The Being ONE : ▶ Ashtar Sheran, about his family and falsehood claims – Galactic Federation Of Light The Arcturian Group March 27 2012::: Sharing

The Being ONE : ▶ Ashtar Sheran, about his family and falsehood claims – Galactic Federation Of Light The Arcturian Group March 27 2012::: Sharing.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

▶ Ashtar Sheran, about his family and falsehood claims – Galactic Federation Of Light The Arcturian Group March 27 2012::: Sharing

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Galactic Federation Of Light The Arcturian Group March 27 2012

Dear Ones:

We are here to encourage you to have patience. We see your discouragement when nothing seems to change, but let us assure you that much is changing.

You are not aware of all that is transpiring behind the scenes. Try not to be discouraged or hold preconceived concepts of how events must unfold, simply allowing the process while letting go of any beliefs you may still be holding about how the process must manifest. All is proceeding according to plan and all is perfect.

Many of you are trying to live in ways you believe you should; living out from ideas that come from religious and metaphysical books, or from the experiences of others. Release any and all concepts of how Ascension should look, choosing instead to simply live in the Now moment, accepting each day as a gift from the Divine within, while practicing living the Truth you know.

See the Divine in others and remember who you and they are even if they themselves have no interest in knowing this. Do this for those you see on the newscasts, and in your newspapers, and as you go about your normal day. Recognize the Divine plan in everything around you. These small steps gradually change your state of consciousness and lead to the full awakening. It will not appear as a huge blast of energy that blows you into a new world without any effort on your part. One is not “saved” simply by declaring it so.

You create the new world with every thought, word, and action lived in truth and understanding of whom and what is real. This is the spiritual journey. Yes, things on earth are speeding up now, and more and more opportunities are available for you to practice living each moment from a place of truth and centering, and that is how it is done.

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The Being ONE : Ashtar Sheran ::: The Cosmic Egg, Planetary Cities of Light and Merkavah Travel

The Being ONE : Ashtar Sheran ::: The Cosmic Egg, Planetary Cities of Light and Merkavah Travel.

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Ashtar Sheran ::: The Cosmic Egg, Planetary Cities of Light and Merkavah Travel





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The Cosmic Egg, Planetary Cities of Light and Merkavah Travel

November 5, 2011

Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. So it is said in the classical western physics that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but it only can be transformed. This statement is an important statement for it is illustrating and speaking to some very important spiritual concepts. These spiritual concepts also have to do with the Ascension and with the laws of causality which dominate the third dimension. The Ascension is a beautiful example of transforming energy. You are inhabiting a third-dimensional physical body that is made up of an energy configuration suited for and designed specifically to operate in the third dimension. This third-dimensional body that you are now inhabiting operates on the laws of causality, that is, the laws of cause and effect. It is based on a logical linear concept that has a beginning and an end. Your end is already destined and configured at the time of your beginning. The third-dimensional body and the laws of causality are influenced or can be influenced by the fifth dimension and by higher thinking and higher energy. The laws of the fifth dimension or the rules of the fifth dimension are totally different. They are operating on a different understanding and a different assumption. So the fifth dimension has operating procedures just like the third dimension. The fifth dimension is able to transcend these laws of causality and the third-dimensional limitations that you are experiencing.

I know that many of you are becoming tired of the third-dimensional limitations. I also know that the third-dimensional limitations can cause constrictions and contractions in your operating on the third dimension. These constrictions often appear as illnesses and discomfort, and of course, you experience them as suffering. There is no suffering on the fifth dimension. There is no pain as you experience it on the third dimension. What a relief and what a powerful experience. This fact alone would make everyone who understands these concepts of the different dimensions want to go to the fifth dimension. It is one thing to say that you can transcend the laws of causality by using fifth-dimensional energy, but it is totally another thing to experience it. You can implement the transformation because you are taking your essence and you are taking your energy configuration and allowing or activating it so that your energies are transformed. When the energies are transformed, then you can directly go to the fifth dimension. In order to be in the fifth dimension you have to transform into another energy configuration. You have to transform into a configuration that transcends duality and that transcends the laws of causality, which will allow you to experience a greater aspect of yourself.

This transformational concept is hard for people to grasp on the third dimension. On the third dimension you are only experiencing a limited aspect of yourself. I know that it is a beautiful aspect of yourself in some of the cases; in other cases you may experience difficulties, contradictions and constrictions. The important thing is that this experience here is limited. However the limitations of the third-dimensional self can be expanding, so that in this time you are able to experience more of yourself. You can experience more energies, more abilities, more insights, and most important, you can activate parts of yourself that in previous lifetimes were not available. So imagine that you have so much greater powers and greater abilities in your higher self. Now the task becomes to bring an experience of those higher aspects of the self into this third dimension that is beautiful.

This concept relates to many of the kaballistic teachings of Metatron who speaks about creating a larger vessel of the self so that you will be able to experience more of your higher self. In order to be able to experience more of your higher self you have to have a larger container, a larger vessel. This larger vessel is actually your energy field. Your energy field is defined as the entire scope of your energy in your Cosmic Egg. The Cosmic Egg can be viewed either as a small egg or as a large egg. It can be viewed as an egg that has fluidity and is able to expand and contract, or it can be viewed as an egg that is rigid and staying in the same position. It can be viewed as an egg that is able to bring in other energies that are not of this dimension. Your Cosmic Egg has to have a certain vibrational frequency or tone or resonance. The Cosmic Egg can allow other vibrational energies to come into the energy field. You have to practice to be able to be in resonance with these higher energies. If you have not done the work, then you are going to have a problem. When those higher energies or frequencies are brought into your energy field and you have not been prepared and you have not been trained, then this will create a discord within the Cosmic Egg. Therefore your energy field can become confused and lose focus.

So energies are based on principles on the third dimension which do follow certain laws. One of the great laws of spirituality which also is expressed in the laws of the classical physics is known as the law of resonance. The law of resonance suggests that you are able to harmonize with higher frequencies that you are learning about or that you wish to experience. These frequencies can be actually seen on a visual screen. The frequencies of the fifth dimension are at a higher vibration, but if you are in a resonant frequency, then you will be able to invite and allow that frequency into your system.

A beautiful example is that when you are thinking of working with Jesus-Sananda, and when you are working with his energy and his frequency, which is based on love and acceptance and love of the father and also transformation and ascension. You can have those frequencies in your mind. Remember the mind is also part of the Cosmic Egg. Your energy system has many different parts to it. So when you have Jesus-Sananda in your mind and also when you have him in your heart, then those concepts and those transformational aspects, which include ascension, are resonant with you.

So to have the resonant frequency can also mean that the higher frequency will allow your lower resonant frequency to be raised. It is not expected that you will always be able to maintain the highest level of frequency. It is not expected that your Cosmic Egg will always be vibrating in such a way that will be fifth dimensional. But what is important is that because you have the training and because you have the teachings and because you have the practice, your basic understanding and core energy field allows you to resonate with the higher frequencies. By resonating with the higher frequencies you can raise your frequency.
That means that the Ascension is a higher energy field that you are resonant with. The Ascension is a higher vibration. You have ascension’s resonant frequency in your system. This means that you will be able to vibrate and integrate and allow the frequencies of ascension into your Cosmic Egg. This integration will allow you to ascend. Now I am speaking of the Ascension specifically because we are moving into the time frame of 11-11-11. This is a gateway; this is a doorway for the Ascension. That means that in this period there are more higher frequencies of the Ascension that are available that you can receive and you can integrate into your Cosmic Egg.

This is an interesting concept. Sacred times and sacred places offer sacred vibrations. Sacred times and sacred places offer higher frequencies that you can resonate with. By resonating with those frequencies you can incorporate those frequencies into your energy system, and therefore, you will be able to use them to raise your frequency. So what is very beautiful about 11-11-11 is that there are many higher frequencies in this time period, frequencies that are specifically related to your ascension. These many ascension frequencies are going to be available on that sacred time 11-11-11. You will be able to resonate with them. Maybe you will not be able to integrate all of them. Maybe you will not be able to learn everything that you need to learn on that day. But because you resonate with them, you will be able to incorporate those energies into your system at a latter time into your Cosmic Egg.

Pay specific attention to your Cosmic Egg, to your aura, to your energy field. This is an important time for you want to use the highest method possible to clean up your Cosmic Egg. Allow it to expand. Allow it to vibrate. Allow it to have the fluidity in which it can be at its optimal function. Optimal function is defined as being able to interact with the third and fifth dimension. Your Cosmic Egg energy field can receive and interact with fifth-dimensional energies. Your Cosmic Egg will be able to do this in a heightened way on 11-11-11. That means that you will be closer to transforming your energy. So energy is neither created nor destroyed; it is only transformed. You strongly want to transform your energy configuration.

The best way for you to transform yourself and your Earth body is to identify and interact more with yourself as an energy field in the shape of a Cosmic Egg. Your energy field as a Cosmic Egg has abilities far beyond that you can imagine. I am saying and suggesting that you can use your Cosmic Egg in a similar way to the merkavah, or the Chariot of Metatron. You can place your energy field in this configuration called the chariot, which can also be compared to a capsule. The merkavah energy is a transformational and transportational tool to lift you from this dimension to the fifth dimension. Over the many centuries the merkavah has gone through configurations based on the available technologies of the time. So the available technology of the earlier prophets used the configuration of the chariot. They were configuring their energy fields so that they could use the chariot to etherically travel to the higher dimensions.

You are in a time of much different technology. Perhaps the only time you have seen a chariot is in the movies. I don’t want you to think that the merkavah travel has to be limited to the chariot. For example, now you can use the space capsule for merkavah travel. Or you might want to use the technology of a flying disc. Also, you could use the technology of a passenger ship that comes from the mothership as a merkavah vehicle. Of course, you might want to use the chariot also. Some of you are very attached to the energy of the chariot. The important thing is that you are placing your energy field, which is in the configuration of the Cosmic Egg, into the capsule or into the chariot. This travel with the merkavah vehicle can allow you to go to the fifth dimension.

Now I want to speak of the law of causality. You might think that it is impossible to go back to the past. You might believe that you could travel to the future. In fact, much of our work with you is based on the future self, your future self. We see you in a broader perspective than what you are experiencing yourself. We can see you in your future self. We even see your future energies interacting with you now. In fact we are interacting with your future self now. It is this interacting with your future self which is a key ingredient in your energy transformation into the fifth dimension into your ascended body. It is an interesting concept to speak of the ascended body.

The law of causality may say that you cannot go into the past and change an event in the past which would prevent you from manifesting now. This idea was demonstrated rather hilariously in the movie Back to the Future where the star went back to the past. Something changed, and because of the changes, the parents were not going to meet, and because they were not going to meet, this was going to erase Michael Fox’s birth. Therefore, he could no longer exist in the future. This would mean that he could not exist in the present. But the fact is you cannot violate the law of causality. You can go back into the past. However, when you go back into the past, you might try and change an event. But you might only have limited success in changing one aspect of the past. You might even think that because of that change you would be able to prevent something from occurring. However, the law of causality says that you cannot shift an event that prevents your future birth. If you do shift an event that seems to prevent your future birth, then there will be a corresponding reordering of events so that the proper event can occur that will allow you to continue to exist. So in the movie Back to the Future, there were other events that would have to happen that would allow the parents to meet even if the original event did not occur. A later event would occur so that the main character’s parents would meet.

I tell you this because the laws of causality are actually more flexible, and they allow for some reconfiguration of events. Some of the reconfigurations can enhance certain events and make things a little bit easier. But the basic event, meaning your birth, would happen regardless of what changes you might be able to make in the past. Things can be reconfigured in the past in some ways. Now this reconfiguration may result in some minor shifts. But they will not be significant; they will not be significant enough to change large events. So when we are talking about the future self and the past self, we are talking about integrating those aspects. It is possible to go back into the past. It is possible to go forward into the future. It is possible to integrate your past self and your future self into this lifetime. Existing both in the present, past and in the future is one of the most profound descriptions of the Creator. There are sacred chants which reflect the concept I was, I am and I will be. All of these aspects are interactive at the moment of ascension. You will be able to bring together all three parts of yourself into a new unity at the time of your ascension. These three parts include the part that I was, the part that I am, and the part that I will be. So remain focused on all three parts of you during the Ascension. Remain focused on all parts of you because your higher self and your future self will ascend also.

Your future self is enlightened and your future self is experiencing higher dimensional realities. You can integrate those parts of yourself. Integrating your future self is an amplification of the laws of cause and effect. In normal third-dimensional causality it is totally illogical for you to be able to talk to your future self. It is just as illogical to talk to your past self. But it is even more illogical to talk to your future self because from the third-dimensional perspective the future has not occurred yet. So it becomes unreasonable to interact with the future self. But what I am saying is, through amplification the laws of causality can be transcended, and that transcendence will bring a heightened energy and a heightened ability to change this energy configuration of the energy field that is known as you. We are also suggesting that this type of energy configuration exists for the Planetary Cities of Light. That is to say, that the future aspects of a city can be integrated into its present aspects.

You heard us talk about the third-dimensional Earth, and you heard us talk about the Planetary Cities of Light. What we are suggesting with the Planetary Cities of Light is this: each city has an energy configuration. It is difficult to describe the energy field of a city as a Cosmic Egg because the city itself does not have a life form like you. But each city does have an energy field around it or an energy configuration. The energy configuration of each city is different. Some cities are filled with darkness and lower vibrations. Some cities are even filled with attached spirits that are operating with a great deal of dark energy. There are great points of conflict on the planet, such as Iraq or Afghanistan. We use these as examples of cities that have holes in their energy fields which allow lower vibrational beings to interact and create some very harmful mischief. The idea of making a city a Planetary City of Light is that you, through the Planetary City of Light energy work, could seal the energy field of the city so the lower vibrational energies could not function in them. Sealing the energy field of a city so that lower beings could not operate in the energy field of a city is an important part of the Planetary City of Light work. Planetary City of Light work can seal the energy field of a city so that lower vibrational beings cannot break through.

There are many parallels between the personal Cosmic Egg and the energy field of the city. For example, when you use your personal Cosmic Egg, then you can seal your energy from outside influences. You can make a secure outline around your Cosmic Egg so that it will not allow lower vibrational beings to come in. Using this method, then you will not allow hooks into your energy field. This can be hard work, and some of you may have even inherited hooks from other lifetimes. You may have patterns that allow lower vibrational beings to attach to you. This pattern can result in holes in the aura, for example, and it takes some good energy work and healing to seal those holes, but it can be done. Lower beings can use those holes, and they can become parasitically attached to a person. By becoming parasitically attached they are sucking some of your life energy so that they could maintain themselves.

This process of parasitical attachment is similar to the process in cities which have lower beings attached to their energy field. Cities can have many holes in their energy fields. So it is important to work with a city to seal those holes. This healing can be completed when activating a city as a Planetary City of Light. By making a city a Planetary City of Light, then you are able to seal the core energy field around the city so that lower, darker energies cannot come in. This also leads to our discussion of the spiritual light quotient of a city, because the spiritual light quotient of a city is an indication of the vibrational frequency, or the spiritual frequency, in which both the city and the people living in the city are resonating or vibrating on. Your spiritual vibration or your frequency is also transmitting itself to the city’s energy field. So just by you being in the Planetary City you are contributing to the city’s energy field, and you are sending your vibrational energy field into the general energy field of the city. This by itself can raise the spiritual light quotient.

Now when we are doing an event, such as 11-11-11 event, we are bringing to a group focus many higher vibrational frequencies to a city of light already. And we are seeking to transmit and to raise that vibrational frequency. The people that are coming together and are vibrating are hoping to receive and transmit higher light. We will be reactivating that area, and we will make sure that we can seal and assure that there are not any lower frequencies coming in. There is in the spirit world and also in classical physics the law of attraction. In the electromagnetic world there are magnetic attractions, but in the spiritual world there are spiritual attractions. Earth science can work with electromagnetic attractive energy fields. In the spirit world we can combine our individual energy fields into a group process. We can then combine that group process into a Planetary City of Light process.

To raise the energy field of a city, we talk about the concept of using an etheric basket. The etheric basket can be put underneath the city, and the city can be etherically raised within the basket. By raising the city using this exercise, one can then raise the city’s vibration. This exercise creates an attractive energy force by which other higher energies can become attracted and come into that city’s energy field. So the important thing to remember is that the Planetary City of Light has an attractive energy field, and you are working to maximize that energy field. In order to maximize an energy field you need an input of energy. There are some cities that already have that energy, but there are some cities that may need a boost, may need an activation.

In working with the Planetary Cities of Light you can compare it to doing personal work. In personal work you look to your future self. In Planetary City of Light work you look to the future of the city as well as the present. You begin to interact with the highest, most positive future light of that city. So the Planetary City of Light work, just like your personal work, expands itself to include the future and the future city. Remember we worked with San Martín de Los Andes, and we said to them they are connecting with the city Sedona, Arizona. Sedona, Arizona has a beautiful energy field that creates an aura that leads it to be called the psychic center of North America. Especially in the Southwest of the U.S.A., people have found great psychic energy and abilities that are present in Sedona. Because San Martín de Los Andes, Argentina is now connected etherically as two Planetary Cities of Light, we can say that San Martín is going to receive the psychic energy from Sedona. Maybe at this moment San Martín de Los Andes is not the psychic center of Argentina or of the area that it is in. But in the future time it will be.

In the Planetary City of Light you can visualize the most positive future time in that city. Visualize what it will look like. In the same way with your personal work you can visualize your most positive future self. What do you look like in the future when you are enlightened and when you are in the fifth dimension? Visualize yourself as a fifth-dimensional being. Visualize yourself as you are riding in your merkavah vehicle. See what you look like. When you are in a higher vibration, then you have a different look on your face, and you have a different energy about you. Also you will have different powers. Your Heart Chakra will be more open, and you might also look more physically healthy. So it is with the Planetary City of Light, that is, when the city is activated with fifth-dimensional energy, then it will look more beautiful. You can bring down the fifth-dimensional energy for the city from the future by visualization. So when we activate a Planetary City of Light, we are asking people to speak about the future of the city. We ask people to speak about the future vision and speak about the future energy of the city. This is powerful and helps to create new energies for the Planetary Cities of Light to help it become more of a spiritual city.

In your personal work you all have had aspects of your past self that have been phenomenal. I know that many of you are doing past-life work and frequently will go into past-life problems. But in our work we are also recommending that when you do past-life work that you also can go back to a positive past-life experience. Soul retrieval is generally considered retrieving disassociated parts of yourself from a past life. But also remember there are parts of yourself that are outstanding from your past life. There are parts of yourself when you were great prophets or where you were great spiritual teachers. Some of you were even starseeds in your other lifetimes. Some of you actually came from past lifetimes on other star systems. You can remember and access that positive energy from your past self. So don’t just think about the past and past-life regression in terms of going back to problems, but also go back to the positive past-life experiences.

The Planetary Cities of Light also have beautiful pasts. We want to assimilate, and we want to hold that past energy in the current energy field of the Planetary City of Light. So in group activation meetings you can speak about the past accomplishments of the city, the great people who visited or lived in the city and imagine that the energies from the great people can still be there creating more sacred energy of the city. So in this time there will be great opportunities to work with the Planetary Cities of Light and to work with the past, present and future energies and to create and maximize the energy field of the Planetary City of Light. The Planetary Cities of Light energy field can be viewed and spoken about in terms of colors. So if you want to remove darkness, for example, maybe you could visualize a halo around the city. You could visualize harmonic light balls. You can visualize downloading of light, and you can visualize a white light. All these things help tremendously to work with the vibrational energy field of the Planetary City of Light.

Each Planetary City of Light is affected by your energies. When you are receiving more energy, then you can send out more energy to physical cities. Now I will be turning the next part of the lecture over to Archangel Metatron. I love you all. Blessings. This is Juliano.

Shalom. Greetings, I am Archangel Metatron. I am so happy to be able to speak with so many of you about the merkavah. You know that the merkavah, also known as the merkabah, originated in ancient times in ancient Israel and in ancient Egypt. Some of the techniques were taught to the ancient Egyptians in secret societies. They were taught how to transfer the soul light to higher energy. There were great accomplishments, but there were also great mistakes made. Some of these mistakes were related to their ideas about death. The later Hebrew mystics realized that merkavah travel was for the living, not for the dead. You cannot do merkavah travel on the dead. Merkavah is a forerunner for ascension, and it is a beautiful process that allows you to experience precognitively the fifth dimension. The merkavah travel opportunities are increasing especially after 11-11-11. The doorway for the travel into the other dimensions is high during and after 11-11-11.

Many of you can travel in your merkavah vehicles now etherically. Instead of using chariots, I like the idea of you using the etheric space capsules because I think that a space capsule represents for you a more modern vehicle, and thus it might work better for you than the chariot. For example, visualize a beautiful space capsule which is in the configuration of a dome in the center of the space capsule. Visualize a beautiful etheric crystal in the center of the space capsule. This crystal has great spiritual powers. This etheric crystal connects with your Third Eye, and by using this crystal you can direct the capsule to those higher realms.

In modern merkavah travel you can have more than one person in the capsule. In the ancient times they were usually placing only one person in the chariot. We are saying that now you could put two or three people in your capsule. If you use a large enough capsule, then you could even put a group into it. The vibrational energy of the merkavah can be raised by the simple chanting of the word merkavah. And in the Hebraic world we also talk of the making or the doing of the merkavah. For example, you might say in modern English that we are playing chess. In spiritual terms we can also say that “we are doing merkavah.” The word merkavah has a special vibrational energy. So meditate now and hear the energy of the following words: “doing and making of the merkavah.” Merkavah…. Feel the energy of merkavah. Visualize your merkavah-domed capsule that has this beautiful crystal at the center of it. When you are entering this capsule, you are entering a realm of fifth-dimensional travel. The merkavah capsule has the ability to raise you to the fifth dimension, to the higher realms.

Now the word to ascend in the language of the merkavah is Ahl-ah. In Hebrew it means to go up. Ahl-ah Ha Merkavah. Ascend In Your Merkavah.

This brings you closer to the ascension light. This is the preparation of the energy you will be working with for your ascension. You work with your merkavah vehicle will help you to prepare for your ascending to the fifth dimension. The beauty of the merkavah travel practice now is that you will be able to return intact back to the third dimension. Because this is a capsule with all of the protection and all the spiritual technology necessary to take you to the higher realms and bring you back safely. You can sit safely in the capsule. Remember the ancient chariot didn’t have the shape of the dome capsule. So now we have higher technology spiritual merkavah vehicles. Eventually we want to work with the Planetary Cities of Light for merkavah travel. We want to encapsulate the cities of light in a dome-like structure, and then we could use those capsules to move with the whole city etherically to a higher realm. We can work to make a Planetary City of Light energetically more holy by etherically bringing that city to the higher realms. We then could bring back the city, back to the third dimension in that capsule with higher fifth-dimensional energy.

Blessings to all of you, the merkavah travelers of light.

I am Archangel Metatron. Shalom.

Copyright © 2011 David K. Miller
P. O. Box 4074 Prescott, AZ 86302 USA
Posted 26th November 2011 by Juan Pablo
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KRULIANs: HABLA ASHTAR SHERAN ::: Semjase of Temmer, Pleiadian: Making Time for Yourself

KRULIANs: HABLA ASHTAR SHERAN ::: Semjase of Temmer, Pleiadian: Making Time for Yourself.

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ábado, 22 de marzo de 2014

HABLA ASHTAR SHERAN ::: Semjase of Temmer, Pleiadian: Making Time for Yourself

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Oct 10


Los saludo, amigos queridos, maestros queridos, seguidores queridos de la ascensión, seguidores de la luz y trabajadores a lo largo del planeta. Yo Soy el Comandante Ashtar.

Vengo en una columna de Luz para una transformación muy grande. La entrada está muy activa ahora alrededor del planeta entero. Hay un entrelazado de pensamientos a lo largo de su sistema. Esto está contribuyendo para trabajar con ustedes. Yo, Ashtar, estoy enviando los cauces directos de activación a su tercer chakra. Quiero que recuerden las energías de la ascensión que incluye una energía de activación.

Esta energía de activación es, como estamos hablando, la re-introducción en cada uno de ustedes. Están siendo reintroducidos para recordar la alegría, la excitación y el placer gigantesco que originalmente experimentaron cuando oyeron hablar de la ascensión por primera vez.

Recuerden cuando comprendieron que esta iba a ser su última encarnación en la Tierra. Recuerden cuando comprendieron que iba a ser una activación de trabajadores de la Luz y la transformación planetaria. Recuerden cómo eso los llenaba de alegría. Esta energía de activación está volviendo a ustedes. Yo estoy ayudando a extender esta energía de la activación en todos ustedes quienes están oyendo o leyendo mis palabras. Sí, yo soy conciente de las muchas posibilidades para las catástrofes y caos que parecen estar en el borde de la conciencia de todos.

Enfóquense de nuevo en lo que nosotros tenemos para construir a lo largo de estos años. Los Arcturianos y yo les hemos hablado sobre las proyecciones del pensamiento. Nosotros les hemos hablado sobre la tecnología del viaje del pensamiento planetario y la nueva tecnología espiritual que está ante el planeta. Esta nueva tecnología, este nuevo modelo de pensamiento espiritual, está basado en los sistemas Galácticos de viajes interdimensionales y la transformación interdimensional. Estos también son conceptos que ustedes pueden traer a otro reino. Pueden hacer esto a través de las interacciones con seres superiores del planeta que están esperándolos continuamente en los corredores.

También pueden hacer esto a través de una aceleración de su conciencia concentrándose en las sagradas palabras de la ascensión, y también recibiendo la fuerte energía que entra a este planeta a través de los corredores y el Anillo de la Ascensión. Esta energía poderosa que está viniendo a ustedes es incomparable. Es la parte de la nueva tecnología espiritual basada en la ayuda de los Maestros planetarios, extra-planetarios y extra-solares, y está viniendo en una energía masiva. Ustedes son, como es el planeta, mientras se dan cuenta de la fuerte cantidad de energía espiritual que está alrededor de su sistema solar.

También están viniendo de galaxias lejanas. hay muchos modelos de energía diferentes que está viniendo de las novas , supernovas y de las explosiones del Sol de su sistema planetario.

Ustedes están viviendo en una inmensa arena de partículas y olas de energía que alcanzan, continuamente, cada aspecto de su planeta. Dense cuenta de los modelos de pensamientos macizos , modelos superiores de energía que están trasmitiéndose desde el quinto nivel dimensional. Estos modelos del pensamiento son energía.

Estos modelos del pensamiento están enlazándose a ustedes. Se ha pensado que los modelos van a ser como ladrillos para que ustedes se permitan completar su misión aquí. Ahora son una antena gigantesca para estos miles de pensamientos hermosos de la quinta dimensión, que están inundando sus conciencias. Sientan el pensamiento de los modelos de amor que entran en el reino. Sientan los modelos del pensamiento de la evolución Galáctica.

Sientan los modelos del pensamiento planetario de la Gran Hermandad Blanca . Sientan los modelos del pensamiento individuales, esos que se alinean con ustedes en su misión planetaria. Alcen sus chakras de la corona…

Ashtar Sheran

( Continuará)

A través de David K. Miller

Publicado 10th October 2011 por Shanti
Etiquetas: anillo de la ascensiónAshtar Sherandespertar de la conciencia

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Semjase of Temmer, Pleiadian: Making Time for Yourself

Posted on Mar 22, 2014
by cosmicgaia
in Maryann Rada, Semjase, The Pleiadians
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Semjase from Pleiades

Channeled by Maryann Rada
March 22, 2014

Yanking the mask off the face of the faceless ones is no small feat. They are purposely difficult to see and can put any argument ahead of any attempt to point them out as perpetrators of any universal no-no. When you are stomping out fires and dealing with lost planes, you don’t have a lot of mental space to awaken yourself to the kind of nefarious doings of an invisible elite. This has been your story until now. We are not saying that the elite will bend down to let you take off their masks, but we are saying that the masks will fall, one by one, as conditions merit. You will merely be witnesses to the unveiling. You are about to see a long-awaited turn of events as the next thing takes the world’s attention.
A central truth about humanity is that they will deny nothing when it comes to saving one of their own kind. This is true as a rule across the board for all humans who are life-oriented. There are sacrifices for the greater good, but these are more rare than you might think. You live in a culture of death. It is something that permeates every aspect of your social structure. You will recognize it more and more for what it is as the masks fall and the Nine of your planet finally settles into unfettered expression. The Nine of anything is its full divine nature. We of the League of Light have spoken of it extensively in other venues, so I will not say more about that here. Suffice it to say that your planet’s divine expression as a sentient cosmic body has, as has your individual ability to express your divine nature, been obstructed. The energy fields have been manipulated artificially to reduce your collective Nine expression. To stunt your growth, to slow down your development and change your planetary status from divine to infernal. Remember your all-beingness and tap into it now, for it still exists. You are not separate from it, from each other, or from us, for we are part of your planet’s identity in a galactic context. We are part of who you are, and we are here to remind you of that.
You are facing a conflict of time and the reunification of your planetary path with the original plan. Your current timeline will be shutting down to make way for the original frequency field to establish a basic time code for the matrix to recalibrate itself upon. You will feel the shift as a release of tension following a steep buildup and never-never-land sorts of experiences. It will be intense but brief. You can expect things to begin to feel more stable after the breakdown of the current instability. Know that your world will not break or die, despite what looks like certain doom. It is very much alive and going through similar sorts of adjustments as you may be feeling. She is dizzy and weary, but will be just fine. So will you who are destined to live on her new form.
Very soon, the masks will fall. Very soon, a polarity of time will invert and next-generation reality will establish itself within the planetary matrix. You are nearly at the point of attenuation of timeline flux that releases you from the bonds of a paradigm of fake freedom and launches you as a movement arises from the resonant strands of a new frequency field. You are nearly at full functioning as a global humanity. Keep sharing your light with each other and as soon as the time comes, you will see a bold new light burst through the darkness of enforced ignorance and into a new line of time altogether. A people of light you are, let that never be doubted. We are near and we are watching. When the time comes, we will move into view. Meanwhile, remain steadfast in your courage and know that everything will be perfect. We are of a great love for you and your planet. Peace is nearly at your door. Know that the row of dominoes is about to tip into action. Once they fall, you are going to see something altogether beautiful come into being. We will see it with you as family reunited.

* * *