Equipoise: LIVING IN-BETWEEN:::▶ Entrapment of Radial Nerve Wartenberg’s Syndrome – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim – YouTube

Equipoise: LIVING IN-BETWEEN:::▶ Entrapment of Radial Nerve Wartenberg’s Syndrome – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim – YouTube.

Friday, April 4, 2014

LIVING IN-BETWEEN:::▶ Entrapment of Radial Nerve Wartenberg’s Syndrome – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim – YouTube

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As you travel back and forth between the fifth and the third dimension, you find that you are actually living in-between these two worlds. Your consciousness now resonates to the fifth dimension while your earth vessel remains physical.
Because of your inter-dimensional travels, you feel vast changes within you that you cannot understand. You are having trouble remaining fully consciousness in the third dimension, but you cannot stay focused in the fifth dimension either. Sometimes your sleep is more work than your third dimensional life, as you are visiting and living in more parallel realities than you can count.
You often awaken with messages that you can’t quit remember, but their feeling leaves you with a sense of peace and gratitude. On the other hand, fatigue haunts most of your waking life, as the third dimension seems too heavy and slow for your everexpanding consciousness. You are not fully ascended, yet you are no longer “just human.”
More and more you are thinking fifth dimensionally, which leave your third dimensional thoughts limiting and sluggish in your mind. Now that you are on the threshold of your new reality, you feel more love for our physical life than you ever have before. Third dimensional illusions are dropping away, yet the physical world still continues. However, now it is more naked to your perceptions, as are becoming your SELF in your daily life. You have greatly released your fear and substituted it with love of life and gratitude. Yet, judgment and impatience still haunt you. These old habits are an issue because judging another denies you the Unity of the ONE and impatience denies you the NOW.

Dear ones, we wish to remind you that you have waited, lived, died, suffered and loved for millennia to experience this moment. Therefore, it is best to enjoy every second of it while you still live on physical Earth. Focus your intention on the enjoying your time on the third dimension, as it is will slowly warping into the NOW. As you remember to live in Unity with all life, your consciousness becomes more and more firmly implanted into the fifth dimension. Then, instead of living in the third dimension and visiting the fifth, you will be living in the fifth dimension and visiting the third.

Surprisingly, your fifth dimensional life will not change that much. What Hill change will be your reactions because you will experience life from higher and higher perspectives. Just as there are many octaves of the fourth dimension, there are, also, many levels of the fifth. At first, you will likely visit the Threshold of the fifth dimension where you will still hold form and continue life much as you did in the third. However, you will be free of all that has separated you from your SELF, and hence, separates you from the ONE.

Then, as you slowly adapt to the fifth dimension, you will be less and less attached to form and other third dimensional expressions of your being, such as “work.” First, many of you will be inclined to assist your fellow humans who are still trapped in the myth of the physical plane. As you remember the special gifts that you have honed over your many physical incarnations, you will want to use them to assist both people and planet with the ongoing process of ascension. This process has begun and will escalate with your every breath.

We look forward to guiding, assisting and joining you in the process. In fact, we the will soon return to travel to our ascended planet of Zantarius and fifth dimensional Earth. In the meantime, enjoy living in-between and remember that WE ARE ALWAYS WITH YOU.

From Journey through the Arcturian Corridor iii
Posted 3rd January 2012 by Juan Pablo
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Hello again, we’re always hereYour smile we see and whisper hear

When you recall that love’s the keyYou’ll know you are forever free

As the smile upon your face expandsYou’ll travel off to distant lands

These lands you’ll find are glowingWith love that they are showing

This love has formed the long, long wayThat you have traveled to this day

You’ve come so far from where you startedThat, now, the road of life has partedSince you have a choice of where to go

We remind you now to find the FlowThe flowing path holds no resistance

But to stay that course, you need persistenceYou must maintain your daily quest

While you also go inside to restInside your SELF you’ll find the means

To see the Way that flows and sheensWithin your SELF there is a center

Which shows the Flow that you can enterThis Center Flow is calm and still

But demands that you release your willThe human will which brought you here

Is marred with grief and filled with fearThe Center Flow can heal that state

Since it has no time, it’s not too lateThe NOW within the Center Flow

Leads to the Truth you forgot you knowThis Truth you know down deep inside

Behind your anger and your prideTells you NOW that you are HERE

You’re filled with love and free of fearThe Truth you learn inside the Flow

Says there is no “place” you need to goOnce you regain your inner sight

There is only beauty, love and lightYour inner sight and hearing too

Will lead you towards what you will doAs you maintain your quest inside

The SELF you find, you will not hideYou know this SELF is who you are

You’re made of light, just like a starYou are the Earth, the Moon, the Sun

You’re everywhere and everyoneThere’s only HERE and only NOW

You live the life that you allowYou are creator of each day

You are the path, you are the wayNo longer can you hide this knowing

So embrace the Truth your SELF is showingYou are the SELF that you feel near

You are the LOVE that healed your fearThe path you’ve chosen has led you HERE

To a life that filled with love and cheerYou remember now, that what you’re seeing

Is another octave of your true Being

You know that you are everywhereAnd all reality is yours to share

The Arcturians

From Journey through the Arcturian Corridor iii
Posted 3rd January 2012 by Juan Pablo

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Equipoise: ▶ SEXY Bikini Butt Lift Workout from Home!!! HOT! Part 1 – Transmutation of Life – Living In-Between ::: Sharing…

Equipoise: ▶ SEXY Bikini Butt Lift Workout from Home!!! HOT! Part 1 – Transmutation of Life – Living In-Between ::: Sharing….

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

▶ SEXY Bikini Butt Lift Workout from Home!!! HOT! Part 1 – Transmutation of Life – Living In-Between ::: Sharing…

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Friday, June 20, 2014 

Transmutation of Life – Living In-Between
Transmutation of Life

Living In-Between

The next morning we awoke to a gorgeous day. Lantern had let us sleep in, as he knew we needed it. Sandy and I had thought we were going on a year-long vacation and gradually getting to know the elementals so that we could help them. However, it turned out that we were on a crash coarse in which we were the ones asking for help.

All along we had only considered that we could get assistance from the Galactics in the higher dimensions. We have discovered that the planet itself is our best friend. For many generations we were taught that the planet was a place to plunder and do with as we pleased.

We were taught that humanity was the master of our world. However, even the smallest bird would not spoil their nest, whereas humanity has reputedly placed their entire planet to the verge of existence. Gaia needed to leave the third dimensional frequency because it was becoming increasingly difficult for Her to keep Her planet inhabitable.

Fortunately, Gaia has completed the dark age of the Kali Yuga and was now in alignment with the Galactic Center. This alignment with the higher frequencies of galactic light is expanding our consciousness and thus our perceptions. Through these higher perceptions we are able to perceive the fifth dimensional elementals.

Since our encounters with and assistance from the elementals of ether, earth, air and water Sandy and I would never look at our world in the same way. I am forever grateful to the air and water elementals, the Sylphs and Undine, for leading me to Sandy.

I am sure that Lantern could have helped me, as he did manifest a boat to rescue her. However, I did not even know Sandy was in trouble. I thought she was basking on some warm rock like Mytria and Mytre loved to do.

Then, right when I was starting to get concerned, I felt a message enter my consciousness was my own thought. I tuned into Sandy’s signature frequency and realized that she becoming increasingly frightened about something. I had the feeling that I should look up into the sky, and I saw a parting in the clouds. I instinctively knew that I should follow that path.

I was just thinking how far away the end of the cloud path was when I heard Lantern call me. I watched as he manifested a small rowboat, which I ran toward and jumped into. “Follow the trail in the sky,” I said to Lantern. Once we were in the water, the undines also created a trail in the water to follow. As soon as I saw Sandy, I jumped into lake to meet her.

When we got back to the shore by our camping site Sandy and I hugged each other and thanked the elementals, again! After a wonderful evening and night by the lake, we went back into our tent and instantly fell asleep.

The next morning I received an Arcturian message while I was semi-awake. I was in a state of consciousness in-between being awake and asleep when I received a direct communication from the Arcturian. When I almost woke up, I lost connection with the message, so I surrendered back into direct communication, and I almost fell asleep.

When I fully awoke, I quietly got my notebook and pen that I always carry and left the tent to try to receive the message by writing. I have found that if I, or Sandy, do not write or type the message while I am receiving it, I will forget most of it. I closed my eyes and focused inside to return to that “in-between” place. When I felt myself in that state of consciousness, I placed the pen on the paper so that I could take dictation.

“Our Dearest One,” began the Arcturian message, the in-between frequency of consciousness that you are experiencing is becoming your primary state of resonance. You still hold a physical form, but the connection to your Multidimensional SELF and multidimensional consciousness is becoming more and more secure. You have successfully held that frequency for all of your encounters with your higher expressions of SELF.

“We, the Arcturians, are now teaching you not to become attached to just the messages but, also, to that frequency of consciousness you are in when you receive that message. In other words, we are here to assist you to raise your baseline frequency from the third-dimensional frequency that you have known during your physical incarnations to the new baseline frequency of ascending Gaia.

“The message we sent you in the tent was about calibrating your primary attention to this new baseline frequency. While resonating to this new baseline consciousness you can more easily communicate with us on a regular basis. Now that you have returned from the realms of sleep, but before you have experienced any 3D stressors, we ask you return to that in-between frequency. In this state of consciousness it is easier for you to ‘take dictation,’ as we repeat our former message. Please adjust your consciousness NOW.”

I closed my eyes to shut out the physical world around me and took a long breath. I found that I easily slipped into that in-between state, because everyone else was still asleep. The early morning has always been my favorite time of the day as I can be in both worlds, at least while my eyes were closed.

However, once I open my eyes, my attention turns out to the 3D world rather than in to the higher worlds. For that reason, I wrote the Arcturian message with my eyes half-closed. I imagined that I was lying in the tent again to fool my consciousness into thinking that I was in that same semi-awake state.

It was then that I remembered a mediation I had a few days before in which I saw/felt an Arcturian face directly in from of my Third Eye. At first I only saw/felt a sparking light take on a vaguely human face with a swirling third eye. I was riveted and looked directly into the Arcturian face until I felt a deep connection between us.

The first time this happened, and again now, I could feel a direct download from the Arcturian’s face into my being. This feeling rushed throughout my entire body, which became very hot and tingly. The tingles felt almost as though the atoms of my body were expanding, and I was floating outside of my body while still remaining inside my form.

It then became very clear that I was no longer limited to my human form. For a brief moment I felt the Arcturian ME as my primary SELF. When I felt my consciousness begin to lower I looked back at the face to get another blast of the Arcturian energy.

As I wrote down the experience, which I had totally forgotten, I realized that I was being trained to realize that I had entered a new frequency of consciousness. I remembered that I had often visited the frequency while in meditation, but now I was being guided to always live within this next octave of resonance.

My challenge was to remain in that frequency of consciousness with my eyes open. Once my eyes opened I saw all the “habit markers” that made me fixate only on the physical world. In fact, even writing my experience was turning my attention outwards.

I took a long breath to relax into the state of consciousness that I was in when I was just waking up and beginning to receive the Arcturian’s message. But I was having difficulty remembering how that frequency of consciousness felt and opened my eyes in frustration. Instantly, my consciousness lowered into my “3D operating system.” I quickly closed my eyes again and visualized the Arcturian face before me.

Another flow of higher energy entered me, and I was able to continue with this type of ‘dictation.’ I then received that I was being trained to receive and document inter-dimensional messages while maintaining this higher frequency of baseline consciousness. While resonating to this “in-between” consciousness I could be in both worlds at once.

Therefore, I could receive information that was far beyond my physical brain’s capacity to understand. I took another long breath to recalibrate to this higher frequency of consciousness and could feel my Multidimensional Mind above my physical brain sending down streaks of light to connect with my third dimensional thinking.

I had to stop writing a moment to experience the novel experience of consciously getting information from my Multidimensional Mind. It felt as if there was a multidimensional library above my physical head to which I was becoming increasingly connected. I realized that when this connection was complete, I would experience more than one dimension of reality.

This state of consciousness accessed a higher mental operating system, which was too difficult for my physical brain to remember. While I was in-between my higher self and my physical state, I could connect with my Multidimensional Mind. Once connected with my Multidimensional Mind I could allow the higher information to flow through my physical brain and into my body.

It appeared that my earth vessel was more evolved than my human brain, as my body is an animal that is free of ego. My physical brain is connected to my ego because it is ego’s job to assist me to integrate with humanity. Thus, my ego told me to ignore anything that distracted me from my 3D work.

Suddenly, I had a vision of myself on Venus before I took my first physical incarnation during the fall of Atlantis. I took a long moment to enjoy the feeling of my beloved Venusian home. I felt Sanat Kumara around our entire group while he instructed us how to best assist Gaia.

While still on Venus, Sanat Kumara told us that it would be too difficult to be connected to our Multidimensional Mind because if Earth survived, it would enter the long dark night of the Kali Yuga. As our consciousness steadily fell to the lower resonance of Gaia’s wounded Earth, our Multidimensional Mind would remain with our fifth dimensional resonance. We would likely retain that third-dimensional human consciousness until we could no longer connect with the portal to our Multidimensional SELF.

I slipped into my 3D consciousness because the memory of the Kali Yuga diminished my resonance. Thus, I focused my attention once again on the Arcturian face before my Third Eye. I was not sure what this face would connect me to, but the feeling was wonderful and my consciousness steadily expanded.

I was wondering if I could re-connect me with my Multidimensional Mind, when I began to feel my body, not my brain, connecting to my Multidimensional Mind, as well as to my Multidimensional SELF.

Interestingly, the body that I had maligned for my entire life was leading me back to an expanded connection with my SELF. While I took long breaths to reconnect with the higher base-line frequency, I was told that I would not have the euphoria this time, so that I could allow this feeling to become “normal.”

My emotions and sensate body had been on a roller coaster lately. In this new, expanded state of consciousness I understood that as my outer world changed more and more each day, I was beginning to feel a new world within me, rather than around me. This new world was a frequency within me that I was meant to project out into my daily life.

I was to project this energy out into my daily life in the same manner as the Arcturian face projected Its energy into me. What if I could feel this way all the time? What if I could live my life in this state of consciousness? I then realized that if I directly reconnected with the starry face to align my consciousness with this new frequency that the energy of the Arcturian face could answer these questions. It was then that I realized that I had visited this energy/consciousness before.

“Yes, but when your human expression visited this frequency before, it experienced a ‘roller coaster ride,’” said the Arcturian face. “This ride was your human consciousness trying to calibrate to your inner multidimensional consciousness. We are NOW communicating directly your Multidimensional SELF who has merged with your physical expression in order to assist Gaia.

“Your higher expressions of my SELF are among those who volunteered to merge with their third-dimensional expression and slowly expand the range of the energy package that they shared with their incarnated, physical expression. Do you remember how you have felt us, your higher expression, above or before you your entire life?”

I took a moment to preview my life and quickly realized that I had always felt this energy above or around me. However, I never thought of this wonderful feeling as being within me.

“You never thought of us as within you because your world taught you that that would be ‘conceited’ or even ‘blasphemous.’ We have come to you NOW to assist you to remember that we are within you. Furthermore, just as we, your higher expression of SELF is within you; Gaia’s higher expression of New Earth is also within you.

“New Earth is not a place, it is a frequency that you will find inside of your own earth vessel. Actually, your inner connection with your own Multidimensional SELF transports your awareness to New Earth, which is also inside of you. You can only perceive your vast inner reality when YOU take charge of the ego rather than allowing your ego to take charge of you.

“You are very familiar with what we are saying, as lately you have been shifting from the frequency of your ego to the ever-expanding frequency of your Multidimensional SELF many times a day. Is that not correct?’”

“Yes, yes,” I said in agreement.

“When you feel your SELF, a calm euphoria fills you. Then, suddenly, something must be DONE in the physical world and your consciousness crashes back into the third/fourth dimension.”

“Yes,” I agreed again.

We will now guide you in a meditation to intimately experience our message:

“Our Arcturian face is not actually a face. It is a portal into the higher frequency of your SELF…
· Close your eyes now and feel your two worlds, the inner and the outer, as they connect and combine.

As your two worlds merge into ONE, allow your outer physical self to merge with your inner Multidimensional SELF.
How does that merging feel?
Stabilize that feeling.
Slowly open your eyes to see the outer, physical reality through the perception of your inner, Multidimensional SELF.

“Our Arcturian face is also the entrance of our Arcturian Corridor. While in the consciousness of your Multidimensional SELF…

Feel the energy of our face/corridor before you.
Take a deep inhale to breathe our corridor into you.
Now, exhale into our corridor to integrate your self into our corridor.
Breathe in to enter our Arcturian corridor.
Breathe out become our Arcturian corridor.

“Within the corridor, which is within you, you feel the consciousness of infinite other beings. There is no hierarchical arrangement. Thus, a mosquito is of the same importance as a human king. Every thing and every one is pure energy that has chosen a certain physical form to express their consciousness on third-dimensional Earth.

“From within the corridor you understand that third-dimensional Earth is a holographic projection that has been experienced as ‘real’ for so many eons that life has become trapped in that illusion of reality. However, the 3D illusions are now collapsing to be revealed as the lowest frequency of a vast spectrum of life on planet Earth.

Earth is not a planet where you go, it is a planet that you ARE.

“As we close this transmission within your NOW, we wish you to focus on our face, the signature frequency of our Arcturian Corridor, and remember that your life is changing because YOU are changing. The illusions of your physical reality are fading because your consciousness, as well as your perception, is becoming increasingly multidimensional.

“Your ego self is afraid because your human brain cannot compute all that you are experiencing. In other words, you are in the midst of transmuting back to your Multidimensional SELF. That SELF has always been within your personal earth vessel in the form of your sleeping Lightbody.

As you stand at the entrance of the Corridor, you ARE the Corridor and you ARE your Lightbody returning Home to your true, Multidimensional SELF.”