Equipoise: ▶ Girls 20min Sexy Bikini Butt Workout: Part 2 – Questions About Ascension — The Question and The Blessing:::sharing

Equipoise: ▶ Girls 20min Sexy Bikini Butt Workout: Part 2 – Questions About Ascension — The Question and The Blessing:::sharing.

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

▶ Girls 20min Sexy Bikini Butt Workout: Part 2 – Questions About Ascension — The Question and The Blessing:::sharing

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Questions About Ascension — The Question and The Blessing

5-6Questions About Ascension


“Hello,” I heard a voice say from somewhere inside of me, or was the voice external? I looked around the small room in which I was sitting. Yes, over there, off to the left there was a hint of a slight movement or a disturbance in the air.

“Hello,” I again heard the voice echo both inside and outside of me. Now I understood. It was a fifth dimensional being flickering in and out of my third dimensional world.

Actually the fifth dimensional being was holding steady in it’s own dimension. It was my perception and my consciousness that was flickering back and forth between worlds.

It was happening more and more now. I would suddenly hear, see or feel some thing, or was it some one, that was not a part of my physical reality. Somehow I knew that these visions were NOT from the fourth dimension.

How did I know the difference? The difference was that these perceptions were completely free of ALL fear.

“You can perceive us now because you are becoming free of fear as well,” spoke the voice off to my left.

I did not respond to the voice or even question its statement. Instead, I began to ponder a reality free of ALL fear.

How would that reality feel?

How would that reality look?

How could that reality be possible?

“You have remembered how to integrate your fear back into our light,” spoke the voice that was now taking a shape.

Actually, it was I that was changing rather than the voice. I realized that when I focused my attention on my wavering fifth-dimensional perceptions, the perceptions became more definitive and clearer; then, my third-dimensional world that began to flicker in and out.

“Yes, you are recalibrating,” spoke the voice responding to my thoughts.

They always did that, the fifth-dimensional ones. They responded to my thoughts even when they were different from my words. I couldn’t fool them or say what they wanted to hear, as I often did in my physical world.

The fifth dimensional ones could look into my Soul. They could hear what I had not yet registered as my own thoughts and my own feelings.

“Your Multidimensional SELF is here with us. Do you see it?” spoke the voice.

Suddenly, the flicker disappeared and the wavering light-filled fifth-dimensional room disappeared. Again I was in a world with harsh boundaries and hard edges. I tried to listen for the voice, but it was gone.

No, it was not the voice that was gone. I was gone, gone from that reality. I left it because I became afraid, and my fear pulled my perceptions out of calibration with the fifth dimension. I knew that because it had happened before.

In fact, it had happened EVERY time that the voice had asked me if I could see my SELF. Why? Why did the prospect of seeing my Multidimensional SELF frighten me?

I closed my eyes and took long, slow breaths, which calmed my mind and eased my heart. Gradually, my consciousness began to expand into the fifth dimension.

With my eyes closed, I could release the physical perceptions and calibrate my attention to the perceptions of the fifth dimension.

Through these higher perceptions I feel the glow of my body and of the room around me. I felt the physical world as well, but it was in the background.

“Why does the prospect of seeing my SELF frighten me so?” I asked the voice. I held the question in my mind and focused my attention on at the spot to my left where I had first seen the flicker.

No answer.

I felt a rush of fear, fear of abandonment and almost lost my focus. However, I was able to catch myself and breathe out the fear.

It took a while to raise my consciousness again. I made an affirmation to be patient and hold my vibration high. There is no time here, I reminded myself. Therefore, there is no hurry.

I will wait for the answer—patiently.

Slowly, the flicker to my left became a light. Quickly, the light became so brilliant that I had to refocus my consciousness in order to perceive it. The light continued to expand until it filled the room and filled me.

I felt my consciousness shoot up into the higher worlds. My physical world disappeared, although I knew that it was still there. Within the core of the light a form began to materialize into a shape, no, into several shapes, into many shapes.

My experience was much like looking into a house of mirrors in which one shape echoed itself again and again. I started to become excited, but I knew to calm myself or I would lower my vibration.

I affirmed my desire to know why I became frightened by the prospect of seeing my SELF. The first of the many beings stepped towards me, then all the others moved forward as well. I gathered my courage and stepped towards them.

“I want to know the answer!” I spoke to the many.

“Do you deserve us?” they responded.

I felt the fear building again. The many before me began to blur and the brilliant light began to dim.

“No,” I called. “I will not lose my focus.”

I reached out towards the beings in front of me.

“I DO DESERVE!!” I cried from my core. “I do deserve you—all of you. I am NOT afraid.”

The beings before me had grown too dim for me to see their faces, but I could feel their smiles. I could feel the closest being take my hand and heard the echo of the many as they smiled and took my hand as well.

“I do deserver. I do deserve.
I do deserve,” I chanted all the way back down into my physical world and my physical consciousness.

They were all gone now, at least gone from my third dimensional perception. But, I knew they were inside me. I knew that whenever I could raise my focus, they would be there.

Actually, “I” would be there.

“Actually,” spoke the voice flickering to my left, “You are HERE NOW—in us.”


It was then that I heard the inner Arcturian say, “We, the Arcturians wish to bless our grounded ones who have volunteered to take a body to assist Earth in Her great moment of ascension.

We primarily wish to tell you, each and every ONE, that YOU have a very special purpose that you have volunteered to fulfill in this NOW of Gaia’s ascension. We apologize for our “confusing” referrals to “time.” We find it extremely limiting to speak in the linear and sequential language of the third dimension.

In our true language, Light Language, the flow of ideas move in circles of light, which are revealed to the listener as pictures, emotions, ideas and sensations. To us, language is similar to a soft breeze that gently caresses our Lightbody. When we feel this caress, we experience it as if it were a word, as telephone ring, a call from another.

Since we all resonate within the ONE, we need not look outside of us into a “different” location, as our grounded ones must do. Instead, we focus inside of our being to “take the call,” or “give our answer.” Of course, since we do not resonate to a time/space reality, the “inner” call and our answer happen simultaneously.

Because our Light Language is free of time and space, you must expand your consciousness into the fifth dimension and beyond. Then, you can fully relax into the awareness of our presence and allow it to integrate into your Multidimensional SELF.

Then, when you return your attention to your physical reality, you can more easily translate our message into Earth language. We ask you to release your habit of time and space, so that you can imagine that you are in the NOW with us.

Please take a moment to do so…

Can you feel how your earth vessel begins to blur into its environment? This blurring sensation is your Lightbody peeking beyond the limitations of your clay vessel. Imagine now that your earth vessel is like a cave. Your consciousness had to hide in this “cave” in order to find protections from your hostile world.

Imagine yourself in a life in which you lived in a cave to find protection. Do you feel how that body was primitive and dense? Now, we ask you to imagine that you are finding the courage to step out of that cave.

As you step out of the dark cave, you realize that your primitive body begins to evolve. First, you stand up straight, and then you begin to “think” about your reality instead of perceiving everything as mating, food or danger.

When you begin to think about your reality, rather than how to survive your reality, a curiosity and imagination begins to take hold in your thinking. With your imagination, you start to have ideas of what you can do and who you can be.

You are all coming out of your cave of separation NOW.

As you step out of your cave, your body begins to change. As your body changes, you begin to perceive reality in a new way. The hostile planet that once surrounded you, is less hostile, for you are seeing it with new eyes.

You are no longer a victim to the whims of others, because your connection to your SELF reminds you constantly that YOU are the creator of your reality. In the same way, YOU are the creator of your body.

Just as your world changes when your perceptions change, your earth vessel changes when your perceptions of your self change. When you see your self as “just a human,” your body becomes a clay vessel that quickly grows older and is vulnerable to harm and illness.

On the other hand, when you think of your self as the “Light of Spirit,” your concept of your body moves beyond the limits of a clay vessel and encompasses your ever-expanding aura as well. When you perceive your “self” as your aura, YOU are suddenly much bigger.

You may not be aware that your size changes with your state of consciousness. When you are in an expanded state of consciousness, YOU fill the room. Hence, YOU are united with everything and everyone in that room. YOU feel everyone and everything as your SELF. In other words, you are experiencing reality the way it is in the fifth dimension and beyond.

Take a moment now to experience your self as the entire room in which you are now sitting…

How does it feel to be a chair, a desk, a plant, the ceiling, the computer or the paper you are reading?
We suggest that you light some candles, drink some water, feel the breeze and walk barefooted on the earth. In this manner you can experience:
being the element of fire, being the element of water,
being the element of air and being the earth
Once you are bonded with the third dimensional elements, you can ask them to assist you to unite with their fifth-dimensional elementals. With this boost you can more easily calibrate your consciousness with the fifth dimension frequencies of reality.

We suggest that you also do this exercise with others. Then you can share being the elements of earth, air, fire and water while you also experience of being the people in the room, on the phone or on Skype. You do not need to be physically together, as it is the connection of your consciousness that is important.

When you share your Unity Consciousness with the elements with “other” humans, you unite with the elements of the “other” humans. Once you unit with humans via your own elements of earth, air, fir and water, you become united on a cellular level.

This cellular unity creates a deep bond and sense of security. Once all humanity was linked in this manner, but as the world became increasingly hostile, humans began to find their own “separate” safety. Since separation creates fear, you began to perceive Earth as a “hostile planet.”

Just as separation creates fear, fear creates separation and humans increasingly felt separate from their environment and from others. Fear also made them want to hide, and many of our dear grounded ones found it necessary to hide their true expanded SELF for millennia in order to survive their “life on a hostile planet.”

NOW it is safe for you to remember that YOU are planet Earth and planet Earth is YOU. You share earth, air, fire and water with the planet and with all of the planetary inhabitants. As more and more of your awaken to this truth, you will remember that limitation and separation is just an illusion.

Wonderfully, as each of you expands your consciousness into your Multidimensional SELF, you share your experience via your Unity Consciousness. Please remember that Unity Consciousness is innate. It does not need to learned or even remembered.

You are all united on a cellular level via your planetary earth, air, fire and water. As the cellular structure of one person remembers to expand into their innate fifth dimensional expression, they sends a wave of Unity Consciousness to every cell of every inhabitant of Earth, including the planet it self.

At first, just one cell will not make much of an impact. However, this process progresses in an exponential manner. Thus, one cell shares with two cells, then four cells, then eight cells, etc. etc. In this manner, all life will begin to consciously experience their fifth dimensional expression.

Once the threshold into fifth-dimensional Lightbody is crossed, time and space are extinct concepts. At this point, there will only be HERE and NOW.

In the higher worlds of the NOW, you are always HERE.

There is only the NOW of unconditional love,

which infinitely flows via the multidimensional light,

as a constant message from the ONE.

This multidimensional light, which includes the third/fourth dimensions, is constantly caressing you on a cellular level to guide your “Home” to the NOW of the ONE.

When you live within this NOW you remember that there is no specific “time” for ascension, nor is there an assigned “place” to which you will travel.

Ascension is a process of returning Home to your true Multidimensional SELF who is infinitely HERE NOW!

* * * 


* * *

terram novam: BLESSINGS FROM ZADKIEL:::Make Ascension Normal and Ascension Conversations :::Sharing

terram novam: BLESSINGS FROM ZADKIEL:::Make Ascension Normal and Ascension Conversations :::Sharing.

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viernes, 27 de junio de 2014

BLESSINGS FROM ZADKIEL:::Make Ascension Normal and Ascension Conversations :::Sharing

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Archangel of the Violet Ray of Transmutation

I AM Zadkiel Archangel of the Violet Ray. I come into your awareness to remind you that we, the members of Celestial Service who are aligned with the frequency of transmutation, are here to assist our human brothers and sister serving on the body of Gaia. All of you have prepared for myriad earthly incarnations to perform the role that you are to play in the ensuing process of planetary ascension.

We, the Angels of the Violet Fire, have been assisting Ascending Ones since before time. In fact, we are the first Greeters for those who have returned to the fifth resonance and beyond. Because our Essence flows with the frequency of transmutation, our Celestial Service is to serve as Portals through which the Violet Fire can flow into that which is completed and ready to transmute into its higher frequency of expression.

The energies of the Seven Rays of Comic Rays of Light flow in circles. Once we of the Seventh Ray of Transmutation assist you with your moment of return to a higher of reality, you will Flow into the Blue Ray of Beginnings. Thus, that which has been transmuted into a higher frequency moves instantly into a new experience of reality. There is no “death” as energy cannot die. It can only change frequency.

Up until this time of ascension this frequency change, this transmutation from one frequency of reality into a higher frequency of that reality, has been “unconscious” because the Violet Ray sealed off the old reality at the moment of its transmutation. By “sealed off” we mean that the completed cycle was archived so that it would not interfere with your new reality. However, once you return to your Multidimensional SELF, you can experience multiple realities within the NOW of the ONE.
Dear human angels, we wish to tell you that the time of remembering is NOW. It is important that all of you remain conscious of your ascension experience so that you can assist others. Our Violet Angels currently serving Earth by carrying the illusion of a human body share your longing for the return of the unconditional love and comrade with Source. Experiencing a reality based on separation is especially difficult for the members of the Angelic Kingdom, as we normally live in the Group Mind with the ONE.
Our “grounded Angels” shall be among the first to Ascend so that they can assist others in the fashion that has always been their Joy. ALL of you are ONE with ALL life. Hence, ALL of you have a higher expression in our Angelic Kingdom. Therefore, feel your wings, dear human angels, as they tickle your back and open your High Heart. Our wings are not made of feathers, but of Light, and symbolize the Flow of unconditional love from the ONE that enters our Hearts and expands in all directions as it courses through us. Allow the Flow of unconditional love to sweep up your longing for your Return and use it as your Portal for Ascension.
Embrace the unconditional love as it enters your heart. Feel how it Flows through you and fans out in all directions to create your “Wings of Unconditional Love.” These “wings” will support your every movement and guide you through your journey Home. We, the Angels of the Violet Fire, live within you heart and are available to you within every moment of the NOW. We welcome your return and are waiting to greet you as our Violet Fire brings you across the threshold of your new Life.

Before closing my message, I Zadkiel, wish to share with you how angels use the Violet Fire:

First we hold the intention to call upon the Fire…

Then we share that Violet Fire with our High Heart to imbue it with our unconditional love…

Then we send the Fire through our right hand and
Blaze, Blaze, Blaze the Violet Fire

We either point our finger or hold our “hands” open. In this manner, we can either create a laser effect that can transmute an aunt or broadcast enough Violet Fire to transmute a city. Practice the this use of the Violet Fire and Know that YOU have the innate ability to transmute ALL fear and shadow into unconditional love and multidimensional light.

We light you return with our Violet Light and guide you through your daily life,

Archangel of the Violet Fire

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD
Posted 13th April 2012 by YHVH@
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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Thursday, June 26, 2014
Make Ascension Normal and Ascension Conversations YouTube

Make Ascension Normal


As I am completing my fourth book of the Pleaidian Perspective on Ascension series, I am also completing many other area of my life. I have always had a huge affinity for nature, even though I was raised in the city and did not see much of it until I was an adult. I know that I have come into embodiment this time to assist Gaia, and She has paid me back with many wonderful adventures on Her beautiful planet.

When I started writing, actually receiving, as I do not know what I will write until I see it on the page, information about the fifth dimensional Elementals something began to shift inside of me. I LOVE plants. My house looks much like a plant store and my yards are wondrous. I also live a few blocks from the ocean, which has the most wonderful air imaginable. I can walk to the Pacific Ocean, so the hot Sun of Southern California is calmed by the ocean breeze.

I am blessed to live in an area where the elementals of earth, air, fire and water are in perfect balance, most of the time, and I greatly enjoy being outside among them. Thus when the storyline of Jason and Sandy turned to communicating with the elementals, a deep inner shift occurred inside of me. I decided to release my office so that I always work from my home. In fact, a great deal of the time I work outside among the many elementals, humming birds, birds, insects and other creatures that share my yard.

As Jason and Sandy went through their process of transmutation, I joined them in their process. The next section will be about them, as well as myself, acclimating to a new manner of “living within our earth vessels.” I am not sure what that new way is yet, as I have not written/lived it. However, I can feel it coming into my awareness.

All my adulthood I have worked, worked, worked, while I also, wrote, wrote, wrote. Now, I find that I discovering a new way of “being,” which is unique and, yet, the same. In other words, I am finding that I am deeply within a process of transmutation that is only evident on the inside. However, NOW I am beginning to make some changes in how I live my life. I have received many emails from others who are also changing their lives.

What we all have in common is that we are becoming multidimensional. We are leaving the illusion of separation and moving into the knowing of Unity with ALL Life. We are slowing down, moving to the country, leaving our stressful jobs and finding “time” to go inside and perceive our reality from a higher frequency of consciousness. It is this higher perception of reality that is freeing us from what we always believed we HAD to do.

We are taking big risks to change our lives out of the hustle and stress of too much work and into situations in which we have “the illusion of time” to live our life from within our own core, rather than in a manner that someone outside of us demands.

The fact is that we are ascending beyond the confines of the third dimensional illusions and into the truth and unconditional love of the higher frequencies of reality. This process is not always easy. In fact, it involves a LOT of “letting go” of whatever interferes with our ability to live in harmony with our SELF and our Planet.

In other words, as we are released from the indoctrination of the third dimensional illusions, we find ourselves tuning into our own multidimensional truths. We are in the process of ascension NOW, but it is a process. At least for me and those who share this version of reality, ascension is a calm and gentle process.

There are some difficult decisions that need to be made along the way, which usually involve letting go of the third dimensional “shoulds” and embracing the unconditional love that we are increasing experiencing within our core, coming from the inner guidance of our inner Multidimensional SELF and emanating from dear Gaia’s planet that supports and surrounds us.

One of the best contributions we make towards our planetary ascension is to share our process with others. In this manner we can work together to “Make Ascension NORMAL.” Once the concept of ascension is considered to be “normal” the fear, impatience and doubt we be replaced with love, patience and deep inner knowing.

Below is grey conversation that I had with Tammy and Amy about the process of ascension. There are many challenges that accompany ascension because we need to expand our consciousness to a higher resonance to perceive it. We all have moments, or longer, when we become trapped-AGAIN-in the illusions of the 3D hologram. If we can reach out to a friend to laugh about it, read an article, watch a YouTube and/or join a Webinar about our process of ascension, we can regain our center.

While within the center of our SELF we are free of doubt. We also realize that ascension is no “walk in the park,” as again and again we need to LET GO of whatever lowers our consciousness. This does not mean that we LET GO of loved ones or our means of supporting our self. What is does mean is that we LET GO of the component of our ego that is creating our inner conflict.

As we release that which interferes with our process of ascension, we pave a pathway of light which will light our way HOME to our true, Multidimensional SELF.
Blessings to us all.


* * *

* * *