Sharing.:::.▶ Butt & Legs WORKOUT: 100 Workout Challenge!! Try It!! -SURRENDERING TO SELF.:::.Awakening with Suzanne Lie | Equipoise

Sharing.:::.▶ Butt & Legs WORKOUT: 100 Workout Challenge!! Try It!! -SURRENDERING TO SELF.:::.Awakening with Suzanne Lie | Equipoise.

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Sharing.:::.▶ Butt & Legs WORKOUT: 100 Workout Challenge!! Try It!! -SURRENDERING TO SELF.:::.Awakening with Suzanne Lie

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In order to fully download the multidimensional Light Language, you will need to surrender to your Multidimensional SELF.

Maintaining the resonance of your SELF will facilitate the integration of the Light Language into your consciousness and the language centers of your brain. In this manner, you can consciously perceive the multidimensional messages of Light Language. You can then translate these messages into third dimensional language so that you can better share them with others.

Remember to release all judgment regarding messages from the “lower” vs. “higher” dimensions, as it limits you to polarized thinking. In reality, all dimensions are ONE, and it is only in third and fourth dimension that the illusion of separation exists. First and second dimensional beings have no sense of separation and live in unity with all life. Hence, they already experience the Unity Consciousness that you have and will continue to experience via your fifth dimensional consciousness.

The difference is that third dimensional beings have forgotten their Unity Consciousness and first and second dimensional beings have forgotten their Personal Consciousness. On the fifth dimensional Earth that you are creating,and simultaneously accepting and entering, you will have Personal Consciousness while you also experience unity with all life.

In your other incarnations on Gaia, you have likely experienced a form of ascension in which you raised your resonance beyond that of the third dimension. In that case, your physical body “died,” and you consciously crossed over into the fifth dimension to meet your “Higher SELF.” Your ascension is to be quite different this time, for you have volunteered to be a member of the Planetary Ascension Team. Therefore, you have chosen, whether you remember it or not, to delay your personal ascension so that you could join in unity with ALL the inhabitants of Earth to ascend the entire planet into the fifth dimension.

This option was also available about 13,000 years ago, during the time of Lemuria and Atlantis, when your reality moved into a similar energy field as it now enters. However, the primary polarity, male and female, could not be merged into the ONE. Hence, Earth remained a dualistic reality, and the battle between the polarities of light and dark remained constant. Unfortunately, the dark polarity of destruction, which is vital for a polarized reality, was stronger than the light polarity of construction, which is also necessary for a polarized reality. It was during this pivotal battle between light and dark that many of you entered Earth’s evolution to assist in balancing the dark with your great light to avert Gaia’s destruction.

You are now completing the full 26,000-year cycle of the Progression of the Equinoxes and are returning to the Galactic Center. This cycle is also known as Annus Magnus or “Great Year.” The Great Year charts your journey through the twelve constellations of the zodiac, and many believe this journey to be a gestation or birth cycle.

There are several other cycles that are also finishing around your year of 2012.

Another cycle that is culminating around the year 2012 is the close of the Galactic Year.

It takes 225 million Earth years for the Milky Way to make one complete rotation in the sky. 225 million years ago Earth’s one landmass, known as Pangaea, began its separation into the seven continents.

Since then the one land mass has individuated into many landmasses.

In the same manner,humanity’s Unity Consciousness has individuated into Personal Consciousness.

From Journey through the Arcturian Corridor II

Posted 30th October 2011 by Shanti

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Friday, January 16, 2015
Pleiadian Perspective On Ascension Books –IT IS THE NOW video



Pleiadian Perspectives on Ascension – Books 1 through 4
Introductory Price
Available on for only 99cents per book

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(Please read these books in order, as they are sequential.)

Book 1 – A New Home – Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension

Book ONE

Part I – Meeting Your Divine Compliments
Part II – Merging of Divine Complements
Part III – Doing the Work
Part IV – Life With the Arcturians
Part V – Arcturian Lessons
Part VI – Journey to the Mothership
Part VII – Consciousness On The Mothership
Part VIII – The Mothership’s Expanded Consciousness

Book 2 – Life on the Mothership – Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension

Book TWO

Part I – Mytre and the Arcturian Mothership
Part II – Mytre and Kepier
Part III – Galactic Meetings
Part IV – Learning About Time
Part V – Remembering Bi-location
Part VI – Mytre’s Experience of Ascension
Part VII – Preparing for the Landings
Part VIII- Transmissions to Earth
Part IX – A New World
Part X – Saying Goodbye
Part XI – Mytria and The Violet Temple
Part XII – Raising the Violet Temple

Book 3 – The Landing Party – Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension


PART I – Pleiadian/Arcturian Alliance
PART II – Galactic/Earth Alliance
PART III – Multiple Realities
PART IV – A Beacon of Love
PART V- Reunions
PART VI – Releasing Time
PART VII – Return to Earth
PART VII – The Twelfth Floor
PART VIII – Letting Go

Book 4 – It is the Now – Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension


PART I – Return to Earth
PART II – Back to the Mothership
PART III – The Art of Integration
PART IV – Meanwhile on Ascending Earth
PART IV – The Merging
PART VI – The Greater Work
PART VI – Through the Portal
PART VII – Changing Realities
PART VIII – Lemurian Leadership
PART IV – Back From Lemuria
PART V – Transmutation Of Life

(Please read these books in order, as they are sequential.)

It is the NOW


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Sharing.:::. ▶ Butt & Legs Workout -JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP- Part XII- MYTRE MEETS KEPIER 1 | Equipoise

Sharing.:::. ▶ Butt & Legs Workout -JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP- Part XII- MYTRE MEETS KEPIER 1 | Equipoise.

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Sharing.:::. ▶ Butt & Legs Workout -JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP- Part XII- MYTRE MEETS KEPIER 1

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Trip to the Mothership Part XII

Mytre Meets Kepier 1

Where we left off:

I followed the Arcturian to the main Entry Area and saw a lovely Being of unknown gender and planetary origin. The Arcturian responded to my unspoken question by telepathically saying, “She/It is a hybrid of Human and Arcturian whose name is Kepier.”


As soon as my eyes met Kepier’s I felt as though we knew each other in a very deep way. However, as I quickly searched my memory, I found no memory to match my feelings. I decided to let my first impressions go, as I was concerned I was not giving her enough of my attention. I say “her” as Kepier seemed to be more her than him or it, as I referred to the Arcturian.

Kepier looked at me with a similar look of recognition, but also said nothing. The Arcturian introduced us, and then quickly left to attend to other business. After a moment of discomfort, I finally admitted to Kepier that she seemed to be very familiar and asked if we had ever met. She smiled in a knowing way and said, “Not recently.”

Kepier changed the subject before I could question her response and said that she was quite anxious to see the Ship. As I led the way to the Main Corridor, she told me about her service on the Arcturian Starship Athena. When I took her to the Visitors Section she said, “I think the Arcturian wanted me to have a Multidimensional Tour of the Ship.”

I was surprised that Kepier knew about the multidimensional component of the Mothership. I was also honored that the Arcturian had chosen me to be the Guide for this obviously well informed visitor.

“I am not just a visitor. I will be serving here,” I heard in my heart. When I looked at her with a questioning expression on my face she smiled. “Yes, we are telepathically linked,” she said with her voice.

I could see that this guided tour would be much more than I expected. I have to admit that I did not respond to her comment about our telepathic link, as I needed a few moments to pull my thoughts together.

Finally, I said, in a too formal voice, “Would you prefer to speak with voice or telepathy. I know it would be beneficial for me to practice my telepathic communication. I have only communicated in that manner with my Arcturian friend.”

“Yes, the Arcturians are grand friends, aren’t they,” she spoke telepathically, “I would enjoy the practice of telepathic communication myself. I am a counselor on the Starship Athena and find telepathy quite useful.

Actually, I was a counselor. I am not sure yet what my duties will be here. However, I believe that we, that is you and I, are meant to be part of the Landing Party to assist a planet on the verge of Ascension.”

With such joy that I forgot the telepathy I said, “Oh, do you mean my planet in the Pleiades System?”

“Oh, no,” Kepier also spoke with her voice, “that occurred long, long ago.”

“I don’t understand. Allow me to take you to one of my favorite places on the Ship where we can talk. It appears that you are to be my Guide, as well.”

Of course, I took her to my special holosuite and set it for my Nature Program. We sat down on small wooden chairs next to the waterfall and looked out over the nearby cliff. Before us was the landscape of a world that I had never seen, but that had been haunting my imagination.

As soon as we sat down, Kepier said with a reverence in her voice, “Oh my, this is Earth.”

“Earth!” I said, “Where is that? Also, when is that? It appears that you and I have been living on different time streams. It also appears that I am to adjust to your time stream.”

“Yes,” Kepier responded. “The many streams of time can be quite confusing. However, I am noticing that all of the time lines seem to merge here in the Mothership. Is that because it is fifth dimensional?”

“I think it is the total multidimensional quality of this Ship that creates the convergence of ALL timelines. The Arcturian told me about this time convergence, but I did not put it together with my life until just now. Of course, the Arcturian would, once again, offer me a lesson in the form of an experience,” I answered.

“But, before we continue Kepier, could you tell me about the ascension of my home world?”

“Yes Mytre, it ascended long ago. In fact, you were there with Mytria and your lovely daughter. The ascension of your planet was known around the Galaxy. You have not yet opened that file in your multidimensional consciousness as it would interrupt your current flow of reality.”

“But, I have been haunted with guilt that I did not help my people. How could I forget that?”

“You did not forget it. It has not happened yet within your Knowing. Even though the ascension of your Pleiadian reality occurred long before the ascension of Earth, you were brought here to assist with the ascension of Earth because of what you leaned on your home world.”

“How can I use what I learned on my Homeworld when I don’t remember it?”

“Because for you, you must complete this Mission in order to remember how to ascend your own world.” Kepier continued in response to my look of puzzlement, “Yes, I too have difficulty understanding the nature of timeless time.”

“However, it is much easier to see the matrix of timelines within another than it is to see it within yourself. I think that is part of the reason why we have been put together. That and because we are both part of the Landing Party.”

I had no response to her second mention of being on a Landing Party. First, I had to digest the information about the ascension of my home world. Also, the mention of Mytria and Alycia sent me into a wave of reverie. I had not realized how much I had pushed my longing for my beloved family away from my heart.

As we each became involved in our own lives, my nightly astral meetings with Alycia had become less and less. Also, I had not contacted Mytria since she entered the Core of the Mother. Realizing that I was on a totally different time stream than my beloved ones made me miss them even more.

On the other hand, was another version of my self also with them in that timeline? That thought brought me such comfort that I did not want to explore it further in case it was incorrect. Therefore, I allowed the concept of our living together to settle into my High Heart.

The Arcturian had told me that anything that we stored in our High Hearts would be infinitely accessible to our multidimensional consciousness. Therefore, I relaxed into my small wooden chair and felt the time stream of our togetherness take root in my High Heart. As I did so, I felt a warm presence in my heart where they had once been longing and regret.

As the setting of the Sun shot rays of red/gold light into my being, this healing slowly spread through my body. Simultaneously, I felt a peace and calm move into Kepier, which seemed to be healing some wound of which I was unaware.

With a feeling of deep camaraderie, we simultaneously took deep breaths and focused on the simple pleasure of watching a sunset. As our environment grew darker, we relaxed more and more into the Knowing of the Unknown. Within the same moment we both thought,

“As I live in the NOW, I Flow with the ONE.”


On the distant planet of Earth, millions went about their daily life with NO concept of the immense change that was occurring in a frequency of reality just beyond their perception. Paying bills, getting the kids to school, caring for an elderly parent, going to work, having fun and finding love filled their reality. They were free of the immense burden of Planetary Ascension.

They wanted it that way; they did not want to know. They wanted to DO life. Nothing in their reality guided them to even imagine that the Planet was a living being. Nothing in their reality led them to even consider that their life was multidimensional or that they had higher frequency versions of their SELF. Some went to Church and others did not. Either way, Spirit and Religion were the same thing to them and God lived far off in Heaven.

They felt safe living within a familiar reality that had existed for many millennia. They were too busy to ponder something that was different from all that they had known. Some of these people were loving and kind. Others were fearful and mean. These two groups were locked in the Game of Polarity, totally oblivious to even a possibility that their lives could undergo a quantum change.

Therefore, in some time stream, their lives would continue the same as always. The possible reality of ascension would move into their world like a low cloud or a vivid dream, and they would never notice it. The skies would fill with unidentified objects, and they would never notice. They were NOT complete with the 3D Game of Polarity and Separation.

They did not want to know, change or alter their perception of reality. For them, the Game would continue. They do not know that they are the creators of their reality. Since they were unwilling to allow a new concept into their awareness, they would continue to live life in the same manner as they had always lived it.

On the other hand, there were some who wanted to live life in a new fashion. In fact, some had prepared for this shift in reality for many incarnations. They somehow found a way to connect with their Multidimensional SELF and were ready and willing to return to their Higher Expression of SELF. However, would they be willing to release the illusion of TIME?

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD

Posted 11th November 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
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Sharing.:::.▶ Sexy Stomach Workout with Hot Model! – ▶ L.A.B. workout (Legs, Abs and Buttocks).:::.MESSAGE FROM THE ARCTURIAN GROUP | Equipoise.

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Sharing.:::.▶ Sexy Stomach Workout with Hot Model! – ▶ L.A.B. workout (Legs, Abs and Buttocks).:::.MESSAGE FROM THE ARCTURIAN GROUP

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▶ L.A.B. workout (Legs, Abs and Buttocks) – Level 2 – No Music – YouTube


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This is a time of much change for many. Do not fear dear ones, for the changes are for the Light to more fully manifest in the world. All is proceeding according to plan and you will soon be well aware of it. Many are asking; “Where is this, where is that?” Be patient dear ones, for the building of low level third dimensional chaos within unenlightened energy took eons to create. This cannot be dismantled in a moment even though it is not real but simply the manifestation of false beliefs and concepts.
You can understand from this what powerful beings you really are, that mankind’s false beliefs could form the illusory world you have come to know and experience lifetime after lifetime. You have come to accept a world filled with the ups and downs taken for granted as being reality, as being the way life is. Truth knows no ups and downs, but is ever pure Light and Love, always present, for it is all there is. Divinity is your inheritance as sons and daughters of the Divine. It is the substance and the form of all that is real and you are beginning to become aware of that. Every step you have taken and still take in your search for truth brings you closer to understanding how it all works, and gently guides you out of believing the activities of sprit to be “woo woo stuff” as many term it, and into the realm of reality . The “woo woo” world is really the third dimensional one–illusory interpretations of reality formed from the ignorance of mankind over hundreds of lifetimes.
The lesson for today’s message is Light–a deeper understanding of what is meant by the word Light which is in its purest form, Divine Consciousness. The Arcturian Group comes to teach, not to predict or comment so much on world events.
Energy vibration becomes slow, heavy, and dark when cluttered with the unawareness and un-evolved beliefs of duality and separation. Most of you at one time or another have all experienced entering into a place where you felt a heaviness that was uncomfortable making you want to leave. Many bars carry this energy. This is the experience of being in lower resonating energy. Many of today’s highly evolved children rebel at entering certain places causing their parents much confusion. It is because they are more sensitive to energy, and can feel the heaviness or chaos of certain environments. As an individual evolves, becoming more aware of truth and eliminating of the false, his energy field is able to manifest its already present light, Divine consciousness– enlightenment. An individual’s energy field becomes brighter and lighter as he embraces within his consciousness truth, and releases what is old and finished. Actually Light is all there is, but this ever present reality became shadowed and unseen by most, when the belief in two powers was accepted.
When spiritual teachers say to hold the light, this is a directive to see (acknowledge) the light within your heart center from your highest sense of understood truth. Image bright white/gold sparkling particles of light and flow them out through your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies with the intention that It clear everything unlike Itself. You see, the Light is the manifested form of Reality. Human eyes could not tolerate the actual Light of the Divine so bright it is, thus spiritual students become aware of and experience Divine Light through gradual and unfolding awareness.
When, in your quiet time you are guided to send light to someone, you never need to nor should you, put directives on it because the Light knows what the person needs and is the substance of it. If you should see light in your meditation, you are accessing the higher frequencies.
Light is never to be used as some magic wand, for this idea was and still is, the downfall of many who learn the secrets of energy, but are not spiritually evolved enough to use the knowledge unselfishly. Your awakening is bringing to you the awareness of an already present Divine energy appearing as Light. This Light is to be acknowledged, respected, lovingly seen in others, flowed to the world without directive, and embraced as God–the all powerful I AM presence within, never to be misused.
You see Divine Light has never left, man simply descended to an unawareness of it. That is why when Higher dimensional Beings appear to individuals, they appear as light. Illumination is the substance of the halos pictured around saints and “holy” individuals. The Light seen around the great master Jesus simply reflects the purity of his state of consciousness. The more empty of false concepts and beliefs of duality and separation, the more already present light is able to manifest. Plants, animals and all living things hold the Light of the Divine, for it is all there is.
Those who see auras will tell you that they see many different colors based upon the state of consciousness of the individual. The pure white light of Source contains all colors reflecting facets of Itself. This pure light appears in auras as different and ever changing combinations of color depending upon an individual’s personal energetic status at the time. You will be seeing many colors you are not yet aware of as the energy frequencies of earth rise into the higher dimensional status.
Be the Light, send the Light, love the Light, acknowledge the Light–for you are the Light.
We are the Arcturian Group 10/21/2012

Through Marylin Rafaelle

©2012 | Cedar, MI 49621

Posted 22nd October 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
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Sharing _ ▶ Back Pain Relief_▶ 8 Min Legs – APRENDIENDO LA PACIENCIA.:::.Wise Use of December Energies by Selacia | Equipoise

Sharing _ ▶ Back Pain Relief_▶ 8 Min Legs – APRENDIENDO LA PACIENCIA.:::.Wise Use of December Energies by Selacia | Equipoise.

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Sharing _ ▶ Back Pain Relief_▶ 8 Min Legs – APRENDIENDO LA PACIENCIA.:::.Wise Use of December Energies by Selacia

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Hoy, encontré algo que escribí algún tiempo atrás:

Tuve un sueño esta semana en el cual estaba ascendiendo. Alrededor de las 3 am desperté súbitamente y escuché en mi cabeza, “Sólo tuve un sueño de ascensión”. No obstante, no podía recordar cómo me sentí. Por supuesto, luego tuve que ir al baño. Cuando volví a la cama intenté recordar la sensación nuevamente, pero fui distraída porque mi cuerpo tenía tanto calor. No era una noche calurosa, y el calor venía de adentro, no desde fuera mío.

Me recosté en la cama por un rato sintiendo un intenso calor dentro mío. Eventualmente, volví a dormir. En la mañana, recordé la experiencia, pero no pude aún recordar cómo se sentía el sueño. Afortunadamente, tenía una sesión de acupuntura ese día y me determiné a recordar la sensación de mi sueño.

Cuando estaba en la mesa de acupuntura, tomé un tiempo para regresar al sueño, pero gradualmente, comencé a verme como lo que parecía ser una nube. Estaba en posición vertical con mis manos apuntando hacia abajo, y me estaba elevando lentamente. Sin embargo, después de un corto tiempo tuve una sensación de que algo me arrastraba por los pies lo cual paró mis movimientos de subida.

Me di cuenta de que allí había algo en lo que no había reparado. No sabía qué era eso, ni si era importante. Todo lo que era importante era que tenía que darme cuenta de eso a fin de continuar mi ascensión. Por lo tanto, tomé una larga respiración y me dije a mí misma, “Deja ir”. Instantáneamente, regresé a mi lento pero sostenido ascenso.

Sin embargo, no pasó mucho antes de que volviera a sentir el jalón nuevamente. Esta vez supe qué hacer. Tomé una larga respiración y dije, “Deja ir”. Nuevamente tenía que dejar ir, ni siquiera sabiendo qué era lo que dejaba ir. Solo sabía que la ascensión era lo más importante, y tenía que continuar.

Eventualmente, comencé a elevarme más rápido y el arrastre disminuyó grandemente. Fue entonces que vi alto encima a lo lejos. Controlando mi excitación, pacientemente (y no tengo buena paciencia) continué flotando hacia arriba hacia lo desconocido. Pensamientos pasaron por mi mente, pero pude fácilmente ignorarlos, y comencé a sentir la euforia de las dimensiones superiores. Mi forma comenzó a estremecerse, mi corazón se abrió y mi Tercer Ojo se enfocó en un borroso objeto encima mío.

Todos los pensamientos fueron liberados, y mis emociones eran sólo una sensación de expectativa y maravilla. El arrastre había parado completamente y el dejar ir era constante. Estaba viviendo en Entrega, y la sentí natural. Sentí una luz emanando de mí, y mi cuerpo se sentía extremadamente caliente.

Entonces vi una luz desde arriba, la cual era como el amanecer viniendo a través de una mañana oscura. Al moverme más cerca de la luz, el objeto encima de mí se volvió más claro. Era un orbe con una cara, la cual no podía reconocer ya que la luz era muy brillante. Al acercarse la cara más y más, aún no podía reconocerla, pero SABÍA quién era. Era la cara de mi SER.

Con el transcurrir de mi semana, recordé ese YO, pero sólo podía hacerlo cuando “dejaba ir” el drama, la confusión, el tráfico, las cuentas no pagas, etc. No fue difícil dejar ir, pero era muy difícil recordar dejar ir. El sueño lo dejó muy claro, que había miríada de elecciones que debíamos tomar dentro de cada momento de nuestra vida como dónde decidíamos colocar nuestra atención.

Si elegimos colocar nuestra atención en aquello que perturba nuestra paz en alguna forma, estamos perdidos de Cara a nuestro SER y hundidos en los dramas y la disonancia de la vida 3D. Ojalá pudiera decir que he cambiado totalmente y que ya no coloco más mi atención en aquello que me molesta. Pero eso sería una declaración falsa. Para ser honesta conmigo misma y con ustedes, tendría que decir que he tomado el desafío de vivir ese sueño.

Por lo tanto, soy más consciente ahora de “ser arrastrada por algo” pero a menudo me vuelvo consciente de eso sólo después que he caído en ello. Por otro lado, cuando puedo elegir instantáneamente dejar ir y vivir en entrega, soy completamente consciente de mi habilidad de elegir la vida que estoy creando.

Las energías liderando hoy han sido MUY intensas, rápidas, confusas, disruptivas Y transformadoras. Nuestra Alma nos ha estado llamando, mientras nuestro ego ha estado arrastrándonos a la esclavitud. Nuestro proceso de ascensión ha comenzado, y como todos los procesos, la parte más difícil es salir de la inercia.

Por eso, tenemos que hacer algo diferente cada día. Mi padre solía decir siempre, “Estudia mucho, estudia mal”. También decía, “Haz algo, aún si está equivocado”. Lo que quería decir con esto es que podemos quedarnos atascados en tratar de estar correctos siempre. Si cometemos un error, si nos enfocamos en el miedo de nuevo, está bien. La cosa importante es que nos atrapemos en eso, eventualmente!

Es nuestro ego quien desea estar siempre en lo correcto porque nuestra Alma resuena más allá de la polaridad. Por eso, no hay correcto o incorrecto. Sólo hay acción. Es a través de la acción que aprendemos, y estamos aprendiendo a medida que vamos. NOSOTROS estamos creando nuestra ascensión! Y, la estamos creando AHORA!

FELIZ 10-10-10

Había olvidado completamente que había escrito esto. De hecho, había olvidado incluso que había tenido esa experiencia. Escribo esto ahora para recordarnos a todos que debemos tener paciencia con este proceso de ascensión. La impaciencia crea enojo y el enojo crea miedo. Entonces, el miedo baja nuestra conciencia y pone nuestro proceso de ascensión en pausa hasta que regresamos al amor, al amor incondicional!

El camino de la ascensión está pavimentado con paciencia. Nosotros estamos acostumbrados a pensar en tiempo humano, pero en realidad estamos dejando el tiempo. Por eso, pensar en cualquier “tiempo” nos une al paradigma tridimensional del cual estamos intentando liberarnos. De hecho, “intentar” también crea enojo, el cual baja nuestra conciencia.

Muchas personas han preguntado a los Arcturianos, “Qué puedo HACER para facilitar mi ascensión?” Los Arcturianos siempre dan la misma respuesta de, “Hagan lo que aman!” El amor es una acción de dejar ir porque el amor está basado en la fe y la entrega. Si no podemos entregarnos a nuestro amor, se seca por falta de conexión constante.

Aquellos de ustedes que están en una relación amorosa con cualquier ser – esposo, esposa, hijos, amigos, animales, jardín, trabajo, proyecto creativo – saben que deben mantener su corazón conectado a lo que aman de manera de mantenerlo. De la misma manera, debemos mantener nuestro corazón conectado con nuestro proceso de ascensión.

Ayuda escribir sus experiencias de ascensión, ya que pueden ser olvidadas en las dificultades de la vida diaria. Luego, un día, cuando se están sintiendo como si nunca hubieran tenido una “señal real” de su ascensión, pueden tropezar en un sueño o una meditación o un breve momento que experimentaron años atrás para afirmar que ESTAN ascendiendo. Entonces pueden aprender la paciencia.

Por lo tanto, así como necesitan pasar “tiempo” con su amado, recordarán que necesitan pasar tiempo con su SER en un lugar o situación que AMEN. Es esto lo que estoy por hacer. Amo estar con las Secuoyas, así que es adonde estoy yendo con mi esposo.

No sé cuando seré capaz de publicar en el blog, ya que internet es usualmente pobre. Sin embargo, les enviaré mi amor incondicional y la SENSACIÓN de estar en la Naturaleza.

Por la Dra. Suzanne Lie
Traducción – Shanti
Publicado 6th July por LUZ ZOHAR
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Wise Use of December Energies by Selacia

Between this weekend’s full moon and the amplification effect that builds each year at the holidays, most people are feeling a bit more on edge and overloaded. It’s like there’s a sense of hurry in the air, and to do lists you didn’t even know you had appearing out of nowhere!

These effects are obvious, but there’s something new about how you may be experiencing them this December.

What’s New this December

First, this hasn’t been an ordinary or easy year. There have been lighter moments sprinkled throughout, of course, but we’re still in the midst of a very challenging cycle of revolutionary change. That long cycle has had some key peak moments in 2014 – like the Grand Cross planetary line-up last April. That alignment further stirred the already-churning momentum of society upheaval as well as an intense desire for big changes in all aspects of how life is lived. Regardless of what country you live in, these themes are an obvious part of the landscape.

Second, December is the month (on the 14th-15th to be exact) when we experience the sixth revolutionary planetary line-up in a series that started in the 1960s and endsMarch 16-17, 2015. The build-up to mid-December’s alignment is already a palpable energy in the air – serving as another planetary wake-up call and catalyzing a diverse set of pro-democracy and honoring-all-life movements.

To be sure, energies of times like this tend to reverberate for a very long time after peak points. What was initiated in the 1960s, for example, continued to unfold for at least a decade. In fact, each decade since the 1960s has experienced an amplified level of societal changes. The 1980s, as an example, is known as a time of cultural waking up, often described as the dawn of a new age.

Your Personal Experience

Each person’s experience of these times will be unique. However, each of us consciously on the path of awakening is purposefully here now to play a pivotal role in the Earth’s makeover. I often refer to us as divine changemakers, for indeed we are alive now to be at the forefront of this makeover and creating a more loving world.

What’s happening is a collective effort, yet each of us has a unique part to play. I believe our destiny as divine changemakers is in fact encoded in our very DNA. Because of this, while sometimes we may want to hide under the covers during turmoil and massive changes, we really can’t disappear and forget what we were born to be and do. It’s that ingrained in us!

Don’t let this responsibility overwhelm you this month. And refuse to let calendar dates and other markers terrorize you. There really is nothing to fear. You were born this time equipped for what you came to do. Sometimes that has meant being guided to teachers and practices that will help you get and stay stable and heart centered – so you can serve in the highest ways. Other times, your being equipped has meant you discovered talents at an early age that you developed into practical and helpful skills – to assist yourself and others.

To create a lighter and more harmonious personal experience with the revolutionary energies of December, consider the following.

Tips for More Harmony

First, remember the big picture about change. It’s not a dirty word or an energy you can stop. Your very nature is change, and you have been changing endlessly throughout eternal time. Welcome this natural energy – don’t fight it. Resisting the waves of change or trying to ignore them will only make you feel more insecure and less able to skillfully ride the ups-and-downs.

Second, keep in mind that everything has a frequency. This includes emotions and thoughts. Keep yours in the higher octaves by doing what you can to stay positive. The higher your frequency when the big wave of change comes in, the better you can cope. With a high-enough frequency, even the most challenging cycles can become manageable.

Third, be aware of high-energy dates. Next ones include this weekend during the full moon. Set your intention now to connect with the shifts you need to make and the catalysts needed to make them. Then be sure to take time out on the weekend to refuel, connect with spirit’s view of your life, and receive new insights about what’s blocking your forward movement. Ask for dreams to help you process things, and ask spirit to help you connect with helpful content from your dream time.

Trust that you are resourced beyond measure, and that you exist in a friendly universe teeming with visible and invisible helpers who want you to succeed.

Copyright 2014 by Selacia – author of Earth’s Pivotal Years, healer, and teacher * All Rights Reserved * * Feel free to share these articles with your friends and post to your blog or website as long as you include this copyright line and the full article text.

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Equipoise: sharing.:::.▶ Advanced Massage Techniques, Myoskeletal Alignment, Hip, Leg & Back Pain | Erik Dalton & Paul Kelly – THE GATHERING TO UNDERSTAND AND RELEASE FEAR

Equipoise: sharing.:::.▶ Advanced Massage Techniques, Myoskeletal Alignment, Hip, Leg & Back Pain | Erik Dalton & Paul Kelly – THE GATHERING TO UNDERSTAND AND RELEASE FEAR.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

sharing.:::.▶ Advanced Massage Techniques, Myoskeletal Alignment, Hip, Leg & Back Pain | Erik Dalton & Paul Kelly – THE GATHERING TO UNDERSTAND AND RELEASE FEAR

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Apr  16



The Gathering

The worlds are blurring into one
The moon is joining with the sun
The ONE is gathering all those who know
The pathway way Home that they will show
We will show this pathway made of light
Beyond the harm, beyond the fright
This journey that we take inside
Is free of ego, free of pride
The lion there lies with the lamb
As everyone lives in “I AM”
Deep inside we find our way
One, by one and day by day
We discover now the path we take
Is the very pathway that we make
We make this path with light and love
That we have gathered from above
Along this path dear Gaia’s flows
As her New Earth awakes and grows
Within this path there’s only NOW
There is no time. This is not how
Each moment is revealed inside
Where from ourselves we cannot hide
We cannot hide, as we are ONE
We are the planet. We are the sun
Our true SELF, now, will lead the way
Into the knowing of each day
As time collapse into now
We must be still and just allow
Allow the moment and the day
To reach into our heart and softly say,
“We are all here, as we are you
“And we will tell you what to do
“Listen closely and do not doubt
“As we tell you what its all about
“It is the beginning and the end
Of what you take and what you send
Every thought and brief emotion
Will set your new world into motion
Your inner power is being born
Release your doubt, let go your scorn
For what you think, you do create
And what you feel, will find its mate
You will remember and you will learn
What you send out will soon return
YOU are the creator of your life
If it is loving, or filled with strife
The light that shines into your Being
Ignites your hearing and your seeing
And what you choose to hear and see
Inside your life, it soon will BE
Choose your focus. Master your mind
For what you think, you will NOW find
The slowness of the era past
Is closing now and will NOT last
Prepare your SELF for a new beginning
Where love is free and truth is winning
This new life shines within your heart
Which is the place where you will start
Start to BE and remember HOW
To live your life within the NOW
When you walk within the moment
You live your life in true fulfillment
To BE the YOU that is your Soul
Is your promise and your goal
Step into NOW
And find out HOW
To BE the world
You choose

There are myriad realities that surround us in every moment of our day. We have forgotten that our consciousness is the key to open the doorway into any reality that we choose.
In fact, we forgot that we could choose our reality. We bought the lies that were fed to us by those who sought to control and possess rather than to love and create.
We tried to control our life so that they would not control us. However, control in any manner is a trap because we cannot control and surrender at the same time.

Control is the mechanism of the third dimension, whereas surrender opens the pathway into the higher worlds. Therefore, by controlling our lives, we see only third dimensional options and solutions for our third dimensional situations.
On the other hand, we move beyond the third dimension through surrender. We cannot control our self into the dreamland of the fourth dimension.

Falling asleep is “falling” into a slightly higher state of consciousness in which we can experience our reality from a higher perspective. To enter fifth dimensional consciousness we must surrender into our higher SELF.

Just as we only see the channel to which our television is tuned, we can only experience the reality that resonates to the frequency of our consciousness. The illusion of time no longer reigns in our fifth dimensional reality.

Each moment is alive, and time cannot be waisted. Therefore, we do not need to hurry up or slow down. Within the fifth dimension there is only NOW.
In the higher worlds there is no fear for what might happen.
There is only unconditional love within the HERE of the NOW.
In other words, in order to enter the fifth dimension and beyond,we must:

Understand and release fear!
By Suzanne Lie, PhD
Posted 3 hours ago by LUZ ZOHAR

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Equipoise: Sexy BUTT! and Legs Home Workout! -CHACRAS AND THE TRUE HEART ::: sharing

Equipoise: Sexy BUTT! and Legs Home Workout! -CHACRAS AND THE TRUE HEART ::: sharing.

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Sexy BUTT! and Legs Home Workout! -CHACRAS AND THE TRUE HEART ::: sharing



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Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2014


There is, at this critical point in time of Great Change and Liberation – as I understand it, and always did – one main responsibility we have: the responsibility to connect with the Heart of our True Being and to live from there. To live from the Depth of it, in the Beauty of It.
Because this Is What we really Are.

This, in my best understanding, is Ascension.

Now there is much misunderstanding about what the Heart is. I use a capital ‘H’, and not a small ‘h’ to make the difference clear.

The Heart I am talking about is NOT our heart chacra!

And I also do not talk about our physical heart.

The heart chacra is merely a kind of superficial addition to what we originally and truly already Are. And in fact, we do not need the heart chacra at all to realize this! This is my own experience!

All exercises based on chacra work end up to be shallow compared to exercising the natural Power of the Heart.

The Heart is our true hue-man Divine Essence, that has been always ours, the One that never changes, and always Exists beyond time and space.

It survived unscathed all manipulations, all genetic changes, by those who interfered with hue-man’s true Divine Nature.

The heart chacra is therefore of no real use! It is just a kind of toy, and superimposed on our Essence and Feeling of Being. Even more: the heart chacra can become a major obstacle for discovering and Being Who We Are.

If we are stuck in the heart chacra, we have no access to our Heart. We cannot find it, we cannot feel it. This is so because we are manipulating the heart chacra from our brain, in the same way we manipulate all our other chacras.

To be fixed in the brain does not allow us to live from the Heart.

You will notice yourself, that when you are truly in your Eternal Heart that there are no chacras, because your Eternal Heart is outshining these artificial lights.

We are being manipulated into believing that working with the chacras is what spiritual enlightenment is about. But not so. There is much disinformation around.

There is no real power in our mortal chacras, as they do not express our own True Living Heart. They only distract you from going deeper to touch and re-cognize Who You really Are.

It might be the methods of the worshiped “gods” or extraterrestrials, to hand “down” to us instructions how to develop our chacra system and to use sacred geometry to grow our consciousness, – and such to advance to a “higher” version of ourselves.

But this does not truly serve us: exercising only the chacra system, weakens and destabilizes us indeed, makes us vulnerable by generating dependency on the ever changing flux of the currents of life, whether in this dimensions or in other dimensions!

In fact this method prevents us from taking back and regaining our true Inherent Divine Power, that only can be found in and As Our Heart.

The Power of the Heart is a Power that is greater than our galaxy, that is greater than the universe. In reality the Heart contains it all.

We are not the small powerless beings, we are told to be by those who preach a developed chacra system as the non plus ultra of our spiritual achievements and ascension.

Our Heart Power is never “above”, and it is not “below”. It Is All. It cannot be categorized as “superior”, and it is not a “ladder” to climb up to reach the cosmos above and to look from there down to here. Because it is not located in duality.

In fact, we do not need to be told or taught anything, but we are encouraged to rely on what we already Are and which does not need to be developed, but only to be remembered, re-discovered, re-cognized – when we are willing to heal our heart from painful and negative memories.

And then we understand that we are more powerful than any artificial teachings and complicated, mind driven methods and exercises.

We do not need programs, we do not need beliefs when we rely on Reality. The Heart is beyond beliefs and dimensions, beyond the fragmented chacra system and it’s broken colors.

It is the Continuum of our lives in all existences, realms, galaxies and dimensions.

It is the unlimited Divine Power of the true human being, with all its humbleness, to merge with all life and all beings with great unconditional Love.

The Power of the Heart Is Us, it is Eternal and is the very core of our Existence, it is our Existence Itself. And it is closely linked and already inherently united with the Great Spirit of our Earth Mother Gaia. This we must re-discover!

United with Her in our Heart, this leaves no room for exercises and methods, but requires us to allow to merge with the Domain of Feeling.

In the centerless Depth of this Feeling to Infinity all Wisdom is revealed, all Powers of the hue-man become obvious.

It is a State of Fullness and of Knowingness, where nothing needs to be added or developed, We simply allow What We already Are!

We always have been already there and complete! And within this completeness the Universes and Galaxies are our playground!

This is also the Truth, our Real Friends that are of True Light and True Love are reminding us of. And it is up to you, my dear friends, to find out where your Inherent Divinity and actual Power resides.

In Lak’ech –

Many Blessings to us!


Copyright© 2014. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, Please post your comments on my blog so that I can be aware of them.

Please share this message only together with this information and without changes, including the title. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.

Posted 2 days ago by LUZ ZOHAR

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Equipoise: Bikini Model Home Legs and Butt Workout – Jun 15 FROM ATHABANTIAN – Embracing Change ::: sharing

Equipoise: Bikini Model Home Legs and Butt Workout – Jun 15 FROM ATHABANTIAN – Embracing Change ::: sharing.

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Friday, December 12, 2014

Bikini Model Home Legs and Butt Workout – Jun 15 FROM ATHABANTIAN – Embracing Change ::: sharing

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FROM ATHABANTIAN – Embracing Change

Greetings from the starship Athabantian, I am Bren-ton of Andromeda. We are most pleased to be communicating with you. From our vantage point many thousands of mile overhead, we observe that everything on planet Earth is progressing toward the great transformation. While it may not appear so to you who are involved in the middle of these events, there is progress toward the day when we can announce, “Earth has transformed. The humans of Earth have ascended to the 5th Dimension.” There is no question that the transformation will take place.
There are many wonderful changes coming to the humans of Earth, and to the planet herself. These are changes beyond your imagination. These changes will transform all life. These changes will restore Earth to the pristine planet she once was. These changes will, in time, lead to a new civilization for you, the humans of Earth. These changes will eventually envelop all in the 5th Dimension.
Each human of this planet is undergoing change. You are experiencing it in your physical bodies. Have you noticed changed sleep patterns? Headaches? Forgetfulness? Awkwardness? These changes are also affecting your mind and your emotions. Yes you are changing. Everyone on the planet is changing. Each person closes how to react to these changes.
One reason for the changes is the light energies coming to your planet from the center of your galaxy. Energies transformed by your Sun star. Energies focused by starships such as Athabantian.
This unprecedented influx of energies from the center of your galaxy is having an effect on each human of your planet, whether they are conscious of it or not. The presence of the Christ energy is smoothing the move into higher dimensions for all. All are feeling the impact of these energies in their bodies and in their emotions.
These energies are beneficial. The changes to your bodies are intentional. The changes will enable you to move into the 4th Dimension. Ultimately these energies, along with your concerted efforts will move you to the 5th Dimension. This planet will become a 5th Dimensional planet, a shining star for all to see. This has never happened before to mass of humanity. Always before it has been one individual at a time.
The rest of the universe is closely watching the progress of these changes. For what transpires on Earth affects all. For what transpires on Earth sets a pattern for the ascension of all in physical form. Is it any wonder that so many of your star brothers and sisters are gathered on and about your planet, watching and assisting with these events?
These changes will usher in a new way of living for each human who ascends with Earth to the 5th Dimension. I am speaking here about the ability of each human to telecommunicate with others. In time each human will have the ability to manifest whatever he or she wishes for sustenance and comfort. Each will be able to transport themselves from one location to another.
To live in this world of the higher dimensions you must embrace change. Embracing the very idea of change will open you to all these possibilities. Once you embrace change you will find the fear associated with such a decision falling away as you discover the freedom to be who you really are. Embracing change means to stand tall while events swirl about you. For those who have chosen to embrace change the collapse of the 3rd Dimension will lessen its impact.
The key element of embracing change is to think from your heart. Your rational mind creates duality, always positioning the dark against the light. Thinking from your heart clears the way to embrace the lighter vibrations. Thinking from your heart enables you to see the wonders that are ahead. Thinking from your heart enables you to embrace change.
All are beckoned to this new way of being, regardless of their current circumstances, beliefs, or activities. All are called to embrace change. All are beckoned to the new Earth, to the new ways of being humans of Earth.
Let me give you examples of the positive changes we observe: The uprisings of the common people – actually they are not common at all, but are marvelous unique individuals who have finally found their voices. These uprising, be they in the Middle East or Wisconsin, show that people everywhere recognize that now is the time to assert who they really are. You may not see it as clearly as those of us who observe from afar, but their actions portend dramatic changes in your civilization. Many people are awakening to question traditional ways.
The unwillingness of your governments to function on behalf of the people governed and the rancor with which changes are resisted are signs that these systems are crumbling to make way for the new. These are systems deeply corrupted by wealthy and powerful interests.
The massive amounts of newly printed money flowing into your financial systems portend their collapse. Corporations, governments, religions, healthcare systems, and scientific and educational institutions will fail along with the financial systems.
Extreme weather — tornadoes, floods, and bitter cold — has impacted many area of your planet over the past months. There are record numbers of earthquakes around the Pacific Rim. These will continue and in some cases become more extreme as Earth cleanses herself. The actions of those wishing to retain power has exacerbated many of these natural events.
Your civilization has many serious problems that are not being addressed. Your national media would have you focus on trivia while the larger issues, such as the following, go unattended. All will be corrected as you arrive at the lighter densities.
-Failing to recognize the oneness with your Earthly brothers and sisters that leads to many in poverty and hunger

-The apathy of most people who are willing to accept their lives as it is

-Continued burning of fossil fuels that dirty your atmosphere

-Pollution of your waters with the refuse by your so-called “modern civilization”

-Massive amounts of trash that your civilization generates
-The genetic modification of crops and the use of growth hormones

-The obfuscation of the truth about human history

-The influence of religions

-The denial of your star sisters and brothers

-Educational systems that teach conformity to the existing paradigm

-Drugs abuse – prescription and illegal, including alcohol

And the list goes on and on…
We see many of these problems as the result of the influence of the energies that caused your planet to slip from the light. At the same time we appreciate how the humans of Earth have struggled to attain a level of consciousness where the great transformation can now take place.
It is not one of these events that portends dramatic changes, but the combination of all. Your planet is transitioning; individual humans are transitioning. Yes, this is the year when great changes will be initiated. After the culmination of these events, it will require some time for a new civilization to fully organize itself on the new Earth.
From our perspective, the single most important thing is to recognize who you really are: a magnificent being of light that has volunteered to inhabit a physical form for a given lifetime.When that simple realization becomes widespread, then Earth humans will create a magnificent new civilization.
All humans resist change, particularly change that is being thrust upon them from some outside source. Many humans are so caught in current behavior patterns, in what they consider to be their “comfort zones,” that they resist all change. Yet everything is changing. The changes are fundamental and far reaching. After the changes, fear-based 3rd Dimension reality will no longer exist. For those in 4th Dimension, the changes will bring welcome relief from this fear-based paradigm.
The changes are extraordinary. They have many facets. Features of the 3rd Dimension such as time, violence, judgment, competition, anger, greed, and safety will go away. Features of the 4thDimension such as cooperation, gratitude, appreciation, acceptance, truth, balance and freedom will become the foundation for a new civilization based not only in the 4th Dimension, but pointing a path to the 5th Dimension.
Earth humans who have amassed great wealth will resist these changes. Those who have amassed great power will resist these changes. Those who have achieved status will resist these changes. All who are comfortable in and familiar with their existing lives will resist these changes. Those who believe they have attained a certain consciousness will resist changes that do not conform to their point of view. And those who rely on their rational minds, rather than their hearts, will resist these changes. Those who have achieved a higher level of consciousness, so that they truly know who they are and embrace that truth, will not resist these changes.
When the darkness enveloped this planet and consciousness fell, the structures of the human form were shattered. Human DNA was altered. The minds of humans were separated from their emotions. Ego was elevated to rule in the name of safety. The individuated soul was separated from its human body. The chakras were distorted such that they were very susceptible to outside manipulation. In the process of achieving higher consciousness, the body, mind, emotions, and soul are reunited into a complete human being. Such a highly conscious person embraces change when he or she sees the benefit to the greater whole, along with the benefit to self.
This awakening of the mass of humanity is occurring just in time. A discussed before, there will be extreme changes thrust upon all – none will be spared some impact of these changes. This is the moment to move into the higher vibrations prior to the peak of the changes. Changes are erupting all about you; focus on the higher vibrations to stand tall amidst these changes.
We who are your star brothers and sisters wish to assist you in this grand adventure. We stand ready to come to you. Raising your vibrations is the first step. Once you choose to embrace this new way of being, many opportunities will present themselves. Do not linger too long in the old ways, for change is accelerating.
We of the starship Athabantian are now proceeding to step up our involvement. As Taugth revealed in his recent message, we are opening new channels of communication with humans of the planet. Mark is assisting this efforts with the interview process in which we determine whether an individual will accept and welcome our communications and – most importantly – will share the information he or she receives with others. We are seeking those who will embrace change and show others the way to live with change. We are most pleased by the number of individuals who have expressed a desire to communicate directly with us. We will work with each of them to increase their confidence and improve their communication skills.
I am Bren-Ton of Andromeda, communicating with you from the starship Athabantian. Along with the others aboard, I am here to serve you as you transition to the lighter vibrations and become a citizen of the universe. All aboard Athabantian send their blessings.

Through Mark Kimmel
Read archived messages from Bren-Ton, Justine, Moraine, Adrial, and others by referring to:
For Announcements by Mark Kimmel go to:
You may make copies of this message and distribute in any media as long as you change nothing, credit the author, and include the web address.
Posted 15th June 2012 by Juan Pablo
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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Sunday, August 17, 2014
Jaqual’s Story Part 4 — Finding Love


Jaqual’s Story Part 4

Finding Love

Dear Jaqual, I have not contacted you in a few days. Yes, I have been busy, but I also know that you are going into battle. I always hide my eyes when I watch movies or shows when the “battle” begins. However, I have always been interested in the military, likely that interest is because of my unconscious memories of you and Mytre. With that said, I am ready to ask you to continue the story of your going into battle.

I speak to you again from within the Third, Yellow Doorway of becoming a Spiritual Warrior. I have found within myself the energy field of being a Spiritual Warrior. Now I will share my experience serving as a Spiritual Warrior. I left off telling the thirteen members under my new command how to transmute into Lightbody.

Once we all united via our Lightbodies and via the unity consciousness we had already established, we were ready to confront the Draconians. There were only a few of us, and we had to outsmart and outfight about a hundred Dracs. However, we had two things that were impossible for these warrior Dracs. We had a multidimensional connection with our own Lightbody, and we had a deep unity consciousness with each other.

Armed with our invisible weapons, we set out to rescue our people. My ship was far superior to the others, so I took the lead. We chose a route that was out of the normal flight plans, so that we arrived at the Draconian base from a direction they would not suspect.

As far as we knew, the Dracs thought that everyone from our colony was dead and anyone returning to our world would have no way to determine what had happened or how to find the missing people. We hoped that they would become lazy with that illusion. However, laziness was not a common Draconian trait. On the other hand, they greatly enjoyed a raucous celebration after battle, which would distract them, we hoped.

Our plan was to beam up our people into our ships, as any one ship could not hold them all. But first we had to locate where they were in the Draconian camp. We decided to use our telepathic connection with the man with whom we had been telepathically communicating.

Again he was a great help and told us exactly where to find them. He also told us that we had to act immediately, as they were to be shipped off the next day. We had to get the Dracs off the planet and in our ships. We needed a distraction, which would have to be me.

My ship was an object they would recognize as special and would follow me in order to capture it. As I bussed over their encampment, I could see them running to their ships. They did not want to shoot me down, as they wanted this new form of space ship intact. After all, there were many of them and only one of me.

Thus, I enticed them into the air, leaving only a few Dracs to guard their prisoners. Knowing there was help nearby, the prisoners began their own plans to subdue the few remaining guards. One skill that we Antarians had, which no Draconians possessed, was the ability to move into our higher-fourth dimensional form.

Since, that dimension was invisible to the Dracs perception, one-by-one their captives blinked out of the vision of the guards. The Draconian ego had stumped them. They did not consider that a band of wounded and beaten “slaves” could actually transport themselves into a frequency beyond their vision.

Now that they knew they could be rescued, the “invisible” prisoners could easily outmaneuver their captors. The unseen prisoners took the guards weapons and used against them. Soon the remaining guards were all dead, and we began beaming up our people. Unfortunately, one of guards had called for help, and we knew that more Dracs would soon return to their base.

We needed another distraction, which again was my ship. I starting shooting at the Drac vessels then took off in hopes they would follow me. I chose this tactic as a lure to get their attention. Then, while our other ships raced back to our planet with our people, I could lead them in a different direction.

I knew that I would likely be killed, but it was a good death. And, since I had already cheated death, I assumed that I was lucky to be able to go down as a protective warrior rather than a wounded child. As soon as I saw the Draconians on my sensors I took off in the opposite direction of the ships with our people. The Dracs were no fools, so some of them split off in the direction of our planet.

I went after them and was able to take out about half of those ships before I was hit. Fortunately, I had given the others enough time to get to the secret wormhole we had discovered on our way to the Draconian camp. The ships turned back toward their camp thinking that they could always return to our planet again. I knew this was true, so I had to destroy them all.

My fight was quite valiant, but eventually I was shot down and I was taken prisoner. I had set the autodestruct on the ship, so those who remained to take my ship were blown up along with it. Unfortunately, I had been taken from the ship, so I could not perish with it.

I will not discuss what occurred to me while being their prisoner, but you can well imagine that it was NOT pleasant. When I wouldn’t provide any information, they decided to put an implant into my brain so that they could always track me. Worse yet, the implant blocked my ability to return to my higher frequencies of self.

Then they left me in a cell in the hopes that someone would try to rescue me, so they could be captured as well. Of course, that someone was my dearest friend Commander Malteese. With the implant in my brain, I could not communicate via fifth dimensional telepathy, so I could not warm him that my imprisonment was a trap.

However, he could track me. I do not know how long I had been a prisoner, but it was long enough for my friends to come back for me after our people were returned to the planet. While on our planet Malteese found the specification of the new ship right where I had told him they would be.

From the information the Antarian had been able to put a cloaking device on Commander Malteese’s ship. Much to my surprise, CM, as we all called him, was able to beam me out of my cell. Once on his ship I warned him of my implant. He was not surprised, but very sad that he could not take me home. However, he had fought the Dracs for decades and had prepared for the probability of my implant.

“Before we came to your rescue,” said CM, “we found a distant planet and created a fifth dimensional dome that the Dracs cannot penetrate. We have left a ship there for you so that you are not trapped on that planet. We know that even with your inner tracking devise you can outsmart and outfight the Dracs.

“With a safe place to hide, you can keep up the fight while we relocate our community to a new location. Once that is accomplished, we will find a way to remove or disable your implant and return to take you home. Until then, you will be safe.”

We silently flew to the planet, which was out of both Draconian and Antarian territory. CM landed just outside the fifth dimensional dome and guided me through a passageway through which I could enter my safe zone. I felt blind and crippled that I could not differentiate the fifth dimensional dome from the surrounding areas while limited to my 3D perceptions.

Once inside the dome CM said, “Our people are forever grateful for your sacrifice, and we will NOT let you down. We WILL find a way to help you and return to take you home.” With those final words, my dear friend said “Good bye for now,” as he embraced me, returned to his ship and flew off.

I was alone. As far as I knew there was no one else on the planet, but I was safe and had the rest of my life to heal.

(Sue) I now return to a section of Jaqual’s story that I received in 2007.

I continued to fight for several more decades, but without any passion. I fought hard with no fear of dying, but it was as if I was protected and nothing could kill me. I even become foolish, which only crashed my ship and stranded me on an isolated planet for many years.

It was during those years in which I was completely alone on that barren planet that I began my ascension. I had to eat simply, as there were only a few roots and plants that were edible. However, there was enough water and many hot springs in which I spent hours reflecting on my life.

There was enough animal life that I could eat, but I was so tired of killing that I would rather starve than kill another living thing. Fortunately, the plant life that I found was sufficient, barely, for my health. However, it left me with little vitality, and I spent most of my days in quite contemplation or on casual exploratory hikes.

Since I had also traveled more than any person needed to, I stayed close to my crash site, as well as the relative comfort of my ship. The communication device was damaged almost beyond repair. Unfortunately, with my implant I was unable to expand my consciousness into the fifth dimension to communicate via telepathy.

On the other hand, I was able to repair the radio enough to send out SOS messages. Unfortunately, the range of this message was very small, and could be heard by the enemy as well as by my own troops. Hence, I did not use it often. In fact, I only used it when my instincts told me that there were no enemy ships in range.

Yes, I had lost my ability to communicate via telepathy, but living so close to the land had honed my “animal communications,” so that my instincts were at a very heightened state. The long hours of contemplation and living as ONE with nature continually awakened me to the inner voice that had been hidden behind my constant cry of guilt and torment that I had not saved my community.

That voice calmly and lovingly reminded me again and again that I was just a child when the Dracs came to our town, and there was nothing that I could have done to save them. In fact, the voice reminded me that had I not “pretended to be dead,” there would have been no one alive to rescue the survivors from a long, horrible life of slavery.

But still, I lived in remorse and guilt about the death of my mother. “NO,” the voice reminded me. “You mother was happy to leave and return to the higher dimensions to be with your father. In fact, she was going to do so soon anyway because you were old enough to be left with the families of the town.”

Nonetheless, it still it took years of this inner conversation before I could accept that what my inner voice was telling me. Knowing that my mother was planning to leave me because she missed her higher dimensional life was helpful. Slowly, my grief lessened, and I began to experience a freedom from the constant burden of guilt and self-remorse.

Finally, I began to realize that my life had been a good one. I had more than fulfilled my obligation as a warrior to protect the colonies from the Draconian destruction, and I had been a good leader and loyal friend. Eventually, I began to have dreams that I was walking through a long hallway.

I knew, of course, that these dreams represented my entry into the Temple of Remembering, but try as I might, I could never get to the door. In every dream, I saw the doorway at the end of the hall taunting me to open it. But when I tried to walk towards the door, my feet would not move.

I knew then that I could not make this journey in my dream state. I would need to face whatever self-made barriers were left before I could proceed. Since it only took a few hours each day to collect my food and maintain my survival, I had a great deal of time to search inside my self.

At another time in my life I would have scouted the entire planet, which turned out to actually be an asteroid. However, at this time in my life, I wanted only to see inside of my self—finally!! It was then that I began to have dreams, meditations and reflections, all of which had a similar theme.

I was being guiding me back through all the darkness and fear of my long life. Memory after memory of my experiences of sadness, anger and fear were slowly healed with the expanding light of understanding, forgiving, accepting and loving my self.

Surprisingly, I began to live in a state of thanksgiving for the peace and simple joy of finally healing a long life of pain. Wave after wave of pain was released. As I forgave myself, my ancient pain was replaced with thanksgiving for having the time and space to take this inner journey, as well as the wisdom to chose to take it.

Bit-by-bit, fear was replaced with love, anger was replaced by gratitude, and sorrow was replaced with joy. I was living a simple, quite life. My inner peace made the cold night warm and the hot days cool. The simple food began to taste delicious, the ruined ship became my loving home, my walks became moving meditations and the hot mineral pools became nirvana.

As my mind healed, the many bruises, cuts and minor injuries of my crash also healed. My mind became clear and free of negativity, my body grew strong and healthy and my heart opened fully to the simple joys of everyday life. When the inner voice told me it was time to turn on the SOS beacon, I almost refused to do so.

“No,” the voice repeated. “You must trust me on this and follow my advice.”

As I continued to resist, I realized that this was a final initiation to see if I could trust my inner self. Just as I had to accept that I was not “crazy” for talking to myself, I had to accept that my inner voice was a higher octave of the multidimensional SELF that I had believed the implant had taken from me.

The persistency of my inner voice finally led me to turn on the beacon. To my surprise, what I found was not a ship rescuing me, but another ship that was in need of my rescuing them. Just in time, I turned on my communications, so that I could direct the damaged ship to my location. No, I thought. Now my wonderful refuge will be ruined. Little did I know just how wrong I was?

It has been many cycles since Servania landed her damaged ship on my wilderness home. Because I had finally listened to my inner direction and turned on my communications, I was able to give her the coordinates to my location. The coordinates had not been a part of my SOS message, for fear the Dracs would receive it.

I had to hike an entire day to find her location, but she was not too injured. With my renewed strength and stamina, and I was able to easily carry her back to my encampment. She too was an Antarian and was able to give me news of our home. It wasn’t until then that I began to miss it.

However, my homesickness ended quickly when I began to fall in love with Servania. Yes, I Jaqual fell in love. It was Servania’s love that showed me how to walk the hallways, for she walked them with me.


This is the last message from the “past” that I can find from Jaqual, but I know there is more that I will receive in my NOW. By moving through the Fourth, Green Doorway, Jaqual remembered how he found love.

Also, by following Jaqual’s story of being stranded on the planet, I realized why it took me so long to remember about his messages. I feel that we are all on the same inner journey as Jaqual’s. It is important that we take “time” to be with Gaia’s land, eat simply, meditate every day and find our own simple joys of being alive.

We can become so caught up in the “battles” of 3D life that we forget that we are much more than our earth vessel and what we “do” in our physical world. Finding who we truly ARE is vital at this point of our personal and planetary ascension.

We all lost our ability to return to the higher expressions of our Multidimensional SELF when we were born into our physical body. Hence, we too need to focus on our own inner voice and the voice of our planet to regain our innate abilities that were taken from us by a society largely led by Draconians in human disguise.

Jaqual’s story came into my awareness in this NOW to remind us all that WE are the masters of our destiny. Hence, we all can find love of life by choosing to go inside to heal our pain and regain our love. 


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Equipoise: Sexy BUTT! and Legs Home Workout! – A DAY WITH VENUS ::: A CALL FOR PLANETARY SERVICE ::: sharing

Equipoise: Sexy BUTT! and Legs Home Workout! – A DAY WITH VENUS ::: A CALL FOR PLANETARY SERVICE ::: sharing.

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Sexy BUTT! and Legs Home Workout! – A DAY WITH VENUS ::: A CALL FOR PLANETARY SERVICE ::: sharing

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(After I had my healing experience, I could barely stay awake, so I was unable to post this article until today. This is the same thing that happened to me after the Eclipse. Perhaps many of you have had that experience of going so deeply into the higher dimensions that you can no longer stay “awake” to the physical one. Interestingly, first we must learn to “stay awake” to our higher SELF and now we must remember how to “stay awake” to our physical self. Below is my experience. After “sleeping on” my experience, I added more to it this morning.)


I want to remember, I want to remember, are the words that I woke up with this morning. I want to totally release my abduction experience so that it will longer stand in the way of fully experiencing my reality on the Starship. I know that I have a reality on Athena Starship, I think, but my experience of it is very fussy. When I go inside to ask why it is not clearer, I always hear that it is because of the trauma I still hold of being abducted on the Zeta Ship.

Yesterday I found a message from the Arcturians about my abduction that I received back on December 12, 2010 that totally validates my experience. Even when I wrote and read the message, I still totally forgot it. I do not want to forget what is frightening any more. It is holding me back to have any secrets from my self. I am ready to totally remember and release this, and all, trauma that has haunted me my entire life!

Dear Arcturians,

Please answer my questions:

1) Do we need to go into the terror part of a traumatic event in order to release it?

2) I think that I have been pretty dark/frightened/angry the last couple days. Is this behavior part of my process of remembering and release?

3) My dreams this morning were continuous visions about my clearing process. Even though I woke up say, “I want to remember,” I can’t remember them. Can you please assist me with all of these questions?

Dear Suzille,

We, your Arcturian Family, will happily assist you with all of your questions. Therefore, we will assist you to remember, through the flow of our consciousness that which you are experiencing in your higher states of consciousness, such as being on our Starship. We are, also, fully aware that you are trying to remember how to totally connect your Third Dimensional Operating System to your Multidimensional Operating System. We will begin with that unasked question, as it is the root of all your questions.

In order to connect your Third Dimensional Operating System with your Multidimensional Operating Systems you need to release that which is in-between them. Subconscious fear creates a firewall in your deep subconscious mind that automatically rejects any information that might activate that forgotten trauma.

Therefore, to allow the full multidimensional light and unconditional love to flow into your physical brain and through out your entire body, you must heal and release any archived and forgotten fear/darkness that are still archived in your deepest subconscious. We say deepest subconscious, as the fear stored there is the furthest from you daily life and the easiest to ignore. On the other hand, the fear/darkness that is stored in your deep subconscious mind acts like a sniper hidden in a tree that shoots you when you are least aware.

Only the Openers, first ones through the Ascension Portals, need to do this deep work. Once the Portals are all opened, it will be easier for others to follow. Many of the Openers were the ones who came to answer Gaia’s call at the fall of Atlantis. These ones have a deep connection to their Star Family, but they also have many traumas buried within their subconscious. They have these buried traumas because they have worked for the forces of light again and again in the darkest of times, only to be punished for revealing their light.

Also, only those who have an expanded consciousness, as well as the support of their Star Families higher light, are able to move into past realities in which they were lost to fear and darkness in order to clear them. This brings us to the first question. Yes, there is a certain amount of that “terror” which you will need to confront, mainly because it is leaking to the surface of your consciousness. Hence, we have given the answer to the second question regarding your recent behavior.

We Arcturians have assisted our grounded ones before and we are assisting you again at this time of ascension. It is true that you need to release the fear of being abducted to the Zeta ship in order to fully remember your SELF on our Starship. All memories work by association. When you remember one experience, you also remember similar experiences. Hence, your trauma on the Zeta ship stops you from fully remembering you life on our Starship. Hence, you can only remember your life on our Arcturian Ship via an “imagined reality” as opposed to via a “directly experienced” reality.

Having a reality be “just your imagination” protects you from remembering the details of the reality. However, if going on a Starship can only be your imagination then any Starship experience would be “only your imagination.” Many of our ascending ones cannot fully remember their positive encounters with Galactic Beings, because they don’t want to remember their negative galactic experiences. These negative experiences come from abductions, as well as fighting in the Galactic Wars of long ago.

Hence, many of our ascending ones have believed they needed to protect themselves from remembering their full Multidimensional SELF. They were afraid that if they activated their full memory, myriad painful experiences also came to the surface. All hidden fear and pain, which it is on Earth or beyond, creates a leakage of uncontrollable, and often unwarranted, fear and/or anger. The Dark Ones have used this hidden fear to control and limit the awakening ones. If all the grounded ones were to clear their hidden dark memories, they would ALL come into their full power, wisdom and love.


Dear Venus has come into your lives again during this transit to guide you Home, past your current physical Sun and into your higher frequencies of reality. Venus carries all the unconditional love that is necessary for humanities full healing. Also, those of you who answered Gaia’s Call for assistance during the fall of Atlantis incarnated first on fifth dimensional Venus to gradually step-down your great light enough to be able to incarnate on the deeply-wounded, third/fourth dimensional Earth. In fact, many of you spend lives on Venus in-between your earthly incarnations. On Venus you can “de-brief” from your challenges on Earth.

However, we have diverted from our message, so allow us to explain the difference between an imagined reality and a direct experience. An “imagined reality” is based upon your left-brain’s third dimensional thinking combined with your right brain’s creative process. Because it is based on a creative process, your left-brain chooses to perceive that experience as something that you created rather than an actual “real” experience. To your third dimensional thinking, only that which is perceived via your five physical senses is believed to be “real.”

When you think multidimensionally, you know that you create every experience. You also know that you have chosen to perceive everything that fills your experiential world. The knowledge that YOU CREATE your reality and that YOU CHOOSE to perceive that which you wish to experience, even in your daily life is a huge responsibility for an un-ascended person. It is that very responsibility that must be owned and used by our ascending ones as a vital component of your ascension.

It is necessary to embrace this responsibility in order to fully connect your Multidimensional Operating System into the circuitry of your third dimensional mind. Your Third Dimensional Operating System is actually more of a filter than an operating system because is dis-allows all information that is not perceived via the five physical senses.

Therefore, if a reality is experienced by your multidimensional senses, it is automatically categorized as your “imagination,” and relegated to an “un-real” experience. This is not a bad thing, as every dimension has its own rules that need to be followed to remain in that dimension. When your 97% DNA was turned off, your world was limited to the third dimension. Furthermore, if anyone dared to perceive any other version of reality, they were witches, crazy or trying to fool you.

When you have a “terrifying” experience, it leaves a psychic scar on your body, in your brain, and in your aura. However, “going through the terror” does not mean the terror that you felt during your experience. Going through the terror means that in order to multidimensionally perceive your experience, you will have to accept that YOU created that experience and YOU chose that experience. That can be a terrifying act if one has not yet taken responsibility for the reality they are choosing to live.

Dear Venus is here to remind you that YOU are up to that task. When you prepared for 3D incarnation on Her body, and when your rested on Her planet in-between your Earth lives, you de-briefed from the experiences of your Earth lives in polarity while deeply enjoying the love and beauty of her higher frequency realities. While in the safety of Venus’ reality you were able to remember that all traumas are merely “negative energy patterns” that were created in your consciousness during your challenging incarnations on Gaia’s planet of polarity.

Fortunately, when trauma can be viewed as a negative energy pattern, it is much easier to clear. Allow us to remind you how your “cleaned your consciousness” in your “in-between,” R&R incarnations on higher dimensional Venus. We will assist you right now to release your negative energy pattern by taking you to the Violet Temple on Venus:


Take three long, slow, deep breaths to calibrate your consciousness to the higher frequencies of your imagination…

Imagine that you are now walking, which is more of a sensation of floating on 5D Venus, across the beautiful landscape of Venus. On Venus the sky is often a warm yellow glow and the ground is so filled with life that IS happy that you are floating-over rather than walking-on the earth. We begin our journey to the Violet Temple on the Shores of Pink Sand upon which the Waters of Liquid Light gently caress. As you relax against a huge tree-shaped Being, as all life is alive here, you see the Red Mountains in the distance and smell the sweetness of all life.

Eventually, you feel the urge to visit the Violet Temple. Hence, you arise from your posture of lying against the tree and thank it for its shelter. You turn toward the Path to the Temple and float up the hill to huge green area of “living lawn” that surrounds the Temple. Before you is the Violet Temple, which is surrounded by the floating gardens. The Elementals and Devas of Venus constantly tend this garden.

This familiar vision of Venus’s immense safety expands your consciousness to encompass your multidimensional SELF, and you instantly find yourself within one the many healing room. You take a moment to FEEL the safety of your environment, SMELL the beautiful flowers that live within that room, RELAX onto your couch of light and EXPAND your consciousness.

You can feel the trauma that you wish to heal resonating within you. Because you have done so much to release this wound, it no longer hurts you, but only tickles. The familiar environment of Venus’s Violet Temple allows you to remember to send your uncoditional love into this wound that has diminished your ability to remember your SELF. Because you are beyond time and space, you can lie on the couch and, simultaneously, stand beside you form in order to fully examine your earth vessel

As you look into your aura, you see the circuitry of fear that has collected around the wound you have come to heal. You must clear this fear before your healing will be complete. The best way to heal the fear is to change the purpose of this wounding. Instead of allowing this wounding to be a block to your multidimensional memories, you will allow it to be a portal for multidimensional memories. We say this, because you have likely created similar wounds in your myriad incarnations on 3D Earth. Remember, even though your earth vessel is different, you are the same Soul in every incarnation.

As you see the wound before you, you can see the disunite circuitry, as well as how it is attached to your consciousness and aura. That which disallows memories resonates to the lowest frequency of red light. See the area of red light, dampened by streaks of grey and black and focus your attention on breathing the blue light of Divine Love and Guidance into the dirty red of your wounding.

You observe as the blue light changes the grey streaks into pure red. Then, combining the blue light with the clear red light, you observe how the red and blue create purple. You then breathe the light pink of unconditional love into the wounding to transmute the purple to violet. The frequencies of blue, Divine Love, and clear red, Vitality, combine to create the color purple/violet to Transmute any substance into a higher frequency.

Now, imagine that the entire wound is resonating to the violet color/frequency. Do you see how you have transmuted something that has stopped your awakening into something that assists your awakening? Now, meditate for as long as necessary so that you can re-boot your neural system to this new configuration. (This is were I became useless for the rest of the day and watched Star Trek so I could be on a Starship.)

The above process can be used to transmute any trauma at an energetic level. In other words, you can perceive the area of your brain and/or body that resonates to lower frequency of physical or psychological wounding to see the emanation of red light. Then breathe blue light onto that area to create the violet light of transmutation. Any area of your body that holds trauma creates resistance, as resistance is a form of protection for that wounded area.

When you give Divine Love to the red “stop sign” of resistance, which is actually your protection against further wounding, the blue merges with the red to create the violet of transmutation. Then, whenever you experience the tickle of psychological or physical wounding, you can transmute that wound into an inter-dimensional portal through which you can constantly receive healing.


We will now address the third question about your dreams. Many of our ascending ones had and are having ascension dreams. Ascension dreams are dreams in which you process and/or practice the many aspects of ascension. One aspect is the clearing of old fears/darkness to facilitate your potential to Flash into Lightbody. Many of you have had brief experiences—rehearsals—of Flashing into your higher expression of Lightbody. However, do not forget that your multidimensional Lightbody also carries the potential to create a physical form when it is necessary.

Your physical form was always a matrix, just like physical Earth. It is the matrix that will be carried within your Lightbody so that you can “go to work” on Matrix Earth (the fourth dimensional expression of Gaia) to assist those who are still in the process of ascension. There are many who have been so weakened by the intense darkness of polarized Earth that they need more of the illusion of time and physicality before they can heal enough to ascend.

Just as we, your Galactic Family, assists you in your ascension, you will assist your fellow members of physical Earth. In this manner, the student will become the teacher for the un-awakened to awake. Therefore, remember your process in detail for you will be teaching it to others. There are many different expressions of Earth’s humanity. Therefore, there will be many expressions of human ascension. Each of the ascended ones will become an inspiration and instructor for those who resonate to your expression of reality. In this manner, first you LEARN, then you DO, then you TEACH. You will all be wonderful Ascension Teachers for those less fortunate and/or less diligent than yourself.

As I have been going about my day with the release of a deep “terror” I did not know I concealed, I have been seeing all the small ways in which my fear was expressed as impatience, judgment, and other expressions of low-grade anger—which was really fear. Since I was 7 years old, I have hidden this secret from myself. Which secret is that I ask myself, as I remembered that I was abducted. Oh, I answer, the secret was that it was REAL, that I created it and I chose it.

Why did I wan to do such a thing as create and choose that experience?” asks the wounded ego as a component of her healing. “Because,” say the healing one moving towards ascension, “We had to remember. We had to remember that we were more than just a little third dimensional. We had to keep a secret from our self so that we would not get in the daily life of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

We chose and created that experience before we took a form so that we would always keep looking inside to find out why we were so lonely, so different, so depressed. Then when we found out, we couldn’t allow our self to believe it. We, the ascending ones, chose different dramas that somehow matched our Mission. Now, that we are ready to go deep, deep, deep into our hidden archives, we can realize how courageous we are to have chosen so many challenges in one lifetimes—just so that we would NOT forget.

Therefore, we thank each and every one of our challenges for they have been our awakeners. Our challenges, the red frequencies of wounding in our mind, body and aura can now all be filled with our blue Divine Love to transmute them into the Violet Fire that will activate our full personal and planetary ascension.


Since my visit to the Violet Temple, I have been seeing all the small ways in which my fear was expressed as impatience, judgment, and other expressions of low-grade anger—which was really fear. Since I was 7 years old, I have hidden a secret from myself. Now I know that my abduction was chosen by me before I was even born.

Why would I want to choose that experience?” asks the wounded. “Because,” says the healing one moving towards ascension, “We had to remember. We had to remember that we were more than just third dimensional children. Therefore, before we took form we chose and created an experience that we would keep us looking inside to find out why we were so lonely, so different, so depressed.
Then when we found out, we couldn’t allow our self to believe it. We, the ascending ones, chose different dramas that somehow matched our Mission. Now, that we are ready to go deep, deep, deep into our hidden archives of wounding, we realize how courageous we were to have chosen so many challenges in one lifetime—just so that we would NOT forget our SELF

Therefore, we thank each and every one of our challenges for they have been our awakeners. Our challenges, the red frequencies of wounding in our mind, body and aura can now all be filled with our blue Divine Love to transmute them into the Violet Fire that will activate our full personal and planetary ascension.

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD
Posted 7th June 2012 by Shanti
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Jun 3


I have been contacted today by a Being of Light with a very subtle beautiful energy and expansive Light. As I insisted on a name so that I would be able to present this Being to my readers, this Being said: “Call me Alpha”

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012

Greetings! I Am an inter-dimensionaI Being working at this point from the 8th dimension.

I do not live on a planet, but I Am associated with planets somehow in a way that I am working to help to maintain the stabilization and balance of their energies. This work is not done arbitrarily, but I am asked by the citizens of a planet, or higher dimensional beings who are assisting with this task, to help with this service, and they know me because of that. Basically I am directly connected with the High Light and Frequencies of the Galactic Center. And so you will understand that I help – by balancing planetary energy fields – to strengthen their alignment with the frequencies of the Galactic Center. This is especially required, when the energy fields of planets are becoming unstable for several reasons, particularly when their dimensional vibration shifts.

Although I might appear to you as an individual, I am not, I am a group consciousness, you could say, whose members are able to work on several projects simultaneously. We Are a conscious light- and energy-system which you could compare with a beehive, where the many bees execute different tasks, while the queen is orchestrating their duties. In the same way you could understand My function as being the central operation station for all the work that is being done.

I am now being called with my many “group members” to assist your planet in this process of ascension. And you are of course understanding why. Is it not that you observe or experience daily earthquakes? They and floods, storms and other unusual phenomena demonstrate to you that your planet’s vibrational field is shifting as She is being entering into the direct alignment with the Galactic Center. And here my service is required.

In that sense I am an operating force of the Galactic Center, overlightet by the Elohim who orchestrate and direct the Light-Consciousness of the massive Lightforce of your Great Central Sun in the Milky Way.

The reason why I am contacting humanity, is to offer cooperation with Us during this great shift, in case you feel moved to participate in the process of your planetary shift with Us. We have noticed that there is a rising number of you who wish to assist in such a service.

All you need to do is to ground yourself, connect yourself with the Center of your planet Earth and then calling consciously upon the light frequencies from your Galactic Center to enter smoothly your atmosphere and to gently settle down on earth, thereby also harmonizing areas which are in imbalance. They can be areas anywhere on your planet but also living organisms, including the planetary kingdoms, the fauna and flora and the mineral world, and of course humanity and your own personal bodies and thought fields.

It is of great advantage if you consciously draw these new mighty light-frequencies into your living and breathing fields, which helps to powerfully ground them on your earth. Every welcoming of them from your side supports the capacity of your planetary system with all its inhabitants, to shift into the higher dimensions.

When you agree to participate in this work we then will assist your intention when you start doing the work or when you allow a general or basic continuous consent and personal opening to receive these incoming frequencies from the Galactic Center.

This will greatly enhance the light and conscious awareness on your planet and lessen more and more the capacity of denser frequencies and their manifestations to exist on your world.

Remember also that it is our task to make sure that these highly empowering frequencies will be adapted in a smooth way to your and any other frequency so that you and all planetary kingdoms will not be overwhelmed by it’s force.

Great planetary, interplanetary and inter-dimensional work has always been done in a cooperative manner, where all directly involved and those who exist in the universe to support these processes, join forces.

We thank you for your assistance!
May the Love of the Source in which we all exist, Bless you and Expand your Heart!

I Am Alpha

Message conveyed by Ute

Copyright©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2012
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without any changes. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.
Posted 3rd June 2012 by Juan Pablo
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