sharing.:::. What Motivates Extreme Athletes? — Science of Us ,:::. JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP XII – THE ASCENSION OF ARCTURUS | psycho

sharing.:::. What Motivates Extreme Athletes? — Science of Us ,:::. JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP XII – THE ASCENSION OF ARCTURUS | psycho.

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sharing.:::. What Motivates Extreme Athletes? — Science of Us ,:::. JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP XII – THE ASCENSION OF ARCTURUS

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Trip to the Mothership Part XII

Oversoul of the Mothership

Arcturian Ascension Part 2

Where we left off: 


The growing fear made the situation go from what was once positive into something that had become very negative. Fortunately, some of the individuals found a new kind of courage—the courage to remember. As these brave humanoids allowed themselves to remember their roots, they remembered their Arcturian family who had never taken forms. Finally, the formless Arcturians could communicate with their family members who had become lost in their own judgment.

(See in this blog )


The First Ones to Awaken

In the last message the Arcturians wanted to interrupt the Mothership’s story of Arcturian Ascension to talk about Portals. Portals are an important component in ascension, as they are openings into the multidimensional aspects of all life.

When the Arcturians who had become lost in form began to remember their roots, they wanted to join with their Arcturian family. Unfortunately, this re-joining would not be as simple as they desired.

Much had occurred in their consciousness since they forgot who they were. For hundreds of thousands of turns of their planet, they believed they were separate. Within that belief in separation, grievous actions were committed. The Awakening Ones had created injury to the others and to the planet.

Hence, to fully awaken, the Awakening Ones would have to heal the injury they had caused. Perhaps then, they could reunite with their family who had remained in a formless state. First, the Awakening Ones would have to forgive themselves for doing harm to others.

Then, they would have to forgive themselves for falling into such a low state of consciousness that they believed that they were separate from their Arcturian family. Believing that they were separate from their Family had caused a deep loneliness, which had festered into fear. This fear gave them permission to do harm to others.

Only the healing force of love could heal the scars that their fear had created. But, where would they begin? What and/or whom were they supposed to love? They were stumped by this question for a long time before they realized that any permanent solution must begin at the source of the problem.

However, what was that source? Oh yes, judgment is where it all began. Since judgment had begun this cycle of fear—hurt—more fear, only the opposite of judgment could complete this cycle. But, what was the opposite of judgment? They pondered this question for more cycles of the illusion of time.

Finally, after many attempts to find the opposite of judgment, they found the answer. The healing for judgment was forgiveness. In fact, to truly clear all judgment, the forgiveness must be unconditional. They also realized that the ones they had to forgive were not just the ones they had judged, but also the ones who had made the judgments—themselves.

However, they did not know how to forgive themselves. They believed that first they would need to be forgiven by a Being higher and grander than them. Since they held that belief, they made this true. They believed this Higher Being was the Collective of the formless Arcturians.

The important part of this belief was that it encouraged them to communicate with their formless Arcturian family. But, how would they communicate with a Being that they could not perceive? Perhaps they could open a kind of Portal through which they could transmit their need for assistance.

Fortunately, a Portal is a multidimensional tunnel through which they could connect with increasingly higher octaves of their SELF. Hence, in order to continue their quest to communicate with the Formless Ones, they would have to connect with their own higher expressions of SELF. In this manner the Awakened Ones commenced their journey back to SELF.

The Merging of the Portal Openers

Fortunately, the Awakened Ones were persistent and very determined. Hence, they became the Portal Openers, and Portals into the higher dimensions began to open. When the Portal Openers sent their consciousness through the Higher Dimensional Portals, they became aware of their own multidimensional nature.

Furthermore, as the Portal Openers connected with higher and higher frequencies of their Expression of SELF, they developed a deeper and deeper connection with their Formless Family of Light. Eventually, they came to understand that their Formless Family was indeed their SELF at a higher frequency of reality.

With this new belief about the nature of their true SELF, they could more readily accept the flow of unconditional love, which had alwaysbeen flowing from the Formless Ones. Since unconditional love carries the gift of personal and planetary transmutation, the Formless Ones became known as the Transmuters.

The first, and most obvious advantage of the acceptance of the unconditional love was that it allowed the Portal Openers to love all of life, free of any judgment. Another important consequence of accepting the unconditional love was that it transmuted the Portal Opener’s judgment into forgiveness.

Because the Portal Openers accepted this unconditional love and allowed it to transmute their judgment into forgiveness, their myriad fears were transmuted into love. The return of the FEEL of love urged the Portal Openers to believe again in their Multidimensional SELF.

Hence, the Portal Openers found the courage to open more and more Portals into the unknown. As they opened these Portals, they increasingly cleared fear from themselves and from their planet. Thus, as they healed themselves they healed their Arcturian Family who was holding the form of the Planet.

As fear was cleared from their consciousness, they no longer reacted to the fear of others or the judgment that arose from that fear. Also, as the fear was cleared from the Planetary Arcturians, they could begin to heal the many wounds that had been created by the fearful, Humanoid Arcturians.

Knowing that the creators of fear were driven by fear, allowed the Portal Openers to unconditionally love those who were still lost in their judgment of others. With the release of all fear of judgment from these Lost Ones, the Portal Openers began to unite with each other in a very intimate manner.

In fact, the Portal Openers were moving into a state of Unity Consciousness with each other, which felt vaguely familiar. Gradually, they began to remember how once they were all ONE. This memory planted the first seed of Unity Consciousness within the planet.

The Expansion of Unity Consciousness

Unity Consciousness with the Planet, actually meant Unity with the Arcturians who were the holders of the form of the Planet. Unity with the Planet had to occur because the humanoids WERE the Planet. Just as some Arcturians (actually pre-Arcturians) had chosen to BE humanoids, others had chosen to BE the Planet. In fact, these Arcturians who had chosen to BE the Planet had taken on a denser matter than they had ever known. Thus, they too were lost in form.

However, if the Portal Openers were to have Unity Consciousness with their Planet, they would have to return to Unity consciousness with ALL humanoids. In other words, they would need to include the Lost Ones in their Unity Consciousness. In this manner, they could know that they had totally released their judgment.

Meanwhile, there were still many humanoids lost in their own judgment. Therefore, they lived in the fear and separation that judgment created. However, they did NOT want to change. They had experienced Power Over the others, and enjoyed that sensation. It had been so long since they had experienced unity that they only believed in separation. Hence, they continued to create separation by desiring the sensation of Power Over others.

On the other hand, the Portal Openers were finding many Portals into the Planet, but they did not know how to open them. They imagined they would be opened in the same manner as the Higher Dimensional Portals were opened; however they did not really understand how they had opened the Higher Dimensional Portals.

They suspected that it had something to do with accepting the unconditional love sent to them by the Transmuters. Since the Portal Openers had established a line of communication with the Transmuters, they asked them how the Higher Dimensional Portals had been so easily opened.

The formless Transmuters replied, “Our dear Portal Openers. The Higher Dimensional Portals opened so easily because we are ONE Being. We are YOU in the form of a humanoid, and you are US in a formless state of multidimensional light and unconditional love.”

This answer was all they could receive. Some of Portal Openers were so confused by this answer that they did not give it any thought. However, other Portal Openers allowed this answer to live in their Heart, where they did not need to think about it, they could always FEEL it.

Unfortunately, the Arcturians who were the holders of the form of the Planet had largely lost all Unity Consciousness with their Arcturian Family who lived in a formless state in the higher frequencies around the Planet. However, the Deep Core of the Planet had remained connected to its formless, Arcturian Source.

The Planetary Core could FEEL the Portal Opener’s desire to open the Planetary Portals, but the Living Core could not remember how to send unconditional love as their formless family had so easily done. Perhaps the Core could accept the unconditional love sent from the Formless Ones, just as the humanoids as done.

A Problem With The Lost Ones

At the same time, the Lost Ones who had not become Portal Openers still believed in separation and judgment. Fortunately the Flow of unconditional love that the Portal Openers had accepted was so strong that the Lost Ones could vaguely feel it, but wondered if they were “good enough” to receive it.

This judgment of them selves and of the unconditional love created fear. Then, their fear created even more judgment, which created more separation. In response to their growing fear, the Lost Ones, who believed in separation, created a separate “God.”

They could not believe in unconditional love, so they believed in a God that sent love to ONLY the chosen ones. Hence, the Lost Ones developed rituals and tests to make them good enough to receive love from the separate God high above them in a separate world. The Lost Ones had no idea that their God was their own SELF in its original, formless state of multidimensional light and unconditional love.

The formless Arcturians realized that they had to assist the Lost Ones before they created even more judgment, fear and separation. Thus, the formless Arcturians realized that they had to transmute every molecule of matter back into light.

Thus, they created the Arcturian Corridor.

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD

Posted 1st November 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
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The Ascension of Arcturus

Part 1
Where we left off:

I was out of time, so I had no idea how long I traveled through the files of the Oversoul, but as I continued I became calmer and more detached from the passing realties. Then suddenly, a reality moved towards me like a beaming Sun. I could not float past it, even though I wanted to. There was unfinished business in the life that I had to complete in order to free my consciousness from some invisible burden.

Suddenly the “Sun” was before me and pulled me in with such force that I almost passed out. However, I reminded myself that I AM the Master of my MIND. This sentence opened a portal into a planet in chaos and I heard, “The Ascension of Arcturus.”

As the file of the Oversoul opened, it pulled me in to a scene from before all counting of time. At first, I could only hear words I did not understand and feel a sense of panic. Eventually, I regained my vision enough to see a scene before me that struck my heart as it reminded me of my Homeworld in the Pleiades.

Beings, who looked vaguely humanoid, were rushing around in a near state of panic. Something was happening to their planet that they could not understand. My first thought was, “How could these frightened beings be Arcturians?” An instant response, seemingly from the Oversoul was, “They are not still Arcturians. There are some among them who will remember to return to being Arcturian.”

The Oversoul then told me how formless Beings had come from a distant universe to visit the young Milky Way Galaxy. These Beings had never known form, nor had they every lived on a planet. The name of these Beings is impossible to translate into any sequential language, such as the one I am using to share my story. Therefore, I will call them “Pre-Arcturians”.

These Pre-Arcturians decided to have the experience of “Being a Planet,” since being an individual was far below their conception. For millions of cycles they attached their great consciousness to the orb and the atmosphere of a planet. Eventually, they desired the experience of having forms that could move around the planet.

They decided that in this manner they could have the different perspective of being ON the planet, rather than BEING the planet. For countless cycles of the planet, some of them lived within their somewhat humanoid forms. On the other hand, the Oneness held the form of the planet and its atmosphere, so that it could be protected and maintained.

Eventually, the planet lowered in frequency enough to have a vague relationship with time. With the new development of time, which was a unique experience for the Arcturian, things began to happen that were not initiated by the Arcturians who where the planetary holders of form.

Having less than infinite creative control of all reality was also a new adventure: therefore they surrendered to this next experience, never thinking that they could become lost in their own adventure. They had never known time, so they had no idea how it could create aging and decay.

At first, they thought that the aging and decay were merely changes. Hence, they embraced it. Too late, they realized that after many thousands of cycles of the turn of their planet, the humanoid encasements began to decay. Having never worn a form, this was quite a surprise to them.

However their greatest surprise was that, as they began to decay they began to forget. Some of them forgot that the planet was alive with their own Arcturian family. Some of them forgot about their true, formless state, and some of them forgot that they were all ONE Beings wearing somewhat separate forms.

Unique thoughts began to enter their consciousness such as separation, time and even age. At first these concepts which were previously unknown were exciting, they were so different from anything they had ever known. The truth is that they had become somewhat bored in their infinite, formless state of all-knowing and all-being.

In fact, some of them became so excited by this adventure that they scorned their innate beingness and judged those who remained in their pure, formless state. Judgment was an entirely unique concept, as well as a VERY dangerous idea. Before they knew it, they began to divide into those who judged and those who did not judge.

Those who did not judge remained in the higher frequencies of their new reality. On the other hand, those who judged began to shift their attention away from the unconditional love and unity with all Arcturians into a growing perception of separation from those who chose not to judge.

Judgment became an important tool for them, as it pulled them into a denser reality than they had ever recognized. This group began feel that they were better than the others because they were brave enough to enter into a novel version of reality that was unknown in their Universe.

They never saw the consequences of their judgment coming. In fact, the notion of consequences was unique to them. They had not identified that a thought could be separate from the whole. Hence, when some of them began to branch out from the concept of judgment into the concept of comparison, they were unprepared for the separation that occurred.

The separation first began with a separation between those who wore a form and those remained in the planetary atmosphere as pure, beings of light. Then the separation expanded to divide those who were the holders of the planetary form from those who were the holders of humanoid form.

The problems escalated greatly when the separations between the holders of humanoid form began. At first, the energy patterns that connected all the humanoids were visible. However over the cycles of the spinning planet, the judgment expanded to encompass judgment of other Arcturians who had decided to create and to enter the humanoid form.

At first the judgment did not create separation, but when the connecting ethers became invisible the sense of separation began. The humanoid Arcturians did not realize that their resonance was steadily dropping, as it occurred very gradually. Therefore, they had “time” to unconsciously adapt to these versions of their new reality.

The Arcturians who remained in the atmosphere and the holders of planetary form, never left their Unity Consciousness. Therefore, they remained at a high frequency of resonance and were free of time, separation and the judgment that had created the lower frequency concepts and experiences.

These Arcturians tried to warn those who had chosen forms, but the humanoids were so enjoying their new adventure that they would not listen. In fact, the humanoids accused their formless family of being afraid to try a new kind of reality. “Afraid!” The formless Arcturians could not even understand that concept.

However, when the Arcturians tried to unite with their family in form, something blocked them from full unity. Was this something the concept of AFRAID? Unable to intervene, they gradually discovered that, indeed, the barrier to their reunification with their family in form was FEAR.

From their higher resonance they could not feel fear, but when they tried to bond with the formed ones they could feel the fear within the humanoids. Why were the humanoids afraid, they pondered? They finally realized that the fear was an end result of what had begun as judgment.

The formless Arcturians were learning a great deal from their humanoid family, but were unable to assist them. Helplessly, they watched as the formed ones became more and more separate. Finally the humanoids became individuals who were totally separated from their formless family, and separated from each other as well.

As changes went from positive to negative, because of the fear, some of the individuals began to remember their Arcturian family who had never taken humanoid form. Finally, the formless Arcturians could communicate with their family members who had become lost in their own judgment.

I shall return,


Through Suzanne Lie, PhD

Posted 23rd October 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
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AGHARTAN: sharing.:::.The Day of Days by Georgi Stankov Oct 28 ELOHIM ARCTURUS – Liberación Mediante El Perdón

AGHARTAN: sharing.:::.The Day of Days by Georgi Stankov Oct 28 ELOHIM ARCTURUS – Liberación Mediante El Perdón.

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martes, 28 de octubre de 2014

sharing.:::.The Day of Days by Georgi Stankov Oct 28 ELOHIM ARCTURUS – Liberación Mediante El Perdón

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Mensaje del Maestro Elohim Arcturus
recibido por Julie Miller
25 de octubre del 2014

¿Qué es realmente el perdón? ¿es la liberación gloriosa del sentimiento de culpabilidad, la liberación de ciertas limitaciones que ustedes han creado, la eliminación de uno o más comportamientos autosaboteadores o cualquier otra cosa que los conecta repetidamente con el pasado que pudiera haber ocasionado que reaccionaran y respondieran de modo poco saludable? Es esto y más. Cuando ustedes se perdonan a sí mismos liberan cualquier enojo, timidez, temor, animosidad e incomodidad de su corazón a favor de emociones y sentimientos más ligeros que nacen del gozo, la paz, el amor y la compasión.

Cuando ustedes perdonan, perdonan tanto a quien los ha herido de algún modo como a sí mismos. Para que sus sentimientos fueran heridos, ustedes tuvieron que permitir a esta otra persona quitarles parte de su propio poder personal. Cuando perdonan todo el incidente, ustedes y esta otra persona recobran su poder personal y esta situación ya no tendrá un doloroso hechizo sobre ustedes. Podrán verlo en retrospectiva más adelante y no sentir ningún dolor o enojo, sólo gratitud de que ha termindo y agradecimiento por las lecciones que les proporcionó para su continuo crecimiento y desarrollo. Por supuesto ustedes pueden elegir andar en la negatividad de aferrarse a un rencor o resentimiento hacia la persona que las ha herido, pero es mucho más agradable vivir una vida desprovista de dolor emocional y mental.

Comprendemos que puede ser una hazaña difícil perdonar totalmente porque no pueden hacerlo realmente hasta que están listos para dejar ir el incidente o evento pasado, hasta que han vivido lo suficiente en el dolor del pasado. Entonces pueden perdonar aceptando cualquier rol que ustedes hayan tenido y liberar su dolor, temor y resentimiento que tal vez hayan guardado hacia esta persona o situación sin apegarse más a ellas y viendo con claridad a Dios. Una vez que hayan entregado estos apegos a Dios, lo que han hecho es hacer espacio para recibir el infalible Amor y Luz de Dios para llenar ese espacio que había estado ocupado alguna vez por la negatividad relacionada con una situación pasada con otra persona. Aunque hayan tenido innumerables encuentros con el mismo individuo, es aparente para ustedes perdonarlos por todas las malas obras y perdonarse a sí mismos por permitir que la situación transpirara, por permitirse sentir como se sintieron, y por permitir que estos sentimientos se manifestaran como dolor todo el tiempo que se les permitió permanecer. El perdón siempre ha sido una calle de doble sentido, no de un solo sentido.

Hay muchos beneficios de perdonar a diario. Cada día, y a veces sin notarlo, ustedes se apegan a decisiones, gente, cosas, etc. que tal vez no son para beneficio mayor suyo, pero que en ese momento en el tiempo les pareció estar bien. O pudieran conversar con otra persona sobre muchas cosas, y aún cuando no les parezca haber sido afectados por cualquier cosa dicha, eso no significa que no fueron afectados. Queridos míos, por eso es importante perdonar también inclusive el daño desconocido que pudiera haberse causado. Justo porque una persona no haya reaccionado ni respondido externamente eso no significa que no se sintió herida, aunque sea ligeramente. El empezar a perdonar pudiera bien ser la mejor y más saludable decisión que tomen en esta vida, una que estén dispuestos a usar con frecuencia, no solamente cuando sus sentimientos son heridos.

No es un secreto que el perdón les ha ayudado a mejorar la salud emocional, psicológica y física. Cuando ustedes perdonan, permiten que la paz reentre a todo su ser, donde el odio y enojo vivieron alguna vez. El Amor puede entonces venir a través de verdad desde su generoso corazón para sanar a su Yo y dirigir esta sanación llena de Amor hacia otros a través de sus acciones, palabras, obras, elecciones e intenciones amables recién restauradas.

Mucha gente menosprecia el poder del perdón, declarando que es una pérdida de tiempo, lo cual se debe a que temen lo que yace debajo de sus sentimientos negativos. Queridos míos, a veces da temor enfrentarse a ciertas verdades, pero también es liberante una vez que han dado un valiente paso para ver el evento pasado y liberarse de él. En ocasiones el acto de perdonar pudiera tomar más tiempo para algunas personas pues depende verdaderamente de si están listos para cortar el cordón umbilical, la emoción negativa que los ha conectado con la persona o la situación.

Los queridos seres que no perdonan con facilidad son propensos por lo general a tener asuntos relacionados con su corazón físico. Los sentimientos y emociones negativos crean un estrés innecesario en su corazón físico. Mientras más pronto perdonen, mejor se sentirán. Su inmunidad mejorará, al igual que su habilidad para interactuar socialmente con otros—el pequeño rincón del mundo que ustedes llaman hogar se vuelve un sitio menos hostil.

Practicando a diario pueden fortalecer la habilidad para perdonar, siendo recompensados en cada ocasión con sentimientos liberadores y sintiendo ligereza. El perdonar se vuelve una parte de su personalidad cuando eligen lo que es para el bien mayor, incluyendo la gratitud. El perdonar no es solamente algo que ustedes hacen cuando alguien les arroja unos cuantos insultos, sino que es una manera de sanarse profundo en su interior. El perdonar se encuentra a menudo mediante la gratitud, y es uno de los principales traedores de la paz, el entendimiento, y el amor.

Para mejorar su habilidad para perdonar es vital hacer lugar en su día para realizar ejercicios para respirar profundo e inhalar pensamientos y sentimientos frescos e invigorantes, y exhalar cualquier resentimiento o animosidad a los que se hayan estado aferrando. Si son buenos visualizando, entonces visualicen un nudo apretado, retorcido y con varios nudos; y al tiempo que inhalan y exhalan el nudo se suaviza un poquito hasta que se deshace eventualmente. Visualicen luego lo que queda del nudo disolverse en la nada, al tiempo que se sienten más ligeros y liberados.

Recuerden que cuando perdonan a alguien o un evento del pasado ustedes no están pidiendo necesariamente una reconciliación, ni están condenando las acciones de la otra persona. Lo que están haciendo es dejar ir el apego emocional que los ha conducido a su propio y prolongado sufrimiento. Si son incapaces de perdonar a alguien cara a cara, entonces los pueden perdonar mediante una oración y entregándolo a Dios, aceptando su parte en la situación sin importar cuán mínima haya sido, o pueden escribir lo que llaman una carta de perdón.

El escribir es una de las mejores maneras de liberar el enojo reprimido y otros sentimientos sin dañar a nadie, ni a sí mismos. Qué escriben y por qué se están sintiendo como se sienten, manejando la situación por lo que fue verdaderamente sin tener apegos emocionales, perdonándolos por sus acciones, palabras y elecciones, y perdonándose a sí mismos por lo mismo. Quienes han preferido escribir cartas de perdón han sido capaces de admitir el sentimiento liberador que llega pronto después de escribir la carta, aunque a veces ese sentimiento de libertad y liberación llega con lágrimas pues ustedes se están despidiendo finalmente de una parte de su pasado que fue dolorosa, un pasado que no habían podido dejar ir hasta ahora. Si por alguna razón no quieren enviar la carta de perdón, entonces quémenla, y al hacerlo visualicen sus sentimientos oscuros, profundos y negativos arder con el papel. Escribiendo notas de perdón a diario es un buen modo de mantener su percepción clara y menos apegada a los eventos que han sucedido recientemente.

Llana y sencillamente, hay gente que es insensible o inconsiderada, les importa poco o ponen poca atención a sus acciones, sentimientos y pensamientos, lo cual conduce a elecciones poco sabias hacia otros y tienen la tendencia a ser abusivos con su candor, carecen de sinceridad en sus acciones, sentimientos y pensamientos, lo cual da lugar a elecciones poco sabias. Elévense por encima de tales individuos; no permitan que su negatividad les robe su poder personal y buen talante. Encuentren una manera de partir de su compañía y agradezcan la experiencia. Ustedes los pueden perdonar en silencio por sus maneras y felicitarse por haber elegido la libertad no contaminada por su comportamiento inconsiderado.

¿Por qué es tan importante perdonarse a sí mismos? Bueno, queridos míos, la respuesta es muy simple. Cada uno de ustedes tiene diferentes perfecciones e imperfecciones, y una de ellas es cuán rápidamente pueden superar las cosas. o cuánto tiempo se la pasan pensando las cosas en su mente. Cuando perdonan a alguien, demuestran un acto de misericordia; ¿no piensan acaso que ustedes se merecen ese mismo acto de misericordia? ¿no piensan acaso que ustedes se merecen también ser comprendidos, amados y respetados? No aguarden a que otros les ofrezcan esto, ofrézcanselos a sí mismos.

Aunque el perdón es el deshacerse del sentimiento de culpabilidad y el dejar ir los apegos a las emociones negativas en lo que respecta a ciertas personas y ciertos eventos, él es también el obsequio de la libertad liberadora del dolor y del tormento de permanecer apegados a los recuerdos, eventos, situaciones y gente del pasado, para deleitarse en la seguridad, la paz y la felicidad personal y el lado positivo de la vida.

Los alentamos a que hagan del perdón una parte esencial de su día. Cuando lo hagan, estarán contentos de haberlo hecho.
SOY el Maestro Elohim Arcturus
Traducción – Gloria
Publicado 29 minutes ago por Juan Pablo

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The Day of Days 

* * *
by Georgi Stankov Posted on September 6, 2014

The Ascended Masters
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on August 29
first published on September 6, 2014 in

translated by Franz


Georgi Stankov

This very powerful and poetic message would not have been given to Jahn at the end of August if the “The day of days is (not) near.” Anything else would have been a complete lack of psychological understanding on the part of the Ascended masters. Most of its information deals with what this A-Day will bring to us and humanity and should be a basic knowledge to all of you.

However, it also announces several notable phenomena that will herald this event and can be perceived with human senses. I would like to make you aware at this place of these phenomena, so that you can observe them and know in advance when the time of your ascension will arrive:

“It will be a day,

1) when Heaven turns into infinitely many colors, in order to attune human Beings to the departure into the Light.:

2) when a sound from the inside of the earth let the world take notice and many remain irritated or ossify in an instant; because in this moment they will be confronted with their own shadows.

3) when the great silence announces the great bang, and the birds in Heaven become silent as if they did not exist, because they expect the approaching wave of transformation and the Light like silent and living witnesses.”

These are the three precursors of our ascension that you should be watching very carefully in order to know when you will be transfigured in the blink of an eye. In addition, I am sure you will hear the clarion call of your soul in your inner Self and will know this beyond any doubt.



It will be a day, which pours out Love and Happiness to a so far unknown extent for human Beings. It will be a day, which let land appear, where there is water now and brings water, where there is land now.

It will be a day, which releases vibration and Light, an unthinkable measure of dignity, given from the prime Sources of All-That-Is, so that the whole world will be transformed and every Life will be changed.

It will be a day, when Heaven turns into infinitely many colors, in order to attune human Beings to the departure into the Light.

It will be a day that brings the abundance of all Life, the super-abundance of Creation to human Beings, like the wind carries on the most beautiful seeds, in order to create new life.

It will be a day, when the Gods of Heaven will take a bow in front of you, the Gods of Earth; and you will understand, why they show this homage to you.

It will be a day, which will enlighten the ready human beings in an instant; and reminds the astonished and ignorant human beings of their truth, which they have forgotten.

It will be a day, when the earth turns, and above becomes below and below becomes above. It will be a day, when the living Christ reveals himself and in this moment of Grace you will know that everything that was proclaimed to you, fulfills itself.

It will be a day, when all powers of darkness capitulate, and the right to continue to live in this world will be withdrawn from them.

It will be a day, when the people of inner Earth greet you in the new world, and you will be reminded of your siblings from Agartha. It will be the day, when all levels of Creation will send representatives to Earth, and you will hear, what you have accomplished and affected – for the whole Creation.

It will be the day, when you will be carried away and will ascend to God. It will be the day, when this world will be returned to you, so that you build a new world on this Mother Planet of Creation. It will be the day, when Heaven and Earth open simultaneously, to be seen everywhere, to be heard everywhere, to be experienced everywhere.

It will be the day, when all bad deeds of mankind will be healed, and you will recognize that it was your own lack of redemption, which gave this game of illusion the dramas and brought pain.

It will be a day, when a sound from the inside of the earth let the world take notice and many remain irritated or ossify in an instant; because in this moment they will be confronted with their own shadows.

It will be the day, when the groom comes in order to close the sacred bond; and many brides do not recognize him and the marriage with oneself stays away.

It will be the day, when the Light warriors of the first and last hours will enter into their perfected Light bodies and will leave this world for the period of purification; and each one of the ascending ones will know his place.

It will be the day, which exceeds every human expectation and towers above every human imagination, and you will know that the divine is boundless. It will be the day, when every human Being will forget the present life in an instant; because the signs of Heaven and the labor pains of the new earth announce the “great event”.

It will be the day, when the world tumbles and falls – into the abyss; in order to stabilize itself after the completed transformation, for a long time of peace.

It will be the day, which will imprint itself eternally into the consciousness of all human Beings and of all heavenly bodies of this Creation, and the scriptures of the 4D worlds will give witness to it and will speak of the “great day of revelation”.

It will be a day, which will end suddenly for the great majority of mankind, because they will become aware of their inability to ascend; and an ocean of tears will pour out on account of this missed opportunity.

It will be a day, when the great silence announces the great bang, and the birds in Heaven become silent as if they did not exist, because they expect the approaching wave of transformation and the Light like silent and living witnesses.

It will be a day, when the cosmic families find each other, and the long waiting ends and your return into the oneness of all Life is fulfilled.

It will be a day, which will evince their sins to human beings and a day, which reveals their hidden Light to human beings. Instantaneously the ascending ones will obtain transfiguration, and over the remaining ones and the descending ones the veil of forgetfulness lowers itself again.

It will be a day, when the victory of the Light will be obvious on all levels and the rich harvest, which is based on your seedlings, will be brought in. It will be a day, when God’s Grace will be poured out, continually without respite, and many confused yet not gone astray human Beings will awaken in this moment.

It will be the day, when every human Being receives the last opportunity for turning around, because truly: God’s Grace is boundless. It will be the day, when God’s trumpets portend the new age and the new worlds far from time, and the great circle completes, on this day.

It will be the Day of days: End, Beginning, and Eternity – in an instant.

Those, who understand, are blessed.
Those, who know, are without fear.
Those, who expect it, will receive.
Those, who see it, will be recognized.

The day of days is near.

We are

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Nota de Sue: en realidad,yo recibí este mensaje en 1997. Paciencia, paciencia, paciencia es el núcleo de la ascensión planetaria.

SOY IlliaEm, hablando en concierto con la Mente del Grupo Arcturiano, 

Deseamos compartir con ustedes que su Misión Primaria está a punto de comenzar. Una vez comience, adquirirá una vida propia. A ese punto, ya no se sentirá como SU Misión pues USTEDES ya no serán un “individuo.” USTEDES SERÁN un Ser Multidimensional que forma parte del mismo grupo tan grande de su YO.

Ya no tendrán un control individual sobre su vida basado en el ego. En vez de ello, estarán conscientemente conscientes de miríadas de voces, visiones y realidades dentro de su conciencia. Todos estos estímulos deben coagularse entonces en un curso de acción claro y con propósito.
Debido a esto, es vital que ustedes creen un fundamento sólido para esta “trayectoria de regreso al YO”. Van a necesitar asentar su cuerpo físico, su psiquis, sus pensamientos y sus emociones completa y concienzudamente en Gaia.
Estamos aquí para decirles que, justo como es esencial asentar su realidad física en Gaia, su proceso se facilitaría si ustedes se “asentaran” en nosotros también, los Arcturianos, y en mí, IlliaEm.
Estamos aquí para ayudarlos a cada paso del camino. Los podemos asistir especialmente a crear una vida más equilibrada. Inevitablemente esto se resume en un equilibrio de las polaridades masculina/femenina y espiritual/física.
Para avanzar a un pleno equilibrio de la polaridad Espiritual/Física, ustedes necesitan encontrar un punto “intermedio” de la polaridad Masculina/Feminina. La mezcla de la polaridad Masculina/Feminina es vital para fusionarse en la Unidad. La polarización de su YO andrógeno en varón o mujer es lo que les permitió entrar por primera vez al Juego de la 3D. Conversamente, la reunificación de la polaridad masculina/femenina es lo que facilitará su regreso a la Unidad de Casa
Una vez estando en la Gran Unidad, lo Espiritual y lo Físico estarán naturalmente equilibrados pues ustedes serán AMBOS. Habrán aprendido ya la lección del Pentagrama: la cabeza en las Estrellas, los pies plantados firmemente en la Tierra, y el Corazón abierto de par en par. Entonces podrán accesar con facilidad mensajes a partir de su conexión con nosotros en las “Estrellas”, asentarlos a través de su conexión con la Tierra, Gaia, y compartirlos con TODOS a través de su Corazón Abierto.
Una porción de la Misión primaria de todos es el asistir de alguna manera en el resurgimiento planetario del Poder Interior – el Poder Femenino. Los electrones de carga negativa/femenina jalarán la energía hacia el interior, mientras que los protones de carga positiva/masculina irán tras la energía empujándola al exterior. El jala y empuja de un modo fluido y equilibrado es lo que despertará a su Cuerpo Lumínico, expandiendo sus percepciones más allá de las limitaciones ilusorias de su vehículo terrenal de la 3D.
A medida que ustedes equilibran sus aspectos masculino y feminino dentro de su vehículo terrenal, crean una igualdad de fuerzas yendo al exterior y al interior, lo cual servirá para acelerar la integración de la Luz Frecuencial Más Elevada. Cada frecuencia más elevada que ustedes puedan traer efectivamente a su conciencia, asentarla en la Tierra, e integrarla en su vehículo terrenal les permite atraer frecuencias aún más elevadas. Su Esencia masculina y femenina operan colaborativamente para lograr esta tarea.
Su Esencia Masculina va al exterior, yendo más allá de los límites de su conciencia para tratar de ir a dimensiones cada vez elevadas vibracionalmente, mientras que su Esencia Femenina actúa como un “faro de seguimiento” para llamar de regreso a su fuerza masculina y ofrecerle un vehículo en el que pueda asentarse la vibración más elevada. A medida que fusionan sus polaridades Masculina/Femenina, fusionan también e integran la Luz Más Elevada con la Luz tridimensional de su Cuerpo Físico.
“Como es arriba, es abajo. Como es dentro, es afuera.” El macrocosmos es el patrón para el microcosmos. La fuerza masculina Dios/Padre implanta la posibilidad de una nueva vida en la fuerza femenina Diosa/Madre para iniciar un nacimiento. USTEDES son los creadores de esta nueva vida, cada uno y todos ustedes – solos Y juntos – están creando la Nueva Tierra.
Ninguna fuerza es mejor, ni la masculina ni la femenina. Ambas son iguales. De hecho, justo como su primer bajada a la tercera dimensión resultó en la separación del masculino y el femenino, su equilibrio y fusión anunciará su regreso a Casa a su verdadero YO Multidimensional.
Sabiduría, Poder y Amor
Durante la mayoría de la realidad de la 3D, ya sea el Masculino O el Femenino ha sido considerado el “Gobernante”. En la vasta mayoría de las civilizaciones la energía patriarcal ha sido la Gobernante de su Tierra por muchos miles de años. Debido a esto, su planeta se ha desequilibrado, donde la Fuerza del Poder ha sido mucho más importante que la Fuerza del Amor.
Sin el equilibrio de las Fuerzas del Poder y el Amor es muy difícil adquirir la Fuerza de la Sabiduría. El equilibrio de la fuerza del Poder masculino fluyendo al exterior y la fuerza del Amor/fluyendo al interior es lo que da nacimiento a la fuerza del poder interior Andrógeno/la Sabiduría. Por eso los líderes sabios femeninos proyectan una fuerte energía masculina y los líderes sabios masculinos están íntimamente en contacto con su energía femenina.
Tal vez no hayan considerado que la Sabiduría, el Poder y el Amor sean “Fuerzas”, pero lo son realmente. Cuando ustedes están cerca de un Ser muy poderoso, amoroso o sabio, pueden SENTIR su “Fuerza” emanando de ellos. Como su planeta se está volviendo ahora cada vez más de la 4D, la ilusión de la “superioridad” de la humanidad se va a desvanecer.
La Sabiduría, el Poder y el Amor pueden residir dentro de muchas criaturas de Gaia, especialmente en la 4D donde la forma física no está limitada por las estrictas leyes de la separación y la limitación. A medida que continúa su proceso de ascensión, van a notar que pueden tener muchos nuevos amigos que no son humanos. Este concepto pudiera atemorizar a quienes siguen gobernados por el temor. En consecuencia, ese temor va a limitar su ascensión, y por consiguiente, limitará su conocimiento de la Nueva Tierra.
Justo como van a aceptar gradualmente que el poder de los seres que no son humanos es igual a su poder humano, van a llegar a aceptar también que cada vez más humanos se están volviendo andrógenos. Estos “andrógenos” humanos son quienes están aprendiendo a equilibrar sus energías masculinas y femeninas dentro de sus vehículos terrenales.
Cuando el equilibrio de su polaridad Masculina/Femenina se haya completado, el equilibrio de su polaridad Espiritual/Física también se habrá completado. Ustedes habrán regresado al Padre/Madre, Dios/Diosa que siempre han sido. Justo como algunas especies en su planeta se pueden impregnar a sí mismas, ustedes serán capaces de gestar, y eventualmente dar nacimiento a su verdadero Niño Divino, su Cuerpo Lumínico.
Nosotros, los Arcturianos y Yo, estamos sumamente orgullosos de quienes se han ofrecido como voluntarios para restringir este proceso hasta el “Momento de AHORA,” en el que su planeta ha alcanzado la masa crítica para permitir a Gaia y a TODOS Sus Habitantes proyectarse a su Cuerpo Lumínico.
El Corazón de las Matrices Cristalinas
Su Chakra del Corazón más que cualquier otro chakra personifica todos los conceptos de los que hemos hablado. El Chakra del Corazón siempre ha sido el gobernante de las relaciones, tanto Masculina/Femenina como la Personal/Planetaria, pues este chakra es el Hogar de su Ser/Yo andrógeno que se separó en un género a fin de entrar al planeta Tierra de la 3D.
Asimismo, la relación con la Tierra/Gaia y el Amor por Ella es lo que les permite sacrificar sus deseos personales para el bien del planeta entero. Aún más, dentro de su Chakra del Corazón está su Atma, su Flama Tríada de la Vida que representa y equilibra sus Fuerzas Internas de la Sabiduría, el Poder y el Amor. Y por último, y ciertamente no menos importante, su Chakra del Corazón sostiene el Corazón de la Matriz Cristalina.
El Corazón de la Matriz Cristalina está a 1/2 octava en frecuencia arriba de su corazón físico. De hecho, sobre la Flama Tríada arde su Fuerza de Vida. La Semilla de la Matriz Cristalina está en su Chakra de la Coronilla, a 1/2 octava arriba de la glándula pineal en su cerebro físico. La Semilla de la Matriz Cristalina es el punto de entrada de las dimensiones más elevadas en su vehículo físico terrenal, mientras que el Corazón de la Matriz Cristalina es donde ustedes integran las vibraciones más elevadas en su cuerpo físico que se está transformando.
La Semilla de la Matriz Cristalina
La Semilla de la Matriz Cristalina dentro de la glándula pineal de su Chakra de la Coronilla es el punto de reentrada para su Fuerza Masculina que se ha “adelantado a explorar” las dimensiones más elevadas para recolectar Luz Más Elevada. Luego, el Corazón de la Matriz Cristalina en su Chakra del Corazón es el punto de implantación donde su Fuerza Femenina acepta el obsequio de la frecuencia más elevada, lo cual le permite gestar su nuevo Cuerpo Lumínico. De este modo su Chakra del Corazón es la matriz de su Cuerpo Lumínico.
Su Matriz Cristalina es también el centro procesador principal de la “experiencia” con la cual ustedes eligen calibrarse. Queridísimos míos, digo “calibrar” porque hay miríadas de realidades ocurriendo todo el tiempo y en todos lados en el siempre presente AHORA del Flujo.
Cuando ustedes resuenan solamente con la 3D, su experiencia se limita a la de su mundo físico. Sin embargo, también hay miríadas de versiones de la 3D. Hasta que ustedes despierten a su YO, muchas de sus elecciones de realidad son “elegidas” por sus “Creencias Centrales” que fueron activadas temprano durante su adolescencia o en “vidas pasadas”. Ustedes han tenido que “trabajar arduo” para liberar estas limitaciones.
Afortunadamente, ahora que sus Chakras Inferiores han sido recalibrados, ustedes pueden asentar e integrar con mayor facilidad esta Luz Más Elevada. Ahora bien, su “trabajo” está hecho y ustedes necesitan meramente “aceptar” la guía de su nuevo Capitán, su Ser/su YO.
Para que puedan recalibrar con mayor facilidad sus canales perceptuales para recibir la 5D – y más allá – sin abrumarse, su nuevo Capitán está fusionando actualmente su cuerpo de la 4D con su cuerpo de la 3D.
Comunicación Interdimensional
Ustedes son Seres Infinitos jugando un juego finito. Cuandoquiera la infinidad asume una forma en un tiempo lineal, aparenta ser una energía que consiste de vibraciones diferentes. Ustedes tienen muchas vibraciones dentro de sí pues tienen la energía infinita de su YO Multidimensional verdadero. De aquí que ustedes tienen TODAS las vibraciones posibles dentro de su Firma del Ser, desde la 1D hasta la 12D. Una vez pueden resonar con una vibración, se pueden comunicar con ella.
A través de la mutua recepción de las tasas vibratorias es como ustedes se comunican con dimensiones diferentes a la tercera. La 3D es el único plano en el que el lenguaje es puesto de manera secuencial con sonidos diferentes que significan cosas diferentes. De hecho, los humanos son los únicos seres que se comunican de este modo. Sus queridos amigos, los Cetáceos, quienes tienen áreas de lenguaje en sus cerebros mucho mayores que las suyas propias, se comunican de un modo totalmente diferente.
Las vibraciones más elevadas sólo pueden resonar con la Semilla de la Matriz Cristalina y el Corazón de la Matriz Cristalina, pues ellas son sus portales primarios para el viaje interdimensional y la comunicación. La Semilla de la Matriz Cristalina puede recibir vibraciones desde las dimensiones más elevadas del modo en que llegan, que es todas a la vez en el Flujo del AHORA.
Estos comunicados se basan en la mutua recepción y NO tienen similaridades con el lenguaje humano. Por lo tanto, la información recopilada de este modo es algo que ustedes simplemente SABEN, pero no pueden saber POR QUÉ lo saben.
La resonancia de esta vibración es retransmitida luego al Corazón de la Matriz Cristalina dentro del Atma de su Corazón Más Elevado. Como su Atma, su Flama Tríada de la Vida, es el centro de su Sabiduría más elevada, Poder y Amor, también puede resonar con vibraciones hasta, e incluyendo, la frecuencia de la 12D. La Fuente, el Corazón de la Matriz Cristalina, la Fuente de sus Cualidades Más Elevadas, puede integrar estas percepciones en su realidad presente.
Como él es “El Gran Integrador,” su Chakra del Corazón no sólo integra las energías de sus chakras inferiores y superiores, las polaridades masculinas/femeninas y espirituales/físicas, sino también las percepciones y realidades de dimensiones más elevadas en las percepciones y realidades de la 3D.
Las “percepciones” y “realidades” son términos intercambiables aquí, pues en verdad una realidad es lo que ustedes eligen percibir. Hay miríadas de elecciones en su mundo, y eligiendo reconocer un estímulo en particular es como ustedes crean su propia realidad. Si eligen reconocer los estímulos vibracionales más elevados, crearán una realidad vibracional más elevada. Por otro lado, si eligen reconocer estímulos vibracionales más bajos, crearán una realidad vibracional más baja.
El Pentagrama para la Comunicación Interdimensional
Veamos de nuevo el Pentagrama, “Cabeza en las estrellas – pies firmemente asentados en el suelo – Corazón abierto de par en par,” como la fórmula para la comunicación interdimensional. Primero, las vibraciones más elevadas entran en la Semilla de la Matriz Cristalina en su CABEZA para iniciar los patrones de pensamiento. Como su cerebro, el receptor de su mente, opera de modo holográfico, la Semilla/glándula pineal puede crear un holograma para esta alta vibración frecuencial.
El comunicado, empacado en una forma de pensamiento holográfico, es enviado a su CORAZÓN y al Corazón de la Matriz Cristalina en su Corazón Superior. Su Corazón Superior puede entonces manifestar y activar este pensamieto holográfico integrándolo en su percepción actual de la realidad. El Amor Incondicional, que es la fuerza mayor de Creación, es la fuente de esta integración.
El Corazón Superior los asiste a SENTIR Amor Incondicional, la frecuencia portadora de este mensaje de una frecuencia sumamente alta, y acepta el mensaje en su conciencia. El Amor Incondicional vive en el Flujo justo más allá de la Matriz de la 3D. Cuando ustedes expanden su conciencia de este modo, expanden sus percepciones más allá del limitado espectro de la Matriz de la 3D y se vuelven conscientes de la miríada de elecciones de experiencia que yacen justo más allá del drama de la 3D. .
El “siguiente paso” importante es el de la comunicación dimensional más elevada enviada abajo, a sus PIES, para que la asienten en el Corazón de Gaia. Una vez el comunicado es asentado en Gaia, es compartido con la Conciencia Colectiva de la humanidad y la Conciencia Planetaria de todos los habitantes de Gaia.
Este proceso final no sólo es esencial para la integración de las percepciones dimensionales más elevadas/las realidades en la 3D, sino que también es una garantía vital de que el Comunicador, USTEDES, están lo suficientemente asentados como para que no hagan un cortocircuito en su vehículo terrenal con un impacto de la energía de una frecuencia extremadamente alta. El compartir este mensaje con la Conciencia Colectiva y la Conciencia Planetaria los ayuda también a darse cuenta de que ustedes no están solos en su “nueva realidad.”
El Pentagrama para la Manifestación
Las partículas a partir de las cuales se manifiestan todas las manifestaciones en una onda o forma en el “espacio” NO son individuales y son en realidad extensiones de la misma UNIDAD. Hay una realidad más profunda de la que la mayoría de los humanos no están conscientes, y que existe a un nivel subatómico. Ustedes no pueden ver esta realidad más profunda porque no sienten todavía las partículas subatómicas de vibración extremadamente alta que conectan el Todo Lo Que Es. Solamente la Semilla de la Matriz Cristalina en la glándula pineal y el Corazón de la Matriz Cristalina en el Corazón Superior pueden percibir esas vibraciones extremadamente altas.
La Semilla de la Matriz Cristalina, la fuente de sus cualidades más elevadas de pensamiento, puede resonar con, y reconocer, estas elevadas frecuencias, y el Corazón de la Matriz Cristalina, la fuente de sus cualidades emotivas más elevadas, puede SENTIR la “vida” subatómica que une Todo Lo Que Es. La separación es meramente una ilusión de la 3D impuesta sobre su Matriz de la 3D porque su espectro de percepción tridimensional es extremadamente limitado. Por lo tanto, ustedes no pueden reconocer las otras realidades que existen justo más allá de los límites de su filtro de la 3D.
La Semilla de la Matriz Cristalina y del Corazón de la Matriz Cristalina no están EN su cuerpo tridimensional sino que se ubican a 1/2 octava arriba del cuerpo físico. Debido a esto, ellos no están limitados por su filtro tridimensional y pueden resonar con las frecuencias más elevadas.
Chakra de la Coronilla/Cabeza en las Estrellas
Chakra del Corazón/De Corazón Abierto
Chakra Raíz/Pies Asentados
El Andrógeno, la Conciencia Cósmica, el Chakra de la Coronilla, la Cabeza en las Estrellas, recibe el PENSAMIENTO del nuevo holograma.
Este holograma es enviado entonces abajo al Gran Integrador, la fuente de las Emociones Incondicionales, el Corazón Superior, el Corazón Abierto de Par en Par, para respirar la vida en el holograma con la EMOCIÓN del Amor Incondicional.
El Corazón trasmite entonces el holograma viviente hacia abajo al Corazón de Gaia, con los pies firmemente asentados en el suelo, para asentarlo en la realidad polarizada masculina/femenina de la 3D, creando así la INTENCIÓN de mantenerse esta nueva realidad en vida actuando en ella.
Su Misión
De este modo, ustedes “recibirán” su Misión para la cual han encarnado en esta realidad de tiempo/espacio. Muchos de ustedes en la Tierra en estos momentos han aguardado a esta importante vida transformacional. Sus Seres crearon inclusive Peticiones para mostrar cómo su nacimiento en este “tiempo” podría servir de la mejor manera a Gaia.
El Servicio que ustedes prometieron cumplir en su Petición es su Misión, la Misión que USTEDES eligieron antes de encarnar. Sin embargo, ésa no es una nueva Misión pues ustedes han estado trabajando para ella vida tras vida desde que pusieron pie por primera vez en el Juego de la 3D.
En la última vuelta del Cinturón Fotónico, durante la caída de la Atlántida, había demasiada oscuridad en la forma de Gaia y casi se autodestruye. La mayoría de ustedes estaban allí para asistirla. Durante la completación del Ciclo Galáctico por el que ustedes están pasando ahora, Gaia ha llamado a Sus leales humanos que la han servido durante muchas vidas.
Su Misión ahora es similar a la Misión que ustedes tenían en ese entonces. Así como se conectaron con el Juego de la 3D como un humano, Gaia se conectó como un planeta. A lo largo de su proceso de jugar este Juego con Ella, ustedes también se han vuelto un planeta. De acuerdo con las reglas de este Juego, una vez que nacen la mayoría se olvida de su “pieza del rompecabezas” personal del “Gran Rompecabezas” de la Ascensión Planetaria. No obstante, ahora están empezando a recordar.
También se están volviendo conscientes de que ésta será su última tarea en una forma física. Una vez sienten que su experiencia final de la 3D se ha completado, su cuerpo físico pasa por una transformación total al Cuerpo Lumínico. La mayoría de ustedes se ha ofrecido como voluntarios para prevenir esta transformación hasta que se haya logrado una masa crítica de Luz Más Elevada en el cuerpo de Gaia, como un catalizador para la Ascensión Planetaria.
La Semilla del Cuerpo Lumínico
Sus Cuerpos Lumínicos se han estado desarrollando lentamente y de manera segura dentro de la envoltura de su caparazón físico. La envoltura de este “caparazón”, que está gobernada por su ego/Yo y percibida como su cuerpo físico, se adelgaza cada vez más a medida que la semilla de su Cuerpo Lumínico germina y crece dentro del Corazón de la Matriz Cristalina.
A medida que esta Semilla de su Cuerpo Lumínico germina dentro de su Matriz Cristalina, ella envía retoños a cada célula y átomo de su cuerpo físico donde la germinación empieza de nuevo. Cuando cada retoño germina en cada célula y átomo, su “ADN basura” es activado y su vehículo físico terrenal muestra síntomas de la transformación.
Sus científicos no han encontrado el propósito de este ADN en particular porque está más allá de las limitaciones de sus creencias; de aquí el término “ADN basura.” Los científicos no pueden percibir lo que no creen es posible. Por eso, Queridos Míos que se están Transformando, deben dejar ir el “concepto de lo imposible” de su conciencia. Lo “imposible” es un concepto tridimensional y es obsoleto. TODO es posible en la perspicacia de su Ser/su YO.
Su Ser/YO es Multidimensional. No sólo es masculino y femenino sino también espiritual y físico. Por lo tanto, inclusive cuando habita su vehículo terrenal su YO está traversando también su vibración de Casa en la 5D y más allá. Su Ser/YO está consciente de, y está entrelazado con muchas experiencias, realidades y vidas diferentes, todas ocurriendo dentro del mismo momento del siempre presente Ahora.
Ustedes no están acostumbrados todavía a la expansividad de la realidad de su Ser, mientras que su Ser no está acostumbrado todavía a las limitaciones de su realidad. No obstante, el EQUIPO del ego Físico/YO y el Ser Espiritual/YO están asociados, están en una relación. Esta relación empezó cuando se separaron por primera vez al momento de entrar al Juego de la 3D. Cuando lo completen, ustedes ascenderán de regreso a su YO Multidimensional verdadero y su asociación se expanderá para abrazar Todo Lo Que Es.
Ahora los regreso a su Gaia, quien los asistirá a recalibrar su Chakra del Corazón para que puedan ABRIR su Corazón Superior.

Suzanne Lie: Mensaje de IlliaEm de Arcturus – Empezando Nuestra Misión Primaria – 28/sep/ 2014.
Publicado 23 hours ago por Juan Pablo

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Sharing :


El Periodo De Alineamiento por María Magdalena

Canalizado via Natalie Glasson
– 17 de septiembre del 2014-

Ustedes están experimentando ahora su Esencia Divina en una trayectoria sagrada que les está revelando su propósito como Ser en la Tierra y dentro del Universo del Creador. La trayectoria que ustedes están experimentando y en la que se embarcan continuamente es una trayectoria especial que reúne todas sus habilidades, talentos, sabiduría y conocimientos de su pasado, de sus vidas actuales y simultáneas manifestadas dentro de su momento presente. Todo lo que ustedes requieren está presente dentro de su Ser, listo para ser activado, disponible para ser experimentado, presente para ser honrado como una manifestación sagrada de la Divinidad. Su propósito en la Tierra se está desplegando ahora para ustedes; ustedes están andando en su propósito sagrado a cada momento de su vida, ya sea si están contentos con ella o no, si están experimentando una vida que fluye con facilidad o una con retos, se sientan confusos o inspirados. En este momento y a cada momento de su realidad ustedes están en el momento correcto y en el lugar correcto en un tiempo correcto, y todo fluye de acuerdo con su Ser, su Grupo Álmico, y la Voluntad Divina del Creador. Esto es verdad, ustedes están exactamente donde necesitan estar en su vida y sus experiencias, y están andando en su propósito divino en la Tierra para experimentar más plenamente con cada expresión suya la Era del Amor y toda su abundancia.
Les pido que comprendan su vida en este momento, ¿sienten la verdad de mis palabras? Con toda probabilidad si han tenido recientemente lo que ustedes perciben como buenas experiencias, entonces resuenan con mis palabras; si es lo opuesto y sienten que están batallando o sufriendo en su vida, entonces tal vez no resuenen con mis palabras. Cualesquiera sean sus circunstancias, es apropiado resonar con mis palabras, cultivar y alinearse con ellas y mis sugerencias sobre su andar en la Tierra como su propósito divino porque ésta es su verdad. Mientras más se alinean con esta existencia, más plenamente la experimentarán en su realidad. No hay otro modo de andar su propósito divino en la Tierra y experimentar el abundante Amor de la Era del Amor más que alineándose conscientemente con él, como si estuvieran enviando una solicitud a sí mismos y la Era del Amor, incluyendo todas sus experiencias para que se fusionen, se enlacen y sean uno. Ustedes ya están en la Era del Amor. La Era del Amor es de poquito a poquito en la Tierra, donde cada persona se alinea con el amor de su Ser, trayéndolo a su propia realidad, a otros y a la Tierra como un supremo obsequio de amor, el obsequio del amor manifestándose en forma física y en experiencias. Ustedes, queridos míos, están en esta senda. Ustedes son la Era del Amor, son el creador de la Era del Amor. A través de su alineamiento y expresión del amor es como van a lograr su propósito divino y como manifestarán un periodo de amor eterno en la Tierra.

Su tiempo está aquí; el único modo de ser realmente un creador de la Era del Amor es alineándose y estando contento con el entendimiento de que ustedes ya están andando su realidad sagrada de la Divinidad y su verdadero propósito en la Tierra. Su entendimiento y contento viene de su perspectiva de que todo en su realidad es apropiado y aplicable, donde no hay experiencias buenas o malas, y todo es parte de su camino. Con esta perspectiva activada en ustedes, descubrirán que ya no se sienten atados a su realidad, ni siquiera sienten la necesidad de juzgar las circunstancias. Saben simplemente que todo encaja en su lugar por un motivo y un propósito divino. Con este entendimiento ustedes son más capaces de entregarse más plenamente a la presencia de la belleza del Creador dentro de su ser y su realidad. Sus elecciones también entran en juego y tienen un impacto importante en dicha realidad. Cuando eligen alinearse con la Era del Amor y su propósito de ser un creador de la Era del Amor, empiezan a elegir de diferente modo que expresa y manifiesta esa era en su realidad; en consecuencia, se manifiestan mágicamente abundantes experiencias diversas de amor en su vida, atrayendo a ustedes todo lo que necesitan para alentarlos y apoyarlos a expresar más del amor del Creador y ver más de la belleza del Creador en su realidad. .

‘YO ME ALINEO,’ es todo lo que ustedes requieren en este momento, eligiendo aquello con lo cual alinearse. ¿Eligirán alinearse con el temor o el amor? Esto significa simplemente que en vez de alentarse a sí mismos a andar la senda solos en la Tierra, sin apoyo, ustedes acceden su apoyo constantemente, acceden el apoyo de los planos internos, de los Ángeles, los Arcángeles, los Maestros Ascendidos, los Seres Lumínicos, así como el flujo de la abundancia, de la verdad, el amor y su propio Ser sagrado. Se abren a ser parte del Universo del Creador al que pertenecen automática y naturalmente para que puedan recibir el apoyo, la inspiración y la energía que ustedes requieren, y por lo tanto, ser capaces de apoyar a otros a lograr y acceder lo mismo. ¿Qué energías desean apoyar en este tiempo mágico en la Tierra? Es importante contemplar esto sin restricciones ni límites. Ustedes son un Ser Lumínico sorprendente conectado con Todo Lo Que Es el Creador; cuando se alinean con esto, viven más allá de los límites en libertad y con la multitud de abundancia del Creador.

‘Me alineo completamente con la Era del Amor para que pueda ser una expresión del abundante y dichoso amor del Creador en la Tierra. Me alineo para ser un creador de la Era del Amor en mi realidad, las realidades de los otros y el mundo. Me alineo con la experiencia de mi realidad como amor, atrayendo así todo lo que requiero en mi vida para existir armoniosamente con la verdad de mi corazón y mi propósito divino. Me alineo con el propósito divino de mi ser; sea lo que suceda en mi realidad, sé que estoy creando, andando y experimentando mi propósito divino en cada momento. A medida que me alineo con amor mis elecciones están alineadas con él, y por lo tanto, SOY AMOR en todas sus expresiones sagradas. Por esto me regocijo, dejando ir el temor y estoy contento en mi realidad y existencia en la Tierra. Yo Soy Ese Que Yo Soy.’ ’

Aquello que es negativo, dañino o doloroso es sólo un producto de la ilusión, diseñado para traer un mayor entendimiento y la verdad del ser, y aquello que es determinado positivo es un reconocimiento de la verdad de su ser y el Creador manifestado. Aquello con lo que ustedes se alinean se vuelve su verdad, se vuelve su realidad y la conciencia sostenida dentro de su ser físico. Permitan que el Amor sea el alineamiento de su ser.

Se necesita personificar, expresar y experimentar el amor del Creador porque es sanador, elevador y liberador; y sobre todo debido al hecho de que el amor del Creador es tan abundante que hay muchísimo a experimentar. Inclusive una vida dedicada a la personificación, expresión y experiencia del amor del Creador no es suficiente para explorar plenamente las abundantes manifestaciones y experiencias del amor del Creador, hay tanto a experimentar. Ahora es tiempo de dar rienda suelta a estas hermosas energías y experiencias para que se desarrollen nuevos entendimientos y verdades y se reconozcan dentro de su ser; hay un mundo mágico aguardándolos, nacido desde dentro de su ser.

Donde hay amor, solamente hay amor. Dentro de su ser hay amor; lo cual significa que solamente hay amor dentro de su ser. Si se alinean con este entendimiento y con al amor dentro de su ser simplemente declarando, afirmando y comprometiéndose a este alineamiento, entonces ésa será su experiencia eternamente, desarrollada magníficamente a lo largo de toda su realidad y experiencias.

Es tiempo de liberarse y de saber que ustedes son su propósito divino, este saber es todo lo que se requiere. Con su alineamiento con el amor y su propósito divino, aunque no sepan cuál sea, ustedes purificarán y limpiarán su realidad a medida que todo lo que crean y experimentan se alinea también. Por eso muchos en la Tierra están experimentando gente, energías, objetos, experiencias, situaciones, creencias, perspectivas que se están derrumbando, y se debe al alineamiento consciente e inconsciente que está sucediendo dentro de todos los seres. Cada ser elige conscientemente, y en ocasiones inconscientemente, un alineamiento y una experiencia en la Tierra. Este alineamiento está allanando el camino para las generaciones venideras y también para la ascensión continua de todos en la Tierra y los planos internos. Aquello que ustedes eligen a cada momento impacta su realidad y la ascensión de Todo Lo Que Es; por eso en este tiempo de transición el perdón es el mejor medio para apoyar una amorosa realidad de libertad, de amor.

Estoy con ustedes siempre, apoyándolos, amándolos e inspirándolos.

Hágase la Luz y el Amor en todo lo que hagan mientras andan la senda de su propósito divino del mismo modo que yo y el Maestro Jesús y muchos más hemos hecho.

Somos Uno eternamente, conectados por la verdad y el amor, Los honro y los respeto, Soy su hermana y compañera de su Ser, aquí para servir como amor y con amor.

La Era del Amor es el Tiempo del Alineamiento,

María Magdalena
Traducción – Gloria
Publicado Yesterday por LUZ ZOHAR

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jueves, 7 de agosto de 2014


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por Méline Portia Lafont

Hola queridos amigos y familia: 


Sólo una nota y una breve actualización de las energías que hay en mi vida en estos momentos. Como han notado, no he podido traer muchas canalizaciones recientemente, lo cual se debe a que estoy inundada con trabajo de servicio, lecturas, sesiones, creando el curso de canalización, las vacaciones veraniegas ahora que mis hijos están en casa, y la preparación para el evento venidero con Anrita Melchizedek en Glastonbury, en el Reino Unido [UK] del 8 – 9 de agosto. Así que voy a estar menos presente en lo que concierne a las canalizaciones debido a esto hasta el mes de septiembre. A todos los que van a ir a Glastonbury para reunirnos, ESTOY esperando con entusiasmo conectarme con todos ustedes, de verdad, ❤

Por otro lado, para todos los que están tomando el curso de canalización y todos los que desean empezarlo, ¡hay disponible el Módulo 2 en inglés y holandés! Los encontrarán en mi webshop [tienda del sitio red] en mi sitio de internet :
El segundo Módulo consiste de, y está dividido, en 2 partes para facilitar la absorción y darles tiempo a que trabajen a través de él. La primera parte les será enviada al momento de comprarlo; la segunda parte será enviada al final de agosto porque la parte 2 sigue en construcción.

Habiendo dicho esto, hablemos sobre las energías actuales y lo que se está desplegando. Como en las realidades personales de todos, ¡las cosas y las energías están acelerando su marcha! Todo a su propio modo y todos están manejando sus propias energías y cambios de profundas maneras. Mi trayectoria ha estado llena de hermosos cambios y nuevas personas han entrado a mi vida relacionadas con mi ser. He estado experimentando recombinaciones, iniciaciones y actualizaciones de la reunión de las Flamas Gemelas a ciertos niveles, expansión, estabilización y fusión de mis cuerpos más elevados. Además de eso, se está experimentando y sintiendo un gran cansancio en el cuerpo físico debido a todos estos cambios energéticos en el corazón y el campo de mi Presencia.

El Reino Elemental está haciendo su acercamiento más clara y fuertemente pues está más presente en la vida. Esto se debe a que nuestros campos y energías se están aligerando y aclarando en lo que se refiere a la resonancia vibracional de su existencia y energía con la nuestra. La barrera se está disminuyendo.

Se están forjando nuevas conexiones como un tipo de enlace con nuevos seres con los que no estábamos conscientes de su existencia actualmente. Esto se debe a nuestra expansión en el campo del corazón y la emergencia de nuestro Yo verdadero natural, que es Uno con Todo Lo Que Es. Se están forjando nuevas conexiones con partículas de la esencia de nuestro ser, nuestra familia espiritual, e inclusive con la Flama Gemela. Estamos obteniendo un sentido más natural de quiénes somos y representamos en esta vida y más allá, lo cual está dando a luz a nuevos planos del ser.

¿Han notado que se está desvaneciendo nuestra memoria de corto plazo también últimamente? Todo lo que ustedes leen, absorben o dicen se desvanece instantáneamente de la mente y la memoria, dejándolos con un sentimiento de no saber lo que acaban de leer en primer lugar. Esto es aplicable a situaciones y creaciones también, algo sucede y desaparece de su memoria con mayor facilidad de lo que acostumbrábamos. Todo esto es para asistirlos a estar y permanecer en el AHORA a medida que empiezan a ESTAR en el Ahora cada vez más a cada momento de su existencia. Esto los ayuda a permanecer enfocados en estar en el ahora y a no aferrarse a ninguna energía pasada, y a accesar el Ahora y la Fuente de su ser a cada momento. Ésta es un excelente progresión en pleno curso para que solamente SEAMOS.

La Puerta del León vendrá en breve, y como siempre, esta puerta opera como un fuerte movimiento de energía para establecer nuevas semillas y facultar a las energías Crísticas, llevándolas al nivel Solar. Quienes han comenzado sus iniciaciones de las activaciones del cuerpo lumínico van a sentir más profundamente esta activación en su anatomía celular, y experimentarán fusiones más profundas e inclusive la expansión de su propia Luz Crística. Quienes van a empezar estas iniciaciones comenzarán con un marcador de una profunda Flama Divina transfiguradora despertando en el campo del corazón, pues la Puerta del León es poder y facultación/empoderamiento.

Enfóquense en el Amor, la paz, y la expansión de las Energías Crísticas a medida que anclamos la Rejilla Diamantina de Luz en la Tierra. Esta refinada Luz Divina de la Rejilla de Luz Diamantina lleva la Conciencia Cósmica y la expansión Crística a la Conciencia de Dios [Conciencia Divina]. Nos encontramos en medio de cambios que nunca jamás hemos experimentado antes; se nos pide que lo honremos y lo apreciemos, y que no veamos más atrás, sino que permitamos. El permitir es anclar esa Luz en la Rejilla Terrenal a través de su propia Conciencia de Diosa y Dios

Sean aquellos a los que han estado esperando porque ustedes son aquellos a los que han estado esperando. No algún mago que viene a cambiar mágicamente esta Tierra por ustedes, son ustedes quienes son responsabies de su propio reino mágico y su cambio. Y como ustedes tienen el poder y la sabiduría interna para hacerlo, es importante permitir que las energías actuales y cambios internos se desplieguen y permitamos que todo lo restante se vaya y sea. Esto es lo prioritario ahora, sostener ese espacio y honrar la Gracia desde el interior.

Les deseo a todos una Puerta del León de lo más mágica y hermosa. Yo iré a Glastonbury en un corto tiempo y sostendré ese espacio con ustedes y para todos ustedes en la Puerta [en Tor] y las tierras de Avalón. Compartiré sobre todo esto en mi sitio de red en lo que toca a lo que hemos cocreado como Uno.

Con Amor,
Méline Portia Lafont
Publicado 22 hours ago por Juan Pablo

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Aug 7


La fase de purificación ha comenzado y depende de todos ustedes asistir a los que han despertado a llegar a un nuevo entendimiento del yo. Pues a medida que las energías liberadas de sus yos conscientes y subconscientes entran a su esfera de existencia, van a influenciar el exterior y el interior. Para que estas energías sean contenidas y transformadas, ustedes van a empezar a trabajar con las energías cristalinas que están almacenadas dentro de su vehículo utilizando diversos medios y cristales a su disposición. Pues la energía cristalina va a impregnar sus vidas en los meses venideros. Esta fase siguiente traerá ciertamente un fructífero comienzo de una nueva era, una nueva era en medio de la aparente destrucción de su viejo mundo.
Queridos y amados niños de la Luz, del Amor y los decretos universales. Les hablamos ahora desde el nivel de las Pléyades. Desde el nivel del paralelo 33avo. Desde el nivel de Arcturus. Desde el nivel de Andrómeda. Desde el nivel de TODA LA PUERTA CÓSMICA. Nuestros queridos y amados niños – ha llegado el momento, su planeta ha entrado de verdad a la Fase II. Las Energías Crísticas, las energías del Amor y el Código del Corazón han arraigado en el centro de su planeta y en cada uno y todo ser habitando en él.
Ha llegado el momento y ustedes han de asumir sus respectivas misiones por lo que ha empezado urgentemente la fase de purificación, la fase dos. La purificación de las energías que existen fuera de su vehículo. Pues las energías que los rodean dondequiera que ustedes están estacionados en la Tierra empezará a unificarse con las energías crísticas fluyendo libremente a través de su conciencia cósmica.
Así que el enfoque de la Fase II será primariamente el de la limpieza exterior de todo lo que se ha superado, todo lo que se ha dejado atrás, las energías remanentes de quienes las han liberado a su atmósfera, al “aire” que ustedes respiran y la energía que los rodea. La fase de purificación ha comenzado y depende de todos ustedes asistir a los que han despertado a llegar a un nuevo entendimiento del yo. Pues a medida que las energías liberadas de sus yos conscientes y subconscientes entra a su esfera de existencia, va a influenciar el exterior y el interior. 

the disc acts as an accelerating device and an attunement instrument to cleanse your DNA from remnants and frequencies past which are affecting your body and your consciousness in a way that is against the good of your higher self. And as such allowing the ascension process to move forward without delay. Using this disc will allow the energies to be magnified and applied directly to the one in question, and tune the body of the beholder and attune the DNA of the beholder with the frequency of THE SOURCE entering GAIA.
Para contener y transformar estas energías ustedes van a empezar a trabajar con las energías cristlinas almacenadas dentro de su vehículo utilizando diversos medios y cristales su disposición. Pues la energía cristalina va a impregnar sus vidas en los meses venideros. Esta siguiente fase traerá ciertamente el fructífero comienzo de una nueva era, una nueva era en medio de la aparente destrucción de su viejo mundo.
Por favor comprendan que la aparente destrucción es meramente una transformación a un nuevo paradigma de pensar, pues al continuar rugiendo el Armagedón dentro de cada vehículo actualmente ocupado con sus pensamientos de vibraciones más bajas, comprendan que lo que está ocurriendo ante ustedes es meramente la destrucción del viejo paradigma, un cambio en la conciencia. Es sumamente importante para ustedes, nuestro querido y amado personal de tierra, que entiendan que con la introducción de cualquier energía nueva, ya sea de proporciones negativas o positivas según es entendido en su realidad actual, la nueva energía empuja a la vieja ya presente dentro del vehículo, y como tal, ¡la energía que se ha empujado fuera vaga libremente alrededor del vehículo de tiempo y espacio buscando aferrarse a otros de dichos vehículos!
En consecuencia, es sumamente importante purificar dicha energía y liberarla a la Luz para transmutarla con la Flama Violeta del código de su corazón. Purificar el vehículo, purificar la energía rodeando al vehículo, purificar la energía de las líneas Ley, las del planeta Tierra, purificar las líneas Ley de todo lo que ven ante ustedes. Pues ha llegado verdaderamente el tiempo de purificarse a sí mismos y a quienes están a su alrededor.
Enfóquense en quienes han despertado pues ellos necesitan urgentemente su asistencia y comprensión de lo que ellos son. Dejen ir a quienes no desean encontrar el camino a la iluminación a este punto, pues vendrá el tiempo en el que ellos despertarán también a sus verdaderos yos. Sepan y entiendan que la pasión del Amor y la Luz con la que ustedes rodearán a cada y todo ser que alberga cualquier negatividad según es percibida en su realidad terrenal romperá la matriz dentro del espacio de su corazón, ¡y les permitirá ver la Luz de la Divinidad de la que son [parte]! Purifiquen, liberen y ‘bauticen’ a los que han despertado pues la energía del amor y la comprensión, las verdaderas energías del amor y la comprensión, prevalecerán en su planeta. Pues esto es así, y así es.
Eso es todo lo que tenemos para ustedes ahora. Los amamos. Estamos con ustedes. Hasta la vista.

~Anna Merkaba
Publicado 5 hours ago por LUZ ZOHAR

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samkaska: ELOHIM ARCTURUS- THE TRANSFORMATION OF YOU :::The Seemless Merge of Dimensions:::ssharing

samkaska: ELOHIM ARCTURUS- THE TRANSFORMATION OF YOU :::The Seemless Merge of Dimensions:::ssharing.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

ELOHIM ARCTURUS- THE TRANSFORMATION OF YOU :::The Seemless Merge of Dimensions:::ssharing




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Message from Elohim Arcturus
Received by Julie Miller
June 28, 2014

The human upon awakening undergoes a dramatic transformation, a path unfolds before them of truth and liberation that comes from the depths of their soul, which emerges into the Light after a great struggle, which expresses their divinity and authenticity to their world.

The word, “transformation” became very popular in your human years of the 1960s and carried over into the 1970s and that is when the term “new age” was born. Every few years after, the word transformation changed, and became something of a trend, but transformation is not a fashion mode to wear, it is all about a significant change, a letting go of something old and no longer of value in preference for newer and lighter ways of being and living. During the early years of the word, “transformation” its spiritual meaning and significance became buried and lost.

Transformation is once again on the rise and it is essential to understand the spiritual meaning and purpose of transformation. Understand when you are transforming, when you are intentionally letting go of an old way, a way that has been holding you back in favour of a lighter way of living and being a great metamorphosis begins as your soul finally awakens from its deep slumber and rises to its true spiritual essence, after lifetimes of being submerged into self-centered matter. When the soul awakens, you begin your spiritual journey and discover the way and means back to the Light that stirred your awakening. As you get closer to the end of your transformational path, the exterior part of you, the part where emotions controlled your actions, words, thoughts, feelings, intentions and choices become balanced as your soul emerges carrying your authentic self for the world to see.

Unfortunately it has taken many thousands of years for humans to reach the moment of their evolution where such changes are occurring. There are many more dear souls finally awakening to their true spiritual nature, yet at the same time there are just as many either pretending or not quite awakened yet. Remember, your journey truly begins when God lights that spark inside of you and begins to move you away from material substance for the preferred purpose of evolving your consciousness and awareness. When such changes begin, you may recognize through sensitive energy that a friction is occurring within you; a friction between spirit and material matter, and it is the same friction that has prevented you from going forward as you could have done in previous lifetimes. But when the spark is bright and you are finally aware of its Light Source, the friction becomes your push to move through your suffering and into the plane of Light, Love and to the Source that finally was able to awaken you.

Now in your modernized era, humans are awakening, and some are attempting to force their awakened self at an accelerated rate. Understand dear ones, your awakening comes when it is time, when the Creator source determines it is now your time to leave the shadows behind and embrace the Light. There are growing numbers of awakened dear souls already among you, and they are realizing that they are not alone, that there are others who have also awakened and there are some that have been born awake, only needed a little prodding to come forward. Now is the time to recognize the spiritual side of your nature, and become one with yourself…with your total self. It is unavoidable that once your soul awakens, your path will take you on a transformative journey that will include discovering what true divine beauty, power and light truly is and that these characteristics are an inherent part of the spiritual self, the part of your soul that is becoming revealed.

Your consciousness does not fully awaken or rise overnight. The transforming of your consciousness has several stages and it never ceases to grow once you begin unfolding your true spiritual self. Transformation, transmutation and transfiguration are the main stages of your awakening and of the rise and change of your consciousness. Comprehend the completion of your metamorphosis is not something that will happen after a few weeks of serious contemplation and effort. It will take many their entire lifetime to complete the total metamorphosis that will conclude the last part of their transfiguration, where the light from their own soul will flow down throughout their entire external façade making permanent changes.

The few dear souls that have worked tirelessly on their transformative path and who are approaching the advanced stage of their journey will demonstrate what the process has brought them and how their spiritual path has deepened. We have been witnessing many books, some workshops and other events that offer such experiences and make it sound like a holiday experience, when in fact it is a life-long commitment. What the book, workshop or any other event may do is ignite your motivation to get started on your life long journey of commitment to the revealing of your true spiritual nature that will transform you forever. The journey of transformation is not always going to be easy, it can be quite painful as you discover many areas of your Self that you either hid away, or did not realize existed and must learn to come to terms with your whole self, accepting all that you are, instead of pining to be someone you are not. You are meant to be you, not your friend, not your neighbour, not the person of the book you are reading or anyone else. And they are not meant to be you.

One who has already gained access to the advance stages of their transformation already understand why the process can be painful. At the core level dear ones there is a merging of spirit and matter taking place—a unity that brings extreme polarities together in harmonious balance that has the capacity to purify and refine the subtleties of the merging. The divine spark that is finally ignited grows as you gain more consciousness and awareness, where you become balanced within your mind, body and emotions. You gain deeper awareness through various planes of experience, which will inevitably create an inner spiritual alchemy to occur where your lower self becomes more aware of its higher self. When such awareness reaches high enough, then true awakening begins, then soon after you become a seeker of your own Light Source and you demonstrate without many words as words are not always able to describe the experience, but through actions as being reborn, new and ready for their new journey that will be filled with new wonders, experiences and challenges that will enlighten them further and provide all the information and wisdom to carry them the rest of their living days.

Yet until the moment of awakening occurs, your soul is best described as being caged by a mix of forces that prevents the opening of the heart and of knowing the Oneness and potential of life. When the person is still identifying with material form and the consciousness is still submerged in self-centered living, then the level of awareness is mainly controlled by selfish need, personal ambition, greed and misdirection of truth of self.

Once on the path of transformation, the material forces that have been inhibiting your spiritual growth and development become transmuted into spiritual energy, where you discover and appreciate what it means to love unconditionally, you have a higher regard for wisdom and respect what it means to have a spiritual, higher purpose. There is a subtle language at work, and through the subtleness of its tone, you are able to learn how to make a distinction between energy and force. Understand the word ‘energy’ refers to that which is formless—substance that flows freely. Whereas the word ‘force’ refers to that energy being trapped in matter and being restricted by form.

On your transformational journey, transmutation is the first main phase. It is the starting point of the process in which the material forces that you have been encased in for so long become elevated through the powerful motions of your mind where the ultimate goal is to transmute them into spiritual, usable energy. During this early stage of your spiritual quest, the soul is not completely conscious of itself within its own existential plane but is becoming aware of different spiritual realities. At this point dear ones, your personality is still consumed by identifying with your physical body, emotions and with your mind, but integration has begun and coordination begins with the monumental task of transforming this force into energy.

The material force of this stage is enhanced into soul energy through your mind and will. It is here dear ones you begin to truly learn and focus the mind to shake the subtle forces of the mind-self, the astral-self, the emotional-body and the dynamic energy body that is underneath the physical form of your Self. The power of your focused thought is being used to raise the emotional forces of your wishful nature. The force of personal longing is then transmuted into the magnetic energy of spiritual love, a form of love that is unconditional and comes forward when the heart and soul are united, working together as one.

When your mind is calmed, and under control and when it can successfully guide the forces of its identity, and when the lower forces of being have been satisfactorily transmuted into higher, usable energies, then transmutation opens up the pathway to transformation. The next phase of your journey includes unifying your character force and soul energy into an effortlessly running unit. By the time you reach the end of this stage your personality and character will be saturated with your soul’s energy to such an intensive point that your exterior persona and façade is transformed into being an instrument for your soul to express itself to the world.

During the transforming stage, you begin to awaken more to the reality of your own soul, to its existence. You will begin to recognize your own spiritual identity that is distinct from the personality you portray in the material world. It is here, this juncture point on your path where duality emerges. The human side of your soul experiences life mainly as a personality within various exterior identities, such as: teacher, poet, mother, husband, brother, writer, etc. But at the same time, the infinite spiritual identity of your true soul-self starts to break through into higher realms of conscious awareness.

During this stage, there is a developing inner knowing that you are living within two aspects of your Self—a worldly self that plays its own unique role, then the higher, divine self that is learning to accommodate with the higher planes of reality. It is during this stage, that the two separate selves forge a closer connection with each other, there is also a gradual shift of focus regarding your level of consciousness of the outer world of form to the inner world of spiritual depth and meaning. When such changes are underway, there will be a great struggle that comes that you will willingly surrender to and it is during this struggle and surrender that a parallel and equivalent shift in identity occurs…from your personality to the Soul.

At the earliest stages of this shift, it is quite common for you to experience great conflicts between the two aspects of your Self. Your soul is struggling to control your lower nature, which is fighting to sustain its power over itself and of the habitual way it has lived thus far. The self-centered motivations and ambitions of the identity, the part that has deep roots and attachments to the material world are not so easily moved to the higher aspect of your Self. Therefore, you are often pulled into two directions—one direction is towards the unknown realm of spirit and the other towards the known and comfortably attractive realm of matter and materialism. The challenge here dear ones is discovering a middle way…devising a path that leads you between these two great forces as your personality is progressively uncovered to the transformative light of the soul.

There is a technical name of this stage of your journey, many who have experienced and moved through this stage have called this the path of discipleship. It is the aspiring path to live a simple, yet spiritual life, where you permit the transmuting lower forces into higher energies in order to give a wider berth to a consciousness commitment to a life that is filled with discipline and active service to others in the ways you are able to.

On this aspect of your path, certain spiritual disciplines become deeply established to the point of being an automatic way of living. It is here your soul begins to take control of your exterior self and increases its direction towards that of the student and transforms the life you are currently living to a life with deeper meaning and enlightenment. When you are under the transformative power and influence of the soul dear ones; your personality begins to demonstrate divine qualities such as all-encompassing love, wisdom and unconditional compassion. The dear soul on this path becomes adept in spiritual being-ness and is able to align themselves with divine source of their nature, while expanding their commitment to serve others for the highest of good. You are now becoming aware of the purpose of your soul for your current lifetime and you are firmly committed to fulfilling each step of this higher purpose.

This phase of your journey is a conscious search for self-perfection and this search has been known to take more than one lifetime. There are many personal battlefields you must face and go through and eliminate the egocentric tendencies that create separation from your true self. Eventually, through the various processes you have been through that also help to purify yourself from the inside helps to bring you forward as student that is able to recognize the Soul of the Source of their divinity is the soul in ALL people regardless of who they are or the path they are on. The divine qualities that are in each person at the beginning of their evolutionary path starts to grow and manifest into the life and times of the conscious soul. All inner beauty, truth, wisdom and even Light that was hugely covered by shadow that has been carried through by many lifetimes becomes revealed. A delightful outpouring of light streams down as the soul transforms the identity into a beautiful vehicle for divine expression and being. You are then transformed into someone with a soul-infused character whose life is wholly directed from within by the wisdom of the Soul.

As we are getting closer to the conclusion of our transmission today, we will recap or summarize what we have discussed already. During the initial stage of your transformative journey you began to transmute the mind as the mind has a big role in raising force into energy. Upon success, you enter the second stage, the transformative stage where your soul finally comes through into consciousness—your total self is purified from its previous way of living and being, and your soul begins to control your exterior form. The final stage is known as transfiguration. This is when the spirit comes forward to complete the process that began the moment your soul finally woke from its deep slumber. At this point it is certain, without a doubt that your soul won its struggle to control any personality issues, therefore putting an end to duality in favour of unity. When this aspect of your journey has been reached, the soul-infused personality will stand tall, transfigured and changed before all, illuminating you as a radiant being of light at last.

It is understood that the experience of transfiguration comes to all that choose the path of transformation, as it is the first sign of true initiation of the human entering the Source of your Light, God’s Divine and Spiritual Kingdom, which is the kingdom of all authentic souls. It is here dear ones where your consciousness evolves your life and the Spirit of your Light, God’s Light and His Infinite presence is revealed through all outer forms of your Self. Your personality is finally exposed to full extent of light that comes from your soul and of the personalities that have become instruments of energy are wholly transcended…these parts of you, that once were glued to material forms and ways are now energy vehicles which true spiritual love is able to flow from you, into the world all-around you with every in breath and out breath…you are an evolved vehicle of true spiritual love, a being that encompasses all others as equal to their own. It is through this inner knowing of the power of love and what it can accomplish that will compel you to help salvage the lives of others through selfless service, charity and kindness.

The journey of transformation is not a quick, overnight fix to anything, but with time and effort and commitment it will bring you many rewarding experiences and knowledge that can only be found through experience. Your wisdom will grow exponentially as will your love and compassion for humanity.

I AM Elohim Arcturus
…through Julie Miller
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Sandra Walter: The Seemless Merge of Dimensions

By Sandra Walter, Creative Evolution – June 27, 2014

The June Shift did not disappoint. We encountered the marker on this miraculous Ascension timeline when we merged dimensional expressions. It was seamless, profound and changes everything – again.
We have a new platform for our physical experience of multidimensionality here on beloved Gaia. We received a huge amplification to accelerate our perception of what occurred 18 months ago at the end of 2012. Now we apply our knowledge of these events with the New Light provided and attain wisdom at last. It seemed like a long journey, then it was boldly, instantly un-created for the New. A seamless shift of perception.
We are different beings, in a different area of space, dealing with different energies, creations, and many tools which we planted in the planet to assist us during this passage. With this deep realization comes acceleration for many on the Ascension path; responsible creation will be the test of Mastery during this passage.
There is absolutely no judgment on other experiences during this passage. This is not the same experience of multidimensionality we have had in the past. It is a physical merge, and in our Mastery we keep our cards close to the chest as this unfolds. I heard many folks had a hard time during the June gateway; perhaps this will provide clarity for some, and frustration for others. Repeating the whys and hows of leveling up feels like madness to me. I have deep (healthy, detached) compassion for the collective encountering difficulty with the New dynamic.
A new conversation has begun
I willingly, joyfully abandon the regurgitation of old Ascension rhetoric which has been discussed to death. RIP to all which is not applicable to the New. Everything has changed through this gateway, and we must focus on attuning our perception to the Now truth which breaks apart old energies and old creations. Many will try to apply old beliefs to the New, and they have the free-will right to do that as long as they need it, or as long as the collective needs it to feel comfortable during the Shift.
New energies, New Light
I understand many perceive the New Light to be a return of an old light. I do not resonate with that definition, nor the tales of raising something which once was. Source has sent out a command for a new creation, and the remembering phase of our journey now spawns something brand new. I feel the Golden Age/Golden Race will be different from anything we, our Master Selves, Archangelic Selves, or Galactic Selves have experienced before. There may be an exploration of old intel; I feel we have been in that passage for a while, and it now feels nostalgic.
It is BRILLIANT what happened in June
Here is a look for the mind-flow levels at what unfolded for the Forerunners of Ascension. The design of these events is brilliant:
December 2012: Dimensional Shift of Gaia and HUmanity. Holographic shadow of the old maintained as an act of mercy and Divine Will, easing us into our new reality.
August 2013 – February 2o14: Old holographic templates of Self begin to collapse for Wayshowers, after running on personal and collective intent for months
March 2014: The Return of the Christ energies enter the Planetary fields, awakening Solar Cosmic Christ codes within Wayshower/Forerunner Heart centers.
April 2014: Full Anchoring of the Christed activations through the planetary grids (stabilization attained). May have felt like Feminine energy; I feel that is just the perception of balance after a long period of patriarchy.
May 2014: New Self Templates activated within Wayshowers. Powerful upgrade for many as DNA rewrites in alignment with the new templates. Major physical preparation for the June Shift. Some may not have known what was occurring; that time in the cave led to transformation of your path.
June 2014 Shift:
– Gaia enters an area of space which triggers the dimensional merge of higher and lower expressions.
– Unification of 3D-5D expressions within Wayshowers/Forerunners begins in a clear and physical way. Physical perceptional access to 9D (I AM template levels) available to many as the New Light activates DNA in the planetary grids (12/12/12 codes and ancient templates in many locations) and is willfully called forth. Pineal adjustments for eyes-wide-open interaction with 6D-9D aspects through telepathic union. (May be perceived as lifting of the veils.)
– Deeply personal revelations; a departure from collective experience in order to fully realize the Creator State of consciousness, pure creativity, and the effect of Divine Will on the personal path of Ascension.
– Begin to unify and greet (in the physical) the 12 Divine Aspects of divine (Christed) HUman Self, realization of Cosmic Christ template activation.
Current Veils in Flux (veils of perception destabilizing with the New Light):
Planetary Veils: Magnetosphere-based, influenced by Planetary, Solar and Galactic intention. During dimensional collapse/merging of dimensional aspects, the magnetosphere thins to allow more photonic light (pure light), plasma, and cosmic particles into/onto the planet. We are experiencing significant magnetosphere penetration during this passage, breaking part the time-space dynamics of the old 3D and 4D, allowing for rapid evolution of consciousness (jump time).
Collective Veils: Noosphere-level agreements of the HUman collective. Currently being treated with an incredible amount of compassion by grounded teams and the Higher Realms, which are merging. Even with tremendous cosmic triggers in play, the collective agreement to honor all journeys as best we can remain intact. When the collective experiences fear/anxiety/contraction with the shifting energies, higher-level adjustments are made to honor all conscious and subconscious thought forms/creations.
OverSoul Veils: Soul Group agreements. The Ascension process/Mastery path of a Soul Group. Dependent upon the objectives of the Oversoul, affected by Soul Group accomplishments, In-Carnate choices. When a tipping point is reached in Soul release (release to higher service rather than Soul path intentions), the OverSoul dissolves this veil.
Personal Veils: Perceptional level of In-Carnate consciousness which merges with OverSoul perception during Ascension. Merge triggered by OverSoul level, dependent upon Conscious Choice of In-Carnate level to Ascend.
Divine Opportunity
With the dimensional merge occurring in June, there are opportunities to attune one’s perception to the truth on all levels. Begin with the personal veils and work up. It is astounding what is available to the grounded In-Carnate Self during this passage. It also caused a significant jump in frequency; please stabilize your own lifestream in order to assist with planetary stabilization.
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domingo, 22 de junio de 2014


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Canalizado por Brenda Hoffman for

Queridos Míos:

Ustedes han viajado largo y profundo para liberar las últimas piezas de sus temores de la 3D. Ahora están listos para volar a su nuevo rol. Aunque tal vez crean que todavía hay piezas de temor de la 3D ocultas, ése no es el caso. Aquellos de ustedes al frente de esta transición han limpiado todo lo que los retenía a la Tierra.
Ustedes continúan queriendo a muchos — a diferencia de sus temores de estar aislados, que ninguno de los que están en su vida de la 3D sería parte de su nuevo mundo.

A medida que estaban transicionando, también lo estaban haciendo aquellos que ustedes creían que no agarrarían nunca ni querrían agarrar el anillo de metal de la transición. Quizá no estén en el mismo sitio en el que están ustedes — pero entonces nadie lo está. Así como hay miles de humanos de la 3D con el título de ‘actor’ — cada uno con habilidades e intereses diferentes” algunos prefieren roles Shakespeareanos, otros de comedia y otros más diferentes tipos de medios de comunicación. Y sin embargo, todos son actores.
Así es para ustedes. Quienes están al frente no están en el mismo lugar y tiempo que otros. Sus seres queridos están transicionando — sólo que de manera diferente a ustedes.

Y lo mismo está sucediendo por toda la Tierra — incluyendo la Tierra misma. Algunas partes de la Tierra se están adaptando a este cambio con eructos de enojo o respiraciones de rabia; otros están simplemente brillando más resplandecientemente. NO esperen que toda la Tierra cambie de manera similar o al mismo tiempo. Cada roca, cada célula de tierra es un ser único.

Quizá ciertas partes de la Tierra han sentido dolor o vergüenza. Quizá partes fueron amadas a lo largo de los eones de tiempo. Al igual que es cierto para ustedes, la Tierra se está limpiando a sí misma del dolor y el temor en la forma que ese dolor y temor han asumido en el transcurso de eones de tiempo.

¿Podrían ustedes transicionar si la Tierra no lo hiciera? La respuesta es un rotundo NO, pues la Tierra sostenía tantas células de dolor/temor que ustedes hubieran estado rodeados de dolor, y por consiguiente, no hubieran podido accesar plenamente su Ser interno de Amor.

Ustedes, la Tierra y todas las entidades de la Tierra están transicionando en un marco similar, pero no igual. Quizá noten que otras entidades actúan diferente – topándose con las ventanas, siguiéndolos o indicando su deseo de ser libres — todas las partes de su transición. Permítanles ser – igual que es cierto para ustedes y la Tierra.

Quizá deseen saber qué partes de la Tierra están expulsando temor y enojo para que ustedes se puedan mudar a otro lado, para que no sean parte de la limpieza de la Tierra. Eso no es posible. Su Ser interno los guía a su lugar y les permite experimentar lo que ustedes desean experimentar.

Esta transición abarca todo — la Tierra, las entidades de la Tierra y los Universos.

Ustedes van a experimentar lo que necesitan experimentar.

Al mismo tiempo, aquellos de ustedes que han emergido recientemente de su capullo tendrán un sentimiento de libertad y gozo que no han experimentado en la Tierra antes. Volarán por encima del temor, explorando nuevos mundos – incluyendo la Nueva Tierra – y creando lo que han soñado dentro de su Ser.

Aquellos de ustedes al frente han despejado y ya no son más de la Tierra — son Seres Universales.

Quizá crean que ustedes siempre han sido un Ser Universal. Eso es cierto pero con limitaciones. No se les ha permitido contaminar otras dimensiones o lugares con sus temores. Ahora que se han despejado a sí mismos están plenamente listos para aceptar su manto de Ser Universal.

Así que se van a sentir diferente en unos cuantos días. Se sentirán refrescados, despiertos y plenamente vivos por primera vez en la Tierra en esta vida – o cualquier otra. Van a remontar el vuelo como un águila, y sin embargo se sentirán como una paloma de la paz y del gozo portando su mensaje a todos los que deseen escuchar, ver, sentir o presentirlo. Tal vez su mensaje significará meramente mudarse de lugar a lugar. Quizá sea uno más estable y sólido dentro de las nieblas de los Universos. Sólo ustedes lo saben – conforme son dirigidos por su Ser Interior.

¿Son ustedes un Dios/Diosa? Sí. ¿Son un ser humano amoroso? Sí. ¿Son una hermosa mariposa de gozo? Sí. Ustedes son todo y lo mismo, descubriendo su rol por ahora y preparándose para su nuevo rol de mañana. Así sea. Amén. si desean recibir los blogs gratis cuando son publicados, por favor hagan click en el botón de suscripción – Subscribe Button – en la parte superior de la página de suscripción y blog [de Brenda], y luego hagan clik en la línea que dice: “Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mai “. Completen su suscripción escribiendo su direccción de correo electrónico y aceptando esta confirmación por correo electrónico.

Derecho de Autor © 2009-2014, Brenda Hoffman. Todos Los Derechos Reservados. Por favor siéntanse libres de compartir este contenido con otros, publicarlo en sus blogs, añadirlo a sus publicaciones, etc., pero mantengan la integridad de este artículo incluyendo el autor: Brenda Hoffman y la fuente del enlace de la red:

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JUNIO 22 – 2014

YO SOY EL QUE SOY. Digan estas palabras a viva voz y díganlas silenciosamente. Sosténganlas sacra y secretamente en su corazón y reflexionen sobre su significado. YO SOY EL QUE SOY, (la respuesta dada a Moisés cuando preguntó el nombre de Dios) es una declaración mística de una profunda verdad disponible para cada y todas las almas porque todos están en y son de el único UNO. La Humanidad no es YO SOY, porque el ego no es sino un sentido ilusorio de quién y lo que son…. Una personalidad creada desde una conciencia de separación. Estas palabras sagradas resultaron en tortura y muerte para todo aquel que las sonorizara en tiempos pasados de ignorancia, impotencia y supresión.

YO SOY EL QUE SOY ha sido declarado por maestros iluminados a través del tiempo pero ha sido pasado por alto por las masas no evolucionadas incapaces de comprender la profundidad o el significado de ellas. Fue y aún es aceptado comúnmente que esta declaración aplica sólo a un Dios masculino hecho a imagen del hombre y retratado mirando hacia abajo desde el cielo.

Queridos, ustedes están listos para abrazar las verdades profundas, llevándolas a su conciencia y haciéndolas suyas. Al sentarse calmadamente en meditación o caminar solo en un bosque tranquilo, reflexionando sobre el significado del “ YO SOY EL QUE SOY”. Pregúntense; “Qué significan realmente esas palabras para mí? Podrían aplicarse a mí? Quién es este YO? Es real?” Noten que las palabras no dicen seré después de que medite por algunos pocos años más, o podría ser si tan sólo trabajara más duro- ellas declaran “YO SOY”. Ustedes están listos para este paso querido, el paso en el cual comienzan a abrazar en realidad la verdad más profunda sobre ustedes mismos y parar de juguetear en la superficie de la metafísica.

El Grupo Arcturiano desea hablar sobre el recrudecimiento de la violencia que han estado atestiguando últimamente y recordarles que esta es la llegada a la superficie de energías muy densas y pesadas mantenidas por siglos en ciertas áreas del mundo. Lo que puede parecer como pasos hacia atrás para la Humanidad es en realidad la actividad de la Luz siempre creciente en las oscuridades largamente mantenidas necesitadas de ser limpiadas. Las energías del pasado deben ser vistas como tales – el pasado, viejo, terminado. Ellas deben dar lugar a lo nuevo porque la única vida y poder que realmente tienen ha venido de la creencia universal en ellas. Es así como trabaja la evolución.

Intenten no enfocarse en la violencia o en las personas involucradas en ella, sino dense cuenta de que cada persona es un ser espiritual actuando desde su estado actual de conciencia – muchos de los cuales están aún totalmente enmarañados en la dualidad y la separación. Sosténganse a la verdad sin importar las apariencias, no negándolas o desentendiéndose de ellas por ser simples ilusiones, sino recordando cómo están formadas las apariencias.

El mundo material representa una interpretación mental de acuerdo a los estados de conciencia globales e individuales – el sistema de creencias del mundo. En la escena humana ustedes ven las creaciones perfectas y las cualidades de la Conciencia Divina a través una ventana con un cristal teñido – los colores y formaciones, su estado de conciencia.

Una conciencia totalmente despierta a su unidad con la totalidad de la Fuente aparecerá exteriormente como lo que sea necesario (no siempre lo que ustedes piensan que necesitan) porque la Conciencia Divina (su conciencia cuando despertó) – es completa, armónica, y total en todo sentido. Cuando olvidan y se permiten resonar con apariencias de dualidad y separación, les agregan energía y combustible, la única sustancia que tienen.

Este es un tiempo difícil para todos – muchos están sufriendo y todos están sintiendo la intensidad de las nuevas energías mientras al mismo tiempo están limpiando aquello que es viejo y pesado. Hagan lo que sean guiados a hacer de manera de ayudar a otros en la escena humana, pero primero y lo más importante sostengan la verdad- ésta es la manera que el cambio vendrá porque la escena externa simplemente manifiesta lo interno. Ustedes son creadores pero no se han dado cuenta de ello.

Aquellos que prefirieron que permanecieran en la oscuridad y la ignorancia del pasado, están usando cada oportunidad para esparcir el miedo y el caos en este tiempo pero mucho de esto que funcionó antes, ya no está funcionando. Traten de no entrar en tácticas destinadas a alimentar el miedo mundial, y estén conscientes de lo que está sucediendo. Permanezcan en la quietud de su centro cuando se enfrenten a la negatividad y la violencia que constantemente está siendo trasmitida desde los medios y no se involucren. Estén conscientes, pero no inmersos continuamente en las historias negativas porque esto simplemente trae abajo su campo de energía a ese nivel.

No es fácil liberarse de la hipnosis de la tercera dimensión. Hay muchos observando sus luchas con gran admiración por su fortaleza y determinación. Ustedes son poderosos seres de Luz y están haciendo un buen trabajo dentro de una energía que ya no alienta eso totalmente. Ustedes han experimentado vida tras vida en la energía tridimensional y están programados para usar esas experiencias buscando soluciones y respuestas con la mente.

Están aprendiendo a salir de la mente humana impersonal llena con cada creencia de dualidad y separación hacia la realización de que las imágenes externas ya sea de bueno o malo, no tienen nada de real para sustentarlas o mantenerlas – sólo la creencia. Esto es lo que significaba el término bíblico “ ver a través de un vidrio oscuro”… las manifestaciones de la Conciencia Divina son siempre completas y perfectas y encarnan todas sus cualidades (completitud, totalidad, abundancia, alegría, etc.etc) pero cuando estas ideas fluyen a través del filtro de la dualidad y la separación, se vuelven algo diferente.

El mundo material es una traducción mental de las perfectas Ideas Divinas. Imaginen un molde para pan… la masa es su estado de conciencia y el molde es su mente. La rebanada está formada por la masa que ponen en ella.

Hay sólo UNA MENTE… otra profunda verdad que muchos resistirán al inicio. Tomen esta verdad en sus corazones y reflexionen sobre ella. Ustedes están más que listos para recibir y abrazar las verdades profundas, para cambiar de la metafísica hacia el misticismo.

En la escena humana, la mente Única – su mente, se condiciona por cualquier creencia falsa que acepten. Cada creencia alguna vez creída está flotando en la conciencia humana y nunca es suya personalmente hasta que es aceptada. Debido a experiencias de vidas pasadas, cada persona tiene una propensión a determinadas creencias de otros. (Algunos pueden estar más predispuestos a creencias sobre salud, otros a creencias sobre relaciones, etc.)

Es importante no reclamar viejas energías de vuelta durante este proceso de limpieza. Por ejemplo, pueden estar limpiando memoria celular del cuerpo emocional y re-experimentando algunas de esas emociones. En vez de declarar, “estoy tan deprimido/a, estoy tan triste, estoy tan enojado/a, etc.” lo cual las sujetará a ustedes de vuelta, reconozcan que son simplemente viejas energías limpiándose y déjenlas ir. El mundo les ha hecho creer que existe una solución farmacéutica para cada una y todas las discordias (mucho para el beneficio financiero de esas compañías). Buscar “arreglar” síntomas de limpieza puede darles nueva vida y poder y enlentecer el proceso pero esto no es decir que no pueden consultar un doctor si son guiados a hacerlo.

Las energías tridimensionales obsoletas del pasado no puede ser llevadas con ustedes hacia la nueva y elevada resonancia sin importar cuán bien les hayan servido en el pasado. La elección es siempre, suya.
Al ustedes comenzar a vivir desde la Mente Única la cual no contiene dentro de ella conceptos o creencias falsas, la escena externa comenzará a reflejar eso, su conciencia estará manifestando interpretaciones más claras de las Ideas Divinas. No cometan el error de pasar su tiempo buscando resultados, diciendo: “Oh he practicado y he fallado. Esto no funciona.” El cambio no pasa de la noche a la mañana, y simplemente tener el conocimiento de la verdad no es lo mismo que la conciencia de ello. Eones de tiempo y millones de experiencias fueron necesarios para desarrollar cada estado de conciencia hacia la disponibilidad de despertar. Primero viene la receptividad, luego el conocimiento, luego la práctica, y finalmente un nuevo estado de conciencia ha nacido, uno que luego se manifiesta en lo externo en formas superiores y mejores.
Lleven las profundas verdades místicas que les hemos dado hoy hacia sus corazones queridos, porque ustedes están listos. Examínenlas, pidan a sus Seres Superiores y Guías por ayuda para entenderlas y moverse hacia la conciencia de ellas, y practiquen.

Nosotros Somos el Grupo Arcturiano

A través de Marylin Rafaelle
Traducción – Shanti
Voces de Arcturus y Andrómeda
Publicado 1 hour ago por LUZ ZOHAR

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Vel sanus: ▶ Bujinkan NamiryuDojo,Dublin, Ireland HD – My First Meeting with Arcturus Part I ::: sharing

Vel sanus: ▶ Bujinkan NamiryuDojo,Dublin, Ireland HD – My First Meeting with Arcturus Part I ::: sharing.

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Friday, October 24, 2014

▶ Bujinkan NamiryuDojo,Dublin, Ireland HD – My First Meeting with Arcturus Part I ::: sharing

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My First Meeting with Arcturus Part I


I AM Kepier,
I speak to you from the Starship Athena. We are readying ourselves for our first official visit with you. We speak to you from our fifth dimensional resonance, hence I use the plural term we. Because we resonate beyond time, our visitation has already occurred. It is for this reason that we KNOW that we will meet you soon. “Soon” is a term we often use when speaking with our time bound ones to reassure them of ensuing events. However, your actually experience of any given event of which we speak, depends not on time, but on your frequency of consciousness. In other words, when your frequency of consciousness resonates to the fifth dimension, you will be able to perceive and experience our meeting. 
Do not be concerned if each of you experiences these meetings in a somewhat different way, as you are still holding your physical, individual forms. Because of this, you will each have your perceptions influenced by the thought-forms and emotions that are within your earth vessel. This situation is by design. You all entered the experiment of life in a polarized reality to experience the many different expressions of the ONE. It is this individuality that you will donate to the ONE on your ascension into the reality of unity.
We wish now to share more about your transition with you. You see now how your earth vessel is changing more each day. Also, the news of our First Contact is becoming more and more commonplace. As we have told you, our First Contact with our grounded ones will be inside their consciousness rather than within their reality. We begin our contact in this manner to remind our grounded ones that the Path to Ascension is not above them, but within them. Therefore, as we speak to you inside your heart and mind, you seek our communications by tuning, not into the third dimensional news, but your own Inner Truth.
Because of the blissful feelings and bodily sensations that accompany our communications, your rational mind can more easily accept this inter-dimensional communication as reality. Yes, it is the expansion of your reality that is our primary goal in preparation for our “landing.” Again, we wish to remind you that it is your state of consciousness that will allow you to experience this landing, not the place you may be or time that you should be there. Once, you connect your consciousness to ours, or to any member of our Galactic Fleet, you will be on our “email list.” In order words, once your consciousness is united with ours, you will Know how you are to participate within this great transformation moment of First Contact.
We say First Contact because it has become a well-known term. However, there are so many of our grounded ones, that is the grounded ones of all our Galactic and Celestial Family, that have experienced many connections with us. Many of you, our grounded ones, have known us by a name that was already in your vocabulary as some form of deity. You chose these names for us because of the feelings of bliss that our communications evoked in you where much like your feelings during prayer. We wish to remind you again, that we are not deities in the manner, which your Earth religions have them. In fact, we are YOU in a higher frequency. The bliss that you experience is the unconditional love that has always been latent within your own earth vessel. However, it can only be activated by a higher state of consciousness. It is this unconditional love that reunites us with our grounded ones.
The component of this unity with which our grounded ones have the most difficulty is that this unconditional love is activated when you can love your self. Fortunately, through communing with us, usually through what you would call meditation, you can feel our unconditional love entering your awareness. Since love given unconditionally is a rare experience in your dimension, you may need to first experience from what appears to you as being a separate source. One of the most important things that we wish to relay to you today is that WE that are our grounded ones and ourselves are NOT separate. We are ONE! It is within that Oness that you shall ascend.
As our process of ascension is commencing, I would like to share my First (inner) Contact with the Arcturians. This meeting was actually with Illia Em, an Elohim of Arcturus. The date was:
Beloved One,
I am Illuminata Emaculatas. The Immaculate Illumination. I have also been known as IlliaEm — The Elohim of Arcturus. My true name cannot be spoken or written in your language, but close your eyes and ears now as you feel my signature.
I am a Solar Angel or Elohim of the Star System of Arcturus. As you have felt my signature, it is one of pure divine and unconditional love. Earth is not the only planet that experiences love. Love is the vibration of Creation. However, Earth has been one of the few planets, which have dared to extend the creational love vibration into the third dimension. Since the third dimension is one where polarization of Spirit and matter creates a separation of light and dark, the energy field of love has often been separated such as the separation of plasma and blood cells. The darkness is like the plasma, in that is offers a carrier for the light and the light is like the blood cells in that it is the building block and the continuation of life.
I am vibrating at a dimension where there is no separation.
Spirit and matter
Light and dark
Unity and separation
Are all ONE!
All of us on Arcturus await your full reunion with our presence. We are so proud that you have remembered us. We ask you now to allow all that is of the old way to come to the surface of your consciousness. Allow all that is of the old to be released from the deepest and darkest portions of your third and fourth dimensional self like the blood from an old wound. As it comes to the surface, it forms a crust, a scab.
At first this scab will be hard and fast as you feel the limitations and resentments of many, many lives. These are a part of your Earth experiences and they need to be brought up from the darkness before they can be healed and released, once and for all. Feel now in your form how each tear of sadness, each tear of sorrow, and shudder of loneliness is released into the light of your expanding consciousness to be healed.
Feel yell of anger, wince of frustration and each outburst of anger as is released into the light of your consciousness to be healed. Feel each cringe of fear, cloud of depression is released and serge of anxiety as you release it into the light of your consciousness to be healed. Allow all of these memories to become of your past. Allow all of these memories to become the scabs of past injuries that are now being released.
And now, my Beloved, you must wait. The process of healing is one of patience and faith. The process of releasing is like a small bubble rising from the bottom of the stream. Follow this bubble up from the core of your self. Love it to the surface.
Allow it to join all that is patiently waiting the moment of freedom from the shadows of your memory. Furthermore, release not just of memory of this life, but the memory of all the lives that you have taken upon the third and fourth dimension worlds.
These memories are of the past now, Beloved. They are yesterday. Today you are free. Today you are victorious. Today you are the sum total of all that you have ever been. Feel the crust of yesterday about you. Soon it will be released from your form. Soon the clay shell that has felt like a prison will crack open to reveal your true body of LIGHT.
Await patiently now my one. Feel yourself like a seed beneath the earth waiting the moment when it breaks the surface to feel the Sun. Feel yourself like the Sun enshrouded by the clouds waiting the moment when your light can be revealed to all that will see. Feel now your unity with ALL THAT IS.
Feel your wings my dear. They are like the butterfly struggling free of its cocoon. Feel me, I am Illia Em. I am the Angel that radiates to the essence of your core. It is time to be Home now! It is time to remember and release. Be courageous. All is as is must be, as you say:
I AM complete. I AM the radiance of all that I have every experienced. I NOW welcome all memories to the surface of my consciousness. I AM ready to BE ALL of my SELF!
(Boy, did I open a Pandora’s Box!)
Trough Suzzane Lie, PhD

Posted 12th February 2012 by Shanti 


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▶ Moments – YouTube

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My First Meeting with Arcturus Part II

A month after my meeting with Illia Em, the bliss of higher consciousness has plummeted down into my subconscious fears and depressions. I contacted Illia Em again, and this was her message. It was one that was quite a surprise to me.


Dear IlliaEm

Please help me to understand what is happening inside of me these last few days. I know that the fear of survival is rising from the animal within me. However, there is another feeling that is so primal that I cannot put a word to it. It feels like a long lost part of my Soul, a part of me that has been forgotten since I first took on a physical form, is beginning to awake after a long, long sleep.

I know that the other dimensions of myself have always been alive and active, but I [the part of “I” that is known as Sue] have not been aware of them. Perhaps my animal is afraid that if I become aware of those portions of myself that I will be abandon it. Perhaps I will. I do not know what is in store for us all as we move into the higher dimensions. Please illumine me regarding the old feeling that I am having. I would also like to know about how will transmute our bodies as the vibration of the planet raises.

Beloved Suzille,

I AM Illia Em. The part of you that is afraid of death is your body deva. It is afraid that when there is no longer a third dimension that it will become extinct. What it needs to know is that it will be raised in vibration just like the rest of you. No portion of your third dimensional self will become extinct. There is no death, and there is no extinction. There is only transformation and metamorphosis. As your physical form begins to rise in vibration, the particles will slowly move farther and farther apart.

See yourself now traveling into the heart of an atom. First see this atom as a small spec in front of you. Now, slowly begin to zoom in on it with your mind screen. See how this atom is getting larger and larger. Now you can see it is like a small galaxy with the nucleus being the sun and protons and electrons orbiting around it. Go into a place in your body that is a correlate to this atom.

Find the small place in your heart this is opening as you are learning unconditional love. Yes, there it is, right in the very center of your heart. If you cannot enter that small opening in your heart, than how can you allow others to open it? First you must open your heart to yourself unconditionally before you can learn to love others in that same way.

“Yes Illia Em, I am opening that small portions of my heart to myself. I see the small galaxy that is an atom in the core of my heart. I see the nucleus like a glowing Sun. It is inviting me to enter it. Will I be extinguished by its Light if I fall into it?”

My dear Suzille, you will be extinguished if you do not. Now see the nucleus grow larger and larger until it is expanded beyond the edges of your inner vision screen. Do not forget that this is the nucleus of the atom of the opening of your heart. This is the core of your Unconditional Love. Deep within the blazing nucleus, you will see a small doorway. It is entirely surrounded by bright light. You will have to feel it more than see it.

“Yes, I see/feel it now. The doorway is opening. It is the darkest dark that I could ever imagine. But wait; in the very center of the void of darkness I see a small light. I move through the doorway into the complete darkness. The darkness is like a black hole. It seems to absorb all of my essence and all of my light. However, there is no sense of good or bad. It is simply a sense of obliteration of all that ever has been. As I pass through the doorway, it seals shut behind me. I suppose that I should be afraid, but I am not.

“I feel content as if I am finally performing the mission for which I first took embodiment. I am also aware of the portion of myself that is very third dimensional and sitting at the computer. How will I return to that reality or rather how can I believe that this reality is as real as that one once I have returned to it? I must believe that this reality is not an illusion. It is the core of my Self, the core of my unconditional love.

“Yes, I am beginning to understand the feeling I have been having, the sadness and the primal fear of extinction. I know now that it is a fear that I have been wrong. It is a fear that what I have always sought, which is this doorway into the unknown, is not real. It is the fear that all there truly is exists in the outside world of the third dimension. Yes, the feeling that has been plaguing me is doubt. Self Doubt. Doubt in my own sanity. Doubt that I can be so dedicated to my convictions that I will be able to release the third dimension.”

My Beloved Suzille, you do not need to release the third dimension. It is a portion of you. It will not be released, but will instead be integrated into the other portions of you. No part of you will become extinct. Just as you are a small portion of myself, your physical self is a small portion of you. Do not abandon it or judge it. It is serving the function for which it has been created.

You are one of our Ones who have given yourself over to be a prototype for the transformation of the physical body. Therefore, you will have sensations of loneliness from the third dimension because you will not be able to share your experience with many on that plane. Therefore, it is vital that you build deep and lasting relationships with the other portions of yourself and the world that can only be entered through the doorway of yourself. Doubt, my dear, is your only enemy. (It is very true that for many years I could not share that part of me with any one.)

“I am feeling very different as you speak to me IlliaEm. My body is becoming less and less dense. I feel like it is expanding to fill the entire room. I feel how it is touching the walls around me and how it is a part of the computer in front of me. I feel my mind like the computer and I have less and less awareness of how my fingers are typing onto the keyboard or how it may look upon the screen. I am becoming the experience of expansion.

“As I travel deeper and deeper into the nothingness of this darkness, I see before me a nebula. It is of glorious colors of red and violet and pink. I now travel into the core of it and see glimpses of blue and an unusual form of green that is not possible upon earth. Through the nebula is a distant star, but is coming upon my very quickly. Suddenly, the star bursts upon me and me upon it. I am the star. I am the space around it and I am the nebula light years before it.

“And now Illia Em, I see you. Your giant wings fill my vision, and your heart is fully open. The sun within your heart is rising over the mountains, and the Stream of Life is flowing into me. I feel a tingle through my entire self as this flow enters me. The me that sit at the computer is ONE with the me that embraces you. I move into your heart. I follow the Life Current like a salmon finding its origin. I travel up the Stream of Life, high into the mountains and into the setting sun. As the Sun totally descends, I travel beyond what is known, beyond what is perceived.

“And beyond my perception is Arcturus. I am on Arcturus. I see Lamire, my Divine Complement, preparing his ship for its journey to Earth. He turns, sees me and runs to greet me. We embrace and are instantly ONE. It feels wonderful to be complete again. Can I take this feeling back to my third dimensional self? How long will I have to return to that land of limitation? But as I think that thought, I remember my loved ones and the Nature there. I remember Illia Em’s words,

You do not have to loose any of you. All will all become a portion of you, just as you are a portion of me.

“Lamire is smiling as I see him before me and within me. The third dimensional portion of myself is battling with itself in order to embrace the difficult concept of multidimensionality. I turn to my earth self and she sees me. I am the eye looking into the heart. I am seeing the many aspects of myself like a house of mirrors. There is NO limitation to the echoes of myself. There is NO boundary to experience. Kepier, my alternate reality that lives upon Arcturus in the correlate time frame to 21st century Earth comes to greet me. It is androgynous. We merge into one in greeting and I feel Illia Em join into the merging, as she has a special message for me:

My dear Suzille, I am indeed glad that you have been able to expand your sense of self to encompass this reality. Do you remember when you first left Arcturus to go to Venus in preparation for your journey to Earth? Yes, dear I can see that you do not. I will tell you that story now.

It was early dawn upon the planet of Zantrill and the sun was just rising above the horizon. At sunset, you had said good-bye to your comrades who would stay on Arcturus and afterwards spent the hours of darkness in deep meditation. Of course the time span of light and dark were at your choice because your resonant vibration was of the seventh density. However, the rhythm of inflow and outflow was a routine established in your pod, and you had all decided to collectively create a sunrise and sunset in order to create a group experience of inflow-darkness and outflow-light.

I, Illia Em, oversaw your pod from dimensions just above your own. All of the members of your pod had volunteered to make the journey to Venus. Some would than move on to Earth when they had learned to survive in a lower density, and some would stay in Venus to act as guides for those who went to Earth. There were 32 in your pod and all of you were like the fingers of a hand. You were individual in your consciousness, but unified in your awareness and purpose.

All of you were androgens. Your pod had chosen to answer the call of Earth and to enter into the great experiment of separation and third dimensional experience. Because all in your pod were of One group consciousness, all would have the experience of third dimensionally even if they remained on Venus. The adventure was beginning. There was no fear or sadness, as you had never experienced those emotions. They would not be a part of your awareness until you joined the evolution of Earth.

I have kept these experiences secret for over fifteen years, as I was never sure I believed them myself. I am so happy to feel that I can share them now, which I do in hopes that my secret stories may help you to believe your inner experiences as well.

Through Suzzane Lie, PhD
Posted 12th February 2012 by Shanti
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samkaska: Reading:::File:::Video 117 Answers of an alien from Andromeda – video hundred and seventeen – May 16, 2014.:::sharing

samkaska: Reading:::File:::Video 117 Answers of an alien from Andromeda – video hundred and seventeen – May 16, 2014.:::sharing.

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Reading:::File:::Video 117 Answers of an alien from Andromeda – video hundred and seventeen – May 16, 2014.:::sharing

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Video 117

Answers of an alien from Andromeda – video hundred and seventeen – May 16, 2014.
Mythi, these photos are of Russian satellites orbiting Saturn, and appears to be a spaceship or something. Can you tell us something about it?

– These motherships the size of Earth belong to a race of descendants of Arcturians living in Camelopardalis, the same race that is responsible for maintaining here some stationary registers as the Black knight satellite to the Boötis society in a joint venture between their civilizations. These ships are very, very large, and carry large mining equipment and mining. They also capture entire asteroids composed of ordered minerals by mining them in the Oort Cloud. Even in your own footage from NASA through Hubble telescope viewing, sometimes they show these ships in space intentionally or absentmindedly.
You will observe these very large ships Camelopardalis circling the solar system as they have bases spread throughout the system. In Jupiter and its moons, Saturn them maintains a large base of hexagonal mining in north pole of the planet as well as extraction stations on various moons. On mars they keep equipment and artificial moons that are operational bases. Uranus, Neptune, Venus, Mercury, even tiny Pluto have bases in mineral exploration. They left mine on Earth by the Community Galactica decision there about 11,000 years for a colony destined to be humanoid culture. But they keep on the Moon extractive bases that are operating to this day.

– If you have the ability to pay attention to your sun through satellites, will see many of these great ships of various breeds recharging their batteries of plasma, converting the energy released by the sun. The plasma energy is used throughout the ship for internal use, lighting, heating, force fields, instrumentation, etc. … For navigation the unipolar magnetic fields are generated by antimatter in most current conceptions of technology to build spaceships, to be a stable source and does not need to recharge during the lifetime of the ship. Therefore, the best place to park large ships will always be close to the sun of the system.
Mythi, we have this footage of a Russian rocket carrying a communication satellite that was “shot down” by a probe type a few days ago. Can you shed some light on it?

– The rocket was damaged by a Pleiadean probe for one reason; was not only leading communications satellite. Probes only overthrow the rocket if it were carrying nuclear warheads in the load, that is something was not revealed to you in this story. I have said and I repeat, the Pleiadeans will not allow atomic destruction weapons and will destroy all that is being released with them. The probes are hundreds of times faster than any missile you can produce so there is no escape. There will be no other chance of them even explode atomic missiles in Van Allen belt or surreptitiously send another missile against lunar bases as they did years ago. If you do not know I will also inform you that “they” tried to overthrow the Black Knight satellite with two missiles that were intercepted before reaching the target. As this failed, the crew of Columbia then tried to install explosives to disrupt the satellite and bring it down in Antarctica as I told you before, and Columbia has been deactivated by the probes in 2003 by way of final warning.
Mythi, some are insisting insinuate that the Large Hadron Collider is an attempt to open a portal, I know you’ve talked about it before but would have more to give us some detail?

– Friends, the most expensive material in the world would get anti-matter with this type of technology, the problem is you can not handle the isolation of particles at a quantum level necessary. The ancient portals could be simulated by such archaic technology but serve only for communication and not for the teleportation of matter. The guidelines for the assembly of these generators was assisted by “long craniums” working with your government. The Community Galactica will prevent any attempt to open a portal of any kind leaving the Earth
until it is recognized as an effective member of the community. The portals in technology today are virtual and can be opened from a distance without the need for large installations of this type. A portal with current technology can appear and disappear without causing any influence to the environment around, totally unnoticed.

– By way of information, the Arcturians are in a major operation delimitation of areas of the planet, you may start to hear noises and watch brands in soil and coastal boundaries. These boundaries are as geophysical sensors that generate an accurate holographic visualization of tectonic movements at any angle and thus provide initial points of movement enabling actions that may be taken during the succession of natural events. There are many variables in the natural processes so this is the best way to get a dynamic map of these manifestations.

– I know it’s hard for some of you wait for change, but time has a subjective importance depending on how involved is who is going through the timeline of a given physical period. Nothing like a day after another to pass the events on the right time for all of us.

Be with the light and peace my friends.

Thanks for watching, join our channel! Be sure that you are welcome there!

Captain Bill – April, 2014 Atlanticobr Channel

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Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2014


There is, at this critical point in time of Great Change and Liberation – as I understand it, and always did – one main responsibility we have: the responsibility to connect with the Heart of our True Being and to live from there. To live from the Depth of it, in the Beauty of It.

Because this Is What we really Are.

This, in my best understanding, is Ascension.

Now there is much misunderstanding about what the Heart is. I use a capital ‘H’, and not a small ‘h’ to make the difference clear.

The Heart I am talking about is NOT our heart chacra!

And I also do not talk about our physical heart.

The heart chacra is merely a kind of superficial addition to what we originally and truly already Are. And in fact, we do not need the heart chacra at all to realize this! This is my own experience!

All exercises based on chacra work end up to be shallow compared to exercising the natural Power of the Heart.

The Heart is our true hue-man Divine Essence, that has been always ours, the One that never changes, and always Exists beyond time and space.

It survived unscathed all manipulations, all genetic changes, by those who interfered with hue-man’s true Divine Nature.

The heart chacra is therefore of no real use! It is just a kind of toy, and superimposed on our Essence and Feeling of Being. Even more: the heart chacra can become a major obstacle for discovering and Being Who We Are.

If we are stuck in the heart chacra, we have no access to our Heart. We cannot find it, we cannot feel it. This is so because we are manipulating the heart chacra from our brain, in the same way we manipulate all our other chacras.

To be fixed in the brain does not allow us to live from the Heart.

You will notice yourself, that when you are truly in your Eternal Heart that there are no chacras, because your Eternal Heart is outshining these artificial lights.

We are being manipulated into believing that working with the chacras is what spiritual enlightenment is about. But not so. There is much disinformation around.

There is no real power in our mortal chacras, as they do not express our own True Living Heart. They only distract you from going deeper to touch and re-cognize Who You really Are.

It might be the methods of the worshiped “gods” or extraterrestrials, to hand “down” to us instructions how to develop our chacra system and to use sacred geometry to grow our consciousness, – and such to advance to a “higher” version of ourselves.

But this does not truly serve us: exercising only the chacra system, weakens and destabilizes us indeed, makes us vulnerable by generating dependency on the ever changing flux of the currents of life, whether in this dimensions or in other dimensions!

In fact this method prevents us from taking back and regaining our true Inherent Divine Power, that only can be found in and As Our Heart.

The Power of the Heart is a Power that is greater than our galaxy, that is greater than the universe. In reality the Heart contains it all.

We are not the small powerless beings, we are told to be by those who preach a developed chacra system as the non plus ultra of our spiritual achievements and ascension.

Our Heart Power is never “above”, and it is not “below”. It Is All. It cannot be categorized as “superior”, and it is not a “ladder” to climb up to reach the cosmos above and to look from there down to here. Because it is not located in duality.

In fact, we do not need to be told or taught anything, but we are encouraged to rely on what we already Are and which does not need to be developed, but only to be remembered, re-discovered, re-cognized – when we are willing to heal our heart from painful and negative memories.

And then we understand that we are more powerful than any artificial teachings and complicated, mind driven methods and exercises.

We do not need programs, we do not need beliefs when we rely on Reality. The Heart is beyond beliefs and dimensions, beyond the fragmented chacra system and it’s broken colors.

It is the Continuum of our lives in all existences, realms, galaxies and dimensions.

It is the unlimited Divine Power of the true human being, with all its humbleness, to merge with all life and all beings with great unconditional Love.

The Power of the Heart Is Us, it is Eternal and is the very core of our Existence, it is our Existence Itself. And it is closely linked and already inherently united with the Great Spirit of our Earth Mother Gaia. This we must re-discover!

United with Her in our Heart, this leaves no room for exercises and methods, but requires us to allow to merge with the Domain of Feeling.

In the centerless Depth of this Feeling to Infinity all Wisdom is revealed, all Powers of the hue-man become obvious.

It is a State of Fullness and of Knowingness, where nothing needs to be added or developed, We simply allow What We already Are!

We always have been already there and complete! And within this completeness the Universes and Galaxies are our playground!

This is also the Truth, our Real Friends that are of True Light and True Love are reminding us of. And it is up to you, my dear friends, to find out where your Inherent Divinity and actual Power resides.

In Lak’ech –

Many Blessings to us!


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martes, 6 de mayo de 2014

ORIUX DE ARCTURUS – SOBRE LA BELLEZA DEL SER HUMANO:::▶ Comunicación con el cuerpo celular :::▶ ALIMENTACION SALUDABLE:::sharing



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Laura, hoy necesitamos hablar sobre el ser humano, ese ser tan maravilloso pero tan vulnerable….

Es momento de que cada ser humano despierte su verdadero ser y su esencia se reconecte con el ser humano, haciendo de éste un ser completo en todas las dimensiones.

Es asombroso lo capaz que es. Cada ser humano puede romper cualquier barrera que quiera, no tiene limitaciones. Las limitaciones las han impuesto ellos mismos desde su historia, no permitiéndoles tener libre albedrío.

Realmente son libres amados, realmente son perfectos y son seres de amor y luz. Despierten y a medida que lo hagan, despierten a sus otras partes del Todo.

Para cada hecho negativo que pueda llegar a tener su existencia, existe una partecita tan insignificante del amor que lo cubre y lo trasponla, que si comprobaran esto se darían cuenta que el amor lo puede todo, y que vivir en amor brinda libertad y paz.

Amados, despierten de este sueño que crearon, abran sus ojos y pidan ver la verdad, abran sus corazones y pidan que irradie amor. Porque para eso están en la Tierra, para irradiar amor y luz para vivir en armonía y comprensión continua; para comprender que el amor es la base de todo sentimiento.

Comencé diciendo que eran vulnerables porque sentimientos negativos que los hacen sentir mal y se comportan como principales. Déjenme contarles que no lo son, si ustedes desean cambien el sentimiento negativo por uno positivo, sepan que si se está presentando es un nuevo reto para poder demostrar que pueden cambiarlo por positivo… y luego, simplemente déjense fluir por el amor y la armonía que soluciona y arregla todo desarreglo y desamor.

Son seres tan maravillosos y especiales que brillan por si solos. Preocúpense por brillar y no dejar que su luz se opaque, liberen esas tensiones que no les dejan expresarse con amor y ser la luz que guía en la oscuridad. Son perfectos, todo su ser está pensado a la perfección, está pensado para llevar el amor dentro de ustedes, cada célula revive con amor, cada latido del corazón armónico revive su juventud y su libertad.

Ámense, respétense y libérense.

Los ama,

Oriux de Arcturus

Canalizado por Laura Boucher

Publicado 27th November 2011 por Juan Pablo

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Enlace a Libro de Urantia:

Libro de URANTIA

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