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Sunday, January 27, 2019

sharing3, ▶Posterior, Triangle, Of The Neck, ▶ Reiki, Healing, Techniques, DECEMBER 3, 2017

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Arcturian Group Message 12/3/17
Sun 12/3/2017, 9:43 AM

DECEMBER 3, 2017

Greetings to all at this time of celebration and festive activity. We are here to assist you toward a better understanding of the emotions some of you are experiencing at this time. This year, many are finding that holiday lights do not seem to be as bright, festivities not as attractive, shopping more of a burden, and that holiday celebrations no longer hold the same sense of excitement and enjoyment that they used to.

This is because your evolving energetic frequency has shifted you out of alignment with much that up to now you enjoyed. Foods, entertainments, friends, etc. as well as many traditions no longer hold the same value they once held, which can make things difficult when you are in situations surrounded by people still in alignment with these things. Because you have evolved, attempts to revive the past and “get on board” as before, simply will not work.

This does not mean you will never again enjoy these things but rather means, you will begin to see and experience them in new ways and with a deeper understanding of what they represent rather than from a level that is in alignment with the emotionally based commercial hype being broadcast to you 24/7. Excitement and celebrations will no longer be as intense as they were in the past simply because you are now experiencing them from a different level of awareness.

The world will continue to push and many will accept holiday concepts whether they be traditions or simply TV promotions because these things hold the promise of that happiness and love everyone seeks. Most of these promotions are based in the belief of lack and limitation and as long as there remains a receptive audience at that level, they will continue.

Businesses functioning from the third dimensional sense of lack and limitation are beginning to sense change, which is causing them to intensify sales efforts through ever more promotions, gimmicks, and emotional nonsense.

In order to be successful in the new energies, businesses must begin to function at the level of these new energies, which is the level of love and gratitude. Love ( I lovingly do my best to provide for you what you need.) Gratitude (You respond with just and fair payment.)

An example of a higher resonating business is one in which the owner and workers go out of their way to make things right for a customer even to the point of occasionally telling them that they really don’t need the particular product or service. An old energy business is one that really doesn’t care about its services or product, customers, or employees as long as the sale is made.

Things will never again be as they once were. The idea of the “Good ol days” is a myth. In reality these were times in which a great deal of darkness and density was either well hidden or accepted by a society with rigid concepts of morality. Evolution cannot be stopped. Mankind is graduating and cannot go back to places outgrown, although many are trying.

We wish to speak on the subject of disease. Disease simply refers to interrupted/discordant energy (dis-ease) within one or more of your bodies–physical, mental, emotional, or even spiritual. Dis-ease perfectly reflects duality and separation and has become firmly established in world consciousness because of the many un-awakened lifetimes everyone has lived within that belief system.

God does not. nor cannot sustain or maintain anything unlike itself for IT is all there is. If disease was a Divine Idea in the mind of God, it would be forever incurable, held permanently in place by Divine Law.

At this time when a great deal of cellular clearing is taking place, most of you are experiencing various physical symptoms. However, disease is still being formed anew from an alignment with certain belief systems, cellular memory of some disease still active, and occasionally a specifically chosen lesson. You are creators. Whenever society directs attention to a specific disease in some way, it automatically causes it to become more fully integrated into the universal human mind as a power.

Because you are spiritual beings, your real body is spiritual. Everyone has a permanent spiritual energetic body, but the density of the third dimension requires a physical (denser) body. Every soul chooses pre-birth and with guidance; their parents, time of birth, name (if parents can intuit it), gender, and a vehicle that would best serve them in accomplishing what they have chosen to learn while on earth.

Some souls specifically choose a body with physical or mental imperfections because it will perfectly serve their soul growth or that of the parents. (These are usually soul group decisions.) The soul does not enter at conception, as many believe, but most will go in and out until the later phases of gestation when it permanently enters its chosen vehicle. This leaves time for a soul to decide if the vehicle, parents, and situation are those that will best meet their intentions.

Never judge yourself or others according to any physical, emotional, or mental issues you or they may be dealing with. The appearance of a perfect physical body does not always reflect a high state of consciousness because the energy of duality always manifests as pairs of opposites. The sick or deformed body, or the mentally impaired person you see may be an evolved soul who out of love, chose that particular vehicle in order to assist with another’s learning process.

In reality, as with everything in the material world, the physical body is simply a three dimensional interpretation of the perfect spiritual body, but that level of awareness has not yet been attained by most. After incarnating into third dimensional energy, most forget and begin to accept beliefs and concepts based in duality and separation setting the stage for accidents, disease, and discords of every kind.

As a soul evolves and becomes aware of who and what they are, this is automatically reflected in the physical. The best anti-aging, beauty treatment is meditation because it aligns a person with their true self. This is how Jesus performed so called miracles. Because those seeking help aligned with his state of consciousness, a consciousness devoid of any beliefs of disease, the outer appearances of discord simply dissolved, having nothing to feed and support them.

This was not healing nor was it a miracle, rather it was a revealing–a revealing of the universal reality which is never personal or limited to one special person but is rather the natural expression of an attained consciousness of truth.

As mankind begins to realize that dis-ease is formed from energies of duality and separation, they will begin to cease creating them. Age and deterioration, lack and limitation, sickness and health are firmly embedded beliefs promoted throughout the world as reality but which in reality are concepts based in the belief in them.

Health is an area where the majority have given their personal power away in deference to the “experts”. Many still believe themselves to be at the mercy of their body and so from a level of fear embrace every new promotion or “expert” advice regarding what foods to eat, what exercises to do, and everything “bad” for them–concepts that more often than not, become obsolete as soon as a new “expert” comes along. What may be right for one, may be totally wrong for another because everyone is an individual expression of Source.

Food is actually the material sense of energy. At a certain point in the evolutionary process you will begin to get your energy directly rather than needing to get it from material food. This is why you may hear or read about people who do not need to eat (fruitarians, breatharians) and is also why many of you are now experiencing smaller appetites. (You are beginning to get your energy from within, and don’t need as much physical food.)

Most do not realize that health is an area where power needs to be reclaimed. It is a gradual process that few have fully attained at this point. It is very important not to fall into the trap of believing that you have somehow spiritually failed if you get sick or are experiencing some disease.

Rather than aligning with whatever is being touted as the latest health trend, trust your intuition to guide you in knowing what foods, exercise, or actions are appropriate for you. You will discover that some ideas will resonate in a way that you respond to and others will not–trust this. When you live from this level, those things right for you may seem to come from some person, article, class, etc. but in reality, will be coming from your own state of consciousness, through them.

It is important not to ignore something physical in the belief that you are “above” needing human help or that you must handle it “spiritually”. Be very honest with yourselves, trusting your intuition and never pretending a state of consciousness not yet attained. Most importantly do not fall into a sense of guilt when you feel the need to seek help. Help is available on all levels of awareness and you do not spiritually regress if you hold truth within as you realize a need to seek it.

On earth there are many basic reasons for the body to function less than optimum, false foods, separation from the healing energies of nature, and even the pollution you breath and drink in every day effects your physical body until you attain and are able to live out from a consciousness of their non power.

You are learning to move beyond world beliefs and not react with fear and trepidation to every ache and pain with visualizations of diseases and dire events. Instead use every experience as a tool to remember and more fully integrate the truth that you are a divine being with a body of Light who happens to be using a physical vehicle at this time in order to learn and experience.

You are NOT YOUR BODY, you have a body, but you are not a body. Just as with your automobile, you take care of it, wash it, fuel it, and give it regular maintenance, but you never become it.

We are the Arcturian Group 12/3/17
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sharing.:::> _Healing with Braco’s Gazing – A study Case_ My Poetic Experience of Multi-dimensional Lifetimes, Deaths and Re-births | samkaska

Origen: sharing.:::> _Healing with Braco’s Gazing – A study Case_ My Poetic Experience of Multi-dimensional Lifetimes, Deaths and Re-births | samkaska



sharing.:::> _Healing with Braco’s Gazing – A study Case_ My Poetic Experience of Multi-dimensional Lifetimes, Deaths and Re-births

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My Poetic Experience of Multi-dimensional Lifetimes, Deaths and Re-births

By Jodie Cowan, February 1, 2015


Hello Dr. Stankov,

I finished reading one of your older posts about mushrooms, LSD etc. When I was much younger I used to experiments with these but had long ago lost the urge. Well a few years back I ate some Christmas candy that was in the fridge. Was working on the computer and felt I was possibly getting a cold, my shoulders were aching. I look up to find the walls alive. Ran down stairs to ask if there was something in that candy, “Oh he didn’t tell you?”

Now I’m in the bathroom with my fingers down my throat trying to throw up. Anyway, what I ended up doing is writing. I always said I wished I could write some of the things we’d come up with as kids doing these mushrooms.

I didn’t read it for some time and when I did, I was amazed. It’s like that depth-poetry when I read it aloud, the way it flows. I can send you the un-edited cut if you like.  It is multidimensional lifetimes, deaths and re-births. Nothing I’ve ever done would bring this information to light, in this life anyhow.

I did slight editing, because I wrote ‘whatever’ came to mind, and submitted it to a writing group on-line. I was top 10 that day.  Allow me to present the mushroom manifesto. 2005.
  (a Manifesto)

Things from in between, on the edges, on the side spreading out and jumping in. Sounds, colors, feelings, touch is all the same blurring in and out. Amber light hues with red, like some days in the summer when I notice a different light, breathing blue then amber reds.

I have no distractions from before, so this must be my little wish come true. Something to do before I die. To be able to lay a few words down and read them in the past, future, present. I had put this away now it presents itself once again. I planned in the past for this to happen now. So here we are where everything breathes. I stop to breathe and see everything again, then I come back here to the planned thing. Blue then amber reds.
Everything wants to be looked at I don’t want to see, don’t want to give it my attention. Not now, here in this place planned from the past. I create a dreamscape from inside my mind, a current one I suppose, but they all connect.  I have been feeling this need to somehow direct or sort out things, package them, don’t know why it doesn’t matter really, because it all comes to an end, here. The fantastic reality of it all is anything at all, just a bunch of feelings to get in the way of trying to live. The whole plan designed to corrupt us all.
I can see them trying to hide as I write. They fly off the page I’m placing my words onto. I watch them scurry off to the right, yes it is right, had to pause for a moment to be sure. More of them jump at me recognizing them, scheming little pranksters, all around me now, annoying, jumping, wanting my attention, wanting me to stop and pay them all my attention.  Away with you, go whence you need to be, go where you are wanted. Not here.
Okay so which dreamscape, the one with the shiny water reflecting like mercury, what’s under the water? The beautiful sparking water, sinister, sinking buckled in. Then following people who don’t know where they are going and its alleys and behind old brick homes and skinny pathways with chain link fences scraping me, binding me in, with horizons of bleak white sky, parched. Once out of the hindered spot, on top of brick, piles of rubbish, land fills, over hills in the dump to the stark buildings. I can see my stuff on the seat like I left it. The little girl, wake up. Dreams, sometimes they aren’t my dreams they’re just in my head.  The blue, amber reds.
The smells, feelings, the light energy of days I lived in the past. Feeling as if I were there right now. I love it, it’s all real right now. Always our memories are what we live for, cherish and take with us on our entire journey. We can expand each picture and go inside to feel and experience as deeply as we wish, or not. Sometimes other lifetimes, millions of lifetimes, they seem unreal. I can feel them, just as I feel it here and now.
The catacombs, the passages, the secrets, the being lost and the mud. The songs, crying, sorrow, the life of people. Blood into sand into mud. The bones buried in the mud, the writing on the walls, I scribe. I go until I don’t anymore. I can see this lifetime in the catacombs. Jesus is a common face, someone I know, I touch. I write his word messages because they move me. I want them to exist after I am gone. I scribe them into stone, I put them in passages, hidden meanings in songs, poems, they must bring about new life, understanding, they grow in the fiber of human Christ, human being, human god and life is the energy of that word, having to hide it to keep it alive.
I was killed, tortured, slayed, died so many deaths, hideous death. Scavenged by rats, birds, crabs in the sea. Tied to the pillars, the sea comes in and out. I rot slowly ebbing decay, but I scrape my truth into the sand, my mark into the rock to find it again in another life. I don’t know what draws me to the things with no meaning, what I listen to, that no one hears is me calling me so I remember where I was, who I was, who I am, in order to know where I am and where I am going. It’s all a game I play to amuse myself because it’s so un-amusing at times but when I can find myself, then the horrible deaths mean something because it worked, here I am and I remember.
The old wooden buildings no insulation, stilts. It’s a wonder we lived in passages like these. Holes in all the walls, cracks to feed our imagination, to gather messages of truth and lies to use somehow to further our progress in the miserable life we live. Dust, mildew, hungry, fighting dogs for food, and sleeping with them for warmth, being bitten by them and fleas, and being sick, smelling burning bodies, piles of them, burning. Scared, hiding, starving, lost I’m a child, alone and hungry but I hide or they kill me. I live with the dogs and the rats. I eat dead rats, the stench and smoke, but I live through this only to die, hung in the gallows. I was hungry is all, but this was a better ending to be born out of that, and I remember.
The beach again, the waves, being tied, crabs, scratching, sandy sounds, scratching trying to move to scare them away, but at night they move in, so many the sound is deafening. The moon, cold, the water warmer, covering me safe. Now its stark, I’m open, bleak, crabs, mites, fleas, wind, sand, air cold. The water comes and the sound, the deafening sound is quieter. The water is cool but safe. After currents and bubbles, the sand sucks me under, the sound becomes ebbing, like in the womb of another life, I die into the sand.
I remember the killing, beheading, wet sticky rock, head in a basket, scratchy, rolling, eyes open. Feeling it, my body flops twitches, my head rolls in the basket. Or my head is held by my hair, scalp pulling back, skin pulls from the chin and bone underneath, planted onto spikes, thrown into piles, smashed by children with wooden bats. Smashing the skulls in, this is mindless for them, they are gone. I remember.
Then there is the Nazis. I died and I killed. I suffered, was shaven, starved with my child. I see them suffer, my daughter, shaven, skinny, I watch her die. I am killed in the showers with pellets not water, gas, smells, throwing up, guts and shitting, everyone shitting, lying in it, rolling in it, on my face, then pushed by machines into piles, into holes, buried, some buried alive. In the dirt it was clean, no gas smell, dirt was clean. The sound of marching, guns, boots and dogs, gone with the dirt in my ears, in my eyes yellow and sticky. Hiding with Jews in homes with hidden spots in the walls, can’t move or breathe, the boots right there, I can’t breathe or I die. I don’t die, I live.
I remember again in the mud, in the jungle starving again because I’m held captive. Rice rotting, molding rice and piss to live on for years. My bones are bamboo. I grow out of the pit and into the trees and air with my mind, until I am a bird and I fly away free into the sky, away from the pit of slime. They forgot I was there. I was shit on, pissed on, then even the moldy rice was gone. I had to become the bamboo and grow out. It took time but it was real, I lived it, it became my reality and I died into that reality.
My bones nourish the bamboo I watched grow from a sprout and my union with that plant goes on even to this day. I still rot, bones left un found. There are clues to who I was and it’s close, not Vietnam this was Japans. The clues are still touching the living of now. The bamboo flourishes. The mud and the cage are gone, the passages gone, this is a wasteland except for the bamboo that holds me, my memories and dreams grow there still today, now.
Power grows constant food for the soul, simple, egoless magnificence. I remember in the North, by the sea, Vikings, old, huge buildings, beer, killing, animals, fur, smoke. I’m small, picked on, cast out, cold I die.  Again cast out, this time I live because of the dogs, again with the dogs, but this isn’t such depravity because I know no other way. There is no proof of other ways of living like in the plague ridden lifetimes.
This is older, more powerful, animals are gods with power and knowledge to be given. I become a messenger, feared, but I don’t know this. I just move and with me my story unfolds. People I meet tell of me after I’m gone and build who I am in this life. I have no idea the icon I was. I am just me, living amongst the animals free. Others seek me not to kill, but to know me. I don’t know this though I’m oblivious.
They look for me for years even after I die, I am alive still in their mind. Yet I lie deep in the ice, happy, asleep still. I’m by my fire, with my dogs and a hawk and I have tools and fur and smoke and I have bundles with medicine and foraged things from afar that amuse me, all kept neat in a cache. I have several caches along my way that I gather into four before I sleep. I wander to each of them still and look at my treasures of bark and seeds from places the seed grow into plants but will freeze and die where I too die.
Old sand again, back to Egypt. So much wonder and chaos, playing, I am a mischievous boy running and causing trouble. Everyone is high, everyone sleeps their life away in dreams. The river slow life, everything goes into it and down. Up away from the depths are great creatures delving into things better left alone, but they can’t help themselves. So much fun to make them wonder, so much fun to amuse themselves and practice here where everything is new.  They can’t come back and things pass on, before they know it time takes its course and the majestic-ness is left for others to wonder and figure out.
The ones who played were taken from their game and never again would return. So then it plays out, the pyramids they live in them, stumbling into holes trapped, and passages that mean nothing, everything is a circle and a game. There must be a reason, no, no reason, just a big question mark. Well, guess what, here we are again and everything must come back. They know not of their past, but I do. I remember.
I wrote it, scribed it along with the words of Jesus. I scribed so I would be able to prove the wonders I’ve seen, I scribed to believe it myself, I scribed so I wasn’t crazy, so I could later ponder, so I could reason and find ways to believe the un-believable, the magic we create. The whole thing is a big joke, amusing joke. The worry, the fear, the money kills us. The life is all because of the fear, the money or is it the killing because of the knowledge. They tried to silence the truth, the words of Jesus, the words of truth and the fear killed it, over and over warping the truth into lies and it becomes something else.
Did I create this scribing, make it possible by scribing? Without the words, there would be nothing to hide, nothing to fear, nothing to warp into something to control. Was it a good idea to do this, so I could remember, see myself again after I die? The evidence left to the hands of others who play and make it what they want, not what it is and what I want to remember. Warped reality into something entirely different, something not real.
Scribe in the catacombs, living in the mud starving with a purpose full of love because my life was scribed on the walls of mud forever, this death for what. This time unplanned but planned all the same. Running from today’s worries too horrible to allow the weakness of my mind to have, so I go into the dreams only to come up with the lives and deaths of just a few of me[s].
The need to sort and circle and see defining edges is such as it seems a way for me to touch what I love, touch what holds my energy, my power. Touch it and burn it and let it go so I can hold my power truly for the first time in this eternity. Since the lifetime with Jesus I have wandered and suffered and now I am coming back again, sealing up the wounds, patching up the past time space and gaps in the dimensions I cannot see from here, but they exist all the same. Some of them hollow and haunting others new and curious, dangerous, but here and now, I am coming back to me finally.
This is beautiful to be able to know this and witness it myself, something else. All this really doesn’t matter anymore. Soon I’ll be where I come from, the bird created from the life in the bottom of a pit. A spark lighting up a moment in this dimension harbored by time. I walk no more, suffer no more, breathe for the first time in eternity and resonate once again with my being, with out agenda calling, more work to be done, keeping me from having this, the wholeness and the peace and completeness of a job done to perfection, everything in it’s place, everything perfect, this is the lifetime for that, this is the death of that, this time I die I am truly dead and alive again truly alive. I am complete.
This death will be a glorious death. How ever it may be, it will be. Those who still toil, though I leave no energy I give them a memory. This they might build upon with their own power to give them self permission to have a good death also, and mayhap they will be silenced from calling agendas too, and join me where I am.
Pacific Northwest

Note: Dear Jodie, your email does not work. I tried eight times to send you my response to no avail and the delivery of my email was denied each time. I managed to sent you an email on an old email address. Check it. – George

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Healing with Braco’s Gazing – A study Case 


by Georgi Stankov Posted on January 30, 2015

by Eldbjørg Havåg and Georgi Stankov, January 30, 2015

January 28, 2015

Dear George.

I have to ask your advise even though it seems pitifully small in the midst of all the exciting topics you publish these days. It is most definitely connected to the Seven Sacred Flames though. And I am pretty close to my rope´s end.

Do you know anything about eczema? And eczema connected to spirituality? I really thought I was well done with personal transmuting, but I suppose I am deeper than I think. I have never had eczema before, and then suddenly like a smack in the face I got a terrible case of it right before Christmas. My face blew up like a balloon and after trying to brave the storm for 10 days I ended up in the emergency room on new years eve getting a cortisone shot and cream and sleeping pills. After two weeks the skin got better so I stopped using the cream.

Since I had been so physically ill, I could´t concentrate to get deeply involved in the Sacred Flames, but you wrote an energy report some time around the 10th of January which somehow woke me up from a slumber I have been in for too long. Probably almost a year. Looking back I realized I had become totally spiritual lethargic the last year, since I felt I was done with this world and only wanted out. I have been neglecting my Own deepest wishes and responsibilities and I think that is the cause for my current misery. I actually felt lost at sea until that energy report, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wisdom and diligence.

I felt reborn. I started reading about the Flames in Aurelia L. Jones PDF book, (which is amazing) and to invoke them and use them. And I thought I´d give my newly discovered Body Elemental a break and did a shankaprakshalana (yoga intestinal cleansing and following diet). Which can cause old illness to blossom for a short while due to the candida die-off.

It did come back, in a small amount. Accompanied with such an intense anxiety that I have never felt before. I saw you replied to someone in a PAT report who also got anxiety from invoking the gold-violet flame, that it was due to open chakras and collective fears.

I thought the itching would fade away on it´s own, applied God’s first will and affirmed to myself that this too shall pass. Then today, while I was waiting for the printer to give me Aurelia´s book on paper the anxiety was out of control, it felt like my arms even had angst. The printer said it was out of magenta even though I just changed it, so I took it as a sign and sat down and read the prayer for Third Ray Healing. I read it out louder and louder for 20 minutes while I cried and sobbed in desperation. My face started buzzing and vibrating all the way to my throat. I got the notion the anxiety has to do with repressing something for too long. Not allowing my Higher Self and my faith to show. I thought I had made a breakthrough and that I would be able to report a miracle healing.

The anxiety lifted, the face felt decent and I got a big headache. But after a meditation on the bed, I only felt dreadfully sad, sobbed some more, and when I looked in the mirror the eczema had all of a sudden come back for full instead of going away, and I had to use the cortisone cream again.?!

Do you think I have dug up some deep, deep old stuff that´s needing to surface? I have recently been reminded the skin is our biggest disposal organ. Is it even mine or is it collective? Or have I planted negativity into my prayer instead of healing power? Can one not be sad when one invoke flames?

I don´t know what to think anymore. I feel like my HS is desperately trying to tell me something, but I can´t grasp what. And you shall not have to solve this for me, but any thought you might have would be appreciated, since you are the wisest man on Earth and the only one worth asking.

With love, light and truth
Eldbjørg Havåg

Dear Eldbjorg,

let me begin with your experience today. It has nothing to do with you. We had a huge leap to higher frequency levels yesterday (Jan 27th) and today was the subsequent massive cleansing of the chaotic sluggish energies we had released yesterday. It was a wave with skin burning, anxiety, triggered by technical problems on PC etc . and I had the same episode this morning. Hence I am not surprised that you have had a relapse of your eczema.

Now to your eczema. It must definitely be related to your LBP but I will strongly urge you not to use any corticosteroids whatsoever as this will only aggravate the clinical situation on the long run.

What I would recommend you is to go immediately to Braco’s gazing and participate in it and I am hopeful that this will heal you. He has a gazing session today.



Then tell me please how you have responded.

With love and light

Thank you for your good reply, doctor.

It is always reassuring to hear about frequency level leaps when they correspond with how I feel, and it´s strange that I still question whether it´s me or something collective. I just get unsure when the symptoms are so massive and somewhat different from the usual. I am a big fan of your energy reports even though you feel they are repetitive.

I don´t like using cortisone or any other drug, but right now I don´t dare not to. It´s too close to my traumatic episode at Christmas to see if it pans out on it´s own. I cringe writing that for there´s a battle lost just there. I feel, because for two days I have told myself it will heal when I am ready to heal. I will attach a picture of the wretched transmuter and one for comparison, not for sympathy but because I find it utterly fascinating myself.

I gazed with Braco twice today, one directly after my Pink Flame episode, and one later in the evening. I had high hopes but I can´t say whether it helped or not. When I think about it I am not so anxious as I have been the last days. I can breathe again. And it may well be his gaze that did that. Difficult to say really. I liked the eye-contact. I find that people are reluctant to gaze into each others eyes. I might try again tomorrow. I might be even better tomorrow. It might be the correspondence with you that did the trick. To not be invisible.

One of these days I might write to you about how I use the Seven Sacred Flames.

Thank you again for all you do.

Peace and Love

January 29, 2015

To wrap up the story: I washed away the cortisone before bed and studied the Resurrection Flame for several hours with great beaming joy. Today I have almost smooth skin and the anxiety is checked. I´ll give this one to Braco´s gaze because that´s the only factor that´s different from any other of these days. Besides, when looking into my own eyes I seem to see deeper.

I hope you have a wonderful day.

With love and light



and after Braco’s gazing on the next day


This is a great story and I am very happy to hear about this healing success.


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On Braco’s Gazing and Other Spiritual Matters

by Sarah Smucker and Georgi Stankov, January 27, 2015


Herewith, I am responding to some PAT members who questioned the meaningfulness of Braco’s gazing and asked for clarification as to why I have published on this event today. Please do not forget that this website is an open forum for all kinds of discussions without limit and it is only “verboten” for idiotic comments of CIA paid Internet trolls. They are not even read but immediately deleted.
Dear Georgi,
I am a little bit behind in my reading of your website but I’m catching up. Thank you so much for the gift of the 7 sacred flames which I’ve now had a chance to print out and will read and am already trying to use in my own way every day.
I wanted to tell you belatedly that on the night of the 21st I had a very distinct and powerful dream that I was meeting with Putin and he was called “Putinkov” in the dream. Anyway, it was very intimate in that it was just he and I and it seemed he was telling me very specifically how to explain to the American people that he is not who they think he is. It was very realistic even though I don’t remember specifically what was said.  Everytime I see him on TV I feel warmth and light from him.
A couple nights later I had another dream in which we were all sitting in a circle, with people unknown to me, and we were presenting and discussing and electing a new leader of sorts to represent ourselves. That was a very beautiful feeling.
Lastly I wanted to say how glad I am that you’ve published about Braco’s healing gaze. I feel so stupid that I have never discussed him with you. I have known about him since 2009 and we’ve gone to see him in person many times in Opatija and a few in Zagreb. It was stupid of me in the past not to mention him to you. I think in the past several years ago I was somehow hesitant to tell you based on how fierce you were about most people mentioned at the time. But that was really budala, glupost of me. I have learned since then of course to be open to all your critiques and you’ve truly freed me and us of this stupid now global idea of controlling your emotions.
In recent months I’ve forgotten to talk to you about Braco. Now I wonder what you think. I personally have not had extraordinary experiences with him though I always feel a powerful positive love from him and several times when he was in Opatija Leo and I ran into him in person in a cafe or restaurant and one time while walking along the sea. Our timing was almost always unbelievable.
I did have one time a lump on my left shoulder that I had checked. It was not malignant but I happened to be in Zagreb at that time and I went to see him the next day and the lump disappeared immediately. I have friends who have had pretty amazing healings after or while gazing with him. I feel he is certainly a light being. I also feel somehow connected to his teacher Ivica whom I never met.
I don’t know if you knew this but during the last 6 months of Lugansk and Donetsk violence Braco traveled at least twice and maybe 3 times to the border of Russia and Ukraine to do gazings there. This seems significant to me.
I don’t know if you are ready to share this with us yet but I would like to know if you are, what the Elohim see in him and how his mission is related to the PAT.
I have just finished gazing with him and now will go again at 9pm.
Much love from Croatia to Vancouver to you and Carla.
Dear Sarah,
I am happy to hear from you again. Well Putin is in the most difficult position a politician on this earth can be. Only a few days ago I dreamed that I was in Kremlin and there was a cabinet crisis and Putin had to dismiss the whole government due to incompetence. I was appointed the new PM and had to build a new cabinet to help him. As I could not find any competent politicians, I appointed some young guys and only left Lavrov and the current defence minister in the new cabinet. It was a dramatic operation and since then I am closely following the news to hear if something has happened in this respect.
Well, I have no great affiliation to Braco, although I decided to follow his gazing meditation today, but could not feel much. Carla thinks that he is also an Elohim from the Source and has the only function to let the source energies flow through his body and field and do the healing work on other people. As said, the Elohim urged Carla to support him and in the past when she did this, there were some amazing results, such as spontaneous healings and blissful states that were experienced by many people for the first time and then reported on Braco’s website.
I think that such gatherings are helpful as the people are concentrated on higher energies and transcend their human existence for a short period of time. I  do not think that this is much helpful for the PAT as they do it all the time, but working with the new seven sacred flames and watching Braco’s gazing may increase the creationary results.
The best of Braco is that he has no own ideas and school and simply lets the source energies flow through him and into the people in an uncensored manner. Other gurus screw up all the time by trying to be manipulative with their ideas and thoughts and by telling the people what they should do to evolve. The only proper advice they omit to give to the people is to improve their intelligence as not to need such gurus. I am the only one who openly advocates this approach but I am barely successful as only a few follow my advice. Which leads us to the well known conclusion that homo sapiens is a very lazy species.
With love and light
Hi Georgi,
I could not agree more. I had to come to this conclusion the hard way, by attempting to search and find a guru and a teacher and then realizing, shortly before I discovered your website and the Unviersal Law, that this search was futile and that we truly need only ourselves.
You are the only one I’ve encountered who advocates not only our own sovereignty but intellectual and emotional intelligence, which is so sorely missing in the new age movement.
I heard of Braco from an American, believe it or not. We’d never heard of him while living in Croatia at that time. As I said I also do not feel the amazing things many people report, but I enjoy the flow of energy from him.
I think you’ve changed a little bit your view since a few years ago when you expressed that group gatherings were not that much useful, but then again Braco’s gaze is not really a meditation but rather just a group of people joining together and sharing a very receptive and open-ended experience.
I remember your report on Putin and the cabinet changing you experienced. I certainly don’t cherish myself as having a connection with him as you do. This is the first dream I had with him in it but it was certainly powerful and it seems I was supposed to be explaining at some future point to the “very lazy species” that they should begin to open their numb skulls and view him with an open mind.
I truly appreciate so much your integrity and continuous crystal clear honesty Georgi. It’s like a damned hurricane of fresh air blowing through this dark planet. It’s more precious than any special energy from any guru or any other source.
Anyway, I will certainly report on any creationary results I experience these few days of gazing. Lately I’m envisioning a city of light emerging from the sea in the bay of Kvarner and dissolving completely all old Yugoslav and industrial infrastructure.
Too bad that Croatia’s election didn’t turn out more like Greece. They rather went the other way and elected this lutkica (doll) looking woman named Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic who has to be certainly a tool of the US. Everything about her breathes that. She spent the last several years as a NATO rep in Brussels and spent part of her teenage years going to Los Alamos high school.  I tried to explain to the Croatian people we know that this is a city where the first Atom bomb was exploded and it is not a place any ordinary citizen can go to and is probably one of the darkest locales in the states.  But yet they elected her, which shows the level of intelligence in these parts.  Still at least the young guy I told you about, Sincic, who is fighting for people’s homes who have been confiscated by the bankers, is still active and won almost 20% of the vote.  People here are suffering a lot know b/c they were tricked by the bankers to take loans in Swiss Francs and now they are totally in 15% more debt than before.
But I try not to pay too much attention to this anymore but rather just try to read between the lines and wait for the big events.
Much love and light to you and Carla,
Dear Sarah,
I have not changed my mind with respect to physical gatherings of people, but attuning mentally and emotionally at the same time to a common goal as is the case with participating in Braco’s gazing from home is a powerful tool of superimposing coherent thought waves patterns and creating a standing wave function that is very conducive for any form of creation.
I just read the Raiffeisenbank in Austria is also in great trouble with Swiss franc loans and may ask for help by the ECB. It is incredible how the people are ripped off by the banks, especially by the Central banks which are supposed to function for the common good and how they are impoverished by the banks’ speculations and machinations.
With love and light

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sharing.:::.▶ Who & What Are The Rosicrucians #13 ( Fraternal Movement) – ▶ MULTILEVEL HEALING – On the Edge of Ascension | Superesse

sharing.:::.▶ Who & What Are The Rosicrucians #13 ( Fraternal Movement) – ▶ MULTILEVEL HEALING – On the Edge of Ascension | Superesse.

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sharing.:::.▶ Who & What Are The Rosicrucians #13 ( Fraternal Movement) – ▶ MULTILEVEL HEALING – On the Edge of Ascension

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Oct 25

October 6, 2012 GOF Lecture – On the Edge of Ascension

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Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. We are entering this period which can be considered the last quarter of 2012. We are entering a period of acceleration, and we are coming closer to the 12-21 alignment with the Central Sun. There are many guidelines and there are many pointers that shall be made regarding this time.

I want to first look at this as a much-accelerated time and a period in which you are closer to the fifth dimension. The actual possibilities of the intersection of the fifth dimension and the third dimension are increasing in probability. This means that there are certain preparations and that there are certain ideas that need to be reviewed with you. I will be reviewing these in much detail during this lecture and in the days and weeks to come.

The first point that I would like to make has to do with the 12-21 alignment with the Central Sun. We have compared this concept and this phenomenon with the idea of an eclipse. When an eclipse happens, then there are direct alignments with stellar bodies. These alignments have significance. The first significance is that they represent metaphorically or figuratively an energy that is coming or is being manifested onto the Earth.

Astrologically this means that a huge influx of light and energy is coming to the Earth, but these energies have the potential for creating upheavals, disruptions, but the energy also has the ability to create new paradigms. That is to say that the paradigm or the modus operandi for the operation of global systems can and will change. In fact, from even a technological standpoint, you will see some huge shifts that are coming. These shifts are comparable to the microchip revolution that has fostered and fueled the computer revolution in your society. Your third dimension has created an electronic or digital paradigm that has permeated so many aspects of third-dimensional operations. A higher form of technology is coming to this planet. This technology is going to be creating many shifts on this planet.

Let me say again that an eclipse is a powerful alignment, but an eclipse also creates a period of darkness. You probably have seen pictures of eclipses, and some of you have even directly experienced an eclipse. When the alignment of 2012 comes, and I describe this as an eclipse, then there are two aspects of the phenomena. The first aspect is that the planet will experience a heightened energy and an excitement energy from the electrification of the aura of the Earth. An electromagnetic charge, an electromagnetic shift in frequencies accompanies an eclipse.

Certainly there is going to be an electromagnetic shift of frequencies on the planet. In fact, there is going to be an electromagnetic shift in this sector of the galaxy. This electromagnetic shift has great meaning. It means that the shift electromagnetically is going to open certain portals in hyperspace. These portals sometimes are called rips in the fabric of the space-time continuum. They are going to be made visible and are going to be made accessible.

So you see, the alignment with the Central Sun and the Earth affects the Earth, but it also will be affecting this entire sector or section of the solar system. Now, the sector or section you are in within the galaxy is comprised of the outer arm of the spiral arm of your galaxy known as the Milky Way. Your section of the galaxy includes the stars you see at night. This includes the perhaps 6,000 stars that are available to be seen in the night sky. These nighttime stars include nearby planetary and stellar systems such as the Pleiades, Arcturus, Sirius, and the star systems known as Antares. Many of these star systems are up to 5,000 light years away from the Earth and are all considered part of this sector of the galaxy.

There still is not total agreement about this galactic alignment on December 21, 2012. It will be a powerful shift, but it is still not known exactly how wide a shift this electromagnetic activation will be experienced. The effects may be even longer or larger than the 5,000 light years that I am referring to.

What is clear in our perception is that the electromagnetic energy known as the alignment of the Central Sun is going to create a new wave of electromagnetic field waves. These new electromagnetic field waves will be experienced in this sector of the galaxy. These new electromagnetic field waves will include thought particle systems and new strands of light field energy. These new strands will be activating and stimulating the space-time portals or the space-time rips in the fabric of the galaxy in this section. These can be called space-time rips; however, we prefer to call them openings rather than rips, because when you use the word rips, it sounds like there is an error or that there is something bad that is happening. Actually, a “rip” is more of an opening. These space-time openings in the fabric are going to allow more visitations from other parts of the galaxy to the Earth. It is going to allow a greater influx of light and energies from other sections of the galaxy. This means that a huge energetic influx is going to occur. This influx will not just come from the Central Sun. The activation energies from the wave of electromagnetic light are going to open up new corridors of the space-time continuum that will directly result in more Earth sightings of higher dimensional beings. There will be more sightings of UFOs, more visitations, more direct interactions with these higher beings. This galactic alignment could be a turning point in the dimensional history and experiences of the Earth.

An eclipse creates a period of darkness where no light comes to a space where the eclipse is directly experienced. The galactic eclipse is directly experienced for a period of time in your solar system and particularly on the Earth. This period of darkness can be characterized by increased difficulty in connecting with spiritual energy and spiritual light. It could also mean that the fabric of your dimension can become more precarious.

Remember, your third dimension now is based on a model or paradigm that is digital. It is based on the microchip. It is based on computer technology and the Internet. The Internet is based on the use of certain electromagnetic energies and is also based on and integrated by satellites. It is well known that this whole Internet system is fragile. It is well known that it would take only a disruptive major solar event to knock out the satellites which could knock out the Internet and could knock out the electromagnetic systems that have become the foundation of this reality.

The way to counteract a potential electromagnetic disruption is to explore and to work with this new paradigm. We, the Arcturians, have been preparing you for the new paradigm. I will explain some more about the new paradigm. I also want to say to you that there is a new discovery, there is a new invention, there is a new tool for this planet that is going to surpass the microchip, which is going to revolutionize the way the planet interacts energetically. I am not permitted to give you the name or the details of this discovery. I do want to say though that this discovery is an innovation that is going to revolutionize this planet. Part of the reason why this new invention, an invention which surpasses the microchip, is able to come to this planet is because of the vibrational openings that are created from the Central Sun alignment. The vibrational openings create the space-time corridor openings. These space-time corridor openings will allow many different forms of energy to be downloaded into the Earth. These forms of energy include the higher dimensional beings appearing. The openings will also allow new thought patterns, through new thought field energies, that will be received because of the new openings coming.

Some of these openings are already being directed to expand. Some of these openings are already allowing the sending of new information to those starseeds like you. This means that there is a great opening for prophetic visioning during the next three months in particular. To increase your receptivity, there is a great need to do the special spiritual exercises that we have talked about, including the shimmering. The shimmering will be more powerful, more direct and will take you immediately into the fifth dimension.

The openings in the space-time continuum, the opening of the corridors, the rip in the fabric are indications that the intersection of the dimensions is closer and more powerful. Imagine that the dimensions are each spheres. You have the third-dimensional sphere and you have a fifth-dimensional sphere. Imagine that these spheres intersect. In order for them to intersect, they put a tremendous strain on the fabric of the dimension. In particular, the strain on the fabric of the third dimension creates bulges and also more rips in the third-dimensional energy field.

The third-dimensional energy field then has to expand, and it has to repair itself in order to deal with this expansion. This expansion of the third-dimensional energy field on the Earth is coming right at the time of the 12-12-12 and the 12-21 alignment. It is coming right at the time when there is a huge contraction occurring on this planet. This contraction is being experienced on a multisystem level. That is to say that this huge contraction is affecting the economic climate, the political climate, the religious climate, the social climate and, of course, the ecological climate. This contraction includes the discussions we’ve had about mass extinctions and possible collapses in the biosphere. It also includes an interesting observation that we would like to make regarding the multiple systems and the leaders of this world.

Amazingly, you are going to see that the leaders themselves will not know what to do. The leaders of this planet, including many of the heads of state and many of the heads of countries, will be confused. They will reach a point of saying, “Well, I don’t really know what the answer is.” This type of answer will also come from the religious leaders because of the upheaval. The 12-21-12 alignment will also create an upheaval. That is what the Mayans had in mind when they looked into the future. The predictions that have come down to this society from the Mayans have been interpreted in several different ways. The major interpretation has included the End Times. But, it is not really the End Times, but it is the end of an era. It is the end of using the old paradigm. That means that those people who stick to the old paradigm will not know what the answer is.

You know how hard it is to step out of a paradigm. A paradigm is a system of beliefs, but a paradigm is also a thought energy field. A paradigm then creates and works with your belief structure and gives you the model and gives you the tools to make decisions about how to proceed. The paradigm that is operational on this planet now is that the Earth has an infinite amount of resources, and people can continue to use these resources based on who has control of everything. Those people who have control will then be able to continue to master and dominate the planet.

That is the old paradigm. The new paradigm is based on a whole other system of thinking. The domination and exploitation of the Earth’s resources is not going to work. In fact, it is going to create more catastrophes. Some of these catastrophes are closer than you and I would like to admit.

I will mention again the nuclear catastrophes that are close because this consumption of energy using nuclear power is creating a major energetic imbalance on the planet. It continues at a very fast pace. I know that, for example, people have in some countries in particular made decisions to stop their nuclear productions. But, as I had previously said, these intentions, as good as they are, have not resulted in any major shift. It has resulted in some plans, but it hasn’t resulted in major shifts.

The reason why we, the Arcturians, are so concerned about this is because the nuclear energy and the release of radiation directly damage the space-time corridors and the space-time continuum around the planet. It damages the Earth’s energy field. It damages the Earth’s aura, and it also creates the holes that lead to draining of the life force energy sometimes known as the chi.

The good news is that this paradigm is going to be resolved, and there is going to be a new energetic formula, a revolutionary formula, for the integration of energy and power that will revolutionize how the Earth functions. The new paradigm has many aspects. The first aspect that we always speak of is the Sacred Triangle. The Sacred Triangle is the integration of the concepts known as Galactic Spirituality and Native Peoples’ Spirituality and the Mystical Spirituality that is the source and driving energy behind all of the major world religions.

This paradigm now is going to be focusing on bringing forth a particularly strong energy for the Galactic Spirituality. The Galactic Spirituality is bringing new concepts including new concepts in relationships, new concepts in religion, new concepts in how we see our incarnations and how we see this star family. The star family is the brothers and sisters from the space brotherhood and sisterhood that is directly connected to you. You have a relationship bond with the galactic brotherhood and sisterhood. This bond is part of the new spiritual technology. This bond allows you to experience prophetic visions that are far beyond what you can do by yourself. This bond allows you to regain a greater understanding of the concepts of Cosmic Justice and Cosmic Karma. This bond will help you to understand that you, like many of the souls on this planet, have been on other planets, and have incarnated on other planets. Most importantly, your true nature is multidimensional.

The paradigm of the existence of multi-dimensions and multi-realms is revolutionary. The idea that you can experience these multidimensional realms in a way that will help you to function on this planet is remarkable.

All this leads me to the discussion of the Ascension. Everybody senses that the Ascension is closer. Everybody senses that when I am speaking of the openings in the space-time fabric and when I am speaking about this alignment and this new energy, that this naturally leads to the correct conclusion that the Ascension is close. Many of you want to leave the planet. Many of you are ready to leave. Many of you have reached what I call “the end of your rope”! This means that you have no further desires to deal with this craziness on this dimension because the craziness on this dimension is accelerating. The confusion is accelerating. The older ways of doing things are becoming so much more illogical.

There are two points that I want to say about you and your ascension. The first point is that preparation is paramount. The Ascension is a magical moment. The Ascension is an immediate experience that is like lightning. It strikes dramatically, emphatically and immediately. That means that it happens in a nanosecond, but the nanosecond that you experience is based on the Earth time continuum. The actual ascension experience and process in the dimensional worlds really has a whole other time frame that is difficult to describe.

You have come to the Earth to participate in the Ascension. You understand that part of the reality of the Ascension is the preparation, and part of the reality of the Ascension is that a core group of starseeds need to work with the Earth and work with the energy field of the Earth. The idea is that the Earth has to be prepared for the Ascension. There needs to be a foundation and a structural integrity or a structural thought field form that can support the interaction of the dimensions. This interaction of the dimensions is part of the ascension experience.

The intersection of the dimensions will be dramatic. Some people have compared it to the interaction of matter with antimatter. That is a good comparison because when the matter and antimatter interact, then there is an immediate explosion. The interaction of the dimensions and the moment of ascension is like an explosion. It is like a huge downloading of energy. The point is that this huge downloading of energy has to have a structural basis on this planet. It has to have a receptacle to hold the energy.

If there is not a receptacle, if there is not a structure or basis, then the ascension energy cannot be integrated. Part of the idea of the Ascension is that a certain high level of light and energy is going to come into the Earth. That level of energy is going to stay. Even though you will depart, even though you will ascend, the major input of light and energy that is going to come to this planet because of the Ascension will be integrated into the Earth’s energy field.

That is good news. Your soul mission includes being here at this special time. Your soul mission includes experiencing being right on the edge of ascension. That’s where we are right now. We are on right on the edge of ascension. Therefore, when you are on the edge of ascension as we now are, you have the unique ability to bring down and interact with this special light and energy that is part of the opening of the space-time fabric. You have the special ability and heightened ability to work with the fifth-dimensional energy.

This is actually a big paradox. The contradiction is that you are tired, and you don’t want to be on the Earth anymore, and you want to leave. Some of you at least have this experience. The other side is that this moment before the Ascension is the exact experience that gives you the greatest ability to do the most work. It gives you the greatest opportunity to connect with the fifth dimension and to complete a lot of your soul mission.

This is an interesting contradiction that you can appreciate that this is a time of great spiritual activity. This is a time of great commitment and great ability to fulfill the reason why you came here. The reasons why you came here are several. One is to experience the Ascension, but the second reason is to be part of the downloading of the ascension energy on the planet. Now you are right at the moment where you can be the most effective lightworkers. Please, keep this in mind.

I do want to explain that the power of shimmering is going to be more valuable than ever. Shimmering is a spiritual exercise in which you accelerate through thought. The vibrational field or the vibrational pulse of your aura increases. By increasing the vibrational pulse of your aura, you are able to send your astral body, or your etheric body, directly into a corridor, and through that corridor you can then send yourself to a fifth-dimensional place.

The idea of accelerating your energy field is important because the Ascension is going to create an acceleration of your energy field just like you do in shimmering. The ascension energy creates a mechanism whereby your energy field accelerates and begins to vibrate at speeds that are far beyond what you are normally used to.

To prepare for the Ascension, you want to get used to accelerating your energy field. You want to get used to increasing the pulse of your energy field. The Ascension will cause such an increase. If you have never experienced an increase, then you might have difficulty. Some of you might say, “Well, Juliano, I cannot do these exercises. I try, but all I have is just the thought. I don’t feel the acceleration.” My recommendation is that you do the exercises just in thought. Thought exercise is useful and will prepare you.

Just think now of your energy field, and see your aura and place your aura into the Cosmic Egg shape. Just think of that. That is an important step. Visualize around the outer edge of your aura a line. Visualize that line is pulsing. The line pulses faster. The outer edge of your aura goes into a higher vibrational energy that you can experience. As you experience higher vibrational energy, then you become more aware of your chakras. You open yourself up to more of your psychic abilities. Some of your psychic abilities include telepathy and receiving. If you want to channel, or if you want to receive messages and work with prophetic vision, then doing this shimmering exercise is helpful for that.

When I have talked to you about shimmering, I always said you are going to project yourself to another dimension. I want you to also understand that you can shimmer in place and just stay in the third dimension. But, because you are accelerating your energy field, this begins to open up many of the pathways towards the fifth dimension. Shimmering will open up many of the chakras, and it will also activate some exciting healing and psychic experiences which include teleportation, bilocation and psychic healing.

In this moment, I am just going to lead you in a brief exercise for accelerating your aura as the foundational work for shimmering. Just think that you are shimmering. Your energy field shimmers because it is vibrating quickly. When it is vibrating, then it begins to flicker. Again, command your energy field to go into the shape of the Cosmic Egg. The Cosmic Egg shape is a beautiful egg. See the outer line; see the pulse of the line. Then, with my tones, allow your aura to pulse with the rate of the tone I make. Taa, taa, taaaa, taaaaa. Ta, ta, ta, ta, taaa. Tatatatatatatata……tatataa…tatataaa.

We will go into silence as you experience the natural shimmering and acceleration of your aura.

There is a concept in energy work known as the explosion of light, the explosion of high-level energy. That means that in the spiritual terminology, you can accelerate your energy field from a very slow pace to a very high pace immediately. Immediately! That is what the Ascension is. It is an instantaneous, immediate acceleration of your energy field. Therefore, practice the shimmering in preparation so that you are used to what it is like to go to a higher place instantaneously.

Now, there are many other guides that want to work with you today. I am going to turn the next part of the lecture over to Archangel Michael. This is Juliano. We are the Arcturians.

Kadosh, kadosh, kadosh, Adonai tzevaoth. Let the words of this great mantra, these sacred tones and sounds, open up the Codes of Ascension within you. The Codes of Ascension are based on the concept that you have in place locks on your spiritual abilities. You have a lock on how fast your aura can vibrate. The collective cultural energies dictate and train you to vibrate within a certain range. That range is part of what you know as the collective reality on the third dimension.

Unlocking the Codes of Ascension means that you are breaking through that lock and thereby allowing yourself the ability to vibrate at much higher levels. The words,kadosh, kadosh, kadosh, Adonai tzevaoth, are special code words that affect the DNA in your neural transmitter system. It affects the pineal gland. It affects the reticular activating system. It affects, neurologically, the ability of your neurons to transmit a higher frequency of light, a higher frequency of energy.

Remember that the basic idea is that you only use 20% to 25% of your brain in your lifetime and the abilities of your brain. That means that part of the abilities of your brain are locked. Part of the abilities of your brain are multidimensional. Your mind can transcend this third-dimensional reality. Your mind is far beyond what you would even conceive. So, unlocking the Codes of Ascension is like giving instructions to your DNA to open.

Kadoooooooosh, kadoooooosh, kadoooooosh, Adonaiiiiiiii, tzevaaaaaooooth. (tones) Let the Keys of Ascension be unlocked in each of you.

Now I want to speak briefly about the prophetic vision. I want to speak briefly about this time period that Juliano mentioned because when the fabric of the space-time continuum becomes open, as it is during this period of alignment, then the opportunity for you to receive prophetic vision is increased. That means that you will receive a new influx of ideas. You can receive new energies on how to be more effective as a healer, as a person and as a carrier of light and as a star family member on this planet.

I call on each of you to receive this activation because increasing the ability to shimmer will also increase your prophetic vision. You will need your prophetic vision in these coming weeks. You will need to have the most heightened psychic abilities.

Let the light of the prophet Eliyahu ha Navi, Eliyahu ha Naviiiiiiiii, let the light of Elijah reach each of your auras now so that you can access your own prophetic abilities, so you can access your prophetic vision, so that you can access connections with the newer dimensional openings. By opening up your prophetic vision, remember that Eliyahu, Elijah, did ascend. He unlocked the Codes of Ascension, and also he was able to be focused on connecting with his prophetic vision.

Connecting with your prophetic vision means also that you can connect with your higher self, and you can connect with your multidimensional self. It also means that you will be able to shimmer more effectively and bring yourself into the fifth dimension.

The Ascension is two parts. One part is the energy that is coming to you. The other part is what you are doing with the energy.

The Ascension is an interaction with the light that is coming down to you and how you can interact with it and what you do with it. Eliyahu did great preparation. He did great service. He did great soul work on this planet. He did great prayers, great meditations, and then he ascended. Remember this when you are thinking about your ascension. Remember Elijah. May the light of Elijah be with each of you. I am Archangel Michael. Good day. 

Copyright © 2012 David K. Miller
P.O. Box 4074 Prescott, AZ 86302 USA

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photos: ▶ How To Get Free Add-Ons for Photoshop CC, Muse CC and More – HEALING THE MOTHER ::: Sharing

photos: ▶ How To Get Free Add-Ons for Photoshop CC, Muse CC and More – HEALING THE MOTHER ::: Sharing.

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

▶ How To Get Free Add-Ons for Photoshop CC, Muse CC and More – HEALING THE MOTHER ::: Sharing

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Dear Ones,
We, the Arcturians, wish to remind you that, on some level, you have chosen all of your earthly challenges. Why would I do such a thing, you may ask. The answer is that only through connecting with your Soul/SELF could you confront and solve these challenges. You Soul knows that your third dimensional reality is a “school” that you have chosen to enter to expand your Light through the experiences of physical incarnation.
Your Soul does not care if you are rich or famous. It only wants you to remember your True SELF while you are grounded in matter. Through your many challenges, you have learned to live every day, or at least most days, looking toward your Soul/SELF. You have remembered to stay in connection with your SELF, not just when you are embroiled within a challenge, but also when you are happy and peaceful.
You have remembered that Soul is not something to run to when you are scared, it is “some-ONE” that you ARE. You now Know that you ARE Spirit grounded in matter, not matter looking for Spirit. With this Knowing, your journey into the 3D Game is coming into its completion and “graduation” into the fifth dimension is commencing.
Now that you live every day, and most minutes, looking to Spirit, whether you are filled with love or filled with fear, you have found the great comfort of living in light and would not choose otherwise. Most importantly, you have learned to love yourself unconditionally, even if you are not aware of that fact. It is this love that allows you to find joy in the midst of your daily life.
We ask again that all of you find some time in your daily life to experience the glorious Nature of Gaia, even if it is within your own yard or local park. Being in the company of Nature will allow you to make a leap in your consciousness, which is beyond that which you formerly conceived. You are all butterflies just emerging from your cocoons, and you need the love of Mother Nature to nurture your new expression of SELF.
It is time for you, the leaders of New Earth, to quietly mature into the frequency of the fifth dimension while still inhabiting your earth vessels. This action is a great challenge and only possible if you have joy in your daily life. What is necessary in this portion of Gaia’s process of planetary ascension is that the ascending ones live in two worlds simultaneously.
If you are not grounded in your third dimensional world by the power of love and joy, which are perpetuated by thanksgiving, your energy will fly from your earth vessel and off into the fifth dimension. In other words, you will have personal ascension. In this case, you will not be using your great force of personal ascension to contribute to the ascension of the body of Gaia.
If you are happy, content and loving life in your third dimensional life, you will be more able to remain in your earth vessel at the same time that you journey into the fifth dimension. Your frequent journey into the fifth dimension while you still maintain an active earth vessel, will serve to “pull” third dimensional Earth through the fourth dimension and into the fifth.
In this manner, our grounded ones can return Home while they also bring their third dimensional home, Earth, with them. Furthermore, the force of Gaia’s planetary ascension will assist humanity with its personal ascension. The reality is, of course, that humanity IS Gaia, for in the fifth dimension YOU are the planet and the PLANET is you. As you become ONE with your planetary womb, you will leave its cocoon and fly free into the higher expressions of your Multidimensional SELF.
We know that we ask a lot of our Planetary Ascension Team to stay in the third dimension, but your frequent visits to the fifth dimension will make your time of waiting for planetary ascension much easier. We see the glory of your Awaking to your Multidimensional SELF as starbursts upon the body of Gaia. We also know that most of you were among those who answered Gaia’s distress call at the fall of Atlantis. We can also see your great dedication to “stay the course,” until you have completed your Promise to assist Earth’s return to a higher frequency of Her expression.
We commend you on your great patience, persistence and commitment. We know that you wish to return Home, yet have chosen to stay until you are no longer needed. We of the Galactic Federation, especially those of us who once lived on Earth and are assisting Her from the higher dimensions, are proud to know you and look forward to the grand celebration when you return to us.
Your Arcturian Family
From Journey through the Arcturian Corridor III
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