Equipoise: sharing3 – Dear Galactic Family, ▶ Gym Music, 2015, ▶ 9 Minute, Hard Sexy, Bikini, ABDOMINAL Workout, !! Try it!!,

Origen: Equipoise: sharing3 – Dear Galactic Family, ▶ Gym Music, 2015, ▶ 9 Minute, Hard Sexy, Bikini, ABDOMINAL Workout, !! Try it!!,

Friday, March 2, 2018

sharing3 – Dear Galactic Family, ▶ Gym Music, 2015, ▶ 9 Minute, Hard Sexy, Bikini, ABDOMINAL Workout, !! Try it!!,

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Carl Jung:

“If you are a gifted person, it doesn’t mean that you gained something. It means you have something to give back.”
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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Tuesday, February 28, 2017
Blazing the Violet Fire–through Suzanne Lie

Blazing the Violet Fire

Through Suzanne Lie

Dear Galactic Family,
I Suzille, also known as Suzanne, am very grateful to have had many incarnations on Beloved Gaia. Thanks to your constant, galactic assistance, I have learned how to be happy here in the land of illusion. Some times, likely too often, I forget to discern exactly what is an illusion and what is real.

In fact, I am not even sure how to define the term “real,” as I know that most of our third dimensional reality is illusion. When I forget that important act, I become sad, angry, and lost in the very illusion that I have just identified.

I have come to understand that I become “lost in the 3D” when I feel the third dimensional distance comes “in-between” my Earth Home and my Higher Life, rather than the in-between being that which connects ALL life into the ONE.

When I close my eyes and feel my heart connected to my mind, I feel a higher frequency begin to swirl within me. At first, I may feel sad because that which I truly am seems to be separate from the body that now contains me.

However, this body has had many adventures during my “away missions” to Earth. It took decades before I could remember that my true SELF, which was my Higher Guidance, was with me continually from birth on.

I had many different names for my Higher Guidance during my 70 years within this earth vessel, but NOW I realize that names are individual and my Higher Guidance is ONE with the ONE. I wish I could say that I always live within the ONE, but humanity, especially in the United States, is undergoing an immense initiation.

However, I imagine that everyone feels that their location is the place where the greatest initiations are. Yes, that would be appropriate because NOW that we are fully awakening, we can determine the difference between our third dimensional reality and the reality to which we are returning.

This “return” is measured by frequency rather than by time. Therefore, there is no deadline or beginning, as our collective goal is to experience reality as it steadily transmutes into higher and higher frequencies of resonance.

In order to remember our “collective goal,” we need to fully experience each frequency of reality to which we return, as we will be called on to remember how it feels to be within our higher dimensional expressions of SELF.

It is the “feeling” of being our Higher SELF that will guide us through the unknown that NOW wavers before us. This higher dimensional “NOW” is constantly shifting within its frequency spectrum. Thus, our state of consciousness wavers greatly within the many versions of the “winds of change.”

Some of these changes appear to be quite negative because they represent the dark side that we have hidden in the deep unconsciousness of our personal and group minds. Fortunately, our group minds are also the collective experiences of our multidimensional, ascension minds.

We, the awakened members of Gaia, have had to adapt to two group-minds. One group-mind floats and flows through the myriad frequencies of reality and communicates with the many higher dimensional expressions of our selves that resonate to these higher realities.

The other group-mind is trying to find a steady foothold on a planet that is in the process of transmutation into the next frequency of reality. Some of us are barely holding on to a third dimensional way of life that is continually changing. Others are searching, finding, losing, and remembering our higher frequencies of reality.

This higher frequency reality is not new to us. In fact, it is the frequency of reality from whence we came and to which we are in the process of returning. However, most of us have had so many incarnations on third dimensional Earth, which is ruled by separation, limitation, time, and polarities, that it is difficult to fully awaken our multidimensional memory.

When we do “get a glimpse” of our Multidimensional SELF and the myriad dimensions that our SELF has had, and is now experiencing, we may feel homesick or question our sanity. It is the questioning of our multidimensional memories that we must avoid, for these multidimensional memories assist us to maintain a strong core.

Simultaneously, we must be careful with whom we share our information, as some may become frightened to hear that what they have always believed to be true, is actually an illusion. In fact, they may “shoot the messenger” and lash out at you for interfering with their “version of reality.”

Hence, we must use our ever-expanding clairvoyance/seeing to determine when a person is ready to accept this information. You can look just above people’s heads; you can feel/see if there is a spark of connection to their Higher Self.

It is a good idea to make this discernment, as telling someone something that they are not ready to know can create fear and/or anger within that person. Then, they may lash out at because that information frightens them.

However, you can start with a question such as, “What do you think about all this ET stuff?” Their answer will tell you if they are ready to embrace this subject. If they are ready to explore this topic, they will likely be excited to have someone with whom they can discuss this “possible reality.”

Of course, many of us know that it is not a “possible reality,” or even a “probable realty.” The landings are a “frequency of reality.” In fact, this frequency of reality is occurring NOW within the fifth dimensional and beyond dimensions.

Many of those who are sharing their information, ideas and emotional responses to the Landings, remember their dream life of visiting the Ships, and/or they are in direct communication with beings in the higher dimensions.

It is important to know that this connection to higher dimensional beings is NOT the same as a third dimensional connection with physical beings. With a third dimensional connection, you are all wearing physical bodies and maintain a state of consciousness that guides you to remain focused on the responsibilities, relationships and third dimensional time.

You may be communicating with someone in a different “time zone,” but you both have your own time zone. However, it is the instant communication between vastly different time zones via phone, email, Facebook, and Skype that is allowing many to realize that despite their different time zones, you can meet in your mutual NOW.

It is the formation of the “Mutual and Collective NOW” that is assisting humanity to release their bondage to TIME. When you know that time is relative to one’s location on Gaia’s globe and that you can meet at one time for yourself and another time for the other person, TIME no longer separates you.

You can still connect with a person who is far away by finding an “International NOW” on which you both agree. This International NOW is expanding as more and more countries have access to technology such as telephones, computers, and social media.

In fact, you can meet someone on Skype who lives in a completely different time zone and see each other as if they were sitting across the room, rather than across the globe. Because of this type of instant verbal and visual connection, humanity’s concept of “time” is transmuting into their “concept of the NOW.”

This transmutation from time, which can cause separation, to NOW, which creates unity beyond borders, is facilitating the shift of consciousness from the format of “personal time” into “collective time.”

Once you have experienced speaking to some one on the other side of the world, see the room they are in, their facial expressions while they speak, and perhaps a pet cat who jumps onto the table to join the conversation, your “sense of time” begins to shift within your brain.

As you know, your brain rules your body, so if your sense of time changes within your brain, it will change within your entire body. Bit-by-bit your third dimensional, physical body is shifting from its “time-bound personal body” into its “timeless light body.”

This “timeless light body,” encompasses your thoughts and emotions, as well as your physical, astral, and light bodies. For centuries beyond count, humanity has been separated by time and space. NOW, vastly different time zones can interact within the same “shared time.”

I speak with many people from all over the world. Therefore, before we meet, we must “match up our times.” For example I may be on Pacific Time, USA and the other person may be in Europe. Therefore, we go to the handy “time-convert” website and find our “collective time.”

By “collective time,” I mean the time in which we can collectively share the same NOW. Therefore, my NOW may be 8 hours different than the other persons NOW, but we can still find a “shared time” in which we can communicate.

What occurs when we “share time” is that time is no longer a limitation! Once we release the old indoctrination that “time = limitation,” such as, “I don’t have time to do that?” our life begins to change. Our life begins to change because we realize that we can choose a NOW in which we are “free of time.”

Since we still exist in a reality in which we need to “work” to “make money” so that we can “pay our bills and buy food,” we are NOT totally free of time, but in our “free time” we can “choose to be free of time.” How do we choose to be free of time?

We put aside a “cast in steal” time that is JUST for us. Just as we dedicate ourselves to “be on time for work, be on time to pick up the kids from school, pay our bills on time etc. etc. we can create a “cast in steel” dedication to “spend time with our Higher SELF.”

The time that we spend with our higher expressions of SELF, becomes a “NOW” in which we choose to “spend that time giving our selves what WE need. This “need” may be to meditate, to exercise, to be creative, to talk with a friend, etc. etc.

The difference between the third/fourth dimensional TIME and the fifth dimensional NOW is our state of consciousness. Therefore, it is not what we do that transmutes our consciousness from third/fourth dimensional TIME into fifth dimensional NOW, it is our STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS when we do it.

When we are in a lower state of consciousness, time crawls by because we are NOT enjoying whatever we are doing. On the other hand, when we love what we are doing, we can look at the clock to find that hours have passed in what seemed like minutes.

The clock is the same despite what we are doing, but our higher states of consciousness can allow us to “leave time” and move into the NOW. How many times have we awoken from a dream that seemed to last forever to find that you have only been asleep for a few minutes?

During this “dream” your consciousness accelerated because you experienced your higher states of consciousness. Your higher states of consciousness occur when you have focused your attention on the love in your life and when you actively use the Violet Fire to transmute negative energy fields into unconditional love.

The Violet Fire represents the highest octave of Light within your third/fourth dimensional awareness. Since the Violet Fire resonates to the fifth dimension and beyond, it has the ability to transmute a third dimensional situation into a fifth dimensional octave of reality.

However, the Violet fire does not change a situation by taking away or adding certain elements. Instead, the Violet Fire works to raise the frequency of any situation into a higher dimensional state of resonance.

Thus, the situation is the same, but it resonates to a fifth dimensional and beyond frequency of realty in which Power-Over is transmuted into its higher octave of Power-Within. Also, the Violet fire can transmute Fear into its higher octave of Love.

You all have this power of transmutation, which is best accessed while you are in a higher dimensional state of consciousness, such as your fifth dimensional consciousness and beyond. In these higher dimensions of reality there is NO “time” as you might identify it in the third/fourth dimensions. Therefore, whatever you put out instantly returns back to you, because the third dimensional illusion of separation does not exist at this higher frequency of reality.

However, if one sends out “power over others,” their consciousness drops into the third dimension of illusion of separation from others. This illusion and separate makes it much more difficult to “learn about” and “remember” the higher worlds because the negativity of the third dimension can be very contagious.

Therefore, those who send out “power over others” may never realize how it harms others, as well as them selves. They may be so happy enjoying their money, or power over others, that they do not notice that their friends are leaving them, their health is suffering, their mind is more confused, they have trouble sleeping due to the bad dreams, and they may be feeling anxious or depressed.

Since they do not remember that the energy they send out determines the energy that is entering their life, they do NOT know that THEY are the source of their problems. Therefore, they blame others because they are too afraid and angry to confront themselves.

Fortunately, more and more people are expanding beyond their third dimensional physical self, into their fourth dimensional astral self, and beginning their transmutation into their fifth dimensional ascending self.

As these higher dimensional transitions are made, the “Power Over Other people” will begin to leave their lives. However, the ascending ones will meet the great challenge of maintaining a fifth dimensional state of consciousness in a reality filled with fear.

On the other hand, it is your honor and your duty to use your awakened power of transmutation to:
“Blaze, Blaze, Blaze the Violet Fire
Transmuting ALL Shadow

When you “Blaze the Violet Fire” into any, and all, power-over-others humans, you send them a “moment of fifth dimensional consciousness.” If they can accept that give, they will change forever.

If they cannot accept that gift, the dark and/selfish desires that they sent into your personal or group reality will instant be transmuted “out of the lower third/fourth dimensional resonance” and “into the fifth dimensional resonance.”

The Violet Fire does NOT harm any one or any thing. The manner in which the Violet Fire works is that it expands the resonant frequency of any situation from its lower, third-dimensional beta wave resonance into the higher, fifth-dimensional gamma wave resonance.

By using the above Violet Fire Decree, you are not only expanding your own human consciousness into the fifth dimension, but you are also assisting Gaia to expand Her planetary consciousness into the fifth dimension. In this manner, you assist to align Gaia’s fifth dimensional Light Planet with your own fifth dimensional Light Body.

What would happen if we ALL used the Violet Fire to transmute our reality?
In fact, let us try that and find out!!!

Blessings to you all

Merging With Your Higher Self Posted by Suzanne Lie at 8:24 AM

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Equipoise: ▶ HOT Beach Yoga! – Arcturian Message February 16, 2014.:::.sharing

Equipoise: ▶ HOT Bikini Beach Yoga! – Arcturian Message February 16, 2014.:::.sharing.

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Friday, June 6, 2014

▶ HOT Beach Yoga! – Arcturian Message February 16, 2014.:::.sharing



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Arcturian Message February 16, 2014


FEBRUARY 16, 2014
The message we bring at this time is one of hope. So many of you are frustrated and struggle with issues of daily living. It is imperative that you understand dear ones, that these difficulties represent graduations and not failures. Certain energies accumulated from lifetime to lifetime are stored within the cellular memory of your physical bodies and also within the emotional and mental bodies. Every individual stores and carries until cleared, their personal energies of inheritance, vows, promises, and all powerful life experiences (some good and some very bad) along with a cellular remembrance of the individuals involved in these experiences.

You are now spiritually strong enough to release any energies that serve only to hold you in what is old and finished and this also includes the resolution of any karmic situations needing to be finished. These energies were stored and carried through lifetimes because you were not yet evolved enough to acknowledge and resolve them in ways that would enable you to clear them.

There are layers to those pockets of energy that resulted from intense life experiences (physical, emotional, or mental) which have been held deep within because you chose not to re-live or even think about some of these experiences again.

It often happens that the serious student believes that through his hard inner work an issue has been dealt with and finished. This is usually something that has plagued him throughout his lifetime; a particular person, or fear, or addiction, or emotional reaction–and then, low and behold there it is again saying; “Hello, I’m back”.

Never believe that this indicates failure or that the work was not done correctly, for the reappearance of an issue needing to be cleared simply means that you have now reached a deeper level of it. When this happens, re-examine any concepts that you may of been previously unaware of and again move into truth. As each new layer presents itself, it will open you to new levels awareness regarding your own state of consciousness. Ask; “What am I believing that is making me feel this way?”

Try not to give power for good or bad to any issues, people, or experiences you may be struggling with for these things have only the power you give them which is why they were stored within you in the first place. The old and finished three dimensional energies of duality and separation can not be carried with you into the higher frequencies of Light and will act as blocks until removed.

For this particular lifetime because of importance of the shift going on, evolved souls incarnated bringing a complete list of any issues they needed to clear. Many chose pre-birth, to be born into family situations that would activate whatever was needing to be moved beyond. Example; Many raised in abusive family situations, specifically chose these families (pre-birth) in order to activate a long held consciousness of low self esteem. This way they could once and for all release this concept of self and grow the realization of who and what they really are. Frequently also, there is a karmic situation that needs to be completed.

With regard to karmic relationships–if you find yourself in a situation where you recognize that an ever present discord must be karmic but the other individual is not interested in any resolution, you can release and complete it yourself. 1. Recognize the person’s Divine Nature even if they are not the lease bit interested themselves. 2. Remove energetic cords still attaching you to that person through your intent and visualization. 3. Send them Light and Love whenever you think of them. 4. Do NOT engage…this will perpetuate that which you are trying to clear.

In earlier lifetimes, souls incarnated with a short list, choosing perhaps one issue to deal with and move beyond. Often the struggles of simply staying alive prevented any progress and a goal may of been in place for several lifetimes. Because of the powerful energy shift now taking place on earth, incarnating souls realized that they would need to address any issues holding them in frequencies that were old and finished and this is why so many seem to be having very difficult life experiences.

You are evolved enough to do what you came to do or you would not have chosen to do it. Never believe that you are a failure even if third dimensional concepts say you are. No indeed, pat yourselves on the back dear ones, for you are powerful and evolved Beings of Light now able to see through appearances and hold to the truth while doing what you need to do. Never forget, all lessons were pre-planned by you as you realized what was needed in your experience in order to grow and evolve.

Arcturian Group now wishes to speak to abundance. Abundance is an issue that confuses many as you suffer from the appearances of lack and limitation. Within Oneness exists all that is…all the qualities of a Divine omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient Source are within you also. This is the point of this journey all have been on through hundreds of lifetimes…to finally evolve into a state of consciousness that realizes this truth. Source knows nothing of lack or limitation, IT is Self sustained and Self maintained…infinitely. The idea of lack is a concept born of the belief in duality (pairs of opposites) and separation. Everything embodied within Divine consciousness is held in place by Divine law. If lack or limitation were within Divine consciousness, they would be forever unchangeable. Realizing this is the first step to changing the outer appearances.

Each time you pay a bill, take a second to realize that since Source is complete and lacks nothing, this check or money simply represents a material manifestation of this. When you believe abundance to be limited and personal so that everything spent depletes you, you are declaring money to be yours–finite, and limited (duality and separation). Realize that abundance is flowing through you, not from you. This may seem silly as you look at your empty wallet, but the practice of these truths is the only way to move into a deeper understanding of the infinite abundance which is already yours by virtue of your Oneness with Source.

Start the flow moving…give away unused clothes or items, donate time, drop a coin in the bottle even if it a penny…get the flow of love (service or goods) and gratitude (payment) moving. Always there must be the flow. You are creators dear ones and you are creating with every thought and word (eg. I don’t have…) that flows out from your state of consciousness. Just as the journey is about learning Oneness, it is also about learning just what is embodied within that Oneness. Start applying truth to every financial transaction you make, blessing each payment by knowing that it flows from an Infinite and unlimited Source.

Take whatever human footsteps may be necessary in your particular situation, but let your first step always be a remembrance of the truth of your Infinite Source. Choose not to wholeheartedly embrace the constant barrage of three dimensional news about lack and limitation.

You are at a turning point, one in which you must decide who your master is to be and whom you will serve–truth or the three dimensional concepts being presented to you from all sides by an un-awakened world? Be very honest with yourselves dear ones, for you are now at a point of either moving forward, or staying in the old. The choice is as always, yours.

We are the Arcturian Group 2/16/14

©2014 onenessofall.com | Cedar, MI 49621

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Equipoise: Girls Bikini Home Abs Workout for Sexy Stomach!! – :::Firm Up – Provocative Yoga #6 – YouTube ::: THE INNER VOICE ::: sharing

Equipoise: Girls Bikini Home Abs Workout for Sexy Stomach!! – :::Firm Up – Provocative Yoga #6 – YouTube ::: THE INNER VOICE ::: sharing.

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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Girls Bikini Home Abs Workout for Sexy Stomach!! – :::Firm Up – Provocative Yoga #6 – YouTube ::: THE INNER VOICE ::: sharing

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Beloveds, we, Mytria/Mytre, have returned to continue our story.

We left off with the call of a small inner voice tickling our consciousness. After such a long time of moving, establishing, fighting and leaving we had lost most of desire for deep inner contemplation that had once been our keynote. Now, with peace and calm entering our lives again, we were returning to our SELF.

But, who was that voice that so many of us were hearing? Was it our Spirit in a more tangible manner, or was it a version of the SELF to whom we were returning? Some of us were too busy with their daily lives to place too much attention on these questions. On the other hand, those of a feminine, introspective expression, such as Mytria, could not ignore the questions or the inner voice. Therefore, Mytria will tell her story, as we were two people then. In fact, we had not even met.


I was among the ones who first banned together to connect with our Spirit, so the inner voice was not small to me. In fact, my inner voice constantly haunted me and would give me no rest. I could not sleep and ate only for survival. Therefore, I became increasingly tired and, eventually, sick. However, none of the healers could determine the cause of my inability to sleep, extreme sensitivity to food, aching joints, dizziness and confusion. They assumed it was because I was exhausted and recommended that I return home to rest.

However, sleep would not come. I tossed and turned and kept my housemates awake with my constant shuffling around and groaning. Finally, they came to me as one unit and suggested that I spend some time in one of the new Temples that were being created. Their suggestion brought the first inner peace I had felt since the inner voice began giving me instructions, which seemed impossible to understand. In fact, it was not until the moment of my beloved friend’s suggestion that I realized that I had actually been receiving instructions.

Unfortunately, these instructions were in a language that I could only receive in pictures, metaphors, emotions and disassociated thoughts. Perhaps one of the Elders who were establishing the Temples could assist me. I was barely an adult, only about 70 of your years. (As I said, we live much longer than you.) I had spent most of my life on a Star Ship, as I was born in-between our different planetary homes. Nonetheless, since I grew up with all the stories and was naturally VERY empathic, I felt as though I had lived through each planetary experience.

In fact, I was told that I had been with them then, as my life seemed to run in a sequence of constant birth, death, birth, death and birth again. As a child, I remembered these lives as clearly as I remembered what I had done the day before. However, when I became an adolescent I wanted to create a NEW version of myself rather than live what appeared to be a long sequence of the same version of life over and over again.

Perhaps, my confusion and dizziness was because all my other lives were coming back to me, and all at once. Every life seemed to be telling me the same thing and leading me to the same destination. However, I could not understand what I was being told or where I was being led. I desperately needed guidance.

Unfortunately, because our Temples were still under construction, we had to set an appointment to talk with someone and wait for an opening. I will not use segments of years, months or days, as we counted time very differently than you do. I will just say that I was forced to wait—and suffer—for what appeared to me to be a very long time.

However, my housemates had made it quite clear that I was being a disruptive influence to our unit. They had all found their positions in creating our new life and worked day and night towards that end. I, on the other hand, had not found that which my inner voice was guiding me towards and was riddled with fearful emotions because of my inner confusion. I decided that I should go into Nature and spend my time alone in the beautiful surroundings of our new, planetary home.

Consequently, the next morning before dawn, I grabbed a small “portable dwelling,” which was similar to your “tents,” packed some staples and simple cookware and took off into the woods. I had no idea where I was going or what I was going to do, but as I left my message for my housemates as to my destination, I felt a brief, very brief, moment of peace. Then I quietly left, closing the door on my first experience of a planetary home.

Since I had grown up visiting new planets, moons and asteroids, my survival skills in an unknown terrain were excellent. I never thought for a moment that I would be in any danger. Besides that, I had always had an attachment to the land of any area that we visited. In fact, it was my guidance, along with others, that assisted us to find this beautiful world of abundance and peace. Now, I had no idea where I was going, by I was a born navigator and knew I could return to our small village when it was time for my appointment.

I walked all day before I found a sheltered place where I could put up my dwelling. With my dwelling constructed, I sat down to eat some of the simple food that I had quietly packed. I only brought enough food for a few meals, as I did not want to take from my dear friends. Besides, I was quite confident that I could live off the land. As I ate, looking out into the ever-darkening sky, I felt calmer than I had been since my inner voice had started screaming in my mind. The food actually tasted good, and I enjoyed every bite. Surely, this was a sign that I had made the right choice…

To the contrary, I woke up to the first storm we had experienced since we landed on this planet. I awoke clutching a small blanket and realized that my dwelling had blown away and my eating utensils where scattered all over the area. Some of them I never found. I had wanted an adventure, but I got a bit more than I had counted on. I knew better than to walk around in a storm, so I took what I could gather and huddled under the lip of an overhanging rock.

As I sat against the rock I mused. I had walked since before dawn and only stopped when it grew dark. Then, I stayed up until late watching the new star systems in the night sky. I can only imagine it was because I was so tired that I did not see any of the warning signs for this huge storm. And, why did I not wake up sooner? Perhaps I had lived in a village too long, and I had lost touch with nature. It definitely appeared that I had lost touch with my self.

Since the stars were now invisible, and they were the form of navigation that I had learned on the Star Ship, I had to stay put until storm ended and the skies had cleared. Only the great fatigue that I had been suffering for many rotations of our moons, could allow me to fall asleep in the midst of a huge storm. I do not know how long I slept, if it was actually sleep, as my mind was seeing that which had up until now evaded me. I remember repeatedly saying in my night body, “I must remember this dream.”

I awoke to a beautifully clear day with that thought in my mind. However, I could not remember the dream. I only had the same flitting images that had been haunting me since the voice began. However, the dream seemed to place these images in a sequence, which—of course—I could not remember. A great light that was shinning on my body, drying my clothes and warming the rock had awakened me. I was lying back against the rock that had offered me shelter from the storm when something caught my attention. When I looked more closely, I saw that the rock glistened as if a million small stars were embedded within it.

I had been to many planets and seen many landscapes, but I had never seen a rock like this before. I decided that since the storm had brought me here, I would stay here, against this rock for as long as necessary. However, what was left of my food was gone, so I had to remember my empathic skills of finding water and “knowing” what was edible. It was these innate abilities that had brought me purpose on the Star Ship, a purpose that I had lost since we had settled into our new world. The water was found, the food was located, the night skies were mapped and I was—useless.

Perhaps that is one of the reasons why I had been having so much difficulty. I had not found my place within our society. I was too young to serve in the Temples and too old to sit around, which is what I had been doing. No wonder my housemates had tired of my presence. With the thought of my inability to find my “place” I drifted off into sleep—or was it a deep meditation?

We shall return and Mytria will continue her story,


Through Suzanne Lie, PhD
Posted 24th May 2012 by Juan Pablo
Labels: Mytria/Mytre from Pleiadesthe inner voice

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Dear Mytria and Mytre,

We speak with you now about the beginnings of our ascension.

Once we arrived at our new home in the Pleiades, we were finally free of war and fighting. With this freedom from fear, we could hope for a better life. We Pleiadians are so involved with our Earth Family because we totally understand the state of mind of many of you. We know how it feels to be offered hope of a new life and not be totally sure that we could trust this possibility. How could we take the risk that life could be filled with peace and calm when there had been so much war and disruption?

In fact, it took us several generations, which are longer than yours as we live much longer, to settle into the concept of the freedom to choose peace, love, happiness and joy. We understand how our dear Earth Family must decide to choose to live the hope that appears to be before you. After all, you have lived in illusion for myriad incarnation, so what if you believe in yet another illusion? At least this possible illusion is filled with multidimensional light and unconditional love. After living many years, and many lives, in darkness and fear, how can you turn away from hope?

It was the same for us. Also, we were very busy building a new life for ourselves, just as you will soon be doing. The building of our new world kept us occupied, however, the challenges of creating a new society were an ongoing challenge. For generations, we had traveled from place to place and lived entire lifetimes on Starships. Hence, our society was based on a smaller world. On the other hand, we did have long periods in which we were planet bound, but we kept running into the same issue, again and again. We would find peace, then “they”—usually the Dracs—would find us, and the fighting would begin again.

Even though we appeared to be hidden away, there was little security as we had found “safe havens” before, only to be invaded again. Because of our many dashed hopes, we had become attached to a sense of victimization. We felt as if we had little control over the outcome of our lives, our homes and our society. Do you see why we are coming to assist our Earth Family? We are your ancestors, and we know that we are responsible for the example that we set for those who we left behind. Yes, we did abandon many of you in our constant search to find security.

Somehow, through the process of creating a new reality and having freedom from fear and victimization, we realized that what we had accused others of doing to us, we ourselves had done to others. In other words, in order to change our reality we had to change our self. Specifically, we had to change our state of consciousness. We had felt like “prey” for so long that we had forgotten the damage that we had done to beloved Gaia, who had offered us a safe home. If we did not change, and we had to do so very quickly, we would do to our new world what we had once done to Earth.

We had left our home world of Lyra to find peace, but we did not have peace within. We had fear. Finally, we were learning that we could only create in our reality what we held in our hearts and minds. This information was very difficult for us to accept. When a society is based on war and victimization for a very long time, it becomes very difficult to find the enemy within. Only those of us who had a spiritual connection could begin to look into our own darkness. Fortunately, that was enough to turn the tide of our creations.

Those of us who had remembered our connection to Spirit, began to go inside ourselves to ask for forgiveness for what we had done to others. Amazingly, we all got the same answer, but in different words. The message that we got was, “You must forgive your self in order to accept forgiveness from another.” It was one thing to ask forgiveness of our Spirit, but another thing to ask our selves for forgiveness. First, we had to decide exactly what we needed to forgive ourselves for. We began to gather in small groups to find the answer to this question.

Fortunately, our group energy allowed us to go back into the history of our civilization in a detached fashion. Once we realized what we had done to others, we sought the answers as to why we had done these things. We realized that our sense of feeling victimized give us permission to perceive others as an enemy without adequate proof. Because of this decision making process, we had attacked without trying to talk and abandoned without trying to heal.

This realization was a vital realization, as it became a basis of our society. Once we found that our actions were based on fear, we saw that we had gone against the very core of nature, which we had thought has been based on love and acceptance. Therefore, now we needed to go back into our history and re-do our mistakes within our consciousness so that our new, habitual responses could be changed. Therefore, we reviewed our past to discern what decisions were made from a fearful stance and which decisions were based on correct perceptions of our “enemies.” After we determined which were our fearful decisions, we re-considered how we could have used communication and healing instead.

We were able to discern situations with the Service-to-Self enemies in which we responded with powerful tactics and the situations in which we became afraid and ran or attached without adequate thought. Going over our past, allowed us to gain the lessons that were hidden in our “mistakes” and the wisdom that we gained from our effective choices. Once we brought this information back to our people, it became easier for them to uncover their own guilt, anger and fear. Once others experienced and released their emotions, they, too, felt a need to go inside and confer with their Spirit.

First our communications with Spirit were mostly individual, but gradually small groups began to gather to release the old and feel the blessings of Spirit. The groups felt so full of Spirit that they wanted to show their joy by dancing, singing, painting, writing and many other creative expressions. The joy of expressing our creativity released a dark cloud from our consciousness that we forgotten was there.

Suddenly, our fear and sense of victimization was gone. We were too busy creating a new life to think about fear. Since more and more of us were developing an intimate relationship with Spirit, we could surrender protection of our world and society to Spirit. We also released that service to those who discovered that protecting others was their greatest expression of creativity.

We were finally settling into our new home and expanding our Galactic Duties when we began to discover a small voice within. We had started the next phase of our ascension without ever knowing that our process had even begun.

We are with you always, for we share your Spirit,


Through Suzanne Lie, PhD
Posted 23rd May 2012 by Shanti
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Equipoise: ▶ Girls 20min Sexy Bikini Butt Workout: Part 2 – Questions About Ascension — The Question and The Blessing:::sharing

Equipoise: ▶ Girls 20min Sexy Bikini Butt Workout: Part 2 – Questions About Ascension — The Question and The Blessing:::sharing.

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

▶ Girls 20min Sexy Bikini Butt Workout: Part 2 – Questions About Ascension — The Question and The Blessing:::sharing

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Questions About Ascension — The Question and The Blessing

5-6Questions About Ascension


“Hello,” I heard a voice say from somewhere inside of me, or was the voice external? I looked around the small room in which I was sitting. Yes, over there, off to the left there was a hint of a slight movement or a disturbance in the air.

“Hello,” I again heard the voice echo both inside and outside of me. Now I understood. It was a fifth dimensional being flickering in and out of my third dimensional world.

Actually the fifth dimensional being was holding steady in it’s own dimension. It was my perception and my consciousness that was flickering back and forth between worlds.

It was happening more and more now. I would suddenly hear, see or feel some thing, or was it some one, that was not a part of my physical reality. Somehow I knew that these visions were NOT from the fourth dimension.

How did I know the difference? The difference was that these perceptions were completely free of ALL fear.

“You can perceive us now because you are becoming free of fear as well,” spoke the voice off to my left.

I did not respond to the voice or even question its statement. Instead, I began to ponder a reality free of ALL fear.

How would that reality feel?

How would that reality look?

How could that reality be possible?

“You have remembered how to integrate your fear back into our light,” spoke the voice that was now taking a shape.

Actually, it was I that was changing rather than the voice. I realized that when I focused my attention on my wavering fifth-dimensional perceptions, the perceptions became more definitive and clearer; then, my third-dimensional world that began to flicker in and out.

“Yes, you are recalibrating,” spoke the voice responding to my thoughts.

They always did that, the fifth-dimensional ones. They responded to my thoughts even when they were different from my words. I couldn’t fool them or say what they wanted to hear, as I often did in my physical world.

The fifth dimensional ones could look into my Soul. They could hear what I had not yet registered as my own thoughts and my own feelings.

“Your Multidimensional SELF is here with us. Do you see it?” spoke the voice.

Suddenly, the flicker disappeared and the wavering light-filled fifth-dimensional room disappeared. Again I was in a world with harsh boundaries and hard edges. I tried to listen for the voice, but it was gone.

No, it was not the voice that was gone. I was gone, gone from that reality. I left it because I became afraid, and my fear pulled my perceptions out of calibration with the fifth dimension. I knew that because it had happened before.

In fact, it had happened EVERY time that the voice had asked me if I could see my SELF. Why? Why did the prospect of seeing my Multidimensional SELF frighten me?

I closed my eyes and took long, slow breaths, which calmed my mind and eased my heart. Gradually, my consciousness began to expand into the fifth dimension.

With my eyes closed, I could release the physical perceptions and calibrate my attention to the perceptions of the fifth dimension.

Through these higher perceptions I feel the glow of my body and of the room around me. I felt the physical world as well, but it was in the background.

“Why does the prospect of seeing my SELF frighten me so?” I asked the voice. I held the question in my mind and focused my attention on at the spot to my left where I had first seen the flicker.

No answer.

I felt a rush of fear, fear of abandonment and almost lost my focus. However, I was able to catch myself and breathe out the fear.

It took a while to raise my consciousness again. I made an affirmation to be patient and hold my vibration high. There is no time here, I reminded myself. Therefore, there is no hurry.

I will wait for the answer—patiently.

Slowly, the flicker to my left became a light. Quickly, the light became so brilliant that I had to refocus my consciousness in order to perceive it. The light continued to expand until it filled the room and filled me.

I felt my consciousness shoot up into the higher worlds. My physical world disappeared, although I knew that it was still there. Within the core of the light a form began to materialize into a shape, no, into several shapes, into many shapes.

My experience was much like looking into a house of mirrors in which one shape echoed itself again and again. I started to become excited, but I knew to calm myself or I would lower my vibration.

I affirmed my desire to know why I became frightened by the prospect of seeing my SELF. The first of the many beings stepped towards me, then all the others moved forward as well. I gathered my courage and stepped towards them.

“I want to know the answer!” I spoke to the many.

“Do you deserve us?” they responded.

I felt the fear building again. The many before me began to blur and the brilliant light began to dim.

“No,” I called. “I will not lose my focus.”

I reached out towards the beings in front of me.

“I DO DESERVE!!” I cried from my core. “I do deserve you—all of you. I am NOT afraid.”

The beings before me had grown too dim for me to see their faces, but I could feel their smiles. I could feel the closest being take my hand and heard the echo of the many as they smiled and took my hand as well.

“I do deserver. I do deserve.
I do deserve,” I chanted all the way back down into my physical world and my physical consciousness.

They were all gone now, at least gone from my third dimensional perception. But, I knew they were inside me. I knew that whenever I could raise my focus, they would be there.

Actually, “I” would be there.

“Actually,” spoke the voice flickering to my left, “You are HERE NOW—in us.”


It was then that I heard the inner Arcturian say, “We, the Arcturians wish to bless our grounded ones who have volunteered to take a body to assist Earth in Her great moment of ascension.

We primarily wish to tell you, each and every ONE, that YOU have a very special purpose that you have volunteered to fulfill in this NOW of Gaia’s ascension. We apologize for our “confusing” referrals to “time.” We find it extremely limiting to speak in the linear and sequential language of the third dimension.

In our true language, Light Language, the flow of ideas move in circles of light, which are revealed to the listener as pictures, emotions, ideas and sensations. To us, language is similar to a soft breeze that gently caresses our Lightbody. When we feel this caress, we experience it as if it were a word, as telephone ring, a call from another.

Since we all resonate within the ONE, we need not look outside of us into a “different” location, as our grounded ones must do. Instead, we focus inside of our being to “take the call,” or “give our answer.” Of course, since we do not resonate to a time/space reality, the “inner” call and our answer happen simultaneously.

Because our Light Language is free of time and space, you must expand your consciousness into the fifth dimension and beyond. Then, you can fully relax into the awareness of our presence and allow it to integrate into your Multidimensional SELF.

Then, when you return your attention to your physical reality, you can more easily translate our message into Earth language. We ask you to release your habit of time and space, so that you can imagine that you are in the NOW with us.

Please take a moment to do so…

Can you feel how your earth vessel begins to blur into its environment? This blurring sensation is your Lightbody peeking beyond the limitations of your clay vessel. Imagine now that your earth vessel is like a cave. Your consciousness had to hide in this “cave” in order to find protections from your hostile world.

Imagine yourself in a life in which you lived in a cave to find protection. Do you feel how that body was primitive and dense? Now, we ask you to imagine that you are finding the courage to step out of that cave.

As you step out of the dark cave, you realize that your primitive body begins to evolve. First, you stand up straight, and then you begin to “think” about your reality instead of perceiving everything as mating, food or danger.

When you begin to think about your reality, rather than how to survive your reality, a curiosity and imagination begins to take hold in your thinking. With your imagination, you start to have ideas of what you can do and who you can be.

You are all coming out of your cave of separation NOW.

As you step out of your cave, your body begins to change. As your body changes, you begin to perceive reality in a new way. The hostile planet that once surrounded you, is less hostile, for you are seeing it with new eyes.

You are no longer a victim to the whims of others, because your connection to your SELF reminds you constantly that YOU are the creator of your reality. In the same way, YOU are the creator of your body.

Just as your world changes when your perceptions change, your earth vessel changes when your perceptions of your self change. When you see your self as “just a human,” your body becomes a clay vessel that quickly grows older and is vulnerable to harm and illness.

On the other hand, when you think of your self as the “Light of Spirit,” your concept of your body moves beyond the limits of a clay vessel and encompasses your ever-expanding aura as well. When you perceive your “self” as your aura, YOU are suddenly much bigger.

You may not be aware that your size changes with your state of consciousness. When you are in an expanded state of consciousness, YOU fill the room. Hence, YOU are united with everything and everyone in that room. YOU feel everyone and everything as your SELF. In other words, you are experiencing reality the way it is in the fifth dimension and beyond.

Take a moment now to experience your self as the entire room in which you are now sitting…

How does it feel to be a chair, a desk, a plant, the ceiling, the computer or the paper you are reading?
We suggest that you light some candles, drink some water, feel the breeze and walk barefooted on the earth. In this manner you can experience:
being the element of fire, being the element of water,
being the element of air and being the earth
Once you are bonded with the third dimensional elements, you can ask them to assist you to unite with their fifth-dimensional elementals. With this boost you can more easily calibrate your consciousness with the fifth dimension frequencies of reality.

We suggest that you also do this exercise with others. Then you can share being the elements of earth, air, fire and water while you also experience of being the people in the room, on the phone or on Skype. You do not need to be physically together, as it is the connection of your consciousness that is important.

When you share your Unity Consciousness with the elements with “other” humans, you unite with the elements of the “other” humans. Once you unit with humans via your own elements of earth, air, fir and water, you become united on a cellular level.

This cellular unity creates a deep bond and sense of security. Once all humanity was linked in this manner, but as the world became increasingly hostile, humans began to find their own “separate” safety. Since separation creates fear, you began to perceive Earth as a “hostile planet.”

Just as separation creates fear, fear creates separation and humans increasingly felt separate from their environment and from others. Fear also made them want to hide, and many of our dear grounded ones found it necessary to hide their true expanded SELF for millennia in order to survive their “life on a hostile planet.”

NOW it is safe for you to remember that YOU are planet Earth and planet Earth is YOU. You share earth, air, fire and water with the planet and with all of the planetary inhabitants. As more and more of your awaken to this truth, you will remember that limitation and separation is just an illusion.

Wonderfully, as each of you expands your consciousness into your Multidimensional SELF, you share your experience via your Unity Consciousness. Please remember that Unity Consciousness is innate. It does not need to learned or even remembered.

You are all united on a cellular level via your planetary earth, air, fire and water. As the cellular structure of one person remembers to expand into their innate fifth dimensional expression, they sends a wave of Unity Consciousness to every cell of every inhabitant of Earth, including the planet it self.

At first, just one cell will not make much of an impact. However, this process progresses in an exponential manner. Thus, one cell shares with two cells, then four cells, then eight cells, etc. etc. In this manner, all life will begin to consciously experience their fifth dimensional expression.

Once the threshold into fifth-dimensional Lightbody is crossed, time and space are extinct concepts. At this point, there will only be HERE and NOW.

In the higher worlds of the NOW, you are always HERE.

There is only the NOW of unconditional love,

which infinitely flows via the multidimensional light,

as a constant message from the ONE.

This multidimensional light, which includes the third/fourth dimensions, is constantly caressing you on a cellular level to guide your “Home” to the NOW of the ONE.

When you live within this NOW you remember that there is no specific “time” for ascension, nor is there an assigned “place” to which you will travel.

Ascension is a process of returning Home to your true Multidimensional SELF who is infinitely HERE NOW!

* * * 


* * *

Equipoise: ▶▶ Bikini Body Workout: Sexy Thighs and Nice Butt! Part 2 – YouTube – THE PLANETS SPEAK OF TRANSMUTATION ::: Sharing

Equipoise: ▶▶ Bikini Body Workout: Sexy Thighs and Nice Butt! Part 2 – YouTube – THE PLANETS SPEAK OF TRANSMUTATION ::: Sharing.

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Friday, April 4, 2014

▶▶ Bikini Body Workout: Sexy Thighs and Nice Butt! Part 2 – YouTube – THE PLANETS SPEAK OF TRANSMUTATION ::: Sharing

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Sunday, April 20, 2014





You may have heard of the Cardinal Grand Cross that will be exact in Earth’s sky on April 23 and 24th, 2014. There has been much written about this astrological event, so we the planets wish to share with you how each of us will affect you on Earth

Each planet is at 130 angle of the 4 Cardinal signs:

Pluto 130 Capricorn, (retrograde) earth–government

Jupiter 130 Cancer, water–emotions

Mars 130 Libra (retrograde) air–balance

Uranus 130 Aries fire–transmutation

This rare Cardinal Grand Cross will be exact April 23-4,
with all four listed planets at thirteen degrees .


Pluto in Capricorn—Cardinal Earth Sign

“Pluto (transmutation) and Capricorn (world governments) in Earth signs herald major transmutations in world governments. Both I, Pluto, and the sign of Capricorn work quietly and behind the scene. We invisibly go about our work in a manner that no one notices until all the work is done and someone says, ‘Wow, who did that?’

“While you are busy with your mundane life, I have been gradually transmuting all the foundations of your life that you have buried in your unconscious mind. In fact, now I have been working on the foundational level of that which your personal and political history has created as a resistance to change.

“Resistance to change only makes the inevitable more difficult to accept. Therefore, I ask you all to embrace my powers of transmutation. The difference between transformation and transmutation is that transformation adds a new element to create change. On the other hand, transmutation does not add anything new, but raises the frequency of that which already IS.

“As you may know, personal and world political foundations are filled with MANY secrets that have NEVER come into the light of day. In other words, your personal and planetary political life has been based on ‘mushroom management.’ Most policies have been to ‘do it behind closed doors where only the darkness prevails.’

“Dear humans, how many of the decisions you have made have come from old patterns of behavior that are archived behind the ‘closed doors’ of your own unconscious childhood issues?

“Dear world leaders I, Pluto, am speaking to you from the sign of Capricorn that rules government. Therefore, I ask you how many of your governmental decisions are based on patterns that were established when your government was established?

“Did you forget the foundations of your government and move into selfish motives? You must know that I, Pluto, do not care about your selfish human motives. I am here to transmute that which has fallen off its foundation so that it can relocate itself in the many higher frequencies of reality.

“With my powers of transmutation I will correct where you have gone astray from your true foundational formats and project that image, free of lies and illusions, into the higher frequencies of your personal and governmental life. I am sorry if that is uncomfortable to you, but I am now living and channeling through Capricorn.

“While I flow through Capricorn’s energy field, it is my duty to transmute that which has morphed away from its initial intention by sending back what has been sent out. You do remember that Saturn your old karmic friend of ‘energy out is energy back’ rules Capricorn

“If you, the people and governments of Earth, are to move into a higher frequency of reality, which is the Divine Plan, you will need to experience your own energy field as it comes back to visit you. Only then can you choose to assist me, Pluto, in transmuting your ‘misdirected energy fields’ back into the planetary and personal Divine Planes.


Mars in Libra—Air

“Hello, I am Mars. Before humanity discovered Pluto, I had Pluto’s jobs because our energies are quite similar. The difference is that Pluto has a wider brush and tends to work with planetary and group issues where I, Mars, work on a more personal level. However, both of us focus on how energy is directed into the timelines of every reality. I focus on the masculine/outflow of energy, whereas my mate, Venus, focuses on the feminine/inflow of energy.

“In fact, Venus and I are on either side of our dear sister Gaia. It is our responsibility to assist her. Venus assists her by opening up her Violet Temples of Healing and Transmutations for humanity. I assist Gaia by guiding humanity into a calm and positive expression of their Martian energies. My Martian energy field has been used far too often for war and not nearly enough for creativity.

“While I travel in this energy field Libra, I am focusing on assisting humanity to find balance and justice. Most, if not all, wars are initiated or taken over by the Illuminati who pay for both sides of the war. Therefore, humans suffer, as well as the earth, air and water that suffers from the fire of the bombs used during the war. While the darkness that created the wars gains even more wealth and more power.

“While I, Mars, travel within Libra I can bring balance to this injustice. I am here to assist humanity to balance their thoughts/air and to remember that their EVERY thought travels out from their being with their EVERY breath. What if everyone who perceived themselves as ‘victim’ to war and violence shifted their thinking to their own power-within and breathed that energy field out into their reality?

“My Martian powers are immense and can be greatly constructive when used to create thought-forms of a peaceful and balanced foundational structure. Since I rule metals, which are created from the core of Gaia, I am here to assist you to constructively use the power within your thoughts to heal the many rifts on Gaia’s matrix that have been created by these unjust violence and wars.

“Never underestimate the power of thought or the power of your own personal matrix. Just as Pluto will be working on transmuting the injuries to Gaia’s matrix, I, Mars, am here to assist you to heal your personal matrix. I am sure that many of you have seen the scaffolding that surrounds a building when it is being renovated. This scaffolding is made of metal as it is imperative that the scaffolding is strong.

“I remind you that it is imperative that YOU, the human guardians of Gaia, be strong. The greatest power that you have is the power of positive thoughts. You may not be aware of this inner power, but you—the stewards for Gaia—wrote a Divine Plan for how you would assist Gaia in your present lifetime.

“Pluto will assist you to remember your Divine Plane, and I will assist to create the positive thought-forms that are consistent with that plan. I will also remind you how to project your creative thought-forms into your personal and planetary life.”


Jupiter in Cancer-Water
“Greetings, I am Jupiter speaking to you through the water sign of Cancer. I am ready to assist you to expand your consciousness by being conscious of your emotions. Emotions are like water in that they can flow in and out of you, seemingly beyond your control. It is quite true that your physical self has little ability to consciously master your emotions.

“I am here to remind you that in order to master your emotions you must expand your consciousness. Your state of consciousness directs your attention and thus your perceptions. If you are in a lower state of consciousness, such as 3D Beta wave consciousness, you will likely only perceive the physical world.

“As you have learned, things tend to change very slowly in the physical world. Hence, many become very frustrated at how much time the ascension process is taking. Frustration and impatience lowers your consciousness. Since it is your state of consciousness that directs your perceptions, when your consciousness lowers you perceive only the lowest frequencies of the third dimension.

“That perception will likely force you into the fear-based emotions of fear, anger and/or sorrow. These emotions will lower your consciousness even further. Do you see how this download cycle progresses when you allow your consciousness to drop?

“I was named after Jupiter, the Roman King of the Gods and the God of the sky and thunder. While Mars and Pluto are working on transmuting your personal and planetary 3D matrix, I will work on expanding your mind so that you can better perceive the 5D matrix. You have the power to perceive the matrix of the reality you are entering, as well as the matrix of the reality that you are transmuting.

“Of course, you only have this power of multidimensional perception when you have expanded your consciousness to include your multidimensional mind. Your fifth dimensional power of imagination resonates to your multidimensional mind. Can you dare to allow your perceptions to expand from the very core of your reality into the Galactic Center?

“Can you release your doubt and fear to look UP into hope and re-birth? Just as I was the King of Gods, humanity is destined to be the protectors of Earth and the creators of the path to New Earth. You will not be able to fulfill this grand plan with third-dimensional consciousness. You need to activate your higher consciousness to perceive the reality to which you moving, and creating as your move into it.

“Your human destiny is very expansive. You must extend your consciousness to embrace your multidimensionality into the reality which you have volunteered to imagine, create, discover and inhabit.”


Uranus in Aries—Fire

“I am Uranus. I create sudden unexpected changes that are based on your Divine Plan. As I speak to you through the sign of Aries, I am the harbinger of a new world. I embody your highest state of consciousness and your connection to your Multidimensional SELF. While I reside within the fire of Aries, I will assist you to find your “fire within” to BE the world you choose to live.

“Since our Grand Cross is formed at 13 degrees, and there are 30 degrees within every sign, our distant planets of Pluto and Uranus, will resonate to our present energy field for many of your Earth years. In numerology, 13 reduces to 4 and four is the number of building new foundations.

“Pluto will maintain its presence in Capricorn to assist in transmuting all world governments. Simultaneously I, Uranus, will maintain my presence in Aries to hold the ‘fire of change’ as humanity creates its new world. Pluto reminds you that your unconscious and superconscious mind creates your reality.

“It is the challenge of your conscious mind to release your long addiction to perceiving 3D illusions as real. Since I, Uranus, represent your Higher SELF I will assist you to release illusion and to focus on the Truth of your higher perceptions. These higher perceptions will facilitate the merging of your Multidimensional SELF with our Higher SELF and your Higher SELF with your physical self.

“I remind you that your earth vessel is merely one of the myriad expressions of your Multidimensional SELF that is wearing a body to experience life in form. Through connection to my energy field, you will remember your ability to rise above the appearances of the physical plane to commune and communicate with your higher expressions of SELF.

“More and more of you are channeling higher beings. I remind you that these higher beings are expressions of YOU. Yes, this higher being may be an Archangel and/or a highly evolved Galactic. Do NOT use that information to doubt your ‘channeling’ because your 3D indoctrination has taught you that you are ONLY human.

“Instead, please remember that YOU are ONE with all the multiverse. You are a beautiful and immensely powerful multidimensional being. Only a very small portion of your SELF is wearing an earth vessel in the reality you perceive as physical planet Earth.’ You have uncountable lives in numerous planets, galaxies and dimensions.

“I, Uranus, will remain in the Aries of new life, the spring of new beginnings, the first sign of the zodiac, to remind you that YOU have transmuted your energy field into Lightbody in myriad realities and multiple locations. Please, stay attuned to me so that I can remind you that you do not need to learn what to do for ascension.

“You were chosen to have the great honor of being one of Gaia’s planetary stewards because you have already ascended. If you remain connected to me, Uranus, I will assist you to remember the many higher expressions of your Multidimensional SELF.

“As Pluto serves its long term assignment in Capricorn of transmuting your inner self and your world governments, I will continue my long term assignment in Aries to remind you that you are already that which you seek and that all you need DO is REMEMBER!


* * * 


Equipoise: ▶ South Beach Bikini Body Workout!! – YouTube ::: Semjase of Temmer : Sharing

Equipoise: ▶ South Beach Bikini Body Workout!! – YouTube ::: Semjase of Temmer : Sharing.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

▶ South Beach Bikini Body Workout!! – YouTube ::: Semjase of Temmer : Sharing

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Semjase of Temmer, Pleiadian: A Kind of Reassurance and a Question for You

Posted on Apr 2, 2014
by cosmicgaia
in Maryann Rada, Semjase, The Pleiadians


Channeled by Maryann Rada
April 1, 2014

Somebody left the door unlocked after everyone was in, and what do you think happened? Lots of doom came blowing in, and with it, some not-too-savory characters came in to see what could be done to fatten their bellies. I am, of course, speaking figuratively about your early history and the demonic source of trouble that planted itself amid the seeds of love’s garden. Over the course of millennia, you came to realize your space was shared by shadows, but the weeds had by that time established themselves firmly in the matrix of your reality. The time has come for kings to move aside, for Nature to right wrongs, and for you to see what is meant by “global awakening.”

War will only be part of the equation. There will also be many reality shifters related to unseen factors, such as social upheaval, natural course of Earth becoming unstable, and quite a lot of earthquakes cropping up. Nothing like the kind of scale you’ve seen before will you see soon. When things start moving, they keep moving. Now, let us tell you a little about the next phase of your planet’s reality shifting into a new dimensional weave. It will put things in perspective.

Knowledge of your species history is different than knowledge of your planetary history, but there are some social and, less importantly, political similarities that are of a long-term prevalence in the collective memory of Earth humans that has a common thread with galactic humanity in general. You see the shape of more or less the same kind of human historical drama amounting to a holographic representation of what has gone before on other worlds. You have not fallen into a trap doomed to endless repetition of a hopeless scenario of enslavement and repression, nor are you under the rule of an all-powerful god who wants to teach you a lesson in humility and salvation. These are both parts of the past all humans share. They are not part of the natural development of human civilization but the result of the influence of a race of non-human galactically based beings exploring the conscious universe according to their own way. When confronted with the dominance of another species, the humans of Lyra coordinated their own last-chance scenario and took many different courses of action. Some were annihilated, some were enslaved, some chose polarity shift and became like the attackers, some left and branched off into new human salient civilizations. Some fell into the beliefs infused into their mental energetics that they needed the supremacy of another race to assure their well-being in time, and some felt that they were a special race of beings because the attackers chose to teach them about the knowledge of war and life management technologies designed to subjugate and keep others within a matrix of illusion.
You are seeing these playing out in your world today. They are the vestiges of a racial memory that spans the galaxy and the fields of time beyond the limitations of your planetary matrix. You are about to come face to face with remembrance, dear ones, and when you see the reflections of memory within the knowledge of who you have thought yourselves to be, you will see that there is no difference between you and us except for the reckoning of time. And that is becoming less of a concern, as soon time will collapse on itself in the collision setting it back to its rightful tick-tock and relieving the tension of a racial memory long overdue a revisionary synchronization.
Certain factions of the underground operatives of our Pleiadian family of light have been long awaiting the time of release from a mission that has been eons of your time in the making. We are here to support their transition from their role as Nemesis’ assistants and light’s benefactors into their pure selves as humans of Pleiadian or other galactic nature. We are here to meet the ones who have kept themselves aligned with the human lineage of stellar awareness and OM within their core vibration. We have been waiting to let you in on our presence until the time had come for there to be open and broad communication unimpeded by the charge of static noise made by the same ones who brought your ancestors so much grief. We are here to remind you that you are not lost to time or to memory and that the collective source of your current mental and social disorders as a civilization of Earth is not as real as your light. You are waiting for something to happen. We are here to tell you that something is happening already and the dark shadows are facing the light of their own demise. You bear that light, and in your collective radiance, nothing can stand that is not love in awareness of self.
Last thing: Remembering will be a full-time job now. New realizations will come. Keep your awareness aligned with your OM within. Your light emanates from OM, as we call the knowable divine. OM impulses light through the structure of your body and keeps beingness being. You are a resonance overtone of OM and you have brought that resonance into form and given it movement and a voice. A soul enlivens you and memory links you in a network of awareness within the matrix of a specific timespace of Now. As the matrix experiences love, you feel OM playing. Possibility shifts into memory and a knowingness arises from within your collective. This is the beginning of remembrance. Do you feel it?

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