Vel sanus: sharing2 – Combat Bo Staff – Fight Training – I AM A STARSEED | VOICES FROM ARCTURUS and ANDROMEDA

Origen: Vel sanus: sharing2 – Combat Bo Staff – Fight Training – I AM A STARSEED | VOICES FROM ARCTURUS and ANDROMEDA

Friday, October 6, 2017

sharing2 – Combat Bo Staff – Fight Training – I AM A STARSEED | VOICES FROM ARCTURUS and ANDROMEDA

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Carl Jung:
“Everything that irritates us about others can
lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”
Carl Jung* * *

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I am a starseed. I am different. 

I don’t belong on Earth. 

That is because earth is not my true home. 

I felt different all my life. 

My thoughts are different. 

My mind is different. 

My energy is different… 

I sense things around me. 

I hear things. 

I will just know things. 

I “see” people, beyond the exterior. 

It’s like I see their soul. 

I see their colours. 

I see their energy. 

I see their heart… 

Or lack of. I feel what others think of me. 

I am sensitive. 

I have allergies because of my sensitivity. 

I tried to fit in. 

I can’t. I’d rather die, because in order to fit in, I would have to kill everything inside me anyways. 

I tried that, and I wouldn’t recommend it. 

Besides, I know that’s not why I am here. 

I am programmed to be different. 

It’s in my DNA. 

I cannot conform. 

I came in this way so that I would react to these things around me, so that change can happen. 

I know I am not alone. 

Although, I am alone where I am. 

Many times I thought I was crazy. 

I must be insane having all these thoughts. 

–Starseed, alien, advanced technology, light beings, star people, mission to change the planet, save humanity… Sounds like a movie. 

Growing up I thought there was something seriously wrong with me. 

And I was embarrassed and ashamed about these thoughts, because who was I ?

 I was nobody. 

I did not fit in, I was weird, and I was teased and made fun off. 

I was crazy thinking I had these super powers and would change the world. 

Now, that I have awaken, I know it is true. I am not crazy. I am here to change the world. I do have so-called “super powers”, which I am beginning to remember and re-learn. Of course I believe in aliens. I always knew I was one of them. 

I knew it in my heart. 

They are family. 

Earth is okay. By that I mean Gaia mostly. 

The soul that is the planet. 

I am here to help her. 

There were many of us that answered the call. 

Some were asked; some volunteered. 

We all wanted to go. We all wanted to be here. We care about Gaia. 

The earth was so dark. 

We could see it. We didn’t like it. We wanted to help. First we had to wait. 

We could not interfere. It was difficult for us to just watch. 

We didn’t want this planet to be destroyed by darkness. 

It is such a beautiful planet. Many of us have had many visits, and we care about the planet. 

Gaia is strong, but she needed some assistance, and we were happy to assist her. 

We all wanted to be here. But it’s very different from what we are used to. It’s dark here. 

The energy is very dense. There’s negativity here. Ego is very strong. 

There is much competition. We don’t understand that, because we know we are one. 

We don’t understand cruelty. 

We don’t understand dishonesty. We want equality. We want change and enlightenment. 

But we must realize that WE are the change and enlightenment. 

The ascended masters, galactic beings, angelics, or anyone else is not going to just appear, and suddenly everything will be fine and it’s over. 

WE are the ascended masters, galactic beings, angelics and others. It is us. 

We are the ones changing the world. We are changing it now. Be who you are. 

However you are. You are meant to be exactly that : ) I know it can be difficult, but please know that you are not alone. 

You don’t have to tell anyone, but it’s not worth changing yourself for anyone. 

You are the way you are for a purpose. You don’t want to change that. 

I love you, and I love being on this mission with everyone who resonates with this : )

Posted 19 hours ago by Juan Pablo Rodriguez

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Vel sanus: sharing3- ▶ BO STAFF – Combat Training – ARE YOU A BLUE RAY??- THE HATHORS – THE AETHERIUM

Origen: Vel sanus: sharing3- ▶ BO STAFF – Combat Training – ARE YOU A BLUE RAY??- THE HATHORS – THE AETHERIUM

Sunday, June 25, 2017

sharing3- ▶ BO STAFF – Combat Training – ARE YOU A BLUE RAY??- THE HATHORS – THE AETHERIUM

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Carl Jung:
 ” One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.”
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Are You A Blue Ray? 

You’ve heard of Indigo and Crystal Children, but what about the ones who came before them?

Are You From the Blue Ray? Star Beings & Walk-ins The Lost Ray of the LightWorker
The Blue Ray Beings are an ultra sensitive empathic soul group like the Indigos that came from many different ascended planets and light realms to enlighten the genetic code of humanity and raise the God consciousness on Gaia. They are the lost ray of the Light Worker.
“Shekinah”, a Hebrew word in the “Language of Light”, is a mentor of the Blue Ray. Shekinah is the lost aspect of the sacred Divine Feminine of Creation that is the embodiment of God, the ascension process. Blue Ray is the soul group consciousness of the highest aspect of all Blue Rays. Together we give you these transmissions.
Attention: If you would like to add this information to your page, website or other, you are welcome to do so as it helps other lightworkers, but please put in the proper author credit and my website link, thank you!!!
As a Blue Ray Being, you came to transform the damaged, mutated DNA of humanity, and set the stage for the other rays to come. You were not recognized for your unique divine light and had to recognize yourselves. It was tricky spiritual business as you were super sensitive beings, though you had the spiritual power tools to be victories in your mission.
For the last 100 years the Indigos, Rainbows, Crystals and you, the Blue Rays, have been incarnating to create a vibrational shift to the higher dimensions. You the Blue Ray Beings are the overlooked and forgotten ones, and have been essential in clearing and setting the stage for humanities ascension. Because of you, Blue Ray Beings, earth will be able to take her rightful place in the galactic and universal councils of oneness and peace.
We Wish to ‘Thank you’, from the ones that can’t articulate your divine presence, all of humanity, your star sisters and brothers of light and the sacred higher realms. We are in constant praise and support of you!
Remember! Blue Ray, there is much more coming for you, for your time has come.
The Blue Ray Mission:
Infiltrate the system in a normal capacity, always remembering who you are and where you came from, planting the seeds of peace, love, light and higher awareness. No matter how painful, long or arduous the job was, it was your mission and you had the spiritual tools, insight and divine light to see it through.
Blue Ray Traits:

· ‘Transformers’, using alchemy you naturally transmute lower energies.
· Average age range: Late 30’s to 50’s
· Tend to be water and air signs: Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer, Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra with Virgo influences.
· Have similarities with the Indigo, Crystals and Rainbows Beings. Ultra sensitive, intuitive, can easily communicate with the higher realms. You have sacred knowledge and wisdom.
· Often mistaken for an Indigo.
· Very adaptable and empathic.
· Blues are more reserved and quieter than the indigos and seem mystical in the way they look. Old souls may appear to be more ethereal looking or star born.
· You are about communication and expression through the creative arts and spirit. It is very important for you to express yourself. It’s part of you mission.
· May have taken many years for you to be able to speak up and be seen.
· Have blue in your aura or have lots of blue around you. You will also have violet to help with transmuting lower density.
Work with Archangel Michael, Saint Germain and the Violet Fire.
· Most are energy or spiritual healers as you wish to heal and help others.
· Are water types. Flowing, emotional, not static and associated with the divine feminine traits and archetype. Music, sound, movement, dance and nature is very important to you.
· Learned how to hide your supernatural abilities and gifts, stood in the background waiting, watching, observing and always in the knowing.
· The Waiting, Star Seed Time Line Encodement, the blues have been preparing for when events and an inner knowing will activate you to reset your course to take a higher path. This activation will attuned you to your core essence and will affect your career, hobbies, goals and relationships.
· Most of you were not born to enlightened consciousness spiritual parents. You had to heal and transform much family, genetic damage, emotional trauma and dysfunction first.
· Feel connected to the terms Light Worker, Star Born and to Pleiades, Sirius and to the esoteric studies and the evolved races of earth. Are more energetic aligned to Lemurians then to the Atlantians.
· Have amazing latent spiritual gifts and talent that are not fully activated.
· Feel out of out place in your family, feel your biological family is not your true origin. Feel you are from the stars, another planet or evolved race.
· Are the peacemakers with your family and with friends.
· Have great inner long-term persistence. You get to your destination.
· Very sensitive to foods, chemicals, the environment, noise and electricity.
· Need to drink lots of spring water that still has the life force in it, and be connected to the deva of water.

Challenges for the Blue Ray

· Escape tendencies, being in the other realms or being alone to much, feeling lonely and different.
· Addictions or addictive tendency in earlier years.
· Chronic fatigue from always transforming energies or leaving the body to often and to long.
· Learning disabilities
· Difficulty and frustration in communicating.
· Were told: You were different. You’re just imaging things. Get real.
· Can have entities, spirit attachments and negative thought forms come to you, because the Blue Ray transforms and shows them the light.
· Had genetic damage to transform.
· Are very adaptable and empathic, and therefore can stay in a dysfunction relationship, situation or environment to long.
· Need to maintain energetic boundaries and awareness and learn how to stay connected in the body.

© 2010 Shekina Rose, All Rights Reserved
Copyright © Blue Ray transmissions by Shekina Rose of permission is granted to copy and redistribute this article and videos on the condition that the URL is included as the resource and that it is distributed freely and on a non-commercial basis. E-mail:
Posted 10 hours ago by Juan Pablo Rodriguez *      *      *
Carl Jung:

 ” One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.”
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The Aetherium
A Hathor Planetary Message Through Tom Kenyon


From our perspective the destabilization of your world, which we mentioned in our last planetary message, is accelerating at an ever-faster rate. This is producing immense stress upon your biological, mental and emotional realities.

What we wish to offer in this message is a practical tool to bring your body/mind complex into a greater state of coherency in the midst of the ever-increasing chaos around you.
The shock waves of change that many of you are experiencing can be likened to the re-potting of a plant that has become root-bound. For many of you, your psychological and biological roots to your current perceived reality are bound up. With some exceptions most humans are finding the current transition that the world is passing through most difficult to contend with.
Much of what you might have believed to be true is being revealed as lies. Many of the institutions you counted upon to protect you are increasingly being unveiled as insidious. Interpersonal relationships are strained due to the simple fact that so many of you are stressed by the complex changes around you, changes that you seemingly have no control over. This produces destructive patterns of response within your biology meaning how your body is responding to the stressors around you, including your mental and emotional faculties.
Returning to our metaphor of the root-bound plant, all sentient beings have psychic roots that connect them to their perceived reality. When a plant becomes too root-bound it is unable to flourish. Yet the paradox here is that when you place a root-bound plant into a larger container, with more space to grow, the plant undergoes a period of shock and disorientation. It takes awhile for the plant to recognize that there is more space to spread out its roots. While our comment may seem implausible to some of you, you are actually in the midst of greater opportunities for accelerated growth due to the fact that the multi-dimensional space you are in is expanding, i.e. your pot is getting bigger. And yet your visceral experience may be that you are feeling more confined than ever.
Our position regarding this odd paradox is that human beings—with some exceptions—tend to be slow in recognizing new spaces for growth. They get used to being root-bound and confined by their perceived reality. There is an innate laziness in human nature when it comes to the task of stepping into a new reality that is greater than has been perceived before. If you are one of the few humans who is bold in the face of new realities, we salute you. But for most humans, there is a deep reticence in allowing their own psychic roots to expand beyond perceived realities into new vistas.

One of the great challenges in this period of global transition is that your difficulties are not just mental and emotional, they are physical in nature as well. By this we mean your physiology and neurology are deeply challenged by the rapid changes in your perceived reality.

The Aetherium

The Aetherium is a sound tool for you to address these issues head-on. The sound codes that comprise this sound meditation come directly from the higher realms of light. They are emanations from the tenth, eleventh and twelfth dimensions of reality in a realm we call The Aethos. This vibratory field of light is self-aware as well as highly intelligent and resides in a state of consciousness you would call non-duality. For our purposes, we will simply address practical suggestions for how to use this unique sound pattern.

When you listen to The Aetherium you will hear a continuous drone-sound in the background. This is TheAethos sound meditation that we presented in 2012. Emerging from this sound field are complex descending sound codes that bring the comfort, nurturing and healing energies of The Aethos into the cells of your physical body. This is a downloading of light through the agency of sound into your physical body to assist you through this immense transition the world is passing through.

There are two means of listening to this sound meditation.

Passive Listening

There may be some days when you are so stressed, depleted and exhausted that you are unable to hold a mental focus. At these times simply listen to the sounds. When your mind wanders, simply bring your relaxed focus back to the music. There is nothing else to do in this form of listening.

Focused Listening

In this method your focus is on your physical body while you listen to the sounds. This way of listening will produce the greatest effects, in that subtle energy follows awareness. What we mean by this is that subtle energies tend to move where you hold your focused attention. If you rest your awareness in your physical body while listening to The Aetherium, the subtle energies of calmness, nurturing and healing will enter more deeply into your physiology and into the cells of your body.

For those of you who are aware of your inner realities you may notice complex geometries swirling within your body. Allow these to move according to their own volition. They have awareness and intelligence. Some of these fields of moving energy will be counter-rotating, and there may be many patterns of rotating energies moving through your body while listening. This phenomenon is a signature of deep transformation. Allow these patterns of rotating energy to emerge and move according to their own will, without intervention. It is possible to extend your listening time by simply repeating the sound meditation. For those of you prepared to enter into a deeper state of transformation this will be a very effective way to work with The Aetherium.
If you feel discomfort, disharmony or distress in any part of your body focus your attention there and when you mind wanders, as it will, simply bring it back to that area of your body.
Another way to conceive of The Aetherium is as a kind of metaphorical life raft that you can ride through the tempestuous waves of change that are upon you. If you feel a connection, a resonance, to this sound meditation we encourage you to use it regularly. It is a highly effective sonic aid for your body and mind.

The Hathors
June 26, 2016

Tom’s Thoughts and Observations
I have personally found this latest Hathor sound meditation (The Aetherium) to be highly beneficial both at a physical level of wellbeing and as a means to adjust to the ever quickening energetic shifts that our Earth is undergoing.
In their last message, Destabilization, the Hathors offered the suggestion to listen to an earlier sound meditation they gave called A Bridge Between the Worlds. While this has a definite calming influence for most people, thus helping to reduce the effects of stress, in my opinion the Hathors’ latest sonic piece creates a profound healing response at the cellular level.
By the word “healing” I am referring to a sense of harmony and balance at the cellular level that arises out of the complex sound codes that make up The Aetherium.
Note: The Aetherium is a form of body/mind re-education. It is not a medical treatment and should not be used as such. If you are suffering from the symptoms of an illness consult with a health professional.
As you listen to The Aetherium, you will no doubt hear a continuous sound in the background, which is actually The Aethos sound meditation the Hathors gave in their September 20th 2012 message titled The Aethos and Non-dual States of Consciousness. I strongly suggest reading this message if you are interested in the Hathors’ perspective regarding non-duality and higher dimensional realities.
The Aethos sound meditation is the root vibration (i.e., the base layer) of The Aetherium. The other voices you hear are rather choir-like and were created to move the calming energy from The Aethos using sound codes, which can then be utilized by biological systems (i.e., your body/mind) to receive comfort, sustenance and nurturing from a higher vibratory realm of existence.
There are no electronically generated sounds in The Aetherium sound meditation, just multilayered vocal tracks, sung by me, as directed by the Hathors.
When I listen to The Aetherium for extended sessions (i.e., by just hitting the repeat button) I find that the sound codes enter more deeply into my body including my meridian system, various organs, as needed, my cells and interestingly enough, into a complex system of subtle energy pathways called nadis by yogis and yoginis.
Sometimes I experience these pathways and organs filled with white light and sometimes gold. My expectation is that you will experience the color of light that is needed for you at the time, since the effects of The Aetherium are a result of a synergy between the higher harmonics of the sound codes and your own energy system. Do note that there is no need to “see” light in your mind’s eye during the sound meditation for it to be effective, but light is the language that is being used here. This language of light that emanates from The Aetherium has been translated, if you will, into the language of sound codes, and they will affect your body/mind system in ways unique to you.
As one of my aunts used to say: “The proof is in the pudding.” So listen to The Aetherium to see if it resonates with you. If you feel a kinship with this unusual harmonic, then I would say to experiment with it freely and incorporate it into your daily or weekly private times to see what it will unfold for you. If you don’t connect with it, don’t give it a second thought. This kind of sonic tool is not for everyone.
I can honestly say that The Aetherium is a harmonic of light and sound that keeps revealing ever-deeper levels of sustenance and healing for me.
A link to The Aetherium sound meditation appears below. When you click on the link you will be taken to the Listening Section’s Terms and Conditions. After agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, you will be given open access to all of the sound meditations and lectures in the Listening section. There is no charge for this. But please do be aware that this is copyrighted material; it is for your personal use only and may not be posted or used elsewhere.
Click here to listen to and/or download The Aetherium.

Information Not Directly Related To This Message:

First of all, I wish to announce a change in how I will be teaching in the future.
All things in this world are truly temporary, and all creation cycles have their beginnings as well as their endings. And in many ways it is appropriate that the upcoming Hathor Intensive scheduled for November 11th – 13th 2016, in Seattle, Washington will mark the ending of a creation cycle regarding my public teachings.
Getting to the heart of the matter, the Hathor Intensive, Transition States: Dealing With A World In Crisis, will be the last of my three-day sound Intensives. After this event I plan on shifting my teaching format to shorter events, which means that this will be the last opportunity to experience my extended sound immersions in their current form. While advances in CD mastering are now able to capture much of the presence and potency of the sound codes that emerge during my events, there is nothing like being in the room when subtle energetics are released during the live transmissions.
If you desire to experience being in one of my three-day extended live sound fields, the upcoming event in Seattle will be your last opportunity to do so.
Other Classes for 2016
Regarding other workshops planned for the latter part of this year, I plan to do a one-day Hathor Sound Immersion in Munich, Germany on September 17th and another one-day Hathor Sound Immersion in Vienna, Austria on September 24th.
On Sunday, October 2nd I plan to do a one-day event called The Inner Streams: Worlds of Healing at Symphony Space in Manhattan (NY, NY). You can read a description for this workshop, as well as register for it, directly on the Symphony Space website by clicking here:
For a description of all courses and how to register for them via our website, click here or go to the Calendar at
New Releases
Finally, the full set of recordings from the last Hathor Intensive in 2015, The Spiral of Ascension, is now available through our online Store both in CD and/or mp3 formats. Furthermore, I have taken what I consider to be the most potent of the sound transmissions from that Intensive and compiled them into a single CD, called Vibratorium. This is also now available in CD and/or mp3. Please note that Vibratorium is included in The Spiral of Ascension set. You can view the Class Handout I gave participants at The Spiral of Ascension, free of charge, by going to the Articles section of our website ( and scroll down to The Spiral of Ascension—Class Handouts.
©2016 Tom Kenyon All Rights Reserved
You may make copies of this message and distribute it in any media you wish so long as you do not charge for it, do not alter its content in any way, credit the author and include this entire copyright notice. Do note that The Aetheium, as well as all sound meditations and lectures on our website, may not be replicated in any form or be posted on the Internet, which includes all social media sites such as Facebook™ or on shared media sites such as YouTube™.

Posted Yesterday by Juan Pablo
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Sharing.:::.▶ Урок безопасности. Давыдов Д.В. КБИ “Кайдэн”. – ▶ 20 Second Bo Staff Lesson – MESSAGE FROM THE ARCTURIANS (23): THE COMPLEXITY OF ASCENSION | Vel sanus

Sharing.:::.▶ Урок безопасности. Давыдов Д.В. КБИ “Кайдэн”. – ▶ 20 Second Bo Staff Lesson – MESSAGE FROM THE ARCTURIANS (23): THE COMPLEXITY OF ASCENSION | Vel sanus.

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Sharing.:::.▶ Урок безопасности. Давыдов Д.В. КБИ “Кайдэн”. – ▶ 20 Second Bo Staff Lesson – MESSAGE FROM THE ARCTURIANS (23): THE COMPLEXITY OF ASCENSION

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By Ute Posegga-Rudel

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012
Dear Ones! 

We would like to discuss some details about the criteria forascension and what will happen with your close relationships.

Take into account that humanity has many helpers, and each human being is surrounded by many beings of light, especially at the time of transition!

It depends on the soul development of the individual, to which degree they might suddenly become aware of their guides and angels at the time when the Huge Energy Portal is opening. And this opening can have for many an immediate effect on their awareness and their increased capability to become conscious about their own higher self.

So there are some surprises expected! You cannot tell who will shed unexpectedly their disguise, when at the time of the Galactic alignment their 3D karmas are dropped.

In any case you do not need to be concerned about your loved ones, because they are taken care of, according to their agreements and learning process. Each one will definitely turn to the path they have chosen, when the great moment of transformation arrives!

Many of you who are lightworkers and starseeds, are already now working from the higher astral planes with your loved ones who need help to grow spiritually. This is possible, as you have together soul contracts, and your work with these souls occurs often also at night in your sleep. And not all of you are aware of this nightly service.

When you ascend, the connection with your loved ones, for whom you already are caring now, will not end, but you will from the higher dimensions connect with their third eye and their heart and give them guidance this way. This will even be more effective than when you would remain in the 3th dimension.

So do not worry about those you leave behind when you ascend! You will continue to be connected and you will never loose contact with them, whatever their fate will be, while you are of loving service to them.

For earth to transition into Her ascended state, things as they are now, cannot remain the same! Transformation IS at hand for everybody! And everybody must participate in it in the one or other way. Who desires to ascend and follow Gaia into her new form and consciousness, is required to transcend the lower emotions and negative thoughts, so they can radiate Divine Light and Divine Love, and do not continue to create a world of suffering.

That is to say, there must be a transformation in consciousness and energy for those who are here to leave the 3th dimensional experience behind them.

They will receive every help from the beings of light to make that transition, but of course, they themselves are responsible for their capability to remain there permanently.

As the situation in your world will undergo many changes, people, until they ascend, must be prepared and equipped to deal with them! They will have the opportunity to jump on the train later, as the profound changes will serve as a major wake up call for those not yet prepared!

Also the highly increased light and energy on the planet is supportive for their awakening, not to speak of the impact of new realities on their consciousness. This all relates to those who, because of their soul contract, intend to ascend.

Who is not here to follow this process, another experience, away from earth, is being prepared, where they can continue with their present consciousness and live a life that provides more experiences similar of the present ones.

But altogether, there are many different solutions, according to each one’s needs. So everybody will “reap” their own actions, ~ the results of their intentions and desires.

These laws of karma are not suspended and continue for them as in the past. And karma does also exist in the greater cosmos. It is the necessary law which is part of theevolutionary learning process.

However, everybody will always be supported and Divinely guided, to draw them back to their true Divine Essence, and ultimately back to the Radiant Source, when their time of experiences in the lower and higher dimensions has come to an end.

So all is well, the Love of Source and of the Creator is Eternal and Embraces all! How could be neglected What Is Love’s Own. How could the Divine Self be separated from Its own dreams! Therefore nobody is forgotten. All is developing according to the Divine Plan. And this Plan is, that all souls and all creation will eventually recognize their own Divinity and Freedom from bondage and submission to Creation Itself, and achieve their freedom from it and their own inherent power of creation.

But in order to realize this, all must go first through a process of fire in the realms of great density to learn and understand on the level of the incarnated creature the laws and implications of creation.

This journey is due to their own free will, before they immerse into the Sea of Creation, reaching the bottom of that ocean, to emerge again, bringing the gifts of understanding and recognition of the Divine with them back to Source Itself.

The Mystery is unfathomable! Trust in that which cannot be controlled is the greatest gift at this time!

We remain – as always – your very friends and loving helpers.

We Are the Arcturians!

Message conveyed by Ute

Copyright© 2012. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel,
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without changes. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.
Posted 18th October 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
Labels: ascensionascension processawakenin of the SELF

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Tuesday, December 9, 2014
An Inter-dimensional Journey — YouTube and Poem


An Inter-dimensional Journey


Our vessel of Light floats the great Cosmic Sea
With the gift of our love, abundant and free

The planet’s our SELF, the Sun our dear friend
Its message of life we accept and then send

The stars in our system are ONE with our knowing
As we all work as ONE for the way we are showing

Our message expands to the heart of the galaxy
As we accept and embrace our unending odyssey

The Home we once sought, we’ve found deep within
The reality we make has no knowledge of sin

We are ONE with our SELF and the SELF of each other
Our mind is our Father. Our heart is our Mother

We have found and returned to the Flow of all life
To be free of the fear and above all the strive

To know of our SELF as a family of light
Gives rise to vast wisdom, pure love and great might

As ONE we remember, each moment and day
There is ALWAYS a reason and FOREVER a way

To find our great light we look deep inside
Where only love lives and fear cannot hide

Our bright inner light finds life all around
Where peace, love and beauty exist and abound

We can lose our great blessing to the jaws of illusion
And fall into the depths of fear and confusion

But our family is with us to open our eyes
It is then we remember to collect our great prize

It is free for the taking, just ask and we have it
But fear’s an old friend, and worse yet, it’s a habit

So we call to our family to remember our being
To enter our feeling, our hearing and seeing

With our family of light around us once more
We can never feel empty, lonely or poor

The wealth of pure spirit lives at ONE with our Soul
As we travel the cosmos, once again, we are whole!

Posted by Sue at 1:52 PM

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Compartir.:::. _ ▶ Bo Staff Spinning FASTEST EVER & Staff Kata – JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP – Part 10 – MYTRE`S EXPERIENCE WITH THE OVERSOUL | Vel sanus

Compartir.:::. _ ▶ Bo Staff Spinning FASTEST EVER & Staff Kata – JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP – Part 10 – MYTRE`S EXPERIENCE WITH THE OVERSOUL | Vel sanus.

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Trip to the Mothership Part X

Mytre and The Arcturians

Mytre’s First Experience of Mothership’s Oversoul


I had not been on the Ship very long when I had my first experience of the Mothership’s Oversoul. I had been there long enough to understand that the Ship was a living, multidimensional being. I had a vague understanding of the sixth dimensional areas of the ship. However, the seventh dimensional portion of the Ship is not an “area.” It is a formless Soul that overlooked all the Souls who resided on the Ship.

The Super-subconscious frequency of the Ship automatically observes, repairs and updates the basic structure, which is always changing. Therefore it holds the basic form of every component of the Ship. On the other hand, the Oversoul Consciousness is a formless, yet tangible, energy that feels like an electrical field filled with love and cohesiveness.

These feelings usually are most predominant on the upper areas of the Ship, such as the Bridge and all command centers. However when necessary, the Oversoul over-lights meetings, individuals, and devices on the Ship that are called upon to function at an exceptionally high state of consciousness.

I was taken to the Mothership, shortly after I have left “time” during my meditation. Once I could leave time, a vast array of new abilities where just beyond my reach. Hence, I was taken to the Mothership for more advanced studies. The Arcturian and I entered a Scout Ship and headed for the Mothership. There was just the two of us in the Ship.

I discovered later that the Arcturian could have simply bi-located us to the Mother Ship, but it wanted us to advance our relations beyond teacher/student into friends. It was then that I began to realize what a wonderful sense of humor that Arcturians have. The Arcturian and I had a chance to chat about whatever came into our minds, and the Arcturian actually made jokes about our experiences together.

I had the chance to see my self through the perception of a higher dimensional Being. This was a bit rough on my ego, which was the point. When I could laugh at my prior fears and misconceptions, I felt many ego-attachments begin to fade from my mind. By the time we arrived at the Mothership, I had released most of my insecurities about being “good enough,” as well as my fears of going to the Mothership.

It was not that I was afraid to go to the Mothership. In fact, I was very excited and honored to be able to visit that Ship. However, I started our trip to the Mothership with great apprehension about what I would be called upon to do. Fortunately, because of the Arcturians humorous bantering, I was totally relaxed by the time the planetary sized Mothership came into our view.

I must say that the first sight of the Mothership was completely overwhelming. At the same time, it was a mystical experience. I had been training to perceive reality multidimensionally. Hence, I could clearly see the third/fourth dimensional holographic projection, which the Ship sometimes wore, as well as the fifth dimensional over-glow of that hologram, the sixth dimensional light matrix and the seventh dimensional emanation of Pure Spirit and All Knowing.

I also felt the eighth through tenth dimensional energy patterns of the Mothership, as well as patterns of the Arcturians and other Beings of that resonance. I KNEW that there were energy patterns beyond the tenth dimensions, but could not perceive them with any clarity at that time. The Arcturian touched my High Heart, and I received a brief experience of those higher dimensions.

Unfortunately, the resonant frequency of my mental processing was too low to retain any details of that experience. Nonetheless, I stored that FEELING in my High Heart, exactly where the Arcturian touched me. I vowed to believe that, soon I would be able to fully experience this cherished moment.

I will skip now to the point at which I had been studying in the Mothership for a while. I cannot give an exact amount of time, as time does not really exist at this level of consciousness. Conversely, those of us who were new to the Inter-Galactic Training Program were given quarters in which a period of day would be followed by a period of night.

We were to remain in these quarters until we were able to focus our primary consciousness on our fifth dimensional SELF. Our fifth dimensional expression of SELF no longer needed the illusion of the passage of time, the fatigue that that illusion created or the sleep that was necessary to release the illusion of fatigue.

I quickly made friends with my roommates, but found myself constantly missing the Arcturian. One day, I caught myself being impatient with my roommates. This upset me greatly, as I knew it was a sign that my consciousness was slipping into the lower frequencies rather than expanding into the higher frequency. I excused myself and went to the Nature Area.

There is a huge section of the Mothership that is dedicated to Nature Areas. These areas were holographic, but you absolutely could not tell from being there. Once, when I asked the Arcturian why the 3/4D Nature Area was holographic, and it said,

“All reality in the third and fourth dimension are holographic projections from the higher dimensions of reality.”

I started to ask it, my Arcturian friend, to explain that concept to me but it disappeared in front of my eyes. Then, where the Arcturian had just been standing/floating, was a huge tree with birds, squirrels and other animals living off of the bio-system of that one tree. I moved forward to touch the tree, but there was a flash of light and the Arcturian stood where there was once a tree.

“Do you see how I projected the hologram of Nature?”

The Arcturians are very good at “one picture is worth a thousand words.” At the same time, I realized that my consciousness had become so low in frequency that I had forgotten basic premises that I had been taught.

“I have to leave the Rookie’s Quarters,” I blurted out. “My consciousness is dropping because I am entraining with the new-comers, rather than with you or the Ship.”

“We are happy that you realize that,” the Arcturian said, as it vanished.

OK, I knew the drill now; I had to figure it out for myself. If I wanted to move beyond my present quarters I would have to prove—to myself—that I was ready. I had become so overcome by the mere vision of the Mothership that I had allowed my consciousness to drop back down to a familiar resonance.

I discovered that the Rookie Quarters, as we had named it, was no longer comfortable because I had grown beyond it. I had needed more of the illusion of time to figure that out. Since I was on my own, I had to figure out how to convince myself that I WAS ready to release all the familiar markers of reality and fully embrace my new life.

Since leaving time got me to the Mothership, and being placed in a time-bound area for new students was so frustrating, the solution was for me to release time again. However, I had to remember how I released time in the first place. What I had unconsciously done, I now had to do consciously and intentionally. What if I went back in time to when I first saw the Mothership from the Scout Ship? What if I could go back in time and perceive the Mothership with love and acceptance rather than the fear of being overwhelmed?

That sounded like a good idea, but I had no idea how to do it. Then, I thought of the glowing energy around the Mothership that the Arcturian had called the Oversoul. The Arcturian had said that the Oversoul holds the codes and patterns of all the Soul Records of everyone who was living or visiting the Ship. These Soul Records contain all the multidimensional experiences that each Soul had ever experienced.

Within my present body, I was clearly Pleiadian. However, I had suspected for quite a while that there was a large element of Arcturian Nature within my Being. I even had a dim memory of being Arcturian, but I could not recover any details of that expression of my Multidimensional SELF.

Yes, my Multidimensional SELF could pull my resonance into the higher expressions of my being; that is if I could trust my experience. I had just experienced how easily I could lose trust in my self, and I was not going to do so again. I would ask my Multidimensional SELF how to leave time, as I had done before, by reading my Soul Records in the Oversoul of the Mothership.

I was alone in the Holosuite, so I sat down to mediate and, quickly moved into a deep trance. The first thing that I realized was that I had prepared all my life, in fact for many of my lives, for this opportunity to assist with the ascension of our chosen planet in the Pleiades. With that realization I began to consciously feel all that I would need to release in order to move into the expression of my SELF that could fulfill the task of conscious ascension.

The Arcturians had seen this ability, but I still could not. I had remembered and visited many of my multidimensional realities while studying with the Arcturian on the other Starship. Then the Arcturian had chosen me for this special training, but all I could feel was what I would have to release. In order to continue my training I would have to release my ties to my old world and move into the unknown.

With this realization, myriad doubts were uncovered from their hiding places. How could I assist my planet to go into the unknown of the fifth dimension when I could not even go the unknown of my own mind? I would have to confront the part of myself that was afraid to move into the unknown and was quietly holding me back. I had learned to control my life.

However, would I be able to continually surrender to the higher worlds as the Arcturian was teaching me? Or would I tenaciously hold on to what remained of the life I had previously lived? There it was, the life I HAD lived. What life had I lived that needed my attention before I could go forward and release the need for TIME, once and for all?

With that question, I felt the Pure Spirit and All Knowing of the Mothership’s Oversoul wrap around me like a warm cloud. Within this safety and comfort I could release my hidden fears of what I would have to release, what I would have to do and who I would have to become in order to be good enough to fulfill the honored task for which the Arcturians had chosen me.

With the Oversoul around me, I could hear my higher expressions of SELF cheering me on, but I could not move forward yet. I had to release the burden of my hidden insecurities, fears and confusions. I could feel that I was leaving time, so I could not release them later, nor could I release them in my future. There was only NOW. Therefore, I allowed them to come to the surface of my awareness so that I could love them free, once and for all.

I found that my heaviest burden was the need to do it right, the need to be good enough in the eyes of others. But who were these others? Where were they now? Why was I still carrying them in my consciousness? In response to these questions the Oversoul embraced me more tightly andtime was gone. I could feel the difference in my thinking, my emotions and within whatever connection I still had to my body.

Free of time, I began to float through memory bands of myriad incarnations. Brief pictures and emotions floated through my mind as I passed by each reality, as my journey continued. I knew that the Oversoul was taking me to a certain reality, the reality that still held a sense of failure. I could feel that sense of failure growing stronger, but I was strangely detached from it.

I was out of time, so I had no idea how long I traveled through the files of the Oversoul, but as I continued I became calmer and more detached from the passing realties. Then suddenly, a reality moved towards me like a beaming Sun. I could not float past it, even though I wanted to. There was unfinished business in the life that I had to complete in order to free my consciousness from some invisible burden.

Suddenly the “Sun” was before me and pulled me in with such force that I almost passed out. However, I reminded myself that I AM the Master of my MIND. This sentence opened a portal into a planet in chaos and I heard, “The Ascension of Arcturus.”

I will return,


Through Suzanne Lie, PhD

Posted 15th October 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
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Vel sanus: ▶ ▶ Top Ten BO STAFF Techniques of Kung Fu – Incredible! – THE REALITY YOU CHOOSE TO PERCEIVE IS THE REALITY YOU CHOOSE TO LIVE:::sharing

Vel sanus: ▶ ▶ Top Ten BO STAFF Techniques of Kung Fu – Incredible! – THE REALITY YOU CHOOSE TO PERCEIVE IS THE REALITY YOU CHOOSE TO LIVE:::sharing.

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Sunday, May 11, 2014


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From your perspective here within the Crystal Temple at the threshold of the fifth dimension, you can view your parallel, Earth-bound reality through the multidimensional perceptions of your activated Lightbody.

Hence, as you look down into the physical incarnation in which you were led to our Corridor, you can see the areas of your life that resonate to the third, fourth or fifth

While in our multidimensional Corridor, take a long moment to observe your grounded life to find the elements of your reality that resonate to each of these dimensions…

Certain areas of your life may still be filled with strife, drama or, at the least, boring duties. These areas are still very third dimensional.

Take a moment to observe these areas of your life…

How do you feel when you attend to these areas of your life…

Other areas of your life are filled with fun, creativity and laughter.

These areas are largely fourth dimensional.

Take a moment to observe these areas of your life…
How do you feel when you attend to these areas of your life…

Finally, there are certain activities, persons, places or even things that make you feel much as you do when you are in Corridor and its Crystal Temple. These are areas of your life that you have filled with unconditional love. Hence, they hold a fifth dimensional resonance.

Take a moment to observe these areas of your life…

How do you feel when you attend to these areas of your life…

Yes, it does feel unified, peaceful and unconditionally loving. By choosing to place more of your perceptions on these parts of your life, you will most seamlessly make the shift into the fifth dimension. This will happen because the reality you choose to perceive is the reality
you choose to live.

When you choose to primarily attend to the fifth dimensional areas of your life, you will naturally, and without effort, calibrate your consciousness to the fifth dimension. Then, naturally, and without effort, you will automatically choose to live in this fifth dimensional reality.

This fifth dimensional calibration of your perceptions will become easier and easier as you completely surrender to your Multidimensional SELF and your innate Lightbody. The elements, ideas, stories and thoughts that ignite your old outdated reactions of fear will more and more swiftly be released from your attention. In this manner, your expectation, observation and creation will be focused on the fifth dimension.

You see, all frequencies of your reality are within the NOW. You can choose to visit any third, fourth or fifth dimensional version of your life by merely casting your attention in that direction. In fact, this is how the YOU that is your Multidimensional SELF, Angel, Elohim, Ascended Master and higher dimensional Off-worlder (ETs) choose to perceive your third dimensional grounded self. Yes, YOU have many realities in which you are a higher dimensional being. You will begin to re-connect with these realities as your ascension progresses.
From the third dimensional reality in which you are awakened, you can call upon these beings of the higher dimensional aspects of your SELF simply by calibrating your consciousness to that dimension and placing your attention in that direction.

You can also meet and interact with beings who are new to your acquaintance by putting out the call for communication and calibrating your consciousness to the fifth dimension and above.

From Journey through the Arcturian Corridor

Posted 4th October 2011 by Shanti


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