Sharing.:::. Facebook status updates reveal low self-esteem and narcissism — Roswell Aliens Not So Alien.:::.Go There and Love – On Account of Money | psycho

Sharing.:::. Facebook status updates reveal low self-esteem and narcissism — Roswell Aliens Not So Alien.:::.Go There and Love – On Account of Money | psycho.

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Sharing.:::. Facebook status updates reveal low self-esteem and narcissism — Roswell Aliens Not So Alien.:::.Go There and Love – On Account of Money

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Go There and Love – On Account of Money
by Georgi Stankov Posted on December 28, 2014
Master Kuthumi
channeled by Jahn J Kassl, published on December 28, 2014
translated by Franz

Beloved Ones,

The end of this time means the end of this financial system. And until then it is necessary to have an attitude of Love also toward money, as well as toward all appearances in this world.


The reality, which the light warriors of the first and last hours now depend on, is the realization of Love. Love sets free streams of energy, where from nobody and nothing can withdraw; Love overcomes hate and this in all areas of life. Thereby it is about that you are in Love, vibrate and remain in Love, and not about to be a smooth talker about things and human Beings, which are not vibrating in Love. It is about the complete inner orientation and the base vibration of Love, which are now set into motion by the souls of the light warriors. Now it depends on you and it depends on how you encounter the different manifestations of life.

Money and the financial system are rushing toward the near end. Infinite suffering, great injustices and crimes were fostered and caused solely on account of this system. And now at the end of time follows the great upheaval and collapse of the system of darkness, where from few enriched themselves and for many only the hunger cloth and a life in great scarcity remained.

Realize Love
And now it is time to bring oneself also into a love-filled vibration toward money, because you are dealing with it and thereby it can be of good service to you. Fight the system, yet avoid to let the anger and the fury, which you have against the system, get a foothold in your soul, because truly: Hate erodes any human soul and unredeemed anger precedes any hate.

Begin to love what you fight against!
Begin to love your adversaries, whereby you adjust yourself in Love before any fight and bring yourself back to Love after every fight. And the Love to call things and human Beings by their name is the most effective weapon of a light warrior. Love, which does not excuse anything, yet is able to forgive everything, is the instrument, which, at the end of time brings forth the most beautiful sounds in a soul. (This is a motto of this website; note George)

The most powerful weapon of the light warrior: Applied and realized Love.

Money and the Financial System

And therefore it is necessary to also love money as you reject the financial system. Know: Love includes rejection and does not exclude it, because you do not have to endorse a condition and yet you can internally orient yourself in Love toward it. Money can and will be of very good service to the light warriors of the first and last hours. Orient yourself toward this energy flow, whereby you attract money due to mandates and due to a loving attitude toward money, and bring it into your reality.

Reasons for Lack of Money

Many light warriors of these days are confronted with worries about money and the reasons for it are manifold. Two significant reasons are mentioned here:

1) Because only due to it, you can carry out your divine assignments in this sequence of space-time and

2) Because your basic attitude toward money, toward abundance, is a destructive one, instead of a constructive one.

Proper Management of Money

Today I describe to you the proper management of money at the end of time and it says,

a) love money.
b) let it circulate, as it is available to you.
c) do not save it, instead pass it on, because saving means to withhold it – from whom and for whatever.
d) supply those beings and organizations with money, whose work hits resonance in you.
e) pass on money and know, the more you give the more will be given to you.
Fundamentally please observe the following rule: The energy of Love liberates any energy flow. Even if sometimes it takes some time.

Due to Love everything gets into motion and lack of Love blocks everything – everything. This is to be understood fundamentally and all of your decisions to be based on it or to be considered on it.

Love is the great activator and healer, and Love creates abundance.

It does not require your wish for money or to ask for it. Wishes belong to the levels of imaginations. A human being emptied of all wishes is free of all imaginations – and therefore also free of fallacies – and is therefore free to maintain everything that serves his divine assignments. Know:

Everything, which is required for the fulfillment of one’s assignments, is given to a human Being, who serves his assignments; this is a cosmic law and it is always complied with!

And in the fulfillment of assignments on this level of All-That-Is, it is mostly about to never let yourself be diverted from the Light and Love vibration due to any vagaries of this space-time.

Today the light warriors of the first and last hours fight on many different fronts – very often at the same time. It is necessary to reach the critical point so that the ascension can be completed.

Thereby it is necessary to withdraw any energy from the old system, and let all energy be applied to the emergence of the new earth. And the financial system represents old energy of the now dying time.

New Attitude toward Money
To withdraw energy means what it says, to withdraw and to dissolve energetic links. Once all old energy paths to money have been dissolved, can you build a totally new relationship to money! One in Love, and not as up to now, one in greed, jealousy, fear and dependency.

It is necessary to apply the condition of Love to all life situations and to every life condition. And for that you must at first free yourself from old bindings to the different appearances of time. Reject any dark energy! And infinite streams of dark energy flow from the financial system to human Beings.

Dissolve these energies, whereby you ask for it, then reorient yourself, whereby you adopt a new attitude toward money, which can serve you and will.

Know: Money, which flows toward a light warrior, so that he can fulfill his assignments, is purified of all dark energies, because the pure intention and the clear assignment affect this!

Fundamentally the energy of money is neutral. Because of the great manipulations, which are being carried out with money, it became a power instrument of the dark ones and the dark and diabolic character appeared. Therefore it is to reject this financial system, the energy, which is inherent in it, but not money per se.

(This is a leitmotif in all my articles on money. That is why I have suggested as early as 1998 to substitute money with a simple numerical system that has the same function as the SI system/units in physics and make it available on Internet or another more sophisticated system of communication to everybody in form of a numerical account as an inviolable basic human right (contrary to the Mark of the Biest). This simple innovation will automatically lead to the elimination of all intermediary structures , such as banks, national state, tax revenue systems, stock exchanges etc. New money will be generated by ethic committees of highly evolved souls for new projects to spiritual principles, so that there will be a perfect equilibrium between money supply and real value. This will prevent all kinds of speculations and inflation, which are main cause for the total collapse of the Orion monetary system in the coming days. This proposal is valid only for the interim period of change before humanity realizes that it can evolve even more effectively without any money. Please observe that I abolished money on all higher 4D worlds in December 2013 in Lofer when we created Gaia 5, as reported here. Now this circumstance is confirmed one more time by Kuthumi in this message a year later. What do you need more? We are the creators of this reality; Note, George.)

Many human Beings wait for the collapse of the financial system, for the magnetic pole reversal and/or for their transfiguration.

Reconcile with Life
And meanwhile they begin to turn away from this world. The structures of this Orion society are rebuffed, fought against and rejected – which is urgent. Thereby these conditions very often are allocated with hate – which is to be suspended. Because thereby a new resonance field develops to those worlds, which one wants to leave. This is a paradoxical situation, which is to be looked through and suspended.

(The best way to overcome this emotional rejection of money is to understand its nature – money is a poor material substitute for energy – and then change the current debased monetary system by creating new forms of money and payments with respect to the true nature of energy as suggested by myself above. This is a very important theoretical disquisition at the End of Time. Note, George)

In summary, it is significant for this time to recognize the divergent differentiations. It is time to set the blessing of money against the evil of the financial system.

Money is able to ease suffering and is able to level the path for light-filled realities. Money is able to level the path for this day, until the time of times is fulfilled and you have entered into the money-less society of a higher dimension of All-That-Is (as created by myself as Logos God first in December 2013. Now with the new decree the whole PAT elaborates on this idea.).

During the time of transition it is necessary to recognize the character of all impermanent things and to program them with new energies. It is necessary to recognize that what generally is viewed as a hindrance to enlightenment, levels the path toward enlightenment, if it is correctly applied.

It is each human Being himself, who gives value to things, gives them power and reality – due to his energy.

Whoever only assumes the dark side of power in money, has not yet recognized that everything, where an almighty Creator God directs his Light toward, changes and receives a new structure – the quality of Light, the reality of Love.

You are the initiators and givers of sense to all things, you are the ones, who fit a condition with energy and fulfill it. You are the ones, in whose power it is to end a loveless condition and to enrich it with Love.

Recognize: You have come into this world in order to transform it and in order to perfect yourself. Therefore you have descended. Whereby today you are confronted with the abyss of this space-time. Encounter the abyss with determination, whereby you reject it and ban it from your life.

Yet never let yourself be carried away to hate-filled sensations or deeds, because the value of things never lies in the things themselves, instead it is you giving value to all things in this world or giving it significance. The divine consciousness is the Almightiness, make use of it, the time for it has truly come.

Your Love determines this time, your Love fulfills things with new Life and your Love guides the course of worlds. Reconcile with this life, so that at judgment day, which is rightly expected by you, it can entirely easily and entirely naturally fall off from you.

Inner Peace is the goal, the Kingdom of World Peace the assignment and Love is the instrument for human Beings on the way to it.

The time of money will last only for a short time. Make use of this time, to breathe new Life into the things of this world.

“And on this occasion please do not forget to visit the ads – this website needs your energetic support till ascension. Thank you!”

In infinite Love

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sharing.:::. ▶ 127 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – TAUS planet _ Mantuk_”time jumps”_Nibiru_Kuiper belt_Pluto_ | samkaska

sharing.:::. ▶ 127 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – TAUS planet _ Mantuk_”time jumps”_Nibiru_Kuiper belt_Pluto_ | samkaska.

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sharing.:::. ▶ 127 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – TAUS planet _ Mantuk_”time jumps”_Nibiru_Kuiper belt_Pluto_

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Video 127


Answers of an alien from Andromeda – video hundred and twenty seven – 
December 25, 2014.

– Back to my terran friends.
 Our fleet was called for a general meeting with a CG board in Taus planet.
 The first landing on the planet all together with eighteen other races.
 It was a great fellowship and lots of information and criteria were passed to all who are working in several areas of support.
 We were a bit isolated because Taus will be with his strong force field shielding, until be positioned in its final orbits, and that isolated some of our signs. – 
Before you ask, I will give a brief description of Taus.(new planet in our solar system)(the 10th planet)
 It is a very beautiful and well structured planet has oceans between the continental regions forming cutouts with thousands of coastal islands and lots of greenery with samples from all over the galaxy.
 Say it is almost as beautiful as Mantuk, only has a more modern design. They have several sites of loading and unloading, and any kind of pollution is spread by the environment or atmosphere. The agricultural areas are fully automated and with perfectly controlled climate there is plenty of everything. Any industrial unit have protective domes and its industrial and chemical waste is directed to terminals connected to the transfer portal. These unloading terminals have their peers placed on the surface of the sun in which the planet is orbiting, and all debris are automatically destroyed without causing any damage to the system.
 I can say it is a beautiful place. They took this planet with fertile soil and firm composition, orbiting a star in a not habitable zone and took him to the place where it was refurbished and virtually transformed into a tropical paradise with features of a modern spacecraft.
 An extremely interesting and creative technology. Many possibilities for transfer of technology to your planet in the near future.
 Mythi, strange reactions were observed in our sun these days, could you tell us what would it be? 
 – These anomalies observed by your equipment is energy discharges of the solar surface made by Krulians to soften the gravitational variations in this system realignment period. Discharges in the sun center line tend to unload the excess of tension to the poles and it aligns the geomagnetic center facilitating the calculations of orbital loads of planets involved in the planned alignment. The fact that you can see the adjustments being made is a great proof of the CG work, just will not see that those who do not really want to admit.

Mythi, much remains said to be “time jumps” to the past or for the future … I know I’ve talked about it but could illustrate a little bit it?

– Friends, understand that the physical matter through the time wears, and becomes basic elements again.
 Life in 3D is not like a movie being recorded in real time to be passed again and again when someone settle back in time to see it all happening again.
 The past is like a radio wave that ends when the show is over, no longer exists.
 How could you go for something that no longer exists, which has turned to dust?
 The only thing of the past that you can see is that archeology can provide, and the records and recordings made by races who have been here for millions of years which CG managed to save and archive in their data systems.
 Therefore, any claim of travel in time to the past or future is the most impure untruth.
 I hope this has been understood at last. –
 Just as a curiosity, if you have a year as the time taken for your planet for a ride to your sun, it is doing 4,589,113,025 years old, because he did not always orbited the sun with the same angular velocity.
 At first, the years were shorter because the speed was higher and the orbiter was nearest the sun.
 With the passage of time and the “accident” that formed your moon, the Earth’s orbit turned away from the sun and the speed was decreased.
 Only with this new orbits the planet entered the habitable zone for animals and plants thrive.
 Mythi, there are still many speculations about Nibiru, could you give us some more data about it? 
– See, the Krulians towed the Nibiru system to an orbit at 52 AU from your sun outside the region that you guys called Kuiper belt.
 The only real influence of the star system is Nibiru with your solar system, it does not lack for any other point of balance so can be placed in its original route at any time the CG so decides.
 The Nibiru system is not included in the alignment plans being drawn up, so I believe he can stay where it is for a few thousand years.
 When star systems like yours are reorganized, many details that made the system reaches the point of a reorganization is no longer needed because the future of this system is being redesigned for the humanoid cultures can develop the best possible way in the new environment.
 It’s how you remove the stones and the “weeds” of your garden so that best quality plants can grow without being harassed by them.
 The Nibiru system has fulfilled its role in the last 100 million years, now it is no longer necessary in the new scenario of your solar system.
 In the current reality, which you guys can see, besides the ‘planet Taus being moved, some large objects called gravitational counterweights that may still be used for the stabilization of the system elements and large force fields generated by Krulians and Aldebarans to control gravitational tunneling system relating to the solar gravitational field.
 Comets and asteroids will always be going regularly between system planets, but its danger will be under control now on.
 The Community Galactica just cannot intervene with the inherent adjustments to own planets as the top growth in the case of your planet and the subsequent rearrangement of the oceans, poles and atmosphere for the new profile of the planet for the next thousands of years. 
– CB told me about a conversation he had with a friend Pleiadean of Taus few days ago, and they are doing a great job infiltrates in your society. Follow the tips he gave as CB will put here for those that not previously seen: ” (December 23) Friends, I am unable to contact Mythi, it seems some sort of interference. He always notified when he have some free time to come and talk but the days have passed without contact. I managed to chat a bit with “Arthur” (as Pleiadean calls himself) and he said that the move is large, with many meetings between members of the CG about the realignments in this stage of the system, and possibly the Mantuk personnel are pretty busy.
 He warned that the climate may become more destabilized and recommended us great caution.
 Also commented on the political instability since the two factions of power on the planet already crossed the Rubicon and can only walk for a power struggle, and they are accompanied closely this time of tension. He should maintain contact, he said will keep his cell phone lysate for any scrap of urgency with us.” 
– That said, I think not to mention more about what has been reiterated by Pleiadean friend. I hope you all are well, and that trust in the guidelines being adopted by the CG.

– CB asked me to our research unit in the planet Pluto keep the lights all lit for the arrival of your probe in July, it seems they will start shooting the planet with some resolution from next month.
 I’m sure that the command of the fleet will not be against it. We will see. 
 – I appreciate the interest shown by you guys for the health of Ticy, she is very well and is already in service again, now a little more careful and experienced. 
– Our fleet received several guidelines for new assignments and we quite work this time, but I keep in touch whenever possible to keep them informed.
 Be well!
 Captain Bill – December, 2014 Atlanticobr Channel 
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fantascienza: sharing.:::.file.:::.UFO sightings, strange phenomena… – YouTube

fantascienza: sharing.:::.file.:::  –  conspiracies, strange phenomena… – YouTube.

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jueves, 16 de octubre de 2014

sharing.:::.file.:::. – 2014: UFO sightings, conspiracies, strange phenomena… – YouTube

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When in flight mode, it can go 430 miles. reaching 124mph 
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The black hole, known as P13, lies on the outskirts of the galaxy NGC7793 about 12 million light years from Earth, and researchers say it is ingesting a weight equivalent to 100 billion billion hot dogs every minute. 

snt_sharing.:::.▶ 125 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – YouTube | samkaska

snt_sharing.:::.▶ 125 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – YouTube | samkaska.

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snt_sharing.:::.▶ 125 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – YouTube

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Stunning 9/11 Videos Show “Missile” Emerging From South Tower | 9/11 and Ground Zero





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▶ Aircraft Modified As Missile For Maximum Damage To South Tower on 9/11 – YouTube


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Video 125

Answers of an alien from Andromeda – video hundred and twenty five – November 10, 2014.

These are answers to many questions accumulated on the same subject.

Mythi, when you started this mission here on our planet or when was the first time you saw the Earth?

– This was curiously never asked, but it is a good opportunity for that.

 In the year 1934 I made my first visit to this colony. From that time forth I participated in several missions in other systems, but always ended up coming back here from time to time.

 I was just an “aspirant for researcher” onboard the fleet at the time. I confess I did not realize how fast you guys got this end of level technologically. I’m not old, I’m not yet a third of through my planned existence, and before that I absorbed knowledge in several areas in which I took part, but the area that caught my attention was to analytically track the development of intelligent beings through the process of self management of conscientization.

 It is quite interesting to observe how the cumulative effects of the lived experiences outline the characteristics of each individual. You, for all that passed and are passing on this colony has the potential to develop quickly since you rid yourselves of the influences that kept you tied to prefabricated concepts embedded in your minds out of pure interest of your dominant minorities.

 I personally envisioned a good part of your contemporary history, so I can say I know you guys better than you imagined prior to this information.

– Only in this current phase of your technology was possible for me a broader communication with many of you at the same time through the development of your global communication system accessible to ordinary citizens. This was a new experience for me because CB was able to make our conversations could reach a significant number of people and I could get a more homogeneous feedback of average development and conscientization of a group of heterogeneous races, encompassing different cultures looking at the same type of awareness. 

A unique and extremely interesting experience for me. 

Your doubts, anxieties, willingness to share and contribute to a better society demonstrates balance and maturity that could be very well used when you guys are living in an ideal environment for such implementations, without the limitations imposed on you so far.

Mythi, something big has caused a force field in an entire quadrant of the Sun, which could have had this effect?

– You see, the CG is using new control techniques developed by Krulians. With this advanced technology force fields of tremendous power and diameters able to engage an entire sun, they can positively influence when the Sun suffer instabilities caused by the shock of large asteroids or massive celestial bodies passing through the system.

 They are increasingly developing more powerful equipment to prevent cataclysms in colonies subject to events of mass extinction.

Mythi, what are hermaphrodites? There is a group of hermaphroditic aliens in contact with our society today?

– Hermaphrodites are the result of conflicts of genes during pregnancy, usually caused by external agents such as chemical substances or genetic malformations of ova or sperm. There is no humanoid race with this genetic trait, only a few races reptoids and a few insectoid races has the feature of auto generate offspring when they reach the proper age for breeding. In most cases of humanoids who have suffered such conflicts of formation of the organs is incomplete, thus showing a repressed tendency of the defective gene. These genetic abnormalities are the direct result of unhealthy chemical to which you are subject, both in food and in the criminal medications that circulate in your pharmacy.

Mythi, the nurse Matilda MacElroy’s alien interview really happened in 1947? She mentions in his talks with the EBE details like “the Domain” as the organization, not the CG, speaks of “prison of souls”, “Old Empire”, machines to erase memories, among many other details.

– Matilda MacElroy’s interviews really happened, she had the reception sensitivity required for basic telepathic communication.

 The unit that was possessed by the scientists was an bio-technological unit as I have described to you guys in previous questions about 1947.

 For the “operator” of that unit is as if he was actually there in person, interacting with those humans, and he used this opportunity to do a parallel study in direct contact with humans.

 He could have left the “clothing” that contained their quantum energy anytime he wished, but was encouraged by the scientists of his fleet to seize the opportunity that had been generated by the rescue of accident they had.

 This “craft of Service” was of a fleet of research belonging to a race of another Community Galactica, adjacent to ours that involves another cluster of galaxies.

 This race is telepathic but lacks fluency in the languages of the earth therefore had to adapt the ideas seeking better ways to explain some facts to that person. Much has been said otherwise, about the “reformatory planet” the alien did not mean “reptilians” really, and about erasing the memory, it is a constant in reincarnation to colonies “zero level”, a not only here, but in all of them throughout
the universe.

 About the old Empire, he mentioned a period and not a race, in period which there was no Community Galactica covering this region yet, and the forces of exploitation and colonization acted on their own, imposing its policies and “imperial will. Some of these groupings of breeds of “imperial forces” could generate a kind of force fields in planets with inferior races to make a type of brainwashing that the accumulated knowledge could not be recalled, maintaining these cultures under the subjugation of them to work.

 But these techniques used mostly by insectoid and reptilian on humanoid colonies were banned of the quadrants of our galaxies for thousands of years.

 No machine was installed here with the purpose of erasing memories, that is a mechanic in the fourth to the third dimension.

 Memories of past lives would not help you at all at this stage of your development, but could negatively influence the free will to make decisions based on your real state of conscience, without the weight of past mistakes or hopeful to reissue hits.

Mythi, we would like to ask regarding our creator, God, Yashua, and how He relates to all the inhabitants of the Universe. Is it the same Creator or is it part of it?

– I do not lengthen too much on these matters because many of you have shown are not prepared to understand our concepts of creation.

 The concept of a creator god is somewhat distorted view of you in this present moment of your conscientization.

 A god like Yashua, Allah, God Almighty, etc.. is a simplistic concept that your mind can focus on asking favors, guidance and protection of a “supreme being” created by your mind exactly for this purpose.

 It’s more comfortable for minds still cloistered in old concepts imagine simple answers to the processes that do not understand yet. This creator god would represent the beginning of it all, passing through all stages of development and dimensions to achieve a coherent response.

 An immeasurable distance. 

The conscientization begins when you are ready to combine harmony with development, both scientific and interpersonal with everything and everyone around you. When you guys are unsure, do not call for a god to help you, but be aware that you guys are part of that creator, and therefore must make your part the best possible to be in tune, so imagine what this God, would like you to do, in other words, a demonstration of faith of you, in yourself.

 You will never be alone, you have the nature trying to keep you alive with food, you have a family or group of friends that can make you feel you can and should be part of the context in an attempt to join the conscientization of this group and participate in the harmonization of habitat in which you have been placed to pass through this stage.

 You can create, raise awareness, harmonize, in other words; you are a part of this project, part of creation, part of that omnipotent God. The “present” is what counts, the future will be built “piece by piece” with a “no number” of “presents”, and the more “presents” you add the clearer answers to the questions of the future in your conscientization. 

Give a time for you to get there, try to illuminate the dark to others, try to seek happiness in your everyday life, even through catastrophes, don’t be you the one who cries, try being the one who comforts.
Friends, here is now CB talking.

– At this end of the interview, I decided to tell an unusual event since my encounter with Mythi years ago. I had to go to a unit of federal immigration at airport to compose a documentation of a friend being transferred, and an unknown person greeted me with a kind of mental sign.

 I looked at people nearby and a person smiled when I looked to the direction I felt the sign from and I saw that the fulfillment had come from him. I approached and greeted him, was when we started a conversation in the airport lounge. He identified himself as a Pleiadeans in service, and noted that I was a “collaborator”.

 He was curious to know with whom I was associated, race and position. We talked about the staff from Mantuk and he mentioned that they are very well regarded by the CG as partners, widespread in Andromeda with many connections to a large number of stellar systems.

 They are very good friends he said. He told me that things are happening fast; there are many Pleiadeans from Taus and other colonies making recognition here on the planet daily, keeping information for the fleet that is monitoring the planet. They can speak any language and we chatted in perfect Portuguese. Also said that “some forces” would rather keep this planet in the zero level to keep the planet under control but they are being surrounded and losing ground every day. He said they are happy to find many sensitized humans, and that our society has a large number of beings with good temperament and a good level of understanding. I asked him when it would be scheduled an integration of the planet with “friendly societies, he said (like Mythi said) it depends on the analysis
and decision of the CG, but this is very close to happening.

 He said a large base will be available here in Brazil apart from other bases existing in Antarctica and places in all other continents, and confirmed that submarine bases are being dismantled in all regions set to “great physical changes.

 He said that the massive presence of friends of other races working here is being perceived and felt by many who are ready for a first contact. I felt very comfortable and we exchanged contact information a bit before giving notice of boarding for the flight in which he was on an undercover mission traveling with some other executives.

 I wanted to delve into my questions, but there was no time. I believe I will be able to exchange some information with him about Taus and more what I can extract from him by way of keeping us cognizant of the events planned by Pleiadeans and for more information on the neutralization of the “forces” (which I believe are the same protected by the Vatican and some others races working with reptilians) who try to stay in power.

 Mythi has nothing against me to expand my contacts, instead he enjoyed the idea.
Cheers to all!


by Eliphas Levy,EL

Taus photo Nov-29-2014
Taus photo Nov-29-2014

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samkaska: ▶ 124 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – YouTube

samkaska: ▶ 124 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – YouTube.

Saturday, October 25, 2014


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Video 124

Answers of an alien from Andromeda 

video hundred and twenty four 

October 23, 2014.

These are answers to many questions accumulated on the same subject.

Mythi, it is true that our society is reaching the brink of extinction in our planet to restart again as level one, whereas there have been numerous “cataloged” extinctions as succeeded before?

– Great civilizations have matured on this planet long before you, but were moved long ago. 

The development of left over here took longer, by the dialectical and cultural inequalities among the remaining groups. Yes, there were numerous “extinctions” but the cultures that were being developed here were aided by their “mentors” to survive. 

See, back then, there was no Community Galactica, taking care of this system, so the planet was subject to all natural and external cataclysmic events which were not given the support of Krulians and other races such as the Arcturians to mitigate these natural processes of extinction. 

The “mentors” of those communities they turned as they could to keep their colonies safe, relocating, constructing large underground shelters etc…

Not all colonies (that is billions) manage volunteers and teachers to achieve faster new stages of development. 

Your current colony “remnants” on the planet got some volunteers who came at different times but they were manipulated or suppressed by your ruling elites and they could not accomplish what could have been accomplished in aid of the society as a whole. This had delayed the development of this colony, but part of that society is finally ready to settle down as the race of the planet. 

Over the past 200 years your societies began to sketch regional integrations, and the technology achieved over the last century could integrate globally. This led to Community Galactica decreeing that the race of this planet would no longer be manipulated, would be naturally filtered and the newly arrived elements to the level one would be the representatives of a new society mature enough to finally enter the interstellar community. 

Therefore external threats were diverted on the planet, by Krulians, Pleiadeans and why not say, by the Mantuk fleet, and regional tectonic destruction by natural forces were controlled by Arcturians. But now, some tectonic and climate change will be necessary for the planet to adapt to the new beat frequency of the system and expand into its new configuration. So we’re all here in this joint task force to monitor developments and make sure that there will not be the extinction of this colony.
Mythi, the Reptilians and grays may not hinder the plans of the Community Galactica and our integration plans to grow?

– Among the forces present in the supervision of this planet, the Pleiadeans and Arcturians are known as the most determined to attack or counterattack forces. 

The Pleiadeans are very versatile, quick decisions and keeps very current equipment in colonies under his supervision. As for the Arcturians, have many millennia, are known and feared for their powerful weaponry, and its tubular vessels are very respected. 

Nowadays all spacecraft use similar weapons defensively so there’s no more weak and the strong, but the balance. But despite the Arcturians lead to fame because they were never overwhelmed by anyone in thousands of years, and really its defensive weapons are larger than most. Nobody messes with Arcturians and they only give satisfaction to the Galactic Communities directly corresponding to the regions where they are working. 

Therefore, no race will dare to disrupt the integration of this new colony. The reptilian-human colony on Mars is already cataloged and will be an integral part of the system as a standalone unit that is, not connected to planet Earth. Under the supervision of the Community Galactica you guys can be sure that they will eventually be “good neighbors”.

– Answering many questions about the Grays, let’s not generalize. Only some breeds of Grays represent a problem and are linked to reptilians or mediate trade for insectoid races. The Grays who you guys will visualize here on the planet, 99 percent are affiliated races to Community Galactica and pose no risk to humans here. So do not confuse things. There are humanoid and non humanoid types that represent problem; see your own planet in the amount of bad people there scattered in all cultures and elites. 

On the occasion of opening of contacts between you and other brothers out, you will see that the current races through your solar system are now under surveillance and none of them is a danger to the new society level one of this planet. Many races Grays work in fleets and industrial units Pleiadeans, Sirius, Camelopardalis, Chitoks, Arcturians, Aldebarans, Krulians, and even in our colonies in Mantuk Andromeda. 

We have many Gray friends. 

They are in the majority very intelligent, nice and honest.

Mythi, the Piri Reis maps of Antarctica from 500 years ago show it as a continent with sub tropical climate and much closer in latitude to South America and Africa and the contours of the coastline have been found by geological surveys to precisely follow the shape of the continent under the ice caps. Can you explain to us how Antarctica moved and what has happened to it since and if that is similar to crustal movements now occurring?

– According to general files of your navigation history, this cartographer used old maps of the Vedic civilization of India to include the continent of Antarctica on his maps. The Vedas were great cartographers, and counted with the help of their “mentors” to get them in “Vimanas” (service crafts) to map all areas of the planet. 

Tectonic changes naturally occurred several times and with the increase in diameter of the planet that occurred at all, the continents drifted away proportionally. Many signaling monoliths were placed at the request of the cartographers of the time. The Antarctica was mapped by the Vedas, when it was not even the geographic center of your south pole, there was no ice superficial thus was accurately mapped by cartographers Vedas. 

Most of the mapping of the Vedas was stolen by diverse cultures and much of it was destroyed by the church at the time of the Roman Empire considered a heresy to say that the earth was round. The many thousands of years ago, the Vedic maps were presented to the Mayans, Incas, Saxas, Sumerians, Egyptians, Aztecs and Atlantis at the annual meetings of their leaders with their mentors in the current “Easter Island“, where they were Atonians, Pleiadeans, Arcturians, and Epsilon Boötis, among other “mentors races.” So conclusively cartographer named Piri Reis just copied those maps to his map created 500 years ago. The Antarctic is a region considered by us as a natural barn, everything that you guys have in terms of biodiversity of plants and seeds are stored there, frozen, but fully operational. When one day the ice melts and the seeds catch the sun, Antarctica will be a green and bountiful continent, with copies of virtually all your flora. Another interesting information is that Taags scientists, a race of skinny grays from Orion experts Geobotanics, stocked in Antartica base seeds of everything that was cataloged by them in hundreds of years of research here on the planet and this is a perfect complement to what is not native to the continent of Antarctica from the old days.

Mythi, is the disclosure approaching? I ask because there was a large increase views of ships of all types and formats, including said that tubular vessels tried to contact the ISS (our space station) unanswered.

– Well, with a larger movement of ships undoubtedly the number of sightings is greater. The Community Galactica has not authorized any kind of eye contact but also seems to be turning a blind eye on the matter, it gives food for thought. We have no other guideline yet, so the first statement still stands. 

Of course, sometimes the field of invisibility is “off to form no excess steam or other features and then if we are seen or filmed will be “accidentally”. How the Arcturians are dismantling many facilities, the unmistakable tubular vessels should be observed frequently. 

Concerning the claim that Arcturians have tried to contact your small station, this is a question without comment, they only speak with fleets of ships related to its mission and as I said, only depict for the Council of the Community Galactica, never would talk with whoever was here of the planet.

– Any change in the instructions and conditions provided for the planet as a whole I will be informing you. Be careful and be alert to weather conditions, tectonic events and military moves. 

Peace and light to you all.

Captain Bill – October, 2014 

Atlanticobr Channel

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AGHARTAN: ▶ objeto desconocido por encima del Sol …? – YouTube

AGHARTAN: ▶ objeto desconocido por encima del Sol …? – YouTube.

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jueves, 16 de octubre de 2014


▶ objeto desconocido por encima del Sol …? – YouTube


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objeto desconocido por encima del Sol …?

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Sharing :

Nosotros, del Grupo Arcturiano, venimos a desearles que haya paz, gozo, y amabilidad entre ustedes en estos tiempos llenos de conflictos y confusión. Sabemos que muchos están sufriendo, pero vemos grandes despertares a través de las experiencias. Hay muchos que siempre han vivido plenamente dentro del sistema de creencias tridimensional, y que ahora están cuestionando sorprendentemente sus creencias centrales de modos que les van a permitir despertar. Ellos están obteniendo el beneficio del incremento de Luz fluyendo a la Tierra, aunque no estén conscientes de por qué están sucediendo cambios en su interior.
A medida que la Luz fluye de un creciente número de campos energéticos evolucionando, esto añade Luz a la conciencia mundial universal, exponiendo y disolviendo áreas de sombra en el proceso. De esto modo es como se está despertando el mundo — cada pequeña conciencia de la verdad/Luz ayuda a disolver la ilusión y añade a la Totalidad, pues solamente hay UNO. Muy pronto habrá suficiente Luz en la conciencia del mundo para cambiarla. Este es el significado del “cambio” — una transferencia de la energía del dominio.
Deseamos hablarles sobre la verdad que se manifiesta, como todo, a través de los niveles físico, mental, emocional y espiritual — la verdad como un Absoluto así como la verdad de lo ordinario. Cuando hablamos de la verdad en estos mensajes nos estamos refiriendo a la Verdad Divina — Absoluta.
En Verdad, no hay nada más que una Conciencia Divina Omnipresente, la cual en la escena humana es interpretada por la mente y vista como lo material. La 3D ve la vida a través del filtro de la separación, así como en forma de una creencia de que todo es bueno o malo (dualidad). Más a menudo que no, el sistema de creencias de un individuo ha sido aceptado simplemente sin pensarlo de la conciencia de consenso mundial.
Es muy importante recordar que los pensamientos que ustedes pudieran tener no son realmente suyos hasta que ustedes los aceptan como los suyos propios. Los pensamientos y creencias de la conciencia mundial están flotando alrededor, siempre disponibles para ser reclamados como una verdad o no. Permitiendo que los pensamientos no invitados floten simplemente a través de ustedes sin darles ninguna importancia es reclamar su poder y un movimiento hacia la verdad. La resistencia a las ideas y pensamientos no deseados les da simplemente un poder que no tienen.

En la escena humana, la verdad se determina según si ustedes expresan honestamente o no lo que saben o sienten es correcto. También representa una opinión de consenso sobre tópicos en particular, según la dictaminan los “expertos” o quienes están al poder. El vivir a partir del pensamiento de la 3D ocasiona que algunos individuos así como negocios y gobiernos no se sientan obligados a ser honestos o a decir la verdad, y cuando no les conviene por motivos personales o su agenda–y refleja la creencia en la separación.

A medida que la humanidad evoluciona cada vez más profundo para darse cuenta de todo dentro del Uno, empezará a entender que las palabras y acciones de la vida diaria ordinaria son importantes porque lo que uno dice o hace a otro, se lo hace a sí mismo. El temor, ya sea reconocido o no, es la causa raíz de la deshonestidad y las mentiras — temor a la carencia, la limitación, el rechazo, el fracaso, el castigo, etc., y sólo puede ser disuelto mediante la Verdad.

El temor nace de las experiencias de la 3D y las enseñanzas de vidas pasadas y de ésta. Muchas de estas experiencias fueron horribles, ocasionando impresiones de larga duración dentro de sus campos energéticos y memoria celular. Estas viejas energías celulares y emocionales son las que ustedes están en el proceso de despejar en estos momentos. Algunas de las limpiezas energéticas más intensas los pueden dejar sintiéndose exhaustos y deprimidos. Sepan que no hay nada mal, ustedes están evolucionando así que no declaren que estos sentimientos tienen poder alguno sobre ustedes pues esto los traería de regreso a su campo energético.
Los niños dicen la verdad hasta que son enseñados a no hacerlo mediante el temor o el castigo. Muchos adultos creen que el tener la razón los hace más importante (más encantadores) por lo que dicen o hacen cualquier cosa que se requiera para ser vistos como teniendo siempre la razón — un reflejo de la creencia en la separación del Amor/el Yo. A menudo los individuos están simplemente malinformados y hablan a partir de la ignorancia, pero como con todas las acciones, la intención detrás de las palabras les da su energía. Las no verdades dichas inocentemente portan la energía de la intención de quien las envía, lo cual es que ellas son ciertas. No nos estamos refiriendo a los chismes maliciosos.
Los chismes y el criticismo son facetas de la dualidad y la separación, que reflejan el odio por uno mismo y crean la necesidad de que una persona se vea a sí misma como mejor que las demás a fin de sentir cualquier aceptancia o amor por uno mismo.
Estas actividades no sólo hieren humanamente (nunca en la realidad) a la persona que se está criticando, sino que también regresan a casa a descansar en el campo energético de quien las envió, pues reiteramos. . . solamente hay Uno.
Con la evolución viene la inhabilidad para decir mentiras a fin de obtener una ganancia personal. El estudiante espiritual se vuelve crecientemente consciente de esa ligera palmadita en el hombro cuando se siente tentado y empieza a comprender que su correa espiritual se ha acortado mucho.
La Verdad Divina es un Absoluto — aquello que ES, que siempre ha sido, y que siempre será — sostenida infinitamente en lugar por la Ley Divina. Lo Absoluto nunca puede ser conocido o entendido plenamente por la limitada mente humana, que es la razón por la que el hombre ha creado por eones de tiempo repetidamente Dioses que reflejan su propia imagen reflejando cualidades creídas importantes en ese tiempo.
La meta de todos los seres en todos los planetas y dimensiones así como en la Tierra es, y siempre ha sido, evolucionar a la plenitud del darse cuenta del UNO, y volverse por consiguiente el UNO. El ser siempre ha sido perfecto, pero a lo largo de las trayectorias de la experiencia no se ha recordado esto y se ha batallado vida tras vida en el proceso del despertar. La trayectoria espiritual y el propósito de la vida es el darse cuenta eventualmente de la Divinidad de uno y vivir a partir de ese estado de Conciencia Divina. La Verdad Divina primero se capta y se interpreta intelectualmente hasta que llega a niveles más profundos y se vuelve la realidad de uno — su estado de conciencia. La trayectoria de cada ser toma infinitas formas y sendas de experiencia, que es lo que ustedes han estado haciendo.
Libros, clases, y maestros los pueden asistir solamente a llegar al nivel de conciencia del autor o el maestro. Esto no significa que no exista el perfecto libro, clase o maestro para ustedes a un tiempo dado, pero usen siempre su intuición para decidir si algo es correcto para ustedes. Sólo porque algo es popular no significa que es lo correcto para ustedes. Ustedes pudieran estar más allá en realidad de un maestro o enseñanza en particular. Siempre vendrá ese tiempo en el que ustedes empiecen a ser enseñados desde su interior pues allí es donde reside la Verdad.
La información, las respuestas, las explicaciones y las ideas que resultan en momentos de ‘ajá’ para ustedes son los frutos de su propio trabajo interno y se manifiestan a menudo cuando menos se lo esperan, cuando están haciendo algo tan mundano como lavando los platos pero están, al mismo tiempo, callados y receptivos. Los asuntos de la vida empiezan a verse desde nuevos niveles de entendimiento, y una verdad que pudieran haber leído y ponderado pero nunca entendido plenamente se vuelve repentinamente simple y clara.
La Verdad Divina es todo los que ES, y es infinita. Hay un viejo dicho oriental que dice que si ustedes la pueden abarcar (el Absoluto) en su mente (lo cual muchos piensan que hacen), entonces no lo es. La Verdad Absoluta es cada idea espiritual encarnada dentro de la Conciencia Divina, siempre presente, pero interpretada por la mente en la escena humana según la conciencia individual y mundial.

El tratar de vivir el Absoluto antes de lograr ese estado de conciencia es un error que muchos estudiantes espirituales serios cometen. El tirar sus medicamentos antes de haber logrado la conciencia de su completitud y totalidad como un Ser Divino es una acción muy humana. Sin embargo, cuando algo ya no resuena con ustedes no teman nunca dejarla ir. El aferrarse a alguna faceta de su vida sólo porque es a lo que están acostumbrados es un bloqueo para su despertar. Se requiere de ustedes que vivan a partir de su estado de conciencia más elevado logrado, viviendo la verdad que ustedes conocen mientras avanzan más profundo mediante la práctica y el estudio.
El acto de la transición o la muerte no les hace darse cuenta repentinamente de la Verdad, como muchos creen. Ustedes son su estado de conciencia, y por lo tanto, se la llevan consigo. Todos son enseñados y guiados amorosamente en el otro lado, al igual que aquí.
La evolución es el proceso de una siempre creciente conciencia de quiénes son ustedes en realidad, queridos míos. La evolución no es un proceso que culmina repentinamente de la noche a la mañana, a menos que hayan hecho el trabajo que los lleve a ese estado de conciencia en vidas previas. Traten de no desilusionarse y de sentir que no están progresando si la vida les parece mundana y ordinaria.
No se comparen con otros, hagan lo mejor que puedan para recordar siempre que se les está guiando y que nunca están solos. Si sucumben bajo el peso de alguna carga humana, resistan la tentación de culpar o de sentir remordimiento y levóntense simplemente y continúen. Van a descubrir pronto que el cielo no se cayó cuando cometieron un error, ni tienen que regresar al principio de su trayectoria. El fracaso es un concepto del pensamiento de la 3D. No hay cosa tal como el fracaso en realidad, solamente experiencias de aprendizaje.

Ustedes son amados, queridos míos, muy amados y sumamente honrados por sus esfuerzos y trabajo. Todo está procediendo conforme al plan.
Somos el Grupo Arcturiano ~ 10/13/14

©2014 |

Traducción – Gloria
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▶ The Inhabited Worlds – Paper 49 – The Urantia Book – [Alien / Extra Terrestrial Life forms revealed] – THE ARCTURIAN GROUP MESSAGE .:::sharing | URANTiA2094

▶ The Inhabited Worlds – Paper 49 – The Urantia Book – [Alien / Extra Terrestrial Life forms revealed] – THE ARCTURIAN GROUP MESSAGE .:::sharing | URANTiA2094.

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▶ The Inhabited Worlds – Paper 49 – The Urantia Book – [Alien / Extra Terrestrial Life forms revealed] – THE ARCTURIAN GROUP MESSAGE .:::sharing

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FEBRUARY 16, 2014

The message we bring at this time is one of hope. So many of you are frustrated and struggle with issues of daily living. It is imperative that you understand dear ones, that these difficulties represent graduations and not failures. Certain energies accumulated from lifetime to lifetime are stored within the cellular memory of your physical bodies and also within the emotional and mental bodies. Every individual stores and carries until cleared, their personal energies of inheritance, vows, promises, and all powerful life experiences (some good and some very bad) along with a cellular remembrance of the individuals involved in these experiences.

You are now spiritually strong enough to release any energies that serve only to hold you in what is old and finished and this also includes the resolution of any karmic situations needing to be finished. These energies were stored and carried through lifetimes because you were not yet evolved enough to acknowledge and resolve them in ways that would enable you to clear them.

There are layers to those pockets of energy that resulted from intense life experiences (physical, emotional, or mental) which have been held deep within because you chose not to re-live or even think about some of these experiences again.

It often happens that the serious student believes that through his hard inner work an issue has been dealt with and finished. This is usually something that has plagued him throughout his lifetime; a particular person, or fear, or addiction, or emotional reaction–and then, low and behold there it is again saying; “Hello, I’m back”.

Never believe that this indicates failure or that the work was not done correctly, for the reappearance of an issue needing to be cleared simply means that you have now reached a deeper level of it. When this happens, re-examine any concepts that you may of been previously unaware of and again move into truth. As each new layer presents itself, it will open you to new levels awareness regarding your own state of consciousness. Ask; “What am I believing that is making me feel this way?”

Try not to give power for good or bad to any issues, people, or experiences you may be struggling with for these things have only the power you give them which is why they were stored within you in the first place. The old and finished three dimensional energies of duality and separation can not be carried with you into the higher frequencies of Light and will act as blocks until removed.

For this particular lifetime because of importance of the shift going on, evolved souls incarnated bringing a complete list of any issues they needed to clear. Many chose pre-birth, to be born into family situations that would activate whatever was needing to be moved beyond. Example; Many raised in abusive family situations, specifically chose these families (pre-birth) in order to activate a long held consciousness of low self esteem. This way they could once and for all release this concept of self and grow the realization of who and what they really are. Frequently also, there is a karmic situation that needs to be completed.

With regard to karmic relationships–if you find yourself in a situation where you recognize that an ever present discord must be karmic but the other individual is not interested in any resolution, you can release and complete it yourself. 1. Recognize the person’s Divine Nature even if they are not the lease bit interested themselves. 2. Remove energetic cords still attaching you to that person through your intent and visualization. 3. Send them Light and Love whenever you think of them. 4. Do NOT engage…this will perpetuate that which you are trying to clear.

In earlier lifetimes, souls incarnated with a short list, choosing perhaps one issue to deal with and move beyond. Often the struggles of simply staying alive prevented any progress and a goal may of been in place for several lifetimes. Because of the powerful energy shift now taking place on earth, incarnating souls realized that they would need to address any issues holding them in frequencies that were old and finished and this is why so many seem to be having very difficult life experiences.

You are evolved enough to do what you came to do or you would not have chosen to do it. Never believe that you are a failure even if third dimensional concepts say you are. No indeed, pat yourselves on the back dear ones, for you are powerful and evolved Beings of Light now able to see through appearances and hold to the truth while doing what you need to do. Never forget, all lessons were pre-planned by you as you realized what was needed in your experience in order to grow and evolve.

Arcturian Group now wishes to speak to abundance. Abundance is an issue that confuses many as you suffer from the appearances of lack and limitation. Within Oneness exists all that is…all the qualities of a Divine omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient Source are within you also. This is the point of this journey all have been on through hundreds of lifetimes…to finally evolve into a state of consciousness that realizes this truth. Source knows nothing of lack or limitation, IT is Self sustained and Self maintained…infinitely. The idea of lack is a concept born of the belief in duality (pairs of opposites) and separation. Everything embodied within Divine consciousness is held in place by Divine law. If lack or limitation were within Divine consciousness, they would be forever unchangeable. Realizing this is the first step to changing the outer appearances.

Each time you pay a bill, take a second to realize that since Source is complete and lacks nothing, this check or money simply represents a material manifestation of this. When you believe abundance to be limited and personal so that everything spent depletes you, you are declaring money to be yours–finite, and limited (duality and separation). Realize that abundance is flowing through you, not from you. This may seem silly as you look at your empty wallet, but the practice of these truths is the only way to move into a deeper understanding of the infinite abundance which is already yours by virtue of your Oneness with Source.

Start the flow moving…give away unused clothes or items, donate time, drop a coin in the bottle even if it a penny…get the flow of love (service or goods) and gratitude (payment) moving. Always there must be the flow. You are creators dear ones and you are creating with every thought and word (eg. I don’t have…) that flows out from your state of consciousness. Just as the journey is about learning Oneness, it is also about learning just what is embodied within that Oneness. Start applying truth to every financial transaction you make, blessing each payment by knowing that it flows from an Infinite and unlimited Source.

Take whatever human footsteps may be necessary in your particular situation, but let your first step always be a remembrance of the truth of your Infinite Source. Choose not to wholeheartedly embrace the constant barrage of three dimensional news about lack and limitation.

You are at a turning point, one in which you must decide who your master is to be and whom you will serve–truth or the three dimensional concepts being presented to you from all sides by an un-awakened world? Be very honest with yourselves dear ones, for you are now at a point of either moving forward, or staying in the old. The choice is as always, yours.

We are the Arcturian Group 2/16/14

Posted 1 hour ago by LUZ ZOHAR

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samkaska: Reading:::File:::▶ 107 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA Nibiru ::: A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council:::sharing

samkaska: Reading:::File:::▶ 107 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA Nibiru ::: A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council:::sharing.

* * *

Monday, June 9, 2014

Reading:::File:::▶ 107 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA Nibiru ::: A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council:::sharing

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Video 107
Answers of an alien from Andromeda – video hundred and seven – November 23, 2013.
– This is a short message, provided to keep you alert. We are working together and developing a plan of action with the fleet with ships of recovery Atonians, under the command of Krulians, who traveled from the Kuiper belt to your moon. These spaceships were working to collect rare minerals but were relocated to this new position and instructed about the tasks which will be required at the time. Part of our strength is also working with the Arcturians right now. Plenty of things to do.
– Friends, be prepared for the final tuning of the solar system. With the passage of ISON by Sun or its breakdown into smaller objects directed at specific points in the system, the Sun will undergo radical changes in behavior, and all the planets including Earth that is orbiting nearby, also pass through geomagnetic and physical changes. We’ve talked a lot about it and I’m sure you will not need to repeat all the advice given to you earlier. Be prepared for a possible period of life with moments where you cannot rely on the technology that you have at the moment, based on centralized supplies of electricity. Follow the advice previously given and revise your plans of action. Your governments have done everything, to omit the size and “composition” of the phenomenon ISON but cannot cover the sun with a sieve for everyone to follow events. The ISON phenomenon is composed of parts which together are twice the size of Earth. Prepare for tectonic and atmospheric effects generated by these adjustments. – Check what your governments are doing and what your elites are providing. Many false flags are going to happen in the coming months, be watching the movements of companies and governments migrating out of certain areas which are being planned actions on “artificial” disasters. Your governments compounds and administered by your ruling elites, have been told by contacts with races who exchange favors long with them about everything that is going to happen, so please watch carefully everything they will be doing in the coming months. Try right now to keep in communication as previously explained, if possible, test the communication between you with some of your companions who are following our advice and conversations during these past two years. Do not worry too much about the changes they were already planned since you were placed here. We’ll be watching everything, and so possibly go into more direct action with you. Everything will work out! Be well, and may the force be with you.
* * *

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A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council – June 5, 2014
Pleiadian Visitation
Pleiadian Visitation
Channeled through Valerie Donner

Greetings, I am Mira. I am devoted to the earth’s ascension and therefore am working full time with the Earth Council. We are the overseers of the earth and life on the earth. It is a big job but we have help from many, many beings. Our Creator is in charge. We love you and love the earth. What happens on the earth affects all of creation. This is why you need our undivided attention.
Some of you may be feeling like your situations are hopeless, like the earth is in such dire straits that she cannot pull out of it. This is far from the truth. There is more Light on the planet than ever before. Much of this Light is attributed to the Light weavers, you, the Light workers, who allow the Light to be transmuted through you.
We realize that you are striving for Heaven on Earth, in order to co-create these energies there is much that has to be transmuted. Even though most of you are prepared you have little idea about how these higher energies will affect your bodies. Your hearts hold the dearest energies of love and Light yet the physical bodies still are being prepared. Please do whatever you can to lighten up and to do the very best that you can for your bodies. Many of you are actually reversing aging and getting younger. The Light can do this when you truly open up to it. Lots of good thoughts, meditation, prayer, healing, rest, good food and lots of water also affect the cells positively. Mindfulness is important.
Many bold new steps are being taken by all of us in whatever our capacity. This includes you! As you pave the way into the new frontier of living in the higher dimensions you must be bold in what you say, think and do. You cannot take the easy way out thinking that you will be rescued from whatever ills are on the earth or within you. We can help you and guide you but we rely on your consciousness for the transformation.
We are multi-dimensional beings; life is truly multi-dimensional. You are living in the time of miracles. As you advance the miracles of creation will increase. Pay attention and be grateful and acknowledge the miracles that come in your lives. These new manifestations are practice for what it is like to live in higher dimensions when all one has to do is think something into being.
We spend a lot of our energy on watching what is percolating within the consiousness of humanity. We see how consciousness is impacted by those who would rather distract you from the path of enlightenment. This way they can continue to control humanity. But the Lightworkers are different. Every choice that you make towards higher consciousness has an exponential impact on the rest of humanity. This is how important your thoughts are as Lightworkers.
We also use our technology to monitor the earth and where help could be necessary. We have the ability to actually look within the earth and see and feel what the earth is feeling. We can also tell when the earth is getting ready to release negative energies far before events occur. We use this information to stabilize energies or prepare for certainties before the release of energies. It is the Creator’s intention and the earth’s intention to protect life as much as possible.
I always enjoy sharing with you. It is my desire to keep you in the loop. I send you my love and greetings from all of us.

I am Mira.
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Mary Magdalene and Yeshua: Bliss and ONEness
Yeshua and Mary Magdalene
Yeshua and Mary Magdalene
Channeled by Fran Zepeda
June 1, 2014

MasterQuote12: Mary Magdalene and Yeshua on Bliss and ONEness:
“Dear Beloveds. We are blended together in Bliss as we encompass your energy in ours and ours in yours. We are Bliss Personified and together we open up new vistas and roads to the Divine today.
Forever and always we touch Source and Source touches us all. We are Source. We are Love. We are Bliss. We are Abundance. We are Harmony.
There is no separation anymore – Can you feel it? Surrender now, dear ones, to the welcoming embrace of Source, your true core – Your true Divine Nature is unfolding and never will you be the same. Pull out all the stops and melt into the Bliss that is your core, that is your True Being.
Together we embrace all of humanity, we embrace all of the Universe, and we embrace all of the Multiverse. We embrace Source in Oneness. Can you feel it, dear Beloveds? We are One.”
Channeled by Fran Zepeda June 1, 2014
©2014 Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is posted in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, beautiful synchronicity and this notice and links are included.

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samkaska: Reading:::File:::104 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA Nibiru and Events – YouTube

samkaska: Reading:::File:::104 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA Nibiru and Events – YouTube.

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Reading:::File:::104 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA Nibiru and Events – YouTube

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Video 104
Answers of an alien from Andromeda – video hundred and four – September 15, 2013.
Dear friends, I know that we are already a long time without posts, but Mythi been busy outside the system again, taking care of emergencies other than our own.
Here follows information after his fleet return to our planet.
– The information at present, have to be very subjective as any relevant information can alert the forces of thy elites to prepare and change their plans. There is an expectation of observers Pleiadeans with respect to conflicts “theater” that are to be triggered by your elites to cause the chain reaction they plan so that there is a reduction in population on the planet. The forces of your governments are already positioned to unleash the economic and social chaos there anytime.
– Remembering the planet Earth is about to finalize its stabilization until the beginning of the year. Strange mists caused by the interaction of the heating blanket on the planet, due to the increase of the incident radiation and the friction caused by tectonic movement, will prevent the vast majority look more defining events in the solar system. The probe “deep impact” sent especially by your government to film and analyze the pseudo “comet” ISON was declared dead, but just “to the public”. The probe that your government keeps orbiting the planet Mars not to mention the large telescope mounted on the Martian city human-reptilian located in Hale Crater, will not post any photos or footage from ISON, because they do not want you to see the reality of events. The event “ISON” mark the beginning of the completion of the stabilization of the solar system as a whole and planet Earth will have to adjust physically to the system. The crust will be moving and increasing its diameter by approximately 5%, which will cause great climatic changes and cataclysms until the end of this movement. The system “Nibiru” will be part of this stabilizing influence in the coming months, as well as the planet Taus. Your “Space Fence Detection System” will be off to not leak information because this system had a large number of sectors connected and they don’t want to risk.
– Worry more about your governments creating hindrance to prevent your survival than with the events of the cosmos. If your government does not want to help you, try to make sure they do not hinder you in your attempt at survival. Your animals are dying in large proportions and the entire food chain of your oceans is deteriorating. Much has to be done after all the dust settles after the stabilization of the planet. You will receive help as far as is necessary to rebuild the new society marked out in the new frequency of the planet. This assistance includes physical decontamination, and corrections of the health problems caused by force of poisons perpetrated by your elites over the past decades in the population of the planet. We have the technology to reverse all these physico-chemical processes.
– Indirectly answering several questions, be attentive with spoken messages coming from false representatives of races as Pleiadeans, Arcturians, or any other linked to the Community Galactica. None of these races have representatives “type spokesperson” on planet Earth, so anyone who is talking or sending messages on behalf of these races are not serious people. None of Pleiadeans or other races who are working undercover into your population would give any interview or public statement without the proper permits.
– As I said earlier, there are several large underground bases of various breeds distributed by the planet’s crust or even under the oceans, and on the surface there are some cities that can be completely camouflaged by force fields, located in large forests and mountainous areas inhospitable. These sites will be of great help and protection in times of reconstruction of the new society on the planet.
– It is confirmed that 22 percent of the Earth population is awake enough to get into the new state of consciousness necessary for living in a society level one. Based on the fact that you have been suffering a
systematic disinformation and indoctrination by your elites, this number is significant to the Community Galactica. Try not to focus exclusively on your religions but try to increase your power of contemplation in relation to the universe as a single house, where you can possibly come to live in a multitude of planets and societies, as part of your development through the levels of third dimension. The lighting of your aura is composed of quantum energy accumulated, it is a simple addition or subtraction of positive or negative energy generated by your actions, for your brethren and your society. Your place in the chain of universal development will be defined by the amount of that energy accumulated by you. A better place or worse depends solely on you. No one will judge you, nobody will analyze your abilities or your sins, only you, and you will be your own judge. The more positive energy you have the greater your aura and your rights in choosing your next society level one to continue your development, you will be free to embody on any other planet, not only on planet Earth as it was imposed upon you so far during the zero level. Be assured that freedom of choice is won; you cannot buy or receive as a gift.
– Friends, I believe that our fleet will not leave the planet in the coming months, so I will be available to disclose material facts in the vicinity of important events. I cannot do any communication well in advance not to alert your governments to take steps that could become these events in false flags.
* * *
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samkaska: ▶ 102 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA Nibiru and Events – YouTube ::: Sharing

samkaska: ▶ 102 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA Nibiru and Events – YouTube ::: Sharing.

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Friday, May 30, 2014

▶ 102 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA Nibiru and Events – YouTube ::: Sharing

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Video 102

Answers of an alien from Andromeda – video hundred and two – June 26, 2013.

This video is an update of the information of the major events in progress.

– Answering questions about a large celestial body photographed in many places near your Sun that is appearing in your secondary media some are real, not fakes. By some specific angles and from specific regions you can see planet Taus reflecting light beside the sun. As I said before, Taus is maintaining a position close the sun to avoid much influence in the solar system planet’s orbits. Nibiru will not be seen beside the sun, this is an error that most are expecting… To make it clear, Nibiru will appear far from the sun, in another quadrant, like a second sun but with totally different sunrise and sunset positions.
– The vegetation will start to change behavior across the planet because it’s receiving a strong energy influence from the great energy cloud that is embracing the solar system as I told you before. You will see many strange things in these actual times. The planet will smoothly stabilize the frequency to its new parameters.
– The planet is about to undergo the biggest event in the social area as your elites are scheduling the completion of depopulation for this year. According to a report Pleiadeans, the index of the population already inoculated with nanocomponents reaches 70 percent and the agenda can be started at any time. These nanocomponents act on the central nervous system. Also according to the report, the activation in the urban centers will be done via the mobile networks because in each base station radio is a device installed that is triggered to emit a frequency necessary to activate nanocomponents in the region within their reach. This device was installed as part of the digital system, when the analog radio bases were replaced by digital systems TDMA, CDMA and GSM, as a device expected “to military emergency use.” Another way that will be used for the activation of nanocomponents are computers connected by called wireless routers, as these systems already have a transmitter of frequency that will be activated regionally via your Internet. These nanocomponents have several codes of frequency for activation, and with the help of samples collected by Pleiadeans, all these codes have been deciphered and are liable to be scanned and neutralized by the fleets in vigil on the planet as they are received orders from the Community Galactica. In other words, a mass extinction will not be allowed to be executed as plan your elites.
– I am revealing this to you at this time because it is impossible and ineffective to your elites, try replacing nanocomponents already around the planet for others, as we would discover the new codes anyway. The only way to prevent the activation of nanocomponents in your body without any help from us is to be in areas where cell phone signals or routers cannot reach, or be isolated in places underground where cell phones are completely out of service or at least, the disconnection of the power of an entire region to prevent the activation of devices. If you have news of “strange epidemics” happening in nearby towns try to take refuge in insulation that completely block the cell phone signals for at least 48 hours. There are two ways to know when to leave the shelter, when the power is completely off in the region and having access to an external camera battery operated, to see what is happening because after disabling signal and power, military forces should enter in the region to start the cleaning. Avoid being exposed to these “military forces” at any cost.
– Also according to this report, the coastal areas of the globe that concentrate most of the people will be the target of new technologies added to the HAARP system to “rush” events in the contact areas of tectonic plates, plus thousands of tons of explosives already installed at strategic points to accelerate volcanic activity.
As you can see, a lot is being prepared by them, but many attitudes will be taken by the Community Galactica at this time, so watch for the signs that will be recognized by the most prepared, and all volunteers can be contacted at any time to assist those providences. We believe in the survival of the human race on planet Earth, and we will do everything to save the remaining societies of these “agents of destruction and concentrators power” represented by your current “elite”.
– As you can also easily verify watching the skies that the movement of spacecrafts is increasing, you can easily track and to register many of them with simple equipment, and this will help you to prove to ones that refuse to agree with our presence here to be more prepared to a possible contact of out space brothers.
– The geographic poles began to move their positions following the magnetic poles, that is, the planet is declining physically their axis to a new position of equilibrium, and this will mean climate change increasingly radical in certain regions. Behaviors totally random, dense fog, strange formations of clouds, big storms, among other manifestations of nature. Stand firm, therefore everything will pass and societies will become reacquainted with our help. The amount of level 1 creatures on the planet is 22 percent, so it will be a viable society to be part of the Community Galactica as a new member very soon.
– Answering questions about the comet named ISON, it has nothing to do with the destroyed comet Elenin, it is part of several large objects that precede the system Nibiru, and is being escorted by Krulians but they have no instruction to change its route or to interfere in the events.
With respect to periods of 26 million years of extinction of life on Earth defined by your scientists, it is correct, but there never was total extinction of the human race on the planet on any of these occasions. You can easily identify systems of caves and underground labyrinths that have been used on several occasions when the planet has gone through periods of great hardship. All these complexes were built in these times with the help of friends from space. This time will be no different, just new technologies shall be used as protective force fields among others.
– Don’t confuse these descriptions of actual facts with fear mongering, if you do not know the facts is because most of you were left out by the leaders that you have always revered and kept in power. Created in an atmosphere of false security, and kept in ignorance of the facts, you eventually deliver your destinations directly into their hands.
– Be well my friends, and be certain that much is being done to protect you and to alleviate these difficult times that the planet Earth will have to pass until complete stabilization.
Thanks for watching, join our channel! Be sure that you are welcome there!
Captain Bill – June, 2013

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▶ Meline Lafont: A Short Message From My Higher Self About The Year 2014 – January 15, 2014 – YouTube

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▶ Angel Wisdom: Unity – January 15, 2014 – YouTube

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▶ Your Life as a Channel Victoria Meyer January-15-2014 – YouTube

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▶ 1/16/2014 — ☢ ELEVATED LEVELS of Radiation ☢ 64.0 CPM in the Snow – St. Louis, Missouri – YouTube

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▶ Alien Base Discovered On Mars? 2014 HD Available – YouTube

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Subject: Fwd: Cancelled Flight – PLEASE READ
Cancelled Flight- please read!!

Please read entire story, we should be very, very scared about this!
And to think that Fox News was the only channel that reported this. They may be “politically incorrect”, but at least they had the “balls” to report it.
In my opinion, the Muslims are all getting very brave now. Read Tedd Petruna’s story below. Can you imagine, our own news media now are so politically correct that they are afraid to report that these were all Muslims?
Unbelievable. Thank God for people like Tedd Petruna.
Tedd Petruna is a diver at the NBL (Neutral Buoyancy Lab) facility at NASA Houston . Tedd happened to be on the AirTran Flight 297, from Atlanta to Houston . Here’s his report :
“One week ago, I went to Ohio on business and to see my father. On Tuesday, the 17th, I returned home. If you read the papers the 18th you may have seen a blurb about where an Air Tran flight was canceled from Atlanta to Houstondue to a man who refused to get off of his cell phone before take- off.. The story was only on Fox News. That was NOT what really happened.
I was seated in 1st class coming home. Eleven Muslim men got on the plane in full Muslim attire. Two of them sat in 1st class and the rest seated themselves throughout the plane, in coach class, all the way to the back. As the plane taxied out to the runway, the stewardesses gave the safety spiel that we are all so familiar with.
At that time, one of the men in 1st class, got on his cell and called one of his companions back in coach. He proceeded to talk on the phone in Arabic very loudly and very, very aggressively. This activity took the 1st stewardess out of action for she repeatedly told the man that cell phones were not permitted at that time. He ignored her as if she were not there. The man, who answered the phone back in the coach section, did the same and this took out the 2nd stewardess. Further back in the plane, at the same time, two younger Muslims, one in the back on the aisle, and one sitting in front of him by the window, began to show footage of a porno video they had taped the night before. They were very loud about it.
The 3rd stewardess informed the two men that they were not to have any electronic devices on at this time. One of the men said “shut up infidel dog!”
The stewardess attempted to take the camcorder and the Muslim began to scream in her face in Arabic. At that exact moment, all eleven of the men got up and started to walk throughout the cabin. I guess that because of the noise, the flight crew must have decided that there was something amiss and changed the plane’s directions to head back to the terminal.
The commotion and noise was reaching a feverish pitch, and at this point I had had enough! I got up and started towards the back of 1st class when I heard a voice behind me from another Texan twice my size, say, “I got your back.” Then I grabbed the man, who had been on the cell phone, by the arm and said, “You WILL sit down in your seat or you WILL be thrown from this plane!” As I “led” him around me to take his seat, the fellow Texan grabbed him by the back of his neck and his waist and headed him back to his seat. I then grabbed the 2nd man and said, “You WILL do the same!”
He protested loudly, but my adrenaline was flowing now and he was going to go also. Just as I escorted him forward, the plane stopped, the doors opened and three TSA agents and four police officers entered the cabin. Myself and my new Texas friend were told to cease and desist for they had the situation under control.
I was quite happy to oblige, actually. There was still some sort of commotion in the back, but within moments, all eleven Muslim men were escorted off the plane. The TSA agents then had their luggage unloaded. We talked about the occurrence and were in disbelief that it had happened.
Then suddenly, the door opened again and in walked all eleven Muslim men! Stone faced, eyes front and robotic, (the only way I can describe it) and they were reseated. The stewardess from the back had been in tears and when she saw the men, she was having NONE of it! Since I was up front, I heard and saw the whole ordeal. She told the TSA agents that there was NO WAY she was staying on the plane with the Muslim men. The agent told her that they had searched the men and were going through their luggage with a fine tooth comb. However, nothing had been found and that the men were allowed to proceed on to Houston .
The captain and co-captain came out of the cockpit and told the agent, “We and our crew will not fly this plane!” After a word or two, the entire crew, luggage in tow, left the plane. Five minutes later, the cabin door opened again and a whole new crew walked on. Again, this was where I had had enough! I got up and asked the TSA agent,”What the hell is going on?
I was told to take my seat. The airlines and TSA were sorry for the delay and we would be home shortly. I said, “I’m getting off this plane”. The stewardess sternly told me that she could not allow me to get off. Now I’m really mad! I said, “I am a grown man who bought this ticket, whose time is mine, with a family at home, and I am going through that door, or I’m going through that door with you under my arm, but I AM going through that door!”
And then I heard a voice behind me say, “So am I!” Then everyone behind us started to get up and say the same thing. Within two minutes, I was walking off that plane where I was met by more TSA agents, who asked me to write a statement about the incident. I had five hours to kill at this point waiting for the next flight to Houston , so why the hell not give them my statement. Due to the amount of people who got off that flight, it was canceled. I was supposed to be in Houston at 6 PM, but I finally got there at 12:30 AM. If you don’t believe this, look up the date and then Flight 297 from Atlanta to Houston .
If this wasn’t a terrorism dry run, I don’t know what is. The terrorists wanted to see how TSA would handle it, how the crew would handle it, and how the passengers would handle it. I’m telling this to you because I want you to know. The threat IS real. I saw it with my own eyes.”
Tedd Petruna
I suggest you keep this going until this incident reaches the email of all POLITICIANS and the news media!
“There is all the difference in the world between treating people equally and attempting to make them equal. While the first is the condition of a free society, the second means a new form of servitude.”

-Friedrich August von Hayek

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