Equipoise: sharing2, ▶ Girls, Big Booty, Lifting Exercises!, IN THE NOW, Through Suzanne Lie,

Origen: Equipoise: sharing2, ▶ Girls Big Booty Lifting Exercises!, IN THE NOW Through Suzanne Lie

sharing2, ▶ Girls Big Booty Lifting Exercises!, IN THE NOW Through Suzanne Lie

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▶ Girls Big Booty Lifting Exercises! – YouTube

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Carl Jung:

“A man who has not passed through the inferno of his passions has never overcome them.”

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Monday, August 14, 2017

IN THE NOW Through Suzanne Lie



Through Suzanne Lie

In the NOW, there is no worry, of what we need to do

In the NOW, there is no in-between the me, that’s also you

In the NOW, there is no reason, to hurry off to be

In the NOW, we’ll find our SELF, in everything we see

As we blend into the NOW, we know that we will find

That all of life is loving, and everyone is kind

There is NO competition, or need to have success

There is NO form of worry, or self-created stress

As we flow within the NOW, and blend into the whole

We find that everyone, is connected to their Soul

Our Souls commune within the ONE

So we can share all that we’ve done

Within this sharing, we will see

That we are happy, and we are free

We are all free to create our life

Free of worry, and free of strife

But, at first we just may ponder,

How all of this can BE

How can we be within the ONE

Of all we hear and see?

Within the ONE, we need no task

As happiness within will last

So just relax, and know down deep

This world we sought, is ours to keep!

As we relax into that knowing

Our body will begin it’s glowing

And all of us will soon be showing

The WE that NOW, within is growing

We ARE the ONE we sought to be

And NOW our Hearts and Minds are FREE

Free to be, the ONE we are

Free to live within a Star

The Light is shining round the bend

And we’ll receive, just what we send

The love we send, will soon return

So that our open Heart, can learn

We are all ONE

We are all HERE

The time is NOW

To release all fear

When we send our love, out from our Core

What we release, creates much more

The more we send, the love we give

The love we share, is the love we live

We are Creators of our life

If full or love, or filled with strife

We CAN embrace the love we know

And let that love, be what we show

The love we send will soon return

And from that love, we all will learn

We are the Earth on which we live

It is to Earth, that will we give

Our protection, and our love

From deep within and far above

To remember our dear Earth

On whom we took this birth

Is alive and needing love

From within and up above

So, we promise to remember

We do receive. We are the sender.

And the life we make on Earth

Is the one we chose before our birth!

So, back to our beginning

Where love is always winning

We take that love and ground it deep

Into the promise we WILL keep

The reason why we came to Earth

Was for Gaia, and Her Re-birth

And when dear Earth, becomes a Sun


We all will know our job is done

Note from Sue: As we go into these times of change, it is best to live within the NOW

Blessings to YOU,  One and ALL


Blessings, Sue Lie and the Arcturians

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 11:35 AM

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Equipoise: sharing3- Preparing for First Contact – ▶ Lifting Home Workout!!! –

Origen: Equipoise: sharing3- Preparing for First Contact – ▶  Lifting Home Workout!!! –

Friday, July 7, 2017

sharing3- Preparing for First Contact – ▶  Lifting Home Workout!!! –

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▶ Girls Sexy Big Booty Butt Lifting Home Workout!!! – YouTube


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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Suzanne Lie, Ph.D., has been a seeker since she was a child where her active “imagination” took her deep into her inner life. She continues to regularly share her experiences and Arcturian teachings on her blog, Awakening with Suzanne Lie, and she wishes to help awakening ones come out of hiding and allow the glory of their highest expression of SELF into their everyday life. Sunday, June 19, 2016

Preparing for First Contact–Chapter 9–Arcturian Transmission & Links To Solstice Webinar



Arcturian Transmission—Through Suzanne Lie


Calm, Grounded and Connected to Higher SELF

We are within your NOW to remind you, our fully awakened ones, that those of you who are calm, grounded and connected with your Higher Self prepare will be called on to give rational explanations for what is occurring during our First Contact.

You will be asked to find the balance between those people who get too excited about First Contact and those who refuse to accept it. Then, there are those who may become very angry about it.

Our plan is that the Pleiadians that will expand their resonance into the a frequency in which humans, that is humans whose consciousness resonates to the fourth and fifth dimension, will be able to perceive them.

The Pleiadians have been chosen for this mission because they look very human. Therefore, they are not frightening in any way, except that they are taller. That tallness will also remind the humans that they need to be respectful.

This landing will occur in a frequency NOT in a place, and there are many factors that determine exactly in what frequency they will land. Therefore, those of you who can expand your consciousness into the higher frequencies of consciousness will be the ones who will be able perceive us. In fact, those of you who can already expand your consciousness into gamma waves are likely already having some degree of communication with the Galactics, their Higher Selves, and/or the Angelics.

Therefore, you will not be afraid, because you will have already been debriefed by your own higher guidance about,

WHAT you need to do,

WHEN you need to do it,

WHERE you need to do it.

Most important, you will be the calm source of information that allows others to realize that they asked for these landings. In fact, the reason why the Galactics are here, the reason that the Pleiadians are planning their “first contact,” is because a majority of Earthlings asked. YOU, a majority of humanity said, “We are ready.”

However, the minority that is NOT ready for contact can be very loud, quite violent, and very terrified. It is for this reason that we are NOT going to land in the third dimensional frequency of your reality. We know that if we did land in the third dimension, that it would be an excuse for those still living via “Power Over” to explode more bombs and cause more violence.

So, we are allowing the people to create their own reality that resonates to the frequency of their consciousness. If ones consciousness is pinned to the Third or the lower Fourth Dimension they have a great deal of fear. Thus, we will not reveal ourselves at that frequency, because too many humans would be frightened, and frightened people get violent.

The people whose consciousness resonates into the Fourth Dimension will be receiving many dreams in which they will experience the higher dimensions. They will also have this experience in their meditation life, but may not yet have these experiences in their daily life.

You, the ones who have been able to expand your consciousness into the fifth dimension, and have been able to anchor your Lightbody within your core, will be the first ones who will be able to consciously perceive us.

Now, you will not perceive us in the same manner that you perceive a third dimensional tree, or even a fourth dimensional dream. Actually, when we, the Arcturians and the Pleiadians reveal ourselves to Suzille, we understand that we appear to her almost like “cut-outs” of light.

There is an outline of a tall, thin person, which is light inside, and then the outline of a wavering being (ourselves, the Arcturians) which is light in the inside. There are no details, yet. But there is a feeling. This feeling feels like the Arcturians feel to Suzille. This feeling feels like the Pleiadians feel to Suzille.”

This is one of the manners in which our awakened ones will perceive us. They will feel it via their bodies. They will know by their physical bodies. All our messages are meant to slowly, gradually allow you to adapt to the possibility that there is higher are inter-dimensional, sentient being within and around your Earth.

Humanity has been deeply brainwashed that they are “the tops of heap.” But, at the same their television, their radio, and even their schools, their jobs have told them that they are “not good.”

However, many of these messages are subliminal, so you do not even know that you are allow an outer message to interfere with your inner self. Therefore, many people are confused, but fortunately, some of you say, “Yes, I’m good enough. I am able to perceive these higher beings.”

There has been a purposeful campaign from the dark ones to make humanity live with a level of embarrassment. “Oh, I am different from the people I see on the commercials. What’s wrong with me?” And, so what we want you to say is that the people on the commercials are actors and actresses. They’re not those people, either.

In fact, if you look at, enter into, read, or hear something that creates fear, then STOP. Fear says “NO”. So, respect your fear and investigate before proceeding. Now, that might mean that, oh, that’s a bad message. Or it might mean that you’re not ready for the message. Either way, you’re not ready for the message, so don’t shouldn’t listen to it.

The identification of a dark and fearful message is very important, but if you get upset and hurt and feel victimized, then you’ve allowed your consciousness to fall down to that Third Dimensional level where you are a victim.

So, we say to all of you that you’re going to be seeing and hearing a lot of things that you may say,

“Oh, this isn’t real.”

“Oh, what’s wrong with you?”

“There’s no such thing.”

“You know, you’re just a weird hippie.”

You’re going to be hearing all those types of things from people that are not able to accept the higher frequencies of reality. Then all you do is send them Unconditional Love and Violet Fire, or turn off that show. Don’t read that magazine.

Don’t talk to those people because many have been brainwashed by these third dimensional concepts of separation and limitation. There has been a huge brainwashing campaign against the Galactic that started in the early ‘50s when we first tried to land.

People didn’t even know that they had been brainwashed. People were not even aware that they decided that there’s no such thing as beings from another world, because they watched all the horror movies in the ‘50s,’ and then there were all the hidden messages that went onto the commercials that people did not know about.

There was also the 50 hertz levels of sound that were run through the neighborhoods that people didn’t know about. Then there were the myriad wars that were created to keep you all afraid, in debt, and thinking that the military and the fighting is a solution to every problem.

We want you all to know that we will not reveal ourselves to any person, place, situation, or being that has any fear, at all. So, you do not have to worry about being frightened, because if you hold fear, contact will not occur for you.

Those that are not ready will not see it, they will not hear it, and they will not experience it. What you may not know is that when people hold fear in their aura they send out a low, muddy red glow. We have filters so that our messages never go into those frequencies of light.

Then there are some humans who are being courageous and translating and sharing our messages, and sharing with others. Because of these brave ones, there is lots of information that supports that Galactics are real beings, and that there are many intergalactic beings.

There are also many messages that Earth is, indeed, an important planet, and a “keystone“ planet for this Galaxy. For this reason, many of the forces of darkness have landed on Earth. Earth is like the kingpin in bowling.

If you hit the kingpin, then everything goes. The dark ones don’t want Earth to ascend because then, that ascension energy will go throughout the Solar System and all the way out into the Galaxy.

Another way that you, the fully awakened ones, can assist us is to extend their consciousness in to the fifth dimension. Via this higher state of consciousness, you will naturally be aware of your Galactic Family who is surrounding Gaia to assist Her and ALL her inhabitants.

With this awareness you innately know ground yourself in the core of Gaia. In this manner, you become ONE with Gaia, and also receive Her protections. It is through this partnership with Gaia, that person and planet can ascend as ONE being. Via this connection, you KNOW that Gaia is not a ball of rock.

While in unity with Gaia, you can feel within your own being that Earth is a living, alive, emotional, loving, and very protective, Mother. It was only that Gaia is such a loving and protective mother, that She allowed the low frequency beings onto her planet.

She allowed herself to lower her frequency down into the lower Third Dimension, in the hopes that perhaps she could help these people. Now, some of them were healed, but the percentage of dark ones that were healed by Gaia’s love is not very encouraging. Therefore, we, your Galactic Family, have been protecting Earth. We have not been allowing any more of these low frequency beings to come onto Gaia’s planet.

Because dark ones can feel our energy rate, they know they are no contest for us. Most of them cannot even perceive us, but they do recognize our presence and think, “Ok, there’s something there that is more powerful than we are able to deal with, so we’d better leave.”

We never harm anyone, but we can put up a barrier around them so that they can’t go anywhere. They will just stay where they are, and they will not be able to impinge on Gaia’s life force. They will not be able to go into the planetary sphere.

There have been people in the past that have greatly harmed Gaia in your “past,” but there was nothing we could do as the humans of “free will Earth” did not ask us to assist them. In fact, most humans did not even know that we existed because they had succumbed to the dark ones brainwashing.

But in this NOW, many, many people have said, “Please help us. We need your help.” Because of awakened ones call for assistance, we were able to assist you in many ways. However, Gaia is YOUR planet, and YOU took an incarnation on Gaia within the NOW to assist your Earth Mother with Her return to the higher resonance of Her planetary self.

For this reason, we chose to assist you to assist your planet. YOU, the members of humanity, must fully awaken, then assist others to fully awaken. We are very pleased to see that so many of you have awakened. We also see that you are now within the “birth canal” between third/fourth dimensional Earth and fifth dimensional Earth.

We are here to assist this “birth,” which is actually a “re-birth” back into the multidimensional beings of light that you have always been. We are always with you in this process. Just call and we WILL reply.

End of Arcturian Transmission

Did you miss the Free Webinar for the Summer Solstice?


Mp4 Video


Preparing Others for First Contact

Join us for a one-of-a kind, engaging conversation as we discuss ways in which we plan to prepare others for first contact.

Friday, June 24, 2016

1:00 P.M. – 2:30 PM PDT (Pacific Daylight Time)

(Check Local Time)

Event Fee: $49.00

If you are unable to attend live, we welcome you to go ahead and register,

and you will receive the recording.

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 12:01 PM

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Equipoise: sharing2- THE DNA IS EVOLVING- ▶ BIG Booty Building Home Workout with Dumbbells! – YouTube

Origen: Equipoise: sharing2- THE DNA IS EVOLVING- ▶ BIG Booty Building Home Workout with Dumbbells! – YouTube

Friday, February 10, 2017

sharing2- THE DNA IS EVOLVING- ▶ BIG Booty Building Home Workout with Dumbbells! – YouTube

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Carl Jung:
 ” One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.”
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One of the most exciting aspects about being on Earth right now is that there is a reordering or a retooling taking place in your DNA. Cosmic rays are coming onto the planet so that a change is being broadcast and a reordering is taking place inside the body. The scattered data that holds the history and awareness of the Living Library is now lining up.

The DNA is evolving. New helixes or strands are being formed as the light-encoded filaments are beginning to bundle themselves together. The scattered data is being pulled together in your body by electromagnetic energies from Prime Creator. We are here to watch this process in you, to assist you, and to evolve ourselves as well.

As this rebuilding or reordering comes together, you will create a more evolved nervous system that will allow much more data to move itself into your consciousness. You will awaken many brain cells that have been lying dormant, and you will come into use of your full physical body rather than the small percentage that you have been functioning with.

Every place on the planet is being affected by this change, this awareness. Those of you who are the Guardians of Light and who wish to completely change this present reality and bring different options in are anchoring the frequency. If it is not anchored and understood, it can create chaos. It will create chaos. This is why you must ground yourselves.

Chaos brings about a state of reorganization when utilized properly. Time is collapsing, and the energy is becoming larger and larger. You have come here to use that energy first. You will make pathways of consciousness as you pull the energy into your body that will assist others so that they may not have to go through what you go through.

Many people will suddenly begin to feel this energy without any preparation at all. You are all pulling light, which is data and information, onto the planet, and as you do this you create new pathways for consciousness to explore without even saving a word.

The new pathways of consciousness create new realities, new options, and new ways of living and being. That is why the collapse of your society is inevitable: It does not hold Light, it does not hold the multidimensional possibilities, it holds you in limitation, and you are tired of that.. ~☜ ❤


~ The Pleiadians

through Barbara Marciniak

Posted 5 weeks ago by ATMAN

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Equipoise: 2 – sharin3- ▶ Girls Big BOOTY Butt Lifting Workout from Home!! – ▶ Yoga Hip Opening, Marichasana B with Kino – IF I´M WAKING UP, WHY DON´T I FEEL… BETTER?

Origen: Equipoise: 2 – sharin3- ▶ Girls Big BOOTY Butt Lifting Workout from Home!! – ▶ Yoga Hip Opening, Marichasana B with Kino – IF I´M WAKING UP, WHY DON´T I FEEL… BETTER?

Friday, January 6, 2017

2 – sharin3- ▶ Girls Big BOOTY Butt Lifting Workout from Home!! – ▶ Yoga Hip Opening, Marichasana B with Kino – IF I´M WAKING UP, WHY DON´T I FEEL… BETTER?


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Carl Jung:
 ” One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.”
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Open to the Diamond Light and Higher Frequency▲▲▲

The Diamond Light is one of the Highest Frequencies available on the Earth today, together with the Golden Light of the Christ Consciousness and the Platinum Ray. The Diamond Light carries the Galactic Frequencies and the Light Codes that the Earth needs to align with the Divine Purpose as expressed through Divine Creative Intelligence. In fact, we may say that the Diamond Light is the Divine Creative Intelligence in action, and that is why it is so beneficial for you to align yourselves with this incoming higher frequency light. It assists you in the creation and manifestation process, and so will help as you work to bein the creation of a new society according to the blueprint in the Diamond Light.

The Diamond Light is received by your through the Higher Chakras (the Galactic, Solar and Soul Star chakras) and the transmitted into the Crown Chakra. From there it is radiated into the Light Body and into the Pineal Gland. It has an intense effect on the Pineal Gland, and this stimulates the nervous system and the cellular system right down to the DNA. This enables your entire being to align with the incoming Diamond Energy.

It is then transmitted to the Heart Chakra, and then you are able to transmit this Light to others via the High Heart and Throat Chakra vortexes that have recently been recativated and restructured. It is also directed downwards through the Base Chakra and into the Earth Star Chakra and then into the center of the Earth to connect you with the Earth Blueprint Holgram held in the Diamond Crystal at the center of the Earth.

This powerful energy can have effects on your physical being, and many of you have been aware of this energy flowing through your body in an intense form in the last few weeks. Beloved Ones, know that these transmissions of Diamond Light are assisting in raising your personal frequency and consciousness so that you can also assist in raising the frequency and consciousness of the Earth Collective and so begin creating the Diamond Earth Communities.

~ Celia Fenn

Posted 5 weeks ago by ATMAN
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 Carl Jung:

 ” One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.”
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By Max and Lana, Guest writers, In5D.com

Countless times now, very talented, intelligent, and wonderful people have asked us if they are doing something wrong because they have been ‘waking up’ for a while, but still feel so lost, confused, and frustrated in many areas of their lives. The truth is that waking up to consciousness– while still living in this 3D world– inevitably involves feelings of sadness, anger, disappointment, and/or being overwhelmed. After all, if when “your veil lifted” you woke up to a perfect, joyous, peaceful, and welcoming world, you and other light workers probably wouldn’t need to be on this planet right now to help initiate change around you! So, take heart. If you have moments or even phases and stages of feeling downright miserable, you are most likely on the right track and “waking up” quite effectively and successfully. Your more permanent upswing is not far away, though it can seem discouragingly temporary or, at times, even untouchable.

Being a light worker today means being a pioneer—one who can envision the beautiful possibilities for the human species and for our world, but who has the daunting, uncharted task of paving the way. Today’s light workers are also like “sleeper cells” positioned and waiting for information, and who are often left with an incomplete picture until the last moment or as absolutely needed. The unfinished or unclear information can make these “special forces” feel like they have taken a wrong turn or aren’t “worthy” of more clues or direction from their higher consciousness, from guides, or from other Divine energies.

Listed below are just some of the more common observations, complaints, and frustrations that are often felt by those who are awakening to consciousness. Many may be familiar to you:
Friends, relatives, co-workers, and the community at large can’t seem to handle your truths or perspectives. You have often created a captivating façade in order to hide or blend, or have had to gradually “plant seeds” with others rather than reveal or share more so as not to be criticized, ostracized, or denied certain opportunities.
As a result, relationships can feel lonely and not genuine. You may find that life-long connections have faded away and that you yearn for THE ONE or ones who truly “get it” and get you.
You recognize the greed, misinformation, disinformation, and/or propaganda in the government, health care industry, financial systems, organized religions, andeven in a lot of the metaphysical world. It upsets you that the public is still being so controlled and lied to, and that most cannot see through the veil of deception.
Your work or career does not seem fulfilling. You feel that you are not “serving others” enough, either because of the industry in which you work or because the public is not ready to receive to your help, talents, and messages.
You have gone through and survived so much in life, but still aren’t sure of the details regarding your mission as a light worker in this world. You feel almost lost at sea without land in sight.
The “signs” and messages from your guides, nature, and/or the Universe often appear more vague, unclear, mundane, and/or less frequent than you would like or than you experienced in other periods of your life.
You are discouraged by the “glass ceilings” you have encountered in many areas (health, relationships, finances, etc.). You wonder if they will ever be lifted so that you can truly feel and share the magnitude of your light and power.
If you find that these sentiments resonate with you, you are not alone and you are not crazy. Unfortunately, less than 1% of the world’s population is well on its way to awakening to consciousness. The rest are making strides, but much like children or adolescents before a growth spurt, they still have some growing and evolving to do in order to be more heart-centered; to be more concerned about others and the environment; and to succeed at integrating these values into our 3D existence– which will likely continue for many decades to come. The seemingly daunting task at hand for light workers is NOT to aim for ascension as a means of escaping, but to bring ascended ways to our 3D world here, now, and in the near future.

Here’s the good news:
Your trials, tribulations, and challenges have given you the tools or reference library to assist others with unique honesty and sincerity, especially when they go through their own awakening, clearing, and lessons in the coming years.
Your glass ceilings will necessarily be lifted so that you can be the beacon and shining example of how to survive and thrive– despite challenges and hardships like the ones you have experienced.
Crystal Children, twin flame relationships, and other deep soul connections are happening in greater numbers and faster than ever to help connect, unite, and empower light workers worldwide.
Recent, record-breaking solar flares, alignments, storms, earthquakes, and other unusual natural/cosmic events have been wreaking havoc on our technologies, grids—and light worker’s sensitive bodies. Although unprecedented events will continue, light workers should find that their systems are more insulated and not as prone to the weight gain, thyroid issues, depression, fatigue, and other maladies associated with “taking in” those cosmic disruptions.
Mass consciousness and its attitudes, perspectives, and frequencies have weighed heavily on light workers—causing new or residual fear, anger, despair, and even stagnation, paralysis, or very delayed manifestations. As we move forward in the coming months and years, mass consciousness will also begin to shift in response to natural events, political changes, faltering economies, and a general “waking up” in the population. That opening and/or awakening may not be easy for a majority of the public, but it will offer hope, energy, and momentum to the light workers who assist with the process.
A greater number of light workers will realize that the more awake they become, the less “phenomenal” their cosmic experiences need to be. Astral travel, signs, messages, premonitions, and discernment are naturally activated—not experiences that can be learned or copied—and are things that can be seen and appreciated in simple, everyday occurrences like songs, coincidences, shadows in the peripheral vision, buzzing in the ear, and moments of time in which you “just blank out” but know that you have been in another dimension. As you awaken to consciousness, the energetic experiences may seem less dramatic or colorful, but the downloading of information is more profound and plentiful.
Although light workers will continue to be “supercharged” humans who feel the intense highs, lows, and passions of being human, they will find in the coming months and years that the audience around them is finally listening and more ready for their truths. During this time, light workers will be “allowed:” to enjoy more of the fruits of the seeds they have been planting; to access more conclusive information regarding their personal missions and journey; as well as to delight in the actualization and manifestation of goals that have seemed so elusive for far too long. The upswing for light workers is a dream-come-true, but also a cosmic necessity and inevitability– in order to help move this planet into a more conscious state of living.
So, light worker pioneers, please keep moving forward and hanging in there. Your important energies and love are lighting the way!

Max, “The Healer’s Healer,” is an acclaimed Medical Intuitive, Psychic Coach, and Energy Healer. Max, Lana, and LOC Group (www.locgroup.net) enjoy helping light workers make the most of their experiences, health, relationships, and path.
Posted 4th February by ATMAN

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sharing.:::. Enseñanzas de yoga. – ▶ Big Booty Bikini Butt Lifting Workout with Squats and Bun Toner Pro – YouTube | Equipoise

Origen: sharing.:::. Enseñanzas de yoga. – ▶ Big Booty Bikini Butt Lifting Workout with Squats and Bun Toner Pro – YouTube | Equipoise


sharing.:::. Enseñanzas de yoga. – ▶ Big Booty Bikini Butt Lifting Workout with Squats and Bun Toner Pro – YouTube

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Enseñanzas de yoga.

El Intimo no responde a una pregunta ordinaria, porque no le interesa el mundo de ilusión de la personalidad.

Probablemente sorprenderá al estudiante saber que, a lo más elevado en él, no le interesa sus necesidades humanas y personales. Trabaja únicamente por el Universo, que El mismo desarrolla. Si queremos atraernos la atmósfera y dirección del Intimo, sólo lo conseguiremos aspirando a penetrar en su mundo. No obstante, no debemos considerarnos ajenos a la observación y al amor de la Realidad Divina. Debiéramos recordar siempre que nuestro Intimo es nuestra chispa individualizada de Dios.

Las personas de profundas creencias religiosas creen que lo más elevado en ellos descenderá a su propio nivel y despertará en ellos Su inteligencia. Ateniéndonos a la experiencia obtenida en nuestra práctica, esto no es así.

Lo dicho sonará a dureza; pero aquí damos la razón. En nuestros remotos pasados, fuimos dirigidos por la conciencia de la Naturaleza y, en los momentos de dificultad, pedíamos correcta dirección; pero más tarde, al vivir en Lemuria y Atlántida, devenimos autosuficientes, y empezamos a quebrantar leyes para nuestra conveniencia y para dominar a nuestros semejantes.

Empezamos, entonces, a edificar nuestro mundo en pensamiento y acción; y ya no apelábamos a nuestra antigua guía la Naturaleza. Nuestras potentes actividades egoístas, en la esfera de la ciencia, trajeron un período en que pensábamos que podíamos atraer a la Naturaleza y manipularla como quisiéramos; entonces, hicimos dioses a nuestra propia imagen.

La Naturaleza siempre se equilibra a sí misma, y de ello vino la gran catástrofe que sumergió a la Atlántida. Unicamente se salvaron los que apelaron y sirvieron a la Naturaleza.

Este es uno de los grandes peligros que amenaza al hombre, o sea, la ciencia contra la Naturaleza.

De consiguiente, se puede ver que este mundo no ha sido creado por la Realidad, ni por el Intimo, sino por las ilusiones antiquísimas de la mente del hombre. Si el lector se detiene y mira a su alrededor y pregunta: ¿Dónde está Dios?, se dará cuenta de la verdad y profundidad de la frase: “El reino de Dios está dentro”.

Por esto es que yoga es muy instructivo. Con frecuencia, en momentos de gran malestar, oramos y pedimos las cosas que necesitamos; pero nuestras oraciones quedan sin contestación, en razón de que no estamos evolucionados internamente, en el sistema secundario, para recibir la respuesta.

Pedimos a la Realidad que nos dé nuestro pan de cada día; sin embargo, frecuentemente hemos sentido hambre y esto, muchas veces, nos hace perder la fe en un Dios sabio y poderoso.

Por otra parte, los que han recibido respuesta a sus oraciones no recibieron ayuda del Intimo o de la Realidad, sino de las miríadas de átomos que atraemos por aspiración, los cuales tratan de hacernos ver la razón de nuestro sufrimiento, y conservan los registros de nuestro pasado.

Es aquí donde el Intercesor viene en nuestro socorro; porque presenta nuestro caso al Intimo y, si nos arrepentimos verdaderamente, tales condiciones terminan casi instantáneamente.

Los adeptos dicen: “Piensa para atrás y para adelante, a fin de eliminar la mala fortuna”.

Cuando pensamos en el bienestar de otros, utilizamos energía atómica de reserva; pero sólo cuando nos ponemos en contacto con nuestro sistema secundario; es energía que extraemos, como el saldo de un Banco, para servir a otros y para ayudarlos a salir de sus dificultades; es una corriente de energía muy sutil y tiene el notable poder de hacer que las cosas ocurran; además, introduce felicidad y buena voluntad en la atmósfera de la persona.

Cuando utilizamos esta corriente en favor de otros, elimina condiciones que han tratado de aprisionarnos.

El poder, tras de esta fuerza sutil, es el átomo de Nous, al que nos dirigimos, cuando nuestras mentes están dirigidas hacia otros; con frecuencia, a personas que sólo hemos conocido ligeramente; pero con las cuales estamos vinculados por esta energía; aunque, muchas veces, sin darnos cuenta de la razón. Quienes evocan esta energía en nosotros, reciben abundancia de estos átomos y una sensación de paz y prosperidad.

En un período remoto, se llamó a esta energía La Energía de Perfección, pero, más tarde, en este mundo objetivo se la llamó Amor.

Con el tiempo, el estudiante sentirá que se desarrolla, dentro de él, una actividad intermitente.

Esta fuerza es una descarga periódica de la atmósfera del átomo Nous, y es una envoltura de amor que reciben sus átomos, lo mismo que los de aquellos a quienes se envía.

Estos átomos representarán, en alguna Era futura, las condiciones normales de la sociedad.

Muchas personas reciben, únicamente, esta longitud de onda; pues todavía no han evolucionado más allá de la inteligencia en sus corazones.

Los estados mentales están más allá del corazón, y los átomos que traen amor a la inteligencia humana, son diferentes de los que iluminan el corazón.

Cada hombre es lo que se llama un Espíritu Puro. Este es una inteligencia atómica, que posee la naturaleza de nuestro Intimo. Las personas que aspiran, o están medio dormidas, perciben, a veces, una chispita de luz, como una mota de polvo, flotando a la luz del sol, sobre la retina del ojo cerrado, aunque sólo sea por un instante. Este es el Espíritu Puro, con el cual debiéramos intentar entrar en comunión.

Si podemos ponernos en contacto con él, nos responderá repitiendo su luz varias veces.

De nuestra parte, debiéramos enviarle amor. Cuando nos hace señales, nos informa que podemos ir más a fondo de lo usual. Solamente la pureza de cuerpo y de mente puede traérnoslo y ponernos en contacto con su período de sabiduría. Posee un maravilloso conocimiento de las cosas, y lo que él comunica es la verdad.

Este Espíritu Puro tiene autoridad absoluta sobre nuestra inteligencia; por cuanto es de naturaleza angélica, y puede hacer brotar nuestras energías, lo mismo que retardar nuestro crecimiento. Pero, en general, sólo podemos conversar con el mismo cuando penetramos en nuestro sistema secundario y captamos su longitud de onda.

Se ha dicho que estas estrellas del Intimo se han utilizado para dar a la humanidad una mayor amplitud de carácter, por cuanto ellas pronuncian sus edictos sobre el hombre y lo someten a las leyes que lo gobiernan.

El reino animal está, también, dominado por ellas. No se permite a las diferentes especies pasar a otras especies, y estos Espíritus Puros las mantienen fieles a su tipo de evolución.

El hombre está, también, guiado y repetidamente equilibrado por un cierto poder, que lo devuelve, constantemente, a su longitud de onda natural propia, aunque puede encarnar en una nación ajena al plan de su Intimo. Los hebreos son uno de tales ejemplos; ellos no pueden ser desviados fuera de su propia corriente madre de energía. Hoy, muchos creen poder salir de la jurisdicción que les corresponde; pero el Espíritu de la raza hará, con el tiempo, que el individuo vuelva a su fuente original. Podrá adoptar otra religión y vivir en la atmósfera de ésta durante muchas vidas; pero, con el tiempo, volverá de nuevo a su propio tronco paterno. Otras razas poseen esta individualidad racial permanente y, aunque América y las áreas occidentales parecen ser un crisol para todas las razas, con el tiempo, cada una reunirá a sus propios hijos, y los unirá en su propia longitud de onda.

Esta mezcla de razas y credos diferentes y la inclinación a entrar en otras razas, todas obedecen al deseo de volver a la verdadera y propia; por cuanto, una vez que uno ha sido enemigo de una raza tendrá que encarnar en ella, a fin de aprender tolerancia y justicia. Uno puede ser miembro de varios troncos raciales; pero esto es sólo por un tiempo. Más tarde, volverá a su verdadero origen, y sentirá un poder más grande de independencia y autoridad.

Llega, también, el tiempo en que el hombre alcanza una conciencia redondeada, que está por encima de la raza, y viene a ser la expresión individual de su Intimo.

En nuestro sistema secundario, empezamos a darnos cuenta de que hemos encarnado, muchas veces, en una raza contra la cual hemos hecho la guerra. Cuando se pasa revista a tales experiencias, aprendemos que en un tiempo fuimos destructores de cierta clase, de manera que ésta, con el tiempo, nos destruirá. De esta manera aprendemos la necesidad de no ofender a clases y razas diferentes, aunque éstas sean, a veces, molestas. Muchas razas nos son odiosas, debido a que las hemos perseguido en otras vidas. Es importante que aprendamos todo lo que haya de mejor en estas razas, aunque no debiéramos quedar perdidos en ellas. Frecuentemente, países, que han mostrado bondad para los elementos perseguidos, son invadidos y se les quita lo mejor. La bondad puede, a veces, costar a un hombre o a un país más de lo que ellos se dan cuenta. Los yoguis no aceptan dádivas de bondad, sin pensarlo; pues saben que tales dádivas se compran, a veces, a costa de muchas mentes y cuerpos cansados. Puede que nos cueste poco ser bondadosos
hacia una persona; pero puede haber costado a otro gran sacrificio, y trabajo sin término.

Hay una sabia frase de un Maestro: “Debiéramos cultivar únicamente a quienes han tenido éxito, y que poseen una inteligencia de más alto grado que la nuestra; porque las fuerzas que los protegen a ellos, nos protegerán, también, a nosotros, si nos asociamos con ellos”.

Este es el origen del sistema de castas, el cual tuvo, originalmente, por objeto el mejoramiento de las razas. Pero hoy, el sistema de castas se ha adoptado sin comprender que, esta ley fué creada con el objeto de que el hombre pudiera unirse, finalmente, a su Intimo.

Los chinos entienden esto, y saben lo que ocurre a la atmósfera mental de una persona, que se asocia con inteligencias inferiores a la suya. El hombre escoge su propio medio ambiente, si está libre de preocupaciones materiales. Lo igual atrae a lo igual, y ello depende de lo que su aura contiene.

Es mejor para el estudiante, al principio de su desenvolvimiento, vivir solo que mezclarse con quienes pertenecen a una naturaleza inferior. “Siempre busca la inteligencia de quienes estén más arriba que tú en el Sendero”; porque ellos te ayudarán a recuperar tu herencia perdida.

No importa quién sea la persona, cómo va vestida, o a qué nación pertenece, si posee iluminación más allá de la propia. Las costumbres difieren en cada país, y no debiéramos juzgar a uno a base de nuestras propias costumbres.

En nuestras escuelas superiores, no se nos llama con nuestros nombres cristianos, sino que somos conocidos por nuestros símbolos, los cuales, se nos dice, nos fueron dados por nuestro átomo Maestro, en otra encarnación. El signo, que llevamos con nosotros, simboliza la clase de crucifixión que soportamos en el pasado, y significa que nos sacrificamos, por quienes nos siguieron, de varias maneras. Esta es la explicación del dicho, según el cual: “Cuando encontramos a alguien fuera del cuerpo, podemos reconocer sus consecuciones por su marca de casta”.

Nuestros antepasados hiperbóreos nos dejaron un libro abierto para que lo lean todos; pero a pocos se les da a conocer su significado. Tal libro contiene todo lo que podemos obtener de la instrucción en esta Era, y todo cuanto necesitamos para nuestro desenvolvimiento.

Encierra una ciencia oculta, que sólo se nos puede enseñar en nuestros planos internos, aunque se la llama, comúnmente, el Zodíaco, es sólo un fragmento de un libro, que se pierde en la antigüedad; los fragmentos que faltan se han de encontrar en nuestra conciencia interior. Se nos dice que, únicamente, la duodécima parte de su estructura y sabiduría se relaciona, objetivamente, con nosotros, y que dentro de nuestros sistemas secundario y central se encontrarán las porciones restantes.

Los signos del Zodíaco representan los estados por los cuales hemos pasado, y a los cuales volveremos, una vez nos hayamos desarrollado en nuestro Universo central. Aunque la astrología no ha avanzado mucho, en el período presente, en la Nueva Era esta ciencia llegará a ser respetada, y los cientistas la considerarán seriamente.

Las estaciones nos cambian, sin tener en cuenta nuestra propia voluntad. La Realidad hace esto, a fin de que aprendamos a seguir este aspecto de la ley natural; pero no nos damos cuenta de este cambio de estaciones, que ocurre en nuestros planos internos.

Cuatro veces al año, en los equinoccios, desciende a nuestro cuerpo una corriente jerárquica; en esos cambios de estación, nuestros cuerpos están bajo la influencia de dicha corriente.

En Otoño y en Invierno se engendran y nutren los átomos del sistema seminal; en otras palabras, se fortalecen para que, en el equinoccio de Primavera, sean capaces de fertilizar, con su energía, las células del cerebro. Similares a toda vida, respondemos al llamado de la Naturaleza.

Durante este tiempo, la energía del sol ha conservado la nuestra, reteniéndola para que tengamos fuerza de reserva, después que hayan pasado los meses de Primavera y de Verano.

Una vez hemos trabajado en armonía con la Naturaleza, en todo cuanto hacemos, y hemos aprendido cuando las estaciones cambian, pedimos a los átomos Aspirantes que remedien nuestras deficiencias. Como dicen los viejos alquimistas: “Hay un lugar y un tiempo en que debieran iniciarse todas esas obras operantes”. Estos hombres transmutaban sus propios materiales bajos en sus substancias más finas, de acuerdo con las influencias planetarias. Hay, también, en nosotros un sistema planetario que corresponde con sistema externo.

La astrología nos enseña los efectos de los planetas sobre nuestro cuerpo físico; pero pocos conocen nuestro sistema planetario interno y las actividades del mismo sobre nuestros cuerpos más sutiles. La luna es sumamente importante, para nuestros sistemas internos; por cuanto los rayos de la misma penetran y hacen vibrar los cuerpos mentales de los átomos principales, al responder éstos a sus influencias directrices; porque la luna nos envía la memoria de sus períodos de sabiduría, y es de estos átomos Eruditos que recibimos información, acerca de los diferentes ciclos de iluminación de la luna. El sol y los demás planetas hacen lo mismo, y gracias a ello podemos volver a experimentar todo cuanto hemos aprendido de tales fuentes; por cuanto en nosotros están latentes los átomos del firmamento de la Realidad.

Cuando un planeta se pone, directamente, al alcance de nuestra conciencia, lo cual se puede observar fácilmente, en los estados más profundos de yoga, escuchamos una nota audible procedente del planeta. Esto es el origen de la frase: “La música de las esferas”.

Sintetizar las operaciones de la Naturaleza dentro de nosotros, mediante nuestra aspiración, es aprender del sol, de la luna y de los planetas, que están más cerca de nosotros. En otras palabras, nos armonizamos con la Naturaleza, a fin de convertirnos en sus instrumentos.

De la misma manera que nuestro organismo físico registra las fuerzas del día y de la noche y las equilibra, así también, cada fuerza da a ese organismo cierto nutrimiento. Cuando las mujeres recuperen sus recuerdos de la conciencia de la Naturaleza, amamantarán a sus hijos, de acuerdo con la dirección de la misma y darán al niño el pecho, por el cual fluye la corriente del día o de la noche.

Encontramos en la Naturaleza una cualidad de ese amor maternal, que nos pone en relación con todas las que han sido nuestras madres, durante incontables encarnaciones y, al pasar revista a este atributo de la maternidad, sentimos en nosotros un poder que evoca toda nuestra reverencia y pureza.

Todo el mundo habla de arte y de religión como autoridad; lo cual es lo mismo que discutir sobre la naturaleza de la electricidad, cuando hasta los hombres de ciencia son incapaces de analizarla. La práctica de yoga es muy diferente; se ha de experimentar cada paso, antes de que se hable de él y, de esta manera, ascendemos lentamente a la elevada cumbre en la que nos sumergimos en una atmósfera de naturaleza semidivina. Hasta que hacemos esto, no podemos obtener información real alguna, con respecto a la religión. A medida que ascendemos de conciencia en conciencia, descubrimos que la religión es como una esencia que emana de una gran fuente; aunque la expresión de la misma varía, de acuerdo con la clase de copa que la recibe; el estudiante no habla de ella como posesión exclusiva de ninguna casta o persona, sino como esencia que impregna todas las cosas.

El yogui no discute el arte o la religión con personas que los poseen sólo en fragmentos.

Estos temas no se pueden analizar desde el plano humano de conciencia; pero el buscador sincero será ayudado en tales problemas por el yogui que dirigirá la mente del buscador hacia dentro, hacia sus propios pensamientos.


Pag. Anterior: Varios/Otros – Curación.

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Origen: sharing.:::.▶ Workout Motivation! Girls Big Booty Home Workout! – – Questions for the Arcturians–by Suzanne Lie and Free Arcturian MP3 | Equipoise



sharing.:::.▶ Workout Motivation! Girls Big Booty Home Workout! – – Questions for the Arcturians–by Suzanne Lie and Free Arcturian MP3

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Wednesday, May 13, 2015
Questions for the Arcturians–by Suzanne Lie and Free Arcturian MP3


Questions for the Arcturians 


By Suzanne Lie

When my computer crashed, because of my mistake, I was talking to my friend, Shawnna, about the higher purpose of this “mistake.” We pondered that question because one the myriad “realizations” of our ascension process is that “there are NO mistakes or accidents.” 

We are the creators of our reality, whether that creation arises from our conscious or unconscious mind.

Therefore, we decided to ask the Arcturians about why “I dropped my computer,” which set into motion a huge challenge for me. I was in the middle of a big project, which I had to do via my iPhone and pad. I could never see the “big picture,” so I had to just “carry on” the best I could. I wish I could say that I was always calm and collected, but that was NOT true. I guess I needed to perceive my self in full drama mode.

Below is what the Arcturians said, as Shawnna recorded and transcribed their message…

Message from Arcturians on May 5, 2015

Sue: “Dear Arcturians, help me to understand why all of my technology has died.”

Arcturians: “During the time of “The Event,” most technology will go down. Because everything will reboot into a higher frequency so all that you have held as security, ease, communication, necessary, and important will need to be released temporarily because you need to recalibrate to a higher perception of reality.

Within that interim, you will need to draw upon all that you have learned in your myriad incarnations on Earth, as well as in your ascension ride that is culminating into the higher frequencies of reality. You will be building the foundation for a new way of life.

Chaos always precedes change.

 To welcome the change you will need to also welcome the chaos. At the moment of “in between”, you will all step into that moment of being “in between.” In between is a 3D illusion, but it is a very powerful illusion and one that will be difficult for many of our grounded ones to release.

For all of your incarnations on physical Earth, you have lived in some degree of separation. There has always been an “in between.” You are one person, there is another person and “in between”, there is air, space, time, etc. As you transmute into your 5D Lightbody, there is no “in between”. All is one.

You will feel each “other” person, place, situation, or thing as ONE with you as you unite and intertwine in purpose, intention, and most important, in unconditional love. There will be no enemies that you can blame for your difficulties. There will be no bosses who can make you do what you do not want to do.

There will be “we” who are sharing, intermingling, intertwining, and communing with all life within that NOW. This extreme shift in perceptions is what we/you, your Galactic family and your Celestial family is/are endeavoring to share, communicate, and educate you.

The “event” will be a complete shift in your perception of yourself, your perception of others, and in your perception of reality. From your third dimensional perception, you are thinking that your environment will change. That is actually incorrect.

Your environment is already multidimensional.

What will change will be your perception of your environment.

If you lived in a reality where it was always dark as night, and then one day a sun came up, that is much how you will experience this shift. The darkness, fear, and illusion that have hampered your perceptions for eons, especially since the fall of Atlantis, will be transmuted into light.

Then you will perceive reality, YOUR reality, on Earth, in the same manner that we, your Galactic and Celestial family, perceive your reality within our NOW.

I also want to add a long conversation that I had with the Arcturians the other day. What they said to me, the meant for every ONE.

Dear Arcturians,

Will I live to see the Dawn of this New Age?

A—Oh, our dearest Suzille, you and all our emissaries of light are living it NOW!

 Many of you have been serving us for many decades. You have all fulfilled ALL of our wishes to the best of your ability without help, without out money and without fear.

NOW, many of you are ready to begin your process of remembering your lives on our Starships.

 This memory can complicate your 3D life even more. However, for those who wrote in their pre-birth contract to live in two, or more, realities at once, that opportunity is arising.

Do you remember when “multidimensional” was an unknown concept?

 It will be the same for those who first remember their higher dimensional realities while still wearing an earth vessel. Are you ready for that shift in reality?

S—Yes, yes, yes. The only issue is that we all carry the burden of having to make 3D money.

A—Dear ones, when your multidimensional life begins, there will no longer be MONEY, much less bills.

 Hence, the vast wasteland between the rich and the poor will be forever closed. With NO issues of money, your reality will vastly change, as money has always been the “great divider.”

S—Dear Arcturians, what will happen with the Cabal? I know I have asked this before, but it seems that something has recently changed.

A—That depends greatly on the ascending ones. If you, the members of ascension, can release ALL your fear and FEEL the protection of your Multidimensional SELF, you will be able to fully BE unconditionally loving and totally forgiving of the Cabal. 

They chose, or had karmic restraints, to be born into their reality.

If you remember to send the Cabal Unconditional Love and Violet Fire on a regular basis, they will begin to awaken from within their own ranks. Are you willing to do that?

S—Yes. I am willing and dedicate my self to recognizing all fearful judgmental and angry thoughts and emotions that I have towards the cabal. Then I will erase those thoughts and feelings by sending them Unconditional Love and Violet Fire.

A—Are you sure?

S—Let me look inside to see…

Oh, dear Arcturians, I can’t stop crying. I cannot see anything. I cannot feel anything All I can I is cry OUT my myriad upon myriad lives of victim and victimizer. How could I judge them, when I have been “them” in many incarnations?

As I go inside again, the inner screen pans back to see a time-map of the many eras on which I incarnated on Gaia. I see that often I took two simultaneous lives in which I was both the victim and the victimizer. I see these lives as “two sides of the same penny,” the “head” AND the “tail” of the penny.

I cannot forgive the darkness without being the Light or BE the Light without with out simultaneously being the darkness.

A—Has your latest initiations prepared you for this vision?

S—Yes, I am having a peak experience in the same NOW that I am/was needing to let go of everything I ever did.

A—Congratulations. It is this realization that is the turning point between living in “time” and living in the NOW. In time there are many past memories and future goals. In the NOW there is NO past to remember and NO future to hope for. Therefore, you can only Flow within the NOW.

Within that flow there are myriad “light streams” of various frequencies and dimensions. The light streams are portals that you choose to enter. However, if there is even a second of doubt, decision-making and/or questioning, you will fall back into the “time” of that second and OUT of the Flow of the NOW.

While in time, your perceptions are limited to the third/fourth dimensions. Therefore, the light streams to the higher dimensions are no longer perceivable. The process of totally releasing the doubt, which pushes you back into “time,” requires total faith in your SELF!

This total faith in your own Multidimensional SELF can only occur when you live in the NOW of unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness and unconditional acceptance of your self.

Blessings to all who may receive this message.

Please remember that within the NOW of SELF we are ALL ONE.

The Arcturians

Free Download of Below YouTube in Mp3 format

The Arcturians have been telling me to send out free recordings from them on a regular basis. They know that we are needed a “pep-talk.” Now if have have completed my person drama/initiation, I will be putting these free recording onto the Blog and/or the YouTube.

PS, dramas and initiations are often the same 🙂 


Posted by Sue at 3:14 PM

* * *


By annamerkaba on May 14, 2015
Greetings Everyone! Before I begin this channeling I would like to add a personal note. I hope that all of you are doing phenomenally well! I know that the last few weeks have been quite hectic for many of you. With many changes taking place and the energy frolicking every which way, many emotions have been released and continue to be released and contemplated upon daily. Much chaos has unfolding around the earth and yet within all the turbulence of the chaos much love and light can be felt flowing through the most darkest places on earth.

Miracles abound for so many of you as you are sharing with me daily. And I’m SO grateful that you are feeling a shift taking place! Not only in your own consciousness but also in the consciousness of those around you! Many are awakening to the truth of who they are and looking for answers, and that is where YOU come in. I am so happy to know that so many of you are taking ACTION in the direction of your missions. You truly are making a GIANT difference, every single moment of every single day! And from the bottom of my heart I thank you all so very, VERY much for BEing, all of you for walking this earth no matter how bizarre it may seem to all of us at this time.

All in all we’re moving in the RIGHT direction, and many wonderful surprises and changes that many of us have been working toward are manifesting and are about to unfold in our realities! You’re doing an AMAZING job! And I love you all so very, VERY much and once again I’m sending you my heartfelt thanks for transmitting and broadcasting the light and uplifting energies that you are receiving to those around you.

Now having said this here is the message that I have received from AA Metatron & The 33rd dimension.

The purification phase of the determined ones has reached the pinnacle of truth benevolence and might. The purification phase of the chosen ones has been completed and a new set of universal decrees has indeed been bestowed upon the ones that have chosen to walk amongst the souls who wished to partake of said experiment. For indeed the veil of forgetfulness is thinning daily for you now, allowing more light, allowing more benevolence, allowing more understanding of self and all that is to shine through into your psyche and all those stationed on GAIA.

For indeed the experiment has been a phenomenal one, and the experiences gleaned by the beholders of said realities have been accumulated, processed and documented in the Akashic records for eternity.

For through the experience of pain and suffering, through the experience of effervescence and joy, through the experience of benevolence and peace, through the experience of all emotional octaves of the spectrum of human understanding of BEing, a new cognition has indeed been formed in the universal lore.

A new cognition of and understanding of said emotional structures of BEing. For indeed the planet on which you are presently finding yourselves is a unique haven, a unique haven whereby you are able to experience BEing as you are! BEing through the emotional rollercoaster prevalent on your planet.

Being able to experience all the spectrums of the emotional wheel, the freedom of choice, the freedom of co-creation. For indeed it is so, For indeed all of you who are presently residing on Gaia, all who have, are and never have been part of the experiment of the human wheel of karma, all of you have chosen to experience said realities through the vehicle of expression you call the human body.

For the world in which your reside, the experimental matrix if you will, has allowed all of you to experience that which you wished to, experience that which indeed was necessary and desired by your higher selves in order to glean, grow and expand the consciousness of that which you are. Nevertheless, the time has come to fully awaken to that which indeed you are, releasing the last bits of debris and misconception of your benevolence, might and power. For indeed you, all of you are mighty powerful beings! Mighty powerful co-creators of that which you wish to see unfold in your world.

And so, as always, we wish to remind you to keep steady in your benevolence, keep steady in your encounters with all that you see, with all that you are bathed in daily, all the “positive” and “negative” spectrums of your daily activities.

NEW TOOL! Arch Angel RAPHAEL! by Natalya Ankh. Please visit http://natalyaankh.myshopify.com/ to learn more.

Be mindful of that which you read, be mindful of all the activities rapidly unfolding in your world, all the way understanding that, that which appears to be chaos, is building order, order through chaos, as we have indeed conversed to you prior. And so, we command you, we love you and we bow before you, for truly you are the masters of the divine, you are the masters of that which is, and you are the ones writing human history as you breathe, as you walk, as you talk, as you think as you dance, as you sleep, as you invent, as you CREATE.

Everything that you are, is that which is. Everything that is, is that which you are! Keep steady in your stride as you walk toward freedom from the amnesia which has beset you upon your entrance into this world. Keep steady and allow, allow the beautiful encounters with your higher selves, and the benevolent truth of that which you are to flood your psyche. Understand that you are ready, ready to fully awaken, ready to take your righteous place in the universe as co-creators, as gods, for truly you are! Believe, know and remember. Remember, know and BE, BE in the moment, of eternity, BE all that indeed you have come here to uphold.

Stay in balance, stay thoughtful of peace and harmony through unconditional understanding of all colors of the spectrum of life. All colors of the spectrum of life and the emotional wheel of human experience.

Know that we are walking with you, foot in foot and hand and hand. Know that it is so. For it is!

That is all that we have for you now. We love you. We are with you goodbye for now. P.S. To help you on your journey I have written and published a book. It is now available for all of you in both hard copy and digital form. It is called “Mission To Earth – A Light workers guide to self mastery”. In it I explore topics such as: Why you are here and what you are doing on earth. How Starseeds get to earth to begin with. Why you feel the way you do. How to communicate with your guides. How to discover your life purpose. How to release everything and let it go. How to reprogram yourself in order to fully connect with your true essence. How to release old thinking patterns and institute a new reality into your life. How to change your life and make it what you want it to be, and most importantly how to find a link back HOME! There’s a lot more that I discuss in this book. I invite you to join me on this journey of self discovery as we explore together the “HOW”, the “WHY” and the “WHEN”. For more information please visit : https://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/books/

~Anna Merkaba – Distant Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing Session with Anna
and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEILhttps://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/

Please note: The author of this website and its assigns are not responsible in any way shape or form for any actions taken by individuals reading these posts. The information provided herein is for information purposes only and does not constitute as any medical advice, whatsoever. Therefore the author and publisher of this site assume NO responsibility for any individuals’ interpretation or use of the information provided herein.

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Sunday, May 10, 2015
We Came For Gaia–from The Journal

May 8, 2015

In America we have a holiday called “Mothers Day.” Since today is Mother’s Day, I wish to honor the Mother that we ALL share, Mother Earth. Therefore, I am sharing an insert from my next book, THE JOURNAL to remind myself and others that:


By Beverly from “The Journal”

Beverly writes

 in her journal:

Dear Journal, 

You are the only one with whom I can be completely honest. David is gone to “who knows where” and the daughter that I stayed on this difficult assignment hates me. I know I was not a very good mother. I had never been around human children. And even though David and I have very little human DNA, our daughter is totally human, with a tiny bit of Pleiadian DNA.

Enough of my self-pity, I must admit that I was never a very good human. I entered this human earth vessel just after WWII with David, who is my beloved and far away Divine Complement. We came in as babies because the adults were far too wounded.

However, the damage of WWII was not enough. The humans keep on testing nuclear bombs on the body and IN the body of beloved Gaia. Nowhere was safe. They blew up small islands in the ocean, deep underground caverns, vast areas in the desert.

Why they did not consider that that energy would go into the earth and into the atmosphere…

 However, things were worse than we thought. The “Power Over Others” Dracs in human clothing, had gone underground—literally—where they continued to rule via darkness.

We, the Galactics who have answered Gaia’s call for help by wearing a human form, call these “power over others” groups the “POO.” 

 We use this short cut, as we do not want to create a thought form with the essence of their very name.

If the humans knew how dangerous it was after the war AND well into 2012, they would more fully realize how much better it has become. By “better” I mean that the energy fields and floating thought forms are of an increasingly higher frequency.

These higher frequency energy fields are why I am actually documenting my personal experiences. It was one thing to be able to talk to Galactics, but another to actually document our experiences.

They, the POO, knew that we, the Galactics, were here and we knew that they were here. We had an unwritten agreement. “Power Over Others Realities” and “Power Within Realities” had flowed side-by-side for eons beyond eons. Furthermore, our silent battle was being played by all life on Earth.

The more powerful plants overtook the weaker and the more powerful animals fed on the less powerful. And then there was humanity. 

The plants, the animals, even the elementals, had a Unity Consciousness. Although they all fed on each other, they realized that it was all for the greater good.

As the humans evolved enough to be the “head of the food chain,” the unity consciousness of the greater good, was increasingly replaced with the individual consciousness competition and domination. The “Garden of Eden” closed and the plants and many of the animals became the prey for the human predator.

Within the fifth-dimensional “garden,” humanity could commune with all live, and all life communed with humanity. But as, the Power Over Others polarity of Gaia’s world became dominant over the Power Within realities/civilizations, Earth reality slipped out of the fifth dimensional “garden” and into the third dimensional matrix.

In fact, this third dimensional matrix had to be created at the time of the fall of Atlantis, so that life could continue on the body of Gaia. However, Gaia’s resonance had fallen from the fifth dimension into the third.

Hence, Gaia’s multidimensional matrix, which is the hologram through which energy can live in the illusion of physical form, had to add a low frequency, third dimensional matrix. Gaia’s Multidimensional Planetary SELF survived, but most of her inhabitants became lost in the low frequency patterns of the third dimension.

Finally, after untold eras of darkness, with sprinkles of “peak societies,” there are energy fields that are strong enough to create a majority of Power Within, Golden Age, Realities. That is why we, the Galactic volunteers to Earth, are wearing earth vessels within this NOW.

However, I have worn this earth vessel for over 60 decades and have spent most of that “time” living within the myriad flows of dark and damaging energy fields. The humans all had a lower frequency of consciousness, and many of them were even trapped in fear.

Therefore, the POO had been able to keep Earth to them selves. They treated Gaia and Her life forms like slaves. But finally the tide has turned. Gaia’s planet and many of her humans are moving into the flow of the myriad higher dimensional energy fields and thoughtform.

For eons, the fear on Earth replicated itself over and over again. This occurred because many of the thought forms, which create energy fields, were created by the frightened humans. Fortunately, a small minority of other humans, were able to reach and maintain higher enough states of consciousness that they could perceive higher dimensional light-streams.

Because these human could perceive these higher dimensional “light-streams” while in higher states of consciousness, they could serve as portals to pull these energies into their physical forms and forward them down into the Core of Gaia.

It was primarily because of the humans who dedicated their lives to “feeding the Mother” that Gaia was able to remain on Her axis and survive the onslaught of fear, anger, sorrow and greed that continued millennia.

Because we Galactics wearing earth vessels are telepathic, clairvoyant and clairsentient, we KNOW Gaia as a living entity. We also can feel Her planetary sentience because we all had to pass through a very small portal from our fifth dimensional self and into our present earth vessel.

Of course, all of humanity makes that same journey into an earth vessel, but whereas we can remember that event, most humans have forgotten it. We, the ones who can remember, are NOW here to prepare for the next “event” of our personal and planetary return to our true multidimensional realities.

Unfortunately, many of the hybrids (Galactics wearing human garb) such as David and myself have lost many of our innate abilities since we entered our 3D earth vessels. I remember that when I, my Galactic Self, realized that I had entered a vessel in the “time” of 1946 I was very angry.

When my human self was young, I could still remember my real world in the higher dimensions, but my Galactic self knew that Earth would be going through many years great darkness.

My human child body could not understand why she was so frightened. Something was coming, but she did not know what. She often said to her invisible SELF, “I there is another world war, kill me first.” These were actual sentences that she knew not to tell another human, but lived forever in her growing fear and depression.

Fortunately, I did remember many other lives in which I tried to gain a higher state of consciousness and used it in a loving manner. However, as much as I searched, I did not see any realities in which I had actually fulfilled my mission.

Yes, because I was Pleiadian I primarily cared about art, beauty, plants, animals, unity and love. However, those were qualities that were NOT abundant in the reality I had chosen to “grow up” in. By the time I met David, I had entered my return path, but had no idea how difficult it would be.

The 70’s were fun and alive and hopeful. However, as the 80s came in, it was clear that we were NOT on the Pleiades. Fortunately, It was around that time that I finally met up with David, my Divine Complement.

We instantly recognized each other and were together from then on. That is, we were together until he was called back to the Ship. For many years I could not leave at night to visit him on the Ship, as I had a young daughter that I had to raise on my own.

Does that sound angry? Yes, well, I was VERY angry, sad, lonely, depressed and terrified. Here I had this human child who always loved her father more than me, and her father had to leave on some kind of secret mission.

I was so devastated by his leaving that I could hardly take care of my self, much less a pre-adolescent daughter. Did I mention that my daughter always blamed me for her father leaving us?

 OK, I am being the victim again.

I know now that she did not just miss him. She missed US. When David left, a great deal of my higher essence left. My human shell was there, but my essence was not. Because of my own disassociation from my SELF, I had to repeatedly remind myself to take care of my daughter.

So, I did take care of her needs. But, I did not take care of HER. Yes, I understand why she hates me, and yes, she does hate me. I am not exaggerating. I feel how she feels even more than she does. Humans have the ability to hide their thought and emotions from their conscious mind, but Pleiadians do not have that choice.

We Pleiadians developed a reality built on unconditional love, forgiveness and acceptance. Therefore, we do not judge others or ourselves. We ARE in the NOW flowing through our fifth dimensional reality in unity and peace.

However, we left our children, humans, untended too long. 

We initiated their reality then left before the humans were mature enough to rule themselves, much less rule others. In fact, we “left the door open” and the Draconians came in.

But NOW it is changing. I can feel, see and hear the streams of higher dimensional consciousness flowing through the dark sea of the remaining fear and power-over-others. We, the Galactic volunteers who took earth vessels to assist Gaia, are entering a possible reality of immense transition towards the light.

So, I STAY. I stay here on Earth, in this body, even though I have lost or pushed away my loved ones. I stay here, not to be with David because he is gone. I stay here, not to care for Lisa, as now she can take care of herself.

I stay here for Gaia.

 I do not know how much help I can be while wearing this form, but I do know that I volunteered to do my best. I say this now, after I have lost the two people that were my reason for staying, so that I can remember that

Therefore, I close this message saying, crying, shouting and whispering:

Let It BEGIN!!

“But, what is beginning,” I ask myself.
“Whatever YOU create,” I hear my Pleiadian self whisper into my human heart.

We, your human children, promise to work in
Unity Consciousness and Unconditional LOVE
To assist your return to your true, Multidimensional Planet!

What did YOU volunteer to DO when you remembered your SELF? 

Your comments are greatly appreciated
Sue and Gaia

Prepare for the NOW by reading the books:
The Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension Books

(Note about Book 4 of the Pleiadian Perspectives on Ascension)
Book 4 was twice as long as the others, so we have split it into two books so you can better absorb the information. If your book 4 is 400 pages, you have the old version, so you have the full ending of the series. However, if your book book is about 200 pages, please stay tuned for Book 5, which is “Changing Realities.”
Thank you.

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sharing.:::.▶ The BIG BOOTY Workout! Part 3!! – FROM STARSHIP ATHABANTIAN – ABIQUOR AND CARETAKERS | Equipoise

sharing.:::.▶ The BIG BOOTY Workout! Part 3!! – FROM STARSHIP ATHABANTIAN – ABIQUOR AND CARETAKERS | Equipoise.

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Abiquor & Caretakers

The following paragraphs are from postings prior to August and September 2012 at this site. They will give you most of the information that I’ve received and published about Abiquor. I will post additional communications as I receive them. (Note the differences in spelling of Abiquor – it’s all the same exquisitely beautiful “Center of Light.”)
Also please refer to the “Abiquor” page at this site:http://www.cosmicparadigm.com/abiquor/
Note: Abiquor is a 5th Dimensional construct – love based, accessible to humans in their higher minds and hearts. Plus it is much grander and encompassing than most of us can imagine. As such it is most difficult to find words for what such a construct will be like when it is present in physical form. As I now understand it, the principal function of Abiquor is the training of Caretakers for the New Earth.
In Truth, Love & Joy,
Mark Kimmel

April 24, 2012

Greetings, I am Taugth a celestial of this universe currently residing aboard the starship Athabantian. Today I wish to speak with you about the Institute of Light, the activities that it is sponsoring, and how they impact the larger picture.
I am the leader of a group who initially communicated to Mark the idea of constructing what he calls an “institute.” Mark took several tangents before he was in position to commence this undertaking. however it is now well underway. The institute’s location in Pagosa Springs, Colorado is important for its remoteness from the busyness of major cities, their electromagnetic interference, and environmental pollution. In this relatively pristine surrounding, we have initiated the Andromedan project.
Mark has named this start-up, the Institute of Light, and has undertaken the necessary steps to create an organization according to your civil laws. This is as we wish, for the current situation – quite temporary I assure you – requires conformity to the laws of your society.
The larger purpose for the institute, that we have named Abicor Center, is to provide a place where we of Athabantian, and other star civilizations of this sector of the universe, might come to interact with you, the humans of Earth. As we have stated before, many of your star sisters and brothers already walk among you; those of us of the celestial realm have been with you since the beginning.
Abicor Center will be conducive to our comings and goings, to allowing the humans of Earth to interact with us, to enabling us to teach and train humans so that they might be full-fledged citizens of the universe, and most importantly to raise the vibrations of all so that we might more easily interact with each other.
Abicor already exists at the higher vibrations of Athabantian. Abicor does not exist at the physical vibrations in which you reside, as the time is not yet right to do so. Ultimately Abicor will be a center in which many will reside, both you, the indigenous peoples of Earth, we of the celestial realm, and your brothers and sisters from the stars. We see that it will “materialize” sometime within the coming months.
Turning now to the activities of the Institute of Light, we are most pleased by the activities that are currently being carried out under that name. They are bringing together people from the surrounding community and introducing them to new ideas and training then to look upward rather than focus on the events swirling about their day-to-day lives, as portrayed in your media and Internet. This is a most important beginning.
At our instigation Mark, and others associated with the Institute of Light, will conduct a conference during your month of August. This is a most important undertaking and one that we wholeheartedly support. Along with Mark, we plan to be a part of it, as do others from Andromeda and elsewhere in this universe, and to interact with those who attend this conference.
In addition, we have selected (by a process of instigating the idea within the minds of those involved) certain individuals of Earth who will help you understand the need to raise your vibrations, train you to do so, and teach you to hold higher vibrations as you walk among those of the lower vibrations. This is a most important undertaking, and one in which we encourage you to participate.
The timing for this conference is most auspicious. There will be events preceding it that will garner the attention of all who are the least bit awakened. There are events following it that will challenge all on the planet to remain centered and to follow the high road. By the conclusion of your year 2012, much in your bodies and lives will be undergoing dramatic changes. Similarly much on your planet will be changing, and much of the physical universe will be undergoing a transformation.
Events on Earth are leading the way to a glorious transformation of all. You have the opportunity to participate in that transformation in a very special ways. Please, for the sake of all of us who are involved, become a part of this process. You are the ones — in physical form — that are requested to raise your vibrations to integrate with the higher realms and to lead all to a wondrous new civilization. In doing so you will initiate a wonderful new way of being for all.
I leave you now with these thoughts. All aboard Athabantian – physical beings, ascended ones, and celestials – send their blessings.
May 28, 2012
Greetings, I am Taugth, celestial aboard Athabantian. I wish to convey a message this day that you may not have heard before, or may not have understood. The Andromedans aboard Athabantian have the technology to restore your planet to its pristine self, to rid Earth of the environmental damages that you have inflicted upon it.
However, and this is a big however, they await your participation. You, who are the current residents of Earth, must come forward to be a part of rejuvenating your planet, as you rejuvenate yourselves. You must play an active role in this cleansing. We who observe from afar are saddened by your continued environmental destruction, but we cannot move forward until you, the human residents, become active participants in this process – and until you decide to stop your polluting activities. Ignoring the situation solves nothing; your environment will only get worse without benevolent action.
Thus we continue to campaign to create Caretakers for your planet: Those who will remain with Earth after the time of the great transformation to care for her, to work with us to rejuvenate her. The role of Caretaker will not be an easy one. It will not be easy to remain on the planet while the cleaning takes place. All of your current lifestyles will be interrupted. All of your manmade institution will be replaced with new ways of behaving that are compatible with a New Earth. The ascendancy of Earth is assured, how long that will take will be determined by the numbers and participation of Caretakers.
Those of you who understand who you really are and are raising your vibrations to cope with the forthcoming transformation are to be congratulated. You are the wayshowers who will light a path to the New Earth through this time of the great transformation. Those who do not follow this light, who do not raise their vibrations, will not accompany the New Earth.
So yes there is a joining of efforts to accomplish the great transformation. On the one hand we have those who concentrate on raising vibrations of the awakened ones. On the other hand we have those who are working to restore the planet to her pristine self. These two objectives are quite compatible, and mesh beautifully. All aboard Athabantian are of the higher frequencies; we can only carry out our work with those humans of the higher frequencies.
There are no fear-based 3rd Dimension solutions to the environmental problems of Earth. The situation is too far advanced for them to undo the damage. And do not expect us to show up to save you from that which you had a hand in creating – we will not.
What I am saying to you that may be new is that you must be involved in the reconstruction of Earth (or you can choose to go elsewhere while the process takes place). Those of us from the stars can not and will not do it by ourselves, for it is your planet. You must be intimately involved in reconstructing your planet for you had a hand in its degeneration. Were you totally responsible? No, but you allowed it to continue for purposes of your own physical comfort.
So we seek Caretakers, those who are raising their vibrations to levels wherein they see ways of being compatible with the New Earth. This totally new way of being means to be one with the planet. It means minimizing the impact on the planet. It means loving the planet with her diverse plants and animals. It means bringing love to the planet so that she can become the shining orb for all in the universe to admire.
As I said in a recent communication*, we are establishing Abiquor (our preferred spelling – still pronounced by us as “abicor”) as a focus for our activities. The meaning of Abiquor in the common language of Andromeda is “Center of Light.” Mark, you have envisioned the completion of Abiquor; now let us go about making it a reality. For this you and other volunteers will remain on Earth for many years in healthy, balanced human form with 5thDimensional functioning. The result of these efforts will be a new human civilization for the New Earth
I, Taugth, am most pleased to be communicating with you this day. I look forward to other opportunities to do so.
July 6, 2012
Greetings: I am Adrial, celestial of this universe, and I am Bren-Ton of Andromeda. We are most pleased to be communicating with you today.
For several years now we have been saying to you that the time of choosing would come. Now is that time. We have been telling you that Earth would be transforming herself to a lighter density. We have been saying that all that would remain with Earth are required to raise their vibrations to match hers.
At this moment there are three choices before you. First, you may raise your vibration to the point that you ascend to a higher/lighter density thereby removing yourself from the Earth plane. Second, you may choose to remain in the 3rd Density that currently holds the majority of Earth humans in a fear-based paradigm. Or third, you may choose to remain with Earth as she transitions herself to a higher/lighter density.
A fundamental law of the universe is that you can only exist in those vibrations with which you are compatible. If you are surrounded by vibrations that are dissimilar to your own, you will find yourself in a situation that you cannot tolerate. That is happening to many at this moment. They are feeling incompatible with the prevailing density of fear, violence, separation, and self-focus. They are removing themselves from those situations that are incompatible with their higher vibration. This leads some to physically relocate to a situation more to their liking, more compatible with their higher vibration. Others find retreats at their existing locations.
We wish to remind you that it is not enough to merely wish that you reside in a certain vibration, you must attune yourself to it at every moment. If you are now vibrating in the 3rd Dimension, you are constantly reinforcing your existence in that vibration by giving your consent to hold that energy. If you are in a fear-based environment you are telling yourself that this is where I wish to be. Oh, you may have moments of desiring something different, but in the end you settle for what you have, and accept it as your lot in life.
On the other hand, if you are living in a love-based vibration, you are constantly reinforcing your existence in that environment. So you have a choice of two vibrations, a higher love-based one and a lower fear-based one. How do you choose?
If you are settled in a fear-based existence, know that you will not continue with Earth, nor will you ascend to a lighter way of being. Both paths are incompatible with your lower vibration. Those of a lower vibration will either choose death and reincarnation, or they will be transported to another location where they may continue their fear-based existence until they eventually awaken to the light. We make no judgment of them; they are merely making a choice.
Those who are vibrating at a higher/lighter density – notice we did not say those who “choose” to vibrate at a higher/lighter density. Those who are actually vibrating in the light have two choices before them: They may choose to ascend to an existence without form, what you might call a spirit form where they will be embraced by those of a similar resonance. There they will choose their next step on their upward journey toward uniting with Source.
An alternative to this path is what we have been calling the path of the Caretakers. The Caretakers of the new Earth will be a special breed of humans never before seen in this universe. The Caretakers will enjoy physical form but with bodies infused with lighter densities. These new humans of Earth, endowed with crystalline bodies that are youthful, healthy and vibrant, will exist for hundreds of years. These new humans of Earth will enjoy telepathy and manifestation, and will resonate as citizens of the cosmos. They will create a new civilization on Earth, a glorious civilization that will become the destination for many star system visitors to admire and to interact with.
So we reiterate that you are now in that moment of choice. How are you living your life? Are there things holding you from becoming all that you can be? Now is the moment to discard them, for you cannot exist in a higher/lighter density if you are stuck with the baggage of the lower density. Do you have habits, addictions, beliefs, attachments, or residual emotions and thoughts that do not serve you? Rid yourself of them. Do you have fears of taking the next step of your progress? Move beyond those fears, for they serve you not. Do you have distractions in your current existence, detach from them.
Now is the time of your choosing. Do not worry about what surrounds you, the news of the day, the actions of others, or your established beliefs. Rise above them. Look to the glorious future that awaits you. Your new life is just beyond your next decision. You do not have the luxury of delaying further. Your personal transformation is at hand. “Business as usual” is there to lure you to continue without change. Act for what serves your long-term interests, not what is a retreat into established patterns.
If you believe that you will be able to cling to the higher/lighter vibrations when the chaos of the transformation is about you, you are sadly mistaken. You will be able to maintain the higher vibrations only by looking forward to what is before you, not by running away from your old life out of fear.
It will require practice to maintain these higher vibrations. Practice until the higher vibrations become a second nature, practice until you can easily maintain the higher vibrations in the face of what you now encounter as 3rdDimension, and practice so that your conventional life, whatever it might be, is left behind. Begin this very moment to engage yourself in the higher vibrations. Practice this day.
It has been our pleasure to share our understandings with you.
Adrial and Bren-Ton

Through Mark Kimmel

Posted 21st September 2012 by YHVH@
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Equipoise: sharing.:::.▶ Big Booty Building Workout Plan! -THE BIRTH OF THE PEACEFUL WARRIOR

Equipoise: sharing.:::.▶ Big Booty Building Workout Plan! -THE BIRTH OF THE PEACEFUL WARRIOR.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

sharing.:::.▶ Big Booty Building Workout Plan! -THE BIRTH OF THE PEACEFUL WARRIOR

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 BY ALANA Messineo 



In this April, we attended an astrological event of major proportions, a Grand Square in grade 13 of the Cardinal signs, framed by two eclipses, which encloses the fifth squaring Pluto and Uranus. 

Cardinal signs represent four fundamental aspects of our lives: Aries: I, my initiative. Cancer: my house, my family. Libra: my family, my relationships. Capricorn: my career, my vocation.
In this April, we attended an astrological event of major proportions, a Grand Square in grade 13 of the Cardinal signs, framed by two eclipses, which encloses the fifth squaring Pluto and Uranus. 
Cardinal signs represent four fundamental aspects of our lives: Aries: I, my initiative. Cancer: my house, my family. Libra: my family, my relationships. Capricorn: my career, my vocation. 
The planets involved are all male, and warriors, each in his own way. 
Pluto: relentless change, Uranus, sudden change, Mars, action, Jupiter expansion. 
It is possible that this month we are suddenly plunged into sadness and nostalgia. We have some plans, which began to take life recently, and suddenly, unexpected events that seem to cut our way arise. 
Many times, this sadness is that we can afford to mourn for all the freedom that we have not granted and feel privately rabies is prior to the expression of power. 
The Gran Ventana calls Alignment, Engagement, and above all, Presence. 
Right now we are going through times of preparation. The question is whether we are prepared, if we can go through a period of uncertainty and lack of clarity. 
Here are the four biggest events of April: 
April 15, Lunar Eclipse at 25 Libra. 
This eclipse sets the stage, many of us are now taking stock of wrong attitudes that can ruin meaningful relationships, and create obstacles to the fulfillment of our dreams. 
21, April 22, fifth square of Uranus and Pluto. 
The fifth bid in the birthing process of our New Yo, builder and responsible for our New Earth creator. 
Squares of Uranus and Pluto show that it is not denying the reality “out there” that we create our life, it is facing forward what is unfolding, then focus on the resources to solve it. 
23, April 24, at the Cardinal Cross exact 13 degree Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn. 
The Cardinal Cross is like a window that shows definite new perspectives. 
The protagonists planets are Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter and Mars. 
The cardinal signs are trailblazers and pioneers always in a hurry to bring about change. Patience is absent, and everyone wants to go at the same time. 
Heaven is speaking of a preparation for action, since the four planets involved are male, each warrior in their own way. All four are going to want to act, and all at the same time …. Tsssss! 
Thirty percent of the world population, have planets in Cardinal signs, and this increases the Butterfly Effect Settings. 
The Great Square tries to distribute the energy, looking out, but not found. Every time we power without conscience in one of the sectors of life involved, the other is chaotic. 
A Large Square looks a lot like a Cosmic Corral.
 memories can turn frustration, frustration and helplessness. 
Since these days we are already facing scenes that show us our place in our relationships. We show how we are being stingy with our love, gratitude and spirit of collaboration. And how can we shift our attitude to our ties with the others get richer and nutrients to all. 
April is a call to take responsibility for our attitudes, since it is necessary to know what we have, before jumping to action. This will begin to look cloudy from June, but the month of April will be more challenging. The Great Square is the end of apathy. 
Accuracy is very impressive appearance, in grade 13, Fixed degree of Cardinal signs. Grade 13, speaks of the energies of the New Earth. The 13 was demonized by the dominant paradigm. But the 13 is a New Energy, which appears when cycle 12, symbol of the Gregorian calendar ends. 
There may be a release of the higher chakras, and a massive awakening! This is already being felt.

 From overnight, some students are peering into their homes the other dimensions with open eyes. 
The Grand Cross, is itself a sprint that will lock us into a corral to deal with our attitudes, especially those that need to leave, and you have to develop in order to create the life we ​​are projecting. 
In times of emergency, some people remain calm and people overflow. The first are those who find the exits. 

This is the challenge of April. Looking at the pictures of the earthquake in Chile, you can see the presence of many people, sitting in a stadium, you can distinguish the focused energy of many people. 
April will be a closure to look straight, really straight and no escape, creating the reality that we, individually and collectively, and we will evaluate whether this actually reflects the highest version of ourselves. 

Subsequent action to April, or which is deployed in April, will be in accordance with our highest beliefs, and our highest expression, past habits consensus. 
To understand this configuration, let’s imagine a scene. 
Imagine you are invited to the Supper of the Great Square. 
In recent months, and health and conviction, we stopped eating meat. 
We are invited to a barbecue. We would abstain, but will people you love, and others that have recently connected with which we are beginning to collaborate. Socially, this dinner is an important event for us. 
We decided to go and eat salad. Several times, the grill, meat approaches and tells us that we will draw from this madness we’re going, since when did we become vegetarians?. 

Smell is tempting, is moving deeper social and family memories. 
A friend or relative to which we have allowed to have negative thoughts, might drink a little too much, and taunt our choice. (Pluto). 
This person could be someone who despised us publicly in the past, resulting in our body, at this time, an unexpected adrenaline rush. We could jump in and say something that is no longer connected with the present moment, but our resentment by bulling suffered in the past. We have lost control and have reacted instead of responding. 
Immediately, we may feel embarrassed and frustrated by having reacted publicly, after so many meditations! This would lower our self-esteem, and the next day we would see it reflected in our work. 
In short, any action devoid of consciousness, could resultarnos costly. 
The Great Square has a ripple effect not straight but playing many vortices of our life. And shows what happens when we remain locked up in the minds of our little box. 
How to get out of this “rounding”?. 
Venus, silent, representing the Goddess, remains outside the window, in Pisces, bringing intuition, compassion, and above all, the ability that each of us has to surrender at all times to a Higher Power. 
No choice but to go and stay in communion with our top, giving control of our behavior. That is, being in the place where life takes us, but be alert, awake, and turned in Presence. 
We can assist consciously, knowing that we ourselves are testing, breathing and putting emergency curious with each present moment. Dropping the Heart Space all fear or negative thought. Expanding the sensation of physically expanding Heart Space. Then that we can realize that we are enjoying this encounter. 
The high-frequency field through our Heart Space, can open us to feel truly loving ourselves. This will lead eventually to see all participants as one with our energy. Hence may arise humor, gentleness, curiosity, and tenderness. These frequencies are more powerful than rivalry, and tend to spread. The highest frequency is triumphing. 
It is possible that we will witness the miracle that two participants so far not talked among themselves, reviewing last meal and be invited to the next meeting. This can awaken memories of when our Italian relatives weeping embraced reconciliation ended when they were in a year-end party … 
And, although experience has generated a high energy, which seems to fall on the following days: WE WILL HAVE ALREADY HAD THE MEMORY OF A NEW WAY OF DOING BUSINESS IN LIFE, NOT WHAT THE DOMINANT PARADIGM TAUGHT AND SUPPORTED IN OUR OWN MASTER . 
The Cross of equal arms, is a redirection of disparate factors into a center. The Great Square is exhausting, and confronts us with the feeling that, whatever we do, if not from the center, the output is not possible. The only thing that can solve Alchemist Grand Square, is one who can look from above, and decide from Center. 
This window tells us of the urgency of April is the Portal to our Master. The torque delivery of our Infinite Essence we are in reality. 
April is the opportunity for the birth of the Peaceful Warrior, who is carrying heart on, as body experience, and extends this state of harmony and mastery of their environment, for him and for all. 
This, the Light of the Presence that we are, is that there will be flooding our life through the window of the Great Square. 
Have Your Dinner is wonderful, inclusive and you can tell your grandchildren with pride. And you can, in advance, thank Cosmic push this Grand Square in April 2014 …

Alana Messineo. Study astrological. Neuronal Desprogramación. Love me, Love workshop Mismo you feel through tu presence. DanzaGracia, Los Thirteen Movimientos de la Mujer Radiant. enlagracia@gmail.com  Facebook: PORTAL Alan.

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