photos: sharing3 – The Importance of Focal Points – An Introduction to Waveforms, Scopes, and Exposure | explora- Arcturian Group Message 5/21/17 MAY 21, 2017

Origen: photos: sharing3 – The Importance of Focal Points – An Introduction to Waveforms, Scopes, and Exposure | explora- Arcturian Group Message 5/21/17 MAY 21, 2017

Friday, September 29, 2017

sharing3 – The Importance of Focal Points – An Introduction to Waveforms, Scopes, and Exposure | explora- Arcturian Group Message 5/21/17 MAY 21, 2017

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Arcturian Group Message 5/21/17
MAY 21, 2017
Dear ones, with love and understanding we seek to assist you in your journey out of the miasma of dense illusion and into reality. Life has become a time of tremendous struggle and confusion in a world accustomed to living according to the rules and beliefs of third dimensional consciousness.
You have been taught incorrectly through lifetimes and thus still carry cellular memory from many experiences serving to validate duality and separation. Life lived within the third dimensional belief system was necessary in order to awaken out of it, much as a small child falls many times before learning to walk. These experiences have now served their purpose, you have learned to walk and are now ready to run.
The Divine Self of every individual continually seeks to be recognized and known. This is why so many continually seek their good in the outer because they do not yet know that everything they seek is already present within. Evolution is the journey out of illusion and into a living breathing consciousness of Reality. Once this state of consciousness has been attained, the burdens and struggles within the illusion as well as all the seeking and yearning, ceases.
In order to understand that the attainment of material concepts of good (power, objects, money, beauty,etc.) do not and never can bring about real fulfillment, individuals must first experience the seeking, then attaining, and finally the disappointment that comes with the realization that their life may now be more comfortable by human standards, but the yearning is still there, and will remain until found where it is, within.
Earth school is a difficult but powerful evolutionary path and it was the free will choice of every person residing on earth to be here at this time, whether or not they are aware of it.
Life is meant to be enjoyed. The belief that suffering and pain make you more spiritual is false. Pain and suffering (self inflicted or otherwise) are not a part of Divine Nature and therefore not a part of your true nature.
The concept that pain and suffering makes you spiritual are facets of the duality and separation belief system. These teachings represent the belief that the spiritual is separate from the physical and therefore the physical must be dominated or eliminated in some way in order for a person to become “holy”. You are already “holy”– everything physical is simply a material concept of the spiritual.
A spiritually evolved individual is still able enjoy the finer things of life “In the world, but not of it”. If you enjoy fine china, fine art, nice clothes, and a beautiful home there is nothing wrong or un-spiritual about having them. Free will allows personal choice. But when material concepts of good become needs and necessities instead of choices, an individual is in old energy.
You have reached the place of choosing exactly what it is you want. Do you really want to evolve into truth or do you want to continue playing the games of illusion based in beliefs of duality and separation while pretending to be a truth student?
An attained consciousness of truth does not happen simply by being interested in truth, going to workshops, or reading metaphysical books. These things represent the beginning stages of the spiritual journey, but there comes a point at which truth learned must come alive through intuition listened to, recognizing the Divine nature of all, and seeking within instead of without.
The higher resonance of an evolved state of consciousness automatically and without personal struggle, will clear and override lower resonating energies still carried by a person. This is why so many serious truth students are finding themselves in difficult physical, emotional, and mental situations right now, causing them to question and believe that somehow they have failed.
No dear ones, when these things happen it means that have attained the understanding and readiness necessary to clear and release whatever beliefs the issue represents. It is a graduation.
One’s belief system can be easily identified by observing automatic responses and thoughts. The secret to moving beyond concepts that have become habits, is to first recognize them but never claim them to be personally yours because they are impersonal universal beliefs that you have at some point accepted as truth. When you find yourself slipping into unloving responses, do not resist and condemn yourself, but simply recognize them as old programming and replace them with truth.
It is the intent and goal of every soul to evolve and experience who and what they are, although most do not remember this once they are on earth living in third dimensional energy. They call evolution a journey because that is exactly what it is. In the earlier stages of awakening, it is a process of stepping and falling, stepping and falling often by way of experiences that are unpleasant or even downright awful to human thinking.
The intention to know God/Reality/Truth only takes place after many lifetimes and many experiences lived in third dimensional consciousness which then serves to bring a person into their readiness for more–“Is this all there is?”.
It must be understood that once an intention to awaken has been made (consciously or unconsciously) life experiences become no longer random, but instead are drawn by one’s Higher Self for purposes of learning and awakening. Doors previously closed to the third dimensional consciousness now begin to open, making available guidance and help from the higher dimensions.
At a certain point, the experiences necessary to awakening become less intense and difficult because the seeker is now open to higher ways of understanding the world and has learned to recognize appearances for what they are. He has learned to trust his intuition and has attained a level of spiritual awareness that makes unpleasant “wake up calls” no longer necessary. As powerful creators, you can state the intention; “I choose that my life lessons be easy and gentle.”, however never feel you have somehow failed if some are not.
Most of you are already evolving from within rather than from without. You have done the heavy lifting but remain timid about being who you have become, afraid to come out and be separate, choosing instead to pretend some stance or belief. The inability to claim and integrate one’s power is the result of entertaining the ever broadcasting three dimensional message of; “You will never be good enough.” which causes personal fear and doubt for even for those very awake.
Everything and everyone is Divine Consciousness in expression, for in One there simply is no other. Thus claiming one’s power simply means living out from the security and confidence of a consciousness that recognizes and accepts its own Divine nature. Those empowered by truth never express themselves through boastful or holier than thou attitudes, but simply live life from a conscious realization and acceptance of self as SELF in balance–their masculine speaking, leading, and doing; their feminine intuitive, loving, and creative.
Claiming one’s innate power never means you can no longer enjoy the company of old friends or engage in activities you have always loved for everything is spiritual in its purest form. However, many of you are finding that you no longer resonate with many of the the things you once enjoyed.
Many of you are finding yourselves being guided to speak out on some topic or activity whereas before you would of remained silent. When this happens, always allow your words to flow on an energy of unconditional love rather than stiffly judging, refusing to do something, or be with certain people out of a misguided sense of superiority.
Moving on from some group or activity must always be accompanied by respect for those who may still need the experiences of the particular group or activity. Self righteousness easily creeps into the thinking of those who believe themselves to be more spiritually aware than others. Those new to truth are especially susceptible to self righteousness and must realize that everyone is exactly where they are supposed to be.
Some souls require more third dimensional experiences in order to awaken while others do not, and thus comparisons or attempts to bring another to one’s own state of awareness is a three dimensional idea reflecting separation. These dear ones may as of yet be no where near ready to hear truth and this must be honored.
It is important not to “cast your pearls” but keep them lovingly protected within your heart. You can cast seeds of truth by occasionally throwing a sentence or idea into some general conversation which may cause a receptive individual to open and think about what you have said.
Unconditional love allows everyone to evolve at their own pace even when the higher solution to their issues and problems is glaringly apparent. Never forget that every person has a Higher Self, Guides, and a pre-birth contract even if they themselves are totally unaware of it. This truth is often overlooked by parents and close friends who desperately seek to help, but may instead be simply getting in the way of the other’s lesson.
The world as it has always been known is quickly changing as higher dimensional frequencies of Light pour in. Everyone on earth is experiencing these new energies physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually resulting in the need for a trust in truth and understanding that everything is proceeding according to plan. It is a trust that flows from the realization that the chaos of world appearances is formed of old and false energies that have no law to support or to hold them in place.
As you grow in the awareness of who and what you are, fears and intense involvements in third dimensional issues lessens (unless you are guided to be involved). Your Light is dissolving the false creations of duality and separation–you are Lightworkers.
You are here at this most powerful time because you choose to be here. Believe it and BE.
We are the Arcturian Group 5/21/17
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photos: sharing3 – MANDALA TEXT Effect – How to Give and Take a Critique | explora – LORD MAITREYA – AWAKENING YOUR ORIGINAL CONSCIOUSNESS

Origen: photos: sharing3 – MANDALA TEXT Effect – How to Give and Take a Critique | explora – LORD MAITREYA – AWAKENING YOUR ORIGINAL CONSCIOUSNESS

Saturday, September 23, 2017

sharing3 – MANDALA TEXT Effect – How to Give and Take a Critique | explora – LORD MAITREYA – AWAKENING YOUR ORIGINAL CONSCIOUSNESS

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Carl Jung:
“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.”
 Carl Jung
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Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 18th November 2016 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

I honour the golden Christ light within your being; the energy of pure active love of the Creator which exists within you and within every soul. I am Lord Maitreya, the higher aspect of Master Sananda. I am known as the Christ upon the inner planes because it is my purpose and mission to ensure the continued flow of the Christ Consciousness from the heart of the Creator through the dimensions of the Creator’s Universe to support a continued connection with all souls. I oversee and protect the Christ Consciousness ensuring that the purest vibration is available to all, that the energy is constantly present upon the Earth and that all expansions of this sacred energy are synthesised with the entire Universe of the Creator.

The Christ Consciousness is a label for the purest vibration of love that flows from the Creator’s heart chakra. It has nothing to do with any form of religion or experience upon the Earth. The Christ Consciousness is the purest vibration of love in action. It represents that love has a consciousness, that it is ever evolving, it is active, flows and transforms into greater sources of love. The Christ Consciousness creates a bridge that connects humanity and all aspects of the Creator with the core of the Creator. It is a consciousness, state of mind, state of being which is aligned with the Creator. When you accept, remember and embody the Christ Consciousness you are seeing, sensing, feeling, speaking, listening and experiencing yourself, reality and the world as if through the Creator. The Christ Consciousness creates liberation, remembrance, and empowerment within your being .

When you accept the Christ Consciousness within your being, you are experiencing a unique state of being where you perceive from a space of love within you, while existing in harmony with the love the Creator is sharing with you, as well as experiencing the manifestations of love before you. In this unique moment, you are in the divine flow, vibrating as one with the Creator, allowing truth to emerge as well as surrendering all forms of illusions which you may have been holding onto. In this space, it is very difficult to connect with the drama, pain, and suffering of the ego. Instead, you view all aspects of yourself with compassion. You begin to realise that you do not wish to reject or separate yourself from any aspect of your being whether through thought, emotion or because of old energetic patterns. Instead there is a wish to experience a unity and harmony with all aspects of your being which means that with courage, compassion and trust in your own healing power you are able to observe every aspect of your being whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual with the view of creating love; love being a remembrance of your unity with the Creator.

The Christ Consciousness is not only energy to be embodied to aid your ascension process, it is a loving consciousness, a way of thinking, feeling, seeing and speaking which is natural to you, more natural than your current existence. Yet there are many who fear love, who fear remembering their truth because they feel they will be harmed, there are many who fear the Christ Consciousness because they feel they will be controlled or that they are accepting a consciousness which they do not believe in, like a religion or faith which dictates or is outdated. The Christ Consciousness I, Lord Maitreya, speak of in truth cannot be defined by a label; its energy cannot be described, and it cannot demand anything from you. Instead, it is an energy within you which is your essence, which feels similar to you in this very moment. This energy is a natural part of your being; it is the most benevo lent, compassionate, life-giving, generous, deeply love and magnificent aspect of yourself. An aspect that you may feel you are unable to contemplate and yet you know it exists within you. When you allow this aspect of yourself to be present if only for a moment, similar to a glimmer of light emerging from within, then you will give yourself the freedom and free will to surrender, expand and accept this natural aspect of yourself into your everyday life.

‘Lord Maitreya, I invite you to surround me in your deeply loving, accepting, forgiving, healing and inspiring energy. Lord Maitreya, please work with my soul and entire being to connect me with conscious awareness to the essence of my being where the Christ Consciousness resides within me. Please help me to connect with the most benevolent, compassionate, life-giving, generous, deeply loving and magnificent aspect of my essence, bringing these beautiful energies into manifestation within my mind, emotions, physical body, energetic bodies, and reality. Lord Maitreya, please support me in easily releasing all blockages, limitations, false ideas and perceptions connected to my essence, the Christ Consciousness and love, so I may surrender myself to the truth within my being experiencing it in every moment of my reality. Let a healing take place that is so deep it erases all res istance and fear connected to me accepting and returning to my original consciousness of love. I am present with the love that is within me now. Thank you, Lord Maitreya.’

Meditation to Awaken the Christ Consciousness Within

I, Lord Maitreya, wish to invite you to achieve a meditation practice with me to support you in connecting with this natural essence/ love consciousness/ Christ Consciousness within you.

Begin by repeating my name, ‘Lord Maitreya,’ three times silently with the focus of your third eye chakra within your heart chakra. Imagine a soft pink light within your heart chakra, sense your heart chakra relaxing, softening and expanding as you focus for a few moments while breathing deeply in this area.

Imagine a golden sphere spinning gently above your head. See, sense or acknowledge a golden light radiating in all directions from the sphere.

Imagine that golden droplets flow from the base of the golden sphere, one by one into your crown chakra at the top of your head. The golden droplets seep into your mind, brain, and consciousness, filling your head with golden light which awakens a space and state of love within this area.

When you feel that your head is filled with golden light, let droplets begin to flow into your heart chakra. One by one they begin to fill your heart chakra with golden light to awaken your true consciousness within you which is a state of love.

As your heart expands with golden light, let droplets of golden light flow through your lower chakras and into your earth star chakra below your feet, anchoring and awakening your true consciousness, your Creator love consciousness, bringing it into true manifestation within your being and reality.

Allow yourself to then meditate upon yourself as a complete golden being of light, connected to all remembrance and truth which is essential for you to understand and embody now as well as existing in unison with the entire universe of the Creator. Encourage yourself to melt into this space of pure consciousness, energy and truth allowing new perspectives, feelings and experiences of yourself and reality to dawn from within your being.

When you allow yourself to connect with the consciousness and well of love within your being you are transforming your cells, the way you perceive yourself and reality, you are expanding yourself beyond limitations and therefore your abilities to make a positive, loving difference upon the Earth. You are allowing yourself to move into a space of empowerment, accessing the power within your being. This is a positive transformation which will support your experience of your reality upon the Earth as well as allowing you to assist others in ways you could never have previously imagined.

When we think from the limitations of the mind the Earth’s reality can seem harsh, painful and challenging. When we think from a state of love within everything opens up, and we are able to see solutions which seemed beyond our reach before, and yet now we can access them, experience them and create positive transformation for all upon the Earth, not only ourselves and loved ones.

Your ascension is for the purpose of supporting all upon the Earth in moving into a space of love which means healing, remembering, experiencing liberation and happiness. I, Lord Maitreya and all of your guides are present to support you, we cannot achieve your ascension for you, however when you open yourself up to receive the abundance of love we have to share with you, then you will recognise how your inner power synthesise with our light creating all that is necessary for healing, fulfilment, and happiness for you and all.

An awakening is occurring upon the Earth; it is an awakening of love from the essence of each person’s soul. Many people are unwilling to recognise the power of love or the original consciousness that is now emerging, and yet it is a power beyond measures which can create transformations beyond your imagination for the Earth and humanity. This gentle energy will rise within many, being ridiculed by others and yet gradually it will be recognised as a deep-seated power which all will be inspired to access and bring into manifestation on the Earth. The Christ Consciousness describes love in action; it is love in action which will empower each person, creating millions of actions born from love supporting transformation and alignment with the Creator for all.

With Christ Consciousness Blessings,

Lord Maitreya
Posted 2 hours ago by Juan Pablo Rodriguez *   *   *

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photos: sharing3_ Multidimensional Consciousness – How to Build a Digital Darkroom | explora – How to Create a Snowflake Brush in Photoshop- How to Set Up a Home Hi-Fi System | explora

Origen: photos: sharing3_ Multidimensional Consciousness – How to Build a Digital Darkroom | explora- How to Create a Snowflake Brush in Photoshop- How to Set Up a Home Hi-Fi System | explora

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

sharing3_ Multidimensional Consciousness – How to Build a Digital Darkroom | explora- How to Create a Snowflake Brush in Photoshop- How to Set Up a Home Hi-Fi System | explora

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Sunday, September 7, 2014
Multidimensional Consciousness by IlliaEm


Multidimensional Consciousness

By IlliaEm, Elohim of Arcturus
Dearest Ones,
Please, take a moment of meditation before you receive my message. It is important to expand your awareness to your highest potential before receiving my communication so that your ego does not interfere with my transmission. I will assist you by leading you in a meditation to calibrate your consciousness to the higher dimensions.
Focus your attention inward into the core of your brain, the area below your crown and behind your brow. Feel the Light of Spirit flowing through your Pineal Gland and into your crown like the sunlight coming through the sunroof of your home. In front of you is the Mind Screen for your Third Eye. Settle into this area of your physical form.
Now send a root through your brain, down your spine and out your feet directly into the central core of Lady Gaia. This root will allow you to stay grounded as you assist as well as accept the assistance of Mother Earth. Now that your “launching pad” is activated, journey to your Soul Home in the fifth dimension. Feel your Divine Complement embracing you, as two merges into ONE. Together as ONE, you return your attention to me, IlliaEm.
Imagine a vortex before you.
See how the spin of vortex increases as you approach it.
Recognize your Arcturian guide as IT invites you into the vortex.
Visualize the archway to the vortex.
Raise your hands to imprint your vibrational signature upon this archway.
Feel the rush of euphoria as you make this connection.
NOW you are the vortex.
Feel how your form has become formless.
You are pure Light. Observe as you morph into an Arcturian Star being.
You are returning to the Home that you have never left.
However, you have forgotten that you are also there.
Long, long ago, in the distant past, you bi-located your great multidimensional consciousness to Gaia’s beloved sister Venus. You inter-dimensionally traveled to Venus to prepare for your mission to rescue Gaia’s planetary body Earth.
Once you had prepared your great multidimensional consciousness for the constraints of existence within a third dimensional vessel, you kept your promise to answer Gaia’s call to rescue Her from destruction. Atlantis could not be saved, but Gaia was safe. However, Her frequency was not much lower then ever intended.
Now you are returning to your Multidimensional SELF, the ONE you have always been. See your Arcturian pod before you. The other star beings in your pod are also arriving and there is a beautiful reunion. You meet again in a giant star burst of light.
Now feel your physical form that is receiving this message. Extend your consciousness to that YOU. There are many changes going on in your physical body, emotions and thoughts. It may even seem that you can’t keep up with all the new information and genetic encoding that is being activated in your earth vessel.
If you think, “I am alone on the third dimension, and I may not survive,” these changes can be frightening. You are correct. Your third dimensional self is being transmuted into a higher vibration. Therefore, all your bodily defense mechanisms are being alerted to great change, which is often perceived as danger.
Therefore, please reassure your earth vessel that these feelings are NOT dangerous. Tell your body that you are being returned to your natural state. Remind your 3D self that YOU took on an assignment in which you needed to wear a vessel made of the same elements of the planet that you were rescuing.
This vessel is much like a coat that has now become too small, and the brain of this vessel has forgotten your true SELF. Therefore, your 3D expression is having confusing thoughts, fearful feelings and unusual physical sensations. Assure your earth vessel self that YOU are on an important mission from your galactic homeworld.
Thank your earth vessel for its service to you and for its willingness to undergo such a great transformation. Tell your third dimensional thoughts and emotions that they must be still to allow the changes to take place within the physical form you are wearing.
Do not judge or condemn your self for “not doing enough” for the transition. You are in training now. When you have fully remembered your Multidimensional SELF and have incorporated this expanded SELF into the awareness of your earth vessel, you will be called upon to be of service.
For now, continue with what you are doing. You are touching people more than your give yourself credit for. Release all competition and comparison and love yourself for exactly the way you are NOW. To assist you in remembering your innate multidimensional consciousness, I NOW take your mind on a journey back to Arcturus:
Imagine that your Arcturian family is around you once again. Feel the deep sense of Unity. Is there any competition or comparison here? No, my dear, we are all ONE. We are like individual emanation from the same star.
We have all emerged from the same light, and we all live within it together as ONE. Experience the light now as it weaves each member of your pod together into a beautiful tapestry of light. Sense the pattern that is formed by your collective selves, and see how you are the whole, as well as the individual.
This Unity Consciousness is also possible on dear Earth, but many low vibrational beings also live on the Dear Lady. Sometimes you can feel them, but Gaia must always carry them on Her body. Do you realize now how Gaia needs you? Do you understand how you can assist Her by simply remembering who you are?
When you remember who you are and ground your Multidimensional SELF in Gaia’s core, you share you multidimensional consciousness with Her core. As more and more of you share your multidimensional consciousness with Gaia, you create a stairway of light leading from the heart of Gaia to the higher dimensions. With so much darkness and fear impinging on Her body, the light of your multidimensional consciousness serves to refresh, rejuvenate and heal her planetary body from the center out.
Also, as you will see, all inter-dimensional journeys must begin with a deep grounding so that you can find you way back to your third dimensional vessel. Once in the higher worlds, you may not wish to return to Earth, but your connection to Gaia’s core reminds you of the Mission you have chosen.
Also, when you travel into Earth’s core, you can merge with all the beings of light there in the same manner as you have united with the members of your pod on Arcturus. Some of the beings in Gaia’s core are human, but many are not. Since you have released the 3D illusion of separation, you can instantly join them in the unity of Multidimensional Consciousness.
Feel how this union creates a giant merkaba with the top half above Mother Earth and the bottom half embedded in Her core. See that there are many of these merkabas joined together all around the planet. Within each merkaba is a pod of like-minded multidimensional leaders who have released all competition and comparison to serve the Mother in Her hour of need.
It is for this reason that all of you have volunteered, yes volunteered, to be incarnated on Earth at this NOW. This is the cosmic opportunity for which you have prepared for millennia. ALL of you are ready NOW. Any one who can receive messages from their higher selves (or from the higher self of others) are able to actively and consciously participate in the process of planetary transformation.
There are still many beautiful light beings that choose to allow their multidimensional consciousness to slumber while they do the work in their night bodies. Some of these dear souls may even appear to be of the darkness. However, do not judge their third dimensional self, as each one has their own assignment.
Those who have chosen to display dissonance so that it can be healed are indeed brave. In their higher vibrational selves, they too are aware of their process of transformation. Send unconditional love to these beings. They have chosen a very difficult path. They have chosen to embody darkness so that it can be healed.
Remember my beloveds, there is no job too small to be of service. Embrace ALL life within your multidimensional consciousness. Feel the Unity of Purpose to the Divine Plan of planetary ascension. Be that Unity of Purpose. Know that with this knowledge comes great responsibility.
Embrace your responsibility. Remember who you are!!!!
(The next day)
I AM Illia Em, returned to complete my message,
Everyone on the third dimension has a challenge, which is the same theme for everyone. This challenge is facing FEAR! The “faces of fear” change with each person, but the lesson is the same: “Keep your consciousness above fear and in the frequency of love.”
When you remember to live within your multidimensional consciousness, I IlliaEm can constantly share your/our Oneness. Your multidimensional consciousness can be re-discovered by merging with your Mother Earth. Gaia serves as a multidimensional computer that stores every thought, emotion and action of every life form on Her planet. These “files” can be “read” by merging with Gaia.
To merge with the Mother,
Experience Her pulse as it rises up from her heart to enter your heart.
See Her Nature around you.
Listen to Her creatures, the wind through the trees and the rain on the ground.
Smell the fresh grass and feel it beneath your feet.
Feel the warm Sun and cool breeze as it caresses your face.
Hear the ocean as its waves break upon the shore.
In this manner, you commune with and become grounded in Mother Earth. Allow myriad memories to enter your multidimensional consciousness. Stay grounded in Gaia’s core while I assist your memory by surrounding you with my multidimensional consciousness.
I am with you. I am You. WE ARE ONE! Through our Oneness I can merge my multidimensional consciousness of your Multidimensional SELF so that you can consciously experience:
The cells of your first dimensional consciousness
The organs of your second dimensional consciousness
The physical body of your third dimensional consciousness
The astral body of your fourth dimensional consciousness
The Lightbody of your fifth dimensional consciousness
The Soul Fire of your sixth dimensional consciousness
The Oversoul of your seventh dimensional consciousness
The Galactics, Celestials, and Devas of eighth – tenth dimensional consciousness
The Archangels, Elohim and Ascended Masters of eleventh, twelfth and beyond dimensional consciousness
As you expand your consciousness into the higher and higher dimensions, the dimensions merge. Hence, eighth through tenth dimensions blur into ONE as does the dimensions of eleventh, twelfth and beyond. As you fully remember your multidimensional consciousness, all dimensions swim together like drops of water in a cosmic ocean.
Within this comic sea your multidimensional consciousness simultaneously experiences your myriad forms of Human, Cetacean, Galactic, Ascended Master, Angel, Archangel, Deva, Elohim, Planetary Logos, Solar Logos, Galactic Logos, and mighty Logos of Universes and Multiverses. All of these realities exist simultaneously within the NOW of the ONE.
The illusion of separation and polarity only exists in the third and fourth dimensions. Once you remember how to return to your innate fifth dimensional consciousness, all illusions shatter and you live only within the TRUTH!
The first truth that you will remember is that you are the creator of your reality. Therefore, you must take absolute responsibility for your life. Anything and anyone that is in your life is there because you have created it!
In the fifth dimension, every thought and emotion instantly creates itself in your reality. You are now learning how to be a resident of that dimension. The first thing you must learn is to be the master of every thought and emotion that you allow to linger in your consciousness.
When you experience fear, it is a natural safety mechanism to lower your consciousness back down into the fourth or third dimension where manifestation takes “longer.” Do not judge your fear. It is your friend. Fear is the brakes on your earth vessel.
Whenever you begin to go too fast and begin to feel “out of control/” you experience fear. Then the vibrational brakes go on, and your rate of progress slows or stops. Your lesson at that time is to learn to push the fear pedal slowly so that you do not slam on the brakes and go into a tailspin.
Do not be worried about the challenges ahead of you, as they are an indication that your consciousness is expanding into the higher dimensions. Therefore, you are ready to progress into a higher frequency of your service to the light.

In Love and Full Support, I AM IlliaEm.

This message came to me on 4-10-1996, but it totally applies to our life on 9-7-2014. So many of us become impatient that we have not ascended yet, but how long has dear Gaia waited for her humans to consciously participate in Her ascension?

Posted by Sue at 9:09 AM


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Greetings dear ascending ones,
We the Arcturians are here to assist you during your ascension. As we look into your aura, we see that your ego is diminishing more each day. Whereas once your ego was a dominating component of your ability to survive physical embodiment, now it is becoming a manner of functioning in a reality that is coming into completion.
Feel how your once dominant ego, with its many wounds and protective devices, has become an “old fashioned way to deal with daily life”…
Now, feel how your mind has expanded into its innate multidimensional thinking and your heart has transmuted its energy into unconditional love…
Feel how this force of unconditional love expands your consciousness beyond your third dimensional earth vessel, through your fourth dimensional aura, and into the fifth dimensional reality of your choice… Which reality do you choose to experience?
Do you wish to experience a reality of flowing, unconditional love and expanding light? Or, do you wish to experience a reality of frightening possibilities?
Can you remember that you DO have the choice?
Remembering that YOU are the creator of your reality is the means by which you can release the last remnants of your addiction to third dimensional illusion. A primary illusion of the third dimension is the illusion of polarity. The frequency of the third dimension is so slow that only the edges of an energy spectrum can be perceived. For example, your third dimensional perceptions often experience the spectrum of unconditional love as “fear” on one extreme and “conditional love” on the other.
As you know, conditional love is one of the main causes of fear because some one separate from you sets conditions under which you are “good enough” to receive their love. Trying to be good enough to receive love diminishes you to third dimensional consciousness and limits your perceptions to that of your earth vessel. Furthermore, conditional love can make you can feel as though you are a victim who can no longer find peace.
It is often true that third dimensional consciousness does not offer much peace. Fortunately, the belief in a Higher Power has offered some relief. However, this Higher Power was too often limited to a dominating and demanding force who had power-over you. Hence, this Higher Power did not provide much peace, as peace must come from within.
NOW, you have expanded your consciousness enough to perceive the fourth dimensional reality in which more of the energy in-between is perceivable around the polarized edges. From this new information, you realize that the extreme edges of any given polarity are very similar. Thus, you are realizing that conditional love and fear are very similar. When one is afraid, their love will be conditional, and when one only receives unconditional love, they are afraid.
With this realization, you become curious about what else is in-between these polarities. There must be something in-between these edges that is the Core of that polarity. Upon your deeper inspection you discover that fear and conditional love are the extreme edges of unconditional love. Unconditional love holds no fear and no conditional love. However, the edges of this spectrum become distorted in the third dimension to become fear and conditional love.
Conversely, the Core of this spectrum, unconditional love, is eternally anchored in the ONE of the fifth dimension and beyond. In fact, the Core of every Divine Quality is anchored in the ONE. However, as the frequency of these Qualities, such as unconditional love, lower into the of third/fourth dimensional frequencies of expression they become distorted by the lower resonance of the reality. This distortion of infinite Divine Qualities creates the illusion of separation between extremes.

Hence, the polarity of love/fear is actually the spectrum of:

conditional love ——–UNCONDITIONAL LOVE———-FEAR

Unconditional Love being the Core of this polarity
As we have said many times, reality has octaves of resonance, and everything on every octave resonates to that frequency. Hence, love on the fourth dimension, with the exception of the Lower Astral Plane, is not as conditional as it is in the physical plane, and fourth dimensional fear is less toxic than in the physical plane. fourth dimensional Sub-planes

As you move your consciousness beyond the Lower Astral Plane, which is even a lower frequency than the third dimension, and through the fourth dimensional realities, each fourth dimensional sub-plane has less and less polarity. The polarity diminishes because the faster spin of the molecules of the higher dimensions creates less separation and more unity.
Furthermore, the state of consciousness that allows you to visit that higher reality is infused with more spirit and less matter. It is the matter of the third dimension that creates the slower frequency of rotation, which creates the illusion of separation.
In truth, everything is connected with higher frequency molecules that cannot be perceived by your third dimensional senses. When your consciousness is resonating to higher frequencies, your multidimensional perceptions come online to reveal more and more of that which is in-between the edges of every spectrum.
The fourth dimensional sub-plane of the Lower Astral Plane, which resonates to even a lower frequency than the physical plane, reveals only the lowest frequencies of unconditional love, which are extreme fear and love that is bound by dominating conditions and rules. Then, as your consciousness rises into the next fourth dimensional sub-plane, the Emotional Plane, there is less fear and love is less conditional.
In the fourth dimensional Mental Plane, you can perceive frequencies of love that are more unconditional and fear that is more manageable. The Causal Plane exposes how fear and conditional love interact and create each other, and the Spiritual Plane guides you to your I AM Presence, who awaits you at Threshold of the fifth dimension.
This Threshold is the Rainbow Bridge, which gradually collapses all polarities of third/fourth dimensional light and earth-bound consciousness into the ONE of the fifth dimension and beyond. It is within this ONE that the Core, the higher frequency source/ Divine Quality, of all polarities exists. Crossing the Rainbow Bridge allows you to collapse all polarities into the Oneness of multidimensional light and unconditional love.
Once your consciousness even briefly visits this frequency of reality and experiences the FEEL of unconditional love, you will never again experience fear or conditional love in the same way. You will remember that the Core of every extreme lies not in any external source or earth-bound leader, but within your own multidimensional consciousness, which guided your inner journey into the higher frequencies of reality.
At this point you begin to realize that you can only change your physical reality in the same manner in which you changed your self, which is by infusing it with unconditional love. Unconditional love is the Core of the polarity of conditional love and fear. It was the conditional love and fear that lowered your consciousness and separated you from your own Divine Quality of unconditional love. Therefore, it is unconditional love that will heal your wounded ego and unite you with the higher expressions of you Multidimensional SELF.
You also realize that playing the Polarity Game focuses your attention on the very conditional love and fear that you wish to release from your reality. This realization is an important moment in your ascension process, for you remember that you have the power to choose to ignore whatever lowers your consciousness. Then you can decide to direct your attention onto that which you love unconditionally. In this manner, you are able to perceive and participate in higher and higher frequencies of reality.
Once you remember that you can choose your version of reality by calibrating your consciousness to the frequency of that world, you know that the only way to change any given reality is to lower or raise its resonance. This is a fact that the lost ones discovered long ago. They discovered that if love was conditional and fear was an ever-present force, that the frequency of reality would lower to the extend that the majority of those within that reality would loose connection with the their own inner Source of unconditional love.
Those who found a way to raise their resonance to the higher frequencies of reality would disappear from the 3D Game because they were no longer limited to such a low frequency expression of life. However, many former residents of third dimensional Earth chose to return again and again so that they could assist others by grounding and integrating unconditional love into that lower expression of reality.
This grounding of unconditional love is much like putting more helium in the balloon that once rose to the ceiling and has slowly fallen to the floor. With each new infusion of helium, the balloon can rise higher towards the ceiling and maintain that position for a longer period of “time.” However, the very time that allows the balloon to stay at the ceiling longer is the very reason why the balloon will, eventually, fall to the floor.
The only solution for this dilemma is to leave time and return to the NOW of the ONE in which the Core of unconditional love infinitely exists. “But what about the ones who caused us fear with their constant conditions on love,” you may ask. Our answer is, “Do you want to stay in the lower dimensions of reality so that you can hurt those who have hurt you? Or, do you want to raise the resonance of that reality into the Core of the ONE where there is NO conditions on love and NO fear?”
What is YOUR answer to that question? Some of you may say, “NO, I just want to get out of this reality NOW.” To this response we say, “Blessings on your ascension. You can assist from the higher frequencies.” Others may say, “I DO feel complete with this experience, but I know I have a responsibility to those who cannot find their inner light, as well as to Gaia who has offered me this home.”
To this second answer we say, “We are joyous that your are experiencing Unity Consciousness. Therefore, can you allow us to Unite with YOU so that, together, we can create a chain of unconditional love from the Core of the ONE into the Core of your ascending Earth? In this manner, we can supply a constant transfusion of unconditional love into your world to assist you in raising it into the fifth dimension and beyond.”
What is YOUR answer to this question? Many of your may answer, “But what about the ones who harmed us and created great fear in our world?” To this we are saying, “We are here to assist you by containing these ones so that they can no longer contribute fear to your reality.” We use the word contain, rather than imprison or arrest, because containment is not a punishment.
Containment means that these negative energies are isolated, much as a virus is isolated in a containment field. A virus, the cause of disease, is contained so that it cannot infect another. Within isolation, a virus has no “food” upon which it can feed and no way to release its “disease” out to others or to the planet. Hence, the carriers of that disease must deal with their own darkness, as they can no longer project it out to others or the planet.
As you all know, darkness can be very contagious. You may be in a very good mood, but when you enter a room in which several others are in a bad mood your good mood is quickly challenged. However, we are not interested in punishing anyone, as we see the big picture of the 3D Game of Polarities. On the other hand, we have seen that the polarities of fear and conditional love have become very extreme at the close of this cycle.
This extreme darkness is partially because there are many outside sources that are not members of the human kingdom who have taken over key positions within your reality. Hence, the disease of fear has infected many of your trusted leaders. The “carries of this disease of fear” invaded your reality without following the “rules” of the third dimension by incarnating into your world. Therefore, since they invaded your world, we can assist you and Gaia by containing them long enough for the wounded ones to regain their equilibrium and return to their true, Multidimensional SELF.
Many humans have been so down trodden that they have lost all hope for a better future. With the dark ones contained and isolated from society, those who are basically honest and loving people have a greater chance to awaken. However, once they have regained their hope and begun their ascension they will have to take full responsibility for the life that THEY have created, just as the ascending ones have done.
Becoming fifth dimensional is step one. Step two is remaining fifth dimensional. If you are unable to take full responsibility for the reality that you have created, you will not be able to maintain Mastery over your energy. In the higher frequency realities, your every thought and emotion becomes manifest. Therefore, if you have fearful thoughts that someone “else” will harm you, you will manifest the reality in which that will happen.
But, harm against another is not possible in a higher dimensional reality that is based on unity consciousness and unconditional love. Therefore, your fearful thought will lower your consciousness out of the ONE and back into the third/fourth dimension. The best protection from this fearful thinking is to remember that YOU chose your reality before you were born into your present life. That fact will give you a greater sense that you are the creator of your destiny, which is the Truth.
With the knowledge of and connection to your true, Multidimensional SELF, you will regain the higher perspective of your myriad incarnations on Earth. Then, you will likely find that you, too, have lives in which you were lost to the darkness. Therefore, heal that version of YOU before you try to heal another. In other words, “Before you try to take the twig out of another’s eye, take the log out of your own.”
Thus, before you fear (which empowers) an external foe, find the enemy within who is projecting-out the picture of external enemies. Then, you can open heartedly give detached compassion and unconditional love to those you have perceived as your enemy.

It is through inner healing of your own wounded ego and
The unity with your higher expressions of SELF
That YOU can best contribute to
The Birth of New Earth!

We the Arcturians, are with you ALWAYS

Through Suzanne Lie,PhD
Posted 11th July 2012 by Juan Pablo
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I had a meditation the other day. At first, all was black, and I had the impression that I was inside of my body. Then, I saw some prisoners, with old-fashion black and white stripped prison clothes. I think there were three or four of them. They were wrapped together with a heavy chain and being led away by a guard. I went to the guard to ask what he was doing. He said that they had to leave because they were the parts of me that kept me a prisoner to the third dimension. When I accepted that concept I saw many swirling beings, ghosts and illusions that flew around me. They, too, were leaving.

Finally, everything was gone, including most of my body. All that remained of my body was my spinal cord, which was surrounded by a golden light. I then looked up and saw a circle of light, which became a ball with a face. It was the face of my SELF. As I realized that, it became a head, which was put onto my spinal cord and clicked into place so that it firmly connected. I actually heard the “click.” I began to feel my resonance rise higher and higher. Then, like an old car going too fast on the freeway, my body started to shake faster and faster. Eventually, the shaking stopped and I opened my eyes. The world around me was the same, but I felt forever different.

I told the dream to quite a few people, as it seemed to fit their lives as well. In fact, I think it fits all of our lives. However, my body cannot always carry this “head.” In fact, I have been having many symptoms of transformation. I had to work the day of the meditation, but the next day and today I KNOW that I need to be still and take car of my 63 year “car.” Us vanguards that came in after WWII have had a long, hard run remembering our light and our bodies are not as adaptable as the younger models. Therefore, note to fellow baby boomers, be good to yourself and allow your earth vessel to slowly “remodel” its self. Below is the interpretation I received from the Arcturians.

Dear Arcturians, please assist me in interpreting this meditation…

Our dearest One, as you now remember, the meditation came in response to our call to you to go inside and receive a message. As we have been saying, the human language is far too limiting to fully conveying our messages. Hence, we sent you a message in image form. We also wanted you to experience the message in a kinesthetic manner, so that it could become a part of your muscle memory, as well as your mental memory. However, this was not just a message. It was a true experience.

We have been talking about “closing the gap” between your grounded self and your Multidimensional SELF, and we wanted you to have that experience. We also want you, as well as anyone who receives this message, to know that the gap between your human self and your Soul SELF is closing more and more each day. In fact, for many of you, that gap has now become a bridge. This bridge is “clicked-in” whenever you are able to enter into a higher state of consciousness, and serves as a beacon during your daily life. Therefore, when you feel overwhelmed by the daily duties and responsibilities, you can remember that you are ALWAYS connected to your SELF.

The parts of yourself that held you prisoner to the illusions of the third dimension need to be released in a moment-to-moment manner. First, you identify that which holds you back from your process of ascension. Secondly, you need to march these “prisoners” out of your life. There are many actions, jobs, people, places, things, activities and thoughts or emotions that you will release. Then, the many “ghost” of the past and “illusions” of the present lingering in your fourth dimensional aura, will also be released.

During this process of release you will feel a greater connection to your SELF. With every release, your resonance rises, at least within that moment of the NOW. We realize the great challenge that our grounded ones must face as they live amongst the many fears and illusions of a reality that appears to be crumbling before their eyes. However, this “crumbling” is actually the release of that which has held beloved Gaia a prisoner to the third dimension, as well. As each one of Her grounded ones releases their attachment to that which has limited their RETURN to SELF, they also free Gaia.

Most important of all, as you release that which restrained and imprisoned you, the vision of your SELF becomes clear and just before you.
We ask each of you who receive this message to LOOK UP to see your True SELF. The Light of your SELF is always there to guide you.

SEE the face of your SELF and allow the ball of Light to click into place.

HEAR the click.

FEEL the resonance of your higher light, as it courses up and down your spin.

ALLOW the light to grow stronger and stronger raising your resonance higher and higher.

Allow your body to SHAKE itself free of all remnents of that which have held you trapped into the illusions that float through your aura.

Shake off the past, and enter the NOW!

By Suzanne Lie, PhD
Posted 9th March 2012 by Shanti


* * *

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JUNE 8, 2014
10171781 10152211703291647 3392033327643260434 n
Dear ones, again we speak to you of the many changes taking place within this present timeline as mankind ascends into a new and higher dimensional energy. There are many still unaware of what is going on and thus continue to live their lives as usual, even trying to convince awakening family and friends, to continue in the old ways. However, these dear ones are finding that to continue trying to live in energies that are quickly disappearing, does not bring the desired or familiar results. Much third dimensional energy and its manifestation has dissolved or is beginning to dissolve now.
The protests and dissatisfaction you observe among the people of many countries is because they have begun to resonate with the new and higher frequencies resulting in an awakening dissatisfaction with the old, leading them to seek change through new forms of governance, living, education, medicine etc. So called “leaders” of many of these countries feel threatened by change and do not respond, choosing instead to lash out with violence and rejection. Eventually these “leaders” must fall because the energy holding these situations in place is dissolving. Where does the shadow go when light is shown into it? In your quiet time focus on peace, not on anti-war. You see, there is a different energy in resistance to anything. Resistance gives power to something that in reality has no power, and is a facet of duality.
Old false concepts and beliefs based in duality and separation cannot be carried with you forever, and through choice and intent, must be consciously as well as unconsciously cleared from your energy field. However, being open to moving beyond what is familiar is a free will choice. There are many who are ready but unwilling, and they will continue to do what they always done, relying on what they have been told by others and looking outside of themselves believing that they already have all the answers.
Each must decide for themselves when enough is enough and this is sensed through a lack of resonance with the old ways which in turn leads to a time of questioning and seeking. At some point the spiritual student will begin to practice what he has learned and live out from a higher state of awareness, drawing to himself other seekers and spiritual students. Friends, co-workers, and family do not always recognize that an individual has changed, but will observe and often criticize his new responses to outside pressures and daily issues. Those ready will be drawn to his energy and will begin ask him about his spiritual journey.
Many of you are finding that you no longer resonate with people, ideas, entertainments, laws etc. that you previously fully embraced. This is because your vibrational resonance has shifted and is no longer aligned with them as before. That which you love and accept is that with which you are aligned–on the same frequency with. This is why most cannot see Guides or relatives that have passed on–the human eye is unable to align with the higher frequencies of the Light body. This is also the secret of happy relationships.
You may not even realize any change has taken place until you go about your day experiencing it differently. Once an individual has the intention to clear and release old energy, the deeper clearings will begin. Some clearing has already begun for everyone on whatever level they are ready to embrace, offering them an opportunity to grow. Clearing often takes place in sleep and can be experienced as a frightening dream which is simply the old energy of some past experience releasing.
At this time much of what needs to be looked at and cleared is presenting as chaos–things out of sinc, relationships no longer working, breakdowns on all levels. When these things happen, go deeper– examine your belief system very honestly dear ones, taking time to sit quietly with paper and pen writing down; “What am I believing that is making me feel this way, experience these things, or to have these difficulties?” Be very very honest with yourself, for this is not a time to play games and make excuses. After you recognize some belief you are holding, ask yourself, “Is this true or is it simply something I have believed because I was told it was true?” This is work, dear ones because nothing will happen or change without individual effort and intention. There is no one coming with a magic wand, you are your magic wand. Those of you who resonate with these messages are already doing the work, helping to create the new world. This is ascension.
As you go about your day you will start to have seemingly irrelevant but new ideas and experiences. Never be afraid to act upon these new insights –speaking your truth and having the courage to say “no” if something feels old and finished for you.
There are still many who hunger deeply for the love and acceptance they are entitled to, but in ignorance continually look outside of themselves for that which is within. Because of this, these dear ones say “yes” to everyone and every idea no matter how personally destructive it may be and regardless of how much it may not resonate with them they believe that by saying yes they will be accepted and loved. This yearning and search for that which can only be found within, is the root of all problems and is the bottom line of all actions resulting in imprisonment.
Fear of “bucking the system” is usually the result of past life experiences in which an individual was forced to align with those in power under threat of severe punishment or death. The energy of these powerful experiences remains held in physical cellular memory as well as in the emotional body until cleared. The emotional body dictates to daily living in many ways. If the emotional body is filled with fear and other negative emotions it can influence the choice to clear the physical and mental bodies. When you experience fear emotions, recognize them for what they are–old memories (you do not need to know the exact cause), then give gratitude that now you are evolved enough to acknowledge, clear, and stop dragging these old energies with you from lifetime to lifetime.
Make it your daily intention to release and clear any old energies still resonating within your physical, emotional, or mental bodies–anything not resonating with truth and light. Consciously state your intention to release all lower resonating cellular memories stemming from old vows and promises, physical inheritance beliefs, painful experiences, diseases, etc. etc. (whatever you are guided to address).
Arcturian group wishes to speak to that which causes so many to resist change, for we see many ready for the new truths, but who consistently resist bringing truth into their lives. These dear ones believe truth to be very nice ideas, but far too impractical for actual daily living. They believe that they must get on with their lives in more practical ways, ways given them by the “experts” and familiarity. Dear ones, if you are to evolve you must begin to LIVE and practice truth until becomes your state of consciousness at which time it will become the practical every day way of living for you.
Living spiritually is the most practical way of living there is, for you begin to create from truth and not from the illusory concepts of duality and separation. Meditation is the best beauty treatment a person can give themselves. As an individual begins to understand his true essence to be completeness, harmony, wholeness and all the qualities embodied within the Divine Consciousness, he will begin to manifest this in every day living .
Resistance to change and opening to truth is always fear–fear of the unknown, fear of losing self along with all that has been held as necessary and important–the belief system that has been one’s foundation. The third dimensional energy of duality and separation causes people to see themselves as separate beings who must personally struggle and strive for every good. Letting go of these beliefs means a letting go of the personal sense of self–EGO. This can feel like a death and be very scary, for one’s foundation is being pulled out from under them. However you must understand that nothing real can ever be lost, only that false sense of self, SELF is forever. The real foundation will appear as the illusory one dissolves. Let go of the dream dear ones, let go.
Trust is the answer. Trust practiced through knowing that you are always being guided and helped. Try to see those times of chaos as blessings, revelations of beliefs you still hold needing to be cleared. Try not to claim any painful experiences and emotions you may be having as yours, personal to you, for this will give these clearing emotions a home once again. Instead, allow them to release and be gone through your awareness of what is happening, knowing that they are impersonal regardless of how awful you may feel as they flow through and out. Try and stay centered, rest, and drink lots of water when you are going through the deeper levels of intense clearing which many of you are experiencing right now.
Mankind over time and through ignorance , has given away personal power by believing that others know better then they about how life should be lived. Over eons of time, individuals have learned to distrust themselves allowing this belief system to become the consciousness of each following generation. There will always be those who loudly proclaim their expertise about any and all topics but the choice of believing them is up to you.
Begin to trust your intuition and act upon it for this is your connection to your Higher Self. Begin to actually accept that you are a Divine expression and that everything you need is already present within your consciousness. Know that you have access to as much and probably more information than that person loudly proclaiming their leadership and knowledge. This does not mean you cannot consult someone who specializes in the sort of help or information you may be seeking–it may be the only way you can get to a deeper understanding of something at this point in your development. However, begin to understand that those who serve in these ways are guiding you toward the answers you seek, but they are not the source of them. Your own consciousness draws to you that which you need, in the forms you can relate to.
Pull back from constant news and media hype about what you must have and need in order to be happy and healthy, along with all the self serving political nonsense you are exposed to at all levels. Question the statements of all who would have you believe they have all the answers and solutions for you and the world. It is time for mankind to put on their long pants and get “spines” so to speak for this is a vitally important time in the spiritual journey of mankind and if the opportunity is ignored, he will be left behind.
Because of the gift of free will, every individual can take as long as he wants or needs to evolve, how you use this gift is your choice. Think about what you choose dear ones, for the time is NOW.
We are the Arcturian Group 6/7/14

* * *

photos: sharing – LIGTHLY – THE BEINGS OF VENUS – The Rise of Mobile Filmmaking | explora – How to Buy Speakers for Your Home | explora

Origen: photos: sharing – LIGTHLY – THE BEINGS OF VENUS – The Rise of Mobile Filmmaking | explora – How to Buy Speakers for Your Home | explora

Friday, November 25, 2016

sharing – LIGTHLY – THE BEINGS OF VENUS – The Rise of Mobile Filmmaking | explora – How to Buy Speakers for Your Home | explora



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The Rise of Mobile Filmmaking | explora


How to Buy Speakers for Your Home | explora

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Carl Jung:

” One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.”

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▶ Billy Meier – Concentration Exercises – YouTube


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The Cosmic Dancer

It’s dark because you are trying too hard.

Lightly child, lightly. Learn to do everything lightly.

Yes, feel lightly even though you’re feeling deeply.

Just lightly let things happen and lightly cope with them.

Lightly, lightly – it’s the best advice ever given me.

So throw away your baggage and go forward.

There are quicksands all about you, sucking at your feet,

trying to suck you down into fear and self-pity and despair.

That’s why you must walk so lightly.

Lightly my darling.

~ Aldous Huxley

Posted 30th December 2015 by ATMAN

Carl Jung:

” One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.”

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Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 30th December 2015 – Original Source Sacred of OmNa

Welcome to a new shift of awakening upon the Earth and within your being, this is a time of profound shifts which you have been preparing for since 2012. The Era of Love will more fully manifest from your being and into the Earth in 2016 for your greater experience. Know that the love you feel within your heart and soul will intensify becoming a powerful force moving throughout your being and influencing your physical reality. This is due to the preparations you have made especially the releasing of fears and energy patterns in 2015, however it is also due to the Earth now being of an appropriate frequency to create a powerful alignment with the planet and civilisation of Venus.

The Earth has increased its energetic vibration due to your devotion to emanating and expressing the light, love and truth of the Creator. Mother Earth is preparing herself to align her soul with the core soul of Venus to experience an infusion, and love codes exchange to further support the presence of love upon the Earth. Throughout the entire year of 2016 Mother Earth and the core soul of the planet Venus will enthuse their energies and merge their love to support the strengthening of Earth’s love vibration. This may also signify that, we, Beings from Venus, will be more influential and present with you during this cycle upon the Earth. You may notice new guides entering your community of guides of Venus origin to support and instigate powerful shifts of love within your being. You will recognise us as we will come to you emanating love which will appear to you as tremendousl y beautiful. Please accept our presence we have a great deal of wisdom, insights and information to share with you concerning creating a reality of love within your being and reality as well as supporting others upon the Earth in achieving the same. Our wisdom, as will our light, fill the Earth and humanity creating blessings of love. It is not our purpose to overpower the Earth or humanity, we have been called forth by the Creator to support the next shift in ascension, especially during the cycle of 2016. Our love is gentle, inspiring and immensely healing, it is the grace of our love which we share with you to empower your own love source within.

We, beings from Venus, will appear to many in our energetic forms to bring forth personal healings born from love with the purpose of instigating love in abundance within you. Our healing because it is born from love is very powerful against the grip of negativity, blockages or fears within your being offering an experience of release and freedom.

‘Beings from Venus, I wish to request a personal healing with you to promote the strengthening of my love, erasing of fear, negativity and blockages as well as the embodiment of love within my being. Support me in experiencing a beautiful loving healing with you so I may recognise myself existing more fully as a beacon and expression of love in my everyday life. I am open to receive your loving healing now or when it is divinely appropriate. Thank you.’

One being of Venus may come forth to you or many. We have numerous members of our civilisation assigned to achieving personal healing treatments for those who wish to receive upon the Earth. Please know you may invite these healers from Venus as many times as you feel is appropriate. The atmosphere and your being will fill with love; this is how you will know we are present with you.

We also have members of our civilisation assigned to distributing the wisdom and consciousness of love from Venus so many of you may feel inspired to connect with these beings or invite them forth to anchor a download of Venus Love Consciousness into your mind, brain and mental body to support your shift into love; the embodiment, expression and emanation of love.

‘Beings from Venus, I wish to request a personal love consciousness infusion treatment from a member of your civilisation who holds the most appropriate love consciousness for me to absorb into my mind, brain and mental body to aid my ascension upon the Earth. I am ready to receive and ready to align my consciousness and perspective with the love of my soul and the love consciousness of Venus. Please help me to see, sense and acknowledge as a being of love, from a space of love within me, viewing the truth of love all around me. I am ready for love, I am love. Thank you.’

Again one or more members of the Venus civilisation will draw forth filling your being and the atmosphere around you in love, projecting their energy into your mind, mental body and brain over a period of time appropriate for you to aid the infusion of Venus Love Consciousness.

Whether you choose to personally commune with our energies or not our love will be present flowing throughout all, with the purpose of enhancing the presence of love. This can also become a purpose which you may choose to accept for 2016, simply allow yourself to focus upon enhancing the presence of love whether within or around you. Inspiration of how to achieve this will flow to you allowing you to experience your influence in amplifying love upon the Earth.

The greatest question which has been asked to you many times and yet its importance is immense, ‘Are you ready to receive love and are you ready to be love?’ Your answer and the response of humanity to this questions determines the shifts and transformations to move into love upon the Earth that we can support. The more you can answer with a deep seated knowingness within you that you are ready to receive and be love, the more we will able to support miraculous shifts born from love within you. You may also wish to ask your soul as you breathe deeply, ‘How can I more fully open up to love?’ This practice offers your soul the opportunity to inspire you of areas to focus upon concerning your acceptance of love. Holding the intention of being ready to receive and become love in your everyday reality even if you do not truly believe it will allow for us to work clo ser and closer with you as the cycle of the year continues forth.

With the presence of our love amplifying all forms of love you may notice a greater internal presence of love continually strengthening within you. We wish for you to also be accepting and aware that with an amplification of love this will continue to instigate deep and profound clearings from within your being each time you allow yourself to embody a new vibration of love. This is natural as the love and light of the Creator always brings that which is not born of love and light to the surface to be released and healed. The release of fears and healing process will lessen as your vibration of love reaches a high vibration which it will towards the end of 2016.

You may wish to ask your soul in quiet time, ‘What is the love percentage of my entire being?’ Meaning how much love do you embody. If this is documented, you can continue to be observant of your love percentage throughout the year so that you can follow the journey of your Love Ascension in 2016.

It is in and with a profound volume of love that we, Beings of Venus, approach the Earth and align with your being. We are present in service to you so please allow us to support your soul in the coming months.

Your Love Ascension is now,

Beings of Venus

Capsule of Wisdom


Expansion and Transformation

of Your Throat Chakra

To aid the expression of the

Creator through your being

Channelled from Mother Mary

15th December 2015

Mother Mary comes forth to guide you in Capsule of Wisdom No 108, lovingly she shares numerous techniques to focus your attention on accelerating your ascension in the coming weeks and preparing for a new year cycle. Mother Mary lovingly guides you in a meditation to support the expansion of your throat chakra with the purpose of aiding and developing your expression of the Creator in your physical reality. This is a beautiful healing for your entire being as well as your throat chakra as Mother Mary anchors three templates of light into your throat chakra to aid its transformation.

Mother Mary’s supportive and caring nature is truly expressed through her channelling, I feel her insights and numerous techniques or areas to focus upon in your spiritual practices are truly aligned with the current vibrations and shifts of ascension. Not only does Mother Mary encourage the transformation of your throat chakra into a new frequency, she supports a deep seated sense of freedom within your heart chakra. This is an opening to allow you to explore your expression of the Creator in your physical form.

I do hope you enjoy,

Many blessings,


Download Now

View Past Capsules of Wisdom

New Webinar Series for January 2016

Earth’s Alignment with Venus

Creation of the Planet Love and embodiment of love consciousness

With the Andromedans

Venus is known as the planet of love, meaning that the beings of Venus hold a high frequency and strong vibration of love, greater than other civilisations and planets. The purpose of the Earth with the support of humanity in the future is to become a planet of love similar to that of Venus. Beings upon Venus are now stepping forth to support a down pour of love into the Earth and to align the Earth with Venus to aid a transformation of love for Mother Earth and all of humanity. The Andromedans come forth to support, guide and oversee this powerful resonance, alignment and merging of the energies and consciousness of Earth with Venus to create healing, a boost of love for all to experience and expressions of wisdom.

This is a powerful activation and alignment to begin to 2016, bringing great streams of love and light to the Earth and your own consciousness. Creating a momentum of love to continue throughout your reality in 2016. There will be opportunity to assist the alignment of Earth with Venus, the merging of the Earth with the Venusian love vibration, to experience the energies and healing of Venus, to anchor potent love into the Earth and to aid your own embodiment of love.

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Posted 31st December 2015 by ATMAN

* * *

photos: sharing – How to Make Custom Shapes in Photoshop – Introduction to Stargazing | explora

Origen: photos: sharing – How to Make Custom Shapes in Photoshop – Introduction to Stargazing | explora

Thursday, November 17, 2016

sharing – How to Make Custom Shapes in Photoshop – Introduction to Stargazing | explora

* * *

* * *
* * *
* * *
Carl Jung:
 ” One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.”
*   *   *
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Awakening with Suzanne Lie


Suzanne Lie, Ph.D., has been a seeker since she was a child where her active “imagination” took her deep into her inner life. She continues to regularly share her experiences and Arcturian teachings on her blog, Awakening with Suzanne Lie, and she wishes to help awakening ones come out of hiding and allow the glory of their highest expression of SELF into their everyday life.



Thursday, January 28, 2016

Meeting Your Higher SELF — Advanced Arcturian Lecture Series




Meeting Your Higher SELF



By The Arcturians



As your process of ascension progresses, the myriad aspects of your Multidimensional SELF merge as your many lives on countless timelines, worlds, galaxies, and dimensions begin to connect like pearls on a necklace. These aspects of your Multidimensional SELF are the pearls and YOU are the string.



When your physical world is too challenging, one expression of your Multidimensional SELF in one timeline is almost too much to handle. However, as you progressively live in surrender and allow the Oneness of the NOW to be revealed with your every breath, more and more aspects of your SELF comes online in your ever-expanding multidimensional consciousness.



With the knowledge and wisdom of higher and higher dimensional expressions of your SELF, you remember more about living in surrender. When you live in surrender, life is a holographic movie in which you are the primary character.



This character that you are ‘playing’ has increasing wisdom, power and love as you increasingly connect with the ever-expanding reality of your Multidimensional SELF.



All of these expressions of your SELF are within what you once thought of as an ‘individual life.’ Now you know that each individual storyline, life, specific incarnation is rich and challenging in its own unique way.



As you consciously connect with more expressions of your Multidimensional SELF, you regain a conscious connection to the myriad worlds, planets, galaxies, and dimensions to which these versions of your SELF resonate.


Whenever you accept another aspect of your Multidimensional SELF into your conscious awareness, that self brings its entire stream of lives, realities, and expressions on many planets, star systems, galaxies, and dimensions.



If that is not enough, you also have parallel and alternate realities, as well as possible and probable realities that may or may not occur. All these lives are occurring simultaneously within the NOW of the ONE.



Each of these apparently singular expressions has myriad expressions of SELF that live in countless realities with infinite potential. ALL of these expressions of your immense Multidimensional SELF are connected with each other. In fact, they are merged with each other.



“When these aspects of your multidimensional dimensional selves and their many realities come into your conscious awareness, they merge into the Oneness of the fifth dimension and beyond. Within this Oneness, all these myriad realities and potentials exist in different dimensions, as well as in differing stages of formation.



Only third/fourth dimensional realities are bound by time and separation, but fifth-dimensional experiences are free of the encumbrance of time. Each third/fourth dimensional reality is interacting in a ‘time-dance’ of potential, beginning, occurring, ending, and concluding.



These potential, beginning, occurring, ending and concluded realities are perceived as occurring NOW within the ONE of the fifth dimension and beyond. Hence, your Multidimensional SELF can enter or exit any reality as simply as opening or closing a window:



· Your third dimensional self perceives a reality as being physical and bound by sequential time.



· Your fourth dimensional self perceives reality as being astral in which time shifts from past, present or future, but is sequential within each timeline.



· Your fifth dimensional SELF perceives a reality filled with Lightbodies interacting within the HERE of the NOW.



· Your sixth dimensional SELF perceives the NOW of each reality from the perspective of the core light-matrix of every being and location.



· Your seventh dimensional Oversoul SELF simultaneously perceives the NOW of all the realities in which you have, are, or will experience form as ONE ornate and complete “matrix of expressions.”



· Your eighth dimension and beyond SELF is no longer bound by form and exists as pure consciousness in different stages of returning to Source.



All realities are perceived as fields of energy, which you influence with your force of unconditional love. Meanwhile, your third-dimensional expressions are having a difficult time experiencing only one reality at a time.



How can your physical self connect with and understand these myriad phases of countless realities? This understanding has to do with how you store information in your brain, which works much like one of your computers.



Do you remember how your early computers were limited to a small amount of information? You would have to print out the information or store it on physical disks so that your computer would not become overloaded.



All of these copies and/or disks were third dimensional and each of them was separate. Each disk of information had to be stored in a physical place and categorized so that you could find it when you wanted to access that information.



If you forgot where you had stored that information, it was very difficult to retrieve it. Sometimes you would have to go through each disk and/or printed copy in order to find what you needed.



There is much more storage within your present day computers. Also, even if you are not good at organization, you can retrieve any information by writing it in the upper right hand corner of your computer.



Not only does your present day computer store much more information, it can store infinite amounts of information by putting it into the “Cloud.” The “Cloud” is huge, beyond your imagination and all the information stored there intermingles with the other information.



You can easily find your own information by typing its title on your computer or other computerized device. The Cloud maintains everyone’s anonymity, meets everyone needs and is automatically up-graded. Your Multidimensional Mind operates much like the Cloud.



Just as many individuals gathered together to create the Cloud’s manner of storage, the many individuals within your Multidimensional SELF are working together to gather all the information about all the expressions of your infinite, Multidimensional SELF in your version of the Cloud, which is your Multidimensional Mind.



You can consider your Multidimensional Mind as a ‘CLOUD of the NOW’ where All information is stored in a non-manifest manner. When you access the Cloud of your Multidimensional Mind you access all your own personal and collective information from all your realities.



Everyone shares this “Cloud” Multidimensional Mind, as it resonates to the fifth dimension, which is beyond time and/or separation. We are not advertising a new technology. We are reminding you that technology reflects how many humans are remembering that there is a place where everything is always stored.



This place is your own Multidimensional Mind of your Higher Self. Your Higher Self lives within Unity Consciousness with all the myriad expressions of your SELF, as well as with all life on myriad dimensions.



When you remember how to communicate with your Higher Self you can gain answers to everything that you have ever experienced in any reality and any version of your Multidimensional SELF.



Your challenge is to release the third-dimensional thoughts and emotions that bind you to your third-dimensional thinking. You may ask,

‘Do I release my 3D thoughts first or my 3D emotions first?’

The answer to that question is, “

You do not need to release anything once you are in intimate connection with your Higher Self.



Thoughts and emotions interact in a constant dance of creation and manifestation. When you remember that all your thoughts and emotions are expressions of your state of consciousness, it will become increasingly easier to calibrate your listening to the frequency of the Higher Self.



When you remember how to listen and/or see your Higher Self, you will remember how to listen to ALL the frequencies of the ALL life around you. For example, if you can listen to your own fifth dimensional SELF, you will be able to communicate with the fifth-dimensional elementals. When you listen with your fourth-dimensional emotions you will be more able to hear the aura of the plants and animals around you.



When you can consciously ‘listen to all life,’ you move into the ‘unity with all life’ of your innate fifth-dimensional consciousness. It is not an easy task for a ‘modern’ human to allow a humming bird to tell you why it chose that flower, or listen to the flower that the humming bird has chosen.



You may find that it is easier to begin communication with all life via the fifth-dimensional unity consciousness of your Higher Self. You can begin with your fourth-dimensional meditations and dreams, which will assist you to remember how to commune with your Higher SELF on a slightly different frequency.



Whatever your state of consciousness, please remember that the greatest leaders are the servants to all that they lead. As you travel around your area, see not how each area is different. Instead, realize how each area of Gaia’s beautiful body is united within the ONE of Her Being.



Just as your hands, feet, voice, hearing, seeing, digestion, breathing, thinking, feeling etc. appear to be separate they are all a component of YOU.



In the same manner, all the different areas that you will visit, commune with, bless, and transmute are components of Gaia’s Oneness.



Also, all the different experiences, conversations, creations and ideas, are instantly shared with your own Higher SELF. How could it be otherwise?



Your Higher SELF is YOU!


Blessings to you all.


Please join us in the Advanced Lecture Series.



The FIRST topic for this Advanced Arcturian Lecture Series

will be focused on:









Please gather with us as we receive relevant guidance from the Arcturians,

and we host discussions regarding these important topics in the NOW.



Saturday, January 30, 2016

11:00 A.M. – 12:30 PM Pacific

Lecture Fee: First Lecture is FREE



(Click the webinar link below to see your local time)



This first Lecture ONLY



In the next two Advanced Lectures, the Arcturians will address:



Constant Communication with your Higher SELF.



Sharing your Inter-dimensional Communications With Others.









Posted by Suzanne Lie at 4:04 PM

* * *

Carl Jung:

 ” One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.”
*   *   *
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These upcoming vibrations are going to challenge you in ways you never comprehended before. You will have to continually choose, shift, expand and move things out faster than ever. Your heart and higher mind, as one, will be how you do this. Realities will not be the same as they once were. Magical magnificence comes for all who have been doing their inner journey work. Open up loves. And if you have been on the fence, these frequencies remove the fence. You’ll have to commit, open up to something new and make a choice. The one you feel/know inside is the one that brings you that which you truly desire and came here to experience in a higher/alternative dimensional reality realm. ♥



Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Posted 28th December 2015 by ATMAN

* * *

Dec 28






We as the human race have the opportunity now to truly step up in Highest Service and to render this for the greater good of All – not this planet but on cosmic scale.

I have experienced this time and again this year, as I was called upon to do massive earth clearing and cleansing work, as a continuation of that which I have called to do, to retrieve, and to tap into since my awakening in 2004.

In this case I often had to draw energy lines on maps, as I was ‘reading’ them, and then not knowing how the dots would connect, nor how I would do this work – I only had faith that what I was given was part of my own soul journey, and that I had to allow myself to be but an instrument used by Divine Hands, and then to let my own negative ego step totally out of way.

In the process I often had to record things which were of such high technology, and such higher octaves of Being, that I struggled for words. I found the human language so totally inadequate – for I was allowing myself to transmit from the Super Consciousness Energy fields held at the Divine Source, and I here to do this work.

My Higher Soul self was cosmically tuned in, and therefore is my earthly self did not always comprehend the Divine Masterplan behind this. I had to trust that somehow all the jigsaw puzzle pieces given to me would finally all slot in, and then one day, when I would see the bigger picture, all would emerge, and then I would understand.

In the process I allowed myself to be led to where I needed to be, and then I would arrive there, and the guidance would come, the transmissions would start, and my inner seeing and inner hearing increased, until I learnt to literally span dimensions, and not be bound to my physical form anymore.

One of my friends described it as follows the other day, and it is very apt: “I am hearing from my higher guides, that your body and spirit had to go to the 13th level, the expanded soul, like an accordion being stretched, in order to be able to do this massive cleansing, clearing and retrieval work.”

To me this is exactly what we will be experiencing more and more in 2016 and beyond, that being stretched beyond the norm, beyond our own self-imposed limitation, our boundaries of thinking, seeing, etc. We have to allow this stretching; otherwise we will start dissolving, and disintegrating.

With Twin Flame relationships, this is definitely true. So often the last year, the one twin has grown, has allowed herself/himself to be stretched beyond the norm – and then found that twin runs away from it all because of self-imposed prisons, and then also fear of being stretched, or not understanding what was happening, and then running away.

A new understanding has dawned upon me that if the twin does not pull his or her weight, someone else will step in to fill the breech.

In my case, the twin did not keep his promises, and then when he fully knew that I had to go somewhere with him in order to do the Higher Cleansing and Clearing work, deliberately tried to block this, by going there on his own.

I then just laid the whole in front of the Divine and Cosmic Counsels. I volunteered to step up in the Highest possible service, even more than before, and I asked for their assistance so that I could do this work without him.

In that the unfolding began, the work was done, step by step, exactly as they had shown me, according to the lines I drew on the earth map.

With each time where I needed to merge with my twin – my true husband, and consort, from Andromeda, my home galaxy, and the Intergalactic Federation, would be there, MERGING his male energies with my feminine Energies, so that this work could be done. This merging added impetus and momentum to the work which needed to be done, and therefore was total highest service work.

When I needed help most, my earthly twin was simply bypassed and the cosmic twin stepped in. What was more, the work was done, WITHOUT MY HAVING TO GO TO THE LOCATION PHYSICALLY, for I was shown how to stretch myself and move into multidimensional Beingness in order to be able to do this work. To me this was a miracle in itself!

It was a confirmation to me of what had been given to me years ago, when I first started this journey, that as the frequencies and vibrations of this planet rose, that some souls would be fully awakened and be able to move into the higher dimensional states. However those who did not wake up, or could not make the shift, would then not be able to step up into the higher octaves of being, as the 3D slowly but surely disintegrates.

Yet, this was their own free will and choice, remembering that all choices have ripple effects on the whole. We all get wake up calls along the way. Often the wakeup call will come from a near-death experience, or something drastic which happens and plunges us into the deep nights of the soul – but the wakeup call will come. Yet, some souls fear changes more than anything else, and buy into the illusion which those who wish to keep the masses under control, and thus resist the changes.

However in the greater Cosmic Masterplan no soul is ever lost. Most will return to their home galaxies of origin, or will complete their lessons on other planets of the outer galaxies or elsewhere in the cosmos. Such is the magnificence of the Love Divine, which is totally unconditional.

All soul lessons are there to be mastered, and if not mastered during one incarnation will have those lessons in a different form or existence.

As I watched the momentous unfolding of miracle after miracle this last week, as I was doing this massive work, I felt intensely the shift happening on all levels. It will have ripple effects on the whole, as this massive shift will take a while to truly make itself felt.

I have been given a framework of about ten years for the first wave, then another 30 years for the impetus of this to cause the changes on all levels.

We are already in the 5th dimensional state, and we will in the next millennium step up into the 7th, which is the original dimension of the first civilizations on earth.

Slowly but surely the 3rd dimensional state is disintegrating and will be no more.

Such is the importance of this time.

(Judith Kusel)

Posted 28th December 2015 by ATMAN

* * *

photos: sharing3- Optical Filters in a Digital World, with Ira Tiffen | explora – We of the Arcturian Group

Origen: photos: sharing3- Optical Filters in a Digital World, with Ira Tiffen | explora – We of the Arcturian Group

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

sharing3- Optical Filters in a Digital World, with Ira Tiffen | explora – We of the Arcturian Group

* * *

* * *

* * *


 * * *
Carl Jung:

 ” One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.”
*   *   *
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January 10, 2016

We of the Arcturian Group wish to speak to the idea of newness. Everything ordinary seems to be quickly flowing into some form of newness (different) which is causing many to fear the loss of what can be called their “comfort zone”. Over time even the most unpleasant circumstances of daily living become comfortable through familiarity. Many are simply tired and find it easier to continue doing what they have always done in the way they have always done them. Fear of newness can be very subtle. It does not announce itself directly, but more often comes simply as a sense of dissatisfaction and resistance.

Some have found themselves forced to accept newness through an event of seeming tragedy while others are able to embrace outer and inner newness easily and without much effort. Every individual chooses on a deeper level the lessons and experiences necessary for their spiritual evolution. Because most people are consciously unaware of this, they will often simply resist when the necessary experiences come. When an individual is spiritually ready for some new awareness or unfoldment, it will happen one way or another, with or without conscious support.

Being open to newness is the ability to observe the ordinary and the unusual from a more evolved state of consciousness. Consciousness determines the outer picture, not wishful thinking.

Because of this, everything must automatically change as world consciousness evolves. Many are starting to remember who they are and where they came from, while others are beginning to have experiences of the psychic/spiritual sort causing them to re-evaluate facts previously held to be truth.

As consciousness evolves, so do the mind’s interpretations evolve and manifest on higher levels. Nostalgia for the past and it’s perceived perfection is a very limiting activity. Advertising and media often promote the past as being a better time, one of peace and oneness. The past carried just as much if not more, darkness and frustration as today, for the general public was not as evolved then and the darkness was often hidden and never even talked about. Today everything is known immediately through modern media making it seems as if the past was more peaceful.

Along these same lines, we wish to discuss an experience most humans are very familiar with–longing. Longing for some person, place, circumstance, or path not taken is actually the Soul’s innate longing to be known. Longing in the third dimensional sense, is based in the false belief of separateness– “I am separate from the person, place, or situation that would make me complete”.

Never berate yourselves for having longings, they are human and have been a normal part of life lifetime after lifetime. However, now is a new, more evolved, never before experienced energetic time on earth.

Perhaps you see a happy couple and begin to feel a sadness and a longing to have this for yourself or you see and admire some other person and long to have the qualities they have. Films and books often create longing in individuals who find themselves lacking when compared with fictional heroes and heroines. Much of what is presented through media, represents the longings of those creating the films, books, magazines etc. serving to perpetuate idea that wholeness, completeness, and happiness can be found through attaining the perfect partner, job, body, or talent.

Never resist longings or anything else for that matter, because resistance gives things a power they do not have. Instead simply acknowledge; “I am complete and whole already, because I am.” Use whatever words resonate with you personally and serve to bring you into this deeper awareness. This is how you establish new habits, retrain the mind, and move into new states of consciousness.

Evolution is leading mankind beyond separateness and perceived need, into “I already Am”. Be very conscious of any words you attach to “I am” because “I am” carries a powerful energy of truth and when you voice or think the words “I am”, the mind in its perfect functioning as an avenue of awareness, proceeds to form it for you.

In its purest sense, I am that I am”–Divine Being, complete and whole in every way because I am made of the only substance there is–Divine Consciousness. However, these words represent the absolute and many in their spiritual enthusiasm, have made the mistake of trying to live the absolute before attaining the consciousness of it. Attaining a consciousness of absolute truth is the evolutionary journey. This is what you are now ready for, practicing, and moving into. Truth begins as intellectual knowledge, but can never manifest into expression until realized.

Be aware that you create with every seemingly innocent word and thought. The new and powerful energies pouring in at this time are allowing you as spiritual beings, to manifest very quickly. It is time to accept and live by this knowledge instead of considering it simply to be an “airy/fairy” idea and then wondering why you have issues you do not want in your life.

Instead of saying, “I am broke, I am without friends, or I am unlovable”, change it to; “I am the very substance from which all facets of abundance form.” or “I am one with every living thing because we are all in and of the same Divine Consciousness. Thusly, I can never be separate from love for love is the connecting energy of all things within that ONE”.

Ponder often and deeply what it actually means to be Divine Consciousness–“If I am formed in and of Divine Consciousness, the very substance of all that is, how then could lack or limitation of any sort be other than illusory?

The unawake world has always created from a level of concepts based in duality and separation and then teaches others from that level–what you must have, be, or do, in order to be complete. Creating from a more evolved level of realized completeness will result in forms, ideas, and situations that represent completeness for you personally, and may not be what you with limited thinking believed you needed, but will instead be new and better.

Even when their material longings come to fulfillment, individuals will often still experience an emptiness and continuing sense of being unfulfilled. In their frustration, these dear ones often continue to seek through increasingly more intense and even violent means. Since so many do not yet understand this sense longing to be the Soul (real self) seeking to be recognized and known, they go through life always looking but never finding, in the outer.

We simply and lovingly wish to remind all to be alert to longings which can and often are, very subtle and go unnoticed. Some longings are very innocent and have no real power ( like longing for peace and quiet in a house full of company) but even simple longings can grow and become serious when they bring individuals to seek resolution in ways that hold them in old energy or cause pain and suffering to others.

You are all now at a point where the leash has gotten very short. Thoughts and actions that were not very important in previous lives or earlier in this one, have become more powerful and creative because your energy has evolved. Remember you are creators.

Stay conscious, always considering actions and the intent behind those actions.

We are the Arcturian Group 1/10/16

* * *

Sharing – Light Painting 101 | explora – Windows 10 – ON NEW EARTH | photos

Origen: Sharing – Light Painting 101 | explora – Windows 10 – ON NEW EARTH | photos



Sharing – Light Painting 101 | explora – Windows 10 – ON NEW EARTH

* * *


* * *
* * *
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* * *
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***+ + +* * *


ON NEW EARTH, things are more awesome than (y)our human aspect could ever understand. That which your human sees as imagination, is you seeing the other dimensional realities you consider a dream. Here we’ve done it. Here we live the dream. Heaven on Earth. NEW Earth. We jumped, embraced and focused on our Light. We opened our hearts fully and released the “impurities” of the old illusions we held within our cells/physical body. We let go of judgement, limited perceptions, transcended all and came to embody that which was beyond our human mind’s comprehension.

Here there is purity, love, magic amazingness, honor, respect and contributions by all. Here we don’t allow for any less. Here the old ways are non-existent because we stopped participating and re-creating the old realities with our own limiting beliefs that we used to hold inside. Here we are one huge Galactic Family working as one for a common goal. Here we do what’s necessary to make it happen. Here we honor all as one UNIFIED BODY OF LIGHT. Here we are FULLY REMEMBERED…

Right now, many are working to clear old separation within, working through physical realities necessary in order to fully remember again. Right now, may are coming to understand honor, integrity, support as light and what co-existence means as all unify.

Experiences are so that WE can see and understand. We created/call them forth by what we held/hold within. Understanding how “programming” works is becoming a MASTER LIGHT BEING SELF again. Becoming a PROGRAMMER of the Hologram means total awareness, total observation, total inner connection with all as one and total dedication to the/as the Light from inside and with every fiber of our being.

Lack does not exist within our vocabulary anymore. We use the word to explain, as do we many human words to describe energy so that others can feel-see and understand too.

Here, we express, transmit and share. Here we support, come together and see all other dimensions as they transpire (materialize) in our physical reality now. Here we recognize all in frequencies and bandwidths and honor others needs to go do their reality for them. Here we do not all need to be up in the same space together, unless we operate at the same frequency and have synchronized as Angelic-Galactics to work/live/exist together for our missions/purposes here. Here we all contribute everything we have available to us. Here everything is important which supports heart-light being realities. Here, we all have something to contribute to the whole. Here we have our hearts and when that is where we come from, we have everything we need, together as one. Here, we leave the pettiness of human behind, we don’t dominate with “need”… We contribute then we receive. Our receiving is based upon what we share from our hearts, what we put into everything, energetically and it has nothing to do with what used to be important.

Here, NEW EARTH EXISTENCE is most important and what we DO with our energy is number one. If we need to deal with something, clear something, talk/communicate something, we do it. If we have something that will assist, we offer/contribute it, share it. We also take care in what we do allow, as WE ALL all must stand in our own power, responsibility and step up.

We have our days that we must pull away (many of them), so that we can honor ourselves to keep working at the pace required to do our missions/purposes here. Many have no idea how much we do. They see the small picture, just a tiny aspect of all that we accomplish, contribute and put in.

After we’ve done the sleeping to wake up and start to get into service with our own light, we can accomplish in one day what used to take months, while some days we can’t do a thing, because of the frequencies present, other times it takes us day to accomplish one task. We flow with it. It’s always perfect, as how we function here is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT when we allow our higher-self-heart-minds to be the driving force. All of our creations, totally from the heart. All of our sessions are too, so these are the easy part. It’s the technical stuff, the mundane details, the physical world things that slow us down and even drain us, so we have to work energetically with all. Here we don’t “think” or process the old ways. Here we sit in a space and allow the processes to occur and all comes through simultaneously and we just do/work in flow. It’s backwards here and in the beginning, we sat alot. We waited for inspiration to come, for the knowledge to come forth. Once it starts coming, it never stops. There’s CREATION AND KNOWLEDGE in EVERYTHING! It’s beyond magnificently brilliant for sure! ♥

Open your hearts and minds, for creativity, inspiration and your gifts for abundance to come through you. Let it stream, flow and get it out there! Share you/your heart & higher self knowledge/inner wisdom !!!! I love you! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Posted 17th December 2015 by ATMAN

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Apr 17


¿Cómo es posible que uno esté tan solo y sin embargo conectado con todo en el universo?
Mientras movemos nuestros muy pateados traseros cósmicos lejos de los eclipses y el portal 4-4, nos examinamos exhaustivamente viendo un profundo cambio que no se puede mencionar ni explicar. Una vez más, no somos los que fuimos y no somos aquellos en los que nos estamos convirtiendo. Como quien cambia de forma, estamos atrapados a medio camino entre la espada y la pared.

ABRIL 2015

Número 194

Creado, canalizado, escrito, publicado y registrado con Amor
por Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Este boletín está guiado por el Espíritu y circula desde 1986 con amor y dedicación a la Luz.

Llega a millones de dedicados Trabajadores de Luz Planetarios. Uno a uno, luz a luz, se alumbra a sí mismo hasta su culminación de ahí en más. Cualquier imperfección ortográfica o gramatical realza su belleza y singularidad.

El Despertar Cuántico es traducido con amor al español por Susy Peralta de Argentina desde hace años. Gracias, querida dama de luz.

*** De su anfitriona de luz
*** Yo soy el espíritu, la bendición, el sonido de Shekinah
*** Hijas de las codificaciones sagradas
*** Orden Sagrada de la Magdalena
*** Ustedes entran en un tiempo prometido


Mientras movemos nuestros muy pateados traseros cósmicos lejos de los eclipses y el portal 4-4, nos examinamos exhaustivamente viendo un profundo cambio que no se puede mencionar ni explicar. Una vez más, no somos los que fuimos y no somos aquellos en los que nos estamos convirtiendo. Como quien cambia de forma, estamos atrapados a medio camino entre la espada y la pared. ¿Cómo es posible que uno esté tan solo y sin embargo conectado con todo en el universo?
La energía del 4-4 llegó como una tormenta filosa como navaja que cortó directamente a través de toda y cualquier ilusión y percepción. Se extendió como una serpiente enojada a través de todas las tierras y los pueblos que iban a cambiar y permitió la limpieza y apertura de todo lo que era santo y estaba completo.

La tierra se limpió, así como los espíritus de todo lo que entró en el portal 4-4 de la Magdalena. Todo lo que estaba oculto en tiempo y circunstancia ahora aflora lentamente para que todos lo vean y se nutran de eso como una vasija de luz, un cáliz que pide ser llenado hasta el borde. Cada alma que se aventuró conscientemente en esta vibración de la energía 4-4 limpió su alma en profundidad, dejando que sus lágrimas y temores del pasado tocaran el suelo y el alma de la tierra, dejando que se fuesen definitivamente. La tierra misma proporciona un “montículo del corazón” para que se vea y reconozca como un lugar de gran sanación por eones por venir.

Así como el corazón de la Magdalena se abrió a la sanación, el 4-4 una gran oleada de amor bañó la tierra liberando una paloma en vuelo. Todos los que fueron embajadores vivientes de luz del vórtice descubrirán que han cambiado para siempre. Asumir el poder no es para los de poca fuerza de voluntad, porque les pide demasiado mientras transitan por el reino de sus propias creaciones.
Nosotros despejamos muchos bloqueos planetarios y humanos para sostener una verdad superior y transitar por un camino más brillante. Nuestro grupo de almas estuvo de acuerdo con este cambio. Nuestro grupo, corazón y ojos se abren a un futuro más brillante pleno de mayor posibilidad. A medida que pasamos por estos cambios es importante recordar: “No podemos alcanzar nuestro potencial más elevado por nosotros mismos”, siempre “nos necesitamos los unos a los otros” para avanzar hacia un futuro más lleno de luz. Cuando les doy todas mis verdades, entonces me vacío para recibir más verdades y esa es la modalidad del Universo.




Canalizado por Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Vengo con los vientos del tiempo para permitirles ingresar en el conocimiento que va más allá de la memoria humana. Dentro del ser conocido como el Espíritu Santo, hay muchas metáforas y contradicciones dimensionales. Hay muchas puertas y lugares interdimensionales por los que puede entrar la humanidad para ver con una visión más divina. Muchos creen que el Espíritu Santo es un solo ser, pero eso no es cierto.

Cada uno de ustedes tiene en su interior el aliento personal de Dios. Cada uno de ustedes vive dentro de la exhalación de Dios. Dios los sopló a la existencia. Con el primer aliento que toma el bebé, el Espíritu Santo entra en el niño por completo. El Espíritu Santo no reside en el feto durante la gestación. Espera hasta que la forma física se haya manifestado. El Espíritu Santo es el testigo silencioso de todo lo que dicen y piensan y hacen en su andar por la Tierra. Vean su presencia como un grabador de acontecimientos, uno que documenta, un testigo silencioso.

La energía del Espíritu Santo es una impronta, una codificación sostenida por cada persona en su viaje a través de la vida. Al morir, con su último aliento, el Espíritu Santo es liberado de regreso a la Fuente. Es un ser separado y diferente del espíritu de la persona, pero muchas veces, cuando acontece la muerte, ellos parten como una luz doble. En el momento de la liberación, Dios los vuelve a inhalar hacia la luz original, al diseño original.

A medida que el universo los inhala un poco más cada día, son limpiados, revitalizados y liberados de toxinas, enojos, bloqueos y recuerdos que ya no le sirven a la evolución y al propósito de su alma. Cuando duermen, su espíritu deja el cuerpo, y la unidad física biológica queda para valerse por sí misma con la ayuda de unos pocos y grandes seres angelicales. El espíritu está conectado por un cordón de luz y siempre puede volver durante cualquier emergencia. Cuando se van en espíritu, cuando dormitan, sin importar en qué momento del día, ustedes se mueven elocuentemente, fácilmente y sin esfuerzos en los reinos más elevados donde existen simultáneamente. Incluso durante el día se van fuera a los reinos superiores al soñar despiertos.

El universo está limpiando muchas capas de su ser, aflojando y redistribuyendo bloqueos para que puedan ser descartados. En otras palabras, todo lo que es sólido y sombrío en su interior es aspirado amorosa y exquisitamente por el Creador Supremo de regreso a sí mismo.

Muchas partes de ustedes se han reunido como un depósito. Ellas migran a un punto magnético en su cuerpo físico. Desde un punto de vista magnético, ellas se irán y serán enviadas al Creador Supremo. Esto no solo se experimentará en el cuerpo físico, sino también en el cuerpo planetario.

El Creador está tomando la densidad de las energías y dando a luz nuevos universos bebé. La estructura atómica de la luz cambia de naturaleza. El universo está tomando el desecho cuántico del hombre, la densidad y oscuridad de la materia y está llevándola a casa a la luz, reciclándola y permitiendo que se re-forme en pura fuerza vital universal.

Habrá algún aglutinamiento cósmico en su cuerpo mientras se liberan los escombros psíquicos y emocionales. Tendrán dolores que van y vienen por el cuerpo, recuerdos en el corazón, emociones sumamente densas. La trama misma de su ser y todo aquello por lo que han pasado a través del tiempo, así como todo lo que ha soportado la Madre Tierra nacerá en bellísimas improntas de luz bebe esperando nacer en otra parte del cosmos. Se necesitan muchas más moléculas para sostener la enfermedad en el cuerpo que para sostener el amor. Todo lo que es santo es muy liviano y no engorda.

Les pido que le permitan al Creador respirarlos en profundidad. Siéntanse elevados por este aliento sagrado. Permitan que la exhalación los lleve a la expansión que buscan. Sientan la presencia de los seres santos mientras ellos están a su lado. Se los aliviará de lo que se atoró en su alma. Usen su inhalación y exhalación con poder notarial. Yo soy Shekihah. Los dejo en los vientos del tiempo.


Canalizado por Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Mientras le abren su corazón y sus brazos a más de mi despertar, se convierten en hijas de las Codificaciones Sagradas. Ustedes, queridas hijas del conocimiento, guardan en su interior un memorándum destinado a la Tierra. Un mensaje codificado con caligrafía sagrada. Un mensaje que solo puede leerse de adentro hacia afuera. Imagínense estando en el centro de un templo cuando alguna vez fueron parte de la Orden Sagrada de la Magdalena. La Magdalena fue una orden de las enseñanzas sagradas femeninas que fueron transmitidas durante miles de años. Enseñanzas de la naturaleza y el cielo y el poder y la sabiduría que han sobrevivido a través del tiempo y del mito.

En su texto sagrado, se dice que su cuerpo es como un templo, su cuerpo es un espacio de luz sólida que mantiene recuerdos sagrados, un lugar en el que ustedes conservan sus tesoros de verdad. Antiguamente, cada vez que intentaron ocultar y mantener secreto algo de poder, lo codificaron dentro y encima del cuerpo. Ustedes integraron físicamente las codificaciones sagradas. Algunas de ustedes colocaron las cenizas de los pergaminos sagrados en aceite y frotaron su cuerpo con ellas. Otras ingirieron lo que estaba escrito para sostener la energía. La orden de la Magdalena está codificada dentro de ustedes. No es un club al que se pueden unir, es una forma sagrada de vida y de ser para el tiempo imperecedero.

El siguiente aspecto del tiempo desentraña muchos secretos mientras ellos despiertan en el interior de las hijas de las estrellas. Tal vez aparezca en un sueño, gracias a un libro, tal vez llegue a través de un tatuaje o una puesta de sol. Los busca tanto como ustedes lo buscan a él. Él nunca olvidó su aroma. Nunca olvidó las líneas del tiempo que llevan en su alma. Él nunca olvidó el sonido de su voz.
Porque la única cosa que permaneció igual, encarnación tras encarnación, ha sido la vibración de su voz. Esa es la razón por la que algunas veces a las personas les repele su voz y otras veces las hipnotiza porque ella siempre ha sido su tarjeta de presentación, su frecuencia energética específica y un sonido de activación.

Imagínense ahora que están de pie como la hermosa, juvenil y divina diosa que son inherentemente. Su cuerpo físico es un templo luminoso que irradia amor. Párense en el centro y contemplen las paredes de su propio templo interior personal. Hay glifos y escritos sagrados, verdades ocultas que buscan ser recordadas por ustedes y solo por ustedes. En el sitio de su corazón imaginen que colocan sus manos y su tercer ojo sobre el texto sagrado que existe en los muros. Ahora desplacen su corazón hacia él, dejen que su corazón lata con él. El latido de su corazón será el que despierte las verdades inherentes en su interior, es su llave maestra.


En la antigüedad, muchas de ustedes estuvieron en la Sagrada Orden de la Magdalena. No era un nombre. Era un título. Era una corona. Era un conocimiento. Era considerada sagrado en la comunidad esenia donde Cristo caminó entre los hombres.

Cuando yo vivía, soporté mucho odio que hacían recaer sobre mí debido a mi posición y preparación. Soporté flechas de veneno provenientes de los ojos de los demás. Soporté palabras coléricas. Permanecí de pie en mi Luz y las enseñanzas sagradas de mi orden. No trastabillé en mi camino sino que mantuve un corazón de amor fuerte hacia todos los que me deseaban el mal.

No supliqué misericordia porque sabía que estaba en una luz tan grandiosa y tan bella que nada podía hacer que mi mundo se tambalease, porque yo era vidente y ya sabía qué sucedería. Yo veía mi luz como sólida, no como un hilo rojo que vuela en los vientos del cambio. El manto de luz y discreción que llevaba estaba más allá de doblegarse o romperse siquiera, porque era el tejido mismo de mi alma.

Cada día, mientras despiertan a la gracia de un día otorgado por Dios, solidifiquen la luz que son. Conviértanse en el pilar de luz que son y hagan que una columna de luz penetre la Tierra y el Cielo. Entonces arráiguenla y séllenla con cada plegaria. Deben consolidar esta luz majestuosa a diario con sus palabras y su intención.

Muchas veces la vida las despojará de su divinidad. Picotea sobre su cuerpo como los buitres que no pueden esperar para atacar. Ustedes permiten que la vida las elimine. Cuando le permiten a la vida que las succione y les robe la paz, cometen una injusticia contra todo lo que es sagrado. Toda vida depende de que ustedes sostengan el reino de la vida y de la luz como sagrado y santo.

Las Mujeres de la Luz avanzan como una Comitiva Sagrada, mostrando lo que no se puede disolver u obstruir. Las Mujeres de la Tierra –sin importar el color, el credo, el tamaño o la edad- se ponen de pie y fijan su luz. No se dobleguen y lloren y recen. Porque lo que buscan reside en su interior, no en la periferia de alguien más.

¡Visualicen la luz como solidificada, la paz como solidificada, el amor como solidificado! Vean el tejido que crean las tejedoras de luz. Véanlo como el tejido mismo de todo lo que alguna vez fue sagrado y se ha olvidado. Ustedes han olvidado que son la esencia del cielo en la Tierra. Han olvidado condensar el amor que son, la belleza que son, la paz que son. Deben dejar que entre todo en su útero, porque pensaron que iban a desplazarlo, a sanarlo, a cambiarlo. ¿Se inclina la montaña hacia el mar para beber? No, crea hermosas caídas de agua para beber de ellas. Todo lo que buscan vive dentro de su ámbito de posibilidad. Yo soy María Magdalena. Su conexión nunca terminó ni podrá terminar. Nunca han estado separadas de lo que son y de lo que están destinadas a hacer y ser.
Créanlo y así es.


Ustedes se hallan en el momento de darse a luz a ustedes mismos en una luz superior, en una posición distinta de la verdad. Mientras se hallan en la matriz del tiempo, tratan de estirarse, pero los muros de la ilusión autoimpuesta los mantienen confinados en una prisión invisible. Empujan y empujan, pero no son capaces de expandirse hacia la vastedad que innatamente saben que son. Cuando un niño está en el vientre de su madre, su espíritu tiene la capacidad de expandirse más allá de las limitaciones de la matriz física, recorriendo las vidas de sus padres, alcanzando el pasado y el futuro, superando al espacio y el tiempo.

Su vida se parece a la de un niño por nacer. Sienten las limitaciones como si los muros mismos de su vida se volviesen más empinados y resbaladizos cada vez que intentan escalarlos. Ustedes gruñen, gimen, se quejan a medida que las limitaciones se vuelven más y más reales y animadas. Ustedes tienen las mismas capacidades que un niño por nacer. Están viviendo en esta dimensión de la materia y sin embargo también están viviendo en espíritu, en la luz y en una multitud de niveles. Su cuerpo parece limitado y vulnerable, sin embargo el espíritu y la fuerza de luz que habita ese vehículo tiene capacidades magníficas e interminables.

Ustedes entran en un tiempo prometido donde la percepción limitada de su humanidad se fusiona con el inmenso y omnisciente Espíritu de Luz. Reuniéndose, Fusionándose y luego EMERGIENDO en algo mucho mayor. Justo ahora todos ustedes se sienten como una oruga en la etapa de capullo. Ustedes saben que están destinados a convertirse en más. ¡¡Sin embargo, todo en su mundo apunta a menos!!

La Crisálida cambia y el Capullo que los rodea a ustedes se engrosa y endurece como la corteza de la tierra. ¡Parece que no hay salida! Los mantiene confinados en la prisión de su propio pensamiento. Un día, de la nada, aparece una lucecita en el horizonte que llega desde un agujero diminuto en el capullo. Su corazón se acelera con posibilidades a medida que la ilusión de la limitación comienza a derrumbarse justo ante sus ojos.

En este momento, están viendo ese pequeño punto de luz en su vida, un diminuto agujero de verdad mostrándoles el camino de salida, el camino ascendente. ¡La oruga debe ingresar en un tiempo de completa confianza y entrega! Entregándole lo que cree que son sus limitaciones al resplandor divino en su interior. ¡Entregarse es confiar! El agujero es pequeño solo en la mente de la oruga, no en la mente de Dios. En la mente de Dios es lo suficientemente grande como para hospedar a todas las futuras mariposas de la Tierra.

El capullo nunca le permitiría liberarse a la oruga porque es lo que hace el capullo, protege, mantiene limitado. La Tierra los mantiene como un capullo hasta que están listos para liberarse. La oruga sabe que debe intentarlo una y otra vez o morirá. Ese es el punto de referencia en el que todos y cada uno de ustedes se encuentran. Sienten que deben intentarlo o morir en el proceso. Es un tiempo de rendirse y confiar. La mariposa que son dentro de esta oruga humana es mucho más grandiosa que cualquier ilusión. Dejen ir y sepan que el plan divino funcionará pase lo que pase. ¡La oruga está destinada a convertirse en una mariposa, no puede ser de otra manera! Su Alma los empuja a través de ese pequeño agujero hacia una Luz Más Elevada, tal como es empujada la oruga.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
PO Box 217
Dandridge, Tennessee
Traducción: Susana Peralta
Sitio oficial de El Despertar Cuántico

Publicado 17th April por Shanti Zohar



Querida Semilla Estelar, cómo te sientes? percibes todo muy raro?…

Te diré algo… Ya no eres quién creías ser.

Desde que decidiste renacer en ésta misma vida, muchas cosas han cambiado y continuarán cambiando para siempre…

Hay quienes han elegido retirarse o permanecer sin cambios, pues aún no estaban preparados para volver a nacer en su mismo cuerpo físico, pues los procesos que son requeridos para ésta transformación, son verdaderamente enormes y muy complejos.

Sin embargo, algunos pocos como tu, han decidido quedarse aquí, entre otras cosas, para experimentar de manera consciente y física la multidimensionalidad.

Si logras aprender lo nuevo desde ésta nueva perspectiva, tanto la muerte como la vida, ya no serán ningún misterio para ti, pues llegarás a entender a que ambas son una y la misma cosa.

Cómo darte cuenta de que ya no estás en el “viejo mundo”?

Irás por la calle, o mirarás la televisión, o leerás las noticias, y sentirás el impacto de ver que la mayoría de la gente continúa viviendo de manera lenta, tridimensional y lineal.

Las viejas formas de relacionarte y de sentir, se transformarán sustancialmente.

Muchas personas desaparecerán de tu vida como si se las hubiera tragado la tierra, y otras nuevas llegarán.

Posiblemente intentes aplicar viejas fórmulas para los nuevos desafíos. Ésto no funcionará, pues lo lineal deja de ser para transformarse en instantáneos procesos cuánticos, que como tu sabes, no son para nada lineales. Ingresarás por una “puerta”, y saldrás por la que menos te imaginas.

Prepárate para experimentar el vértigo y hacer de ello una maestría.

Podrás darte cuenta que para un gran número de personas ya eres “invisible”.

En lo cotidiano, te encontrarás que muchas veces dirás algo y no te escucharán, hasta podrán llevarte por delante en la calle, o se pondrán delante de ti en la cola del supermercado “colándose”, pues no logran percibirte. Para ellos, inconscientemente eres “algo”, pero no te ven.

Sentirás además, que debes realizar un esfuerzo enorme para intentar hablar el mismo idioma que los demás. Escucharás conceptos y palabras vacías de contenido, pues para ti, estarán carentes de un verdadero significado.

Todo esto responde a la misma mecánica estática y lineal del viejo paradigma.

Así y todo, debes aprender a convivir con ello y ser compasivo con los otros, pues son el reflejo de ti mismo, sólo que en otra línea temporal.

La razón por la cual percibes todo de ésta manera, es porque sencillamente tu ya no estás allí. Eres el observador y protagonista de un recuerdo que está sucediendo en tu presente. Pasado, Presente y Futuro, son conceptos lineales y separados que deberás aprender a descubrir como un solo y nuevo estado.

Querido ser de Luz: ésta es la paradoja de la multidimensionalidad!, con la que debes aprender a convivir, y porqué no, a divertirte!…

No creas que no sé lo que sientes. He estado allí. Sé que muchas veces experimentas una profunda soledad y vacío, pero créeme que éste sentimiento se irá apaciguando a medida que tus células y tu sistema neuronal se renueven completamente.

Debes aprender a sostener tu nivel emocional y mental durante éste proceso, tal vez éstos sean uno de tus más grandes desafíos.

Ten paciencia y sé consciente de lo que realmente te está sucediendo.

Sé amorosamente responsable. Estás despidiéndote de quién ya No eres.

Los cambios biológicos de tu cuerpo te harán sentir cada vez más disociado hasta de tu propio “envase”. Debes acompañar compasivamente ahora éste maravilloso universo interno que también está realizando un esfuerzo enorme para actualizarse a tiempo, aunque la mayoría de las veces se queda atrás, y es preciso esperarlo, porque sabes que allí mismo como en otras dimensiones, se está librando la más silenciosa de todas las batallas…

Aunque en el día a día no puedas entenderlo claramente, todo forma parte de un Propósito Mayor, y es lo que sabiamente has elegido desde tu Ser más elevado.

Continúa renaciendo, continúa despertando y confía! Todo es como debe ser.


Por Daniel Cipolat.
Publicado 19th April por Shanti Zohar

* * *


El Portal del Eclipse Lunar y la Luna Roja ha sido intenso hasta la fecha. Una verdadera montaña rusa llena de cosas tanto felices y hermosas como penosas. Para mí, personalmente, esto empezó con unos cambios serios, profundos y tangibles en mi vehículo físico, y todos mis campos energéticos han sido mejorados en su velocidad de giro, lo cual ha instigado una expansión vibracional en esas áreas. Escribí esta breve explicación personal que he compartido con mi buen amigo y Hermano espiritual Bill Ballard hace unos días:

“hay muchos cambios corporales y los cuerpos energéticos están girando a un ritmo mucho más rápido. ¡Me encanta este cambio! ¡Pero ESTOY TAN exhausta por cualquier cosa! Aunque mi cuerpo lo está soportando bien, el cuerpo emocional se irrita y se están reiterando viejas decisiones tomadas previamente, y me es claro por qué las he tomado. No hay más forma de estar en ese viejo lugar; eso simplemente no es posible a medida que tu cuerpo reacciona claramente a eso. Me encanta cómo estoy empezando a sentir a veces cada célula de mi cuerpo girar y vibrar. Es como la experiencia de un zumbido y tener piel de gallina por todos lados. El chakra de ascensión está muy abierto y pulsando mucho. ¡Allá vamos!”

Y eso es lo que se ha vuelto claro para mí en los últimos días hasta hace una semana: que para cada realidad personal y colectiva las cosas se están viendo más claras para cada uno y todos nosotros! ¡De aquí que la claridad yace en la mezcla! A nivel personal se les está mostrando de manera severa y clara lo que no funciona más para ustedes, qué sigue funcionando y dónde establecerán los límites en lo referente a hasta dónde van a ir en algún área y realidad. Sus cuerpos están respondiendo intensamente a las energías que están entrando y dejando su plano, así como a las energías de los demás. Las decisiones pasadas que ustedes pudieran haber hecho hace un tiempo están siendo reafirmadas de que ciertamente eran las necesarias, y si siguen estando inclinados a no percibirlo o a ver que ciertas energías y pensamientos ya no les sirven más y son parte del viejo mundo del ser, se les está mostrando esto firmemente AHORA MISMO. Se ha vuelto más que una señal en este caso, algo que tal vez tengan que experimentar con todas las fibras de su ser.

Pudieran sentirse irritables últimamente, incapaces de lidiar con la energía de los demás, cansados, hastiados de las cosas, y especialmente irascibles. No se necesita mucho para irritarlos, afectarlos y tocarlos. Esto se debe a que están liberando mucho de lo viejo y el cuerpo emocional está siendo disparado en este tiempo, especialmente desde el Eclipse Lunar. Todo se reduce al despliegue de las viejas emociones arraigadas que están dejando los campos corporales para permitir una plena expansión del campo magnético del Corazón Superior con el que se pueden fusionar y asentarse en su cuerpo emocional.

Por otro lado, debido a esta claridad que se les está mostrando, y que por lo tanto están experimentando, ustedes van a reestablecer sus valores instantánea y posiblemente a unos nuevos para poder sentirse cómodos de nuevo, pues esto es lo que tendemos a hacer para sentirnos a gusto en una nueva zona de confort. Al final nos quedaremos sin ningún juego de valores, solamente con el saber instantáneo de todo ~ que es nuestra expansión y expresión Más Elevada del Ser.

Similarmente, estamos viendo que esto le está sucediendo también a la conciencia colectiva. También lo ven en claro cuando ven a su alrededor. Se nos está mostrando claramente que la estabilidad de este fundamento que llamamos la sociedad ya no está funcionando ni es capaz más de ser implementada en nuestras vidas como grupo colectivo. Todos tenemos en claro ~ aún quienes siguen dormidos ~ que esto ya no está funcionando para los seres humanos y que los fundamentos de esta energía son incapaces de sostener la vida misma como solía hacerlo. Por eso ven a muchas personas estando irritadas y con cambios de estado de ánimo: todo lo que les era tan cómodo está desapareciendo frente a sus narices y sus instintos son los de luchar y aferrarse a ello. Se alcanzará un punto crítico pronto donde aún esto será imposible de hacer ~ luchar una lucha que ni siquiera es real. No hay nada contra lo que luchar en primer lugar pues ustedes estarían luchando contra sí mismos.

El cambio está en marcha ciertamente, y está sucediendo ahora. El luchar por esto y movilizar todo su poder en esta forma de sociedad ~ formas de pensamiento ~ es simplemente algo que ya no podemos hacer más. Nos cansa y no está funcionando en absoluto. La claridad está llegando y todos la están sintiendo; ahora se trata de encontrar el camino ~ y él es diferente y único para cada quien ~ ir a partir de este punto de claridad para navegar ustedes mismos a través de todo esto. Nosotros lo sabemos pero, ¿cómo moverse de aquí para traer el cambio a todo esto, personal y colectivo?

La claridad dice: SER el cambio desde dentro pues no hay ningún otro lado donde SER/ESTAR que dentro de su propio corazón.

Por donde quiera que vean y crucen caminos ustedes pueden ver dentro de sí y dentro de otros que está sucediendo lo mismo; las cosas están claras y se pueden sentir. Y sin embargo, tal vez no todos se entreguen a este saber ni lo muestren a otros, pero les puedo asegurar que todos lo están sintiendo. Por lo tanto, hay un largo periodo en marcha que es acerca de ir al interior, a su propio Templo del Ser. El colectivo lo necesita y también nosotros, así que nos están ayudando con este pasaje que tal vez ya haya empezado mientras hablamos. Es acerca de entregarse al Yo y confiar en todo lo que ustedes son. Ahora será útil la parte sobre el personificarlo y la habilidad para Amarse a SÍ MISMO. Nosotros y los Maestros de la Luz no han estado repitiendo lo mismo una y otra vez (sobre el Amor Por Uno Mismo) por broma o por placer, pues siempre nos hemos sentido instados a enfatizar este hecho tanto como sea posible para los tiempos venideros. Y ahora se ha marcado este tiempo. Ustedes están en camino a esta noción.

Así que acostúmbrense y siéntanse cómodos en ese estado del ser y del saber ~ con un enfoque interno ~ al tiempo que comparten este momento con otros que están haciendo lo mismo y que son otra parte de ustedes. Ustedes están haciendo mucho por la Tierra y el Colectivo de esa manera a medida que nutren al YO, que es el YO SOY, y el YO SOY es la Unidad de TODO. En consecuencia, todos nosotros, el YO SOY, somos el YO SOY de TODO, y no sólo el de Un ser. Hay muchos malentendidos de que cuando nutren a su YO SOY o YO están nutriendo únicamente de una manera egoísta. Ése no es el caso pues el YO SOY es el YO de TODO. Así que nutran al YO de TODO, que es el TODO en Unidad.

En resumidas cuentas, mi compartir personal en esta historia de la energía de este Eclipse Lunar es que ESTOY experimentando extraordinarias conexiones y activaciones del cuerpo Lumínico. ESTOY consciente de mucho más, como una clase de fusión con las realidades Multidimensionales. Simultáneamente, a medida que quemo los puentes detrás de mí y lo que está sucediendo en el mundo en el que me estoy embarcando, los viejos contratos están llegando a un fin nuevamente y llegan nuevos. El 8 de abril del 2015 tuve que despedirme de mi preciosa compañera “Laika”. Ella era un perro Golden Retriever de casi 11 años de edad. Esto fue muy inesperado, y el impacto fue aún mayor a nivel emocional. Como estoy en contacto con su ser, esto me facilita saber qué está sucediendo y qué ha sucedido. Fue una experiencia muy especial, lo cual lo hace muy emocional para mí. He estado llorando sin parar, dando lugar a un sentimiento paralizante de estar entumecida un poquito. Aunque sé que ella sigue viviendo ahora y no se ha ido, la experiencia de la transición a través de una muerte física nunca ha sido hermosa para mí. He visto y he guiado a muchos y cada vez veo al cuerpo luchando y cayendo, lo cual experimento personalmente como algo duro y feo. Estoy consciente de que éste es un asunto personal mío y de algo viviendo dentro de mí de experiencias pasadas. Reitero, se está trabajando y experimentando intensamente el cuerpo emocional. Mis hijos ahora saben sobre la reencarnación debido a esta transición pues durante dichos eventos el ser está realmente abierto y es inocente para recibir. Pueden leer esa breve historia aquí: here.

Honren y aprecien TODA vida, toda conciencia, pues TODO es un forma de vida única y excepcional. Toda vida es una expresión del YO SOY Divino, ¡también lo son ustedes! Los invito a que disfruten de la vida más y se refrenen de usar palabras duras y de juzgar a todos sus compañeros, unos a otros, aunque se haga tan fácilmente. Recuerden que aquello sobre lo que piensan y hacen a otro a fin de cuentas están pensando y haciendo a sí mismos.

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