samkaska: Spiritual Truth of the End Time – Part I ::: Asket, Temmerian Transmissions: Even the Peaceful Find Love’s Nonsense a Challenge :::sharing

samkaska: Spiritual Truth of the End Time – Part I ::: Asket, Temmerian Transmissions: Even the Peaceful Find Love’s Nonsense a Challenge :::sharing.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Spiritual Truth of the End Time – Part I ::: Asket, Temmerian Transmissions: Even the Peaceful Find Love’s Nonsense a Challenge :::sharing

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Spiritual Truth of the End Time – Part I
by Georgi Stankov Posted on August 2, 2014

channelled by Jahn J Kassl on July 20, 2014
first published on August 1, 2014 in

translated by Franz

Georgi Stankov

This is an extremely valuable message for all light warriors of the first and the last hours in these last days prior to our ascension. I am amazed how these simple truths presented by Sananda below are not comprehended or grossly misunderstood by all light workers currently.

Only yesterday, I visited a concert of the spiritual musician and composer from Vancouver Paul Armitage (see videos on YouTube), who is a real genius according to myself and a re-incarnation of the Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg. The audience consisted entirely of representatives of the New Age scene in Vancouver, if such has ever existed and still exists. The soul emptiness of these people as it emerged in the discussions after the concert was so depressing, just as their views based on the “love and light” illusion. One motto of their discussions was that everything is “neutral” and all good and evil events are alike.

This fundamentally wrong idea alone led to the complete failure of the light workers movement, as Sananda explains below one more time. We live in a world of duality, where evil and dark are distinct entities. The notion that this reality itself is an illusion, does not change anything in this fact.

We are endowed with mind and the ability of discernment. We have incarnated here on this toxic 3D planet to exert this ability in the first place, to distance ourselves from the darkness in all its manifestations and embrace without a compromise the light in order to ascend. This is the bottom line of our current lives as human beings.

Neutrality and harmony exist only in the higher realms and it is recommendable to employ this higher vantage point of view in these last days as to cope with the escalation of evil in the current End Times. But to believe that this energetic state of Unity has been established on this planet and shared by all human beings is the greatest blunder of all.

It is our duty to name each evil deed by name and to renounce it. Only in this way can we not be contaminated by the creeping darkness around us that compromises the human personality and thoughts in a most insidious and clandestine manner. The only protection from this perennial siege of darkness is our clear mind and discernment. Not to make judgments, as the New Age movement proclaimed long time ago, was the final capitulation of the light workers to the strategy of the dark ones to corrupt them in order to prevent ascension.

This is the reason for all the delays and detours, which the ascension process had to make until now in order to compensate for the total failure of most light warriors sent by the Sources to fulfill their mission here – to awaken to all manifestations of the darkness and help ascend Gaia and humanity to higher dimensions.

However, we must make a clear distinction in this respect. We must discern, which human deeds are evil and then renounce them, but not necessarily project this discernment onto their perpetrators. The deeds stay evil in all eternity in the Akasha chronics. Killing other human beings, torturing them, enslaving them are acts of evil, independently of who perpetrates them and will stay so for ever.

The incarnated human beings, on the other hand, may commit such evil acts due to their very limited awareness and unripe, inexperienced souls that become prey to the traps of this dense 3D reality. But, and here comes the big difference, they have the divine potential to recognize the truth – that they are God’s sparks – at some point in time and then renounce such evil deeds and very slowly, I underline, “very slowly” turn onto the light. This is the ultimate goal of any prolonged incarnation experiment of the souls in lower, dense 3D and 4D realities.

But this clear distinction between evil deeds and evil doers should not mire us into false pity for such people and a messianic zeal to save such lost incarnated souls. Such dark souls love darkness and cannot be transformed by external love, as they do not love themselves in the first place and thus hate any form of love, as Sananda clearly points out in his message below.

The only negative outcome of such a futile rescue mission is that you are contaminated by their darkness yourselves and risk your ascension.

Now the dices have already fallen. There is nothing we can do anymore to change the faith of these souls. The ascension process is in full sway after so many delays. All souls are on their way to their final destinations. Most of them will die on this timeline during the MPR and will be confronted with the final judgment in Celestria, where they will recognize to a full extent how and why they have missed this unique chance in the history of Gaia and mankind to move higher into the light and instead will return to a new dreadful cycle of incarnation.

Other souls will go to the very dense 3D and lower 4D earths; the latter will be at the beginning of the turmoil, after the ID split, as bad as the 3D earth of the dogs, we had separated and sealed last year. There is no escape from this dire destiny for such souls. All truly dark souls will go to the super-dark 3D earth, where there will be no incarnated souls from the source anymore, whom they could torture and decimate, as was the case in the past on the old earth. At same time our destiny is sealed – we have already ascended to 5D and higher dimensions and only stay here as Guardians of humanity and beacons of light. Without us there will be no ascension of the few souls to the higher 4D worlds.

I will publish in the next days a remarkable prophecy by Elias, channelled by Jahn, where the future of the upper 4D worlds is outlined until the year of 3000. We shall be the leaders of these enlightened 4D humanities as ascended masters and these worlds will be a veritable material paradise on their way to the 5D and 6D of pure light.

Everything is interlinked and fits perfectly into the ascension scenario we observe these days. There is no reason for any doubt whatsoever and every reason for great optimism. I am looking forward eagerly to my operation, as my soul is whispering constantly in my inner ear that immediately after that the big events will begin to unfold and then the big change and our ascension will come. Anything we experience in these last days in this reality lead us nearer to our ascension and redemption and this message from Sananda below is a very important guideline of behaviour to this end.



„For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.“

Bible (John 3,17-20)

Beloved Ones,

in these words lies the truth of this end time, lies the key to all upheavals in this world and the aberrations of human Beings. In these words lies the spiritual truth, now, as mankind has made the choice and a few individual human Beings attain ascension.


„… For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.“

This is a task that has been taken on by the light warriors of the first and last hours, the Masters of this and foremost the new time. They have accepted the delays and displacements of their own ascension, in order to save as many human Beings as possible. Save them from darkness and from their own condemnation, which they draw to them as they shun the Light.

„He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.“

Indeed, who rejects the “Son of God”, rejects the Light and thereby denies his own light-filled reality. Nobody condemns these human Beings, instead it is they doing it, and it is they condemning themselves. Because to turn away from the Light and to turn toward darkness means

a) Self-denial and
b) Self-condemnation,

and this fallacy is always experienced as guilt on the way to later insight, which a Being can only discard gradually.

„Son of God“ describes the living Light of Love in you. Whoever denies this has died, has wasted life and for those human Beings there is neither consolation nor hope.

“And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.”

Human Beings in large numbers have chosen darkness or the shadow worlds of some 4D levels, now shortly before the uplifting of this world.

The “evil deeds” were foremost directed against individual human Beings, because the initial decisions of the soul were discarded. Therein the betrayal on them is based and on the eternal contracts from the Light, therein it is defined.

And these human Beings love the dark.

There is nothing else that they can do and they know that they have failed. They sense, feel and capture intuitively, that they go on land far from their original goal and that they will no longer criss-cross the ocean of Love for a long time; the soul plan denied, life rejected and chosen death.

Evil exists, Good exists!

The choice of a human Being determines what will be breathed into his reality. Good or evil, that was and is the choice, which every human Being has to make until the last of all days. And it is always the choice that decides everything, because nobody else than a human Being is responsible for his choice.

And today God’s Son is also among you. Again I am not being recognized and those, who recognize me, will enter into Heaven together with me.

Beloved Ones,

Keep yourself away from darkness! Rebuff darkness and evil with determination! Go around the trap set for you, whereby one says to you that you cannot condemn evil! This is not true and not correct! Condemnation of evil is today important for survival. Condemn the deed, yet not the one where it came from.

You must keep yourself far from where the deed comes from and with all your strength turn away from these human Beings and shun their environment.

Evil loves Darkness

Still today many light warriors face a conflict in conscience with those human Beings, who have chosen differently and who deny God’s Son, not to be able to share neither table nor bed. Still you are being urged to work on evil as long until it turns toward the Light. But I say to you: Evil that wants to experience itself, is inconvincible and unerringly. And evil avoids the Light under all circumstances and takes flight from Love as long as it can.

You must acquire the capability to make clear observations and to make unmistakable assessments!

To name things by name means to recognize black as black; and also to address it as such and verbalize it. Have you condemned someone, just as you recognize his acts as evil and have classified them as such? These human Beings, who have been befallen by evil and have been absorbed by darkness, have condemned their own life. These human Beings have forfeited what you aim for – Life.

This insight must spring from your careful observation, and due to your power of distinction is this possible. Do not let yourself be deceived, because the dark ones very cleverly make use of the spiritual scene and spread out in it destroying everything. Whereby it is suggested that you cannot “judge” anybody or anything, or examine it for its true worth, in order to recognize it, you become outside determined beings, which open the door to evil and open all gates of the soul to darkness.

Who can live with the devil under the same roof?

I say to you: It is those, who are of the devil themselves or are not conscious, whose guest they harbor and whose servant they have become.

Recognize what is and have the courage to verbalize this freely and fearlessly. Because what the dark fears is the Light, the lie the truth and the devil fears fearless human Beings, who have looked through the diabolic game of deception.

At the end of time many light warriors lose their sense of orientation. Drenched by false belief patterns they doubt and do not take a leap of faith.

Neither do they name things nor do they stay away from human Beings, who pursue dark and evil intentions. They waste their energy in the false belief that also these human Beings may enter the bridge to the Light, with the result to be entirely absorbed by darkness in a moment of carelessness.

Now you can no longer do something for those, who have chosen evil. Only for those, who aim for the Light, you may build the golden bridge and it is for those human Beings that you are still here on earth, so that they escape the lower 4D levels, because truly: The sluggish worlds of the forth dimension are inferior in nothing compared to the sluggish worlds of the third dimension!

You must recognize the choice of a human Being! This is the lifeblood in this time. So that you stay away, where you must stay away, and so that you become active, where your sacred work is demanded.

„For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved…“

It is necessary to recognize this fact now. In such a manner it is prudent to meet evil in silent empathy and to reject evil deeds most uncompromisingly. It does not require judgment or condemnation, because truly: Who has chosen evil has wasted his life on his own and is committed to certain death. Distinguish, recognize, have courage to let go of old belief patterns, because the tepid ones cannot enter into the Heavens, which have been prepared for the light warriors of the first and last hours in unmeasured glory.

The radical „Way of the Middle“

I say to you: The “way of the middle” does not take you anywhere! There is only one way, the way of Love! And this way is always a radical way, requires radical decisions and courage to turn away from evil that lurks everywhere on this experience level.

The “way of the middle” is completely misunderstood.

It means not to look passively at the goings-on in this world, instead to bring an end to these goings-on from one’s center as a loving Being! With truth and Love. Fallacies are so widely distributed among humanity, as the religions are, which were solely created in order to keep you away from your inner core, from the truth inside of you and foremost from the immediate recognition of God.

Priests deceive human Beings and Gurus lead them astray. Only the truly enlightened one can direct human Beings to the track into the Light, the pathway toward Life and to the gates to Heaven; and truly enlightened ones cannot be found in any church and not in any religion in the garment of a priest or in the mantle of a guru.

In order to attain freedom, peace and Love, requires a radical attitude, a consequence and carefulness, courage and dedication, which are more rarely found among human Beings than oases in the desert.

Recognize the truth of the Light and the reality of darkness and orient your behavior accordingly, then you have understood everything of value for this time.

With these words, may a light have been ignited in you and may you bring this light to shine from the summit – and maintain it until the end of time.

God’s Son is among you,

In Eternity.

* * *

My Infinite Gratitude Goes to the PAT
by Georgi Stankov Posted on July 31, 2014

Georgi Stankov, July 31, 2014

I am truly overwhelmed by Your outpouring of compassion, moral and financial support in these last few days and my infinite gratitude goes to each member of the PAT. We all go through our tribulations and have to overcome huge challenges each single day. Most of these sacrifices we make, as the Guardians of the New Galaxy, the Logos Gods of the new 4D worlds and already ascended masters – the true Members of the Planetary Ascension Team and brave warriors of the first and the last hours – we commit on behalf of humanity as to open new pathways of ascension for many lost souls. That is why we decided to stay longer in this reality after the failed ascension test run on May 28th this year, although we have already ascended last year.

Any challenge we now embrace is no longer of personal character but on behalf of the whole humanity throughout all epochs and parallel timelines of Gaia, in which we are energetically present. The more we advance on the spiritual ladder, the bigger our sacrifice becomes. And it will stay so to the very end, which is now perceivable to each one of us. Since several days I have the strong intuitive knowing that my surgery will stipulate the occurrence of the big events that will bring about the long awaited Change on this uppermost timeline. Hence the urgency for me to go to Munich, Germany to undergo this operation. Each personal event is closely related to the destiny of all of us and that of mankind.

The faith of the PAT in our Cause – the Ascension of Gaia and Humanity – may have gone through some hard proofs during the time of my silence, while Carla and I were fully immersed in the Birthing of new Gaia with her 5D Paradise, where Lemuria, Atlantis and many other unknown past human civilisations have already merged into the most beautiful 5D and 6D world in the new Golden Galaxy, and the creation of the new upper 4D worlds, where the incarnation cycle of humanity will continue in all eternity under new, brightest perspective, as the latest prophecies of Elijah reveal to us.

Words cannot express my gratitude to all the true PAT members for their indomitability to carry the crucifix of this life and not waver in front of the many, seemingly insurmountable earthly challenges and still to bear the light. As I have already mentioned in a previous publication, only several days ago St. Germain came to us after we lifted up the new Galaxy to the 5D and almost split it from this one during the period of July 18th – 26th, when most of you must have gone through hell. He told us exalted: ” You are now victorious” and he meant the whole Galactic Ascension Team (GAT) that has accomplished this incredible Creation, which is incomparable to anything ever seen so far in this omniverse. Therefore, it is no surprise that all of you will ascend to the Source (12th dimension) after we have finished with our supervising of the new 4D worlds in about 90 years earthly time from now on (see Elijah’s Prophecies)

Our reward has never been of this world as we are also not of this world. This has never been so true as in these last days. But as long as we are still part of this world that runs on worthless fiat money, any financial support is first and foremost a moral support that enables each one of us to carry the light to the very end. Hence my heartfelt “ThankYou” to all of You.

The Captain of the PAT and the new GAT
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Asket, Temmerian Transmissions: Even the Peaceful Find Love’s Nonsense a Challenge

Posted on Aug 3, 2014
by cosmicgaia
in Asket, Maryann Rada, The Temmerians
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Asket – Pleiadian Emissary

Channeled by Maryann Rada

July 24, 2014

We are Asket. It has been some time since we have spoken with you. We have been watching and participating with you in the emotional roller coaster of events that you have been witnessing in your world. We’ve felt everything that you’ve felt and we’ve watched through your eyes the growing horror and the unfathomable pain that you have witnessed becoming unmasked in your world. There are many layers of reasons why these things are happening, why they continue, why no one is stepping in to stop them.

It is not the role of those beings who are of a benevolence to your planet to interfere in your development in any way. You understand the idea non-interference, though it has rarely been practiced on your world, and those who have seen fit to aid in the development in of those societies that have been, in their eyes, perhaps primitive, at best… these individuals have done very little to improve the state of being for those who have lost their traditional ways, their connection to their source, their land, their language, their culture, their children. You see where the practice of intervention in the development of a society can lead when it is done from the standpoint of control and gain. And when it is done from the standpoint of benevolence, then you must understand that it just doesn’t have a place within the framework of love allowing other to experience life and sentience in the fullness of its right to be. So you will not see those beings who hover just at the periphery of Earth’s envelope rushing in to save the planet from those who would destroy it, not because we are not aware of what’s going on. We are very aware. We are aware of those who watch, and what you are experiencing. We are also aware of those who suffer. We hear them in their pain.

It is not our place to rescue. There are levels of participation which we are not permitted to cross into. We are also aware of those who are perpetuating the pain. We are aware of what’s going on in their hearts, even though, for the most part, they are not. The soul speaks, but when the embodied personality chooses to ignore it, you could say, bad things happen. There is a disconnection from source, which leads to a great turbulence in the experience of many.

Do not think that we are standing idly by and allowing things to turn from bad to worse because we aren’t allowed to interfere. There are levels of interference. There are levels of observation. We of the League of Light have a specific mission in regard to your planet at this time. We cannot stop what you have allowed to be. We cannot pry open the eyes of those who want to stay asleep. We cannot melt a heart against the will of someone to open to the light of understanding and to the fire of love’s source, which animates and does not destroy.

You see, where we are speaking to you from, we see what’s going on in your world now as a kind of echo of what happened on our places of origin and other places where we have witnessed the development of humanity. It is not unique to your world alone to have a planetary level of war in which innocents are slaughtered. It has happened on many worlds and, from my perspective speaking to you here today, it is part of the human history which my lineage has witnessed firsthand. What is happening on your world has happened on others, and has had various types of resolution. You must understand that the planet herself is involved, and the planet is sentient. The planet nurtures and nourishes and supports and loves, and the planet also knows when it’s time to shake things up a little bit and bring certain chapters to a conclusion. You’re not facing this kind of calamitous end of times. We assure you that while many of you have the thought that the planet is dying, it is not. The planet will transform itself to adapt, and in fact transformation is all that exists in death and in life. You are in a constant state of transformation; if you are alive and aware, you can participate in the transformation.

Now what I have to say to you today, regarding your situation, as painful as it is for countless souls who are participating in this drama, as painful as it is to those who are awakening to the sights and sounds and information that is staggering to anyone trying to comprehend the enormity of it and the depth to which some creatures are willing to go in order to accomplish what they see as a righteous end: More of this you will see. We ask you to hang on to your humanity, not to sink into violence in any way. This begins with what is happening within you as more light is apparent within this time, more of an influence of a cosmic intelligence which is flowing into your world. Many of you have felt some aspects of this in various ways. As this intelligence flows into your world and into your experience as an individual, many layers of pieces of pain may very well work their way to the surface for you to deal with, things that you never thought would remind you of them, of experiences where perhaps you have some unresolved wound to heal. There is no need to re-experience the pain, only to acknowledge that you have survived.

In light of your own forgiveness to yourself for allowing yourself to — perhaps what you would say — make mistakes: There are no mistakes, there is only experience. Where you considered that you have failed as a human being, where you have not lived up to the standards to which with hindsight you know you could have, forget all this. It is time to forgive, not judge yourselves. Become aware. Allow yourself to love yourself for who you are, and know that the experiences that you have participated in throughout your life and your lifetimes have created a greater awareness of love within the human consciousness that spans this planet, and that it ripples out into the humanity, the consciousness that exists beyond your world. We are part of that, and we likewise are radiating our experience of love and peace and wholeness, of a recognition of the divine nature of the human, to you as our human counterparts upon Terra.

As you allow love to heal yourself, you can allow the claws to retract, the fangs that many of you share with each other to turn into smiles. Dear ones, see yourselves as human with a divine nature within you. You are divine light. It is not buried deep inside you; it is what you are. Allow the violence within yourselves to cease, each of you. Let go of the weapons that you have carried within yourself with which you have wounded yourselves and others, yours words, your defenses.

This world is transforming, and everyone on it is participating in that transformation. Find love within your experience of your world. This is not to say that you condone the violence that you see. This is not to say that what is happening is all right. We are not saying this. What we are saying is that love exists within conflict. There is a way for you to find your source, for you to encounter divinity. The divine is not causing the conflict, dear ones, but separation from the divine within each other, each of you. Separation from yourselves and from each other. In the space between, you’ll find the path to the divine, and when you do, everything will change.

Dear ones, we know you can do this. And we are with you in ways which you may be coming aware of as you allow us to watch through your eyes and to feel through your hearts. Feel what that means, and know that a greater love can speak through your voice and move through your actions. Allow this. Open yourselves to the source of your life and your divinity. Find the place where the separation is. Go there without fear of annihilation. Find the place inside you where you’re separated from your self. It’s the broken places where the light shines through.

This is a huge moment for humanity. We are all together part of a greater humanity, and what you’re experiencing now is a temporary part of the transformation that need not go in the direction of degradation, which can turn within each person towards divinity and a higher understanding. We wish this to be with all our hearts joined together around your world. We are radiating our love to you, each of you, all of you… all of you. We hold you in our hearts and we walk with you as you enter into the next phase of your evolution of understand of what it is to be an embodied human in a world where love is hiding.

I am Asket of the League of Light. Together we send you our love unceasingly, and with a full heart I say, we bid you peace until we speak again.

(See the original voice message on YouTube here.)

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