sharing.:::.The Overcontrol of Evolution – The Urantia Book- Galactic Federation of Light – Lady Quan Yin: Uncovering of You | URANTHEA2094

Origen: sharing.:::.The Overcontrol of Evolution – The Urantia Book- Galactic Federation of Light – Lady Quan Yin: Uncovering of You | URANTHEA2094


sharing.:::.The Overcontrol of Evolution – The Urantia Book- Galactic Federation of Light – Lady Quan Yin: Uncovering of You

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– May 22, 2015

Posted on May 23, 2015
by cosmicgaia
in Mike Quinsey, SaLuSa
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Galactic Federation of Light

Channeled by Mike Quinsey

Time continues to pass very rapidly and will continue to do so, which for many of you is a relief as you are experiencing many challenges. This is to be expected as you face clearing the residue of karma accumulated over a long period of time. There will come a point when you will have virtually completed it, and it will be considered as having been cleared and the slate will be clean. Your focus on all that is positive will ensure that you stay on the path of Light, and the end times should be an occasion when you become aware of completion within yourself. It will come with a feeling of peace and a knowing that all is well. You will find it easier to live in the “Now” and life will be more enjoyable as you focus on the Light. The old vibrations will hold little or no attraction any longer, and you will know beyond doubt that you are ascending.

It is as though two worlds are intertwining, but they are in reality becoming separated as the higher vibrations lift you up. You are by your own choice leaving the old vibrations behind, as you have learnt the lessons they had to give you. For those who choose to remain their life will continue very much as before, even if they have to re-locate to a new Earth. Be assured that the plan for Man is perfect and each soul will find themselves exactly where they are intended to be. If it means parting from friends do not despair as where it is formed from a love link you will always be able to renew it. Bear in mind that at some stage in the future everything will be in the “Now”, and then you will be able to move instantly by the power of thought.

For the time being you can start to imagine what the future holds, and the joy and happiness it will bring. Some souls will worry about keeping up old relationships, but bear in mind that contact can always be made by putting out the thought, and if that soul is free you will connect. By comparison to the freedom that you will have, the Earth experience will seem like having been in “prison” simply because of the restrictions that have been necessary to ensure your lives were not interfered with. You created your reality and it was necessary for you to experience whatever you created. It is the only way to learn how to handle such power, and it will serve you well when you have complete freedom to move within the higher dimensions of the Galaxy.

We believe that many of you have woken up to your true potential, and know that you have awakened and expanded your consciousness. This will continue until you are ready to take the final steps to become a Galactic Being. It will not be new to you as you are returning to a level that you had previously attained. You dropped your vibrations to experience in the lower ones, and now many of you are ready to claim back the higher ones. You are much greater than you can probably imagine, but as time passes you will remember your previous experiences. After having spent many lives on Earth with a limited consciousness, you will eventually become One again with your Higher Self and become whole. The times ahead are exciting and you will choose your next experience, as evolution is constantly taking place. The ultimate is to return to the Godhead but that is way ahead of you at present.

As ever we monitor all activity on Earth and around it, with a view to stopping warring factions from causing another World War. We also keep a watch out for unwanted intruders that we keep at bay, as the Earth is what you call a “no go area”. We sometimes allow contact, but only to increase your awareness as to the others forms of life that exist in your Universe. You simply have so much to learn and it will be very acceptable and help your understanding of universal life that abounds all around you. Until recently you had been kept so isolated that you really did believe that you were at the centre of the Universe. Now you realise that many, many very advanced civilisations exist with you, and when you are ready they will be introduced to you.

In the meantime busy yourself with what you call “unfinished business”, and where it applies to relationships try to bring about a mutual understanding to overcome any remaining problems. Holding grudges or outright hostilities are not acceptable for one who is looking to progress with their evolution. As you have so often been told, “Love” is the most powerful energy and it will eventually overcome the most difficult problems you may encounter. If you have read the Masters messages you will note that they are of “Love and Peace” and for example the teachings of Jesus emphasised the need to “turn the other cheek”, and that is not easy for you when you are faced with hostility or threats. However, always aim for the highest response you can and by your example you will be helping others.

The changes to Earth that you were warned about are taking place, and inevitably there will be loss of life. However be assured that all follows each soul’s life plan, and in general you are all where you are supposed to be to gain experience. If you can take it in your stride you will pass through such periods with relative ease. So much is being affected by the changes and not least of all the Nature Kingdoms. The animals in particular will move to areas that suit their needs, and importantly maintain their continuance. Some species will inevitably die out and if you look at your history, such changes are not unusual. Changes cannot be avoided and once things settle down you will see that the world is becoming more temperate. It is all part of yours and Mother Earth’s evolution.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and always pleased to enlighten you as to the nature of the changes you can expect. Look for the positive outcome to what is happening, and know that the cleansing is far reaching as it continues to restore the Earth to its pristine condition. Go about your tasks with Love and Joy and give freely of it to help others sharing your journey.

Thank you SaLuSa,

Mike Quinsey.

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Lady Quan Yin: Uncovering of You

Posted on May 23, 2015
by cosmicgaia
in Julie Miller, Quan Yin / Kwan Yin
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Lady Quan Yin
Image Credit

Message from Lady Quan Yin

received by Julie Miller

May 23, 2015

Oh Precious Hearts it is so wonderful to share this day with you. The day is new and fresh with many aspiring possibilities for growth and development of your whole self. Becoming more accepting and open minded is a demonstration that you are able to think for yourself and if you can clearly think for yourself with definite understanding then you become your own authority; you know with certainty what your likes are, you are open to new challenges and are able to face them with creative solutions. The dear souls that can broaden their minds truly do enrich their lives which leads them to enriching their hearts as well.

When you have learned to unhinge yourself from conditioned, patterned ways of being, from following a limited regime of thinking, you begin to think more on your own and discover just how liberating it is and find yourself becoming interested in so many things. New ideas come to you as you open yourself and accept that there is nothing you cannot overcome or accomplish when you open yourself in total awareness with your heart and soul working together harmoniously. Somethings you attempt to do may take some time to complete, but when you really want to see something through, to see the outcome you have envisioned then you will because you are filled with a determined spirit that sometimes you have forgotten or denied for passivity. Life is meant to be lived Precious Hearts.

There are many ways you can practice that will help to keep you in the moment aware and open. Exercising your concentrative power is just one. Concentration is essential to enhancing your awareness. When you are able to concentrate, you have focus and are able to make a rational breakdown of the information that is before you. When you are focused, you are open and clear and are able to bring yourself to understanding at a deeper level to where confusion was once present.

Taking the time to reflect is not only healing but it enables you to go over events, to digest any new information you have gathered and think it over. When you reflect on certain events of the day, you open yourself up to deeper levels of consciousness than what you normally have. Every time you reflect on a situation, you gain more insight and when you have more insight you are able to discover better, longer lasting solutions.

Meditation is another way that can help develop an open mind. With meditation you are in a continuous state of attentive awareness. It is through meditation that you can access your intuitive insight as you are able to quiet your mind. When your mind is quiet, your intuitive nature is able to sense the entire genuineness of the situation or event and provide you with essential information which might not have been available to you beforehand. Precious Hearts, if you are able to bring yourself to a deeper meditative state, then an unblemished solution will be uncovered.

All we have spoken of is a few skills that require practice just like anything else before it can be truly effective. If you are just beginning to enhance your life skills and to become more accepting and open you might find it incredibly challenging if you are suddenly faced with a sudden catastrophe. But learning to move beyond your emotional upset and learning to not to become attached to what has happened will help you reach a positive outcome as you focus and allow your intuitive nature to guide you.

As you shift your way of thinking into learning to be more self-empowering to all aspects of life, you find that within you is a storehouse of self-educating material. Learning to rely on your own perceptions instead of always following what others are doing, you become your own authority on what is right for you at every moment.

It is unnecessary to find what it is for you to do next from a well-intended book, when you have all that you need to learn and develop already inside of you. From all the reflection that you do Precious Hearts and from all the time spent enhancing your ability to concentrate and to meditate longer, you are able to compile a list of areas within yourself that needs your focus for deeper, further development. Create your own guideline on what it is you are to do next and follow it through until complete.

Those with an open minds understand that it is always better to follow their own heart and to consult with themselves on how their life’s path will be directed, changed or altered instead of blindly following what others are doing. This means open-minded dear souls know themselves well and have a good understanding and acceptance of their own strengths and weaknesses and comprehend that every dear soul on this planet is also trying to move along their life as best they can.

As your mind becomes more opened to more possibilities and you are able to accept and understand more, your heart also opens more and embraces more compassionately and with mercy. When your mind and heart are open, you have all the insight you could ever need for every possible situation the ability to make crucial decisions when they are needed. Take your life by the reins Precious Hearts. Only you can bring the joy and peace you are looking for that can filter into all facets of your life. And you do this by becoming your own advocate and by taking more control of your life. Mercy and Compassion are your gifts to give and these gifts are best shared when your mind is open and accepting…you are able to see that all life is beautiful and filled with Grace.

And so it is…

I AM Lady Quan Yin…
… through Julie Miller

* * *