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As Kepier and I sat in the dimming light, I found a great comfort in the illusion of being on a planet and experiencing time. The Mothership ran on 24-hour cycles, mostly for the sake of those who were coming from Earth. It turns out that, now, one of the Mothership’s primary focuses is the ascension of Earth.

The Arcturians have had a special affection Gaia, for the Being who became Earth. In fact, they are so involved with this planetary ascension that many of them have placed a spark of their life force within humans who had prepared their consciousness enough in their myriad incarnations that they can accept that frequency of a spark of Arcturian light.

The Arcturians were among the first ones to answer Gaia’s call at the fall of Atlantis, and then again about 70 Earth years ago. Therefore, they are quite accustomed to assisting planet Earth by placing their spark into a living earth vessel. I am told that many of the ascended Pleiadians, have also been sending their spark into humans.

It would take me a while to adjust to the concept that I was in a different timeline than I was when I first came to the Mothership. However, I was also beginning to realize that both timelines exist simultaneously within my consciousness. All of these thoughts ran through my mind within the few moments of the sunset.

When it became dark, I called for the hologram to end the program and Kepier and I began our tour of the Mothership. It turns out that we did not discuss much while in the holosuite, but we bonded at a very deep level. In fact, we moved into a state of deep Knowing of each other.

However, there was still something about Kepier that I could not quite figure out. I decided to relax into that question and allow the answer to be revealed. As we walked out of the holosuite, it felt like we had known each other forever. Maybe we had?

“Where would you like to go first?” I asked Kepier once we left the holosuite. She pondered my question and said, “I know I may be jumping ahead a bit, but I would really like to go to the seventh dimensional area and visit the Oversoul.”

I had not thought in terms of visiting the Oversoul, but I liked that idea. Since I had now allowed my self to join into a relationship with the Oversoul, and was happy to have that opportunity.

“How do we begin our journey to the Oversoul?” Kepier asked telepathically. “I have heard so much about the multidimensional nature of this Mothership that I cannot wait to experience it first hand. I am happy to go through all the Portals until we get to the Oversoul.”

“I can see that you have done your research,” I said. “Yes, lets start with the beginning.”

The beginning for me was the Restoration Chamber, which I had not visited since that very first time. “I must admit,” I said, “I would like to go into the Chamber again myself.”

“Lead the way,” said Kepier with obvious excitement.

We were so excited to get there that we were almost running. The Restoration was a long ways away from where we where. At the same moment Kepier and I looked at each other and telepathically said, “Let’s beam there.”

We simultaneously reached out to grab each other’s hand as we both entered our higher state of consciousness. I had only done this with the Arcturian, so I did not know for sure if it would work.

“Of course it will work,” Kepier smiled.

We both took three breaths to calibrate our consciousness to our higher expression, as well as to each other. For some reason, we both totally trusted each other enough to translate our particles from where we were standing to our chosen destination—The Rejuvenation Chamber. In an instant, we were there. I had not even had time to worry, as the transition was instant. We looked at each other with surprised and happy faces.

“We are a good team,” I said, and Kepier continued, “That is why the Arcturians put us together.”

There were several Rejuvenation Chambers that had more than one chair in one room, and we went to one of those Chambers. We each got into our own chair and quickly went into a state of deep meditation. While I was in meditation, I perceived myself in my best Flight Uniform standing outside our Shuttle Craft.

There were several Shuttle Crafts from different representatives of the Mothership, each standing in front of their Shuttle Craft. The humans in front of us had been invited to meet us because they had requested to be present at one of our Landings. They had requested by asking their Higher Expressions in the Galactic Federation to tell them where to be and when to be there.

Many of these people had been waiting for several days, as they did not want to miss out on this most momentous moment in their planetary history. We could feel that there was a force field of fifth dimensional energy that was surrounding us, as well as all the humans. We could see through this shield, but it was obvious that those outside of the shield could not see us.

We were in a relatively remote place, but some people and cars drove into the shield and then disappeared until they drove out the other side. They had remained in their frequency of reality and were totally unaware of our higher dimensional reality. Because of the force field, we could answer the questions of our awakened and ascending family in human disguise without frightening those who still lived within the illusion.

The humans within the Shield were totally relaxed with our meeting and completely prepared to alter their lives in any manner necessary to bring in the new frequency of reality. They were aware of those who passed through our meeting within the lower frequencies, and were not surprised or concerned.

Our human friends were totally ready to hear what we had to say. Many of them could recognize their Higher Expression and moved forward to respectfully greet them. To my surprise, I saw that Kepier and I were greeted by the same person.

“You didn’t know?” questioned Kepier.

I smiled. Yes I had suspected, but could not totally believe it. Our human representative was bursting with joy to meet us and wondered when she could come on the Ship. Kepier and I smiled.

Simultaneously, our eyes opened and we sat up in our chairs. We both knew that we had shared the same experience. Because I had adapted to my reality in the higher frequencies, the Rejuvenation Chair did not exhaust me as it did the first time I sat in it. Instead, it gave me the information that was upfront in my heart/mind and ready for resolution.

When I looked over at Kepier, she smiled because, now, we both recognized the streams of higher frequency energies connecting us.

“How did I miss these energetic connections before,” asked Kepier.

“I guess we were not ready to see them until we returned to the Rejuvenation Chamber,” I said. “Lets go to the 6D Viewing Room to get more information about our impending Mission,” I replied.

After being in the Rejuvenation Chairs, we did not need to hold hands when we beamed ourselves to the Sixth Dimension “Door to No Where.” We opened the door with the power of our joint thought and entered the sixth dimensional energy field.

I felt the electrical charges fill my body as it began to alter the resonance of my form. For comfort, we held hands again while the sixth dimensional energy moved methodically through our body. Because we had both experienced the chairs, and because we were holding hands, we felt each other’s body as if they were our own.

The energy field moved up, down and around our bodies, slowly escalating our vibration. We could hear a “wishing” noise and felt our bodies tingle and shift. Suddenly, our bodies seemed to disappear, but our consciousness was there and totally aware.

Instantly, a rush of higher energy came into the small room filling our conscious with a higher frequency that allowed itself to mold into the exact appearance that we each held before our process of transmutation began.

When the process was concluded, the room cleared to reveal our enhanced sixth dimensional bodies. These bodies were somewhat similar to our fifth dimensional forms, but resonated to a higher frequency and were far more mutable. Our minds were completely clear and hearts fully opened.

We both smiled as we walked toward the 6D Viewing Room. However, walking is the how sixth dimensional bodies move. Therefore, we thought about going to the 6D Viewing Room and, suddenly, found ourselves standing in front of the Viewing Screen.

We simultaneously thought about our joint vision of the Land Party and were instantly pulled into the 6D Viewing Screen.

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD

Posted 15th November 2012 by YHVH@
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FEBRUARY 15, 2015
Greetings once again from the Arcturian Group. We wish to speak of transformation, a seemingly simple topic, but one that is important to the understanding of truth.

Transformation flows through and as an individual when he awakens out of the dream. It manifests as the ability to “see with new eyes and hear with new ears” while in the midst of duality and separation. Transformation allows one to recognize whatever false concepts and beliefs he may still hold and replace them with truth. It brings the ability to say;

 “I was wrong.”

Those unable to allow transformation, delay their ascension into a consciousness of higher dimensional energy. Fear of change acts to support the continuation of third dimensional concepts and beliefs. Many who resist change are in positions as world “leaders” who acquaint any sort of transformation with loss–loss of their personal power and wealth. Because of their leadership positions, they often attract followers who blindly accept whatever these so called “leaders” believe, giving away personal power in the process.

You are now at the point in your spiritual journey dear ones, where you must acknowledge and reclaim your innate power. Many of you have done this already, having attained this state of consciousness in other lifetimes, entering into this lifetime with this state of consciousness already in place.

Never fear to say; “Enough is enough, I no longer choose to live, act, be, or think in old outdated concepts of separation”.

Some of you may have already discovered that there willable those who are offended by this. Friends may drop away, but be not afraid if this happens dear ones, for energy seeks its own and will soon draw to you those of your resonance.

We speak of transformation now because you are very close to seeing transformation take place.

 Much is to be revealed and you must be prepared both within and without for you will be the ones called upon to assist those in fear, unable to let go of their old and comfortable ways of understanding the world. 
Mankind is no longer being allowed lazily float from one day to the next believing that the government, church , parent, friend, or society in general will take care of everything for them. 

You are the consciousness and thus substance of the outer world and things are quickly changing.

It is time to claim your identity as Divine Beings who chose to learn and assist others within third dimensional energy. Allow the process. For some, allowing the process may simply mean becoming be-ers instead of do-ers–allowing themselves to be still and at rest, going within often while old energies surface and clear. Others may find themselves being guided to stand up and be counted in some way.

Transformation is a surrender, the ability to open oneself to change. Surrender is not the giving up of self to some unknown “pie in the sky God” concept. Spiritual surrender is the natural result of having clear understanding of what one is surrendering to–Truth. It begins with a strong inner drive to begin a quest for truth which can take many many paths, but which eventually leads to discovering IT within. This process cannot be avoided for it is who you are.

There are many who “suspect” the deeper truths but refuse to embrace them, choosing instead to believe that others more “holy” or intelligent, know more than they do. No dear ones, all have the Divine Voice within, it is simply a matter of acknowledging, listening, and trusting. The time is now.

Valentine’s Day!

Yes, we are aware of your customs and we join with you for is it not a day that celebrates love? Love is all there is, for ONE can never be divided. It is only the belief that One can be divided (separation) that has resulted in the outward manifestations of war, discord, suffering, lack, limitation etc.

Valentine’s Day celebrates the romantic/partnership facet of Divine Love. There are teachings that preach the “ungodliness” of romantic love and that in order to be “holy” you must forgo romantic connections. Nonsense, this is a part of the same teachings saying that you must suffer in order to be “holy”.

These are man created beliefs with no spiritual law to support them.

However, romantic love must be understood on deeper levels if it is to “work”, and this is the missing element of so many human relationships. Attraction between two people does not always mean you are meant to marry or establish an intimate relationship with them. Attraction often occurs as the result of past life connections and frequently happens with someone you intuitively know would not be a good partner for you.

When two people with an intense past life history meet (male/male, female/female,or male/female) there can be either instant attraction or instant repulsion. Many gay couples have been together in other lifetimes as heterosexuals. Connections do not end with death, for you are consciousness, not just physical bodies.

Marriage or committed relationships often happen as the result of pre-birth choices by both parties for the purpose of resolving some unfinished past life issues which may or may not have began as romantic partnerships. Often those energies needing to be cleared have their origin in ancient roles lived as mother/child, father/child, friend/friend, servant/master etc. Present life relationships can provide an easy path in which to bring closure. This is often the case in those relationships where one or both wonder; “Why did I marry this person?”

Always look deeper dear ones, there really are no accidents at this point. Look into what you are learning or meant to learn from every situation. Karmic closure can take place even if only one person desires it. If he/she is able to recognize the other as an un-awakened Divine being and also chooses to no longer live within an energy of judgement and hatred (which simply serves to feed the karmic situation) then they have reached that place of unconditional love and there is karmic resolution.

An individual can now leave the situation if they choose, knowing that it is finished.

Sometimes two people are intensely attracted to each other on all levels, but for some reason this never unfolds into a relationship. This happens with some who choose in their pre-birth planning not to be with each other in this lifetime. They understand that intense past life connections and love would not allow them to seek and spiritually grow into their own awareness and power if they were together–they would be content to simply be together.

Romantic love must be rooted and grounded in real love or it is simply animal attraction which sadly many consider to be real love. This concept of love is promoted heavily in all areas of media-film, books, TV shows, magazines, advertising, etc. and particularly on Valentine’s Day.

The wise know that sexual attraction alone is not love but is a facet of it, one of the “added” things. Sexual attraction by itself is based in the human need to propagate the species which can be accomplished without love.

Intimacy based only in sexual attraction never carries the intense and deep energetic connection and fulfillment that is possible when both are of a consciousness that sees beyond appearances to the deeper realities shining through the other’s eyes.

Love relationships are never dependent upon how the other looks or dresses and it is fruitless and very human to attempt to mold someone into your concept of the perfect partner. Healthy relationships have similar energy resonance and those in them have close world views but do not necessarily think and believe exactly as each other because all are here to learn and grow according to their individual need.

Two well matched individuals be it friends or partners, have attained similar states of consciousness. Observe those living out from un-awakened states of consciousness who enjoy relationships of fights, cheating, anger, angst, and make-ups– they are both on the same energetic wave length so to speak–it is their state of consciousness, their concept of how relationships work.

There may be a time when you are tempted to enter in to the lower awareness level of another because of attraction and desire for this person. Although certainly allowed by free will, it can never result in the happy outcome desired but instead usually ends in heartbreak after a quick, short, intense time together. One simply cannot go backward to outgrown states of consciousness no matter how appealing doing this may seem.

Misconceptions abound regarding love and partnering. Governments, religions, families, and friends continually spew that love is only valid if it meets their often very narrow concepts. The partner must be of a certain color, gender, education, financial status, or other acceptable trait. Love is the experience of One self manifesting as the many. Love never has been and never will be dependent on mankind’s concepts.

There comes a point at which an individual no longer “needs a relationship” in order to feel complete, happy, and whole because they have attained a consciousness of spiritual wholeness and completeness. They have discovered their twin flame to be within, and being in relationship now becomes a personal choice.

Happy relationships only happen when each understands and accepts their own true worth and power because then there is no longer the need for outside validation. Unawareness of one’s true identity causes the un-awakened to seek their completeness from outside of themselves. “If I am married to this good looking, rich, smart person, then I must be loveable and valuable”.

Many still carry old cellular memory from times when being in a partnership may of been the only way to avoid death or starvation and this is often reflected in those who jump from one partnership to another never allowing themselves to be alone.

 Recognize and allow these old cellular memories to clear if you suspect them in yourselves.

As you grow stronger within, you will look back at past failed attempts at romance and laugh, saying;

 “Thank you dear God for saving me from this relationship.”  

even though at the time you may of been heartbroken and hurting. The human mind is programmed to world concepts of romance and sex and responds thusly until you teach it differently.

If having a life partner represents completeness for you, you will draw this to yourself without thought and struggle because it will be the natural manifestation of your state of consciousness, your realization of spiritual completeness. Being alone may represent completeness for some.

True, deep, and lasting relationships do include romance, great sex, and all that the rigid, structured, Puritan state of consciousness deemed unholy, but these are now recognized as being the added things.

We the Arcturian Group send love, joy, fun, and awareness to you all for Valentine’s Day.


©2015 | Cedar, MI 49621

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I thought about Mytre’s “story” about the Creation of the Arcturian Corridor, and wanted to outline certain points that are embedded in the message. These points were actual directions about the Ascension Process. I have outlined these points, to facilitate deep pondering and exploration of this:

Mytre Trip to the Mothership Part XII

Arcturian Corridor Cliff Notes

All excerpts from:
11-4-12 Arcturian Ascension, Part 3 What is The Arcturian Corridor?
“The Formless Ones, the Planetary Core and the Portal Openers knew that the time was nigh for the completion of the Planetary Cycle. The plants and animals did not need to understand what was happening, as they lived in unity with the planet and accepted whatever planetary event occurred. Only the Lost Ones were left uninformed that the transmutation of EVERY molecule of form was imminent.”
Believing in our process is important and often difficult. How can we believe in something that we have never experienced? How can we believe that WE are ascending into a higher frequency of our SELF? To find these answers we must go inside to realize how different we were 10 years ago, 5 years ago, even 6 months ago. Our consciousness is expanding every day, and the way that we look at our reality, our bodies and how we want to live are rapidly changing.

“On the other hand, the Portal Openers had been in steady communication with the Formless Ones. Therefore, they realized that, since the Formless Ones could create a planet, they could assist them to safely transmute their reality back into the Oneness of multidimensional light and unconditional love.”
The Formless Ones are, of course, the higher frequency expressions of our own Multidimensional SELF. As we Believe IN and Communicate WITH our own Higher Expression of SELF, our doubts are released and our beliefs are transmuted into that which we formerly thought of as impossible.


Since the Portal Openers had expanded their consciousness enough to directly and personally experience the Formless Ones, they believed that ascension into a higher frequency was REAL.
What is our REAL reality? Is paying our bills and going to our job real, or is the light and unconditional love we find inside real? Are they both real and the old version of reality is transmuting into a new higher frequency of that same reality? These are all questions that we must go within to find the answers. Also, we need to trust our SELF enough to talk with others who are also on the Path of Ascension.


“Therefore, they could feel the transmutation of energy within the Planetary Core, as well as within their own Personal Core.”
KNOWING that the transmutation of the energy within our Core is REAL releases our doubts and fears, and reminds us that we are GREAT Multidimensional Beings who are returning to our true, SELF.


“Once they fully integrated this expansive energy into their Being…”
To fully participate in the transmutation of our Core Energies, we must believe that this transmutation is REAL. In other words, we must believe in our Multidimensional SELF!


“They began to radiate their own multidimensional energy beyond their Core and into their surrounding world.”
When we fully own our true SELF, we can live within our SELF and radiate our multidimensional light and unconditional love into our daily life. We may think that is a simple task, but try it. Try to remember your SELF and radiate only your SELF while you are paying bills, driving in traffic or having an argument with your boss or loved one. What would happen to our world if we all remembered our SELF whenever we first began to feel lost in the 3D?


“In other words, the Portal Openers became the very Portals that once they had to find and ask assistance to open.”
What would happen if WE could BE our Multidimensional SELF in our daily life? For one thing, our Multidimensional SELF would Know that a certain street has traffic and to avoid that street. Our SELF would Know that paying bills is just the remnants of an illusion that is coming into its conclusion. Our SELF would Know that LOVE is louder and more easily understood than fear or worry. Hence, our SELF would no longer need to create unhappy experiences in our reality.


“Meanwhile, the Formless Ones were busily creating their Arcturian Corridor. This Corridor was much like a huge birth canal through which Planets, Solar Systems, Galaxies and Universes could be protected and cared for during their intense transformation into higher frequencies of expression. However, only the spiritually awakened ones would even know they were within a huge Cosmic Portal.”
Take the risk to BELIEVE that we ARE in the Arcturian Corridor right NOW! If we are the creators of our reality, let’s create the reality of Being in the Corridor. In fact, if WE are each an open portal, then we are Portals into this Ascension Corridor. Of course, this Corridor is not a place, and there is no hurry to enter it. The Corridor guides us beyond time and resonates to the HERE and NOW.


“They would know this because they were the ones who had enough trust in the Formless Ones to totally surrender into a state of consciousness that was completely unique to all of their past, present and future experiences of reality.”

This State of Consciousness is the KNOWING that we ARE in the process of ascension. We have to detach our consciousness from that which pulls us into the illusion of the physical hologram and focus on the TRUTH of our Inner Knowing.


“Their surrender encompassed past, present and future because, once they entered the Corridor…”

When we surrender into the unknown, our surrender encompasses all that was, is or will be. In other words, time is not discrete and is not laid out in a sequential line of events. As we fully awaken to our SELF, we remember that every decision we make within every moment of the NOW opens a Portal into a different form of reality that braches off into our past, present and/or future.


“They slowly lost all concept of time.”

As we lose our concept of time, only the NOW remains.


Hence, memory would no longer be limited to the past, but could also include the future.

With the release of the third/fourth dimensional illusion of time, our fifth dimensional SELF can remember, communicate with and/or inter-dimensionally visit our myriad realities free of the limitation of time. Hence, we can surrender our consciousness to a future reality, experience a lifetime in that reality, and return one second after we left.


“Furthermore, within the Corridor there was NO illusion of inside vs. outside.”

We are not inside our body. We are inside our reality. Simultaneously, our reality is inside of us. With the release of time and space, we return to our Multidimensional Perceptions of Being LIFE.


“Therefore, they could no longer distinguish between internal and external events.”

When we are “Being LIFE,” we are able to enjoy every possible expression of our Multidimensional Self within the NOW of the ONE.


“They could only directly experience their Beingness within the constant state of the HERE and NOW.”

Being Present with LIFE is BEING Life.


“At first, this direct expression of the Being Life was a unique, and therefore, challenging. However, as they became accustomed to this manner of “being” they soon forgot any other expression of reality. While in this state of BEING they could consciously experience their form transmuting without the necessity of ‘death or birth.’”

When we are present with who we are within each moment of the NOW, we live in acceptance of our SELF. Once we accept our SELF, we can accept ALL life. Hence, we are free of judgment, which frees us fromall fear.


“In fact, they began to experience, and simultaneously forget, their myriad third/fourth dimensional lives in form.”

Allow the simultaneous experience of that which we have known as opposites to confuse our habit of polarity and time. Within this temporary confusion of our 3D thinking, our multidimensional thinking can fully integrate with our physical brains. Once our physical brain can find its connection to our multidimensional thinking, we can begin to live in the NOW — while we also visit time.


“They retained all that they had learned, but once they began to return to that true SELF, they were in such joy that memories of their past challenges transmuted into the victories of the present.”

In other words, we will fully embrace the joy and unconditional love of the NOW. Then, just as we can live in the NOW and visit time, we can live in joy and unconditional love of our SELF in the ONE. Within the NOW we can visit the third/fourth dimension, too.


“When they first entered the Arcturian’s Corridor they had to release every person, place, situation and thing that had not chosen to enter the Corridor. Some of these releases were quite difficult, as some physical relationships were made that would not carry forth into the Corridor. The Portal Openers were sad to leave behind some of their friends who had become lost in the illusions that they believed were real. However, the Portal Openers knew that there was NO time. Consequently, their friends and family would eventually join them.”

Furthermore, as we become an open Portal, just being with our loved ones is an open invitation for them to join us in the NOW. In order to BE an open Portal in daily life, we must choose to maintain a resonance of the fifth dimension and beyond. In that manner, we keep our Portal open with the Power of our Multidimensional SELF.


“Without question the fully awakened Portal Openers entered the Corridor with absolute surrender and total release of ALL that could not, or would not, join them.”

Releasing question requires that we KNOW form our Core that we are DOING the BEING of our SELF. Within this Surrender to our SELF, we can release ALL that we once considered important, but has become obsolete in our new vision of reality.


“They entered the Corridor knowing that they had to trust the feel within their heart and discharge anything that cluttered their mind. But how did they enter the Corridor? Was it visible and discrete, such as a physical bridge? NO, that was the primary challenge of entering the Corridor. It was not a Bridge, and it was not physical. In fact, it was not in front or around them. The Corridor was within them. But, how could they enter something that was within them?”

We can only enter within our SELF by surrendering ALL control of our physical body to our SOUL!


“The Portal Openers had to collapse into their SELF.”

We can collapse into the faith that our Multidimensional SELF that has always been with us by collapsing into the higher frequency of our SELF. We will find this SELF by following the Flow of Unconditional LOVE.


“In other words, they had to deny all attachments to that which appeared to be around them and bond fully with that which they found within their High Heart.”

See your Three-Fold Flame of Wisdom, Power and Love within the ATMA of your High Heart. Stand within the Core of your High Heart and Fall into the Flame. As you Fall into the Flame, allow the Flame to Fall into you!


“To their surprise, when they entered their High Heart, they discovered that all they had loved unconditionally in their myriad incarnations was waiting for their reunion. The Formless Ones had told them that unconditional love was the bonding force of the Universe.”

We need to BELIEVE that we are entering the fifth dimensional expression of our SELF, and BELIEVE that we are re-uniting with the SELF that we have always been, but forgot.


“However, how could they know that unconditional love would bond all that they loved within a higher frequency of reality that they could only enter by surrendering into their own High Heart?”

We repeat again and again, “There is NO place like HOME.” As we allow our High Heart to pull us into New Earth and/or whatever fifth dimensional reality, or realities, that have been awaiting our return.

“The Portal Openers did not know that they had collected within their own High Heart every reality that they had ever experienced in all of their excursions into form. Every person, place, situation or thing that they had loved unconditionally was awaiting them within the NOW of this Great Reunion. The Portal Openers collected ALL these past, present and future realities and merged them into the NOW of their ascension. In this manner, every experience of unconditional love that they had ever enjoyed was gathered into the Corridor.”
From our Beingness in the fifth dimension, we can easily collapse all our myriad incarnations into the ONE of the NOW. We do not try to understand this action with our 3D brain. Instead, we allow our Multidimensional SELF to imagine that we are collapsing all life into the NOW. Then we can Let Go and Let God. We remember to be patient with our 3D self, who may need some “time” to believe that what we did was REAL.
“Since the Portal Openers so dearly and unconditionally loved their planet, they gathered everything the loved about their planetary into the Corridor, as well.”
We then gather up all our many memories and experiences on the physical form of Gaia, planet Earth, and merge them into the ONE of our SELF. Again, we do not think or question, as these are 3D habits. Instead, we KNOW and DO within the power of our own unconditional love.
“Unfortunately for the Lost Ones, the Arcturians who were the holders of planetary form were happy to join the Portal Openers and the Formless Ones in the Corridor.”
WE are ONE with Gaia, and we chant often as you can remember,

“WE are ONE with Gaia.
Gaia is ONE with US.”
Through Suzanne Lie, PhD
Posted 7th November 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
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sharing.:::.▶ Who & What Are The Rosicrucians #8 (the experiments question) – Archangel Michael: Silence _JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP | fantascienza

sharing.:::.▶ Who & What Are The Rosicrucians #8 (the experiments question) – Archangel Michael: Silence _JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP | fantascienza.

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sharing.:::.▶ Who & What Are The Rosicrucians #8 (the experiments question) – Archangel Michael: Silence _JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP

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Archangel Michael: Silence

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Archangel Michael
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

November 5, 2014

“Silence is a rare and not often sought commodity in your world. You have your hustle and bustle, your fast-paced lives, your instant access to information, products and services. And many of you are like kids in a candy store, because there is so much that is available to you and much of it is free. But what is also free and of much greater value to you now is the absence of all that is available. You have fast-moving energy, and you all attempt to keep up with it physically.

But what if you didn’t? What if instead you stopped, slowed down, got silent, and appreciated the movement of energy? We notice that many of you force yourselves to get sick or injured so that you will have a reason to slow down, to take it easy, and to get silent. Sometimes you go on vacations, and when you do you notice that there is less to do, there are less thoughts floating around, and you have more freedom to explore your consciousness. And some of you very much appreciate that time, and others of you cannot stand it.

Silence is a tool for you. It is not the absence of anything. Silence is not the absence of sound. Silence is a state of being, quite similar to peace. If you can enjoy silence, and solitude, and a lack of activity, then you can access greater and greater powers and abilities, because they are already there. They are already waiting for you to see them, to reach for them, to touch them, to envelope yourselves in more of that which you are and to be comfortable in silence.

And when you do accomplish this, you will notice that everything around you has slowed down to meet your newfound state of being. And the thing about everything slowing down is you actually have time to savor it, to integrate it, and to appreciate it. And isn’t that what you really want to do?

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

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Dear Earth ones, thank you for joining me on the Arcturian Mothership. Later in my story I will share with you the joy of our Pleiadian Ascension, which was long ago in your Earth time. However, since I now resonate beyond the limitations of time, I can calibrate my multidimensional consciousness to any time zone or frequency of reality. In fact, I first learned this skill of calibrating my consciousness onboard this very Mothership.

Fifth Dimensional Beings on the Mothership

Before I begin our tour of the sixth dimensional sections of the Mothership, I would like to talk about the fifth dimensional Beings onboard the Ship. Actually, when someone resonates to their fifth dimensional expression, they are also connected with their Multidimensional SELF. Therefore, it is more correct to say when beings choose to resonate to their fifth dimensional expression.

A fifth dimensional being’s form is very mutable, which can easily be altered by their thoughts and emotions. Therefore, those in fifth dimensional forms may appear to be solid on one occasion, but then suddenly appear in a translucent Lightbody.

Lightbody is a very comfortable form as there is very little mass. Lightbodies do not experience bodily sensations such as hunger, thirst, hot or cold. Furthermore, the high frequency of a Lightbody is a wonderful receptacle for unconditional love. Also, just as your earth body “eats” the physical elements found on Earth, a Lightbody “eats” only light.

The Lightbody can, also, instantly receive, maintain, understand and dispense huge amounts of information. Hence, when a Lightbody is resonating to its highest frequencies, it is a living expression multidimensional light, as well as that light’s highest expression of unconditional love. It is this unconditional love that makes our Unity Consciousness such a powerful fuel for our Mothership.

There are areas of the Ship that are just for visitors. In these areas, we choose to wear humanoid, dense appearing forms to create an easier adjustment for our ascending friends. Then, when we return to other quarters of the Ship, we can feel free to take on whatever form we wish. This process is much like coming home from work and changing into comfortable clothes. However, we change into comfortable bodies.

Within our “comfortable bodies” we can more easily merge with others in the same manner that any lights might merge. When we merge our Lightbodies, we instantly experience everything in the same manner as they do. In fact, there are certain occasions when the Mothership and the entire crew merge into the ONE of the NOW.

We find these times to be similar to what you have called Heaven. We only create this merging when the visitors are known to be able to accept this intensity of light. As many of you have experienced during your ascension process, taking on a frequency of light that is too far beyond your base frequency can cause many issues with your earth vessel.

We, also, experienced this sensation once the frequency of our Pleiadian world began to expand into the fifth dimension. Hence, we gathered together all the healers and leaders who had already experienced this process and created a network through which the ascending ones could always find help. Establishing this Network was no small task, as most people were already overwhelmed with their own process of ascension.

On the other hand, our Network found that when they used the higher frequencies they were downloading that they actually felt better. Light, especially expanding Light, can more easily integrate into any system when it is given a path of movement. Light that is motionless becomes agitated and can create fear and anxiety in the one who have newly downloaded it.

Sixth Dimensional Sections of the Mothership

I would now like to take you on a tour of the sixth dimensional sections of the Mothership. As I have said before, when I first came to the Mothership, I had expanded my consciousness into my Multidimensional SELF. However, expanding your consciousness into this frequency and actually entering a sixth dimensional reality are not the same experience at all.

Therefore, I will take you back to the door I spoke of before that seemed to open to nowhere. This time I will tell you what happened when I entered the opened the door. I had explored much of the fifth dimensional sections of the Mothership and was ready to see more. With what almost looked like a smirk, my Arcturian Guide said, “Let’s go back to the door to nowhere.”

In a flash of the NOW our fifth dimensional forms were standing in front of that door. I telepathically heard the Arcturians advice to open it, and so I did. This time was totally different. As soon as the door opened, I was pulled through it and into a world I had never known. I was accustomed to the mutable and sometimes formless fifth dimension, but I was unprepared for the sensations of a six dimensional reality.

I felt as though I was being pulled apart, as if my Lightbody was disarticulating. I could feel a fear wanting to rise within me, so I centered my consciousness into the NOW and allowed the unique sensations to take hold of my consciousness. I say “consciousness,” for as soon as I went through the door I was completely formless.

I don’t know how to say this in a sequential manner, but even my consciousness seemed to be disassociated from any familiar sensations, thoughts, emotions or movements. While in my fifth dimensional Lightbody, I had experienced freedom from my Lightbody by allowing my consciousness to flow beyond what appeared to be the loose form of light that I had called my body.

However, in the sixth dimension my consciousness was dispersed into the totality of this world. I felt as though my consciousness had been blown up. Again, I had to deeply connect with the NOW and not allow my energy field to seek my former safety of structure.

I remained focused on NOW, NOW, NOW in order to cling to some center within this field of extremely high energy. Eventually, I became aware of what appeared to be patterns within that which had once been perceived as nothingness. These patterns were not static, as they fluxed and flowed like a buoy on a stormy ocean.

With that picture in my consciousness, I could see how there was a format, such as the ocean and the air, but they were totally intertwined. However, that which was similar to the air was what created the pattern on that which was similar to the water. Everything was in constant flow.
Eventually, as I became accustomed it these sensations, I felt a deep sense of beginnings. What these beginnings were was far beyond my ability to perceive. However, they seemed important and felt comforting.

At that moment, the Arcturian entered the door and touched me on what might have been my Third Eye. Instantly, the room took on a structure. The structure was much like the Viewing Room I have talked about in the fifth dimension. However, NOW I was viewing, and simultaneously being, the sixth dimension.

“This dimension is a potential reality, which is infinitely in the process of being formed,” I heard the Arcturian tell me. It spoke telepathically to force me to abandon my addiction to words, as it had said.

“Was I inside the screen when I entered,” I had to ask.

In response, I was instantly within that same experience of…? I guess I will have to call it Creative Potential. I knew that this time I would have to get myself into some degree of form. I had learned that when the Arcturian seemed to abandon me, it was because it knew that I was ready to find the answer inside myself.

I had also learned that if I doubted myself I would never find the answer. Therefore, I relaxed into the experience and searched within for the knowing. The problem was, where was within. I was in a new world now, and all the rules of this reality were unknown to me. Except, it was a known that I was a Multidimensional Being.

Consequently, I needed to connect with a sixth dimensional expression of my SELF. I remembered that surrender was the key to all higher dimensional worlds. Thus, I surrendered into the experience of floating and flowing in a reality, which I could not see or hear.

On the other hand, somehow I could feel it. Also, I was able to still connect with some sense of my SELF. From within the SELF with whom I was loosely connected, I surrendered completely to that which I could not understand.

As I released the need to understand, a whisper of knowing began to flicker within whatever consciousness I still possessed. The whisper was not in any language, but I felt it as a sensation of willingness to begin. I did not know what I was willing to begin, but I chose to surrender to that willingness, as it was the only touchstone I could find.

I allowed the willingness to grow stronger and stronger until it was predominant over the unknown of my experience. Gradually, this willingness became a vague memory that was so dim I could hardly grasp it. Thus, I fell into the memory and embraced it until it took hold of my dispersed consciousness.

Somehow, this distant memory was able to pull me into a very lose form. Suddenly, I was OUT of the potential and in front of the Viewing Screen standing/flowing next to the mutable form of the Arcturian.

Can a lose form of Arcturian Light smile? Or, maybe that smile was mine?

Please, sleep upon my introduction into the sixth dimension. I will return to continue our journey through the sixth dimensional section of the Mothership…

Mytre and the Arcturian, for now we are ONE!

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD

Posted 23rd September 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
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sharing.:::. ▶▶ Advanced Ab Exercise for Ripped Abs – MYTRA AND THE ARCTURIANS – JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP.:::.Unity and Collective Consciousness | Equipoise

sharing.:::. ▶▶ Advanced Ab Exercise for Ripped Abs – MYTRA AND THE ARCTURIANS – JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP.:::.Unity and Collective Consciousness | Equipoise.

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sharing.:::. ▶▶ Advanced Ab Exercise for Ripped Abs – MYTRA AND THE ARCTURIANS – JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP.:::.Unity and Collective Consciousness

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Unity and Collective Consciousness 


Fifth Dimensional Unity Consciousness 


Individual consciousness is a microcosmic version of reality in which the least evolved humans perceive themselves as a separate, individual physical body. On the other hand, the most evolved human perceives his or her SELF as a member of the entire planet. At the lowest stage of evolution, the human has Individual Consciousness, which gradually encompasses more and more elements of reality until he or she has come into a consciousness of Unity with ALL plant life.

Once Unity Consciousness includes the planet, as well as your Multidimensional SELF, the format for personal and planetary ascension has been laid. Once you have progressed from perceiving your self as one human to an entire planet, you are ready to expand your world beyond your planet and into the Galaxy.

If the solar and galactic energies are powerful enough to ascend a planet, as they are now, there is an option for planetary ascension as well as personal ascension. In fact, during the current energy field of your reality there is an option for ascension into the next octave of reality for your entire local universe.

Earth, who has suffered extremes of polarity, has the greatest potential for entrance into higher octaves of expression or destruction. However, we the former residents of Earth, are combing our higher frequencies of consciousness to that of Gaia. It is the least we can do to assist Gaia who has offered a schoolroom for so many of our galactic family members.

In fact, a primary manner in which the ascending humans of Earth can assist the ascension of Gaia is to join into Unity Consciousness with their Galactic Family in the their fifth dimension and beyond. Once they have done so, they will gain immediate access to their Multidimensional SELF.

With the continual awareness of the Multidimensional SELF, any remaining polarities of Earth will disappear like all of the other third dimensional illusions. With all illusion gone from human consciousness, the reason for separation of form is easily erased.

We the members of your Galactic Family, who are also your Multidimensional SELF, are amazed at how much one human can accomplish alone. Hence, we have total confidence that your Unity Consciousness Gaia and together with all earthly life, including your human enemies, will be more than sufficient to ride the powerful energy field shift and into Gaia’s fifth dimensional SELF.

The more humans who can simultaneously shift into the fifth dimensional Unity Consciousness with Gaia, the easier the “ride” will be. We shall now focus only on the consciousness of the Mothership. The fifth dimensional Unity Consciousness of the Ship is easily augmented by the sixth dimensional, Collective Consciousness of the Ship.

Sixth dimensional Collective Consciousness

We say OF the ship rather than ON the ship for the Mothership is an alive Being. In order to enter the sixth dimensional areas of the Mothership, you must be able to experience and feel comfortable within a sixth dimensional state of Collective Consciousness. Sixth dimensional, Collective Consciousness is not the same as fifth dimensional, Unity Consciousness.

Sixth dimensional Beings usually prefer a formless state, but are willing to wear form if called upon to do so. When they do take a form, it is usually quite beautiful as they are “matrix makers” and enjoy creating loving and beautiful representatives of their Essence. Therefore, whereas Unity Consciousness is beings that appear to be wearing completely separate forms and/or separate forms that at connected by the visible surrounding ethers.

On the one hand, the forms of Collective Consciousness are temporary group commitments to the experience of creating a temporary form. However, outside of time, the term temporary has a different meaning. There are two types of form that sixth dimensionals take. One of these is the form of a matrix, which serves as the foundation for any given construct such as the Earth and/or the Mothership. The other is the form of a Collective Consciousness that appears as one great Cosmic Being, as these life forms are usually so large that they can only live in Outer Space. In both of these cases, temporary means that this form that will continue to evolve and shift.

If your consciousness is not resonating to the sixth dimension, you will not be able to perceive the your surrounding reality. Even in your physical world, when your consciousness is fourth dimensional, you will perceive your dream reality. Then, when your consciousness is third dimensional, you will perceive your third dimensional reality.

Multidimensional Perception

Many of you, our ascending ones, have remembered how to simultaneously perceive more than one dimension, such as the third and fourth. You are called “psychic” because you have access to the fourth dimensional world while in your waking life and have Lucid Dreaming while asleep. Hence, you can intermingle the two worlds.

As you remember to maintain a steady connection to the fifth dimension while still wearing your earth vessel, you will be able to simultaneously perceive three worlds—your physical world, your fourth dimensional world that exists within your aura and your fifth dimensional world of New Earth.

Just as you close your eyes to go to the fourth dimensional dream world when you sleep, you will be able to focus only on the fifth dimension by closing your eyes to the lower density worlds. On the other hand, you can keep a consciousness portal open to the third/fourth dimensions in case your services are needed there.

This multidimensional process is much like voicemail on your telephone, or even the ring of the phone. However, this inter-dimensional phone is not an external device, but an internal monitor of your entire multidimensional reality. Until all of the third/fourth dimensions of Gaia are closed, you will likely constantly monitor what is remaining of the Shadow of Gaia in the lower dimensions to see if you are needed to assist others.

Many of you who are actively involved in the ascension process of Gaia will serve as Greeters on New Earth. You will all have the ability to either “take a vacation” from this role, or to simultaneously experience the higher realms of the fifth dimensional Gaia while, also, serving as a Greeter. In fact, once you have released the anchor of your third/fourth dimensional self, you will be able to carry more than one reality within your aware consciousness at all times.

Comparing Unity and Collective Consciousness

Therefore, your fifth dimensional Unity Consciousness will be a multidimensional Unity, which encompasses both the lower and higher frequencies of reality. On the other hand, once you include your sixth dimensional Collective Consciousness into your multidimensional awareness, there will be a vast shift in how your perceive reality.

The spectrum from the first through the fifth dimensions of consciousness is inhabited by life forms that usually maintain a form. Therefore, within Unity Consciousness myriad forms interact in unconditional love and acceptance. Many fifth dimensionals enjoy shifting from form to form, or consciously maintain many forms at a time. However, the beings of the fifth dimension are usually still enjoying the experience of creating form.

Conversely, the beings of the sixth dimension enjoy the experience of creating the matrix upon which a form can be maintained. Obviously, matrix making is an innate ability within the lower states of consciousness in which forms can be created, however the building of the matrix is not the goal, and most of these matrixes are for personal expression.

The threshold world of New Earth will appear much like your present Earth except there will be only love, only unity and only peace. In fact, for many of you, ascending to New Earth will be much like having a wonderful dream where you can create everything you always wanted, but could not have.

Islands of Light

The reality is that many of our ascending ones already live predominantly in New Earth and interface with the third/fourth dimensional version when you “go to work.” Furthermore, some of you are even enjoying fifth dimensional work. From our perspective, we see many Islands of Light that have been created by our ascending ones.

We observe how our ascending ones move their consciousness in and out of these Islands by either maintaining Mastery over their energy field or by temporarily losing control of their energy field and fall out of New Earth. All reality is based on stages and degrees. You may have 10% of your consciousness calibrated to the fifth dimensional expression of Earth at one time, than meditate or do something that you love, and then suddenly you are 80% calibrated to the fifth dimension.

In the higher densities you do not leave a certain realty and then enter another, as all life is intermingled like drops of water in the ocean. Instead, you calibrate your consciousness to primarily experience one specific reality at a time. The “at a time” is an important statement because once you leave time in the fifth dimension and beyond you are no longer limited to one reality at a time.

Then, just as you can talk to a friend on the phone, make dinner, talk to your children and jot a note at the “same time,” you can live many realities within the NOW of the ONE. All of these realities of form will be experienced at once via your Unity Consciousness. Also, the fifth dimensional reality is NOT separate form the third/fourth. And, within any given life stream, each dimension of reality displays the same “story line,” but from a different frequency of reality.

In contrast to Unity Consciousness in which Beings gather to create a reality, the sixth dimensionals have NO concept of separation. Their formless states collects in order to create the matrix/foundation for a reality. These realities are “fleshed out” by the beings of the fifth dimension. Remember, ALL of you are multidimensional. Therefore, ALL of you exist in ALL dimensions simultaneously. However, you are not aware of these realities unless your consciousness is calibrated to that world.

Furthermore, the higher dimensions can easily perceive the lower dimensions. In order to perceive the higher dimensions, you have to expand your consciousness into that frequency of that reality. Your consciousness serves a frequency telescope. Once you calibrate your telescope toward the frequency of a given reality, you can perceive that reality.

Inter-dimensional Memories

However, perceiving and interacting with a reality is not the same. You can passively “look into” a higher dimensional reality while maintaining a lower dimensional form. Conversely, in order to interact with that reality, your entire Essence must be calibrated to the frequency of that reality.

To calibrate your entire form, you will need to release your attachment to your other expressions of SELF and Know that your Multidimensional SELF is the storehouse for all your genetic coding and frequency patterns. Then, using the power of your unconditional love, you can open the portal to a reality and create a form from the elements of that reality. Moving into a reality free of form after such a long sojourn into the physical world is an experience that is best waylaid until you have fully remembered your inter-dimensional skills.

For some of you, that memory will instantly pass into your consciousness because you have been remembering them while still holding a form. For others, who have long been disconnected from their multidimensional nature, it will be best to recover from your physical amnesia of your SELF before you venture into formless worlds.

We shall return to discuss to introduce seventh dimensional, Oversoul Consciousness, as well as the seventh dimensional area of the Mothership.

Your SELF,

The Arcturians.

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD

Posted 6th October 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
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sharing.:::.▶ Who And What Are The Rosicrucians #5 (the religious question) – MYTRE AND THE ARCTURIANS- JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP – Part 6 | fantascienza.

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sharing.:::.▶ Who And What Are The Rosicrucians #5 (the religious question) – MYTRE AND THE ARCTURIANS- JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP – Part 6

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Mytre and The Arcturian

Trip to the Mothership Part VI



Now that you have downloaded and integrated Part II of a three-part process of integrating your Multidimensional Operating System into your third dimensional brain, we would like to talk to you about the consciousness of our Mothership.

Just as your third/fourth dimensional representation of your SELF is only a small fraction of your Multidimensional SELF, the fifth dimensional representation of our Mothership is only a minute component of our multidimensional Ship. In fact, most of our Mothership exists as pure consciousness, which may or may not choose to take on a form.

Therefore, as we speak about the seventh through twelfth dimensions of the Ship, we must first inform you about the states of consciousness of each of those dimensions. Of course, all of these states of consciousness exist as ONE within the NOW and intertwine in a beautiful, cosmic tapestry of frequency, density, multidimensional light and unconditional love.

However, since we are still speaking to the small component of your SELF who is known as your physical earth vessel, we will discuss each of these states of consciousness in a sequential manner. First we will explain more about the term “state of consciousness.”

As you know, you are ALL multidimensional beings who have a huge range of expressions of your complete SELF. These expressions of SELF resonate to myriad, different yet intermingled, realities, planets, galaxies and dimensions. There is NO limit to your wondrous SELF as you move through innumerable involvements with the actuality of your conscious, as well as unconscious, Beingness.

In each dimension you seek to perfect different states of consciousness. We search your human language for a definition of consciousness and find that the best definition for our present purposes would be:Consciousness is the state of being awake and aware of your surroundings, while also being able to perceive and interact with each given reality.

For our purposes, we must add that this definition includes both inner and outer realities, as from the perceptions of your 3rd/4th dimensional self there is a separation between these experiences. In fact, the concept of separation is one of the primary theses for the third/fourth dimensional “Individual Consciousness.”

We, the Arcturians, place third and fourth dimension within the same reality for they are both ruled by the illusion of time and polarities. We consider the fourth dimensional reality to be the aura and “dream world” of the third dimension.

In every dimension of reality a certain type of consciousness is the primary experience, and it is the mastery of that type of consciousness that allows the ones who have chosen that reality to feel the full benefit of the dimension that they chosen to visit.

Please see the types of consciousness that are the trademark of each dimension of reality:

In the third/fourth dimension, we perfect Individual Consciousness.
In the fifth dimension, we perfect Unity Consciousness.
In the sixth dimension, we perfect Collective Consciousness.
In the seventh dimension, we perfect Oversoul Consciousness.

“The dimensions beyond the seventh merge into each other, so there is a range of dimensions. Hence, in the:
Eighth through tenth dimensions,
We perfect Ascended Master and Elohim Consciousness
Eleventh through twelfth dimensions,
We perfect Angelic and Source Consciousness.”

We will begin our instruction by reviewing some of the pros and cons of Individual Consciousness. You may look at your world now and state that there could be no pros to Individual Consciousness. However, you make that statement from within the confines of that world.

From our perspective in the eighth through tenth dimensions your experiment of Individual Consciousness has been a rousing success. Yes, it is a harsh world in which you either “make it” or die trying. And, many, many humans have died trying to master the very challenging state of consciousness in which you are totally separated, not only from other, but from the very God that you have been told to worship.

Individual Consciousness without the Wisdom, Love and Power of your Three Fold Flame, is exceedingly dangerous because it is so easy to detach yourself from the power that you have over others. Your Individual Consciousness can also become so self-absorbed that you forget that the energy you put out will come back to you. Hence, many evil deeds have flourished in your world.

On the other hand, of those of you who were able to reach inside your “individual” self and decide you felt better if you loved rather than feared, some of you, in fact, more than you may realize, learned that if you made others feel better, it made you feel better too. And then there are the many lost ones.

Some of these lost ones have lived so many lives in the pursuit of selfish gain that they have totally forgotten the Law of Return, as they never given. They have only taken from others—again and again. Since they were separate from the ones from whom they took, they did not realize how the constant taking without any balance of giving was murdering their heart.

The heart is a very special organ. We are speaking now of the physical heart. It appears to be a simple pump that moves the blood throughout your system. However, the heart is also attached to the Thymus Glands of your immune system. All your ductless/endocrine glands, such as the Thymus, are the portions of your physical body connected to and driven by Spirit.

A heart that is simply a pump and not a portal for Spirit, is a heart that will run low on fuel and need to take fuel from others. It is this concept that the most lost of the “individual ones” have used to their own selfish gains. We choose not to go into the details of this action except to say that the darkness of Individual Consciousness is the reason why we have to shut down this 3D Game.

Also, cosmically, the 3D Game is cosmically due to advance into the higher frequencies at this current time of your earthly calendar. It is largely because of the above-alluded intensions of the lost ones that we, your Higher Family, have been allowed to intercede. We, your Cosmic Family, have decided that Individual Consciousness cannot be allowed to run unchecked.

The ceiling can be very high, and many humans have achieved grand feats and ascended into the higher realms of life. However, the underbelly of this state of consciousness cannot be allowed to continue. It was first introduced into your DNA by the Lizzies and Dracs, who ran their world in an “eat or be eaten” predatory manner.

However, the Adam Kadmon body was too delicate to support this type of DNA without considerable damage to certain neural pathways that allowed for advance into higher states of consciousness within that prototype of human.

Furthermore, the Kundalini Energy, which was allowed this body type to assist in evolution turn immensely vicious and cruel if that energy found itself going down the spinal cord instead of up the spinal cord. We, the creators of your Adam Kadmon prototype, apologize for this defect.

There is no excuse for that mistake, and our only regret is that we did not first research more effectively the possibility that such a deep corruption could enter that frequency of reality. The overall effect has been that the extreme polarities of an angelic body format intermingled with Drac DNA, did create world saviors with more courage and fortitude than imaginable to the members of a world that had not know polarity for millions of your years.

Unfortunately, the negative result was just as extreme. Those who were lost to the darkness passed into the Lower Astral Realm to haunt and torment those who wished to advance their consciousness beyond the limits of strict, third dimensional thinking.

The few who achieved Mastery set up Mystery Schools just past the dark world of the Lower Astral to rescue the brave ones who could find their way through that abyss of darkness. They then began forming the structure of a Mystery Schools at the Threshold of each of the sub-planes of the fourth dimension. In this manner, We could better assist the ones who were attempting to move beyond the strict confines of the Individual Consciousness.

The problem with Beings of Light is that they sometimes underestimate predatory Beings who wish to harm and control. We have learned much from the third dimensionals and dedicate ourselves to assisting our immensely brave Adam Kadmon Family.

In the midst of your third dimensional limitations and separations, despite the predatory nature that lurked within your DNA, and faced with the constant threat of disaster, defeat, disease and death, YOU have taken your form into the realm of Personal and Planetary Ascension.

We stand in awe of your accomplishments, we salute your courage beyond measure and embrace the unconditional love that we feel streaming from your opened High Hearts.

It has been a long, dark road for your human adventure, but you have crossed the finish line victorious!

Your Family of Light

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD

Posted 4th October 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
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sharing.:::.▶ Girls Stretch Routine is Amazing!!!! – MYTRE AND THE ARCTURIANS – JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP – part 5 | Equipoise.

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sharing.:::.▶ Girls Stretch Routine is Amazing!!!! – MYTRE AND THE ARCTURIANS – JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP – part 5

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Mytre and The Arcturian

Trip to the Mothership Part V

Sixth Dimensional Mothership

…Greetings again! I would like to speak more about sixth dimensional Beings before we resume our tour of the Mothership. Beyond the fifth dimension, form is a choice, which is usually only taken while visiting the denser worlds of the fifth dimension and below. Sixth dimensional Beings on the Mothership seldom choose to wear a form and prefer to live within the Ship’s light-network.

In fact, they have much to do with the Ship being alive. Their sixth dimensional energy field is always moving and enlightening the life force of the entire Mothership, as well as all her inhabitants. The sixth dimension of the Mothership is one of the thresholds between portions of the Ship that hold a definitive form and portions of the Ship that consists of mutable form or exist as pure consciousness.

The sixth dimensionals are the creators of the wormholes through which the formed and formless Beings can move into and through the various densities of the Mothership. These wormholes are “quite a ride” to experience the first time. Therefore, I will share my first journey through the 6D wormholes into the higher densities of the Ship.

I had been on the Mothership long enough to have fully acquainted myself with the fifth dimensional areas and was ready to, not just visit the sixth dimension, but actually use its quality of infinite movement to activate a wormhole. My Arcturian Guide led me to yet another entrance to seemingly nothing and nowhere.

I was instructed to release all attachment to my current form. Since, this was my first time through the wormhole, the Arcturian assured me that it would protect my form while I moved beyond the burden of form. In fact, the Arcturian chose to accompany me on my maiden voyage.

This time the lack of form was not as disconcerting, as I had had a while to digest my last sixth dimensional experience. Also, knowing that the flash of light guiding me was the Arcturian was calming, and allowed me to maintain a high enough state of consciousness to stay in the NOW.

When I say the Arcturian Light was guiding me, you must remember that there is no time or space to separate us. Therefore, it was the knowing of the Arcturian FEEL that was guiding me. Since there is no time, I cannot say how long it took for me to actually look at myself to see to NO me. I was pure consciousness with only a loose, mutable wavering of light.

Within this loose image of SELF, I was simultaneously ONE within the Collective Consciousness of the Mothership, which I will describe later. Somehow, I had some capability of mind so that I could think “Wormhole.” Before, I could complete the thought of this concept, a huge wormhole opened before me.

We, the Arcturian’s light and my own, were swept into the circular movement of the Wormhole. My consciousness blasted open into an experience, which I could only call euphoria and eternal bliss. We, as any sense of the concept of I was extinct, twisted within these sensations that amplified beyond my ability to put into any sequential format of words.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, because I was loosing all connection to Mytre–whoever that was, we Fell Out of the Journey. Back in my familiar form, I heart the Arcturian say,

“The sixth dimensionals are the epitome of Collective Consciousness. In each dimension, our Multidimensional Self perfects increasingly expanded states of consciousness:
In the third/fourth dimension, we perfect Individual Consciousness.
In the fifth dimension, we perfect Unity Consciousness.
In the sixth dimension, we perfect Collective Consciousness.
In the seventh dimension, we perfect Oversoul Consciousness.

“The dimensions beyond the seventh merge into each other, so there is a range of dimensions. Hence, in the:
Eighth through tenth dimensions,
We perfect Ascended Master and Elohim Consciousness
Eleventh through twelfth dimensions,
We perfect Angelic and Source Consciousness.”

Before we, the Arcturians, and I, continue with the discussion of these expanded states of consciousness, the Arcturians will assist you with the next process of downloading your Multidimensional Operating System. We will then take you into the seventh through the twelfth dimensions of the Mothership.

Integrating MDOS into the 3D Brain Part II


Our Beloved Ascending Ones, for we speak to all that may hear. We are very, very joyous to assist you in integrating your Multidimensional Operating System. This new operating system is coded to be activated by and to activate the 97% of your unused DNA. This DNA will accept the Multidimensional Operating System that can only be used by the 95% of your brain that has lain like fallow fields which have not been cultivated.

Furthermore, this 95% of your unused brainpower is what connects you to your Multidimensional SELF. We see the joyous vision of the complete awakening of our ascending ones. Your light shine brightly, and as you connect to your true, Multidimensional SELF, this light transmutes into a higher and higher expressions of your beingness.

We will take up where we left off in our last message
( with the vision of your 4th dimensional aura surrounding each and every cell of your physical earth vessel. We ask you to FEEL how that 4th dimensional shield has begun to expand and integrate into, each and every cell. Every cell, which was once 3rd dimensional, is being transmuted into its 4th dimensional expression.

This transmutation will greatly assist you to perceive, interact with and live within components of your reality that you once had to enter into deep meditation, or do something that you love in order to experience. As each and every one of your cells are fully integrated into the 4thdimensional frequency of your beingness, a great change takes place in your perceptions of reality.

For instance, you will find that it will be much easier for you to ignore that which is ending. Thus, it is simpler to choose to NOT attend to stimulus that lowers your down into anxiety, depression, anger, sadness or fear.

In fact, now you can look to that which is ending and give it the blessing of unconditional love. In fact, right now, take a moment and allow that which is needling upon your brain, wanting your attention, wanting you to turn and to interact and feed it. We ask you now to turn and look this discontent straight in the heart and say,

“I love you, unconditionally, and I blaze the Violet Fire into the emanation that you are sending to me. I bless that you, too, find the peace that I am gaining within my new expanded version of self.”

And now, please turn your attention back to us, so that we can assist you to release your old, 3rd dimensional habits, issues and behaviors:

Breathe unconditional love into your heart…
Breathe unconditional forgiveness into your mind…
Breathe unconditional acceptance into your aura…

Release the habits, issues and behaviors of the past NOW…

These experiences of your old self will NOT be taken into New Earth. They are burdensome, cumbersome, and they lower the frequency of your consciousness and impede your ability to fully integrate your Multidimensional Operating System.

As you push them away with your love and transmute them with the Violet Fire, turn to us and say,

“Dear Arcturians, I am ready to integrate my Multidimensional Operating System so that I can fully return to my Multidimensional SELF. From that perspective of my SELF I can perceive my physical, ascending one as the anchor that I, my great Multidimensional SELF, have submerged into the beloved body of Gaia.
Now, reel-in this 3rd dimensional anchor into your Multidimensional SELF. As you pull this anchor back into your true SELF, you also pull Gaia up from the seas of discontent and into the light of unconditional love, freedom and peace.” Visualize yourself at the helm of your ship, reeling up the anchor.

Of course, mechanical devices are no longer used, but it is a way for your SELF to interface with your 3rd dimensional brain. In fact, if you desire, you can give your 3rd dimensional brain the image of actually turning the crank and reeling up the anchor, your physical self along with Gaia and everything that is beloved within your physical reality.

Please, take a moment to perceive ALL of the past, present, future and parallel expressions of Gaia’s Earthly Being swimming around Her earthly aura. Now, perceive ALL your past, present, future and parallel earthly realities swimming around your aura.

Since you and Gaia are ONE, as you pull up your realities, you pull up Gaia’s realities, as well. Auspiciously, since you and Gaia are partners in ascension, as Gaia pulls her SELF into the higher realms, She takes you with Her.

Perceive yourself within your 4th dimensional aura. Now, look into your 3rd dimensional form and send it your love, as you say, “Oh you have been so brave. I, your 4th dimensional aura know more than even your 5th dimensional self, how you have suffered, how it has been so difficult to carry your light though the long dark night and into the dawning of a new world.

I, your 4th dimensional expression of self, surround and protect every cell of your earth vessel, as I merge into you. I become you. I become your thoughts. I become your emotions, and very important, I become your perceptions. Throughout many of your 3rd dimensional lives you have heard, seen, felt and experienced the 3rd dimensional reality of polarity as your ONLY reality.

The physical world WAS your life. But now I, your 4th dimensional self, step into every cell and every molecule, in preparation for your full download of the Multidimensional Operating System. I, your 4thdimensional self, fully interface with you so that I can assist you to hear, see, feel, touch and experience the 4th dimension and beyond as your predominant experience of life.

Just as your 4th dimensional voice was once your silent voice, now your 3rd dimensional voice will become, is becoming, is now the distant voice that you can almost hear, the vision through the corner of your eye, the sensations that are leaving, the memories that were once real and the illusions that once bound you.

All these third dimensional perceptions are becoming increasingly dim. As these voices, visions, sensations, memories and illusions fade from your awareness, you can better focus on the highest 4th dimensional Self, your I AM Presence. It is in this manner that you can best prepare for your full ascension into your 5th dimension and beyond.

And as you stand upon the Threshold of another expression of your SELF,
See, hear, touch, feel the higher frequencies of light as it enters you…

YOU are now your aura. YOU are now that which was formally perceived as the light around your body.

See an imaginary mirror before you to see your New Body…

YOU are now that light. You are now the ONE that is protecting the remnants of your 3rd dimensional physicality by constantly transmuting that which is ending because of the unconditional love and Violet Fire that YOU are sending it.

YOU have now become ONE with Gaia’s Earth. YOU are alive within the planet and the planet is alive within you! You share Gaia’s 4thdimensional reality, and Gaia shares your 4th dimensional self. Both of you surround, protect, transmute and love, that which was once bound by the illusions of the 3rd dimension.

Personal and Planetary Ascension has BEGUN!

Blessings BE Our Dear Ascending ONES. You are coming Home.

Your Arcturian Family

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD
Posted 3rd October 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
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sharing.:::. ▶ Master Daniel Tan Tai Chi Quan 24 Steps Yang Style – JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP PART IV | Vel sanus

sharing.:::. ▶ Master Daniel Tan Tai Chi Quan 24 Steps Yang Style – JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP PART IV | Vel sanus.

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sharing.:::. ▶ Master Daniel Tan Tai Chi Quan 24 Steps Yang Style – JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP PART IV

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 ▶ Master Daniel Tan Tai Chi Quan 24 Steps Yang Style – YouTube

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Integrating Your Multidimensional Operating System
Into Your Third dimensional Brain

Dear Earth Ones, from my explanation of the sixth dimension, I am sure you realize that your time-bound, third dimensional thinking is not adequate to understand or manage the experiences of the sixth dimension and beyond.

The Arcturians have often told you, as they have repeatedly told me, it is vital to integrate your full Multidimensional Operating System into your third dimensional brain.

You have all been downloading this new mental operating system via the higher frequencies of light that are entering your Pineal Gland. However, until you have integrated this multidimensional program into your current third dimensional mental processes; your perceptions, and interactions with the higher dimensional realities will be less than your full potential.

Therefore, it is vital that you complete the process of connecting your Multidimensional Operating System into the third dimensional circuitry of your physical brain and nervous system. The transitions that you are undertaking will be unnecessarily difficult when you are bound to sequential, time-driven thinking.

We the Arcturians and myself, Mytre, are helping you to remember how to live beyond time. Living beyond time, which is closing the infinite loop of time, is a vital component to personal and planetary ascension. The Arcturians will now speak to you about integrating your Multidimensional Operating System.

Our dearest ascending ones, we have always been within you, how could we not? We are you and you are we. In fact, more and more each day, the illusion of the gap between us closes tighter and tighter, until, soon, you will no longer have to take a long breath and focus your energies in order to communicate via us. Soon, you will just be with us.

Nevertheless, you know that your third dimensional brain cannot contain the information, frequency, quantity and multidimensional quality of information that we are giving to you within this NOW of the ONE. Thus, it is vital that you integrate the Multidimensional Operating System of your true SELF into the brain of your transmuting earth vessel.

We want to let you know that this process may not be comfortable for your physical body or for the circuitry of your physical brain. Nonetheless, we shall begin this process now because you have asked for your ascension and for the ascension of your planet. This request means that you are ready to expand your mental processing.

You have been frustrated by having to go from communing with the multidimensional world to interacting with the time-bound details of your third dimensional life. Therefore, we will assist you in releasing that separation. And, as that separation closes into oneness, you will perceive the myriad details of your third dimensional reality through the perspective of your Multidimensional SELF.

With your multidimensional perception you will no longer be hidden amongst the myriad “trees” that surround you, which make you feel lost and confused. Instead, you will have the perspective of floating above the forest and seeing your route laid out before you in a beaming thread of light.

· We ask you to completely relax your physical brain by easing your forehead and opening your Crown to better see through your Third Eye.
· Now, relax your neck, Throat Chakra, so that the words that you hear and speak are free of third dimensional thinking.
· Allow that relaxation to float down into your High Heart.
· Feel the Three Fold Flame of Wisdom, Power and Love as it encompasses your thinking and allows you to remember being a Priest or Priestess on Atlantis before its fall.
· Remember all that you knew then and bring it forth into the current files, folders and circuitry of your brain.

We start with your Atlantian information for you were holding a physical form at that time. Your frequency was not as low as your physical form within this time, but there was indeed a physical format. On the other hand, when you speak through your Arcturian recollections, you are free of form; hence, it is much more difficult for your third dimensional circuitry to accept and understand.

This process of remembering can be unconscious to your human awareness. Therefore, allow yourself to emotionally feel the information that you knew on Atlantis come to the surface of your multidimensional thinking. Remember, now, how you had the ability to leave time. You may have remembered that you died during the fall of Atlantis, but you did not die. None of our ones that came to assist Gaia with her transition died. Instead, at the exact moment when your physical vehicle could longer maintain your light, you stepped out of time.

Leaving time was easier then because your physical world was in the midst of destruction. Also, many of you were new to the limitations of time. Now, leaving time is more difficult as you have lived within time for myriad incarnations. Also, now your grounded self must still drive a car, walk along the street, speak in your human time-bound language, pay your bills and do your chores. In other words, you still have to maintain a third dimensional vehicle while your consciousness is expanding far beyond the limitations of that small, weak vehicle.

We ask you now to expand your perceptions into our Beingness. Feel us around you. Remember how you have never left us. Now look into your physical body. When you first entered your current form, you logged into your body by copying and pasting your great multidimensional consciousness into an earth vessel. With the great power of your multidimensional consciousness and unconditional love that has ALWAYS over lit you, tell your vehicle how much you care for it and how proud of it you are.

Let you earth vessel know that it is normal that it has become overwhelmed by the spectrum of information and energy that it has been collecting. In order for your third dimensional brain to fully connect with your multidimensional circuitry that you have downloaded and integrated into your consciousness, it must go through the Firewall of your fourth dimensional aura.

Your fourth dimensional Firewall is important because these higher energies would be too fast, far too high in frequency for your third dimensional circuitry to withstand. Therefore perceive your fourth dimensional aura; feel it all around you. Realize that this aura surrounding your physical body and also surrounds every individual cell of your physical form.

Furthermore, within your aura are all of the fourth dimensional Elemental spirit beings who are willing, and who have specifically volunteered to assist you to plug in your multidimensional consciousness into your fourth dimensional firewall. Once you have bonded the protection of your fourth dimensional Firewall into the circuitry of your third dimensional brain, it will be much easier to download your Multidimensional Operating System.

Allow yourself to take a long deep breath; in fact take several long deep breaths. Experience your aura, not just around you, but also within you. Your third dimensional thinking is focused on separation; therefore you thought that your aura was separate from your physical form and surrounded only your third dimensional body.
· Consciously experience that illusion of separation that your third dimensional mind has created…
· Imagine that the energy of your aura is on one end of the spectrum of polarity and your physical form on the other…
· To collapse that polarity, pull the physical form more and more toward the center of the spectrum…
· Pull the aura more and more and more to the center of the spectrum…
· Now, join them together to collapse them into ONE…
· As you collapse that imaginary polarity into the ONE, feel the integration of your fourth dimensional aura around each and every cell of your physical form…

You have completed the first phase of integrating your Multidimensional Operating System into your third dimensional brain. We shall return with the other phases once you have had “time” to allow this shift of consciousness into your daily life.

Your Multidimensional Operating System

Author’s Note:

The “vacation” the Arcturians spoke of in the YouTube began four days ago. They said that during this vacation I could begin the process of integrating my Multidimensional Operating System into my third dimensional brain. This process has been one of intensive training in my night body. I just awoke from the third night.

Every night, I have had challenging dreams in which I confronted old patterns of fear that are embedded in my Third Dimensional Operating System. I have gone through every leadership fear that may have ever crossed my mind, observed and tackled old chronic patterns of thought, behaviors and reactions that were resonating to frequencies less than that of unconditional love.

In other words, I have been releasing third dimensional files, folders and programs from my brain and consciousness to make room for a new Operating System for Life. It is as if I have just bought a wonderful, new computer that I do not want to fill with old files. Hence, I am going thorough all the long-forgotten files to read every word, then finally deleted that which carry ANY resonance of fear and all its friends such as anger, sorrow, depression and foreboding.

I have awakened every morning exhausted by the night’s work. When the Arcturians said that this process would be difficult for our “small, weak” earth vessel, they were correct. Fortunately, I have completed my “three nights in the underworld,” and I am hopeful that the old time-bound and ego-based files are released from my third dimensional computer brain.

The first night was the most difficult in that I dreamed that some faceless person was visiting people with his/her immense fear and wanting to hand it over to that person. Just in time I would wake up, only to fall back to sleep to find the exact scenario.

Finally, after I had awakened from the dream only to return to the exact moment in “time” I had abandoned it, I realized I would have to confront this fear that went from person to person to person. I decided to fill my self with unconditional love and directly confront the next fearful person. When I did so, the fear from everyone was gone. Then, I woke up so I would not forget the solution to fear.

The second night, I could only sleep for an hour at a time and then woke up. However, by now I was too tired to get the details of the dream that I had escaped. The process felt like I was releasing the unending drudgery of trying to lead others in the old manner of third dimensional separation and limitation. I awoke exhausted after only three hours and got out of bed.

For the first two nights we were in a very unpleasant hotel room, one of the few in this hotel that had not yet been renovated. The bed was hard, the air was hot and without flow through, everything was old and in sorry need of renovation. However, it was Friday and Saturday night and every room in the hotel and in the area was taken. Hence, I had to sleep in the old. Being a good third dimensional I adapted, but was not happy about it.

Yesterday, we went to a new beautiful hotel with a room directly on the sand of a glorious beach. I took a long nap in the day and a wonderful swim in the pool under a starry night. I saw three unusual “stars” that formed a huge triangle in the sky above me. I floated on my back for a long time and called out, “Is it you? Are you there?” I heard nothing, but when I glanced up just before we went to the room, the stars where not where they had been.

Last night I slept well, but woke up with a final initiation dream and the image of a foot going into my brain. I got out of bed and wrote this note. Perhaps, I have “kicked out” my old operating system and am ready to receive the new one. I now await the training dreams in which I learn to operate my new, multidimensional computer brain.

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD

Posted 24th September 2012 by YHVH@
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sharing.:::.▶ Two variations of Kukishinden kata, September lessons,.:::.JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP | Vel sanus

sharing.:::.▶ Two variations of Kukishinden kata, September lessons,.:::.JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP | Vel sanus.

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sharing.:::.▶ Two variations of Kukishinden kata, September lessons,.:::.JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP


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We are so pleased to see how many of our wonderful Ascending Ones are enjoying our journey to the Mothership. Before Mytre continues his tour of our multidimensional components, we wish to speak with you about how you can best see us in your skies. Of course, you will not see our Mothership, but we, meaning ALL the Galactics, are making ourselves more and more visible to you each day.

You have already been instructed how to communicate with your Pineal Gland to allow “novel perception” into your conscious mind. However, there is more we wish to explain to you. Many of you have been awakening in the night with the feeling that we are very close.

These awakenings are often because we have been communicating with you while you are in your fourth dimensional night body. We communicate in this manner because you are very receptive at that frequency of your consciousness. We also encourage you to awaken while these messages are fresh within your mind.

Furthermore, many of you are visiting us in your night body, but you may or may not be remembering that adventure. A way to remember your visit with us is to “imagine” that you are on one of our Solar Ships. We call these Star Ships our Solar Ships, as they are small enough to enter a Solar System without damaging the gravitation of the planets. However, they are still very large by earthly standards.

We also have Scout Ships that are small enough to land on your planet. Even our Solar Ships are too large to land on a planet. Therefore, all our inter-planetary visitations are done via our Scout Ships. These Ships are the ones that are most commonly seen. We often travel in groups of three to distinguish ourselves from stars. Also, we will blink in and outof your vision to catch your attention. We, also, do this to differentiate our lights from that of your stars.

Many times we feel you, our ascending Ones, looking up into the night sky asking, “When will they come?” Yes, we can register your thoughts, especially the thoughts of those who think about us. When you think about us, the Arcturians or other members of your Galactic Family, you send out a resonance similar to what you have known as an S.O.S. call.

Indeed, many of you are so deeply longing for our arrival that it feels like an emergency to you. In fact, our landing is bit of an emergency. Gaia needs Her people to Wake Up and assist with Planetary Ascension NOW. Those of you who are actively assisting Gaia are more deeply appreciated than you can imagine. However, She needs more humans to participate in releasing old, lower frequency thoughts, emotions and attachments, so that She can more easily lift off, so to speak.

By “lift off” we mean that Gaia must lift the great mass of Her body beyond the third dimension of polarity. She cannot just ascend Her loving polarity and leave behind her fearful polarity without causing great damage to Her planet. She does not want to harm her beautiful form in any manner. She sees that your plants, animals, cetaceans and many humans have released much of your dross vibrations. Therefore, Gaia knows that Her full ascension is near.

Unfortunately, even though we Galactics have been working to constrain and contain the Dark Ones both on the planet and in the Lower Astral Field, there are still too many humans “on the fence.” You have a lovely child’s book, Horton Hears the Who, which is about an elephant that found a small fluff and is about to damage it. Horton is a very kind Being, as all elephants are, and does not know that an entire world exists within that fluff.

Therefore, everyone in Whoville must make a noise so that Horton hears their voices. In the end, it is one small voice from one small boy sitting alone in a tower that saves their world. Therefore, dear Ascending Ones, not one of you is too insignificant to make a difference. We need every voice from every ONE of you, from every corner, every valley and every high mountain, to call, “We are READY for you NOW.”

Your personal state of readiness is more significant than you can imagine. You are all very accustomed to individual consciousness in which you alone are often insignificant to the masses of the many. However, whether or not you are aware of it, Gaia is now within the frequency of Unity Consciousness. The animals know that, the plants know that, the Cetaceans know that and the Elementals know that.

Fortunately, more and more humans know that each day. However, there are many humans who are only followers. They have become too beaten down by their polarized reality to take any form of initiative. Therefore, those of you who have found the strength within to remember your SELF, must call loud enough to assist those who have lost their voice.

Of course, we are not speaking of “calling” in the same manner that the members of Whoville called. We are speaking in terms of calling with your magnificent force of unconditional love that our dear Ascending Ones have embraced. If each of you can remember to send your force of unconditional love into the hearts of EVERY member of humanity and visualize them turning to our light and choosing ascension, you will make a HUGE contribution to Planetary Ascension.

At the same time, you can visualize that you are releasing ALL that does not resonate to the frequency of the fifth dimension and beyond. In this manner, you will assist to lighten Gaia’s load. Just as the wagon trains that traveled across the great wilderness of North America to seek a new home left of trail of abandoned possessions behind, you too will leave behind all that cannot resonate to the fifth dimension.

However, you need not fear for any loss, for you shall be able to easily re-create those items with your thoughts and emotions once you have reached your “promise land.” Immigrants throughout your entire earthy history started off their journey wanting to take with them that which was comforting and familiar. However, many of the possessions actually possessed them and pulled them from their purist intention.

Hence, we remind you to be willing to enter into your new world in the same manner that you entered your current body, alone and naked. Release ALL attachments to your physical reality to free your heart and mind from the burden of possession and ownership. Each of your loved ones, no matter how old or young, is a pure multidimensional Being who is totally capable of making their own decisions about ascension.

Furthermore, if you have young children, it is you the parents who must open the portal for your family. Therefore, you must take care of YOUR ascension, so that you can offer that opportunity to your loved ones. Find what is left of “time” in what is left of your busy days to remember that YOU are ascending. YOU are vital to Gaia’s ascension. Your young children are still pure of heart and mind and are likely leading you into ascension. Look into these young ones and see their ancient Souls.

The best thing that you can give your family is the opportunity to live on New Earth. Therefore, do not get distracted by the illusions of the remnants of 3D life. Focus on the fifth dimensional reality into which you are leading and following your children. Include them in your process, as they are still clear Souls and have more to offer than you may think.

Our beloved Ascending Ones, we see your light and feel your unconditional love. We are as anxious to meet you, as you are to meet us; except, that we do remember your nightly visits—can you?

The Arcturians

We now return you to Mytre, who will continue your guided tour of our multidimensional Mothership.

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD

Posted 21st September 2012 by YHVH@
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sharing.:::.▶ Urantia Book – Paper 108 – Section 4 (Relation to Other Spiritual Influences) – JOURNEY INTO GAIA PART 3 _Arcturian Group Message 9/14/14_ | URANTHEA2094

sharing.:::.▶ Urantia Book – Paper 108 – Section 4 (Relation to Other Spiritual Influences) – JOURNEY INTO GAIA PART 3 _Arcturian Group Message 9/14/14_ | URANTHEA2094.

* * *


sharing.:::.▶ Urantia Book – Paper 108 – Section 4 (Relation to Other Spiritual Influences) – JOURNEY INTO GAIA PART 3 _Arcturian Group Message 9/14/14_

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***+ + +* * *

SEPTEMBER 14, 2014 

Arcturian Group Message 9/14/14

 spark copy

Greetings dear ones. Once again we come to offer encouragement and information to assist you on your journey toward enlightenment–the realization that you are so much more than you have been led to believe. You are Divine Beings created in and of the spiritual substance of Source (Consciousness) and as such, are capable of manifesting the wholeness and completeness of this Divine Consciousness. The third dimensional consciousness does not allow one to remember who they are since it functions from the level of duality and separation. Man has thus manifested for himself lifetimes of struggle and pain with a seeking outwardly in the belief that he was separate from his good.

Oneness is the profound secret of life, a secret that many as of yet are totally unaware of, but that many are now awakening to. Where better to hide the Sacred key than within, for only a spiritual adept would think to seek it in the last place the third dimensional consciousness would believe it to be. Even many of those who still grasp tightly to old and finished concepts are gradually coming to understand through personal strife, discouragement, or even great accomplishment, that the outer trappings of “success” do not bring that inner sense of completeness they seek.

Some who have actually achieved “success” in the third dimensional sense discover that there remains still an inner longing for “something” and in ignorance seek it through the use of drugs, alcohol, sex, and attention getting actions. However, there are now on earth successful and famous people evolved enough to see through the hypnotism and illusions of questing for happiness in the outer and who purposely incarnated to serve as examples and teachers for those who admire and seek emulate the famous.

To seek within at first seems to be a daunting task–foreign and difficult simply because the world has not been taught to seek within. Mankind has instead been taught and so has lived out from the belief that the brain and intellect is where all answers lie. Lifetime after lifetime through ignorance, seekers of truth, knowledge, solutions, and even just guidance have looked for the answers and information in the outer scene–to “experts”, religious leaders, governments etc.

Mind is an avenue of awareness; translating and manifesting from your attained state of consciousness The mind can only access what is already known personally or is floating around in the world’s consensus consciousness and therefore in order for an idea to be new, it must flow from deeper levels. True artists are aware of this and often attune to their deeper levels within, not realizing this to be a spiritual activity.

The use of drugs or alcohol is prevalent in the lives of many creative people because they believe these things are necessary in order to access this deeper creativity. The fact is that they could easily access those already present deeper and more creative levels through meditation and inner spiritual growth, while avoiding substances that only serve open one to negative energetic situations.

How exactly does one get answers from within? The whole idea discourages many sincere seekers because at first it seems impractical and impossible. It is not like a radio that you can just plug in (although with time it can become somewhat similar). The process begins with trust and meditation. The discipline of quieting of oneself enough to hear the still small voice–moving beyond the busy, plotting, planning human mind must be practiced. Preparation could be reading a spiritual book, pondering a truth, or a quiet walk observing nature–being ALONE with activities that quiet the mind–no cell phones or partners on your nature walks. Become an observer, but not resisting thoughts that may float through.

Most of you already hear the still small voice as intuition but have not realized what it was. Intuition is how it works for many in the beginning but as you begin to go deeper in spiritual enlightenment, sacred knowledge and information will be received, questions answered, and you will begin to be taught from within.

There are individuals who call themselves psychics and do indeed have the ability to pick up energies and hear information. However, if their consciousness is still fully enmeshed in the third dimensional belief system, this psychic ability will not make them spiritual teachers nor will it make their predictions come true. Predictions are based on the energy of the moment, which is constantly changing. Psychic information coming through a third dimensional state of consciousness will reflect that–information can rise no higher than the channel, author, or teacher’s state of consciousness. We tell you this so that you start to use discernment when seeking someone for a reading, spiritual class, or when embarking on a particular path offering enlightenment.

Many spiritually pure teachers of the past taught their students to avoid psychics and anything metaphysical because at a time when most of the world was living fully in the energies of duality and separation, there were those who found that being “psychic” was an easy way to trick the vulnerable and earn a good living while doing it. There remain a few who work on that level, but most now are coming from a deeper place. Your own state of consciousness will guide you to someone of like or higher consciousness when you state your intention to find a teacher or Light worker of a high resonance–you will guided from within. Learn to trust your intuition.

Intuition will guide you regarding the state of consciousness of a teacher, healer, author, or psychic. You will begin to trust when you resonate or not with some book, ads for classes, or someone’s energy. Those days of blindly following someone just because they said you should, are finished for most of you. Most of you are now beginning to realize that you no longer need the outer tools because you get what you need from within. The energy of a consciousness less than your own cannot lift you higher, and may in fact lower you to theirs. This is the taking back of your power.

Understand this does not mean you must give up the occasional energy session, classes you may be guided to, or readings from spiritually evolved Light workers when you need them. Let the still small voice guide you–there are many spiritually evolved individuals on earth at this time to adding their Light to the worlds transition through their work of assisting others in these ways. Practice discernment.

Learning to go within before making any major decisions means that you can finally stop running from one human solution to another with no awareness as to how they may be resonating with your energy. Ask your Guides help you. Ask questions and write down those things you sense but don’t expect a loud voice telling you what to do and saying; “I can’t do it” when you don’t hear one because Guides are with you to assist you with YOUR decisions, not to tell you what to do.

The inner voice does not speak in words, it is information, translated into words by your mind. The information may manifest through some ordinary experience that provides the answer you seek. Information flows from inner seeking and receptivity and manifests in forms you can easily relate to.

Divine Consciousness is Self-sustained and Self-maintained and is your very CORE. The realization (not intellectual knowledge) of this is the key that opens the door, allowing Divine ideas to manifest in, through, and as you. Remember, mind translates spiritual realities (completeness, wholeness, abundance) through your attained state of consciousness which differs for every individual. Comparing your experiences to another can limit you because spiritual fruitage is never limited to a certain form.

Do not despair if you make a mistake–if you think you heard your inner guidance, acted upon it and then discovered it to be a “mistake”, know that there are no mistakes, only learning experiences. You are learning to discern the still small voice from the ego voice and will find that there is a quiet and gentle sense of “knowing” with the inner voice that is not present with solutions based solely on intellectual knowledge.

Trust your intuition always. Keep your energy field filled with Light, stay centered in truth , state your intention to always be guided by the still, small, voice and you will be.

This is how you live from the within to the without, and not the reverse…
Knowing…That which you seek, you are.

We are the Arcturian Group 9/14/14

©2014 | Cedar, MI 49621 

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Dear ONE, 

I have been thinking about Mytria saying, “My habit of doubting was because I was afraid that my happiness was too good to be true. That habit came from the remnants of being a victim. After all, a victim is a martyr who can never be healed.” I want to be free of all doubt and I do NOT want to be a victim.
Can you assist me in releasing ALL doubt?
We are The Mother, here to answer your question,

YOU, as well as all who resonate to this message, ARE the Mother. Therefore, you are too powerful and have too much responsibility to indulge in the third dimensional habit of doubt.Doubt is a means of pushing away your true SELF. This habit was developed during your myriad incarnations of having to hide your true power. However, all of you NOW have the protection of being ONE with the Mother.WE, the multidimensional members of the Mother, have incarnated again and again as Priests and Priestesses of the Goddess. We were on Venus for several incarnations before we could lower our frequency enough to encase our consciousness in an earthly vessel, and Venus is the embodiment of the Mother.

Sometimes we incarnated as men, and sometimes we were woman. Sometimes we were warriors; other times we were farmers. In far too many lives we were peasants. Once in a while we were Rulers, but, ALWAYS, we were OF THE MOTHER.

We have been “Holders of the Planetary Form” for most of our incarnations. That is why Gaia survived the extreme darkness of the last 100 years. Mostly, we were not famous, and only once in a while, we were powerful. But, always, we loved the Mother unconditionally. That was our job. It is this unconditional love that holds together the form that is loved.

Many of us took form on Earth at the fall of Atlantis. We came to assist Gaia in holding Her form until this upcoming prophesized “time.” Without the service of the Keepers of the Land and the Keepers of the Water, Gaia may not have survived the immense darkness that She has experienced in the last 70 to 100 years. We have been the Keepers both in human and cetacean forms for most of our incarnations.

We volunteered to assist Gaia during the fall of Atlantis because, at that time, the frequency of Her Keepers was too low to maintain the 4D Matrix with their collective mind and unconditional love. We agreed to enter Gaia’s wheel of life and death for the duration of Her ascension process. That process is completing, and our “contract” is fulfilled on 12-21-12.

However, we do not want to leave. We want to ascend. We came and/or returned to Gaia about 10,000 to 12,000 years ago. As measured by Cosmic Time, this was just a “minutes ago,” but time greatly changed once we entered the wounded matrix of 4D Earth. In fact, Gaia’s physical matrix did not stop lowering in frequency until the third dimensional frequency of expression.

Our long journey through the extreme polarity of physical Earth is coming to completion now. We have learned much more than our third dimensional thinking can understand. Fortunately, we are returning to our multidimensional consciousness and are able to remember our true SELF. Therefore, we are remembering the unity of planetary consciousness.

However, our myriad lifetimes of being limited to the consciousness of our clay shells were extremely difficult. Unfortunately, or perhaps it was fortunately, we forgot who we really were, so our limitation became “normal.” Now as we return to our higher expressions of SELF, our wounded self is healing just as we have served to heal Gaia’s wounded self.

With our wounding being healed by the multidimensional light and unconditional love that is streaming into Gaia aura, more and more of humanity, the Keepers of the Land, are remembering that they, too, are “of the Mother.” Within the beingness of The Mother, we experience all life as ONE united force of expanding love and light.

While basking in this ONE more humans are NOW beginning to release the third dimensional habit of “time.” In fact, except for some of the human community, we of the Mother have released our attachment to time and live infinitely in the ONE. Within this ONE, we can perceive many simultaneous versions of Earth.

These many frequencies of reality are maintained by the illusion of separation. This illusion of separation is created by the core illusion of time, in which many humans still believe. In order for humanity to perceive reality as we do, they must release the habit of third dimensional of time and embrace the NOW of the ONE.

Some of Earth’s many versions are filled with fear and resonate to a very low frequency of the third dimension and the fourth dimensional Lower Astral Plane. Other versions resonate to a higher version of thethird dimension in which the humans are awakening to their responsibility of being Keepers of the Land.

Beyond the Lower Astral Plane there are many fourth dimensionalversions of Earth that resonate to the increasingly higher fourth dimensional realities of the Emotional Plane, the Mental Plane, the Causal Plane, the Spiritual Plane and the I AM Presence at thethreshold of the fifth dimension.

Every experience that occurs on planet Earth resonates to each one of these different frequencies of reality. Therefore, that which resonates to the Lower Astral Plane has a higher expression in the higher fourth dimensional sub-planes.

All these versions of reality appear to be separate from each other because Earth’s 3D Polarity Matrix is still intact. The 3D Matrix only displays the extreme edges of third dimensional energy with light being the highest frequency and dark being the lowest frequency.

Without the perception of the energy in-between the light and dark, these energy fields appears to separated into polarities with no “in-between.” Fortunately, as more and more of the Keeper of the Land pull their energies into the In-between of energy spectrums, they perceive that separation is an illusion. This illusion of separation is another third dimensional habit that needs to be released.

The Keepers of the Water, the cetaceans, have always known that there is NO separation. However, the power of humanity dominated and killed them during the dark times, which greatly diminished their ability to maintain the perception of all life as ONE. Fortunately, many humans are awakening to their purpose of being a Keeper of the Land and perceive the Keepers of the Water as their cherished partners.

The higher frequencies of light that are entering our planet are greatly altering humanity’s perception of time. As time continues to speed up, the illusion of time is, also, fading. Consequently, many humans focus are loosing track of the past and future and are choosing to focus on the NOW.

The past is over and the future is NOW. Within this NOW, many humans are embracing Gaia as their Mother and are caring for Her as if She were a “person.” In reality, it is not that the planet is a person. Instead, it is the persons that are the “planet.”

We the Mother lovingly welcome our humans back into our Planetary SELF, as the closing of polarities collapses the myriad versions of “life on Earth” into the ONE reality of Planetary Ascension.

By Suzanne Lie, PhD
Posted 19th July 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
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Vel sanus: sharing.:::.▶ The Kung Fu Tai Chi Day Simplified 24 Routine. – Taekwondo Poomsae Taebaek (WTF) -JOURNEY INTO GAIA.

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