ONE to monitor the vortex into and out of earthly incarnations, while the Pleiadians are accepting and guiding awakened ones into their Violet Temple of Transmutation.

The Pleiadians have long been active in communication with the receptive grounded ones of Earth, and the Sirians are assisting humanity to peacefully move into the unity of unconditional love. Unconditional love will erase all political, ethnic, religious and personal boarders to herald in the Age of Planetary Consciousness.

Remember, the key to your transformation into Lightbody is unconditional love, specifically love of your physical body. Your earth vessel allows you to have your earthly thoughts and to feel your earthly emotions. The most treasured of these earthly emotions are happiness and joy.

Happiness is actually the result of your ability to combine your thoughts and feeling in a manner that calibrates your brainwaves to their highest possible frequency. When you are “unhappy,” you may think that it is an outside, or inside, reaction to something that has happened.

However, what has actually occurred is that you have fallen “out of calibration” with your higher brainwaves. If you could face the same experience that made you unhappy, but keep yourself calibrated to the highest brainwaves, you would perceive the experience in a completely different manner.

Within your higher state of consciousness, you know that you can productively face that challenge because NOW you are calibrated to the brainwaves that keep you in constant communication with your fifth dimensional Soul. An experience that would devastate your third dimensional ego would be a mere challenge to your fifth dimensional Soul.

Consequently, we encourage you to find your highest carrier frequency at the beginning of each day and merge with your Soul, so that the pathway of communication between you and your Soul can remain open throughout your day. In this manner, you can keep your mental channel attuned to the fifth dimensional frequency.

This fifth dimensional frequency, which is beyond the speed of light but not beyond the speed of thought, cannot be clearly accessed unless your brain has been calibrated to your fifth dimensional thinking.

Once calibrated, your brain is able to track your Soul’s vibration as it moves down from the higher frequencies of Spirit and into the lower frequencies of matter. In this manner, you can consciously integrate “Spirit into Matter” in your daily life.

This integration is the greatest service that anyone can offer, as it is the most effective process to raise the vibration of your self and of the planet. Also, in this manner, your physical earth-ship can be updated with the necessary “downloads” from the fifth dimensional worlds.

These “up-dates” are much like that come into your computer. However, if the computer is not “turned on” you will not know that a new up-date is ready for transmission. If you will dedicate your self to a daily connection with your Higher Self, your bodily sensations, emotions and thoughts, will keep you informed regarding any messages your super-conscious SELF.

We are very pleased with your/our progress. We say your/our progress because we are ONE. We are a component of your greater SELF that has chosen to inhabit your clay earth-ship. We are your command-station; hence, we are invaluable to you. Know that any feeling of “Homesickness” is actually a homing-beam that you can track to return to the state of consciousness that you call “Home.”

Follow your “Divine Discontent” up into the fifth dimension to remember that you are never alone. Your feelings of loneliness for Home are not your enemy. We ask that you remember to perceive these feelings as friends that will guide you Home. Remember, dear ones, you are all part of our ONE SELF.

We surround you with our light so that you can release any experience that threatens to “let you down” and lower your consciousness. We support you in Gaia’s Web of Life and promise you that we will NOT “let you down.” Know that your/our mission shall be completed.

Each of you within Gaia’s Web of Life represents the masculine energy of a Spiritual Warrior and the feminine energy of the Goddess. Your male and female energies are blending now. This process shall continue until no separation is possible, as your body has been transformed into LIGHT.

The “Web of Life” is the light matrix to which your consciousness is attached. Once your Soul attaches its consciousness to this Web, it calls in a female to give you birth. Whether or not she is aware of it, you “mother” has agreed to create a form for you and carry you within her body until you are ready to be born.

At first you are attached to your mother’s Web of Light, but as you mature you slowly create your own attachment to the Web. As you expand the conscious awareness of your corporeal body you can consciously embrace the feelings of being connected to the light matrix of the Web of Life.

Keep this matrix conscious throughout your day. See it now. See how it glimmers with many colored lights and embraces you with our love. With a conscious awareness of the Web of Life, you can begin to perceive that there are higher frequencies to which you can attach your consciousness.

For example, you can attach your consciousness to the fourth dimension when you are being creative and/or sleeping. With practice you will be able to attach your consciousness to the fifth dimensional frequency of the Web. From this frequency you will be able to create a portal through which you can perceive the third and fourth dimensional realities, as well as the higher dimensional realities of the fifth dimension and beyond.

While your consciousness is attached to the fifth dimensional Web of Life, you can leave time to travel into the NOW of the higher worlds. We are pleased to explain more about how this transition was accomplished. However, there is the timeline to be considered. Hence, there are certain facts we cannot share with you within your “time.”

We can tell you that “time travel” is far more common than the general public is allowed to know. Because of this dangerous activity, which can greatly disrupt Gaia’s future, there are many dispensations that have been released to allow for the Lightworkers to beginning to merge with their future fifth-dimensional selves.

We say future fifth dimensional self because you all have many fifth dimensional selves. But, there is only one future self with whom you will merge. We will now explain how your past/3D self and your future/5D SELF can merge. You may find that your inner child is the first one to take your hand.

We will now tell you how your future, fifth dimensional SELF will merge with your inner child. Your future SELF lives on future Earth, which is quite different than you what you may imagine. The manner in which it is different is one of the things that I cannot share with you yet.

However, I do have permission to tell you a story. I will tell it in first person and from the perspective of my inner child, as well as yours. In response to your unasked question, yes, we always have an inner child. It is our inner child that holds our vulnerability and innocence. My/our story:

One morning I awoke very early before the suns were up. We lived to be much older than in your timeline so age didn’t mean much, but I would say that I was still a child. My body was changing and so was my consciousness. I had been having a reoccurring dream in which I was playing with another girl about my age.

I felt very close to her and her to me. She had shared with me that, although I could remember my dreams of us, she could not. She told me that in her world people did not believe that we had other parts of ourselves. The force of the collective consciousness was too much for her to battle. She already felt she was too different from everyone else, so she was unable believe that our joint dreams could be real.

On the other hand, in my world it was a common event to mind travel to other realities, times, and to visit with other portions of our total self. I had done so since I was quite young. This young girl, however, felt very different. It seemed that she was closer to me than anyone I had ever met in my mind journeys.

She said her name was Em and I told her that I was known as Illia. I also had a masculine side of myself that I could present, but that frightened Em. She could only be close to me when I displayed myself as feminine; so that is what I did.

For many years, we met in the fourth dimension that was between my world and her world. Em lived in the third dimension and I lived in the fifth. Our favorite place to meet was in fourth dimensional Faerie. In fact, it took a very long time for Em to learn to raise her vibration above that plane. When we first met she was in the Lower Astral Plane.

The first time that I met Em I was mind traveling in Faerie and heard a distant cry. It was a cry so filled with terror that it caught my attention. Usually, I would not have had any awareness of the Lower Astral Plane. I was told never to go there. However, this cry was so familiar that I could not resist investigating it.

I surrounded myself with the Violet Light so that I would be protected from the low vibrations of that dimension and left a trail of Light connecting me to my Faerie self, so that I would not become lost. Down, down I went into the dark lands of the lower Astral.

I could not see too much through my violet cocoon, but I could hear cries of agony all around me. On and on I traveled, following the cries of the distant familiar voice. At last I came to what appeared to be a jail. We no longer had jails in my home, but I had seen pictures of them at our learning post.

On the other side of the jail was a frightened child who was screaming and crying because a big monster was trying to get to her. I entered the jail cell with her and filled it with Violet Light. It took a while for the girl to realize that the Violet Light was around her because she was curled up in a ball with her eyes closed.

Finally she stopped crying to saw that she was enclosed in a violet cocoon and that someone was in the cocoon with her. She looked at me as if she recognized me and said, “Who are you? You don’t feel like a monster. In fact, you feel familiar.”

“Yes, I answered your call because it felt familiar to me as well. Do we know each other?”

“I don’t remember,” answered the child as she stood up and faced me. “Hey, where is the monster? That is a need trick with the purple light. Is that what made the monster go away? Can you teach me how to do that?”

“Hey wait,” I stopped her. “You are asking too many questions. How can I answer them all? No, I can answer them all, but not with words. Would you like to go with me? I have a wonderful reality that I visit all the time.”

“Are you asleep too?’

“No, and neither are you. They just tell you that you are asleep when you are mind traveling so that you won’t forget that you are human now.”

“Yes,” she frowned. “They tell me a lot of things so that I won’t forget that I am human, but I still don’t feel like it. I mean I know that I am a person, but I am not like them. I don’t believe in their world and they don’t believe in mine.”

“Well, I believe in your world and I believe in you. My name is Illia. What is yours?”

“I don’t remember. I know that I have a name down there, but I forget it when I come up here. Worse yet, I often forget who I am up here when I am down there.”

“In my timeline, the adults teach us how to mind travel so that we don’t get so confused.”

“In your timeline?”

“Well, I am not really sure who you are. I will have to ask my teacher. However, I think that you may be a part of me from an earlier time period. I am from 3004 AD. When are you from?’

The child looked confused. “I don’t know. I don’t know what my name is down there, or what time date it is. I only know that I am a kid, and I don’t like being a kid. I also know that I have a lot of scary feelings down there that I can’t talk about. Then when I come up here the feelings turn to monsters, and I can’t get to Faerie.”

“Faerie! That is where I want to take you. Here hold my hand,” I say as I reach out towards her. “I will show you a way there that NO monsters know about. Maybe someone in Faerie knows your name.”

The child happily reached out to take my hand. All of her questions were gone as soon as she knew she was going to Faerie.

“Can you feel me inside you?” I ask the child. I am still in my world because I am a fifth dimensional being and can easily bi-locate. In fact to say that correctly, we are a fifth dimensional being and we can bi-locate. We are two in one and one in two.”

The child looks very confused, but is so happy to leave her cage in the Lower Astral plane that she can barely hear me.

“Can you feel me inside you?” I repeat. “We are two in ONE now.”

“Wow, it is so beautiful here.” Em ignores my as she exclaims, “I NEVER want to leave here.”

“As I show you more and more of my reality, will you share some of your reality with me?”

My question remains unanswered, as I race off after the small child who is excited to be Home once again. Posted by Sue at 1:00 PM


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sharing _▶ Tai Chi 24-form – UNSPEAKABLE NEW REALITY | Vel sanus

sharing _▶ Tai Chi 24-form – UNSPEAKABLE NEW REALITY | Vel sanus.

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sharing _▶ Tai Chi 24-form – UNSPEAKABLE NEW REALITY

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By Ute Posegga-Rudel
Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright © 2012

Dearest friends!

Portals for ascension are already open now. I feel their strong vortex, their suction. If things arrive, which we have created in the past, we might perhaps not be there anymore.

Am I going nuts? What do you think! Just reality changes!

Times are becoming ever more paradoxical and multidimensional. Truths in the familiar way are transformed into new riddles, answers are only found in the creation of things. And this is very subjective.

We already disappear into new realities. The old ones are dissolving. We all are going into these new realities, but each one will be drawn to where their own frequency vibrates.

Now it is time, not to cling to the linear mind. (And not to anything!) This would manifest a pull test, because if we do not swim with the flux, our sanity suffers.

Future does not exist any longer, only the moment of creation, which is ever new, because manifestation is always already now.

Questions can only relate to our integrity, but not to our understanding, because creations speak for themselves, unquestioned, as realities which explain themselves.

Old paradigms vanish, and new ones do not arise, because now only Truth exists, simultaneously on all levels.

Can we live Unity nonetheless?
Yes, in the Heart of all things, in the Heart of the Self, where we experience that every composition is a formation of Unity, Is Love, Consciousness and Bliss.
We are One in this Consciousness, in this Love, and It can only be felt.

Our individuality creates the Many, our Being participates non-divided in everything. Our Love embraces all Things, and we have been transformed into That, Which We Are: undying Beings, unformed, in free flow with the Energy and in the Light of Consciousness.

We have transgressed the threshold! For the first time, since Millions of years (and not since 26.000 years, the cosmic tidal cycle) we have recognized who we are: Free Beings, unlimited by space and time.

We might live in the idea of time, but it is only the phantom of a measure tape, spread over the river’s rushing waters.
And so is space: it does not inclose us, but is forming, eternally moving, transparent bubbles in the illusion of entrapment, which we already recognize as a mere concept. It does not detain us any longer, the attempt to define us is being swept away by the tides of Bliss.

Light is victorious, and with It Love. It has been returned to us, and if we allow to be fluid, and swim in Consciousness, Bright Rising in our heart, we have achieved everything, because we Are It already.

We realize that movement does not exist, but only Being, in Which things happen. We have arrived. Our always already Knowing has been Revealed to us.

With much love,

Copyright© 2012. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel,
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without changes. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.
Posted 2nd October 2012 by YHVH@
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sharing.:::.important _▶ Chinese Kung Fu – Taoist Kung Fu – Huaquan Style Kung Fu – THE ARCTURIANS (21): ASPIRE WHAT YOU NEVER DARED TO DREAM OF! | Vel sanus

sharing.:::.important _▶ Chinese Kung Fu – Taoist Kung Fu – Huaquan Style Kung Fu – THE ARCTURIANS (21): ASPIRE WHAT YOU NEVER DARED TO DREAM OF! | Vel sanus.

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sharing.:::.important _▶ Chinese Kung Fu – Taoist Kung Fu – Huaquan Style Kung Fu – THE ARCTURIANS (21): ASPIRE WHAT YOU NEVER DARED TO DREAM OF!

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Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012

We are the Arcturians!

Dear Ones! 
 Times are accelerating and your growth with them!

 But be aware where you turn your attention to and in which direction you want to evolve and grow!

It is clear that you must practice discrimination! Although the incoming energies are strong and the light is coming from high, you still must determine for yourself in which direction you want to go!

Light carries information, but it is you who decides how to benefit from it. There are people who do not take advantage yet from what is pouring down on your planet. And there are people who evolve rapidly while they use their higher intelligence and devotion to the process to allow the incoming information to bless them to the maximum possible degree.

 In between there are countless variations of how you can make use of what is given to all.

This is so because each one of you is here with different stages of intention, in development of consciousness and the ability of distinctiveness and wise choice.

Your prayers and aspirations, meaning, to be clear yourself about what exactly you want from this ascension process, spiritually and otherwise, is very important!

There are very few who have already truly profound knowledge about the depth of human spirituality, because most of you who have started to participate in the ascension process, have themselves merely educated with information, available in the so called New Age community and similar sources, to learn about and understand the spiritual process. But this understanding often only touches the surface and sometimes even contains misinformation.

Remember also, while you always attract energies and levels of consciousness similar to yourselves, from which you take your next information, that this could mean that you do not develop to a higher state of consciousness because you might merely repeat what you have already accomplished in other incarnations, perhaps even in higher dimensions.

Therefore we recommend that you ask yourself what your heart in this special life isspiritually truly yearning for, and not just to follow the information which is easily everywhere available to you!

We propose that you take your time and listen to your heart, in order to actively and intentionally discover your most genuine desire.

Everything is possible! Do not forget, that you are perhaps one of the beings who have been manipulated since Millenniums not to use the original freedom or your heart to reach out for the seeming impossible!

We would like to inspire you, to allow yourself to remove all thoughts which are spiritually limiting and which are detaining you in a status quo. Aspire what you never dared to dream of! Thereby – to begin with – it is not so much important the degree to which you dream your new world, but the degree to which you open your heart up for higher spiritual realization.

The intent and quality of creation will follow from this realization by itself.

To envision and to create a new world from the status quo you are now living in, without taking into account the degree of spiritual realization your heart truly is desiring, deprives you from authentic growth and the opportunity to use these times of planetary and universal changes to the maximum degree.

Unfortunately most of you had not the chance to enter their deep space of heart to synchronize with their very root to know their most profound purpose. This is so because you have been kept busy with superficial knowledge and distractions to prevent you from being attuned to your own personal source field.

Therefore many of you do not dare to enter their own depth of being to know themselves.

And so we recommend that you use the power of the incoming light to help you at first in your process of entering your own depth of being and not to allow yourselves being led astray by your thinking process, even if it is about structural elements of your evolving body or higher dimensions.

And even in your heart there might be layers upon layers by which you might be driven away and which distract you from going deeper. But this is about penetrating all of them until you reach the bottom to be in contact with your very soul motivation.

It will show you naturally your true spiritual aspiration and will guide you into the right direction to achieve it!

There is no external means, other than the incoming energies which are able to expand your awareness, which can help you to touch your own core. This core is not reached by any external means, which pleases the senses, such as music, smell, candle light and so on, although they can be relaxing. It is only reached in silence, in forgetting your total environment, surrender and letting go of everything your social persona is otherwise identified with.

It is only reached in that moment where you dare to detach yourselves from all concerns, all desires of the body-mind, all events, all people, even your most loved ones. It is a process only you can do and alone, therefore it is like dying of the world. You must be willing to release all identifications with what you think you are or what you consider to define you, you must release all wishful thinking.

This is what we recommend to you, if you wish to be completely true to yourself and your own path. Otherwise you just run with the flow everybody is following. But also this is valuable, if you prefer to do this, because this would be then what you have chosen in this life-time.

But when your heart is still at unrest about your own process in the midst of all the everywhere easily available information, we advise you to follow what we have explained here.

You must know that you can achieve any spiritual goal, any spiritual realization, once you have identified it, nothing is too high, if you are determined and willing to do what it takes. And then you will attract the right means for the realization of that goal.

All of you have now been given an unprecedented chance to accomplish what has not been possible before in a relatively short time.

Ascension into higher dimensions or even spiritual realization of a certain degree does require more than just to be in the company of high energy and higher light.

Realizing the Divine Consciousness that you are, requires you work to do. Although it might be helpful, to exist in a higher density, Spiritual Realization has nothing to do with the level of dimension in which you live, because Divine Consciousness can be realized in any dimension.

Furthermore, distractions from this Realization are everywhere and in any dimension present, but the low density of your dimension provides even an excellent environment to realize the most Supreme.

We bless you so that you may find your true heart’s desire which is ALWAYS about your most individual path towards the Unity of All-That-Is.

We are the Arcturians!

Message conveyed by Ute


Copyright© 2012. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel,
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without any changes. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.
Posted 19th August 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
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Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 8/18/12 ‘The First Ascenders of Humanity’

Turning another page in your history book we come to a very exciting and well worth waiting for chapter in your story. We have come to the point where it is now the time in your story to meet your friends, your family, your guides and your higher selves, those who have been sharing with you their wisdom, their light and their love for many long eons of time. It is time now for the curtain to rise for some of you, not for all of you, as it is not yet your time, but it will be in many cases your time very soon. You will not have too much longer to wait than the others who will get a ‘head start’, if you will, who will be the pioneers of this grand endeavor to bring together in reunion those from the higher dimensional worlds and you of your lower dimensional world.

The time is now upon us where these two worlds will merge, where these two worlds converge into one another. This is the crossroads. This is the next stop on your journey, and it is the stop where some of you will be getting off this ride and will begin a new journey donning a new suit of armor to ride forth into a new day with new challenges, adventures, excitement, fun and learning tools. This is where it has all been heading for many of you, and you have brothers and sisters who will now lead the way by testing the waters of what we have created to allow this merging of yourselves and of your world with those of the higher realms and the worlds that exist here beyond your limits of your site, your sound and your touch, but not beyond the limits of your imagination, and this is the key.

This has been the key to unlock this dimensional door for you, for it is in your minds and in your hearts where theses secret passageways have been hidden. You could not find them by sending out an exploration team with dog sleds or climbing mountains or digging deep beneath the grounds of your Earth into its mysterious corridors. There is only one way, there has always been only one way for you to find the secret passageway to us and that is through love and it is only through love. Love is the key. Love is the frequency that will set you free, that will take you to new places and elevate you to new heights within this universe. It is love that is the secret passageway, the hidden door that has concealed everything you have ever wanted, longed for and dreamed about.

There are many of you who have discovered this key hidden deep within themselves and they are now to use this key and turn the lock on the door that will open up into wonderment, into miracle, into gorgeous splendor and beauty, into magic, into love and light and us, for we are here, for we have also discovered this key hidden deep within ourselves. For some of us it was many eons ago and for others quite recently, as there are those that you may have even known personally in this very lifetime who have, through their experiences and hard lessons, learned just as you have learned and discovered this key inside themselves and used it to unlock the door that has taken them to the other side, this side where we call home.

When you take that big step through this doorway you will be reuniting with some of those that you may have known even from this very lifetime who have gone on ahead of you through what you know as the death experience, but as many of you have already learned, there is no such thing as death. There are only new beginnings, and those that have departed your world merely began a new start, a new life, just as many of you will do, only you will not have to experience this leap through this experience you know as death. We wish to be clear about this, as there are those of you who feel that it is through the death experience that you will break free from the binds of your current reality and this is not necessarily the case, though in some cases there have been and there are those of you who will through the death experience begin your journey anew beyond the cycle of reincarnation. You will begin your journey anew here within the higher realms of this universe and no longer will you have to reincarnate through the physical vessel to learn more lessons in the lower dimensional realms, for you have learned all that you can from these lower worlds and it is time for you to begin new lessons and challenges here within the higher reaches of this multilayered and multidimensional universe.

As we have said, we are you. We, the Galactic Federation of Light, are your families, we are your friends, and many of you are about to find out just what we have meant by this, for as we have hinted to you we are not strangers to you at all. You know us very well, you just do not remember this or have not figured out just who it is we are, but we feel that many of you are starting to imagine a much clearer picture now that you are so close to experiencing a true family reunion.

We would like to say today that for all of you who will be making this journey shortly in the days ahead before many of your brothers and sisters who will also be making this journey, that you will be the ambassadors of your people. You will be the pioneers, the explorers, the first ascenders of humanity in this way, in body, in mind and in spirit. There has been none other of your people who have experienced ascension in this way without first shedding their physical vessel through the death experience. This we wish to make clear, that there will be those of you experiencing ascension in the very near days ahead who will be stepping through the door in body, in whole, not just in spirit. This is one of the grander areas of this entire endeavor, for this type of ascension is extremely rare within the confines of this universe. This type of ascension is not normally achieved or experienced. This is a rare occurrence indeed, and great effort, study, research, planning and creative powers of manifestation have gone into this experience for you and we wish to see you make the best of it.

Enjoy it to its fullest, learn all you can about it, and then we hope for you to share your experience with us and with your fellow brothers and sisters, for it is you and only you who will know just how it feels to experience what you are to experience. It is you and only you who will be able to put into words your experience to describe for others. It is you that will write this book. It is you that will paint this portrait. You are the artisans. You are the writers of this gospel. Your names will go down in history as some of the greatest pioneers of your world and your entire history as a people. You can be proud, for you deserve this moment, your moment, for you have come so far and have led your brothers and sisters into greater forms of consciousness and higher idea and vision. You have led your brothers and sisters to this doorway as well, and you will have the honor of stepping through first and holding the door open for the rest of your human family who will be making this journey as well just steps behind you.

We can barely contain our excitement and anticipation for this glorious and miraculous moment and we say to you to prepare, to ground yourselves, to open up your minds and your hearts, for these are the doorways into our home. We will see you very soon. We are here preparing our home for your arrival.

We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

As channeled through Greg Giles English
Posted 18th August 2012 by Juan Pablo
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sharing.:::.▶ Aikido – Irie Yoshinobu Shihan – 52nd All Japan Aikido Demonstration :::MYTRIA AND MYTRE PART II | Vel sanus

sharing.:::.▶ Aikido – Irie Yoshinobu Shihan – 52nd All Japan Aikido Demonstration :::MYTRIA AND MYTRE PART II | Vel sanus.

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sharing.:::.▶ Aikido – Irie Yoshinobu Shihan – 52nd All Japan Aikido Demonstration :::MYTRIA AND MYTRE PART II

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Jun 24


Pleiadian Perspectives on Ascension
Part III

Doing the Work 



We are Mytria of the Violet Temple of Alcyone and Mytre of the Ashtar Command. We have returned to share more of our story of Pleiadian Ascension. We have decided to share the experience of our ascension with our Earth friends, as you are, also, entering your time of ascension. Hence, as you return to your Multidimensional SELF, you will soon, or already have, met with your Divine Complement. The term Divine Complement is also known as Twin Flame.

The more you return to your fifth dimensional resonance, the less you will feel comfortable in a body of gender. In fact, all forms of polarity will become too constrictive, too low of a resonance, for your ever-expanding consciousness. Therefore, a certain urge may well rise up in you that there is someone that you must meet. You likely do not know who this person is, but you will instantly know your Complement when your eyes first meet. This experience is similar to catching a glimpse at your self in a mirror.



When you contact your Compliment, a chain of events will be initiated over which your ego self will have no control. The mere magnetism of meeting your own Soul in another person’s body can be quite disturbing. If you are not ready for this reunion, you might even push it away. In this case, you may meet at a later time or in another reality.



On the other hand, those who are resonating to the threshold of the fifth dimension will be ready. Consequently, they will willingly change their lives in any way necessary in order to keep this person in their life. However, do not make the mistake that these intense emotions will make for an easy relationship. In fact, a relationship with your Divine Complement is much like a relationship with your self.



Your Divine Complement is the part of your Soul that you had to release to be able to inhabit a third-dimensional body of gender. After that first separation, you each took on myriad other incarnations in both male and female forms. The power of connecting with your Divine Complement is so intense, that Soul’s usually only choose to make this connection if they are approaching ascension. One the other hand, you could choose to ascend first and wait on the fifth dimensional threshold until your Divine Complement also ascends.



Very often, your Divine Complements over-lights you throughout your live, but you will only realize this fact after you have regained your multidimensional consciousness. Connecting with your Complement serves as the precursor to connecting with your higher expressions of self in the mid-fifth dimension and beyond. There are times when Divine Complements meet while both are in the physical plane. Some times they live lives of deep commitment to each other. Other times they come into Oneness to perform a great social contribution.



On the other hand, sometimes they cannot find peace together, as the energy is too intense for their state of consciousness to accept. In this case, they eventually part. The life challenge is considered a “pilot test” in which both of them realize that they are not ready to leave the third dimension. However, there was a moment of connection, which they will continue to always carry in their hearts.



In contrast, there are also lives in which you meet, merge and become ONE within your heart and Soul. However, you are forced to be apart for the sake of a Mission that is even more important than your personal love story. This final example was the case with us. But we are getting ahead of ourselves. Thus, we return our story not too long after we left off…






With Mytre’s injured leg, it took us several days to get back to our home base. Once there, our lives returned to normal, only at a much deeper level, as we had both gone completed transformative initiations. Because we had connected with our Higher Expressions, as well as with our Mother Planet, our connection to each other was even more intimate.



We shared dreams, communicated without talking, found our selves doing similar things, as well as simultaneously thinking similar thing. In other words, we were experiencing a deep commitment and unconditional love for each other. That does not mean that we never argued or had difficult moments. Of course we did. However, those moments were soon over, to be replaced by our usual peace and comfort. Besides, we had something very special to share.



While Mytre’s leg was healing, my stomach was growing. Our dear child was growing within my body, as well as within Mytre’s heart. He often held my stomach and talked to his daughter, he insisted the baby was a girl. When we shared those moments, I was so happy that I thought my heart might burst. However, this happiness was always followed by a moment of dread.



I tried to ignore that feeling, but I knew that there would be change soon, and not just the change of having our baby. The Mother was telling me that she would soon need our assistance. There were some things that She needed us to do for Her. She, too, was ready to expand into Her higher expression of SELF. Unfortunately, the day finally came in which all my feelings were validated.



I was very close to birthing and Mytre’s leg was almost totally healed. It was early in the morning and Mytre had been taking an early morning swim at the nearby lake. I was making our morning meal, when I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. Just a few moments later, Mytre came running towards me as fast as he could, which was very fast. I ran, wobbled towards him, but he waved for me to stop. When he reached me, he was out of breath but managed to say, “What just happened to you? We have to go back to the Village. It is your time soon and you need to be where they can help you.”



I resisted his advice for days. I wanted to have my baby in the home that I loved. However, I knew Mytre was right, I just didn’t know why. After I had had several of these pains, he convinced me that we go to the Temple. We cleaned up our camp, but left it habitable, as we planned to return as soon as it was safe for the baby.

Unfortunately, life had another idea.




Through Suzanne Lie, PhD
Posted 24th June 2012 by YHVH@
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sharing _PLUS:::▶ Complete Yang Style Tai Chi Long Form Applications -RAKHEALLE SPEAKS ON THE OLYMPIC ACTIVATION_ Journey into Gaia/Reconnection with Mytre – CONVERSATION WITH MY SELF -PART I | Vel sanus

sharing _PLUS:::▶ Complete Yang Style Tai Chi Long Form Applications -RAKHEALLE SPEAKS ON THE OLYMPIC ACTIVATION_ Journey into Gaia/Reconnection with Mytre – CONVERSATION WITH MY SELF -PART I | Vel sanus.

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sharing _PLUS:::▶ Complete Yang Style Tai Chi Long Form Applications -RAKHEALLE SPEAKS ON THE OLYMPIC ACTIVATION_ Journey into Gaia/Reconnection with Mytre – CONVERSATION WITH MY SELF -PART I

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I AM Rakhealle. I am choosing this moment now to speak about the Olympic mass activation. The powers that be, the forces of light, are using this mass event to bring forward there presence to a wider audience. This event has been planed for Eon’s and will mark the beginning of the visible paradigm shift you are all longing for.

The location of the Olympic stadium is no accident. The stadium is located in the same spot as the earth’s earth star chakra. This powerful vortex is the area the earth will use to ground its own energy .

This energy point at present is un active. This energy point will be activated and become a love and light vortex. The earth is fast becoming a blue star. This transformation is in alignment with the earths vibration lifting. You are no longer locked into the lower vibrations. The creational potential you are experiencing now is the same vibration as Atlantis.

The mass activation upon you now will unleash a creational power beyond you current limited perceptions. Even those of you who are awake and aware are mostly unaware of your own creational power at present.

Many of you are been called to service and reminded of your souls mission here. Some of you are shying away from this calling. Others of you are answering to this call with enthusiasm and drive. We ask that if you are finding discomfort in your souls calling and feel repealed from your souls mission to go within and ask to be made aware of all which is holding you back. All you feel is valid and if something is stopping you from following your souls chosen path it indicates there is work to be done. This work can only be carried out by you and identifying the problem is the first step to overcoming all that which is preventing you from following your souls chosen path.

As with all divine missions carried out by the forces of light there is a core ground crew for the Olympic activation ceremony. These people know who they are and all is as it should be. An invitation to all light workers to actively participate in this activation has been sent out.

This is your ascension and you home and we encourage active participation from all who feel inspired to join in.

The beings of light assigned to this divine mission are here to assist. Assistance comes with personal responsibility from yourselves. Any and all beings of light here on this mission wish only to see this planet liberated from the fear and suffering that has been imposed upon you. We wish to see you free from the limited belief structures imposed upon you and we wish to see you blossom into the divine beings you are. We know that ascension is an inward process and we wish only to assist you in awakening to this truth.

Behind the scenes much has been accomplished to bring the world to a state were mass awaking can begin. Any and all forces working to hinder your ascension have been removed. An and all energy’s created by lower frequency thought and all lower thought forms are removed on a regular basis. The work that has been carried out on your world in preparation for mass awakening is of a staggering proportion. As you are aware much of this work has gone un noticed by your mainstream media. This is in alignment with the divine plan and when the moment is in perfect order all truth will be readily available to all. Remember that all is as it should be.

Dear ones, the ones who came, all is as it should be and the light is here Now. Enjoy this wonderful experience and offer you wisdom and knowledge to those who have been locked in ignorance. The world is waking up and the knowledge you hold will prove valuable to those who have ascension thrust upon them from what will seem like no where. Remember the manipulation that has plagued this word and assist those who need your light. You will be called upon in a myriad of ways, go with the flow and follow your heart. The universe fully supports you journey on you highest path.

It is with great pride and admiration I bring forward this message now

Namaste, Rakhealle
Posted 27th July 2012 by Juan Pablo
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Journey into Gaia/Reconnection with Mytre – CONVERSATION WITH MY SELF -PART I

Dear Readers, I have missed you. My quest has brought me to areas with no Internet and no phone. It allowed me to go deeper into my SELF, and it made me realize how important it is for me to be able to communicate with the Collective Consciousness that I can FEEL who is reading my messages. Being unable to communicate with you has shown me how grateful I am to have others with whom I can share my process. Thank you for sharing my process.

7-21-12 (The beginning of three days in the Faerie Cabin and my wonderful experiences there.)

Journey into Gaia/Reconnection with Mytre

My physical journey into Gaia and Mytria/Mytre’s Pleiadian Ascension has blurred into ONE now. Therefore, their titles are connected, as well.


Part I Going Deeper

SUZILLE: Dear Mytre, I have heard Mytria’s story about opening the Portal to the Mother’s Womb. Now, I feel like I need to here your story about “mind over matter.” I talked to you last night, and you said that I would see you in a dream. I did not have a very deep sleep and my leg, the one that will teach me how to heal myself, was hurting. I did not forget you, though, and would love to hear from you again.

MYTRE: You did dream of us last night, but your consciousness was too low for you to remember our meeting. You see, dear earthly expression of our Being, you are in conflicted state of mind right now because you know that you need to go deeper into your SELF, in fact, much deeper.

Perhaps you forgot your dream, but first thing this morning you did remember that the Portal you must enter is you own Inner Portal, the Portal of the High Heart. You also remembered that since you were a teenager you ALWAYS wore a pendant around your neck, which just happened to land exactly on your High Heart.

Over the years you wore many different chains and many different pendants, but the pendant always landed exactly on your High Heart. You unconsciously remembered to protect your Portal. Every pendant that you wore reminded you of something special. Hence, it served as “The Guardian of the Threshold.”

You chose a special pendant for this quest, as you knew that something special was to happen. All of your time is free of obligations to others, mundane chores or work. You are now at one of the Volcanoes who (I say “who” not “that,” for Mt Rainier is a Mighty Being) served as a Portal to Inner Earth for the Lamurians.

The Arcturians will join us to share some information about the Pineal Gland and about opening your Portal to the High Heart. You have received/remembered Mytria’s process of entering the Planetary Portal. Now I, a higher expression of your SELF, will assist you to open your Personal Portal. Just as the Planetary Portal is in the Core of the planet, your Personal Portal of your High Heart is in the Core of your physical body.

Just as the Core of the Planet is where Gaia connects with Her SELF, humanity connects with their SELF within their High Heart. To open your Personal Portal you must go much “deeper” into your SELF. You have grounded yourself by putting yourself in one of Gaia’s Volcanic Portals, Mt. Rainier, in a small cabin with no phone, Internet, television or modern conveniences.

You have opened a special file for this process, one which you will likely edit before you send it out. Furthermore, you cannot send it out, as there is no Internet. This has all occurred to free you from your ego, which is NOT you. Your ego is the one who protects YOU. Therefore, thank your ego for its great contribution to your life and put it on guard duty “outside” of this current process. Before we begin, we will call in the Arcturians.

ARCTURIANS: Greetings, we are the Arcturians,
We wish to assist all of you to open the Portal of your High Heart. It is your High Heart, in conjunction with your Pineal Gland, that serves as your personal Stargate through which you can travel the Multiverse.

Just as a bottle of water with at spout at the bottom of the bottle must have a hole at the top in order for the water to drain, your Pineal Gland must be opened in order for your consciousness/Lightbody to flow into your High Heart Portal and into the higher dimensional realities, such as New Earth.

M. In other words, your Pineal Gland is the portal that allows the Multiverse to enter into you. AND, your High Heart is the Portal through which you will enter the Multiverse. Therefore, your Pineal Gland in the door IN to your earth vessel and your High Heart is the door OUT of your earth vessel. Do you understand me so far Suzille?
S. Yes, I do.

Arcturians: The Pineal Gland allows you to transform your higher desire into manifestation via the power of your thoughts. This transformation begins with shifting your thinking from the third dimensional thinking of your ego self to the multidimensional thinking of your Higher Expressions of SELF. Third dimensional thinking stems purely from your brain, whereas multidimensional thinking stems from your Higher Mind.
Your human brain transforms every thought you generate into bio-chemical messages. If your thoughts are based on fear and/or survival they will be transmuted into lower frequency bio-chemical messages. These thoughts will NOT connect you with your Higher Mind, which is in constant contact with your Pineal Gland. The Pineal Gland’s objective is to be the interface between the higher dimensions and the physical realm.
The Pineal Gland is focused on opening the Portal to the Divine so that the higher light and unconditional love can enter into your physical form to facilitate multidimensional thinking, mastery of energy and manifestation via thought waves. Therefore, it will filter-out the lower frequency thoughts and leave them for the Pituitary Gland.
The purpose of the Pituitary Gland is to keep the physical form alive. Therefore, it recognizes all thought that contains any form of fear for survival and dispenses adrenalin throughout the physical body to give it added strength to address the cause of the fear. In other words, the Pituitary Gland is interested in keeping the human alive, whereas the Pineal Gland is interested in transmuting the human body into its true, multidimensional nature.
The Pineal Gland serves as a bridge or Portal between the physical and nonphysical, the human and divine, the brain and the mind. This Portal will not open until the human thoughts begin to generate bio-chemical frequency waves that resonate to the fourth and fifth dimension. There is a protective reason why the Pineal Gland is so selective.
The Pineal Gland also serves as a filter. If you are trapped in negative thinking and have the power to manifest with your thoughts, your life would manifest all your fears. Fortunately, the adrenaline that the Pituitary Gland releases sends a message to the Pineal Gland you have NOT achieved mastery over your emotions, and are having difficulty with the physical reality. Therefore, you are not ready for the next frequency of reality.
This is not a punishment. Instead, it is a form of protection. You would not give a child the keys to your new sports car, nor would you give the power of manifestation to one who cannot master their own fear. There is also another form of protection.
Even if you cannot hear your own sub-conscious thoughts of fear and doubt that underlie your conscious, positive decrees, your Pituitary Gland can hear it. In fact, the Pituitary Gland can hear your subconscious mind even more clearly than it can hear your conscious mind for your unconscious thoughts primarily communicate at a biochemical level.
When these fearful biochemical messages are detected, Pituitary Gland comes to the rescue with adrenalin. The release of adrenalin serves as a Stop Sign to the Pineal saying, “Fearful, not yet ready to manifest.”
M. Thank you very much dear Arcturians. With their message, Suzille, we come now to the Power of Doubt. I, one of your myriad higher expressions of SELF, know that you have been experiencing doubt about the ascension process. Is that correct?
S. Yes, I would have to say that you are correct. It is a very interesting process in that on one level, I guess that would be my higher consciousness I have no doubt at all. However, I think that on an ego level there is still doubt.
M. Suzille, why do you think that is?
S. I think that it is just fear that I am wrong. The part of me that can talk to you and other Beings in the higher dimensions has NO doubt at all. This higher expression of my SELF directs me to live my life within the knowing that in only five months my life will be totally different.
Then there is the other part of me. I guess it is my wounded ego that doubts that anything so wonderful could actually be true. I really do NOT want to manifest that fear.
M. Suzille, do you see how this inner battle is damaging to your body. You have difficulty fully grounding your Light because your mind and body are not on the same track. Your mind, ruled by your SELF, is in the process of ascension.
At the same time, your body, ruled by your ego, has a very different opinion about what is real and what is not real. Your body thinks that only objects of the same density as itself are real.
Do you see how you are representing what is occurring on the body of Gaia right now? Many of Her humans can trust the love and light, but others can only trust that which they can perceive with their five physical senses. Then, there is a huge majority of people in-between.
Some believe much more in the 3D concepts and are trying to accept the messages from their SELF, while others believe the messages from their SELF, and are trying to release the doubts that their ego still holds. You would be in this second category.
S. Yes, I would be in the second category. I am embarrassed to admit that I have doubt after all I have written for so many people to see. However, this doubt is the remainder of my own darkness and likely the core of all my non-loving expressions and behaviors. I think that now these behaviors are mostly brought on by doubt and fatigue. However, the fatigue may be largely due to the constant unconscious battle that occurs inside of me.
M. Yes, Suzille, that ego/doubt as I have come to call it came from me, Mytre, your masculine/scientific expression. This split between your masculine and feminine is a product of the era in which you were born. Up until the time that you became an adult, the male and female expressions of life were very different and quite separate within your psyche.
The separation between the masculine and feminine polarities of your personal self need to be resolved so that you can release the polarities of your planetary self. These polarities still remain in your thoughts.
Your male polarity of logical, sequential, scientific thinking is the cause of your doubt about ascension. On the other hand, your feminine polarity of holistic, imagistic, metaphysical thinking fully embraces your Knowing about ascension. Because you were raised in a reality in which these two types of thinking were incompatible, you need to heal that social message.
Fortunately, the generations after the Baby Boomer have experienced a reality in which the lines between masculine and feminine have merged into a spectrum rather than a polarity. It was the freethinking of many Baby Boomers who allowed their children to live in the in-between of male and female that assisted this process of merging of polarities.
However, the Baby Boomers must now merge that polarity within themselves. Again, each human holds the same polarity issues as the planet. In order to deeply participate in Planetary Ascension, you must all participate in your Personal Ascension. Therefore, the voice of the feminine must be measured as equal to the voice of the masculine.
When the feminine voice was dominant, the Goddess was worshiped and the planet was a sacred Being to be protected and revered. Then, when the masculine voice became dominant, and man set out to “conquer” nature. Many great technologies were invented, but much of the body of Gaia was damaged, or destroyed, in mankind quest for domination.
As each human balances the masculine and feminine energies within themselves, they assist Gaia to heal those polarities within Her earthly body. This personal participation in Planetary Ascension is greatly accelerated when you open the Personal Portal of your High Heart. Your High Heart more easily opened when you are free of “scientific” doubt and/or fear of survival.
This healing of doubt and fear occurs when you:
Love your self unconditionally
Forgive your self unconditionally and
Accept your self unconditionally.
At the same moment of the ONE, you, also, need to open the Portal of your High Heart so that you can fully accept the inflow of Unconditional Love, Forgiveness and Acceptance from the higher frequencies of reality.
M. You do see the problem there, do you not?
S. Yes, I do see the issue. In order to BE who I want to be, I have to act like I am already that person. Is that correct?
M. Congratulations, you are totally correct. AND, in order to act “as if” you love yourself unconditionally, you will have to accept that sometimes you will be successful in this challenge, and at other times you will fail miserably.
That is called “accepting yourself unconditionally.” Therefore, the unconditional acceptance and unconditional forgiveness will actually precedes the unconditional love, which you will need to have in order to forgive and accept yourself unconditionally. Do you understand that?
S. Yes, I understand that I will have to let go of time. Time, and the third dimensional sequence that it creates, makes it impossible to do two “opposite” things at the same time. Hence, I guess we have to “take the risk” that we DO deserve the unconditional love, forgiveness and acceptance, so that we can give it to ourselves.
Perhaps, the most important of the three—love, forgiveness and acceptance—is acceptance. If we accept our self for exactly who we are in any moment, then whether or not we “deserve” it is not an issue.
M. Yes, you are very correct. Please ponder our conversation and return when you have fully integrated this discussion.

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD
Posted 28th July 2012 by YHVH@
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sharing.:::.▶ Complete Yang Style Long Form Applications – Step by Step – THE PERCEPTION OF PERFECTION_MYTRIA #2 OF PART 4 | Vel sanus

sharing.:::.▶ Complete Yang Style Long Form Applications – Step by Step – THE PERCEPTION OF PERFECTION_MYTRIA #2 OF PART 4 | Vel sanus.

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sharing.:::.▶ Complete Yang Style Long Form Applications – Step by Step – THE PERCEPTION OF PERFECTION_MYTRIA #2 OF PART 4

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Babaji: Find Peace in Silence 
 Posted on Sep 11, 2014
by cosmicgaia
in Babaji, Jahn J Kassl
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Channeled by Jahn J Kassl

Translated by Franz

September 6, 2014

Healing due to God’s Grace 

Out of silence God’s voice arises. Harken and you will become aware of it. The silence paves the way for lovingness and leads you directly into the kingdom of peace. And now silence is needed, after the ascending ones have done everything and after everything has been said.


We give silence the space in today’s time of God’s Grace, the space, which it shall claim for it, because too many human Beings spend time in conversations, which spare any necessity. Harken into eternity, harken now into your innermost and recognize God’s silent call, God’s soft voice and the request to follow me.

The Grief

Before you inherit the kingdom of peace you encounter the silence. As soon as you have become calm and silent on the inside, once again the unresolved fears appear, which need to be released into the Light.

And besides different anxieties, which you become aware of in silence, grief appears. The grief is a dominant sensation, a determining feeling, wherefrom many ascending ones were captured. Grief about the conditions in this world, grief about the many past companions along the way and the dividing lines, which stretch across your families. And grief about leaving this world. Redeem this grief, whereby you accept it and live it up, whereby you feel it and sense the full pain, which can inhabit it.

The Lovingness

Direct your attention fully toward it, so that lovingness, which follows grief, may settle in you.

Lovingness and compassion toward all Life are determining attributes of an ascending one. After the tears of grief have been shed great understanding arises, lovingness and compassion appear. Qualities, which redound to any ascending one’s honor and this is a worthy adornment wherewith you enter into Heaven.

Your compassion, your lovingness forms the foundation, wherefrom the kingdom of peace develops. And in its first steps the silence leads the path toward it; only then can lovingness and compassion follow, because silence reveals profound insights and opens the heart for the Light.

Now end any unrest, do not speak any unnecessary words. Spend the days in deep inner contemplation, no matter what you do and where you are.

The inner silence paves the way for any insight. Meaningless conversations or unnecessary words break the vibration of this sacred space. God reveals himself in you and in silence; a busy spirit is a hindrance for it. The path of human Beings, who return to the Source, is, the louder it gets in this world, shaped by inner silence, whereby every human Being reaches the eternal kingdom of peace. Now become aware of your own status and begin to fill your daily life and every moment of your life with silence, in order to return into the kingdom of peace of all Life.

No words whatsoever are needed anymore, because the whisper from Eternity fulfills everything, uplifts everything and perfects you.


Through me and in me you find perfection. Fully put your trust in me and attain eternal Life ? come.


These healings were affected by BABAJI during the Light Reading on 8/22/2014,and are possible at any time for every human Being, who decides for it from the depth of his heart.


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Once I settled into living in the NOW, my consciousness began to completely alter. I was aware that I had not attempted to enter the Portal on the Sacred Rock, but I had no concerns about that. I knew that when it was the NOW to open the portal, I would do so without forethought. I was aware that I was in the process of expanding my resonance. When I entered the Portal before, it was opened for me, and I literally fell through it. I knew instinctively that to open the Portal myself would be a different matter.

As my consciousness expanded, I became increasingly aware of the Land and of my own Spirit. As I became more aware of my own Spirit, I became aware of the Spirit of the Land. Then, before I knew it, I was in Unity Consciousness with every rock, plant, tree, animal, bird, the sky and the weather. When I awoke I knew exactly what to wear and exactly which tasks would best suit the weather.

Our weather had become quite erratic in the last ten years since we knew it was time for us to ascend. Now that I was becoming ONE with the land and sky, I could understand why. As I became more and more connected with my environment, I could see how my every thought and emotion influenced it. For example, one day I awoke to see a clear sky. For some unknown reason I thought, “Oh how lovely. I hope it doesn’t rain today.”

Instantly, the sky began to cloud up. To make sure that I did not create the clouds I said, in a very love way, “Thank you for your beautiful clear sky.” Instantly, the clouds disappeared and the entire day was sunny and clear. I was only one person, but I had expanded my consciousness to hold the power of many. Then, I understood why the weather around the Village had become so erratic.

Many of the people there were happy and excited about the possibility of their ascension. However, at the same time they were frightened thatthey would not be able to ascend. This collective uncertainty about their fate gave the Weather Deva and her myriad Elementals many confusing messages. I had learned in the Temple that there are fourth dimensional sentient beings that serve to bring the thoughts and emotions of Planetary Keepers into reality.

In our case, the Planetary Keepers were humanoid, but in other worlds the Planetary Keepers were of other species. However, it was the thoughts and emotions, the energy field, of the Keepers that directed the Elementals, and their Higher Expressions of Devas, to bring into manifestation the energy field of the Keepers.

I had learned from my time on the Land that in order to ascend into the fourth and/or fifth dimensions, we would need to learn mastery of our energy field. Our people had lived in strife and battle for so long that it was difficult for them to release the sense of victimization and the lack of power that came with that state of mind. I know that I had struggled greatly with my feelings of being a victim to the loss of my beloved Mytre.

Fortunately, now that I had returned to the Mother, I was beginning to understand exactly why our separation needed to occur. We had to be apart in order to be fully focused on the transmutation of our consciousness. But, I had to wait until Alycia was old enough to be cared for by our friends in the Temple before I, too, could go off on my own.

I realized that there were many women in the Village who could not leave their children and go off into the wilderness as I had. However, each of us had different destinies, and some of these men and women had the destiny of guiding and protecting the children. Furthermore, the children who had been born since our Ascension Process had begun were often much more evolved than their parents. This was the case with Alycia.

With only my self to think of and care for, I was able to greatly escalate the expansion of my consciousness. It was when I realized how my energy field affected the weather that I knew I was ready to open the Portal. However, I would patiently wait, I was finally learning patience, until the NOW in which I found myself standing before the Sacred Rock.

In the meantime, I went about my daily life, monitoring my every thought and emotion in order to remain in the NOW of the ONE and Unity with All Life. During each passing day, I came to more fully understand why everything that had happened to me was a component of the fulfillment of my Mission.

I remembered the connection that I had with the Mother before I had become a Mother myself and understood how I could more deeply merge with the Great Mother because of that experience. I could also see how being a Father had assisted Mytre in the same manner. I was beginning to realize that ALL is Perfect within the ONE. It is only the fearful reactions of our lower nature that denied us the perception of perfection.

The Sacred Rock was beginning to call me. My expanded consciousness had taught me that patience was the key to balancing my energy field. Whenever I fell into a desire, I was pulled out of the NOW and into a “time” in which I was lacking and needed more. While in the NOW, there was no lack, for I was in the Flow of Divine Manifestation of my every need. In fact, many of these manifestations occurred even before my brain was aware they were necessary.

With this realization, I became aware of my Spirit Essence that was an expression of my self in a higher frequency of reality. A “higher frequency of reality” was a new concept to me. In the Temple we learned about Spirit Guides and Angels, but no one had considered that these Beings could be higher expressions of our humanoid form.

At first, it was quite difficult for me to break away from the traditions in which I had been raised and had learned in my spiritual teachings. However, while in the NOW, all doubt was impossible. By that I meant that at the second that I allowed doubt to enter my consciousness, I fell out of the NOW and into my mundane consciousness. This experience was like falling from a high, warm cliff into a cold, muggy pond.

After the first few “fallouts,” actually it took many, for me realize that doubt was the reason for my immediate decline into an old way of life. When I had the fallouts, I usually felt angry, depressed and anxious for days or even weeks. Then, gradually, I learned to forgive my self for my distrust of Spirit, which was actually the higher expression of my SELF.

Eventually, I released that most of my habit of doubting was because I was afraid that my happiness was “too good to be true.” That habit came from the remnants of my being a victim. After all, a victim is a martyr who can never be healed. I had already spent too many years of my life suffering in that manner and was ready to change my mind in order to change my habits.

As I remembered to forgive myself for falling out of my expanded consciousness, I could remain in that state of mind much longer. Now it was fatigue that caused me to fall out of my higher consciousness. Therefore, I learned to keep track of the needs of my physical body. Did I need to feed it? Did it need to rest? I discovered that if I were hungry or tired that it was far more difficult to be the Master of my energy.

Finally, the day came when I knew it was the NOW to open the Portal.

Through Suzanne Lie,PhD
Posted 17th July 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
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