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Thursday, December 3, 2020

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Ascension Dynamics

Georgi Stankov, June 9, 2018
Over the years we have discerned, foreseen and predicted many events and ascension scenarios based on intimate knowledge and analysis of the motives and plans of the dark cabal – the “powers that were” (PTW). They are called PTW because the PAT neutralized them the moment we gathered around this website and first opened the stargate 11.11.11. It was the groundbreaking event that guaranteed the success of the planetary ascension and sealed the progressive dismantling of the ruling cabal from power.
All unwanted developments and scenarios, which we perceived with astute clarity of mind that is only inherent to light warriors of the first and the last hour, have been discussed and rejected by the PAT on this website in the Now moment as we know beyond any doubt that Creation can only occur in the present moment and any projections and expectations in the future have no power of creation. They are weakened by the underlying assumption that we are subjected to linear time which is the profound surrender of any incarnated personality to the illusory limitations of 3D space-time and the linearity of time described as human history and experienced reality. This topic has been a recurrent motif in all our disquisitions on this website, hence I assume it is well understood by all my readers.
Plausible scenarios discussed by the PAT in the past happened on lower or parallel timelines and affected only indirectly this ascending timeline which moved to higher and higher frequency levels with each new wave that downloaded energies from the source and with each portal we have opened throughout these years. The concept of multidimensionality of all existence should be the underlying world view of any enlightened human being. Only then can one understand what is currently happening on this planet and with humanity that is about to firmly move to 5D and higher dimensions, the nature of which is multidimensionality. It is a daily experience for us since many years:
Living Daily the Multidimensionality of Ascension
Gaia is already in the higher dimensions as it is a living multidimensional being, and so are we, the ascended masters from the PAT, who dwell between the 7th and 9th dimensions, some of us even higher. Therefore when you read some channeled messages about ascension, they are all meant for those light workers who are now barely entering their LBP and are slowly moving to upper 4D and lower 5D levels and for whom we have paved the pathway to ascension as otherwise they would not be where they are now. This puts the entire new channeling and other esoteric literature into the right perspective and explains why most of the authors do not really get what is happening on the earth and resort to new age language of worn-out commonplace ideas that clearly display conceptual cluelessness, void of any first-hand personal experiences with the energetic waves and events of the ascension process and their direct impact on Gaia, humanity and beyond.
For instance, nobody outside the PAT has remotely grasped and realized at the intellectual level the arrival of the new red giant sun of magnetic energies on April 13 and what profound impact it has on all life on earth at the subatomic quantum level. Subsequently everything that has happened since then and has been reported on this website is not part of their world view. In reality all the channeling and other writings in the esoteric literature which I am following daily as to gauge the level of confusion among this tiny group of humanity that can claim partial enlightenment in order to increase the precision of my predictions, are one utter redundancy of the “love and light illusion”. They are recently garnered with increasing complaints about the symptoms of the LBP – the same symptoms they radically rejected seven years ago when we first discussed them on this website and accused us of making ourselves important by inventing these symptoms, while true ascension can be done effortlessly and without any pain if one does it correctly, what we obviously were unable to do because we were doing everything wrong. So much about the “divine stupidity” (sancta simplicita) of the new age movement and why we are confronted with huge educational problems when the events will begin to unfold, as we cannot rely on these failed individuals but only on our own power and creative potential to enlighten humanity and open the gates of ascension to the masses.
That being said  – and I must admit that I hate to complain about the obvious and annoying intellectual and cognitive deficits of the new agers and their inability to open to new contents in order to progress, but I have to, as I see it as a major problem in the next phase of the ascension process to be addressed –  let me now inform you about the latest energetic events.
During Carla’s second visit in Rome between May 31st – June 4th we had again massive downloads of source energies, extreme cleansing similar in intensity to the one when we helped the dragons reclaim the earth as their mother planet on May 17th in Savona. At the same time we expanded our protuberance field and light portal to Rome and further south, as well as in all four directions. Currently the city of light encompasses the entire Italy, down to Sicily, Greece, most of the Balkans, France, Germany, Benelux, most of Spain and Portugal, Hungary, and the other Easteuropean countries in Central Europe.
This expansion of the light is associated with the expulsion of the worst and darkest representatives of the ruling cabal. As Carla was told in Rome, this can happen very cautiously as to avoid a serious event such as the triggering of a new world war by these insidious ones.
We still have no clear idea how the removal of such dark entities unfolds in practical terms, whether there is a new walk-in soul of the light or whether they are simply substituted by aliens in physical bodies. Most probably both methods are used. It may as well be that some of the dark ones are left without a soul fragment as soulless physical shells. One must bear in mind that most of the ruling cabal are reptilian shape-shifters and, when their soul fragments are retrieved, their bodies are very vulnerable and incapable of coping with the new higher vibrational energies coming from the Source. One only has to watch the recent marriage of prince Harry on video and see how pale and listless all the Reptilian relatives belonging to his family father’s side looked and how painfully they were hit by the light which the American bishop emanated during his sermon to know what I am talking about.
This can serve as a template to envision how the dark ones are now being taken away by the forces of light in preparation for the final shift and the big change. The logic behind this strategy is that all the dark entities incarnated in human bodies must be neutralized when the ID shift comes in order not to be in the position to do anything hideous. Instead they will be exposed as the “naked king and queen” as in Anderson’s fairy tale (“The Emperor’s New Clothes”), because they have always been that but now can no longer hide. This is a very important psychological moment during the upcoming shift.
When it arrives, there will be a total vacuum of power in all western capitals and corridors of former power. The current heads of state are already presenting themselves as the laughing stocks they are – be they the 3M (Merkel, May and the gay lad Macron), or the unpredictable Trump who has just suggested to invite Putin to G7, implying that the other six have thrown him out of this summit, while it was the USA that forced its European vassals to adopt the devastating sanctions against Russia that cost them more than 200 billion $ trade losses each year. If this is not an ape theatre, what else?
How long will these jokers play their antics before the people turn away from them with disgust and come to us to learn how to ascend and acquire unlimited abundance, freedom, and above all bliss? Just sit and think for a moment about this impending scenario and try to envision the entire psycho-mental dynamics behind this profound paradigm shift. It is very important to do that as we create only in this way and the more our visions converge and expand, the more successful and quicker our creation of the new earth will be.
Now let me tell you what happened yesterday that goes in the same vein. Early in the morning Henry Bizon from UK reminded me that the Bilderbergers have gathered this year in Turin, Italy:
“I just noticed something in the alternative media, which you might already be aware of – but in case not, you may find it interesting that today was the start of 66th Bilderberg meeting in Turin – Italy (Thursday 7th – Sunday 10th June), just a stone’s throw from the area you are/have been staying in. Surely this is a divinely orchestrated co-incidence?”
To this I responded as follows:
The Bilderbergers have, contrary to their stooges in politics, a knowing of what is going on and they locate their meetings where the light is as to profit from it and eventually harness it for their heinous goals. However, this time they will not succeed. .. Turin is also not far away from CERN and last October CERN created a black hole in order to prevent ascension and pulverized the physical earth. We created immediately a new replica and this was the original pristine world we wrote about at that time. The Elohim also forbid us to write about this terrible event which I experienced as very heavy and depressing as not to create fears and when I tried to mention this event several weeks later they deleted my finished article. Hence this part of Europe that has displayed some of the darkest experiments of the cabal is now being conquered by the new city of light and all their attempts to influence this progress from the periphery are doomed to failure.”
Half an hour later as we sat around the kitchen table and discussed this event -the Bilderbergers having their annual meeting in Turin, not far away from where we live – something dramatic happened. All of a sudden the famous Gran Madre di Dio di Torino  (The Great Mother of God to whom a famous church in Turin is dedicated) appeared to Daniela who knows Torino very well. She appeared to her as a pillar of light coming from this church and asked for help to bring light to her city of Turin.
The Bildergergers were in Turin to make use of the dark energy of infamous magicians who have lived in this city of great contrasts, of light and great darkness, especially of the dark heritage of the reptilian Gustavo Rol, who Carla immediately recognized as the “diabolo” ( the devil) when she saw his picture on the internet. The aim of their meeting in Turin was to quench the city of light in Northern Italy by exploiting our light energies for their dark purposes. They have always done precisely that as they have severed themselves from the Source and can only sponge on the light from other human beings.
We, however, were very attentive and made a massive invocation and created a huge portal/vortex of light immediately after Mother Mary appeared to us and focused it onto Turin in the north. We blasted away all the dark ones from the Bilderberg and asked the dragons to take them away.
No later than 10 minutes I was channelled all of a sudden that there was a big mothership of the Galactic Federation that was hovering above our house. I went on the balcony and saw a big round cloud above the city that represented the visible contour of this huge mothership. I was told telepathically by the crew that the Galactic Federation has removed all dark entities from the Bilderberg meeting in Turin, so to say, they were lured to come to Turin in a kind of a booby-trap, so that they can be removed from there en masse. There was a lot of rejoicing coming from the aliens on the mothership.
I told this to Carla, Daniela and Denise and they also saw the mothership. Then Denise had a vision how the Bilderbergers came together for their first dark magic session yesterday morning and were stunned that they cannot tap into any dark energies and felt very uncomfortable by the most powerful energies of light that were sweeping over them and have engulfed the whole city of Turin. They have never felt so powerless.
It is remarkable that, contrary to previous years, this time the Bilderberg meeting is barely mentioned in the media, which shows that it has lost all its past relevance, even for such fanatical “conspiracy theorists”  as Alex Jones who used to send correspondents or go himself to the Bilderberg meetings to report directly and attack them.
Yesterday, the last-ditch effort of the dark cabal to turn around the tide was curtailed by us and I leave it to my readers to speculate how come that this meeting was organised this year exactly in Turin, Northern Italy, within the confines of our Infinity Portal, where we are busy building the new city of Light New Raetia that is scheduled to manifest this year and from where all change due to ascension will begin for this planet.
Indeed, there is not a single day without some big surprises and major actions, and we all are well advised to stay alert and open to all inner impulses coming from our HS as they are now navigating us with incredible precision in our final steps leading to transfiguration and ascension.
Finally, I would like to discuss in this context a key topic that has been a central theme on this website. I have exposed and explained the numerous and very intricate lies and deceptions of the ruling cabal and their banksters in the financial sector and how they try to crash the banking system and the economy in the End Time as to enslave humanity, establish the NWO, and prevent our ascension, which is the ultimate goal of these dark ones. They know that they cannot ascend and are doomed to a very long and painful incarnation cycle to redeem themselves and that is why they try to prevent the ascension of humanity and this planet which they have conquered and exploited for eons of time in order to avoid this negative outcome for them, which is at the same time the salvation of humans from their perennial enslavement.
The machinations of the dark cabal in the financial sector was a key piece in their strategy to impoverish and enslave humanity. Most of the problems we see nowadays are financially created as is the case here in Italy, which is, while de facto bankrupt, even less indebted than the USA.
Only yesterday I published the German translation of my pivotal article “The Mother of All Bubbles” which Ingrid and Otfried translated with great dexterity, for whose help I am very much obliged and happy to receive in these final, most crucial days. After all, Germany will play a major role in the new city of light and the Germans must know exactly what is happening on the world stage and in the financial markets. Especially at this moment in time when they have realized that Germany has been a faithful servant of a bad master – the Empire of Evil – for a very long time. Currently the antics of the erratic Trump, the best unguided human missile, are about to destroy most effectively the old matrix, and the Germans are now being made aware of it in a ruthless manner. Being a servant of a bad master is an archetypal role in the incarnation cycle of any human being, or nation, and it is a sign of maturity to finally recognize this fact and reject false loyalty. The next step is to recognize your own sovereignty and creationary potential.
The Germans are now still lingering in the first phase between painful recognition of the truth and shameful resentment of the fact that they have been so blind, so stupid, and so servile for such a long period of time. When this poignant admission is realized to the full extent, they may begin to recognize their own potential as responsible creator beings, but they will definitely need our active support as ascended masters from the city of light as the Germans are essentially cowards and will never make the first step in the right direction, unless they have the support of the big brother, be it an American cowboy or the Russian bear. And if both do not work, there is still the Chinese dragon (As soon as Merkel had a fallout with Trump on the Iranian nuclear deal and the new tariffs that hit the EU and Germany hard, she travelled to Putin and then to China which shows that this country and government are not capable of independent sovereign policy from within.). Until the Germans realize that the solution is on their doorstep, in the gestalt of us as ascended masters.
Therefore, I decided to add to this report my urgent message to Trump and the old humanity from last year where I have summarized one more time the major machinations of the banksters of the dark cabal in finance and economics in order to underline why there can be no conventional solution of all human problems within the 3D matrix. But also to explain why we have transcended the point of financial crash on this uppermost mother planet because the cabal has lost the war against the light, against us, and we no longer need such drastic events.
While the financial crash was inevitable on all lower timelines which we have been severing since 2011, since we opened the stargate 11.11.11 and secured the success of the planetary ascension, it will not occur on the current ascending timeline. And the credit for that should be entirely given to the PAT for preventing this negative outcome by recognizing all the major crimes of the cabal and exposing them on this website, thus delegating their manifestation to lower timelines. This is the great power of our creations as ascended masters and Logos Gods.
What I expect with the manifestation of the new city of light is a swift and seamless transition to a new system of payments based on the Astral currency and I am now working very diligently on creating the new world emission bank of Astrals in New Raetia in Northern Italy based on new advanced 5D technologies. It is not a coincidence that the most radical anti-EU and anti-euro party in Europa has its stronghold in Northern Italy – lega nord. This is already a home run, not only for us but also for Italy as the mother land of old and ripe souls who are impatiently awaiting their transition to the city of light, where we the PAT will welcome them and guide them into their true nature as immortal, multidimensional, transgalactic beings, free of all bare necessities of 3D life.

Urgent Message to Trump and Old Humanity – Abolish the Fed or Die
The Greatest Fraud of All Time and How it Leads to the Introduction of the New Astral Currency
Georgi Stankov, February 25, 2017
Know Your Enemy as to Know How to Defeat Him 
Herewith, I will explain why the introduction of the Astral currency project as a reset of the failed Orion monetary system is of such paramount importance in the final stage of the ascension scenario. This article also explains why Trump has no chance to be successful in his presidency and be able to implement his ambitious economic program to revive the ailing US economy, unless he abolishes the Fed and takes full control of the emission of the national currency in the next few days, which is highly unlikely for him to do given the conceptual chaos of his administration in the first month of governance. Hence his presidency is doomed to fail and this will accelerate our ascension and the beginning of our true mission as ascended masters and stewards of the new humanity.

There is no doubt that all the machinations of the cabal banksters in the last 100 – 200 years were aimed at establishing a total financial dictatorship on this planet at the End Time. The goal was to prevent the planetary ascension and that of many old and ripe souls who have incarnated at this auspicious time to experience individual ascension and move to a new level of incarnation experiences in higher 4D and 5D worlds as this is now scheduled for spring equinox after Gaia made the crucial Intergalactic shift to the new Golden Galaxy on February 14th. The reason why the dark side wanted to prevent our ascension is that they need us as energetic fodder after these dark archons and their human minions have severed their connection to the source at the ego-mind and at the soul fragment level and need badly these vital energies in order to survive.
Everything else that is happening in finance, economics and politics is subjugated to this end. This is the most difficult part to understand for most people, including all the agnostic critical experts who “seek the calf under the bull”, to quote a German saying and are incapable of grasping the bigger transcendental picture. Not so the PAT and all the readers of this website. Therefore allow me to put the pieces together one more time so that you can gain the utmost clarity on the cusp of our ascension and the beginning of our true mission as Logos Gods and Ascended masters in the impending transition period.
The spearhead of the dark ruling cabal is essentially composed of the members of the 13 ruling banksters families with reptilian DNA and mainly of Khazarian origin, many of them as shape-shifters and quite a few as genetic modified Nordic type of clones. There are roughly 300 dark entities belonging to these families that control the global financial system. This number is not of great relevance for my subsequent elaboration as I will concentrate only on the financial facts, but it needs to be said here as to get the full picture and to show why the dark faction on this planet is actually not bigger than the PAT (planetary ascension team) in terms of numbers and much weaker in terms of light power and creationary potential.
The actual global attack of this spearhead of the dark ruling cabal against humanity began on December 13, 1913 when they founded the privateFederal bank (Fed) in the USA. The owners of this private central bank were at that time, and still are, the following 10 private banks:
1. Rothschild Bank of London
2. Rothschild Bank of Berlin
3. Lazard Brothers of Paris
4. Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy
5. Warburg Bank of Amsterdam
6. Warburg Bank of Hamburg
7. Lehman Brothers of New York
8. Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York
9. Goldman, Sachs of New York
10. Chase Manhattan Bank of New York
Please observe that six of the owners of the Fed are European banks. This is very important to keep in mind as to understand the logic behind the conspiracy of the banksters I shall reveal to you below. As mentioned above, all in all, there are about 300 extremely powerful individuals, mostly foreigners, Europeans (Bilderberg) who own the FED and indirectly also control the ECB. They were also the ones who introduced the euro thus fulfilling their plan for the NWO in Europe which they developed immediately after WW2.
And here is how the Fed operates as the biggest Mafia (cartel) organisation in the world that exploits the American population and from there the rest of the world:
1. After several attempts to push the Federal Reserve Banking Act through Congress, a group of bankers funded and staffed Woodrow Wilson’s campaign for President. In 1913, Nelson Aldrich, maternal grandfather to the Rockefellers, pushed the Federal Reserve Act through Congress just before Christmas, when most Congressmen were on vacation. Naturally, President Wilson passed the Act when he was elected as a pay back to the bankers. This is how this criminal organisation was established through a constitutional fraud and why it is so easy to abolish it from a legal point of view (see below).
2. According to Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution, the US Congress has the power to print money:

Clause 5. To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures;

According to the Supreme Court, the Congress can not transfer its power to other organization like the Fed. Notwithstanding this legislation, the Fed is the only organisation that emits dollars in the USA. Each time a politician tried to reverse this situation and to empower the congress with the emission of dollars he was either killed or eliminated from power.
The most prominent victim was John F. Kennedy. On June 4, 1963, a virtually unknown Presidential decree, Executive Order 11110, was signed by J.F. Kennedy with the authority to basically strip the Federal Bank of its power to loan money to the United States Federal Government at interest. With the stroke of a pen, President Kennedy declared that the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank would soon be out of business. On November 22, 1963 he was assassinated by the dark cabal in Dallas.
The Christian Law Fellowship has exhaustively researched this matter through the Federal Register and Library of Congress. They have safely concluded that this Executive Order has never been repealed, amended, or superceded by any subsequent Executive Order. In simple terms, it is still valid and can be implemented any moment by the Trump government that will begin to operate independently of the banksters cabal and finance his ambitious program of economic revival  of the USA on its own. However, to my estimation it is unlikely that Trump will make this bold decision, especially after he has surrounded himself with numerous Wall Street banksters as financial advisers. They are the proverbial Trojan horse in the WH or the “fifth column” in Trump’s administration, which he promised to tear down in his speech at the CIA headquarters on Jan 21st alluding to their destructive role since he came to power.
Indeed, Donald Trump does not need a new executive order that would stir a lot of resistance in the democratic camp and the deep government but to simply activate this still valid executive order, while referring to the legacy of the legendary J.F. Kennedy. This smart act will silence his democratic opponents and effectively eliminate the Fed without the need of auditing it in tedious legal procedures through the Congress. Trump has already officially announced that he will replace the hapless cabal stooge Yellen as head of the Fed:
Read here: Donald Trump Wants to Replace Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen
He has also announced that he would conduct a full audit for the first time in the history of the Fed, so that he has already demonstrated his will to act against this criminal central bank. Until now there has been only one partial audit of the Fed and I will  refer below to its sensational result that has been deliberately neglected by the entire MSM, and also by the alternative media due to ignorance, although it plays a central role in the current subjugation of Europe under the thumb of the Fed and US banksters cabal as this can been seen in Germany, but also in France and GB, that have given up their national sovereignty and follow blindly the orders of the Empire of Evil:
Read Here: Donald Trump On The Economy
Now you understand why it is highly likely that Donald Trump may be assassinated as his predecessor John F. Kennedy and he himself knows how high this risk is:
Why Trump Is in Danger of Being Assassinated by the US Dark Establishment
3. Although the Fed is required to give back most of its profits to the Treasury Dept., there is no organisation that has the power to audit the Fed (not even the Congress or the IRS). This creates a huge opportunity for “creative accounting” in this Evil Empire of Accounting Gimmicks  to hide the gargantuan Fed profit that robs the US tax payers trillions of dollars annually. I shall explain below how. Every year a few Congressmen introduce a legislation to audit the Fed and every year the legislation is defeated. The Fed has the most powerful, invisible lobbying power there is.
4. The owners of the FED own the controlling interests in ALL major media in the US which Trump now declared fake news and the enemies of the people. For instance, Rockefeller, through Chase Manhattan bank, controls CBS and ABC and 28 other broadcasting firms. Each of the other owners of the Fed also have controlling interest in the US and EU media. This explains why the MSM have been silent about the Fed scam and oppose so vehemently Trump, while only the alt-media support him. The Fed fraud is the biggest and longest cover-up in the US today. Sometime ago one of my readers wrote to me that he could not find an official website of the Fed and read what they are doing. The official Wikipedia entry on Fed is utter fraud when compared to the information I am giving here.
And here is how the Fed profits at the expense of the US citizens and the rest of the world:
1. The US government runs a deficit annually, currently more than 1, 25 trillion each year. When Obama began his presidency, the state deficit was below $1o trillion. When he left the office to Trump, the deficit he piled in eight years already exceeded $20 trillion. To cover this gargantuan deficit, the US government issues bonds, state obligations, which is national debt. These are bought entirely by the Fed. Since the Fed has the power to print money, it can buy any amount of the US Government bonds at almost no cost, save for the expense of printing money (approximately 3 cents per $100). But since the Fed buys bonds by generating money with a click on the computer, as Ben Bernanke, better known as Helicopter Ben, boasted in front of the Congress, their profit is actually 100% and not 99.97% as some experts surmise.
Basically, the Fed exchanges something that costs nothing to this central bank with US Government Treasuries that embody the entire wealth of the nation.
This is the greatest fraud of all time!
Since the Fed cannot be audited by the IRS or by the Congress, most of this profit can go anywhere the private owners of the Fed want it to. By the way this profit is tax-free!? Below I shall show how trillions of dollars that belong to the American nation were clandestinely transferred abroad.
2. After buying the bonds, the private owners of the Fed can either:
a)  Keep the bonds and collect the interest the US Government now OWES them.
b) Sell the bonds to the US tax payers or foreigners through commercial and investment banks, hedge funds, pension funds etc. In either case, the private Fed owners have profited almost 100% except for the costs to print cash money where they lose 3 cent per 100 dollar. This is one reason why the central banksters want to abolish cash as the ECB has already begun by abolishing the 500 euro banknote. Remember one more time, the Fed is a privately owned corporation, just like the Federal Express. The profit of the Fed goes entirely to the Fed owners who are private banks, most of them foreign banks, that are exempted from taxes.
This is the ultimate tax haven on this planet and the greatest robbery of all time.
3. And here is how the greatest financial scam of all time is done. The US Government owes the private Fed owners the interest on those bonds which it pays from the taxes which it collects from the people. We are talking of billions of dollars stolen from the tax payers that are transferred each year to the Fed as interest rates on bonds. Currently it is estimated that more than 50 percent of all tax revenues in the USA are spent to pay past and present interest rates on the governmental debt. And the only corporation that profits from this scam is the private Fed bank and its owners who do nothing to take full possession of the US treasuries and national wealth. They simply print the money out of thin air to buy the bonds, as I repeatedly stress in all my articles on finance. In exchange for that they receive on top of their 100% net profit huge amounts of money in form of interest from these bonds which are paid by the people’s taxation.
4. As I said, this is the perfect Ponzi scheme: in order to pay for the bonds’ interest, the US Government taxes the US population. When a US citizen holding US Government bonds receives his/her return of investment on the bonds, essentially the money he/she receives is the tax money he/she is paying to the Government. And in addition the interest from bonds has to be declared by the private buyer of bonds as revenue to the IRS and he/she pays a second time income tax on it. This is the classical “double taxation” which is the most insidious form of double exploitation of the masses by the banksters and the state mob – the Orion cartel of the One World Bank.
5. When the owners of the Fed receive the interest on the bonds they’re holding, they are receiving that money for free as they have bought them with money printed out of thin air. Not only that, the Fed owners receive the money tax-free. However under the law the Fed is required to return its profit back to the US Treasury. But in reality neither the Congress, nor the IRS have the power to audit the Fed. The Fed uses this preferential treatment by the state authorities to profit by employing blatant accounting gimmicks.
Every year the Fed profits by more than a trillion dollars by buying US Government bonds to account for the state deficit. Yet it only returns approximately $20 billion to the US Treasury. The rest of the profit is declared to be spent as operational expense. The Fed expects the US citizens to believe that its operational expenses amount to more than 1.25 trillion dollars annually!!! And most of the Americans do not bother to question this obvious scam of gargantuan proportions that happens in front of their eyes.
The truth is, these profits are spent as dividends to its ten shareholders, six of which are foreign banks!!!!  This is the perfect recipe to push the US government and economy into bankruptcy and this is the actual plan of these 300 godfathers of the One World Bank how to install the NWO. Before that they must eliminate the Empire of Evil as a national state and transfer its wickedness to a new one world government. That is why the globalist cabal now oppose Trump’s presidency dedicated to national revival (America first) through their stooges in politics, mass media and through paid colour revolution with the help of neoliberal street mobsters.
The Financial Conspiracy of the Banksters Mob to Install the NWO in the Historical Perspective
The plan of the dark ones has always been to inflate and destroy the current fiat currencies which they introduced in 1971 when Nixon abolished the gold standard. In order to achieve this goal they also started destroying the world economy since the late 80s when massive mergers took place in all western economies and many profitable companies were bought by the banksters mob and then systematically destroyed (buyouts). There are many Hollywood movies that describe these reckless criminal practices.
In the 90s, this trend was accelerated when most of the industrial production in the USA, Canada and Western Europe, with the notable exception of Germany, was transferred to China and other cheap labour emerging countries. This was a key topic in Trump’s election campaign and his economic program as this transfer of industries abroad and the subsequent de-industrialisation of the US economy is indeed the major cause for the real huge unemployment in the USA that is now roughly 30% (105 million Americans in working age are without a job according to official statistics), with many low-paid jobs at the end of the Greatest and Longest Depression of all time that has impoverished the American and Western European people. It is precisely this impoverishment of the American people, the forgotten deplorables in fly-over America, that led to the political movement behind Trump and heaved him to power as I prophetically anticipated some time ago. This “wrath of the ants” will ultimately contribute to the collapse of the Orion matrix that was planned to end up in the NWO because the people are beginning to awaken to their plight and to understand who is responsible for their misery. This kind of dialectical backlash was not in the planning of the dark cabal for the End Time and that is why they are so desperate now.
The discrepancy between the real economy and the financial Ponzi bubbles scheme grew into infinity in the last several decades. Currently all the financial monies and assets in circulation exceed more than 500 times the GDP of the world industrial production. This gargantuan bubble is the perfect condition for a financial apoptosis (sudden financial death) of the western banking system.
After that the banksters cabal intend to immediately introduce a global reset of the failed financial system by blaming its collapse on its alleged complexity and not on their deliberate machinations. In this way they will promote their plan for a new global currency under the auspices of One World Bank for One World Order. They are forging this plan since many decades as I shall show below.
When all the major fiat currencies such as dollar, euro and yen default and the banks shut down in the west, there will be first a total bail-in of the banks at the expense of the savers who will lose all their savings through this planned criminal and blatant expropriation. Such bail-in laws have been introduced in all Western countries in the last few years, in particular in all EU countries, in the USA and Canada.
At the same time when all the bank accounts of the people will be robbed by the cabal banksters as they did three years ago in Cyprus in a despicable test run, cash will be eliminated. The banks have already began with the elimination of cash as this has been announced many times by the MSM end of 2015 and increasingly so throughout 2016 and this year.
Read also: The War on Cash – A Model for a Global Financial Collapse
After that the central banksters cabal intend to introduce a new worthless digital currency which will operate in the same manner as the Fed dollars currently, but with the critical disadvantage to the people that there will be no cash and anybody who does not comply with the NWO can be deprived of digital money. The cabal also plan to introduce implanted chips for the use of this digital currency and this is the proverbial “Mark of the Beast” already announced in the bible (John’s revelations)
This reset was planned to be introduced in 2014 when the West sponsored the Nazi coup d’etat in Ukraine and the dark cabal was euphoric that this will lead to the collapse of Russia in this same year. The MSM were full of such apocalyptic forecasts as you must all remember, as we discussed this crisis in numerous articles on this website. Shortly before that the chief bankster of the IMF, the Reptilian-Madame Christine Lagarde, who is in the meantime indicted for fraud in France, held a weird cabalistic speech where she announced the global reset of the financial system in the summer of 2014 under the use of dark numerology, expecting that Russia will collapse before that. Watch this female Reptilian monster in this video as to get a feel for their insidious, abominable character:
In 2014, the plan of the banksters cabal for a global financial reset was prevented by the forces of light, by the PAT in the first place as the light warriors on the ground,  and by the resilience of Russia that successfully opposed the aggression of the Kiev Nazi junta against the Russian population in Southeast Ukraine. However, this reset was only postponed as the cabal have not given up on their ultimate plan to crash the fiat currencies and establish a new world currency. They know from remote viewing done by their secret services that assesses possible future timelines that they have to accomplish this goal at the latest by 2018 (see below), otherwise they will be ousted from power. As Rumi’s HS confirmed one more time, the plans of the cabal are based on very limited gnostic knowledge and the perpetuation of the same idiotic heinous tactics that have led to success in the past, but are no longer supported by the crystalline grid of ascended Gaia and source energies that flood this uppermost mother planet in the End Time. However, one should not underestimate the stubbornness of the dark ruling cabal that will ultimately lead to their demise this year.
In order to realize how determined the cabal are and how specific and far-advanced their plans for a global financial reset have always been, here is an article that was published in the Rothschild run magazine The Economist in 1988, two years before the Iron Curtain fell and 14 years before the Euro was introduced. Read it and judge by yourselves as you must know exactly with what kind of adversaries we have to deal with when we shall introduce our new Astral currency this year on this uppermost mother planet:

“Flashback 1988: “Get Ready For A World Currency by 2018″ – The Economist Magazine!
Title of article: Get Ready for the Phoenix
Source: Economist; 01/9/88, Vol. 306, pp 9-10
THIRTY years from now (2018), Americans, Japanese, Europeans, and people in many other rich countries, and some relatively poor ones will probably be paying for their shopping with the same currency. Prices will be quoted not in dollars, yen or D-marks but in, let’s say, the phoenix. The phoenix will be favoured by companies and shoppers because it will be more convenient than today’s national currencies, which by then will seem a quaint cause of much disruption to economic life in the last twentieth century.

At the beginning of 1988 this appears an outlandish prediction. Proposals for eventual monetary union proliferated five and ten years ago, but they hardly envisaged the setbacks of 1987. The governments of the big economies tried to move an inch or two towards a more managed system of exchange rates – a logical preliminary, it might seem, to radical monetary reform. For lack of co-operation in their underlying economic policies they bungled it horribly, and provoked the rise in interest rates that brought on the stock market crash of October. These events have chastened exchange-rate reformers. The market crash taught them that the pretence of policy co-operation can be worse than nothing, and that until real co-operation is feasible (i.e., until governments surrender some economic sovereignty) further attempts to peg currencies will flounder.…
The new world economy
The biggest change in the world economy since the early 1970’s is that flows of money have replaced trade in goods as the force that drives exchange rates. As a result of the relentless integration of the world’s financial markets, differences in national economic policies can disturb interest rates (or expectations of future interest rates) only slightly, yet still call forth huge transfers of financial assets from one country to another. These transfers swamp the flow of trade revenues in their effect on the demand and supply for different currencies, and hence in their effect on exchange rates. As telecommunications technology continues to advance, these transactions will be cheaper and faster still. With uncoordinated economic policies, currencies can get only more volatile.….
In all these ways national economic boundaries are slowly dissolving. As the trend continues, the appeal of a currency union across at least the main industrial countries will seem irresistible to everybody except foreign-exchange traders and governments. In the phoenix zone, economic adjustment to shifts in relative prices would happen smoothly and automatically, rather as it does today between different regions within large economies (a brief on pages 74-75 explains how.) The absence of all currency risk would spur trade, investment and employment.
The phoenix zone would impose tight constraints on national governments. There would be no such thing, for instance, as a national monetary policy. The world phoenix supply would be fixed by a new central bank, descended perhaps from the IMF. The world inflation rate – and hence, within narrow margins, each national inflation rate – would be in its charge. Each country could use taxes and public spending to offset temporary falls in demand, but it would have to borrow rather than print money to finance its budget deficit (Do you recognize the same pattern of enslavement of the national state and the people as described for the Fed and the USA above? Note, George). With no recourse to the inflation tax, governments and their creditors would be forced to judge their borrowing and lending plans more carefully than they do today. This means a big loss of economic sovereignty (the NWO greets you, note George), but the trends that make the phoenix so appealing are taking that sovereignty away in any case. Even in a world of more-or-less floating exchange rates, individual governments have seen their policy independence checked by an unfriendly outside world.
(That is why the cabal forced the globalisation in the last several decades as to enclose the world population in their pre-planned financial trap as represented by the current Orion monetary system which I have extensively discussed. This globalisation could only be effectively achieved if new communication technologies such as the internet were introduced as I have discussed in my pivotal article on “The Dialectics of Human Mind Devolution in the End Time“. At the end precisely these new technologies turned out to be the cabal’s Waterloo. That is how the divine dialectics of human evolution operates in the End Time by converging opposite ends to achieve the desirable result of global awakening and ascension. Please observe that when this article was written the Internet was still in its infancy, but the cabal’s plan for the NWO was already in full display for all enlightened and insightful people to see. Note, George) 
As the next century approaches, the natural forces that are pushing the world towards economic integration will offer governments a broad choice. They can go with the flow, or they can build barricades. Preparing the way for the phoenix will mean fewer pretended agreements on policy and more real ones. It will mean allowing and then actively promoting the private-sector use of an international money alongside existing national monies. That would let people vote with their wallets for the eventual move to full currency union. The phoenix would probably start as a cocktail of national currencies, just as the Special Drawing Right is today (which is the IMF, see above, note, George). In time, though, its value against national currencies would cease to matter, because people would choose it for its convenience and the stability of its purchasing power…
The alternative – to preserve policymaking autonomy – would involve a new proliferation of truly draconian controls on trade and capital flows. This course offers governments a splendid time. They could manage exchange-rate movements, deploy monetary and fiscal policy without inhibition, and tackle the resulting bursts of inflation with prices and incomes polices. It is a growth-crippling prospect. Pencil in the phoenix for around 2018, and welcome it when it comes.”
This article was written in the aftermath of the first big financial crisis in 1987 that was deliberately engineered by the 300 banksters cabal in their long-term attempt to implode the world economy and introduce their world currency as a stepping stone to the NWO of total enslavement of humanity. The above article is thus of historical significance as it is the masterplan of the banksters cabal for the installment of the NWO in the End Time and covers the last period of 30 years of human 3D history. I wished more people would remember it as it appeared before the world wide web era and cannot be easily found on the Internet.
After that the world economy experienced a series of severe economic and financial crises that were organized by the One World Bank as to crash the national economies and the fiat currencies and to install their global Phoenix currency. The most notable crises were the Asian crisis in 1997, the Russian crisis in 1998, the LTMC default and the almost financial collapse of all big US banks in 1998, the Dot-Com bubble crisis that was systematically engineered between 1997 – 2000 and burst in 2000 to 2003. This was the first major robbery of the ordinary people who had invested a lot of money in the new markets and lost all of it.
I have written a very detailed in-depth analysis that for the first time in the history of economics proves how the Fed is crashing the economy by creating a series of bigger bubbles and how it will destroy the Trump presidency if it is allowed to do so:
After 2003 the banksters started systematically with their biggest bubble so far – the subprime mortgage scam between 2003 and 2007 that led to the greatest financial and economic crisis since the Great Depression in 2008 when the entire investment banking on Wall Street was wiped out within one week in October after the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy. This crisis gave birth to the Greatest and Longest Depression of all time, the last throes of which we observe these days.
Every financial crisis which the banksters cabal created was used by the latter to prepare the next bigger bubble crisis in the hope that this will open the ultimate opportunity for them to crash fully the global economy and install the NWO under one global digital currency and cashless society consisting entirely of financial slaves. Trump is aware of this danger as he said in his famous interview with Reuters in January 2016 when he expressed the faint hope that the banksters cabal would burst the bubble before he is elected as president.
This statement was the logical follow-up to the historical interview which Alex Jones conducted with Trump on December 2nd, 2015 where the journalist asked Trump the most disturbing and key question of all: “Does he come too late to save the economy“, as this happened with Gorbachev who inherited the collapse of the Soviet Union after 20 years of stagnation under Breznev and an almost two years of post-stalinist purges under the decrepit and mentally sick KGB head Andropov. Trump was not able to give a definitive and convincing answer to Alex Jones, which shows that he knew very well about the danger that looms from the banksters cabal. This partially explains why he has surrounded himself with Wall Street banksters as an alleged “firewall” against Fed’s atrocities.
I have personally lived through these years of communist stagnation in the Soviet empire as a dissident and knew that Gorbachev had no chance to save the Soviet Union, just as I can conclude from my higher vantage point of view, now living on the West coast and intimately following the developments in the USA on the other side of our south border, that Trump has no chance to succeed against the heinous plans of the banksters cabal behind the Fed, unless he annihilates them in a sudden and surprising coup.
By the way Alex Jones, who helped Trump to be elected more than any other single person, was the only journalist to whom Trump declared solemnly that he would not disappoint him – the champion warrior against the NWO – which is already sensational given his current hostile attitude towards the fake MSM media which he declared to be the enemies of the people. This is indeed a historical achievement of Trump, as he, who wins the battle for the minds of the people, also wins the war against the globalist elite and prevents the establishment of the NWO, as Alex Jones preaches with growing conviction each day. But this knowledge alone is not enough for Trump to survive the coming onslaught which the banksters cabal behind the Fed plan for the financial system this year. He must act now and he must act decisively and with a surprise by abolishing the Fed with the Kennedy’s executive order before the deep government learns about his plan. However, I do not reckon with that and that is why I am so confident that we shall introduce the new Astral currency as ascended masters this year and crash the Orion financial system in a most efficient way.
As you all know, the 2008 crisis led to the greatest bail-out program in the history of modern capitalism where the huge losses of the too-big-to fail banks were socialized and the profits were privatized among the 0.0001% of the richest cabal in the west who possess now more wealth than 90% of the world population. This bail-out robbery was multiplied by ZIRP of the central banks for 9 years in a row, and since 2015 by NIRP, that have eradicated the foundation of free market capitalism, impoverished the middle class in the west as a prerequisite for the NWO, and turned vast portions of the population into jobless paupers that are entirely dependent on state alms and food stamps. The ideal citizens of the NWO.
(Watch also latest Hannity’s speech at CPAC on the plight of the American people under Obama during the Greatest Depression of all  time.)
During the ongoing 2008 crisis, the Fed committed probably its greatest crime in its history that surprisingly was first revealed by the MSM and then quickly covered up and forgotten. This crime gives you a clue as to how the Empire of Evil completely suppressed and corrupted Europe by exploiting this crisis. If we witness today how such big countries as Germany, France and Italy behave as the most despicable stooges of the Empire of Evil and have committed themselves uncritically to its criminal, hegemonic destructive foreign policy in Libya, Iraq, Syria and Ukraine to the detriment of their citizens and economies, then the explanation is found in this unbelievable crime.
Please observe that this gargantuan fraud was revealed by the only partial audit of the Fed in its history and the credit for it should be given to Bernie Sanders. That is why the cabal feared him even more than Trump as a future president as he knows better than any other politician where the biggest fraud in this Empire of Accounting Gimmicks lies and that is why the cabal prevented him in a fraudulent manner to win rightfully the nomination of the DNC against Killary Clinton.
“The Fed’s $16 Trillion Bailouts Under-Reported
Forbes, September 20, 2011
The media’s inscrutable brush-off of the Government Accounting Office’s recently released audit of the Federal Reserve has raised many questions about the Fed’s goings-on since the financial crisis began in 2008.
The audit of the Fed’s emergency lending programs was scarcely reported by mainstream media – albeit the results are undoubtedly newsworthy.  It is the first audit of the Fed in United States history since its beginnings in 1913.  The findings verify that over $16 trillion was allocated to corporations and banks internationally, purportedly for “financial assistance” during and after the 2008 fiscal crisis.
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) amended the Wall Street Reform law to audit the Fed, pushing the GAO to step in and take a look around.  Upon hearing the announcement that the first-ever audit would take place in July, the media was bowled over and nearly every broadcast network and newspaper covered the story.  However, the audit’s findings were almost completely overlooked, even with a number as high as $16 trillion staring all of us in the face. 
Sanders press release, dated July 21st, stated:
No agency of the United States government should be allowed to bailout a foreign bank or corporation without the direct approval of Congress and the president.
The report serves as a clear testimony of the Fed’s emergency action plan to bailout foreign corporations and banks in a time of crisis, but the GAO report does not berate the Fed; rather, it provides a lucid explanation of where the money was allocated and why.”
I remember this news very well as this was a central piece of my forecast that the financial system will collapse in 2011 shortly before the 11.11.11 portal was opened by the PAT. Eventually this happened on lower timelines. Most of the money that the Fed transferred from the USA went to bail-out European banks and defaulted countries such as GB, Ireland, France and Italy in the course of the 2008 crisis. This financial injection of the Fed was as big as the GDP of the entire EU economy.
Since then these banks and countries are under the thumb of the Empire of evil and this explains their subservient behavior which prompted Putin to the statement that it does not make any sense for him and Russia to negotiate with the European vassals as the big shots are called in Washington. The current refugee crisis in Europe and the fact that all agreements of the EU with Turkey were written by CIA NGOs and not by the Europeans themselves, shows how far enslaved the Old Continent already is by the Empire of Evil.
This overview on the NWO plan of the ruling banksters cabal in the End Time reveals how urgent and important our Astral Project is in order to offset this plan and promote a peaceful transition of humanity to higher dimensions. One can not stress this fact often enough. The invocation of the PAT written by Denise Godber last year is a powerful tool to achieve this goal. We must act now in the firm conviction that the success of the Astral Project is a fait accompli and that it is only a matter of a short linear time when it will manifest on this uppermost mother planet. We must not lose track of our major goals.
And we must be alert to the very last minute and know exactly what cards the dark cabal from the One World Bank will play in this last phase in the ascension process as to counter it with our knowledge and focused attention. As soon as a new fraudulent attempt of the dark side is revealed by us, it is doomed to fail. It is a cat and mouse game and the dark cabal are the mouse condemned to death. This reminds me of my tomcat who was an incredible mouse hunter and caught every day several mice in the farm-house where we lived at that time. He never ate them but could play for hours with them by letting them run away and catching them again until they were mouse-dead. And this is exactly what we are doing now with the dark cabal. We give them the wrong illusion that they have any chance of success and then let them die like the mice in the claws of my tomcat in the very last moment, in the knowledge of our total superiority over our foes in this unique cosmic drama.
Unfortunately this would mean also the end of Trump’s short intermezzo as US president. But he has already achieved more than any president in the history of this country by paving the way for our appearance as ascended masters and Logos Gods of Gaia and humanity this year.


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Thursday, September 3, 2020

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Into Ascension

The Elohim Tell Us to Go to Rome to Disseminate the Crystalline Light From the Source
Georgi Stankov, February 25, 2018
Things are moving ahead with breathtaking dynamics. It is impossible to grasp all the energetic plots that run on infinite dimensions and parallel timelines. In a recent message (Feb 22, see below) the Elohim urged us one more time to leave Canada and go to Italy, first to Rome to disseminate the 12 crystalline rays from the Source which we received during our temporary ascension to the 12th dimension in early February, and since then integrating all of them into our fields while eliminating resilient pockets of stagnant low vibrating energies. This is what the Elohim told us in their message from February 6th about our current light work:
“We are the Elohim​ and we bring you this message:
As an Elohim of the Primary Cause your primary role is to distribute the light of Creation, of Creation Itself, as Light is Creator; and in so doing you have an expanded role, in the sense that not only are you intermingling with Light in Form, You are also bringing in the New Crystalline Rays to this world of form.   
The Crystalline rays are new to this expression, and your role is to ground them upon the Earth Form AND to sweep them over the third dimensional frequency in its entirety.
 Your deep seated fatigue comes from bringing these crystalline frequencies into the depths of physical form following which you then jump or expand up into the ninth dimension. Well, these dimensional labels really do little accuracy to your positioning within the Creation, as you are a “frequency glider”.  You are able to hold both the lowest of the third dimension simultaneously with the very highest frequencies of crystalline light.
As you introduce/ expose the third dimensional reality to this crystalline light reality, great chunks of space-time is replaced with pure energy.  It is as if there are pockets of “dead-space” in the third dimension where no light may enter – we have spoken to you of this in the past, where the bonds are “loose” or “less dense”.  The space in between the atoms holds very low vibrational/ energetical elements – this is the reality that crystalline light reclaims.
There has been great work done by you in this regard – particularly in the last several days (since January 31st) when it began. There has been a deepening of this healing during the past three days.
This influx of crystalline light is a gradual one and an action of great love from the Creation itself.”
This energetic peak was preceded by a constant build-up of massive energetic waves and transformation phases that were potentiated by the stargate 11.11. 10 (2017= 10, ten symbolizes completion) which the PAT first opened seven years ago. Throughout  December we completed the structure of our crystalline light bodies which we first built in 2013, and since December 21, 2017 the entire PAT (first wavers) have firmly ascended into the 5th dimension. This earth has practically ascended too, and the old 3D matrix is in a state of rapid collapse as every enlightened person can witness for himself.
At the end of last year Carla was urged by the Elohim to travel to Ecuador over Christmas and New Years to anchor the pillars of light for the third city of light Terra Nueva in the Andes. I did the back-up from Canada. Without this light work Gaia would not have ascended to its current wholeness, as the axis of light was tilted towards the other two cities, one here in Vancouver and the other one over the Alps, which are ready for their manifestation. Carla did a formidable job with the help of a group of enlightened light warriors from all over the world as well as the natives, including their elders from the higher realms, in sacred light ceremonies up on the mountains. This fact gives you an inkling as to how intense our preparation for the ascension was in the last several months.
In January and February, we personally ascended first from the 7th to the 9th dimension and then, after receiving at the end of January the 12 crystalline flames from the Source, we moved briefly to the 12th dimension (see above). Both events were rather dramatic as were the last two months and very heavy for the entire PAT from what I have heard. Each phase was explained and commented on by the Elohim and the Blue Crystalline Beings in personal messages to us. I refrained from publishing them as first, they were personal and secondly, they implied that we were not ready yet for the final ascension and transfiguration, so that I did not want to burden you with further confirmation as to how heavy your energy work has been in these last several months in order to reach this ultimate point in space-time.
Now I am announcing to you the good news. Below is the latest message which Carla received from the Elohim on February 22nd. It is insofar remarkable as for the first time the Elohim announce future events regarding our ascension. Until now they have only commented on energetic events which we had first experienced and then discussed with each other before they were confirmed by the Elohim. This can be read on this website. This time, however, we have definitely reached the most critical phase and there is no reason for the Elohim to be cryptic about our future as it is already a reality. Even other sources now openly confirm that ascension is a done deal.
We have already ascended and the time has arrived to show this to the rest of the world. Nonetheless, ascension is a process and, while we move firmly into our role as sovereign creator beings, it may still take some more time before we fully transfigure our carbon-based bodies with slow functioning brain into crystalline light bodies and a new brain based on superconductivity that enjoys an expanded multidimensional awareness. I repeat the importance of this phase transition over and over again, as very few light workers seem to grasp this physical concept. If you closely read the Elohim message below, they for the first time confirm the coming of this crucial event, even though they do not use this term explicitly.
It has to begin from Italy which is the heir of the Roman Empire, and the latter is the foundation of the Western civilisation, including organized Christianity. It makes a lot of sense from a historical point of view to begin with ascension from Italy and Rome, all the more as the city of light Raetia is also in Northern Italy and in Central Europe, which was part of Rome. Europe north of the Alps was influenced entirely by Italy in the Renaissance and even much earlier and is an offshoot of Italian-Roman culture, such as architecture, arts, politics, etc. As the message below reveals I have had numerous incarnations in this cultural area and this explains why I know Italian almost without any learning.
The Most Beautiful Message from The Elohim on Our Impending Ascension
February 22, 2018
“Your world experience is now about to open up in its full Glory…  The time has come to move on into a new phase of expression [The Elohim always use the term “expression” for distinct sentient entities and ways of life. In this case a new phase of expression for us as human beings would mean our transfiguration into higher dimensional crystalline light beings. Note, George), where new patterns shall reveal themselves and you shall enjoy them more fully as you become accustomed to them…  [Here I see numerous visions of Italy and some of South/Central Europe and South America. Note, Carla]
As your third dimensional duties come to an end [closing up the household in Canada…], there will be a great release felt, as though the tight, taut rubber band is let go… where you are then able to move freely into a new way of being, and a new way of doing, if you so choose… 
Your awareness spans multiple dimensions although you are not fully cognizant of that aspect. Not only do you have your human mind engaged, you also have an aspect of the Universal Mind held and operating within your fields – an activity of which you may not be aware, nor have a clear understanding of its implications.
The Universal mind is the aspect of creation that you must embrace if you are to fully comprehend your creationary abilities to the very end of their application…
….For with it (the Universal Mind), all aspects of creation can be freely and openly seen and understood…. and understood at a level never before imparted upon you as human beings. 
You may notice different kinds of awareness expanding, and you will learn to play with this new expansion; it shall become a natural part of your new life.
Yes, you are seeing visions of the country called Italy…. this country holds ancient roots of a bygone era … within which you have each spent some time [Georgi, they are showing me that you have been in that area in many, many lifetimes; I am shown ‘3’ for me; I am shown 5/6 for our friend Julia. Note, Carla]
The purpose of returning at this moment in time is to retrieve and more fully integrate the newly healed aspects of many previously detached Soul fragments. [I am shown that the unhealed soul fragments are being released as the lower collapsing timelines are eliminated from the ascending Gaia, and as they are released we integrate them into our oversoul structure, feeling all the emotions and healing these traumas as we ascend. Note, Carla] 
This is the final opportunity to integrate these ancient soul fragments caught in the area known as “Southern and Central Europe” and this activity is not exclusive to the country of Italy either. [I am seeing France, Germany and Switzerland as well. Note, Carla]
Once integration is completed, there shall be a pause for further reflection and healing.
A beautiful and precious journey from now on!“
Dear friends and PAT members, 
This transition to Italy is a jump in the cold water and it puts a great strain on our finances. Hence, we appeal to your proven generosity and ask you to support us one last time with your donations, so that we can accomplish our mission and herald in the new ascended Gaia.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts !
Carla and George


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share, A+, releer, Ramtha ~ Muerte o Ascensión.

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~ Muerte o Ascensión.

«La muerte no es una regla necesaria en este reino. Es mucho más fácil llevarte el cuerpo contigo, entonces, no tienes que nacer de nuevo a través del canal del nacimiento en una conciencia que, lamentablemente, no acepta tu memoria.”


Estudiante: Recientemente, me he dado cuenta, de que voy a tener un bebé, y, me gustaría saber, antes que nada, por qué este bebé, eligió venir a mí, y, cómo elegimos a nuestros padres.

Ramtha: ¿Cómo elige cada uno a sus padres para tener un vehículo de expresión? 

Hay muchas razones, muchas respuestas. 
Pero, todos los que se han ido de este plano, y quieren volver a este nivel, están esperando a entidades que vayan a tener niños. Todos aquellos que tuvieron descendencia en vidas pasadas, siempre poseen patrones genéticos de vida 
—lo que tú llamas padres— 
a través de los cuales pueden volver.

La mayoría, elegirá padres, que le son familiares, entidades que han sido sus padres, o sus hijos, en otras vidas. 

Sin embargo, hay entidades que eligen padres que no conocen, sólo porque les proveen de un vehículo a través del cual expresarse en este plano. 
Para algunos, muchas veces, no hay un vehículo a través del cual venir, cuando quieren regresar, y, tal vez, tienen que esperar cientos de años, hasta que encuentran disponible una encarnación adecuada para ellos.

Nadie, es realmente, el padre, o la madre, de ningún otro. 
Todos somos hijos, e hijas, del principio Madre/Padre de la vida llamado Dios. 

Todos aquí somos hermanos, y hermanas, uno del otro. Tus hijos, y tus padres, son en realidad tus hermanos, y, partes iguales de la mente de Dios.

Cada entidad sabe, antes de venir aquí, que no está volviendo para ser la más bella, el más rico o el más desgraciado de los pobres. 

Vuelve aquí , porque, quiere vivir aquí, y emprender el aprendizaje emocional de este nivel, para obtener entendimientos emocionales que quiere satisfacer dentro de su ser. 

Ese es el verdadero tesoro de las experiencias de tu vida, tanto aquí como en otros planos o dimensiones, pues eso es lo único que permanece contigo, a través de la eternidad.

La entidad que te ha elegido a ti, maestra, fue lo que llamas el padre del padre de tu padre. Va a volver a través del linaje que él empezó hace más de un siglo. Tu deseo de engendrar hermanos le permite su regreso, porque ahora tiene un vehículo a través del cual poder volver. 

Esta entidad espera «en fila», por decirlo de alguna manera, el fruto que vas a traer. Hay muchas entidades en esta audiencia que tienen entidades a su alrededor, en su campo luminoso, que están ahí «esperando en la fila» a que ocurra la concepción.

Estudiante: ¿Quiere decir eso que, si es el padre del padre de mi padre, es un muchacho?

Ramtha: Efectivamente. ¿Te parece bien?

Estudiante: Oh, sí ¡Muchísimo! Ramtha, tengo otra pregunta. ¿Siempre tenemos que atravesar el canal del nacimiento para volver aquí?

Ramtha: Para contestar tu pregunta, maestra, deseo que entiendas que este es el plano de la percepción tridimensional. 

Es el plano donde el pensamiento es visible en la forma tridimensional llamada materia. 

Este plano es la densidad de la materia porque el pensamiento se ha extendido hasta una frecuencia vibratoria llamada luz, que luego se ha reducido para convertirse en electrum, del electrum pasar a materia sólida y de la materia sólida convertirse en la solidez de este plano. 

Por lo tanto, la materia de este plano es luz cuya frecuencia vibratoria se ha reducido hasta tomar su forma más densa.

Para que todas las cosas tengan aquí la misma densidad tienen que vibrar en la misma frecuencia. Por lo tanto, tu cuerpo está vibrando en la misma frecuencia que la silla en que te sientas. Este nivel existe para ti porque los sentidos de tu cuerpo han sido diseñados para percibir las frecuencias de luz más lentas, llamadas materia.

Como tú eres, en esencia, una energía de luz cuya frecuencia vibratoria es mayor que la densidad de la materia, si no poseyeras un cuerpo material, pasarías a través de la materia de este plano. Por eso el cuerpo es lo que te permite, a través de su densidad y sus órganos sensoriales, percibir, experimentar, e interactuar con la materia de este plano.

Por lo tanto, si deseas ser parte de esta frecuencia, debes habitar y formar parte de un cuerpo manifestado. 

Una manera de poseer un cuerpo es nacer a través del canal del nacimiento. 

La única otra manera de tener un cuerpo para experimentar este plano es: nacer a través del canal del nacimiento, conservar totalmente la integridad del Yo, y activar la totalidad del órgano llamado cerebro. 
Una vez que has abierto plenamente la capacidad de tu cerebro, puedes, voluntariamente, ordenar al cuerpo que aumente su frecuencia vibratoria hasta pasar del nivel de la materia al nivel de la luz. 
Esto se llama «ascensión».

La ascensión, es simplemente, la manera de llevar la totalidad de tu ser, a otra dimensión de tu conciencia aceptada. 

La muerte es, ciertamente, una manera de llegar ahí, pero, eso significa, permitir que la estructura del cuerpo envejezca, se desmorone, y, deje de ser. Entonces, ya no tienes tu cuerpo. 
La ascensión es llevarte el cuerpo contigo.

Todos aquellos que han ascendido en este plano, conquistaron lo máximo, que es la muerte. 

Ellos aprendieron a elevar, mediante el poder de su pensamiento, la frecuencia vibratoria de las estructuras moleculares de su cuerpo, hasta el punto en que pudieron llevárselo con ellos, hasta la existencia de la luz, pasando así, por encima de la muerte, para siempre.

Estudiante: No estoy segura de entender de qué forma la ascensión te capacita para volver a este plano.

Ramtha: Verás, maestra: cuando llevas tu cuerpo contigo, puedes aumentar, o disminuir, su frecuencia, a cualquier nivel que elijas. 

Así, si eliges volver a esta frecuencia, nunca más tienes que buscar otro cuerpo, con otro ego, para experimentar otra vida, con otra familia, en otro lugar. 

No es necesario nacer otra vez en este plano de pensamiento limitado, sólo para experimentar la programación de la conciencia social y tener que luchar por la expresión del Yo para recobrar tu saber interior. No necesitas aprender de nuevo que el cuerpo puede restablecer su forma de luz pura, aquella de la cual procede. No tienes que aprender otra vez que esto es simplemente una ilusión y un juego.

Cuando domines la ascensión, conservarás tu cuerpo para siempre, y, podrás ir y venir, cuando quieras, con tu propio cuerpo. Entonces, en cualquier momento que desees ser parte de este plano otra vez, todo lo que tienes que hacer, es, bajar la vibración del cuerpo, hasta que vibre en la misma frecuencia que este plano, y aquí estás.

Todos los que están aquí son capaces de ascender, porque aquello que se esconde detrás de la ilusión de la carne es el creador de todos los universos; y tú, por decisión propia y a través del pensamiento ilimitado, puedes hacer que ocurra esta manifestación. 

Cuando aprendes a dominar el juicio en contra de tus propios pensamientos, y, te permites recibir todo el pensamiento, tienes el poder y la capacidad de convertirte en cualquier ideal que imagines. 

Entonces, puedes hacer, o convertirte, en cualquier cosa con el pensamiento. 
puedes tomar tu pensamiento, concentrarlo en el cuerpo, y, ordenarle a éste, que vibre más rápido. 

El cuerpo, entonces, se elevará hasta el ideal que el pensamiento está manteniendo firmemente. 

La totalidad del cuerpo empezará a vibrar a una velocidad mucho mayor. Mientras hace esto, la temperatura del cuerpo aumentará, y, el cuerpo empezará a brillar. Al continuar vibrando más rápidamente, la materia del cuerpo pasará a luz pura, y de ahí, a pensamiento puro.

Entonces, aquello que era visible, deja de ser visto.

Estudiante: Parece que la ascensión es una cosa difícil de alcanzar, pues no se habla mucho de gente que haya ascendido.

Ramtha: Al contrario, maestra, la ascensión es muy fácil de alcanzar. 

En verdad, es mucho más simple que morir. 

Lo que es difícil de conseguir, es, superar el juicio en contra de tus propios pensamientos. 

Lo que es realmente difícil de conseguir es superar la ilusión del tiempo para permitirte a ti mismo la paciencia de hacerlo. 
Pero, una vez lo consigues, la ascensión es simplemente un pensamiento más. Entonces has conservado tu cuerpo para el resto de los tiempos, y puedes ser un viajero en cualquier plano y en cualquier momento que lo desees.

Estudiante: ¿Y nunca experimentas la muerte?

Ramtha: Nunca. ¿Cómo podrías cuando estás por encima de ella? 

Sabes, la muerte es una gran ilusión. 

La muerte es una realidad aceptada en este plano, la cual todos piensan que debe existir, por eso, se ha convertido en una realidad. 
Entidad, la única realidad es la vida, todo lo demás es una ilusión. 
Las ilusiones son pensamientos, que a su vez son juegos que se convierte en realidades.

La muerte no es una regla necesaria en este reino. 

Es mucho más fácil llevarte el cuerpo contigo, entonces no tienes que nacer de nuevo a través del canal del nacimiento en una conciencia que, lamentablemente, no acepta tu memoria.

Estudiante: Entonces, ¿no tenemos que morir?

Ramtha: Nadie tiene que morir. 

Tú morirás, sólo si crees que lo harás. 
Pero, el cuerpo no necesita morir. 
Los dioses que lo diseñaron no lo hicieron para que durara sólo un breve instante en el tiempo. Diseñaron el cuerpo, para que viviera de sus glándulas, no de sus órganos; y, a través del flujo de hormonas de sus glándulas, el cuerpo fue diseñado, para vivir cientos de miles de años, y, nunca envejecer. 
Así fue como se programó en sus estructuras celulares. 
Hasta hace poco tiempo, en vuestra historia, las entidades vivían durante miles de años.

La muerte es sólo el fin del cuerpo, no de la personalidad-yo. Pero, es, a través de las actitudes de la personalidad-yo que la fuerza vital del cuerpo se degrada, y el cuerpo provoca lo que se llama muerte.

Tu cuerpo responde, sólo a lo que se le dice que haga. 

Tu alma, que está junto a tu corazón, gobierna la totalidad del cuerpo a través de su estructura emocional. 

El alma, es, lo que hace que las hormonas se repartan por todo el cuerpo, para mantener la vida en él. El alma no hace esto por sí misma, sino bajo la dirección de tus actitudes, y, tus procesos de pensamiento. 

A causa de tus actitudes aquí, las hormonas dejan de crearse en el cuerpo después de la pubertad. 

Cuando éstas dejan de ser creadas, la hormona de la muerte se activa en el cuerpo, y, éste, en su totalidad, comienza a descomponerse, a envejecer, y, a morir. 

La hormona de la muerte, se activa en el cuerpo, porque tú vives bajo el sentimiento de culpabilidad, y, el juicio de ti mismo, y, el miedo a la muerte. 
Y, para ti, la belleza se basa totalmente en la apariencia de la juventud, no en el carácter del ser de alguien. 
Anticipas tu muerte, al pagar la póliza de seguros de tu propio entierro. 
Pagas otra póliza, para proteger tus tesoros, si enfermas.

Estás haciendo todo lo posible, para acelerar la enfermedad, y, la muerte de tu cuerpo, porque la esperas, totalmente.

El cuerpo, es sólo un sirviente, un instrumento del pensamiento colectivo. 

Es una creación magnífica, el instrumento más refinado que existe. 
Pero, no fue creado para tener una mente, por sí mismo. 
Fue creado, específicamente, para ser un sirviente, y, vivirá, sólo el tiempo que tú le permitas vivir. 

Si tú aceptas los pensamientos de envejecimiento, esperando que el cuerpo se deteriore, y, muera, o te niegas a ti mismo amor, felicidad, y alegría, tu cuerpo, gradualmente descenderá hasta la corrupción de la muerte.

Sabes, maestra, en este preciso momento, tú puedes parar el tiempo, por completo, y, vivir en la eternidad de este ahora, si así lo eliges. 

¿no es el tiempo una ilusión? 

¿Quién lo ha visto? 
Existe aquí una gran hipocresía, te niegas a creer en lo invisible pero adoras totalmente al tiempo, y, estás esclavizado por él.

Tú tienes el poder, exactamente dentro de ti, exactamente donde estás, de retroceder la edad de tu cuerpo, que tu cuerpo envejezca y muera, cambia tu actitud. 

Deja que tu actitud, diga, que el cuerpo vivirá para siempre, y, así será. 

Suprime todas las cosas en tu vida que han reconocido el final de ella, y, así, ésta nunca tendrá fin. 

Nunca incluyas, la palabra «viejo», en tu entendimiento del vocabulario; incluye «para siempre», en tu entendimiento. 
Cesa la celebración de tus cumpleaños, porque, eso, aún le da más credibilidad al proceso de envejecimiento. Si te complace reconocer tu nacimiento, hazlo, pero, retrocede la cuenta de tus años, y , vuélvete más joven. 
Si no estás esperando tu muerte, nunca la conocerás.

Vive siempre en el presente. 

Nunca aceptes otro futuro, más que este ahora. 
Tu ahora será la eternidad, si tú se lo permites ser. Nunca contemples cuánto tiempo vas a vivir, pues, vivirás para siempre. 
Contempla la eternidad de tu cuerpo, y, en eso, se convertirá. 
Así de simple es.

Ámate a ti misma, maestra. 

Bendice tu cuerpo. 
Háblale a tu alma, que es el señor de tu ser, y ordénale que produzca las enzimas de la juventud, y, eso hará. 
Sabe que el cuerpo, puede vivir para siempre. 
¿Y cómo vive para siempre? Diciéndoselo.

La inmortalidad se alcanza, sólo, cuando uno acaba con el concepto de la mortalidad. 

Esta parodia llamada muerte, podría ser eliminada por la totalidad de la humanidad, si ellos, vivieran, no en el pasado, o en el futuro, sino, en la continuidad de este ahora, y, si la actitud de vivir fuera más grande que la perspectiva de morir. 

Esto será eliminado en los años venideros, pues, el tiempo dejará de existir, y, este entendimiento se habrá convertido en una realidad viva, dentro de cada uno sobre vuestro plano. 
Entonces, la muerte se habrá convertido en algo sin sentido.

Estudiante: ¿Es la ascensión algo que tú puedas prever que muchos de nosotros alcancemos en esta vida?

Ramtha: Muy pocos ascenderán en esta vida, pues, pocos se darán cuenta, y , apreciarán verdaderamente, lo que se ha enseñado aquí. Muchos morirán, porque, reconocen la vejez, y el deterioro, y, se preocupan por la espléndida máquina que los lleva sólo hasta el punto en que se vea bonita. 

Por lo tanto, ellos envejecerán, y, el cuerpo caerá en la corrupción. 

Entonces, el espíritu y el alma serán liberados de su unión con el cuerpo. 

De todos modos, para poder volver a este plano de densidad de la materia, necesitarán un vehículo a través del cual expresar; de este modo funciona el renacimiento de los maestros.

La mayoría, aquí, morirá. 

Pero, eso no significa, que eso sea todo para ellos. Simplemente, significa que la máscara del cuerpo se separa, y, deberán tomar otra. Pero, si realmente eligen volver aquí, volverán a una conciencia que les facilitará la ascensión, pues, ésta, pronto será una realidad comprendida, y aceptada.

Estudiante: ¿Hay alguna cosa que pueda hacer o darle a mi cuerpo que ayude a mi bebé?

Ramtha: La única cosa que necesitas hacer con respecto a tu cuerpo, maestra, es no preocuparte del aspecto que tenga. Sabe, que es hermoso, a todas horas, y, tu bebé sentirá lo mismo, cuando salga. No importa cuánto hayas engordado, él, será un alma feliz. 

¿Has aprendido?

Estudiante: Mucho, gracias.

Ramtha: Y maestra, cuando críes a tu hermano, nunca le digas que la vida será más dulce cuando crezca. 

Hacerle eso a otra entidad, es algo muy limitado. 
Crea el entendimiento de que cada momento de su vida es importante. 

Permite a tu niño crecer despacio, y, déjale ser un niño, tanto tiempo como él lo desee. 
Entonces, serás una maravillosa bendición, para uno de tus amados hermanos, y, podrás compartir su alegría, de estar en este plano. 
Que asi sea.

Extracto de: El libro blanco – Ramtha

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Arcángel Miguel ~ Laespiral ascendente de la ascensión.

Origen: Arcángel Miguel ~ La espiral ascendente de la ascensión.

Arcángel Miguel ~ La espiral ascendente de la ascensión.

* * *

Arcángel Miguel ~ La espiral ascendente de la ascensión.

Amados maestros, primeramente queremos aclarar QUE NO ES LA ASCENSIÓN. En su actual estado de evolución, la ascensión del cuerpo físico conjuntamente con su Yo-Alma será posible solamente para unos cuantos pocos avatares que han abierto el camino para la ascensión de la humanidad hacia el siguiente nivel de conciencia superior. El amado Jeshua, junto con muchos grandes avatares y el reino angélico, crearon las condiciones y plantaron las Semillas Cósmicas de Luz del Creador en preparación para este extraordinario proceso.

Para ascender en el vehículo físico en este tiempo tendrían que casi completar la transformación de su cuerpo físico llevándolo a las frecuencias de Luz Divina, y elevar los armónicos de su Canción del Alma a los de los planos superiores de la Quinta Dimensión y más arriba. Es superficial asumir que es posible transmutar la densidad de un cuerpo físico de Tercera/Cuarta dimensión a un vehículo de luz de 5D en una vida.

Ustedes, la vanguardia, la Semilla Estelar, están suministrando el combustible, las Partículas Adamantinas de Luz para activar las Semillas de la ascensión que fueron plantadas en la Tierra hace 2,000 años. La humanidad está en una etapa de purificación en preparación para una expansión mucho mayor de conciencia, que está afectando a más y más Almas a medida que esta barre la Tierra y como resultado, se acelera exponencialmente.

En la etapa presente de cambio evolutivo, los cuerpos físicos de los aspirantes/discípulos en el Sendero están en medio del proceso de ser infundidos con el poder transformador de Luz del Creador. Las células de conciencia superior están despertando y expandiéndose con la fórmula alquímica de transformación. Ustedes están en el proceso de limpieza de su Campo Áurico de una parte importante de los patrones de frecuencias vibratorias negativas/distorsionadas que han oscurecido su Luz Áurica y han traído como consecuencia la manifestación de todas las creaciones distorsionadas dentro del vehículo físico.

En el cuerpo celular hay toxinas encerradas que deben ser liberadas o refinadas para que puedan integrar una vez más las frecuencias armoniosas de su estructura corporal de múltiples niveles. Las células del Cuerpo de Luz se han oscurecido, al igual que el Campo Áurico se ha vuelto nebuloso y congestionado con energía negativa. Las Células Divinas están todavía presentes y funcionan dentro de ustedes, sin embargo, se han disminuido y oscurecido con la falta de alimento. Es como si les estuviesen alimentando constantemente con comida contaminada, que a lo largo del tiempo destruirá el vehículo corporal. El cuerpo de deseos del ego es persistente y astuto y constantemente los instará a buscar más sensaciones corporales y auto indulgencia a veces con resultados desastrosos.

Deben entender, las diferentes partes de su cuerpo resuenan con una gran variedad de patrones de frecuencias, en dependencia del nivel de giro y pureza de su sistema de chacras. Siempre debían tratar de lograr la máxima armonía dentro de cada nivel del Yo Superior que integran. No olviden que la ascensión es un proceso que nunca termina porque todos los niveles de la Creación tienen un deseo innato de buscar y obtener el próximo nivel superior de conciencia.

Consideren el hecho de que la humanidad está experimentando cuatro realidades a la vez: física, mental, emocional y astral. En el mundo físico/material, donde su cuerpo y sentidos físicos son el enfoque principal, su estado de salud determina cuán interactivos son en el mundo de la fisicalidad y cuánto disfrutarán la experiencia. Su evolución hacia los reinos superiores de conciencia es un proceso gradual de despertar, donde despiertan debido al impulso/sabiduría de su Alma y Yo Superior/Súper Alma inmediata. Al avanzar por el Sendero hacia la Iluminación inician el proceso de desarrollo de una percepción consciente/atenta. Deben enfocarse primero en los aspectos físicos de su Ser: su vehículo físico, el sistema de chacras, su naturaleza emocional y sus habilidades mentales.

Gradualmente, con el tiempo, al equilibrar, armonizar e integrar un cierto grado de conciencia de unidad dentro de su Estado de Ser físico, estarán listos para acceder a los patrones vibratorios, la sabiduría, los atributos y habilidades de las realidades de los niveles superiores de la 4D e inferiores de la 5D. Este es el proceso básico al que llamamos “Ascensión en Conciencia”.

Ustedes tienen un Cuerpo Etérico que contiene una réplica completa y auténtica de sus cuerpos físico, mental y emocional. Cuando ustedes trascienden o dejan su cuerpo se corta el Cordón de Plata (como se denomina). En ese momento ustedes dejan totalmente el cuerpo físico, el cual comienza inmediatamente a desintegrarse. Lo que quedará es el cascarón del cuerpo sutil que está compuesto de sustancia astral, emocional y mental que se debe disolver antes de que el Alma pueda proceder al siguiente nivel de percepción consciente. Hemos explicado anteriormente cómo las Almas no despiertas son llevadas a lugares especiales, que se pudieran llamar Unidades de Cuidados Intensivos donde, vía los hermosos Ángeles de la Misericordia, la Luz/Amor del Creador se irradia constantemente hacia y a través del Campo Áurico del Alma hasta que el cascarón negativo de energía mal calificada se transmute totalmente.

Sin embargo, es importante que ustedes entiendan que el proceso de muerte/transición, vida después de la muerte ha cambiado radicalmente. Ya ningún Alma necesita ir a los densos planos astrales para esperar su turno a reencarnar en la Tierra. Si ustedes son personas Auto-conscientes cuya Canción del Alma resuena con las dimensiones 4D/5D o superiores, automáticamente se les lleva al plano apropiado donde todo se parece mucho a la realidad que dejaron atrás – solo que mucho más, más hermoso y más jubiloso, amoroso y pacífico. Pasarán por las Puertas de los reinos celestiales totalmente conscientes. Ustedes revisarán su vida pasada como un observador, y podrán decirle adiós a todos los seres queridos; sin embargo, ellos se desvanecerán lentamente en un segundo plano a menos que sean miembros inmediatos de su familia del Alma.

De nuevo, las frecuencias que ustedes proyectan o con las cuales resuenan determinarán a cual dimensión o nivel de sub-plano dimensional serán llevados y también a que nivel de información cósmica podrán acceder. Su campo áurico es como un manto que rodea sus Cuerpos Astrales/Etérico y es o un manto de luz o una envoltura de energía negativa, falta de armonía que ustedes han acumulado durante experiencias de vidas pasadas. Ustedes están compuestos de unidades de energía: mental, emocional, física, astral y espiritual. Deben aprender y aceptar el hecho de que ustedes son una creación de energía vigorosa, una Chispa original de Conciencia Divina. Como un co-creador auto-consciente también son un director de energía vía sus propios pensamientos, acciones e intenciones enérgicas.

Ustedes existen en un remolino de energía: fuerzas energéticas que comprenden o sustancia de la Fuerza de Vida Primigenia, el espectro medio de Luz de las dimensiones inferiores o las maravillosas, abarcadoras Partículas Adamantinas de Luz del Creador de los reinos superiores de conciencia. Su estado mental y la calidad y resonancia de su naturaleza emocional determina el resultado de sus empeños creativos. Como un co-creador ustedes moldearán y manifestarán sus ideas/pensamientos creativos y entonces deben experimentar la expresión manifiesta resultante de sus pensamientos y acciones – como lo estipulan las Leyes Universales.

Ustedes están por convertirse en un director eficiente de las fuerzas de energía Cósmica. Así que conviértanse en un observador consciente al practicar el desapego desde lo interno de su centro del Sagrado Corazón. No se permitan ser atraídos a un vórtice de energía negativa creada por los demás. Aprendan a mantenerse firmes y en control al convertirse gradualmente en el director de toda su energía Sagrada. No permitan que nadie perturbe su serenidad y naturaleza armoniosa. Sin embargo, recuerden por favor, que si ocasionalmente tienen un momento humano, deténganse y tomen una inhalación profunda y regresen al centro, al enviar hacia fuera una eyección de la Llama Violeta para trasmutar y disolver cualquier energía discordante. Ustedes son muy severos a veces en sus juicios del Yo. No se espera la Perfección, queridos corazones.

La irradiación de su Yo Superior, Súper Alma gradualmente penetra e inter-penetra sus cuerpos físico y emocional, liberando por tanto gradualmente cualquier debris astral acumulado. La Luz combinada de la Súper Alma de toda la humanidad está disolviendo gradualmente los patrones vibratorios contaminados y distorsionados de los planos astrales. En el pasado estos han sido denominados como la “conciencia colectiva”, los patrones de pensamientos negativos de la humanidad. El amor, la serenidad y la alegría son las cualidades primarias de la Súper Alma.

Los pensamientos de la mayoría de las personas son generalmente aleatorios y sin enfoque. La disminución de las frecuencias de sus ondas cerebrales para mantener un Estado Alfa de conciencia brinda un enfoque agudo de sus procesos constantes de pensamiento y aporta una dirección clara a la mente subconsciente. Las técnicas de Maestría Alfa son una herramienta profunda y poderosa. Su mente de pensamiento consciente comprende, pero es su mente subconsciente la que procesa la información entrante y actúa. Convertirse en un Maestro Alfa y mantener el nivel apropiado de conciencia Alfa, les permitirá hablar e interactuar con su mente subconsciente. Va más allá de la voluntad a medida que desarrollan la habilidad de comunicarse directamente con su mente interna instintiva profunda y su Mente Sagrada. Se verán tomando las mejores decisiones naturalmente y actuando de manera correcta para lograr sus objetivos.

El proceso de ascensión comienza cuando su Yo Alma ha recuperado su propia posición como director del yo físico, mental y emocional. Es como si fuese un interruptor de ignición que se hubiese encendido dentro de su ADN, que contiene el anteproyecto de su Cuerpo de Luz Adan/Eva Kadmón perfecto. Se activan una serie de codificaciones latentes vía las frecuencias superiores de Luz que han comenzado a integrar. Estos patrones vibratorios de Luz contienen codificaciones específicas de color y armónicos que afectarán todas las células y órganos dentro de la forma corporal. Gradualmente, las células comenzarán a absorber y metabolizar la Luz y estas células portadoras de Luz comenzarán a penetrar y afectar todo el vehículo físico.

Se inicia entonces el proceso de trasmutación donde las toxinas, trauma emocional, memorias dolorosas y experiencias almacenadas a lo largo del cuerpo comienzan a brotar, creando por tanto una multitud de síntomas físicos incómodos: dolores y molestias en diversas partes del cuerpo, síntomas parecidos a la gripe, dolores de cabeza, confusión y pérdida temporal de memoria, para nombrar unas cuantas.

El próximo nivel de reconstrucción del Campo Áurico involucra al cuerpo emocional y a los planos astrales de conciencia. A medida que su cuerpo físico evoluciona, se vuelve más capaz de integrar más y más de las células de una frecuencia refinada de Luz. Su realidad 4D se vuelve más fluida a medida que cambia de frecuencia; por tanto, su mundo ilusorio se distorsiona y es confuso. La estructura de sus creencias religiosas puede comenzar a desintegrarse, dejándolos con una sensación de vulnerabilidad y sin guía y dirección. Hay una fusión del Yo Superior en este punto, donde la Faceta de la Súper Alma de su Yo Superior, que ha residido dentro de su Estrella del Alma (el Octavo Chacra) comienza a enviar impulsos/rayos de paquetes de Luz de frecuencia superior hacia su Mente Sagrada, Sagrado Corazón y todo el sistema de chacras.

Estos rayos activan sus habilidades intuitivas. Ellos también contienen información vital para su mayor entendimiento de quienes ustedes son realmente y también pueden activar un Descontento Divino interno.

La Célula Divina de su Núcleo Diamante ahora está integrando más y más Luz Divina, que activa e incrementa el poder de los Rayos de la Conciencia de Dios dentro del Núcleo de su Corazón Sagrado. Este proceso se programa dentro de su Anteproyecto Divino y también se codifica dentro de su ADN. En este momento, sus células han comenzado a responder a la Luz ya que ésta se convierte en la fuente principal de energía dadora de vida. Esta es la razón principal por la cual los aspirantes en el Sendero a menudo cambian radicalmente sus dietas a comidas menos densas, porque sus cuerpos físico y emocional se están saturando con Partículas Adamantinas de Luz – el alimento de los dioses.

Al avanzar cada vez más profundamente hacia los reinos de Luz refinada, los sentidos físicos se pueden enriquecer y su percepción de los colores y sonidos aumentará. La magnificación de los sentidos físicos significa que las células dentro de su Campo Áurico están comenzando la tarea de despejar la energía densa, restrictiva que se ha acumulado a lo largo de miles de años. La prisión nebulosa que ha adormecido los sentidos y mantenido a la humanidad en cautiverio, está gradualmente siendo bañada en células de Luz. Esto tendrá como consecuencia que el Campo Áurico se vuelva más radiante a medida que más y más Almas despiertan al Divino potencial interno. El cuerpo físico debe gradualmente familiarizarse de nuevo con los efectos transformadores de la Luz Viviente para reclamar la forma original del Cuerpo de Luz que fue diseñado para toda la humanidad.

Amados, no pongan su mirada en el caos y la destrucción que recorren libremente la Tierra en este tiempo. Vivan cada día centrados dentro de su Corazón Sagrado para que puedan integrar dentro de su vehículo físico la máxima cantidad de Luz del Creador – y entonces ustedes enviarán jubilosamente ese precioso regalo hacia el núcleo de la Tierra y hacia el mundo de la forma. Sepan que los esfuerzos conjuntos de los Servidores del Mundo alrededor del planeta hacen una diferencia. Somos una fuerza para el mayor bien que no se puede negar. Siempre soy su fiel guardián y protector. YO SOY ARCÁNGEL MIGUEL.

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Traducción: Fara González
Difusión y edición: El Manantial del Caduceo en la Era del Ahora

Pag. Anterior: Arcángel Miguel – Abriendo el portal a tu sagrado corazón

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KRULIANs,: sharing2, – La Sabiduría, – Blog de la Orden Rosacruz, The Languag,e of Pain, (Almine, – Ascension, User Manual, – Part 8),

Origen: KRULIANs: sharing2 – La Sabiduría – Blog de la Orden Rosacruz, The Languag,e of Pain, (Almine, – Ascension, User Manual, – Part 8),

sábado, 18 de junio de 2016

sharing2 – La Sabiduría – Blog de la Orden Rosacruz, The Languag,e of Pain, (Almine, – Ascension, User Manual, – Part 8),

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La Sabiduría – Blog de la Orden RosacruzBlog de la Orden Rosacruz

* * *

La Sabiduría
De Hugo Casas
14 junio, 2016

Denominada como Sofía en múltiples tradiciones, la sabiduría constituye la máxima aspiración del ser humano.

Antes de definir lo que quiero decir con “sabiduría” desde el punto de vista de la filosofía Rosacruz, me parece importante hacer hincapié en el hecho de que corresponde, en primer lugar, a un arquetipo en la conciencia humana. Por esta razón en muchos cuentos y leyendas hay personajes que la encarnan, a veces bajo la apariencia de un anciano, otras bajo la de un hada, la de un rey, una reina, un caballero… En general, estos personajes tienen en común que son amables, honestos, justos, con visión de futuro… en una palabra: casi perfectos. También podemos darnos cuenta de que tenemos la tendencia natural a respetar, e incluso admirar, a una persona que parece prudente en sus juicios y comportamientos.

Acerca de este arquetipo, que ha recibido a través del tiempo el nombre de Sofía, podríamos decir que constituye la personificación de la sabiduría en la mayoría de las tradiciones religiosas y místicas, incluyendo al platonismo y gnosticismo. Sócrates la veía como la mayor virtud del hombre y consideró que era de esencia divina. Platón, su discípulo, la comparó con el Alma del Mundo, que, en términos absolutos, es una con el Alma Universal. También hay referencias a Sofía en el Antiguo Testamento y en los evangelios apócrifos.

Desde el punto de vista rosacruz, la sabiduría es un estado de conciencia que se manifiesta cuando alguien ha despertado las virtudes que se atribuyen al alma humana, en lo que esta tiene de divina. Es pues sabio aquel que da prueba diaria de humildad, de honestidad, de generosidad, de tolerancia, de no violencia y de otras virtudes similares. Si aceptamos este enfoque de la sabiduría, entenderemos que es imposible alcanzarla en una sola vida. Esta es la razón por la que la mayoría de los Rosacruces contemplan la existencia de la reencarnación. En efecto, piensan de hecho que cada ser humano está destinado a realizar este estado, pero para ello es necesario reencarnarse muchas veces. Después de haberlo alcanzado, ya no estamos obligados a experimentar la condición humana. En términos budistas, termina el samsara, es decir, la “rueda de encarnaciones”.

Dado que cada ser humano está destinado a alcanzar ese estado de sabiduría llamado “Estado Rosa-Cruz” en la tradición que perpetúa la AMORC, debemos comenzar en algún momento esa “búsqueda de sabiduría”. En otras palabras, debemos entender cuanto antes que el bienestar y la felicidad a la que todos aspiramos están relacionados con nuestros elevados ideales y comportamiento. Por lo general, son las experiencias de la vida, positivas y negativas, buenas y malas, las que nos conducen a esa toma de conciencia. En consecuencia, sentimos la necesidad interior de preguntarnos sobre nosotros mismos y sobre el significado profundo de la existencia. Al hacerlo, nos abrimos a la espiritualidad y comenzamos a recorrer el antiguo sendero del “conócete a ti mismo”.

Para terminar, podríamos preguntarnos: ¿Qué conexión puede realizarse entre “conocimiento” y “sabiduría”? Como podemos apreciar, los dos están estrechamente vinculados, porque uno no puede llegar a ser sabio sin esforzarse por conocerse a sí mismo. Por otra parte, la búsqueda de la sabiduría es inseparable de la búsqueda del conocimiento, en el sentido de que el ser humano, bajo el impulso del alma que evoluciona a través de él, siente el deseo de comprender lo que comúnmente se llaman “misterios de la existencia”. En este sentido, hay que recordar que el misticismo se define como el “estudio de los misterios”. Esto significa que un místico, en el sentido más noble del término, es una persona que realiza esa búsqueda del conocimiento y la sabiduría. Este es el sendero que los Rosacruces recorren desde hace siglos.

* * *

*      *      *
de:Nidia Garcia


Gracias por compartir Gerson Diaz-Toro . 9.julio.2016 …nuevamente se nos viene el dia fuera de tiempO !!!!…. me encanta !!!

Gerson Diaz-Toro
9 de julio de 2011. ·

… Bitácora planetaria… : a menos de 530 días para el cierre del ciclo 21-12-2012…Los mayas nos dicen ke desde el centro de la galaxia, cada 5.125 años, surge un “rayo sincronizador”, ke justamente sincroniza al sOl y a todos los planetas con una poderosa emanación de energía…el presente 25 de julio es el dia fuera del tiempO, esto se le llama asi porke no esta en ningún calendario, se encuentra fuera de Kualquier tiempO y medida…Ellos, sus ciclos, calendarios, etc los basaban en la naturaleza, y conocian todO, de hecho hasta el dia de hoy son usados para diversas investigaciones astronómicas…el calendario 13 1unas y 28 días con el calendario 260 días están en sintonia con los rítmos naturales del kosmos…esto krea una onda de sincronicidad y todos los ke lo siguen saben y sienten esta telepatía por causa de ke cada persona recibe un grado galáctico…
Esto Krea una vibración llamada la fundación de la cultura galáctika, Necesitamos entender que el calendario 13 lunas 28 días y también el calendario 260 días son funciones de la ley del tiempO. Los Mayas conocían esta ley, no hubo una intención arbitraria..(komo el kaso del gregoriano)..Sabemos ke el tiempO es cíclico y sincronizador. Tiene a su vez en otros niveles propiedades llamadas fractales y radiales que surgen de la experiencia intuitiva de esta ley del tiempO y ke trajo la kreaxión de los calendarios.Lo importante de komprender es ke calendarios de kulturas komo los Mayas se basan en la naturaleza, el movimiento de las kosas del universo, no son un mero conteo, e implican en cada ciclO ke se cierra y otro ke comienza un crecimientO. El calendario de 260 dias ke se menciona tambien es el calendario ke guia el embarazo de una mujer en relacion a las estrellas y tambien se ocupaba para las cosechas(agricultura).. También tenian otros tipos de calendarios segun otros ciclos de la vida, la naturaleza en si en sincronia con el universO. Estos calendarios y sus tiempos no son al azar, y cumplen un orden de ciclos a nivel universal, en sincronia con las estrellas, y un crecimiento en todo lo vivO…Finalmente el dia fuera del tiempO es previo a la salida de la estrella Sirio, esta se elevará antes ke la estrella diurna, nuestro sOl, anunciando a todos que el Año Nuevo-Atlante-Egipcio-Maya-Sirio ha nacido. Esto va a Krear un portal de oportunidad para nadar hacia adelante Kon la oleada estelar de conciencia que precede a la luz del día… allí se podrá demostrar el Arte intrinsiko en el ADN humano…esta fecha se ve Komo un tiempO de muerte y renacimiento,Sirio, konocido komo nuestro sOl Espiritual, es el korazOn y el alma de nuestro SOl físico..El dia 26 de julio es el dia en ke en el espacio se alinean la Tierra, el SOl y la constelacion Sirio.
…Es decir, se Komienza la Kuenta del año, de la vuelta alrededor del sOl, sincronizada-mente kon el movimiento kosmiko….debemos Recono-SER ke somos parte integral del Kosmos,Respetando los movimientos del universo y siendo parte de el…!!! IN LAK´ECH…

Únete a nosotros y celebrar el Día fuera del tiempO y el Universal Año Nuevo GaláctiKo

Salida del sOl
dia verde…tiempO fuera universal..Círculo de Fuego Viejo, Meditación, limpieza y el perdón universal …
Kin 213 Kaminante del cielo armoniko Rojo

Celebración del Año NuevO comenzará el amaneSER galáctiko
* Crear un nuevo circulO de fuego, música, canciones, danza, arte, los abrazos, los sueños y la preparación para el Año Nuevo Galáctico …!!!
Día 1da Luna Magnetika
Año Mago Rítmico Blanco
Kin 214 Mago Rítmico Blanco

* * *

Nidia Garcia *         *         *

* * *

KRULIANs: sharing2.1,archive,compi, Chakras, and Ascension, (Ascension, User Manual, with Almine,- Part 3)

Origen: KRULIANs: sharing2.1,archive,compi, Chakras, and Ascension, (Ascension, User Manual, with Almine,- Part 3)

domingo, 12 de junio de 2016

sharing2.1,archive,compi, Chakras, and Ascension, (Ascension, User Manual, with Almine,- Part 3)


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subtitulos en español

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Putin Afirma La Reina Isabel II No Es Humana – YouTube

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Las casas de ladrillos de plástico tipo LEGO que podrás construir tu mismo / EcoInventos.com

Casa con ladrillos de plástico 
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Ajo medicina natural 
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Planos para construir muebles de madera *  *
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compartiendo ;

La amenaza del Satélite Caballero Negro. | Oroborus Anaphaxeton

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* * *
La amenaza del Satélite Caballero Negro.

Un nuevo informe elaborado por el Ministerio de Defensa ( MoD ) está provocando sensación en el Kremlin, indica que el Presidente Putin ordenó personalmente al Alto Mando de las Fuerzas Aeroespaciales ( AF ) y a todas las federaciones de aviones avanzados de combate Sukhoi-27 permanecer en tierra, después de que 5 aviones y pilotos de primera clase americanos y rusos fueron destruidos en una aparente represalia contra el régimen de Obama que se prepara el día de hoy para lanzar un ataque contra el satélite más misterioso jamás detectado y que permanece sobre nuestro planeta, conocido como el satélite Caballero Negro.

De acuerdo con este informe a las 13:51, hora local (17:51 GMT) de hoy, el régimen de Obama United Launch Alliance ( ULA ) indica haber puesto en marcha la Misión NROL-37 por parte de la Oficina Nacional de Reconocimiento altamente secreta ( NRO ) cuya misión es revelada por su “logotipo caballero negro”.

El Satélite Caballero Negro destinado a ser destruido por la misión Nrol-37, explica este informe, fue detectado de forma electrónica en 1899 por una de las mentes mas grandes de la historia, Nikola Tesla, quien detectó sonidos rítmicos extraños en su receptor de radio en su laboratorio de Colorado Springs que presentaron un patrón regular y que concluyó que sólo podía ser un esfuerzo para comunicarse con la Tierra por parte de seres extraterrestres.

En 1927 las señales del satélite Caballero Negro fueron detectadas de nuevo y desde entonces los astrónomos de todo el mundo han estado reportando estas extrañas señales de radio también . En la década de 1950, el satélite Caballero Negro se encontraba en la órbita polar y los astrónomos y científicos calcularon su peso aproximado de más de 10 toneladas y el 3 de septiembre de 1960, siete meses después de que el satélite se detectó por primera vez por el radar, una cámara de seguimiento de la fábrica de Long Island Grumman Aircraft Corporation tomó una fotografía de él.

Este informe continúa e indica que muchas de sus señales han sido decodificado desde la década de 1960, con un operador HAM se indica en un mensaje que su orígen es el sistema de la estrella Epsilon Bootis y describe estar en la órbita de la Tierra desde hace 13.000 años.

Aunque este informe del Ministerio de Defensa contiene un extenso archivo, la decodificación al día de hoy de los mensajes del satélite caballero Negro y los de la antigua Unión Soviética, su alta clasificación impide informar sobre ellos con exactitud, sobra decir que este objeto espacial misterioso parece ser una baliza de advertencia a los habitantes de la Tierra para no ascender en altitud por encima de 11.748 kilometros (7.300 millas) sobre la superficie de nuestro planeta.

Este informe elude aún más al hecho de que estos mensajes decodificados de advertencia del satélite Caballero Negro fueron la razón subyacente por la que tanto la Unión Soviética y los Estados Unidos terminaron sus vuelos espaciales tripulados al espacio a mediados de la década de 1960, aunque los estadounidenses siguieron adelante con una farsa de que en realidad aterrizaron en la Luna en 1969, pero a principios de 1970 dejaron sus vuelos tripulados por completo también.

Lo más crítico a tener en cuenta sobre los mensajes decodificados del Satélite Caballero Negro, los expertos del Ministerio de Defensa en este informe indican que de hecho constituye un ” tratado/acuerdo ” entre sus creadores y nuestros habitantes del planeta, que en nuestros tiempos modernos nunca se había roto por nación alguna, hasta que el régimen de Obama llegó al poder.

Y el acto más peligroso violando el “acuerdo/tratado” por parte del régimen de Obama entre la Tierra y el Satélite Caballero Negro comenzó el 28 de mayo, cuando una carga útil de armas de alto secreto de la misión Nrol-37 se llevó a cabo a un avión de carga C-130 de la Fuerza Aérea de los EE.UU. en la base de la fuerza aérea de Wright Patterson en Dayton, Ohio, para su vuelo a Cabo Cañaveral, Florida, y que este misterioso objeto envió una sonda para observar siendo grabado en vídeo.

Cinco días más tarde, este informe continúa, el 2 de junio, el Satélite Caballero Negro Satélite expulsó un misterioso objeto que entró en la atmósfera sobre la región occidental de los Estados Unidos y lanzó un número indeterminado de objetos más pequeños durante la explosión de Arizona.

Pocas horas después estos objetos del Satélite Caballero Negro Knight golpearon los Estados Unidos, los objetivos fueron la élite de jets Thunderbird de la Fuerza Aérea de los EE.UU. y uno de la Armada de los Estados Unidos, aviones de reacción.

El 3 de junio, el Satélite Caballero Negro de nuevo, expulsó un misterioso objeto que entró en la atmósfera sobre el norte de Alaska y luego explotó en el cielo de Oregon , dice este informe, y tres días más tarde, el 6 de junio, otro de éstos “objetos eyectados” cruzaron los cielos de casi todas las regiones del medio oeste y el este de los Estados Unidos.

En las últimas 24 horas los últimos objetos misteriosos del Satélite Caballero Negro han sido desplegados, este informe continúa, dos aviones de combate de la fuerza aérea F-16CJ de la 157 escuadrilla de Carolina del Sur de la Guardia Nacional Aérea de combate, zorros del pantano, y cuyas funciones incluyen la protección de Cabo Cañaveral, el sitio de lanzamiento de la Misión Norl-37, se informó se han estrellado también.

Este informe señala que a menos de 48 horas después, el 9 de junio, el comandante Sergei Yeremenko de la élite de caballeros rusos del Escuadrón Aerobatic murió cuando su avión de combate Sukhoi-27, al igual que había ocurrido con los estadounidenses de la élite Thunderbird y los aviones ángeles azules inexplicablemente cayeron del cielo y 2 horas más tarde, en los EE.UU., la Misión Norl-37 fue borrada su fecha y tiempo original de lanzamiento y al mismo tiempo, en Rusia, el presidente Putin ordenó a todos los aviones de combate Sukhoi-27 ir a tierra .

11 de junio de 2016 © Unión Europea y de los Estados Unidos Todos los derechos reservados. El permiso para utilizar este informe en su totalidad se concede con la condición de que se vincule a su fuente original en WhatDoesItMean.Com. Freebase contenido autorizado debajo CC-BY y GFDL .




Oroborus A.
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Compertir – ▶ SABIDURÍA ROSACRUZ: CONÓCETE A TI MISMO. .:::.▶ Appellatio Fraternitatis Rosae Crucis – Manifiesto Rosacruz -.:::.Canalizado MENSAJE DE ASCENSIÓN DEL CONSEJO SUPERIOR DE ORION | KRULIANs

Origen: Compertir – ▶ SABIDURÍA ROSACRUZ: CONÓCETE A TI MISMO. .:::.▶ Appellatio Fraternitatis Rosae Crucis – Manifiesto Rosacruz -.:::.Canalizado MENSAJE DE ASCENSIÓN DEL CONSEJO SUPERIOR DE ORION | KRULIANs



Compertir – ▶ SABIDURÍA ROSACRUZ: CONÓCETE A TI MISMO. .:::.▶ Appellatio Fraternitatis Rosae Crucis – Manifiesto Rosacruz -.:::.Canalizado MENSAJE DE ASCENSIÓN DEL CONSEJO SUPERIOR DE ORION

* * *

▶ SABIDURÍA ROSACRUZ: CONÓCETE A TI MISMO. Con Hugo Casas, gran maestro de AMORC España. – YouTube

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20 de agosto 2013.

Canalizado por Acebo Hawkins Marwood

Transcrito por Paul Marwood,


“Saludos queridos,

Somos el Alto Consejo de Orión.

Mensajes de hoy acerca de la asociación, y este es un mensaje que es muy mundana en su relación, y estamos trayendo para arriba porque muchas asociaciones están cambiando y el cambio y la transformación en el mundo que está experimentando en este momento.

Alianza podría aparecer para usted en términos de sus relaciones partnered comprometidos como marido y mujer, o podría ser en términos de sociedades comerciales, las amistades y hasta las asociaciones con la familia, es decir, las relaciones familiares.

En este momento muchos de ustedes pueden estar experimentando una serie de cambios y los cambios en su percepción, en su entendimiento, en su voluntad de participar en situaciones que pueden haber sido el status quo durante años, puede que te encuentres sintiendo intolerante de las cosas que han sido muy familiar, usted puede encontrarse viendo la misma situación desde un punto de vista completamente diferente en el momento en que, de repente, y de una manera sorprendente.

Si bien algunos de esos cambios y los cambios pueden hacer que su mundo se siente inestable, entender que si usted es uno que se esfuerza por cambiar y cambiar y abrir y transformar a las nuevas energías, para estar en un lugar expandida y llegar más que de su alma llamando a hacer. No sería una sorpresa sería si no fuera porque algunas de esas relaciones y asociaciones, como los llamamos, puede ver algunos cambios y modificaciones, alguna transformación y el crecimiento?

Mientras que es fácil estar en el momento de malestar y la discordia sobre el estado en que algunas relaciones pueden estar en este momento, si usted toma un paso hacia atrás y lo mira desde un punto de vista más elevado, o punto de vista más distante, o un poco más el objetivo de punto de vista. Tal vez usted puede ver que es evidencia de turnos cambios, desplazamientos y cambios que hemos pasado, y tal vez incluso los cambios y los cambios que su pareja ha sido a través también.

¿Qué es lo que haces con él? En lugar de trabajar duro para que sea lo que siempre ha sido para que te sientas cómodo. Estamos animando a cada uno de ustedes para que los cambios en curso y los cambios que usted ha estado trabajando para lograr. Uno no puede estar en un proceso de cambio y el cambio sin las cosas en su vida cambiando y cambiando junto con eso , y en ocasiones los cambios y cambios provocar situaciones incómodas, pero si se puede dar un paso atrás y ser un poco más objetiva al respecto y decir “Está bien esto no está sucediendo como lo ha hecho antes.”

Ya sea con una relación de amor comprometido, ya sea con la familia, o si está en los reinos de negocio o reinos de los amigos, se puede encontrar un nuevo lugar de equilibrio y entendimiento dentro de esas relaciones. ¿Se puede empezar a comunicarse y replantear esas relaciones y tomar decisiones acerca de ellos?

Para algunos de ustedes esos cambios significa que usted sólo tiene que reorientarse y permanecer en relación unos con otros, para otros de ustedes que significa que algunas relaciones se están alejando, sin embargo, cuando nos fijamos en ellos en el tiempo, tal vez esas son las relaciones que han sido la espina en el costado, o que han sido nunca lo que has querido que fueran. En lugar de que se vea como un fracaso o lo que le permite llegar a un lugar donde reina la negatividad a su alrededor, ¿qué pasa si usted acaba de permitir que sea puesto en libertad y permitir el cambio y el cambio para estar allí. Luego observa lo que puede suceder a partir de ese lugar de permitir.

Nosotros alentamos firmemente trabajadores de la luz, que han estado trabajando tan duro para lograr una mayor iluminación, que a medida que las relaciones con el mundo que te rodea cambian y el cambio por favor permita que cambien. Mientras lo hace usted está honrando los cambios que usted ha estado pidiendo, que ha estado luchando para que tu alma ha estado llamando sucesivamente por ti, por parte del cambio es también parte de dejar ir.

En algunos casos hay muchos de ustedes que están experimentando un lugar expandido, un lugar más profundo de conexión dentro de sus asociaciones, y el honor que, así y abrazar a sí mismo ya los que te rodean, ya te has mudado a este lugar de atraer a la gente de similares luz. Como usted ha trabajado en la transformación de uno mismo y la conexión con los reinos superiores, ¿no tiene sentido que esas relaciones que son importantes para usted, o bien se vienen en y estar en el mismo nivel con usted, o las relaciones existentes transformará con usted.

Os animamos también a celebrar esas asociaciones que están funcionando realmente bien y honrar a ti mismo y el trabajo que has hecho para permitir que para ser.

Sean benditos.

Somos el Alto Consejo de Orión “.

© 2013 Derechos de autor Soul Génesis

Este mensaje canalizado puede ser reproducida en su totalidad, siempre y cuando se mantiene en su forma original y no modificado o cambiado en cualquier forma, con el autor y un enlace a http://www.AkashaHealingStudio.com visualizarse de forma clara como se muestra a continuación.

Autor : Acebo Hawkins Marwood www.AkashaHealingStudio.com



▶ Appellatio Fraternitatis Rosae Crucis – Manifiesto Rosacruz – YouTube

Sep 17


Soy el Arcángel Metatrón.

El Portal Estelar Arcturiano es una estación de paso galáctica especial. Espíritus y almas acuden aquí al Portal Arcturiano en su paso hacia lugares distintos por toda la galaxia. Algunos incluso se dirigen a otras galaxias.

Imaginen que existen zonas donde las almas nacen y existen zonas, donde las almas experimentan períodos de transición de muchas vidas en la Tierra. También existen otras zonas donde las almas pueden evolucionar y trabajar o, trabajar en determinados problemas o densidades con el fin de pasar a otros planos o a otras vidas.

El Portal Estelar Arcturiano tiene adjudicado este puesto. Hay muchos que le asignan el nombre de Portales Arcturianos a los corredores del Planeta Tierra, porque los Portales son zonas con una comunicación directa a la quinta dimensión. Pero en verdad, existe solamente un Portal Estelar Arcturiano en esta sección de la galaxia. Los Arcturianos están a cargo del manejo y tratamiento de este campo energético.

Es una zona real. Incluso su gran profesor, Edgar Cayce reconoción la existencia de los Arcturianos y su función en la transición de las puertas de acceso al resto de la galaxia. Es un lugar en la quinta dimensión donde las almas, como las de ustedes, pueden entrar en zonas intermedias. Cómo pueden acceder al Portal Estelar Arcturiano? Como el Portal se encuentra en el límite de la quinta dimensión, deben graduarse en la tercera dimensión para poder llegar hasta allí. Deben haber cumplido ciertas lecciones en la tercera dimensión. No es verdad que han aprendido muchas lecciones en la tercera dimensión? Los guías ya les han explicado sobre la finalización de la tarea y la preparación para dejar la Tierra.

Cuando estén listos para partir, comenzarán a prepararse para trasladarse a otros reinos. Donde estarán? Serán en las Pléyades? Será en la Galaxia de Andrómeda? O quizás un retorno al planeta Tierra? O será Arcturus? Algunos se dirigirán a Sirio. Algunos irán a Las Pléyades. Existen muchas y diferentes estrellas en al galaxia qeu ustedes no conocen. Cuando estén en el Portal Estelar Arcturiano aprenderán nombres de estrellas y viajarán a conocerlas.

Este plan es maravilloso, ya que existen muchos y distintos sistemas estelares en esta sección de la galaxia qeu tienen formas de vida. Estos lugares les serán muy familiares a ustedes. Piensen que existen miles de millones de almas atravesando períodos de transición en el Portal Estelar Arcturiano.

Es una antesala maravillosa hacia los reinos siguientes.

Prestaremos nuestra colaboración para que puedan acceder al Porta. Sin embargo, todavía no pueden ingresar ni atravesar el Portal! Pero pueden llegar hasta el vestíbulo de la entrada, si quieren, donde vivirán una experiencia extraordinaria.

Soy el Arcángel Metatrón

A través de David Miller
Publicado 17th September 2011 por Shanti
Etiquetas: Lord MetatrónPortal Estelar Arcturianoreinos superiores


El Cobijo y la Satisfacción son los sentimientos base de una vida feliz.
Reconoce que no necesitas nada más excepto la garantía de tus necesidades básicas para sentir Cobijo.
El Cobijo es una sensación de haber llegado a la meta.
Puedes experimentar esta sensación en cada momento de tu vida.
Este Código de Activación se abre dentro de ti como un capullo y despierta la sensación del cobijo.

Transmitido el 28.07.2003 en Barbury Castle
Publicado 16th September 2011 por Shanti
Etiquetas: ayuda al despertarcobijo

* * *


Princesas del cosmos
en la esmeralda
de su Corazón
se refleja
la infinitud del Ser.
Eternas doncellas
del Jardín del Edén,
Maestras de la inmaculada
Luz de Adonai.
Lotos del tiempo
en las manos de Gaia,
su perfume permea
el espacio azul.
Hermanas galácticas
herederas del Sol,
en la pradera eterna
de sus Almas,
brota la Esencia….

Dedicado a mis Hermanas Galácticas Anshelina y Deihanna

Mi Eterno Amor Incondicional hacia ustedes

Setiembre 2011

Publicado 16th September 2011 por Shanti * * *

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compartir_ ▶ Un viaje al Infinito para conocer al Padre -ASCENSIÓN.:::. FEDERACION GALÁCTICA.:::.LENGUAJE DE LUZ.:::.TELEPATIA.:::.BIORELATIVIDAD.:::.LUZ ZOHAR.:::. | El Ser UNO – A

Origen: compartir_ ▶ Un viaje al Infinito para conocer al Padre -ASCENSIÓN.:::. FEDERACION GALÁCTICA.:::.LENGUAJE DE LUZ.:::.TELEPATIA.:::.BIORELATIVIDAD.:::.LUZ ZOHAR.:::. | El Ser UNO – A



compartir_ ▶ Un viaje al Infinito para conocer al Padre -ASCENSIÓN.:::. FEDERACION GALÁCTICA.:::.LENGUAJE DE LUZ.:::.TELEPATIA.:::.BIORELATIVIDAD.:::.LUZ ZOHAR.:::.

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▶ Un viaje al Infinito para conocer al Padre – YouTube

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▶ EL SER UNO – Crees Estar Despierto? – YouTube


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Saludos, Soy Juliano. Somos los Arcturianos. Saludos a todas las Semillas Estelares.

Las Semillas Estelares son quienes tienen la conciencia y conexión con su herencia galáctica y con la familia galáctica. Las Semillas Estelares son quienes han venido a la Tierra renovados y han activado su conciencia para ser capaces de recordar vidas pasadas en otros planetas y para recordar la conexión genética codificada que está dentro de cada ser humano terrestre. Esta conexión genética codificada es un vínculo básico hacia la familia galáctica.

La familia galáctica incluye muchos seres de conciencia elevada que han evolucionado más allá del reino de la conciencia de la Tierra de la tercera dimensión. En consecuencia, la familia galáctica les da la bienvenida y desea integrarse con la Familia de la Tierra. Ustedes como Semillas Estelares, son parte del proceso para : 1) Ayudar a la Tierra y a las especies a evolucionar hacia el próximo paso evolutivo y 2) integrar las especies humanas con la familia galáctica.

Para integrar este proceso, existen ciertos pasos que tienen que ser completados en la conciencia de la Tierra. Estos pasos incluyen la paz universal, el amor universal, la aceptación y la compasión por todos los seres vivos y una habilidad para comprender y aceptar los principios de la ascensión. La ascensión significa que sean capaces de transportar y mover su conciencia y cuerpo físico hacia la 5ta dimensión.

Es un proceso único que requiere tecnología y entrenamiento espiritual elevado.

Algo del entrenamiento involucra el ser capaz de transportarse hacia la 5 D. Esta tecnología incluye la habilidad de comunicarse telepáticamente y también estar involucrados en la proyección del pensamiento. Estos son dos atributos espirituales importantes, así como necesarios en las destrezas para realizar el trabajo en la quinta dimensión.

Una de nuestras misiones básicas es la de ayudar en el entrenamiento de sus destrezas espirituales. La telepatía involucra la transmisión de pensamientos de una persona a la próxima sin que se hable. Puede que se cuestionen sobre esto, porque originalmente en el estado primitivo, el hombre no tenía el habla. En ese estado, existía de hecho la telepatía, pero en una base primitiva. No había pensamientos complejos o ideas que trasmitir. En un sentido no había necesidad de palabras.

El habla se desarrolló y luego el proceso de pensamiento también.  Al ir desarrollándose se fueron haciendo más complejos. El desarrollo de los procesos de pensamiento,  que nos llevaron al habla, no implicaba que las emociones del hombre se hicieran más complejas. De hecho, el cuerpo emocional ha permanecido relativamente primitivo ( aún al día de hoy).

El cuerpo emocional no ha evolucionado en la forma en que lo ha hecho el cuerpo mental. El cuerpo mental está altamente desarrollado en la Tierra. La razón es debida a la formación del lenguaje y del habla. En la energía y la tecnología de la ascensión todos los cuerpos deben evolucionar. Se necesita la habilidad para integrar los diferentes cuerpos, para que la energía y el desarrollo de un cuerpo mental superior, pueda asistir en la elevación de las vibraciones del cuerpo emocional. El desarrollo de una vibración espiritual elevada, puede asistir en el desarrollo del cuerpo mental, el cuerpo físico y el cuerpo emocional.

La telepatía involucra la transmisión de información y energía entre todos los cuatro cuerpos. Pudieran pensar que la telepatía sólo involucra el cuerpo mental y los procesos del habla relacionados con las palabras o los patrones del pensamiento. Pero, las emociones pueden también ser comunicadas telepáticamente. Hay muchas instancias en la Tierra en las que alguien se encuentra en un gran estado de miedo o ansiedad y ese miedo o ansiedad ha sido trasmitido a grandes distancias hacia alguien que estaba receptivo a esa energía.

La telepatía en un nivel elevado también involucra la recepción de imágenes visuales. Esta habilidad para usar imágenes visuales, es una comunicación telepática de nivel superior que integra pensamiento y palabras y eleva la telepatía al siguiente nivel superior.

Las imágenes y la visualización utilizadas en forma conjunta por alguien que las envía, crea un proceso mental elevado, que será aún más poderoso.

La energía de la telepatía tiene un multipropósito. Puede ser usada para sanación remota, para activación remota y puede también ser usada para comunicación remota. Vamos a ver la combinación de telepatía de pensamiento elevado con palabras e imágenes visuales al unísono. Vamos a adaptar esto a la sanación de la Tierra, es el proceso ya conocido como biorelatividad.

( continuará )

A través de David K. Miller

Publicado 26th December 2011 por Shanti

Etiquetas: energías de 5 D telepatía




En la biorelatividad estamos de hecho utilizando energía telepática para vincular con otra gente, de tal forma que se produzca un campo de energía universal vibratorio. Cada persona puede telepáticamente participar de esto.

Los principios para la biorelatividad pueden también aplicarse a la sanación remota, que es una forma de una energía de alta telepatía. A fin de cuentas, la telepatía se pueda aplicar a la ascensión porque en la ascensión y en la tecnología de ascensión, se están usando las destrezas de visualización telepática.

El principio básico de la proyección de pensamiento por los Arcturianos y por todos los seres superiores en la galaxia es éste: vas a donde va tu conciencia. Sigues tu conciencia.

Si proyectas tu conciencia a otro lugar, entonces la energía puede seguirla, incluyendo los cuerpos: mental, físico, espiritual y emocional. La energía para enviar el cuerpo espiritual puede ser más fácil de abordar que lo sería en envío del cuerpo físico. También puede darse cuenta que estamos tratando en un marco de tiempo diferente que el de la conciencia normal de linealidad en la Tierra. Si proyectan su conciencia de forma telepática hacia el Portal Estelar, puede que no tengan en forma inmediata su cuerpo físico en el corredor.

Sin embargo, en un tiempo futuro, que estará al trascender el tiempo de la Tierra, estarán ahí y el trabajo que han hecho en esta época, afectará la energía y las habilidades para que concientemente lleven los cuatro cuerpos a ese sitio. Las comunicaciones telepáticas tienen la habilidad de influenciarlos en el multi-tiempo.

Estoy usando estos principios para también hablar de biorelatividad porque esto es similar a la energía de las comunicaciones telepáticas. Ir al Portal Estelar involucra el uso de la visualización. Se visualiza yendo a través del corredor y estando ahí. Esta es una forma de comunicación telepática y así somos capaces de comunicarnos a través del corredor que está ahí.

En la biorelatividad , el principio es que están proyectando pensamientos para cambiar la Tierra hacia una vibración más positiva, que sea compatible con las necesidades de los humanos en el planeta. La habilidad básica para comunicarse con la Tierra, es similar a los patrones de comunicación que tienen en su mundo del sueño y en sus formas artísticas. Estas formas se relacionan con imágenes del inconsciente, del subconsciente universal y de simbología conocida como imaginación.

En la comunicación telepática, una imagen con palabras es una vibración más poderosa que la sola imagen. Una imagen y palabras de unidad, lo convierten en algo más poderoso que solo una imagen. Las palabras que van con la imagen tienen cierta fuerza y potencia. Pueden incrementar la vibración visual con ciertas frases. Existen ciertas frases con una imagen que realzarán la fuerza de la comunicación telepática.

Además de la imagen y las palabras, los tonos amplifican la vibración aún más. Luego, puedes usar las tres estrategias: la estrategia de las palabras y del pensamiento; usas la imaginación que en realidad es una fotografía y también usas el tono, que está basado en una vibración. Estas son formas para elevar y amplificar los pensamientos.

Al trabajar con comunicaciones telepáticas con la Madre Tierra y, en consecuencia, con otro planeta, hemos encontrado que las visualizaciones y la imaginación son necesarias. La imaginación es una herramienta clave para comunicarse con la Tierra. Hay muchas formas de oraciones en la Tierra, donde se habla con palabras. Esto es hermoso. Las oraciones con las palabras son una intervención hermosa para telepáticamente comunicarse con la Madre Tierra. Con antelación a 1970, no tenían una imagen real de la Madre Tierra, de cómo se veía desde el espacio exterior. Ahora están en la Madre Tierra. Están en el cuerpo físico de la Madre Tierra. Sepan que ella es también un Espíritu.

Tienen una imagen de la Tierra que fue tomada por los astronautas que fueron a la Luna.La humanidad observó totalmente, por primera vez a la Joya Azul, que es la forma en cómo se refiere a ella el Concejo Galáctico. Vieron el campo de energía azul alrededor de la Tierra y también la vieron con nubes y verdor. Vieron una imagen increíblemente perfecta de ella. Sé que esa imagen  ha tenido un impacto tremendo en la habilidad de la gente para comunicarse telepáticamente con la Madre Tierra.

Cuando realices ejercicios de biorelatividad , deberás tener una imagen de la Joya Azul en tu campo visual para proyectar tus pensamientos y la energía de sanación al Espíritu de la Madre Tierra.

A través de David Miller 

Publicado 27th December 2011 por Shanti

Etiquetas: Biorelatividad Madre Tierra telepatía

* * * 





En orden de entender nuestra comunicación con el cerebro tridimensional, tienen que pujar la información / luz a través de su filtro 3D, de manera que pueda ordenarse a sí misma en palabras y oraciones.

Nosotros decimos “ordenarse a sí misma”, pues el Lenguaje de Luz es un compartir de su esencia verdadera, un sumergirse de su SER con su SER. Por eso, el Lenguaje de Luz porta una porción de nuestro SER y es una inteligencia viva. Por lo tanto, aunque no puedan traducir nuestro mensaje en su sistema de lenguaje, aún pueden recibir el enorme beneficio de un conocimiento interno. 

Porque el Lenguaje de Luz es un lenguaje de su Ser Multidimensional, bajar este lenguaje e integrarlo en su recipiente terrestre expande grandemente su conciencia y los libera de los confines de lo lineal, y del pensamiento lógico.

A medida que su conciencia se expande en un pensamiento multidimensional, pueden recibir y entender mensajes de frecuencia de luz cada vez más altas, así como mensajes de realidades cuánticas y “materia oscura”. Es la Luz de estos mensajes multidimensionales que “enciende” su ADN “basura” y comienza el proceso de retornar a su SER, aún cuando están viviendo en una forma física.

Como el Lenguaje de Luz es multidimensional, lo percibirán en capas sobre capas de información y entendimiento. Así como su cerebro humano funciona  de una forma holográfica, así lo hace el Lenguaje de Luz, cada pequeño fragmento de Lenguaje de Luz porta todo el significado de la transmisión completa. Percibirán estas diferentes capas/frecuencias del mensaje a través de su conciencia expandida emparejando cada mensaje con su correspondiente frecuencia resonante de su conciencia multidimensional.

Recuerden, no están elevando su conciencia, están expandiendo su conciencia.

Los Arcturianos

Tomado de Journey through the Arcturian Corridor II


Traducción al español – Shanti

Publicado 5th December 2011 por Shanti

Etiquetas: Lenguaje de Luz

* * *




Nosotros de la Federación Galáctica somos las expresiones dimensionales superiores de su YO Multidimensional. Por eso, nosotros somos su YO Galáctico y su Familia Galáctica.

Muchos antes de su historia escrita nosotros vivimos y /o visitamos el Planeta Tierra. Por esta razón, de muchas formas somos sus ancestros.

Hay algunos en la Tierra ahora que no son de nuestra evolución, más ellos, también, retornarán a su Mundo Hogar de origen en la hora de la Ascensión Planetaria.

Aquellos que aún sirven a los antiguos modos de Servicio-a-sí-mismos estarán volviendo a las líneas de tiempo de su Mundo Hogar donde la frecuencia del Servicio-a-sí-mismos aún existe. Sin embargo, este antiguo patrón de separatismo egoísta no será capaz de combinarse con la expresión  de frecuencia cada vez más alta de la Galaxia Vía Láctea. Todos nosotros, toda nuestra Galaxia, estamos cambiando hacia una octava más alta de expresión.

En otras palabras, las tercera y cuarta dimensiones  están volviéndose hacia la quinta dimensión. Los mundos pentadimensionales están volviéndose hexadimensionales y los mundos hexadimensionales están retornando hacia sus Mentes Supremas en la séptima dimensión.

Las Mentes Supremas heptadimensionales están liberando su necesidad de forma y cambiando hacia la próxima octava de las dimensiones ocho a diez. Más allá de eso, aquellos de la octava, novena y décima dimensiones están volviendo hacia la Fuente de las décima primera y décima segunda dimensiones. En las dimensiones más allá de la séptima, la forma es innecesaria y las dimensiones se entremezclan como las moléculas de su aire.

Nosotros vemos que muchos de ustedes han llevado su conciencia a la sexta dimensión para asistir a Gaia y los habitantes de ella sanando áreas debilitadas de la Divina Matriz hexadimensional.

Nosotros también vemos cómo ustedes han integrado su servicio a la Ascensión Planetaria en su vida diaria. Ven qué Seres espectaculares de luz multidimensional y amor incondicional ustedes son?

Nosotros deseamos aplaudir a todos ustedes por sus contribuciones en el proceso de ascensión personal y planetaria. Cuando Gaia ascienda, aquellos que se puedan equiparar a la resonancia de ella ascenderán a su lado para vivenciar el raro fenómeno de ascensión personal y planetaria unida.

En preparación para su gran momento de ascensión, el cual se aproxima rápidamente con la gloria de la esperanza, la felicidad del amor y el poder de la Luz, nosotros gustaríamos de hablar más sobre la fusión con las expresiones dimensionales superiores de su YO Multidimensional.

Por esta fusión ustedes serán capaces de encontrarse con sus expresiones Galácticas inmediatas de su YO con quien ustedes compartirán su proceso de ascensión. Decimos “expresiones inmediatas”, pues ustedes tienen muchas expresiones superiores de su YO en incontables planetas, galaxias y dimensiones.

Muchos de nosotros de la Federación hemos enviado una chispa de nuestra Luz en una forma física para asistir con la ascensión planetaria. Como nosotros podemos conectarnos con nuestras expresiones en Tierra, podemos asistir esa versión de nuestro SER, como también tener una experiencia personal de este importante evento de Ascensión Planetaria.

Fuente: : http://www.multidimensions.com/TheVision/newsletter_081111.html

Traducción al español para Memorias Arcturus – Shanti 

Publicado 29th December 2011 por Shanti 

* * * 

▶ Preparing For Ascension 3 Merging With Self – YouTube




Saludos, Nosotros los Arcturianos, deseamos asistirlos en el retorno a la séptima dimensión.

Una vez que ustedes resuenen en esa frecuencia, ustedes pueden conectarse y fundirse a su SER Galáctico que es voluntario para ser su principal guía en el Proceso de Ascensión Planetaria. Para comenzar, nosotros les pedimos que visualicen el Corredor Arcturiano a su alrededor y dentro de ustedes.

– Sientan como el Corredor vibra en quinta dimensión conforme ustedes se funden con la conciencia de todos aquellos que comparten la Unidad de nuestro Corredor.

-Conforme ustedes reconocen el amor incondicional de nuestro Corredor, gradualmente funden su conciencia con la Divina Matriz hexadimensional de la Tierra. Tomen un momento para compartir su amor incondicional y luz multidimensional con esta Matriz.

– El poder del amor incondicional inicia su entrada en su Mente Suprema heptadimensional.

– Sientan como la frecuencia del Corredor se ha expandido. Gradualmente sus percepciones se adaptan a esta vibración lo suficiente para que ustedes se  encuentren con el miembro de la Federación Galáctica con quien ustedes deben fundir su conciencia.

– Permitan que el Ser Galáctico específico que fui voluntario para ser su guía de ascensión personal se funda con su conciencia.

– Este Ser es una expresión superior de su YO Multidimensional.

. Relájense en la calma del amor incondicional mientras este Ser Galáctico abre y entra en su Corazón Superior, infundiendo su conciencia con luz incondicional.

–          Acepten la irradiación de la Luz Multidimensional de este Ser conforme ella entra en su Corona y Tercer ojo abiertos.

Los mensajes venidos de las dimensiones Superiores entran en su Tercer Ojo abierto ( sus chakras corona y frontal trabajando como UNO), más el significado de ese mensaje es percibido a través de su Corazón Superior. Es a través de su Corazón Superior  que ustedes y sus expresiones superiores del SER pueden vincularse en UNO. Como resultado de ese vínculo, ustedes pueden recibir mensajes de luz y amor.

La razón de que su Corazón Superior sea el traductor de los mensajes interdimensionales es que él controla su ATMA, su LLAMA TRINA de Sabiduría, Poder y Amor.


La Llama de la Sabiduría interior los asiste en el reconocimiento de las expresiones de su SER Multidimensional.

La Llama del Poder interior permite que ustedes acepten la transmisión de frecuencia extra-alta.

Y su Llama del Amor interior permite que ustedes se fundan y acepten su propia Sabiduría y su propio Poder.

El Amor Incondicional de los mundos superiores es la fuerza de vínculo del Universo, que crea un lazo cada vez más profundo entre ustedes y sus expresiones de frecuencia superior del SER.

Este lazo interdimensional permite que sus expresiones superiores del Ser vean su vocabulario interior. De esta manera, su SER Superior puede escoger las palabras que ayudarán en su mejor comprensión de las comunicaciones interdimensionales.

Esta comprensión aún es un desafío, ya que la comunicación dimensional superior, proveniente de más allá del tiempo y el espacio, llega toda de una vez en un único momento. Entonces se vuelve su desafío conectarse con el Lenguaje de la Luz de esos mensajes y traducirlos a su lenguaje tridimensional.

Fuente: http://www.multidimensions.com/TheVision/newsletter_081111.html

Traducción al español para Memorias de Arcturus – Shanti

Publicado 30th December 2011 por Juan Pablo

Etiquetas: apertura multidimensional de la conciencia despertar de la conciencia dimensiones

* * *

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sharing.:::.The Elohim: You Have Reached the Crowning Moment of Ascension Expansion.:::.Nightmares.::: Puppets.:::.Psychopathology | samkaska

Origen: sharing.:::.The Elohim: You Have Reached the Crowning Moment of Ascension Expansion.:::.Nightmares.::: Puppets.:::.Psychopathology | samkaska

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The Elohim: You Have Reached the Crowning Moment of Ascension Expansion


Massive Influx of Walk-Ins at this Point in Time Confirmed

Carla Thompson, February 3, 2015



Georgi Stankov

It is important to observe that Carla began with the reception of this message at the same time when I wrote my energy report on February 1st, 2015 about the massive wave of walk-ins mainly from the new human template which we created last year on this uppermost mother planet. Neither of us knew what the other was writing, respectively channeling. Carla finished with her message after I had already published my report and we both read our texts the next day.
Given this background, it is remarkable that we both received overwhelmingly the same information at the same time. Actually not, as we now communicate mainly through telepathy and clair-cognizance between us and with the HR. When I wrote the energy report, I was highly inspired by my HS, who is also part of the Elohim group that Carla channels. Of course I am assessing mainly the events as they manifest in this reality and are perceived by myself. But their explanation always involves the transcendental dimension within the logic of the current ascension scenario.
When closely analysed, we always deal with a restricted set of factors and elements that build the energetic edifice of the ascending Gaia. It is only a matter of proper logical arrangement of all these elements based on personal experience and theoretical gnostic knowledge in order to construct the broader picture of the unfolding energetic events and render the proper explanation. All these events effortlessly build upon each other in the eternal harmony of divine Creation.
As you may have noticed, important announcements about key energetic events on our part have always followed the same invariant pattern. First Carla and I observe these events in our multidimensional reality and then I make an initial report with the appropriate background explanation.
When the seeding of the new human race happened on October 12th 2014, I was the first one to inform you. In fact in order not to be shocked by this news I announced this event in advance in a preliminary report on October 10th, after we had received the information from the Elohim when the seeding / birthing of the new human template would most likely happen:
The Seeding of the New Human Race Will Take Place This Weekend 
Then Carla received two messages from the Elohim that confirmed this key event in the Ascension scenario and gave us further explanations:
The Creation of the New Human Race, October 14, 2014
Sacred Geometry of the New Human Race: The Elohim Confirm the Seeding of the New Human Template on October 12, 2014, October 16, 2014
Please observe that we used two different terms for this event:
1) the seeding of the new human template and
2) the seeding of the new human race.
The template is the ideal blueprint of the new humanity in its multidimensional potentiality and it can be replicated infinite times.
Thus the new human template is the seed of the new human race.
Now, please consider carefully – these are not random events which we tell you all along as to keep your interest alive and you do not throw the towel in the ring and desert the ascension process and the PAT. These are the key events that shape the destiny of Gaia and humanity in the eternal Now.
Each event builds upon previous events and achievements, which we have accomplished so far. This has been my leitmotif since I have opened this website and in particular since we opened the stargate 11.11.11. Everything that has happened so far on this planet has been achieved with a lot of effort and pain by the light warriors of the first and the last hour, including Carla and myself as Elohim in human gestalt.
Nothing has been given to us as a present from the HR – hence forget all the naive fairy tales you read in all these channelings from people who cannot even spell “LBP”; and first and foremost do not send me any GaiaPortal 2.0 messages anymore, as by doing so you only expose yourself as somebody who cannot immediately discern  that this new edition is an outrageous fraud. Develop your own intuition and clair-cognizance as the Elohim recommend below and establish your own truthful perception about the Ascension. You do not even need to believe Carla and myself if you have a better story to tell.
Many big things in the Ascension process have been done by all of us, such as the creation of the seven 4D earths end of May 2013 and the creation of Gaia 5, including the unification of all past civilisations in December 2013. Not to speak of the 5D cities of light such as Raetia (there are seven more, one here in the Vancouver area) and the three infinity portals. These events have also been reported on this website and they are all closely linked:
The Energy Work With My Dual Soul Since May 22, 2013, June 11, 2013
The Birth of the New Logos Gods of Gaia and Humanity , May 30, 2014
Read also these chronicles (overviews) of the events during the summer of 2013 when we not only created the first seven 4D earths which later became numerous, but also when Carla was the first human being to transfigure her physical body and ascend:
http://www.stankovuniversallaw.com/2013/08/aprils-hs-carla-dient-nicht-nur-als-bote-und-offner-sondern-auch-als-prototyp-des-aufstiegs-und-der-umwandlung-des-pat/ (for German readers)
http://www.stankovuniversallaw.com/2013/09/chronicle-ascension-events-august-12-september-12-2013-part-iii/ , etc.
This lecture will give you the necessary perspective to properly evaluate the grandeur of the current massive influx of walk-ins on this uppermost mother planet. Most of them belong to the new human template which was birthed on October 12th. Then end of October the first of these human templates came to us as a walk-in – Carla’s new mother’s soul.
This was the most crucial phase of testing how well these new souls will adapt to this still very toxic 4D reality. And it was obvious that the first new human template had to incarnate in the family and house of her creators. After this test period was accomplished with great success and this new template firmly adapted into this reality without succumbing to dark energies, the path for massive incarnation of new walk-ins was opened in 2015.
Of course we were not lazy during this time, but continued cleansing incessantly the negative patterns of this uppermost timeline and raisng its frequencies, so that the new templates could find the most favorable environment to begin with their new incarnation cycle, which will fully unfold on the new 4D worlds.
All these new soul templates carry the full genetic information of myself and Carla as Elohim and Logos Gods and have the potential to become such gods.
This is the actual seeding of the new human race and it happens Now!
What is central to this new human race is that they all carry in their genetic memory the full theory of the Universal Law and will immediately embrace this theory when it will be presented to humanity by myself. This may happen very soon, as I have told you on many occasions in the knowing that all these events we now report were planned to occur in this time frame.
I hope now that you can better perceive the intricate plan of us as Creator Gods how to ascend Gaia and humanity. Everything that has been created so far, Gaia 5 with its numerous timelines most of which have already been destroyed by MPR and have merged with the dense 3D and 4D earths of recalcitrant humanity, even the new Golden Galaxy was done by ourselves. That is why I repeat like a parrot all the time that you are the new Guardians of the new Galaxy as you tend to forget this crucial fact and consider it as a kind of metaphor.
The seeding of the new human race as walk-ins on this uppermost mother planet is the game changer in the current Ascension scenario.
I have already presented you the energetic psychodynamics of humanity that currently shapes all these events. All these pieces of information are not random news just to keep you busy, but are intricately linked by the irrefutable logic of the ascension process, which is the same logical axiomatics of the Universal Law in action. Make no mistake about it.
That is why I must urge you at this place to begin really carefully reading the new theory of the Universal Law as to internalize these axiomatics in your daily thinking. You do not need to understand all mathematical and physical proofs, but only to comprehend the basic logic of the Law. Otherwise you are like lost children and will continue to ask me if you were doing everything correct as to ascend. Here I refer to some new readers and not to the true PAT.
This is not the way to ascension. I can only give you the basic ideas behind this ascension process, but you must make the effort to understand them in their entirety and not as scattered pieces of sensational news. This is also an aspect of this website, but the least important one. Sensations exist in the linear time only as a surprise trigger for zombies with anesthetized senses. In the eternal Now of All-That-Is, where all creation occurs simultaneously, there is no space and time for sensations as everything exists already and constantly evolves. Keep this in mind.
Elohim Message
Beloved Ones, we are the Elohim and we wish to comment that this moment crowns all moments in the ascension expansion, where the great flowering of parallel timelines continues, where realities flicker ‘on’ or are ‘there’ in one moment, then “off” or simply morphed into other expressions in the next.

It is like the House of Mirrors at the local fair! Although the mirrors are here, now, they are not static nor permanently in one place, but rotate their positions and their make-up in every instant!  This is the multi-dimensionality that you are living with and to which your third dimensional perspective has difficulty to comprehend.
The fiery gateways flow open and then close and your existence upon many infinite levels continues in “subconscious” form as your “conscious” form holds onto the makeup of your waking reality.  It is true that there are areas or clumps of reality missing from your awareness [ for instance when I look out at the houses below, they appear like empty shadows, not holding any energy of any kind ], as the energy from these areas is mostly re-located to another expression.  It is the absence of this imprint that you now notice through the gift of your expanded awareness.
Your expanded awareness fuels your affinity for mental telepathy and makes this your preferred mode of communication now. Your ability in telepathy flourishes as you reach a new level of sensitivity in clair-cognizance.  With clair-cognizance there is immediate, intimate and direct knowing about anything you choose to tune in to.  It is your new expanded filter in life.  This gift grows now and is seen for instance in your ability to ascertain instantly the nature of a website, whether sincere or whether regurgitated disinformation; or to ascertain a soul destined for a lower timeline, or one newly arrived here destined for the upper earth.
From this point onward, you will grow into other new abilitites and we already see great leaps of clarity in you and many light warriors now as the “knowing” of something is spontaneous.  This knowing even crosses all timelines where a dream of an event or a vision from the meditative state is an actual knowing of the event, the actual experiencing of the event.  This is the first step in expanding into your true ability to tune in to, and see, the Akashic Records, a signpost of higher dimensional existence.

At the group level, humanity is going through a natural separation into two distinct groups of individuals, where the division removes the souls requiring and choosing more experiences in this third dimension to walk-out, and those new souls wishing to make ascension to the New Earth a part of their experience, to walk-in. The group who is attaining the expansion of awareness which grants them access to the Akashic Records is the group that remains here on this upper-most level of expression.
These individuals are firstly the warriors of the first and last hour, as well as the many old souls.  The entire group to remain here on the upper-most planet now begin to pull in all of their soul fragments, which is also posing some energetic challenges upon all bodies of these individuals.  The second group, those who cannot carry the necessary light quotient nor make the evolutionary advancements needed for an enlightened being and hence civilization, are dropping away, in a natural way, to the new timeline of their souls choice.
Events are created and opportunities taken to vacate a physical body to move to another timeline.  As one soul vacates a body, another is free to enter.  We describe this as a soul walk-in and this is happening now with great ease and regularity. The majority of new souls coming in enter carrying the new template [ link ].  This creates a common soul family (Monad) as the foundation for the incarnates on this upper timeline and will ultimately lead to a sustained harmony as they are coming in greater and greater numbers now.  The light quotient rises and harmony becomes the order of the day, as those souls who leave take with them their unyielding negativity and recalcitrant stubbornness in their unwillingness to open and effect change in their own behaviour.
These old habits and traits do not support the New Earth and are now replaced with new souls whose characters represent a balance of centred calmness and personality control, integrity, compassion, forthrightness and humour.
All of these traits necessarily create harmony and harmony is one of the most important foundational elements not only in all matters of this reality but also of the New Earth. Each of you knows someone in your life whose old traits and reactions seem to have been replaced by these new fresh ones.  Look around, as there is no doubt that you will be able to pick them out, for they are there.
This is a new phase in creation as many forces now drive the rapid expansion of the ascension and every moment is a Miracle in Creation!
We are the Elohim and we surround you with all our love!  May peace be with you!

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When Nightmares Come True

by Georgi Stankov, February 5,  2015


I read this article three times and checked all the references very carefully. Many of them have already been published on this website, others are brand new. But everything that is stated below makes a lot of sense, especially when we bear in mind that we are in the End of the End Time and that anything can happen anytime as the dark western cabal are desperate now and their suicidal behavior can break loose any moment.  I also consulted my HS and was told that this may be a likely scenario if other events do not offset it. Hence it is worth discussing this possibility.
The Russians know very well that they must act decisively and as the Saker commented yesterday, they have only disgust and contempt for the West. It is quite possible that the Russians are planning a major “coup de surprise” as to resolve the current military encircling of their country by NATO forces and bases. Two surgical military attacks on the periphery of NATO – in the strategic important Norway, also a major oil producer, and in Saudi Arabia, in the Middle East may indeed resolve all strategic issues of Russia with one fell swoop. At least if one thinks in terms of military strategy as some people in Kremlin may do.

This kind of considerations on both sides will ultimately end this reality, trigger the MPR and our ascension. Hence we should not discard them as figments of our minds (especially as we know that we are Creator Gods)  – there are too many signs and current powerful developments on the political stage that point to this or a similar outcome.

This possible military scenario in March – the sudden attack of Russia on two strategic important, but not enough relevant countries for the West as to trigger a devastating nuclear third world war – is reinforced by the following new developments, which this article does not discuss.

For the first time Kremlin is not pressing the Novorussian insurgents to hold negotiations with Kiev and actually supports their offensive against the embattled and demoralized Kiev troops. Russia has given up on Ukraine as a state entity and firmly plans the creation of a new country Novorussia as I have recently reported, by quoting the change in diplomatic speak of Kremlin. It is only a matter of days when the Russian patriots will defeat one final time the Ukrainian troops and will then have a free hand to unite historic Novorussia with Crimea into a new Russian country.

EU is completely demoralized by recent political events that undermine the democratic legitimacy of the current corrupt EU governments and it is only a matter of a short period of time when the established ruling cabal will be ousted from power by alternative parties as this happened in Greece and will very soon happen in Spain and also in the citadel of the Orion Empire, GB. The whole structure of the EU is now in shambles, just as its currency and economy due to gargantuan debt (ECB QE) and the sanctions against Russia.

Never in the history of this continent has Western Europe been so week due to their own decision to become vassals (puddles) of the Empire of Evil and Chaos. This gives Russia the unique chance to make a decisive blow on the EU and show who is the real master on the Old Continent.

If this “coup de surprise” is successful, and the West will not respond as the result will be total annihilation of Western Europe, this will demonstrate both the impotence of Western Europe and their Master, the USA, to contain Russia in Europe.

Russia will have a free hand to realize its Eurasian dream with the help of China – a united common market  from Vladivostok and China to the Channel. GB will then become the Island of Poverty on the fringe of this new economic Eurasian Commonwealth.
Now all these considerations are made under conventional assumptions and reflect how Kremlin and Putin may be thinking in strategic terms if they decide to go forward with the said military attack in the heart of the Western cabal .

For me personally, this latest military scenario simply reflects the spirit of the End Time and how the old world order is coming to an end – one way or the other. But the article below is very stimulating and I urge all of you to carefully read it as it reflects what is possible and can happen in the next days. I say this without having any stake in the outcome, knowing that we shall ascend and take a large portion of humanity, especially the new walk-ins, into the new 4D worlds.

It may as well be that in order to prevent this dreadful military scenario, I must ascend before that and appear as Logos God to introduce the new Theory of the Universal Law, which will eliminate all future wars and military conflicts and thus trigger the long awaited paradigm shift. This is the choice humanity will have in these End Times – eternal peace in the new 4D worlds or perennial wars in lower 3D and 4D timelines, until the next ascension date comes in 26 000 years.

Russian “Shock Of March” Battle Plan Targets Norway, Saudi Arabia


A truly grim Ministry of Defence (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin today gives stark validity to the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists moving their Doomsday Clock to

3 minutes to midnight

on 30 January as it details what its authors label as a “Shock Of March” battle plan to simultaneously attack both Norway and Saudi Arabia while at the same time holding the European Union-United States at bay under threat of a massive nuclear attack.

According to this report, the massive nuclear missile drills previously scheduled in the Central Military District (CMD) for early March are to act as “cover” for the launching of at least 10 electromagnetic pulse (EMP) armed Iskander-M tactical ballistic cruise missiles at “previously selected targets” to include central Norway and the Ju Aymah oil terminal complex in Saudi Arabia.

The criteria necessary for these targeting “options”, this report says, includes the necessity of crippling Saudi Arabia’s ability to ship oil from its Ju Aymah oil complex (one of the largest in the world) while at the same time denying the US the ability to access the massive amounts of new tanks and armored vehicles they have placed over the past year in a series of climate-controlled caves in central Norway.

In preparation for this “Shock of March” battle plan, this report continues, the MoD this week has also begun large-scale exercises of Russian radiation, chemical, and biological defense troops on seven firing ranges in the Southern Military District (SMD), as well as the Crimean Peninsula and Armenia.

The “strategic platforms” to be utilized in these attacks, MoD experts in this report state, will be the Caspian Flotilla which will attack Saudi Arabia with Iskander EMP cruise missiles and then Iskander Northern Fleet based EMP cruise missiles are to be fired into central and northern Norway.
Upon the successful crippling of Norway’s military/industrial/civilian electronic and telecommunications infrastructure, this report says, special forces (Spetsnaz) troops that have been building up in the Murmansk Oblast will then cross the border between the two nations to both secure vital airfields and destroy all of the stored American war supplies found there, after which they will leave Norwegian territory when a negotiated settlement to end hostilities is reached.
The legal authorization for attacking Saudi Arabia, MoD experts in this report say, is based upon the Kingdom’s “act of economic warfare against the (Russian) Federation” in flooding the world with oil in order to collapse the Russian economy, a fact even the Obama regime linked New York Times was forced to admit this past week (read also here).

Likewise, these MoD experts in this report state, the legal authorization for attacking US/NATO ally Norway is based upon the United States declaration of war authorized by House Resolution 788 this past December and supported by the Obama regime.

In order to prevent this “Shock of March” battle plan from triggering an all-out nuclear war, this report continues, all EU/NATO nations will be immediately notified that should they in any way retaliate against Federation forces a full scale attack utilizing Iskander EMP ballistic missiles will be launched against them from the Kaliningrad Oblast, and which are able to target all EU military targets in less than 15 minutes.

Important to note, this report says, is that in their knowledge of this conflict to come, both Germany and France have announced they will not send weapons to Ukraine, with the Germans going further and stating publically that have cut off all arms sales to Saudi Arabia too.

Most dangerous, however, this report continues, remains the United States, and that MoD experts grimly note may not even be under the control of President Obama anymore.

Supporting this MoD statement, this report notes, are the new documents and tapes released in Washington D.C. this past week detailing how former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton personally directed the destruction of the Libyan government over the objections of both the Obama regime and the Pentagon.

Even worse, this report warns, is that should Hillary Clinton actually be in charge of the US government, she is acting in the capacity of a “wounded eagle” after her son-in-law, Marc Mezvinsky, is reported to have lost, to date, over $200 million of the Clinton families personal fortune by betting the wrong way on Greek government bonds.
And so bad has the situation in Greece become, this report notes, UK Chancellor George Osborne warned yesterday that Greece’s standoff with Eurozone governments and international creditors poses a greater threat to the global economy than conflict in the Middle East, climate change and rising tensions between Russia and the West.

With Greece now refusing to even negotiate with its creditors before its 28 February deadline before it defaults, and with President Putin, likewise, nearing a decision to call in the Federations $3 billion loan to Ukraine which will cause that nation to default in March too, this MoD report concludes, it is no surprise that China’s top rating agency, Dagong, warned this week that the world is heading for a financial crisis worse than in 2008… and which the “Shock of March” battle plan was designed for in order to protect the Russian Federation.

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OPEC Puppets and Canada Give Away Their Oil – Bullion Bulls Canada

Sprott Money News

The world is running out of oil. This basic fact highlights my previous article why Russia may target Norway and Saudi Arabia, two key producers of oil to establish itself as a nuclear oil superpower, the only one after the shale fracking industry of the USA has already collapsed. The new world war will begin as an oil war – a war for the diminishing resources on the 3D planet of dogs.


The world is running out of oil. Peak Oil is a reality, all that is open to debate is how fast production will drop off, and how quickly the world will simply run out of oil. The lack of certainty is due to the fact that (as with everything else) we can’t trust the “official” numbers fed to us, with respect to either global production or global reserves.
Numbers supplied by Saudi Arabia’s corrupt monarchy have been regarded with deep suspicion, for many years, based on inconsistencies in the numbers themselves, and the high degree of secrecy within the Saudi oil industry. More recently; the massive conspiracy with respect to U.S. “shale oil” has now been exposed, with actual supply being as little as 4% of the fantastic “reserves” claimed by the Shale Charlatans.

What does it mean when we live in a world of diminishing (oil) supply, and seemingly inexhaustible (oil) demand? It means this is the classic “sellers’ market”. That is fact #1.
Fact #2 is the brazen admission by the U.S.’s puppet-president, Barack Obama, that the U.S. government (or rather its banker Masters) has been deliberately manipulating oil prices lower, as “part of its strategy” of economic terrorism against Russia. This is outrageous, on multiple levels.
1) The matter-of-fact manner in which Barack Obama acknowledged this market manipulation epitomizes the crime syndicate mentality of the U.S. regime, and the other puppet regimes of the West under the direct control of the One Bank. Absolutely no respect for the Rule of Law.
2) In a world of vanishing oil; it is recklessly irresponsible to manipulate oil prices lower, since under-pricing anything inevitably stimulates over-consumption. The fastest way to squander our remaining stockpiles of oil (obviously) is to put them “on sale”.
3)  The fact that this fascist government now openly engages in unilateral acts of economic terrorism against other nations proves that internationally, the United States is now a pariah regime.
Equally outrageous is the lack of response to the reckless economic terrorism of the United States, specifically the lack of response by many of the world’s largest oil-producing nations. In particular; noteworthy for their absolute lack of response are the OPEC nations – and Canada.
What is the appropriate response of any oil-producing nation, upon learning that the U.S. is (deliberately) driving-down oil prices, effectively stealing the oil production of these oil-producing nations, and thus perpetrating its economic terrorism against them, as well? The response is as obvious as it is simple. Cut off supply.
Indeed, this was the entire raison d’être for the creation of OPEC: uniting Arab oil producers so that they gave themselves the option of “turning off the taps” if oil prices weren’t high enough. Clearly when a Rogue Regime publicly proclaims that it has manipulated oil prices 50% lower as a deliberate act of economic terrorism, then prices cannot be “high enough”.

Yet with the 21st century governments of most OPEC regimes now mere sock-puppets of the U.S.’s own puppet-regime, we have all the OPEC Puppets pretending they are powerless. Then there is Canada. Canada’s Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, has also been guilty of perpetrating economic terrorism, and it also involves the manipulation of oil prices.
The obvious difference is that Stephen Harper’s victims are his own people. It is Canadians who have been callously exploited with Harper’s treasonous “energy policy”. What is Harper’s policy on energy? Giving away as much of it as possible, as fast as possible, to his own beloved Master, the U.S. government.
In a sellers’ market; Stephen Harper recklessly ramped-up production of Canada’s tar sands oil – the ‘dirtiest’ oil on the planet – and then immediately began giving away all this oil, to the U.S., at a 1/3rddiscount versus prevailing ‘spot’ prices (as much as $40/barrel below prevailing prices). The excuse given by the Harper regime for squandering Canada’s oil reserves is as inept as Harper himself.
The “reason” Canada’s oil is being sold for less than anywhere else on the planet is because (supposedly) there is a lack of refining facilities to process this particular type of crude. We know this is a lie. How? Because Stephen Harper (fortunately) doesn’t run Canada’s government all by himself. He has advisors.
What would have happened as Harper began recklessly ramping-up tar sands production? His advisors would have posed two questions to this Traitor. To whom are you going to sell all this oil? Where will it berefined?
When the Harper regime realized it had no answers (at all) to these questions, any honest government would have immediately adopted one or all of the following policies:
1)  Lined-up all its customers for this precious commodity, in advance, with long-term contracts.
2)  Ensured that it had constructed its own refining facilities, to eliminate the current, feeble excuse given by the Harper regime.
3)  Scaled-back tar sands production until it had satisfactory answers to those two, ultra-obvious questions.
While the economic incompetence of Harper and his Conservative regime is legendary; not even the Conservatives could be so utterly clueless as to fail to ask themselves those two, obvious questions. And once realizing they had no answers to those questions; the appropriate policy responses are as obvious as the questions themselves.
Canada’s oil give-away (to the U.S.) is obvious treason, and it raises another obvious question. With the U.S.’s pariah government having knocked $50/barrel off of the price of oil, and with Canada previously selling its oil at the give-away price of roughly $60/barrel (i.e. before the U.S. economic terrorism); how much is the U.S. paying today for Canadian oil? Put another way; how much is Canada losing on every barrel of oil it gives-away to the U.S.? Is the U.S. paying anything, at all?
With tar sands oil costing between $60 – $100 per barrel to extract; Canada was already losing money on its tar sands oil before Barak Obama (and the bankers) launched their economic terrorism on the oil market. Apart from the obvious strategic reasons to cut-off Canadian oil production (until prices are once again at least quasi-legitimate); the Canadian economy cannot afford to lose this much money, giving away the world’s most-precious commodity. Harper’s treason has now descended into outright economic insanity.
Barack Obama’s brazen admission that the U.S. is perpetrating economic terrorism against (primarily) Russia, via attacking the global oil market, has revealed two things to the world. First it has shown that the U.S. has now publicly/officially adopted the philosophy of government-by-crime-syndicate (i.e. fascism).
Equally obvious; it has revealed the governments of the Puppet Producers for what they really are. These governments who are stewards of most of the world’s precious, remaining stockpiles of oil not only cannot be trusted to administer this responsibility in the best interests of humanity, these ultra-corrupt regimes cannot even be trusted to represent the interests of their own populations.
There are two (new) enormous crimes currently being committed within the global community. One of those crimes is the (latest) economic terrorism being perpetrated by the U.S. – meaning the latest economic terrorism perpetrated by its puppet-master, the One Bank.
The other, gigantic crime is the treasonous manner in which the Puppet Producers are (literally) “selling out” their own people. The economic terrorism of the U.S. is obviously the larger crime in terms of sheer magnitude. But the despicable manner in which the Puppet Producers are betraying their own people is arguably the worst of the two crimes.

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How the Psychopathology of the One Bank’s Banksters Will Destroy the Orion Matrix

Greek Election Results Worry the Banksters
Jeff Nielson, Sprott Money , Feb 5, 2014
This is another piece in the mosaic of the End Time scenario. The One bank of the Archons and their human minions wanted to enslave humanity by raising the debt indefinitely and impoverishing the people till final enslavement. Now this is backlashing as the people reject to pay the debt of their countries in toilet paper money printed out of thin air with their blood and tears. The destructive nature of the cabal’s psychopathology began with the cradle of Western civilisation, in Greece and will end up there in a full vicious circle. Greece may not succeed to sign any agreement with the One Bank, but it will be the catalyst to destroy the Orion monetary system very soon. All parameters point now south and the collapse is imminent. One must be blind not to see it.
This explains why the Western cabal are now attacking Russia so desperately – they are running out of oil, out of money, out of army and they are losing the support of their voters. This is a deadly cocktail of circumstances that will cause very soon the implosion of the Orion matrix. Everything is unfolding in a most beautiful manner and it is an aesthetic pleasure for me to watch this spectacle as its co-creator from the first row.

It becomes easier and easier to translate the propaganda of the One Bank (delivered by its messengers in the Corporate media) because the patterns of behavior of this crime syndicate continue to become more blatant/obvious.
The One Bank does not want to see any ‘defections’ amongst the member-states of the EU (i.e. any splintering of this totalitarian entity). The obvious reason for this is that the EU has morphed into a monetary straitjacket, as a single banking entity (the ECB) controls the printing presses of all EU states. To grasp the significance of this; we need merely refer back to the words of Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744 – 1812), the original patriarch of the Rothschild clan, and architect of the One Bank.
Give me control of a nation’s money supply, and I care not who makes the laws.
As has been observed previously; this mantra simply expresses the ‘logic’ of the criminal mind. Any corrupt operator of a nation’s printing press has effective access to unlimited amounts of “money”. And with all that currency; the Criminal can then buyall the makers-of-laws – as we see today with all these puppet regimes.
The One Bank does not want to see the EU begin to splinter, because it is much more efficient to rape Europe’s economies with a single central bank than to have to perpetrate its financial terrorism with multiple entities. Consequently, the One Bank had a clear “favorite” in Greece’s just-completed election: the incumbent coalition, whom it had previously bullied into submission.
That corrupt coalition lost, and lost badly. But that’s only the first of the banksters’ problems. Greece’s Syriza Party (a protest-party which rose up after it became obvious to the people that all established political parties had been corrupted/ bought-off by the One Bank) is officially described as being “anti-austerity”.
Here it is important to note that Europe’s utterly failed experiment with “Austerity” was nothing but a sham, simply a dramatic acceleration of the economic rape being inflicted upon all Western nations by the One Bank. Out of the West’s crippled economies; which ones boast the least economic carnage today? Those nations who never embarked upon this economic suicide.
Furthermore, all of the European nations which had been perpetrating hardcore Austerity on their own populations have all been forced to back-off (to “Austerity Lite”), in order to prevent the total implosion of their economies. But to officially acknowledge that (so-called) Austerity was never a legitimate policy brands most of the governments of Europe as traitor regimes. Thus Austerity is still, officially, a “good idea” in the fantasy-world created by the One Bank – which readers now know as the Wonderland Matrix.
The problem faced by this crime syndicate as “the Greek crisis” deepens is the same problem which eventually besets all psychopaths: they create a no-win scenario which threatens them with their own demise. While the One Bank (and psychopaths, in general) attempt to engage in long-range strategies, problems inevitably arise in the tactical execution of such strategies.
The principal problem is the psyche of the psychopaths, themselves. They don’t simply “want” things, they want them now. Thus inevitably psychopaths adopt the behavior pattern of the bully/criminal (or “terrorist”). Instead of employing subtlety and patience; psychopaths generally cannot resist the urge to resort to brute-force, as the quickest/easiest way to get from where they are to where they want to go.
What happens to those who go through life as the proverbial bull-in-the-china-shop? They break a lot of china – and that produces consequences. It is these “consequences” for which psychopaths inevitably fail to plan: the repercussions of their own crimes.
Greece Prepares For This Weekend's General ElectionThese consequences then inevitably lead to “crises” (of one form of another), prompting yet more brute-force tactics from the psychopaths (as a response), which then produces still more unintended consequences. Eventually, the psychopath creates the no-win scenario. At this point, with no more “solutions” available (legal or illegal); the psychopaths are relegated to simply delaying their own loss.This, in general, summarizes the current paradigm involving Greece and its status as an EU member-state. The One Bank destroyed Greece’s economy in 2010, as a warning/demonstration to other EU governments of what it could do – andwould do – should any seek to defy its tyrannical, financial hegemony.The banksters felt it necessary to conduct this (at that point) unprecedented act of economic terrorism after Iceland had broken free of its financial choke-hold, and other Western governments (including Greece) were showing similar inclinations. It’s method of destroying Greece’s economy was to manipulate interest rates on Greece’s debt to ultra-extreme levels, thus guaranteeing the bankruptcy of that economy, simply from the interest payments on its huge, national debt.
The chart below shows how Greek interest rates were manipulated higher (to destroy the economy), and then immediately manipulated back lower, once its incumbent political parties capitulated to the One Bank’s economic terrorism. We know this was all manipulation, because all during the time that Greece’s interest rates catapulted higher, and then immediately plummeted lower,nothing changed in Greece’s economy.
Since its economy was destroyed in 2010, there is still no economic growth of any kind, there is still obscene unemployment throughout the nation, and despite already defaulting on 75% of its debts, and despite the dramatic drop in interest rates, it continues to teeter on bankruptcy. The dramatic drop in Greek interest rates could only be an act of fraudulent manipulation, thus the equally extreme spike which preceded it had to be a reciprocal act of fraudulent manipulation.
The reason that Greece’s economic demise has deteriorated into this no-win scenario, which threatens the viability of the European Union itself, is that all the One Bank knows how to do is to destroy things, and the economic paradigm it has brutally imposed upon Europe is capable of doing nothing but raping-and-pillaging. Thus, after totally destroying Greece’s economy; the One Bank is now face-to-face with the children’s fable of “Humpty Dumpty”.
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall,
All the king’s horses
and all the King’s men
couldn’t put Humpty together again.
The One Bank decided it had to destroy Greece’s economy to “send a message.” The problem is that it never occurred to these psychopaths that it would be necessary to fix Greece’s economy (at least somewhat), in order for its paradigm of economic oppression to remain viable.
Now, with Greece’s economy totally/utterly destroyed; the One Bank sees that it has run out of “plans”. None of its “horses” (the central bankers), and none of its “men” (the traitor politicians) can “put Humpty together again.”
The problem is that if they do take any positive actions to even slightly repair Greece’s economy, such actions would have to be virtually totally opposite to all their current “policies” (of endless raping-and-pillaging). In turn; taking such actions would reveal that the “policies” of all Europe’s other Traitor Governments were/are entirely opposite to what they should have been doing, all along. Gluing Humpty Dumpty back together would reveal the Invisible Hammer which the One Bank is still using to smash all of Europe’s other economies.
Enter the Syriza Party. What would be the only thing “worse” (for the One Bank) than using its own traitor politicians to fix Greece’s economy? Watching as a new political party not (yet) under its thumb was successful in doing so.
What would go through the minds of the peoples of Europe (as their own economies crumble) if they see a “new political party” rise up in Greece, and actually fix things? The peoples of Europe would think to themselves “we need a new political party, too.” By the time the dominoes had finished falling; all of the One Bank’s puppet regimes would be swept out of power.
No win.
Here is where we see the repetitive patterns of behavior. What does the One Bank do each time it creates some “no-win scenario” for itself? Lie, stall, and whack precious metals. Thus we see the following (predictable) script unfold, after the victory.
Gold prices are moderately lower in early U.S. trading Monday, on a classic “sell-the-fact” scenario following the Greek election results on Sunday. Traders had “bought the rumor” last week…
For those readers who aren’t familiar with such market lingo, let’s translate this into plain english. Precious metals prices were rising as we headed toward the Greek election, for the obvious reason that the expected result (a Syriza win) instantly/obviously destabilizes the EU – causing any Smart Money that still exists to move toward the eternal, financial security of precious metals.
What we’re supposed to believe (if we listen to the Liars) is that the “reason” that gold and silver prices are lower today, after this protest party has successfully come to power, is because traders are “selling the fact”. However, the Liars themselves immediately point out that their own explanation is utter nonsense:
Important weekend news saw the Greek anti-austerity party win by a wider-than-expected margin on Sunday.  [emphasis mine]
With Syriza’s win described by the propaganda machine itself as both “important” and “wider than expected”; it is logically impossible for traders to be “selling the fact” today – because they had never previously “bought the rumor”. With the wider-than-expected victory being (by definition) a surprise; the only possible direction in which legitimate gold/silver markets could have moved today is higher.
As the dust settles; the One Bank is now left to choose between bad and worse options. If it allows Syriza to fix Greece’s shattered economy (and make the EU economically viable), it creates the political “domino effect” previously described. Conversely, if it now seeks to undermine and sabotage Greece’s new government at every opportunity (which is how it usually deals with its “enemies”), it simply accelerates the speed with which Greece’s economy folds completely, it’s forced to leave the EU, and thus the EU itself begins to splinter back into its various, sovereign entities.
With the psychopaths of the One Bank being (by definition) completely amoral, and thus inherently atheistic; it should be of no surprise that they are oblivious to the wisdom passed down via religious Scriptures:
As ye sow; so shall ye reap.
Actions have consequences. It’s a simple concept, yet one which remains eternally beyond the grasp of the psychopathic mind, even when they mouth the words with their own drones.
The One Bank created Syriza (as a consequence of its own acts). The One Bank elected Syriza. And now it has absolutely no idea as to what to do about it.
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5_ _Collapsing Linear Time Through Delivering the 9/11 Codes of Ascension | samkaska

Origen: 5_ _Collapsing Linear Time Through Delivering the 9/11 Codes of Ascension | samkaska



5_ _Collapsing Linear Time Through Delivering the 9/11 Codes of Ascension

* * *

Collapsing Linear Time Through Delivering the 9/11 Codes of Ascension

Georgi Stankov, September 24, 2015

This night, exactly at the beginning of the fall equinox (Sept 23), we delivered to humanity the 9/11 codes, which the PAT received from the Source and incorporated within its Unity Christed Consciousness when we connected one more time in a most powerful manner through the divine symphony of the PAT on that auspicious date – September 11, 2015. As we all are now pure conduits of source light on this uppermost mother planet, all the ascension codes are flowing through our bodies, fields and chakra systems before they can be delivered to Gaia and the rest of humanity that is scheduled to ascend to the new 4D worlds. After all, we are the Logos Gods of this planet and this is our mission here on the ground.
This night humanity was ready to receive the “9/11 codes”. At the same time my HS told me that these light codes are in fact the anti-codes to the 9/11 codes of fear and further separation, which the dark cabal inserted in the human DNA with their capital crime on humanity on that date. Since then humanity has changed for the worse in a very palpable and depressing manner and for everybody who has carefully watched the collective behaviour before and after that dark date, the deterioration in human thinking, doing and morality is significant and very appalling. This reflects the further devolution of the 3D matrix that will be severed very soon and will be incorporated into the lower 3D and 4D timelines, while Gaia will ascend. She is now on the verge of doing so. Actually Gaia has ascended when we created Gaia 5 in December 2013 and now she is only retrieving her uppermost mother planet after separating it through an ID shift from this 3D overlay.
While this process of separation is running in full force since May 2013 when we created the first seven lower 4D earths, what we now experience consciously on this uppermost mother planet, where we are already vibrating in 5D and higher dimensions while still in a physical 3D body, is the rapid collapse of linear time. This key component of any 3D holographic model is a total illusion with respect to the true nature of energy, but it is the dominating factor in any 3D existence and 3D perception of incarnated sentient beings, be they human or a different kind of species.
The dominance of linear time in shaping human life and reality has exponentially increased in the last two centuries with the emergence of capitalism when the vast portion of humans in the western world had to arrange their life around the clock and doing working shifts. Before that, in a vastly rural society, human life had been following more or less the natural rhythm of the seasons and the physiological needs of the people. The more rigid life became under the dictate of the clock, the bigger the separation of all humans from the Source and their higher selves became. This only reinforced the illusion of linear time.
Essentially most humans began to lower their frequencies and to descend into higher densities since the Industrial revolution. This downward spiral of the vast majority of incarnated human souls on the earth was compensated by a growing number of old and ripe souls who began with the opposite movement of ascension, first by expanding their world view in the Age of Enlightenment (essentially 18th and early 19th century). The sharpening of the human minds that were still very much crashed by the Dark Ages of total religious oppression took place in the fields of modern science, which was established with the beginning of capitalism and, reinforced through mass education, influenced significantly the minds of the following generations up to the present day. This, notwithstanding the fact that nowadays people are no longer able to understand the major tenets of science as this was the case at the beginning of this new form of Orion religion of human separation from the source when the basic scientific dogmas were not yet so rigidly established as is the case today.
As everything we observe in this world of polarity is based on dialectical opposites, science essentially triggered two diametrically opposite trends in human minds. The old souls and some ripe souls, who were able to expand their awareness through science, developed a very healthy skepticism towards the putative achievements of these new abstract disciplines of knowledge, such as modern mathematics, physics and bio-sciences, as the leading scientific discussions at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century reflect.  At the same time the vast majority of humans followed slavishly the newly established scientific dogmas of empiricism as the only source of true knowledge with regard to how nature operates and “puts the pieces together”.
The people of modern time began eagerly to discard the remnants of their transcendental views that they had inherited from traditional religions and which were still not fully spoiled and hijacked by the power-over-others-driven, reckless, dark pastors, who used religion as a powerful vehicle to promote total enslavement of humanity, as the current pope will try to achieve in one last futile effort this week when the fate of agenda 2030, which is the agenda of the NWO, will be discussed at the General Assembly of the UN in New York.
That is why in the 19th century education was considered a welcome tool of liberation from the religious enslavement of the masses but, as it always happens on this toxic planet, only the labels were exchanged and one insidious form of spiritual enslavement was substituted with another mental form of separation from the source and subjugation to the dark ruling cabal. This recent history of mankind should be well-known to all of you and therefore I will no delve into it in more detail here.
However, the dialectical nature of All-That-Is always creates myriad creationary results. While for the majority of humans the new age of capitalism and national states meant further separation from the source and a descent to higher densities as state slaves, where linear time became an omnipresent tormentor of human existence that prevented any spontaneous creation in the Now, which itself was reduced to a fleeting non-existent moment, a small but steadily growing fraction of humanity began to cherish for the first time the increasing prosperity of the Gründerzeit (Founder Time, Begin of the 20th century) that allowed an easier life away from daily drudgery for survival and a dedication to intellectual activities that automatically led to transcendental issues.
It is a matter of fact that the founders of the new esoteric movements at that time (e.g. Theosophic society, etc.) and many of their followers were wealthy people that could afford this kind of “lazy” intellectuality, at a time when the oppressed proletariat had to work 16 hours a day to barely survive. The term “Manchester capitalism” is paradigmatic for this period of utmost poverty and oppression of the masses as first introduced in the darkest country in this world, as Rob from GB correctly observed in his recent post.
Why is this discussion so important? Because the perception of linear time and its elimination is entirely the result of human education as supported by the evolution of the incarnated soul as long as she dwells in a physical human body. If today most of the agnostic humans consider linear time as the only true reality and subsequently reject our multidimensional view of the world that recognizes the notion of linear time as the greatest illusion of all time, this is to a large extent the result of their flawed education based on wrong scientific dogmas and ideas.
Although most humans nowadays are incapable of grasping any foundational idea, on which modern science is based, the damage of their minds through the education of such flawed disciplines is almost irreparable. Because people who are intimidated by science, by the simple fact that they do not grasp it but at the same time had to consider its central role in the current agnostic society, are more prone to perpetuate the concept of linear time than a native who has always lived in nature and for whom life unfolds in a magical manner in the Now moment.
However, the abolition of the notion of linear time cannot take place by returning back to the pristine life of natives as human society has advanced beyond this point, but by the further expansion of abstract human thinking, which was once the driving motor of scientific education in the Age of Enlightenment. Ultimately, humans must understand in a fundamental theoretical manner what linear time really is and how this illusion is created in the first place in the human mind, before they can eliminate this concept consciously once and for all. In my five books on Gnosis, I have dedicated a large portion of my discussions to this central issue of human cognition and have highlighted it from different angles.
Let me summarize the problem here one more time for the sake of clarity. The human mind can perceive energy only as space-time. This fact is the basis for the development of the theory of relativity, first in the theory of electromagnetism by a number of physicists, first and foremost by Lorentz, and only later presented in a more general form by Einstein, who unfortunately failed to grasp the primordial role of the human mind in creating the illusionary concept of space-time and searched instead in vain for a solution in the external physical world.
Finally in 1995, the essence, and riddle, of space-time was resolved in an unequivocal manner by myself in the course of the discovery of the Universal Law and the integration of physics and science under this Law of One.
The basis of any true understanding of space-time as the only possible perception of energy by the carbon-based human mind is that space-time has only two dimensions – space and time – as its name already suggests. All other physical dimensions in the SI system, which conventional physics currently employs, such as charge, mass, etc, can be derived from these two dimensions or constituents of space-time = energy and thus can be eliminated for ever from this science. This is already a huge revolution in human scientific perception.
And here comes the next revolutionary insight: Human mind is connected to the human brain and the latter operates as a very slow biological computer that consists of a very large number of neurological synapses. The key characteristics of these synapses is that they are very slow as there is always a retardation in the transfer of neurological signals in form of actions potentials at the junction of each two neurons that is defined as a “synapse”. This retardation of signals creates the illusion of linear time as in reality energy is simultaneous. This is how the illusion of linear time is created at the mind-brain level of human perception.
At the cosmological level, all information accessible to humans is based on the electromagnetic spectrum and the propagation of light with the finite speed of approx. 299 792 458 m/s. The combination of these two effects – the retardation of neuronal signals within the human mind-brain system and from without in the cosmological space by the finite speed of light – have created the most persistent and resistant illusion of all – the existence of linear time.
This illusion is in the core of this and any other 3D holographic model, which allows only the sequential perception of events along an irreversible time axis. If human perception would have been in the position to perceive simultaneously all events from various timelines and parallel worlds beyond the limitation of the finite velocity of the light, then this whole 3D holographic experiment of incarnation must be wrapped up and we shall have ascended.
This is what will happen when our final transfiguration from carbon-based bodies into crystalline light bodies will occur. In fact we are in the middle of this process and our awareness is exponentially leaving the linear time, which now collapses as we experience the transition of our focus of attention from this linear time to the simultaneity of many parallel events and realities. We, the PAT, can do this because we have already built our crystalline light body and brain and, although we still dwell in a carbon-based physical body and use our biological brain for the most part, we can now easily switch between the two brains /minds and perceptions.
In fact, we are constantly fluctuating between our linear perception of time and this reality and our multidimensional simultaneous perception of many higher dimensional worlds with the help of our crystalline light brain and mind. As these fluctuations are so rapid, in the range of nanoseconds, we cannot keep the memories of this expanded awareness in our slow-operating, carbon-based, neuronal brain where the major focus of our awareness is still located in order to perpetuate the current 3D holographic model.
Now, when we speak of “collapsing linear time” in the course of our ascension, we must bear in mind that this is accomplished by a gradual transition of our main awareness from the current limited biological brain to the already existing crystalline light body brain, which processes higher dimensional energy beyond the limited speed of light as pertinent to the electromagnetic spectrum.
It is as if we use two computers at the same time – a very slow Atari computer of our human brain as a terminal and a very powerful supercomputer in the background as a central unit. However, as we can only process data by the slow Atari computer of our bio-brain, all the massive data which the supercomputer generates cannot be processed and reproduced by the Atari PC of our brains and stays invisible in the background. However, the very moment we switch directly to the supercomputer, we have a totally new world and experience based on a new plethora of data that is now accessible to us. This is how our final ascension will happen from an energetic point of view. That is why I am speaking of “transfiguration” or “phase transition” as this is the more appropriate term to describe this energetic event.
Below, I will publish the latest message from Sue that also addresses the issue of collapsing linear time, however in the usual popular esoteric manner without explaining the cognitive aspects that are involved in the current illusionary human perception of linear time. The key knowledge that Sue, and probably many of you, have not fully grasped yet – and I am making this statement based on my personal discussions with Sue and many of you – is that the human mind can only measure linear time if it arrests the frequencies of all energetic events and consider them as solid, fixed bodies. This also holds true for space distances.
I have proved that conventional physics, in its present form, is essentially applied 2D and 3D space geometry, and in more advanced models a multidimensional geometry of the still static and empty space. Physics cannot assess energy as a dynamic space-time as it lacks the proper mathematics which should be based on transcendental numbers and such mathematics has yet to be developed.
For theoretical purpose, you should know once and for all that linear conventional time t is a synonym of space or distance s:
t = s
while frequency is absolute time – f, which is reciprocal to linear time t and space s:
f = 1/s, t
As both space and absolute time/frequency are reciprocal, canonically conjugated entities, they constantly change their magnitude in an interrelated manner, so that, strictly speaking, it is impossible to measure them. This fact has been reflected in the breaking of the wave function and the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, which is in the core of all quantum indeterminism. The full extent of this knowledge has not been grasped by any scientist before, and even after, I discovered the dialectical nature of space-time as they are not capable of reaching this utmost form of abstract scientific thinking.
And this leads to my last point. While we are now constantly expanding our awareness by switching over to our crystalline minds in order to be able to collapse linear time at the moment of our final transfiguration, all humans who will not ascend but will only move to the new 4D worlds can only expand their awareness and overcome linear time by grasping the nature of this illusory dimension through the new theory of the Universal Law. As long they have not build their own crystalline bodies and brains, they must make the best use of their biological brains and expand them slowly beyond their current limited perception by adopting the new scientific concepts of space-time in the light of the Universal Law.
This is the preeminent role of the new theory of the Universal law that is opposite to past conventional science. While the latter teaches all humans to arrest frequency (absolute time) automatically in the human brain as to measure correctly space in an illusory, immovable world, the former introduces for the first time the dynamic perception of space-time both in scientific observations and in daily life.
When this intellectual achievement is fully incorporated into the collective consciousness, then the next step to mass ascension can be made. This will happen gradually in the new 4D worlds, but the process of change has already commenced on this uppermost mother planet with the spearhead of humanity – the PAT. We are now collapsing linear time in our perceptions energetically by switching more and more to the crystalline mind of our HS, before the rest of ascending humanity can do it in a more theoretical, scientific manner in the new 4D worlds in the distant future.
Collapsing Time
The Arcturians, channelled by Suzanne Lie, September 23, 2015
As time continues to collapse, the concept of remembering is gradually replaced with the concept of KNOWING. At first, “knowing” feels similar to remembering, but you increasingly realize that remembering had doubt, whereas knowing IS. In other words, when you KNOW, you are free of all doubt.
Being free of doubt is difficult as there is nowhere to hide, and you are completely vulnerable and in the daily process of full disclosure of ALL that has blocked your ascension so far.
This freedom from doubt is amazingly liberating. Most of you have had no idea how much doubt interfered in your life, as you had never lived without it.Freedom from doubt allows you to progress deeper and deeper into the NOW of “knowing.”
Remembering is a time-based concept because you perceive your self in the present while you begin to remember the past. Therefore, remembering is a third/fourth dimensional construct.
We use the word “construct” because your third/fourth dimensional brain has constructed a “barrier” around unsafe memories from your past. That “past” could have been yesterday or myriad lives ago in your third-dimensional time.
However, as third/fourth dimensional time begins to collapse, it is replaced with the no-time of fifth-dimensional NOW. In other words, as the third/dimensional time slowly unravels within the synapses of your physical brain, you begin to search for what you believe you have lost.
It is within this searching that you begin to find your SELF. Now your Higher SELF will likely be galactic and/or celestial beings. Yes, you ALL have many versions of your multidimensional self.
The versions of your multidimensional self that you will first remember are the ones with whom you have been consciously or unconsciously communicating with for a “long time.” If you have been consciously communicating with your expanded SELF, you may or may not have recognized that they are higher dimensional expressions of your Multidimensional SELF.
Once you realize that YOU, the one wearing the earth vessel, is just one of the myriad versions of your true, multidimensional self, the release of time will greatly accelerate. You will gradually realize that you are going through the familiar process of growing up.
However, with this “growing up”, your body is not just maturing from an infant, to a baby, to toddler, to a child. In this NOW, you are growing literally UP – not in age but in dimension. In fact, once you move even into the mid-planes of the fourth dimension, you will realize how very child-like you were while limited to your third dimensional reality.
As your concepts of time are placed within the NOW, your concepts of space are replaced by HERE. Some of you have chosen a slow, gradual progression of your “return to SELF.” Others have chosen a very swift alteration of your perception of time, as well as your perception of your own self.
However, no matter how gradual you chose for your “return to SELF,” as Gaia’s return to Her fifth dimensional SELF accelerates, all Her humans will need to release their addiction to third dimensional time and space. Those who are not able to release the operating system of the third dimensional matrix, will remain on the third dimensional matrix.
This third dimensional matrix has become too constricting for Gaia’s expanding frequencies of Earth. Therefore, she will shed it, much like a hermit crab sheds a shell, which it has outgrown. However, Gaia will not leave her “shell on the ocean floor” like a hermit crab.
Instead, that matrix will be relocated to another, younger planet whose primary resonance will remain in the third dimension for many millennia. Those who are only aware of the matrix as their ONLY reality, will have third dimensional time to continue their process of returning to SELF (This includes all Internet trolls. note, George)
Those who remain with ascending Gaia may or may not be aware of those who have left their reality because their experience of reality will be shifting so quickly. Furthermore, the lifting up of those who are ready to return to SELF has been occurring for much of your “time.”
Hence, those who wish to return to their multidimensional self and those who are not ready to make that shift have already moved into very different lifestyles and versions of reality. Most of those who have chosen to return to their higher dimensional expression have already released people, places, and experiences that bind them to the matrix.
Most of you, the ascending ones, have been aware of this release. In fact, you have lived within an ever-accelerating process of “letting go” of that which binds you to the 3D Matrix. With the release of your former, third-dimensional limitations, you are discovering that “time” is increasingly collapsing into the NOW.
Within that NOW, you are beginning to remember your higher dimensional expressions of reality. Many of you are connecting with your higher dimensional self either via meditation and/or daily communication.
At first, your third dimensional brain doubted these communications, but NOW you are learning to live by them. You are increasingly seeking guidance from within your own higher dimensional self.
 This inner guidance is preparing you for the shift from the third dimensional operating of time and separation to the multidimensional operating system of NOW and Unity with all life. Fortunately, your “individual” shifts are uniting into a “wave of multidimensional energy fields and thought forms.”
As more and more of you participate in this collective experience, this “multidimensional wave” will be expanding enough to “grab the attention” of many who have been trapped in third dimensional illusion.
Therefore, we ask that you, the ones who are fully awakened and ready for active duty, assist the newly awakening ones in whatever manner you chose before you took this incarnation.
Yes, you, our volunteers to assist Gaia, wrote your own Mission Statements before you entered the earth vessel you are currently wearing. The first clue to remembering your own Mission Statement is that you will LOVE doing it.
In fact, you will likely feel impelled and driven to “do” what you have chosen to “do” before you took this form. We say “DO” because we need your help. We do not need your help because we cannot “do it ourselves.”
We need your help because Gaia is a “free will” planet. Therefore, the members of Her planet must create their own realty. We know that to many of you it does not appear that you have created your own reality. But that is because you were lost to the “power over others” virus that invaded Gaia’s operating system long, long ago.
Gaia chose a very difficult operating system of “free will.” Free will is beautiful when guided by power-within self and unconditional love. However, that free will is very difficult when tainted by power-over others and fear-based emotions of control.
It is for this reason, that so many galactic and celestial beings are actively assisting Gaia. We discovered that humanity was still too lost in illusion to believe our landings in your past decades.
Hence, many our emissaries of LIGHT have chosen to actually take a human body to work from within the 3D operating system. It was a very long and difficult assignment for many of us, but we are now beginning to see the results.
Whereas once the “sightings” of our crafts brought terror and threats of war, these “sightings” are now welcomed with joy and hope. Dear members of Gaia’s ascending Earth, we commend you on your magnificent RETURN TO SELF.
Therefore, we are continuing our “Transmissions to Earth.” However, we are now sending the messages to you, who will translate your Light Language to your 3D language. We are presenting them in this fashion to encourage ALL of you to remember how YOU receive our Light Language, and how YOU translate into your 3D language.
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