Equipoise: ▶ Best Relaxation Back Massage Techniques. How To Give A Relaxing Back Rub, ASMR Christen Renee -▶ Galactic Federation of Light Sheldan Nidle January-28-2014 – YouTube

Equipoise: ▶ Best Relaxation Back Massage Techniques. How To Give A Relaxing Back Rub, ASMR Christen Renee -▶ Galactic Federation of Light Sheldan Nidle January-28-2014 – YouTube.

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

▶ Best Relaxation Back Massage Techniques. How To Give A Relaxing Back Rub, ASMR Christen Renee -▶ Galactic Federation of Light Sheldan Nidle January-28-2014 – YouTube

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translate / vertaal / menerjemahkan ♪ → → → ► → → →
Traducir / übersetzen /   ♪ → → → ► → → →
traduire /μεταφράζω  / переводить ♪ → → → → → → ►
 ترجم / לתרגם  翻訳する 
1 Akbal, 6 Yax, 10 Caban
Selamat Jalwa! Much is happening around your
globe. The dark cabal’s leaders fully understand that their long reign
is coming to an end. Our earthly associates are busy putting the
finishing touches on a global currency reset and are using this event to
quick-start a new worldwide banking system. Right now things are
happening that will bring the first taste of global prosperity to this
realm. A new gold-backed currency will eliminate the former restrictions
set by the Dumbarton Oaks Agreements. The era of the Federal Reserve
dollar is over. A new financial landscape is forming to put the control
of each national currency back in the hands of the nation state from
which it comes. Each bank will then abide by a strict set of rules which
will end the fraud and chicanery of the past. Banking will no longer be
a license to steal, and the gross “cons” that banks were noted for will
end. Quite swiftly, the new governance that will arise as a result of
this prosperity will enforce these new regulations. This new reality
will be the forerunner of a disclosure that solidifies your march toward
full consciousness.
   The present chores of this fleet are built
around the need to assure that all that is agreed to does indeed
manifest. The present time is one in which the old dark order, possessed
of unrelenting greed, arrogance and irresponsibility,will be succeeded
by those who use their consciousness and growing sense of responsibility
to bring forth a new reality. It is this special new reality that will
be fully birthed when your present consciousness transformation is
finished. This, as we said before, requires that we provide many mentors
whose primary task is to bring you back to full consciousness. This
pathway will involve the cities of Agartha. Special places throughout
this realm are set-aside for the final stage of your journey. We have
coordinated the building and operating of Light Chambers that are to
finish this most divine task. When you leave these living transformers,
you are to be fully conscious. After a short training you will be
capable of operating well within a new 5-dimensional reality!
   What is ahead for you is a great leap in
consciousness. This divine operation is meant to raise this reality to
the fifth dimension and to prepare you to become the prime guardians of
this sector of physicality. You are to reunite with your Agarthan
brethren, and together, to colonize the other three water worlds. These
new galactic societies are to forge a galactic council to preside over
this special guardianship. Moreover, you are to bring this newly united
star nation into the Galactic Federation and fulfill your sacred
destiny. Numerous galaxies, near and far, have heard about your grand
destiny and wish to share these events with you. In effect, you are to
become a prototype for peace, prosperity and unity! Many ships from
these galaxies are here now, watching and assisting us in your ongoing
transformation. In returning to the status of physical angels, you have
given many the vision of how the divine plan unfolds in its miraculous
ways. This gives all in this enormous fleet much joy.
   As all of what we have stated unfolds,
remember that this set of divine alterations is part of an even greater
change that is sweeping throughout this galaxy. We first colonized this
solar system with the full affirmation of this region’s Spiritual
Hierarchy. We watched the dark arrive long ago and wipe out this first
colony. We then received permission to intervene and the land of Mu was
created. Later came Atlantis and a truly odd scheme by the dark to make
humans a slave race. This process has now failed. You are leaving the
shackles of limited consciousness behind. You have learned much from
your millennia of adventures under the dark’s hard hand. This is over.
It is time to return to the realm of full consciousness and fulfill the
grand destiny given you by Heaven. We and your spiritual and space
family, now come together and will perform a special prearranged
alchemy. These events are to right this galaxy to the Light and permit
you to make a great and necessary magic. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
   Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! Events
are now taking place that will change this reality. The various secret
societies from both the East and West are finishing tasks that permit
the world to begin global currency reset and to manifest a new financial
system. The present banking oligarchy is composed of an “old guard”
whose time for defeat has come. Ever since the days of ancient Rome,
this stolid group retained control of the globe’s purse strings. These
dangerous and egocentric ones are to be jettisoned and left to their own
devices. Arrests will follow, and with them their demise. These blessed
events have taken us millennia to arrange and decades to make a
reality! What is to succeed them is a system that is purged of their
immorality and gross disrespect for humanity. Humans were their
unwilling slaves and failed to see the great powers that each possesses.
It is the time to accept that your liberation is at hand.
   This first stage of your prosperity will be
followed by the distribution of the various prosperity funds. This is to
be a two-part process. Once this is complete, new governance will
manifest. As you can see, this is indeed a truly blessed time for all.
The old debt-ridden system is to fall. A new system will replace it that
frees you from debt and allows you to achieve your sacred desires. Take
this time to reflect. Look carefully at your societies. See how they
can be improved. Look at the Earth as well. See her in a new light. Help
her and swiftly transform how your societies provide for your energies
and your transportation of people and goods. Be ready to embrace
startling new technologies, and above all, do so in the spiritual
context of your growing consciousness! Be conscious of everything and do
not let this opportunity slip!
   You are about to meet the representatives of
your ancestors. You are also to mingle with the spiritual Beings of
Heaven. The “veil” is to open. We are here to guide you to full
consciousness and to teach those primary things that you need to be
familiar with. This time will be one of joy and an equal part of
responsibility. Many wonders are to become known to you. Use this time
to improve yourselves and to forgive each other. Learn about your shared
unity with all Life! Comprehend the great gift that is your life on,
and shortly, in Gaia. Be ready to abandon your many beliefs and to
expand on others. This is a very moral and relatively bloodless
“revolution”. It is to leave you in a consciousness state that you have
not enjoyed physically for over 13 millennia. Be grateful. Be gracious
and Bless all for what is happening to this realm.
   Today, we continued our many messages that
explain to you what is happening here. We ask that you take this in and
do what your Higher Self advises when you are in prayer or in a
meditative state. Be proud of what you are becoming and be ready to
welcome all who have come to impart these wonders to you! Know, dear
Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven
are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be
One! and Be in Joy!) 

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▶ Solar Activity June272014 – YouTube

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Friday, 11 July 2014


SaLuSa 11 July 2014

We detect a new mood amongst many of you, indeed a welcome one that indicates that you have moved beyond the stage of disappointment that you felt after the end of 2012. Situations such as you have experienced are largely the result of them being very fluid, and with the best will we cannot always predict how things will turn out. You may however be assured that whatever we do is in the best interests of everyone. It is the bigger picture that is important and from your perspective, you cannot really see it all. God has decreed that all shall go ahead as planned, and it is therefore a “fait accompli”. So we ask you to accept that we are wholly committed to bringing the truth into being, and helping you advance as quickly as possible into the New Age. What has been ordained by God must come into being, and no matter what takes place to prevent it, it will not and cannot succeed.

You can therefore make your plans to contribute to the efforts being made to bring a conclusion to the old Age energies, by breaking the hold it has upon you. Do not be in fear of them as you will otherwise continue to be linked to them. You can protect yourself at all times by focussing on the Light that will ensure that you are safe at all times. The old world sits along side the new one but sooner or later there will come a great upliftment, that will bring a change that will see an end to duality such as you experience it. We emphasize again that there will be a parting of the ways, and the New Age will start in earnest having thrown off the cloak of darkness.

You can rightly expect the end times to be a complex mixture of all types of experiences, as many, many paths are coming together for a final cleansing. The end for many will mean a quick exit from the Earth only to continue their experiences at an appropriate level to their particular vibration. We know that some of you have strong bonds with many souls, but each of you must be allowed to follow your own path. Sometimes groups of souls will progress together, and it is possible because they are at a similar stage of evolution. However, when the time comes for a new advanced experience, an individual soul will move to another level. One thing we will emphasize again is that once you have a genuine love link with another soul, no matter where they are they will always respond to your attempt to contact them. That is because in the higher levels distance is no barrier to doing so, and contact is instantaneous.

Your life on Earth is such a contrast to the one you are going to experience once you have ascended. Be open to many changes that you will find very welcome, and do not think in terms of life as you know it now. You will not be encumbered by the restrictions imposed upon you by the lower vibrations. You will be a free soul able to transport yourself to wherever you wish, and it will be in your Light body. You will “feed” off the energies all around you, although it is possible to partake of certain light “foods” that are extremely beneficial to the body. You may well have read or heard of the Astral Regions through souls that have passed into this region immediately after death. These will be your first experience of the higher levels of vibration, and are similar to the ones we have mentioned except that you are still thinking and acting as previously on Earth. You will soon learn how to use your power of thought and adjust to the new level of being.

Even now you have a certain degree of power to create, but it is more effective when you get together in groups. In the higher levels they can create buildings in this way and understand that what you will see in the astral levels is a result of using such creative energies. There will come a time in the not too distant future when you too will have the power to create whatever is required for your wellbeing. Can you now begin to see how much your thinking and use of your abilities will begin to change? I do not want to overwhelm you with too much information, but what we refer to is simply the commencement of a new way of life for you. It is one that you familiar with as you passed through the different levels when you dropped down through the vibrations.

Soon you will have greater levels of consciousness and understanding, and even now they are expanding due to the higher vibrations you are experiencing. At present you are still as one might say, just awakening to your true self and will not be whole until you have full consciousness. So please Dear Ones make allowances for any lack of understanding that you may come across, as many souls have not yet grasped the truth or understood its meaning where they are concerned. Be patient with them and offer words of comfort and advice suited to their level of understanding. Too much too soon can be overwhelming and set back any progress that has been made. All souls are allowed to progress at a rate they can handle, and all of them will at some stage awaken to the truth of their being.

We have nothing but love for you all and see the Higher Being that you are, and admire your strength and resolve to close your experience in the lower dimensions with a return to the levels of Light.. At every turn we will do our best to assist you, but please remember to request our help and thus allow us to do so. As some of you have realized, we are One with you and many of you are known to us through earlier contact. Some of you are on Earth to specifically take part in the end times, bringing with you knowledge and skills that can be put to good use. Indeed, your presence is speeding up progress and your vibrations are uplifting those you meet on your travels. In fact you some of you have incarnated together to carry out your life plan, and are working with soul mates who are very much of your own vibration. It can sometimes be a lonely life as some of you have little opportunity to share your wisdom and knowledge, but you do nevertheless help many souls by your mere presence amongst them. Your energy is of a high vibration and uplifting, and even of a healing nature.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and send our Best Wishes and Love to all dear souls upon Earth. We draw nearer each day and thank you for your dedication and love for your Human Family who is on Earth.

Thank you SaLuSa,

Mike Quinsey.

Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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