Sharing – Another Huge Explosion of the Great Central Sun Alcyone on January 11, 2015 by Georgi Stankov | samkaska

Sharing – Another Huge Explosion of the Great Central Sun Alcyone on January 11, 2015 by Georgi Stankov | samkaska.

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Sharing – Another Huge Explosion of the Great Central Sun Alcyone on January 11, 2015 by Georgi Stankov

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Urgent Energy Update – 

January 12, 2015


Another Huge Explosion of the 

Great Central Sun Alcyone on 

January 11, 2015

by Georgi Stankov 

Yesterday when I wrote my energy report in the morning, I mentioned that  “today the energies feel much calmer and more comfortable, but who knows for how long.” I had already the premonition that something big was in the making.
Then around 15.00 p.m. Pacific time I published my article on the false flag attack in Paris and said my decree to reveal all crimes of the ruling cabal three times with a very loud voice, almost shouting, in the name of the Source. I immediately received goose bumps as a confirmation from my HS that this was a very powerful and timely decree that has triggered a huge alchemical reaction worldwide and has accelerated the process of final revelations.

Then around 16.00 pm I was hit by the most devastating energy wave of total emotional depression. It put a heavy leaden weight on my breast and I could barely breathe. I have had such waves several times in the past and they have always been associated with massive transformation of my body at the quantum level when the whole energetic structure is completely changed and it feels as if dying in your body, while still being alive in your spirit, a kind of full paralysis due to curare poisoning.

I am confident that many of you must have felt this massive wave in some way. It came from the collective and also beared a strong component of total desperation and dread of the ruling cabal, who realized all of a sudden that they have lost everything. Then I experienced a series of severe chills, which are always indicative of MPR on near-by timelines. This was another massive ID shift.

This wave lasted for about an hour and a half. Then shortly after 17.00 pm, there was an incredible sudden energetic burst from the Great Central Sun that flooded my fields and body. I thought that this time I would be burnt for ever or that my physical body will disintegrate in billions of quantum particles and I would finally ascend. I could barely move, so stiff and depleted my body was. Carla experienced at the same time this same wave.

The most remarkable of such Source waves is that when they hit the physical vessel, the body elemental immediately enters a state of high alert as if a mortal danger is menacing you. The survival instinct of the body elemental is so all-encompassing that in such a case I need the full power of rational argumentation of my mind in order to calm down this animalistic angst.

As I was listless, I lay down and slept for an hour or so. Carla was also taken away at the same time. As we discussed it later, we were surrounded during our nap by very loving energies, while we received this huge energy blust from the Central Sun Alcyone, that protected us and gave a great consolation to our body elementals. We knew that something huge was happening last night as we could no longer feel as humans. We knew it was the peak of the portal 1.11, which is a follow-up of the stargate 11.11.11., but what actually happened?

After we recovered somewhat from this energy shock, I received an email from Erick late in the evening with the following link:

Breaking news! Solar flare is in the form of DNA – Alien technology! January 11, 2015

This could be one possible explanation.

Then a couple of minutes later I received a letter from Rick here in Canada who wrote: “A message I received several evenings ago from an ethereal contact was “initiating molecular activation“.. This was a very important message followed by an instantaneous download of what it meant; it meant, mass activation for “sleepers“.  And he sent me the following link, which is a partially correct, albeit not very precise description of the LBP in terms of changes in the DNA:

I think that this kind of communication is never at random, but always has a deeper purpose.

In my yesterday’s energy report I mentioned to you that we received lots of codes of information from the Agarthans when they visited us in our apartment two days ago. We are indeed receiving now huge downloads of new codes and information that transforms our energetic structure at the quantum level and makes it more fluid and malleable and brings it into full compliance with the laws of immediate creation. This is the kind of evolutionary leap we are now undergoing in preparation for our final transfiguration.

All these codes have to flow first through the personal fields of the light warriors of the PAT, the new Logos Gods, before they reach the second wave ascension candidates and some other old and ripe souls and prepare them for their ID shift to the new 4D worlds. But we are also infusing Gaia with these codes in preparation for its final move to the new Golden Galaxy.

The explosion of the Great Central Sun Alcyone yesterday evening was the peak of this code transmisson, which began with the New Year and has the purpose to transform the whole energetic edifice of this holographic reality. As Carla observed today, and I have repeatedly mentioned it in my energy reports, our bodies are the most reliable and fine-tuned instruments to gauge every energy wave coming from the HR or the Great Central Sun that transforms this reality. On numerous occasions, and without any exception, such experiences with Source waves, which I have reported in advance on this website, have been confirmed by the Elohim who also gave us additional explanation. This website is a seamless chronicle of the ascension process of Gaia and humanity as it flows through our fields and bodies. There is no other information on this planet that describes the ascension process more accurately and precisely. You should not forget that for a minute.
My interpretation of the yesterday’s energy burst from the Great Central Sun is that it was of pivotal character and has thrust Gaia firmly into the new Golden Galaxy. This means that the energetic quantum structure of humanity and the whole holographic model have now been transformed in a profound and radical manner. From now on the collapse of the old matrix must begin to manifest with a rapid speed and I am very confident that we will experience some very dramatic events in the coming days, whereas one should always bear in mind that linear time is an illusion.

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We Have Entered the 

New Age of Immediate 



by Georgi Stankov, January 12, 


A key topic of my latest articles is the new creationary potential with which we are now endowed as we rapidly ascend to the upper 4D and higher dimensions. The energetic structure of the old holographic matrix is currently dissolving in front of our eyes and is substituted at the quantum level with a new energetic quality and structure that allow for the first time in the long history of this civilization all human begins to begin creating from the fulcrum of their souls. This of course holds true only for those individuals, whose souls have fully descended into the ego-mind, body and fields of the incarnated personality in the course of the LBP.
This is, as we all know, the case with all true PAT members and light warriors of the first and the last hour – the new Logos Gods and Guardians of the new Golden Galaxy. I am aware of the fact that I am repeating this statement again and again, and I promise you that I will continue doing so until every one of my readers has internalized this truth and begins to act as a sovereign creator in daily life. This is the only goal and duty we have now on the eve of our transfiguration and ascension.
We have now the Source flames of conscious energies at our disposal, which we can use in a deliberate manner by envisioning a better world, a better life for ourselves and for all other people that deserve it, etc. and these energy gradients immediately acquire the necessary configuration to create this new sparkling reality by substituting the old matrix. This is what I have defined long time ago as the “new soul technologies”, where we no longer need external devices to gestalt energy and matter, but only our creative awareness. Never before have the heavenly portals of creation been so widely flung and it would be an inexcusable omission not to make use of the current unique, divine gifts sent to us from the higher realms and by our souls.
Indeed, it will be a great sin not to make use of these flames and conscious creative energies as we are already the new Logos Gods and it is our obligation and the culmination of our mission in this last incarnation to begin performing miracles from the fulcrum of our higher selves and to show mankind what is possible to every human being. But first and foremost to heave the people out of their present unyielding way of existence and show them the creative potential each human being harbors within his energetic structure.
The latest manuscript of survival also addresses the arrival of the new era of immediate creation, which is the paradigm shift at the end of all time, we are all waiting for, although in the typical convoluted language of this medium that very much devalues the original message. But I am sure that you will puck up the gems and dismiss the chaff.
The Manuscript of Survival, January 12, 2015
By now, much has been coming to the fore in all sorts of ways as the seeming fog of yesteryear is beginning to dissipate. You see, you are all already breathing a fresher air, and so, the outlook upon your lives should become a more detailed one in the time ahead. Let us explain. As we have told you on numerous occasions, you already carry within you all of the seeds to whatever it is you have come here to sow, and by this, we mean the information that is needed in order for not only you, but this entire planet to unfold itself to its full glory. For you are already everything you want to be, and as such, you only need to enable all of that inherent potential in order for not just you, but everything else to change into something that no longer resembles that almost ruinous version of your former selves. You see, not only do you have access to all of this potential in the form of knowledge, you also have access to everything else you might need to recreate what has been desecrated. For as we have told you before, it is all about vibration, vibration in the form of various frequencies of energy, energy that is and will always be fully malleable in every way. Nothing is written in stone, for nothing is unchangeable, even those parts that seem to be nothing more than inert mass standing in the way between you and everything that you dream of. For little by little you will begin to fully grasp the implications of this, and you will begin to literally rewrite all of the old rules and replace them with just this simple one: everything is possible as long as it is coming from a place of love. For that is what this is all about, changing everything around you by simply changing yourself, for when you do that, your metamorphosis will begin to initiate change in everything that surrounds you.
Remember, we have told you earlier that this profound change that we talk about is taking place on a subatomic level, and as such, it can be impossible to “see” if you use the term in the regular way of perceiving something through those apertures in your head you call eyes. They have their uses, but as you all know by now, they have their limits too, and so what you need to do is to shift your line of sight into one that goes beyond the superficial and quantifiable that you are used to taking into account by way of your five senses. What we are trying to tell you in this rather roundabout way is that this profound change will change it all, but it will do so on a scale that is at one time so monumental it actually encompasses All of creation, but at the same time, it is on a scale that is so small, you have yet to be able to fully detect it even with your most advanced technical and scientific equipment. Yet, some of those bright minds amongst you have found a way to begin to peer deeper and deeper into this seeming abyss of mystical events that constitutes the very bedrock of your existence, namely that hidden mechanism behind the emergence of matter. For you know much already, and there are thousands upon thousands of pages written about this by scholarly minds by now, yet they are still mostly speculations, for the full process and the last small pieces have yet to be discovered.
For everything they have seen so far has shown them that there are still so many questions to answer, but even so, they are undeterred by this challenge of digging deep enough into the tiniest of particles in order to find those elusive answers they so hanker for. Well, let us just say this, the answers will be found, but maybe not in the manner they expect to find them, nor in the locations they speculate they may exist. For the reason these answers will emerge, is because of the likes of you. For you are the living proof of how this mechanism not only is quantifiable, but also how infinitely simple yet how highly complex it really is. For you are already beginning to exhibit the effects from this magnificent shift by the way that you are all beginning to literally relearn to retune your entire apparatus of retrieval and transmission of information, and the reason you are able to do this, is by way of interchanging the old subatomic setup of your entire physical vehicle in such away, it will once again become fully compatible to the much more advanced duplexes of energetic highways that exist in Creation, highways that you have so far in your history been shielded from traveling on.
For you have taken the byways and the detours, more numerous than we can count, and they have been necessitated by your inability to partake of the highly charged bursts of informational downloads that are at all times passing through you on all those levels of existence you have been disconnected from for eons. You see, you are literally swimming in a soup of interconnected forms of existence on multiple planes, all co-existing in the same space in ways that will be hard for you to truly fathom, but that makes perfect sense once you learn to distinguish them all on yes, a subatomic level. For remember, space is a commodity that is even more abundant than you at this stage perhaps can imagine, for when you look at an object, you see what you think is all mass, but what is in effect literally just a whirring cloud of particles held together in such a way, it resembles mass. For what it really is, is energized particles commuting through vast and seemingly empty distances of space, so if you compact it all, very little actual mass would be seen by you. The rest would simply be “empty space”, but it is in actual fact not empty, it is filled with those even more elusive particles that make up “mass” in all of these other dimensions that you have around and indeed within you.
For everything that exists in these designated coordinates in space that you define as “your” part of Creation is all here, hidden in plain sight as it were, not merely right in front of your nose, but on all sides, inside and out, so where you only see you, we see all that is currently occupying the same space as you. But now, you will also by and by learn to consciously interact with these so far elusive “relatives” to call them that, the more esoteric parts of existence that you have so far been unable not just to detect, describe or even imagine, but whom you will now learn how to also connect with by way of your own internal “superconductor”, the one that is in actual fact an integrated part of your very own physical vehicle, and that has been enabled is such a profound way over this last period of time by your collective ability to literally tune into these priming vibrations that have been sent out just for this purpose.
Remember, the potential is there for all, but to really become fully absorbed into this until now hidden stream of consciousness that you are already literally swimming in, you need to fully allow yourself to take the plunge. And this, so many of you have done already, hence that tremendous internal change that is already taking place on this planet. For this can in all aspects be likened to a chain reaction, and when enough of you take the plunge, as the case is now, you will engender such a huge blast of energetic movement on a molecular basis, it will literally go to the very core of your planet, and it will go to the very core of all of mankind.
Again, we understand that our explanation will seem to be more elusive than those fabled particles your scientists are hunting so hard to find, yet, we want you to understand this simple fact: you have accomplished such a monumental change for all of humanity already, a change that is even more profound than if you equate it with the totality of evolution you as a species have gone through from the very first time your ancient ancestors set foot on dry land back in the wee hours of mankind’s existence. And even if this monumental shift is not visible to any of you yet, it is simply because it is what can only be defined as a true quantum leap – an occurrence that happens on that level of Creation where it all begins – with the tiniest of particles, the ones that are the foundation for everything in existence. For on that level, you have made such a huge shift it can be likened to shifting from one side of the visible spectrum to the opposite. Again, our words are inadequate when it comes to explaining this, for you need to literally tune into your very new vibration yourself, and then, you will all see what it is we are trying to tell you in this rather crude and inefficient manner. For then, you will find that the inner view of your very own being will have changed in such a way, you will know that who you were is someone that was incapable of the feats that you are about to embark upon now. And then, you will also know that not only have you successfully shifted yourself fully into a new space of the spectrum, you have also allowed your entire existence to begin to play out under some very new stars.
For you have opened up not just a new doorway, you have also removed the ceiling that stopped you from seeing beyond the obvious, and we do mean this in a very literal way. So now, the vistas that will begin to open up are far more advanced and far more hospitable if you will than the ones you have been staring at seemingly forever. For as you allowed yourself to change, you also enabled this entire planet to do the same, and together you will begin to fully explore just how creative you as a fully integrated union can become. And it will be an exploration that will be fully founded on that one underlying equation of love, for that is the drum that will set the beat, that is the new rhythm that will be literally at the heart of it all, and that is the sound that will make all of your hearts sing in perfect symmetry as well. And together, you will create that symphonic masterpiece not just you, but All of creation have been waiting for for such a long time.

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How to attune to your Twin Flame using an Ancient Technique from Atlantis – Anna Merkaba

By annamerkaba on January 13, 2015 • ( 2 )

Greetings everyone! I would like to share something with all of you in regard to the channeling that I have posted recently on TWIN FLAME REUNION.

A while back when I was awakening to who I am, I had a very interesting vision, which kept coming back to me, over and over again. It was a vision of me and another being, whom I met here in the physical and remembered from my past, where we were involved in some sort of crystal work. The vision that has been repeating itself was of me and him sitting across from each other with our hands lifted and palms facing outward to the other looking at each other through a crystal that sat between us on an altar it seemed. I did not fully understand what we were doing with these crystals, and the answer that was coming from my guides was that we were working together on something and were using crystals by imprinting our consciousness upon them and attuning to each other, but I could never put this into words nor understand fully how this works, or how to apply this to our day and age.

Finally, after that channeling on TWIN FLAMES, and by the way there are more than just one part of your soul walking around. I talk about this extensively in book Mission to Earth which you can pick up on my blog So, after that channeling, I was pointed to something incredibly interesting. Information which has been channeled by John Fox and inscribed by Gurudas. I am sure that many of your are familiar with this information as it has been channeled in the 80’s. In his book Gem Elixirs and Vibrational Healing, Gurudas writes the following, which should come in handy for all of you who believe you are presently in Twin Flame/Soulmate relationships:

Gurudas writes “A powerful technique is for two people to sit facing each other in a darkened room. Have lighted candles below the quartz and stare into each others eyes through the illuminated quartz. This is a way for two people to develop a deeper understanding and attunement with each other. People working together on projects such as writing a book or couples striving for a deeper attunement would benefit from this technique. People doing this would become more sensitive to each other.

Couples could also attune to the seven main charkas while doing this technique. When couples do not do this technique, it usually takes around nine years for a natural flow to develop between the charkas. When couples DO this technique, directly working to harmonize the flow of the charkas, it usually takes around one year for a deep alignment to develop. What occurs is that couples develop a true understanding of the inner nature of each other. False images fall away. Sometimes information released during these meditations can force couples to face difficult issues that would not have surfaced for many years. If people are ready to face such issues, there can be a deep cleansing and harmonizing. Couples should do this exercise twice a week for half an hour during each session. After doing this meditation for three to four months, many people would come to appreciate the value of this practice. Then, if not sooner, it would be wise to attempt to do this practice every day for fifteen to twenty minutes.

Both these practices were often used in Atlantis. Generally, put the crystal you are staring into under sea salt once a month for up to one day as a cleansing. There is no set time for doing these techniques. This depends on the unique needs of each individual. Initially, you might feel lightheaded or uncomfortable for a while. This is because toxicity is passing out of the body. This period will usually soon pass. Some may want to chant a mantra while doing these practices.” Once again for those of you who wish to learn more about Gurudas work pick up a book Gem Elixirs and Vibrational Healing.

What I want to draw your attention to is that although this is a very good way of aligning to each other, this practice comes with a GIANT WARNING. Please only embark upon this journey if you are ready to work through a lot of issues that will come up for you at the time of clearing. You will need to work through a lot in order to fully balance out everything within you, first and foremost, and then at the same time assist another in doing the same for them!

So please use this technique with care and diligence. Once again as I always say, the first thing that anyone should do is look within themselves, comprehend where your own issues lay and release these so called “issues” into the light. Understand from your past experiences, let them go and make room for a beautiful relationship with your significant other. I have written numerous articles about the letting go and cleansing your palate that you can find on my blog at as well as in my book Mission to Earth a Light workers Guide to Self Mastery.

I hope this helps all of you put things into perspective. Sending you lots of love, light and PATIENCE as you work through everything that stands in your way to purity, abundance, health, light, love and freedom from old paradigms. I love you all very much and thank you so much for being here at this moment here on earth!

P.S. I feel it is very important for many of us to have the Goddess Vortex Sun Disc at this time by Nataly Ankh. As was told to me by my guides “upon holding the disc you are engaging the energies of your sub atomic principles to step forward, and the vortex that has been created to pull your subconsciousness into the sphere, allowing you to pass through the zero point and return to your true state of being. And so, the disc acts as an accelerating device and an attunement instrument to cleanse your DNA from remnants and frequencies past which are affecting your body and your consciousness in a way that is against the good of your higher self. And as such allowing the ascension process to move forward without delay.

If you still do not have this disc and are interested please visit:

P.P.S. To help you on your journey I have written and published a book. It is now available for all of you in both hard copy and digital form. It is called “Mission To Earth – A Light workers guide to self mastery”. In it I explore topics such as: Why you are here and what you are doing on earth. How Starseeds get to earth to begin with. Why you feel the way you do. How to communicate with your guides. How to discover your life purpose. How to release everything and let it go. How to reprogram yourself in order to fully connect with your true essence. How to release old thinking patterns and institute a new reality into your life. How to change your life and make it what you want it to be, and most importantly how to find a link back HOME! There’s a lot more that I discuss in this book. I invite you to join me on this journey of self discovery as we explore together the “HOW”, the “WHY” and the “WHEN”. For more information please visit :

~Anna Merkaba – Distant Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing or Pychic Session with Anna and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL

Image of twin flames: Google Images Search.

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sharing.:::. 2015_ _ _ 2015_ _ _ Asia and the Larger Picture.:::. New Year’s Explosion of the Great Central Sun Alcyone | samkaska

sharing.:::. 2015_ _ _ 2015_ _ _ Asia and the Larger Picture.:::. New Year’s Explosion of the Great Central Sun Alcyone | samkaska.

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sharing.:::. 2015_ _ _ 2015_ _ _ Asia and the Larger Picture.:::. New Year’s Explosion of the Great Central Sun Alcyone

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Coming in 2015 by Selacia

Relax a bit and take a deep breath as the New Year begins – a gentler and lighter energy in the air. You have witnessed and likely lived through many complex challenges in recent times. The year 2014 was not an easy one, to be sure.

As mentioned in my 2015 Predictions article published in November, much is changing in our world. The changes are nothing short of a miracle, with long-outmoded institutions coming under the magnifying glass in a very public way. This process of disclosure and unveiling, while not complete, has set in motion the momentum needed for the most radical revolutionary shift to date. By the time it’s finished, society’s key nonworking power structures and ways of being will have been scrutinized and taken out of the closet for airing.

The tumultuous stage we have just lived through indeed set a foundation to shift our planet into the higher frequency octaves of love. Much still needs to be done to remedy imbalances, so in 2015 you will be hearing a lot about actions needed to follow up the foundation established so far.

Divine Changemakers in 2015

You have come a long way on your soul’s journey to be here now. As 2015 begins, consider this long passage and the big picture of your overall role as a divine changemaker. A changemaker is one who is instrumental in making beneficial changes, within and in the world. A divine changemaker approaches change from a spiritually-grounded perspective, recognizing the divine nature of all beings and all life.

The emergence of divine changemakers from all walks of life and all corners of the world is a pivotal force, creating abundant positive impetus. It is because of people like you, awakening to the truth of your own divine nature, that even more progress can be made in the coming times. Trust this.

Know that once we cross the threshold into 2015, the beneficial push already under way will continue. The quantum part of you can sense this positive energy – it is palpable. Your quantum self, not bound by linear markers, has the big picture that spirit sees. That perspective includes the future, which is where you are headed based on energies and actions now unfolding. Since much of what’s developing can be outside your ordinary radar, invite your inner wisdom to connect you with the larger quantum view.

The full moon this weekend is a perfect opportunity to focus on the kind of life you want to manifest in 2015. Energies in the first few days of the New Year can set the stage for a powerful manifesting process! Ahead of the weekend, consider setting some intentions, using the following as an example to stir ideas. Even as you write the intentions and voice them out loud, you have created a plan that is alive and full of potentials.

2015 Intentions List

FIRST – deepen the connection to spirit, expanding it to become more tangible in the everyday world. This includes having enhanced heart connection, increased intuition, and an expanded ability to live authentically. It also includes listening more of the time to discern the beneficial nudges from spirit.

SECOND, raise frequency to the higher vibrational level of love, facilitating the ability to generate abundance. This includes being able to manifest what is in the highest good – becoming an open vessel for receiving goodness and maintaining a balance in all things. It also includes clearing old DNA-level patterns involving money and receiving.

THIRD, discover and successfully take the next key steps on the path of enlightenment. This includes becoming aware of and addressing blocks to spiritual growth. It also includes discovering more about life purpose and connecting with people instrumental to progress on the path.

As you reflect on your intentions, remember the power of your words to create. You are creating all the time with your mind! Choose the words with care. Base your words on the present and where you desire to be headed next. Leave plenty of wiggle room, too, so you can adjust to reflect changing circumstances.

Be open to the idea that your very best moments are yet to come – you are going to be creating them moment by moment. You are at the helm!

Copyright 2014 by Selacia – author of Earth’s Pivotal Years, healer, and teacher * All Rights Reserved * * Feel free to share these articles with your friends and post to your blog or website as long as you include this copyright line and the full article text.

Posted 21 hours ago by LUZ ZOHAR

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Asia and the Larger 



by Laurie Stearns, January 1, 



Georgi Stankov

The single most important political development in the current End Time is the building of the strategic Eurasian alliance between Russia and China as an opposition to the hegemonic policy of the Empire of Evil to destroy and conquer these big countries as it does with all other smaller and poorer countries that stand on its way in order to install the NWO in the End Time. Purely for this reason we, the light warriors of the first and the last hour, who know exactly what is at stake in this final mortal battle between the light and the darkness, tend to side with the underdogs from this part of the world. But isn’t this another fallacy of dualistic human thinking and are the Eurasian peoples really better than the American zombies for the new 4D worlds, where  we now ascend this uppermost mother planet?
I decided to ask Laurie, who lives for a very long time in Asia and knows this part of the world better than most other Westerners, to write an essay where she presents her personal view on this huge, rapidly advancing continent. Laurie’s advantage is that she is a Canadian and not only knows perfectly well the Western point of view, but she is also a light warrior of the first and the last hour and ascended master and enjoys a much broader point of view that helps her see through the material facts and is able to explore the current hidden tectonic shifts in the collective soul of the Asian people.
One important point of departure for me and also for Laurie was the recent Corbett-Report on the emergence of modern China after Mao’s death as a monolithic state dictatorship with a capitalist type of economy with the help of the Western cabal, who are the same dark banksters that have already destroyed the Western economies.
What superficially appears to be a hard political, economic and recently military competition between China and the USA, leading to an inevitable confrontation in the near future as most experts agree, is upon closer scrutiny a well-disguised plan of the dark ruling cabal to establish two alternative social forms of the NWO. In the West, we have the allegedly free market economy, which is in fact a cartel of few Orion banksters and criminal typhoons who pull the strings of all economic and political activities of the Western nations and that of their clandestine dark governments.
Their aim is to crash the Western economy in the End Time by creating massive inflationary bubbles with all kinds of fraudulent virtual financial products, that hugely increased the debt of the national state and the citizens,  eliminated the middle class, impoverished the masses and impeded any meaningful economic growth as was still the case in the 60s and 70s. This is what we now observe in the USA and Canada in the last several decades.
With the total subjugation of Europe by the Washington cabal in the course of the Ukrainian war and the imposition of massive sanctions against Russia that hurt and weaken in the first place the EU countries this same dire destiny of poverty and austerity has now reached the old continent.  Before that the EU enjoyed a little bit more sound economic growth than the sucked out, crumbling neo-liberal economy of financial scam in the Empire of Evil that harbours the highest number of fraudsters and Nobel prize winners in economics.
Both China and Russia have more balanced economies than the highly indebted West that are based on real value – natural resources in Russia and China as the world factory – and huge capital reserves. Their national debt is negligent and their big corporations are vastly under state control as a remnant of the once central planned economy. The free market sector is an extension of the national state and can very easily mutate to a NWO when their elite decide to do so. Both post-communist countries are ambitious newcomers, nouveau riche, that represent 3/4 of the world population outside the old Bretton Woods’ order of the dark Western Cabal of the triple AAA (Anglo-american Axis of Assholes).
But if the new economies of China and Russia are a neo-communist variation and a prototype of the NWO, just as the Western free economy of financial fraud is the twin of it, contrary to the famous poem of Rudyard Kipling – “for East is East and West is West, like twins that never meet” – then how sure are we that the world is better off with these new emerging powers than with the old crumbling Empire of Chaos?
Here we are confronted with a cardinal question for the future of mankind – what role will these countries and their populations play on the new 4D worlds? The answer to this question bears also the key as to how the End Time scenario will unfold in the coming days according to the dialectical principle of resolution through confrontation between light and darkness.
Neither Laurie nor myself sustain that we have all the answers to this key question, but her excellent essay below highlights many important aspects of the Asian way of life and thinking that already gives you a clue how the End Time drama will most likely unfold early this year.
Laurie’s Essay
This has been, strangely enough, very difficult for me to write – maybe having lived in Asia for so long and coming to different understandings about many things, and yet feeling as though I don’t really understand anything sometimes. I’m a Westerner that has lived the past 12 years in Asia. Surely this has changed my mindset and the way I view many, many things? Well, it most definitely has. I first lived in Taiwan and then in Shanghai, China and I’m currently living in Hanoi, Vietnam.
I would not suppose that I can understand everything or even a small fraction of what many people in this part of the world have gone through or experienced with regards to oppressive regimes and wars that have been hoisted on them. To gain an understanding of this, I have read numerous books of first hand personal accounts from some who lived and experienced this, and also spoken to people who lived through them. I think it is important to know though, where many of these regimes and wars came from. Far from being civil wars created by the people themselves, they were designed and brought forth from the wealthy banksters in the West, also known as the Cabal and Elite who are manipulated by their masters; the Orion Empire and the Annunaki.
Many of these did not just spring up out of grass root revolutions but were cultured and initiated by people connected to the global Elite and their plans, in these countries, who saw opportunities to exploit political or social / economic situations. They were designed and implemented by these people as grand experiments – literally with a view to this end time and the Ascension of humanity. Why? Because (as we know) they don’t want their energy source cut off, of which we are for them, and the goal was to try to stop the Ascension so they could prolong their rule and imprison humanity as bigger slaves than they already are – using these regimes as proto-types. Yes, this is sick and psychopathic behaviour, and they are.  (Georgi has already spoken about this.)
I watched the video from the Corbett Report on China:
and found some of it interesting, but not surprising, namely that Mao was a Yaleite. I knew the regime was fomented from the West.
But something else here. It must be noted that venerating and deifying people connected to these past regimes by way of embalming them and keeping them in mausoleums is a strange and sick practice. Doing this, literally keeps people in a state of glorifying a very troubled past.  It’s kind of like glorifying a man hanging off a cross and saying it’s great.  It’s the same mentality.
So, with that in mind, we have a clearer view of what we are dealing with here.
With having almost half the world’s population here in Asia, there are vast, vast amounts of baby and child souls as well as many, many people who seem to be in the beginning stages of their young soul cycle. Although, obviously there are also souls who are entering their adult soul cycle as well as old souls. It seems strange to me that on one hand, we have the dying Empire in the West, but there also seems to be, ironically, a mirror reflection of it in the East that reminds me of a much more economically wealthier time in the seventies and eighties in the West – mainly with the amount of young souls who fit in well with this sort of monetary and material accumulation and the set regime of work days, something that in the West has been so paramount. And, there are plenty of willing people here in Asia who are willing to be the workers climbing up the ladders.
The East – Asia / China and some SEA countries (I think India had already been introduced to individual credit cards and bank loans, as well as other SEA countries) are now coming on full steam with something that was extremely foreign to them in terms of accumulation of material goods on a large societal scale. This has to do with the introduction of credit cards and loans from banks en-masse – namely debt. Large scale debt on an individual societal basis was something that the East had NOT been introduced to until the 21st century. I see all of the wonderful ads coaxing people to get credit cards and take out loans to make their lives easier and full of abundance which will make their family life very, very happy. We know where that leads. Western society has been indoctrinated into believing that massive debt is normal and the only way to obtain material goods. Of course, the poorer you are the harder it is. It is a consciousness obviously of lack, parading as abundance for all.
In the East there has been a much more pragmatic approach to going into debt, and it has usually involved taking loans from extended family members, and NOT banks and also paying for goods in cash.  The reason for this, is that there is a mindset that owning something outright (within a family structure and its assets) is better than buying it on credit – which really makes sense in the long run (but, can have its own inherent complications). So, with the introduction of all these credit cards and bank loans, it will be very interesting to see how (mainly) China will deal with this. This is true also for Vietnam as well.
Although that said, the debt part comes into play where the masses who DON’T have any money, tend to over-extend and get personal loans from private loan sharks with their own ideas about interest, to purchase things just because they are thought to give them face. This is an aberration of the concept of what face is – namely these days it tends to focus around how much money and material assets one has, whereas in the past, I would say it had more to do with honour and integrity. I see this many times over with people who have very little, but they have iPads and iPhones and the latest technology, I have never seen so many iPads and iPhones in my life.
This has been the downfall of the West, is that it has been solely immersed in the accumulation of material goods and money. All false self-esteem ideologies based solely on prestige and accumulation of material assets, which have been wrongly praised (and still is) as being successful. But, of course there is never enough and never will be in a system that is based on lack. People never have enough or they always need more, and this is the trap.
There does seem to be some unparalleled greed here, but this is the young souls’ learning curve. Nobody can take that away. I see this by way of the gross monetary greed here; by way of always wanting more and more money – after all, money will always save you and keep you out of harms’ way, it is the false security that humanity has bought into. Inflation here is out of this world. EVERY year prices go up anywhere between 10 – 20%, it is ludicrous. I do not know if this is pure greed or controlled inflation – a bit of both I surmise. The only people who aren’t really affected are the ones who have so much, as it usually goes.
What is one of the most difficult things to deal with here, is the complete lack of consideration for others – It’s like me first, me always mentality, this frame of mind doesn’t see that there are other people, there can virtually be, a real non-thinking attitude in this regard.  I see this in many different ways; while lining up for example, if you do not vehemently declare with your body language and sometimes verbally that the ten or so people behind you cannot go ahead of you, then you will be pushed out of the way, you’ll be at the back of the line faster than you can blink. What’s crazy, is that many folks here know this, but still do it – It’s maddening. People do tend to push and shove a lot, and I mean, A – LOT.
I remember the first time I took the underground Metro in Shanghai and got off the train at Peoples’ Park – it was insane. Train loads full of hundreds of people pushed to get on and off the train at the SAME time, I couldn’t believe it. No one stood aside and let people get off and then proceed to get on in a more orderly way, it was a free for all, and there wasn’t an inch to move on the train with people stuffed into it splitting at the seams. I avoided the Metro at certain key locations and times for this reason.
But there are other examples as well, driving into people and driving away after driving into someone, without so much as a sorry, or checking to see if you are OK. This has happened to me (more than once), but once where I ended up face down in the pavement and my knee became so bruised and swollen I couldn’t walk, I had to get acupuncture and physiotherapy and stay off of it for days (it was a motorcycle). I do not have insurance, and in this society most people do not have it – although, it is fast becoming implemented by all these insurance companies springing up everywhere, from the West as well as the East and their own companies.
I am faced with wondering if this behaviour has solely to do with societies who have been deprived from so much for so long, as well as deprived from even obtaining an adequate amount of food at one point in time (and not that long ago), that they feel it is their right to want / have (which it is, this cannot be argued) and are now at a stage where they are able to obtain things, or if this is just sheer blind greed.  It seems to me that once a society has been through severe austerity for a long period of time, they forget a part of their humanity, and consideration is all but forgotten, until it balances out over a period of time. Or, is this the beginning of a young souls’ soul cycle and learning these things is part of this cycle?
But, when we look at the logistics of the population in Asia, I wonder what it would have been like had the world been different where these regimes were not installed that set people and societies back?  In all probability, dealing with bringing China and India and the rest of the world on board to live at the same level of the West and all its’ pillaging, the Earths’ resources would have been exhausted long ago.  It’s mind boggling.  But also, would the world have been forced to use free energy sources?
Who knows how this could / will implode with such an incredibly large population, many of whom have nothing? We are talking hundred millions and millions of people here. I surmise there could be much, much social unrest because of huge imbalances. Unless alternative energy is implemented, the Earth will not be able to withstand this pillaging of its’ resources, this could also help to balance things out as well.
It’s interesting that Russia passed an anti-Nazi law that will cut off any country from energy supplies of gas and oil if they are suspected of Nazi like torture of POW’s or their own citizens. This would possibly help people to remember that these sorts of inhumane crimes cannot go unpunished, and that since people do tend to have short memories, this could help them with that problem. Literally, I think we all agree that alternative energy would have to be implemented, but what kind and how? Would these countries want a free energy that the populace wouldn’t have to pay for?
The traditional way of doing business in China (and Asia in many parts), is to build a relationship step by step, this can be a very long process sometimes. And in China, it isn’t so much how much money you have – although this is very attractive – it’s who you know and all of YOUR contacts. This is the most important aspect of what you bring to the relationship. This is because you would be of more value and there would be many more possibilities. In the West we also believe relationships are important in business as well, but we steer more towards the monetary and strictly business part of a deal. We do not focus so much on what contacts the other side has. It’s usually business between the two entities and the contract. Contracts really mean very little in Asia, and mainly this, because there aren’t the same kind of laws, and the mind-set is very different with regards to two dimensional ideas on paper. But this has more to do with smaller individual based businesses, rather than larger, but even then sometimes, this is also the case.
Maybe if China implements some of the cultural unifying aspects of its knowledge of energy and balance with regards to the integration of Classical Chinese writing, TCM (traditional Chinese medicine), Feng Shui (literally; wind / water energy) and the arts, Tai Chi and other martial art forms, and even the preparation of food, where these things are all integrated and connected to one another to create a unified balance, which is more in harmony with nature, this could possibly help them to create a more balanced society and understanding of their future. In Hong Kong and also on the mainland, some buildings are constructed with Feng Shui in mind, which is the balancing of energy in an environment for beneficial aspects. It seems that the Cultural Revolution tried very hard to get rid of this unified aspect, but even today these things are still important in China and are acknowledged as being something that brings balance. Hopefully this is the case.
Looking at the skyline in Chinese cities with all of the massively tall buildings with over one hundred stories, it seems claustrophobic and like huge walls are being built into the sky. When I lived in Shanghai, I used to think of it as Gotham City (Batman). It is so incredibly overwhelmingly dense in terms of population and thus energy. This energy seemed to feel incredibly heavy to me. On overcast days and during the winter, it was unbearable and thus my naming it Gotham City. In fact, I had to leave Shanghai because I was so physically depleted from this fact and quite ill. Plus, the pollution in Shanghai is catastrophically bad as well.
So to conclude this, you can see many of the same sorts of ideas springing up in the East that have been considered normal in the West, taking shape and being implemented. With all of this being considered to be a good idea – It does seem that people want some of this, but, in all probability not all – I wonder if Asia will not go to a different time line to live out these lessons and come to understandings possibly without the interference of a manipulating alien soul sucking consciousness? Or, if this is the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine. (I realise there is a song by the group REM of this very same name, I’m not a fan.)

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New Year’s Explosion of the Great Central Sun Alcyone


by Georgi Stankov, January 1, 


In the last several days there were numerous reports on the Internet that the sun has dramatically changed its form and outer appearance:


There are many wild speculations as to what the cause may be and some of you have asked me what my opinion is on this phenomenon. We know though that our sun is simply a portal for the Great Central Sun Alcyone in the Pleiades, from where all Source energy for the Ascension process comes from. This has been the case since the PAT opened the stargate 11.11.11 more than three years ago and enhanced the last most intensive phase in the ascension process of Gaia and humanity.
At New Year’s night Anthony sent Carla the following message, which he has spontaneously received. She asked him for permission to publish it on this website and here it is:

“My Dearest Sisters,

The most happy and healthy and prosperous of years to you to us and to the World. I was just texting with Julian when I got this message from HER, the Great Central Sun Alcyone:

The energies of the Great Central Sun are here and hitting the Planet they are the tide of transition that is coming, a wave of huge proportions.

She, the female energy of The Pleiades, is bringing this about. She is now making the cosmic movements that will unset the PTB and make them the PTW.

Her greatest task at this moment is the complete turning on of the Prime wavers who are small in number less than a 1000 and the movement of the 33000 that are the 1st wavers. (under the word “turning on” Anthony most probably means our transfiguration as the PAT is the “prime wavers”; Note, George)”

We are to do little to nothing over the next 7 days other than to bring ourselves into a state of grace within and to hold our selves to what we know as truth. No magic, no running to save anything or anyone, no nothing energetically other than possibly uniting our selves together. Come into your own source energies and remain there until the 7th.

All will be made clear!


I checked this message this morning and it very much resonates with what I get from my HS. We are now in the most crucial phase of ascension when this uppermost mother planet is flooded with a tsunami of Source energy from the Great Central Sun Alcyone in preparation for the final ID split of the old 3D matrix and concomitant shift of this timeline to the new 4D worlds. Simultaneously, this will be the time of our ascension.

As you all must sense the energies have been exorbitant in the last days and they are continuing to spiral with the beginning of the new year 2015 – the most auspicious year in the history of mankind, when ascension will take place. You will not experience this whole year in this reality, there should not be any doubt about it. The only question is when we shall ascned, but it feels very close to me.

Since two weeks I get constantly impulses from my HS to prepare for my mission to introduce the new Theory of the Universal Law to this humanity. As already mentioned, I have no idea whether it will be on this timeline before the big events will commence or after Ascension.

 But the creation of this scenario is happening now and the green flame of healing, truth and science is now flooding this timeline in an all-permeating manner and prepares it for this paradigm shift.

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Happy New Year, Georgi… and the US Banks Are Crashing

by Kari, the Sunshinegirl and Georgi Stankov, January 2, 2014
Happy New Year, Georgi!
Hi Georgi,
Great posts, as usual. I feel a lot of energy right now… feels like little pieces of information will suddenly come to me… greater clarity, more confidence, deeper peace held for longer periods of time. Of course, I still have periods of utter exhaustion or negative thoughts but I do notice that it is for shorter periods of time and that I am able to focus on the “silver lining” easier these days.
Today I went shopping with a friend of mine because she told me there were a few sales going on and since I don’t follow these things, I just listen to her to find good deals. We went to an outdoor mall and it was a very weird experience. I haven’t been to a mall in many months and so I was overwhelmed by just how much shit they sell and how the human ego has invented things of no use whatsoever just to perpetuate this fake ass economy.
For one thing, we went into Victorias’ Secret because I needed a new bra and after I went into the dressing room, a girl knocked on the door to tell me her name and tell me that she’s a “bra specialist”. OMG… corporate programming at its best. She was a nice enough girl but I blame the ignorant masses for accepting these positions in the first place. I just never could take any of it serious enough to stay working for these corporations. I remember this one job training I had in Detroit, Michigan…. I bursted out in nervous laughter several times during it. It was hard for me to believe that others weren’t joining me.
But seriously, a bra specialist? The idiocracy has to have reached its last plateau… please god, tell me. Then we went into this other store called Pandora… because her husband bought her this necklace for christmas that you collect expensive charms for. This is the adult version of a charm bracelet and apparently it makes people feel important. I guess it’s not enough to be a mom, have a new baby, like the color green, or have a soft spot for kittens. Now you have to where your life on a bracelet or necklace in order to display these characteristics. Yikes. There are literally hundreds of these charms… tucked away beneath glass counters and displayed upon velvet cushions. All the wasted material for something that looks like you could win it out of a gumball machine. It was a bit depressing I must say. For a minute, I did a gut check wondering if maybe it bothered me because I don’t have any of these tokens of mainstream, cool, society but no… it really is just stupid.
Anyhow, to focus on the positive and the exciting… I can really feel some momentum picking up and I am truly ready to get on with this show. The insanity cannot withstand this tsunami of celestial energy much longer and it’s a truly beautiful thing. I’m so proud of us for keeping it real and being unmoved by the ignorance around us. I agree with some of your recent posts that there is nothing for us to do but to rest and remain as peaceful as possible. We are simply spectators now… about to witness the unveiling of a play that we both wrote and starred in.
From my heart,
Dear Kari,
thank you very much for your latest observations on the various aspects of human insanity and why this illusion must come, and will come to an end very soon.
I also feel a kind of Olympic serenity since two weeks, notwithstanding the intensity of the waves and cannot get even properly excited or angry, although there were some events that would have normally triggered such an emotional response. I cannot recognize myself. But this inner calmness is very much welcome as it points to our rapid and swift shift to much higher frequency levels now.
Carla connected to Alcyone this night and she told her of the coming huge wave of peace and joyful calmness that now engulfs humanity and this world. This is the most important message now.
With love and light
Wow Georgi…
I feel it. Let me explain what JUST happened. I was dead asleep. I heard my phone ring. I answer it from my bed and it’s my boyfriend. He tells me that all his bank accounts are showing zero! I feel calm and unmoved. I ask him to repeat it. He says, I tried to use my card to get gas but the pump would’nt take my card so I go inside to pay and my card didn’t work. So I log in my account and it all shows zero. Then he says, “what do you think? Identity theft?!”. I didnt even feel phased. It is like I expected to hear this. I have been telling him that the economy will collapse and the banks have no real money. He has been arguing with them for days. They owe him $30,000 because of his loan to build his house. He’s been building a house for over a year and is now at stage where his bank is supposed to give him back some of the money he put up himself, initially.
I don’t know how it works…because I refuse to try to understand it all anymore. But I do know that they don’t have the $30,000 to give him and have been giving him excuses all week which has further delayed some things in his life and now, apparently his bank accounts all show zero. I did not say anything to him about ascension because I chose not to repeat myself and plus this may just prove to be a mistake today but a real sign that it is very close! He is going to the bank now and I will update you soon.
However, here is the main thing. I have no emotional reaction to this news and…somehow… And somehow neither did he. He was very calm. As if what he was saying to me was a story he heard. He was not panicked whatsoever. He probably expects it to be a mistake and to be rectified here shortly. However, perhaps this was our preparation. I am so glad you feel calm too.
Love, Kari
Dear Kari,
this is extraordinary news and may indicate that the US banks have began to rob the private bank accounts. Here is an important article and video from James Corbett, I read yesterday, that highlights this next step of the bankrupt US banks. It is called “bailing in” and was first tested in Cyprus as I wrote last year:
It is a old project of the dark cabal and banksters how to expropriate humanity in the End Time and install the NWO.
The experience of your boy-friend with his bank may indicate the beginning of this planned massive robbery of the private clients’ bank accounts to bail in the banks for their huge losses in derivatives and other speculative investments, which have now crashed under the very low oil price, e.g. the bursting of the shale fracking industry bubble:
There is no doubt that we shall experience very soon the bursting of many more bubbles of the fraudulent Western Orion monetary system (all bubbles burst at some point in time), now that the West has totally failed to crash the Russian ruble end of last year and has only fostered the Eurasian alliance with China.
While 2014 was the year of resetting the Orion minds of the people at numerous levels, this year will begin with a firework of revelations as the energy of truth – the green flame of healing, truth and science – are now flooding this timeline and humanity in an all-pervading manner.
With love and light
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The “Cancer Stage of Capitalism”: The Ten-Point Global Paradigm Revolution

Breaking Out of the Invisible Prison
by Professor John McMurtry, January 2, 2015
Georgi Stankov
This is an excellent disquisition of the major symptoms of the marasmic Orion order on the eve of the MPR and our ascension. It brilliantly confirms all major tenets of our discussions on this website on the state of the world in the End Time, including all major conclusions of the New Gnosis and Theory of the Universal Law.
The fact that  Professor John McMurtry makes this stringent analysis on all the vices of this crumbling Orion society from a conventional point of view, on the basis of traditional morality, ethics and common sense as it should be the state-of-the-art of thinking of any educated person in the humanistic Hellenistic-Western tradition, only reveals how rapid the awakening of humanity now progresses before it reaches the threshold of total transfiguration.
I was personally very thrilled to read this intellectually highly inspiring essay, not only because such writings have become rarity nowadays, but because it succinctly deals with all the spiritual principles on which the new humanity of the new template we created this summer will be founded on the new 4D worlds.
New technologies will be introduced very quickly and easily, as this message of today reaffirms,

but only after humanity has established firmly a new weltanschauung on the true essence of its civilization in the context of All-That-Is. And the foundation of such new, holistic and multidimensional point of view can only be the new Theory of the Universal Law.
That is why there will be no introduction of new 4D technologies for this humanity this year, as announced by AA Gabriel in the aforementioned message, before the Theory of the Universal Law is fully accepted by the vast majority of human beings, even though its ramifications will be only fully internalized in the long run. And this is why I am very confident that the introduction of the New Theory of the Universal Law is bound to begin very soon this year, so that all scholars like the author of this essay can fully profit from the expansion of their consciousness on the basis of the Universal Law.
There is no other way how true enlightenment can happen at the level of the human mind as long as the soul is incarnated in a physical body. Of course this conclusion does not include all ascended masters, who will acquire an immediate, unlimited awareness upon transfiguration.

As we enter 2015, the global corporate system deepens and spreads in its eco-genocidal effects. But the dots are not joined in their common cause across domains. Money-value coordinates like GDP, commodity productivity and stock market indexes are still adopted as the measures of “economic performance” rather than life capital development which is systemically attacked rather than advanced.
More than any prior stage of history, we know not what we are doing at that macro level of life organization, nor why no uptick of American sales can remotely solve the problem of collapsing social and natural life support systems. Greece – the world’s emblem of the sacrifice of society to debt servicing – is now 45% more in debt than it was before the “austerity” programs started. Global social and ecological collapse proceed in lock-step with the ruling paradigm’s transnational corporate and bank prescriptions, and they increase in their demands the more they fail to provide for societies life needs and development. 
Fatal mind blocks now rule that no economists see from within received models of understanding and that no cognitive science lays bare. Unconnected spectacles of crisis are alone reported. Obviously, no recovery from the most wasteful and destructive economic disorder in history is possible so long as it is unseen. This is why we continue over the long cliff of catastrophe without an evident clue of what is happening at the macro level. As another new year opens with all degenerate trends deepening, a point-by-point resetting of our economic parameters to life reality is more than ever demanded. The fatally absurd economic box within which we have been conditioned to conform at a preconscious level remains life-blind at every step without knowledge of it.
Every one of the 10 points of re-framing the economy to life coherence is self-evident once seen. But every step is also revolutionary in paradigm shift from money-capital sequence to life-capital sequence as primary system decider. Once our thought is freed from the bars of the eco-genocidal disorder that now misrules, no step can be reasonably denied.
1. The One-Way Eco-Genocidal Trends
The evidence is now overwhelming that life on earth is in systematic decline towards collapse on all levels. But the meaning is nowhere recognized by any economic model. We have come to know that the climates destabilize to ever greater extremes, but do not connect this long denied reality to the deeper macro facts that the air, soil, forests and water sources are all cumulatively despoiled across the planet as the oceans themselves die back. Vertebrate species simultaneously become extinct at a spasm rate across cultures and continents, but no macro policy arrests their one-way collapse from song birds to coral reefs to pollinators to large animals all at once. Pollution cycles and volumes increase to endanger life systems at all levels, but no global system reduction has been made since the Ozone protocol over 25 years ago.

All the while, public sectors, services and regulators are defunded and dismantled to leave ever more tens of millions of people dispossessed, but tax evasion by the rich multiplies at the same time in one-way disastrous trend. The global food system produces more disabling and contaminated junk than it does food with nutritional value, while man-made non-contagious diseases from obesity to cancer escalate into the world’s biggest killer. Corporate state wars for the resources of the majority world never stop under false pretexts, while transnational corporate-rights treaties to the life capital of all societies multiply at the same time. At the core of the system, the global financial system ceases to function for productive investment in life goods, while the future of the next generations collapses towards 25-50% real unemployment, and a world where no birds sing. Yet nowhere is the common cause investigated or even conceived in the business press, education or high theory.
2. The Moral DNA of the Cancer Stage of Capitalism 
In fact, the underlying value code driving every degenerate trend is never defined. It is, rather, assumed without question or examination and set into mathematical disconnect as the sole meaning of economic inquiry. Bertrand Russell’s warning here is apposite. “Mathematics may be defined as the subject where we never know what we are talking about, nor whether what we say is true”. The co-author of Principia Mathemtica thus nailed “neo-classical economics” over a century ago. Yet no-one knew what it would come to mean. An academically coded corporate rule in a completely life-blind “Economics” was instituted with its assumption drivers hidden in symbols and closed to disconfirmation by facts. Behind all the self-referential hocus-pocus incapable of predicting its predictable disasters, a ruling value code crystallized to drive the world to ruin with no-one knowing why. This moral DNA of globalization regulates beneath consciousness by four absolute equations assumed in every moment of what is now still masked as “the neo-liberal turn”.

Rationality = Self-Maximizing Choice
= Always More Money-Value for Self is Good
= Self-Multiplying Sequences of Ever More Money to the Top Under 1%
= the Ruling Growth System with No Committed Life Functions
= All Else is Disposable Means to this Multiplying Pathogenic Growth

One can test this ruling moral meta program on every degenerate trend. But because it is not seen, the greatest of all fatal confusions comes to be built into societies’ ruling meaning: that money-sequence growth = life value growth. No more malignant mutation of value and meaning has ever occurred. As on the micro level where the surrounding cell community does not recognise the multiplying gross cells eating the life-host alive, so too on the macro social level. Leading the mutant tides of hollowing-out dispossession and ruin of social and ecological life hosts is a private bank system creating tidal notes of bets, credit and debt without legal tender, and partnering with transnational corporations in predation of local economies across the world. It loots life and life bases as ‘necessary reforms’ everywhere it is allowed to move.
This is why there is not inflation while trillions of new dollars are printed for private banking operations with no life productive function. Endless slashing of life goods in wages, benefits, social security and environmental security take corresponding tides of money demand away from people’s lives and life support systems as money-demand powers multiply to the non-producing top. One can track back every step to the ruling value code at work that is taboo to see.

3. Contemporary Economics is a Pseudo-Science 
None of this can be seen by ‘Economics’ because it is a pseudo-science. Its ruling categories are disconnected from reality with no life coordinates, and its defining postulates are unfalsifiable by any facts of the world. All organic, social and ecological life requirements are assumed away a-priori. Infinite demand on finite resources is presupposed as sustainable. Reversibility of all processes is taken for granted in a nineteenth-century liquid mechanics model. Consequences follow in the long run that are predictably fatal to human and planetary life organisation.
Yet whatever does not fit this a-priori life-blind construction is heretical in graduate schools supplying economic advisers to governments and corporations, and taboo in the corporate press and media to the extent of its contradiction. It is not only a mechanical model, but is absurdly “freedom” and “well-being at the same time. Whatever deviates from it, conversely, is “irrational” or “despotic”. At the system-wide level of ruling story, the plot is universal for all societies. Purely self-maximizing atomic selves in the market are believed to necessitate the best of possible worlds by an invisible hand of competition ensuring lowest money costs. Life costs do not compute, and “economic growth” is consistent with destroying all life support systems.
We find here, in fact, the underlying form of a fanatic religion. Supra-human laws dictate commands across peoples, and no deadly consequences diminish certitude in its production of the optimal state for all by the perfect design of the system. With the supreme conceit of a just-so story of dyadic market exchange producing the best of possible worlds multiplied to infinity with no possibility of being wrong, we find the inner logic of the global disorder. It rules as a totalitarian creed blind to all but its own growth free of any life value, standard or regulator.
4. Knowledge Wins in the End, but Not Until It is Known
Societies have thus been everywhere ‘restructured’ as subordinate functions to the inexorable transformation of humanity and the world into ever more private commodities and profits. This mutant value system is malignant to the marrow with no consciousness of its derangement or ill consequences. It is taboo to recognize what is everywhere confirmed – deregulated borderless money sequences multiplying themselves by life-blind models, treaties and wars through all that exists on earth whatever their destruction of human and ecological life systems.
Alarm at the growing deadly symptoms increases across thoughtful people, but without decoding connection. Top-down embargo on any other economic view or reality – including by NATO wars – suppresses alternative at every level. Policies of ‘solution’ only extend the pathogenic system further. Even as the reversal of life evolution on earth becomes undeniable under the global rule of private money-sequence multiplication, life-coherent restructuring is anathema and prohibited a-priori by the unexamined value system. It all seems hopeless, but knowledge wins in the end if not suffocated. Behind every step of degeneration lie failures of social knowledge:

(1) failure to diagnose the regulating value mechanism at work;

(2) failure to connect across the domains of life despoliation as predictable from the system’s blind money-demand multiplications;

(3) failure to define or demand any public policies against its despoiling and devouring life support systems with the public increasingly financing the out-of-control feeding cycles;
(4) failure to recognise any life-value principle or ground of the real economy itself.

5. Re-Grounding in Real Capital and Goods, True Supply and Demand 
The failure to recognise the life ground and processes of “the economy” is built into the ruling paradigm in principle. As in the prior ruling religion, disconnection of categories and system from empirical reality and life needs rules out disbelief. But disconnect is in the name of “science” and “the invisible hand” rather than “God’s commands” and “divine design”. Adam Smith the founder of modern economics was a Deist, but doctrinal abdication of life ground and reality became totalized in so-called “neo-classical economics” which displaces the class divisions of classical economics and the possibility of any alternative social order.
Thus an absurd metaphysics comes to rule which cannot be decoded because its first principles and axioms are a-priori dictates not subject to critical examination. The first principle of this life-blind economics begins by disconnection from all life requirements, grounds and and needs – thus mutating the economy’s provision of otherwise scarce material life goods into an opposite meaning where life goods and life capital do not exist. Capital is assumed as private money-sequences multiplying themselves with life capital blinkered out. Private commodities are assumed to be ‘goods’ although they are in fact increasingly bads for organic, social and ecological life hosts.
The ‘laws of supply and demand’ are simultaneously reduced to self-maximizing private money exchanges indifferent to the real economy of providing life goods otherwise in short supply. Demand is not need or necessity as in any real economy. It is money demand minted by private banks without the legal tender to back over 97% of it: which is ever more unequally held by those serving no productive function, and which nowhere today stands for any life need whatever. The fatal metaphysic built into first principles does not end here. ‘Supply’ is not the life goods people need to survive and flourish, but increasingly the opposite – ever more priced commodities for profit now promoting ever more human and ecological ill-being across the world. Capital is not life wealth that can produce more life wealth without loss, but increasing transnational private money sequences hollowing out life capital on every plane.
6. Knowing Good from Bad as the Baseline of Life-Coherent Economics
At the normative level of this doctrine, a ludicrous and fatal doctrine of freedom rules the war and peace of nations beneath consciousness of it. Freedom = freedom for private money demand only = in proportion to the amount controlled = ever less freedom for those with less of it = no right to life for those without it.

Sane people, in contrast, recognise that life value matters more, the more coherently inclusive in self and world the better. But this ultimately self-evident value ground has been reversed without recognition. People called ‘pro-life’ usurp women’s choice of how they live. Nations assume that ‘standard of living’ is measured by private money spent. ‘Life sciences’ sacrifice billions of animal lives a year for the private money-sequence gains of big corporations. Animal rights theory itself has no criterion to tell the life value of a slug from a person. ‘New and better technology’ is the ruling panacea, but no life-value standard exists to decide better from worse.

What then are we to ground in as life value that the real economy must provide? The objective standard and measure can be stated in three incisive steps:

all value whatever is life value, (2) good versus bad equals the extent to which life is more coherently enabled versus disabled, by (3) greater/lesser ranges or capacities of thought, felt being and action through time.

This criterion of life value is no more a matter of opinion than people’s life necessities are. But what are these life needs that no economic paradigm – orthodox or revolutionary – defines? They are in every case that without which life capacities are reduced. Life capital, in turn, is that which produces and reproduces these life goods – from literacy and extending knowledge to the soil we grow in and air we breathe. The ruling value mechanism miscalled ‘the global economy’ is the opposite. It attacks life goods and capital everywhere as ‘externalities’ to its self-multiplying money-sequence and commodity cycles. But because such growth is assumed to be growing life value, the greatest value reversal in history is unseen.
7. Life Capital Base and Growth as the Real Economy Across Cultures 
The moving line of the war of liberation begins with what we are able to control, our own lives. Here we can recognise that every value we enjoy, lose or gain has a bottom line – its life capital, that is, the life wealth that produces more life wealth without loss and with cumulative gain. We defend it by life goods to ensure our life capacities are not reduced but grow through time. Most are unpriced – the sun and air, the learning, the home environment, the delight in nature, the play, the love, the raising of children, the fellow arts, and so on. On the social level, the same holds and any well-governed society provides for them in many ways. All may recognise the principle of life capital in their own lives as self-evident, and that all which lasts through time that is worthwhile is life capital. But life capital does not exist as a concept in received economics. It is ruled out a-priori by money capital, the social instrument made the lord without life function.
Addictive internalization is how the system disorder grows on. Knowledge of life goods and bads is how it is rooted out, the unrecognised through-line of human evolution. That is why we find we live far better without corporate-ad television, regular private gas-vehicle use, any junk food or beverage, any throwaway item, any new fashion or commodity not more life enabling than the old, any business with big private banks. The organizing principle is as old as the good life, but is forgotten. The life-capital code is not stated, but becomes ever clearer in our time: minimize market demand that disables life capacities to enable life capital to grow and flourish. This principle is unthinkable within the ruling thought system, but defines transformation to true economy and life emancipation on earth. It liberates life wherever it moves.

The underlying turning point is as old as human evolution itself. Every human advance is by knowing what enables life through time from what does not. Collective life advance is transmitting this life-and-death knowledge across selves and generations. The life capital code holds across cultures. Life goods are always that without which life capacities decline and die. All real needs, all real demand, all real supply, and all real economics are known by this criterion. The lost line between good and evil is found in this principle, and so too human freedom and well-being.
We can define the meaning more concretely as follows Every human life suffers and degenerates towards disease and death without breathable and unpolluted air, clean water and waste cycles, nourishing food and drink, protective living space, supportive love, healthcare when needed, a life-coherent environment, symbolic interaction, and meaningful work to perform. All are measurable in sufficiency across cases. All are now degraded, polluted or perverted by the self-multiplying money-capital system defined above.
8. Collective Life Capital the Missing Link across Divisions
Collective life capital is the long-missing principle of the common interest and collective agency. The life capital code goes deeper than gender, culture or individual differences, and includes past as well as future generations by definition. It is objective, impartial, and universally applicable. It is the ultimate regulator of the economic principles of efficiency, productivity and development. It grounds political legitimacy and supersedes ruinous man-nature, economy-environment splits and individual-social conflicts of interest. By its regulation, freedom is made responsible to its own conditions of possibility. Life capital defines an inner logic of life value which cannot in principle go wrong within or beyond economics.
Collective life capital is the missing common ground and measure across the lines of death itself. It is the this-worldly bridging concept across the impasse of global culture wars, economy-versus–environment thinking, present-versus-future interests, male versus female conflicts, and all other warring dichotomies wrenching us from our shared life ground beneath property lines and the mors immortalis of reality on earth.
The difference from received ultimate principles of value across time and theories is in the objective precision of meaning and direction when value judgement and decision are governed by its laws of: (1) life value regulator from start to finish, (2) production of more life value capacity through generational time, (3) life-value measure to tell greater from lesser in any domain by margins of capacity loss or gain, (4) cumulative life gain as the organizing goal of the process throughout, and (5) the meta principle: the more coherently inclusive any decision or action is in enabling life capacities, the better it always is for the world.
9. The Life-and-Death War of the World 
In fact, the global corporate commodity and money-sequence system usurps these life capital principles with impunity across continents, while captive corporate states increasingly subsidize, de-regulate, privatize and militarily enforce this life-blind rule over all ecological and human requirements and rights. But who sees the moving lines of the global life-and-death war?

Obviously a real economy would regulate for life capital conservation and advance with money sequences only as means – as is already is the case in a human way of life. Societies and individuals would transform to better lives if the paradigm revolution was enacted in their spheres of choice. Victory or loss in the war of the world lies as always in how we live. Knowledge of bads versus goods is always the inner logic of human evolution at individual and collective levels of action. It is the mark of being human, and begins in what we do not demand – for example, any new fashion or commodity not more life enabling than the old or the used.
The organizing principle of real economy is long anticipated by China’s Tao-te Ching and the West’s autarkia of human self-realization, and many prove it in their own lives. Minimal demand on short resources to enable maximum life capacities is the war of recovery on social as well as individual levels. While every corporate state now presses for ever more energy extraction and use with no limit of public and life costs at every imaginable level, the root of economic rationality – ration to need – is effectively taboo in official culture.
Once the life-capital system decider kicks in, the rules of selection for what compossibly enables rather than disables human and fellow life on earth become evident to reason and learning from mistakes – the ultimate incapacity of the now ruling global system. This is the transformation to true economy and life emancipation, and it can only proceed in accord with the life capital principle that holds across individual, social and environmental life hosts.
10. The Ultimate Choice Space of Humanity
Collective life capital is now fatally endangered on almost every plane across generational and ecological time. The common life interest has no meaning in the ruling global system because its sole law of growth is to multiply the very private commodities and money sequences without life function that mindlessly drive the end-game world disorder.
It follows that humanity’s very provision for the universal human life necessities that have evolved over millennia are blinkered out by the life-blind value measures of what is miscalled ‘the economy’. Everything that makes a society civilised or liveable is excluded from view – life-protective laws including sufficient minimum wages and environmental regulations, common water and sewage systems for all, free movement pathways and life spaces without cost to use, non-profit healthcare and disease-prevention by public institution, public income security from disemployment, old age and disability, primary to higher education without multiplying debts, family housing, food and life means assistance for children without sufficient parental money, and public libraries and arts facilities with accessible books, films and works of art and art creation. This is more or less a complete index of the collective life capital bases modern society has evolved, but all are dismantled by the global corporate disorder to maximally profit from.

In truth, the organizing principles of common life interest and human agency cross the lines of death itself in the life capital code of value that steers any real economy in any place through generational time. It is the system-deciding choice all societies face without knowing it. History is the record of successes and failures at what still remains unconscious in economic thought. It is nowhere defined beyond slogan even in communism, and ‘the public interest’ has no life coordinates or ground in known modern politics across the spectrum. Yet life goods and life capital denote the only true economic necessity and growth – that without which human life capacities degrade and die. ‘The economy’ is not run by natural or divine laws, as the modern paradigm assumes. It is a social construction of binding rules which directs towards how we live better by what is not otherwise there.
The ruling value code fails more momentously in world waste and destruction than all other systems in history, but beneath recognition. Its built-in contempt for all life requirements and indifference to life ruin multiplies its demands across the planet in a fanaticism beyond ISIL in attacking life capital and goods with no committed life functions. Yet no economics yet allows the recognition of its predictably rising catastrophe through time as a global economic system.
The life capital economy is opposite in its regulating value logic. It grounds in common life capital and produces more of it by life measure as its goal and moral science. Its logic of value is not utopian, but the ultimate through-line of human development since language and cooperative provision of human means of life. It lives in all the civil commons we are made human by in the life security of a free humanity. It is invaded wherever its life capital and goods are turned into more private money demand, resource depletion and waste without limits – the moral cancer of the ruling system. The ultimate choice space of humanity and society lies in this unrecognised life and death meaning.
John McMurtry is an elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and his work is published and translated from Latin America to Japan. He is the author and editor of the three-volume Philosophy and World Problems published by UNESCO’s Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS), and his latest book is The Cancer Stage of Capitalism/from Crisis to Cure.


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sharing.:::. ▶ Martial Arts Fitness Training – 30 Min Workout – The Elohim of the Great Central Sun: Renewal of the Higher Vision! | Vel sanus

sharing.:::. ▶ Martial Arts Fitness Training – 30 Min Workout – The Elohim of the Great Central Sun: Renewal of the Higher Vision! | Vel sanus.

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sharing.:::. ▶ Martial Arts Fitness Training – 30 Min Workout – The Elohim of the Great Central Sun: Renewal of the Higher Vision!

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The Elohim of the Great Central Sun: Renewal of the Higher Vision!

Posted on Dec 24, 2014
by cosmicgaia
in The Elohim of the Great Central Sun, Ute Posegga-Rudel
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Image Credit
Channeled by Ute Posegga-Rudel
Tuesday, December 23, 2014
Video (recommended)


We are here with you, to support and inspire your courageous and dedicated work to the light! We are here with you and we encourage you to ask for our support. So we can win the battle together.

Yes, there have been – what you call delays – but they were not meant to obscure your spirit. In your disappointment about the delays you allowed yourself to be dis-encouraged and to lower your vibration. Inevitably you then limited your vision to the everyday appearances and things in the matrix. And so many of you added extra time to the delay.

We ask you to focus on your service to the light in all your endeavors, in all your actions – with all your heart! It is most important now to channel the Divine Powers of Light and to maintain them on your earth, to concentrate these Powers, to bring them forward in great clarity and intent.

This is a time not to be confused, and not to diffuse the light, but to concentrate it, to focus it, so that it can gain momentum, presence and invincibility in these end-times where the battle is on its peak.

We have a great vision of you, the Divine Human: The light of your attention is like a sword and at the same time it is a benign blanket of great brilliance and softness, like the clear and shining surface of a calm lake in the morning sun.

You do not leave. You do not leave your path and determination now, with doubt or while perhaps squinting into possibilities of defeat. You recognize the Divine Light, now so powerfully present on your earth, as a Divine Mighty Presence, as an Eternal Presence, in which all that is not of It, dies, disappears, vanishes.

We are here to support this process, as it is the wish of the Supreme Divinity for change. There is great compassion for all of you, great love, great appreciation and gratefulness for your surrendered service. This encourages you to always proceed on this path, no matter how your world might look like, no matter what is transpiring.

You do not look at the world as is or might develop, you look at the light, you become It, you Are It, you Are the Divine Consciousness which the Light reveals to you. You are steady and you do not look at what is not light.You even see only Light.

You understand that this does not mean to ignore what is showing up in your world, or not to recognize the state your world is in, or to close your eyes when you see misery. But you rather do not identify with it, you do not allow yourself to lower your energy and your light, whatever happens. And you stand in inner silence in the midst of it all. You spread your love so that it covers your planet. You are at peace even when you see war. You do not engage, you do not step down from the radiant platform of light.

And so you are able to maintain clarity, discrimination, compassion and trust, to be the carrier of these Divine qualities in these critical times. By following your intuition and listening to your heart, you will do what is right.

The unexpected might enter your life, but you never leave your seat of equanimity.

As you remember your Divine heritage, where you are coming from and what you are here for, you do not allow for a moment to be blinded by what your eyes see in this world of illusions. You maintain the clear view of a falcon, indifferent to the shadows, yet with a heart guided by love.

The battle is not about fighting with anything, but in intending to stay in your place of Divinity and to live it. You hold your heart high, you hold your spirit high. You are in joy. And you don’t allow yourself to be touched by anything that differs from your intention.

Soon your vision will manifest and your world will emerge in a new, never before experienced light and beauty. There are attempts to hold you in the matrix and forget the higher visions of ascended Gaia; to not to continue to dream a 5dimensional world.

But you know: This world as it is now can never become Divine, because it is not a Divine creation to begin with. It cannot be merely improved by changing certain parameters and contents. It is not enough.

Therefore you dare to enter a completely new and ascended world and you enter it by creating it. You do not lose your Divine vision, while it seems that in the matrix there is a cry for a change of actors and a change of furniture on the theater scene.

While you use your higher intelligence, Beloved Ones, you recognize the game but you do not fall for it. You follow the way of Divinity, of an entirely new creation. A creation that truly satisfies your deepest heart desire. This heart desire is like a clear and radiant water that is expressing Itself through you, as it is an emanation of the Divine Heart, or God or Reality.

You tear down the veil of forgetfulness, and you work with the Unconditional Light. You have Awakened! You remember your awakened state in your year of 2012 and you have returned to it now!

Some of you allowed yourself to be fooled for a while, but now, Beloved Ones, we see you standing up again. You enter the field of Light, you Become It, you Are It. Unwavering. This is what you do now, because this is, what is required. This is why you are here.

And you dive deep now into the Presence of Divine Light, and recover and renew your higher vision of a New Divine World.

All the blessings of the Supreme Divinity are with you. And the Love of the Only One Who Is, embraces you!

We Are the Elohim of the Great Central Sun!

Message conveyed by Ute

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fantascienza: sharing.:::.Important:::Journey to the Central Sun — IlliaEm ::: MELCHIZEDEK – ALLOW THE INNOVATIVE TO COMMUNICATE

fantascienza: sharing.:::.Important:::Journey to the Central Sun — IlliaEm ::: MELCHIZEDEK – ALLOW THE INNOVATIVE TO COMMUNICATE.

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viernes, 3 de octubre de 2014

sharing.:::.Important:::Journey to the Central Sun — IlliaEm ::: MELCHIZEDEK – ALLOW THE INNOVATIVE TO COMMUNICATE

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Friday, October 3, 2014
Journey to the Central Sun — IlliaEm


Journey to the Central Sun


(This message was received sometime in 1997)

I, IlliaEm, resonate to the eighth through tenth dimension,
In order for you to perceive me, I lovingly lower my essence to the highest vibration that you can consciously access at this moment in your Earth time. As you integrate more and more of your fifth dimensional SELVES, you will be able to consciously communicate with beings from higher and higher dimensions.

Join me now, and I shall take you to communicate with your SELF that resides in the Great Central Sun. Fall into me now, dear One, while we journey to the Great Central Sun. Feel yourself completely encircled by your fifth dimensional vibration so that you can make this journey while also maintaining your Earth consciousness. You are about to activate your personal merkaba.

This merkaba has been waiting for you your entire incarnation, during which you have felt its presence. Unfortunately, the negativity of the third dimension may have caused you to interpret that presence as loneliness and depression instead of hope and reunion.

You have wished to return HOME, but you have not known where, or even what, HOME was. However, now you are able to recognize the call to HOME as a beacon, a homing beam, to allow you to reawaken and remember who you are. Your merkaba is the portion of you that remained awake, even though the rest of you slumbered.

Now my dear, see your personal merkaba before you. It is two tetrahedrons connected by the two overlapping bases. The point of masculine polarity is the top tetrahedron, which faces toward the Great Central Sun. The point of feminine polarity is the bottom tetrahedron, which faces toward dear Lady Gaia, the Earth.

As you feel your fifth dimensional self around you, you can see and feel my essence guiding you towards your merkaba, which is violet, pink and blue.

As you come to your merkaba, you find that it has been inside of you all along, for it is a portion of you and you are a portion of it. You do not need a doorway because you enter this merkaba from the center of your being. As you move through the merkaba to find its center, you feel yourself enshrouded by a beautiful aquamarine color that soothes you and allows you to remember every incarnation you have lived on the third dimension.

From within your merkaba, you can merge with all the fragments of your total SELF. Feel the lesson that each life has brought you, and take a moment to heal them with your love force. As you travel through you total Earth family of SELF, embrace each one. Send a wave of Unconditional Love and unconditional forgiveness to each and every one of the incarnations that you have, and will have, on beloved Terra.

Imagine ALL your third dimensional realities around you. Within each of these realities, you were responsible for a certain area of Lady Gaia’s Earth. In every incarnation, you volunteered to love a certain portion of the Great Mother into Her purest state. This process is similar to being responsible for a portion of a road, or a garden besides a road.

From within your merkaba you can see that there are many markers indicating how your higher dimensional work has become grounded on the earth. You may also be aware of realities in which you were unable to remember, and carry out, your commitment to the planet. Take a moment to unconditionally love those realities, and the “you” that you were in that time/space.

It is time for your merkaba to take off now. Experience the sense of acceleration at the exact moment that there is also complete stillness. Feel how your “other lives” are now within you, as you share the thrill of this journey with them. Be aware of how these other portions of you, and of the Mother, are joyous about their return journey.

You are first raising your vibration beyond that of time and space. You are becoming a fifth dimensional Lightbody; however, you are a hybrid, part human and part Spirit. Stay in conscious connection with your physical self to ground your journey in the physical.

You are sitting in the center of your merkaba understanding how all your other third dimensional realities are now within you. Feel the Oneness. The merkaba appears to be empty except for yourself, but you can feel the consciousness of All That Is within you, over you, around you and through you. Take a long, slow breath. Do you feel how you breathe differently within your merkaba?

This breathing is different because you are no longer breathing oxygen. You are breathing light. At first you breathe lower spectrum lights of a reddish hue. Then, as you become accustomed to the increased vibration, the colors of light move up the spectrum as your breath becomes calmer and you breathe in orange…
Then yellow…
Then green…
And, finally, blue…

When you reach the violet vibration, your breath is so calm and slow that you seem to be breathing not with just your lungs but with every molecule of your form. Your form is different, as it is a form of light. You are ALL Lightbody. You are a ray of light in the center of the merkaba filled with violet light.

You ARE the violet light!
You ARE the merkaba!
You ARE the journey to the Great Central Sun!

On the view screen before you, see the brilliant glow of the Great Central Sun. The CALL has sounded, for those who will take heed, to activate their merkaba and make the return journey into the Great Central Sun. There are thousands and thousands of merkaba, which have taken this journey.

Perhaps you have heard that the Great Central Sun is the Alpha star, Alycone, in the star system Pleiades. It has even been said that your Sun is the eighth star of the Pleiades. You can ask your SELF if it is correct.

In response, I ask you to go within your SELF, for only your deepest soul memories can understand this story. When we of the higher vibrations communicate with our “grounded ones,” we must access the language system that is stored within their higher minds so that their physical consciousness can understand our message.

Communication with an Elohim, such as myself, is instantaneous and encompasses a meaning that is beyond human words. Therefore, in order for our third dimensional ones to ground our messages in the heart of Gaia, they must first translate our communications into the language system of their environment.

Please allow me to show you mental pictures of my explanation so that you can translate these visual images into your human language. As you communicate more and more with your Higher SELVES, you will become adept at this process of translation.

For the first picture of our story, see before you a beautiful shining star with seven other stars around it. You are the eighth star, and you long to join the others. There is a deep emotional connection to these stars. This emotional connection awakens your desire to play with them, to become one with them, and to release the limitations of time and space so that you rejoin an ancient portion of your beingness.

Allow this picture to dim in your mind now. See in front of you a huge vortex of Light so strong that you can barely see it. You know only that there is a swirling sensation and that you are connecting with me, IlliaEm, as we enter the vortex.

Within the vortex we have no form and are free of the consciousness of individuality. We are cosmic specks within the swirling vortex of Light. We are very ancient. In fact, we are one of the first segments of light to be cast into the lower frequencies of reality to experience a third dimensional reality.

We are the beings of light, which are a portion of the ONE, expressing itself as a microcosm within the great macrocosm. In our microcosm there is a resonance that lowers the vibration of our light so that it can collect matter. However, the core of this microcosm maintains its true vibration. Gradually, we begin to feel a density that is a totally novel experience.

This density is the beginning component of a time/space continuum. This concept of time and space is what begins our experience of separation and limitation. As we grow into that experience of “time,” certain portion of our selves find a specific “space” to which we resonant.

Our group resonance is still in unity, but there are harmonies, seven of them, that begin to collect separate forms while remaining connected to the group. However, there is one harmony, the eighth, which does remain connected with the seven. We of that eight group, which will become Earth, resonate to a space far, far away from the others.

However, we always remember the seven and begin to structure our experience on that memory—seven rays of light, seven tones of sound, seven days and seven nights. But we are the eighth. We are different, but we are also alike. We choose to experience the great diversities of the third dimension.

We gather about us all that is different from our own galaxy and from other galaxies as well. One Cosmic Day, we will return to our source. When we have learned the third dimensional lesson of Unity in Diversity, we will return and consciously reunite with the higher vibrations that are our primary resonance.”

Are YOU ready now to begin that reunion?

Begin by remembering the merkaba that surrounds you. See the emanations of the violet, pink and blue light. Hear the tones that are the expressions of each color of light. Imagine that you can perceive the colors above violet, and can hear the tones that correlate with that light.

Inside your merkaba, you are living in a glow of aquamarine. The higher octave of this aquamarine has a sparkling, silver glow. Look again at the violet, pink, and blue. See how the colors change as the frequency of light rises. Can you see the silvery glimmer?

Listen closely to the tones and hear how they change when their frequency moves above the human range of hearing. As you follow the rising frequency of each color and tone, they offer you a path, which you may follow. It is a pathway of light and sound.

Your merkaba travels this path into the core of the Great Central Sun. Yes, it is INSIDE the Sun that consciousness has chosen to abide. From the core of the Central Sun, each life form can aid in the radiation of the Sun without being exposed to its emanations.

It is the emanation of these rays that will be the fuel for your return journey. From within your Merkaba, see the beaming colors of the Sun about you and hear the music of the spheres.

Relax now and release all thoughts and feelings of your third dimensional world. Simultaneously, maintain an active awareness of its presence so that your physical consciousness can join us on our adventure. Remember, you are not to leave your physical self. Instead, you are to use it as a grounding point, a launching pad, for your merkabas inter-dimensional voyages.

NOW, you are just outside the Great Central Sun, Alycone. As you look through the view screen of your merkaba, you see the Great Central Sun and many other merkaba waiting, just as you are. Feel the essence of the Mother, Lady Gaia, for She is here, as well. We are all ready to enter the core of the Great Central Sun.

Do you remember how long, long ago, within the Now, we all spun off from Source to find our “time” and “place” in the lower worlds? Now, we have returned and are greatly expanded by our experiences. Yes, dear grounded one, feel that expansion within our consciousness.

Feel how our heart radiates to the harmonic resonance of the Great Central Sun. This resonance expands our personal radiance, which is NOW transpersonal. We have become a “Unified Field of Light.”

Together, we breathe from the center of our heart chakras, which has expanded to encompass our throat chakra and our solar plexus chakra. Take a long breath of light, and feel how your heart chakra expands even more.

Now it encompasses your third eye and your navel chakra. With another breath of light, your heart chakra further expands to encompass your crown and your root chakra in a Unified Field of Light.

You are a Lightbody living within a living, breathing Field of Light.

Observe how your light is a component of the light of All That Is.
Hear how your personal tone is a component of the Music of the Spheres.
You resonate to the ever-present HERE and NOW.
Your merkaba no longer holds a form, nor do you.
You have returned to pure consciousness.

You are a speck of light, a microcosm of the macrocosm.
Slowly now, return to a form, to my form, the form of an Elohim.

Feel me, IlliaEm, about you.
Feel my Wings of Light as they embrace you.
Feel the movement of my wings—our wings.
Feel the lightness of my body—our body.

Move through the community of the Great Central Sun, and see the many shapes that the visiting lightbodies wish to wear. Every being has chosen their form. Observe the light essence contained within each “body.”

Be aware of how we are all of the Oness here. Simultaneously, you sense your grounded self who is holding your Light on Earth’s physical plane. As you connect with that expression of your SELF, you become accustomed to your new multidimensional body.

Expand it further into your sixth dimensional Possible Self, then your seventh dimensional Oversoul. Allow all your parallel realities to enter into your multidimensionality:

You are an Antarian who is seeking to regain your full awareness of your seventh dimensional self.

You are Orion and you feel like a lizard. Your skin is rough and your tongue is thin and long. Your mind wants to conquer and possess. Love that portion of yourself. It is merely an experience.

You are a being in the Triangulum Galaxy and you have three hearts, three hands and three feet. Your mind works only in geometric forms and symbols and there are many portions of yourself within you. You are a group of three.

Now, you remember Earth. You are a leaf that has just fallen to the forest floor. You are the rising Sun. You are a brook and a roaring river. You are a pebble and a mountain, a flower and a tree.

You are all of these and more. You are ALL, and ALL is you because YOU are on Alycone, the Great Central Sun.

Take the memories of ALL that you have lived
and follow your Pleiadian Guide, Mytria, who will lead you into
The Violet Temple of Transmutation.

* * *

* * *
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14/08/2012 Channeled by Méline Lafont.

Beloved Ones,

Welcome to the new times of Glory and Wealth, of Joy and Love, of Harmony and companionship. This is what you all can come to expect now as these issues are coming into manifestation. These energies and these changes are now welcomed by humanity at large, and they are here thanks to the countless innovative energetic climaxes that reach you now. Originating from this solar system in which you dwell as well as from the other galaxies, countless innovative light codes now come your way to this planet and to humanity in order to lift all to a higher vibration of Divine nature.

All vibrations and Light energies involved can cause heavy shifts and with some of them you already got acquainted. They are very intense and can cause a lot of damage on the inner self as well as on your outer world. Keep in mind that this is a reflection of all the negativity that was firmly anchored on your world and which only now has found its exit to leave, once and for all, the Earth and the collective of the human race. All those shifts and events are expressed as softly as possible according to the global level of humanity’s consciousness. In some cases tough confrontations are necessary, but even than they are reduced to the least destructive way of expression.

Send your Love and Light out to all those afflicted areas, but remain yourself in perfect Harmony. Don’t get disturbed when you witness awful events, disinformation, negative images or news broadcasts. Become aware that there is a collective link involved in all of this and that it has to occur one way or the other, in order to let the new come to pass. To remain balanced and to stay in pure Harmony with yourself will reflect in a greater harmony between the population and the whole of humanity, and as a result of this, automatically to the Earth. This is how to proceed : you start with staying centered and in Harmony with yourself. The rest will automatically follow and will have a positive effect on every soul in your neighbourhood, it will touch them and influence them in a good way. Know this and keep this in mind each time something happens in a positive or negative way.

All that has been sown is now blossoming forth and is manifesting itself effectively. These are the visible effects that you can silently begin to observe. Not in all cases will natural phenomena be implied but on several levels you will begin to observe that in fact, a lot is changing profoundly, a lot is emerging and wishes to be acknowledged. Listen carefully as it whispers softly, close your eyes and behold from your inner self what is in the process of changing. It requires your attention amidst these busy times, but it is put aside because too much focus is given to the things that don’t work, to the things that don’t seem to be visible, to disappointments and to anger. Give it a chance to show itself to you, give yourself the chance to see it and to feel it. Quiet yourself and open your eyes, feel the changes deep in yourself, they will reflect themselves in your outer world.

Let go of the chaotic frustrations others are experiencing, let them go so they can’t affect you. Do you feel frustrated or restless? Do you feel disappointed, do you have a feeling of seeing absolutely nothing of those changes? Well than let me give you a piece of advice : let go! Let it all go and expect nothing, put your world on hold. Quiet your mind and be calm, place yourself in eternity where you are no longer bound by time as time does not exist there. Be seated in your sacred space and surround yourself with Love and Light, close your eyes and go deep into yourself, be at ease and feel how all around you seems to get peaceful. There is no longer noise coming from the street, there are no longer human beings shouting at each other … All is peace and quiet. You are at peace in this sacred space of yours, where nothing or nobody can disturb you. Than listen carefully what shows up at your frontdoor, what it wants to divulge, what it wants you to feel. Allow this to come forth and you will see that changes are really coming to pass, that there is definitely renewal and that Love is in the air. You will surely remark it in your close vicinity. And even if it is not yet the case elsewhere, it all starts from within and that includes also the mindfulness of everything that changes. Be Love my beloved Ones!

I Am Melchizedek and I thank you for bringing this message forth. Namaste.

Copyright © 2012 by Méline Lafont. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.
Posted 14th August 2012 by Juan Pablo
Labels: awakening processinner freedomMelchizedeknew energies

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