Vel sanus: Taekwondo Side Kick Tutorial (taekwonwoo) 태권도 옆차기 – Dragonfly Portal – The Hathors – 2/14/14 – 2/21/14 – Transformation – Breaking of illusions .:::.sharing

Vel sanus: Taekwondo Side Kick Tutorial (taekwonwoo) 태권도 옆차기 – Dragonfly Portal – The Hathors – 2/14/14 – 2/21/14 – Transformation – Breaking of illusions .:::.sharing.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Taekwondo Side Kick Tutorial (taekwonwoo) 태권도 옆차기 – Dragonfly Portal – The Hathors – 2/14/14 – 2/21/14 – Transformation –

Breaking of illusions .:::.sharing

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traducir  /Translate / Vertaal /  ♪ → → → ► → → →
Terjemahan/μεταφράζω / übersetzen / ♪ → → → ► → → →
переводити/Traduire/ переводить ♪ → → → → → → ►
překládat / ترجم / לתרגם   /   翻訳する / 翻译

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Dragonfly Portal – The Hathors – 2/14/14 – 2/21/14 –

Transformation – Breaking of illusions

As the clock on
the calendar of the human understanding of time, comes to a full circle
of light and love, as the clocks strikes the hour of the hours and the
eternal blessings and blossoming of the energies therein unleash, all on
your planet shall begin to feel the upliftment and tremendous change
within the psyche of their being. For the portal of joy and rebirth,
change and transformation, a portal of the Dragonfly has opened its
beautiful self up to humanity to assist you in opening the gateway of
your psyche and breaking through the illusions, restrains and
constrains, reaching the eternal truth of the creator and your creator
And so for the
next seven of your earthly days the portal shall continue to be in
effect. During which time many of you who are dwelling on earth shall
have the opportunity to complete the cleansing and take flight, flight
into another state of being, flight into another realm of the etheric
proportions. Uplifting your consciousness and creating the heaven that
you all desire to see manifest on earth, shall first be recognized
within the psyche of your being.
And so, dearly beloved children of light, We the Hathors of the new
world, the Hathors of the olden days, the Hathors of the light and love
of the heavens, are here today to encourage you to utilize the time in
the utmost possible advantageous position for humanity. Know that
throughout the duration of this window of opportunity, your light bodies
shall expand tri fold, your energy fields shall buzz with renewed
lightness of being, and the magnificent wave upon wave of contentment,
bliss, joy, love, and tremendous potential, shall arise from deep within
your being and spread throughout your sphere of influence with vigor
and splendor, culminating in a fruitful abundance for all of humanity.
And so on the date of your full moon rising, the heavenly doors to
the psyche that dwells therein shall spread open the opportunities to
breathe in the new light and love and shall once more be bestowed upon
humanity by the heavenly abode of the source and the gods and goddesses
that you are. Understand dearly beloveds that you are the co-creators of
your own reality and that which you weave in your dream, that which you
weave in your mind’s eye shall then be manifested and integrated into
the reality that you see before you.
As you awaken to such a realization you shall take flight, flight and
lightness and you shall see that which you have not seen prior. Each
and every obstacle within your path shall suddenly turn into a beautiful
experience from which you are to learn much about your own self and
selves surrounding you.
You are to take every opportunity to expand your consciousness in
order to allow more light, love, joy, abundance, harmony and eternal
understanding of truth to enter your being. For from the being of your
own self, you shall then be able to spread forth the informational
decree that you are to anchor into the GAIA and all who dwell therein,
melting the illusions away and making the way for the eternal truth of
the creator and your own creator selves.
For we cannot reiterate this enough, that each and every single one
of you is a powerful being! Indeed it is so and so it is! And thus,
without the full and proper understanding and comprehension that it is
so, it is not possible for you to change the world and create that which
you deem to see, for you must understand and fully incorporate the
understanding that all of you are powerful, limitless, beings, who have
come form heavens above in order to institute a new directional flow of
energies, a new thinking patterns to all who dwell on GAIA. In order to
assist these beautiful souls to flourish into the new understanding of
unconditional love. In order to assist them to break out from the veil
of forgetfulness, from the falsehood of the history of mankind as a
whole and their own individual structural remembrance of their own
beings. In order to usher in the new age of eternal OM.
And so, beginning on the date of your full moon rising, you are to
take the opportunities presenting themselves to you and transform
yourself into a dragonfly from within your own psyche, spread your wings
fearlessly dearly beloveds, take flight from within your hearts and
allow your own consciousness to expand, transform and transmute all that
stands in the way of light.
WE are with you. WE love you. Goodbye for now.
Personal note: I started searching for the spiritual meaning of the dragonfly after I received this message, and here’s what I found:
Dragonfly symbolism reveals how to get beyond illusions, dragonfly
totem teaches the magic of shifting vibrations with the use of color and
shows us the path to new worlds as she dances in and out of mystical
Dragonfly totem leads you through the mists of change to the land of
magic where you find your true power and you hear the wisdom of your
Dragonfly spirit animal is a very powerful messenger of the delights
of Magic! Dragonflies are full of mysticism, and powers of illusion… The
spiritual meaning of the dragonfly totem symbolizes going past
self-created illusions that limit growth and change. Dragonflies are the
embodiment of color magic, and transformation.
Dragonfly totem energy reminds you of the divine message of light –
as the dragonfly reflects the light and opens creative imagination to
flow in your life.
Dragonfly symbol appears to you capable of moving in all directions,
speaking to you of pure potential giving the gift of flashes of visions
and inspiration for what you can create in your life how you can
skillfully maneuver  the terrain, with swift precision actions and
movements… this is why transformation is a common dragonfly symbolism.  
~The Hathors – Channeled by Anna Merkaba – Distant Energy Healer-
Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing or Pychic Session with Anna
and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self
discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE
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