Equipoise: ▶ The Ultimate Dog Photobomb with Kino Yoga in Thailand – ▶ Ashtanga Yoga: Supta Padangusthasana with Kino – ATHABANTIAN – IT´S YOU

Equipoise: ▶ The Ultimate Dog Photobomb with Kino Yoga in Thailand – ▶ Ashtanga Yoga: Supta Padangusthasana with Kino – ATHABANTIAN – IT´S YOU.

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Saturday, May 17, 2014

▶ The Ultimate Dog Photobomb with Kino Yoga in Thailand – ▶ Ashtanga Yoga: Supta Padangusthasana with Kino – ATHABANTIAN – IT´S YOU

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Jun 1


Greetings, my name is Bren-Ton.

 I am an Andromedan, stationed aboard the starship Athabantian. Today, along with my close associate Taugth, a celestial of this universe, I bring you a message of some importance, involving your most valued participation in creating the New Earth.
Energetics impacting all on the planet began some months ago and will continue for several years. The collapse of your manmade structures will soon become evident. Extreme weather will continue. There will occur physical phenomenon of sufficient magnitude to focus the attention of all.
If you are vibrating well above the so-called 3rd Density, you will see these events as merely steps to the transformation of the planet. If you are caught in the fear of the 3rd Density, you will see them as disasters, and worry for your personal safety.
The key to all of this is to discover who you really are: A Great Being Of Light. Not merely a soul having a bodily experience, but a truly great being with vast potential and an eternal life. One who individuated a piece of itself to inhabit a physical form for a given lifetime.
You are witnessing the final days of the fear-based 3rd Density. Those who cling to the old ways are digging in their heels to resist these forces of change. They cling to their status, power, wealth, and comforts, despite witnessing the turmoil their actions cause. They isolate themselves from “ordinary people.” Meanwhile, among the ordinary people, many are reevaluating their lives and are moving toward the light.
The specific stages we foresee — as of this communication – are the tumbling of several European economies. Then, because all your economies are tightly linked, some depending on the dollar, others dependent on mutual trade, what tarnishes one economy impacts all. The result of this is the eventual collapse of all economies. The emergence of societies without currencies will require some time to implement. In the meantime, barter and the use of gold and silver will dominate trade.
What we have just described is a process that will require years to complete. It will be implemented with the onset of higher individual vibrations. This means that the production of goods and services and the trade thereof will be carried out under an umbrella of mutual respect, peace, justice, and love. Merely to change the thinking of all so engaged will require some time. To put the instruments of such a system in place will require a number of adjustments. Thus it will take some years to fully implement. In the meantime, smaller communities will thrive as neighbors assist one another. Of course, all of this will be accelerated by the collapse of time.
It is the mission of those of us aboard Athabantian and the other great starships surrounding your planet to make this vision a reality. We have removed all of the non-indigenous beings who have held your civilization captive for the past centuries. We now walk among you and are strategically placed to assist the restructuring of your institutions. We continue to beam energies to all humans of the planet, but most particularly to the lightworkers who by their very actions are changing all. In addition we are creating institutions in certain locations to teach and model ways to live on a planet of light.
Step one of the transformation will be under way by the end of this year: physical changes to the planet, the collapse of your current economic systems and governments, the breaking down of your religions, legal systems, and healthcare, and the disclosure about your history and your historic interactions your star brothers and sisters. Follow-on steps will require years to complete — depending on participation from those remaining on the planet.
As we look upon your planet today we see that your habitation has produced an environmental catastrophe, all in the interests of maintaining lifestyles to which you have become accustomed. You have marred the land by mining for minerals and fossil fuels. You have drilled for sources of energy. You pollute the land and the oceans with waste from your habitation. Your air is fouled as a result of burning fossil fuels to preserve lifestyles based on creature comforts. All in all your habitation of Earth has created quite a mess.
Have you done this alone? Oh no, first of all your genetic structure was disabled long ago. Secondly the technologies that we supplied to upgrade your primitive civilizations have been perpetuated long past their intended life cycle. For example the burning of fossil fuels was to be a prelude to the introduction of more advanced technologies that would not pollute. But the burning of hydrocarbons became a way to enrich a few at the expense of the health of your planet. Other technologies for creating energy such as electricity were introduced to your planet, but those who wished to enrich themselves subverted them. This remains the case today.
And of course there were the off-planet influences that twisted your lives in the interests of creating fear to nurture their objectives. Your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies were ripped apart to create human slaves, so that you would no longer function as complete humans. These influences remain today even though the off-planet entities have been removed. There linger in your societies those who would perpetuate these old ways to continue their wealth and power. So we see your planet in a sad state of degradation.
At the same time, we see the emergence of lightworkers; those that are giving birth to new ways of living that will eventually overcome the darkness. These lightworkers, and they come in many versions, are overcoming the systems, the established ways, and the institutions that are suppressing your basic spirit. We see them in the pioneers who create new ways to service a need. We see them in organizations that are set up to seek better ways to live. We see them in pockets of people gathered to deal with the extraordinary changes. And we see them in the rebellions against established ways by those desiring freedom.
These points of light are the result of off-planet influences that are impacting your lives. Without these off-planet influences none of the lightworkers and their influences would be happening – you alone cannot overcome the deep deficits without outside assistance in its many forms: spiritual, energetic, and those of us walking among you.
I now turn this communication over to Taugth.
Greetings, I am Taugth, celestial aboard Athabantian. I wish to convey a message this day that you may not have heard before, or may not have understood. The Andromedans aboard Athabantian have the technology to restore your planet to its pristine self, to rid Earth of the environmental damages that you have inflicted upon it.
However, and this is a big however, they await your participation. You, who are the current residents of Earth, must come forward to be a part of rejuvenating your planet, as you rejuvenate yourselves. You must play an active role in this cleansing. We who observe from afar are saddened by your continued environmental destruction, but we cannot move forward until you, the human residents, become active participants in this process – and until you decide to stop your polluting activities. Ignoring the situation solves nothing; your environment will only get worse without benevolent action.
Thus we continue to campaign to create Caretakers for your planet: Those who will remain with Earth after the time of the great transformation to care for her, to work with us to rejuvenate her. The role of Caretaker will not be an easy one. It will not be easy to remain on the planet while the cleaning takes place. All of your current lifestyles will be interrupted. All of your manmade institution will be replaced with new ways of behaving that are compatible with a New Earth. The ascendancy of Earth is assured, how long that will take will be determined by the numbers and participation of Caretakers.
Those of you who understand who you really are and are raising your vibrations to cope with the forthcoming transformation are to be congratulated. You are the wayshowers who will light a path to the New Earth through this time of the great transformation. Those who do not follow this light, who do not raise their vibrations, will not accompany the New Earth.
So yes there is a joining of efforts to accomplish the great transformation. On the one hand we have those who concentrate on raising vibrations of the awakened ones. On the other hand we have those who are working to restore the planet to her pristine self. These two objectives are quite compatible, and mesh beautifully. All aboard Athabantian are of the higher frequencies; we can only carry out our work with those humans of the higher frequencies.
There are no fear-based 3rd Dimension solutions to the environmental problems of Earth. The situation is too far advanced for them to undo the damage. And do not expect us to show up to save you from that which you had a hand in creating – we will not.
What I am saying to you that may be new is that you must be involved in the reconstruction of Earth (or you can choose to go elsewhere while the process takes place). Those of us from the stars can not and will not do it by ourselves, for it is your planet. You must be intimately involved in reconstructing your planet for you had a hand in its degeneration. Were you totally responsible? No, but you allowed it to continue for purposes of your own physical comfort.
So we seek Caretakers, those who are raising their vibrations to levels wherein they see ways of being compatible with the New Earth. This totally new way of being means to be one with the planet. It means minimizing the impact on the planet. It means loving the planet with her diverse plants and animals. It means bringing love to the planet so that she can become the shining orb for all in the universe to admire.
As I said in a recent communication*, we are establishing Abiquor (our preferred spelling – still pronounced by us as “abicor”) as a focus for our activities. The meaning of Abiquor in the common language of Andromeda is “Center of Light.” Mark, you have envisioned the completion of Abiquor; now let us go about making it a reality. For this you and other volunteers will remain on Earth for many years in healthy, balanced human form with 5thDimensional functioning. The result of these efforts will be a new human civilization for the New Earth
I, Taugth, am most pleased to be communicating with you this day. I look forward to other opportunities to do so. And I, Bren-Ton, look forward to working with you who choose to become the Caretakers of the New Earth.

Through Mark Kimmel

* April 24, 2012 at: http://www.cosmicparadigm.com/Athabantian/
Please consider attending Transformation 2012:http://www.cosmicparadigm.com/workshops/

Posted 1st June 2012 by Shanti
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Equipoise: Standing Splits in Ashtanga Yoga, Trivikramasana with Kino – GALACTIC MEMORIES–ATLANTIS:::sharing

Equipoise: Standing Splits in Ashtanga Yoga, Trivikramasana with Kino – GALACTIC MEMORIES–ATLANTIS:::sharing.

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Standing Splits in Ashtanga Yoga, Trivikramasana with Kino – GALACTIC MEMORIES–ATLANTIS:::sharing

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The Atlantian Temple of Healing, Art, Communication and Healing

I remember first entering this Temple as a small frightened child and living here until the fall of our great world. I observe this Temple now from the perspective the one who will be ascending. I take a long moment to look back on so many, in fact, too many earthly incarnations since the great fall.

There were, of course, some lives worth noting in which I was able to return to my Soul in the higher worlds upon my translation. Unfortunately, I can also see many lives in which my Soul was unattainable at the time of my passing and untold lifetimes were spent in the Lower Astral Plane atoning for mistakes created by my fear and greed during that incarnation.

I am happy that “Second Death,” the death of Soul, was outlawed sometime in the long night between the death of Atlantis and the dawning of the life in which my form does write. I am sure that, had that Second Death not been released from our incarnational pattern, that I would not be here today writing these words. I know that I was seldom evil in nature, but the fear of the polarized reality lead me to may despicable actions.

Glory be to the ONE that I have, somehow, survived my long journey into duality. I sound as thought I am quite miserable, but actually, I am very happy. It is just that when I looked upon the beginning of my Earthly sojourns, I finally feel strong enough to face all the fear through which I have lived. My beloved Arcturian family has challenged me to live for one week with NO fear, and I have gone several days in this manner. Blessings BE!

After my long introduction I will proceed with my memory of Atal Shannar. The spelling is phonetic, as this mind no longer remembers the language of that age, nor the light pictures within which we preserved our thoughts and emotions.

As I enter the Temple (English word), I am first struck by its welcoming aroma. It reminds me of an atmosphere free of pollutants of my day and water made of a different molecular structure than the waters of my present incarnation. I am greeted by huge flower arrangements, again flowers that I have drawn many times but not seen in this reality.

Gravity is much different here, as we have not fallen into the lowers depths of the third dimension that my present incarnation was at the time of that birth. Fortunately, it did improve greatly as I walked through that life.

The first thing I see/ remember is that there are no angular walls or rooms. Everything is built in a circular flowing fashion, much as light flows in circles. In fact, the light within this Temple is very unique in that it has no obvious source of light. In all the years that I spent in this structure of never saw a light structure, similar to modern day lamps. In fact, the light wan never turned on or off, it just WAS. The light in the Temple seemed to respond to our consciousness in that it became brighter if we needed it to be. On the other hand, the light would automatically dim whenever we needed a lower light.

As I move through the Temple I hear very little conversation, and remember that we only used our voices in the “Speaking Quarters.” The rest of the time we lived in verbal silence to encourage the use of our telepathy, empathy and higher perceptions. We all had great psychokinetic abilities and could easily levitate with the slightest shift in our consciousness. In fact, the problem for me, was keeping my feet on the ground.

As I move through the Temple, I remember the deep sorrow of the first years of that life because I was separated from my Complement. Interestingly, as I have come to the long awaited conclusion of my experience in third dimensional form, I have again connected with my Beloved. However, “beloved” is much different here in the land of illusion and strife then it was in our fifth dimensional realities when we experimented with separating into two beings. In the third dimension, it was not a game. It was lonely beyond understanding, then difficult once we re-united.

But, I have drifted again away from my return to Atal. It is just that with Pluto on my Sun, I feel a deep urge to review my many earthly incarnations to release what is over and bring forward that which will serve the growth of my new life. Oh, I hear the music now! The music in Altar was beyond a sound, as it was not yet differentiated from light. Hence, music was a flowing, dynamic dance of light and sound. It was a bridge upon which we could cross into the frequency which best served our healing and/or advancement into the light.

In fact, in Atal, advancement into the light and healing were the same. We saw disease, injury, or psychological dis-ease as a blockage in our aura, which hindered our Spiritual Process. As I walk/float around a bend in the corridor, I burst forth in joy as I enter the resonance of light music. The tones and colors pull me out of my imaginary vessel and my consciousness intermingles with the frequencies of light music. I am the music, I am the room, I am the corridor, and I am Atal Shannar.

I remember how, as a child, my Guides had to be with me in this area of Atal, as I could never stay in my body. In fact, staying in my body has been a challenge for all my earthly incarnations. I would leave it if I was afraid, in love, joyful, sick or strong. Finally, in the life in which I will transmute it into a higher frequency, I am learning to stay in my body. But, once more, I digress.

I see myself now in one of my favorite places, the place where my consciousness would fly when it left my body, the Floating Gardens. I look around the Floating Gardens to see the many Elementals tending it. I see the face of each flower and the delicate roots floating just above the soil. I can see the ethers in-between the roots and the soil, just as I can see that which is in-between the many people and objects of my Temple home. I guess I always came here, as it, too, was connected to the physical only by etheric essence.

From the Garden I can see the many canals surrounding our Temple. Each canal resonates to a different frequency, creating a beautiful spectrum of colors, similar—yet different—from the colors of my present life. Each canal has a different aroma to match that frequency of water, just as each flower had a different aroma to match its form and color.

I have chosen to re-visit Atal at a point in my Atlantian incarnation that was my happiest. I had finally accustomed to a body of gender and had not yet loved and lost. We knew that the end times were coming for our great civilization, but did not know exactly when that would happen. We knew that to many of us the end times would be great freedom, as we would return to the Unity. On the other hand, for those of us who had come to assist Gaia, we would stay with Her body until the time of Planetary Ascension. This meant that would have many lives waiting for the time that my present incarnation is now living.

Before I end my visit, I turn to her and look directly into her eyes. Yes, she began her visit as her present persona and, somehow, became me—the ONE whom she has always been. We are ONE again NOW. The beginning has become the end, and the end is actually a new beginning. As I look into her eyes, the windows to her Soul, I merge with her to become ONE again and forever. Alpha and Omega meet to usher in a New Age.

By Suzanne Lie, PhD

Posted 1st April 2012 by Shanti

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Tuesday, June 24, 2014
Transmutation of Life Part 2 – Kundalini, the Inner Fire


Transmutation of Life Part 2

Kundalini, the Inner Fire


My reverie of being in the Arcturian Corridor was interrupted when Lantern said, “I have prepared a quick breakfast before we break camp.” Sandy then immerged from the tent and came to give me a morning hug. I stood up, hugged Sandy and we walked the short distance to where Lantern had prepared our simple breakfast.

“You don’t need to cook for us,” I said.

“You were having an important discussion with the Arcturian and Sandy was just returning from the ship. I didn’t want to bother you, but we have a ways to hike today, and I want to get there before nightfall.

“I just got back from the Ship?” asked Sandy with a very excited look on her face. “Why don’t I remember that?”

“Your physical body needed to sleep. Also, it was too soon for your human self to remember the information you received,” answered Lantern as he gave us our food and some hot tea. Sandy tried to get him to say more, but he refused and went over to take down his tent. Sandy shrugged her shoulders and winked at me. “Do you think you were with me?”

“If I was,” I said, “I was talking to the Arcturian. I left the tent so I could write down what I was receiving. I will show it to you later.”

Sandy looked disappointed that she couldn’t see it now, but Lantern was rushing us to leave. He was right that we had quite a ways to walk, and it was all uphill. When the Sun was low in the sky we came around, yet another steep switchback, to reveal the most beautiful green meadow we had ever soon. Sandy and I literally ran to the meadow to sit, lie and roll in the grass.

Sandy said, “This is like the meadow by our home.” I smiled as I looked across the meadow to see what looked like a cabin. “Is that a cabin?” I asked.

“Yes, it is ours. It’s even stocked with canned goods and has a creek and small pond next to it.” Now we were even more excited. We could stay in real cabin with a roof and a bed. We quickly walked across the meadow and to the door of the cabin.

“Go ahead and open it,” said Lantern. “They do not lock cabins up here.”

“Did you manifest this?” teased Sandy. Lantern laughed in reply, “No, but I did rent it. You will need a comfortable place for this next part of your mission. You have not yet interacted with the fire elementals, and this time the fire is inside of you—the fire of your Kundalini.”

Sandy and I had no idea how important his statement was or how much it would change our lives forever. In fact, all we could think about was that there was a table and two beds. We loved being in nature, but we were ready for a few “creature comforts.” We claimed the bed in the far corner of the cabin and lay now to relax for just a minute. We woke up hours later to find a fire in the fireplace and the soft light of a kerosene lamp.

“I’m hungry,” said Sandy as she walked over to the cabinet to see what canned food we had to choose from. There was a camping stove on a ledge next to the cabinet, which Lantern had already lit to make us some hot tea.

“I am glad you woke up,” he said as he made the tea. “The moon will be up soon and there is something I want you to see.”

Sandy found the can opener and was opening two cans of soup for us all to eat. When Sandy asked Lantern what kind of soap he liked, we realized that Lantern never ate with us. Since he did most of the cooking, we had always assumed that he ate before us.

“You don’t eat food do you?” Sandy and I asked at the same time.

“I no longer require food. I am nourished by the forces of light,” Lantern responded as he pointed his finger towards the heavens.

“Wow,” was our mutual response. Lantern laughed and said, “Soon you will no longer need to eat.” Before we could ask him our myriad questions, he slipped out the door with the excuse of checking on the Moon. Sandy and I silently sat down at the wooden camping table to eat our soup. What was Lantern up to now?

Just as we were finishing our warm meal, Lantern re-entered the cabin with a bright smile and said, “It is time. Get your coats and come outside.”
We excitedly got our coats on and went outside. “Follow me,” said Lantern, which we did. The full Moon was so bright that we could easily see where we were going. We walked a short distance on a path that led us over a small hill to find another huge meadow. The moon was so bright that we could see every detail in the mystical moonlight.

“It is so beautiful!” gasped Sandy.

“Now close you eyes for a moment and expand your consciousness into a higher frequency,” instructed Lantern.

We closed our eyes and took long breaths to expand our consciousness. We knew to keep our eyes closed. “Maintaining that state of consciousness, feel your surroundings with your body,” instructed Lantern. “As you do so, allow the physical edges of your form to blur out in all directions.

Elemental Meditation 

“Now, tune into the earth on which you are standing.
Feel how the aura of your physical form merges with the earth beneath you.
Smell the water in the air and in the nearby pond.
Remember the feeling of water on your body as you swam in the lake.
Allow the soft breeze in the air to caress your body.

Feel how the earth on which you are standing is ONE with your earthen vessel.
Tune into all the liquids in your body as they circulate through your form.
As you breathe in this soft mountain air, feel it within you.
Feel how the ethers around you are filled with soft moonlight.
Now, keeping your physical eyes closed, look out through your Third Eye.”

I could feel how Sandy was focusing on her Third Eye, just as I was focusing on mine. Instinctively, I reached out and took her hand. Instantly, our consciousness expanded in a burst of light and our Third Eyes blinked open to see a huge light in the sky. As we relaxed into the source of the light, the shape of a huge Starship came into our Third Eye.

We both knew that we could not have seen the Ship with our physical vision, but it was perfectly clear through our Third Eye. When we focused on the Ship, we could feel its multidimensional light and unconditional love streaming into our High Heart. We allowed the love and light to nest in our High Heart and calmly observed as the light traveled up through the top of our heads and into the soft mountain atmosphere, as well as deep into the core of Gaia’s planet.

Instinctively, we followed the light into the now familiar core of Gaia. Then we followed the light back towards Gaia’s surface. Now that we were firmly grounded in the core of the planet, the light traveling up from the planetary core as it began to slowly rise in frequency. As the light broke through the earth and re-entered our body through our feet, we felt it moving up our legs into the base of our spine.

When the light entered the base of our spine we experienced a great heat move into our core. The light lingered there until Lantern said, “Are you ready to allow that light to rise up your spine?” Intuitively we knew that the rising of this light would forever change our lives. We squeezed our hands tighter to give each other support and shook our heads yes.

We heard Lantern’s voice as if he were within us as he said,
“Feel the earth elementals of your body supporting your spinal column.
As you inhale, think of the air elementals in your lungs and every cell of your body.
Imagine the water elementals flowing through your blood and bodily fluids.
Now, sense the fire from Gaia’s Core igniting your inner fire of the Kundalini.”

Sandy and I had studied the Kundalini and had had brief experiences of it during meditation and Yoga. However, these experiences only hinted at what we were about to experience. Fortunately, we remembered to focus on grounding our feet deep into the earth. We smelled the fresh air as it entered our nostrils, and imagined the fluids of our body calmly flowing to the rhythm of our breath and the beating of our heart.

Activating Kundalini 

We had been prepared for this moment and allowed ourselves to surrender, surrender, surrender as we focused our attention and our breath on the base of our spine. As the multidimensional light entered the base of our spine and activated our Kundalini, our bodies reacted by shaking uncontrollably. Gradually we acclimated to this higher frequency, which allowed the awakened Kundalini to fully merge with our core.

First Chakra 

Once the base of our spine was recalibration to this expanded frequency, the Kundalini began to slowly undulate up and down our spine. Our breathing became louder and more intentional with our out-breath twice as long as our in-breath. In a burst of inner fire our root chakra awakened into a higher frequency of activation.

Second Chakra 

The inner fire held that space for a second, as well as for all eternity, before it continued its journey into our navel chakra. We felt the light behind our navel as it undulated up and down our spine, allowing us to calibrate then recalibrate again and again to this higher frequency of inner light.

Early emotional images coursed through our minds in a collage of childhood memories, some of which we had completely forgotten. The myriad emotions of these experiences threatened to lower our consciousness, so we focused ONLY on our breath and the sensations in the core of our spine.

Again we shook uncontrollably until we remembered to pull the shaking sensation into our core by surrendering to these new sensations. This inner shaking was almost as if we were shaking out parts of our self that could not tolerate this higher light.

Third Chakra 

We realized that we could best release our old resistance by deeply surrendering to our experience. Once the light stabilized in our second chakra, it began to rise into our solar-plexus chakra. By now we had learned how to release the ashes of our resistance by breathing into the higher frequency of the rising kundalini.

Slowly, and in a more controlled manner, the kundalini rose up from our navel, through our stomach area and into the many internal organs of our third chakra. We felt each organ as they slowly, or quickly, re-calibrated to this higher frequency of physical resonance. As we surrendered into the light expanding frequency of our third chakras, we realized that the concept of eating food would become increasingly unimportant.

Fourth Chakra 

Since we were totally in the NOW, we had no thoughts or experience of “time.” Slowly and calmly, like a gently breeze, the Kundalini fire entered our heart chakra. The journey through our first three chakras was filled with bodily sensations, movements and the constant need to release, release and surrender.

Conversely, the kundalini almost tickled our heart, softly “knocking” at the inner entrance to our heart chakra. We knew that we could open that “door” or return later after we had adjusted to what had already occurred. However, Sandy and I had been fully prepared for this NOW and opened wide the portal into our heart.

We actually saw the vision of a door opening inwards as we welcomed our own inner fire into our heart. We heard an inner voice saying to us, perhaps warning us, that our lives would be forever changed, but we could always re-enter time to adapt when we felt the energies were too challenging. We did not realize the importance of that message.

Fifth Chakra 

As we welcomed the light into our heart chakra we felt an instant sense of bliss that resonated up our backs and into our crown. Again we were tempted to shake, but we remembered to breathe into these novel sensations and accept each one with a slow deep breath. Sometimes we needed to open our mouth and make a loud exhale to remain focused. This action was especially important when the fire entered our throat chakra.

In order to unveil the truth hidden in this chakra, we had to take deep inhales and long, slow exhales to release of all the lies we had been told and/or said during our many incarnations. We also needed to sing certain sounds and tones to adapt to the new frequencies of inner fire flowing through our vocal cords.

Sixth Chakra
We observed as a beam of blinding light carried the flow of the kundalini over the top of our head and entered our brow chakra. This higher light would “blind” us to illusion so that we could focus on being the Ascended Master SELF that we saw projected onto our inner mind-screen. As we focused on this inner screen we could sense the kundalini fire as it entered our brow to move deep into our brain.

Seventh Chakra
Like a bride waiting at the alter, we awaited the opening of the portal of our crown chakra. As our crown chakra slowly opening, we felt a silent rush of multidimensional light flow into our crown. The entrance of multidimensional light entering our crown caused the kundalini to repeatedly undulate up and down our spine.

With each undulation our bodies became increasingly filled with bliss and passion for life. This flow of blissful light connected us to the formless light of the ONE as it entered our crown chakra and settled into the third ventricle of our brain, our Sacred Inner Temple. Within this inner temple, Lord Shiva merged with Lady Shakti in the Sacred Marriage of Spirit (divinity) into Matter (humanity).

Third Eye and High Heart
For a brief second, out kundalini burst out beyond our spine to blaze its sacred fire out beyond our physical form. This burst of light fully opened our Third Eye then softly returned to our form through our heart chakra to take permanent residence in the Three Fold Flame of our High Heart. Just before we collapsed onto the ground, we felt our High Heart inter-connect with our Third Eye.

The next thing we knew was waking up the next morning in our tiny bed in the cabin. We instantly sat up and simultaneously said, “Was that real, or was it just a dream?”

Across the room we heard Lantern say, “Is there a difference?”

* * *
* * *

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