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Sunday, June 9, 2019

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▶ Anatomy Of The Adductor Magnus Muscle – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim – YouTube

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

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Monday, February 19, 2018

Make Friends With Your SELF


Make FRIENDS with your SELF

In fact, make FRIENDS with ALL your SELVES

The Arcturians Through Suzanne Lie

How often do you remember to take a LONG moment to make friends with your many, Multidimensional Friends who, by the way, ALL live within YOU! You, the earth/bound Ones, often think of your Multidimensional “SELF” as being “above you.”

However, in reality, you have many expressions of your Multidimensional SELF that live “within you.” However, since it appears to your Human/Self that you only have one body, you may tend to also put that limitation onto your Multidimensional/SELF.

Please remember that your Multidimensional SELF serves as the “Collective Self” of all the incarnations you have had on Gaia, as well as Venus, Mars, and any planets or stars within your present Solar System that you have visited.

We say, “your present Solar System,” because you have lived, and DO live, simultaneously, in more than one reality, or dimension. In this manner, you can participate in more than one reality within the same NOW of the ONE.

This NOW of the “ONE” of which we speak is the fifth dimension and beyond. In these higher frequencies of the fifth dimension and beyond, you have the ability to experience many different realities within the same NOW. This inter-dimensional merging awaits us all as we begin to perceive the threshold into the fifth dimensional frequency of reality.

What we think we are realizing (I say “we think,” because, when we get to the “Entrance to the Threshold of the Fifth Dimension,” we may feel confused, inspired, tired and can’t sleep.

What we are saying is that “concepts based on third/fourth dimensional thinking, and un-resolved issues that are still limiting your aura to resonate to the third/fourth dimension.

of because the fifth dimension is not bound by time, space and/or the illusion of separation, that dimension of reality affords you the ability to experience more than one reality within the same NOW of that fifth dimensional HERE.

You, the ascending members of Gaia’s Ascending Earth, are standing on the edge, but you may not be sure what “edge” we are standing on. As you move through your transmutation process, you may feel and/or know things, that you never felt or knew before. Therefore, these new realities may not make sense to you, “YET.”

You may feel this expanding change above you, around you, inside us, and deep within the Core of Gaia. Nonetheless, many of you are forming Multidimensional, Galactic Consortiums. In fact, the higher expressions of your Multidimensional SELVES are already members of this “Galactic Consortium.”

What is a “consortium via your Dictionary?”


A combination of organizations that are formed for a common purpose

Right to marital company and affection

(dictionary meaning)

Within your own consciousness you have a “consortium” of all the many expressions of your Multidimensional SELF remembering your innate ability to organize all that you have experienced, learned and remembered from your many incarnations on Gaia. Do you realize that all that you have done for Gaia was because of your bonding with, and affection for, your planetary home.

Of course, there are many of you who have not been able—yet—to perceive your third dimensional life from the viewpoint of your Multidimensional SELF. Also, many of you have been trained by your third dimensional life that having affection for, and deeply supporting your self, is “conceited,” or even impossible.

Therefore, we wish to remind you of the great affection and support that your Higher SELF is constantly sending to you from the NOW of the fifth dimension and beyond. “A right to marital company and affection” eludes many grounded ones, as life in the third dimension can be very difficult.

We wish to remind you that your own higher expressions of SELF is continually sending you deep support, constant affection, and continuous assistance. However, we do realize that it can be difficult for you to integrate your relationship with your Higher Dimensional SELF into your daily life.

However, if you can dedicate yourself to put aside special time to commune with your Higher SELF and/or Spiritual Guides, you will realize that they are constantly sending you Unconditional Love and daily support.

It is this daily, and/or frequent interaction with your own Higher SELF that will lead you to remember your “Reason for Embodiment” within this NOW. Once you remember your “reason for embodiment,” is important for you to remember to focus on the promise that you made before you took this embodiment.

As you remember this promise, which is your Mission, your consciousness will greatly expand, and you will begin to recall other incarnations in which you prepared for the manner in which you would assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension.

Remembering, and performing, the mission that you chose before you took this incarnation will continually awaken you to a deeper and more fully conscious relationship with your own Multidimensional SELF.

Once you have remembered and returned to this relationship, you will no longer feel alone. Slowly, or quickly, you will remember your fifth dimensional realities on your Starship and/or your Home World. These memories will expand your consciousness, as well as your sense of SELF, to include the YOU that is your fifth dimensional SELF.

Then, your experience of “reality” will greatly expand because you will begin to perceive your physical reality from a fifth dimensional perspective. Perceiving your third/fourth dimensional realities from the perspective of your fifth dimensional SELF allows you to stay detached from the fears and dramas of your third dimensional reality, who is having many “growing pains.”

Only the humans who have expanded their consciousness will be able to see the big picture of what is now occurring on your planet. In fact, third dimensional reality can make it difficult for our grounded ones to remember their true Multidimensional SELF.

However, if you can perceive the third dimension from the perspective of your fifth dimensional SELF, you will be able to differentiates the illusions from the truths. This ability will make your journey through Gaia’s long, slow process of returning to Her fifth dimensional express, much easier, and even enjoyable.

Once you are aware of the big picture, the lies and illusion can be more easily identified and transmuted or released. In order to transmute an illusion, remember to say” “Blaze, Blaze, Blaze the Violet Fire transmuting all shadow into Light, Light, Light!!”

The above mantra is very helpful because it will allow you to feel how your own inner power of transmutation can change any situation that seems overwhelming or too difficult to confront. Of course, NOT confronting a difficulty will only allow that problem to become larger and increasingly difficult to deal with.

The Violet Fire encases that problem, which allows you the ability to rise above it by transmuting your sense of fear—shadow—into the Higher Light of your own inner power. It is in this manner that you protect your 3D self and address any uncomfortable or frightening issues with your 5D SELF.

Please remember that you ALL, even those who seem to be totally lost to the darkness, have a fifth dimensional expression of your self, because you are ALL Multidimensional Beings. Some of your have forgotten your reality in the higher dimensions. Therefore, you can more easily become lost in the fears and insecurities of your daily life in the physical plane.

However, if you can remember that you ALL have a simultaneous reality in the planes of the fifth dimension and beyond, that is willing and ready to give you the higher perspective of what may appear to be an impossible challenge to your third dimensional self.

If you can remember that you came to Gaia to assist Her with Her Planetary Ascension, you will be able to confront your physical challenges of daily life as part of what you signed up for in order to assist in the transmutation of an entire planet.

How will transmutation (change, change of one element into another, conversion to gold) be a component of ascension. Transmutation is the shift into a higher frequency of reality.

Even in the physical world, calling on the power of transmutation is a message to your self that you are ready to make the cosmic leap into the higher dimensions. Of course, it is much easier to have a quick visit to a higher dimensional sense of your thoughts, of your body and of your consciousness.

Transmutation also allows you to imagine that you are in the fifth dimension. Then, once you can imagine your fifth dimensional SELF, you will look around to try to use your imagination to expand your perceptions to include the fifth dimensional expressions of your reality.

I have started a Mantra that I was told inside to say it again and again and again…

I AM the Master of my MIND
The Mentor of my body

I was surprised that the word “mentor” came in, so back to the 3D library I went. “Mentor means: Counselor, Guide, Tutor, Teacher, Guru, Supporter”

An important part of the Transmutation of your 3D human self into your 5D Higher SELF is that you live within the responsibility of being your own Mentor, your own Counselor, your own Guide, Your own Tutor, Your own Teacher, and most important of all, Your own Multidimensional SELF.

It is the NOW that those who unselfishly give “Service to Others—Others includes Gaia, so “Service to Gaia.” If you think in terms of “Service to Gaia” you have made a “quantum leap” in your consciousness.

Whenever you can perceive that ALL life is alive, and ALL life is a component of Gaia’s Earth, you have just made your first step into the fifth dimensional frequencies of reality. Unfortunately, as you go about your daily 3D life and 4D emotions, you can easily “fall out” of balance with your fifth dimensional path, and/or fall back into the Operating System of the third and/or fourth dimensions.

Now THIS is when it is a great NOW to remember that YOU are a Multidimensional Being who came to Gaia to assist with Planetary Ascension. Often the grounded ones, forget their deepest Mission because their daily life no longer affords them the ability to go deep within and high above their 3D life to visit their true SELF.

It is when they shift their Perception of Reality, AWAY from their third dimensional perceptions and into their fourth and/or fifth dimensional perceptions of reality. Then questions such as:





You can see that there is NO “Service to Others,” and ALL “Service to Self.” If one is in a “very bad place” in their life that might want to give more Service to Self so that they can relax and have fun. Relaxing and having fun is one of the Earthly joys. But IF it is based on Service to Self, then the glimmer will quickly dim.

On the other hand, when you know that you GIVING SERVICE TO OTHERS—whether that other is human, animal, earth, air, fir, water or the entire planet Gaia. If one thinks of Gaia as a big rock with some things growing on it, then their “conscience is clear.”

Fortunately, there are less and less humans who perceive Gaia as a bit rock that they can damage, own, harm etc. In fact, there are more and more humans ( but NOT nearly enough humans ) who perceive Gaia as the “Living Being of their Planetary Mother.”

In fact, once they are able to think of Gaia as their “living, Planetary Mother,” they will remember how to love their selves enough to love the Planet. Just imagine how GLORIOUS it WILL be when Gaia’s children grow up and become Good Parents of Her Reality.

Gaia has suffered so much damage to Her Planetary SELF. How could we, the “modern humans,” not know the simple fact that if we Care for Gaia, She will remain healthy enough to prepare for the transmutation into OUR Personal and Planetary Ascension.

We need to send Unconditional Love to Gaia! Why? Because any time that any one sends Unconditional Love to any person, situation or planetary being, we not only empower that person, situation, or planetary being, we also empower our self.

Please remember that Gaia’s Primary Operating System is:

Energy Out is Energy Back

This “Operating System” insures that the humans, who are meant to be the Guardians for Gaia, learn/remember that humanity has been given the innate power to consciously assist with Planetary Ascension by remembering that Gaia is a Loving Being who need Unconditional Love in the same manner as does ALL of Her inhabitants.

The members of humanity, are meant to be the Leaders of Planetary Ascension, but far too many became lost in the many illusions and challenges of the third dimension. Therefore, we, your Galactic Family have decided to assist the Awakened Ones.

Therefore, if you dedicate yourself to chose a certain time and place that you will return to on a regular basis, we, your Galactic Family, will assist you to remember: WHO you really are, WHY you chose to take an earth vessel within this now, WHAT you promised to fulfill during your current incarnation, WHERE you are to perform that task and WHEN you promised that you would perform your vital promise to assist Gaia.

We hear some of you saying/thinking, “Oh, not me. I am not important or powerful enough.”

We, the Arcturians say in response, “YES YOU, the ONE to whom we speak. I know what you have forgotten. Therefore, we, your Galactic Family, is HERE within your NOW to assist you in any way that you need.

However, Gaia is a free will planet. Therefore, you must make the decision to assist Gaia in any way you wish, but it must be YOUR decision that YOU make because you feel, hear, see, sense and know that:

It is the NOW!

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 12:21 PM

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sharing.:::.▶ Who & What Are The Rosicrucians #7 (the class master question) – THE GRAND OPENING INTO THE LIGHT! | fantascienza

sharing.:::.▶ Who & What Are The Rosicrucians #7 (the class master question) – THE GRAND OPENING INTO THE LIGHT! | fantascienza.

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sharing.:::.▶ Who & What Are The Rosicrucians #7 (the class master question) – THE GRAND OPENING INTO THE LIGHT!

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переводити/Traduire/ переводить ♪ → → → → → → ►
 ترجم / לתרגם   翻訳する
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By Ute Posegga-Rudel

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2012
Please also read update from 21.8.12

My dear friends, 

while seeing and experiencing the opening, the message started to unfold ….


“You are not the body.

The chains which artificially have been tying up your free and radiant consciousness with the physical body, are being dissolved as the powers of the controllers are fading.

The clouds of darkness are vanishing which kept you in the illusion of limitations and the identification with the body-mind.

You are not the mind.
Mind is an appearance that comes with embodiment, no matter how dense or subtle, how dark or how full of light.

The Grace of your True State is body- and mindless.
Even mind is a function only to navigate in creation, which is of the mind itself.

If you go beyond body and beyond mind there is unlimited feeling, it is free of emotion. IT IS. IT IS Radiant. IT IS Freedom.

Allow this freedom to rise “above” the body, above in the sense of releasing the body out of sight as you more and more are centering at the core and essence of what you truly Are: Divine Consciousness, Radiant and Ever-Blissful. IT is not “in” the body. The body is IN IT!

IN IT Itself nothing arises, as soon as you withdraw even your subtle mind and your subtle senses, the senses which perceive the higher worlds and dimensions, from what they perceive.

Then your primordial State prevails, Stillness prevails, bring this back to the body and let it unfold and pervade all things and worlds.

Because of this Indestructible Truth of your Divine Essence, the loop of your dark timeline, intended to feed itself continuously, is broken. The dark tunnel has a grand opening for the first time into the realms of light, the realms of Divine Creation. There it ends, and no willful forces can ever again close this opening.

The Power of My Conscious Light is Radiant and It is Standing at the end of the dark wormhole of your old world. And everything of this ill appearance will transition into a New Reality.

Never forget Who You Are, even when you are going to experience the new worlds of splendour and seeming satisfactions. Because without Me nothing of all of it would be possible to enjoy. Everything is Full of Me. And Only Me.

Even the broken light of the rainbow is borrowed from Me, the Radiant Unbroken Light of Lights! I AM your Source and I AM not created! I Exist of Myself.

In a Split of My Consciousness, where I Started to Look at Myself, mysteriously Creator Gods appeared, they took My Substance and created wonderfully all these marvelous Divine Worlds. You will see them soon! They are ready for you to explore.

But none of them is your true identity! None! I AM!
I Love You As Myself!

I AM your God-Self!”

Message conveyed by Ute

P.S. I noticed this was posted exactly at 12:12 PM!


Copyright© 2012. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, http://radiantlyhappy.blogspot.com
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without changes. If you have questions, please contact me via transformation33@gmail.com. Thank you.
Posted 9th October 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
Labels: a message from Ute´s Higher Selfconsciousness awakeningpure consciousness

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KRULIANs: LA JOYA AZUL ___SU COCIENTE DE LUZ:::Galactic Federation of Light – May 16th 2014:::sharing

KRULIANs: LA JOYA AZUL ___SU COCIENTE DE LUZ:::Galactic Federation of Light – May 16th 2014:::sharing.

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domingo, 18 de mayo de 2014

LA JOYA AZUL ___SU COCIENTE DE LUZ:::Galactic Federation of Light – May 16th 2014:::sharing

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 ترجم / לתרגם   翻訳する



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▶ La joya azul – en la voz de Albert Canil – YouTube 

Publicado 11th December 2011 por
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Mensaje de la Galaxia de Andrómeda
Recibida por UTE
el 13 de diciembre de 2011

Nosotros somos del Domino del Fuego y de la Luz, de la Unidad de todas las almas y de la Esencia del Sagrado Corazón Divino en la Galaxia de Andrómeda.
Hoy estamos aquí para trasmitir este importante mensaje para la Humanidad.
Todos deberían conocer el significado de este tiempo extremadamente especial. Todos ustedes son muy bendecidos en su propia alma.
Nunca fueron tan capaces de hacer tan grande avance en su camino evolutivo.
Nos gustaría de dejarlos concientes de este hecho!
Por lo tanto, es de absoluta importancia  que ustedes, concientes y diligentemente, utilicen este tiempo y lo aprovéchenlo.
Ahora ustedes son capaces de desarrollar significativamente, utilizando las alas del flujo actual de energías divinas benditas entrantes que están apoyando y llevando su planeta a su nueva posición en las dimensiones superiores.
Si ustedes fuesen capaces de fluir con esa corriente, ustedes recibirán un impulso hacia su propio crecimiento vibracional superior y finalización de un cuerpo de luz más avanzado.
Esto incluye el desarrollo de la mente superior y del corazón.
Por favor, entiendan que la ascensión no es sólo un evento en su mente pensante, como muchos creen, sino, en primer lugar es un proceso energético que catapultará su actual frecuencia del cuerpo, mente y emoción hacia un nivel superior de inteligencia, sabiduría y apertura del corazón.
Cuanto más alta su vibración, mayor es su inteligencia divina y su capacidad de amar.
En este proceso, sin embargo, es necesario entender que su mente opera en muchos niveles no solamente en el nivel conceptual, más gradualmente se desarrolla y existe en niveles encima de éste hasta la forma más alta y sutil, que , finalmente es llamada de mente de Dios.
La Mente Superior nunca está perturbada o con falta de tranquilidad o devaneo.
La Mente Superior porta sabiduría y es capaz de usar la libre conciencia y no sufre interferencia de emociones inferiores.
Por lo tanto, es provechoso ejercitar la mente superior, pues ella utiliza las cualidades superiores del ser humano.
La Mente Superior trasciende su entendimiento de la vida diaria. Ella no es lineal ni piensa en blanco y negro, ella es circular y capaz de percibir las realidades en diferentes niveles simultáneamente sin la interferencia de la personalidad inferior.
Es claro que ustedes pueden ejercitar esas capacidades superiores con su deseo.
Más al final es siempre la elevación de su nivel de frecuencia exigida como base para el desarrollo de sus cualidades humanas superiores.
Como hacer esto, para empezar?
Como recomendamos, lo que ustedes precisan hacer es aumentar su cociente de Luz. Y esto puede suceder cuando ustedes elevan su capacidad de sentir la energía!
Si ustedes lo hacen, si ustedes son capaces de sentir la energía, de sentir la frecuencia, es porque ustedes están concientemente trasmutando la densidad de sus emociones inferiores hacia la sensación libre, lo que , a su vez, les permite recibir más luz en su sistema.
Nosotros no podemos enfatizar lo bastante que el proceso de ascensión está basado en la elevación de su nivel de frecuencia o de su cociente de Luz.
Sin eso, no hay verdadero crecimiento. Todo es energía, todo es frecuencia.
Si ustedes no son capaces de sentir la frecuencia es porque ustedes aún no han trabajado con sus emociones, ustedes no han clarificado, ni osado sentirlas exactamente como ellas son.
Si aún no hicieron esto, eso significa que todas las energías emocionales que ustedes no se han permitido sentir, son como bloqueos profundos en el curso de un río.

Ellas son como piezas acumuladas o fragmentos apilándose, mientras el agua pasa alrededor de ellos. Además esos bloqueos reducen mucho su capacidad de sentir.
La energía solamente puede ser sentida.
Por lo tanto, queridos, ustedes tienen trabajo a ser hecho!
Ustedes no pueden evitarlo, tienen que entregarse a ese proceso, y permitirse ser purificados. Para hacer esto, deben primero estar dispuestos a sentir hasta mismo si sus emociones fueran muy dolorosas.
Más sepan que mismo el dolor emocional al fin, es una forma de energía , y que ustedes no son eso.
Ustedes son solamente los observadores.

Ustedes pueden mirar hacia ella como algo que está almacenado en su sistema y que ahora puede ser liberado para siempre, simplemente por permitirse aceptar y sentir totalmente.
No hay otro modo, más sepan que las energías entrantes son sus grandes auxiliadoras, pues ellas ahora están presionando todos sus bloqueos no disueltos, lo que puede hacerlos sentir aprehensivos, nerviosos, aborrecidos o hasta descontentos consigo mismo.
Todas esas sensaciones deben ser aceptadas integralmente, exactamente como ellas son. Ellas no debe ser evitadas por cualquier medio.

Dispensen tiempo, queridos, y realicen este trabajo más importante y audaz!
Sienten lo que ustedes tienen acumulado en su sistema, almacenado en su campo de energía.
Y conforme ustedes sienten todos, uno a uno, una claridad e iluminación crecientes desarrollarse en su ser, liberando más y más su cuerpo y su corazón y despertando su capacidad de libremente sentir todo cada vez más, ahora hasta las más sutiles y delicadas frecuencias de luz, y por último, no menos importante: la verdadera Felicidad!
Queridos, existieron Millones antes de ustedes que ya pasaron por estos procesos.
Ellos fueron valientes en un tiempo en que la mayoría de ustedes todavía estaba profundamente inconsciente de estos procedimientos de purificación necesarios.
Ellos pasaron por gran dolor, e hicieron esto no solamente por ellos, sino por toda la humanidad, por todos sus hermanos y hermanas.

Como ellos trabajaron tan profunda y completamente, volvieron el camino mucho más fácil para ustedes ahora.
Mientras que ellos, como personas individuales, precisaron normalmente de años para trabajar con ciertas cuestiones muy dolorosas, ahora todos ustedes ya pueden pasar por los procesos de purificación en pocos días o semanas, si ustedes estuvieran trabajando seriamente y no se desviaran!
Las nuevas energías entrantes los ayudan mucho con este proceso, entonces, ahora no es más difícil para ustedes. Antes ya fue difícil, más no lo es más.
Lo que muchos hicieron bien antes que ustedes, ahora ustedes también puede hacerlo!
El camino fue pavimentado para ustedes, queridos, y ustedes ahora pueden , muy confortablemente recorrer ese camino con muchos menos dolor, o , por lo menos , con un enorme acortamiento del proceso.
Nosotros los alentamos a recorrer este camino de purificación para que ustedes sean capaces de elevar su cociente de luz, junto con muchos otros. Este es el gran despertar humano que está llegando!
Nosotros estamos siempre con ustedes prontos para apoyarlos y ayudarlos. Todo lo que es necesario es su disposición y el deseo de su corazón de liberarse de su viejo equipaje, que es tan solo un peso innecesario ahora.
Tengan confianza y fe en el proceso, en que todos ustedes están envueltos por defecto! El proceso está sucediendo, y su acuerdo o entrega a él lo vuelve bendecido!
Si ustedes colaboran, todo sucederá con mucho menos dolor y ustedes hasta experimentarán felicidad en medio de las dificultades, sabiendo que ellas son solamente bastante temporarias y es la indicación cierta de que ustedes están para liberarse de ellas.
La liberación del viejo equipaje acarrea un aumento natural de su vibración y permite que una luz más alta entre en su cuerpo y mente.
Esta nueva libertad les permite sentir más, comenzar a sentir las frecuencias y en breve la luz propiamente dicha, que es una vibración más alta.
Piensen positivo y ejerciten sentimientos positivos, no importa lo que hagan, porque las acciones positivas están elevando su campo de energía también.
Vean, todo depende de ustedes, la sensibilidad de su propio campo de energía y de aquello que los cerca es su propia responsabilidad.
Sean pacientes consigo mismo y dense todo el tiempo que ustedes precisan. Pero no aplacen ni duden.
Sigan su camino de liberación de las antiguas cargas firmemente y con confianza.
Cuando ustedes piensen que cometieron un error, no den énfasis en él, y si continúen con fe en su camino.

Recuérdense de que estos son los tiempos más bendecidos que la humanidad vive desde milenios.
Utilicen estos eventos favorables que vuelven su proceso mucho más fácil de lo que hubiera sido en otros tiempos.
Pasen rápidamente por un proceso que llevaría años.
Nosotros los bendecimos, y apoyamos y los envolvemos con todo nuestro amor!
Nosotros ya podemos verlos libres de todo su sufrimiento y radiantes en la Nueva Luz y en el Amor del Divino!
Nosotros Somos los Seres de Luz de la Galaxia de Andrómeda!

Copyright©. Todos los derechos reservados: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2011.
Compartir este mensaje solamente es permitido en conjunto con esta información y sin alteraciones. Si usted tuviese preguntas, por favor, contácteme. Gracias.

Traducción al español – Shanti
Publicado 13th December 2011 por Shanti
Etiquetas: activación del cuerpo de Luz Andromedanos despertar de la conciencia movilizacion de energías

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Galactic Federation of Light – May 16th 2014

Posted on May 17, 2014
by cosmicgaia
in Blossom Goodchild, Galactic Federation
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Blossom Goodchild

Channeled by Blossom Goodchild
May 16th 2014.
HELLO! Long time no speaky! I’ve missed these sessions. So, let’s get going straight away with a question. Our Croatian translator sent me in a rather intriguing photo that he had taken. When he ‘snapped it’ he was merely taking a photo of the evening bustle in the street. To his surprize, something appeared in the actual photo and I was wondering if you could tell us what it is? (See below)
Greetings to you, our friend and compadre. We have been with you throughout; therefore, your Energy … to us … cannot be missed. Yet indeed, it is splendid to converse once again with you in this fashion.
Regarding the photograph that you speak of. We would consider this to be the ‘tail end’ of one of ‘our vessels’. Cloaking was the order of the day… and yet due to atmospherics in weather conditions … this part of it, became more visible to the eye.
Yet … not seen when the photo was taken.
This is quite common for ‘unseen’ elements to be picked up this way. The human eye does not have the capability sometimes to ‘visualise’ that which is in front of it.
Your thoughts are … ‘Human eye … or third eye?’… Is this correct?
We would say that they are interconnected. For when the third eye is open … depending on the degree … much may then be revealed ‘through’ the human eye.
What was the vessel doing there? It seemed so close.
Dearest one … do we not say to you … how very close we are? This particular sighting was very much on an observance …
We can’t find the word can we! It’s on the tip of my fingers and on the tip of my thought pattern from you … That’s funny! … Let’s try again.
This sighting was on an observing … shall we say … mission.
Let’s! Observing what exactly?
The protocol of how one goes about one’s business.
How does that interest you? It looks like an ordinary evening in any town/city.
And yet … we are able to observe so much. As we have spoken of before … We ‘sense/pick up’ on ENERGY.
Yes, I get that … But how does that transfer into a data base … and why?
Because it is essential for us to denote the level of Energy in any one given place upon your planet. This is of much importance.
So basically you are saying that the Energy of ‘Croatia’ for instance … may be very different from that of … say ‘England’? It is sort of common sense really.
We understand your understanding of the Energy in different countries … very much depending on how that country is governed and its rules etc. Yet, we are not only picking up on the Energy of the people in residence … we are gauging the level of that which resides deep inside the EARTH.
People inside the Earth or the actual ‘Earth’ itself?
Do you have more contact with those below ground? I believe they are more evolved and therefore, would be more aware of your visit?
Indeed. And yet … we do not need to be close at hand in order to be ‘in contact’ with them. Many that reside … at THIS time … underground … are doing so temporarily. Many of these souls are indeed … ‘Being of Service’ … and assisting in all the works that take place within the inner depths of your planet. These ‘works’ are involved greatly with assisting those above to move into their rightful place. There is much time spent in meditation … sending Light where needed, to different parts of your planet. Surges of Energy from them … have much benefit in the Healing of your Mother Earth.
Thank you. Anything else you would like to say about the ‘photo’?
Only that it is a fine example of TRUTH.
Indeed. Mind you … it did seem very large … is that necessary for an observation mission?
No. Yet seeing as they were passing that way …
You’re kidding?
A little. Dearest friend … our vehicles can be where we wish them to be in a blink of an eye. No matter what the size. This one that is protruding its tail … is far from large … in terms of our ‘Travelling Ports.’
I am struggling with the word ‘ports’. Yet, that has reminded me of the other photo the gentleman sent, which, to be honest, I didn’t take nearly as much notice of. I have just opened it now and will post this below also …
We are happy you picked up on this. For indeed this second ‘capture’ of ‘what is’ can be clearly seen … if one cares to ‘look into’ … as that which we would call a port/hole!
Surely, oh intelligent ones, you mean portal?
We mean as we said with all respect. Yet … it is one and the same. Let us explain. When a ship in your world sails into land … it is known as ‘coming into port’. Pretty much the same for us. The difference being, that in order to get to our destination in that ‘blink of an eye’ … we travel through a hole … to arrive at the next port that we are ‘tuned into’. Therefore … porthole!
This ‘avenue’ of transfer does not remain in that particular place permanently ( We are aware of your thoughts.) It is ‘created’ at the time … A ‘hole’ for the convenience of the ‘whole’.
How amazing! We are so far behind in our technology.
Not really. It is all there. It is awaiting the time when it is ‘allowed’ for it to BE.
With respect … there are many on your planet that are not ‘grown up’ enough to use such technology. We mean this, in the sense of giving a toddler a chain saw. Much damage could occur … put in the wrong hands!
Yes, I get that.
We would say … that the more enlightened the Being is … the more likely one is to be able to ‘tune into’ the wonders of travel etc.
Do you mean … we earn it?
That would sound incorrect. Yet, in a sense … yes!
All things that YOU ARE … All things that COME TO YOU … depend very much on how YOU CHOOSE TO BE!
It is as simple as that!
Many moan and groan that they do not have this … and they do not have that.
THAT is how ALL THINGS come to you … By your ATTITUDE toward EVERYTHING.
It is as simple as that!
The more you GIVE LOVE the more you RECEIVE it.
It is Universal Law.
Although … it is up to you to allow your BE-ing to FEEL it. How much LOVE you CHOOSE to FEEL, depends on how much LOVE you choose to GIVE. It spins around on the same circle.
Dearest ones … KNOW LOVE … in all its glorious aspects. Then, and only then, shall you KNOW yourself.
Again, thank you. Moving on , whilst I have you here, and have the time. A friend of mine is rather ‘disgruntled’ … as are many … with the channelling information brought through from yourselves and many. From the point of view of ‘lack of continuity’. No need to go into detail, as it speaks for itself. Over to you!
It would depend on the perspective of each soul. There are some who read information that they KNOW to be of TRUTH and are content to continue on living life in that KNOWING … that at THE GIVEN TIME … ALL that has been spoken of … shall come about. There are others that await almost within the next breath for these things to take place … and this is not a healthy way to breathe!
Yet … sometimes, we can get maybe five channellings in a row about THE EVENT coming soon … and then ‘Nothing … Nada’ for months … Up and down on the roller coaster we go. Do you see that from our point of view?
We are doing so, more and more. Yet, from our position … it is not the same. For as we have stated before … there is ‘no time’ where we are. Just Energy of a situation.
There is more of a build-up of Energy regarding this EVENT than when we last spoke of it. So therefore, we could say …. It is getting closer and closer … because it is! We are not in a position to say the exact date … for we cannot tell. It depends on the Energy that we study so deeply … reaching a certain ‘percentage’. And then we would be ready for THE OFF!
When we encourage you with such words … WE/YOU are assisting in the uplifting of that very Energy level … for hopes and frequencies are High.
Yet … does it serve a purpose? For that same Energy tends to drop for many … when disappointment sets in due to nothing happening … EVER! Then one’s ‘faith in it all’ hits rock bottom!
Yet it doesn’t!
Try being a human!
That is not for us to do. It is not in ‘our contract’. Please remember, with all respect … that which we have stated many times.
A good job … otherwise this would be a pretty empty planet!
On the other hand … on the Brighter side … the Sunny side … you have not forgotten how to connect up with ‘HOME’. You just think you have … and when ‘HOME’ FEELS so far away … you say you can’t meditate … or you are not very good at it … and make all kinds of excuses not to ‘be there’.
It is as simple as this. When you take a journey to a different place in your world … you have with inside you … ‘memories’ of home. What your bedroom is like, your garden, your comfy sofa etc. All things that bring you Peace and comfort. All you have to do is FEEL them inside your heart.
It is the same with your TRUE HOME.
Then HOME will be with you … You will be HOME … For … HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS.
This is a TRUTH … and when you understand this fully … it shall make such a difference to your ENTIRE existence.’
And WE LOVE YOU! Thank you. It’s been fun. Maybe I can catch you once more before I travel again … not looking too promising though. So, I’ll just say … I’ll catch you, when I next catch you! In Love and thanks!

Message from the photographer.
The photo has been taken in the center of Zagreb, Croatia, Europe,late afternoon/early evening with storm coming in on (most likely 14th of April (the problem of the Exact Date is that i have opened photo a couple of days later and then realized that the clouds were not alone in the sky.) The only intervention in the original photo was that i did “contrast” function to the total photo). Also, i have returned back to the location trying to figure out whether there were some light interferences that would form something like this within the lens tube but could not locate anything to my knowledge.
And of course, i have not seen anything except clouds during the shooting.

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terram novam: MESSAGE FROM THE ARCTURIANS (16 ): WORKERS FOR THE LIGHT, UNITE! ::: Message from Lakshmi: Prosperity Flows :::sharing

terram novam: MESSAGE FROM THE ARCTURIANS (16 ): WORKERS FOR THE LIGHT, UNITE! ::: Message from Lakshmi: Prosperity Flows :::sharing.

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martes, 8 de julio de 2014

MESSAGE FROM THE ARCTURIANS (16 ): WORKERS FOR THE LIGHT, UNITE! ::: Message from Lakshmi: Prosperity Flows :::sharing

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переводити/Traduire/ переводить ♪ → → → → → → ►
 ترجم / לתרגם   翻訳する


Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012

Dearest Ones,
we are the Arcturians!

As you move forward in your effort of what you call “occupy your world”, this is indeed a very necessary undertaking in the process of your evolution. The more of you are consciously participating the more power, the power of light, will be received and facilitated among you and in the energy field of your Mother Earth.

As it is you, the human family, who have lived for so long below your true Divine Power of Love and void of the Light of Christed Consciousness, it must be you who change this! You must change, you must allow all your natural Divine Powers emerge to activate the necessary shift in your world.

When the united power of your higher will, accompanied by the Light of Love, reaches a certain level of accomplishment, this will be the day when your controllers will loose their power they are still able to hold on to.

Even though there are massive loads of light directed at your planet, there must be an active and conscious response to it, so that it can become fully effective! It must be received, and you are the ones who must receive it, dear ones.

We observe with joy that there are ever more of you who have opened their heart and who nurture the desire, to receive this light and who awaken to the love they are!

We ask you all to spread this Light of Love by choosing It in any moment over against the old and so familiar frequencies of intolerance, nonconstructive criticism and judgment.

Now is the time that all those who are here to work for the light join together.

In spite of differences in perceptions of spiritual matters and spiritual paradigms, in spite of differences of culture, personality, preferences and life style, we ask you to put all of that aside now and join with the unity of the heart, the one place you all share without difference. If you want to see the victory of the light and a new and Divine World to emerge, you all must sacrifice this last bit of egoity which still lives in the illusion of competition and a sense of separation.

How can you all, who are working for the light, be victorious over your controllers if you do not all unite in your heart! But you can unite if you truly incorporate the power of light, which carries the information of unity and which is now available abundantly for each one of you.

We ask that you take advantage of it, of the energies now available, all these frequencies, including the frequency that makes itself known as Love as soon as you assimilate it.
Everything is now at you finger tips, beloved ones! Now you must act!

Full of Light and having integrated your original gift of Love, you cannot but know that you all are here together to fight this fight for the victory of light. Each one of you carries gifts, they are different, yes, but they all are part of this huge puzzle, where each piece is needed for the shift to occur!

If only one piece would be missed, the whole glorious Divine Operation of liberating earth (and, yes, the whole universe) would not be successful. Each one of you, here to carry the banner of light, is needed to give an impulse to those who are here to be awakened by this specific impulse. It is due to this necessary and desired chain reaction, that you must honor and embrace and tolerate each other!

You all carry an important mission, which includes many civilizations in your universe. When you join together, united by your self-transcendence, your whole universe unites in Love.

Only if you do this you prove that you are a true worker for the light, because you know that light does not make a difference. Therefore you will recognize one another in that light! And you will be drawn to one another by this love in your hearts. This is the One and Single Link that links you all together.

Difference and separation is the language of the left brain! The language of the heart is unity and non-separation from each other.

Dear ones, workers for the light, now is the time to acknowledge this and act accordingly. Join, all of you. Join with your hearts and what will happen is that the power of light, existing already on your planet, will fully enter you all, causing a tremendous wave of Divine empowerment.

Your self-transcendence is the last step you must accomplish to see a new world arise. Without it you share with your controllers separation and empower them.

And you cannot look at others whether they are willing to let go their sense of specialness and separate ideas, you must start with yourself, not looking right or left. But joining into the feeling of unity, that is all you need to do. The more the power of unity stands out in your feeling heart, the more you know have joined this undivided unity already. Be driven by that power, by that joy and love, it will grow exponentially.

Let your day of “World Liberation” be the day of your own personal victory of self-transcendence!

We bless you and are here to support you in your desire for that victory, if you call upon us.

We Are the Arcturians!

Message conveyed by Ute


Copyright©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2012 http://radiantlyhappy.blogspot.com
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without any changes. If you have questions, please contact me via transformation33@gmail.com. Thank you.
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Message from Lakshmi: Prosperity Flows


Channeled by Fran Zepeda

July 7, 2014

Lakshmi(Note From Fran: I was awakened suddenly from sleep a few nights ago to a presence similar to the image I post here, and it was Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of Prosperity, and when I asked why she was here, she replied and gave me the following message, which she said was for me, but I share it with you all as you may find it helpful also):

Message from Lakshmi:

Within you are the treasures you seek, dear one. For I come to awaken the joy within that is already there.

Find it within. I am here to show you it is within.

Begin to manifest the treasures within, as they are already there, dear one.

And tread lightly, lest you trample them, for it is only with a Light Heart that you shall find it.

I speak to you of your treasures within, waiting to be manifested. Believe it and it shall be so. But first you must let go of all worldly things so you can find them again (within).

Indeed, all is taken care of, dear one. Believe it. (Believe and act as if you already have what you want).

Imagine it within your Heart and it shall be so. I am here to convince you of your manifestation abilities, dear one. Call on me.

Don’t try…just let it come alive within you, and it shall be so.

So, what do you desire, dear one???

Be gentle and easy with yourself. Do only what you can. Do not strive. But settle in instead to the knowing that you already have enough, you have what you need.

You can march forward with your dreams now. Be gentle with yourself and all will be well.

I am here to encourage you to be at peace with knowing that you are OK as you are.

Flow with Prosperity…Prosperity Flows.

Do not worry… You have it all… Settle into that now. Thrive with the knowing of it…

Channeled by Fran Zepeda 7.5.14

©2014 Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is posted in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included.www.franhealing.com http://www.franheal.wordpress.com http://www.ouremergingdivinity.com


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by cosmicgaia
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Equipoise: ▶ 1 Minute Strength Yoga: Bakasana with Kino – The Elders Transmission: The 33 Stargate Portals of Light – May 2014 – YouTube:::sharing

Equipoise: ▶ 1 Minute Strength Yoga: Bakasana with Kino – The Elders Transmission: The 33 Stargate Portals of Light – May 2014 – YouTube:::sharing.

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Friday, October 17, 2014

▶ 1 Minute Strength Yoga: Bakasana with Kino – The Elders Transmission: The 33 Stargate Portals of Light – May 2014 – YouTube:::sharing

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traducir  /Translate / Vertaal /  ♪ → → → ► → → →
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переводити/Traduire/ переводить ♪ → → → → → → ►
překládat / ترجم / לתרגם   /   翻訳する / 翻译

Welcome, sweet ones. It gives us great pleasure to be with you in this Now, and indeed in these rapidly accelerating dimensional frequencies of Light as they are experienced through many of these incredible planetary activities of Light. And you are seeing the quickening, sweet ones, a deeper level of remembrance that has been activated through the DNA in the knowing of your magnificence, your preciousness, and your Light. Through the Full Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse on April the 14th/15th, you were taken deeper into the octaves of the higher dimensions of the Cosmic Heart of All Creation, utilizing that Now moment to transcend human miscreations through the I AM Avatar Consciousness of Light, and indeed too, sweet ones, to go deeper within the shadow aspects of yourselves, embracing both the shadow and the Light. And this beautiful diamond, golden and white Flame of Divine Light and Love illuminates through the beautiful silver ray of Interstellar Christ Consciousness, this beautiful silver ray of Illumination that activates into the fifth dimensional New Earth Templates of Light, illuminating your pathway in Christ Consciousness, showing you, sweet ones, a deeper sense of this golden Age of Light.
You are coming into a recalibrating frequency of the higher dimensional octaves and this is affecting Mother Earth and all her life as these dimensional frequencies and New Earth Templates activate within the Unity Grid of Divine Love. And for many of you too as initiates of Light there is a deeper level of remembrance as these parallel realities of your Highest Potential merge into this Now. As you experienced the Cardinal Grand Cross Alignment on April 22nd, 23rd and 24th, you had the opportunity to be taken into a deeper sense of these multi-dimensional realities. As you experienced the Activation of the Seals of Solomon and the energy in particular of joy, abundance and empowerment, these frequential energies together with these Seals of Light illuminated the Pathway of Christ Consciousness and your Heart’s Dreaming as well as activated, purified and recalibrated the lower bodies into a deeper connection of the crystalline matrix of the fifth dimensional templatings.
And now, in this month of May, you start this celebration of Light activities through the activation of the Crystalline Cities of Light, and the activation of the Sedona Vortex. This planetary activity of Light amplifies over the 3rd and 4th of May, as you are embraced within the diamond, golden and white Flame of Divine Love and the diamond Flame of Purity that activates within the Sedona Vortex. In this celestial activity of Light, sweet ones, as you connect at a Higher Light level, it is through the initial impulsing of the sonic vibratory frequencies that were experienced in a co-creation of Light taking you into this vortex of Divine Love and linking from here into the Sedona Vortex of Light and the Sedona Crystalline City of Light. The Sedona Vortex of Light, sweet ones, amplifies over this month of May into a greater stargate of Light allowing these Christed Timelines of infinite potential and possibility to be experienced through all dimensions of Light through the sacred diamond Flame of Purity. And it is through the Flame of Purity within the Flame of Divine Love, sweet ones, that you come into a deeper level of self-love, self-appreciation, and self-nurturing. The Flame of Purity takes you into a greater level of your magnificence and your Light as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love. It embraces the aspects of the negative ego existing within the lesser-than and better-than consciousness, and in particular, the aspects of yourselves that need to be integrated, that experience a sense of unworthiness, of being unwanted, and of being unloved. And as this Flame of Purity activates within your hearts in this beautiful diamond octahedronal shape it further allows you to link into the beautiful eighteenth ray of Multi-Universal Service, and the Cosmic Heart of all Creation. And it is within this Source Light, sweet ones, that the purity of your creations unfold, and as this beautiful Flame of Purity, this diamond Flame of Light, activates within the Sedona Vortex it links you too into the Crystalline Cities of Light and the 33 fifth dimensional Stargate Portals of Light.
The Crystalline Cities of Light, also known as the higher dimensional Cities of Light, bring through the crystalline matrix of your Heart’s Dreamings, and the ability to collectively anchor your Heart’s Dreamings in this Now, sweet ones. The Crystalline Cities embody the energy of pure Divine Love, of peace, of harmony, and further act as a dimensional gateway for many of the Beings of Light from On High to connect to the awakened souls on this earth plane. And in Golden Ages of Light many initiates would find themselves walking up a spiral of crystal stairs into a beautiful Crystalline City of Light, greeted by Christed extra-terrestrials and higher dimensional Light Beings, you would experience various Healing Chambers of Light, celestial musical transmissions, inter-dimensional creations of art, peace embassies, golden fountains, dolphin birthing chambers, schools of spiritual enlightenment ~ the peace and beauty of nature, as well as the advanced healing technologies. And so, sweet ones, the gift of this particular planetary activity of Light links you into the twelve primary Crystalline Cities of Light related to the primary vortices or chakras of Mother Earth. And this is in part what is being activated throughout this year, the deeper connection into each Crystalline City of Light, not only in the knowing of your ability to co-create Heaven on Earth, but in your ability to anchor and activate your Heart’s Dreaming and follow the Christed Timelines into the greatest sense of yourselves, sweet ones, as these sacred transfiguring flames of Divine Love, and these Master Beings of Light. So let us start with a deeper sense of the primary attributes experienced briefly through these twelve Crystalline Cities of Light and from here step into the Portals of Light, the spiritual Portals of Light being activated over this month of May, and the corresponding spiritual laws that take you ever deeper into this pathway of Divine Love.
So you start by coming deep into yourselves, breathing, expanding the lower abdomen as you breathe in, contracting the lower abdomen as you breathe out, centering and grounding yourselves now as you experience this beautiful diamond, golden and white Flame of Divine Love activate within your heart chakras, and now this beautiful diamond Flame of Purity, and now, this silver Flame of Illumination, illuminating your pathway as you walk the Christed Timelines. You have a sense now of merging with your Beloved I AM Presence, the Highest Light that you are, within the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God, merging into the soul aspect of your consciousness, of purity, of innocence, of unity, sweet ones. Calling in now ~ your master guides, your guardian angel and all other Beings of Light from on High that you personally acknowledge and that wish to join you now in this sacred space. And as you ground into the crystalline matrix of the Unity Grid of Divine Love, you start to come into a deeper sense of these planetary key codes and numerologies and sacred geometries that are activating through the New Earth Templates of Light, the Star Blueprints of Light. And as you take on a deeper level of your own individual puzzle piece within this collective you connect now to the Light workers, and star seeded ones, and all the Beings of Light from On High, assisting in this journey of Divine Love, in this embrace of One Unity Consciousness.
You have a sense of being deeply supported in this Now, sweet ones, by the many Illumined Beings of Light from On High, your Beloved I AM Presence and your soul and star family and friends of the Light. You are joined by the many Legions of Light, and you feel and experience these sonic transmissions, these vibratory crystalline frequencies that activate the carbon based cells into the crystalline matrix of the Solar Light Cells and the Patterns of Perfection. And you have a sense now, sweet ones, of coming together at this Higher Light level, participating in these many glorious activities of Light, knowing that these higher dimensional frequencies of Light are being activated through the hearts and minds of all awakened souls in this Now, in this timeline, and the re-union of hearts is to be experienced as you trust and surrender ~ as you believe, sweet ones, as you believe in the magnificence and Light of your Selves, as you believe in the knowing of your co-creation in this Golden Age of Light.
You have a sense now of traveling in soul consciousness to the beautiful Sedona Vortex of Light, feeling and experiencing this beautiful diamond Flame of Purity in particular as it purifies the lower bodies, sweet ones, asking you to know that your body is a Temple of Light, to give yourselves the sustenance, and the energies that are supportive and conducive to the nurturing of Self. As you embrace yourselves now in this beautiful diamond Flame of Purity, you travel the timelines in which you have felt unwanted, unloved, unappreciated, unseen or unheard, and you embrace those sub-personality aspects of yourselves, sweet ones, you give them a voice. You Love these aspects of yourselves as you are taken deeper into this beautiful diamond Flame of Purity and this diamond, golden and white Flame of Divine Love.
This diamond Flame of Purity activates the diamond Light Grid, sweet ones. This diamond Light Grid that is being anchored now activates in August through Glastonbury Tor, the heart chakra of Mother Earth, and at that time you will be able to create the diamond Lightbody Merkaba Fields of Light. For now, as this beautiful diamond grid activates into the crystalline matrix of the 144 Unity Grid of Divine Love it brings with it the ability to experience all dimensions of Light within the Cosmic heart of Mother/Father God ~ unlimited timelines as they activate now through the Sedona Vortex of Light, and you experience now, sweet ones, this connection initially into the Sedona Crystalline City of Light.
As you are lifted in soul consciousness into this Crystalline City of Light, you draw in particular upon the energy of the god/goddess archetypes of Light. These spiritual archetypes embody what you are needing to experience to know yourselves in self-mastery, to know yourselves in Love, looking through your master eyes at all of life around you, and you draw upon these energies of Light as you are placed in this God/Goddess Archetypal Chamber of Light, brought in by the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light, the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light, the Arcturian Emissaries of the Light, the Andromedan Intergalactic Beings of the Light, and the Overlighting of the Brotherhood of the Light. As this multi-colored laser grid of Light comes in, you are shown the images of this beautiful Sedona Crystalline City of Light. You hear these sonic vibrations of crystal frequency as you create a deeper sense of the diamond light body, sweet ones, as you come into a knowing of your full multi-dimensional multi-faceted natures, and your ability to experience this deep love within yourselves. It is this sense of loving and nurturing yourselves that amplifies over this month of May, sweet ones, and it allows you to draw upon archetypal energies that support you, and that are experienced as you connect now to the primary Crystalline Cities of Light through the primary vortices of Mother Earth, drawing into your reality and this Now the energies of the high priest, and priestess, the lover, mother/queen, father/king, wise woman, sage, spiritual master, alchemist, inventor, intuitive healer, the warrior, the advocate of justice, the visionary and seer, the artist, the magical innocent child and the servant. These archetypal energies will support you, sweet ones ~ to magnetize, to manifest, and to bring into your reality all that you need in any given Now moment, lifting you into another level of awakening and remembrance as though still waking from one dream and experiencing another. All these realities are being dreamed into creation, sweet ones, and this multi-dimensional reality is so very real, so very vivid, and it is your ability to ground these energies as the physical vessels of Light that activate in a greater level of purity and innocence and Source Light over this month of May.
And now you have a sense of the 33 Stargate Portals of Light that are experienced too within these fifth dimensional templates of Light. And you are drawn now into the first spiritual portal of Light. This thirteenth spiritual portal that supports the Law of Divine Flow. The Law of Divine Flow reminds you to live in this Now, centering yourselves in Love, being of service in Love. In this Now, sweet ones, there is no concern for what is to unfold, or what has been. There is a knowing of harmony, and grace in your co-creations of Light, of your ability to dance in Divine Love ~ reflecting Love, allowing Love, being Love. It is these actions, sweet ones that call for not only the dynamic outward flow, but also this inward flow into yourselves, taking the time to support your own biorhythmic ebb and flows. To feel and sense what you are needing to support yourselves fully in this moment, and allowing this beautiful silver ray of Illumination to guide you with the Flame of Purity, and the Flame of Divine Love, to the Heart’s Temple, into the natural flow of peace and harmony and co-creation, sweet ones. And you have a sense of how this Law of Divine Flow operates within your own lives; of the synchronicities that abound, that bring you together in Unity Consciousness, that bring you together in your co-creations of Light, that connect you at this soul level with one another, and allow you to feel the creative inspirations that activate as you further experience a greater level of the rebalancing of the divine masculine and feminine aspects of yourselves. You hold to this knowing of this divine flow and a deep level of trust and surrender, sweet ones, aligning your will to the Will of God and knowing that even as you walk this pathway and its perceived challenges, you have chosen these lessons to create these Pathways of Light for others. And as these flames of Divine Love you anchor these energies of these stargate portals and spiritual laws so that others too may experience this flow of Divine Love within their lives in a deeper level of self-love and self-nurturing and self-appreciation.
You now activate the Cosmic Christ holographic discs, the Cosmic Christ holographic disc in particular related to this dimensional stargate portal of Light. As this beautiful silver Cosmic Christ holographic disc activates through the vertebrae of the spine and from here in to the appropriate chakras and nadis, you have a sense of being able to find this flow and balance within your lives through this Flame of Purity, sweet ones, and the illumination of this beautiful silver ray of Light. And if there is anything that you are needing guidance with, allow this beautiful silver ray of Light to illuminate your pathway, to show you this flow, and harmony that you are needing in this Now.
And now, sweet ones, you find yourselves in this spiritual portal of Light related to the Law of Divine Love and Oneness, although of course, sweet ones, you are familiar with this law, it is to know that such a law exists only for you to know the truth of the One Reality of All that Is. There is only Divine Love and you are all One, and this Divine Love embraces this, all aspects of yourselves, moving into the shadows and the Light, and within the flame of Divine Love the shadow aspects are embraced in love, for there is only Love, sweet ones. There is no separation, and you have this sense of unity, too, amplifying now not only with your soul family and friends and the Illumined Beings of Light from On High, but at this earthly dimensional level, sweet ones, you have a sense of being able to see others. To know that it is just the levels of Cosmic Consciousness awareness that differs from individual to individual, and to be able to see the Light of all Souls as these open hearts in this Golden Age of Light.
You have a sense within this spiritual portal of Light of these sub-atomic particles vibrating in increased Light frequencies further activating this beautiful diamond Flame of Purity, this diamond octahedron within the heart chakra, holding to this expanded sense of your multi-dimensional selves, and bringing into this Now, the understanding, the remembrance, the wisdom, and the knowing, sweet ones, of the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God, of Source Light, as it anchors deeper now through this beautiful Flame of Purity within your hearts, and through this Flame of Divine Love.
And now you activate the silver Cosmic Christ holographic disc of Light related to this spiritual portal, this spiritual law of Light, through the body and through the energy field, through the vertebrae and the corresponding energy centers of the body, creating this etheric templating with a greater level of flow within the embrace of the Cosmic Heart of All Creation and the Patterns of Perfection, sweet ones; and the knowing too that you are able to experience all dimensions of Light, all realities of Oneness, if you so choose.
And lastly now, you find yourself experiencing the fifteenth Spiritual Portal related to the Law of Continuity of Consciousness. The Universe itself, sweet ones, is a continuous and endless process of creation. Everything within this One Reality, everything in creation, is connected to everything else; and this interconnectivity, this relationship is one of consciousness connecting individual consciousness to the universal consciousness, to the vibrating frequencies of Light ~ and you experience now a greater sense of these geometries, and New Earth templates, these key codes, fractal geometries, numerologies, and crystalline frequencies of Light. You are experiencing a greater level of Cosmic Consciousness awareness, sweet ones, merging into a greater sense of your magnificence and Light through the Overlighting of your Beloved I AM Presence and being lifted into many of the Ashrams of Light. In particular, in this month of May, this is activated at a deeper level through the Festival of Wesak experienced on the full moon in Taurus on May the 14th. So for a moment now as you experience this Law of the Continuity of Consciousness you activate this fifteenth silver Cosmic Christ holographic disc through the vertebrae and spinal column allowing the cerebral spinal fluid to activate in this new Consciousness of Light recalibrating the pituitary, the pineal, and the hypothalamus glands, the left and the right hemispheres of the brain, and integrating the divine masculine and feminine aspects of yourselves, sweet ones, which amplifies too over this month of May. These recalibrations quicken and will lead for many of you to a great reunion of hearts, to the merging of twin flames individually and through your soul groups into a greater level of collectively ascending to these multi-dimensional realities and all dimensions of Light.
As you experience the Festival of Wesak, sweet ones, you are drawn into the energy of Lord Buddha, and the Masters from Shamballa. Lord Buddha is the Planetary Logos and embraces all Life within his cosmic heart, and it is the energy of the Masters from Shamballa and the Ashrams of Light, that connect you, sweet ones, as the chelas on the threads, into the Ashrams of the Masters through purity of heart, through Source Light, through your desire to serve in Love, through your commitment and your ability to create the change that you have always wanted to as you step into a greater level of self-mastery. You let go of the lesser-than and better-than consciousness as you step deeper into the knowing of your Selves as the sacred transfiguring flames of Divine Love. Wonderful.
As this beautiful silver ray of Light illuminates your pathway through the Christed Timelines, you bring a focus now to the Ashrams of Light within Shamballa and in particular to the first three ray ashrams of Will and Power, Love/Wisdom, and Divine Intelligence. As you experience this beautiful three-fold flame activate now within your hearts, you are lifted energetically into the Ashrams of these first three rays, and from here you will be guided into the Ashrams of the twelve earthly rays, and the six cosmic rays, as is appropriate to your levels of conscious awareness, sweet ones. Request this blessing as you walk the pathway of Buddha Consciousness, and Christ Consciousness, to a greater level of self-mastery.
If you are ready in this month of May, sweet ones, greatness presents itself. If you are ready to purify the lower bodies, if you are ready to purify the mind, the heart, and the soul, to truly know your magnificence as these Master Beings, leading the way in this Golden Age of Light, a greater level of wisdom, of Love and empowerment activates for you, taking you deeper and deeper along the pathway of Divine Love, in service in Love. Know this to be a resonating truth of the highest order, this reunion of hearts, sweet ones. Follow your Heart’s Dreaming, and know that this is unfolding in this Now. Take these beautiful flames, this diamond golden and white Flame of Divine Love, this diamond Flame of Purity, and this silver Ray of Illumination ~ activate these energetic frequencies to the maximum cosmic law can allow, as these flames of Light activate now around Mother Earth and all her Life, so that all life may know their magnificence and their Light.
And now this beautiful diamond flame of Light activates through the crystalline matrix of the 144 Unity Grid of Divine Love. You experience this activation through this diamond octahedron within your hearts and now this beautiful diamond golden and white flame of Divine Love this creates this beautiful shape of the Flower of Life, fifty four feet in diameter around you. For it is in this, sweet ones, when you are ready, that you will activate your diamond Light Body merkaba field, and for now, you simply come into remembrance of this, with the ability to experience all dimensions of Light, in self-mastery and in self-enlightenment, as these sacred transfiguring flames of Divine Love and these Master Beings of Light.
You come back now into your sacred space, grounding once more into the crystal heart of Mother Earth, and keeping this connection of Light open to all these Beings of Light from On High. Acknowledge these frequential energies and what they bring to you, and the knowing of the New Earth Templates of Light building to a greater harmonic of Divine Love and Unity Consciousness. This is indeed an amazing time to be on this sacred earth, sweet ones.
As you ground once more into the crystal heart of Mother Earth you align into the Inner Earth Sun, the Inner Sun within your Hearts, the Sun, the Central Sun, and the Great Central Sun, to the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God. And you come back now through all dimensions of Light, physically grounded in the physical realms too, in purity and Love and wisdom, in power, unity consciousness and illumination. Wonderful.
We thank you, sweet ones, for your service work, and we bless you, and with this we bid you a most magical day.
Transcribed by Eadie Miller.

* * *

The Elders Transmission: The 33 Stargate Portals of Light
Posted on May 8, 2014
by cosmicgaia
in Anrita Melchizedek, The Elders


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jueves, 3 de julio de 2014


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Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012

We are the Light Beings from the Realm of Tse-Bo-Rah,Seeding earth and humanity with the light of Ascension

Dearest Ones, 

We have been communicating with you a while ago and have been inspiring you to participate in the more and more increasing light that is reaching your planet, filling your atmosphere and is entering all beings that invite this light.

Yes, there is a growing number of members of your human family that is indeed opening up to this new frequency that is able to grow your light quotient. This is a beautiful response as you are supporting with this work the awakening of the whole planet.

This alone is already a service which is sufficient to participate actively in the ascension process, as everything is frequency, everything is energy. And evolution IS about rising your level of frequency.

As your light quotient is growing, naturally the power of love is awakened as the expression of your inherent being.

Yet also the desire that this power of love may become your direct and own experience, opens you up to receive the increasing light and higher frequencies.

We notice that it is necessary to consider the term “Love” from our perspective, a term that has been used in so many ways by you.

We do not consider “Love” as a personal, self-created feeling towards something or a person, although it can appear as such. Love is from our perspective a power that is much greater than a personal, individuated experience, it is the power that keeps all the universes together. And why? Because there is no repulsion “against” anything but a free and radical opening and openness toward all and everything that is arising. This openness is based on the recognition of the Source of all creation, a creation of which you are a part.

When you allow Source, which is Ultimate Conscious Light, to enter your being, or when you open up to Source to freely communicate with It, by allowing It’s Ultimate Conscious Light into your existence, it will touch your heart-torus and generate a very specific feeling-perception. This is what you call “love”.
Actually this energy of love is a quality of the Conscious Source Light, when it expresses Itself through creation.

Therefore if you open yourself up to the Divine Source Light you invite what you call Love into your experience to the point where you become It. And you become It by fully open yourself to The-All-That-Is, so that you are conducting Source Energy through the vehicle of your body. In this way you have called down Highest Wisdom and Truth into your being while living on your Earth Mother Gaia.

This is to be a living torch of light on Mother Earth, helping Her and your human family to purify what has made your living space dense to the degree that this density rejected the light.

But now as ever more of you are accepting this Light and invoking It consciously into your being, the old density cannot take hold anymore on your world.

If you have not done so yet, we are encouraging each one of you who is studying this message, to consider to invoke the Supreme Light of the Source of All-That-Is. By your conscious invocation you will draw this Light to yourself. And while you do this, it will purify you and allow your God-Self ultimately to enter your incarnation to fulfill your true purpose here.

Dearest ones, do not think that you cannot do this! Free yourself from any dis-beliefs which have been planted deeply into your unconscious mind by your controllers. You must know that it is not the truth, but that the inherent heritage of each one of you is the Source Itself, Which Is Conscious Love-Bliss, Radiating as the Supreme Source Light.

Calling upon your own and true heritage and claiming it as your Own is the necessity of this time and the reason why you are here.

And even if there are emotions and thoughts arising which you have allowed to arise, those of unworthiness, guilt, desperation, hate and lovelessness, you must know that these are all attributes which you have artificially attached to yourself. A magnet can attract a lot of debris, but it still remains to be always a magnet. Release, dear ones, release it all! YOU are not any of it, you are merely That Which Inheres in the Divine Source. This is literally so, only that this Truth is lying hidden in your unconscious.

Make it conscious, by invoking It, call into your consciousness now what you have forgotten: your true Home and Divine Heritage. Shake off the illusion of what you are not, shake off the illusion of dense vibration, in which you hurt with painful thinking and emotions. In the Light of Truth of All-That-Is, this all is untrue. And now you have been given every opportunity to prove this to yourself!

Divine Light is waiting to be invited to enter you, if you only wish to make room for it!

Your deepest heart will be satisfied if you do so, and you will experience the unity of All because it is the Power of Love that recognizes the non-separation from your own Source.

Glory to That One Radiant Source, in Which we all participate!

Message conveyed by Ute


Copyright©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2012 http://radiantlyhappy.blogspot.com
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without any changes. If you have questions, please contact me via transformation33@gmail.com. Thank you.

Posted 22nd April 2012 by Shanti

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 ترجم / לתרגם   翻訳する

Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Tuesday, July 1, 2014



Hello Everyone, 

So many of you have asked about how to communicate with your Higher Self, that I decided to make this YouTube. There is so much information in this meditation/video that I offer a loose transcription, which I present here in four sections. At the end of each part I will expand on that section.

PART 1 YouTube

We ask all of you to place your feet on the floor to remind yourself that you are grounded. It is important that you keep your spine straight because as you connect with the multi-dimensional energy they can activate your kundalini.

The kundalini has a straight path within your spine, but if your spine is bent, the kundalini hits a stopping place. Any place where the kundalini stops, you may feel the sensation of extreme cold or hot.

We know that many of you are having experiences of waves of energy that flow up and down your spine. This sensation can feel quite wonderful. If the kundalini can flow uninhibited flows up and down your spine, it can be very blissful and wonderful.

However, the kundalini discontinues it flow if your back is not straight, you are not grounded, or if fearful thoughts come into your mind. That light of the Kundalini goes down into our sub-conscious and pulls up old thoughts of fear and darkness that you thought you released long ago.

If this darkness comes in when we are having a beautiful meditation, then please remember that it is the cleanup part of your process. Just let go. Bless these feelings or memories and say, “I love you unconditionally.” As you say these blessings — LET GO.


The Kundalini is often known as the “Sleeping Serpent.” The “serpent” is our latent source of immense inner power. In order for the Kundalini to awaken and begin its journey up our spinal cord, we must clear the majority of old fear and darkness from each of our first six chakras. This journey of clearing and balancing our chakras is documented in the Journey Section of www.multidimensions.com

Once our first six chakras are reasonably clear and balanced, our pineal gland, who is the Master Gland for our entire endocrine system, sends down a message to the first chakra that it is safe for the Kundalini to begin its journey up our spinal column. Then, the Goddess Kundalini Shakti (our feminine energies of form) awakens and begins her gradual rise towards her reunion with Lord Shiva (our formless Spirit SELF).

As the inner fire of our Kundalini moves gradually up and down our spinal column and through our chakras, it gradually transmutes our darkness into light. When the first six chakras are sufficiently clear and balanced, Lord Shiva, our Higher Spirit SELF, enters our crown chakra to await his “bride,” Lady Shiva, in the third ventricle of our brain, our Inner Temple.

When the Lady Shakti, and Lord Shiva meet in our Inner Temple, our Spirit/Shiva, and Matter/Shakti, meet in the Divine Marriage of “Spirit INTO Matter.” Our body is then prepared to begin the process of creating our child, “Lightbody.”

When our infant Lightbody encompasses all our thoughts, emotions and physical form, our conscious awareness perceives and merges with our true, Multidimensional SELF.

PART 2 YouTube

Now focus on the energies of Light moving up and down your spine. If any negative thoughts or feelings are revealed – congratulations! Love those thoughts or feelings unconditionally and LET GO of them as you love them free.

Send these components of your ego that are not ready for ascension off to beloved sister Venus. Venus has volunteered to assist humanity with any components of self that are having trouble releasing whatever is interfering with our mission to assist Gaia with Her planetary ascension.

NOW allow the higher frequencies of your Multidimensional SELF, Lord Shiva, to enter into your Crown Chakra, your pineal gland, to activate your Third Eye.

Feel how these higher frequencies move down through your Throat Chakra to activate your ability to communicate with the higher frequencies of reality.

Allow these higher frequencies of your Multidimensional SELF as they settle into the three-fold flame of wisdom, power and love inside your High Heart.

Send this wisdom, power and love all the way down through your spine, down your legs and into the Core of Gaia. As you ground yourself in Gaia, you also share the wisdom, power and love of your three-fold flame.
Now you can turn on your, inter-planetary, inter-galactic, inter-dimensional communication systems.

Inter-planetary communication allows us to communicate with expressions of our Multidimensional SELF on other planets in our Solar System.

Inter-galactic communication allows us to communicate with expressions of Multidimensional SELF who resonate to and travels through out our Galaxy.

Inter-dimensional communication allows us to communicate with higher frequency expressions of our Multidimensional SELF who resonate to the fifth dimension and beyond.

This multidimensional communication also includes the elementals of earth, air, fire, water and ether that join together in the cells of our personal and planetary SELF.

PART 3 YouTube

In your mind, click your multidimensional communication system “online” with the power of your intention. Focus on your inter-galactic communication system – click on this communication with your intention.

Focus on your inter-dimensional communication system, which includes all the way back to Source. With the power of your intention, click on your inter-dimensional communication system.

Now focus on your inter-planetary communication system.
With the force of your intention, click on your Inter-planetary communication system.
Now place yourself in receive mode. Your breath is your life.

The best way to calibrate your consciousness to receive these expanded communications is with your breath…


Focus on your expanded communication systems as you…
Inhale through your nose
Hold that breath
Exhale out through your mouth/ Throat Chakra.

Focus on your Crown Chakra and…
Inhale through your Crown Chakra
Hold that breath
Exhale through your Throat Chakra

Focus on your Third Eye and…
Inhale through Third Eye
Hold that breath
Exhale through your Throat Chakra.

As you practice this breathing, communication with your Higher Expressions SELF will become increasingly “normal.”

Links for Throat Chakra and recalibrating the Throat Chakra


PART 4 YouTube

You are ready now to climb the stairway to your Pineal Gland?

See the doorway. This portal/doorway opens inwards for you to receive the information that your Multidimensional SELF has stored in your Multidimensional Mind. Your multi-dimensional mind infinitely resonates to the fifth dimension and beyond.

Just as you would type a request into the search engine of your computer to get information, send a mental request into your multidimensional mind regarding any information you would like to receive…

Remember to surround yourself with multidimensional light and unconditional love so that you can TRUST your SELF and TRUST the information that you receive. Everyone can communicate with his or her Higher SELF. It is just that many of you have forgotten. NOW you can remember!

RELAX into the transmissions you receive and BELIEVE that they are REAL. Be sure to document the information you receive in some manner, as you may not remember it when you return to your 3D consciousness.

We await your call.
The Arcturians and all the frequencies of your expanded SELF.

* * *

Where is Home?

There are still many of us who cannot remember who we are.
We have worn our earthen bodies for so many eons that we believe we are only physical and that we are limited to these clay forms until we “die”.

According to the law of free will, as long as we choose to believe in the illusion of limitation and separation of the third dimension, that is our only “conscious” experience.
When the reality of our higher dimensional self became “unconscious”, we forgot that Earth was a schoolroom.
We forgot that we came here to learn how to be conscious creators through the process of third dimensional experiences.
However, even though we lost the memory of our true selves and our reason for coming to this planet, we kept our higher dimensional powers of manifestation, at least for a while.
All manifestations start a circular path that eventually returns to the sender.
Therefore, it was dangerous to use our higher dimensional power from only a third dimensional consciousness, as we did not retain the higher wisdom and love to balance our power.
Fortunately, once we misused our power, we began to lose it.
Then we really were “only physical!”
As the collective consciousness of Earth continued to drop, we plummeted deeper and deeper into forgetfulness.
Before we knew it, we were enmeshed in the illusions of planet Earth.
Until the Collective Consciousness of Earth had again risen to a level where it would be possible to recognize messages from the higher dimensions, it would be difficult for us to return to the awareness of our true Multidimensional SELF.
Earth had so fallen into fear and superstition that most communications between higher dimensional beings and those on Earth were greatly misunderstood or distorted.
And so we waited!
Sometimes we hated the wait, and sometimes we loved it.
We learned that if we forgot about our higher dimensional Home and the part of us that resided there, we weren’t so lonely.
Therefore, most of us forgot.
When we would least expect it, as if in a dream, we would remember something~

  • a feeling,
  • a brief picture,
  • a certain color
  • or a sound.

Then we would become very, very lonely. We would want to go Home.
But we couldn’t remember where Home was. We only knew that is wasn’t here.

We only knew that we didn’t fit and
we didn’t want to!

* * *

* * *

The Being ONE : Ashtar Sheran ::: The Cosmic Egg, Planetary Cities of Light and Merkavah Travel

The Being ONE : Ashtar Sheran ::: The Cosmic Egg, Planetary Cities of Light and Merkavah Travel.

* * *

Friday, August 15, 2014

Ashtar Sheran ::: The Cosmic Egg, Planetary Cities of Light and Merkavah Travel





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The Cosmic Egg, Planetary Cities of Light and Merkavah Travel

November 5, 2011

Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. So it is said in the classical western physics that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but it only can be transformed. This statement is an important statement for it is illustrating and speaking to some very important spiritual concepts. These spiritual concepts also have to do with the Ascension and with the laws of causality which dominate the third dimension. The Ascension is a beautiful example of transforming energy. You are inhabiting a third-dimensional physical body that is made up of an energy configuration suited for and designed specifically to operate in the third dimension. This third-dimensional body that you are now inhabiting operates on the laws of causality, that is, the laws of cause and effect. It is based on a logical linear concept that has a beginning and an end. Your end is already destined and configured at the time of your beginning. The third-dimensional body and the laws of causality are influenced or can be influenced by the fifth dimension and by higher thinking and higher energy. The laws of the fifth dimension or the rules of the fifth dimension are totally different. They are operating on a different understanding and a different assumption. So the fifth dimension has operating procedures just like the third dimension. The fifth dimension is able to transcend these laws of causality and the third-dimensional limitations that you are experiencing.

I know that many of you are becoming tired of the third-dimensional limitations. I also know that the third-dimensional limitations can cause constrictions and contractions in your operating on the third dimension. These constrictions often appear as illnesses and discomfort, and of course, you experience them as suffering. There is no suffering on the fifth dimension. There is no pain as you experience it on the third dimension. What a relief and what a powerful experience. This fact alone would make everyone who understands these concepts of the different dimensions want to go to the fifth dimension. It is one thing to say that you can transcend the laws of causality by using fifth-dimensional energy, but it is totally another thing to experience it. You can implement the transformation because you are taking your essence and you are taking your energy configuration and allowing or activating it so that your energies are transformed. When the energies are transformed, then you can directly go to the fifth dimension. In order to be in the fifth dimension you have to transform into another energy configuration. You have to transform into a configuration that transcends duality and that transcends the laws of causality, which will allow you to experience a greater aspect of yourself.

This transformational concept is hard for people to grasp on the third dimension. On the third dimension you are only experiencing a limited aspect of yourself. I know that it is a beautiful aspect of yourself in some of the cases; in other cases you may experience difficulties, contradictions and constrictions. The important thing is that this experience here is limited. However the limitations of the third-dimensional self can be expanding, so that in this time you are able to experience more of yourself. You can experience more energies, more abilities, more insights, and most important, you can activate parts of yourself that in previous lifetimes were not available. So imagine that you have so much greater powers and greater abilities in your higher self. Now the task becomes to bring an experience of those higher aspects of the self into this third dimension that is beautiful.

This concept relates to many of the kaballistic teachings of Metatron who speaks about creating a larger vessel of the self so that you will be able to experience more of your higher self. In order to be able to experience more of your higher self you have to have a larger container, a larger vessel. This larger vessel is actually your energy field. Your energy field is defined as the entire scope of your energy in your Cosmic Egg. The Cosmic Egg can be viewed either as a small egg or as a large egg. It can be viewed as an egg that has fluidity and is able to expand and contract, or it can be viewed as an egg that is rigid and staying in the same position. It can be viewed as an egg that is able to bring in other energies that are not of this dimension. Your Cosmic Egg has to have a certain vibrational frequency or tone or resonance. The Cosmic Egg can allow other vibrational energies to come into the energy field. You have to practice to be able to be in resonance with these higher energies. If you have not done the work, then you are going to have a problem. When those higher energies or frequencies are brought into your energy field and you have not been prepared and you have not been trained, then this will create a discord within the Cosmic Egg. Therefore your energy field can become confused and lose focus.

So energies are based on principles on the third dimension which do follow certain laws. One of the great laws of spirituality which also is expressed in the laws of the classical physics is known as the law of resonance. The law of resonance suggests that you are able to harmonize with higher frequencies that you are learning about or that you wish to experience. These frequencies can be actually seen on a visual screen. The frequencies of the fifth dimension are at a higher vibration, but if you are in a resonant frequency, then you will be able to invite and allow that frequency into your system.

A beautiful example is that when you are thinking of working with Jesus-Sananda, and when you are working with his energy and his frequency, which is based on love and acceptance and love of the father and also transformation and ascension. You can have those frequencies in your mind. Remember the mind is also part of the Cosmic Egg. Your energy system has many different parts to it. So when you have Jesus-Sananda in your mind and also when you have him in your heart, then those concepts and those transformational aspects, which include ascension, are resonant with you.

So to have the resonant frequency can also mean that the higher frequency will allow your lower resonant frequency to be raised. It is not expected that you will always be able to maintain the highest level of frequency. It is not expected that your Cosmic Egg will always be vibrating in such a way that will be fifth dimensional. But what is important is that because you have the training and because you have the teachings and because you have the practice, your basic understanding and core energy field allows you to resonate with the higher frequencies. By resonating with the higher frequencies you can raise your frequency.
That means that the Ascension is a higher energy field that you are resonant with. The Ascension is a higher vibration. You have ascension’s resonant frequency in your system. This means that you will be able to vibrate and integrate and allow the frequencies of ascension into your Cosmic Egg. This integration will allow you to ascend. Now I am speaking of the Ascension specifically because we are moving into the time frame of 11-11-11. This is a gateway; this is a doorway for the Ascension. That means that in this period there are more higher frequencies of the Ascension that are available that you can receive and you can integrate into your Cosmic Egg.

This is an interesting concept. Sacred times and sacred places offer sacred vibrations. Sacred times and sacred places offer higher frequencies that you can resonate with. By resonating with those frequencies you can incorporate those frequencies into your energy system, and therefore, you will be able to use them to raise your frequency. So what is very beautiful about 11-11-11 is that there are many higher frequencies in this time period, frequencies that are specifically related to your ascension. These many ascension frequencies are going to be available on that sacred time 11-11-11. You will be able to resonate with them. Maybe you will not be able to integrate all of them. Maybe you will not be able to learn everything that you need to learn on that day. But because you resonate with them, you will be able to incorporate those energies into your system at a latter time into your Cosmic Egg.

Pay specific attention to your Cosmic Egg, to your aura, to your energy field. This is an important time for you want to use the highest method possible to clean up your Cosmic Egg. Allow it to expand. Allow it to vibrate. Allow it to have the fluidity in which it can be at its optimal function. Optimal function is defined as being able to interact with the third and fifth dimension. Your Cosmic Egg energy field can receive and interact with fifth-dimensional energies. Your Cosmic Egg will be able to do this in a heightened way on 11-11-11. That means that you will be closer to transforming your energy. So energy is neither created nor destroyed; it is only transformed. You strongly want to transform your energy configuration.

The best way for you to transform yourself and your Earth body is to identify and interact more with yourself as an energy field in the shape of a Cosmic Egg. Your energy field as a Cosmic Egg has abilities far beyond that you can imagine. I am saying and suggesting that you can use your Cosmic Egg in a similar way to the merkavah, or the Chariot of Metatron. You can place your energy field in this configuration called the chariot, which can also be compared to a capsule. The merkavah energy is a transformational and transportational tool to lift you from this dimension to the fifth dimension. Over the many centuries the merkavah has gone through configurations based on the available technologies of the time. So the available technology of the earlier prophets used the configuration of the chariot. They were configuring their energy fields so that they could use the chariot to etherically travel to the higher dimensions.

You are in a time of much different technology. Perhaps the only time you have seen a chariot is in the movies. I don’t want you to think that the merkavah travel has to be limited to the chariot. For example, now you can use the space capsule for merkavah travel. Or you might want to use the technology of a flying disc. Also, you could use the technology of a passenger ship that comes from the mothership as a merkavah vehicle. Of course, you might want to use the chariot also. Some of you are very attached to the energy of the chariot. The important thing is that you are placing your energy field, which is in the configuration of the Cosmic Egg, into the capsule or into the chariot. This travel with the merkavah vehicle can allow you to go to the fifth dimension.

Now I want to speak of the law of causality. You might think that it is impossible to go back to the past. You might believe that you could travel to the future. In fact, much of our work with you is based on the future self, your future self. We see you in a broader perspective than what you are experiencing yourself. We can see you in your future self. We even see your future energies interacting with you now. In fact we are interacting with your future self now. It is this interacting with your future self which is a key ingredient in your energy transformation into the fifth dimension into your ascended body. It is an interesting concept to speak of the ascended body.

The law of causality may say that you cannot go into the past and change an event in the past which would prevent you from manifesting now. This idea was demonstrated rather hilariously in the movie Back to the Future where the star went back to the past. Something changed, and because of the changes, the parents were not going to meet, and because they were not going to meet, this was going to erase Michael Fox’s birth. Therefore, he could no longer exist in the future. This would mean that he could not exist in the present. But the fact is you cannot violate the law of causality. You can go back into the past. However, when you go back into the past, you might try and change an event. But you might only have limited success in changing one aspect of the past. You might even think that because of that change you would be able to prevent something from occurring. However, the law of causality says that you cannot shift an event that prevents your future birth. If you do shift an event that seems to prevent your future birth, then there will be a corresponding reordering of events so that the proper event can occur that will allow you to continue to exist. So in the movie Back to the Future, there were other events that would have to happen that would allow the parents to meet even if the original event did not occur. A later event would occur so that the main character’s parents would meet.

I tell you this because the laws of causality are actually more flexible, and they allow for some reconfiguration of events. Some of the reconfigurations can enhance certain events and make things a little bit easier. But the basic event, meaning your birth, would happen regardless of what changes you might be able to make in the past. Things can be reconfigured in the past in some ways. Now this reconfiguration may result in some minor shifts. But they will not be significant; they will not be significant enough to change large events. So when we are talking about the future self and the past self, we are talking about integrating those aspects. It is possible to go back into the past. It is possible to go forward into the future. It is possible to integrate your past self and your future self into this lifetime. Existing both in the present, past and in the future is one of the most profound descriptions of the Creator. There are sacred chants which reflect the concept I was, I am and I will be. All of these aspects are interactive at the moment of ascension. You will be able to bring together all three parts of yourself into a new unity at the time of your ascension. These three parts include the part that I was, the part that I am, and the part that I will be. So remain focused on all three parts of you during the Ascension. Remain focused on all parts of you because your higher self and your future self will ascend also.

Your future self is enlightened and your future self is experiencing higher dimensional realities. You can integrate those parts of yourself. Integrating your future self is an amplification of the laws of cause and effect. In normal third-dimensional causality it is totally illogical for you to be able to talk to your future self. It is just as illogical to talk to your past self. But it is even more illogical to talk to your future self because from the third-dimensional perspective the future has not occurred yet. So it becomes unreasonable to interact with the future self. But what I am saying is, through amplification the laws of causality can be transcended, and that transcendence will bring a heightened energy and a heightened ability to change this energy configuration of the energy field that is known as you. We are also suggesting that this type of energy configuration exists for the Planetary Cities of Light. That is to say, that the future aspects of a city can be integrated into its present aspects.

You heard us talk about the third-dimensional Earth, and you heard us talk about the Planetary Cities of Light. What we are suggesting with the Planetary Cities of Light is this: each city has an energy configuration. It is difficult to describe the energy field of a city as a Cosmic Egg because the city itself does not have a life form like you. But each city does have an energy field around it or an energy configuration. The energy configuration of each city is different. Some cities are filled with darkness and lower vibrations. Some cities are even filled with attached spirits that are operating with a great deal of dark energy. There are great points of conflict on the planet, such as Iraq or Afghanistan. We use these as examples of cities that have holes in their energy fields which allow lower vibrational beings to interact and create some very harmful mischief. The idea of making a city a Planetary City of Light is that you, through the Planetary City of Light energy work, could seal the energy field of the city so the lower vibrational energies could not function in them. Sealing the energy field of a city so that lower beings could not operate in the energy field of a city is an important part of the Planetary City of Light work. Planetary City of Light work can seal the energy field of a city so that lower vibrational beings cannot break through.

There are many parallels between the personal Cosmic Egg and the energy field of the city. For example, when you use your personal Cosmic Egg, then you can seal your energy from outside influences. You can make a secure outline around your Cosmic Egg so that it will not allow lower vibrational beings to come in. Using this method, then you will not allow hooks into your energy field. This can be hard work, and some of you may have even inherited hooks from other lifetimes. You may have patterns that allow lower vibrational beings to attach to you. This pattern can result in holes in the aura, for example, and it takes some good energy work and healing to seal those holes, but it can be done. Lower beings can use those holes, and they can become parasitically attached to a person. By becoming parasitically attached they are sucking some of your life energy so that they could maintain themselves.

This process of parasitical attachment is similar to the process in cities which have lower beings attached to their energy field. Cities can have many holes in their energy fields. So it is important to work with a city to seal those holes. This healing can be completed when activating a city as a Planetary City of Light. By making a city a Planetary City of Light, then you are able to seal the core energy field around the city so that lower, darker energies cannot come in. This also leads to our discussion of the spiritual light quotient of a city, because the spiritual light quotient of a city is an indication of the vibrational frequency, or the spiritual frequency, in which both the city and the people living in the city are resonating or vibrating on. Your spiritual vibration or your frequency is also transmitting itself to the city’s energy field. So just by you being in the Planetary City you are contributing to the city’s energy field, and you are sending your vibrational energy field into the general energy field of the city. This by itself can raise the spiritual light quotient.

Now when we are doing an event, such as 11-11-11 event, we are bringing to a group focus many higher vibrational frequencies to a city of light already. And we are seeking to transmit and to raise that vibrational frequency. The people that are coming together and are vibrating are hoping to receive and transmit higher light. We will be reactivating that area, and we will make sure that we can seal and assure that there are not any lower frequencies coming in. There is in the spirit world and also in classical physics the law of attraction. In the electromagnetic world there are magnetic attractions, but in the spiritual world there are spiritual attractions. Earth science can work with electromagnetic attractive energy fields. In the spirit world we can combine our individual energy fields into a group process. We can then combine that group process into a Planetary City of Light process.

To raise the energy field of a city, we talk about the concept of using an etheric basket. The etheric basket can be put underneath the city, and the city can be etherically raised within the basket. By raising the city using this exercise, one can then raise the city’s vibration. This exercise creates an attractive energy force by which other higher energies can become attracted and come into that city’s energy field. So the important thing to remember is that the Planetary City of Light has an attractive energy field, and you are working to maximize that energy field. In order to maximize an energy field you need an input of energy. There are some cities that already have that energy, but there are some cities that may need a boost, may need an activation.

In working with the Planetary Cities of Light you can compare it to doing personal work. In personal work you look to your future self. In Planetary City of Light work you look to the future of the city as well as the present. You begin to interact with the highest, most positive future light of that city. So the Planetary City of Light work, just like your personal work, expands itself to include the future and the future city. Remember we worked with San Martín de Los Andes, and we said to them they are connecting with the city Sedona, Arizona. Sedona, Arizona has a beautiful energy field that creates an aura that leads it to be called the psychic center of North America. Especially in the Southwest of the U.S.A., people have found great psychic energy and abilities that are present in Sedona. Because San Martín de Los Andes, Argentina is now connected etherically as two Planetary Cities of Light, we can say that San Martín is going to receive the psychic energy from Sedona. Maybe at this moment San Martín de Los Andes is not the psychic center of Argentina or of the area that it is in. But in the future time it will be.

In the Planetary City of Light you can visualize the most positive future time in that city. Visualize what it will look like. In the same way with your personal work you can visualize your most positive future self. What do you look like in the future when you are enlightened and when you are in the fifth dimension? Visualize yourself as a fifth-dimensional being. Visualize yourself as you are riding in your merkavah vehicle. See what you look like. When you are in a higher vibration, then you have a different look on your face, and you have a different energy about you. Also you will have different powers. Your Heart Chakra will be more open, and you might also look more physically healthy. So it is with the Planetary City of Light, that is, when the city is activated with fifth-dimensional energy, then it will look more beautiful. You can bring down the fifth-dimensional energy for the city from the future by visualization. So when we activate a Planetary City of Light, we are asking people to speak about the future of the city. We ask people to speak about the future vision and speak about the future energy of the city. This is powerful and helps to create new energies for the Planetary Cities of Light to help it become more of a spiritual city.

In your personal work you all have had aspects of your past self that have been phenomenal. I know that many of you are doing past-life work and frequently will go into past-life problems. But in our work we are also recommending that when you do past-life work that you also can go back to a positive past-life experience. Soul retrieval is generally considered retrieving disassociated parts of yourself from a past life. But also remember there are parts of yourself that are outstanding from your past life. There are parts of yourself when you were great prophets or where you were great spiritual teachers. Some of you were even starseeds in your other lifetimes. Some of you actually came from past lifetimes on other star systems. You can remember and access that positive energy from your past self. So don’t just think about the past and past-life regression in terms of going back to problems, but also go back to the positive past-life experiences.

The Planetary Cities of Light also have beautiful pasts. We want to assimilate, and we want to hold that past energy in the current energy field of the Planetary City of Light. So in group activation meetings you can speak about the past accomplishments of the city, the great people who visited or lived in the city and imagine that the energies from the great people can still be there creating more sacred energy of the city. So in this time there will be great opportunities to work with the Planetary Cities of Light and to work with the past, present and future energies and to create and maximize the energy field of the Planetary City of Light. The Planetary Cities of Light energy field can be viewed and spoken about in terms of colors. So if you want to remove darkness, for example, maybe you could visualize a halo around the city. You could visualize harmonic light balls. You can visualize downloading of light, and you can visualize a white light. All these things help tremendously to work with the vibrational energy field of the Planetary City of Light.

Each Planetary City of Light is affected by your energies. When you are receiving more energy, then you can send out more energy to physical cities. Now I will be turning the next part of the lecture over to Archangel Metatron. I love you all. Blessings. This is Juliano.

Shalom. Greetings, I am Archangel Metatron. I am so happy to be able to speak with so many of you about the merkavah. You know that the merkavah, also known as the merkabah, originated in ancient times in ancient Israel and in ancient Egypt. Some of the techniques were taught to the ancient Egyptians in secret societies. They were taught how to transfer the soul light to higher energy. There were great accomplishments, but there were also great mistakes made. Some of these mistakes were related to their ideas about death. The later Hebrew mystics realized that merkavah travel was for the living, not for the dead. You cannot do merkavah travel on the dead. Merkavah is a forerunner for ascension, and it is a beautiful process that allows you to experience precognitively the fifth dimension. The merkavah travel opportunities are increasing especially after 11-11-11. The doorway for the travel into the other dimensions is high during and after 11-11-11.

Many of you can travel in your merkavah vehicles now etherically. Instead of using chariots, I like the idea of you using the etheric space capsules because I think that a space capsule represents for you a more modern vehicle, and thus it might work better for you than the chariot. For example, visualize a beautiful space capsule which is in the configuration of a dome in the center of the space capsule. Visualize a beautiful etheric crystal in the center of the space capsule. This crystal has great spiritual powers. This etheric crystal connects with your Third Eye, and by using this crystal you can direct the capsule to those higher realms.

In modern merkavah travel you can have more than one person in the capsule. In the ancient times they were usually placing only one person in the chariot. We are saying that now you could put two or three people in your capsule. If you use a large enough capsule, then you could even put a group into it. The vibrational energy of the merkavah can be raised by the simple chanting of the word merkavah. And in the Hebraic world we also talk of the making or the doing of the merkavah. For example, you might say in modern English that we are playing chess. In spiritual terms we can also say that “we are doing merkavah.” The word merkavah has a special vibrational energy. So meditate now and hear the energy of the following words: “doing and making of the merkavah.” Merkavah…. Feel the energy of merkavah. Visualize your merkavah-domed capsule that has this beautiful crystal at the center of it. When you are entering this capsule, you are entering a realm of fifth-dimensional travel. The merkavah capsule has the ability to raise you to the fifth dimension, to the higher realms.

Now the word to ascend in the language of the merkavah is Ahl-ah. In Hebrew it means to go up. Ahl-ah Ha Merkavah. Ascend In Your Merkavah.

This brings you closer to the ascension light. This is the preparation of the energy you will be working with for your ascension. You work with your merkavah vehicle will help you to prepare for your ascending to the fifth dimension. The beauty of the merkavah travel practice now is that you will be able to return intact back to the third dimension. Because this is a capsule with all of the protection and all the spiritual technology necessary to take you to the higher realms and bring you back safely. You can sit safely in the capsule. Remember the ancient chariot didn’t have the shape of the dome capsule. So now we have higher technology spiritual merkavah vehicles. Eventually we want to work with the Planetary Cities of Light for merkavah travel. We want to encapsulate the cities of light in a dome-like structure, and then we could use those capsules to move with the whole city etherically to a higher realm. We can work to make a Planetary City of Light energetically more holy by etherically bringing that city to the higher realms. We then could bring back the city, back to the third dimension in that capsule with higher fifth-dimensional energy.

Blessings to all of you, the merkavah travelers of light.

I am Archangel Metatron. Shalom.

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