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Origen: TiAmAt: share, A+, reread, manual, Consciousness and Brainwaves Part 1–FROM A HIGHER PERSPECTIVE

Thursday, May 16, 2019

share, A+, reread, manual, Consciousness and Brainwaves Part 1–FROM A HIGHER PERSPECTIVE

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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Consciousness and Brainwaves Part 1–FROM A HIGHER PERSPECTIVE



Dear Readers,

I wanted to share this manual with you. I put up a few pages at a time.

Sue Lie and the Arcturians

PART ONE – A compilation of messages and teachings from the Arcturians regarding the expansion of consciousness, perceptions and higher dimensional perspectives on reality.


The Arcturians advised me to present some information about brainwaves and consciousness in preparation for exploring Gamma Wave Consciousness. Gamma wave consciousness allows us to consciously perceive the higher dimensional realities. However, it is best to first present some basic information about consciousness and brainwaves.

Traveling in Consciousness

Traveling in our consciousness is like changing channels on a radio or television. Our MULTIDIMENSIONAL SELF is the broadcast tower, which broadcasts messages to us across many different frequencies.

Our CONSCIOUSNESS is the broadband radio or TV, which receives messages from many different frequencies, and allows us to choose a channel.

Our BRAINWAVES are the channels that calibrate the radio or TV to the frequency of the desired station.

When we calibrate our consciousness (radio or TV) to the different brainwaves (channels), we set our expectation to filter in the perceptions within the frequency range of that filter/expectation. We then experience the reality that vibrates at that wavelength/brainwave.

When we dial the Beta Brainwave Channel, we calibrate our consciousness to filter out the perceptions that do not pertain to our external third-dimensional world. On this channel, our Multidimensional SELF gives us information regarding our conscious ego self in our physical world. Our “beta reality,” which is our individual consciousness, is filled with myriad stimuli. It is directed towards survival, thoughts, decisions, and actions. Our individual consciousness directs our attention, and hence our perceptions, toward our individual assessment of reality.

When we dial the Alpha Brainwave Channel, we calibrate our consciousness to filter- out any extraneous, third-dimensional perceptions that do not pertain to creative activity. On this channel, our Multidimensional SELF gives us information about our physical world from the perspective of our superconscious fourth-dimensional self, as well as forgotten memories and stimuli regarding our true potential, which we have formerly filtered out. Our “alpha reality,” which is our collective consciousness, is one of creativity, artistic focus, relaxation, and imagination. Our collective consciousness directs our attention, and hence our perceptions, to an assessment of reality based on the consciousness of all humanity.

When we dial the Theta Brainwave Channel, we calibrate our consciousness to filter- out all third-dimensional frequencies except maintenance of our physical body. On this channel, our Multidimensional SELF relays information from our superconscious self- regarding our fifth-dimensional world, our fourth- and fifth-dimensional extra-sensory perceptions, moments of illumination from the past, and new ideas regarding attaining our present goals. We can also experience euphoric feelings and moments of illumination on this channel. Our “theta reality,” which is our planetary consciousness, is deeply spiritual and introspective. Our planetary consciousness directs our attention, and hence our perceptions, to an assessment of reality based on the multidimensional consciousness of all planetary life forms.

When we dial the Delta Brainwave Channel, we calibrate our consciousness to filter-out all external, third-dimensional frequencies. On this channel, our Multidimensional SELF gives us information from our superconscious mind regarding our fifth-dimensional self and beyond, as well as information from our unconscious mind regarding our first- and second-dimensional earth vessel. Our “delta reality,” which is our galactic consciousness, is focused on our cellular and subatomic reality and our inter-dimensional self. Our galactic consciousness directs our attention, and hence our perceptions, to an assessment of reality based on the multidimensional consciousness of our planet, our solar system, and our galaxy.

When we dial the Gamma Brainwave Channel, we calibrate our consciousness to filter- out individual stimuli and move beyond all time, space, and dimension to integrate the information we have received on the other channels so that we may be conscious of our process. Our “gamma reality” is truly multidimensional, as it is ALL in ALL. This cosmic consciousness directs our attention, and hence our perceptions, to an assessment of reality based on multidimensional consciousness of our universe.


Brainwaves, which are measured by an electroencephalograph (or EEG), represent the language of the brain. An EEG measures brainwaves of different frequencies within the brain by placing electrodes on specific sites on the scalp to detect and record the electrical impulses of the brain.

Brainwaves, like all waves, are measured in two ways. The first is frequency or the number of times a wave repeats itself within a second. Thus, a frequency is measured in cycles per second (cps, sometimes also called HZ), ranging from .5 cps to 38 cps.

The second measurement is amplitude, which represents the power of electrical impulses generated by the brain. The main categories of brainwaves are Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta. When we are accessing our Multidimensional SELF we are able to use a combination of all four brainwaves.

BETA BRAINWAVES 13 to 39 cps

Beta waves, in which our brainwaves pulsate at between 13 and 39 cps, are associated with day-to-day wakefulness. These waves are the highest in frequency and lowest in amplitude and are also more de – synchronous than other waves. That is, the waves are not consistent in their pattern. This desynchrony is due to the daily mental activity of our many cognitive, sensory, and motor activities and experiences. Also, it is during Beta Consciousness that our focus is de – synchronous, as our daily life has many inner and outer distractions.

Beta waves are seen on both sides of the brain and are most evident in the frontal lobe, where decisions and expressions of our persona are initiated. Beta brainwaves stimulate rational, analytical thinking and the consequent action. In this state, our attention is focused on our external activities, and our brain is primarily accessing the logical, sequential thoughts to process, organize, and act upon the myriad stimuli that arrive through our five physical senses.

If all this information is not put into some kind of order, we will become confused and overwhelmed. The voice of our inner self can still be dimly heard, but as in talking to someone in a loud and busy airport, we can hear it, but we can’t always understand what it is saying. Beta waves are the predominant brainwaves in our everyday life. Without Beta Brainwaves, it would be difficult to function effectively in our daily world.


Alpha waves, which are between 8 and 12 cps, are slower in frequency, higher in amplitude, and more synchronized than Beta waves. When we take time out of our busy day to have a power nap, reflect, listen to music, read a poem, or meditate, we go into Alpha Consciousness. When we concentrate intently on one thought, emotion, or activity, we have fewer stimuli to process and our brain can move into the intense focus of Alpha waves.

Alpha waves will peak around 10 cps. Alpha wave thinking promotes mental resourcefulness and aids in our ability to mentally coordinate stimuli so that we can quickly and efficiently accomplish whatever task is at hand. When Alpha predominates, most people feel calm and at ease, which serves to manage stress and benefit our health. The vivid imagery and relaxed, detached awareness serve to create conscious links to both our conscious and unconscious minds.

Alpha is the major rhythm seen in normal, relaxed adults, and it is present during most of life, especially beyond age 13. Alpha waves are predominant in the white matter of the brain, which is the part of the brain that connects all other parts with each other. Alpha is a common state for the brain and arises when a person is alert, but not actively processing information. Alpha waves, strongest in the occipital lobe (at the back of the head), cortex and also frontal cortex (the forehead), have been linked to extroversion, active listening and improved problem solving, and creative mental activity.

Whereas Beta brainwaves are predominantly logical, sequential thinking, Alpha brainwaves incorporate holistic, creative functioning. Hence, when in Alpha Consciousness we lose track of time and space. An hour feels like a minute and a mile feels like a few blocks. With the concentrated focus on a creative task in Alpha Consciousness, we experience fewer distractions, and we hear our own inner voice more easily. It is in this state of consciousness that we have our moments of “A-ha.” Many performers, artists, scientists, and athletes consciously or unconsciously put themselves into an Alpha state to gain inspiration and to achieve their best performance.


Theta waves allow us to access our innate creativity, inspiration, and spiritual connection. Theta waves, 4 to 7 cps, are even slower than Beta or Alpha waves and are typical of even greater amplitude. When we narrow our focus primarily on our inner self, we can go into Theta waves, which are usually associated with deep meditation or sleep. In this state, it is difficult to maintain conscious contact with the outside world. Our bodies need to be in a safe place when we access Theta Consciousness, in order to maintain this state, our bodies must be still and our eyes closed.

Even then, the mere act of opening our eyes or listening to the exterior world could bring in too many stimuli and shift our consciousness back to the faster brainwaves, and our Theta wave experiences are lost. In order to bring our Theta state experiences into our conscious mind, we must be able to communicate these experiences to our language centers so that we can “save” them to our cerebral cortex.

Taking time to relax, write, and/or draw after sleep or deep meditation will help us in translating our Theta wave experiences into our Alpha and Beta wave thoughts. Even then, our Theta experiences are usually retrieved by our right brain’s symbolic, imagistic language and not by the sequential language area of the left-brain. Relaxing into an Alpha state can translate these images onto our language area where we can think about them or write them down.

Theta waves are abnormal in adults who are awake but are perfectly normal in children up to 13 years old. They are normal for all ages during sleep. The Theta state is believed to reflect activity from the limbic system and hippocampus regions deep inside the temporal lobe, which are related to emotions, converting short-term memory to more permanent memory, and recalling spatial relationships. Theta Consciousness promotes adaptive, complex behaviors such as learning and memory.

Theta brainwaves are conducive to profound inner peace, “knowing,” feelings of oneness, mystical truths, the transformation of unconsciously held limiting beliefs, creating a better quality of life, physical and emotional healing, and finding our purpose. Theta Consciousness provides the “peak” in the peak experience.


Delta waves, usually ranging from .5 to 4 cps, are involved with our empathy as well as with our interaction and connection to our full multidimensional perception. These brainwaves are involved with our ability to integrate and let go. Delta waves are of the greatest amplitude and the slowest frequency and are the dominant rhythm in infants up to one year of age. Delta waves never go down to zero because that would mean that we would be dead. In fact, Delta waves are often associated with being in a coma.

In this state of consciousness, our bodies are in hibernation mode. Practiced yogis can consciously achieve this state. While in Delta Consciousness, they are able to regulate their body temperature and heart rate. They may even appear to be dead, but they are able to revive themselves. Delta waves are the deepest level of dreamless sleep in which our bodies shut down to completely focus on healing and growing.

Peak performers decrease Delta waves when high focus and peak performance are required. However, most individuals diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) naturally increase rather than decrease Delta activity when trying to focus. The inappropriate Delta response often severely restricts their ability to focus and maintain attention. It is as if the brain is locked into a perpetual drowsy state. Going into Delta Consciousness is like driving a car and shifting into first gear.

We can’t go very fast in first gear (Delta); we but have maximum control of the car. Delta brainwaves are conducive to miracle healing, divine knowledge, inner being, and personal growth, rebirth, trauma recovery, oneness with the universe, Samadhi, and near death experiences. Delta brainwaves provide profound intuition, empathic attunement, and instinctual insight.

Changing Brainwaves

When we fall asleep, our brain shifts gears and our brainwaves begin slowing down. We start at Beta then go to Alpha, Theta, and then Delta. When we move towards waking up, our brainwaves move in the reverse order of Delta, Theta, Alpha, and finally Beta. Just as we unconsciously change our brainwaves in sleep, we can learn to consciously change our brainwaves while we are awake.

• To keep our brain in an effective Beta brainwave pattern, we can determine to narrow our focus to a few things at a time and choose not to allow ourselves to indulge in obsessive or fearful thinking. 

• We can take time out to relax, contemplate our lives, and enjoy our creativity to induce Alpha brainwaves. 

• We can meditate and/or pray and place our total focus upon our inner Self on a regular rhythmic basis to induce Theta brainwaves. 
• It is helpful to get plenty of sleep, let go, and surrender to our Soul in order to induce Delta brainwaves.

It is important to set aside a time at least three to five days a week to spend inside our SELF.

If we can set aside that special time, we can learn to gain conscious mastery over our consciousness and realize that we choose our consciousness by choosing the thoughts we allow to take residence in our mind and the emotions we allow to linger in our heart. 

End of Part ONE

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 5:45 PM

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TiAmAt, sharing2, YOU are, “The Galactics, in Human Form, Unity,Consciousness, and Unity Courage,

Origen: TiAmAt: sharing2, YOU are “The Galactics in Human Form, Unity Consciousness and Unity Courage

Saturday, October 27, 2018

sharing2, YOU are “The Galactics in Human Form, Unity Consciousness and Unity Courage

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie
Suzanne Lie, Ph.D., has been a seeker since she was a child where her active “imagination” took her deep into her inner life. She continues to regularly share her experiences and Arcturian teachings on her blog, Awakening with Suzanne Lie, and she wishes to help awakening ones come out of hiding and allow the glory of their highest expression of SELF into their everyday life.
Thursday, August 31, 2017


Unity Consciousness and Unity Courage

The Arcturians-Through Suzanne Lie
Dear Ones,
It is the NOW in which your leaders need to have the “big picture” in their minds as you all move through the great changes that will be taking place in your reality. As you know, too often, things have to get worse before they get better.
The reason for this is because, once darkness has been revealed, it is best to move deep into the core of it because, soon enough, the disguise will be back. Then the light and love can be covered again by the darkness and fear.
Fortunately, there are times, just as the during your hurricane “Harvey,” in which fear can come forward in such a manner that the ordinary people become great beings of light, who find their own Inner Light to find their inner courage, unconditional love, and immense bravery.
In a situation such as a huge hurricane, many people are facing their greatest fear, the fear of survival, However, they have pushed that fear away and found great courage to save themselves, their loved ones and many people who are total strangers.
These people have dedicated themselves to the service of others, at great danger to them selves. This courage has greatly expand their personal light. Then, this expansion of personal light within a crisis situation, quickly encompasses the crisis situation.
This expansion of light does not necessarily make the situation go away, as with the case of Hurricane Harvey. However, it does greatly expand the personal caring and courage of many of the people who are involved, or chose to become involved, immense “service to others,” during this horrible disaster.
New leaders are being born, and some of the old leaders are revealed as having personal needs that are more important than the heroic assistance for those who are suffering. We the Arcturians, commend the many people who expanded their consciousness, their courage, and their innate sense of duty to their fellow man during this disaster.
Many leaders are being born during this NOW who are leaders based on Unconditional Love and Courage. The courage of these people greatly expands their consciousness by assisting their fellow humans, as well as dear Gaia, who has been deeply wounded.
On the other hand, those who have selfish gains and care only for their own self aggrandizement, will inadvertently reveal their true selfish needs and lack of empathy for their fellow man and for Gaia.
It is the task of the ascending ones, to find in their hearts the ability to send unconditional love to the dark ones who can only think of themselves. It is likely that these ones will not recognize or accept that love, as they have become too lost in their own inner darkness.
However, those who face the initiation of finding and using their own Inner Light to forgive and send love to ones who have become lost to the darkness of their own selfishness and inability to feel true compassion or love, will find within themselves the deep compassion for ALL life that the Ascended Masters revealed when they faced their final initiation.
Yes, there is a form of “final initiation” that comes with a disaster, as each one remembers that ONLY the LIGHT can extinguish the darkness. Therefore, to send anger, fear and other dark emotions into a negative only feeds it. Hence, what our Ascending Ones are learning/remembering is that Unconditional Love is the strongest force in the Multiverse.
Therefore, to heal negative, frightening, and/or harmful experiences, Unconditional Love is the strongest cure and best state of consciousness. It is the initiation of the ascending ones to remember that, “There, but the love of God, go I.”
In other words, if you can remember the wonderful gift of personal power that accompanies your surrender to Unconditional Love, it will greatly assist you to walk the path of all Ascended Masters.
All Ascended Masters needed to be deeply tested to hone their potential for forgiveness, and remember that the love you send out, always returns to the sender. Sometimes the joy of this love was not able to be displayed or shared until after the ascending one had completed his or her final initiations.
The final initiations are the most difficult, as they force the ascending one to Unconditionally Love all life, as well as to love themselves without judgment. To walk the Path of “Return to SELF,” one needs to remember to love the ONE, that they ARE, as much as the ONE that they wish to BE.
We know that our words may be confusing to many, but it will not be confusing to those who have walked the Path long enough to reveal their own inner fear/darkness (as to us fear and darkness are the same).
Those who have dared to look into their fears, their own angers, and sorrows, and have found a way to heal and release them, have discovered a deep Inner Power which they usually wish to share with others. In other words, these people have found LOVE for themselves and wish to share that “ability to love self” with others.

Love of Self also serves as a homing beam to attract the attentions of their higher expressions of SELF that resonate to the higher frequencies of reality. Once the ascending one is able to connect with their own SELF, who resonates to higher dimensional realities, their teaching begins.

And what does their Higher SELFs teach? They teach more about how to consciously connect with, interact with, and take guidance from their own higher dimensional expression of SELF.

Once one connects with their Higher SELF, they realize how fully human they are, yet, simultaneously, deeply connected with the higher frequencies of reality to which they also resonate. It is then, that their/ visits to the higher dimensions during sleep and meditation begin.

First there is a “time of learning” in which they have “dreams” and other experiences where the greater truths of reality are revealed to them. After these revelations, the awakening ones often need “Earth time” to adapt to this new information and to find a way in which they can integrate these components of their selves into their daily life.

The integration of your Higher SELF into your daily life is one of the greatest challenges that our ascending ones face. Are they really talking with their own Higher Self? Or, is this connection just a dream, or a mere whim of their fantasy?

This beginning of their full awaking can often take many Earth years, and some get lost along the long path, and go back to being “normal.” Fortunately, there are many brave ones who “stay the Path” even though they fear that they may “be crazy,” “making it up,” “it is just a dream” and many other “reasons and excuses.”

Unfortunately, many of our “volunteers to take a human earth vessel” get lost in the illusions of the third dimension. Fortunately, most of them eventually remember their true SELF and return to the deep healing discovery of their own Multidimensional SELF.

This discovery of SELF is usually best learned by giving “service to others.” When our ascending ones deeply entrench themselves in “service to others,” their consciousness greatly expands. Then, via their higher states of consciousness, they can more easily remember who they really are and why they chose to take an earth vessel within this NOW.

It is this “Discovery of SELF” that guides humans into the superhuman, courage compassion, and service to others that disasters, such as Hurricane Harvey, has revealed how “normal people” give service to others in a “super-human” manner. It is deeply unfortunate that this disaster has struck, but the stories of great courage and unconditional love continue to remind all of humanity of their own innate Unconditional Love, and Service to Others.

We, the members of your Galactic Family, are proud of how our grounded ones assist each other during a deep time of need. It is for this reason, that Gaia is able to move more and more deeply into Her Planetary Ascension.

As all ascending humans know, there are many initiations that an ascending person must move through during their process of ascension. You can read the lives of the Ascended Masters to see the courage, sacrifice and service to others that they lived prior to their ascension.

We wish to tell all of you that planetary ascension also has “disasters” that must be faced. For both planet and people, the shift of the base resonance of consciousness into a higher frequency will bring out many challenges.

Very often, humans seek the assistance of other humans to assist them as they release that which is ready to be released, so that they can expand their consciousness into a higher frequency. In the same manner, Gaia must highlight areas of Her planetary body that are in need of attention as She moves through Her Planetary Ascension.

With an “Earthly disaster” humans and Gaia become ONE as humans assist other humans, as well as their planet. There are many humans who will need great assistance within the aftermath of this disaster. In the same manner, there were need to be much assistance necessary to heal the many wounds on Gaia’s planetary SELF.

The result will be that humans and Gaia will work as ONE to heal the wounds that both persons and planet have suffered. Too many humans have lost loved ones, and too much damage has been done to the surface of Gaia.

It is together, that planet and people will work as ONE to heal their area of the world. Furthermore, humans are coming from many areas to assist with the healing of the wounds, in the same manner that they have come to assist with the rescues.

Together, people and planet, will slowly return to normalcy, but after great personal sacrifice and assistance from the many volunteers who have come to Texas to assist during this extreme crisis.

Then, as humans and planet work as ONE to heal that which was greatly harmed, both the humans and the planet will be healed from the great Unconditional Love for ALL that has been shown during this huge personal and planetary disaster.

We, the Arcturians, send Unconditional Love and Violet Light to both people and planet.

We have seen how strong, courageous, loving, brave humanity can be during a time of crisis, and we commend you. Just as you have moved through this crisis by many humans coming from many places to work via Unity Consciousness for ALL life as well as Unconditional Love for all beings.

We, your Higher Expressions of SELF, commend you and offer all the assistance that you need. In fact, by the many “super-human” tasks that have occurred during this disaster, you know that YOU are your Higher SELF, and your Higher SELF is right HERE within your NOW.

The Arcturians and Your Galactic Family

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 8:51 PM

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Suzanne Lie, Ph.D., has been a seeker since she was a child where her active “imagination” took her deep into her inner life. She continues to regularly share her experiences and Arcturian teachings on her blog, Awakening with Suzanne Lie, and she wishes to help awakening ones come out of hiding and allow the glory of their highest expression of SELF into their everyday life.
Wednesday, December 6, 2017

YOU are “The Galactics in Human Form,”Arcturians through Sue Lie


YOU are “The Galactics in Human Form”

The Arcturians Through Suzanne Lie

Inside, or is it above, there is a new SELF that is trying to be born INSIDE. Or maybe, this SELF has always been alive, and it is “the we” who are living in the fifth dimensional NOW. We are beginning to have this realization enough that we are increasingly ready to release the old and embrace the new.

As we are well aware, the term “trying” is much less powerful than the term “doing.” However, we are all becoming increasingly aware that our consciousness is going into an area, or is it a frequency, that we have never experienced before while wearing a third dimensional earth vessel.

More and more of us, meaning the “WE that are Galactics in human disguise,” are experiencing a “Call to SELF,” which is an inter-dimensional reminder to expand our state of consciousness enough that we can remember that our “3D body” is just a disguise” so that we can “walk the Earth without be recognized.”

We (the Galactics in human form) are aware that to shift our consciousness into a higher frequency, we will need to expand the frequency rate of the thoughts and emotions that often seem to arise from inside this body.

The difficult part is that, when we are NOT in a higher state of consciousness, we are not aware of the reality in which we are NOT limited to our third dimensional earth vessels!

In fact, we can often forget that we are, indeed, wearing these bodies in the same manner that all the “hidden” life forms on Earth are “wearing a vessel constructed of Gaia’s elements and elementals.”

These myriad earth vessels come in uncountable sizes and shapes from as small as a Lady Bug to as huge as the Rocky Mountains. The Lost ones want us to believe that all these life forms are “just things,” so that they can find a way to “make money” from destroying that which is a beautiful member of Gaia’s Earth Vessel.

As we move deeper and deeper into what we have hopefully called, “Our Ascension Process” we are beginning to ponder the lives of the Ascended Masters, and all that they had to release, remember, and give to others, in order for them to release the physical world enough to allow their consciousness to flow into the unknown.

This “unknown” is actually our vaguely remembered fifth dimensional SELF. Maybe we are having higher dimensional experiences within this NOW, or we may be experiencing some “dark nights of the Soul.” Those “dark nights” are often called “depression or anxiety” in the 3D world.

And, indeed, there is quite a lot of depression and anxiety in the third dimensional frequency of reality. It was this depression, anxiety and fear that made us forget that we are, in fact, Multidimensional Beings who chose to take a 3D Earth vessel to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension.

Fortunately, more and more of us are “beginning to begin” to remember something that we once knew, but forgot when we took on our third dimensional earth vessels. Therefore, gradually, we the Light Beings who are currently disguising ourselves as “humans,” are awakening to our Higher SELF.

As we continue to awaken to our Higher SELF, we are beginning to remember our SELF who is wearing a fifth dimensional Lightbody and lives on a Starship, or on distant, highly evolved worlds.

We are also remembering that we came to “briefly visit Earth” so that we could report back to our Starships and/or Home Worlds what we discovered regarding how we, the Galactics, can best assist with Gaia’s Planetary Ascension.

The reason why more and more of our human expressions have been able to “remember our SELF” has largely been because of the Arcturians and our Galactic Family, who have been communicating with us from their Ships.

Therefore, we would like to answer some of the questions that the third dimensionals living on Gaia have been asking. We wish to answer these questions to remind all of you wearing earth vessels that your Higher SELF is with us within this NOW and ready to assist us, as well as ready to assist YOU.

All we need do is to ASK. In fact, we will now share some common questions and answers that have been asked by the humans and answered by their own higher-dimensional, Galactic SELF.


Human Self Question #1

I have been seeing many unusual things from the corner of my eye. Can you assist me to better understand what is happening?

Galactic Self Answer #1

What is happening is that you are activating your fifth dimensional perceptions. There are three major phases which will assist you as you move through this activation:

Phase ONE is to activate your fifth dimensional perceptions.

Phase TWO is to integrate these fifth dimensional perceptions into the reality that you currently believe is “REAL.”

Phase THREE is that you begin to insert these perceptions into your daily life and use them to assist you as you continue to expand you consciousness.


Human Self Question #2

Could the Galactics, looking at the current energy fields on Earth, speak about how individual, probable realities become stronger or weaker?

Galactic Self Answer #2

A Possible Reality becomes stronger as more and more members of humanity believe it. Humans will place their attention on what they believe is “real,” but will not place their attention on what they believe is “not real.” Hence, it is actually the collective attention that is placed on a concept that has the power to transmute that concept into a reality. What many humans do not know is that:

“The reality that they choose to believe is real is the reality that they will primarily attend to.” Then, as humanity attends to a given reality, they will bring it more and more into the third/fourth dimensional Collective Mind.

It is the Collective Mind that has the power to transform a concept into a reality.


Human Self Question #3

What is the relationship between individual reality creation and reality creation by the mass consciousness?

Galactic Self Answer #3

Mass consciousness has a greater power of creating a reality. Individual creation of reality is something that is mostly third dimensional. This is because the higher dimensional realties exist more within the “collective mind,” whereas many humans on Earth live primarily via their individual mind.

Of course, tradition plays a large role, as some cultures live in single family units, whereas other cultures live in a group environment. The cultures that live in group situations are more inclined to have collective consciousness, whereas cultures that live in individual, or small family units are more inclined towards individual consciousness.


Human Question #4

What is Light Language?

Galactic Self Answer #4

Light Language is a manner in which a higher fourth or fifth dimensional message can be relayed from the intention of the consciousness of the sender of the message, and into the consciousness of the one who intends to receive the message.


Human Question #5

What is an Active Intention and how does it relate to Light Language?

Galactic Self Answer #5

First we will expand our meaning of the word “intention.” Then, we will begin by describing the manner in which “an intention” and “Light Language” are the same.

Neither an intention or a Light Language message can be viewed by your physical perception. In fact, both an intention, as well as Light Language, can be only sensed via your higher fourth and fifth dimensional perceptions.

Also, both your intentions, as well the intentions of the ONE, are primarily perceivable via your fifth dimensional perceptions. Also, neither an intention, nor Light Language, communicates via separate words.

Both intention and Light Language project out their messages from the consciousness of the “speaking” one as a mental picture and/or an emotional feeling.

If the receiver of that message is comfortable with the feel of that invisible message, they will be drawn toward the source of the message. On the other hand, if they are uncomfortable with the feel of the invisible message, they will feel drawn away from the source of that message.

The truth is that humanity speaks, and hears, Light Language a thousand times a day, but they are not aware of that fact. Light language resonates to the frequency of fifth dimensional Gamma Waves.

Therefore, unless the recipient is able to recognize, tune into, and accept the gamma waves that carry the message into their consciousness, they will not be able to accept, read, interpret or even be aware of the light language, or the Gamma Waves that delivered it.

The Golden Ones await you at the threshold of the fifth dimension, ready to assist you by examining/viewing your Multidimensional Auras. We, the Galactics, are aware that everyone, as well as everything, in your transitional reality is in the process of transmuting into the next octave of reality.

For that reason, your “3D human” expressions of self have gone through many incarnations in the attempt to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Transmutation from a third/fourth dimensional planet into a “fifth dimensional/multidimensional planet.”

We say “fifth dimensional/multidimensional planet” because the fifth dimension is the “Threshold” to Multidimensional Earth. We are well aware that the majority of humanity is not aware that Gaia is a multidimensional planet. Many humans are also unaware that they are ALL multidimensional humans.

Once a planet begins its process of transmutation into the fifth dimensional frequency of resonance, those who can expand their consciousness can more easily adapt to a fifth dimensional reality.

On the other hand, those who cannot adapt to the higher dimensions of Gaia’s potential self, will eventually leave “ascending Earth” and move to another planet that is still firmly grounded in the third dimensional, physical reality.

What will occur is that fifth dimensional wavelengths will begin to bask the planet in an ever-increasing fashion. These wavelengths are NOT like radio or other man-made wavelengths.

These wavelengths are Light Wavelengths, which represent different frequencies of light that will begin to find their way into Gaia’s huge Planetary Aura. Yes, Gaia has an aura just like all Her living inhabitants have an aura.

The reason for this planetary transition is that the third dimensional frequency of reality is merging with the fourth dimensional frequency of reality in preparation for becoming a fifth dimensional frequency planet.

Of course, because ALL life is innately multidimensional, there is a Gaia in all the higher frequencies of the fourth dimension and beyond. In fact, many of you are members of that fifth dimensional Gaia, as well as Her lower fourth dimensional frequencies, as well as Her third dimensional frequency.

Many of you who have had incarnations on Gaia during one of Her different frequencies of civilization. The eras of higher frequency of reality were often called “peak societies.”

On the other hand, the eras of the lower frequency of reality were too often ruled by war, famine, deceit and dissent amongst the people. It was only during peak societies that the above questions and answers were even considered.

When Gaia was in a low frequency era, there was war, starvation, descent among the people, as well as a very low rate of education or artistic expression. Everyone was busy with the challenge of survival, while the “leaders” lived in wealth and domination.

On the other hand, when Gaia was in a Peak Society, Gaia could resonate to a higher frequency without the fear and destruction of war and poverty. The eco-system was in alignment, pollution was at a minimum, and education, creativity and spirituality thrived.

In these peak societies, humans enjoyed a higher state of consciousness because there was more peace and creativity. Also, during these “peak societies” more humans realized that if they harmed Gaia, they would also harm their reality—including their own physical bodies.

As you can all see from reading the News, this is not the case in huge portions of Gaia within this NOW. However, the core frequencies of Gaia are beginning their process of transmutation (expanding into a higher frequency of resonance).

Therefore, just as a person is somewhat debilitated when they are in a process of change, so is planet Gaia. The problem is that there is a faction of humanity that do NOT want Gaia to ascend back into Her innate fifth dimensional frequency.

These people, often known as the “Illuminati,” came to Gaia during one of Her Peak Societies and quickly turned it into a “Society in turmoil.” They created this negative shift because they knew that they could NOT survive on a fifth dimensional planet as the resonance would be too difficult for them to tolerate.

Fortunately, the Galactic beings who reside in the fifth dimension and beyond, have come to answer Gaia’s call for assistance. The problem is that Gaia is a free-will planet, which means that the residents of that planet have free will to choose the reality that they wish to experience.

Fortunately, the percentage of residents with fourth and fifth dimensional resonance of their form, thoughts, and feelings, is growing. Therefore, Gaia may have a chance to transmute back into Her true resonance of the fifth dimension and beyond.

We Galactics have decided that we cannot bare to watch Gaia suffer any longer. Therefore, we will be entering Gaia’s planet more and more. We will need to be careful to not start a war, which would occur if the lost ones realized that we are there to assist Gaia and Her inhabitants.

For that reason, we will silently and carefully begin by working with the awakened and love-based humans to assist them to assist the many creatures, elements and elementals who have supported dear Gaia through Her long “dark night.”

This dark night is beginning to dawn into the fifth dimensional version of Gaia who has waited long enough within the womb of Planet Earth.

Yes, just as humanity’s Lightbody SELF lies latent within the core of your spinal column, Gaia’s Lightbody PLANET lies latent within the Core of Gaia’s planetary body.

The power of ONE Lightbody is greater than many third dimensionals who are lost within the “Power Over Others Matrix.” In fact, this Power Over Matrix is beginning to close and will eventually be taken off of dear Gaia.

When this occurs, the lost ones will no longer have a resonance on Earth that they can tolerate. Therefore, they will need to leave Gaia and find a lower frequency planet which can tolerate their low frequencies thoughts, emotions and actions.

Then, just as Gaia had to grow through conflict and resolution, so will the next “newly inhabited” planet grow through conflict and resolution.

“When is the NOW for this shift?,” we the Galactics often hear you cry. We answer this question by saying, “We, your Galactic Family, will assist you as you “escort” the lost ones onto their ships, and off of Gaia FOREVER.

Blessings, We are you in your higher dimensional expressions of SELF.

Please remember US, as we have never forgotten YOU.

Your Galactic Selves

Channeled through Suzanne Lie

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 3:02 PM

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Sharing – *Photoshop: How to Make a TATTOO from Scratch. – Consciousness, Lightbody and Merkaba | photos

Origen: Sharing – *Photoshop: How to Make a TATTOO from Scratch. – Consciousness, Lightbody and Merkaba | photos



Sharing – *Photoshop: How to Make a TATTOO from Scratch. – Consciousness, Lightbody and Merkaba

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Monday, October 5, 2015
Consciousness, Lightbody and Merkaba by The Arcturians


Consciousness, Lightbody and Merkaba 

The Arcturians


Our dear emissaries to Earth,

We are here with you. 

Take a long moment to feel our presence in your room. Do you see how Mytre is with us again? It is because he is a Commander of the landing party. We are actually landed now, but only in the higher frequencies of what you would call your fourth dimension. In order to perceive us, you must look with your Third Eye and interpret our message with your High Heart.

You are now in the process of this interpretation. Be sure to put unconditional love onto any situation that troubles you, and be sure to send the Violet Fire. We ask that every time that situation comes into your awareness, you remember to do that.

There are many challenges being presented to our volunteers to Earth to assist you to “prime the pump” as they said in the olden days. You can talk and teach forever, but the teacher must keep learning by doing what you teach. In this manner the teachings will progress into the higher and higher octaves of reality.

We ask now that all our teachers fully recognize that it is no accident that they find themselves in whatever challenges that are confronting them. It is the NOW to act like the Galactic Member that you have always been.

In order to BE your true galactic and/or celestial SELF, you must go deep within to the core fears of your human self and heal them. One of your core fears is that you will not be acknowledged for who you truly are. That “fear” is a third dimensional ego fear.

Therefore, you are called upon within this NOW to go deep inside and acknowledge your own SELF. This acknowledgment of SELF will greatly expand your consciousness higher and deeper into the fifth dimension.

It is vital that you “own your power” because as you become increasingly fifth dimensional, your power of creation is greatly amplified. Part of “priming the pump” for your creative force is realizing that YOU ARE the creator of your life. As long as your consciousness remains locked in the third dimension, you can live under the illusion that “it is not my fault.”

However, as your consciousness resonates to the fifth dimension for longer and longer periods of your “time,” you enter into the “ascension initiation” of “EVERYTHING that occurs within my third dimensional reality was CREATED with your own thoughts and emotions.”

Who is creating your reality NOW?

What are you learning from your creations?

Why did you choose these creations?

When will you take FULL responsibility for the creation of your life?

Where are you sending Unconditional Love and Violet Fire?

We stress, DO NOT JUDGE YOUR SELF! Whether or not you are conscious of it, you are ALL going through a deep process of recalibrating your consciousness to this higher frequency of energy that is constantly and consistently entering Gaia’s atmosphere.

Because this energy field is fifth dimensional, it carries the frequencies of Unconditional Love and Violet Fire. When these fifth dimensional frequencies are recognized and used for the good of Gaia and all Her inhabitants, you can more easily adapt to the higher frequencies of light.

If you do not “use” these energy fields, you will “lose” connection with them. Every time you acknowledge and bless others with unconditional love and violet fire is similar to dripping red paint into clear water.

Every time you drop red paint into clear water, the water becomes a more and more red. What we are saying by this analogy is that YOU are the “glass of water,” literally as the human form is comprised of a large percentage of water.

On the other hand, the “paint” is the light. This analogy is saying that it is you that must adapt to the light, rather than the light adapting to you. Therefore, just as the water in the glass takes on the color of the “paint,” you are gradually taking on the frequency of the light.

We stated “red paint/light” as red is the lowest frequency of light. As you adapt to the frequency of red, you then move up the frequency scale of colors until you can adapt to the color purple, which is the higher frequency of light in your 3D world.

Actually, the lowest is inferred light and the highest is ultraviolet light. After that you move into the next spectrum of light, and the next dimension of reality. Many of you have asked for this NOW of great transition, but were hoping for a “free ride” into the higher worlds.

Unfortunately, you have all accumulated a great deal of limitations and fears within your thoughts and emotions. This low frequency, thought forms act as an anchor to keep you bound to the third dimensional reality that you wish to release. Therefore, we remind you in this NOW, that you are the creator of your realty.

To “graduate” your consciousness into the fifth dimension,” you must fully complete your 3D lessons of mastery over your thoughts and emotions. This mastery is not a “grade” that you receive in a school.

This mastery is the re-connection with your Multidimensional Consciousness, which will connect you with your Lightbody. Your thoughts and emotions bind you to the reality that resonates to the same frequency of your thoughts and emotions.

Do you see that circle?

Thoughts and emotions create your frequency of reality…

To remain in that frequency of reality you must maintain that frequency of those thoughts and emotions…

Each frequency of thought and emotions bound together into thought-forms moves out into your reality to influence your outer world by calibrating your consciousness to:

· Your third dimensional consciousness and thus reality

· Your multidimensional consciousness and thus reality

· Your lightbody and thus the fifth dimension and beyond

· Your merkaba, which is your inter-dimensional inner starship

All of the above options are created by your state of consciousness. You can only remain in any of these versions of reality while your consciousness is calibrated to that frequency. Just as your radio show changes when you change the channel (frequency), your reality shifts when ever you change your state of consciousness.

We know that all of you wish to return to the fifth dimension. That is wonderful, as Gaia is on that return route Herself. But if you are to be at the helm of your life you must remember that:

When the collective frequency of your thoughts and emotions

Fall below the resonance of the fifth dimension,

You “fall out” of the fifth dimension…

Do you see NOW how YOU are the creator of your reality?

Your Multidimensional Consciousness, your Lightbody, and your Merkaba are all components of your SELF that are patiently waiting for YOU to bring them online with your 3D consciousness. Of course, these higher versions of your self are already within the external hardrive of your Multidimensional Mind.

You will need to connect with your Multidimensional Mind to have a conscious experience of these highest components of your SELF. Then, you can download the information regarding your merkaba, Lightbody and multidimensional consciousness into your third dimensional awareness.

However, first you must link your third dimensional brain into your multidimensional mind. Then, you will then be able to have a more conscious experience of your own higher expressions of your self. Fortunately, because higher and higher frequencies of light are entering Gaia’s atmosphere, many of you are experiencing brief moments of full connections with these components of your fifth dimensional SELF.

We recommend that you are cautious regarding these downloads because your clay vessel will not easily adapt to the higher frequencies of your Merkaba, Lightbody. It is for this reason that many of you are experiencing “symptoms of transmutation.” To state it simply, these symptoms are occurring because your actual cell bodies are beginning to accelerate their spin.

We Galactics know that you must go about this transmutation slowly and carefully. We are willing to assist you in any way that we can. However, remember that Earth is a free-will planet. Therefore, you must ask us. We look forward to these requests.

Once you to be able to maintain a conscious connection with your Multidimensional Consciousness, Merkaba and your Lightbody you will need to know that there are several ways in which your Lightbody and your Merkaba are different.

We will speak more on this issue later, but for beginning adventures with these higher expressions of your SELF we will tell you that your Lightbody is the very same humanoid body you are wearing, but it resonates to the fifth dimension.

On the other hand, your Merkaba is your own Sacred Geometry, Flower of Life and Violet Flame. When you have released all that is limiting the full rise and expansion of your Kundalini, you will flash into Lightbody. That Lightbody is similar to your physical body but resonates to a higher frequency. Therefore, it is the higher frequency of you that travels inter-dimensionally.

On the other hand, your Merkaba is much like your very own spacecraft. Your Merkaba is usually condensed into “pure potential.” Your lightbody is stored in your Kundalini in the base of your spine, whereas your Merkaba is stored in your High Hearth.

The inter-dimensional spaceship of your Merkaba requires total unconditional love for your self and for ALL life before it can be activated. When a Merkaba is activated, it is often thought of as Ascension.

However, if you “fall out” of powerful energy fields and thought forms of your Merkarba, or if the slightest selfish intention brushes against your consciousness, you will “fall out” of your Merkaba SELF.


We are the Arcturians

I hope you enjoy the sample preview of this insightful booklet of Gaia Speaks

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Sue Lie Posted by Suzanne Lie at 11:34 AM

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sharing.:::. 7 Legal Herbs That Can Alter Your Consciousness and Super-Charge your Dreams | The Medicine Mane from “Reconstructing Reality” by Suzanne Lie | psycho

Origen: sharing.:::. 7 Legal Herbs That Can Alter Your Consciousness and Super-Charge your Dreams | The Medicine Mane from “Reconstructing Reality” by Suzanne Lie | psycho



sharing.:::. 7 Legal Herbs That Can Alter Your Consciousness and Super-Charge your Dreams | The Medicine Mane from “Reconstructing Reality” by Suzanne Lie

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Wednesday, April 29, 2015
The Medicine Mane from “Reconstructing Reality” by Suzanne Lie


The Medicine Man

A Story from Reconstructing Reality

After communing with her beloved Venusian Nature, Shature was ready to review the next life. When she entered the domed room, she walked straight toward her chair, but her Guide stopped her.

“You no longer need to go up into the dome. Instead allow your own consciousness to project the hologram. Remember, dear, you are not limited to the portion of yourself standing before me. Close your eyes and allow the vision of sixth dimensional Arcturus to ignite the memory of and connection to your completeness.”

Shature closed her eyes and remembered Lamerius, her complete self. As united androgynous beings, they had traveled through the vortex to Arcturus. Shature remembered the lightness of their sixth dimensional star body and could feel the vortex in their heart. The pod was around them and unconditional love filled her awareness. She then heard a beautiful tone that was accompanied by a burst of light so strong that it penetrated her closed eyes.

She opened her eyes and she saw before her a Native American Medicine Man. He stood calmly in all his pure and regal splendor. He was magnificent. He wore a beautiful ceremonial costume made of buffalo hide and a huge necklace of bear claws. His hair was in long braids and his face was painted with three red stripes on each cheek and an image of what looked like the sun on his forehead. In one hand he held a rattle, and in the other he held a pipe.

“I am How-ta-shai. I returned to the Oversoul in the seventh dimension at the close of my physical experience. In response to your call, I have joined you via this hologram of your creation.”

“How did you know that I was calling,” puzzled Shature.

“My One, just as you are observing the vibrations of your self at a lower density, we of the Oversoul are observing you.”

“Yes, of course,” Shature was beginning to understand. “As much as the life I have now is beyond the conception of my third dimensional self, the life of my Oversoul has been beyond my conception. Before you begin your story, could you tell me more about the Oversoul?”

“Of course, close your eyes again and listen to my words with your heart. Just as you have shined a light on portions of your self, feel the light shining on you. The Oversoul is like a lake nestled in the highest mountain peak. This lake is filled with pristine waters straight from the heavens. Many rivers flow from this lake in all directions, which in turn form other lakes even farther down the mountain.

“From these lakes flow other tributaries, which also have lakes, and so on and so on, until the waters of life have reached the sands of the great oceans. As these waters meet the Mother Ocean, they touch the beings who swim the waters of life and call them to re-enter the streams of their birth and gradually swim up until they are at last home safely in the original pristine lake of their Source.”

Shature heard a tinkling of bells and another flash of light caused her to open her eyes and turn her head. It was Rahotep, or rather a hologram of him.

”I, too, resonate within the Oversoul. I have returned to assist you in understanding what How-ta-shai has to say.”

He walked over and joined the medicine man. Shature saw before her the projection of two very powerful higher vibrations of her total being. She looked around to find her Guide and discovered that he was, again, gone.

“You are doing fine, my child,” she heard inside. “Seek for guidance inside yourself now. Remember, we are together in the Oneness. If ever you want me, all you need do is call me and I will respond.”

Shature almost felt sorrow at his loss, but she could not hold the vibration of that emotion in her expanded self. In fact, she was no longer just Shature. She was again Lamerius, because the high vibratory rate of the room instantly called in Lamire.

“Lamire, you are with me again,” she smiled.

“I am always with you.”

Rahotep and How-ta-shai smiled and said, “We are all projections of the same Oversoul and we are complete within the Oneness. The portion of us labeled Shature is allowing her consciousness to expand to the conception of more than one reality. You are awakening your multidimensional consciousness.”

Shature started to feel proud, and again found that she could not resonate to that feeling either. She realized that she was having the memory of pride just as she was having the memory of being as Shature. She understood what Rahotep and the Medicine Man had said. She now held in her consciousness all the realities that she had reviewed.

She was on Atlantis, in Faerie, England just after the fall of Atlantis, 13th century Italy, 20th century Poland, and 19th century England, the United States and ancient Egypt. She was on the shores of the red cliffs of Venus, and she was a star-being on Arcturus. Within the ever-present NOW, she embraced all that she had relived. She felt her form expand until at last she was without form. She was a speck of light within an infinite ocean of radiance.

Slowly, she began to constrict herself and her radiance pulled into itself. She pulsated it out again, and it became stronger and brighter. She experimented with the inflow and outflow of her emanation until she gradually returned to the hologram of Shature. Yes, she too was a hologram. She was a projection of form from the Source, and no matter how many different projections there were, they were all from the same Source.

Gradually, her perception returned to the domed room and How-ta-shai standing before her. Rahotep had left his hologram of form and returned to the Oversoul, but she felt his presence within her along with the others. She smiled and How-ta-shai smiled in return. The glint in his eyes showed the radiance of all creation.

How-ta-shai was seated down with his legs crossed and gestured for Shature to do the same. As soon as she sat, a small fire manifested between them and a teepee surrounded them. Shature stared into the fire and waited for How-ta-shai to begin his story.

“I will speak to you first of the death of the part of us once known as How-ta-shai,” spoke the Medicine Man. “As I speak to you, close your eyes and see the story as I tell it. Listen to me with your heart and hear my truth. It is the tradition of our people to teach through storytelling, and I wish to share that tradition with you now.”

How-ta-shai began to shake his rattle and softly chant while the teepee filled with memories. He pointed to his right and there, on a rough mat, was a withered old man on the verge of starvation.

“This is how I looked at my death. My people were defeated and we were imprisoned inside a white man’s fort. We could not see our beloved plains, hunt buffalo, or have our sweats and sacred traditions. We were a conquered people.”

How-ta-shai turned his focus from the fire that he was staring into and looked Shature straight in the eyes.

“Do you see the theme of the realities that the Oversoul has chosen for you to view?”

“Yes,” responded Shature. “They are societies, or me, in transition and the fear that comes with change.”

“Yes, we of the Oneness have focused our collective consciousness into you so that you can be our representative on the third dimension. The Earth that you will re-enter is on the verge of a great transition, which will affect that entire multi-dimensional universe. We, the many lives you have viewed, had at one time perceived ourselves as failures.

That memory resonated in our collective consciousness. You assisted and healed the realities that had not achieved spiritual awakening. Those of us who had learned to connect with our higher selves while we were incarnated were able to heal ourselves and return to our higher vibration. I tell you now of my own frustration while incarnated so you can see that even failure is a success if we can integrate with Spirit.”

“But why have I been chosen to be the representative?” asked Shature

“Your reality of Shature in Atlantis represents the initiation of our Oversoul into the limitation and separation of the third dimension. It was also a life in which you connected with the grid of light that surrounds planet Earth. You will be called upon to again consciously connect with this energy grid when you re-enter the third dimension. But allow me now to return to my story. We who have been able to rise above the limitations of the physical world wish to instruct you by sharing our experiences.

“As I have said, we were a conquered people and all of my spiritual strength and insight could do nothing to stop our fate. There was one small victory that I was attempting to achieve. I wanted to make the Bluecoats allow us to pitch our teepees outside of the fort where we could at least see the plains and the rising and setting of the sun.

“There were only old men, like myself, and women and children left. The few warriors who were alive were injured or imprisoned in the Bluecoat’s iron house. If we could achieve just one small victory, then perhaps we could keep our Spirits alive until a better day.

“But let me begin my story at a happier time.”

How-ta-shai pointed now to his left and there was a small boy rubbing the sleep from his eye as he arose from his skins.

19th Century United States

This young boy was born to be a warrior. As soon as he could walk, he remembered wanting to ride a horse. If his mother didn’t watch him, he would run off to where the horses were penned and try to walk among them. Remarkably enough, he was never hurt. Many times, he would escape the eyes of the adults who were watching him and run to the horses. Once they realized that he wouldn’t get hurt, they let him do so. Perhaps he thought he was a horse instead of a ‘two-legged.’ Or perhaps he just cherished the horses’ power.

As everyone suspected, he became an excellent horseman, and everyone knew he would be a brave warrior until the most unexpected thing happened. He fell from his horse. In fact, he was sure an invisible force had pushed him. He was thirteen and on his first buffalo hunt. He was feeling like a man, but not acting like one because he thought he was better than the horse; he was the hunter.

This pride got him in trouble. He wasn’t respecting the horse or the buffalo, and when the horse moved quickly to the left, he moved to the right. He was so caught up in the act of being a ‘man’ that he behaved like a small boy and forgot his very first lesson. He and the horse were one. And so, in his arrogance, he fell from the horse, right into the path of a raging buffalo.

Worse yet, he fell onto his shoulder and his right arm lay limp at his side. He grabbed his spear with his left hand and, just as the Spirit had pushed him from the horse, the Spirit led his arm true and struck the buffalo with his spear. The giant animal did not die with one stroke, but he stumbled. This gave the boy time to jump up and run to his horse, which waited for him in spite of the great danger.

With his remaining good arm, the boy pulled himself on to the horse’s back and rode to safety. The other hunters had witnessed this scene and released the buffalo from life. The young hunter had struck the first blow on a mighty buffalo, and he was a hero. However, he realized, as his spear arm lay limp at his side, that he would never be a warrior.

His shoulder healed much quicker than his heart. He recovered most of the movement of his arm, but he could not throw a spear or use a bow and arrow. Finally, he learned to use his arm well enough to hunt, but he did not have the strength to go into battle. And so he brooded. His life was over. He was not a warrior. He was barely a man! How could he live with this handicap?

He was useless. His life was over before it had a chance to begin. He wandered around supposedly on hunting trips, but he had no heart for hunting. He didn’t even enjoy riding his horse. He would have to leave the tribe. He had nothing to give and it was selfish for him to stay. He did not know where to go. He only knew he had to leave.

One morning, before dawn, he gathered a few things and slipped out of the teepee before anyone else awoke. He headed due west, away from the rising sun, and away from his dreams. He did not know where he was going, or why. He didn’t care. For days and days, he walked. He hadn’t brought his horse, as a warrior needed it and he had no right to take it with him.

After many rising and setting suns, he came into a territory that was new to him. By the end of the second moon cycle, he was lost. Of course, he wasn’t lost in the sense that he couldn’t go home; but he was lost in that he had no idea where he was or what he would experience next. He was not afraid. Nothing worse could happen to him. Maybe if he could lose his past, he could find a future.

In the distance, he saw a high cliff and decided he would climb to the top to seek his vision. He buried his provisions at the bottom of the cliff, as he would need no food or comfort, and began his climb. The way to the top was very steep, with loose gravel and little to hold on to.

After nearly falling several times, and wishing he had a man’s strength in both of his arms, he finally reached the top of the cliff as the last rays of the sun were setting below the horizon. He found a small niche in which to sit and curled himself up to wait. The night grew colder and colder, yet he hardly noticed. He vowed that he would not move until he had received his vision. With every hour, he drew deeper and deeper into himself. By dawn, he was in a deep trance.

Gradually, a storm began to gather about him. It seemed to echo the storm that raged within his soul. The weather became colder and colder, and the wind grew icy. He knew that soon it would be the first snow. It had been many moons since his injury. The plains and the pain of his wasted life seemed far below him now. From his perch on the cliff, he felt like he was a part of the growing force of Nature, and less and less a part of his physical body.

As the wind whipped about him, he could feel his Spirit being tugged by it. He wished to fly like the wind and roar like the thunder and be free once and for all of the limitations of his wounded body. His anger and disappointment filled his heart and mind, and he wished to leave the clay prison of his body.

“’Grandfather,” he cried to the howling wind. “Take me with you!”

He surrendered to the pull of nature’s storm, and, with a flash of lightning, he was pulled out of his body. He looked down and saw a small empty form clinging to the side of a cliff and could vaguely remember it was he. He took to the wind like a bird. His Spirit knew no limits, and the turbulence in the air only added to his excitement. He didn’t know where he was or where he was going. He didn’t care if he ever returned to that small shell.

He was Home now. He was the wind and the sky that held it. He was lifted higher and higher away from where, and whom, he once was. He seemed to lose consciousness for a moment, and when he awoke, he found himself on the plains. He was alone except for one buffalo that was as white as snow.

“They are coming to kill us!” it said. “They will gain power over you by killing us and there is nothing we can do to stop them.”

With these words, the buffalo turned and walked away.

To be continued…
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Prepare for the NOW by reading the books:

The Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension Books

(Note about Book 4 of the Pleiadian Perspectives on Ascension)

Book 4 was twice as long as the others, so we have split it into two books so you can better absorb the information. If your book 4 is 400 pages, you have the old version, so you have the full ending of the series. However, if your book book is about 200 pages, please stay tuned for Book 5, which is “Changing Realities.”

Thank you.

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sharing.:::.Fall Equinox September 23, 2015 Consciousness Reaching Critical Mass.:::.Selacia’s article: Equinox Energy Upgrade | Superesse

Origen: sharing.:::.Fall Equinox September 23, 2015 Consciousness Reaching Critical Mass.:::.Selacia’s article: Equinox Energy Upgrade | Superesse


sharing.:::.Fall Equinox September 23, 2015 Consciousness Reaching Critical Mass.:::.Selacia’s article: Equinox Energy Upgrade

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Fall Equinox September 23, 2015 Consciousness Reaching Critical Mass

The Autumnal (Fall) Equinox, is on September 23rd 2015 at 5:22am ADT in the Northern Hemisphere~ USA, Canada, Central America, Europe, Asia, Northern Africa. This will be the Vernal (Spring) Equinox in the “Southern Hemisphere” in Australia, South America, New Zealand, Southern Africa. CERN is also set to be in Full Power on the 23rd of September.
The Equinox Occurs 2 Times per Year, when the Sun crosses the Celestial Equator, when Day and Night are Equal Length. Following the NATURAL Rhythms with what is FLOWING helps attune you to the INNER YOU. Many of you Celebrate Mabon~ The Harvest, this is a very Enchanted time to slow down, during the FALL Equinox and ESPECIALLY with the added help of Mercury Retrograde (September 17th~October 9th) and of course the TRANSFORMATIONAL Powers of the 4th Blood Moon/Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse/Gamma Rays and Wave X on September 27/28th, impacting and increasing the MOMENTUM in Ascension CONSCIOUSNESS.
Stay Tuned into this HELPFUL Energy Flow, which encourages you to Move into greater STILLNESS, to be more reflective, to KNOW yourself, and to BE Present in the NOW MOMENT. In the NOW moment you Empty yourself of All Attachments. You Are Present.
This Tidal Wave and INFLUX in energy that is leading up to the September 27/28th IMPACT is the MIRROR image of the SHIFT in Consciousness that is and has already occurred. IT is the RESULT of the Transformation in Consciousness that is reaching its critical Mass THAT has changed the WHOLE.
This is YOUR EVOLUTION in Consciousness.
Embrace it NOW.
Accept it NOW.
Evolve NOW.
You are READY.
You have SHIFTED in Consciousness.
You have Ascended.
You are the NEW FRONTIER in Consciousness that you have Anticipated to Experience.
You Are it.
You Are the First Wave of Ascension.
And So it is~ ALL NOW.

Eternal Love and Bliss!

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Selacia’s article: Equinox Energy Upgrade

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Equinox Energy Upgrade
– Guide to This Week’s Potent Energies –
by Selacia
Energy upgrades are becoming available this Equinox and over the next several days as we head into the weekend’s powerful Lunar Eclipse at the Supermoon. What does this mean for you on a personal level – what does it mean for the Earth? In this article I give background on this week’s powerful positive potentials and how you can benefit.

Equinox Background
Equinoxes, occurring naturally twice a year, can be a significant time of spiritual growth and new starts. Those like you already on the path of awakening will feel it more – and also benefit more because of being conscious and aware.

All of humanity, however, indeed benefits from these cycles – increasingly potent as momentum builds for shifting humanity out of the darkness and into the light. This impetus has been under way for a very long time on this planet, but now even incremental shifts can mean huge changes in the status quo.

At this Equinox, energy potentials ar e magnified due to the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of September 27-28. It’s like all three events are put into a pot together, creating a powerful synergy. This, combined with a host of other background energies, makes this particular Equinox a marker event.

Mega Shifts in Consciousness

Our second Supermoon in a row is catalyzing mega shifts in consciousness and helping you to see yourself in brand-new ways. The larger context is humanity beginning to see itself in brand-new ways, too. You are already seeing this over the past months – much more is to come.

Momentum for such shifts is typically felt well in advance. Most likely, then, you have been feeling these expanded energies. Examples: your nervous system may have felt on overload, dreams may have been intense or even prophetic, and relationships may have been more challenging than the norm.

Similarly, you may have sensed an unexplained excitement, feeling that something good was on its way. You may be meeting new people or reuniting with old friends – finding a new sense of enthusiasm for being alive. It’s all part of these energies.

Whenever there is a big change in energies, it’s normal to first feel the rumblings and perhaps be on edge. Even if you sense something wonderful is about to happen, when you don’t know exactly what, your anticipation may be coupled with nervous tension.

It’s rather like in the natural world, when birds sense a storm front is coming in and they change direction to let the storm pass. The birds don’t know how long the storm will last or how it might impact their favorite roosting spot – they simply instinctively know to move out of the way.

Magnifying Glass on Imbalances

Equinoxes like this one tend to amplify the ever-present magnifying glass on imbalances. Each time another injustice or atrocity is unveiled, you feel it and can sense the magnitude of humanity’s dilemmas.

People around you – even those not consciously on a spiritual path – are feeling this too. They may not have words to describe what they feel, however, as many times without perspective these energies either feel chaotic or disruptive.

Knowing this, make an extra effort to be kind to others you encounter. Give people the benefit of the doubt – they are part of the cosmic mix, doing their best to make sense of our chaotic world.

You know it’s chaotic and you have at least some understanding of why. You understand t he bigger picture and the back story involving living now. You know that oftentimes life just feels messy and out of control.

Role of Divine Changemakers

At your core, however, you do know there is a purpose to all things, to all events, and to all of the seemingly mysterious happenstance. You know, too, that you as a divine changemaker play an instrumental in these moments.

Your Higher Self, nudging you to pay attention in times like this, can help you connect with new levels of information and breakthroughs.

High-Frequency Codes

In fact, during this particular Equinox, you and humanity will benefit from energetic downloads of high-frequency codes. These are like activations of your Divine Blueprint and can have far-reaching effects.

To receive in the highest way from such energy upgrades, you want to be consciously aware of them. It will help, too, for you to join with others in group energy events like meditations. This amplifies your benefit even more – helping you with key insights about your path and just as importantly receiving clarity about most appropriate action steps after the weekend.
Action is required to bring these quantum energies into your physical reality.

Relationships Focus

One focus of this Lunar Eclipse is relationships. If that theme is not already on your radar, invite a knowing of how you can be in relationship with others in a more loving way. The relationship piece, indeed, is always front and center.

Relationships are the biggest challenge any of us have. Relationships are the one thing that humanity must master if the world is to be a peaceful and loving place.

You can do your part by learning to master loving kindness – applying it to yourself, to others, and to the world at large. One way you do this is by remembering the love that is at your core – this love is and always will be who you are.

Copyright 2015 by Selacia – author of Earth’s Pivotal Years, healer, and teacher * All Rights Reserved * www.Selacia.com * Feel free to share these articles with your friends and post to your blog or website as long as you include this copyright line and the full article text.

NOTE: If you missed earlier articles, please visit the Archives. To attend the next global Divine Changemaker Courses, the C12 Global Meditations (Equinox Full Moon Eclipse on Saturday, September 26), Past Life Workshop ‘Oaths & Vows’ on Sunday, October 4 at Mystic Journey in Venice, and any other events, please register HERE. More information found below the photo!

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Sharing.:::.The Breathing Mind.:::. Even when we’re resting, our brains are preparing us to be social.:::. Maintaining Higher Consciousness-Part 5 of Consciousness and Brainwaves | psycho

Sharing.:::.The Breathing Mind.:::. Even when we’re resting, our brains are preparing us to be social.:::. Maintaining Higher Consciousness-Part 5 of Consciousness and Brainwaves | psycho.

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Sharing.:::.The Breathing Mind.:::. Even when we’re resting, our brains are preparing us to be social.:::. Maintaining Higher Consciousness-Part 5 of Consciousness and Brainwaves

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Monday, January 12, 2015

The Breathing Mind by Our Higher SELF


The Breathing Mind

By Our Higher SELF

Our mind expands and contracts just like our breath. Our mind contracts when we think in a third dimensional manner, but expands when we think multidimensionally. We can actually feel the difference.
Think about a third dimensional duty or obligation…
Feel how your face, and body, constricts…

Now think about a multidimensional experience…
Feel how you relax.
You may even feel inclined to take a long exhale or sigh.

It is the obligation placed on you by the illusion of “others,” as well as the “time” constraints that must be met that creates the constriction of third dimensional thinking. On the other hand, multidimensional thinking allows your consciousness a higher perspective and an inner place to relax.

For example, think about visiting with a Light Being and feel how your mind expands. Follow your multidimensional thoughts as they carry you on a cosmic journey into the unknown.

However, this “unknown” is the “well known” to the higher expressions of your SELF who flow through multidimensional waves of reality that is beyond all illusions of time. Feel how these waves of travel from the back of your head, to your forehead, and back and forth again as they undulate through and synchronize the myriad synapses of your brain.

Can you experience how these waves of thought open your High Heart and lead you into the feeling of unconditional love?

Soon these thought waves will no be bound by the encasement of your small brain to venture out into the Collective Mind of all humanity…
Then they will expand into Planetary Mind of Gaia…
And into the Galactic Mind of the Milky Way…
They then soar into Universal Mind of your Local Universe…
And settle into the Cosmic Mind of the All That Is…

As you follow these Mind Waves you extract information from the molecules of reality through which you travel and incorporate them into the expanded reality that YOU are creating.

As you revisit these great Minds, your mind expands into pure consciousness, which is unencumbered by any form of encasement. Your personal consciousness is related to your current embodiment.

Conversely, your multidimensional consciousness intermingles with the Flow of the realities you experience and the thoughts of the great beings you visit. You also feeling the “breath” of beings that have lived as pure consciousness and who have not held embodiment for millennia, or have never held a form.

Allow your consciousness to intermingle with these formless beings, you feel their energy flow through you like a warm breeze. As you breathe in their conscious memories of life after life, you gather their gifts of knowing.

Do NOT collect these memories. Instead, exhale the myriad pictures, feelings and thoughts into the collective energy field of all that you have experienced in your many third dimensional incarnations.

Allow these vanishing memories to wash upon the shores of the ONE so that Source can enjoy the myriad experiences of incarnation. With that release, your consciousness expands even further, and you find that you are among the ONES who have overseen your many incarnations.

You feel your great consciousness intermingle with the countless expressions of your Multidimensional SELF having the experience of form. Bless these forms, as you perceive them Flowing through an endless ocean of light.

Within this observance, you receive vivid pictures, thoughts and emotions of your myriad incarnations in your higher or lower dimensional realities. Do not try to contain these sensations, but let them Flow through you like the light of dawn flowing through the trees.

Each “tree” represents your many dimensional incarnations. The light is the energy field that Flows through every experience allowing you to share your myriad realities with the ONE.

The ONE breathes in these experiences and shares them with the consciousness of All That Is. In this manner, all life breaths as ONE great Being that inhales the realities of all creation and inhabits each experience with its cosmic exhale.

Do you realize now how reality is ONE breathing Being with infinite personal experiences? In fact, every physical person, place and thing serves as a Portal through which the ONE can experience the worlds of form.

Meanwhile, back in the third dimension on a small planet called Earth in the Solar System of Sol and the Galaxy known as the Milky Way, a light is expanding beyond the planet, beyond the Solar System and beyond the Galaxy.

A small light that was once limited to a clay form has been freed from its confinement and soars beyond all that once constrained it. This small light joins many other, similar lights to become a glow.

As more and more lights are freed from their confinement, the glow becomes a great beacon of light that guides other small light to be freed from their lower-frequency forms.
Gradually, the frequencies of separation intermingle with the frequencies of unity to create a Flow of Ascension that becomes irresistible.

Even those who have been trapped in the illusions of time and separation for millennia are awakening to the constant Flow of unconditional love. An ocean of light is arising as that which was separate is returning to that which is ONE.

The ONE is calling its volunteers Home into its SELF.

You have served the ONE by creating new realities, which you will contribute to the ONE upon your return. As the Ocean of Light Flows back to its Source, that which cannot be incorporated into the new wave of reality is released.

What will you need to release to join this wave? What will you need to release to breathe the Cosmic Breath and become ONE with the shores of your new reality? This question can only be answered from deep within your Inner Knowing.

You are in the process of choosing to release that which you have held you back, that which has made you suffer. The choice may seem clear, but suffering has become one of your best friends. When you suffered, you were a “good person.” You were NOT those who made “others” suffer. In fact, you fought against those who created suffering.

But now, you are at ONE. You are at ONE with the suffering. You are even at ONE with those who created your suffering. Can you release that suffering and replace it with the feel of the Light as it nurtures, informs, protects and expands your consciousness?

Suffering binds you to that which you fear. To be free of suffering, you must loosen that binding by releasing your fear. Yes, fear and suffering have told you that you are a good person and that you are trying hard to be better.

But now you KNOW that you were always better and always good. In fact, you know that the terms of “good” and “better,” and even the term “suffering” are ALL illusions of a reality that is coming into its completion.

Can you choose to release all fear and FEEL the Light as it flows through you with your every breath? That choice sounds like a simple solution, but fear and suffering have been your “red badge of courage” for most of your earthly incarnations. How do you release that which you believed made you “good person?”

You Release it by Surrendering to the Flow of the ONE!

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Saturday, January 10, 2015
Maintaining Higher Consciousness-Part 5 of Consciousness and Brainwaves


Maintaining Higher Consciousness

By The Arcturians
Our Dearest Ones,
Because of your need, and intension, to maintain a Higher Frequency of Consciousness, you are being called to change your lives in many ways. But, when you are in the midst of the 3D hustle/bustle, it can become very difficult to maintain that higher consciousness.

Please remember that it is the frequency of your consciousness that sets the frequency of your creation. You are moving into the creation of New Earth, so the frequency of your consciousness needs to as high of level as possible.

However, your “habit” of being third dimensional will pull on you to “get back to the real world and stop playing around.” Except, you are NOT “playing,” you are “creating.” You are creating your life NOW.

It in with the NOW that our transmutation occurs as flash after flash of Gamma Waves sweep across your brain. These Gamma brainwaves are connecting your third dimensional brain with your Multidimensional Mind. This process will as slow or as quick as you choose.

However, to maintain some activation of Gamma Waves, you will need to meditate on a regular basis. Fortunately, there are as many ways to meditate, as there are people. To our higher dimensional perspective, your meditation is, “Away Team reporting in and to get our next assignment.”

As you come to this juncture in your pathway there are many things you may need to let go off. However, when you do so, you will not have to deal with many of the things that pull your consciousness down to 3D-based, beta waves.

Instead, you will increasingly look into your 3D life from higher and higher states of consciousness. From this higher perspective, you will be able to see the parts of your higher dimensional life that you can pull down into your earth-bound consciousness.

You are NOW beginning to see your energy fields, which are often called thoughtforms. They are called thoughtforms because they are thoughts that are impregnated with emotion. With the mating of your thoughts/masculine and emotions/feminine you are able to perceive thoughtforms as they flow through your reality.

These thoughtforms “feel” like a certain emotion and elicit certain thoughts. Just as unseen currents in the water or in the air fell differently, so do thoughtforms. We speak to you now of thoughtforms, for as begin your activate your alpha waves in daily life, you will begin to consciously experience them.

One of the most important changes you will need to make in your life if you chose the higher path is to make sure that you fulfill your creative energies every day. Even if you have to “steal” a few hours from “What you HAVE to DO,” you must “find time” to be within the flow of your own creative energy field.

When you do not choose to do so, then you will become “addicted” to your Beta Wave consciousness. We say, “addicted” because denying your self the wonderful emotional feeling of being creative, it is because you have become “addicted” to the 3D model of taking a long time and having to work hard.

In the fifth dimension and beyond there’s NO time and NO hard work.

Fortunately, many of our away team is remembering to Bless Free any lower frequency energy fields by sending them unconditional love. Once you have blessed them free, you can easily let them go. You will also be able to perceive the parts of your life that make you feel wonderful.

Within the same NOW, you are remembering to remember that your perceptions are dependent on the state of your consciousness. From your higher states of consciousness, you will begin to realize that YOU want to remember:

· What specific components of your 3D life pull you down?
· How you can release those components to create a more peaceful and calm, life.
· How you can activate your higher states of consciousness.
· How you can connect with your Multidimensional Mind.
· How you can understand your inner Kundalini energy.
· How you can consciously accept the higher light entering your Pineal Gland.

We highlight you, because YOU are the creator of your reality. Therefore, whether you realize it or not, you have the immense power to:

Chose to allow your higher, more creative, brainwaves into your brain by
Choosing to dedicate your self to:

· Activating your alpha brainwaves by the awareness of and dedication to your own creative energy field.
· To activate your theta brainwaves by meditation and active communication with your Higher SELF.
· To allow your delta brainwaves to integrate your perceptions.
· And take the responsibility of stimulating your gamma brainwaves by dedicated meditation, compassion and unconditional love.

The first thing your higher perspective self asks is, “How do I create a peaceful, calm and tranquil life?” Deep inside you hear:

1. I identify the components of my life that lower my state of consciousness.

2. I identify the specific persons, places and things that lower my consciousness and why.

3. I activate my higher states of consciousness to free my creative force.

4. I create an open portal between my 3D brain and my Multidimensional Mind.

5. Remember to consciously experience the higher light entering your Pineal Gland.

Join us, your Galactic Family in the NOW, as we work as ONE to create the thoughtform of New Earth. We, the Galactics and Celestials, will answer your call. How could we not, as WE are YOU in a higher dimension/frequency of reality.


The Arcturians

1-11 Webinar:

To register for a single event at $22.22 please click:


To register for a full series (five programs) plus bonuses at $99 please click:


Event Dates in this 2015 Series 1
Sunday, January 11
Saturday, February 21
Saturday, March 21
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Saturday, May 16

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Sharing.:::. ▶ Targeted Color Change in Photoshop – Thoughtforms as Portals — Part 3 of Brainwaves and Consciousness | photos

Sharing.:::. ▶ Targeted Color Change in Photoshop – Thoughtforms as Portals — Part 3 of Brainwaves and Consciousness | photos.

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Sharing.:::. ▶ Targeted Color Change in Photoshop – Thoughtforms as Portals — Part 3 of Brainwaves and Consciousness

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Wednesday, January 7, 2015 

Thoughtforms as Portals — Part 3 of Brainwaves and Consciousness



The Arcturians

Thoughtforms are the combination of your thoughts and emotions. It is this combination, packaged as a thoughtform that begins the creation of your own reality. The frequency of the thoughts is determined by your state of consciousness, which is determined by your brainwaves, which are largely determined by the frequency of your emotions.

Your emotions interface with your body at all times and influence the frequency wave of your thoughts. In the same manner, you thoughts influence the frequency of your emotion. Your thoughts can be filled with the resonance of unconditional love or all the way down the spectrum to the emotions of fear.

Unconditional love feels like an emotion, as you experience it through out your body. However, since it is a fifth dimensional emotion, we will call it a resonance. In order for a thoughtform to fully develop, the frequency of the thoughts and emotions must be in synch.

Therefore, if you felt unconditional love and somehow had a fearful thought (which is unlikely to occur while experiencing unconditional love) the frequencies of your thoughts and emotions would be too out of synch to create a thoughtform.

On the other hand, if you felt the emotion of fear and had a fearful thought you would begin the process of creating a feedback-loop of fearful emotion creating a fearful third-dimensional thoughtform and visa versa.

You could also experience emotions of happiness, human love and/or excitement, which would hang in your aura influencing your thoughts. Then, when you had a happy, loving and/or excited thought you could create a happy third-dimensional thoughtform.

At the higher dimensional aspect of the spectrum is unconditional love, which is more of a resonance, as stated above. This high frequency resonance calls in your multidimensional mind to complete the thoughtform. In this case the thoughtform serves as a portal into the higher dimensions of reality.

All though forms can only be perceived by your higher perceptions such as clairaudience (hearing messages from a higher dimensional source), clairvoyance (seeing light configurations of a higher frequency) and clairsentience (feeling the thoughtform with your body and aura).

Whereas third dimensional thoughtforms assist you to be the creator of your daily life, multidimensional thoughtforms serve as portals through which you can receive messages from your multidimensional mind, your Third Eye and your High Heart.

These thoughtforms are primarily perceived by your Delta and Gamma Wave consciousness. On the other hand, third dimensional thoughtforms are usually perceived while you are in alpha or theta wave consciousness.

Third dimensional thoughts are “unconsciously” entered everyday. When your thoughts and emotions are in alignment, you will be drawn in a manner that will direct you toward a waiting thoughtform. Once you place your attention in that direction, as you will not be aware that a certain energy pattern, thoughtform, is influencing your daily choices.

A thoughtform is what you unconsciously, or consciously if you are fully awakened, choose as an ‘operating system’ for that NOW of your time. When you are aware of the energy patterns that surround you, you are aware of the thoughtforms that are influencing you.

If you are unaware of the energy fields, thoughtforms, that you walk through and are influenced by, you will likely feel out of control in your life. On the other hand, when you consciously choose to enter a thoughtform/energy field, you feel in control of your daily life. In order to make these choices, you will need to be consciously aware of the energy fields, thoughtform, in your daily life.

In order to consciously enter a thoughtform you must first perceive the thoughtform. In order to perceive the thoughtform your consciousness, which is the combination of your thoughts and emotions, need to be calibrated to the frequency of that thoughtform.

You will likely only recognize an energy field/thoughtform, in the same manner as you recognize how the different areas of a lake or ocean may feel the waves of warm, cold, murky or clear. The expression of “it feels like someone is walking on my grave” is an example of meeting a low frequency, fearful thoughtform.

On the other hand, you may suddenly feel filled with light, happy and invigorated when you encounter a higher frequency, loving thoughtform. This thoughtforms give you an opportunity to calibrate your 3D brain, which rules your physical body, with your multidimensional mind, which rules your Light Body.

“Your 3D brain gives you information about your outer world, whereas your multidimensional mind gives you information about your inner world. You see your higher dimensional realities are not UP above you. They are IN within you. Your Source is within you, thus so is your higher dimensional realities.

To merge your outer 3D brain with your inner multidimensional mind, you will likely need to feel a sense of personal control over what your outer reality. To maintain personal control/mastery outer reality, you will likely need to keep your inner world consciously open to the higher dimensions.

When we can feel the safety of being the ‘boss’ of your outer world, you can expand your consciousness beyond the surveillance mode of beta wave consciousness and into the imagination mode of the alpha wave. To maintain this safety, it is helpful to merge your beta/surveillance consciousness with our alpha/imagination consciousness.

We are aware how challenging and fearful the physical world can be within your NOW. Therefore, if you can keep the portal to your inner world open, you can have a constant connection with your own higher expressions of self who can comfort and guide you.

If your physical world becomes too far out of your control, and especially if you are in denial of any given situation, the chaos of the outer physical will invade our inner, dream world, as well as you daily life. Then you will get “bad dreams” that are actually warnings form your inner world that your outer world is swirling too deep into chaos.

You cannot avoid chaos in your world, especially within your NOW, because chaos precedes change, and change is much needed in your physical reality. Furthermore, most of your “ideas” of how to create this change can only come into your awareness via your higher states of alpha and theta wave consciousness.

Also, higher states of consciousness greatly expand your creativity, which can present you with unique solutions to old situations. By allowing your creativity to create a sense of safety in your daily life, you move into the higher states of consciousness. These higher states of consciousness will create happier, more loving and multidimensional thoughtforms.

These thoughtforms are your personal portals to the higher worlds that YOU are creating with you own thought and emotions. It is the joy and the responsibility of all the awakened/ascending ones to create and, most important, maintain your personal portals so that you can eventually unite with other personal portals.

“While you are in the learning process of keeping your consciousness above beta, and into alpha and theta wave consciousness, it is best to focus on your own personal portal. We say portals because you all have more than one portal. There are often portals, or you may call them thoughtforms, that flow into many different versions of reality.

Thus you all have to “brush up” on your multidimensional consciousness so that you can experience more than one thing/reality at a time. At first, you can expand into multi-tasking in your third dimensional world. Then you can allow your fourth dimensional, alpha wave consciousness to weave through your third dimensional world.

Once you have come to some degree of master of that ability, you can begin to pull your fifth dimensional theta wave consciousness into your waking, physical reality. It is at this point that you will begin your “assignment” of being “Portal Openers” into the higher realities.

However, theta wave consciousness is usually only accessible while in meditation or during a creative act in which you feel protected enough to loosen the anchor of beta wave, surveillance consciousness. The physical world is NOT overly safe in your present NOW.

Furthermore, since chaos always precedes change, you must learn to clearly differentiate the chaotic 3D and 4D thoughtforms from the flowing 3D, 4D and 5D thoughtforms. Fortunately every thoughtform has a mental and emotional resonance.

Before you begin in earnest with your service of portal opening, you need to remember how to discern the feel of the resonance of every thoughtform that flows into your consciousness. Some thoughtforms are beta wave reminders of certain responsibilities to which you must attend.

You need to recognize the business feeling of these beta wave thoughtforms and respond by opening that portal to attend to the physical task that is calling you within that NOW. On the other hand, if a beta wave thoughtform resonates to fear, it is best to choose to send it unconditional love and excuse it from your consciousness.

If there is a “please attend to this 3D responsibility” component of this thoughtform, the unconditional love will detach it from the habitual fear that surrounds the third dimension to reveal the action to which you are called to attend. You can then say “thanks,” do that mundane, yet necessary task, and send the “warning thoughtform” off into the fifth dimension to be transmuted.

It is important that you transmute your 3D thoughtforms once you have attended to them. You will do this act in the same manner that you recycle the wrappers of a present, the envelope of a bill, and other third dimensional containers of necessities for physical life. Once you have paid the 3D bill, eaten the 3D food, or filled your 3D trashcan, you dispense with the waste material in a transmutational manner that does not litter Gaia’s planet.

In fact, more and more, bills are sent via email, you take our own re-usable bags to the grocery story and you can find outside containers where you can place unwanted clothing and other material possessions. These things are signs of the fifth dimension slowly creeping into your physical reality. In the same manner as you will save an article you enjoyed to share it with a friend, you can save your important thoughtform/portals to share with others.

As you expand your beta wave consciousness into alpha wave and theta wave consciousness, you are replacing and/or transmuting your 3D thoughtforms/portals into multidimensional thoughtforms/portals. When you share your experience with others you prove to your self that you ready to BE your true Multidimensional SELF.

First you share your personal portals with those that you love and trust. Then you may share your experiences anonymously with others. Then, finally, when you KNOW the deep protection that these portals offer, you will openly share your experiences with a wider group of people. When you share, it is important that you keep your consciousness above the often fear-based beta waves and within the inspirational alpha wave and multidimensional theta waves.

Your path to ascension begins with the mastery of your thoughts and emotions. Being angry that you have not ascended yet, places you in victim mode, and lowers your consciousness to the physical alternatives of your beta wave consciousness. There is the same result if you are frightened or impatient about your process, as each of these emotions activate your beta, surveillance consciousness.

Gaia is indeed ascending, but a percentage of humanity will likely remain on the deteriorating 3D Matrix. Ascension is not a gift you receive. Ascension is a gift that you give to your self by joining into the Unity Consciousness with other humans who desperately need your help.

It is partly through assisting others that you become masters of your energy field. This mastery is not even vaguely possible while living within the confines of beta wave consciousness, and alpha consciousness will only extend your awareness into the fourth dimension.

Therefore, you need to expand your consciousness into your fifth dimensional theta wave consciousness and share the gift of expansion with others. You may ask why you need to share your gift of ascended awareness. The answer is that individuality is a concept that only resonates to the third and lower fourth dimensions.

No other species on Earth has individual consciousness in the manner that humanity has created. Gaia’s other creatures work as ONE flock of birds, ONE school of fish, ONE pod of cetaceans, ONE forest of trees and/or ONE bank of clouds.

Humanity is the drag on planetary ascension because just one person, who is still pulling along his or her individual life cannot gain the power of ascension. Each ‘individual’ needs to expand their consciousness into alpha, theta, delta and even gamma wave consciousness.

Delta wave consciousness is involved with empathy as well as interaction and connection to your multidimensional perceptions. These brainwaves are involved with your ability to integrate and let go. Going into Delta Consciousness is like driving a car and shifting into first gear. We can’t go very fast in first gear (Delta) we but have maximum control of the car.

Delta brainwaves are conducive to miracle healing, divine knowledge, inner being and personal growth, rebirth, trauma recovery, oneness with the universe, Samadhi, and near death experiences. Delta brainwaves provide profound intuition, empathic attunement, and instinctual insight.

As each of you merge your states of consciousness with others, you share your higher state of resonance by the power of entrainment. This merging will greatly assist your collective consciousness to experience your delta and gamma wave consciousness. In order to resonate to the full power of unity consciousness it must expand from personal unity, to collective unity, to planetary unity.

Can you imagine planetary unity encircling Gaia’s Earth, with members of that planetary consciousness holding, maintaining and sharing their multidimensional thoughtform/portals that they opened with their higher states of consciousness? Now, use your great power of imagination to perceive how these myriad portals intertwine with each other and with Gaia’s multidimensional matrix.

Then you, our ascending ones, can enter Gaia’s multidimensional thoughtform/portal to begin to populate each grid of Gaia’s newly opened multidimensional, planetary matrix. In this manner, we can enliven each frequency of the planetary matrix with high frequency thoughtforms created by the thoughts and emotions of Gaia’s ascending humanity.

Gamma waves allow you the greatest ability to perceive and enter multidimensional thoughtforms/portals. But first, you must resonate to gamma wave consciousness. We will return to discuss gamma wave consciousness.


We are your Galactic Family

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sharing.:::.The End of Waiting – Initiation into the Now-Consciousness .:::.The Essence of the New Logos Gods – You! | samkaska

sharing.:::.The End of Waiting – Initiation into the Now-Consciousness .:::.The Essence of the New Logos Gods – You! | samkaska.

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sharing.:::.The End of Waiting – Initiation into the Now-Consciousness .:::.The Essence of the New Logos Gods – You!

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The End of Waiting – Initiation into the Now-Consciousness 

by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 23, 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl on November 22, 2014 


translated by Franz


Georgi Stankov

I have been waiting for a very long time for this announcement. Punctually with the new moon portal on November 22, 2014, the prophet Elijah has come to Jahn to announce this divine present to the light warriors of the first and last hours – to You!

We have always understood ascension in the first place as inner expansion of our consciousness. This transfiguration to Logos Gods was expressed very eloquently by AA Gabriel in his latest message to Marlene Swetlishoff.

I personally sensed this wave this late afternoon, but my HS tells me not to expect too much in the next few days. It will be a gradual expansion of awareness and the beginning of being embedded into the Unity Consciousness of the Now. It will be an alchemical reaction that defies any verbal description. Or as Elijah puts it: “You will not be able to describe this to anyone, yet let it experience yourself.“ But this in itself is already very exciting and somehow deeply expected by all of us after the physical tortures during the long and massive Portal of Truth Nov 11 -21.

Addendum: I apologize for this mistake: Jahn has obviously channelled this message below on October 2. For me it was an actual message. The reason for this confusion lies in the fact that Carla and I are receiving since two days exactly the same information from the Elohim and our HS and also energetically experience the expansion of our consciousness, for instance, the simultaneous presence in many realities and the conscious awareness of this fact. However, Carla has not been able so far to get a complete message from the Elohim because she is still very ill, she is coughing all the time and cannot concentrate on receiving a long message. Obviously linear time has ceased to exist for us and this message from last month is actually becoming reality now, with the opening of the new moon portal on November 22, 2014. Hence it is of great actuality.


The Message

Who knows God? Who knows oneself? Who knows Life and the origin of all Life? It is the one, who has accepted Life and himself, who has followed the call from the Creator, who serves Heaven on earth in the knowledge of his origin.

Beloved Friends, fellow travelers of many times,
lovers among lovers and creators of new worlds!

Today we arrive at the point in time, when this world frees itself from the firm bondage of this reality. In each instance the anyhow already transformed world changes and each moment from now on becomes an immediate remembrance, because the Now manifests and is anchored at the cellular level of the ascending ones. This process means for all those, who inherit Heaven, a relief long yearned for, because on account of the “anchoring of the Now-consciousness” on this level the waiting for “the event” ends.

Today, the great light warriors are familiarized with the next step of the universal knowledge and are initiated into it at the energetic as well as cellular level. It is a gift from the Creator, which I can now announce to you, me being the one, who had to bear the “waiting” and the “expectation” in several lives, like a heavy yoke and under mockery and ridicule.

The ascending ones shall become increasingly lighter, shall discard any burden, shall look forward to the day of days in joy, yet never express displeasure anymore over the seemingly not to be forthcoming return of the prophets, or get lost and start to worship new gods.

A unique time, a unique work is fostered with unique means and thereby all expectation attitudes and any impatience is removed from your souls, because a deep inner understanding and a recognition of space-time and the multiverses occurs. You will not be able to describe this to anyone, yet let it experience yourself.

Understanding on the level of the soul releases any ignorance and the understanding of all life, due to an awakened consciousness, brings insight and clarity, peace and happiness.

The ascending ones, who we are, fulfill their tasks for this world and are now fitted with initiations from Heaven, so that we master with bravery the last section of the pathway in this time and all challenges.

The initiation into the Now-consciousness occurs in each human Being in harmony with the soul’s intention. Nothing needs to be done, in order to summon this Grace, except to be ready for it with your whole heart, so that the mantle of the space-time illusion lifts.

This World goes away in an act of Grace, And this moment in time unfolds its whole power and glory – in the omnipresent Now.

I am next to you, I am with you. I am the friend and anchor of all those human beings, who are dedicated to Heaven and are devoted to God.

In Eternity!

I am

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The Essence of the New Logos Gods – You!

by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 23, 2014

Archangel Gabriel – Transfiguration Marlene Swetlishoff @ The Rainbow Scribe, November 20, 2014

Beloved Ones,

Let us have discourse on the quality of love known as transfiguration. As a soul, one evolves until one is finally able to recognise aspects of one’s divine nature and its interconnectedness to all life. As a soul, one is continually evolving towards complete expression of one’s innate divine perfection and to a more conscious, spiritual way of life. When one’s consciousness awakens to the higher aspect within their core essence, the individual begins to seek ways to purify the mental, emotional and physical bodies to enable the soul infusion process and merge with their divine essence to take place. When this soul merge begins to occur, the transfiguration process begins in earnest. One becomes more than the carnal, materialistic and worldly self with only physical powers to exercise and manifest. One becomes their spirit self which sits gloriously, majestically and silently at the center of their being. This true essence now begins to manifest through the refined and purified physical, mental and emotional human body and consciousness. One becomes the outward expression of God’s invisible kingdom and God within. There is a strong desire to serve humankind and to help one’s sisters and brothers. This state of being is discerned in an individual as a change of appearance into a more beautiful, spiritually refined and luminous state. One’s divine essence which is invisible and silent, fluid, non-material and ethereal permeates everything. It is a cosmic light and cannot be grasped but is powerful, magnetic and unstoppable by anything. It is a loving forceful energy that is good and holy. It is kind, benevolent and compassionate. One’s true essence when manifesting upon the Earth can perform benevolent miracles and wonders at will in the life of all of its creations.

Through this transfiguration, one’s human persona is reborn forever into the innermost divine essence within them. The spirit, the soul and the individual human persona is now living as the fully integrated, unified and transfigured divine human individual. The individual knows without a doubt that they are a spirit being, and that those around them are also spirit beings and that they are formed in the image and likeness of the Creator of all. They know they are spirit, limitless and free, that their soul has qualified and liberated itself from the control of matter which it inhabits. The individual has passed through the portals of initiation into transfiguration and a higher knowledge. This indicates the mastery of their lower human tendencies has been accomplished. All the temptations to use their greater power for human aggrandizement has been tested and they have passed. Their true qualities and the attributes of their divine soul can now be expressed more fully, powerfully and completely. The physical, etheric, emotional and mental vehicles of the personal self are completely transcended and their entire personality is irradiated by the full light of their Soul. This event marks the evolution of their consciousness when the energies of universal mind can begin to flow through them into the objective world. They recognize their oneness with all of humanity and all of life and feel moved to serve and uplift the whole.

The individual experiences more and more of the celestial cosmic energy flowing within them and through them and this is reflected in their expression of truth. Their transfigured nature expresses perfectly by radiating that which is within them outwardly, the spirit and the human are now one. Transfiguration is an expansion of consciousness and requires fierce determination, an unwavering purpose and force of will as well as persistence and spiritual integrity. The individual must sacrifice their personal will to the spiritual Will. The transfigured and soul infused individual exemplifies complete freedom from the claims and demands of the physical, emotional and mental influences of their personal life. The individual experiences the union of divine energies and a sudden inflow of transfiguring glory as they recognize more fully than ever before, their responsibility in the great plan of restoring love and light within themselves and in a greater context, in the world around them.

The anointed and unified individual soul takes over the human life fully through a divine, loving and blissful force. This is the individual soul’s true spiritual transfiguration composed of divine substance and in its true healing state. Their transfiguration and transformation results in a total and complete consciousness change through their spirit and soul reunion. One’s fully integrated soul knows the realization of true self through the reinforcement of their spirit presence and power within. The spirit mind and soul is an overlay that is strongly, firmly, and overwhelmingly around their human counterpart. Their soul is now living a new life with God presence dominating their every thought, word and deed. The soul now sees self as their divine essence both within and without. The soul has no other choice or duty at this time except to submit, surrender and change into its original divine creation as its own divine essence. By yielding personal desire to the soul’s impulse to serve the greater good, the human individual now becomes a recipient of divine inspiration in service to the plan of evolution, bridging the gap between heaven and earth and serving as a co-creator with Divinity in establishing the new golden age of enlightened living on Earth.

In expressing the nature and truth of the soul and the subtle inner realms to which it belongs, the transfigured soul makes the invisible presence of spirit come alive. They hold the mind steady in the light. In the realm of the sacred, their true beauty shining from within them has the power to awaken the souls around them without intention or words. Their shining radiance penetrates straight into the deeper recesses of the heart where the doorway into the world of light and the radiance of beauty is found and allows each individual to experience divinity. The transfigured individual’s vibrations electrify the subtle senses of others in a way that makes them aware of a higher dimension of reality. One’s goodness, truth and beauty manifests as an embodiment of the divine in the world of material form. It offers to others a glimpse of the life that imbues all forms with a spark of the divine essence and stirs the soul in others to awaken into their own divinity.When enough of humanity has accomplished this, the radiant light of humanity’s collective soul will create a new order on Earth contributing to the unfoldment of human consciousness.

May you continue to aspire to become the light of transfiguration within your own soul which will serve to awaken the collective soul of humanity and fill the world with the light of Spirit.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

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photos: sharing.:::.▶ ★ Portrait Retouch – PSD Box – Leave the imprint of Oneness and unity consciousness on your path – the Arcturians

photos: sharing.:::.▶ ★ Portrait Retouch – PSD Box – Leave the imprint of Oneness and unity consciousness on your path – the Arcturians.

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Friday, March 13, 2015

Vel sanus: sharing.:::.▶ Old Frame Chen Tai Chi Cover Hands Punch – Jesse Tsao – IS THE BODY A PROJECTION OF THE CONSCIOUSNESS?.:::.Human Thought Determines Reality

Vel sanus: sharing.:::.▶ Old Frame Chen Tai Chi Cover Hands Punch – Jesse Tsao – IS THE BODY A PROJECTION OF THE CONSCIOUSNESS?.:::.Human Thought Determines Reality.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015