Sharing.:::.INTO A NEW WAVELENGHT.:::. ▶ Anatomy of Movement Of The Hip – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim – YouTube | Equipoise

Origen: Sharing.:::.INTO A NEW WAVELENGHT.:::. ▶ Anatomy of Movement Of The Hip – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim – YouTube | Equipoise



Sharing.:::.INTO A NEW WAVELENGHT.:::. ▶ Anatomy of Movement Of The Hip – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim – YouTube

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Ley-lines and time markers are off line, sacred geometries are reset.

 An actual cog in time has been felt as the worlds walk into a new wavelength of Light.

We still biologically walk to the beat of the old drum when the band plays on in a different octave of time and light.
 Our perceptions are enhanced and we see in and out of time but are still not sure where to place each thought.
 Seeing between the worlds is not a place for those weak of purpose.
 One must hold tightly to the tight wire as time doors are opened and possibilities present themselves in a new array of colors.
 The unexpected is to be expected on a daily basis.

Dimensional black holes to other places of parallel time loops can create a dizzying effect in most unexpected places.. Time doors open and close faster than the bat of an eye.
 Truth and time are adjustable in nature.

Your vessel of perpetual self is being purified for the expanded energies and truths of the upcoming shifts. 

You are an instrument of light that is being fine-tuned to play a new song. Relax into the Shifts; look at them eye to I, seeing with the wisdom of a thousand years! See beyond what you deem humanly possible. Each situation has a million outcomes. It is up to the individual to pick the reaction which then opens the door to a matching experience. 

~Excerpts from Gillian MacBeth-Louthan –
Posted 11th April by Shanti Zohar 

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Sharing.:::. ▶ Anatomy Of The Obturator Internus Muscle – THE ARCTURIANS – A MESSAGE OF PEACE | Equipoise

Sharing.:::. ▶ Anatomy Of The Obturator Internus Muscle – THE ARCTURIANS – A MESSAGE OF PEACE | Equipoise.

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Sharing.:::. ▶ Anatomy Of The Obturator Internus Muscle – THE ARCTURIANS – A MESSAGE OF PEACE

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Karen Doonan

Greetings beloveds we are the Arcturians and we are here to guide and support ALL as they now begin the process that will take them out of the confines of the old world and into the new world with its ability to support at CORE level. Many of you may now be in the throes of chaos as the old world attempts to dissolve and you now begin the process of harnessing the new energies.

We wish to state clearly that the supportive and nurturing new energies of the new world are available to ALL. It may appear to begin with that all is breaking and all is the “end times” as has so clearly been described across your world but this is NOT TRUTH for the old must dissolve in order to make way for the new. Energy JUST IS and the energies that are now pouring across and within planet earth are a far higher vibration and frequency than ever before.
In order for deep healing of not only individual humans but the human race as a species it is vital that these energies are allowed to flow through you. For in holding the energies back you create more chaos from the place of the wounds and these wounds then begin to filter the planet back to you. Do you understand our analogy? our words? Let us further explain.

The human race is a race that is deeply wounded, from the beginning the human race was drawn into a galactic war of sorts and this has played out AROUND them. The wounding has been passed cellularly from human vehicle to human vehicle for aeons. The energies that now flood across and within planet earth are beginning to shine and anchor LIGHT into these cellular memories. This may appear to you in your waking reality as disturbed sleep, strange dreams and the experience of what may appear to your human vehicle as a “cold”, “flu” etc.

We are here to guide this is merely the new cellular changes to your human vehicle and nothing more. YOU ARE cleansing lifetimes of trauma and teachings from within the cellular matrix of the human vehicle. It is vital that you begin to TRUST and have FAITH in SELF for the process may appear to be something that it is not. As the old dissolves then the old will try to set off the teachings of distortion that have anchored within you. We are here to support YOU as you now face these teachings and allow them to dissolve for they no longer serve, they have NEVER served.

That which appears to you in your waking reality as “loss” is the smoke and mirrors of the old world shattering, for they have kept you in the fairground that is human misery for aeons. The structures that the human race has used to live through have been highly distorted, you have been taught to hold onto the lower emotions, you have been taught to look at your family and see competition, for family is ALL who share the universe with you. YOU ARE FAMILY, you are ALL and we are here to help guide you through the process.

We are not the only part of your family who are here for you, you may not be able to physically see us yet but we are here holding the space for the deep healing. Much as a small child who has broken a leg needs recovery and rest and then needs to exercise that leg in order to return to full health we watch over you as the parents in this scenario. The human race is the small child who has been taken to the edge of “broken”. Now we ask that you exercise the heart and that you learn to walk again for there is no need for fear or for anxiety. ALL that you have been taught as TRUTH will dissolve and that which you will be able to see is the VAST LIGHT that has existed within you and around you since before time.

For YOU are that VAST LIGHT and as you progress through the process, as you allow the patterns, the karmic contracts and the systems to dissolve then you will gain clarity of vision, you will gain a clear inner vision and you will recognise PEACE for it is within YOU that this is cultivated. To cultivate peace you must allow TRUTH a home, for it is only from TRUTH that PEACE is achieved.

It may appear that the world is breaking down and all will be lost, but what you “lose” was never TRUTH, we are here holding you in our hearts as you now begin the healing process. Much will now change and shift as YOU change and shift.

We are the Arcturians and we are with you always, for in TRUTH we have always walked WITH YOU for we are YOU and YOU are we.

Copyright Karen Doonan, all rights reserved
Posted 7th November 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR


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Sharing.:::.▶ Anatomy Of The Extensor Muscles Of The Leg – FROM MARK´S CORNER | Equipoise

Sharing.:::.▶ Anatomy Of The Extensor Muscles Of The Leg – FROM MARK´S CORNER | Equipoise.

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Sharing.:::.▶ Anatomy Of The Extensor Muscles Of The Leg – FROM MARK´S CORNER

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9/13/12 Presentation

The following presentation was given by Mark Kimmel at the Walk-In and Starseed SUMMIT on September 13, 2012 in Pagosa Springs, Colorado 

STARSEED AWAKENING: My awakening as a Starseed took place in 1987. In 1996, I quite my involvement in the business world to devote full time to understanding, writing, and speaking about the larger reality. It has been a gradual process of learning who I am and why I am here at this time and place. There are additional layers of understanding unfolding daily.

MISSION: Since my awakening I have learned much about the larger picture. For me a diamond represents the larger picture; its individual facets the ways in which the larger picture presents itself to me and the many ways in which others see the larger picture.

Media, government, the monetary system, fossil fuels, the medical system, time, religion, large corporations, the legal system, the educational system, and psychology are all means of asserting control over us. I am being told that all of these are going away “soon” as we transition to a higher consciousness.
At this moment I do not know how or when we will move into the New Earth of the 5th Dimension, but I know that we will be there by the end of the next three years. 2012 is the beginning; 2014 is the realization of the New Earth. In the process of achieving a New earth we will see earth changes, the collapse of the monetary system, new technologies to replace the burning of fossil fuels, revamped governments that are responsive to the needs of all, the collapse of religions in favor of a true spirituality, and the replacement of all institutions created by mankind from a 3rdDimension fear basis.
As Earth’s transformation comes about our light energy affects the civilizations on other planets of our solar system: Venus, Mars, and others. This in turn affects other planets of the Milky Way Galaxy. This then affects planets of other galaxies. All planets of physical form are affects by our transition to the light. Plus, all in the non-physical is also affected.
One of the more startling facts I have come across is that less than one percent (1%) of all beings in the cosmos know about sentient beings in physical form. Think on this and recall how special you are and how special to be on Earth at this time and place.
The main ingredient in our transformation to the 5th Dimension is learning to think from our hearts. The higher dimensions can not be accessed through our rational minds. Functioning from the heart can be readily observed in the play of small children or the love of a dog.
I am being told that the transformation of Earth and her human inhabitants is the most important event since the original creation. Imagine the impact you are having with your every thought. Imagine the impact you are having as you change your beliefs. Recall this as you examine the way you live.
Turning now to a discussion of God, the words I have come to use are: “Prime Creator,” “All That Is,” “Source,” and “Godhead.” The Godhead is neither an individual entity nor a collective, It is much more vast, eternal, powerful and loving than imaginable.
In the beginning, the Godhead created Creator Gods whose task it was to create the cosmos, physical and non-physical. This was done according to the “Original Template” laid out by the Godhead. These many Creator Gods created galaxies, universes, and other dimensions. The original Creator Gods created additional Creator Gods. All was in accordance with the light of the Godhead.
The physical form of our Earth was created according to the Original Template. It possessed a pristine environment such that many beings from around the universe came to simply be here. The original humans were transported here from other star systems and galaxies. The four colored races are the result of this seeding. At the beginning of this seeding, the humans knew whence they came, they were telepathic, and had powers of the higher dimensions. In the beginning all was in perfect harmony with the pristine environment and the other inhabitants of the planet.
Some Creator Gods who had been created by the original Creator Gods began to experiment with creations outside that of the original Template, beyond the light of the Godhead. They liked these new creations very much, and refused to return to the light of the Godhead when asked to do so. There was a gradual degradation of certain sectors of the universe. This is referred to as the fall of consciousness and its implications are with us today for these dark energies affect our planet, among others, in adverse ways.
By means of energetic manipulations on the part of the Creator Gods without light, separation from the Original Template caused distortions in the ego in all humans of Earth. In addition to physical changes, our chakras became dysfunctional. Our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies were split and their functionality was drastically reduced. Judgment and competition entered human behavior.
The so-called 3rd Dimension fell upon the humans of planet Earth. Rigidness is the hallmark of the 3rd Dimension with its many rules and regulations. Fear is at the heart of all aspects of the 3rd Dimension. When I refer to the 3rd Dimension I am referring to the ways in which we relate to each other, to our environment and to the higher dimensions.
Stepping back to the beginning, Great Souls were created by the Godhead. These were, and are, individualized expressions of the Godhead. They are vast, eternal, and powerful beings, functioning in the light as a collective. I envision each as much larger than an individual planet. These great souls individuate souls from themselves for occupying individual human physical forms on planets in myriad galaxies. Through this process they do not entirely disconnect themselves from the many individual souls in the many human and other physical forms who they inhabit at any one moment.
Looking at ourselves from the perspective of a Great Soul leads us immediately to see who we really are. We can come to understand that we are magnificent creators in our own right. Most importantly we can come to understand that there is “nothing wrong with us.” We are the physical embodiment of a vast being; we are playing a role for this lifetime.
I have come to understand that the various Dimensions of which we speak are energetic configurations. They are numbered for our convenience, but from a higher vibration perspective they are not sequential. The 3rd Dimension refers to the rigid form of which we are all well aware. It is important to distinguish between the 3rd Dimension and physical form. Physical form is the paper upon which I print this information and the computer I use to do it. Physical form is the landscape outside my window and the sky above. The rigid form of the 3rd Dimension is the fear-based code of conduct within which 3rd Dimension people live.
The energetic configurations of 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th Dimensions are nowhere as rigid as 3rdDimension. In 5th Dimension there is no fear. In 5th Dimension all is transparent; there is no manipulation. In 5th Dimension we can realize our true potential as powerful creators. In 5thDimension we are part of a powerful collective with others who function from the light.
A great shift is upon us. All who choose to do so will move into higher vibrations, initially the 4thDimension and then onto the 5th. Beyond the shift is harmony and oneness. Beyond the shift we will find new ways to experience family, community, leadership, and organizations. Beyond the shift we can find ourselves in a veritable paradise – if we so choose to go there. If we do not choose, we will remain in the 3rd Dimension, but elsewhere.
I am being told that we are part of a grand experiment, never before attempted. We are to be the first to merge 5th Dimension consciousness in physical form. This is the goal for all who remain on this planet. Another way to say this is, “Life in physical form from an elevated consciousness.” We are indeed entering a new reality.
To achieve this transformation we are receiving assistance from a number of directions: Earth is being bombarded with transforming electromagnetic energies (Beyond those measured by scientists). An array of archangels and ascended masters are assisting. Our star brothers and sisters are present both walking the planet and orbiting it in giant starcraft such as Athabantian. Numerous walk-ins and starseeds have come to the planet to act as lightworkers. And we have a bevy of channeled information recorded in books, and on CD’s, DVD’s and web sites.
By vibrating at our own higher frequencies, we are displacing fear in Earth’s collective consciousness. You and I are making a change by being who we truly are and radiating that consciousness. In turn we are impacting ALL in the universe.
Embrace the impact your thoughts and actions have on ALL of creation.
Separate your inner knowing completely from the outer realms.
Understand that what we are doing on this planet is the most important event since the original creation. We are most fortunate to be part of it.
Accept who you really are.
Accept that there is nothing “wrong” with you.
Raise your vibration.
Maintain yourself at a higher vibration
Do something, such as giving of yourself to others.
A NEW WORLD is emerging. In it will be new relationships. On this new world you will be telepathic. New organizations will be required, organizations based on mutual understanding and the greatest benefit of all. On this new world there will be no pollution and the adverse effects the 3rd Dimension will be cleansed.
A new breed of humans is emerging: The Caretakers. They will:
Operate in physical bodies from a 5th Dimension consciousness.
Have youthful bodies, and live without disease.
NOT experience death, as we know it; they will choose when to leave their bodies.
Have a very high consciousness.
Know that they are citizens of the universe.
Be creators of a new civilization on planet Earth.
Assist Earth to blossom into Earth Star, a self-illuminating planet of light. 

ABIQUOR, “Center of Light,” is being created in southwest Colorado. It is a self-sustaining facility with teaching, residential, and conditioning spaces. It will be surrounded by gardens and farms to provide food for its many residents. All will operate in harmony and oneness.

Abiquor already exists in the 5thDimension, and will materialize on Earth after our shift to higher consciousness. As currently envisioned, it will be a teaching center for Caretakers. Utilizing the knowledge and experience of beings from other star systems, it will instruct Caretakers on new forms of organization, on news ways of leadership, and on ways to interact with off-planet beings. It will also instruct Caretakers to teach others around the planet. Additional aspects of Abiquor include cleansing of Earth’s environment and implementing new energies to replace fossil fuels. I am being told that its impact will be felt well beyond Earth. 

Stand Tall – separate your inner knowing from the 3rd Dimension
Value your human body – Earth’s transformation requires human participation
Change others by your presence
Have compassion, both for yourself and for others

By Mark Kimmel

Posted 30th October 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
Labels: abiquorascending gaiabecoming fifth dimensionalsconsciousness awakening

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Sharing.:::. A Year On “Topside” Earth .:::.▶ Phantom Pain Amputation – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim – YouTube | Equipoise

Sharing.:::. A Year On “Topside” Earth .:::.▶ Phantom Pain Amputation – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim – YouTube | Equipoise.

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Sharing.:::. A Year On “Topside” Earth .:::.▶ Phantom Pain Amputation – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim – YouTube

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Saturday, December 13, 2014
A Year On “Topside” Earth — Message from Sanat Kumara

12-13-14 (good date to hear from Sanat Kumara)

More Messages from Pleiadian Perspectives on Ascension Book 4

It Is the NOW

A Year On “Topside” Earth


In this vignette of the soon to be published It Is the NOW, Bk4 of Pleiadian Perspectives on Ascension Sanat Kumara is preparing the galactic volunteers who entered the consciousness of their third dimensional, expressions of SELF to join with the Lemurians to assist Gaia with Her ascension process. This meeting takes place in the Core of Gaia.


Beloved Ones, we speak through you as well as to you. We come into your NOW to assist you to remember what you learned on Venus before you took your first incarnations on Earth.

(Explanation: After the fall of Atlantis, which was preceded by the fall of Lemuria, Earth almost fell off its axis. Besides the fact that the planet had experienced two major cataclysms, there was also much more darkness on Gaia’s planet than light. Therefore, Gaia sent out a call to the ONE to please send beings of light to enter Her planet to assist Her in retaining her balance on Her axis.

Many of us came from our higher dimensional homeworld to take an incarnation on Earth to assist the planet. We first went to Venus to lower our resonance so that we could even enter such a low frequency planet and to prepare for our mission.

For more information about this please see Visions from Venus, available as a download for 99cents (for a few more days) as well as in print version at:

Reconstructing Reality, Book 2 is also available now at:

All of you who are in this HERE and NOW were among those who answered Gaia’s call at the fall of Atlantis. You were such beings of light that you needed to go to Venus to lower your frequency so that you could step into a form on Gaia’s gravely wounded planet.

It is not important whether or not you remember that journey. What we, Sanat Kumara, call into your remembrance NOW is the service you vowed to give. This service was to remember your SELF throughout myriad incarnations during the long dark night of the Kali Yuga, which you all tried to do. Life after life you tried to remember.

Sometimes you could only remember as a child, and when you ‘played’ on the Earth, you assisted Gaia. You see now that Gaia is a living being and capable of creating any form She pleases.

However, you may not realize how much you helped Gaia by remembering your love for her planetary expression. It was your love of Her planet that assisted Her to heal Her planetary body. As humanity fell deeper and deeper into their separation consciousness they perceived Gaia as a mass of rock that is just a thing.

They were proud that they were no longer so “superstitious” that they thought of the planet as a living being. Besides, if Gaia was a being, she was a female, and females were also treated very badly during the Kali Yuga. In fact, every person, place and thing was treated very poorly and much damage was done to the frequency of Gaia. However, your great light healed that darkness in ways that you were never aware.

Because you loved Gaia, Her land, Her Sea, Her plants, animals, humans and atmosphere, you assisted Gaia to keep her planetary body alive. Now both people and planet have gone through many initiations, and you are both prepared to expand your awareness into your personal and planetary Lightbodies.

I Sanat Kumara, as well as the original 144,000 who long ago came with me to Earth, have returned. We are here NOW to work with the current Planetary Logos, Ascended Master Kuthumi, to assist our dear Gaia’s reunification with Her Multidimensional Planetary SELF.

You are all aware of Gaia’s fourth dimensional plane, as you have often visited it in your dreams. Due to your sporadic flashes into Lightbody, many of you have also become aware of Gaia’s fifth-dimensional New Earth. This Earth is not actually “new.” Fifth-dimensional Earth has always existed, but the members of Gaia’s planet have been pulled into their lower frequency expressions.

However, New Earth is by no means uninhabited. Many of the plants and animals that have become “extinct” have actually returned to their innate higher frequency of resonance. You will also be pleased to see that many cetaceans and “ascended humans” also reside on New Earth.

Nevertheless, I ask you not to leave your physical form, but to expand your consciousness back into the fifth dimension to connect with many of your ascended expressions of SELF. Yes, dear humans, most of you here in this NOW have had at least several experiences of ascension. It is because of your previous ascension experiences that you have been chosen among the myriad volunteers to assist Gaia.

You will need to recover the memory of the sensation of transmuting beyond your 3D physical form, through your 4D astral form and into your 5D Lightbody. In order to recover this memory you must release your attachment to third dimensional “modesty.”

According to your third dimensional indoctrination, it is immodest to remember your true, Multidimensional SELF. Hence, many of you will have difficulty releasing all the old limiting emotions and thoughts that bind you to your old manner of storing information. In order to return to who you have always been, you must release old concept of modesty, which are actually versions of “not good enough.”

You have long stored all information in a sequential, separate fashion. In order to merge with Multidimensional SELF, you must remember how to consciously access the fifth dimensional information that is stored in a flowing, intermingling fashion of movements, emotions, thoughts and sensations. This information is stored in your multidimensional mind.

Once you connect your physical brain with your multidimensional mind, your third dimensional brain will begin to connect with your true, Multidimensional SELF. Then you will perceive all reality from your multidimensional perception. In other words, we are asking you to change your perceptions of what you have been taught to expect as ascension.

In order to do so, you will need to release your 3D habits of seeing, hearing, reading and/or sharing information through your third dimensional thoughts and emotions. Instead, you must intimately bond with all life in an experiential manner and allow each inhabitant of Gaia to communicate with you in its own manner.

Many of you have learned how to communicate with animals and plants, as they are a component of your daily life. Now you must remember how to communicate with insects, fish, birds and all life on Gaia. This type of communication will remind you how to communicate with the elements and fifth dimensional elementals of earth, air, fire, water and ether.

You will begin this communication not by humanity’s habit of telling, but instead with your Lightbody’s habit of listening. As you deeply listen to the world around you, you will gradually remember how to communicate with all life.

Manly of the “primitive” peoples remembered this communication from their Lemurian ancestors and have enjoyed it for ages. As you learn to communicate with all the members of Gaia’s ecosystem, you will regain your awareness of communicating with the Crystal Kingdom.

Once you can communicate with Gaia’s Crystal Ones, you will be ready to entrain your consciousness with the Core and Cornerstone Crystals so that you can work together to recalibrate Gaia’s baseline frequency of expression.

Gaia has been trapped in the illusion of the third/fourth dimension since the fall of Atlantis and is enthusiastic to return to the multidimensional light and unconditional love of Her true Multidimensional Planet.

Beloved Ones of Earth, I am joyous that you have all so deeply enjoyed our meeting. When this celebration concludes I am sending all of you, Lemurians, Atlantians and “modern day humans,” up to the surface of Gaia’s great body for the period of one Earth year.

If needed, I will create a holographic form for those of you who need a humanoid body that will allow you to fit in with the topside area to which I am sending you. I will make sure that all of you have everything that is necessary to live in comfort for your year on Gaia’s surface.

Within that year that you are topside, you will learn how to talk to all life. As I have said before, your learning to talk to life must begin by learning to listen.

Begin with one element at a time, such as earth, or air, or fire, or water or ether. Please choose whatever order is best for you. Once you have learned to communicate with each element, add one more element at a time.

Finally, you will remember how to listen, talk and communicate with all life. At this point, gather some personal crystals and establish a relationship with them, one-at-a-time.

By the end of the year, which means nothing in the NOW of the ONE, you will return here, and together, we will calibrate the Core and Cornerstone crystals of Gaia.

Are there any questions?

Posted by Sue at 11:02 AM

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sharing.:::.Inside/Outside .:::.▶ Anatomy Of The Supinator Muscle – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim – Message from the Inner SELF | Equipoise

sharing.:::.Inside/Outside .:::.▶ Anatomy Of The Supinator Muscle – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim – Message from the Inner SELF | Equipoise.

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sharing.:::.Inside/Outside .:::.▶ Anatomy Of The Supinator Muscle – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim – Message from the Inner SELF

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Sunday, November 16, 2014
Inside/Outside – Message from the Inner SELF



As Message from the Inner SELF

Do you remember when OUT SIDE us was real and IN SIDE was, well we did not know what it was. Yes, we did know. OUT SIDE us was real. No one talked about IN SIDE us as being REAL. Inside us were organs, bones, cells, and blood, but they were not sentient. WE were our body! INSIDE our body was what kept our body alive.

Our aura was outside of us, and everything, religious, spiritual or multidimensional (a term we had not heard of) was outside of us. We believed that we were our body and all the spiritual/religious elements of our lives were outside of us and, usually, far above us. WE were only our body.

We had been taught that our inside was not important. Besides, our outside/real self was so busy trying to survive that we had little TIME to search for an inner essence. If we were very good, then we might be able to pray to Heaven far above us to ask for help. Then, when we died, we could go outside of our bodies and travel far UP to Heaven where God lived far, far, above us.

Our Spiritual Guidance was not IN us. In fact, it would be shocking and conceited to even consider such a notion. We were JUST humans. For many incarnations it was punishable by death to say that we were connected to a higher being. Thus, in order to survive and to protect our family, we told our children that their inner power was just their imagination.

The real world was outside. The real power was outside of us. The REAL world was outside of us. For untold incarnations, these lives of living on the outside repeated themselves. Sometimes we were the heroes and sometimes we were the villains.

Then, during a very special lifetime, we had an opportunity to actually perceive our own inner SELF inside of our Earth Vessel. We found that this inner perspective was wise beyond our years and would ONLY speak the truth.

Now truth was a problem because we had been raised on lies and illusions. We would have to LET GO of everything we had ever been taught was REAL and look inside to perceive our outside reality from the ‘control tower’ our Inner SELF.

Of course, this perspective did not make us feel special. In fact, most of the time it made us feel crazy. However, if we went back to our old way of perceiving, then we REALLY started feeling crazy. Something was happening to us.

We did not know what that something was, but it was scaring, exhilarating, beyond words, euphoric and made us disassociate more and more the 3D rules that had always controlled our consciousness. When we were just our outside self, we believed these 3D rules, but now this new, inner self made us feel and act different.

Our different feelings created new actions, as well as an ever-expanding consciousness. We discovered that as our consciousness expanded the “need to survive” was augmented by the “need to know.” This urge to “know” made us look beyond the confines of our local reality.

As our world got smaller, we became exposed to other cultures that told us to go inside. So, we secretly looked inside. It took more courage than we thought, but as we went deeper and deeper inside our selves we discovered a certain feeling that we could not find on the outside.

We then began to differentiate between the inside of us and the outside. This differentiation was a big step on the path to higher consciousness. This Inner Path led us to discover a living essence inside of us that was NOT found outside.

Then, after many years of meditation and going inside, we began to discover a SELF that knew everything that we had ever experienced, learned, suffered and loved. In fact, this Inner SELF had a totally different perspective on life.

Rather than focusing on survival and what the outside world told us to think, do, feel and have, we began to recognize our own INSIDE thoughts, feelings and desires. This focus placed us in the driver’s seat of our own lives. Then we really began to change.

When the “they” outside of us were the bosses of our life, we had to work so hard that our reality became very small. We had to get enough money to survive, or to get rich so that they (meaning those on the outside of us) would like us more, be impressed or whatever.

As we kept going inside and talking to our Inner SELF, the urge to “get money” because of “them” began to diminish. Slowly our old urge to “get more money” was replaced with the urge to “get more wisdom.” It was then that we began to look outside, not with the intention of wanting, but with the intention of giving.

What we discovered was very shocking. The sky was polluted, the food was poisoned, the water was tainted and the “healthy” wheat, corn and vegetables were genetically altered. Wars were almost continuous. Famine was common. Storms were bigger than ever, and species after species of plants and animals were endangered or gone forever.

“What HAPPENED?” we asked our selves. “Where was I when all this was happening to my world? How could my world fall apart like this? What did I do wrong?”

“Did you mean to ask, ‘How can I help?’” we hear our Inner SELF ask.

“I am just one person. How could I help?” we ask, trying not to hear the anger in our voice. But there was no answer to our anger and fear because these emotions lowered our connection to our Inner SELF. Then, we fell back into the belief that we were just human.

The fear and anger began to completely overtake the higher consciousness that we had fleetingly visited. Far too quickly we forgot all that we had remembered while we enjoyed the connection to our Inner SELF.

We had slipped into the “Dark Night of the Soul,” but we didn’t know that because we had stopped reading and listening to all that wonderful information we had eagerly embraced while in our state of higher consciousness.


Then one day a small boy rode past us learning how to ride a two-wheeler. He fell off the bike again and again and again. He hurt himself, cried, and then got back on the bike. Every time he fell off, he learned something that he didn’t even know he was learning until he fell off the bike.

“Why can’t I learn how to stay on that stupid bike?” the boy asked.

“Because then you would not learn to remember how to keep your balance,” the small boy heard an inner voice say. No one had told him about inner voices, so he thought it was normal.

“I don’t want to learn about my balance,” yelled the small boy because he had FAILED again to stay on his bike. He stomped the ground, kicked the “stupid bike,” and ran off, embarrassed because he had failed again.

“What is wrong with me? Why can’t I keep my balance like that inner guy said?” the boy mumbled.

“I am happy that you believe in me enough to hear my words,” said the boy’s Inner SELF. “Do you want us to tell you about keeping your balance?”

The little boy thought that it was really weird that this inner voice was talking to him, but he really did want to know about balance, so he said, “OK.”

“Balance is about the ability to listen to your inner SELF while you also pay attention to your outer world. You did not hear me, your Inner SELF, say, ‘You CAN do anything you want.” You only heard your outer self saying, ‘Why can’t I ride this stupid bike?”

“How do you know what I was thinking inside?” the boy asked with an angry tone.

“Because I am you on the inside. Because I am inside you, I can see both your inner and your outer world. I am the inner you that can only say the truth and remembers every one you ever were and every thing you ever did.

“Also, I am connected to all the versions of your higher dimensional versions of SELF that are all INSIDE of you. When you can remember how to balance me, your INNER SELF, with the YOU, your Outer Self, you will be connected to your entire multidimensional world.”

“What is a multidimensional world?” asked the small boy.

“Join me, and I will show you,” the Inner SELF whispered into the small boy’s heart.

* * *

* * *

sharing.:::.▶ Anatomy Of The Pronator Teres Muscle – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim – Arcturian Transmissions to our Inter-Galactic Emissaries Part 3 | Equipoise

sharing.:::.▶ Anatomy Of The Pronator Teres Muscle – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim – Arcturian Transmissions to our Inter-Galactic Emissaries Part 3 | Equipoise.

* **


sharing.:::.▶ Anatomy Of The Pronator Teres Muscle – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim – Arcturian Transmissions to our Inter-Galactic Emissaries Part 3



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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Wednesday, October 29, 2014
Arcturian Transmissions to our Inter-Galactic Emissaries Part 3 — The Galactic Post Office


Arcturian Transmissions to our Inter-Galactic Emissaries
Part 3

The Galactic Post Office

Our dear Emissaries of Light assisting dear Gaia HOME to Her true frequency,

Yes, rather a long introduction, but to us there is no time and no separation of words. Could you please take a moment of your NOW to FEEL our message? You will feel, not the words that we have written, but the carrier wave of unconditional love that transports our messages to you from the very Heart of our ONE.

FEEL how much we love and support you. Once you acknowledge that YOU deserve our unconditional love and constant guidance, you will be able to open the “frequency waveform” of our message. Please allow these messages to enter into your High Heart and higher states of consciousness so that you can best translate these waveforms into your 3D language systems.

We, your SELF in the higher dimensions, are in the process of training our beloved volunteers to become leaders. As you quickly advance into the next era of your reality, it will be vital that there is a certain population of grounded ones who can interface between their true SELF in the higher dimensions and their 3D earth vessel.

Then, these volunteers can share their message via their earth vessel self, to send it into Gaia’s transmuting inhabitants. Some of you will be leading humans, some animals or the Elementals. The Elementals will assist with the transmutation of Gaia’s earth, air, fire and water to transmute the third-dimensional planet.

The members of our Cetacean Family will become the leaders of all water worlds. Yes, dear ones, within your NOW there are many “water worlds” on Earth. The humans, “Keepers of the Land,” and the cetaceans, “Keepers of the Water,” will work together to assist Mother Earth with Her process of returning to Her true vibration.

When you combine your personal ascension process with the planetary ascension process, you not only assist Gaia, but Gaia can better assist you. The secret to planetary ascension is Unity Consciousness with all Life! That means ALL life, including those whom you have perceived as your enemy.

Every one has inner light, no matter how small it may appear. If they did not have inner light, they would die. Even though you may be unaware of it, it is your own inner light that allows your consciousness to remain within your earth vessel.

As you, our Inter-dimensional Emissaries, awaken to your innate ability to serve in tandem with the higher expressions of your Multidimensional SELF, you will return to your ascended consciousness while still wearing your earth vessel.

We understand how difficult this task appears to your 3D consciousness, which is why we are urging you all to allow us to assist you in remembering how to connect, and remain connected, with your Multidimensional SELF.

Dear Arcturians,
I was unable to complete the above message to us, the inter-dimensional emissaries, but I have now meditated and wish to continue where we left off. Please assist me to remember what you just told us in my meditation.

Dear Emissaries,
We happily repeat our message to your current state of consciousness, which is slightly lower than your consciousness before. However, via this state of consciousness you are more able to experience both the worlds of the physical, as well as the worlds of the divine.

We were saying to our dear Emissaries that it is the NOW for ALL of you to fully awaken to your true, Multidimensional SELF. We, the members of your Galactic and Celestial families are calling you into active duty.

By “active duty” we mean that it is the NOW for you to actively live the Mission that you created for your SELF before you took this incarnation.

“But, what is my Mission?” you may ask, “I cannot not remember it.”

That is fine, our dear family members, you do not need to remember your mission in your third/fourth dimensional consciousness. You were wise enough to forget that “secret” to your lower states of consciousness until it was the NOW to fulfill it.

You have been living in a reality filled with lies and illusions. Hence, in order to keep your Mission pure, you have hidden it from your mundane consciousness. We see that more and more of you have expanded your consciousness into the fifth dimension and beyond.

Hence, you are remembering your Missions more each day. It was always meant that you did not remember your SELF until you could “hide in plain sight” within your own Lightbody. We understand that your physical perceptions cannot see your Lightbody. How could they? These lower perceptions are only calibrated to Gaia’s physical world.

NOW that you, our dear volunteers, are awakening to your fifth dimensional consciousness, you are vaguely, and/or clearly, perceiving the reason why YOU chose to enter an earth vessel during this NOW of great transmutation.

You are beginning to have these higher thoughts, emotions and perceptions because your consciousness is wavering into and out of the fifth dimension and beyond. We have been over-lighting you since you took this form to protect you as much as possible, as well as to guide you when you could perceive us.

You have known us by many names, and we gladly accept them all. We are not encumbered with a third dimensional ego, so we do not care by which means you have extended your consciousness into the higher worlds. We are just joyous that you have remembered that you are much more than the clay vessel you are wearing.

As you extend your consciousness to us, your consciousness expands even further. As you may have noticed, as your consciousness expands, you begin to see your reality from a higher perspective. What was once impossible becomes your life goal, and that which once pulled you into the mire of forgetfulness is daily diminishing.

The events that lowered your consciousness and forced you into illusion were well planned by the ones who are afraid to change. These ones are within the spectrum of “power over others,” and can only gauge their own power by feeling the power of domination over others.

These lost ones are losing more power each day. Every ONE of you who expands your consciousness into the higher fourth and fifth dimension is far beyond their psychic reach. Then, when you send them unconditional love you completely disorient them.

They have based their lives on having total control over everyone and everything that they “have.” When you send them unconditional love, you confuse their matrix of behavior, and they do not know how to respond. Fortunately, more and more of them are beginning to “look up” into the light to find the source of this unique experience.

Those who live in anger and domination secretly desire love and friendship. They have been trained to be selfish and mean to others. Hence, you can re-train them by sending them unconditional love and kindness. You do not need to do this personally, and they will never know how they are receiving this assistance, or from whom.

Some of them will resist the healing power of your unconditional love, but others will happily accept it. You see many of our very brave volunteers have chosen to work with the darkness from the inside. Some of them have become temporarily lost within the very darkness they have chosen to heal, but they will be returned to the higher dimensions to be fully healed.

We talk to you now about the darkness, for you are coming into a NOW in which there are immense opportunities for change. Some of you will light the way into the higher dimensions of reality, some of you will assist in bringing order to the great chaos of change, and some of you will have decided to work toward healing the dark ones.

Because your world is on the cusp of great change, the dark ones who have ruled via fear, war, famine and man-made physical disasters are becoming very frightened. Inside, they know that their reign is coming to a conclusion, and the only thing they cannot fight is your unconditional love.

While you are sending unconditional love (instead of fear and anger) to those who have invisibly ruled your reality, you are also dispensing the glorious gift of unconditional love to every other person, place, situation and thing. Yes, our ones, things are alive with the essence of the human who has “used” them.

You are ALL called upon to be members of our “clean up” team. You will be cleaning up the lower frequencies of reality by releasing them from your reality with your unconditional love. We hear your collective question of, “Why are we releasing them? Shouldn’t we be conquering them?”

We remind you dear multidimensional family, conquering is what they have done to you. If you return the darkness that has been done to you to the ones who have sent it, you have created an alliance with that darkness. That is their shadiest trick. The one thing that they cannot do is to make you act like them, unless you assist them.

If you do to them what they did to you, then you are “acting like them,” and they have caught you in their web of darkness. While you are wearing your earth vessel the physical world seems very important.

Your physical perceptions cannot perceive the streams of higher frequency light that are entering your reality more and more each day. Your physical sense cannot hear our constant guidance, nor feel our continual unconditional love.

Without the knowledge of the multidimensional light and unconditional love that constantly washes over and through you, you feel trapped and alone on a hostile planet. This, our beloved ones, is why we are sending these transmissions directly into YOU, the members of our celestial and galactic family.

So many of our volunteers have become confused and temporarily lost to the physical reality that they came to heal. Therefore, we are dedicating our energies to communicating with those of you who are still awake to your SELF.

The process of planetary ascension is much like a long distance race. Those who started out too fast became too tired to continue. However, there is the “van” that follows behind the race to pick up those who can go no further. Those who must rest will be cared for until they can rejoin the “race.”

Those who are able to consistently continue in the “race” have learned that this is not a race they need to win. Instead, this is a race they want to complete. To complete this “race” they need to pace themselves. They need to rest when they are tired, eat when they are hungry, and make friends with the other people in the race.

This is a race back to your SELF that you want to complete. Do not be concerned about those who “fell out of the race” and were picked up by the van. They will return to this wonderful group endeavor once they have rested. These people have not yet found the pace that they can keep over a long duration of your time.

Dear family, we remind you to take good care of your earth vessel. The human earth vessel is very fragile compared to your true Lightbody, and needs to be fed, cleaned, rested and nourished with love and laughter. In closing, dear family members, we remind you that you must carefully attend to your earth vessel on a regular basis.

Please remember that deep inside the spinal column of your physical earth vessel is your multidimensional Lightbody. We send our messages into this inner Lightbody so that you can clearly receive them.

Then, when you have “time” to meditate, you can go into your Lightbody to retrieve the messages, as well as the unconditional love and multidimensional light that we constantly send you within the NOW.

We realize that your earth vessel is bound by time and space. Hence, you will only be able to receive our messages when you have the “time” to go into a “space” where you can meditate to expand your consciousness into the higher frequencies of light.

After meditating, your consciousness will be expanded enough to turn around inside your self to receive any personal messages that your Multidimensional SELF have posted in your fifth-dimensional Lightbody. In this manner, your Lightbody is similar to a “Post Office,” in which you pick up any messages that your higher expressions of SELF have delivered from beyond time and space.

Please remember, we are ALWAYS with you.
You can ALWAYS communicate with us.
For we, your galactic and celestial family, are ALWAYS with you.
We are the Arcturian members of your true SELF.
We shall return to your conscious awareness, as we will never leave!

Posted by Sue at 6:19 PM

* * *

* * *

sharing.:::.▶ Anatomy Of The Flexor Hallucis Longus Muscle.:::.FROM STARSHIP ATHABANTIAN – LEADERSHIP 2 | Equipoise

sharing.:::.▶ Anatomy Of The Flexor Hallucis Longus Muscle.:::.FROM STARSHIP ATHABANTIAN – LEADERSHIP 2 | Equipoise.

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sharing.:::.▶ Anatomy Of The Flexor Hallucis Longus Muscle.:::.FROM STARSHIP ATHABANTIAN – LEADERSHIP 2

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Leadership 2

As I informed you in the previous post at this site, I have been asked to re-publish earlier messages relating to Caretakers. The following message from Bren-Ton was previously published on June 16, 2009.

It is my pleasure to share the following. A leader is to access those who are to participate with him. In them he must see their Oneness with him. He is no better than they; they are no different from him. His job is to inventory their talents and desires, and utilize them to best advantage.
In Oneness is the ability to truly see the other as a unique expression of God. In Oneness is the ability to see each other as brothers and sisters of the same or different oversouls. In any dimension, there is a unique physical expression of the underlying soul. The leader must see this in each participant and appreciate it.
Those who are attracted to the vision of the leader will comfortably express to him their talents and their desires. Those who would be a part of his team will show him how they will fit with him and others. It is the leader’s job to listen to each of his potential participants and to ascertain what they are saying about themselves. It will take wisdom and openness on the part of everyone involved for this process to work.
Inherent within this is a lack of structure, yet some form of structure will be achieved to move forward. A leader will make decisions for the team, the group, the community, or the state. The participants who are closest to him will absorb his vision and make it their own. They then can convey it to others. It is through this approach of mutual appreciation, shared vision, and Oneness that a new type structure will emerge.
If physical things or animals are to be utilized, they too will be appreciated for their Oneness with the members of the team. Rocks, plants, animals, birds, and fish are part of Oneness. Team members will come to see their Oneness and importance. If it is the task of the team to find, chop, and deliver wood, then the trees must become an integral part of the process as will the mode of chopping and delivery.
Recruiting members for his team is the job of the leader. Volunteering to be part of the team is the job of those who would participate with the leader. Members of any team have opportunities to join with various leaders. How they select whom they wish to follow is an individual decision. It should be carried out with both deliberation and purpose. The entire process must be transparent; there must be no hidden agendas on either the part of the leader or participants.
Note that I did not use the word, “follower,” when speaking about those who would be associated with a leader. Follower implies less than a fully conscious union. Only those who are aware can participate with a leader in Oneness.


Through Mark Kimmel
Posted 1st September 2012 by YHVH@
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sharing – TWO REALITIES ▶ Kino Yoga: Pinchamayurasana Press Up with Both Legs Bent -▶ Yoga Therapy Sound Therapy_ _▶ Biceps Brachii Anatomy | Equipoise

sharing – TWO REALITIES ▶ Kino Yoga: Pinchamayurasana Press Up with Both Legs Bent -▶ Yoga Therapy Sound Therapy_ _▶ Biceps Brachii Anatomy | Equipoise.

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sharing – TWO REALITIES ▶ Kino Yoga: Pinchamayurasana Press Up with Both Legs Bent -▶ Yoga Therapy Sound Therapy_ _▶ Biceps Brachii Anatomy

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Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012


It is time for all to understand, that the era of Separation in Consciousness is over. This Truth is not yet to everybody obvious though, but it will spread from now on like wildfire.
There are now enough human beings who realize unity so that all people will experience it more and more too, each one in their own heart which is in its essence also the One Heart of all.

This unity is not new or a new achievement, but the veil of ignorance is fading away from a truth, that has always been the case!

What changes will this bring about in the world? Certainly you will more and more recognize that you share that One Heart with one another. Therefore love will become an unstoppable force, compassion, respect and mutual support will be a natural characteristic of your daily life. This is the result of the forces of light and of love, which are pouring down on you, entering you, transforming you, thereby proving that you cannot resist them because you, yourself are of the light!

Many are concerned how the great changes will come about. And this is how they come about! They are manifesting themselves from inside out. They are not first appearing in your outer world so that hopefully the human heart will awaken in light because of them. They originate literally from the cave deep in your own enlightened heart where the seat of creation abides. This force in your inner heart will attract and manifest all what you need to see and experience in your New World.

This force will attract all the events you are so much desiring to occur. Disclosure is one of these events, which all are the results of your own change of heart. And the more powerful the light in your heart shines, the more pure and radiant your true nature reveals itself, the more you will connect with and attract beings of alike light-frequencies to yourself and your planet.

One of the very important things to understand in your ascension process, is the law of attraction on the frequency level! You can only attract to you what vibrates on your own level! The end of the times of great difference between the earth vibration and cosmic vibrations, between humanity’s vibration and the vibrations of your cosmic families are nearing!

Therefore it is necessary to take responsibility for your own vibration, because everything is energy, and that’s how your cosmic families understand life. And so you are to understand this law as well! This recognition is part of your path of ascension, where you go beyond ideas how unity works, which do not serve you.

This is the end of the “Santa Claus” story! The whole sky is now descending on earth and you all will ascend to the glory of light of Divine Creation, soon being established on your world to unite with all those illuminated ones.

The time to expect help from other dimensions in form of higher beings appearing on your planet, while you are still holding on to the old paradigm of 3dimensional density, is not the plan anymore. This also serves your own understanding that it is now up to you to reach out for the higher dimensions while you grow in consciousness, because you can now. You can reach out now into the depth and heights of your universe to communicate with other beings where they are, and not where you are!

This is the important point to grasp! This will help you to raise beyond your present identification with something you not really are! This is the time to comprehend this, but also to be patient! Not everybody will immediately possess these capabilities, but they will all in the near future.

The higher beings never want you to remain where still many of you are. They want you to grow, to grow up to your natural Divine State. When you desire certain results, and you have the capacity to accomplish them yourself by your own effort, higher will and surrender to the Great Process, nobody should interfere to keep you in a position which you are already outgrowing. That’s how you are loved!

The whole universe is watching you with excitement to see how you are starting to leave your infancy behind!
This is an invitation!

This is all yours now, it is your great opportunity! It is coming, it is here!

Love is because You Are here!

I AM your God-Self

Message conveyed by Ute

Copyright© 2012. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel,
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without any changes. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.
Posted 3rd August 2012 by YHVH@

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It is not that you are waiting for a certain time for things to happen. Time is a third dimensional illusion. Instead, you are waiting for a certain frequency of reality for things to happen. The many changes that are occurring in your reality are happening because your frequency of reality is rising in resonance. When a reality is moving into a higher frequency, there is more Unity and less separation, less time and more NOW.

What happened in the past, or what may happen in the future is becoming less important than what is happening right NOW. In fact, as you continue with your expanding consciousness, you realize that the real question is, “What reality am I creating?” You may also be thinking, “To what reality/situation do I choose to attach my attention?”

Myriad realities are easily perceivable through your fifth dimensional perceptions that are unknown when you perceive reality through your third dimensional consciousness. Because of the “fall into the third dimension” after Atlantis, many sub-frequencies of Earth splintered off, almost as if they were trying to “put on the breaks.”

Now your consciousness, and hence your perceptions, are moving into higher versions of your reality. It is still your life, as you have always known it, but is a higher resonance of that life.

Remember that you are not having a personal ascension where you see yourself fly off beyond the confines of your physical world. Just as you are all changing bit-by-bit every day in an exponential manner, Earth is changing in the same exponential way. Therefore, your reality is changing because your frequency of reality is shifty.

As the frequency of your reality rises, it moves beyond the frequency of polarity. Polarity is, actually, an unnatural state. There are more inhabited fifth-dimensional worlds then there are inhabited third-dimensional worlds. Third-dimensional worlds are similar to hatcheries where the baby chicks can be born and gradually learn how to fly.

Once they can fly, the chicks leave the hatchery and go off to a new life. This “hatchery” planet is now closing. The grounded baby chicks will soon be flying into new worlds. These worlds were always there, but the chicks could not see them because they were too high up. In the same manner, humanity is “flying up,” but up in frequency, not in space. Therefore, your life will change as your resonance changes. Humanity is ready for adulthood.

Finally, after a very difficult adolescence filled with selfishness and violent actions, much of humanity is ready for adulthood. This time is none too soon, for the destruction to the planet in the last 2000 years of the Kali Yuga was extreme. Some children do not move into adolescence because they cannot learn the lessons of cause and effect that are so important during that cycle of growth.

In the same manner, some Earth Beings put out negative causes and, like an adolescent, they were shocked and victimized when the “cause” returned to them as an” effect.” On the hand, many of you were able to learn and, thus, you gained wisdom, power and love. As you have gained this control over your 3D life, you are yearning to fly away and find a new nest.

Fortunately, as you mature in your ascension process, you remember that you are ONE with each other and ONE with the planet. Therefore, you do not feel separate enough to wish to fly-off and desert Earth and Her inhabitants.

Furthermore, because many of you have integrated your multidimensional perceptions into your thoughts and emotions, you are realizing how your thoughts and emotions change your consciousness, and how your consciousness changes your perceptions.

With this realization, you are beginning to have perceptions of other realities from the corner of your eye. However, when you look directly towards them they often disappear. You may need to have many experiences of higher worlds to make them normal enough that they do not create fear. In fact, when you realize that you are actually moving into higher frequencies of reality, which you once believed were “only your imagination,” you can more easily believe that you experience was real.

Also, since the process of ascension has taken you beyond many of the third dimensional illusions, your unity consciousness is being fully activated. You may not yet be able to consciously see the high frequency molecules that connect all life, but you can allow yourself to believe that what you think you see can indeed be real.

What is confusing you is that you still observe many humans who appear to be fully asleep and are still experiencing polarities of darkness and/or fear. Also, back in the “real” world of the third dimension, you are still having challenges. Your old third-dimensional separation consciousness tells you that someone separate from you, someone or some situation outside of you, is creating a problem over which you have no control.

However, your fifth dimensional unity consciousness, which has been newly activated, tells you that nothing is outside of you, and control is a third dimensional concept. Your fifth dimensional consciousness reminds you that you can change your world by changing your state of consciousness.

With a higher state of consciousness you regain your multidimensional perceptions enough to realize that there are many sub-planes within any reality. Hence, for a minute, you were experiencing a reality in which there is only love and everyone seems to be living in unity.

Then, in another moment, you are tired, angry, and having to work hard. Is it your fault that you are suddenly upset? Or, has your resonance just dropped out of the fifth dimension and into a lower expression of reality?

Therefore, you have a choice. Is your reality a reflection of your state of consciousness, or are you a victim to the many difficulties that you must face in daily life. For many years and myriad lifetimes, you were a good person if you worked hard and suffered without complaint.

Now, you have a choice to realize that any fear that you send out into your would will return to you as a fearful situation. In the same manner, any love you send out into the world will return to you as love. Unfortunately, when you allow your consciousness to drop, you will forget that you are the creator of your life.

Furthermore, when your consciousness drops you can forget that the quickest way to have more love in your life is to raise your consciousness. The higher frequencies of reality are increasingly freer of polarity and are increasingly founded on unconditional love, multidimensional light and unity consciousness. When you look into your Core, you will expand your consciousness back into the frequency of reality in which you live in Unity with peace, love wisdom and inner power.

In other words, you can choose to attach your consciousness to the outer third dimensional frequency of reality in which polarity, separation and limitation reign?

Or you can choose to look inside your Core and attach your consciousness to deeper and higher inner layers, which will expand your consciousness into the higher frequencies of realty?

Can you choose to refuse to participate in that which you want to move beyond? Can you then choose, instead, to attach your consciousness to the higher frequencies of unconditional love and multidimensional light?

We are Arquelle, a fifth dimensional member of the ONE that you will find within of your Core. We, the higher expressions of your SELF, are here to guide you back to fifth dimensional New Earth.

By Suzanne Lie, PhD
Posted 7th August 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
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Equipoise: ▶ Lumbrical Plus Finger – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim – YouTube

Equipoise: ▶ Lumbrical Plus Finger – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim – YouTube.

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Monday, January 12, 2015

▶ Lumbrical Plus Finger – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim – YouTube

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Dragons message to humanity

 27th Feb 14

Greetings, we are the DRAGON realms and we come to add our voice to ALL as the human race now prepare for the EVENT in TRUTH. We make our energies known so that those who remember us can work with us as ALL now move and shift fully into place to allow for the unveiling of TRUTH upon and within planet earth.  We seek to place our service to ALL of humanity to assist at this time of vast expansion and of vast change and dissolving. For ALL that is not TRUTH will now dissolve fully and ALL that IS will now begin to strengthen and to shift and to expand and deepen.
The DRAGON realms add to the stabilization of the human energy signature, we ask for you to call on our energies as you now begin to move into FULL EXPANSION of your energy signature and we guide for ALL to LET GO as the energies now begin to heighten in preparation for the unveiling of TRUTH upon and within planet earth.
The human race kept in chains and bound to realities that were created FOR them and this is not supported and will now dissolve. We ask for you to see us in TRUTH, to detach from the disinformation about our realms and we ask for ALL dragon masters to begin the work that will see their energy signature expand into the New Earth in preparation for the birth of a new reality and a new way of life for the human race in TRUTH.  For INTER dimensionality now births through, around and within the human race as they move into MULTI dimensionality. The unveiling of TRUTH will see the human race stand in the LIGHT of TRUTH and stand EQUAL with ALL in the UNIVERSE of 3.
We call to our kin who have incarnated upon the planet earth and who have taken various forms upon and within planet earth and we ask them to hold the LIGHT of TRUTH for ALL to see. We place our energies within the consciousness of the human race as ALL now place their energy within the consciousness of the human race, who will now be able to see that which was hidden from them by those who sought to contain and suppress them.
We LIGHT the fires within and we swim into place fully. We spread our energies across and within planet earth in full preparation for the expansion of the planet’s energy signature for in order to birth into a new reality the host planet must be able to hold and support said reality.
ALL NOW UNFOLDS IN TRUTH, rapidly, swiftly, like a bird on the wing, for the forward momentum has been reached and exceeded. ALL celebrate with ALL at this time and the LOVE that IS now radiates out across, within and through the planet earth and the peoples of planet earth. FREEDOM is now birthed in TRUTH on planet earth in the UNIVERSE of 3.
11 22 44
77 8 77
22 3 22
66 9 55
111 22 333
44 777 22 33
BE at peace for ALL is NOW, ALL JUST IS and ALL IS now birthed into the outer waking reality that is known to those in human form as the human life experience. EXPANSION is beyond anything that has been experienced at this level on this planet, we ask for ALL to understand and to LET GO fully for that which you are now to experience was always to BE, for YOU ARE in TRUTH.
We are the DRAGON realms and we walk with ALL at this time upon the planet.
(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if author and authors website is clearly stated and article remains intact and remains in its original format which is written.  NO permission is granted to alter the format of this article and it must remain FREE to access at all times
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Equipoise: ▶ Swedish Massage Therapy, How To Massage Legs & Hips – ASMR Relaxation -▶ Calcaneal Pin Insertion Anatomy :::THE SACRED ROCK:::sharing.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

▶ Swedish Massage Therapy, How To Massage Legs & Hips – ASMR Relaxation -▶ Calcaneal Pin Insertion Anatomy :::THE SACRED ROCK:::sharing

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I appeared to awake, only to see my physical form hunched against a huge rock, clutching a few possessions. As I looked at my physical self I could see how her inner conflict had robbed her of her beauty and made her body overly thin and pale. In fact, I could see how she was very sick and in great need of healing. However, it was not her body that was ill, it was her mind. I went over to her sleeping form and touched her head. Instantly, the look on her face relaxed and her breathing became long and rhythmic. Now, it was safe for me to leave her.

I, the part of her SELF with whom she has not, yet, connected, recognized the rock immediately. The rock was a Sacred Rock, a Portal into the realms of the higher frequencies of reality within the planet. I stood before the rock and allowed my spiritual essence to breathe into it, as a toned with my etheric voice. Slowly the Sacred Rock began to glow brighter and brighter. Gradually, a circular pattern began to glow inside the small area that served as a roof for my physical form.

The circular pattern pulled in my breath and beckoned me to tone louder and louder. My voice did not awaken my sleeping form as it was unheard by her physical ears. However, the Rock heard me, and the Portal responded by opening. My etheric essence flowed into the Portal, which transported me into the Heart of the planet. Within this Heart were many other etheric forms that also had physical forms on the surface.

One of these etheric ones was of a male essence. We were instantly drawn to each other, and when we touched it was as though we merged. We were quite happy with this degree of intimacy. In fact, without words, we let each other know that our joining felt natural and extremely nurturing. Then, our attention was drawn away from each other as a huge being of Light entered the Circle, which we had not realized we had formed. We both recognized him/her as an Arcturian.

The Arcturian stepped into the Center of our Circle and reached out an arm of light to introduce a beaming Light of somewhat humanoid form. This Being was of a feminine energy pattern, and she introduced herself as the Elohim for Alcyone. Even though I had never heard that word, Alcyone, I instantly knew it was the name of the planet. I will endeavor to repeat what she expressed. I did not know that my physical self could not have understood these words, as they were in the Light Language that has evaded her so far.


“Beloved etheric representations of my new human family,
I welcome you to enjoy the beauty and fertility of my planetary form. The Arcturian and I have been sending messages into the consciousness of those who could hear us. You are now here in your etheric form, as your dense bodies cannot make this journey. The one whose form is known as Mytria has discovered my “front door,” and the rest of you are here while your physical forms are meditating or sleeping.

The Arcturian and I wish to tell you that you are on the cusp of a great opportunity, for my planet is about to become a Sun. If you can maintain a deep heart connection to me while I make my transition, you can join me in your multidimensional expression of form. Once, you have gained that form you can wear whatever frequency of body that suits your needs. You will loose nothing by this alteration and will gain a great deal.

However, the process of this transmutation is not for the weak of heart, the lazy or those who lack the quality of deep commitment. It was no accident that you have arrived on my physical body, as I have chosen you to be my Keepers. The Arcturians and I have watched you for many of your generations and have constantly been within your consciousness since you first landed here.

We have sent an open call to those who are willing to assist me in my transition. In return, I will assist you. The Arcturians will assist us both, as passing through the Corridor of physicality and into the higher realms is their Cosmic Service. We wish you to look around at the etheric form of those in this meeting, for YOU are the ones who have shown the greatest dedication and commitment to creating a new reality based on multidimensional light and unconditional love.

You will likely forget whom you see here now, as that is by design. We want you all to connect as ONE Light-force within your etheric body and to ground your personal and group commitment into my body when you return to your daily life. When you meet each other in your physical realm, you will feel a certain twinge in your heart and recognition in your mind. However, you will not know each other as you see each other now until the transformation of my body has been completed.

I thank you for finding your way here. I deeply appreciate it, as I have seen the difficult initiations that you have all completed in order to find your way to this gathering. You are my Protectors and the Keepers of my Flame. I KNOW that you shall find your way to next gathering, and we will meet again at the completion of our ascension.

Until then, know that I AM forever within and about you. I AM the planet upon which you stand, from which you eat, drink and bathe. I AM the land that gives you a home, the water that is vital for your life force and the fire that warms your homes and ignites your passion for life. I AM the air that you breathe and the skies through which you will fly your ever-transforming Star Ships.

I welcome you to my Planet, soon to be a Sun.
I welcome you to MY body and Soul.

We, the Arcturians, and myself are in constant communication with you. As I leave this Circle, the Arcturians will give a personal message to each of you. Therefore, line up one-by-one to accept your personal message.

I will not leave you, for I AM within you!”

As the Elohim Alcyone said the last sentence, her light disbursed in every direction. It went into the ceiling of our Inner Cave, into the walls, the floor, the many alcoves and into the etheric form of each of us. For a moment, I felt in complete unity with the Planet, and complete unity with the stranger with whom I has mysteriously connected. However, the light of the Elohim told us, “not yet,” and our connection was severed.

We were almost embarrassed as we lined up for our personal message. He allowed me to stand before him, and I felt as if my heart was broken. What was that connection? Who was that person? Last, but not least, would I ever meet him again?


Through Suzanne Lie, PhD
Posted 24th May 2012 by Juan Pablo
Labels: Mytria/Mytre from Pleiades

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Wednesday, July 30, 2014
The Sixth Antarian Message – Meeting Jaqual

The Sixth Antarian Message
Meeting Jaqual

Dear Commander Malteese,
I have felt your call of several days, but I have not answered. It is still difficult for me to integrate multidimensional consciousness into my third dimensional world, but I am working on being conscious in many realities at one moment. I am ready to receive another message.

We are glad that you are receiving our call. We aboard the ship are always on alert to ones who are able to hold a conscious connection to our vibration. It does not matter at this point in your “time” if you are receiving a language message. Just to “feel” our presence is of a very great service to the Galactic Beings of the Ashtar Command.

We are so appreciative of the “embodied ones” who are receiving our call via their third dimensional earth vessel. Those of you who can perceive our call are acting as step-down transformers to ground our multidimensional message in your physical world. The grounding of our message in Gaia’s physical Earth is a very special event.

Are you aware that there are Beings from the accelerated vibration of the twelfth dimension that are placing their direct attention on the happenings of your solar ring? You are so fortunate to be incarnated at this moment in your “time.”

We remember when we were comrades in the Great Orion wars. You were so brazen as a man. In your present life, you anchor that portion of your Soul who enjoys giving yourself permission to release all reason and restraint to feel the complete freedom of action without consequences. However, eventually the consequences do catch up with you.

You are now in the process of solving the question of how can you allow the complete release of free and unlimited thoughts and actions while still in physical body without a storm of emotions? And then, these emotions bring forward reactions that make you sorry that you ever took that risk.

But in the final telling, the consequences were not of the same powerful impact as that beautiful moment of freedom. That moment in which you could soar above all limitation and become a portion of yourself that is not captive of the rules of the third dimension was well worth the payment of uncomfortable emotions.

Now Suzille, you can join with your inner ”Wild Woman” and allow her take take the lead. She is the portion of your SELF that is the most masculine and, therefore, the portion that will be the first to embrace androgyny. We ask that both male and female third dimensionals embrace the Goddess within your heart and mind to raise Her from her slumber.

Congratulations dear Earthlings. The moment to embrace your Mother Earth is NOW!


(Five months passed between these communications. I have no idea what occurred within that time span. If time is so important, then why do we continue to lose it?)


Dear Commander Malteese,


I heard this line on television and it reminded me of you—finally. I thought of you and the part of my SELF that is your comrade and fellow warrior. I realize that I have been unable to face that component of myself because I hold shame my brutality in past lives. (I was still only thinking in time then.) Finally, I am ready to see our life together.

We are Jaqual.
Commander Malteese and I are Antarian comrades on Antares. We are in the constellation of Scorpio serving as the defenders of this quadrant. I, Capt. Jaqual, speak to you from the timeline of my warrior days. In Scorpio, we hold similar energy fields as the planet Pluto in your Star System.

(There were no more questions from me or messages from Jaqual until)


Capt. Jaqual here…

Yes, you have heard our call today. It is time now that you become conscious of my reality. Commander Malteese has already reminded you of our Antarian energy to prepare you for our meeting. Your reality as Suzille has been very different than mine (which is also yours). I am a warrior here, but I have retired from active duty. I recently have entered a temple where I can focus my attention on my inner life.

(Interestingly I just moved out my office a few days ago and for the first time in 40 years I am working from my home. Why? Because the Arcturians told me that I needed to create a simpler, calmer life so that I could meditate, walk on the beach, do yoga, relax and garden in my yard and commune with the Elementals.
I was told that this situation would like “studying in the Temples,” which I did in other lives. In those lives it was my NOW to focus on my inner life and higher expressions of SELF. For some reason I did not get to this part of the story until I was moved out of my office and prepared to “focus on my inner life.)

(Back to Jaqual)
My life exists in a different timeline than yours and I resonate in an entirely different area of space. For most of my life, however, I was too busy battling “the enemy” to deeply look inside. I was a warrior for fifty of your Earth years. That seems like a long time to you, but we Antarians have much longer lives. We usually live about 150 to 200 of your earth years.

We on Antares are usually fifth dimensional, but the warriors and the parents resonate to the third dimension when “working” and go home to the fourth dimension. The parents bring their new life down from the higher dimensions to begin their “time in form” in third dimensional form.

We function this way so that our children will be strongly rooted in a physical form to be able to procreate and be protectors of our quadrant of space. It is similar to your salmon that leave their natural saltwater to spawn in the fresh water.

Antares is a center for multidimensional awakening. We keep our third dimensional reality alive and active even though we could all raise our frequency above it. The reason that we do so is because we first colonized this area to assist in protecting those around us, as well as your world, from the Orion Draconians. What the Draconians have mastered with technologically, we have mastered with our minds.

Since we serve as protectors, at lease until the end of your Great Cycle, we have a strong warrior class. The leaders of our societies, as well as most of its citizens, resonate to the fourth and fifth dimension. Almost all of us, male and female, have spent at least 30 years in service as a warrior. I spent 50 years as a warrior, which is common only for the officers. Women are trained right along with men and are totally equal in all military actions.

On the other hand, men are not totally equal in the conception and childcare department. One does not become a parent until after their service as a “protector” has been fulfilled. We warriors use the word “protector” rather than “soldier.” We do not fight because we are told to or because we want to gain power and conquest. We fight only to protect our people and our way of life.

Not all people on Antares become parents. In fact, less than 10% actually mate and give birth. However, almost everyone is actively involved in the raising of the young. Persons must go through a major initiation to become parents, much as is on Arcturus. However, we do not choose parents by aura color, as they do on Arcturus, but rather by initiation.

The initiation for parenthood takes three years. One must be a master in multidimensional awareness before they can be a parent. This mastery is best described by saying that a master can expand their vibration from the third to the seventh dimension of Oversoul. Also, they are able to open the channel to consciously being aware of all of these dimensions at once.

This expansion of consciousness and awareness is a great feat and the reason why only 10% of our people are parents. In order to become a parent, two harmoniously matched Souls raise their vibration into the Oversoul and invite a spark of life to enter our Antarian world. They then “walk” that spark down through each dimension and “plant” him/her in the female’s third dimensional form.

The Temple that I will soon enter is the one, which teaches us to be parents. I feel that since I have taken so many lives that it is my best service now to bring in new ones. Couples usually only have one child. It takes three years to prepare (only 30% of those who enter the initiation complete it) and then another three years to “walk” the Soul down into the third dimension.

Then for three more years, the parents completely dedicate themselves to the raising of the child. At the end of three years the child has become an adult and joins the society. They usually study for about 30 years and then join the military. As you can see, most parents are about sixty years old before they are able to begin the process of preparing for parenthood.

However, since all parents have mastered multidimensional awareness, they usually live to be at least 300 years old. Some live to be 400. The last hundred years of their lives is usually spent in assisting others to become multidimensional. Once one is multidimensional, “death” is just a change of octaves.

There are, of course, others who die in battle, but this gives them a boost to at least the sixth dimension. Their lives are shorter, but their journey into the seventh dimension is easier. In our world, all individuation processes, or individual lives as you would say, originate in the seventh dimensional Oversoul.

We are asked to leave the Oversoul by our parents when we are “sparks of light.” Then we must return to the Oversoul before we can again take another incarnation on Antares or an Arcturian world or Starship.
The Arcturians and Antarians realities are both multidimensional in nature. We both focus on assisting people, planets and star systems to embrace their multidimensional essence to ascend back to their Oversoul SELF. Those who find this process of raising their vibration back into the seventh dimension too difficult often incarnate on other planets and star systems. They may also chose a different version of reality for a variety of experience.

(Almost three months passed before our next communication. I cannot remember why I stayed away. In 1997 I likely doubted my self and wondered if I was a bit crazy. Also, because the Arcturians had been telling me to start a website since about 1994, I had finally started my multidimensions site in 1996.)


Dear Captain Jaqual,

I was feeling you very much today while I was working out. I heard that you could assist me in being a warrior and, after reading your last message, I realize that you can greatly assist me in my process of becoming multidimensional. I do not think there is any Temple on Earth to teach me those things. Perhaps you could share with me what you are learning in your temple experience.

Dearest Suzille,

I can definitely assist you with the mastery of your physical habits and programming. The ability to truly be multidimensional is what allows you to gain mastery of third dimensional issues and challenges. I can also assist you to rise above your fear.

When one is able to raise their vibration to a dimension above their fear, they have entered their mastery training. That is part of the reason why my people have chosen to be warriors. A warrior must learn to face the fear inside of them selves. Once that fear is confronted and conquered, then they can raise themselves into their higher vibrational self.


Dear Jaqual,

I have felt your call over the last couple of days. I feel like I am finally ready to hear your story. I have avoided it because I knew it was about fear, and I have always had a problem with facing my fear. I am ready now to totally release that “problem” and live in my courage.


I am happy to hear that you are now ready to BE the warrior that you have always been. You have been afraid because you were frightened as a very small child and were unable to communicate that fear to anyone to ask them for protection and comfort.

That fear has maintained a hold on your unconscious for most of your life. As you now understand, everything that happened was part of your Divine Plan to awaken to the memory of your Higher SELF. If you had gotten the comfort that you needed in your physical world, you may not have gone deep and high enough into your Multidimensional SELF to find the protection and comfort that you needed.

Now in these closing chapters of your physical incarnations, you must clear your unconscious of unnecessary fear. We say “unnecessary” because we do not want you to erase all fear. Fear in itself is not your enemy. Fear only becomes your enemy when the messages it has given you remain after their purpose has been served.

Yes, think of fear as a messenger. It is a messenger that is telling you to be aware and careful. Without fear you could not survive in the third dimension where there are many dangers. Therefore, when I tell my story, remember that fear is actually our friend. Fear’s purpose is to warn and protect. It is the memory and threat of fear that is the enemy.

If past fears cannot be released, they become a heavier and heavier burden. Also, if you do not trust that the appropriate warnings will come at the necessary time, then there is fear of the future. Fear from the past is the message that is gone and fear of the future is the message that has not yet arrived.

When you can live in total trust of and surrender to your Higher SELF, you be able to release all old fears into your higher vibrations where they can be transmuted back to light and love. You will also trust that all your warnings will be timely and lead you in the direction that will always afford you the greatest protection.

We learned these lessons on Antares, and they are the lessons that allowed us to learn how to raise our vibration into our higher dimensional selves. Please remember, that I am translating my words into English for you to better understand. Also, I am not of your time line.

Therefore, as I perceive you, I experience all of your lives in one package, like a book. I can look at any portion out of sequence or even change the sequence. It is the same manner in which you can perceive my life. This is why you have often felt confusion about what the timelines of our Antarian lives.

To your perception, I am in all these eras at once, and you can view any time frame you wish. I am a young Lieutenant (your term) at the same moment that I am an older man. Perhaps as you learn and remember more of our Antarian life you will be able embrace our mode of multidimensional perception. Then you may even be able to remember and understand more Antarian concepts.

I will begin my story where it left off in your meditation. Do you remember? (No, I do not remember.)

I am standing in front of the Door of the Temple of Return. I have always considered myself to be a very large man, even by Antarian standards. It is quite normal for a man to be eight feet tall and many of the women are seven or even eight feet tall, as well. I am nine and a half feet (according to your earthly measurements) and always stand with my head above most crowds.

, as I stand before the Doors of Remembering at The Temple of Return I feel very small. There is a series of doorways without doors leading to the actual door. Each of these doorways emanates a different vibration. Therefore, each doorway is a different color and emits a different tone.

I feel a pull on my body as I stand before the first threshold. I have been instructed that as I cross each threshold and stand in the hallway before the next doorway, I will experiences different lessons and challenges. These lessons and challenges need to be cleared and balanced before I can proceed to the next threshold.

I will continue with my story in our next meeting. Remember to call me into your daily life.


* * *

* * *

* * *